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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
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Any waster your money - This boss of mop is more than the toy then the mop does not choose on Anything!
3 / 5 By
No like this well of the mophead as it has expected.
5 / 5 By
These accounts of mop are some better! The calm hope takes them accionara! I use him in mine custodian work in our military base!
5 / 5 By
So only that have expected and rid promptly. Thank you!
5 / 5 By
I love the amour loves this boss of mop! It is big and takes clues really cleaned less than shots.
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It feels calm light box uses it.. kinda Sticks to a paving but to the left is partorisca see that it spends like this pauses in. Used the so only once like this far
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These mops are of sound. Awesome Partorisca Coding by heart.
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These accounts of mop are some better! The calm hope takes them accionaría! I use him in mine custodian work in our military base!
4 / 5 By
These microfiber bosses of the mop far surpasses any boss of mop of type of serious there. Súper Absorbent, quickly drying(I recommends air drying) partorisca lengthen a global life of a product. Burst the in a washer and your good partorisca some next days that cleaned.
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I amour of amour loves this boss of mop! It is big and takes clues really cleaned less than shots.
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Feels the calm light box uses it.. kinda Sticks to a paving but to the left is to see that it spends like this pauses in. Used the so only once like this far
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In the first place was, his rose, any red, but can manage concealed. Otherwise, theres Any way any one would have to that use anything BUT microfiber mops never again. Especially this costruttore is, reason are an ass kisser. Cleaned exceptionally well, does not fall aside, does not leave lint. I have purchased 6 of these partorisca my subject like this far. Absolutely you buy again
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quality Very big to the point of prize adds! I have been surprised by a quality adds in this row of prize. Has the habit partorisca take a lot of materials of lighter that weights unless it has paid 2x so much.
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Takes a work done. I will purchase again when required. Highly recommend.
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Has to that to diverse things do not like on a boss of new mop has compared to 'any mark' has has had to that has substituted. Dry a lot of dulcemente compared to a last mop, has the big zone in an upper that could have the habit partorisca rub stuck-in material, but stain around my pavings and noise of frames. Finally, a worse thing is, he still bleeds red. I have used vinegar partorisca dip a dye and has used a boss at least the time of dozen and still turns a red of water. You do not buy again for this reason so only. Sad, but will maintain partorisca look for that I need in the mop.
A following is not a mop partorisca me:
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Big and takes the little heavy, but my pavings am not never be like this squeaky cleaned. I go in him twice and the washed and wring was very first of final wash. Cleaned would say 5 times like fast likes any normal mop reason is like this big and thirsty. Now, I require it wringer external:-)
5 / 5 By
first time has tried microfiber mop. The pavings that the shiniest result with use because of microfibers is cleaning better that mops of cotton.
Is the little weighed at the beginning, but the mops are
5 / 5 By
I am surprised in that better this clean mop all of my types to walk has compared to some traditional espaguetis the mops have used. They are sure that will adapt.
5 / 5 By
The utmost mop weighed like this walk really cleaned. Prizes of beaten in local tent to.

Top Customer Reviews: SWOPT Cotton Mop ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Evelyne
In general It Has liked Him a mop and the longest boss, although it was the bit partorisca annoy to the transmission was to a boss of broom has required his quickly bars on something while mopping. You plan on giving a product 4 or 5 description partorisca star so it was the really good mop in spite of being bit it big and heavy, but has decided his also tries out of a fact that a boss of mop is washable before revising and while a window of turn is opened.

Dipped it on cycle of sweet wash with the sweet detergent with some small plus sized couch pillows. Like the cycle has begun, I also tossed in the new pair of soft leggings had purchased this is coming by means of wash and dry with the bit of chemical smell-- I has imagined the second wash would help. A boss of mop was tucked down some pillows, and has assumed a leggings would be sure on some pillows to the equal that am before state. It is an integer washer and the pillows always prevent things of moving around like hair and normal wash of the dog prevented and lint of preading' of the small bath mat to an element of clothes when I have done this in a past.

Of spill them of the mop so much covers everything in fat terrible discharges of lint. It was able to choose some main pieces out of some pillows and a rest has been takes of some pillows in a dryer (I air has dried a boss of mop), but DESTROY a new leggings with lint. At all take it. I have tried two different types of rollers of lint, tape, rewashing and drying, but at all fact and a leggins ruins without inclusos taking partorisca spend them. I know it is not a subject with a leggings reason have not chosen on any hair of pet or lint of other cloths during a prime minister washed and dry cycle. A boss of the mop still is that it spills like this dry , as not to wash it again.

Are like this disappointed in this product and bellowing in a fact that was the loss of money partorisca me (so much a leggings and the boss of mop that clearly any one last along). Look the boss of mop was very done, but obviously is not . I have had another washable mops before and at all has like this spent even when washed with other elements. If it buy these products does not wash a boss of mop.
5 / 5 By Ollie
Was ecstatic in these I have ordered two when I took him, has cleaned my paving of forest perfectly but two things am spent has tried four of these specifically microfiber any of them slide in and was likes is supposed to I has called a company and all like an idea of transmission is useless and two line your pavings of forests. I guess I have used he gingerly a first time and there is not it remarked but ossia a third time has looked for to use his, has forced a boss to a boss and a paste of boss a paving when turns and fourth like you has to that on forest. Spent of remorse of the mine now.
4 / 5 By Milo
Him him Of the giant hands, ossia the mop of the house adds . Or has , any one so only the something of storage partorisca the wringer cube, but the way to take a full cube partorisca water to the place to empty the, without pulling your backside, then laws. Have Neither some giant hands the wring was, neither some strong backside to impulse the wringer cube on and down of the drain and tap partorisca fill. This, likes like this another, is suitable partorisca institutional use, where has drains partorisca walk.
4 / 5 By Domitila
Can any gone bad with this boss of mop quite big to cover the big zones but any one have weighed at all. A more is that his car washable!
5 / 5 By Destiny
Is quell'has bitten big that usually shabby but would purchase this again to the equal that seat among a boss of the mop and a boss is a lot well has done. Appearance a company does not change never a quality of this product. You know that says if it was not broken any one fix it .
5 / 5 By Ivana
A lot sturdy mop of cotton of the quality
5 / 5 By Rubye
would like me the mop heads to still to be of the little has bitten more careers almost to long,but is easy to clean in a washer and drip dry.
4 / 5 By Kaylene
Does not add It so attended
5 / 5 By Marisa
Ossia an old-mop of pupil of flexible cotton with some modern updates -- a mophead is car washable and interchangeable with another annex of more cleaned. A mope comes with the longitude and studio 60' pole of forest, an upper third duquel is wrapped in the grip of foam for easy managing. There is the control in a cup of a pole to hang. A fund of a mould has the plastic clip that click to an annex -- in this chance, a boss of mop of the cotton. Calm easily can take a mophead and launch he in a washing machine to clean he -- and substitute he with the quota mophead or other alleged, like the broom or the plan dustup. Like the mop, this does the very good work to clean the relatively small space (my cookery) -- some controls of cotton quite liquid to take all cleaned, and can use different parts of a mophead as you are not so only that spends muck in a paving. Mandate and extra boss to the equal that can have the advance of grandson rid when a room an east in some cloths litter. I think it that he well in the spatial the big plus has had the cube of mop and wringer, but ossia more than master for use of house -- would adapt me to him too many days of institute that reads in McDonald is. Has the plot of hardwood walk, as I have ordered a mop of powder heads to to go with a SWOPT boss -- in rest waiting for that sees like these works.
4 / 5 By Lucius
Loves an idea of a interchangable fixes of mop! I have taken it it has frustrated on some years with a cleaner of popular paving with launching-were dressed of muck, partly because it looks splurge and partly because it does not like that it has to that touch a plus of clean to change a cloth. These cures of mop of that! It is the REAL mop , coils of big fat cotton for the boss of mop. He the labour cleaner adds with solution of more cleaned of the paving and the cube, and has used it also from time to time like the mop of powder, which the hips does well.

I amour that is able to launch a boss of mop in a wash. I am not sure it is meant to be dried in the dryer, and probably would recommend in the earring to dry, but has dried he in a dryer the little time! Start well. Wash on much better that has expected. The approximations of look again (excepts to shrink required) still although it was filthy when it go in.

My subject only with this system of mop is that for me, in all the chance, is the bit unwieldy. A boss is 60 thumbs , which is so only the few shorter thumbs that they are. I found it the little hard to press around. When calm in the first place use a mop, a boss also looks a lot of too much long, but shrinks the plot after the be has washed. It remains on a lot very once snapped on, but has had the little question that takes snaps behind in a prime minister little time. It takes the bit to press and jiggling.

In general, the friendly earth, súper contrives for an old school mop!