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Top Customer Reviews: Gillette Proglide ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 18 ratings
1 / 5
Yes, I have bought this product of Amazon, a lot of times so much can verify first hand that his quality is diminishing, a lot of another slope the effective options and other marks are there which do not say you that you are the toxic person purely based in being man. With so many options more abordables of the equal or the quality has bought better my last Gillette knife after using them during 28 years.
1 / 5
Experience by deception, before I have listened his toxic announcing. Used once and discarded. The men are MEN . If it conceal you offend you, Gillette, too bad.
1 / 5
Precaution: These products is deceiving and certainly designed to deceive the on-line orders say that this has two changes, involving three covers ( as typically used to to sell them) except a knife does not have the cover as it is only a change. The hate produced that it is to design to deceive, and that is to say one of them
1 / 5
I am in fact any one impressed. I have to continue my face in of the multiple zones to take a hair. The work attaches at the beginning shot sideways of burn by side in jaw, but of the chin in bolting is terrible. Has the quite chiseled the chin and I have to continue it multiple time the difference of my older Gillette knife.
1 / 5
I am the man . Apparently Gillette thinks that only me it toxic neanderthal. That is to say well, I attack much more the men offend for that and use his power to purchase how me from now on. With another mark that any conference me quite the men when being a problem with society today. Well riddance.
1 / 5
That is to say a first time has used the knives of the men, has wanted to to try after listening so many people to swear for them. I take the more he afterwards rasa, does not nettle my rind, and a knife is lasting quite some time. That is to say an image of my leg after 4 days of any one shaving after using this knife. It takes the much more he afterwards rasa to leave my legs that look good days later (my legs are very white). Also it surprises in hair of course in my organism. The May HAS BEEN able shaving among my legs so that the knives nettle it so. It IS so new in me for able has shaved to be down there and no in that has the hemorrhage and the red swipe everywhere.
1 / 5
In of the recent days P&G and Gillette has decided in corporately men of painting (His base of main client) like the bullies are and monsters in his the majority of recent announces. His incursion in the signage of corporate virtue will cost the a lot of.

Which of today my family has interrupted is use of the each P&products of G and I have directed my broker to sell mine 214 actions of P&stock of G. No longer it wishes to be associated, in any subject, with his offerings of product.

Is not 'influencing culture', is trying to divide and destroy our culture.

Can not expect join some proceedings of shareholders.
5 / 5
It does not appreciate a correction of politics.
Just marks and sell good knives, stays out of social subjects.

Calls that it is - degenerate behaviour, any masculinity. It IS Harrys and Dorco very bad yours sell that very this has had to to launch you this desperate hail Mary. It IS the pat in a backside of Rachel and Ellen very that of entity?
1 / 5
I have purchased it is assuming it it would be partorisca take mark it new knife. This in spite of, a boss that has received has been covered in small red hairs. Be warned, spent this produced, can be take more is used knife.
1 / 5
The product has been rid with only some knives. It can not use he with out a boss. In the description declares that it comes with a boss.

Top Customer Reviews: Dorco Pace 6 Pro - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
5 / 5
I am using Dorco At all 6 Pro partorisca some last 5 years. In September 2019 decides to change a boss and also boss of leaves. They change a corner of some leaves in a boss aslo an empty among the leaves is smaller that a leading product. A quality of a moisturizing launches with the vitamin And is not like this orders now, with which two shaves has gone almost.
Unfortunately, all some the good descriptions are for another product that is to be sell before September 2019.
After all these years like the loyal client, has to find the costruttore different.
4 / 5
Has bought these reasons am tired to use services of byline, as I have loved only stock up in of the knives and annul my affiliation to Dollar Shaves Club. In fact they are the a lot, a lot better extracted that DSC and am happy has done a transmission. My smaller complaint so only is volume clogged really bad and kinda gross have been me when I can not take a hair out of a backside. But they shave really well and it is the good value .

UPDATE: I am changing my description because although some leaves are of sound, a boss is absolutely horrible to treat. Each alone time have tried to change a boss, a leaf would take stuck on there. Law to like it was glued on. Lame to a point where has had to wrap a leaf in the towel and attractive like hard as it can for the take was. Finally a last time I this, a wine of whole boss averts. It have not used included all some leaves still, and does not see any way to buy so only the boss (any that loves another of them in all the chance...). There is to plot of descriptions on here that says a same thing, and has finalised to buy the boss of the substitution of Dollar Shaves Club and still although it is a Dorco leaves, is not taking has stuck. Like this yeah, any one creates the one who a question is. Probably I will maintain to use these leaves but I do not go to be using a boss anymore.
4 / 5
Has purchased this element on April 20th... And it has received 2 days later.
Has to that admit was skeptical in this product. In the first place it has been has two types of leaves can buy for this esystem'. This one has an extra trimmer brota that is exactly that has loved.
Will begin to say has not been able to see a trimmer leaf. It does not concern this in spite of, is there. I use it down a nose and around some burns. It is odd any when seeing . Any one only a trimmer brota there, but do a lot too much.

Can see for my history of the description does not give all the big notes. They are happy to give the good description to products that fulfils or go on expectations and critical negations to these products that he his deserve. In this chance are paste a 5 key of star for the product that surpasses expectations.

So many, here is a shot. On a lot first use has not been impressed. It calls it the curve to learn or my hairs that takes used his or anything... It seats it likes me to him he has have to that do the pair of extra steps to take the grandson raso.
Shaves 2 and onward - amazing.... It shaves it is cleaned, long that hard and exactly that would take of the knife he expensive plus. Have At all but the praise for a shaves quality.

Ossia A part of entity of a description...
Are a class to write the one who so only shaves 2x for week at most. I have received a product on or around April 22nd and has begun to use a knife immediately.
Is June 10th... And STILL I am USING THE SAME LEAF!
Ossia Well!!! Same leaf. One of some better things in this knife is a rinse of the hairs out of some leaves a lot easily with pressure of just decent water. One slips the sale is still intact and have zero nicks or run. The same rasa against a grain under a chin and in a with the without irritation.
There is not shaved my boss with him still, but am tried included to use a leaf has USED inclusa partorisca shave my boss also. I can not to imagine it it would resist on almost also in the noggin for use along, but will leave is that it spends.

Another thing in a knife is a weight of a boss. It feels really good. I have used a Gillette Fusion and Proglide Knives to Be able to and this one feels at least like this well like fusion if any one better.

Also, to the order receives 10 of the your compraventa after Dorco Amazon.

Has purchased a version of ladies for my woman... I know, any one the majority of present romantic, I digress. Raisin to plot of $ $ $ on knives of Venerate. It Likes him a build of a Dorco a like this far. We will be sure to write the description of him grieves to take by means of touching the Venerate expensive some. Link for this interested. />
June 26 Update
has loved only action, there is shaved my boss with a leaf 'used' has mentioned in a estaca on this past Sunday - 6/21/15. Any nicks or careers at all. My hair was longer that that usually has paralización shaving my boss, like the knife there has been more work to do. I have taken the pair of steps, but to good sure my failure because of period of hair and no a knife. Search prpers having done a work so only well! Shaved my face with a same leaf again a next morning without irritation, cut etc. Like this as well as it has been... Admirably One slips the sale is still intact also.
The only time seats this uncomfortable when I have required to clean out of some hairs have captured in some leaves, which as they have mentioned previously that the rinse was quite easily in this esystem of Knife'. I go to maintain that it uses this leaf until it is apparent will do some harm. - Acclaim, Rick
5 / 5
After 30 years, there is prendido recently use Gillette because of the his SJW stance, and has thought would try this knife. Unfortunately, these have blown the enormous occasion to obtain @@subject of ex-Gillette users.
Like this the knife has done he out of a developer of phase is further me. A cartridge of the boss/of the knife is like this big can you any paste some small zones under a nose, around some lips, and under a line of jaw.
You obviously a lot a lot trying first to go to stage.
Is too big, period.
Literally can be the averages a measure of his current form.
Too bad.
4 / 5
Of a Husband:

has has purchased always an evening more Gillette cartridge of line of the Fusion and has been happy with them up to now when being Costco jack a prize on almost $ 10 to 16 band in a course of 4-6 month. I have begun to look around and found these. It was not if I am different that a rest of some descriptions, but some first time there is shaved with a Dorco the cartridge felt likes shaved with the old week Gillette that cartridge of Fusion and final growth had to of day with the Gillette knife on midday with a Dorco. I calm the multiple steps and he never gave me really he abonos after shaves. Also a trimmer brota in a rear side would not take a hair under my good nose. These are going back. When be frustrated with a quantity to time spent to research knives for the less expensive shaves has decided to try the knife of security where the leaves are $ .10 - $ .20 The leaf. I have bought the boss of butterfly and shaving box. It take the little more with a shaving longitude, the little more attention, the smallest nick here and there, but the result in a next plus shaves has has not had never. Now I have the smooth face well to an evening. I enjoy a time partorisca retard down the pair of minutes for the abonos rasos. They are the knife of security rasa converts! I am giving this Dorco cartridge 3 stars for a cost below and poor shave
4 / 5
has used a lot of some variants of cartridge there and while this is not a worse has used, is not a better neither.

To start with with, are the a lot of hirsute viril. I owe that shave each morning and sometimes again with which lunch. Been due to of the this, comfort it is always be a factor a big plus in those I investigations in the knife.

Four, five, or are leaves no any a lot of the difference of mine, but something on some leaves Dorco uses or a spacing among them leaves my face that feels believed. Besides, my main question with a knife is something that I previously never expósito of entity: a moisture band. It is a worse has not seen never in the cartridge-the knife has based.

Before a Dorco, my gone-to the knife was the fusion , which was well, but exhorbitantly overpriced. I then changed to the the Venerate, reason still although it is drawn for the legs of the women, feels likes heaven in my face. Again, this in spite of: cartridges A lot EXPENSIVE. It have expected that a Dorco would be until pair with these, but is not . And a lot it is reason a moisture the band feels like the dried-was brick that in fact leaves my expensive mine dry plus more than wetter. Reason owe that shave in need and of the multiple directions to take multiple swipes, this is to result the question .

Besides, had expected that some leaves would last the very long time, as indicated for a lot revises here, but is nothing special . They have had to that roughly while Fusion or cartridges of Venerate, which is roughly week for me, or five rasa.

The sum on, is WELL. A sub-first (this in spite of any one terrible) quality of some leaves and moisture the band is balanced on the one hand a low plus. If estimativa the signal is crucial, these are for you, but I quite a lot of shell out of the little bucks more to not having my face that burns all the morning.

Take which pays stops.
5 / 5
These are literally some the same knives esatti like the dollar Shaves Club. In my pictures, mine DSC the knife is in a left while mine Dorco is in a legislation. Calm clearly can see that they are exactly some same.

Now, concealed is not really the bad thing. DSC/Dorco I knives are not bad. I find him to be very comparable to Schick and Gillette knives, which cost way more.

This in spite of, if you are that it wants to try something concealed is different of DSC, then looks elsewhere because these are literally DSC knives.
5 / 5
An a lot of to the first what would like to say is Dorco is each one has bitten also and in my better opinion that Gillette Fusion and much more economic. It is also the knife has built better and better to resist while shaving. Ossia In Dorco 6 leaf vrs a 4 leaf. I have used both maintaining. Any like him To Him one 6 brota so as I a 4 leaf. I think that that a 6 leaf is too wide and really a lot anymore that one 4 . One 6 has the trimmer to which likes but one 4 had it, then say that it is of perfect. I will go back to a 4 leaf when these some are done. Any way, calm can any gone bad with Dorco on Fusion. They are more economic and the much better drawn knife.
5 / 5
Well, my fellow ladies, has left expensive he. The knives have drawn for women.... It is sub pair. I have found that I do not take the a lot of near shave and some leaves spend was quickly And is súper expensive. It is for this that I typically the knives of compraventas has drawn for men. They have had to that longer and legs of mine remain smoother longer that he damn nano second. Use Gillette Pro Fusion until one of my friends viriles recommended Dorco mine. It is the bit of the penny pincher but master quell'good BANG with his buck. I have trusted his recommendation and am happy has done! These knives are utmost and drastically more economic that some Pro leaves of Fusion. You hips last quite the while also! Usually it shaves legs of mine each another day and I can take on the week and some transmission out of each boss of knife. Legs of mine are súper soften (are leaves of the leaves for one win!) And I do not have any one subject with burn of knife. It wins it wins!
5 / 5
After the year to try old-knives escoles, has launched in a towel. I have tried different leaves, different shaving creams, different technicians -- while I have taken less irritation of with the, took also to the longest plot only to take the grandson raso. It have to that go in some same zones several different ways -- but there always be some odd tuft of the hair has directed to lose. Have A bit characteristic acute, like this perhaps ossia breakings of him. I also tired of nicking my nose and walking around with the cloth has attached his until a bleeding there is prendido. A whole appeal of a ritual shaving dulcemente declined over time.
My reason to change to bend knives of security of the flange in a first place was some knives had been using was rough in mine with the. He never dawned on me (until now) that perhaps improves it disposable the knives would have been a way to go . But alive and learn.
At any rate, after the week with these Dorco leaves, are for the convert. Yes, it is the ridiculous name . Yes, it is ridiculous to have 6 leaves. But I can shave for the half a time with better results and little to any irritation to the mine with the. I imagine I can use the leaf for two weeks before I owe that change, as we will see like this goes but are really enjoying these leaves like this far.

Top Customer Reviews: Micro Touch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 53 ratings
5 / 5
Some leaves are acute and last a full month but in his now anywhere in a shower will result in fast rusting in frames new leaves. Also, a plastic boss that control some leaves is setup partorisca fail. One of a itty bitty teeny weeny pocola arms that I control some leaves have broken was like this the element is mine quite useless . It has it that resists down in my face for the use and that resulted in the quite unsatisfactory result.
5 / 5
Has bought these six months behind. A boss of knife that the controls or the clips to a leaf have broken was. Now it is useless. The emailed micros touch and any response . As it looks as if service of client very poor.
4 / 5
1 star because a boss is complete rubbishes unless I have received the defective a. A connection that cradles (receipts and emissions) a carteidge(brota) is A lot of flimsy, fragile, and a lot firmly resist a leaf.
The mine has broken in a 3 carteidge.
Now have 9 cartridges that can not use.
Importing bummer reason some leaves are excellent durable and treble to the equal that has announced.

Daría 5 stars if it was not for a totally boss of bunk.
4 / 5
Well Gave It the fair tries. I am ailing to pay some big costs of Gillette the knives but is hands down so only the better knife. This microtouch the leaf felt likes shaved with the disposable. The appeal and he has not taken near. Have shaved the half my face and he then has gone back immediately to a Gillette the fusion had been that uses that it is the old weeks and he so only cut so better. Partidário Big of Brett Favre but no the defender of this knife. There it goes $ 20.
4 / 5
Plastic pieces that the control in some leaves has broken when my husband has inserted a leaf.
4 / 5
Brota Really last longer! The shaving club fact with which 2 shaves for me. It has not tried Harrys which also has German leaves (has tried Gillette Mach 2) this in spite of micros the much more economic touch.
Any brainer unless I want to maintain buying brotas weekly or month that is that want to you to you to do. Some reviewers complaining roughly manages to break? That is a big like economic to have boss of backup with leaves of reservation that substituting leaves with other frames.
4 / 5
Worse knife I never used, any acute,tugs, very uncomfortable to use.
Has used a leaf me to the equal that can return a balance for the repayment.
Very disappointing.

D. Gordon
32 Kristin Wools
Hauppauge, NY
5 / 5
has been using Gillette Mach 3 leaves for decades. Totally satisfied with them. But when Gillette has begun to take to a social virtue-@@subject of signage with his ads roughly preaching the message to his clients roughly like this to go roughly when being masculine in this new, súper-sensitive to all the lives of culture in ( like Nike and other cowardly companies ) has decided that would try to the others to knives like to them the mark. ( It has tried also another 'big-finalise' knives, likes Harry is. )

These knives go in any one leaves to close to a Gillette Mach 3 knives partorisca consolation, cleaned shaving and durability. Neither Harry is, thus subject. These knives require me to go in and in my face to take an included shave like him Mach 3, and remain acute for perhaps three or four shaves. A boss takes mechanism that attaches to a disposable the leaves is a lot of flimsy. Sad, Micro Touch. Has the long way, long to go to be competitive with this product.
5 / 5
In that saw it an ad partorisca east in gymnasium of mine, I some light investigation and decided to give comes from it. Previously to this product has used a Gillette Mach with a 4 leaf that vibrates shaver with Incinerates Cream. When Have in the first place used a MicroTouch I immediately remarked the one who was light and manageable. I used it slightly in my boss and he have done a lot well. Had some burn of the smallest knife, but also has taken that with a Gillette after the little rasa, and neither looks to take like this near likes has had the habit of with Gillette, but this can have been reason use it slightly without too much pressure. But if an idea is to save some money, ossia the product adds . I shave my boss two times the week and I can finalise use two brotas the month, like the product can not last the whole year, but 6 month is quite fantastic and still more economic with basically an earth of same result with a Gillette. I recommend to give try.
4 / 5
After deciding would not pay outrageous prizes for leaves of name of the mark anymore, has them transmission to the knives of Harry. A shaves has not been like this very like this of the knives of name of expensive mark, but was a lot. Still although I have had to change leaves thicker, was still the good savings. This in spite of, from time to time find my leaves there is rusted! And the does not mean one some have used; I mean a some concealed has been still in a plastic box - inside another plastic box that has maintained inside the cupboard in my bath. Besides, on 43 years of shaving, has has not had NEVER the leaf rusts. With which one 4th or 5th time that has to take it the substitutions form a company, has decided that has required to find another alternative abordable.

Has has asked suggestions of mine fellow on Facebook and very suggested 'the dollar shaves Club'. A partner has trusted, this in spite of, has suggested Micro Tender to Touch-Knife of Leaf. It says that he a transmission and has wanted to him. So many, has ordered the box with 6 leaves (suppositions to last 6 months). Of one slips of prime minister by means of my expensive has LOVED THAT! It was immediately apparent mine a shaves was much more after and smoother that Harry is. Not tugging and a boss was comfortable and ergonomic (the bosses of Harry are the pocolos better).
A shaves was to good sure more after - I there is no to found me with '5 or eshadow of rooster' - in 4! If I owe that exited in an evening, my expensive is still smooth. No a chance with the leaves of Harry. So many, has expected to see what time he brota would last me before it has to that the transmission was: 2 weeks for me. Ossia Some reasons has given so only 4 stars; they the claim to 4 weeks. Perhaps for the 16 old year, but no for me. Any @@subject - I STILL save money on Harry is, which have changed weekly.

Finally, the week and he 1/2 later, has dipped the new leaf on and has asked my woman to try it on a 'forest' (his legs). You love it, Then , I have ordered immediately one for his (12 order of leaf, as I have known was to continue then ordering. A last what: each mandate comes with the new boss. Some sleeves are substantial; I do not know reason his that. I think that that a client could pay less still one could so only leaves of substitution of the order.

Top Customer Reviews: DORCO Pace 6 Sport ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
Has the habit partorisca use Historical knives the plot. When they have not sold these on Amazon and has had his own website, was able to take these with ascent to the for elder. After melting with Amazon, these sales have gone. And I know it is a way is but like the chair am taking a same prize in a lot produces main. It spends the fresh knives are WELL. It is not upper-of-the-line in partorisca a prize is still was the shot adds but With a prize that is big I am looking for an alternative.
5 / 5
THESE ARE AWESOME! It shaves so only like a Dollar Shaves knives of Club, access in a DSC razer boss, and is the most economic plot! My BF has used DSC but read that these compare really well, and now uses a DORCO the boss and uses his DSC the boss and adore them to us.

Are the daughter to the one who really likes him to him the use “the knives” partorisca write reasons are much more after and sweeter, and has to that say that these are some knives of the better quality has used. The desire so only could substitute a DSC Shea Butter that shaves cream this in spite of... T T
5 / 5
Was nervous after using Dorco partorisca years. Reading some of some descriptions was cautious that a quality there has been decreased. While a boss has changed, my leaves are acute, any burs and an even shaves. It would recommend.
4 / 5
Terrible. A knife that is partorisca come attached to a boss there is not shaved anything. I ran it on my face and he at all, no the thing. Beard still there.
4 / 5
Like me some leaves, but assume go to require to buy the new boss each one that 6 month or so much. Prenden Partorisca Resist some good leaves. It liked a esportuario' of boss, but the plan was has broken (the pin that control a piece that control a brota there is broken was) in roughly 3 month of use. Has-liked me a boss to the equal that will try to buy again. In general I Iike some leaves (and his prize), the just desire would dip the little more endeavour to some bosses...
4 / 5
Does not have the massive beard. I have had day old stubble. I have been still to shave and these knives have taken at all was. I have used this mark in a past and has done. No this time. I have had to that go to fish my old knife of some rubbishes can have had like this something partorisca shave with. A knife ossia fresco, concealed does not shave at all, is the massive failure.
5 / 5
A product is awesome. A time still like this the order has ordered a boss and 10-band of knives also of my boss of 4 years has taken really beating it and a ejector the thing is not doing likes has to that anymore. 5 stars in a boss and packaging for some knives in a boss+10-band combo.

Now some transmissions-the only box there has been the different plastic cartridges that resists some groups of 4 knives. I so only @@give after trying to take one of some cartridges of 4 bands out of a box that each cartridge of knife so only, all 16 of them, has fallen was. Toe of bleeding staunched, has had to that dip all 16 backside in some headlines with the band-coverage to help a toe.

A boss and 10-pack this is to go in one same shipment/the box has not had a question included- all was securely resisted in place. FWIW, Some knives among some 2 produced are slightly different, one is a Sport and one is a Pro but both have some 6 leaves+trimmer. Odd. Dorco Has to that it has done something when they have changed out of his web of place and has gone to Amazon.
5 / 5
Has been the DORCO user of knife in fact a lot of years and, until now, has had many of his bosses of metal for one 3-, 4-, 5-, and cartridges of 6 leaves. These diverse models have used to be available so only by means of his direct website, but the majority looks for to be interrupted of DORCO now sells his diverse DORCO produced (so only?) By means of Amazon. I have ordered a Step 6 System of Sport when my metal of old plus of 6 brotas the boss has broken and can inform that a new boss is not metal, but plastic (resin?), And lighter in weight. In spite of, give I add it, near shave without nicks or run and little any irritation or burn of knife. Still it uses diverse 4-, 5-, and 6-leaf DORCO cartridges and his all treat well and last for the long time, but some cartridges with more the look of leaves to be smoother and last longer. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
The gentleman has mercy! When I have ordered the knife has not had any idea that has come. 6 leaves have touched likes one aventuro has not been ready partorisca. Chico has to that have hands in firm otherwise is Freddie Kruger tez for you! Felizmente These Dorco is could cut by means of a hard plus of whiskers. A pandemic has all the world-wide retarding a step in grooming, but these knives do to shave all a laziness was down to the well, smooth feeling. I will shave in still you! Gimme That knife!
4 / 5
Has bought Dorco knives for around ten years and has sung his praises to any those who has asked in knives. Three spiegamenti of Army I always quite ordered for a whole time. I have ordered always of a Dorco the web of place and this time has been sent to Amazon. It has not been that has changed, but these are complete rubbishes . It marks click of new boss every time I the key my face and the seat likes goes to break. I shave daily and fight to give me the neighbour rasa. I will not buy never these again.

Top Customer Reviews: Dorco Pace 4 Pro - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
I have tried a 6 leaf dorco and imagined after the time of life of shaving I finally found the mark of confidence. Any one agrees when Wilkinson the sword was a leaf of a day and has been then to a basin? Like this Dorco 6 gave 3 comfortable rasa and then 2 more 'a lot of' shaves. Well really it thinks 6 brota is overkill, how has been partorisca a 4 version of leaf. A drop is gone in the quality was enormous. Lame 2 comfortable rasa and 1 howler. This will not cut it . I will try the 6 a more time partorisca see if my observations are corrected. Dorco, the stress Needs your game.

UPDATE: it have not used this knife in the moment and took it on the travesía. Pressed a key of emission partorisca change some leaves and a whole boss so only snapped like that. Any one the did not press it too hard. As run it was and has bought the band of 'blue spear aways' partorisca take me stops. Now I am stuck with stirs it of cartridges and any knife, thank you Dorco. Some accesses of name.
5 / 5
Has changed a boss and possibly a leaf. It does not conform to a form of my face and boss anywhere approaches like this as well as old drawing. I have tried to return a product, but discovered it can not be returned or refunded. Be careful spent to these regularly like them old was very better.
5 / 5
Shaves my boss and face daily. Some the better knives have used is a Gillette Mach 3 and Fusion. A question with the daily use of these leaves is a prize of leaves of substitution, included in Costco prize. A Mach 3 is is $ 2 the leaf and some Fusions are $ . At all for the leaf each one that 3 days. I have tried Harry is Shaves Club - - some leaves by means of this service cut me to us bad when I have shaved against a grain. They undermine in as the forest chisel.

Has seen a Dorco knife of At all and the leaves in the Google look for well, economic leaves. I have ordered the container of Amazon with some 4 cartridges of leaf. I have used a knife partorisca shave my boss and expensive 3 times now. A leaf rasa was a lot near of a Mach 3. It take the moment partorisca take used to a plus ungainly managing of a knife - - take some extra endeavour partorisca maintain some leaves in contact with my boss, but a shaves was a lot of and next and there is no partorisca cut me.

In general, with which take used to a 'feel', these leaves and a boss are the value adds. Down waiting for partorisca save to plot of money in a future while taking the prójimo rasa.
5 / 5
Has bought so much a 6 leaf and a 4 leaf partorisca compare. My beard is very heavy and has to that shave every day or look Grizzly Adams after the days of pair.

An a lot of- These leaves is economic and laws WELL. A bad- I does not think any one a 4 leaf or 6 leaf are like this acute likes some of another mainstream the frames have used. I have been spoilt for a German Wilkinson Sword (Shick Hydro?) Leaves when they were available. A new mark Dorco seats like mine Wilkinsons with which have used him he little time, so only the tiny bit dulls. I think that one 6 At all of the leaf shaves more after a 4 leaf, but pulls more. One does the sleeves COST for the moment but am gone through the pair some years of past pair. Some bosses are TIGHT in a boss and feel like go to break a boss when it takes.
5 / 5
My knife of favourite cartridge has been a PII 7oclock 7oclock Pii Trac Ii Knife (Compatible With Tracii Leaves) for 7oclock . Some leaves are not available on Amazon partorisca some reason, but a boss is. Odd. This in spite of, with just the small looking for a can find has has said leaves. Enough of that this in spite of this description is in a Dorco/the dollar Shaves knife of Club. As I have said that my knife of favourite cartridge has been a PII, this knife at all to change concealed.

Some four leaves do the decent work of shaving, but I always the chairs likes tugged in of the sure zones in place of cutting cleaned. There is remarked is the majority of in my with the. I have been forced to undermine out of my Tend Skin to treat some swipes, something has had has has not had to do the long time. I think that that some last times have has had to that that has used the knife of Harry. Compared to the knife of Harry a Dorco the leaves cut by means of stubble like a expertly has exerted Samurai the sword that cut by means of warm butter. In fact if I have known no any better could think that has taken the good rasa. Sadly I Have on grown around men that shaved with knives of double flange and has had the barber like the young man that has offered the straight knife rasa, like six better. Prpers Having said all concealed, these knives do not suck, but his no really shines neither. If your aim is to save money and suffer like this little like this possible, this could be your knife .
5 / 5
This description is unfortunately for a boss of this product. Some leaves are absolutely wonderful and has had to that while some expensive some. But some pauses of boss, well where resists some leaves on to a knife. I have had 2 pause there and my husband there has been one. A leaf takes is done of metal but a plastic that control a metal takes feeble and pauses.
4 / 5
Like this here is a shot, has bought these reasons ossia a mark that the dollar shaves uses of club. (Leaves and same boss) has loved to try them was before possibly using a dollar shaves system of club. It go to change of a Gillette Mach 3 disturb because of the partner of ridiculous cost with a Gillette frames. Some leaves are not like this good. They are by train to spend them for faster. It uses my leaves of 2-5 weeks. This I use 2-3 weeks before they are takes skin and pulling the hair was. Also, so only they go in 4 or 5 leaves. I think a more the leaves have used, a more irritation is caused. Probably I will go back to a 3 system of leaf when these are done.
4 / 5
Are the balding type, as it shaves my boss all a time. I usually Fusion to use Proglide knives, which are quite excellent. This in spite of, are also quite excellent in obliterating yours stock exchange.

There has been it Headblade for awhile, but once take a hang of the pertinent boss that shaves, results quite clear that this pocola Broken Hot yellow the knife in your boss is much more gimmick that function.

Which headed to a Dorcos. I have opted to try some 4 leaves because it seats any big probably clog on too much with begins to shave. It think that it could give it a way down below to 3 leaves is necessary. Some 4 leaves do rinse well, and no really clog unless I go 8+ days without shaving my boss. A Dorco shaves is noticeably a lot like this smooth likes Fusion, but is in no way uncomfortable. His enough in pair with a quality of one shaves would take of the Headblade.

A life of cartridge is a lot respectable, better that some Fusions, which degrade noticeable after the little rasa. But in this excellent of the point of prize, life of the cartridge is not really the worry. You will owe that finesse a Dorcos the little more, as his any one outline to a boss as well as some Fusions, which means the pocola calms more steps, but in 80 of an action of the Fusion in the fraction of a prize, his value an extra 30 as it can add to the yours shave. I will be to stick with these until all my falls of hair was or volume the HT haha.
4 / 5
The only time will say to like some leaves resist on, but am a lot of things to like in this knife. A boss is solid, feels more expensive that my knife of mine old expensive plus. A swivel in some leaves does really well, easy to follow outline of type!

To be just, also incinerates to shave changed first to use this knife. I have been of the can of Foamy to the tube of Incinerates. This material is surprising!! Begun use to a lot of but has adapted of then to use less. In fact, among this Step 4 knife and an incinerate shaves cream, to shave almost enjoyable!!

Has has used so only this knife roughly 6 times, same leaf, how is kinda prompt to speak roughly like some leaves last. But a boss and action of swivel are adds. If you decide to try these leaves, calms the favour and take the tube of Incinerates also. The shaving experience has better had in mine almost 70yrs!!
5 / 5
Shaves my face once -- or at most two times -- the week.

Has used to like mine Mach 3 (3-leaf) reason a cartridge would last month, but I often nicked I the using. Changed to Harry 5-brota that gives the add, smooth shave but some leaves are like this after neighbours his clog and result useless long before they go dulls, as it substitute them more often.

Finally found the system of 4 leaves. I have it quell'utilisations so only once ( utilisations again tonight) and does not feel like a big but looks and acceptable quality to give the decent shaving without undue clogging.

Has come with the total of 10 cartridges that is a lot of reason a prime minister a, already locates behind in a boss, looked to have gunk in some leaves like this the be be use. Surely it conceal it is not possible reason was sealed in the blister sale, as it was not that a heck this was, but I jettisoned the and place in cartridge 2 like looked well.

In all the chance, this could be a a . More brotas (in theory less risk of nicking I) that it Mach3 but more room among some leaves (in theory less casualidad of clogging in my hair) that Harry is.

Top Customer Reviews: Dollar Shave Club ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
Really like these knives, originally tried him like this his where the mark the most economic (which have has wanted to) and has done (old model) has bought the big band of 20 on sale and used them arrests the year that shaves my boss. It has not had Never any question but I have run was and is trace slightly in prizes partorisca one 20 bandage as I have tried other frames.

Buys the random mark, not liking has launched has been, and repeat of again and again. From time to time it would find the decent mark but partorisca some reason the majority of knives cut to us on when it shaves my boss to all the cost of how much impulse I his place. Have shaved my boss now partorisca prójimo to 5 years, is not exactly economic how is the plot to describe partorisca surface like this burn by means of knives quickly.

When Calm accidentally cut calm usually does not have quite time to cure before I require to shave again to the equal that maintains some courses that goes back in a something same. Really it looks for to avert this I so that they are picky with my knives. Seen these in the amazon and I has liked him a model an old plus but I imagined it would try it again.

Shaves my boss daily, likes the presentable look and hate a buzz the look of yard takes after 2-3 days. I have forgotten really that like this it marks tho, can not say like law for your face (I has the beard) but basically flawless enjoyable rasa in my boss. If calm also shave your boss I highly recommend this mark and suggest calm to try it.

Does not know reason his so only preform so better (perhaps a corner of leaf?) But the boss adds there is shaved every time and a model some looks of new plus to be one same better for him. Honradamente Can not say how much frame has tried on some years but this has been for far some better in of the quality of experience and shaving terms while shaving.
5 / 5
Has a together executive of an offer the few years behind and was very happy with him there is like this decided to try these. It has defied to take a knife has connected to a boss but with which took it finally has seen has to to the fact that a leaf is able to the movement has attached once. A movement is useful, so only has not been obvious mine that requires to snap he in and class to turn a boss up for him to click in place. A shaves is after and a knife is the good and more light measure that an executive. It is convenient to be able to buy it on amazon or in of the tents now. It wishes some leaves of substitution were easy to find and is gone in the main quantities for less frecuentas buying. So only I can imagine a 6 version of leaf would be included better. To good sure recommend. It has taken for less than $ 6 it rid it that it is in a point of prize would want to has paid.
4 / 5
Has bought this for a boss. A new boss does not return some leaves have purchased by means of mine DSC byline. So you are buying for a boss, will not return some older leaves.
5 / 5
Has bought this in the place of Harry is trying to try went him and these knives are not almost like this well likes Harry is. A shaves does not feel like this after and are that it has to that shave more often. No material will be to purchase again.
4 / 5
Horrible leaves. They are not acute. Any much more to say.
4 / 5
Any of one (4) the leaves have comprised with a stay of semi-detached boss when shaving. Simply they fall off
4 / 5
Awesome place of knives. Each type owes powder his tent bought and to good sure not touching a dollar stores some. Quality very better and just prize!
4 / 5
The prize adds and add shaves. The boss has the well seat his. Also, the leaves are spaced like this he a lot of clog on

Top Customer Reviews: Personna Men's 5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
4 / 5
It have to that it has gone it to a department of garden and has bought the rake partorisca my face, if have shaved interior 10 first minutes to use these laws of product well. If has a slightest has bitten of facial hair some leaves dulcemente rasgará a hair out of your face painfully an edge and the time.
5 / 5
Well, To the left is partorisca be so only and beginning with some good points... It likes-me a packaging, a prize has not been bad, and a do one quite well.

Now, a bad... These simply do not give me the decent shaves. Still with frames he new leaf, is rough, his grab hair, and has had pocolos ran of bleeding more than a swipe while using these.

Is better that one a time disposable knives, but no for many. I will not be purchasing these again.
5 / 5
Are in a soldato and has to that shave daily. Like this calm all know, no for the disposable knife at least once/two times the week to maintain the grandson raso. This look of knives to resist up and does not have to that constantly go a tent and the buy. To good sure will purchase more than these in a future.
5 / 5
So more durable and effective! I have tried the plot of the knives and is hard to take the decent shaving without taking expensive pink knives. These are perfect, uses him on my whole organism, and is súper economic. It can not say quite well roughly him.
5 / 5
Was hesitant to buy because of some descriptions, but my daily requirement to shave (soldato) has shouted 20 bux has not gone very compared to a Gillette equivalent $ $ $ $ $ .
The boss is quell'has bitten bulky, but a weight added done a knife feels likes some have thought has been dipped his. Shopping again. Like a FYI.... It has Tried a Harrys the mark and these are better in my opinion. This element has a sideburn/brota of right flange
4 / 5
This shaving container is a better and more economic combination has found in shaving the. The slip of leaves in my face and any stubble have included first to go against a grain of my beard. Fact in EUA, also.
4 / 5
Curiously that these claims of company to manufacture shaving leaves on 100 years, but can has not beaten Gillette smoothness. But it is the substitute adds and more economic that Gillette.
5 / 5
Can not say is prize , but is acute and easy to use , shaves once the weeks of pair like this combo shoul to be enough for the months of pair! For a prize and quantity... Material very good !!!
5 / 5
Thanks to Gillette that exposes his sprain I now take the next plus and he better rasa. It was the consumer of Gillette produced for on forty years but changing to Personna was the election adds; prójimo comfortable shave for less than money. Thank you Personna.
5 / 5
Loves this value of knives adds. I want a bit 5 leaves. Has the member familiarised the one who read for the company of prominent knife and always while to them to come by means of this a lot annoying. As I have decided to try that these 3 months does. You love him even like big frames. As the one who to 5 leaf goes. Utilisation one the week a last longer way but is stickler in the mine shaves every day. In all the chance these are the very strong and durable knife . Yes you are ruff in yours shave can hurt you according to which burn of knife. Volume the a lot of afterwards soften rasa everytime. I will be to order again with which volume by means of these some.
Well value of the money.

Top Customer Reviews: Gillette SkinGuard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
1 / 5
I have purchased this knife in some wait that would be it an improvement in some knives of five covers that is so resulted clich in a bit those that past years. Has sensitive rind from time to time and listen likes him could benefit to use this knife. I have found alas this to be a worse knife has not used never -- and has used each what so Gillette marked the knife has sold in some the EUA in a past 30 years.

A reason this knife fails is a creation. There is so band to lubricate and the plastic guards have planted in front of the each cover that the any contact never fill with your face. An idea by behind a creation is the harvests the soft plus, less aggressive shave concealed that it can find of the typical Gillette Fusion. In reality some launchers and the guards in fact cause more irritation so that they augment to pull and tug of facial hair. If some covers of the knife can not seat flush against your rind then can any the clean piece in a hair. It IS class of as an old wiper layer skipping through a cup of a rain in the windshield.

That it is truly unfortunate is that Gillette has invented already and has sold an excellent knife of two covers for those with sensitive rind: a Gillette the sensor Excel. It looks two covers has planted near in the each another but still posed behind in a cartridge of knife only enough to prevent his to dig in a rind. It does not have any idea why they no only re drops he and ask he cual the knife for sensitive rind. A Sensor Excel was truly exceptional. A Gillette SkinGuard is not .
1 / 5
Has only 2 covers and included in the first place shaves did not give me the very well has resulted. After the second raso my rind was so unhappy and airada as I have shaved with the a lot of dulls cutter! It does not waste money in the!
4 / 5
In 55 years and black American, has not been never able shaving with disposable or other knives without irritation or ingrown hair. A factor of entity has been a piece has not considered never a consolation or consolation for ethnic men, especially blacks of American men. The May HAS Have any instruction in shaving and some concrete considerations for us, until now. I have learnt through trying an error and a lot of ache and discomfort, as to use traditional security and straight knives. It suffers through ingrown hair, the follicles of the hair infected, stabs and lacerations, has learnt an art of pertinent shaving. I have developed the protocol a result in the sake and clean rasa and the skin more s. I have discovered then, by chance a Gillette Skinguard disposable knife and cape of fusion. It has attached in my shaving protocol. Mina earnest the description is as follows:
1. Convenient
2. Fast
3. Compatible results
4. Sure

1. Expensive
2. Poor marketing
3. Any one easily available in of the tents
4. Cure and instructions of poor use.

Recommend? Yes. With some trepidation.
Sub Remarce: Quan I in the first place read in this product, contacted Gillette for the sample and has been refused. It can comprise this action, if a marketing and the availability has been planned out of better and has done the priority for Gillette. I am preoccupied that Gillegte is not fully committed or inverted in this sector of piece. These runs a question: That times this product be available or has produced? If it was sure that Gillette has been committed in this program and of the shows he in announcing, distribution, service and infomatics, this without the doubt is the Star 5 products!
5 / 5
5 / 5
I am 75: That is to say The BETTER KNIFE has not used never!!!
Only orderly or for my brother and another for my grandson!!!
5 / 5
Only it come from it a SkinGuard layer for some first times and all can say is, wow! Any nicks, anything. If has sensitive rind, need this cover.
1 / 5
Usually it uses a tram trimmer with parameters of stubble, of the combination of sensitive rind and has crimped the hair means that irritation of cause of regular knives, ingrown hairs, and all the classes of unpleasantness. I use to to regulate Gillette knives to shave my leader with utmost results and when visas this product has announced, has been excited that at the end they can have developed something for my face.

Alas, that has taken was a worse rasa concealed has had since puberty of paste. Some the protective guards have meant to maintain a knife out of an only done rind partially on first raisins and as, which left me with the wildly uneven shaves concealed looked ridiculous. Continuing a same zone more thoroughly evened the things was, but courts a too much next hair in a rind, which has caused exactly some same problems that takes of the regular knife. Down, it was the total failure .

This knife to well sure has not been designed for me... And it is to take to imagine law effectively for any one. A knife regulates will give you the fence of the smoothest piece in a rind, but this knife or will give you the wildly uneven shaves, or irritation of entity for that of the that the skins can not handle the clean shaves in a first place. I am bond with my tram trimmer and seriously disappointed with this compraventa.
2 / 5
It was only able to use 1 cartridge of the cover for the alone rasa. Some covers have not been available during the second shaves. I have to use another cartridge of the cover during my second raso. No very impressive for all a hype and announce. In a course to try to resolve my subject with a skingard subject, arrival, erroneously, when being enrolled in a Gillette Shaves Club. I want at all to do with any one shaves club ripoff!!!
5 / 5
State that uses Gillette the knives have had since 16 years , and there is now 83 years and this knife this new plus is by far a more shaves does has not had never! It IS much smaller then some anterior and much more easy knives to handle. I be 83 years and has been that uses Gillette the products since was 16, comprising using in a ''field' while it was in a Service. Any I only shaves my face but my cape also! It would have liked him it has had it of the 'Headline' to maintain a knife enters rasa to protect some covers but another while it can the more when being pleased with this knife, and highly recommends it!
3 / 5
The left wing is to be clear: these are spent of knife . The covers of knife are wafers of the metal has stressed to cut hairs. There is at all new under an only when goes in of the covers of knife. A gimmick here is the plastic bridge, of classes, concealed maintains a further cover that normal of a hair is supposed has cut. Unless one has swipes of maculas or serious knife that routinely bleeds when crossed for the metal has stressed, there are not favours very obvious in these covers. And paid for this plastic bridge.

Top Customer Reviews: HeadBlade LE Moto ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
In the first place it has been it would like me something clear: ossia a shaver has better used in my boss. He contorts around some the natural bloodlettings have formed in yours dome and does partorisca shave quickly, effective, and painless.

Reason some 3 stars?

A boss has the a lot toneless point in a swivel that will snap was yes side very uncomfortable or the downward pressure is applied to a portion of knife of a boss. In of the terms of shaving this is not the question, like the boss is drawn to easily withstand a pressure of a boss. But you plan in travelling with him (to the equal that has been trying) an upper half can snap is gone in your toiletry or rucksack. They are now that it has to that buy the 3rd boss partorisca substitute a one that has broken so only on me and in $ 20 the pop this is resulting bit it expensive to maintain substituting. HeadBlade The Travelling chance partorisca his knives and I call any the one who plans partorisca travel with this knife partorisca purchase this chance at the side the I so that it will be partorisca do with mine buys next.

If it do not plan partorisca be travelling with this knife at all, then calms would not owe that have any questions with this product.
5 / 5
Loves the leaves are well, ive has had leaves more acute before; but a real boss are adds. It does still to shave your boss súper fast and easy, calm not even needs the mirror! The word consulting, prefers them go with a grain and frames so only mutiple raisin like this against hurts or go with a grain and then against.
4 / 5
Has one of an original headblades and love the, but has been concerned in while more along would last it. I have seen a motorcycle and has thought has looked the substitution adds. He so that it went it far the waste complete of money. My old a rasa slick near, but a motorcycle shaves roughly like this near like clippers voters. I use it every day it expecting a little class of pause in period to loosen the up. I have been using it every day then that they have to that shave again well with which with my old headblade. I go it to give the month then if it does not shave at least a bit closely, is going in some rubbishes. It Likes him a pivoting of boss, so that it would be disappointing.

UPDATE: I gave it the month and has finalised to the launch went it. It was a lot of disappointed and will have to that expect my original controls were for years to come.
4 / 5
I yard on my boss every time uses this thing and not liking in of absolute. I gave it each casualidad but has had to that take the trying. It would be necessary wishes/it would have bought a boss balde Sport or ATX in place of a motorcycle. It thinks some wheels in a Sport or ATX would resupply better stability that a Wheel of Roller in a Motorcycle. A wheel of roller in a Motorcycle seemd to leave a knife to move around the approximations lateralmente too many and the seat likes calm does not have any control in a knife.
4 / 5
Has has used produced of Leaf of the Boss of an original emission and is always state pleased with his quality, creation, and results. I owe that say that this produces extremely disappointed. It looks to add - a lot of lustrous. A quality is compatible with another Leaf of the boss produced has possessed, which would say is a lot well for a prize (my forward that last almost 5 years).

This in spite of, some leading creations, left to direct with a knife, which has resupplied the precise plus has driven shaves by means of a hair - especially around some ears and for behind a with the. I shave 'blind ' (any mirror) in a shower, and this creation of rear leaf, together with a front fine directional ball (front/behind and side/lateralmente), the very difficult fact to follow a knife in of the straight lines or 'rows' in my boss. For me, this bad lose the tonne of something. This has not been never a subject with some leading creations. It was able to begin in my sinister ear and marks time very calm has included steps in my boss - and fact. These produced requires that I multiple steps in mine direct the taking has lost something, and often means still need to take the traditional knife to take something has lost when I exit of a shower. Extremely disappointed - lesson to continue to ensure the work dipped in forms.
5 / 5
Has bought an original Headblade the roughly done sport 8 years. I have shaved my boss incredibly with him. It was able to use Gillette leaves with him. It was the delight . Then a day in a shower a loop of the toe snapped and could does not use anymore. Quell'Concealed did not annoy me inner a moment -- I has imagined 8 years was the abonos be my original Sport.

Has tried to substitute an original Sport and could the no. does not have it he anymore. That could find has not coming with an adapter of leaf anymore and has been forced to use this terrible HB2 leaves. I have tried that, sliced my boss up for the week and has has had to that take.

Still feeling loyal to a mark, has bought this. That the deception. It has not been that a heck is going in in Headblade, but has killed one golden goose. An original sport with an adapter was the joy to shave with. This thing is the device of torture . I sliced on a backside of my boss again. Each alone time have used this, I bled. I have tried less pressure when I have shaved and I still bled. I have looked for to go faster and slower. I still bled. This thing is rubbishes . As I am not stuck with this model that can not use and a substitution for a Sport with these rubbishes HB2 leaves that that can not use. I am shaving again with to 5 type of knife of leaf.

And does not want to listen does the 'curve to learn'. I have shaved with an original Headblade Sport for 8 years without the nick. Anything is spent in Headblade of then is the question. It does not squander your money yes accustoms still to shave with something more. Calm probably bleed of of the this.
5 / 5
Has been using Headblade for 8 years now. Has a Sport Headblade, a ATX, and now a Motorcycle. A sport gives a fast plus and more after shaves of one , there is the curve to learn with a Sport. A ATX takes a work done but takes time but curve of light learning. A MOTORCYCLE is well in a half of one 2. So only it has taken a Motorcycle and am happy with him and I recommended it several times. A main goodness a Motorcycle has in a Sport is that it is done for some available current transmissions. A traditional HB3 leave that is to be do for a Sport is upper but no longer available. Take a Motorcycle and take with him. You will want to this for your bald boss.
4 / 5
Has begun to shave my boss and using a Headblade Motorcycle a same time. It is been the month and the half, and absolutely loves that. I can use he in a shower without requiring the mirror, and take the prójimo rasa. I have not had any one @subjects at all -- any yard, nicks, etc. And more than entity, a woman loves a new look! They are up with Headlube and my questions of dry hair am disappeared. They are the Headblade client of for life!
4 / 5
Honradamente Very sure that a hype is thus knife. It is comfortable to resist, sure, but ossia roughly everything has go for him. It is like this niche and therefore like this expensive to substitute some knives and is at all the prójimo rasa. Meeting that has to that go in some something still 4-5 times to take the next shaving and has included then is still a lot that adds. A mobility of a leaf in is housing is fresh in concept, but still find me nicked/cut more than having with other knives. Honradamente Any value a hype or a cost, so only take well with the regular knife and save you a headache.
5 / 5
Will begin of to say that I have been the enormous public prosecutor HeadBlade for years. I have used a HB Sport for roughly 5 years and has taken he súper smooth rasa every time. Has has had to that so only be careful with an old a reason could nick calm if any careful.
A main selling the point of this new model is that it outlines to a boss because of a swivel. Of HB does not spend one 3 brota anymore this is to be use for a Sport, has decided to finally do a transmission.
Will say this, have still to nick I with this new leaf, but ossia reason can not take quite near my skin to take that smooth shaves has loved with a Sport. I have taken this in spite of burn of knife because I owe raisin in a something still so that time that nettle a skin. Included that that still has stubble.
Ossia The very disappointing offering of HB and the desire still could have my old leaves for a Sport. Have Of then there are adapters to be able to use some new leaves, but the descriptions have read indicates that it changes a shaves.
I hate to say this yours HeadBlade, am not crazy, are so only there is disappointed extremely. I have gone of one of the yours partidários your big plus to a lot of that'll be looking in other companies for the prójimos shaves solution.

Top Customer Reviews: Schick Hydro 5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
4 / 5
Gillette screwed On the big house that produced all the men like abusers.
I tossed was all in my house done for Proctor and Bet.
Has ordered in some Schick train, has begun partorisca use a shaver and am very pleased with his products.
Will not spend never my money has won hard in any Gillette/Proctor and produced of Bet never again.
5 / 5
Ditching Gillette Partorisca His recent turn in of the men.

Looked in the dollar raso and another on-line some. Decided partorisca give Shick try it

has Compared to mine 3 leaf Gillette, this a much more afterwards to the east rasa. Also it takes some hairs around my nose and the mouth corners better. The cartridge is much bigger to the equal that takes some taking used to, but was well for a third or fourth use

does not like me a fact that each cartridge is quell'has bitten more to the landfill that the 3 knife of leaf, as it can try his 3 leaf, but ossia the quite well shave.

There is there was it so only the week to the equal that will look for to update with feedback of longevity after the month.
5 / 5
Good knife, less expensive of some other types. Still it likes the barbeque & whose pyjamas of of wear.
4 / 5
Has been using the Schick Hydro 5 leaf for some 8 years now and decided to try a Hydro boss of Sense.
Has purchased this one with that comprised two 5 leaf cartridges.

Was very surprised in as this boss has done such the difference that shaves.
Some looks of knife to slip in my face without any control and is comfortable in disposal with and against a grain.
A prevails added for me was that has 4 Hydro the cartridges have left on mine old Schick Hydro the knife and is returned this some hips.
Of then all a Hydro the cartridges are interchangeable now can try some other cartridges for a Sense as well as using a rule Hydro cartridges that has been using for a past 8 years.

This one east the keeper for me .... It gives to try it.

4 / 5
I recent chances have begun a process to find the provider of the new knife and I could not be pleased more with this Schick Hydro Sense.

Adds to shave without nicks or run and more than everything is far less expensive for cartridges to change that another costruttore of entity.

The boss feels sturdy and no slippery in a shower, some controls of the leaf up has resupplied well apresamientos the minute to dry with which finalise to use. I use it daily and I am proud to be masculine.

To good sure will buy again.
4 / 5
Only rasa with these mention knives. Womens Some suck. Lol This last for ever!!!! You love him!!! Any burn of knife, any boss to change once the week. A hard the month. As they remain like this treble will not know never. Utmost cost
5 / 5
there is prendido to buy Gillette produced after the recent attack of a company in soyasculinity'. I have been in a hunting for the substitution, trying the knives of Harry is, Bic and Schick in a process. Harry is was the letdown, with poor longevity and the rigid, unpleasant feels to a leaf. Bic Was surprisingly decent, considering it when being the disposable knife. It was better IMO that Harry is but any one much better in of the terms of longevities. I have tried then a Schick Hydro Hydrate of Sense. That the pleasant surprise. You are an exceptional shaves, with a right quantity of flexibility in a boss and another prize is that he so that the hard far longer that a Gillette Fusion that has used to buy. Ossia Now my gone-the knife.
5 / 5
Has peels a lot sensitive and has been a miser Gillet client for years. I have run out of substitutions of boss of the knife recently and has been for to order some of Gillet, when I have found this knife. I owe that say, ossia a knife I better there is never has used! Still although it is it is much more abordable that Gillet, gives the smooth plus shaves and nettles my way of skin less then my leading knives.
5 / 5
Has used an electrical version of a Hydro for years and was a lot of hesitant to go back to the no-electrical. I can say that ossia a better knife has not used never and an improvement of a last generation Hydro. Really happy has decided to try this. It is more bondadoso to the mine expensive that my old Hydro. If utilisations the Gillette Fusion, transmission now. I trust, your expensive thank you.
4 / 5
Ossia Quite simply a knife I BETTER there is never has used. A flexing the boss enables the REALLY FAST & smooth shave and some the acute leaves damage the prójimos shaves.

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