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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5
It has bought used of BigDaddyDon1981 with conditioning listing like Good but he absolutely reeked of cigarettes. It was so only gross. I have used the spray partorisca bleach diluted then the just water has tried then the white vinegar tried and again waters. Cela Has done partorisca a hard plastic but a funk has had a lot deep in a rubbery analog joysticks. The success there was finally with complete disassembly and drenching them in of waters he soapy in an ultrasonic cleaner. Way too much work partorisca take it to a condition of Well finally.
4 / 5
An original 360 controller of Microsoft. Any one annoy buying some compatible “controllers” more economic... It has taken one and is lasted roughly 3 days
4 / 5
Some tents of compartment of the battery partorisca take free. It has had to that dip some foil of aluminium to create a battery on the little, but is again free after the day or so much.
4 / 5
So only another Microsoft xBox controller, swimming of individual, that is supposition to do like this announced.
4 / 5
A reason because I am giving this Xbox 360 controller 5 stars is because fast service sadly when it has taken this has had to that fix some the keys see red blue yellow reasons we the estaca fixed quell'now. All a Xbox 360 works of controllers like the pro.
4 / 5
Original Xbox 360 controller. Required the controller of substitution for my Xbox 360. This element was exactly that has looked for. Shipped in the fast and timely way. Good works. To the condition adds!
5 / 5
Has bought so only this white colour A lot of Xbox 360 tampon of game ..
4 / 5
Absolutely perfect. Any complains at all. It has Ordered the new mark an and work so only well. So only Appearance can it to them maintain like this cleaned how was when he is exited of a container. The prize is quell'has bitten big this in spite of.
4 / 5
It could say why this are partorisca add but really does not have to that . It is the wireless controller partorisca a Xbox 360. He a way has to that and to the left are game with more than people in consoles of mine. It is that it is and it is it adds.
4 / 5
Bought it used but was really economic. All the keys done but has had some light scratches. It has not imported reason was them partorisca use chance of substitution partorisca give to the mine little brother in law, which want to but ossia partorisca the different description
5 / 5
a lot totally blames a company but is some first time have bought the controller has used. It has not done perfectly. That wait? It has arrived in the timely way and I have not imported some scratches. It is so only the little unresponsive in time. It notes the self - always buy new controllers.
4 / 5
Has been using this controller partorisca quite some time. It is stood up to access to bellow while touching, and by means of mine 2 rough boys and hard that fallen, launching and slobbering on that. If it has to that close unexpectedly your controller during game of game, would recommend this controller.
5 / 5
This controller is probably one of some better controllers never drawn, some have used one has taken has had the few subjects (specifically the sticky d tampon) but otherwise value a side an economic plus.
5 / 5
Has taken this for the substitution for my edges Xbox controllers because the piece had broken. Work exactly one same. I thought that it that it could find he for the bit less than that I has paid, but was still reasonable.
4 / 5
Comes with titling of the battery and ossia any boss of connection. Works a lot OEM
4 / 5
has Ordered 2 of these for my edges. A has not done. Big quantities of imposiciones of a oxidized the battery was on estaca of battery
5 / 5
has Left the equivalent has the light delay (sticky). Marcos gaming difficult, but act a lot enough for simple Xbox navigation.
5 / 5
Perfect working condition!! To good sure wort a prize! Although it was the little rough looking the considering has been used. I have bought one of these discharges of controllers that offered you of Amazon and he spiffed the very up!!
4 / 5
Looks well has not used still. It does not like that it has it EA of band of battery but he less bad partorisca a prize.
4 / 5
The mine has not done never. It will turn on, but it will not connect . I have done all could think of, and looked for on-line partorisca anything can have lost and so only has not done never.
4 / 5
Has bought of the 3rd parry vendor. It has said at all roughly when be broken (which is) and doesnt has included turns on.
Waste partorisca time abd money.
5 / 5
Was quite like this announced, but some the analog keys were chewed enough up. To all the cost are happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5
Has done adds for roughly 2 weeks. Then a 'Z' the leaves of key to do. Now it is it was to buy this in spite of another controller! :(
5 / 5
A controller there has been failure how has been tried to be covered but the silicon covers that fallen of very easy.
4 / 5
This product is coming exactly to the equal that has described. It was skeptical initially for a pricing, this in spite of each one has bitten of some works of controllers perfectly and will sustain them this company in a future. The time of arrival was inner two to three days of NY to go, btw. Very happy with amazon and company
4 / 5
The packaging was the little has on beaten but has not affected a controller. I know it quell'has been used but could use the little cleaner but has done and ossia all that really @@subject :)
4 / 5
Fast delivery. The works well expected it so only partorisca be in the pocola better form but partorisca a prize and that the laws can not be disturbed too much.
4 / 5
The work adds could be be clean the little better for a vendor but I have any question with like this acts!
4 / 5
Is terrible a joysticks is trashed one not even moves broken and has broken the chances are filthy foul says used well has has not used not doing any happy with this trafficante at all
5 / 5
has ordered this like the present partorisca my nephews and they love it. The container has come partorisca look well like this new.
4 / 5
The work adds. All the keys were free and has moved easily. Synched Right up with my xbox.
4 / 5
Is that it has expected. A basic controller partorisca Xbox 360. Any complaint excepts thinks that is gone through the pony Expresses of Giappone. I guess a horse has had the swimming of hard time by means of Pacific Ocean.
5 / 5
A product has been described as 'well, used'. I quite state that was 'well,' how was dirty, his two '@@@knob' fashionable controls in that has been covered with discharge of hule soft that the free turn (both duquel is fallen off shortly after use and so only will not remain dipped for any game of serious game. I have thought initially a device there was 'can arrive' @@subject to the equal that have tried several pairs of battery unsuccessfully. It has stuck finally the pair of rechargeable (fully touched) battery in and has taken a controller to do. It has Had some questions syncing with a console of X Boxes, but after the number of tentativas has there has been sucedidos.

Ironically, has taken the travesía to the tent of labourer after ordering is, and there is of then could have has has bought controllers in very better of condition for half a prize.

Like this, I alive and learn.
5 / 5
A controller will not connect in any Xbox. So only it maintains to blink..
4 / 5
Even Although they were 'used', was in conditioning very good. We love it to us and he has been using to touch games and like this far have any @subject.
4 / 5
Was the good cost for a prize done and looked like this described and expected in description
4 / 5
has Arrived before to condition expected , perfect although it has taken has used. Works perfectly and the looks adds.
5 / 5
All the work BUT a RB any click, WORK but doesnt click
4 / 5
the work adds and has shipped punctually. It can not beat some offers have taken. Any time see the Xbox controller for down 20 the.
4 / 5
Awesome Are entirely happy with a compraventa a controller was in condition of the next mint to good sure would recommend this vendor.

Top Customer Reviews: Xbox 360 Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
5 / 5 Margeret
The work like my family has expected the . It IS easy to use. Better prize. Good quality. Swift arrival. We would buy another he time required in a future.
5 / 5 Jin
You can very included it say a walnut an afterwards in one an experience of these folks! It arrives hurriedly, immaculate, and the perfect laws. Sper Impressive!
3 / 5 Judith
The works add with regular stacks. It IS almost impossible to take my rechargeable group of stack in. Even more take for the take was when discovered that he no with a rechargeable stacks. Also the has not done with a canal in load. Very disappointed, but likes him toe, law with regulating stacks.
4 / 5 Taylor
The works add! Compatible with a unit. Tan very That original.
4 / 5 Raye
I have ordered 2 controllers (the new mark) some works of controller well. An another the controller has subjects with one by upper button very not depressing . It was in a lot the hassle the retreats of the road only will take the eschew and the fix to me. Another that that or emits, everything is doing apresamiento. It connects wirelessly in my Xbox 360 only well.
3 / 5 Sebrina
There is the small problem that takes to connect in a Xbox 360. Once it connects the laws add.
5 / 5 Dalene
Work very well, all quota listened as it was new mark . Thank you Many
5 / 5 Lesia
While a outward appearance of one 2 refurbished the controllers was excellent, a gameplay partorisca before person shooters (Call partorisca Have to that BlackOps 2) was dismal.

An interaction of some sinister thumbs and rights is critical in maneuvering, aiming and shooting with FPS games. Tried partorisca several hours in of the multiple occasions partorisca see had the breakin the time has required; sadly any success.

So much the controllers have given some same shaky action partorisca a bit all the thumbs of entities!
5 / 5 Junie
Can very included say a new an afterwards to one an experience of these folks! It arrives quickly, immaculate, and perfect work. Súper Impressive!
5 / 5 Darius
The work adds with regular battery. It is almost impossible to take my rechargeable sale of battery in. Included harder that the take was when I have discovered that he no with a rechargeable battery. Also the has not done with a canal to touch. A lot disappointed, but likes has said, law with regular battery.
5 / 5 Jaime
This controller extracted exactly to the equal that have to that. Any question. We would buy this again.
4 / 5 Malisa
Has ordered 2 controllers (the new mark) some works of controllers well. Another controller has subject with an upper right key not depressing . It was to a lot the hassle to send it behind so only will take to avert and the fix to me. Another that those some subjects, everything is doing taking. It connects wirelessly to the mine Xbox 360 so only well.
4 / 5 Edie
Has had the little question that takes league to a Xbox 360. It has connected once he adds.
4 / 5 Freeda
The work adds! Compatible with a unit. Like this as well as original.
5 / 5 Candice
Laws really well, everything felt fresco to the equal that was new mark . Thank you very much
5 / 5 Marielle
Work so that my family expected it . It is easy to use. Better prize. Good quality. Speedy Arrival. We would buy again if need be in a future.

Top Customer Reviews: Xbox 360 Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
1 / 5 Fredrick
Taken our controller today. It was disgustingly soiled. Has had to the toothpick and clean out of tonnes of blacks gunk that had gone down in some cracks. It thinks it could do it after cleaning it up, but then remarks that some joysticks of the controller had been recovered with the removable rubber toppers. For a prize has paid, has expected this to be very only in good state of conservation but also clean. I have expected he to be perhaps the far this was to return because of not doing and the state had renewed. This was the used far. We will be to return the.
2 / 5 Lahoma
A controller has disgusted. Each a crevices has been packed with that suppose to be the mix of the palm and the sweat of rind is died, and a surface there has been several deep scratches.

Functionally, Was passable, likes two stars for that. Some buttons have done, but some joysticks was sticky and very always re-centrical in zero when leave to go. Although we ignore some cosmetics, has not been 'how new' for any roads of an imagination.

IS returned an element and they are probably only to go in animal-the sell, as it maintains that in importing when evaluating your casualidad to take the any controller of failure.
1 / 5 Joane
Sure it was soiled that it was quite easy to clean. But some buttons all the bond and the stay have pressed down. It do not remark It , while I did not touch it until the month or so after I bought it.
2 / 5 Linnie
Looked looking well. I took it to substitute the controller these attractions in some rights. A joystick in these some attractions slightly in a left wing. It does not import any very unless I am shooting distance as I guess will maintain it.
1 / 5 Lenna
This product was horrible has to marks of alike stab of the engine of ray of any plan in a R1 button and when pressed has been on has broken. And it was brown where some marks have been done was very disappointed in this product
1 / 5 Carlo
Coverages of the dial of the inch is fallen was has opened hardly a box. Far it was very soiled - has not liked him a bit boys that touch with him

Highly recommends to buy something different
5 / 5 Johnny
I want to this very product! Work perfectly with my brother Xbox 360. I have tried he with one of his games, and work like the charm. Absolutely at all bad with him, although it was hesitant when says renewed. It IS the controller adds , and if any one is looking for the controller of Xbox 360 cheap, highly would recommend to cross this vendor. Some works of controller fabulously!
5 / 5 Luna
One of some knob has had to to chew marks in the, like this was the controller used and in the to some boy liked him liked in a knob. Even so, some rubber of the knob also had taken of knob, as I have not remarked some marks for the few months. It takes the little of the months in front of my boys have decided to chew coverages of knob :-). Otherwise Perfects and maintains my happy boys that touches Xbox.
1 / 5 Laurel
'This Certificate has Renewed the product is tried and certificate for a manufacturer or for to third-party refurbisher in look and what new, with limited in any sign of wear.' Of a description, the mine has looked broken physically fraction, the rays that hangs was, the case cracked, the tampons broke, supremely soiled, included in that has tried to be able up. Returning
1 / 5 Phebe
Some 2 controllers take was disgustingly soiled and or no properly. Filth had in the each small crack. Had any tentativa to clean these up for them to give these controllers the 'the certificate renewed' focus. A group of stack very fully lock in planting so any one the paste gives a turn of controller has been.
5 / 5 Chris
The desire could contact a vendor! One has Sawed trolley is soyicrosoft' and no with my XBOX360
4 / 5 Dani
Was not even a controller of Microsoft true, has left so only king-has certified. Any sticker and a key of the centre has not had a logo. The sound craps. Dirty On him.
5 / 5 Lino
Refurbished? There is!!! It was directly dirty and it has used. A thumbstick has fallen averts inside the week. That the piece of rubbish. No spent of this company, take the new a.
5 / 5 Latrina
A description describes it like this certified refurbished. It would like to know that it is partorisca do the refurbish these, reasons a controller receives was filthy and looked partorisca be quite very displaced. Mina, refurbished means the cleaner, inspection, and touching on keys, etc, but this one was at all but gross! This one east going back!
4 / 5 Renita
First of all, was black. Any aim like a description clearly estada. As, it was in conditioning used, ANY refurbished. It do not say refurbished is quite a word is looking for here. Felizmente An only question has had was the small quantity of scuffing. The difference of another reviewers, any of the mine joysticks or anything is broken (to my better knowledge). Considering the controller is the controller supposes are not concealed disturbed roughly receiving the entirely different product that a description. But they are person enough takes never fixed on this controller for the do very better. Like the description of product is to be taken with the very big grain of rooms.
5 / 5 Vernetta
Some 2 controllers receive was disgustingly dirty and a no properly. Filth had in the each little crack. Had any tentativa to clean these up for them to give these controllers the 'certified refurbished' focus. A sale of battery a lot fully lock in situating like any swipe given a turn of controller was.
5 / 5 Melissa
Some works of controllers well, but disgusts. Had grime everywhere. The desire would have taken the picture before I am spent the good hour or like this with q-the tips and the toothpicks that cleaned this thing. I am not annual in this material, but each crack has been fill with grime, comprising a lettering and among some keys.
5 / 5 Leopoldo
The present adds an only thing are can do not taking to do with mine rechargeable the battery packs
4 / 5 Erlene
If it can not give any one clashes , comprise if this was the refurbished the unit but was still very poor workmanship according to which it cleaning on some scratches and the real gouges everywhere look had alimentary down in a controller and such etc.
5 / 5 Farrah
This was all beats on liking some toy of small boys. Never again I buy they on-line
4 / 5 Amparo
his a lot of certificates refurbished have the plot of cosmetic defects
5 / 5 Jerilyn
have @@give is refurbished - but was more soiled that has expected and are not that it speaks scratches, just muck/grime in all crevices of device. Looked the fast wipe of only.
5 / 5 Chieko
Has debated so only buying the new a reason has had such the little difference of prize, and certainly complains my decision. This thing has been broken, the @@@knob that falls off and to to only sense likes goes to of the fall averts a second I used it. One of some compraventa of the worse amazon has done.
5 / 5 Kristan
Touches the excellent controller that read very good and touching really quickly, his very good controller
4 / 5 Alonso
Waste of time. Mina fully refurbished the controller has arrived mine with keys that has not done.
5 / 5 Gerardo
This element to good sure any 'the new look' the old looks, a colour is was and is filthy dirty. My edges has been horrified and has said precise disinfectant.
5 / 5 Jessie
Orders this in January partorisca the anniversary of my edges with which three months of the touch no anymore. Swipe play it and in a half of a game he so only quite working.
4 / 5 Christian
Has not used a controller still but to looks so only like some originals a has. Reviews later.
4 / 5 Alecia
Any so only does not receive the Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers (instead, is the third-controller of party), was not even wireless .
4 / 5 Merideth
So only one of a paddles D-the tampons have done, another has not done never. Last time buys refurbished controllers......
4 / 5 Charmaine
Has not expected the flawless looking the controller that considers is refurbished, but neither has expected one this was a lot dirty and has had the bite and the numerous scratches mark throughout that. To good sure not to feel it cost quell'one $ 27 pay for him.
5 / 5 Rubie
Has not imported the little scuffs, but a fact that has gone dirty was really disappointing. It does not connect to a XBOX neither. And yes, it has dipped new battery in him. Power on, but does not connect . The guess have to that it has read it some descriptions in the first place for east a.
5 / 5 Sandra
Some coverages in a joysticks waste partorisca remain on, and some lefts joystick is stuck slightly in a place of before. @I give ossia refurbished, but can have used some .
5 / 5 Susy
Extremely unhappy with a form a device was in when I received it! Scratches Throughout and alimentary and interior of muck all the cracks and start. Heavy wear and a lot of noticeable. Disturbed With element.
4 / 5 Cassaundra
Any one certificate refurbished. The controller has had to that the sauce of pizza looked on that. Terrible element. It does not buy this element.
5 / 5 Arica
5 / 5 Phyllis
When I have taken was dirty and the dose does not act. It sends it behind but I work 90 hours the week for my money has won hard. It does not recommend buying of this type.
5 / 5 Teisha
Has bought this for use in the PC, and has been disappointed that it can not use he with a 'load-and-touch' boss of USB. This law of controller so only in PCs has seen a wireless receiver, and ossia quite bulky and comes with the boss along (reason? It is wireless!). I have had some subjects with engine, which looks ridiculous. As it Can Microsoft does not comprise some engine partorisca east with Windows 10?!?!

Finally, has given on, dipped this wireless 360 controller in my box of Linux (where reads perfectly, goes figure), and has bought the version wired of this controller for use in a PC of Windows.
5 / 5 Talisha
Received our controller today. It is disgustingly dirty. I have had to that take the toothpick and clean out of tonnes of blacks gunk that had gone down in some cracks. You think it that it can do it after the cleaned on, but in the then remarcemos that a controller joysticks had been recovered with the hule removable toppers. For a prize has paid, has expected this to be a lot so only in working mandate but also cleaned. I expected it to be perhaps the far this is to be return because of not doing and had been refurbished. This was the used far. We will be to return the.
4 / 5 Shelli
A controller disgusted. All a crevices has been packed with quell'I assumes to be the mix of palmera and sweat of dead skin, and a surface there has been several deep scratches.

Functionally, Is passable, likes two stars for that. Some keys have done, but a joysticks was sticky and a lot always king-centre to zero when you leave goes. Although we ignore some cosmetics, is not 'as new' for any piece of an imagination.

Am returned an element and they are probably so only that goes to animal-the sell, as it maintains that import when valuing your casualidad to take the no foul controller.
5 / 5 Isaias
This product was horrible is necessary mark of alike stab of the engine of ray of flat boss in a R1 key and when you have pressed on was broken. And it was brown where some frames have been done was a lot of disappointed in this product
5 / 5 Jaymie
is Looked to look well. I took it to substitute the controller that attractive to some legislations. A joystick in these some attractive slightly to some lefts. It does not import any one a lot unless I am shooting distance as I guess will maintain it.
4 / 5 Trish
Sure is dirty that it was quite easy to clean. But some keys all the clave and remain pressed down. There is not it remarked, as I did not touch it until the month or like this with which bought it.
4 / 5 Tran
Coverages of the dial of the thumb is fallen off hardly open a box. Far it was a lot dirty - that has not liked him a bit boys that touch with him

Highly recommends to buy something different
5 / 5 Cuc
love this product a lot! Work perfectly with my brother Xbox 360. I have tried he with one of his games, and work like the charm. Absolutely at all bad with him, although it was hesitant when you say refurbished. It is the controller adds , and if any one is looking for the economic Xbox 360 controller, highly would recommend that it goes through this vendor. Some works of controllers fabulously!
5 / 5 Melissia
One of any @@@knob has had to that chew frames in the, like this was the controller used and some boy lesgustado to chew in a @@@knob. This in spite of, some @hule of @the @knob also had spent of @@@knob, as I do not have remarked some frames for the few months. It take the few first months of my boys have decided to chew coverages of @@@knob :-). Otherwise Perfects and maintains my happy girls that touch Xbox.
5 / 5 Vincenza
'This Certificate Refurbished the product is tried and certificate for a costruttore or third worlds-party refurbisher to look and work like new, with limited to any sign of wear.' Of a description, the mine is has looked broken physically fraction, the rays that hangs was, the chance has broken, the tampons have broken, extremely dirty, havent has included tried to be able to on. Going back
4 / 5 Zack
Works. One on need of directional tampon to be pressed hard and randomly closes era. Felizmente My games do not use one on directional tampon a lot.

Top Customer Reviews: Microsoft Xbox 360 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Vertie
I seat it likes it to me I am late to all this is new in technology, but recently has taken the Xbox 360 Container that comprises a wireless version of this same controller. I have had some doubts in an efficiency of a wireless controller, as I have chosen on the wired some hips.

In spite of my doubts, a battery partorisca a wireless controller has fulfilled some expectations of 40 hours of the use and I have not experienced any one subject.

Wireless are add partorisca touch so only, but partorisca a time when you touch with another, wired the controllers are tones and will cut behind on using battery. A boss extends 9 feet, which is abundance far partorisca typical gaming. I do not expect I or any one am touching with will require partorisca be further that 9 feet out of a console. Well, perhaps... But 9 feet is the reasonable limit .

Considering a feels in my hands, is one of some more comfortable and the ergonomic controllers has has not resisted never. And it is lighter that a wireless version of then does not have a lot of battery. I do not have the preference partorisca hanged, but is something partorisca consider. Seriously I am considering compraventa look it more wired controllers partorisca when the company is on.
4 / 5 Mittie
This controller has been ordered under a misapprehension that was identical to the mine leading Xbox 360 controllers, but is not .

My first clue that this has not been one same is coming when has of a box was labeled in Chinese. Any of mine controllers of Microsoft genuine forward is not never state labeled in Chineses, neither, to some better of my knowledge, has any of mine leading controllers declares manufactured in Cina. It had read in this economic swipe-of the on-line Chinese controllers, and has sent included an email of Amazon that asks a vendor if this was the controller of Microsoft genuine or the economic imitation. Sadly, You never answered to the mine email to the equal that have been advance and has ordered a controller partorisca discover on its own name.

Neither of a joysticks in this controller operates correctly, but worse that that, some legislations and the sinister claves operate differently! A sinister clave has the elder of dead zone in a half that any of the mine leading Xbox 360 controllers, but is marginally possible to take analog movement with him. This in spite of, a right clave is simply unusable- has the dead zone that it is fully the averages of a travesía total of a clave. It is impossible to aim or movement a camera with accuracy because when calm in the first place the movement, at all spends- but then with which have pressed a clave by means of fully the averages of his travesía, calm finally trace-movement of screen... But it is sudden, sudden and ultra-sensitive, as it moves an aim or camera big distances in a flash. It is simply a lot possible to move an aim or camera slightly or gradually- is all or at all.

Has said of another way,, an analog joystick is neither analog neither the joy. It is so only the severely dysfunctional clave. As I am returning he partorisca the repayment. Buyer beware.

UPDATE: to the amazon has accused my turn and repayment like the boss, am surprised that quickly it was able of the has has on elected and then issue the repayment. So only I love the perfectly clears that a piece of controller is in no way Amazon fails and his returns that the boss is exemplary.
4 / 5 Reginald
First of all, any one looking in this product would owe that know this is not the real to 360 controller likes calm has the habit of. It is it re-creates it economic of one. Literally it feels lighter manually that the real a. It has not been that is going in with this vendor in the amazon but this is not of Microsoft and a product is unsatisfactory.

Well out of a Chinese knockoff packaging, a click of bumper really strong when you press him, which is annoying and unusual mine. Other gone in celery clicky also. A controller has done well partorisca the week until a joystick has begun partorisca answer feeble in of the sure directions. And honradamente have not touched that a lot with him and treat my hardware really well. The next time used it one of some keys has begun partorisca require too much force partorisca register an entrance.

In general: it is economic knockoff rubbish, and priced like the real a. No shabby.
4 / 5 Teri
Ossia Mine 2nd compraventa of this controller. It is interrupted but is frankly a better a. I have bought very reason are natively sustained by the steam and I use on my PC of Steam partorisca couch-coop gaming which is awesome. Work natively, any setup, any engine of funky, and all can touch independently in a same game (Gauntlet, Crusher of Castle, etc). Really it adds! I have tried some generic XBOX has has based controllers and they all has not done or has not been mapped correctly. I have tried XBOX a too and has not been value he, any engine of OFFICIAL PC. An original XBOX 363 controller this in spite of him perfectly, any special engine, and have diverse plugged in and they all does independently so only well in Steam that is perfect.
5 / 5 Jolynn
Has not revised Never this product ( has has had he partorisca 4 years for a way) but now that has taken a Xbox One and has has had to that to the abomination partorisca the month is time has revised this. Ossia 20,000x better that a Xbox A controller. I can not believe Microsoft regressed a street has taken in of the terms of service to hardcore gamers. Ossia Like this more usable and asthetically that pleases that a Xbox A Controller. Reason, can ask? Especially bc a Xbox A do one like this easily in a PC? Well,

1. They have done a thumbsticks smaller in a Xbox A. My thumbs always any one slips was or does not have the solid grip. I not having NEVER this question with this controller.

2. A thumbsticks in a Xbox A controller is more rigid. Been due to of the this, does not feel too well when they are by train for the use (some can have taken this in spite of)

3. Some bumpers are a main abomination to the humankind has not seen never. Have Entirely handicapped a player to create some bumpers like this awkwardly in a Xbox A. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to quickly paste some bumpers. I have not believed Never that this would be the question in a new console. Changing toes to cause to bumper in a 360 controller vs a Xbox A controller is likes day and night.

4. Some cause prints softly in a Xbox A. Kinda Terrible, but to the to some can like him.

To good sure take this in a Xbox A first controller of prenden to manufacture them. 5/5 For 360, 3/5 it takes Xbox One with him WTF the Microsoft.
5 / 5 Debbie
This is not necessarily a better controller for PC gaming. A better one east one one this returns your hands some better. You can find this a too big. In that if, can use smaller Playstation controllers, although a process of the installation there is delicate. If you have been that uses a wireless version of a Xbox controller to plot, this one is lighter reason does not have the band of battery (but has noise). Also, if have around, can find a white version if ossia your thing , but goes in to prize because Microsoft there is prendido apparently him. Calm also can use the wireless controller takes an adapter (also sold on Amazon). I have chosen a wired a because hate hassling with battery. Also it would recommend to verify out of a Logitech Noise Gamepad F510 . Cela One has noise and of the programmable keys that can you toggle.

According to that the physical engineering goes, this controller is quite good. It is arguably a better one will find for a PC. It feels sturdy and returns perfectly to half-sized hands. There is two common drawbacks, this in spite of. In the first place, one of some cause usually squeak. It is almost unavoidable. Some looks of question to be an interior of cradle a trigger, how is quite impossible to fix without disassembling a unit. But some people do not remark a squeak at all, or so only intermittently. Another question is a soft D-tampon. This in spite of, this subject hard can be directed with third-accessories of party. In a brilliant side, an average 360 controller is extremely durable. Still I have the pair of first-generation wireless controllers (late 2005) that read perfectly in spite of frequent use.

Finally, some games can 'to the lock was' yours mouse and the keyboard recognise and prioritise a controller. Skyrim This. He same change all some papers of KB ('Press And to open') to Xbox keys ('Press A to open'). Other games convert too much. Any title that Microsoft of uses is Games for Windows' the mark will recognise a controller immediately, reason was. (I games for Windows Live is the different service -- basically like Steam. Such has beaten of titles or can not have a same terracing of compatibility.) Some games leave you to change on-the-fly among mouse-and-keyboard and a controller. As you can do a FPS section with KB+M, then choose on a yes precise controller does a bit that careers or flight.

A controller has the few defects, but can be directed cheaply, or has ignored simply. His sheer accounts of durability partorisca to plot, so that done his wide compatibility with games of Windows.
4 / 5 Bo
Until I have touched now play of console with the controller and games of PC with the keyboard and mouse. We have chosen recently on it stirs it of the on sale games of Steam/of Amazon that is the steam has actuated concealed is to put you of console . We decide to try touching them with this Xbox controller. As my description is based mainly on using this Xbox 360 Controller Wired with the games of Steam has touched in of the Dress of Windows & of Windows 7 systems of PC.
(Does not possess a Xbox consolations.)

That it is A lot Roughly L?
1 - A Xbox 360 Controller Wired - Black is really a lot of fact and feels a lot comfortable and natural in my hands. Reason has the cord does not have to that worry in battery, recharging the, or interference with other wireless devices in your house. It is all the world loves all wireless these days but comes with tradeoffs. Also, with a controller wired does not require to take the $ 20 receiver to use he with the PC.

2 - does not require to install any special engine or software to use a Xbox controller with your PC. It covers so only a connector of USB in and more the games automatically recognise it. (It is not fooled to upload engine and software until you have tried he without prime minister).

3 - does not have to that remap some keys yes are using a Xbox controller. All a functionality of some keys is has recognised automatically comprise feedback of vibration.

4 - does not need one special ' Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows . It is so only he gimick and will cost you more.

5 - Some works of the controller especially well runs games, heavy platformers and games of simulation of the flight.

6 - A cord is roughly 10 feet long he so that it is easy to seat behind in the recliner or in a bed and of the games of game. Yeah!

7 - I raisin quite time in front of the screen of computer with my work. It is the relief so only to be able to seat behind comfortably with a controller manually and game as it has touched the game of regular console.

That is not Like this Good?
1 - Some games plus a lot old does not recognise a Xbox key setup and precise to use the program of software likes Xpadder to map some keys to some tones, but was then some keys any poden any one mapea (in of the sure games). No really the question for me. It is quite easy to do and if I do not seat to like messing with a mapping or I does not like him like this is it result, can always so only use my keyboard and mouse.

2 - Has been using the PS3 controller for a lot, a lot of years so that has the little bit of the transition to the east a. It is heavy more for a thing. But a Xbox the controller is quite the perfect access the human hands and the really took so only roughly an hour to be right house with him. In fact, it likes me one feels of a right controller and accident the @@@knob better that those of a PS3 which are class of sticky.

3 - I can not think that are so only now trying this and in the pleasant. I'm sorry it has been missing it went in it the good thing.

Am not trying to say am substituting my keyboard and smile for PC gaming with a Xbox controller. But some games that is to put you of the console so only will touch more easily with the controller. To to Other games like RPG is and MMO is of calm require you to use to plot more the keys that the controller has to that touch a game effectively.

As they are not tossing my keyboard and smile in favour of a Xbox controller; far of him. So only I am developing my options to give More the the flexibility in that I seat likes when I choose on the game loves game.
4 / 5 Cleotilde
For the long time my favourite controller was a regulate dreamcast.

microsoft Has been a better and ossia seriously one of some better products has has not done never.

Literally done 6 years, traded a sd paper to the partner partorisca to original wire fence 360 controller (x803238-007, any one-S I assumes?). It does not possess a xbox, but that the controller has seen heavy use for a lot, a lot of games of PC on Steam on all these years. Continuous do Strong but finally aiming some wear. (Seriously?! Finally aiming some wear, with which 6 years?! UPPER calm does not like me a lot a lot of but has attacked an out of a park here.)

Recently chosen on like this-is gone in ebay, and is well, has be worth it like the backup, but nowhere approach a construction of an official LADY has produced. Lighter, all some transmissions celery much more economic. In a copy, a click of the centre in the each claves is one the majority of terrible.

And then my friends in camelcamelcamel left to know that this official wired some fallen in prizes. BOOKMARK.

All feels one same. Decent weight, the transmissions of qualities adds. I have bought included 2 as I will not kick me to some folds of prize likes him had been.

Coast A thing is slightly different with a S - lustrous trim. What small but still can say a difference that resists it. eh, will take used his. Still it feels 99 better that a no-like this-economic copy.

These are done in china. But x803238 was done also in china. Probably in some same tools/fab. Any complaint here. I ask in other 6 years.
4 / 5 Linwood
Ossia absolutely the controller of fake. Any one is selling has been to the period adds to do look genuine. But there is the few things that has found after comparing to mine real 360 controller. Avert this product of this particular vendor as it looks is ONLY fake chinese swipe offs.

If you are unsure just google and discover for calm. Some the red flags would have to that it burst on calm once see a box goes in.

Buys another product.
5 / 5 Matt
Some controllers have sold for a Xbox 360 has developed the reputation for his creation (quite ergonomic and comfortable to use for period along), quality (my friends launch these controllers in his anger of death and resist on as well as a indestructible Gameboys of past of days), attractiveness (any one-cluttered, lustrous, treble, lustrous), and reliabilities. This in spite of, with an introduction of a Xbox 360 Wireless controllers, duquel have the pair, suddenly a need for battery, especially rechargeable battery, is resulted the requirement. As such, has chosen on the controller wired on its own name, like this taking an additional controller for my room of game and the controller for my own personal use which loses a band of bulky battery and results 100 of confidence while it is plugged to a system.

Is these Xbox the expensive controllers? Yes. It is a value of the controller wired a cost? To good sure. Happy gaming!
4 / 5 Laci
Bought this like the substitution to the controller that give partorisca water taken. Works well, a lot-done of measure , well. Ossia The versatile controller a lot because it acts partorisca both PC and Xbox (has a). Because this is to do for Microsoft, calm does not need any special engine partorisca touch in Windows7/View. Some games have touched this with east any Games partorisca Windows or has been done specifically partorisca do with this controller as I have not had any subject with the game any when reading correctly. I have not tried partorisca use this controller with any emulators/touches no official titles so that it does not have any experience in this zone. If you have used a Xbox360 controller before this feels one same, so only without a band of battery. An ergonomic form done this comfortable to use even after several hours of game-game. (Different some smaller controllers coughps3cough)

My only flu in of the this is that a cord is the bit anxiety my use, of then are in the PC in the office and are literally so only the foot out of a computer where ossia plugged in. This in spite of, if it seats further out of wherever the one of the this plugged has the cord of good period and that nifty breakaway the characteristic owes a cord takes snagged (any insurance that well laws, of then as I have said, does not seat far quite was partorisca a cord partorisca be widespread was/taken).

In general does so only like any one another Xbox controller and is extremely compatible with Windows.
5 / 5 Nereida
Knows this is to mean partorisca a Xbox 360 system, but has bought he partorisca use in my PC. ( You can still so only go advance and buy this if you are one of these people those who have the subjects with a controller regulate not doing unless plugged in). Besides prpers having spent he of USB, is otherwise so only your regular controller.

@@Subject Real so only when the tones in a PC is that you are touching the game that he no the bed like the Xbox 360 controller, a Sinister Trigger and the Right trigger will be bed like the integers Z-axial, as it can not press some two triggers a same time. They would annul each one which so another was instead; of then it is read like an iron, that takes some two triggers so only will centre an iron. This in spite of, this is to solve easily partorisca use the key-to-program key, like Xpadder, to map neither or both causes tones like this different.

Feel calm precise use a directional tampon -- and ossia of entity partorisca to to the sure games like to them the fight the games -- could cause it the discomfort partorisca your thumb partorisca achieve was partorisca he too long. This in spite of, this is to base on preference; one COULD use an analog clave instead. Transmission among using neither his when I touch games strongly that connects in of the motions like a series of Fighter of the Street of games.

In general, is quite pricey, but is near perfect
5 / 5 June
the battery does not die never in a half of the game. Ossia Well. It saves in of the batteries, also. Nizza Long cord as I still can seat according to which calms usually of the yours television comfortably. So only... When you Go partorisca unplug it, any yank has been of a cord. Grab A plastic piece that atasquemos to an empty and attractive he out of there. If you extend a cord will take unresponsive (frequently disconnecting). We have substituted the little premium imagining is was. They are also the defender of these his so that it is rumored partorisca have less latency (shooting by means of the boss more than sending the signal by means of some sounds partorisca air slightly the fastest mine). A difference is insignificant, but is competitive on-line his potentially a flange, but any substitute partorisca skill. BTW, His IN FACT the product of Microsoft. BEWARE Of imitations. I have bought one this was complete junk, THIS one was a lot.
4 / 5 Dirk
Forgets all some other universal controllers there and take that reads with windows well out of a box!

This 'Is' a Xbox360 controller and will manage YEARS of abuses. Although he no, still has a Microsoft to 5 guarantee of year likes almost each peripheral sells.

The majority of the games partorisca a PC are premiers DONE in the PC then toned down and has released mainly partorisca a crowd of console before be PORTED behind to PC, and the big majority of new games is exiting with support of controller of a start.

Spent that the keyboard and the smile is utmost partorisca to to the sure games like first of person shooters... But leave faces it, the toes take cramped, behind and beginning of with which hurts, and after the day of hardwork is good to so only sustain behind in him comfy chair and game with the controller.

Inferior line:
game and covers True in a dress of PC and on, with support in of the games of Create Murderous to Skyrim partorisca Walk Dead and hundreds more. Also to to the works like to of him has to that when plugged to a real Xbox360 while the batteries are touching partorisca wireless controllers.
4 / 5 Omega
If it is not has broken, he do not fix it . These are more than confidence that of the new more xbox controllers, particularly reasons are easier that clean. A xbox some controllers have the big space go in a a,b,x,and keys and a chance, that means to the muck takes down some electrical contacts and renders an useless controller after the few months of heavy use. These 360 controllers, this in spite of, is a compraventa of better value. The people tend partorisca prefer a playstation 4 dualshock controllers, but in 1/3 of a prize there is at all bad with this model
4 / 5 Joie
has to that clear that has bought this partorisca use with my PC - the mine regulates [late-model] Xbox is all wireless, but partorisca a prize partorisca adapt one of these controllers partorisca my PC, has decided to so only go with USB wired. Freely I will admit that I have bought this he so that it could touch Alan awake, with a prize has added other games that has controller-has has feigned diagrams. I tired me basically partorisca die because of flying axes to some expensive - reasons a AW the controls are bad adapted to a PC once volume in an hour or two in and is almost impossible to dodge. At least in my opinion.

Will try any partorisca bore you of then am sure there is at least dozens other descriptions; a controller is your level Xbox accessory, attaches invernadero USB and has a same creation. They are so only happy Amazon had marked the down the bit (with First nave) and was a lot of while the pair of extra days partorisca save one $ 5 on Touch$ upper. (Yeah, has used so only one $ . You know it is attentive).

The Installed smoothly, and work so only well with stirs it of my games of Steam, and of course partorisca these games with the controller 'diagram of control, help to plot and take frustration. Really, which more can ask?
4 / 5 Gayla
Ossia An AMAZING controller . In the first place, any battery! Any battery partorisca treat bands, touching canal, etc. A cord can be annoy in time and could be 3 long feet (works well in the Room Familiarised small but no the Room Familiarised big; cord of controller of the period of video game regulates). It maintains this import expects touch of a couch by means of a room!

If you are the PC gamer, HAS TO TAKE THIS. It is a simple more/the majority of logical controller and more widespread used in PC gaming. Basically, if your game is better with the controller, ossia a one master. Reason has the cord, any need an adapter. Ossia A wireless alternative . I take this controller and laptop with me when I travel. I add partorisca hotel gaming.
4 / 5 Hedwig
So that it possesses both material and wireless wire fence, and while wireless is well in time, always has the enormous ache in some subject @of May with battery. You can use rechargeables or covers it at stake craps partorisca save money, but has included a rechargeables given over time. And like this the one who calm took it can cause subjects with other things. It has taken the Beach of good Turtle Headset partorisca the chance meant partorisca xbox 360, uses it on a pc because his Dolby digital surround with the edge optic boss to mine pc. A draw has retreated the never run battery down or die in convenient time, and in those touches hurts a life of battery. Oh And he and fight of mine of subject short here and there... If wide utilisation of band of entity in a wireless this crisp Dolby jacks on some churns to air partorisca cause mine pc partorisca close down a clean connection been due to a loss of container.

Any ways according to which the controllers go, these are utmost, a better characteristic of xbox controllers that is wired a pause was connectors . No more living in a 90s where if the dog or the boy have run for would take that it calms has not taken never pluged in 3 feet before the prendió. Oh And to a critic that has called wire fence 90s, there has not taken mine xbox in 2001 and enough sure has not been partorisca till PS3 and 360 first of an idea of wireless controller there is taken on. Oh And has had run all a way behind more than bondadoso-garden, that pause aims 90s has had inferred controllers of Origin that has required the clear line partorisca see to a bar of ugly sensor I plugged to an Origin.

So much the sum on these is Microsoft to the equal that covers and game with any one Saw or newer, many the modern games have incumplimientos lean so any tweaking with applications partorisca do work, of alive in an age of PORTS of PC of Consoles that is built a same time with some same engines. Any subject annoying with battery at all, and if yours using this partorisca he pc in place of a Xbox can you so only careers on a slack and use the bond of transfer of the loaf of the bread yes wants to take slack a gueto way.

Has had the crazy cat cockroach wired that almost it has not taken never used in mine xbox accept when I have required an extra partorisca multiplayer, is lasted enough the few years, partorisca some reason these xbox official some tend to last longer, probaly reasons madcat at least according to which can agree for behind N64 was some first time have had the madcat, has not gone really expected partorisca be maintained in storage, while these bad boys are expected partorisca last while some consoles, and to the yours like you has taken of your old consoles still in working condition in the box of storage in your cupboard lol.
5 / 5 Sammie
Any one an official XBOX controller! I have bought 2 of this thought was the prize adds partorisca wired the controllers could use with my PC, but a product rid does not match a picture (he XBOX the logo that loses of a key of centre was bondadoso of the giveaway). Thumbsticks Is not partorisca like responsive like my official controllers and I did not use it quite partorisca remark other differences. According to your use, can fulfil your needs but buyer beware.

UPDATE: An element has ordered has been listed as '2 of Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Wired' sold for 'ForPeak'. This in spite of, new when I click in some links of my page of lame orders to an official XBOX 360 page of the controller sold for Microsoft
5 / 5 Sherrell
Originally was in a phase partorisca the controller that would do well in a computer. I have been habituado partorisca perceive in a Xbox 360 and has to that way that be advance and has bought this controller wired partorisca use. Plugged He in and after the few moments partorisca install the engine in my computer has done like the charm. Later after taking a Xbox 360 I would use this controller when touching sessions of game along partorisca save in of the batteries. Basically, it is the version wired of a one of some better controllers have not done never.

Comfortable and has adds feels
Easy to use with PC or Xbox 360
Any need partorisca battery

Neutral Notes-
Without a band of battery is much lighter-which is well, but takes the small to take used to
the boss is abundance anxiety partorisca touch afterwards to a computer

the bosses are ugly, annoying partorisca store and unbecoming- also can be obnoxious tripping hazards

In general adds he compraventa!
5 / 5 Michelle
It has taken a Xbox 360 controller wired because I have wanted to be able to touch some of my games of Steam like Borderlands, Crysis, etc. Without a mouse/of keyboard setup. I imagined it also it will be handy to the equal that an extra controller for my Xbox 360 if a need each one which arisen (like some dead batteries and at all to substitute them with =0 Any value wrecking look it on.)

This controller has done flawless a moment I plugged he in. As of interior was to arrive and that careers to touch my games of PC on Steam. Touching with the controller is so better for the plot of these games more than trying to do a mouse/of keyboard. Besides, of then I am already familiarised with this controller, he all a comfortable plus and entertainment.

A boss is quite long. Ossia Well with me. If it does not use never he with my Xbox 360, loves it that way. At present I have a slack bundled up has gone correctly does not interfere with my game of game.

I amour this Xbox 360 controller and am happy has chosen this on some other controllers have considered. It is that I earth and perfect work. They are very happy with him.
5 / 5 Laurence
These laws of controller adds. It has been recognised grieves I plugged he in. I used it on steam to touch A new Tomb Raider and all some keys have done correctly without setup. I have used this controller for touch súper Nintendo and Sega roms and has done well. An only drawback is that some two keys of trigger are recognised like axial in place of keys, as I can does not program him to be keys in an emulator. A cord is long quite that can touch of by means of a room while connecting computer the TV. It looks to be durable like this far and has dipped he by means of a ringer with my games. Has the Logitech Rumblepad 2 and loves that, but some keys do not match on correctly in of the newest video games that has been done for xbox controller. For this a xbox spent of controller. They are happy like this far. I stick an update something changes.
5 / 5 Sharmaine
A legislation joystick in my old aim wired xbox the controller has not centred correctly, which has caused a view in all my games to dulcemente drift to a legislation. So much, it has wanted to buy the new controller. I have seen they have had the black version and I have had the paper of present, as it took it.

Fundamentally, is one same like other controllers of Microsoft. This in spite of, an inferior piece of a black controller is now a lot shiny (this piece in a white controller was crazy) and a sticker in a backside is also shiny. A result is that it is uncomfortable when your hands take sweaty. So many, has finalised to take both controllers averts and using some back and funds of my old controller with a cup, front, and guts of a new controller. Now it has a better of both controllers. The class of like this look of two tones.

In general, is the good controller that well of work, a new arrival has maintained so only he of five stars.
4 / 5 Lianne
After examining some controllers with has been purchased like the present of anniversary. I have found that some controllers have not been Controllers of Microsoft true. After comparing the controller of Microsoft true to some 2 controllers have purchased of Amazon on July 9th. It is not fooled
5 / 5 Anglea
has used some wireless controllers in a Xbox 360 took it of then he roughly done 5 years and has substituted included my original two times, but has not gone never really happy. Some do any well and another has thought was bad programed. More recently there is it headed Murderous Fraternity of Create and could any one for a life of enciphers it to me was reason was having like this question. I have begun to read in questions and of the subjects with a game and expósito that any recommended taking the controller wired. I have purchased immediately this controller and he have has saved video games for me! It could not be happier with an accuracy and response of this controller wired and can say personally does not go back never to a wireless edition. So only they do not have a time of response of wired. Yes, a boss can be the ache , but is a lot of value he in a long career. I have found a period of boss to be so only in perfect and all more in this controller is perfect also. Highly it would recommend this like the still substitution yours wireless controllers, especially yes constantly find you that asks reason has pressed a key or there is pulled a trigger and he any that is to be suppose to! Also, NO MORE BATTERY Or RECHARGING!!!!!
5 / 5 Kaley
This Xbox 360 Controller Wired, is a better Controller for the PC, is used more to perceive games in the console. It was skeptical at the beginning when the light all a gloing descriptions ( has learnt to respect some descriptions of client of the Amazon, knows that it is speaking roughly) was well in this product. He no with all the games, but one some he , work fantastically (mostly FPS (In the first place Presents Shooters) and the games of action are a some has used them he partorisca and more than everything is genuwine Xbox 360, for Microsoft, how is of quality very good and of then is wire fence (any battery) does not have the compartment of bulky battery in a backside, like the weight of him feels correctly in your hands, also laws in of the Windows 7 64bit game and discharges so only. I am satisfied totally with this controller for use in my PC, well of the money. Thank you
5 / 5 Willie
The clock was. They are lumping descriptions for official of Microsoft Xbox 360 controller together with some generics be it did to spend for a real thing. I have bought the controller that is announced like real shot and has finalised to take the generic. I give two stars because the dud advertising is not looks to be that they result more common on Amazon these days, but like this far some works of controllers well so that it is not lovely opinions another roughly that. In fact if this controller had been with the accuracy described like the solid third-the controller of the party there would be it given 5 stars and he then has to that update possibly based in that time is lasted, but his lied so that it takes 2.
4 / 5 Jeana
Bought it to use with my mac for games.

You In the first place has to that it looks for it 'tattie bogle 360 engine' and install the engine said first to use with any games but Borderlands 2.

Works with:

Borderlands 2
Portal 2
Muck 2
Ex God: Human Revolution
Emulator of Dolphin (Súper Brothers of Incident Brawl, etc)

no with:
Murderous Fraternity of Create
Civilisation V (any that would use)
Called to Owe: Black Ops

Also, spent it on in the house of a partner I usually touch xbox in and has done very better in Halo 4 that never does before. It thinks a quality of one marks new controller, more perhaps a speed of a connection wired, left the outperform my friends.

In general, the controller adds. You can use he with mac or pc, and of course a xbox. I produce it adds, more mainstream controller in a phase.
5 / 5 Tisa
Any need to speak roughly uses with a XBOX 360 consoles, so that they prefer bosses more than being touching battery all a time, is perfect. It is a esesmeralda of tray' of a controller of PC; any need to explain, games of touch of PC, knows ossia a King In fact of some Controllers; immediately recognise for almost each game; it is abordable and very comfortable.

A boss is long enough, believe me; and these looks of controllers to be indestructible; utilisation to leave my roommate video games of 5 years of old game with him all a time; I have been using he for more than 2 years and still works perfectly, any loss of sensibility or any sign of maquinal glitch.

Ossia One of a Microsoft of the produced more adds does has not released never.
4 / 5 Kristi
Has bought this controller to touch Dark Souls in mine portable, and do quite well for computer gaming. Some the analog claves tire my thumbs hurt after the moment with some few swipes in a part where your toes go and my hand is the little too small and achieving around to move some the analog claves tire my thumbs was over time. For ease of use with games of computers, is hard of gone bad with the 360 controller.
5 / 5 Royal
I have received you grieve this controller I directly on just plugged he in and an engine partorisca he was has downloaded automatically. Begun on Train of Metal Revengence and each key has done on. Partorisca Be sincere although I am quite new to PC gaming likes some only games have now included is also in of the consoles. Bioshock Infinte, Skyrim, Tomb Raider, Dead Space 2, L4D2, Minecraft, and DID. All the games have mentioned gave any question with a controller. If you are looking for the controller of PC adds in the reasonable prize then would recommend that you go with east a. It agrees it is so only a version wired that works for PC. No a one with a playNcharge box.
4 / 5 Octavio
A lot well feel in your hands
Works with PC
Any battery has required

Any one has all precise

Final Thoughts:
is looking for the sturdy controller that feels good and does not look meso bad ossia the one who precise. Utilisation this controller with my PC and has not had any one subject.
5 / 5 Molly
Has taken this to open on all some games of PC have had to has required the controller to touch and so that better touch with the controller.

Discharges-n-game with the PC that Windows of careers (I are in Windows7) is like this simple likes plugging a controller in. It is relieved automatically, powered, and second of working interior.

A solid of quality of the build. I have used a same controller for my Xbox 360. It is tried and true and withstands the plot of use and abuse.

Are an user of mouse/of ardent keyboard for FPS the games but are has had to that to go with a controller for twin-clave shooters and anything more concealed does not require a precision of KB/M aming. It has included I can enjoy Tomb Raider (2013) with a gamepad.

Inferior line, is taking this for one 360, calm already knows that to expect. If you are taking he for the PC of Windows, calm can any gone bad.
4 / 5 Randa
Is the controller is smooth and fluent. Some keys and joysticks is to have that heavy and returns comfortably in my hands. These produced are gone in the box of Microsoft genuine and was registered immediately for my PC and XBOX 360 when I plugged he in. I have bought this to substitute my wireless controller for a XBOX 360 reason does not register in my PC without an adapter (which do not have ). I have required this product to do and game in a Oculus Rift DK2 and work perfectly. A cord is 9 ft/ 3 metres long and has to that it has weighed. A container has come quickly and am happy with my compraventa.
5 / 5 Donny
Has taken this for my brother my young plus for his Anniversary because his wireless controllers have taken shotty and disconnecting the plot. It perfects. Slightly lighter that some wireless controllers, but does not have to that never battery of transmission, and a responsiveness of a controller does not fail never on some subjects of wireless connectivities among a controller and console. Although there is the cord, is the decent period and more than confidence that some the wireless controllers are spent for on some has spent few years. I recommend to buy some velcro straps and doing sure that they are an outline of a boss when wrapping arrive and it storing. Long the people go some cords this in spite of those attractive in some connections and spoils some finals. Thats Reason the majority wired the lacking devices. If it cure of him better that that, a controller would be necessary hard the very long time.
5 / 5 Bennie
Ossia An only thing in Xbox I really like, a compatibility of a controller to PC. They are more than the Playstation defender I but when I have purchased this to use in my games of computers. It was in a half of Borderlands 2 and with which plugging this controller in already used without any engine or software. This was adds. If you are looking for the controller of PC add ossia. I am running windows 7 as I am not sure in other operating systems. But I know I law adds in of the Windows 7 and View. So that it would not owe that have any question is running an of those YOU.
4 / 5 Leilani
A chair of control adds and do like this feigned for a PC and Xbox. It has taken mine for a PC and gives some consolations feels for a PC.

Sure checks some compatible games! The majority of games will be compatible like BF3 and has left 4 death, but to to games like MW3 does not sustain joysticks like this of this controller no for him. The people can complain roughly when the be disabled having the control, but concealed is until a player. Sometimes it feels amused to touch in the controller in place of the keyboard and mouse. If you are taking for just a game in general, the mark sure is compatible!

Is better feeling that any one another pc the controller has tried there, and more the compatible games has xbox keys preset for you. And if they do not like you calm then can change he in some settings of controllers or included uses 3rd software of party.

Has attacked was a star because MW3 has not been compatible... Such the shame........
5 / 5 Sophie
Some works of controllers perfectly. And xbox the controller is almost an officious level for the gamepad like this anygame would do without perfectly with east. And it covers it to them there is so only he in(windows 7) and has been ready them to go. An integration on some games (gta 4, portal 2) is so it can change you among a controller and a keyborad so only to press any key neither a keyboard or a controller.
His entertainment when it vibrates and can seat the long way of a monitor because of a long boss.

If you are well with mouse of keyboard combo, and so only is trying a controller because some games sustain it, will find a kb/m the combination is easier for any game.( I have found the to be easier same in darksiders- the key that hack of pauses and stab.)
There is so only the quantity limited of keys, as when a game takes complicated, youll is due to the things of use likes him press down in a joystick. Pressing diagonal sides in some keys of arrow.

But in general a product is robust. Works quite and integrates seemlessly(windows 7). And it is in entertainment of plot!
4 / 5 Shawnta
After touching halo achieve and having my data of controller required on the new a. When being mostly a fps the player has listened in a razer ounce and has thought would give tries it. It was excited enough to receive an ounce with which reading all some characteristics in a razer put web. After touching with an ounce for the few hours there are them @@give has done them the terrible deception. It has had all some characteristics has alleged this in spite of practically all some characteristics where useless and has actuated bad. A way some clicks of the key absolutely is annoying and is ambiguous has has pressed in fact a key. A macro the tones are too close up together to be useful and that changes a tension is quite useless like your suitable toe to a tension has dipped is impossible to know quell'setting is on yes calm changes it. I have finalised to return an ounce and ordering a regulate xbox 360 controller and asked reason has has wanted to something different of laws perfectly and feels familiar and comfortable.
4 / 5 Frederick
A lof of people whose controllers of use for PC gaming , has possessed this in spite of him playstation all my life like this the really required to take one, has taken them a Xbox has controlled reason has thought that them is to say microsoft also so that will have any one subject of compatibilities, there is another controller that says for a pc but is some same like any needs to buy that one he so that it is more expensive, the plugged this in and instantly takes recognised. After his happy touching, some keys have the abonos seat his and is sturdy, an only thing the the hate is that with some games plus a lot old you cant controllers of use but averts those these works of what to run games..
4 / 5 Salvatore
These are not controllers of officials of Microsoft. They are not labeled, a cord is shorter and is disappeared one of some accounts of ferrite has compared to the real controller and is slightly lighter. And both of them are not doing properly one of them infuriatingly like this, each one once in the moment when it calms very well d the tampon takes stuck and constantly goes well. I took it it averts partorisca clean some contacts and he have not helped. I can not discern a real question. I have finalised partorisca buy Logitech F310s partorisca almost a same prize and is many, very better.
5 / 5 Idell
This X-Boxes 360 controllers is for use with the game of behaviour has in my PC. A controller that is there is also does/ has has possessed/controlled for Microsoft does a lot well with my PC that Windows of the careers Seen. I assume it it could do with other versions of the windows but I do not know that sure. I know that other/older controllers have purchased of Microsoft no anymore because of the mine that updates to the newest versions of Windows; this CAN arrive with this controller yes was to update the Windows 7 Or 8 Or anything comes after 8.

I digress... A controller has arrived punctually and in shape perfect and there is has improved to good sure my time of lap in netKAR Pro.

And, ossia reason has purchased some X-Boxes 360 controllers. I love my PS3. ;>P

Are very happy with this compraventa and operate the PC that Windows of the uses Seen highly can recommend this controller.
4 / 5 Hilda
Uses this controller mostly to touch games of Steam in my PC although occasionally it uses it to touch games of emulator (Suck). I prefer games of PC in consolations is, but does not like me to manage of a keyboard and mouse. Any all controllers of support of the games so only downloads a some concealed . There is not any comparison touching the game like Skyrim in the PC versus to console. I have touched also and finalising Batman Arkham the city that use this controller and you will discover that Arkham the city is the nightmare to touch that it uses the mouse/of keyboard. I find these controllers of Microsoft are of big and resistant quality to abuse. A period of boss is also remarkable and the leaves touch extremely comfortably. Obviously, this controller can be used with a Xbox consolations, in chance that asked you to him.
5 / 5 Kayla
Works like the charm. Bought this the fact of long time, but in the sense ossia very reason can say you roughly any questions have had: any one.

Update (3 years later):

the controller Adds... While it is lasted. I have taken it has cured enough well of the mine and is still useless to arrive to this point (looks a zone where a cord and the controller fulfil is not doing properly, as when I wiggle that leaves sometimes works for the little as). Well while it is lasted, but is the shame has not annoyed improving in a creation of these over time.
4 / 5 Dixie
Has bought a version wired of a Xbox 360 controller because it looked likes almost each game had purchased on STEAM for my use of PC DONE of an official 360 controller. I have begun to touch games of PC more this year and with which having the habit of console gaming partorisca like this long, I still required to touch with the controller as touching with the keyboard and the smile so only felt odd. Yes, dulcemente am learning to touch with the keyboard and smile again, but in a moment, using an official Xbox 360 controller so only feels right and does to touch the games in a PC celery likes are by train of his touch in a 360.

These works of controllers well out of a box. All was spent he in the the port of USB of my PC and recognised it immediately like a XBOX 360 controller and installed all some pertinent engine to do work. Work on quite each games of PC have touched like this far except which do not sustain controllers. Again, a thing adds here is that these games that sustains the controller is already mapped for one 360 a.

In general, am very happy with east and in a side besides, can use this in mine 360 if I have not required never an extra controller for that.
5 / 5 Linn
Loves this controller; good quality, a period of cord is in his point, and I didnt has any questions with a joysticks zeroing was properly like some another reviewers has said. A one question has is that a D-the tampon is funny in that sometimes when it try to press a direction, another direction also register (calm say you paste on, has left sometimes/a lot also will press down been due to as it is drawn). It is not the enormous shot for me, excepts that it does to change the arms/spells the little annoying in of the Dark Souls. If it touch any class of game that requires the plot of use of a D-tampon, would recommend to find the different controller. Otherwise, This controller is fantastic and would have received 5 stars.
5 / 5 Deloras
Interested touch that careers and flight sims in a PC and decided to take the tampon to control reason would be comfortable for both types of games. I have considered also touch third games of action of the person in a future.

This controller has been the explosion ! I have used the Xbox 360 controller before and found the comfortable plus that the majority of PC has done controllers of Logitech and another. But, that even more is that it surprises is that a controller automatically installs some engine and each game dips some keys to like this would do in a Xbox- included any-GFWL games!

The people say that a Xbox the controller has the subjects of pair, like a d-tampon to struggle play( has CLAVES of PC of compatible arcade also). But yes calm the the really has wanted to use, there is stirs it of aftermarket mod separate you can buy to customise a function of yours controllers now. So only look for an internet.
4 / 5 Breanna
Does not possess any console, are more than the person of PC. I have purchased a controller because has several games that has been the game has said to better plot with the controller that smiled of keyboard. An installation was quite simple, has not done a first time I plugged the, but a second time, my computer recognised it and installed some engine in his own.

My subject only like this far is that so only my right hand that takes any 'work 'with him. It is to good sure any one the subject big, but after touching the game for the pair of hours, has to take the pauses or my hand takes a lot of cramped. Perhaps ossia a way is supposition to go and of a last console has touched on was the NES, am probably very used his.
5 / 5 Sharron
Some works of controllers wonderfully after several weeks of use. I have bought this controller to substitute a one this is coming with mine Xbox, the wireless one this disconnect any time a controller has vibrated strongly (any of some 'tricks' with ensuring a band of the battery done).

This controller is a lot like an original Xbox the controller wired, has the connector that will come averts to maintain any to trip in a boss and pulls it a console with him. I think that that a boss is 9 feet long. A controller has the connection of USB and league easily to some ports of USB (hid by the door for a key to be able to). One of some main profits of this controller is that it is spent quite-and-compatible touch with PC, my Windows 7 computer installed an engine immediately and the law adds in my games of PC also!

Call them crazy, but will take my controller wired in the wireless an any day now, period. Battery of goodbye, PC of salvation-friendly controller!
4 / 5 Shaniqua
Offical controler That is to expect of him. I create microsoft at present has produced a better gaming controler avalible like his value he to all the cost of any prize. Utilisation for pc gaming. This the controller wired is a so only controler that automaticly work with modern pc play without tweaking. (I use in battlefield 3 to fly helicopters and jets)-----
Note: wireless dongle is remained with wireless controler a lot of automaticly does with modern pc games without tweaking. (Ossia The one who ive read and listened external, the any one has tried the to me)
----Note: everything wired xbox 360 controlers laws in both pc and xbox 360. The only differences among them is looks and one comes with disk of engine for pc (like any precise so much of the that worry)

Top Customer Reviews: Xbox 360 Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
4 / 5 Daisey
I cant complain too much, bc a tent that has bought them this was has had download it of authorship, that declares that it has been used and he like this-east. It averts of that, the so only have 2 complaints, a first be that a thumbsticks is almost entirely spent down has spent a hule to a plastic. My subject @second is that an accident thumbstick has the sinister sprain very gradual, (ex: it has left dulcemente sidestep in FPS game.) And a legislation thumbstick has the light twitch his, but a lot enough to cause serious questions. It looks to ail to be buying the together new of thumbsticks as well as the joint of new circuit to solve these subjects. :/
5 / 5 Elane
Has been looking for this for my edges those who is the ardent dragon . After the few years of patiently while, this one is coming up in the reasonable prize, used, and my edges could not be happier. Desire Xbox 360 would do more than this quality, only controllers , wireless.
4 / 5 Giuseppe
A controller was dirty, one of some claves of joy has the piece chipped was the. And it says with the controller wired that the has not received and has had the any controller so only. Of the one who Announce for headset if word in disposal to send he with a product
4 / 5 Shaquana
Any sake... didnt Come with all this is to be promise and has suffered harm.
5 / 5 Charles
Game of controller of dud advertising cause but any headset
5 / 5 Leigh
No only done this work of controller, looks awesome. He all required of him and this more have to that.
5 / 5 Darlene
Has bought this element he exactly done 1 month and has broken already. Any value a prize. Also it is titled wireless controller with headset. It has not received headset.
4 / 5 Vennie
Be very bad when I took it. It has Had the yellowish residue during a controller
4 / 5 Shelba
the claves move the little when calm is not in fact touching them but do really very any less. Good product.
4 / 5 Adrien
The element has not been like this listing,,,, has not comprised wire fence headset !!!!
5 / 5 Lauryn
I like a creation but a lb and rb is jammed in and hardly can press a key. And this is causing questions
4 / 5 Mao
A product was chipped when I took it and one of some keys has stuck. Although I did not buy it new, has not been in a quality thought it would be.
4 / 5 Tamela
Has taken this partorisca my edges partorisca x-but and loves it. Has-liked me a fact has had the headset with him too much. That can be bit it rough in headsets how is good to have the backup if I require it.
5 / 5 Damien
A controller. It is excellent but mine last shipped with a headset, but ossia VERY reason a decent description comprises the headset. Last time I Amazon of use.
4 / 5 Philomena
My preferred far, is an only one will touch with now.
4 / 5 Loria
When I have received my mandate for a X360 Wireless Controller with Headseat, has not been all has contacted a vendor and he has said would owe that have a 'Headset'. Ossia How was posted, and I NEVER recieced a Headset. I said that I can neither some credit or the topmast back a controller. It said him that they are not that it pays for the turn, and that requires to look like this the be be list. It has said Controlled and HEADSET.

Likes A lot will not use never this buyer again, and say my familiar and friends to do a bit was!
4 / 5 Angeline
This was the present for my fiancé. As you can see, an element is titled 'Xbox 360 Wireless Controller and Wire fence Headset. This in spite of, I so only recieved a contoller. Had the note in mine reciept saying 'headset any one has comprised.' Then reason, have to ask, this element NEVER be listing like the contoller and headset?! This has spent before when my fiancé has has has purchased things here. It is not right and would not owe that remain . I will not buy never of this person again and recommend that person more any never so much.
4 / 5 Williams
The controller is broken can uses very included he of the multiple parts on is broken
5 / 5 Cythia
love this combo, has taken the mic that the required (A mic is an edition has limited duquel a chance says so only plainly THE but the one who cure) and has taken the very good controller that I want to all some bells and the calm whistle would expect with a product of official of Microsoft like the arrival adds but a controller has sound a question that my another actuate also. An accident thumbstick has the left glitch the thing where would expect you the normal controller partorisca go back.. idk Likes in Halo 3 use a sinister thumb sticks to movement around and a legislation to look around in a beautiful scenery and such, well a sinister clave when pressed to a left would expect it to you partorisca go back to a good centre when to the left it has gone you calm so that paralización partorisca move, with Any controller of Microsoft I experience where easily goes the small to an accident. So much partorisca games with sensitive analog claves like GTA 4 can you he finds to move dulcemente to some lefts. But one looks of a suitable controller my needs and a mic the parties and an equivalent is bearably... Soooooo Likes to of me to plot partorisca one $ 50 prize that usually would take you so only the controller. The shot adds! It has taken mine in Wal-Mart, thinks that is sold so only there and in the club of Sam
4 / 5 Tammy
loves this controller. It feels different that one some concealed is coming with one 360. It feels better although a type down there says otherwise. Has there is has not had subjects with him still. When Have the friends come on always has admitted my controller, some creations on is quite awesome. If calm really wants to do this resplandor. Add the band of black battery and POOF! Better controller in a world-wide both in looks and functionalities. Also it has taken this controller has used a time still has taken mine 360 and this controller does not have any question while one 360 controller thumbsticks feel lose. And the use this a way more.
4 / 5 David
Has purchased this far of walmart roughly done 2 month (Sound he Walmart/the club of Sam Excluyente far btw) and so only after the pair of month a remotes the wireless signal no anymore. Constantly I owe that maintain king-pressing a key to centre to reconnect a controller. I have changed some batteries multiple time and also tired few remedies for the fix but at all laws. Not doing a $ 50. Oh And utilisations a mic frequently, ( I game occasionally, any obsessively) begins to the fall averts a cushions for some tears of ear and a jack no properly. Always I owe that wiggle the to do work.
4 / 5 Alexa
Still have my controller of Dragon ( has purchased one in Walmart when they were prime ministers released) and still laws perfectly, he like this done a headset this is coming with him. I do not know reason this controller has taken like this some descriptions to star reasons ossia easily one of some the majority of controllers of confidence has purchased to date.
5 / 5 Geoffrey
Although a controller are to add but when it has taken them of walmart when it is gone in the first place the invernadero 'the edition limited' for only $ and could them any never believe my eyes. It has taken thus value (has comprised yes a headset also, which is the one who the looked for in a first place'. Anyways Look Elsewhere.

Top Customer Reviews: Xbox 360 Tomb ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Vita
With an emission and develop of a new xbox an only around a corner, his hard to commit to invest the anymore hardware of current gene in planting to save for whats partorisca come. But it has had a last product would recommend to any first of a start of one was of next generation would be this controller . Something this creative and the crude would owe that it has spent the fact of long time, but am happy is past period. A laser etched scratches and hand of impressions/of muck of toe this controller he keeper partorisca defenders of Tomb Raider and random gamers equally. To A same available seat likes them the band. A colour, a look, one feels all compliment each one which as another like this a lot that some desire of controllers rule has had something so only partorisca underline. A prize are partorisca add (in fact he littler more economic then buying the wireless with discharges n game) An only thing that has found negative which is not that bad is a D-the tampon is the little release and shook and rattles when a controller is moved or when I am touching. Work very this in spite of, all more is the upper notch microsoft hardware. It does not feel economic anything. This controller done so only come with the band partorisca hold of battery regulate partorisca use (the batteries are comprised) Utmost idea, those surprised to look controller and included better partorisca Tomb Raider defenders or collectors of only hardware. A must has partorisca any gamer. It leaves the subject of continuous just hope be like this creative if no more with the hardware of next gene has taken!
5 / 5 Tameka
When Have in the first place seen this controller, has known has has had to that the have. Like the enormous Tomb Raider defender, this was an automatic must -have, but after reading descriptions partorisca he and finally seeing it on its own name, is entirely currency partorisca take is the Tomb Raider defender or no. A laser engravings is aventajado for real and artistic, doing chair like this shabby and hardened likes Lara Croft she. As with each controller of Microsoft has used, is the quality is undeniable and is entirely responsive. A D-the manipulation of leaves of the tampon to rotate the to have the explosion of additional keys was, useful to struggle games. Some claves of equivalent have an interesting texture that do fault like the no-slip surface which is quite useful and ergonomic. I can not deny that ossia a better controller has not possessed never, with mine Razer Ounce the tournament that follows. Highly I recommend it.
4 / 5 Hillary
I absolutely love this controller! Has a Microsoft-keyboard plugged the headphone jack and does not prevent touching at all. They are personally, the enormous defender of a Tomb Raider franchise. Lara Croft is my favourite character out of all some characters have touched eats.

According to that a controller goes, Microsoft has been balls -to-the-wall with east a. A texturing are to add and wants to run my thumb on some sales and a carved-in scratches. Some colours are good-looking, and paired with the together good of black thumbstick spent, this controller is perfect! I have had to substitute a regulate-issue xbox controller the week with which has taken mine xbox, reason a RB key in a controller of mine xbox is coming with has broken and refused to depress or the cradle behind took it to him to depress, which rendered a quite useless controller.

Looked for an excuse to buy this controller in all the chance, so that it has to do fault perfectly. Calm to good sure would have to that invest in this controller yes is the enormous Tomb Raider defender. One transforming D-the tampon is amused to touch with, although there is not founding the game that has the practical use for him. So only I like him to him the turn the around and around am using Netflix or something. Honradamente Thinks a chrome arrived of one transforming D-the tampon gives a remote looks more polished and feel. Really any like him To him a solid D-tampon in a regulate-issue Xbox controller. I mean, it is not to like a xbox the controller is not never famous state for his exceptional D-tampon, but one transforming a really a lot he on the notch.

Has bought my fiancé a lived chrome controller and there was engraved with the message for our anniversary of some years and says a D-the tampon is his favourite part of him (averts of a engraving, of course!)

10/10, Recommends. To the good calm insurance will not complain it .

There is also posted the image of client that hopefully does more the justice to some details that an image accionaría that to the amazon has. To good sure control out of a section of the image of the client wants to see some details on prójimos.
5 / 5 Nicolasa
Has possessed a lot of different 360 controllers in a past 7 years. One some concealed come with consoles really stink, imo. Economic celery and a dpads is so only terrible and imprecise. I have tried some Train of War 3, Halo 4, and Modern Warfare 3 controllers. Of those, a MW3 was a better for me because a cup of a controller was the crazy has arrived. Mina this does the enormous difference when it comes to gripping/that resists a controller. Lustrous so only taken slippery and also tip fingerprints in the enormous way. One Falls Raider controller the majority resembles a MW3 controller, but then goes one gives a no further and adds texturing on one crazy has arrived. Any to mention it also has comprised an improved dpad. A texturing among a form of abrasions/of course during a cup of a controller (any in a subordinated). I assume it is meant to simulate one that beats that Lara is taking, but the practices adds even more grip to a controller. Creation really brilliant.
5 / 5 Stanley
Have the brother he young plus the one who is always in need for another controller. A lustrous black controller rule was my first bet, but was curious that other controllers can have. It is the Halo freak. Everything is game Halo, literally breathes for Halo. Halo Controller? Way too expensive. Then, I stumbled to the east. I have completed Tomb Raider (excellent game) and this looked quite fresh. It looked durable and was almost to to a prize still likes to regulate it Xbox Controller. A controller is comfortable. It does not touch Xbox a lot, are more than the Playstation type, but this controller is comfy. It is to regulate it so only Xbox Controller, as it still feels smooth. But some details in a controller is exceptional. A sale that is wrapped around one of some bosses in fact has the different texture that a controller, and some scratches are real scratches . You can feel some scratches, is not so only painting. It has been rid quickly and highly recommends!
5 / 5 Shaneka
Has required an extra controller for our new Xbox 360 and has has wanted to something easily recognizable in the full drawer of controllers other systems (original Xbox, PS2, PS3, Wii, Dreamcast, Gamecube - I control to my systems of legacies and maintain them ready to be touched). This a returned a bill amiably. It results it is in fact easily recognizable because of a red colour and Tomb Raider markings and looks quite sweet. It is also the controller really adds to be supported by a awesome 360 creation of controller. Perfect measure, rugged but responsive, understated but good-looking ees touched stirs it of systems of different game with stirs it of different controllers on some years that begins with a Fairchild Canal F system in a 70s. This controller is like this as well as any fact like this far and perhaps a better. An election adds for 360 users and a red Tomb Raider the creation really the help to underline in the crowd.
5 / 5 Melania
Can not write the quite big informs thus controller. So only I anger me this model has not been a regular creation for one 360. East will ruin a plain 360 controller for you altogether. A chrome the controllers are built alike but also is almost a same prize fyi, but is worth it. Textured The grips and the creation so only do this controller a model gold imho, but the one who conjoint is aside is a d-tampon. A chrome no-mush d-cushion ossia apparently the characteristic of prize for one 360. If it touch to struggle games in any way in Xbox will find you this the real Godsend. Ironically it took it PS3 this integer d-sew-of the tampon would have been is calm he 360, REQUIRE this controller or at least to the to something likes. Anything more is subpart short of some models of Knife, but not even am going there.
5 / 5 Kecia
Love this controller. Work like this as well as the regular controller, and a creation is wonderful!! It is not so only the harm has launched on peel- a creation has been done to a controller. It has to that it weaves of small detail which are amused to look in. One the fresh thing also is that the parts of a creation are texturized!! There are scratches dipped in, and a sale wraps in fact has some sale-like texture. It is also true to some pictures, and true to paint. To good sure would recommend this controller for Tomb Raider defenders!!
5 / 5 Shonda
Ossia Absolutely my favourite controller out of all some another. Has four different controllers that comprises this one. I love a creation in this controller, the chair adds when touching games in a XBOX. It is amused to good sure to look in, and use in the daily base. Some utmost keys, both claves are fantastic. Some causes to do utmost. There is at all concealed is bad gone with them and I had it of then a day has been released. I have used it almost daily and he still in excellent working mandate.

Would RECOMMEND this controller to any one. To good sure TAKE IT!!!
4 / 5 Talia
Ossia A newer edition of a xbox 360 controller with the 'Tomb Raider' work to paint. So that they do not comprise that first sentence for any reason, this means Microsoft has released the new xbox model of controller that leaves to twist a D-cushion for the leave 'pop' was' for the better control chooses use a D-tampon in place of a joystick. This controller is a newer edition that Microsoft is trying to sell to consumers, but with the 'Fallen Raider' vibe his. I love it. Some semence looks extremely true and there is has to that me the fact loves to line a controller I. My friends and the cousins are impacted always when they see it. Always they think that it bought it used or something, then take the better look in him and @give is the piece of art. I love it, reason are the orderly freak and ossia mine 'Yang' to mine 'Ying'. A prize added is that yes it calms for real do dirty this controller on, bet that so only would add to the subject initial of him and any would remark.
5 / 5 Lavone
This thing is very attractive, this in spite of theres the few things in the could not distinguish photo. In a centre of controllers if on his right hand very small scratchs or perhaps the gouges would be better and in a hand-held side to the left does the pair of ashes of shots that has a lot of little form of boxes divots to the long of some shots. Sound the little odd to feel these have has manufactured imperfections while they resist a controller but very exactly bad at all. It would say that this controller is my second preferred , in the first place when being a Fable 3 a. I add in general.
5 / 5 Hedy
Is not never be the defender of a Xbox 360 controller. I always found his too bulky and heavy, but absolutely can not testify to the comfy finds this one. Some keys of easy face partorisca press and is a lot of responsive. It does not feel partorisca like am pressing down in hard economic plastic. Also it echoes a lot another reviewers when it comes to a texture. So only it seats really it adds.

Was eyeing this controller partorisca the very long time before I finally caved in and bought it. That really has sold was a convertible D-tampon. It does not think I need partorisca comment on reason has found that a shot-breaker, this in spite of find he of entity partorisca remark that one alternating the way is still slightly too rigid. It is not that big of the shot, this in spite of. I enough the be slightly too rigid that a lot of wobbly and inaccurate like a normal controller D-tampon.

Inferior line, is the beautiful controller that does not sacrifice consolation for a prize of quality or aesthetic. Need the new controller? Spent this one. Partidário Of a Tomb Raider serious? Buy this controller. So only it loves that? It buys it!
5 / 5 Candance
Creation and the fantastic controller of the series adds. I estimate it 5 been due to of the this but will mention when I took it a Trigger squeaked really bad, to a point where have gone back to my old controller. It has bought recently he modding box for my older one this is coming with the screwdriver to take these averts (Torx). Opened this an on, has dissembled some triggers and reassembled and now everything perfects. No more squeaking driving me insane! So it buy the 360 controller and this raisin, opens it up and that!
5 / 5 Elease
Has taken this like the present and loves that. It looks awesome, and adds grip to some bosses in a front that is well.

A question: A one key has begun to the estaca took it shortly after. Still he so only well, and a sticking goes was and on, but still is annoying occasionally.

In general, very happy I has it; the just desire had not taken one of the one who the key has stuck like this quickly.
5 / 5 Ofelia
Has chosen this on as well as tomb raider reason has loved them a look of a controller, and has imagined them was that one transforming d the tampon would be good for games like borderlands and struggling games. It was right and then some. This controller is slick, a sale is textured like this he grips a hand well, some claves of controller are different that some regular 360 claves. Has the rough texture in a centre with the flange has created everywhere one takes the grip to help your toes, a controller has no dead zone and is a lot of responsive, goes recommends spent the band of battery fi calm of the one who has it already, the recommend a energizer discharges and box of game him him of the money, looks lustrous with this controller, after the 4 weekend of day of just gaming with this thing, can say them is the a lot of sturdy piece of crew. Hands down ossia one of a Microsoft of controllers has better place out of
5 / 5 Carter
This was adds at the beginning. I add to look the controller and he felt really now. This in spite of, have touched my game of new thief in a 360 with him for 2.5 hours and a swivel the claves are already squeaking when I move him now. I do not know reason would do that when it is so only be he has used 2.5 hours (so only a time!!).

Am debating would have to that try return the and that asks is to everything likes concealed?
5 / 5 Angelina
Has chosen this on reason looked fresh and liked that of some details were molded to a controller and no only products on. I took it once and it resisted it I have wanted to it loved/ it that. When The partner chooses it up for some first time always comment that they like to them some tactile details.

Would owe that remark that I have loved a Tomb Raider reboot (has not touched any of TR2 back in a 90s) like my opinion could be the little painted for that.
5 / 5 Tamesha
My familiar and loves these. I have bought two. They are a lot of responsive, has good row, and has fallen adds. His included took some abonos Wow!S Of visitatore. We buy these for our computers to touch some games on steam as it is not to like me and forget to for the wireless receiver with them. I have bought [url=] this a[/url] and the work adds also.
5 / 5 Maisie
Has bought this controller together with an update of game later to Tom Raider franchise for my daughter. I have been concerned that he no of the quality but he am resulted to be the very good controller. A quality of the build and the response of key is in pair with a OEM controller. A subject only has had is that in the pair of occasions a controller a lot automatically pair up and has had to use some keys of pairing with a Xbox 360 units for the take to pair up.
5 / 5 Ross
Like the enormous defender of a Tomb Raider reboot, has had to have this controller to go with my Game of Edition of the Collectors (Also possess A Definite Edition for my Xbox A), Drives of Strategy of Edition of Collectors. For defenders of a Tomb Raider, will love this controller even more.

Included If you are not familiarised with a game this controller is a lot gritty looking, and can like you also.
5 / 5 Evelina
Like this happy am spent a bit extra. Now I have one that all the world can see is MINE immediately.

Has loved a Tomb Raider game, is really good to have a controller done of commission. Art really well on he also, better that will expect.
5 / 5 Dennise
Present of anniversary for edges. It has loved that. Compatible with his Xbox 360 console.
4 / 5 Emile
That can expect is that yes, is your to regulate Xbox controller. It returns it adds in your hands, answers well, and looks fresh!

A creation is awesome, and he really compliments a Tomb Raider game when you it the pair joints him. Obviously, calm will not feel the ache of Laura when yours using it; this in spite of, he slightly submerged calm in an experience.

I highly recommend this controller!
4 / 5 Mae
Are not even the enormous Tomb Raider defender, but has loved the only controller and this looked really awesome. I love a textured the surfaces and is a lot of responsive. My RT the trigger has begun squeaking the month with which took it, but a noise has been he was the week later. Taking used daily and has has had to that so only substitute some batteries the little time. To good sure the controller adds!
5 / 5 Beau
The freshest controller and more than the interests has not had never. The desire could reskin my xbox a controller like this is also very durable and calm can not say but a surface has the rough texture in of the places and real stain that adds to a fresh factor quite bit he.
5 / 5 Astrid
Master, the calm import am not touching mine 360 very inner a moment with some systems of current gene were. In spite of it is it adds it looking controler and like this responsive like rule 360 controllers. It is also the must has for collectors of hard core of Tomb Raider!
4 / 5 Serafina
In the first place was would have to that be conscious that one paints in a controller is textured! I have not been conscious of that and took for the surprise but I still LOVE this controller! It is the must has for any one looking for the controller that is not boring and/or loves a series!
4 / 5 Jaime
Has had to that buy this reason are the TR fangirl of way behind, and is now my favourite controller. It is not súper slick likes a bit especially some, so only regular plásticoes--excepts is textured where some sales and the stabs of axe is, like this in fact has the plot of grip without being too rough. And I mention it looks really fresh?
4 / 5 Pearline
Very there is highly detailed. The desire would have has done controllers like this during a xbox first. A band and other emphases have textures that adds the new level of depth. Very fresh, wish a box would have arrived better form this in spite of, has been expecting better of Amazon
5 / 5 Gwenda
is the perfectly doing 360 controller.
Fulfils some general expectations of the new a.
This in spite of, vastly on priced.
4 / 5 Portia
It has taken partorisca the good prize and has ordered 2 of one of your partners - I would like me availability of better product this in spite of. Some elements in some groups of same commodity can be South Africa sent and another poden no. 95 of some times can any one, which mean owe investigation and investigation. Tried partorisca spend in a Halo control it and he can not be the mine has sent :( A filter neither does with accuracy when that tries to find elements that can be the mine rid - Ossia one a thing would like me done on.

A control this in spite of, is PERFECTO, for this my indication!
4 / 5 Jacques
My favourite controller Never...
everytime Any one goes in thats never seen prevails it of the book to them and go, 'so only feels can feel a fingerprints in some keys...' And they are always like Any awesome!
Has Said Enough.
4 / 5 Coleen
Has bought this controller for mine 3 old year and launches it around like 3 year olds do. Any sign to line or rubbing like this far. The laws of controller adds without subjects. It is been using he for almost the month. It likes- one creation even more now that I saw it in person.
4 / 5 Marcellus
Is not sure state went it to him to me to like of then sometimes some boos of a colour in picture is slightly different that real but has been surprised! It is an only controller I use now. The action is like this usual and would recommend this product.
5 / 5 Napoleon
Loves this controller because it is so only. Some of a controller is smooth, and some of some parts are roughed up with scratches and scars of battle. There have it has included the band in a sinister side of a controller. Beautiful controller.
4 / 5 Maude
This controller is the new edition my pc conjoint up. In front of everything has bought them a wireless receiver for windows that cost roughly , which there is enabled flawless connection my alienware x51 for steam gaming. This controller has the very good texture his and so only feels like this well in a hand. It has to that buy love a awesome extra controller for your xbox 360 or require a perfect controller for games of computers!!!! I súper happy with a product :)
5 / 5 Eli
This controller in fact works and feels better then an original this is coming with my xbox 360.. I have had he partorisca to the long of the year now and still with 60 more hours to use the week still feels new..
5 / 5 Tammera
My controller for my pc has crapped was like this when it has seen them is an is them enamoured lol\
the cant rents this controller enough, his beautiful and the work adds!
Highly would recommend
4 / 5 Stephaine
Ossia an amazing piece of crew. It is it has bitten it pricey but is something has loved really. Mina also squeaked when I took it but the small quantity of WD-40 cured it. Going in several weeks and no adverse effect; so only the calm controller.
5 / 5 Vivan
Touches the good transmission of a boring and simple black colored the control is. Now it was that it is mine . It feels he likes is build well and will last more along then another. The desire is coming with the rechargeable sale of battery but concealed is not the total bust.
4 / 5 Doreen
Nizza That looks the controller and do like this as well as any another that has used. A prize is the little big but ossia that takings partorisca the edition has limited.
4 / 5 Tresa
Has bought this like the present to surprise to my husband. It had been moment and while to this game partorisca be liberto, but has not wanted to spend of the money in this controller. Has once @@give could touch a game on and on and discover some elements have hid, was very happy of the have.
4 / 5 Crystle
While it loves a colour of this controller, a fact that a backside of this still black creates a palette of the uncomfortable colour when calm in fact sees in your hands, and a lacking texture-the scratch and the available explosion mark all-too-often the muck of control or delivery has hurt. Really it enjoys a fashion, but in general is probably any value a prize unless really you like him to him the tomb Raider.
4 / 5 Frederic
In the first place a time of delivery has surprised. Segundo a creation has been dipped on a lot amiably. Tercero a D-the tampon is surprising reason calms that can twist to to a way to do likes them an original 360 controller or twist it to another way to do likes the PS2 Of D-tampon.
4 / 5 Artie
A backside of a controller suffers the harm and some batteries will not remain in.
5 / 5 Jeremiah
Like the Tomb Raider defender, has been moment to a new edition of a game, and this contrtoller is a perfect mate during your adventures personificating Lady Lara Croft.

A controller is very solid, and a rugged surface gives the sure that feels that really it likes.

If you are the defender of a franchise/of game, this controller is almos the must, otherwise is the good piece that be able to you ot could does not want to buy.
5 / 5 Dreama
The element is well. But a controller has not done properly a band of the battery has not taken to a controller a lot
4 / 5 Reiko
This controller is the legit, must-have gem for Tomb Raider defenders. A course of band of a controller in fact feels like the dried was piece of band & some scratches are real. Ossia The scarce moment where you volume More than a product the one who that see in a picture. Commanded he right now.
4 / 5 Izetta
Has looked for the edition has limited new a cause likes them one looks of the way has compared to some normal some the taken the good prize in the and loves it to them any one causes squeaking or swimming the laws and the looks add and has texture more than just products on transforming D-the tampon are to add and how is a new fashion thumbsticks would recommend to any one.
5 / 5 Sonja
Adds contoler. Better that stock controller. The keys are perfectly responsive. It has used he for 6 month a lot some subjects. Creation and utmost colour.

Top Customer Reviews: Xbox 360 Wireless ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 39 ratings
1 / 5 Ellsworth
A Condition declared in a web of place and a focus of bill was 'how new'. Totally different of the this has had . It take the piece of Junk, Soiled, Rusted, with 2 old stacks that rusted in a case of stack! It was horrible. Well After and it takes a product , left the message for a vendor for him for the take behind. You are not responsive and after 2 days and leave a message, first rebuffed of a turn; Still after I routed lucido some few pictures!!. Because of this horrible condition, has wanted focuses to ship for a turn. I have paid since for some costs to ship in my location in a first place, thinks that a vendor would want to provide me with some costs to ship behind to do up for his deception. But NOoooo, concealed is not that spent, fight and battled with me on why does not have to pay to ship. In a last habladura of email, to the focus asked to ship paid or has insisted a vendor to return a total quantity that comprises a nave. Then the adapted in focus the to ship. Desprs Has printed is, found the very paid for one focuses of tower of the nave, but data had only to join me allocution of a turn.

Horrible Horrible experience; it does not recommend this vendor at all for his service of client is only terrible.
4 / 5 Carolyn
Val. The tan when take it in the first place this controller was sper excited why hurriedly avenges then, quite unbalanced. It does not act. At all. I have begun an on duty process, but has thought at the beginning tries to take a group of stack and trying he in another controller. It does not act . This signified that a group of stack could be a problem , more than a controller, as I have tried another group of stack and rapes, work perfectly. A controller is in perfect condition. Docking Some signals even so so that although I am spent to have a group of extra stack lying around any one all the world , and buying the new one would be a unecassay hassle and could pose this controller has renewed up around a cost of just buying to nine unit Even so, would have done it his five stars if no for that for a packaging (add) , shipping time (taken the next day!), And so that he the work perfectly... With the group of different stack. As it avenge it hurriedly so heck, a prize was well, and to take renewed some groups of stack not doing is not an end of a world, in me, as it costs a prize. Four stars.
1 / 5 Irmgard
Very Used, very soiled, any come with rechargeable the group of stack like me said, of the left joystick this loses the averages a coating.
4 / 5 Sherly
Taken this unit used of a warehouse of the open boxes and works like his suppositions in. Has some wear in some tampons of the inch but I guess that it is to be has expected. My old controllers have taken beats it and prendido to do so that it can not touch red dead redemption! Exclusive has in the walnut but the happy controller was able to find the used or for any too much money.
1 / 5 Melynda
The controller is arrived soiled and perceivable very used. Controller D-tampon any one the properly left fiction in right. A clave of the joy of upper left wing apresamiento bonded in a left wing has posed.
1 / 5 Carolynn
A group of chairs of loose stack. He constantly looses can, that represents a totally useless controller.
1 / 5 Rowena
For him when being tagged likes him 'the New tan' was the quite a lot of controller of rubbish. If I have bought he the mark marries and the new controller taken to find he in this condition, would be to take the backside. Or the joysticks has done in a slightest bit that it was where decree to try a controller that is so that it is enough for me in any be satisfied with a product
2 / 5 Lecia
The very Was functional during 2 month then begins to drift in a side.
1 / 5 Susie
It produces doesnt synchronises with a Xbox and research to be tampered with visible scraches in back of a controller. It feeds it is bonded in some groves of a controller and again does not synchronise .
5 / 5 Monty
There is the Xbox any acting or posing around. Decided to take of a walk takes to see can the to him use the bolster my new Xboxes storage. Working ADDS! The marks of element exactly that says. If has any one has posed around take this element and has the external hard walk in a cheap.
4 / 5 Bess
A Condition declared in a web of place and a focus of bill was 'as new'. Totally different that had received. I have received the piece of Junk, Dirty, Rusted, with 2 old battery that rusted inside a chance of battery! It was horrible. Right after the receive a product, has left the message partorisca a vendor partorisca he partorisca the take behind. You are not responsive and with which 2 days has left them a message, he in the first place refused of a turn; Still with which have sent some pictures!!. Because of this horrible condition, has wanted to ask to focus of nave for a turn. I have paid of then for some costs of nave my location in a first place, think that a vendor would want to resupply me with some costs of nave behind to do up for his deception. But NOoooo, concealed is not that has spent, fight and struggled with me on reason does not have to that paid to ship. In a last email speaks, has asked focuses of the nave paid or has insisted a vendor to return a total quantity that comprises a nave. He then adapted in focus he of nave. With which printed it was, have found any paid for a focuses of turn of the nave, but so only has had the data join me allocution of a turn.

Horrible Horrible experience; it does not recommend this vendor at all for his service of client is so only terrible.
5 / 5 Dortha
Well. Like this when in the first place it take this controller was súper excited reason quickly avenges then, quite unbalanced. It does not act . At all. I have begun a process of turn, but has thought his in the first place tries to take a band of battery and trying it on another controller. It has not done. This has indicated that a sale of battery could be a question , more than a controller, as I have tried another band of battery and rapes, work perfectly. A controller maintains in of the perfect conditions. Docking Some signals this in spite of reasons although I am spent to have a band of extra battery lying around any all the world , and buying the new one would be a unecassay hassle & could dip this refurbished controller up around a cost of just buying the new a. This in spite of, have done it five stars if no for that for a packaging (add) , shipping time (taken the next day!), And reason he perfectly... With the band of different battery. As it avenges quickly like this heck, a prize was well, and to spend refurbished a battery packs not doing is not an end of a world, mine, like costs a prize. Four stars.
4 / 5 Zachariah
Very Used, a lot dirty, there is not coming with rechargeable the band of battery likes said, has left joystick of that loses the averages a coating.
4 / 5 Liz
Has taken this unit used of a warehouse of works and open box like his suppositions to. Had some wear in some tampons of the thumb but I guess concealed is to be expected. My old controllers have taken beating it and there is prendido to do so that it can not touch red dead redemption! Excluyente Has on the new but the happy controller was able to find the used one for any too much money.
4 / 5 Loida
A band of battery seats free. He constantly looses can, rendering an entirely useless controller.
4 / 5 Raymundo
For him when be labeling as 'As New' is the quite a lot of controller of rubbish. If I have bought it marks it new controller and house taken to find he in this condition, would be to spend the backside. NEITHER joysticks done in a slightest has bitten to be where has prendido to try a controller that is like this concealed is enough for me to not being satisfied with a product
5 / 5 Zulema
the controller has arrived dirty and noticeable very used. Controller D-tampon any one the properly left fiction to legislation. A clave of the upper sinister joy that takes stuck in a sinister place.
4 / 5 Sherell
A lot Was functional for 2 month then begins to go to derives to a side.
4 / 5 Lincoln
Has had the not doing Xbox one dipping around. Decided to pull out of a hard walk to see can that to him use to bolster my new Xboxes storage. Working ADDS! The element does exactly that says. If has any one has had to that dip around take this element and have the hard walk outside in an economic.
5 / 5 Yelena
It produces doesnt sync with a Xbox and looks partorisca be tampered with visible scraches in backsides of a controller. Foods is stuck in a groves of a controller and again he no sync.
5 / 5 Kayleigh
Is gone in the days of pair. It likes that in of a picture aims the generic one but he have taken here some looks of the basically new controller.
4 / 5 Phylicia
Was a lot dirty and there is lined up. A lot of worse condition that a listing heads to we partorisca believe
4 / 5 Delana
Fell it two times and the clave of sinister joke has broken entirely. You do not buy
5 / 5 Stephanie
the controller has been supposition partorisca be tried and work. Our has not done never. This has been the compraventa terrible .
5 / 5 Louann
Good Light controller. Amur That calm now can turn your console out of a controller!
5 / 5 Lester
Soiled and the subject of noise. Any really affect game of game but was unsatisfied as I sent it behind.
5 / 5 Kylie
Some @@@knob is quell'has bitten past and is dirty also the seat could be be pack better and no free in the box that shaken around
5 / 5 Corinne
A controller arrived with interior of old battery that has been corroded leaving some ports have covered in acid of battery. It arrives very fast. This was an only plus .
4 / 5 Carli
Does a lot well and the good addition or substitution.
5 / 5 Maximina
In well the condition has thinks that has had rechargeable the batteries but law behind to excesive batt
4 / 5 Brant
Looked with battery died like this while in the mine uploads partorisca arrive like this the know if work. Didnt Knows he didnt coming with agreements.
5 / 5 Danial
Has given the bad description in the first place because it has thought them a product has been broken... Well the didnt know like the sync that. The youtubed and the work adds!
5 / 5 Elaine
So only that has required. The shot adds and received very fast.
5 / 5 Adrianne
Has better done that an original my car has come with.
5 / 5 Shery
Good substitute partorisca a a has broken them of gaming too hard!
4 / 5 Joannie
Is gone in perfect condition and in the prize adds. Thank you!
5 / 5 Nadene
Looks Of controller partorisca be in good condition. Some works of good controller when touching video games. I am satisfied.
4 / 5 Kali
The controller has had to that be repaired a key has been broken.
4 / 5 Tegan
A do one a lot well. Be that it has been uses was the little litter but takes a work done.

Top Customer Reviews: Xbox 360 Accessory ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Ashton
One of some batteries that is coming with this container was bad but concealed is not the subject of vendor so only the Duracell subject a rest of a container is perfect and has used so only the different battery.

Top Customer Reviews: Call of Duty: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
5 / 5 Genia
It would like me to him he echoes of a description for Gentleman McGibblets. Also I am the sucker for controllers of the special edition and he are right - the better look in person.

Has think that a twistable D-the tampon was the gimmick at the beginning, but has found in fact concealed prefers a head office 4 directions in a created has posed. A D-the pillow still operates like the 'disk of fleet' - that is to say that or still can press in an instead north northeast or only only. If you join other directions of D the tampons are available in the game (that is to say to the northeast, northwest, to the sudeste, and southwest), a configuration created marks advisor one presses a tampon in a right direction.

A map in a controller is not lustrous likes some Controllers of Halo of Special edition (Xbox 360 Wireless Halo 3 Spartan Controller) and his texture is evocative of a calm black xbox controller. Also, in place of a created thumbstick texture, Microsoft has decided to go with the concave centre those uses some same rubbery texture that also think is an improvement.

For some premiers few days, some rights thumbstick was squeaking quite vociferously while it was moved. This was very troubling has remarked once it. Desprs The few days of use, even so, a squeak was was. Only I have to break he in.

In general, these looks of controller adds and conforms each expectation.
5 / 5 Saturnina
Ive Has had very wireless 360 conrollers . Everything of them was a way 'old'. You know an ones I bad , sweaty palms, loose thumbsticks and defective headphone ports :) . These controllers of edition have limited is not the only sake that looks but has the different texture in some peels this has deleted my hand that dread to sweat while touching COD or BF3. They no even so, deletes my necessity to shout in my television when dies. A convertible D-the tampon is functional , but does not have any use for him. A controller that is clearer that my anterior wireless gene an and looks to take more life of a rechargeable groups of stack. A thumbsticks is to update and is far easier to manipulate then last genes also. I have bought initially the Money Chroma has limited , but took it behind after 4 hours to use and has taken this instead. It chooses or up , you wont be disappointed !
3 / 5 Julius
I have bought this in hailing my MW3- Xbox 360 Slender. Always it go it his the adherent of a Xbox 360 Gamepads- but for some reason a D-Tampon in these is included worse that an already poor 360 D-Tampon. Otherwise Does very- included likes any one of some tampons. It estimates the normal 360 tampon he 4/5 and these he 3/5
5 / 5 Maryellen
The parents is my game MW3. They are so much around 50 years. The dad is well, the mamma is... I do not see he so that it is pertinent. BY BEHIND MY MAMMA! For the long time, part of his inability in a game has used the hand of the dad-me-low controllers that substitutes like the joysticks has begun to spend was. Like The mother is my chairs in a corner with a LMG doing a esrogar and beg' routine, this was quite for the while. It touches with some boys, and was happy. Bronzed His art has begun to improve, decides concealed wants the controller that was the new mark, only for his, and of limits in some addictions that the father is my raisins was that hands. So that it wants his maintains in the has to sign of look, and the east was around Natal is spent in era to come up with an original idea and he has taken a MW3 controller and matching headset. It IS a controller of Xbox 360 fact by Microsoft, and works only like each so another in a planet. Some leaders of some joysticks is shaped the small different and a d-the tampon is a new adjustable type but so far like the mechanic of him goes does at all new here.

But is BRONZED ENOUGH! It does not leave a fool of picture you to think that a work of rind is 'just awesome.' This thing is gorgeous. If it was only and this controller was the woman repeatedly would take it has been to eat the elegant seafood in public situates where could look men and of the women drool equally in a awesomeness through a table of me. This controller is that enough. One underside is black, a map is only in a cup, and that very does not import ; as my chairs of mamma in his room that redefines 'low man in a pole of totem,' is doing so with one sweet plus that looks the controller done for any system has not seen never.
5 / 5 Leta
10 year will not change in our XBOX new A so that that is to say for a XBOX 360. The flight. The utmost looks included of the no-point of view of player.
5 / 5 Muriel
Our lovers of COD very be crazy roughly in this controller for Navidad. We have to order 2 more to maintain them happy! We are very pleased with this OEM controller.
5 / 5 Classie
It shoots the up in fashion with this controller. My threads the flight and is resulted his primary controller. Any real additional characteristic even so in a far. If you are looking to pay almost curves for the level xbox far that is to say which want to. Some looks of map very fresh, only does not know look some additional $ 40 quotas.
5 / 5 Staci
I have bought this for my grandson to touch his games of Xbox with. It touches the day and night and wants a controller. If it was to give the problems would be some premiers to know enough it. As I have to estimate a quite a lot of controller higth like rough while it is in the.
4 / 5 Kirstin
This controller has to when being a controller has used better for a Xbox 360. It possesses two of some controllers of Xbox 360 original, or black and or aim, as well as the few third controllers of party, comprising an Asks Has to: Modern War 2 Controller of Fight for Xbox 360 and two of a Xbox 360 EX Tampon 2 with Turbo - Negre. All other controllers have failed in a road or another, in difference of unit of is An access is perfect, a d-the tampon is perfect, and an arrival and the texture are perfect. Excellent product!
5 / 5 Eleonora
This controller has to that be a controller has better used partorisca a Xbox 360. I have possessed two of an original Xbox 360 controllers, some blacks and an aim, as well as the pocolos third controllers of party, comprising a Call partorisca Have to: Modern Warfare 2 Controller of Fight partorisca Xbox 360 and two of a Xbox 360 EX Tampon 2 with Disturb - Black . All some other controllers have failed in a way or another, the difference of east a. An access is perfect, a d-the tampon is perfect, and an arrival and the texture is perfect. Produced excellent!
4 / 5 Juli
This controller is resembled a money one with a game and box of load & 'transforming' D-tampon - has a grippy circles in some finals of some claves of thumb more than an old 4 creation of point, which have found easier to touch shooters with the sensibility dips big on.

The difference of a controller of money a backside is the a lot of textured crazy black and a MW3 creation in a cup is not slick like some cups of everything of another edition has limited controllers. It is in fact enough it bite it easier that take to that any of some other 360 controllers have tried of then day of emission and comprises a switchable d tampon. I purchased it of then my money a the right trigger there is prendido to do every time quell'pulled and the find to be ideal after touching Skyrim, MW3 & the bit of Battlefield 3 with him throughout a day, because of him when being to less slippery plot.

Imagines this one would be good for people those who is hands sweat when they touch, although I can not say sure like mine a lot - the mine of only looks that the less slippery controller would be better in this situation.
4 / 5 Starr
This controller is excellent. One transforming d-the tampon is along overdue and does the tonne of difference. Some claves are súper the desire had taken one of this more collected. A MW3 paintjob is acute looking also. The batteries were to touch .
4 / 5 Trudie
Has bought the pair for my edges that has has wanted to do a tournament with his friends. It is very happy!
5 / 5 Margarete
Has bought this that he 5th present of anniversary for my husband. It loves a modern warfare game and when that looks for the second controller has known this would be perfect. It prefers this controller and has said that read the better way with a game that his incumplimiento a. Very happy with him!!
5 / 5 Myung
The controller Adds with fresh map that goes well with MW3. My brother has has wanted to he for his present navideño. Packaging Very good and the nave was quickly likes always. Well fact!
4 / 5 Lorretta
This has controlled is gorgeous. A map matches a console of edition has limited exactly. Also it has a new adjustable D tampon. Highly it recommends this controller, is a more limited edition a have found like this far.

4 / 5 Derek
So only an update iv has had this controler for the while now and continuous to do like this well like day has taken them
5 / 5 Noble
If you owe that buy today the new controller spent this, is the little better compared with a controller of money, some keys are colored and some claves have the special grip partorisca fps and in common games. Too bad he doesnt coming with game and charguekit, for this reason has given them 4 stars.
4 / 5 Preston
The maintenances take these controllers with a joystick that goes in a direction. A my character there is wanted always walk legislation. A new some always walks of backsides, or to a screen. His I really annoying. But it is something Microsoft will not fix :(.
5 / 5 Kristal
Thinks that this controller is absolutely awesome. It is way more responsive then other controllers have or has had and believe me the games of game to plot and has possessed so only in the each controller that is there like this would know them. Also, any only touch to add but looks freaking awesome also.
4 / 5 Emery
Has bought for my husband and loves it! Some controls are really good and the work adds! I add for MW3 defenders! Awesome Controller!
4 / 5 Dione
Like the echo a description for Gentleman McGibblets. Also they are the sucker partorisca controllers of special edition and is right - look better in person.

Has think that a twistable D-the tampon was the gimmick at the beginning, but has found in fact that prefers a centre 4 directions in a domestic place. A D-cushion still acts like the 'floating disk' - ossia that a still can press to a northeast in place of this north or so only so only. If some other directions of D tampons are available in the game (ossia to the northeast, noreste, to the sudeste, and southwest), a consultor of domestic configuration done one presses a tampon in a right direction.

A map in a controller is not lustrous like a Special edition Halo Controllers (Xbox 360 Wireless Halo 3 Spartan Controller ) and his texture is reminiscent of a crazy black xbox controller. Also, in place of a created thumbstick texture, Microsoft has decided to go with the concave centre that use of the same rubbery textures that also believes is an improvement.

Partorisca Some premiers few days, some legislations thumbstick was squeaking quite noisily while it was moved. This was a lot annoy once there is it remarked. After the few days of use, this in spite of, a squeak has been was. Has has had to that so only breaks he in.

In general, this look of controller adds and fulfils each expectation.
5 / 5 Rosalina
Ive There is had varied wireless 360 conrollers . Everything of them was a fashion 'old'. You know a some I bad , sweaty palmeras, loose thumbsticks and faulty headphone ports :) . These controllers of edition have limited is not so only good looking but have the different texture in some peels that has deleted my hand that subject of sweats while touching CODS or BF3. His no this in spite of, delete my need to shout in my TV when I die. A convertible D-the tampon is functional , but does not have any use for him. A controller feels lighter that my wireless gene forward an and looks to take more life out of a rechargeable bands of battery. A thumbsticks is upgraded and is far easier that manipulate then last people also. I have bought initially the Money Chrome has limited , but took it behind with which 4 hours of use and has taken this instead. It chooses an on , you wont be disappointed !
4 / 5 Dorsey
Has bought this to compliment my MW3- Xbox 360 Slender. Always it has been it the defender of a Xbox 360 Gamepads- but for some reason a D-Tampon in these is inclusos worse that an already poor 360 D-Tampon. Otherwise Does a lot of- still likes any of some tampons. Esteems the normal 360 tampon he 4/5 and these he 3/5
4 / 5 Keli
My game of parents MW3. They are both around 50 years. The dad is well, the mamma is... I do not see like this ossia pertinent. FOR BEHIND MY MAMMA! For the long time, part of his inability in a game has used the hand of the dad-me-down controllers that to substitutes likes him joysticks has begun to spend was. As my chairs of mother in a corner with a LMG doing a esrogar and beg' routine, this was quite for the moment. Swipe with some boys, and was happy. As his skill has begun to improve, decides that it love the controller that was the new mark, so only for his, and of limits to some addictions that my father does to spend for hands. Reason love it maintain his have to that sign of look, and of of the this was around Navidad are spent in that has to that come up with an original idea and he has taken a MW3 controller and matching headset. It is a Xbox 360 controller done for Microsoft, and to the works so only likes them to them each one of another in a planet. Some bosses of a joysticks is shaped the little different and a d-the tampon is a new adjustable type but according to which a mechanics of him goes does at all new here.

But is LIKE THIS ENOUGH! It does not leave a picture fool calm to think that a work of skin is 'so only awesome.' This thing is gorgeous. If it was so only and this controller was the woman repeatedly would take it was to eat elegant seafood in of the public places where could look men and of the women drool equally in a awesomeness by means of a table of me. This controller is that enough. A underside is black, a map is so only in a cup, and that really does not import ; as my chairs of mamma in his living room that redefines 'low man in a pole of totem,' is doing like this with a sweet plus that looks the controller done for any system has not seen never.
5 / 5 Elsy
10 year will not change to the ours new XBOX A reason ossia for a XBOX 360. Love it. The utmost looks have included of the no-point of view of player.
5 / 5 Mee
Our lovers of the really been mad about COD in this controller for Navidad. We have had to order 2 more to maintain them happy! We are very pleased with this OEM controller.
5 / 5 Chauncey
Shoot up in fashion with this controller. My edges loves it and is resulted his primary controller. Any real additional characteristic this in spite of to a far. If you are looking to pay almost curves for the regulate xbox far ossia that it loves. A map looks very fresh, so only has not been to look some additional $ 40 quotas.
4 / 5 Joeann
Has bought this for my grandson to touch his Xbox games with. He his nail day and night and love a controller. If it was to give the questions would be some premiers to know roughly that. As I owe that estimate a controller quite higth like this rough how is on him.
5 / 5 Pandora
Bought partorisca the anniversary of my edges and wants to goes a lot well with his Modern Warfare x box 360! The edition has limited also!! Win win for me!
5 / 5 Susanna
Has purchased recently this Xbox 360 MW3 the controller and he am gone in DONA and is the present of entity for my edges, any well, but has contacted the amazon and has taken cured really well of me! It have to that be take a controller of substitution in a 1st or 2nd week of the January and he will be very excited roughly taking it and using he with his preferred MW3 game! Thank you Amazon!
4 / 5 Brunilda
Has bought the backside on controller but can maintain for the collectable. Controller A lot all one same. It is gone in quickly in a topmast.
5 / 5 Adelle
Has purchased this like the present navideño for my edges those who has asked so only the new controller. You are pleased was a special edition. It says it that it was useful in his dorm room because when has several people that touch and is the transmission out of players was easy to something his controller! And reason was done for Microsoft there has not been a lot of the worries with him a lot when being any like this as well as controllers that is coming with a unit of game.
5 / 5 Garfield
Ossia The very solid controller . They are sure he will last the long time. An only thing that disturbed has been has not coming with the rechargable battery. It have to that be comprised with that cost. On everything, good controller. His almost too enough to touch
5 / 5 Filomena
the saint has spent this to my edges for Christmass! It is very excited to take it and used it every day of then!!
5 / 5 Else
The vendor gave the soiled controller and a d the products of tampon was chipping was. But in general the quite decent looking controller
5 / 5 Johnathan
has Found he for the prize add and has treated wonderfully for my fashion of game. It Likes him a upgrades in of this controller of factory.
5 / 5 Allena
Loves a Call to Have to that Wireless controller. It have to that has for any hard core gamer. Easy to use keys of control and easy setup
5 / 5 Arnoldo
the work adds !!!! Taken the punctually without questions. You recommend this to any one. So that ads. The the enjoyed.
5 / 5 Olevia
MW3 Far was adds. Condition-the new mark in of the boxes. The nave was anticipated like this that. Could have it faster that has estimated. It was the present for my fiancé. The one who is an extreme MW gamer. He <3 the.
4 / 5 Kimberley
At the beginning could no to take them to do. One was a lot of looking, another was soiled

Top Customer Reviews: Microsoft Xbox 360 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5 Diann
Compatibility. A product for Microsoft partorisca Windows of Microsoft, each game that the controllers of supports will sustain east a. Microsoft also liberta the updates to this controller have seen his Update of Windows. Any so only do the games sustain it, but many of some games have show a Xbox keys and diagram of draw of control in a manual. Also they aim some keys on-screen (it partorisca press), so only like in some consoles.

This controller also instruments with vibration.

Has taken a version wired reason the wire fence is usually more than confidence and fewer questions that his wireless counterparts. Also there be the batteries has involved, will spend.

A Xbox 360 controllers takes the plot of flak partorisca his D-Tampon. His redesigned a D-Tampon partorisca Europe gamers (because of the game of football) which aim you that it can be improved. This in spite of a PS2/PS3 D-the tampon is not very better.

Has used to have the Logitech Wingman and a joysticks has broken was. It was bondadoso of economic. His new some are probably better. Logitech Version of a Playstation 3 controller would be a so only another option. This in spite of does not look like this very like this Sony is. Logitech Also done a Xbox 360-like controller.

Has not had any question that regulates to this controller. I have used a PS2 and PS3 controllers a plus. It is the plot like a PS2/PS3 controller. A prime minister noticeable the difference is that a joysticks is not symmetrical. A D-Tampon and Sinister Joystick is there is revoked place (comparing to a PS2/PS3 controller). This in spite of, does not look to import. Now that has been touching with him, can not choose that better flavour, Xbox is or Sony is.

A bit those that of some games have touched with Xbox 360 for controllers of Windows:

- Batman Arkham Asylum
- Origins of X-Men Wolverine
- Prototype
- Tombraider: deep Basses
- Watchmen: An End is Nigh

All duquel has had on-exposures of screen for some keys!
4 / 5 Ricki
Some works of controllers well. I tried it it was and touched by means of a game Bioshock with him. It was pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of games of PC like this Bioshock apparently offer native support for him in a paper of options of the game for games of Windows. Of course, a lot of games do not offer this support. So that do this in spite of, this controller is quite enjoyable to use. It liked especially use the to touch Bioshock, and of a lot of rest waiting for touching Car of Glorious Flight 4 with him.

This controller is use very comfortable . It likes quota of gamers would guess, some games are so only more fun touched with the controller. Another is not . So that it is, will have this. Mark so only sure that a game is looking is the game of controller enabled. A lot of some games on Steam or Games for the windows for example are listed like this when being the controller enabled or no, and some people in some forums of the game of pertinent Steam can usually questions of response of the help roughly compatibility of controller also.

Especially would recommend this controller for PC gamers the one who have questions that use a mouse or keyboard for reasons of consolation like carpal tunnel or arthritis. My hands and the occasionally hurt wrists to touch games, but finds this controller is extraordinarily comfortable to use. Much more so much that a keyboard and mouse.
4 / 5 Shandra
Has taken. It is a product of same base like the regulate Xbox controller (wire fence or wireless) with some same characteristics - keys of pressure of sensitive trigger, two separate engines for support of vibration, etc. the league saws USB to your PC or to a Xbox 360 and comprises the emissions of security so that any rasgará yours PC or Xbox of a shelf yes takes spent was.

In fact prefer this controller to a regulate Xbox or wireless Xbox the controllers of then connects to both PC and Xbox 360 and power of draws of a connection of USB to the equal that calms does not have to that worry in battery.

Can see the people that hate this controller for his a bit short cord period (roughly 6 feet) but is not a subject for me. If it is to take Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows that comprises the receiver or take the boss of extension of the USB together with this controller. If calm already the the Wireless Xbox 360 controlller, would have to do on PC purchases the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Auricular for Windows .

Has not used this a lot for Windows gaming, but imagines some games would give you the questions of a mapping of key looks quite different to DirectX that a mapping in gamepads for Logitech and another.

For any developers there, this does well with Microsoft XNA for both PC and Xbox 360.
4 / 5 Jerri
In the first place was is powered of an USB as any battery to die.
Can be used in any one a XBOX360 or a PC. It is it adds for me because I can touch a classical PC Halo Slayer on-line and can program a controller to do exactly a way done in a late plus 360 games. All knows that it frustrating can be to try the sneak up in an enemy and in place of reloading, we toss the pomegranate and coverage to attack reason some controls vary of a game to a prójimo. Ossia The no-@@subject with this controller.

Is light-hanged and to the most economic plot that a wireless controller. It will not lose it is connection been due to interference. Alive in an urban area of the city of entity so that has a lot of different radio signals bouncing around during a place. This can attack out of the wireless controller from time to time (usually a worse possible time) but that so only does not spend with a controller wired.

An only question is a boss ; it is there. The bosses do not annoy me but your mileage can vary.

Have give 2 thumbs up.
5 / 5 Darell
That can adds to that is already state has said? I plugged he in and was recognised automatically for Win7 64 has bitten. After the year to use the moderate still law adds. Utilisation this for current games as well as retro games. Just personal preference- I finds this much more comfortable controller that PS2/PS3 fashionable controllers ( says while ducking and covering of the decayed fruit launched for Sony fanboys). Never I same commentaries a controller when that touches how is the really good thing . A controller would not owe that take among you and a game. I owe that it touches for the long time to remark sore thumbs etc. But this would spend when touching any game also long!

A cord is good and long how is also more.

If any one white taste I supposition is out of regime but take you some trick and the acrylic product was.

The controller Adds for a PC (oh yeah and guess you also could use he with your overpriced Xbox 360 console thingy).

5 stars.
5 / 5 Jamila
Law perfectly with more than video games of a XP generation and further. Having the elegant 20 something key D controller of the wireless tampon is not always a calm better thing sometimes can so only paste one of these other keys for incident or never use these keys at all. The good strong construction lasted enough the few years a lot loosening of @@@knob of control and some cords quite sturdy to and took to plot of abuse and still works perfectly

the difference of the mine old D controller of tampon that was wireless calm does not have to that concern roughly leaving this to somewhere in some batteries that begins to filter acid and entirely ruining your controller of the cords of extension is available calms to look for them and some never run battery out of
5 / 5 Nohemi
I am not sure reason some descriptions consider this the game; this in spite of, I more-to good sure the recommend. Utilisation two of these controllers to touch GameTap games with my friends as well as some originals of old plus NES titles.

Is of entity to remark that because of a popularity of this controller, GameTap and Games for Windows the Alive games already come preconfigurados for these controllers, he doing easy does not want to annoy configuring and compulsory keys the accione.

A quality of build is identical to a Xbox 360 controller, as it acts well add out of a box. Besides, some engine is simple and discreet - no the extra software that careers in a background to take these to do. Simply insert CD, has left he his thing then connects some controllers.

Inferior line: I have possessed these controllers partorisca to the long of the year now and is still responsive and working - I highly would recommend him to any one looking for the controller of quality for a PC.
5 / 5 Taina
Be quite economic and in general is the good controller . I am not sure in a quality of some keys but like this far at all has been giving me @@subject.
5 / 5 Bethanie
Has had already one of these controllers and I have touched by means of games of PC with liking. Some of some games that has found this east of useful controller: NFS More has wanted to ( am spent one the majority of time in this game), NFS Carbon, Walk to Try Unlimited, Stray Planet - Extreme Condition, and Madden '08. I have bought the second a to the equal that could touch Madden '08 with friends.

Does quite well with driving games (unless has quite $ to buy the G25, then ossia probably a better option) and 3rd person shooters. It prefers keyboard & of mouse for 1st person shooters. It is the little sensitive with Emulators, but is still playable.

Highly recommend this. I have tried different controllers, but at all is built as well as this piece.
5 / 5 Willena
A lot To the left give me the short description in this controller, and expect it will help another buddies the little has bitten.

In the first place, no each controller of supports of the game, any only this a, but also another. If a game is touching controllers of supports. Calm only precise goes to control option to dip calm so that desire. BUT the majority of some games of PC does not sustain controllers. In this chance, will require Xpadder, please google the.

Can dip some tones in your controller have based on those in your keyboard, one to a, consistently. Also you can dip the shaking master .

Already beats Called of World-wide to Owe in the war that use this controller, and now am touching A Witcher. Both of these two games do not sustain controllers, but is not to treat it big. To use Xpadder, his not going to be the question to concern roughly.

Another thing in Xpadder:
Likes RPG, has to weaves of shortcuts in your keyboard to the equal that can drink your potions more quickly or sth. A question is your controller does not have quite a lot of tones to resist everything of these tones in your keyboard. To use Xpadder, can dip some 'Tones of Work' , ossia that call it.

While dipping your controller, can save two or more tones to be used like this tones of function. I have chosen LB and RB, and then so only dipped these two tones. Click this tone in Xpadder, and then the click there is Anticipated, and then the click Dips Selector, and then choose Select Place 2 while resisted, and then go to Dip 2 and dip other functions. As you lose two tones to use (LB and RB), but while they resist LB or RB, your controller would go to another Dips like this calm in fact would have access of more than functions. Lame, now when I am resisting LB, XYAB would result my shortcuts to access to potions, and RB would result some shortcuts to change my weapon. It was so only glorious when I have found in this way and could not expect share the.
4 / 5 Melina
I have tried 3-4 other controllers before finally sticking with east a.

A Xbox 360 controller partorisca a PC is basically a Xbox 360 controller with an adapter in an end of a boss like that can use on the port of USB in your PC.

Some accesses of controllers amiably in your hands (the mine is hands /of half small ). Everything of some controls/of keys are easy to achieve and enough has built well. With which roughly are month of moderate abuse, one of some keys of trigger in a front of a controller broken in his point of pívot. Of course, this was AFTER a paltry has guaranteeed of 90 days of LADY, as I have had to look in the place of popular auction to buy has used the/the controller broken to separate-was to repair my otherwise good controller.

A software comprised does not leave you to dip sensibility or dead zones, but there is the freeware the piece of software is gone in an Internet (DXTweak2) that will leave you to do minimum adjustments. I wish the CROWN had dipped a time to release a software that is coming with his joysticks that would leave the profile and the full adjustment saves for each game. A software of engine has comprised has an annoying habit to light one of some four quadrants in a face of a controller to indicate the neighbourhood of a screen is controlling. These looks to be the holdover of some real Xbox 360 and servants any purpose in a PC another that to annoy calm in the dim/soiled darkened at night.
5 / 5 Lazaro
My last gamepad was long overdue for the substitution, and has has wanted to something concealed would be compatible with the variety of emulators of console to touch the oldest games. This controller has done perfectly in this capacity, with to spare the available keys the mimic any of some controllers of old console. And reason is an exact duplicate of a level Xbox 360 controller, any the one who has has not touched never the 360 can know that to expect.

For those of you the one who is not terribly technology-savvy, dreads that it downloads any and that installs an engine is the relatively simple process .

Now me excusarás, has to go to save Hyrule.
5 / 5 Kathrin
A xbox 360 controller is a defacto the controller regulates for almost all the recent games. It had been using logitech controllers and microsoft sidewinders controllers before. A controller is solid and quite rugged for everything but some the majority of abusive users. Still this in spite of, a twin analog controllers in a fund like sony playstation the fashion is better in my opinion, but for a PC, ossia a calm more can take. The aim is better of hides a powder and grime better also!
4 / 5 Lindsey
A controller adds, he the maps was perfectly to the each game has. This controller has turned the fast computer to the gaming good car. Now I can squander more time in this computer that has not thought never possible and have the good time that he the fact. Some laws of controller adds with Ubisoft and Bethesda Softworks produced. It could't imagines to touch HAWX without him, or Raibox Are Vega Two or any game. A trick is to buy any one the really big quality game or at least games with some 'Games for Windows' focus, calm then is ensured of the uniform interface.

This game of PC of frames of controllers that touches really fun and a Xbox 360 controllers is a level for the game that touches. I have used to use another controller, but this one is really good. My Xbox the friends come on and the game is quite one same, well, my paper of map is better and the sound comes by means of my system of the his real, the video is taken for my big, salvation-def monitor. An add compraventa.
5 / 5 Alana
Has bought this controller for a primary purpose to use it to touch Final Fantasy XI in a PC. I touch a Xbox 360 version and he have begun once use a version of PC, has decided that would like to have has has standardised controllers. Perfecto felt mine of frames that the only, I dunno, work. But he no. In the first place, a controller is not sustained directly, as you owe that reconfigure a game for the use. Well, but it has included he then east . It is sluggish and slow, can not use some keys to cause to access a macro papers, and essentially does not operate. At least it is not to value my question. So you are buying this controller thus game, skip he--until Square takes his together law or Microsoft (frankly, am not sure the one who to blame here). Note: a controller is flawless; work so only well in mine Xbox.
4 / 5 Christy
Has bought this to use like him 2nd controller, and now is my primary. It is calm wire fence so that it is that any potential interference is cut out of an equation, and calm does not have to that substitute some batteries in a regular controller or buy a game and box to upload that would have to that it has been comprised with a console in all the chance. (Especially a 360 Elite that has bought, would think for $ 450 would comprise it rechargable sale of battery and a capacity to touch wire fence)

That when be said, a xbox360 the controller is a more has not used never for the computer/of console/anything. When being it usb the device is usable in mine pc as well as one 360, which is the very logical thing for Microsoft to having done. I have used to possess an original Xbox and has to that buy the box of conversor for a computer to touch pc play with a controller, this this in spite of, is like this easier and logical that calm interests which they a lot he in a first place. A response to this question looks quite simple this in spite of, Microsoft obviously catered to a PC gamepad industry (which is the part of) and decided it to be in his better interest to do an old Xbox the proprietary controllers like the not hurting sales of ONLY PC gamepads. They are happy has changed his stance on that, and has done so a same time as releasing this awesome controller. Rockstallion.
5 / 5 Tyree
Xbox pc compatibel joystick Are adds. Has an installer cd and taking installed without any complications. Taking installed in max 2 min. A feedback by force in this pc compatible xbox the chair of controller adds. I have loved always he forcefeedback controller for mine alienware system. And ossia more to have one. The keys are fresh and amiably has situated. Also joystick is handy. Still although his wired his very light weight and his comfortable for gaming. The gone for wired xbox controller how was a lot of lovely . Any batery like this less hanged. Global good product
4 / 5 Margarette
This Xbox 360 works of to controller and looks so only likes him a Xbox 360 controller of console. He atascamos well to a computer, and workds fantastically. It would recommend this to any one looking for the Xbox controller for Windows. You go to Say can take this for Windows does like this, and whose waste your money in this swipe of controllers for Windows.
5 / 5 Liza
Loves this controller! Taken the yesterday and has done touching games in a computer the explosion!! I have had to take this controller because any of my friends would touch games with me on a computer because they have thought that that it was also that annoying use keyboard and mouse. They have known like them where that breaks roughly when it has taken mine Xbox 360 controller for windows has me really does master play and buy more games because those abonos is to touch games with a controller.
4 / 5 Gita
Or Has to that bend a boss to do work. No very durable.
5 / 5 Yuonne
Hope This description is useful partorisca any the one who is looking for the good controller that reads very very partorisca windows.

Has dipped a cd is coming with in and he quickly installed, plugged a controller in and out of all my emulation, this controller has done perfectly partorisca everything of them. A creation of a xbox360 the controller is also very orderly, reason leaves easy configuration to any controller has not done never.

A prize is not too bad also. . , I have touched at length with each controller of program, and this one east a better.

Is looking partorisca do a bit oldschool gaming or so only require the controller partorisca something new, ossia to a lot of good compraventa. Also, a response of leaves of the very fast cord and any partorisca mention to to sound likes 8 of feet long lol, which can go in handy.

Good regime.
5 / 5 Babette
Has had an old of confidence Logitech controller partorisca years but found the has not been compatable with games of PC NEWER. This controller has solved all my questions. The works perfect with to to the newest games likes him to him the need Partorisca Speed 2010, and MLB2K Baseball. Even Law with some games some old plus, just look in an internet and calm probably will find the solution to your question. LeGustado This controller so much, has ordered so only the wireless black a. Also bondadoso of gives your computer the fresco of up to date look that use a XBOX controller. It says partorisca install a first software, but I so only plugged he in and work (Windows 7).
5 / 5 Beatris
That... It is economic mine , taking quickly. I bought it reason have has wanted the begin to touch video games in my computer. Ossia To good sure a better controller can buy. It is comfortable, and legit. Sturdy And of confidence. It is a Xbox to Controller likes the work partorisca that also. I have touched Prototype, and Fifa 10 with him like this far, and have both be the cariche better that using the keyboard. Simple quite eh? Oh And no shabby Fifa 10 PC of paralización, can be a worse game never.
5 / 5 Horacio
Has Windows 7 64 has bitten. This was literally spend and game. It has not used a disk. Awesome. He also works with XBOX 360, ofcourse. Also, a vibration in some works of controllers for games like Falls Raider the deep basses and I think Assasin Create. It has not expected that. The controller Adds.
4 / 5 Delta
To good sure the product adds to touch games in a PC. Some games love chair and game with the controller more than the keyboard. For me, I NBA of game 2K serious, together with running and struggling games, and this produces does an experience much more enjoyable.
4 / 5 Season
Is a Xbox controller that is shipped with the adapter of USB and the disk with engine of Windows. I have tried NFS Recognition and the pair other games to run and they the good work to recognise a controller and giving you a incumplimiento the diagram would expect of a Xbox. It costs it his do not owe that mapea everything of some tones for each game.
5 / 5 Anisa
Ossia Probably a better controller can take for your pc especially of then more pc the games now can require for the have another that using your keyboard. This can be used for your xbox 360 consolations also and some keys are layed was a lot well and comfortably.
4 / 5 Maryam
These works of controllers seamlessly with Microsofts XNA toolkit. For having the controller wired hooked on does not have to that calm always is trying in a xbox or write extra code to use a keyboard for your entrance of game. Any that XNA the development would owe that have one of these.
5 / 5 Syreeta
Begun touch some games of Valve and has not gone too coordinated with keyboard and the mouse. I have been touching xbox/360 for the moment as it also could use this partorisca some games of windows. A controller is coming with an engine a late plus cd and has done perfectly with my game (TF2). It is the controller wired btw, and highly recommends it.
5 / 5 Frederica
Like this, is using XP precise install an engine resupplies. It has used XP SP3, and with which have installed an engine, XP could not find a controller. Has has had to that manually add a hardware in poster partorisca control also. He finally works, take a famous BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH when it covers in a controller. This in spite of, if I any one covers in a controller, at all spends. Once I discharges in a controller, there there is roughly 50 casualidad will take a BSOD. Perhaps some people do not have this question, but do. So you are planning spent the, the mark sure is ready partorisca this question.

Am ailing of this question to the equal that have transmission to Windows 7.
4 / 5 Bernie
Simple! An excellent controller and I PC of games of game with him and the work astonishingly adds, playability with this flawless and was extemely easy to install/configure... Reason partorisca any when giving 5 , PACKAGING!!!!!
Has not been if the amazon was a one the one who packaged a controller, but does not think could be more economic and more careless state in a cardborad the box has dipped he in!!!! A box was at all able to close with an interior of controller, like this quite that it was to bend a cup of a box by force in a controller and quickly and a lot of tape around the one of way that would resist!!!! Any so only a box was seeds-open reason is not returned an interior of controller but to pack something, Anything in this way can potentially dipped a quality and safeness of a product in risk!!! I have wanted to it loved/ It To it really give 3 but a controller is like this good and in fact abordable that it would be it to it unfair to give he less than 4 !!!! Again, controller-AWESOME vs container/of nave-TERRIBLE!!! The amazon would owe that begin concern more roughly like ship his products, is not so only that clients that the súper rich can take the slap in a face has taken...
Anyways, Enjoy a controller!!!!!
5 / 5 Macie
First things in the first place, which the characters have suggested one 'How much entertainment is this game ?' Category?

In all the chance, has bought this controller done three month 'on sale', included although I think that that ossia one of these products this'll always be 'on sale', like this technically, is not never 'on sale' (Whaaat?). I fell it probably the time of dozen of the pair, and still is that it goes strong.

Some of the yours sweaty, gunky the goodness will be taken in some keys of rear trigger, but so only considers customised. And judging of a quantity of gunk there is on mine, apparently my sinister toe is more soiled that my right toe. Too much Information, knows. A left joystick will be void of some 4 'points of grip' after roughly 2 months of use, assuming is a lot rid, which would be necessary to be you. A plastic in a ball of a joystick wears down to the white texture, perhaps of a controller he, but any way, taken out of his aesthetic the little has bitten. The Bondadoso of looks dry skin to be sincere.

An exposure of central console that player of aims 1-4 for one the majority of part will be useless to user of PC. It lights when it is plugged the, ossia roughly that.

Words of classical description: ergonomic, stylish, fad-ish, radish.
5 / 5 Juliann
Laws quite well with PC and also with Xbox. An only complaint that has is that a controller is not compatible with few games of PC that has. I owe that take another logitech controller to touch these games.
4 / 5 Rosenda
The product is gone in a very fast topmast . It was in it focuses it to the plastic container like had bought them he in better buy or another tent. The prize adds has compared the perfectionist. The ones of the that Knows reason all the world-wide more is having questions with a sound when his plugged in.. There it has Been it any question that like this never.. The controller Adds to add it price1
4 / 5 Parthenia
Adds to touch games in the PC!

Laws perfectly!
4 / 5 Nova
Has taken this for some boys and is lasted for years. Utmost controllers.
4 / 5 Deborah
It thought it that it would be the bad controller honradamente, but when it took it to them, all the games have done with him, old and new and a functionality and the noise are unsurpassed. The controller Adds.
4 / 5 Sharice
Ossia Well, controller that feels solid that has been very easy the setup and looks the better plot in person that on-line. It feels durable and has the long cord. Sustained by all some games have tried he with, the difference of a logitech rumblepad 2 I tried (and returned) first to take east.
5 / 5 Matha
Reviewing This in 2016; I have bought this in 2007. Still he perfectly partorisca PC gaming.
5 / 5 Kayleen
Partorisca me, hate partorisca use a mouse and keyboard partorisca touch games like Black-Ops and BFBC2. When calm listened could buy a Xbox 360 controllers partorisca a version of PC of Black Ops,was throughout concealed. These laws of controller adds, so only like one of concealed them come with a xbox. It was súper easy to install, and now are that it wants to playin even more! Highly it would recommend for any the one who is looking for PC gamer controller.
4 / 5 Latashia
The quality of product is well .. It is according to a prize has paid .. Recommend these products is so only that I a lot
4 / 5 Soon
Haha the keyboard and the mouse is for losers, takes one of these. The calm guarantee will go down less in black ops zombie.
5 / 5 Mai
Ours another controller has not had quite a lot of keys for a Legos Hindú Jones for PC to the equal that has bought this one and work perfectly with a game.
5 / 5 Kelly
Adds contoller... Very comfortable in my hand and he have done well add out of a box. Very easy to begin to use in my PC.