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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Has an old & new pair of boots of identical/fashionable measure. A pair of 5 years was and still is very comfortable all day in walking cement, any pause-has required.
Except the pair of fast-lace eyelet failures, an old pair is remained near & decently waterproof. They have been done to Vietnam.
A new pair, again the fashion of same & measure has been done in Cina. After spending less than an hour an interior of for the heels have begun partorisca burn and in a way the blistering. I have compared dial caliper measures of a width of the heel & found a heel of Chinese model 1/8' more tightened of an old pair & explains the correspondingly smaller upper.
Outsourcing To a costruttore an economic plus is not always a better option wants to maintain your reputation. If I have loved economic, has the wally world in the each corner, same boot for the half reward, minus a focus. But hey, has cut that sings also, any Timberland embroidered stitching in a tongue! Anything to save the buck! Disappointed...
4 / 5
Bounces a lot well, seemingly a lot of fact and hard. I have added a aftermarket cushioned insole and was immediately able to walk on 7 miles, three days in the row without the pause-in period.

THIS In spite of, with which so only my fourth day to spend these have fallen one of a riveted eyelets in a sinister boot has broken and is exited of a hole of skin, so that I maintaining has to take it to shoe reparation to take fixed (hopefully). If poden any fijamente reasonably are sending behind.

A shame because these are kicks a lot comfortable . I owe it does not have to that it pays for the reparation been due to low quality craftsmanship.

Will revise a description like these progresses of @@subject.
4 / 5
Are not exactly an expert in of the boots, ossia a more has not spent never in the pair to hike boots, and knows can run 4x a prize of these easily. I have used to buy boots of good work, and not having has left enough on for boots of good hiking, as I neither hiked in of the boots of work, or bought $ 25-30 bounces it of hike. It was finally time for a upgrade. It could not be happier.

Has had these maintaining for the year or like this, and used him in the each season. Have excelled. They are not the long distance hiker, and that factors in. For fall and cradle, these are brilliant everywhere. In the winter is not insulated, like this require of the really good socks. In summer, is not a lot breathable, so that another precise time of the really good socks, and wide occasion to take them was and cool your feet. Having to that do hikes shorter with load of the heaviest band, for bushcraft camping. For a diverse on and was trail, wetted and dry, rocky and muddy, infinitely varied conditions, has a lot these have not been comfortable stops.

After all this use, is broken so only in really, any noticeable wear. This year I have applied any sno-focus, and am a lot happy with as the skin has answered his. I think that that these boots go me to last at least the little more years, and has included then so only can be the chance of some new tips and insoles.

Original description 5/10/17

UPDATE: 11/8/18

Still holding on well, although some have the habit of is aiming the little wear, is compatible wear . A lugs is the little shabby, but that the grip has not been compromised. I am not really be maintaining clue, but has dipped at least the miles of hundred of the pair on him. Some the original tips are taking frayed of thorns taking on his, but has not broken. Treatment with sno-still focus maintained the annually waterproof and a skin is resisting on adds. I am not convinced these are some kicks more is in some world-wide or anything, but is looking for still to kick to hike for half means that it is fresh and wet, calm will not complain buying these. They take quite hot is 80f and have paste of sun your feet, breathability is limited.
4 / 5
Has bought like this these have fallen behind on September 13th of this year. Interior 10 days there is remarked mine the right boot was dulcemente seeping in of waters he of a section of toe. Mina the boot left was totally dry and well. I have applied some oil of mink and has thought well, this would have to that fix a question. For week 2 a subject same was having with a right boot has continued on the mine bounces has left. First of fast today and my feet are drenching wetted by an end of a work day.

I work for an office of estaca and has required something in minimum coffins be able to repel a dew of morning that accrues in a herb. They have on resisted for the week and inside a first storm of rain there is remarked that a course at the head of my foot has begun to take humid. I have applied another fresh discharge of oil of mink that thinks a skin or seams can have been faulty but inside a storm of light rain prójima my feet have been drenched. Socks and everything. Now they are that it looks for again for the good pair of work has fallen this adapts my needs. It has expected a mark and the descriptions would stick to a name. I have possessed the pairs of pair of timberland boots in some pasts and has had any subject with them. Has has wanted to these to be a lot and was conjoint died on ordering the second pair because of a comfortability and any pause-in required because of a quantity of miles that walks the day. This in spite of, with these I are quite disappointed in a longevity and a waterproofing. It has expected for at least the value of years of the reliability but does not look concealed goes to be a chance .
4 / 5
There is so only some subjects with this boot. In general they like me to him some kicks, felt of good legislation out of a box. With this said, has the measure 9 reg foot but in a wide side but a lot enough to order wider And width. A solution is always be to buy 1/2 big ossia. 9.5 In place of 9.0. Current of mine kicks that is to substitute is 9.5 and can spend to the socks of heavy wool likes them perfer. No with these, I probaly would be necessary has returned him but with the thin athletic socks are returned like the glove. They are sure in timing when a breaking in there is accured some boots will have more the room but they really would owe that be bit it freer that a start. That am saying is orders him 1/2 main measures that your current boot any @@subject that foot of calm measure really the. In a @@subject to water proofing which has been spoken in other descriptions, if calm that it would be necessary utilisations the protective on the before a first use... Then it will have any subject with that until an upper eyelets in this point a web a low plus of a tung stops and like waterproofing, will resist water for the short period to time in depth of ankle but water seep stops. A subject of traction that is the big one for me, dipped the to a test in this zone and I am very pleased. I have not had the slip in of the situations where a exspect, after the rain that continuous in rocks and of the trees are died any prob. Ah He A final piece of a puzzle is a support so much leg and ankle, am pleased to say that there quite well in both zones. Abundance of support.. It would recommend these, just order to the equal that have declared.
5 / 5
A lot looking shoe although it has taken not even to isolate. Raisin dips the appeal felt adds some pours to join a boot and upper right eyelet attractive a lot of outs.

The look are not a prime minister. Timberline Use to be utmost mark. I guess it has expected an a lot of bad description did not go me to be.

A kerb for a eyelet is roughly like this economic looking they so that taking. To good sure a lot of WA been in disposal of worthy excursion.
5 / 5
I often has to that buy shoes 1-1/2 main measures that my measure of true foot. The majority of shoes measures eleven is a lot stagnate in a box of toe and by means of a cup of mine mid foot. I buy this measure 12 concealed turn PERFECTLY! Never uncomfortable anywhere in my feet. They are roughly 6' big and weigh 170 like me any one need to plot of support. It walks roughly 8 miles the day in Imposición of House. Be in a department of garden I need to spend to kick. My result of knees calms a lot free with the heaviest boots has opted like this for still kick to hike. This perfect celery, day a. Ossia My second pair . We last me to knots roughly are month before some have the habit of finally spend down. Having to that take hot feet. Still with spending the fat average in 100 terracing heats my feet do not take never the heats. These boots are some astounding RETURNED for my foot. I will continue to take so only this boot. Esperanza does not change anything anytime punctual.

Update 12/10/2020: have roughly 800 miles and 6 months in these boots in Imposición of the house and some have the habit of is spending to a foam. They are like this comfortable likes the day took him. Time for another pair. I have required the bit to Shoe Goo among some have the habit of and boot to maintain them together but would expect this of any comfortable boot reason am like this last on the so many any one could be. It loves him do was still to kick, scraping, stomping in of the things and squatting all day long.
4 / 5
Has taken these for the travesía along that involves a lot of hiking and walking. I bought him the few weeks for advanced so that it could break him in. I took him in the 9, my normal measure, but a first pair was a lot of tightened and squeezed my toes uncomfortably. I exchanged him for the measure on, which left without timing to break them in still my travesía. Difference remarked honradamente a lot small among one 9 and 9.5: both squeezed my toes and both a lot of records snug. It had bought Timberland the mark inserts/inserts for these, but still with which would cut him down the dimensions of my feet, they no returned in a shoe. Some toes of one insert, especially, bunched up inside a shoe and no flatten: so only the has not had enough space for an own company inserts/inserts to returned his own shoe.

This is not my first time that is disappointed with Timberlands. A prime minister Timberland the boots have possessed really messed on my ankles and for several years have sworn never to spend Timberlands again, the thought was so only a overhyped the mark that touches more for looks that real quality. I am kicking me Now for not trying a wide measure (something has has does not have to that never do with another boot), but am mostly crazy in me for not looking in Chippewa or Salomon first, two frames that did not disappoint me and that have a lot upped his prizes because they are considered treet wear.'

Has listened elsewhere that his sizing is during a place. My recommendation is to look for the mark concealed has not moved down a fashionable direction (would say that the Red wings has followed Timberlands street, unfortunately), but how is aimed to produce more quality, kicks that I return well.
5 / 5
Julio 2018 Update:

These are not for facts to give support anything more than the random trail. Some investigation to these boots and calm quickly will find that they are popular in a field of construction and another no-alfresco activity. It is recently be in the moderate hike with the 180 ft the curves/of decrease/in the very short distance. Spent to take to the shower to rain also. These have fallen really does not have a traction has required to be sure in footing. Any all is bad and is not useless. I add so that require to kick that will resist on while doing a garden, quell'short herb, that undermines that the new yard was. A control of temperature are adds. Any sure reason or that with a full skin surrounds, but is. I have marked these down to the 3 star because for me, they so only very returned a bill and I believe is marketed bit it wrongly. Timberland HAS has better adapted to hike boots this in spite of, so only do your on-line investigation he so that has some better options around this row of prize.

Utmost shoes, a lot comfortable. They are not to animate, as it marks sure is looking for still to kick of winter that you socks of wear with these. This in spite of, personally have not bought these to be boots of snow, but to hike/of state of the cradle. My only complaint is that a tongue takes a lip of trousers of mine enough bit it like this looks he rapper spending timbs with a tongue on some trousers. No the bad thing, so only any which want to. In general this in spite of, the shoe adds. I have had the fellow ossia has had two pairs in some last 6 years, as they last.
5 / 5
Has bought these after the just evaluation of some descriptions, and unfortunately those that speak to a poor quality is something on. I have annoyed not even spending these boots out of a house. Just holding one of them in your hand is enough to say you that something is seriously bad. Have Honradamente has not felt never such economic materials and construction of the name branded undertaken--These felt likes swipe offs would buy you in the phase of flea. Has has had to that included bend verify an order and a product to do sure have not been fakes.

Can take the decent pair to hike boots for down 100 dollars, but these are not the. Save your money and your time, Timberland can have dipped this name in the decent product in past of years, but that is selling here and now is absolute junk.

Top Customer Reviews: Columbia Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought these boots partorisca do have so be announced like boots of waterproof hiking. It likes me the person of clock of the night in the parco horse, where is not unusual partorisca me partorisca walk 5 to 10 miles in a 11 movement of now every night five days the week. Initially, I have found these boots partorisca be quite comfortable and returns well but after the pair of weeks that has not been a chance. They have broken down like this quickly that is resulted extremely uncomfortable. They are in no way waterproof, I walk by means of a lot of routes, assistances, paddocks and fields and if a herb is a less has bitten wetted of rain or dew my feet are drenched in the subject of minutes. So you are looking for the boot of waterproof hiking... Calm the favour and look elsewhere
4 / 5
has found some light and the comfortable boots but a question are is not waterproof. I walk miles the day like the locator and precise of the waterproof boots when walking to wet zones. So only another day, all of the sudden found my toes were wetted after walking in big wet herb. I have thought at the beginning that my feet have taken wetted of wicking down my wet tejanos down to my boots but I aim @to @give so only my toes were wetted in both feet like this there looks to be the question where a tongue fulfils some boots. When first I plant his in new found the partorisca be to tight to use tampons of feet. I thought that it that it would break him in to spend them around a house for the few days and they have broken in amiably but I still found the partorisca be bit it tighter for mine in pleasant around a stitched zone around an arch of feet. Any value of the money if they are not waterproof.
5 / 5
Has had big hopes for these boots. They look fresh and has maintained my good and dry feet. I have not had Never of the questions with slipping or waters it that it takes to a boot. Everything looked perfect but then with which roughly 3 weeks the multiple subjects have begun to spend. A backside of a heel has undermined to the mine achilles/heel quite hard to a point where the very included dipped his on anymore. It is a lot Any type of material is using for that is obviously too thin if he so only lasted near of the month. Also, some tabs of the tip of the shoe approaches a big ankle is done of thin economic aluminium and bend a lot easily. I have had to take the pair of pliers long to bend them behind like this could them in fact is returned a tip of shoe in. If they have done some simple improvements to this boot would be adds. Sadly I will not buy these again.
4 / 5
have had Like this these boots for 9 months now and has to that go down an indication to 1 star been due to his poor quality. As of today, a hule in a toe of one has fallen chipped was and another kicks a toe is coming free. Comfortable boots but no durable.
Are in an army in Afganistan and my favourite pair of boots, Vasque Sundowner GTX, which are 15 years more and was resoled previously the spiegamento, failed, one has the habit of is exited, the supposition has used one wrong cobbler. In all the chance, has required kicks for my spiegamento to the equal that have ordered the pair of Columbia the newton of the men Ridge II MORE WP boots to Hike. Ossia My first pair of Columbia the boots and am satisfied extremely in a short term.

First of all, has taken so only 9 days for them to achieve me in AF, thank you Amazon. When I received Him and plant them on felt utmost but has taken the little nervous reason after spending them for the little bit has begun to feel rubbing he by means of a bridge of my toes when I have walked. It spends River of Dry Vixen Maximum socks, which are utmost, with some boots and some kicks gone back perfectly snug. I spent him a rest of a day and a next morning when I dipped him on returns perfectly, a rubbing has been gone and look for having broken in in only the few hours. It is averaging 110-120 terracings where are in and some boots are not hot at all.

Recap: A measure of boot and the turn of width perfectly, some kicks 'has broken in' in the subject of hours, is not hot and look durable. It would recommend this boot for measure, consolation and way. I will update a description if they do not resist on well and will be tried of then all have is rocks and muck to walk on.

Gave him to 4 star because I have them only receipts and have any leading experience with Columbia.
5 / 5
Love these boots. We last me to us 7 month before some have the habit of has spent smooth on means for me. Any rasgando or delamination of one has the habit of. It has bought only mine 2nd pair and has done to 13 hike of one thousand strait out of a box. Each one another shoe has had in a past has destroyed my feet that tries such the feat. I will be to buy another pair in 7 month....
4 / 5
My husband has ordered these for the travesía to Oregon. Imagined has required something waterproof still good to walk around and walked in. I have been also to Mt Hood to touch in a snow (roughly 6'). It was an only one in our group to maintain dry feet like this his to good sure laws! It has said also they were quite comfortable and has the few subjects of feet. It has ordered his normal measure and they return well. Also done well in some wet streets, slippery to the long of a cost and everything.
5 / 5
Has expected until in taking them to write this description. Left the in an organism and so only seam. You will see I have spent a hell out of some has the habit of, has registered. Wont Buy again SO ONLY reason so only tries to buy mark compraventa different. I mean some prizes are quite kool. Anyways Has purchased 6th December 2018 hard to us 10month. Alive in NYC laws in transport but in, was and roughly in all the time. These boots are spent for snow and rain , a lot of rain, the power washes my vehicle and of the long hours on and down the yard of estacionar of registered it that it inspects vehicles and vase, that am trying to say is is the quite darn good bang for a money. So that he any heavy and quite damn comfortable. It has maintained the warm and dry feet, a lot the resistant water, any now but behind when. Original of tips and gromets has on resisted perfectly! I have purchased so only the pair of Timberland White Ledge.
Expects these helps of description.
5 / 5
These are utmost!! Light but offer me a support I need. It likes that they are of the little wider that leave for the average of good hiking. They return well with regular socks but when I dipped him on with my favourite pair to hike the socks was pure heaven !!

has had the group of tip in an upper exited like this cause some kicks to not being isolated properly. I have contacted Columbia in this -of my boots were guaranteeed down- and has said that has had to pay to send some kicks to be repaired/has substituted. Any happy in this solution to the equal that are boots add .
5 / 5
There is at all can say bad in these boots, was economic. I alfresco and has bought these like the lightest option of a boot of regular work. I walk a lot of miles each day by means of different terrain for at least 12hrs the day without question. This boat is like this light like the sneaker and durable, has had these have fallen almost entirely submerged in watering multiple time in a cold with without leaks that is the enormous relief to bounce he of this measure and cost. I will be the future client
4 / 5
This average well add record out of a box. I have bought these specifically to hike around my house in upstate New York, but will be to use his in Messico punctual to hike on Crag Of Bernal. I can update my description with which dipped them by means of some hikes of plus but so many has resisted far on a lot well. They are extremely light and have a perfect grip for several surfaces. A material is not a lot enough to maintain warm in of the hard winters this in spite of as it does not go purchasing this for that. These boots would do well in any one another season or half this in spite of, and for a chair of prize is the investment adds. Colombia does not fail never to do products add!

{The update} has used these in my hike on Crag Of Bernal in Messico and has on resisted wonderfully! They were quite light that my feet have not been heats in a desert, and grippy enough to walk in an uneven terrain. I produce it adds!

Top Customer Reviews: EVER BOOTS 'Tank ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
It likes him- the boots to me. Sometimes I boots partorisca spend when I any one need to. It Likes him I am going to a grocery of tent. But I chair partorisca like launch mine carhartt jacket on then nikes so only will not cut it . Material of him likes him to him the woman and his purse(s): yes it can use that that the old daily purse same but is spending something well then wants to spend the good purse. See where am going?

To the equal that has required some boots. It looked at all some upper frames and has had has resigned me essentially to a fact that has gone to take the pair of the Irish setters but a prize so only leave me slightly ailing. It could it resupplies him yeah but likes explains to my edges of 11 years and his desire for $ 200+ jordans: 'calm also could take bills of dollar of the hundred, tape the to a fund of your feet, and then walks around'. Perspective, all require it from time to time. Then a day I hopped in my application of amazon and there is here has had boots in a page of house (the Big brother obviously listened reason had not looked for the). I perused the pocolos insiemi but a last what have has wanted to was to buy bounce cockroaches. I mean I can go to walmart and buy $ 50 boots have loved economic boots. I am coming to a never boots and has begun to read descriptions. I have read so many descriptions would have think that researches in a location of a strong Box of a Covenant.

Has been convinced.

These economic boots am cost a risk but I anxiety there was still. They are returned? That have not been that looked? If they are bad to the equal that can justify the mine purchases my woman? It could have bought another purse after all.

But to the left say. They are worth it.

Has received some kicks today and the SAINT COW are has impressed. They return well, albeit slightly big. I spend he 10.5 and would be likely to have gone with the 10. But like the type I like things to be roomy in of the sure zones, amirite? As any complaint there. A record and the looks of remote arrival besides very economic walmart boots and much more comfortable. I can not speak to a durability of term along but leave faces it, loves to buy these that I. For $ 58 I are has had to that to risk a durability of term along but judging of a description does not think there there is too much to concern roughly in this department.

As it does not dread any man. Buy these economic boots and then laugh in yours buddies the one who is spent the hundred of pair in his wolverines. Then go and buy your woman another purse with a money has saved.
4 / 5
Like him tradesperson the one who is all day long, is imperative that there is shod to have that heavy-no only still consolation, but for security also. Of then it has had to that take mine crusty trusty regular boots to be resoled, has required another pair STAT. It enters Everboot. When I have seen a prize of these, has imagined was some plásticoes economic poseur shod-but has read then some descriptions. Santo craps! It could these in fact be decent, well priced boots? That has to that lose? Two days later, has had, in all his glory of booty. I tried him on with which he , when my feet are in his swollen, state angrier. I mention have bunions a measure of Montana? Yeah, Big, painful, knobby bunions of hell. So much, I have burst these creatures on and took them on the career of test. ANY ACHE. They are rigid, how is to be expected, but no TOO RIGID. A box of toe is good and wide and flexes a lot well out of a box. And HAVE Some DECENT INSOLE. Ossia Well, any flimsy crappy liner, coming with the real insole. Anywaaay, spent Him to do today. They were comfortable all day, and is not heavy, like your legs and the ankles are not fatigued in an end of a day. If I need the decent pair of boots for work, tries these. Always it uses extra insoles reason am old and my feet are shot, but one some concealed come with some boots look pertinent. These also look to return true to measure.
5 / 5
Has been spending these boots for the work and I spend roughly 14 hours the day and they have on resisted for 6 months that is roughly that time of mine kicks usually last. They are soft and light that prefers. Probably I will buy him again which will be punctual reason this pair is done almost.
4 / 5
Has ordered these boots for my grandson of 20 years. It has WANTED TO HIM!! Has thinks that that they were very comfortable and spent the whole day long and was pleasantly surprised in as comfortable was. A second time spent them laced them on and when there is pulled some pours snugly for presionarles and one of some hooks are exited of a boot. It has required to spend them to do like this he so only skipped this hook and continued to lace them up with another eyelets and hooks. It felt a hook does not have to that it is exited like this easily have contacted like this Never of the Boots. With which and-mailing and sharing the pictures of the pair of a boot has offered to ship me the new pair (and maintain some old boots) Or maintain some boots and offered the full repayment. It was VERY PLEASED with his offer to correct a question. I comprise the errors can spend during the production but I was pleased EXTREMELY with a service of excellent client. It would buy of Never It Has fallen again!
5 / 5
A quality of these boots is absolutely ridiculous so that it is cost. In Consuelo, his ranked like this big likes any one the expensive boots have not possessed never, returning perfectly well after a box without requiring be broken in. A quality of material looks a lot well, and has not had any question with a construction all has been done as it would owe that be and a way had expected that would be.

Has the very big impact a work according to which my Footwear is concerned, 3 month in and look to be that they resist on finals in spite of some hard means and my on 300 lb organism.

If for some reason does not take a life out of his that attended, will update a description. But honradamente partorisca around $ 50, yes take the year out of these boots will be ecstatic. Even more you bounce types like corrected Timberland so only last me roughly the year. If these kicks he the a lot the time will be money is very displaced.

A lot probably will purchase the second pair of them when have some extra cash.

If it did not use him in a half that was it sure to destroy them, included would signal was that they look quite well also. Never the brown boots have possessed first, but these are quite stylish... For wear of work.
5 / 5
Will admit, no under construction or anywhere where really would require these boots--I liked him so only and there is dear average that do not owe that it never concerns roughly. As I can not be an audience of objective--I tin a lot really speak to like this would resist up in a work for workers of construction. So only so only it has taken these the few hours , but master a bit boots. A skin is soft but feels sturdy, and is quite comfortable. These do not feel like this of the economic boots. Based on to the equal that feels now and other descriptions, attended have these diverse years.

Does not think is that big. Typically it spends one 11, and has ordered one 11. They are the little big, but think one 10 1/2 would have been too small. In 11, the parts are free (like a heel), but the parts go to require still to break in and loosen up. Some the loose bits easily can be fixed with the cup of heel or gel insert, but is easier that do that try squeeze to some something tight with the smallest measure.

Is not sure state if some boots of tan would take well to oil of mink (that applies to mine Wolverine has fallen each 2 or 3 month), but after applying, loves one looks. They are quite he bit it darker (sees a photo, will relieve up over time like the dry oil was), likes bear that first import to apply any oil. In fact It likes Me a oiled look more than a pre-look of oil--these look utmost. He a work of office (advertising) and will have any question that spends these to do. And an oil his help repels water even more that his already ( has seen the test dips has gone by a company, these are quite waterproof) and will protect a skin also.
5 / 5
Has purchased takes hubby in spite of his grumbling that has not been the mark has spent usually.
Verified him on skeptically when they have arrived and grumpily has admitted is has done well.
Spent him around a house for the days of pair “to break them in” first to spend his work of mechanics.
In an end of a first day he grudgingly has admitted was extremely comfortable boots, but a rest would be when he was in his feet all day in cements.
Well, is been two days now in a work and he is thrilled further with these boots. It has declared tonight that they are some first boots is has not taken never that has required any pause in period. His feet there is not hurting a bit, a tread in some has the habit of is perfect for the paving of cochera, and is súper happy with them!!
The time will say what time has had to with hard use, but like this far, is very impressed.
Orders the half measure down of his usual measure after reading the descriptions and they return perfectly.
5 / 5
These boots have the red odd, almost rustic maintained to them. Finally, after the few weeks to break them in and exposed to moisture, take on the more darkish brown shadow. His scuff a lot easily, but once some the brown material turns the will not import . These are my second pair . I have had my current pair for almost 5 month now and has on resisted enough well, giving support 16 days of now among 2 different works. They can not look quite now, but they take a work done. My first pair has survived a Alaskan the winter that read in an Airport. Still although they have done he by means of being drenched in rain, snow, and of-flowed of gel for aerial, does not recommend the using as still kick of winter although it can be done.
5 / 5
I work for the service of gram and are in my feet to plot as I require good boots .These really impressed me. The majority of comfortable boots well out of a box has not spent never and the averages a prize of a Wolverines had been spending. I have had these takes almost two month, but has ordered another pair done on the week I so that you can trade was.
Although any one the any Darn Hard socks really precise also take the pocolas look. Darn Hard Hiker Micro Crew... . They are $ 20 I look it but I promise you to you cost each penny. If it has to that to on foot lean small like him to them to them really the full help in an extra room.
A lot Behind to some boots. For some reason some tips are súper long I so that it owes triple his knots. No the big shot but has thought would mention it. A sale to go is really grippy to which likes. It was in the ceiling the while behind and has not fallen off like this yay for that. 😅
4 / 5
Positive: Bought these for my husband for the work and he have wanted to him, very comfortable and sturdy.

Negatives: He scrolling of residential tree, as it is not terribly last in his shoe others then spending them every day. These am lasted 6 months before one has the habit of has separated.

In general: if you are loving quality for money, these can not be for you. We are to spend $ 200 in the good pair of ariats and has fallen averts inside the year. Probably we will buy these again, simply reason there is still to find to kick to last more then the year & $ 120 the year (for two pairs) is more economic then any one another boot has found! If you are wanting to to comfortable boot that knows sure will spend was, these are for you. If you are wanting to to kick to last for the long time, these can not be still plan to spend them every day.

Top Customer Reviews: Merrell Men's Moab ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Usually, I want to Merrell kicks partorisca Hike. With my last pair has been of excursion a glorious canyon three times! This pair has been the enormous disappointment so only reason after 3 weeks of daily use like the K9 Handler a toe of the interior of right boot has begun partorisca rasgar, stitching is exiting and has had to that use Shoe Goo to repair them. These would have to that come with Shoeing Goo to repair a stitching. These are mine the majority of comfortable boots and for real waterproof. My last pair was the averages this prize and is lasted three years to hike travesía. Too bad no a right boot as well as they a sinister boot. I go to recommend that they sell these have fallen for separate. I know a subject is not wide reason these are wide. For Merrell the boots would recommend to go cockroaches if for daily wear, an expensive plus does not look the equal better quality. For me these were the waste of money! They are utmost while they have had to - roughly two months - in this tax has maintained to buy these Merrells new, would cost me roughly $ 800 the year!
5 / 5
ANY raincoat. I have been of excursion roughly 40 miles around a Teton Estela of Crest when it has rained on and was, and this boot takes interior has flooded 2-3 hours. Has has had socks and of the wet feet all 5 days in a trail and he was miserable. To top it all was, one has the habit of outside has separated of a rest of a boot with which less than 100 miles of wear. (Some filters of right boot in spite of any in that has any selection of obvious/holes.)

A support of feet is WELL. Has flat arches like this traded a insole for the superfeet insole. Still I take something heat in some balls of my feet and heel, but YMMV. To good sure volume blisters in some interiors of my toes while spending these shoes, but ossia probably because of some aforesaid leaks.

For a prize, to good sure would have expected the durable and big plus that extracted shoe. This shoe is well for dry conditions, but when you are in a trail and require robust train for all the classes of conditions, these falls to kick far short.
4 / 5
Has the pair of these I has purchased the year of the tent of sportive sakes. They have looked for to be very durable and comfortable but the bit in a small side. In these I had hiked well on 400 miles and perhaps has spent 50 of a tread. Another that his when the be bit it small, apt and the construction was stellar. I relegated the to a cupboard of sport for wear of time of the summer with the thinnest socks.

While, In late December 2018, has purchased the pair 1/2 main measures. A construction, record and comfort it was in pair with a leading pair. Sadly. A lot sadly, a durability has not been.

Seriously that is to spend!? Has 7 weeks of use and perhaps 100 miles in these! Some treads am rasgando was and on 50 of a life of the wear of the tread is to go. As I Can it concealed to be???

Merrell, That is to spend? No longer I confidence of chair in your product(s) neither can resupply to purchase shoe each 3 month was bent like this. These say Vibrates to have the habit of but is totally and entirely without a legendary Vibrates durability.

Update; I have tried to contact Merrell but has received any response.

A provisional solution the lug and the only selection is in king-attach using superglue. I will do that takes awhile to try to take my money cost out of a compraventa but no longer will buy any Merrell has produced.
5 / 5
I wear 10.5 or 11 according to a mark, and these are to good insurances 11 in my foot. Resemblance sizing the Nike sneakers. If you are among two measures, would recommend a big plus. I am snug but no tight around a foot, and a box of toe is quite big. Something on.

does not have the tonne of experience with shoes of corridors or modern hiking of trail. I have spent big skin Danner kicks mostly. I find these Moab 2 is extremely comfortable and light. The to 5 hike of one thousand in them and two days to hunt of the deer and they cause me a lot of aches of unusual foot. Something on, again.

I like a colour (Beluga) more than has anticipated. One Vibrates has him the habit to touch quite impressive. Grip Well, quite flexible to do a lot of activity easily, but rigid and protective when walking in of the rocks. Easy to dip on and take was but probably will not take sucked of your feet neither unless you are in some extremely deep vase , serious. In hot time my feet covered and has sweated the bit, but no too terrible for waterproof boots. Something on!

has had to that dip this in fright quotes reason is not attentive. It would describe him like this the resistant water, or, in better, temporarily waterproof. The the hike in intermittent heavy rain, where has treated well at the beginning. But after the few hours of some outsides of some average that is to wet (especially approach a fund of a trail when I have had to that hike by means of wet vegetation), has begun to feel something wetted in my toes and of the sides of my feet. This has not been to water that simply it had run down to a cup of some boots, these headed of a fund. For an end of a hike, some boots, socks of mine, and my feet were 100 there is drenched. I left him down mine tarp for a night, has despertador up in a morning, and place in still-sopping-wet boots for a hike of turn. I thought it there is perhaps because of some extreme conditions, as I spent them two times more in a wet during season of deer, and again after spending a walking of morning by means of the bit of wet herb in sweet rain, something of wetness in socks of mine another alike time prójimo a fund of my foot. Any impressed at all.

In general, enough like everything in these except his control of water, which is in fact bondadoso of bad.
5 / 5
This butt of has fallen things. I do in a rain to plot, and require something concealed can resist until being legustado on to like 8+ hours any prenden while giving a no in of waters he and all a rest. These things have like this takings wet could swear would leave water by means of but have a lot still. Also it locates motorcycle of mine with these when you are im that goes to have that strolls the bad times and I know my feet always will be to try. The desire has had the version of big boot of these.
5 / 5
Has bought these boots for two main reasons: Awesome the traction vibrates to have the habit of and waterproof. Well, it results they are not waterproof.

Has known has not been waterproof, would have bought the different Merrell boot. Has the different pair of Goretex Merrell boots that pode in of the puddles in and my feet do not take wetted. They are the few old years to the equal that has thinks that would take my casualidad with the different pair.

Was in the light rain, and there is remarked my toes that takes soggy. That stirs it to crap! They will be the shoe of good hiking in of the droughts of conditions, but alive in a Pacific the noreste and I likes him be able to walk by means of 3 puddles of thumb or cross of tiny current without concerning in my feet that takes wetted.

When you Buy the shoes and does not fulfil 50 of your expectations, concealed is the big shot . A star, has not done as it has announced. I trust and some other people that says these are not waterproof. Ossia $ 125 in of the shoes that I any precise .
5 / 5
Was the little reluctant to buy these on-line. I never bought Merrell shoes before and has not been familiarised with his sizing. I have thought initially it would owe that go the half measure until it counts for any swelling of feet or bulky thermal socks. But I have been he advances and has bought my measure esatta. Result to be the good decision. They are returned a lot like this of the athletic shoes. A bit more rigid of course. But no too rigid. Any I same has to him pause in. Very comfortable. Right quantity to cushion and support. And my feet have not felt never cramped was after spending a whole day in them.
4 / 5
Ossia Mine 10th pair of MOABs; and I am remaining waiting for the that MOAB 2 compares to one first bounces of generation. Reason my last pair was slightly snug has ordered the 10 EUA in place of some usual 9.5. Some 10 good accesses

My usual practice is to spend my new pair for work of interior and take an old for external work. Of here, any time given, has two pair. An external boot apresamiento beating he----vase, registered, and a lot of water. More than me cleaned on external boots after the muddy project, leaves a vase on to dry. In a prójimo spending, decrease of point and have shoes he mostly cleaned.

With which spent around, my conclusion is that a Merrell MOAB is a boot of better hiking in a phase. Right out of a box, can spend this boot all day without blisters.
4 / 5
Spends the 7 or 7.5 further of shoes. Tried one 7 in these but was way too small. So you are in a half, choose a main half measure.
Now for a quality of a boot: if you hike occasionally, these are good boots , any real pause in time, a lot cushioned and comfy. It would hike in a cradle or the falls of then do your quite hot feet—a lot quite hot for winter this in spite of. It would take frostbite in these in a winter.
Are taste and use these partorisca of work, perhaps would reconsider. They are the order of parco and has had these boots for perhaps the year. My first day in them, a point in a box of toe rasgó clear by means of afterwards take snagged in the flange of metal. They are slightly waterproof if you splash calm, but a lot he is in a thumb or of the water or that walked in of waters he. They are very flexible and cushioned still consolation, but any supportive enough to be in all day without an aggregated insole. They are also any structurally protective in any way; I fractured the toe so only slightly kicking spends it. Ossia My bad, of these obviously is not still to armour plate toed boots. That are really that tries to say is after the year of daily use, is now of dipped these to rest. But ossia all a Merrells has possessed. This in spite of like this maintain to go back... It is the mystery .
5 / 5
Has spent in approx 5 coaching walked of roughly 2.5 my each one that like this now in preparation for half dome on 7/28. Fantastic celery! Very comfortable, the traction adds up and downhill, and has dipped included my foot in a group to try a water the resistant quality is! In general a awesome bounces to hike!

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5 / 5
The step measures 9 Woman/7 Men and has bought 7, and is returned! Has wide calves the thumbs but the room have had partorisca leggings. It was difficult with tejanos but expressed in.

A logo was different that square, has had red TINGLEY and WHITE PILOT words. Have take with the nail polish remover of then is the material of hule .

Has walked the puddles of ankle of the deep water and my feet are remained dry. It is supposition partorisca rain all the week so has any subjects will inform behind.

The subject adds partorisca prize. Neutral Look for men or of the women.
4 / 5
Has bought these boots partorisca work of field in a forest of rain of the Amazon. At the beginning, have has wanted really these kicks, was a lot of sturdy. This in spite of, the few weeks in, one has fallen taken the hole in an upper and finally has left entirely by means of. These have fallen probably has not been drawn partorisca hike by means of a jungle, as this can have gone tear further of general/wear. It would buy again partorisca general use, but will look in other first frames of my travesía next to a forest of rain. (Also highly it recommends to invest in some insoles, as I have developed the blister by means of my whole heel.)
4 / 5
Has Had I diverse link past, would have read this and any one have purchased this element.

Proposition 65, officially a Sure drinking Water and Law of Toxic Application of 1986, is the law that requires partorisca look be resupplied to consumers of California when they could be exposed to the chemicals have identified for California as in hablador cancer or reproductive toxicity. Some opinions are feigned partorisca help california the mark of consumers has has informed decisions in his exposures to these chemicals of some use of products. An Office of California of Environmental Health Hazard Evaluation (OEHHA) administers a Proposition 65 program and public one has listed chemicals, which comprises more concealed 850 chemicals. In August 2016, OEHHA has adopted new controls, effective on August 30, 2018, which change an information required in Proposition 65 look.

Is resupplying a following opinion partorisca produced has linked to this page:

WARNS: These produced contains the known chemicals to a State of California partorisca cause cancer and defects of birth or another reproductive harm.
4 / 5
Has taken the measure 7 and to to the I still felts likes him-have been the little big partorisca me (I wear the measure of the women 8 shoe). I have purchased these partorisca vet school like the taste to him a fact that is easy to clean was. They are functional but when I have tried in other frames of then purchasing to to this I chair likes would be of good to have the little more snug returned so much can any slide was like this easily when walking in vase.
5 / 5
Is funny that some people swear these have fallen the way big career and another it small course. All can say is that I have spent the (USA) men 9 in the each shoe of the adult has not possessed never, but took two returns (9, then one 8) partorisca discover that Tingley consider me the 7. I can not speak to a durability of this closing, but can wants to spend sturdy shoes for some travesías to a UPS tent hahaha.

Seriously, look a lot-facts, and while any exactly something would want to spend the whole day, a prize is certainly abordable for something am using to restore the brook, which is wet work , muddy .
4 / 5
These boots were awesome! I took him still caving in Measure. Never once it has taken the hole in them. Used him the Georgia this declares spent also, for work of field in bats. Again, any blisters, swimming. Absolutely I love these boots and would recommend him for any one doing fieldwork or caving!
5 / 5
These boots of hule are ENORMOUS. To good sure any one the boot of the women unless has big feet. Some measure so only go to measure 7 in a smaller end. I take the measure 7 shoe and I could have dipped my foot covered with the shoe inside these boots. I sent it immediately behind reason was deceptive in a web of place. I have chosen another, more expensive, kick which there have been descriptions that has indicated was more closely is returned my measure. It has said 75 found the returned to the equal that has expected. This boot is weighed for his measure but looked the boot of hule of decent economy. It appears sturdy.
4 / 5
These have been bought for the time the field trips the in chance that I any one touch creases to be bent in half is not never state was am sure has been used would have done his work that maintains water out of devilie no the option of term along good for work of parco but will do the pair of good emergency.
4 / 5
Spends a 8.5 boot/of shoe. In the first place orderly Sz 8 and has not gone to close even to the Sz 8, or for this @@subject the Sz 11. Returned and has ordered Sz 7 but again very same approached that returns my Sz 8.5 feet. Returned by second time of a focuses has said Sz 7 but a boot has said 12. Imagined was mislabel, as it returns and reordered. Taken a second pair of Sz 7s. I am done with these boots! If it could order the Sz 1 then can apt.
5 / 5
Has ordered the measure 7 and a focus in a stock exchange says measured 7. But they are way too big. Looking more closely a molded in measure in a fund of a boot is 12! I see in a revise more has taken an exact same mismatch (orderly measure 7, has taken 12). The maintaining has him that returns which involves to hike to a horrible UPS tent

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4 / 5
These have used partorisca be some better boots. I construction, im always in ceilings of metal, this good clave to now so only last me 4 month of use. I have used partorisca spend them down to one has the habit of still years, but some last 4 closings A hule separates of only and is junk. Volume 4 to 6 use of month out of them. Bought this pair in February is now an end of will be my last pair.
5 / 5
Originally has ordered a measure 11W, which was a lot of and width, but the little has bitten also yearn my foot. I have then ordered a same boot of a same vendor in the and has been surprised partorisca receive the different boot. As you can see of a choose, the look looked of a front, but one has the habit of is entirely different and a stitching is different. A real question is that an a lot of was tightened more, A 11W is in a right side in a pics and can see a difference in width. One was well in period partorisca me but a lot too tightened, has confirmed in a focuses that it was the wide width , but an access was totally different of a 11W. Be conscious that a record and the way receives can vary
5 / 5
Like this far like this good. I the commercial demolition and I spend for boots like any mornings. Constantly I am walking in concrete of rubble, brick, metal, vase, muck, really anything can think of. Always I am requiring partorisca use a toe partorisca armour plate partorisca kick something. Cutting with the demo has seen, cut it with oxy acetylene, welding of clave, concrete work and the plot more abuse. There is wanted to so only givce join you idea of an abuse that these boots take daily, and his so that far it has resisted it on the better way that has expected. I have eaten on original tips in roughly 1 week and has had to that buy better some but another that that looks well. A first day took him has looked to surprise, has maintained to take compliments roughly that very looked , too good to do almost lol. I dipped him you grieve his on gone back and felt quite good. If it buy these I highly highly recommends to buy some Dr. Scholls Work insoles . Like this basically that am trying to say is need the good pair of good work has fallen this goes to do with you a lot against you and does not want to spend 3 days of paid in the pair of boots, highly recommend purchase these boots.
4 / 5
Like this here is a mathematics. I do in to Cruise ship likes butcher. I 12-13 h A day, every day without the day was. My pedometer has said the frames roughly 25 000 any or 18 km for day. That says that a month strolls them 540 km in these boots, in of the colds,wet enviorment and constantly falling something in my feet. I kick With these shoes, the push , the practicaly uses them like me mine 3rd hand ( controls a photo,the tips are peeled) and after all east times this average no budge a thumb. They are heavy type , 120 kg, the measure of wear 14. I trust, the cant nomination very another average that cant give sustain this quantity of stress.

That the be has said that have down side that is more than of entity! Of the that Confidences these shoes when ur walking in greasy or wet surfaces. Specialy If an earth is steel ! Have practicaly Any one protect of slip! It knows it writes has... But his that! Sincere description here! Or Extra to trade endurance and commfort still abit of security. In all the chance.. For this money the whose t thinks or can find any better.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have purchased this May 2012 - is now Oct 2016. 4 years 5 months and is time for another pair and I am buying this exact same boot. I have been utmost and offered extremely good value for a quantity of abuse and use dipped the by means of. They have done perfectly for me and like such I am BUYING another pair.

1st pair lasted 4 years and 5 months with which almost abuses and daily wear - IN THE COURTS am taking another pair now.
5 / 5
Has looked beats on some first uses of the pair like outsides has spent was around a toe of steel in both boots. It went it of then that strong taking with only a wear expected and tear to frame, roofing, that dry walls, landscaping, and finishing 5 days the week. His recently begun rattling like something the metal is coming free, but does not look to effect a functionality. Also this week some plastic pieces have come averts to approach a toe to armour plate with which fallen to wall to plant, and those have fallen was when I have turned an average on.

Is hefty, but at all the majority of the knots can not take used to. I have not required to use another insoles to the equal that has with very other shoes been due to my flat feet. The traction adds. Comfortable materials in an ankle (I fray short socks). Sturdy Still hardware pour although some tips aim his age.

To good sure will be to purchase these again, although I will try one dark brown some in of the hopes a section of toe of the steel does not spend was immediately.

Modification: I have purchased these again in other materials/by heart. They have resisted on better in an initial 2 month.
4 / 5
A lot of evening. They are always be the defender adds of a Caterpillar of toe of the steel According to boots of Tower. Two month ago I have bought the new pair of these boots (Amazon) and has finalised today a lot of disapointed with a product, can any one thinks that that this Caterpillar has converted his Second boots of the good tower to the very bad quality has produced. He the years have had 02 pair of these excellent boots that in mesos lasted 06 years and I so only prendiendo using them when it has it to you the habit of has been spent. It spends some kicks the day to the day to dress and leave. They are today be to do a compraventa in tha phase and at the same time to take a cart to purchase paste of mine of sinister boot of cart the little, adds was my surprise when it has taken home to see in a tip of a sinister boot the horrible hole in a skin, Is SERIOUSLY CATERPILLAR?. They are a lot disappointed in you, so only am spending these boots 01 months!!!!. No material go to last long with this bad boota. Caterpillar Very bad, there is disappointed totally. See my photos.
5 / 5
Has has bought now two pairs of these boots.

Is well.

Is not too comfortable, but take a work done and is not terrible.

My first pair . So only it has taken the new a when I have done reason my paid of emprendedor $ 75 to the new pair every year any I?

Are the truck driver the one who both walks and raisin quite the bit to time to download and some toes in these boots save me certainly enough the bit of ache and in fact result useful to kick to things likes them pallets around, that saves mine for behind has bitten it.

Point: These are very done, durable, sturdy boots. A good compraventa partorisca less than $ 100. An only to to two things do not like roughly the ones of those marks these boots lose the star is:

1- A class of series to suck. They have broken fast and is too stretchy for mine in pleasant. Ossia The subject smaller , serious like this well is quite economic (pair of dollars).
2- Some boots could be more comfortable and a cushioning inside the down inner wears some premiers few months.

In general, the solid of economic pair of boots that could last until two years, but would advise, for sake of consolation, substituting at least annual.
4 / 5
Has required the work of toe of boot of good steel to spend external in some elements all the year around. Alive Chicago and outside in Or'Port of Air of the Hare. I have it there was so only for just to the long of the month but can say side of the money. These are not of the boots of winter, but can be warn in cold time, spending socks of fat wool and using foot warmers.

- Very comfortable once break them in.
- A lot of looking and goes with all
- toe to Armour plate
- HAS has it the habit of soft removable insert/insert
- has to that it has weighed stitching
- organism of Fat skin thats flexible and does not break
- Controls in heating when required and hot of leaves to escape to prevent feet to sweat
- Weighed in weight, which equals to the very done boot
- Water resistant

- not having a lot for now
4 / 5
A first pair lasted roughly the year less than daily use. Have has had to that take spending them reason a toe of steel gave the plague. A second pair has used daily in my feet, 12 hours the day. It was excruciating using them with which so only the week. It could feel each stitch and a toe to armour plate rub me to the knots have believed. I have tried moleskin, and steeltoe cushioned socks, and all could find, but at all has done these boots maintain to a task of daily industrial work. Admitted are big/big, but some kicks now there is concealed directs a task, in only 20 expensive more. I dipped him on after the year because mine the good boots were unavoidably wrecked. With which 5 minutes was to like you had been walking all day. Never again. They have on resisted well for some two months have not had any election but to spend them. But with which has taken the new pair of another mark, has taken the cutting wheel, has sawed him of the half, and launched them was. Them me fearful to try boots of Cat never again.

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4 / 5
I do in the warehouse where takes on half 35,000 no the day. I have had some boots partorisca 3 months now and is doing well. One has the habit of is sewed in. Calm so only has to that look under a insole. It would suggest to substitute a insole with which roughly 3 month yes is extremely active as they are.

Is very comfortable, extremely light, durable. I have it quell'has run in them the time of pair and there is not any difference in consolation. Highly it recommends these boots!
5 / 5
These boots are extremely correct to measure also. I spend he 10.5 and there is a bit of the wide feet and they return utmost with abundance of room for socks of the fattest wool. Step averts of year of socks of wool been due to his wicking effects as well as for his durability and enough free held smell.
An only reaaon has not given these have fallen to 5 indication of star is reason some have the habit of does not look like this go to resist on I low to hard conditions likes them jagged the rocks and one likes him. They are facts of the to to the soft spongy foam likes them the hule and think that fault of the leg which would help to protect against deep punctures. Everywhere wonderfully comfortable pair of boots for external activities read and urban life.
4 / 5
Ossia For the follow until my original 2 star, the jury was description .
There is redone pours of the boot & has has purchased socks of better quality. Blister The subject is solved I & no longer feel this zone that rubs.
A subject has had with Achilles that hurts when have in the first place begun to spend these boots are treated with extending & gel. Now I create this subject is not related to these boots.
Thinks that these boots have required the short pause in period, as they look for having extended to the better access. In hindsight, would have to has ordered measure 10.5, any one has measured 10.
These boots are incredibly light & breathable. Especially patrolling in a heat of state of Florida. The short pause is required. But now they are very comfortable. Happy has stuck with them.
Also, the company contacted considering some subjects have directed in my original description. As they to good sure behind on his product.
A month of use, any sign of the boots that pause down. They are curious in a durability. A UA has fallen these have substituted has begun to separate among one has the habit of & of toe on 7 month. If lame 5-6 month out of these, in of means it a prize, is for the win !
Has given 4 stars in place of 5 because of any zip lateralmente. But less than half a prize of UA & has beaten Tactical Boots, these are the shot adds .
4 / 5
These boots are extremely comfortable and the turn adds. The average 15,000 no like this he Greenskeeper daily. I do in Oklahoma, and require durable still flexible, waters it still breathable resistant, light, comfortable, and reasonably priced.... I found him. I add gripping earth, included when that spends the load in wet surfaces. Apt is very comfortable with abundance of support and protect cushioned for ankles. Thank you Soldato Free!
4 / 5
I compraventa of hate for footwear, which explains to buy TEN IDENTICAL PAIRS of Skechers Slip of Slips-On Calculation Loafers of Amazon in a past six or like this years to spend like this shoes of yard. So only it buys that it is returned first, any big decision has involved. But, I have required to kick to do concealed would not fly is gone in to struggle. Has the pair of pairs of Dres. Martens' Has to that it has weighed loafers (Vietnam has done) this was hard (no longer available), but exit too easy. Any have to Him legustado a prize or descriptions of boots of Marten of Dres. Current, as I have imagined, that a heck, fresh name, reasonable prize, good descriptions, it decent look, everything is done in Asia in all the chance, will try this tip almost milite new-on the boots was. It is coming today. The measure is attentive; they are the tightened ten and the half/eleven and eleven looks to return well in a paving of cookery. For the new mark, look quite comfortable, but the only time will say. The durability is the history for another modify. Has an ENORMOUS beef that that can be discriminator for some buyers, especially those with the feet he wide plus like these boots near are returning, period of ankle, and hard to take yes is trace in of the years, adding the few pounds, or have the question that curves on: his really really really require attractive of ankle/of straps of durable heel to help that they take on. It would be more be easy to return them more than writing all this blather was, but like me some kicks and the returns once is on. So only I have not appreciated a fight of death has required to take them on to start with with. I can see where some behind the ankle could run over down before some cups loosen on, which so only things of worse mark. But, they are stubborn and so only will rig to do the pocolos small earlier. Modification already after the wear of the day: All Five Star now. These bounce celery like moccasins in only a day. A lot of Comfy. Any pause-in still me. I have solved a @@subject to be hard to pull on for unlacing a prime minister eyelet, a same field-expedient the solution has used with all boots of mine of Army. Now they go in like this easy like the pair of boondockers. This also gives quite lacing the one of fact of bond. An ideal solution would be to add attractive-in of the straps And resupply to the longest tips like some cups can be open more fully . I hate to buy footwear, but these boots save me to knots stirs it of hassle. Note: these are not of the safety boots; a material is big quality and quite fat for daily use, but a toe is still the toe of normal boot. It is for this that feel like moccasins.
5 / 5
Has tried to take photo of several corners. Pair a lot well of shoes, ran roughly the averages the big measure but, will live. The colour is well, a bit crevices has in a fresco of only look. In general very happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Awesome For work! Comfortable, light, durable. And they look utmost! Ordered the second pair to exit 😂
5 / 5
has bought these the few months does while on spiegamento in Somalia. They return utmost and can has not beaten to bear a prize.
4 / 5
Are a soldato old and was skeptical of this product but they looked good and was economic to the equal that have decided to give try them the. WOW!
These are not some economic 'walmart' the shoe has on dress like this still kick of fight... These are REAL BOOTS !
-Strong skin, well stitching
-A tounge is stitched on big; in a row all day in desert & of sand and at all bounces entrance
-Isolate like this still to kick of real fight, big quality eyelets.
-Kick to struggle lighter NEVER!
-Looks. Raisin like the $ 200 boot

-ZERO SUSTAIN of arch. A footbeed is so only soft foam. I have substituted he with the quality footed and is awesome now!
-Only. Good and comfortable traction but very light, soft material. Calm does not love no in the nail in these.
-Pause in time. They Like him to him all the boots of fight, of these has had the little pause in time. I have had the slips of heel some first time spent them but a new footbeds and the little adjustment in some pours fixed a question.

In general, to the FANTASTIC boot in the prize adds.
4 / 5
Sturdy Enough to do one hiking; light and quite comfortable to touch tennis!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I trust on it does of the cat has fallen & FR dresses partorisca security & of consolation. It maintains him like this cleaned like podes and partorisca the boots add Kiwi to the Neutral paste Likes him Uncle Sam has taught well in our skins and calm will extend his use. 35 More years Or.S Spanish Navy, application of law, Light construction, the forest solders & to act partorisca the living
4 / 5
Update 1/21/20, these are still my daily boots partorisca work and is still in the condition adds. Absolutely I love these boots. It sucks That has bad descriptions in his durability, almost did not buy them.

Took him so only as it can not revise the durability but is kick really good and apt utmost. They are really comfortable and while we take me to us by means of fall and winter will be happy
the update has been spending these daily boots for work for almost 4 month now and has resisted near a lot well, loves him now so as when I bought him
4 / 5
the husband has has wanted this average initially, is the truck driver and does door the deliveries of door to 2 fast lunch big has maintained to ask me to take some the new arches that thinks that that an arch is gone in actuality a fund of a shoe thinned was and a heel was bad. A company usually gives them the well the Red Wings for his a lot of has said to try Caterpillar reasons were better. Well with those pays for these shoes and that have spent quickly was am not sold totally in that. It has had so only these that have expected at all..
4 / 5
My husband has the measure 15 feet and boots of toe of steel of need for work. We look for the decent pair and decided to try these has loved these boots. It thought that it that it had found a perfect pair of boots, until they have broken so only on 2 months with which took him. We purchase these in Aug 13, 2018 and today Oct 21, 2018 found where a fund of a right boot is cut literally for the very remote half of where some finals of toe of the steel.
4 / 5
Has bought these for my fiancé the one who read under construction of street. It has begun a season in April and already is FALLING AVERT! Poor quality for a prize.
5 / 5
1 month in a street and looks quite well, is very comfortable, access to the equal that has expected.. At all bad to say in these boots.
4 / 5
I like a look (way and colour) of these boots, and I like a sturdy construction and pair stitching. I find him comfortable with the socks regulate on, but there is still room for the fattest socks if his precise. I can join a legislation to pour on some eyes to pour when they are in my office and I love some little cup to be free, or quickly can involve a cup four hooks want to insert him all a way up for snow or wet time. A tongue, until an eye of upper tip, is sealed to a shoe to maintain waters was, which is well. They satisfy ASTM F2413-17 (which is imprinted inside a tongue), which surpasses a requirement for my work.
4 / 5
A boot was the little too big. Usually it spends the measure 12, and has ordered the measure 11 some some shoes was still too big. A course ossia really too big is a part of toe. A ceiling is very big, as when path, I impulse a boot with only a part of my foot ossia very first of an ankle/shin. This dips pressure there and bruise @of cause. Insoles Fixed this, but so only the cement bondadoso ossia main in a front.

A real build of a boot is durable, and is in fact tries water. Path by means of puddles and of the superficial water often and my feet remain dry. Although a water goes the little in a tongue, waters it still does not go in .
4 / 5
My works of husband in our crew of street of the city during a summer. His leading boots have died the slow painful death . When I have mentioned this particular pair has been thrilled with a toe of steel and waterproof capacities. There is usually spends the 13 tightened, but a width of half was very very compared to another is tried. Yes, they are returned a need amiably and is resisting on well!
4 / 5
These are for boots of far mine of favourite work have possessed. And perhaps ossia reason are not has had to that spend $ 200+ in Ariat is, but is that it is.

A lighter colour is some kicks that is 2 years , a darker colour is some new boots . They were a same colour when I bought him.

One inserts/inserts in these is rubbishes, as I buy inserts/inserts of Timberland or Aetrex. Has flat feet, as I require a support.

Otherwise These boots are extremely comfortable to be and walk in. Typically he 8-14 turns of now according to a day, and not having never any one subjects. It is not to like taking house, taking them was, and when being thankful has taken to take them was.

Has been in of the occasions where a whole boot has been submerged, almost up on a tongue, and any water filtered in. This was after the year to possess them, also.

Has bought my first pair in Payless or Carnival of Shoe (can not agree), and an only reason has bought the new pair is reason a backside of him (inner, where a backside of your heel rubs) has begun to spend quite bad hurt to dip them on.

At all more is bad with some boots, this in spite of. I spent him 5-6 days the week, 8-14 hours the day, for some last 2 years without subjects to inform.

Has bought so only another pair here on amazon this year, and has not taken long to spend them in. The behaviour in them was the little uncomfortable for roughly 2 weeks while I have spent in a backside of a boot, but now does not have any one subjects.

Would owe that add that insulation is not too bad neither. I have done in of the temperatures that varied of 20 F to 90 F, and with some right socks have not had any one subjects.

Top Customer Reviews: FREE SOLDIER ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
I do not write any a lot of descriptions but has like this state impressed with these boots, has had to that take a time. In the first place I am armed forward . As, they are it takes 30+ law of application of years. You could say that they are a bit of an expert in of the boots! My current action involves to be in my feet for hours, requiring support of good foot, light weight and the majority of everything extremely comfortable boots! These boots return ALL MY NEEDS in the fantastic prize. The desire was around when it was earth pounding in a soldato and/or pressing the black and aim in some bad streets of L.un.!
4 / 5
OMG, These are some the majority of comfortable shoes /has fallen that I have not had never in my feet! I do in Interview and in my feet all day! Any ache or anything with my feet at all! I love him!
5 / 5
Has been spending these for the months of pair, and look to be that they resist on like this far. I do for the 'big city' department, as they have taken abundance to use these months of pair. Some days of pair has had 2 works. It has driven, and while hooking until a hydrant, dipping was lines of attack, and all another hubbub, my boots have taken wet, but will say that my feet am remained dry. They return quite true to measure, but look to be a lot of roomy everywhere your foot. I skipped a cup 2 holes for some tips and maintain them has joined loosely for fast on and was action. In general, I am happy with some boots, especially considering a prize.
5 / 5
Has received only mine 2 days ago and tried him on for a way I oredered this mediates on May 2, 2020. A first day there have gone on a shoe has treated very a lot well. I do in a department of interview and means are constantly in my feet. My foot does not have hot sense and is very comfortable. I have been spending it now for 2 days and my foot a lot once hurt. These shoes are to read and am expecting that they have had to that the long time. I am thinking to buy the conjoint second but this time will be to look for cayote brown.

Update: His already September 2020 and a shoe is resisting up. His comfortable closing and my stay of dry feet. It has to that be that a shoe is the little release no snug. Some accesses of good shoe and all day the long wear is comfortable. Path in the hard concrete paving and these shoes give me a support I need to last all day long. I have thought at the beginning that because of a prize these shoes will fall to avert after the pair of month but my surprised his closing in a piece. For those of us the one who read in walking the hard cement or any one walk that it does not have any one gives or cushion. Highly it recommends these shoes for daily use. I suggest to buy two to the equal that can exchange his once in the moment to give them time to recover. An interior of some shoes is the little release but calm no the will remark once dipped you in some shoes and lace them up. A support of interior to cushion some shoes are really adds. I say these reasons with which one 8 turn of now in hard cement my feet feels utmost and does not hurt a bit. Like cost look it and the try.

Update: December 19, 2020. I owe that say that these shoes is very comfortable and returns correctly but when it comes to the durability has to give it a F. If you are asking reason a F his reason in the first place He no last stops more than the year. According to a cloth of shoe approaches a toe is beginning still rasgar of normal daily use so only. A soul of some shoes is still intact and in good condition sound an inner cushion is also in good condition. It has been waiting for this shoe to last the little has bitten to the long of the year but failed to do like this. It has to that it weaves of friends in some soldate but could has that says him to remain out of these shoes for him any last for use of desert. For these civilians those who is looking to buy this half his the good shoes and go advance and the buy but the expect any one the last stops more than the year. If it likes him to you he hikes his probably good to use these shoes to hike but that sees that I use this mediates daily not even that walked. I do not see these shoes to last the very long times go to use he to hike. Thank you
4 / 5
Am pleased like this with a look of these boots. They look the cross among the sneaker and boot of fight. It spent him for a first time and look very comfortable. I will update after the period to time on wear and tear, but out of a box are very pleased.

12/2019 Update: I have spent these have fallen 10 hrs the day, 5 days the week for 7 month this in spite of is that it resists until daily external work. A sale to go is beginning to take to a point where will be it now to take the new pair. I comfort it they are still it adds with original insoles.
5 / 5
Súper Sweet, light and comfortable, measure of soya 9 and is has measured edges 7, but remained súper well, my husband has bought the ones of the prime minister are measured 7 and said after offered for mine and dipped me the ones of the , I woman of soya and remained súper a lot although it takes him of the measure of his cakes to the equal that look that it runs. Big , but in truth so much to to the woman likes them the man will remain. Perfecta
4 / 5
I half 18,000 no like the Greenskeeper daily. I do in Arizona, and require durable still flexible, waters it still breathable resistant, light, comfortable, and reasonably priced.... I found him. I will update in accident ossia the few months on action. Thank you Soldato Free....
5 / 5
Has bought these like the fast substitution for a Down Armour of the ones of a same fashion. I love him. They are lighter and apt better that a mark to appoint some. Utmost boot for a prize. To good sure would buy again!
5 / 5
Bounces of quality
level of Experience:10 years in an army 18 years like the worker of construction ironworker pipefitter Carpenter
The initial inspection these things are really good. Seriously I am contemplating taking the second pair right now.

UPDATE 3/4/ is some better boots have never down. Has 3 pair now and usually just wear 2, a hiking and a raincoat Neither aim any signs of easy. ...Even more comfortable ... I want to these have fallen
4 / 5
Amur these boots, like this comfortable likes sneakers, the resistant water, easy to dip on, but need of loop of the toe to be much bigger. Any pause-has required. Has the habit of sum to walk ceilings, or other surfaces where the grip is of entity. Utilisation for work, but believes would be equally add like still kick to hike also.

Top Customer Reviews: Skechers Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
It does not want to or hate them -- for $ 50-60, take which pays stops. It has given 3 stars bc a name of a boot is 'waterproof', would have to say the resistant water. Without waterproofing these have fallen has resisted on raincoats for one the majority of part for 3 month (I follows the landscaper; walking by means of big herb , has wetted each morning in PA during a year). It would not spend NEVER for puddles with these boots -- no practical.

This in spite of, is súper comfortable & lasted while I have expected wise & durable raincoat.

Loves waterproof need to TLC these boots (spraying protective waterproofing), or take the most expensive mark. Reason have beaten kicks the death in this work, some pairs cost to spend much less (the majority 'quality' shoe them can be expensive $ 150-200). I prefer to beat boots the death in 12hr days 6 days the week, then that goes for the new pair with which 8-12month -- otherwise the ones of the stinky boots with which 1st year or so much.
4 / 5
Looks sum, feels well,and is good and warm. This in spite of, with which 3 weeks to spend them to do already is falling averts.
5 / 5
Has has looked for weeks. The majority of the boots/of waterproof snow am ugly. Finally found these. There was partorisca roughly two months. I will give you some pros and gilipollas.

Pros: I usually wear . These are well around a front still appropriate record back. Water proofing are adds. Any odd squeaking. Decent grip in snow and gel.

Gilipollas: The colour is not ash, is blue. Apt is quell'has bitten width, 4th grommet in both shoes are aiming signs of lossening.
4 / 5
Has given this the low indication to take your attention. I have purchased these boots Dec 19, 2017. They return true measure and is very comfortable. They are warm in cold and waterproof time. They look well. Like reason a bad indication? Some pours pause easily. I had him for roughly 6 weeks when a first tip there is broken in a right boot. A week later, the tip there is broken in a sinister boot. It appears an only metal eyelets is cutting some tips. Purchase to Have to that Heavy Kevlar has Reinforced Pours of Boot Shoelaces and some am lasted roughly 8 weeks. Any one has taken the together bad of shoes, or there is something fundamentally bad with a creation.

There is emailed skechers in this @@subject and am expecting to listen behind them. While I want a bit boots, that has to that purchase new tips each few weeks attack his purpose. Perhaps so only it has taken the pair of lemon. Hopefully Skechers Will do a right thing and transmission some boots.
5 / 5
I friggen loves these things. We take some snow here in Mississippi and is always wet the muddy snow and these boots were awesome. We take 7” and my feet am remained warm and dry. They are very comfortable also. They are not not slipping in of the inner pavings this in spite of, but did not buy him for a indoors like this damage any bird. Some+ boots. Value $ 60. The measure was quite attentive also.
5 / 5
I course the sanctuary of ass and are in my feet all day. Has plant fasciitis and has very tried, mark more expensive. Like the woman, the finding has fallen this has the box of the more wide and waterproof toe and comfortable without spending the small fortune is after impossible. These boots are like this comfortable and left to feel well for mine 12+ days of now. Really, calm can any gone bad with Skechers! The desire had thought of this more collected mark as it would have saved me the plot of money. I have been spending these partorisca to the long of the month and still feel awesome. It spends the measure of the woman 9 and has taken these in a 8 and turn perfectly.
5 / 5
If an old woman had had one of these, would have been able to have 2 or 3 more boys.

For some costruttrici of shoe of the reason now assumes concealed 'along' bad 'wide.' Although these are the 13 M, my foot wobbled behind and advance and on and down so inner that so only can imagine in horror a blisters that would develop. These are not soyedium' wide. As I am guessing these was the misprint and in place of M has meant to toe that in the W. Returning.
5 / 5
Sketcher Chuka 'Boots' are adds. They are comfortable and waterproof. And the creation is terrific.
4 / 5
Is more rigid that expected him to be. I have ordered a Skecher frames been due to an offer of typical consolation. This pair is not almost like this comfortable like other pairs of Skecher the shoe has purchased. They look for to be facts with materials of qualities and a sizing was expected like this that. No too big or too small.
4 / 5
The boots are very built and comfortable, especially for a prize, but slip in a heel and empty the bit, included in big fat feet. Usually it spends the 12, but these are sized oddly in the gone back in a period but an extra harm by means of a foot his slip done in a heel. If they do not return me it can not imagine more the people would have the good access with these boots. This has said, is amiably cushioned and light--abonos to hike of summer, which is reason has been purchased. I spent him unfortunately in wetlands before there is @@give an access was was, or would be him returned .

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