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Top Customer Reviews: Cloud Microphones - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I use the Shure SM7 mic, as the majority of entrance and mid-blenders of the level does not have quite preamp to do a mic laws properly. It enters a Cloudlifter. It IS sceptical, but has been since recommended by Shure, was to advance and bought it. Wow! Done a SM7 come of the lives in my entrance-level Mackie blender. Very impressed with a quality of his, quality of tez (be as the bloc of solid aluminium), and reassure for the have all backed up for the good guarantee. In fact sound it cleaner that without him, while I can turn down a profit in a preamp. Cristal His clear, thank you Cloud!

UPDATE: A year of daily use and still wants to it. Any subject, a Cloudlifter still is doing perfectly.

UPDATE: Three and the half years closely of daily use and any subject. Still very impressed with a product!
5 / 5
This is arrived open as if any one had returned the, but an interior of unit was pristine and marks exactly that it is supposition to do : it extends a sensibility of my Shure SM58 dynamic microphone. Anteriorly, Record in full profit and taking feeble vowels. It opens, improvement to sound the registers that use 60% of available profit and less noise. Some vowels is richer, deeper, and just better.
5 / 5
Knowing that a preamps in the pair of my interfaces of the audio does not offer the tonne of profit, chosen in a CL-1 a day still has ordered my Shure SM7B (of the that the manual recommends to use preamps this can augment for 50db) to be in a sure side. I have listened some worries in a Cloudlifter device- say- people that he frequencies of the basses cut or otherwise colored a sound, so my first day of property I some tests. I have recorded vocal of lives and a amped loop of drum- first through just my interface preamp, and then through a Cloudlifter, while it goes down a profit in an interface to level split a very-Cloudlifter registers. An interface used for my registers of test was a RME Fireface UFX. I have engaged one can of phantom in a mic entered when doing a Cloudlifter registers (to power a CL-1), and deactivated he for a right-in-of the registers of interface.

Could not listen any difference at all among some registers, and using some characteristic of analysis of both Audacity and Wavelab, could find any visible difference among some registers in the terms of the spectre of the frequency has used. It IS it convinced it fully a CL-1 exactly that is supposed in: it rids 25db of clean profit , transparent in your mic signal before the never paste your interface or blending desktop.
5 / 5
A Cloudlifter works while ad. You have bought the Shure SM7B and the cheapo Scarlett 2i2 the interface and you want to more profit out of him, this will do only concealed.

The tan far as it melts of noise, can not listen any difference among maxing out of a profit in mine 2i2 and running he in 2-or-clock with a Cloudlifter attached, which take me enough a same profit. In this way that you are already happy with a volume is taking maxing out of 2i2, running he in the lowest profit and attaching the Cloudlifter at all since you. If you want the volume of plus of bit, this am adds. I have seen some Youtube revises cual looked to suggest a last little bit of profit in a 2i2 was 'noisy extra' as attaching the Cloudlifter in your noise of canal of decrease in a same volume but concealed is not my experience.
5 / 5
Amur This product. Plugged My dynamic mics in a Cloudlifter, and took an impulse of the instant in of the levels, without noise. That is to say of particular use does not have studio-quality preamps for your mics. A wine of better test with plugging my Shure SM7B in the Zoom H6, and my iRig Pro Interface of USB that goes in my computer. Both of these had the noisy fund before a Cloudlifter. The problems have resolved.
5 / 5
Addition one in-line Cloudlifter CL-1 among my Shure SM58 and Zoom H4n for the voice in of the laws and very augmented clean signal in a Zoom preamp. Dynamic mics am adds to take some of a noise of backdrop in my studio, but require the bit of impulse. This has done perfectly and will do when out of to a studio also likes him CL-1 is so compact and sudden. Awesome Material.

Even so it is preoccupying in me that some have informed that has used apparently and is returned units, even so my looks to send to be the new mark.
4 / 5
I use a Cloudlifter with the Focusrite interface and SM7B microphone. Work exactly so announced and attaches clean impulse in a signal of microphone that phantom of the uses can, included although the does not provide power of phantom in a microphone. He the big difference with dynamic microphones, and the desire had bought the more harvest. If you are thinking enough the, is the side of road by low side to attach clean impulse.
2 / 5
I am sure some works of device perfectly but is sure took the unit used - there was literally powder and lint caked in a whole device and of the rubbers - and among the makeshift box with the CL-1 only bonded adhesive in

Any one that would have to take for the $ 150 NEW Element
5 / 5
A Cloudlifter has breathed literally new life in an of my favourite microphones! My Shure SM7B has been underutilized since choose in the new preamp and after plugging a Cloudlifter in a pre is of tower into use! Like the side of note by side, a prize is fantastic data his quality! It is done in some the EUA and sample!
5 / 5
I have required the small swipes in volume for my Shure SM7B, without creating a fund of noise.
This has done a trick. I want to what this mere. And it is not the dramatic impulse. It IS smooth, and properly.
As I am the satisfied client . To well sure it has to control out of a rest of his products. Especially his has box of DATE.
Btw The Also gives the good impulse in my Waterfall FatHead II BOND mic

Top Customer Reviews: ART TubeMPSTV3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I have been doing voice on, podcasting and streaming work of audio of then 2000 and has had this in my original studio in 2009. It has run perfectly in fact a lot of years. I have left partorisca broadcast partorisca the time in 2012, the packed was and have it almost forgotten until I have decided to build the new studio this year and after the resurrect the plus that substitutes a 12AX7 tube with the new Russian model, is to look and that careers without missing beat it.

Have the deep voice and has done voice on first of mine streaming career and love any piece to coach that can add even more depth and heat my voice and this little blue box a work. A centre the calm periodic transmission leave the dial in a tone would like me you in the way resembled a bow but with this sound so only the tube can give a voice or of the instruments for you musicians there. Ossia The wonderful piece of technology for the artists of to the voices likes them of those who only love the simple preamp with these capacities to match a situation is to take your vocal work.

A unit opens on easily to change out of a tube has to that need to, but a guarantee and the instructions specify so only the technology of service would owe that do east. I think that that it is the little odd of then almost all the world-wide immediately transmissions out of some Chineses any-tubes of mark of the name for some better Russians some.

My only nitpick with this unit is that it does not have one was transmission , as I have wired it to my centre of studio to control to be able to changed to save a tube of an early tomb...

In general, the piece adds of boxes with an excellent sound and qualified to be a test of time. Thumbs up for my Studio.
5 / 5
I have been doing on some house to record projects partorisca years now, but my neighbours-up is always be a lot down-fi. Recently, I have moved some genders that has been doing on to the majority of electronic fashion, and a the-fi the register felt no longer partorisca a fashion. I have known that some technicians of registers that had used partorisca vocals so only has not been it partorisca cut, and there is give concealed no in that has the pre-amp was one of the mine shortcomings. Certainly I do not have a unlimited presupposed (for this my forward reliance in the-fi technicians), and an ART TubeMPSTV3 looked the bang adds partorisca your buck option. There is the big difference partorisca run mine his microphone versus that careers my microphone directly my interface, and is one of this time where chair some shame that a need partorisca something like this the mine has arrived never more collected as it looks like this simple now. Although I have bought he partorisca vocals, where is state more appreciated is registering clues of drum of my car of drum of the hardware. I have had question that takes a car partorisca register in the level of big start without generating hiss, and this entirely solves that subject and add bit it more punchiness to some clues of drum also. I have it quell'has listened also the big improvement registers my amplifier of electrical guitar. While I am sure that it can you to him even more with the main end preamp and that would want you to the to something likes that in of the half of studio, this certainly fulfils some needs of my project for now. It is the place adds partorisca begin , and I just desire had used something like this more collected.
4 / 5
Has the Heil PR40 mic that has augmented has seen the Behringer mixer and asked 'Where is that voice of rich bass' this mic would be necessary to give me? I found it well when I have connected this Preamp and there is prendido partorisca use a profit and knob of compression in a mixer. This has turned partorisca add Dynamic mics the exceptional partorisca any a lot of money.
5 / 5
Really I have not expected this partorisca do as well as it does. Utilisation likes the preamp partorisca my electrical guitar of of basses partorisca run when they can amp with the XLR gone in of level of the line. It is more than pertinent partorisca this purpose. Also it does like this I GAVE it. It is calm (virtually any hiss), has the metre SEEN and a voicing the settings are interesting although having to that use plan a more often of then I course to a EQ (the majority EQ is will require the preamp). It is very calm (any hiss) and has not had any subject with hum (partorisca the design will be quite tolerant of loop of earth). It takes the little warm and has to that use a resupplied AC supply.

Would have liked me partorisca of him to have impulses of earth in a XLR but concealed is not the summer the subject serious. I have not taken this because of a tube, mine an inclusion of a tube is purely incidental. It was I to do it again would consider an ART TubeMP Microphone of Tube Preamp which does not have a metre SEEN or a voicing settings and is marginally less expensive. Another election would be a 'Project of Golden age Pre-73 Jr Mic Pre: or a 'Fredenstein . MicPre: (Both purely solid state this in spite of a lot of pricier).
5 / 5
Chosen this little type on so much could begin register, like this far has not had too many questions that follows vocals or electrical guitar. It is the amused little piece of crew, a 20dB the key of impulse is the very characteristic , as well as a limiter and selection of tone. A phantom transmission partorisca be able to is also something I really amour in this preamplifier of the mine condenser mic requires it. It looks an entrance and volume partorisca begin control which is again, so only another good characteristic partorisca like economic this thing was, also wants that there are both a XLR and 1/4 thumb gone in and start jacks, really taste that partorisca of an idea to run this thing in mine pedalboard circuit. My only complaint really would be with a tube he, a tone is quite decent to escape with, but am looking for the a lot prompt substitute. While hooked there is remarked on static/white noise in a fund, is not like this noticeable once touch for behind the register but there is distracted the pocolos fellow have had on to do some work with enough. No the breaker to treat this in spite of, the better tube so only run roughly 20-0 so that it is not to treat it big. They are very satisfied and the ART to good sure will be the mark I look to experience with again in a future. As the one who the service goes, arrives exactly when estimated, perfectly punctually any question there.
5 / 5
They are the artist of estimativa low and this tube preamp is an excellent value for a money. You can it covers the electrical guitar(or any one another instrument) his and then directly your interface for the direct box to register. You can sing by means of him, mic amps ( has 48v phantom beat), the drum, piano, electrical guitars.... Anything wants to.... Resupplied is doing with the pleasant signal. It touches awesome. Smooth, Like the tube would owe that I touch.
Can use this to preamp the mic or to use likes him the direct box. Partorisca Wants to register the electrical guitar, can neither dipped on an amplifier and run the mic by means of a studio v3 to register a sound of one can covers the electrical guitar directly to a studio v3 and then well my interface that goes to a computer.
5 / 5
They are not the pro present of audio but this preamp seat to like me one! He really done my looks of voice crisper. Any insurance of a terminology, but taste that touch with him on so only my Focusrite 2i2. Really it enhances a 2i2. I am going the hopefully begins partorisca do more material that the voice and I think this was the does not add in a right direction partorisca he.
5 / 5
A EQ presets knob in these is in fact quite good. This thing any only work like the mic pre can fatten your electrical guitar of basses or monosynths considerably. You can try different tubes if a stock Shuguang or anything concealed is is so only too fat and heavy. A OPL is terrible but a EQs in fact laws. I have been surprised.
4 / 5
A preset EQ is is amused partorisca touch with partorisca the fast '... I ask that this will touch partorisca like...'
But a better thing is that you can fall in yours favourite 12AX7 tube (a new manufacture Mullard in my chance) and take a sound you otherwise pay 10x more paralizaciones partorisca some esoteric box.
Totally value of the money partorisca me. It surrounds my electrical guitar of basses by means of him successfully adds. Also my keyboards.
5 / 5
My name is RaphaelRJ2 of grammy has conferred BeatsHowUWantEm
the reason has taken this device is why do in Pro Tools 12, and my registers have had the hissing noise when using avid mbox mini or any device of USB, as when I plugged on a ArtTube takes was a hiss to the equal that can have silent strong register.

Top Customer Reviews: Triton Audio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It take a quite a lot of container hurriedly! I opened it up and a Triton Fethead has entered the tubular container. A preamp was nestled in the stock exchange of series of small draw, with a logotype of the form of triton in the.
Plugged He in my Electro Voice RE320 and has done the fast test those uses Scarlett 2I2 1 Jan. Without a fethead, has to peg a profit in 85%-95% to take the decent wave. With a fethead, can plant a profit in 60% and improve results so that I am not ploughing a mic up so much. Enough sake of bang for a buck when compared in a competition. Another more is has not required an extra XLR cape.
Thank you For a awesome service Kellards!!!
5 / 5
At the same time to write, could not find the comparison of these two inline preamps anywhere. It was able to do the side for side of test by side with a Trident Fethead and an Electronic DM1 Dynamite. I left me it know if your results have resulted differently.

-Two SHURE SM58 dynamic microphones (Both experiences a same time and in pristine condition)
-Two 20' Mogami Gold 2534 XLR capes
-Triton Fethead Level
- Electronic DM1 Dynamite
-Behringer XR18 digital blender
-Reaper 64 bit CORNELLA in record and playback
-Two mostly doing earholes

A mics has been the side posed by side in matching inward angles and attached in identical desktop mic is.

This Behringer the offers of blender until 60dB of profit. A mic with a Fethead has been posed in 26dB to take my summits around -9dB when speaker. To match a beginning, a mic with a DM1 to the dynamite has had to when being posed in 32dB. I have exchanged the capes and the different ports have tried in a blender and consistently has taken some same results. An extra profit created a fund of noise the bit to do a Fethead a clear laureate in this appearance.

Other distinctions of entity are a measure and weighs. A Fethead is lower and the lighter of just bit. A Dynamite bonded further of a back and easily could interfere with mic positioning. For me, a Fethead is much easier to do with. Both listen solid and well-built but a dynamite would be the projectile the effective far plus.

So much has the small quantity to touch where alloy in a mic but a Dynamite looked of more i loose bit. With a semi-detached weight and a fact this clave out of afterlife, looks the main worry with a Dynamite. But we are all extreme very good that ensure our good capes?

In of the terms of tonal colouring, a Fethead looked more subtiles. A Dynamite was the bit punchier but a Fethead was clearer and crisp. One DM1 has given one key the bit of a verge. This could be add in some applications but any ideals are trying takes a sound a true possible plus. That is to say more the subject of the flavour and the result have wished.

With this train, in my humble opinion, a Fethead is clearly a better election. Has the better global sound and the majority of manageable measure. Included improve my fund of noise bit it. That is to say to well sure something has values in your box. I will be to purchase more Fetheads.

A 5 indication of star is based in value for side and any that compares in 5,000 preamp.

5 / 5
For a time a long plus has used my Shure SM58 in the studio of register of big house setup cual has comprised the big and powerful blender. It opens That it is directed in portability, a small-but-deceivingly-powerful Triton FetHead is my faithful partner in a road. I left me to go down a profit in my interface of audio significantly and the road given to clean and useable audio in my CORNELLA. If has (and wants to take a better out of) the dynamic mic... You favour and TAKES A FETHEAD!
5 / 5
Excellent profit, noise way down below and door out of the integer of new level of action in my SD421 dynamic mic.
Very case of use but one this is enjoying is having the dynamics of main profit mic action like an alternative to use the condenser mic what very less is pardoning with environmental reflections. It does to edit my audio of podcast so easier.
2 / 5
Arrived not even law. Plugged He in, all was the buzz, and any same transfers a signal of microphone. You are the waste of time and money. Returned the and has bought something more. He the ends of power to be mine but already knows.
1 / 5
I have purchased this and tried to limit in and test. It does not act. I thought that it that it can try it the different cape and when was arrests to unplug , tension a whole unit eschews so that had the ray missing tone in a device. With such the small device one would think that one of some rays that loses that you control a together unit would take to take in control of quality, but any luck. Perhaps you have you the casualidad better.
5 / 5
These laws of sum of thing! An audio is augmented amiably and without attaching any noise. I am using this with the Shure 55SH mic but tried it also in the Shure SM58 and in both cases, an audio is improved.
5 / 5
If you are using the line amp and look in of the this, comprises that it marks.
These small types are awesome! He exactly which require it to do, but is a small profile that marks all a difference. Any small XLR the jumper has required. These little of the type is to add and estimates each penny
5 / 5
Bought this attentive pose less pressure in my interface preamp and reducing any internal noise of an interface has said. Any only has reduce any internal noise in zero, but my SM7b has remained with a FetHead poses the profit of my dual interface (Scarlett Only) in literally 30% to paste a level -18db.
5 / 5
I use this preamp in the bond mic has done of the box (Microphones of Bond of Austin - INCREDIBLE!) I very wants a mark of difference in profit and EQ. I know little quite register, and a robust simplicity of the same preamp is precisely that has required. I produce it adds!

Top Customer Reviews: Warm Audio WA273-EQ ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I add concerned why a EQ the @@@knob is like this last to turn.

Top Customer Reviews: dbx 286s Microphone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia One of a bit those that the elements where would recommend to take a time partorisca look a description of video fully. At all for a unit and each one that like this of some sections and explain the one who each of some settings do. A video has been produced that it use this calm nude canal so that it take the good idea of a quality of his and that some capacities are.

If any time of the partorisca look a video, is in the average-now, here is some salient points.

The good

A compressor evens out of a volume to the equal that are add partorisca which do not use the thick microphone.

A noise-spend really done an excellent work is maintaining noise of room out of your registers.

Some enhancements of audio take your voice and give it that emission radio type' sound.

Nizza, profit cleaned that will run more microphones. You recommend the Cloudlifter device with Shure SM7B and alike microphones.


does not convert a signal to USB, record master in the PC will require another device to convert a signal.

A lot on/was transmission. They are by train to use it On my office and are at present so only plugging he in and unplugging it.


is the podcaster or voice-on artist this device instantly will help to believe registers of better audio. Calm once comprise each one that like this of some settings and like you you to you can the dial in a sound wants. He the work adds that it enhances the voice and minimising some noises of room. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
They are happy with some results am taking of of the east partorisca augment a profit of the mine plus of microphone adds the simple compressor, door, and of-be.

Would be adds could run multiple mics in and used some settings was without that have to that buy a partorisca each mic, but comprise some limitations of that.

And unless you go partorisca rack mountain this with another train of audio, is quite big to dip in the office or hide in the cupboard or drawer.
5 / 5
While all the world is his that extracted occupied his half half of podcast with plywood and expensive foam I so only has taken this thing. They are an engineer of old audio like this here is the tip: calm does not require partorisca buy all this foam and sweat in the box while registers. So only take this. My paving is noisy and still take utmost registers , calm with east. Also I seat better in Skype and calls of conference.

Takes the dynamic mic like a SM7B (any one the condenser mic, trust), crank a preamp all a way up in this ( precise) and dip your door and of-be topes, then take legislation in a mic. This conditioner of air, refrigerator, and external birds chirping? Buh Goodbye.
5 / 5
If you are registering of home, ossia the one who precise. It takes a lot fallido that tries to mix 'in a box' (mixing after all has been registered to a computer). If has a untreated room, will look for to add VST doors partorisca reduce noise of room. Utilisations VST the compressors after your signal has been registered. Utilisations the one of-be partorisca dull yours those. Everything of is the macizo sinister-down reason are swimming river on that tries to change the bad signal that is to be register with all some imperfections have built his. Enter a DBX.

Now, has experiences a lot small with outboard train, but some descriptions are some . These games of canal the one who years of fiddling with discharge-ins could any one : I give the professional touching register. Almost it can have cried. It touches lovely and professional. No sounds like Snow, but give you the good flat signal and silence your room foibles.

Would owe that say that some knob of effect is extremely powerful, as it does not go ramping his until a legislation. A compressor, for me, chairs in 2 and 1/34 repsectively. Utilisation a EQ impulses judiciously and give the good heat in a subordinated and the light air in a cup without being brittle.

In general the beautiful sturdy piece of boxes that the desire has had has had years. In fact, they are king-registering the whole album with east. It is that well.
5 / 5
This thing is surprising. Perfecto partorisca any the one who does not want to has to that modify everything of his registers of voices. You can control all the types of profit / attenuation. Pre-amp Still mic profit, 48V phantom can (I use to be able to separate cloudlifter mic preamp), compressor of Audio partorisca mic distance, Of-be (to reduce a ssssssss -- be cured to go to far or will touch to like is lisping), Down and Big frequency enhancers that really laws well thus sound of radio broadcaster, and my preferred: an expand/Raisin that drastically reduced of the sounds of breathes. It is fresh. A lot so only you calm one breathes entirely, reduces he in any level wins. Finally, there is a profit to start with that has dipped to zero.

Loves this thing. I saved soooo long because I do not owe that do the audio that modifies anymore. It is EXACTLY the one who a doctor has ordered. I have wanted to spend more the time that creates more than modifying.
5 / 5
A big sound, clears ready partorisca podcast or voice in your video. I do not have any idea the one who secret sauce DBX uses, but this mic preamp done the simple big works. Has not running never the condenser by means of him (could discover is terrific), but is perfect partorisca the dynamic mic like a Shure SM7B. Profit, door, compression, decent of-be, enhancement of the yours, everything ready partorisca go and like me the sounds has loved without more than train or the plot of endeavour. Ideal to generate pro-that touch vox to the project of video. Another folks can not adapt, but think that a sound is LIKE THIS WELL that need a lot little tweeking in the middle of DAW. All takes less than $ 200.
Has been bent to be critical, would like me an on/was of transmission, but can always can this unit by means of the rack transmission.
Similarly, was well to have a XLR was, but is TRS and - honradamente - in this point of price, probably would finalise to convert a signal to 1/4' with the direct box in all the chance. The processor Adds/preamp and the mine is to be when being announces the year. It take another in the heartbeat.
For a project-type of studio/gal there that asks like this to take your of voice of the quality broadcast without the second mortgage, consider a DBX 286x.
Here is the price tricks any one can find gain: A door deletes all the noise of room; this means will have the silence died among your sentences. If it is the question , can register the loop/of clue of noise of import and clean room he to your project. These thin funds can do all touch more natural.
5 / 5
-- Purchased in the 2011; imagined has been now of that finally write on the fast description! --

A DBX 286s was an exceptional upgrade to the mine voiceover canal of audio. A pre-amp the wonderful work with my Sennheiser 416 (), but a standout characteristic -- value a price is an Expand/function of Door. A DBX give you enough the control bit in downward expansion to the equal that can delete background noise or your of problematic room without listening the slam of door in a result of final. (Any one touches of the canal goes to treat miracles -- does in your acoustics of first room!)

One of-be is also very effective; you will require to spend some time hhhshing' and esusssing' to find your frequency of own question. Calm once has to that dialed in, so only begins to clash a tope until it is suppressed. Too much and you will touch stuffed-on, as you go easy. Have toyed With some settings of compression and some options/of decreases of big enhancement, but for my purposes these is mainly tweaked in a DAW. These am knob powerful ; the little goes the long way!

Does not forget , will require bosses and the way to take an analog signal to your computer. Utilisation the soundcard, but has abundance of options of USB also.

(My canal of audio: Mic &62; DBX 286s &62; Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro &62; Echo MiaMIDI)
5 / 5
They are the Twitch streamer and there is fiddled with each class of the solution of software could undermine up. Has is Trace NT1 mic with the Scarlet 2i2 interface and Roland VT3 Transformative of Voice. I have struggled with noise in a line, as well as a fact that still in a toneless plus that dips a filter of Exclusion of the Noise in OBS dye my voice. I have broken finally down and it has ordered one of these reasons have listened good things. A dbx 286s blew was. Any so only fulfil my needs like the pre-amp, Door of Noise, and Compressor... But one of-be is a awesome prevails, as well as a Low and Big Frequency Enhancer. Mina mic is touching more cleaned that not having never, and my voice is touching better that never. When My woman has listened my voice in my current was instantly moistened. Really I do not have quite a lot of good things to say in this piece of hardware. You can spend the little has bitten less to take bit of boxes that do a bit these things individually, but for $ 50-$ 100 more having all of these tools in a piece of hardware that reads like this well is a way to go. Of my calm investigation also can spend more in of the alike pieces of hardware, but for my purposes and for home broadcasting/purpose of the register can not imagine some more expensive solutions that cost a jump in side. Seriously, if you are in a fence in a dbx 286s, so only he. It is very easy to dip up. Some settings am very easy to dial in, like quell'annual is. Some results are only magic .

My canal now included is is TRACE NT1 > dbx 286s > Roland VT3 Transformative of Voice > Line6 M13 (mainly so only to use the pedal of feet for control of volume to transmission during current) > Scarlet 2i2 > PC
5 / 5
I love it to bit. It is awesome. Highly I recommend it. It uses this with the audio technica at4040 that goes to a focusrite 2i2. It can not ask more, perhaps more gone in but then a price an expensive plus. Partorisca A price has not gone there is included another partorisca consider. Down 200 bucks ossia like this well likes to take. Because money of waste in the fethead or cloudlifter when it can buy this that comprises the one of-be, expand/door...

Ossia awesome.
5 / 5
A level of industry partorisca two reasons: it is economic, and he exactly that it is supposition partorisca do . If you can not take a sound is looking for with a 286s, is neither so only that fault of the map EQ, or is trying too hard and failing even harder. This thing can do a lot the sound of microphone adds partorisca any purpose. Utilisation a house with an Audio-Technica PRO 61 partorisca voiceover work and podcasting, and uses another work with the Sennheiser e835s partorisca the public allocution that announces in of the sportive chances. In both settings, give me exactly a booming the sound loves without pumping or crushing, volume so only a right quantity of final down I need, a door of noise is the godsend, and while it does not trust an of-be had to Also to the mine mic navigation, that little I dial is perfect. Interest for this thing. Calm , also. I trust, you have found a processor is looking for.

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