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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Junior
It is light, is vibrant colour , is the hoodie with some holes of the thumb so much is stylish. I love it. It is a lot of fact and protects of a sun. It is very necessary partorisca people with sensibilities to some rays of sun. And more the things like this am very expensive, ossia a lot of abordable and does a good work while looking adds. Highly recommended.
Would suggest that they them partorisca women and of the girls also yes am wanted.
5 / 5 Mitch
A cloth is light weight

Some sleeves are quell'has bitten short I usually do the half but has gone with the big and is still roughly 2 short thumbs
Some pocolos tight in an armpit
A hood could be big
Go with 2 big measures that calm usually would take.
5 / 5 Lynetta
Has been of then diagnosed with 'wimpy' cancer of skin, has had to that change my fashion. These are economic (effective sides) solutions the solar exposure, the lifestyle that is sometimes last in fashionable clothes, that's that of prize. These (I has a lot of) is the averages an external cost (Columbia) UPF the shirts have. So many, if I wan to exit in a boat, wear a fashionable element. If I love that in a boat, wear an element an economic plus.

Are happy with them.
4 / 5 Lynn
Has bought this after buying a some facts for Colombia. Ossia To good sure a lot like this to the quality likes Columbia some and I will not buy another. A material is not like this stretchy so only hangs in your arm and organism. And it is to good sure hanged lighter and less durable. Appearance some holes of thumb to start with that frays quickly. I will use it when I am hiking in of the zones where could take it taken on material and the launch was when he falls averts.
5 / 5 Michele
Is not moisture wicking, is so only like cotton.

Odora Terrible, included after washing multiple time, and feels like the alone discharge of the fact of economic cloth in a basic (untailored) form of the league enciphers. A portion of wrist is like this small and tight that I can any one I really careers on bosses, but concealed is not a subject.

Maintains a sun of a with the, and ossia the ENORMOUS plus .

3 stars is not bad, but I'm sorry, has WASHED YOUR SHIRTS BEFORE PACKAGING HIM.

Smells Like the chemical fire in of the llamas.
5 / 5 Florentina
Some good material looks and a hood returns quite well, this in spite of some sleeves are too short, if I have dipped my thumbs by means of some holes can not extend out of my arms all a way at all, are wear the measure of the big shirt and I have ordered the Extra Big Extra.
Gave it 2 stars for some materials and a hood, the short sleeves the scarce is the question . The supposition so only will sew a hole of thumb up..
Has added 1 more star to the equal that for service of client, said to us a shirt has the period of arm of 33.5 thumbs in measure XXL and 34.6 thumbs in measure XXXL. It take some of my money behind. I asked him to dip period of boss up in an information of product.
5 / 5 Corina
Really did not like me like this of some products where am gone in a picture points to you is lighter while it is expected but no bad.
On everything has protects to astound. I locate to motorcycle and im is gone in a sun for the long time and my skins takes a lot of irritable for a sun. I have not wanted to spend the hoodie causes his the heat for quell'have bought like this one of these. And they breathe the look adds a lot causal. You are 90 terracings was and his arnt bad at all yours that goes to be sweating of course but no bad. Usually I have the in low shirt the this in spite of any on hot or feel that im dying In him. It say of another way, ossia exactly that have required and for the prize adds can take the different colours also have tan and some dark ashes and looking takes an aim one for extremally hot days. It produces very good and recommended that my community of motorcycle
4 / 5 Temika
This was perfect to hike in big altitude. A shirt protected against burn of extreme wind (definetly no the breaker of wind) has not taken a lot sunburn at all (has spent the hat and the buff around my face in big midday) thinks that will order the little more. Some people in mine group the one who has spent the blockade of sun has taken majorly has burned. I have spent also this shirt for 4 days in the row he didnt take súper gross and the airs was really well so that dirty it was a shirt always felt quite fresh no out of a fresco but dryer quite very still camping( was in the overland travesía in a wilderness)
4 / 5 Lonna
has Bought this to treat some intense solar rays of has while SAWED hikes, kayaking, biking, and when the be was around city. Like this far, these am very comfortable and relatively light. They breathe decently, will take slightly sweaty in them, but of his door on the hot sunny days, would sweat in anything. I prefer to hang-dry my cloths that has elastic, the quickly dry material, but there is remarked that my two Baleaf (ash and black) has begun to the smell bit it musty, as I have been drying them the averages in a dryer before takes them and hang them drying a rest of a way.
5 / 5 Sommer
This are add, the lightest that has expected he so that it feels almost likes are not that it spends the shirt at all. He respites really well also, the looks to air to come entirely the but no the rays in of the llamas of a sun somehow. A hood is perfect to protect my ears and with the. Five thumbs on here! I am ordering another or two punctual I so that has the net a to spend every day are is gone in a sun.
4 / 5 Juliet
I have ordered the half partorisca my fiancé partorisca his travesías partorisca fish. A material is light and wash well. It loves a hoodie and wants to more!
5 / 5 Ilse
Has loved the light hooded shirt to protect of sun while doing external. I knew it it was to take litter it, stained and in some point probably he rasgará so that it has not loved the súper pricey shirt of the action oriented of the external mark of entity. This returns a bill perfectly.

The law adds in hot time. I maintain fresh and my skin out of a sun while they are trimming weeds, undermining in a muck, and clearing paintbrush. I have finalised also using it on mountain and walks of sunny careers of bicycle (with a hood under the hat or helmet) and fill a function of wear of the action quite well too much.

I looks of durability well. There is lose edges in a seams but, taste to him has said, am sure will destroy this shirt by means of abusing before that does not result never a subject. I have bought a measure I usually spend which returns well everywhere but some bosses. Those are too many courts to comfortably is returned my thumbs by means of some holes of the thumb but I have arms of long gorilla. In general, has has wanted to bought it so much the second a.
4 / 5 Josefina
Uses this shirt to trace of rock, where easily can spend 10 hours directly taking my rear and the with the flown for direct sun. I have bought a white shirt for maximum reflectivity, and while it is not objective brilliant anymore with which roughly 10 days in a big invernadero, is now my gone-the shirt. Hot or cold, sunny, windy- any one conditions ossia now leaves of the mine layering system. I have bought so only more two of them so that it does not have to that spend one same of the 3 days in the row.
5 / 5 Delta
Has bought 2 of these ( a light blue and seafoam green looking a) to spend in Maldive ( in mine first travesía in Maldive has taken the backside and shoulder sunburn a a first day that screen of uses of alone this in spite of are not quite a lot of applications)

Learning of a first experience and that has taken loaned the sunshirt to spend this summer in the island of Rey can say sunshirts acts no sunscreen required partorisca arm/ torso.

Has loved a mark of the economic big description and ossia. The shirts looked sums and have included snorkeled with him. A hood is the utmost characteristic . Any sunburns of a strong maldivean alone east times around.
4 / 5 Belle
Are 5'11, 250 lbs. It has to that 48waist of thumb and I usually where the XXL this am free returning on me in the chance wants to eat all can eat. Haha

Utmost of returns of the shirt and any protrude my belly. It falls off of my shoulder and @@@cofre really good. A hood is not too small and does not stifle my boss. An impression is hard to read but still looks trendy. A material is very good and no abrasive. Has eczema and he no snag in my dry skin.
A material is thins like this itll be very external with the breeze but yes calm fright you of the yours nips aiming when it is cold that it can be the question . Perhaps where a mesh ? It was not that big your nipples are.
4 / 5 Willena
Am not sure that a lot this would have protected in a sun as I have not taken to try he in this way, but a shirt is very comfortable to spend. I want that there is the hoodie and holes for your thumbs to spend stops. This in spite of, am short and has ordered to a 2x like some sleeves are way long on me. But to all the cost has been comfy shirt and headed to not taking has bitten of any mosquitos in this travesía. Mainly reason have spent the long sleeves and I was in him comforatble temperature in spite of one 90+ times of terracing in an evening. To good sure cost again.
4 / 5 Simone
Want this hoodie! Along but light sleeve and so only that has required. I have taken this in the cruise and is the little chilly in a morning but this maintained me warm while walking around a ship in an early morning. They are any model but here is the picture. OH And a thumbhole do easy to use my hands but maintained them warm also.
5 / 5 Celinda
Does not like Me dipping sunscreen on. No it likes Him To Him one feels neither an idea to dip chemicals in my skin. This hoodie maintain me protected of a sun without sunscreen. I protect better reason do not owe that me the worry on is disappeared the something and a hood protects my with the and of the ears really well. It is fact very good and a part of hood has three poster he like this gone back your legislation of boss, does not turn your face. I maintain feeling adds even when doing on the sweat the hot day.
5 / 5 Mara
The discharge of base adds, now that a time finally is beginning to cool of the has bitten.
The only complaint is that some sleeves are quell'has bitten short when using some holes of thumb -- I follows to guess that they have not lengthened some arms when they have decided to add some holes of thumb. Unless for the arms are too long for the pair of thumbs. [shrug]
5 / 5 Alysia
A hood maintains my ears animate without that has to that regulate my helmet sizing. Some engine of the by heart brilliant helps sees me for visibility more orders. I spend it on my shirt to dress that traces to do in of the days when it is the little quota in a morning. It maintains his form by means of the dryer and the multiple washes have heated. Thru-hikers In a Pacific Estela of Crest spends something looked for a combination to protect of sun for his arms and a hood protects a better face that the hat without taking heat.
5 / 5 Bradford
They are the 5 '9' type around 150 and has ordered the half that expects it partorisca be the free access, thats that I recieved.
Has used this in the kayak partorisca multiple hours in complete sun and 90 terracings and was contained. Any very instantly cool you was when in a sun but maintains a sun was that in of the frames of to the on duty chair less likes is burning. I do not have the comparison to other shirts of the sun like this is my prime minister a but spent it on a water the multiple time and is the gone the shirt when in active hiking also. It maintains a sun was and some bugs have the time the difficult more that eat you alive also. A hood is the good thing partorisca have and fequently have the hat under the which give me almost total coverage of a sun.

TLDR: The apt shirt relaxed comfortable that maintains the sun was and breathes well. Utilisation in multiple of different external settings and there is did not leave me never down. Value he.
4 / 5 Danyelle
The shirt was excellent. Any burn, any bug, any discomfort. A record is point and averts and a consolation is main has expected then. It has spent he in Maui and has had any question with exposure of sun. Then returned to cold time and has spent likes the second spent, in the tee shirt and, with a hood on, law perfectly to maintain me warm. Ossia The shirt adds for hikers, beach walkers or any the one who only loves the quite comfortable shirt. Highly recommended. Hope That it help.
4 / 5 Kanisha
Has purchased this for returns and a lot of reasons for everything of them.

My uses:
1. Peach the coverage of sun adds while when being in or near a water
2. The freshest mornings - Some mornings while external is so only the little fresco and ossia adds to launch on when the jacket or the sweatshirt am too and can spend this when a day takes warmer also reason is light.
3. Sleep - I has found that while camping in a cold, this are adds to sleep in.
4 / 5 Parker
Adores my new light hoodie. It returns like this expected, has cosy thumb-holes, the lovely hood (an appearance of entity of the hoodie), and is weaved of polyester of fine quality. This hoodie is more than the flimsy layer of plastic; it is at least the pair of discharges in widths, and like this will offer a wearer protect against a bit fresh time (would be the option adds with that the spent). That take calm returned in this hoodie, today?
5 / 5 Russ
Are the engine of delivery for FedEx; it spends the plot of time in a sun in 95+ heat of terracing in Colorado. This hoodie in fact maintain me fresher that the mesh in thanks to a UV protect. After the long day in a sun, there is remarked to feel less drained when I have spent this.

Is the good and comfortable yard. It can buy the pair more
4 / 5 Ron
This shirt has fallen averts in a seams inner two month of the possess. A seams in the each one of some sleeves have come averts in a wrist.
5 / 5 Leone
Has bought this to locate Mt. Shasta. Law perfectly to maintain me warm and to protect my skin of an intense sun. Has-liked me has begun so much use the on all the adventures, in all the conditions of time. Still it spends in a heat of state. It is like this thin any me overheat. Material in fact remain fresher in a sun when spending east. A hood is my favourite part to maintain a sun of the mine with the.
5 / 5 Georgene
Ossia So only quite light to continue and quite weighed to take a flange out of a crisp. Perfecto for me like this the hottest circle. It is the add go in for mine 55 morning of terracing and evenings or so only after a group, day to fish, etc.... I have ordered measure he up for more than the sweatshirt is returned. Also I have measured some (XL) to spend like the mesh. These hoodie is are adds for a beach. It enjoys!
4 / 5 Cristin
Very apt. No quite like this as well as PFG shirts (the cloth is quell'has bitten thinner and does not breathe quite also) but the value adds for a prize. I spend these when doing messy things that does not love to ruin my shirts of the better sun. The washed of stains was easily. Some holes of the thumb in some sleeves is good but spend a shirt that uses them while doing work with your hands, will spend out of some finals of some bosses quickly unless calm also is spending gloves.
4 / 5 Noma
Has been in the travesía to Brasile to a pantanal. It was a dry season . I am spent the majority of mine 10 now more days in the river that Jaguars of photographs. It is very hot and has had a lot of biting insects. This hoodie the shadow of sun was all has required to protect of both. A shirt is remained drought and comfortable all day long. Any bites of insect at all. They are 5'11' 173 lbs and a big returned so only well. Maintaining I own 4 different colours.
5 / 5 Karissa
A shirt is comfortable-- any complaint there, but has not been like this breathable to the equal that read in other descriptions and had expected; spending it on the warm day outside, chairs like the shirt of cotton according to which movement of air around my organism, that causes enough the bit of sweat. Still the decent external shirt, particularly for a prize--the apt fines and all-- just no like this breathable likes description and another esve' sounds of mark.
5 / 5 Marilou
Has looked for the shirt for some holidays of week of slowly of long beach for July. They are very concerned roughly cancer of skin and has has wanted to something concealed would cover me like this entirely like this possible. I have verified a lot of elements on Amazon and everything of some descriptions. This shirt returned perfectly and is comfortable. There is wicking imagine like this still after the be is gone in a sun for 6 straight hours, was still fresh and comfortable. They are big and this returns my height a lot well.
5 / 5 Broderick
Has ordered this he like this looked for the hooded shirt to protect of alone when my edges is fishing. Found this that has offered an adult XS and mine 5'1” grieves 100 8.as notes the edges is in a cusp of adult sizing. We find the majority of adult S elements too many big as when I have seen this in XS, decides to try. Good shirt that likes fish. Has room to grow but is not flooding in likes an adult S. It has spent so only the little time but has on wash very like this far.
5 / 5 Anamaria
For a prize, this was exactly that has required. A shirt of extra fishing that the chair adds and the returns adds. If I have had to complain, it say that a shirt was the little tight in some arms and upper behind. Also , the desire there was more than the logo to help this underlines ... It likes in of a sleeve in of the big papers or by means of a backside.
4 / 5 Lilia
Has bought this for my edges those who is extremely sensitive sun and loves it!!! I have bought two more so only the like!!! It is light and gives a protect of alone that needs without doing uncomfortable. Ossia A awesome shirt!!!
4 / 5 Breann
Read some descriptions roughly running it small, this in spite of has decided the casualidad he on that orders my usual measure. Happy I , return it exactly as it love it to - has room, but is not baggy, and to good sure there is not running small. True to measure. It has been to walk it is gone in a sun and has launched a hood on, has taken a heat of the mine with the instantly, and a hood is in fact quite big to go in my boss in place of an usual sweatshirt hoodie concealed a lot fully coverage. Shopping again sure.
5 / 5 Dustin
I absolutely hates sunblock and this shirt saved to take burned to the crisp. I often walked in a desert of California of the sud where has a unadulterated pure solar cholera. The any sunburn same with which 10+ hours of direct sun. Highly it recommends east to protect of alone hoodie and will be to buy more in a future. Thank you Thus produced.
4 / 5 Holley
The product adds! I have believed unfortunately some descriptions that alleges has small course to the equal that have bought measures it up and is comically oversized. The where he in an open ocean and while he the yard does so it does not import looking the clown; this in spite of was well to have pertinent measure to maintain well to where to a beach.
4 / 5 Benjamin
Are 5'9' 185 and has bought the big based in descriptions and other big Baleaf the shirts that is the perfect record. It has had to return so that the bosses were several thumbs too courts. A rest of a shirt there is hanged well, but was too restrictive under an arm. An odd combination of the good @@@cofre returned, but tight and short in other places. I seat the main measure would finalise baggy.
5 / 5 Al
Has bought this for kayaking in a sun. I am returned physically, but could be to lose the few pounds around some means. A way this shirt hangs extremely is flattering, looks to stress your muscles, the frames look included the little apter that is. I have bought another only to spend around.
5 / 5 Arminda
TLDR: Saved me of the macizo sunburn in a beach in San Diego! It buys it again.

Has taken some girls partorisca see some grandparents in San Diego in a 4th of week of July. The grandparents had taken some boys some boogie together, as all some boys have has wanted to was partorisca go to a beach. Arrived in city the prejudices of Saturday, like this tomorrow of the Sunday was in a beach. Now, they are a definition of the pasty white type. If you look in a dictionary partorisca 'pasty white type' will find the picture of me churning behind. Been due to of the this, like the general principle, hate a beach. Port my own massive sunshade, possesses multiple swimming of the shirts whose main purpose is to maintain a sun out of me. ALWAYS it spends the massive hat and have, with which years to do have imagined out of it sunscreens IN FACT laws, and liberally the apply each hour as ( is zinc -based, as they are basically even more pasty and aim in an end of a day in a beach that when I have begun!). And to top it all was, STILL only start in a sun for roughly 20-30 minutes the time. (My HATES of woman to go to a beach with me. Ella (and my girls) is all the people/of water of sun.) To the equal that have employed EVERYTHING of these technicians this Sunday, as my boys frolicked in a surf, slathered in sunscreen. For an end of this Sunday, has been FRIED. (A UV the indication was in 10.6, without accounting for a reflection of water, which almost the folds!) Some so only separates ANY FRIED was that the be be cover for an at all shirt. Any one only that, both of my boys and my woman (the one who was liberally slathering they in sunscreen) was FRIED ALSO (in the first place real sunburn neither of my boys is not gone in NEVER his lives!). Included my mother-in-law, the one who has lived in San Diego for ever and has not taken the sunburn of a Nixon was, has taken burned.

Like this basically, has had the week to touch in a beach planned, and has not had any way in the hell was anywhere approaches a sand again. As my woman goes to hunt on Amazon and comes up with this shirt. Sure it has the hood reason my with the has taken has fried. I have not been it it has had to that spend a lot the money in chance was to crap, as we order with Prime ministers. A next day we skip a beach and head to a Zoo and all the his world-wide nurses sunburns. A day that follow all the hide was home, shrieking like this of the vampires when we see daylight, and there is here to the amazon arrives with this shirt.

1 - Is comfy
2- turn (I follows 6'4, 215lbs, spends he 16.5'/37' shirt, and to 44L jacket, so only partorisca reference, and has ordered a XL measure)
3 - He that said (read down!)

That backside of next day to a beach. A UV the indication is 10.6, again! I slather on, launches this on, and of a surf is on, the boss was to help wrangle boys in boogie together. Lazy volume. They are in a water partorisca in an hour multiple time. I forget to dip in sunscreen on and on and on and on again. House of volume, am not burned.

A next day (4th July) begins behind to a beach with the million of our more next strangers, launch in a shirt, skip a sunscreen, directly to a surf. In some signals that was it there for 2.5 hours directly. In an end of a day, has had the little has bitten by heart (any one burned, but any quite pasty aim) in my shoulders and upper behind. Any one bad for any sunscreen and on 7 has has combined hours in a sun a day (12 in two days).

Conclusion: this calm maintain you objective pasty is under a scorching or alone desert of ocean for 12 hours directly? It doubts it to them. He that says and law like a SPF50 to leave you in fact exited of a house and interact like the human? Yup!

Buy again? - Absolutely!
4 / 5 Regan
Are 6' 2” 248lbs with wide shoulders and usually spend the XXL but I have bought the XXXL in a joint of a lot of these reviewers. They are a lot happy has done reason is To good sure the slender access for a measure, particularly in some arms. My needs are probably the pocolos different reasons have bought this mainly for a upcoming travesía to some deserts of North Arizona and Utah of the sud more than watersports which is the one who looks to be marketed and sized stops. I order of him you expect it it was the freest access , but has to that return well enough, any one súper tight but am not lost in him neither. So only it feels more like the XXL that the XXXL. If they have done the 4XL I probably would have ordered that to take the súper maximum/free airflow access.
After my travesía will update my description for action and add or embezzle the stars have based on like there.
For now a consolation is decent. It feels well in a skin and no too hot or cold. Access of hood well and appreciates a creation rounded with the 4” poster of centre with two seams more than the pointy hood with the alone centre seam.
Quality of material looks well, stitching can be the little sub-pair but will update after the bit of wear and tear partorisca to final, comprehensible description.
5 / 5 Dania
Thinks that is to say the product adds certainly would recommend to buy & again
5 / 5 Lacy
has taken one of these for my brother. It spends it all a time to fish. A good thing is maintains fresh and a time still protects of a sun. It is taken guts of fish in the and for some reason it always clean in a wash. Ordered another for mine another sister the one who is a lot so only and sensitive to sun. Highly recommend these. The prizes add, also.
5 / 5 Katy
Has bought to paint of house, a hood especially is that it surprises to protect of sun for ears and expensive, and in a course of the work day really cut down in writing of alone and @@tiredness of general heat. Like a prize added while spraying blockades to paint overspray of your hair and sides of your face. Light and breathable, but the champion in sunblocking. It looks something would see in the boyband video in a white colour, but is my gone to still working in a summer, and the most economic way that Columbia or other alternatives.
5 / 5 Quyen
These works, was able to be external the majority of a day in a sun and has not taken sunburnt. It is light and really any for a wind, as it is not really hot to spend the day sunny. It looks to do well although wet. And dry reasonably quickly. A hood maintains a sun of the mine with the. So only required sunscreen in expensive and hands. No quite five stars, but close enough for the give five. I have bought two of these, an ash, another light blue. Sizing Is quite attentive. Access more like this one down shirt like opposed to an external shirt for the measure dates. It can buy another.
5 / 5 Asuncion
Has bought this for my holidays that knows would be to spend to plot of time under a sun. It protects a lot and it seats fresh interior .
Ossia My second Baleaf produced, in the first place was the pair to run shorts. I have chosen he because of pricing while taking good materials. The materials are utmost but the access is not like this very like this more mainstream still frames of cloths of expensive sports.
5 / 5 Claribel
In general to the equal that has described. Apt is the pocola was. They are 6 foot 185 pounds and has ordered a xl. I typically measured of big wear in the majority of material. Ossia The little along but are fearful the big would have been too small. And with the times dressed more synthetic shrink bit it w hot.
5 / 5 Jenelle
Are the quite discerning, picky buyer of clothes. I am returned a lot or' or' or'...A pant. But this hoodie is a lot of awesome. A fashion is fresh the death, sweats comfy like him motha falcon, and done some spaces of shoot of the sun. Any ray is penetrating this light, breathable this in spite of burly sp has estimated hoodie. I have spent mine often while it hikes is gone in one North Waterfalls on treeline and save my pale burned on a lot or' trail. All the jokes averts is the product adds. So to the equal that can love the element of first clothes of odd taking, loves it that a lot. So only before I have decided to write that this description has signed on to Amazon to buy two more! Attractive one causes on that. You wont be diaappointed.
4 / 5 Daina
Comfortable, a lot of stretchy. It say to buy on a measure. I add for working alfresco or that hikes no quite well for random wear imo. Has hate and light skin sunblock so that it is to say the compraventa adds for me.

Top Customer Reviews: Willit Men's UPF ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5 Son
I produce it adds for the prize adds. Apt is some in the measure and the looks of quality very good.
5 / 5 Johanna
The small careers. Mandate one measures a big that normal. Nice of clear material, hand-the streaky coverages and hoodie to protect you against a sun.
4 / 5 Latina
Hoodie Access of good shirt and is comfortable, but has not offered protects of sun. Has the sun/UV ALLERGY, and this shirt has not offered protects appropriate.
5 / 5 Fermina
Has used this partorisca be announces month now and has been so only in perfect. Utilisation a hood partorisca protect of the sun and you require partorisca spend covers it partorisca maintain he in place. Cloth very comfortable.
5 / 5 Bibi
Far too small. I spend he 2x this thing is tight and uncomfortable skin .
4 / 5 Elenore
My husband spends these partorisca operates it and is exactly which has been looking for! I protect of the sun adds while not taking too hot. Neither they take stinky of all a sweat.
5 / 5 Hana
There is tasteful hood!!! Extremely scarce finds. Access with accuracy. Shopping again.
5 / 5 Willy
Loves this shirt. Really comfortable. It likes some weapon to be so only the little longer. Súper Light and the returns adds. Bought the half. They are 5'7” athletic build.
4 / 5 Zita
A shirt chafes a lot easily of the strap of @@@cofre of the z/of the rucksack. You do not recommend this product to hike.
5 / 5 Zelma
Extremely comfortable and love a colour!
Has taken the pair of the main measures and am happy I , can spend another discharge or 2 down.
4 / 5 Elda
Has compared to other frames, this one is tighter around a torso and a hood is really small.
Period of arm with some holes of thumb is a lot this in spite of, odd.
5 / 5 Candra
Has bought XXXL. They are 5ft5,100 books, and this covers to mid the thigh that is and cover me totally when I external squat or crimps up in sleep. I add partorisca to the to any one likes of the that can not be hot, too lazy partorisca sunscreen, but takes red. I have used like the dress of hood or pajama sometime. The value adds thus very material, recommends to any no had daughter to pay 40 bucks for same quantity of material in of the women UPF dresses that is returned more.
4 / 5 Sherwood
Really good. My husband has loved that. I have bought 5 different tights partorisca he and this one was his preferred
4 / 5 Jarrod
My husband has bought 2 of these and loves him! They are the loose returning shirt of sun with the hood of light weight. To good sure recommend.
5 / 5 Sharilyn
I LOOOOOVE THIS SHIRT!!!! I burn easily but this shirt has prevented so only concealed! Some holes of the thumb in some bosses has maintained my bosses down when I have dipped my gloves to submerge on and a hood was perfect under my hat! The investment has done better!
4 / 5 Rosendo
1 Wash took him grieve and already is falling averts! Any quality in any way !
5 / 5 Meri
A shirt is very comfortable and hanged light. A colour is true to those shows of picture, very good.
5 / 5 Sylvester
The looks runs the little small for in means measures it. They are trace a measure and I am really happy with some records but I like the free access. In general I am a lot happy with east and will take the second a.
4 / 5 Haywood
Is gone in my husband extremely well. It is barreled deceived and returns well and some sleeves are long enough for him to use some holes of thumb.
5 / 5 Geraldo
Way too big. I have ordered the small, and returns like the big.
5 / 5 Caroll
My husband was diagnosed recently with cancer of skin. It loves a colour, a record and a consolation!
5 / 5 Jule
The creation adds, function and value. Bought the second an as present he in the peach of fly buddy.
5 / 5 Rosetta
Has purchased 3 of these shirts. Utmost celery. Light weight and a lot comfortable.
5 / 5 Arleen
Returns well. Amparo adds. Light weight and cool in hot time.
5 / 5 Arline
The light weight a lot would owe that maintain fla the sun was when fishing.
5 / 5 Shaquita
Runs the little small, spent two measures up love the freest access, of a measure on partorisca quell'perfect access. 20 $more I am spent partorisca fish train.
5 / 5 Ricarda
Really like a shirt. An only complaint has is that some holes of thumb am situated in a seam that pursues to the long of an interior of a sleeve. When My thumbs are in some holes of thumb, some sleeves result inflated and is uncomfortable.
5 / 5 Sacha
Has tried on grieve arrives. Some sleeves were very short, unable to use some holes of thumb. Returned partorisca full repayment. The bosses were 6 to 8 short thumbs partorisca me.
4 / 5 Kathie
Bad: the car listed said washable but to the seal says hand-held wash so only (goes pics). The holes of thumb are the pocolos small and the sleeves could be a thumb a plus with a longitude partorisca give the little slack when using some holes of thumb. The hood is a lot of (any series of attractive that it is good to reduce hanged and will not require he in state in all the chance). The polyester is not one the majority of breathable/wicking the material but is acceptable.
Well: he well, decent access (I follows 5'9”, 165 lb, 40” @@@cofre and 33” encircled and this was the Half that has been slightly More the free that expected but no bad). Logo Reflective well, any to the another caseous name likes in of a lot of Chinese cloths.
4 / 5 Dagny
A cloth of this shirt is a typical tight-weave, light, eslippery' polyester that tends partorisca give the formless quite clingy access. Ossia That expect without going to a mark of big finals-cloths concretise that I cost easy 4x like this does. Some holes of thumb are the good option to protect extra to a backside of a hand and a lot often found in the shirts of the external men of cosplay and mediaeval/other anachronistic fairs. My only complaint is that a sizing is significantly was; the Big is often too big for me but I has had to return my Big and Extra of mandate-Big to return mine 5' 7'' 170 lbs 'Adonis Bod'. For a medically alone-sensitive and those that wish to avert cancer of skin the protect well is the must and this short gives protects a lot basic in the very reasonable prize. The cloth is probably a lot too durable and easily takes in briars or villainous cat claws, and no useful likes armour of organism, but for a prize will substitute when/ it has required .
4 / 5 Hayley
Like this besides old, balding bicyclist concerned roughly in increasing number of sunspots in my face and boss, and an extreme aversion of sunscreens, has turned to this product to limit my exposure of sun of upper organism. The works add! Hanged of the light cloth remained with self-the wind has generated to maintain me fresh using a hoodie same in of the temperatures of state of triple figure. I locate registered and a hoodie does not limit vision or has listened. Previously to this product, has used the bent bandana there is drenched in of waters he, but this has not covered a with the and zones of temple of a face. Included this in spite of estimated like this hand-held wash and any dryer, has washed on softly cycle and hang to dry and have any subject.
5 / 5 Robby
Are female, but 5'10' (around 135-140 lbs) as often it buys the men is for sleeve and torso period. I have bought a small and half and has finalised to maintain so reason they both return me to us. This hoodie is nowhere approaches like this as well as mine $ 85 some of name marks business outsides, but for 1/4 a prize totally would recommend east a. It has attached some only pictures have of him in action where are trace and have some bosses there is pulled on the bit, but to hike comfortably can take my thumbs by means of some loops for full coverage. It is also long enough to cover my butt to that likes me, to prevent trace up with to rucksack.
5 / 5 Audrie
This shirt is very done and corrected to return. If yours prefers the baggy access, suggests to buy on the measure. In general the value adds, especially compared to some frames to appoint they peddle in a tent to camp. There is the logo of vinyl in a sinister heart, but is a lot discreet, which matches my fashion.
5 / 5 Mariann
Has bought a Navy has measured L to the equal that are roughly 5-10 and 195lbs and returns a lot amiably.
This in spite of, if it stick your thumb in a hole in an end of a sleeve, feels the little tight. Some looks of period to be well in a sleeve, how is the subject to draw .
He Uses without a hole of thumb, is a lot well for a prize.

Would recommend the darkest colours feign use he to protect of a sun to the equal that are better that dye light to deflect UV RAYS.
5 / 5 Emelia
Smaller That the regulate xx-big would be, his access was more like this one among- measure, a xx-big was among a x-big and the double xx-big, has finalised them to give the to my edges, returns better. Good shirt this in spite of.
5 / 5 Rene
Did not have It external still as it can not estimate a protect of alone, but looks it will take a work done. Some descriptions have said to be too thin. It is thin, but not seeing thru thin. It feels a lot comfortable spending it, and some sleeves are so only a right period. Reviewers Has said runs small to the equal that measure up. Usually it spends a XL to the equal that have ordered a XXL and returns correctly, likes commanded on at least a measure. It feels hearty enough to be spent like the shirt of 3 seasons or included layering for when it is colder.
5 / 5 Kandace
These shirts are surprising the paralizaciones that block a sun, is that it comes from/comes from the red... Used the first time the extremely hot and sunny day and was extremely happy there was on... It seats it likes him he was 20 fresh terracings that all the world-wide more looked. I do not exit in a sun without an on.. Some shirts are alittle small likes commanded at least 1 measures on
4 / 5 Jamal
A material feels fantastic. This in spite of, a record of a cup is done for people a lot down half build. If you are on 5'9 and have any class of bulkiness (if the be muscle or flub) a period to good sure will be too short, unless calm of course is the dancer of belly and love your bellybutton the exposure stimulate your hands of directly in your sides. Also, a record in an opening of a shirt in your waist, am a lot free and not returning a lot.
5 / 5 Miguelina
There is wanted like this but was measured enough he also small. They are the big in just in the each shirt but absolutely would require a XL
4 / 5 Shu
Luz. Some holes of thumb are behind, in fact very uncomfortable pinky holes

Top Customer Reviews: Columbia Men's ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Laurine
Hate sunscreen, amour these shirts. Bought this in of the aims in some Tones last year to fish of the easy cream and my rind takes nettled by a lot of sunscreens. LeGustado The so bought in another colour. Wear he for kayaking, navigable and still in a beach. Any volume sunburned and is not greasy of sunscreen!

Top Customer Reviews: Charles River ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Kurtis
A sizing is is so only ridiculous. They are 5'11' and it has ordered the half that thinks that would be reasonable. Apparently no. As you can see spent halfway to my knees, some bosses go entirely has spent my hands, and could probably is returned an extra person in there with me. Absolutely terrible.
4 / 5 Evita
Has ordered the half and ossia also the risk for me when buying new shirts or outwear to the equal that has the plus along torso that the majority and meso apt slender (any offered with this) is my ideal measure.

This the averages looked to be the little in a big measure. I shrank He in a washing machine to better returned and work. Orders again but orders the small. Hopefully This description is useful to any there questioning measure.
5 / 5 Carylon
Was the present navideño for the mine is the big concerned of not going to the turn is 6.5 ft big and wears at least he 3x the majority of an I thinks reason was the big and big selection says this record of the that sees fray he often but is the mechanic and say that ossia reason his woman has said of the saved likes one of this a lot mostly so only can spend when that goes with sound. As I am thinking that return well and looks a lot in lucido.
5 / 5 Aron
A lot looking sweatshirt, true to a picture. This in spite of, spent in the white shirt and there is ruined entirely a shirt with dark blue lint.
5 / 5 Jama
Want a shirt he - but big. Anything calm - no measured up is one.
In fact sizing down could be the good idea. Another that a measure - his the shirt adds. You
will not be disappointed.
5 / 5 Chuck
Has received so only this sweatshirt done 3 days and already is the preferred of my husband. I have bought the aim a ( are the brave woman ) and looks like this ready and sexy spending he with tejanos..... I go partorisca purchase the pair of dark-colored some also. I did not wash it still and of then gone back really go to wash well he in of the cold water... It hangs dry and perhaps the pair of minutes in a dryer with the wet washcloth the fluff but not dipping he in dryer to in fact dry. I am not sure of course but you think it that it can shrink and the look the little like the sausage.

Good sweatshirt !
4 / 5 Sona
A shirt looks good and looks partorisca be good quality. Unfortunately some proportions of a sweatshirt are way was. As another there is remarked, is súper long. It returns perfectly everywhere except a fact that hangs down to in a half of mine thighs. It go a measure a smaller excepts are quite sure was too short in some weapon a by means of a @@@cofre.
5 / 5 Irwin
Are rasgado is one. Amur A material feels very soft and yes has washed attentively has to that last. A solid of looks of the quality. I have bought the Big and a record is perfect in some shoulders and of the bosses. The this in spite of thinks a torso is too long. - At least for few thumbs (if more) and are 5'11'/6'. Also it has pockets lateralmente that I a lot originally sees in a description because I have not developed a info section. Like these arrivals like any when being any to the equal that has looked for. It deletes some pockets and shorten a torso and is perfect. Probably going back.
4 / 5 Loan
Amur This sweater of zip of the neighbourhood! I usually wear 3xl hoodies to be comfy. But after reading some descriptions, these big courses, as it was in accordance with to go the measure down that calm usually wear. I have finalised with 2xl and apt is perfect. I havent has run he by means of any cycles to wash still to see like this resists on, but for now im very happy!

Material/quality: 4/5. Well in general for a prize!
Presentation/Styling 5/5. Simple. Classy
Fitment 5/5. Highly it recommends to go the measure down that calm usually would spend
4 / 5 Madalyn
had purchased quell'heather sweatshirt of zip of ash of neighbourhood in this mark of the monogramming tent in a city I alive in. It is a better sweatshirt there is never has possessed. I have been obsessed with to find to another only likes it to him, and I finally found the. Mark has included, has included record. I WANT this sweatshirt. I add for cradle and days of fall and nights of fresh summer. I love some few pockets! I spend the measure XL in the women is, as it spends the Big in the measures of the men. I have ordered the Big. A record is perfect, any oversized at all. I washed it on cold delicate, and dry in low setting. Not being any shrinkage, especially in some bosses, which is where has one the majority of question with returning sweatshirts. I plan on ordering more in of the different colours.
4 / 5 Dario
I have ordered the big and this thing was enormous. It was also awkwardly shaped. Has the pockets in some subordinated that poof a whole fund of a sweatshirt was. I have tried to give the this was to my brother in the law and he a lot they was to take it. Maintaining has to that it circulates around the familiar likes to gag give it. It gives it 1 star, but is resupplied me with some laughs.
4 / 5 Courtney
Has ordered these like this of the presents of ladies of honour and partorisca we to all the wear while rigging partorisca my pair of winter. Each one which so only one of my ladies of honour has has wanted to these!! I did not take him monogrammed or decaled reason wins it partorisca be able to spend them again and do. I have sent these links my servant partorisca honour so it can order more in other colours. The POCKETS ARE I BETTER!! They do not connect in a front that is awesome is separate and deep. Also a sweatshirt is long and in a side a big plus but ossia the one who some daughters and I has liked him. So orders your measure of the normal sweatshirt so only knows it will come bit it big that is to use also.
4 / 5 Darla
He Want lint and fuzz, ossia yours shirt . A prime minister washed has covered literally each element with a inordinate quantity of black lint. Washes 2, 3, and 4 so only so only has covered (felizmente). Honradamente rhe The quality of this product is tent of dollar in better (with excuses to these vendors of discounts). His comfy and stylish, but will spend an hour each lint partorisca wash that goes it his looks was partially presentable. Unfortunately, they are not on partorisca the shirt that requires his own washload and cure excessive only to look 'a lot of'.
4 / 5 Katerine
This was the present navideño partorisca my edges in law. It is excited like this for a fashion and a sweetness of a cloth. When I Have been partorisca dine with his familiar a following evening, spends it. My daughter has said to be like this proud of him. It does not like trying in of clothes and has the difficult time that takes the good access. This sweatshirt is returned perfectly. Thank you So much partorisca a service of fast delivery and partorisca offer quality merchandise.
4 / 5 Lonny
Has looked for the sweater of zip of good neighbourhood that could spend it to do and this returns a bill. The quality adds and durable zip. An only surprise was some pockets lateralmente that classifies of bulge out of the little in a waist. I have purchased two of these and is utmost partorisca these cold mornings. Charles Remachar he well!
4 / 5 Catherine
Material comfortable and very done, but in sized partorisca me. I have had to that return for repayment, does not love that casualidad in the smallest measure. A period was a main reason partorisca turn. They are a XL , but this almost felt like the XL Big.
Sad, is remained really waiting for this sweater.
4 / 5 Jodi
Loves this shirt. All the world has said that they are big, as I have ordered a measure down and am happy has done. It is hard to find this class of upper in aim, and require one for my work of volunteer like a usher in a community theatre.

Recommends to wash first to spend to cut down in a lint. I owe that spend black trousers with east, and a lot quickly mine black trousers wre covered in white fluff.
5 / 5 Krysta
Really would give it a star but is comfortable! It runs the shortly after the washed five times is some leaves an endless quantity of lint.

Have has not listened never this your joke of mamma?

Yours the mamma is like this fat when clean a lint of his bely key the band like the sweater!

And now is that the sweater spends, where he his band and the one who I heart is!!! Lol 😂
4 / 5 Jeannette
Master! If you have read the majority of some other descriptions is main, are the 'curvy' 5'4' woman, like this usually the womens big to xl and the mention big at most. So much it has chosen them go with the half because a ither the descriptions have said to be enormous on him. And turns exactly to the equal that want sweatshirt to return. Comfy But no the dress. Like this soft. It can spend he with sweats or tejanos or included does looks dressy with trousers of good dress. So many ladies; basically do the smallest measure that usual in yours soyens measured', two want to likes the shirt any to normal sweatshirt. And some pockets lateralmente are utmost in place of a big one in a front.
4 / 5 Berenice
Are the small woman and has bought this reason can not find the equivalent of the good women. They are 5'2', 125lbs and a xxs was perfect.

Master! I bought it to spend in poles of laws because I do in the laboratory where taking chilly. It is very soft, warm and comfortable and looks well. Some pockets are very convenient. A green colour are to add and looks so only like a photo.

Will say that a prime minister little time is washed , will take fuzz on all so only be conscious.
5 / 5 Debbra
It was not that it was thought this would look partorisca like. You think the normal half zip pullover and did not expect it partorisca be like this weighed like east. This in spite of, this was the bit of the happy surprise, especially with some pockets in this pullover. The joy that spends likes the light jacket and no in the collard the shirt has expected to use the so much. In general a heaviness of this has not annoyed me so only has has changed ideas when that spending, of then can not spend the hoodie where operates it and this was the add role when it is also warm to spend the discharge but too cold any partorisca spend the jacket or hoodie. Amur This produces on all and are that it wants to order another in the different colour.
4 / 5 Fidelia
The sweatshirt has received has been done of economic and thin material and was not even a right measure. You do not recommend this sweatshirt. It have to that it has known it something was bad when have remarked has not had any seal in a shirt. It is now the evening to send behind. I have learnt my lesson any to order of this vendor.
5 / 5 Samira
Any cost could return !! The nave of turn is calm on (of Seattle $ 23!) Ridiculous. I have bought this sweater for my fiancé like the present navideño ($ 27). Big raisin but has think that take a xl to the equal that can layer up. It is the dress in lucido. Some pockets add the plot of extra material around a half give a bit extra of the big hips where is usually flat. Bought a sweater 12/17/17. It come from it on Day navideño. I have asked the turn on 12/26/17. I have not taken agreed until 1/9/18 giving me so only the few days to in fact returns for one 30 period of day. In general, the waste of money. No shabby.
4 / 5 Benton
This shirt, and a two another has bought, was the súper pleasant surprise. A quality is very good. They are warm and returned to the equal that has expected. Look A lot well with any trousers (sweats or tejanos). It looks for calm more Converse River Apparel in a future.
5 / 5 Reginia
Bought this for the pictures familiarised and he have come some pictures of day before and was way too small. My husband is not the big type and spends the big tshirt and in sweatshirts and hoodies. You do not think this would be any different. But turns besides small. Like this small could not take pictures in him. A colour was perfect but so only the desire would be returned.
5 / 5 Johnnie
This big short shirt like any measured up. Ordered a XL and was like the tent in mine 6' 185 husband of book. The apt big measure well. Washes on good and looks well.
5 / 5 Alberto
Has had the little of these on some years. After the hundred of pair washings, yes, the suppositions is now of the substitute. This in spite of, is an excellent 1/4 zip. Some pockets lateralmente are utmost ! A lot of comfy! They are the 2 xl and is is in his point. I add for a Dad bod if this felt.
4 / 5 Allyn
Of then am using this like this the third discharge for fresh time golf, a fact that is a bit main that has expected is so only well for my use. It looks to be material of quality and stitching, and would have to that resist on well. Have Still for the use but feel likes it will be exactly that has looked for. A variety of colours the the good future solution also.
4 / 5 Adeline
Value he for a prize, course, lava a lot well, maintains his' form, and does not shrink. Ossia One 3rd an of these I have purchased, am very satisfied with them everything.
5 / 5 Jonell
This was more along that expected it to be, but taste. Better also long that too short. More with today of cloths, there there is alway a possibility of shrinkage. For a money, ossia the lovely neighbourhood -zip. Very soft and a colour is exactly like this pictured.

The Hips taken here incredibly quickly! Yay Amazon!
5 / 5 Horacio
Present partorisca hubby, wants that it runs long because has the longitude behind. It is 6'2' 260lbs & a 2xl was perfect. Orderly 2 more colours for him for Navidad. Good quality for a prize.
4 / 5 Eddy
Has been looking for the pullover sweatshirt to substitute the beloved of my husband, bedraggled one. Utmost sweatshirt , appeal. I comfort of sweatshirt with fashion. Amur A colour and feel of a material. While a place has said that the big careers, my husband expósito that returns like this expected.
4 / 5 Michelina
Surprising the one who the with the and the zip done to do something looks less random. Here it is the sweatshirt can spend to do (professor), is soft and warm, and has pockets (something there is no @to @give when I have purchased). Has bosses of amour and fight to find shirts that apt right - this is to cut amiably, no too big, no too small. They are 5'9', roughly 190, and I have bought the Big
4 / 5 Jacque
has Based in some descriptions, has ordered this product, reason a lot has declared that some shirts have run long. This was so only that there is wanted, reason my husband usually would take the measure 'Big' that is difficult to find besides fashions. A shirt has run long, and turn perfectly, of my husband is 6'3'. A shirt probably no in the shortest person. For us, we love it, and it was to order more in other colours.
4 / 5 Ross
Has bought one of these sweatshirts of with the one of the zip and he return so only well. This second an I bought is 4 long thumbs that another I bought and is suppost to be a same measure. Not to wash it still but is hopeing shrinks 4 cause of thumbs is way to long. I bought him two different vendors.
4 / 5 Anisa
Material pills in with the and of the wrists (when cuffs has bent behind). A lot especially, an interior forward that the faces of a with the is tightened too--no quite cloths to walk of lie, and is not stitched to a shirt--so that it can not dip a with the down when unzipped without a raw flange of one facing aiming. My woman has had to that rid stitch all a facings down and had purchased 4 of these. It has had I any wash all 4 first to spend would be him returned. It has not comprised never reason any on purpose would draw something to the product so that it can not be used for his purpose has feigned! Raisin too often.
4 / 5 Ginny
These are some perfect oversized sweater for the winter and I LIVE in them. Perfecto for lounging around or add to scarf/of waistcoat to dress them up!! Generally it spends the half/small in of the shirts has dipped order a XS in these and is still abundance oversized, as they run big! Like this warm and cosy. To good sure recommend.
5 / 5 Lupe
My husband there is wanted this sweatshirt. It is a lot it has built it. I washed it weekly for a past two month. A colour there is not turning, some measure there is not shrunk, and a material has no pilled. Very pleased with this compraventa!
5 / 5 Irish
My initial impression is that a sweater is a lot has done. A material is soft and resupplies the good quantity of heat. A colour is the stylish and an appealing red darkness. They are 5 feet 8 thumbs, weighing roughly 180 lb. They are relatively muscular like my upper organism fill a sweater amiably. My only flu is that a sweater is quell'has bitten long. A lower section continuous for the half way in my rear end. Reason is long, if step in my waist some pockets lateralmente create an illusion of sleeve of amour. I can try shrink the the bit in a dryer. In general he well warm sweater.
4 / 5 Marvin
This sweatshirt is like this awesome! I have purchased 6 of these in some last 2 years for daughter-in-of the laws and had them monogrammed and absolutely wants to him! It agrees now that these are unisex sized to the equal that run main. It is it measures it it Loses 12-14 and I order a Half and was abundance quite big and the daughters spend the measure 6-8 and ordered them a XS this in spite of were roomy. But súper soft and just perfect! Shopping more colours in a future! Real Blue is súper enough !!!
4 / 5 Ami
A colour and comfort it of this sweatshirt is fantastic. It runs the little big this in spite of. They are 5'9 and 135lb as I have ordered the half only to be sure and is quite big for me, to good sure could have ordered the small.
4 / 5 Kyla
Exactly that has looked for. A lot soft and comfortable. Enough warm to spend in place of the light jacket. Some pockets lateralmente are utmost! Deep quite I so that it can dip my telephone he without falling was as I pursue mine 1 old year around. The zip is very done and sturdy. I will be to take other colours
5 / 5 Elvis
the really likes returns well the colour resists well still after several washes. The looks add also! An only thing that the does not like too much is the location of pocket is class of in odd place in my opinion but just nitpicking in this point. Shabby agian!
4 / 5 Tereasa
I like a product a lot-enough, but a clave of pockets outwards, creating something of an effect of eggplant in these cloths. It has been it has improved a lot it was Talks Remachar to so only take these pockets. An access is the tiny has bitten more snug that the generally would expect. A material is of the good quality and is comfortable to spend.
4 / 5 Patti
This looked the neighbourhood a lot well zip. This in spite of, are in a flange of measure M and L, as I have ordered the half of then is the fleece. When I dipped It on, it was halfway down of my waist to my knees. Way too big.
5 / 5 Domenica
Ossia The quality of basic god fleece. They are very happy with him although court quite big. Calm probably wants to buy at least 1 smaller measures, and was that it was necessary to leave for the free access, comfortable.
5 / 5 Samara
Has taken really. I cover in a winter and ossia quite big to spend the turtleneck and warm mesh. It likes-me a longer period, calm maintain warmer. It is very soft and lava perfectly.
5 / 5 Benedict
Has bought these shirts for my husband and finds him very comfortable to spend and maintain warm in of the nights and of the cold days. He also found a quality to be very good and wash well but suggests so only drying in low setting how is possible could have some the shrinkage in big heat.
5 / 5 Elmira
Well, this picture is not quite attentive. You look fat in a zone/of stomach of the waist. His well to spend around a house but I will not be the spending anywhere more.
4 / 5 Olimpia
1. Economic
2. It looks durable

1. I also free. I have ordered previously measure it touched, was too free, as I have ordered is' and feels no different.
2. Economic material. I can see balls of cotton already exiting. It does not believe his in disposal to last more than 2-3 washes.

In general, treats it well for a prize if you are not a lot slender taste.

Top Customer Reviews: SBW Men's Basic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
Measure: XX-LargeColor: Fmohol011 White I follows the big type, among the Xl and XXL, but in hoodies and the discharges tend to go XXL all a way. This has finalised to return my roommate the a lot lean measure half so only in perfect in spite of a saying of focus XXL.
5 / 5
Measure: X-LargeColor: Fmohol011 Brilliant Orange Awesome!!! Shining!!! That takes eye!! Bought partorisca my husband takes the one who has decided to take the cycling. I love people partorisca see!!! They are SURE his do!!!
4 / 5
Measure: XXX-LargeColor: Fmohol011 Neon that Shines partorisca be far are 6'5' as finding things that apt a lot can be defies it in time.

This in spite of in of the people of direct sun alternate of shielding his eyes of a sun and me, which the mine is amusing.
5 / 5
Measure: SmallColor: Fmohol05 the Black accesses are, the little lighter that expected, more than the weight/of state of the cradle. Looks very This in spite of.
4 / 5
Measure: LargeColor: Fmohol011 Black Warm and cuddly. Very partorisca time of fall! Shopping again.
5 / 5
5 / 5
Measure: SmallColor: Fmohol05 WHITE AMOUR this hoody. SPER comfy. It suggest the hand that washed this in spite of. Whole of stirs of lint on he after 1 wash in a car. I will be partorisca order another!
4 / 5
Measure: LargeColor: Fmohol011 Darkness Grey is really thin. Step in the cold warehouse, and work. If you go external this in spite of, a wind goes entirely that.
4 / 5
Measure: MediumColor: Fmohol011 Luz Grey has loved that! It is gone in clean and returns really well, the only complaint is his the little poofy
4 / 5
Measure: LargeColor: Fmohol011 Darkness Grey I absolutely love this hoody! I have bought he partorisca a gymnasium and returns perfectly. It is very comfortable!
5 / 5
I have ordered this partorisca my edges in of the measures of adult because it is difficult to find some colours and the ways prefers in of the measures of girls. It is very pleased with as it exerts ossia.
5 / 5
Are the big type , among the Xl and XXL, but in hoodies and the discharges tend to go XXL all a way. This has finalised to return my roommate the a lot lean measure half so only in perfect in spite of a saying of focus XXL.
5 / 5
Awesome!!! Shining!!! That takes eye!! Bought for my husband takes the one who has decided to take the cycling. I love people to see!!! They are SURE his do!!!
4 / 5
To be far are 6'5' as finding things that apt a lot can be defies it in time.

This in spite of in of the people of direct sun alternate of shielding his eyes of a sun and me, which the mine is amusing.
4 / 5
Ossia Exactly that has required for my hule of chicken has fallen
5 / 5
the colour was the little different but to to my daughter likes
5 / 5
of the turn adds, the little lighter that expected, more than the weight/of state of the cradle. Looks very This in spite of.
4 / 5
Warm And cuddly. Well for time of fall! Shopping again.
5 / 5
Warm And cuddly. Very partorisca time of fall! Shopping again.
5 / 5
5 / 5
WANTS this hoody. SÚPER comfy. It suggest the hand that washed this in spite of. Whole of stirs of lint on he after 1 wash in a car. I will be to order another!
5 / 5
Is really thin. Step in the cold warehouse, and work. If you go external this in spite of, a wind goes entirely that.
5 / 5
Has loved that! It is gone in clean and returns really well, the only complaint is his the little poofy
5 / 5
absolutely want this hoody! I have bought he for a gymnasium and returns perfectly. It is very comfortable!
4 / 5
The quality adds partorisca a prize. My edges sweatshirts Preferred.
5 / 5
My sweater has surprised is coming punctually was a perfect access and the able era of the follow all a way in my house the could not be happier!!!
5 / 5
Pullover Has developed lint after spending so only three times
5 / 5
has not Been a band has announced neither was a map of attentive measure.
5 / 5
Perfecto! My edges have LOVED THAT!!! It is one 'of a rack' access. Athletic 6ft. Slender. 32 x 34 Big cup.
5 / 5
Inner colour and favourite cloth extremely comfy and touch the snug access
5 / 5
Horrible. After washing it a first time a clip in a series of hood is fallen off and his all frizzy now
4 / 5
is to small but is my failure I deception in a measure when it orders appreciate partorisca send me partorisca the women is a zip is in sinister side
4 / 5
Very soft, comfy is returned. But quality def matches a prize.
4 / 5
A lot of elections of colours, description of excellent product, quality a lot well, highly would recommend. Material so only a right thickness partorisca fall or prompt winter. Access to the equal that has expected. Highly you recommend.
5 / 5
Has ordered partorisca use like this splits of my edges Halloween dress. It was a perfect shadow of blue.
4 / 5
Frustrating, order the big, a course of container was labeled big, another part labeled the half and a real dress is gone in xl.
Does not have time partorisca return it and take our behind money Bc Halloween is too punctual. So only I will owe that key up. That the bummer!
4 / 5
Has behind correspondent too small and Three weeks without repayment of vendor
5 / 5
has imagined once out of like this partorisca return yours to focus of empty (wide side on row or in contadora) am taking partorisca like them. They seal of the empty and stick to some surfaces amiably.
5 / 5
Was the quite basic sweatshirt but was tagged with the different name ( has loved a Fashion for William in the so much was the present for William'). It conceal it is not the big shot any calm worry you in a focuses. I more annoying was a lot of returns have done by means of Amazon, this an is not never state accused in spite of UPS confirming a turn had arrived. Any sure where a desglosa was.
5 / 5
Know the descriptions are really hard to trust - all the world has his opinion that is reason am writing a. These are incredibly comfortable, and turn to measure!

Top Customer Reviews: Huk Men's Icon X ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 Devora
The access was perfect and some sleeves are long enough to cover a backside of your hands
4 / 5 Vinita
has bought this for my fiancé the one who is usually a x-big. The true accesses to measure
the quality Adds
4 / 5 Reuben
Excellent UPF hoodie, material and utmost creation.
Has ordered the measure S and his record amiably on me.
The half @@@cofre measured '
I highly recommend this product !!
4 / 5 Branden
Is exactly the one who my edges has loved, has loved a colour and he have arrived quickly.
4 / 5 Juana
Has bought this for my husbands Xmas the presents and loves the
5 / 5 Belen
Ossia an only mark my wears of edges! I want to all— a look, an access, a consolation.
4 / 5 Sung
Loves it, the desire has had more they. You pursue the little small in of the measures.
4 / 5 Angela
Master, the desire has had more they. You pursue the little small in of the measures.

Top Customer Reviews: KNQR Men's ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Noble
Ossia A jacket of perfect summer partorisca when it is windy or rains. It is light weight , the looks adds, returns both men and of the women and is very comfortable. Turn like this expected and a colour was expected like this also.
5 / 5 Preston
Utmost of light jacket partorisca the good prize. An access is good and a material is well. The quality looks quite good! Looking forward to goes like this resists up in a rain but like this far to to the mine promised really likes!

Top Customer Reviews: Bowinr Demon ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Karey
His the good jacket in general a material is t th more but when you spend it the while you will take used his out of all calm thinks would be necessary to buy it

Top Customer Reviews: Burton Men's Crown ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
5 / 5 Ignacio
That is to say a better hoodie has not possessed never. Bought this to spend for snowboarding like the half cloak and pose my Down Armour hoodie in shame. A zipped pockets, sown serially of draw and slits for your inches are everything could any never want in the hoodie. This thing is the coverage in a vain! Above this I has paid $ 55. That the roads. Burton Is Now my gone in hoodie company. Also it wants to so it is logotype -less has thought included I amour Burton.
5 / 5 Antione
The people forget that the tissue is technology . These some laws in fact adds to maintain me warm and stylish.

- Water and accounts of snow immediately.
- Access tighter that another hoodies.

Maintains warm in 9 titles when spends with the T-shirt and Gortex parka -
3 / 5 Theo
The wrong the element took. Experience like the present for my husband. It arrives in his anniversary as I have not had time the road he behind. It Likes him his of a quite a lot of sweatshirt for the maintain in all the case. Expected to take a heather ash hoodie with BURTON through a front (the white cards melts black like pictured). Received instead the heather ash hoodie with mountains through a front. A one took was a 'lite' version of an another hoodie so that it is thinner, does not have zippered pockets (only the pocket of canguro), and does not have the place for the headphone cord through a pocket. Hoodie IS well, has wished only had a correct element. Tan Far so apt goes, a one that taking is some measures and the little in a slender side. My husband is 5'10 and 180 LBS (tez muscular lean). It orders the big measure and is far less bulky in some arms, cofre, and organism that another hoodies possesses. Arms and organism of a hoodie is very time, which are well, but sizing up probably would do it far too very time. Nice this flatters apt but very something can spend comfortably on anything except the slender apt T-shirt.
5 / 5 Aisha
My threads is quite 5'4' and 140 lbs. A small was amiable of tight, likes change for a half. It wants this hoodie. It maintains warm, is repellent of water, and stylish.
5 / 5 Jamison
I use this bad boy in shred some mountains has SAWED. I take the plot of pow and this piece maintain me dry. Gnar Looking piece.
Btw The rests was park of winter, is now trashed
4 / 5 Lorena
I add hoodie! His supremely comfortable and looks very durable. I have bought a colour of olive a to spend snowboarding and his all and wear now. I have thought one orange and blue one would be a material still likes him olive drab a, but one orange and blue one uses the fleece material of type for a cofre and behind and is not waterproof. Any road Im still satisfied with a compraventa. The delivery was punctually.
5 / 5 Dacia
The tissue am add, water-wicking material. Nice and soft but a material is the thin bit. No the think the will line up spending only this in some gradients, but is certainly the good election to extend.

Would buy again sure.
4 / 5 Dennis
Has another small sized burton hoodies and they all return me like the means as it was with the small in of the this but is tighter that would like me to be.

In general, a hoodie am adds. I maintain me very warm and wants to one when being of him. You recommend you that it measure it up.
5 / 5 Jermaine
Raincoat In the title slender access I amour this so sweatshirt!
5 / 5 Andre
Bought this for my threads: it looks fabulous on him, is very soft, thickness, and shouts Burton quality. It spends it the skiing in dyed under his Burton coverage. Raisin only a Pullover with the tshirt under the gel this skates at night. Very warm and cosy
5 / 5 Bette
I have not followed another reviewers is one. They are 5'10 155. It has taken it casualidad in a small partorisca one $ 25 decrease of prize. Abundance of period/of organism of the arm, access of @@@cofre is quell'has bitten more in a side is returned that it is exactly that there is wanted to so that this almost always be used like the discharge of base, but any limited to so only concealed. So only the simple hoodie with with the material and long of big action to maintain you warm and dry. It has seen other descriptions where pockets of the zip and the holes of thumb has been comprised, no in this hoodie, small burton logo in sinister @@@cofre. For $ 55 row ossia so only dies a quality, would not purchase for $ 79+
4 / 5 Merle
Ossia a plus hoodie has has not possessed never. Bought this to spend for snowboarding like the half discharge and he have dipped the mine Down Armours hoodie the shame. A zipped pockets, sown in of the series of draw and slits for your thumbs are all could any never love in the hoodie. This thing is the coverage in a gone! On this I has paid $ 55. That the treat. Burton Is now my gone the hoodie company. Also it loves like this it is logo -less has has thought even I amour Burton.
5 / 5 Penney
The people forget this cloth is technology . This a fact the work adds to maintain me warm and stylish.

- Water and accounts of snow immediately.
- Tighter that returns that another hoodies.

Maintains warm in 9 terracings when it spends with the mesh and Gortex parka -
5 / 5 Raymond
Uses this bad boy to shred some mountains has SAWED. I take the plot of pow and this piece maintain dry. Gnar Looking piece.
Btw The stay was parca of winter, is now trashed 🤙🏼
4 / 5 Lorine
the wrong element has received. Experience like the present for my husband. It arrives in his anniversary as I have not had time for the send behind. It Likes him a sweatshirt of enough to maintain he in all the chance. Expected to receive a heather ash hoodie with BURTON by means of a front (the white papers black funds like pictured). Received instead the heather ash hoodie with mountains by means of a front. A one has received was a 'lite' version of another hoodie so much is thinner, does not have zippered pockets (so only the pocket of @@@canguro), and does not have the place for the headphone cord by means of a pocket. Hoodie Is well, has wished so only had received a correct element. As the one who returned goes, a one receives is true to measure and the little in a slender side. My husband is 5'10 and 180 LBS (lean muscular build). Ordered measures it to him big and is far less bulky in some arms, @@@cofre, and organism that another hoodies possesses. Arms and organism of a hoodie is long, which is well, but sizing on probably would do it too long. Nizza Flatters it apt but a lot something can spend comfortably on anything but the slender returning mesh.
4 / 5 Edmund
My edges is roughly 5'4' and 140 lbs. A small was bondadoso of tight, as we exchange for some means. It loves this hoodie. It maintains warm, is water repellent, and stylish.
5 / 5 Lakenya
Adds hoodie! His extremely comfortable and looks very durable. I have bought a colour of olive a to spend snowboarding and his all the wear now. I have thought an orange and blue one would be a material still likes olive drab a, but an orange and blue one uses the fleece material of type for a @@@cofre and behind and is not waterproof. Any way Im still satisfied with a compraventa. The delivery was punctually.
5 / 5 Mistie
The cloth are add, water-wicking material. Nizza And soft but a material is quell'has bitten thin. It does not think it it will resist up spending so only this in some slopes, but is certainly the good election for layering.

Would buy again sure.
4 / 5 Beckie
Ossia Officially mine the majority of favourite Fall hoodie that can not taking spending some cold days here in alaska
Súper comfy, the turn adds, requires at least a more
Healths of Alaska
4 / 5 Bell
Very comfortable. I think that that it returns slightly main that normal sizing which is perfect to board. The only thing is being missing of this zippered pockets in place of the pouch.
5 / 5 Kenyetta
I have bought this sweatshirt partorisca my grandson partorisca Navidad. It is excited like this why he down ski of hill and was very excited that a lot the record and the one who warm is.
Says that it go it every time is skiing.
Loves a colour!!!
4 / 5 Jeannetta
Awesome hoodie. Very comfortable and has a quality would expect of Burton. Generally it spends a XL and a measure and the period was something on. Highly recommend!
5 / 5 Reda
Has another small sized burton hoodies and his all return me like the half to the equal that have been with the small is but is tighter that would like me to be.

In general, a hoodie are adds. I maintain really warm and wants to one feels of him. It recommends you have measured up.
4 / 5 Machelle
Waterproof To the terracing slender access I amour this sweatshirt so much!
5 / 5 Fanny
An outside feels almost like the neoprene but an interior feels súper soft. It is also very long.
5 / 5 Mikel
Has purchased this for my edges last Christmass. It have to that it has bought it one for my daughter-in-law. One both amour to spend this. A colour is good-looking. A quality is excellent. Has the highland cabin and is his 'gone-the' sweatshirt. My edges has the Burton snowboard so the look adds in some slopes in this sweatshirt.
4 / 5 Rossana
Súper awesome hoodie. The accesses add and highly recommends he
4 / 5 Hsiu
For real an amazing hoodie. A lot warm. The accesses add. The utmost looks.
5 / 5 Hailey
This hoodie short the little along, which think is intentional, like the snow is less probably to locate your backside. It is the material thickness ossia a lot warm. A material has the a bit shiny arrival his. So only I am giving these 4 starts because my hoodie is coming without the Burton logo.
4 / 5 Irvin
Some holes of thumb are all crazy and any one has included approached to where yours the thumbs would owe that be and is both in something different, a stitching is exited everywhere. This company does absolutely any control of quality. A fact that would sell ossia atrocious. And in full prize also. I owe that it finalises to go directly to key. Stupid deception. No spent never of this company again
5 / 5 Syble
Warm. Good quality. I access the little slender but no tight. A lot warm. A ski of winter has to that have.
5 / 5 Randy
My sweatshirt preferred! If it is in a backcountry or in a bar, these rocks of what! The careers some partorisca measure, undermine a shield partorisca face main when mecer a hood. Has the work quite the bit this in spite of that resists up.
5 / 5 Morris
The good access has taken the half are 5'8 170 has some space for some covers down. If it has taken them the big can probably is returned another sweater down. But a sweater is really well for snowboarding and maintain you warm.
4 / 5 Tina
Adds hoodie returns perfect, so only know that it runs the little along but ossia that have looked for. The quality of fast delivery adds.
4 / 5 Charis
Three star for a quality of this bad A $ $ hoodie. Nizza And prob. It is a half was way to small and some the big accesses are but is too small in a fore zone of arm.
5 / 5 Irene
Tried it on and was really uncomfortable. The mandate measures it up.
4 / 5 Jaunita
True to burton quality. This hoodie is warm. Apt is well. It would like to be of the little more in a free side. 5'11' 200lbs And the big accesses well. It does not concern roughly period because they are long.
5 / 5 Rico
Exactly that has loved in the big quality hoodie. Materials of qualities and construction. Appearance have this hoodie for decades!
4 / 5 Tammara
Is the really good hoodie the uses for warm days in some mountains the cold days in a bounce and so that a newspaper hoodie and maintain me warm with out on heating me. It recommends it to any the one who only loves the new hoodie is very versatile.
4 / 5 Arturo
Good access. stylish. And I add for horse riding of time of the cradle. To good sure a lot well for days of powder and stumbling by means of some careers of tree! Another concealed it. They go it Says sound the good compraventa.
4 / 5 Jacquelyn
I love this hoodie! I have bought so much 2 more in of the different colours. Súper Warm walk , dry material , comfortable and a lot priced really partorisca a burton quality and service of client
5 / 5 Fidela
are 5'9'/160 pounds and some big returned perfectly. Any like him To Him the cloths when being tight. A half was tight around a firearms. Perfecto partorisca snowboarding.
5 / 5 Neville
Spends the small-the half and this returns quite well. It likes-me a period and is quite warm and a dri the access is so only a icing in a cake.
5 / 5 Alysha
Dopes! ive Has taken a lot of compliments in this hoodie. WARM, And DRY. awesome For this cradle that days of trace. Or spent up and hard went it. Burton Always doing train of quality!
5 / 5 Roselyn
My daughter loves this hoodie and spends it proudly the snowboard in and living room in. It buys it again!
4 / 5 Inger
Paints very good. Some edges have loved that. Attention to detail around pockets and flanges is upper notch. I see a lot of years of this be around.
5 / 5 Tobias
Ossia A more utmost sweatshirt has has not possessed never. The jacket is supposes to be main as feigned to be has to that way that be measured he down and is the perfect access . I add for the warm days when only precise something concealed is resistant water or for layering when it is cold.
5 / 5 Debrah
This hoodie is awesome, súper warm and comfortable. Some works of test of the water astonishingly! I am exited snowboarding a day took it, and any I volume still the little wet.
4 / 5 Jeniffer
Likes, an only downside is that the dipped the in a dryer and he quell'ruined... A cloth has begun partorisca come to avert
5 / 5 Ethel
Alive in NC. As I can shread is the majority of the
4 / 5 Wendi
Comfortable and soul loves that! It maintains the wind and the snow/of water was really well. I spend it all a time l.
5 / 5 Mathew
Awesome. A texture is kinda rubbery and breaks the plot of a wind. Perfecto for horse riding of warm time.
4 / 5 Sanjuana
Could not be happier. The full disclosure has ordered he for me. They are the woman . As Sr was the little big but does not concern me . Absolutely I love it. Comfortable, stylish and clearly utmost materials to maintain you warm there in some slopes!!!
5 / 5 Ariane
There is wanted snowboarding with this hoodie. It is very comfortable and warm and maintain me dry same in wet time
5 / 5 Beverly
Absolutely LOVES That! Like this comfy and extremely big quality. My prime minister Burton compraventa. They are 6', 225 and a 2xl returns perfectly.

Top Customer Reviews: Burton Men's Crown ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
5 / 5 Ian
Recently buy it this for the 2 trip of week thru Iceland during his rainy season. It was very and animate for a mid - chilly time (down 30s - 40). And when a rain would look - maintained me dry. It does not recommend he for the downpour, sound very exactly the coverage of rain. But for snow and clear rain - his add. It maintains the majority of a wind has been. And a fleece the interior is the good touch .

Accesses very good. Any too many snug and any one sper baggy. I am 5'8 - 160lbs and a half was perfect with the woolly sweater under the.

To well sure will be to spend it a mountain this year in a late and wet fall while snowboarding. It looks sper durable. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Mireya
Sper Good sweatshirt, material of big quality and seams, and very heavy and warm. I am 5'8' and weigh 140lb, has ordered the SMALL measure and this access of sweatshirt the small baggy on me.

Is supposing has been returned to be the big bit so that it can take you underlayment on comfortably when is cold extra .

In general the FIRST COVERAGE of the sweatshirt has done. Only go 1 smaller measures (in fact could any one has ordered of the small lol) that you usually .
4 / 5 Lamar
I am the hoodie connoisseur of road behind and while I like this or has some problems. First of some arms are a lot tight, perhaps is just sper buff but run snug that does to take them on and of the hard plus bit then would expect. Also this thing is very very time, likes him bond of Triumph of Donald very time. This could lose 3 inches in some subordinated and accesses usually, while it is only looks kinda the funky since is so long. The tissues and the materials are all the upper notch and the pockets are each sake also.
5 / 5 John
I have bought this for my husband that is impossible to purchase prisoner of presents. Still, it spend it frequently. Has one of these also and is excellent cloaks to locate, and an access was some to measure, enough long to provide coverage to maintain snow out of the crack of my husband also ( is 6'1') and a dryride the material a lot does wick was humidity and dry very quickly. It purchase again.
5 / 5 Tera
A Burton rocks of sweatshirt of Dry Walk so that it is the sper warm cloak mid the winter and waters adds resists external cloak in the warmest temperatures. Taken 5 stars for quality and of coolness. Even so, I have ordered a monument heather, while the low zip hoodie black with capes and the logotype in a backside. That is coming was the ash of attraction in hoodie with the logotype in a front (photo of views). It IS well but a hood is to well sure not going to return in the hull in the coldest temperatures. I am by train of the maintain So that I think that that my threads will want the in all the case even so it spends he in a mountain in timing warmer.
5 / 5 Yetta
Sper steely Cairo In this hoodie, absolutely wants a bit access of road and some looks of road. Very good waterproofing for the hoodie, this rain and has seen some droplets to water only chilling in a surface more this drenches in. A hood has the slightly small beginning as it has to finagle my leader of big ass in him, but has the access well when is on. 10/10 Solid hoodie would recommend.
4 / 5 Mozelle
Good coverage for a fresher time. I Like him his of a creation and try that thins a coverage is. Has the tissue of tear of decree in the warm sake fleece inner. An access is very on and in general is satisfied enough. Had the little lose series in a stitching but look it only has not been trimmed.
5 / 5 Larraine
Amur This hoodie, although some measures look for drastic quite be. I have purchased a XL which are swimming, and the L which are almost in of the tight to spend anything down. I have purchased these predominately for snowboarding like some XL works with any extras cloaks down, and some L under the coverage of winter.
4 / 5 Kamilah
That is to say the good coverage . It returns well and some to measure, has two deep side good pockets and the quite roomy zipped pocket in a cofre. It IS the thin more the small material concealed expected like any really recommends for temperatures around ice creams for extensive periods but for days around 45 decrees and on is ideal.
5 / 5 Louella
I WANT this zip hoody. A true black is so the surprise with my murder was hull and goggle combo. It IS inner and cosy sake and has a durable to listen in an outside. I want a pocket of zip of the telephone in a cofre. Only one everywhere awesome snowboard zip hoody. I spend it every day! It can not beat a prize or.
5 / 5 Karly
It has bought recently this partorisca the 2 travesía of week thru Islanda during his rainy season. It was a lot and animate for a mid - chilly time (down 30s - 40). And when a rain would look - maintained dry. You do not recommend he partorisca the downpour, his very exactly the jacket of rain. But partorisca snow and light rain - his utmost. It maintain the majority of a wind was. And a fleece the interior is the good touch .

Accesses really good. No too snug and any one súper baggy. They are 5'8 - 160lbs and a half was perfect with the sweater of wool down that.

To good sure will be partorisca spend the in a mountain this year in a late fall and cradle while snowboarding. It looks súper durable. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 Rory
Súper Good sweatshirt, material of big quality and seams, and very heavy and warm. They are 5'8' and weigh 140lb, has ordered the SMALL measure and this sweatshirt return the little baggy on me.

Are by train partorisca assume it Has been returned partorisca be bit it big so that I can take underlayment on comfortably when it is cold extra .

In general the FIRST JACKET of the sweatshirt done. So only go 1 smaller measures (I in fact can have any orderly of the small lol) that calm usually .
4 / 5 Chuck
Has bought this partorisca my husband the one who is impossible to purchase stops of presents. Still, you spend it frequently. Has one of these also and is excellent discharges partorisca locate, and an access was true to measure, long enough to resupply coverage to maintain snow out of the crack of my husband also ( is 6'1') and a dryride material really does wick was moisture and dry really fast. Shopping again.
5 / 5 Sona
Are the hoodie connoisseur of way behind and while I like this one has any drawbacks. First of some arms are really tight, perhaps am just súper buff but run snug the one who does to take his on and of the has bitten harder then would expect. Also this thing is really long, likes bond of Triumph of Donald long. This could lose 3 thumbs in some subordinated and returns usually, how is only looks kinda the funky of then is like this long. The cloths and the materials are all notches upper and the pockets are all well also.
4 / 5 Irwin
Loves everything roughly except a material. It is it likes it is done of scuba material of train. It is the ache to try to take this thing on with anything but the mesh down reason a cloth in an interior takes your cloths... Kinda bummed cuz A same jacket am gone in the aim has had the screen to signal to do it so that it is really easy to take on and was
4 / 5 Loan
A Burton rocks of sweatshirt of Dry walk reason is súper warm layer mid waters & of winter adds resists spent external in of the warmest temperatures. It takes 5 stars for qualities & of coolness. This in spite of, have ordered a monument heather, while the zip down hoodie sleeved black & the logo in a backside. That is coming was the ash of attractive in hoodie with the logo in a front (sees photo). It is good but a hood is to good sure not going to return in the helmet in of the coldest temperatures. They are by train of the maintain Reason think that that my edges will want to he in all the chance & still the spend in a besides warm mountain time.
4 / 5 Madalyn
Took it on sale. The quality adds,material,and stitching. An only beef has with this that a cuffs in some sleeves are the little too tight and finds that my start of wrists to sweat while a test of my organism is comfortable. Otherwise Has been 5 stars
5 / 5 Mitsuko
Good jacket for a time of fresh plus. It likes- one creation and flavour the one who thin a jacket is. Has the cloth of tear of stop in the good warm fleece inner. An access is a lot on and in general am satisfied enough. Had the little lose series in a stitching but looks it so only has not been trimmed.
5 / 5 Marlo
Loves this hoodie, although some measured look to be quite drastic. I have purchased a XL which am swimming, and the L which is almost to tight to spend anything down. I have purchased these mainly for snowboarding like some XL works with some extra discharges down, and some L under the jacket of winter.
5 / 5 Raven
Súper steely Look to this hoodie, absolutely want to some returns of way and some looks of way. Really good waterproofing for the hoodie, rain and has seen some droplets to water only chilling in a surface more than drenching in. A hood has the slightly small opening I like this has to that finagle my boss of his big ass, but has the good access when it is on. 10/10 Solid hoodie would recommend.
5 / 5 Anya
Awesome hoodie!! Comfortable. Looks Well. It feels well. It has spent so only he partorisca horse riding of cradle, as any sure which well maintains dry for him. It can be layered under the jacket of true full measure without being too bulky. It likes-me a period along also. The help maintains snow out of your trousers. They are 5'11' 215 lbs. A XL access like an athletic access, So only the lil more along
5 / 5 Caroline
sweatshirt Really good!! You water it it repels immediately the a lot of warm!! It is very comfortable and very durable!! A zip is really has done well my husband wants a sweatshirt!! Value each penny!!!!
5 / 5 Yen
Has not been this excited in the hoodie of then Marc This is jammed Wars of Estrella. Fleece There is streaky, gloriousness! Fat and good-looking in and era. Thoroughly tickled.
Could be the sliver main.
Deeply fresco out of a box. Fall !
5 / 5 Mason
Has purchased for my edges in law for the Christmas and he have been dice! Burton I products are simply some better. This returns perfectly to the equal that has described. It is 6'5' with long arms, but returns this man adds. The quality in him is more.
5 / 5 Vicki
Has taken. Comfortable fall , adds jacket. Any liner, does not break a wind. Taking has wetted. No the shell adds but perhaps an end of jacket of season for some slopes
5 / 5 Yuriko
Horrible colour. This was an only colour in my measure. It is absolutely a worse, uglier, colour of yellow has not seen never. The good accesses but the chair that ails when I spends it.
5 / 5 Raymundo
This fashion in a pullover? It is long enough for arms and of upper the hips, just desire that the has not been like this snug. Has the pullover in a same measure and returns perfectly.
4 / 5 Zulema
Is not returned well. Fact for more than the slender main person. They are 5' 9” and some arms were tight
4 / 5 Sherell
Utmost hoodie! It is now one of the mine gone-the hoodies for snowboarding and so only spending around. So only the take!!!!
5 / 5 Lincoln
Been looking for big and down partorisca east in the xsmall! You love it, they mention way of better material that womans! Im 5'4 Roughly 128 lbs and a xsmall access with room
4 / 5 Sonja
It is tight down some armpits but a quality is the upper notch. It returns my perfect long arms and is súper warm.
4 / 5 Izetta
One adds hoodie. A better hood that the majority. A with the comes until my chin, contingent. No the heavy but surprisingly warm cloth. Like this as well as the fat cotton a.
4 / 5 Doreen
Adds hoodie, soul enough for -freezing time while snowboarding, and comfy enough to spend anytime.
4 / 5 Artie
In 6'4” and he 48” @@@cofre this hoodie is épico. Camo The model is a perfect blend fashionable of winter without having confused with an avid hunter in Montana.
4 / 5 Tresa
Thankful Present, the husband could not be happier. True to measure.
4 / 5 Crystle
Really good hoodie, no like this fat like my American Giant hoodies, but I like a material is, with his water repellant characteristic.
4 / 5 Jeremiah
Has there is not locating in him still but súper soft and
Comfy. A lot of habladuría in the measures follows 6'1” 220 xl gone back like a XL key up. If yours go in measured on
5 / 5 Mariano
Very comfortable and the quality adds. Well value a prize. A bit longer that the earth but this was to be expected. I plan the discharge he with the flannel and am sure maintain me warm and dry enough in an of the sud tread mountains.
4 / 5 Myrl
Amur This hoodie, 5 stars yes there is zippered pockets. It is warm and access perfectly
4 / 5 Elisha
Ossia really good and animate when it is drizzly was, quality very big.
5 / 5 Patria
Perfecto partorisca sessions to park the warmest day.
Felt that it receives all day in a slush.
The perfect big accesses - 6'2, 190lbs
4 / 5 Laverna
Amazing. Light but surprisingly able to resist heat. Excellent access. Utmost pockets. Burton Always does well.
5 / 5 Lashandra
Excellent hoodie. Purchased he partorisca my husband love it and says is extremely animate
5 / 5 Narcisa
the desire is gone in 3Xs. Some arms are súper courts and tight partorisca a more main/doubt big.
5 / 5 Kaycee
Murderous hoodie, folds like my discharge partorisca the majority of a winter. Seriously warm and the resistant wind.
4 / 5 Logan
Has used he partorisca snowboarding in cold and
Warm days. Also it can be used partorisca
has fallen Random around.
5 / 5 Deborah
Wants to, as he all of the his Burton sweatshirts!!
5 / 5 Gregg
You love it, as he all of the his Burton sweatshirts!!
4 / 5 Katina
Adds Hoodie. I have bought he partorisca my fiancé, is 6'1' and 210lbs and has taken the big because of some other descriptions that declares big course. It returns perfectly like a down layer for snowboarding or for just the warmest day. I seat like a XL (which is usually the one who his tights are) arrivals to look sloppy.
5 / 5 Margarita
The quality adds, true to measure. Really happy with this hoodie.
4 / 5 Terisa
Has had to that return two times! Picture of the product does not match that it looks in your house!

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