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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I like this the product and I could listen beeping upstairs of basses. I also like a far transmitter and 6 headphones!! I have purchased in in another likes him his the product of another company and he have not done, but these some marks!! Also, it avenges with 6 stacks for some headphones and 1 stack for a transmitter and 6 points to pose in some receiver so many can pose in the keychain! UTMOST PURCHASE!!!
4 / 5
It takes this so that my boys have maintained misplacing my tones. Work so announced, but the desire there was the road to label that vain colour in that object. ( I have used the manufacturer of focus with tiny source.) Also the desire was quite thin, or some the sticky tampons were thinner, to bond them in of the telephones or far. They attach the plot of volume.
4 / 5
That is to say the wonderful system ! It tries everything of them has been. An only thing is that a sound could be the strong plus bit.
But, that times done some last stacks? So that if any one to the long and gone fatality, a whole system is any one sake . Very I need to know concealed!
5 / 5
The works add. It can any one does not find never my far, telephone and/everything of them comprising some far for my interns backwards upload. ME SUGGESTEN THIS For his sake!!! Still it can use in ur pet without any painful sideefects.
5 / 5
The perfect works. It has to of they go has he these years. It poses it my stock exchange,tones, telephone and boat of drink. He he easy to exit of a house. It opens If it only can do the tiny or for my glasses..
5 / 5
Bought this for my better partner for Navidad, but arrival to give the in sounding ails to arrive so that honestly, loses his leader if it was not semi-detached. You are thrilled and has has not had any subjects that finds his material since takes it.
5 / 5
Having only recently took a product (and arrived before the date of the arrival wanted to), can very vouch for this longevity . All some units done when tried. It does not verify what amiable to vary a transmitter had but some headphones has not gone quite strong to be listened in a longer distance anyways. The moment has viable stacks in both units this can very well enter handy sometime.
5 / 5
I have been impressed with how mere is a work and situate up. We purchase it to us to locate iPad of our threads of special necessities. They which look the things . No the problem if it is not fatality and a locator no . This was a perfect solution ! We plant in a box of nourished as it can not take. It presses a button and listen for a beep. The problem has resolved! Also using it on far! It would like him for of him to be thinner, but is not bulky.
1 / 5
Taking little more than the week in failure. It IS very impressed until today.
5 / 5
I have bought this for my mother this has results very forgetful these days, forgetting where pose his stock exchange, in tablet and of the things the so many. A setup was sper easy and tries what compact and clear some plazoletas is concealed coming with this device. An only thing that remarked and only can be a road that the floor of my mamma is posed was, but press the button to look for something any the sound to wall is in a road. I mention this so that it can have it the field limited in this device or while I have said there is the physical barrier in a road can cause some class of interference. Another that that this device is perfect for any a lot of this has the problem misplacing things around a house. Only press the button and follows a sound!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Robt
Experience for my tones. I have been thrilled this arrives so hurriedly to plant my mandate. Has an electronic tone for my car, and now down in a so that I have lost another in the some place in my house...MIA Still. Saw this and experience by mine another a tone. Appreciated this does not require an application for my tlphonique so that it does not have he quite soiled to attach more applications. Amur An EASE of this product. Mere, and sper cosy user to pose together. Only it attaches some stacks, and the colour codified, also for any tongue. The boxes comprise all precise and the law adds! An alarm is strong and a field/of distance is sufficient for my house or work. Still it comes with keyring, mini adhesive to signal so much can attach in the to to other elements like them to them to focus of collar of the dog, mobile phones, any common elements lose often. It recommends this product for any one concealed is repeats it offender to lose basically anything any one to mention a prize is the clothes !
5 / 5 Thi
I want to this and batterries is comprised with extra also :)
5 / 5 Lavone
Lost my car tones and he have been in $ 180 to substitute them. He thank you the advantage found some tones and has ordered a key finder a same day. The works add! I do not want the place that has required an application for the ready telephone. It does not believe it is 80 db, but is abundance quite strong to locates an element. I actuate Already the used the two times - darn that sofa.
5 / 5 Dannette
Hibitual Miss Of car tones and tlphonique which then results the full fledge investigation of house, late dates and the enormous headache for each involved. Seriously I can any one quite gasp that this can spend so time in a person but that it is like my living circles. The May HAS LOST for ever and at the end expsito in a fridge, cupboard of linen, in hood of cart after the 5 walk of one thousand, among pillows of sofa...
That is to say so perfect, easy to use and abordable. The stacks is coming with that is the plus and uses any application. Perfecto for me like this the application would be lost with my telephone.
Has comprised is 6 tones of finders so also has my dog tagged while it wants to run free when the doors remain opened.
Still can the posed in fridge or in car but more celebrate of investigation like my kiddos his capes shaken in incredulity.
5 / 5 Keren
All has to was to install some stacks that is to say the very easy element to do with and now is easy to find some car tones that there has always the problem each morning
4 / 5 Shawnna
I have used the to locate my tones and TVs far. It serves a purpose. Strong beeping Sound. Good works. Easy to use.
1 / 5 Liberty
Utmost idea!
I misplace my telephone, tones, factor, etc, etc almost daily.
EVEN SO, has the reasons is returning this 'key finder' in Amazon.
1) Some coverages for a slide of headphones was too many easily, the falls of stack was.
2) would have think that 80 DB beeps would be quite strong to listen a receiver situates in a television far control under a coverage in a chamber. It can not listen a beep or voice a blinker clear moment when being literally 2 feet of a receiver.
3) A tiny light in a receiver is almost useless: too dim, too small.
4) A recovery that has the 85'-100' line of the clear view consistently is unclear.
5) Some Headphones is also 'FAT' to be practical.
IS two fat times while it was necessary when being . As I Attach the receiver in my glasses? My factor? My telephone?
Does not adhere well, too much down DB to listen (perhaps 100 DB would be better, can not see clear, a BEEPS any last quite very time-would have to last TWO TIMES so long. I give me the small more time in in fact listen some headphones.

An idea Adds yes only law while it announces. He the no. there is A lot of on-line companies that ship free these days with 1 hands in the daytime FREE. I think that that it is the time begins in the on-line tent with other vendors!
5 / 5 Gaye
I want to this! I lose my tlphonique all a time! With this semi-detached one of some alarms and now only can walk around pressing a button and he beeps and fulfilling my telephone! Has in of the tones, far and my IPAD. I amour that the same with each vain need be able to pose up easily in the minutes and it beginning that use!
5 / 5 Christa
I swear this device has been invented for me. Any strayer far or tones of the truck and I same have the receiver in my telephone. Everything and owe the mark is to press the button in a locator far and follows a sound in my stray element. And I lose elements the plot! Whats Very also is some stacks is closed in separate packaging as it can ensure you his freshness. If you are probe in misplacing things or has boys ('nuff said) precise this system!!
1 / 5 Kirby
Beep Was almost inaudible and at all under the small pillow. Any road to augment a loudness and sensibility?

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Helaine
This product has done well partorisca me. Has the plot of tones partorisca house and of the multiple cars. This comes with 6 headphones and I almost have dipped everything of these headphones in everything of some keyrings. Now, the house of person can forget tones. I recommend it to all my fellow buyers.
5 / 5 Ma
This finder key is basic and ossia that likes me roughly that.

You Basically so only burst a locators open with a tool has comprised, dipped an interior of battery has comprised, the in bylines and is ready to go!
A far is included easier without the tool has required.

Attaches a locator to something like your keychain, then press one same colored key in a far ossia in a locator and begin beeping.

A beeping the sound is strong which is good to be able of the find, but no too strong.

Has used it so only in my tones like this far, but has a lot of fact well!
Law with anything that a locator can be attached to(by means of a tiny little hole), as it camera, stock exchange, with the one of pet, etc.

has used among wall in my house without @@subject. It is not so only it has limited your house this in spite of, taking with you to do, the house of friends, compraventas, anywhere!

If you are forgetful or so only wants to be sure, ossia to good sure the economic way to maintain your valuables to take has lost!
5 / 5 Kathey
Highly recommend. They help the plot. Taking old or that imports so many things mean to forget some tones the plot. This together work a lot well for me. I can listen a beeping same is in a cochera in a backyard, or under the battery of clothes.
5 / 5 Lashaunda
Amur This product!!! A day has received my neighbour was a last day has lost my telephone, my purse, my far TV and my tones. A lot easy to use, a lot eady to listen a beeps. The element has been received punctually and packaged well. It recommends Mamboo Tom of Finder for all the world-wide the one who never misplaced his things. I invent more orders never!!
5 / 5 Mattie
Ordered for my dad to maintain up with his tones, far control, stock exchange, etc. Some batteries come with everything, how is a lot easy to dip up and some tiles are quite small to dip inside the stock exchange.
5 / 5 Mimi
Wow! That the compraventa adds. My boys tend to lose his tones but a mark of helps of finder key for better days. Quality and element of utmost prize.
4 / 5 Joanne
Use for house or 1 place so only. It would like second far for office. This does not come with an application. I am not sure this is to be announce but for a money he that says.
5 / 5 Van
It take this for my husband. Always it is that it loses his stock exchange of tones and remotes. The works add is like this happy with east.
5 / 5 Crystal
It have lost my car tone and was expensive to substitute. I have listened in this finder key and decided to purchase it. Cost each cent. Easy to dip up. A beep is quite strong and has has had to that use it two times already.
5 / 5 Hilde
Locating my mobile phone and my tones and my far controls