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1 first Monolith 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Auxiliary Cable - 1 Meter, 26AWG, Solid Core Oxygen Free Copper, Professional, Premium Home Audio Monolith 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Auxiliary Cable - 1 Meter, 26AWG, Solid Core Oxygen Free Copper, Professional, Premium Home Audio By Monolith
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2 Monoprice Mini DisplayPort Thunderbolt to HDMI Active Adapter (109426) Monoprice Mini DisplayPort Thunderbolt to HDMI Active Adapter (109426) By Monoprice
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3 best Monoprice 102869 3' Premium 2 RCA Plug to 2 RCA Plug 22AWG Cable - Black Monoprice 102869 3' Premium 2 RCA Plug to 2 RCA Plug 22AWG Cable - Black By Monoprice
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4 Monoprice HDMI Audio Converter (110251) Monoprice HDMI Audio Converter (110251) By Monoprice
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5 Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand - Extends 28" to 38" - Holds Satellite & Small Bookshelf Speakers (i.e. Bose, Harmon Kardon, Polk, JBL, KEF, Klipsch, Sony and Others) - Set of 2 - Model: HTBS Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand - Extends 28" to 38" - Holds Satellite & Small Bookshelf Speakers (i.e. Bose, Harmon Kardon, Polk, JBL, KEF, Klipsch, Sony and Others) - Set of 2 - Model: HTBS By Sanus
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6 Monolith 4 Tier/Shelf Audio Stand - Black | Open Air Storage, Modular Design, Sturdy, Compatible with Bose, Polk, Sony, Yamaha, Pioneer and Others Monolith 4 Tier/Shelf Audio Stand - Black | Open Air Storage, Modular Design, Sturdy, Compatible with Bose, Polk, Sony, Yamaha, Pioneer and Others By Monolith
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7 Monoprice AV HDR High Speed Outdoor HDMI Cable - 100 Feet - Black, 4K@60Hz, HDR, 18Gbps, Fiber Optic, AOC, YUV 4: Armored - Slimrun Series Monoprice AV HDR High Speed Outdoor HDMI Cable - 100 Feet - Black, 4K@60Hz, HDR, 18Gbps, Fiber Optic, AOC, YUV 4: Armored - Slimrun Series By Monoprice
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8 AmazonBasics 100ft 16-Gauge Audio Stereo Speaker Wire Cable - 100 Feet AmazonBasics 100ft 16-Gauge Audio Stereo Speaker Wire Cable - 100 Feet By AmazonBasics
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9 Monoprice Premium S/PDIF (Toslink) Digital Optical Audio Cable - Silver - 100ft | Heavy Duty Mesh Jacket, Metal Connector Heads, for Play Station, Xbox one, Home Theater & More Monoprice Premium S/PDIF (Toslink) Digital Optical Audio Cable - Silver - 100ft | Heavy Duty Mesh Jacket, Metal Connector Heads, for Play Station, Xbox one, Home Theater & More By Monoprice
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10 Monoprice Premier Series 1/4 Inch (TRS) Male to Male Cable Cord - 25 Feet- Black 16AWG (Gold Plated) Monoprice Premier Series 1/4 Inch (TRS) Male to Male Cable Cord - 25 Feet- Black 16AWG (Gold Plated) By Monoprice
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Top Customer Reviews: Monolith 3.5mm to ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Crysta
And it uses this cape for the pair of headphones that accepts capes. It IS the very good cape , any microphonics, built like the tank, reasonably the flexible data is girth, and only a right period. And it is not the big believer in the capes that has the big function in quality of his, as all and'll said is everything sounds adds. The better sound that a cheap and bad cape isolated and used anteriorly. This cape was highly microphonic, and also prone in static of rfi. Any subject with this cape, is in isolated, if anything. My only complaint would be a prize , is the bit empinado, but and'll gives them spends it given a sudden quality in shows here.

Top Customer Reviews: Monoprice Mini ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Elizbeth
The element adds! Two exposures in my woman Mac Mini! I add!!
5 / 5 Pat
He Monitor, could not ask the better adapter.
5 / 5 Many
Essential to have.
2 / 5 Renae
Work, but a quality of the picture is not very a lot the grandson/crisp
1 / 5 Irma
It does not act , any once. Also it can it launches it was.
1 / 5 Laci
Piece of $ %P the May has done. Doesnt Work Wont work.... Of the that buys It !

Top Customer Reviews: Monoprice 102869 3' ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Werner
I have to say that this cape is surprising compared in normal cape and some so it called hello capes of judge of start of the end. If this cape there has been a Monster by name in front of him, coast 40 dollars. This cape is fat, offers to surprise protect, and is the a lot of improvement in stock. I have bought this cape to connect my Bose Only 15 in my television, has used a normal cape that is coming with a speaker. It see In NYC where has a lot of interference because of some trains and taxis of taxi. I have bought once this cape and changed out of a normal cord was the difference of entity . Some down silence improved and had when domesticates a volume all a road. That bad for that? It connects your normal cape and creature a volume all a road and listen, can listen noise, clear static and the clear hiss sound, that is to say a problem with normal capes with lack of or not protecting at all. Which can break you produced, now change out of a normal and plant this cape and creature a volume all a road. And you will remark a difference immediately.

The cape adds, is using this to connect in your television, think me does not have to spend more than that this cost of cape so that it is by train to take you the cape adds for the prize adds.
5 / 5 Lavinia
The usual tan, only in any cape done by Monoprice is something the value this compraventa. Even so, I am not always it has convinced it to it to him a quantity of paid of the money cost what apresamiento. Even so, this or has been now pulled in an interior of the wall, through a coverage and record an interior of another wall and works like the field.
5 / 5 Mica
That is to say the heavy cape . Only that has looked for. Other descriptions have attached that some cover is come averts. I do not see it the raisin concealed with my cape. There is the a lot tight access, has to twist to take them was how can see it can spend but does not plan on unhooking my squad frequently only when has to. I think that that this will last me the lifetime. I am not preoccupied at all in a craftsmanship of this cape. Highly recommend it this cape in any one.
1 / 5 Harley
These terribly inflexible the capes look utmost, but is so rigid, causes all the classes of hookup problems. Fulfilling that anytime move my amp for the adjust, these capes will burst out of his sockets! Surprisingly annoying. I am looking for capes that is silky smooth and relaxed. These are so hard like coathangers!
4 / 5 Bunny
Initially he preoccupied would be it also long my Dodge 98 Ram. I am trace an amplifier in a back wall of a taxi. The side run of door of low capes by side of the passenger sill in a back wall then on in a centre. Final with just a right quantity of cape, perhaps 6' change. The capes are fat which are well and bad. Running three sets of east beat of capes when being the challenge . The ends is sure in a cape, and firmly engage with both amplifier and unit of cape. Tan Beat it sure when being the ache to take . Still I am posing things up and tuning. So far any noise in a system ( not having never subjects of same noise with cheap capes). If it can change a thing enough would be his flexibility. If some capes go to be that big would like me to be more than flexible, especially when that inserts a unit of the leader and some capes are exerting the remarkable control. If it was to do it again probably would have purchased a lower series after cape.
1 / 5 Deandre
Generally I do not write of the descriptions of product, but think that this product has deserved the bad a (and Monoprice generally has products of quality quite decent). Probably it have to it has taken it to it to him more the opinion in some multiple revises concealed declares an isolation was rigid and that some fall of connectors was, but would think it would not be concealed taken to do the halfway decent RCA interconnects cape that has done. Well, this was wishful has thought. That very others the critics have declared, some connectors are loose and provides the very feeble connection. As My application has involved the connection created the few feet of an earth, a weight of a cape pulled in some quite a lot of connectors to do them the pop has been. Besides an isolation is issue too rigid also which probably exacerbates a subject. Look elsewhere for RCA capes. There is much more options in the field of similar prize that real what RCA the capes are meant to do, connects two devices of the audio and the stays firmly have connected.
1 / 5 Lissa
I have purchased 5 of these capes and no the solos a has done properly. I use these while it interconnects he of a amp in a AVR, and two would not spend the signal at all. A rest 3 was intermittent and advantage the frequent cutouts. A cheap, thin radioshack RCA the cape has had in the box (probably of an early 90s) has not had any one of these subjects.

HAS and continues uses very monoprice capes, but eschew these by all means.
5 / 5 Karima
Taken the good roads in some quite decent satellite speakers, as I have imagined to update a RCA cords while it was in him. I the attacker and after test, and... Yes, had the very perceivable difference in quality of his among these and a spaghetti-serious RCA cords some speakers are come with. The nave was unexpectedly hurriedly, and a prize-in-the proportion of quality is hard to beat. Recommended!
5 / 5 Charley
These types are built by demanding quality.

Wants to some few good sounds, precise these capes.

My only flu is that they do not line very well in an amplifier. If you are using he in your cart, mark sure your amp is sure and that some capes are insurances also. The better road is to ray he in of the plants to use the headline of clamp/of cape.
4 / 5 Geri
It researches to be the decent capes already active or situate and has wanted the so orderly more go the 4000 audio of system of watt and has wanted the to maintain out of an interference that more cheeper the capes have cual this decent

Top Customer Reviews: Monoprice HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Cuc
There is has not had any problems with this conversor of audio. The unplug when is not into use (so that it does not use a monitor is plugged in very often) but fix my dilemma with a monitor that has a HDMI carried but any speaker in a monitor he.
2 / 5 Melissia
After the period to time a RCA has prendido to start with of the audio and the calm has to turn a unit was and on to continue.
5 / 5 Vincenza
Produced of amazing niche. If the cheat needs an audio of a HDMI cape and redirects he in another source or device of legate, then only buy this product. Work and is work very good. Thank you Profit in Monoprice.
4 / 5 Zack
Perfecto to leave an audio out of a HDMI common without reducing a quality of a current, now is using 3 of them in different location, only wish a prize was the low plus bit.
5 / 5 Leticia
The works add. I have had to to use this to extract audio of my player of blue ray so that a television has any beginning of the audio and some speakers are sickeningly pathetic in a television.
5 / 5 Clifton
Works perfectly. Pulling digital audio of the 5x1 HDMI change and spending video to the long of the projector. Any subject at all with him.
5 / 5 Mei
The works add. Only cual required to maintain my old plus Surrounds system of His viable.
5 / 5 Cedric
Perfect element to leave out of digital audio when using Roku
5 / 5 Hanh
The works add any problem
5 / 5 Jenine
The works add if your receiver has not posed-up

Top Customer Reviews: Sanus Adjustable ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Melodee
Please mark this that useful, especially for Vizio people, the people go to complain in a pressing of cape against a cane of metal(is), and is correct, and here is the solution: As my show of photos, the rotate a group and no in the install so instructed, can create abundance of room for a cape, and assembla still when being very well has balanced. In the first place he total some canes have attached in a base properly so instructed, then rays a speaker in a group likes him in my photo in place of screwing a group in a support, then a last thing is has attached a group in a vertical support. Screwing A speaker in a first group will leave you to use the screwdriver and he tight, before attaching a group in a support, so that an access of blocs of the support to tense a ray of speakers.... So much group of ray in west firmly.
3 / 5 Brady
This product has been listed together with 'VIZIO SB4051-C0 the 5.1 Sound of Canal of 40 Inches Escombra with Speakers and Wireless Subwoofer of Satellite (2015 Model)' down a 'frequently the together section has bought.' Even so, some supports are not so compatible while it would like him the to be. Some capes that connects some speakers of the satellite in a subwoofer is on age to return through some holes of cape in some supports. Also, a connection in a speaker is so big that can any one firmly ray in a speaker of satellite without the have the hard press against a cape, which me preoccupy in a connection. It attaches some pictures with my worries. I blame me very to research compatibility of product more thoroughly. I find it the small concerning even so these quite a lot of people have bought these two products together with enough of frequency that the amazon would list to joint them. I am expecting that this description can stop to help that association at least the small bit.
2 / 5 Mitsue
I have thought I quite a lot of researches on these to do sure was a right access for my Vizio 38' 5.1 surrounds speakers of his, but supposition I no. While it can see calm in a first picture, an end of a cape of of the one of the west is more concealed two big times that a hole in a support of of the one of the west that a cape is supposition to return through. In a second picture, can see concealed has to embroil a cape around a support of of the one of the west so that the does not return in a tube. It do not take Me bad, a support of of the one of the west is durable, but only has not been designed by a Vizio 38' 5.1 surrounds speakers of sound. Hopefully This description prevents any concealed has this surrounds system to sound any one to buy these, so that the desire has seen the description like this before I have bought these supports of of the one of the west.
5 / 5 Anja
Quality and produced of surprise for a prize . Has four Bose surrounds speakers of the sound and some the original supports are fallen averts . It IS to look for walnut ones and the amazon expsita sell the in 120 dollars the pair . In my case would have to buy 2 . (240.00 dollars ) . It IS all has posed to bite a balloon and purchase the when amazon sugestions has burst up with these ones .
Well IS happy bought these . A neighbourhood of a prize and a quality are surprising . Everything of my Bose speakers screwed rights to them and I think the better look that a Bose is . Some assembly has required of course but has average in in to to the the brain likes him in is of easy . The race of tone a cape through a tube before you have posed a two half together . Then to pull a cape out of a small mark of the clothes of yours sure hole better woman grippy tweezers to take the and attraction he through . Then to the to yours likes him to of him the new order tweezers for a woman hurriedly while I angled his during a process .
4 / 5 Jesusita
It has to well , heavy supports. I have bought these for my Samsung HW-K950 back speakers. Had the questions has asked if these would do with a Samsung soundbar the back speakers and do. Some sustains come with multiple dishes that would return almost any speaker. These are to heave and amiably coated but has the few problems: some L group when installed with some aforesaid speakers signal some speakers the few titles up. Has had to tweak (curve) joined to group slightly to take them to direct some speakers horizontally. Also, has the system of management of the cape for cape of of the west (some on hole an upper and another in a subordinated to leave the cape of of the one of the west to be run invisibly) but has any road to run cords to be able in (limits also big to return in hole). I can use bonds of cape of small black. An another the problem is some tampons provides to maintain some sustains to line hardwood melt - is at all more than points of electrical tape (as if any one has used the punch of hole and paste was 20 or of the circles like small). They were tedious to apply (imagines to try to take a backside of 20 points of hole of paste of measure and then applying the point said in the small landing in a fund of a support). For the little bucks more, could attach some more substantial rubber tampons. Another that this looks for to be supports very adjustable.
5 / 5 Bryant
These supports are in fact Very well for a prize. I have used the to line some Monoprice speakers of satellite (models 10800), quite 3 lbs the piece.

The quality of tez is well. Almost I have not bought these after seeing some complaints another has had in some sustains very when being pas able to maintain a height wished because of a plastic piece that connects both tubes.

My speakers are quite 3 lbs each which so and some supports have any subject that maintains his height. I have pressed included down I last in the and sure still stay.

(First picture of reference) thinks that some people of problem are having is perhaps is that it takes drawee of the plastic clamp this goes around an upper tube. This piece is NECESSARY for an upper tube to take tensed properly for a conic connector that goes down when tensed. That tense A plastic connector (that a lot is queixant- to listen cheap), a conic hoards of a connector goes to rack and sea in a c-clamp (dresses in a photo in my hand) and the tense around a tube an upper thin plus of a support. Work well and while it designs.

My only complaint is that ones the ports in my speakers take coated by a group but I give that any excel there possibly can return all the speakers. Probably I am that it goes to have that finds the different solution while in any in that has some holes of port coated.

(Picture of reference of the second) Also, a hole where a cape of beginnings of of the one of the west of this a lot of tight. I use 16AWG cape of the west and ails returned through a hole. It was not the big roads has pulled only went them with tweezers but was quite inconvenient.

Some bases also require you to peel and attach A lot of pieces of tiny felt concealed is class of the ache to do.

In general, even so, can not jump he any one stars like the supports are perfect for my necessity and is of quality very well for something of this prize.
4 / 5 Letitia
Based on a lot revises has known these would not return some capes of my vizier 5.1 bar of his with back speakers. It can very really it finds any system that does even so.. SO MUCH, I have bought these and crazy law for apresamiento a lining of rubber of an end of some cover of of the one of the west, straightening an upper arm that has curves in him, that short the beginning the big plus where some capes are exited typically of an upper arm, and that uses the perch of cloak of the metal to press one covers through. He wasnt without his difficulties, but a result of final is cleansing a lot of that before.
Inferior line, if your handy, can do this work.
A quality of looks of sake of tez global. Heavy, the rests posed in carpets. The cloak of the black powder is well. Coming with a lot of type of hardware for different applications.
4 / 5 Armida
These supports of of the one of the west is add, only owes careful when being your speakers are able to attach. I have purchased these supports of of the one of the west for my Vizio S4251w-B4 speakers of the satellite and was the delicate bit to take his to attach a road has wanted. If your speakers do not attach even so, come with the sticky piece that will line your speakers up for just when being the in the. Any one quite so sure, but takes a work has done. At present I have the mine has attached in this way, but plan in screwing the in once can take some more rays to take it to do, since some rays that comes with this does not return in a backside of a Vizio speakers. An only real problem has with these is that unless it can decouple you a bit leaders of cape of your cape, will not be able to return them inner some supports to the goes your cape so that a hole is subjects in small.
1 / 5 Sook
It purchase this product to attach my vizio back satellite spekers. Alas because of hole of tube of small diameter and a curve in a cup, cape of my speakers could not spend through. This would be a case with any speakers of the satellite with fuse goes jacks has attached in both finals. Returned for repayment and substituted with similar product with right and big tube quite the diameter concealed and can run some capes through
4 / 5 Freeman
The support of of the one of the west is very robust, the heights of adjustment are perfect, and comes with the bouquet of different fitments for speakers.

Opens Some gilipollas... Installing a support was quite directly advance but has trace hardly a dish to base to be, a tap for prender fraction, no the big roads so that you only can do tighter, but the bit of the left bass any one a less. Another thing was that it has it did not have tampons quite sliding the cover all some something in a fund of a support... Almost whenever it consumes the part fished some connections through. Produced of global sake, has has not had any subjects so far would recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: Monolith 4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Collene
I have ordered this to substitute the macizo AV the server racks concealed has contained my squad of audio. An only a problem in this unit has come very with wheels. A material of forest and the poles of metal were very bundled, has had the good arrival and was easy the total. For $ 89 the could not go injustice. If enough you attach you wheels he so that it can go one racks out of a wall to maintain a squad, some the inferior pieces have the threaded nuts. It IS to Upload to Transfer and taken some small cover of roller casters for $ each which as these accesses a threading perfectly and routed this in a cup. That the value and with the wheels are perfect.
5 / 5 Darrin
This has done perfectly to line my receiver and another AV instruments for my room of projector. A quality is solid, and think that look quite lustrous and modern. It was also very pleased with a stability of a support while has a receiver up, as it is upper heavy, and does not see any class in wobbling or has any fear to touch.

For a cost, that is to say some excellent roads .
1 / 5 Malcom
Arrived punctually with first nave. Bundling Very good. The decent instructions. Cairo Of the robust parts. Quan Has begun to total although it has remarked that had something has entered some inferior legs. A whole unit comes with 3 measures of supports for each row except a subordinated together has had 3 party and or this was lower (ugly duckling?). This represents a piece of useless totality for me unless and finds the measure that will maintain this whole support without touching on and potentially break electronic expensive.

The vendor yes is reading this - I didnt installs this last week of the boxes but that has been spent a window of tower. It have to revise it can issue I join me inferior legs to correct this. Picture of voice for details.
5 / 5 Claudie
I ordered it cautiously think it take that paid for, but was very impressed. Had some small subjects, but at all that maintains to him for the order again. Some of a threaded inserts/inserts in some tubular sections have not been varied perfectly. I classify to have OCD in of the things like this looking crooked but this has not been a subject once totalled. I have done some smaller adjustments that gone back some legs the turn of neighbourhood in 'adjust' out of any smaller difference in alignment. A last point to take on upper of a difficulty is tensing some upper tubular supports (in fact first facts in an order of assembly). I have used one of a silicone/of rubber washers to try to press in a slick the plastic coated the ray directs in the help maintains to turn when thread in a tubular support. Law very enough to take things snug quite ( the marks have listened once begin the total!). It purchase again for other components in my room of musician.
5 / 5 Clemente
Very solid, the tez has done well and big quality. Supremely Easy to pose together -- has taken quite a lot of 30 minutes. Impressive rigidity. I think that casters beat it that it is screwed in a fund, while it comes only barbed of carpet, as I am now in a lookout for four casters in a sale or base of return of House. I can buy another of these. Calm think you could do it much bigger to combine two.
5 / 5 Darrell
A support was together easily. It IS robust and solid feeling . It returns a stereo components properly. Purchase again!
5 / 5 Rod
Supremely Easy to pose together very robust and for a prize and did not expect it to look this well am very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Laurinda
In general, a shelf is well , one with this that some feet are plastic facts that worry bad effect in quality of sound.
5 / 5 Hellen
Robust, well of looks and sper easy the total. Any subject.
5 / 5 Vi
It was in the good place.

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics 100ft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5 Marcene
That is to say exactly that is supposed to be-- low cost, west cape of entity of consumer.

Uses this to connect our consumer of 15 years-the amplifier of entity in our old consumer-the speakers of entity, to touch musician and his of tones of film streamed in an internet in any bit-esteems our connection spends to back interior a moment. Some speakers are planted in any flat surface can find, in any agreement gives some semblance of stereo and esurround', in the room where 'acoustic' takes the back chair in 'any in that fell he of things in our leaders.'

One this impedance of parties in some speakers, the loss of power of a cape, a response of frequency, is all the optimisations of 2 orders where only is that it looks for a first approximation. Only we want durable cape that will not break easily yes pulled or together-in, that any cut an amplifier with normal use, and the action duquel is no worse that other appearances of our setup. We comprise a difference among copper and bake-clad aluminium, and an impact in cape gague in fidelity of signal. Has ours own good-metres, oscilliscopes and RMS metres to be able in, and only very preoccupy us.

If you are a audiophile, odds is not even is sniffing an Amazon Basics, very less reading this description. Calm is not researching if this cape will leave to listen a timpanist heartbeat during the 2 movement of a Beethoven 9, included even so audiophiles alleges it can be done. It IS it has occupied also it poses anti-the coating reflects some verges of your CD and posing your amplifiers in tiny few conic feet. The purchase does manually crafted, hand-has pulled the cape to bake pure extracted of durable mines for minors of free field, encased in gold of just trade-foil RF protect and embroiled with organic cotton-strand sheath has dyed in native traditional masters.

This cape is not excellent, but is each a required of cape.
5 / 5 Ivory
Good cape, good prize, used so that his external speakers add. Desert spool has done the toy of dog adds!
5 / 5 Kina
It buys the cape stripper. It was also take to peel an external plastic sheath with scissors.
Breakings Of cape in 2: + and - the advantages in of the boxes of of the one of the west and auricular.
Has cut in the period then undress some finals to expose a copper cape to attach in of the rays of of the one of the west.
5 / 5 September
I find me the bit has surprised that I gravitate in the name of mark with 'basic' in him. But so with each an another AmazonBasics the products have purchased, is continuing to find products of good quality in of the good prizes.
Afterwards chosen in the new receiver has decided to bond with mine original speakers and in planting to try the reuse some old capes of the different house have imagined would do the grandson to install with new cape. It was quite happy to see one AmazonBasics marks of cape.

Can not allege to have the ear has coached, or there is audiophile squad of level, but for mine mid-varies Yamaha auricular and the speakers can say zero difference among this cape and the monster marked cape. My only precaution, adoptive you to measure before purchase. I any one and has imagined 50 Feet would be quite and has taken one 100 circle of feet only to have spare cape, and finishing to use the majority of some 100 feet of cape.

While with another AmazonBasics the products are by train to find them to be solid, the products of the quality priced less than some low quality products.
4 / 5 Sana
This is not to bake real, but does not allege to be. With that out of a road, that is to say in fact cape quite decent. It IS very flexible and easy to do with. If you are well with some limitations to bake-clad aluminium (so that it is not that it runs that very time of the roads, or is on-sizing directors to start with, or only does not want to paid for 100% copper) then that is to say in fact quite well to do with. An isolation is soft and flexible and a cord has the very easy to see black line for a negative director. If this was pure OFC bake, probably was one of my favourite marks.
5 / 5 Helga
While I am sure have it audiophiles that quibble, thinks that this material is awesome. Has quite (but very also) isolation to do me that it is comfortable to pull he through wall. It takes this to run through a wall and outside to connect some speakers in a Sony 100w amp use with our AppleTV as we can touch the musician has entered a porch. A good cape and thickness, easy to do with, and a spool is not ridiculously big. Another that concealed, a prize is well.
2 / 5 Kareem
The work but a quality are terrible. Quan A cape is undressed of his protective coverage, for easily and leaves tiny shards of cape in a fund and carpet. It can be difficult to see a shards in a carpet, and some the tiny bits can nettle a rind when cleaning them up. The May HAS KNOWN the cape of of the west could create such the disorder. It IS probably a premier AmazonBasics the purchase concealed lamented.
4 / 5 Lavelle
I have required cape of of the one of the west after finding that a cape has been missing of the digital Grace amp had purchased . This cape has been recommended, and found the better sounds with a small plus amp that my capes my fat plus. It IS pleasantly it has surprised. For some applications, basic is to spare well.

Some curves of cape and sale easily, as I can thread he around pieces of furniture, through windows, under coverages, etc. when is posing in the provisional listens canal for the social case, workshop, or dine. I think that that it is well for setups where the sound is has wanted but perhaps any one my first election for the room of musician. It IS economic and or attentive quite durable to last the few years.

So far, is happy with this cape of of the one of the west of the subject.
5 / 5 Sherril
I have purchased this cape to be able in hook in my receiver in an in-of the boxes of of the one of the west of the wall.

Has used clips of banana and this access of perfect cape for my application.

An only thing to consider is if your receiver or clips of cradle of use of speakers then be cautious of an use of cape of the gauge. A gauge experience (16 gauge) was only slightly on age for a backside of my receiver as I have required for the crimp the bit to compress one covers after trim in period.

HAS this had installed for quite a lot of two years and has has not grinded subject. Any tarnishing of a copper and a coverage of the west cape has not cracked or accident.

Another while I am very happy with purchase of mine and listen that is to say the roads takes to spend up in this field of prize.
1 / 5 Giuseppina
Coming to discover very late is good cape but is gone the small too far with some installation and discovered is the copper coated the capes of aluminium that is quite 50% loss in of the signals
4 / 5 Augustus
It have been well partorisca a listing partorisca declare his Copper Clad Aluminium. It have to that it has known it partorisca a prize. Fair of works this in spite of. Be advised moisture will corrode this legislation for the yes exposed half any external time in terminations of speaker.
5 / 5 Brett
Requires two 50-ft the speaker is announces the temp setup during the renewal of church, and I cringed the little reason know speaker the one who expensive the boss can take. I have then seen this Basics spool in some results of investigation, and partorisca a prize and speed of delivery with prime minister, has been partorisca he. Wow, In no way it is this economic boss . Has thinks that has done deceive it and sent 14-gauge due to the fact that fat the resemblance (any that would import 14 gauge, lol). There is any reason to spend big bucks when you require 100 ft, ossia boss of excellent speaker to all the cost lateralmente.
4 / 5 Nathaniel
Ossia The fabulous produced and such the subject. I have had to that order a lot these to rewire my room of the theatre and he have done perfectly. A boss is spent he of good quality that has saldado well and league well so that love the most permanent connection vs given of boss or other connectors. A sleeve is the plastic of good quality that attractive quite easy by means of your walls.

A better part in this boss is a cost! It was less than 1/2 a prize of a boss an economic plus could find in Imposición of House or Lowes. That the subject!
5 / 5 Mathilde
Thinks that all the bosses of speaker would owe that be fatter according to a period to delete the control does not think , does not think the boss will do your speakers touch better. This boss has had the habit to connect some rear speakers.
Saying that it thinks is the boss adds.
Has expensive bosses and RCA connectors a lot of reason touch better so only reasons my stereo the better looks.
A boss done decent would not owe that affect this quality to touch the economic boss very poor but in general will require to look for the economic bad boss.
All the Bosses would owe that be always like this short like possible
4 / 5 Fernanda
the ees tried several gauges down to 12, and all copper versus copper clad aluminium and this one east a winner because it is an easy plus to use with discharge of banana has them any runs over roughly eight feet and the volume is achieved with fine variety more than tasking individual spouse(s) of speakers am using them eight headphones with roughly 35 speakers (almost one hundred engine) partorisca fm classical reception--Crazy? YES, but wonderful!
5 / 5 Daphine
Well For my basic speakers. I have tried to do my sub and has taken the hum. My speakers are basic and is connected to mine 7.2 but have connected so only 5. The boss was easy to pull and flexible. On all was the good compraventa . I have taken 2 circles that he 200ft and has had so only the little has left on. They are happy has taken them 2 circles and no only 1. I gave it five stars been due to he doing for my speakers and prizes. I have had the feeling it no correctly with mine 350 watt sub. Of the that Takes me bad some bass was a lot of so only has taken the hum while it connect his. I took him once it was I didnt take it more.
5 / 5 Paola
Is boss of speaker . As I Can one writes the glowing informs on boss of speaker? I will give to try it.

This is coming packaged and looked well. Some designers of container have done the glorious work draws a container. A boss is very smooth with the negative boss clearly marked. A insulation is good and think and insulates a lot well. When it has saldado is applied the take well and looks a copper boss has used is is the quality covers very big.

A transmission of his excellent east the difference of another copper boss this has reduced noticeably clarity in a big row.

This boss is also very better that these spools still wire ossia so only 50 feet because this has 100 feet. Cela The fact to two good times likes 50 of boss of feet and 4 better times that some 25 feet spools.
5 / 5 Kenton
Are the defender of wireless systems but when it comes to the speakers are very skeptical (without any real reason!) And like wire them. I have purchased external speakers for our group and not having enough of bosses of old speaker to connect them. I have purchased this 16-gauge the boss and he have arrived a next day. The installation is like this easy or complicated likes calm want the partorisca be but is not science of rocket ;) A spool is a lot handy to go of a boss. A sound are to add and has had any subjects of qualities. Good shot!
5 / 5 Rochell
Wow, These AmazonBasics bosses of speaker where value and utmost quality. Has abundance to use he so that it is 100 feet and was easy to cut with the wirecutter. These bosses of speaker have had the habit of league on 6 speakers with the abundance of period there is to the left takes more! I have not had any subject with these bosses of speaker! For the most cleaned look, recommends sleeving a boss of speaker with your election to paint paracord for the good themed or flaired look!
4 / 5 Pearlene
Buys the new Onkyo stereo and has wanted to redo a wiring. There was all dips up and listened hiss/flutter in playback in phono, CD, bluetooth, radio, . . .. Swapped The crew that/bosses around to isolate a question. Expósito That has substituted this product with one (original) 24 gauge wiring it has done well. Be conscious

Top Customer Reviews: Monoprice Premium ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Nelly
Like The installer of the theatre of professional house has seen each level of quality of Toslink the capes can imagine. The majority of career in a 'cheap and flimsy,' this cape is an extreme of very built, solid, and adds to use in dangerous(zones where a cape can take curling, piece, or exposed in any tension) locations. The May HAS SEEN another cape of the same writes to put to bed included in this robust (still in an upper) edifice. My only complaint is a cape is quite the fat plus bit that normal and marks to pose out of a distribution the bit of the challenge so that a flexibility of a cape is very less than normal. Apt and the arrival is glorious, the function is a same likes everything of these Toslink capes, so that inner is all a same. Highly recommended for any installation of big tension, overkill for anything more!
1 / 5 Scotty
I have purchased to much more version of easterly the little the mark of years that was big quality even so it uses This low cape is too rigid and one of some finals any covers in and stay in. An another the end that takes enough the bit to oblige to limit in. Too bad his quality is gone down hill . Any value an annoying to return, as it enter it a dumpster and is a last will purchase.
4 / 5 Luke
That is to say a second time is buying this cape. Some premiers some looks has developed the failure... Perhaps take crimped behind something. I require to substitute it and based in a cost, quality, and the period goes still to go with this again!

A sheathing in this cape is fantastic! A metal weaves gives it quite flex while saving he to angle too far in a point to break an internal optic plastic. A connector attaches easily and access among the variety other connectors in of the tight rooms.

Uses this with a Xbox One this connects in the headset solution. A Xbox and a headset the canal of base was in of the opposite sides of a room like the period was essential. I have considered to use the glass-the cape based but a period has done a too prohibitive side. I have been plastic disturbed no also but a quality and the action are excellent!

IS more to use in of the situations where the straight connection in a backside of a device is VAL like the cape any angle suddenly for creation and a heft of a cape can weigh down in that is connected in.

Quan Needs the longitude, durable optic cape this one east an excellent bet !

4/5 stars because of requiring substitutes afterwards 1 year.
5 / 5 Pia
This optic the cape is coming punctually and well-bundled. It IS so announced. It IS attractive (if these imports in you!), Which the money casing. Some apt terminals firmly in the each SPDIF receptacle, and has provided the flawless sound of installed the the months of mark of pair. A thing to be conscious of; a period of cape is quite rigid, which to good sure result in the durable product, but is quite that resists in of the curves. Precise tight curves, can wants to consider other options. It maintains in alcohol, even so, these optic the capes do not have to when being angled too dramatically.

For a prize, highly recommends this cape. Paste All some requisites for me, and is providing the service adds for my desktop-together of upper audio-up.

Happy listens!
5 / 5 Kandice
Usually very in fact write the description for the cape, but oh the man is this good thing ! It IS incredibly big quality, has fallen in fact a tip once and paste my monitor and has nailed a poster (felizmente paste my sper cheapo monitor lol) and some tips of cape is still totally well. Incredibly fat plait also, really a lot recommends this for any one concealed wants the solid of optic cape.
1 / 5 Waltraud
A cape has taken there was absolutely horrible connectors, any same remain broken in a television or a receiver in any final. A strand the optic the cape spent of the road has extended a coverage of connector but still with the yard goes down does not connect . A cape is very fat which are well , but some leaders of connector are enormous for any reason at all, if it has remained in fact connected in some devices can have been the problem in my receiver. Ordered the cape of different manufacturers almost immediately.
5 / 5 Lexie
The better quality has not seen never. You would have to pull these repeatedly, and very hard, through the knife-surface of acute metal to have any occasion to cut through them. Has three of these in the different period that connects three amplifiers in my house. It opens HAS the whole house of his excellent all perfectly synchronised--WOW.

Once read in the type that has thought his defective era so that his contractor alleged has not done after it runs the. Only I do not create it . Only a same, goes to have more careers your cabling, in the first place tries a cape you to ensure work. Then any one alleges was defective and tries to sell you another, knows s/ is lying.
5 / 5 Brandy
I have run this cape through pipe and surprisingly for the 75ft race, the perfect law! A squad of the immediately chosen audio in a signal and I have listened in DTS / Dolby Digital surrounds sound. Awesome Quality of tez and strong to pull through 50ft behaviours.
1 / 5 Martine
It looks the good cape but the ends of the connections are plastic cheap. The desire was more durable. My monster of ten years can toslink is has built better.
5 / 5 Tran
It was pleasantly surprised when took this cape. He reeks of quality. The dry likes him rasgado of a vendor so that I am spent so little in these. It sees capes that has not been this well to hover he of $ 60. Has the plastic coverages for some games so that it does not take fraction, and some tips have connected in fact directly in a cape so yes, for any reason, necessity to store this type was, has the plastic coverage for a there included tip handy. Has the change of optic audio(Nyrius SW100 the Optic Digital audio Toslink 3 Selector of entrance the Compatible change with Strand Optic Capes, HDTV, Blu-player of DVD of the ray, PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS, XBOX360, PS3) and after it take it this , has ordered 2 more so each which how one of my cords would be a same. Still with two of these among a blu-player of the ray and one surrounds his (or in and out of a change) there was virtually very lag in sound. I produce it adds, normal up!

Top Customer Reviews: Monoprice Premier ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5
I am in pro video and of audio during 30 years. I have bought recently new Bose L1 Model II SPEAKERS and the capes of patch required. I have bought 8 capes, some finals or different period. After 6 month has remarked a speaker was lower in volume and of the seeds at the end the hack was. I have tried some capes and 3 of some 8 capes have the bass among some directors and of COVERAGE of MESH. They have tried very when it take the walnuts.

Possesses and of a Monoprice capes, recommends that you come from the with metre for shorts among some directors.

Has cut some finals of a cape and has tried the end and was a lot of. A cape was still shorted without finals in the. I have posed the metre in an end and has cut 12' was a section the time until some bass has been gone so much can locates a bad section. I have opened a bad section of the cape and he have some 2 inner capes, black and the aim coated, more a bare protect coppers.

With all the justice, if in his disposal up usually or walking in the slightly the small times in the phase cause this then his my failure but I have never in 30 years have had any cape does not be missing never internally, his always been some connectors of finals of the cape that goes bad or take loose.

UPDATE 6-28-14
contacted Monoprice and proportionate service of excellent client. I am returned some capes in them and is looking in the to see that it can have cause a problem.
Will continue to use this type of Monoprice capes because of a quality and 16 awg but will try the frequently.

UPDATE 8-9-14
was to do the show and has tried my capes before using and another is shorted! This is taking old. Out of 8 capes, 4 is gone month of bad interior. Some final is not a problem, sound an interior sheath coating a cape of small black, the sound that attractions eschew and shorting has been with a coverage that protects capes in 3 capes but this a this point of low and tip . I will contact Monoprice again. The May Uses these capes without trying them and is not happy with them since I flange trusts the at all. Monoprice Is continuing to provide the support of client adds to substitute some defective capes.

Monoprice Substituted all my defective capes and I still are using Monoprice capes. They utmost and wants to one 16 cape of gauge.
Only tries the occasionally.
5 / 5
So much, it takes this. I have bought this Behringer HAS-400 Compact 4-Canal Stereo Headphone Amplifier and Ray of Accesoria w/ 4X Stereo Auricular only to find that a cape of the nexus of the audio has comprised was CUTE. It groans Since it does not prefer to listen in me (or my friends podcasters) out of Or earphone, has bought this cape to rectify a subject. It IS the perfect to fix and has been pleased. We can now all go deaf in both ears like opposite in Control of unit out of ours podcast those uses this a lot of cape to tune in 'A Night has Been With Microphones' on Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes! Yes, that is to say it cover it shameless in my description. As that?! It does not judge . He thank you stops to read.
5 / 5
Each cape has bought of Monoprice has been robust and very time-durable, and does not expect this cape to be any different. Building to have that heavy and this listens solid jacks with well anti-kink reinforcement where the jack satisfied sheathing. And still although he no very subject, a black and colours of look of clean and professional gold. Heck... Cela Am kidding... The import of looks. That is to say for mecer and circle !
Has bought this cape to run of one to the roads my blender in mine that subwoofer is often through a phase as I have required something concealed could take the bit to abuse if accidentally it take it trampled. So far this cape has lined adds envelope, and has good fidelity and any perceivable noise in a signal. A good product for the good prize.
1 / 5
It IS the TRS in TRS connector. A gold of use of the connectors, which are always well. A cape is very fat, much fatter that the regular cape; I personally like this, but in some people could any one which a difference. Some connectors listen well and a tension of wet reliever in the each final is always well.

My only complaint is that Monoprice carried in a solder with some class of plastic. I prefer to leave the open in case that never required to be has maintained. Even so, if you very cual these capes, Monoprice also sells a cape and the part of connectors.

Edita: After only 1.5 weeks of use, a cape has begun to attach a tram that explosions/ crackle. It does not recommend the for use of studio.
4 / 5
These capes of Monoprice is much fatter that would have imagined only of some available beaks in a page of sales. Some points of finals is solid, clicking amiably in wherever require them to limit in. A a factor that prevent me to estimate a cape the full five stars treat one issues some rays of jack in some external sheath in an end of a cape. It does not take any a lot of to unscrew a piece of final, while he evidenced the number to time when inserting and then takes a TRS final to take to achieve places. I have found that accidentally the would unscrew a sheath that left a innards show.

With this be has said, still sincerely recommends these capes only give is better plugged in and left only.
5 / 5
I have ordered this cape for the patch balanced among my monitors of studio and interface of audio. It IS well to have a capacity to use the cape has balanced, which virtually deletes casualidad of RF interference. A tez of some jacks is better that that expected, and a cape is main diameter and very flexible. This cape is probably quite sudden to visit and together-above/low tears; even so, I havn't has tried he in this situation. It IS to good sure very well for a money.
5 / 5
Monoprice Series of premier 1/4 Inch (TRS) Viril in Cape Viril/6 Ft - 16AWG (the gold Plated)

Wants these TRS capes.
Has purchased Monoprice produced before....
A prize is right and they only laws!
Will be to buy again
3 / 5
Monoprice The capes are neither very good or fatality. Order quite the little Monoprice capes so that they are to have that heavy and looked to do except, after using them for a last year has taken enough the little that is to say 'fatality on arrived' and the little has lost connection over time. I am in accordance with other descriptions here. Monoprice The products are the paste and lose. It attaches to buy if work. A company is behind some products 100% but, concealed has time to return fewer elements then $ 20??
5 / 5
I have ordered four of these Monoprice 1/4-inch () stereo capes in diverse period to interconnect several pieces of squad of audio. I use similar capes before, but these are to good insurances some better has has not had never. They are big-quality in the each road, and work perfectly. A cape is fat but tableware of money in the soft rubbery material cual he very flexible. A portion of covers is now very -plated and highly polished, which give it the be silky when inserted in a jack. A barrel has the good arrival and is knurled to provide grip, and is also attractive. A transition of a barrel in a cape is protected with cape of torsion for both forces and relief of additional tension. Equally of the entity is that an action of audio is also like appearance of product and edifice. Highly it recommends these capes.
5 / 5
I am in accordance with ones other critics- That is to say the surprisingly a lot-done and robust cape.

Does not feign to do flavour of product of the laboratory, but can say that in the real-world-wide phase, this look as they will last . Everything enough is the solids of rock, and a cape is very less rigid concealed has anticipated based in a diameter.

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