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Top Customer Reviews: Casio F91W-1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
They are in big clocks , bulky. Has my Suunto and the G of clocks of pairs of Accidents. I still his door, still wants to him, but mostly so only loves the sample that maintains good time , precise, does not underline of my wrist 3/4 thumb and hopefully looks juuuust the little dorky. They are also economic. Waterproofness Is of entity of mine. I the work of office. The commute for buses or train- help- clocks with that. It likes to go in the course look it times the week and spend the clock. I do not sleep or shower with my clock on unless I am camping or in the hotel. Digital flavour in analog reason I class to like know exactly that the times think that that it is and so only does not estimate never when I am reading an analog clock reason are lazy. Also, when they are in the meeting or I have been nailed-down for any does not want to speak to and wants to know if this really is taking for ever or if my perception of a step of time is to be just warped- is easier to sneak the peek in the digital clock and take the precise bed. Has @@give the few months that really am like this happy spending the $ 15 Casio to the equal that are with mine $ 250 Suunto and that the majority of days very precise to know a barometric pressure. Some days, yes. The majority of days, the no. But I likes him having the variety of clocks (comprising a Suunto, which is fabulous). And it likes to choose quell'clock to spend each morning. Ossia Entertainment for me. They are trace of Amazon recently and has ordered stirs it of Casio economic new clocks. It has taken four new clocks for $ 52. Material Timex is is on-priced. Ossia The one who economic I are.

Casio W-800HAV ($ 20-ish) Digital Black. My eight-year old edges and I each one which so it has taken one of these clocks for Natal 2016. In the So much master that. In the So much have other clocks but spend this a a more. Has the profile I quite down- does not take in of the pockets or of the bosses of shirt. I love a light- the stupid looks, like piddly. But in fact it lights an expensive well. I go jogging for prejudices he sometimes. Some works read a lot enough for me to see the one who dulcemente are still while I am bouncing down a street. And it has “Exposed Dual”. It has not been that more to call concealed. Tip a time on one separates of a screen and a time still tip a stopwatch numbers. Nizza To maintain clue of both. Or, If it is it was and roughly, I will dip the stopwatch when a train spends of longitude because I know that a train spends peels each one that 15 minutes. As I can see when I am coming up in another mark of 15 minutes and also see a time in a sub-exposed.

Casio F-201WA ($ ) Digital Black. Comfortable. Light. Keys easier to press. Good light. It likes-me that has timer of account behind and a lot of alarms. I lose to be able to see a time when it is in stopwatch to to the way likes can with a W-800HAV and a WV-200A.

Casio WV-200A ($ 40-ish) Waceceptor Digital Black with chrome and red. Looks Well. Like a chance of steel. I protect well for a glass. Relatively heavy. A liiiiitle too fat. Keys really good. I add electro-luminescent light. This one is an only clock of a group that can the to you put so he no beep every time press the key. Really I like him be able to turn a beep was. Sometimes I like dipped the stopwatch fulfilling it so much can see of what time any one is going in with some bullsht. Strangely, timing Any one is bullsht is the good distraction of a bullsht. But any like him to him my clock to beep when I am doing keys to press. “Dual exposure”- you still can see that time is when calm is in other ways. Timer of the account behind is good and many of mine others the clocks do not have one. It does not give he of the extra points for some Wave integers Ceptor what. It does not add any value for me and he kinda sucks battery. This clock has been in my wrist for the full day of snorkelling and managed it fantastically. Alive in the earth-be enclosed, as when volume to an ocean, are in a water ALL DAY LONG. I can not submerge deeper that perhaps 20 feet, as it is not the serious test for the clock that says is good to 200m. But you are submerging to 200m and the time is critical, goes to jump for something more than the $ 40 Casio. (I calm want to you, Casio).

Casio HDA-600 ($ ) Equivalent Black. Any one the majority of comfortable. Kinda Expresses My wrist of bone to bone or flops around the has bitten. I dunno, so only returns odd. YMMV. Amur A protective face. It can not expect until it begins to look the little attacked up. Glowy Points in some hands are not really impressive. Works of window of the date perfectly. The hard looks but is probably to no. likes to of me to plot.

Casio MQ24-7B2 ($ 14-Something) White-Equivalen has faced. Incredibly light. For real forget that you are by train of the spend. Easy to read. Any window of date. Any lumi. Nizza, simple and does not take never your boss in the shirt of dress. Yes, I am elegant. Some people are quite ready to read an analog clock that does not have to that the numbers on he- just points. They are not one of these people. The ray he on enough when has numbers. This has numbers. It likes him-me the numbers. It has not tried this one for waterproofyness. Casio he so only said is resistant water. Almost I any never of the underwater demolition anymore.

Casio A168W-1 ($ ) Stainless Digital. I want to / I hate this clock. It has not been Casio was really that tries to do the clock that the elegant looks but is really the dork-bomb, or is going for dork-bombs like his aim. Any way. This clock is the stunning success . I think that that this clock is a pinnacle of nerd-swank. 1980 wannabe stockbroker, fresco of old Type that does not give the sht, little has bitten of money under a sleeve to take any one is eye - oh the wait is the friggin Casio digital. I mean, it is chrome-plated PLASTIC to cry out of strong. It likes awesome the east concealed? I want to all of that. It loves it. Has a Illuminator light, which adds. Sample, date, stopwatch and alarm. Any timer of account behind. A sale of the metal is not comfortable. Has the flanges and he pulls in my skin of arm. Clasp The work adds and is wicked-easy to regulate. Slips Under the shirt to dress easily. Again: súper-dorky. It smiles me to them every time dipped quell'on. Then wince when attractive a skin.

Casio F91W-1 ($ ) Black Digital. Like this it looks to plot. It is súper thin. Very light. Some stupid light looks but work well. Some keys are easy to paste. It rows quite big in a ‘Dork' stairs. The people recognise it. It controls that a key down and says Casio. It is it adds. Proud to say has not spent never this clock together with flannel and he beanie. Never.
5 / 5
Ossia A clock buys when you are ailing of bulky expensive clocks. When Has no ego attached your compraventa of clock, and when calm @give you that the good clock so only attracts other 'types of clock', then buy this. It says time and day, included in a darkness. It calms that can dip to military time or 12 times of now. Has an alarm that beeps in calm the time of yours choosing.
4 / 5
Ossia Probably one the majority of practical clock one can possess. The work adds Casio!

Does not comprise a current tendency of “cookie in the strap” when it comes to clocks. Calm really loves one 8 clock of the ounce done to armour plate salvaged of the sunken ship? This clock confidently bucks that tendencies so many measures but also in practical value. A F91 is for those with more than brains that money.

Takes the look behind in history of clock when the clocks have been done to say time and no working way like this big, the clocks were smaller. A common man sized the clock was roughly 35mm wide. To the supposition likes the width a F91 is, yup, roughly 35mm wide. You suppose it that it could have had the clocks of reason was smaller? Perhaps weights and consolation? It does not try never spend one of a “cookie in the clocks” of strap with the long sleeved shirt or with gloves? It Likes him the dr. Phil Would say, “how is that exiting for you?”.

A F91 access under shirts easily and does not take in a cuff. It is like this light forgets is in your wrist, the difference of the Seiko the monster has possessed once that the could not expect take was. With which have forgotten is in your wrist, any reason the creature he. It is resistant water and will survive to take attacked around just well.

The difference of our ready clocks of today, the life of battery is measured in of the years, any hour. I can not it believe has not taken a more collected and can not believe people for clocks that any one ran more than 18 - 24 hours without the source of power to touch a battery. It concealed it is not to progress, ossia regress. Ape to the equal that with the quite a lot of marketing some believe black is really white and a moon is so only a sun at night.
4 / 5
This day and magnitude ‘of age' is the term has used too much often and too much frequently, the one of truth achieve magnitude one has to that spend things behind to first principles. A lot of pleasure in an age of prompt man, an importance to measure a step of time, an arch of a sun and moon by means of a heaven and one changing of the seasons has been core to survivors, thriving and that dominates, and, in a F91-W have an essence of one 200,000 travesía of year the humanity has done. When The time of the man in the earth is spent, a F91-W will remain, maintaining time in simplicity that obeys, ateniendo his key tenets of dependability, timelessness and precision of quartz. Other clocks can come and go and, like a trappings of youth, could be tried to look to a glitz and resplandor of the gold Rolex. For this affliction would recommend a F-91WM-9ACF Casio Men is Metal of Quartz 'Classical' and Resin Random Clock, colour: gold. Once a F91-W is in your wrist will remark a thin but definite turn of your levels of estréses, class of as it feels to soothe to write in the banana with the pen of point of the ball. The one who recommend a F91-W stops? Well, simply a person the one who wish to have the clock that says a time, especially for the half the dark east asks the subtly lit time control in place of one that fries retina, ‘far explosion' light clave of a screen of iPhone. It imagines to be able to time verify a time of remaining career of the film of big screen without lighting a whole theatre? It imagines never prpers that it has to that concern roughly touching the device spends with you each one alone day? It imagines to be able to take this device with you still to a shower? It imagines that, although calm pause he (which is difficult to do), needs not dreading a cost of a loss, neither a time has lost to try cruised a date with a Tent of Apple to fix a ‘glass of gorilla' (which to the sinister' expensive would have to that be king-appointed ‘delicate flamingo' glass). It imagines that the same person will remark is spending the clock or included consider mugging calm for him and imagine that you can take all this for a princely adds of $ (in timing to write). Well, it imagines no more reason, in some words of famed 2005 Sydney Swans Premiership Buses Paul Roos, “HERE EAST !”.
4 / 5
Behind in a has has dreaded years of institute, has required really the clock for a SEATED, something simple and effective. I stumbled by means of this creature to look on the digital clocks has estimated main on Amazon. In roughly $ 11 with endless current of 5-stars, a clock looked to be exactly that has required. Little I know that Casio F91W-1 was much more that so only he throwaway element. This creature is lasted by means of extreme use. I hike with him; it is resistant to scratches. Swimming with him; it is water -resistant. I fell it the little time when that dipping on ( has toes of butter) and does not have any dent or scratches. Calm also can nickname this a Nokia 3310 clock.

This can look the economic clock, but Casio there is forged this thing to survive an apocalypse. If you are the hunter of fellow zombie and master the sturdy, indestructible clock, ossia a clock for you! All the jokes averts, is the piece adds and calm can any gone bad with him. Highly recommend it.
5 / 5
To direct some of some negative critiques.

1) Has to that it weaves of fakes of this clock. A genuine sample among a colour, black, Casio put web. The data has the available pink version on Amazon, apparently does not know a difference! ( It sees youtube on saying the fakes averts.) I have bought directly of Amazon, any simply praise, and has received a genuine piece in Casio box, with documentation, and papers of guarantee. If your pauses of prompt clock or is inaccurate, has the fake. If the water killed your clock, is probably fake. If your clock is gone in the plastic stock exchange , is probably fake. If some smells of clock like plásticoes, is fake .

2) This clock is a perfect measure for the smallest wrists. If it love the big clock, this is not for you.

3) A band of resin is very comfortable. It is waterproof, will not absorb sweat, and has drawn amiably. I do not see it breaking anytime punctual.

Ossia The clock adds . It remains perfectly I attack for days and of the days. It is been to a group and has liked him on, and still looks new.

Remarce: A correct country of origin is Thailandia. To the wrongly ready amazon Chinese and sometimes EUA.
5 / 5
Light profile , down EXCELLENT, WATERPROOF, utilitarian clock of wrist.
Has had it F91w for the few years and there is did not fail me never, For $ 10, this clock is the bang adds for your buck, has spent this clock like the beater, swimming, navigation, peach, raining, hiking, and very other activities would expect could break or kill the clock. Has the neighbour to add of characteristic useful like the stopwatch , and the very strong alarm. Quite strong to wake included the sound sleeper. A light is so only enough to see a time and not blinding calm to be too brilliant. The life of battery is ORDERS in 7+ years. A F91w is also ultra-lightwieght and low profile. Interface very simple, and easy to operate functions. A basic utilitarian creation. A prize is a lot well for the clock with this characteristic impressive.
Cruises the Hutchins Compac 16ft, round of year and always maintain the one of leftover F91w in a tiny cabin. During some Cold months here in Long Island, NY in a bay of the sud adds, this clock is @@subject to cold time and icy rain. During a warmer cradle and season of summer , mine F91 is submerso while we feel likes to go to swim it, or docking up in an of a lot of small islands that scatters a bay. While claming or spearfishing a clock is sometimes 10 feet down salt water, sometimes my wrist is pressed to the underwater sand while looking for anxiety. We spend to plot to time on and under a water, and am impressed so only with a down estimated water indication of control of a clock. The ones of the that doubt for the spend that it rains afterwards being in of the salt water for hours in finals.
Maintenances the pocolos change, and there is givin some like this present to my friends, the majority of that has there was also one, or the looked a pleasure the boy. Pleasantly nostalgic, Still very practical and no- atrocity.
Would say that this clock returns a definition of the basic utility, abordable clock of tool. They are the type of clock , also spends the 2006 Rolex Z serious Submariner, mine grail clock, which is excellent and superbly crafted, loves it too much,his hard like some nails! This in spite of is not like this practical and useful in the daily base, like mine 10 dollar Casio F91w. I am not saying a casio is better or harder that mine sub, but is the functional time -maintaining tool that can withstand abundance of rigours for a prize abordable.
4 / 5
Everything of these active economic clocks quite some same internals, and ossia any exception . Him having to that substitute when some pauses of band, which in this chance imagines to be the week. A band is tiny, grieves access around my wrist and like this thin and flimsy, is little casualidad of survivor for any period of time. The container arrived in a envelope with a box and plastic stand some ships of clock in both broken. I buy economic plastic clocks reasons my arm takes attacked around the plot. It has not taken never one this flimsy, this in spite of. Obviously feigned for the 4 old year to touch with still the pair of days before loses it. Slimes Possessed to the plot of Casio looks some years, but has not taken never an unlikely east to survive. It does not buy this product. Decided to buy the different clock of the different vendor via prime minister. It would owe that be here in the pair of days. Need the clock so much, will take me to this until a one has ordered today arrives and the turn is an if it is not complicated too much of out here in a boondocks that the frequently is.
5 / 5
has had this clock for roughly two weeks and I LOVE it. It is EXTREMELY light weight (almost impossible to feel in your wrist unless calm the the like this tight is cutting was circulation that you would not owe that be doing in all the chance). If it is presionado properly, calm can does not feel. A time is easy to read. A band is plastic, the meaning is waterproof and does not have to that it takes was to wash your hands (like was that has to that do with all my bands of skin and taking annoyed). Also tip a day and a date, which is súper useful during him hectic week to do when all begins to blur near.

HAS it retro @@@1980s vibe this totally is maintaining still with the Oddest things and hipsters and has taken to plot of compliments on that. Somehow, after all of this characteristic, a sample still costs so only $ 9. Like this, I offer to to this clock on likes him the very better value in any clocks anywhere. I have thought mine $ 20 Timex was the good value, but after buying this clock a Timex only chairs in drawer of mine of looks like this comparatively heavy interview , big (sale of cloth that begin for odorare funky after the few weeks and precise look). I spend this clock daily and take fell it odd out of the place on. A better $ 9 I is spent the long time. Has an aesthetic ossia 100 functional/pragmatic, which so only the fact the fun thing to use. The desire had purchased these YEARS of the clock done. I am excited roughly that uses this clock to the z/to the rucksack of then are not fearful roughly the when be flown, quickly say me a time (digital), will not absorb odors or muck of show, and hanged at all.

One a thing I desire this clock there has been was a Indiglo to the characteristic likes Timex of the clocks have, of one lights the characteristic in this clock is sufficient to see, but a lot almost like this well likes Timex Indiglo.
5 / 5
Has been that buys this clock for 25 - 30 years. They tend to last roughly 5 years until some pauses of strap. Utilisation a clock of stop looks long the day and a characteristic of date. Some alarms are also good to have but does not use them so many. A light characteristic does not enable me to read a time int he dark. This clock is like this economic that usually buys 2 or 3 the time in chance the pauses of strap or to maintain one in regular time and another punctually of savings of the daylight. When Some pauses of strap use in a cookery to time elements that is baked. A clock is very light and am not even conscious that are by train of the spend unless I specifically look in him. I have not seen never any clock that is like this economic still has such the row of easy to use characteristic. If you want to something to measure time and is not concerned roughly having the clock of prestige, ossia a one for you so that it is for me. Joe Canine

Top Customer Reviews: Timex Ironman ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have been the fool repeatedly. In a past 10 years have purchased roughly 6 Ironman show and every time some pauses of band. Some clocks have been always utmost with all a functionality that the need but some bands always deteriorate or in a last if any with being the very strong workout. A name Ironman is to good sure any one a proper name partorisca these clocks. Fool Me Any plus
5 / 5
has been spending some version of this clock partorisca 25 years now. Some clocks are utmost, some battery last partorisca always, a indiglo/the light is súper easy to read (together with a reflectiveness partorisca low light. Any I still thinks roughly waters, and has spent to good sure this clock snorkeling, waters does not touch it . This would be the 4.5 stars has left ; an only thing that maintains partorisca be to 5 star is a band takes free, and pauses after the few years. Usually a part that control one 'flap' first, then a course with some holes. You can buy bands of the substitution/ usually so only substitutes a sample because it is $ 20 difference and save me a hassle. Also like another commentary has said, some numbers and the papers tend partorisca spend was; which is well, but of the times know the one who some do any. Wholeheartedly it would recommend this clock to any without hesitation, in spite of a thing of band.
4 / 5
The clock adds! Ossia Mine 3rd an of these and does not look Timex does not go partorisca take never doing them. It is still his 1 better vendor and my preferred of Ironman variants. If you want to have the a lot of looking Sample that can beat you up and not ruining, could do the worse plot that this one.

• Perfect measure partorisca Exit. It does not rub (and 'BEEP') in a band of wrist of my Gloves of lifting of the Weight
• HAS multiple Alarms partorisca adapt you partorisca choose on girls, take them the Gymnastics, etc. A lot handy partorisca Parents
• Utmost Indiglo For behind those Light that in fact does
• 2 Time zones easily Toggled with Grey big Key in a front. I add partorisca change among Savings of Daylight and Behind again
• the hard battery on 5 years

really does not have any 'Gilipollas'. He exactly which loves the Clock to do. If takings extracted he of Warehouse (always have them) can take one for 24 bucks with FIRST NAVE and an injustice of what only with is a packaging is marred in some way. I also bondadoso to like that it is an American company and taste that is the Timex. It is the humble, of confidence, hard working mark. They are proud of the spend.
4 / 5
Ossia The clock adds . It is very easy to dip a time and maintains times very attentive. I want to one feels when that spending, how is unnoticeable after the pocolos small reasons there is practically any one his weight. A sale of polymer and casing is so only the one who quell'I has loved. I have had some bands of metal and casing this adds the weight and the offers more protect that this. A metal always scratches and leaves the black coverage around my arm when spent in of the hot places while doing anything. This no. loves like a crystal is recessed to protect a face to add swipes and scratches. An exposure is measure adds that I can read without my glasses and in the gaze. A measure is sum , any small and any one the big. A prize and that it is Ironman , marks this clock that much more desirable. I have loved so only it knows a date and time, like this probably seldom, if never, use some other functions. But, they are there it has required it . A backlight has a perfect brightness and only lights some numbers in place of a whole face, which is a lot pleasing to an eye. I recommend this clock. No, I have not taken this clock for free. I have bought he in the prize of the amazon and would do like this again. It loves it.
4 / 5
Click by means of a diverse pics when selecting colour of band, etc and note of mark takes that some have the faces concealed is dark and kinda hard to see. To the Some can the to to them likes him a face a dark plus; some no.

Done of the years was Type of G of Casio of accident. They looked bombproof and so only in amazing. Then with which he finally died, has bought another (really pricey one!) That inside the bad days. As I am returned he for another bad interior also acted days! :Or Everything of mine place so only was-of-the-blue be mixed to a wrong time, date, the alarm gone, etc. Was as if some clocks had done to reset of factory in his own or something.

So that I headed to a Timex Ironman. It was awesome! Finally with which have had cosmetically there is almost has destroyed one after the years of abuses, has decided to take the new a. Literally inner less than 48hrs, he a G of Casio of what still-the shocks have done! There has been reset he to a year 2016, the time was all wrong, etc. so only took it now behind and swapped he for the new a. My own conclusion is that Casio and Timex has some subjects of qualities. If steps to take the a lot of one, probably you do fault extremely well for years to come! But it would be the good idea to maintain a receipt partorisca awhile until I have been to him has imagined that yours is one of an a lot of some.
4 / 5
Uses this clock mainly for laps in a group, and the work adds, but have the few subjects.

One confusing the appearance is that a counter aims that the lap is on, no those laps have completed. It has said of another way,, when you have paste a key/of lap of the start, has completed zero laps, but is on Lap 1. A Laps of shows of the exposure 01, not Lapping 00. So you have completed 24 laps, your clock will show Lap 25.

Also, when you have paste a key of lap, a number of the lap does not locate immediately. Like your Lap of shows of the clock 01, has paste a key of lap, this in spite of tip Lap 01, saying you has completed a lap, and a lot automatically continuous in partorisca Lap 02 for roughly 10 second or so many. This does to listen to a beep imperative to ensure paste of the key like calm does not have to that maintain verifying your clock to see if a number of lap has augmented. (Mark sure is entirely underwater before it has paste a key in your turn grupal. If you submerge while you are paste a key, calm will not be able to listen a beep.) If you do not know to like some works of clock, your clock will say Lap 18 (or anything), has paste a key, and marvel because the lap has said still 18, and think a counter is not doing. So only agree that when you have paste a key, any number of shows to lap that time is those that laps has completed.

Another nettling is that it will maintain to change among a number of lap and a hundredths of the second each pocolos second. That is a point of of the this? I know a stopwatch is running reason some seconds trace, but then am forced to be in him until it changes on wants to know which lap this. As well as the general principle, does not check the one who the laps have completed until a turn, no in a half of a laps.

A key/of the lap of the start is in a front of a clock, which help to prevent paste another key accidentally (when you express a clock to involve the key in a side, is dipping pressure in another side of a clock, which can involve another key and disorder on your data). Calm can not extend your arms in the turn partorisca group while you are paste a key, but is not that big of the shot. Very better that forgetting that the lap is on.

Is the very comfortable clock . Has small wrists for my measure, but is not too big. And I like some looks of way.

In general, my complaints can be mostly win once was that some works of clock. They are very pleased with a clock, especially for one $ 30 prize, and would not doubt for the buy again, and would recommend it to friends. For like this, a 5 description of star.
4 / 5
Four stars are not meant like the critique. This clock is abundance a lot enough. But it does not fill with bliss. I have had ironman samples before. I am substituting one the majority recently a reason has maintained to lose the day. A time was right but a clock has thought that that it was yesterday. Of one of some things uses my clock partorisca east to take clear in the day of a week is, this forced to look for the substitution. It has not been a battery. Has has had to that changed it the while it does. [Pertinent of at all, the desire was easier that substitute some batteries in of the clocks.] This clock has the slightly better exposure that my forward a. A fund some looks of light plus to help with legibility. This clock can say time. I know, as you can each one another clock and today is everything equally well in him. The only time will say if a clock is quell'has bitten fast or slow. Like this far it is that it resists his own against entropy.

A Indiglo the function does really well. In a darkness lights an exposure how is in brief highly readable. Of of the this is one 'Ironman' has some work to help the athletes register his progress. The, likes all the true patriots, am overweight, as it would owe that have the use partorisca east, but no. of practical Any circle or swim, some likely activities that could the counter of useful lap. In truth I have bought this clock for an exposure FOCUSED readable. While some other functions do not press in me does not import that they are there.
4 / 5
The quality adds for clock of money! I have taken this fresh clock out of a swimming of boxes in a beach, running, and spending it daily. They are sure to say that, does not have any subject with a clock anything. Also it returns my lean 5.5 wrist of thumb perfectly in a last hole, which is the big plus for everything you other types of small wrists there. Of the doubts theres any with the smallest wrist that me. &62;:P
5 / 5
there has been Ironman for some varied past years, but when a band has broken, has run to the question that finds the substitution. I have been satisfied with a clock, as decided to stick with Ironman frames. Some differences am remarked.
With my old a, was all a paste to time some other keys while doing fulfilled newspapers. Some keys in this look of clock to take the little more pressure to press, as they are not always taking a setting messed up. I synced this clock to a second with my iPhone, and like this far a time is remained attentive to a second.
A light any lit a whole face of a clock. Instead he illuminates some imagines so only, he doing much easier to read a time in a darkness. Has no messed with him a lot to see if a light is adjustable time . The stays of mine have lit for 5 seconds, which is abundance long enough for me. Calm does not have to that maintain a key pressed in order for a light to remain on (another prize).
My only real WITH this that is difficult to see during a day without closing using a backlight unless a corner is in his point.
4 / 5
There has been a lot of these same clocks, excepts before they were some blacks and ashes some. An exposure is is tin like this dark very read he without pressing a light key. While we call me to knots roughly this subject taste really precise of the clock. It has taken this concrete colour reason was an economic plus but if included I can look to see that time is then he is useless.
Will dip in the surgery of turn and will look for to update when we contact me to knots

Top Customer Reviews: Casio Men's G-Shock ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
4 / 5
It is a sample your dad has had in 1989. It is fresh partorisca this done why are now a same age like your dad in 1989. Calm has not comprised Never this basic clock your years your calm young plus of then there is wanted always the Rolex or Omega. You have wanted always the Lamborghini or Ferrari also but guess that? You are older and drive the paid of Camry and so only likes that Camry this little beauty is one the majority of which practice never and is likely to survive WWIII. Can take it it has it on beaten, neglected, can leave it on in the party grupal of a neighbour and always was there to say you less bad of the time of lunch is in 10 10 minutes can think that that a morning has been like this quickly for the Tuesday? Also agree is maintaining Part. Yeah February kinda has flown of legislation? It is the sure confidence that leaves a world knows calm is not compensating for any lack of character. It is not even solar. It maintains of a light key and a battery will last 11 years any question but, calm probably will fall it on the cruse before then and have the archaeologist in 3789 C.et. It finds in a now drained ocean and think is the ancient symbol of our god 'Casio'. Yeah Is harder that nails. And yes key 'An east recessed more than some other keys like your grubby mitts a lot accidentally paste the and involve a 'time of way of transmission and eff on calm perfectly synced Feng shui of quartz. Casio Calms have bro.
4 / 5
When I have joined an Army of EUA has been to give the economic army branded clock to use. It suck. It do not survive the week. I have written the house and the weeks later have taken that has asked. An accident of g of Casio, a model has included an I has very seen another in mine platoon use. It survives Miles of push-ups in pavement, muck, rocks. It survive Down crawling hundreds of metres by means of paintbrush of fat Georgia. Survive All a vase, sweat and moisture and attacks an army could launch in him. Now it is in Afganistan with me. It is comfortable to maintain under a cuff of the mine OCP uniform. You will forget it is included there. The this in spite of roughly exchanges a sale was with the plus a lot one but is really very required, is durable and comfortable. I do not take it never it was, wear he in a shower and has not had never a subject. First to deploy has swum in an ocean with him and has done well. If I need the clock that can survive any lifestyle ossia a a .
5 / 5
Has had the last-small revelation that a cost of the new one would be in a same like the new (original Casio) band and a cost of an additional external shield (that says 'G-Incident) and operates it of the jeweller. As I have decided on simply that takes the new clock, complete with strap, for just the tiny has bitten more.. I have read some descriptions in the first place, some quite scary speak roughly armours plate no stainless cheapening, or no-operation ('also recessed') keys or faulty light.

Would say this under oath (and have any vested interest in Casio!) - I has had at least 3 of this exact same model in a past 3 decades or so many. All some do any still, although the few pins and casings has taken has beaten on finally. Two has had some batteries has changed each few years and the new strap once the decade.

This clock is virtually an exact clock has included in of the terms of appearance and function. I have been concerned if a calendar has comprised one 2010 is, but any worry there. It dip it well on, it has tried that keys and light-the characteristic is doing ( is) and a timer of account behind also. So only I have dipped now an alarm and he also done well, like this always. So that it is my experience - an exact-same clock, my 'fellow old' for snorkeling and day-the-work of day - with stopwatch, account behind, and sample all doing so only well.

Considering manufacture, my last a (of the that the bow and the harness forward has broken finally) has been manufactured to Malaysia, and a a before it conceal in Giappone. All are marked with a same model (codes of different factory) and this Chinese incarnation is marked t. Steel' more than'tainless' and the pocolas other smaller towers in a backside engraving (adding info in an accident casing also). But, like this far, wherever was pieced together or this in spite of some parts are tried, ossia the G to regulate @@subject -clock of Casio of the Accident, like this far exactly one same in to appearance and function likes them the mine another.

A last what would add is on some commentaries on irritation of skin. Well, has the time has finalised with patching it red or dry in my wrist (especially down, likes I toe a clock to see a front when snorkeling/submerging underwater). It is the big piece to armour plate that it can take warm (any of battery; of sun or activity), and a steel behind and/or to the buckle is that it has done it sometimes the number in my skin also. As I give it the other brief. For a moment (two fray of constant days), any irritation, any difference that any one another Casio G-Incident. It is true (but to good sure character) that a clock and band (bulky and metallic to the equal that are) can cause the rash or drought, 'for some of some people roughly of a time', but are so only a person. It does not think it is that common or like this big the risk for more than people. I spend this clock 24/7 (to the equal that can rain or swim with me and I have not connected to the telephone). Amur He still. The time will say, but like this far, like this good!
5 / 5
Is economic, is waterproof and says time. This thing probably outlast me. And when a battery dies the few years, so only can substitute he with the new one for $ 1. Calm can any gone bad with east.
5 / 5
A finishing is which surprised first. Ossia Really has done it well. A calm black absorbs light in the way that says is not so only economic plastic. A crystal remains pristine and line free.

A clock is light and easy to spend, a sale that is quite flexible. It is quell'has bitten big that has imagined, no quite G-Impact big but still snag in the tight shirt cuff.

A value for money is extraordinary. Have doubted to upgrade for atomic sync and hard solar, but this drives a prize on more than two times. A whole point of this clock is that it is very simple to maintain cost down, and a consensus in the forums of clock looked to be that a 10 battery of year and a data of hard solar technology a same time in all the chance, whilst a forward is in plot more economic that substitute. Regarding atomic sync, was a lot of but are always near of an internet and taking literally the second to regulate an hour for the new time zone.

Spends this to plot in a lot of better clocks and more expensive, reason is comfortable and the looks have ordered. I reluctantly dipped in the clock maquinal need to fulfil clients. There is something I so only adds in a minimalist toughness and value for money in this clock. It is philosophically he adds.
5 / 5
Ossia In fact my first G Squared-Incident. I accustom to spend one some with some sensors, hard solar, and automatic time-maintaining, and has not thought would spend this one to plot. But in fact the step to plot! Ossia One the next plus will take to an original 1983 DW 5000. I can see reason G-defenders to Impact love this clock.

A light is quite darn brilliant, and also have the characteristic where can do you some lights of sample while has an alarm or a hourly signal to time on. Sure, it does not have car-light, but hey, is the classical G -Incident.

HAS some 3 basic functions: stopwatch with timing to the left, it timer that pursues 24 hours, and an alarm.

Few things I needs to mention for those considering that they take this clock for a first time. A stopwatch and timer like this objective a current time when you are in his ways. Ossia One of some reasons has decided takes a DW 5600.ºt. I have tried a GWM 5610 but has has had to that the turn because both a stopwatch and that the timer would not show a current time.

A timer: it runs 24 hours, and shows a current time. That is also cool in a timer is that calm also can dip as, and any quantity of second is well, loves 5 second or included so only 2 second or so many. Very fresh.

Regarding an alarm, again, so only an alarm. An interesting thing in an alarm is that you can dip an alarm for the sure month and day. This would be fresh if a clock there is more be of an alarm. 4 alarms well for this class of characteristic of date. It uses to plot of alarms every day, like characteristic/of day of the month in one an alarm only is interesting.

A beeps is quite audible and has to that Casio classical sound. This in spite of, maintains to import that a sound can not be muted. Again, classical G-Incident.

Different the majority of modern places, a rule the key is less visible in a side. But it is not difficult to press. In fact, all some keys are easy to press.

Also, while it touch around with any of some ways of a clock, when it press a key of way, calm automatically goes back to a current time. Of then there have it so only 3 characteristic basic and some keys are easy to press, this is not too big of the shot.

Finally, when dipping current time, timer, and alarm, so only take a key to use with which press rule, and so only goes forward. It did not like to of the principle, but when you resist a key down, some numbers more quite fast. I have taken it it has used his after the day or two.

Has seen video of people in Giappone that comes from this particular clock, and man, is the hard type ! I have seen it declare fallen of big histories, run over for cars, sank 200 M drop a sea, and saw it included entirely covered in vase. It is almost like this I last like the basic Mudmaster.

A strap is extremely comfortable and a clock is like this light you sometimes forget is by train of the spend.

Some stays of clock have beaten on almost all a time. I do not owe never it concerns roughly regulating a time once in the moment or the have be go by the pocolos second.

In general, ossia a awesome clock and one that all the world, especially Defenders of G of Incident, would have to have in some point in his lives. There, I think that that I have covered all could.
5 / 5
Has been buying Shock of G partorisca on 20 years and finally line them on like this bad has to him substitute. Ossia Some bands of those who deteriorate and snap first. All the substitutions of the never returned band or last properly calm so that it finalise to take the new clock because of the new band. Some pins are not one the majority of sure system to do sure a band wont fall off. This is not the new question and Casio refuses to correct he with the system of the better band that so only last the fraction of the like a sample done. A lot frustrating
4 / 5
Update to revise:

Still possess this clock, still the spend daily. I so only completed Hard Mudder spending this and survive! It has not fallen off, not to annoy me this in spite of doing.

Original description:
am writing this description the year after possessing this clock. I spend this clock everywhere are not in needs of my better clock, comprising work. Very durable, fell it and attacked it a lot of time. This clock for real bolt until his 'G-Impact' name like the to a sample a more economic durable longer has has not possessed never. Defiantly Recommend
5 / 5
thinks both an Amazon and the external descriptions can adapt – ossia for far one the majority of the still economic clock durable the person can possess. For all a wristwatches am spent for, has not considered never the g-incident for inexplicable reasons but with which mine Luminox the clock has begun to show some symptoms of the battery to die (among others questions) imagined it has been now of movement on. Now like like this another reviewers, can corroborate all but one the majority of sycophantic evaluations of Casio classical G-incident.

A Classical G-Impact DW5600E-1V is perhaps one the majority of the economic digital clock gone in of the majority of series of durable clock of Casio. Drawn in a prompt ‘80s like the clock that could survive the fall of 10 feet and be submersible until 10 metres (a bit less than 33 feet) of water, a result was the line of both equivalent, digital, and hybrid wristwatches. Included in this the majority of basic configuration, a clock is fact of the hard plastic this in spite of to the prize feels and hanged that radiates toughness. A clock is simple to use with only four characteristic – clock, stopwatch, alarm, and timer – is for real the no-sample of atrocity for a person the one who only require a basics. For any and the down light users, some lights of whole exposure in the light green brilliant.

Is the sample adds partorisca to one likes the one who only need to know a date and time. In the first place it was, I think that that it is of the entity has waters he-hold to 20 Bars and oddly still all his claims, does not think has any IPX indication – no that have any doubts to his specifications. In another of the his undocumented characteristic, multiple descriptions (and thinks Casio his) has signalled out of this creation of key recessed was intentional [to prevent transmissions of way accidentelle] and can be the question for people those who have big toes or spending gloves. For you contrast, a key to dip of the time in an upper left is a plus recessed of them all and will require any with at least the modest fingernail or aims key to confidently press he – doing the worse subjects that this key has used to reset stopwatch and timer. A bit surprisingly, Casio is continued to integrate the fixed owner-has twisted watchband this prevents of lying in the flat surface as it is not too quickly to the launch was a stand comes with.

In spite of, still thinks is the sample adds. Coupled With cost of mine of the protective screen, am looking forward to +15 years of punctuality (comparable to a Luminox the clock is dipped to substitute). Among my work that discourages personal calls and my smartphone of mine of the indifference, can go days without my telephone but no without knowing a time - with a G a simple plus-incident, that knows that it is like this simple like him flick of my wrist.
4 / 5
Thin band. At all like my leading 5 compraventa of this clock. Suspicion neither counterfeit or Casio that tries to save the penny.

Top Customer Reviews: Timex Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
With which having this clock partorisca several weeks now and reading several poor descriptions before I have purchased has thought that was time partorisca my personal experience with this clock. He so that it went it far the very positive experience. I have not had any question anything with him. It maintains the time adds, a band is very a lot of fact and comfortable, a hardware has resisted until daily wear and a Indiglo the characteristic work adds. I have read in some negative critiques that a Indiglo the characteristic there is prendido to do after the few hours to the few days. Quell'Concealed that has not been my experience. I have it quell'has beaten this clock in my life of daily work and all the still works like normal. I also read a lot revises concealed complained in a dark zone in a Indiglo characteristic in 6 on the dot in a dial. Ossia Normal and part of a creation of a characteristic. In no way it interferes with a function of a Indiglo. I also read some negative commentaries in a strap that the results frayed in some holes and of the flanges. Has the simple to fix for that. Take the light plus and imitates some holes and a flange of a band and calm not having anymore frayed flanges. For a money ossia the rugged clock very done . If you are in a fence is my experience that ossia the value adds and any worry would owe that be given to some the negative commentaries have read. Besides, there it is the Amazon of wins of question he well. Good regime and buy with confidence.
4 / 5
Adds that it looks the clock and I desire has done. It likes- one fashion, a band, a chance, etc. Is exactly that has looked for, this in spite of....

First clock arrived in that looked to be the condition has used. While a box of external nave was in shape perfect, a timex the box inside a main box looked he has had the open state and a sample has not been in a plastic pedestal this comes with a packaging. The inspection a date of the clock and the time was dipped already to time regulate oriental; the furthest inspection has developed a characteristic of illumination has been wheel. I assume this is to be return, any inspected, and annoy was mine on incident. I have contacted amazon, has sent a sample behind, and his mailed me those new one of the order of haste.

Show 2 has arrived in shape perfect. It was in a pedestal and has had the little plastic guard in a root among a crown and a chance that was the promising sign! On Day 2 I there is remarked a date was has gone by a day to the equal that have assumed has dipped a sample on wrongly and did not have it on a right cycle partorisca are/pm. Fast advance the few days later and now a sample is not in resistant time. Today it is 30 mins slower of a real time. While I am not sure when this is to spend the knowledge spent inside a past 24 hours.

The really do me question if these are legitimate Timex clocks or yes is swipe offs?
4 / 5
I really liked a clock when I took it. My old Timex the clock was after dead years to use have substituted like this he with east a. Has-liked me everything roughly the, easy to read, the glow adds, perfect measure, and at all shiny.

This in spite of, a first day that spends was, a crown (the @@@knob has used to dip a time) has fallen was. Thought this was so only the fluke, has exchanged for the new a. Then the strap of a substitution clasp has broken a third day of wear, included before I have shipped an old a backside.

There is disappointed really reason ossia an only clock can find concealed has all some characteristics have looked for.
4 / 5
All has looked for here was an economic clock (quite economic that would not owe that feel too bad when I broke it this in spite of abuse) this looked reasonable and has maintained adequately good time. This clock certainly was economic and looks very reasonable, has surpassed in fact my expectations in this front. An expensive is readable and appeal, some pleasant proportions, and a backlight really glorious. A nylon the band is quite grody-looking four weeks of working construction with him on my wrist, but will have concealed. This in spite of, a timekeeping is terrible. Out of a box has run the little has bitten dulcemente, perhaps the minute the day. For an end of a second week was five minutes . Three weeks in, is in the torsion of death, losing on 20 minutes yesterday. It lost it today 5 minutes in some two hours have been I awake. I have verified out of a service of guarantee of Timex and loves $ 8 like the eservice cost,' on some side has surpassed to send them my clock. Timex, Hate to say you this, but touching your clients for reparations is external of a normal definition of 'guarantee.' Mina, the guarantee means a guarantee that there is the question with a merchandise that will be remedied in the cost of a vendor.
4 / 5
Timex Men TW4B04700 Expedition Scout Green Nylon Slip-Thru Sample of Correa

has loved this clock the death when I took it. It has been obsessed with an aesthetic, and to do the better things a lot still knows had the backlight characteristic to see in a dark until with which bought it!

This in spite of, a reason is estimated 4 stars in place of 5 is reason have had to maintain readjusting a time more frequently that I active has liked him really. Any noticeable at the beginning, but a long more the the, some results of fast plus out of sync with a correct time. Finally, some hands have prisoner reads only, or would freeze for random quantities of time.

Finally, for a time that he correctly (estimativa has left the year or like this, minus perhaps the little month) was phenomenal, so only is not lasted almost while it had expected.
5 / 5
Has had two clocks of Expedition in my life and this says the plot because they are 55 , ossia the economic excuse for some clocks that has has possessed previously . It took it so only it was my arm in a second the day and a strap have broken andIndiglo the light does not operate ! To Supposition no him liking has used to ........
4 / 5
Has purchased this clock he almost done the year. I have wanted to it has/ wanted It To it at the beginning. It looked he adds, has has received tonnes of compliments, and has maintained good time. Then after the few months has begun the jam from time to time. A second hand would take stuck and so only tick behind and advances for the moment first to go forward. This results the abysmal time that maintains. How it was still down guaranteeed, has contacted support of client and has sent he in his ease for reparation. After the long wait has been returned with a statement that the could not be repaired and was has substituted instead. I have been touched $ 8 managing and has thought this was well to finally have my favourite clock that read again. But the no. To frustration of mine adds, inside days, there is remarked an exact same question that spends again. Like this neither it was lied to and a sample has not been substituted or was my bad regime to receive the unit with an exact same defect. Doing a worse whole experience, can not agree a signal to register my account in partorisca rid the question of new service and a characteristic of recovery of the signal in his web of place does not operate. This whole thing has a lot of be aggravating. Timex A lot probably receive my subject in a future.
5 / 5
Has received this clock he 6 May 2016, today is 15 August 2016. A clock has to do fault his purpose until today, a wheel of function has broken was when I have dipped a sample on. I have used a characteristic of illumination this morning and all has done properly. It does not have very seen abuses another that tear and normal wear. So with which 3.5 month of precise door has substituted, has thought Timex the clocks were better quality that this.
5 / 5
Has decided to begin that it spends the clock again because I think that that it is convenient and looks well. I possess the little Timex clocks with bands of skin but over time a time has taken that wrinkled his look in some places where is bent has decided like this to take the new clock. It was skeptical roughly his nylon band partorisca tie reason thought it could not be like this comfortable like the skin but ossia to good sure any one a chance. I want to spend this clock and I like a colour. I think that that it looks darker in my pictures but work with more than things. Still the step even when he no. A big vendor was for me was that ossia also water resistant and looks to be able to take the beating. I attacked it on some sides of doors, wall, calm appoints it (for incident of course) and not being any semence in a lense. Also I can testify to a control to water reason recently the fish and wading by means of a current when I have slipped in the rock and has fallen expensive advance. I took with my hand but is trace to my elbows to a water and a sample still does sums. Finally it would like to buy another with the different colour ossia more neutral but this one are still adds!
4 / 5
A lot of things has been said of these legendary Timex serious, will try summarise a main some:
1. If you have taken anywhere down 35 bucks is amazing value . These punches of clock on his weight in of the terms of looks, dial legibility and consolation.
2. When you have read the negative feedback in other descriptions pleases agrees is point of low prize . It is not the $ 500 or included the $ 100 clock. We match an action to a prize.
3. It spends the little small partorisca 40mm without crown. Mainly because of a modest lug to lug and cut lug period. This be has said, has the wrists and he still is passable if not to impose you one looks of clock of field of vintage. ( It sees my wrist shot)
4. A band is in a rigid side but is to be expected for the mark produces new. Any one loves the shabby band when buying new. It maintains to spend the and softens. A sand the khaki colour is very good!
5. A global clock with nylon the band is very light, hardly seat it on your hand. I add for humid hikes in a forest or of the sportive chances.
6. It is the Timex. It will last longer that some cockroach of mark ignored that probably it costs more. I think that these same excellent presents for any those who there is Rolexes, Omegas etc.
Take one has no unemployment, will grow on you quite fast. I have loved toe he at the beginning when I have seen his measure, but a More spends it to them, a more love this humble little ticker.

Top Customer Reviews: Mens Digital Sports ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
It looks for the waterproof clock with big numbers so that easily it can look down and follows my time while it runs and that locates my horse. This clock satisfied these necessities and more. A first day that spends it, has bathed my horse, which has comprised to submerge my wrist in the cube of 5 chevrons repeatedly. Any subject! Law of clock and still looks very so new. I am very impressed with so easy is to pose and what adjustable a group is. This clock is apparently indestructible and included the most expensive looks that a lot is. Like a premium has attached, like me that it comprise he of a day of a week and a date as well as easy-in-timer of use and stopwatch characteristic. I am sure he has the little more characteristic that the has not discovered still.
5 / 5
It IS the sample adds . I have decided to take a clock that looks some videos of amazing the description in of the marks of Youtube some time.

Hourly chime(optional). An alarm. Chronograph(stopwatch) With leaving time(any memory of foothills). 12 And 24 times of early roads, and looks a date, month, and day of a week(any year). It does not have any timer of account behind.

Some accesses of clock very good. It IS very comfortable to spend.

A clear function is very brilliant, and provides excellent visibility. This clock illuminates more than shines that my new Timex with a indiglo.

IS waterproof. I actuate There It go It only he for the days of pair so far, but has liked him, has washed my hands, and has washed stuffs with him on and has has not had a subject.

An only with this that it does not follow a year, as any years of jump.


Any one complain that an expensive is to take to read, so that in an angle, a full [impression of number?] Of an exposure entered to see, and a screen 'gone back in gibberish'. It IS a bit that semences in the odd angle, results unreadable, but each exposures of LCD of this type that; calculators, clocks, and anything more. It comprise the picture to aim that I am speaking enough.( It notes an odd angle in that I am lining a clock in a photo, any one checks his clock in this way.) This recovery is ridiculous and inadmissible, while has a clock distinguished in you when is looking in him, so normal, then is not the problem at all. Perhaps, these people are trying to do some class of acrobatic feat, or checks a time during poses he of yoga, but when in fact is LOOKING in a clock, an exposure is perfect.

Also, for these people that complains that every time you cycle some roads, give you an option to pose a time, presses a button of reset while in a chronograph, or otherwise changing any parameter, this deletes this problem. Even so, I do not know why it is pressing buttons to change subject if they are not using a stopwatch or alarm.

A bit those that the people here will give you an impression that is the enormous clock , but that is not a case. An apt is surprisingly comfortable.

Different some will say you, a sample VERY beep when presses a clear button, that is to say absolutely untrue.
5 / 5
I produce it adds. The calm can not take more bang for your buck. I have required the clock or one alfresco, hiking, concealed I wouldnt imports roughing up and this was waterproof and very readable and strong has DIRECTED light. An exposure DIRECTED has not disappointed. I confirm that in the angle sure an only thing will see is 88:88....But I mean it is very irrelevant in me....Another factor of the entity for me was a bracelet and yes his so the pig. I see spent he in 100 F to condition and has not been different that any one other clocks that possesses... It surrounds. Cheap, mere, the brilliant has DIRECTED, time, alarm etc...
5 / 5
I have purchased my original clock more or he less done 30 month and has to say that it has enjoyed it to it to him a lot. Over time it has built to well sure up it is scars to battle so when a stack has begun to go decided to purchase another. I am so happy with my second clock while it was an in the first place even so after posing a time remarked or the small thing has changed of an original. In an experience of January concealed original 2016 a beep listened in a principle of an hour was also under beeps. It opens With a walnut a a hourly the chime is a long plus beep. It expect a normal beep so much was the when the surprise listened a nine unit These are awesome to samples likes them the fact that this has changed ways that still is doing descriptions in him. Otherwise Does not see any difference and still has any subject that recommends in of the friends.

In the sidenote for the who is legally blind and need the clock with the main impression this or to good sure returns a bill. Personally I am in this category and found when trying clocks other companies that an impression has aimed has not gone quite big for me to read without posing my face in a clock. For time I that besides the situations that is so afterwards with doing he in dark and a fist the back lights had provided any real help. This clock still can read without being so near that marks of leaves of breathes. It has it that says does a bit of a main and more intrepid impression has seen in the recent clock. Also his election to do a bit numbers illuminate in place of just illuminating some whole exposure is the plus of entity . There are places now with this clock that in fact can paste a button at night and read a time where was unable to do so in a past.
5 / 5
That is to say a AWESOME clock! Im The collector of clock freak and has looked for something to spend when doing alfresco so he streaky, any big roads... But this clock is BRONZED WELL. And spend it daily and of whoever subjects he in these take working conditions. I want a measure of him (and there is slightly wrist of big/ hands) and can see he without my glasses to read, even so his no so big that enters a road or looks gaudy.
Wants to one issues some time/ of date and of the day is gesture has entered a clock: big exposure, mere and in a point. A group is very comfortable also. This clock is the subject in this prize. I have to the left it included he in a table like the day, date, exposure to time thats always available in the gaze. A button that illuminates is in a something perfect (upper left wing) while it is a rest (as it likes him to him any one to maintain buttons of paste for accident or has the calm bond when movement). I plan on buying the little more to give has been in friends what xmas/ present of anniversaries and will take or for prime of mine (that is to say also the clock freak) photo to follow punctual
4 / 5
Very very all want to is the and-screen of paper with a time, date, alarm and stopwatch. It conceal I do not require to be touched regularly. It IS it adds. It IS Enormous. It looks big up against my hand And I have the big hand. Some light only stays on for the second of pair as it does not have time to paste a light and then manoeuvres in a stopwatch. You have to take in a stopwatch on your own and a clear the to start with. In general. The show adds if you do not import a measure.
5 / 5
05/2019 UPDATE: the sample still is that it goes strong; never the duke was.

So far this has been the ridiculously compraventa interesting. A clock maintains good time; it does not find it go it was time or out of whack like another has mentioned and is always very on-line over time of my telephone maintains ... As any subject with accuracy whence is seating. But that I Very the amour enough is that it is ENORMOUS and a time has aimed is ENORMOUS. Only it spends the clock so that it is essential in my force those coaches regimine how me religiously times my pauses enter to take/together and some mark of diverse exercises in a gymnasium; very I any one need the clock for any another to the reason likes him the time is aimed in from everywhere me, all day very time in my telephone, in mine car pinch, work, etc. Except mine necessities in a gymnasium? These kicks of thing have bounced serious. And it is only $ 13 bucks and change. Until I have discovered this Amazon sourced 'banger clock' ... I have had always it go it only he in Walmart and has purchased one of his cheapy/banger clocks but at all I never taken of Walmart is so big and readable like this tank of the cheapy clock. Personally it wants to it. Oh He ... I am not sure that it is up with other descriptions that lament a fact that his clock has broken ... But I law a INSANELY physical work , manual class of the work and a clock are subject in of the very terrible conditions and has had very subject. Also, a plastic coverage in a readout is in fact RECESSED in what bezel records very good to maintain the coverage of the screen has said to take streaky. A clock is big. Him me like this excepts if it does not want the massive thing in your wrist? You could look elsewhere ... M? I will maintain to buy this same clock while it is available and if my current an each croaks. The flight.
3 / 5
It is spent this type of clock (digital sports) for years. I Like him his of a date/of the day and the digital time read was, a variability of period of the strap, and a function of light of the night. A strap in my old clock has broken, therefore a necessity for the nine unit In general, this clock satisfied my necessities especially considering a prize and an ease to read an information of time. It opens One with east: it measures---while his of entity to be big to relieve to read, sometimes main is not better; this face of clock is main that my old one and the looks have weighed; it is not , only it looks that it issues; functionality--take a clock in my left hand and a clear button are in a left side of a clock, which ways my right hand-held covers a dial when presses a clear function to see a time at night; yea, some stays of light on for the little second when press it but his still the ache to achieve through a clock to press a clear function. No longer I race or swim and therefore it does not use some looks to decree so it can not comment in his functionality (the function of the clock of the decree is in a right side of a clock--goes figure). Or I control of need of water in any depth, but comes with a clock. A good clock.
5 / 5
Only that has looked for. But it does not know so to change from12h in 24h and behind.

With mu has seen, One big plus uncluttered the dial is easy to read. Has any read of problem he in an angle. One does buttons softly and some works of function of clock to decree well. A problem has is that I can not find instructions to change behind and advances of 12 hour in 24 early exposure.
5 / 5
I like this shows ,
has a group duquel adjustable plastic access my wrist perfectly, is easy to change of 12 in 24 hour,very easy to pose time
Numbers Very big to time that it is very easy to read ,has day and month ,a good light to see time at night or in dim light ,has a function of alarm and stopwatch function ..
And some buttons are not some usual little pinpoints that the plot of clocks has
In general for low $ 18.00 the very good sample

Top Customer Reviews: Casio Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
State buying Casio show during thirty years and I how they. Has an earring twelve years, but left the to form that was so old was to take to find stacks of substitution. This clock am adds excepts that a group always pauses where you buckle he. An average is the year by the year and the half in a flimsy group of resin. It can not find an exact group in Amazon, has bought only another $ 12 clock, thinking a stack would go punctual. It finds that after the small stack changes these clocks lose his control of water and cloud up. A substitution a late plus there has been to focus in a box that says 'Gave Battery of Year.' That would be it add avenges with six extra groups. I do not want experience with joins that cost four dollars less than a clock. It was able to use the zip-bend to fix a group while while for my First substitution shipped. My old clock would owe law for other eight years in my upper drawer. It IS still shows very better that the Timex, and a zip-the bond taken the plot of laughs.
Update: according to clock and the breaking grupal in 17 month, but has the ten stack of year!
5 / 5
Desprs Paying $ 400 for a clock of apple gives Casio is the a lot of the sample the readiest . It shows a date and time, illuminates a whole screen, has cries it and an alarm. That is to say all calm never needs of the clock. Yes and it would like him have a solar stack and the atomic time synchronises in in to to the functions likes them-him it to them much more world-wide but is the value those pays another $ 100 bucks? I do not think so. It slaps This in your wrist and you are well to go.
5 / 5
To start with it is, these looks of clock adds. Some figures are very easy to read, and that uses an alarm/of timer/stopwatch is very easy also. A strap of rubber is comfortable and any one when being pas odd around your wrist. Some two buttons in the each side of a clock is also very easy in of the press. In general, for $ 15, the calm can not take the better clock.
5 / 5
A lot of people do not spend of the clocks anymore so that they use his telephones, but still can not beat the clock for consolation. This would be the good election for people that simply wants that consolation. Just Grave gaze in your wrist, and there is a date, day and time in big readable characters.

A clock comes with an alarm, stopwatch and second characteristic of timezone, any duquel considers each that useful. Still, that is to say the quite minimum characteristic together, and the minimum is WELL; some less bells and whistles, one has complicated less the sample is to use. One 100m the control of water is also the enormous plus in a department of consolation; that is to say a control of the minimum water is in fact sure to swim with (the indications are based on totally still water). It attaches in that a fact that is quite accurate only a lot has to reset he when the savings of daylight enter and was, and only can pose this in your wrist and the forget.

A electroluminescent exposure backlight is adapted -- certainly better that a Casios of an early 90s, but no quite so uniform what Timex Indiglo characteristic. Also automatic backlighting would have been well, but is not to be expected in the $ 13 point of prize.

A low prize also means to take the resin (marketer-habladuras for 'plastic') strap, but in fact thinks the resin acts better that a silicone more type for something this light. The silicone can take uncomfortable when is sweaty. If has the thing against plastic can substitute you a group with any one 18mm wide after strap of piece. In an image has attached, has matched this clock with the 'Goldfinger' strap of NATO of nylon of way -- he still, that is to say the $ 40 group in the $ 13 clock, although I can take the versions the cheap plus here in Amazon for basses $ 10. A point is not that some costs of relative grupal in a clock, is that for the enjoy.

And that is to say the clock in fact can enjoy for his aesthetic. Squared is the good form for the digital clock, and an abundance of hands of the measure of legibility without entering a road of coverages or take in of the things. It is not easy to see in an image of Amazon, but a sample also has tones subtiles by heart -- outline blues around a glass and the red small lettering. These touches are repressed but elevate a creation.

That it can it to it sound monkey to say in 13 clock, but why has to very something like this when being designed thoughtfully? Like the collector of clock has perhaps five digital clocks in my collection, but this and an iconic F-91W is an only some concealed taken to regulate 'time of wrist'.
5 / 5
I want this clock. In my line of necessities to act to be taken and pode any left to look in my very long clock as when need be able to read a time without the clear or some the thing boba that said me that the has not taken. This clock has been done to be the clock of police agents!
3 / 5
IF CALM SURF PLEASES READ:( A lot of amour Casio like the integer and a clock was only which and has required: comfortable, waterproof, simplistic. Alas prender to do yesterday totally after it only has for enough 3 month... I go surfing probably 2 in 3 times the week. At the beginning it was to add, any subject. Then only in a pair spent of the weeks and the condensation have remarked begun to form in an interior of a clock. Sometimes so much so that and couldn ails to see a time. It has remarked the grain of pair of sand in some sides on the one hand of the main clear dish and does not know yes concealed contributed in any one classifies leaks? Only it have it it do not expect concealed :( For any one concealed entered an ocean the plot and was bummed to see grain of sand around a wrinkle. Only I have been yesterday to look at the same time and was only totally spatial, any time, any one igniting, any button that anything, only fatality. Really it expect enough the time of plus of plot out of this clock but the salvation only never know.
5 / 5
Eye fijamente deep in a screen of monochrome LCD and thinks in me, "Self! As Such procuraciones the marvel of technology in this incredible value?"

You Too once join this miracle of modern technology in your no dominant wrist. Clearly designed with the sophisticated gentleman in of the imports during a phase to draw. Sure you can I purchase the "ready clock" if you enjoy to touch even so another device.

People; it is the clock . He what the clock is supposition to do : Date, Time, Alarm, day of a week, and timer. A hard plus stack very time that first yours pair (this whore) and is two durable times that any ready clock. I have taken one of these in Iraq and behind and never left me down.

Around-up: if I need it water it resistant clock that says a time/of date, is dependable, life of longitude stack, and has some subsidiary characteristics, this one is since you. If I need the device that connects in your tlphonique and things of marks that a big screen already in your pocket , this is not since you.
5 / 5
UPDATE: Like another month is gone stops. Still I am coaching for a Sprint-Tri and has run 2 or 3 times for week, at all 1 or 2 times for week, and cycle 1 or 2 times for week. A sample still is doing well, is sure, a decree-characteristic of the clock is easy to use, and is still he 5-stars to estimate for me.

INFORMS OLD: So far so good! Turned was all of my applications to follow and has bought this clock instead. At present I am coaching for the Triathlon of Sprint and finds the clock with the prendido-function of clock to do only well. It uses this clock to run, cycling and swimming already. An adjustable group the good access and he have remained firmly in place for everything of these activities of exercise.

Easy to program...Easy to see without my glasses (and I bifocals to spend to read).
4 / 5
Initially and it purchase a one of a xL G more expensive big-clocks to impact and has bought is one that the clearest alternative. I have not spent the clock for some time, but has wanted or for a stopwatch function to use in of the works (work in a Rehab field) and to follow rest/of work during my own work-outs. This would have to be the clear weight , long durable clock.
1 / 5
It looks and when being so one shows has had in sixth note - 5 stars for that.

But a creation has changed in some roads of entity, or my memory is bad. The memory is to press and line the button recessed to change parameters of entity, for the case that pose a time, changing a format of exposure of the time, and alarms to turn on and has been. This 'hasten-and-winery' the interface has been designed so that it can any never change these parameters for accident.

In a clock took, still has to ' press-and-winery' to pose a time. But other configurations are done to press buttons in brief. Which are the problem so that some buttons are much easier to press, and take pressed accidentally all some time.

Changing an exposure of 12-the hour in the road of 24 hours is done to press the button in a more the low right tagged 12/24H, while in a road of main clock. In fact they have the button consecrated for east! If calm still is learning to convert, then can be well to press the button in planting to attach twelve. But otherwise is a nuisance : basically a clock is subjects 12 hours the averages a time, and road of 24 hours very another half of a time, so that a button takes pressed accidentally.

A worse thing is that an alarm is ignited almost so easily. It presses a button and calm finds calm in 'road of alarms. Changing a parameter of the time of the alarm requires 'press-and-winery' of a 'adjust' button, but that enables an alarm is the press of mere button . Desprs Buying this clock and in the transente the few weeks, can find that it enable it accidentally very only an alarm but a esnooze' characteristic, which causes an alarm to sound for twenty second each five minutes during 35 minutes. Of an alarm is posed to go the half night entered for default, this could be to utmost inconvenience in you and any one can be share the room with.

Quan This spent in my anniversary, awake (25 minutes in some 35 minutes of torment) and cut some straps of a clock, swearing never for the spend again. Perhaps I will attach the bond and hangs of the loop of tape. To the May has him-liked me His one feeling for the have around my wrist in all the case.

Top Customer Reviews: Michael Kors Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
All would have to that know he roughly MARCOS and like work. More value, the main prize. Also it can be the slap in our face.

1. I find this clock in Michael Kors tent in the shopping centre -- On sale partorisca $ 199.

2. It steps out of a tent, attractive he on on Amazon. $ 99 Here. AS I BOUGHT it!

3. Month later, am walking around the shopping centre and stop in a Tent of Clock of the Fossil. The volume links it has attacked was and a type say to have same exact clock (without Michael Kors nomination on he). On sale partorisca $ .

5 / 5
Perfecto, beautiful and the eye that takes without being too flashy
5 / 5
Ossia the present adds . It has taken partorisca the anniversary of the mine promised. It took it to Michael Kors outlet to the equal that could verify is authenticity . It is REAL! Bandage quite big but any jeweller is able to take out of link for you. And now it is on sale ! Ossia The shot can has to that buy another
4 / 5
has bought this clock for my anniversary of fiancés. It loves it.
5 / 5
A clock is very good and classy. A face of a clock is very better and of the main quality that a band. Ossia Reason a face has been done in Giappone and a band in Cina, but in general a sample like the whole is still big quality.

A description has said that a clock is the ash of colour of the metal in both one band and expensive. A band and the face match a lot well. A clock is to good sure real.

In general, am pleased extremely with a colour and quality of a clock. A gold of ascended is not súper ascended, to the to the equal that likes. It is still he locates to good sure the gold and I think the better look with an ash that black . It is the a lot of exiting clock for formal occasions.
4 / 5
A look of clock is well, but subjective! A colour of clock is jo where next black, enough his dark ash. A clock looks fresh, but personally could not find where pode raisin in casually, or his no the random and a time still very formal at all.
One with: a tape feels economic, ultra light(that or find in of the clocks of fake) a sample is genuine but one feels is not like this good. It will be to return the.
5 / 5
Has bought he for my fiancé for his anniversary and was perfect. We have had to take some links taken was, but has known was the possibility . Looks So only like a an I looked in in Michael Kors tent. A black band and the black face are absolutely perfect for random bond or black chance
5 / 5
has taken the tonne of compliments in this clock like this far. Note, looks more black of ash in a picture but really is the ash when calm take it. Any complaint I in fact like a better ash!
4 / 5
Has used like the present of day of pair for my husband! Some colours were perfect to match our pair and he loved it absolutely. It is gone in quickly enough for me for the take to be engraved also.
4 / 5
No attended to receive the clock that split a photo of product. It can be the decent clock , but is not that it has been expecting. I have seen this clock in the tent of the department listed in the prize the big plus. I have been excited in an occasion to take he for the better prize. My surprised, has received something very different that that has been expecting. A lot disappointed.

Top Customer Reviews: Casio Men's Vintage ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 54 ratings
4 / 5
I actuate Always you want the clock of calculator. It opens Cela is pressing 30, has listened that I am an adult and can do what want to and wants to buy the clock of calculator, dammit. Yes, it has said he. Calm is not my mamma. It treats it.

Am adds. Has dual time, the stopwatch, alarm, said a date and day of a week, And A FRIGGIN' CALCULATOR. If calm spend it closely enough, can listen your pulse. As it is like clockwork of Apple the basses of only costs $ 20, has the guarantee of the 3 manufacturer of year, and a hard stack five years. He very message of road of text, but can write such words as 'BOOBS', 'BOOBIES', 'BOOBLESS', 'BEES', and esHOE'. So you are the man of few words and your partner are very afterwards in you, is basically a same like iMessage.

Has attacked of the star so that some looks of screen to be missing of any contrast. Any sure is permanent or a stack is down. It can very recharge a stack, as I do not know .
5 / 5
You take pressed down in a hallway and has called the nerd. They were a lot of. I want this clock.
5 / 5
That the fresh piece. I am 33, as I am only quite old to take this be of clock a fresher thing in a mid 80s, then progress in something only nerds and dorks would spend, then gone back in obscurity. But since it is now 2017 and it is fresh to be it geek again, that is to say now so nerdy is awesome. I have posed he in the one of the NATO the in fashion fresh strap, and this clock takes greetings so a lot of and is so amused to spend like my good clocks, conventional. It IS one can of the statement in fashion marks better for 17 bucks.

The wise functionality, is awesome. Calculator, stopwatch, and dual timezones. Any one backlight, even so. But in general, what the piece of quality. I want to it!
5 / 5
That is to say literally a better clock. May. Any debate there. And'the voice is Spent the each day only since and bought it 10 month ago even so I take me immense joy while and low look in him. Some functions are relatively easy to use and is durable and sure. And Adore this clock and takes the PLOT of greetings enough the, so that, and'know, the clocks of calculator are literally a better thing in any when never being created by humanity, if no a thing of well only. And absolutely it recommends this glorious clock. I took me through helps and of the darkness time me composed the tax in still joins the majority of difficult situations. Also, it is amused really to do says '8008135' and then the sample in my friends and family. The calm would find it would take old after 10 month directly but is still hilarious and any one can say me otherwise. If you want the big-quality, abordable, and surprisingly entertaining timepiece, my professional opinion is to BUY THIS CLOCK. Calm any one lament the.
5 / 5
That is to say Casio informs CA53W Sample of Calculator. Behind in the primary school in a 80 east, this was one of some clocks that all the world has wanted to to possess. Since it was more active with sports and swimming, my parents only take me Casio this was 100M resistant water or more. Near of in 30 years later, is in the able end to conform this desire. It does so in the success adds.

- Time with hours, minutes, and bren. Also it aims in a main screen is one IS/indicator of prime minister and a day of a week.
- Basic calculator.
- Alarm.
- Dual timezone.
- Clock of decree.

Wishes to attach in this clock:
- Electroluminescent exposure.
- At least 50M control of waters.

This would be a perfect clock with a electroluminescent exposure and at least 50M of control of water. Another that concealed, is pleased totally with this clock while satisfied that amours of vintage, has so characteristic, and has the very attractive exposure and symmetric. More than everything, is happy to have to is an afterwards discovers in Casio website that this is being has interrupted. One 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.

Julio of UPDATE 11, 2016:
has Attached is the pictures of Casio CA53W the clock of the calculator has compared to match alternative abordables that is also of Casio, Casio W800H-1AV ($ 12) and Casio F105W-1A ($ 13). I wish a Clock of the calculator there has been a Electroluminescent light of a F105W, which are one the majority of light of attractive clock in my experience. A F105W is only too small for my wrist, although a Clock of Calculator is a perfect measure .
5 / 5
That is to say mine 2 clock . A course that control a strap of the decrease of excess wrist has broken, but a group is well. Unable to find another group, only opted to buy the integer of new clock for 16 bucks. My first clock has been purchased in December of 2012. It IS now December 2017, and continues to do with this same stack. It does not have any idea that time a clock run when bought the, but would say that 5 years out of a stack is normal.

This clock am adds. It IS quite clear that any sound a necessity for the take was. It IS test of the water for some marks of things...The occasional swimming and I left it on when rain. Has punch this clock in of the numerous things how the contadoras and has taken beats it and a clock is without scratches and work also like the day has bought the. This clock can take has beaten the. Desire that has the clear, but that it is my only thing that would change. And this clock takes attention of people if that is to say your thing . I actuate there it do not go it never so many commentaries of mark of the people quite what fresh is, and has some quite good clocks. This thing has at least 10 times more commentaries that everything of my another the clocks have combined. A good thing is that it never has preoccupy enough any one trying robarprpers, so opposite in my others clocks. It Likes me to him his a look. I Like him his of a prize. I actuate At all bad to say in this small clock. If you are I how me and grow up in a 80 east, has wanted always one of these clocks but has not taken so that they were so expensive behind then, highly recommend this. Especially it travels in Caribbean saws ship of cruise and need the good clock to go that at all with, but does not want to design too much attention in you and to do sure return in your ship in time.
5 / 5
I have used in the first place this clock in my premier Pacific that cross like the Captain in the B-747-400 in 1989. It has done a lot of cross: Teipei; Honkong; Manila; NRT; BOK; SYD; AKL; et.al. They use for calculations to feed concealed verifies plans of the company of the flight has generated. Used crosses it Atlantic in Heathrow, then on in New Dehli. Calculations of water, also, attaching ballast of water for sailplane race. 1 chevron Weighs 8.33. My ship spends until 50 chevrons. I actuate Probably the bought 20-30, using them for presents. Sometimes immediately my wrist. The groups tend to break for me after several years. I am the quite heavy user . It opens to cruise, low attainment to clean milfoil of my thyme. One has filtered, but act very afterwards dry it has been during an hour or two. I maintain that or for use of dry earth, only. Even so, it is to take to say them eschews afterwards clean some buttons with the paintbrush of tooth. I always maintenances an extra two or three in my cofre of drawers. I give it 10 out of 10 stars. I dread a beginning in the daytime of production.
5 / 5
I wish this clock could sinned and compound organism and exponential powers.... jk. I am not that ready and this help attach me and remain when circle out of toes and of the toes to have. Also it has the retro look in concealed to think match my personality. Lame greetings in the all a time. I am to use to spend clocks of g to clash he so that it was preoccupied in a durability of this clock. Even so, after spending a clock for in 4 month, can testify that these looks any sake of only look , but is built well. Also I have the creature and I that which he very always 'bonk' against my threads' the cape since is down-profile (my g-the accident there has been the leader of big clock and constantly paste against the leader of my threads).

Does not expect to be able to compound and represent out of dark subject with this clock, but spend the looks could :)
4 / 5
The show adds, says time. Has the calculator. Has a day of a week. Has the integer another timezone. Has the clock of decree, which have still into use a lot of. An alarm... Cela Tried and in fact arouse me up. Surprisingly some buttons are not hard to press, while they run a calculator there is not paste still the wrong button. 12h/24h option of format of the time. And his no bulky

4 stars and this are why any one 5.

1 needs the back light
2 A strap could be the small better/elder
3 would have to coming He with the clave to battle of help was all some ladies that will want to you to buy them things so that they think that that you are rich.
5 / 5
I have it that there is wanted always the sample of calculator. Now that am pressing 30, felt that they are an adult and can do that I want to and wants to buy the clock of calculator, dammit. Yeah, said It. Calm is not my mamma. It treats it.

Are adds. Has dual time, the stopwatch, alarm, has said a date and day of a week, And A FRIGGIN' CALCULATOR. If calm spend it closely enough, can feel your wrist. How it is like clockwork of Apple cost only down $ 20, has the guarantee of the 3 costruttore of year, and a hard battery five years. It does not send of the messages of text, but can write such words as 'BOOBS', 'BOOBIES', 'BOOBLESS', 'BEES', and esHOE'. So you are the man of few words and your partner is a lot afterwards yours, is basically one same like iMessage.

Has attacked of the star because some looks of screen to be missing of any one contrast. Any sure he is permanent or a battery is down. It can a lot of recharge a battery, as I do not know .

Top Customer Reviews: Casio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have received this clock on 1-20-2018. I have received my prime minister Casio looks on tomorrow navideño to somewhere around 1979. This clock, the simple, black digital plastic a, has maintained partorisca do for roughly 15 years, in a same battery. This has not been feat very utmost in my alcohol at the same time. It was so only all has known really, except a time when it has taken a Armitron shows of calculator in some point. It has not done so only a Armitron any last, he also sense likes would not last . Some keys were flimsy, some rough flanges, and has had a global plasticky feels, included although it was gold . Casio old has shined of comparison. My dad has taken a still a like this me that Navidad, excepts in stainless, and anytime is coming up in of the latest years, would laugh and say to the to something likes 'David, thinks that has spent that shows partorisca thirty years and I have substituted so only a battery once.' So that it is that Casio is in my alcohol.

Some times in an office have said to the coworker that Casio was a better clock in a world. It has laughed of course and quickly signalled out of that has FAR better clocks. And it was corrected certainly, but no partorisca of the money.

Has had the little another Casios in my life. A Forester model that was really fresh because of a forest green colour and a fact that has gone the clock to fish. That 'clock to fish' has meant in fact was that it would say you an on some tides of ocean. Living in New Messico, this was totally useless, but liked still of a bit fish that would look when a tide was big or something. Casio I has taken was a one with a world-wide time with a sensor of atomic clock. This one was the pocola was . A light there is prendido to do after the moment and dipping it was the ache. But it is still ticking in drawer of mine now still with which eight or so that the years and I still spend it here and there.

But probably a lot of anymore.

This clock have all the smiles. No really I have words to say. They are not necessarily the 'type of clock' in this sense, but has has had always one in my sinister arm of an age of ten or so much. And honradamente if it has not been paralización Casio, probably there is skipped spending a mostly.

Casio A lot always paste he out of a park. After all they live and breathe like a rest of knots. Perhaps ossia that marks this a such the beauty.

Has bought the very well Bulova the years of pair behind partorisca around $ 400. It likes that it shows. Volume compliments in the and for good reason. It is solid. It is weighed. They have paid attention a lot afterwards to a creation and an arrival is good-looking. It feels like the $ 400 clock of dollar or more. It is perfect to spend to an office. Well, no really. Any of then 1-20-2018.

Any one has submerged. Have Never diven (?) Very active never has submerged. But something in the clock that is drawn to be SIX HUNDRED LOW FEET waters it And the lame STILL WORK has interested. There are a lot of looks that can do it this and much more, but is not this clock.

Was the Viking, this would be a clock has spent.

So that it can say? Yes, a date is comically small. I require to read glasses for small impression this in spite of can not read a date with them on. It guesses more people those who am not exited so only of the comma would owe that know a date. It touches, Casio.

Oh And a Lumiglo or anything is feeble and almost pointless, but at least is there. It likes to light it up with torch of mine of of telephone and look in him in a cupboard, this in spite of.

But yes touches a crystal with mine fingernail knows, feels likes am touching glass antibala.

A bezel has the click adds and in fact meeting to use the! The utilisation to time mine commute, or to time what time a boy takes to spend an alimentary was with which order.

Ossia A class to look concealed does not go you to win to to any one likes or impress of any, unless they are the a lot of ready, unselfish type of engineer. Perhaps. With mine Bulova, the people have wanted to resist it in fact, examined it closely and then complimented me on the, gave it behind, and then looked in him on my arm to the equal that can mug me later. This a no really do that. You are an only one the one who never for real appreciates the one who this clock is. It is the subject of secret amour . It likes that roughly that.

A bit those that things that will say that there is not reading roughly he in these other descriptions. A sale for a thing. It is quite good. It looks all plasticky and horrible in some pictures, has thought in all the chance. But in fact it is pliable, if any supple, and quite good proportioned, if any svelte. A clasp is also classifies of excellent. It is not economic. It is it likes they have to that done @to @give that a clasp is like this of entity like other parts. It is like some executives with Casio has said 'A clasp is one the majority of part of entity of any clock. It is that it maintains it on. Mark beefy.' Yep. Ossia Exactly that is to spend. It is a lot of fact, with the soft arrival, rounded, and done the good clink sound when you are by train of the place on.

Has really at all more to say.

Excepts when it Looks in this clock to see that time is, know an interior of time .003 seconds of my eyes that sees a face. It is so only like this clear. And functional. And simple. I never really thought roughly that with any one another clock, and loves it.

Like prenderé now, but expect an update when these results of clock less than that is now, or a year 2040, whichever comes first.
5 / 5
So only has taken this clock this morning, 2 days more collects that a date of delivery has estimated! I love clocks of dive, and has not been sure that the $ 38 clock would cost to spend. To the left say, Buy this clock! His Big, Beautiful, and value each penny. Ailing update this over time to leave know like this resists up in a long career, but for now, am very happy with him! It is Big, taste that, of a listing has in 40, but is 45. Has the 7' wrist, and I amour like chairs. You take to plot for one $ $ , 200M WR, ray down cups, and chance behind, joined-directional bezel. And the window of good date. An only thing would say could be better is a strap.. It feels class of like this economic plastic, but no extracted big, Im that goes to take it Zulu for him. Here it is pic of him afterwards to mine $ 400 Deep Blue, thinks that resists on a lot against much more expensive clocks.
MODIFICATION: his summer to the long of the year, and his working closing and looking like this very like this new! I finalise to beat a heck out of him and did not leave me never down!
Has added roughly more pics of him on different straps, like transmission on one looks. His the very versatile clock!
5 / 5
Has loved the weekend beater still surfing and was-motorcycling of street. It has had to that be big-faced and easy to read in the gaze. Any digital craps, please. I have required another clock like the hole in a boss. Has some really good clocks and I am not the collector. But of then they are so only and person around to say me a lot, took it. The value adds for a prize, so only a flawless knockout of a Rolex Submariner of old that there is envied always. I took it recently like this dipped a time and has taken he surfing. I attacked it around, it resisted it down it waters, sprayed with the hose of fire, has taken to rain with him, and there is hammered so only he with abusing so to the equal that could so that it could return promptly. Any success; it could it does not destroy. Still it resists time to a millisecond without fogging and any question. So only the big hunk of phat shiny blissful the steel with points has underlined black, the discreet as-hand, stagnate it rotating bezel and the hule light wristband. For $ 37 ossia for the fly. So only it could hang my Seal Heuer and Victorinox the clocks until this thing leave me down, which can be the moment . Very easy to read look it which is reason I took it. No too heavy, really shiny, Big and fat. Looks Abonos classical.

UPDATE: \December 5, 2014.\ Esmarca Of looks of the new box, has not lost included 1-as of time. As I Can this be more attentive of mine $ 1,500 Seal of dollar Heuer???? I spent it every day I took it of then.. :) A rotating bezel is still tight, company and crisp and can update a calendar without taking a second hand. This would have to that cost to plot more.

UPDATE: \October 17, 2015.\ Substituted a battery finally, Still resists a time to a millisecond and any semence in a bezel or a steel. Each month cut the capacity to an atomic clock NHIST in Colorado and has not failed never to be the dice are died on. A hule wristband and a chrome looks the new mark. I have it quell'has abused really this thing and he so only laughs in me.

Abril \of UPDATE 6, 2016 \ A band has the data finally was, has substituted he in the tent of clock for $ 10 with an exact same type. I have been to dip to an atomic clock, and has not required to regulate a time at all. Right in a money; still maintaining perfect time. Still it looks day 1.

UPDATE \Seven 27, 2016\ I hate this clock, am looking for the reason any to spend it anymore, so only maintains to go in and on and that looks the new mark . Now all my others the clocks have had died of battery of negligence, Reason no spent never anything more? Step Casio in the Rolex and can not find any reason to change behind. Mina VW takes a work done and my Circles Royce chairs in a cochera. fooey.
4 / 5
Function: Ossia the rugged clock , functional that is calm quite economic will not concern you roughly mountain biking with him, and quite waterproof that could you theoretically dive with him. It calms that can dip on your wrist and forget it, averts to dip a day after the short month. It is quartz , how is more attentive that one $ 8000 Rolex Submariner was inspired by.

A face of the contrast big and the hands is easy to read in low light. A llama is not very brilliant, but last the long time, which is that it would expect in the mid-sample of row (more than the economic a like this, which often has very brilliant but short durable llama). If you are calm darkness adapted can has read five or are hours after the good light exposure, although a llama in a second the hand is almost useless. Ossia The serious failure is using this for diving (which have to that any), reasons a main function of the second hand is to say you if your clock is prendido and precise trace immediately.

The difference of a submariner, a window of date has no magnifier. And in fact a date is quite small. This the hard fact to read excepts in brilliant light, although the eyes he the young plus can not concern. Also, personally it would have appreciated the day of function of week. The brains he the young plus can not concern.

Taken has not used never the clock of dive, a bezel is surprisingly useful partorisca to to the things him him like the time he workout. When A pizza parlor says pizza of mine will be ready in twenty small, has dipped an indicator for 20 minutes of now. It is the unidirecional bezel (a legacy to submerge that it maintains calm of underestimating what time has been down) with 120 rotation/of click. This has said, is the bit in a tight side, and a flange of the coin is not the acute to the equal that would owe that be. Consistently A bezel is almost impossible to turn with wet hands.

Aesthetic: Ossia where take the little less. Ossia Perhaps more afterwards to a Submariner minimalism that anything could find for low $ 100, perhaps under $ 500. This minimalism is more than just fashion; he a sample an easier that read and use. Where This clock goes the little of some drive is with an use of chrome emphasis. There is chrome emphasis everywhere: around some hands, bookmarks/marcadors of now, and bezel; in fact a Submariner has those also, but for some reason Casio also there is polished some parts of a chance (but a lot all, reason?) To the mirror-chrome arrival. A Submariner has the look brushed everywhere.

Now probably know like concealed or no, but does not think of work with a clock of aesthetic dive. A presumption is that this is not the piece of jewels, is the use of tool in your adventures. A sample of dive would owe that be ostentatiously utilitarian; it would not owe that look frou-frou. Calm felizmente can fix this (if it does not like you) with the tampon of scotchbrite in roughly five minutes. Has mine of date the arrival of uniform satin looks as it thinks work very better.

Consuelo: A fashion these days are for huuuge clocks; but I find him uncomfortable; I have tried once the clock that has weighed the full half pound and was like this enormous took it often chunks out of doorways gone through half of. This clock is restrained for modern levels; 42mm by means of (vs. 40 mm For a classical Rolex) and in 12mm given quite thin his waterproof indication. It is not the light clock, but does not find a weight that distracts.

A band is the hule synthetic ; it looks GOOD but consolation-wise is no better or worse that hule synthetic watchbands typical in this row of prize. It finds I have to that clean a band frequently (Cetaphil act a lot of) otherwise takes uncomfortable. I have substituted a band with the comfortable plus 22mm lines a. Again it calms probably know like chair in plastic-and of the bands, but ossia easy to fix.

A MDV106 is an excellent value in spite of one or two aesthetic minor and functional missteps, some desquels is correctable.
5 / 5
Is to submerge and dive-inspired clocks, could spend anywhere of $ 100 to $ 1000 (or more). Or, if calm so only like a fashion but does not have to that it weaves to spend -- but calm still like the clock that that the look adds -- can you a lot possibly do better that Casio quartz (battery-operated) diver ossia reminiscent of all some famous expensive frames of Seiko on up. For $ 50 ossia the serious clock with adding cred. It is Casio legendary , but besides this credential, is also the beautiful stainless steel chunky and stylish sportive clock for daily use. Look, This one has the serious black dial with the quota marlin logo on the one who the claims water resistency to 200M. I am not planning to use he for diving (excepts in a tank perhaps), but would not be surprised has been estimated that depth because he deport the ray-down cups. Ossia Right -- a first requirement for the true diver is when being able to maintain a movement to take on water. As, has the acute unidirecional bezel that yes, unidirectionally rotates. Calm import, could require some silicone to take it loosened arrive ( will take your nails of a first time of pair), but he clicas a lot amiably and everything. A face has the very visible date window in 3:00, arrow and aim of spear and hands of money more the red and white-spear has touched second hand. Any number in a face, so only circulate white and white rectangles (in 3, 6, and 9, although one 3 is shortened for a date) and fold the square typical diver-was delta in a now 12:00. A behind is the ray-down, and although the characteristic is reserved often for clocks more expensive. There is absolutely at all bad with Casio comfortable and classical band of dive, but the transmissions was easily and has substituted he with one of mine favourite, a ArtStyle ballistic nylon NATO strap in black. Honradamente, This can be a better $ 50 (plus $ 11 band) the clock buys has not done never (a pair Timex chronographs of the expedition approached, and has had so only the pop-was for behind that tend to disturb). Although you are the snob of clock , has to admit that ossia the quite a lot of sample for a money, and likes Casio will he well under any circumstances. Has one of an original Casio digitals of a 70s and that little characterises still works. Casio stacks on a lot very in fact afterwards to some Seiko automatics and Seiko mods in my collection, and honradamente looks better that one Invicta. To decide if the blue face would owe that join is one!

--W.D. Gagliani, The author of Judas has Paste
4 / 5
can You any gone bad with this clock. The cost and the efficiency is perfect. Calm is not submerging down 660-FT, no, is not . So much for $ 44 takings the clock that works, work well, takes to beat the and can be substituted for 1/10 a cost of Seiko, or 1/100 a cost of the Rolex.
This thing is The test of bombs! A clock is ALWAYS one first what to take paste, scraped or broken in the work. When Calm takes, buy the Seiko, says all the world-wide the one who asks in a diver of the amazing deep sea once was and be happy has not squandered money in an expensive clock that looks a Seiko until you have finalised to submerge for good.
4 / 5
To summarize: I have found this clock to be hard, functional & an incredibly good value.

Now, has spent the clock 24/7/365 of then was in 3rd note. If I can not spend the clock to bed, in a shower & when jump in a group is not for me. While has different clocks for different needs (work, every day, dress, Scuba diving) does not have any need for the delicate clock, fragile. Also, doing HVAC, I work with my hands. He the sufficed to say, has beaten a everliving crap out of my clocks of work. I have been by means of dozens of clocks of work of several frames & of fashions by means of some years. For now Casio is quite an only mark compraventa for clocks of work. In my experience, no another same mark has approached to a right balance of characteristic, toughness, lovely & looks.

Has taken this clock for the clock of work. Has the look cleaned, simple, as the majority of divers , which the quite easy fact to say a time in the gaze. It is the hard clock , hard that takes the heck of has beaten it. This goes for a band also. You could pair this clock with the best looking band but a band of silicone that comes with this fact for longevity & of consolation. The bands like this tend to last at least 2-3 years, included with a rough plus of the daily wear and is extremely comfortable, especially with which break in still the few weeks. A rotating bezel frames for the good timer, simple and a red highly according to visible hand-held frames for simple timing for periods more courts. A profile under & the smooth flanges means does not take taken easily, included in of the zones stagnate.

Goes to give a bit the information but I love you to you to maintain he in perspective. Some dozens of the clocks of work am spent for before I have begun to use Casios has it seldom does even 6 month. They are HARD in samples of work. Like prime minister of mine one of these clocks he roughly 13 month before it has developed the question. He free time roughly once or two times the week. He free, perhaps, 15 or 30 minutes suddenly and that substitutes a battery has not helped. Now, for the clock to do to last more than 12 month is very scarce for me. Included a Casios this is still in the working order after the year is so it beat it on would substitute him, always with the different clock that has thought has had a together & interesting gain of characteristic. But, for a first time, has substituted this clock with a same clock reason had liked him me me of the so much. My current one has 11 month this in spite of that resists on enough well. The one who knows, this can be my clock to do for now on. This chance of solid of the stainless steel is practically tries of ball.

Cela Me ameno To a negatives. This chance of solid of the stainless steel is weighed relatively. It has had the heaviest clocks that beaten on my hand-held & wrist. This an is not quite concealed heavy mine but accustom Casios (that tends to be, in general, lighter that the majority of frames of clock) can remark this clock is the little heavy. Prpers Having said that, is noticeable when calm in the first place dipped the on but has taken used to a weight a lot quickly & easily & does not annoy me at all. Also, it would remark a simplistic look. There are disadvantages & of goodnesses to this extreme simplicity but is perfectly inline with a fashion of the diver. It likes-I one look of the divers but is not exactly a flashiest way for the clock of dress. In another hand, could dip the different band in the and enhance a stylishness enough bit it.

So much, this clock is, in my opinion, probably a value has seen better. It is the hard clock for the prize adds.

Update 12/16/18
has mentioned a simplistic look in my original description. Paired With a band of black silicone that comes with a clock is the bit of the utilitarian look. Ossia Well for the clock of work, bands of the silicone of the quality has to that it weaves of goodness: they are very durable, very comfortable & very easy to maintain the clean day in & day was. In another hand, has bought the little NATO/Zulu bands of clock to exchange around & use in the little of my clocks partorisca in $ 9-$ 13 each one which so and the one who the difference!

Almost everything of my clocks takes the 22mm sale (comprising Casio diver) to the equal that could exchange his around & see the one who to pairings like me some better. Besides, BEEN BORN/Zulu the bands take roughly 5-10 seconds the transmission was (without an use of the calm tools once have some bars of old strap & to jump take in place).

Has added 2 pics my description. One is my clock of work (concealed has been doing paralizaciones the year now) paired with him nylon band. For a way, was in fact mine less favourite band that it is reason has dipped the in a clock of work but still looks really acute! Another east my newer clock paired with the band of skin (yep, love this clock so that it has taken another I so that will have one there is not beating the death for working in him). It looks absolutely exceptional to a point still the clock of good-looking dress (albeit one this will take the heck of the has beaten!).

Types, I clocks of amour. I have had already a clock of excellent dress. Has the Luminox blackout that loves. I have possessed, literally, dozens of clocks. This clock is a better value of any clock there is not founding never and is one of mine favourite absolute, never. It is a clock of excellent work , a clock of the excellent dress and anything go in.
5 / 5
Initially my husband has been excited with this clock has received like the present.. It was the good measure , rugged looking, and more than all has Maintained Good Time. This in spite of, the week or like this after a date of the turn of the Amazon there was caducado, a sample randomly would lose ten to fifteen minutes. I have verified to a Centre of the reparation of Casio has authorised and, included although we live in the big city, a next plus one was 2 hours was. Mailing Require more the time and the endeavour that a clock is cost.
Had read enough the little of some 2,000 + good descriptions first to order so I am a lot disappointed, especially of a money is past could have gone to something that in fact done like this announced for more than five weeks.
4 / 5
Has resulted enough my daily engine, and have it the pair of good clocks. It is good to any to concern at all in that is in yours that takes wrist the wet, he falling, those attacks the door jambs/@@@knob or strikers, appoint - a liberty to feel!
Chosen an on here on done the year for low $ 40, has added the $ 10 SS strap here also the few weeks done (the strap of resin is resisting on final, there is wanted to so only it new look).
A material that follows to agree you was the half the hun:
- Bezel has been of free to rigid in past year (lubricante of the shaver helped)
- arrived of Dial, painting and llama - pair for a prize, any better (the hands are good - $ 3-500 note?)
- The battery is lasted roughly 13me them (any bad, does not add ) to the equal that has opened up and an interior that mills, nylon antishock coverage, behind dial, included a caseback thinness all resemble interiors of the clock of vendor of the street (the one who concern if any money have been spent here in such an economic has dipped one $ $ ?)
Now for a good informative:
- A sample still of the an odd pride-of-held smirk each little month in that the stupid crazy value represent
- A quality and arrival of a steel in a chance and crown (included a bezel arrived to paint) would resist until the $ 1k timepiece
- Again, a band of resin is decent quality , could cost $ 20 in his own
- When I had opened it, another smirk in a boy is or clock of dress of the ladies-movement to measure that floating in the sea of economic - but yes, clearly mov soyt was some qualities refinadas Casio can be known partorisca, and 'the Giappone' marked..
Aimed it to the jeweller of big final recently (has not seen never a) and invernadero on those that smirk these products of clock now and was hefting the and says 'feel the slope concealed How much?' - Like this there he a now before it locates 60, or leave to do the..
5 / 5
The value adds for characteristic and prizes. But I have had two questions of reliabilities.

First, has begun to filter water after the few months to swim in a group. I sent it behind for reparation of guarantee (the nave and side of the nave of the turn was a half a cost of an original clock), but has continued filter (but has continued working).

As, after a year a dial of adjustment in a right side the only explosion was (time of savings of the daylight). Now a time is wrong and can not be regulated, and has interior of water a dial).

Creates it or no, goes to buy another and give them another casualidad.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
In of the terms of characteristic, is the basic analog clock without lights (not even glow in a dark) with a section of contadora of as attentive. A global clock feels balanced thanks to a material of metal and creation a lot slender. A fashion is a lot lustrous and yes is the defender of crazy the black will want to this. This in spite of, can take it bit it hard to read at night because some faces of sample is like this dark. It uses a tool of wrench has comprised partorisca OPEN and CLOSE a lock of strap. I have tried to press a lock down with my toes and is almost impossible, use a tool has comprised! A packaging was a lot of as well as the whole clock was very wrapped to avert harm. In general, highly recommended for the basic professional looking piece of time and accessory in the reasonable cost.
5 / 5
Well,When I have taken he out of a box, has been surprised for very big-packaging of quality, together with the very good clock chance. A manual of user has answered everything of my questions (albeit, English was the little choppy), like this ossia the good-looking clock , a lot pleasing in some eyes, a sample a thinner has has not possessed never. He tucks easily under my sleeve. Any complaint in this clock. It is exactly the one who looks to be. This thin weight, light, minimalist clock of the dress of big face comes with the surprisingly big quality, A movement is very positive without the movement in some minutes rid when dipping. One quotes numeral transmissions with the in 'click' satisfactory and a place closely is easy to find. All when be said, am very happy with this compraventa. It is the economic, beautiful and stylish clock to complete an elegant attire, which is reason I has bought partorisca. It looks and it feels like the very expensive clock, still the averages a prize that I usually paid for something of his quality,Recommended.
4 / 5
Has been eyeballing this clock for the month and my fiancé surprised me with him this past week like a present of commitment. I have loved a lustrous, flat-like creation of him that is which originally attracted his. They Liked him so much of a black clock with blue hands and a clock of money with hands of money, my fiancé has purchased a black a. It is professional, still modern looking. Some hands of minute are easy to read and there are the smallest seconds rid which am not remarked when it looked in them on-line, but happy has one. A clock is adjustable the a lot of measures of the wrist and I have taken the little compliments on he already in work and has spent so only he for three days. To good sure would purchase this clock again in a money (in fact.. I can right now haha).
5 / 5
Thin and no like this wide as I thought it would be,but really like me some simple lines and a hand of indicadora blue. It is light, but does not feel economic. Some bands that come with a clock is better quality the one who that receive of the plot other companies. Simply place, ossia the good, simple stylish, and economic clock. Ossia An excellent clock for one precio.un glass in some looks of clock to be of the quality adds. I have it quell'has attacked already my wrist to the little object while spending this, and no the scratch only has aimed. Everything of these accesses to the amiably polished steel frame and a construction like the whole is a lot of sturdy.
5 / 5
Is gorgeous. There is is something formal and rich in his creation, still minimalistic. A container is entrance is elegant; to to the the skin likes them the chance, with the note that asks, simply, 'Happy?' He. A lot. Thank you.
4 / 5
MODIFICATION: as you see in a third picture a service of amazing client that these offers of place is besides the words send me to us another clock and the together of free wireless headphones that is that chances of round and still volume to maintain another in a picture can see some screwdrivers that comes with each clock in a packaging these clocks feel likes at least the $ 400-$ 500 clock in your wrist goes to order really one in the each colour can not believe these are so only $ 20

Extremely impressed especially stainless steel a band shines good-looking all in this clock would say that it is adds here is my two questions first of all in some pictures with a colored some are way more brilliant then a real clock when I receive it and am trying to do the complaint for a fact that a glass is slightly domestic in a side of a clock little condensation for twenty bucks I really loves master he more than some movado is and another that there has been pictured comes with the book of good soft cloth of instructions in the good container and I aimed you a picture is maxed is gone in my wrist yes returns my wrist he record any calm saw it also comes with the little screwdriver to help
5 / 5
honradamente love this clock is fashionable and looks quite sturdy. Speaking like the clock fiend, has to say that volume more the emotion that spends this clock that any one another clock has has not possessed never. And this comprises my preferred forward that WAS the all the diamond Rolex that Now languishes in my drawer of clock. A sample among the good soft casing together with the tool to quickly regulate a clip of band. All have to that do is clave a tool in a clip and the appeal then can be slid consistently to record your wrist. Or dressy wear.
5 / 5
Is in fact elegant is simplicity . He the clock of dress adds. Any flashy, but cleaned. Personally I love a slender profile, my shirt to dress cuffs does not take hanged that it is that really distinguished bear me purchase this clock. It appears to maintain time a lot well. I have had he for the week and has spent the newspaper, like this far like this good.

Bought it reason in my half age I waste to blow hundreds in an accessory. He so only bugs me. I have had some decent clocks in a past; Bulova, Seiko, Citizen, ect... And another that a resplandor again when in the first place purchased, with which some the new wears was all among a drawer still with some economic clocks has purchased.

For a prize, am very happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5
The profit lateralmente adds...
Shure, In next inspection or felling a canal one will see is not the expensive heirloom...
...But, it maintains time, looks a lot well , really is waffer thin, and is like this economic that yes stray or flown, any preoccupations...
Petit Negative: clasp is flimsy and could ensure better
5 / 5
is the good clock , does not take me bad. But something is bad with mine, there is remarked that it does not remain on, he a lot of click when I try to close a pocola buckle. It was excited like this, ordered it two holidays of days before to the equal that could flex on all the world-wide & now am dissapointed & will be to ask a transmission I once the turn & will update this once my subject takes solved

Update: the days before of pair have gone back house of my travesía. I have received the message of these types, saying me is roughly to send me the new one of then has taken the bad clock . For a time has taken home, my new clock was there. The service of client adds, really worries roughly and is utmost clocks . Thank you So much

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