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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Read the majority of some questions and commentaries in this product and I certainly can comprise theMm while I have bought and totalled in 30 of these units and a similar only unit for my theatre of DVD of house/Blu-library of Ray. Probably I actuate more than half experience in totalling this type of pieces of furniture because of my anterior work. Hopefully My commentaries can be to help in of the likely buyers. In the first place, I am more it conceal happy with a presentation of my library of disk in my theatre of house. Each commentaries of visitor in a library before they comment in my art deco interior or my electronic extensive. I think that that it result it well. Predominately Has used one 38435720 Oskar 464 Wall of Unit of Means comunicacionales to line both sides of my theatre. Assembly: A trick the total these units are in not entering aprisa in a principle and he well. If he the punctual deception on, will do calm in the death that flavours to oblige something for the do well. Segundo, reads some instructions. The easy sounds, but the majority to know us that we very he. Third, has to open your box totally, and has posed was all your parts in correct stacks according to number of part or card. Calm take you the box of shoe or casserole of cake for everything of a hardware like the the each loan to use and know where is and you any one I loose any one of him. Then it takes rid of the each a sale. I have read everything of some problems that the people have had with assembly, and the majority of him was so that they have not taken some first shelves totalled PLACE. Everything in these units has to be squared or any one of some holes will vary. Until it is VERY SURE of the this is doing, marks sure that use the carpenter has squared to attach some sides in some on the way have squared shelves. Calm always maintenances a place of unit while you are doing. (Tom: if it does not have the place, can verify one racks or place of your shelf to measure a diagonal cup in depth of the each side. Then move it until each side of a diagonal is exactly a same. Then it is squared perfectly) has found that using the glue of the small carpenter in some pegs of the forest has done a shelf at least 50% more robust. A unit takes the majority of his force of his behind. That is to say that maintains a place of unit, that is to say what go to do an access of shelves, and that it is what calm go you to leave to attach the together shelves wants to have more than a shelf for your library of film. Although a manufacturer recommends that you nail a backside on with a small brads that provides, coverage that has the tendency to take of a joint of particle. Of a backside is so of entity in an integrity of these shelves, chosen to pose a shelf in his type and has posed one backing in place, and yes has done your work properly, a shelf would have to be squared. I check A place, has posed then two small RAYS in the each joint of back to maintain them in place. Then I holes of hammer of additional ray in everything of some joint that uses some joints of back like the personnel. I finish to fill each what so of these holes with some small rays. The calm would not think like the robust yours to shelf is now, only to use rays in a back joint, doing place, and that paste of uses in an of forest dowels. I actuate At least the bent a value of your fixture.

Remarce: You would think that a Unit of Mur of Half comunicacionales double and a Unit of the wall of Half comunicacionales Only would be compatible. If you look in some measures look you could pose the beside the each another and access. It comes from/ they Come from a same manufacturer, is a same arrival . Well, class of, but no really. In the first place a base or the feet extend much more there in an only unit that in a double. Segundo, a height is quite 1/8 in 1/4 different inch. You can adjust that in a subordinated as it is not so perceivable. Third, some shelves are the small different in thickness and in period.

Would recommend to follow the instructions of a manufacturer in that attaches a shelf in a wall. Also try find studs he if possible and uses one of some proportionate rays to ray directly in a stud as it is attached in the height in the some place fences in in a cup of a shelf.

Has used 3/4 inch drywall rays to attach my shelf jointed. I have drilled two small holes directly through two abandoning the holes have not used in a cup of my unit and totally in a next unit. It has matched some units up and screwed the set. I have repeated a procedure in a fund of a unit. 4 rays are sufficient to attach each unit.

With everything of some units that has had, has does not have to never return Any units or Any one separates. I have read in some people that takes bad cams and breaking them, has learnt early on to pose my cams in when posed out of my joints and vary some arrows. It is not tight, is taking a diverse arrow. I have taken an open to box that it was harm of obvious load . It has not had any harm in a forest, (these things are packed well) but had the few pieces to lose hardwares. I have called a manufacturer and they help me immediately and politely and has had my parts in the pair of days.

Bronzed Far like lamination, an old plus ones concealed has is the old year and the new still look. I can not say which ones are a new plus and cual ones are an old plus . Any one aims any wear. I am instrumenting to buy another 3 to contain my cd is and Karoke collection.
5 / 5
I have purchased Atlantic 38435719 Oskar Cupboard of Means comunicacionales for 464 CDs or 228 DVDs, colour: Espresso.

Averts of an adhesive of joint-I when being bonded on board-H, some pieces were all clearly tagged and has matched up with tbe the instructions have printed.

Takes quite 1 hour, to unpack some pieces in final assembly.

Some NEXT shelves amiably in place. You will find that or finals of a shelf of pegs of the metal is main that an another; it presses a side a big plus in cupboard for the tight access and then shelves to situate up.

A cupboard is 54 big inches , but totals in two separate halves, each what so quite 27 big inches. Once fully totalled, this thing is solid of rock

Some rays for an access of bases he in recess of holes like my fund will not take lined. Any glue is required for assembly.

Remarce: Pay attention to tense some rays. You grieve it is snug, the decree that tenses a ray and the joints will not suffer harm.

HAS my DVD and Blu Ray in my cupboard of 3 background columns of Atlantic and this 2-the column returns my CD of musician perfectly, but also DVD of access, Blu Ray and VHS tape (photos of views).

Each shelf in Atlantic 38435719 Oskar Cupboard of Means comunicacionales for 464 CDs or 228 DVDs, accesses FLUSH with a back joint, any desert ( the difference of my cupboard of 3 columns that has the 1/4 empty inch in a backside of the each shelf in back joint).

In all the case, the poses was all the joints melts, stacking some joint to match in front of the assembly and he will be much easier.

Powders Very small or loose styrofoam in of the boxes or in of the pieces. Mebbe Atlantic is listening in of the descriptions of the past consumer and is improving is produced . In any case, I am happy with this cupboard.
5 / 5
It was in a fence in this compraventa because of all a back and descriptions in advance. Some people were thwarted and the cheap edifice has alleged; the right parts return no; he no come with instructions of assembly; the rays have pulled well was, dowels has not been a right measure; a continuous list in. But then there the descriptions have alleged the utmost to buy but any detail has provided. As I have questioned if these people were measures and only slapped this cheapo the thing jointed and was only happy so that they no preoccupy , or if some complaints were legit. But the $ 60 shelf; calm feel you the can not lose.
Two big inches up for east a! It IS pieces of furniture of joint of the particle . Very situated, pre-the holes have drilled for each piece. Included a poster in back has had predrilled holes for one brads. It comes with all one necessity of hardware and clear, easy to comprise instructions of assembly, included hardware to locate he in the wall for more than stabilisation. I need the engine of ray and the hammer of clear weight. 25 minutes to pull a box in my cookery in the assembly has completed. It looks well and it is robust in a fund. And we are using for room of extra pantry. It IS quite robust to line up more weight that DVD JUSTO.
Opens On in a whiners here in a section of description.
-He still, comes with instructions. You have to take everything of a box, dummy. Some instructions were among a foam in group and box.
-A pre-has drilled the holes are exactly where necessity to be. If you are some instructions , has pictures, dressed as to design some pieces. The hardware goes well in.
-Who was that it allege it all some the rays in of the skins was, some instructions say that precise the engine of ray, no the tool to be able in. It IS together of particle . Good work, rookie.
-A dowels is not supposition to return tight. I have laughed when read that quibble so that, yes, bet your dowel is not quite big. Help for a change some pieces and the place to help the up during assembly. That is to say.
-Any one has said that a shelf is fallen well on after they have finished to pose the together. A background joint is wider that a rest of me and is tagged in accordance with some instructions. Only I can imagine what sloppily posed it together.
Well, is done with mine rant. I Like him his of a shelf. Cost my money.
5 / 5
A slender profile of this CD/of DVD this abandons the unit was the perfect access for the small room with his 6 depth of inch a primary consideration. Has posed units of joints of similar shelf for books, etc. But this one is quite predominately so that a back poster is in fact thin fiberboard. A last two totalled has had to to back pieces that was goleada/of paper predominately a thickness of stock of coverage/of joint of poster. The tan thins what fiberboard is, is to good sure more robust.

A box arrived undamaged and some instructions are visual Ikea-ways and is reasonably clear although particular attention to pay to step 4 and note that a bit six rays of forests go in the holes recessed in an another side of shelf H. Joint H is a piece of centrical horizontal likes six vertical joints attach in him, three arrives and three down. Tom--use some first rays. Another tone, some nails alloy concealed with any cams would have to be hand screwed in so much to remain quite big to be taken by any cams in closely connect some firmly together together.

Everything of a hardware, comprising a group to attach a unit in a wall to prevent the touching peril, is sealed in the bands of bubble cual practically deletes the stock exchanges that the open accident and the pieces that fugue in front of arrival. A crosshead (Phillips) the screwdriver and the hammer are some the only tools have required. Storage of half comunicacionales economic.
5 / 5
These are a bomb ! In the first place you are, these are not done to be moved around all a time or constantly adjusted, but is done to accommodate your collection/of game/of musician to film while it takes on a smaller impression possible. My favourite thing in these shelves is that they are only quite deep to line the box/of game of the DVD!

Quite easy in setup, only takes quite 20 minutes for the together pose. It is not a main quality of product, but estimate it the 5 so that I possess six of these units simply because of his low profile, predictable quality, and low cost. Calm easily can pose two of this side of supports-for-side to create the 'a' unit, and included can anchor these in the wall if his needs an extra support.

Wants to these shelves!!!!
1 / 5
Some materials are low quality:
1. There is not very carried in an end of some rays. Like the fund is screwed in and has lined my hardwood deep of some rays in a fund.
2. Some breakings of forest multiple time screwing in some rays
3. Some holes for some pegs for some shelves are not some same. Some of some pegs am too loose and fall out of some holes.
4. A quickscrews pause with any class of pressure in those causes some joint any one to remain joint.
In general this product is horrible. To well sure any value a $ 60 something paid for him.
1 / 5
You go to read the plot of mixed descriptions in this product. Calm suppose you could call it this cupboard of means comunicacionales for Atlantic the esseca' or soyiss' produced. For me, this was the enormous loses. I wasted 90 minutes of my time with this piece of junk -- 70 minutes to pose joint and 20 minutes the decommission to pose behind in a box and return he in Amazon.

Decades of marks, used to do in the tent of video. One of my pieces of furniture of works posed of together video. Had always two types of pieces of furniture would provide for our clients.....Expensive and cheap. You have taken to know some manufacturers and what consistently well or has bad built his pieces of furniture was. Behind a day, one of my favourite manufacturers was SAUDER. Even so, you have paid the premium for his cupboards of storage.

Well Out of a box, could say immediately that the product of this company was crud. You could see some signs of builds of harm pressboard. Still, I have known that has taken in when peeled out of the mere $ 70 therefore it elaborates to abandon system. I have opted for gone cheap, and finishing to pay a prize.

One a good thing can say in Atlantic is that they tagged each his pieces. Even so, included with this feat has conformed, the gaze finished in some instructions during the minutes on finish to try to imagine was that this was together......That is to say, until I give, it has forgotten to comprise page 3 of a stapled instructions. So many, goes in an Internet was and has downloaded his manual of instruction .Pdf.

While I have examined some shelves could see defects in a workmanship. Had warping in a forest has pressed. As I Have inserted and has turned rays, a brown cover has begun to exit of a joint of press.

An hour in an edifice, coverage that a system to close very properly fields --- a lot of subject that time softly graces some rays in a forest. A whole inferior section of a cupboard there has been the considerable desert so that any one properly field and lock in an upper system.

Here is the perfect example that has designed it bad this case is....

Some holes for one of forest dowels is on age. A dowels any access closely in some holes. They owe. At the end, these are crucial pieces to guide hardware that connects some together parts. Instead, a dowels the only chair there loose. The fall was during a place when connects some together shelves.

A round that afterwards the mechanisms very always afterwards properly. So much, calm now the ones of the sections to abandon that it is wobbling so that they can very properly when the be has ensured.

In all some years have been posing together pieces of furniture like this, has not seen never something what bad conceived like this unit to shelve.

A final straw is come when turned the on, in a tentativa to nail a backside in a shelf. It can see the enormous piece of pressboard there was only result loose in a side. It comprise the low photo. There is not any road in in to the to something likes him that it can it to it be coated up.

Then has to spend a prjimo 20 minutes that unscrews and decommissioning a whole cupboard. I have contacted Amazon and has begun a process of tower.

The reader has wanted, fulfil you will be tried to buy this cupboard so that a sake of looks of the picture and has more than the few descriptions of people that is happy with his compraventa. If you want a bit council of any concealed has posed twelfth joints of this class to abandon systems in his lifetime -- and knows a good material of bad --- then please stays out of this piece of junk. It has undertaken bad pieces of furniture and then the low step of them is Atlantic.

The May HAS SEEN a so terrible product --- of quality of tez in a mere fact that it can it you very same properly field and scrape this thing jointed.

An only purpose of this company that sells these products is to do the hurriedly buck of clients that wants cheap pieces of furniture. You favour and spends the small more money. That concealed will do is to give you less heartache during building, and, the fixture that sake of looks in an end.

These are a class of the products learn of. For this I bad, learns never for gone cheap -- and you , is taking casualidad of any one taking something concealed will do since you or the hours of the times wasted.

Marks to consider: Sauder, House of Adventure. It spends the small more money and taken something concealed will do you happy.
4 / 5
Has thinks that that these products was in the principle done to be hanged in a wall. You are not to except was able of the hang still. It looks he adds. Some of a no apt hardware so very when it has posed the together. Some nuts to turn that it takes a studs and controls
Some the together pieces have not done in sake. In an end after some adjustments was able of the build and the hang and the looks adds in my wall
1 / 5
That is to say by far a MAY of worse product. He together gesture Very pressboard products (CD/of DVD/VHS) and this by far is terrible. Some instructions suck and a real product is very until you begin the total the. Some rays are cheap, some sides are mislabeled or duplicate as it is unusable. That IS able to be used then is represented well-for-swimming... Or you go in the tent of hardware and jimmy he with rays/of strappings or only the launchers all was; that plan in marks. Alas I procrastinated far too very time and no longer can return this... TOTAL JUNK. Bought the Sauder and has had Any PROBLEM. Atlantic is junk.....
3 / 5
These marks of product exactly that it is supposition to do - is abandoning prendo CD, DVD, etc. is not robust and any launched of material of quality as it is not durable. I have it against to wall with the main shelf in the each side - am not the moving until the movement was. It was only a lot until then. Fully I expect it to the fall averts to ail move it. It IS very easy to pose together. These shelves are perfect for me because of a consolation and prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Atlantic Oskar ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: Expressed In rodeo- I recommends this product partorisca a lot of reasons there is detailed down. It has written so only the description the plus along so that the people know that it is taking and taking to. It have gathered the pair looked some in some pasts but was long he quite done that has has had to that king-learn some lessons. It maintains to read and save you time and (perhaps) question.


assuming you has bought already this then read first of increasing. If has no closing then has the few things would want to know previously the compraventa.

First -- So that they are for build a unit:
In any 4 indicates any to overtighten some rays of forests (T). Like the unit is done of joint of particle, overtightening some rays could cause a forest to leave. Ossia Potentially the cosmetic question but no the subject of entity.

The one who some instructions WAS MISSING to MENTION is that in 3 is CRUCIAL any to overtighten a part 'P' rays. One returning to that inserts/inserts is plastic while some rays are metal . Years behind, the alike products have used the metal that returns, but no longer. For like this prices a continuous ray to ray to one returning and leave an insufficient quantity of period for separate 'R' to clamp to. If you this error is easy to fix to back 'R' out of has bitten it. Better practice if no in the very lit room is for presionar R that uses the torch to see an empty of residual air among him and a joint. Once ossia no longer visible STOP. The tolerances are a lot tight and much more there will head to a unit that is unstable like these joints will separate when under any tension.

Another tip is to have an available assistant for at least 5 minutes in an end of a process of assembly with the work-around indicated in a text down yes calm no.

Like this to the description of a real product.
Has a lot informative and bad informative.

A (any one a lot) bad informative is that an identical unit has purchased 10 years ago was of better global quality - some shelves were deeper and fatter (to to any one a subject likes hanged resists is of minimum) with better hardware to maintain them in place. Some pins of the current metal thus fulfilled is smaller while some holes go in is not they so that it is apt to the fall was until in fact I fill some leaves lateralmente to dip some tension on him. So only it takes the bit of the patience that dips them behind in but in a law to finalise well. A depth of shelf results the consideration has this in the public space of then now measured the hair on 4.5 thumb more than just down 5.5 in. Like the result, some finals of dvdes/blue ray CD chances overhang an end of a shelf which can not be cosmetically pleasing to some (in a upside- no dusting!).

Ossia Really he according to which bad informative.
A good informative is that this that is supposed to, is not unattractive and will resist the just number of elements.

Arrive in the quite unwieldy container. I will repeat this the pair to time to do sure a point takes by means of. Ossia The big heavy object previously to and with which disassembly. A weight of nave is 65 lbs. In the band or the chance concealed is not the question to create several flights of stairs. In the box this measure and without the bosses is the two work of person unless you are in the situation where can cut you an open box and take some main pieces on first and a rest later. So only something to be conscious of.

A really big piece of GOOD INFORMATIVE is that a box is fat map with the considerable foam that bands to maintain all some pieces of moving around during traffic and while any indestructible would be necessary to survive it have fallen of low heights during traffic. After all some descriptions of the alike elements read to complain roughly break which is spent previously arrive it, has not taken this like the data. Unless they fall it it was a backside of a truck or drive a truck in the, would have to be good!

Require the elder of spatial paving that a final measure of a unit to be able of the gather (so that has a lot before). Some instructions have gather a whole element faces up (the side has finalised on) then toe he on to dip a backside on that. (Like an aside my unit opportunely there has been some stickers in the each one separates located in an inner face of the each piece that the fact less probably one would finalise with him that signals a wrong way [but this has not been specified in some instructions])

the assembly was sincere and would have to that take 30-45 minutes with the screwdriver and hammer (a bit longer is the newby and/or only). It averts to take some separates on some stairs, really calm so only need an assistant for roughly 5 minutes of this time to take a unit flipped on and of horizontal the vertical.

Flipping A unit on is quell'has bitten problematic, particularly for calm. Once all some shelves are in a unit will have considerable structural force. It IS in fact quite solid (heavy bed) and my another a no tip any sign to age. Barring Waters spoils these that are likely outlast me. THIS In spite of, until some shelves are in and PARTICULARLY previously to take a backside in a thing there is not very a lot in a way of torsional rigidity.

How is possible to break a unit (or have it coming averts temporarily) while moving he with a backside go. Ossia More probably to spend is doing he for calm and a unit is, for like this, down stress More adds them.

Like him so only I departed of some instructions (Not recommending this course of action, so only saying it will do). I have built a cup of a unit (comprising dipping a backside on attentively) has then built a subordinated and has had to first whole and has gone down later a short his (resting a last against an adjacent wall with the protective coverage among him and a wall). They are once gone down an upper unit to a unit of base has presionado a fasteners among a two and dip a backside in a lower half (the last a lot of when being a lot almost like this easy like that doing flat but doable). Really it helps to have three hands and a wall have done like this concealed. This has averted to dip tension in a unit during assembly.

Calm he flat be advised that a base is wider that a rest (as it does not touch ) and when you go a unit on he like this this 'atasca down' this will leave a half unsupported. It IS more to have something to dip down the to help the sustain so that one crossing among upper and inferior halves is not unduly exerted (particularly like six for has beaten in a backside of him with the hammer to take some nails in place). YMMV.

A plus sews to be advised of. Some rays that spends for a fund of a unit has holes for them to be begun in BUT any touched for some bosses of ray. For this some bosses of some rays protrude slightly of a fund of a unit (agrees has said to any overtighten to avert leaving a forest). If this is going in the carpeted is or in the coverage, any subject. If it plan to situate it on the paving of forest then self tampons of adhesive pieces of furniture (small) to cover some bosses of ray are the cost of must .
4 / 5
Colour: Arce has bought some personnel an old plus of this unit of wall in 2009 and has been excellent. It was easy to gather and I any question with. It has resisted on final on some last five years.

This newer version of a unit of the wall of the half comunicacionales is of quality very poor. A veneer has not been finalised was a lot well and there are frames of to the line likes had abused partorisca accuse this in spite of has not annoyed partorisca take of a car partorisca the fix.

A forest down is of a same quality of an old unit and some holes all the line on well. - Any complaint there.
The assembly is in fact he directly-advance but, is mainly pictures with the little description that partorisca do down. - Acceptable.
One of forest dowels does not return snug to some holes so many is that they go partorisca have the paste of forests of the use - No acceptable.
A new hardware (camlocks especially) is inferior. Celery he likes is done of foil of aluminium. - No acceptable.

To the equal that has mentioned, the assembly is directly-advances. Some the delicate parts am flipping the on partorisca nail down some rear poster. It does not apply any pressure to an assembly or he will leave in midsection. I have used four of some leaves lateralmente the mainstay he in a midsection but, was already the evening partorisca me - I has had has touched partorisca grieve a midsection and leave. I have had to that mash each together thing has retreated. It was able of the take all back together and a rear poster there is nailed down but, there is empty was some two sections join.

Thinks that ossia really inexcusable in a paid of element in $ 120 for that probably Atlantic slope $ 5 to do in Cina. Some shelves in a new unit are the like this fat averages and more courts that some personnel an old plus - again so only another way the company tries to save the buck. Some leaves lateralmente look to be quite strong this in spite of but, looks economic.

My global opinion is 'disappointment'. Based in a prime minister an I has bought, has think that this would be of a same quality but, is simple to see that it is not - at all.

Two stars and ossia to coach to be generous.
5 / 5
Colour: Levels of Arce partorisca this element drastically has been reduced has bought of my prime minister a fact a lot of years. If you have read some descriptions of client will remark the subject common: A material is economic and flimsy. It IS. Everything is done of joint of particle and a backing is likes map. I seat some instructions is thorough. Still although I have drilled 4 holes to some wrong joints (there goes that theory). A backside there is not lined on any one. I have had to that hammer in the partorisca extra nails reasons a backing was crooked. Sample where spades in a backside also, a joint of particle in a chip advance and is exited. Besides, it has had some class of orange arrival in a front. No a backside or sides. A front of a unit has had orange on that. ( It informs the photo)

in an endeavour to neither reduce hanged or costs (or both), has done some unthinkable: done some thinner shelves and more courts. This means that with an exception of a half and inferior shelf, each one which so only blue-the ray or The DVD will hang was roughly 1/2 thumb. You are kidding me? It marks unit more the scarce or take a foot or something but any disorder with some shelves! Oh And it does not inform to a photo of an element on reason is the photo of some old personnel that there have been fat shelves; a a that there are them wanted. Amazon - Change a photo! It IS extremely misleading.

Has been excited to add Atlantic Oskar Unit of Mur to develop my blue-collection of ray but is been an absolute st show. Now it has to them that take a whole thing averts and somehow is returned the backside in a box so that UPS can choose it up and the send behind the Amazon. I give it is not fault of the amazon or perhaps is to spend an element but I will not look never the Atlantic for any shelf or of the exposures again.
5 / 5
Colour: Arce has taken to this likes complete the to my shelves of the half comunicacionales older that a same company and in the each one levels ossia like this inferior in control of quality that basically are that it goes partorisca owe the jury rigs a whole thing.

- The shelves are smaller, thinner, feebler
- the holes partorisca some pins of shelf are mismatched, drilled too big partorisca some nail
- a leaves him lateralmente there is empty that looks for partorisca be fact partorisca a flat fashionable elder of pin of shelf
- has to that have heeded some opinions. In the each one levels ossia almost insultingly mediocre.

MODIFICATION FOR CLARITY: one a star dates is reason once this wobbly the fire of rubbish is gathered look acute ( mismatched with his older sisters, better), but concealed any excuse any of an on. I have added an additional star reason 2 stars looked more than agreement with my feelings after my initial take. Still ... It knows that it is paralizaciones . A fact that takes a weight of some means comunicacionales to maintain some shelves in place is insane.
5 / 5
Colour: Expressed Hey Atlantic, here is an idea, dipped some yard-out of bosses in a side of a box, so that the people could in fact stimulates. The inaugural a box, a hardware was free which quickly gives to a Easter the egg hunts. I have had felizmente all a hardware has required partorisca complete a task. The instructions were murky in better. My joint builds an upper half first, that comprises a rear poster. Help when that tries to vary some bosses partorisca extend. Taking the helps that tries toe or the movement, is sper flimsy. The glue has had to nails of numerous shelf in place partorisca his partorisca resist reason some holes of hammer were too big in the pocolas shelves. To the wall is locate more partorisca rigidity that security. Completed was able to accommodate 330 blue-rays and 230 Dvdes. Serviceable, But ossia one of these MDF produced that literally self-destruct do not have to that that never movement. You take as it pays stops.
4 / 5
Colour: Expressed left beginning was partorisca say that this thing is ECONOMIC. No appearances very a lot, based in other descriptions, but calm can do not preparing for as ECONOMIC this thing really is. If takings to a point where in some calm instructions say you partorisca turn a unit on partorisca dip a backing on, No. A thing snaps like the twig, and everything of a plastic still which resist an appeal of the unit jointed out of a frame of joint of the particle. A unit has bought now is when being, but calm so only ail. It returns it, but it does not want to invest some time takes still to disassemble and repack, which is that I Amazon of suspicious accounts on. You do not recommend this to any one.
4 / 5
Colour: Expressed Ossia one 3rd Oskar 1080 that has ordered and can say that these shelves look FANTASTIC. Have Enough a collection of memorabilia as well as the mix among him there is boxed dips, blue-rays, and Dvdes. Some leaves lateralmente the game has tried to take a whole shelf of film immediately, but in some 3 years have had a prime minister two, the ees has not had never any subjects with qualities or breaking or assembly. My only recommendation is that you mainstay a midsection down when it has to that toe he on to dip a back cover on with some nails so that it is not dipping extra pressure in the or subjects of cause. Volume compliments in the all a time and looks sum stacked side for side.
4 / 5
Colour: Expressed I hate partorisca leave the negative critiques but has had such the question with him - buy 2 - a prime minister a when that follows some directions have maintained that owes toe an element in the pair of the time and is really impossible to do with 1 person and still with 2 hard to direct. Some directions were a lot of hard to follow and this is coming from people that has dipped together dozens if no more bookcases, shelves, pieces of mobiles, etc. Finally took to a last of him and partorisca dip a backside on partorisca nail he in a piece of pause of centre. UGH - Has to that give has to that dip an inferior piece on with which nail all in. ( They would have to that have has utilisations fulmine instead so would have any hammering required)

To the equal that has put together 2 bookcase and this has finalised partorisca be the disorder also - both bookcases is broken in the different places but forced it to us partorisca do do. Considered using he partorisca forest and buying 2 more expensive bookcases but the lack of funds is by train partorisca do work with these.
4 / 5
Colour: Expressed This the little wider that thought it eould be, but alive a height of him. I am using he partorisca trade paperback books and there arevtwo leaves lateralmente this has in a thumb or more than additional space, because of a centre fixed shelf. It likes him-me some two sticks to centre that gives it more stability for some shelves. To That that does not like me is that of an upper section does not connect well with an inferior section and some claves of the stand of the base was like this far that during the construction creates subject when that tries to connect some upper and inferior halves securely. I found it difficult for a cam locks ( has three in a centre) to close securely in a toggle rays. I have had to that buy two more cam locks, reasons two has broken. Tip: with which gather some two together halves and toe he on to attach a backing, prop a unit on an original box to counter a big base. Then key a backing. This in spite of, suggest to use very thin more along (to to the nail likes) of rays to attach a backing to an upper and inferior centre pieces for stability added. Then I toe a unit in his side, then softly dipped the plan in his backside so that you can loosen, recenter, and retighten a cam locks before lifting a unit has gathered to the place to be. Otherwise Some two halves can fall averts. If has the hammer has bitten also would recommend to buy two narrow band groups flat to attach to a backside to anchor some upper and inferior halves joints by means of some two half axes for stability added. It was nit able to attach mine without pre-drilling, but once a unit is looks well, but would not move it unless empty and thinks that it would require to install some first group of the place in the emotional truck so that it does not fall for the half during a movement. This has to that be situated firmly against partorisca wall for stability. I am not using ancore of wall. A unit is light once gathered, but heavy when shipped, although a box is not very big.
5 / 5
Colour: Expressed Buyer beware! The worse piece of furniture has has not purchased never. The description declares that a colour is expressed, any one is black of jet . Leaving lateralmente the unit is drawn purportedly partorisca resist CD is and DVD is, does not think so some shelves are so only 4 1/4 deep thumbs the typical CD or DVD is 5 1/2 deep thumbs. It IS obvious that a picture is not a unit is selling, in a picture a CD is and DVD is gone back of looks in some shelves and concealed is not a chance. Some states of description that will resist it 1080 CD is or 504 DVD is, would think that this chintzy the excuse partorisca the unit of storage would block. I have asked the turn and the amazon gave me to focus partorisca return to print and send it behind. With which have fallen he among an Office of Estaca has received an email of tents123 that was to touch for a nave of turn and 15 restocking cost. Of then I have not gathered a unit gave to us $ 52 behind with which am spent $ 137 for this unit. Please does not squander your money, yes take the calm turn still will be out of $ 85 any value a headache. I will be to contact a better business agency for dud ad.

Top Customer Reviews: Atlantic Drawbridge ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
These produced is a lot of value a $ 30 paid partorisca he. It thinks the plot of some descriptions that the waste is small measure is people that does not take attention to an information in a product he. This is to be announce with the correct specifications and he have done any supposition in measures. It is announced like the cupboard of storage of the half comunicacionales (any book but CDs, Dvd, and Blue-Rays). If you are buying this partorisca books, then does not recommend that he that. It is 3ft big, but yes has read an information in a product, will see that it is this big. If spent without taking 5 minutes partorisca research some descriptions or an information of product, then calms does not deserve partorisca give this the bad description. Alas, people a lot always the ready tent, for this a sizable bad descriptions partorisca east. I will revise this like this honradamente to the equal that can:

Nave: the amazon always does partorisca ship legislation. Lame in 2 days with Cousins and has bought of then two, has been boxed near in the alone box and each unit has been boxed inside another box. A bit overkill, but anything.

Edifice: This has taken the little bit of time, some instructions are quite basic, but calm finally the imagine was. I found accidentally dipping an of some joints in a wrong way, but a quality of some materials left paralizaciones to unscrew it and take it on a right way with small question. One of some units has had included an extra ray in chance has lost one or one is the result undressed.

Quality: Yes, this is to do of joint of particle and has the laminated piece of map for a backside. Calm would not owe that go in while big quality woodwork for $ 30. If it love that of forest of big quality, goes to have to that paid for that. For a prize, is a lot so that it has loved. I once together chairs sturdier that has expected, like this in general was happy with quality.

I to good sure -- and am considering -- taking more than these.
5 / 5
After reading that looked like this of the hundreds of descriptions for this thing, finally ordered it so only. I love it! I have required the shelf of storage of the half comunicacionales for my living room to walk to show mine Blue-collection of Ray. For Blue-the rays have taken 4 shelves of spatial and is perfect! The instructions were quite easy to follow, dipped the together for me in roughly 25 minutes. I love it. If any one is looking for the small Blue-storage of shelves of Ray, looks no further.
5 / 5
A bit smaller that that I mentally pictured when I ordered it, but no bad. Has the good net, slowly-black look and resists my CDs which is better that his when being in of the boxes.

Does not take on upper of the plot of the room and a cup is quite big to situate the small plant or another small decorative element on that.

Extremely easy to gather. I took 15 minutes less than using the screwdriver to be able to.

Joel Cell
client of Amazon
5 / 5
Honradamente, with some descriptions is, was apprehensive buying it. Still, you look well when I have taken he out of a box. As I have begun for the dipped near, there is remarked the tonne of aesthetic defects (like chipped of black product in something where the would not owe that be ). Besides, it is missing the piece for assembly, which has not gone exactly necessary but has it to good sure does much more last to dip near. Still, a look resulted has finalised well and takes a work done. To good sure does not suggest he for any the one who does not have the plot of patience or does not possess the screwdriver, this in spite of.
4 / 5
No shabby! Horrible product. At all it returns or diverse like this have to that. Cheaply the fact and some parts do not return of the joints. A backside of a shelf does not return to some grooves without being has forced. A pegs is too long and too wide to return to some spaces. We try to do a pegs operates it and you can see like this was misshapen for our tentativas. You can see that the regulate one has looked before, obviously too big for a purpose has feigned. It has resupplied also pictures of a fund of a shelf to aim the one who misaligned is compared to a correct side. A rear wall of a shelf is too fat to return in a misaligned side. Included a metal pegs is too big. Any sure that is to expect to do with a product another that has the ramshackle the shelf broken. Horrible quality. Horrible workmanship. Bad product everywhere. Sending it behind for the repayment ASAP.
5 / 5
This cupboard of means comunicacionales is exactly that it expect it to be: pertinent, a lot-built for his prize, and easy to gather. I took so only twenty minutes to dip near because of his simple creation and accompanying instructions and feels sturdy enough to sustain the full load of BluRay disks and other formats of disk. It maintains to import that it is drawn to accommodate only BluRay disks, Dvdes, and CDs; any one another type of means comunicacionales, like some books, will not return in his shelves like his depth is enough to touch the so only accommodate some formats of half comunicacionales aforesaid. In general, I like this product because of his low prize but reasonable quality, as well as his simple still elegant aesthetic (which matches that of the mine other pieces of furniture, all duquel I also ordered of Amazon).
5 / 5
Exactly that has loved for my little provisional paving.
Resists the good quantity of elements, of CD is and 3DS games, to boss and has included the few figures of stairs. Thought even roughly buying the little more to dip around a paving. The Easy the assembly and dissemble, as well as light weight I so that it adds He for the university student in a dorms or planning you of emotional punctual and does not love haul too much what.
An only negative thing has to that say is to be careful that has on dipped around small boys. It has not spent mine still but have the few heavy books in a cup of a shelf and move it to him too much feels likes master topple on. I do not have any small boys or pets I so that it is not the @@subject but for any the one who only is careful.
5 / 5
Perfecto so that I need stops. Easy to dip near, resists the good quantity of film. Exactly that has loved.
4 / 5
Very better that as revised by some another folks. It is easy to dip near, with just the moment of has thought. I took it still bad, reason have taken so only the averages the moment of has thought. Dipped a forest pegs in his first holes, dummy; then it is easy to take a rest of him well! :-) I have bought two of them, and is trace one on another. They are abundance quite strong for that - against to wall or, in my chance, an end of another unit of shelf. It can locate like this layer of plywood in his behind, to close them near more firmly, or simply anchor the another unit of shelf, but is not necessary; they are as well as they are. Will have the extra shelves have left on, use for Dvd. Obviously, I recommend this element.
5 / 5
Will admit when I have purchased this purchased it based in a photo as I assumed it would resist more than fact. Once it take a box there is @@give was bad. But I have not been to disturb with a quantity of spatial has. We buy it to knots to store Dvdes and a height of him is perfect reason matches up with stand of mine of television. Dipping a backside on was the little difficult and has directed for rasgar breakings of him, but is not noticeable. Has mine Dvd stacked on the each one another in a shelf and with some 5 shelves and a fund have 100+ that has been able of the trace. Also a quantity of spatial in some mine upper accesses VCR with a player of DVD on a VCR. Like this ossia really the option adds for a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Atlantic Oskar ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Colorj: Expressed A box is long but compact and heavy! Taking was all has required spatial. All some pieces are labeled with small white stickers with papers partorisca relieve to use to gather. All a hardware among the band, also good labeled!! Some directions were sper easy with both pictures and of the instructions written. Any of my pieces has suffered harm or missing.

The assembly there is taken on an hour to start with to finalise. I have gathered this for my account, if it has had them the help are sure a time would have been cut for the half but any to help you really is not necessary.

Some only tools have required is the hammer (partorisca nail a backside on) and the engine of ray. I recommend to use the walk of ray of the can join him to him, sound the saver of time. I have used the little hand has resisted Black and Decker which has saved certainly my wrist!!

After gathering a cupboard of means comunicacionales and being it up without a backing it was the bit wobbly. Against partorisca wall and with a backing on is much more stable. It comes with the mountain of wall.

Ossia A new house for all my films, and my fianc is also. We have moved it spaces near and required for film, although they are a real film watcher, can have used a space under a TV for his collection. All the turn and there is still room for more. It has to that require more the room probably will use a cup of a cupboard of means comunicacionales before considering options for another cupboard. :)

There is roughly 314 dvd/blue rays in our cupboard of means comunicacionales. Any combo bands or seasons of television has counted likes 2 or 3 according to his thickness to take the most attentive representation that to expect. They are sure a level in a description is attentive for dvd and blue ray so only.

Of some pictures can see if my collection was strictly blue ray, would have more room for film.

Has 9 more shelves that will pack was to renew of a cupboard of means comunicacionales a need would owe that arise.

In general, looks well, has not been hard to gather and the one who his supposition to!
5 / 5
Colorj: Expressed How is described, are adds. Rings fixes it of shelf partorisca accommodate my no that grows never collection of video game, which has been elaborated on the pocola shelf smaller unit. Him me like this because of some adjustable shelves to accommodate chances of game of different measures. (ie: Chances of jewel, DVD sized Blue & chance-Ray sized manacles. I have ordered one, and has received the container that has suffered harm. Fault all a hardware of assembly, several shelves, instructions of assembly, and one of some rear poster has suffered harm. It is returned and has ordered the substitution. This 5 description of Star is for an element he, and no for a packaging and shipping of an element. I have received a substitution inside the little mailing days, and was in fine condition. Not perfecting (some spend to some corners of some whole poster) but all some pieces were there, and could gather it. I have gathered he in roughly 25 minutes. Another reviewers converged on some instructions that is hard to follow, but was really mine very clear. Fulfil all the expectations, and if my collection has developed, would order another. With some adjustable shelves, are adds to show your game or collection of film, together with another collectibles.
4 / 5
Colorj: Expressed All the world-wide complains it that it is cheaply fact, a backing is taken with tape and all more.... I owe that ask have you has not purchased never something like this before? It declares it is pressed neighbouring that the half is not solid forest. A backing is not resisted to a stand with tape. It is bent partorisca return in a box and his taped three together sections in the to to the each piece likes was hinged. Cela Easier That dip near during my assembly. There is cam enmedio concealed bylines is konda the ache and at least a will not line on correctly but has bought this partorisca fall the $ 100 expects construction of solid forest? If so that it is in a buyer partorisca not reading a description and when being unreasonable like the cupboard of solid forest that has resisted 300 more dvd would cost in $ 300.
Has dipped are near for me in in an hour. Any scratch or has broken pieces at all.
My only complaint would be that it can have been two big thumbs calm then could have the plot lines more blue like calm could have him expressed in and extra shelf in the each section but owell probably will buy another has fill like this already.
Any one last the pair of movements home new unless you were really careful.
Oh And a map that retreated is two fat times that the majority another backings of this type has seen.

If yours in a fence because of some negative critiques to the equal that was before buying is not . Take your time, any one on scrape some rays, and follow some quite simple and the calm directions will be happy.
4 / 5
Colorj: Expressed While it is 'economic' compared to another priced in the dollars of hundred of the pair or more, has bought abundance of alike self-builds of mobiles that has been the far better quality that this. I have purchased so only a whole cofre of five drawers of drawers partorisca my fourth that was so only in $ 30 more than of the this but was built very better and solid. In the first place, a hardware has comprised partorisca east is sper economic. I have had to that go to substitute stirs it of some rays in Imposicin to House reason has included a slightest the nude pressure some bosses. It forgets to use tools to be able to, will have to dip everything in manually, included with hardware of better quality. For some nails that resists a backside to a piece, has had to that pull a lot have been reason, again, is economic and bent a lot easily. Enough each connection does not feel never quite tight quite and before it has dipped a backside on, is sper rickety. In of the instructions for use, some shelves are in a thumb recessed to a unit, as each DVD/Bluray has dipped in some shelves, claves was has spent a real shelf (the one who has drawn this thing??), In spite of looking flush in a photo. Besides, because of a fixed shelf, this a lot in fact exits to have has spaced equally shelves, like this yes is dipping so only Dvd/Blurays in him, calm active probably 5 thumbs of extra space on some cups of a fund Dvd. Enough it is to do fault my purposes and I do not want to spend for a hassle for the send behind, of then take FOR EVER for the dipped near because of some aforesaid poor materials and the instruction to confuse manual, but would advise to spend your money elsewhere.
5 / 5
Colorj: Expressed has bought this partorisca resist my collection of LONG CD. Stored all my disks in a unit. If all the shelves are used, a capacity of CD of a unit is used fully with a shelf of DVD of height in a cup (sees photo). If has more than a rows of Dvd, will have spare shelves. A unit is done of 15mm joint of the particle covered in the almost black, grain of thin forest laminate (melamine?). Some the adjustable shelves are done of 10mm hardboard (like Masonite). A unit is so only the touch the deep plus that the CD or DVD. Some the adjustable shelves are not like this deep, so that some means comunicacionales overhangs some shelves for in a thumb (sees photo). It supposes this to leave you the easily take your half comunicacionales, but would have preferred that they be deeper. One behind figure of two pieces of thin hardboard. Each one that like this of these is scored and bent to pack. A result is that each one which as there it will be two noticable seams that careers by means of a unit (sees photo). Situated against to wall, a unit was stable, but can wants to use some group of security has comprised, particularly live in country of earthquake or have small boys.

The assembly was sincere, with decent instructions. If you have gathered a unit of flat band before (likes of Ikea), calm would not owe that have any question. If no, you can it wants to telephone the partner. Rays Of forest of uses of assembly, cam connectors of lock and nails for a backside. Like minimum, will require the hammer and he 2 Phillips screwdriver. If it locate some group to a wall, calm also will require the hammer.

Pros: Controls the plot of disks. Configurable For CDs, Dvd, and Blue Rays. Looks well, But not fining pieces of furniture. Stable.
Gilipollas: Half comunicacionales overhang some shelves. Seams Show in rear poster. The assembly has required.
4 / 5
Colorj: Expressed has put neighbour in the dozen shelves looked other costruttrici. This a HORRIBLE east. Low quality construction. A forest has left with some rays (the shelving of majority of this character does not use rays). I think that that we take the wrong shelves separates like this had any way to gather he for some instructions. Please save you money and frustration and buy the different mark. This finishing in our rubbishes, is unusable!!
5 / 5
Colorj: Expressed Could be the five element of star. It considers it five stars after some neighbours completed up. Very big and sturdy partorisca a price that resupplies tonnes of spatial partorisca half comunicacionales. A 4 indication of star is given partorisca 3 pre-defects of build. One, a packaging was horrible, economic flimsy map, almost looked likes map that there has been wet state and then dried before I received it. As, and it has read this in another description but has been impacted to be worse that had read, a styrofoam disintergrated. Each one asks there is pulled of a packaging there has been thousands of small styrofoam particles on that. For some times have had some pieces of shelf have separated in my living paving looks an afterwards celebrates with white confetti (little broken styrofoam) everywhere. Finally, it was little he has impacted that has had any directions of assembly. The parts have been marked with papers but there was at all to say that of these parts would owe that have or any directions like the pith his together. But to the equal that have declared before, once are joint and a disorder of packaging is cleaned up is the very good unit. In short has short tempers would remain era. It is weighed that goes in a door, a packaging looks bad, unpack the disorder of styrofoam snow to clean for days, and does not have any direction. But you are paitient and have the free day to clean and imagine it was a result is very good and useful. PS - These little objective specs sees is more styrofoam has not taken to still
5 / 5
Colorj: Expressed Here is a thing, this is not of the expensive pieces of furniture. A material is economic and easily the mass has produced. Ossia Economy 101.
A lot of people complain that a material is economic. Well... Yeah! Thats Because it has bought the. Another says, is not strong or rickety, well this shelf is meant partorisca be fastened to a wall, his same inlude a hardware and instructions partorisca do that in a box. Another complained like a forest left when they have tried ray he in. Well, this could be one of two things. Neither, you screwed he in the tight (like some instructions have said any partorisca do) or a material was compromised and would have to that service of call of client partorisca take the repayment or the substitution. Question, yes! But it is to shelf . His not going a lot where. THE installed mine to the rovescio. You know that, they are the dork but he in fact exited in my favour. You cant expect victorian mobile of available note to the for industrial minor. So only he no like this anymore.
4 / 5
Colorj: Expressed Some of this sound of descriptions like presents that has not bought never down mobile of arrival of flat band. It IS cockroach of particular joint with the economic laminate arrival. It is not particularly I last partorisca a person partorisca dip joint. It IS sturdy quite resting against to wall. It is not IKEA quality in some stairs of pieces of furniture of flat band, but is not literally falling averts neither. To launch on some Dvd or video games for economic, these are utmost.
5 / 5
Colorj: Expressed Loves this unit has bought so much 3 of them like this far (in different time, as my collection of film and continuous games grow) is abordable, has versatility and described adds, is easy to gather, and looks well. An older shelf is 6 years and looks as well as new a - any scratch, the minimum shelf that curves, and abundance of storage. (2 Of them they have survived the movement in the new house, one 3rd has been built there) can have dvd/blue ray sized shelves, or the places besides takes cd is. Of the to you enough leaves lateralmente to do all cds master. Calm can not move a half shelf (horizontally) which can do the things bit it delicate for ocd spacers, and cramming in a dvd sper tight no for insiemi of boxes, but for a shelf abordable, these are utmost! I probably peel 4th a the few years!

Top Customer Reviews: Atlantic Summit ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It does not revise the plot of products of Amazon, but was so impressed by easterly a, has listened had to it the good word.

- A prize is well!
- Material of big quality (for joint of particle)
- Thoughtful and robust creation
- Very tagged the easy and parts-in-of the instructions of clues

Be 20-something, has totalled and has possessed my just action of pieces of furniture of joint of cheap particle. Pay more than a prize of this shelf for dinky the small drawers the averages has done also. I eat... It IS pleasantly surprised in a number of parts, his organisation, and some to the good heavy joints like them to of them unboxed the. Some directions and the diagrams are quite clear. Some the different parts were tagged with adhesives, and some the diverse small parts have been packed in of the stock exchanges of zip of small character. It IS very not battling with guesswork or thwarting packaging. It takes the long sake while the total ( can spend less time if you are more careful that is, and any ray 3 pieces on with an unfinished side was) but a process me listen that confidently it can pose the plot of weight in these shelves. Some sections are joined by pegs, locks of cam/of rays, and long rays for the conclusive connection. A behind is in fact quite fat chipboard (any goleada!) And it is attached with quite a lot of tones that probably would have to do the endeavour has concentrated to break through him. (More busting a shelf to press the book in the small also take!) Some pegs of the shelf is metal in place of plastic. Some shelves have grooves to accommodate some pegs, as they look well and any slide around. I have not used the, but this shelf also comes with highland group of the wall like the measure of security for people with small adventurers ones. I have bought a shelf to try in salvage these stupid waste of room of cupboard, eaten up for our bad has conceived built-in desktop of cupboard. I have been thrilled to confirm that an access is EXACTLY PERFECTO! It looks also even so, it is almost the shame the tuck has been he in the cupboard. I seat quite bobo for purchase of mine of overpriced and inferior pieces of furniture before this. I will be to go in this first vendor for cheap pieces of furniture in a future. Thank you!!
4 / 5
If you are looking for ECONOMIC DVD, Blu-ray and/or storage of CD, that is to say!

Has bought two of these for mine in increasing Blu-ray and existent collection of DVD and has the in any side of the of look of way coloreado desktop in my dispatch of house.

- Excellent value
- Easy setup/assembly
- 6 Adjustable shelves
- 2 Fixed shelves
- Compact (accesses in the variety of places, any set or separate)

- the shelves have been designed for maximum use for case of CD, any Blu-ray or DVD (even less so prendo DVD)
- together of Excess particle splintering the interior that prjimo cam-rays(?)
- Instability While posing together can direct in breakage (if you are not careful)

With that, can say that I am VERY PLEASED with these units. In spite of some revise to declare that they are fallen the eschew or was shoddily pieces crafted of junk, found his quite some opposite. Especially while they are laminated joint of particle.

Like such, here is which sure was so solid while it can be:
- Clean out of some holes of cam of the ray of all the joint of excess particle splinters and my-the pieces have drilled! (Then it blow to go with your respite or can he of the air has compresses to do sure very little of the pieces are in some holes)
- These covers roughly cams to return in his holes properly, that ensures the good lock in a cam, when tensed)
- glue of Use!
- Concretely In a dowel holes!
- The glue or the laws of glue of forests of Elmer perfectly.
- Squirt The small bit in the each hole that a dowels connect in. (Hurriedly Learns that it is necessity after a premier two) sure when being to maintain the moistened washcloth handy to dry in any extra glue!
- After posing a unit jointed, sure when being to return a last time and marks sure a cam the rays are tight!
- Quan Posing in a backside, a better place to do so that it is in the set of stairs (in a cup, of course) so that a 'foot' portion that maintains this stable of the units are not lining a rest of a unit in an air, creating the peril of pause!
5 / 5
Desprs Opts out of paying 5 for this tower has bought the cheap 5 model that resulted to be the shotty plastic product that maintained to touch dvds during a carpet has come then in my senses and has paid one extra 0 for this tower and he have cost each penny! A espresso the looks of sum of arrival the, a tower is perfectly stable in the same carpet when is empty. It IS quite 5 big feet and a shelf these rooms are adjustable. A tower entered of the pieces that owes total is very easy to the total has taken enough 15 min and some the only tools have required is Phillips screwdriver of leader and the hammer to nail in some pieces of back coverage. In general this produces all require in and still comes with grouping to ensure he in the yours wall personally has not used the to form that was more than stable in my carpet. This tower is the number a vendor in amazon for the his reason the roads adds.
5 / 5
Run out of room in my cupboards to store my collection to cover has so imagined would take something small and convenient to pose these books in. This cupboard has been announced with cd is and films in importing as it was the bit preoccupied if these books would return or no. The assembly was hurriedly and easy with small in any headache. Some calm only tools very the necessity is the screwdriver (preferably the phillips screwdriver) and the hammer. After an hour and thirty minutes to pose it together, honestly can say that this slender cupboard is perfect for storage of coverage. Each half the coverage sized will return perfectly in some shelves. That omnibus is bit it the big and more wide plus that the coverage also will return wonderfully; taking them the era is easy also! Of course, that is to say also perfect for books, films, and games. In a final, is happy with purchase of mine and to well sure will buy another run out of spatial!

EDITA: A year later, has bought another cupboard run since out of room for my coverage. Very cual a first cupboard, has not had any problem any one fulfilling this cupboard of second. A thing to remark even so, is that there is the perceivable desert when posed two of these together cupboards. In an of some pictures, clearly can see the small room in an upper half among some two shelves. It was not I have done the light deception during a process of assembly or cual, but the only thought would owe signal that went it he prende the one who was concealed is thinking quite purchasing another. In an end, a desert any a lot of problems me at all so much is in general happy with my second compraventa!
4 / 5
If that is to say yours first meeting to time the shelf like this, likes him was for me, will require to use the small common sense when comes time to nail some joints of back in a frame. I suggest to pose each 3 of some pieces of back joint on there and in that line them arrive so more can, or more will take through hammering at most of some tones only to discover that a third piece will be crooked and the parts of him will hang out of some sides of a frame. Taking to spend the time those presses a two backwards joints the pieces had nailed already on, was, and then looking for some tiny nails that was to fly. Beginning for partially spicy in a fewest the number of tones has required to ensure each what so of some 3 pieces, in case that required to pull some nails have been to reposition a backboard pieces. It takes the small more work to take this part of a together shelf posed, compared in a rest of him, which uses of forests dowels as it guides so many can any disorder in an alignment.
Also, yes plans on using this to store films of your DVD (that tends to enter rectangular case that opposite in some CD of computer of typical situates to marry), will use only actuate half of some proportionate shelves, yes wants to plant some cases of film of the DVD in a whole gesture to do some titles of visible film for easy selection. It was able to return quite 114 film of DVD MARRIES in some shelves.
In general, is happy with this product. I expect that this information is useful / useful in another with necessities and similar experience.
4 / 5
As it was in a necessity of some ideas of creative spatial saving when saw a support and in the principle has ordered One of them. Quan Took give has not gone in fact quite be to line everything of my Blu-disks of ray and video games. As it take it a brilliant idea to order two more since was prize very reasonable and has combined in fact two of them in a big support to line everything of my half comunicacionales. This in fact exited add even so you go to do east recommends having good support during a structure while calm the built, using some anchors to wall this comes with a unit to enter he in a cup, and the work of sure mark to tense everything of some rays to designate before takings in fact posed the to the use went it once he totality. I am sure a manufacture the summit of Atlantic would not lumber with with an use of his product like this so that I am sure has some class of appearance of security but for me he the work adds to save spatial in your that provides a full quantity of storage has required. Again only I can stress that I need to be very delicate with him while it build it yours ensures do not break it and is possible used the people to impulse of help and retreated a unit while it pose them to him up well.
1 / 5
It falls eschew literally while it poses one backing on. Desprs Posing some main shelves and the together sides, two of some built-in the anchors have take of one very feeble fiberboard/particleboard during a very small force to pose some nails in a backside.
5 / 5
I have required the compact CD/Blu-cupboard of storage of the ray that has done one the majority of the quantity limited of spatial, and has wanted the to look at least a bit upscale. This cupboard is exactly that has required.

Surprisingly, has forest CD available cupboards very small in a piece anymore. A lot they are cape and the just look bobo. These pieces of furniture of looks, but has a profit attached to be very spatial effective.

Two notes of entity in this product:
(1) [EDITS:] it is espresso-colored. The amazon in the principle has aimed a wrong colour in a picture of product in this page, concretely a colour of Atlantic 74735728 Oskar 261 Turn of Half comunicacionales P2
(2) While this cupboard requires the significant quantity of assembly, some parts and the hardware are each tagged with adhesives, to do it very easy to identify that breaking some instructions of pictogram are informing in. The May HAS SEEN these builds-you pieces of furniture, as it was very impressed. You will require the screwdriver and basin even so...

In general, supremely pleased - has to store well in 100 CDs and quite a lot of 40 games/of films in this cupboard, and return the backside of television mine - surprised.
4 / 5
It IS almost tried to give these 3 stars, but think my dissatisfaction with a shelf is all the things that is more my failure that a manufacturer.

Likes him much more world-wide hate these 'cam' stupid connectors, but has not had any particular problems with these. In fact, these were probably one the majority of painless ones have not treated never because of some plsticoes that nut in an another end. Quan totalling, Suggests to hammer in a goleada these backs so it sees in planting to expect until an end. Very stabilise it a structure while the built that subjects. A goleada these retreated turbulent me it small. In planting to be bent the half, each what so of some 3 pieces are has recorded the joint in some means that you mark 6 total of pieces. I am not sure why was that it issues, but once was VAL of together looks.

Has filled he with CD (original Playstation games) and some shelves look for to be taking a very good weight. I have to purchase this because of flexing in my old shelf. It maintains that it imports you plan on using this for video games that a number of CD is scratches does not count for case of dual disk. I know that it have to be the common sense but has not thought of him until afterwards and has filled enough the thought of the shelf would be full only half !

In general is well for a prize and when the full can take the second an in any stack or place after in him. A uniformity will look well and something semi robust that resists your collection of any one. Drawee In my door in 2 days and totalled in 40 minutes can any one complain more concealed 1 star was.
5 / 5
You are shipped well, the directions were easy to follow. It take some time (3 hours) but the utmost looks. I use the to aim amiibo and to well sure will be to buy another for future amiibo!!

Top Customer Reviews: Atlantic 4 Tier ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
Inferior line, love this piece. Partorisca A price, is functional and adds interest my zone of entertainment. When I Have redone our room familiarised, is some the fellow premiers of what has commented on. Based in other descriptions, has had to that concern which have me almost has caused any for the buy, as I want to direct him for another:

1. Yes, it is composite, any solid forest, but feels sturdy and has a seal of pertinent price.
2. Yes, a centre dividers inner some boxes are white, plsticoes-ish pieces, but his no really show with Dvd in some boxes. Calm can does not want to use this like the bookshelf to show alone elements that will aim a backing behind him.
3. No, this does not turn well, and would not use he for my boys' films. As another has revised declared, has any estaca of support on a half. Ossia Four boxes with the hole cut out of an upper and funds of the each (excepts one very upper, obviously). A round, the chairs of plastic piece among each pair of boxes and leaves for them to turn. It is not the smooth wivel' action. You can chair very only and turn some boxes independently. In fact I find it easier that turn an inferior box and rotate an integer stack when I love the film of another side.
4. No, this is not one the majority of stable piece has has not bought never. As declared, has no axial of centrical support. This in spite of, use in a living room of adult, no a playroom. It is doing well in the house with 4 boys and the dog. One breaks strong any topple that.

Inferior line, I really like this rack. It is not a heirloom piece, but is also partorisca seal of small price. It resists all my Dvd and adds the fun element in a room. Utilisation this mainly for storage and visual interest. I any precise to turn it a lot, and the turn when wished. It buys it again in the heartbeat, but would not recommend the using mainly for boys or in a zone where toddlers can be run his.
4 / 5
Easy to gather, everything separates amiably labeled and easy to identify, there is taken on an hour ( need your own screwdriver). Be warned that is weighed enough, near of 30 pounds, so only taking he out of a box involves the risky sliding adventure. Be sure to dip it on the stable table. All the parts were in flawless condition (expressed brown, any grain of forest), but a pressboard the quality was quite rough likes a bit the holes have not been like this smooth to the equal that to to one would like, for this a stars era. But a pegs and the rays have seated well enough, as this has not been the big shot. As with any pressboard construction, a probably would owe that be extra careful to avert that it clashes some flanges during assembly, and although an arrival is a lot is not a hard plus, like this beware of the line. Once it is gathered, these subjects do not owe that import. I have been slow and has had any question.

IS roughly 37' fully gathered, which the fact enough the monolith. ( I found it too big for his location in a centre of entertainment of the island, as I divided it for the half so that two insiemi of two chair lateralmente of boxes for side, but obviously concealed is not an usual aim.) Some boxes rotate smoothly and easily: well to have an option to have corners of different access. But you do not expect it to turn. It is weighed too much. Emotional some corners of the box asks the sweet manoeuvre of two hands, and realistically does not want to has to that do this too frequently. Well for adults and of the careful boys but no a clumsy end of a human spectre. And if some boy or klutz quell'pulled on--which would take enough it serious tug-- is weighed enough to really hurt any one.

Finally, good shelves, surprisingly heavy, suitable for modern adult decor.
3 / 5
I have bought this partorisca my edges partorisca the Christmas and like the plot. It does not take on too spatial but resists until '216 CDs or 144 Dvd or 168 Blue-Disks of ray or Play' and my edges require each one has bitten of this spatial and then some! One of is 4 cubes is always stationary, but another three swivel partorisca easy access or your Blue-Rays, CDs, Dvdes or video games . It is not hard to gather and when it is everything dips on, is the dimensions is: 39.4 x 15.4 x 6.2 thumbs. Not to think it would recommend partorisca girls because it is not extremely sturdy, but is very partorisca adults. Servants a purpose that is supposition partorisca do fault and ossia the one who subject. Considering is price , has not expected anything elaborates or fact of oak, pasador, or cherry. You take that paid partorisca, and in my opinion, has paid the just price partorisca an element has purchased.
4 / 5
It likes to like these looks and of accesses Dvdes perfectly. It was easy to dip near - although any fact in the to to 10 minutes like a reviewer has said. Some instructions were very clear and everything separates there. The mine is uploaded already with Dvd and is a bit difficult to turn with all a weight - especially an inferior cube. But no like this I last that owes tension. Has has attached photo that aims likes some cubes stack. There is the centre plastic piece that lines a cube until a an on and the spaces is the pocolos on like this turned, as well as 4 tampons of foam that you clave in some external flanges to also create the empty among a two so that they turn. Him Some tampons of foam were slicker, can turn easier to the equal that can stick something slicker on those. It IS also the little wobbly like another reviewer has said. He no topple with normal use but if any one has fallen his or pressed it so only the little harder that normal could see it falling. Work well so that storage of DVD. They are not that turning often and is not in a zone that will be likely for any to attack his like this any one has concerned on a bit wobbliness neither. I have taken the photo of him afterwards to the stool of bar of height of contadora for the give the few stairs of a lot of reviewers has done commentaries roughly looking it smaller that has expected. Look that have expected and yes, there is storage in both sides of the each cube.
1 / 5
When Looking for the DVD/ Bluray headline, has found this and he looked perfect! It was excited really to find to to something liked that it could it he a lot so only resist everything of of my films and games, but looked add also! Well, quell'conceal that has not been a chance! In a picture to the equal that see on, looks this unit is the very dark almost black colour, but with the texture of the grain of the forest can see during a piece and looks very good. Quell'Conceals has not been a chance this in spite of, when I have received a piece, was entirely black in colour, covered in powder and a packaging that has been packed in entirely fill of broken styrofoam pieces and has taken everywhere and I bad freaking everywhere!! A worse part this in spite of was in the each piece of interior inside the each place, was entirely white (any black like pointed in a picture on) and a lot tacky looking all near to say a less! Also, yes each turns of consoles individually, but turn a lot of sluggishly and in no way soften at all! A lot disappointed in this compraventa and is not to value a price! An only positive thing has to that say is a fast nave and he is quite easy to dip together with the hammer to be able to. Ossia A lot cheaply fact and at all that is to be announce that so much it can take my money behind.
4 / 5
A lot innacurate description. Claims that 1 box is fixed and a rest rotate. Ossia untrue. Everything of one transfers of boxes, so only a joint of base is stationary. Of this only rotate reason so only are seating on the each one another with the plastic dome that separates them partorisca rotation, his quite all turn together (especially some go down some). This has not been a subject for me of then does not plan in any to turn them never for any reason and there is simply oriented them so only to somewhere loves and left him.

Not having anywhere near like this spatial to the equal that look. There is the joint that pursues down a centre of the each cube that leaves him everything for the half, meaning you technically have 8 compartments. There have it roughly he quite soiled for a half sized the novel or The DVD/marries/of game in of the terms of height and depths. Calm so only COULD build some boxes without this wall to divide, this in spite of that then means that would have any back (perhaps so only nail a joint to a backside of a frame of the each box?)

Has seen several people complain that they feel to like could touch on in of any moment, but the mine is incredibly stable same with everything of some boxes has alternated.

Was very easy to gather.

In general, looks a lot well, resists so only quite that has required, I this in spite of wish some compartments have not been to cut for the half.
3 / 5
A creation looks good but a spinning does not go like this smoothly. As it takes film or of the elements in a shelf a hard plus that takes partorisca turn. It is cut of the circles was with plastic pieces in the each cube partorisca help it transfer. When you Stimulate it comes well it averts. It resists the reasonable quantity of dvd, roughly 18-19 for shelf for side partorisca an approximate total of 144 film that depend the one who fat some boxes are. Probably you resist rays more blue reasons are slender streaky and all some measure. It does not take on too spatial and access in the corner.
2 / 5
It IS very partorisca the toddler, any value a price... Sper The wise low height same partorisca mine 9 old year. A lot of patience required and love the rays of ray of good rotation all a way down....
5 / 5
The storage of DVD adds racks concealed does not look your course of some rubbishes of storm of mill. But it does not turn well. Calm so only can have looks to shelf. Calm of the that has to that dip the raven. We love ours. If has boys, so only dipped his films in an advance lateralmente reason to to this does not like partorisca turn. With they have sold he with the far control that transfers he partorisca you and of the small lights up partorisca find the that films fast plus.
5 / 5
Addition a lot well my workshop/of studio. Easy gather and each cubby is removable partorisca portability, mine. Some can disturb it but which more can rotate, well?
Loves an idea of the rotating shelf reason now do not owe that worry in an order to dip my junk in the deep shelf. Of then it has has shots glasses in a side, can do a bit diy and add some protective to see by means of plsticoes like the window to prevent any fall was.

Top Customer Reviews: Atlantic 62735674 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It Likes him that I can do of my location of DVD the class of decoration.
Good law and yes has posed the in the place where is not clashed often then calm of the that has to straiten the all a time.
Oh And some sets of the boxes have to who the apt rests only join them cup of some laws of storm well.
5 / 5
I am the scrapbooker and has used these to store affliction and Stampin' Arrives of the tampons of ink. I want to one issues can take only a need by heart and does not have to pull he out of the stack.
4 / 5
It Likes him. He his - controls up all my DVD
Likes Him very mentioned in the anterior clave was more to hang these in the wall that does not take any a lot of traffic for - say this so that any one all some rooms line a very good DVD, some sustain slightly in ones a down it. They are the small wobbly but again line the up.
Would recommend this is looking for something different - is out of a road for us and no precise the 'bookshelf' only for DvDs.
3 / 5
Apresamientos Which has paid prendi. Been due to like the attach his leaves the desert in a half. The call of blue rays was easily. Quan Goes to take a low DVD if yours any careful another will call down also. DvDs Is not that sure.
5 / 5
These modulate racks is a Perfect Solution for our DVD & BLU storage of RAY. Has odd shaped & rooms sized around our television of room these Shelves of CONVENTIONAL DVD any access.
5 / 5
I have bought these to line Tim Holtz Inks of Affliction. It was an idea has taken of the Pinterest place. They utmost. Opened the has not taken stacks of the pillows of ink that I shuffle through. Doing the easiest life is the plusor organism crafters. I have been also surprised to take 4 racks. It opens Also have my stampin' arrives of the tampons of ink in or.
5 / 5
I have required something for storage of tampon of the ink and this do a trick. The desire was the small deeper, to line an ink more firmly, but for a prize and facilitated of use, these acts well.
2 / 5
Taken to estimate something which his so that he or works or no. This really is half decrease but any quite terrible or. The majority of some holes is spaced properly in CD or case of APT DVD, even so some of them are not never so slightly was so some cases do not seat equally spaced of the each another.
This a bit negates an idea to use these to have the diverse exposure perfectly well of case of CD/of floating/DVDs of Game in a wall, which are this type of the whole purpose of the creation!
Takes a council of a lot of another and now explodes and researches any one the different mark (any one the Atlantic) or the different solution.
5 / 5
Economic and good works.
IS in the place out of a road so any one would be necessary clashes it . It IS well above my subwoofers and has fallen at all was.
Some void is not equally spaced, some are not in a same angle, if you are the perfectionist can calm problem.
An enclave the part is quite wide for 3 case in the each another.

Sounds the 4 group, two interlocked for column. Installed one in the studs and another using drywall anchors.
5 / 5
It was hesitant to buy these afterwards read roughly descriptions, but is happy this has done. They conform our necessities. I have purchased these for my daughters to take his films of a road in his rooms. I will say that they are the small flimsy and some cases do not look to vary equally, but does not import concealed. At the end, they are in the rooms of my boys where almost everything is in disarray. I plan on purchasing more for his film to grow collections.

Top Customer Reviews: Atlantic Elite ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
So much, after reading a (mostly) some critical refusals on here, could not find anything concealed has lined this a lot of half comunicacionales for the prize to want to and decided to order 2 of these. I said me that that enters that it was to him extra careful fulfilling the, and only would treat any problems that is coming up. And you know that? Has PROBLEMS of ZEROS. It has Had the shelf of tents of department that has not been together that softly like these. Each hole was where has required to be. Pair of tips for the who there have been problems: READ a manual of instruction, and informs behind in him if you do not comprise where something goes, or regarding the orient. Yes, in or it signals that some instructions were the imprecise bit...Even so, to look advances the little of the steps clearly can see cual necessity to be posed together. Also, when screwing in 'flimsy' together of particle, listen a sound of the forest these cracks, PAUSE SCREWING! The calm does not require in manhandle this material!
Yes, requires anchors of wall. Yes, probably it does not survive the movement or two. But you know that? If you want pieces of furniture that will last quite a lot of anxiety has spent down be in your boys, PAY FOR him. That is to say pieces of furniture of estimativa , and in a realm of the cost/of profit, these are utmost. It Fantastic look, and road to control more half comunicacionales for those of nodes that still wants to aim our collections of films and/or games.
Admits that there it can have been fashioning subjects in a past. Even so, after totalling two of them, would bet money that those have been rectified.
4 / 5
Good measure, quite easy the total (with another person), robust once attached to the wall was. A hammer is the must if the flights to go of haste. The instructions are not horrible and after it poses joint 2 has not required the for one 3 and 4. I wish some shelves were likes him 1' elder for my boxes of special edition but no the breaker of roads. The way down below done profile the lustrous look. You are the carpenter during 10 years so also knows likes him sleeve and work with joint of particle. They are together of particle like the full hammer any go in the hammer. Perhaps rays of just beginning with hammer and arrival with hand-the streaky tool is disturbed. I have not used glue (any required) but if I never movement and reassemble will use glue.
3 / 5
It take the pair of these I. For this look the invert, STRONGLY recommends to take some L-group for additional support in a backside. They are in $ .79 Each what what.

A shelf is built essentially in two halves and then the together places saw dowels. A course of a process where calm promote you a shelf in a gesture to be poses an extraordinary quantity of tension in a joint. Taking some L-groups and installing them in a midsection helps IMMENSELY. My premier is has had some crack and structural harm (any irrecoverable) without a group. Some seconds to be is perfect.

Seriously, can not recommend taking this quite a lot of group. They turn this tower of joint of precarious particle in the perfectly sized tower of means comunicacionales. With a group that is to say EASILY the four, perhaps five abandons of unit of star.

Why a manufacturer does not pack this level is perplexing. They are so cheap and do the ENORMOUS difference.
5 / 5
This storm of DVD mark the tonne of DVD and CD. I gave it still to 5 same star for his defects. Only it has any substitute to line these a lot of films without spending almost folds a prize.
Defect 1: it returns weighed when empty. The May Sustains advance, but backwards against a wall.
Defect 2: Quan totalling, this shelf is in 2 pieces and a centre where join a two joint the small dow pins and a hook of piece and regular pieces of furniture of loop. A studs lining it together can fall was easily so careful when being when joining some upper and inferior halves.

Very a lot considers these defects, but more precautionary methods in assembly. Of a hook and the system of the loop failed when totalled the (again, everything on like scratches since physically pauses for any prendiendo attention), has had to to take the pieces of pair grupal of flat steel for collar in a backside. My winery of the group joints it perfectly and with more quite. I have not attached this in a wall as when it has filled retreated against a wall anyways.

A base extends far enough out of an attacker where did not retreat advance, but for purpose of security, uses a system of the mountain of the wall avenges with, even more so has boys, which no. of nodes

Some boxes enter is quite small, so for still with a weight of this shelf, was relatively easy to spend since is not an uncomfortable measure. There is the interior of boxes of the box so an external box has swipes or of the small tears in the, only chess a box of interior under the. A box of the inner when rid was flawless except an external box has handled some blues of the delivery expected of moving around.
5 / 5
These are by far my fave the shelves have not bought never sper thin and saves in spatial the bit to try to build but after first shelves a rest was easy to do. Purchase so for my house. Ive Also takes asked the plot was and has taken the and since and runs the web of place to film there always sees always recommend these.
4 / 5
I have bought one of these units like the test to see was easy the totals and adapts my necessities. Satisfied with a premier a, I then immediately purchased and totalled 3 more. I am using these shelves to aim my Dungeons and miniatures of Dragons.

A unit shipped in a box of goleada mere external and a box of inner product. Some parts were very packed and cushioned by Styrofoam and the thinnest linings. Any piece has suffered harm at all in any one of some 4 sendings...One in that well is packed.

A unit consists predominately of the shelves of forests have painted pressed and frames and the goleada fat, has decorated this backwards.

Totalling A unit was quite easy. Some instructions are not to perfect, but is very easy to read and some pieces are clearly tagged. An only thing very precise to the look has been arrests is that the final of the each piece is in a by behind a unit (response: a unpainted verge). Prpers Having posed joint of similar pieces of furniture before, the assembly was quite the breeze. Even so, if you are not familiar with rays of cam and nuts of cam, can find calm in the loss so that some instructions suppose to know so to use them. A tone is to ray some rays of cam in some holes of threaded plastic premier and then slide a protruding nubs in one another piece of a unit before turning some cams to close them in place.

Some holes were all drilled and has varied well, so that I have not had any access of problem and screwing some together pieces. Some rays were very-facts and never undressed.

Has the pair of another assembly caveats:

1) One backing for a unit has holes for some rays, but a forest of a unit any one, the meaning has to take some cure in properly of line in a goleada decorative these backs before screwing his the place or can find you a backside of rell and protruding out of going to spend a verge of a unit. This is not to take to direct (especially if any one is aiding calm), but is something to maintain in alcohol.

2) One of some pieces to back (the piece is') has the right road and the wrong subjects for the plant, but this is not signified in some instructions. Basically, if it ask M is planted a road, one bending seams in a goleada will be visible among some shelves of unit. If a piece is turned the other way around, a seams will coincide with some shelves and not being visible of a front.

3) THAT IS TO SAY The plus SUBJECT BIG WITH THIS UNIT. A unit is totalled in two halves (upper and inferior). Some two halves are connected by four tiny of forests dowels and 4 rays of cam. A result is that a connection among some two halves are VERY FRAGILE. It can any one, for example, by behind his own weight if a unit is backed against to wall of the 45 angle of title. Similarly, if tests in impulse in a whole unit of the horizontal place after joining some two halves, unless you he very carefully and controls in a joint among some two halves, one of accident of unit in two. If calm simply promote an upper shelf of a unit of a fund and tentativa in pvot the to be up , will listen to crack sounds and finals with an upper half in your hand and a backside of inferior half in a fund and harm in a shelf where some two halves are joined.

3 bad sounds, but is only a subject when is totalling a unit. Once a behind is in place, helps to stabilise a unit. A joint among some two halves are still ALWAYS go to be a course a feebler of a unit, as he eschews unnecessary torsion in him.

The assembly took me enough an hour and the half a first time. For a camera a, could do it, for me, besides or 45 minutes less.

In any case, once he totalled and listens, a piece is surprisingly solid and barn, and they all tend to back behind, meaning if you are not posing the heavy things in the or breakable things in the and does not have pets or girls to locate them, no for the have anchor in a wall with a box to anchor included. Since everything has is figures of plastic miniature in the, my boys is flood , and my cat is not left in this room, chosen in any one to anchor in a wall.

TL;Dr.: If you are careful with a joint among some two halves of a unit, these are utmost.
1 / 5
1. An upper half of of the east attaches in an inferior half with just two rays - design VERY POOR. An upper half broken out of an inferior half, and has had to to use forest of my typical to do like plints' in some sides to give this structural integrity. And I have built felizmente a lot of robust turns of means comunicacionales for my house[s] that hangs decades. All duquel still has perfect form.
2. Different the majority of means comunicacionales (DVD/of CD/VHS/Blu-Ray] Half comunicacionales bookcases, comprising Another fashioned by Atlantic/Oskar, The SHELVES ARE not ADJUSTABLE. ABSOLUTELY the not TAKING is FOR CD - is the spacewaster. And, so that they have insisted on giving you a rheme for CD besides some eight shelves for DVD, some shelves of DVD are height as of the tight -wise, that yes has any special containers poses boxes of the goleada, for just an additional eighth of a height of inch, THEY VERY ACCESSES!
3. That is to say so cheap and bad designed, can very he same uses a cup of a bookcase for an additional shelf, is only he 2' wide piece of forest through a cup!
4. A picture is the LIE also, a row of CD is not in a cup, but in a half in a cup of an inferior half.
5 / 5
It IS very restless quite buying this with all some negative critics, but is happy has done. An arrival is better concealed expected and think that look very good. If the fights to pose am together, has to probably does not have to building pieces of furniture. All calm very the necessity is the screwdriver . Some directions are earnest. I have built he for me in the low quantity of time. A course a harder is taking a poster to back screwed on. It recommends the helper for this just to line a poster up and the mark takes a shelf does not touch while it is by train to install you them. Quan Complete, some supports of shelf in his own, even so it want to ensure he in the wall for peace of alcohol.

I very what that superficial east. I have tried to build the included bad so that some the small shelves would be in a cup in place of in a half, and can not pose together that subjects. Probably I will be to buy another of these so that I think that that two together looks situates very aesthetically. At present I am aiming films, games, and collectibles in this shelf. Some the small shelves in some means am adds for N64 games and small figures. Figures of the pop will not return in this shelf yes is in a box, has posed even so my boxed imagines up and thinks that the utmost look up there.
3 / 5
I have bought 2 of these, both are now precariously bolstered against wall of my room. A more is ROAD of scratches more dvds and blu rays that level bookshelves which are which used before. These are not almost so bulky or. One 2 one is mostly empty to arrive to this point, for the reference took me 3 integer bookshelves to line my whole collection before. I am the collector and is pleased to have room to grow without missing more room of wall.

A bad informative is is quite flimsy. But I have not attached the in a wall still and has touched at all or swung in any direction. A joint of base is very wide and deep. An another the bad informative is was the ache in an each what so-inch-of-my-arms-legs-back-bum to build. I have followed some instructions in a card and any one the novice is building pieces of furniture to arrive to this point. An upper and inferior half ANY ONE 'to CLOSE jointed' with some proportionate rays, in any together. I have had to to reorganise an order or a poster to back to ensure that something besides the gravity in fact is lining some 2 sections in the each set, albeit quite flimsy goleada. Another problem is many some small rays to line a backside on would not abhor through a pressboard. I have used so fat of the elbow has not been able to move my arm in of the days. And a field of problem was a same on both of them! I have finished it it finished some holes with the rays it premier of big plus, or just rabies-hammer of use and tones. Taking some sections of one backing fastened was any easy task, other critiques have mentioned to pose a whole thing face down to do it. But some joints are different depths of a front, as any one poses still. Your options are in fasten the once a unit is being whole or has posed he in his side and expect in fasten in a footboard until has a backside mostly fastened. Any road will be to oblige rays in of the non-existent rooms while this thing teeters to and fro for the while.

In general, has taken built by a woman in his own and is lining all some films possess right now. It can not beat a prize or a quantity of room of storage, included although a half section is too small to have any DVD or blu case of ray that is totality.
5 / 5
Usually I do not write of the descriptions but therefore one has to when finalising some mixed descriptions!!! It IS sceptical before ordering he because of some of some negative critics. It IS very happy when arrives in my step of door. My fianc and I have instrumented the total and has warned few things other deceptions. The descriptions very can helps another has been! The setting was very very easy and hurriedly my fianc battled when total my shelf to reserve and has said this support of means comunicacionales was so easy. If or any one when never being as the forest wants clash during screwing or aixecant- STOPPED ONLY!!! Once complete my fianc is up and was so unbalanced bcuz is not very stable but was careful. That has very given a support of means comunicacionales is bought L and T Group to maintain one 2junt likes him very suggested in some descriptions. Desprs Posing a group can listen a difference has support to maintain a two together. ALOT Of some complaints are that it is lined by vertical pegs and that the pause but a group will save it! We tug it to us where it has wanted to to locate he in a wall. I have filled he with cds and dvds and punctual after it order it the second unit is reading this and sceptic in this compraventa himself is not big quality but for a prize and for a quantity of half comunicacionales VAIN FOR him but go to deposit to contain and take a L and T the group without him thinks the mine sustains no of has remained together support or has had. Probably the would not trust he in a wall without a group. I want the and will buy the 3 after mine 2 a full up! As My fianc says 'Taken the piece to crap and has turned he in something expensive'.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
Well, at the end it resolve it a disorder and has to say these looks awesome. It can not find a road to attach more concealed 100 DVDs. I have planted the horizontal but has not been stable, maintains to fall or stucking each which so another. For me vertically it is better. In all the case, is a awesome solution, practical and, the utmost looks also.
1 / 5
It was quite easy to pose together, but is meant to be attached in a wall while it is the unstable bit. Work in my zone even so where does not have any traffic and access perfectly depth-wise in a something. I Liked him his of an idea that would have any one 'dead room' for my storage of DVD and this any quite conform concealed. There are extra shelves that would be required has CD of tent in a shelf. A half row where a connection is among some two halves of a support does not leave the connector while it is too fat as I have lost some room there. If they had done a shelf only the bit DVD wider would return crosswise. Using he for each DVD there is not quite quite wide to pose the plan of low LEVEL DVD. Probably it does with the Blu-ray, only has measured DVD more regulates that Blu-Scrape DVD. It IS the bit pricey for the that is to say, but work in my room, like this a three indication of star. Quan Has tried to order the second an of these has been said only unit remained I the client has called included the service and they have said has that expects seven days in reorder the second SERVICE of unit of TERRIBLE CLIENT!!!!! I am returning a first unit does not want walk around my old shelf for seven days until I can order to nine unit
3 / 5
Look in several supports in Amazon an another day. I have expected this in any only winery the significant quantity of means comunicacionales (which he mostly) and be stable.

The Simply is not that stable. Has three primary pieces. A fund of a support, a fund of a 'gone back' and cup of a 'gone back'.

First of all, an a lot of inferior used any very-so-utmost plastics washer/things of type of the nuts for collar in a subordinated to attach in a fund of a tower. 2 Out of 4 any ray in right. Two of us tried, is an element any organism. Owe the on and sper-bonds he. An another two was quite loose has had to also sper-bonds those.

Where A fund of a tower satisfied the scarce is quite unstable. A bit the the the paste and he looks it can fall averts.

At the end is a eshelves'. They only kinda take planted in a wireframe and chair in place. They are very loose. If a tower is shaken they simply will burst out of place. It leaves the little of the games fall on, is out of place. Etc.

In general this was in the some place in a mid-field of the prizes when looked an another day. It IS very flimsy and simply does not suggest it . Perhaps it is 10 bucks but is the prize is only any value he. I wasted My money in the and now will have to buy even so another tower in title/of the mean comunicacionales.

I remorse that the compraventa.
3 / 5
I left me say in the first place that has paid felizmente more for the better product, but could not find one of sufficient narrowness for one something enters a television and a corner. These products is defective but work. In the first place, it is the unstable small bit , but comes with tools to ray he in a wall by behind the want to . Segundo, is not that easy to pose together. Plastic, unrivited the 'feet' plastic this ensures the rays take screwed on with the tool has done included - have done these small parts of metal have attached perhaps 20 cents in a cost in a manufacturer, and has posed up much easier and stronger. 2, While it looks some sides is 1 piece , is in fact 2 pieces, screwed together. That is to say to do to reduce the nave cost because of a measure, but he also done a less stable produced, and some rays and rays that control some 2 together pieces are so much quite small, and screwdriver of needs a low plus in a world-wide to returned in a ray, the cause there is the bar only 3 inches in the and can not take movement he of screwdriver well when has to entered in an angle. Some rays are also small and take in grip with pliers, as I tensed mine manually so more could.

Some shelves neither is while 'gripping' while they would have to be for this class to break joint in creation of place and they the fund of shelf is prone in the things that goes them to the failure the cause there has the too opened room for the 'fund'

in the to to sounds like them to them are trashing this product, but based in a prize, thinks that is doing any recovery that that is to say quality . That is, is functional and in me, coast a cause of the money at the end has racks it these wineries all my DVD, on the way quite attractive - in the small spatial afterwards in a television. The work for me the cause is only a right measure, but think some people that calls this the 'piece of junk' has the point also. It does not give this which the present in any unless I displeased the. ;-)

3.5 stars for a product so that basically works and so that I am happy of the have. 1.5 stars for a manufacturer - sometimes that spends the money of plus of bit in better, more robust and easier to pose above the creation is a road to go . The Cheapest muck possible is not always more.
5 / 5
This was insanely easy to pose joint. Taken quite a lot of 5 minutes. It IS very robust same without being attached in a wall. It comes with extra rays to locate some 2 pieces in a wall of the case does not want the when being in a fund in a base of forest. I add for a prize and lines the plot of cash.
5 / 5
I have seen a description of a type that has published the video that flimsy this racks was, but listen, is paying 30 bucks for the rack that it is only the lean storm, cockroach, BUT semence enough to plot of videos. It takes 2 of these and scratch of looks in just sake. I can ensure a eshelves' with any embroil of cape or black velcro, but right out of a box is the decent to buy for just 30 bucks and is perfect for a small room wants use.
4 / 5
I Like him his of a way, measure and global unit. Has a problem Of entity. I need some class of 'liner' for some shelves. Otherwise, Your DVD or CD tumble out of a front with a less provocation. Have take of the film and a rest in this shelf has jumped was and committed seppuku in a fund. If you move a rack, expects EACH of some cases in wind up in a fund. A problem is so that there is only 3 bars in some shelves. One in a backside, or in a half and one in a front. Some cases are to differ measures, as no each APT some same and if you do not plant a case EXACTLY - well, expects to spend several minutes reshelving films or CD.

Another that concealed, is the value adds !
3 / 5
Chico very time Ikea useful little man in easterly unit A premier is not to deploy a unit/of back of the side. Any tone what that import the direction deploys the. It chooses wrong and some any shelf of access. Has had to and redo a four tiny and take to achieve nuts and band. A tone is 'bulgey the side has been.' Another that east goes together relatively easily.

One another the problem is a creation of shelf . A shelf has empty WIDTHS. It sees picture. Since it has it wanted to I use it this cual the knick-when being of art, has had to to improvise. I have had felizmente some cases of old jewel, which has situated in gave me to him very time the program for my grandmother trinkets. Can see it it conceal it uses for cds could result in slippage problems if a shelf is not packed quite full.

But was a shelf abordable only has posed that apt an odd room has. Probably at the end it take something wider that the case of jewel so that one trinkets has more spatial. But with the small easy that short conformed it mine necessities. It sees picture
1 / 5
It take the defective a so much has to cross a process to take the correct unit A manufacturer has posed a backside of an upper teir in back likes him some any shelf of access....Ache but hopefully will be resolved.
1 / 5
It DOES not TAKE THIS! It is missing the washer the total, once he totalled an upper half was so angled (2) shelves any same returned! Also a picture is deceiving, DVD regulates is and pose to box Any ACCESS. Only a small Blu-the ray is will return, unless you have posed a fence each bar 4 or 5 cual asks a storage down the middle.if could give it accident of zeros I . To good sure returning look in some pictures to see how angled an era of upper half.

Top Customer Reviews: Sauder Multimedia ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: Works of Cherry of the Cinnamon perfectly partorisca me. Has no to give the one who the films and the games have there was has to that way that has had to that maintain ordering more. It IS the good use of spatial.
5 / 5
Colour: Cherry of Cinnamon Well! This unit is quite dandy. Very easy to dip near and quite sturdy. Now it was hesitant of the buy after seeing some pictures with one has bent leaves lateralmente. An explanation for behind that is not flimsy the shelf but some shelves are so only the tad also long to return inside a unit. And calm so only ail! A bit those that taps with the hammer and is in. As some shelves are not bending reasons are flimsy, is in fact quite durable. It IS so only his no quite apt as it looks a weight of a Dvd is bending them.
In general loves that! I have bought in fact the second some hips.
4 / 5
Colour: Cherry of Canela Absolute rubbishes. Some leaves lateralmente sagged a first day under a weight of CD is. It thinks at least have roughly trying of first quality to sell the product to an audience. You do not buy never another product of this company.
4 / 5
Colour: the cherry of Canela has bought two of these partorisca return to the particular space, stacking one to another and ensuring a big plus one with has distributed L-rays to a wall, partorisca DVD STORAGE. The law adds (sees photo), with a two stacked units very stable. Yes, there is the potential question with a relatively long unsupported shelves sagging (as remarked in other descriptions), but solved it easily partorisca use a two accident-in shelves for unit (because of some DVD quotes not requiring all some shelves to store) that I attentively cut sustains concealed seats whole in a half of the each open space (an also mentioned solution for another reviewers), sustaining each shelf that resists load in turn (sees photo). Easy, economic, and the looks adds, without possibility of future sagging if, said, one is humidity of the house is big. I have purchased the number of different-sized Sauder gone back of storage on some years and is the good-looking economic products easily have adapted the a lot of different situations (sees photo with Dvd filling some shelves around some supports of centrical yard), especially when using the little ingenuity. As has the zone of storage of ENORMOUS DVD neatly tucked was in a otherwise unused corner of a house. They are happy to highly recommend this product.
5 / 5
Colour: the cherry of Canela has Bought this like the Blue-shelf of ray, work a lot enough for a price. It stands up quite sturdy without some installed feet and when any against to wall, while full out of a basic/inferior shelf. Looks slick. An only question I really has is a flimsy the mapea that has retreated that the explosions was and does not remain slowly; it can it has to that me to that it nailed it he in all four first corners to hammer in a rest of some nails; probably more to hammer a side (upper or inferior) and flatten backed so that it goes. Still, it is chintzy, bends two times to return in a box, could decide nail in the backside of pertinent forest.

As declared in a headline, returns 325 wide Blue rule-rays by means of five shelves (factored to fill on a shelf fill with 65 wide rule if that apt snuggly but any squashed), work a lot enough for my collection of horror. It can buy another for a low price.
4 / 5
Colour: the cherry of Canela has Received he in the pair of days as it has expected. All was packaged well and has not had any harm. Quite simple to dip near but has taken my time especially with a rear paper. Help to measure it was like this for some instructions. For Blue-the rays have on dipped using four of some shelves. A Blue-rays (depths) does not extend of a flange of a shelf (sees the picture comprised). I can not speak the like this he or any one some shelves sag but does not think has quite weights in the row for Blue-rays to do that. If like this, so only I will use the blocker in a half to sustain them. Of only I are that it uses a shelf for Blue-rays and perhaps some old multimedia for files with old Dvd, has had two shelves have left on. As you can see it has dipped one in a subordinated and I also dipped one in an upper shelf (folding arrive). You would owe that be able to see this in an of some pictures am attaching to this description. I have not given five stars because it has been missing the part, there is supposition to be 5 feet and I so only have taken four. I will call a company the one who is number of telephone is in some instructions tomorrow for a part and as or any if ossia an easy experience , and take a part in the timely way could clash he until the five. As the one who a colour goes mine to look to be browner of any brown-reddish or cinnamon colored. So much in my chance spends to match console of mine of television and other pieces of furniture in mine living room.

Update: Cathy in the service of client was very useful and shipped a part is disappeared then next day. The course has received the few days later. Installed and good to go! Upgraded To 5 stars.
5 / 5
Colour: Cherry of Canela These Sauder CD DVD bookselves is awesome! I have bought two and need to buy a plus. There is taken on an hour partorisca dip all near. The instructions are a lot clear, and calm only scissors partorisca need cut a wrapping, the hammer, the Phillips screwdriver of boss, and the measure of tape. Any one included has to that use a ray partorisca ensure to a wall. It IS for him and he will not fall on. Calm can not beat this price partorisca $ 45. Some shelves are strong and does not bend too much. Reason spend $ 100+ in the bookshelf that will take you much more partorisca dip near calm so only need the basic bookshelf partorisca resist your CD is and DVD is? It has ordered so only he 3rd a this will resist a rest of the mine CD is and my collection of DVD. I have researched another bookshelves on Amazon and read his descriptions. In general, some descriptions partorisca a Sauder the Multimedia storage is better that another some there, in my opinion. There is the reason because Sauder the family has been in business of then 1934. Calm will not be disappointed. Have On 1,000 CD is, and finally found some a lot of bookshelves where could organise him. Buy this product because it calms will not complain it !
5 / 5
Colour: the cherry of Canela took it so only today and the place that joint. It was really simple to dip near. A behind is the little flimsy but a whole thing looks really good. I have not used he partorisca CDs or Dvd but collectibles. Partorisca A collectibles has used he partorisca he was perfect in the each way. Well it validates he. Once I have the bad day am sure I will buy more toys and require another and I to good sure will buy this one again.
4 / 5
Colour: Cherry of Canela One of some joints have not had all some holes pre-drilled his. I have called a number of service of the client in a backside of some instructions, and has shipped out of the new joint immediately. I have resupplied a lot/shipment numbers in a box and manual and there is not had to that pay anything.

In general is the good shelf for a price; it resists the plot of Dvd, CDs, and Blue-rays. You take seven leave lateralmente stock only CDs and to the others to short things likes them-the Nintendo DS chances. If you want purely Dvd or Blue-rays, then so only take five shelves' value. ( It saves you have joined other two joints for when some of some premiers five taking too warped of a weight.)

Any request in books. If has DVD-husband-sized books, will return here, but import a weight of some books. It recommends to situate his in a bottommost shelf, or some joints will begin to bend under a weight. It IS the joint of particle in place of the solid piece, like this in this row of price, this is to expect. It likes to fill my final of shelves-to-final with Dvdes and CDs.

Looks good and is easy to gather. A metal pegs also come with the bosses of hule small want the use. It IS the well of dark brown arrival . I have decided any to use a mountain of wall, but does not have to that the pets or young girls .. Neither earthquakes in my zone.
5 / 5
Colour: the cherry of Canela has bought this partorisca my husband partorisca the present navideo because his Blue forward-situation of the collection of the Ray is resulted the hazard, haha. When A box has arrived , all was in good condition, but a bit baggy that it comes with that has everything of some rays and rays and whatnots has been missing. A vendor has answered to our interior of message 24 hours and correspondents out of a substitution baggy, free of load, nave of 2 days.

Like this now is gathered and looks a lot good. It IS a lot of sturdy and has a lot spatial (still although I have not counted never in fact on that his is!)

Partorisca A price ossia the product adds . To good sure cost again!

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