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Top Customer Reviews: FileFort Backup ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
1 / 5
This software no while it announces.
1. I can not pose the time for the session of backup to start with when is not using a computer. It does not begin if my computer is in a road of sleep. Basically every time I begin my computer some beginning of backup.
2. Having access in a backside-in the files are difficult. I am expecting that it is backing up.

Has update in 4/16/2019
any compraventa this. That is to say the no recoverable download .
5 / 5
Very fast and effective in backup of data--recorded the 20 in the stairs of 1 in 10
5 / 5
Excellent automatic behind up software, records behind in the at the same time scheduled works in a back earth. Some the only low majorities are only support
behind until google walk, box of drop and amazon s3, any one leans behind until cloud of amazon
4 / 5
This software does not do like this announced that.
1. I can not dip the time partorisca the session of backup partorisca begin when I am not using a computer. No starts if my computer is in a way of sleep. Basically every time I initiate my computer some starts of backup.
2. Having access to a backside-on the files are difficult. I am expecting that it is backing up.

Has update on 4/16/2019
does not buy this. Ossia Non-recoverable download .
4 / 5
Very fast and effective in the backup of data prices the 20 in the stairs of 1 to 10
5 / 5
the option of Automatic backup is daily. It can so only time of schedule of day.
5 / 5
Excellent automatic behind on software, extracted behind on works a time planned in a rear earth. Some the only short majorities is only support
behind until google walk, box of drop and amazon s3, does not sustain behind until cloud of amazon

Top Customer Reviews: Nova Development US ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
4 / 5
We buy this program to entirely and securely erase the computer of laptop of my husband. We do not use it never anymore and so only buy the new iMac, how has been now of partorisca recycle his old Dell portable. Has has wanted to do sure his information was securely dried in any risk partorisca be has restored. Ossia The one who this program has promised to do!

A backside of a box gives an illusion of 3 any simple to erase your whole hard walk - add in theory, but no like this simple.

Partorisca Erase our hard walk, here is some steps that taken:
1) has Tried to install installation cd - and here is a kicker - has asked the tone of registration - which have had - write it to us on and on - cover them there is shut, any one covers, dashes, any dashes - etc - A tone of product was 'not correcting' - To my husband' cholera, has had to that call support of client (that for a way, a number of telephone in a box is not to sustain of client - sustain of the client is an integer of new number )...
2) is Remained in a telephone for the half hour while sostenimiento of the client has tried to the help was. They have tried, but it was really any a lot of upport'ive. A type emailed we the new code - has said like this - that almost 15 hours later, still has not received - is the good thing that convinced the so only SAY USA a code in a telephone, reason still would be to step one.
3) finally has taken an installation cd has installed.
4) has INSERTED red 'beware' cd - the one who some instructions do not say is that you have to that insert a cd to a walk, restart your computer and resist a 'This key down to start with on your computer by means of a disk.
5) With which concealed, was smooth navigation - my husband there has been a 80action the hard walk has dried entirely in roughly 2.5 hours.

He that says, but if your chance is anything likes mine, has the glass of the handy wine!
4 / 5
This product has done perfectly. I have had several systems of computers that required to be tossed or has given. I have used BC Toallita humid and other alike tools for half comunicacionales electronic sanitization first of the friends recommended this product. They are happy has done.

A software comes with two disks. A disk is wrapped in the sleeve of RED CD. It is this CD that one has to that be careful of (red = of look). It is marked CLEARLY that insert /to insert this to a computer and reboot, will ERASE your walk of INTEGER of hard disk. Like the @@subject in fact, has to come from by means of several steps in a wizard with which you reboot with a loaded CD before in fact dry your walk. Calm has it that says that disk (has more than a) and/or partition to dry and with the method of destruction. It looks that perhaps another can not have read some directions or some posters of opinions in his entirety that has been showed clearly first of his hard walks have been dried.

One the good characteristic is an utility of editor of the disk . You can look in those your clocks of disk there is overwritten he with zeros or of the random characters.

Another disk is for loaded tools to your operating system so that you can destroy traces of internets, concrete files, and to half comunicacionales removable likes him the thumb and flash walks.

Is looking for An easy tool that securely dry your walk for disposal (donation, sale of cochera, auction, etc...) Ossia The tool adds for a money.
4 / 5
Has purchased the walk erases to delete some contents of a hard walk on three computer that has required situates of (XP and Windows 98). I have not used this to erase the individual files neither I use Protect to Daunt Total imagines so it can not comment in these. In all three if a product has treated like this announced and was able to do all three in roughly 6 hours, the majority of that involved so only leaving a software his work for an hour or like this every time. There is some quirks that require to be conscious of:

has in the first place entered a tone of product in of the tiny papers with a script and he would not accept it . I have then used main with a script and he have done in all three chance. This requirement is not documented anywhere. As it appears that a subject invalid key that another had has been corrected but still has to that be entered in the concrete format.

Has looked for to use a disk of boot without installing a first software. I have thought of then it kicked to a CD that has not imported if a software has been installed in a hard walk. This has not done like this apparently a software in the first place has to that be installed to a hard walk.

With which installation a software asks to reboot a computer. Left the reboot and then use a reboot disk to reboot again this time to a CD. I have tried to save the spend for rebooting to a CD in a prime minister reboot and somehow corrupted some files of the installation and I has had to that install a software again.

Any one has mentioned of then when rebooting to a press of CD C during a reboot. I any this a first time and a computer rebooted to a hard walk. Like this ossia a undocumented but has required.

In general am very pleased with this product (although a documentation could be better) and would recommend it to another. If some the correct steps are followed he does very a lot of(installs to hard walk, has entered your in a pertinent format, has left a computer reboot to a hard walk, load reboot disk and hastens C while a computer reboots the second time and then follow directions in a screen).
5 / 5
Has looked for to use one erases disk of boot in an old laptop and the new desk. It has done perfectly in an old laptop. Easy to use and has done a work (5 stars). It has not done at all in a desk. I have contacted New service of client, the one who has answered quickly (w/in 24hrs) for email. This was his suggestion .


Thank you to contact Avanquest Technical Support.

Tries to go to the your bios and that changes a way of Hard walk for SATA to IDE. You could require contact your costruttore of computer to discover like this to do east.

Thank you,

Messing With a bios to dry some sounds of walk like the mine risky suggestion. I think that that I will expect and find the product that reads with SATA walks.
4 / 5
Has bought a program to erase a data in a computer of the oldest laptop that has not been used anymore. Has has wanted to do sure a data has been erased entirely to be able of the recycle.
A program has done well. They are by train of the give To 4 star because some instructions have not been very clear. Felizmente Previously to purchase a program had read a description for MestaySS. A description was useful to the equal that has described some have not taken to erase the hard walk of his computer. That was particularly hepful the mine was number of any 4 regarding a red CD. I have had to that resist down one 'Of key in place of a 'This been due to mine portable' configuration. After a program has done smoothly and a whole thing has been dried inside a term of time has described.
4 / 5
Am spent in an hour and the half in a telephone with New sustains technical
this in spite of could not take the walk erases Pro to upload and work as it has announced.
Finally the senior technology advisor said to call a costruttore of computer (Dell)
to have them help me. A Dell technology. advisor Said that New the disk was defective.
Dell Has downloaded another application. To clean my hard walk.

Rests out of this product to save calm of hours of frustration. I am
returning it to take my money behind!
5 / 5
Does not squander your money in this software. I have purchased this software to erase the first hard walk to give a computer. I have tried initially run this software of a hard walk after installing it. He no run with everything of some a lot of small programs that the windows opens to run. I have then created the disk of boot of a software and used it to kick a computer. It said it then it could not erase a hard walk as configured, in spite of a fact that a BIOS has aimed that is to be configure correctly for the walk Erases. I finally purchased Webroot Wndow Washer, which has done perfectly.
4 / 5
Likes some another a S/N thus produced has been refused for a product. Any one sustains of product in a weekend. No in a way to do an already difficult work worse to struggle with subjects of support of the technology. I will be to return this to some costruttrici for a full repayment. I have bought WiveDrive Saver of System and does not have to that reinstall one YOU which will be the saver of good time .

Forgets this program and try the different a. This was the waste of time.

There is disappointed.
4 / 5
Was very impressed with some results that I use the walk erases Pro. The desire there were produced more there. It has had the windows Seen in my new computer, and has wanted to install Windows XP. This looks an only program could purchase to take View. So only for following some simple instructions, was able to take View. I remark several people that complains in this wonderful product. It has done I add for me!! The calm supposition always looks to find people those who complain so only reasons likes to. lol Recommends this product to do exactly that it says it will do. It has done for me.
5 / 5
For an user of HALF PC, a manual of instruction could be detailed more. Information very small has comprised in reinstalling yours the ones of the once used operating system DriveErase to erase your hard walk. A software has treated like this fiancé, this in spite of, and offers several options, of fast/less-sure to long/súper-sure. Some instructions recommend quell'option to choose, as like a computer has been used (office/of house) and the one who will use it with which (a partner, mate or odder).
5 / 5
I have bought this like this entirely could erase a hard walk in mine old desk before I gave it.

A CD of Boot is supposition partorisca erase the hard walk in 3 any easy. The Plan was does not operate! I am spent several hours trying cogerprpers partorisca do and trolled one web partorisca suggestions. I have changed BIOS settings, rebooted numerous time, has tried a DVD and CD have done. It is supposition partorisca be like this simple as '1. Insert a CD partorisca Kick to your walk of CD ROM, 2. Restart your computer, and 3. Delete your data with confidence.' Nope

So much has then tried another CD while it could erase the majority of data of a CD of the boot has not done. Another objective CD partorisca number of serial but refuses a a wine with.

A 80+ user of page drives there has been no troubleshooting suggestions partorisca any of these subjects.

I finally downloaded DBAN partorisca free and has used felizmente that.
4 / 5
A box is entrance was would not download the mine was unable to use an on buying another product partorisca erase my hard walk. A lot disappointed..
4 / 5
Are a lot disappointed like your of the product has been refused when trying record. Further partorisca give a costruttore to like this casualidad contacted them write in his form in his web of place and I have not been answered to! I have declared it included it it would like me avert a turn of claim/ of the The-z but apparently concern A lot roughly servicing his product. Of the that Shabby.
5 / 5
Has taken a work done . It has erased everything of a Hard walk .
4 / 5
This software has done exactly how has been supposed to. It has averted a hassle partorisca go to a box and that it has to dismantle a HD, etc.
4 / 5
This product is outdated junk. It is effective partorisca cars that is XP and older, but any very today of cars. He no with SATA walks (more than likely a computer is viewing this with contains the SATA walk...). When you Go partorisca kick a disk up will take a message of error that declares 'the hard disk drives not founding'. It is there and doing properly is so only that this software escole old is not compatible with SATA walks. If it call the support of client like on 12/28/2010, can any of helps and openly state that this software has been years written partorisca cars that is now the dinosaurs and this esometimes laws, sometimes he any'. This has said, this software is was-of-rubbish of date. Take spend it unless has a scheme very old.
5 / 5
This program are add, but the frames calm sure have your disks of recovery that is coming with your laptop or desk. It is extremely easy to use and comprise, and taken roughly 4-5 hours partorisca the plenaries erases. As it would recommend to dip the to run at night and arrival in a morning. Well value one $ 29, especially yes youre selling your computer, does not know never that it could leave it for more partorisca find 'the hard way'.
5 / 5
Has used this software partorisca erase my data of my first old computer of the sell, and like another reviewer, when it has been finalised doing is harm , a computer could not be kicked up. Included Dell could does not help me. A disk of the rescue has not done, at all would kick on this computer. I wound on that has to that give of the money behind to a person the one who has bought my computer, how was in fact Out of a $ partorisca a software. An enormous disappointment!
4 / 5
Has done perfectly partorisca me! I have read some leading descriptions and @fare only insurances that has followed some instructions, and that has entered a serial exactly like this forms in a sleeve of disk - in to cover them! I began it so only before I put to bed me and when have despertador on this morning has been DONE! They are very happy with this product. Oh, And an operating system was Windows Seen and a hard walk was so only roughly 3.5 years.
5 / 5
It does not squander your money. Number of telephone of the help does not operate. The disk will not take a serial does not number any @@subject that house or yes enter script. I am spent 2 hours and at all laws.
5 / 5
These produced sucks! I can very included use a product because a serial numbers this is coming with a disk does not operate. I take a message of error . I know I can read and type. These produced is totally worthless. Save your money.
5 / 5
My experience with this product was ENTIRELY NEGATIVE. It has not erased a data of hard walk- has erased instead an operating system of Windows. A data has been still in a hard walk, but a computer could not be begun again. Partorisca Situate of a computer has had to that take a hard walk of a car and destroy he with the sledge hammer. I have not required useless software to destroy a walk. This software does not do and cause give additional to a computer.

The service of the client of this company is included worse that a software-- consider you has WARNED!
4 / 5
A software done for me. A software comes with the 30 money of day for behind guarentee of a costruttore, New. Also it comes with email and free telephone support of technology. If it has not done, reason offer the money has retreated guarentee and unlimited support?
4 / 5
TERRIBLE! I surprise that this software comes with a whole booklet of info and no a word of him is of any use anything. At all the friendly user.
5 / 5
Has purchased this produces yesterday everything to find that it will not recognise SATA hard disks. Investigation of the new product.
4 / 5
This was the very simple process for any the one who any one this type of work in the regular base. It has taken less than an hour to do a whole process and have my old computer ready to give to any to use for his boys. I seat very sure that everything of our personal information is out of a hard walk.
4 / 5
Has decided to give my old computer to the institute of my edges. I have begun to research the software could use to do sure everything of my personal files have not been recoverable included with which I formatted a walk. I finally decided in this application. It was simple and effective! It has dipped my confidence in this software and he did not leave me down!
4 / 5
The walk Erases Pro has done that has said would do it: toallita humid my old HD clean. But it has not had any flexibility that leaves of mine to maintain Windows XP on like an operating system. This is to be dry, also.
5 / 5
Has been said that ossia the product adds , this in spite of, could does not take to operate when my laptop clashed but I still chairs is the product adds . Thank you.

Top Customer Reviews: Norton Ghost 9.0 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
2 things do not say you , but has to marks for phantom of use:

1. You OWE race CHKDSK /F before I like him in fact of an image- a bad file and a program give you to you the message that has the cyclic redunancy error of control. (After 30 minutes to run).

2. Running live update, HAS TO NO REBOOT when asked to do so!!!! Of some words of Norton back of technology:

afterwards doing LiveUpdate will take the punctual that will ask you to restart a computer. If you answer ' STILL' in rebooting a computer in firm down in front of an installation is complete. I recommend that that please you answered 'Any one' and leaves the live update to complete. Then it restarts a computer after a patch is installed totally.

3 / 5
Phantom 9.0 Calm in the era in the Image of principle of Walk for Powerquest. The image of walk was a
produced adds with good support. Symantec Has bought Powerquest and the walk has renamed
Image 'Phantom of Norton'. I the phantom has bought only so that I know the image of Walk is a
good product. Symantec Has attached the little characteristic without importance but now provides
zero technical support. The good class has questions it any one in his FAQ place.
Every year Symantec done another insignificant change, calls it the big more
version and touches two times that cost of Image of the Walk, again unanchored.
Flavours Acronis afterwards.
1 / 5
Quan Goes to complain in Microsoft in my computer is hanging, has taken a response that has been PHANTOM; this Symantec has known of a 'PHANTOM' problem but has had any one fixed for him. Symantec In the a lot of words have confirmed the commentaries of Microsoft. The blocs of PHANTOM to the each to which likes him to him the alteration or new program of old ones have tried to install. Symantec Wants to more the money to help resolve me a problem does not know so to resolve. A program (PHANTOM 9.0) any one still comprises a 'Uninstall.' It IS the big negative , the cancer that radiated with esmoval' will return one is computer in health.
1 / 5
I have installed this program in WinXp Group of service 2. An installed program erroneously and was absolutely unusable. It was in a page to back and has looked for a base to learn. I have found that the majority of some pieces was only directly of a documentation, which of course very exactly the help when has errors. Then I routed the message in a support of technology for help. His now been 5+ days and at all. I suppose it it do not answer never. You have to pay to call. Tan after editing my register and uninstalling/installs serveral the time thinks that that it is now in the usable state. But now very really it trusts a software to back in my data.
5 / 5
Phantom Of Norton 9 is the bloated and buggy disorder, complete with an interface that at all assembla another Symantec/produced of Norton.

His backups are much bigger that these facts with Phantom of Norton 2003. Using Phantom 2003 could back in my integer to walk that it takes in a spatial DVD, while Phantom 9 insists on using two DVDs.

Besides, included deletes an engine for my two optic walks!

Behind in the walk takes in the windows has been compared to try to maintain an automobile while it is moving down a road. Phantom 2003 Can look 'clunky' and 'old fashioned' in falling back in TWO, but that it is the fundamentally sounder approximation.

My 'inferior line' is that or to well sure would have to bond in Phantom 2003.
1 / 5
A program of CD of the recovery no . It begins up, but some options of the card for recovery would hang a system.

Has ZERO SUPPORT. An on-line support is totally useless, and otherwise paid big bucks.

Is demanding my money behind in this junk of total.
1 / 5
Having anterior experience with this program of backup, was happy to use it. Even so, an use was shortlived, like the tone of activation was unreadable. Only a period of test was available.
5 / 5
Some laws of to the program adds only likes him always. I Like him his of a capacity to create an image in a same walk apresamiento is imaging. But he no an image of the Server of Windows 2000 which that has very wanted.
5 / 5
2 things do not say you , but has to that do for ghost of use:

1. You OWE THAT run CHKDSK /F first to try done an image- a bad file and a program give you the message that has the cyclic redunancy error of control. (With which 30 minutes partorisca run).

2. Running live update, HAS TO NO REBOOT when request partorisca do like this!!!! Of some words of Norton support of technology:

after treating LiveUpdate will receive the punctual that will ask you partorisca restart a computer. If you answer 'HE' to rebooting a computer in firm down first of an installation is complete. I recommend that that pleases answered 'ANY' and leave live update partorisca complete. Then restart a computer after a patch is installed entirely.

4 / 5
When Have complained the Microsoft in my computer is hanging, has taken a response that was GHOST; this Symantec has known of a 'GHOST' question but has had any fixed partorisca he. Symantec In the a lot of words have confirmed the commentary of Microsoft. The GHOST blocks each new program or alteration of old some have looked for to install. Symantec Wants to more money to help me solves a question does not know like this to solve. A program (GHOST 9.0) any included comprise a 'Uninstall.' It is the big negative, the cancer that irradiated with esmoval' will return one is computer the health.
5 / 5
Norton Ghost 9 is the bloated and buggy disorder, complete with an interface that at all resembles another Symantec/Norton produced.

His backups are much bigger that these facts with Norton Ghost 2003. Using Ghost 2003 I could back on my integer of hard walk to a spatial DVD, while Ghost 9 insists on using two Dvd.

Besides, included deletes some engine for my two optical walks!

Backing On the hard walk inside Windows have been compared to try service an automobile while it is moving down a street. Ghost 2003 can look 'clunky' and 'old fashioned' fallen behind to TWO, but ossia the fundamentally sounder approximation.

My 'inferior line' is that one to good sure would be necessary sticks to Ghost 2003.
4 / 5
A recovery CD program no . It begins on, but some options of the paper for recovery would hang a system.

Has ZERO SUSTAIN. An on-line support is totally worthless, and otherwise paid big bucks.

Am demanding my money behind in this total junk.
5 / 5
Having leading Experience with this program of backup, was happy to use it. This in spite of, an use was shortlived, as yours of the limit was illegible. So only a period of test was available.
4 / 5
A law of program adds so only likes always. It likes- one capacity to create an image in a hard walk even is imaging. But he no an image of the Windows 2000 Server the one who quell'I there is wanted really.
4 / 5
Has used Ghost 2003 for the years and I am always has surprised that after downs Windows, reboots the TWO, extracted his backup, verifies and then restarts Windows .

Installs Ghost 9.0 and is looked forward to to have it trues backup of Windows. It installs well, up to date, well, behind-upped well and then is not never able state to verify his own files for the pertinent restores. Has a famous 'EA39070A: An inner structure of a PQI to the file is at all or unsupported'. There is plants the web discovers there is poured in this subject mysterious. Have to you defrag, downloads each program, reduces services of Windows, they was to suggest it no with STREET chipsets on some Firewire walks. I have included installed the in the second hard walk with the new copy of Windows and still has taken a same result. It picky Done the piece of software takes??? Although it does with all has downloaded, that has has obtained external of an older version that shoe to TWO, control his half own and calm then of the yours computer behind when it is by means of?

Has has contacted Symantec help it on-line and has answered inside a next day. This in spite of his fijamente is not anything has had has not tried already. Read on....

Has comprised his cast of dirty clothes of 'workaround' fijamente concealed any no never for me. They are behind to Ghost 2003 until they can take these fixed. Downloaded the test of Acronic True Image and have a same question. I guess STREET chipsets is so only a blacksheep of a family when it comes to back on low Windows. It goes figure.

Thank you To contact Symantec On-line Technical Support.

Of your message, comprises that when that creates an image of backup that use Norton Ghost 9.0, see a message of error, 'EA39070A: An inner structure of a PQI to the file is at all or unsupported'

This subject can arrive arrive because of resources of low system, bad blockades in a hard walk, severely fragmented files and conflicts by heart.

Like him around, suggests that it treat one following troubleshooting a lot before using Norton Ghost.

1. It deletes Windows Provisional files

2. Defragment Both source and allocates hard walks.

3. Next Background applications

4. The control strolls hard for errors.

Please notes that has mentioned he in the is not to separate of a procedure to optimise resorted of system. For like this, I suggest that you are everything possible troubleshooting no like fimbriated in a document has linked down:

Title: ' it drives Basic to optimise resorted of system'

the document GOES: 2002061015214139

>Web URL: [...]

Can verify hard walk for errors to run Microsoft CHKDSK. For additional details, please inform to a document has linked down:

Title: 'To the equal that to run Microsoft CHKDSK of a line of order'

the document GOES: 2004066687571562

>Web URL: [...]

If an on has mentioned troubleshooting the any one has not solved this @@subject then this subject could be due to some following reasons:

a. Imposed of compression:

Please notes that this @@subject also can arrive has choose the tax of big compression. To do sure that a tax of the compression is not that it causes this subject pleases to choose the tax of the lowest compression. For information of addition, please inform to a following document resupplied in some links down:

Title: 'levels of Compression in Norton Ghost 9.0'

the document GOES: 2004072820384262

>Web URL:


b. Control of integrity of the image:

This @@subject also can arrive has choose an option to verify an integrity of image while it creates an image he. In this chance, please uncheck an option to verify an integrity of image while it creates an image, instead verify an integrity of a file of image with which is created. For assistance to the respect, please inform to a following document resupplied in some links down:

Title: 'To the equal that to verify an integrity of the image of backup that use a Browser of Image of the Backup' the document GOES: 2004080214003662

>Web URL:


For additional information regarding a message of error with a code EA39070A, please inform to a following document of our Base of On-line Knowledge:

Title: 'Error: 'An inner structure of a PQI to the file is at all or any sustained' when creating, restoring, or exploring an image'

the document GOES: 2004010648203262

>Web URL: [...]

Please notes that in almost all one has informed chance that follows some the recommended steps have outlined in a first document mentioned has has solved felizmente a subject.

For like this, asks that the pass was all some have not mentioned in a document. We thank you for your patience and has sawed-operation to the respect.

If precise assistance further, please does not doubt to contact.

Strongly suggest you be able to download it demo of your program of backup and sees does in yours setup. It can do for you but be sure to ask in the repayments purchase this software and he no for you neither.
4 / 5
Has been the user of image of the walk for years. My main system has image of walk 7.0 and that reads well. Has the pocolos bugs, and is am yacido is dog dulcemente, but work. It take ghost 9.0 to try was so that it can recommend he for my boss in work.

After installing in the system of test, suggests that I kick one recovers cd. Well in DI7, is one same, and while it takes the pocolos small to kick, once there does quite well. With ghost 9.0 cd, all I clicked on at all for roughly 3 minutes. Then something would burst on (p. p.ej. A browser). A bit those that time he so only hanged so that has a lot the time has had to reboot. And while it is doing a lot, there is not any indication that anything is spending. A lot of scary.

Has not tried that creates any images of a recovery looked like this buggy. And not to impose you that often you backup, has to try to recover the little time or calm will not know never if he he when calm the precise.

( Has found that a recovery cd would kick and run usually in mine intel-has based pc. It looks has questions with mine amd system. It does not know it is a motherboard or a cpu, but now to the equal that take, I difficulty there was also with image of walk 7.0 in this amd system)

But my main worry is the one who annoying and restrictive one authorising east. In my chance, take the new motherboard every year or two, and so only know this sucker will refuse to do change anything. The difference of another software that so only requires some number of serial along, this one requires you for the actuate on an internet and he something to try to say has tried use the in another computer. A whole idea to touch for a computer is painful, of then the one who does not have the pair of computer in a house anymore. Has 3 and live so only. It can calm so only imagine your walk of system dies and has been doing backups religiously and tests to resotre something and thinks is flying his product.
5 / 5
Ghost 9 is total dogmeat, in a tradition of his products of mate SystemWorks 2005 and Personnel Cortafuego 2005. Retreated On the 20GB the partition that Ghost of uses 9 and take 4.5 hours in the Athlon XP1600 car with 384MB of RAM - way too slow. And when I have tried to restore in way of Windows, takes 2 hours partorisca restore 16 of this partition - I has given up. In TWO RECOVERY of Way, was able to restore in 28 minutes, which is decent. But with which one restores, a walk would not kick and has taken the error of boot of the disk . If I something wrong with some settings that behind on or restoring, does not have any idea of a documentation. When I have tried to restore again using some different settings, has taken a 'Error EBAB0003: This characteristic is not sustained.' There is not any technology-commentary or documentation anywhere in a Symantec place or one Drives of User partorisca this error. Besides, it looks that tries to restore, I trashed a disk of hard walk that identifies info in a walk of the fate and I have any idea regarding the fix. Also, there is any way to do the backup in TWO WAY, which with more other programs of backup is much faster that backing up in of the Windows. Running the backup will take on all your resources and calm tin a lot anything more in your car. Also, the ghost has continued to back on on me when have annulled out of a half of the backup. Dog of slow careers. I plan to verify out of Acronis True Image instead. I have used Version 6.0 of the True image and a program have done utmost. He also done perfectly when I trashed the hard walk and has has had to that the restore.
4 / 5
Basically, Symantec has bought out of a Powerquest folks, then rebranded Powerquest DriveImage 7, whittled in the the litle has bitten, and renamed it Ghost 9. They have taken then his own program - Ghost 2003 - and chuncked he in a file of round. Bad movement. Because of a two, Ghost 2003 to good sure a minor of some harms. Symantec Obviously failed to direct some questions of intrinsic reliability in DriveImage.

With which was bombed by messages of the continuous error launched in me for Ghost 9 likes fight to come up with well (integrity-wise) images - and read his - I has decided has not wanted to trust my system to this undependable, unreliable piece of software (once again).

Likes anything calm , tries this was down simulate battlefield conditions (, That BSOD this'll be here before longitude). And be sure to back on your system so only previously when installing!!

Incidentally, Symantec also purchased Powerquest Magics of Partition (an excellent program), that uses jointly with Ghost 2003 the image. It is it excepts butt of mine -fanny long.

Takes a time to result habituado to Ghost 2003 backup and restore procedures. Ghost 9 candy of better eye, interface, and the documentation so only is not to value he. Agreement - is the buck, as that? It is I comfort it that Ghost 2003 is comprised in a container. Now this was the good movement .

Ghost 9 could be fact to an extremely useful program (for example,the function of incremental backup is idea adds ). But for now, avert it likes him a plague.
4 / 5
Am appreciated that there is not reading some descriptions for Ghost 9.0 here in Amazon first to decide to purchase. It has had it it has read some descriptions in the first place, a compraventa is probably be never fact.

Has bought Ghost 9.0 because of leading experience with Ghost 2002 and because of an enthusiastic recommendation of the Magazine of PC. Simply place, am very happy. Ghost 2002 was my tool of main backup in a past, but a TWO half that has used was the bit has weighed. Ghost 9.0 achieves equally impressive results without requiring you still kick of the flexible-- do totally inside the half of Windows.

When Trying was Ghost 9.0, one first what has been on duty on my C: walk, while kicked to this walk, like this ossia a test of acid for the Windows-the program of backup has based. After, I have dried a clean walk (backing it up in the first place with Ghost 2002, in chance 9.0 was like this horrible as like this Amazon reviewers had alleged), and kicked to a Ghost 9.0 recovery of way of disaster, which is accessed invernadero one installs CD.

Once to a recovery of disaster main paper, has been dismayed--any of mine four hard walks looked like this selectable. Well, so much for recovery of disaster with east , suddenly, has take the message that flashed in brief while recovery of the disaster roughly has pressed a F6 yours has required to install the special engine for access of hard walk. Sigh, AS it can has to that way that be change? My hard walks are all has connected to the Promise JOINS 133 PCI installation of controller of the special engine, can not be accessed. Some punctual looks was during installation of Windows XP.

I rebooted with a disk of recovery still in, has pressed F6 in a punctual, and has inserted the flexible that contains an engine required for my BOWS 133 paper when asked to do like this. NOW the things looked up! Once to a paper of recovery of the Ghost, everything of my hard walks was visible/selectable, and found me doing inside the very friendly Windows half. I have selected a file of backup that contains my C: walk, has specified a walk has has wanted to he to be touched to, then expected while the ghost has done quickly his work. And felizmente, is not never pointed state to enter the ridiculously yours of long licence before one restores operation I same initiate--a ritual that Ghost 2002 has demanded every time used it to restore the hard walk.

Once this was complete, has take a CD, rebooted my computer, and expected for a better, this in spite of fully prepared for a worse never spent this in spite of. My C: the walk has been of tower the normal, fully restored for Ghost, with any of some subjects that another has experienced here, as of the Windows XP no longer esmembering' that there was active state. It JOINS Question of the paper of the controller averts, a whole procedure was quickly painless/.

Has Ghost of update fully with Symantec is 'live update' characteristic first to try to use it. Perhaps ossia some things of the reason is so only be does not know . There is folks there, this in spite of, the one who hates all Symantec, and can not help but ask that of these descriptions have been written with the dose sã of sprain.

At any rate, am very pleased, and now have the tool of new favourite backup. I used it a lot it times of then, without subjects.

Personally, wholeheartedly would recommend Ghost 9.0. It is like this of simple/confidence like the tool of backup can take.
4 / 5
Has bought Ghost after my walk of disk in mine Dell the computer has begun to fail. I have followed Symantec instructions 3 times the image he bootable new walk without avail. The files have been copied, but a walk would not kick. Finally, lame download of free software of a costruttore of a new walk (Western Digital)and law well. After it kicks up with a new walk, all program the facts excepts, guessed it, everything of Norton material, a antivirus, security of internet, etc... A kicker is that his suggestion was now to uninstall his software and king-the install again. But a software any uninstall (comprising Ghost). A pleasant part is that his place recommends uninstalling all his first software to do the migration, comprising Gohst! It say of another way,, is supposed to uninstall Ghost before it use it to create a new disk. Duh...
5 / 5
Will maintain this short and sweet of then more the already distinguished descriptions was more failures in this junky piece of software.

After installing Norton Ghost in mine Windows XP diagrams, a system startup the time augmented for 5-8 minutes. A desk simply would freeze when management in a PC, then, with which some time, an icon of ghost would look and a rest of a system would come alive.

A support/of documentation is terrible. A classical chance of the company that pinches in the each penny for outsourcing his talent to program and professional to sustain while losing on control of quality in a process.

Looks Elsewhere for the solution of backup. Utilisation some Windows XP tool of backup (Tools =>of System of the Accessories) which can not have figure so a lot like this of the claims of Ghost to have, but at least laws!!
5 / 5
I work with a lot of types of users of computers. Each one that like this of them there is the number of files that is neither irreplaceable or would take long to re-create. So much, that spends when his PC does not begin , or a hard walk to turn? If has the backside on, any question. This in spite of, a majority neither does not have the backup, or think have one and never verified to see yes is recoverable.
The ghost is an almost perfect response . Work in a background and images your whole walk(s). An image is better that the backup. It comprises it files it conceal it is into use. Norton Has taken PowerQuest Image of walk and has added the really good characteristic: incremental backup. Now, Ghost any only image your walk when it calms of time he (as weekly), the ghost also adds any one has modified files and this each hour!
This program is the must for each owner of PC.
Please... Read a manual this comes with a software. And it does not use this in the PC with less than 512 MB of RAM. Law, but is hungry memory and will retard your PC.
(If it calms a lot behind up your files, can have the service of the recovery treated in the death of hard walk. Cost? In $ 1500 or more.)

So much... When Calm finally behind on (image) your data?
5 / 5
Are a advaced user of disk imaging software. Image of walk 5 was to add, but any backup to Dvd, as I have purchased Norton Ghost. Symantec Does not say calm in a manual, but can very so only install a low program XP SP2. You owe that change yours first file. I this, but Ghost 9.0 a lot included aim an option to back until the walk of DVD, this in spite of my walk that is listed in Symantec to plant like that is supported by Ghost. Symantec Quantity of free support to the little FAQ pieces in thier put of web that is worthless.

After the long a painful investigation, has found an option to email sustains technician in Symantec put of web. After the sending has has repeated emails, has taken the response the week later refering me it the 'Basic of Piece of Knowledge roughly CD DVD walks that requires new config files to do with Ghost. THIS PIECE has LISTED NOT EVEN IN SYMANTEC FAQ FOR GHOST! I have tried rings a articl but is not there. After downloading some engine, solve a question, so only after the week of frustration.

{Update 12/2008) Well, has been using Norton Ghost for the few years now, and is been doing like the field. I have done at least 10 it restores of the mine c: walk without any questions. I took it once to do, the work adds.
5 / 5
Has used Norton produced never of then was on 5 1/4' the disks and Peter was in Santa Monica. On some years my confidence gradually has declined to a point of disgust. Ossia Especially true of Symantec Peter has bought was. Today, the support of Technology is the joke unless yours the paper that spends native of Indian. Although you comprise piegon English all taking is the king-hash that has read it already in a FAQ is or Base of Knowledge. Any help; which is calm reason has given up and called in a first place. It has installed Norton the ghost and work insofar of the backups am concerned. This in spite of; A majority of descriptions has read is by train to do me seats A lot that annoying roughly trusting on Ghost to do that I have paid for him to do. I say VERY UNCOMFORTABLE REASON roughly 10 hours has been spent scraping Security of Internet of my hard walk (maintained erroring was and has given on) And trying take Ghost And Antivirus 2005 any to dry out of LiveUpdate. Neither the question has been successfullly has solved. I seat VERY BAD for any bear to use Norton produced without the big terracing of expertise of computer because included some experts is not totally comfortable with him or is entirely disatisfied with him. Oh And for a way; If you have purchased the on-line ghost and street downloads calm has not taken a CD. If you do not have a calm CD can not kick of him to do the recovery... It kinda Undone a whole purpose of Ghost, does not think ? And there is AT ALL in a Base of Knowledge in this neither.
5 / 5
Installed this in mine portable and he have done utmost until I have had to that use a Disk of Recovery to restore the backup of DVD. The ghost has registered a DVD that use the multiple sessions and a Disk of Recovery could so only read a 1st session; enough lowsy glitch. I have had felizmente the spare PC to king register a DVD that use alone session - albeit manually. Another question has had with east is that in my main computer in of the Windows XP SP2, always gives it BSOD the accident every time has tried use the. An engine of the low level has not cooperated - still with which have take all more could think of. Inferior line: this is not to value of the money. Some characteristic is sum and has potential - but so only when it operates. I go to try something more.
5 / 5
Has used Ghost once the little month does to do the disk of boot. It has done well. My hard walk has failed recently, as I have looked for to use Ghost again. With which roughly are hours of has failed tentativas ( copies a disk, but a disk would not kick), has downloaded a free demo of Acronis Trueimage. First time used it, took it bootable disk. Acronis HAS subject of interface of the user, but he his key well.

A support of user for Ghost (an automated FAQ) has failed to answer each question asked it. It yields esorry, a page has asked any one is available.', Then shunts me it the odd interface that no neither. Also, when tentativa behind on, down to specify any of some disks has like this of the sources, but so only my walk of boot looks the aim. Of then it is a walk to kick that loves behind on, this prevents Ghost of working for me at all!

To comprise this better description, left state my technology bona fides. In no way I allege to be the expert of computer, but have terracings in of the chemists (PhD) and electrial (CROWN) engineering, used to direct the DEC VAXCluster, and write models of computers for the living.

This software and the support are like this bad doubt me that Symantec still employs engineers of software. To good sure will verify was Tendency Micro PC-Cillin antivirus after timing mine Norton periods of byline.
5 / 5
The law of automatic backups of sound. The system restores (to new walk) no at all. Has Wins 2K Pro, SP2 installed on 10 GByte IDE Maxtor. The walk is almost full, because of a lot of applications. The ghost has used 9.0 to create an image of one 10 GByte Maxtor (MAX). State that tries to restore to the new walk, he 30 GByte Western Digital (WDC). It has done 3 images more than backup. It has tried the retore images to a 30 GByte WDC 6-7 times. The different settings used and tweaks. It does not act . WDC Strolls always incidents. Windows blue Screen of death. The majority of frequent error is 'autocheck not founding'. Alive-update (Symantec utility of interview of on-line application) is useless. Support of calm technology any one pays for a minute. You recommend to use freeware or shareware first to buy this product. If it disagree, it feels free to spend 40-60 hours of your own time that comprises a manual of users (almost CONTENT VERY TECHNICAL.)
5 / 5
This software is a lot of dissapointing.

A support of USB announced no with almost all

walks of external USB. (P. p.ej. Maxtor onetouch Walks).

Can not take support of technology except a lot of money for incedent (roughly like this expensive to the equal that produces).

A 'basic of knowledge' thus produced there is virtually at all

to say of any value, neither.

Ossia The chance where an advertising is quite fraudulent.

Does not announce support of USB if he hardly works for anything.

A whole point of a software would owe that be that you can backup an image to an external walk invernadero USB.
4 / 5
Made a mistake to buy this product to back on my hard disk on to CD is. Has an outside cd writer, with that has burned the hundreds of CD is. Never the question, with several programs. Until Norton. Norton Does not take It never well, those clash in several phases of a process of burn, messing on my system in a process, included although my cd the writer is listed in his esupported produced' ready. There is no free support for a product another that one bases of on-line knowledge. I have tried all had written in his knowldege bases, to any avail. It likes volume at all for my money. Hey Norton/Symantec, if it Calls flight .
4 / 5
Are skeptical of all some negative critiques in this product. They are the corporate To MANAGER for the company with 150 chairs and 7 servers. I use Ghost and his family of products to build new systems, ensures against workstation failure, and to resupply to fast-recovery for our sales, transmission, and servers of file. With Ghost, can have them the server is returned to an operational declares no more concealed 30 minutes with which virtually any one the fault of system. It tries to do that with the backup of tape.

While I Ghost has used never 2003, one 9.0 UI is incredibly intuitive, that lacking of superfluous characteristic while resupplying excellent functionality. An only question there are them not founding never with installing 9.0 in the system that has had 2003 installed. A simple reinstall there is remedied easily and quickly. It touches they like him some of some users are looking for to use a software on already of the-systems sãos. A software will not fix an ailing system; enough it resupplies an incredibly easy way to return the system to the is state sooner.

Has not seen never any timing out of works of backup, included wile tranferring on consumer-commentary-wireless coverages.

Will not deploy never fixes it without Ghost 9.0 installed again. It has done my work like this dates easier and lessened-anxiety of integrity. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Has paid $ 70 for Ghost 9.0 has based on all a glowing descriptions in a press of PC. It have to that it has looked it more attentively.

Loved it specifically to clone my too-small walk to the new 120 gb walk. I have loved to maintain all my programs, etc. he like this-is - otherwise I so only have king-the installed windows XP in a new walk for free.

Norton The documentation sucks. A lot little on It Copies of Disk, and less still in some options can select, or that would have to do it in Manager of Disk of the Windows to format and partition a walk in preparation. Neither you say you that the almost-full, fragmented drives probably will not copy at all. I finally found that aims in a joint of message and manged to take my C: the partition copied but does not fall. Consistently Take a 'NTLDR error of lack.

Here is a real reason for not buying Norton Ghost 9.0: His service of client SUCKS. A no useful response, has ignored then my questions. If ossia a way sustains $ 70 containers, then have also has received my last $ 20 anti-virus subscrition payment also. Norton, is listening?

Probably the no. Averts this product wants to clone your walk, will spend out of your bosses and patience both!
4 / 5
Has been happy with Norton Security of Internet for years. When A hard walk in mine two old year Dell Dimenstion has begun to do occasional esprueba' noises, decided it has been now of transfer all to the new walk. I am spent a whole day that tries to take Norton Ghost 9 to do. A copy of disk would complete sucessfully, but a new walk would not kick. I have then begun read these descriptions and expósitos that has not gone so only. Based in some recommendations in these descriptions, has downloaded a 15 test of version of day of Image Any 8.0 of Acronis. Law perfectly. Norton Would owe that be embarrassed to explode his good name to sell this software. There is the brilliant side this in spite of. Norton HAS the 60 money of day has retreated guaranteeed. All have to that do is to send an original disk and your receipt to take the repayment.
4 / 5
A short of this description is that Norton Ghost 9.0 fact to restore the walk has failed, but with which roughly 12 hours of work and SO ONLY reason have done the copy of coverage of a backup like the walk has failed. Ossia A good informative, here is a bad.

1) Very characteristic of recovery of the image of walk is sloppily actuated with small explanation of some parameters required and little tolerance for the users that selects some injustice a.

2) A program of the recovery has not recognised NEVER some files in my second walk concealed is only reason to exist was to resist images of walk of backup of Ghost.

3) He also failed to map and recognise has has shared dossiers in the networked PC that has tent some images of walk of the backup until the signal has been added to an account of Administrator in this PC (any documentation of this).

4) Failure to indicate that it recognise the new unformatted disk of substitution until a final phase of a process of recovery, giving an appearance that has not had any point in beginning a process.

5) no consultor when to select estienda '. I have had to learn regarding the modify with which have restored he to take a PC to kick.

6) Requires a lot of reboots of a program of recovery to comprise and complete a process of recovery, and reboot is a lot slow - taking roughly 10 minutes.

7) Is exceptionally slow reading the mapped walk of coverage or exploring dossiers in the backup stored in the walk of coverage, taking perhaps 20 minutes or longer for each transmission of dossiers.

Has informs that a Ghost of the way done the image of walk of the backup of a walk of Windows while in the windows is a inherently a undependable process it and that will fail it the percentage of a time.

Perhaps has taken lucky reason the ghost was able to restore my walk with which 12 hours that solves an on. I have read that an old plus v3/2003 version of Ghost, which comes bundled with v9/2005 version is more dependable, included for XP. Also, Acronis Image Any 8 is said to be good. Probably I will try Ghost v3 maintaining (of then has) and try Acronis True Image looks has questions. Ghost v9 was scary!
5 / 5
Has been using Symantec produced for few years and in general does not have any a lot of complains them. For the majority of time, can live with or work around some questions here or there. You know, they are the programmer of computer .

But this time, is really there is disappointed really. I have used a Ghost 9.0 and has had one of the mine W2K the images of disk backed up in the walk of coverage, for this part, goes smoothly. So only it spends that one of my hard walks clashed and I needs to restore an image behind to the new hard walk. Begun with Symantec Disk of Recovery ( avenges with Systemworks First that included a GS 9.0) of CD-Rom, the service of coverage has begun fresco. I have used an utility of mapping of walk of coverage to locate my backed on image. Chico, was happy, but the little has bitten too collected. When it Take to a step of recovery, has said: Error EBAB0003, This Characteristic is not actuated. I Excuse me to me, concealed is not drive of the like an user has said. Had few options in this screen can change, but any @@subject that, sad, this characteristic was always any one has actuated.

A like this-the call of free technology sustains the joke, calm basically goes his web page and there are few useless pieces for you to read. If you are buying, the calm mark sure comprise will require to pay near $ 30 for accident for support of telephone.

That goes afterwards trying is to find the way to take a file of image to another hard walk and place he in the same pc to see yes can recover he of there that. Please does not say me this characteristic is also any one has actuated.

One another thing has been sold to ossia a characteristic of new incremental backup . I expect that it is actuated when you wants to restore your files.
4 / 5
Has been trying Ghost 9.0 and Ghost 2003 for roughly 2 month and has achieved some following conclusions:

Ghost 9.0 is buggy.

HAS the user really well interface and neighbour of characteristic. A question is that not to give me any confidence in an integrity of his files of image.

Installed quell'on Windows 2000 Professional with English and Traditional Chinese support and used it to create images of 6 FAT16 and FAT32 partitions.

Has chosen the signal-protect a first file of image. A browser of the image clashed when I have looked for to open a file of image. As I have on data in an idea to protect of signal. Strike a.

Has created then 6 files of image without protecting of signal. If I fold-click in a file of image, a browser of image would clash every time. If it begins a browser of image and then open some files of image, was well, although it still clashes sometimes. Strike two.

When I have created some files of image, has configured Ghost 9.0 to do a control of integrity immediately. All control of the integrity has been spent. This in spite of, when I something-has verified a content, there is remarked that some directories and the files have been missing in 2 (1 FAT16 and 1 FAT32) of 6 files of image! One of my partitions is the FAT32 with only less than 10 dossiers and subfolders and any file. His file of image has contained so only some dossiers of upper level but no subfolders. All the dossiers and subfolders have English names. I have re-created A file of image and king-has verified: same question. Strike three and era!

For a way, Symantec is Automated that has taken of the support there is not founding anything concealed could cause one on questions.

Ghost 2003 works but support of lacks of the newest devices

after giving on on Ghost 9.0, has tried Ghost 2003 concealed is coming with a Ghost 9.0 container. His interface of Windows is good but is better to stick with a TWO version to avert a frequent reboots. Some files of image have created was a lot.

Now some limitations (to TWO VERSION):

does not sustain mine 160 GB acomdata external USB 2.0 walk. I have done around a question to locate an external walk in the second computer and the map likes the walk of coverage.

His engine of the mouse no well with my Logitech maquinal and Microsoft has optical smile in a way of mapping of walk of coverage: odd behaviour with click of mouse or double-click. When An engine of mouse is loaded, does not recognise to the mine Dell Dimension 8250 keyboard.

When A measure of the file of the image is more orders that 2 GB, warns in spatial of insufficient disk this in spite of there is abundance of spatial of free disk. If I choose any to leave a file, warn when a measure of the file of the image achieves 4 GB, 6 GB, and like this on, and attended for my entrance. It owes creature-seat a whole process. A workaround is to leave it to file of the image has left in 2 GB.


In courts, skip Ghost 9.0 and Ghost of use 2003 him him very other alternatives. If Symantec fix some bugs in Ghost 9.0, thinks that has a potential to be the product adds.
5 / 5
Does not recommend this produces at all. Although it was so only $ 1, reason paid for something concealed does not act? Compared to a forward TWO VERSION, has the plus the friendly user feels, but really, ossia likes lipstick in the pig. If has an older version, and is doing, lucky calm account, and no upgrade to 9.0. There is any fijamente available of Symantec, and any awknowledgment in his web of place of the question.

Has used a leading version (2003) of Norton Ghost for years, likes part of a Norton Systemworks container. When My byline was up for renewal, has opted to upgrade to a 2005 version of Systemworks, which comprises Ghost 9.0.

I behind on my computer to house each month that use Norton Ghost. Some first time have run a program, has been promoted, as he no longer run in TWO WAY, and looked to be working faster that Ghost 2003. Unfortunately, a hanged program in a last CD, and with which 12 hours there is pulled of the discharges. This was in November of 2004. I skipped my December behind-on, while Symantec would offer the patch for a defect, in his service of live update. Any so much. On January 22, 2005, a program hangs after a prime minister CD (I need 7 CD is to back on my hard walk).
5 / 5
I have bought the ghost partorisca one reasons and this was partorisca change out of my current c:\ walk with the new main walk and has done well partorisca me. I have not used another characteristic of a product, as I can not speak to them this in spite of a transmission of hard walk has done well while it select some settings corrected, which are not exactly obvious.

Here is that it has done it partorisca exchange out of my old plus 60GB c:\ walk partorisca the new 120GB walk:

1) has Bought a unformatted oem walk of newegg ( mecer btw)

2) Installed norton ghost in mine XP diagram

3) Installed a new 120GB walk like the slave

4) has Run wizard of walk of copy of ghost and has selected the copy of c:\ to a unformatted :\

5) in a section of options has selected a following:

strolls of Source partorisca copy: (C:\)


Unformatted (:\)


[X] source of Control partorisca errors of system of the file

[X] fate of Control partorisca errors of system of the file

[X] Resize walk partorisca fill unallocated space

[X] Dips the active walk

[ ] Disable SmartSector copying

[ ] Ignores bad sectors during copy

type of partition of the Fate: Primary

paper of New walk:

has Advanced options:

[X] Copy MBR

Without selecting the paper of walk.

6) has TAKEN out of an old 60GB walk and has substituted he with one has copied again 120GB the walk that the fact a master.

A reason that gave it 3 stars is that the facts but was too expensive and has been forced partorisca guess in some options of copy of a norton the help is less then useful.
5 / 5
After purchasing and installing Ghost, was able to do a first backup, but the subsequent backups no after installing a late plus upgrade the XP. You will find hundreds of complaints in a same inability of this software partorisca do with a later version of XP. Symantecs Looks to the any to concern in this soyinor' question while they can maintain sell the. You will take an error of exception when you come from the backup or restore he so that it is essentially useless. Symantec Stinks.....
5 / 5
After all of some negative critiques of this software, was wary of the puchase. This in spite of, my others the elections were Image of walk 7 and Acronis True Image. Of then Image of the walk and the ghost were a main contenders, and a two is now state squashed to a, no really chair partorisca like has had a lot of election (Acronis the True image has like this a lot of negative critiques like another). Symantec I products have all has done well partorisca me in a past this in spite of, as I thought that it would give it shot it.

After the net installs of XP Pro and all other installed programs, I loaded Ghost and has done an image of my walk of system to another local walk. A partition that was imaged was 15GB, with just on 6GB of data. With regular compression, taking roughly 7 minutes (comprising that they verify an image) partorisca produce a file of image has completed.

There is wanted of course try an image, as I formatted an old 20GB walk, has attached likes primary, and kicked to a recovery CD. Following some quite intuitive papers, has located an image saved in a secondary walk and has initiated a recovery. Restoring a data (comprising record of master boot) has taken almost exactly a same quantity to time so that he an image, the little more than 7 minutes.

To restart, a computer kicked properly the WinXP Pro. In fact, they are at present writing this in a car has restored the averages an hour after a fact. A desk and all more the identical looks to an originally imaged walk. Had included the still material in a recycles cube.

The things have not been exaaaaactly some same, this in spite of. My Norton Antivirus has required to be king-actuated (loan, Symantec), and the browser of Internet has said has not been my incumplimiento browser, but another that that, is one same. A lot especially, Microsoft is not that it demands that I king-actuate everything.

Has estimated a product with 4 stars simply reasons has no experimented with everything of some characteristic likes them behind until outside or networked hard disks or to CD is (I probably will not try a CD never is because of some histories of horror have listened), or incremental backups, as it can not value that a lot those looks work . This in spite of, these are 4 very pleased stars.

Inferior line: Last net installs has taken almost 15 hours (this comprises THREE TENTATIVAS to install Windows, but has had all the classes of mysterious questions with a prime minister two and his updates). The recovery of a backup of image was the complete success and has taken so only 7 minutes. It can very really ask more.

Has based in my recovery of initial test, am totally sure that some the next times have fault of system or included so only loves all eshiny and new', Norton Ghost 9.0 will do quickly and on forest.
4 / 5
Has bought Ghost 9.0 (which is coming with Ghost 2003) for my computer of house. I am guessing that they have comprised 2003 it likes him an alternating option reason have known that 9.0 has has had questions.

Has not been able to try 9.0 reason a number of the serial resupplied does not act. I have looked for around an internet and results that the plot of people has had to that question. Unfortunately, they are work during some hours of support of the technology, as I have not been able to contact Symantec. I have tried it call three times of work, but after being on control partorisca in an hour, the era out of my office every time his finally answered, as I am hanged on me.

Has tried a 2003 version, which has done well. But, to use it has had to them that add the walk formatted like this FAT32 to save some backups. A FAT32 the walk has the space of maximum disk of 32GB. So much, ossia a main walk can use them with Ghost 2003 to save backups.

For such the big company does not comprise like this can release produced that looks to have little or any one trying of guarantee of the quality. I last it it is to have any one looks for to install a software of a first box of the ship?
5 / 5
Peter Norton the organisation is resulting more and more like Micro$ oft every day. They have bought PowerQuest and simply animal-branded the. This has used to be DriveImage, and that is funny is that when you are the PowerQuest looks of container to do. HIGHLY you recommend Acronis True Image in place of this piece of junk. Symantec (Norton) Would have to that direct in of the Utilities and of the things are well in, not buying other companies and screwing on that has USED to do WELL.
5 / 5
A question with Norton the ghost is that it looks to have questions with some computers and of the settings, and if he , is impossible of the take to do, or to take any significant help of a folks in Norton.

My woman and I own different Toshiba portable. For his, works of Ghost perfectly. For mine, installing the ghost causes my computer the blue-screen every time the calm turn was, and never felizmente do the backup.

Like the type of PC of technical support, ossia that sees in a world. When it Operates, it is gilded. When He no, any one can on earth budge the.

Buy it, and if he a lot immediately laws for you, uninstall the and movement on to any one another product.
4 / 5
Strolls imaging the technology would owe that be able to copy walks, well?

1) have fallen of CD, can not copy walk to drive

2) To walk to copy to drive you has to that the record

3) To walk to copy to drive with which registered him to him, has to have the connection of valid internet as it can verify a validity of your licence

4) forgets to verify a soypaseo of active strong box' box, but marks a 'copy MBR' box, does not warn you that your walk will not be bootable (still although an only possible reason that it would want to copy a MBR is to have the bootable walk)

has bought this program to do a very concrete thing: it copies some contents of a walk to another, that ensures that a walk of fate would be bootable. Unfortuantely Norton Decided to spoil this product in such the way concealed that it have to that it has been five minutes to plant up and an hour or like this to expect turned to an hour of setup and 3 hours to expect (and am not even sure do still).

Does not buy this product.
5 / 5
In the first place, the word the precaution. Symantec Comprises the copy of Ghost 2003 in a box. Ossia The old sound TWO SOFTWARE of the backup based for PC is running Windows 98 or M. It does not install one 2003 software in yours XP PC. A Ghost 9.0 version would owe that be installed is running Windows XP was although a disk declares that it is the disk of boot .

Otherwise, Ossia a forward Powerquest software of Image of the Walk that Symantec has purchased and there is renamed. I have used felizmente Image of walk for the pair of years for backup and recovery.

Ghost 9.0 is almost identical to Drive Image in his functionality. Felizmente There is backed on my system to both an external USB 2.0 hard walk and a writer of INNER DVD.
4 / 5
Has been treating backups of system with Ghost 9.0 paralizaciones the year now, without questions. Recently, my disk of system has clashed two times in the subject of the month. A first time am spent four days that takes everything to do again using the ghost restores. It take it you grieve. Some second time have not been like this lucky. I am looking for another half of backup of data. This version is the averages that some the leading versions were.


Nizza, easy interface. Die of backup without rebooting or closing down.


The intense resource! A snapshot characteristic that leave the backup while he ' is the resource hog, is doing the backups or the no. has tried unreliable for me, in general, mainly because of characteristic of poor recovery. Behind on utmost! But it wants to restore ... uh, Sad!

And of course, Norton the support is sub-pair. Calm expect you can surf plants web of good support and speak Indian.

Does not buy It . Give your money to another company that dipped some real thought to his product, and sustains it. Or use an earlier version.
4 / 5
I 'used' this software on two different computers. A prime minister was an old Win98FE system. I have used a Ghost has comprised 2003 like manual said to do. A software has created the conflict with an I/Or PCI device and with which HOURS to beat my boss against partorisca wall, finally uninstalled the ghost and all was a lot again.

A second car was the new plus WinXP like this I installed Ghost 9.0. Any regime here again. A software somehow screwed on two server of program to authorise to a point neither of some corresponding programs would run Or INCLUDED reinstall! STILL with which I uninstalled Ghost 9.0! To do the short long history, I reformatted a HDD and reinstalled all EXCEPT Norton Ghost. At least they are behind on and that careers.

Are a lot disappointed in Norton Ghost. I have squandered I few days of my time that fixes the questions have not had before Norton Ghost. Surely it has software to clone of better disk there. It DOES not RECOMMEND NORTON GHOST!
5 / 5
I have been using Image of walk 2002 partorisca some time, but has built of my computer my late plus with RAID 0 partitions, the image of walk was unreliable like this although it can see some partitions of RAID in TWO WAY(still although it does not give an occasion partorisca install a SIL engine of RAID (using F6 as when dipping on Windows additional Engine), recovering them was a lot of unreliable.

Norton Ghost 9.0 has it everything. I do not know reason any one there is complained in a speed, the find faster that Image of walk (in of the Windows or TWO WAY). Considering difficulty in using, as it can such the powerful utility be like this simple. Any the one who comprises some princes of Imaging will have any question that this of uses.

A boot of recovery CD (like a product is installed also of) is brilliant. They have resupplied all precise to take the system has retreated up and that careers. Regarding a 'Hot' imaging inside Windows, has not been that his he, but work and an incremental imaging facilty means that ossia a product of precise only backup.

5 / 5
Norton Ghost 9.0 has saved my with the (my die) in several occasions.

Thanks to the glitchy motherboard has experienced the frequent accidents that resulted in corrupted harddrive die. This in spite of, every time was able to quickly and totally recover my system of images partorisca walk previously created with Norton Ghost.

Also useful is a capacity to locate some images of walk.
4 / 5
There is disappointed really with Symentec. I can not comprise like symantec sells software that 't does. I installed it and everything of then partorisca gone well until I have tried to actuate the. It was IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! I have tried to write a Tone of CD lowercase, then egregious and done any differece. It does not act . I have then tried to contact Symantec support of technology and the'goes has taken any response. An on-line support does not help neither. It is like the manual of an user, as it does not give eny new information roughly.

Has been 15+ days have contacted of Symantec for telephone and for the email and I have not received any solution still. As I think that that I will be partorisca return this piece of sh....

Partorisca Those of you that could be think roughly buying this program, please consider other options in the first place or attended some first time to buy he partorisca give Symantec a oportunity partorisca solve all some questions.
4 / 5
Has taken Ghost 9.0 comprised with Norton Security of Internet 2005. They are usually the very big defender of Norton produced, this in spite of this time, has taken enough the few headaches.

In the first place, installing Security of Internet 2005 would have questions while running LiveUpdate. They are by train of the supposition Was having some conflicts with my previously installed Norton SystemWorks. Anyways, With which uninstalling all, and reinstalling, Security of Internet and SystemWorks was to arrive and that careers.

Has decided then install Ghost 9.0. It have read on Amazon roughly all some people of questions were having with 9.0, but has decided to be bit it adventurous. Result to be the total flop show. Every time I have looked for to install Ghost 9.0, hang my PC. It has given finally up. Probably Black utilisations software I already have or purchase a Acronis software that another has been raving roughly.
4 / 5
In that tried those varied products of backup Norton Ghost 9.0 is so only can that to him takes to do in your hardware. Has the Sony DRU-510A pipe of DVD concealed is no with. Besides, it can no any backup my external USB hard walk. The ghost takes roughly 2 fact and I give me the error of walk. When He operates it, looks good but a CD of boot takes the long time to start with. You do not buy this produces again or anything of Symantec reason do not have any support of free technology. His place of web declares support of free email but any email address, after calling them said to us have telephone support, for the cost.

Finds that walk snapshot good works but does not compress a backup or write to CD WALKS. But it is a lot quickly very fast.
4 / 5
Does not trust Norton Ghost 9.0 if any precise never recover the walk of primary disk. It does not do to recover the Windows XP Primary walk (he have fallen of) to the walk of substitution further of situations. If you have read a Help that comes with a software knows more than his technical support folks this is to locate in Indiana (has spoken he with era very difficult to comprise). Symantec Basic of the knowledge is very limited and of small help, mostly so only repeating information in a Help of product. It recommends that it find the different solution that works.
5 / 5
After experimenting with version of Ghost 9.0, can inform that Symantec produced it slick piece of software now that PowerQuest DriveImage the capacities have been fully integrated to a together of characteristic. Note that Version 9.0 works so only in XP and 2000 systems.

For my car of house, am using the one of leftover IDE walk to store some images of backup. It has put on the regulate plan which automatically will do the plenary baseline backup once for month, with weekly incremental saves. A backup is treated the reason of roughly 1 GB by minute in a Intel GHz car, with the compression dipped to a parameter regulates of 40. It has dipped the limit of 3 baseline images so that a walk of the never run backup out of room.

The works of backup are careers inside Windows he so that has any need to kick to TWO. The backups also can be transmitted to the server of coverage or writes directly to CD or DVD DEVICES.

The ghost comprises it nifty utility which can open the image of backup so that you can pull out of the concrete file for recovery. Following the catastrophic failure, can kick of a CD of software of the Ghost the way of recovery and a lot easily restore a whole walk that comprises a MBR, doing a disk ready to kick.

The ghost also will copy the walk while running under Windows. I have copied felizmente my C-walk, but XP would not kick a copy without permission of Microsoft.

The backups that the half use comunicacionales removable ( CD or DVD) has to that be begun manually. Backups to the hard walk or the server of coverage can be planned for automatic operation. So only leave a PC on at night and is all cured of. The same ghost will send the notification saws email that a backup has been completed.
5 / 5
Hosed One YOU in both mine cars. You look it perfects at the beginning -- an application has said that that has had has has created images, written to an external question. Then when I go to restore some images, with which the one who looks to be the seamless restores process, my computer has DIED. It can not find files of system, the fault of keyboard, etc. Seats sad for any the one who uses this produced, he expecting do that it is supposition to do . Simply it is the dangerous application that no -- and he nuke your system. Not even value a star in a level of indication. The desire could give it the negative -5 star that estimativas to win an obvious shills the one who write positive critiques in this product.
5 / 5
Has installed this program in WinXp Band of service 2. A program installed wrongly and was absolutely unusable. I have been to a page of support and has looked for a base of knowledge. I have found that the majority of some pieces was so only directly of a documentation, which of course a lot exactly help when has errors. I have sent then the message to a support of technology for help. His now be 5+ days and at all. It assume it it will not answer never. You owe that pay to call. So after modifying my register and uninstalling/installing serveral the time thinks that that it is now in the usable state. But now a lot really it trusts a software to back on my data.
5 / 5
My experience with Ghost was crappy I in fact tried flush a cd down a basin. I have bought Ghost for an utility of migration. My tentativas initial in of the Windows XP SP2 was discourging. A program has maintained to complain that there is not a right chance to scan some walks. I have tried reinstalling to any avail. Has update a program and he have done it valiant endeavour after looking to be doing for 4 hours. Inferior line: any to emigrate die of the small walk the elder a, especially if a walk is your bootable.

To arrive to this point, does not trust Ghost with my data, although it pull by means of a migration. It was easier and faster to so only copy a data and MBR on I. This is not worthy of Symantec or any self respecting developer of software (taste).

Top Customer Reviews: Emwave Personal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
I in the first place learnt like partorisca use one of these in the class of reduction of the stress my doctor done of recommended years. I have used he partorisca enough the moment, but a rabbit familiarised chewed on my sensor of the ear and I have not felt to like could justify buy the new a (still although you can do without, but prefer with a sensor of ear). When I have found a unit in a fund of the drawer last year, had not used he in like this long, has given was. That the deception!!! Now they are that it spends for the really rough patch in my life and I loved it behind so much! As so only it has taken my new a today and was really happy of the see. Touching it now and has included to look some lights the touch is comforting mine. I have it that has has bought so only a darn sensor of ear!
5 / 5
Ossia The product adds - súper reward it and am very appreciated to be able to substitute a one that has lost reasonable. A lot a lot it gives the graces for some punctual shipment of the product exactly to the equal that has described!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Drive Genius ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
Macs Quite maintain them to clean on files behind some scenes and during afe starts'. To file manipulation more serious and interview of disk an Apple resupplied 'UTILITY of DISK' cure of the plot of tasks of utilities. This in spite of, tools more robust, this in spite of seldom required, is good to have available. Unbeatable Is WARRIOR of DISK how has been around for decades and seamlessly reconstructs a directory of whole file. One a thing neither UTILITY of DISK neither GUERRERO of DISK can manage this in spite of is repartition of the hard walks without that have to that totally erase a walk and that begins again. It enters 'CHARACTER of walk 2'... Which is touted like this when being able to manage repartitions without losing data and also when being able to do the row other tasks of interview of the disk.

Well, has bought CHARACTER of walk 2 so only for this espartición' capacity. Sadly, He no this very good task, at least for me. There are limitations and caveats any announced but which are the reality . Basically, a espartición' the process takes the long time , the real long time. And, you have to hift' a data in a partition to the counterclockwise location previously to try a repartition to obtain access to an again released space. In my chance, has had the 500GB external walk with four partitions. I have loved to develop a partition. It has not been the pleasant experience. Perhaps they are not that doing correctly. Everything knows are has had to move a data on all four partitions and after a repartition tentativa has not finalised with any appreciable free space. This 'utility' was the disappointment.

Another interview of the disk qualified of CHARACTER of walk 2 (and did not try him all) looks acceptable. They are listed in a booklet and I require not repeating here. I will remark that I have found a 'defragmentation' the useful utility. It has done as it has announced.
4 / 5
Has tried so much a defrag and a DriveSlim work them and was finally the disaster for me. Defrag Has been WELL, although I can not say has improved action or no. In DriveSlim I an investigation of duplicate files, scrolling of support of the tongue and universal binary slimming, and when this was complete, my hard walk would not restart , automatically turning a computer was every time a logo of Apple is coming up. This necessitated squandering the majority of my spare time in a course of the week to take a computer that careers again. Felizmente, has been backed up. And yes, it has used one the majority of recent version of Character of walk, drawn for a Intel Mac. Needless To say, will not be using Character of walk 2 again.

A group of support has gone back mine after the week with which wrote them in the first place. A message was moderately sympathetic and another more can be describe like this unhelpful, critic even of an user. 'The character of walk is an utility conferred ', there is on 15,000 users, etc., As that is bad with you? In any point suggests to take for behind a software that has declared clearly would not be that it uses again, or otherwise offering to appease an unhappy client (me). This is not service of client very good.
5 / 5
Character of walk 2 has arrived today. I installed it, and it used it to verify permissions. Any question. Fallen Of a DG CD, and dip the the defrag.
Has taken the roughly 35 and of distinguished 'Done.' I knew it it could not be, as I dipped it again the defrag. It said it that it could it any one, like the walk is corrupted! Something in a overlap. Now it can not locate a walk of boot, like the computer will not kick of his hard walk. Fallen Of a Warrior of Disk 4.1 CD, but was unable to correct a question. Now I have kicked of a TechToolPro 4 CD, but does not look goes to do neither. Intel iMac 20, YOU 10.5 with some later updates...
5 / 5
Character of walk 2 This is not the very useful MACBOOK PRO has clashed. Character of the walk could not repair a walk or same kick a YOU so that it could recover some files of a MAC HD. The Technology has used then Tool Pro, was able to recover all my documents and files, then reinstall an operating system. Tool of technology 4 can be kicked of the firewire walk, how is much faster. A disk of Character of the Walk is not a current version, like cost of Amazon, has to call an editor, taking links it and then burn the new DVD.
5 / 5
A degraf the function there is corrupted two good disks. A saga stared when I have tried defrag the Lacie external walk in October. A iPhoto the library has been corrupted during a defrag (thanks goodness for car of time). I have informed to Prosoft support of the product and a response is as follows:


has not seen any subjects of this character in ours testing or in normal operation. We remark this corruption of the system of the file can cause questions with any tool of management of the disk, how is suggested the first back on your data before you defragment your walk and also suggest that you ran an utility of Reparation to Verify a walk before you defragment a walk to do sure a walk is free of any failures of system of the file.

Excusamos For an inconvenience that you experienced, this in spite of would like the commentary that of a defrag the tool is used a lot of thousands of time without failure, and the character of walk has won also prize of numerous software, how is the tool of world-wide class .

Prosoft Supports of Client of the Engineering


For the reference has run one verifies first utility to run defrag. After the few months an ache of this turn of experience and has required to defrag my primary disk in another iMac in our house. The circle verifies, everything well, then defrag. DEFRAG FAILS AGAIN and CORRUPTED a disk. Now they are in a process to do the total system restores. After running a Mac utility to reformat a hard walk any error has been found. I will leave a final conclusion until you. In my opinion, these produced does not do and the support of product is worthless.
4 / 5
Has bought Character of walk 2 for a concrete purpose to resurrect an outside FW walk (my volume of Car of the Time) that had suffered corruption of directory. A walk in question was the trace for a Finder likes read-only so only after several minutes of accesses to walk when restarting. In the first place, when running he of a HD Character of the walk could not locate a walk until it has been trace . Then, a program could a lot of override a bed-only setting and therefore it could not try reparation. Any question, has thought, so only will begin on a CD. Once I that a program at least could see a walk and tentativa of the fix, but has failed to repair a directory after the tentativas múltiplas.

By other questions or purposes this could be the program adds , but has not fulfilled one a thing bought it to do. Has has had to that finally purchase the different and more expensive disk utility to repair my disk. I owe that it finalises to peel out of the extra money a first time around.
5 / 5
Has received this produces yesterday and a version has shipped was . I used it on mine 1-the old year MacBook Pro running Mac YOU . I have not had any question in current a lot of some utilities or kicking of a disk. He defragged my walk fantastically (was surprised honradamente in that fragged was), has repaired my permissions, and verified for bad sectors in my hard walk (any - woo hoo!).

For those of you the one who has purchased Character of walk 2 concealed is not version , goes to Prosoft the web of place and you can download a later update for free, as well as it takes release it bootable disk, yes has required. It thinks the plot of some people those who has left the bad descriptions have not gone back never and updated them reason a do one automatically control for updates and has been released in June 2008.
4 / 5
Character of walk 2 has analysed my walks without defect. Unfortunately his all is past muster without questions a lot. An apparent question with a walk has finalised to be fault of chip in a joint of map, which DG2 was unable to diagnose. Techtool Pro Was much less useful when it has tried.
4 / 5
Are the professional . Has a lot of be scarce that has found a quality of support of technology (Michael F) of any company. If precise assistance with this element, is a man to help !
4 / 5
Character 2 so only that is to be announce partorisca do. I used it immediately when receiving in both of the mine IMAC computer. I have experienced an increase in accelerating immediately to completting a Defragmentation operation of tool. I feign partorisca use Character 2 in east quarterly and possibly monthly. It would buy it again.
4 / 5
Was incredulous partorisca find that an original copy of Character of walk 2 that has received would not kick on a Intel Mac. I have contacted Prosoft and send me any, but two copies of a new disk, improved, which in my computer. Mark takes a version has improved new has a Intel Mac.
4 / 5
Has the plot that this software simply any or can any one . Utilisation partorisca some things but I any does not buy it never again. Not even a upgrades time of side of download. It takes something more.
5 / 5
Installed this product to defrag my HD in mine MacBook Pro (YOU-X 10), but has not done.
Can not kick he of a CD and ProSoft lean it said is Apple lacking reason have not resupplied some files require partorisca do the disk of boot. Neither I leave partorisca select HD and here is a work around ProSoft has resupplied:
' has also the bug in an operating system of Leopard that affects like this law and writes die to the walk of BOWS of the serial, ossia calm reason is seeing some frames of red exclamation. Ossia The safeguard has had to that dip to Character to Walk to protect your data.

A current workaround thus subject would be to install Character to Walk to the as Mac computer, connects some two computers together with the firewire boss, shoes on a computer with a walk is feigning to direct the Way of Disk of the Aim ( controls down a paper T in faculty of system-on, and maintain a T there is depressed until you see a firewire icon (an And with the circle in a centre) moving around in a screen ). Calm then can run Character of walk and select a walk in a computer of Disk of the Aim for

Of a description of the product has not said would require the SECOND computer to use this software, thinks that is misrepresented.
Am returning this useless product...
4 / 5
Any so only was a mark of new product but has opted for 'express nave'; imagined would take it the week, and has been surprised in that has shipped it the quickly. Ordered the the Friday and one next Monday was in mine porch like this cudoes to this company adds!
4 / 5
Has broken two hard walks (a spinning prendió literally. Another has had quite a lot of bad blockades to warrant return it).

So much, reason are I the giving five stars? Have Specifically experience DG2 still stress test 2TB hard walks that has purchased to dip to the mine DROBO (RAID) device of storage. DG2 Saved a question to leave them question of cause in his own, month/of weeks down a street, after being fill with terabytes of my data. These were frames the informative hard walks, that now can return the still Amazon substitution/of repayment.

Does not trust today of hard walks... His costruttrici obviously do not concern for our data and DG2 helped weed out of a weaklings. They are conscious that has no surefire way to prevent that/ it predicts the fault of loss or hard walk of data, but that runs these tests buy me so only the little more peace of alcohol.

If any worry , some two walks that has failed was Western Digital WD20EARS ( has purchased initially 4. Another two survived). A two this is to spend was Samsung Spinpoints (F3EG?).
5 / 5
Has used Character to Walk the little time in a past, the defragment, and the repartition, without questions. This in spite of, in mine new MacBook Pro, one of mine two partitions a lot of unmount still defragmenting.

After looking for with Google for a pode any unmount message, and any finding anything useful, that comprises a company FAQs, has sent a message of email of the place of a company to the technical support that describes a question.

One first response has come promptly, but that follows a suggestion has not fixed a question. I have informed this retreated to sustain of technology.

A second answered also was punctual, with some suggestions, but shortly after the third response has come to ask would love conversation with Michael in a telephone. Has thinks that that this was terrific, and has sent my number of telephone. A call is coming shortly after that.

With which have explained a setup of the mine two start-on partitions, and some collaboration, we uncovered a cause, which has had sense. This in spite of, included without a call, some suggestions in a second the response was exactly some correct steps to fix a question.

Michael is remained with me by means of treating some steps, until I began it defragmentation session felizmente. There is agreed to to have this solution has added to a FAQs, to help other users those who experience a same question.

Supports of good technology, well follow-by means of. It could not ask cure or better attention of better client! This would have to that be a level for all the companies.

Had not seen some descriptions here before I have bought a product, as I have not been conscious of a disappointing, and in some chances, destructive, experiences that some report of users. I have done support of technology, and know that sometimes it is possible to take the agent to sustain that does not comprise your question, or the one who that can comprise, and hard test but can any fixed . Calm sometimes will take one the one who is having the bad day and this comes by means of. It is not earthy to ask if an agent is experienced with a particular question, and if no, to please spend your chance on to any the one who is expert in a subject. A point is that calm often can improve the one who looks to be bad, unsuitable, or inappropriate service, to ask, politely, to escalate your chance to an expert, manager, or supervisory. It is impossible to say if this strategy would have improved some bad experiences have informed here in some descriptions, but is always value the try.

Would recommend a product to any the one who can require his characteristic. This in spite of, also would recommend any to do anything concealed can break one has file of tent, unless has a backup has checked current. Some potentially the destructive operations have treated - defragmentation and partitioning - warn on some possible dangers. If podes no the backup been due to a question is trying to fix, support of technology of the first contact to come from, for suggestions.
4 / 5
Have never does by means of a nightmare of active lost my hard walk interior without an expert help and guidance of Mike in Prosoft Engineering. Mike has gone to good sure on and besides a normal perfunctory service one receives other vendors. A fact that has had it bootable the backup of my system has helped, but has been due to Mike professional know-like this and the client adds the worries concealed maintained me of having the attack of heart in a something. It was patient and drove by means of a quite technical procedure to use Character to Walk to do by means of some critical deceptions had done when dipping on my bootable backup. While it does not recommend that any one dips him by means of a trauma to lose all his data, will say this consulting to any one likes Mike and a service of client adds in Prosoft has done an educational process and far less painful that would have been otherwise. It is it adds to know that you are for behind your product 100. A test of the product of quality is in a cure that the company gives to his clients. After my experience with Mike and a Prosoft the crew can see that calm for real the the product adds. Thank you So many!Character of walk 2
4 / 5
in that had it an outside WD the hard walk begins to aim signs of failure, has read some descriptions and has chosen Character of walk 2 has based in that another has said. Any that wants to expect until a walk has failed entirely, has bought a version to download directly of Prosoft Engineering for $ 100 nave besides (also take the packaged produced thus prize). I have run a version downloaded and has entered a tone of software, and come from to analyse and repair a walk ( has thought). It has recognised a walk, but any of some tools has feigned to repair a do one. It had paid the container for something concealed to swim to correct a question. I immediately and-mailed Prosoft and the churches a lot to ship a physical version, and to repayment my money. A number of providers of software that comprises the season has bylines the 'certified of destruction of software' and can take your money behind. It was more than ready to do east. This in spite of, Prosoft felt otherwise. His absolutely refused to give me the repayment, and has suggested could king-sell a physical version. Verifying Amazon and EBAY, has found that it could take $ 35 for him. No the very good turn in mine $ 108 investment! If his product does not solve a question, has to reembolsa the money of a client while a client his part and suitable any to use a software. It concealed it is not too much to ask. I have included the request would give the partial repayment, as it could that to him sells on-line, at least could break still. His response: any way. I guarantee that I any never business with this company again. Extracted people well, go back -- rasgarles was and his no!
4 / 5
There is the difference among being ready and when being the character. This software is well, but really a lot of excel in any concrete zone.
Has bought my first copy in 2006, and also paid for a upgraded CD has retreated then. I have not seen any reason to upgrade the version 2, but has purchased finally he in December of 2008 when it was bundled with another software. In May of 2009 I has taken a Tool of alike Technology Pro in another container. It Likes him to him he bit it better that Of Character of walk and there is already posted the description roughly that.

The character of walk is the continuazione good of tools, with a consolation of having all in the container only. It does not have figure so a lot like this Tool of Technology Pro, but has some only tools, likes Repartition. Version 2 has added some useless, superfluous animations, as well as the new interface. I prefer the house on functionality, and his house on looks it candy I still annoy me the little has bitten.

Some tools is useful, but in my experience prefers other alternatives. A disadvantage is that buying an arrival of alternative software to be more expensive. A goodness is that better tools for a work. For example:
to optimise/reconstructing the directory, my election is DiskWarrior. I think that that I used it in the first place he on done 10 years, and has comprised another application has called PlusOptimizer. In an occasion a hard walk that is coming with my G5 has failed miserably, and a solution was another application for Prosoft the rescue of Data has called II. Another that that, my election is still DiskWarrior.

Partorisca partitioning The hard walk iPartition looks to do the better work that DriveGenius. I have tried repartition the hard walk and was impossible to do he with DriveGenius, included after moving partitions around and having hundreds of GBs of adjoining free space. iPartition Has managed a work superbly.

Partorisca defragmenting, iDefrag -for some costruttrici of iPartition- is in another joins, very better that Tool of Technology Pro or Character of Walk' defragmenting characteristic. It contrasts to Drive Character useless Animation while defragmenting, iDefrag presents the visual exposure that shows a whole partition, fragmentation, type of files, or to select different tabs an user can see statistical data (p. p.ej., fragmented Files, fragmented space, porcentual of fragmentation) or concrete files (, An user can show touch/his the majority of fragmented files, comprising name, measure, number of fragments, etc.). Unworthy defragmenting files and free space, iDefrag pode also optimally files of place in of the concrete sections of a hard walk. Ossia Something that neither Tool of Technology neither the character of walk can do.

A characteristic of Character of only walk that I can still the use is Duplicated, and for that has an alternative of Copy of Carbon Cloner, which is donationware.

@In rodeo, the character of walk offers the together of useful tools that extracted in a pertinent level for a half user. Upgrades Is relatively expensive, and the alternative options can do the better work. As I write this description, version 3 is already available. I do not have any plan to upgrade.

Each utility of this class involves the sure risk, included one some have has mentioned alternatives like this better. It is always the good idea to have recent backups of your files of entities.
5 / 5
Several companies of the software still is having questions with compatibilities with new Apple YOU Leopard of Nieve. Character to walk said that it is compatible with Max OSX 10.6, but suppositions so only any one MY iMac24 in current , and enough well, in fact... Until Character of walk 2. You owe that cure to use this container of programs in ballast of mandate you really ray on your system. I have used a pertinent order as suggested and now still am trying take my system that read again. Thank you Character of walk. Like an example, Avid ProTools PARALIZACIONES Mac is the difficult program to run included the good day, like this calm once the the setup that the law is more for the leave so only. Now the mine no at all same after the reinstallation and all a manipulation had done for the maintain working before (work of professional audio). Doing with both Avid and DigiDesign there is now any fixed for a condition in the Character of walk 2 has left my computer. Included applying a complete behind-has saved until the walk I entirely clean can not look to find that it has been it bad. I found it easier to solves it Avid ProTools and buy the latest logic of the apple Pro Upgrade and beginning on with my work of production. An only thing has found that has done properly was a Defrag, but the one who knows? Perhaps ossia that me in? No like this, reason have tried to run my ProTools with which simply that runs his Backside-arrive first program. Buyer beware is the professional . Character of walk 2 is the harmful waste of money and time. And reason his disk so only among such the big container will not know never, unless the elder is thought still to be better.
5 / 5
My PowerBook G4 has been the a lot of dependable portable. It did not give me never many the questions. This in spite of, is four years old , has the capacity of hard walk has limited, 60 GB, and is compared dulcemente to some models of new Apple. After installing the leopard has begun to take the long time partorisca kick and has run slowly with some program having the hard time so only ploughing. When I have begun to see more and more turning the balls of beach have known has been now of that something.

That something was to run he by means of the program of utility, which found some questions but was unable to correct them so that it has not had enough adjoining space to save included to 200 file of MB, and although a program could say me the one who quell'was bad could any fixed .

Which to do? Has two utility programs that it surrounds regularly to maintain up with an interview of my computers but obviously neither programs it a defragmenting this is to be require.

While looking for an internet for the solution has discovered Character of walk 2 for Prosoft Engineering. Character of walk 2 is drawn partorisca Mac YOU X and is some uses of Apple of utility of disk in his Bar of Character to defrag your walk. (Run of a ProCare the program offered for Apple.)

Character of walk 2 contains the collection of tools to maintain, directs and optimise your hard walk. Here it is the little of a Character of walk of the things 2 can do.

Analyse, Reparation and Reconstruct you X information of directory.
Defragment YOU X walks for optimum action.
Believes big-clones of backup of the speed further of devices.
Securely Erase walks.
Add, deletes or resize partitions without reformatting.
Long row throughput tests for action and of the diagnostics.
Benchtests To compare action of walk.
The surface that scanner to try for failures of means comunicacionales.
Sector of low level that modifies for some expert users.

Character of walk 2 goes in the bootable DVD which leave you partorisca kick of a DVD and work directly in your main hard walk. Calm also can install an application to do in other inner or external walks.

Has begun an interview and session of reparation to do the bootable backup of my hard walk in chance that something has been bad. I after kicked of a DVD. A Character of walk 2 interface of icons of looks of the user coloreados that leave to choose a concrete tool wants to use comprising Information of Disk, Defrag, Benchtest, Reparation, Control of Integrity and Scanner. Coming from to a next page there is more than icons of tool that comprises Initialises, Repartition, Duplicated, Shred, and the sector Modifies.

Has chosen a defragmenting tool, has selected my hard walk and clicked on beginning. The manual precautions of an user that will take he among 30 minutes and a whole day to complete this process according to a quantity of fragmentation and a speed of yours processor. My laptop hardly fulfils some requirements of minimum system thus software and he have taken 48 hours to complete a defragging process. A map looks calm so that it begins this process and tip a discharge of fragmentation of a hard walk and then other looks when it is finalised. Wow, The one who the difference, some the empty spaces were in of the pieces and the tiny bits have extended during a walk when it has begun and finalising with some spaces filled and of the empty, respectively, in of the tight individual sections.

Has run some other sequences of reparation. Some reparations of the structure of the smallest disk has been done. Then I have reconstructed a directory, where some corrections were has done also. I have run all a test and of the tools of reparation. Some tests and comparisons all looked well.

An inferior line - my laptop is of tower to run smoothly without more turning balls of beach
and any loss of data.

Prosoft Civilises of the service of the client comprises to substitute the stray DVD or sending a DVD updated for the load of just $ . Also they offer unlimited free pre and email of estaca or technical of telephone support.

Has some tools that is advanced too much for me and I probably never use in this collection of tools of hard disk but an interview of entity and appearances of the reparation of a software is a lot of value an investment. Prosoft Suggests to use this software to maintain and optimise your hard walk in the regular base (each two to four month) to prevent questions of first order. It would recommend to give Character of walk 2 the test. A free demo is available to download
5 / 5
Has used this product in both my G5 and my Titanium of 4 years G4 laptop. A G5 had been doing on the small and was 'freezing' occasionally. A laptop had been a lot but has imagined of then had purchased a software would try defrag and the cleaned up. In both chances, a result of final after running a software was the car that closes down and has had to take to a tent of Apple for reparation. A laptop the hard walk was terminal and has had to be substituted. A G5 resulted to be the subject of Ram. A technology in a tent has said does not have to that think that careers a program could have broken a hard walk, probably has spent so only a @@subject to a surface. This in spite of, has mentioned also had done in several computers that had ceased to do following use of Character of walk. It has not been the 'defender' of a product in any way. I so only dipped a software in the computer of the mine yes has thought that was a last resource and could does not take to do another way. To good sure any for regular interview. I do not trust it and it will not use it again.
5 / 5
Has contacted Character to Walk the little time for technical support and every time have a lot of be useful. This last time Michael has answered to mine email and results that his suggestion that has had something wrong with my optical walk ( was having a subject where could not burn a later version of DG to the DVD or CD) was something on! Any included me prpers give had 'died.' I have Cured of Apple and contacted them and has taken has substituted. His answered and follow up was punctual. DG Is the product adds, sustained by the crew of technical support adds, in my experience. Judy
4 / 5
Originally has purchased an earlier version of Character to Walk behind in 2006 street the referral for the fellow trusted in an industry of entertainment that has respected. I bought it to use with my Apple Powerbook G4 portable of Titanium. Although I have had at the same time no of the subjects of critics of hard walk, was pleasantly surprised to learn of this easy to use AM YACIDO and utilities of disk last gain.

This in spite of, sometime later, I in fact required to use Character of walk partorisca is feigned purpose that was to save my laptop has clashed. It was again more than pleased with his capacity to fix my laptop that has has had to that do with corrupted permissions and errors of disk. I have finalised to use the on more than an occasion for some first mentioned reasons was first of the death has come finally mine G4 laptop during the travesía in Hong Kong for which that has broken an exposure.

Leaves 2009, has purchased the new Powerbook G4 and used it to defrag and maintain my hard walk. For that time, has had upgraded to a new plus 2.0 version that I really liked reason has had an option partorisca kick directly of a disk of CD. I he now the habit to spend my Character of walk 2.0 disk with me at all times of then I to plot of international travelling and calm does not know never when your laptop can wants to take the dump on you. Literally!

The character of walk is always there to help fix and restore!

Also wants to mention that Prosoft has exceptional (exemplary) client and support of technology! Really they know his material when it comes the Apple MACS and in multiple occassions, has required his help in both purchasing upgrades as well as it helps it exited to join he with the walk corrupted or another subject of Apple has related. They take 5 Stars in my book and I would not doubt to inform them to any the one who possesses the MAC.

Mina the majority of subject recent occured while it was in Cina (Nov 2009)-and he Prosoft the technology has appointed soyichael' has been on a call to owe to help me comprises some causes of mine portable that had developed the subject of hard walk. Like this here they are in a 'another side of a world-wide' and am taking free technology , useful support of a better Apple MAC the expert knows of. It does not take any better that this folks. These writes totally Rock! Buy his product, calm will not feel calm has done.
5 / 5
Has used Character of walk 2 for the while now (perhaps two years, really could be that long...). In general it acts, any hassles and is quite easy to comprise. But when things any 'laws so only' can be miserable that looks for to imagine was the one who a question is.

For example while trying resize the partition in the Mac Mini Server (trades it a walk of DVD for the second hard disk) Character to Walk looked partorisca hang. I say looked partorisca hang reason has any bar to progress while you resize the partition, so only the little wheel to turn. As any way to say if anything is has fulfilled. I think it that it would be it quite directly it advances to actuate the bar of progress (the apple gives a programmer all required except a measure of progress, the character of walk has to that know where is in a process, as he ought to having died easy to actuate).

One of the entity that sells Character of the walk of the point for is to save you a question to do the backup and then reinstalling your system, but yes hangs in a half of an operation can has to that do the plenary reinstall -- WELL, can live with that. But it would be the enormous tugs to conclude that the slow that careers the operation had hanged and then force leave (and probably rubbish a disk has done on). A fence to progress enough would solve this question.
4 / 5
Is that 'the control of Integrity has failed: 22,4980224 bytes read in 999855931904 does not match the measures have asked of 16777216.' Half? That would have to that do roughly that? Anything??? Prosoftengineering Could know, but is not you saying. They are not dipping the glossary of messages of error in a manual of user so that they could wants to imagines era. So much, it is my well of walk or bad? How it was???? The no! Sure it touches bad for the mark strolls new to produce to to the the message likes that, but of everything knows is that I require to take some another has produced to take the complete diagnostic.

Has taken for economic in the container, but could that to him return, I certainly . That the waste of money.
5 / 5
Prosoft Gave the support of client adds for a Character of walk has bought in August, 2007. In November of 2007 I defragged our two MacBook Pros and partitioned two hard walks external - without needs for support. A process was simple. I have decided recently to defrag our computers again. A first computer was simple. A second was the question. A difficulty has come from/come from probably my need to use a MacBook Pro so it strolls of aim for another MacBook Pro - an optical walk in an of our MacBook Pros has died.
Of Prosoft the support of Client has taken my first instructions and the pair of the questions a day has asked help. I have answered some questions and the day later have received additional clear, has detailed instructions partorisca defragging ours second MacBook Pro. I have followed some instructions today,and a defragging the process was simple.
Am impressed with all this help for a Character of Walks buys on done two years. In some point will buy a new version, but has taken any pressure to upgrade. Prosoft Gave simply a support has required. And a difference defragging the frames in our computers is a lot of value a cost in time and of the dollars.
4 / 5
After using other programs of utilities for a Mac this
beats him delivery down. The Easy to use any installed or
boot of DVD. Cleaned on dupicate files and unneed file
and defrag HD easily and increases bootup speeds. You can duplicate
your smaller walk for main paving in a fly or
create image for backup. Control and sector of questions of reparation with HD also.
Does alot with easy to use interface of icon. Value of the money and more.
5 / 5
The product has arrived punctually. The packaging is kinda odd -- is a CD, but among the DVD of house of double width.

Does exactly like this expected EXCEPT a disk 'cloning' the characteristic so only will do if it is not a STARTUP be of disk 'cloned' -- ossia the bit to annoy , of freeware applications (like SuperDuper!) It will do east. Also, some of some utilities are twins of some that an already resupplies.

Also, a product has been updated -- the update is available of a ProSoft put web -- with characteristic that is not in a CD (the eslimDrive' option, for example). I will be to imagine it was like this to create my DVD of own boot with this characteristic, of then, like a 'cloning' characteristic, this so only can be done in the disk concealed is not a Startup Disk.

Otherwise, Is exactly that has expected that was -- and, of then are not INTEL based (still -- I has the G5 gone back) -- I has had a lot of subjects of compatibilities, and my boots of system of a CD to the equal that has expected.

A thing -- a software requires the SERIAL NUMBERS that it goes in the YELLOW discharge inside a DVD of house of double width. Mark sure maintains that to somewhere sure -- otherwise, in PRECISELY a moment really NEED this software, calm will not be able of the use.

5 / 5
All have has wanted to was to create more spatial in my hard walk. An ad partorisca DG2 has done looks an ideal product partorisca east.
The amazon has sold a product in the significant discount, as I have bought they.
When I have installed a disk, could not find a a program was interested more in. I have called DG2 technichal sustain the one who was useful to the point. Technically, we gave me to us all a help has required, but anymore, similar soil support adds of Apple and the little another, concealed I class of felt likes has interrupted something more than entity that could be do.
Discovers that still although a DG2 the box there has been to sticker in that has said it specifically has comprised a program partorisca shrink of hard walk, he any and has had to download he of his place.

If it had not tried never to create more spatial forward to buy this software, probably would be raving roughly that adds era. But, already it had done to plot of the like a software done for my account, as I have not been able to recapturen all this a lot of space.

Also owe that well sure that am not taking a full potential of DG2, but some instructions assume the sure quantity of knowledge that so only does not have and does not want to interrupt some types in technichal sustains again...
4 / 5
Certainly have the different experience of some a lot of negative critiques posted here. It has BEEN it has annoyed slightly that a version that has bought the year of July has spent any course in a MacBook Pro bought in December. BUT, that pays another $ to download the image of disk of a current version and in the scorching to DVD did not annoy me a lot, because of a level of sustains has taken of Prosoft. As I have written in the description posted in a place of Tent of the Apple:

This day and age of service of client that looks to be forced to repeatedly listen the one who that imports some call is, almost is impacting to find the company with the email address of service of client of operation, has left so only one this yields punctual responses , connoisseurs.
The impressive clue, also; when I have had to fall mine troubleshooting for the few days because of the travesía business, Michael in Prosoft emailed to enquire that has done to solve my subject. And in an end, the question has solved!
5 / 5
Has used both mac and pc - and is always state frustrated in a lack of 'defrag' for a mac. Prosoft Character of the engineering of walk resupplies this, as well as very other tools of interview of the system that has required. Sure enough, mine mac was extremely fragmented, and was happy to be able to fix this - and has seen immediately the big difference in his action and speed. This in spite of, having the pre-Intel chip G5, a new version of this software would not kick a computer. A support of the technology thus produced was extremely useful and quickly to answer - included that follows on with me when they had not listened of me for the few days (because of dates of caducity). They have maintained in him to send me different versions of a product until we have had the version that done for me and a question have solved. Highly it recommends this product and some people for behind the. They are sure that his other products would be utmost also.
4 / 5
Has spent my Character of walk 2 last year and I have found that no only could do a lot of fiancée but find that his services after available are brilliant.

Has has had to that upgrade my Mac Pro your 10.6 recently and has had to develop my partitions of a hard walk. I emailed his Support of Client that asks helps he like this had some surgeries. Out of my expectation, some personnel there answered always immediately and drove by means of some processes that comprises left that it download an up to date version of Character to Walk to complete my tasks.

Appreciate many there guidances and patience.

Wholeheartedly, would recommend this product to all Mac users, that will not be disappointed.

Simon Have
Hong Kong
5 / 5
If the tents of Apple use this product, damage it can does? In my chance a response was abundance .

A sluggish action of several 1TB external walks-that comprises a walk partorisca shoe mine G5 Intel Core2 Mac, turned to something much more accident with which have used Character of walk 2 to espar and Reconstruct' some directories of walk.

In place of slow action, found me without action.

Once open, some applications a lot quite-or included 'the leaves to rastras.' The titanium Of toast there is prendido to burn disks, capture of Image and Season Downloader could no longer files of scrolling of my camera or reader of means comunicacionales to my hard walk. It could not create the new dossiers--or sometimes included Save files in Photoshop or Word. Finally, some contents of a 1TB walk where value of tents of eight years of the digital photos simply disappeared of my window of finder altogether. A walk would locate, but empty appearance.

Felizmente, was able to take my system that operates again using the Clone of Copy of the Carbon of my walk of boot. With which concealed, Guerrero of the disk felizmente reconstructed some directories of my walk of boot and another big 1TB external walks that Character of walk 2 has had apparently corrupted.

But was the neighbour lose-and the things could be far worse state had not done the Clone of Copy of the Carbon of my walk of boot little premium of a first directory of disk the questions have begun to look.

For reparation of directory in the relatively simple system-a iBook inner HD, partorisca manacles-Character of walk 2 can be harmless, perhaps included useful. But in the system with multiple of big external walks, these products can be lethal. One $ 70 or like this squandered in his cost will be at all has compared to some steps of atrocious hours try to undo a potential harm can do to your directories of walk.

Has the reason because like this Mac the owners inform to spend for hell of hard walk after trying to repair directory with Character of walk 2. The histories of horror have confirmed!
4 / 5
Has been using character of walk for several years now. Start with version 1. At present I am using version 2 in mine MacPro and MacBook Pro. Do fault well. Always the fact adds without questions. I have had recently a subject with the number of registration in mine MacBook Pro, but Michael in the service of client helped to find a solution. Thank you ProSoft & Michael.
4 / 5
Has been using Prosoft Character of walk 2 for roughly two years to maintain my Hard Walks and to Defragment him. A process is easy and my works of computers like the charm. I try to do this at least once the month if no each two weeks and find that my computer is much faster. Recently it was having the questions that kick on a CD and have telephoned like this Prosoft the support and a technician help me solve a question quickly and easily and has taken included a time to email me later a day to ask all had done well. A support to concern the personnel means to plot these days. It would recommend this software in the flash. It is a lot of value of the money.
Richard F Fowler
5 / 5
has bought this for mine 2.4 ghz Macbook Pro in common Leopard. Simply it does not operate. I tried it on an old plus Macbook Pro. Simply it does not operate. I have called Prosoft and has said that knows does not operate. They will say you that they will send an email in 2 weeks when a question is fixed. This was 2 month ago. Now, I called him and still they say a same thing. Basically they sell the interview of the programs of disk concealed at all but lock on your Mac. The stay was. The stay far was.

Oh yeah, will not take the software has opened behind unless calm buy it directly of Prosoft. So much for some time discovers that has has bought rubbishes, is screwed.
4 / 5
Is not fooled for a quite screenshots- when it comes the technical courage, a crew of Guerrero of the Disk is lightyears advance. The utility of disk was unable the partition my walk because of the lack of adjoining space. The character of walk has promised to be able to refrag and repartition (of has them abundance of free spatial available). This was the lie . The character of walk was unable to resize my partitions, and entirely screwed on my disk. It is now unbootable, unmountable, unbackupable. That the disaster.
4 / 5
They are the user of DG 2.1, has used Character partorisca Walk of then 1.0, and can say is an exceptional product that reads as it has announced. I maintain the coverage of 10 Macs and is software I no with out. The defag some walks in the regular base and there is still partorisca have the walk has not fallen afterwards.
4 / 5
Has no hype partorisca drive Character 2. He exactly that says that it does and a manual of useful comprised user is both informative and descriptive. And, has to be it required, the stands of personnel of fine support fully for behind a product. The support of email is resupplied easily inside a business day. If a need is partorisca interview of walk or walk and management of disk, some 18 utilities have comprised more very daily need, excepts possibly operations of recovery of the data, which generally requires has has specialised tools. Character to walk directly advances to repartition the volume, create the backup and duplicate the volume, the first useful task to treat that the import X upgrade.
4 / 5
My Mac has maintained partorisca come up with messages of error when I have looked for to update to a later version. Contact DG Support for email. Fast response apresamiento and concrete instructions
in it partorisca do. They have done and everything now is running smoothly.
Has pleased with a product and a service is utmost.
5 / 5
Was quite skeptical roughly using this software after reading some descriptions. But it has taken of the attempt of container and after a Mac Geniuses use him has like this data he whirl. After running a part to this identifies files to take have deleted 3.5 actions of spatial that has not used . It has done I add. A week later and can not relieve any questions has caused. I have run also a disk defrag. It has done also well. It would say that his the utility adds to have.
5 / 5
Had purchased Character of walk 2 to do a bit interview has required a lot in my walks. Intially When I have tried to kick of a disk (as distributed) a boot has failed. With which a lot of test has contacted a Prosoft support of technology. After transmitting my system info to them, was able to resupply me with the fix relatively quickly (direct download of the version having some engine for mine PowerPC-G5 Mac). Once it had created to new boot DVD, was able to complete that it had begun. A software has done a lot well and my walks now are running more efficiently that had been.
5 / 5
Character of walk 2.1 looks the subject when experience in the discount with the walk, but has not been the subject for me when he rendered a HD was of-fragging unreadable.

Does not squander your money. Compraventa DiskWarrior 4.1 instead, is a lot of value an extra $ 40 or $ 50.
4 / 5
Has used Character of walk for several years, in that has changed his of TechToolPro, which founds a lot of unwieldy. I found it a better way to maintain an action of mine Macs in both the house and half academician. As with everything, my operating system upgrades on 4 different iMacs and the laptops diverged slightly. A upgraded DriveGenius 2 has not done for everything of some computers. This in spite of, a support of technology was absolutely excellent to solve a question. Highly it recommends this easy to use software.
5 / 5
Has used DG to value my disk. I have been confused roughly regarding the use and to create the disk of boot. His support was excellent. It looks that a small more a company these days, some better a support!

Thank, Prosoft!
4 / 5
Has Had the accident of computer Of ENTITY while defragmenting because of the can Prosoft the types have helped to restore mine mac that new when the apple not even would take my call without the credit Prosoft!...Character of walk 3 is a product More adds them of his class does not doubt for the buy.
5 / 5
Has Had the question that has fallen to the disk afterwards installs. The email has sent on question and has received the response next day (a lot timely). It has had to take code of the initial product and all have done perfectly. Easy fijamente would owe that see he in an update.

Top Customer Reviews: System Mechanic 6 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 16 ratings
1 / 5
It does not buy this product is running Professional of Windows 7 and on. This software is for the Oldest operating systems like Windows M, View, what the Load to CRAP. It costs the plot more to return this POS, concealed in livestock the, as in a while, Other bites a powder!
4 / 5
Update later-- Race with absolutely any problem, after two weeks use intensive in some three computers in my point of house, and by far one the majority of effective and flexible of any utility of cleanup has tried. Some looks of careful preparation has paid has been.

Was a bit leary quite trying this out, because of some very negative critics. But some people in ZoneAlarm recommends it, as I have decided to give that it come from it. To minimise some casualidad of problem, I uninstalled my anterior version, Mechanic of System Pro 5 and thoroughly has cleaned my system (Dell Dimension 8400, 512record of MB, two 180GB hard walks in the RAID0 configuration, running Windows XP Pro SP2, ZoneAlarm, Kaspersky Personal Pro antivirus, and antispyware of ZoneAlarm and Microsoft), using VCOM Continuation of System 6. I have done the system and backup of register, using Continuation of System 6 and has posed the point asistencial of Windows. I the full backup in the walk of USB, using Phantom of Norton 10. I then rebooted two times, disconnected of an Internet,closed each program in a Tray of System that would close (firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc.), Has inserted a disk of Mechanic of the System, exited of one startup screen, and explored a disk for any text or of the manual files. I have read all could. I then reinserted a disk and leave the race.

A system hanged once during an installation. This was unexpected, but no unusual when installing complex programs-- I just rebooted and some chosen of the installation up where has to the left has been. I have verified to do sure that no firewall or the antivirus has been installed.

An installation has completed. I rebooted two times, re-connected in an Internet (firewall and anti-the virus was again active), downloaded and installed an update (version q) and gingerly has begun to explore some characteristics. Some instructions for some characteristic could be easier to follow, but concentrated in an individual sub-programs, eschewing a box of Total containers has had to the listen so in how he all has done.

Absolutely Any one proublems and looks very stable. I wound up doing considerable cleanup in that was the system reasonably clean to start with with, and a sytem is now considerably faster that before.

Key precautions: Beginning with the system in reasonably of good form. Faiths The full backup in an external average or USB strolls to take. Mark sure has disconnected of an Internet and after all can. It does not install a program firewall or antivirus unless it has already uninstalled any one another concealed can be in your system. It installs an update.
3 / 5
This was subjects adds with refute to take Kaspersky AV and the Kaspersky Firewall bundled.
That is to say was a COURSE ADDS. A bad part... I owe cross and reset each option / to scan in any anything automatically. In a case after left was the elements of movement consider sure to do what' and has had to to use the system restores.

That is to say the ENORMOUS problem with programs like this or record 'cleansing'
Also while doing big recoveries of better defragmentation... It was no better these windows in Sure road.
1 / 5
This will not upload in my computer, says is not compatible. As well as, after I like him for the upload, wound up with 13 viruses is !!!!! What cost me $ 350 to repair. I am not happy at all with your product !!!!!!!
4 / 5
Shipping very quickly, the element was so described, the good software for your windows XP included is using windows X P.
5 / 5
A later is Mechanical of System Pro 14. State updating during the decade and swears for his sake.
2 / 5
It looks for the be new when took the, but was unusable. He only debits in a computer IF a computer has the windows 98 ,me,2000, or xp operating system. Since it can not use he with windows 7 has any idea has done . IOLO Could does not help, so that it does not have any record that returns in a period of the time in that a software was in the principle has sold.
1 / 5
I am now in version 9.5 and begun with Mechanic of System Prof. V. 5.
Fast Of records and definitions of threat of the updates in an almost daily base.
The laws the fast plus and the chair is more user-cosy that Norton or McAffee.
HAS has not founding problems with any one of some hundreds of the web of places/of programs has accessed.
5 / 5
It does not buy this product is running Windows 7 Professional and on. This software is partorisca the Oldest operating systems like this of the Windows M, View, the one who the Load partorisca CRAP. It costs the plot more partorisca return this POS, that to livestock the, like this in a moment, Another bites a powder!
5 / 5
Update later-- in Current with absolutely any question, with which two weeks uses intense in some three computers in my coverage of house, and for far one the majority of effective and flexible of any cleanup the utility has tried. A careful preparation search having paid was.

Was a bit leary roughly trying this out of, because of some very negative critiques. But some people in ZoneAlarm recommend it, as I have decided to give that it come from it. Partorisca Minimise some casualidad of question, I uninstalled my leading version, Maquinal of System Pro 5 and thoroughly has cleaned my system (Dell Dimension 8400, 512memory of MB, two 180GB hard walks in the RAID0 configuration, running Windows XP Pro SP2, ZoneAlarm, Kaspersky Personal Pro antivirus, and antispyware of ZoneAlarm and Microsoft), using VCOM Continuazione of System 6. It has treated the system and backup of register, using Continuazione of System 6 and dip the point asistencial of Windows. The the full backup to the walk of USB, using Norton Ghost 10. I then rebooted two times, disconnected of an Internet,has closed each program in a Tray of System that would close (cortafuego, anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc.), has inserted a disk of Mechanic of the System, exited of a startup screen, and has explored a disk partorisca any text or of the manual files. I have read all could. I then reinserted a disk and has left the career.

A system there is hanged once during an installation. This was unexpected, but no unusual when installing complex programs-- I just rebooted and an installation has on elected where has to that the left was. I have verified partorisca do sure that no cortafuego neither antivirus was installed.

An installation has completed. The rebooted two times, king-connected to an Internet (cortafuego and anti-the virus was again active), downloaded and installed an update (version q) and gingerly has begun partorisca explore some characteristics. Some instructions partorisca some characteristics could be easier to follow, but has concentrated in an individual sub-programs, that averts a box of Total containers has has had to that the feel like this to as he all has done.

Absolutely ANY proublems and looks very stable. I wound on doing considerable cleanup in that was the reasonably cleaned system partorisca begin with, and a sytem is now considerably faster that before.

Precautions keys: Start with the system in reasonably of good form. Do the full backup to a half outside or USB strolls hard. Mark sure has you disconnected of an Internet and close all poden. It does not install a program cortafuego or antivirus unless the already uninstalled any one another concealed can be in your system. Install an update.
4 / 5
This was the way adds with rebates partorisca take Kaspersky AV & the Kaspersky Cortafuego bundled.
Ossia Was a COURSE ADDS. A bad part... I have had to spend for & reset each option / partorisca scan to a lot of anything automatically. In a chance after leaving was the elements of movement consider sure partorisca do that' has had to them use the system restores.

Ossia The ENORMOUS question with programs like this or records 'cleansing'
Also while doing demand altos of better defragmentation... It was no better that windows in Sure way.
4 / 5
This will not upload to my computer, says is not compatible. As well as, after trying to upload it, wounds up with 13 viruses is !!!!! That cost me $ 350 partorisca repair. I am not happy at all with your product !!!!!!!
5 / 5
Loses his executable and requires reinstallation. I upgraded to SM 7 Pro same question, with which a lot of reinstalls has had to buy again and are having some same questions with another computer. This software will cost you soooo the time has lost a lot and endeavour. With which 7 month that struggle this software of rubbish am going back to Norton. I will suffer one 15 to 30 minutes dulcemente-me he in startup with Norton, in favour of fatal errors with iolo. ANY RECOMMENDED AT ALL!!!!
4 / 5
Nave a lot quickly, the element was described like this, the good software partorisca yours windows XP included is using windows X P.
4 / 5
One the late plus is Maquinal of System Pro 14. I have been upgrading partorisca the decade and swear for him.
4 / 5
Looks partorisca be new when I received it, but is unusable. So only it uploads to a computer IF a computer has the windows 98 ,me,2000, or xp operating system. Of then it can not use he with windows 7 I has any idea has done . IOLO Could not help, reason do not have any records that goes back to a period of the time in that a software was originally has sold.

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It maintains to try to download and then loses connection - no easterly unit of compraventa
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Utmost alarm. Strong klaxon horn that maintains until the prendes. He popup any @@subject that yours is doing on to adapt calm that has written it you in his window.
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Maintains to try to download and then loses connection - no shabby is a