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1 Wireless Digital Microscope Handheld USB HD Inspection Camera 50x-1000x Magnification with Stand Compatible with iPhone… Wireless Digital Microscope Handheld USB HD Inspection Camera 50x-1000x Magnification with Stand Compatible with iPhone… Wireless
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2 Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux (2MP, 250x… Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux (2MP, 250x… Plugable
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3 TELMU Microscope 40X-1000X Dual Cordless LED Illumination Lab Compound Monocular Microscopes with Optical Glass Lenses… TELMU Microscope 40X-1000X Dual Cordless LED Illumination Lab Compound Monocular Microscopes with Optical Glass Lenses… TELMU
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4 Jiusion 40 to 1000x Magnification Endoscope, 8 LED USB 2.0 Digital Microscope, Mini Camera with OTG Adapter and Metal… Jiusion 40 to 1000x Magnification Endoscope, 8 LED USB 2.0 Digital Microscope, Mini Camera with OTG Adapter and Metal… Jiusion
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5 Wireless Digital Microscope, Skybasic 50X to 1000X WiFi Handheld Zoom Magnification Endoscope Camera Magnifier 1080P FHD… Wireless Digital Microscope, Skybasic 50X to 1000X WiFi Handheld Zoom Magnification Endoscope Camera Magnifier 1080P FHD… Wireless
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6 Carson MicroFlip 100x-250x LED and UV Lighted Pocket Microscope with Flip Down Slide Base and Smartphone Digiscoping… Carson MicroFlip 100x-250x LED and UV Lighted Pocket Microscope with Flip Down Slide Base and Smartphone Digiscoping… Carson
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7 Bysameyee USB Digital Microscope 40X to 1000X, 8 LED Magnification Endoscope Camera with Carrying Case & Metal Stand… Bysameyee USB Digital Microscope 40X to 1000X, 8 LED Magnification Endoscope Camera with Carrying Case & Metal Stand… Bysameyee
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8 USB Microscope Camera 40X to 1000X, Cainda Digital Microscope with Metal Stand & Carrying Case Compatible with Android… USB Microscope Camera 40X to 1000X, Cainda Digital Microscope with Metal Stand & Carrying Case Compatible with Android… USB
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9 STPCTOU Wireless Digital Microscope 50X-1000X Handheld Portable Mini WiFi USB Microscope Camera with 8 LED Lights for… STPCTOU Wireless Digital Microscope 50X-1000X Handheld Portable Mini WiFi USB Microscope Camera with 8 LED Lights for… STPCTOU
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10 Wireless Otoscope Ear Camera with Dual View, 3.9mm 720PHD WiFi Ear Scope with 6 LED Lights for Kids and Adults… Wireless Otoscope Ear Camera with Dual View, 3.9mm 720PHD WiFi Ear Scope with 6 LED Lights for Kids and Adults… Wireless
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Top Customer Reviews: Wireless Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has checked are the professor and has been that loves the microscope for my class. You look in a lot of traditional options but when I have run by means of this I thought that it would give it the whirl. Any only is less expensive but has not been to use he for serious examination. It is more than the way to spend things the life for my students. While I have not had the occasion to use he in the class been due to he when the be been has tried the immediately has been with my laptop in pupil. It attaches to my computer and can be continued my office permanently hooked up. It is smaller that thought so it hardly takes on upper of any spatial at all. Has a price added to be able to run he of the mine portable directly to the mine Promethean Together for ease of whole class to see. I CAN not EXPECT use this officially. My class goes to WANT TO this!
4 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia like this fresh! The tool adds partorisca take my girls have interested in science and researching things of the new perspective. It comes with a stand as I can use likes the microscope of traditional. The application was easy to download and simple to use, can select to take the picture of the yours telephone or with a key directly in a device. Easy to direct with the dial, built in the light concentrated can be regulated. Universal Touching the port is always the enormous plus also. Any cord/of elegant individual load.
5 / 5
The cost has verified This is surprising! Here photo of the tiny bug. A house is crisp and a detail is like this amazing! I posted the pic with a bug and microscope partorisca give you an idea of as tiny a bug was partorisca begin with. We homeschool and already have the small microscope ossia resembled this but very almost this good. I have thought that has had surprised. But in the then take this , and ossia incredible!! We take it is a reason teach the homeschool classifies of cooperative and required more than a microscope that could be portable. I have not loved to spend to plot. Man, the desire has had two of this mark. It is awesome.

- Touches quickly
-The easily partorisci with my telephone of Android (opened a max-see application, turn in a microscope, goes to telephone wifi settings, looks for a max-see WiFi and go back to an application) he still in as
- has the grippy external coating to help maintain boys of the fall
- has spent he of lentil for the maintain clean
- directs easily and brilliantly
- can change you a brightness of a light
- does not use one is, so only dipped he on the small object or the resist in the object it big plus. We have looked in bugs, the shirts have spent, seeds of apple, etc

- a stand of the money no presiona and stay in a something easily. But a house and the capacities of one the real microscope is like this of sound, forgives one is of money!
4 / 5
The cost has checked has taken this partorisca learn purpose partorisca my kiddos partorisca look in the bugs and other things have augmented. It likes that it can you to it use a microscope with of the telephone, computer or pill. Some girls already are having the plot of fun with him and is really easy to use!
4 / 5
The cost has verified My niece is really the experiences of science and all the science of things has related. This was the present partorisca his and want it! Easy to use by means of the telephone of his mamma and the law adds!
5 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia the good and little portable microscope. Ossia Very partorisca boys. Would want to use it and it can spend he in pupil. It likes that that that can be connected to a wifi. Ossia Also present adds partorisca boys and was partorisca adult.
4 / 5
The cost has verified My boys are having the explosion with east. I have downloaded an application in a pill partorisca his and they will spend the hours that strolls around taking photo and video.
5 / 5
The cost has verified These works of microscope well and has it the characteristic of utmost zoom. We will take the plot of use out of the this, especially partorisca projects of science.
5 / 5
The cost has verified partorisca have the young edges in a 2nd note , want to this he so that it is like this curious. Have zoomed In in some leaves of a tree, the bugs is his preferred , has included economic ( had died of a spray in a house) wants look in everything and is like this well for his little curious alcohol. Now all cleaned out of his pockets is and adventure. It is the fun activity for Dad and Edges to do, am surprised in that I the enjoyed. A zoom are add, we hooked he until my computer to the equal that have had the screen the big more sper easy. So only the sper fresh microscope, goes to do the show and say in 2nd class of note. It has been it adds for professors. (But present the to them they so that it requires all a help can take with $ $ $ )
5 / 5
The cost has verified In general, ossia an easy to use produced, but an application is terrible. Incidents, clueless messages of error, in general one of some worse applications has has not downloaded never. A device, a camera, is quite easy to use and comes with the few ready things, likes to take a photo with a power changes like this calm does not have to that move a microscope, and the pocolas other things. An application is problematic. Has messages of error and can clash. When I Have been contacted by service of client, was extremely useful and has offered some fixed. Really it appreciates a response of them. In general, a camera takes some fresh photos and is worth it.

Top Customer Reviews: Plugable USB 2.0 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5
For $ 35, very calm can not go injustice.

Where Still begins with this product. Taken less than the minute to pose together. Windows 10 Has recognised the immediately. Desprs Downloading a software, was to arrive and race. It was truly he covers and game.

A magnification is incredible! I have bought this to be able in zoom in in Insect and exoskeletons of Tarantula besides very be able to determine a sex of some animals I own, and this can go so afterlife!

Has begun zooming arrive ALL apropa stops. It can zoom so far in that it can take it calm in a point where only 3-5 crests of your fingerprint will return in a screen. It opens The view why says washed your hands.

Voices my pictures have attached. George is ones of one a bill of dollar is levels of successive magnification in his is a MICROPRINT line of byline that the controls have. In a level of the zoom further only could return 'authorisation for therapeutic use' in a screen. I zoomed in a MP, and not even could return that in a screen. A microscope can augment in such the small level is impressive. A picture with all a red green and the blue points are the magnification of a screen of my Galaxy of Samsung S6. A dark part of this picture is a card 'And'.

Has attached pictures of a scope in action with a visible monitor. To take a sper zoom that voice, likes him in a picture with some blue points and of the blacks (zoom in an adhesive of the Sterilite tub) or a verge of a coin, has to have an element has pressed up against a scope.

Requires this to solder or electrical work, marvels of law and give you he quite soiled to do. A software is easy to use and in general this produces only is surprising and well estimates a money is spent!
4 / 5
Initially I have not been all concealed impressed with a scope like the lack of a real manual, forms the majority of some controls the bit veiled. A bit to touch around and perusing a FAQ has revealed the majority of that required, but a lack of a real manual goes to cost the star like this tries a lot would have to has been given.

Was the nervous bit in a quality of the materials in purchasing, but was pleasantly has surprised. A short of the suction is quite strong to resist a force of a man of adult when the still versions engaged easily when a clamp is fallen. An arm is strong also, comparable in that of the light of desktop of good quality. The assembly is quite intuitive, but again be missing real instructions on that to do so.

Some controls are divided among a real device and an application of desktop. The houses and the zoom are joined together in a device, only two magnifications is possible. This takes the plot of a potential control and tune. Unless calm manually re-adjust some Parameters of low resolution, a default is in place of a quality 2MP. Habladura Of a card of Parameters, that is to say also where to the others controls likes them to them contrast it, brilliance, saturation, and the boos is veiled. The brilliance/of contrast is required basically like the dark objects tend in 'of the blacks-blob' and lose detail in a digital side. The magnification IS done with a knob of house (goes of in-house through the plot of fuzz until it is of tower in-house in general resolution). For these unused in microscopy, a depth of home is expectedly down - so precise direct in and has been for anything big-stairs.

In general, some capacities are really quite remarkable for only $ 35. The images have produced is quite well, and the functionality is not everything that far by behind the no-digital $ 700-1000 Leica Microsystems 10447197 EZ4 Stereo Microscope with 10x Eyepieces. Attached is some images of the 1 mm ant (a) antenna and (b) full organism; an ant of acrobat (c) full organism and (d) thoracic behind; and he 4mm chalcid wasp (and) eye and (f) the wing taken with a Plugable spent.
4 / 5
No the microscope. That is to say it camera of macro. In 'zoom' movements a more next camera in an object wants look in. It IS able to direct at most after objects that the the camera regulates.

Has been measuring to see how much detail of video can take.

Field of depth very superficial (perhaps less than , to good sure less than )
quite field of view in 'zoom' more next

1600x1200 resolution, the detail is quite 25000 pixels for inch (plus or 10000 pixels less for cm)

640x480 resolution in 8 frames for second, the detail is quite 10000 pixels for inch (plus or 4000 pixels less for cm)

What small can see?
Takes quite 1 micron for pixel for photos and enough 2.5 microns for pixel for video.
He Wants look in something 50x50 microns measures, was 50x50 pixels of the 1600x1200 image, or he 20x20 pixels of the 640x480 video.
Since has to find an object in video to take the photo, the video results the collar of boat of the measure .
How much need of pixels to identify the characteristic that is looking will depend on is that it tries look in.

Remarce: There is two something can direct an object in. A next house and the far house. One looks main (more zoomed) that an another.
Some maximum proportions have achieved: 29x (video, far), 74x (image, far), 112x (video, afterwards), 280x (image, afterwards) These are proportions of stairs of the image , and independent of measure of monitor!

Even Could say that my monitor is two big times as yours, so that 58x in place of 29x (like a manufacturer ), but no, does not take more information that what a camera takes.

Why was, only can take photos in 1600x1200 with an official software, but expect that I am bad.

The pictures are:
1) the callipers has posed in (in 640x480)
2) the callipers has posed in (in 640x480)
3) the 100 pixel for screen of the inch FOCUSED (in 1600x1200).
5 / 5
This digital microscope is quite impressive for this point of prize . I use to inspect marijuana trichomes apropa an end to harvest to ensure my plants are in a the majority of optimum window for harvest. I want a fact that this product has the back push-button that instantly takes shots of screen. It IS how I has taken these photos.

Highly recommend this product. It IS also a lot of entertainments of look in tissue of clothes and other random small things with detail adds.
4 / 5
VERY acute in full-resolution. As Remarked in some instructions and in other descriptions, the uses and the house is very easy - but the magnification depends in distance and a knob of house (so much) - so much to take mega-next-up, takes a microscope he more afterwards in an object, and uses a second focal period, a a more afterwards in a + side of a dial. State beginning in a house of zoom/'wider', which think is quite 50x max - and breaking a picture of initial digest - then zooming subjects in to take a detail.

Will say, has been surprised, has expected a capacitive button to touch to be more effective - is not that they implemented it bad, is only that literally Any motion at all shatters an image. I can 3D impressions the support the robust plus, so flexible-the collar is the averages a problem with that. A solution so much has been far to use some buttons of software.

Remarks also, a resolution of register of the video in a software included is terrible. VGA (640x480) HAS LIMITED, while the photos are until 1600x1200 for 4:3 and 1280x720 for 16:9. To resolve this, is using VLC for both playback and recording when the video is wished.

A FOCUSED is excellent, and a diffuser is the characteristic reception . Quan Examining sald together, owes the fact has turned a FOCUSED down the bit so that it was also brilliant.

Also of entity: These works with piece to regulate webcam, and has had PROBLEM of ZERO (instantaneous) taking this to do with Cheese in Linux in the Raspberry Pi, which has not had any problem at all handling some images and video.

Very Material. My ONLY complaint would be the fastest interface able of register of the smoothest/preview. In general resolutions, has to be patient - gags the small on anything in 10fps.

One has attached the images are of:
-Arduino Nano Pin
-Tx FOCUSED (&60;1mm) in Arduino Nano
-RGB SMD FOCUSED (and the closeup of one of a connected inner of diodes)
-Parallax sensor of Clear Intensity [looks the grille] (wide and mega-next)
-Pin and of Verge of a ESP8266 piece in the NodeMCU microcontroller
-Closeup of a 'wifi' logotype in a same ESP8266 ask
-SK6812 RGBWW Addressable FOCUSED (remarks a tiny IC) (and the gorgeous closeup of this IC and one of some diodes) ( )
5 / 5
Like An old type, has begun to do that old type , the cup taken on of the metal that detects. A problem with the metal that detects is that you find material, and the old types come instrumented with old eyes that has problems of mark out of small details, as some dates in mint that has been he in a muck of a Nixon administration. I localised this url the microscope on Today Treats and ordered it, he imagining would be a perfect device for any only seeing such details, but doing the picture of them for some records maintain of finds. I ordered it and arrive quickly. I have downloaded an engine, spent he in my programs, and does not act.
I emailed Plugable in a problem, and has taken a response in an hour of the type of desktop of the help, concealed done with me several days for the resolve. There is a wrong engine, and provides a URL for a right unit Listens an old type, was sure that had followed a Quickstart Guide precisely, as has culprit that guides, has deleted a wrong engine, has downloaded a right a, and some works of device. Attached is my premier shot of the penny dug (a bit those that tens of thousands of finds like this, and my detector of metal will have paid for him touches, and everything concealed digs will have done asks my health).
Was only this morning that imagines out of a real cause of a problem: me. It have taken an engine of another device has not used in the pair of years and enough had forgotten . A type of the desktop of the help there would be to be being justified in sneering in to the mine likes him to him the clot of old brainless, but he the no. Was unfailingly pleasant and thoroughly competent.
3 / 5
It gives it adds 3D image. An only down the side is that has wanted to he to do faecal in my animals (mini park) and when using the coverslip the side in firm arrive ( there is any zoom for tongue of the not being that it takes the beak and he then develop) can very a lot of said that it is so near up while I have required for things that Coccidia. Also it has the glare with a slip of coverage and slide also. I guess to do the on could has not bought this or that knows that knows now but the laws add for mine 3 old year to look in of the insects
the clues have had above the hard time that takes the faecal of clear quite be and he so contact his support of technology. It results a does not recommend this microscope for use with slide and slips of coverage. It have been well to learn in front of compraventa.
The service of the client surprised and gave me the repayment since no for the this has required he for and only asked to give he in the pupil if I have not had the use for him.
5 / 5
It rids decrease, that is to say one of one the majority to purchase that the surprises has not having never in Amazon. It does not think to have never the bought any product out of Amazon with so down an expectation (so much electronic cockroach!) And declare so happy while I am with this small microscope.

Has Had this for in six month now, and still wants to it. I can only vouch for the use in the Mac, but is carried -and-touch so far as it can say without the problem, never. The quality of image is fantastic, is easy to use, has the depth adds of field, and takes utmost pictures. A source of integrated light is awesome also, very brilliant and adjustable as it can illuminate you the surface and defects of seen and small details with big contrast. I am an engineer and uses to take pictures of small mechanical parts, and this scope has not beaten can be for a prize. A main reason has so been pleased and surprised is that I have used the $ 30,000 microscope (one of some better digital microscopes in some world-wide) and has not gone very better in some magnifications is using pauses. More than all any one has preoccupy at all quite that for easterly a so that it is so cheap. Included then, there is has beaten this thing up in a field these looks in of the aerospace components, and is lining up like the field. An only opinion, only operates in 10x and 250x magnification so far as it can say, as any a lot of options for the magnification enters, but otherwise, am adds.

Is doing Industrial machining and grinding, control of quality in electronics, is the hobbyist, the professor, or only wants to see little big material, that is to say a scope since you. You know that all the world-wide used to has these few boxes of science with the microscope that was impossible to see anything through? That is to say an exact opposite of that, and has any scientific curiosity at all, or is the professional of some order that needs the microscope, would have to possess this. Only the buy, this has known that look in your hair or a powder in your void was this fascinating?
5 / 5
I have bought this concretely to use to the reparation has streaky elep. Has the gouged the record and has wanted to what some limits to repair the things of albums has learnt a) this thing very can do the good work. b) In fact can fix scratches very bad and has a playable album again. A first picture is of the file of clipper of the nail. A second beak is an album scatch in the distant house. A third beak is a big house in a surface of a clear bezel.
1 / 5
Useless junk. Sad wasted my money in of the this. One bases of a collar of the goose does not remain connected in a program distributed without falling in the each two minutes, a field of the view is not adjustable, some the proportionate instructions with a device are useless. It has to enter?

Update... It opens Weeks later after my Windows 10 update, can very still takes a PC to recognise a unit.

Averts this product by everything means. It IS the total waste of money.

Top Customer Reviews: TELMU Microscope ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
This microscope is very easy to use. It does not take to very the mine times 10 old years to learn how and begin for the use. A container arrived in well the form and an interior of contents is well has organised. All was easily localised when opened a box. Any total requires. I have been surprised that it is has come also with 4 samples of specimen to take me begun to try out of a mechanism of microscope. An operation of use is very smooth. Some lenses to direct softly rotate and fence-in to plant. I battle it bite at the beginning when tried to take the house in a specimen with 40x dulcemente, a lentil is small, a specimen is necessity to be varied precisely home of lentils. In it Sew it to him better likes him in this microscope is of a box of the mountain of tlphonique loans that can plant it a camera of tlphonique and field he with seeing lentil, so that I left me in video and/or take picture of the specimen down microscope. This accessory to locate more if the use with lighter weighs ready telephone. I take the fight of bit when use with my samsung s8 note because of weight but when direct to locate and vary some lenses, some cups of winery of sucker of multiple small a very good telephone. If has the boy this wants to explore micro levels that is to say the box of good judge of start.
3 / 5
We could not expect for our threads to open this for Navidad... As we plough the the early month secretly and touched with him! Gotta Said, this thing is the entrance adds -level microsope! Has a bit slide very fresh, the collection adds colours to filter a light through (and of course clear), has pieces of different eye, and of course some different levels of magnification. Later we are goong to use some of some slide of room in experiement with liquids! We expect that in our threads have taken as much as marks. For-the-road... It IS bundled very well, but has the strong smell. The air has been for the bit before you touch.

Has spoken issues it also punctual quite airing it was. This smell is TAN FORTA! I am returning, while it was not that this smell is and does not want pure kiddo exposure in him. :( I adds little microscope yes can take in a smell, even so!
5 / 5
A microscope is coming very packed and has been ready to use only out of a box after attaching 3 EA stacks to illuminate a FOCUSED. It avenges with the box with 10 slides, comprising the little pre-the slide done and some room ones. There is 3 interchangeable aim lenses of several magnification ( 4x, 10x, 40x) and 2 piece of eye( 10x and 25x). Mximo magification is 1000x can achieve that using 40x objective lense and 25x piece of eye. The operation is mere and the optician is clear. It requires the bit of patience and pertinent adjustments of clear to direct in magnification very big, where the image is sometimes blurry. I have purchased he for mine 10 old year to present in a world of biology and take his hand in the, and my young scientist is further happy and excited to explore. It has attached the pair of beaks of some slide (out of a lot of) that marks . Any only some materials but, each lunch crosses a lense of microscope before achieving his gut..:-)
1 / 5
I am the professor of institute and and is trying to buy this for my student like Xmas present. Any quality very well of microscope and no easy to use.
2 / 5
Only they go he in 400x any one 1000x while ad! Clearly it shows in one that manual instruction very does not say any a lot of a max the magnification is 400x. There is the smell after unwrapping but does not overwhelm . It IS the very basic microscope the only desire was while it announces.
5 / 5
Treating russet myths in a greenhouse right now, and this creature is subject easier to use, and gives the a lot of clearer image that the field lupa. It was included able to identify the fungal infestation in a cellular level. An attaches of tlphonique is awesome once properly can angle your telephone.

Of the beginners in of the users seasoned, that is to say the clothes adds .
5 / 5
A lovely company to treat and more than useful. I took me the long months to do the election, as so type in a piece. Without taking my hands in or to try, months to result to read. Quan Mixes a eyepiece 25X and objective 40X one will take you 1000X magnification.
HAS the cat with TELMU. They will give you a info without a habladura of the sales and the calm will take the Microscope to treasure for all the life.
5 / 5
Shipping very quickly. It takes this quite 5 days after mandate. This microscope is very fresh. It IS stunned to see a sample housefly leg under a microscope. The May knew It housefly was so hairy!!! I have tried the drop of my blood and seen some red cells that movement around, very fresh. It comes with 5 glass of samples stuffs to the flavour was and 5 empty glass dish as it can pose you your subject adapted to see.
5 / 5
Bought this for my threads and he has liked them the plot. A quality is well and also can take the photos that mobile of use.
IS by train to use it Almost daily
4 / 5
Microscope Of global sake for a prize. In a big plus magnification the small apresamiento to take the clear image, but all another is very good. It Likes him having to an adapter of mobile phone to take pictures. One has comprised prepared the slides are very good. My daughter the flight

Top Customer Reviews: Jiusion 40 to 1000x ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Inferior line:
That is to say an exact camera included sold by dozens of vendors in Amazon. I the just quantity to research on enough the little of them (more issues that one $ 20 cost of compraventa), and personally listened better in this vendor that another because of a fact that has done at least his own application for a camera. Another look of vendors to be just warehouses and very very has an interest in his products. If it has to 3D printer (how can do you your own support) or can find this camera with the support the stable/of robust plus (or that was designed and built purposefully and concretely for this purpose), is the compraventa adds . If no, more money of paid for the unit with the better support, so that it conceal apparently marks of without the detail of weight or breaks this product.

Why 4 stars:
A microscope is more concealed would expect for $ 20. An image is clear, can take pictures of the resolution that is appropriate for the camera in this field of prize (the way down below compared resolution in of the digital cameras, but is $ 20!), And it is mere to operate. Very there is not any a lot of in him or very that can go it badly. It does not use of the Windows, as I can not comment in a esNAP' or 'ZOOM' functionality of button, which a manufacturer clears is only available in of the Windows, but has had this microscope that takes pictures and video of bonos, Linux and Android. Work so announced on everything of this program.

Even so, some marks of sustains unusable so-east. A support is too clear, too flimsy, and can very properly lines a camera in planting while it marks in of the things what adjusts a house. It IS only the bad creation. And when precise direct on something concealed is fractions of the millimetre in measure, having the support that is not of the stable marks the totally useless camera.

Has done my usable unit for 3D printing the support and the mechanism of better house, which was available in Thingiverse.

If I have did not have to 3D printer, or would be very thwarted for this unit or I would be to return the to take something with the better support (in the prize the big plus, is sure). Since I , was able to do law perfectly for my necessities, and is happy in a compraventa.

Has attached note: Some of some negative critics reveal the common confusion in this device. A 'zoom' apparent the knob is very the 'the knob of the house and a the magnification the level is the product of the distance of a camera of a subject. In the level of digital camera, 'zoom' causes a lentil to move while some rests of the motionless device. It conceal it is not a case with this 'zoom' characteristic - you 'zoom' to move a more next camera in a subject and then uses a knob that is tagged '40X - 1000X' to direct. It is confusing that a knob is tagged '40X - 1000X' so that that is to say a control of house !
5 / 5
It do not expect a lot from only goes to be cheap microscope for my daughter. In the first place begin to see the dead insects find around a house and then was able to see the alive creature aphid in the stamen of plant. A root was already very small, as when it has seen something even more small wiggling around, was very impressed with a quality.
5 / 5
Very incredible little microscope for how much is! It was among this digital microscope and the microscope of pocket. My husband has surprised my daughter and I and was to advance and orderly easterly the unit Am so happy! I want that it can all goes that it is under a microscope in or time. It IS mere to use. Only opened some laws of program with with your computer and covers he in!! Works wonderfully! We are all has collected things to take behind and take the most next look in. Here it is some of some images have taken.. The moth, spider, eyeball, and hair!
5 / 5
Honestly when And it take a endoscope my expectations were down because of some descriptions in Amazon; Even so, after in fact taking it, is surprised in a quality of this thing... Has 0 subjects with my Clear even so since it is DIRECTED would suppose to leave them on for the long period of the time probably hurts of cause in them, and possibly a endoscope as and mark sure for the turn was when im no in the use and unplug it when completed with coinroll hunting or joint of reparation of circuit.. For 20 dollars this is an exceptional tool and I couldnt when being happier... A base is good but in some angles a weight of a device will not line , failures he on physical, im any insurance that roughly of you expected for $ 20 but so far cual in the work of microscope goes surprisingly and a software of a MiniCD the works add to record videos or taking snapshots... For snapshots has to configure some preferences in a amcap software before you can expect a button to do. It takes the small patience to adjust house but once imagine it has been willl enjoy it too much... I of the that thinks is very 1000x also, but once again. Idk Which expect for $ 20
4 / 5
For some laws to price well. A picture is better road when takes a plastic coverage, While I have imagined was on my own. The house is the delicate bit. Once directed in element ( coins for me ) only left the only, coins of slide in and out of low a magnifier. Only it can it see the neighbourhood of a coin the time. Necessity To try more subject to take a magnifier up in the box, main arrive and house to flavour that subjects in hopefully be able to see a whole coin immediately.
5 / 5
The coast to start with acts some directions. It have saved some time. It comes with the CD with engine and of the programs for pc and telephone, does not know does with Apple or Mac material, I no in that has it neither. Has the few tips for any one concealed purchases this. First give has an orientation, so rotate the so upper is a cup that is seeing. This will do to move the less the thwart. Probably you find you moving an object an easy plus that moving a microscope he. Also it has the built in clear source that it is adjustable for the thumbwheel in a cord. A delicate part is a zoom , while you it zoom in having you that adjusts a distance of an object that is to see and then marries with a same point in a microscope. This has confused at the beginning but once comprises that the concept is quite easy. In general that is to say the product adds . I will use in my work 'electronic'. But I am sure he would amuse boys for hours. Some pictures aim a difference in of the distances to object against intensity of magnification.
5 / 5
A camera am add, but a support is terrible. It finds some pieces of piece and builds your own podes. Also they sell the support for $ 20 podes the no. Thinks and has done the quite good work in a support, and desire and could say a same for my first work to solder. :) Any worry, the work in progress. Once again, the microscope adds for $ 20, of the that forgets to take one covers plastic of a tip, and that the thing in a side is home, any zoom. I need an adjustable support and spends a more next camera for zoom.
5 / 5
It attaches small camera for a prize. I have ordered he with a purpose to verify for ripeness of my plant of cannabis for the perfect harvest, and has to very sure that do to him only adds then a time comes. It takes the small practice to take the crisp, clear image(especially in big magnification), but some results are awesome. I am spent an hour with him connected in my laptop, entering the fun trip in my growbox, taking next quota-in of the shots and viewing everything of the different perspective. After the while it only want to begin looking in everything, included these more innocuous objects result crazy fascinate in big magnification. A wheel of adjustment is marked in '40x' in or finals and '1000x' in another, without indication of some parameters in entering. A column of camera of the centre in a half of a camera has the small bit of game in him, as that turns a wheel will do a lentil of a movement of the camera horizontally when the adjust, doing lose yours image. Even so, everything of these little of the defects are quite insignificant when considers is 20 bucks. If cranes pinpoint accurate magnification and durable edifice , solid, can wants to spend some extra money; but yes only it calms simply want look in material in prjimo, without extra frills or artilugios, chooses this or up!
5 / 5
Very surpsied why very he zooms in amd a quality for a cheap prize. BIG FYI Comes directed by in prjimo zooming but to adjust take some the diffusing plastic flashes and then zoom so that voice a lense the point has been. You can then the ray was and in to adjust a focal distance!!! This left wing posed me one the camera like the foot was and still zoom in in motherboards to do reparations and solder. His a awesome camera for a prize but a manual doesnt mention you can scrape in and out of a lense to adjust a focal distance
5 / 5
That is to say an economic microscope . A real ones, used in medicine, cost above $ 300, eats...

1. A support is meant to line a scope while any one into use.
2. A button of zoom has five presets. It presses a button once in cycle through them. There is not any graduation for zoom.
3. Some necessities of software to be posed up properly. ( It measures of photo, period of video, where to store shots in your computer, etc.) In of the parameters.
4. Double-clicks a esnap' button to take the picture.
5. The house those uses an inch-wheel.
6. It substitutes one covers to maintain the powder was when any one into use.

This unit is awesome for a prize! Some pictures are of the Money 1878 Dollar, the hand has lined.

Top Customer Reviews: Wireless Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It IS quite sake of microscope that can be easy and convinence to record each tiny things thatcomprises spiderof antsand strands and so on. But podes any one the view can use a cell like ancient observation so that the come with focused clear directllyfor the video avenges with 4807201080 quality video.
5 / 5
The purchase based to cases of boy like the project of science and trip of field. That is to say it subjects besides my expectation:-) it opens my boy is verifying with a lot of tiny thing under a microscope that promotes his interest to explore a naturalidad and world-wide to a large extent. Sometimes included take he in a student and sample in his partner during playdates. His buddies thinks is fresh!
What the compraventa happy!
5 / 5
This small unit is awsome!
Fast setup
quality of excellent Picture
Wish the adjustable headline was big
Each which adds here. +++
Priced well
5 / 5
An application for my works of tlphonique of the Android well. A semi-detached photo is of salt of table. You can take the photo or using the button in a microscope or that uses an application of tlphonique. A lag is not bad, which he quite easy to direct. I wish a microscope would run in stacks, but has the pair of stack grupal of USB so still can use he on the way portable.
5 / 5
I have purchased this microscope to remark some insects in plant. It IS very the good product . It is ready to use when connect in my telephone, can adjust a lightness and a magnifier. In general this microscope is hurriedly connected in a device in the show and his instruction are clear and easy to comprise. I want the and comes with the professional that mass of bands.
5 / 5
I am so happy! I want that it can all goes that it is under a microscope in or time. I am spent an hour with him connected in my laptop, entering the fun trip in my growbox, taking next quota-in of the shots and viewing everything of the costs of element of different perspective.This the esteem
5 / 5
This microscope is surprising! A beak is quite clear, clearly can see all a bit when has connected details with iPhone. A connection is stable and is very easy to pose in a connection also. Having the fun time with my boy with easterly.
5 / 5
The microscope Adds! Max-Voice the application installs easily, easily connects in the tlphonique intelligent or compressed saw Wi Well. An image is very clear. A small measure of a microscope leave you to take he with you on trips with boys to study plants, minrale and insects. Compraventa Excellent!
5 / 5
Bought this in of the marks a week like the school of my boy requires of an experience. A WiFi the Digital microscope is so mere to pose up and very clear to aim. It Likes him so far, of my threads excited when use it to explore a world he never seen before. Commentary the tooth that fallen out of his mouth only now, then freak was and has promised that paintbrush his hard teeth every day.
3 / 5
UPDATE: after my poor description, took an email of a vendor with instructions further:

'For iPad/of iPhone can not connect in him,please controls your device wifi to beat looked for out of WiFi the signal begins with soyhacha-voice_XXXX' or no,and please uninstall a soyhacha-Application of Voice and re-the install to try for the connect again.

For the software of PC can not connecting a camera,is using necessity of computer of the desktop to connect microscope with your PC through cape of USB,and connecting a port of USB in back of case of computer any front.'

A camera has is pertinent wifi this has to connect calm in of your mobile device (in bad no he Bluetooth). It was also able to connect using the laptop with windows 8, but to the date has not been able of the take to do with windows 10. Otherwise, IS the little camera of quota .

Top Customer Reviews: Carson MicroFlip ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
So only it take this because they are the interior of boy and like look in of of the small things. I have discovered the whole world that could not see before. This thing there is shattered my quality of expectations of image, the desire has had one of these when it was the boy .
5 / 5
Does well, is easy to use (so much my edges of 8 years and my mamma have imagined was quite easily), and is quite powerful to clearly see things like spirogyra cells, main dinoflagellates and another marine plankton, and OMG ossia the one who some edges of the mine tejanos looks?!?!

Ossia One of my new favourite toys, one that wishes that has had when you study biology in colegiala. Behind in a 80s this would be cost the little hundred bucks, if no more. The optical technology has improved of jumps and bounds of then, and for a prize, a MicroFlip is impressive like heck.

An option of telephone is well, also, but does not use it the plot. It is so only the clip that centre the camera of your telephone in a lentil, will want to use your options of zoom in your telephone of the visible . I appreciate an option, well the pity and almost-practical, but takings a better entertainment to look in a lentil directly ( are adds to see house with several people, hopefully fellow nerds. But it is soyicroscope of field,' loves to use he in a field, well? With some twiddling, and cure, work well for the classes and the camping want to use an option of telephone.)

A slide doen't really apt well in a clip. Any slide , in fact. Ossia The little annoying for the instrument of field.

But, in general, an optical quality is lovely, and a prize is well, and is taken the light beating and surviving and still works in 100. Although I fell it and it lose it for ever somehow, still it can substitute he for a cost of caffè, lunch, and gas.

Recommended, highly.
4 / 5
Has ordered this to look in the deer tick this has been takes of leg of mine in the office of a doctor. A magnification in this unit was in fact too big to take the good look in him. It was better that anything concealed was available in the office of a doctor!

I really like this bite adapter of lentil that leave to use yours camera of telephone like an annex, both to do seeing easier and to take photo and video.

Goes to maintain reason absolutely is in amazing. A quality of picture, a quality to see is so only in a cup for a prize of a unit.
4 / 5
Is not a microscope I hate; this thing is fantastic! It is that I can SEE with a microscope that hate! Yes, you can see powder mites with this thing and is horrifying. Please does not use this to see your bedsheets or that stock exchange really old of flour in your pantry because you will question if the costs of life to go to having done like this. I have it quell'has done already these like this calm deceptions whose has to that.

A 250x magnification is quell'has bitten hard to look in, but the photos exit well. 100x to good sure comes by means of a clearer lentil to an eye in of the skins for some reason. It include it Is photo of the tick (dirty fingernail for stairs) that has found on me another day together with the 100x picture of a tick by means of this microscope, and the picture of mine (now previously) favourite rock with chrysotile the visible asbestos in 250x :(
5 / 5
This microscope is perfect to the use is gone in a field and house. A clip is universal and fact for android of mine, iPhone 6 More, and mine iPads. There is the little bit of the curve to learn with directing. Take your time and experience with a house both with your telephone and an eye in of the skins. With which he handful of uses, resulted according to the character and some pictures will take is surprising. I have used this for final adjustments with part of hobby and to look in of the things in character like some leaves. Work well in both applications.
4 / 5
A booklet comprised does not have quite detail, especially like this to use he with a slide comprised and slip of coverage.

One the punctual booklet links it to Drives of User of the PDF. But that favour to link yours the not founding page. These produced is like this near of something gain, but the boy could do not using and could do not using. It does not squander your money in this product. It is frustrating.
5 / 5
Has bought an earlier version of these 3 years done and give it 5 stars. Work awesome. I have bought it is a reason has the slide to do that it sees easier. Unfortunately, there is the brown halo which interferes with an image. I have tried to call his support of technology but his system automated has not recognised a product and therefore it could not imagine was the one who to connect me to. We do not leave me any election another that for the turn. You recommend to spend that it is one and try his microbrite 60 xmás-120x microscope of pocket.
5 / 5
A first time a whole thing has been missing in an order. Felizmente To the amazon there is agreed to to send another without me sending a whole container together with mine other products of caffè behind which would take month.

A microscope is surprising. It takes the time of has bitten to take used to manage it properly but calm once take some corners well, a result for real is in amazing. Especially for a prize. My daughter loves it Like this!
5 / 5
An optical any like this a lot so much glass but sufficient. I use mine in an office because I need to resist it down in a cup for the viewing in firm. A toe down the program of slide is the addition adds and good works. A light CONCENTRATED is very good. I have not used a UV the light and has not used a mountain of smartphone, as any commentary in those.
5 / 5
Originally Shabby Carson MicroBrite 60 xmás-120x has DIRECTED Microscope of the pocket Lit for homeschooling and honradamente, purpose of entertainment. His one gone down powered version this microscope. It has been it adds. I have been impressed with like this easy is to use and that some boys am enjoyed to look in of the different materials with him. It is very easy to dip up and take the house. For a prize, is quite durable. A so only drawback for me is has the vision issues like this looking by means of a lentil there is pulled frequently my eyes. My edges lined on a camera in my mobile phone with a lentil to the equal that can take the pictures and concealed relieves some of mine eyestrain. So that it comes a compraventa of Carson MicroFlip 100x-250x and Smartphone Digiscoping Clip. My girls am enjoyed a can a big plus magnification and a clip of smartphone the a lot of easier fact to see and taking photo. He clips in your camera of telephone and then attaches to a microscope. It takes the small regulating to take all partorisca line on correctly, but once is dipped a clip resists everything in place. Some boys have almost has examined everything under this microscope. Of edges of cloths and average the deaths of bugs. His summer a lot of value a compraventa.

Top Customer Reviews: Bysameyee USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
The shot adds - partorisca a price, are well with the little a lot of-HD quality of video. But, coming on, partorisca this price, quite awesome. I used it on my telephone of Android, in the Mac, and (the majority productively) in mine Chromebook. Bought the to look in electronic on prjimo, but are having to that it weaves of fun just poking around a yard with him.

Adjustable house and LEDs (both manual, as I owe that have the hand in firm).
5 / 5
Partorisca Coins, especially coins of error, because a test is in some pictures of coins, especially when the buyer is 2000 miles was and loves the clear picture of something an eye in of the skins can not see. This digital microscope is the 99 out of the hundred, and is my digital third this year. Compared to my second is like the oasis in a desert. Absolutely an exceptional microscope all a way around, had it going in 15 minutes for me, and takes good pictures and took to want a 1000X magnification. Also it is adaptable according to which different place and short rows, can take the picture of the dollar of money the foot was is the 100 out of the hundred. For far a global digital microscope better there is never has possessed. And thats not even that pause in a price, excellent price, marvel me in a second one has bought 6 month ago, big priced this in spite of any software, this microscope cost the thousands and your microscope can have saved my subject young, yours that goes to do a lot well with your digital microscope, thank you LRGarcia
4 / 5
It was hesitant to buy this partorisca my daughter the one who has been begging partorisca something like this partorisca the month is. His anniversary was in a begining of to a month likes I caved. I have been concerned to bear an economic price is like this flimsy and like this low quality that does not be worth it. Poised partorisca be surprised. It is obviously any one some better materials or magnifier in this price BUT resists on a lot well and has the disturbingly clear picture. Thanks to the desire to see of my daughter everything in a house that comprises the people now was more roughly I and elements in my house that requires too comprising some elements a FDA leaves in mine gummies.
4 / 5
In the first place, has to begin it it was with a negatives... A device has not done in my computer that use a software comprised (and linked by means of the bitly link). Windows of roll 10 64bit in 1809 emission.

Has take an engine that has been partorisca charge of an installer and leave the windows choose an engine. That looked partorisca correct one ! Point of exclamation in a manager of device.

A Amcap the software has continued to present an error.

I some googling and any recommended using a built-in 'Application of Camera in of the Windows 10. I have tried this and he have done perfectly.

After using an application of Camera of the Windows, a Amcap the software magically fact, also. Anything.

A device creates quite down king (640x480) images (compared the modern digital cameras) but work perfectly so that it has bought he partorisca - examining old coins.

Some characteristics in this model have limited enough but has the good built-in macro the light ossia adjustable and some images snaps has taken is a lot so that it has loved.

Sees other models of microscope of USB that sells for verses on $ 500 - I any precise concealed.

To to An only thing does not like is that I can do not taking to aim me of a whole coin in a veiwer but for $ 20 I really can not complain too much.
5 / 5
Hooks well until my Chromebook, the work adds, perfect for inspection of movement of the clock. Picture very better of quality that has expected them. Awesome.
5 / 5
I have purchased this camera partorisca inspect an interior of the USB that spend to touch to see if some pins have been bent first to order the new component. All mine another magnifiers could not dip quite a lot of light to a port. This camera has several brightness LEDs which leave me to see clearly. It can use this camera to see a tinier particle in an object. It can see the speck in my toe that could not see with my eye in of the skins. I add magnification for a price. I have had question dipping up and a support of technology was adds. In an end a question has not been with a camera or software, is like my computer has been dipped up. Utmost idea for schools.
5 / 5
Plugged The USB in Mac the cabin of works and photos has opened perfectly. Very impressed acclaims 420
5 / 5
I have not been happy that no with my IPHONE. This in spite of, this company has cured of a subject and was very good and sincere to treat. Highly you recommend produced of this company.
5 / 5
I have had my doubts at the beginning but these economic microscopes all that has has wanted to he para.yo the plot of wheel looks for coins and using a microscope in a hand the place resisted has cut my time for the half,any so only can quickly coins of control partorisca date but can zero on the and verify a tiny plus of detail. I love an acute picture that I can look in my screen of computer,partorisca a price this small microscope there is outdone he.Definitely inform to my friends .
5 / 5
Ossia A second an I has bought. An original one has bought the year or he like this done is not partorisca come with a chance adds that this a now comes with.

Top Customer Reviews: USB Microscope ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
READ M! (06/11/2020)

UPDATE 2: Behind to 4 stars 😊 ... I emailed an allocution resupplied in a booklet and gave a apk file that fixes the! Work on Android 10!! To good sure happier!

UPDATE: (06/10/2020) I have CHANGED OF 4 STARS To 2 STARS BECAUSE the EXTERNAL CAMERAS any LAW WITH ANDROID 10. Be WARNED. The ANDROID/Of GOOGLE Is IN FAILURE. The LAW of CAMERA ADDS! (These only works in mine portable, no on mobile phone/of pill anymore because both mine devices have update today.)

Has not had the big expectations partorisca something that so only cost the quota twenty. After receiving it, is probably a thing has better purchased in the moment. I thought it that it would be it the good addition to the ours homeschool partorisca all a curious science projects partorisca do. Now it has included we are creating the monarchs and our new microscope has left partorisca learn more on some caterpillars to the equal that have grown. Our boys also are spending in diverse things like other insects, parts of plant and included muck. I am spent partorisca take the @@@grasshopper of creature that has had there is hatched so only. It has interested partorisca learn roughly feet of @@@grasshopper. (The picture has comprised in this description, calm also can see like this is the tad out of house.) There is there was so only the few days now and has been to good fun insurance.

Reason a 4 star? The shopping centre deun reason of pairs that the has not gone quite big the warrant to 3 indication of star. First of all, there is absolutely ANY DIRECTION on like this to use a microscope, so only like this to download the program for the use. It is to good sure comes from and error when learning for the use. One first question has had was an use of one of some keys. There is the key in a side that says 'zoom', does not have ANY IDEA that ossia stops . An only thing I opinion is that when wrist is that it looks to resist a house long enough to snap the picture. Otherwise, Your supposition is like this good so much mine. A key in another side says esNAP' snaps it the picture, any subject with that at all. There is a bit the consultor has which is that it love your picture really in home, uses a key of external camera of a mobile phone or compressed/of laptop instead.

A dial on 40x and 1000x is some houses separate any one some real magnification is using. In a OTG the cord is the dial to control a light, also can turns era. If you are able to use slides, will love a light to be down a lot on in all the chance. As when being able to turn a light was is in fact the good thing. A reason for one '40x-1000x' is that it depends on like movement/to use a main microscope or go down in an object, which in a lot of ways is like the normal microscope. It would suggest to buy the headline of different microscope for better control of height in an object. A a resupplied is good but has limited. The difference other descriptions, like this far a stand resupplied does not touch on. There is the piece of round sense under a stand for 'grip'.

When we Begin to use the, has used my mobile phone. I have downloaded an application has called OTG View in mine Android and better work that some another I test and error with. This in spite of any @@subject that a lot I home in an object, there is remarked some pictures when being the bit out of house. I am not sure reason. I can take the pictures of better quality use my DSLR with macro lentil. Then memory, this was so only twenty bucks. Any big shot!

Is warned, use with your mobile phone (USB-C adapter is comprised), drains a quite fast battery. After @giving this, has been using the laptop instead. This in spite of is still the good option to be able to use my mobile phone if we are was and roughly.

In general, recommends this like the simple tool to use. Especially around our curious boys (and Georges has any one ;) )
4 / 5
Technical details: A field of view is roughly 4 mm x 3 mm (sees a photo--the red lines are 1 mm averts) in home more afterwards; the resolution of video is 680x480. If you act a mathematics, ossia roughly 5.9 micrometers for pixel. Work without additional software in of the Windows 10--cover so only a boss in, and will be able to to the use likes him the webcam, using a Windows 10 built-in of application of camera.

Can regulate a brightness of a built-in light with a @@@knob in a cord.

A knurled @@@knob in a microscope with a 40x-1000x marking is more than the @@@knob of home that the zoom/magnification @@@knob. A distance of approximate house is in an end of a clear plastic nose of a microscope, although I can direct elements some distance was ( has tried according to which 3 cm was). A far plus was, a big more a field of view (and for like this, more micrometers in the alone pixel, like this lower magnification).

A distributed 'governs it of calibration' is so only the film of plastic transparency with has printed semence. It would not trust his accuracy, but is well to verify home-- would call it 'qualitative calibration.' :-)

A lot Takes basic (sinister is says elementary thru half school) the science gives, or wants to augment details of flat objects like this to focus them, coins, microprint in of the controls, etc, ossia good and functional.

A stand has distributed is sturdy enough. It likes that a microscope comes with the zippered of chance.

He, recommends for exploitation of basic science and give
5 / 5
Ive has had this discharge for the liitle while now. I use it almost daily to look for bugs in my plants (especially russet mites). I absolutly love this thing and cant believes has not grown never anything without him. For a prize can not beat has beaten. Taking the pictures or the video is easy quality and really orders . If it has had more stars in an indication this would be the 10 out of 10.

Has taken so only this little spent out of the, has read directions to do work in my telephone of android, plugged he in and instantly looked in video of excellent quality in my telephone. Utilisation otg see the one who setup perfectly and has fun functions. Wine with the good chance and a dual way usb the boss is the idea adds . Im Very impressed with like this easy this microscope is the setup and use, a quality of picture, a characteristic of house and a light that can it you dim. A stand is good and solid too many shoes.
If these pauses of thing the week still will give it 5 stars for a prize and all more. Highly it suggests this for any the one who needs to augment anything. I guess Patient go what hard time .
5 / 5
Has possessed one of this first, as I am familiarised with his capacities. This discharge is virtually identical to the plot of some another when be offered on Amazon, this in spite of is priced in $ 10 less and comes with the chance to spend. As having the little premium buying a prime minister a (Jlusion is another has offered, $ and any chance to spend). Also now they are offering the stand of free metal (outrage a bit one comes with) which have asked him so only to send. A trick is taking your car to recognise a device. An instruction to do this work, but there are multiple methods in some directions and I has had to find that a version of instructions of the Windows 2 was that done for me. With which this hurdle has been the navigation has won , smooth. Work with roughly 5 different classes of software--I installed xploview and amcap, his both look to do a work. Sound the nifty little device for the little prize.
4 / 5
When This arrives yesterday for the prejudices there is it to him rushed to him to a computer to see so only that would do. Oops - Has to that install engine and first software. The engine and the software gone in the mini-DVD, or calm can download him. I have tried a first DVD but my walks would not upload a software. Felizmente One downloads has not taken long and after installing an engine and another software has been ready for the verify was. A stand that comes with a camera is quite flimsy and has had to imagine was like this to take a camera to snap to a headline, more than slide in, but once has taken all has fixed has dipped a pocola propiciado by instruction in a table in front of a camera and begun on a software to see that well laws. After selecting this camera in place of my incumplimiento usb videocam has taken the screen with the picture monotone ash. After imagining was wheel of home was able to take a house of picture and see a text in a discharge of the in detail incredible instruction, and with noticeable machineries and digital noise. A software has taken the picture when it loved it to, and some pictures has taken result quite good. In general, I am satisfied with quell'I taken for a prize has paid.
4 / 5
Incredible value! A function of zoom, is Very easy emotional, doing the shots remain esmesa' like shots. An option of video is so only Awesome. Shot for has shot, can look in a plant- compared with the loop deun traditional jeweller- Has been to see One Same (just easier) quality of shots. Obviously, they are the Legal Cánnabis grower... This was The PURPOSE of this compraventa. With which collected, can dip on a stand, and inspect random flowers. Also, you can look in yours trim quality, hash, included concentrates quality of show, by means of this discharge. + It has shipped. It was here quite quickly, and, a 'quickly dipped on' is likes 5 seconds. I require to do a together Full on, as, by means of near quickly arrive- a shutter key in a camera is not doing still. I plan to purchase the second scope, exactly one same, and, the Wireless unit. May... Has the zeros Complain for this discharge.
4 / 5
That can say, this digital microscope are add, abordable and awesome. Some images are very acute 1080p
and is easy to use, my grandson has been using this digital microscope for days now he really amours
the and his summer that takes pictures the plot of dead insects can find. This microscope is like this easy to use that my
the grandson of 6 years can operate a microscope for him doing adjustment of house . I am expecting that this unit will last.
Images of acute pictures
the acute video Register that I use some applications
Easy to use
can of the zoom are add
Comes with titling of stand of the metal
propiciado by USB and touch thru camera of computer without using some applications
adjustment of Easy zoom
spending chance
application of Easy installation of web of place

basic of the stand of the Metal is too light

In general a digital microscope are adds to use for beginners. I recommend this microscope.
4 / 5
Some five stars is reason considering a prize, is quite good.
Rids the clear image with attentive colours. So only like the optical microscope rule, a depth of field is very small, like this calm really need the stand for him, and a one comes is absolutely worthless.
Has not seen this has declared clearly of a costruttore, but are quite lame an image is 640 x 480. Using a software, can blow he until images quite big, but will see more real information.
A web of place has instructions VERY CLEAR on installing some three programs give was free. It was impressed really for him.
The service of client is one has found MORE. I have had it hampers to install a microscope in mine very old Dell Precision M6600 computer of laptop, but emails of the service of the client has been a lot and useful. Some works of microscope consistently well in the laptop of my woman, so only any mine, still.
The zoom is praise to change a focal period, as while you it the zoom has to that movement a camera to maintain he home. Here it is where the stand would go in handy.
Give the free stand yes writes the description. Ossia That informs.
4 / 5
This one takes the scarce description of me because the law adds for $ 20. A stand could be improved to resist a further camera was paralizaciones seen wider aka 'less zoom'

1st takes Application of Android OTG Spectator and see info is on Android 10 to take lean BEES file.

2nd takes spent of marked plastic lentil 'uncover'

3rd connects to device of Android and setup the distance has wished.

4th wife a lentil

5th regulates light level for wheel on cord

A 'zoom' magnification is determined in fact for a distance a camera is of a surface is looking in. It sees some varied images for a cloth that is all a same material. A camera can be much more needed some leaves of stand for a plus under soyagnification'. Work a lot enough to inspect joints of circuit. 640x480 Works in mine android 10 telephone. They are not still able state to take 640x480 acting in mine 10' android 9 pill - look odd?

For $ 20 I are súper happy.

Has seen the commentary roughly to the equal that directs. Obviously a house has the depth limited - is a lot so only able house in the concrete distance and everything in front of or for behind this point is not home. Ossia That have expected as there is not founding never the system of lentil that does not have this depth of limitation of field - still my look of eyes to do in this way. I do not think you it will take anything better for $ 20... But you find one has left to know me!
5 / 5
Has taken this to examine tiny hallmarks in jewels that is difficult to see with the wolf (ex: on coverage t take a wolf 'by means of' a band and in bracelets where some frames are in a clasp and is shabby or very tiny). It is it adds. Utilisation the Mac - tried it cabin used of photo. The program sees it a lot so only (and has connected to use the USB hub) and can take shots easily ( there be some usual to want to has called I just toe an image and is right reading etc.) One 'turn' to direct works a lot - takes the pocola practical like this done one 'dimming' turns in a cord. Several pieces have had súper frames scraped, but the used a torch FOCUSED to resupply light lateralmente and the 'pop' concealed helped an image. In general very pleased. I wish it quell'has had an on and was transmission, but ossia so only me nit choosing. It does not think some few red keys many with cabin of photo - again ossia the subject of software . In a Mac has not required the engine. I add little spent, looks well . Considering a prize! Any to mention add it spending/chance of storage!

Top Customer Reviews: STPCTOU Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
5 / 5
It is awesome you really can see trichomes a lot well, an only thing thinks would do a better product is has had the screen in upper of discharge That could see you that yours looking in, trying aguantarprpers perfectly and the look in your mobile phone is the little annoying but will take that annoyingness partorisca a quality of picture and 1,000X zoom!!! So only that says that it would be the better creation .
4 / 5
Are very happy with this digital microscope. Originally it has taken partorisca my edges want look in bugs. It felt more than purchasing a normal microscope this was the better election . Mostly because of the his portability. We are able to take this in a gone and look to a flower and see some bugs. A lot of fresco to see some bugs in action.
Has has discovered recently that it is it to it resulted to him the goodness adds my coin and collecting of focus. Im Able to see imperfections more clearly. My woman has discovered can see each detail in his face and is enjoying some profits to clear his tez. This has been the orders of new tool for a whole family. Easy to dip-arrive and connect to both are pills and of the telephones . Very happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5
Although another reviewers has mentioned a inadequacy of Max-see Application, has expected that it would be usable. Some looks of microscope to be of good quality, and easy to use and connect with wifi. An application is a question , and second that it can say, there is no other available applications. A screen in some freezings of telephone every time thinks that is directed, and has to that jiggle a microscope for the movement again. This spends every time, how is almost impossible to take the clear picture. Has 25mbs wifi, as I do not think that could be a question. It does not recommend these microscopes until the better Application results available. If any one knows of an application that would do, would want to listen roughly that!
5 / 5
Ossia súper Astounding, can see things that looks the speck of muck to an eye but when you have dipped this to underlying in fact can see that it is the bit of herb. You can also look by means of a glass of aquarium to see bugs of miniature in yours registered salt water (any raincoat), can see some pores of your skin and when I have had fiberglass has stuck in my toe could not see to an eye in of the skins but when I have used this was able of the take was reason found it immediately which has relieved an ache was in. It is the quite awesome microscope that reads perfectly in my telephone of ANDROID. It REMARKS The IMAGES ARE AS FOLLOWS: the seaweeds that begins to grow in a glass of aquarium, Hermit shell of leg, some class of snail thingy this looks the point in a glass, aim with red signals no sure, ascended with squiggles is fiberglass in my toes, the yellow points are some class of eggs that was on out of camping the external window that has looked the speck of muck to an eye, a rest of some images is of worms and pods in a sand of registered/of the tank. YES IT WOULD BUY AGAIN!
5 / 5
At the beginning, when we purchase this product, has had question using the. It had been using the 500x mag for years and could not expect look in of the low things duplicate a mag. We write to a costruttore the one who have answered promptly and helpfully and was able to take some light working. Details really pops down 1000x magnification.
4 / 5
Received it weeks of the pair done and left daughter to use it enseguida.un the microscope is very easy of utiliser.je so only are some instructions,downloads an application and leave a telephone has linked to a microscope wifi,then can uses to remark all the classes of personnel,like some different classes of rocks my daughter has selected,our skin,fruits,etc.
Is very thrilling to have such the tool adds to remark a world.
4 / 5
When in the first place it has taken this digital microscope has been disappointed in a be which is quite flimsy and unstable and the bit to hurt to stabilise when that directs in of the objects to photograph. Comparing to other frames of a row of prize still looks to have a same stand. It has considered to send the behind. Desire that was the machinist so that it could do my own adjustable stand.
This in spite of afterwards touch around with him a boy is exited of me and I have begun for the enjoy. Ossia My prime minister digital microscope . So only I have turned recently seventy young years. In of the sure chances I any precise a stand, especially when that pressing against an object like my hair in my boss or mustache. Has an iPhone XS Max. A software is not to ensure for a PC in Chrome that recommends. I expect that they update it concealed and he sure. So only it is using in mine iPhone.
Would close digital photos but has been access denegado apparently in mine iPhone before and does not know to like access of profit behind and your service of client is closed because of a pandemic. Any there that it can it to it help?
4 / 5
The tool adds to take seen of traditional hand-held lentil the digital. Very easy to use with interior WiFi connection of telephone. Easily it connects to the mine iPhone with an application has associated. I am using for geological images, which poden delicate if a surface is not flat, there is limited directing options. Otherwise The tool adds for a prize.
4 / 5
When Choosing the digital microscope to use for purpose of hobby, have gone with this model because it has had the better resolution, registered in the has bitten main megapixel and could connect to my telephone of Android. All of these things are the profit of mine on some models some economic plus. Taking it to do with my Mac desk was the bit to frustrate and has taken the moment before I have imagined was. A solution (for any Mac Users) has found the port of USB that is to be connect to the powered USB hub. I also found that quell'USB 2 extension has better done that he 3.0 boss. It has connected once it has done it well with Cabin of Photo.
A stand is little practise how is. A big more a magnification, a sensitive more a discharge is to a slightest movement. It is it likes use the telephoto or lentil of zoom. You will owe that locate a stand in the sturdy program to really use this discharge for anything main that the grape. I have ordered the stand has lit to resist a discharge.
In general, the good compraventa. I am satisfied. I wish it quell'has had the chance to spend.
4 / 5
Any one some HD (or 1080p) to the equal that involves, far of a truth. In spite of that, can still zoom in enough very this in spite of sees calm small things a lot usually. I will give it that a lot, this in spite of, a stand that resists it to this very economic. Particularly a thing that control a microscope in place, which snapped was on me. Application that comes with this a lot of coffins bone, but work and isnt hard to imagine was. I look for to use this thing to help me sex Trantulas(to say yes is male or female), but he didnt help all this a lot. There is better there for a prize, recommends Youtube for investigation in that of then am finding descriptions of Amazon less and less than confidence.

Top Customer Reviews: Wireless Otoscope ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
5 / 5
My daughter has to that the like this @@subject with his ears have ordered like this this he so that it can look and see the one who that that goes in in there. The element of quality adds, and camera of the video of quality/adds. To good sure recommend this product to any that wants look in of the ears!
4 / 5
My amours familiarised this otoscope! We order it to us recently partorisca remark and follow the infection of severe ear has had. Some girls have learnt to plot to research the commentary. It is a lot the friendly user, connects easily to the mine iPhone, and has been impressed with a quality of a camera and has DIRECTED lights. Highly you recommend this otoscope!
5 / 5
Has taken the creature of 2 month . And of then I know the boys take infections of ear like this often, has known required it. I took it hardly, I have tried on I(I knows, well?!), omg! The desire could say you as disguising my inner ear looked, has cleaned literally an out. Like this happy with him>|<.
5 / 5
Himself Has to that kid the one who go to daycare and take infections of frequent ear snd in planting to go to the office of doctors wants on-line fast recognition and be able to send some pictures to a doctor this element will help you. Sound the disguised blessing for me.
5 / 5
With both east of small boys is the life ($ )saver! They are able to look in his ears and take the clear picture that is going in in his ears. They are any doctor for any half but can compare and contrast that it sees with quell'I sees on-line! They are also able to take pictures to send to my doctor as they can revise him previously to go in for the timely and quotes possible type! This device is to good sure value a small investment, if I leave to skip a date of doctor or travesía to paid urgent for him!
5 / 5
Some 5 stars thus product because of an originality to satisfy my curiosity. I can saw like this it is one looks my ears of interior. 3stars thus produced reason the
practicability. It likes-me a better original element. A quality was well,this produces done for acrylic perhaps, is the little acute and quite comfortable. I have decided to give the 5 stars because 2 stars for originalities of element.
5 / 5
Ossia Such the nifty tool to have! There is the curve to learn to use it, situating a boy and then doing sure any to press a discharge in too much far. It is good to use to see has the transmission in his ears, but would not use a stir of wax far to an ear, so only can see wax of an outside. It likes that I can see of my ear, like this often have subjects with them. Precaution of use in of the small boys.
5 / 5
I looks of device to do. I am giving this present like the present of Navidad so that it have to that inform behind in the very laws.
4 / 5
Has entertainment with science in our house. With this big-technology, is much more convenient. Can see it clearly and easy, am satisfied with him.
5 / 5
Easy to use! So only Download an application says
You you and connect street WiFi. Calm Connected once can see in your ears A lot clearly.
Has had the infection of double ear and a lot of drainage and a upcoming flight. I have required to verify it drain so it has not required to go back for first steroids of my Flight. This was much easier that taking was and that heads to a doctor to verify them! More have two boys and they are taking older. They found it fascinating to verify his ears
And see that it was inner .
Can see quite clear to see still bubbles which helped to know my
the ears drained.

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