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Top Customer Reviews: AT&T Prepaid - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Yvette
This telephone is an excellent telephone partorisca his estimativa. It does more than that I thought it would do. Enough quickly in speed. An only thing the the aversion in this telephone is a camera. Of course for a prize a camera isnt that adds but takes good pictures inside light. I love my telephone. A life of the battery also goes down quite quickly but with a way of saver of the can turned in his tends to save tonnes of juice. I am thinking roughly buying another telephone like this for my mamma. They have come by means of with this telephone of estimativa down of big efficiency. Thank you samsung.
5 / 5 By Lorilee
The telephone adds ! It can take it has beaten the and a hard battery 24 hours with heavy texting but youtube the will drain after the hours of pair. I have fallen this telephone 2 times on he foundation and has had any harm. It has fallen also he in of waters he 3 times for roughly 10 dry. And it was well. Have Never break the telephone but has not beaten never in the telephone like this any and he still works and looks new :)
4 / 5 By Clair
has had to them trade in my toe on causes of telephone the stray signal.S Are the newbie to no of toe on telephones. These telephones he the easy fact cruise it by means of some applications. Although the the use to text and of the calls of telephone, pics until Instagram. That enough for me like this can them result easily intoxicated to some means comunicacionales social. hubby And the family is happy the upgrade has read complaints in a camera. It has Found to take add pics. Able to snap the pic of a full moon of mine out of having quite GB although the does not import to buy big recommends...
5 / 5 By Sigrid
The friendly user like this a lot Samsung the user would expect. It liked so much of that has bought the second a for my mamma! So only the fast memory that this telephone is not to water resistant.
4 / 5 By Margarito
The telephone adds
5 / 5 By Kera
good telephone for a money. I have added the 64GB paper for storage
5 / 5 By Mana
the telephone is the add to buy for a prize.
4 / 5 By Janina
Perfect telephone for a money!!
4 / 5 By Jacob
Abundance of storage for extra applications
5 / 5 By Bruce
is well. Fact.

Top Customer Reviews: BlackBerry Passport ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Tami
-Enormous screen (could be the with as your preferences)
-the keyboard is the fully doing trackpad. Really helps cruise it around web of places and applications
-A structure feels very durable and heavy. Calm to good sure can see that it is not cheaply done
-Dual speakers. Clarity and volume a same time.
-Luz FOCUSED. I have had an iPhone 7, as I have not been used to has to that characteristic. It is quite useful.
-Blackberry HUB. Utmost idea and seamless integration of content among applications. Essentially it programs it that it collects and it hands everything of a content of the your email, half comunicacionales social, calls of telephone, texts, etc. To an easy swipe. Convenient does not like jumping around especially of your different applications and sure calm does not lose anything.
-Security. In the calm chance has not known, BB is known purportedly for his big security. Any sure he really has the difference in security among this telephone and any one another unworthy this is encrypted more (?) I supposition. Also, BB has some pre the native applications have downloaded that it help to ensure your content.
-Life of battery. It likes enough. Sometimes I forget for the touch and last me all day. Really it depends in that yours doing and to that spent.
- Keyboard. The better thing has to that offered. Ossia Also the one who BB is known stops. I have had to take used to an after the pocolos use, has finalised to take annoyed when I have had to write in mine iPhone or iPad for something. It is so only any one same. It is a real shot mayunn. Oh, Also, when the suggestions of word burst on, in planting to press a word loves... A keyboard has two virtual lines that breaking he to three columns. If you want to choose the suggestion in a far sinister side, then calm only strike up in a keyboard in a far sinister side. Included goes for a half and right section. I have believed so only to be material quite anticipated for the 2015 telephone.
-Bosses of tower. Subject of conversation. Breaker Of gel.
'Oh In G! Has thinks that that a Delay had died!?' -All the world.

- Is quite outdated IMO. I have had my just action of Androids and iPhones. All can say is that a BB is to at all likes the android. Well, at least a passport. It takes some taking used to. I have had he for almost the week and I am still learning. Curve of enormous learning for east a. Works. And if work, then are well with him.
-I does not like that it is not compatible with CDMA HE papers or a Sprint and I believe Verizon carriers. But work well with GSM HE the papers and am using Cricket, which piggybacks out of atnt coverage.
- Was liberto in 2015 likes quality of the camera is not that I add. 13 it Is so only a lot anything has compared the iPhone. If you are planning on taking to the pictures of qualities likes them iPhone, then invest in the camera instead.
-Is not user-friendly... At least at the beginning. It was very confused in a start. If you are not a type to give the things try it, and likes calm the things 't take this telephone. It takes some patience. Unless, of course, you are up for a challenge or calm is already familiarised with BB.
-No the a lot of developer and the companies sustain BB anymore. Messenger of calm of Facebook does not go in a web of place.
-Applications. This one would be the breaker of extracted for more. If you are strongly that connects telephone means it comunicacionales social could possibly laws for the only Calm no. gotta laws your way around a system e.g. native Applications, google game, APK (anything concealed bad), etc. If calm still loves it... Google Or Youtube material so only for that. For another supposition some native applications do quite well. You gotta sure mark that is to mean for a passport.... Of then it is the place . Not to annoy me too much of then am trying detach I of a social bubble ( any precise anymore distractions in university). So only I need my emails, notifications.. And they are well.
-A placing of a virtual keyboard can be that annoying sometimes. Especially of a telephone is enormous. It does not like that some numbers are virtual and a tampon of of the virtual number is in a sinister side. They are a lot rid and writing with my sinister hand for the numbers is not the good mix. Especially if these numbers are for pin of mine, number of paper, signal, etc. then could possibly gone in writes virtually is less attentive of in the real keyboard.
-The majority of some 'applications' the native is literally so only like this quell'hyperlink that calm places in a program of web of place in place of a mobile application. I create he real applications for just gotta the hard look.

Ossia All can think of still really, all you gotta is to weigh a pros and gilipollas and see returns that is looking for. I owe that quite done the bit to research before I have done this compraventa ( I am not rich). I have required to do sure that it was in fact currency to buy. I have verified out of pieces like crackberry, the video of Youtube/of Youtube looked JanOle (recommends to the look is interested in BB). It is the good telephone and will yield a lot while calm uses it to his fuller potential. Hope This description has helped the decision (or at least approach his).

P.S Ossia My first description of Amazon . A telephone was a lot of and has has loved people to know, as have felt thank you to do like this.
4 / 5 By Ethelene
A very next day after taking this telephone, have gone to the business conference. It has driven 4 hours, comprising zones of coverage of feeble signal. Maintained 4data of G and Bluetooth handsfree connection on all a way, while sharing internet via hotspot with my passenger for an hour. Used a telephone during a conference for emails to plot and with which almost 18 hours of such work have weighed still tip 26 / 7 hours of the battery that remain!

This is not the telephone. Ossia He dreadnought. Enough literally. It is done of steel. It is big and heavy. It looks intimidatingly awesome (and expensive).
A power of processor is arms -commentary, doing BB10 FLOW like quell'quicksilver.

To the as it likes me more:
1. Screen - 453 ppi. It has said enough.
2. Capacitive Keyboard - has taken has used his immediately. So only it touches a screen to unlock a device. Answered of the scrolling of the keyboard is perfect.

That More the aversion:
1. The speakers are very good. Too good. The half, that when you paste in the number of telephone, a tone of feedback is embarrassingly strong and BB10 does not leave adjustment of volume for this particular function.

Thank you Delay. They are very happy with my telephone. Ossia My second BB10 device. A prime minister one was (still is) Z10. Used he for three years. Never the has not had never any question, except a capacity of battery. It is still good to be used by other three years.
5 / 5 By Albertha
Are writing this in my edition of money of Passport to Retard right now.

At the beginning was big time BB10 user on until I have lost mine Z30, has loved always the Passport but so only could do not buying at the same time. It likes two years later after the drop of significant prize has decided to take one submerges and take my hands in a like this present navideño to me.
One first what that attacked was a quality of build, shouts first! All was a lot of crafted of a lentil of camera, a keyboard to a mechanically has drilled speakers. A quality of screen is very good and still resists the sail to some ready telephones of today. A camera is decent in normal lighting situations but can sometimes fights in low light.
An experience to write so that far it has been it adds, taste a bit gestures and physical tones combo, me way more attentive in my daily activities.
The life of battery is a better in class, after a period to solve, usually one first week, easily can take by means of 2 days before that requires to recharge.

note that am using this like this the complimentary device, has both a iphone and IPAD. A iphone is so only for FaceTime, Instagram and snapchat and an iPad to see and drawing mesos comunicacionales.
Delay 10 SUFFER the lack of applications but there is a lot of workarounds to solve this. Some of some applications require found in a world of Delay stores another can be downloaded invernadero a browser or by means of third tents of party. A material I need like spotify, soundcloud, reddit can all is installed street apks and do really well, without any subjects or hiccups. According to an application requires your mileage can vary.

A thing that has not paid a lot of attention to era an audio, my experience with a quality of his neither by means of the headphones or the speakers had been he at all courts of amazing.

In general take the full container so that stops of has paid. You recommend.
5 / 5 By Lyndia
Has ordered this telephone a day to release right with which some presentations of Launch Chance blow me to the knots was my feet . Have has wanted the use he for at least the first week to give the description, to be like this attack like possible, and now seats sure say that To good sure can believe a hype. This telephone is a real shot ! I am going THOROUGH WAY with this description, that test to the paste sews like this a lot of to the equal that can. ( MODIFICATION: link of Bills of then some people are like this quickly to discredit descriptions of me any '' has declared this in spite of was bought direct of shopblackberry. The cost has dated 9/24, description posted 10/3 after the week of use. It was available for hours in shopblackberry first of the amazon there has been, like this of course to plot of some first users of the batch has not purchased of Amazon that explains a bit those that old descriptions.)

In the first place, a hardware:

- Processor: Snapdragon 801, which is the tweaked Quad bobo of core of the mobile processor, so only like a one in a highly revised LG G3. Any that one súper effective QNX based BB10 need that a lot horsepower, but is good to have. The open applications and prójimas staggeringly quickly, and one 'Peek and Flow' the gesture has based is the joy to use with like this horsepower under a hood. I will take to this late plus...

- GPU: Adreno 330, clocked In 450mhz. This GPU of Qualcomm is roughly more 50 fast then a cellular forward GPU level. Again, the car of productivity like a Passport any 'need' so much map the sure is good to have! 3D games like one strangely adictiva the career of Hungry Shark softens like this butter, and does not have any question that presses an on 2 million pixels in a 1440x1440 exposure.

- RAM: 3GB. Yes, ossia TRIPLE a memory of an iPhone 6 and the plenary Gigabyte more RAM then a lot of telephones of big final. This leaves some fines-tasking. The programs are not 'bookmarked' when minimised, and the multiple tabs in your browser are real pages has uploaded in each tab - programs and tabs of the browser is not concluded when calm minimise them like a pseudo-multitasking the majority of consumers has the habit of. This servants two profits - no only is applications on and that career in a fund (leaving to to the things like to them the answered the messages without taking video or games), but yours has minimised the applications plough instantly. Ossia Reason the applications have not been never closed - just tucked was to these macizos 3GB group by heart. It adds all concealed to a small impression of a BB10 YOU, which gives significantly RAM freer has compared to an Android with a same physical memory, and have the beast of the multitasker.

-Battery: -3500mAh monster of the battery. This is not to to the telephone touch every night like him to him tuck calm to bed. A first day will suck bit it more the then normal juice because of settings and multiple accounts syncing and esettling in'. With which conceal? You will be surprised. Easy 2 days of juice with use 'normal'. I have taken the mine of one uploads this morning in 7FOLLOWS. I maintain bluetooth on, Application of Pebble synced and running, three different Email Accounts synced, the Twitter has occupied Feeds, my application of Stock brokerage, the chance of Browser, and my Manager of Device whenever it runs with 5 active tiles on screen. I check My telephone often, and use it a lot of-stop during my plenary 45 pause of small and randomly during a day. Lame house of work in 6PM with 72 battery. Ossia 28 in 11 hours of heavy use! Ossia Around 40hrs(!) Of life of battery with of mixed use, well in accordance with some 30hours of 'heavy use' promised.

-Exposed: 1440x1440 IPS LCD. Again, ossia a technology of exposure of a beastly with moving it. A LCD has a profit of not requiring 'dark subjects' to save life of battery like AMOLED screens , and is good and the brilliant with contrast adds. One the real transfer is of course one 1:1 proportion of appearance. This telephone gives the true DESK EXPERIENCE. Calm will not want never see the mobile version of the website again. The text is crisp and easily visible same when zoomed the way was, and still in a incumplimiento half brightness your aims are good and brilliant. Web pages, Calanders, Spreadsheets, PDFs, and Documents all look to surprise, with tonnes of the urban nails of available screen. For a first time, are has had to that no only to see my documents (using some stellar Documents have comprised to Go continuazione), but felizmente can modify him also. Those advantages to a next part, which is probably that impresses people one the majority of, a keyboard...

-Keyboard: Filler QWERTY with built-in trackpad. Yes, the plenary trackpad. It has been expecting simple Sinister/Right/On/Down works unexpectedly, but ossia a real laptop -esque trackpad. You can tug figure 8 is by means of a keyboard and some responses of screen appropriately. A first day to use maintained me take scrolling with my toe in a screen, before pleasantly that agrees that I can use a keyboard as I add it scrollbar for both horizontal and vertical scrollings. No more accidentally clicking hyperlinks when trying goes the web page or blocking your content with your own hands and toe. A keyboard is very wide, which takes some taking used to, and with only 3 context of symbols of rows and the sensitive punctuation is delegated to an inferior row of a massive screen. Ossia The blessing and the curse - takings a slick virtual keyboard perks of BB10 likes to be able to attack the physical keyboard to a left to delete last swipe or yours word until accepting suggestions of word, but adds another curve to learn to take used to achieve UP for punctuation in place of down. Again, the few days to use a calm device will ask you as it has lived without him.

-Misc: The speakers are brilliant. While done for accuracy of Call of the Conference, dipped that down to a HTC M8 exposure and uploaded on a video of same music in both devices. A M8 has had the volume slightly main ceiling, but a quality of Passport was very better. His deep plus , smoother is as it would describe it. The quality of call is of course excellent, be one of some characteristic of Delay of the core to this day. In a local bar, are mecer 4 bars indoors where mine buddies with a carrier still has 2-3. You call them they are clear and easy to listen, thanks to some FOUR microphones that comment environmental noise and regulate levels of volume in a fly. That The camera is a better Delay there is concealed is not saying a lot and while he admirably in well lighting is still a lot like this as well as another upper tier telephones in other situations like poor lighting. I seat ossia more probably the subject of software, of a specs is a lot up there with a better of them - 13MP Stabilisation of Optical Image with ways of scene for HDR, Panoramic light , decrease, etc.

Operating system:

Some ships of telephone with some new and has improved BB10.3 YOU. In this version, native .apk The support is on and running, and ships with Amazon Appstore. It looks at present the few applications of core that knows for the fact is compatible with one YOU of then run well in the mine that ages Z10 with a 10.3 leak is not looking for a Passport still. So only I can assume ossia to optimise for an exposure, of then some applications any stairs properly and although a work a lot the look bit it wonky and is extended neither was or with tonnes of empty space :). It does not dread never this in spite of, of the tent of Game can be sideloaded easily by means of the end forward has called to Snap, leaving Tent of Game of Google full access. Of course this is not sustained officially for Delay, but found it resounding the majority of applications will run well when installed to snap. With World-wide of Alive, Phase of Amazon, and Tent of Game by means of Snapping you would have to that be able to find anything precise.

With a small impression and efficiency of a QNX has based BB10 YOU paired with a hardware of big final of a Passport, of course one is shockingly fast and snappy. The open applications and close almost instantly - a lot of that requires to close them with all this free RAM - and papers and actions all the response consistently. A Peek and Flow is the joy to use in such the big screen, and calm ask you like this take around the clumsy paper has based is likes prays to a Diety of your election does not have to that use the key of house has based iPhone after BB10. It is an exercise in frustration...

In general, if the productivity is your aim and steps more time posting in of the Forums, writing Emails, or seeing document and spreadsheets then do launching birds by means of your screen or matching candies, has the thought of hard time of the best workhorse then a Passport.

- learning curve. The keyboard and The Gesture have based to TAKE YOU the days of pair to take used to.
- 100 of all the applications can no . With three different Application storefronts this is not like this big to treat it like this uses to, but the still value that mentions.
- Measures it can be a @@subject to some - notably those with small hands and 1 there is rid , and those with Lean Tejanos :). Accesses so only well in all mine Slacks, Khakis, and Tejanos.
- Camera down/the poor light action leaves something to be wished, and the house is slow (true in time of a description, subject of home is remedied mostly with new update)
ALL MORE. Seriously, a telephone is the joy to use . Screen, Keyboard, life of Battery, quality of Call, etc is everything stellar.

Is not fearful to try something different - give it the week or like this to take used to a eshock of culture' then sees can go back to a crowd of identical handsets. I know I can no.
5 / 5 By Lester
A lot usually write descriptions for products, but a Passport of Delay is a better telephone has not possessed never, and has to that say a lot roughly that. Pardon if this rambles the bit or is not comprehensible for all the characteristic - I simply am describing my use typical of a device with the particular attention on that me more productive and has organised.

Has bought a Passport in the first whim of the day of the new year that looks for something different after the active result fallido with as an iPhone 5s email of sleeve and notifications. So to the equal that has loved to like the sliding tray of an iPhone of notification for several applications, I never quite taken a hangs of him - the so only has not been intuitive or effective. Also fund frustrated with a lack of the physical keyboard, in that possessed that Delay it 9900. For a way, in chance any one accuse to be the Delay diehard - previously to THIS DELAY, has had some first 3 versions of an iPhone. As you could say that I have been of tower and advances with Delay and Apple.

Complicating the subjects is a fact that are an Apple loyalist - I has possessed but a PC in my life, one an exception the multiple MacBooks, Powerbooks, and desk Macs. I have it quell'has possessed also the pair of versions of an iPad, and at present use an iPad 4. Taken the? Master produced of Apple.

Like reason to the to any one likes not taking an iPhone 6, or better still, an iPhone 6 More? I have had long occasions to try it was and is looked forward to to take one and using he that eReader thanks to a big screen. You look it perfects for a lot of reasons. It was in plot of fun to possess.

But then, has had an epiphany. I have thought in that I has used in fact my telephone for one the majority of, and that has required really stops. When I that, a Passport of Delay, which there has not gone never seen in person and so only read and has looked descriptions of in an internet, looked more and more attractive.

Has @to @give that that use my telephone the majority to take apt perfectly to a realm of a Passport:

- Email. I sometimes hundreds of sleeve of emails the day given, Besides, that he essential that am able to answer the clients and of the mates in fast fashion. A Passport a lot so only has the inbox unified (like fact an iPhone today), groups everything of your notifications and the priorities to one situate Bolt of street Hub. A Hub is incredible - can take his of inside any application so only for striking, and 'peek' in that need to be done.

- Telephone. A measure of a Passport the fact that defies to use like the telephone, but a quality of call is excellent, and a speakerphone is without pair. He still to multiple bluetooth devices easily. One the good characteristic is that has the Chrysler transports, Uconnect works with Blackberry 10 seamlessly to read your messages of text aloud to the equal that drives. Fresco.

- Life of battery. Often find me that careers out of life of battery with my iPhone, which is immensely frustrating when you are in a half of the busy day. No with a Passport. While some users have informed taking 2 days of use out of his Passport, has been taking the little less than that, but still respectable - usually 16-17 hours or like this with HEAVY use during a day. It say of another way,, the typical day unplugs around 7follows, and if I still am doing in 9 or 10pm, typically still have more than enough the juice has left to go for the hours of pair if need be. Another way to measure ossia that for a time of mine esgular' well of work day around 6pm, usually there is prójimo to (or sometimes more than) the averages a life of battery that remain, like this which have been that it day.

- Viewing (And modifying) Documents. You see spreadsheets? You have read it documents? A Passport is wider that even an iPhone 6 More, and does to read the incredibly easy documents.

- Integration. Precise Evernote, Twitter, and integration of Facebook, and a Passport he well with a Delay Hub concealed send you some the classes esatte of notifications want showed (or any). 'But there is no Instagram!' Some people could shout. Ossia True, but there is the add Instagram application of client in World-wide of bolt has called iGrann the one who read seamlessly and also does well with Blackberry Hub.

- Last but certainly much less, need the browser adds. The web that explores in the telephones will not be never like this well likes the experience could take you with to pill he big plus or the computer, but does not have to that be the experience to frustrate. A Delay 10 Browser is unbelievable, and is undoubtedly better that any browser has used in any one another mobile device. Another calm look will not believe lived without: reason a Passport has 3GB of RAM (ossia to plot , folks) a Browser in fact hides WHOLE PAGES while you tab on to another place. The half concealed is that tif the the open multiple tabs, when I go back to an original place, does not have to that entirely reload. The users of iPhone know that I bad when I say that that it has to reload the places have opened already is frustrating and sometimes a lot the time that eats. No in a Passport!

Which in a 'possible downsides' of a Passport? They are very documented in other descriptions, but so only will do it short and sweet:

- Games... Honradamente, If you are the big cellular gamer, does not buy the Passport. They are sure he has available utmost games in World-wide of Alive, and/or Tent of Application of the Amazon (in fact, knows firsthand that the utmost Angry birds in a Passport), but so only will not be able to match a selection takes with a Tent of Application in an iPhone, neither a support of developer.

- Applications... All the world-wide said 'the delay does not have to that the applications.' It can be true that the delay does not have applications like this a lot of, but there is abundance to choose of. A really past revolution while the delay has on open Delay 10 YOU The applications of Android by means of a tent of application of the Amazon and the third application of party has called to Snap, which leaves users to download applications of a tent of Game of the Google. If have Snaps, basically access of the to all an user of Android has access to. While they are not built for a square screen of a Passport of Delay, the majority of the applications of Android have found work a lot well, with few subjects. Any all , this in spite of, but the majority of your applications would owe that it reads.

- No FaceTime... A thing has used occasionally in mine iPhone was FaceTime, and is bummer that does not have any cross-solution to program that is quite one same for Blackberry. This in spite of, utilisations Skype, can take around this quite easily. Skype Works quite well on Delay 10.

- Messages of text in mine Mac.... It liked iMessage for Mac, and used it to send of messages of text. This in spite of, was pleasantly surprised to see this Delay has it desk solution to do messages of text and BBMs (use the, which we probably never in our house), the delay has called Blend. Blend Is an application that pursues in your computer desk and leave you to use your Delay for messages of text and he like this the advance when calm authorise it to do like this. It bursts on notification in you X, and do quite well. I have read that it is incredibly ensure reason the difference of iMessage, is joined entirely to a device, basically soyirroring' your Delay in a computer. It is the good solution that probably will improve.

Of some first things have mentioned is some characteristic there is @@give has eaten probably 96-97 of mine iPhone 5s use, changing behind to the delay has not gone so only easy - is the no brainer, at least, if a telephone there is rid like this promised (remembers, no never has seen even one in person!).

Felizmente, when I have received a device, my fears that this was the stupid experience has condemned to the failure has been allayed. Ossia An excellent telephone that feels well in some hands, although it was with my big hands, is mainly the two-the device rid. I have been surprised in the very a screen was, and the one who easy a keyboard was to use after the day to take used his. It is a lot of fact, and feels solidly fact, like appearances of Blackberry. A camera is in fact a lot well while taking it casualidad to direct , which can take the pair of seconds.

On three weeks later, thinks that is the keeper. I have been able to blaze by means of my current that has arrived never emails and organise my busy life with ease with a Passport of Delay. Has not running once out of battery during a day! Wow!

While it is not the telephone for all the world, use your telephone to be productive during a day and night, really calm can any gone wrong giving a Passport tries it. More probably, it likes I , calms that will want to.
4 / 5 By Kylie
Has impressed incredibly with a device.

A quality of build has to that individual. This thing feels indestructible. I want to express some measures of steel, is like this ridiculously sturdy. A device is hefty but no heavy. To good sure very upper-weighed in spite of some claims. A keyboard felt surprisingly natural mine immediately when I have begun to use the. It can paste one 'Any one yours in the place of one touched your here and there but ossia quell'small adjustment . Utilisation a keyboard trackpad all a time.

A screen is acute, crisp, and smooth. Very smooth to a touch, a lot that a Nexus 4. A brightness is awesome also. You can crank that windy arrive and an external visibility is one has seen more still. A 1x1 the proportion of appearance felt entirely a lot the mine has used like this it Q10 previously (although I am coming directly of a Nexus 5) but a nails urban is awesome. In spite of any that has the big hands do not have question with a-hand-held use. Obviously writing requires two-the hands but I can achieve all the corners with mine a thumb.

The quality of call is sum for me. Some microphones register my strong voice and crisp in my tests and some speakers are admirably strong (especially compared to a Nexus 5).

A camera the quite good work. Has subject with directing, this in spite of. A shutter is fast and the images are acute but concealed does not import if your subject is blurry. It is not terrible but is noticeable. They are sure this can and will be fixed in the update of software. The register of video has been I adds mine also. I have tried out of a 1080p in 60fps, his good material.

A life of battery has been sum. Easily I last the full day with heavy use. Usually I have finalised a day with the 40-50 and ossia with to plot to touch. Look In him in this way:
I experimented with some heavy use. Lot is of application of android fiddling and streaming in twitch for roughly 45-1 now. The passport has been of 100 to 85. A Q10 would have fallen to the -70 and a Nexus 5 60-65 in my experience.
Agree concealed was with some quite messy toying around. A Passport has been still in 47 for an end of this [longitude] day. (8:30am-1Follow)

are the defender of BB10 YOU. I have on loaded 10.3 in mine Q10 and a Passport comes with him out of a box. It is much more aesthetic and functional that 10.2. Everything is very fast. I love a browser, a lot of speedy. That The personal assistant are to add but is quell'has bitten slow. One a thing loves roughly that the android more than anything is Google Now, but will direct. Each one in BB10 just works. He all stable celery. I have not had any accident or slowdowns. When I Want to touch the video in some touches of browsers, does not have to that refresh a page the little time or next and king-has opened an application.

The applications of android have been doing a lot well. I sideloaded Snap to take applications that is not in a tent of application of the Amazon. Some have scaling subject, mostly games. All has been smooth this in spite of. Maps of Google, netflix, instagram, twitch, etc. I really like a native BB10 applications that is available. Facebook And Twitter have the integration adds with a hub.
-Sinister me so only add that this telephone there is MicroSd support. The freakin' amour that. Elder for me like this I kinda hate streaming music.

Ossia A awesome telephone. All feels prize . This in spite of, if you are the person of heavy application , calm probably will want to avert an extra work to take the things bet up. An Android or iPhone will be better for you. In every day material, so only love the telephone that works. A telephone ossia stable and does not feel like the corners have been cut.

Am impressed.
5 / 5 By Corinne
Has received once a Passport, plugged he in and preliminary tutorials, was to arrive and that careers to use a keybd in 5 minutes... Any BS. I am pleased extremely with a global interface drawn for RIM for a Passport, This comprises a physical keypad and a creation of screen/of virtual tones. A functionality is excellent. A quantity of typos that had suffered with this significantly reduced, and does not have to that maintain going back correcting my text because I have been forced to use the virtual keybd with dinky virtual tones in my leading telephone...

My next worry has actuated a unlocked telephone in the carrier. My election was T-Mobile (compatible with this telephone). I have been to a venue T-Mobile tent, has bought a required nano-he (the mark takes some sales associate knows that it uses the nano-he) and has been actuated and on-line in roughly 5 minutes. It take it call/texting in a tent while I have finalised to take an account dips up. Coverage? I am pleased extremely with the hips. Very better that leading carrier in my leading telephone. This telephone is used mainly in California.

Quality of call of the telephone? Excellent. If or it is using he for business calls, of the telephone mics and the speakers are excellent although you are external enmedio noisy. A camera? Also excellent for my purposes. Applications? A built in of the applications that come with a telephone is so only which needs to create and that careers to use this ready telephone. Docs To go access 90 of my needs; application of Mapping so that there is far does well for me. One adds-on application of the transmission of the Device has relieved also my scrolling of critical information of my old telephone to a Passport. I especially like a Delay Hub functionality, and has not had a lot @@subject dipping mine google, yahoo and accounts of topmast of the Transmission. Skype Also the law adds in this telephone, another happy transition!

Life of battery??? HAHAHA!!! thats' A better profit!!! Two FULL DAYS of full-in the use and I do not owe that concern roughly that spends a band of extra battery!!! Meetings of telephone, emails, skyping, text messaging: two value of days before concerns me roughly recharging a telephone. And ossia to the equal that have to that be! It was lucky to take the full day of use of the battery of my old telephone conceals !

Reason are I taking a time to write this description? When The group of people sees this telephone and see that it is the Delay , one first statement is, 'has think that the delay/of RIM had died.' A lot of folks, is not , is producing an EXCELLENT telephone with the interface adds that it comprises the physicist keybd in a creation. And to another folks this says, '...The telephone is too big...' My response is yeah right, compared to the concrete models that is dipped out of other vendors?' Mina a screen is exactly a right measure. To good sure quite wide to quickly read and answered to emails or included to modify the business documents that use an aforesaid docs to go or reader of pdf. And I can enjoy the video or two my time died in the flight. And yes, I can dip he in my pocket, so only like my old telephone. A last point. The difference of my old telephone, adding 128 GB mini he paper of the data does not cost an arm to leg and yer sinister walnut neither!!!
5 / 5 By Carli
Are absolutely floored reasons well this device is. It is an amazing has drawn well the telephone has built! The one who of has has thought having the wide telephone would be a a to take me out of an iPhone. In all the chance, has taken immediately my passport to Retard to local of mine in&t for setup. When I have spent he in, has been approached by the rep and has said that it is that it have it there. When it See a box and he have said the delay can does not create. When I have opened a box said 'WOW' this is awesome looking device of delay! Immediately it calls his mates to come take the look in a new delay. His all has been surprised! Then some clients that expected to be seen also approached and was curious to that is gone in. Then some clients have loved to know everything in a new delay. His all could not expect for a rep to actuate a device and see that it can do. When A setup has been finalised, all the world in a tent has been blown was on the one who a device could do. Has has wanted that quickly a device has answered. They have loved also some new capacitive keyboard and a gorgeous screen. I have had several questions to where has purchased a device of and has said also went it to buy! I have had people looking for in his mobile phones in a passport of delay! A gentleman has purchased in fact he of Amazon right in a something! In general, the delay has the true winner and the telephone of character that will attack your socks were! A passport of delay will go down in to the history likes them the device that has changed a game of a mobile industry! It tries it, it will be surprised!
5 / 5 By Lia
Has had this telephone for just the month now and loves it. Plea of authorship: This description is enormous and enormous.
Has been of the Nokia E71 to this telephones like this had the difference of enormous measure but an experience to write in a Delay is in fact better. At the beginning it was clumsy (reason do such the small spatial bar?) But I have taken now used his and am in fact faster because of a fact that the delay inserts/inserts periods, spaces, and capitalises for you. Like this Basically I just pound out of the message and does not think roughly punctuation. Besides, calm once takes used to some options of predictive writing (so only flick your thumb until choosing the word) takes even faster. There is has learnt in fact the little of some words use more often, and when it is not learning quite fast (I are in a soldato and remote use to a lot of acronyms) has an option to manually add acronyms/of words/a lot. If they are in a zone that has 4G (perhaps 30 of a time I use a telephone) so only can say anything loves an Assistant of Delay and some servers late am able to imagine out of that I am saying 99 of a time. Quite fresh used a lot. Although, when in the first place it take a telephone (smartphone of mine of prime minister) has not comprised as to operate anything in him and would say it that it has loved it constantly, and imagines era.
A keyboard: it adds except a small spatial bar. Prize: a material tone is like the laptop touchpad. Same material or something? It was not to except it does to correct writing much easier! It is also AWESOME to go with. Any I same touches a screen.
A main reason has bought this telephone was reason have loved the physical keyboard and I likes him read the tonne of informative/information. This telephone is wonderful for these purposes. One of mine favourite is a esader' opt in of the web of places. I can not stress enough that wonderful this option of one east of native browser. You know like this ports on the informative histories/revises/virtually anything in an internet and is full of ads? You grieve a page begins to upload so only press a 'R' key and Delayed the browser sifts by means of him in roughly 2 second and resupply you a REAL history (any ad, there is never screwed on the this, any one once) and any pertinent pictures. A web that explores is well in just in each place has been to, súper quickly, true to a web of place, and run to questions of the compatibility so only says a browser to Retard to run a place like the computer (Full Place). It was not if ossia common to all the telephones today, but for real shows a place how were in the desk. And ossia perfectly well because of a measure of screen/readability!

Applications. I have read that they were the question with the delay is ( has had there is had not included an application first like this anything). I quickly learnt the one who useful, and unhelpful, the applications can be. A Passport has World-wide to Retard as well as a Tent of Application of the installed Amazon of a factory. A tent of Delay has the decent mix of applications. A tent of Amazon has to that it weaves more this in spite of. I also side-loaded NAP' to the equal that has access to a tent of Game of the Google. The game of Google has the tonne of applications, some of his gains, some of them so only love your information. A main thing that the subjects of mine is that a calm Passport leave to control quell'action of information in of the applications. It is a company of only/telephone that this. Ossia ENORMOUS! Any one downloads of the applications of the delay can be totally controlled for you. Of another so much. Accept all the terms and of the conditions or more. A pleasant thing is that some of some the majority of popular applications exists in World-wide of Alive, but a same application downloaded in another tent of the application there will be a capacity to control them and a fly of information of you.
Are the working professional this in spite of classes of response. Appearances use this telephone while there is downtime to take some the school work done on-line. This can not spend reason my uses escoles Flash for his on-line textbook (has not known never this prime). A Passport has to that Flash, but is an older version that no with my pupil textbook. I have read that that is not fault of the delay, leaves to Season to update his mobile software, or anything, after the sure point. But the delay is not so only! To to The Apple does not like to Flash neither. And it looks an industry is moving the HTML a Passport sustains. So that I add for a future. But for convenient school :(

is compatible with all the programs of Office of the Microsoft this in spite of. A software that comes with this quite good . Especially for Excel. Have Still to find the program of Word that can truthfully exposed the screen of computer to a telephone in true this screen comes a lot afterwards. It say 4/5 of a time is some to a screen of computer for Word. It is so only in of the titles and another crazy big impression that does not know that to do with him.
Measure? A measure is well. I have resisted my Passport of the own USA until the and parties almost exactly. It is also quite thin. As I do not have any complaints of measure. They are 5'10, 190lbs, and normal raisin tejanos. At all people stagnate or normal cloths. You can see he in my sinister pocket but is not annoying, worries of person , no among my way.

Gilipollas: Out of dating Season to Flash without hope for upgrade, Drudge application to Inform any does not import reason so only go to a Drudge put web of Report. Has the hot key for him. Any biggie.
Anything more, so only ask me!
4 / 5 By Ena
Likes some download of initial authorship, has not written NEVER the description of anything but has the sense has obliged to do like this with this product.

Behind a day, was an user of original Delay all a way by means of a bold 9900. I have then moved on to an iPhone, telephones of Android (Samsung S4, 5 and Nexus) and more recently a Samsung Commentaries 3. For one the majority of part, has been happy with these telephones for business productivity etc. This in spite of, as you can see of a cast along, his all are missing of something and his all has not gone never quite right. Ossia Especially true in some zones of life of battery and esingle-substitutions of device while travelling without the laptop or pill.

I pre-has ordered my Passport of Delay of the amazon and has been my “daily engine” for a spent several weeks. Simply place, ossia an amazing device , pure and simple. Really I can not comprise the one who some “experts” are speaking roughly in his “official descriptions”. So only it does not note, if calm approximation this device so that it is, the tool of business productivity. In this capacity, is after perfect. It is not an iPhone or telephone of the android neither resembled anything in a phase. It is the only device and would have to that be revised like such. YES it is big device , but how is other substitutions of alone device that surface in a phase. If you are not in a phase thus type of device, simply looks elsewhere. To critique a passport for him a lot when being pas resembled “traditional” ready telephones at present in a phase is irrational. Of my point of view, a proportion of only appearance and the use the business oriented of this device is that it marks like this special and successful. A passport feels and bosses extremely well. YES, it is the two there is rid to devise but a physical keyboard is spectacular. After using a Passport for a week, was impossible for me to return to the keyboard of screen of the touch.

A subject of Applications has improved to good sure for Blackberry. Some ships of Passport with a Tent of Application of the Amazon. Among a tent of the amazon and the native delay was able to find EVERYTHING of some Applications that I usually use, maintaining import that are not the gamer.

One of entity benchmark that am extremely sensitive to this life of battery. Having has had a Passport of his emission, has found that I can take two or still three days in the load with normal use. It contrasts, my iPhone often required to be touched mid-day. Ossia The big shot especially travels internationally.

As declared on a Passport of the delay is not for all the world. It is drawn to be used like the tool of productivity of alone device. As such, is the powerful and remarkable tool so that they love this type of device.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy J7 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Raul
Wonderful telephones less than means a prize of a Galaxy S7. Fast processor. To spare storage in 16GB vs. 32GB In a S7. And a RAM is 2GB vs. 4GB In a S7. Both have expandable micros SD capacities. A resolution and the account of pixel is main in a S7, but that of the entity is that in the 5.5 screen of thumb (J7) vs. So only 5.1 (S7). Some images and video in a J7 is beautiful, and when I launched him our TV of houses is is like this as well as or better that quell'offered of television of the Prism. Some cameras are almost identical. Another that the pocolos teaser of big final like Corning Glass of Gorilla, Stabilisation of Image, waters he essistance', and optional wireless touching, all only available in a S7; I, like the user of mobile phone of responsible adult, the one who does not use a device for business purposes, can find ANY REASON anything to foolishly spend one $ $ in a S7. I have bought my woman and I each one which as the new telephone for less than a Galaxy S7. And they are a half user of music, film, sport, and applications of compraventas. I trust this telephone is well.
5 / 5 By Teofila
Has purchased this telephone for the anniversary of my mother. A background history is that it is not that the technology, and usually uses his telephone for basic functions likes call, the little bit of texting, and taking photo. After doing the games of investigation to lose to this telephone and a Samsung Galaxy S5, which have purchased for my father. After reading a glowing descriptions on Amazon, and still in a T-put Mobile web ( resists the indication of 4.2 in a T-put Mobile web, and another web of places of technology, still quite big), has decided to go with this telephone. The reasons that is: 1. It is the mid-the telephone phase to the equal that means comes with the decent quantity of applications(any one the tonne), has the good creation and he is offered in the prize the economic plus. 2. Of some descriptions have read has the screen the big plus that Samsung Galaxy S5, which he , and my mamma there has been the Samsung mini S4 before and maintained misdialing people, but now she any 3. It is international, can use a telephone to achieve relative in Nigeria, and used it several times without questions 4. It is not complicated to use, And when it does updates, calm still can use a telephone uninterrupted. There is remarked with a Samsung Galaxy S5, some updates look in a screen and prevent calm to do calls of telephone,texting, or basically doing anything until some updates are completed.

A telephone arrived in a topmast, really quickly and was the entirely new telephone, the container sealed with the battery, telephones of boss, upload it, and the together easy short on manual. My uses of mamma T-Mobile, and has the micro he paper. This telephones so only will take a micro he paper, anything more is so only the No. If you do not have one can take an adapter. There is also the space for a SD paper. I have read the description that any one has been disturbed his settings of the tongue of the telephone was in Spanish in place of English and could do not changing. When I have dipped a battery in and turned it on, also has in the first place seen a selector of tongue with Spanish and almost freaked was. Any to concern , moves for down, can choose a tongue loves. A telephone is coming with fully working Word of Microsoft, Microsoft Excel, and one another application of Microsoft that has thought was quite fresco.un 13 megapixel that the camera takes beautiful, and clear photos, a screen of telephone is incredibly brilliant and a quality of his of a telephone is like this good.

Some only things I desire could change would be a backside of a telephone which is the thinnest class of plastic; included this in spite of with the chance was well, has think that a quality could be better. Another subject has had was one load... Reason is a like this short boss , Really Samsung? One uploads the boss is like this short there is pulled he out of a socket to wall the little time without going that far it go. They require to fix it concealed. Ossia The telephone of North American region , like this calm does not need an adapter for him, a voltage is well. If you are buying this in the country that has the main voltage, discharges of needs he of conversor small. On all this is an amazing telephone and a prize done a shot has included sweeter. My mamma loves this telephone, and could not be happier with him. If you are looking to take any one the smartphone thats easy to use, ossia the perfect telephone for them. The additional applications are easily downloadable for some individual this is looking to take more out of his telephone coupled with a SD paper for more than storage. My mother does not have container/of data of the internet in his telephone, as it can not testify to a quality of a LTE coverage, this in spite of I near on Wifi in his telephone by means of our @subject and work perfectly. Ossia An amazing telephone !!! If I have not had an iPhone, to good sure would buy me one.

Update: Almost the month later, the telephone still is treating add And my only distinguished brother was, included although my mamma does not have internet, chooses on LTE in his T-mobile coverage that means this telephone there is LTE qualified. So only it improves and better!
5 / 5 By Cletus
Has ordered this telephone and has taken pound... All some instructions, and papers of telephone is in of the Spaniards... Precise English... I do not see any place in a web of place of the amazon where are supposition to select an English version...
The amazon gave the number to Return promptly this in spite of...

Tin a lot really give good indications to the equal that can any one cruised a telephone to even the try...
4 / 5 By Lena
Utilisation T-mobile. A transmission of the mine broken on S7 to this J7 was totally painless ... So only move a HE paper. I have had the conversor of the boss of the telephone past update which has done a scrolling of photo, etc. Simple. A J7 extracted well. An only two things that there is remarked loses of him one my S7 was a reader of impression of the toe and wireless touching. They are sure he has another, but so only a lot that there is remarked. I have been using he for roughly 2 weeks now. It is the good telephone for a prize.
4 / 5 By Zachery
Unlocked, Ready to use, there is rid punctually. Works in Nicaragua with LTE. Happy with a smartphone.
5 / 5 By Azucena
Has bought likes the present and loves it! A telephone has looked to be new. It can very included see the scratch that the vendor has developed. Very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 By Concetta
Are really enjoying this new telephone with all a storage added has compared to the mine last telephone. I have had he for a week like this like this far like this good!
4 / 5 By Jarrett
State quite happy with this midrange desire of telephone have the pocola characteristic that s the serious has likes to flash light of message. Considering several dollars of hundred among j and s telephones of serious im pleased with these telephone
4 / 5 By Laila
has had to change to samsung reasons the frito my iphone 6s and could not resupply the new one but the any the import that a lot is the good telephone and am taking used his. Lacking pocola characteristic good but I of those who really requires samsung the paid and a life of battery looks the little better that a iphone 6s but the am not sure
4 / 5 By Shalon
Bought for my dad . You love it .

Top Customer Reviews: RCA Q1 4G LTE, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Tu
I choose RCA the frames been due to mostly of positive experience of the pill of Windows of his mark.
Ossia The Android of level of telephone of good entrance with the version of recent Android. The side of software is flawless like this far.
A receiver of GPS is probably faulty. When This device is used partorisca navigation of vehicle, Maps of Google frequently thinks are in the street an or two blockades was, and gives partorisca confuse instructions. Mina another telephone of Android (Leagoo Alpha 1) does not have such question. This subject looks for having limited the big speeds: a Q1 well of law partorisca bicyle navigation and geocaching.

UPDATE Nov 2018, with which 18 month of use.
The version of android is still 6.0; any upgrades.
The battery is worsening: turns of telephone out of repente when drops of battery down 40.
5 / 5 By Gia
My fiancé loves it! Ossia One of some smartphones of estimativa better was able to find, after long investigation. Fast, has quite a lot of room, and a space for a paper of additional data And the dual HE both. Be the breeze to dip up and works well with coverage of AT&T, good battery , that the camera is at all to write home roughly, but that expects in this row of prize? Surprisingly, the speakers are reasonably well.
4 / 5 By Mira
A telephone has said could be used in habladuría directly. It pode But so only after buying the paper of limit of Wal-Mart and has asked takes it has actuated taking 4 hours and has had still any service where alive has run he by means of t mobile. Wi-Fi Does really as well as it give it to my boy to look film on. Any well for rural zones.
4 / 5 By Adelia
This telephone is AILING! Has has wanted to something economic concealed does not have me does to feel likes was in the telephone of burner of the loser. This telephone is fabulous! It is a RCA, how is my TV , as it was happy to remain on-mark. It is an Android . Has tones of fresh coverage that his like this bad '80s soundtracks of films. It is súper light but still long and substantial. A sound is well. He syncs to the mine car easily. A reception is clear and touches quite quickly. Also it comes with ear buds. It uses him, this in spite of, reason he overheat bit it.
5 / 5 By Ronda
At the beginning looks to be cost telephone. But starts the overheating a lot early still although hardly I have any applications and photos in mine telephone that takes memory. Maintaining 6 month later would owe that buy another telephone reason can a lot included speak more included the pocolos small in this one his immediately overheats. You can it has launched so only it was $ 100 has money and does not know regarding the spend.
5 / 5 By Kyoko
Does not like Me writing of bad descriptions, but has to that on this one. It likes RCA of telephone generally. It is for this that take is one . Unfortunately this in spite of, a fund of a touchscreen the stops that reads properly the few months and calm can do not returning. Ossia Entirely unacceptable.
4 / 5 By Everette
A bit like a life of battery is very poor ,and service of client to buy a more extra battery is very bad ,has been them that tries to contact RCA cure of CLIENT to know where to buy an extra battery , any quite answered response of ZERO..
Like the battery is not available in AMAZON ALSO FOR MINA RCA M1 has used RCA M1 MODEL FOR 2 to continue USING BUYING EXTRA RCA Q1... LAST DOWNLOADS A lot QUICKLY..
My use of telephone and the data is insignificant...
5 / 5 By Johna
This telephone...
Like mine the main frustration was with that dulcemente is. To to The Thing likes to upload on a walmart application to use walmart pay has taken to a point where would have to that open an application while walking to a tent as it can take to walmart the paid for some time has taken to a register. My second flu was a UI. Reason is there way very fast to clear some background applications? If there is, Reason is taking so I yearn me to imagine was? Reason is not the stupid obvious? A main complaint is that it was not practically usable for me. It causes too many frustrations.
4 / 5 By Matilde
A telephone is really down on volume and he no left calm connects it to a to the cord, the music will not touch in the the. You can a lot included look the on-line film Cuz does not go the full screen so only was the little tiny screen that calm ail you can see. The telephone is súper slow . All the applications and has included the only writing is slow . A fund of a telephone a spatial backside n the house is too much sensitive or grieve the touch in the accident and he will exit everything . I suggest that another telephones this rca is really ugly and any value of the money
5 / 5 By Shirlee
Ossia a worse telephone . It has squandered my money. To use a telephone has to that constantly reboot a telephone to use it.

Top Customer Reviews: LG K10 K425 (16GB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Darwin
And produced excellent, has the data endure a tax of time. A lot of sturdy and durable, the life of battery is order this in spite of does very fast. Telephone adds partorisca a buck. It takes the decent pictures and he has not required any part to spare anything. And it is use for the person any a lot of technician with technology that is very happy with him.
4 / 5 By Gilma
Was the decent smartphone until, after the year almost to a day to order this product begins that it heats on. Any tent of electronics would try to fix the and a vendor will not answer to my questions of support. A battery now any last 5 hours if a telephone is on, included when in that then is not when the be has used. A battery of the new substitution has not improved an action a bit.
5 / 5 By Gaynelle
Súper Has Impressed. It was really nervous cuz ive never ordered of Amazon before. Arrived sooner that has expected! Mark of looks of the new product! I have used with in&t. I def order another telephone of here.
4 / 5 By Marcela
Any bad for the telephone of estimativa. It comes unlocked like this declared in a listing. The quality of screen is very good and clear. The quality of camera is decent considering a prize. It is gone in a box with the load of generic wall and boss.
5 / 5 By Karren
This telephone was exactly that has looked for. All was exactly to the equal that has described. Especially I want a bit characteristic! Thank you To do this telephone so abordable.
5 / 5 By Eileen
Has said work with TMobile but like this far am not able to transfer my contacts on. I require to go to a tmobile tent to do east? It can it has to that return a telephone he AT&T has said of then and are with TMobile.
5 / 5 By Lashonda
Has purchased this telephone to send my family in Cuba reason say that it was unlocked, this in spite of when they have tried to connect his coverage finds concealed is closed to AT&T. On this I can do not taking behind for the turn. It DOES not BUY THIS TELEPHONE PLAN ON USING IT ON A NO ATT COVERAGE.
4 / 5 By Lavona
Has arrived a day, connected to the mine carrier a lot easily! You recommend to another.
5 / 5 By Moises
Is flat & light. A bit main that my LG33 but much lighter.
4 / 5 By Collin
Telephones very good. I have been surprised that well it is for a prize has paid. It is unlocked and work perfectly.

Top Customer Reviews: RCA G2 32GB+3GB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 By Gaylord
Telephone adds partorisca a prize. Very basic, not retarding or fast. Telephone adds partorisca the boy

Top Customer Reviews: LG Electronics LG ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
Element constantly rebooting partorisca any reason
has Maintained partorisca fall signal
Then the messages have begun partorisca burst on that say
the service has blocked
the device has blocked
there is at all wring with my he, this telephone was so only messed on
5 / 5 By
is Coming with one has opened for behind has bitten it.... Maintained the because he simplier partorisca maintain. The works cost like far otherwise.
4 / 5 By
Is the good telephone but seat the little mislead. You look in specs on-line and has think that a telephone would have 3 actions of ram. My telephone so only has 2 actions of ram. Some works of good telephone but the find it the little laggy when exploring an internet. One looks good but prefer Android of clave - just the @@subject preferably. The life of battery looks good - will resist it the load partorisca the long time. Works of telephone with Rogers - I has has had to that so only dipped my paper of edges to a telephone.
4 / 5 By
Wants to all in this telephone another then, when it takes to 50 wants to go to 0 in just the pocolos second. Another while I love this telephone.
5 / 5 By
Any way to touch or the access telephone anything.
5 / 5 By
Produced excellent
4 / 5 By
4 / 5 By
A lot
5 / 5 By
Love the material well thank types !!🙏👆
5 / 5 By
Loves this telephone for multiple reasons. 1. Like a LG G5 ossia an excellent telephone partorisca low $ 100 used and referbished this in spite of can manage anything spears in him amiably. Now I am not saying goes to be a telephone a fast plus there but for the 2014 telephone can fly a Samsung Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6 any day now with 3gb of ram. Also love a be of key of the power in a backside and love a fact can substitute a battery. With apresamiento yours upload of 0 to 100 percentage in 5 second. To That that did not like me is mcafee built in the one of a telephone so that it has to that reset of factory your device requires the code to spend every time. To do the reset of factory and begin a device like new. Not To Take me begun in this key unexpectedly of stupid emergency which can be trigger in your pocket.

Top Customer Reviews: ZTE Blade Max 2S ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Lucrecia
If you would owe that order this telephone, please agree to call your cellular provider partorisca complete a reception of quality of the call (HD). . Also it has the glitch in a program that cause the appeal of light pause on a keyboard in time. Usually so only pressing a key partorisca be able the temperaly finalises a glitch in a program. Hopefully ZTE, will find the remedy partorisca a glitches in this telephone. Update! The quality of call is well! The just look was partorisca a location of one Changes, key when using this telephone. Involuntary Muting While it speaks is more than likely some reasons partorisca call so that it call subjects of qualities.
4 / 5 By Hester
Are the defender of ZTE the telephones like this is my fifth an in a past 3 years. A brota Max 2s has characteristic is except a quality of his of call of telephone. It is hardly audible and the telephone of speaker is at all the brag roughly also. Sometimes during the conversation would be muted and another person could no partorisca listen me - the reception would go in and sometimes has fallen a call all near. Another glitch is that a telephone would freeze /reboot. I have received this telephone the January of Monday 8th and here is Wednesday and are by train of the turn. The battery adds and telephone it good-looking and I want to many of some characteristic -but that well is the yes calm telephone grieves can use a characteristic of call. Hopefully Some questions were with this individual telephone and no with everything of them.

Update:. Has is not returned never an element that has purchased on-line before up to now. It was apprehensive to the equal that has thinks that that it was in some way shafted, this in spite of lame my hat was to both Amazon and Cities of Circuit partorisca resupply me the full repayment in speedy time. It would like the commend of both of these companies and I sure celery in doing compraventa further by means of and with both. Thank you Amazon and Cities of Circuit!
4 / 5 By Jalisa
This was my first time when being disappointed for the zte has had the zte brota, ZTE brota x Max and the zte brota x Max + all wonderful and soild telephones and infact has had not being satisfied has been of then forced to temporarily leave a zte family and down remarks to a acatel idol 5 that was it like this frustrating has has changed coverages partorisca take a LG Stylo 3 that was it still inferior to a zte the telephones have listed on.

Some main things do with my telephone is game , listens the youtube in a background and use google maps. I have found that a telephone has had absolutely any mutlitasking ablity which extremely frustrated could not listen to the video while there is google the ploughed of maps. It can not be in facebook, quickly google something,and then gone back to a same conversation like this every time has changed among aps has turned was all a way.

My games fence in has taken he on the plot by heart like zte 32gb has done well for that. Occasionally his lag but are not one hundred percent sure this was a telephone or mine the fault of games as it clashes a LG way 3 also.

Likes more mentioned does not have to any available chance likes the dance with dead persons every day, MARK SURE TAKEN The PLAN of AMPARO of the ACCIDENT . And I have been disappointed in that quickly my screen has taken lined in some sides.

A speaker is in a fund of a telephone, for a port of load. It is good but very easy to block and is not a powerful speaker has lost there. I think a ZTE brota x Max there has been the speaker the same powerful plus although it was in a backside of a telephone.
4 / 5 By Caroyln
Has used this telephone for three month. I am impressed!! Here some points have underlined.
1. Speed of fast and big resolution past
2. The experience adds in the low prize
3. It takes photo of professional quality; the front and the rear cameras are point and averts.
4. Qualified of the storage is to touch reason can add the economic MicroSD chip.
5. The life of battery is well.
In general, this telephone side each penny. Has some characteristic was that some telephones some the expensive plus has in the fraction of a cost. Happy has found this gem!!
4 / 5 By Yasmine
Had prepared really partorisca disturb this telephone to the equal that have had the zMAX pro. In all the chance this telephone has looked for to be one of some better telephones. It can not think that had a zone in this telephone for my medical material was pleased really with this so that has issue like this wish all the world would dip this class of what in of the telephones like a EMTs knows that it is doing in an emergency. Telephone better there is never has has had thank you to do he
4 / 5 By Sadie
telephone it sucks the horrible quality thought it better then a prime minister zte leaf max but is the worse just way is partorisca retard and the pictures are not that good. I had it it has run it the scanner of software in the and said a telephone was the telephone of Hawaii of 2016 telephone east purportedly is exited so only when in 2019. Conceal calm inclusa there says is done with economic parts that it is old.
5 / 5 By Arnulfo
Has ordered this telephone in a premis that there went it the very good camera, and have the screen of 6 thumbs.
When I have received a telephone was significantly smaller that a telephone I at present have, which is also the screen of 6 telephone of thumbs.
Am not sure take the smallest measure , But I have not looked to be that it is announced in a picture exactly when it comes to measure and of the capacities of Cameras and resolution.
For any to the to this no likes him to him the enormous telephone this in spite of, all more looked to be of good quality.
Has finalised to send the backside unfortunately because of him a lot when being no a measure that is announced.
5 / 5 By Jc
measured of Screen
quality of Audio
Life of Battery

The difference of a Axon 7, this model does not leave the user to designate different tones to ask diverse me this was extremely dissapointing, as this was the method has used for exploitation incoming calls.
Reason has done ZTE disorder with the good thing?????? I expect that ZTE will create to patch it to solve this @@subject a lot prompt.
5 / 5 By Lavern
Loves this telephone, work like the sleep does not give me the question except sure games, an inferior function will not look to leave me to exit of a game, and sometimes a game reads for the different system...(Also small,) but another that these things is the product adds .
5 / 5 By Janis
Am missing some figure concealed is seen usually in of the telephones like NFC and wifi-calling but is, in general, very impressive. Unfortunately, there is pocolos accessories for this telephone interior a moment.