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Top Customer Reviews: Ritche Silicone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
They are the consumer partorisca purchase , this description is not based in the sample of free description.

Has been using it on a Amazfit stratos GPS that follows clock of sport. I spend it 24/7, reason has the tracker of sleep and pedometer. So only I take it it was partorisca a shower and in an hour each one that 4-5 days to animal-touch a battery. In spite of spending it almost around a clock, this strap has a lot of be comfortable. It likes to please it maintains import my impressions are based in that is more probably the different use that the majority, with day-prejudice continual spending.

Has 35+ clocks in my collection, for the half duquel accepts a 22mm wide level. This sport-the orders of turn of the strap on everything of them. His one of mine favourite for looks and consolation. A lug the width is 22mm, but has the gradual the paste down to 20mm. Slightly it would prefer the plenary 22mm wide, without a paste... But his any the breaker to treat, and certainly any one the value that takes of the star for that. If anything a paste adds some consolation in hot muggy days, like this again his no really the negative.

Really like a strap keepers, and like some last some stays have closed to a hole of final. As to 24/7 fray the device ossia excellent.
Of the money to buckle brushed stainless is done amiably, smooth and contoured flanges. It likes a thin waffle of model also, looks good and is not like this deep that he entraps powder and muck. In spite of being silicone, his easy to dry clean.

Ossia In fact 1.5 straps in a 'cashier'. It comes with 3 pieces, as you can choose whichever two pieces return your circumference of wrist. My wrist is roughly 7.5 thumbs around, wide paving and bony form. Utilisation a plus along setup and use a 5th to a last hole of buckle. A small setup is too short for my preference.

Some straps are in fact pre-twisted to form. Ossia That likes me more. Some-the straps / of bloated straight silicone tend to feel the little tight in 63mm wide wrists. A pre-shaped the curve in these straps gives a sample the a lot relaxed access and feel. Without that has to that spend a show free and flexible... To Which likes.

Remarce Some pictures of amazon a material of looks of strap seeds-lustrous... As he urethane strap of clock of the dive. It concealed it is not a chance at all. A silicone has the A lot of dull-crazy, charcoal look. See my picture of my day-walked.

Probably will choose on an orange and red accented some aim also.
4 / 5
In the first place loves apoloize for all a fuzzies in some clocks and of the bands. Probably it does not have to that it has taken it a pics in the launch coverage. :-( To the equal that can see in some photos, has these bands of clock of hule wonderful (20 mm) on 3 of my clocks (Seiko Adds Hulk, Citizen Fugu Pepsi and Night of Citizen Hawk). Compared to a Barton bands of hule, which are good bands also, these are very better. These are very soft and very flexible. That I amour a more roughly these is a fact that takes 2 different period straps (the side with some holes) to accommodate to to the smallest wrists likes them to them the mine (' diameter) the wrists until 8.5'. An arrival of the hatch of the cross gives this looks finalised well that marks a clock underlines. Highly it recommends these and ensure you that you will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
Already possesses the cloth and skin RitcheBand, and this was my first compraventa of silicone of them.

-Comfort it of all some bands is very on means.
-The fast emission and attach the nail them easily interchangeable among clocks.
-RitcheBands Comprises an extra, the main strap with his bands of silicone for those with the main wrists. Personally I did not require it, but found a thoughtful addition.

-More than downloads he of authorship; I have it it possessed him so only everything for the month or two (another that a silicone), as I am unsure that the time will resist until regular wear, but in a point of the prize am not concerned too much in that.

In that has it Now possess one of the each main type (skin, cloth, silicone), easily can say ossia my costruttore of band of favourite clock . A consolation, looks, and facilitated to the transmission was his fact the clear winner for me. Highly recommended and will be to purchase more.
4 / 5
1. It comes with 2 different period of bands and the tool of cradle. A big plus some returns perfect in 8' wrist.
2. The looks that surprised in my Accident of G with blue emphasis.
3. Easy to clean
4. I dry quickly (perfect to swim)
5. Comfortable

1. Tucking A row to a keepers is not like this quickly to the equal that would like.
2. Builds to sweat up under a band
3. It collects muck and powder quite easily

A pros outweigh a gilipollas and this band is ideal for my Impact of G as I typically use in wet, dirty, and the half abusive means. He compliments a good sample for some phases has dipped he in. I want to spend this to do in a setting of office? No, a sweat under a sale would be too bothersome. I spend it camping, swimming, peach, snowboarding? Yes, I am taking wet or grimy already then ossia a perfect strap , especially with like this easy cleaned arrive and the one who calm quickly can dry was. I can finalise take one of a keepers of a band and so only tuck a row under a one in planting to try edge a row all a way by means of both of them. They are very impressed with this product and more probably be purchasing the NATO of skin and band of cloth in a future.
5 / 5
With all some descriptions add of this product, has decided spent the.

But not even the week of use, a strap already is rasgando was... My clock maintains in of the perfect conditions. This strap is nowhere near. If I have not remarked this, could have broken mine $ 200 investment...

Does not take this if calm worry you in your clock.
5 / 5
A Ritche strap of the clock of the silicone is one of one the majority of comfortable clock sells has not spent never. Strike this - is in fact The sale The most comfortable has has not experienced never.

A silicone is extremely soft and easily outlines your wrist. This in spite of, is also fat and quite strong that calms does not have to that concern roughly durability. A texturing in some external helps enhance an appearance. The hardware is also notch upper- a buckle and he nail is quite fat to withstand any abuse can think of, still contoured for an extremely comfortable experience.

Like usual, Ritche has done these straps with his bars of cradle of fast emission. This strap of mark changes the breeze. I can change one looks of my clock down the minute.

A bit those that create readier that Ritche is incorporated. One is a keeper that locks to a row of a band. Another east that Ritche comprises two 'rows' - a for the smallest wrist and one for the main wrist. Now almost all the world can take an ideal record.

TL/Dr.; Reason has calm has not bought this already?
4 / 5
One the majority of the disappointing part of this compraventa was that an image of a watchband in a listing there has been the lustrous look, but a band has received has to dull it appearance with the less clear-cut texture... In fact, it appears to have any model at all to the discharge, so only looks the tray of black piece of hule of silicone. Also, mine 20mm clock of the Swiss army would not accept some pins of fast emission in a band, some pins were so only grieve too long. I have had to take these pins and use another together, taking much more times that I priest to admit before I have had a band in my clock. It would not buy this band again.
5 / 5
A sale that is coming with a Samsung Shows of Galaxy the Active band is well, but the little too generic. So much, when a 20MM Ritche to the silicone Sells of the clock of Fast Emission has arrived, was anxious of the substitute.

A Ritche the band comes with short and long versions, as it owes apt so only roughly all the world. Mina ' the wrist has required a long band. Of both bands have quickly emission, the scrolling and the installation were literally the snap (almost). Although Samsung announces 20mm, is so only the little less (measured with that-A-Gauge Sale of Clock, Correa, and If Lug Sizer), which has done a real 20mm Ritche band snug and has required the pocolos second extras to install.

Is VERY COMFORTABLE, and a styling is very better that an original band. A texture gives it one the still sportive look elegant. It is so only a right thickness to sustain use of long term.

A band comes with the paper to guarantee that double like the bookmark in the resealable container that marks the way adds to store an old band .

In general, is the substitution adds for a Samsung Shows of Galaxy Active Band.
5 / 5
When I have opened a container the one who btw is elegant like any container of the band of the wrist could any never be, was likes a bit scenes of fiction of pulp when a briefcase is opened. An attention to detail in some crowbars of action of the cradle down some bands to install in mine $ the clock gives the sense of the sure record. Please ensure some crowbars are moved to some correct has closed to dip calm his the once dipped in his pertinent sides. Now for some unexpected reactions.

Look, are not an attractive man for any sense of a definition but I have had to begin to signal was to have the coverage of pair and am married felizmente. The knickers maintain to fall. More so many that when I spend my clock of calculator of the gold. I have had this clock of then 2004 and spent it daily in mine last spiegamento where has been wounded.

Does not buy this band of wrist without knowing has the sense of authorship that need to be taken the consideration. You have been warned.
5 / 5
Correa adds! Very soft still durable quality , sum. A buckle is amiably polished, and a texture of diamond is thin and tasteful. It bursts well on with some fast annexes. Nizza That comprises two period to tie also for different sized wrists. A lot of comfy. It could not be happier with this compraventa. I seat it likes him to him he has taken more than that I has paid stops. Excellent value.

Top Customer Reviews: Barton Elite ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
In general, this strap of clock is fantastic. A strap is very soft, flexible, and comfortable, silicone so only the straps can be. But, a Barton outshines a rest, because it is like this thin. This the much more comfortable fact that a bulky some of companies like Seiko. Also, a two look of your fantastic east, and one special keeper this resists a row of a strap in place is brilliant.

I so only have two a lot minor flus that I totals until being a negative star. In the first place, some bars of cradle in a 22mm the model is not 22mm. They are slightly longer that that, rendering his unusable of then can not return among a lugs of a clock. Has has had to that pry out of some bars of cradle and substitute them with bars of regular cradle. A 20mm the returns of version well.

A smaller according to @@subject that has had was that some paints so only is not very vibrant. Some black looks a lot of linty, and an orange is the little pale.

Besides, while a thinness of a strap feels sum, also feels to like can not be a lot of durable. I am not taking of any stars partorisca east, but is so only something for me to look time.

Again, these are subject much smaller , and in general some straps are fantastic.
5 / 5
Mina Seiko SRPA83 “the tuna of creature” is the big clock in 53 mm by means of. It could any never take used to a band of silicone that is coming with a clock because it is too bulky and far also yearn my small wrist. Has has tried bands other costruttrici but never found to one has liked him me up to now. A Barton the band is thin, according to my wrist really well and is distributed with both the strap along and short. The strap more the scarce returns my wrist perfectly. A band looks two keepers & a strap does not wrap all a way around to a chance of clock because it is a correct period .

Seiko The show of dive uses the “bar” of fat cradle that it is 2.5 MM diameter and will not press by means of some holes of strap without the bit of lubrication. A drop of hand-held soap helps a slide of bar in easily.

Be sure to look in a Barton video that shows to the equal that to take some bars of fast emission that is distributed with this band. They are well for a lot of clocks but is too small for any of a Seiko clocks of dive.

In general the band adds and am satisfied totally. Highly recommend.
5 / 5
After so only the few days a clasp transmission slid the the band and a band have broken. It looks as if some holes for some crowbars of pin are too big and aim it toneless of a band. Update. Received the substitution reason a band was like this comfortable and very thought out of has loved them really try again. According to an alike question. Pin shiftes By means of a hole of pin and drilled by means of a band forward. Such the shame has been economic in some material because otherwise is an excellent creation .
5 / 5
Has varied cloth Bartons to to that like him to him to plot, as I have decided to try out of the band of silicone. It is very comfortable, more than expected it to be, but there is roughly zero durability. In the first place, a strap has begun partorisca rasgar for a fast-emission nub in a bar of cradle. When I Have been to try to take a band, has found that a fence of cradle has been stuck and would not release . I have looked for to use to the tool of the bar of the cradle likes would use in the bar of regular cradle, and that presses a strap out of a way is resulted besides far rasgando of a strap. It is there is ruined now. To do the worse subjects, could a lot included take a bar of cradle was with a tool, and has finalised to cut a bar of the cradle with snips to take it was a clock.

So much, mark very big partorisca consolation, access, and way, and mark of zeros partorisca durability. It does not buy these straps.


Barton has achieved was with an offer to substitute a strap, but has tried topmast the to an allocution callejero of an Amazon locker, which is resulted in him that goes to the bar/of restaurant in place of a locker (USPS can any rid to Amazon lockers). Now they are minus a substitution also. Has there is prendido of then answer to mine emails. No too impressive. In all the chance, the lesson has learnt.
4 / 5
Soft, Flexible and like this light I grieves to feel are by train of the spend. Clean on easily. To the buckle is smooth and has it sheen without being súper shiny (to which like). A strap also has the loop with the created nub the one who empty to an end of a strap. It has known no I requires this characteristic until there is @@give remained situates all day and has not gone constantly fidgeting with him to slide he behind to plant, like this usually do. It does not like ? There is the loop regulates, also. Love the shortest strap to tuck in? They launch in an of those, also. Correa adds, the quality adds, easily one the majority of comfortable one has spent.
5 / 5
Awesome Sells!!! The abundance to purchase around before pulling a trigger in this band of clock of the mark. I have required a daily band to substitute for an original SS band of my Ball EMII Diver. With all a awesome the descriptions in this particular band has been convinced in his reliability.

Pros 1) Was very easy to install and with some 2 measures 6 on the dot pieces to plant comprised the easy fact to apt especially for my wrist of mine small plus.

Pro 2) His very comfortable and light but also quite rugged enough to sleep with and shower with.

Pro 3) A capacity to close of a second loop maintains a band in planting the difference other bands where some loops scoot of a band or too big on prójimo a buckle and some flaps of band was.

An only with can come up with this that wants to buy another for mine Another clock of Ball and Seal Aquaracer. Lol

For a prize, returned, comfort it and the ease is the no brainer. They are very Happy with this band and to good sure will be to buy another together for my collection
5 / 5
ABSOLUTELY love this band. Ossia One first band of substitution the has not purchased never reasons has loved them begin experimenting with different investigation my clocks as well as ameno some old some back the life and give them the better look. It has dipped this in the beige Seiko 5 reason has thought them a strap of the original cloth has not been the terrible only god in of the terms of appearance, but was also terribly uncomfortable. This a spills the tiny bit of weight in an original a. It is insignificant but enough partorisca remark the difference and do a sample feels waaay more comfortable and enjoyable to spend. It has seen it handful of the people that takes @@subject with a durability of a strap, where some pins of fast emission are but the decided to take it casualidades in all the chance. Some bands look quite fat that they would have to be durable and a zone of a band where some pins of fast emission are looks to be sturdy also. I will control behind in to give an update in a durability and to the equal that is resisting up but until then, 5 stars all day.
5 / 5
Has used to plot of bands / of clock of hule of silicone; some like expensive as $ 125 with deployant clasps and another $ 5 cheapies. It was the little in a fence in an Elite Barton vs a regualr version but a colour combo sold. An orange is slightly more muted that some pictures and for purposes of appearances 99 percent of people those who look in your band so only will see black.

This band is incredibly comfortable and flexible out of a stock exchange (something my expensive plus some continue to do on) and of course some bars of the cradle of fast emission does to change bands without tools the breeze. You take the short and long version of an end with one has holes of paste for the more facts of apt commission and a second keeper locks in. To Nizza likes calm does not have the end of band of the clock flapping around. Finally a band has the good stipple texture in an outside.

Adds compraventa!
4 / 5
Ossia A first time the cost these bands for my clock of galaxy.... It agrees to pay $ 50-$ 60 for bands for mine technomarine the clocks but these are material way of quality and better texture and draw his just perfecttt am enamoured with him... And a black buckle is almost a same colour that an original band that is coming with a clock of galaxy 42mm... Like this far it feels stronger and sturdy that a oem one and partorisca looks of mine to flavour wayyy better that an original... Has the most next look to a band of flange of the galaxy and looks more manly, in my opinion a oem has the delicate look..... 100 recommended and probably will order the navy and the black a.... But thats a lot of all the returned too much in mine 40mm invicta pro diver........ You will complain not purchasing this band for any clock.... (Sad in the mine that spells my main tongue is spanish but the the hope comprises my opinion)..... 👌 Barton The bands knows that it is doing.... And have so many options and of the colours... Highly recommended
4 / 5
These Barton bands of clock of the silicone of Elite is of sound because of a width resupplied of both wise (green of army, tan, black, etc.) And quirky (crimson black ,/red rose), but is extremely flexible, no too fat (more with clocks down 13mm thickness, IMHO) and, more than everything, coming with the third piece (in fact, the second ide of pierced ) ossia more along partorisca to to the big wrists like to them the mine. Like the subject general, am not crazy roughly 'easy transmission' bars of cradle, but, with the little endeavour, can change to regular bars. Oh, Almost as of a two sliding keepers has a tab of interior that locks to the next space a tip of final for a part of hole of band, as you will not have your sliding keepers sliding all to the long of a period of a band. Good touch.

Top Customer Reviews: Casio F91W-1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
They are in big clocks , bulky. Has my Suunto and the G of clocks of pairs of Accidents. I still his door, still wants to him, but mostly so only loves the sample that maintains good time , precise, does not underline of my wrist 3/4 thumb and hopefully looks juuuust the little dorky. They are also economic. Waterproofness Is of entity of mine. I the work of office. The commute for buses or train- help- clocks with that. It likes to go in the course look it times the week and spend the clock. I do not sleep or shower with my clock on unless I am camping or in the hotel. Digital flavour in analog reason I class to like know exactly that the times think that that it is and so only does not estimate never when I am reading an analog clock reason are lazy. Also, when they are in the meeting or I have been nailed-down for any does not want to speak to and wants to know if this really is taking for ever or if my perception of a step of time is to be just warped- is easier to sneak the peek in the digital clock and take the precise bed. Has @@give the few months that really am like this happy spending the $ 15 Casio to the equal that are with mine $ 250 Suunto and that the majority of days very precise to know a barometric pressure. Some days, yes. The majority of days, the no. But I likes him having the variety of clocks (comprising a Suunto, which is fabulous). And it likes to choose quell'clock to spend each morning. Ossia Entertainment for me. They are trace of Amazon recently and has ordered stirs it of Casio economic new clocks. It has taken four new clocks for $ 52. Material Timex is is on-priced. Ossia The one who economic I are.

Casio W-800HAV ($ 20-ish) Digital Black. My eight-year old edges and I each one which so it has taken one of these clocks for Natal 2016. In the So much master that. In the So much have other clocks but spend this a a more. Has the profile I quite down- does not take in of the pockets or of the bosses of shirt. I love a light- the stupid looks, like piddly. But in fact it lights an expensive well. I go jogging for prejudices he sometimes. Some works read a lot enough for me to see the one who dulcemente are still while I am bouncing down a street. And it has “Exposed Dual”. It has not been that more to call concealed. Tip a time on one separates of a screen and a time still tip a stopwatch numbers. Nizza To maintain clue of both. Or, If it is it was and roughly, I will dip the stopwatch when a train spends of longitude because I know that a train spends peels each one that 15 minutes. As I can see when I am coming up in another mark of 15 minutes and also see a time in a sub-exposed.

Casio F-201WA ($ ) Digital Black. Comfortable. Light. Keys easier to press. Good light. It likes-me that has timer of account behind and a lot of alarms. I lose to be able to see a time when it is in stopwatch to to the way likes can with a W-800HAV and a WV-200A.

Casio WV-200A ($ 40-ish) Waceceptor Digital Black with chrome and red. Looks Well. Like a chance of steel. I protect well for a glass. Relatively heavy. A liiiiitle too fat. Keys really good. I add electro-luminescent light. This one is an only clock of a group that can the to you put so he no beep every time press the key. Really I like him be able to turn a beep was. Sometimes I like dipped the stopwatch fulfilling it so much can see of what time any one is going in with some bullsht. Strangely, timing Any one is bullsht is the good distraction of a bullsht. But any like him to him my clock to beep when I am doing keys to press. “Dual exposure”- you still can see that time is when calm is in other ways. Timer of the account behind is good and many of mine others the clocks do not have one. It does not give he of the extra points for some Wave integers Ceptor what. It does not add any value for me and he kinda sucks battery. This clock has been in my wrist for the full day of snorkelling and managed it fantastically. Alive in the earth-be enclosed, as when volume to an ocean, are in a water ALL DAY LONG. I can not submerge deeper that perhaps 20 feet, as it is not the serious test for the clock that says is good to 200m. But you are submerging to 200m and the time is critical, goes to jump for something more than the $ 40 Casio. (I calm want to you, Casio).

Casio HDA-600 ($ ) Equivalent Black. Any one the majority of comfortable. Kinda Expresses My wrist of bone to bone or flops around the has bitten. I dunno, so only returns odd. YMMV. Amur A protective face. It can not expect until it begins to look the little attacked up. Glowy Points in some hands are not really impressive. Works of window of the date perfectly. The hard looks but is probably to no. likes to of me to plot.

Casio MQ24-7B2 ($ 14-Something) White-Equivalen has faced. Incredibly light. For real forget that you are by train of the spend. Easy to read. Any window of date. Any lumi. Nizza, simple and does not take never your boss in the shirt of dress. Yes, I am elegant. Some people are quite ready to read an analog clock that does not have to that the numbers on he- just points. They are not one of these people. The ray he on enough when has numbers. This has numbers. It likes him-me the numbers. It has not tried this one for waterproofyness. Casio he so only said is resistant water. Almost I any never of the underwater demolition anymore.

Casio A168W-1 ($ ) Stainless Digital. I want to / I hate this clock. It has not been Casio was really that tries to do the clock that the elegant looks but is really the dork-bomb, or is going for dork-bombs like his aim. Any way. This clock is the stunning success . I think that that this clock is a pinnacle of nerd-swank. 1980 wannabe stockbroker, fresco of old Type that does not give the sht, little has bitten of money under a sleeve to take any one is eye - oh the wait is the friggin Casio digital. I mean, it is chrome-plated PLASTIC to cry out of strong. It likes awesome the east concealed? I want to all of that. It loves it. Has a Illuminator light, which adds. Sample, date, stopwatch and alarm. Any timer of account behind. A sale of the metal is not comfortable. Has the flanges and he pulls in my skin of arm. Clasp The work adds and is wicked-easy to regulate. Slips Under the shirt to dress easily. Again: súper-dorky. It smiles me to them every time dipped quell'on. Then wince when attractive a skin.

Casio F91W-1 ($ ) Black Digital. Like this it looks to plot. It is súper thin. Very light. Some stupid light looks but work well. Some keys are easy to paste. It rows quite big in a ‘Dork' stairs. The people recognise it. It controls that a key down and says Casio. It is it adds. Proud to say has not spent never this clock together with flannel and he beanie. Never.
5 / 5
Ossia A clock buys when you are ailing of bulky expensive clocks. When Has no ego attached your compraventa of clock, and when calm @give you that the good clock so only attracts other 'types of clock', then buy this. It says time and day, included in a darkness. It calms that can dip to military time or 12 times of now. Has an alarm that beeps in calm the time of yours choosing.
4 / 5
Ossia Probably one the majority of practical clock one can possess. The work adds Casio!

Does not comprise a current tendency of “cookie in the strap” when it comes to clocks. Calm really loves one 8 clock of the ounce done to armour plate salvaged of the sunken ship? This clock confidently bucks that tendencies so many measures but also in practical value. A F91 is for those with more than brains that money.

Takes the look behind in history of clock when the clocks have been done to say time and no working way like this big, the clocks were smaller. A common man sized the clock was roughly 35mm wide. To the supposition likes the width a F91 is, yup, roughly 35mm wide. You suppose it that it could have had the clocks of reason was smaller? Perhaps weights and consolation? It does not try never spend one of a “cookie in the clocks” of strap with the long sleeved shirt or with gloves? It Likes him the dr. Phil Would say, “how is that exiting for you?”.

A F91 access under shirts easily and does not take in a cuff. It is like this light forgets is in your wrist, the difference of the Seiko the monster has possessed once that the could not expect take was. With which have forgotten is in your wrist, any reason the creature he. It is resistant water and will survive to take attacked around just well.

The difference of our ready clocks of today, the life of battery is measured in of the years, any hour. I can not it believe has not taken a more collected and can not believe people for clocks that any one ran more than 18 - 24 hours without the source of power to touch a battery. It concealed it is not to progress, ossia regress. Ape to the equal that with the quite a lot of marketing some believe black is really white and a moon is so only a sun at night.
4 / 5
This day and magnitude ‘of age' is the term has used too much often and too much frequently, the one of truth achieve magnitude one has to that spend things behind to first principles. A lot of pleasure in an age of prompt man, an importance to measure a step of time, an arch of a sun and moon by means of a heaven and one changing of the seasons has been core to survivors, thriving and that dominates, and, in a F91-W have an essence of one 200,000 travesía of year the humanity has done. When The time of the man in the earth is spent, a F91-W will remain, maintaining time in simplicity that obeys, ateniendo his key tenets of dependability, timelessness and precision of quartz. Other clocks can come and go and, like a trappings of youth, could be tried to look to a glitz and resplandor of the gold Rolex. For this affliction would recommend a F-91WM-9ACF Casio Men is Metal of Quartz 'Classical' and Resin Random Clock, colour: gold. Once a F91-W is in your wrist will remark a thin but definite turn of your levels of estréses, class of as it feels to soothe to write in the banana with the pen of point of the ball. The one who recommend a F91-W stops? Well, simply a person the one who wish to have the clock that says a time, especially for the half the dark east asks the subtly lit time control in place of one that fries retina, ‘far explosion' light clave of a screen of iPhone. It imagines to be able to time verify a time of remaining career of the film of big screen without lighting a whole theatre? It imagines never prpers that it has to that concern roughly touching the device spends with you each one alone day? It imagines to be able to take this device with you still to a shower? It imagines that, although calm pause he (which is difficult to do), needs not dreading a cost of a loss, neither a time has lost to try cruised a date with a Tent of Apple to fix a ‘glass of gorilla' (which to the sinister' expensive would have to that be king-appointed ‘delicate flamingo' glass). It imagines that the same person will remark is spending the clock or included consider mugging calm for him and imagine that you can take all this for a princely adds of $ (in timing to write). Well, it imagines no more reason, in some words of famed 2005 Sydney Swans Premiership Buses Paul Roos, “HERE EAST !”.
4 / 5
Behind in a has has dreaded years of institute, has required really the clock for a SEATED, something simple and effective. I stumbled by means of this creature to look on the digital clocks has estimated main on Amazon. In roughly $ 11 with endless current of 5-stars, a clock looked to be exactly that has required. Little I know that Casio F91W-1 was much more that so only he throwaway element. This creature is lasted by means of extreme use. I hike with him; it is resistant to scratches. Swimming with him; it is water -resistant. I fell it the little time when that dipping on ( has toes of butter) and does not have any dent or scratches. Calm also can nickname this a Nokia 3310 clock.

This can look the economic clock, but Casio there is forged this thing to survive an apocalypse. If you are the hunter of fellow zombie and master the sturdy, indestructible clock, ossia a clock for you! All the jokes averts, is the piece adds and calm can any gone bad with him. Highly recommend it.
5 / 5
To direct some of some negative critiques.

1) Has to that it weaves of fakes of this clock. A genuine sample among a colour, black, Casio put web. The data has the available pink version on Amazon, apparently does not know a difference! ( It sees youtube on saying the fakes averts.) I have bought directly of Amazon, any simply praise, and has received a genuine piece in Casio box, with documentation, and papers of guarantee. If your pauses of prompt clock or is inaccurate, has the fake. If the water killed your clock, is probably fake. If your clock is gone in the plastic stock exchange , is probably fake. If some smells of clock like plásticoes, is fake .

2) This clock is a perfect measure for the smallest wrists. If it love the big clock, this is not for you.

3) A band of resin is very comfortable. It is waterproof, will not absorb sweat, and has drawn amiably. I do not see it breaking anytime punctual.

Ossia The clock adds . It remains perfectly I attack for days and of the days. It is been to a group and has liked him on, and still looks new.

Remarce: A correct country of origin is Thailandia. To the wrongly ready amazon Chinese and sometimes EUA.
5 / 5
Light profile , down EXCELLENT, WATERPROOF, utilitarian clock of wrist.
Has had it F91w for the few years and there is did not fail me never, For $ 10, this clock is the bang adds for your buck, has spent this clock like the beater, swimming, navigation, peach, raining, hiking, and very other activities would expect could break or kill the clock. Has the neighbour to add of characteristic useful like the stopwatch , and the very strong alarm. Quite strong to wake included the sound sleeper. A light is so only enough to see a time and not blinding calm to be too brilliant. The life of battery is ORDERS in 7+ years. A F91w is also ultra-lightwieght and low profile. Interface very simple, and easy to operate functions. A basic utilitarian creation. A prize is a lot well for the clock with this characteristic impressive.
Cruises the Hutchins Compac 16ft, round of year and always maintain the one of leftover F91w in a tiny cabin. During some Cold months here in Long Island, NY in a bay of the sud adds, this clock is @@subject to cold time and icy rain. During a warmer cradle and season of summer , mine F91 is submerso while we feel likes to go to swim it, or docking up in an of a lot of small islands that scatters a bay. While claming or spearfishing a clock is sometimes 10 feet down salt water, sometimes my wrist is pressed to the underwater sand while looking for anxiety. We spend to plot to time on and under a water, and am impressed so only with a down estimated water indication of control of a clock. The ones of the that doubt for the spend that it rains afterwards being in of the salt water for hours in finals.
Maintenances the pocolos change, and there is givin some like this present to my friends, the majority of that has there was also one, or the looked a pleasure the boy. Pleasantly nostalgic, Still very practical and no- atrocity.
Would say that this clock returns a definition of the basic utility, abordable clock of tool. They are the type of clock , also spends the 2006 Rolex Z serious Submariner, mine grail clock, which is excellent and superbly crafted, loves it too much,his hard like some nails! This in spite of is not like this practical and useful in the daily base, like mine 10 dollar Casio F91w. I am not saying a casio is better or harder that mine sub, but is the functional time -maintaining tool that can withstand abundance of rigours for a prize abordable.
4 / 5
Everything of these active economic clocks quite some same internals, and ossia any exception . Him having to that substitute when some pauses of band, which in this chance imagines to be the week. A band is tiny, grieves access around my wrist and like this thin and flimsy, is little casualidad of survivor for any period of time. The container arrived in a envelope with a box and plastic stand some ships of clock in both broken. I buy economic plastic clocks reasons my arm takes attacked around the plot. It has not taken never one this flimsy, this in spite of. Obviously feigned for the 4 old year to touch with still the pair of days before loses it. Slimes Possessed to the plot of Casio looks some years, but has not taken never an unlikely east to survive. It does not buy this product. Decided to buy the different clock of the different vendor via prime minister. It would owe that be here in the pair of days. Need the clock so much, will take me to this until a one has ordered today arrives and the turn is an if it is not complicated too much of out here in a boondocks that the frequently is.
5 / 5
has had this clock for roughly two weeks and I LOVE it. It is EXTREMELY light weight (almost impossible to feel in your wrist unless calm the the like this tight is cutting was circulation that you would not owe that be doing in all the chance). If it is presionado properly, calm can does not feel. A time is easy to read. A band is plastic, the meaning is waterproof and does not have to that it takes was to wash your hands (like was that has to that do with all my bands of skin and taking annoyed). Also tip a day and a date, which is súper useful during him hectic week to do when all begins to blur near.

HAS it retro @@@1980s vibe this totally is maintaining still with the Oddest things and hipsters and has taken to plot of compliments on that. Somehow, after all of this characteristic, a sample still costs so only $ 9. Like this, I offer to to this clock on likes him the very better value in any clocks anywhere. I have thought mine $ 20 Timex was the good value, but after buying this clock a Timex only chairs in drawer of mine of looks like this comparatively heavy interview , big (sale of cloth that begin for odorare funky after the few weeks and precise look). I spend this clock daily and take fell it odd out of the place on. A better $ 9 I is spent the long time. Has an aesthetic ossia 100 functional/pragmatic, which so only the fact the fun thing to use. The desire had purchased these YEARS of the clock done. I am excited roughly that uses this clock to the z/to the rucksack of then are not fearful roughly the when be flown, quickly say me a time (digital), will not absorb odors or muck of show, and hanged at all.

One a thing I desire this clock there has been was a Indiglo to the characteristic likes Timex of the clocks have, of one lights the characteristic in this clock is sufficient to see, but a lot almost like this well likes Timex Indiglo.
5 / 5
Has been that buys this clock for 25 - 30 years. They tend to last roughly 5 years until some pauses of strap. Utilisation a clock of stop looks long the day and a characteristic of date. Some alarms are also good to have but does not use them so many. A light characteristic does not enable me to read a time int he dark. This clock is like this economic that usually buys 2 or 3 the time in chance the pauses of strap or to maintain one in regular time and another punctually of savings of the daylight. When Some pauses of strap use in a cookery to time elements that is baked. A clock is very light and am not even conscious that are by train of the spend unless I specifically look in him. I have not seen never any clock that is like this economic still has such the row of easy to use characteristic. If you want to something to measure time and is not concerned roughly having the clock of prestige, ossia a one for you so that it is for me. Joe Canine

Top Customer Reviews: Mens Digital Sports ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have registered Amazon and an internet partorisca simple and easy-to-read clocks, looking for characteristic insurances and reading descriptions, which takes more the time that to one would like to calculate. If it love clocks with the bells and the whistles there are millions. If it love the clock that any with low vision and/or dementia of the questions/of the memory can read, any so much. It is sad when takings way down below his, but expect is why those not requiring the exotic interfaces so only use his mobile phone partorisca verify a time.

The clock of the dad has broken, as I have required partorisca the substitute. It is 87 with diminishing eyesight, questions by heart, ad encroaching dementia. The dad has 4 or 5 clocks in his room, but can not manage no in that has the sample on all some clocks and an on-sized timer that pode your eardrums. (When I moved out of his house, has had so much shows has not been funny, often more than one in the surface.)

All have has wanted to was the clearly readable time, more a date and day of a week in the hopefully clock of confidence. I narrowed My investigation down to three clocks that diverse in sides of $ 13 to $ 70. We sustain the digital reasons have read that like his memory has worsened, the people often result unable to comprise a face of profit and analog clock of just having a real time in of the figures.

Of these three clocks, two is exceptional, and a good east if the vision of a person is still a lot enough. I expect that everything will require to dip a time yes would owe that require transmission for any reason. I am giving Dad all three, although a prime minister two in a cast was immediate swipes .

Here is some clocks and reasons has chosen him:

Reizen Down-Vision Ana-Enciphers Atomic Clock - Band of Skin
Pros – A lot of easy to read analog face, atomic to the equal that will maintain the day dipped , digital and date that will regulate correctly, battery-operated like any one precise winding. The dad has thought that that it was absolutely beautiful.

Gilipollas – Sell – of skin that any with impaired the coordinamento can not dip on. We substitute a band with the money and now well twist of stainless steel-a-flex/sale of expansion. An exposure/of the date of the day could be main. Some directions are absolutely horrid. We will owe that do a lot of adjustments, as we take the bit to take some of him have imagined was. And that tries to take a second hand to take precisely in a 12, as required by some steps. Yeah, good Regime with that!

The Digital sports of the Screen of the look of the men FOCUSED Big Type Military Clocks and Luminous Random Raincoats Stopwatch Clock of Alarms of Simple Army - Black
Pros – A first Dad of the what said in this clock was that it could read he without squinting. And it is well, so only the exposure that the shines clear good-looking. Quite easy to dip. Economic; if these pauses of clock easily, could take one the month for Dad without stressing. Surprisingly enough, Dad – the one who is quite conservative – can in fact like this shows more than a Reizen, included although a Reizen is more attractive. I think that that it is that a time is so only like this incredibly easy to read.

Gilipollas Plastic band that any with impaired the coordinamento can not dip on and this will do a bit folks' sweat of arms. We substitute a band with move he of black stainless steel-a-flex/sale of expansion. This has changed some looks of a clock immensely. It has been of the simple enormous hunk of plastic to the clock of fresco of military type. As it wins/to win for another $ 8 or so much.

Timex Men T78587 Classical Digital Money-Yours Band of Expansion of Clock of Stainless Steel
Pros – exactly a type of interface has loved. Simple exposure with date, day, and time. Everything digital. Like this far like this good. Some figures of brilliant exposure of background frames more visible, the more there is the light. Wine with move he-a-flex/sale of expandable metal that the easy fact to dip on, different some another to the equal that is coming with latched bands.

Gilipollas – Some figures/of exposure are smaller that optimum. This clock can not be read easily for the person with low vision. This has said, the dad can read he with the bit of squinting. It is sad, reason otherwise this would be a perfect clock for Dad, but an exposure a small plus this a minor of some three clocks. Like this far, to to the Dad likes a less.

Spent transfer-a-flex/bands of expandable metal in Walmart and also orderly Gilden Gents Expansion 17-22mm the clock of the Stainless steel Black Sells 552-B-3 on Amazon. One slips-in the clock is the must for those with coordinamento minorada.

In general, like everything of three clocks and would buy him all again with a caveats on. We are leaving all three with Dads to the equal that can rotate by means of them to see to which likes a better or so only to change that it is spending, of then is always has has loved clocks.

Has to that any looks not treating until expectations, will amend this description.
5 / 5
Has looked for the waterproof clock with big numbers so that easily I can look down and follow my time while it runs and that locates my horse. This clock fulfils these needs and more. A first day that spends it, there is bathed my horse, which has comprised to submerge my wrist to the cube of 5 chevrons repeatedly. Any subject! It shows works and still looks a lot like this new. They are very impressed with like this easy is to dip and the one who adjustable a band is. This clock is second look indestructible and looks included more expensive that really is. Like a prize added, taste that comprises of a day of a week and a date as well as easy-the-timer of use and stopwatch characteristic. They are sure he has the little more characteristic that has not discovered still.
4 / 5
Is the sample adds . I have decided to take that one looks to look some video of amazing description on Youtube some time.

Hourly chime(optional). An alarm. Chronograph(stopwatch) With leaving time(any memory of lap). 12 And 24 times of ways of now, and looks a date, month, and day of a week(any year). It does not have any timer of account behind.

A clock returns a lot well. It is a lot comfortable to spend.

A light function is a lot brilliant, and resupplies excellent visibility. This clock lights more brilliant that mine new Timex with a indiglo.

Is waterproof. Has has had so only he for the days of pair like this far, but has liked him, has washed my hands, and has washed stuffs with him on and has not had a subject.

An only with this that does not follow a year, as any years of jump.


Some complain that of the expensive is hard to read, reasons in a corner, a plenary [impression of number?] Of an exposure goes in to see, and a screen 'gone back the gibberish'. It is true that resists in the odd corner, results unreadable, but all LCD exposed of this type that; calculators, clocks, and anything more. I have comprised the picture to aim that I am speaking roughly.( It remarks an odd corner in that I am resisting a clock in a photo, any one checks his clock in this way.) This claim is ridiculous and unreasonable, while the a distinguished clock in you when you are looking in him, like this normal, then is not the question at all. Perhaps, these people are trying to treat some class of acrobatic feat, or verify a time during put he of yoga, but when in fact you are LOOKING in a clock, an exposure is perfect.

Also, for these people those who complain that every time you cycle some ways, calm of the one option to dip a time, press a key of reset while in a chronograph, or otherwise changing any setting, this deletes this question. This in spite of, do not know reason are pressing keys to change way if they are not using a stopwatch or alarm.

Joined those that the people here will give you an impression that is the enormous clock , but concealed is not a chance. A record is surprisingly comfortable.

Different some will say you, a sample A lot beep when you press a light key, ossia absolutely untrue.
5 / 5
The product adds. Calm can not take more bang for your buck. I have required the clock or one alfresco, hiking, that I wouldnt alcohol roughing on and this was waterproof and a lot readable and strong FOCUSED light. An exposure DIRECTED there is not disappointed. I confirm that in the sure corner an only thing will see is 88: I mean it is really irrelevant to the factor of the entity for me was a bracelet and yes would sweat like the pig. It sees spent he in 100 F the condition and has not been different that any one other clocks that I rodeo. Economic, simple, the brilliant FOCUSED, time, alarm etc...
4 / 5
05/2019 UPDATE: the sample still is that it goes strong; I do not take it never it was.

Like this far this has been the ridiculously compraventa interesting. A clock maintains time well; no the meeting that goes was time or out of whack like another has mentioned and is always well in accordance with the time of the mine telephone maintaining ... As any subject with accuracy of where am seating. But that I REALLY the amour roughly is that it is ENORMOUS and a time showed is ENORMOUS. So only it spends the clock because it is essential my force that bus regimine likes I religiously time my pauses among reps/conjoint and some the diverse exercises do in a gymnasium; really I any one need the clock for another reason likes the time is showed everywhere me, all day long in my telephone, in mine car pinch, work, etc. But for my needs in a gymnasium? This thing has fallen serious booty. And it is so only $ 13 bucks and transmission. Until I have discovered this Amazon sourced 'banger clock' ... I have had always it was it so only to Walmart and has purchased one of the his cheapy/banger clocks but at all I never taken of Walmart is like this big and readable like this tank of the cheapy clock. Personally I love it. Oh yeah ... I am not sure that it is up with some other descriptions lamenting a fact that his clock has broken ... But I a INSANELY physical work , manual class of the work and a clock is @@@subject to conditions very terrible and has had any subject. Also, a plastic coverage in a readout is in fact RECESSED inside the bezel the one who read a lot well to maintain the coverage of screen has said to take has lined. A clock is big. Taste concealed but if any one want to of the what massive in your wrist? You could look elsewhere ... M? I will maintain to buy this same clock while it is available and if my current an each one croaks. It loves it.
4 / 5
Has purchased my original clock he roughly done 30 month and has to that say that I enjoyed it really. Over time it has built to good sure up is scars to battle like this when a battery has begun to go has decided to purchase another. They are like this happy with my second clock how was a prime minister this in spite of afterwards dip some times there is remarked one the small thing has changed of an original. In an original that has purchased January 2016 a beep listened in a start of an hour was too much short beeps. Now with a new one a hourly the chime is a plus along beep. It has been expecting a normal beep so much was the surprise when I have listened a new a. These are awesome to samples likes him the fact that this has changed means that they still are doing revise his. Otherwise Does not see any difference this in spite of has any one @subjects that recommends it to friends.

In the sidenote so that they are legally blind and require the clock with the main impression this one to good sure returns a bill. Personally they are in this category and found when trying clocks other companies that an impression there is showed has not gone quite big for me to read without dipping my face on a clock. For time I that besides the situations that is like this near with the do to dark and a puny the rear lights had resupplied any real help. This clock can still read without being like this near that it mark of leaves of breathes. It has it that says does a bit of a main and more intrepid impression has seen in the recent clock. Also his election to do a bit numbers lit in place of just that light a whole exposure is the plus of entity . There is put now with this clock that can in fact paste a key at night and read a time where was unable to do like this in a past.
5 / 5
Ossia A AWESOME clock! Im The collector of clock freak & looked for something to spend when doing alfresco like this he streaky, any big shot... But this clock is LIKE THIS GOOD. I spend he daily & of the one who loves it subject to these hard working conditions. I love a measure of him (there are them slightly wrist of big/ hands) and can see he without my glasses to read, this in spite of his no like this big that among a way or looks gaudy.
Loves a way some time/ of the dates & of the day am dipped is gone in a clock: big exposure, simple & to a point. A band is really comfortable also. This clock is the subject in this prize. The same leaves he in a table like the day, date, exposure to time thats always available in the gaze. A key that illuminates is in a something perfect (upper accident) how is a rest (as that any to maintain keys of paste for incident or his has stick when you move). I plan on buying the little more to give was to to friends likes him xmas/ the presents of anniversaries & will take one for prime ministers of mine (the one who is also the clock freak) photo to follow early
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Received this clock in Feb. 26, 2019, and spent it so only two to three times for week for roughly 1 1/2 hours every time during PT sessions and mine 1.5 miles that tries run. Otherwise The Safely chairs in my stock exchange of gymnasium. I have wanted to it loved/ it The reason some big figures, so easier to fast peek time of pending day of the intense circuits and a time of clock of the stop when trying for mine 1.5 miles ran, this was until it has begun to act bad he roughly done three weeks - pressing an upper key a lot literally toallita humid out of a time stored and included turn a space of clock. And considering this key is used also to start with and take a clock of stop, there is rendered this useless clock when it comes to time my careers during trying. And then a clock has begun to go spatial in his own just seating in my stock exchange, but one prejudices the light function still does properly, as to the dose does not look to be low battery. It is it likes a bit class of short circuiting inside this just reset and closed of a clock randomly or to press a legislation of upper key.
Has thought roughly that spends some money to change a battery like the test, but this would be more expensive that a sample. Well, I have bought the most economic sample that this concealed is lasted at least a year or more, while this a so only lasted for less than 5 month to use a lot light. I have loved some big figures while it is lasted, but no sure now for the buy again been due to a questionable quality that can not depend on.
4 / 5
Has spent this type of clock (digital sports) for years. It likes- one date/of the day and the digital time read was, a variability of period of the strap, and a night light function. A strap in my old clock has broken, for this a need for the new a. In general, this clock fulfils my needs especially considering a prize and an ease to read an information of time. Now one with east: measure---while his of entity to be big to relieve to read, sometimes main is not better; this face of clock is main that my old one and the looks have weighed; it is not , so only it looks that way; functionality--I wear a clock in my sinister hand and a light key is in a sinister side of a clock, which means my right hand covers a dial when it presses a light function to see a time at night; yea, some light stays on for the little as when it presses it but his still the ache to achieve by means of a clock to press a light function. I no longer run or swim and therefore it does not use some looks of stop so it can not comment in his functionality (the function of the clock of the stop is in a right side of a sample--go figure). Neither I precise control to water to any depth, but comes with a clock. A good clock.
4 / 5
A lot very all master is the and-screen of paper with a time, date, alarm and stopwatch. It concealed I do not require to be touched regularly. It is it adds. It is Enormous. It looks big up against my hand And I have the big hand. Some light only stays on for the pair second like this calm does not have time to paste a light and then manoeuvres to a stopwatch. You owe that take to a stopwatch for your account and a light the to start with. In general. The show adds if not to impose you a measure.

Top Customer Reviews: Timex Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
With which having this clock partorisca several weeks now and reading several poor descriptions before I have purchased has thought that was time partorisca my personal experience with this clock. He so that it went it far the very positive experience. I have not had any question anything with him. It maintains the time adds, a band is very a lot of fact and comfortable, a hardware has resisted until daily wear and a Indiglo the characteristic work adds. I have read in some negative critiques that a Indiglo the characteristic there is prendido to do after the few hours to the few days. Quell'Concealed that has not been my experience. I have it quell'has beaten this clock in my life of daily work and all the still works like normal. I also read a lot revises concealed complained in a dark zone in a Indiglo characteristic in 6 on the dot in a dial. Ossia Normal and part of a creation of a characteristic. In no way it interferes with a function of a Indiglo. I also read some negative commentaries in a strap that the results frayed in some holes and of the flanges. Has the simple to fix for that. Take the light plus and imitates some holes and a flange of a band and calm not having anymore frayed flanges. For a money ossia the rugged clock very done . If you are in a fence is my experience that ossia the value adds and any worry would owe that be given to some the negative commentaries have read. Besides, there it is the Amazon of wins of question he well. Good regime and buy with confidence.
4 / 5
Adds that it looks the clock and I desire has done. It likes- one fashion, a band, a chance, etc. Is exactly that has looked for, this in spite of....

First clock arrived in that looked to be the condition has used. While a box of external nave was in shape perfect, a timex the box inside a main box looked he has had the open state and a sample has not been in a plastic pedestal this comes with a packaging. The inspection a date of the clock and the time was dipped already to time regulate oriental; the furthest inspection has developed a characteristic of illumination has been wheel. I assume this is to be return, any inspected, and annoy was mine on incident. I have contacted amazon, has sent a sample behind, and his mailed me those new one of the order of haste.

Show 2 has arrived in shape perfect. It was in a pedestal and has had the little plastic guard in a root among a crown and a chance that was the promising sign! On Day 2 I there is remarked a date was has gone by a day to the equal that have assumed has dipped a sample on wrongly and did not have it on a right cycle partorisca are/pm. Fast advance the few days later and now a sample is not in resistant time. Today it is 30 mins slower of a real time. While I am not sure when this is to spend the knowledge spent inside a past 24 hours.

The really do me question if these are legitimate Timex clocks or yes is swipe offs?
4 / 5
I really liked a clock when I took it. My old Timex the clock was after dead years to use have substituted like this he with east a. Has-liked me everything roughly the, easy to read, the glow adds, perfect measure, and at all shiny.

This in spite of, a first day that spends was, a crown (the @@@knob has used to dip a time) has fallen was. Thought this was so only the fluke, has exchanged for the new a. Then the strap of a substitution clasp has broken a third day of wear, included before I have shipped an old a backside.

There is disappointed really reason ossia an only clock can find concealed has all some characteristics have looked for.
4 / 5
All has looked for here was an economic clock (quite economic that would not owe that feel too bad when I broke it this in spite of abuse) this looked reasonable and has maintained adequately good time. This clock certainly was economic and looks very reasonable, has surpassed in fact my expectations in this front. An expensive is readable and appeal, some pleasant proportions, and a backlight really glorious. A nylon the band is quite grody-looking four weeks of working construction with him on my wrist, but will have concealed. This in spite of, a timekeeping is terrible. Out of a box has run the little has bitten dulcemente, perhaps the minute the day. For an end of a second week was five minutes . Three weeks in, is in the torsion of death, losing on 20 minutes yesterday. It lost it today 5 minutes in some two hours have been I awake. I have verified out of a service of guarantee of Timex and loves $ 8 like the eservice cost,' on some side has surpassed to send them my clock. Timex, Hate to say you this, but touching your clients for reparations is external of a normal definition of 'guarantee.' Mina, the guarantee means a guarantee that there is the question with a merchandise that will be remedied in the cost of a vendor.
4 / 5
Timex Men TW4B04700 Expedition Scout Green Nylon Slip-Thru Sample of Correa

has loved this clock the death when I took it. It has been obsessed with an aesthetic, and to do the better things a lot still knows had the backlight characteristic to see in a dark until with which bought it!

This in spite of, a reason is estimated 4 stars in place of 5 is reason have had to maintain readjusting a time more frequently that I active has liked him really. Any noticeable at the beginning, but a long more the the, some results of fast plus out of sync with a correct time. Finally, some hands have prisoner reads only, or would freeze for random quantities of time.

Finally, for a time that he correctly (estimativa has left the year or like this, minus perhaps the little month) was phenomenal, so only is not lasted almost while it had expected.
5 / 5
Has had two clocks of Expedition in my life and this says the plot because they are 55 , ossia the economic excuse for some clocks that has has possessed previously . It took it so only it was my arm in a second the day and a strap have broken andIndiglo the light does not operate ! To Supposition no him liking has used to ........
4 / 5
Has purchased this clock he almost done the year. I have wanted to it has/ wanted It To it at the beginning. It looked he adds, has has received tonnes of compliments, and has maintained good time. Then after the few months has begun the jam from time to time. A second hand would take stuck and so only tick behind and advances for the moment first to go forward. This results the abysmal time that maintains. How it was still down guaranteeed, has contacted support of client and has sent he in his ease for reparation. After the long wait has been returned with a statement that the could not be repaired and was has substituted instead. I have been touched $ 8 managing and has thought this was well to finally have my favourite clock that read again. But the no. To frustration of mine adds, inside days, there is remarked an exact same question that spends again. Like this neither it was lied to and a sample has not been substituted or was my bad regime to receive the unit with an exact same defect. Doing a worse whole experience, can not agree a signal to register my account in partorisca rid the question of new service and a characteristic of recovery of the signal in his web of place does not operate. This whole thing has a lot of be aggravating. Timex A lot probably receive my subject in a future.
5 / 5
Has received this clock he 6 May 2016, today is 15 August 2016. A clock has to do fault his purpose until today, a wheel of function has broken was when I have dipped a sample on. I have used a characteristic of illumination this morning and all has done properly. It does not have very seen abuses another that tear and normal wear. So with which 3.5 month of precise door has substituted, has thought Timex the clocks were better quality that this.
5 / 5
Has decided to begin that it spends the clock again because I think that that it is convenient and looks well. I possess the little Timex clocks with bands of skin but over time a time has taken that wrinkled his look in some places where is bent has decided like this to take the new clock. It was skeptical roughly his nylon band partorisca tie reason thought it could not be like this comfortable like the skin but ossia to good sure any one a chance. I want to spend this clock and I like a colour. I think that that it looks darker in my pictures but work with more than things. Still the step even when he no. A big vendor was for me was that ossia also water resistant and looks to be able to take the beating. I attacked it on some sides of doors, wall, calm appoints it (for incident of course) and not being any semence in a lense. Also I can testify to a control to water reason recently the fish and wading by means of a current when I have slipped in the rock and has fallen expensive advance. I took with my hand but is trace to my elbows to a water and a sample still does sums. Finally it would like to buy another with the different colour ossia more neutral but this one are still adds!
4 / 5
A lot of things has been said of these legendary Timex serious, will try summarise a main some:
1. If you have taken anywhere down 35 bucks is amazing value . These punches of clock on his weight in of the terms of looks, dial legibility and consolation.
2. When you have read the negative feedback in other descriptions pleases agrees is point of low prize . It is not the $ 500 or included the $ 100 clock. We match an action to a prize.
3. It spends the little small partorisca 40mm without crown. Mainly because of a modest lug to lug and cut lug period. This be has said, has the wrists and he still is passable if not to impose you one looks of clock of field of vintage. ( It sees my wrist shot)
4. A band is in a rigid side but is to be expected for the mark produces new. Any one loves the shabby band when buying new. It maintains to spend the and softens. A sand the khaki colour is very good!
5. A global clock with nylon the band is very light, hardly seat it on your hand. I add for humid hikes in a forest or of the sportive chances.
6. It is the Timex. It will last longer that some cockroach of mark ignored that probably it costs more. I think that these same excellent presents for any those who there is Rolexes, Omegas etc.
Take one has no unemployment, will grow on you quite fast. I have loved toe he at the beginning when I have seen his measure, but a More spends it to them, a more love this humble little ticker.

Top Customer Reviews: Barton Quick ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
In the January has purchased a same band esatta, was the beautiful beats up have like this decided partorisca buy another partorisca the substitute. It felt that a skin was different how was a colour of a same band had purchased less than fact the year, has imagined over time would match an original, which has not spent. As I have contacted a company partorisca ask has changed an use of the skin and his response was kinda dismissive. They have said partorisca dip conditioner of skin in the and will be well, I he and he have not changed a fact that a skin was the different colour and the hardest skin this time, and any reason a skin has taken softer and a colour has taken turn over time. I have purchased the good quantity of bands of this company and has had so only a subject, and that the subject has been managed for his department of service of amazing client. At the same time it was an experience of the service of client has better had of any company on Amazon. I have had such big hopes with this band, and when it has not fulfilled these expectations have achieved was to his department of service of the client that expects another experience adds and concealed is not partorisca close to that have taken.

Has taken was the star partorisca a difference by heart and partorisca a skin feels and two stars partorisca a dismissive and condescending the service of client has received. I do not have any idea that has spent, but is likes has purchased an element of the entirely different company that has done in a past. I expect that so only it has taken the defective band and the representative of service of the client that so only has had the bad day and this is not that takings when shabby calm an element of them now that they are the main company that was some last time I subject with them.
5 / 5
Hey Defenders of sports. A Barton sale of skin of fast emission. I have purchased a 20mm black skin with white linen stitching. First impressions, sweats the soft supple skin, feels comfortable straightaway. A characteristic of fast emission, certainly transmissions out of your strap of convenient skin. This be has said, think that this band would owe that be spent in any with the 7.ºn. Wrist, or smaller. In mine - , so only grieves access. Utilisation a third hole, and any of a strap of skin spends for partorisca direct a control of skin-downs. I am tried partorisca cut of a control of adjustable skin-down, partorisca take a look I desire. While any totally unhappy with this band of skin, will say, has better regime with some offerings of ColaReb. If you are the gentleman with the wrist the big plus, would spend. If yours any with the wrist the thin plus, can enjoy this offering of Barton. Hope These helps, has the day adds.
5 / 5
Has bought this less than fact the week and a band already have directed the tear. It does not spend my clock obscenely tight neither I fuss with him the plot. Ossia The feeble band .
5 / 5
In general, ossia the quite decent quality band of clock that can resist on for the moment. My last band has come with my clock (a Skagen) and has survived roughly 6 years before I have decided enough was quite. With this Barton, really appreciates a fast-emission in both halves of strap, as they have done installation an absolute breeze, and a skin is both comfortable and thickness.

This in spite of, an expressed the colour is much more afterwards to the ash that the dark brown, like some photos of product direct me to believe. Certainly I will maintain a sale to the equal that am sure I will cover his, but was the light surprise for me when have in the first place taken he out of a box (and yes, a packaging is excellent, like another reviewers the point was). Another subject has is a period. I do not create to have abnormally fat wrists, but so only the centimetre the short plus and this strap would look almost comically short.

In an end, is certainly value in now, but probably will go to somewhere more when this band finally gives is gone in the few years' time.
4 / 5
A skin is soft and some accesses of good band. A black colour is compatible and has to that the long of.
A band has the piece of small skin where a tab of fast emission in a pin protrudes. Unfortunately, this piece has broken in the small to the long of the month. Now, a pin is cutting to a band in another side of a tab of fast emission.

Update: after being in contact with a company, is by train to send me the new band. A response has spent a day. Service of incredible client. Disappointed in a first band, but his response was excellent.
5 / 5
Pros: Enough well for a prize, the pins of fast emission am easy to do with, the service of client adds
Gilipollas: it has not done with my Seiko 5 SNK809, the looks of skin in a side an economic plus

An only reason am giving this strap 4 stars in place of something lower is because of Barton the service of client adds. I know it is to suppose to be revising a product, but taken something that you does not like or is defective in any way, Barton will do that they have beaten to do good things. When I have received my strap, he no returned a SNK809 for some reason. A nail so only would not go to snap to a lug. The emailed Barton and send me the substitution immediately with absolutely a lot of hassle. Reason my window of turn has closed with Amazon already, does not have to that topmast an old one has retreated to them, which was well of them of then would be cost some money in my final for something concealed was out of my control. These could not be súper straps of big quality, but Barton the service of client is like this well likes to take.

There has very too much to say in a strap he. It is that it would expect for $ 20. A skin is well, but no súper big quality. I am not sure that the time will last, but for now, is resisting on final. There is abundance of colours and ways to choose of, as you would owe that be able to find something concealed split your clock.
5 / 5
Amur A skin. The mine has been stamped with Skin of Upper Grain with Barton logo the difference of a pics that so only distinct Genuine Skin. A skin is very soft and comfortable. I have thought roughly buying an of some versions some economic plus but has not been has had to that take a risk for the pair bucks value of savings. They are happy I any and stuck with the solid mark known.

A small bit of critic. It would give these 4.5 stars could . A pin of fast emission is like this small a skin can go in a nub and hide it. It is the a lot of nitpicky what but mine other bands of the fast emission does not have this question. My others the bands are also a lot like this soft. It is not the value that returns a band when all more is perfect. I will try to take the pic when it spends afterwards. Still in general the band adds with the skin adds.
5 / 5
Bought this same band esatta the little more than fact the year. I spend my clock daily and by means of normal wear and rasgar a band has broken finally. This second an I has bought is lasted exactly four days! The skin has not been like this soft likes before band and he rasgaron averts in a stitching. Looking for an alternative band now sine I cant gone back this a(has launched out of a cause of boxes thought that it would be good for another year)

Update 1/24/2020 has Been contacted by vendor yesterday and has been offered the repayment or another band, is by train to send me another band that would have to be better quality. I stick another update and change an indication consistently.
Update 2/05/2020 has Received new band the few days , the time will say like this one will resist up. Creating Indication to 3 stars been due to his service of client adds and king-estimate again.
4 / 5
Very impressed! Experience an expressed 18mm to substitute a band of silicone that is coming with my Withings Activite Steel; it looks fantastic and the installation could not be more easy state. A band is very comfortable, the quality is sum , the packaging was very good. It likes that a loop that to control an extra band in the place does not slip around, which was an annoyance with my old band.
4 / 5
Update -
A lot almost the year after purchasing is, a band of skin had broken, breaking, and come to avert quite that the finally required to be substituted. I spend a sample inclusa every day and the plot of this exercise of days has comprised that saturated this band of skin with sweat. Perhaps if it has not been dipped by means of that the would not have begun deteriorating so much. Although perhaps still it would have. No other subjects this in spite of, as I guess almost the year is not bad for a relatively economic band. But still it looks he stars it the reduction is deserved. This in spite of, have contacted a vendor and send me to knots the new a. As I guess still it recommends it...? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Am using this with a 42mm Samsung Sport of Train. When Have in the first place begun look in the band of skin to substitute an original, has decided to go with an economic plus 'V-Muslim' mark - . Well, that tries to save money backfired likes any last but the first month of a more economic skin rasgó avert where a nails goes. Although it is almost bend a cost, this band of clock is a better election I desire had done in a first place. In general it is so only the strap of better skin and look for be better fact also. Also, it is not like this short and has to that it is returned this big plus that my small 7.5' wrist. Installing he with some pins of cradle was easier and has not required a lot of force. A width is so only quite as well as not being too snug in a clock. Like this far, with which roughly 3 month, does not see any sign of him coming averts. The time will say, but is trying decides go in to the two likes was, raisin of an extra money once and take this band of better clock.

Top Customer Reviews: Timex Ironman ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have been the fool repeatedly. In a past 10 years have purchased roughly 6 Ironman show and every time some pauses of band. Some clocks have been always utmost with all a functionality that the need but some bands always deteriorate or in a last if any with being the very strong workout. A name Ironman is to good sure any one a proper name partorisca these clocks. Fool Me Any plus
5 / 5
has been spending some version of this clock partorisca 25 years now. Some clocks are utmost, some battery last partorisca always, a indiglo/the light is súper easy to read (together with a reflectiveness partorisca low light. Any I still thinks roughly waters, and has spent to good sure this clock snorkeling, waters does not touch it . This would be the 4.5 stars has left ; an only thing that maintains partorisca be to 5 star is a band takes free, and pauses after the few years. Usually a part that control one 'flap' first, then a course with some holes. You can buy bands of the substitution/ usually so only substitutes a sample because it is $ 20 difference and save me a hassle. Also like another commentary has said, some numbers and the papers tend partorisca spend was; which is well, but of the times know the one who some do any. Wholeheartedly it would recommend this clock to any without hesitation, in spite of a thing of band.
4 / 5
The clock adds! Ossia Mine 3rd an of these and does not look Timex does not go partorisca take never doing them. It is still his 1 better vendor and my preferred of Ironman variants. If you want to have the a lot of looking Sample that can beat you up and not ruining, could do the worse plot that this one.

• Perfect measure partorisca Exit. It does not rub (and 'BEEP') in a band of wrist of my Gloves of lifting of the Weight
• HAS multiple Alarms partorisca adapt you partorisca choose on girls, take them the Gymnastics, etc. A lot handy partorisca Parents
• Utmost Indiglo For behind those Light that in fact does
• 2 Time zones easily Toggled with Grey big Key in a front. I add partorisca change among Savings of Daylight and Behind again
• the hard battery on 5 years

really does not have any 'Gilipollas'. He exactly which loves the Clock to do. If takings extracted he of Warehouse (always have them) can take one for 24 bucks with FIRST NAVE and an injustice of what only with is a packaging is marred in some way. I also bondadoso to like that it is an American company and taste that is the Timex. It is the humble, of confidence, hard working mark. They are proud of the spend.
4 / 5
Ossia The clock adds . It is very easy to dip a time and maintains times very attentive. I want to one feels when that spending, how is unnoticeable after the pocolos small reasons there is practically any one his weight. A sale of polymer and casing is so only the one who quell'I has loved. I have had some bands of metal and casing this adds the weight and the offers more protect that this. A metal always scratches and leaves the black coverage around my arm when spent in of the hot places while doing anything. This no. loves like a crystal is recessed to protect a face to add swipes and scratches. An exposure is measure adds that I can read without my glasses and in the gaze. A measure is sum , any small and any one the big. A prize and that it is Ironman , marks this clock that much more desirable. I have loved so only it knows a date and time, like this probably seldom, if never, use some other functions. But, they are there it has required it . A backlight has a perfect brightness and only lights some numbers in place of a whole face, which is a lot pleasing to an eye. I recommend this clock. No, I have not taken this clock for free. I have bought he in the prize of the amazon and would do like this again. It loves it.
4 / 5
Click by means of a diverse pics when selecting colour of band, etc and note of mark takes that some have the faces concealed is dark and kinda hard to see. To the Some can the to to them likes him a face a dark plus; some no.

Done of the years was Type of G of Casio of accident. They looked bombproof and so only in amazing. Then with which he finally died, has bought another (really pricey one!) That inside the bad days. As I am returned he for another bad interior also acted days! :Or Everything of mine place so only was-of-the-blue be mixed to a wrong time, date, the alarm gone, etc. Was as if some clocks had done to reset of factory in his own or something.

So that I headed to a Timex Ironman. It was awesome! Finally with which have had cosmetically there is almost has destroyed one after the years of abuses, has decided to take the new a. Literally inner less than 48hrs, he a G of Casio of what still-the shocks have done! There has been reset he to a year 2016, the time was all wrong, etc. so only took it now behind and swapped he for the new a. My own conclusion is that Casio and Timex has some subjects of qualities. If steps to take the a lot of one, probably you do fault extremely well for years to come! But it would be the good idea to maintain a receipt partorisca awhile until I have been to him has imagined that yours is one of an a lot of some.
4 / 5
Uses this clock mainly for laps in a group, and the work adds, but have the few subjects.

One confusing the appearance is that a counter aims that the lap is on, no those laps have completed. It has said of another way,, when you have paste a key/of lap of the start, has completed zero laps, but is on Lap 1. A Laps of shows of the exposure 01, not Lapping 00. So you have completed 24 laps, your clock will show Lap 25.

Also, when you have paste a key of lap, a number of the lap does not locate immediately. Like your Lap of shows of the clock 01, has paste a key of lap, this in spite of tip Lap 01, saying you has completed a lap, and a lot automatically continuous in partorisca Lap 02 for roughly 10 second or so many. This does to listen to a beep imperative to ensure paste of the key like calm does not have to that maintain verifying your clock to see if a number of lap has augmented. (Mark sure is entirely underwater before it has paste a key in your turn grupal. If you submerge while you are paste a key, calm will not be able to listen a beep.) If you do not know to like some works of clock, your clock will say Lap 18 (or anything), has paste a key, and marvel because the lap has said still 18, and think a counter is not doing. So only agree that when you have paste a key, any number of shows to lap that time is those that laps has completed.

Another nettling is that it will maintain to change among a number of lap and a hundredths of the second each pocolos second. That is a point of of the this? I know a stopwatch is running reason some seconds trace, but then am forced to be in him until it changes on wants to know which lap this. As well as the general principle, does not check the one who the laps have completed until a turn, no in a half of a laps.

A key/of the lap of the start is in a front of a clock, which help to prevent paste another key accidentally (when you express a clock to involve the key in a side, is dipping pressure in another side of a clock, which can involve another key and disorder on your data). Calm can not extend your arms in the turn partorisca group while you are paste a key, but is not that big of the shot. Very better that forgetting that the lap is on.

Is the very comfortable clock . Has small wrists for my measure, but is not too big. And I like some looks of way.

In general, my complaints can be mostly win once was that some works of clock. They are very pleased with a clock, especially for one $ 30 prize, and would not doubt for the buy again, and would recommend it to friends. For like this, a 5 description of star.
4 / 5
Four stars are not meant like the critique. This clock is abundance a lot enough. But it does not fill with bliss. I have had ironman samples before. I am substituting one the majority recently a reason has maintained to lose the day. A time was right but a clock has thought that that it was yesterday. Of one of some things uses my clock partorisca east to take clear in the day of a week is, this forced to look for the substitution. It has not been a battery. Has has had to that changed it the while it does. [Pertinent of at all, the desire was easier that substitute some batteries in of the clocks.] This clock has the slightly better exposure that my forward a. A fund some looks of light plus to help with legibility. This clock can say time. I know, as you can each one another clock and today is everything equally well in him. The only time will say if a clock is quell'has bitten fast or slow. Like this far it is that it resists his own against entropy.

A Indiglo the function does really well. In a darkness lights an exposure how is in brief highly readable. Of of the this is one 'Ironman' has some work to help the athletes register his progress. The, likes all the true patriots, am overweight, as it would owe that have the use partorisca east, but no. of practical Any circle or swim, some likely activities that could the counter of useful lap. In truth I have bought this clock for an exposure FOCUSED readable. While some other functions do not press in me does not import that they are there.
4 / 5
The quality adds for clock of money! I have taken this fresh clock out of a swimming of boxes in a beach, running, and spending it daily. They are sure to say that, does not have any subject with a clock anything. Also it returns my lean 5.5 wrist of thumb perfectly in a last hole, which is the big plus for everything you other types of small wrists there. Of the doubts theres any with the smallest wrist that me. &62;:P
5 / 5
there has been Ironman for some varied past years, but when a band has broken, has run to the question that finds the substitution. I have been satisfied with a clock, as decided to stick with Ironman frames. Some differences am remarked.
With my old a, was all a paste to time some other keys while doing fulfilled newspapers. Some keys in this look of clock to take the little more pressure to press, as they are not always taking a setting messed up. I synced this clock to a second with my iPhone, and like this far a time is remained attentive to a second.
A light any lit a whole face of a clock. Instead he illuminates some imagines so only, he doing much easier to read a time in a darkness. Has no messed with him a lot to see if a light is adjustable time . The stays of mine have lit for 5 seconds, which is abundance long enough for me. Calm does not have to that maintain a key pressed in order for a light to remain on (another prize).
My only real WITH this that is difficult to see during a day without closing using a backlight unless a corner is in his point.
4 / 5
There has been a lot of these same clocks, excepts before they were some blacks and ashes some. An exposure is is tin like this dark very read he without pressing a light key. While we call me to knots roughly this subject taste really precise of the clock. It has taken this concrete colour reason was an economic plus but if included I can look to see that time is then he is useless.
Will dip in the surgery of turn and will look for to update when we contact me to knots

Top Customer Reviews: Fossil Gen 5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
A Good:
-Easy to dip up and pair and sync with my iPhone 8 More
-Big exposure partorisca easy readability
-Fast processor and good quantity of RAM
-no of Clues and heart rate
-Tonnes of customizations by means of Wear of Google iOS application
-life of Long battery, easily takes the whole day
-the speaker is quite strong
-has Been to swim he with him and any @@subject
-Good value

A Bad:
-A lot of

An Inferior Line:
has a Clock of Apple also but this Gene of Fossil 5 Carlyle the clock that Fray of the careers of Google is taking very together. I have been that spends this clock for some last 2 weeks and is fantastic. It is stylish and all my Apple Looks does. I have not had any subjects that use my iPhone 8 More and that uses this clock. He syncs well and can customise a clock that master (faces of clock, keys, etc.) A clock is to good sure “swimproof” to the equal that have gone to swim he with him and any subject. An exposure is big and a lot readable. A speaker is quite strong in this clock and surprised some first time have listened an assistant of Google. A subject main has had with other clocks of Google are is sometimes extremely slow. This Fossill Gene 5 clock has solved that question, has no lag more probably reasons are bent a quantity of RAM . In general, you recommend this Gene of Fossil 5 Carlyle the clock for him is action and way.

Has found my useful description, please the amazon to the left knows for clicking an useful key down!

Disclosure: I have received the product of sample of a program of Vine of the Amazon for a sincere and unbiased description.
5 / 5
Fast rodeo: 4.7 stars, for operation and of the characteristic is, in a cost of life of battery (fixable)
has been moment to years to upgrade my LG Urban. I have known that samples with a late plus Qualcomm the processor has come, and patiently has resisted was for them. Finally, they are here!

This clock is almost perfect. Has all some characteristic had been moment for - smooth operation, the screen adds with car brightness, impressive waterproofing, and NFC payments. I have not tried a waterproofing, but a rest of these elements rid to the equal that has promised. Especially I am enjoying a NFC payments! One transports-brightness works well, with a sun booster the doing easy to use in brilliant sun , directed.

HAS the speaker, but usually disable his in a clock because ossia part of a reason because it spends - discreet notifications. But it is there yes and when calm the want. Calm included can take audio of call of the telephone in a clock, although I have not tried that still. I am not sure if some works of microphone of the clock with calls of telephone, but if a clock and telephone mic is both on then the things could take the little odd for another person.

HAS a Google usual characteristic Apt, and has a capacity to control your heartbeat all day in a fund. I thought that it that it was the orderly characteristic, until I have discovered that my life of battery. It does not think a sample could survive for 12 hours with these skills. Felizmente, is not the must-have characteristic for me, like the disabled and so only take my heart rate specifically when I love it.

Cela Me ameno To a so only downside of this clock. A battery has the hard time that maintains up with all a fresh material a clock can do. Felizmente, can do something in that. If it is taste, can spend for of all some settings and disable things very precise or cure roughly, likes control of background heart, tilt-to-wake and 'A lot of Google' listening. These things have extended a life of battery to the point where can do it he by means of the full day with roughly 1/4 life left when I put to bed me.

If I do not want to gone back of characteristics individually, there is the little saver of ways of battery that would owe for you. I seat it likes him to him he disables the little too much for daily use, but would be utmost for travesías short without the upload.

A sample also there is quickly touching, as you are running down and have your to upload handy the will not take long for takes it has on touched. I have listened it takes an hour to go of zero to full, but has not tried this.

Physically, a clock is noticeably lighter that Urban mine, he doing more comfortable that spend. I have found a version of black silicone to be one the majority of comfortable, but has purchased a version of stainless steel for some looks. The bands are 22mm and easily changeable, especially remain you with mark of Fossil.

Like some three keys lateralmente to plot! A half one extracted a Wear regulates calm works, but has it rotating cups that rolls a screen on and down. I have not known this, and was has surprised felizmente when I have imagined was! Some other two keys are assignable to whichever the applications want to, another utmost characteristic. I have attributed pay of Google to an upper and Settings to a fund.

In general, ossia a clock was while to, and has bought one the few days with which was liberto. Highly I recommend it if you are in a phase, so that there is at all better there in a space of Wear of the Android.
4 / 5
This smartwatch is awesome. Has has had so only he for 2 days now and has for far surpassed my expectations. It is really fast. The life of battery is perfect for my lifestyle. I can not find the failure in this clock. It is perfect in my opinion. If you are debating in this clock and a ticwatch pro, to good sure go with east a. A ticwatch is dulcemente, buggy and laggy. I have had he for the week and was miserable. A gene of fossil 5 clock could be extra money but is more then validates he. A sample of the apple finally has the worthy competitor. A lot the fossil does well! Calm the fantastic work with this clock. It maintains on an amazing work!!
4 / 5
Well, to start with I so only moved of a iOS ecosystem in world-wide of Android, and love my new, shiny Samsung Commentaries of Galaxy 10. So much, this Gene of Fossil 5 date of emission was Godsend to coincide with my decision to change to Android and Note 10 emission like my Clock of the old apple no with my telephone of new Android.

Absolutely floored for a slender creation of Clock of Fossil, that easily connects with my Note 10. To the wise aesthetics the taste more than of my Clock of Apple; still it take praises in the very looks.

And a fascination only prey there. I wish a screen could be more more brilliant. It has dipped a brightness in 5 (maximum) this in spite of thinks is not quite brilliant. And a life of battery. Inside just 6 hours of use, my clock is touched to lose of 100 to 24! Well, a clock boasts of 'Along' and 'Time So only' ways further of a way 'Daily' (with all some the ready characteristics enabled). You look in a way 'Long' that dips to discover that all some characteristics are dipped is gone in a clock except can paste a crown to wake on your clock, the notifications and the vibrations are On, and a Bluetooth is available of 6 ARE - 10 PM so only. All some fresh options, likes Speaker, WiFi, Touch-to-wake, Tilt-to-Wake, NFC, WELL Google relieves the options are disabled.

Comes on; I have bought the ready clock for the reason. Otherwise, $ 295 active fetched me it a lot of stunning and effective sample a lot ready.

The accident is not even imagine the one who a third, 'Time So only', the option would turn my clock to. Perhaps, every time I have required to see time in my clock, has had to call cure of client of the Fossil and then his active there is enabled neither an exposure for 10 second or have me so only says in a telephone that has loved to know of my clock!

Perhaps, are by train to be hard but can do not helping when I am coming from the perfectly a lot smartwatch (Sample of Apple) that no with telephones of Android, and rests so only to this.

Fossil, llamas to do in a drainage of battery and brightness things like things of upper priority to fix in this clock. Otherwise, so only will finalise with to to the clients likes him of the one who is not everything happy with this compraventa. I will not recommend this clock, at least any until the fossil fixed a subject of battery in a minimum!
5 / 5
So only I am giving 1 star for a worse creation . Everytime Curve Your wrist , key to be able the taking pressed and transmissions of telephone was... I can it does not create the types have not tried never a creation of clock properly. I will not buy never fossil again if no transmissions.
4 / 5
I have bought this clock for a main purpose to use an assistant of Google. Unfortunately my experience has not been sum. 1st question an assistant has actuated my telephone in assistant of mine of pockets that be in my pocket does not help me a lot a lot of. As any real 'a lot of google' the support has seen a clock. After yes it calms simply click an assistant of Google in a clock was a lot of dulcemente compared to a same thing in mine telephone and he didnt look to comprise me also that does this characteristic even more pocola practical, a speaker is like this calm same in the full volume can ail here a feedback of assistants although you comprised, as him the the assistant of Google is that it is buying paralizaciones east ...Calm can not be happy with some results.
In general has been disappointed really with as buggy a wearos the software in a clock was, would be ashamed was Google . I seat bad for Fossil because they have done the really good sample full of Google buggyness. A battery is a lot almost the joke, has known yes that first to buy but believed it could not be like this bad like all some descriptions have said. Well it take the averages the use of days and no half all the characteristics on, but has had more. You can turn of it stirs it of settings to take long life but then some results of clock so only the clock and any a lot of the ready clock. And it has it dim the same screen when dipped to maximum brightness.
Calm fossil the good work with that has has had to that do with in of the considerations to processor of technology of the battery and operating system. If these 3 things have not been a subject would give Fossil he 4.5 out of 5 stars.
5 / 5
Terrible. A life of battery is still bad. I have finalised to return the reason there would be stop and dip the on one uploads two times the day. Ossia One 5th show of Wear has purchased. Always it finalises like such the disappointing experience. It fray still need to fix a question of life of the battery.
5 / 5
Purchased this new clock of Amazon. First clock dies inner few hours of property. You DO not TOUCH . To the amazon sends ours the unit of substitution. I take a full day of use out of him. Again you DO not TOUCH . These things are defective. The stay was until they recognise and fix a subject. This is not my first Wear of looks of Android in that possessed the so much a Motorola clock and Ticwatch And. Both of these units have done utmost. I have lost confidence in of the products of Fossil and will not be that it returns a unit of transmission for the repayment.
4 / 5
I have had a telephone for roughly 3 weeks now and loves that!

These are in any particular order. Hope These helps!

1) The exposure is beautiful
2) the speed is a lot responsive
3) A sample bezel leave you to cruised a paper quickly
4) life of Battery. To take the day or 2 out of this need of clock of sure characteristics to be verified and turned of. A sensor of heart rate there is pulsing green lights. When Calm 1st taking this these constantly are that they take the reading also that kills a battery.
A) has to that turn a Heart-sensor to register Always-on dipping Is gone in Access of Google. This has not been inuitive
B) The majority of a GPS of time of the mine is Was unless I am using an Application of Map
C) has Dipped your settings of battery to facts to commission so it can control whats using your battery
D) When calm 1st taking this a life of a battery sucks. With which 4 or 5 balance of load was to 1 to 2 days to use first to touch.
And) Has mine brightness set to a big plus in 5 and does not see the significant drain in a battery. I a lot really like one transports brightness characteristic.

5) Want to having Maps of Google in my wrist!
6) that has taken of Google can answer questions and cruised a clock(sometimes).
7) easily connects to a telephone. Personally I am using a Mate 10 Pro.
8) A Metal clasp a law as it was and can have one touching puck tucked in a half.


1) Has the curve to learn and his mostly a software
2) has to that Fray of Android of the update and a tent of game out of a box.
3) that has taken of Google any cruised all characteristic of clock and papers but the majority.
4) the tent of Game is limited but there is mini application of Youtube, compass, maps and applications of available fitness
5) quality of Speaker. Well for music. Static-And for calls of telephone. ( I still need the disorder with these to see yes am doing something wrong) but a bit those that call them have done was horrendous still has said so it has touched well in his final.
6) Attended an ecosystem of the wear of the Android improves.
4 / 5
I have been that spends a Clock of Apple nonstop for the years of pair now but always to note like has had to sacrifice the one of fashion has bitten to do like this. It have listened of this beautiful new Fossil and has taken a jump to give tries it.

Has Had he for the few days now and certainly still learning all some work - but loves it! A lot lustrous & fashionable look, near simple on, easy-to-comprise functions that more than matching my Clock of Apple, clear exposure, the faces of clock adds. I have read other descriptions but there is not founding a life of battery to be any different that the apple neither could retorted any subjects with the keys that is pressed by my wrist.

In short - is the add upgrade of Apple. They are really happy with him!

Top Customer Reviews: L.O.L. Surprise! ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia the touchscreen shows partorisca boys. Any connectivity of telephone is required neither is given like an option. As it declares in a description, has the camera, the recorder video, the recorder voice, pedometer, calculator, and games. It comes with the usb spent partorisca touch. To Mine to 8 old year likes to him the plot.
4 / 5
The cost has verified This was the idea adds until we take it to us and tried partorisca the use. Copper so only well, follows some easy instructions partorisca dip some settings, and after spending a clock partorisca a day, only leaves. Maintaining have it that maintains plugged in like this in fact laws. If we unplug he of some charges, partorisca do. No the product adds partorisca $ 35. It has done bad. They are by train of the turn.
5 / 5
The cost has checked Bought partorisca my granddaughter of 6 years that want to all LOL. You love it!! It likes him to him the look his steps during a day. Helps with a concept of time and saying time. It enjoys some games and another characteristic. The desire was waterproof, any sure that time last. For now, highly it recommends.
5 / 5
The cost has checked I amour a surprise of sure sample was them the little daughter throughout again. Purchase partorisca the little anniversary of daughter and she going paralizacin to master that.
4 / 5
The cost has verified My Daughter is enamoured with his new clock! She so only gone back 6 and the llama was that it also has his own class of 'Apple Shows' the navigation is quite he directly advances. An only thing I that has had comprises is the icon of percentage of the Battery, otherwise will know is now of recharge when it says 'Low Battery'.
5 / 5
The cost has verified This clock is supposition partorisca be the resistant water- but is 100 not watering resistant. No really practical partorisca the 7 old year.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Very disappointing, can not dip dates and correct time. Included an alarm, has to choose among three options so only.
5 / 5
The cost has verified Like this today is my anniversary of the daughters and a clock is rubbishes out of a box. It maintains partorisca flash and asking me partorisca treat tests, the tests maintain partorisca fail and then ask me partorisca rid a report has failed. It does not squander your money, included in this price!!
4 / 5
The cost checked has Bought this clock partorisca my granddaughter. It loves a LOL has produced.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Like this pleasant! It can take photo, games of game, timers of neighbours arrive and alarms! Sper Pleasant! Mina 5 yr old loves it and feels like such the big boy that spends it!

Top Customer Reviews: YUINK Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
4 / 5
Partorisca $ 19, ossia the clock of murderous . It is solid, thin, well looking, and boasts the house of metal. It looks it ought partorisca cost long so that it likes done. A black screen with the band of metal around almost the fact looks pure jewels .

Is characteristic more interesting is also his only toneless point. This lovely black screen also the hard fact to read. It is well in brilliant light, and a push-light of law of the key well in a darkness. But when an environmental light is dim, can be difficult to do out of some figures and some builds light any the much clearer . If some figures were bit it more brilliant, this thing would be 5 stars . But any when being pas able to read some the time under the drop the conditions read is the real drawback.

Will enjoy for the moment, but tire me of peering to a black to see some numbers, will spend again on a esportuario' clocks with black figures deep down brilliant aim.
4 / 5
Any one will think that has paid less than $ 20 for this clock! The pictures is a gold of Rosa . Maintaining I just need to decide the colour wants to order afterwards. If it love a fashion and look of a sophisticated version of the $ 200+ sport of clock of Garmin for the little bucks, ossia a clock for you.
5 / 5
Very Like this far, looks very elegant. They are the female and returns so only well. Súper Luz, down and comfortable profile. Has has wanted to something basic and economic for work, to match black uniform. He a work.
5 / 5
Loves this clock! It was investigation of the digital clock reason have not loved to treat that it tries to read numbers and of the tiny lines and I stumbled to this beauty. It is not too bulky or ugly, a lot of stylish. Also, has the stupid small wrists and everything usually returns loose but these accesses of the clock amiably signals like this extra!!! It will be to purchase a colour of Rosa afterwards. To the left it is to go that time has had to.
4 / 5
Has required the no ready sample for work, has has loved it minimalist lustrous clock with the fat black band. Really I love this clock.
5 / 5
Well is looking and easy to spend, but does not add in functions. If calm spend it on your sinister wrist (right rid folks usually ), then is uncomfortable to press a lumination/light key. They have located that like this upper sinister key. My instinct is to press an upper right key, & that so only toggles the to 24hr/military time of the.m./P.m. Way.
If so only love the a lot of looking clock to see a date/of day/of the time that spoofs the ready clock, then well a prize.
4 / 5
Has not looked for to to anything likes so only of the simple clock that says time and does not break a bank. Has the good solid feeling in my arm and to good sure looks quite simplistic can spend he with anything.

The desire could change a band because they are not the defender of him. There it is pinched my skin several times. Also wish some keys could regulate a time on and down in place of just up.

Surprisingly enough has taken several compliments in this clock.
4 / 5
Has bought he for a creation of low profile. The good works and looks good but his in disposal to be abused. I have bought he for work, im the welder and his in disposal to take all has on burned. Patient write another description after the few months with him but an only question have is a sale feels economic. It feels like the economic plastic but will see how long hard .
5 / 5
The value adds for a dollar. Any gain for use of daily use for me also although the boss. When it has said that the light weight thought it would be different. They are also the woman if this help… A lot Stylish the clock would buy for the partner :-)
4 / 5
A lot this looks certainly look adds thus point of prize. Also it alleges to have the exposure of crystal minérale in place of a common and extremely easy to sratch acrylic found in the a lot of clocks of amazon have taken. So only a small thing, has 1 ray out of one 4 that loses in a rear dish. The ones of the one who flat in swiming or raining with this clock but I expect it wont be the question down a street in some way.

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