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Top Customer Reviews: Andis 17150 Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
State shaving my Leader during the years and I have bought each new Trimmer in a piece. Has a Wahl 5 star balding clippers, Andis T-outliner blackout (the edition limited) and a Oster classical '76 with '00' and still '00000'... Any one of these clippers have not blown never my alcohol one issues this little Magic Shaver of marks of Foil. It maintains in alcohol, your Cabell has to when being sper piece initially for a Foil to do except him will take your low hair in only above the piece of Straight Knife... insanely Approximation without a resplandor . Perfectly AFTERWARDS in my opinion. I shave my Cape each which as another Day in literally five Minutes or less using only this, literally changes my Life. Sometimes I lose the little of the days have to cut a Hair with the clipper of premier before the paste with some Foils, but is still perhaps 15 cups of minutes. It has had my Profoil during 4 month and and'the voice has touched only the perhaps 5 times. Life of insane Stack. It comes with the plastic guard to protect some Foils and Trips in my Rasa Box with me everywhere trip. I can shave in mine to in to any place like him his of the cause takes almost everything of a Hair! 4 low month with the frequent use and some covers still is that they cut supremely well. Clean is sper easy, only take some foils and brush a hair out of some covers and an organism, and then only posed or hideout of oil in the each clean cover. It suggests to buy the Paintbrush of good Clipper and the small Oil of Clipper to maintain your sake, and clean likes him and mark. I trust me when say you that shave your Cape and the calm does not possess one of these, is by train to do you the disservice. Clear quality, Powerful , Sum and Cheap. For a rest of my life will not use never anything more! That is expecting stops?!
4 / 5
It possesses enough the few electrical shavers but this one east a better. Taking awhile for him to adjust in my face. State that looks for an effective shaver for the black men or type with sper the facial hair crimped by a time a long plus. To take the prjimo raso, raisin of use in of the different directions through my face and I do not require to apply the plot of pressure. Quan Presses too hard, nettles my rind. It comes with a tram recharger. One touches to take for the very long time. BTW: I have used a model with a gold-tinted shaver of foil.
2 / 5
So much, I have bought this in July. Initially, I classify of him it liked him the and there would be it his data to 4 of indication of star. It IS mostly plastic and listen the cheap bit, but strong work and gives the prjimo raso. A reason for to 2 description of star - is now October 9 - so much was necessary hangs 3 month and he have prisoner to do and/or touching - was fatality. Perhaps it is only my concrete unit - but would not buy again
5 / 5
He been the barber during 12 years, has possessed the tent for 7. I the plot of rind of tower/of the rind tapers/rind blowouts/beard and work of face, and has used a Wahl 5 Stars for years. And it is sceptical when Andis is exited with his version of the shaver of boxes, but gave shoot it. And unless Wahl comes up with the stack of ion of the lithium and assembly of cover of better cutting, these are mine every day go cough. I have used to him it has to leave a Wahl the shaver in sound uploads cord constantly, only has to limit these hanging an hour halfway through the ten early day. I have used to him it has to change some bars of cutting in a Wahls each which how two weeks: I change a foil once the month in these and then a whole assembly a following month. It courts The fastest plot also, so he is by train for the use to soften out of the transition and does not have your low method, can cut too hurriedly, but wants to it. Andis Won me only the small time some years, and that is to say to good sure one of them. Thank you To do this product adds.
1 / 5
My fianc was very happy with the machine, revise it and everything looked normal, but when the use in his cape, is gone a very unpleasant surprise for that the cover exited and has broken to cause a wound of entity in his hair. We are very thwarted with the purchase for this teniamos big expectations.
5 / 5
I want to it!. I have used the knife of security of pair verge for the long time. This has almost a same proximity. I am black with very irritable rind, this apresamiento sper afterwards without any irritation. When being robust in my had, does not slip , light.
5 / 5
Excellent shaving my leader. I use this every day or two. I go me deceive to press down too hard while shaving even so, and hurriedly broke a replaceable access. If it uses properly, I am guessing that one returns would have to be changed out of the each 2-3 month. An only real downsides this has so remarked far, is that it does not shave around my zone to ray well, and once the hair takes the sure period , can have problem also. In general that is to say the product adds . I have used to to go in a barber regularly, these products save me already the tonne of money!
4 / 5
Mostly I use it to shave my leader after I cut it down more with clippers. Has these Andis as well as a Wahl the shaver Done of commission. A Wahl way down below so that near that Andis and is stronger. Even so, a Wahl comes with the pop-out of edger cual help to take stubborn hairs. Edger Works, but no utmost to extend use.

A Andis is very very when a hair is down and wants the prjimo in arrival of knife. Much calmer that a Wahl and one listens is the better road for my hands. With a form has squared, covers for me to line a device for much more of periods to time that it is that they import while taking spends it small overs to take to a shaving cut/prjimo likes him. In honesty, uses both shavers to take some results explosion. Stack On both have been well. Has not leaving mine to remain of a chargers for far also very time but has trip with them and has had any problem that down my cape and expensive with abundance to be able in.

Has had to or, was a Andis.
5 / 5
A better prjimo-the knife of the shaver/has cut has not possessed never and has been shaving my leader during 15 years now. Thank you Andis!!!
Maintains in alcohol, is not in how one 00000 Oster 76 Classical has been shaving with for awhile now. Your necessities of hair in already when being quite cut down with to 00000 cover and then tries to cut he with a Andis Profoil. And when in the first place begin to cut he with a Profoil, beginning dulcemente until I take used his. A lot he the the end and down do very near for the a lot of clean rasa. You will want to maintain that the cut each which how 2-4 days after to maintain a next grandson shaves but in also he quite easy to cut/shave again.
5 / 5
That is to say a awesome shaver. I am the stylist and uses in my clients all a time for beard and bald tower trims. It shaves sper next and is easy in sanitize among clients. Also it take it or for my husband for him to use house. It wants to it.

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Pure ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
I am pleased with this compraventa. It has PCOS and like this, abundance of hair of unwanted organism which can be defy to remain on. Partorisca East, my new pocola shaver go in a lot of handy. Have Still the nick I with him, which is saying something so that I am quite clumsy. A paving, the annex of round law adds in the shortest hair (likes stubble) and takes a shave súper afterwards to a skin. Utilisation a shaver both in a face and a zone of bikini and like this far am very pleased with some results. I have not experienced any irritation of skin, burn of knife or anything of a class has begun of then use the. You recommend to any one looking for the fast way, easy , painless to take hair of unwanted organism. It is small this in spite of, like this the would not recommend he partorisca to big zones likes me to them a bit legs. PLEASE NOTE: Although a title of this product has alluded, this shaver is not waterproof and can not be used in a shower, according to a manual of instruction has comprised.
5 / 5
A lot disappointed. This has been to good open insurance and managed - no sure roughly used but has hair and fingerprints throughout everything! Yuk!
5 / 5
Has received my trimmer today, a box already had been opened, which has not been my election, when I purchase “the elements of boxes” have opened a prize is different. Any only this but a trimmer has the hair on that!!!!!! 😱
This is disgusting, that considers that ossia the trimmer that can be used in of the private parts! Nope, Any well! 👎
5 / 5
I woul gives this he 5 but ossia my second time that order him and something fails. A first time a product was used already before I recieved the. A second time (maintaining) there is still any storage pouch. That gives

Another that some missing elements, that has paid for these works astonishingly well and has the clean arrival, sure and doesnt grab hairs in gross way. You go to Buy another but I probably will be missing something again :/
5 / 5
Rusts arrived after so only an use. The same oiled the. A tooth in a shears has broken after a second use, and when he he nicked that bleeding of causes. When I have opened a container there was impressions of greasy toe during a knife to the equal that have been managed by any for some reason before packaging. There is not any way ossia a true wahl trimmer.
5 / 5
Done of materials of economic feeling. Probably it do not survive the fall. One drives of knife is like this big and long, can does not create has been drawn for the bikini that shaves. A lot of spaces for hairs to take taken and yanked was. To good sure was necessary has verified yes was waterproof or no- that it is a point if any east? I have not tried some annexes so many to write is, like this the am not sure that well law.
4 / 5
Like this far is been doing add, has fallen already he in of waters he and he still works!! Sound the add trimmer.
5 / 5
Wahl Is always state knows for excellent products and this one is so only that has expected. I love it! It is easy and comfortable to resist and can use he in a shower. Touching is easy and really short painlessly and precise. It buys it again if any one has taken mine! His to good sure value of the money and in fact for the Wahl produced is economic.
4 / 5
Cheaply Fact and has drawn. Two of some 3 any work of same bosses! An only one this does is a boss of buzzer/of basic clipper. A circle a swimming. A knife of eyebrow any short any hairs of real eyebrow, peach fuzz so only.
A whole thing is done of economic plastic and to good sure does not look the resistant water.
5 / 5
The shaver Adds! Deceit with shaving my underarms daily reason takes burn of knife easily but I no with this shaver. It resupplies the next shaving without irritation. You recommend that it use the in clean skin , dry as it looks partorisca do better that way. It is also he adds partorisca trimming zones of bikini equally and fast. I am impressed with a life of battery, also.

Top Customer Reviews: Remington F5-5800 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
Strongly it recommends Not BUYING. The shaving foil is quality very poor , and would be lucky to have last longer that the few months. The guarantee of product of Remington concretely excludes the turns that considers to shave foil, probably so that Remington is conscious of this subject. Foils Of the substitution is not cheap ($ 20), which are required to substitute each which so little of the months attack a point to have an electrical knife. You would have to take one $ 80/year has cost calm for foils of substitution and only buy the better quality electrical shaver, but based in my experience here would not recommend that is to say Remington .
5 / 5
This is not my first electrical shaver, even so it is Remington tram . After reading some negative critics have decided to ignore them and order he in all the case so that some people only can any one when being pleased, or any a lot knows that to expect of an electrical shaver. Used properly Remington gives also the shave like any another marks electrical shaver. It arrives fully touched and after the dozen rasa is still in 80 load of percentage. It IS very easy to use and clean, and gives consistently very near rasa. He experimented any one 'burn of knife', not pulling or pinch of a rind or very other uncomfortable subjects. I actuate Included the used my hair. I am pleased with this compraventa...Well electrical shaver in the reasonable prize....And taking, some leaders of substitution are very less expensive this joins other marks have used.
1 / 5
It have read it revises in a shaver and has remarked that there was preoccupy in a screen of foil. I have bought still a shaver, that thinks that that one beats of subject when being the defect in these units. It has Had a shaver during 4 month and while it uses it the pair of marks the days have listened to pull in my face and has had several pieces in my face. I have verified immediately a shaver and has of a screen was 'disintegrate.' Had jagged pieces of a screen that had cut my face.
5 / 5

In any reading this am an African-the instruments of American man to exit for basic formation in Jan 13 (todays to date of this description is Oct 12) has has had always problems with an use of regular knives and take stabs. Even so, when being clean shaven is part of some requisites and with a paid and requisites to owe to regulate the listing has fulfilled I wouldnt be able to go in a barber each which as another day to remain smooth.

Has looked for literally during the week before it decides in that particular shaver to buy. Look in Braun some upper expensive models and Panasonic but couldnt quite a lot of bites a balloon cuz of one focuses of prize. Desprs Has imagined was that any pass more concealed 100 bucks begun to look in characteristic of the each concrete knife. It maintains to read:

A thing that has taken my eye in of the this is a Interceptor Shaving Technology. Basically it has the built in trimmer among some two foils that will cut the hair the long plus that stubble in period of stubble. Each which as another shaver of foil and included the gaze of rotary shaver in has not had this characteristic. And it included my barber said me that with the electrical shavers very has to not leaving a hair takes longer that stubble or more they wont work. These appeals in me so more than the preventative and only but still measure very beneficial

in the principle took this knife in Seven 24 and has been using he for enough 2 and the half weeks and has been using he without failure never since. In my case the weeks of pair before I took it prendido to shave so that has had to my cures to face to try to use the knife regulates so that has in the solid 1/inch 16 of the hair those covers my face. I unboxed the, reads some instructions, and taken enough 8-10 mins but the was resulted likes him has had shaven with the knife. Has no whiskers or the hairs have lost anywhere and my sense of rind smooth creature and any one airado!

Has been using it never since without failure even so Any CONFRONTATIONS of KNIFE only CREATURE smooth rind!!

IS wireless like all owe the mark is the mark sure is touched before the use. Some tips:

1)does not use alot of pressure when shaving.
2)does not enter circles or quickly. It uses deliberate class of lentils directly behind-advances above low/ side in side of motions by side. This thing has he pvot returned that adjusts in some outlines of your jawline and ray. Desprs Using for the small bit will remark you the difference to sound when in fact is that I cut against continuing smooth hair free rind
3) sure your rind is clean and totally dry and no greasy
4) sure clean after each use. These helps to maintain some knives under an able foil in cut like the knife regulates
5)For the supreme results use day and night. I personally, use he by prejudices he only but my partner that recommended this has facial hair that grows supremely hurriedly so has to use it more but is the smooth still creature and to to the paste free like him to him in him

has recommended this in EVERYTHING of my friends and thinks will purchase another in case that never pauses or anything. It IS that well. The FLIGHT!!!!!!
5 / 5
Frankly I have not thought a piece read in some better shavers for a buck. I have been always the Norelco/Phillips class of type, but has thinks that that this was to well sure estimate the flavour for three tenners. I bad, although he no the good work, that is to say only the lunches of the pair wasted. It compares that in some two marks of the name where the test has them be for several dollars of hundred, and laments yours decision. So much, I tried it. It can not think that well these works of thing like the day-in-shaver in the daytime! It is not to perfect, calm import, but has taught the plot of mine quite like this marks of marks of the name in his product and I pay through a nose for an expensive shaver, when an economic one does also. I bad, to cry out of strong, this WHOLE shaver is cheaper that a foil of substitution in my two mark of shavers by name!

I still like one when being of the cleaned recently was shaver (wing Norelco self-cleaning units) better, but any one go me to cost the tonne of money. Any joy to take of a foil, brushing was, blowing clean, etc. Except another that concealed, am adds. My recommendation in you, soft reader, is to maintain this thing touched fully. In the principle touched it only each pair of weeks, but has remarked that he his the better work when has touched fully. It opens to maintain it Only plugged in almost all a time, and taking adds shaves daily. WELL FACT, Remington!
1 / 5
This knife has to has been defective of a factory or anteriorly has used. An in the first place rasa out of a literally pulled box whiskers out of my face. A foil screeen is the $ 20 disposable piece of junk that will require for the be has substituted at least 3 times for year. I am very disappointed in this shaver. He been the client of loyal Amazon during several years but I ask sometimes is leaving business to sell second or repackaged sakes.
4 / 5
State using Remingtons for years and for one the majority of part has very be happy. Left a F4790 (think) behind in the trip and has substituted he with PF7300 which initially was well, pause to line the load that would last more concealed 5 minutes. It revises in the east was for one the majority to separate well so that it takes a casualidad in the nine unit

Pros: it controls the load well, load hurriedly (full upload against an hour), is calmer that a F4790 but stronger that a PF7300 but he the better work that a PF ( has read complaints his strong, any idea that is speaking quite).

Gilipollas: One shaves is not so near like F4790 that was probly a knife has possessed better. He the good work but probly has to shave the more bit frequently, but even more that enough well.

Extra: I use It to shave my cape also, good work, very smooth. Has some scars and nicks in my hair and he handle the any problem. I am able to do my advances of integer less than means of the load ( there is the down broken metre for 20-40-60-80-100).
5 / 5
Read a lot some revises published before doing the decision. I prefer the shaver of foil. It has had the Braun anteriorly has verified his models was first. Whoa Nellie, Some prizes!!! Any shaver would owe cost that a lot of. Then it reads some revises concealed is done now in China and I have subjected a Braun. Remington Has remarked 5800 in $ 54 as I have read some descriptions. 4.5 stars and inform of sound for owners. By all bad duquel another finds objectionable to consider measure and quality of tez, spent this to be an exceptional and exceptional value rasa. Yes, it is main that more razers and yes, is plastic. As that? I found it comfortable in my hand and ergonomically very shaped. As it is plastic. It IS the shaver any one the rifle to hunt. Only the does not dribble likes him the basketball and everything will be well. I give me the very he near rasa without that has to press take against my rind and he handle an upper lip and the better chin that the majority. I want a location of a trimmer in a backside of a razer while I left me to take he in and around my ear to take rid of hair of bad ear. Has the soft beard and the sensitive rind that clue the treatments of radiation and Remington take the all and leaves my rind unscathed. I actuate Always the used the moisturizer after shaving in all the case. The very spent money in of the this and give me 2 or 3 years of service have taken my costs of money. It buys it again and recommend it highly.
1 / 5
A family has been trying during 20 years to take the shaver for Dad that likes him unsuccessfully until easterly a! We have purchased all the classes of shavers and all a cup of some shavers $ $ $ of line and has to issue the backside. We could not take the corded shaver with enough can for the prjimo rasa in coarse beard , thickness of my Father. At the end --a shaver that law in an amazing prize! So much, I have bought Two! Thank you Remington!

May 7, 2018 Reduced of 5 stars in 1 star.
In in to to the Dad liked him his of this so shaver that has bought the second shaver and foil of last month of substitution. Today, this shaver has prendido to do. Retrospectively, Retreat to think that the taken really strong last month. It opens, he any one run in tram and any recharge. In bad that Remington can do such the terrific shaver for such the reasonable prize, but can not maintain acting is spent 5 month. The tan that disappoints - has liked him a lot this shaver.. Remarked that some another folks has had an exact same experience.
5 / 5
I have bought this shaver to substitute Remington of 6 old years MicroScreen MS2-280, but this description could apply in the each MicroScreen 2 models: MS2-90, MS2-100, MS2-200, MS2-300, and MS2-400 series. If you possess any one of these models, the only launch was and purchase one of these! I will give you 12 reasons why I like this F5 so much:

1). A long hair interceptor the cover is floating, is localised among some 2 foils, and short full time. It IS far better the trim quite yours beard down for some foils to finish a work easily. A MicroScreen the cutter of long hair is far out of some foils, has to when being extended to do, and does the lousy laws.
2). A interceptor, cutters, foils, and the cape is each which substituted a same time. It IS much easier to substitute, and is not that much more expensive that a MicroScreen SP-69 cutter and of option of foil that is the real ache to change - but already know concealed.
3). A hard stack far longer that Remington shavers earlier, and has been using Remington shavers during 40 years.
4). There is the fuel of gauge duquel stack easily aim you how much uploads has left in 20% increments. Anterior Remingtons often would result unusable in a half of the rasa, and would require to be recharged in still continues to run - could any one covers very only he in and finish a work.
5). A F5 uses the NiMH the stack and was big. A MicroScreen has had the small NiCd stack thinks that that it has developed it the effect by heart hurriedly, that results besides under recharges each month.
6). A form of sleeve is easy in grip, in difference of a MicroScreen which only could control with 3-in in to to the 4 toes like them to them the in could line the factor.
7). A coverage of accidents to cover on firmly, and is done of plastic of flexible black. A MicroScreen the coverage simply the falls was when he touches anything in your case, and is done of hard clear plastic cual to cracks easily likes him to them Remington anterior coverages to do them a lot of-arrest- at all unless you record the on.
8). A pvot of cape of the advance of shaver and backward quite 30-40 titles to maintain a place of cutters in your face. I have not thought this was a lot of entity until I used it. It opens The big adherent of a creation.
9). A shaver is in meso like noisy like anterior shavers. Nice.
10). You can rinse out of some courses for simply pulling a headline of the foil was and that lines a zone of cutter under a tap. It prefers to touch even so only a shaver in a side of a tank.
11). One beats of shaver that is recharged in 2 hours in place of at night. Much more convenient.
12). One uploads wall wort is 12 volts in place of some 4.5 volts have used with a MicroScreens. I am not sure if these ways an engine is more than two powerful times, but in looks them to him the this.

Want the tone to add shave, does not use a stinky pre-shaves that so much cost in a grocery tent. They go in a 99 tent of cent and purchase the big container of powder of creature. A main ingredient is talc what a lot of pre-raso use of clave. It poses the on so fat while you want to and shave was. I will bet your boat the only will last for in the to to years like them to them the to them the mine , and your woman will want a smell.

Buy. It enjoys.

Top Customer Reviews: Micro Touch SOLO ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 57 ratings
1 / 5
I have seen an ad in television for a Micro SOL to Touch for $ 24.99 this is coming w/ an extra cover. I have found he in Amazon for $ 18 without an extra cover. I have touched fully a Micro ONLY of the touch and a cover very adequately trim the beard of 3 days, left only anything more. These products is absolute junk and belonging in the boxes of some boys of toy. Any troubling that buys this shaver/trimmer - is the waste of time and money. I am very disappointed these products has not conformed some expectations to trim facial hair in an advertising. I bundled the backside up and UPS will choose in a container a business day prjimo, for free for the repayment.
1 / 5
This knife is to well sure Any value a money. A trimmer the guides are very hard to take leaders, has it casualidad the sake will break some knives/ of leaders only taking some guides was. I am very disappointed in this product. An only positive can say in the east is life of the stack is "well", but another that that this product is the NO-GO!
1 / 5
The stack has taken hot while the load and the case have melted
1 / 5
It gives it tin of Zero !! Like The client of time with a longitude of a Norelco a cover, has wanted to to try this product likes had fed up that pays a big prize of a Norelco spent. These looks of product well in and out of a box. Copper hurriedly But that is where a good dotted end. Quan Flavour to shave my throat, collar and expensive look that a cover was defective and cut me quite bad in that cause me to bleed during several minutes and I have to attach that it was very soft with him. Besides look it that some guards of accesses to cover very bad and that all was very cheaply has done. In general that has suffered the painful piece of this device is very unimpressed with a quality of his manufacture and does not recommend concealed the compraventa.
1 / 5
It comes without cloak of direction. It has it to you it enciphers out of that to do one can of better road. A web of place of company is any help or. Costomer The service inform you his purchase now section. Any happy with compraventa.
1 / 5
First impression was favourble... The low use reveals the lowsy qualiuty and has broken down easy...Bronzed Any product of more avaible ..
In an another side teh place of covers of the substitution even so you leave mandate but cancells mandate WITHOUT Any COMMUNICATION
2 / 5
Quan I 1 has purchased this element, was elated to see that a lot of law. Even so, an element is supremely frail. After one 6 day of use, a leader of a cutter has broken. It opens I Am bonded with the accident goes and useless element. This element would be so amazing was more durable. It IS supremely frail.
2 / 5
It IS the trimmer, no the shaver. More used in hair of organism viril and no my face. A stack has melted the bit of a plastic while recharging. Any re-compraventa.
1 / 5
Has such big hopes for this product and I guess it amiable of the first pair done of time and then only prendido to do and now is only the piece of junk. Please does not waste your money in this product can not think that still has advertisings in the television that Mark these looks of product as it adds.
1 / 5
Terrible. He bad he. Pause afterwards or uses. It DOES not WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Top Customer Reviews: Panasonic Arc5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
1 / 5
Beware - Panasonic Any one honours a guarantee. I have purchased a Arc5 Knife and touching/the besides clean canal combo in November 2016. A product is two years old of guarantee. It IS very happy with a knife, until a canal to debug broken under subjects 2018. Routed A canal for reparations in Panasonic centre of reparation of the guarantee in TX. A canal has been returned with a verdict ' Out of guarantee; obsolete model'. Followed up with the representative and has been offered to have a unit substituted in full retail prize. A company continues to declare that a model is obsolete, of here out of guarantee. Even so it is sold when being here and in a Panasonic website. Conclusion: the good knife while work. If something goes bad is on your own.
5 / 5
There is the Norelco Sensotouch 3D the little the mark of years. As Another has mentioned, will not find the engine the calm plus. It IS the add shaving but in a final, will grow tired that it has to shave in the motion circulates especially need shave around the goatee or another facial hair concealed wants to remain. It finds that the foils left you to take the few raisins that goes 'North/South' and then that goes 'putting/Easterly' especially under a line of jaw.

That is to say my experience among a new more Panasonic Arch 5 and a Braun Srie 9. The May Purchases a system to debug that both offer of marks so that I think that that they are an unnecessary cost . If you use liquid soap in some foils and rinse after it uses, some covers would have to be clean and frescos for a next use.

Panasonic HAS the engine a bit calmer that a Braun, which are odd so that a Panasonic operates in 14,000 cycles for the minute like opposite in Braun 10,000 cpm. For a Panasonic that is to say 233 cycles for second. That is to say amazing speed for a plant to be able the linear.

So that mustache/sideburn trimmers spent a lot to be improved so that some cutters are blocked by some leaders of shaving. A vain light advantage in Panasonic so that it is more visible and useful.

Likes Arch Of model 5 states in his name, Panasonic has five cutting foils have compared in Braun Srie 9 which have four. I suppose that an extra foil gives more coverage and occasion to cut wayward or difficult hairs. I will say that five would have to be a limit. I can not imagine that has more layers like a race in a piece of manual knife where five research to be a limit. If the company attaches more foils, will require the mainstay of wrist to handle a weight has augmented.

A Panasonic floats of shaver in the 2 axial cape where the front goes in backwards and side in side. A Braun is limited in only advantage to back. That is to say the profit of entity where some capes more closely follow some outlines of your face, chin and collar. Both units left you to you to close a leader for sensitive or concrete zones.

A screen FOCUSED in a Panasonic the shows time used inside minutes and second and then a percentage by force of stack. There is an option to use a automotive full speed or leaves an engine for a change a speed according to a thickness of a beard. A Braun is much more mere and has five blue bars to aim level of stack.

Although subjective, would say a Braun has the appearance of better cosmetic. When being generous, would say concealed is why a Braun coast $ 70 more concealed a Panasonic. They both shave well but would give an advantage in Panasonic. It takes a zone/of throat of the collar almost so near like the cover. Short through a whiskers without snagging or taking bogged down.

A better shaves in the side the low plus would owe appeal in action and of the estimativas of conscious buyers. Panasonic Wins this competition.
5 / 5
I have begun recently to use one EAST-LV95 after it surrounds he in rodeo with a Braun 9095cc, both flagship shavers of Panasonic and Braun; one EAST-LV95 substitutes my old plus IS-LV81. This description is the comparison of one (relatively) new Panasonic with a Braun newer, even so contrasting this new Panasonic with an old, one EAST-LV95 improves action and console in every respect in comparison with ones earlier Panasonic, likes I any reference a venerable IS-LV81 again.

Has compared in a Braun, a new Panasonic is to weigh clearer (7 oz against 8 oz) and slightly more slender. It IS mostly plastic, but then he so that it is a Braun, and esthetics of any one is the subject of opinion. A Panasonic has slightly less chrome show and is the small more svelte, which order of favour, as it wins he for a Panny for appearances for me. A cape is main - quite 1/4' wider - and the majority of flexible looks that a Braun is, moving more easily around the true 360 axis in addition to titling that a Braun two-dimensional swivel, leaving a Panasonic to adapt in some outlines of your better face. He layers more the fastest zone, and shortens my morning shaves for almost the half compared in a 9095cc, but requires practical maneuvering a leader a big plus around some corners and angles of your face. A Panasonic has 5 cutters fixed symmetrically (a cutter to walk head office for longer whiskers, flanked in any side for 2 foils), contrasting Braun asymmetric 4 cutters (2 flat cutters different, blue and money, with the foil in any side). An advantage of a Panasonic is that some blocs of the cutter and the foil can be purchased separately - a wear of foils out of faster, as it can require the substitution the frequent plus, but can be substituted without substituting some cutters. With a Braun, some cutters and the foils are an assembly of cartridge so you have you that buys so. Like An addendum, capes of the substitution for a Braun has been generally unavailable now for more than the year, with a bit those that that is available priced sometimes besides that a cost of a shaver. A Panasonic the leaders of substitution are easily available anywhere, usually $ 50-60 field for the foil and the blocs of the cutter have combined.

A main speed these cycles of pieces of a Panasonic (14,000 cpm) has compared in Braun 10,000 cpm, looks to provide the most comfortable shaving (for me) - that is 233 cutting cycles for second (Panasonic), compared in 167 cutting cycles for second (Braun), or 40 percent more rapids. Braun Is esonic' The technology also creates more vibration (and noise) in a cape and the shaver compared in a Panny. A big speed Panasonic looks to soften out of the each raisin, and requires calm less raisins or repeat raisins, so opposite in a Braun is 'blender to paint' vibrations in your face and in your hand. Or of course it is so calm like the rotary shaver. A Panasonic shaves is to good sure more afterwards, with less lost something or random whiskers. Panasonic Also has the esensor' subjects in this shaver, which reportedly detects thickness of beard and adjusts cutting speed, which the one of looks in fact to do; it results in the less nettle shaves that anterior models or a Braun, which could attributable when being in this characteristic. A Panasonic requires the different technician and the touch the clear plus that a Braun - since down yours beard more easily, any precise to apply any extra pressure that shaves to take the next piece; in fact you press like apresamiento with a Panny like you sometimes has to with a Braun, of leaves to know there has been the prjimo raso, and a lot on the way well. Easy he. Both shavers have the lock for a cape, leaving the more afterwards shaves around the most defiant zones and under a nose and around sideburns, and both have the pop-in trimmer the trim to the long of the straight line. Both configurations do equally well for these purposes.

Longevity of looks of similar stack for both shavers, with one nods to go in Panasonic for number of rasa to touch so that it take it less time to shave; it have to last the week or more in a road with the only load. You can touch these shavers with a cord, without a besides clean canal, and both are very-voltage for travelling. The cords are similar with cover of big transformer, and like all has put/droughts of shavers, can not use any shaver like the corded shaver but has to recharge. Right cord for a Panny, the cord has trace by a Braun. Information in the sample FOCUSED of some shavers is similar; a Panasonic provides percentage to touch left versus a Braun, which only aims to diminish bars until an end ten minutes of loads. A Panasonic also the exposures soyEN USED' for the rasa, until ten minutes, when begins on. In fact it finds this useful to improve my shaving technician and speeds.

A canal to debug for a Panasonic is improved significantly in an anterior creation, which there has been sometimes problems with filtering solution. A new creation uses the solution of detergent and the tray in addition to filtering that the cassette - mix a container of detergent with water in a tray, and recommend waters it has distilled to eschew tez mineral-up in shaver or cleaner. A Panasonic the cleaner is water based versus an alcohol Braun has based canal, but both provide action of excellent debugging - Braun says his solution of the debugging is not compatible with soap, as any one of a Braun shavers that comprises the canal to debug is agreed for use with gel or shaving foam. That is to say right folks - a Braun the shavers/dry put that comprises the canal of the debugging is not estada in consonance by Braun for use with shaving cream. A Braun the solution of alcohol is announced like anitizing' a leader of shaver, but both solutions to debug provide more concealed has adapted anti-bacterial properties (taking, lavas your hands with soap and of the water), and or in fact sterilizes a cape (tip of entity - does not share your shaver with any boys and of the daughters). A Braun pursue of canal with the pair of the besides strong minutes buzz (that run a shaver to clean), has continued down quite 40 minutes of the cycle of partidrio calm, while a Panasonic the canal runs a shaver the little in 5 minutes, has continued down the small in an hour of adherents to dry; both look of canal to run any comparable cycle in a level of noise still - a cycle of follower is calm abundance for the consort, partner or the familiar member these feet of sounds have been. A Panasonic looks to dry a cape totally, while a Braun is always slightly humid a next morning. Both shaver/of canal combos occupies in a room of height and contadora still, with information and of the similar controls to dry or cleaner, with a Braun the be slightly main and main.

Probably more significantly, a Braun cartridges of sides more cleansing that two times as much as a Panasonic groups of detergent, requires mandates in addition to room of magnitude of storage, and is flammable; a plus for a Braun the cartridges are that they are self-to to contents likes them to them Philip Norelco of system to debug, requiring any blending. If the room of storage is so of to the entity likes him to him the consolation even so (and is speaking the minute or so exercises of inaugural the group of detergent, emptying he in the tray and that fill a tray with water - once the cups of months), can store more than the costs of year of Panasonic containers to debug in a fund of the drawer of cupboard of the bath without remarking, while a lot Braun the cartridges will fill the substantial part of your cupboard with flammable liquid. Cartridges For a Braun new the cleaner does not look in last while anterior units or, less than the month in of the averages for me, shaving daily. Panasonic The solution of detergent takes well in that month gone in two month now with a current solution and debugging so effective. The debugging with any canal will leave your shaver like new and smelling fresh, but both shavers can very only when being rinsed in of the running water, as any absolutely need the canal to debug, although it is convenient. A Panasonic the cape is much easier to clean manually that a Braun of a foil and the cutters are separated. A a minus of a Panasonic has compared in a Braun is a case of trip - a Braun has the case of returns of hard rind amiably, where a Panasonic has his level 'uselessness acuesta' stock exchange of vinyl, but provide the coverage of cape of plastic takes.

Like the side of note by side, has already the new Panasonic series of shavers (EST-LV6/7/9) in a piece these similar looks, with the slightly redesigned cape and organism, and the canal of similar debugging, as one EAST-LV95 is not his model his new plus. Again, conscious when being that you are the traditional has puts' - I.et. Water and shaving soap - Braun concretely says his only Series estada in consonance 9 shavers for gel or the shaving foam is a 9040s and one 9080s (is' the ways of the suffix does not comprise a besides clean canal), Anybody 9095cc. I used it felizmente with the shaving paintbrush and soap, but so Braun literature that is to say one 'was to label' use and can empty yours guarantee. If you are the wet shaver , technically your only election is a Panasonic among these two. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
One EAST-LV65-S is, in my alcohol to well sure a better electrical shaver there. It has to when being, based in his prize. One shaves gives is smoother that any one another shaver has used, and collects electrical shavers and has tried a lot of models of all some primary manufacturers. Has very Norelco is, Braun is, and Panasonics. Also I have purchased recently a Panasonic IS-LV61 One which are almost some identical 5 shaver of cover excepts without a Rasa Technology of Sensor, which have found to be quite useless, at least with my a bit wimpy beard.
A workmanship in these devices are upper-notch, while or would expect the units have done in Japan. Each a replaceable the parts are easily take and substituted when and is necessary. It IS totally he waters tight and washable down running water. There is absolutely very necessity for any class of cleansing device'.
Honestly Can say that I can go a day a whole plus he very the time entered to shave when shaves to use neither of these Panasonic to the shavers likes them compared in any one of my Norelco or Braun shavers. That is to say only what next raso. These shavers are a level of gold in 'of the electrical knives'!
Or Opinions even so, some photos have aimed here in the place of the amazon aims a shaver that comprises the adapter of cover of the power, the paintbrush and bounce it small of any one. These elements have not been included in an apt box very small took.
5 / 5
I actuate Typically the used daily-way Norelco and has not thought never enough the. On some last ten years experimented with Braun, which was perhaps the small better but also the strongest plot. A last shaver was another Norelco (9200) and when being new, of course done add - until he the no. does not know that changed with them, perhaps begin when has taken bought by Philip, but anything a reason, his quality of cover is gone down a drain, during enough a month. Of course it was too late to return it so decided to exit of a box of a 'big two' and try it Panasonic. Only. Wow.

Has admitted, is still a phase of honeymoon (1 week) but this down issues it better that any Norelco or Braun has not done never. A real test even so it was what well his controls to cover up over time. I will update this description in 6-12 month and the left wing know, but so far so good.

Oct 2017 UPDATE: I continue to be very impressed with this shaver. It sounds corny - is only the shaver - but so the oldest volume I very could not be shaving. With a Arc5, no longer dreads a Magazine of Hell has crossed before, shaving and shaving and any a lot of raisin. A Arc5 is now three month and the pieces likes them to to the sake likes him to him a first day. I in fact rest waiting for use - amiable of likes him direct the very good car after the decades to remain contained with just 'very' transport.
1 / 5
Some works of shaver very when work, but so far two has died on me.
An in the first place one has lasted enough 5 month. I shave every day for quite a lot of 15 minutes the day and I very enjoyed to use the. Even so, a day simply leaves to do. It does not ignite , load, or begins a process to debug. I have called support of the client and asked it when being shipped in for service. It was well in only has to ships out of a shaver, and was pleasantly surprised when took that it looked the integer of new container in place of the shaver 'fixed'. This has said, a 'new' a receipt has lasted less than two weeks before suffer from a same fate.
My supposition is that they are using very feeble or included defective stacks in these products for him in only leaves to do a day without any class to sign that something is by train of gone bad. It is not acceptable for something those costs this very and would have to be designed for regular use. The desire had gone with a competition - instead is not bonded trying cogerprpers to substitute a shaver the second time, and while some third times are a charm .
1 / 5
The shaver is excellent and provides the fast, next rasa. Some bombs in a canal to debug failed the year that is a reason for three stars.

Has update: now a canal any prender drying a device. It IS supremely hot in a touch and can any one when the be has not used.
3 / 5
One EAST-LV95-S of Panasonic is the 3.5 have an accident electrical knife. My anterior electrical knife was the Braun 760cc concealed had purchased fact 8 years. It was mostly happy with him, but has looked for something newer and, perhaps, 'better'. Well, it say that one EAST-LV95 is the decent substitution but he are not substantially better that my Braun old.


- When being well in-hand, in spite of his leader of big shaving.

- Calmer that a Braun.

- The leader of big shaving marks fast work of stubble in my cheeks and ray and to the long of a jawbone.

- Gives the prjimo, aggressive shave if he the few raisins with him. Consistently I Take the next plus that shaves that I never taken with my Braun old.

- Shave very well in a collar, cheeks, to the long of a jawbone, and a sideburn/zones of ribs.

- Automotive Marks + the fastest of the cape the big plus for the slightly faster rasa. Although it expect it yours to be even more quickly given an engine a powerful plus, 5 apt shaving, etc.

- Easy in manually clean with soap and of the water. Very you any one need a base to debug.


- The marks of big leader to shave upper lip and sideburns delicate. Apresamientos Used his, but there is the curve to learn.

- An aggressiveness of a rasa to take the small taking used to. You will want to do sure to give your affronts/of rind the full 21 in 30 days to take used to this shaver. If you are to him it expect it immediate gratification with this model and calm is coming from the Braun, likes him I , could be disappointed.

- The shaving consolation is being missing of. Braun Is Road in the cape of Panny in this zone. One EAST-LV95 and his 5 covers generate to pull the feeling that commentaries in my upper lip that finds startling. Still dry an aggressive attraction in my hairs in my upper lip with this same shaver after 30 days. It have expected the no that or that my face would take used his after the few uses, but he still he. Some covers gave me to us in fact the small piece in my upper lip a first time used it and is done the diverse occasions since. It is not the big roads, but for almost $ 200 has expected the small more consolation.

- A base to debug... It looks and when being cheap. And, I can not say I am the enormous adherent of a DIY approximation that Panasonic has employed here with having mixes a liquid of containers of detergent with water. I fulfil tired me of vain wheel a Braun cartridges to debug before using them, as it appreciates a saved spatial that a Panasonic the containers of detergent provide. But, I am not sure a mix of detergent and cleaning the process takes a shaver how clean like mine Braun old the system has done. Felizmente, really calm does not have to use some containers of detergent and cleaning basic if it do not want.

Has not done the 'put' shaves with one LV-95. My sympathetic is that that is to say where one Panny a lot of resplandores, but is not the big place shaves with an electrical knife. I imagine I go to put my face, cream of use, etc., then uses quite only the real cover. I will take the more afterwards shaves that it issues, but I digress...

While this unit is priced under $ 200 (preferably under $ 175), thinks this Panasonic is the decent value. Taking a version without a base to debug could be a better road to go, if it is substantially cheaper ($ 30+). Quan Has done the mine buys a delta of the prize among a two was less than $ 20. For this small of the difference, only would take a base to debug and uses it once the week or so much.

Knowing that it knows now, there is an occasion to return and do this compraventa of shaver again, probably only bite a balloon and purchase one of one Braun new 9000 models of series. I lose a consolation of one Braun. If a more afterwards possible rasa of an electrical knife is each yours afterwards, even so, can any gone bad with one LV-95.
5 / 5
I use one IS for leaders to shave. Mina in those rests the hair is quite dense and one EAST ploughed through and leaves almost the BBS (butt of smooth creature) arrival. I have used to to cross the tonne of Schick disposables (which also the laws add) but now only use to to touch up around ears and beard. At the beginning it is almost returned but tried it then something new. Here it is that recommends:
-Shaves down w the knife in the BBS is arrived
-An in the morning afterwards beginning to use a DRY EAST
-first gone with a grain, then through a grain, then against a grain
- tensions your hair has taught to tense acuesta loose like the point takes sper next
-when when finalising ATG, descended, brisk shot and work in the smallest zones
-the Daily use is obligatory. You can go two days but he will take the moment to go down in a hair again.
-EST MAMMA to shave my collar and jaw. If only using for these purposes would be it returned.
-Estimate a money. The May would have thought It his a knife of electrical point would do also. I am very happy inverted. It opens I do not require to buy stock in the company of knife.

Some pictures are clave shaves this morning. 90% of a ATG the cover rasa.
5 / 5
That is to say absolutely a better shaver Or the knife has not used never, and has used a lot. It averts your Norelco, your Braun... Harry or Knife of club of Month, and included a Viking uber-squad of knife. This shaver will give you and incredibly he afterwards rasa, if has value of some days of stubble or value of three days or same five days (uses a trimmer in backside for five in seven+ value of days). A load and cleaning system, each-in-a, is glorious. But behind in a shaver... Surprisingly afterwards and soften rasa without nicks--which are much more last with the knife of pair verge, any one mater that this good.

Personally, that is to say my routine with this Panasonic shaver that give me the best shaves that included a better mention 'first' tents of shaving/living room in NYC (and CAN write revises this longitude):

1) Washes your face with watering very warm and then dry the all with the product of hazel of the witch as of the Tampons of Facial Debugging - Oil of Tree of the Tea, 50 tampons 2-group or Thayer Witch of Alcohol of Petal of Rosa Avellaner hand with Aloe Embroiders ~ 12 oz , which can pose you on your own tampons of cotton. Left the air-dry during 30 bren or so much.

2) afterwards uses one exfoliator/defence of knife with watering very warm. I know these feminine sounds, but the a lot of works. I use this one: Neutrogena Cara of Defence of Knife of Thicket of Men, 4.2 Ounce (Group of 2) . A bit dab go it looooong road and hard months. The The rinse has been.

3) Applies the pre-shave the oil like Better Pre-Raso Oil, Sandalwood, to premium that Shaves Oil for Effortless Smooth Irritation-free Rasa. 1 Oz Or AMERICAN CREW Ultra slip shaves Oil, 1.7 Ounce . Again, doing so reallllllly help. Any one necessity to wash this has been, but the do well in in in to yours rind likes him his has done of oil in the glove of new baseball when was the boy . :-)

4) Applies the shaving cream (taking that is to say to DRY/shaver MOLL , which are incredible) that hangs parts to affront to be shaved, it sake of visible thin cloak a trick. I use the cream of mere shaving eats: Neutrogena Rind of Men that Clears Rasa Cream, 5.1 Ounce .

5) Shaves with your Panasonic while it runs one touches in of the hot water. Periodically, it shaves and then rinse a shaver under a running water each which how 15 bren or so much.

Looked -- A better and more smooth rind in your face!

Top Customer Reviews: Skull Shaver Palm 3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
Ordered the. . . It is gone in. . .unboxed The. . .Shaved my noggin.

Has had the together of the economic clippers but he have taken partorisca always partorisca cut and I never cut the same. After this failure would look the bum each one that two weeks that paste on my barber ( of when I have had hair ) and one is any one discount partorisca less than hair my friends. . .Any around here.

Can not testify to a life of a battery but he recharge quickly and has not lost never has beaten he in a shave. If utilisation partorisca 2 paid of month partorisca he based in that I has paid my barber and I can maintain it tight wherever go. Have shaved dry and has used moisturizer with which. A small nettling but no painful. Afterwards I will try a wet rasa. Any ' knife of security ' cleaned but close enough that any will remark. Pics Tongue for them . . . I have gone back and take that with the lowest. This was error of user .

This thing cleaned on easy and a new R3 the sum of laws of the leaf for my face and boss. The money are better spent this year, basically. The shot adds like this far.
5 / 5
The shaver of some better men in a phase less than prize that a main mark. I have bought this for my husband and has for a first time has begun to trust an electrical mark. A neighbour shave with zero nicks and run. Load in just down three hours with on to protect of cariche.
4 / 5
Has tried this 3 knife of boss for Shaver of Skull And is 5 Boss Pitbull Knife. In an end has been disappointed for both. Although this one is cleanable for inside and for out, which is well, felt has had to spend more the time that shaves my boss that with the knife of simple manual leaf and shaving foam. Apresamiento awhile To cut included stubble very short, and has included then does not take especially close for me. A five knife of boss was faster and bit it more after partorisca begins to shave but could not be opened to clean like this still with a process of the deep cleaner described in a manual he never taken totally cleaned. I have achieved a point to give up and that goes for knives of antiquated manual leaf- the speed improves with practice and gives the PRÓJIMO rasa!
5 / 5
Follows to use this strictly like the shaver of boss. It has not had to touch he for a lot of days. It looks to resist one uploads for the long time. It resupplies the decent next boss rasa. Very easy to clean. It has Bought an annex for air and easy cleaner that dry. This time am them very pleased with this product.
5 / 5
Thought it at the beginning didnt do a lot well, but after the week of not shaving my boss tried it again and the work adds. I guess it so only require the little more hair to cut properly.
4 / 5
A shaver taken the quite near shave but but there is included a slightest sensitive skin of the one who buys this element. I have it that has not had never any subjects with sensibilities my skin still all this shaver is swipes of causes of red irritation to my boss.
4 / 5
My fiancé loves it!!! Reason his hair has taken alil long, clippers to use to cut down a hair and has used a Skullshaver to finalise it was. The first brought the, his boss was like this smooth, shine. I have touched his boss, is the little prickly. But any in the same annoy with the knife because it have been to satisfy with some results. To good sure values he.
5 / 5
My husband loves this! Entirely it changes his routine- is like this easy to use and has the result adds! No more clippers and knives, has said everything of his friends to order one.
5 / 5
To the utmost shaver of the the prójimo and comfortable rasa
4 / 5
Can be tried to order one of a slick looking 5-headed knockoffs, but consider a fact that ossia an American company , constantly improving his product and learning of his clients.

A form the especially easy fact to use. I ran it throughout my boss, with the and ears with perfect results and any discomfort. A moment the assembly of leaf comes averts to clean and is all the interior of stainless steel .

If you are still leaf or trimmer shaving your boss, calms the favour and take one. Like this easy to use and has drawn so only for him. Included to the equal that resist this one for sliding your toes among a base and shave the boss the big difference. Calm mention you can shave your with the, with the and ears easily a same time? Calm also can take bosses of the substitution when required. Oh, And you are using the new knives twice fast shaving your boss to the equal that was, this paid for him inner the year or less.

Top Customer Reviews: Braun Electric ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 53 ratings
4 / 5
Absolutely I love this shaver. It is a more has not used never and has been using electrical knives of then 1991. State using Norelco all this time, but when I have tried this knife, gave a prójimo more smoother shaves has experienced never. Highly recommend it to any one. A reason has tried a Braun was that they are increasingly dissatisfied result with a Norelco frames. A shaves is not like this after or like this comfortable like Braun. Also, in my opinion Norelco has very slipped in quality, and worries of satisfaction of the client.
4 / 5
Wow! They are not never going back the knives.
In a short time the ees has used some Serious 7 shave all facial irritation is partorisca go.
Uses the small soap lather and shave so only like the with knives but a diffrence is likes night and day. It leaves my feeling of face like the dhave agaisnt a grain but without an irritation or ingrown hairs.
Clean a boss with watering then spray the bit of Clippercide on in prejudices, then repeat.

Pros- The life of battery is glorious, touched it to them once last week and he still is that it goes strong(like reccomended partorisca these batteries.) A shaves feels partorisca add and with practical take me the averages a time he with Knives. A small additional shaver perfects partorisca maintain zones around some burns lateralmente. A shaver creates the good line without turning to some burns lateralmente. A handdle feels well when gripped. One can adjuster was partorisca add innitially when it has begun them with skin airada. Prize of the term along when compared the knives(compared the Gillette and the dollar shaves Club each boss of hard shaver 18 month and some reviewers the same state longer with cure)

Gilipollas- the bulky cleaner that/canal of touches. Cryptic Icons partorisca all the signs. Any plastic coverage partorisca countertop protect(spending the chance is not a lot of pourus and doesnt leave for propper drying). I estimate partorisca regulate...( I bought it on Amazon partorisca $ comprises the prize has reduced abd $ 30 coupon of Amazon). Prize partorisca clean liquid transmissions(the alternative options more economic available)

Conclusion- I desires would have bought them a more collected. I will be partorisca save money in just the year of use. I deffinetly buy again.

(2 description of week 4June2018) unless a system fails before 14 month will not modify this description as it will have them my money cost when compared to the knives have had before.
5 / 5
Reward it gave roughly Shot it. I will take it it was second mortgage partorisca bosses of substitution and cleaner of cartridges. I guess it was the good thing has run out of 6MF1 micro screens and bosses of cutter partorisca Remington shaver $ { this has continued to do adds! }, I have had partorisca probably 40 years. A Braun the next plus shaves in expensive/of with the, chooses on long hairs on stubble partorisca bearded doubt, without in of the llamas, well touching and cleaning canal. Need the clipper/trimmer speed, the low speed tickles lip to a lot partorisca use with accuracy. I guess begrudgingly can teach you a new Old Dog where leaves my Telephone of Toe!!
4 / 5
Has decided to try Braun with which 5 years partorisca use my Phillips Sensotouch 3D. Phillips Looks for to have fallen a ball with quality of boss of the substitution. I am gone through 4 bosses of substitution and a lot never matched that well an original part treated out of a box. Also it looks that together with the quality reduced is more expensive result like the time is spent of longitude.

Was entirely floored for an action of this knife. I shave daily and my expensive is so only roughly like this smooth as when I have used partorisca shave with the Mach 3 (I daily use suspect of shaving gel has done seats smoother). This knife for real achieves the brota closes shaves DRY and less than half to to a time likes to shave with my old Phillips that never has approached to these results. Not pulling or irritation anything.

I use a canal partorisca touch with a solution of more cleaned to the equal that has directed. A solution has the scent of light lemon that likes. A toe on trimmer is convenient and easy to use. I have not travelled with him still but one covers to a docking the canal also returns directly to a backside of a knife and calm can clean rinse in a tank while out of a canal of more cleaned.

Utmost on, this knife has transformed my shaving experience. I will update like this continuous to dip a car by means of his steps.

Update 9/12/17

First cartridge of more cleaned is lasted 7 weeks with cleansing newspapers (almost has bent a time advanced). Any degradation in action.
5 / 5
I purposefully expected until I have used this for awhile first to revise. I have it quell'has used now this produces roughly 6 weeks and my thoughts are as follows. They are very satisfied with a Braun Electrical Shaver! My leading shaver was the Panasonic of roughly done 10 years and while it resists on well, a thing displeased one the majority of era a noise. This thing would do my coverage of ears after using it! While a Braun is in no way calm, is considerably calmer that an old Panasonic. Considering shaving quality, think one the majority of the what of entity to agree is no the electrical shaver will shave like this near like the leaf. I find this Braun to shave very together, but like this always, there are different parts of a face, particularly a with the, ossia more difficult shaving with a tram. I have had a subject same with each electrical I actuate has not possessed never. A thing that helps one the majority is in these zones of question I so only presses more firmly to a skin and steps of mark in a zone of different directions. I have used an adjustment to be able to and found that to do a shaves the little more comfortable when I turned it down, but shaves better in a big setting. I shave my face and my boss that use a Braun and the law adds for both! Ossia One the majority of face of the electrical shaver has not purchased never and does not think will know in fact a lot of cost of years spends more, but am satisfied like this far! It uses a canal of more cleaned after each shave (except when it was in vacacional) and am still in my cartridge of prime minister. If his all has had to that this long I then chairs well of the money like this to good sure done the difference in a quality and comfort it of a shaves.
4 / 5
Ossia My second Braun Knife, a prime minister is lasted 14 years. Ossia Reason has bought a Braun marks again.
Can see an improvement with this shaver likes to take the best, more after, faster shave with this new Braun.
See some do any commentaries in a cost, but that have paid for my old Braun and a period to time used that, side me $ the year. It tries to do that with leaves of knife, shaving cream etc.
Braun Is some Circles Royce of the shavers and calm can any gone bad is in a phase for an electrical shaver.
5 / 5
I pasts of electrical knives have comprised several Norelco models and the Braun serious 3 and 5. The speed of engine of this shaver far surpasses some another. A pivoting assembly of boss and an excursion of a cradle-loaded indivdiual the cutters resupply full contact with a face and with the, producing a fast and more next plus shaves has not taken never of an electrical knife. Dry shaves so only and would be likely to have bought the Braun Serious 7 shaver that has not been to wet and dry estimated and to the equal that can be used plugged in if one load is resulted down, which this model does not leave . There is the pair of negatives. One is that a trimmer is to deploy far under a boss, interfering with visualisation that is cutting. A trimmer the flange also is twisted ... That is a sense of that? A trimmers in some Serious 5 and Serious 9 is the very better creation. Also a boss of shaver is an integral cartridge , some inaccessible leaves under a screen, which uses of a base of more cleaned almost the necessity and which like this limits his utility like the shaver of travesía. (Thus purpose will spend to the long of my old Series 5, whose cutters are exposed to clean with the paintbrush when a screen of shaver is takes.) Those are some only reasons I downrated for 1 star. Otherwise Is the winner for speed, closeness and consolation.
4 / 5
Has been using Norelco shavers quite all my life of adult. Norelco No longer officially done a substitution that shaves bosses for my last a, as I have decided to try Braun.

Has been using this one for the month now. After a first week of my beard that takes used to a new shaver, loves it! It is to good sure the next plus shaves that my last little Norelcos (still after taking frescos of shaving bosses). Baby smooth, Any joke.

Is the little heavier that my Norelcos, the tad stronger, but, am used his. I never splurged to take the plus cleaned that/canal of touches with hard mine some, like this after using is one, is fantastic. The Cleaned, the tone (without that has to that appeal out of a cord to touch, take a shaver in a stand, etc.). Much faster and easier now. A lemony scent with which is cleaned is well, refreshing and no overbearing.

In general, ossia an excellent product . A prize for a substitution CCR (cleaning liquid bands) looks reasonable. I will try to agree to update this description with which roughly 6 month of use. But like this far, it is the winner !
4 / 5
Was very concerned roughly that buys another electrical shaver, quotes a cost of substitution of leaf for my old Norelco periodic, but am like this happy Less the, as he after the plus shaves has not taken never of the wireless, and still can be better that brotas for me. Has the light beard, so that it can speak for a consolation, closeness, and facilitated of shaving, but am thinking this is so only the leaves of the substitution of the quality was so only in time of compraventa, as I have gone some data and has bought two, in that give me the theoretical coverage for 4.5 solution of more cleaned can take the little expensive substitute like this indicated with the new cartridge, but feign the manually clean after each shave and so only use a cleaner of car each one that 3rd day or you tube has the few tips to do your own 't speak for longevity still, but am very happy with him now
4 / 5
am enamoured with this thing. I have been that looks for an electrical shaver for the long time, and believe me when I say that I am spent of the hundreds in that try find some legislations a. I have known it was in a right clue when I have bought a model an old plus of a Braun. Finally I upgraded to of the east a reason one load and the clean base was better, and a shaver there has been more functions. This thing shaves incredibly near. While I am done I begin of a bath that feels fresh and cleaned. My expensive is súper soften afterwards.

Also loves like this can be touched in a canal of base, and can clean. Also for any that asks , has had a Braun 4xxx serious. It does not agree an exact number, but to touch that one using a base has has had to that in fact turn a base on and to the left clean jsut for the touch, squandering a fluent if any precise of the clean. I have looked for to first plot to buy is, like this hopefully this will answer a question any one is looking for; but a canal of bases in these cariche of model grieve jump he. While a canal is plugged to a outlet is good to go. Has an option to clean he with a base, but to all the touches of cost for you.

In general would recommend this product. The law adds. I want to shave with this thing.

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Professional ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 54 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: Shaver/Shaper Before things in the first place, this produces in fact resupplies stagnate it shaving the one who hugs a face /begins a lot amiably. I have purchased this with a intent partorisca the use in my boss each few days like partorisca delete the multiple knife rasa. This unit comes more afterwards to one feels of a real knife shaves, as compared to other electrical knives. This in spite of, takes some time partorisca take a pressure/of corner corrects partorisca take like this near like possible. I have it quell'has used so only this in my boss, as I can not speak knowledably roughly likes to treat in other zones. The cleaner is also a lot easy like some pauses of units down simply, and the paintbrush of more cleaned is resupplied. I have found the action is optimum takes and clean it was once or two times while using, according to period of hair in time of use. It do not suggest this partorisca the person in a habit partorisca leave the stubble takes too long among shaving, as no shots well for me has said under conditions.

Now here comes a rubs: pause!

Ossia Well, so only when have thinks that has had the solid product that has fill my grooming empty buys a park. It have done two steps in my boss when I have listened the very different sound that there has been state produced forward, and the inspection one of some cutting arms had snapped was.

Am not impacted something has broken, this in spite of am surprised that quickly pauses, in of the terms of uses amd period of property. I have had this unit for roughly the month the half, and has used he in that then three times, a fourth time to be of failure.

Obviously this type of failure arrives more frequently that no, likes the separate east has broken is available like the element of stand of compraventa so only. Sincerely, images that Wahl anticipates the fault of part in the sure quantity of time, of the courses of substitution are available. Considering a price of a product, I quite a lot of part of substitution of the cost (roughly $ 17 on Amazon) that be force to substitute a unit like the whole.

Goes to return a product the Wahl and work by means of his program of guarantee in some hopes to be whole facts in any extra cost. I will update this description like necessary based in a result of this situation.
5 / 5
Colour: Shaver/Shaper has Bought this knife that believes was new but opened it so only and is broken and has hair in him! That is bad with the thing of people can sell something partorisca this a lot of and send this type of product. I go it partorisca return and ATTENTIVE will send me the new a!!!
5 / 5
Colour: Shaver/Shaper can not use the knife. I can not use the electrical shaver rule. Have Eczama. Shaving Magic utilisation depilatory, which BURNS a hair out of my face. My barber a day has used accidentally this particular shaver in my face and with the. I have left, but deep down it was panicking because has thinks that would break era. The no. As I have bought one. Work, and can use among a depilatory with out the pause was.
5 / 5
Colour: Shaver/Shaper With which having one has used on me, has been surprised in credit it has to that it reads. I order the new Shaver Shaper and when it comes, simply any yard any hair. It is pathetic, that spends this a lot of money partorisca the new product that can not cut hairs of the stray test in mine cheek has left so only my very short stubble. They are like this angry that has expected patiently partorisca receive an expensive uselessness and know another concealed has bought these products have taken that has paid arrests.
5 / 5
Bought this knife that believes was new but opened it so only and is broken and has hair in him! That is bad with the thing of people can sell something partorisca this a lot of and send this type of product. I go it partorisca return and ATTENTIVE will send me the new a!!!
5 / 5
Before things in the first place, this produces in fact resupplies stagnate it shaving that hugs a face /begins a lot amiably. I have purchased this with a intent partorisca the use in my boss each few days like partorisca delete the multiple knife rasa. This unit comes more afterwards to one feels of a real knife shaves, as compared to other electrical knives. This in spite of, takes some time partorisca take a pressure/of corner corrects partorisca take like this near like possible. I have it quell'has used so only this in my boss, as I can not speak knowledably roughly likes to treat in other zones. The cleaner is also a lot easy like some pauses of units down simply, and the paintbrush of more cleaned is resupplied. I have found the action is optimum takes and clean it was once or two times while using, according to period of hair in time of use. It do not suggest this partorisca the person in a habit partorisca leave the stubble takes too long among shaving, as no shots well for me has said under conditions.

Now here comes a rubs: pause!

Ossia Well, so only when have thinks that has had the solid product that has fill my grooming empty buys a park. It have done two steps in my boss when I have listened the very different sound that there has been state produced forward, and the inspection one of some cutting arms had snapped was.

Am not impacted something has broken, this in spite of am surprised that quickly pauses, in of the terms of uses amd period of property. I have had this unit for roughly the month the half, and has used he in that then three times, a fourth time to be of failure.

Obviously this type of failure arrives more frequently that no, likes the separate east has broken is available like the element of stand of compraventa so only. Sincerely, images that Wahl anticipates the fault of part in the sure quantity of time, of the courses of substitution are available. Considering a prize of a product, I quite a lot of part of substitution of the cost (roughly $ 17 on Amazon) that be force to substitute a unit like the whole.

Go to return a product the Wahl and work by means of his program of guarantee in some hopes to be whole facts in any extra cost. I will update this description like necessary based in a result of this situation.
4 / 5
Can not use the knife. I can not use the electrical shaver rule. Have Eczama. Magic utilisation shaving depilatory, which BURNS a hair out of my face. My barber a day has used accidentally this particular shaver in my face and with the. I have left, but deep down it was panicking reason has thinks that would break era. The no. As I have bought one. Work, and can use among a depilatory with out the pause was.
5 / 5
Any type can use This shaver but am speaking specifically to African-American men. They are the 49 year viril old African American, and can guarantee has tried too many types to appoint.

In all the chance, this shaver quite frankly CAN has done no cut. Included better that that, if you are prone to shaving swipes, this shaver promotes the quality he better rasa (without stabs), while you are these steps :

1). It does not press a shaver against faces too hard
2). Try your best shaving WITH a grain of your hair
3). It tries ANY to go back in a same zone too
4). Hazel Of Witch of the use immediately after (Can be used in both face & of boss)

This shaver except $ the week, $ the month, in $ 1,000 the year to go to the Barber.
Besides, still uses the knife regulates in my face, but so only to take this 'butt of creature' smoothness. This does my knives last longer, which also saves $ $ $ .

Tip - I shaves my boss and expensive two times the week so that a hair is not too long. This calm enable you his does not have to that go back in a zone shaved included too often.
5 / 5
Initially was very impressed with his action - a lot of hover rasa, so only like that is to print in a shaver: esuper In bylines'.
This in spite of, after using he for the month, are not concealed has impressed. A main reason is that there is a lot of trimmer which can be a subject of this really done shaver the a lot of near shave they so that it alleges but sacrifices that I have cut anything longer that around 1/32' - - with which the use the few weeks, lose the few hairs and like the few weeks down a street, these have lost the hairs would not be cut never, and I so that has for that time has had the pair of hairs of dozen without cutting. An only solution was to use some another shaver or the trimmer.
My conclusion is this is not something would love use without also having some class of trimmer.
4 / 5
First of all, goes to leave my original description down. Reason was all true!
Unfortunately, with which exactly 2 weeks to use this knife two times the day (reason used it to him so only one do one the hard time that takes some hairs) a part of screen of the metal chipped and has finalised to take burn of knife in my boss!!!
Is immediately be the walmart and has bought the economic plus $ 49 knife that looks to do equally as well as this one has done. It looks that it love the next shaving in your calm boss so only precise use one with this type of boss (both humps)

are that it has to that return the amazon...

--Down is my original description, which is still true and would be 5 star had it a lot goes in 2 weeks--
I tried for the wireless use with which roughly 10 minutes of the load and he instantly have died.. As I have been he advances and has used he with a cord because I have been 2 days w/or shaving.. And I have been impressed. Seriously it thinks that this first yard was better that the knife...! He to good sure struggled with the longest hairs have to that way that has had to that run my clippers in my boss in the first place because there is quickly a lot of fat in increasing hair... I will try to agree to update my description with which have been using he for the moment.. Like this far out of a box are thoroughly has impressed!

Update : it does not take everything of a hair like this often has to that wioe my boss and the shoulders was while shaving.

The short engine the tiny has bitten better while plugged in.. But he quite very wireless.

Personally has to that shave daily or more he wont do a lot well. He like this take tht the Ailing reason probably buys the secondary electrical knife for when my hair takes the tad has bitten also yearn this knife.. But value he due to the fact that near this a rasa..

But finally still shaves more after any one another electrical knife Ive has used. Seriously close if any equal to the leaf razer...

Top Customer Reviews: Braun Electric ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
I pre-has ordered this before it was liberto and was excited really partorisca the take. When A day has come finally, was the little underwhelmed the unboxing that. It notes that has not used a shaver like this the description does not cover that short. I have done on my first alcohol to use it that this has not been that has has wanted to based in some characteristic (or lack of the same) and decided partorisca the turn ... Read on.

In the first place was, feels the little economic in a hand, partorisca be sincere. It is mostly hard and light plastic and to the chair likes probably would not survive of the drop a lot well. Some foils are loaded cradle , which is well, but a boss of shaver is fijamente and any pívot ... So only you look it you can. A two big downers partorisca me was that 1. A shaver does not come with the chance or included covers it protective partorisca some foils ... That is up with that? A foil is quite delicate, would not want it that it attacks around inside my toiletry stock exchange; and 2. Any like him To Him an idea of unattaching a shaver heads to to attach a separate grooming annex. Where Are I supposition to maintain a grooming attaches when it is not when be used, especially of then does not have ANY CHANCE has resupplied. It is joined to take stray to the long of a way. There have it nowhere in a shaver where one could attach a grooming attaches when it is not when be used (i.et., you would think Braun would have drawn the empty or something in an organism of shaver where an annex could 'click' to when any into use). All the electrical shavers have used like this has had far the pop-on trimmer, and ossia so only so more convenient. Can see me taking has frustrated to use this shaver - imagine that it has to that take a shaver, that takes an assembly of boss of the shaver, looking for a separate grooming annex, attaching it, turning in a shaver again, and then reattaching a boss of shaver rule when done with a grooming annex. Any thank you!
5 / 5
Has taken finally one submerges afterwards trying the newspaper for the few years. To good sure happy I , like this serious 5 gives a astoundingly next dry shave with irritation of minimum skin (the newspaper could give the prójimo shaves yes used with foam, but has left my skin airada dry utilisations). It take the pair of the growth of the day was without the question - any incredible tarpaulin in and of him, as having decisively Jacob more than Esau in a hairiness department, but the shave impressive this in spite of in his thoroughness and smoothness.
5 / 5
No a magic electrical shaver that the expected, fights by means of my stubble while the leaf of the shaving knife very ploughed so only by means of.
5 / 5
A Braun Serious 5 5018s the shaver cleaned easy is in fact like this simple to use legislation out of a box. In front of all a box looks good and professional. Among the attractive box that it is a perfect measure for easy wrapping & all the elements are to store neatly that done the present adds. That among a box is a shaver , an extra trimmer annex, cord of power to touch, the mini paintbrush of more cleaned and some instructions. When I feigned It my husband was quickly against that has had the bad experience with next shavers in his youth with these particular leaves. This in spite of, is has had to that to try again, has tried out of a trimmer first in his sideburns, behind with the & low & a chin to form his beard. Law perfectly, a vibration is powerful & trimmer there is shaved easily. In the Then take one submerges and has tried a prójimo rasa, those explosions of a trimmer the cup was simple, so only the press for up and bursts tight was. Situating a brota on to situate it on & so only snaps well in without fuss. Hubby braced He while have shaved a leftover the soft stubble under his bone of dry chin without cream or of the water. It can not believe a newfound smooth feeling under his chin. It do not have any ache also. His hair is usually soft how has gone years without requiring to do a lot near shaving so that not having never stubble a lot rough. As this was the new feeling for him and immediately result the defender . We want that it is waterproof to the equal that have had so only aquired to wall swivel mirror recently which will be perfect partorisca shaving in a shower for angling a mirror to him. Some leaves & trimmer is the breeze to clean, simply rinse in of waters he or when it is dry just paintbrush was with mini paintbrush. A 5 load of minute is a lot enough for a plenary rasa. One full load will last the few first weeks to require to be recharged. Hubby Loves an exposure FOCUSED in a shaver. Also we love a simplicity and facilitated to use this shaver is. A quality of build is sum, looks to be the solid has built & well under construction. There the colours are masculine also with the dark base & the splash of light blue. An only with this that in a point of prize of $ 80, has been to the surprise there is not coming with more than annexes. In general we appreciate a quality to build & well has thought was to draw concealed has been dipped to this product for the easy to use functional closing. We would recommend this element and believe it to be an excellent product. 4 stars.
5 / 5
These some only results my preferred of office. It is very light compared with knife more electronic. Factor of small form, especially a tampon of cradle/of touch. It does not use any a lot of your space of office while touching. To cause you that can touch directly. This in spite of, prefer to use a cradle/of tampon. Looks The better plot that way.

Shaving/trimming is very easy and gives good result. My skin is usually dry and sometime take rash/burn of shaving. This in spite of, the drought shaved and at all is spent! I am surprised and to good sure in the pleasant. Trimming Is in pair to another professional trimmers. Of the cause can not expect a lot but takes a work done.

So only down the side is that it does not come with the stock exchange of travesía or chance. It was the better plot if included the stock exchange are resupplied for storage.

For me, he to good sure my alternative knife/trimmer for my use of day in office to take these five on the dot the shadow was. A good addition calms already the another electronic knife and also the good primary quickly shave knife if you do not have the portable knife - while it calms does not import finding the stock exchange for prpers transport.
4 / 5
My fiancé has tried recently a braun serious 9/@@@9330s and has not been very impressed. These serious 5/5050cs the knife is 1/3 a cost of some serious 9 and likes very better. Has the boss the small plus and of the smallest leaves. It is has 3 flexible leaves that retract when it press against your face. Some leaves detach for some easy cleaned. It say that this knife shaves everything of some better hairs that of the serious 9 and his face feels clean and soften when finalising. These tugs of knife in his hairs the little has bitten. It Likes him a grip in of a boss and feels some serious 9 was so only too bulky. A serious 5 is the a lot of simpler version of a serious 9 but takes the best shaving of him.
5 / 5
My husband has used to shave with knives, but he roughly done 2 years have changed to an electrical shaver reason take the reaction to any one some leaves or cream. With this shaver, can use the cream but calm can shave dry. His electrical prime minister has not been the shaver of foil but an old plus trimmer way. It tries this the week old beard, which is quite full. This Braun has given the very near shave like this near like the leaf. Had so only the small pulling but no bad at all. Really It Likes Him a stand to touch and of a fact that yours can rinse he down waters. It does not think uses some alleged but really likes a shaver.
5 / 5
Braun Is famous to do knife of quality, as I am not surprised that DH has been happy with his fashion of foil Braun the Electrical knife Easy Grandson for Men (precisely Trimmer, Serious 5, model 5018s). It is wireless, rechargeable and can be used wet & dry. A mustaches and sideburn trimmer the annex is has comprised. Combs To trim the beards to concrete period am available optionally like the part of the neighbour boxed (model @@@5020s). Ossia The strong knife that careers quickly with three contouring leaves. DH Amours that takes so only five minutes to touch enough for the shave, to prize for travesía business. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
When I do not have time to do legitimate it shaving with the knife, ossia exactly a perfect tool to take me that looks quite well for work in a morning. Obviously, it is not like this near of the shave like the knife resupplies, but no the electrical shaver can do that unfortunately.

Take this shaver time very durable and 3 annexes. Really it likes that it is waterproof to the equal that can so only of east in a shower loves and any to concern roughly that spends the extra time that clean things up. I have had a lot another Braun shavers in some pasts and ossia for far of the best one has had like this far. Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Has given this to my brother and absolutely loves it. It is to good sure the massive improvement of a norcco use of electrical knife to use this has had life of terrible battery and gaze to die really quickly of a moment begins to use the. Also it appreciates that this knife does not send some hairs that fly during a tank of the bath and he can use he in a shower because it is essentially waterproof. If that can give 10 I accident . A box is also a lot present-able reason all arrives amiably packaged in his own compartment.

Top Customer Reviews: Braun Electric ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have been using this knife partorisca more than 2 month.
Has used a lot of frames of electrical knife in mine 65 years. I have begun with Norelco rotaries, then shavers of foil of Remington, then behind to newspapers. But more than few years has transmission to Braun. In the first place some Serious 5 then a serious 7 which have used partorisca roughly 10 years, that substitutes a boss long. Calm said that partorisca say you this, in spite of a cost (which is widespread) am very happy with some serious 9. Compared to mine 7, is calmer for the significant margin, and short better and does not nettle my skin. The cleaner is the snap using a Braun system of more cleaned (can not use one the old plus to one likes the access of the knife differently is one, but uses to some to same cartridges likes them to them the oldest system partorisca mine 7). Travesía partorisca Work, like the portability is of entity and easily take the multiple weeks of newspapers shaves of a battery without hardly moving an indicator of battery. It packs it bit It longer that a serious 7. Of the shave perspective, partorisca my beard I, will say that it takes some work partorisca take the very near shave with to 1 beard of day, but to 2 beard of day is the snap. I think that a hair slightly longer is lifted better for a creation of new boss.
Does not like Me an ergonomics so to the equal that Of I some serious 7 (the new series 7 is drastically different of course, like these commentaries are so only germane to these transitioning of an old plus 7 creation). One 9 is more along and a boss that the floats look different. Sometimes I find flipping a knife on partorisca take some parts of a with the upper under my jaw. Really I have not solved to a better combination for my face still, which looks odd with which 2 month... A trimmer is horrible. It is like an old series 5 and slides on the the long of a backside of a knife. The difference of an old series 5, a cutting flange of a trimmer has the little rake that really calm so only leave you to cut well in 1 slowly. That this means is that it is easy to cut sideburns (to which like) but effectively of useless to trim eyebrows (those precise do occasionally). And when he slides on, an end a lot really clears an end of a boss of knife, how is difficult to see where is cutting reason in a mirror an organism of knife blocks a view without some contortion in your part.
Eat... In spite of a lack of ergonomics, a result of final is the very well shave, especially with to 2 beard of day.
Oh, And for a way I ALWAYS uses Mennen afta pre-shave. My father used it and has used he partorisca decades. Appearance Mennen never partorisca do the. Although this knife is supposed partorisca be usable in a shower, did not try it.
5 / 5
The one who this shaver is:

1.  It is one the majority recently, upper tier shaver/of the fact of dry foil wetted for Braun.
2.  It is an effective, ergonomic, well the shaver of the electrical foil has drawn, equivalent or better in consolation and action to Braun leading two iterations of some Serious 9 lineup in his models of electrical shaver - which are excellent.
3.  It is identical in measure, form and weigh the leading Series 9 models, and the bosses of shaver am interchangeable.
4.  Has the slightly different exposure, and slightly cosmetics of different outsides, those Serious forwards 9 models.
5.  Has the battery slightly the longest life (60 minutes vs 50 minutes) and the inner processor slightly faster (32-has bitten vs 8-has bitten) that Serious forward 9 models.  Other technical specifications are identical.
6.  Has the cleansing canal slightly different that Serious forward 9 models, with the number of different part.  Although any look of identical canal in some outside (and use a same Net & Renews cartridges), Serious older 9 shavers will not initiate the cycle of more cleaned in a new canal, but will touch, and an exposure of state of the cleaner is also slightly different.
7.  It is also expensive, but in fact in accordance with another upper tier shavers other manufacturers

The one who this shaver is not :

1.  It is not the Serious 7, or the Serious 8, or another series in Braun lineup.
2.  It is not a lot another mark of shaver - Panasonic, Philips, Remington, or anything another that Braun.
3.  It is not to rotary shaver (sees 2).
4.  It is not the one of knife, or the knife of cartridge, or any one another bladed knife.
5.  It does not have it replaceable battery.  Neither he a lot another modern rechargeable shaver.
6.  He no like him corded shaver.  Neither any one another shaver/modern wet drought.
7.  It has been drawn partorisca shaving your expensive.  No very another hirsute parts of organism in the human, although you can incidentally laws partorisca that.

Has been expecting any of an on in a 'any' ready, in spite of Braun' marketing so that this shaver in fact is, can be disappointed. But you are in a phase partorisca the new Series 9 (or so only partorisca to shaver of utmost foil), would have to give this one it hard look.  If you are an owner of some Serious older 9 and like, of this one adds the characteristic has described on - slightly life of the cosmetic battery longer , different - and perhaps marginally better action (subjective), but yes quite partorisca substitute your current Series 9 shaver is a lot the personal election.  A new 93XX SERIOUS, partorisca me, looks partorisca resupply the slightly smoother and more comfortable shaves that some leading generations (perhaps attributable to a fast plus processer and perhaps the fastest detector of density of automatic beard), but again purely subjective experience. Together with other Serious 9 generations, resupplies arguably one the majority of comfortable shave you can take with an electrical shaver, foil or newspaper. 20 increase in the life of battery is the plus, and a new exposure comprises been of boss of the shaver, cleaning state, lock and load of indicator of battery (and is the aim - or light blue - CONCENTRATED in place of dark blue), but otherwise is almost identical to some 92XX MODELS – WHICH again are excellent.  Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Has had has sent once the description of the model 9 roughly 4-5 years. This was critical then. I have it quell'has used of him Braun 7. I have thought that it has been missing something. Well an old Braun 7 is excellent and frankly a new series 9 is the disappointment. So only it is more expensive. So only very better one the serious 7. It is the total waste of money. It does not think some serious 8 is any better. It follows quite old to know better. It does not squander of the additional money! Beware Of one adds etc. New follows up after using this knife partorisca several months again owe that revise my indication partorisca $100 ossia the waste of money! A serious 7 is the BETTER knife in the significant savings.
4 / 5
Has substituted recently an old plus Braun serious 8 with these Serious newer 9 9385cc. Mina the old shaver was a lot. This one are ADDS! It runs much calmer and shaves faster and smoother. A grandson and the canal of load is calmer, also. A built-in trimmer law very better that in mine old shaver. And some accesses of whole unit comfortably in my hand.
Admit that they are the Braun defender, but this cup of a model of line is a lot of value of the extra money! Do your face the favour, types; you will be happy has done.
5 / 5
Has bought Braun Electrical Knife partorisca Men, Serious 9 9390cc, partorisca my husband like valentine day 2020 present because ossia the one who my husband has said that that has loved. We do not take it until run prompt. Every time we go to Costco always verified out of a Braun serious 8 which is an only series has in Costco. Like this on V-the day has asked would owe that take a Knife has been verifying was has said yes but is skeptical reason a prize is too big and could not treat well compare to the his current $ 50 knife. A Serious 9 is almost bend a prize of one 8 but the present to touch my husband to the equal that have loved to impress. Alas! His scepticism has been tried true. It has been complaining and no happy with an action at all. Aesthetically a knife is the good-looking creation . Partorisca travesía, is perfect partorisca travesía. A life of battery is a lot also. But that it is a point of all that this characteristic if a knife can any one a thing that the knife is meaning partorisca, NET RASO. It is like having the telephone that can it any the call. My husband has been unable to take the alone net shaves of then take this knife . Has thinks that perhaps so only precise pause he in and take his use of his skin but any success. With which 3 abandoned weeks that and has gone back his $ 50 knife. They are like this pissed that are to spend in $ 300+ in this piss of aesthetically good-looking atrocity. Now a knife is of the tower is box and so only to decoration in ours leave lateralmente. Any sure he is returnable. Braun Need to take his engineers partorisca direct more on action that draw. Apresamiento Almost 15 minutes partorisca take the descent raso which is too long especially when you are in the need of the fast net shaves first of the meeting. If you are taking these products so only knows that you are taking the very expensive aesthetically rubbish of good-looking piece that can not give the clean sign shaves.
4 / 5
Was skeptical in upgrading of mine 8 or so that the old year Braun knife. A battery so only does not resist the load. One say partorisca go advance and so only take the new a. It has said that that has taken my money cost out of an old a. As I have fallen of the cash is one and WOW. It could not believe how much better this a way. A súper fast transmission really do short work of stubble of mine. They are very impressed. I want a plus cleaned also. Work enough like my old a. I wish some cartridges of transmission were more economic.. But oh well. My only flu is that every time I have dipped he to one more cleaned the just tent... It touches. I wish it it would expect until it has taken partorisca like 50 or something first to touch. In the daily base will not use any a lot of juice at all and am concerned roughly the life of battery is constantly 100....
4 / 5
Has been using electrical knives partorisca 40 years. Has the fat beard and typically take five on the dot shadow sometime around midday. Also I have sensitive skin, which has done partorisca use the knife of problematic straight flange. On some years have changed among foil and rotary knives, taking my start in the Norelco reason ossia the one who my Dad has used. More recently, for far a better knife had used was a Braun 7. Construction of studio, compact and wicked acute, was almost ideal. Almost. Unfortunately a Braun 7 has not been the wet/dry knife and I prefer the wet shaving like this, with which some time, has changed he partorisca the Panasonic Arc4 which, at the same time, was purportedly a better wetted shaves there. They are not the defender of a Arc4. Oh Sure it is waterproof and powerful, has touched in fact like the engine of jet was like this strong. Shaving with foam or gel has not been the question partorisca a Arc4 at all, a question was that a shaving boss was big and unwieldy, and a shaves was hard. In fact, after the little shaves has begun partorisca see burn of knife resembled a right flange. A Panasonic has given the neighbour rasa, but was strong, unwieldy and hard in a face. I have then purchased a Braun 9 which, at the same time, was waterproof but could not use foam or gel. It was to glorious wet shaver , but has been missing a foam or gel, as I have purchased a Norelco 9000 (In late 2019). A Norelco has to that it weaves that it goes partorisca he; it is calm, maneuverable, sweet in a face, and can shave with any class of foam or gel like (Of prefer Speck or Proraso). Unfortunately, a Norelco does not give the very near rasa, as last week has purchased it Braun 9385. In my evaluation is hands down upper to a Norelco. Using Speck like the cream, one 9385 has resupplied the noticeably more after shaves that a Norelco in in the third of a time. A capacity of battery is noticeably different also; a Braun was almost fully touched with which a shave while a Norelco was typically down close to 80 with which a shaves. Material a sideburn trimmer in a 7 was the better creation that that in a 9 (and a sooner 9 east), but has done a right election that goes back to this Braun 9 which is foam /gel compatible, and would be necessary to give it the good look also.

Julio 21st update:
has loved so only add that with which a month of daily use there is so only recharged a knife once and, frankly, a level of battery was less bad on meso but has loved to try a canal of more cleaned. Still taking the neighbour rasa. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Has done finally one has been the tried and some Norelco shaver partorisca more than the decade. I have decided to do some investigation and found some pieces add partorisca signal to a Panasonic and Braun knives as when being far upper...

Has decided to go with a Braun has based his when the be bit it more compact and in that has been has estimated like this almost like this near shave like Panasonic but with more than of consolation.

Has expected patiently while this model has been released in Europe in a Fall but has not been available here until 2020. The man or the man are I happy has expected. Absolutely I LOVE this knife like this far.

Some observations:
-I active closing to nick or nettle my skin. Any subject like hard or has taught I press or attractive while shaving, only slips and does his thing without any frames or nicks.
-Does not pull or yank he go the days of pair and leave my beard takes the lil longer.
-Does very wet or really is until your preference.
-Love a canal of more cleaned. Has has had to that so only transmission out of a fluid partorisca a prime minister taken probably 5-6 weeks of use out of him before I have had to exchange a cartridge a first time.
-A chance of the law of travesía adds. I have taken a knife in several travesías business and any never has had to concern roughly taking beats up.

Again, can does not say enough: ossia an electrical knife I better there is never has possessed. And I have been using purely electrical shavers partorisca my life of whole adult (30+ years).
5 / 5
This shaver is surprising. A shaves is so only roughly like this near of the straight knife to the equal that can take. He mine look of daily electrical shaver ridiculous forward for comparison. This Braun serious 9 priest of all of the mine difficult, slowly-lying, to the hard stubble likes cut by means of butter. Really it is it adds it it shaves.
A clean canal, sanitizes, lubricates, dry, and touches it automatically. I seat partorisca like lived in 1800of s with mine leading electrical shaver. This for real is a future of shaving!
4 / 5
Does not take the neighbour rasa. He no on organism at all. Partorisca $ 300 work more as the $ 50 knife. Panasonic And Norelco the better work.

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