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1 Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard with Multimedia Keys Wrist Rest and Red… Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard with Multimedia Keys Wrist Rest and Red… Redragon
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2 Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad: Mecha-Membrane Key Switches - 32 Programmable Keys - Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting… Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad: Mecha-Membrane Key Switches - 32 Programmable Keys - Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting… Razer
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3 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, K1 LED Rainbow Backlit Keyboard with 104 Key Computer PC Gaming Keyboard for PC/Laptop… Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, K1 LED Rainbow Backlit Keyboard with 104 Key Computer PC Gaming Keyboard for PC/Laptop… Gaming
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4 RK ROYAL KLUDGE Typewriter Style Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with True RGB Backlit Collapsible Wrist Rest 108-Key Blue… RK ROYAL KLUDGE Typewriter Style Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with True RGB Backlit Collapsible Wrist Rest 108-Key Blue… RK
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5 PICTEK Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Rainbow Backlit Ultra-Slim Wired USB Keyboard with Blue Switches Double… PICTEK Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Rainbow Backlit Ultra-Slim Wired USB Keyboard with Blue Switches Double… PICTEK
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6 PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Keyboard, Crater Architecture Backlit Computer Keyboard with 8 Independent… PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Keyboard, Crater Architecture Backlit Computer Keyboard with 8 Independent… PICTEK
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7 Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 60% Compact 87 Key Kumara Wired Cherry MX Blue Switches Equivalent for Windows… Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 60% Compact 87 Key Kumara Wired Cherry MX Blue Switches Equivalent for Windows… Redragon
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8 RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wired 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlit Ultra-Compact Red Switch White RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wired 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlit Ultra-Compact Red Switch White RK
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9 VictSing USB Keyboard, Computer Keyboard Wired, Backlight Gaming Keyboard with Metal-Panel, Quiet Keyboard for PC/Mac… VictSing USB Keyboard, Computer Keyboard Wired, Backlight Gaming Keyboard with Metal-Panel, Quiet Keyboard for PC/Mac… VictSing
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10 Redragon K502 RGB Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Backlit Illuminated 104 Key Silent Keyboard with Wrist Rest for Windows PC… Redragon K502 RGB Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Backlit Illuminated 104 Key Silent Keyboard with Wrist Rest for Windows PC… Redragon
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Top Customer Reviews: Redragon S101 Wired ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
My work gave me the computer with craps it keyboard of ass that has had has broken feet and an anterior type nastiness during some tones. It can have expected for them in dulcemente decide when was in a estimativa to the substitute craps it ass the normal keyboard with another craps ass normal keyboard, but has decided that it expect it quite long. If I go to spend a better part of 8 look of hours in the computer, also could do my own. As I am fallen the pair of bucks and has taken the keyboard and smiles that it would be it complete overkill for some half of dispatch... And it is perfect. Why? So that now my boring ol' the dispatch has roughly uniqueness in him, in that forget me is trapped in the desktop. It opens I Am trapped in the desktop with peripherals that is very better that any one more. This can not be the big roads in you, but in my alcohol, is better to do a bit few mundane tasks in the keyboard that visually distract me with colour bliss. One smiles to take a feeling of the dreads has had to clicking that the shabby normal smile and give me a need of emotion in any only click, but DOUBLE CLICK also. I am sure and could touch games and other things with him too much.

Bronzed Why buys the gaming smiled and keyboard for a computer of dispatch? So that I am awesome. Cela, and thinks enough it... gamers Seats there for the double hours-click to use an Espasa of Gondor repeatedly, as it has to be comfortable. Logical.
5 / 5
It looks for the mouse/of the keyboard has posed to touch some games in my PS4 (tries it taking used his before taking the PC) and this together is exactly that has wanted. Work perfectly, everything has to was to limit he in. Any adapter, any hub of extra USB... At all. The work well ADDS out of a box!

IS also look very fresh; one smiles has the capes duquel the tissue is very good to have, and both cords are very very time. A lot it wants this set and am very happy with purchase of mine! Awesome Material.
3 / 5
I have bought this combination, expecting it to exit of a box. A Keyboard is good and does the fine work of working for the this feigns pauses. One smiles... Any cradle behind for any left wing or of the buttons of right mouse. I am the small more than peeved see this subject of obvious factory the fact all a road in my doorstep. Still mulling In that to do - can issue this behind. Control of poor quality.

Update: At most next inspection, a smile had been misaligned in a factory and some upper and inferior pieces of an organism of the smile has not been varied properly. It looks the video in Youtube for this mouse while in so to disassemble and reassemble a mouse and after the little of the minutes have had one smiles has repaired. I will be coverage this in my canal of Youtube of plans to revise this combo conjoint.

An element of plus: Redragon the mark A lot clears that the software is comprised with this container. It IS more certainly the no. And go in the period adds to goes it a software of an user of final. It finds that thinks to be some nexuss of software, but plan to try before I hand the here. I will clash in a description a notch if some beginnings of container well in a long tug, but data a right of subject of the mouse out of a door and a software have promised ANY BE in a more box a support of place of poor web to find a program, can very reasonably gives Redragon to 5 indication of the star until these elements is corrected.
5 / 5
I have bought this for my boy as I have not gone also preoccupied in that quite thought he for the keyboard of mouse and side under combo. They have wanted only some few lights. But after using it I in his system, has to say a mouse and the keyboard in fact listen and do very very good! And a FOCUSED in fact looks really very on both of them mass! They have beaten on so much to plot and still work after 4 more month without subjects.

While I still am planning mine of substitute workhorse basic keyboard with the programmable RGB like a corsair K70 RGB or something for G.Skill or Logitech; if you are looking for the estimativa adds combo with lights. This ones listen utmost to write on and look adds also for a prize. A lot I am impacted. If you are building the new system and wants spatial past money in an a lot of very gaming keyboards, or refreshing an experience on and old system with shabby keyboard, that is to say the option adds . I have not tried prende ghosting, but has not had any subjects with any games or software.
5 / 5
I have been only using a keyboard in of the works for quite a lot of week, and so far is state adds. It Likes him that I can select the esolid' by heart (against of the multiple colours) and every day change a colour (Fn+House) - has a lot of commentaries in some fresh colours. Some tones are the perfect distance of the each another and is easy in of the press. My keyboard of the house of old LADY oblige me to use more pressure in some tones and by so fulfilling marks more typos. It does not have this problem with this keyboard. An only thing loses to have is the button for a calculator.
Like me one smiles also. An only complaint is that sometimes my forefinger very automatically finds a wheel of circle ( is among two crests that is slightly too big) and has to look in a mouse for the find.
5 / 5
I have been only using it since yesterday, but is won already on for this keyboard and mouse combo. It opens, a M601-3 Centrophorus the mouse am adds. It IS heavy, slips softly, some buttons are responsive, and a measure is properly for my hands. These only costs a money, but is not that it directs in a mouse in this description, but a keyboard.

This keyboard is the delight . Writing on is comfortable, some tones are robust, gives the sake has answered tactile, and is not so strong and to arouse sleeping members of a house while I write. Had the time when can write 130 WPM with errors of zeros, but for years that the number was reduced severely because of the number of subjects: carpal tunnel, arthritis, and has bad fact of the keyboards. Now it included I am writing around 110 WPM with errors of zeros, and a keyboard not even is that it breaks the sweat. That is to say probably a more never take for me, but is has surprised already. The May thought It would be able to write this fast never again, but a keyboard is gesture has entered such the road, with some tones they that offers the terrific response these covers my toes bounce of or your in another without any interference or lag, that any one included seat to like is pulling to maintain in a step.

Gives This is not the mechanical keyboard, but listens to like unit I bad, if you can not provide the mechanical keyboard, a Redragon Harpe K503RGB is the fantastic roads, and has not taken included in a part has amused still: some lights!

While I know of a description, a keyboard illuminates in the master of rainbow, as well as 7 colours, comprising my two favourites: lived, and aim. Also it has the option duquel the spectre aims the rainbow in firm that does not blink, or can have or this 'breathes.' It IS each what quite lovely, and is the sleep for me to write at night. I touch type, but sometimes required to see some tones, included in a darkness, and does not have any problem that voice where my hands are planted, or where is going while I am writing at night.

In general, has taken this combo to rob it. $ 30? It IS easily he estimates two times that a lot, IMO. Like the estimativa gamer, never thought would be able to provide the keyboard and smile with this class of quality. Highly it recommends this for any concealed does not have the plot of money, but would like me be productive like the gamer, like the typist, and like the user of general computer.

5 Out of 5 Stars. The purchase.
5 / 5
Everything is arrived very quickly and undamaged. A mouse is excellent and the does not add in a regulate optic the mouse had been using. Has 3 DPI parameters and easy offer to change at stake. Some responses of mice very good and has adjustment of weight for the to the to who likes him smiles he of the heaviest. A creation is very good and in general his very comfortable for longitude gaming sessions. A keyboard am also adds. It offers tones of the mean comunicacionales integrated with some tones of function and also leaves calm in re-cartography your tones of regular arrow in a wasd that beats of tones that is very useful for some games. A back light is quite that shines without being troubling and help while gaming in the dark room. In general, this ray is point and averts for his low cost. Offer very characteristic that you any one usually takes to arrive to this point of the prize and I have remarked an improvement in my gaming with this mouse. Everything also looks very lustrous and well. Ray adds for a prize.
1 / 5
Only it take it this product, after it was retarded for the day.
Some laws of the mouse adds but a keyboard is coming defective, will have to return it, so that several tones (W, H, ., backspace, Deletes) does not act.
Has tried to change a usb the port but has not done.
5 / 5
A keyboard and the smile was utmost for a prize. It does not have any problems and a Red colour directed in this product is perfect for me So that the party a colour of my PC. In a keyboard does not have very clear But that is to say one of some reasons why want the, since does not like me having to a lot of light and for a prize thinks that that it offers enough to plot of the same combo.

A mouse is a better part , the creation adds and when being to surprise in my hand. A keyboard am adds also, but one smiles when being to plot of better. That never, sounds it basic sake combo for gaming and recommend for peoplo concealed does not want to spend in money a lot in this part.
5 / 5
Esquerra induct M to say, wants this product. I can say with complete honesty, concealed does not think you can find the Keyboard of better/Mouse combo there for a prize ($ 27.99 with free ship 2 days w/ my first byline). It can said that, please comprises that it is by train to take you the keyboard/of mouse combo in a cheap, and although in this case very necessarily is in accordance with a ' taken that paid for' feeling so that this has surpassed far my expectations for a prize, is still the $ 30 combo as it maintain it that in importing when purchasing like any to be disappointed yes is expecting this thing to walk your dog. He no come with software, does not have macros, etc. (Although has tones of function for your basics likes him volume of change, pause of game of player/of means comunicacionales, your prjimo, etc.) Said of another way,, is not full of bells and whistles, but yes only is looking for the solid gaming combo for the low prize that you very can not beat this combo.

A keyboard has the solid edifice in spite of being each plastic, and some tones have sum of tactile feedback, probably a more has experimented for the very mechanical keyboard. It IS precise and responsive. One a complaint has with a keyboard is something other critics have mentioned already; one enters the tone is that it characterises 'big' odd that resettles one '\' key after in him in place of in the. In my case this is not the big roads at all so that it does not use this nail often, but could see it when being the problem has done he so wants to be conscious. A capacity to exchange an arrow and WASD the tones are orderly, but for me is only he gimmick while it always uses WASD when gaming in all the case. With some low feet, some chairs of keyboard in the good angle and I have been able at stake for periods of 4+ hours without any discomfort.

Moving on in a mouse, has bought this combo in the principle so that my Logitech G9 has been using for some last 5 years have taken spilt on, and shorted was. Has wanted to that smiled and at the same time paid $ 70 for him when bought the. It opens That I am married and with the boy, does not have $ 70 to spend in the mouse, as I am gone in amazon to look for decent gaming mouse. My estimativa was $ 30. After some research found this combo. '1 better sells keyboard and smile combo in amazon?' I have thought. The May had listened his of this mark and 5 years ago when bought my Logitech, had any one to the such thing likes him an out of of the mark that mark the product of quality as it was the sceptic of bit at the beginning. Even so, after reading some commentaries have thought... 'That a hell, is $ 30. I will give it the shot and if I am not thrilled, can buy another once takes my turn of recorded '. It opens Cela has strolled my history in you will say you that chair in a mouse. It opens, I any lie... It IS no G9. This mouse there has been a perfect together of weight and DPI parameters that only felt to surprise, but in $ 70 this was an expectation . With that in of the imports, will say that this mouse is some second smiles has used better. A DPI the parameters are well, even so for me a big plus one is too subject hurriedly so uses a half parameter usually, and a parameter a low plus for precision like sniping (the buttons in a mouse to adjust DPI in the demand is sum therefore). A mouse is very smooth, a left wing and right click as well as other buttons all have be add in them. I touch games that requires the very big CPM, as I am blockading in a right click constantly, probably at least 100 times for minute, and is always responsive and takes each click with ease. Some works of wheel to smile it well, does not have any subject with him... Any a lot of to say here another that this does so has to.

TL;Dr.: So much a keyboard and the cost of mouse an only prize IMO, to take so for a prize is only icing in a cake. I am highly satisfied with purchase of mine and strongly would recommend this combo in any one. I have recommended already he in of the friends if it do not have to never require an economic solution to substitute a lot a gaming keyboards/of smile.

Top Customer Reviews: Razer Tartarus v2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
BLUF: Change of d the tampons have broken in less than 2 months and I have to expects 5-6 weeks for the substitution, or paid for the substitution to be routed in me.

Has been the longtime buyer of Razer products, but alas looks his control of the quality is not that uses to be, and is absolutely apparent that his service of client / of the desktop of the help is a lot of, very worse. Like the longtime user of a Tartarus tampon of game (all a road behind in a Belkin N52), was sper excited to see a Tartarus V2 the majority has taken of the true D-pillow behind in a V2 like an old Nostromo has had. I pre-has ordered a V2 in NOV17 and taken in an end of DEC17. For mid-FEB18, one of a d-the changes of the tampon failed ( the decree that clicks, has listened soyushy' and or no acting, or when being bonded on). I emailed Razer backwards and expected by the week. I re-emailed the asking the update of state, and at the end taken some backwards of email to ask to see the film of a subject and to fill-in the form. I routed a film and form a same day and continued to expect another week without response. I routed 2 more the emails that asks the state and at the end has called only his help-line. Desprs A 45-60 ~min nicknamed with the agent of the desktop of the era of help has said that I issue me to focus (~1 week), would require to ship by behind my product broken and expect for his personnel for the inspect/etc. (~1-2 weeks) and then ship me the nine a (~1 week). I have pressed behind and it has said that that has been already expecting almost 3 weeks to take this fixed as they have offered in a 'any level' approximation of substitution, but that only could be done by his Tier 2 help would return in me in 24-48 hours. Two days later (this morning 3/1/2018), took an email that the subject said produces it to me new and to focus to ship, but would require that I pay the premier ($ +imposed) and the 'guaranteed', and would line my fund until they took a product has broken behind, more an additional 10-15 business days. To arrive to this point, is by train of the look will be it the months ~ of my product broken for me to take the substitution and I will have to pay twice for him and hope they reimbursement my on the way timely fund.

Is not sure cual has changed in Razer, but my only another experience with his desktop of the help and the process of substitution was totally different. There is the change fails in an of my Black Widow Definite keyboards the few years behind and has been contacted to go in he less than 2 days, has been said issue me the new keyboard out of a same day, and all has to was the his road the picture of my cape of keyboard that is cut down the half. It was sper impressed with so easy was and has had the new keyboard in my hands in of the days. It IS clear something has changed, and alas, any one in favour of a client.
1 / 5
There is an older version of of the this, the Nostromo, this has failed after some years of use. It can not take the nine a, and resolved for east. The Hate, with passion.

An ergonomic access is absurdly bad. You are designed by the no-human, or at least less for any one with tiny hands and of the low toes. Has sliding parts that is feigned apparently to leave some level of user adjustability, but this 'characteristic' does not do and simply attaches more than parts to break while simultaneously driven in a prize. Also, he rattles and flexes into use.

An old Nostomo came with the engine/config tool that was compact and discreet. This POS require me to record in of the Knives frelling page of marketing, creates an account, downloads some fraking stupid, chatty, thing of bloated cloud that tries opened the connection in his server of mystery each what what. damm. Time. Wants to use it, and it can not use he without this effing stupid application.

This craps looked in my doorstep less than 24hores mark, and is returning today. That is to say a class of rubbish these people of walks to do fantastical threats and Tourette is-like explosions of profanity. I go to try to fix an old one again and contemplate messy final for a class of cretins that hardware to design this bad.
5 / 5
It has had this nifty device for a bit those that the months spent now, and at the end has decided to write the description. It notes that it was to update my description like the time continues in. The things could change, but my necessity of the same (or the similar) the device certainly bonds.

Has not bought this at stake with, although I am looking advances in the test has entered a future. My aim for this compraventa was the modernise my workflow, so much for ergonomic and reasons of speed. Law with the wacom + keyboard setup in my small desktop was wreaking chaos in my shoulder, and so that I this professionally, can not provide to lose the work thanks to nerves arms pinched or sore. On that, it uses the variety of programs during a day and I have the problem that take all these shortcuts. I have considered to buy only a keypad of way but I any a lot of cure for an idea that would owe in my shortcuts for everything, especially since I very always records of house with my own setup.

Entered... A Orbweaver.

Like the woman with small quite a lot of hands, preoccupied me that this device would be on age for my necessities; it opens it conceal has with me, can see why some battle of critiques with his measure. Mina any quite a lot of toes achieve an upper row, and one beats of inferior row that is the little in an uncomfortable side to use. But so that I am not using east arrests gaming, no really voice this cual a subject. Attribute my upper row for the things very typically require all that often (Saves So much, Cloak New, etc) and is exited only sake.
Considering consolation, spent one default configuration for more when being for mine necessities. I have not suffered any ache when it using (well, in one the fault of a device in all the case; more in this late plus) and there is still to have a glue seepage the subject arose (but is maintaining an eye has been for him). My inch can achieve some side of buttons by side well, although a SPATIAL button is out of achieving; again, since I have not bought this for gaming, has not been very the problem. I imagine /when chosen in the game, always can reasociar this button in an in fact can achieve has required .

This thing has changed totally mine workflow for a better. I am using he for three same applications (one the time, as I can take used to my key creations -- more in this late plus) and averts the smallest things here and there, is been the sleep to use .
I amour that can one backlighting for profile. The esoteric behind is posed in red, PS is blue, CSP is at present lilac. I am able to create uncountable profiles, each what so with the bouquet of keymaps if the precise, and there are the averages the dozen already! Has some tips in an end of this description to help crosses your own creations, likes control that was if he the precise.

Yes, has gilipollas... As much as I want this device, is disappointed by the few things. These things are quite all SYNAPSE has related. Synapse Is not the terrible application; I am quite well with him, for earnest be. Still, some hiccups and the subjects of compatibility have data of mine Orbweaver quite the... uh, Personality, and while I can find workarounds and fixed for some of his quirks, is still turbulent for his failings sometimes. The majority of these things is subjects that probably any plague another, excepts perhaps a Mac version of Synapse: a problem a big plus thinks Mac the users all can share in here is that or can not change a colour of the some to to individual tones like them to them announced them. Any he dealbreaker, not even a lot the big subject, but is still in to join it to him to capacity would have liked him has.

Well, now for a part has amused mine to write-up... TIPS!
Quan In the first place considered to use one Orbweaver for mine necessities of art, has combed an internet that looks for the recommended draw and everything, and expsito... AT ALL. I know, it knows... The creation is the personal thing , based in or is own preferences ; those works for a person is not that it goes in necessarily of records for more. Still, the desire there has been at least the list of suggestions could go stops.


(Opens, still is doing in my creations. It is not thwarted if it does not have a perfect setup immediately; it takes time to imagine out of that listens well. But here it is which has chosen up so far.)

-Mina more BIG tip since you? It creates an OUT OF road! He deactivates each tone for each keymap in this profile. While it crosses the new profile, as to duplicate this profile; this road, has the clean program every time does the profile. This calm save you So time, since Synapse does not look to have deactivates to each option.

-While you begin the new profile, give it the number of version. (Example: it Paints of Studio of the Clip v1.) Quan Decides to do changes, has duplicated that profile and changes of mark in your new version. This road, decides that you prefer an old creation, only can change behind. (I flavour out of a new creation the few days and he then deletes an old one prefers a nine unit)

- finds that 8, 12, and 14 is used more for my the majority of frequent tones, of my toes of course rest in the. In Esoteric Behind, for example, has these tones have posed to translate, rotates, and stairs -- all a precise animate the character. I radiate out of three tones for importance other tools: paste/of copy, game, saves, etc. (the preferably Personal tip: 19 it is to add while it undoes! It IS inner hurriedly achieves, but is not that it goes in accidentally paste he.)

-The multiple use keymaps. The calm does not require to the crowd was a keymap totally in front of beginning in a second! It Likes him it has said it before, attribute of my tones that begins whence my rest of toes and radiating outwards of this based in frequency/of weight of use, but in place of routing sure shortcuts out of achieving, his fact of the tones of action with other shortcuts to use keymaps. (The paintbrush is attributed in 8, for example, but he so that it is measured of paintbrush, so that it is easier to take for me. I can toggle among keymaps using left Big, easy peasy!)

-Attribute more take to achieve tones in of the things very so importing/has used frequently. (01 it IS assigned to Save for me. 03 it IS new cloak. 05 it IS it deletes. Etc.)

-Hunting Way down below any one is lineart of one Orbweaver or done your own and printed out of the dozen or so copies to continue hand. You can use these to visualise the plan to draw and/or to pose together it cloak to trap while it is by train to learn you to use your new keypad. The The bust was a bit colored to design and does the good map since you.

-Seriously, has to spend that... The week those uses one orbweaver and ONLY your orbweaver when is time to mark some art. I besiege your keyboard in the some terribly inconvenient place in you so he any one the arrival that uses out of habit. You will be to retard a first hour or so, but will return in your usual speed for an end of a day; that apresamientos used his, will find you going Very master that before. C to mark A PROFILE At the same time! He the hard time that takes each which are changing among your profile for After Effects and your profile for Photoshop. I trust me, it has tried. A program the time, a profile the time podes.

The good class! If has any one questions quite that uses one orbweaver, only fall me the line in some commentaries.
5 / 5
Esquerra induct M to say is totally unable to touch the first-person shooter using the keyboard. I can very never find some right tones, my hands roam of some tones of house, etc. IS so terrible that chose it to use the controller of game for years in place of a keyboard. Obviously those situates calm in the significant disadvantage against other players that uses the mouse to aim.
Enters a Orbweaver. Taken quite a lot of two days for me to take used his. It opens I Am hooked. Absolutely I want this thing. A pair of thoughts:
Takes this one that opposite in a small plus Tartarus. A Orbweaver has five tones more (one the additional upper row). And that fulfils that I use almost each tone in a Orbweaver.
A controller of directional/tampon is digital buttons for directional movement. It is not an equivalent joystick. There is any pressure of light for the movements the slow plus. It IS on or it go it. It do not expect east. It think that that a directional tampon would be more similar in a controller of Xbox. It is not .
Has the tonne of characteristics for remapping and changing lighting. It do not think it it use those, but was totally bad. Has each which like keys modified in my creation has done adapted for each game, and one lighting grouped by colours for functions. For example: crouch, prone, run, dulcemente is each stance/tones of movement, and therefor all a blue colour. The left wing/retreated the right backwards is green. Reload IS red. Etc. IT IS to declare very useful for me to learn regarding the use. Two weeks later, everything uses is a Orbweaver and smiled when touching the FPS. That is to say to be the dramatic change for me. So you are keyboard has defied likes him is, a Orbweaver is exactly which has been looking for into use still the mouse.
4 / 5
That is to say only my second Razer product as until now it go it always the adherent of Logitech products. State using Logitech G13 Gaming Keypad but has wanted in the unit with mechanical and individual tones RGB this ignites for each tone. This unit of Razer access a bill amiably. It IS the smallest measure that a G13 and has adjustments for a rest of palm and keypad of inch. All of some tones are reachable without that has to take your hands of a rest of palm. It IS also possible to program profiles of multiple tones for the game only with tones of fast-do to change among some different profiles in a fly. I also like a cloud has based saves of a gaming the profiles that he his done available in any computer where is using a device, but comprise for some that forces a connection of internet to use a product is the breaker of roads . With my Logitech G13 has lost everything of a gaming profiles twice and has not imagined never was where is to store so much can be backed up. Reprogramming Profiles of game for in 700+ games was fun cape and one of some reasons decided to change. This says Logitech the software is crosses it on of the concealed taken of Razer Synapse. It do not take Me bad, Synapse is feasible, but has to do much more take so that an integration of the multiple device is not so tight while it is with Logitech Gaming Software. Example, now possesses the Razer BlackWidow keyboard of Chroma, Denies it Hex V2 mouse and the FireFly tampon of mouse. With Logitech software an integration of device is so tight that a profile is shared among each device that parties and macros of the tasks of tone concretise the breeze to direct. A same level of integration is simply very possible with Synapse. To do a same thing under Synapse, has to create the only profile for each of a Razer devices and reprogram each tone. The macros has Created in Synapse is shared among everything of some devices, and while this work, is almost the disadvantage while it requires the special prefix to maintain some macros directly among different games. Contact Razer behind and has rid several demands of the enhancement based in my experience with Logitech and has agreed to to implement the little of them. Still in general, this product was easy to install, is very easy to learn to program and some options in light mark to find a correct tone very easy. Also when being able to change the key maps in a fly are the enormous help. Another zone where Logitech the products have an advantage in Razer is in default profiles of game. With Razer has to program each which so and each which so one you. Logitech Software of the game automatically will detect hundreds of import and different games a default profiles of game in a fly. In Razer has the tonne in of the clear profiles for interesting effects, but these are any help when comes to configure a device for real games. Last, one another zone that Logitech better is a characteristic of clave of the joy in his G13. It IS the clave of real joy and can be used like such in any game. In a Orbweaver Chroma, uses one 8 change of periodic place. It can be programmed to order of mimic cual a G13 can do excepts is not quite a same. I am finding that hardly ever use this characteristic of a unit, while I have used the joy is a Clave in a G13 that suffices the plot. I have not sold a G13 still and can finish return in him, but in general, in spite of some concerns listings, a Orbweaver is the very good addition in my gaming conjoint up, and an advantage in of the games. Oh, One another fast note. A Orbweaver the chroma is much clearer that a G13(12oz against 1lb 4oz). Some users can find has the tendency to move while at stake while a G13 the extra weight eschews a subject. A pair other subjects to take are trying chooses among some two devices are that a logitech has the built in screen of LCD this provides information of system, information of game and calm leave you to change profiles in a fly as well as the in an at stake characteristic of macro. With Razer necessity to change the profiles that use a Synapse software. At the end a G13 has on-memory to joint these tents the few of some profiles for off-line gaming while so that it mentions more yield a Orbweaver access of necessities in a cloud.
4 / 5
In the first place you are, to conceal it taken, this thing is expensive. It was in a piece for the gaming keypad, and has not been never the adherent of Razer products, but hurriedly the results clear this has offered one the majority of ergonomic option. Quan A new Tartarus V2 has been fallen, has considered really purchase the instead, but has not gone totally sure, when being that the does not have mechanical changes. A fast trip in a tent of the local electronics adapted of some soft rubbishes that it is Razer fusible-change of the membrane and this solidified my decision to go with a Orbweaver. I have done to well sure a right election. There is the plot of things I amour in this thing and the little I no, as I will leave this until the sections has based in some characteristic.

Wants to begin has been with a software, so that has the plot of negative critics in of the considerations in him. Yes, I need a connection of internet to pose in a device. No, the calm does not need a connection of internet to create and use different profiles. If you want to, only it can record in, it take it it has posed it up, and then change Synapse in off-line road. Your profiles are synchronised only on-line so that they can be accessed of anywhere. The still calm locally has has stored profiles, only does not have onboard memory. There are two things does not like me in of a software. In the first place, a Orbweaver is not backed by Synapse 3 and is not sure that the will not be never. So has another which uses of device Synapse 3, will have to use two versions of a software simultaneously. A second subject is that it only can join multiple tones in an in a Orbweaver has one modifies the tone has comprised, likes him turn, big, etc. This probably will not be a subject for more than people, but my problem with him will result apparent later in this description.

Uses Razer changes of own green. They are similar in Cirera MX Blues, which are which used in an original Orbweaver. They are well and clicky, with the sake the tactile feedback and have the distance of the trip the low plus that Cirera some original of changes. A distance of trip is appreciated really for gaming, since leave you to do faster enmedio competitive. An only downside in some changes for me are that they are not so strong while it likes him, but think that am in of a minority there. I only a lot the strong amour, clicky changes. Has the small more game in that with Cirera changes, but is hardly perceivable.

A keycaps quite sake to look for a be of time. They are lower that traditional mechanic keycaps, but this does quite well with some global aesthetic of a device. Has the very well, slightly rubberized listen in them, which ensure that your toes do not move or slip around. That is joined in S yours for default has an indicator embossed so that I know where is returning in after you move your hand of a joint, although it is quite easy to say by everything means. A preoccupies is his longevity. They have not aimed any signs of wear, but the common subject with gaming the mechanical keyboards have oriented is that a keycaps wear he hurriedly, so that it can be the worry in a future. Always they can be substituted even so, which are a beauty of mechanical keyboards.

A backlighting is very good. It leaves for tonnes of the options in nicknaming by heart, brilliance, and effects. Personally I only maintenances mine in the purple static to match my another peripheral, but can do so much more want to . The calm left you to synchronise effects to light with another razer devices, but yes is running multiple versions of synapse, this no among those in of the different versions. Also it can use the profiles done of the commission so that the popular games will reflect effects of different state, cooldowns, etc, in your keyboard or tampon. It has been the small finicky for me, although it is class of gimmicky in a first place, as it is not of entity in me. YMMV.

So much, on in a module of control of the inch, or anything wants to call it. His place is adjustable and has three controls, a button in a cup, he 4-road or 8-road directional tampon, and he paddle change. They all have his own uses and of the limitations, only has to find some better uses since you. It have to mention that everything of these is micro mechanical changes. They are a lot of clicks and that satisfies, has distance to trip way down below, and enough actuation the forces require that calm is not that it goes in accidentally press them.

Begin with a paddle change, a concept am very add, but no perfectly for me. It is feigned to do like your spacebar. I am the insignificant half-doubt sized with insignificant the half hands sized and any subject as it adjusts a gesture of a module, a paddle only is not particularly comfortable of such when being the tone of big use, likes him a spacebar. It has it that extends was he for the use, more than my inch only resting on likes him would expect. Been due to of the this, bows in minors-the tones have used like big. Still it serves his purpose, only on the way another this has been feigned.

Considering that upper button, that is to say my spacebar. It IS in the sum posed to be able in inch of yours only rest in the or for the achieve easily when has to.

Regarding a tampon of inch, that is to say what the plot of in to to the people do not like them the in a Orbweaver. No, it is not the joystick. Can be it used for movement? Absolutely, although it can be the bit if he hassle to take posed up. Has 8 mechanic micro changes for all the axis of movement could require, but is not so mere while it can sound. This take me in my subject with a lack of multiple some keybinding. Can pose it up like 4-road and bond WASD for movement, but then lose each control of diagonal movement. An obvious and easy solution would be to change he in 8-road and joins other 4 changes in SOS, AW, WD, and DS the cover your diagonals. A problem is that Synapse does not leave this. A real solution is is joining each change in sound corresponds axial and then that runs the emulator of controller to oblige your game to recognise your Orbweaver like the controller. This depends in a game and his support of entrance. Some would owe law without an emulator. For another, an emulator will do, but is the plot of the extra endeavour for something concealed would have to has been mere of a beginning. With all this has said, there is not very a lot of that the games would benefit to use a tampon of inch for movement in a level WASD. Directing the games in particular would be well for the this, but anything more is insignificant unnecessary. As it is probably more to leave a tampon of inch in in 4-road and bend hot tones or miscellaneous controls in him. It IS of only individual right and lean left wing in FPS games. That is to say my favourite application for a tampon of inch.

And on in my favourite part, a wrist and rests of palm. They are plastic to take with tampons of rubber in the each. That is to say perfect for me, does not want to anything a lot of cushy. It can adjust they advance them and behind to apt yours hand-measure streaky, but maintains that it imports that yes it has small hands, included one measures a smaller still could be the big bit since you. An angle of the rest of the palm can be adjusted in two different parameters or left to float in freely adjust with your hand. I prefer to leave it float. He he easier and more comfortable to take some tones some big plus and then just turns in a perfect gesture when is of tower in a half of a joint. Some rests, as well as a whole joint is in the light angle, which are utmost for ergonomics. These helps the plot with wrist and hand-the tension has lined. Any one dry any tension anymore with east and same sessions very time very comfortable. Very I can not stress enough that incredibly comfortable this thing is. Quan Rest my hand in the, only listens likes him house.

Active a lot of people queixat that after the year or so, some the decreases of the adhesive pauses and some tampons will begin to exit. It IS the problem ? Absolutely. He that marks this worthy product of the scalding descriptions of 1 stars? At all, that is to say only bobo. For the who is unconscious adhesive, residual is easily take with the citrus-the debugging has based, and another adhesives is available in reattach some tampons, so much gives can find which in your tent of local hardware for the few dollars. Yes, they can not be the problem in a first place, but if the product is this well, rubbishes of returns he in such the small defect. Instead, you find the mere solution.

To finish this has been, actuate only the little miscellaneous notes in of the this. In the first place, Razer sald some changes in place. This listened of the business perspective, while it maintains low costs for apresamiento a necessity for the socketed PCB with exacting tolerances. This has said, for the this is touching for this product, does not have any reason could not provide for the pose socketed together in him to leave for easily of changes of change. It conceal in fact it can do one $ 130 justifiable prize. Instead, it wants to exchange some changes, has to take averts a casing and desolder all of some changes of a joint, then sald in some substitutions. That is to say only the bad creation for the mechanical device of this measure and prize. One of some better things in together mechanics is being able to exchange out of some changes in apt one be exact this wants to you. Besides, they the key creation is sufficing the different bit of the regular keyboard. It IS more than the uniform grille that some rows of offset have the habit of. An exception is that a column of far left wing is offset for the easiest to achieve tones with your pinky. It takes the bit to take used to, but after the few hours, when being perfectly comfortable and natural for me to use. Some tones are the small more take to achieve, but an ergonomics of a device really helps in offset this.

Bronzed In general, that is to say an amazing product in my eyes. Has his defects and a prize are quite inadmissible, but that I taken of this prize was one the majority of COMFORTABLE PC gaming the experience has has not had never. Only it have to decide if that is to say to estimate the in you. Active To good sure in my alcohol that, if anything never spent to explode, would substitute it almost immediately. If they do not fall never an until version of date with the module besides to to the inch likes him a Tartarus V2, without of the doubt will be to buy that also.
1 / 5
There is far too elevated for some mere tasks that this keypad would owe law .
1- A keypad expects a connection of internet to be never-present, and a keypad does not operate until one this signal is rid after each cycle to be able in.
2- Changing the windows flash some unnecessary and unwanted sub-window in a main exposure.
3- does not have any road has offered to deactivate an icon of plan.
4- A keypad, included afterwards be programmed, can not be moved in other computers.
5- Some Functions of Windows are more eschewed in favour to use a keyboard way down below acquaintance-pieces.
6- Surround, a software is the security and disaster of consolation.

A tez real of a keypad is less than or would expect.
1- Although a click of tones, therefore they are mechanical, is not of the changes of quality. They owe lean tug and and any tactile feedback.
2- A joystick the component is highly unpredictable.
3- Some adjustments of the rest of the hand has limited enough, as or seldom can conform the perfection varies or elections.
4- Has numerous complaints in a web in a tampon of rest of wrist of rubber that loses his adhesion.

Thinks that that is to say among some available better keypads in this time, he posing near of a cup of a class in of the rubbishes. It was it adds to see the product with quality that breaking a prize.
5 / 5
After a disappointment that was a Orbweaver thumbpad and button of inch, a Tartarus v2 is exactly which has been that wants to never of an emission of a premier Belkin Nostromo the decade. It IS very only a n52 with the fourth row of buttons. Razer Fusible-The tones of membrane have the sake to listen and is not too many clicky. A Synapse 3.0 software, that of early 2018, is still sorta beta and certainly could be the plus bit the cosy and more full user has looked, but he a work is supposed to do. A RGB the characteristic east or here or there for me, while my hand-held covers he when it is gaming and when is not is mostly out of view anyways, but has the just quantity of prebuilt roads to light and a capacity to do a bit material fact of commission, comprise effects that movement through another Razer devices of RGB. So that fresh, if that is to say your thing .
3 / 5
A Year On:

A Orb Teixidor the tones have lined up a lot into use repetitive in MMO and ARPG games - Devil 3, WOW, SWTOR. Absolutely any subject with a quality of some tones, any same wear in some numbers. It ignites each does still.

In fact, a product has been absolutely fabulous until almost exactly in a 11 mark of month, where the all has ignited is to cause of cheap manufacture.

Like other descriptions have specified, a glue begins to filter out of a rest of palm. That there is included these a lot of filters of glue was, does not have any idea. A day is perfect and incredible, and then for a next month+ (without finishing in sight, that of still), will be geting glue in your hands. Theoritically In some signal a sticky situation willl resolves it, that of still like this does not have very final in sight to have the sticky palmed controller.

The glue takes the 5 product of low star in the 3, would give it the 2.5 left me.
5 / 5
That the wonderful device! It does not use he for gaming. I use for photo of digital/that draws that edits. Taken the day of time and investigation; meticulously I mapped control that use constantly for digital draw in two kep maps in this device. For example, a wheel of circle changes a measure of digital paintbrush. A spatial bar is mine to undo button. A varied other tones change a type of paintbrush; has an erase, creates new cloak, waste, redoes and taking-a-scree-has shot v button as well as the volume and skip control of song. It IS wonderful! But boy, takes some time! Well it estimates even so! It opens, it has memorised a creation of key map and apresamiento used to a location of button. I am so hurriedly with this gaming keyboard now. I buttons of press for controls without included thinking enough the. It opens Can no longer digitally it design it comfortably without him. Quan Cartoonist In my iPad, I crave an use of this device! I used it on so many Windows and Mac. An only problem in Mac that the voice is that I can not take advantage of an option these covers have entered automatic of text. You press a button, and a text predetermined automatically looks. This option no in my Mac, but work in of the Windows. Gosh! It has to way that be useful, while I rename very cloaks constantly a same in the each drawing like backdrop or colour of base, shadow. But oh well. Perhaps it results available in a future. I expect never prender to sell east. Quan My device at the end gives entered ten years (hopefully), does not know that it do. Perhaps it have to buy two or three more now in case perhaps...

Top Customer Reviews: Gaming Keyboard and ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
This was the present partorisca my grandson of 11 years and with which “ has inspected” a keyboard looked in me and has said “well does Auntie, a lot done” with his humorous snarky smiled. As it takes This description so that it is. This product was agreed officially for the a lot of picky gamer.
4 / 5
Ossia Hands down one of a fresh plus and awesomeness the keyboards has has not had never. It is strong and clicky but the chair adds and responsive is surprising. I want to as expensive feels also. A keyboard is weighted and some lights are gorgeous. To good sure value a prize. A mouse is light and has effects of fresh respite also. I love this together. I seat it likes him he has taken the product has estimated .
5 / 5
Honradamente, A prize there have been sceptic, but ossia the damn smiled and good keyboard. Some tones are not annoyingly clicky, is satisfyingly calm. The mouse is the strong TOUCH partorisca my flavour, but to good sure still adds. Amur Some extra keys have offered in a mouse partorisca my macros. They are a miser gamer of World-wide of Warcraft, A Sims 4, and Minecraft and are súper happy has taken this together . To good sure recommend!!!
4 / 5
Am giving 5 stars because a keyboard and the smile operates amiably, especially considering a prize. This in spite of, has complaints: I have bought this partorisca my young grandson the one who precise unemployment learns partorisca write and certainly is not familiarised with special tones and his placings. A markings in these tones are unreadable unless a keyboard is situated directly under your chin. When I Press a keyboard for behind a flange of an office, these tones are unreadable. A markings is transparent more than aim. It is for this that one that lights behind the does not resupply any corner to see excepts to see of directly on a keyboard. Also, there is not control very resupplied for a brightness of a backside-light.
4 / 5
These products look well but a first day the sure tones no ! My edges were excited like this and has has had to that the to us return. So only reason says
election of the amazon does not mean is a better election ! I included read some descriptions and has seen some bad some but has been advance and gave it a profit of a doubt and has bought he in all the chance. I have tried hook this until the multiple laptops and a subject have continued.
5 / 5
This keyboard has bought for Grandson, has loved that And has bought also another immediately on its own name! Some colours of a keyboard are surprising and one smiles also! Anuone Need like fun keyboard for the MAC! It goes For Him!!!!
5 / 5
Has spent this like the substitution for the keyboard this there has been the good career but they the tones finally are prendiendo acting.

Has found in fact using a keyboard to be add, the tones are quite soft to use and a lot of clicky likes some keyboards maquinales Ive the visas revises on.

Similarly with a mouse finds a sensibility well, mainly touches MMOs more than FPS is like any precise súper big DPI but this has been going well, period/ of the height of a mouse is perfect for me, slips well in a foreigner of mouse.
5 / 5
First of all, I game sims 4 and has taken the new computer to the equal that have decided to take the quite a lot of keyboard and smile to match! This keyboard is perfect for my needs, which comprise gaming, web surfing, emails, etc. Know, an usual. Also, it could go without saying but this keyboard and the smile is like this quite when they are acesos up! I love it, and also I love a tampon of number.
5 / 5
When it Has arrived, before what was type in the and has the good feels to some tones and was very calm. One smiles hardly has done included the sound, also. The part of me has thought was too calm same! Works of keyboard well, but there is remarked one smiles is the little slow in disposal by means of a screen or so only is not really sensitive enough. It could not be as it has tugged it has changed like this behind the mine @Titán gaming smiled instead. It would have liked him it has liked he partorisca aesthetic sake, but can not use like concealed.
5 / 5
Wow. I produce it adds for a prize.
Has loved a prompt bday present in me and the keyboard of rainbow was big in mine wishlist, and are the estimativa shopper.
That marks this different keyboard outside is a main house of a keyboard is clear, with the aim underbed. It likes show of lights during a whole keyboard as well as some tones; while other keyboards some lights are really so only visible around some tones.
A keyboard is also weighted and NO economic feeling. A structure of him is already domestic like this calm does not have to that worry in that.
Personally has not tried one smiles so it prefers my wireless.

Some tones are clacky but no too clacky. They do not have the “triple “ “” clack to them.
A keyboard has 3 options read: Tour in/out, Dim, and Brilliant. Calm also can the turns was need to.
Any one luzco transports- was after 5 minutes of inactivity also, to the to the equal that likes..

In general for a money are very happy with a compraventa!!

Top Customer Reviews: RK ROYAL KLUDGE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. In the first place it was, I do not write never of the descriptions in any products ( I knows... Shame on me..) But it has had to that leave one for this keyboard!

1. Some selections by heart are surprising and extremely customizable ( look in description of product to see some mandates of shortcut to do these transmissions and game around ) loves everything of a setting of rainbow and has had the hard time that decides on which am wanted like my main colours. ALSO it loves like a light lateralmente also can be transmissions TOTALLY also ( solid colours or strobe colours )

2. Some tones of round was bit it also take used to still me, but I LITERALLY LOOKED FOR 'typewriter rbg keyboard maquinal' as literally it has asked he lol! It is not uncomfortable to use, so only the curve to learn for me. ( To good sure feels different of traditional tones, but no in the bad way at all )

3. Ossia The keyboard of blue transmission , as any recommended in of the half half of open work, unless all the world loves a sound of REALLY clicky tones ( which are the total defender of )

Personal note: This keyboard can not be one the majority of ergonomic keyboard, but is DAZZLING to look in and to good sure the piece of statement in anyones computer/gaming canal. If this keyboard has burned the death in the horrible fire, would purchase another in the heart has beaten! Especially for a prize also!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I want a bit it paints 🤗
2 smaller cracks in a Ctrl and your of sinister arrow, but another concealed it... AMAZING!!!
To change a press of lights Fn and Ins ;
Fn and House; Fn and PgUP; Fn and Of the.
Still brightness FN and on signals
5 / 5
Like this, has had this keyboard for the week now. When I took It in the first place, A box there is at all state more but the paper that objective a name of company and some codes to scan for instructions. Well If you do not have the telephone that law these, then yours for your account like the place of web of the company a lot he same aims this keyboard at all. I fiddled around with all some settings that was in a sells page but could any one for a life of me takes a dang what to so only remain one a colour. Rainbows and wave affects is fresh looking and all but is trying write and find the sure tone is in still the fun time. Like this after around 30 to 40 minutes later and looking for his place of web and another to find a missing setting for just having the only choosable colour I finally has run so only his. Fn+Ins Gives an election of the by heart solid setting. Then touching a key of cycle of pause by means of stirs it of different colours to choose of. Before I have found this, have almost has thought was to have that sends a keyboard behind. And quell'concealed would have sucked reason I really like this near.

The quality is very good and solid. I love a fact that one 'In a' key and some 'Spent' nail to light the light blue when
has actuated in place of some red old focused in a cup of a keyboard. \

Some tones are really utmost, but take some taking used to if yours has used to to the the economic keyboard likes has had partorisca of years.
Also, this is not the keyboard loves use enmedio calm, as they any clickity clackity noises.

An only with quell'have with this keyboard is a rest of palmera . Into use, it is really good to have it attached to a keyboard and be able to move he out of a way if any one has required. But a plastic is very súper thin and flexes when quell'using on lap of mine. It would have been well they would have dipped a same quality that has used in a keyboard in a rest of palmera also. It is almost as if a rest of palmera was the after thought and added it on in a last now.

Considering a seat and looks. So only simply awesome. In fact, I am using this description to help me train my toes to achieve
for some tones a right way again. This keyboard is so only like a typewriter has learnt to write on in Institute that has had a ball of round that has jumped around way that write (yea, am aiming my age here).
The tone has shot is pronounced much more in this keyboard that has used more in some last ten years and takes some time to king-coach your hands and of the toes to take some tones.

Taken has not used never the old fashionable keyboard first, this goes to be the curve to learn for you. But with which have learnt, your speed to write goes to see an increase like six much more sure in those tones owe that facts writes was that calm for real can feel each one has shot.

On everything, ossia the keyboard of good quality and expect that I last the long time. The time will say.

A last thought, when this arrived with UPS has not been in the protective box. It has been it is original thin box
and a lot included have any tape in some tabs. It has stuck so only to focus in the and was has been. No the really good way to ship any element in a estaca. Any swipe of entity or the drop and he would have broken probably some tones.
Happy has arrived without subjects.
4 / 5
Uses this for work, and want it like this far. Has another looked a ossia clickier, but ossia satisfyingly clicky while when being the little calmer. (Felizmente Have my own office.) I like a fact that this one has some three tones of shortcut on a tampon of number. An only reason has taken clashes was is that there is virtually any instruction on like this to change some colours. Still after looking on-line to help more detailed took at least 20 minutes to try to take it a way there is wanted, and this has finalised to be for casualidad.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. So only it has taken this keyboard and am enamoured like this with him. I want to that has so many different ways to choose of, comprising some lights lateralmente. A clicking is quell'has bitten strong as yes I take annoyed for too much of the noise has repeated this could not be for you. Work perfectly and like this described. It could it does not imagine it it was like this to dip in a rest of wrist, but I any need really the require so that it has not been a subject for me. Hands down on some better keyboards have has not had never.
4 / 5
Really gives of one feels to write in the typewriter. Unfortunately, my only experience with the typewriter has been mondernized version of him that has taken a backspace situates an aim was in a text for you, this is to be possess for an old associate of mine of half school.
A keyboard among the big box that control a real box with a keyboard in him (and trust me there is think that was to spend for the Matryoshka moment of wrist). Inside a box is the tone twizer to take some he has required tones, and some discharges of keyboard with him sheer soft plásticoes covering a keyboard and one semi-detached is cord. Also he well when touching games or like the second primary/keyboard for laptops and desktops equally.
5 / 5
Quite has taken that have expected with this so that it is always roughly so as it can be expected unless there is particularly low expectations of the product. I have expected that this would be like this a lot looking in person so much in a pics and to good sure is, more stirs it more. There is downsides but is not like this pricey like this of the keyboards of big name and after the months of the pair still is doing well, more like to him a fashion the honradamente does not know an alternative that to the left remotely in a modern typewriter the class of look has - I thinks perhaps has seen once a fact of expensive keyboard out of retrofitted keyboards, with all some subjects his tones have had a a less than optimum slope and the creation key of some rows that dipped an upper row far on a fund, and some recreos would lose some fresh points to solve some of these subjects and supply some useful tones no in the real vintage typewriter. To the material likes concealed is really partorisca hipster of types to look frescos and retro without priest for a functionality of him likes the keyboard for a lot of anything because computer 'are volume' or something, well?

In all the chance, besides in the pleasant, some pros and gilipollas:

- Fully functional in all the ways have described, and like this easy likes spent and game
- All some controls and effect / to paint / brightness the options are available like some mandates of keyboard, without the accompanying software required or has complicated the place on processes to act limited relatively opted (different some big players, it expensive look in you; Corsair (especially), and Logitech. Realistically Program this leaves propiciado by multiple effect (likes e.g. -!Some paints / by heart, the wave effect, the effect to write like the transmission by heart only or ripple / 'pebble in the pond' effect, ossia roughly so as any one can accuse or would look a lot of). You could add more but neither would not be remarked reason the colours are resembled these used, or can add jarring sudden bit of unexpected colours in the way that so only diminishes a quality of an effect to exist; the Multiple of constant transmissions clashes like this do multiple writing-together of reactant ups. Basically, a combo of the conjoint animation of the by heart main / colours / and an available addition of something that a ripple the effect is abundance of movement and honradamente more than those looks a lot w a fashion - I has the warm yellow type and aim of background colour / orange and the effect to write in the fresh plus, diagram / to paint whiter more brilliant and is to spare, an animation of reaction could be excessive to some and with this old fashionable colouring of the warm plus (2-3k kelvin) lights temp that old lightbulbs was quite exclusively done in, simple works well. You can do the rainbow and the crazy material likes this in spite of, and without touching of your computer. - You Also independently it can control a light lateralmente
- A mechanic feels tones is as well as it is a click to satisfy -clacks produced, while it calms does not require to be office of calm house he, office to do probably a lot unless you are a boss or at least have the private office.
- The prize is reasonable for quality and of the capacities, at least where some keyboards are $ 150-200 paralización (mine of look) imperceivable profits in time of response etc.. And a software which can also dipped macros etc. Easily but probably is not to value he for any-gamers, and the doubt is taking this in all the chance because pode a lot possibly be a better creation for that.
- Look a lot of fact, any one @subject
- Really mark it good look in, for example, the office he traditional plus ( has moved in the house with an old fashioned forest paneled office and found the brass of big / forest ancient office with inlaid cup of green skin in consignment to buy, and returns one looks perfectly - only some monitors look a bit out of place.
- Any fast plus to write on, one forms key and the creation do not go to dip records WPMs for you, but yes use a tampon of number more than the to to some tones like to of them and usually half 120-180 wpm could fall to 50-100 or like this wpm but ossia well for a lot uses to comprise a lot of need of work. In that..
- Tampon of number of full measure, very comfortable and easy to use, trading options like my main vocation, require it more and is not failed me or has caused included he typo.

- Wired
- Save a customization tones
5 / 5
has been using this keyboard partorisca to the long of the month now - and while in general a keyboard are to add - does to two elements would like him spend to an attention of likely buyers, a prime minister is smaller but worthy to mention, and a second is the esubject' the big plus but can be has remedied easily.

1) is buying this keyboard, maintains in alcohol that can you he takes some time to take used to one has rounded tones. I consider the literate computer, but has had the few early moments on where have asked me if that goes with there is rounded the tones was the deception for my keyboard of work. Fast advances the month and I no longer have these same worries.

2) I deducted 1 star thus - BE CAREFUL sliding this keyboard around in your office with a tampon of long wrist like hinges in a backside of a keyboard will LINE your office if you are not careful (while I have learnt this a hard way, lucky for me are in the provisional office where some scratches will not cause me to lose any sleep). To remedy this can do a lot a following:

- any slide a keyboard around your office (Duh)
- Leave a tampon of the wrist bent (ossia at present which continue doing)
- Tape the small piece to note on some hinges
- Take a tampon of wrist totally ( has four small philips-rays of boss that resists a tampon of wrist to a keyboard which can be take easily).

In spite of an on still would recommend this keyboard to another and would consider to buy the again.

A global construction of a keyboard is solid and some the ways read diverse are the explosion to touch with.
5 / 5
Wants to one looks of this keyboard! Some colours are fantastic, some tones look so only, and some by heart the different settings are súper entertainment. My only complaint is a bit rest of wrist the piece has not been attached when it is exited of a box, and has been impossible to dip behind on without that has to that unscrew some pocolos first feet. It is also he bit it difficult to clean, but with an air can probably would do well.
4 / 5
Absolutely love this keyboard! Amur Some lights, a keyboard is awesome. The same master a clickety clack sound some do any when I write. The value adds for a money and all the world-wide the one who goes loves it!

Top Customer Reviews: PICTEK Full Size ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this partorisca mine 12yr old edges partorisca his anniversary partorisca touch games of PC (Fortnite and Minecraft). It has been using the much smaller, keyboard any mechanic so that this was a upgrade. A keyboard of the helps of full measure presses so only a key that has feigned partorisca press. This keyboard is built solid , has the good touch to some tones and the surprisingly durable looks for a point of low prize. It wants to use a keyboard to change some models by heart in a fly, a click maquinal and also likes as has an integrated control to change a volume. I have been gaming of then was his age , build my own PC is with components of qualities and usually go with some keyboards of big final, but in fact would use this keyboard I. Especially it likes like this it is of discharge and touch so that there is not had to that install any software to change some models of colours ( says does at least 9 diagrams by heart). I have found this keyboard to treat extremely well and be an excellent value in this prize. Highly it recommends this keyboard.
5 / 5
Ossia The good, but no the keyboard adds. Some of some tones any 'clicks' (enters, backspace, tones of tower). It is quell'has bitten soft and be missing of one feels of a rest of some tones. One some concealed like his of tones maquinales and feel add. Suspicion that some tones are not of the mechanics has checked enough roughly 'equivalen' some.

Also, would like me all some tones a same colour. I have been said by a costruttore that is not possible. It has said of another way,, calm so only has an option of settings of factory, any real customization.

This in spite of, he a work...
4 / 5
After spending everything of some papers out of my keyboard of leading membrane decided it has been now of test out of the keyboard maquinal to the equal that have had fond memories of mechanics of the fashionable keyboards older in an early 90 east and look to be all an anger these days. While this does not feel exactly like those is very good to write on with OUTEMU blue transmissions. These are very strong and clicky like this if any to like you concealed or live with any those who is sensitive to a sound of strong writing you can wants to research types of transmission different keys although I enjoy a tactile feeling of one has has actuated tones clicking.

One of a main selling the points for was also of the double-has shot keycaps which means some papers will not spend was how is molded in clear plastic interior of the black of plastic of discharge. A source is the little caseous but readable and functional.

A LEDs is a colour and can not be changed but there is 9 pre-dips to light arrangements and any needs of extra software to be installed. A quality of global build is surprisingly well with the heavy backing and hule in some feet to be that resists it firmly in place in your office.

There is at all too flashy in this keyboard but is very functional and well has built. For a really calm prize can any gone bad. It is the basic but the piece done well of the hardware ossia better that expected and exactly that there is wanted.
4 / 5
This keyboard is the level of entrance PERFECTA grab. Different a lot today of keyboards, this one has a frame of aluminium that does feels astonishingly there is structured. A RGB the lights have tonnes of customization with at least the dozen presets. When being the keyboard maquinal, is súper easy to clean and comes with course he of functional volume. If you are stuck among the few keyboards, chooses is one. Calm will not complain it
5 / 5
uses this keyboard in gaming/modifying the rig and has to that say for $ 30 is the piece of quality . Lighting is well with the few different ways to choose of as well as brightness and a speed of some effects, if you are in the way where this applies.

Tactile Feels are adds with some tones having the abonos concave to them and that in satisfactory click of blue transmission. Now you love the stealthy, keyboard of minimum of travesía key this is not for you. Look Elsewhere and avert some blue transmissions. It touches like a tram typewriter. That I class to enjoy but could be annoy to another, especially in an office/workspace setting.

All in is an excellent keyboard for a prize. Of course it has better elections there. If you are looking for some quota rgb styling in an economic then ossia a a . Highly recommend.
5 / 5
If so only are looking for the keyboard maquinal economic, ossia for you. A keyboard is that it would expect of the keyboard maquinal, responsive. One in general feels the tones are qualities very big for the keyboard of estimativa.

This in spite of, my woman has said that it can listen me writing of external ours house. I guess it is that strong. It would prefer to have the colour so only illuminated the keyboard but ossia my preference. Any have to Him legustado a source.Some 10 tones are like this big that calm is not able to see if your lock of discharge or in a-the lock is on.

Has another keyboard more maquinal expensive for gaming, but has bought this one for work.
Would have opted for the expensive plus one for the main form of a keyboard, but ossia Well for a prize.
5 / 5
This keyboard maquinal is the alternative of the estimativa adds to appoint marks keyboards maquinales. This keyboard uses blue changes which am clicky and tactile. I personally like this of the blue transmissions been due to an auditory and physical feedback volume of the each keystroke. This feedback done so only a keybaord to his likes the productivity. The blue transmissions of this keyboard are of Outemu. Ossia The clone of a chery mx blue transmissions and personally like me these changes better that one some are based went. Ossia Reason these transmissions resupply the click his acute plus so much the his done and feel very better to write and feel me likes am writing in an old-writer of school type. Some tones some long plus has had a stablizers lubricated like this this does a sound of keyboard very better out of a box. A lubricated stablizers some tones some long more calmer and the very better sound has compared to some tones some small plus. This sound can be compared to use or coverages while still having a rigid feeling when you inferior era. A quality of build is average like the chance is done totally of plastic. Some changes chair in the plastic backplate that gives a keyboard some flex. This in spite of, a keyboard is lighter likes the easiest fact of the spend around with you. In general, for a prize that you paid, takings the estimativa keyboard maquinal friendly good that reads well and he touch same very compared to other keyboards maquinales that has interior of blue transmissions of them.
4 / 5
Another pictek the keyboard has uses jixian the transmissions concealed does not look to be quite like this well likes outemu. For $ 30 ossia really decent. A tilt the feet have finals of hule for the maintain firmly situated when tilted. It looks to be mostly plastic, but abundance for a prize. In general it is the product adds in the prize adds.
5 / 5
Has been using he for roughly 4 hours in the setting to write. In general, it is not the bad keyboard for a prize. A house flex the little with my weighed there is rid to write. You the pressure has required to actuate some tones is quite good. It does not look weighed at all. A subject only has had like this far is roughly your boot or ghosting, as that the see. It is some light double entrance. S Far spent it so only two times with two different tones. I suppose with a light tone actuation, could have been my failure .

Because of a height of some tones, desires some legs to impulse a backside of a keyboard was slightly main. When Writing with my wrists in a table or the tampon, a flange of the knife of my right hand has actuated a pop=on your of paper the pair of time.

In general, a clicking is not too strong. My weighed there is rid to write is in fact stronger that a clicking of his keyboard he. I will try to agree to do an update after there is logged some hours is. Suspicion that of then I use he to write, that can register his keyboard the little differently.
5 / 5
His quite hard to find the keyboard maquinal thus only one with the built in boxes!! This keyboard is a lot has built. Some tones are incredibly responsive and instill a confidence to know you in fact paste your tone. Some the clicks maquinales are like this pleasing meeting dipping to one 'impression' way, which lights each key prints you, so only to randomly material to write lol. Theres An opposite to this those turns of some press of tones but will owe disorder with a speed and lasted for the noticeable. A 'twinkle' the way is in fact quite tranquil for some reason and I tend to dip he to in this way to sleep(my computer is in my room). Remained with a gaming has smiled has taken has added so only a last bit of pizazz to an already discotastic computer. I add for gamers and typists!! Really it helps to know your tones go to answer without failure and a anti ghosting is like this sweet. Pause your game a lot your stock exchange with east a!!

Top Customer Reviews: PICTEK RGB Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
UPDATE 11-23-2016: I have directed to take all the tones that law, comprising a left control, the looks there was some rests the fashion by so inhibiting he in reply. Everything does likes him has to. Everything is well in my world ;)

keyboard Very well for a prize. Very responsive, the brilliant FOCUSED THIS and the only looks really fresh in my desktop. It would be necessary last me the long time as me does not touch as much as used to. An only thing wished it would do is to be able in tower of some external lights. Another that that it is the keyboard adds .

Update: 11-19-2016 One left Ctrl the covers of tones to do and is totally very-responsive, which for more the applications and the games are the breaker of roads . I am expecting that it can take it fixed or has substituted like this is truly the keyboard adds in general, but require be able to use a left Ctrl for diverse of my games and applications.
5 / 5
That is to say the good keyboard . I am coming from the Logitech 710+ which there has been less than the year in front of some tones that begins for out. Logitech Has taken 6 months to guarantee he. It was the horrible experience . I am done with paying prize of premium for marks to appoint that it returns last while dry has to.

IS the strong keyboard , but can live with that then will not be disappointed. I have read some revises here and the complaint was some effects has DIRECTED limited. Even so you have read a manual in fact can program in yours likes him. 'FN+9, FN+0 For the parameters customised: it Hastens FN+9 or FN+0, and press FN+House to record, entered some need of tones to record, hastens FN+Final to leave' has the plot more in this keyboard that the plot of these descriptions has signalled has been. You can pose a brilliance, turn of a tone of window. Then have backlight effects for example FN+1 = FPS road. Then pressing FN+Fx the tones sew different likes decree or Half comunicacionales of open calculator.
5 / 5
It takes this description seriously! I am an arrival gamer and I the knife has used always products. Because of some time takes, my dead keyboard and has not had the plot of money to take the unit of Import of calm new knife, has had a keyboard of knife, orbweaver, naga smiled, kraken headset, tampon of mouse, etc (Each KNIFE). I have required the new keyboard and this time has wanted the mechanical keyboard also. I have verified prize and only has not liked him that it would have to it paid this time around. Also my mouse of the knife is died also (&62;.&60;). As I have seen this keyboard and cringed because of him very when being no the knife but I have wanted a spectre to paint as well as a cost. I have decided that it try the. I left me it says that the product of Knife in me. When being to surprise when I game, also codify in the. A click is strong but take his uses relatively hurriedly. If a click is too much muck , always can buy some meshes to do the keyboard to calm of mechanical plus. It sings it To you it changes some colours in the but can change like them glow. That he also done this surprise is does not need the program for the use, is to limit And game . You L power is posed in of the series of macro with him but take he of me, is unneeded in gaming. I gamed the years in world-wide of Warcraft and other games and has not required never it. Like the does not leave the companies of fool of calm big dollar. A keyboard also has the palm wrest that is plastic but when being add (never the hard plastic has used some before).

The embroil this up, this keyboard absolutely is surprising and is happy has given tries it. I wont does not look never behind. The just desire has to adhesives of the logotype of the company likes him the the knife. I deff the represent at all my coding of partner/gaming partner.

Has taken this keyboard 3 works of months as and took it yesterday and is in a computer at least 10hour+ the day with games, university, etc..
5 / 5
I am the adherent of tones of superficial laptop, and has bought included the keyboard of HP that mimics this type of keyboard. Even so, for gaming, these keyboards do not inspire confidence while I am trying to kill my enemies. Decided to buy this keyboard since has good descriptions and was relatively down priced.
Could any one when being any happier with purchase of mine, some options in light is brilliant, even so any one that distracts . Included some by heart to different roads like them some waves does not distract he so that it is touching or write. Some clicks are responsive and to good sure me surer mowing low troops of enemy.
Considering quality, some tones listen very done and so far after the months of pair of the uses do not seat any signs of wear and tear.
+Strong clicks
+that Shine but no that distract pint and fire of the roads
+the plastic of Quality concealed any one when being pas cheap
+Comfortable to use

-For me, does not like me writing on of him for long periods of time. I prefer some superficial keyboards
-the cape done to commission backlit key options (although expected of the keyboard of estimativa and an abundance of offer of roads by heart of elections)

In general, a keyboard that is very done, marvels of works, has has not had any subject with disconnecting of a computer, and I 100% recommends this keyboard in any one looking for the estimativa gaming keyboard.
5 / 5
A Sake: the creation adds, effects of fantastic lighting, the resistant water, when being heavy and robust, the tones that listens to surprise to press

A Bad: the tones could be too strong for some concealed precise to remain calm at night, in some people can any one what no in that has software, no for people that needs macros

Well, that is to say the odd thing , usually chosen marquesd'big arrival very known in generic/beginning-in of the marks, but has required something more mere while I am not the type of macro of person. Sure I have to to to the few elegant keyboards like them a Roccat ISKU FX, Cyborg Imprecise 5, and included a Alienware of keyboard, but give that a hike of prize is only for more than tones that does not use . With Cyborg exited of business, and his keyboard of totality and the catalogue of the mouse has not been updated in of the years, decided in downsize and only go for something mere. I have chosen my characteristic favourite for the keyboards and concealed was backlighting and sum of key feedback. Desprs Mandate through several keyboards in Amazon find Pictek. They are the small Germans gaming company that only is beginning up, but all the world is raving in his products and I can see why.

Quan Has taken a box was the small preoccupied . It IS only the box of goleada of generic room with two pieces to foam returned bad and the small fold was paper . It have to me this is not Razer or Crazy Catz that can spend of the same estimativas big in a packaging. Desprs Chosen in a keyboard my worries were was some he so that it was very heavy, and fact of solid aluminium. An only plastic in this thing is some tones that is awesome. A creation is sper lustrous and does not look estimativa down. A rest of palm is textured and domestic of a keyboard, while has a lot of LEDs around a keyboard. One the majority of the part of entity is some tones and listen to surprise. You would expect this type of quality of the $ 150 Razer or Corsair keyboard, but is not very very those.

Some effects in light is awesome and better that any one another keyboard has possessed. Yes, they are pre-places, but take 9 of them and they all awesome things. A preset wins illuminate a whole keyboard every time presses the key, and another will do a darkness of keyboard and each press of key the stays illuminated by just the little bren and vain darkness again. There is presets that illuminates tones to Call to Have to, Joins of Legends, and many generates of game what onlyis surprising. These are awesome ideas that some the main companies have not thought of still and is the real shame . There is not very that the proprietary software can be sake or bad according to that the voice. There is the road to pose some macros, but precise a fold was paper to imagine it was. Some parameters of the keyboard is not intuitive at all which are an only downside in this amazing product. But everything of some things usually would think has been done. Parameters of brilliance for one backlight as well as speed, multimedia tones, and everything is spaced amiably.

With this said, has to take serious kudos in Pictekfor more when being that only another gimmicky undertaken of generic keyboard. A thing is same of the cual the resistant waters is something would expect of 150 keyboard. They have pressed in fact out of the keyboard of quality with effects of estupefacientes lighting and functionality. Only the does not expect elegant packaging, software, or anything another out of some normal things that other companies another main could do.
1 / 5
Alas, taken that decrees of paid. I have learnt this lesson a road takes afterwards buying a Pictek keyboard behind in July. It was fantastic until a principle of October, when periodically prender to record tones and occasionally duplicate inputting, only often enough to be incredibly grating. As I have expressed my dissatisfaction in an Email in his service of client. It is spent a point of repayment, but agreed to the road me the new unit. Awesome, HAS THOUGHT!

Alas, while this was big of them to do, a unit of substitution is included worse. A lot a backlights is not doing (remarks a screenshot), and besides one And, D and C the tones are all totally nonfunctional. So much entertainment likes had with a keyboard for some premiers few months, with east in the imports can very in good conscience recommend this keyboard. Fool Join me time, you cetra. You will pay more with Razer or Corsair but is living test that takes that decrees of paid.
5 / 5
In fact it wounds up taking this so an impulse buys so that it buy it the mouse for Pictek a same time and has seen the $ ~60 mechanical keyboard.

Has wanted the mechanical keyboard for the moment, and has imagined that for a prize, would do well. To see this has blue changes, has imagined was well, since I the plot to write as well as some gaming and imagined would choose something concealed would be well for that.

A day a keyboard is arrived, my speed to write was identical in a speed of my another keyboard. It IS it locates slightly some weeks since, although any one dramatically (~99-100 wpm in 104-105 ~wpm), only because of a fact concealed having this feedback and take used his has aided mark me less keyboarding deceptions. It is comported also well for me that whole time, comprises after a water of spill accidentelle.

How Any one using his first mechanical keyboard, thinks that the times take not using never the mechanic of access of the keyboard again. One when being of a keyboard, remained with a sound of some tones, marks for the experience to write that it is likes him very there did not go never known before. Only conscious when being that some changes are not to calm, as if it does not have some road to mitigate a level of the sound and you are by train of the Skype nicknamed or VOIP, could problem some people in another final when writing.
5 / 5
In the first place I left me it says to want this keyboard ... It gives it the 4.5 out of 5 can only so that some rests of wrist are this plastic takes with almost the master of honeycomb in the that classifies of aggros my wrists (knows his insignificant)... But in all the case that is to say one the majority of the comfortable keyboard there has been a pleasure to write on.... All a different light combos is orderly quite also... I gave it to 4 star so that I have purchased this keyboard for to somewhere around 60 bucks and has been to return to purchase the second keyboard only to see that this one is now unavailable and a same keyboard is now listed for on here( How has been thank you to go with another keyboard this investigation be identical with the different logotype in the. Can be it found here( Another value of thing that mentions is that his service of client has achieved has been in me to see like legustado me (I as when they this... Practical of just sake)... Yep thats Quite the...

Edits Actualitzar in 5 stars so that the service of client has achieved has been in me again that counts a hike of prize. The service of good client deserves the good indication.
5 / 5
I have taken the casualidad, has thought some exceptional descriptions and has purchased this mechanical keyboard. Chico, is I happy this has done. That is to say a better keyboard that has not possessed never. If you have to write frequently, if in fact it LIKES him write or is the swift typist .... This keyboard is since you. I am the very fast typist and other keyboards or could not maintain up with me or has not answered hurriedly quite so that had soyissed' cards (especially a spatial-sweep). These problems are now in some pasts have bought of this keyboard. I fulfil it is the 'gaming' keyboard, but purchased it so that it is mechanical. I want a bit few noisy tones (that it can be it the problem for other people, but any one me). A touch is incredible and quite sensitive to handle a speed in that write. Some lights are one prevails has attached . I touch games once in the moment, likes place of different light-ups for gaming will be to premium in a future. A fact that does not have to preoccupy quite that spills anything (am the 24-hour the drinker of coffee of the day) is another wonderful characteristic. There it is built-in of the holes to drain if the liquid trace a keyboard. Has multiple pets as well as it lives in the dusty neighbourhood. Maintaining this clean keyboard goes to be the breeze. It comes with the 'tone puller' device as it can burst calm of some tones and clean down. No more keyboard 'hairballs.' I can not say quite a lot of good things in this keyboard. Well it estimates purchase of mine. In fact, I think for a side has been to rob it.
5 / 5
This keyboard has been purchased to substitute the similar one these covers to do for me. Has has ignited the tones and he still has green lights around some outsides of a keyboard. A lock of cover, in a lock, is ignited also so still in a darkness can say if some locks of covers are on. Some tones are easy to press and does the a lot of that satisfies his of the click when pressed. There is the built in the rests of wrist that is not removable but good works. Also it has the green T with a form of interesting source in an upper right of a keyboard. I have been only using he for the pair of month but so far is satisfied with him and his appearance. It arrives hurriedly, has been packed very good and has had instructions with him. It recommends this keyboard in another.

Top Customer Reviews: Redragon K552 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
I have not bought this keyboard partorisca gaming. They are the university student and the joy writes in the keyboard maquinal. I have been using this Keyboard partorisca around the week with my MacBook Pro.

Has opened once a box was enlightened for a weight of him. His no too heavy and is not too light. It looks a right quantity . A quality of build is sum in this point of prize. Some strong plastic looks and sturdy. The the flex tries and little to any flexing. I have not taken it avert but it feels he likes to have the interior of dish of the metal partorisca structural support and that gives this little type that hanged the extra has required.

A plastic partorisca some tones of discharge looks the little thin mine. When Writing in a keyboard can feel a quality of some discharge. Slightly the tones the fat plus would do these products perfects partorisca me.

Some transmissions are utmost! They are no expert at all but that has read compares to Cherry MX Blues. These transmissions are very strong. Alive so only like this do not owe that me worry roughly disturbing any one. These transmissions are of the quality adds in my opinion. It feels sturdy and does not look economic.

One has directed the lights are utmost and does this look of sexy keyboard. Each tone has his own concentrated and is quite brilliant for daily use. It likes like this you can regulate a brightness of of a light or so only can him the turn was. There is remarked a LEDs will not remain in your once turned to dip your computer on. You will require to regulate the every time.

In general am happy with cost of mine and would recommend this keyboard to any one looking to save the few dollars.
4 / 5
Likes another has said, has quality of sum of the initial build and that satisfies clicky tones, but yes has ordered a programmable RGB version, can be frustrated taste that of a manual of product and the instructions of web of place of the costruttore does not explain like this to program some tones.

Here is regarding the (thank you vendor ChallengerUSA to resupply these steps)

1. Press FN and one ' (Taxez) tone.
2. Once some red lights in a legislation (Covers him and indicators of Lock of the Roll) is blinking, press FN and a tone of right arrow.
3. You will see a ' key glowing the sure colour; press any tone in a keyboard to dip that key to a current colour.
4. Press FN and a tone of right arrow to move to a next colour. Press any tones love thus colour.
5. It repeats any 4 until has all some tones have customised as it likes. ( You can also the individual tones plant to not being acesos at all during this process.)
6. When you Are everything , press FN + ' to exit customization way and use your keyboard like usual.
5 / 5
This keyboard is surprising! Ossia Basically all can say roughly that. I have had he for the few days, (will update yes required) and already loves it! Writing on is like this comfortible and feels like this of the pillows in your toes. A actuation the force is perfect in my opinion and a clicky clacky the sound is so that it satisfies (especially that comes from/comes from the keyboard of calm membrane). I didnt really use a tampon to number at all like this this tenkeyless the keyboard is really good to save spatial. It take a fully RGB edition for $ , and was in good sure values he! Well when I have chosen on a box has known is quality a lot very been due to a weight. I have taken he out of a box and he felt really good to a touch, and to the look likes would have to that be atleast $ 100. Also it looks to surprise with a RGB leds with everything of a awesome colours and different functions. So only utilisations the keyboard of membrane and has has not had never the keyboard maquinal first, neither have I still seats one. Already, I can say that I am enamoured with keyboards maquinales, am writing this description with a keyboard right now and I of any writing of piece because it feels sooo well! If you are looking for the keyboard maquinal quite economic, goes with east a! It is to good sure value each penny, more some. It recommends like having to that different colored backlighting in your keyboard and there is $ 60 to spend, then go with a RGB edition. The paste FN + refinadas two times and has customised a leds to a Seahawks colours. It goes hawks! The free nave reason I wasnt in the haste for the take (still although it love that like this collected to the equal that was possible) and among only roughly 7 days/1 week. Im Sad for a period of this description (if included are reading this anymore please click an useful key down) and I supposition im that goes to owe to write in this keyboard for now:( in all the chance, I a lot highly recommend this keyboard! Has the good day.

has loved to add that I have imagined was like this to turn in a leds when a computer is closed down. All have to that do is neither resist a FN key until it turns on or press FN + FINAL or anything like this turns on. Like this now while I turn my pc was Turns a leds on for something to look in. Calm also can change all a leds so only like when a pc is on and included do a FN + REFINADAS/5 and customise a leds. I have loved so only update a description like this if any one has loved to know could do that, very calm now know. Also, a keyboard is resisting on really good and are still súper happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5
Leaves to maintain this short and simple description, love the Keyboard maquinal, can very really resupply the keyboard maquinal, but hey this one is so only the little bucks more than the keyboard of alike membrane? Reason any this one?

Pros :
Is economic AF. Seriously, $ 30? Ossia Likes him 6 spice of slats of squash.
Is in fact maquinal, not liking mechanical to feel keyboards, calm in fact takes that sweet sweet clickity clack!
Backlit! Any only is maquinal is in fact backlit also! And it is not too brilliant, correctly, easy to see even with a right monitor infront of him.
Has created Tones, the simple little touch, but done a look of keyboard that very better.

Now to a gilipollas:
does not have to that a lot gilipollas really, in this point of prize is bettery tactile wise that literally each keyboard there, because of a fact is a keyboard maquinal real .
But an only real With quell'I can find is that it says that some transmissions have used is the Green of Equivalent Cherry, but is not . They are in Cherry MX Blue clone although, to real cherry MX Green there is roughly 70grams of actuation force, this keyboard has 55grams. I have measured to use neighbourhoods, takes 10 neighbourhoods to do a transmission depresses. But more in these transmissions, says that I am Greetech transmissions, this in spite of can not find some same or alike transmissions anywhere on-line! These transmissions could be the swipe out of the swipe was.....

But leave to be sincere, is the $ 40 keyboard maquinal. Ossia In fact maquinal. An only thing that would do this better, would be, slightly the main tones, does not have to that the few hands of girl. And possibly the other of wrist, but honradamente? This keyboard is an incredible value and highly would recommend it!
4 / 5
To the equal that was hesitant to purchase this at the beginning.
Had read some description to somewhere in another redragon produced, that alleges that it was not of the transmissions maquinales true, blah blah blah.

I gotta said, ossia probably one of some better keyboards has possessed like this far.
A lot usually spends to plot in of the keyboards with an exception of the Razer DeathStalker Definite that had bought a day to use for work (and start perfectly, liked literally of 30 of my work for me lol, but is $ 300 that .. The BEST :D ).

Retreated To a keyboard...
And thought the one who a hell will try one of the his soyechanical' keyboards, and touches the flop, then the lesson has learnt...

Has had once a box in my hand was has impressed already.
A box among him is well, and can say a product was weighed, which is usually the good signal.
Quell'Pulled once was, has known to be to be (ossia which says...)

Is quite fat (does not annoy me a bit)
is heavy, (neither annoying ).
And reason his heavy, does not go sliding around an office when I write in mine nutty speed to write.

A quality of build is excellent, honradamente, has not been like this is winning money because this thing is solid, and has bet can weaponize the..
Does not have any curve or give to this thing, his literally like the rock, his the thing of beauty and door the tear to my eye.

A red glow is intense and clearly visible still under a fashion of interrogation of big intensity that use of lights in my office.
And some looks of ominous red glow to surprise, returns my offensive The FUNCTION perfectly (I extracted mostly in heartbreak, and 'LIKE Boss' situations)

Some tabs of the toe in a fund is to have to that heavy, and is súper solid, like crazy solid, you rear his toe and they touch likes any cocking the gun.
Literally SNAP! To plant, loves that, has been known to break these things was.. Ossia So only not spending with this keyboard..
Thinks so only could the snap behind and advances now if any one comes to annoy in a half of a session of bond of intense keyboard.

Some tones are drawn fantastically, love a source, is not your typical boring look.
This thing has said that pause all some principles,
And touch a type of source wants to send an email with, but know you can any reason will take shot when any one @gives that you were besides his reign to time again roman, and to the whole new dimension of professionalism...
Is clear glass, any macula, and a glow comes by means of some tones perfectly, a glow down some do any looks that much fresher.

Some tones maquinales are solid and to the work exactly likes them the wait, if a actuation the force is exactly which has to that be, does not know .
But they a damn acts, and like me use my keyboards, any to measure them in the plenary-in annual way.
A click is quite strong and obvious, and has any @@@knob of volume in the, so that it is something to consider buy the keyboard maquinal for an office.
I seats like this really give me confidence in mine big-accelerates to write qualified like this no longer are asking has paste a tone has wanted or if my keyboard there has been the derp moment (the cause does not do deceptions! I LISTENED! {Well Sometimes I }).
I really do explosion by means of my writing this in spite of, with ease and the sense of accomplishment ( chair to cause fulfilled when I pike out of the memo and literally feels likes hammer was... Ossia The mission has fulfilled right there!)
Are sure goes to be there moments when any one ask question whilst am writing, and go to maintain so only closing unexpectedly was while staring in them so that it give him one looks of ' is that I am doing', while sure clicking noises radiate of a dominion ossia my office .

My boss is gone in and so only has been immediately wow way in the, loves it and has declared that it wants to take touched of of his laptop and transmission to the just desk to have the badass keyboard like this one.
Has not mentioned to be able to so only hook he until his laptop (MUAHAHAHA)
And for this my reign in awesome the keyboards remains unchallenged (as planned).

In general this thing is solid, and does the statement.
Said, now the keyboards maquinales now can be possessed by any and no only that they are less impulsive with his money.
Master and go to buy 2 more, one for house (or have to it that called my hideout or.0) And one for the mine that comes Crazy (HE) Laboratory of Scientist.

To a manufacture: good work in an excellent product!
I honradamente has not had confidence in your mark when have in first do first this compraventa, has has not used never your products but now are the believer .
And does not change a prize, are still the economic impulsive bastard and will have to that panhandle he do.
4 / 5
Has purchased the K552-RGB keyboard on 6/30/2018. I received it on 07/02/2018. Interior 14 days, there is remarked that one 'z' the tone no . I have notified ChallengerUSA For email on 07/15/2018. On 07/16/2018, they have asked my mandate , which have resupplied on 07/16/2018. On 07/17/2018, I have received the look that it prepaid to the focus would be resupplied a next day. Three days later and has listened at all of then.
5 / 5
My daughter uses this keyboard, in the so much master that, but is in fact strong. We have tried other keyboards that comprises Razer, Logitech, Cosair, as well as some varieties of Chery Brown and Red, but in an end still loves this Cherry-Blue clone.

Tried some dampening Or-coverages, does not have very helped, as I have decided to open the on and experience (need to take a keycaps to access some rays that resists an upper dish down). Here it is that it has found.

Some noises come from/come from:
- a click of a transmission he. It is that we like him on other transmissions, but a keycap amplifies this click enough to plot.
- A subordinated-was noise when a keycap swipes the box of a transmission. One Or-the coverage can dampen this touches the bit, but a boxy the plastic base amplifies it multiple time. Coupling With a IKEA tabletop, to to sounds like to paste it drum.
- A sound of a transmission that paste the box of a transmission in a way up. You can listen this sound when you resist the key down and impulse your toe on quickly (like when writing fast). Again, this sound is amplified also for a keycap.

A good informative is, if taken a joint of circuit out of his boxy plastic basic, all some noises are reduced to around 25-35 (my estimativa rough), a so only noticeable the sound is a faint click of a transmission he. If it likes-you the really calm keyboard, calm so only can do the base done to commission/footing (a blockade to foam for example). The only precise discharge calm a joint of exposed circuit in a underside, a dish of upper metal is quite solid and will not bend. They are quite sure it is included calmer that a typical Dell keyboards in my office.

This in spite of, my daughter prefers a keyboard with his base, as I have looked for to stuff an interior with foams, while to muffle the, and look to do. But for presionar some rays behind in, is noisy again. So much, a noise is transmitted by means of some poles of ray to a plastic base, then one bases amplifies it. The stuffing could have helped the bit, but no noticeable.

To decouple a keyboard of some poles of ray, has pieces of cut to foam to a same height like some poles of ray and double-sided taped the to a base. Some poles are different heights , courts more after a spatial bar, and big prójimo some tones of Function. When Dipping a keyboard behind, a joint of circuit and the chair of upper dish in some foams, has presionado some rays a lot slightly, basically some rays maintain a cup to jump was more than the resist down. This significantly has reduced a noise. I have fill also a base with canes to foam thinner, to reduce a void space in laws of chance like the enclosure of speaker.

A keycaps was still problematic, with the click of a transmission, a bottoming-was, and coming-rear noise. In planting to use Or-coverages, the ball stuffed of cotton in a keycaps, so only little enough to muffle a sound, and laws like the thin discharge of Or-coverage. A cotton of plus, a muffler a sound, but also shorten a distance of travesía. Not to love it to interfere with a feeling adds of a transmission as I do not have very used. It was lazy and did not stuff some tones to act so it is used seldom, also to do fault like the comparison. You will owe that it experiences the bit to find a right quantity to the yours in pleasant. A cotton blocks a backlight the bit, but any one a lot (and does not look directly to a backlights after taking a keycaps, is blinding).

A last what, anything a small quantity of noise has left, transmitted to a tabletop and has taken has amplified. As I have gone the stock exchange of thin foam on foot small and taped his to a keyboard, any noise of a tabletop at all.

In general, to good sure would call it the success. It is ready to committed for the keyboard calm plus, but now more than happy of the maintain. I have used to be able to listen his esmashing' a keyboard in his room of a living room, now grieves can listen a click 'will read if really it takes attention. It loves a RGB version, as I will buy one to trade with his, and probably experience with the base done to commission instead. See the need, fill the need!
5 / 5
Oh Redragon, the maintenances go back yours. Redragon Marcos some technology adds for a prize. No, it is not comparable to coach of big final, but work, and work well. If you are looking to take to the keyboard maquinal, ossia the point of the start adds .

This keyboard uses outemu blue transmissions. These are not Cherry MX equivalents See like listings, but Cherry MX Blue equivalents. On some transmissions, accepts to regulate keycaps mark for Cherry MX roots. These am blues, which are utmost for typists (concealed does not share the room with more). These are strong transmissions , as all blues east. The tactile feedback Adds and utmost press.

Function - the works add like this he MX Blue judge of point is exited. All the tones do perfectly, and one rear that the lights is so only a right intensity. Each press is satisfying.
Apt - is the regular tenkeyless measure and apt. As with all tenkeyless near, does not have any wrist wrest. If steps of the multiple hours in yours office the day, investing in the wrist wrest is the wise decision.
The construction arrived of Aluminium, ABS CONSTRUCTION, and ABS keycaps (Any PBT). It looks well, the tones good celery in some yolks. Now a lot plated USB is the good touch . In general, an arrival in a joint is very on one 40 prize of row of dollar. RGB Lighting would be preferable.

Other Notes: My woman the hates. She play in a same room as me, and uses a Redragon Karura (chicklet fashionable keyboard, also fantastic like to them the keyboards of type of the laptop). A noise driven his dice, and to good sure does not recommend for a half of office.
5 / 5
There is roughly 10 tones that constantly chatter in this keyboard. Mark incredibly diffffficult to write.

Here is an example paragraaph that soym no goingg to correct to aim youu howw bad a key chatter east. Now imaggine youu is typingg was, and each one another word has to that delete for correct a ouutput of a keyboard. Dropss My speed to write to the really disappointingg level, and interrupts my train of thougght.
5 / 5
With which 4 month of light use a keyboard is not doing properly. There is key chatter in a key and some another need of tones to be pressed more than a swipe before they do. Mina other keyboards have done well for much more that 4 months, and with using heavier.

Update: the keyboard is result unusable after a tone has taken neither multiple presses, or chatter multiple characters with which one presses.

UPDATE: it has given up for the while it tries to take my money behind or take the substitution. I go to try now again. Apparently I need to contact Square Trade. I have purchased the agreement of 2 years. To the amazon does not resupply an email, so only the number of telephone. I will look on-line prime minister for an email as I will not require to spend time in a telephone. Really it prefers to take the repayment because I no longer want to use keyboards maquinales. I have had to purchase the new keyboard (any mechanic) once a one in this order no longer was usable.

UPDATE2: I have found a web of place for Square Trade and has filed the on-line claim. It is sure offers of good Amazon !

UPDATE3: Thanks to Commercial Squared this subject has been solved my satisfaction. I appreciate a swift action for Square Trade (Allstate) this legislation.

Top Customer Reviews: RK ROYAL KLUDGE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
It was in a phase partorisca the keyboard of estimativa and has had my eyes dipped in a reddragon k552. After looking the pair more youtube the video and damage @it that a logo of the ugly red dragon does not exit , has changed my house to this RK keyboard that has had a whole container, reasonable prize, RGB, red transmissions, and the majority of all any logo of ugly ass in a cup of a joint.

Modification: so only I have imagined it was that my alt tone and your of the windows are changed, and also deep fix it. All have to that do is control down Fn and spacebar until your keyboard begins to flash.
4 / 5
Incase Any one is by train to ask , this RK61 is not bluetooth but has type of USB C. It looks incredible with some lights and the sounds adds Excepts some tones some big plus (enters, Space and Turns) which unfortunately has the economic touching rattle. A RGB the incredible looks and a software is easy to use but difficult to download because of a place (rkgaming) be in chinese.

Loves like this the keyboard but I have to that admit, a strong rattle of a spatial bar that takes really annoying (especially while it has written this description). For your audio to write the pleasure would recommend to look in something pricier likes Anne Pro or Ducky. Appearance choose an on going on sale . Otherwise For a prize ($ 49), a RK61 is not bad.

Modification: With which so only 3 month, some of mine the majority of has has used tones (W,A,S,D especially) no longer does properly and of this keyboard is not hot swappable, can not substitute some changes easily. I have tried clean the, changing a cord and king-installing the engine but he do not have very helped. You can still type with him but is far too unreliable still gaming. A fast look on-line shows that this looks to be the question regulates with this keyboard. I have chosen on a SK61 instead that the work adds and has ordered some Gateron Yellows to substitute a RK61 is. After using a SK61 with Gateron Red now prpers give like scratchy and springy touching a RK61 is. Felizmente, RK looks for having transmission to Gateron recently so much would owe that be a lot of buying some models some new plus. Mark so only sure says Gateron.
4 / 5
In a backside of a keyboard is an on-Was transmission. A transmission to do the east there is not coming with a keyboard.
4 / 5
A lot of value $74 . Shipped in 3 days for free. A lot a lot RGB customization with on board by heart. Sturdy Quality to build almost a lot of rattle in of the main tones. Also type of USB-C is good to have
5 / 5
This keyboard is a better. A fraction of an external prize and some the brown transmissions wonderful celery. It has catered/ it Is come from the blue transmissions and they utmost celery. It is small, compact and all am wanted. A software is easy to use and comes with a lot of options to light effects. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
- REALLY that shines RGB
- more Brilliant that a comparable Direya keyboards.
- A lot of effects to light. Again, better that a direya keyboards.
- Some colours are A lot VIBRANT and can with aims of accuracy yellows/orange/etc really well. Other comparable keyboards can a lot properly blend colours, but this one can do it a lot well.

- A STRONG plus PINGING in the keyboard has has not experienced never. It touches it likes it to me I am writing in has beaten he of beats empty.
- I transmissions was at all to write house in any one.
- The quality of build was A lot; any braided boss, keycaps felt economic, and a joint felt really light

In general, depends in those esteems. If it love a better possible RGB effects in this prize, ossia a keyboard for you. If it love a better writing feels experience , take a Direya DK 61 Pro with a PBT keycaps. It is the night and day differentiates in quality of build and experience, but begin that loses in a awesome lighting.
5 / 5
When Have revived this Keyboard has taken with some brown transmissions and was a lot of good. A RGB on is stunning also. With which 2 month to use one of my tones there is prendido to do. I emailed the and send me the new joint immediately. Has utmost to disguise the service and a Keyboard cost each penny.
5 / 5
The one who the keyboard adds! It was in a phase for the new keyboard and has seen this. Usually it prefers big some, how was unsure would like . This keyboard me the lover of 60 keyboards. The transmissions and cover them the tones are wonderful. If you are the RGB some lights are good and brilliant and can be customised in any way. It tries it to them to write with 5 different keyboards has had lying around and this was my preferred . If I have had to that give a piece of constructive critique would be that a legend for some secondary functions in some tones are hard to read, has had to that take near to see where pp up was for example.
RK61 Is the keyboard adds and better that more expensive some have used.
5 / 5
RK61 Amazing keyboard, especially for a point of prize. It does not squander your money in this another expensive 60 joints. A keycaps the chair adds and comes with Equivalent the transmissions of cherry! A RGB is really RGB DIRECTED backlight
5 / 5
has Full RGB and a RGB is really quite GOOD
Equivalent the transmission of cherry? Yep And is real abonos, and a lot a lot smooth!
Customises The software is in fact quite a lot calm once imagine it was and like work.
To good sure to 5 star. For $ 53? Already This joint is totally value of the money that spend. And in fact it would say that extracted several levels on his class of prize. Already It Is really that well.

Top Customer Reviews: VictSing USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
I am fed up! With him bad build he keyboards, esp with sticky spatial bars. My last KB has failed to answer The averages a time I wacked a spatial bar. This KB the type adds. I remain drawee, and while it prefers the left hand KB, an only 2 elections in a piece, which both have used, is lousy to write. This KB has the creation that is very has thought was, with quite spatial among key groupings, to help eschew overreaching and accidentally pressing a wrong tone. Also, a help of the zones of the colour have DIRECTED maintains some toes in a pertinent zone. Like this KB is easy to use, included for me. Some tones of program are idea adds ; easy to maintain a clean keyboard. A 'click' soft is in pair with all another KB is and in any subjects the distraction. A quality to build, comprising the frame of METAL, is well. A support of wrist is non-existent, for a road. One has DIRECTED the lights are fresh/entertainment but can be it has changed was need . I actuate Already the ordered the second KB for house.
5 / 5
The points underlined:
Economic and when being how the very big-keyboard of quality (at least compared in my keyboard of Dell anterior and one very Mac the keyboards have used). A keystrokes is hurriedly and responsive. Besides, an effect in light is very well for a prize. At the end, while one bends is not adjustable, an angle to write is not an attaches in my opinion.

While a keyboard has the odd creation, took me personally less than an hour to assimilate in a structure of new keyboard. Besides, an effect in light is created by the clear joint behind some tones, any some tones they.

Global evaluation:
For the big-note, the keyboard priced reasonably this absolutely returns my repertory. But although you are gaming in a darkness, thinks that is still TOTALLY well to write. To well sure recommend it this by so gaming and personal use so that a product is THAT well!

That is to say a first time has not revised never the product, LMK is useful! :)
5 / 5
So much, I have been the computer gamer for the very long time (in 14yrs). For one the majority of parts a keyboard has not been never a main thing until I have bought easterly unit

Some tones are smooth and whose apresamiento. A clear down some tones are brilliant and enjoyable but very so much that the blind calm with some lights was. For any concealed can write 90-100wpm some look of tones to maintain up and the fact less than record when write out of response or sure things in another.

Also, like the blogger and any one concealed written a lot of descriptions this keyboard the easiest fact and more relax to do in place of marks for prender and backspace the million of time.

Very happy with this keyboard and will be to consider other elements of this mark.

Thank you For a wonderful keyboard.
4 / 5
Update 2: I am changing my indication of 1 star in 4 stars. I want to begin to say KUDOS in a VicTsing the client retreated that for his merit of sake 5 stars.. We contact me to us and routed me the substitution and the one of way that result it that some two products that never ordered of VicTsing gone through be defective. It opens there is not your very stickier which, strangely enough, mitigated a accidentel typos almost totally. Although it say it that some tones could be in the millimetre more eschews.
One a star is for a FOCUSED backlights which are still useless but only done a keyboard more aesthetically please to look in in slightly the half the dark plus. They could has update some tones for a backlit ones for slightly main record and concealed'd has done this a keyboard of estimativa perfect.

Update: Two days more in him and I have begun to run besides problems.
1. A Spatial Bar apresamiento bonded sometimes and has any road for prenderlo another concealed to pull a keyboard out of an USB. And apparently it is not only a Spatial tone concealed apresamiento bonded but some tones of arrow also. He a good time while I am writing east.
2. He the small time a keyboard goes totally unresponsive. Any one keystrokes register while a FOCUSED is still in the one who half is still powered ON. He no until it is pulled was and plugged behind in.

I'l maintains to update some subjects while I remark the.

Has DIRECTED backlights is totally useless. Probably they have launched only the in there hike a prize bit it. The calm could not read the darn thing in still slightly the half the dark plus. It does not fall for some bells and whistles.

Any sake of the material looks and some tones are calmer that the decrees have expected. Any one a lot the mechanic that is there. Some tones are also closely packed that causes for a typos subjects also often same for any one with the half sized hand. It IS the clear Any one has the main hands. And then it has an odd Enters that the tone would be very troubling until I take used his. That is to say everything with just two days of the use and I are prepared already in dole was some extra money for a Razer keyboard to substitute easterly unit
5 / 5
All my partner has wanted a look of a keyboard, is very colored with light of rainbow. Has wanted to this so keyboard so decided to buy a same mark for a mouse.
His to write? This is not calm keyboard. There is his when writing especially with a spatial tone!
Cairo? Nice and elegant look with clear
A button is main compares in regular keyboard, but write is very comfortable
HAS this keyboard for 3 days, and still is running strong

Last but very less, the services of client are surprising! One of a tone is defective when took the. A manufacturer takes a problem seriously, and issue me the substitution!
5 / 5
I took this for my daughter to use in his room. Apresamiento Migraines and visits some low lights declines often. It can see to do his schoolwork, and to touch his games, with just the nightlight through a room. A tray of keyboard is visible through a desktop of glass and can achieve through only take the key or two. It IS finicky in his keyboards also, necessity to have abundance of room of toe for his scripture. This has had abundance of room, although it is the small smaller that his last unit Takes used his.
5 / 5
I am not the PC gamer so much and can not speak with this functionality of keyboards for that. I use to write (am the Social worker and a scripture is widespread). The law adds it the spatial bar is the small rigid which are why I gave it only 4 stars for easy to use. Has some regular cradles like other tones but then have the bar of cradle of the metal for reinforcement-so it spends it that it is where tends to attack to a spatial bar likes him to him the key boss so easily.
A colour in of the this is perfect. Can have it or or it was, or it can pose he until turn in and has been. A fading has 3 options of the speed and some lights has the 3 options of brilliance. Some descriptions (and photos) has aimed that the calm could not see some tones when was dark-but my backlight resplandores through perfectly. It comprise the clear room and dark photo for reference. I will try to update this description has had once a keyboard a long plus!
UPDATE: after using a keyboard for any first few weeks, a spatial bar has loosened up and when being more like more keyboards. Still it wants walk in my dispatch and it seeing illuminated in my desktop.
4 / 5
I have bought this keyboard so that a description has said that it was built of metal. I have thought, that never foolishly, this has meant some tones would be built out of metal in place of plastic also. Mylast The keyboard lasted by the few years, but some tones are spent in some ways and had has did not have cards in the in of the ages. It IS otherwise functional, as it expect that to buy something with tones more resistant, that a keyboard would be around for longer. Some tones in of is is plastic only like all other keyboards, but like me that a base is metal . Any one very see a point when headed to writes in the, but gives a keyboard some gravitas that is not to present with another. It does not slip and what so much slide has had always with keyboards or has not had some decrees of rubber in a fund. So much, this some the stays posed that it would imagine is of entity for gaming. Further, some tones, while I have been disappointed that they are plastic, is of the good height and provides control (as it is not always correcting so that other buttons take pressed, also), but no too control (then , any hand-the tiredness streaky). They no the plot of noise any one which can be to premium in some people. Some colours are well and that shine, but think that if it has not taken never another illuminates keyboard, this would take a where some lights can take turned down the small. These are the little of the brilliant like the chair of tones in the few big. While well to write, leaves the plot of the light coming through and would like me an intensity to paint more can dull a light he the small.
1 / 5
Val, First of all, a 'RGB' is insanely deceive. This thing is the RAINBOW and can very anything more another concealed is the rainbow or no backlight at all.

But, or THE MAJORITY OF The thing OF ENTITY is that the calm CAN any the the paste more concealed two buttons the time! That is to say absolutely objectionable for the 'gaming' keyboard, and a lot of games of the almost impossible mark this requires key combinations.

That when being said, has the few tones that will do 3-a-time. These are LIMITED in an EXACT COMBINATION of 'CTRL + BIG + OF THE', 'CTRL + VISIT + ESC'. And that is!

Another that these two defects (which return me he afterwards only the few hours), a keyboard is quite well. Tones of bonos feeling, organism of well feeling. Too bad they messed the up with one above subjects!
4 / 5
Some laws of keyboard quite well for gaming. Even so, a spatial tone ails works unless you press in a half. So much, writing on is impossible unless you close unexpectedly a spacebar every time wants the room. A spacebar requires an obscene quantity to oblige to depress anywhere except a half. I thought that it that it break in or take used his, but concealed has not been a case. As much as I have wanted like this keyboard, has to return it and would not recommend he in any one.

Edita: I am returned this keyboard and leave this description with or stars. I have been disappointed at the beginning. Even so, his service of client contacted me and has wanted like casualidad. I issue me another keyboard and this new a does not have a same problem with a spatial bar. Desprs Using this new one for the small while, is changing my description in 4 stars. Some tones are the rigid bit , as if you are an aggressive to characterise that is to say a perfect keyboard . But occasionally I lose the nail so that I any click quite take. But it writes quite well and it is well for gaming. So far I like this keyboard, a premier one has to taken has been the lemon . The tan only takes to represent shopping this keyboard can take the lemon at the beginning. The tones are tactile but any too noisy. Which are contrasts it hard compared in mine redragon keyboard that is stronger that two cats that struggles in a factory of horn of the air.

Finally, after treating his service of client and taking this new keyboard, would recommend this keyboard in other people.

Top Customer Reviews: Redragon K502 RGB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
3 / 5
- Supergreat Esteem
- A green FOCUSED is glorious, v v ince
- the tones are essentially silent, would recommend for ninjas
- All does tones, comprising mesos comunicacionales F tones
- has the on concealed dragon illuminates that the fresco is concealed?? Response: SUPREMELY
- the cord is braided, leaving for texture and orderly look, as well as friction free movement through forest, corners of desktop, etc. [Now yes only my Anker smiles it ergonomic was a same road ]

- Enters the tone takes the bit to take used the
- writing in general is the odd bit so that tones of rubber, but already takes used his
- Spacebar very always listen so is being keyed
- 'Was' is one of some levels of brilliance, although a level a big plus is perfect imo
- Carried/In a/Win the lights of Lock are red and can not be modified in any subject - on the way that it is kindof the more even so, since can see that it is enclosed and what is not without this real look in this sector of a keyboard. As I guess this line is superfluous

- Spacebar and Backspace the tones are not fully ignited [goes beaks]
- would return for the hassle-free substitution, but then would be without the keyboard for several days :|
2 / 5
I have purchased this keyboard like the cheapest alternative in a 'Razer DeathStalker Essential Gaming Keyboard' ( looks very similar in looks with his low profile, chiclet fashionable tones) . I Like him his of a variable backlight the colours and he in fact listen robust with the minima flex that was it the pleasant surprise for the keyboard in this prize! It can use he in my foothills when gaming has entered a room and do quite well for first person shooters. The braided the cape is the good touch . Awesome. Even so!! ...There have it always the take, is not there.

Some tones are rigid - considerable take more pressure to actuate some tones that that earth. It opens That it is something at the end can adapt in - a problem is, some tones, especially some horizontally more tones very time in some rights of a keyboard, like a 'backspace', need more pressure that another, especially press a key was-angle and very well in a head office (perhaps the small bit of obligatory is at stake). So while the touch that writes, this can be aggravate when the key press has not recorded so that it calms no pressed them to him enough takes in spite of using a same pressure like other tones.

Bronzed Finally, adds for FPS gaming (where the yours rid is in a WASD, turn and spacebar) but any so when it is writing was. Still it thinks that that it is a data of global decent value a low prize, but can be the 5 product to star if it was not for this incongruence. It remarks other descriptions have remarked the similar subjects only attach me in this list.

Update: A backspace the result directed of more and more problematic with his obligatory, sometimes a lot acting still after pressing it again, more take! Returning this in the amazon and that down in 2 stars against 3.
4 / 5
It looks for the cheapest alternative in an another expensive gaming the keyboards see all some times and I have found easterly one after I have done the compraventa of a Redragon Perdicin gaming mouse(which are utmost btw). I have taken very he casualidad with this keyboard so that the does not have very when it informs bought the so any desire to be also critic in the, especially since is only $ 30.

One this lights Behind- A behind ignite in this keyboard is very good. It IS my premier backlit keyboard and can say they the work adds in this end. There are 7 colours(like info in a product says): Red, Blue, Green, Yellow blue, Claro(like the shadow of Cyan), Purple, and aim. You can change among everything of them very easily in a press of the button, change his level of brilliance, turned to era totally or has a pulse of keyboard through the each colour. 5/5 In this department.

Characteristic- This keyboard is coming with the little characteristic this coast to remark:
1) can close a Windows key so that any one accidentally presses it while gaming,

2) an option to change some functions of some tones of arrow with WASD, so himself prefer have your WASD where some tones of arrows are planted then that is to say useful,

3) the option of speed of the response, basically paste a button of function and a Q key which have few arrows of before fast (&62;&62;) he the work well quite so clearly asks it a time of response of some tones while it is by train to write you or lining the tone, but and remarked is not compatible with each game. An example of the same when it touch the Terraria and would line down a D key to move well, but would move the few feet and then prendidos, then movement, then pause, etc. So that it is not to perfect.

4) Some tones of means comunicacionales. I do not go to list everything of them, but has to would expect, likes him controls of volume and controls of musician. They , any much more can say enough it.

5) A rest of the wrist built in a keyboard is well and calm give you abundance of room to rest your wrists.

A creation/of tones- Some tones are posed up like the laptop, as 'chiclet' way with the very rough texture that does the easy plus in grip and has light rooms among them. Generally it prefers this type of keyboard, but that is to say in fact where some the negative parts of a keyboard have entered...

IS in fact amiable of difficult to say yes calms in fact is pressing some low tones since have very small springback or one that. I bad my laptop has the click to satisfy when punch some tones and is not to take to press at all. In fact, while I am writing this description is growing increasingly the turbulent arrest like cheap some tones listen to press. Especially a spacebar, a spacebar is a worse tone in a whole keyboard while it is one the majority of difficult in of the press and sometimes very included depress at all like this is no record thatIam(am leaving this typo so that that is to say the problem that is more than the small problem) in fact paste a spacebar at all (this could be the problem is having with just my keyboard). But I digress, a keyboard is only $ 30 at the end.

In a creation. If you can not say pictures, some tones are posed in just the small different that normal, concretely one enters key, so that it is shaped how one 'the other way around L.'

Will conclude with the list of pros and gilipollas for which do not wish to read a whole description:

- is $ 30
-that By behind the lights is of sound, with several options by heart
-Built-in rest of wrist
-the Braided the cord prevents tangling and has velcro for management of cape
-A lot of key-grip

-the creation of Keyboard takes some time to take used to
-the tones listen cheap and is difficult to press

In general, is not disappointed with this compraventa, likes him toe, has taken the casualidad and has not expected a main quality for $ 30. A lot an only failure can say that I have found with this keyboard is a quality of some tones they, while he anybody unusable keyboard, some tones could do with improvement.
4 / 5
As it take this in a clave done an hour, and is giving write my first impression of a keyboard, no after the days or of the weeks or months of use.

- Some tones are the small soft and his likes him is not writing almost so hurriedly so usually can so that I have to use more endeavour to paste some tones. One travelling the distance is quite 3-4 millimetres, which can be slightly more concealed that has the habit of also.
- Some tones and a Redragon the little logotype has DIRECTED lights down the, but is not very brilliant. I prefer to maintain some lights was.
- This keyboard is supremely calm. It do not say it is silent, but is to well sure the calmest plot that the majority of keyboards of dome of the rubber. According to a class of desktop has, that poses the mat of rubber (like the tampon of mouse) goes down a keyboard will do your scripture the calmest plot that when a keyboard is directly in your desktop.
- Some tones are removable, but is not very easy in pry has been. I use the flathead screwdriver and the soft hand.
- A rest of wrist is quite comfortable, but in to the the chair likes him would be more than comfortable scripture if my hands have been elevated the small more. I am also the small preoccupied in a mate the arrival that rubs was over time.
EDITA: A mate arrived in a rest of the wrist has not spent was included afterwards the year of use. Probably you it do not have to preoccupy.
- A keyboard is clear, but when planted in my desktop has the be relatively robust in him and any angle. It moves around very slightly.
- A kickstands under a keyboard the creature up quite 3/4 of an inch. Has the plastic fund in place of rubber, as it is possible that this can leave it to move the small bit.
EDITA: A kickstands is also a bit flimsy, and one of the mine has broken has been... :'(
- A braided the cord is quite 6 long feet and when being supremely durable, which are utmost is rough in your capes, I supposition. An USB is objective and gold -plated, likes research to be the 1.0. Work with my black 2.0, blue 3.0 and red 3.1 ports of USB. If your keyboard no in any one of your ports of USB, then your keyboard is defective.

Any one has written the description that says that when take the, a 'enter' the key bonded external of a box. It opens I am not totally sure what bad for that, but when took the all of some tones was perfectly intact.

A bit those that the tricks would have to know before supposing your keyboard is defective:
A 'lightbulb' the tone changes a colour of some lights has DIRECTED.
FN+'lightbulb' Active breathe lights
FN+- the low delays that breathes
FN+= demands to breathe
FN+Pp-Above looks a brilliance of a FOCUSED
FN+Pp-Low dims a FOCUSED
FN+Wins active Wins Lock
FN+W Changes WASD and tones of arrow

Uses this keyboard with an extensive gaming tampon of mouse under the. Any only minimises a sound, but also deletes some casualidad of him moving around. You can take or for in $ 10 if any one already has unit


UPDATE 7/9/2016 :
is been the little of the weeks have purchased of east, as I thought that it would update my description with the little of my observations.

- So far, a mate the material is not aiming any sign to spend anything. Occasionally, a material A surface is insanely easy to clean (I only use the slightly humid cloth). You can take tones if you are very careful.
- IS the easiest plot for me to write on he now that it was when I took it in the first place. I am until my speed of normal scripture now, as some tones, even so, the small soft, is not lining me behind... Like the does not leave the calm concealed alarm you.
- A time of response is absolutely flawless, so he is the fast to characterise or he gamer with the estimativa, can count in this keyboard.
- Inner a moment, after the few weeks of use, that is to say to well sure one of some BETTER KEYBOARDS can take for this prize.


UPDATE 7/29/2017 :

is state the year has bought of this keyboard. A mechanic is not aiming any sign of wear, but some of a mate the arrival has begun to spend was in 3 different tones (A, S, and D.... It can say that it is gamer?).Quan Some wears to paint the black has entered some tones, there is only clear plastic down. Even so, a mate the arrival has has did not rub entered a surrounding plastic or in some rests of wrist , included although I have been using this keyboard often and for the year.
If you are preoccupied in that says in some soft tones and that travel the longest distance, is not . It IS to well sure something concealed to take used to over time, but does not have to affect anything does too drastically. It Likes him to him he can be when taking of any new keyboard, has the bit of the curve to learn.

Has changed my indication of 3 stars in 4 stars. Durable and big quality :)


UPDATE 10/20/2018:

does not know why maintains to update this, but still is doing. This keyboard has seen some crap but is not aiming any signs of mechanical wear after in 2 years of daily use. How much was this again? So much value he. I am so impressed that it still is doing so that to dry calm likes him does not know never with buying the electronic on-line...
2 / 5
Only so that it look it the decent Keyboard, has given he to 2 star, Averts of a creation and lighting, This is not the good keyboard, included for a prize. Some tones are soft and listen like tones of full membrane. They tend to take bonded and listen likes him has to pose in extra endeavour only in of the press in the tone. They do not listen pleasant at all to write with.

If you are any one concealed feigned to take this keyboard to write, the no. IS the waste of money.
Wants to cause the fresh looks, that is to say everything really will exit of him.

A spatial bar is also very squishy and loses sometimes, no very very when using he for the game or. In fact any one of some tones in a keyboard are adapted by gaming, this does not have to have "gaming keyboard" in a title. It IS horrible, ails well enough to have like the motive of conversation. It was in the each disappointed with a keyboard.

Posed the behind in a box almost ails has taken was and gave it the walk of test. Mina, has had also the sticky "H" key, because of a minimum endeavour to pose some class of mechanic anything in some tones. It IS almost at all but to membrane like him some tones tend to take bonded in some corners, that is to say very terrible. I have imagined the mine was defective while I have not seen more has this subject. It does not initiate it orders, it do not recommend it at all.
1 / 5
Returning this punctual.....Like the coast.


IS backlit ; different colours ; chiclet way that was only like my laptop concealed and used for years.


The tones were VERY HARD to press down , and when pressed in some verges, would not depress properly and the be has battled pressed down. Has had to directly in a head office for the press; one of a F1-12 tones in a cup have taken bonded when and pressed it....Only road to take it unstuck was to pull the corner of one key outwards so that it avenges undone ; a spatial bar sper rigid, while it was all some tones, but this an especially; a rest of the long wrist is well EXCEPT his very solid and has the be plastic in him, could listen some light unease of his just 'there' so that yes you prefer a soft type of rests of wrist or something thats softer, is together wont you any sake ; a sturdiness of a together isnt anything to boast enough, any flex, but also doesnt look he withstand the punishment takes eg the lunch and the drink spilt in the ; some buildup of the light oil in some tones can spend beacuse of his texture.

In general was perfect for me in visual, but he physically lack for me.
5 / 5
I have not been sure if this keyboard has been to be very well because of his point of cheap prize, but a lot likes him in me. I bought it only so that I have wanted the red backlight and was one of some less expensive options, but has been pleasantly surprised with just that this good. Some the only complaints is a glowing the logotype in a fund is the small a lot, but was still a less gaudy of all some keyboards looked in an only another thing is that a spatial bar is the small squeaky, but very only perceivable in the sper calms average. Any time has touched the game could not listen anymore.

Was the small preoccupied after reading some descriptions in the tones that clave, but this has not been a subject for me afterwards the month of daily use. I am happy bought this keyboard.
4 / 5
That is to say the description has done totally initial impressions, and will update it later has more to attach.

Would have to begin to say that with some limitations of together of the characteristic, and an amour has to my unusable for gaming K740, there was almost any casualidad could any never give this to 5 indication of star.

For a prize that is to say the quite amazing keyboard to feel. A plastic is pleasant in a touch, and a quality when being quite sake . Some tones are very responsive and has an incredibly low trip, as if you are by train of the look for gaming keyboard that is slender and abordable, that is to say the good election . It finds at all truly bad to say in a hardware so far, has something in a when being of a spatial bar that is only very enamoured with, and some changes are dome of rubber , find them far less pleasant to press that a scissor tones of change of my K740, but is not bad.

Aesthetically a keyboard is the bit of the mixed stock exchange. For the keyboard that calm leaves you for the select backlight colour, hate that comes with the adhesive of red brilliant, and any one to that likes him a red cord. It listens it likes him to him he is trying to oblige tea to choose red, which are not personally the adherent of. One in an adhesive of looks to close hideous. With this said, so much a line and a numlock the adhesives can be take, and very a lot leaves a keyboard those looks any less appeal when mark. In fact I enough like a look without a line, and under an adhesive has the far together more attractive of icons for some lights of lock, recorded in a plastic.

Sadly Even so some lights of lock are again, the red has thank you, and is incredibly brilliant. I have posed the bit of polydogh in them a strongly dim a light. There is any light of lock of the circle, quite have it that wins light of lock (the function+wins). It does not have any idea a function of this lock.

Does not have to act very special gaming tones of function, and any tones of the half comunicacionales has consecrated. A right win and a tone of card has been substituted with the tone of function, and the by heart clear tone. I hate a location of both of these -- the function is traditionally in a left if addition, and does not like me the clear control is tone in a main section of a keyboard.

A brilliance to light and the boos is inconsistent, has ugly lines in some fund of some hand of left-the tones have streaky, everything of these tones with lines have been printed slightly of axial cause the in an in a clockwise direction tower of direction of the few titles. I no in the any road like him to them some low symbols QWASD, or like me a WASD written in some tones of arrow. Also one lighting in a spatial tone is very flakey.

Found one folds with some feet to be unsuitable, and has finished that it has to create a backside of a keyboard those uses polydogh.

So much the sum he all up:
Very cheap.
Pleasing material
response of Decent tone

the half comunicacionales has consecrated Any one or gaming tones
Few declares
the red aesthetics Obliged
Ugly adhesives
the Poor tones that impression
Odd aesthetic elections

Because of an incredibly low prize and a lack of any competition in a piece of chiclet keyboards that is your slender , decent rollover, any one on purpose gimped to prevent gaming, and no mechanical; the volume is the 4 . Still I can jump for a steelcase 350 or a stalker of chroma of death, even so a bad time that is to say the wonderful change of a corsair strafe rgb there was equivocat me to buy, and in difference of a K740 can use he at stake.
2 / 5
Quan Has opened in the first place a box has thinks that that a keyboard was adds. It seats well in some hands, some FOCUSED was very and that shines, and the absolutely impressive look.
Alas even so, one any last surprise very time.

While I have begun my thorough examination, gives that my keyboard has not gone fully ignited in of the sure zones, and a spatial bar no you paste in any external verges. And a cherry up, my tone of the mark of question was the other way around. I am quite disappointed by a lack of attention in detail. This could be a awesome keyboard, but these deceptions turn me era.

Honestly Even so, is not each bad. Some tones are calm and I like any interesting characteristics like a colour that DIRECTED of changes and a tone of lock of the windows, but some deceptions are also big to go through big.

Can spend the small more money, I certainly reccomend looking for around more.
5 / 5
COAST I the plot to research before it has bought this he so that it knows that it has taken it and is very pleased in general. Yes a spatial bar is not totally ignited, but the thinks would be too many was and a backspace probably would have to has been totally illuminated.

Pros: 1) The Good quality listens in some tones and a structure. 2) Good Election of colours and dimming levels, finished to use a red one the majority of for the reasons will discover. 3) Easy to clean. 4) A dragon is quite fresh .

Gilipollas: 1) Seriously cual thought in redesigning a qwerty creation, has some calm things only any disorder with, but at the end takes used his. 2) One in one the light of lock will direct you batty, maintains to mean to pose the small piece of electrical tape in the. 3) there is no consecrated on/of key, owe cycle thru all some options by heart in prjimo some lights have been with a toe. 4) A big unlit the band of the emphasis is red how he kinda the mark chooses a red ignites to do looks well.

In general this the keyboard adds for a money and hopefully will listen in entrance of client and do the few changes in of the future models. It does not doubt to purchase, will be pleased in general.

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