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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought 2 month ago , according to DxOMark is a more acute lentil that there is partorisca And mountain . My personal opinion, directs quickly enough , is excellent for the decreases of conditions read have had not even the question that directs in low light in mine sony a6000 , has the bit of sprain that is corrected easily in Lightroom 6.6 , a quality of build is excellent , give it 5 stars because it is the product adds in the a lot of down side, especially because it is a more acute lentil that there is for And mountain , so only not recommending he for video because it does not have any stabilizer.
5 / 5
Ossia Mine the majority of recent lentil the compraventa and there is quickly result my gone-the lentil. It is the small, compresses autofocus lentil that use for both portraits and photograph of landscape. Some drop of inaugural frames for the abonos blurry fund and the crisp, subject clean in a foreground. It is perfect still is shooting the person or group of people with the abonos blurry fund behind him. It is also súper landscape of effective shoot. Big pound-quality, crisp images and a autofocus is FANTASTIC. More, cost much less (-$ 100) that another resemblance lenses. I can not recommend this lentil enough.
5 / 5
It likes the quota has said, this so only could be one first better lentil for Sony And-Mountain / APS-C cameras. I use it on my Sony A6000, and is surprising. Fast pros and gilipollas:


More-in-inaugural of class. f1.4 it Is at present a better available in a phase, more has opened lentil in this row.

Economic. Compared to a competition, this lentil is some absolute flies . More economic That a next plus Sony and Zeiss equivalent.

Amazing quality. I have not known Never to lentil this economic, and promising f1.4, it can any never look this good. Unless you are the serious photo pro the one who there is crawling on some pixels in Photoshop, this lentil is after perfecting in any setting. Those small defects has, is almost all easily fixed (p. p.ej. Much smaller, more-classify-, sprain of barrel). Any one using this for point-and-the shoot or the basic portraits will not require to do the thing, the looks adds out of a box.


Any stabilisation of image. Ossia Really both the pro and the with. Calm no precise stabilisation of image in all the shoot of chance with the tripod, as any sense that paid for him. If you know anything roughly dipping on your camera, probably calms already know like this to setup the fast shutter the speed that use a 1.4 to avert almost all the worries in shaky hands. This in spite of, that lacking of the stabilisation of image means the hand-held shots are the slowest fraction and less stable that would be with a Sony-equivalent lentil that has stabilisation of image. Really, it was not concerned knows like this to setup to lentil, but a Sony is an easy plus 'point and lentil of click in a row. If you are the photographer of studio with to plot to light the one who depends in the each character has shot to be perfect this in spite of calm does not use the tripod, then perhaps would require to concern you. I so only pushes in fines-the way has shot to do sure take the a lot of one.

Chromatic aberration. Also called 'lived fringing', lenses with low quite f-the esteems of stop are prone to leave a light in some flanges of the subject, that directs to the effect of bleeding where acute differences in light cause an object to have the outline has lived. It remarks that this outline is usually quite hard to see unless you are really blowing on an image (8x10?) Or looking for it on the monitor. Ossia Normal, and for this class of lense, this lense are still adds for his class. If ossia the worry of entity for you, any tent around, or learn to shoot around he (increase f-take when shooting acute of light contrast, for chances).

Zoom For boss. More and-mountain lenses any zoom in the 1:1 clue with as turned a coverage, his relay that information to a camera that looks for to guess the value is taking. Ossia Totally normal by means of a row, but some people look for to be annoyed by him, as it takes note. These dials of lentil in like this well like any of his fly-for-competitors of boss, and the meeting can take exactly some results want to use of the simple escómo the pending zoom direct' option in my camera.

In general:

This lentil has all some normal defects of the 1.4 in this row of prize, but cost less, and has a low more f-you the piece can take. Absolutely, fence-any one one first better lentil for more than users. It requires only beginner-knowledge to level to do one the majority of out he. It spends a day that looks on tips on shooting with lenses with falling f-stops, and will be ready partorisca east.
4 / 5
(NOTE: If calm informs written like this, the look for “Loloho Photo” to find my description of complete video! Also, this description written will be to update with more than information to the equal that obtain experience with a lentil.)

In the first place, my frame of reference: I possess a Sony Zeiss FAITH 35, Sigma 30mm f/2.8, Sony FE28 f2, and Sony/Zeiss 24 f/1.8. Yes, it suffers the severe chance of Syndrome of Acquisition of the Train (GAS). An only treatment is a compraventa constant of train of new camera. If no for a supervision in firm resupplied by mine vigilant woman, has declared already breaks for now. Felizmente, was able to secretly sell some plasma of blood to take my hands in the copy of this lentil.

Sigma Has sent acted of accident by means of a world of camera when I announce this 30mm f/1.4 lentils for Sony And and Micros 4/3. Included this in spite of APS-C sensor cam like a a6300, a6000, and a5100 sells faster that Spock ears in the agreement of Hike of the Star, in of the recent years Sony there is rid at all but glass of full frame - mostly of a “type of variety and” heavy. Like this Sigma ad of this native APS-C lentils has been fulfilled with the enthusiasts acclaims. (Any pom poms, this in spite of.)

Alas, unboxing a lentil has developed an immediate disappointment – any chance of lentil! All of the mine another Sigma lenses (that comprises a “series” of Art) has comprised a lot cushioned and zippered chance, like an exclusion of the chance was the letdown. Tsk, tsk, Sigma... My lentil 'Contemporary' poor feels in of the skins without the chance to match.

Felizmente, imports improved to examine a lentil he. With a Contemporary series, Sigma is returned to the traditional plus styling. Ido is a barrel of smooth metal of a “series” of Art. In his place is the traditional more ridged appearance of polycarbonate with still pinch of metal to kick. Sigma Called some material Thermally Stable Composite (TSC) and is supposition to manage transmissions in good temperature. In all the chance, am happy to see grippy hule ridges in a barrel of lentil; now I can eat greasy Chip>s without fear of a lentil that slips by means of my toes in the crucial moment.

A lentil is done in Giappone - no Thailandia, Cina, or Bangladesh. The quality of build is entirely decent. It is not that it feigns to be to vintage Leica or Nikkor, but adapted the modern Sony organism quite amiably.

In fact, a lentil feels semi-detached sum to the Sony a6000 or a6300. Goldilocks Would agree of one managing: it is correctly. A weight is manageable in ounces. There is some substance here, but at all concealed would prevent calm of toting this rock has balanced well all day long.

A thing is so only down 3 thumbs long (ossia which says!) As it is not terribly bulky.

An edge of the filter of the front is 52mm, unusual for Sony And-Mountain lenses. This will do amiably for those of you the one who have Nikon glass and filters lying around. If you have invested in 49mm filters for yours another Sony lenses, then can wants to buy the no-arrive (or is no-down?) Coverage.

And that coverages of pause, a coverage of manual house is YUUUUGE. Personally I like a coverage of massive manual house and his hule to reassure grip. Although the house is for boss, a coverage resembles has been dampened. Turned with the smooth buttery feels. When manually that directs this lentil wide open, will want to all of a control can muster.

Reason, questions? Well, has a compraventa of main reason this lentil, and is not an elegant plastic: f/1.4, creature!

The accident is to say it again, everything near: f/1.4.



Ahhhhh, This felt well, a lot that?

In fact, this lentil is faster that the Ferrari Enzo that careers on 110 octane with the gas pedal has stuck. It is faster that Usain Ray after drinking three big pints of Tauro Red. It is faster that... Well, takings an idea .

A lentil has the maximum opening of f/1.4. This means load of light, and the knife thins slowly focal.

Loves bokeh? Calm took it!

A bokeh, or out of zones of home, that these products of lentil are smooth and good-looking. A lentil has the rounded 9-bladed opening. Bokeh Is creamier that the Brief slat . If you want to see your subject @to swim in the veritable sea of blurry funds bliss, ossia yours lentil .

That it is arguably more than entity that the deep blurs? Acuity, which is the elegant word that photo nerds say in place of “acuteness.” Felizmente, this lentil rids optical acuity. Yes, it is acute.

The one who acute? More acute That the Hattori Hanzo sword. It is reasonably acute wide open, thank advantage, and the subjects improve so that it is prendido down bit it. For f/5.6, risk slicing your eyeballs. Ossia Reason buy first lenses, folks.

Which in a focal period? Well, in a APS-C camera 30mm translated to the 45mm field of view. Personally I am fond of a focal period, as it rids the normal “perspective” end. Again, Goldilocks would agree: it is not too wide, and no too tightened. You see something looked to the that a human eye sees.

A lentil is like this an ideal walkabout type of lentils. A calm fast start mean can take he to so only in any situation to light. It is useful indoors and external.

Are adds for shots of people and contextual portraiture. It is well to photograph callejera and landscape. It is excellent for shots of museum of stuffed wombats, also. (So only the suggestion.)

A distance of minimum house is the decent thumbs . While no like this I cut like wonderful Sony/Zeiss 24mm f/1.8, is not half bad. No, it does not substitute your macro lentil. But it wants to take the dreamy shot of the yours fettucine alfredo before scarfing the down your gullet, this lentil will take a work done.

Downsides? SANTO has LIVED FRINGING, BATMAN! When Shooting wide open, sometimes the zones of contrast big can exhibit signs of lateral chromatic aberration in a form of has lived fringing. Yes, A Previously Known Artist Like this Prince (can rests in peace) would have loved this lentil.

Ahhh, lived fringing – A unsightly dandruff of photograph. Unfortunately, a lived fringing here is quite extreme. Take the shot wide open and examine some zones of contrast big. You will listen a song 'the rain Remains' touching in your boss, again and again.

Felizmente Lived fringing is solved easily in step of estaca with the simple a treatment of click. If has a software (Season Lightroom is that I use) and your right toe is able of clicking the key of mouse, need any failure too much in has lived fringing. Or you can take down yours opening the bit to maintain control of low things.

There there is also some sprain. If shots JPGs you will not require to concern roughly the, of then was fixed automatically in camera. If it likes him to you he develops the RAW files, well, will want to correct a sprain. If you have tried a FE28, then know a hammer. Again, it is not really the big shot these digital days.

So that it is an inferior line , A lot he so only done this action of offer of the comparable or better lentil that a lenses has mentioned on, a prize are enough adds. Sure, cost more than a Sigma 30mm f/2.8 series of Art, but instead for the little extra cash volume the fast fast fast f/1.4 opening. To my knowledge, ossia an only native APS-C f/1.4 autofocusing lentil for Sony And-Mountain. (Sure, has a macizo SEL35F14Z 35mm f/1.4 full frame lentil, but concealed will cost you an extra $ 1200 or like this, and need the forklift to spend it.)

A Sigma 30mm is to the most economic plot that a sublime Sony Zeiss 24mm f/1.8. If you want pony on a cash for a Zeiss, will take the focal period slightly wider, the distance of the minimum house shorter, and these mythological Zeiss colours (that comprises the blue dish very). I love mine 24mm, and never would discourage any to buy one. But you can choose on this Sigma and maintain around $ 700 in your pocket. Your election. With a Sigma will owe that the fastest lentil, but calm also will have lived fringing.

Has been tried to jump Sigma the star for a stingy exclusion of the pertinent chance. But for now, I will be bondadoso and simply wag my toe in his direction. After all, Sigma there is rid where accounts more. It has given And-it Locates shooters the acute fast normal APS-C prime in the reasonable prize. The sinister hope sells to plot of these things and is motivated to maintain doing more. Next time, perhaps will do the better work with a material has lived.

Goes advances. If it calms master that, buy it. Calm think likes you.

(As mentioned in a principle, informs written like this, the look for “Loloho Photo Sigma 30 Contemporary” to find my description of complete video! Also, this description will be updated as I obtain more experience with a lentil. Thank you And happy shooting.)
4 / 5
It like a lot another, has bought this lentil for my Sony a6000 reason is an available acute plus and a 30mm (45mm equivalent of full frame) is afterwards to the”nifty fifty_” focal period like this amour. A quality of build looks excellent and a weight is reasonable. It is not in small lentil, but does not feel too disturbed in my hand or in the tripod. A coverage of manual house is enormous, which are to add reasons can see me the requiring often. A autofocus can be slow with my camera has shot so only autofocus way, and a lentil “hunts” for the second or two before it closes house. In continuous autofocus way a lentil constantly hunts and does not close never home, likes volume fallido and manual of house of the transmission. No the breaker of extracted for me, reason this is not in lentil I usually use for fast moving subjects. And it does not import not having Sony OSS reason probably will not shoot video with this lentil, neither. For my purposes, that requires to fast acute lentil for interior or cityscape shooing, this lentil is almost ideal. I gave it four stars in place of five so only because of a lousy autofocus capacity, but am still happy has bought this lentil in a native Sony 35mm.
4 / 5
They would like him give these 4.5 stars. Quality of wise image, is more like 4, the value and the usability is more like 5.
In the first place, is A lot of PETIT And LIGHT. They are by train to use it On a Sony a6000, and these two combined is like this small and to light seat likes to deceive.

As, any all lenses can maintain up with a crazy-shoot and action of fast house of a a6000, but this little Sigma DONE.

Is the acute is not , is the crazy-acute lentil. I am spoilt for lenses like a Zeiss 55mm f1.8, And comparatively, this lentil is well, so only does not add . Still, frames of usability up for some smaller failings in quality of image. Very brilliant, a lot quickly, very easy to use.
5 / 5
Sigma lenses Rock. Has a Sigma 30mm F1.4 And a Sigma 16mm f/1.4 and use them interchangeably in mine Sony a5100 (a surprisingly little container of powerful camera).

A heft and quality of build of Sigma lenses is impressive, but his optical is even more impressive. A bit slower to direct with car house that Sony OEM lenses, still direct fast-enough for use of continuous video.

Can you any gone bad with this lentil is looking for an around-lentil of portrait of the city that also can be used for drop-conditions read. It uses this lentil for professional boss-shots and portraits, and also for work of tight video with the creamy bokeh and cinematic look.
4 / 5
I have bought this to pair with the Sony A6300 after being unsatisfied with an acuteness of a FE28/2 and a SEL35mm/1.8. A Sigma was recommended highly and in of the terms of acuteness is the almost impossible to beat APS-C lentils for a Sony APS-C system. A caveat is that a Sigma 30/1.4 does not direct like this quickly like FE28 or SEL35, and has found that has subject of accuracy down-light more than a FE28 and SEL35. It outrage a be of house less than optimum down-light I desire a lentil was 35mm to the equal that am a lot of result habituado to this focal row and 30mm is slightly wider that would like me.

With east says possesses a Rokinon 12/2, Sony SEIA 50/1.8 and has possessed an aforesaid lenses. A Sigma 30/1.4 has has left seldom my A6300 of then buying it, considers it the must possesses for acuteness in Sony APS-C lineup. I lose a colour rendering, and a quality to direct of a FE28, and a stabilisation of image of a SEL35/1.8.

Is a APS-C shooter in Sony then here is my recommendation goes with a 28mm/2 loves speed and direct accuracy and does not import the focal period slightly wider that 35mm. It goes with a SALT 35 loves stabilisation of image. It goes with a Sigma he loves absolute acuteness.
5 / 5
Incredibly to the lentil adds. Utilisation with the humble A6000 camera, and some results are many , very better that any one would have the legislation to expect, quotes a prize of a camera and lentil. It likes the quota there is remarked, is extremely acute, but he also produced of the good-looking colours and dynamic row. Has the little another lenses for a A6000 and almost any to use them never, except an occasional macro (so that it uses an elderly Nikon AY 55 mm macro lentil and Fotasy adapter -- the works add!) And long telephoto (Nikon 80-200 f/4 AY -- the works add) shots. (I has a Sigma 60mm f/2.8, which is for the fly also, for portraits but does not take to plot of those.) To the equal that to as this lentil compares with a Sigma 30 mm f/2.8, does not know . This lentil is more economic and probably would do well, reason I seldom start to use wider that f/2.8 in all the chance. They are sure a Sony 35 mm is well. But you will have to that pry this beauty of my cold, dead hands. I feign to be sotterrato with him.
4 / 5
I have purchased the Sony a6500 container that is coming with an excellent Sony 18-135 zoom and a 50mm 1.8 lenses. Both are utmost lenses but my setup has been missing the prime in a versatile 50mm equivalent row (the Sony 50mm laws like him 75mm lentil in a a6500 because of the factor of harvest of this sensor of camera). This Sigma 30mm extracted like this he 45mm lentil that is quite prójimo to a 50mm row. And with this gaping f1.4 inaugural rids some good-looking bokeh when wished.

Has been using he for automotive photograph and also closeup photo of still life. A Sigma 30mm 1.4 now complete the trio of lenses that me do fault for 99 of some situations of photos will find. If I add another lentil, he more probably be a Sigma 16mm 1.4. For low $ 300 ossia to the lentil will be proud to have in your stock exchange of cameras, although probably it spends the majority of his time has attached to your camera grabbing the photos add.

Top Customer Reviews: PANASONIC LUMIX G ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
If you are new to the photograph and the filming and you are ready partorisca move spent your lentil of boxes, then ossia a first what would have to that buy. With an equivalent of sensor of full frame of the 50mm, this lentil rid partorisca stun portraits as well as doing vlogging professional of look; in fact it looks the plot likes Peter Mckinnon video. Has posted pictures of my prime minister outing with this lentil and he there is not disappointed. There is the reason because called these types of lenses 'Nifty 50 this'; they can fulfil like this. If calm really want to on your game of photograph and it beginning that it takes more professional looking shots while they grow your together of skill, then purchase this lentil. Calm will not complain it .
5 / 5
1. Background: I have possessed the number of micro 4/3 camera and lentil; at present use a Olympus EMII and EM10 with a Olympus 12-40mm 2.8 and 40-150mm 2.8. Also I have a Panasonic 14mm and 35-100mm 2.8 so much excellent lentil. Besides, I have possessed & /or it has rented a súper zooms (Olympus and Panasonic and Tamron) 14-150mm and more recently (perhaps more appropriate to this current lentil) has had an occasion to rent / test a Panasonic 12-60mm pro lentil as well as a Olympus 12-100mm f4.0 pro lentil.
With an on info, here is my brief nonscientific observations king: this lentil.
2. Hanged / of measure: it is light and relatively compact; excellent election for the travesía / everything in some lentils.
3. Quality of image: ossia a crazy thing , but of my observations (again entirely a lot-scientific), think that this lentil is... More acute (in some corners) has compared to a new 'pro' Panasonic 12-60mm . (Shooting BELIEVED, tripod, subject same, has included apeture etc...) As well as a Olympus 12-100mm. Now I have received perhaps the 'bad copy' of a pro lentil, but to good sure can say this a lot of more economic lentil is of equal or... The start has better compared to an expensive plus counterparts. Now to confirm that they are not entirely insane; a 'pro' lentil that is better that this one east a Olympus 12-40mm 2.8 and an old plus Olympus 12-60mm (four third).
4. @In rodeo so that love the relatively economic, light / compact lentil with the row of decent zoom (pleases does not go for a súper zooms reason a quality is really subpar), ossia to good sure the winner.
5. For a way, ossia one of these chances where could be worth it it to do your own tests reasons many of some on-line descriptions have been quite negative in animals: this lentil; I do not take it .
5 / 5
With which has paste 60 years of ages, has touched my crew of heavy Cannon and changed to micro four third. I have bought this lentil because it was small, light, economic, and an equivalent of the 90-300mm zoom in the full frame 35mm camera.

So much, ossia a lentil I use for portrait and telephoto need. With coverages of extension, he also done the decent work like the macro lentil.

Has revised this lentil and has given among 3 and 3.5 stars for optical quality, and 4 stars for action/of prize. Like this optically, is WELL, any stellar.

This in spite of shots of boss in f5.6, (Horizontal, any one tight-in verticals), clearly aim individual eyelashes, well facial hair, and some tiny arteries in a sclera of some eyes. I have been pleasantly surprised in a quantity to detail that this lentil rid.

Date the one who economic this lentil is, and that well is, is a subject incredible .
5 / 5
Julio of UPDATE 2018

has has substituted of this lentil with one 14-140 f3.5 II mostly to avert that it has to that it change out of one 45-150 for something wider.

For those considering a movement to a 14-140:
- A 14 lentil is noticeably main that one 45 and while still comfortable in a GX85/GX9, embroiders on when being the tad too big for an organism.
- A stabilizer of power in a lentil does not look to impact a life of battery
- the looks to house to be much more of confidence with one 14 vs. One 45 - so it is a decrease of light action . Neither the lentil is very good indoors but 14 looks to be bit it faster like the specs also would indicate
- a hood in a 14 is much bigger that one 45 to the equal that will require to consider that when dipping he in your stock exchange of camera

then , if you like them to him a row of zoom and hanged/of measure of one 45-150 - the the perhaps taken like the lentil of boxes - but is frustrated in that has to that change lenses for the widest shots, then looks on in a 14-140. Coast more, is quell'has bitten main but will want to no prpers that it has to that concern roughly having a right lentil in a camera - at least while external in good light.

-------------- Update of final -

has taken this in the container with a GX85 for our travesía abroad. Happy has had he for a travesía to compliment a box 12-32 lentils. Looking behind in a 5000+ pics take for far the majority of them was street this lentil and was a lot of entertainment using it. They are not the photographer and no of the sports or fauna and flora, has loved so only something to take our little an and my woman during our travesía.

To That it liked him to it roughly that:

- returns a GX85 quite amiably and give you an additional place to resist a camera while shooting of a grip in this particular organism is not very big.
- With a zoom is able to take people besides natural and frank expressions vs has had to create you near and stick the camera his face. It was able to snap pics of the ours little a touching and spending on that the would not be never able to do saw trying.
- Take the good quantity of background blurs. Any calm really take any bokeh where some background turns to the soft circles but you am able to do your pictures of portrait burst enough the bit to hide roughly of a fund.
- Do reasonably well in a darkness.
- Some helps of hood have comprised to protect a lentil when you are walking roughly with a camera that hangs around the yours with the.

Some things to consider:

- so that it begins in 45mm, can very really take the photo grupal with any width of background or big class unless of the a no the way has retreated
- like this you zoom your picture will take darker as no attended to be able the zoom to the your @@@subject and blur a fund when it begins to darken external.
- Can find that you go to lose some occasions of photos if you are not ready or able to change lenses for the wide plus has shot. We finalise to use our telephones for some shots to group wider.

Has had to them buy my first lentil for a camera the d probably choose on one 14-140mm vs. This one of then with that no calm really has to that treat changing lenses or lose any photo. But I have had already to lentil of boxes - like this our GX85 - then can not imagine no in that has this lentil like an option that hangs occasions of photo familiarised.
4 / 5
Easily to 5 description of star. A hood of the turn of lentil adds and is reversible. If you are having the question that imagines it calm was has to that in the first place take a small coverage with a line in the and expose some edges, then attach a hood. He so only rays on. They are by train to use it On a Panasonic G85 and with a lentil of boxes has found that my images have not been very acute indoors. With this thing can go down an inaugural to the equal that does for pictures more acute a lot in low light. One the majority of obvious drawback is that it calms does not have the zoom, so need to physically move a forward of camera and behind to take material to frame. It was the little hesitant reason this lentil has not had stabilisation, but has found that my video are still roughly like this smooth. My only complaint with this lentil is that a autofocus does not look to react like this quickly when registering video in a Lumix G85.
4 / 5
Has purchased this lentil shortly after his emission and is extremely state pleased with him. I use it on mine Panasonic Lumix GX7 and there was 'glued' to a camera has arrived of then in mailbox of mine the few weeks done. I have loved lentil of zoom that has covered the width to mid-television row that could it external in of the hours of daylight and this a ticks all some boxes. Previously to an emission of a lentil there was an on-line to revise which has indicated that a lentil was soft, but does not see any sweetness, in fact some images have been taking with this all quite acute. To the left I remark me, this in spite of, that does not go to be that it uses this lentil in of the dark conditions (I has a PL 25 1.4 for that), neither are I the using to take photo of wall of brick or maps by heart, but while I maintain an opening around 4-5.6 I can not see a lot of difference among this lentil and an expensive plus, faster Lumix and Leica lenses have. Also, several friends there is remarked as 'good' some images have taken using a look of lentil to them. Quickly it is resulting my preferred, '-he-all' to the lentil and I really can not say anything bad roughly that. If has the m43 the camera would owe that verify this one was.
5 / 5
Hands down, Mine the majority of corduroy of lentil first favourite alone in a phase. Any only is a lot of abordable is for far a more acute lentil and faster could take for a money. This thing is the Bokeh monster and no hanged the tonne. It maintains an organism balanced and no too disproportioned. A low light and qualified of the hour has gilded the the preferred pure. They are the career and gun videographer and have this lentil always in the separate organism and there is has not had never the need of the take was or the transmission was. A video and images these products of the in fact rival lentil my cannon of full frame dips up and has the fraction of a measure and weight. To use a hood of lentil, need to take a protective coverage of an end of a lentil. That can be bit it difficult as it does not have any a lot of room for compraventa in the good grip. There is not any stabilisation in this lentil how is used more quickly, gimbaled or in the tripod of then is like this light. I have bought in fact the second an of these lenses for when I am doing fine it-cam glimpsed of a difference in another lenses is like this. For far mine goto more fav lentil of Panasonic.

Update, liked has bought so much of another (third) so only to match all mine Multicam glimpsed. Be conscious, is shooting Multicam with this lentil and does not have another for another calm organism will remark it big time in estaca.
4 / 5
Value each penny so that it is. So only I am beginning in photograph and videography. They are to good sure any one an expert and I a lot comprehensively revise everything in this lentil. For example, I have not used his autofocus at all reason frankly does not concern me roughly that. I have bought this lentil for video - I has had an idea that would be it well for half to close throw, especially when a subject is to be isolated of a rest of his half. Now that I have it on my camera and I am taking some shots stop, are to add so that it has loved, or at least for some shots of means. It looks to have the quite time very minimum that directs distance like calm can not take súper near. Also they are that it remarks that there is not any way go to escape with using this for video if it is not in the tripod. Without any stabilisation at all in the Lumix G7 organism, practically require it on it tripod so only to take still photos. Any I same thinks it will be usable with external stabilisation , maquinal like the steadicam.

When it Is wide open in f1.7, it Is like this, like this easy to close down home in yours @@@subject and blur was ALL more. It is really perfect to direct in a thing in the scene, which will leave well to some creative shots. Of course, to take external, shots of daylight in f1.7, you will require a ND filter. Further of big f stops, can take pictures very acute by means of a whole frame, while it calms is not too close up of anything.

In general, this lentil is unbeatable to the equal that prepares of normal focal period in his prize. He outperforms his quantity of dollar easily. They are not it adds for each situation and I a lot they was thinks goes to be the add, take all comers lentil that can each one operates. But for his prize and use feigned is the no brainer.
5 / 5
In that has it A lot the time promised of then would take the fast prime (with autofocus) after the few years to use the converted Cannon FD lentil, has been rasgado among a 25mm f1.7 And a Leica f1.4. I have decided that to the discretion is a better part of my stock exchange and has gone with a f1.7 And have it that says was the election adds. While there is has not substituted fully mine 50mm 1.8 like mine favourite lentil, find me with a Lumix 25mm f1.7 In my thicker camera. After the few months to use can say definitively that has take a lot of shots that the suspect would have lost with a lentil of manual house.

Wants to know is in good lentil or no, all has to that do is to see the one who calm often can finds used and so that prize. When I Have been he buys the majority of the tents have not had of the used or, if his , for the little bucks less than new. Cela Would be necessary to say you something. When The people buy it, resist his.
4 / 5
Has taken this lentil with me to a Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic Games of Winter. It was there to look my brother Andy competes; some pictures are of him and his teammate Give slope and after a final of the sprint of some Men of Countries de la Cruz Classical (seating). Yes, thanks to this lentil and a way of explosion in mine Panasonic G7, have a bit ( would say) pictures quite spectacular of my brother that wins the medal of gold in a paralympics.

Material technician: Some shots of action has been shot in 150mm and f5.6 (Wide open), it was hand of perhaps 15-20 feet am gone in good light, with FEELS fully on and the economic CPL returned to resupply protect extra to an advance of element and the help extracted glare of a snow. Some images speak for them, but would say a combination of fast shutter speed and SEATS mine treated like this-so that the camera that technical of boss admirably. While it is not the time there is sealed, has not had any questions with to the condensation or another water ingress during our travesía whole, in spite of rain, snow, and temperatures down 20F. There is probably better lenses there thus type of work, but this one was appropriate perfectly for my needs, and in only $ 150, was a lot the estimativa friendly for one gives support.

Top Customer Reviews: Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
My only complaint is that a SD paper that is coming with a box is not a a pointed in some pictures. But it thinks game a upgrade, Kingston the CLOTH selects 64 másgb 100mb/s Read.
All is gone in the box of boxes, all some components have come with focus of factory and boxes of factory.
A lentil is really acute, am impressed in a quality has compared lentil of mine of boxes. A hard walk was a a pointed in a picute.

But partorisca be sincere is buying this lentil has seen already the Youtube of description or to somewhere more. As I will not annoy writing in the very this lentil is.
4 / 5
To the lentil is very acute, the glass of quality adds like waits of sigma, the house is very fast and attentive ! It is coming container with an outside 1tb hard walk and 64gb paper that is surprising the one who can not use more storage !
5 / 5
The value and the amazing product adds partorisca a prize(SSD and SD PAPER)

Top Customer Reviews: Sony E-mount FE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia My gone the lentil partorisca astrophotography and landscape. I have used so only he partorisca portraits of pair yesterday and loves the too much!

Is acute by means of a whole frame, included in f/1.4 and has any comma at all. Has pixel peeped all a way by means of a frame in mine astrophotography the shots and has been wonderful.
5 / 5
Downloads of authorship: it was out of stock to the equal that have finalised to purchase a lentil of the local retailer that spent to have one has left in stock.

Of the mine in brief that uses this lentil are surprise with an optical quality and measure of this lentil. In the first place it was, a compact measure is really the marvel, although a lentil is lighter that a competition still directs to have the fantastic sense of quality and there is so only quite hefty to feel balanced in mine A7Rii organism. I have used a Sigma 24 1.4 'Art' and is to good sure quite has bitten it heftier and physically main. Directing is fast and attentive, as with all the G Master glass like this far. Also I have a Nikon 24mm 1.4 and a Sony to good sure directs calmer and faster that a Nikon lentil. A Sony the lentil is noticeably smaller also. The quality of image is impressive and a lentil is acute in f1.4 And it directs to have beautiful has included Bokeh when that directs in of the next subjects, some images really have the 3D 'Pop' to them. Speaking of prójimo in leader, this lentil to good sure looks to direct more after my Nikon 24 f1.4! In general this lentil is the fantastic value and has some of a better ergonomics has not used never in the lentil of this measure. Especially a coverage of home that it is fantastic.

Has the so only the smallest pair detractors to a lentil that there is remarked my brief time with him.

- A coverage of the opening in my version is quite difficult to turn and requires enough the bit to force to actuate. This in spite of, this can be on purpose so much to no of active misclicks while operating.

- There is so only quantity of comma and vignetting when used wide open and toawrds the brilliant point of light. My Nikon 24 1.4 also has this @@subject and this can be the limitation with some creations of some inner assemblies of this prime of fast inaugural width lenses.

In general, Another fantastic optic of Sony!
5 / 5
For the long time was atrocious in that lentil has loved to buy for a wider end. It debate among spending of the money in a FAITH 16-35 f/2.8 GM or a f/4 Zeiss lentil. All this time, this in spite of, a 24mm GM was in a backside of my alcohol, and could not taking thinking roughly that sexy the lentil he he.

Taking the 16-35 would be a esafe' election. I required it reason each one which youtube that pause the boss drilled to my boss that would be necessary to take it. I NEED ATHE TRINITY SANTA. Well I, has a Tammy 28-74 f/2.8 and one 100-400GM also, like this the has not been to have never the pertinent saint trinity of lenses in all the chance, as I have decided YOLO and has ordered a 24mm f/1.4 GM instead. They are very happy has done. This lentil is stunning. It is it has left you grieve my camera took it of then.

Is a more acute lentil I own, and a quality of build is surprising and is significantly less expensive of one 16-35GM while when being the wide abundance for my needs. It does not complain calling an audible and that takes this lentil instead. If you are in a fence in this lentil, he. It is the very special lentil .
5 / 5
Has fallen simply enamoured with this lentil. The quality of image adds, beautiful rendering, 3D pop, smooth gradations, sprain acceptably has corrected, Near-on diverse highly has appreciated ; very organic feels. My favourite lentil for my Sony A7III was a 55mm f1.8 Sony/ Zeiss That I still amour. But now, this 24 GM is finding he more attached to a camera that a 55mm. Highly recommended.
So only drawback is his measure (knowing this is mirrorless creation of lentil).
Some images are directly out of a camera. Any one touches-ups of any class. Justo downres
5 / 5
Mina informative favourite lentil for astrophotography!
4 / 5
Are not the professional photographer. Has not founding any question that use this lentil. The quality is well, the measure is small. I will look for to use he for travesía.
5 / 5
Has looked for the small prime for landscape, and walking around. I have averted a GM zooms for sides and weights, but ossia the balance adds of characteristic, and will do the good 35mm lentil in a a7000 not to release it never. (Update) has taken this was for the first travesía with the 16-35 also, and expósito that excepts some very wide shots 24mm has been just right in favour the majority of some landscapes has shot. Even more impressed with this lentil with which more use. When be forced to dip the opening manually apresamiento the small taking used to, and taking changed accidentally once in the moment, but easy to take used to and good works.
4 / 5
Are mainly the Cannon shooter but after buying and trying a lot a fast and wide star lenses for my organism of Cannon, is remained while for something better. One has found more (Tamron 15-30 f/2.8) is the relatively good star lentil with low and wide coma FOV, but has has wanted to really something faster. When I have seen an initial star informs thus Sony 24mm f/1.4 I has known has has had to that the give the whirl, as I have chosen on the A7iii and this lentil and has been using he for several months now. The inferior line is that I am very impressed. A sprain of star is a lot down. It have tried a Sigma Art 20mm f/1.4 and found the unusable but this Sony is like this better. In f/1.4 some far corners have the little bit of comma that can remark you in 100 magnification, but for f/2.0 this has gone essentially. I also like an acuteness, and feel a measure and the weight are exceptional for a quality of image this lentil rids. Still it prefers my Cannon for daytime use (amour an optical viewfinder), but for work at night of wide corner, a Sony A7 + 24mm f/1.4 is my preferred setup
4 / 5
has ordered a lentil on June 13th and received it today July 12th. After the hours of pair that the walk around am enamoured so only with him. They are the photographer of portrait and usually use short television lenses. 105mm Is my gone to. I want a 85mm when I do not have any a lot of room. I decided to defy to learn and grow. As I have ordered this 24mm and the boy cost a wait. The images are like this acute, the colour is surprising and can take add bokeh but sprain very small in some corners. Also my copy no any noise when that directs. This any mine really @@subject of then does not shoot the video but I have read the descriptions that alleges is strong but the mine is absolutely silent. I have done hunting in a dark and any noise. The house is fast and attentive. At least in of the still subjects. Eye AF work perfectly in mine A7iii. People and dogs.
Is my first lentil of G and the construction feels sum. To resist is in a same measure and hanged of mine Zeiss batis 85mm.
Can not expect try the a bit plus and use he for work. To arrive to this point all feels perfect likes any gilipollas.
5 / 5
Finally was available and has jumped in an occasion like this almost each vendor that announces this lentil there went it on rear order for a past 8 month or so much. Like this happy has done. This lentil is all all the world has spoken roughly. Really I need any description has seen or read descriptions in this lentil. Like this far some photos have taken is exited amazing. They are the just amatuer photographer. He partorisca fun and for the hobby and I have taken some courses to have that has weighed I so that it is my way around a camera enough. This in spite of, are still a amatuer and take bad photos more than legislations. This lentil can manage in my level and take decent shots.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony NEW Alpha 7S ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
4 / 5
So only it has taken this there is rid! And a first sew was them partorisca dip it against my FX9.. Filmed some images in backyard; And looking in some files, can no partorisca choose them averts! Still with which grading the!
4 / 5
Ossia A camera that surprised partorisca both video and photograph. I have had this on two shoots of the arrived and am a lot please with quality of image and autofocus. A screen is improved a lot, a viewfinder is fantastic and a quality of video is improved very leading Sony cameras. It does not doubt partorisca use this camera partorisca still photograph, some frames of qualities of the image on partorisca a lower resolution. It is add partorisca superficial depth of portraits of field where the resolution is not like this of entity.
5 / 5
Has the likely reason because it is strongly bragging in a A7siii, and ossia all of some other things that come with this impressive camera. I imagine that one first sew the majority of in will remark them is an ergonomics and quality of build. Both desquels is exceptional. Sony The users will feel house of rights and with some improvements to quickly regulate yours ISO, Opening, and shutter speed.

A system of paper is improved and amiably customizable partorisca dip anything needs to regulate one the majority of, right to a first page. To the left it is not fool ; any of some cameras there have imagined really was like this partorisca do papers that I we happy. A A7siii has not imagined out of a magic formula, but is taking near. They are still partorisca find the complaint, but am resisting rear praise.

Once begin to shoot, so only one the majority of curmudgeon the photographer could not express satisfaction in an industry-main autofocus. If using house of human eye, traditional house, or a further house same of the animal eye has improved, a late plus Sony the technology is an impressive bit of technological magic. A lock in of the subject @of settings leaves me partorisca follow a promise that play partorisca lose a aisle likes raisin a guest and another the one who jumps to a frame. A A7siii claves with his and does not jump to a new and more next object. Sure ossia quite easy during pressing staged in of the manuals, but for some unpredictable one takes situations of the highly advantageous video… .

A lot another standout the advantageous appearances are in some papers by heart, battery, management of hot, and 10 has bitten 4:2:2. The papers by heart are taking types! A lot of the new cameras so only leave the options by heart types. I need the certificate v90 SD paper ($ 100 or like this still 128GB) for a 120fps in some place plus a lot big, but 60fps with excellent 4k and 10-has bitten the quality has been doing perfectly with the @@subject-basement v60 SD paper. This means for more than applications, a A7siii is a better option to maintain the storage costs manageable and reasonable.

The life of battery has been unremarkable, but ossia an improvement because more technology and the question am situated in a camera. For this a life of battery is lasting while typical but taking more out of the each drop and without subjects of heat. Yes, any one subjects of heat in a A7siii. Personally, the majority of my shooting of video is highspeed and in a desert of Phoenix. The pairs of August are in brutal heat. A A7siii has any cure or worry. One heats to warn has been remarked, but this has been, so only the opinion, and ossia in a hot plus of the conditions faced but % of videographers.

An only zone where a A7siii does not shine is in a same zone all of these mirrorless the courts of fall of the cameras (in comparison to DSLRs), photo. Perhaps they are, but DSLRs take pictures of better quality. Although a DSLR the pictures are much harder to obtain because of house and shooting speed when you nail the DSLR the photo is better that the mirrorless. Still, a A7siii is almost guaranteed to take multiple in-of the shots of action of the house.

A A7siii will be my primary camera for a foreseeable future which is likely to be in fact a lot of years to a future.
5 / 5
So that be shooting with on 20 Sony camera in mine lifetime. I multicam shooting with until 8 cameras the time, and background plans of shoots for productions of entertainment together with some doc laws also. It was very excited to begin to use a camera with all a new and has improved characteristic.
Like reason has done this camera sucks for me, a stabilisation of image is mediocre in better, in the side to try lateralmente has done with east and a Panasonic S5, a S5 was clearly better. A whole I what of frame has meant that it has to that buy few papers of storage of the capacity for way more money in planting to be able to use any of some dozens of SDXC papers I already own, again am using 8 cameras the time so much way more cost. Looking in an iconography a Panny S5 10 has bitten L-Gop the same frames in the big motion looked like this well mine very better that this camera.
Compare this to another Sony has used, has found this to be an a bit better A7III. If yours using 8 has bitten 420, both cameras looked near. A stabilisation of mine is poor in both. A noise of BIG ISO in a mine of main end also alike gaze. It is like this camera has ISO really big, but when moving results no like this well likes S5 to see detail in the fastest motion in my side to try lateralmente, in that I sees.
A plus that has found in a S5, but for my needs is not like this of the entity of then enough shoots manual wife in infinity is a AF and viewfinder. A lot good VF and AF. More VF has used in DSLR. But I of uses a LCD screen, a S5 is equal mine.
Like this leaving Sony was WHISTLES he for me, has sold all my glass and organism, 16 organism of glass of camera. Some other cameras have used was a Sony AX53, again one of my upper need is stabilisation, and until now a AX53 with this built in gimbal to the lentil was quite smooth, and partorisca to the infinity of daylight is image is quite good. The smoothest way then a A7III has possessed also. But again a Panny S5 has beaten included this camera in stabilisation.
Like this unless autofocus and spending more the money is your needs , mine a Panasonic S5 excels. Reason, stabilisation, qualified to shoot 10bit 4K in SDXC papers, more economic with good lentil, far regulate jack to control multiple cameras, and happier with an iconography.
5 / 5
Was exited like this to see this camera has announced that has bought he in a same hour that pre-the orders have been alive. I have expected patiently like all the world more so only to receive the copy that consistently randomly has clashed. Has evidence of video that am not left to link here but can be found in a A7SIII subreddit. If I where quite miserable to be registering when an accident would arrive, a whole register would delete his self. I have listened external having some same subjects on some of some groups of Facebook. It would be cautious.
4 / 5
Upgraded Of a APS-C organism to this and I have had he for the few weeks. It is been the curve to learn empinada , but has been that loves some pocolos resulted of a camera already! Capacity read glorious decreases, light, and takes a work done!
5 / 5
Quality of class of main video, almost magic autofocus, excellent managing, capacity read fantastic decreases. They are by train to use it Now like my main hybrid camera, in spite of a lower resolution. Enormous upgrade in a A7Sii, which I also own. Highly recommended can find he - I has had to expect 2 month for mine.
5 / 5
A camera to govern them all perfect in the each way for my needs...
4 / 5
This camera is surprising it videographer/cinematographers sleep. A 10bit the lovely fact to press and colours of appeal.
Clashes Mouf Films
4 / 5
A decision has done better! It does not forget partorisca invest in of the by heart fast papers good and calm is gilded. AWB The characteristic of lock was something has not seen any reviewer to mention. It would appreciate hinge more robust that resist the screen but I can live with that.

Top Customer Reviews: Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The solid piece of crew. Utilisation partorisca my Sony a7III and I Eye of Transports of use-Wife. I have had he partorisca roughly three month now and has has had so only roughly four transport-@@subject of home of then and has been been due to down lighting.

Was once an unhappy man reason can not find a right lentil that has directed the complications in my pair. Never I have bought of this lentil, my world there is brightened on and my way has changed, and this has done my stop of woman that deceives on me, like this finally can create our two edges a right way. Thank you Sigma, has done the better service that calms could imagine.
5 / 5
This lentil is the interpreter . I have it that has not shot never a sony 1.4 but does not seat to like could have $ 700 of improvement in this lentil.
5 / 5
At the beginning was skeptical roughly buying but has known has has loved the 35mm F1.4 For my Sony A7R3. After the long investigation has imagined this would be an option of plus more economic and to the left say me was bad.. This lentil extracted the UPPER NOTCH... Work very fast (any like this quickly like SONY GM lenses) but yes change some reactive settings in yours Sony camera the difference.

This lentil is in my camera 70 of a time when I am shooting chance. They are now spoilt with a F1.4 opening. I refuse to purchase any F4.0 lenses..

Ossia The compraventa wonderful . To good sure recommends.
5 / 5
To to The This lentil likes them all the series of Art renders good-looking images. This in spite of, he no grab wife with a Sony A7riii. I do not know in another Sony camera but 2 out of 10 images so only does not want to take house. I am pressing a key in the stationary the @@subject and a shot will not take taken reason an image is blurry. In a scarce occasion that he grab directs some images are of sound. Like the pro, can not recommend this lentil to any one doing that alive with photograph. It is so only horrible to pull house. It was not if the firmware the update will fix a question but he is not usable how is.
4 / 5
A quality of the build of the product was is when being. Sigma Always resplandor in this zone. A quality of a lentil are also adds. I seat that a lentil is quell'has bitten big and heavy tho.
4 / 5
Are like this disappointed with this lentil. It has wanted to it loves it and it does not have to that spend two times so much in another 35mm lentil. I have had horrible in subject @of leader with this lentil. A lot a time does not approximate, or take much more to direct that mine another lenses. It have done the plot to research first to buy this lentil and has seen some descriptions in a @@subject to direct that some had but there was also so that other descriptions that surprised has decided like this to give comes from it. They are really disappointed this lentil is not exited for me.
4 / 5
Alternative lentil a lot well for Sony users. Very acute and a bokeh is glorious.
4 / 5
I absolutely love this lentil. A quality of some materials is upper notch and is qualified the autofocus like the third lentil of party is in pair with a Sony lenses. A critique so only has is that this lentil is big. If you are looking for the workhorse lentil ossia for you but is loving the walk around lentils could suggest a Zeiss 35mm 2.8.
5 / 5
Acute lentil for a sony and mountain. I have been tired to use the most compressed lentil all a time for portraits has wanted to have the corner the wide plus of view and same light lentil better decrease. Ossia A lentil I really so only give this the 4.5 stars but any option for him. Some subject of house but much smaller. One of a better lentil for a money can buy.
4 / 5
Ossia The fantastic lentil ! It is extremely acute state of f/2.8 on. Some works of house of the car well with a Sony A7III and has experienced subjects of zeros.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony SEL90M28G FE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
I use some of a better glass in a piece... And this Sony the lentil is comparable in the much more expensive Zeiss slow. Sony Has taken this 90mm right of lentils. A Sony SEL90M28G chooses up included some details some fine plus, and left me breathless.

Has used this lentil for the year, and could not find the subject only with him. I add for shots of macro as well as portraits. Predominately Has used this lentil to take the small animals in an approximation for estacionar my house: squirrels, ducklings, swans...

Has attached two photos taken with my Sony AIR ii, that uses this lentil to aim you a capacity to detail that it lines. A compraventa very utmost, and any one lament the.
5 / 5
I possess this lentil although I did not take it thru the amazon since now paste me for North Carolina the state taxes but he are, to good sure a more acute lentil absolute has adapted by my Sony a7 II. Also have one 55 f/1.8, one 70-200 f/4 and one 16-35 f/4. For any doubt quite taking this dulcemente, look closely in a shot of the image has attached that is to say:
5 / 5
Ive Has had only this for the few hours but so far is that it wants to it. This was my first tentativa in exploring photographs of macro - felizmente was snowing when a container came and is gone in my back porch and tried to shoot snowflakes.

Tez Of the quality adds, easy to use manually with the tripod, acute, and excellent images. An image has attached is cut in in 600% of a full photo.
5 / 5
Saint smokes! Some descriptions are IS a more acute FAITH lentil this has used. I possess one 35 and 55 Zeiss primes, a Sony 24-240 zoom and he 150-600 Tamron zoom. I am shooting with a Sony new a7rii and is surprised by his' action also. The measure has adjusted beaks with this 90mm the lentil is so acute like my television beak in 240mm. It IS big and longer that mine 24-240. Too bad any left out of a OSS to save some heft since is superfluous for a a7rii proprietary. Function of macro, control of house and the quota of manual/cart that laws of house of grandson impeccably.
4 / 5
It looks for the lentil for my A6000 that can do add macro while also folding arrives like the lentil of portrait. I will say this: no the thinks could have better fact.

A lentil is INSANELY acute. Some details preserved is incredible. Do 2:1 harvests, even so remained with usable images.

A bokeh is very please. In of the next distances, included in f16, takes the fund blurred amiably, which only melts era.

A pop of colours. I am quite sure some Minolta the magic has been attached in this lentil, so that some colours are very so some utmost Minoltas.

The quality of tez is excellent. It listens very well in a hand, and a push-attraction AF-MF the change is a better can any never have. It IS incredibly intuitive, and VERY USEFUL for work of macro. A control of house and OSS ON/DELS changes am adds also, and truly do this lentil a lot the cosy user. A ribbed the point of home is the pleasure to use , and is damped differently in AF or MF roads. MF The road has hard prisoner in CFD and infinity. It IS technically he directs wire fence, any mechanically coupled, but does not listen this road. I have posed usually my camera in DMF for work of macro, then adjusts home to move among AF and MF seamless.

The house tends to be accurate, but the speed is during a place. With the sake separacide subject backdrop , does not have any subject at all. But without that, has to weaves to hunt, especially in a field of macro. Perversely, A limiter of the house attaches is. You can limit direct so that a slow only hunting in a field of macro, but these low delays direct plot. It has had acquisition of macro faster to direct to pose a field in full.

He still, is slow of macro does not have adds AF in all the case. But a fact that a limiter of the house hurts, more than helps, is troubling.

Has the reasonable quantity to direct to breathe when doing work of macro. He grown to be able to predict it, and any problem me mass.

All has said, if has one And-highland organism and necessity to do work of macro, can any gone bad here, and no only so that that is to say an only legitimate option .
3 / 5
Sper Acute, and add for this willing to use manual house the majority of a time. I have bought this predominately to picture herptiles in SW roads of desert. State using the Cannon 100mm EST MACRO for this purpose but read in an acuteness of easterly an and decided to give it shot it. I direct in snakes often moving and another small herps using the very brilliant headlamp, generally with something autofocus, always with flashing. With a Cannon a house has been to hover-instantaneous--necessary so that a darned critters will not remain still (also why I shy to use manual house). With this macro of Sony, had constant hunting under these conditions (has tried included he in room of hotel lamplight and has taken a same result). You do not import that distance- poses he of the restriction was on, he a same thing by everything means.

Has taken the small tarantula and shots of toad that was very acute, although it directs 'pumped' a whole time but somehow zeroed in in a last so before leaf. A lot other images were unfocused, even so, something that virtually never spent with a macro of Cannon. The house locates a macro of Cannon in my Sony A7RII, using an out-adapter of piece, and a house was in fact faster and more accurate with this setup.

So much in spite of an amazing acuteness of this lentil, and his capacity to take advantage of one 42mp camera of Sony, sadly has to returns. In fact a Cannon is acute abundance so that I in all the case, as even so that disappoints, this was any enormous loss for my work. Your results with this lentil could be very different--know taken informs to sound in general. Only the has not done well enough for the that mark.
5 / 5
Quan Has decided to do a movement in a 2 mark of full generation Sonys (7RII and 7SII) of my Cannon 5D Mk III, has done the clave in dpreview the forum that declares that there is a better (399 dollar) Metabones adapter and would be to use my lenses of Cannon. I have wanted the Sony of First Party SMALL FAITH (Marc Ple) Native lenses that listened it there the people was some better of a bouquet. In spite of some regular responses of bad people, had some very useful people that said to verify of this lentil (FAITH of Sony 90mm) as well as a Sony 55mm FAITH F1.8 it Prepares.

This was excellent council and I totally ecstatic with both lenses. Thanks to a council of some 'good people' in his forums of Sony of HAS BOUGHT dulcemente two of his acute plus lenses concealed does not have a autofocus problems to hunt or lack of acuteness that some of some another is informed to have.

I slow of Macro of own Cannon in the similar mm and was very happy with some functions of Macro as well as a fact done a lentil of excellent portrait. (Good For the effect of the light compression in affronts that same people very thin enjoys, only does very better world-wide looks).

IS very happy with so much and would recommend the in any one concealed is the estimativa comprises the.
5 / 5
It has Had this lentil during several weeks now. Been impressed repeatedly for his acuteness. An acuteness marvel me I ought to be updating roughly of my lentsde period more focal down.

Some controls of lentils (Car-direct against. Manual house; lock of house; Car-field of house [Cut only, Everything, or Very time in meso]; and manual house) is each easy to take in and to take.

Has debated if that spends this a lot of in the fact of sense of the lentil for me so that it is one gives support . This lentil is money is very past.
5 / 5
The words are not enough to express my joy with this lentil. It IS simply a more acute lentil I own and a bokeh in macro the distances are simply butter. Work very also like the lentil of portrait, but does not go you to give a better bokeh, is well but can not compete with one Beats f1.8 And a Sony nine 1.4.

For AF use this and one 28mm for 90% of my shooting.
5 / 5
Spectacular! The May would know You this is not the lentil of Master Series.

+ The quality of tez is glorious
+ right of house of Adjustable field in a lentil for easy and the fast that the house accelerates
+ Solid and sure connection in an organism of camera
+ 90mm is perfect focal period for photographs of macro
+ Tack-acute verge in verge
+ Fast 2.8 inaugural

- A bit very time and heavy when matched in the Sony A6000/6300/6500

Top Customer Reviews: Fujinon XF35mmF2 R ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
To the left it is partorisca take this out of a way, in the first place - This lentil is so only 13 lighter of grams that a F1.4. It is 5MM shorter. So you are looking for this strictly because it is the lightest lentil and shorter , a lot - EAST, but a lot significantly. This be has said, a lentil is balanced much better that a front-heavy F1.4 - Like this escome' the lighter when I have taken like the full container, at least with a X-T1. As any fool calms partorisca think that has measure and of the significant weights to the reductions likes them to them calm would see in the lentil of pancake, reason really does not have . Ossia In no way the mark against this lentil, but know that a lot they are looking to this partorisca some purposes of esduction of weighed - will feel It lighter reason is better balanced, but 13 grams is insignificant in a global container - arrived partorisca be 2 light more in general with a X-T1.

While you are not looking for the miracle there, this would have to that be yours lentil of election in a 35mm F1.4 Unless calm for real require an extra stop of light - thinks calm , but calm is not sure, then calms probably a lot - partorisca several reasons:

- is more economic. A 35MM F1.4 looks Well in of the available prices now was, but ossia so only reason a F2 R WR is newer. A prize will fall more. Ossia The small point , reason any one has taken the fuji partorisca save money.
- Is resistant time. I live the Seattle, and wants to something can take to inclement time and any to concern roughly. A 16mm and 18-135MM has both fact I a lot have- to the respect taken both am gone in wet time (and next waterfalls, etc) and has had subjects of zeros. This would have to that be resembled a 16MM and upper to a 18-135MM to the respect. Fuji WR The system is very very tried to arrive to this point. They will not announce it never like this waterproof, reasons any costruttore of the really done camera, but is roughly like this near like calm practically can take to arrive to this point. Still not to submerge it , ossia so only common sense, but there is any need to be fearful of time.
- LOOKS to direct more afterwards. This can be divisado , as according to specs, a F1.4 house 7 more next CM. The conceals can be a chance , but to the looks like that seldom never spent, has included deliberately in of macro way (which is purportedly no longer required with a X-T1). It is something has thought always was really nettling with a F1.4 - And the enormous point in favour partorisca east, he abundance like this had of the time could not direct anywhere approximations like this near to the equal that have loved with a F1.4. This can not match technical specs, can be be include the glitch with my F1.4. Ossia 100 subjective, and is mostly the subject of my own perception.
- Directs a lot, much faster, but more importantly, does not have any house hunts is - L the just locks direct immediately, with losing to be VERY SCARCE, and usually because of error of operator or limits of a camera. An action of global house like fast like calm reasonably can expect for the lentil in this era, and leaves an old 1.4 in a powder.

Entirely substitutes a F1.4? For more than people, would guess yes. There is the sure mindset that has to have you a possible main opening for the focal period, and has another flu concealed that ossia really the F3 equivalen - These are in big course of the irrelevant subjects, and a type that typically comes with or advantages to bad chances of yndrome of acquisition of the train.' It is true that this any left in so much light. Cela Can affect you when you are shooting in poor lighting in low ISO. Those are also some same chances that really require any to operate slow, and house manually, and really take his time with has shots. If you are a class of photographer that reads a lot of dulcemente and deliberately, and already the 35MM F1.4, An only reason to take this lentil would be is running to approach in subject @of leader, or is concerned roughly control of time. For more than people, a F2 will result in of the most acute images (because of a depth augmented of field more so much of a lentil), and better global usability - has he casualidad that the shots of action will be blurrier or that will blur you bit it more been due to sobresalto hand-held in of the slowest speeds, but ossia to a large extent offset for a difficulty to go in-shots of house in F1.4.

Does not go to take to some of a pixel-peeping the details that considers acuteness, etc - has other resources that can do this better that have beaten. They are quite happy with this like this far, but is also really unsurprising like each so only Fuji the lentil is optically excellent. If your images are not acute, a first place the look is in your technician. Pursuing the acuteness has seen lenses achieves to diminish returns a lot quickly, and is easy to begin to estimate lenses has based on some technical quality ossia so only really observable has controlled conditions. I speak of experience, as I am gone down that subjects in a past. It does not take any lentil in another based in technical tests. It marks an election has based in that calm uses it. For more than people, this election would owe that be this lentil .

Finally, if to liked the always a X100 of serious, but felt that it was too wide and has deserved the 35MM equivalent, this lentil will dip you more afterwards to this that anything more in of the terms of action of home, managing, and global quality. It is still nowhere approach one same in of the terms of prójimos-house and global measure - A global container still will be two times like this long. Like this again, it does not expect miracles there.

This lentil is an excellent interpreter , and would have to that be part of Fuji X shooters box. For any new the Fuji X system, this would have to that be a first compraventa of lentil . For those of us those who have been using a system for the moment, if calm found you frustrated with some of some limitations of a F1.4 In of the terms to manage and action of home, then highly recommend give this lentil tries it. It has substituted a F1.4 In the each way for me. In another hand, if you are perfectly happy state with a F1.4, An only reason to look in this would be for control of time - and so only after being very sincere with calm so that to if I require it. Both lenses is excellent elections, and Fuji X photographer would owe that have one of them. It notes that has said a - I can not think of any valid reason to have both. If has some VERY concrete use chance, perhaps calm , but calm already would know has required both in this chance. If you are by train to ask need both and for real is not sure, then a response is no.
5 / 5
I recently deserted to Fujifilm of the cannon and are sooo happy has done. I love a compact measure of everything in Fuji the line and this lentil is any exception. This little lentil can return in the pocket of discharge but does not leave his measure fool you. It packs To good punch and is easily one of a better lenses has not used never

CONSTRUCTION: A construction of this lentil is upper notch. It is like this refreshing to see camera lenses when be fact of METAL, to to any plastic likes almost of everything of Cannon lenses. Mina inclusa $ 700 Cannon macro to the lentil is plastic! A time that focus this lentil has the fact to lentil very attractive for any concealed precise to do alfresco like photographers of landscape. Whe paired Over time the organism of camera sealed, has the sum of external box. It has to that build very solid and an arrival is smooth and feels to surprise.

OPERABILITY: This lentil' autofocus the engine is not quickly of only lightning and extremely attentive but is also almost entirely silent. Calm basically require dipped a legislation of lentil until your ear to listen it and has included then is very calm. Some houses and the inaugural coverage is both buttery smooth. A 35mm focal period (50mm equivalent of full frame) done this versatile lentil and the good election for different photographic applications a lot that portraiture and included some landscape.

QUALITY of IMAGE: for the 35mm focal period, has beautiful bokeh thanks to a width f/2 opening. This also the fact the good election for decrease of light photograph. It is not quite like this width like his f/1.4 prime but certainly can resist his own less than perfect lighting conditions. Has colour and reproduction of contrast exceptional also. Some pictures comprised have been taken directly out of camera and has shot wide open in f/2 to illustrate an acuteness in a foreground and a pleasant blur in a fund

IN GENERAL: I can not say quite a lot of good thing in this lentil. Honradamente Can not find a bad thing to say roughly that. It is compact and light, has the construction of durable metal, is the time there is sealed, acute like the tac with creamy bokeh in f/2, silent, quickly, and attentive autofocus, and is the averages a cost of the his f/1.4 prime that lacking in almost all has mentioned so only. Also like the note of some few things that Fuji comprises with his lenses that a lot other costruttrici a lot, like the stock exchange of lentil and the hood of lentil. With Cannon, both of those is the additional cost has separated to a client. As it thanks Fuji to comprise these things for free. It means to plot like the client and says to plot in Fujifilm company.
5 / 5
So only has taken this lentil of money yesterday on 5/26. I have shot some photos with him. A house is in fact faster that an old plus 35mm f1.4 In a x-t1. In good light, does not hunt at all. Surer in his lock and entirely silent. I have been going back and advances among zone and aim alone wife - both look snappy in his lock and the decision that does.

Finds a build to be excellent. An inaugural coverage is dampened well but still smooth, like an old takumar inaugural coverage. Turning a coverage of manual house is very smooth also.

To the acuteness Finds to be identical in next row. A difference is in a zone of house of the infinity. I always found an old plus 35mm was bit it soft shooting any objects on 30 ft was - could be so only be my copy. But this new plus 35mm is to good sure more acute at all start in of the longest rows.

And in chances if any one is curious. A lentil of money in the black x-t1 looks quite good.

On-all, highly recommends this lentil based in the few hours to shoot. And with a low prize now, his a lot of value he.

Up to date june 10th

has added some photos have taken with a lentil. Extracted adds like a daily purpose, general lentil.
4 / 5
Probably lentil of mine more used included although it is not the focal period I thick use. 50mm He equivalen for me is generally the bit anxiety the walk around lentils. It is it adds for the portraits/of full organism means. With this said, has finalised to use this lentil in all the chance like the walk around lentils because it was a better that has has had to that do with. It was neither this or mine Samyang 12mm.

Quality of image: 10/10
Some images absolutely are STUNNING. I will attach some images for you to see. In of the lovely terms, ossia probably your more estimated lentil.

Wife: 9/10 for my uses. I have not had any question with a AF with my uses. Occasionally it hunts in of the decreases of situations read, but is not to treat it big. It is not to like go to use this lentil to shoot action/of sport or fauna and flora in all the chance.

Build: 10/10 it Is light. Meaning you would expect it to be cheaply has built. But it is not . It is light and DENSE. So only it feels really well in some hands. Some houses and the inaugural coverages am very smooth and feels small. But that can expect it of the tiny little lentil?
4 / 5
Ossia Prime minister of mine Fuji prime. First of this lentil is an incredible value . It is done in Giappone, the metal and the time there is sealed. They are the Cannon 5dMkIII shooter and relatively new to Fuji but a quality of the build and the resultant images are near of L glass of series. Any sure which Fuji he but am sure a prize of this glass will locate of an introductory $ 399.

Has bought a XT1 like the compact alternative time resistant to complete mine SLRs and this really done lentil a XT resplandor of system. It looks to stress all some positive: it is relatively small that maintains a compact system and balanced while maintaining a time that focus. Work a lot well in low light and negates some of a house lag of a xt1 (compared to a SLR). I have taken some shots of low light museum and some of mine active toddler indoors and the images exit acute with abonos bokeh. To the lentil adds.

does not like me a ray in hood of plastic lentil that is coming with this lentil and has finalised to substitute he with a metal Fuji Version. There is remarked also that this lentil goes on sale for $ 299 the little time I year. I thought that it that it has been it treats it well in 399... In 299 it is the must compraventa.
4 / 5
UPDATE 9/3/2019:
has given this lentil another test after having sucedido with another 'Fujicron' copies that has been Done in Giappone. Sometime pending or with which 2017, Fujifilm the production moved of this lentil to some the Filippine and gave it the number of new product. It can have had the silent update to a lentil also but can not confirm sure.

That knows is an old plus soyade in Giappone' the version extracted the little has bitten better. Investigation be built better optically and the shows less was-sweetness to centre as well as less decentering. Some corners are still very utmost everywhere but is very better, and for f/5.6 an image is very acute by means of a frame. To the acuteness Of centre is always adds and still shows that odd effect among f/2.8 and f/4 where a midframe taking never like this slightly softer how is prendido down. I have decided that remain with this 2nd copy, loves a contrasty rendering these tests of lentil - agree me to plot of the mine old Contax Zeiss lenses.

ORIGINAL description:
PROS: Súper acute in a centre and taking even more acute in a centre in of the smallest start. Excellent contrasty rendering! Fast and silent AF engine. Petit, light, and has built well. Has the good smooth bokeh character. The tolerance adds to flaring and ghosting.

GILIPOLLAS: A lot of vignetting and sprain in of the raw files. Bokeh Can sometimes coverages of onion of the show. The flanges and the corners do not take never acute, in fact worsen like the inaugural is closed down. Besides, a centrical circle of big resolution reduces in place of bigger like the inaugural is closed. Ossia Opposite of the each one another lentil has possessed. The multiple tests to do sure did not drive mad me but ossia like a lentil extracted. A description on in Lenstip confirmation this behaviour.

CONCLUSION: material Fuji has sacrificed the little too much to do this lentil like small like east. A need of optics to be main/different the account for a loss of resolution in some flanges. Any quantity was the pocola main , more like measure of a 23mm f/2, yes means to take a lentil to stress on properly. This lentil was almost the winner for me.... I will stick with a f/1.4 version of then does not have subject with acuteness/of flange of the corner.
5 / 5
Consider this to be to lentil of five stars, but are by train of the give four reason one first copy has received was faulty. A coverage of the opening in a first lentil has done the species that scrapes noise and not having prendido in some finals of a row to the equal that have to that have. To the amazon has sent the copy of substitution of mine without @@subject and a second a has has not had questions.

Has compared the equivalent 35mm and 50mm lenses has used of Cannon, Nikon, and Sigma, has found a quality of image to be comparable (i.et. Excellent, likes more fijamente lenses of reputable costruttrici), a quality to build to be upper (build of metal, with the coverage of smooth house and the pleasantly clicky inaugural coverage), a measure to be more compact and better adapted of smaller mirrorless organism, and a prize to be slightly big (is not hard to find a f1.4 lentils for the comparable prize in other systems). A house is quickly. In general, done for the highly portable container that the chair adds and images of the products of qualities adds, and I the maintenances in my camera the majority of a time.
4 / 5
Has taken this with mine XT-10 likes part of the container. Entirely I has a XC 16-50mm, XF 16mm, and XF 90mm. So much, I am invested enough and no fearful to invest in Fuji X like my main program. This has said, this XF 35mm see is more use that any one another lentil has. His fast, small, light, and correctly partorisca frame every day shots - no too wide, no too tight, so only perfect. His also extremely abordable that it considers a quality that dared that it concerns in my stock exchange or has joined everywhere go, each day only. If his fraction or flown, his does not treat it enormous. Some other primes am near $ 1000 each one which so and take the phenomenal photos but they have his very concrete place and take the creatures enough bit it more. A XC is a lot to lentil of boxes and fulfilling little use for him given his poor action in anything but perfect conditions. All this to say, if so only buy some lentils, ossia the mine chooses. If precise chooses so only a prime minister to walk around with, ossia my choose. They are sure one slightly version more expensive is each one has bitten like good.
5 / 5
Amazing clarity, ultra quickly that directs and light action utmost drop with minimum noise. I have bought this with which some descriptions was all positive and has imagined them he couldnt hurt. A lentil has been glued mine XT10 and hasnt is exited. I have done the few shoots with this lentil and has received incredible images. Esees Been uploading my work to 500px paralizaciones more the samples that comprises portrayed.
5 / 5
Lentil of excellent quality that of the acute images. Petit, light and add for portraits or low light. The decent fund blurs and bokeh. Autofocus Is quickly. They are happy took it. When I Shoot cameras of full frame 50mm is mine beans focal period so that it is to say enough a same perspective. Mina of breaking Nikon 50mm lentil? Any and I wasnt the waiting for. Yeah A f/1.4 lentils will give you the few improvements blur and be the little better in low light, but has loved lighter of lentil in mine X-T20 and has not wanted to spend more $ $ . Utilisation Fuji for newspaper and travesía, like this the lentil is perfet for that. I have been the pro photographer for 16 years and I to good sure recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: Tamron 28-75mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 54 ratings
5 / 5
Plea of authorship: they are the enthusiast of photograph , no the professional. And utilisation a Sony a7iii organism.

- excellent (fast and attentive) autofocus in pair with native Sony lentil (duquel has used diverse). The works add with continuous autofocus - mine 3 old year has dipped he by means of his steps indoors.
- Light
- moisture that resists
- the clave controls very very (the yours the images do not take that annoying haze when you take pictures in of the sunny days facing a sun - and is corrected easily in estaca).
- Paint a lot a lot of rendition.
- A lot of very was contrast of camera
- ridiculously acute (especially in a centre, quite acute in some corners, the utmost acuteness for everything leaves row).
- An of some smaller zooms. So only a Sony Zeiss 24-70f4 is smaller.
- f2.8 inaugural leaves constants for good headshots/portraits in 75mm and utmost light gathering in 28mm
- good bokeh

- the wee has bitten long. Any for real discreet.
- The coverage of zoom is revoked of coverage of house. It feels odd. But if ossia yours first lentil , any increasing. And after the moment of only that use this lentil, does not import

- quality of build. I think that that it looks and it feels well. Nowhere it approaches like this as well as the majority of Sony Zeiss lenses. Some pros does not like a plasticky feels. But for my purposes (the interiors of familiarised and external photos, travesía/vacacional and just daily life) is the upper notch .

Resumid: Excellent all around lentils for any amateur or enthusiastic while it calms do not require anything wider or longer.
5 / 5
This lentil literally does not leave never my camera. It is PERFECT for any how precise shoot!! They are the photographer of travelling pair and more often that it does not shoot a whole session in these some lentils so only. It is hella crisp, fast to direct, has built extremely with materials of qualities, and the time there is sealed. That more can ask?! In 2.8 the still bosses down light quite well, but precise more probably to burst in the flash yes feign use this for the reception or another darkly has lit chance. If you are shooting alfresco, then ossia delivery down yours go it lentil. A bokeh is beautiful also. Gosh darn Is so only perfect and calm would be necessary to buy it and experience one magic calm.
5 / 5
Autofocus Is súper quickly has has not run to any subjects that like this never! On side & of video of the photo. I took it of then he the week. It is very light compared to a 24-70 (GM) Tamron has announced of the firmware the update that comes a lot prompt so that they are having subject with a house of car in the way of video give the peace of imports to know is on him. It does not complain doing this compraventa.. First time Tamron client and here to remain ..
5 / 5
It is this lentil like acute likes 24-70 GM? No, but hardly impose you when it is roughly 95 in 1/3 of a cost. This lentil is also for the half a weight how is much more tolerable to spend around for has has extended periods of time. To good sure value of the money.
5 / 5
This lentil is like this awesome. I use it on mine A7iii. Utilisation more than any of mine another lenses. Of course, each lentil has the time and place for his better use, but these some stays in my camera 80 of a time. It does not think never roughly yes to dip he in a stock exchange. It is always in a stock exchange. Heck, so only leaves it on a box of camera I absolutely require transmission lenses. It is one the majority of versatile lentil has been due to a focal period, measure and hanged, opening, and acuteness. I can spend my camera one there is rid the majority of a time without @@tiredness.

Loves this lentil, included if it do not think to do.
5 / 5
It was quite lucky to take Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 it Takes Sony Fullframe And-mountain, which has been he / is constraint of global supply. They are 100 satisfied with his picture and quality of video. Any underestimate his macro characteristic of lentil also. With Macro Capacity, this lentil do fault for a lot of different purpose - portrait, landscape, and macro. Shopping so only this lentil in planting to buy multiple lenses especially with this prize. Ossia The must -have.
5 / 5
has verified all a youtube video in this first lentil to do my compraventa. They are extremely happy with this lentil and slowly on taking a 17-28mm once sell all my cannon lenses. Swipe with the Sony A7II and tired to use Cannon lenses with the sigma mc-11 adapters. Some Sony the characteristic no such Eye AF, included wide metering. A camera so only would hunt unless you have changed a metering way to centre or something flexible. As I have decided to invest in the lentil of quality that would leave me to use all Sony feautures but in the prize abordable. When I Say abordable means them compared the Sony prize. I possess the Sony 28mm f2.8, Rokinon 35mm f2.8 And a cannon 24-105mm. I have bought a Tamron 28-75mm to substitute all these lenses.
Am impressed like this with a quality of one all pics. Also I take the portraits and calm can see one everything of some details in the skin of person and clothes. My friends in timing ask to loan them lentil of mine while we are shooting models. They maintain to say I needs to buy this lentil. It likes-it join me row that give because shots cityscape, photograph callejera and the portraits and I can do it everything with this lentil. Any ache more behind to spend multiple lenses and adapters.
Ossia The good investment . To see recent samples of pics took with a Tamron 28-75mm mine of only recognition instagrams pages under
musicman33us - Cityscape, photographs callejera
Portraits: portrayed_of rays_nyc
5 / 5
This lentil is like this acute and has good-looking colours out of camera. This lentil is a necessary improvement to a lack luster lentil of boxes (this lentil is like this soft and some images are to dull out of cameras). One the majority recently shipment of this lentil comes with version 2 preinstalled so it does not have some subjects to direct that it was has documented previously.
5 / 5
To the lentil still suffers to direct @@subject in way of video, included with which upgrading firmware to V3. Starts of video and lentil, if it was out of home, unable to obtain direct any subject where calm signals it, unless it press shutter key during a video. Cara more tests and continuous , was returned.

The video attached tip a subject. Also one same raisin in explosion of way.
Another @@subject - takes several turns (more than 270 terracing) of a coverage of home to direct of min to max. It classifies of useless using in gimbal with engine of house.
1 / 5
Plea of authorship: they are the enthusiast of photograph , no the professional. And utilisation a Sony a7iii organism.

- excellent (fast and attentive) autofocus in pair with native Sony lentil (duquel has used diverse). The works add with continuous autofocus - mine 3 old year has dipped he by means of his steps indoors.
- Light
- moisture that resists
- the clave controls very very (the yours the images do not take that annoying haze when you take pictures in of the sunny days facing a sun - and is corrected easily in estaca).
- Paint a lot a lot of rendition.
- A lot of very was contrast of camera
- ridiculously acute (especially in a centre, quite acute in some corners, the utmost acuteness for everything leaves row).
- An of some smaller zooms. So only a Sony Zeiss 24-70f4 is smaller.
- f2.8 inaugural leaves constants for good headshots/portraits in 75mm and utmost light gathering in 28mm
- good bokeh

- the wee has bitten long. Any for real discreet.
- The coverage of zoom is revoked of coverage of house. It feels odd. But if ossia yours first lentil , will not import . And after the moment of only that use this lentil, does not import

- quality of build. I think that that it looks and it feels well. Nowhere it approaches like this as well as the majority of Sony Zeiss lenses. Some pros does not like a plasticky feels. But for my purposes (the interiors of familiarised and external photos, travesía/vacacional and just daily life) is the upper notch .

Resumid: Excellent all around lentils for any amateur or enthusiastic while it calms do not require anything wider or longer.

Top Customer Reviews: VILTROX 23mm f/1.4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5
I possess a 85mm f1.8 viltrox Partorisca fujifilm and this company has obtained my confidence, now having the 23mm f1.4 I are transmission. I see some improvements required but hey partorisca this prize with house of special added car? You are kidding me? Thank you viltrox! Shot all these images of the dog partorisca the work has done today and some clients are pleased. It is acute in f2.8 And and in 1.4 one funds blurs is delicious. Any clicking his in an opening that it sees that it will be súper useful partorisca video also. Also I love a hood added and said, a unboxing was a lot of pleasing hehehe. Maintaining 2 gilipollas partorisca me, the next distance is minimum May . It does not annoy me like my fujifilm 23mm f2 the lil better but same work And in video, directs partorisca hunt. Like this odd that in the photo is perfect! It is useful partorisca video this in spite of ask ? I say hell yes! Quality partorisca build vs images of a lentil? Perfecto! It looks a lentil can take has beaten the. As any questions so only ask and will say you more but would not doubt , extracted like this has to that it arrest him is prize ! Partorisca More pics of my work check was to give the thank you partorisca read my description and I expect the helps decide to take this lentil partorisca all my Fuji fans the one who in fact needs the lentil of estimativa with inaugural acuteness and glorious average. PS. It is not the time there is sealed.
5 / 5
I the majority of my photograph neither with the 23mm or 35 mm equivalent - in a past with Sony a7iii and now with the Fujifilm XT3. I have moved in Fuji world because it was dissatisfied particularly with th 35mm Sonny has opted the world offered. So much, I have begun with a 23mm /f2 Fujinon (ossia 35mm equivalent). It has not been like this acute likes 16mm/f2, especially in next distance. In long distance, he also distinguished, in my opinion, low action regulating. I have not bought Never a Fujinon 23mm/f1.4 Reason some descriptions have indicated so only the small improvement in both short and long distances acuteness. All the descriptions were excellent, in another hand, when that speaks in 16mm/f2 and especially in a Fujinon 16mm/f1.4, which is mine all-time preferred now and seldom leaves a lot of camera. When it Leaves, surprisingly enough, it is for a Viltrox 23mm/f1.4. I find it acute, responsive, endowed with the delicate tonality, soft that renders some vivid colours still subtiles. Especially it likes for portraits. A bokeh is not to perfect but does a work. And that it is more crucial, some faces and especially some eyes are taken precisely was in of the dark conditions. It was first sceptic because of his fact-in-character of Cina and his relatively economic prize, but a month or has to that way that be when using, have so only positive things to say roughly that. With my Fujinon 16mm/f1.4 , A Viltrox 23mm/1.4 goes everywhere go.
4 / 5
This lentil extracted BETTER that my EXPENSIVE native Fuji lenses. Wonderful 1.4 opening for cinematic bokah, adds autofocus and down $ 400!

Viltrox, Please do the 16mm 1.4 for X-locate after, and will be put!

Viltrox Exiting with ABORDABLE lenses with the start like this is the transmission of game. An ONLY thing I HATE in Fuji XT30 is a lack of ABORDABLE lenses. Fuji Loves an arm and the leg for his F1.8 lenses. Any one I still thinks offered F1.4 In anything.

Mina $ 1000 56mm Fuji Lentil, hunting and breathes way more than of the this And does the tonne of noise of house. This Viltrox is calm and soften with far less hunting and respite. I am impressed like this with this lentil. Viltrox Can do a Sigma of Fuji.
5 / 5
Wow I am happy has bought this lentil. Leo And has looked another revises and has taken the casualidad. Sound the a lot of the lentil has built , acute with adding AF. The works add for video & of photos. I think that that I go to sell Fuji 23mm lentil.

My fund is that I have had the company of photograph for 17 years, I shoot with Nikon camera of full frame & lenses. To travel & every day I a lot quite brotáis w/ Fuji mirrorless system. They are, entertainment, light and love a look to film directly out of a camera.

Has shot with really good Nikon and Fuji the glass and I can say that this lentil the very good value. I have paid more than double for lenses that arent the like this good averages. An only negatives like another has mentioned is a distance of minimum house could be better (likes 15.7”) & there is roughly vignetting in of the main start. Both of these subjects are easy to treat. In fact it likes me vignetting sometimes. Calm also can take easily in Photoshop or LR.

A positive is acute photos, utmost out of zones of home, subject @of selection, quickly attentive & autofocus for photo and video, calm AF, the quality of build adds and light action excellent decrease. A 23mm (35mm equiv) is the focal period adds also. It is it adds for landscapes, walk around/ travesía, wide portraits , cars, action of music, video, vlogging and more. Partorisca Around $ 300 sound flies it! Probably they are that it goes to now buy a Viltrox 85mm 1.8 which has received a lot of good descriptions also. Well he Viltrox. Finally to 3rd party that gives an a lot of up for Fuji! I can not expect see the one who more start with.
5 / 5
Here was, ready to pull a trigger on buying Fuji 23 F2, when have remarked a Viltrox 23 F1.4. After doing my planned diligence and researching different descriptions, has thought, reasons any one? If it has not lived until a hype, always could returns. Well, the short long history, are by train of the maintain! It is tack acute, with the colour adds rendition. Sure, has the bit of chromatic aberration, and vignetting has shot wide open, but has had another, much more expensive lenses this there has been these smaller subjects was. A Bokeh is not bad neither. In fact, I have bought this to pair with Fuji F1.2 For photo of portrait. It is a lot this in spite of more this in spite of. And a autofocus law perfectly in mine X-T2. An only thing that takes used to of the one of the east a clickless start, is easy to change he for accident. Calm so only has to that be mindful of the yours f-stop, and you really so only loves the shoot wide open to take a maximum bokeh, the piece of gaffers the tape will maintain an inaugural coverage where calm the want. I mention it is all the construction of metal , comprising a hood of lentil?

Wishes Fuji 23 F1.4, But it can not resupply a prize, gives a Viltrox 23 F1.4 it tries it. I will bet you it will be pleasantly he surprised it.
4 / 5
Look, can not resupply a XF23mm 1.4. So only I can no. And a XF23mm f2 is quite soft to my eyes and disappointed me on a lot of occasions. So many when I have listened in a Viltrox taking informs of sound, has chosen an on I. For my fashion to shoot, so only is like this fantastic on like this levels.

There is CA and vignetting subject? Yes. It is those easily fixable? Yes. Need inclusa calm to fix them? Nah, A vignetting the mine is in fact enough fill of character.

This lentil has character. In a same way that to the plot of people has said a XF35mm f1.4 Has 'character' and soyagic'. It is to the lentil adds .

More than everything? $ 329 it Is insane for this lentil. That the value.

Is now permanently fixed to the mine X-T3.
4 / 5
To lentil of estimativa adds. A question a big plus has had with era a minimum of focal period . This can not be yours only lentil like this often calms will not be able to take quite near of your subject. I require at least 12 thumbs. Quality of build A lot solid this in spite of.
5 / 5
A lot so only was this one of some premiers few pictures have taken with this lentil;
has not done so only an all the construction of metal and hood of the lentil of metal has comprised thoroughly impress me;
has not done so only this lentil takes material in my cat eyeball that looks an unlikely distance ;
He this in 4k video.

Absolute 5 stars. It would buy this for people that has Fujis this in spite of so only swear for Fuji Glass. The low light video incredible. 0 gilipollas. Has like this far taken roughly 10 hours of video, and perhaps roughly 500 pictures of it compraventa this lentil done roughly 2 weeks. I have maintained a box this in spite of to maintain lentil of mine of original box.

Does not have any one has thought that that am doing.

Everything of some looks of stupid mundane things has been done in the shoot of professional photo. A video has comprised is meant to aim of one the quality of a video, but also that noise of a car-house.

Uses to shotgun mic with the 1/4' to 1/8' adapter jack the camera to register reason do not owe that sync an audio and video later and am too lazy to applause my hands every time try to register anything. It is extra eq, more battery, more bosses, another adapter, but, for me, using to shotgun mic is so only better. They are too old to learn alchemy of parametric bow.

Modify: First time that dips video to a description of Amazon. It has not been conscious has compress a video with whale carcasses.
4 / 5
Ossia One first first lentil I never bought and is surprisingly well for photo. It has not been that compares personally in Fuji equivalen, but all some descriptions have seen has said is like this good or better that he.

For video, is the bit to annoy to use leave a camera in inaugural of car or shutter speed because it is quite noisy when changing. Also, for the video could not recommend this lentil because when that goes of light the dark scenes, calms that can see giving an a lot of on and down and does not look the smooth transition. Perhaps they can fix this in him firmware update.

For a prize this in spite of, this lentil is sum for a 23mm focal period and can resist his own against Fuji 23mm. For now, it would say to buy he for photo, but any video until they dip commanded an opening that the transmissions subjects otherwise stay in full manual control.
4 / 5
This lentil has surpassed my expectations. House of car is a lot quickly, although it is not a calm plus. A coverage of coverage and opening manual house is a lot smooth and precise. A quality of image is a lot good and is a lot acute. A lentil and the materials of hood celery quality a lot good. In general I am very satisfied with this lentil and a better thing is his prize.

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