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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
4 / 5
A bit lighter and more along that expected(im the little short) but to good sure one of my favourite discharges of all time. Im The enormous camo defender. The desire has had digital camo also and with the fattest interior partorisca a winter.

In general quite well, spends it every day to do. To good sure reccommend.
5 / 5
Likes to take in value of face. The value ADDS! Amur A camo has normalised! Simply one of one the majority of beautiful has seen. I also like a material/feels/of a jacket. The quality of zip is quite down, but looks acceptable. Zip Of pockets! The main worry would be a stitching long term. It is extremely small and lw. Obviously any appearance is big quality , BUT a value is impressive. Slightly heavier that the majority of like this of calls 'jackets', and imo, ossia the good thing . Still the light this in spite of. So as I like a material and camo has normalised, will say it will take and muck to control a lot easily. I probably the use for situations knows are by train to remain me clean so only. It likes that of a material is not noisy and does not feel likes to spend to the stock exchange of the rubbishes likes like this lw the jackets do. Really it is true to measure! I spend a XL shirt and usually require to XXL jacket for a free access prefers. A XXL was simply too baggy for me. They are the 220 lb. weightlifter. HIGHLY it recommends like the lovely jacket adds based in initial impressions. As better that one $ 50 Tommy Hilfiger has received of a same day. This XXL simply is returned.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my edges of 13 years. It is 5'6” 140 lbs, big and lean. I have bought the half creates. It is slightly long on the but any unflattering. It could have bought the small but this look adds in lucido. It is a lot of stylish and look the bought he of the tent of big final. I have bought a black a. To to The His dad liked and has loved some hips. To good sure recommended for the light, waters resistant jacket. Can spend it hoodie down or thermal but a jacket is not for hot lol.
4 / 5
This the sum of economic jacket that used to cost well in $ 100 with a permeable steam liner. It breathes as well as a name to mark liner still leaves no moisture in a form of rain, etc. Drench by means of. I have not answered a roughly hot question reason concealed is not that it is has drawn stops. It is bad to shelter one of wind and rain, while leaving steam to go through half of the outside. The heat would be resupplied for some discharges would spend under this shell.
4 / 5
Has received a jacket today, sooner that has expected. I expected it flimsy jacket that I wind on returning, May. My surprised, has not been flimsy at all. It is done well and the looks adds. I plan on that takes the cruise of river mid 2021. This will be perfect for nights in a ship
highly would recommend this jacket
4 / 5
has has had expectations quite down that goes in but was pleasantly has surprised. A jacket feels layered and done the wind of good labour breaking and is surprisingly warm. He also done the very good work in rain, has tried he in the beautiful heavy rain and he waters taken never logged and remained dry. The only flu has is some measure run the little big. In general although I am a lot happy with him.
4 / 5
Good apt jacket. Any raincoat at all. FYI. But it looks well.
4 / 5
Has taken this for mine homeless edges those who has Schizophrenia. It has loved that and hopefully will not lose it or has flown it of him.

Sacrament The county does not cure of his mentally patient homeless population as I see it. My edges has the program that waste to see
Like the result remains for the defend.

Is good to take add looking functional cloths. It is sad that does not maintain him never long.
4 / 5
The jacket has been rid a lot quickly and my husband was very pleased with a way is returned. It has not had the jacket of hooded rain how has been pleased to take this and looks forward to to walk some dogs in his jacket of new rain. It likes that it is breathable and of light.
5 / 5
A jacket looks quite well, some looks ashes well, and a creation of him is quite good. An only few complaints that has is that it is the small the big on me, has ordered the big thinking it would return seamlessly, and while turn, is quell'has bitten big on me. Also a term 'will read is quell'has bitten far fetched mine, any to say is heavy, but is certainly a lot light neither. It is more as the z/the small rucksack was to be the jacket. A control of water is quite solid, I accidently has fallen in some founding snow, and has not taken drenched at all, averts of my hair. It would say, if you were to buy this jacket, know your measure of jacket or order the measure down.

Top Customer Reviews: Arctix mens ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought one 'the visibility augmented' version. It is, in fact, easier that see... The engine partorisca shoot that shines red colour and there are reflective zones as I can see in some pictures. An external material memory of the light firehose material (line) and partorisca a wind. Some zips and snaps is substantial and a wrist of interior cuffs do the good work and is not intrusive. A zip forward is a lot of cover for the flap that is resisted to an opposite side partorisca snap as well as he 2' piece of the Velcro material of type (that maintains flapped down... The good idea).

Did not maintain Me like this warm to the equal that has announced. Walked the little on 100 course of my space of estacionar to my office in 33 F this ARE and for a time has taken there my arms felt a cold . This would be an excellent candidate partorisca layering, but any one is alone discharge in freezing time.

Would have given it five stars partorisca creation and manufacture, but one the fault partorisca achieve protects in prójimo to the freezing temperature fell it down to four stars.
5 / 5
Was bit it hesitant in some mixed descriptions but has ordered in all the chance. They are happy has done. At all it has been it has broken in the, a drawstrings laws so only well, and returns like this expected. A reflective material is not gaudy or slapped on like a afterthought and good works. A material is probably a lot very waterproof, but is done out of the class of sensatez almost like an old green Refrigiwear, as it will take the plot for the rasgar. Everything of some keys looks to be stout how is a zip - which do not owe that annoying to the rovescio revokes behind zip that is impossible to use with gloves on. A hood is removable and leaves the with the comfortable smooth when any semi-detached. Also it has the bill and has comfortable fleece lines of type. They are 6'2' 260 with arms like the sasquatch and some arms and cuffs is awesome- is abundance long and has to that 2 inner layer and outside cuff so that the snow in some wrists will be hard to do. Like this far it is been the a lot of comfortable easy spending spent in a mid-twenties, with sweet normal winter layering would be more than comfortable in this discharge in some low adolescents or included lower.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Some looks to cover to be fact well and a lot warm. An only complaint has is that a Big measure that has ordered is way on-sized and returns more like a XL. It does not like to spend baggy of clothes. Perhaps it is very I need has other warm discharges down but for me that the enormous space goes to leave under cold air in. A hood is giant also.. It hangs down to my nose unless it folds it behind. The sleeves go all a way to my toe the look in a semi-detached video and photo.
5 / 5
Each one that 2 years take it the new jacket, usually Columbia. I give an old one the charity. Had state that looks for the new jacket to substitute my current Columbia without a lot of success. The amazon has suggested in fact this based in my history of investigation as has thinks that that I give tries it.

Like this far am very happy with him. It looks to be warmer that my leading Columbia and there is more the pockets that know the one who does to do with. It has taken the big to be sure some bosses would be long enough. In place of the nylon external shell this jacket remember more like the Carhardt material to write so it would owe that spend a lot well.

Like this far am very pleased with this jacket and highly recommend it.
4 / 5
Would like me have given this jacket he 3.5 indication of star, but amazon dosnt leaves half-star increments, likes to take that 3 -star.

A jacket (averts of a negation the'll describes down) looks well like this far. The inner material is soft but feels solid, the jacket resupplies good heat, the outsides of hand-held pockets is roomy. I have ordered it measures it on (2x) that usually turn (1x), reason the like my wear of upper organism to be bit it free. This has done some longer bosses then the d likes, unfortunately. Roughly 3 thumbs too long (cuff the careers was roughly 1/4 way of a fund of my toes). While the are not that it considers that the negative, of the deliberately has ordered on-sized, has thought the d gives that mentions it.

My main flu is an economic/low quality ziper. Less then the week after taking it/spending it, there are them remarked that unless it has paid them particular attention when the zipped he on, half of a time some long teeth in some subordinated wouldnt take together right, and a jacket would open on a fund, forcing me the unzip and king-zip. Material of looks of zip to be plastic, likes opposed to metal more durable that the the earth sees in of the jackets. And so only today while strugging w/ a be of the zip has stuck, one of some teeth has broken was.

Havnt Washed it still (has there was less then 2 weeks, as it gave it some spend-time before washing), and already is beginning to break on me, as it has described on.

Modify: Downgrading this to the indication of 1 stars, because of vário zip more smaller the teeth that pause of w fights of zip, finalising w/ some integers slider assembly (the metal, or in this plastic husband, run that does a real zipping on some 2 sides of teeth) breaking of this past thursday night.

Will not buy never anything of this company again, if his cant included take something that basic and necessary like the zip, has done well.
4 / 5
Ossia One the majority of awesome jacket that has not had never in my life!!!
Looks 100 better times in person that does in some pictures. It is like one of these pieces of cloths that you instantly enamorar with when calm see it.
Almost all the world-wide give me compliments in my jacket, all my family, friends, coworkers, and same strangers!!! I have it that has not possessed never the piece of the cloths where has taken like this compliments before.
Has possessed the plot of jackets also, of 300 skin of jackets of dollar of motorcycle the jackets of mark of popular name, and this jacket beats them everything, and has taken also one the majority of compliments of ALL THE WORLD!!!
Without a hood, looks one of these futuristic quotas GQ the jackets with some burst up with the.
A jacket like this would cost 200 dollars in Macy is or something, and to the chair likes has taken more than of my cost of money.

A jacket is to have to that really heavy . It is fact of the type of cloth of cloth, class of like this of the z/of the school rucksacks, and has some class of propiciado by water of test in a underside of a cloth. The majority of jackets are done plásticoes, the skin or the wool/of cotton knitted, and has not seen never any jacket done of this type of cloth of material before, which is really fresh and so only.
A jacket has some his hanged, but is not súper heavy. Also it has tonnes of pockets, likes 10 total of pockets.
Maintain warm in 20 or 30 times of terracing, and can a lot included feel a wind at all. The mine has sawed-the workers were like ' is walking around likes is the good day !!!', Which is that felt likes mine, included tho was 30 external terracings with cold ice cream windchill.
Laws in the súper cold warehouse, so only spends the mesh under this jacket, with longitude johns under my tejanos, some gloves, and the hat, and are súper toasty and comfortable all day.

Spend my jacket in acting all day daily, in the súper the cold warehouse where am driving the forklift, and boxes of lifting, and stacking pallets, and has dipped also a jacket by means of a washing machine multiple time, and is resisting on really well. There is not any harm to a seams, any rasgando, or run, or pilling, and any harm to a drawstring clasps.

When it has read all some descriptions before I have bought a jacket, has been concerned in a seams rasgando, or a drawstring clasps breaking, but has not had any of these questions at all. I think that that these people were so only miserable.
And also a drawstrings, and a drawstring clasps in my jacket is ash , in place of black likes in some pictures of some bad descriptions. I think that that they have to have it fixed or substituted it of then these old descriptions were posted, and is 2020 now.
A drawstrings goes around a very inferior interior of a jacket, likes around a waist, and does not use it never, and does not think more the people would not use it never, unless they were in Antartide or snowboarding or something.

In fact think this jacket is way of BETTER way that these shiny bloated plastic looking jackets of North Face. And this jacket cost the plot less too much!!!
Estimate this jacket he 10 out of 10. And you are thinking roughly taking it, then he, calm will not complain it .

P.D. A jacket runs the little big, so he calms usually spend the half, and like your jackets to be accesses more slender, then order the small.
5 / 5
Has bought this jacket for his hard external which is certainly has.
Are 6'2 215 lbs and some XL accesses perfect.
One a lot maligned drawstrings in my jacket has done perfectly in a mid section and fund.
A hood is zip on and was and lined for heat.

The SNAP, And there is ROUGHLY 12 Of them, Is The ECONOMIC PLUS SOME will FIND ANYWHERE.
Every time ploughs one expects it to break. To good sure will fail immediately.

Some zips while enough a lot is not YKK how has been announced.
Rids the warmest pockets are in an uncomfortable and no streaky corner. Any heat. Neither they have I have closed he of zip and therefore it is opened to some elements. They will fill with rain or snow.
Does not have any way this jacket would owe that be estimated to -25 terracings. His probably good to +30 or main. You will owe that dip spent under the second a temp like this the order measures it up. A jacket gone back perfectly but would be difficult to dip a lot of layering inner.

In general, take which pays stops. Hard outside that no rasgará, economic snaps and no the warm.
4 / 5
This jacket is waaay heavier that my last a. But like me concealed. It is not overbearing or anything, so only has it noticable difference.

Has bought a red an and is the really good colour .

I alive to Minnesota and I will say like this far, is lived up. Sometimes volume too warm in fact.

In all the chance, require the informative warm jacket and love plots and of the plots (and I bad plots) of pockets, takes this!

A drawback have like this far is that a period of of the this is more along and when curve on or anything unless I hike on a fund in waist of mine feels the little tight. But it is not the breaker of extracted for me.

Update 1/18/21

the Inner pocket has hope he in already and so only has used pocket still. The material in the interior feels very thin and economic. One sticking has begun to come undoes inside a pocket rendering the the useless pocket.

Modify 2/22/21 I has had to attack this down to 3 stars, there is not the tear in a seam. Hardly it spends my jacket and when it is to go to a tent. And there is remarked how was very cold recently that when tentativa the zip a jacket all a way to an upper and cover my face, a zip takes stuck in the piece of material in an interior of a jacket. And there is not the possible way the zip this without taking stuck unless you go very slow. Defect to draw.

Finds the different jacket.
5 / 5
Ossia The creation very resembled an Army M65 Jacket of Field, so only modernized. This means upper frames for function and durability, especially like the jacket of work. For an available price I so only paid in 3XL-Black ($ 38), is for the fly! They are so only he has spent two days that reads in a park while spending east... 40deg sunny Yesterday, 32deg rain/slush today... He the jacket of work adds!
A Good:
-Big quality, material to have to that heavy, zips and stitching.
-A lot of pockets, with utmost zippered pockets of @@@cofre for gloved use.
- Add, warm hood , adjustable, which can dip on while it spends a jacket.
A Bad:
- A 'handwarmer pockets to write' is not insulated; coffins the hands take cold quickly downwards 40deg.
- A wrist cuffs is way too big for coffins/use of gloves of the skin, included using a tight plus snaps dipped (Sees photo) ... There is so only two snaps, and a prime minister an only ensures a cuff flap: so only a second and to the final snaps place cinches a cuff, but so only would be good for the glove of full winter... Inadiquite adjustability For a workingman or urbanite.
- An accident-system of the adjustment of the cord would owe that it has been drawn with the by force main cord/ fatter, and would have to that it has been drawn to ensure a loop of final cord, which is highly suseptable to take in a hood and inferior cuff, and among a way of an use of main zip in a waist cinch (sees photo).
Does not take Me bad, so only am signalling out of the subjects of creation to the equal that would owe that be improved to for Artico in a future... It has to that skill of a Soldato to modify my cloths and train to adapt my needs... Has the black snaps box, 1/4' clash-cord and the pertinent connectors that is delived of Amazon today to fix an on mentioned shortcomings... Then this jacket will be perfection ! Ossia The must -buy for the working jacket in fresco/of cold time!
5 / 5
In general to to the my husband likes him an a lot of spent. It says that it is light weight this in spite of a lot of warm. It is 5'8' and 160 lbs and some half returns well. It uses it mainly for him gel that fish here in Montana and all some pockets are a lot handy for this activity. It has Had two subjects. In the first place some attractive of the zip of the metal would turn lateralmente and jam in the 45 deg. The corner that the very hard fact to operate some zips. An attractive topped squared is too wide or no quite wide for a hole is trace in. It has taken the one of the delivery grinds tool and there is rounded some corners on all some zips and act a lot now. It has had also a pocket of mobile phone in an interior under the right swipe was on first use. Probably manufacturing error. It is a lot of test of wind that is the here east must of a Rockies. Finally it calms it can not beat a prize of this discharge so that takings. Without serious abuse a discharge would owe that last a lot of years.

Top Customer Reviews: Amazon Essentials ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
5 / 5
It does not buy this jacket! I love a look, one feels, a quality of a material, and a level of heat. But, there is the defect of serious drawing in a jacket. Some funds of zip of the chair of pocket on a rest of a material and take everything of a weight of your hands when have your hands in a pocket. I am sending for behind my second jacket partorisca turn, included although it would want to maintain it . Both times, a bust of zips in some premiers few days because of a tension of normal wear. I have tried at the beginning repair a zip,on but has then learnt that any zip could be has achieved sewed in a way is. If some zips of the pocket is not of entity, calm perhaps will love a jacket.
5 / 5
A jacket a guard of chin well, a cuffs is solid and an attention to detail is glorious. A lining is there!! Has the habit of the softshell with less than heat. This jacket is to do lacking more with him layering the system planned with this when being the discharge to resupply some heat. Has he softshell this was easily two times a cost and certainly does not fulfil a level to estimate these presents of jacket. Like this while I have been taken lateralmente for as animated a lining can be, ossia my own supposition and the fault to take attention to detail when ordering, no the failure I control against a jacket. As where it is some súper tiny defects? Or súper the tiny details does well?
A cuffs is a place an easy plus in this jacket to find a small plus pros and gilipollas in a otherwise AMAZING lovely proposition.

A velcro in a cuff is the quality adds. A hook and sides of the loop so much is done spectacularly well. On some jackets a ribbon bases in a side of loop of a velcro can be situated to far to a flange of a cuff presenting an abrasive flange to spend in your wrists/of hands. No like this in this jacket. A spacing is glorious.
A side of hook can have subjects like scratchy hooks, aggressive ribbon basic under a hook velcro or other subjects that creates and abrasions. No in this jacket. They use the section of hook that is the rubbery material with hooks that is more like tree of small triangle stumps so that at all chair scratchy or abrasive at all. A rubbery the material has the grip of embrague feels in a rear side to the equal that can take any grip in a rain or cold, and some flanges are softened on or there is rounded.

A cuffs is where a subject of this jacket exists this in spite of, a subject small small. A lack of section or elastic interior of elastic. Basically a cuff is all the tube of cloth with velcro to take it down for hot or to close aorund your gloves during the snow have covered wrestling left or w/and. In some other jackets a sleeve would compensate for this adjustability with the touch of elasticity, and is reason.

With this jacket if you cinch down witht he velcro then can has to that uncinch a velcro to take your hand behind by means of a sleeve. For like this for the better day to access of the day in a sleeve would require to velcro both bosses that takes to a jacket then both exiting of a jacket. Every time. This of course is not the reality and calm can have him cinched down but a lot fully and slip your hand in and was, leaving a velcro where is, and only need for the rule want to cinch down a cuff entirely.

Knows ossia the a lot of small nitpick more than the defect, but think the signal was calm then can comprise a level of critic can spend to the jacket and to see ossia an only thing to nitpick means a jacket for a prize is an insane lovely proposition. To good sure could sell this jacket for pair a prize this in spite of has descriptions and utmost indications. It is an incredible jacket and value.
4 / 5
Loves a cloth and a height of with the in a jacket. They are 5'11” 235lbs and all a weight is in my stomach. (I am doing on he) that the be has said that a jacket returns quite well, he tad tight around my stomach but ossia on me. I have ordered a XL, sense and still feels that a xxl would swallow me. This be has said that my critics have at all to do with sizing and everything to do with qualities. Inside the wears of pair (any one my daily jacket) some zips in some pockets have prendido to do, and some attractive for all some zips except a big fund the upper zip has had to come waste. I did not wash it still, but they are class of fearful to. If I need the a lot of looking jacket for the labour interview or your quarterly sales that fulfils, this will do adds. If I need the a lot of looking jacket to spend daily, perhaps would look elsewhere.
5 / 5
This jacket has is ups and downs.

Up: it is comfortable wind , good and control of rain, and looks quite classy.

Down: some zips!!!! A main zip on a front is functional, but to the chair likes any one last long. So only too sticky to give a lot of confidence that will last it. Some zips of pocket are no better. One of them has after broken less than the month, and some pockets of zip are otherwise he abonos selling characteristic for me.

Gladly would pay the little more to take zips of qualities in this jacket, and would be likely to give the 5 stars then. How it is, the jacket that no the zip a lot really servants his purpose.
4 / 5
Returns perfectly - wear for both winter that cut and random wear in NYC.
Are 5'8 and at present 180 (was 200 sooner when I have ordered) and some accesses of means perfectly in both measures. Blockades a wind effectively, like this included besides cold time, am spending the sweater of the wool down are warm abundance. In a rain, an external shell will take wetted, but concealed does not go through half of the interior. Nieve the only swipes was. Pocket of zip of the @@@cofre is perfectly sized for the main smartphones (iPhone 7+ here).
5 / 5
6'2” 230 lbs, 36 waist Of thumb, 34 thumb inseam - XL has purchased. Access well, has bought XL to go in the fleece and has done well. If it plan on spending in the sweater so only, or calm less can return to the L.

Quality really good and the characteristic is in this prize. To to The small Things likes them to them-him him attractive of zip, lines of pocket, and trim subject @of mine and yes your calm like this jacket. It is warm and the a lot of all-around jacket. Court I quite short that I can spend he in a car and does not locate up. The looks cool in of the blacks.
4 / 5
Would say 3.5 could . For $ 35 - this jacket is surprisingly well. An access has done well for me and I has been surprised for one in general feels of a jacket - I would have expected to pay more than way that has received.

Reason 3 stars? Some zips in some pockets lateralmente are susceptible to exit some clues in a fund of a pocket - so has your hands in some pockets, some zips can burst was one of some clues and leave you unable the zip your pocket at all until his fixed. Of course, a jacket still will maintain you warm (and like some pockets) - but a question of zip frustrated enough the bit and left complaining spent of mine. It feels like the place bobo for this jacket to fall flat considering all he well.

All the world feels that way? Probably any, as it calms does not think does not leave my calm description deter you. So only it spends to bug me!
5 / 5
The product adds for Amazon essentials, agrees to doubt because of some leading descriptions.

To good sure would recommend it to any that looks for the jacket of good soft shell. Any one so only is look well but repell water effectively which is something is to be surprise roughly.

An only complaint has was in a quality of some zips, the mine in a right pocket is broken. But I think that that it deserves 5 stars been due to that yours taking for the low prize.
5 / 5
For the context are 6ft3in 220lbs. Ossia The jacket of half sum , an external shell is exactly a texture I wished and resists the better same wind that expected(alive approximations a beach GOES so it is often windy). A liner is comfy and at the beginning was the little launched for a point in a backside with fleece line some arms vs fleece throughout but @give breathes has taken better.
Quality of the build and the cloth is something on.
Well, now for a gilipollas. Sizing--I usually buy things in XL and am good but when this is to arrive included although there is of then was inner a specs in a sizing the map was way too short and the little snug in a @@@cofre. A shell does not extend to like cotton like this still after the few days to spend he in a car and such obvious era has had to that change was for the XXL. A XXL arrived and he sizing is quite perfect to save so that it has to that presionar a cuffs slightly and presionar a waist bungee so only the small to maintain a backside to stick out of butt of mine.
Some things would wish it has had was inside pockets, all my others the jackets have these and I likes him dipped my stock exchange there vs rear pocket now.

In general highly recommended but consider that it goes the measure up. Retrospectively, it Could have taken so much a XL and XXL in first cupboard and tried him so on like concealed and so only paid for a an I maintained and could recommend one same for another to be sure to take a legislation a.
5 / 5
Honradamente Surprised for a quality of an element like this far. I have lost recently the jacket of North Face of soft shell looked in way, but has not wanted to spend another $ 180 for the substitute. A partner of the mine tries recommended this Amazon branded soft shell, with a profit added of an interior liner.

When Have take this of a packaging, has been surprised in a global build and a quality of an element. While I have used this so only the value of weeks of time, is quickly result my gone the jacket. It is comfortable, has zip on pockets, and has a hot addition of an interior liner.

Top Customer Reviews: Weatherproof Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this acute looking jacket partorisca my husband. A weight is the perfect partorisca the chilly day of fall, or has included the a bit cold winter day. It is a lot of fact, some zips are good quality and returns like this expected- is 6' and 200 lbs- want to some returns of way, and really looks well in lucido. Very pleased
4 / 5
has bought this for my husband, looking for the light, breathable athletic jacket. This was the heaviest jacket that has loved thus purpose. A jacket has not been very soft and felt plastic-and. Also, my husband has the a lot of wide @@@cofre and is the big or slender access typical XL. This jacket in big access has measured well in his @@@cofre but was oversized and boxy in a waist and also. It was the jacket of total dad . We will be to return.
4 / 5
These accesses of jacket perfectly and looks well, this in spite of, I originally wanted more than the light, waterproof windbreaker to spend in a summertime rain. This jacket resupplies hot, bit it too weighed for some warmer days of state.
Any reason to give this jacket anything less than the indication adds, will take good use of him three out of four seasons.
5 / 5
Mina all time favourite jacket. (2xlt) Ossia my second a. So only it has taken the new a reason, with which 5 years, my pointed wear original smaller in a cuffs and a black colour has not been as 'crisp' because of washes of multiple car. It maintains in alcohol, spends this daily discharge of October by means of April and spend for just roughly all- shovelling snow, exiting to eat, the church. In a fall, is perfect like east. A time a cold plus, I layer the black zip hoodie or the dressier sweater down. A pocket of the sinister heart outside is quite big to resist the main mobile phone with chance (S20 Note). Matched with the black of camel or good quality 'Hindú Jones' way fedora is the defence adds against the chilly light rain or the heavy snow. There the a lot of few occasions when this discharge does not operate. Has a propiciado by official heavy winter with hood that has spent so only the little time because this discharge goes so only roughly everywhere. Still it spends my older discharge for situations more random and spend a new one for dressier time. Among a two, attended at least other 10 years of use. Like the note lateralmente, has been pleased to see that a 2020 version of a discharge maintains some big levels was of an older version.
5 / 5
I looks of apt product to be Western Pacific sizing (does in Vietnam), ie two small measures for norms of measure of them the EUA. Orderly XXL which would have to that it has left room for the sweater on me, but too tight in the mesh without casualidad of zipping. It looks the good discharge to the equal that will look for main but has to return it.
5 / 5
Has purchased for my type, absolutely loves it. Súper Luz, moveable, still a lot warm especially with the sweatshirt down. It spends the Big and this still has abundance of room for the sweatshirt, or sweater down. Downside, Any hood but any question with turning with the up for the windy cold days and is in Chicago.
5 / 5
The description is inaccurate, would have to say eslim apt' for each measure. It has had to that return in my cost.
5 / 5
Perfecto free, relaxed returned with big-quality rainproof cloth, thins enough for time of autumn but with several discharges to maintain you warm. A subject only, and is the much smaller a, is that a with the is like this short and rigid that he toes behind on easily, but this'll hopefully transmissions over time with the use has repeated. The jacket adds for a cost!
4 / 5
Experiences this after researching the pocolas other frames. I have found the little another in the prize the low plus for the few dollars, in general a rest was in a row of same prize. I add apt, are 5' 9'', 160 pounds with the bit of the COVID the gut and the returns so only as they love it to, falls in a thumb under my line of tape. Zone of apt @@@cofre is not I also free or tight, the period of sleeve is well. In general, good value.
5 / 5
This jacket is returned perfectly - just likes had expected. Had at all in any local tents that included has approached to the that this garment resupplied.

Top Customer Reviews: Columbia Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I applaud Columbia partorisca do one of a bit those that traditional (any-membrane) softshells in a phase! It is the race partorisca die , and ossia the tragedy . While I do not want to all some details, some characteristic and his execution is quite solid with a glaring exception: a hood.

Quite big to swallow the helmet with an unusually wide yard, an only tool to tame this bucking bronco of an inaugural is a bit Velcro tab in a backside. At all it is available to pull some the cavernous sides more afterwards to a face to help blockades a wind or resist a hood to inflate and that the flies was like the ball in the rigid headwind.

Has thought that was illegal on all 7 continents to do the jacket of hooded winter for adults without the suns drawstring in a hood?? He ought to be. Debating roughly that pays a lot to add concealed. In a moment they are regretfully returning is one.
5 / 5
Has spent this jacket all the week while coaching the football and am satisfied entirely. A first day has been cold windy and taken like the sun is gone down. Any question, a jacket is the breaker of good wind and remained the warm abundance. Another day there was the light rain & my remained dry for a plenary 2-1/2 hours. Of you water them just class of has gone was and has not penetrated a jacket. It has not expected that to be sincere. Now the has not been the hard behaviour that rains, but was compatible. Everything of a jacket seams is good and has had I any free threading. Some works of zip well, any @@subject there also. My jacket is very dipped near and access to the equal that has expected. I guess my only complaint is that a hood has any series to draw for it presionar up in of the windy days. A solid jacket in the just prize.
4 / 5
Pros: A lot well, warm interior , streaky, would recommend. Gilipollas: The desire has had hood and serious of inner pocket of draw.
4 / 5
Loves this Jacket. They are really picky in the functions of my jacket, and thinks that has found a ossia exactly which want to.

In the first place, has not looked for something concealed was súper 'Warm.' 'It excepts that it is a point to buy any jacket, then? It is not that a point of the Jacket? To maintain you warm?' You ask.

No really. Any cold volume a lot easily, an absurd quantity of heat of organism, and if it is not windy, the very light fleece, the hat, and some that run the gloves is all I needs to spend in closing some months some cold plus here in pittsburgh my day the life of day. This any active jacket a lot of insulation, but is wind (and water) test. This means that no hot volume while it spends my jacket and walk around, but neither takes chilled while while to a bus and the big gust of the wind spends stops. I hate to spend jackets usually reasons have them that takes was immediately after entering the edifice, or will begin to sweat. This also means that I finalise that it has to that awkwardly spend a jacket around in my arms. These two things are the mine big inconvenience, but with this jacket, can spend a jacket indoors for the little while and not beginning to sweat. Mayor.

Also loves that this jacket is waterproof. It would give this jacket five same stars if it has not gone so only due to the fact that there is so only writes on, but in that has it be waterproof is in enormous prize. I have walked out of acting the days of pair does after having been indoors all day, and has been surprised to find the rain that falls. It was so only my second day with a jacket, but it having was súper convenient. If the d has been in mine regulate fleece, would have taken drenched, but reason was is, remained well and dry.

A Jacket there is absolutely enormous pockets in an external front, and the very also a bit pocket of big @@@cofre where I usually toss the band to gum or something, but is quite big to resist my iPhone 6+ more more. I wish this jacket there has been pockets in an interior also, but concealed is not the súper enormous shot.

For a record: they are the quite big doubt , and am big. They are 280 and 6'8'. Has the quite hard time material to find quell'access. Usually material volume in XL, but has not loved short sleeves, as it has taken a XXL . A XXL is main around my stomach and @@@cofre then usually would like me, but of some sleeves and the jacket are a right period, and I like a jacket so much that they are well with the have be the little release.

An external material in this jacket is really fresh also, he kinda to seat likes him the neoprene, but kinda no. A lot really looks it would have to that be waterproof, but the more certainly is.

Is looking for The really awesome jacket that is test of wind, test of water, and there is so only the little bit of thermal retention, ossia a jacket for you.
4 / 5
Has bought this jacket for some months some fresh plus (not closing to freezing time) and has loved a hood for this time when it is raining or windy. They are the slender 5'4” with to 32” waist. I have tried in the Small measure in the local tent that spends so only the mesh down and has had the very good slender apt. This in spite of, has spent the long sleeve or spent double, felt a Small measure would be too tight around some holes of arms and bosses, as I have ordered instead a Half of Amazon. It is I release it returned for me around a @@@cofre and encircled without being too baggy, but am more comfortable. Neither the measure is perfect for me, but a Half was the more has involved.

A soft shell is the good touch without being noisy when moving around. A wind of blockades of the jacket sufficiently. Some works of jacket for light to rain of half, and the outsides of travesías a short in heavy rain. It does not think it it will do adequately to be external in heavy rain for the long time. An only negative can see is a jacket does not have the cord of draw for a hood. So only it has a flap of adjustment up. In general I am very happy with this jacket.
4 / 5
Loves these discharges of shell are sum! They are the woman 5'8 and roughly 175 lbs and a X big is quell'has bitten baggy, but good for layering down! It loves it, the quality adds, fast nave, and wants to take a discharge of shell of the males quite then a woman is, has better and apt quality.
4 / 5
When I tried It has thought in that has taken scammed in a raincoat has bitten. It has looked for the quality external shell for the moment and this one looked well for descriptions. I dipped it/ I dipped It on, it has gone to a tank and has run water in an arm for the solid minute and a water have run so only was. When he prendí has not taken saturated at all. I have spent of then he in rain, wind, and the snow and is resisting on adds. I have bought this for backpacking but will be to spend this by means of a winter of Wisconsin also.

All is the pro excepts has any pocket of the interior and a hood is the little too flexible. Otherwise A+
4 / 5
A main disappointment has with this jacket is a fleece the lines is too thin. Has a jacket of Nike older and a fleece is much fatter, therefor much warmer. I have spent this external jacket and could feel a cold wind that comes entirely a jacket. I have ordered an ash of colour and has not been the happy in that neither. Has an odd colour of ash. Bear in alcohol, are the a lot of picky person how is difficult to find to to something likes. My suggestion is to take a jacket in prime of Amazon and return it if it does not like.
4 / 5
Looked for it fleece jacket with the shell, but there is not founding a that have to him legustado. I have begun to look in softshells and finalising with Columbia Remonta.

I summarize:

is fact very good and returns true to measure. It is tight when I cover he fleece jacket down that.

A dark blue colour is beautiful.

Wind of blockades a lot amiably.

Repels light Rain easily.

Is thin, no like this warm to the equal that have expected, but yes need the light jacket will do well in the majority of situations of 3 seasons.

A hood is like this big that has covered my eyes until I regulated it.

Mina a frustration is that a hood has any series to draw for presionar around the mine expensive when it takes windy, and a wind blows a hood of my boss. It can be presionado around a waist and a cuffs, but no a hood.
5 / 5
Has ordered this for my husband, the one who has required really the warm jacket, waterproof. It looks he adds on the and likes to spend the, as it maintains out of a better wind that the fleece jacket, how is good to spend in a bit cold (around 30 terracings) without the discharges have weighed down. Although I have marked estágirado like this expected', would have to remark that I have had originally has ordered he in the middle of another place, but that it was the little smaller that had expected, how is returned (of then has not had some big in a same colour.) This in spite of, my husband is generally to somewhere among the half and the big. It liked a roomier is returned partorisca of ease of movement and the able to spend sweatshirts or sweaters more weighed down. A hood, pockets of zip, and the adjustable sleeves are all the good characteristics , and lava easily, also.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia The basic, light (only 72 grams or 2.4 oz partorisca Big) polyester windbreaker. There is no frills. Any lining, any zips of pocket, any pocket partorisca a hood, any drawstrings (the description of product is bad to the respect). There is elastic so only in a cuff margins and in an upper rim of a hood. This in spite of, I adds partorisca dip in the fleece jacket the cold windy day. It will resupply the modicum partorisca protect against the light rain, but probably would take saturated in the downpour or prolonged rain.

A sizing looks well in aims. There are a lot of colours partorisca choose of. The mine has been done to Vietnam. A prize of cast of $ 60 way of looks too big. I have paid $ like looks the just prize. I am not sure in a durability, a material is like this thin would avert partorisca use he enmedio toiling.
5 / 5
Are the woman , but has wanted to order the raincoat of these men because has-liked me a prize and way much more that some options of ladies! I love this jacket. It returns like the glove. A hood gives full coverage to your hair. A material is very light (doesnt coming with inner cloth for hot), but a material of some looks of jacket to use heat of natural organism to maintain you warm. It would not buy this taken the rain or the calm heavy wind spend you travesía/alive reason this adapts more than the light to the sweet rainy day.
4 / 5
Ossia The jacket of economic rain as it can not expect a lot in active his. Work more as the stock exchange of the elegant rubbishes how is quite thin and is not returned at all. He a work to maintain light to rain of half out of you and is quite light to be past slope of the days of state warmer. It is more than a jacket of ideal economic rain for days of rainy summer. There is very better and better treating jackets of available rain, but to have the jacket of economic rain to launch in the stock exchange or in a car, this does a work.
5 / 5
Different the one who the windbreaker the cloth would owe that be, this is not breathable at all. First time that spends it, was hot and sweaty same although it did not exert me and a temperature was sweet. Taking a jacket was, has tried breathability- resisted in up against my mouth and huffed and puffed, but could not blow a slightest bit of air by means of him. It would expect that with the jacket of rain, but the 'the resistant water' the breaker of wind would owe that be breathable. Otherwise, A record is well, Average in mine 5'11, 155 lb frame, is done amiably, and looks well.
4 / 5
Is comfortable. It does not resupply enough I protect like the cold wind entered of wasit. Elastic Apt around the waist would have been better.
Any zip in of the pockets, which casualidades of the things that the fall was.
5 / 5
The jacket is light to pack. The pockets Have point liner interior and any zip as I do not count on is to them to treat an activity or taking rowdy with your mates. The interior of the cloth of jacket is coated throughout, assumes to block a wind because a cloth is like this light. Hood cinches In a front brim using sewed-in elastic and stays in place, as any cord to draw for the tightest to a boss. Well, simple jacket , functional without frills. They are 6' big and weigh around 265 with 52” @@@cofre. XXL Turn comfortably.
5 / 5
Has paid $ for one east windbreaker, which is the little pertinent name . It could protect against the light breeze in the summer but has not been very a lot inthis May in Philly. I assume a thing is waterproofed although I did not try it still. This windbreaker is not so only light, is flimsy. I have been surprised in as thin was. Everything of my weight of shirts more than this outwear. It could have paid $ 20 partorisca east, but in $ 50 good value.
4 / 5
Soya a man that has measured 1,80 mts. And hanged 260 pounds. I have read in some commentaries that has been necessary to ask a measure less than use it, therefore in planting to ask XL has asked the L and this remain so only that has required. The cloths Columbia always comes some measures but of the like looks. Ossia Well so that Any one remains the pieces have regulated.
5 / 5
Has ordered this breaker of wind for mountain biking in of the fresh days. They are 5'-10' 187. It has taken a big, the accesses perfect in my cup of thermal long sleeve. The sum of looks of the quality, looks to surprise and maintained warm. A zip looks good quality likes another has bought, a zip is not lasted.
Can be stuffed to for small stock exchange basses my chair yes takes to animate. It would buy again.
4 / 5
Excellent quality windbreaker. It likes him-me these jackets of Columbia and has purchased 3 different colours. Highly it recommends these jackets. They are light, stylish, and very comfortable for any season. Thank you!

Top Customer Reviews: TRAILSIDE SUPPLY ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
11/25 update:
I so only gone back of my travesía and a jacket have on resisted very second that warm and consolation. Zips, seams, cuff velcro, Rain, sleet, control of snow all has on resisted well. This in spite of to a thing would like to see reinforced (much smaller). A stock exchange of pocket of the @@@cofre in a better precise interior stitching partorisca resist he in place. Partorisca Receive is, there is remarked an upper interior there has been the light and flimsy stitch to an armpit of interior partorisca maintain a stock exchange of pocket in place (the corner the lowest approximations a zone of cage of the rib there has not been this, as I have done the new stitch when have in the first place received this (otherwise he so only 'flap' around). In any case, after my travesía, MI lower Stitch has on resisted, but an original stitch there is broken on while spending, likes corner of upper interior flapped around for bit it. I have it quell'has added of the new stitch with hard nylon edge in an upper inner corner.

Recommends calm this also (do both calm to grieve receive).

I am very pleased in the very this jacket is. It returns a lot amiably. A true worry was a zone of armpit . Reason? A lot of shirts and manufacturers of jacket that zone like this tightened (drawn for lean/scrawny people), like this ossia a definite test of record for me. The majority of American men has biceps and of the muscular shoulders (taste) that of east is critic especially when buying without trying. A lot informative, this gone back amiably still with the thin sweatshirt down that. Btw, has taken the Big.

A stitching, zips, pockets and seams look well and very functional. A material is like fat neoprene hybrid mix (owe elasticity and smooth texture). His not thinking neither thickness. His really well for chilly days. Next week they are by train to direct me in Ecuador/Takes in Paths mountain 10k-17k ft for several hikes of fresh day (in 20s F on upper), and will inform behind as it has managed a light snow, intermittent rain, and breezy wind.

Like this far like this good!

Oh, Thinks has had more colours that would be adds. Current just black and the greenish/olive. Like this ash, blue, orange, red, and beige/tan. A by heart usual palette.
5 / 5
Better jacket never. Raincoat, warm, The test of wind, attractive-can spend restore, good pockets, light weight, turn perfectly (although I am slender), very durable, and a lot never look soiled. Easy to wash or touch on loss, etc. also has with the warm--any need for scarf, etc. So only I quite free to spend the sweater under the, but tight access. That more could loves?
4 / 5
Looks well, is quite warm for these 50days of terracing without being too bulky, and is so only really comfy to spend.
5 / 5
This fashionable discharge is done for a lot of people, but this a differed and has had two things that has loved; the soft liner and an inner pocket. Access well, moderately warm. Works well in layering regimen.
4 / 5
Add little jacket. Alternative to a North Face always populate Bionic jackets. Action very comparable. You can spend the light hoodie down the to add more protect of a cold of wind. Creation very simple. It liked Especially of a fact that there went it zips in some pockets. A pocket of heart is useful to store the stock exchange or clip of money while travelling and some two pockets of the interior in a semence is the godsend. I used him to store the telephone in a side and passport in another.
5 / 5
Ossia The jacket of light weight refinado for quota breezy time. They are 6 big feet and 160 pounds. Access of measure of the average a lot and is slightly snug spending the sweater down. It resupplies the plot of heat with small weight to use the fleece lines and dense wind-come from spent external. A with the big maintains a wind of a with the. It is the leanest access that the half of measure of Final of Earths.
5 / 5
M warm maintenances and looks well. Originally I bought It to do around a yard this Fall but is resulted the gone-the jacket. Access to the equal that has expected.
4 / 5
Has bought this jacket for my husband for the Christmas based in positive critiques. When I received It a lining has not been sewed in properly. To to The My husband liked him a discharge how is returned and has purchased another, that b some casualidades to take another faulty a? Well apparently 100, like knots b sending this one has retreated also. It will not buy of this company again, my husband b taking the present navideño evening of the plus dependable company. Apparently, they require to give a no on his control of quality, no my question anymore.
5 / 5
Have the almost identical jacket to the east a, but is the colour is by train to turn . Has has wanted to something alike and this one looked very together. When I have seen a container has thought perhaps was something more and no a jacket. I have thought, as it could it returns in such the small stock exchange? It was reason this jacket is much thinner that has expected. It is not like this thin like the breaker of wind, but one gives an any further of this. I have tried in a jacket and returns a lot I so that it follows to ask me would be necessary that to him maintains or the send behind.

UPDATE - Some days of the pair more has decided late return it reason do not create it is cost a prize has paid. I have fallen he of three stars to two stars partorisca east.
4 / 5
I generally wear XL shirts but when it is very cold and wants to spent, XL jackets tend the bulk on like this this XXL jacket was perfect!

Has verified a seams and some zips and look toade of qualities. Abundance of pockets that is always useful and a longitude velcro the straps of wrist is very sure.

A material of interior is also very soft. This is not the rigid jacket at all 👍

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
I have wanted to write this description to clear on enough the little confusion sees around feedback other descriptions, as well as a lack of good description of this element of a costruttore/of vendor:

1. This is not declared clearly enough for a vendor, as I will clear: a measure to select in the amazon is regulated already for a small plus sizing of a country of manufacture of origin. That this means is that it select the measure L on Amazon, attended take the jacket labeled XL. With this said, a measure has selected on Amazon (M) returned perfectly. I have complained to take "a measure a big" like other descriptions suggested - I has had to that return a jacket how was too big for me.

2. It would consider this the half-weigh heavy jacket of soft shell. It is a lot warm (according to which the soft shells go), and no the light weight the soft shell feigned for activities more athletic. It does not consider this the element of clothes which can be compressed down, which is sometimes the consideration for external people (p. p.ej. Backpackers).

3. This jacket has the tonne of characteristics a lot really described on Amazon. 4 Of some pockets (two upper arm and two torso) each one which to the equal that has his start of cord of own interior that leaves people to headphones of edge by means of the his players of music of the respect. A two torso pockets each hips have his pocket of pen of empty of own/interior. If you were to order measures L (and main?), A two torso pockets also each one which to the equal that has his plastic of tabs of interior typical of D coverages, leaving you to tones of clip or others his elements. This in spite of, this D-the lack of coverage in mine measured M (and smaller?) Jacket. A shell of a jacket is water repellent (at least right now when new). An elastic drawstring for a hood is threaded to an upper/interior of a torso pockets so that it is not swinging around. Like other descriptions have alluded, there is the lumbar pocket backside with zips in accidents and rights. Finally, a hood can be trace and resisted in place for the big velcro flap in an interior of a with the (visible in a picture).

4. Some characteristic/of quality of a jacket of a vendor is wildly inconsistent. Of some two jackets that I orderly (one has maintained, a returned), one is coming with characteristic (the D-coverage in torso pocket, has mentioned on) which another does not have . One has come also with the 1" x 1" Velcro patch (the difference of a a visible in a picture) in a jacket, while another so only has the coffins Velcro bases of patch. One has been mine shipped in the plastic giant envelope with stock exchange of the interior rasgado, while another is gone in a box of Amazon, perfectly packaged. Of a lot of some characteristic is not described in detail, does not import that it is missing some characteristic/of things, but pode very calm - as the vendor - maintain these compatible things like the people know that to expect?

In an end, really fights to give a jacket 4 stars for my description. Some incongruences in characteristic, nave, sizing focus, and description of the poor product really dips was and nettle me. In another hand, these bands of jacket to plot of characteristic for the very economic prize (according to which the soft shells go, which are typically pricey). I am opting for 4 stars (opposed to 3), reasons thinks that will take my value out of this product. But the truth is, if I can give it 3.5 stars, I .
5 / 5
Like me undertaken to contact me roughly my mandate. I have spent a lot of frames of tactic of soft shells for the work and are like this disappointed in the each level. The element is not like this pictured, the quality and the pockets are terrible. An only pocket tactically useful is a pocket of the forearm and ossia so only on 1 arm. Please contact me before turn and write the description the sincere plus roughly like this disappointed are like a LION that expects “tactical” to mean is the able and effective quality jacket that this is not .
5 / 5
A jacket looked orders at the beginning, but after the most next inspection, they the horrible work with a stitching, A velcro patches that control a hood when gone was all messed up. A lot disappointing .... There is wanted really maintain but are by train to send it behind! DONE the CHINESE!
4 / 5
For a money, is the decent softshell. But it is purpose has built, no for general use. And no for all the world.


1- Maintains was wind and light to moderate rain for short periods of time and estuaries quickly.
Zips Of 2 Holes the help ventilates.
3- Adjustable hood cinches Tight. 4- A lot cuff closures.
5- pockets of Big neighbours to access while spending the harness, rigs or band with the tape of wide hip. A lot of abordable. (Ossia Also the with)
6- has tonnes of companies there selling essentially this same jacket. ( It is based in the draws of surplus of military jacket.) Ossia One of some versions of the main quality there.


1- Main zip shuttle is in a left (any fact for American phase).
2- No waterproof zips. ( You can no critical too much in this point of prize)
3- Any delivery the warmest pockets located where is used probably to his has. Calm will find you that it wants to leave some zips of long pocket all a way down so that it can access him easily, down down where accustoms finds to start with of pocket. If calm leave them open, everything falls era. There is not any pocket 'a lot of' as the zip goes all a way to a fund of a pocket. You will fall your telephone/of tones.
6-Some arms are way too long, as his stirs on on a (very done) velcro tabs of wrist.
7- Is the eslim/athletic' apt. Big in some shoulders, tightened in some hips. Perfecto is -man. But again, no for the majority of knots. If has any extra belly, will owe measured up and treat an extra space around a @@@cofre and shoulders.
8- A material of jacket is weighed enough that an extra material in some shoulders and the sleeves adds unnecessary bulk, epecially with some additional pockets and zips. No the good jacket to maintain in your band.
9- Finally, is the jacket 'tactical' which can be the plus if ossia that loves. All a velcro fields of the patch and the pockets and the extra zips are not like this well for every day wear or for people that does not love the estaca was. They add hanged, and limit some uses for a jacket.

In general, this jacket is well for a row to shoot or a trail when you are a time will be chilly/wet. If any need some patches and of the odd extra pockets, can be better looked for another estimativa hooded softshell like one some of vendors of Amazon like External Adventures or Little Ass Andy.
4 / 5
Before it has said, crooked stitching is not to treat it big and so only affect a look, any functionality. I want to it signals it it was that some of some poor stitching aimed in my photos To good sure holes to cause to open and patches to come loose over time.

Anywhere A line of stitch takes too close up of a flange of a piece of cloth is supposes to ensure, calm mean will have tear and holes there over time.

In an of some photos, there has quite ALREADY A HOLE because of a poor stitching.

And for the $ 50 fact in jacket of Cina, there need be better. This element is more on pair with the $ 15 fact-in-jacket of Cina.

A lot included give enough of the damn to vary his focus of first priest of the sew on.

A hangtag has said a unit is 'First Notes', would hate to see the one who his esecond Commentaries' has estimated the look of elements. Ossia That spends when you assume some inexperienced personnel that takes paid of-the-piece in place of stops-the-now.


UPDATE: I so only @@give to look in some photos that some instructions of cure they was to contradict it.
A hangtag indicates (of accident to right):
1) has washed of the car Animates
2) does not bleach
3) Tumble Dry Down
4) the Dry walk
....Supposition some last two are 'neither or'.
But a sewed in focus he of priest indicates (of upper to subordinated):
1) does not wash
2) does not spend
3) does not bleach
4) Any Dryclean
5) Any Tumble Dry

Which is real? I go to go with a sewed in focus, reason in fact felt for a material composition has declared. The half, calm CAN not WASH THIS JACKET.

Like this put yours bet on like this the jacket will result unwearable. ite Take like this dirty can does not spend? Or it falls aside in the first place because of a abhorrent stitching?
5 / 5
Has ordered the big and has received a XL ...But thank goodness for that! LOL This runs REALLY PETIT! Any sure a XL included is returned a person has purchased he partorisca, ...But I will be of tower for the final description after an element of present is opened on Day navideño. A jacket is REALLY WELL, THIS In spite of! Still I recommend it reason is the good that looks the jacket and am happy with a presentation... A vendor has been an extra mile to protect an element during shipping and has arrived quickly. THANK YOU!
5 / 5
Has bought so much a ACU version of the:
1.) TACVASEN Tactical Ripstop Trousers to Struggle Airsoft Trousers with Shoulder pads and
2.) TACVASEN Special men Ops Jacket of Discharge of Soft Shell of Military Tactic.

Has been expecting one same ACU normalised in both some trousers and a jacket but has significant diferences.

Besides, a inconvience, a pin of insertion, in a jacket zippoer, is in a sinister side.

Charlie K

Nov. 12, 2019 Update

after spending this jacket two times, a zip has broken. To the majority of next examination, has recognised that a zip has been done out of plastic or the economic metal, feeble. A jacket is useless unless I can have a zip has substituted.

Charlie K
4 / 5
To the left take me this out of one ? I add! You will love a jacket. It is big quality . It is not the jacket of winter, but calm certainly maintain you warm. It is comfortable in general. A lot of zips and storage to hike/camping, etc.

Sizing Could be a @@subject any one has. They list the soyeasured of Seal/of Measure of EUA', and recommend measure up. So much, take your measure of EUA, and go a main measure to take a measure of seal. Quite simple. A map of measure is, and the alike jackets are all on some same, and both say to estimate for 1-2 thumbs in difference.

Does not like Me buying of the on-line cloths been due to my measure and form. They are 5'10', 180 lbs. Of as that material, courses, alternating among Half and Big cup. This jacket was no different. Experiment 'EUA M/labels It . It is the bit in a slimming side, to to a way likes, but of my arms are to good insurances longer and a sleeve cuffs ONLY PASTE my wrist. Any class of movement and a cuffs strolls on has bitten it. At all it can not take past. I have had another mark of type/of the jacket that recently, and then when I swapped to the main measure, was way too big around a zone of belly and is now the little too uncomfortable. This TACVASEN, because of some returns of way otherwise, is the arms are the little shorter that would like me, and are fearful to measure on a plus and the have be of too big.

Be conscious of a measure and commanded consistently.

UPDATE: I have ordered some the USA L/Seal XL. It classifies of a same thing in some arms. Still accesses amiably, still very done, and comfortable and maintain you warm and some arm short celery.
5 / 5
Less than stars ☝️ he... It does not purchase unless you want to be stuck with a cost..... 3 worries: I have ordered 2 jackets. One was the 2 Xl and has received a XL. Another was the Big and has received the 3XL. Both jackets are gone in a box 📦. A creation of a jacket was good but a quality was economic, a Velcro has not been until the pair and the material has not gone at all that is to be expect. I am returned both jackets next day in a same box. I have comprised both focuses of turn and like this to the date has received so only a repayment... I have tried contacting them but any response...
5 / 5
Jacket very good. Perfecto apt and the looks was done to commission tailored to returned me. The and 5'9' 36' encircled with the 44' @@@cofre. I have ordered some the EUA measured big a jacket was labeled XL. Returned me perfectly. Abundance of room to move freely this in spite of does not look too big on me. Very comfortable. Really like-me all some pockets this jacket has. Still although a hood is not detachable, hangs amiably and is not bothersome likes some other hooded jackets have possessed. I really like this jacket for apt, feels, and global consolation. To good sure one the majority of comfortable jacket has has not possessed never. This jacket is also covers he of wind. I maintain a lot warn and comfortable in cold wind.

Top Customer Reviews: Augusta Sportswear ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Jacket of light weight that the looks well has done. The colour is described like this. The measure is in a small end like the small man could have more cloth.
5 / 5
Has ordered a 'navy' and is gone in the entirely different colour of a picture, is quite black.

Top Customer Reviews: DEWBU Heated Jacket ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
Ordered this jacket in February is now November and still love this jacket and take tonnes of compliments. It would buy this jacket again - love an army green colour. The service of the client surprised has lost in fact a battery And request partorisca buy the new a. They have answered to my interior of email 2 hours and they have offered partorisca send me the new a partorisca free ossia is still down has guaranteeed. Any calm often take the quality and the service of client likes concealed. It wins it wins. .

Has thought partorisca order another in the different colour taste like this!
5 / 5
Well, in the first place, I and my woman is veryhappy with these jackets. Bosses on, the jackets of some Men have pockets in the each shoulder, and one in a sinister sleeve cuff. Súper awesome. This in spite of some jackets of ladies are missing pockets. A thing there is no @to @give existed in these jackets are some something partorisca patch where can you velcro patches to both shoulders. A lot they are that it looks forward to that it amused it personalizing my jacket thanks to this characteristic. The pockets forward are big on, but I as of the characteristic frankly. It would do partorisca return the súper the big smartphone in your pockets advances any question, or has included the big billfold stock exchange, or small purse. The discharges of jacket in a speed of now. Literally inner 30 seconds could feel it, and is add partorisca ours behind 40 years, which was the averages a reason because it has bought him. I go partorisca buy more battery in the so many have extra in some winters of cold Michigan, like an always can be in one load.

Sizing! Well, ossia a hard part , and are the printer of screen with the plot of experience in sizing, and some maps of measure partorisca these jackets really can be difficult. Ladies, precise to measure up has the big @@@cofre. My woman is 5'3', with the 40DD bra has measured, and has had to that take some Ladies XL. They are 5'7' and 275 lbs, and has required to order one Mentions 3XL. It is of entity to remark that I have ordered some Men 3XL which is an equivalent to the Men 2XL in some the EUA. My fellow the one who is 5'5' with the very big bra measure (main that my woman is) has tried in the 3XL layer of my Men, and is returned perfectly. So much for the main measures, calm very precise to measure up. I expect that this helps any the one who he require it! These are spent to add especially for a prize.
5 / 5
My mamma is ALWAYS FRY to all the cost of a time and was of entity for me to find the good discharge for a winter. This in spite of am not wanted to to go big and bulky reason has to that move around reason has a tank of oxygen. I have required something warm but light. OSSIA PEOPLE ! It is test of time and has resupplied 3 levels of heat! I assumed it it would use it on big but was pleasantly animate with him on half! Have been to a park of distraction for the Christmas and she had it on half a whole time (roughly 6 hrs) and was for real animate without being the marshmallow! Ella (and I) can not recommend this discharge enough!
4 / 5
This element there is not coming with uploading he for some batteries in a jacket

..Update, sent to upload it has taken roughly 3 weeks after a jacket was has rid already. Left those that, the sum of laws of the jacket, the wash that of then and stil good works.
4 / 5
This has heated jacked was ballsy to buy reason has not had any description but has taken it to them casualidad on that. It returns like this expected adds to fall my jacket of heavy work. The pockets are odd but the really does not import is different. A battery is orders a heat is point and averts and helped really for working outside all day in a cold is the must buys is out of working all day. The prize adds also bc he a same pleasure all another expensive has has heated jackets. I produce really it adds for me im very happy with him.
5 / 5
UPDATE 11/22/19: the service of Client has achieved was and has said will substitute a defective jacket I recieved. I am updating of 1 star to 4. Once a substitution is received, will update again.

2018: Down-grading to 1 star. A main zip has broken after spending a jacket the handful of time.

A battery takes several hours to touch and hard 2-3 hours among heat/of half big. A jacket does not create quite hot to 'feel' an extra heat unless has pressure against some coils of heating (eg, sustaining behind against the behaviour/of chair or pressing your hands against some coils in a front). Several pockets but any of them quite big to be useful. The hand-held pockets in a front are big (situated to be against some coils) but these pockets are not heated. Still I am due to the hand dips warmers in some pockets to create any class of heat. This description is based in my experience while when being in of the temperatures around 40 F.
5 / 5
Jacket a lot well has heated! It returns it adds. Nizza stitching. It has taken a blue and likes them colour, sweats the blue dark plus. Súper System of series of fresh draw for a hood, ive never seen to a pleasure before it spends for a @@@cofre and to some pockets. A hood can be trace and joined to a with the and a with the is still comfortable with a hood has trace. Sound the really good wind breaker, his light weight and has to that weighed and his quite warm same without some tampons to heat has turned on. Some tampons to heat is situated in of the utmost places and take well and heat. Some tampons forward am a lot behind some pockets advance he so that it can help maintain your warm hands and a weight of your arms presses a tampon against your @@@cofre more than already is. A tampon of rear heating is in a part of your backside this touches a jacket more. A battery looks good and good works . It likes-me a protective material around a battery, believes them the help prevents harm and is the measure of sum of thermal security. There is abundance of the pockets and is the good measure and zip up. Some pockets forward are on has bitten it main that the majority other jackets and resist your hands on and the help sustains your arms, his very comfortable. Theres Pockets of shoulder in some arms, a pocket of right shoulder is for the devices with the headphone port and theres the hole of hule for the headphone boss to go of a pocket to an arm and the yours ears. Theres The headphone the port in a pocket forward has left also. Theres The pocket in a cup of a sinister wrist thats perfects for a the.D. And or money thin elements. Some the hand-held pockets are also big and his each one which to the equal that has the hoop inside his, likes to connect the keyring or billfold the supposition. Theres The big pocket in a fund of a backside. A zip has two zips on one follows calm so much can unzip a subordinated and leave a rest zipped on himself precise easy access or the little more room in a fund. It looks his cotton or perhaps fleece inner lined some sleeves and is very comfortable and warm. Some finals of some sleeves presionan in a wrist and theres the drawstring in a subordinated as it seals in the each one ploughing to maintain the air was. Theres The hoop for a with the for easily in the earring in the hook or doing sure he wont exit a hanger. Im The happy client! I recommend that this jacket has heated!
4 / 5
A person has taken a discharge for said loves it. I thought it that it would be it it adds for when it goes hunting (the hates!) But it has said that he the door when it goes to a city at night, doing material out of his house, and has said that goes to be add when it has to that nieva of altarpiece. Like this yes, it loves it! Unless hes lying reason does not want to seat bad lol! Usually it spends the 1xl, is 6'2, 230 but the muscular 230 and had read another commentary that suggests to locate the measure as it has taken the 2 xl the Good thing has done. It has said that it is so only a bit a tiny plus snug around the shoulders but will do in. Like this perhaps he 3xl wouldve state still better or too big? Perhaps any the one who has bought one can answer this?
5 / 5
LOVES this jacket. Always I am freezing that having the jacket that is has heated had me in sonriente big every time dipped quell'on!!! I have ordered pink(rose), a colour is brilliant and master that, me happy! I have ordered also the small and was too big, the bosses were too many long and how was a torso. It has taken a xs instead and is perfect. In my opinion has loved that he more snug access so that in fact it could feel some elements to heat. He still the turn adds with the sweater down too much. They are 5'3, 115 and have the @@still @cofre frame/smaller. I expect that this description helps my cold friends fellow ice creams to remain warm and enjoy this amazing jacket!
5 / 5
The heat does not operate, has 3 settings: basses and half a lot anything , if you have dipped to rid the hid hardly will feel a difference among a characteristic that is on or was and a big that will feel you the little has bitten to heat so only yes calm the tones but calm once spend a calm jacket will not feel anything especially has the shirt under that it is a way the majority of people will spend the jacket, as it is not to value he, tried give different form same result

the costruttore can contact me with more than info love me to knots to try something more and can update my description

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