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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Last up to date: 7 Needle. 2019, 3 yrs. 9 month after compraventa original.

Has purchased this clock Nov 2015, and a band has broken June 2017. A band is lasted so only on 1.5 years. Note that spent it 24/7 a whole 1.5 years! Literally I took it so only it go partorisca change wrists probably 4 times in this period. It was on all day, all night, in a shower, in a group, in a beach, in of the sports, etc calms etc take a point . I love this clock because it is súper economic (-$ 15) this in spite of has multiple alarms and the timer of account behind in place of just the stopwatch timer. It is basically the G-sample of quality of the incident partorisca $ 15 in place of $ 45.

When A band has broken, pause a lot suddenly! I have not seen any cracks in the or anything, but there is rubbed literally my wrist by means of an object while turning and a sale rasgó in two and a whole clock has fallen immediately my wrist. To the majority of next inspection, invernadero breaks all to the long of an interior of a band against my wrist, and yes has bent a hard band would break he in other locations also.

So many, has substituted a band with the good durable nylon born strap! I have used it is a (Substitution 18mm born strap nylon band of clock - Black, 5 Black coverage PVD Buckle). I cost &60; $ 10 and it is a strap of excellent clock! He (felizmente) is coming with 2 pcs 18mm x sweep of cradle in place of 18mm x sweep of cradle of the diameter, which would have been too fat partorisca this clock of then there is like this little spatial among some bars and a clock. Casio shows comes originally with 2 pcs 18mm x diam bars of cradle, which am too fat when used with this born strap.

For a 18mm x sweep, with the pocola operates and the flathead the screwdriver has used to press a down hard bar against a strap (in the first place to do a bloodletting in a band, with a no situated bar still, and 2nd to press a bar to plant), was able to do this strap with a diam the bars return this clock!

Wants to use the born strap, the expect be the a lot tight access, and SURE MARK to TAKE A STRAP that Is fat max, and bars to jump that is 18mm x MAX DIAMETER, ANY DIAMETER. Otherwise Was impossible of the contingent thinks. I have used also the tool of bar of the cradle (Ritche Professional 360pc Band of Pins of Clock of Link of Stainless Steel,Bars of Tool+of stir of the cradle of Reparation (8-25mm)), which has helped to take some old bars and situate some new bars, and has used the big flathead screwdriver with enough the bit of pressure to press a bar to jump to plant, indenting he against a clock, once a band was in place.

Awesome Show! Awesome 18mm the born strap has linked to on! I add combo near! I expect this combo to last me much more the years that a bow of original resin has done.

Update 7 Needle. 2019:
has had a sample now for years. I spent it 24/7 during this whole time: all day, all night, in a shower every day for almost 4 years, while exerting, etc. Took It so only was the time of dozen to change the wrists is all . I have had a 18mm strap been born on he for >2 years (of June 2017 to today, Aug 2019). To somewhere around 10 month to fact the year, one of some the bars of cradle has broken out of a plastic hole in a clock because of excessive pressure of a been born the strap was such the tight record. So much, have drilled simply 2 tiny holes in a clock and has run any 50 lb line to fish by means of and has joined was. The question has solved! Cela Is lasted another year until an inner clock to water taken he so only last week while swimming. I ask you have to that you to these holes there is drilled somehow leaving water in. It have to that there is it drilled lateralmente by means of some plastic tabs in some same holes where a bar of cradle has used to connect in planting to drill down by means of a side of one like the plastic chance has done. The lesson has learnt: I will do this next time.

In all the chance, time for another clock. Buying this same one would be the good compraventa .

My only complaints in this clock are:
1. It is main that preferred ( would prefer the clock of measure of the women honradamente been due to carpal ache of the wrist of the tunnel has caused to do pushups for decades and writing all day--the big plus mentions samples like this jam until my wrist while doing pushups and exacerbate a situation)
2. A time zone takes changed randomly sometimes while exerting or doing pushups, of the key accidentally takes pressed.
3. A timer of the account behind has according to-resolution (yaaay!, Ossia well!) But it does not have one transports-repeat look a G-the impacts have had the years has had, which mean has to that manually restart one looks each account behind. It liked having to that an option to do transport-restart an account behind when doing to to the things like to his courses the laps or doing repetitive hammer dondequiera change an activity each one X second or small.

Ossia All , folks. It is the good clock in the good prize. 4 years 24/7 is highly respectable. And a born strap? It is still form adds. Well by other 6 years or I so that bet (10 total of years).
4 / 5
Adds in my box of electrical skateboard was 25mph on spending it shorts and the mesh and has flown was, has gone to the bad 5-according to slide, is exited with at all but some the bad scratches and my sinister arm have taken a brunt of him And HEY THIS CLOCK has SAVED The HALF INTEGER LOWER that MY ARM my zone of elbow is rasgada on BUT DOWN OSSIA WELL OF THIS CLOCK ELEVATED It And has TAKEN The FORCE still only work messed until bad to spend has saved me still a bit hurt so it gives it the 5 has loved that while hard
4 / 5
the accesses add, easy to dip and light. It feels odd, almost feels like his very there.
Will be to update each two weeks for a month on to the equal that resists up. I also laws in the conditions of warehouse.

Has purchased: 03/16/18
Update: it looks to be a lot still. Accidently Has taken to rain with him on and still is doing like this normal. Like this far I show adds for a money. It tends to maintain changing to londen time, as I owe that maintain pressing way to go back to mine time zone. No the big shot for me so only odd.
5 / 5
To the nostalgia & Is Casio has been will live me with the few transmissions of battery, a thing can say is that enough it have them load more and use the strongest more resistant plastic scratch, would not believe some scratches under this clock with white toothpaste I desire can aim you an attacker and with which but any the one who says no the must tried it on telephones of glass or clocks, He to good sure the works in Casio the classical looks also have taken the deep gash out of one $ 100 Casio calculador clock with a book of allocution. I spend it every day they are 27 and agree in the elementary school was a boy a fresh plus with this clock. My dad has bought he for me when it was In 4th note for 60 bucks & here are almost 2 decades later & would take this in any smartwatch. It take one $ 25 version of a calculator a to but likes them that an expensive plus some the keys feel & a deeper curve around your wrist., it Looks exactly same but does not have a database looks that surprised when skirt.
5 / 5
An ONLY thing can find bad is that a screened papers on and under a bezel is thin and prone partorisca rub was. I have used some product roughly thinner and take entirely like this, now, has the beautiful and macula free clock. All more in a clock is fantastic for a prize. Everything of some works to do extremely well. I mean, for a money, is easily one the majority of useful clock I suitable for the mile. This is saying to plot that considers so only that has some quite snooty frames, but so only amena that until saying that Casio he really book in both retro fashion and functionality. I have it quell'has ordered already a estainless' version for any moments of Real Casino that could up.
5 / 5
Loves this clock. I have it quell'has purchased now two of these and early will be to take my third. I spend it everywhere and seldom any for the take never was. It maintains attentive time, has the tonne of characteristics is, is easy to regulate, etcetera. An only complaint that has regarding this piece is that it is not quite like this hard as it would like, for of east my third cost; this in spite of, ossia probably more my failure that a costruttore is, as I have beaten a living s out of him repeatedly. You can do this clock last infinitely more along that has calm he so only be mindful any to leave take on anything with to plot for now that rasgará a bar of cradle and band out of his places. Another that this smaller complaint, have at all negative to say regarding this clock anything. As I have said sooner, ossia my third time that buys this clock and I still think well each penny; with all honesty, is to fly he in only roughly $ 15, like the vendor easily could sell he for two times a quantity and I still would buy it every time rasgar a band. To stop that looks and paralización overpaying for clocks--ossia your type !
5 / 5
This clock is excellent. It is very robust, well build, and arguably a perfect measure. Has Casio shows over time world-wide but has had to weaves of subjects with him changing time zones for as any reason. This dose of the clock does not remain Firmly some times and the zone want. An illumination is fantastic also. Has the wrist he small plus and beginning more looked to twist with a face squared these stays of clock firmly in place . I have added the nitecore nu05 his and thanks to a robust strap a lot included the remarks. (Highly it recommends to add this to your clock) currency a compraventa does not think two times.
4 / 5
Ossia My clock of Casio of the favourite thinks. Still with my small collection of G-Shock, and Casio models, ossia my preferred . This clock is my gone to in home functional clock and my clock when I need to be really mindful of a time when it is was.
Excellent backlight partorisca Casio. Casio usually has a lot of backlights (Never quite like this very like this Timex), but an end under casio the clocks are usually this one. Has the very backlight this hard for the second or two when it has pressed that illuminates a whole time readout. Ossia The enormous to win for me I like this uses the light frequently to verify the clock at night and in an early morning.
Timer and Stopwatch: These are both in a clock and easy to use. They are effective in that do and some alarms are load enough to listen them with his environmental sweet. Perhaps a lot so much in the súper half strong, but usually does not think this would be a subject .
World-wide time: Also very easy to imagine was and has a awesome map. Under my time among Londra and Los Angeles to the equal that has our International office located in United Kingdom and I likes him to easily know that time is for my crew there. Also I love a map, he easy to say when you are by train to approach you a legislation timezone so that any always soplos spent the when looking for your own. Any to mention I so only enjoy an aesthetics.
Measure and Way: This clock is very light to be quite big. It is true to measure and does not spend any much bigger that looks. Has small rests, but feels comfortable and looks well. Has a lot retro styling, this clock has not changed the long time, and seat concealed is the strong positive for him. It looks well. Has both this version and a round a, and this one this better way. A pushers in a round an is not metal. I have taken a sale was and paired he with the Barton Marks green Cloth 18mm the band and looks very real.

Some people mod these the little, or at least take a wording in a chance. I have left mine so only, and probably not trying mod the. A strap comes with this quite comfortable, but economic, as you recommend another 18mm band. A Barton Marcos 18mm fast returning the band of buckle looked really well is.

So much, for a prize of a clock and perhaps another 15 bucks, can take an excellent everywhere look concealed has functionality to treat tonnes of works around a house and included in of the travesías for less than $ 50. I plan on using this while they are abroad for his ease of use, durability, and the side yes is broken or flown. And yes a clock has control of good water and stood up by means of washing plans, showers, taking attacked around during work of yard, etc. Yes, chooses on scratches, but a chance and control of plastic crystal on enough well for everything of that.

Highly recommend this clock.
4 / 5
Has bought this clock 6 month ago like clockwork external.. Basically for rough use. It likes so now that I spend it almost 24x7 now. It is like this light grieves it seat in my wrist. It is characteristic rich for an amazing prize. I have listed some down.
- HAS 5 alarms, which can be places to recurring or a time. An alarm in bylines is gone in his own with which perhaps 10 beeps or less.
- Beat it dipped 3 world-wide time zones different
- objective a Day and MM/DD like any one another digital clock. For example: ALONE 1/3
- has the map of tiny word in an upper legislation, which aims a time zone this is to expose on. At all useful, so only likes perhaps
- A beep the sounds in a clock could be muted he wishes
- has key to turn a LCD light on to see a time in dark
- Stopwatch
- Timer of Account for behind
- 12/24 now exposed to time
- exposure of Analog time in an upper left

does not concern me very a lot in an analog-exposure in an upper sinister corner of a clock. This could be be avert in a creation. It is quite useless, but in general, this clock is the add to buy for any the one who is looking for the travesía or an external clock. Easy to setup and works like the charm!

Top Customer Reviews: Casio Men's G-Shock ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
So that I have required and it has wanted, this clock was perfect. Economic, durable, waterproof, easy to read time and date, alarm, hourly signal of time, timer, and stopwatch.

I also possess Casio GA-150, like this partorisca people those who also Casio the own looks concealed is alike, here is some differences:
-This clock, a DW-6900, does not have the world-wide clock

-The only has 1 alarm, while mine Casio has 5

-When changing something, likes dipped a time or that dips an alarm or timer, has any esbotón of versó. So much with mine Casio, am changing an alarm of 6:30 to 6:15 I can paste a reverse key and go behind. With this clock, has to advance of paste and spend for main a :59 mark of small partorisca begin behind in :00 again, and then it maintains partorisca press he until :15.

-When An alarm goes was, this clock beeps 20 times, and mine another clock beeps 10 times. This in spite of, when a timer goes was beeps 10 times.

-When you Change ways, calm does not have to that cycle by means of everything of some ways to go back to a incumplimiento timekeeping way. So for example, I ways of transmission of timekeeping to an alarm, and regulate settings in way of alarm, then press a key of way again with which am fact that dips an alarm, will jump behind the timekeeping and skip some other ways that come with which to to the alarm likes him the timer and stopwatch. But it presses a key of way quite quickly then will take me to the each way. Mine another shows a lot this, but is to to the characteristic likes.

-I am not sure if east differs of Casio show, but calm can not use a light while rule place, as that dipped an alarm in a darkness can be difficult. I have found I owe that agree the one who a current alarm is dipped partorisca, and then paste one regulates key and dip an alarm to count, and when they are paste in fact a light key again to see if I he correctly. Ossia The bit to disappoint . Also, pressing any key will turn of a light instantly. This in spite of, can use a light while in stopwatch way, but pressing start or turns of stop of some punctual light.

-A band of clock clasp is plastic, and any metal as mine Casio. It would prefer the metal but I have not had the subject alone.

-Finally, there is remarked this clock is quell'has bitten smaller that some analog clocks that Casio frames.

This is not an elegant clock and is not really attractive, but calm will not concern you never roughly breaking it or lining it at all.

Update: As of 7/6/17 a sample still does perfectly and there is survived the few mountains, lakes, and an ocean.
4 / 5
The clock of a man: incredible, economic, and durable. It is the raincoat masterpiece. It does not have too many characteristic extras, which the fact that much more alluring. This simple wristwatch has been soldato spent for, divers, application of law, and civil with good flavour. It is simple, rugged, and looks well in a wrist. A wristwatch pictured now looks to reflect some correct colours. A clock is big, but no like this big like another G-Shock. It does not concern , this clock is the shows of man , and is a lot has done. Has has had so only this looks the few days , but am purchasing another to have like the backside up. It would spend this with the tuxedo or dress, reason the man that fray the G-the accident is usually a type to write that cure less in social normalties. A clasp is plastic black, and this has to that me the fact does to doubt first of the buy, but be ensured, this clock is the tank . Light, big, and masculine. A backlight so only well of the money, with a tram teal colouring. As of this moment, can does not imagine to exit of my wrist excepts to rain, as I can wash my wrist. The good regime that finds another clock like this partorisca low $ 50. It is the millionaire clock . It is a better value never.
5 / 5
Another classical G-Incident of Casio. A DW-6600 was a clock that has begun a G-impact craze in a prompt 1990 east. Agree the one who populate a 6600 has been of tower a day, in a mid 90 Casio has update a 6600 to a current DW-6900 changing a face of a clock together with the pocolos other transmissions to some functions of clocks. In a surface this clock has the look thats has aged a lot well. His the creation this there is on 20 years but calm would not know never concealed. Some wears of clock well in a wrist and is noticeably main then a DW-5600. Ossia The basic G -Impact which means sound the no frills clock that pode the serious beating and not aiming any signs of abuses for years. An exposure is easy to read and some keys are easy to find and press. Some clocks The REAR LIGHT is súper brilliant and does to say time at night the breeze. A photo accionaría of this clock really would owe that be update of a diagram by heart of the clocks does not look that at all. There is abundance of the photo is of another reviewers and on-line with attentive representations of this clock. To the amazon really would owe that update a photo.

In general if yours in a phase for the basic G-Impact ossia the good returned among big and small then try this clock was or his brother of main final a GW-6900. Both are peaces of the time adds .
5 / 5
Ossia A clock to take . They are so only he is returned a GD100 because of poor visibility of some digital numbers (although it liked really of a way a piece looked in general). A light drawback here with this DW6900 is that his small plus in measure but his far more visible in of the terms of some numbers in a screen. It has read several descriptions and of the options on all this different G' models to Impact etc etc and that I @@give is that finally I have required so only the basic, visible, that does the digital clock and ossia the one who this is. Ossia The a lot of looking clock to joint with a classical casio rivetted band. A glow-light is perfect. One imagines concealed is really sweet is that when has a esreloj upper' that goes a regular time is showed still a lot on that...
An alarm is to regulate. It recommends this clock to any concealed loves the hard clock, basic , of confidence. Ossia A Toyota Tacoma of digital clocks.
5 / 5
Has loved the sample that looked decent, was easy to read and could take has beaten the. Ossia. There is of course the cast of the functions do not owe that G of main final-the shocks have like this of the multiple timers, the atomic time that maintains, thermometers, barometers, butlers and constructors of the robot but ossia exactly reason love this clock; it says a time and date, has the clock of stop and it timer. It is test to water to the depth more adds that the concealed which can swim, looks good and is harder that the feet of the grandma ( is the professional fire walker). If it love the clock that does a basic work of the clock, has some good looks of the member of Band of young Brat that the fact and he with a ruggedness of this type of a Dr. Pepper 10 ads, that ossia that shows. So only the buy already, to stop that reads descriptions and looking video of this clock (the one who that in all the chance) and paste a key of compraventa. Calm can thank me more than evening.
5 / 5
Has looked for the clock to spend in holidays that would not require to concern me roughly taking was to paste a beach or group. My old, first-G of gene-Incident, which was to the long of the old decade to arrive to this point, was in his last legs. I have chosen this up was Amazon and am thrilled with a compraventa. Really I enjoyed one has update styling of my original model. It is slightly bulky -- a boss of clock is to somewhere among the neighbourhood for the half a thumb in height, which to good sure is domestic of your wrist. But, ossia the G -Incident, is (and probably is looking for!) That chunky way. I will say, a band of clock is extremely comfortable -- very better that my model of mine old plus -- and a sample is like this light that forgets that you are by train of the spend. It looks he adds also. I chose it up for $ 40, in this prize is veritable flies. Assuming is like this indestructible and impervious to some elements like my last Accident of G, attended be that it loves this clock for years to come. There are other models of Accidents of the available G for more than money, but reason spend more?
4 / 5
To the Things like -
Of A measure is well, no too big and no too small.
The prize adds on Amazon ($ ), the web of place of Casio and other retailers list this clock in $ .
Ossia Casio true G -Incident; a lot some negative reviewers in this claim of clock has received feigns.
Comfortable to spend; I can leave a strap the little release in my wrist and some stays of clock in place, any slide on/down or around.
The functions are easy to use; a manual this comes with a clock contains good descriptions of like this to dip and use some functions.
An exposure is easy to read.
I like an appearance of a clock.

To That that does not like -
Of A RULE the key is flush with a chance and is difficult to actuate, but can be done with the fingernail (unless his bite down to a nubs).

One another thing - I has registered my clock in Casio put web and has received an extra year of guarantee. I have bought of this clock directly of and no the third vendor of party by means of Amazon, is coming with Casio 1-yr guarantee, like this now has the 2-yr guarantee of factory.
5 / 5
Ossia An a lot of sample that has begun an Accident of G craze some 25 years done for me. I bought it in the first place when stationed in Ft. Bragg NC Marie of one 82nd Airborne Distribution in 1990. This clock easily has survived everything of a duty of field, airborne operations, and included a long stay in Iraq & of late fallen Saudi Arabia of 90' by means of a Cradle of 91'. It has treated like the charm.

Has purchased abundance of models of Accidents of different G on some years on its own name and has has wanted to some, and has not experienced never a lot of displeasure with the compraventa. This clock adds still maintains quality of utmost build, the comfortable wrist feels, and the good-looking timeless creation. The appearance to last for years to come.

There is remarked that a clasp is now the light plastic in place of a metal one of old. Also, a band of wrist is much more presiona that a one in an original version of this clock also.

Calms never thought to possess the clock of Accident of the G, then this classical G is a one that the cost has been . There is not to plot of unnecessary fluff around this clock so only dependable ruggedness and action dependability.

Recommends this product.
5 / 5
A lot please with this G-model of Accident. To good sure happy with a simplicity of a creation and some functions. The keys are easily usable, included a rule the key of then is drawn to be almost flushed with a bezel. A lumination is fantastic and love an exposure. It is the little smaller the one who those looks in some pictures but I in fact prefer it. It is the good feels, no really heavy and some returns of band well. To good sure would recommend this clock is looking for the legit digital clock with both solid aesthetics and the functionality adds.
5 / 5
This clock is exactly like this described on-line and aimed in some photos. It is black true , any ash or blue or another colour. I want to some looks of way. I also really like a light of indigo, ossia very easy to operate (although a period of a light with which press a key is afterwards to at all unless calm so only maintain your toe in a key). It is the simple clock , sincere has built to go everywhere. Has small wrists for the type, but a sample does not look am spending the clock in my wrist! (It likes of some other clocks there) loves it! It is too random for me to where to do, but will enjoy to spend the on some weekends!

Top Customer Reviews: Timex Full-Size ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia Probably a better clock that has has not possessed never. I have bought this clock partorisca reduce my dependance in mine iPhone. It is awesome. I have had a when it was the boy and now, as I approach 40, can not help but think is improved so only. The reasons love this clock.

1. Calm does not require partorisca the touch.
2. Without pressing any keys, can see a day of a week, date and time.
3. Has the pair of alarms. They will wake you up. I have been impacted that it was able to have a function of alarm without being able of the appoint, specify the súper your special and have total flexibility on repeating.

Results that they are not the only and special butterfly and I do not require all a "cushion" I concealed I am fact partorisca believe I need of mine iPhone. This thinks is solid of rock and just works.
5 / 5
Has an older generation of Ironman 100 series of lap. It is hard cruise it, and some functions have not been easy to use. This new generation of Ironman takes facilitated and easy navigation partorisca use to another level.

Ossia The negative exposure but does not have any one subjects that sees a time with a big source. This clock is in a same measure to a series of G of Creature of Casio, on 45mm in diameter. This in spite of a big source is the plus . Extremely easy to see a time and date.

Of of the this is the negative exposure , a Indiglo the function bit it better, reason lights some real figures in place of a fund. A function of the prize in this clock is a capacity to dip on until 15 focuses of memories eats : Bill, Dates, Anniversary, Travesía, Holidays Girft, Game, Doctor, Anniversary.

A regular Timer and the functions of Chronometer are easy to dip up and cruised. A clock can maintain clue of three different time zones. A strap of looks of resin partorisca be an improvement has compared the leading generations, but the only time will say will be a test of time (Ironman of 13 years the sale so only disintegrated)

This clock is extremely comfortable, everything behind with the negative exposure the fact very a lot looking piece partorisca spend. Partorisca The sub $ 40 clock, this clock is the total winner .
4 / 5
Are the enormous defender of Timex ironman clocks. Until east a, my one my complaint has been tha a sale is not replaceable and has to substitute them even when they continue ticking after the years. This model, this in spite of, has the black fund with mid-to-number dark ashes that it is impossible to see in normal light. A function of indigo is order is had to that press the key every time look in your clock, but Ironman show with a background ash and the dark papers are like this better. A black fund would look fresh if some papers where objective brilliants or yellow, but some dark ashes no at all.
5 / 5
Well, Although it is in accordance with some another reviewers in a clock legibility in low light, has to be taken the consideration that ossia specifically the 'blackout' characterises tactical clock where the maximum visibility is not required. This has said, does not have any question (still like the glasses wearer) seeing a time without a help of a indiglo function. In short; if it love quality to build remained with consolation and sincerely useful functions, this clock is for you. It is like this I last like some nails still like this comfortable and attentive as it can be . 10/10.

Update: 10/21/19
can also vouch for the control of water of a clock in that had it the submarine long in Gulf of Messico. So only agree to the rinse was salt water like calm with any clock. Ironman has done perfectly without fogging or water intake. Brilliant clock.
5 / 5
Has had this clock for several months now and seldom conscious the. It is a lot I last to see a time because of a black fund. You can forget see a time in anything but brilliant light. I am gone in a habit of instantly paste a backlight key everytime looked in him. Unless you are perfectly perpendicular to a face can not see a time.
5 / 5
With which 20 month of daily use, as I can see, a clock looks quite good. It feels well, it is not that big. A negative exposure is well. Calm obviously will improve view in the regular screen, but is not hard to read, calm probably will take used his faster that thinks. Indiglo Adds. Abundance of alarms. Chronograph And function of good timer. For a prize, which takings is more than just.
4 / 5
Has had big hopes for this clock. It likes a rugged Timex deport external clocks, and has thought this would be the clock of good daily work . Sadly, Some photos in a web of place are entirely inaccurate when it comes to a readout/exposed. A real readout is a lot when using a indiglow characteristic, but sadly that I so only last for the pocolos second. When it is not aceso up with a indiglow, a readout is like this faint and like this dim that it could he any with the accuracy read the unless a clock was inner 2 feet of my face. It liked Really a look and of way of a clock. Sadly, Timex screwed with the very poor readout/exposure, and then has deceived entirely of his dud announcing in some photos.
4 / 5
Has used this clock for some time now in the work of detail of the security and is prefect for a class of work do. It stood up the scratches and snags quite well and looks to be very resistant to water and sweat and external exposure. A work all does quite well and an expensive is very easy to read, especially at night with a indiglo light. Some keys look quite sturdy and stood up to use repeated well. I will not buy of the most expensive clocks for my work because usually they finalise neither broken or fractions been due to a character of a work excepts like this far this clock has on resisted a lot well. I am gone through the few more economic clocks that has been supposition to be deports clocks 'durable', but ossia a so only a concealed stood up to a rigour I usually dipped the clock by means of and a lot neither bad finalising streaky or broken or has had the band or electronic dysfunction. The money is a lot spent to consider have probably payed much more for some other economic clocks would have spent of some times have possessed is one.
5 / 5
Difficult to read a digital time that looks directly in a face of a clock. I owe that corner a clock to read a time.
Am not sure has the setting can regulate. If there is the setting, was unable to find any instructions written or on-line on like this to regulate.
5 / 5
The clock adds, looks a lot of sturdy. It seats big in a wrist been due to his creation, but significantly less then the g-incident and has the organism the small plus also (still very masculine, to good sure any one the clock of the woman). I can see like some would think that that an exposure is difficult to read, but does not have a subject with him, there is wanted in fact something discreet. A indiglo the works add and in the decreases of situations read where an exposure is the little darkness , a indiglo is more then sufficient to correct any subjects and the law adds in darkness of tone. I want like a strap and organism of the clock almost forms a piece, especially in appearance. A band has to that be a fat plus sturdiest has not seen never. I have looked for the long time that tries to find something with the tactical look, concealed has not been flashy, and there is not costing $ 100 more. This clock is exactly that has looked for.

Top Customer Reviews: Men's Military ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
A prize of this clock is which the appealing. Down $ 20, my expectations have not been big but has expected partorisca a better. It has arrived in the box of good metal protected and has had the battery to spare has closed. This was the good touch . A band is durable and I like a measure of a clock. A light of glow and stopwatch the characteristic law amiably.
HAS his disappointments also this in spite of. A characteristic of alarm (one of some reasons has bought he) no well, how is very calm and difficult to dip. After the month of the spend, a backside of a clock is beginning paralizaciones partorisca rust. This especially is surprising so it does not spend a clock in a shower or swim with him on. In general, I do not have any a lot of remorse with a compraventa. Down $ 20 when I bought it, I am taking a quality that has paid takes. If I love the experience of big quality would owe that expect pay the prize the big plus partorisca this quality.
4 / 5
Has taken this clock partorisca use like the yard that read and hunting sample - had been he -arrive A lot WELL to this half outside means and a ruff activity.
I like the clock/of digital analog type and partorisca a prize this one east acting ADDS.
Recommends to any partorisca both his utmost looks in all the half half and his characteristic.
GOOD PRIZE and ADDS partorisca LOOK. Thank you Sample VERY GOOD.
4 / 5
Well Regarding $ 20 this is not the complete piece of junk. A photo is a sample has listed here in chrome version afterwards to mine expensive G-sample-of Steel of the Accident (concealed I seldom use and need partorisca be is gone in a sun at present reason his almost died). They look very alike and concealed is roughly that. The wise weight is probably for the half a weight of the mine G-Incident. Personally, I love the heaviest clocks so that this one feels the little light but no bad. I have loved the sample that could use while doing. I do in the pyro the laboratory that tries minerals of around some world-wide to the equal that can take a lot dirty, sweaty, the appoint. I can say two things in this clock before the utilisation. 1) A plastic lenses goes to break easily and 2) this thing probably goes to rust easily. Now a lense I really can any one a lot his for the help. Has some screen of extra glass protectors for my old telephone that does not go to use never he so that it could try my hand in using the compass to cut piece ossia to a same measure likes them the screen. Regarding a rust. So only I can say that it goes to rust. I have had the tonne of the clocks and I basically can feel that it is going to. As to help with that probably will use some clear nail polish in a backside and try any for the take wet. I def know this is not the clock to put to bed and then wake up and shower with him. I will try this law to see like this goes. It would not buy this for my purposes but love the look dances it and have the estimativa very limited then this clock is perfect. One and last what... A light is is very a lot down and also depends in a corner in that is by train of the see for the see better in a darkness.
4 / 5
To to An only thing does not like is of some directions in a paper. It is not worded a lot well in English. Cela And can not look to imagine was like this to turn of one each hour beep sound. All more are adds! I add wristband and excellent quality. A background light has DIRECTED is surprising and in just a legislation brightness. All the world would owe that have one of these. If it is taste and always of outside or toiling and need the durable, of confidence wristwatch, ossia a perfect access .
4 / 5
Has bought likes of the present in my prime minister. It loves the clock to go external to camp. How it is the perfect party ! Good clock, good quality and decent prize. They are happy to to that likes.
5 / 5
These looks of clock well, and is easy to read, but so only will not maintain time. It has had so only this clock for roughly 2 month, and are constantly that it has to that dip a time on that. I have substituted a battery that thinks was so only the low battery, but concealed has not helped a subject. It would not buy again. Spend of the extra money and buy something the little better quality.
4 / 5
Slick Looking sample that does not resupply any one a lot in a way of functionality.

-Creation. Looks Well.
-Waterproof - there is has not had to the take is gone in shower
-HAS both digital and manual timekeeping options

-Digital readout is quell'has bitten small and taking obfuscated for some hands in time.
-HAS two digital readouts concealed active literally any use any (one this says 'Big/Down' and one says literally swimming and looks the ball of beach).

Final verdict: Economic clock that the good looks. The indication will be a lot of lower pauses anytime punctual.
5 / 5
A band is a lot cheaply the fact but a sample is heavy and has some very fresh characteristic to them that dipped a clock was an easier thing we probably never done some directions to come with a clock are very easy to read and very easy to continue dipping on a clock has taken less than the minute any complication any question all the work so said he a colour in a fund is the light green look awesome thank you to do a bit of the clock of quality
4 / 5
is sample really well has had the well seat his the easy good weight to read but has not maintained the time like other descriptions has said
has tried to give a clock a profit of a doubt has substituted a battery but still after substituting an interior of battery 2 days a time was bad on he
am sad of the send behind all more in a clock was very a lot

That was odd was so only a digital part of a clock could not maintain time a time of equivalent was always something in
5 / 5
Another that looks this clock is not very functional partorisca me. They are an older person and this clock is a lot last to see to, an expensive is very dark, dipping a time was a lot the intense work but think the plot of this is due to a calm fact can not see some numbers or exposures.

Top Customer Reviews: 6-in-1 Top Brand ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5
It has taken the moment partorisca imagine was regarding the regulate. Partorisca Regulate it has to that untie a paracord this has a fire of judge of metal partorisca begin on regulates via a velcro and that retie a paracord shows the video of Youtube oo like the retie a paracord
5 / 5
are the quite big type (6'7' - 275lbs) and a thing looks the little big on M.

Means a sample is 3/4' often.

Is the cheaply done clock (clearly is trying look ADIDAS w/ a logo) and is the swipe & loses with a fire-judge of start (he equivalen to scrape the lightest flint w/ the knife of butter) a compass ( is compatible but clearly has gone by the pocolas terracings - likely painted wrongly) and some works of the whistles yes blow really hard (roughly an energy has required to shout in a same volume)

the instructions are in of the broken English and sometimes imprecise.

Alarm, piece to time like this digital/equivalent, stopwatch all does well.

But has loved the sample that could spend while he a park and any to the worry is fallen off and goats of mine ate it.

How is basically a lot - but can not give 3 stars more to anything has done these low-notes.

Modification: it results yes you scrape a magnesium in a tentativa to spark the fire - magnetise a flint. Supposition that is afterwards to a flint - a compass. Like an already questionable compass is rendered useless (at least temporarily) for a judge of fire of start. Ossia The very poor creation election.
4 / 5
A defender was my experience :

A Clock = will look ‘corrected' in the competitor that organism of builds, otherwise goes to be big or ENORMOUS in the wrist !

Show = a (objective solid) the Analog hands are clear to read, & can be luminous for the bit after being in a light (does not agree a correct term). 

A digital readout is after non-existent. A light green backside is no better. The battery is CR2025 (resupplied).

The accuracy = of compass is relative. It is not the unit of toy, but is also any one a description is “But use some Better.”

Whistles = yup, work. Description, “that the Big decibel” is relative.

Paracord = He, a rope is well. I defer to a description, “After a strap of rope has been disassembled, ossia he 86army of cm of parachute of long rope of seven cores that can 250 books and can be used like the rope of cheat.”

Correa of clock = is basically he velcro the band bent-in 3-sided, then covered for a Paracord. 

Some rays that connects a strap to an exposure is in fact cosmetic. It is the pop -was pin, doing it easy to take in ‘way of survival', as any one the screwdriver is required. 

Also where a nail/of the ray connects to an exposure, has the guard of hule (metal of looks).

Judge of the fire of start = could does not take to do. A Scraper is small, smaller that the electrical guitar chooses. A cane of chairs of Magnesium among a Buckle of the emission lateralmente Plastic prongs has not helped.

“ The excellent waterproof action “ = never has included goring to this point before I am returned a clock .

Liked join me idea, but one 6-in-1 was so only the sleep. Oh Well, they Are behind to spend 6 different elements.
5 / 5
Would buy again. The sample adds easy setup. Read some instructions on dipping time. The show adds. I have bought 2 I am hard in the clock is both like this said wine so much the work has come with an extra battery
5 / 5
A sample is well. Everything looked to do and some characteristic was good but did not like me a creation of a face. A clock was very dark inside a face and an only thing that that can be seen in the gaze was really some hands. A dial with numbers and hash the frames were all black and an electronics has not been that visible without a light on. Also a clock was very big, at least 3/4 fat thumb. It looked fresh and has had characteristic fresco, he also the good word resembled but no for me. I gave it three stars because he as I dictate it and was true to one adds.
4 / 5
Is has arrived not doing without the instructions have tried like this to substitute the battery still has not done. This on an Amazon in fact does not rid the the day had been planned to arrive and calm in fact would think that to the amazon there would be rescheduled he for one first hands a next day, any one has been changed several times during a day finally arriving in 7pm a next night.
5 / 5
No for a thin wrist. Has any girth and hanged. Wished some characteristic equivalent has had some glow in a dark visibility, has to use digital exposure to see a time in darkness. Wine with the battery To spare that has required to use immediately, reason a an installed died with which 2 days.
5 / 5
Like mine eyesight is not a more has to that spend reading glasses to read. It has taken a clock and there is remarked so only can see some hands in a clock but when being an old man of 52 I knows like this to read time for some hands. In order for me to see anything more in a clock has to that dipped in my glasses to read and paste a light key and then turn to the concrete corner to see another digital material.
5 / 5
Present navideño for adolescent edges those who is the scout and has asked the clock. It has been thrilled!!! It is the little bit for his that can do smaller but has to that undo paracord to regulate measure. Otherwise, Is perfect! It spends it all a time!
5 / 5
An only thing displeased is that a buckle of band is enormous and the little has bitten uncomfortable. You take used his, but takes the day or so much.

Top Customer Reviews: LYMFHCH Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
5 / 5
Good-looking clock! It has purchased previously an all black version the little month behind, loves it. Any so much this one. Red is my colour but unfortunately when. Have take of packaging very elegant there is remarked a hand of second turned freely and has not been connected to a train . A lot disappointed but these things spend. I packed it and ready partorisca turn. Surprisingly it would have preferred a same transmission but that the option has not been given. Repayment so only?? In my opinion this has not been one the fault of vendors. The clock was pre-packaged of costruttore. I will try again in future. These clocks are durable for work, game or exiting in a city. A lot compliments another writes the one who possesses some clocks of Accidents of the G in a lot of main prize. Still under $ 13 you can not go bad, arrives in perfect condition that it is!
4 / 5
Big taste, multifunctional soldato of fashionable clocks, this one east the good shot for a prize. Setting and regulating his diverse functions can take the bit of patience because, Casio different, comes with a page of the instruction and his am not very good but calm will imagine it was quite quickly. It is reliability , accuracy, life of battery, control of water (50m) rest to be seen but is the a lot of looking, returns comfortably for the big clock and is a lot of coloreado. I will be interested to see how long continuous do properly and is for real water resistant, when it spends in an ocean surfing. I can update this description in a prójimo-future, but for a prize, a lot he the paralizaciones or the leaks or the falls averts, has lost very a lot.
5 / 5
Shows very fresh. Ignored like durable this will be, but thus prize as it could go bad. All the characteristics do like this described, some keys in fact something, different a lot of economic clocks that tries to look something is not .
5 / 5
Has ordered this looks the few weeks does and like this far am them very impressed with him. I spend this looks all a time that comprises while trace ATVs, dirtbikes, and touching in airsoft battles. Still although a clock has been clashed and scraped to drive and when being paste of airsoft BBs, there is not remarked the alone mark or dent in a clock. You can gone in two different times in a clock (Analog and digital), and can dip a day, month, and year. A backlight act a lot well and does not have any question that sees a digital time and date with a backlight. I asked like this it would see some hands of clock for the prejudices yes tip a time of a place are in and no a digital clock, and there is @@give that a glow of hands of the clock in a darkness. They are very impressed with this clock for him is low prize, and like clockwork external in general.
4 / 5
This clock has not been bad for a prize . I have tried everything of some functions and do like this has to that. A clock has the appeal of eye adds .
May ...For a down side . A clock has been supposition to have the band with the 10 period of thumb , the doubt concealed . My old clock has to that 10 band of thumb and the buckles in a 4th eye have left . This band of clock has broken to try to take to a prime minister eyelet . It was fixed easily (the must has required adjustment reason a pin that resists it on was free). It has been also announced like red but orange of looks .
5 / 5
Has bought this looks first for my husband is durable value does well of the money. Utmost colours and a thickness he correctly to do at night so much loves a light that has. 💖
4 / 5
The clock is cheaply done - and DARK HARD to see hands and green backlight only stays on for the pocolos second.
5 / 5
Adds to look sample that has all some characteristics have looked for. Very happy with cost of mine!!
5 / 5
Cara big with flexible band. Alternating the functions look for separate of digital time as much as any to confuse. Way and functions of neighbours is relatively simple and is actuated with a key.
5 / 5
Big face with flexible band. Alternating the functions look for separate of digital time as much as any partorisca confuse. Way and functions of neighbours is relatively simple and is actuated with a key.

Top Customer Reviews: Timex Men's T45181 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
The ll Start with a negative, final with a positive. Bought this February of clock 2017. It has been partorisca change an hour partorisca an end of savings of daylight in November. Pulled out of a crown partorisca do a transmission, and has burst was. It can not correct a time. That has spent the Timex? There has not been Never concealed raisin before. Other subjects: the upper coverage Black always moved simply partorisca the spend. A digital screen has not been partorisca clear enough for these old eyes in good light with my readers. Some keys of neighbours of the digital clock always was pressed simply to spend a clock, for this changing settings. I really annoying when an alarm goes is gone in a half of a night when it is not never state dipped to spend at all. Now a positive: the face of Clock was readable with enough of light without glasses. It liked a Indiglo has retreated to light for of the night. A sale of wrist was comfortable in hot sweaty walked. It has maintained the first perfect time of a crown has burst was. In an end has complained to purchase this clock. Substituted with another Timex with just a face of equivalent, date, and for behind characteristic light with the face the big plus and house of metal in place of plastic parts. It would not recommend this model of Timex. While against expecting a model of the hard substitution longer that 8 month.
4 / 5
Stylish And functional clock, half-sized, for wrist any plus of 19 centimetres.
HAS easy to read hands of contrast with luminous brilliants. The figures are the little small has bitten.
5 / 5
Ossia The clock adds, economic for any activity. I have bought he for work I frequently in the middle of the hard desert and he have on resisted like the field. A indiglo the function was quite brilliant at night to easily read some hands (although any so much for a digital exposure). A ticking is audible enmedio entirely calm, but a lot overwhelms it . While has the function of timer, a working bezel the coverage has looked for to be handier for rough timings and founds to use me the constantly.

A mostly plastic construction, which usually do not love in the clock, maintains this a reasonably slender and light. Has the full metal Timex the Time of expedition ossia the clock adds but is weighed much more and chunkier. To be is gone in some elements and toiling, prefer this clock. Of the fashionable perspective when they are of house of tower, prefers one all the time of metal with band of skin.

I doubt could break this clock has tried , has taken abused enough seriously in mine last travesía, when being submerso in of waters he, paste in of the rocks, has subjected the storms of powder and did not blink, but would substitute it to him immediately. A digital exposure could be backlit more brilliant when a indiglo is on and an action the little calmer, or would be five stars .
4 / 5
Has been the Timex the defender of a first time has seen a indiglo the almost done ad thirty years! I have very possessed of then comprising several models of expedition. They are also an analog defender and despise digital clocks, this in spite of never readjust an analog date when the precise has begun like this to look for the solution and the clock of combination is to good sure a response. Ossia The clock priced down fantastic uploaded with the characteristic and is the crystal is inset in a rotating bezel like helps in preventing scratches. Timex The crystal takes the licking without aiming premature lining at any rate and these helps of characteristic even more. Well On to to which does not like on this clock! A digital characteristic is hard to see with ageing the eyes and a thing like roughly less still is of a fact that a date does not remain on at all times! You owe that press a key and he aims a day and date for the pocolos second or while you resist a key. A lot it would prefer the setting to maintain a date that objective more than the digital time of then sees an analog characteristic for a time. Also it remarks that a chance is resin any one the metal and some keys are also plastic to save a crown that is mostly the stainless steel and a rear dish is also stainless steel. While it prefers the chance of clock of good metal an use of mark of resins for the creation of good light weight. It likes- one band in this clock also... The time will say is like this sturdy as it looks. In general this was the compraventa the well in the clock adds although I need to grab my glasses to read and press the key to see the day is! Still it would prefer slightly of the main figures and the characteristic to aim a date at all times. MODIFICATION: after reading by means of qa this looks in fact has the characteristic to maintain a date that aims simply to resist a key for the pocolos second. Thanks to a person the one who posted this info likes done a much more desirable sample... Now if so only it could see he without that has to that take reading glasses!
5 / 5
Like state to title, a @@@knob of adjustment to dip the hands of some pauses of clock was and the fall was on is adapted. It did not regulate it or still touching it . I so only found the in a paving. Ossia One 2nd . Of these clocks to do east. My last clock is lasted several years before it has broken that it is reason has bought another. This last an any last the same year. I see where other clients have had a same exact question. Of course when some pauses of @the @@knob of/falls was water of leaves to a clock that the cause to fail. A Timex the guarantee is useless to the equal that require to pay for the ship behind to them and also pay them $ the stops returns to ship. Ossia Totally ridiculous like this is clearly the defect of manufacture. His service of client is also terrible as it took him almost 2 weeks to answer to mine email and when I have behind answered to them that has to that it does not have to that paid for a nave, never have included annoyed to answer behind.
5 / 5
My pervious the clock lasted for 2yrs. Amur That shows like this, as I have found another exactly one same. This a drink is lasted the month. And his both have broken a same way. A time ajustment the @@@knob has gone down so only of point! It has been once gone an analog part was usless. Digital was no longer water resistant for any half!
Really loves all some characteristics but desire Timex has done that lock of part more than tight.
4 / 5
Rids down ossia a show has better taken like this far. I love my clock of Infantry but with 24mm the bands is the big sucker . Then it has my Timex Expedition Gallatian that go in in 22-23mm how is so only perfect for my wrist of measure. It is the perfect access and LOVE a Velcro 'Fastwrap' strap that comes with him. It is sometimes like this comfortable I forgets still are that it spends the clock and still resists on when swimming! And now this type, a Resin of Expedition Combo like llama . He in 20mm measured of band, is the tad small in my wrist - I desire was 22mm measured to the equal that would be to 6star or 7clock of star haha. Once it has taken another Timex the clock has known this 'Released the series would be awesome. This in spite of any have me to them legustado two things in a prime minister a, a date has had to be dipped for constantly winding in a clockwise direction the box has taken a day (a lot tedious) and a indiglo he like this calm could not see a date. As I have decided that that loves an analog/digital combo but in a series of Expedition. In the amazon at least there was so only 2-3 models of Timex Expedition that has had this concrete combination. As I have opted for a say average of an option of street for prize vs elegance. Like this when a Resin of Expedition Combo is gone in was wowed for as that surprises this thing is. Has LIKE THIS the functionality is not even pleasant. Digitally Dipped your date, dipped your alarm (two diff time of alarm), uses the stopwatch function, and take both 12-24 hr digitally and equivalent, and has the glow in some dark analog hands/lights digital indiglo characteristic, and is the resistant water until any 30, or 50, or still 75metres but until 100 metres water resistant. Oh I mentions has the rotatable divers bezel the one who rotates in a clockwise direction and counter? Yup Has taken that also. Ossia For far a show has possessed BETTER period in of the terms of functionalities. In of the terms of draw is also really stellar. The desire again was the tad main but so only for mm is. Wine with the really well traditional fashionable wrist the brown bows concealed was in fact very comfortable, but for me is the a lot of gone I so that I am slightly allergic to stainless steel when it spends of the clocks, as I require to cover on a backplate and like this as well as the strap accionaría is, so only has not done for me. As I have attached it nails of fast emission, and a Velcro the expedition joins as it feels to surprise. I have chosen also the NATO fashion really well joins as again it prevents contact of direct skin at all times. THIS combination is equally like this comfortable like Velcro strap. A indiglo is some of a brilliant plus have seen, some glow of analog hands in closings a slightest clues to touch in next environmental light. I know the people have spoken in a crown or a dual dial that together some analog hands that they are feeble and breaking ( the time will say) but I so that it dipped it far once and forgot it like this sew the work adds of not losing time at all. If Timex is coming up with some class of ready interface for a digital portion of a clock concealed'd be ailing. But for now the fashionable numbering of the calculator of one 1980 and lettering for a digital portion amena in the class of retro feels. I also chosen on the Voguestrap Velcro bows more to the long of some colours of a clock but he has not gone long enough to access around my wrist amiably without being too tight. Something to look was paralización when that buys the strap/of band for a clock. In general like this far I givethis shows 5stars and I can not taking the spending on mine other clocks that comprises my mark of Infantry looks to the equal that feels really comfortable with a NATO strap, but so only is not quite brilliant at night compared to this clock with a indiglo. I mean it is brilliant and is awesome haha. The difference of mine another clock of the expedition does not block a date or digital portion of a clock to be seen at night, can see a whole face of a clock, period. And it is it adds. I buy this clock again has to that pauses?? Absolutely. I buy this looks other clocks another more expensive with better characteristics? Yea Absolutely. To the left say ossia in a better calm clock can buy without taking the ready clock or gps clock and in the now elegant outside. I want to one alfresco (spiders to hate still) and absolutely can say this clock me do fault very a lot @@subject a circumstance, indoors alfresco daytime nighttime, wartime, sleeptime, in a rain, in a snow, in a desert, and in an arctic. This undoubtedly will be with me for the long time. And reason is like this small I hardly remark it unless I want to verify a date or time. To stop that looks and take this clock. You will take on that small is really quickly. If it calms no, then hey record for some two models have spoken earlier, could be more on your alley. This one is so only in perfect for me.
4 / 5
Timex Mentions Resin Of Chronograph of Trail of expedition Combo Clock

has had one of these for roughly 10 years. After substituting a battery quite time, has found that a sample no more. Thinking that somehow had broken a clock, was loved to find and order the new one of Amazon.

Resulted a forward a has not been broken and was finally able of the reparation.

I like a way some functions are fixed in a clock and that has the rotating bezel this in spite of a clock is still relatively small.

Has substituted a strap with a plus to mine in pleasant and am good to go.

Commentaries that some rays in a backside does not use the phillips screwdriver (although they look has to that). They are drawn to use it JIS screwdriver. Highly I recommend volume he JIS screwdriver to change a battery.
4 / 5
I really like a sample like this far. Good exposure, a lot readable. Some the luminous hands are in fact visible in a darkness, the difference another show has possessed. And a Indiglo the light the easy fact to verify a time at night, although it lights a face, no a digital exposure. Chime and now good of strong alarm, which can be enclosed was yes you so much desire. The digital exposure loses the pair of second the week, the equivalent bit it more. Still quite attentive - I reset each pair of weeks because I am obsessive likes concealed. Reason so only four stars? Documentation. A clock is coming with the paper that has comprised all some opinions of security in perhaps the dozen different tongues, but instructions of zeros on like this to dip and operate a timepiece. It is not exactly one same likes another has had, and no really intuitive. I have had to go to a Timex put web and guess that look had based in that picture was a next plus (any party esatta, of course) then download the manual of pdf. Still a lot sure it has taken a legislation a, but was after enough so much could imagine was like this to dip a clock, alarm and calendar. I a lot annoying, Timex!
5 / 5
I bad, am disappointed - is not like this easy to see have expected like this under any one conditions - a light is meh - some hands so only are not quite big to be anything but meh for visibility. And one the digital dial is ridiculously small.
A band is probably two full notch too small - and the one who a hell is with a square was final? It is also two rigid times to the equal that would owe that be still consolation, and offers any control to sliding out of place unless you torsion the down. To good sure need the band of skin to maintain.
Like the zones other villages' complain - a dial is way quite rigid and I quite a lot of need - any question there. And a crown has no self-there is pulled was once. I maintain to verify he - I neither spends a clock when I am doing things with mine hads that it could break likes hammer, or manualidad of any class.
And finally the special complaint that could not dip a clock in a prime minister tries. It is 1980 it is-VCR-STUPID. And I will not buy never the digital clock again -

After timing big hands, contrast big, the coverage yes is possible, and sure to date maquinal - all more has the telephone for that.

Top Customer Reviews: Men's Watches Multi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
Description for consumer, Joseph Lupoli:
Ossia mine 2nd Skmei clock. I have bought my prime minister a five-done of the years and an only reason have taken another is why a battery has run finally is gone in my old clock. At all more it was bad with him. Could have it it has had simply the new battery dipped in, but that cost around $ 10 bucks has imposed besides.

To the equal that know a life of the battery in this clock is very partorisca at least four to five-years. Any bad at all! And partorisca the scant $ 13 bucks, reason any so only buy the new clock each one that five-years or so many?

Regarding this Skmei clock milite he: it is the tank . It is the test of bombs. It is light and surprisingly comfortable to spend. In fact, it is like this comfortable, glielo can spend the whole day and all night and not feeling the thing.

This clock maintains perfect time to a second partorisca a whole period of a battery. And it is for real waterproof and incident-test.

Also, a lentil of window is big abrasion resistant glass, the rarity in this row of prize.

A tip: partorisca avert rust/corrosion of sweat in a stainless steel that retreated, applies the thin discharge of oil of his gun each pair of month. And partorisca take touched of of the glare that comes from/comes from some rays, paints him with flat olive drab painting of aeroplane of the model.

In short, highly recommends this product. And I expect that this description has been useful.
5 / 5
Im The big G-defender of Incident and these circles of careers of the clock around him. G-Impact still uses antiquated light bulbs partorisca light a face of the his $ 100-300 clocks of dollar and theyre to well likes the fact that some figures in his screens are very small. These lights of clock like the Xmas tree, some keys beep when it press him (the difference of a squishy G partorisca feel keys of Incidents). And some figures are big. I spend this partorisca do like the personal trainer partorisca coach my clients and use some dozens of clock of the stop of time during each day. Ive Fell it, closed it unexpectedly agains hanged, has fallen hanged in the, has swum with him in a group every day in a summer and work perfectly after the year and the half.
5 / 5
Are the snob of clock . Typically big purchase to finalise tactical clocks with a lot of functions. I have taken it casualidad in this simply because of some looks, included knowing has taken little more than the timepiece. I prefer a Alt/Baro/Comp functions in some clocks I compraventa. Ossia The add looking clock, and some hands are more visible in some darkness that would have guessed based in a prize. They are not Luminox brilliant, but for a prize has paid, a fact is visible at all is in prize. A light function for some digital numbers is more brilliant that a lot of some clocks have paid in five times a prize. Obviously for some pointed dimensions, is quite bulky, but concealed is not the negative seeing like the costruttore does not hide these facts. To good sure the value adds.
4 / 5
Has taken this with which have broken my last Accident of G and has required the clock while I have decided the one who new one to buy.

A good and a bad.
A Good: the measure is main that half to which likes. Colour (blue camo) is also well. It has Had he for the few months now, the comfortable.

A Bad: the keys are loose, very easy to press, too easy in fact. I listened him hasten while sliding my low hand my pillow at night bugs. Some lights of glow numbers any one some hands. Glow of hands in a darkness. While a screen is conjoint of counter , stain easily. They are hard in my material to the equal that imagine will result unreadable punctual.

Is easy to dip, comfortable but does not see it when being the clock of long term. If I need the economic clock, work, better that some.
4 / 5
There is has had so only a clock for the pair of weeks, but like this far like this good. I have bought he for my edges of 14 years, to substitute the G-the sample of accident had taken like the present, but has looked for something less expensive that still is returned his questions. This clock has won. It has taken the little bit for him to take used to reason a face of clock is much bigger that attended, and main that a G-incident. It has not looked he in a picture, but is quite big. Has not watering-tried it, but probably a lot so that it does not want to risks to take acting. If a hard clock long, will be a lot of value he. Besides, we ask a vendor the question, and has received the response a lot quickly.
5 / 5
A first day has used them he in a group was a lot of but 1 day later under a glass he fogged on the plot. The Pot he in the rice and he have not done , tried it to them again for the whole day, supposition that? It has not done. ): :( A screen is remained fogged up with liquid has captured. It looked fresh, and possibly could last more along waters it to him does not take his. I have finalised to buy Casio shows and has had any swimming of question in a group
5 / 5
the Ex army has Takes , am gone in 5 feet of water in group. He fogged up light working decree and some numbers for a month and the day have turn . Admitted was so only $ but with on man! It has Had he for 5 days . It does not announce armed ( Sample of Army ) and does not do or last ... The Strong army that this clock has not been !!!
4 / 5
Excellent clock work easy solid and finally the sample ossia EASY to dip!
5 / 5
This clock is súper lousy and cheaply has done. First tug in a root to dip a clock and a root have come entirely was. Situated the backside in and turned it... Any movement of some hands. Boxed the backside on and is returned. It will spend of the money in the real G-impact instead.
5 / 5
Has had a clock for two weeks now and maintains good time. It lights green to light an exposure and automatically changes a month and day. I owe that say your that this clock is big. It is probably a sample a calm elder never wear. They are 6 big feet and a sample is big same for me. May... It likes!

Top Customer Reviews: Black Military ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
4 / 5
No appearances the very good clock in this prize--and has been wanted to when I have taken to love a soyilitary' expensive fashionable, easy to read and clear; ossia the example adds of a fashion. And an expensive is two levels , unusual and a lot easy to read in any corner--more is very attractive. :-) A crystal is surprisingly hard and scratch-resistant, and has some class of anti-characteristic of reflection that the frames that read a very easy sample in a lot of types to light. A clock is also very attentive, which is of entity of mine. A band is comfortable, and a measure of a clock adapted perfectly. It was big in the very small person (woman or man), but ossia a modern fashion , is not the? :-) It is perfectly sized for half the big (I follows 6'2') men. I have spent this clock to do, where looks well, and glielo spent the whole day fishing, which can be hard in the clock. Rodeo: these looks of clock well, is hard, and is attentive--and everything in the prize adds. I am surprised and wanted by this MDC clock. Calm can any gone bad with him!
UPDATE: I have been spending mine for the week. I have verified so only a time against a NIST level, and is still exactly something-on. I love accuracy in the clock. And I like the clock that the good looks and is easy to read and is hard--ossia the sample adds , to good sure roughly that.
4 / 5
Had pleased really with this compraventa! Rings the clock that was simple and durable and this looks really done a work. A strap is comfortable nylon and is reinforced to protect against a clasp which is the really good addition . A face of clock is cleaned and easy to read as well as scratch-resistant. A casing is really solid and waterproof. I have swum with him well out of a box and he have treated really well.
Has has wanted to something simple and functional and this looks really do fault his purpose really well. There is not the plot of frills here, is the well advances timepiece with 12 and of the frames of 24 hours as well as some red-colored second hand and an attentive and easy to read window of date. It is easy to dip too much like the easy fact to change the time zones and I tend to do. Highly it recommends like the solid of daily wear timepiece that reads in the each situation.
4 / 5
Ossia Really the clock adds! It is the very good value , looks acute, maintains attentive time, and access well in my quite big wrist. It avenges packaged a lot amiably and securely, a lot-protected in fijamente he of double box, complete with paper of information (guarantee and information of contact) of AMAZON. A watchband is the breathable nylon-material of type (he wicks was moisture and is very comfortable), more a portion of loop is reinforced with touch he of skin for extra sturdiness. I spend this clock daily received it of then and has been more than pleased with him in the each consideration. Thank you, MDC - I follows the Big Defender!
4 / 5
Has looked for the stylish and simple clock that would aim me a date and time when I have found is one. Of some times have opened a box, was impressed extremely with a quality and craftsmanship of this clock. A clock maintains the time adds and a functionality of date was extremely easy to dip up. In general, I am very happy with this compraventa and would recommend it to any one looking for the sample adds in the prize adds.
5 / 5
Clock a lot well of light weight. Amur One feels of a strap, very comfortable. Thus prize are VERRY happy with cost of mine. I wish it it has been it bit it main but this will do for the perfect clock for prejudices among a city. If you are looking for the simple clock a lot that not having too that goes in in a dial this clock is for you!
4 / 5
This clock is perfect for every day wear, good and no too big, another swipe for MDC clocks! I kepp purchasing them !!!
5 / 5
Shows very good and the trafficante adds to do with.
4 / 5
Has required the clock of good work , ossia the acting quality adds , well , maintains time , looks to be quite durable.
5 / 5
My park of husband and is hard in of the clocks. To These looks of clock likes him can take of an abuse.
4 / 5
His simple and easy fashion to read a very comfortable.

Top Customer Reviews: Big Face Military ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
When Have in the first place resisted this clock, one first what that there is remarked was a weight. Ossia The substantial timepiece this feels solid and durable in a wrist. A crazy black metal casing is smooth and looks very cleaned against a skin. A rotating bezel in this clock is an excellent tool partorisca measure elapsed stays of time in place with the tactile clicking answered and clear white numbering.
Some faces of sample is cleaned and easy to read down scratch-resistant glass partorisca the clock of dual function. An equivalent is easy to read with the clear orange second hand and aim skeletonized minute and hands of now. A digital function is so only visible when a backlight is actuated partorisca maintain the grandson subdued look. An indicator of day is easy to read also.
Dipping a clock is easy both partorisca some equivalent and digital exposures. Syncing His is not everything too difficult with the smidge of endeavour. It appears the stopwatch and hourly characteristic of chime that can be turned on and was easily. Also it leaves partorisca the times of 24 hours show a lot easily.
A strap is flexible silicone -like this material ossia quite fat to last, but no too fat that among a way.
While any one drawn for prolonged submersion in of waters he, he still controls until a daily rigour of external work and heavy use. This clock is drawn to give support and is returned for an individual the one who half to do of the same. They are happy with a compraventa and recommend for another without hesitation.
4 / 5
Has bought this clock to explode all an included / has looked controls and of the functions. Has dual time (an analog exposure and a digital exposure), which can be place for separate has wished . Also it has the stopwatch, an alarm which can be places to alarm of a time or daily alarm, key-has actuated backlight to read a digital clock in a darkness, date/of day (digital), and the really fresh hourly chime, which can be turned on or was wished like this that. A watchband is the very light but hule hard and is very comfortable and flexible. Had thinks that that it would substitute a watchband, likes hule watchbands and my wrist is not generally compatible, but after the try on and it spending the moment, finds that THIS INDIVIDUAL watchband works a lot well for me, and was pleasantly surprised, as I will be to maintain a band that is coming with a clock! A clock is a lot of-built, work perfectly, and maintains time with accuracy. I am impressed! Good work, MDC !!!
4 / 5
Are the take SCUBA monitor and has very possessed looks concealed costs the plot more than east a but this clock is more than has expected. An only reason that estimated it 4 stars in place of 5 is due to a fact that is announced like this waters-resistant to 3 ATM, this in spite of said in a fine impression that can it he withstand splashing with water. Knowing the one who ATM HALF and a splashing the reference is the bit to confuse . @I give that a crown any ray down which doubt me a sure to 3 ATM statement, but a crown feels to like one Or coverage around a zone that would assume would protect a clock of exposure of water during the shower or writing of rain. It would be interested to know if any there has been any water-has related @subject while raining or doing in of the conditions of foul time. A clock are adds. I can not say anything negative roughly he for some costs of prize folds if any tripple that is cost. A confusion of water is an only @@subject that has.
4 / 5
Does not write any a lot of descriptions, especially for clocks. They are a lot of picky in my train and I so only love material that is very functional as well as looking well. I can you do not say how long it has it has sent clocks behind with which so only the week. This in spite of, this clock returns a bill. One first what that the strikes is a heft a clock. When I have taken he out of a box, was very impressed and surprised in a quality of build but was a bit has concerned that a weight and the measure were to be overpowering in my a bit tightened wrist. It was pleasantly surprised when I in the first place dipped the on that it is surprisingly comfortable which has the plot to do the one who a sale is configured. It is the band of heavy silicone that has a lot of holes of different measure by means of a period, he so only works. An arrival in a silicone neither rasga out of your hair of arm, is comfortable. A chance of clock is very robust, the stainless steel weighed with the stainless steel behind. A crystal is very fat also, has been the spending daily bought it of then and has not had any look of scratches. It is also for real waterproof to the equal that alleges. I spent it to powerwash my bounce and cochera, the hand has repeated that washes, any @@subject at all. A movement of quartz is Japanese, as the majority of good solid clocks comprises, and a time is always be something on.

A second point of entity is functionality . A clock comprises the paper of measure of small indication for instructions. I love it, I do not owe that read the novel to take a clock dips up. It has taken everything of 5 minutes to use some 4 tactile keys very big in a side of a chance to dip a time of date and daily alarm. Perfecto! One of some keys controls an illumination of dial, lights enough to see a whole face and stays in long quite visas a time and date. A bezel is real and rotates in a correct way like the clock of dive, another plus. A sample also the look adds. It is dressy enough to spend with fine cloths and quite rugged to spend in a field without the worry. Ossia Perfect for me, reason likes me has said, loves something concealed is functional with the good looks or is useless mine.

@In rodeo, is the sample adds , the súper value in a current prize and I have to that well sure that last the question of long time-free. Highly I recommend it.
4 / 5
Thank you For an amazing clock, my husband is very happy. Calm to good sure the the extremely satisfied client. A weight is which took. For real I love it. A better part in this clock is like a company emailed me and ask all was well, if it had opened a container to verify etc. The one who that? They are for real it has appreciated that has taken a time to verify in your products and client. A fact that taken a time will be a reason takes a time to leave this description and mandate again. Looking forward to much more business. Thank you. For a way. A clock is perfect, any one give and easy to use. Thank you.
4 / 5
Ossia The one of truth shows done well, especially thus low cost! It is solidly built and clear to read and near, with the well of masculine big face. A time is attentive. Usually I have the question that dips these types of clocks, but with east a, took so only the pair of minutes without reading inclusa some instructions. It would recommend this clock for the present that gives to the man. It is the little too big for the woman, but ossia the personal preference . If you are the nurse viril , ossia perfect! This would do a awesome present for any man. (btw, Ossia for my husband, as I have aimed against my own hand reason do not want to spoil a surprise!)
5 / 5
A clock feels solid and will not disappoint calm in a department of looks. A dial is easy to read and are really undermining all some details that gives it the pro external look and feel. A sample among the good box a lot enough for gifting the to any and also comes with the together of instructions to help bet on clocks' alarm, time, stopwatch, and functions of dates. A backlight is quell'has bitten dim but quite appropriate for dark conditions. A product is decent quality . Have rubbed a sample up against my counter of the smooth cookery and a product am exited slightly of a main casing that causes a 'bronze' colour, metal to aim. Some keys are easy to press down but can be bit it hard to press after taking a wet clock. A bezel the coverage is hard the rotate but he a work. In general I am impressed enough with a clock in a point of prize.

Update: it has taken the unit of substitution of a vendor almost immediately after contacting them and a clock of substitution has solved each subject has had vs a 1st a. A backlight is brilliant, the keys are soft to press, bezel the turns of coverage smoothly, and of the produced looks like this far to be that it resists on enough well. A thing has forgotten to mention was that it likes me a volume of alarm and stopwatch work' facilitated of access. I seat like these 2 implementations are very better that mine other clocks that is in this row of prize. Still I am undermining a outdoorsy-hard creation after spending of the dozens of clocks of time.
5 / 5
Are the person of clock having 25 or 30 clocks mostly Incidents of G of Casio.

Has been curious roughly some of some clocks see in an internet.

This military version is impressive. It looks very masculine. It is easy to dip. Looks Well in your arm. A chance and the sale do not look an economic clock.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It was hesitant to buy this clock because of a low prize, but when receiving, was impacted immediately in credit it has built this clock is. It is the heavy and hefty clock. Me When being the closely main type, with the quite main wrist, I like my clock faces big and bulky. Although I have had main and bulkier watchers, would dip this a the little in a half of the big clock. No a big plus, but to good sure any one a small plus.

Comes with the light. But it is faint. It does not like that of calm can not see a date. But tip a day of a week. Some bands are fat and heavy-has to that. Some applauses and casing is done of metal of some class, and is also, very heavy. Have Still for the try submarine, but has done stuffs, and used it while under heavy rain, and has not had any one questions there neither.

In general is the good clock . Good prize so that takings. I can a lot really complain.
4 / 5
Finally the clock I really likes! I am not sure state as to expect for a prize, but was pleasantly has surprised.
Is the little big and he tad the bit has weighed that thinks adds to a quality and global impressive appearance. I have thought at the beginning dipped a clock and that learns regarding the use would be intimidating, but has not gone at all. A company comprises the small paper that clearly explains some functions and settings. Very easy to follow. A band is something would have bought me, any something of cockroach of plastic feeling. More like sturdy durable band. I have used this for the few days and originally plants that I use an atomic clock for accuracy and like this far a time has died still in attentive. Ossia Something would be to please to spend or give like the present is that impressive.

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