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5 / 5 By Alyson
We have tried several routers, comprising several very expensive products, and by far a Medialink AC1200 is a better. Sper Easy to pose up and use, Wi-excellent Final that or can TURN WAS when any required, and unbeknownst in us, only so that has any one mentions of the same characteristic in a description of Amazon of this subject, a Medialink AC1200 has the VPN has comprised also. So you are turned was so that this subject does not aim the VPN characteristic - is comprised, to amazon only very that has he listing.
5 / 5 By Shandi
There is an old more Medialink Subject and has had the problem in access of internet.. I have had he in 5 years and has thought perhaps a problem was a subject . I have verified a current offering and found this model, a AC1200 - was coverage of field faster , had more widespread, and in the quite reasonable prize. As I have ordered one of Amazon with a delivery in the daytime.

In front of a new subject is arrived discovered a problem was been due to the disruption for my provider of service of the internet. But I am happy has taken this newer version . Quan Has Had the problem that installs a new to issue, has nicknamed one Medialink people for council. It results a problem was a modem in my venue ISP, and that a modem had take an old signal and has required to be unplugged and immediately plugged in good-looking walnut. One Medialink the person had me control the little of the things have suggested then one mobem subject of reset. Cela Fixed my installation immediately. A company has answered my call of tlphonique hurriedly, was courteous, idententifed a problem, and was to arrive and race.
5 / 5 By Clarence
It has had this wireless to issue 2 weeks and so far mecer. It was sper, sper easy to install and a field is awesome. My alloy of threads wirelessly in a 5Ghz group with his gaming PC in an another side of a house and has has not had any one of some problems has before we update in this subject like feeble signal or has fallen dulcemente connections. It wants a big fps gaming is able to achieve now.
IS a The TYPE with a lot of contacting experience, but is not necessity in setup anything in this subject, and has the bouquet of the characteristic fresco for this look to do the material advanced that VPN, the port that Subject, Dynamic DNS, DHCP Reservation, etc. Like me that is posed by default in automatically reboot nightly while all the world is sleeping.
5 / 5 By Anderson
That is to say an excellent product that resolves to madden it first world-wide problem: horrible wi-fine coverage in your own house, boy of woman and self griping in of the telephones and portable and cape constantly falling, breaking up, included to do well quite at random moments to anger friends and business contacts in an another end of a line , undertaken of tlphonique and undertaken of unable cape to help ( has taken the booster which does not help at all) ... C subject is not only VERY powerful, has one extends subjects that the will ATTACH in a power of your existent subject and more importantly, has ones absolutely INSTRUMENTS of the support of the CRACK had and able to do any take to DO YOUR WI FINE LAWS. So that frankly, each unhappy family is unhappy in his own road ... Any wait the minute, that is to say Tolstoy ... Each house is different architecturally, has doors and different wall, the coverage varies of zone in zone (while done a location of lines to be able in screwing with same) ...Frankly it can the be an impossible problem for an usually intelligent layman. The better thing the mark is to buy one of these. Work well out of a box, some instructions are mere (relatively), is powerful likes hell ... And has the real nightmare of your hands, support of technology of the call and question Jarrod. The problem has resolved!
4 / 5 By Kristeen
It IS very excited in this state of subject because of this characteristic for this prize . The majority of some routers in this field of prize is older and any come with some of some characteristic later this subject has (June / 2017). More precisely beamforming, or still 802.11ac.

The May HAS LISTENED of this mark before, but some looks of product very done and posed together. An interface of web is very mere, and probably more mere that another subject is has tried (the good class of mere).

Has to say even so, a quality to signal that more looked the advance was well, any one adds. To good sure some updates of my older subject even so (is in fact ancient).

My computers are quite 20 ft. Of one issues.

- Compared in my subject of old plus in 2.4ghz was of 25Mbps in 45Mbps enough. In 5Ghz the group crowned out of my speed of internet 100Mbps.
- The loss of container was an occasional subject in my subject of old plus groups 2.4ghz, is been dramatically reduced, but still spends (scarce).
- Latency Of the wireless transmission in any looks grupal in meso and a same like my subject of old plus.
- The force of signal is better of course compared in my old subject, but some numbers are not impressive especially to be 20 ft. You are. Although I am sure he is comparable in another routers in this field of prize.

Has given perhaps beamforming too credit, is not sure.

In general is some updates, and the value adds in me. I am considering purchasing the second unit for another edifice where some demands / of the field of the signal is main. The tan probably will take the picture the clear more than well does there.

P.D. There is any one 3 firmware of party (likes him DD-WRT) available for this subject. But I am optimistic one will be done at the end.
5 / 5 By Bert
Enough possibly a better subject has has not had never. Some would think that only spending $ 50 in the subject the fact the cheap, any functional unit that is totally any case with easterly unit estada purchasing products of Mediabridge for the while now and have all lived until a quality expects in a prize abordable. C subject handles each of some tasks is required to do. My house to tension of good sure poses in routers and can any never take more concealed 6 month out of any one of a mark to appoint some bought in a past. With 2 Xbox is, 3 Chromecasts, 3 Laptops, and the loans TVs, this or has not retarded never or has had to to be restart. Highly it recommends this for any house those looks to save money and takes the product of form of big quality the company adds.
3 / 5 By Ozell
This small subject is surprising.

The interface addsmere, hurriedly, intuitive.

Wireless coverage: like waitsif no, better.

Has update the point of my parents of the dinky d-nexus with internal antennas. This Medialink spent to issue his park and provides an easy connectivity for LIST of hand-held devices and streaky television.

Very done, Mediabridge!

Edita: trying our grandson saw Gibson firewall flavours, all the ports are stealthed, but a test fails so that it answers in ICMP ping. Still although this option is deactivated in a firmware. Docked Two stars for east.
5 / 5 By Chantel
Only it have it this subject for 2 days, but thats quite very time to convince me his upper quality. Often it installs routers for the living, but has had recently the plot of problem with reservation of IP and port that dread the plot of marks. It have to to return a lot, only the could not take to transfer advances. This Medialink the subject there has been any problem with DHCP in some 22 devices have linked in him. Reservations of the allocution in 8 devices has done perfectly and port sending 5 has done also cameras without problem. Wifi The force in both groups was very well, has annulled included plans to install the field extends.

Can not speak to back of client while I did not require it.

5 weeks later: Subject spontaneously reset he that is to say (any one can arise, no other problems). Have there was felizmente the backup of configuration as it was fixed easily. But this is not acceptable arrives with any frequency. I will inform behind if this has not gone only he fluke.
5 / 5 By Arvilla
I am the senior to take with the technology knows 'limited'. With a help of a Medialink the support of Technology Takes (Tim) my new AC1200 the subject was supremely 'easy' to install. There is and MESH to house up and current in less than 15 minutes. Perhaps this was to the help for a fact substitutes an older version of the Medialink subject, BUT by everything means, was easy. My old Medialink subject 'failed' afterwards 5 years and I have required the substitution.
Of course an assistance that took of Tim, a Medialink the support of Technology Takes to assist me with one installs was only 'exceptional'. It was professional, courteous, and wise person. I have comprised all these accounts in me. If I have required to issue he of substitution some down time a road, would turn in Medialink in the heartbeat for both his device and his support of technology.
Thank you Again Medialink.
1 / 5 By Lyda

This has done the. This has not spent before, now is the frequent case:

A connection has timed was
5 / 5 By Minda
We have tried several routers, comprising several very expensive products, and for far a Medialink AC1200 is a better. Súper Easy to dip up and use, Wi-Fi excellent concealed one can TURN WAS when any required, and unbeknownst ours, so only reason has any one mentions of this characteristic in a description of Amazon of this subject, a Medialink AC1200 has the VPN has comprised also. So you are turned was reason this subject no tip the VPN characteristic - is comprised, the amazon so only does not have it has listed.
5 / 5 By Dante
Has had an old more Medialink Subject and has had the question in access of internet.. I had it on 5 years and has thought perhaps a question was a subject . I have verified a current offering and found this model, a AC1200 - was faster, has had coverage of row longer, and in the quite reasonable prize. As I have ordered one of Amazon with a delivery of day.

First of a subject new has arrived has discovered a question has been due to the disruption for my provider of service of the internet. But I am happy has taken this newer version . When I have had the question that installs a new to issue, has called a Medialink people for joint. It results a question was a modem to my venue ISP, and that a modem had agreed an old word and required to be unplugged and immediately plugged in again. A Medialink the person had controls the few things have suggested then a mobem subject of reset. Cela Fixed my installation immediately. A company has answered my call of telephone quickly, was courteous, idententifed a question, and was to arrive and that careers.
4 / 5 By Alissa
Ossia An excellent product that solves to madden the first world-wide question: horrible wi-fi coverage inside your own house, girl of woman and self griping in telephones and portable the and boss constantly falling, breaking on, has included to do well quite at random moments to anger friends and business contacts in another end of a line , undertaken of telephone and undertaken of unable boss to help ( has taken the booster which has not helped at all) ... C subject is not so only VERY POWERFUL, has one extends way that will ADD to a power of the yours that exists to issue and a lot especially, has some absolutely INSTRUMENTS of SUPPORT of the ready and able CRACK to do a lot of apresamiento to DO YOUR WI FI WORK. Reason frankly, each unhappy family is unhappy in his own way ... Any one attacks the minute, ossia Tolstoy ... Each house is different architecturally, has doors and different wall, the diverse coverage to describe to describe (as done a placing of lines to be able to screwing with same) ...Frankly it can be an impossible question for an usually intelligent layman. What better to do is to buy one of these. Work well out of a box, some instructions are simple (relatively), is powerful likes hell ... And has the real nightmare of your hands, support of technology of the call and ask Jarrod. The question has solved!
4 / 5 By Imelda
Has had this wireless to issue 2 weeks and like this far mecer. It was súper, súper easy to install and a row is awesome. My league of edges wirelessly in a 5Ghz band with his gaming PC in another side of a house and has not had any of some questions have first we upgraded to this subject like feeble signal or has fallen dulcemente connections. It loves a big fps gaming is able to achieve now.
Are a The TYPE with a lot networking experience, but is not required to setup anything in this subject, and has stirs it of characteristic fresco for those looking to do has anticipated material like VPN, the port that Sends, Dynamic DNS, DHCP Reservation, etc. Taste that is dipped for incumplimiento to automatically reboot each one at night while all the world is sleeping.
4 / 5 By Jenni
Was very excited in this subject because of this characteristic thus prize . The majority of a routers in this row of prize is older and does not come with some of some characteristic later this subject has (June / 2017). In concrete beamforming, or same .

Has not listened never of this first mark, but a product looks a lot of fact and dip near. An interface of web is very simple, and probably simpler that another subject is has tried (the good class of simple).

Has to that say this in spite of, a quality to signal that was more looking the advances was well, does not add . To good sure a upgrade of my subject of old plus this in spite of (is in fact ancient).

My computers are roughly 20 ft. Of one issues.

- Compared to my subject of old plus has been on 25Mbps to 45Mbps roughly. On 5Ghz the band there is topped out of my speed of internet 100Mbps.
- The loss of container was a subject occasional in my subject of old more on sale, is been dramatically reduced, but still spends (scarce).
- Latency Of the wireless transmission in any available looks in mesos and of the same like my subject of old plus.
- The force of signal is better of course compared to my subject old, but some numbers are not impressive especially to be 20 ft. It was. Although I am sure he is comparable to another routers in this row of prize.

Has given perhaps beamforming too credit, am not sure.

In general is a upgrade, and the value adds mine. I am considering purchasing the second unit for another edifice where some questions / of the row of the signal is main. Like this probably I will take the picture the clear more than well does there.

P.D. Be any 3rd party firmware (like DD-WRT) available thus subject. But they are optimistic one will be done finally.
5 / 5 By Rena
This little subject is surprising.

The interface adds—simple, quickly, intuitive.

Wireless coverage: as expected—if no, better.

I upgraded my parents' coverage of the dinky d-link with inner antennas. This Medialink spend them @subject his farmhouse and resupplies an easy connectivity for hand-held devices and READY TV.

Done well, Mediabridge!

Modification: trying our coverage has seen Gibson cortafuego tries, all the ports are stealthed, but a test fails reason answers to ICMP ping. Still although this option is disabled in a firmware. Docked Two stars partorisca east.
4 / 5 By Titus

This he. This has not spent before, now is the frequent chance:

A connection there is timed was
A server is taking too long to answer.

Can do not taking anymore. A timeouts while using this subject in any/both bandage is unacceptable. This is not so only the loss of radio signal but frequent connection timeouts while it tries to connect in any random place. I am running two routers on two separate coverages have connected to a modem of same boss, an only variable is of the subjects . This a failure, some another some act and reconnects me immediately while it changes a coverage, and maintain me has connected.

Has had big hopes thus subject ... :( ... But they are by train of the turn to AMAZON for the repayment now.


Two stars for juezas of start ... Enough after a connection to fall the question is diagnosed and solved for Mediabridge.

Has the subject common in a lot of negative some descriptions of star. A ML AC1200 is falling connections of coverage mostly in 2.4 GHz band. A force of low signal to zero for 10 second or so many. There it is normalised has defined no of drops of the signal and he can spend like this often like each 5 to 10 minutes in my circumstances.

Have plugged A new ML AC1200 subject to one that exists and a lot half known to create the separate coverage to divide some computers of IoThings as well as to leave one uploads among two coverages and multiple routers. Waits that the successful implementation and trying of the only Mediabridge subject, will add another and connect them both of them with adapters of line of the power to create the coverage of wide zone and seamless coverage for ever that grows population of IoThingies.

All some devices that comprises Point to Echo this is to be move to ML AC1200, has done perfectly of one that exists LinkSys WRT AC1900 subject. C @subject neither suffers a drooping syndrome of signal. Both routers has been controlled using wifi analyzer a same time and in a same location while trying different to issue settings. A thing has discovered is that changing of a UPnP the devices of cloud have helped to reconnect and go back on-line more collected ... Surprised? ... I surprised too much!

When The signal and the connection is lost takes time for IoThingies to self reconnect, especially long time for cloud the addicted devices that comprises cameras of security ... Any cameras of security a lot sure now. Touching a Music of AMAZON saws Point to Echo result quite painful and Alexa same says does not know that it is spending ... Any that was of a lot of help in this subject.

CherryHill, Has the question!

Medialink Engineers or partners, surrounds on sleeve and trying of star and diagnosing. Although ossia the result of any subject optimum setup (aka excuses of error of the user), some drive them better and the instructions are in order in a much less ... And that, a scarce and incomplete documentation is another @@subject that would owe that be directed.
5 / 5 By Coleman
Quite possibly a more @subject has has not had never. Some would think that so only spending $ 50 in the subject the fact the economic, any functional a. Ossia Entirely any one a chance with east a. I have been purchasing produced of Mediabridge for the while now and have all lived until a quality expects in a prize abordable. C subject manages everything of some tasks are required to do. My house to good sure dips stress in routers and can any never take more than 6 month out of any of a mark to appoint some bought in a past. With 2 Xbox is, 3 Chromecasts, 3 Laptops the, and the loans TVs, this a there is not retarded never or has had to be restart. Highly recommend this for any house that looks to save money and take the product of big quality forms the company adds.
5 / 5 By Soo
Has had so only this subject for 2 days, but thats long enough to convince me his upper quality. Often it installs routers for the living, but has had recently to plot of question with reservations of IP and port sending to plot of frames. I have had to return a lot, so only it can no to take them prevails it port. This Medialink the @subject there is had any question with DHCP in some 22 devices have linked his. Reservations of allocution on 8 devices have done perfectly and port sending on 5 camera have done without question. Wifi The force in both bands was a lot well, there is annulled plans inclusos to install the row extends.

Can not speak to sustain of client as I did not require it.

5 weeks later: @Subject spontaneously reset he this are (any one can arise, no other questions). I have had felizmente the backup of configuration to the equal that was fixed easily. But this is not acceptable arrives with any frequency. I will inform behind if this has not gone so only he fluke.
4 / 5 By Williemae
Has bought this fact of @subject 2 weeks and maintains to fall mine WiFi connection constantly. My canal of work is likes 2 feet out of one issue and constantly a WiFi maintains disconnecting/reconnecting , the does not like that reason when the sound in a half of the mine do that it requires connection of internet the constantly are when being disconnected of WiFi.

One issues am speaking them roughly is:

soyedialink AC1200 Wireless Gigabit Subject'

Model: MLWR-AC1200
5 / 5 By Bo
When it Take a subject there is remarked a start of the adapter of the can is 12V where Broadcom the version would owe that I use 12V 2A start. For this have dissembled a @subject and has discovered is using Realtek chipset!! It sees picture.
MediaLink Ac1200 Is OEM for TENT the one who also is selling this low model frames of TENT. A current retail prize partorisca TENT Realtek version AC1200 is $ 23. This is disgusting!
4 / 5 By Manie
Are the take senior with knowledge of technology 'limited'. With a help of a Medialink support of Technology Rep (Tim) my new AC1200 the subject was extremely 'easy' partorisca install. There it go it and my COVERAGE partorisca house up and that careers less than 15 minutes. Perhaps this is to be help for a fact substitutes an older version of the Medialink subject, BUT to all the cost, was easy. My old Medialink subject 'failed' after 5 years and I have required the substitution.
Of course an assistance that has received of Tim, a Medialink support of Technology Rep partorisca assist me with one installs was so only 'exceptional'. It was professional, courteous, and connoisseur. I have comprised all that explains mine. If I have required the subject of substitution some time down a street, would turn to Medialink in the heartbeat partorisca both his device and his support of technology.
Thank you Again Medialink.
4 / 5 By Chadwick
WOW... It has impressed really!!! I simply plugged in this powerful repeater (like this is like paralización shot) and that follows some instructions roughly writing in a URL Allocution... Followed some aims and was partorisca arrive and that careers in literally of minutes. I have been to some diverse settings... For example Wireless repeating partorisca turn on and initially selected WISP but has then discovered that these dips partorisca dip on leaves a unit setup his own coverage. This then did not leave me partorisca print my printer and some other connections of coverage... But he still done in a lot of my cars. This in spite of afterwards select a Universal Repeater then could print and connect to all my devices of coverage. Here it is a kicker... I do of house. I have wanted to be able to be in our group of neighbourhood that is directed by means of a street. When I emailed MediaLink his amiably declined to say that an only would achieve... understandably Of then has known no all some parameters have involved. It say of another way, did not love me for the buy and then be disappointed that a signal would not be quite strong. Now this this the loan and undertaken of service of the client. Meaning no in promising and down ridding. A fresh thing is a signal is like this strong a lot so only can seat in a group can be way in a backside... Further it go... This in spite of takes the strong signal. Now the imports of bear have it afterwards to the window... Our office of house... This faces a group... It BTW Has any need to follow to some instructions likes them hooking on the CAT5 or hardwire cabling with of the computer. I took it up and running simply for plugging he in... Leaving all some lights for wireless come on... And then looked in my diverse wireless connections... Selected a new connection MediaLink, logged in like this instructed changing my signal and then changing some settings to the equal that has described on. Ossia For far one of a better networking the devices have not purchased never on 30 years in a L World-wide. Oh BTW A company there has been emailed me the day at the head of me receiving a device with all the classes of information so on-line and/or could ask the help has required . Any company that anymore now-of the-days. Has does not have to that Never call... But I am sure they would be there still has has had to that or has to that moving advances. An odd thing are no never has listened of this company before. It was always he CISCO, HP, Microsoft etc.. You take a picture .. But this company dips them all the shame both in qualities of product and of service of client. Like this happy has researched on to to Amazon likes-me to plot and more if any all another that has purchased these products has accident of big data and of the utmost personal testimonies. The mine is so only an addition to his. Thank you MediaLink For such the product adds and are the service sure adds.
4 / 5 By Angila
99 that I compraventa is based in the descriptions of another buyer. I have purchased this product with my cash has won hard, and so only are that he my part in helping another to share my sincere opinions and experiences.

Has ordered in a 15th, received it on one 16th and has had arrives and that runs a same day. Hubby Installed the, but imagines was easy reason have not listened never any 'election' the words that come from his direction during installing. I have wanted to issue it to substitute a a rented of Spectre of Paper. His was lousy. Has some 1800 feet marries square and couln't uses a wifi in an advance of porch (@subject is located in a backside of a house), and the same arrests that music of touch (to búfer supposes), when we were in a rear porch - roughly 20 feet of one issue. A type of the boss recommended one this was two times a prize, but some descriptions have not been of sound, as I have continued to look. They are SOOO HAPPY has found is one. Better delivery, more than confidence wifi. My speed in a front of a house is double which use to be. We can listen the music and of the video of clock without interruption. And, this unit there is ethernet hookups so much can attach a lot of the ours streaming devices directly. It has known no the, but having our roku and bluray the player wired directly leaves a data to go in without taking of or that reduces a quality of a wifi for ours other devices (has total sense). They are the photographer , and can finalise buy another to use like one extends (my computer of work is in an opposite side of a house also). They are the penny pincher this in spite of, as I will expect and see like my double speed affect mine uploads next time. But you are in a phase to issue it OSSIA The FOR you!
5 / 5 By Ester
Am using this subject like the universal repeater and he exactly that I require it to do, in the very reasonable prize. I have had the little difficulty that dips it on (I usb'd to mine portable but has not turned of wifi and this has has confused things) but when I have called Medialink, has taken utmost help . A telephone was answered immediately for the human, Tim T., The one who walked by means of exactly that has required to do to complete a setup. Another active complimented the service of client of this company, and my experience resists this was.
5 / 5 By Willene
Terrible. It liked to of the principle, but with which two month, the defective result and will not resist to connect. It falls each one that 4 minutes and requires restarts. Outside of window to return now. That that joke. It buys it reputable the subject pleases.
5 / 5 By Tamara

has used several Routers in 20 years. A Medialink AC-1200R is an easy and more comprehensible plus the subject has used to date, comprising open source DD-WRT and Tomato. Like the incumplimiento, a selection of canal for 2.4 & 5 Ghz is transports “”. He correctly selected less congested canals. Ossia Extremely import in WiFi, like the interference is more than one @subjects today that level of signal with congested RF airways. A configuration is a lot amiably dips era. Taking so only pocolos small to configure one Issues.


More drop-outs. One Issues is located in some arrivals of a house, down. I have used to have the drop-outs in upstairs the furthest room of one Issues. For instruction, joints an antenna in horizontal polarisation (still upstairs) and an antenna in vertical polarisation (for down). Any something died in a house.

Gotta Want a beamforming technology. I have seen so only this technology in expensive Routers or in level of @Subject of company, Ruckus. WiFi Is shared with all the users in a same coverage or canal; while one east into use, another can not use. A beamforming leave one to locate and of a airway faster that minimise congestion and delay.

A built in 1Ghz Transmission (to ethernet wire fence) was the must for me to connect two 1Ghz Transmissions in my coverage of house. Utilisation the coverage wired still Streaming and transferring files.

Supports of technology:

has run to the quirky @@subject that has not seen never first that. After changing a signal of @Subject, does not accept my signal. He splash a page of entrance of the signal, but not taking a new signal. I have had to that hard reset a @Subject to obtain access again. The same arrival of what with different PCs, browser, and YOU.

A lot when being no the @subject to press, has contacted the support of Technology saws email in a weekend. I have not expected the response until a following Monday. This in spite of, take the response a same day. A Technology has said has not listened never of one @subjects that has experienced. It suggests to substitute a unit.

Several days later, has received the new unit with pre-surpassed of form of turn. I have had a subject of same signal with @Subject of substitution. To arrive to this point, the logic said that a question is not probably with one Issues. Result to be a subject with my antivirus program, Bitdefender. I have turned once of a cortafuego in Bitdefender, can access one Issues configuration. They are still flummoxed like him cortafuego the access prevented inside a Propiciado by Application (signal splash page).

Is a lot of refreshing to see the company that is for behind his product. They are now the defender of Medialink and highly recommend Medialink AC-1200R Subject. Down waiting for to use Medialink AC-1200R like this he Repeater or a Point of Access.
5 / 5 By Edwina
Has bought this @subject to substitute a ASUS RT_AC66U B1 reason A ASUS the subject maintains having questions of connection with my system of Security of the Coverage and other devices and I so only sicked and tired to treat his slow and endless support report to solve some subjects. When Installed, this Medialink AC1200 Wireless Gigabit Subject immediately sync with my security of Coverage/doorbell system. I have thought at the beginning that has taken the winner here. This in spite of, after the day or like this, a start to signal that taken unstable, that traces and era. A 5Mhz looks to be more stable but any all the devices can connect to this A coverage has connected the look of wireless devices and disappear at random in a map of coverage. This a lot so only affects my System of Security of the Coverage but all mine other devices like smartphones ( especially mine wifw IPHONE, IPAD, and Air of Apple IBook ) , opener of Cochera, etc. included has to that reconnect mine Samsung smartphone the little time the day. I have tried reboot , reset and reinstall one issues long but any regime. I have called then his crew of support. After doing behind and advances the pair of time, has determined that a unit is defective and immediately shipped out of frames he my new substitution. A unit of substitution has solved all my question of @subject and doing faultlessly of then ( cross my toe ). It can not be happier with this unit for some following reasons:
1. This unit sells for $ but a ASUS sells for $ , he whopping $ 30 difference.
2. Medialink AC1200 Row to cover wider that a ASUS AC66U B1. In describing where the devices do not take signal of a ASUS takes good signal of Medialink.
3. If has or feigned to install Security of Coverage/Doorbell, an evening more a lot of-reversible firmware of ASUS AC66U B1 will give you at all but connecting questions because it blocks system of Coverage outgoing canals ( confirmed by support of Coverage and engineer).
4. Included a ASUS the subject has the elegant plus AM YACIDO, but has found a Medialink has all a creation of information in the simple and easy plus to achieve AM YACIDO.
5. Included ASUS has estimated 1750 and a Medialink is estimated 1200, my test has indicated a Medialink was constantly able to achieve a max accelerate my ISP has left.
6. Based in my meeting, Medialink the beaten to sustain ASUS hand to sustain down.

@In rodeo, has agreed with the majority of an Amazon revises that ossia the subject highly recommended .
4 / 5 By Ruby
C Subject was extremely easy to install. I have followed some instructions and he was to arrive and that careers any time. I have spent on portable (2), thermostat to learn of the nest, printer of laser of the brother, Samsung Commentaries of Galaxy 3, Box of television of Fire of Amazon. Like this ossia the simultaneous 2.4/5 ghz subject, has my Box of television of Fire of Amazon that use 5 ghz and a rest of mine WIFI the products that use 2.4 ghz. My house is 1500 sq feet without questions.

Has been time to contact varied invernadero email for a Mediabridge group of Service of the Client and felt that I have required there the helps were so only the call of telephone was.
4 / 5 By Elida
Grieve this is to arrive I hooked he on and take around 5-10 minutes to dip on one issues a lot quickly and easy, has run the legislation of test of the speed of a No impressed bat , his in a same thing with my subject old almost has done 6 years, speeds 69-72Mgps. But a wifi the coverage of signal was awesome his covered my whole house 1150 SQ which could does to maintain this unit sweats any to maintain drop on connection each one that 15 - 20 minutes, sometime less still while, his just that annoying that you maintained to try reconnect his again in each 5-10 minutes.
4 / 5 By Kenneth
I have purchased TWO of these because they were like this economic and because it has to that two house of history that is on 3500sq ft. Has in a first walk that is a primary and then the second a upstairs in my office that read like the wireless repeater. The strong connections and signals during my house in the FRACTION of a cost of flagship routers like Netgear, Asus, Linksys, etc. An installation of this subject was for far, a process an easy and more fast plus that has does not have to that never configure according to which routers. I have substituted the $ 300 NETGEAR Nighthawk R8000P been due to constantly that has fallen wifi/wired signals at least once but sometimes twice the day! This apparently is the subject KNOWN with these routers. With a Medialink subject, has not had any signal fallen/the connections and my speeds are averaging 150-180 Mbps ( have paid for 150 Mbps service).

Service of client/the technical support is to walk out of AWESOME!!!! They like him to him the a lot of people has said, answered A lot QUICKLY. If you it his email, takings the time of interior of response 24 hours. If it calms the llama, takings connected directly to them and any one answers a telephone in another end. On that, a better part is that they speak ENGLISH and can communicate a lot clearly.

HIGHLY would recommend this @subject and always will be the lifetime buyer Medialink continuous do quality, abordable networking the devices have taken. Thank you!
5 / 5 By Priscilla
This thing rids all say it . The difference of routers alleging wireless and 'fast ethernet', which after mistakenly buying two another routers to the point of alike prize (cough Asus) has found translates to only 10/100 LAN ports, a Medialink AC1200 in ethernet give me the 1:1 speed has compared to directly connecting my PC the modem (estimated 500Mb/s down roughly 600+ in practice). Some gigabit LAN ports to go with excellent wireless row and accelerate my two Roku the Ready television east wireless. Plex And Netflix in 720p for example in WiFi-- of the fast forward to game is - 1 second. My further TV is behind two wall, roughly 30 metres out of one issue this in spite of any buffering. If your ISP give you anything main that 100Mb/s download and calm there is at least a hardwired PC to agree your wireless devices, can highly, highly recommend this @subject on something like a Asus RT-AC1200 or to the likes. Also, setup is entirely painless; calm so only signal your browser to a URL resupply, choose your name of coverage and signal for both and 5ghz frequencies and, assuming is using DHCP, good to go. I add to issue, especially for a point of prize.
5 / 5 By Leigha
Has taken these products substitutes my ISP Subject of Action resupplied and based in some results of speeds tries concealed has aimed the big level of buffering. One recommends was to issue he of this company (looks to be the product has paid that announces) . One issues has maintained rebooting in of the odd intervals, and this so only spent when a Wi-Fi of G has been enabled. Asked the substitution, a substitution a same thing. Contacted an Office of Help has asked the new version of operating system, has been said his has not been one, and if a question has had was related, would be having 1000 is calls. We said me to us it was conflict but could spill any additional light. Dipped a ISP produced behind and no more @@subject. Also a buffering the option looked to correct was present still.
5 / 5 By Alayna
We recently upgraded our service of internet of 20 Mbps to 100 Mbps service. A more ours older Linksys E1000 the subject could do in the test of speed was 30 Mbps in Wireless N. Withe A new Medialink, the test of speed is now close to 100 Mbps in AC in a 5 GHz band. Has the 3500 feet squared the house and a force of signal is strong in the each room. And it go to him súper simple to dip up. Has the finicky printer of Brother that is Wireless B/G/N this has taken garbled among bands in a Linksys, as I have dipped a Medialink 2.4 GHz band to N so only for a printer and one 5 GHz band to AC so only for all other devices. All the work adds, that comprises a ready TV. First amazon and Netflix 4K common to content perfectly by means of a Medialink. Highly recommend this subject, is the value adds .
5 / 5 By Elizbeth
Has purchased this the few months behind and, in spite of being quite technology savvy, could do not taking to do correctly. You are the busy time , as has the place averts and has gone back so only for the try again. In spite of spending hours on he the few days, and in spite of a fact that alleges to be working, he still no. Quite disappointed.
4 / 5 By Pat
Junk! Not to buy it . With which so only two paralizaciones of month to do! I have substituted an old to issue that we have had for 3 years because it no longer can sustain a number of wireless devices in our house. With which installation some means comunicacionales of the links have done adds, then roughly 4 weeks later takes to send the signal without explanation for reason, I reset to settings of factory and has been of tower in business. It avenges home last night and again any signal, is receiving reason have verified our modem and he is doing. I have tried resetting but at all is doing. I will not buy never this marks again. Complete Junk!
4 / 5 By Many
Bought this @subject yesterday. The work adds for the few hours. Then he disconnected entirely. We direct of the subjects was and behind on again. Today, works, any question at all until tonight. It connects for the pocolos second and then disconnect. Any takes never this until only finally takes to do entirely in an hour later. Included a wired the connections have had a same question.

My joint is to avert this @subject and buy another. It does not help that his support of technology/of the service of client is closed in a weekend. Maintaining is without the internet until our subject new arrives late of Monday. (Today it is Saturday .)
5 / 5 By Savannah
I work in him and has configured a lot of routers. This one has looked to promise the have tried like this was. A signal of Wi-Fi is quite solid, but with which 5 to 7 days, bandwidth sags and DNS the resolution begins to timeout. Rebooting Is to issue looks to solve a @@subject temporarily, and would have to that it has taken the clue when I have seen a planned reboot option'daily' in some settings. I can not resupply to plan my @subject to reboot every day to preserve solid connectivity when I have required to do all day and have backups of cloud and updates to spend during a night. I have had regime very better with a ASUS and TP link routers and plan to stick with his products.

There is remarked also that the majority of some poor descriptions is quite recent, which marvel me if the evening firmware the update has has has presented questions.
5 / 5 By Thomasena
My forward Linksys is constantly be off line, has had the very feeble 5ghz same signal with extending it... This Medialink the subject was easy to dip on, has connected easily to all some telephones, pills, and computers.. And connected without questions to the ours OOMA... While this subject is the less weaves type that another has possessed, law perfectly well out of a box. While it can not have all some bells and the whistles extracted perfectly
and detects to plant up and the operation the fact the WINNER!

Purchased my second medialink ac1200 and using it like this one extends.... A whole house is the HOTSPOT... I produce it adds, the service of client adds... You recommend to my familiar and fellow

C subject extracted resupplies the signal the strong plus in mine two residence of history that my last two same with extenders... I have called support of technology with the few questions and in fact spoken to any those who speaks english and new a product.. All the companies would owe that be like this a lot of courses with the technology sustains concealed is the client has directed.
5 / 5 By Normand
Update 1/29/19. The house of a neighbour has taken paste to relieve, and our modem and the subject has been attacked was. They are behind to buy another of these.

Update 7/6/18. My complaint down was ignorance of user. There is multiple, bandwidth very flexible and controls of use. I have had also the question roughly using the different VPN of a multiple built in of the options. They have answered my surgery entirely and quickly. Inferior line, each characteristic and customization master is here, and the service of client is excellent. It has been several years and the action there never is lagged, and am very very happy with this product.

Original description:
When we have dipped this in our system to substitute the 5 old year subject, our speeds of internets are trace to 240MBPS, which is even more that our company of boss has said. IMMEDIATELY. ( Had dips also the new modem besides collects; this has done one same except a subject old bottlenecked the.)

Are so only bit it unhappy in a lack of controls... His difficult to maintain my edges xbox of hogging all a bandwidth. It has dipped on one and has limited a bandwidth, but still, when it is in xbox, ours other connections suffer. Also, a login the screen for a poster of control is intermittantly was, but if I login with some laws of IP. As not perfecting, but certainly value an investment.
5 / 5 By Irma
It was having subject with my wireless coverage, especially a 5Ghz band. Always it falls a connection in of the devices, and a row has left the plot partorisca be wished. I do not have the big house, and his level partorisca break like any one the lowest/situation upper full.
When it Take this , has expected the few days partorisca the dipped on, the transmission out of coverages is time eating when have the plot of devices has connected. I have had once some time carved was, has followed some súper easy instructions partorisca unplug an old material, plugging in a new material, and kicking it up. I navigated to a setup screen in my boss-connected pc, and logged in. They are slightly in novice when it comes to setting on the wireless coverage, as I have known partorisca change a name of the coverage and the signal that a subject has been shipped with, I also setup the coverage of guest, both in the and 5ghz band. With which reconnecting all some devices (tvs, casts of discharge, ready telephones, pills, game consoles, etc), that chooses a better connection partorisca each ( or 5ghz). This has taken more along that dipping on a subject real, which guesses is partorisca be expected.
Has followed an easier way to dip this @subject on, but would like me commentary that comprises instructions on dipping it up with the wireless connection, and the way to use this like the wireless repeater partorisca extend a row of your current coverage.
This mark has not been mine like this familiar, but some the big indications were quite to convince me to give comes from it. A cost was the factor also for me to look for more information in a product. No material uses my wireless coverage so as another second that wireless on-line gaming and to the like, but to the look likes could be quite quickly partorisca of that. To content streaming, work perfectly, although there is really has tried so only a device the time. In general, I think sound the add to issue, in the fantastic prize. So only while it resists up over time.
4 / 5 By Laci
Ossia A worse wifi the subject has has not possessed never. One 2.4 wifi disconnect like this often and will not connect behind unless you restart of the subjects. I owe that restart one issue likes 4 times today. Ossia My second copy has thought a prime minister an I has received was the lemon looks a question is with a line of product up. Mina 6 old year the subject has the more consistence connection I so only has not liked him a coverage. It was not that these products have taken all these raving descriptions. And the support of client is useless in better. A type I habladuría to has said so only a turn an element the amazon. That the waste of time. Ossia One first description has not written never. Ossia What fallido are. The stay Was.
4 / 5 By Suzanna
Was easy to dip up and has done perfectly with a wire fence pc so only long enough to register to a Medialink put web to dip a signal and I has connected then a wireless printer and the laptop. This was when I there is of then connect and disconnecting, connecting and disconnecting in some wireless devices, comprising my telephone of Galaxy. I am returned to a wire fence pc and do a same thing. I unplugged All and has begun on but still maintain to connect and disconnecting. I do not have to time the creature the divice the working. He neither the fact or the no. sent it behind and hooked my TP Link to issue retreated up. It has done always well but it does not connect to like this of the a lot of devices wired and wireless and is does bog down the little with diverse connected and that careers a same time.
4 / 5 By Monica
When My old Belkin has died, has has wanted to something better. My subject old was a lot of but the speed and the row have had limitations. Have in the first place bought the Linksys subject with better specs and while better shots, does not leave me to complete a setup, as while it can use wifi could any place on the sure coverage. I am spent almost an hour with support of the technology and his could not solve a subject. To the Another thing did not like was one has directed of only lights in a unit to aim all was in a backside of a unit has been he could no to see them. I am returned a unit and has begun to look for the different unit. I never listened of Medialink but a prize was right and some descriptions were of sound. I have ordered a Medialink, after receiving it and hooking he on, have gone to a setup page and in 5 minutes have had the working sure coverage. While a Linksys has announced easy setup, a Medialink was complicated much less and faster that create and that careers. An only drawback can see in a Medialink is that it is very big of the subject, but can live with a measure when factoring in a value and action.
5 / 5 By Sonya
I so only changed of Boss ($ $ $ ) the DSL ($ ) and a subject gave (Zyxel C3000Z) was the steaming battery of NOPE!

In my house, has the poster where a chair/of @subject of the modem, and then hard lines in mine living room and give. Anything more in some careers of house of wireless. In both a living room and give, has transmissions, gaming system, ready TVs, computer and the printer. Ossia Really so only the simple coverage of wired and wireless devices. A C3000Z was tempermental of day a. Not to leave me to access Amazon in mine TVs. My wireless computers often would connect but would not remain to access an internet. A final straw has come when I docked my laptop of work and he disconnect ail me has created the VPN tunnel.

Am spent of the HOURS that play in wifi settings, DNS settings, and Cortafuego settings. You are this is not the description of a C3000Z, but ossia to underline while simpler a Medialink is!!

I converted a modem to PassThrough way and plugged in a Medialink. I then rebooted all some transmissions, setup my wireless coverage, and BAM. He all freaking works. Any muss, any fuss, any twitchiness. A prize is a SÚPER STRONG wifi signal. He seriously overpowers anything has had before..

And a swipe of grace. It can establish the VPN tunnel to my servers of work and has had any subject with collapse of tunnel.

To to A good thing also would like to mention is this subject, different one issues the mine dates for CL, leave you to dip outside DNS servers. All the world would owe that be Google of use for his DNS.

A thing would take the half accidents was paralizaciones is a lack of in all the chance to wall locate this subject. Like this now it takes on spatial of shelf in my cupboard. Still it loves the for now!

Will update if any subjects down a street.
5 / 5 By Trina
This are ADDS! When being the very low technology person, has had to contact a company for assistance in the dipped up. A person the one who assisted was bondadoso and patient and very learnt. I helped dipped the up like the Row extends how was that it has required. A process was easy with his help and has not taken long at all. Now I have excellent force wifi during my house. They are like this happy. Highly it recommends this company and this product!
4 / 5 By Alena
Has purchased this @subject to substitute a terrible Belkin @subject this was like this feeble and retard it there has been useless result. I have done apparently a right election reason this Medialink the subject ten better times.

Was admirably easy to dip up. Some instructions were quite thorough for any to follow and comprise.

The maintenances in a second history of my house and a 5speed of law of G to the equal that has specified to cover each device in my house (I has eight devices connected). A signal is lost seldom or results feeble, but if he one issues can be the on-line or off-line reset. Really like this it looks because I no longer have to create and physically restart one issues to take a signal behind.

To conclude, am very happy with this compraventa.

4 / 5 By Edgardo
has asked a technology of the boss yes could use wireless with the ready TV, and say, 'Yeah, update your elderly to issue.' (Ancient? It likes 4 of year ... But anything.) I said to take AC subject and would have any question. When it Was compraventa partorisca east, was bit it discouraged reason one the big plus has estimated some resembled has involved has complicated setups. ( It flashes A firmware and use telnet. Huh?) Or they were easy to install, was has estimated bad. This one was estimated highly And has promised the simple installs. And pound. Some instructions were very clear and has been done interior 5 minutes.

Has to that it weaves of casts of discharge in my house, and was facing a perspective of reinstalling sweats because one issues the name has changed. (Left so only has said that his instructions have not been like this clear likes those for one issue.) I the investigation of Google to see like this to fix this question without avail, bummed that probably would owe that spend in an hour reinstalling these buggers. Had the simple solution. Have renamed my @subject to that quell'was before, and has used a same signal. The fixed instant. The life is well.
5 / 5 By Burt
The law adds for roughly 8 month, then a lot of questions. One issues has decided to take devices of diverse routing to a WAN (internet). Note, these devices have not lost wifi connection - his he the internet has lost so only. Totally random in that devices, and so only 1 or 2 the time. Rebooting A subject (and any modem, as his to good sure any one a ISP) always fixed a question, but has taken progressively worse, and this junk is taking tomorrow has substituted. It can so only last 1-5 days now without the reboot. Has a 'transport-way to interview where he reboot he once for day (marvel because), but have some devices in my coverage that enough does not take fallen at all, much less once for day ( Cameras of security). Tried to save money, but would be better state was that it spends an extra $ 50.
5 / 5 By Crista
Has bought this wireless to issue reason his supposition to resupply the strong wifi the signal and expected to use the to substitute mine netgear subject. But I have then tried one download and uploads speed in an of some corners of my house that takes the feeble signal and expósita that a strenght of one 2.4 and 5 Ghz the canals in this subject was extremely poor. I will be to maintain mine netgear subject.
5 / 5 By Anja
I am spent the plot to time partorisca look for the new wi-fi @subject and has finalised partorisca choose is a - happy has done!!

Has AT&T Or-service of internet of the To, which resupply with the door that comprises wi-fi. A question is that it is located in a first-maquinal of soiled paving where one On-Q the poster is and a signal does not achieve during our house of 3 histories. Of our house already there is CAT5 run throughout, the majority of our devices is hard wired. This in spite of, require wi-fi partorisca things like our telephones, Roku players, cameras, etc. And the action has been sub pair that use a door of AT&T, especially in a 3rd walk. Has 50mbs internet and tests partorisca accelerate usually returned roughly 12-16mbs speed of download in wi-fi.

I so that it researches it and I @give could have spent long more in routers or systems of point, but really any one need anything too elegant and after reading hundreds of descriptions partorisca many of a 'big name' routers, has been concerned roughly reliability especially. It looks the plot of the people is having questions with some of some systems some expensive more the low or that loses the connection and ossia a degradation there is not wanted.

Possesses a lot of Mediabridge produced (mostly bosses) and is always happy state with them and impressed by a quality. When I have seen this subject, has taken the very next look in him and decided for the take, and very happy has done.

All have has wanted to do with east was to to use likes him the point of wireless access my door to exist. My plan was to turn of wi-fi in a door of AT&T and connect a Medialink subject to one of a LAN ports in a 2nd walk. It was quite sure could do is, but has run to the little difficulty in dipping an allocution of IP in a Medialink to be in a same segment like our coverage to exist so that it can access a configuration. Of a company already had achieved was the mine and the information have resupplied on like this to contact support, has decided to give gliela call and concealed is where my experience has surpassed my expectations! It take entirely to any and has explained that has wanted to use my @subject to exist for all (DHCP, cortafuego, etc.) And there is wanted to so only use a Medialink to resupply a wi-fi but could not access a configuration of then was in the different segment. I walked immediately by means of that to do, which was to take a boss of a 'WAN' port, reboot a subject, marks a transmission of allocution of the IP, connect our coverage to exist to one of a LAN ports in a Medialink, and then can arrive everything. And everything now does perfectly! Everything of our devices, both wire fences and wi-fi is in a same coverage and can communicate with each another.

Ours wi-fi the speeds and the coverage are to touch now, any subject where is in a house. Tests to accelerate now give me until a 50mb/dry that is paying paralizaciones. I have been using paralizaciones east the week now and has not had the alone question and the speeds and the action have been compatible. Has 4 Roku claves, 2 smartphones, cameras of IP, and the pocolas other things connected and often streaming simultaneously and the action is rock -solid like this far. Into use real, has been impressed by an improvement in speed; the files download so faster, the video begin to touch súper-fast and without any buffering.

A unit looks for to be fact well and I like a creation. It is in fact good looking, although has inside the cupboard so much person can see he in all the chance. Still, it was not bad has has had to that has it was to somewhere.

Inferior line - I loves it and a support adds that it is coming with him has included better. They are very happy with cost of mine like this far and feel that I have fulfilled exactly that has required in the prize adds.
5 / 5 By Jesusita
This product has substituted the subject much more expensive. It is insane the one who better this @subject is compared to the big plus-priced counterpart. Has the low-nail stylish look that helar well with a sound of room in. I am impressed with a row, a subject is in a side of a house and I still can be in WiFi in a cochera in another side of a house.
Sometimes touches WOW and ossia a first time in my life that are not that it runs has consecrated it cat5 for the do. Latency media during gameplay is running around 90 ms, which are adds. I am impressed also reasons there is roughly 12 devices hooked until WiFi and am still very able to see any hiccups or slowdowns. I actuate it it has not guessed never that it would be it to it like this please with issuing he in this row of prize.
5 / 5 By Lorraine
Ealry Informs, but like this far like this good. Substituted 10 year of my subject of grandmother becasue mentions his internet was slow. Some testing and in fact there is the very feeble signal. It goes figure. After reading mostly the good descriptions have ordered is one. I dipped it/ I dipped It up in my prime minister to house so much was well to go for sound. Ossia When there is remarked this one was faster that a an I has like this the occasions are will be to buy another. It dips up it was fast and easy. So only snag has run to era when I plugged he in his house, there is not internet. After the pocola test and error I reset he, and this was a subject . For some reason takes my ip allocution. But any worry. Dip it up there again and his speeds are almost 5x fast and forces of way of better signal, included in 5G. Also it likes that it avenges with of the signal in the sticker so not to forget it never, can look there. The short long history, for $ 60, like this far, can any gone bad for the subject of general purpose with decent force. My aunt has bought a still an another day after saying roughly the and loves it also.
4 / 5 By Allan
Has bought two for a workplace. (He @give these are not meant necessarily for business). His fantastic like this far.

A admin the creation is cleaned and easy to take the functions. Really it have to that have the full description of the each setting in planting that has to look it all up in a manual. This would do include easier/simpler for an user of final.

Is planning On controlling bandwidth with 2 of these routers, read my note down.

REMARCE: Has a setup like door of subject/main and an another so that to wire fence repeater. If you choose UNIVERSAL REPEATER for a second subject does not generate allocutions of IP for some devices has connected to a second subject/repeater. These devices will clone a seconds to issue MAC allocution. This calm mean can not limit a bandwidth to some the individual devices has connected to a second subject that use 'Control of Bandwidth'.

Using 'WISP' to the equal that repeats the way for a second subject will generate allocutions of IP for each device and for this have to that be able to control a bandwidth. I have not been able of the try still I so that it can update take it to him to do.
5 / 5 By Dominica
Can take this with the grain of rooms. Like this far like this good. I have bought this @subject to explode my connection of internet of new Edge that my subject old was unable to manage. Prime minister of mine speedtest was insanely big, sees photo. Mina wifi the connection in my paving is better that was before. Previously among an out in a bath (sound the small paving so that it was quite disappointing) now does as well as it was necessary.
Installs was of course very easy. They are so only be in that use it the week or so much.
5 / 5 By Alesha
With which 2 weeks of consultores bad roughly like this to fix my questions of connection have ordered a Medialink AC-1200 subject wireless and solve my subjects of internets. They are not computers savvy like this after the tentativa fracasada or two to dip arrive (totally error of operator) has called a provider and Tim walk me to knots by means of him. An inferior line is, A sum of laws of the unit; faster and much more of confidence that past routers. It seats integer to the equal that am guessing the overheating will be less than one @subjects also. A service of client is súper. They are comprising, patient and generally a lot of folks. I recommend this subject for the coverage of house dips up and has ordered also a 4 guarantee of year.
4 / 5 By Maria
am impressed really with this subject. It is all the subject of the house would owe that be. I am surprised to find such the amiably does to issue of the no mainstream mark. It blows it was in plot of some products of some big names.

Súper Easy setup. A man of grotto could do it. A wizard ask the questions of pair and defaults all more with values that felt of mark for a majority. Early, you are on and that careers. His register and go to explore all some settings, but is likely to find them quite where calm want to him.

A row is excellent, achieves some far corners of my property. More subject has tried for row, which is really astounding the considering there is so only two smallish antennas. But has better row that 4 models of antenna have tried other costruttrici.

The speeds are excellent also. Has 3 wireless IP cameras that is 1080p. All have smooth motion. It can not say that it takes all a routers has tried.

Gigabit Ports in a WAN and all LAN the connections mean you will not be bottlenecked for a boss. Although your ISP that the modem is 10/100, in that has he Gigabit LAN the ports is really useful when the big bandwidth to to the wireless clients likes him to him to them the cameras of IP.

All some characteristics would expect in the subject of house. WPS, VPN, Coverage of guest, parental control, the port that sends, UPnP, DDNS, DHCP reservation, cortafuego, AP way, repeater way, controls of limit of manual bandwidth, etc.

also has the port of USB for the IN The walk, although I have not tried he for speed.

Did not have It long enough to value is stability and reliability . If has any subjects with him, will update a description. But like this of this moment, am very happy with him.
4 / 5 By Arletta
Fast setup, greart action, easy firmware to configure.

The bandwidth has taken really well after a transmission. Like this compared to an old level Linksys @subject, everything is notably faster. Moving files inside a show of coverage improves of speed of entity, the speeds of internets are has improved slightly.

I like a vertical impression. This substitutes the subject of wire fence and wifi subject that was it stackable but would seat there and bake. This stands up the device takes less space and leave the fresh rests.

Is so only be the week but in general am very pleased with a prize and action and look.

Update: Fallen the star. Spent little month a 5G wifi access of falls of internets. It is still there for devices to connect with, but calm can not exit. If you hook until a normal wifi, that the internet is still there. When Raisin, restarts is a faster option . You can close down 5g, save it, start 5g, save it. But this takes much more. Clearly he firmware @subject that perhaps will fix. Until his , lose the star. If I have it quell'has wanted to have bounces it my @subject the little time the month, would have maintained an elderly LinkSys was on before a MediaLink.
5 / 5 By Traci
Has bought a Medialink AC1200 to substitute the Belkin N600. Has 100 mps service with Spectre. With a Belkin has connected to a modem, so only has received 80 mps. Now with a Medialink, am receiving 120 mps. A wifi coverage for our 2400 sq ft the house is excellent by means of out. When I Run he speedtest I recieve 70 to 120 mps, that depends the one who far was is of one issues. I look my beloved Redsox of an application in the firestick. With a subject old has had constant buffering. With a medialink, has no buffered once. Highly recommend this subject.
4 / 5 By Marine
Fast note: has no @to @give this subject has a newer technology when I bought it. I have bought he because of a prize.

Now for a description. My leading Linksys the subject is lasted roughly 4 years like this when I have required the new one has has looked for the prizes and the decent descriptions go down. That is to go in mailbox of mine was this Medialink issue which has blown was a speed of my subject forward. As in almost 10X faster. Any joking. Previously lame anywhere of 8-12 Mbps of speed of download with him usually more afterwards to 8. Without changing anything but a @subject and changing on to this 802 AC connection, my speed to download now mediates 90 Mbps. I have not changed anything with my provider of internet, any upgrade anything, has changed simply my @subject to the east an and BAM, 10 times accelerates more orders now in our house.

Top Customer Reviews: Medialink AC1200 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
4 / 5 By Mamie
The cost has verified Our subject old is exited in the so many require the new a. We have had one extends partorisca take to another side of our house. With this subject new is not requiring an extend and all of our devices are maintaining the strong connection. They are very pleased with this compraventa this in spite of happier was able to take a refurbished model. I will update if anything raisin. So much passage has used it so only three days.
4 / 5 By Latesha
The cost has verified My leading medialink subject (without antennas) was horrible of then day 1. You would lose wireless connection every time a microwave was on, and the signal randomly would retard frequently. I have decided to give a company a plus casualidad and has gone with east an after three years. It acts 10X better. Any calm included remark it has been used. Solid connection during a whole house (three histories).
4 / 5 By Regine
UPDATE: I have bought the total of 3 of these, has had to that return 1 because of him having questions. A rest 2 work perfectly.

Has had an old more Netgear Dual Sale 2.4 / 5 ghz @subject this looked to do decent. This in spite of, have begun having some subjects of coverage, unable to print my printer of coverage from time to time; it was unable to always take to my computer that the Far uses Desks or my cameras of security that use some Port sending.

So many, has bought this esnewed' element and connected it. It has taken 5 minutes less to dip up. I so only dipped an allocution of IP, a SSID and signals all some same like my old a; connected the to my ISP modem and instantly all has done perfectly.

PREVAILS: has Spectre (Paper) Business internet that has been supposition to be 200mbps. I have not taken never it has included 100mbps included using the CAT5 ethernet the boss has connected directly to my subject old.

After installing is Half comunicacionales of link, my WIFI 5Ghz has taken 10ms pings and 230+ mbps downloads with almost 12mbps cariche. And my directed ethernet the connection has taken 5ms pings and 240mbps and 12mbps load.

Had been complaining to mine ISP that I never taken included close to a speed 'estimated' announce. It results it was so only my subject old was a bottleneck.

Has purchased 2 more for my house (has to that 2 breaking of level of history) that goes to use 1 for main wifi subject and of the 2.os paralizaciones repeater.
5 / 5 By Dexter
Our subject old is exited in the so many require the new a. We have had one extends to take to another side of our house. With this subject new is not requiring an extend and all of our devices are maintaining the strong connection. They are very pleased with this compraventa this in spite of happier was able to take a refurbished model. I will update if anything raisin. So much passage has used it so only three days.
4 / 5 By Salvador
Has been the few years of then dipping on the coverage of house more than a modem the subject/has comprised comprised of a ISP.

A Medialink 1200 was an easier piece of networking the train has not installed never. Dipping on security, signals and multiple SSID is was the breeze and to top it was; I am able to do of the far yard roughly 100 course of a WAP location with full bars. It has been installed for the pair of weeks like this far. I will modify a description something spends negation in a prójimo little month
5 / 5 By Avery
My forward medialink subject (without antennas) was horrible of then day 1. You would lose wireless connection every time a microwave was on, and the signal randomly would retard frequently. I have decided to give a company a plus casualidad and has gone with east an after three years. It acts 10X better. Any calm included remark it has been used. Solid connection during a whole house (three histories).
5 / 5 By Evie
A refurbished the unit arrived in his original packaging but has had some final scratches in a unit. A manual of instruction was has used obviously. A unit looked to like it was the turn after a person has used he for some time. But work well, this in spite of. The speed is compatible and very better that my old unit. Be careful of some transmissions of the small push in some subordinated of then can be pressed easily to dip a unit on something and that cut of a wifi signals. Otherwise, Am pleased with an action like this far.
5 / 5 By Katie
A neighbour-up is like this easy to like all the world has alleged and some instructions that accompanies of the subjects is very clear, written in understandable English, neither translated neither jargony.

DIPPED-ARRIVE NOTICE: if your computer is slept while doing this, a subject will not register a boss among a computer and subject (used so only during place-arrive).

Will go back later and report in a row in the 60' x 40', two house of history.
4 / 5 By Lavette
Has purchased this @subject to substitute the TP-Link N300 (experience behind in 2014).

A subject old occasionally disconnect all the devices (once or twice the month) in his lifespan, but has begun recently disconnecting all the devices a lot frequently when he Roku the device has been used.

Like this far, has had this subject for the month, and has not fallen any devices any time. Very pleased with his action. You recommend.
4 / 5 By Meghan
A wifi the signal has decent penetration. I have it on a side of a house for behind the wall of the brick and I still take some signal in another side of a house. Unfortunately they are not that it takes a better speed out of him, think it can require any tweaking. Volume 200mbps wired, but so only 20-30 with wifi. Some setting has to that be wrong.
4 / 5 By Bradly
Took it two days before take service of new internet , and was able to connect his and dip the up for advanced.

Plugged He to a way, and connect immediately. All have has had to that it was register to a coverage.

Speed of ethernet is really well, and a wifi is strong during a house.

Would buy another has to that result necessary for me to have more than one.
5 / 5 By Jayna
Has had this WiFi subject for the week now, easy to setup and a lot of speedy. The lustrous looks also. My internet feels much faster. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 By Robert
The signal is well, but of the subjects maintains partorisca go off-line each one that two days that has to unplug and modem partorisca take all has retreated partorisca do
4 / 5 By Rosella
has substituted an old Linksys subject that finally died after the years of honourable service.

Setup Was directly the advance and a power is better that has expected!

Has recommended!
4 / 5 By Audrey
Súper Easy the setup and the row is sum ! Has in the centrally location of location in ours according to paving of the ours 2500 sqft house. One something further of one issues is a cochera and I still am taking amazing throughput of 150mbps.
5 / 5 By Faustina
Hooked This creature on and boom, after a together easy on this thing has done perfect partorisca my house. The coverage adds in a whole house with speed adds.
4 / 5 By Adolfo
Has expected this would do better that a one has had. My house is small and good but slow work sometimes.
Was easy to dip on this in spite of.
4 / 5 By Season
This substitutes Asus RT-N56U which has begun not doing with which 4 years of use. Like this far like this good. The row takes so main; so only I unplugged one extends so it takes the strongest signal in speed of quality without him. Impressive. A forward one has 801n likes comparison of the speed is not apple the apple; but roughly more 50 fast with a level a late plus. LeGustado The.
4 / 5 By Muoi
The work adds. Questions of zeros. Zero downtime turned it of then he on done three month.
5 / 5 By Jonas
Good and simple spouse up. Much stronger that my unit of 14 years.
4 / 5 By Sherice
The coverage is not good and some accelerates is the delays have compared to a lot another routers. You avert.
4 / 5 By Camelia
Is paying partorisca the 400 mg line, this @subject give me the signal of Wi-Fi of 440+ dl. Has of the subjects in a basement, easily covers some two pavings.
5 / 5 By Madelyn
Hopefully Any one can say me that that is corrected. Reason I of the one who has a lot of $ $ wants to purchase a espaired' the model that the beg outlast me when being 63 and terminally ailing with the ballast of year am said.

An additional cost for a long guarantee is trying of my daughter would finalise with him and be covered for the few years. Some have to that fail or desglosáis or his wouldnt have any to renew ; / THIS In spite of some details for SquareTrade says SO ONLY VALID in the NEW PRODUCTS have purchased in Amazon. How it is SquareTrade and the amazon that considers this refurbished or esnewed unit to be NEW???

Top Customer Reviews: Medialink Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5 By
There is the difficulty adds that it poses this up. I am an expert user and perhaps that it is a problem . If there is clicked through and has accepted each suggestion, a setup can have gone faster.

Has Had the expectations like this has done that the has not been that had done .

Here is that thinks now comprises. You have posed a device in road to control to connect wirelessly using a default signal/by name and a ethernet cape of your computer. Calm sure look you can change it a default but some goes them of device and results veiled. Any combination of signals of looks/to appoint reasonable to leave he to be accessed or wire fence and/or wirelessly afterwards.

Down wineries a button of reset for in 7 bren to restore a factory defaults.

Opens Goes in one extends the screen where the looks can pose a SSID and the signal of one issues. No, he no as it conceal. One extends setup want to one extends to have a same SSID and to the signal likes him to him the subject of base. Of course one extends and the bases to subject is backing different subnets with different IPs vary so notes that has different IDs in a net. Right? Injustice. One extends impersonates some subjects of bases in a net.

In this way that does not control cual subnet the device of client is attached in. For my application, that is to say less than ideal so that it would like him his of a no-clients of computer in a subnet and some computers in another. I seat the security is one afterwards thought of an a lot of-devices of computer and would like me the isolated in his own subnet.. It does not have this level of the control with this subject extends road. It can have the road to take that wants in other roads but that remain for a future.

Having Both routers present a same SSID and use the same calm signal leave you to roam in your house without leaves to connect and re-connects in different routers. There are other roads to take there which leave some routers to have his own identities.

Has expected this subject would leave me to improve my security of grandson to have separate subnets. His unified SSID and the signal does not improve the security and I expect no the worse fact. If an access veiled to create is shut, my security is unchanged. I preoccupy me he little in a point veiled but looks the connection of the cape is required in addition to wireless access to take in admin road.
5 / 5 By
I have to admit, it was sceptical to buy this!! I have read to good sure some descriptions and has seen all some indictments of dud clave... I asked me if that was true. But, really, it looks the good roads , as I have imagined could order it and was also good to be true, only could return! Calm ENSURE YOU this is not the dud description!!!! And I maintaining doubts another ones were. It IS very easy to install, and took 2 emails of a company those offers the full support required he in case perhaps. It was able to install it, when being of ABSOLUTELY Any class of 'the technology of computer knows. A course a harder has imagined was what a modem was!!! Has has (the does not laugh ). But it is the success , and has had the ready contact in case perhaps. Immediately it acts, and my force of signal is AWESOME!! I swear my computer is running the little faster same. I can take my computer anywhere in my house and lose any signal. Has the anterior roomate with the mark to issue to appoint popular this has retarded down a service, and could not run netflix or gaming out of him, was nonsensical. I have not tried gaming still, but has streamed films perfectly. I recommend this subject in any one, and advise to neglect some of one 'hater' descriptions on here; only it tries since you!
5 / 5 By
I have purchased initially this subject in August of 2012. As That very another the critics have said, a subject was mere to pose up, the force had of the signal adds and the value adds. Even so, he on done the month has begun to have problems of connectivity. At the beginning it was disconnected of an internet but he reconnect inner the little bren, (which while when being the ache was bearable). Then recently, a timeouts resulted more frequent and has taken longer (&62;1 min) in reconnect. The slope this time has seen also the valid loss of signal, before a upstairs the laptop has taken 4 bars and now takes 2.

Opens, has did not change providers of internet or service of internet. My use has changed also any one and or has a location of a modem or subject. Bronzed when Have begun in troubleshoot, I in the first place so reset a modem and subject in his OEM parameters, any change. Then, has update a firmware in a subject, any change. I have exchanged then out of a modem with the another modem, any change. At the end, asked to borrow the sisters is my subject (which has purchased by his and is also to the to model still likes him to him the mine), and voice here some problems have disappeared.

Has known that it can not take the repayment of amazon so that he already be in 6 month. I have imagined then my better option prjima would be to contact a company directly, but imagined it would be has shot it very time. It was in his web of place and in my surprise there has been the numbers of contact that was it in some the EUA and has had hours of Mina-has Seated. As I have called the and has counted my situation and some actions have taken to resolve my subject and without speaking down in me and doing me 'unplug some subjects and modem' (am looking in Warner' technologies of the time), has asked simply my number of order of the amazon and routed me the substitution that took inner few days.

Sad for a wall of text, but was so impressed by his service of client that will continue to recommend his products in my friends and family. As I Have learnt he very time the fact, the products can come and go but the reputations will do or break you.
5 / 5 By
I have bought 2 of these of Amazon when was full prize , in front of some commentaries-kazi storm.

In of the terms of real world-wide action, of the buyer has verified, my experience has been well with these routers to the only point, using a 2 subject in the variant extends / road of point of wireless access. Setup Was easy for a Medialink manual of user.

My house is a L shaped brick rambler in full basement with open rafters, as it was able to install one issues in the each final of a house, each chair in the beam, such this was under a hardwood flooring of a main fund. It have tried it marks a work to issue at the beginning to plant it centrally, but houses of brick, with cape and wall of old plaster with the behemoth of the sandstone the funnel is not conducive in wireless, like this a necessity for the 2 subject.

Has connected in a main subject was a modem of cape, cape in a 2 subject, the Cisco VOIP device, the walk of NOSE, and one 8 port change in that was connected the Windows7 PC (running 24x7) and pair of Silicondust HD Homerun tuners tecleis that powered my Snapstream BeyondTV PVR setup. One 2 subject has connected the pair of the no wireless printers old stuffed in a cupboard of cloak.

A point has served 4 Windows 7 wireless desktops, 4 Kindles, 3 Roku devices, 2 laptops, the netbook, and guests, without subject of any class. Routinely Retreated Up all a PC with Macrium the Free plasma in the walk of USB of the notebook and has transferred then a file in a server of NOSE, the internet accessed of the each able device, gaze of alive television with a Silicondust software of the each PC and streamed has recorded television of a server of NOSE with VLC player and a Mega group of CODEC. I have used Newsbin6 in access and of the programs of download of Usenet binary archive, which was reassembled of files of PAIR in a net in a server of NOSE, perfectly.

In some 2 years (gives or apresamiento) this has used this setup, has had to reboot some just routers 3 or 4 times. Has update a firmware two times so more can take.

These routers, in a current valuable level, is an excellent subject for the wireless N subject. In in the house of brick likes him the mine (describes on), would pose a field in 35' radio.

Considering some negative critics, well, the majority was part of some commentaries-kazi storm and there was more to do with an internet ocial campaign of means comunicacionales to attack this has had to do with a quality and functionality / of operation of a product.

He, has paid the prize of premium for these, but then, has the excellent service taken of them and that, so far as it is unbalanced, is a real value. Posing that in perspective, these 2 routers has substituted the data and problem prone Linksys G and a Asus N issue those closes up when accesses a admin pages. It takes old, fast with these 2 routers - that they have to do the pushbutton/reset of factory and reconfigure the one of an earth up every time decided to close up. It conceal only it have to take my word on, I supposition, has been since purchased elsewhere.
5 / 5 By
I have posed in this subject with the modem of Motorola in of the marks the month. Last night, I can he outage caused me to lose connectivity. Comcast Has required in reset my modem and took me re-connected in an Internet with a cape of Ethernet, but a wireless subject has not done. I have called Medialink. They have said that the person of technology would call behind and, sure enough, in 5 minutes have had the callback. A technology walked me through an easy more setup road, which has not done. Then, I had me disconnect beats and reboot my laptop and walked me through setup again until it goes has wireless connectivity. This has taken perhaps 5 - 10 minutes.

Comcast Has wanted to me to call the cost-for-the number of service has for support of technology. Medialink Hurriedly aided Restore me my wireless connections for free.

IS chosen very pleased this product.
5 / 5 By
The five star rateing imeadiatly has taken my attention. Although and there is has had only some subjects during the week. I have to admit that his speeds are impressive and was so easy in hook up. A thing and amours enough the. A company of bridge of the half comunicacionales has not tried to continue together and has posed the second firewall or security protocall in a subject wich the marks that recover your signle effertless everytime. Thank you To maintain it mere. And it tries wireless before .. Belkin And Owe problems a subject the reset and the decree that transmits signal and everytime has turned in your computer, ps3 etc. would have to reinter numbers of pin and numbers of model. That is to say the world of diffrence. And it does not have to maintain of client of the call some directions where very easy in fallow. And im sure he and required to speak with any one maintains of client and wouldnt the be directed in any one in indium. That with the anterior subject. It conceal only read a half blah directions behind in me. .. Once again.. The looks of product adds.. Smaller concealed and has thought. But preformace is very better concealed has expected
2 / 5 By
In general it is VAL quite subject except a very problematic subject. Sometimes it ceases to provide access of internet or LAN of road or WIFI and instead shows a config the page for one issues. To take around the east, has
4 / 5 By
The small Good subject concealed done after fast configuration. I bough this to substitute the 6 old year D-subject of 802.11g of the Nexus concealed has has had always the problems that scratch wireless connections. Wireless connections with a Medialink subject (at least after 2 days of use) is hurriedly and reliable. I configured it manually and it was quite easy. There is the pair of the things that loses that it was well to have for purpose of security, like a capacity to limit a number of DHCP connections, but otherwise quite sake.

Has two ergonomic subjects, which are not of the enormous subjects, but is troubling. First of all, some lights of state is VERY BRILLIANT, fluorescent blue and very distract because of one blinking. This investigation is a fashionable way later for the routers but a FOCUSED is issue too brilliant and distract. It IS to issue at the end, no a game of arcade. Taken 5 cloaks of tape of blue masking in a DIRECTED in dim the in the tolerable levels and still is quite brilliant. I leave and it has posed the black cloth in a FOCUSED. If it plants some subjects out of a line of view or in a fund has not been the problem.

A second ergonomic subject is that the calm can not be one issues in of the ends to take up less room of desktop. Again, I suspect that is to say the fashionable subject . My modem of Motorola of cape and old D-subject of Nexus the whole support and taken up 1/3 a room of a Medialink subject. Only I can pose a background arrival to take VOIP so will have even so another box of small black with blinky lights :-)

Some ergonomic elements eschew, that is to say the good to issue in an attractive prize.
3 / 5 By
Look to substitute my Netgear that the subject had been interprets it very reliable and solid during 7 years. Has in importing to take another Netgear but has since this one has had to the so critical positive. And for a prize, has thought would cost to try this or has been. Like Other critics signified, a setup is very easy (has a The backdrop so level of difficulty very really attach for me). It was even so very disappointed with a force of signal. It was feebler that of 7 years of subject. My house is the only history (1300 square feet) and a signal of a room in a chamber has not been very strong (2-3 bars out of 5). I have called support of client and like other critics signified, has been pleased with a responsiveness of a support takes. Even so, one has suggested fixed in reset my subject has not resolved a problem. It IS possible this has the defective unit and each an another he routers the better law, but opted to return mine and substitutes with the Netgear N300. The force of signal is better (4 bars in this same room spoken of).
5 / 5 By
He the small sceptic more or has purchased less this subject, while never listened of Medialink. After reading some descriptions (and that consults my fianc, that is to say a L specialist of networking and having him the controls was), was advance. The May HAS TAKEN included a disk of installation was - this a lot is cover and game. Has internet of house of cape and has has run the test of the multiple speed has taken of a Medialink - trying a wifi the against the road of alloy of direct speeds ethernet cape. A Medialink give me some same speeds that direct connects and works during my whole house and has been included in a very semi-detached garage.

Would recommend this in any one!
5 / 5 By
In general it is the quite VERY @subject except a really troublesome subject. Sometimes it ceases to resupply access of internet neither street LAN or WIFI and instead show a config the page for one issues. To take around the this, has to
1. Closed of your modem and yours issue
2. Power behind in a modem.... Attentive until it is entirely rebooted and on-line,
3. Power in yours @subject and attentive
4. The click has advanced settings
5. Clone Of click Mac Allocution
6. SIDE of click, attended to issue the esbota'
7. The power of one issues again
8. Power behind in some subjects.

This does the majority of a time but sometimes that follows this for a reason ignored will owe that do this diverse time in the row.

Does not comprise reason this a subject only has has does not have to that never this spends to (has there was probably roughly 10-12 in my life that comprises the forward MediaLink the subject was satisfied totally with - has done to add for roughly 3-4 years and so only resulted unreliable - but totally satisfied with that a)
4 / 5 By
A lot Well Extend. It is Economic, law and is easy to configure. At all it likes here, of just availability to extend a coverage.

One one WITH
- is the person of the calm coverage early will find that with this calm device to the the once configured likes one extends, an INTRANET(coverage of legacy) is no longer accessible. Although it configure quell'issue behind to this coverage, a row Extends WAN IP results an allocution of IP in a coverage of legacy. All the devices that attaches this extends, recieve any one the Class B or Classifies C allocution(anything master) and can not be in a same subnet how is WAN IP - another extenders of the one who take this approximation, how is odd to see this device done.

otherwise, Your guests can have accesses to an internet, but will have any access to a rest of a coverage. The works add career of desire looks like this ISOLATED to be like this for incumplimiento, which is well in my chance, but could pose the question if some clients that connects his, need to touch a coverage of legacy.
5 / 5 By
Ossia My second Medialink the subject has purchased so that it is to say more than an update of my leading description of Seven. 2013 . I have purchased this second unit to have manually in chance a prime minister one has died like this wifi routers is known to do in my chance , has is gone through several frames with variable life comprises , a be longer roughly 9 month be a shorter ( not kidding ) 1 now . So much with my subject of prime minister that spends his first anniversary with us has imagined would touch it sure and have his substitution manually . A subject of prime minister has continued to do well but has begun to require an occasional reboot , once or two times the month , sometimes more . Well I have installed this one and all have been smoothly , has thought , but could not connect to a signal . As you look to some instructions and dialed on a number of service of the client and has taken an accident of my life , the real person has answered a telephone ! , I have thought at the beginning that has there was dialed a wrong number but he ensure me that I have had any one . As I have explained my situation and he have answered ' Any question ' ( That ! Any script ! The one who are these people ! Reason is not more the companies that do east ! ) . Like this inner 5 minutes and probably 5 clicks of mice was to arrive and that careers again . It looks that our modem has continued to think was a subject old and not recognising a new a . I do not comprise all some bad commentaries , and personally does not concern me . I have had at all but regime with these types and would have any remorse that recommends this @subject and this company . Thank you Medialink .
5 / 5 By
Has purchased recently the printer for my room escole so that my students could print use AirPrint of the his iPads/compressed. I have been tired of them struggling to print reasons have had to send a document to an email and then find the computer that is to be connect to the printer. It looks he likes the footprint was more difficult that a test had written. The people of the technology of a school has refused to connect a printer to a school coverage and for this some girls could not print reasons his iPads is part of a school coverage. A student said to buy a subject of economic plus could find and connects a printer. I have bought it is one . Law. It connects a printer to a modem and has created links direct among some pills/iPads to a printer. Any need to use a school coverage, this little law of device adds. Now our works of printer and impression of students of just click in his pill, any hassles. Highly recommend. More chairs amiably on a printer.
4 / 5 By
Been using apple routers for years, reasons considered him to be a model gold, but no more. Substituted my subject of apple with this model, and my speed of internet is noticeably faster! This compraventa particular was an used (open box) of deals of warehouse of the amazon (indistinguishable again), as have in the first place treated the hard reset (key in a backside). It likes more routers, requires of the connection wired for initial setup. Verified my computer and has discovered that one issues ip the allocution is (slightly different besides routers), and then setup was súper easy, comes with the setup cd, which could be useful for any the one who there is never setup subject he first, but has done at all for me. With which setup, can cycled my modem of boss, and everything is doing adds! The vertical creation saves spatial, and an adapter to be able to is a lot compact. The lights of big DIRECTED state can be seen of by means of a room. How it is better that apple, and slope much less. Of course, apple routers have a capacity the coverage the usb printer or usb walk, but if you do not require this characteristic, is better was with Medialink. I assume folks does not know in this mark, reason his , is one that sells better to issue!
5 / 5 By
Easy to dip on that they are to add reasons are not technology savvy. Had some question changing signals and sometimes some drops of internets but 95 of a time his to add. And usually some drops of internets have fallen behind quickly. Also his small and well looking. I have it hooked until my printer, ipad, iphone, and the laptop and he can sustain all these devices immediately.

Update 9/22/16:
Unfortunately Ive been having the tonne of questions with this lately. An internet repeatedly drops, has tried question shooting the, restarting, etc. has no wifi more the time that do. Like the student ossia súper frustrating and will have that takes another subject. Also anytime I reboot one issues my transmissions to signal behind to some original as I have to change it behind, Everytime. This spends at least once the day if no more. Súper Frustrating.
5 / 5 By
The experience for use likes one extends and the law adds! The subject only is with some instructions to the equal that took an hour the setup when it can have taken 5 minutes.

To use like one extends, some instructions of fast start say calm in some upper in bold to see of one drives of user that use a CD resupplied. CD!? I have undermined around and it has shot on mine 6 yr old HP to access my walk of CD. After spending for one drives of user any one mentions of like this to take connected to a medialink coverage. So after reading one drives of user learns until page 27, has decided to dip to to this thing on likes them the subject the. Then there included on spends 3 of a fast user drives a medialink coverage incumplimiento pw is signal! uuugh. Of there that it is the cinch.

The setup like the wifi extends:
Spends 1. It can he on and login the medialink coverage, pw: signal
At all 2. It goes to // like this described and login with credentials username: admin, pw: admin
Spends 3. Click in wifi extend --&62; the click enables
At all 4. The click looks for a coverage to exist
At all 5. Select a coverage wants to extend
At all 6. It enters that coverage pw --&62; the click applies
At all 7. Attentive for a reboot and restart your devices. Movement one extends to dondequiera more wifi connectivity.
Spends 8. Profit!

Seriously substitute your instructions with mine medialink! Oh And rubbish a CD.
4 / 5 By
State so only the month has purchased of of the east. I owe that reset he almost each one another hour. I have bought he for my university paving and I mine owe that a lot afterwards to a @subject and is still súper slow. One issues is very situated on my office. A connection falls quite frequently and a row sucks. If path out of my room to a living room, immediately falls connection. It can be worth it the so only buy the good quality a. I guess volume that stops of has paid.

has been contacted by a company and they have substituted a defective to issue immediately. And they have sent I included an email to verify all has done well.

Another Update:
Like one issues that they have substituted he with him now is exhibiting some same subjects like forwards a. I so only hook a ethernet boss to the mine portable of one issues virtually at all.
4 / 5 By
To start with of this description, has bought the little medialink produced on some years and I have done like this reason his service of client looked exceptional when a company is in the first place exited on Amazon. Fast advance the few years later and looks Medialink is doing produced less expensive, but that sacrifices a quality.

Specifically looking in this product. Have has had to that the subject already (a netgear), but does not cover a house well, as I have decided to buy a newer generation subject wireless of medialink. I have bought this to substitute his subject of wireless leading generation - a Wireless N subject broadband (has not broken, has lost a cord of power in the movement). I have been excited in the prize of this unit and while an action to be resembled a forward medialink subject. A setup has not been difficult and begins was quite well. I have looked for to use a medialink like the repeater, but like another reviewer declared, is not the good repeater. I have been supposition to take 50mps of the mine undertaken of boss, a netgear the subject has yielded roughly 30mps by means of a wireless, a medialink gave 3 to 5mps like the repeater. When I dipped It to be is own separate signal , was able to take around 25mps. As I left it he so that it is own signal , any big shot. To arrive to this point in my property, would have estimated this that he 4 subject of the star for a prize has paid, 3 stars in general to all the cost of prize (rounded on).

First of fast to today. I have possessed this subject for roughly 6 month now. A last week, has had to cycle of power a unit every day this week. A hard signal for roughly 1 day and then a next day when I look for to use a wireless or included signal when plugged in with a ethernet boss, my clock of computer "little or any connectivity" in a screen. Then I unplug a subject, attack roughly 1 minute, covers everything behind in and bingo, has the signal again. This does this worthy of 1 star. A unit that is limited a bit like this (that gives is so only $ 20) and really when being well with east so that it has paid. But the so only have these works @subject a way would expect it the paralizaciones so only 6 month, ossia unacceptable.

To the equal that say, takings that has paid arrests. I suppose, 6 cost of month $ 20 to Medialink. I will be to substitute this unit with something another that the medialink has produced!
4 / 5 By
Ossia My subject second of Medialink. Service of excellent client and near easy on, included partorisca to any one like him of the that is not the 'techie', drew behind. I have bought this @subject to do like the row extends for the mine that exists medialink subject. I need any tweaks to take it right but now looks to be doing well. I have required to experience with a selection of canal for a primary and extend given an use in my neighbourhood, but with which three tentativas thinks that has landed in the good place with this selection. Mainly it take one wireless to issue/extend to go with the TV of Clave of new Fire setup so much could cut was boss. One extends offered the strong signal for a television and extends a wireless row in a house. An only @subject still to be solved is with our wireless printer. We can not print of another side of one extends - a printer does not look to like two allocutions of IP!
4 / 5 By
I have had the difficulty adds that it dips this up. They are an expert user and perhaps ossia a question . If I have had clicked by means of and has accepted each suggestion, a setup can be more gone fast.

Has has had the expectations like this has done that that has not been that had done.

Here is that it thinks now comprise. It has dipped a device in way to control to connect wirelessly using a incumplimiento signal/of name and a ethernet boss of your computer. Calm sure look you can change a incumplimiento but some hides of the device and the results have hid. Any combination of signals of looks/of reasonable name partorisca leave he partorisca be accessed neither wired and/or wirelessly afterwards.

Resists down a key of reset partorisca on 7 seconds partorisca restore a factory defaults.

Maintaining goes to one extends screen where the calm look can dip a SSID and the signal of one issues. No, no the like that. One extends setup want to one extends to have one same SSID and signal to the equal that bases to issue. Of course one extends and the bases to @subject is sustaining different subnets with diverse different IP note like this done that has different IDs in a coverage. Right? Wrong. One extends impersonates one bases to issue in a coverage.

This means that it calms does not control like subnet the device of client is attached to. For my application, ossia less than ideal reason would like him a no-clients of computers in a subnet and some computers in another. I seat the security is an after thought of some any-devices of computers and would like him isolated to of his own subnet.. I do not have this level of the control with this subject extends way. It can have the way to take that master in other ways but these rests for a future.

Having Both routers present one same SSID and use the calm signal even leave to roam in your house without that has to that connect and king-connect the different routers. There are other ways to take there which leave a routers to have his own identities.

Expected this subject would leave me to improve my security of coverage for that has separated subnets. His unified SSID and the signal does not improve the security and I expect no the worse fact. If an access has hid believes is concluded, my security is without transmissions. Respecto The little in an underlying coverage but looks the connection of boss is required further of wireless access to take the admin way.
5 / 5 By
Ossia The odd little device but do very calm once the take place up. A documentation a bit is being missing of but is not difficult to dip up. A big plus quirk for me was that when it is doing properly like the repeater, entirely duplicates yours that exists WIFI connection. This could look the good thing but some things could no a closing that spends for a repeater. And reason uses one same SSID, any same prpers give when you are connected to a repeater. A quirky the one who spends is that when your primary WIFI down, this thing reverts to any SSID nomination calms gave it. As you could it wants to configure his SSID to be to the something the 'AS OFF-LINE' or 'Internets Down' in planting for the call something a lot looked to the yours primary SSID.
4 / 5 By
Wants to connect wirelessly with something concealed is in a same room, probably was a lot of but some drops of signal was dramatically yes go further of this.

Has purchased this unit 18 month ago because of these big descriptions and reasons at the same time six one the majority of subject popular the be has offered. It connects to the blueray player 2 rooms were to access Netflix and video of Amazon. Of a start has had subjects with buffering and quality of picture downscaling and has taken any signal at all in mine porch forward. This was my first experience with wireless connectivity to the equal that have assumed that this was a more could do and that probably was 'throttled' for my ISP and/or required to buy more (expensive)bandwidth. Chico, has been bad.

Has purchased recently the Netgear subject in a row of same prize, installed he in exactly a same physical location, with a speed of same download and esatta has included settings of @subject and has been impacted by a difference in reception. Now full volume 1080p in mine Blueray and 3 out of 4 bars in mine porch forward. A difference was like this dramatic that are to go back and looked on some descriptions on Amazon and now see all some commentaries that considers 'feigned revise'. Surprised that the amazon still is that it sells this unit. Buyer beware..
5 / 5 By
Has dipped on stirs it of home routers for my account on some years. Ossia Much easier that dipping on the subject in my experience, but no in him I so that I am no expert. So only I know to dip on an old school D-blue link routers for the internet is exponentially harder that dipping this up like a point of access.

Knows that you will require a ethernet connection to dip up. Connect a boss to be able to. Connect your computer to a yellow port with a ethernet boss. It goes to in your browser. Name and pw=admin. Click 'has Anticipated'ettings' then 'the row Extends Setup'. Select your coverage to exists wants to extend, and enter a wifi signal for him. League, the car restarts, and then for me automatically gives signal and identical name like subject original, as when it finalise transport restarting, already to the law likes them one extends.

The only question has is like this to change a canal under a wifi settings, the mine so only has canal 1 and is greyed was, like the look can do not changing want to . For $17 I am satisfied.

If my description has not changed, still is doing well for me.
4 / 5 By
Does not have any question with this @subject and would have to that say that it is well.
Has been doing so only well for on two years for me. Another that treating it firmware update, really so only reason have found that one was available, has has does not have to that never anything with him.

Now finalised to take to spend something on, has been doing on and fixing the computers of one 1980 is and I so that it thinks that can say you a truth here. The majority of people is clueless like this to as this work. It does not mean so only like this to dip an on but also frequencies that wireless is transmitted and receipts and placing and interference and.......

Has said of another way,, with quell'I knows, could take a finer piece of crew and law to mark terribly and so only an opposite also.

Like this to the left suggest me that downloads an Office of free program InSSIder and discover the one who the canals are some better to be using. I always this, but is in a zone with the plot of signals is even more of entity. When Has 10 other strong signals in your canal routers no well and mean everything of them. Calm also would owe that try the different placing reason so only 3 feet of where is could do the significant difference been due to the interference of something glielo approaches to him.
To the left say a negatives with this subject.

A row is not that the could be due to the poor antenna. Three wall and forty feet was is the signal is not strong and a lot of devices will not be using full signal. Less wall equals the longest row and more would be shorter. But I left the point was that your device that is connecting his also probably has to that the poor antenna and the majority do not annoy in that. It say of another way,, use an external antenna when I require one and I win this question wherever are.

This also has no the characteristic extras and I likes him be able to connect an external walk to a @subject that that can be accessed for everything, reason comprises the USB this one .

Like this to the sum there is at all bad or good to say in this product excepts that it likes the subject economic and has been paralizaciones on two years.
4 / 5 By
This goes to look an odd description but here goes: I have bought this for the father of my daughter because it remains with him for the pair of weeks during a summer. So much, so only I can base my description in the easy a process of installation was versus which well a force of signal is. His dad is not technology savvy like this dipped the on so only and is the adolescent . It take roughly twenty minutes, beginning to finalise, and have questions of zeros with him. It was able to connect his his cell quickly and easily and has not had any subjects of connection with him while it was there. So much, you are looking for something the friendly user, ossia yours to issue.
4 / 5 By
Has bought a MWN-WAPR300N done several years and has done perfectly, although I need to agree to reboot occasionally.
Sunday I read on-line in a NYTimes in an opinion of FBI in possible Russian malware and a need to reboot a subject. A next morning, Memorial Day, has treated a reboot and has then begun to research he firmware the update was also necessary. I have determined that I have not had one late more firmware but that updating has not been that easy. So that late I emailed MediaBridge sustain to ask if an update has been recommended. A next morning, Tuesday, in 8:09 I are has had the concrete response very detailed that explains reason his subject has not been vulnerable to a Russian malware. It Excellent and punctual client support!
4 / 5 By
Does not offer the true bridged way to leave included subnet half comunicacionales bridging... If it try to dip an IP in a same subnet and dip the static streets say you that it can it he you any that reason one wireless is connected in this subnet. Sadface. The isolated coverages do perfectly this in spite of. Bummer Does not have the DD-WRT available thus produced.

For a half user these products are likely so only well. Concerning in the public opinion usually forces service of better client to the equal that think that that you go to kick types until 4 same stars although he no quell'I expected it to do... Still if any one can the to use of knots I in this way thinks a tentativa in achieving out of warrants the indication he big plus reason one produces is backed for good support. Specifically some types of things can any one with quell'have the clients that ask to do frequently are ' wants to dip the computer and printer in my cochera (or detached edifice xyz) and wants to print to this printer of inside my office/of the house and I want to printed of my new computer my printer to exist in my office/of house.' Without the true bridged setup some coverages will not communicate in discharges he friendly-and-way of game and will require advanced networking knowledge in better. This has said, if this does not look it would be a subject for you to have your coverage extended does not have to access your coverage to exist with discharges he-and-touch setup then thinks the device concealed there is quickly answering personal of the support is worthy of compraventa.

Am taking this of 2 to 4 stars been due to a support that is to be offer. Good support for behind the products of technology are easily like this of entities like this very characteristic.
5 / 5 By
Has bought this like the row extends for mine Ubiquiti subject. Setup Is very easy and extends a row - this in spite of, a latency of coverage is trace of an average 19ms the on 100ms the majority of a time. In a coverage of same time throughput is reduced to roughly a third of the mine bandwidth of access of available Internet. Has is spent of the hours troubleshooting this device but to any avail. In my opinion a device simply has not described enough like this spent to take a work done.

This thing can do well likes subject the but his action like the row extends is entirely unacceptable. I guess volume that paid partorisca, economic junk.
5 / 5 By
Ossia The add small wifi subject. I have been using he for the moment and does not have to that it weaves to complain roughly. Alive in the quite big two paving of fourth and covers a whole zone. It begins to turn in a far end of a paving by means of a wall, but ossia to be has has expected given a prize of this device and that it is has drawn stops. Certainly he no out of my door and the pocolos has not been. I did not expect it to and they are well with east.

Has had any drops of connection and entirely stable wifi action. Usually it uses ethernet with routers like this reason have had subjects of odd action with leading routers this is to be fix for ethernet, but any with east. The common big definition, video of big quality in this @subject to mine Roku and portable street wifi and has not had any subjects.

No, is not a better to issue never, but yes live in the small house like him 2 paving of fourth and require @subject do adds.

Has taken was a star because I have had the bit of the question that takes it dipped up. I can not take a specifics of of the this, but has ordered was inner 30 minutes and has had arrives and that careers. I a lot deduct a star if it was not for a fact that are the engineer of software and am very there is technically has bent. If I have had question, although so only the little, can not help but be bit it concerned for users any technicians. Felizmente Listens his support is surprising, as it does not concern roughly that.
5 / 5 By
This Medialink the subject is the strong to contend to be the access of @subject of/bridge of basic quality/of point. A hardware is solid, and comes with a ethernet boss. A setup is intuitive with a lot of options partorisca customise one issues setup to the yours in pleasant. And with a help of the video of a costruttore, some initials setup is simple. I am using this unit like the Bridge to Signal to/Access Wired partorisca my wifi devices. We have had the wifi hole of signal in a cochera, and with which has dipped a Medialink in a cochera, connected to my subject main with a ethernet boss, can now walk with our wireless devices among some two units without the question. Our wifi the signal is now solid during our whole house. Included our signal of fourth master has taken stronger, of this room is separated so only for two spent of drywall of a cochera. But of this @subject not having gigabit LAN spend, will not use likes our subject main.

Would buy this @subject again, and probably , to improve my parents' signal.
4 / 5 By
Love this unit. I have bought this to extend a row of mine current Linksys N subject. Has some something died in another end of my house that has has wanted to do sure has taken signal to. At the beginning it was the little hesitant of a company sent to to dip it up like the row extends, but in reality do a work like this easier.

Two thinks partorisca remark on dipped on, first marks sure that one of some devices in your house there is RJ-45 connector. My newer laptop does not have a has to that way that has had to that kick on my old desk that does not use more to do east. According to marking sure that has the second device to look a video on further of a one is using to dip on the moment that a will not have connected to an internet.

This two sound of things like treating it big that in fact is for one of entity of people but something to take note of. It outrage it conceal a real setup has taken roughly 10 minutes to complete. Once dip spent that until true point of the half way among one issues and some something dead, plugged he in, and now a lot something more dead. For a prize if this thing last the year was a lot of value of the cash. It can not be happier with an action.

In the separate note I amour like slender a unit is. It has dipped he in my cookery and is grieves noticeable in an end of a counter.
4 / 5 By
Has thought sure has had there is rid already the description and has gone to update so only my description, but apparently has not written never one. Well, the service of the client of this company is out of this very world-wide! When Have in the first place purchased a product, was something on answering to my questions with efficiency and professionalism - and admit, was stupid questions , but has been newbie in a wireless @subject setup and was quite anxious roughly taking it well. This was on do the year. In a moment, it has had an episode that is to be cause for that has to that change out of a modem of the boss and they were again something in responses my question for help, and then so only recently asked on firmware updates and as to remain on that. It have sent an email and any one have received my usual fast response, as I called them - in the morning of Saturday.
Has spoken with the rep has appointed Tim the one who was immensely useful and rigged to transfer me to sustain of technology when I have said so only has loved info on like this to remain on a firmware updates. I said where to find this information in his web of place (use a mediabridge put web [...] And remained in a line with me to do sure took it. I have then mentioned have not listened for behind my original email, and answered that the has not been usual and excuse for any inconvenience. We finalise a call of telephone and I bookmarked a web of place.
Has then received an email of Tim - has found my original email to sustain that it asks on some updates and has answered to finalise to speak with me and has expected that has had an information I required and to please contact them has required anything more.
WOW! This class of attention partorisca detail for the service of client is unheard of... Up to now.. They are really, really impressed with east and will ensure that I maintain this company in a cup of the mine gone to list.
4 / 5 By
Look to substitute my coverage of G, was in a hunting for a N subject. It sees ossia one the big plus has estimated an on Amazon, thought it would have to that be an easy plus and more than confidence! A week in, any so much. . .

With which having subject, my first thought is firmware. But, conceal it has not looked to be a chance is is one the majority of up to date of the place of a vendor. Bummer..
Given, this is so only be the week, as there is still to troubleshoot some subjects fully. A disappointing piece is that it can does not exchange so only my subject old for east an and everything do like this expected. But, we will see if on I can come some subjects.....

In the first place, mine PS3. It do not connect to this subject. I know Playstation 3 is can any one not managing N, but the Mixed way has imagined would suffice. Out of a box, no a chance...
2nd, my coverage of means comunicacionales. I run the heavy coverage of means comunicacionales that I current to Loan TVs, IOS, devices of Android (mostly by means of Plex/Serviio). I have found two subjects with east. In the first place, a coverage does not look to be like this fast. Again, that comes from/comes from the G the subject more more economic old, would not have expected this. So only, my connections of outsides my coverage is not wheel (Plex of Web). I am guessing this is so only the subject of port sending. But again, there is disappointed owe that dip the on my last two routers has not required this. Thought this was perhaps an inner question with saying, my server of means comunicacionales, chalked he up for something to research.
Then, while pondering my options that & listens to Spotify, goes búfer/the crazy connection. Cut mid song, has has lost connections, and/or buffered for longer that a period of a song. . . .

Not saying this is the bad to issue (still), but am disappointed in a quantity to do thinks it will take for the take up and running looked to the mine last. As mentioned, some things are simply configurations that will require to dip a (Port sending), but another that mine streaming to Spotify respecto like this this would have to that exited of a box. . ..

Tried and tried and can do not taking to do well. Everything streaming the services are horrible; that means this thing canot maintain the compatible signal. Fact. Behind it goes.
5 / 5 By
My use of the subject has, like this far, the state limited to send the wireless signal of a PC in my library/of studio to the mine living room, where use he netbook partorisca streaming video to the mine monitor of big screen. A distance some needs to signal to the travesía is roughly 15 feet or like this, by means of the wall.

After my old Netgear the subject has begun to exhibit erratic behaviour, am spent the just quantity of time with my ISP technical folks, that looks for to identify reason my signal would fall was or freezing up. The test and the error have developed that one issues was a question, and was recommended that I substitute it. This has begun one that eats cry of time to research a myriad to compete produced, and while I have chosen it dependable substitution.

Drawn to some a lot of descriptions favorecedoras, an appearance and one discount resupplied in this subject individual, ordered it. It arrives inside an Amazon of two window of days of First nave, and has the place was to take an old Netgear and hook this unit up. Following some instructions, was able to easily take the strong signal to mine netbook. This in spite of, have found that any signal was sent of one issues retreated to a main computer. My ISP the provider so only could verify the modem of mine has taken the strong signal, like @the subject was with one issues.

Has called a toll-free number for the department asistencial technician of this company, and has been said by a person the one who has answered that you are not the technician” but would have one “call behind punctual.” My heart sank like me cynically thought in me “sure, the few days perhaps.” It was pleasantly surprised to take the call less than 30 minutes. Without going to boring detail, a subject was the @subject that has to that it reconfigure a LAN setting. A technician the one who walked this in spite of this process was among one the majority of competent and useful people has treated; there is the very calm, ensured and pleasant gesture, was very learnt and has had all until accelerating inner 15 or 20 minutes. I can not stress quite which well are to have punctual, competent, friendly and effective technical assistance.

Can inform that one issues the works add, sends the good strong signal, the looks cool with a lack of external antennas and his blue light sequence and can be trace in the wall yes has wished. Of course, I do not have any idea that time this product will last, but am pleased enough with an action and prize. It do not doubt for the buy again.
5 / 5 By
Has purchased this element 3 years (and five month ago) to date and finally exits on me. A box of coverage has maintained so only disappear. This in spite of, am giving these 4 stars because it stops do+ 3 years almost perfectly.

Agrees that it owes reset he (partorisca unplug) the little time, but concealed could have been due to modem of mine or extend/repeater. It have to that mention that I have used this device as it wireless broadcaster, to any one likes me one extends/repeater. Some decreases to signal of the calm further is of him, as I have finalised that it has to that purchase one extends repeater.

All-in-all, is quite very @subject and adds for a prize. If to the amazon left it, would estimate it 4 1/2 stars.
4 / 5 By
Mina Medialink wireless N MWN-APR150N the subject is boring. He so only careers and careers and careers ...

A leading Linksys EA6500 Wi-Fi Ready Dual-Sell AC Subject with Gigabit and 2x USB, excited, reason has known no never if an Ethernet to a computer was to do or no. A WiFi always fact and was very strong, but an Ethernet to a computer a lot always laws. I have asked LinkSys cat for help, but this was to go, as I have given for behind a Linksys subject and has taken my new Medialink subject. They are like this happy for this decision!

A Medialink wireless N MWN-APR150N the subject has taken the little while to dip arrive - can be more easy state has used so only a disk of installation, but a literature has said is not really has required. When I Have been done, all has done. A Medialink WiFi the signal is feebler that a LynkSys WiFi signal, but very pertinent for use in my house. I have asked Mediabridge Support roughly orientation of antenna, and his response was very fast and useful, and has promoted the contact further has has wanted to that. This was the very pleasant transmission of a discouraging LinkSys support of Cat.

To to A better thing likes on a Medialink of the subject is his reliability - is always on and is always there. At all it fails on that. At all it requires powering down and powering behind up the little time the day.

A Medialink wireless N MWN-APR150N attach the descriptions are fantastic. Very a lot 5-stars, and a lot pocolos 1-stars, the difference of a LinkSys which there has been the very significant number of descriptions of 1 stars. And a MediaLink the @subject there is had on 4,000 descriptions, predominantly a lot well, as it situates to plot of credence in them.

My experience with a MediaLink the subject echoes a satisfaction so that other users have expressed with a Medialink wireless N MWN-APR150N subject.

To good sure recommend a Medialink wireless N MWN-APR150N subject for any that loves house of confidence WiFi.


Mina Medialink wireless N MWN-APR150N subjects not being able to up properly. A light to be able to is coming on, but at all has spent more. Medialink Is has ASKED FREQUENTLY the questions have indicated this was the defect of manufacture , and to contact Medialink.

Called him, and a day still the subject new was in a way of mine. Any only new, but a newer version and faster. Inside the few days have received the Medialink MWN-WAPR300N.

This subject new was the breeze to install , and when I have connected some bosses and then a power, immediately laws.

Boasts this new to the subject will be of confidence, although I can not say that the experience had it of then so only the short while. I can say to experience that Medialink the support of Client is extremely of confidence and satisfactory.
4 / 5 By
Has not installed this for the few years after buying so it can do not returning afterwards trying for the few months. The reception has not been well, in 20 yds the reception was spotty and mine Chromecast applications and fire of Amazon the clave would hang all a time. One issues also required some settings done to commission to be selected for mine Chromecast to do at all. After the few months to use, a coverage intermittently die. Tried reset a @subject to incumplimiento and has done still a same thing. It is like this intermittent that could any one I same records on to a subject for quite long to regulate any settings. Any value a same endeavour although a prize was adds. It has been to the Netgear N600 and all the questions fixed.
4 / 5 By
With which 3 years has done but now is falling wifi once or two times the day.
Has ordered his up to date model under a number of same model.
His support of technology was very good. While to a new one to arrive, calm can not beat a prize. It likes him-me some blue lights.
Has spent 2,400 square feet two house of good level. But recently I have had to unplug it to recover wifi.

UPDATE: I have received so only my new according to Medialink Subject, is stronger then prime minister of mine Medialink of a same number & all faster. I take the half hour to customise some settings to the equal that has the very complex workload I appeal of this subject. There is on 17 different settings owe that enter. Now for a workload this delivery of @subject, 3 laptops the, 1 mobile phone, one 8 system of camera of complex surveillance the separate Honeywell keypad of system of the security, the again automated air & to heat Mpower system. Everything does perfectly with this
Medialink Subject.
5 / 5 By
Maintains in alcohol, before it take this subject was 'wireless' ignorant. As I have learnt alot in a neighbour up!! :-)

Has bought this @subject that expects it to 'habladuría' to mine 2cape Uverse the subject has taken of AT&T. I have loved to create the 'bridge' for another internet the ready element in a house is renting. I have imagined some less holes owe that hammer for bosses some better. IF HAS The 2PRODUCT of the BOSS can not be put partorisca WDS!!! ( You have to that have this setting to wirelessly bridge).... I have called Medialink and has confirmed in ten according to that has taken me three hours to undermine on-line with 2cape and AT&T, has required another wireless to issue for a bridge to do.

Here is a shot, to the bridge has to that have two routers this will a WDS connections. This was one the economic plus issues this has this characteristic, and different varied other frames, is quite universal. The meaning does not dip anything to touch @subject to maintain he to speak the another mark. (A bit of the frames say you SO ONLY to use his mark, my sympathetic is is produced the characteristic cement adds to maintain other products of working, but I digress...) All of a material of on-line technology suggests to use some same frames of routers partorisca bridging for eases in setup and compatibilities. So much, I have bought the second Medialink subject.

Reason have AT&T a neighbour up is the little more, but some instructions that come with one issues is well, if it calms is, and one drives of user is detailed in like this to dip on a bridge or to the equal that to dip on the repeater system with his product.

I didnt read some directions when I have added a second subject, and has had to call service of client. Again I was educated and has known exactly that has required to do. So much with some directions manually (quite concealed habidos ignored) and a tip of a folks in Medialink, my bridge now is doing so only well.

With DSL and Uverse connections, has to dip a subject of the prime minister up has seen some instructions of DSL. You OWE THAT, or he wont work. A seconds to issue, can dip up like the instructions in one drives of calm user say to for the bridge or repeater. The service of client said to dip a second subject to espeater', but I of the that thinks comprises exactly that , and this was my failure for any when being pas clear. I dipped it/ I dipped It to the bridge and work so only well.

For a prize less than a WDS connectable subject in a tent of local electronics, has taken TWO adds WDS connectable routers. Highly it recommends these folks.

PS The SERVICE of client is in fact here United States! You take to speak to any that isnt strongly accented or difficult to comprise. Ossia Such the plus !
4 / 5 By
It has Had this partorisca the few days now and really likes to of me. We use it to us partorisca connect to an internet that use three different smartphones, an iPad, three Kindles, an iPod, and three computers as well as devices of guests that stop stops. I have had a subject of old plus that has required partorisca substitute and has purchased is one. Has two insiemi of instructions: a partorisca modem of DSL and a place partorisca all other types. Utilisation DSL by means of the Pix cortafuego to a @subject and setup was easy. I have followed so only some instructions but in planting to the turn was can to a modem when I instruct has turned so only a tin was to a Pix instead and law like the charm. Some instructions were clear and setup has taken so only the pair of minutes. We live in the-history rambler with a modem and crew of computer everything in a give and a signal spends during a house and all the devices have connected easily wherever was used in a house. Has another wireless to issue of Linksys I use that can be fincky and not leaving some devices to reconnect in time, requiring me partorisca unplug a power to a @subject and discharges he behind in the the first reset of a device can reconnect - has not spent still with this @subject and will modify this description if these transmissions.
5 / 5 By
Was a boy of prime minister in my blockade partorisca install the Wireless-N subject of draft. It is Linksys that thinks that that I am gone in 2007, an incredibly clumsy device with gobs of software and engine that was so only in a quirkiest that has does not have to that never treat. I am spent the total of 12 hours on support of technology (of Indiana) in three different sessions with three different technology character partorisca sustain before finally it avenges up. Has external antennas in both a @subject and his adapters. Once it was on, the works but an adapter was much more lens that my directed connects to a subject. My edges have think that that this has meant probably something was 'wrong' with him. But continuous do without incident further until November, 2011, when he so only die. As I have had to that take something new. Verifying by means of some descriptions of Amazon, a Medialink Wireless N the @subject looked to be a way to go, included this in spite of, as to plot other people apparently, I never listened of them.

When it Take a container , could not believe the one who slick was compared to this elderly Linksys! Any external antenna, and one issues the box was like this slender and chairs read as if at all it was inner ! Also, although it avenges with software, some directions have said really did not require it and like this I so only hooked he on directly to my main computer. Law immediately! I have been then mine another car that has had still a Linksys adapter. Well, it have been like this long of then I near on an original of link, has forgotten that has has had to that do to take my far car that speaks wirelessly to a subject. Some instructions of the discharge only did not resupply me with the clue and I has wanted to try a vaunted Medialink the technology sustains so that it has not annoyed to undermine to a software and of the instructions in a CD distributed and the technology has called only support.

Has been waiting for the direct connection likes them to them another had spoken roughly but apparently all a good press has caused more traffic of support of the technology that is to be generate for some early adapters reason have been said to leave my number of telephone and would go back interior of mine 24 hours.

Figures. A word was was and this mark was probably now selling that hotcakes. As I have begun clicking around in a poster of the control and I will bet with five minutes I stumbled to a dialogue of right Windows for the configure and avenges well up! Any installation of the at all required software, in any final. And there you are, doing with my original Linksys adapter!

So only for an entertainment of him, looked on top of that a Medialink quell'adaptadora appearance and was a measure of the walk of thumb and so only plugged to the port of USB! Mina Linksys the the adapter was the enormous chunk of plastic with three external antennas big and has weighed on means the pound.

As Extracted? Instantly With a direct connects. My far connection is not the good example. Still it is doing with an original Linksys the adapter and a computer is feeble. So only it has the 35 GB hard drive which for some reason always maxes was and has to that look for around looking for files to delete. But a wireless connection is useful if any one spectacular. It does not spend of longitude my experience this in spite of, with this dog of the computer is hooked to.

Regarding Medialink support of technology, has gone back mine a next day and all could inform was that in a has imagined while it was like this to take an adapter on and that careers for me. I so only spoken to a person of support of the technology for any more than five minutes, of any one really have any one questions to solve for then. It is well and pleasant, and of course was very pleased that I have not required any help after all.
5 / 5 By
With which mine Netgear the subject has decided to degrade to a point of uselessness I near was to substitute it and has researched diverse different routers. After looking in the number of the on-line descriptions and that look for any information could find in mid-vary wireless N routers has decided tries a MediaLink subject. A number of the good descriptions in this subject headed to this decision, and like this far all of these positive critiques have been justified of my perspective.

Without reading some directions and without running a setup the software has had this subject on-line and doing with my coverage in only the pocolos small. I have done things the pocolos out of ordering this in spite of - I has left each one that like this of my devices to connect to one issue first, has then connected one issues to a modem of the after all done boss without any subjects.

Touching to some settings of @subject of the configuration is simple, especially of instructions to do so it is has comprised. Once in an user is presented with the a lot of simple and self-system of explanatory paper that it is easy to cruised. Any time have had at all mine DHCP the reservations dipped for each device (useful when connecting printers to a wireless coverage), has had my tone of spouse of the security and has had mine SSID dipped for a coverage.

Like this far, a subject has been stable and fast. It outrage having speed of good coverage, kicking on one issues to take time a lot small - 10-15 seconds, perhaps? Ossia Far and was faster that mine leading routers.

Has found so only the pair of minor drawbacks with this subject, neither desquels is really problematic but is the just things there is remarked. In the first place, there is remarked that a force of signal is the little feebler of the mine leading routers. One issues is in an upper paving of a house and some main computers I use is in a basement, with a paving goes in. While some systems can see of the subjects and connect his without @@subject, a signal has informed is not like this strong like another routers has used in a past. As, and ossia he nitpick, has the box of dual kick concealed has Windows 7 and Linux on that. When Connecting with Windows, a subject recognises a box for his name, but when I connect with Linux does not have any name at all - same when I reboot of Windows to Linux immediately.

A MediaLink wireless N the subject is the decent to issue these looks to live until some the numerous good descriptions is taking. It looks to be fast and stable and like this far has not had any question with him at all. A prize is a lot reasonable. If I need the decent and abordable subject wireless and is has had to that to try the less-name familiarised, considers to give this subject tries it.
5 / 5 By
Ossia One of a worse routers has has not used never. A device has to that signal DIRECTLY in a wireless connection to do in 'full speed.' When has one issues that it stands up-right, take the 5 mbps or like this half (often slower) of mine 50mbps connection of internet so only 10 feet was, partially by means of the wall. When I have dipped of the subjects in touch' the face that signal directly in a computer with a wifi volume roughly 20-44 mbps. Ossia Compatible. I have tried this theory roughly 30 times and there is exactly this. It is whole, then a connection is slow. Dipped that down in his face, his fast. This whole time, a wireless signal is 100 bars - perfect, but a speed is a lot of inconsistent.

Ossia The piece of junk any one value your money. This in spite of, in a side besides, is a lot easy to dip on - I has any idea the one who another person that complains in of the this has has had subjects with.
5 / 5 By
So only bought and place on (yes, properly..) This little subject and am not impressed. I bought it reason a prize and the descriptions have done to look the real jewel... Has a XBox360, PS3 and the laptop wirelessly has connected his in a same room and a more signal gave me is 3 bars. The majority of a time is 2, and my new desk (HP Phoenix of Desire with windows 8) which is upstairs and has to that be connected wirelessly, not even sees of the subjects in some available wireless coverages. I do not live in the palatial lived and the expect send signal the averages the field of football was... Alive in the quite tightened townhouse and some wall is not fat, is speaking a paving on, almost directly on where a thing is dipped on, and at all. Seriously? The packed up and dip my old to issue (Netgear WNDR3400 N600 Sells Dual) has retreated up and work like the charm, 5 bars and everything connects perfectly, comprising a upstairs desk in that I am writing east. I am not a lot of techy but mine to look that I downgraded with this compraventa, has had already the a lot of @subject. It comes from to upgrade to take some signal and the better speeds could for computers gaming that my daughter is quite strongly to. It is far less than impressed with a Medialink also. It have to that it has looked it in some 1 stars and has saved my money - ossia my joint to other hips.
5 / 5 By
Has had this subject for the year now and feels can write a sincere description and connoisseur. For juezas of start, this would have surpassed five stars for me if it have not taken lost in a topmast. Yes, I know ossia the 'produced' inform, but think some vendors that do a product, any Amazon, chooses that ship his produced and choose a nave an economic plus partorisca east, will rid via office of estaca and a lot of ups. This result in mine pack that it takes hanged to Atlanta. After the week or like this, has called Amazon to do them conscious of of the this, and has said that has had to that expect the month for him to be has has considered lost in a topmast and for the substitution to be shipped. It was A lot DISAPPOINTED of one issues substituted so only dipped out of the 15 signal of feet. With which a torturous while period, has called Amazon again to leave them know that it still have not received my subject. His promptly sent me the substitution and the arrived (still has seen an office of estaca) the few days. My husband has been confused on regarding the dipped on, but took it up and that careers without him hitch a next morning. I think that that my husband has looked for to install he with a disk, but is easier that follow some directions and hook he up in an internet. Here it is a kicker... Has multiple wireless devices and has counted at least 8 devices that career in this @subject a time with small to any lag. My house is the small plus to half measure in just down 1500 square feet all in a history. Also, mine kindle the fire chooses on the signal anywhere in my yard that is in the acre of neighbourhood. This be has said, a subject has fulfilled to good sure my expectations. That has spent to a subject of prime minister has ordered? Well, of course, it avenges in my house the few days with which have received my subject of substitution. I have called Amazon to say them this, but in place of the turn, was impressed so I had him touch me so only for him so that that can give my mother of then there is not the wireless to issue. It does not have any a lot of wireless devices, but has wanted to have one in the chance has spent mine Kindle or my edges has spent his laptop in his house. Again, easy to dip up and works fantastically. Finally, some computers in my work have maintained to take kicked off line and has had to that weaves of the questions that communicates to the each one which as another ( has eight computer in our coverage). I have said my boss that a subject of old g was probably a question and recommended this subject. It is the first member ( am resulted one of then), and has received to issue interior two days. I have changed you grieve routers, everything of some computers has chosen well up in a signal, except a main server. I have called service of client and, although they were well, could does not help me with my question and has said to be probably reason our cinder still wall of the blockade was too fat. Of a computer three feet was and in a same room like main server has done well, has not seen like this was a question . I have called our I.T. Type, and fixed a question immediately. You are the subject of security and has had at all to do with a routers forces to signal at all. I have been of then using this subject, has not had A lot to to the subjects like has had with of a subject of old g.

Highly recommends this subject. Also highly it recommends that it spend the little more money on nave (if you are not the first member) to avert a question has had. Five stars in a product he, but three stars in experience of total client.
4 / 5 By
Ours house is not that big [roughly 1400 sq ft], but after my husband has begun to use his laptop in another end of a house and added the 3D ready TV to this end of a house also, finds that ours older Netgear subject [which there was do fault in the a lot of in fact a lot of years] so only has not distributed some needs of connection have had with efficiency. We maintain of the subjects in my office of house in another end of a house and had been using he with our laptops the in a living room and some other wireless devices without question. But with this extra load and a distance have involved, it plus in the bed the one who was more to have a 'Not issuing with a new TV, decides to take the subject new.

Has read some descriptions here on Amazon and has been impressed with commentaries in a Medialink regarding his action and a service of client. As we purchase and installed it Medialink the subject roughly done two weeks.

A process of installation and connecting our devices [both wire fences and wireless] was the breeze. Some instructions are incredibly friendly user, that comprises drives to shoot of the question, which do not require . Neither we require to use an installation CD this is to be resupply. All has been smoothly. Asthetically, Is slender and appeal. A pulsing the lights are the blue brilliants , like maintenances the box of cloths in front of him at night, reason have it on a shelf on my monitor and I expect some lights would be still to distract. If it was not directly in my line of vision, doubt that would be it the question.

Has been using everything of our devices without any questions. Has no really taken to use an internet in a new TV that a lot, but has not had any difficulty a bit those that time to connect and my husband has a full row of bars in his portable for connection of internet in a far end of a house, which is roughly 35' was and by means of five wall.

Like this remarked for forward reviewers, knots rec'd two emails of Mediabridge helps to offer yes required and in that leave know is there for knots. We are very pleased.
5 / 5 By
Are one of these people that gushes on issuing specs. Wireless N and MIMO excite me and one the wireless internet has believed finally is taking the stable me happy. If you are in university I follows sure can comprise that with every year new comes new roommates with the new house and the subject new. After using Linksys for several years and treating disconnects and the constant restarts (several times for day!) I am exited finally and has bought it trendnet @subject. This subject was adds for two years until I have moved in the new house with him Netgear with stable modem firmware. A Trendnet has been to the storage and I loaned it finally to the partner. A strike of lightning later and was out of mine Trendnet subject.

Originally has wanted to substitute my subject with one this runs Tomato or DD-WRT firmware but while researching I stumbled by means of this @subject on Amazon. 'Hmm... Any Linksys, D-Link, or Netgear, these looks to be the company that has not listened never of.' It was same sceptic with all some good descriptions but there is something in the each one one of the knots concealed wants to see a underdog have sucedido legislation? I love this company that has not listened never of stops to have sucedido where some the big types have failed. I want to see issue it ossia easy to setup and will manage 5 write all simultaneously streaming Youtube and Netflix while touching Xbox Alive and exploring an internet in iPhones. I have decided to try it has been and it sees you can returned a bill. It arrives in a topmast - 'Hmm, smaller that has thought,' clue for 'Wow a LEDs is brilliant likes a bit the people have said.'

With which having this subject for the month confidently can say that it is able to manage all that has launched in him. No the only roommate has asked included on of the subjects averts to ask that the wireless coverage is ours . It is 'PrettyFly4AWifi' for a way yes never is in city and the find some say salvation.

5 Stars. I am excited to see that more Medialink comes up with.
4 / 5 By
This was the bit of the challenge for me. I consider moderately technical. It has dipped on my coverage of wireless house, mine HD the TV is, my wireless printer, and mine wifi blue-players of ray without help or support. I have wanted to substitute my subject wireless with the new a, and give an old one my sister, the one who really required wireless in his house. I have known to substitute issue it would be harder that dipping on the new a. One first what to know is that when you cover a subject new to the your laptop with a boss has distributed to start with (does not have the desk), has one 'admin' 'admin' go and signal that calms does not love transmission. Late volume calmer that choose the signal for your security of coverage, so that it confuse mine. Also, regarding a signal, one of blue mine-the rays does not accept of the egregious papers, as I have had to that go back and recable, and reset a signal to all lowercase, then redo a signal in a blue prime minister-ray, and then go back to a second a. Has has had to that then imagine was like this to take a reset of wireless printer to a subject new. This has involved to use the special usb-boss of printer that I supposition I already had(?) And this left to dip on a printer for a subject new. It does not agree that it has to that use a boss when I in the first place dipped on a wireless printer.

A good part is that the difference of one 36-character the signal ascribed assigned by an old Linksys subject, this one leave to choose something can agree - concealed is useful with wifi blue-players of ray because I owe occasionally king-enter your signal. A Linksys the looks of signal of zeros and 'or is' (still although specifically they say is 0-9 and a-g - ossia so only a lot true). Interest inputted that signal 17(!) Time before he 'has taken ' in prime minister of blue mine-player of ray. It does not mean to attack that Linksys subject, this in spite of - do perfectly for 5 years for me and I have had any question at all installing he in the house of my sister. Felizmente, a signal has not changed, and have given of the mine old laptop also, is all covers it and gone first time.

An only wierd what in a Medialink is has the blue lights on concealed is so that shine lights a wall when some lights are was - I can not comprise reason is like this brilliant, but can be useful in Halloween!
5 / 5 By
Has been using Linksys routers for last 5 years and recently decided to look another mark when Linksys is exited with this Cloud connects atrocity. When being familiar with Linksys interface of @subject, was bondadoso of fearful to look in other frames, but has chosen this a based in overwhelmingly peace and positive feedback the import that the always could return based in the police of excellent turn of the amazon. These people of the thousands can not be wrong! It can hook this little creature on less than 5 minutes that comprises wireless security setup, principles of routing, cortafuego configs, and virtual servers, etc. A concept is a lot resembled Linksys interface. Here it is that I amour in this subject.

1) A lot economic. It does not have all these bells and whistles ( The league of cloud, dual canal, means it comunicacionales of USB pal, etc) but has all some things I in fact use. More attentive That say effective side for my need.
2) A lot small and attractive creation. Compared to Linksys E3000 serious, is for the half a measure, which felt. Reason does for the subject has to that be main that this anyways?
3) A lot easy to configure especially yes is familiarised with Linksys interface. I guess all routers have alike interfaces?
4) does not have all these subjects have had with Linksys routers connect to Pills of Android. (For some reason Linksys E3200 and EA4500 could not connect mine Samsung Compressed of Galaxy besides the sure distance! That gives?)

Has a flu has but this applies of more another routers (for this any deduction of point). Reason have to that have all these light indicators/FOCUSED? Do these lights in fact do fault any purpose to any one? Calm comprise you can require the little of them for purposes of diagnostics during a setup, but for the majority of time, any one precise all these lights blinks it the millions times the day. It squanders Energy (I knows is little but the million devices can add on), cost of production of the increases, and a lot distracts it at night calms especially decide dipped one issues in a chamber. Appearance issue the costruttrici take rid of these lights or at least dipped the in a backside so that they are not like this in entertained...

Well, ossia roughly that. Utmost prize, give you all a functionalists that you in fact need and easy to use them. I think that that ossia very cost subject effective for home WLAN setup...
4 / 5 By
I bought it partorisca download books to the mine Kindle without that has to that stroll seven miles the city to a next plus WiFi something. Alive out of the small rural community in Nevada.

When Have in the first place opened a box and bed some instructions of installation, was very confused - I am roughly like this far partorisca be the 'Technology Weenie' to the equal that can be in 64 years of ages.

With which some hard thought and sweating some details have an installed box, but in some signals that result like this dismayed that has printed in fact to focus of turn of Amazon and has had one issues packaged behind is box partorisca return to a UPS drop-of a next day.

Has slept in the and decided partorisca give it another test. I have followed in fact one has detailed instructions this time and he all is exited adds! Any need to call support of technology, any need to use a wizard of installation has comprised CD this is to be comprise.

Has ordered release it Kindle book and has downloaded he by means of this subject. I have had the very strong signal and he have done perfectly. I am impressed like this with my capacities!

A lot has declared here that some the blue lights are too many brilliants, but like me. You the light at night adds partorisca my room of computer!

Will be partorisca use this exclusively partorisca Kindle downloads and like this far, am very happy with some results!


Well. I have had this WiFi subject partorisca almost the year. It has done exceptionally well and without the alone hiccup during all this time. I used it to download books for my Kindle and of then that buys my woman his own Kindle, dipped that really to do!

All can say is that this has to that be a compraventa has better does of then buying the Kindle. Work for all WiFi has enabled devices in my house.
4 / 5 By
A lot of controversy in this @subject and a overwhelmingly critical positive. They are not uses for Medialink, neither have any financial bonds to them. It suspects the majority of some descriptions is legit, but probably does not know never.

Funds: in all the chance, metaphysical averts are the real person and use this subject in my house in Concord, Massachusetts. Typically we have 2 iPhones, 2 laptops the and once in the while an iPad and/or Ipod the touch has connected. Typically these have not connected simultaneously, although it conceal could spend for casualidad once in the moment. We use Comcast like our ISP.

Pros: One issues was simple the setup and actuate a wireless insurance by means of the browser; it has not used a CD for the dipped up. It has not had to reset he, has not had any subjects with him at all.

Gilipollas: We live in the ranch of alone level along (-2200 sq ft), that so only has a convenient place covers it a subject in and raisin to be remote on some arrivals of a ranch (the ours the rooms of girls are to go in and are paranoid roughly installing subject he in an of his rooms). Interior roughly 20-30 feet take full signal , but once take roughly 30-40 feet was, volume so only a bar in mine iPhone or portable. And ossia without wall among me and a subject (basically can see one issues all a way down a hallway). As no a better row in this device. Sometimes it falls the signal in mine iPhone or portable when they are in another end of a house.

In general, 4 stars because it is the prize adds and unit that reads well, especially if no alive in the ranch of long alone level.
4 / 5 By
Medialink Wireless N @Subject - - 150 Mbps - 2.4 Ghz

Our 7-the old year Linksys WRT54GS would not recognise an adapter of coverage in ours new ACER portable, as I have bought this subject. We use Comcast boss for an Internet and TV.

Ossia The subject/of wireless wire fence , of leaves 'those hard bosses' (DNI of street-45 bosses of Ethernet) directly to 1, 2, 3, or 4 PCs/devices, outrage to sustain your wireless coverage. Has two desktops connected saws bosses of Ethernet and the laptop that connects via our personnel WiFi coverage this thing creates. He one 1st right of time out of a box without hassles.

Comes with the CD for installation, but has not been required. Any engine of the device or the software is required in any PC for this thing to do! A whole installation has taken roughly 10 minutes, and means of this time has actuated a wireless capacity. Give the name your wireless coverage (incumplimiento is soyedialink') and resupply the signal for his use - ossia roughly that. Immediately with which conceal, our laptop 'found' a new coverage and has asked a esecurity code'; I have entered our signal, and was instantly in an Internet. With one issues in a upstairs chamber and a laptop in a first walk that dines room, a force of signal was 5 out of 5 bars. A setup agreed of a giant of EASY key that the staples announce...

The difference of a Linksys, which required to know all the classes of technical material to dip arrive (which has meant to call our ISP), any precise to know anything technical thus model - just follows some instructions that come with this subject.
4 / 5 By
HAS the good distance. He outshines and outlasts any one another subject has not purchased never in some last 14 years.

Does not extend the strong signal to a far end of a house of this end of a house, mainly reason has aluminium studs in some wall, and a lot of appliances among here and there, and of the subjects is in an opposite end of a house. I have bought another subject/extends that to the functions likes them to them one extends, (which does not do like this very like this @subject , and technically has to that!), To the help was with that. But, without one extends, there is the toneless signal there a lot-the-less, so only has not been quite strong for any to touch LOL I compromised to take one extends.

The desire could have bought one extends of this company at the same time. I find this produces does far outlived all another routers has had in a past. I have had he for the little the year. The the maintenances plugged the the battery has retreated on top of then April of this year to protect he of our showers of thunder of the summer and other fluctuations. But, for the year was plugged to a wall, and on 24/7, and no free any die, neither to stop that you read.

Was very pleased that such the produced, less expensive of one some had purchased in of the tents, has done like this well. If it does not die never, I will order another Medialink sure product!

And beware - if you are not using the wireless modem rented of your provider of internet, boss in my chance, will blame your to issue for your interruptions in service. His he all a time. Coming to discover, is like this suspicious - his question. Take 3 months to solve it, and now all the good works. As I know it was not mine darling MediaLink subject wireless!!!

The together mine arrive - I has my main computer has connected saw it lan boss to a subject. One extends, several laptops the, and those to visit familiar, pills of android of the plus and telephones, and half comunicacionales streaming devices for our two TVs have any question at all. Sure, some can spend for one extends, but this subject is a rear bone of a wireless coverage in my house. And with the multiple connections that goes in a same time, for example, to pill, two telephones, two TV is, two computer And the two laptop all streaming Youtube, netflix, twitchtv common alive, or on-line gaming a same time, and in following notification of Facebook in real time and/or updating applications, EVERYTHING ON-LINE quell'hitch in any of our wireless devices in this house! It is wonderful!

Sure, has any account of guest in this device. But, which use is the account of guest a darn wireless no properly or in the decent distance?

Has purchased this January of @subject 13th, 2012. It is on be constantly, never twists was, except when I have had modem of mine of boss relocated to a far end of a house. All these hours - went it on. I never, no for the turn never was. Included when they are not home, The one who knows that the boy of adult will come house to visit and need to connected wirelessly my internet while they are not home.

A subject has been fallen or has attacked down the pair of distance very short,...Still it is that it runs. As @it subject in fact, continuous do slope and after a drop! Any the hiccup or hitch in a wireless coverage. In comparison: A darn, upper mark, the tent has bought to issue/extend, ( can connect street lan his boss), has had so only of then April, and he vexes me in time in knots a lot when being pas able to connect his. He the costs of way also more than this subject has done. And after such the little month of the ship of owner gives such disappointing service. Yes, without doubting this wireless to issue certainly outlive that the subject new/extends.

Highly recommends this subject. :) So only it does not trust support of technology for your broadband service, will blame your to issue every time. (With which blame any one the calm modem does not rent of them!)
4 / 5 By
Owe preface this to say that they are no technophile. I have bought this @subject reason my old a -- the Linksys G-wireless -- had begun to fall his signal in the each one 20 minutes, and this Medialink the @subject there is had excellent descriptions for his speed and qualified with multiple wireless devices, as I have decided to give that come from it. (Said of another way,, will leave the description of all a technician specs and whatnot to a hardcore techies!)

That says, my experience with this subject is spent for the few phases, of quite bad to very good. Originally I have bought he in May 2013, and has installed grieves there is remarked that a speed of my Internet was to the fastest PLOT that has been with a Linksys. This was a lot. This in spite of, after the week this Medialink has begun also fall his signal... Roughly 3-4 times the day at the beginning, but over time take to a point where a signal was like this faulty likes Linksys is had been. I have not been happy that had spent $ 50 in the new element that has been like this bad like my old a. Then, almost two month to a day with which have bought the, a subject has died. I have tried rebooting the, and when I plugged he in a POWER and WAN the lights have come on, but a SYS, WLAN, and LAN the lights would not go in any @@subject that have tried -- that has comprised resetting a device entirely. At all do. (Sidebar: This is to spend one prejudices before the law of ENORMOUS meeting when I have required to take on-line and prep house. It sees red. To arrive to this point has begun seriously to question that on earth this issues taken a sincere indication of 5,000+ reviewers on Amazon.)

Of a window of turn is so only the month of a date of compraventa, my only election was to see Mediabridge (the costruttrici) would give me the substitution -- which honradamente have not been thrilled roughly, since quickly my first unit had died. It have preferred to so only take my money behind. Still, a Mediabridge the crew was phenomenally useful and sent the substitution immediately... And finally, I am very happy that is to be force to give a Medialink another test, reason this new unit has done like the SLEEP. Súper-Fast downloads and no the signal fallen so only installed that of then the little on done the month (and has two laptops the, two mobile phones, an iPad, and he Roku in current was daily). There is remarked, this in spite of, that this new unit has some differences read in a mark (dimmer lights, measure smaller, some few instructions of different installation) that a prime minister a, so suspicious that Mediabridge has done some recent improvements to a model. Anything a reason, so only can expect maintains to do this a lot -- if he , then are totally on board with the big indication of an element!
4 / 5 By
30 update of month - Expect any jinx I to write is, but his now 30 month has bought of this @subject and his closing running adds! A prize is now 1/3... I have paid $ 50 behind in 2012. I have had some difficulty with force of signal and stability at the beginning, and that I founds was that my signals of neighbours have interfered. I have installed an application in pill of mine that exposures he graph of everything of my neighbours wifi force of signal and that canal each one which so it was on, and has dipped once mine wifi to the canal that has not been into use, has taken action very better. I think that that of the subjects is supposition to scan and that in his own, but resembles so only incumplimiento to a still a canal that my neighbours already have used.
Mine another commentary is that it looks odd mine that when Amazon of investigations for more popular routers, this Medialink has to that 4 average of star with 5800+ descriptions, but does not look until page 6. It looks he likes to the amazon does not love sale.

Original 2012-CAN have the big house with 4 levels, and I row of need and can. This Medialink Wireless N the subject there is so only an Inner Antenna and concealed respecto. But has some better descriptions in general. When you have read some descriptions in wireless routers there does not look to be the clear favourite. Linksys Looks to have an equal action of haters & lovers. I have had it Netgear that is lasted so only 3 month, and has then had he Zyxel Extrememimo wireless @subject that he quite perfectly for 5 years, but finally die. I have loved the reasonably priced substitution, and with which a Zyxel, has not been fearful to try the less known mark. This Medialink - Wireless N the looks @subject the winner.

No well the at the beginning lost connection when I have spent a PC 1 walk down. But with which resetting the diverse time, so only begins to do. Now I can take >100Mbps speed of connection with wireless N. Down 3 flights of stairs to a basement I still take the respectable 56Mbps (wireless N), and 36Mbps with mine old notebook (wireless G).

For a prize are long he hard ?
4 / 5 By
Was fearful that would not be able to hook this on correctly, and has done the pair of stupid errors to the long of a way, but this in spite of, took it up and that careers with trying very small. And any tear. ;-)

Ossia My subject of wireless prime minister , as I can do not comparing in any one another, but am very happy with him! Finally I can use my laptop anywhere in a house without tugging the boss around, and am saving the fortune in cellphone given! Have súper Quickly, internet of confidence in mine portable and my telephone when they are home, and ossia really all can ask, well?

So that marvel, work seamlessly with Comcast.

During my endeavours of installation, has contacted support of client in Medialink (for email) and has received the response immediately. For him then it have imagined out of quell'I there has been bad fact, as I have sent thanks it/excuse to a write those who has answered my email, and still take a time to answer my response. I want to when this spends reason indicates that when I require help, will be there still to leave his expertise.

Recommends this subject without any hesitation at all!
4 / 5 By
Medialink Tries that the product can look slick, has construction of quality, to the work likes them the promised and sell in a sincere prize. And different a lot of companies, Medialink wants to listen of precise help. I have not required the help but is one has has thought that accounts.

One Wireless N is very easy to dip on, calm does not have to that the records to that confuses fine-the screen dips on page and feel desperate reason are out of yours joins. It dips up I go I have taken. Power on a Medialink and attended for him to cycle. When 2 Of some blue lights are blinking on and was is ready. Dipped a CD of installation in a computer and taking of there that. In the pair of minutes are connected. So only follow some steps in some neighbours-arrive spent of the instruction and calm can not fail.

Regarding the very the law has to that say that it adds. He the terrific difference. It have tried it Búfalo @subject some years behind but with or without him mine dsl the connection has taken very slow and falls too often to be acceptable. It has given up in a subject and has had so only a dsl modem plugged directly to a computer. The connection there was still drops during a day, every day, and has not been the client satisfies at all.

When I have dipped on a Medialink, has loved that and my ugly dsl modem and lines of telephone and bosses, discharge and cords out of my view and of my office. I dipped it/ I dipped It everything in another room and a force of wireless signal is full in solid. It is quickly. Has any drops of connection at all. This subject wireless left to take connected, enjoy the fast connection, and stay that way. More left to take all this technology of connectivity of my office. Three acclaims for Medialink. It is quality everywhere.

All this arrogant, the hungry profit, tear-or-of companies of the famous name does not deserve our subject. Undertaken likes Medialink deserve our subject. It is to win he-win to to the situation likes is of supposition to be. Thank you Medialink To do it well.
4 / 5 By
So that other posters have declared, a product is simple and easy to use.

Initially, has has had reservations roughly purchasing the product of a unfamiliar frames with like this of few descriptions of product.

After considering some descriptions of product and an amazing prize, has decided to do a compraventa.

Possesses a ultra portable laptop without an optical walk to the equal that have required to dip one issues up without an installation CD (basic networking the experience recommended).

Has not had a lot the question that configures the wireless coverage takes without an installation CD, but am sure a CD of installation resupplies the much more user friendly experience for beginners.

The connection looks faster and more responsive that an expensive Belkin wireless N the subject has possessed previously.

A product that is feigned to do a lot well without everything of some extra and often the unnecessary bells and the whistles have offered with more overpriced routers available.

In general, the product adds with an amazing prize.
5 / 5 By
UP TO DATE-SEPTEMBER 13, 2012:it is been roughly 1 month has installed of this Subject, and am EXTREMELY HAPPY! Ossia A Subject Wireless better has has not had never. The row adds, Any Question, Any Need To Reboot constantly Like with LYNKSIS-The WORST And VERY WORSE SERVICE/@SUBJECT ANY EXISTENT of CLIENT--YUCK ON HIM!!

I also so only setup the new wireless printer in a coverage by means of a Medialink Subject and LOVES It, easy and fast press of anywhere in a house and still of a front & has retreated porches for our two iPhones & two Laptops the, maintain me kick for not taking a Medialink more collected LESS THAN $ 50 COMPRISING NAVE, is CRAZY ANY to TAKE SUBJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thinks a neighbour-has on taken roughly 10 minutes and was to arrive and that run the signal/sure has protected new wireless N @subject--HOORAY! We inherit the 6 old year linksys wireless G issues this was the nightmare : always falling connections, required complete reboots each one that 4-6 weeks, any signal/of the security protected and slower of to mule this is been opening fields for an eight piece of now!(OSSIA A THING OF OF THE SUD -OF THE 'CORAZÓN OF DIXIE'--ALABAMA!

So only accept an offer of Paper to upgrade our container with them for $ 2/months that has quotes telephone service(which knots hardly use, but works with our system of alarm,together with the signal of wireless alarm), have given each HD canal on earth and has bent our speed of internet of 15 to 30 (whatevers??), we are not a lot the computer imagined it has been now of taking the wireless to issue this was up with a time. After the tonne to research decided to give this relatively ignored the try, has based a lot so only in descriptions of Amazon but CNET and another 3rd party reviewers without any financial bet in a routers a description.

Partorisca $ (incl. S H) And the guarantee of the amazon, more a vendor resupplies an allocution and working telephone number in his listed, imagines, at all venured, at all has obtained.

Is running so portable (in of the different rooms-out of one issues) as well as two iPhone 4S is and depend our wireless connection the internet the real $ $ $ saver as we do not require never buy minutes of extra Data another that a basic plan has--MASTER CELA!

Know ossia only day a, and perhaps would owe that it has expected to revise a product and a vendor(also like Apple--has called & taken by means of in a second the coverage & was A lot of-VERY USEFUL and utmost to do with!, As have have to that so only leave another is knows..........

............ We will update in 30, 60, 90 days and to the left know like this is doing, but the expect to the knots will be perfect for our needs---And The PRIZE Is WELL!! (More any more Linksys NIGHTMARE!!!)

Top Customer Reviews: Medialink ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
1 / 5 By Crissy
C subject has not done while it expect. I expected he he as well as my old D-Nexus SAID-625 but does not have a field to go 30 feet through 3 wall. A signal was feeble and the fall was regularly. Setup Was the breeze.

Does not know sure, but suspect concealed is not defective. Quan Has asked the repayment through Amazon, has to ask permission of a vendor. Medialink Has answered quickly the day and demand in an element and why has wanted to to return it. It was has had to the substitute was defective, but already had purchased another subject so that I have required for the subject that day. Quan Has counted a specifics of a problem of the field experimented, Medialink has not said has thinks that that it was defective, but routed me behind in Amazon for the repayment.

A Medialink the representative has said that I have to return he through Amazon, but the amazon has said that that has had to Medialink, but Medialink routed me behind in Amazon. I have left to try regresarprpers. I suppose that it can have spent another hour or so in a turn and found any concealed could help, but would have paid in $ 8 in $ 9 for the ship behind (one more $ 6 this ships already paid) for the $ 25 repayment as I have decided to maintain he for the weight of paper. Perhaps I will require the one of low leftovers-vary wireless to issue some day. There is another less bad experience that mark the week, after returning an element of a vendor of Amazon. To The experiences like them these me it we reluctant to buy of Amazon ellers' in a future.
1 / 5 By Jenise
Work during the months then only data. It blinks A clear to be able in any prisoner and does not transmit anything so there is not any road to record on in him. Disappointed and no the value this turns this considers cost to ship but and will try and call medialink and see that it offers.
1 / 5 By Leonardo
Has this for more than the year, and I the problem there has been always with disconnection. I have contacted also a service of the client but they does not help me, and has thought perhaps a problem is not with one issues. It opens, it has bought the new to issue and all some problems have gone also with him.
1 / 5 By Nicholas
If this was the respectable company that been by behind his products, 100% repayment that comprises the nave not even would be a subject.

HAS has done with routers and years of points for now as has some learning in this field. I have ordered this subject for my sister and brother in law for his small house. They go to complain of quality of poor signal, and after verifying it, spent his wireless N canal not doing , was G only. (Common for this subject of model) How has ordered this sure to issue this would fix a problem.

Has ordered this in the seven.5th and take it the Seven.8th of Saturday. They take in his house he Seven.9th of Sunday and installed the. With the be of computer quite 20 feet have entered next room, with the only wall thins in a half, there was hardly any signal. His old subject has substituted, has had the better signal. I have tried to change locations to issue, included the different antenna is in computer. I have tried all excepts could not take any good signal of this subject. At the end, after taking a lot a day, my brother in the law has asked to maintain his old to issue and has wanted at all to do with this subject. It says the road a piece of crp back in them.

Has contacted vendor a 10 or 11 mentioning a problem and shipped it behind for repayment. I have paid to ship to ship it behind responsible by clave. In Seven.15 it Take partial repayment. It take price of compraventa but any repayment on shipping when experience or shipping side the road he behind. So much final to cost me the averages a prize of one issues ship and any subject.

Would not recommend this product. Very it can provide to take the casualidad? If it is bad, the calm go you to cost!!!
If this was the respectable company that been by behind his products, 100% repayment that comprises the nave not even would be a subject!
4 / 5 By Erich
It has Had this subject for the few years now and a lot likes him in me. It IS small and compact and has 4 ports of the ethernet in a retreated more some wireless capacities. Has this he the short of the powers he in my television, PS3, Blu-Player of Ray, and wirelessly alloy in my mobile phone and 2 computers. He seldom tomb and if he the fixed mere reset a problem.

My only real complaints are that when turn it on and of every day a wireless signal connects then fallen in my computer. Resetting Would fix this, but problem to have that fact this newspaper. An another subject, possibly related in a premier, is that a firmware in this subject has not been updated when take it he so has to enter and download an update, which are not something seats to have to has to be done. An update has had also the subjects of the entity and I thought that it has had bricked my subject after failing during an update the small time.

Opens, leaves one issues on all a time and I seldom have any subjects, as he a work.
2 / 5 By Deann
It has Had SOME SUBJECTS with this subject. A force of signal is quite decent, but the meeting has to quite regularly unplug it and the restart so that the hideout my connection in abysmally low speeds (thinks 1mbps in the 30mbps connection). My Roku in a back chamber occasionally has to connect problems in him also, also requiring restarts of one issues.

Had disappointed also to find that for some reason, this subject does not leave rooms in a SSID name, as my tentativas to appoint my grandson kynet Mesh of Global Defence' was so disallowed, as well as when being 'also long' in spite of working in my old Netgear subject.

An interface of the also done configuration to pose in QoS confuse.

Does not think would buy another Medialink subject, for earnest be.
5 / 5 By Suzan
It has Had the number of cheap-or wireless routers in a course of 7-8 years now. Personally have little in any use for wifi since connects all my devices directly in my subject. A last year although I have been taking complained of friends and familiar in my wifi, and more recently my brother has lost the game of look of football, as I have fulfilled has had to a bank with this whopping $ 31.00 and some inversion of odd change.

So far so good!~ I have connected a subject and there has been run in 7 steps cual has taken quite a lot of 5 minutes of my time. Of I have been there in a medialink website to update some subjects and downloads one the majority of current manual. Of the guide of the user has not been comprised (only together-in of the instructions) which founds was even more useful information. Quite all has wanted in any characteristic routers, what each characteristic , and anything more can have gone through big was right there. I have verified also his page of support for the update of firmware only to find had a later version already installed.

Can find a guide of user in his web of place: [...]
After touch with some characteristics of one issue for the small while it was advance and together-in my blu-player of ray and laptop in a wifi connection a medialink the wireless subject had created . I have begun with the WPA2 and AES encryption without problem streaming the videos that thinks that would have to go he with WPA for the fastest during a house. It is been the few lame days the solid 5 forbidden any subject where takes my laptop.

Of the kicks have downloaded inSSIDer which are the program that calm show a wifi canals of all the world in your vicinity. A default the parameter has been posed in canal 6 and remarked all my neighbours were 6 or main, as I have posed mine in 1-6 and has all these canals in me. Another thing was to try a speed of connection with several servers. I the averages quite 20mbps down and 3mbps up when connects directly. My wifi has taken enough 7-8mbps down in way with enough 1.5-2mbps up.

Has been only the little of the days and I plan on updating each once so to leave written/the French knows that it is doing. If has any one question us then fall me the line and I will try to answer the.

Update: it is now January, 2 2013 and some subjects continues to do perfectly.

5 / 5 By Shizuko
Thanks to this have internet even so out of my house, has not wanted to pay the plot but I have required the wireless to issue and takes the small reading and he come with instructions, has the time takes with sympathetic computers but I he and can the to him a lot thinks any pot,the flight.
1 / 5 By Romelia
The element is renewed that has known. It has wanted the better wireless signal in my house, so that one issues/of the proportionate modem by the verge fallen a wireless connection all a time. I have followed all the instructions, comprising update firmware. This product has limited only connection, and any quite strong in still connect a computer these next right chairs in him. I am returning.
This does not mean that is to say the bad product , could finishes to take the bad device. I seat the electronic like this is the paste and lose, especially has renewed .
Has spoken with my expert of computer and has offered another suggestion of product, likes test that instead. It have to it spoke it he with him in a 1 place.
4 / 5 By Shawana
C subject has not done as it has expected. I expected it expensive as well as my old D-Link to SAY-625 but there is not a row partorisca go 30 feet by means of 3 wall. A signal was feeble and the falls was regularly. Setup Was the breeze.

Does not know sure, but suspect that is not defective. When I have asked the repayment by means of Amazon, has had to that ask permission of a vendor. Medialink Has answered promptly inside the day and request in an element and reason has loved the turn. They were had of the substitute was defective, but has had has purchased already another @subject reason have required to issue it that day. When I have explained a specifics of a question to vary experienced, Medialink there is has not said thought that that to him was defective, but sent behind the Amazon for the repayment.

A Medialink the representative has said that that has had to that return he by means of Amazon, but the amazon has said that that has had to that contact Medialink, but Medialink sent behind the Amazon. It has given up trying regresarprpers. I suppose that it can have spent another hour or like this in a turn and found any concealed could help, but would have paid in $ 8 to $ 9 for the ship behind (one more $ 6 nave I already paid) for the $ 25 repayment as I have decided to maintain he for the weight of paper. Perhaps I will require the one of spare careers-vary wireless to issue some day. I have had another bad experience less than fact the week, after returning an element of a vendor of Amazon. To the Experiences like them these me reluctant to buy of Amazon ellers' in a future.
4 / 5 By Jewell
Has had this partorisca more than the year, and I question there was always with disconnection. I have contacted also a service of client but did not help me, and has thought perhaps a question is not with one issues. Now, I have bought the new to issue and all some questions have gone also with him.
4 / 5 By Nickole
Laws for the month then only data. It blinks A light to be able to any stop and does not transmit anything like this there is not any way to register in his. Disappointed and no the value that the returns that considers cost of nave but will try them and call medialink and see that it offers.
4 / 5 By Elizabeth
Has had this subject for the few years now and really likes to of me. It is small and compact and has 4 put you of Ethernet in a backside more some wireless capacities. Has this that runs to feed my TV, PS3, Blue-Player of Ray, and wirelessly connects to my mobile phone and 2 computer. He seldom drops and if he the fixed simple reset a question.

My only real complaints are that when it turn it on and of the each day would have a wireless signal connects then drop in my computer. Resetting Would fix this, but annoy to have that does this newspaper. Another subject, possibly related to a prime minister, is that a firmware in this subject has not been updated when I have taken has to that way that has had to that go in and download an update, which is not something seats to have to that it has to that be fact. An update has had also the subjects of the entity and I have thinks that has had bricked my @subject with which fail during an update the little time.

Now, leaves one issues on all a time and I seldom have any subjects, as he a work.
5 / 5 By Jesenia
If this was the reputable undertaken that been for behind his products, 100 repayment that comprises the nave not even would be a subject.

Has has done with routers and coverages for years now so that has some knowledge in this field. I have ordered this subject for my sister and brother in law for his small house. They complained of quality of poor signal, and after verifying it, has found his wireless N canal not doing , was G so only. (Common thus subject of model) To the equal that has ordered this @subject sure this would fix a question.

Has ordered this on and received it the Saturday . It has taken he in his house the Sunday and installed the. With the computer when being roughly 20 feet am gone in next room, with only the thin wall in a half, has had hardly any signal. His subject old has substituted, has had the better signal. I have tried to change locations of @subject, has included the different antenna is on computer. I have tried all but could not take any good signal of this subject. Finally, after taking a lot a day, my brother in law has asked to maintain his old to issue and there is wanted at all to do with this subject. It say to send a piece of crp behind to them.

Has contacted vendor a 10th or 11th mentioning a question and shipped it behind for repayment. I have paid to ship to ship it behind in office of estaca. On I have received partial repayment. I have received price of compraventa but any repayment on shipping when experience or shipping cost for the send behind. As it finalise to cost me the averages a prize of one issues the ship and any one issue.

Would not recommend this product. It can calm really resupplied to take the casualidad? If it is bad, go you to cost!!!
If this was the reputable undertaken that been for behind his products, 100 repayment that comprises the nave not even would be a subject!
5 / 5 By Chandra
Has had SOME SUBJECTS with this subject. A force of signal is quite decent, but the meeting has to that enough regularly unplug it and restart it reason falls my connection the abysmally low speeds (thinks 1mbps in the 30mbps connection). My Roku in a fourth backside occasionally has question connecting his also, also requiring restart he of one issue.

Had disappointed also to find that for some reason, this subject does not leave spaces in a SSID name, as my tentativas to appoint my coverage kynet Coverage of Global Defence' was both disallowed, as well as when being 'also long' in spite of working in mine old Netgear subject.

An interface of the configuration also does to dip on QoS confusing.

Does not think would buy another Medialink subject, to be sincere.
5 / 5 By Herlinda
Has had the number of economic-or wireless routers in a course of 7-8 years now. Personally I have little to any use for wifi of then connects all my devices directly to my subject. A last year although I have been receiving complained of friends and family in mine wifi, and more recently my brother has lost the game of look of football, as I have known has had to that break a bank with this whopping $ and some investment of odd transmission.

Like this far like this good!- I has connected a @subject and has had to that runs in 7 steps as it has taken roughly 5 minutes of my time. Of I am there be to a medialink put web to update of the subjects and download one the majority of current manual. Of drive of the user has not been comprised (near only-on instructions) that has found was even more useful information. Quite all has wanted to know in a routers characteristic, the one who each characteristic , and anything more can have spent for big was right there. I have verified also his page of support for the firmware update so only to find has had a later version already installed.

Can find one drives of user in his web of place: [...]
After touching with some characteristics of one issue for the little while I have been advance and near-on my blue-player of ray and laptop to a wifi connection a medialink the subject wireless had created. I have begun with the WPA2 and AES encryption without question streaming the video that thinks that it would have to that go with WPA for the fastest during a house. It is been the few days take the solid 5 fences any subject where takes my laptop.

For the kicks have downloaded inSSIDer which is the program that calm points a wifi canals of all the world in your vicinity. A incumplimiento the setting has been dipped on canal 6 and there is remarked all my neighbours were 6 or main, as I dip mine on 1-6 and have all these canals to me. Another thing was to try a speed of connection with several servers. You mediate them to them roughly 20mbps down and 3mbps on when it connects directly. My wifi has taken roughly 7-8mbps down in meso with roughly up.

Is so only be the few days and I plan on updating each once like this to leave write/gals knows like this is doing. If has any questions then fall me the line and I will try to answer him.

Update: it is now January, 2 2013 and of the continuous subjects do perfectly.

4 / 5 By Rafaela
Thanks to this I has internet this in spite of out my house, has not wanted to pay the plot but I have required the wireless to issue and take the little reading and he comes with instructions, has the hard time with sympathetic computers but I he and can that to him really thinks any one can,loves it.
5 / 5 By Myrle
A row has not been all have expected takes. It does not improve in mine old Linksys () of 2002. So much, I have ordered the wireless repeater/extends, and has not been compatible with this device at all. Be careful and control to see the one who devices this product is compatible with. It is returned reason was like this angry in an inefficiency and has substituted he with a significantly stronger Netgear WNDR37AV.
5 / 5 By Necole
The element is refurbished which have known. Amado the better wireless signal in my house, reason a subject/of modem has resupplied of the flange falls a wireless connection all a time. I have followed all the instructions, comprising updating firmware. This product has limited only connection, and no quite strong to even connect a computer that chairs his next legislation. I am returning.
This does not mean ossia the bad product , could finalises to take the bad device. I seat electronic like this is paste and lose, especially yes refurbished.
Has spoken with my expert of computer and has offered another suggestion of product, as it comes from that instead. It have to that it has spoken it his in a 1st place.
5 / 5 By Deloris
Are calm like, takes of things with the grain of rooms and read a good and some bad descriptions to see that I am taking to. There are TONNES of good descriptions for this thing and I have taken the casualidad and bought it (In $ 25 bucks can not complain also). Yes, it is quickly, some lights are TOO MANY BRILLIANTS (has Had to that turn my one another direction) - very calm said can dip tape on he also. A ROW sucks. It take your paving or house well but compared to a an I are upgrading, expected it would have the row adds or at least match a last an I has had... He the no. is easy to dip up and had it the few weeks now, any question. There is remarked the increase of action vs. My last subject to the equal that am happy there. If you are looking for row, raisin is one . If you are looking for the quite good speed - this does amiably. Hope These helps. :-)
4 / 5 By Britta
A Medialink the subject was very easy the setup and has tonnes of options for security. An inner antenna is not like this powerful like my old DLink external antenna, but takes a work done in mine 1500 sf wife. Still although I have purchased a refurbished subject, all a OEM the packaging was there and mark to look spanking new.

For a awesome value, and quality of the product to good sure would recommend this Medialink Subject.

has finalised to purchase another of these routers, after my prime minister a frito during the storm of lightning. A second to the subject is quite well too much. Has does not have to that never support of call, as I can not comment in that. A row in mine 2nd unit is not like this very like this in the first place, as having to that take has fallen container when volume to a flange of row (Pandora in mine telephone skips, included in low quality setting). This in spite of, ossia thru three wall and some tile of bath, in another side of a house, before it begins to exit of row.
Still maintenances that this are adds economic to issue, if precise perfection, look at the end subject main for your needs.
4 / 5 By Caron
Ossia My first setting of time on any class to issue, as I have expected the few hiccups; I have had so only one and concealed was reason some instructions (mine) has not been to clear enough! In all the chance has found all really easy to do and when I have telephoned CS was wonderful and walked this in spite of the wrong . It was the much smaller thing to the equal that was happy that was able to do this mostly for my account :)

has tried was with my kindle keyboard to the equal that has the connection wired to my desktop computer and all more will be wireless. In all the chance has written in a wrong signal in mine kindle the little time but took it well in an end (the ees now written the down). Some the wireless works are, volume roughly 3 bars, but am going them the fiddle roughly with a placing of a unit and sees can take that better.

For a prize and a support of client adds - ossia the winner !!!!!
4 / 5 By Palma
A Subject Wireless is flawless, been of a technology of art, that never dysfunctions.
Is esfurbished', and his perfect in the each way - the new a could not be any better !! The same it looks mark spanking new. More importantly, has researched a product by means of MEDIALINK support of technology, Before I have bought of the subjects. They did not deny me upport of technology', reason have not possessed his product, a way more other companies , and a support was directed and unlimited. It can it does not create !! MEDIALINK Support and service of client, is comparable only to L.L. GRAIN LIFETIME guaranteeed on everything of his products. MEDIALINK, And L.L. GRAIN, is entirely without peer, and NO, no for any of them, and never have. To all these companies that loves to know like this to draw the Support of Technology/of Service of Programs of Client for his subjects, MEDIALINK and L.L. GRAIN, is your models. Again, flawless, and without peer !!
Main-SARATOGA Region
4 / 5 By Adalberto
Easy and clear configuration. With which 2 Ethernet of port of month 4 was down and has them substitution of first same guarantee to return a bad a. Service very good! Highly recommend but be conscious and see down one the new update with which 2 month more: one same port4 fails again.
This port the uses for my laptop of travesía and enough often has connected/disconnected of port of Ethernet 4. It looks mine this device has question to protect static serious reason other 3 put you with connection in firm is doing WELL. In this company of time has refused to substitute according to failing device, like this of then when it has to them that use my portable wireless house connected or buy more in the phase Linksys.
5 / 5 By Dung
After reading some numerous positive critiques of a new version of this @subject and an excellent response for a costruttore to a bit those that negative critics I imagined 'that a heck, is $ 25.'

C substitutes @subject a G aged-accelerate NetGear to to this liked has liked the connections randomly and has had the really annoying whistle. I have ordered the Thursday and has received last night (Monday) - nave very fast. The packaging was a lot of - yours box of usual map. Any a lot of room for improvement there.

A subject is the black box quite basic, surprisingly light and curvy. There is remarked the little scuffs in a that at all surface of the horrible - signs that ossia, in fact, the refurbished produced to the equal that has declared. At all the detract of an action and yes is concerned really in shiny would owe that be shabby new.

@Subject setup Was easy, although I am used really to a NetGear the so found papers all has taken the pocolos small. There are useful clues has aimed in all some papers when something is not obviously clear. An update of a firmware has been a lot smoothly (although a first tentativa to do like this wirelessly almost bricked he - I would owe that it has read some instructions bit it more clearly - his specifically state to NOT trying street to update wifi - only wire fence). After a firmware update I reset all some settings behind to some settings of mine old NetGear and is spent an evening surfing. It has not fallen Never the connection and the speeds were very good.

Like this far of the subjects is doing a lot well and a swipe of speed of G to N is a lot of noticeable. In general the a lot of in compraventa satisfactory.

MediaLink - There is a lot of fact well.

8 update of Month (8/22/12) : Still doing exceptionally well, the signal adds during a house (comprising a basement) and there is still to have to that touches for anything another that the transmission of signal and dipping on the new static IP.
5 / 5 By Veda
Installed this produces today. Very easy setup. Works of product fantastically. All the wireless devices are doing perfectly. Highly you recommend this product.
5 / 5 By Magda
Installs was quite painless, but recommends to do the product of wireless device setup in place of direct to desk install (also buggy). I have received this refurb with NETGEAR a/c adapter that any included returned, likes shame in a refurbish instruments -1 star. This in spite of, a crew of the service of the client was awesome with a response of instant and shipped the topmast of priority of new adapter that day, any question has asked. It is hard to find the company of technology that cured in clients after a sale, and his service of client is 5 star . A product is big quality with the row adds. The deceptions spend, but fixed the promptly, like shopping again of Medialink.
4 / 5 By Sharan
@Begin have the question inside the few days. I have had to that reset he all a time. Evita refurbished routers!
5 / 5 By Taryn
Sad, no partorisca Medialink or any of his competitors. With which reading everything of some descriptions has thinks that would give this subject tries it. I have had a lot other frames, all duquel has fallen connections from time to time. Some with row adds and some any one like this utmost. A Medialink is for far a better bang partorisca a buck has has not had never. After a month of continuous use, has not fallen a connection. I have had two electrical power failures, and a Comcast interruption of service. When The power is returned, does not have to that anything. A Medialink reset he and all was as if at all it has spent it. A creation of a unit is a lot contemporary without external antenna. Ossia Perhaps a unit so only toneless point. A row is not like this well like another has possessed. I do not lose never the signal in the 4,000 sq. ft. House, but taking considerably feebler like some increases of distance. If this is not a subject partorisca you and calm love the subject wireless of confidence ossia like this easy to dip on that the caveman can do it, then ossia a a partorisca you.
4 / 5 By Katharine
Left to begin to say the this is first mine tentativa in upgrading my three computers the wireless. It have done some investigation and like more other products there was some good things and some the writings of negative things in the each subject WIRELESS! Well, a Medialink wireless 150Mbps the descriptions have contained extracted adds more positive that negative responses, as I have ordered one.

Avenges a lot quickly. It arrives much more punctual that has expected. It was able to follow one issues progress by means of comprised in following. My woman has been excited is arrivel reason she business in an internet and has been stuck.

At the beginning, some instructions looked both scarce and overwhelming. Some instructions are detailed and no-for-the no. is a lot good. I skipped spend it and has begun on, but still with this little hang-up, so only take roughly ten minutes to dip up and configure one issues.

Has the Dell 3.3 Gh with 6 Gb of RAM that cut Win7.

Win7 Dipped on a coverage less than timing that he taken for me to write this and was in my way. Win7 evalusted A signal as 'Excellent' to the equal that have begun surfing. I have been impressed in an increase in speed in a conjoint wire fence up.

When I finally read a rest of a documentation, has found that Medialink looks to have to that so only police in of the returns and warrantees. They look to have the good reputation. I have followed also a joint of another reviewer the one who the looks much more learnt in routers that dips on of the subjects. It was not necessary to use a CD has comprised, but, looks to be the good resource if one would have to that run to the question. (A tip of a hat. It have died in aim.)

Has has had so only this subject for a day and am conscious that my first impression can be changed in some point. But, for now, so much my woman and I am very pleased with this Medialink subject wireless.

Leaves 2 a month later: Still doing perfectly. Expósito Has a row announced of better that 150 feet. All my readings advise that the signal or 'yours' be dipped up. It was not that I damage any one can do fly my signal, but hacker has come to import. A signal, comprises correctly is encrypted. Extracted well in two times a - Refurbished Wireless N @Subject - 150 Mbps - 2.4 Ghz - w Inner Antenna

has has had now this product for the year. Has has changed computer. Has has changed signals, I upgraded my security. One issues works perfectly. Once again, I have taken my money cost of Amazon.
4 / 5 By Mickie
Ossia So only well. It take this on recommendation of the techie partner. It has it that restarts to plot thicker that thinks that that I have to has to that... And sometimes a coverage so only mysteriously disappears at night, as I have had to that reset the to settings of factory and the configure throughout again. I have it that has not had never this question with another routers. It is so only the ache to have that extracted that each one once in the moment. But hey, guesses concealed is that I that takes for not spending more money in the subject. At least a Medialink the service of client are adds! Calm in fact achieve the person quite immediately. I have had to that call roughly 3 times.
5 / 5 By Un
Moving to the new place and I will have to that leave my service of DSL and his combo subject/of modem behind. Going to the boss and I require the stand-subject only. I have bought this unit because some descriptions were of sound in a container that the details and I has wanted to save the little bucks (always require the little more cash manually when emotional). First what was to take it hooked on liking a uplinked @subject to DSL of mine to exist service. Law so only well. Place on Wireless to the equal that can compare characteristic and row with the mine that exists combo subject. It was speed and comparable row . There is the little give and take among insiemi of characteristic, certainly a MediaLink the subject has all I need, but without the pair of some bells and whistles. Any that really like one issues at present actuate in all the chance, is admin the screens are the hot disorder and constantly launchers of odd errors when trying utilizarprpers. A MediaLink the administration is Much better. We are speaking $ 25, as fulfilling outgrown is one, will not be was a lot. Another option has considered was $ 180, like this ossia the subject real so that never long use it.

UPDATE 2/21/13: still it is using. It has been absolutely free question. Without the doubt, a better value around. The bosses signal wireless perfectly of everywhere to 2 history 2,000 sq ft wife and external. Also using 3 different VoIP telephones simultaneously as well as several computers and half comunicacionales streaming devices.
5 / 5 By Austin
5 / 5 By Sabine
Has an old plus Mac and has looked for the compatible to issue. With the little help of the partner, is installed in my computer and of the good works.
5 / 5 By Hertha
- I has purchased this @subject after reading the descriptions add thus as well as a main product on put of amazon, but has been them disappointed after the use after the few days.. A force of the signal will not fall but the internet prenderá acting..
- Mina Comcast the connection of boss is 25-30 Mbps, but speedtests with this subject when it was - 2 Mbps.
- I touch gone in with Medialink support and has taken the substitution but he a same way.
- I think will be them necessary returns it and take something was. Perhaps it was not supposition to be used by me..

But still would say is the add to issue based in another is descriptions... So that 5 descriptions of the star can not be wrong.
5 / 5 By Verona
Initially had been using the 5-the subject of wireless old year with our service of internet of the house. I thought that it so only it has to that be our service of internet that sucked, but when I have seen some descriptions add thus subject, has decided to give comes from it. It thanks the advantage has done! Ours the internet is faster that never before!

Previously, could a lot included take our Wii to recognise that it had included the row of interior of wireless connection. Of then we take this subject, any one so only done our Wii connects to a wifi, but is also able state to look Netflix in a Wii, and a service has no buffered included once some weeks of then have taken a subject.

Awesome Compraventa! It has not been included able to say that a product has been refurbished- is a lot like this new and an excellent investment for our house!
5 / 5 By Dannie
Was cautious roughly ordering the refurbished subject wireless, and one of the company has not been familiarised with. This in spite of, based in other positive critiques in this Refurbished Medialink Wireless N the subject has decided to try the one of then mine 7 subject of year gave some few questions. I have not had any question with an installation and all have come up and has done. I used it roughly the month and he has done well. Has 2 computer and the WII has connected directly his and 2 laptops the, and two Kindles connected wireless and has not had any question. I have run in the direct connects computer and the wireless laptop and has taken almost some the same results like limiting factor was my connection of modem of the boss to an internet.
4 / 5 By Luciano
Had spent of plot of descriptions for different routers both new and refurbished and has used. This was an only one this has taken my attention. 100 positive feedback descriptions, USA have based punctual service. I have included called a day has said a service will not be available. I have called and any one elected on a telephone and has said has question installing and I help of need. Take my telephone and has said any one will call shortly. The day has thought was that any one will call. To my interior of surprise two hours have taken the call and a technology help me by means of. His summer roughly two weeks now and does not have any question with one issues. His acting to the equal that has promised. As I have given five indication of star. These produced is coming a lot quickly and packed like new. My big thanks to characterising.
4 / 5 By Loree
Pleasantly Surprised by this @subject -- was smaller that has expected them, some instructions partorisca put-up was clear, and resupplies coverage more orders that one issues has substituted them. One issues is down and gives the decent signal when they are them upstairs in another side of a house (roughly 1750 sf) -- the has not taken this with quell'has had them. It have won particularly on for a service of support/of the client there are them remarked when reading negative critic -- any one has taken a time partorisca direct unhappy clients. Esperanza I does not have to that never service of client of the call with the complaint, but the , feels them the'll be taken seriously.
4 / 5 By Paulina
Other descriptions have said good things in a row, My last subject the short fall to paste a living room of my office,(perhaps 60'},, this one he,, streaming films now in HD
No the long ways in a living room ,(perhaps 60'},, , but a lot of wall and transfer and turns in a house,
solid State for a past little month that had it, the prize Adds so that he ,( Paid $ 25}.. Near easy on and has not required a setup CD..
4 / 5 By Anton
Has had the new medialink subject for the few years - has done well, but reason was forced to be located in some corners of a house with a lot of electronics around the, does not resupply the good signal thruout a house. This question hadnt the state solved by the variety of different frames of routers, or several classes of antennas on USB wifi auricular. Although it warn on some questions to incorporate repeaters to the system of coverage, a prize of the refurbished medialink the subject is like this reasonable that has thought that that it value a risk. Among that looked pristine condition. I have had some question configuring he for my neighbour-arrive (partly because some instructions written was some pocolos contradictory, apparently is revised when be). But the technical support was that it surprises (has experienced that more in a lot of years to treat electronic subjects) and softly spoke thru some the diverse settings have required. Centrally Has located, has had he for roughly 1 month and has done perfectly, sending the strong signal thruout a house (comprising behind to a room with a subject original!). Like this now I do not comprise reason there is worry roughly using repeaters -especially with 2 medialink routers connected near.
5 / 5 By Felisha
Lustrous, Simple to dip on issuing. Unfortunately a subject of prime minister has sent has been acted bad and could not resist connection. When I have called service of client and has explained a question has said that that sends the substitution immediately (his suggestion, any serious semi-detached or the questions have asked!) A new device has arrived the few days later and works perfectly. I have taken it casualidad that chooses the refurbished device in the new a, but any remorse that considers that quickly a question has been solved. I produce it adds, the company adds.
5 / 5 By Maxie
Likes another, imagined it is cost taking a casualidad. My service of internet is wireless (any mobile), as I so only plugged a radio to a @subject and was was and that careers. I am using the Compaq desk and HP the laptop and a speed is sum.

A 'question' so only was that it was unable to find an option of paper to change a name of a coverage. Quell'Conceals has not been the big shot and can have had some update that has not found.

An only configuration dipped a signal of coverage.

Modifies August 8, 2012. Still doing adds! And I have not taken around to update a firmware. :-)
5 / 5 By Rosario
Has bought this to substitute a Cisco Linksys @subject that was new mark the little month done when rented of a company of boss. Now I do not owe that pay $ for month to rent one. Pay for him in 6 month. It can not say the difference. Works at least as well as a Linksys has done and in the prize adds. It was very easy and quickly to dip up with some simple instructions have resupplied. Very pleased with this compraventa.
4 / 5 By Towanda
Has bought this for the paving of my daughter in university. Has does not love anything too difficult to dip up and has not loved to pay to plot of money. This was perfect! Originally there is another mark and was in a telephone with his 2 hours that tries to take of the subjects and his computers all has connected. This arrived and some daughters have taken bet especially for them. Any support of technology has required.
4 / 5 By Gregorio
Has bought one issues afterwards reading all the descriptions. A row is same like my old Netgear and the speed is not very better that 54 Mbps. Has the paper. Any sure if the new mark one will do better. Has the 1200 sq ft house.

There is not complained in mine old Netgear, and will not complain in east a neither. Works well, but at all to rave roughly.

Bought it refurbished and of the subjects have arrived with the little scuff frames in a to and powder in a box. The nave was quickly.
5 / 5 By Ping
Has purchased the subject of the wireless new mark external really big 'Wal' tent that some clients had estimated excellent. It lose my internet conection roughly 3 times the day. Some descriptions have read in the amazon has indicated that also.
To the equal that have purchased this one and has been doing adds! So only the averages a prize of a new one has purchased elsewhere. The totally new looks.
5 / 5 By Faustino
Laws well, so only hooked he on and has has turned things on in an order resupplied for directions, dipped a security. Very easy, economic!
4 / 5 By Leslie
Rings the wireless to issue for a first time and spent in a Medialink Wireless N Subject. After reading some descriptions and comparing some prizes with another routers, has taken the jump of faith and has ordered a Medialink. They are like this happy that bought it!!! It is it is absolutely awesome, and a prize is virtually impossible to beat!! Highly it recommends this @subject to any one looking for the new a, refurbished, etc.
4 / 5 By Carman
to to subject New likes him the subject the. Refurb Like an access pt. At the beginning it was underwhelmed with a signal. Having the question that goes 40 ft. It does not have @to @give has had it two different proto partorisca security AES and TKIP has changed so much the AES and signal. Has the metre of signal of the coverage that verifies some two results. Even SSID, security and signal. Seamless Among points. Easy setup.
4 / 5 By Shanon
Ossia A second Medialink the subject has bought. I have purchased the new Medialink subject on its own name last year and the refurbished one for my daughter the one who is in university. Both work adds, is a lot easy to dip up and is a lot fast. A prize is a lot reasonable for a subject new as well as a refurbished a. Highly it suggests this @subject to any the one who is in a phase for the new one or just upgrading to the N subject.
4 / 5 By Kallie
Has a lot of satisfied state with this element. It was súper easy to dip up and has done adds. I have had also one issues which directed to call Medialink service of the client and I have had an excellent experience. A technology was American and was a lot of patient and toilt to solve my subject.
5 / 5 By Emmanuel
This product is all that said it would be. I have had to call support of client because of the mine goof-up in any that follows his simple directions (duh). They were very useful, patient and just simple good to treat. Highly it recommends Mediabridge and subject of sound.
4 / 5 By Laveta
On some last few years has possessed them several netgear and linksys routers. Everything of them was much more that a refurb medialink. At the beginning it was them skeptical to buy the refurbished electronic but has been them for him. Result to be mine buys better the long time. setup Was very easy with a cd-less installation, the era to arrive and that careers in 10-15 minutes. im Taking the speeds add also.

Like one concludes east wants to say them, if youre in a fence with east or unsure because of a prize under the say GO FOR HIM. My experience of subject better still. It was complicated less to install and has not lost never the signal once!
4 / 5 By Nancee
This has a lot of be easy the setup and the work adds. Force of the signal is not to order, but, inside a house, work so only well.
4 / 5 By Georgetta
Does quite much more a time, the time of the pair now is reset kinda randomly, but taken everything of 2 minutes for me to dip my preferences in, and wi-fi is so only for the guests in all the chance like all our computers is plugged his.
5 / 5 By Lauretta
Easy spouse on, has linked my Mac, Android, and Blue Ray with ease. It has not had any fallen signals still. There was so only on and doing now for several weeks, but like this far like this good!
5 / 5 By Loretta
This are adds to Issue he all the anxieties done and he well. I have loved to issue it so only that read and has not fallen a signal all a time. I have not required all an extra junk has dipped the routers these days (coverage of supposition ext.) And the frames have paid for them. I have possessed a lot of different classes of frames of routers Dlink, NetGear, Links and this one beats everything of them. Have Still to fall a signal and I possessed it now for 3 weeks. Has a Iphone, android, Portable, Ruko Box hooked up has seen WiFi. I have it Wired Hard to the Netgear Powerline adapter and am running a Xbox 360, Roku Box and Panasonic Vercast TV. I cant the believe was the refurb marks it to him asestada new. Thank you MediaLink Maintains on a good work.