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1 first SCS Direct Fantasy Creatures Action Figure Playset - 98pc Monster Toy Collection with 14 Unique Sculpts (Includes Dragons, Wizards, Orcs, and More) - Perfect for Roleplaying and D&D Gaming SCS Direct Fantasy Creatures Action Figure Playset - 98pc Monster Toy Collection with 14 Unique Sculpts (Includes Dragons, Wizards, Orcs, and More) - Perfect for Roleplaying and D&D Gaming By SCS Direct
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2 Monster Jam, Monster Dirt Arena 24" Playset with 2lbs of Monster Dirt & Exclusive 1: 64 Scale Die-Cast Truck Monster Jam, Monster Dirt Arena 24" Playset with 2lbs of Monster Dirt & Exclusive 1: 64 Scale Die-Cast Truck By Monster Jam
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3 best Monster Action Figure Bucket - 100 Horror Toy Figures with 13 Unique Sculpts - From Dracula to Frankenstein to Giant Spiders- Perfect for Roleplaying, D&D Gaming, Magic the Gathering and More! Monster Action Figure Bucket - 100 Horror Toy Figures with 13 Unique Sculpts - From Dracula to Frankenstein to Giant Spiders- Perfect for Roleplaying, D&D Gaming, Magic the Gathering and More! By SCS Direct
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4 The Last Kids On Earth Winged Wretch Action Figure 6" Scale Playset with Disk Launcher & Diorama Piece to Build The Town of Wakefield The Last Kids On Earth Winged Wretch Action Figure 6" Scale Playset with Disk Launcher & Diorama Piece to Build The Town of Wakefield By The Last Kids On Earth
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5 Monster Jam Grim Takedown Playset with Lights & Sounds & Exclusive 1:64 Grave Digger Monster Truck Monster Jam Grim Takedown Playset with Lights & Sounds & Exclusive 1:64 Grave Digger Monster Truck By Monster Jam
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6 Monster Jam Ship It & Flip It Transforming Playset with 1:64 Die-Cast Truck, Multicolor Monster Jam Ship It & Flip It Transforming Playset with 1:64 Die-Cast Truck, Multicolor By Monster Jam
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7 Monster High Cleo de Nile's Vanity Accessory Monster High Cleo de Nile's Vanity Accessory By Monster High
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8 Monster High Secret Creepers Crypt Monster High Secret Creepers Crypt By Monster High
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9 Monster Jam, Official Grave Digger 1:64 Scale Monster Truck and 5-Inch Grim Creatures Action Figure Set, Multicolor Monster Jam, Official Grave Digger 1:64 Scale Monster Truck and 5-Inch Grim Creatures Action Figure Set, Multicolor By Monster Jam
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10 Max Fun 7pcs Mini Dinosaur Toys Monster Figures for Cake Toppers Kids Gift Max Fun 7pcs Mini Dinosaur Toys Monster Figures for Cake Toppers Kids Gift By Max Fun
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Top Customer Reviews: SCS Direct Fantasy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 By Mariana
Well resupplied of fantasy figurines. Listing the states there are 92 figurines comprised, the container declares 90 - I has received 90, which has comprised one broken and one missing (has received so only a stand partorisca the horse.) I can the paste one broken centaur, but so only have 89 useable figurines. The container is has arrived broken and fraction inside boxes - figurines inner scattered.

Is using these partorisca Dragons & of Dungeons - is quell'has bitten big but will do. Not to annoy me , but plan uses him like men of army, some creatures are not everything equally divided to insiemi.

Dragons- 4 ashes, 5 money (9 total)
big, long, wide

Horses- 4 ashes, 5 money + extra stand (assuming the missing/horse broken) (9 total, 10 accounts a stand)
7big cm, long, wide

Centaur- 4 ash, 5 money (9 total, 1 broken)
5big cm, long, wide

Orc- 4 ash, 5 money (9 total)
big, long, wide

Fairy- 4 ash, 5 money (9 total)
4big cm, long, wide

Skeleton - 4 ash, 5 money (9 total)
big, 4cm long, 3 wide cm

Two-has begun troll- 4 ash, 5 money (9 total)
5big cm, 2cm long, 2wide cm

Wizard - 4 ash, 5 money (9 total)
big, long, wide

Archer- 4 ash, 5 money (9 total)
big, long, wide

Halfling- 4 ash, 4 money (8 total)
big, long, 2wide cm
5 / 5 By Stephan
buy these partorisca touch D&D with our family. We have known they were the little in a first big side to order, but there is no @to @give so only that big was until they have come. The majority of them is so only too big partorisca D&D figures, but of then is touching with girls, the to laws of knots.

Is well is coming with like this duplicated, reason a lot of of the each type are defective, how were able to look for some better some partorisca use and has given all an extra to some boys partorisca touch with paralización have amused.

Produced of the spray no in these. At all. As not to come from it . I trust.
5 / 5 By Kieth
Ask if this would come with the handful in fact bad, low quality globs of plastic, because official fantasy RPG the figures are insanely expensive. In fact, included the plastic tube of bad park animal fact (of the 'work' tend -- know which some am speaking roughly) tend partorisca be exorbitante. These figures are detailed surprisingly (and really, want to more details that this calm probably would enjoy crafting your own).

Material - these are done of some plastics although old army-the men are done of. This means that you take figures with has bent legs or arms and these pocolos tabs of excess plastic of a mould. So only bend them directly and cut of excess plastic with an exact.

Detail and Quality - These are molded plastic, so that has the limit to a detail and quality that can take you. This in spite of, is there is detailed surprisingly. Although they aim some typical lines and of the indications of a process of molding, does not have a disproportionate or lopsided parts of organism that you often take with molded plastic. They look to be easily paintable. All the figures have the sturdy basic.

Variety - the looks there is roughly 8 of the each figure (4 light ash, 4 dark ash), and 10 different figures: Skeleton, Unicorn, Fairy, Nano, Dragon, Wizard, Centaur, 2-the ogre Headed, Orc, Elf

recommend these want to there is detailed reasonably characters for game of fantasy without a cost or the endeavour of anything hands-crafted. Also, they are not the complete of rasgar-was, as that finds elsewhere. They can not be collectors' elements, but these will do quite amiably!
5 / 5 By Ayana
Has bought these to use like this quickly minis to fill out of some rows in D&D fight. They are the little big, enmedio-the thumb the big plus that a level 25mm minis the majority of use of people for D&D. So many, goes in handy for big humanoids like ogres, bugbears, gnolls or perhaps same giants of hill. A sculpting and to the molding is done a lot well and comparable to much more of expensive minis. A subject only has had was that they are packed to a tube like this closely that to the plot of them have been bent quite bad when I took him was, and some legs of many are like this thin that does not look to like will go back easily. You recommend that they dipped in the box (like an old Airfix men of army behind in a '70s) more than packing to a tube. Another that that, taste and are of happy bought him. They will go in handy for some upcoming battles.
5 / 5 By Roxanne
These are fun but no quite that has expected. It is hard to take the sense of stairs of some pictures, but these are main that other typical figurines, like this yes is dipping out of the battle, things a lot quite 'apt' in the levels gaming foreign. Then, a ready description 'dragons, warriors of elf, centaurs, orcs, skeletons, and more!'. Any one too many more, results: there is 4-8 of the each type of figure, and both are in black and white, so only calms in fact take 8-10 different types of what.

That says, is decent figurines. If calm so only is looking the quickly and cheaply fill out of the joint of battle for the group of boys, is utmost.
4 / 5 By Nakia
Use these to add the little flavour to some RPG sessions.

Law well for that.

Some models are really crammed to a tube. You would owe that expect some harm to some models.

A bit hot of the dryer of hair will help well the majority of some subjects.

In general the well, but no an exceptional product.
4 / 5 By Ocie
You can not paint these with any acrylic or enamels, both products the still days have wetted later. Finally an acrylic product has dried, but the wipes was easily in this point. And The dog wants to chew his on this in spite of. The majority of pieces are bent in of the odd corners, and so only prolonged forcing them to on-extend another direction for the long time, or applying heat to a material, leaves them to be properly.
4 / 5 By Cindie
Adds placeholders for DnD. In a side a big plus for the together of grille-arrive but no biggie. It prefer more than the variety in the creatures but are in no way there is disappointed
4 / 5 By Ayesha
has purchased these figures during a deal of Lightning of the Amazon, like this felizmente has not paid full prize for them. But while I have been prepared for some pieces to be odd measures, has not been prepared for almost 20 of some units to be like this malformed so many to be unusable.

Was has had to that excusarse the pieces with surpluses flashes in his ( can fix this), and perhaps have the little tilt here or there, but expect each alone unit to be in his own. This has not been a chance (for example, so only 1 of some 8 minotaurs have received would be whole). And virtually each piece there has been something wrong with him.

Besides, there is remarked a limit of the age for these toys have been dipped in 3 years. While these imagines officially can fulfil some requirements thus group of age, does not have any way would leave any boy of three years to touch with to them likes him to him small glued-in the way of start of the pieces too easily, and an a lot of small appendages in the each presents to imagine virtually impossible-to-resist aims to chew that/ they bite era.

Caveat Emptor!
5 / 5 By Candelaria
Has taken some imagines today. I opened him and begun for his be was to see that that have taken so that it can see that has has had to that do with.

Roughly 1/3 of them stand. A rest where bent to a point where situating a figure on is basic has had so only a figure that dips down. And it results I tin curve very only he behind ready, as they where crammed to this tube to the equal that was the boy that rushed to clean his room in 5 minutes or less and so only crammed like a lot of toys in the tiny space to the equal that could. These where packaged with absolutely zero worry for a product.

Am seeing can be able to come up with something they so that it can in fact stand, but yes can any one, so only can has to send him behind reason the well is the satisfy figures that can not be ? A material is totally too soft to be able to bend behind to plant. It is disappointing to be quite sincere, am expecting perhaps a vendor reads this and has the response.

Day 2. I had him everything in the place to help then uncurl of a horrible nave and is not looking promising. Any one some stands of skeleton, the majority of another look of pieces as if they are quite screwed on and to the plot of some bases is warped really bad. Has something more to try, reason in spite of a fact is a lot big so that it is said to be (the graces announce dud) still can have the use for them. They are a lot disappointed in a vendor that is silent this in spite of.
4 / 5 By Beula
It take these like this extracted he of lightning. I bought him partorisca my husband partorisca dnd. They are the little big partorisca some places but is not to treat it big ours. A question a big plus is comes crammed in the tube and is warped. You can fix this a bit partorisca dip them in boiling water, straightening them, and impacting them with water of gel. A question is, there are 98 figures and concealed is the plot of work. Also, it is not 100 successful tax. Has some imperfections, but was able to fix these with an exact knife. They are paintable. We have not had any subject with painted adheres. We give him to us the good thicket down with rubbing alcohol, prepares him with a painter of first army, and paint them. An alcohol takes any oils and of the waxes that can be be apply after manufacturing to do them shiny.
5 / 5 By Meta
My together has comprised 103 figures, 5 more than declared in a description. They were absolutely crammed to a mailing tube, those results in the majority of them when being warped. An a lot of a lot of the very included stand, or is sustaining like this bad that they are ridiculous and will not be used never (characters lying down in some pictures are not in his own). They are facts of the plásticoes concealed is quite soft. I will look for to straighten some with the gun of hot or dryer unexpectedly and see if these helps. I plan to paint it stirs it of them so only for fun and practical. 40 Or 50 of them they are going directly to some rubbishes. In general, some imagines some the big plus has finalised to be a plus warped, and a small plus some looked to come by means of better.

These are enough bit it big that 25/28mm stairs, and any to any stairs, of a fairy is not any much smaller that a centaur. But of then so only we buy him for monsters and NPC is, concealed is not too much of a subject.

Here is an account/of quality of the character:
chick of Serpent 1 4 2
Dragon 1 4 2
Unicorn 1 6
Tap 2 5
Skeleton 2 9
2-boss trolls 6 1
Cavalier 4 3
Ogre of Axe 6 1
Centaur 7
Tauro 2 1 4
Wizard 2 5
Archer 1 2 5
Nano 6 1
Fairy 3 4
TOTAL 42 25 36

UPDATE: I have decided the and improve “bad types” for D&D. It take him to Kohl is and has had my repayment the day later.
5 / 5 By Carrol
Some figures are molded of the plásticoes the east is quell'has bitten softer that soyen of the army enciphers. In fact many in mine pack are has arrived bent and malformed to be crammed to a container. A material is quite soft to bend behind to the place but does not remain in this form long. I think that that I can heat a plastic, king-pose some figures and then has left his quota to a correct form.

A measure of some figures is quell'has bitten big that a typical 28mm D&D climbing of the figures. In the majority of some figures is not too noticeable but a figure of wizard and a figure of dwarf is too big. A rest of some characters is passable according to which measures.

In general ossia the compraventa good if you are that it wants to augment your collection of miniature for any to plot of money.
4 / 5 By Evelia
Has taken these like the economic start to subject upper gaming, but practically everything of them was warped to some terracing. If he so only messed with an aesthetic I any same priest, but almost the averages of some figures could very included stand up. Any of some figures of Minotaur was usable because of that, and if I have not had the four old year the one who has taken to perceive with the men of small army imagines active is returned so only a whole thing. If precise alot of figures for battles of horde, looks the good value, but no attended to use all of the each class. If calm so only do dungeon crawls, then paid $ 20 for some three precise figures of real gaming frames because this can so only tick were. If you are taking these partorisca dioramas close permanent, could be able to the something his fund with the light plus and take you a bit adhesive as well as E6000 or something to resist them in place but frankly would look elsewhere. If you are by train to take for your boy to touch with and is not too picky roughly as or yes is, then ossia the value adds .
4 / 5 By Yasmin
Has bought these the few months does when in the first place I have headed DMing and hosting house brew to do find more fun. Of these was to be so only used for bad types, I no really cure so much for some indications to star on Amazon and for a prize could not say any to at least verifying them was.

When they Are gone in is gone in the tube (like a picture of product) there is sealed with tape how is any surprised everything of some minis is coming disfigured and has broken. A texture is rubbery so much is impossible to be some figures have come disfigured out of a box. A rubbery the texture also the fact the ache to paint this - be generous with a prime minister (does not concern , there has no quite detail on these to cover on).

Loves quality minis for baddies, the control was Miniatures of Origin. I have bought his here on amazon and has taken 36 minis for 50 bucks and is coming with the chance of boxes cushioned to transport them.

In general if so only want to baddies to substitute your tab of soda/of discharges of boat mini place then ossia perfect.
5 / 5 By Opal
These figures are much bigger that has expected, is not minatures.

A plastic is very soft and some figures have been packed closely enough in a tube of plastic nave that a lot was bent like this would not stand up . Any easy way to straighten them, has tried. It requires heat and patience to reshape. While I have expected at least two of the each figure in of the different colours, has not expected more than 8 of the each figure. Looking in a picture (after a container arrived) a diversity of figures is clear, there is so only 10 different forms.

Some figures in a look of illustration to be all in a same measure. They are not . Dragons, horses and strangely a wizard and the skeleton were all quite big. A wizard is almost two times a measure of one 2 monster headed.

Am not pleased with a together. I see this like a subject with SCS, any to the amazon and I is unlikely to never buy another of his products.
5 / 5 By Cristina
For a prize so only thinks that ossia the value adds but have some worries. In the first place, they are figures of hule soft , any plastic solid. Ossia A @@subject reason are shoved to this container for the long time and take bent and deformed. Have has had to that the launch was roughly 8 of his reason would not stand up and is unusable. Still you recommend him but I sugggest the one who has done and storing in the box of plastic organiser to the equal that maintain his form and his so that it is easy to find.
5 / 5 By Merrilee
Had disappointed incredibly thus produced. Some pieces have arrived in a tube, bent and wry, very unable to included stand in his own, as in a first picture. Also, some minis has been distant many of regular measure for d d, likes evidenced for a figure of Wizard afterwards to a figure of Archer of Elf of Forest of Icons of some Realms. An only reason will not return is reason have given some pieces to my brother of 6 years to touch with. There is disappointed incredibly.
5 / 5 By Iraida
Like another reviewers has declared, these miniatures can not be painted likes some write of the chemical reaction takes place to result in a prime minister not curing properly and rest ticky' indefinitely. Otherwise, These miniatures are the quite good shot . Has the just quantity of the detail and calm can not beat taking 90 of these for roughly $ 20. They Like him partorisca of a prize averts of a fact that because of a type of plastic is done of, can not be painted.

Update: I have changed my initial indication of 3/5 to 4/5 reason WAS able to paint them, in spite of my initial misgivings. A prime minister is remained tacky/sticky this in spite of and a prime minister has taken during my hands while painting with acrylics. With which have left one dry acrylic for the pocolos small, has not felt tacky anymore, but was still quite bendable/flexible. I have bought these figures for my girls because I paint miniatures and has think that these would be the together decent , economic that it can give to my boys to the equal that begin to learn to paint miniatures. My girls (5 & 8) there is enjoyed really a process to paint them and was happy with some results. Still I do not have sealed these two figures still, as it was not if this will change some results of finals.
5 / 5 By Raymonde
Some figures are gorgeous, with to plot of detail, but would have to that be packed better to maintain some individual figures to take bent or has broken. The majority of some pieces with the narrowest parts has been bent. It has not had the alone skeleton in a container that has not been bent in some way. I bought him personally to practise painting miniatures, as they have not had to be anything elegant, but has wanted to something to in fact touch it tabletop game with, would recommend something the main quality. Also they are done of plásticoes really soften concealed is not very good to paint on. If it plan on painting these, goes to master it prime minister that reads in smooth plastic or use some sandpaper to do a rougher surface.
5 / 5 By Shaneka
These figures of fantasy are that scale of call of boxes. It say of another way, does not have any stairs excepts gone back in a box. ( It sees photo) A dragon is a same measure like centaur and a fairy one same likes nano. I do not go partorisca annoy to paint mine as I do not have any idea like this would go. These things are to touch so that I bought them paralización - partorisca fill the paralizaciones has painted 25/28 mm miniatures. There are two colours, ashes of ashes & read dark, as you could stage the war among them and I think like this to to the boy have liked him to him these. There is 90 of these bad boys. It has estimated five stars because they are exactly to the equal that has described. I think that that they would have to have has add photo with the ruler to aim the one who big is, but only Grognards could possibly has cured. I can paint an only to see can take a product to stick.
5 / 5 By Gary
While it likes him-me these there is an enormous question in my alcohol. A plastic is built of this extremely soft. There is the rearing horse model in east of then can not stand up to the weight typical of him. When in the first place situated on is basic looks the rearing horse, as it have to that, but to the equal that seats there he dulcemente curves in a hind the legs until some legs forward touch an earth. In this prize expects some pieces to be of the better note of plastic. A lot disappointed in these for this reason. Finalising that it gives the majority of them my niece of 3 years those who will not concern yes bends easily. For my use has feigned, any sure will do. I will see.
5 / 5 By Eden
For a quantity takes for a prize is honradamente treats it well, ossia is looking for so only the resupplied random of minis to dip was to a map. It loses the stars of pair so only reason a packaging is not a More adds them, a tube has burst opened during shipping for me and have like this state spilt during a place inside a box. Also they are facts of the very soft and malleable plastic like this some of them have been bent looks put like this bad down, but would have to that be able to bend them behind any question. They are almost impossible to dip everything of them behind in a tube without bending them on incident also, as I have begun to use the drawstring stock exchange for transport of them. I have not tried painting them still but does not think it would be the good idea with as exert a plastic is. It can see a product flaking was easily. Like this in general if yours so only looking for minis to have for the extra material would recommend this. But you are looking to take big quality minis to collect would suggest to look to somewhere more.
5 / 5 By Ginette
Is the VERY soft plastic and then shoved to the tube to the equal that stagnate as they can go and has left there to do a mathematics. Taken these for my husband and daughter of 3 years for Christmass. So only in the third of them are usable. A lot of bases are warped to be pressed up against each another for like this long, as they are bent. A lot the can not be in his own reason one bases is not flat. Some legs of some of some figures are bent likes some figures are sustaining behind or has bent on his, which launches of a centre of the gravity and THOSE can not be in his own reason fall on. Some literally are losing limbs. Almost it does not leave never the descriptions and my husband any NEVER, but sent here that says 'please leave the description for like this terrible these are.'
A last photo is while they have ordered that some are in his own (subordinated) and like any (upper), of that is the question of functionality. It is roughly 1/4-1/3 entirely unusable. A battery to be still comprises cosmetic questions, likes has bent arms or arms disappeared, reason at least can still technically use them.
A lot disappointed.
5 / 5 By Marylou
Has bought these for my D&D campaign to the equal that can submerged my players. I have expected a lot of classes of creatures that would look awesome in a placemats I bought and would excite my players, really taking them the battles and spending to a setting with some visuals!

Instead, has taken eight of a bondadoso of figurine (sometimes seven, sometimes nine), with half of them all bent out of form. One of some horses a lot they was to have the program to be on. I think that stuffed all ninety-eight to this tube (that it could see it has not been well for his quality, as I dipped them in the Ziploc stock exchange) has caused to the things likes them to them a bit dragons' wings to be smushed together and launch them to result women of bonds of serpent.

In general, this is not the bad product, but is buying for D&D campaigns or really any class of the situation where would be showed, calm promote to verify elsewhere first to solve is. This was to good sure any value $ 23, more like this half.
4 / 5 By Robbin
Is in good sure values to take for DnD yes is touching in the random group and just need generic monsters to touch. Some bases absolutely is not done for the map of battle, but law well if you are not picky. Enough the little has been to bend when open, but with a water to boil or trick of the dryer of the hair is the quickly fix.

At present is doing on dipping first on and that tries to paint. They are not crazy detailed, but for $ 20 has quite that has been able to paint some decent miniatures.
4 / 5 By Branda
Any súper big qualities, but good for a prize, volume 7 each one that like this of dragons, elf madens, daughters of fairy, unicorns, 2-has begun troll, naga, wizard viril, minitour, knights, male centaur, fighters of nano viril, skeleton, and fighters of orc viril. Well for boys and partorisca tabletop rpg monsters.
5 / 5 By Augusta
When Knots pooped a cylinder opens to have @@give two things. There is in fact four copies of the each figure (two in light ash, two in dark ash) and that a lot these peices was unusable. Some have been bent, some sustaining like this far of his bases could any never stand up, the pair there has been his bases cut of/misshapen, a very included has bases it at all! We expect for better quality and more variety of characters but instead packed him well behind until turn.
4 / 5 By Devon
My husband was like this disappointed in these figures. Here it is which has to that say...

Has chosen these until practising produced of basic miniature with my edges.

In general, has not expected any a lot of quality for a quantity but of then 80 of them are unsuable been due to a lot when being pas able to be, is warped and unfixable because of poor materials, or the falls so only averts.

Big raisin. Raisin more on less and in fact be able to use them.
4 / 5 By Ashlee
1 These are not of the Miniatures. It attributes the figures have big bases and big just air they.

2 In the middle of your figures will be hyper-extended to a front or the backside. The ones of the that included knows like this is

3 Some figures so only do not have the base

4 Some of some encipher the ashes can be covers in the

-Pics show all the complaints-
5 / 5 By Laurel
It says 90pc, each repeated in light and darkness. That he no said is not that you will take tonnes partorisca repeat-- 8 dragons, 8 wizards, 8 centaurs, etc.. Like this calm really finalised with only 10 or imagines so only. The majority of some skeletons have been bent behind in his bases, and does not want to stand up . They are also main that some levels hex.
5 / 5 By Phebe
Very economic for a number of figures, but The majority of them is busted. His cram the to a like this tight tube, more exited permanently bent and deformed. Admitted, reason has to that way that can choose and choose a no-horrible some, but is finally not taking a lot a lot imagines that it can in fact laws.

Has taken the pocolos orcs, skeletons, and knights out of the this, but in general is probably better of just buying figures more expensive.
4 / 5 By Gwyn
Is gone in like this pointed. Some figures are packed closely which means some of them are sometimes has bent a wrong way but is debendable for the majority of them. A horse in a picture will not be never again... Among the also bent way on he and has not been .
The figures are not meant to be painted unless they are prepared I supposition but still... They can be painted with the good product fact partorisca east.
Also, is the main way that classical DnD the miniatures eat... To consider. A bard in a legislation is of dnd. A skeleton is of a box will take... Unpainted Of course.
Well a prize. They Like him. They are also easier that paint for any those who is new in painting miniatures he so that it is practical sum .
4 / 5 By Krissy
You packaged these like this closely in a tube the majority of them has finalised bloated, bent and contorted to a point could a lot of unbend his without breaking them. Terrible packaging. They would be good if a packaging has been done differently. Enough everything of them do not stand up or the stand in such the horrible corner is worthless. They are not even sure the one who a brown material is in some unicorns neither.
5 / 5 By Tiara
The product is announced/pictured eats having 98 pieces. Element that has arrived listing 76 pieces on packaging - ossia the difference of 22 pieces with an increase in prize for piece of $ to $ .

The figures are quite well, but is not 28mm stairs, in spite of being listing as 'Perfecto for D&D.' The mountains are an a lot of measured, when being so only the little elder that regulates figurine, but humanoid the characters are was. Pixies And the wizards are giant, while Ettins is in a scrawny side.
4 / 5 By Eleanore
While to supplement my D&D minis - but a typical measure of each humanoid is too big for the 1'-that trace base, some of some figures are well for Big-sized creatures (spiders and ogres, and another beasties), but roughly 1/3 of some figures are useless for my needs.

That when be said, some figures were all intact and look like this-announced, I just desire has not been marketed as 'perfect for D&Of when they are dipped to the main stairs
5 / 5 By Shaunta
has bought this together like the present for my husband the one who DMs for our DnD campaign. I tended Minis is main that your typical DnD minis, but concealed any knots that annoy at all, especially for a prize. A plastic is soft likes some of some minis is bent when they arrive, but easily can be bent behind the normal with the dryer of hair.
Taking produced a lot well Is has had any to cut any corners when painting them. Spray In the discharge of first aim, leave them to dry at night, use 2-3 discharges of acrylic product, then has arrived he with the sealant and is well!
5 / 5 By Velma
This that I require it to. A lot it repeats, as when we touch RPGs, goes to owe figure out of the way to aim a difference for some alike characters. This comes with two shadows of ashes, a darkness, a light, so that useful, but still to plot to repeat, as we will owe that take creative. Of note, some smaller pieces, (p. p.ej. Skeletons) has been broken in a container and is everything bendy a way or another; no really they maintain directly, but we will do foreseen. So only we are beginning in D&D, and ossia the good way to aim where the things are calm he the mapea. I probably upgrade in some point this in spite of.
4 / 5 By Shirley
Buying for D&D - the pieces are main that the normal pewter D&D figurine as it can not match some have wetted to erase maps. Jammed To a tube, some pieces are starts warped and no resume normal form. For these has required them to heat with lighter, the curve has retreated ready and course under cold water to reshape. A quality of mussel is well, can do out of details of types and arms. Any bad for the good prize, the just desire was slightly smaller that match the one who the earth.
Buying for girls to touch with like this of the men of plastic Army - well, compraventa of quality for a cost.
4 / 5 By Chu
So only is looking for the resupplied big of plastic figures, this could be a product for you. Rings some economic figures to practise the miniature that produced on. Roughly 1/3 some figures have received is bent to be stuffed to a tube is gone in, the little has to that lose base or has broken/broken of pieces.

I to good sure would not buy him again.
5 / 5 By Dalia
That the disappointment. I have had my eye in these figures partorisca the majority of this year. I finally decided partorisca buy them partorisca use for wargaming with my others human and of the creatures in the setting of fantasy, Song of Leaves and Heroines, the book has bought here in Amazon. Some figures in these neighbours was in sad condition. A dragon there has been the wing broken. Some skeletons and some the female arches could not stand up like the plásticoes of his legs have been bent to a point dipped in his behind! Junk. Some other figures in some neighbours was A lot. I will not buy another together of these figures of this his- company control of the quality is poor.
4 / 5 By Maye
I just amour that finds the fresh alternatives the things like men of army, but can not recommend this element. A quality of manufacture is terrible. A lot little of some figures could be, included with which I flattened some bases and has twisted some figures to a whole place.

This costruttore done other insiemi that the look adds, but this one is the waste of your money. It AVERTS.
4 / 5 By Nam
Some figures are all ruined for a packaging. There is ruined seriously. Any quantity partorisca pipe hot then cold water while overbending tin salvage these miniatures. They are far too bent and wry partorisca be closely crammed together in the tube, and a plastic of hule soft is of horrible quality.
Is the shame . A sculpting is wonderful, but calm so only will take ten or fewer figures that does not require of the hours of rebending. The majority will not be never perfect to all the cost of your endeavours, and many never they the pertinent same result.
Ossia The tear was. Mark my words.
4 / 5 By Noelia
A prize partorisca this product is really economic, but so only is that it takes that paid partorisca, and arguably not even concealed. There is Very duplicated of 9 or imagines so only, and a reason is that half or to the equal that is going the arrived extremely deformed, some to a point of any when being pas able to stand up in his own. A material is extremely economic and once is place, no rule at all. It can do for the bit of economic decoration, but honradamente does not recommend .
4 / 5 By Taneka
These are has arrived beaten beautiful up. A lot of arms of figures were fallen off, a lot have been run over and warped. Further that, a value is so only a lot there. This so only has 6 different figures in the dark ashes and the colour light ash and is repeated so only partorisca take to 90 figurines.

A lot of underwhelmed for a resupplied and quality, that goes partorisca be sending these behind
5 / 5 By Jerrie
has bought these that has read some descriptions and while roughly partorisca be unusable but a vast majority of them is terrible. Hardly they maintain . I have had roughly ten salvageable of the that feigns partorisca DnD bosses (theyre twice some stairs besides the miniatures but I have known this when purchasing). A dark ash some have required 3 discharges of prime ministers because one paints would not stick . A light ash some paint better. Photo of some examples that flimsy the majority of them is as well as the photo of two I has painted yesterday. They are not a better painter - still learning. No shopping of this vendor again.
5 / 5 By Cari
Partorisca Begin, am enjoying that I have taken. Any element broken and all was ordered. If has a foreigner of grille to battle regulate all will return well except some skeletons. One bases the skeletons is main that a one situates of the grille but you can still dipped other figures in some grilles around that. It was one first what will remark when you have dipped all some another imagines is gone in some grilles. Some of some elements will be bent in of the odd corners been due to pack. At all to the toe was on reason these same pieces am not plastic hard but soft plastic. They are meant to be bendable. Like this beware of pets or toddlers to the to this likes to chew in of the things or that spend for teething. Some skeletons would be some premiers some to go in this chance.
5 / 5 By Akilah
Has bought these for use of game of the game in several games, more probably DnD. A tube is packed a lot well when in the first place it comes and calm once take them calm was will have the hard time that takes everything behind in without squishing him. 95 of the characters of a tube have any subject, there is the pair that was bit it mashed and would not stand up but on all any big subjects. Good detail and enjoy a two different colour options. Soft and easy plastic to hurt this in spite of.
5 / 5 By Sherman
Know, for a prize, has not expected súper elegant miniatures. Neither I have been he has expected miniatures very detailed. It has been to him it expects it miniatures that at least be whole. And his that. They ship in the tube and is crammed to like this of tight that in the middle of them am salvageable. They are to the good sure past more has known this was to be a level of quality . It does not think my players go to be very impressed with an army of skeletons that is trying the limbo. In another hand there is the copious quantity of miniatures. They are so only roughly 8 -12 of a same thing, and no with any rhyme or reason. They are odd facts rubbery material, no the plastic the hard plus. The like this punctual men of army of the use that these things.
5 / 5 By Renee
Really like to like a look of of figures, some few details. Some figures of people like a wizard and the the female archer is way too big but my preferred are some orcs and dwarves. They are the little too big for some places but I do not import . A question a big plus was some bases of some unicorns and the dragons were bondadosos of warped. The majority of some unicorns can stand very included. Volume that is state but has chosen on a container in an interior of morning 5 minutes of them when prpers have fallen was so that it does not bake in a sun all day. In general I am pleased with a together and I to good sure will be to use he in my game!

Top Customer Reviews: Monster Jam, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 53 ratings
4 / 5 By Jared
My two grandchildren 2 years and amour of 5 years this together! It take a partorisca each of them is the fast setup easy to apply a decals and hours and hours of fun. An only downfall is a muck that comes with east like the sticky sand is impossible to take wheels of trucks and locate anything at all like the table or the coverage or your shoes or the shirt or the cloths is almost impossible to take. Has the consistency of the z/of the sticky sugar. And touching with this together outside... Which recommend, a Sun or a heat of will do a day a very soft muck almost looking to melt. Hardly they are done touching I quickly animate bagged a muck. Almost you consider to substitute sand of real game with a sand that comes with a together.
1 / 5 By Ethan
This thing a lot included resists joint. The pictures are a lot of misleading, and '2 lbs' of the sand of game is to 1 x4x5 brick of thumb that hardly covers a fund, has left so only build the ramp, or cars of mussel. No really sure the one who this, but the desire had not bought the. My boy has seen an ad, and have it that has. Going to have to that a bit súper glueing/modding for the take the little solider, how is some the blue external wall falls off in a slightest swipe, and some ramps wont stay clipped in any one. More than the decoration, that for the mini defender of truck of the monster. Very better dips was, this one is on priced right now.
2 / 5 By Barbera
Two of flus of entities with this toy...

1) 2lbs Of the sand is not the plot. If has thinks that that a sand has comprised was to fill/cover a whole stadium, is bad. There is quite a lot of sand to fill in a mould of green jump (2x is), a mould of yellow container, and the handful of a car mould run over. If it love a whole stadium to be fill with sand, goes to require at least 4-6lbs of this material.

2) Joins wall of stands of/the blue stadium does not attach to a brown base that well. So only it takes the little nudge for them to burst out of place. I probably paste his down so that it does not have to that maintain reattaching his every time my swipe of boys to them with his trucks.

3) Something more smaller is that a sand will take to an empty among- a base of stadium and some blue wall. This would not be too much of the question if some wall is remained on. When A wall is exited, a sand concealed is stuck in one creases will exit also so that the things can take messy.

4) that Speaks of messy, a sand will exit of a stadium neither reason takes to the truck, or your boys are doing the mould, or is simply so only managing a sand. Like being prepared to clean up.

My boys have entertainment with a toy but like the father, spending $ 30 for the paltry quantity of sand and plastic pieces that does not remain near? To good sure reconsider a next time considers to purchase something alike.
5 / 5 By Keeley
I have bought this like the present for my grandson of 6 years. Any so only want to it, but 3 or 4 other mammas in a party of the anniversary asked where had purchased the. My grandson has said to be perfect to drive his trucks of monster around in, and was so only like a sand of jam of the monster. The present adds for the lover of truck of the monster!
5 / 5 By Shanika
Awesome! One follows doesnt the together stay well but my edges loves it!!
5 / 5 By Hugh
This neighbour was the big swipe with my grandson. It was leary of a sand, but is a lot of pliable and stick near really well. Any big disorder with a sand. It is also like the class of Playdough that can be touched with. It was very satisfied with this compraventa.
5 / 5 By Yoshie
Luv This but a muck does not remain company anymore... So only like the sand regulates now, as it can not build with him that a lot anymore
5 / 5 By Shawna
Mina 3 old year loves it, would say it to them could be bit it better, a seams is quite big for a sand for gone thru and take stuck among ( the glued my enclosed)
4 / 5 By Janise
My edges loves this toy. We take for him for Navidad abd he still games with him. Thats His sensory toy.
An only question is sand ... You owe that be creative and open imported that some toys will take to dine dirty and would owe stay in sand for ever. The sand takes the cloths and carpet. I have left my game of edges in a table where can clean it easily.
4 / 5 By Peter
If you have not purchased never the toy, knows any to base your expectation in some pictures and ossia any different. It is ordered enough and the pauses down well has the Jam of boy got obsessed with of Monster and need of the take on a gone. Outside of everything of that, is exactly that is to describe. Only downside is based in a 1:64 mould of data of truck that goes with east, a measure of of the this is class of difficult for my boy to return 1 truck more and some ramps in there.
5 / 5 By Sheldon
My edges loves it but some sides do not remain on a lot closely, which is not the detail adds when you are treating kinetic sand. We dipped it to us together a lot quickly, slapped some stickers on and was well to go. To good sure buy another band of sand to go with still entertainment of monster!
5 / 5 By Miguel
Has taken this recently for mine 3 yr old edges after answering his first Jam of Show of Monster.

Is for far is favourite toy! It is the must has for any the one who has truck of Jam of the Monster (1:64 models). It comes with sand, ramps, and other accessories to leave to imagination of any boy run wild.

A “muck” is not enough to cover a whole sand, but can have the habit to do several ramps of some different moulds can buy other boxes.
5 / 5 By Pinkie
Even Although a row of age was in my age of nephews, has purchased still. It loves truck of monster. This was perfect for him. The trucks are trucks of good quality also, any cheapos this breaks too easy. It is rough in of the trucks and this withstand some uses of pressure to press them around. A sand is awesome too much. You LOVE it!! A sand is good sized and quite easy to install.
4 / 5 By Stephani
My edges has been in decline to take this for Navidad & was EXCITED LIKE THIS for the take doesnt come with prójimo quite sand and a stadium CONSTANTLY the falls avert when it touches with him! It is such the idea adds for the toy but sadly has poor quality & in place of fun heads to frustration. Desire has had them has taken so only the big quantity of kinectic sand and more truck. It grieve never the games with some llama he junky reason breaks the like this easy pieces.
5 / 5 By Dena
My edges loves this together. It avenges with the stadium, vehicle, 2 moulds, 2 tools and the stock exchange of sand. A sand is roughly 1/3 a quantity in a picture in a box, but still abundance to touch with. It take the little has bitten to dip up and has some stickers owe that besiege. Some sides do not remain neighbours a lot well. glielo Resemble to him has been attacked was quite easy.
5 / 5 By Tomiko
Mina 7 old year has loved really this Sand of truck and kinetic jam of monster of the sand!! The sounds perfect well?? Some pieces of Sand were easy to connect but connected in some means of a Sand(big crack down a half). Like the sand would go his and is not an easy net up. With which awhile a sand has begun takes for odorare and take sticky likes any real kinetic the sand would do. ( We store a sand correctly with which use) as you are not concealed. My joint is to Launch a sand that has come he with Him and buy two big stock exchanges of a real shot. Taking messy!!
4 / 5 By Alyse
Was easy to gather. Sand doesnt cover a whole of a sand likes objective in a box. This disappointed my edges has loved a sand to cover a fund of a sand and his so only a lot enough. You recommend to buy more sand if yours that loves a whole sand has covered.
5 / 5 By Natalia
Easy to dip near and the fall averts.
My clashes of grandson some sides with his hand or arm and some sides disconnect.
4 / 5 By Winifred
In general the pleasant toy partorisca give or receive. It was the little disappointed with a quantity of soyuck' volume. Any enough to cover an earth or to mould anything. It is done of fat plastic and gathers easily. This in spite of, falls aside easily with some game of monster 'rough' of truck.
4 / 5 By Catherin
Has bought this like the present for my grandson of 4 years. In general, I have been pleased with a present for a prize. This in spite of, will want to purchase extra kinetic the sand yes loves a fund of a sand to be like this fill up like this of the shows of image of the boxes.
5 / 5 By Nguyet
My edges of 5 years have taken this for his anniversary and loves it. Out of all receive of familiar and friends, chooses this to give to the partner like the present anniversary the few weeks later, as I have known is the swipe . I have not commented on it is easy to clean reason have not tried to clean any of a kinetic boxes of the toys/of the sand have. I will say that have more than a boy, buys truck of extra monster : ) To good sure amused for 2-5 year olds at least-perhaps included older
4 / 5 By Lois
has bought this for my edges of four years any trucks of monster and sand. An idea is sum but a creation is horrible!!!!!! A sand does not remain joint at all!!! It has done a designer thinks that that this was the toy has dipped look near and just in? It is not done to touch at all. Any happy with this compraventa!! I am thinking that that I will clean everything of a sand was and súper adhesive together and see like these controls. Unfortunately you do not recommend this product and was a an I was excited more for my edges to open.
5 / 5 By Santiago
More the sand would be amused to build some hills and obstacles. Our 4 old year has loved that! So only more the sand would be good. Perhaps buy an extra container of a kinetic sand. For real it is the free disorder . Like this amused in a winter when a sandbox is closed.
5 / 5 By Kerrie
Has bought this like the present for my grandson of 6 years. Any so only want to it, but 3 or 4 other mammas in a party of the anniversary asked where had purchased the. My grandson has said to be perfect to drive his trucks of monster around in, and was so only like a sand of jam of the monster. The present adds for the lover of truck of the monster!
5 / 5 By Vanita
The muck Of monster is SURPRISING no the enormous disorder and tends mostly to stick to . The difference other slimes they the boys have had, tends to promote the game of then is like this easy to clean up. Some pocolos print that come with some neighbours is handy. Quickly setup after applying stickers. This was the swipe in timing navideño.
4 / 5 By Ariel
My edges loves this toy! It is easy to clean on when a regime of the sand and I does not import the having inner at all. My games of edges for hours! If you are looking for the toy adds for the truck of monster fond boy- ossia!
4 / 5 By Elisabeth
This product was easy to gather and comes with stickers. A picture is the little misleading reason some 2 books of the sand does not fill on a sand. It likes that it is of looked the kinetic sand and no like this messy.
4 / 5 By Karon
A picture in listing shows a zone of full clue of muck. This doesnt coming with a clue. So only two lbs come with him that mark perhaps two ramps. A ble wall of the that snaps in. So only they seat there like this if your boy clashes it some falls of the what whole averts. An only thing sturdy is a brown paving that snaps joint. All more is flimsy and the falls averts with the little swipe. You do not recommend this. It wins to take my money behind but his already open state.
5 / 5 By Oretha
This looks fresh and everything, but wow that the disappointment. Bad, bad, has drawn bad. With which is gathered the quickly comes averts. 2lbs Of muck of the monster is not almost enough to do anything with. My edges is disappointed in him
5 / 5 By Valene
Ossia the together entertainment really fresh for my grandson of four years. My only question is that a kinetic the sand leaves the film in some trucks that is difficult to clean was. Lame to clean with the cooking oil then Dawns to take it. I think that the sand of game regulates cleaned of some a lot of easier trucks. We can it draws two trucks for a kinetic sand so only.
5 / 5 By Arron
My edges of 3 years enjoys to touch with east, MAY ... A soyuck' is different that another kinetic the sand was has. It is coarser and more rigid. And, some ramps drive crazy! They do not snap to situate well quite and constantly is that it falls off. So only we would leave him it was but the plot more muck escapes a coverage that way. Some external pieces that forms a sand is not a lot of sturdy, neither. And, it can have used more muck. We finalise to buy the stock exchange of kinetic sand to add.
5 / 5 By Kittie
Has bought this for the 4th anniversary of my edges. It is the defender of jam of enormous monster and this didnt disappoints! Easy to gather, taking roughly 8 total of minutes. A 2lb the muck is enough to use for some moulds (for the picture has used everything of him); it does not think it it has been meant for a real paving, like this ossia already brown. I mention this bc the plot of descriptions has said a container does not come with quite a lot of muck to use. It comes with quite a lot of muck to use for some moulds. Until it love to you it takes more to use in an earth.

My edges is that they have amused that it clash his trucks to some mussels and doing the disorder, reports help to do some mussels again. They are sure finally it take a hangs of him.

Is has spent already 40 minutes that touch with east without taking fallido, which is the big star in my book!
4 / 5 By Fredrick
Has taken this for our two boys this past Christmas. I have thought initially this would be the swipe , but the inaugural a box us underwhelmed. A sand is not to like a kinetic sand in other boxes. A texture is grainy and last the mussel still when using a mould a box has resupplied. We finalise to use some regular kinetic sand as it was not the complete loss.

Is looking to buy is, would say to buy a truck of individual monster with an original sand. Then grab the superficial box with the lid to dip he in.
5 / 5 By Lahoma
Has think that this was the literally be the hot disorder. I have expected the sand goes everywhere. But it is much more kinetic that a kinetic the sand has sold in Brookstone. Any hardly move it all, which is the plus for me. An only thing is no really come with a lot of of a sand to the equal that buy another jam of monster kinetic produced of sand so that would have quite a lot of sand to cover a whole fund of a sand. Some girls love it and has been touching with him for hours.
4 / 5 By Youlanda
A sand was the worry of entity partorisca me but I have known my edges absolutely would love it. As I have taken the casualidad. It results a sand is kinetic I supposition because he doesnt really go during a place. The Bondadoso of sticks to . But of course a game of plus of boys with is joined partorisca extend the little
4 / 5 By Zachary
Awesome! One follows doesnt the together rests a lot but my edges loves it!!
4 / 5 By Dotty
Ossia One of some presents of the better/toys have not purchased never for mine 3 1/2 old year. It is tickled the death when the street and there is so much entertainment touching with him. Highly recommended! Shopping again.
4 / 5 By Lasonya
Has purchased for mine 3 old year any truck of monster and kinetic sand. Imagined would be to win win but is in fact state disappointed. He so only touched with an in brief first sand to touch a sand to a kinetic box of the sand already has. Now a sand only chairs in a box. A sand also feels to the coarsest plot that a regular and no clean sand on also. It can have saved some money is one .
4 / 5 By Jeanna
Is the idea adds, but after dipping it near, the pieces will not stick to the each one which as another creating the big disorder. Always it falls it averts, included when touching with some trucks of jam of the monster so only inside a sand.
5 / 5 By Maragaret
Has bought for my grandson of 5 years for Natal, as it loves truck of amours! He literally touched with him a whole day that opens it, and still games with him regularly. The fact one favourite aunt this year!
5 / 5 By Lavonna
His pleasant and defiantly the good alternative to my boy that does mid to touch his trucks of monster in of the outsides. The desire avenges with more than sand, or cones with 2 lbs but bc he kinetic sand, is heavy, and any discharge even a fund of a sand. Still value of the money bc my games of boy with him.
5 / 5 By Ora
Some annexes of the external frame constantly burst averts. You are the good concept of one adds on toy for these trucks of monster, but has not resisted the attention of my grandson of 4 years very long,
4 / 5 By Miles
My amours of 5 years his sand. It is quell'has bitten flimsy in a subordinated to the equal that suggest to maintain the in the table when touching or the flat piece of forest to maintain he of folding for the half when the emotional.
5 / 5 By Wanita
This neighbour is like this flimsy. It falls it averts each one that 2 minutes. Also it connects in some the averages a lot of loosely, regime like this a lot that moves it calm around the the once the place will go everywhere.
5 / 5 By Shanel
Amused little sand but is not a lot of sturdy and the falls averts easily, can not be moved without falling averts. A muck of silicone is súper sticky like being careful that use of toys partorisca touch in him. My edges is a lot disappointed now that some of his figures are “sticky” was after washing several times in Dawning and hot water.
4 / 5 By Hien
No really the stay has jointed. It falls it averts easily. The only thing that resists it behind 5 stars. I so only dipped he in the tote partorisca avert a disorder partorisca when the pieces come waste.
5 / 5 By Georgia
Creates Sum partorisca the present partorisca my little grandson but packaging very deceptive and description of this together. To good sure does not buy again partorisca mine other grandchildren!!!
5 / 5 By Tony
Súper Contrives of present fresco partorisca the little boy that jam of monster of the amours! A lot of sand and the presentation adds, so only wish it has had at least 1 more truck with him!
5 / 5 By Estelle
Mina 4-the old year touched with a place the little time and stray interest, like the sand has not been easy the mussel and game with. Also it falls it averts easily and it has not been sturdy for real Locates action of Jam.
4 / 5 By Luana
A sand is a perfect measure . It comes with the pocolos jump. Nizza Of calm has other insiemi of muck partorisca add his. A soyuck' didnt looks one same likes that among some other insiemi. Calm to good sure need to buy the little more to have enough. Otherwise The sound adds.
5 / 5 By Corey
The falls averts very easy! Any time my games of edges with taking fallido reasons some the external wall always is breaking of a fund. No the value that shabby.
4 / 5 By Avis
Has given this to Grandson of 3 years for Christmass. Absolutely you love it! Partidário Of Jam of big Monster. Virtually any assembly has required. A big swipe!
4 / 5 By Rosalie
The product is coming without discharge of sticker. You love it. A sand adds will fill up but for a prize can has not beaten the, sand so only .

Top Customer Reviews: Monster Action ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 By Piper
Partorisca Cut directly to a persecution, no, these are not the perfect election partorisca Miniatures & of Dragons of the Dungeons. They are significantly main that officials minis, for me significantly means is almost three times like big like my officials minis. They are useable can suspend faith long enough to take spent a difference to measure this in spite of. A useable the pieces go to be some zombies , mummies, and giant spiders mainly. With some a lot creative painting you can could take the little another to do fault like this makeshift monsters.

All this says, is not snobs for any half and my players have thought was fresh to have the swarm of looks of zombie in a table. For a prize, ossia the shot adds and would recommend it to the new DM the one who has not taken of the cash to fall in expensive collectible minis.
5 / 5 By Mac
These figures are adicións/additions of fun monster to the mine D&D campaign. They take it paints well, and they are also very easy to cut the pieces and fuse behind together with hot or epoxy yes loves experience with Frankensteining amalgamations. It was able to do the goblin adds and dragonborn to combine a demon and a godzilla with another miscellaneous the parts of figure have had lying around.

With: A bit those that of some figures have been bent or warped and will not be in his own.
5 / 5 By Tatiana
These were class of good. There is 5-7 only models of monsters of classical film like Frankenstein, Dracula, etc. More the pair of the z/of the zombies that come from tombs. A lot of duplicates in ashes and of the dark ashes.

Has bought these while has some interesting minis for the D&D session, but opened them once have @to @give has fallen the short way that has had thinks that era.

Is plastic of decent quality and his all stood up without any subjects of balance. It have maintained him there it is it no be like this duplicate a lot a lot of.
4 / 5 By Stephen
Has purchased these imaginative and fantastically sculpted imagine the years of the pair done. I painted him, but I have lost then my collection in a Fire of Camp. When I substituted Him recently, it was a lot disappointed to discover is done now of a too soft plastic. It is almost like hule. A lot of some bases are warped and some figures can not be, any subject like works with them--the boys will be a lot disappointed. Also, the majority to paint of the spray no longer dry properly, and some figures are like this soft, that a swipe a tiny more his cause to bend and some flakes to product was. I gave him once 5 big stars, but no more. In spite of some creations of utmost monster, these are NO LONGER RECOMMENDED.
5 / 5 By Hipolito
The use writes like this bad in the dungeons and the utmost dragons
5 / 5 By Kasie
has Required some economic badguys for my tabletop RPG game. D&D branded minis is LIKE THIS EXPENSIVE. They have not required to be quite or anything, but these return a bill perfectly. Has the details and the look add, some bases are quell'has bitten big for a matt use, but still, perfect for a cost.

Also, when it leaves these am gone in a do one toys of fantastic cat that slide easily by means of any surface and resupply chewing entertainment for a dog when it take him too much. To good sure value a prize (in place of sounds to eat some REALLY EXPENSIVE minis...)
4 / 5 By Tanya
Has looked old films in a tube and calm has seen each one which of these monsters before. Calm now require of the monsters of films, and is lurking right here in this tube. These sturdy the figures of Monster go in ashes read and dark ashes. They are all a piece imagines concealed is very durable, stands up good and have the lovely plot of game. There is the mummy, vampire, gill man, werewolf, giant lizard and a lot other monsters of classical film. They return well with the majority of the men of army imagines like this of the yours the troops can take the pause to struggle zombie!
4 / 5 By Chris
These are really one of one the majority of awesome toys my boys love touch with!! They are 6&8 and they will seat for hours and game with these! I know some boys have on grown touching with Men of small green Army, but now is these toys that some boys want.
There is detailed really, and like this value each penny! We are the house that HORROR of just amours like this access in amiably with us!
The supposition could use these takes a lot other things, likes wry toppings, favours of party, to the material likes concealed but my boys have fallen enamoured with of them and any depart with any of them. They are perfect for time of bath, and still in a sandbox. Everything of his friends now want to these!!
Pictured Is so only the pair of some monsters there are vampires and another also!
5 / 5 By Dani
Has bought these for the dungeons and I Dragons and this to good sure save you the plot of money in official DnD miniatures.

Some creations of some monsters are quite good and easily identifiable for my players. You can represent the good quantity of municipality DnD monsters out of this handful of creations. An exception I this in spite of is does not like some imagines of gravestone. The no really needs 10 gravestones, enough would have another type of monster.

A @@subject a big plus with this together for far this in spite of is some bases of some figures. They are flimsy, too small, and any paving. His oftentimes falls on in his own which is the plan of question on maintaining clues duquel the monsters are alive or the deaths have based on is to coach to stand up on no. If some bases were better would give this together 5 stars but a fact that find mark this neighbour feels overpriced, of then is comparable to a quality of build of the $ 2 near of Men of Army
5 / 5 By Lino
has not expected any a lot of and has taken so only concealed. Bought these to use like this props for D&D adventures. If you are the perfectionist , is too big to use, if calm so only is looking for some economic props to the for elder is well. I have painted some spiders and they take produced well, would recommend to prepare his (I any because lazy) and is sticky to a touch. A lot some pieces were like this bad bent can not stand up in his base and look smushed roadkill. Enough everything of some zombies and the moths are like this and the majority of some spiders has legs jutting was in the each direction. That bends behind has not helped and probably I not annoying with these pieces.

Again this in spite of, has not expected short creatures of line. If it have spent more than $ that would have been disappoint, and probably will not buy his others tubes in a $ 25+ row that considers those that pieces were warped use further.
5 / 5 By Rachele
Some -100 figures that is coming with this Cube ( has has not seated in fact counted & him all) is slightly main that has announced. I use him like this placeholders partorisca monsters in the D&D tabletop game, which has 1' places, and these figures are slightly main that 1' in his bases (some are elongated, or overfill the 1' square).
Has had the little question that opens a cube / of tube, and a short has not fixed properly to a tube again, and has has lost of one covers. This is not to treat it enormous, but in of the future products was good to see some class of hinge or take to do sure some stays of discharges on.
4 / 5 By Percy
I bad, has not been it partorisca expect or it partorisca compare them too much, but my primary complaint is the plot of a stand-on the monsters do not stand up a lot well, the sentence has not thought never would write. In the middle of them so only topple on after the moment and any quantity partorisca reform that/ it bends looks partorisca do the difference. But it is also the together economic and really can not think that is so only partorisca compare them to, as it guesses to do fault some class of purpose. And a variety is not a lot well, some pieces celery a lot repetitive. Like the monster the army of robust plus, ideally.
5 / 5 By Vina
Partorisca A prize, these are the quite good shot . Utilisation some figures for Dungeon Mastering in the dungeons and I Dragons and law as well as the alternative cockroach of more pricey minis. Roughly 1/3 of some figures are not in his own, but I class of has expected that so only looking in some pictures and a way am stored. A plastic is quite economic, but law well for his purpose. Last note is that they are the bit in a side a big plus to use them like this miniatures for D&D. Hard to do these creatures to look smaller like kobolds or goblins when in the stairs with a rule D&D miniatures. Global add for a prize and servants his purpose.
5 / 5 By Brandee
BIG sized spiders of creatures, wolfman, cyclops, moths ... All very a lot of tokens...
Ossia To plot of bang for your buck...
But goes in the cost has hid.

This stink of things.
Goes the saving of launches of constitution the inaugural a container.
4 / 5 By Irene
These are utmost; good detail and the good measure to decorate cupcakes and to touch with, as some men of green army of infancy of mine. My six pocolos nephews are wild roughly him.

My only significant complaint is not so only has done a cube that comes a lot imagines courts of a purported the totals but a distribution a lot disappointed. We finalise with Dracula out of a whole cube, FOUR Frankenstein (to the mine favourite likes the lack was extra disappoints it) and the TONNE of some gravestones. It have exchanged a cube for the different one with some hopes of the most proportional distribution of the figures but calm enough has to that destroy a cube to take 'in era like the transmission/of turn was out of a question.
5 / 5 By Jaunita
Has taken for the economic option for monsters for RPG. Some can use for monsters, but is roughly 2x big that your normal minis. I have used one big more any like this of the statues and of the monuments of bronze in of the cities and dungeons. They have done enough amiably.
5 / 5 By Rico
Has bought this for the partner for dungeons and dragons, like the together of miniatures.

The majority of them do not stand up in his own, many am warped, everything of them look quite ugly. I guess ossia that I taking to buy economic material. It gives him to boys like halloween favours of party. Not Giving to any the one who poden discern quality.
5 / 5 By Tammara
Has bought this reason avenges on liking something could be interested in still D&D. I owe in fact read a description. Probably my bad. At least it was on sale . They can be used like headlines of place of genetic monster, but is in no way real D&D minis.
4 / 5 By Arturo
Has bought for the economic D&D campaign. Like other descriptions have declared, these are slightly main that regular models, but is adds for our first time. The miniatures are too many types to buy to the for elder. Still it comes with the number of gravestones that can change you in stops to have dead npc is, more than striking some models plus very big on!
4 / 5 By Cedrick
Has taken these reasons some of some descriptions have said these are good to use with D&D. Yeah. No. These characters are MASSIVE. If you are touching with other D&D miniatures, is far too big in comparison (unless the giant mummies are your thing ).
4 / 5 By Michel
As these are not D&D minis is monsters . They do not announce partorisca be D&D minis likes I not to lacking them still that. A reason partorisca 4 stars and any 5 is reason some of them will not be in his own. Adivinos That have taken heats in a movement and tilted the little like this the handful is no longer balanced partorisca be.

That the be has said that these will do partorisca D&D in the pinch. You take some measures of monster of the half and abundance of big, and in the much better rewards that more official D&D minis
4 / 5 By Debora
These the classical monsters are amused. A detail is of moderate quality, but some stairs is too much big partorisca more than minis. A plastic is really soft, which adds him partorisca boys, as they can not be snapped. Well partorisca leave some boys learn partorisca paint.
4 / 5 By Lawanna
Chico 3&5 that wants to and has touched qith these pieces for hours. They do on phases of small battle with his other toys and use these like this of the bad types. Some pieces are quell'has bitten repetitive. It thinks his four copies of the each figure in the each colour, but some boys do not import . In fact his that the his principles of commitment. For chance, so only a tombstones can shoot beams of leisure. To good sure recommend for girls that likes touch with figures of action. His well to have some bad types around way that the superman can aim his material.
4 / 5 By Isiah
Like this when they have arrived I panicked reasons has thinks that that they were too styalized, but have the enormous quantity of detail, a designer the good work. According to your work of product these can be bobos or serious rpg figures.
5 / 5 By Larae
These figures are roughly 2 big thumbs. A lot well it detail it. There is the good variety of monsters, but there is duplicated. Ossia Any subject for me, like this ossia the soyonster armed' and has abundance of good monsters to be had in this collection in this prize.
4 / 5 By Collette
The element is exactly to the equal that has described. Arrived punctually. Excellent transaction! Granddaughter of 6 years & 9 grandson of the year and I have had the time adds that he his line on and facing them against each one which so another and other plastic figures of alike measure. We are considering produced some of them, or at least some of some characteristic facial, or blood/ of teeth, etc, like the details are like this clear. They are detailed much more that attended. A game of boys with these often and for enough the moment.
4 / 5 By Emory
A present for my grandson. I have opened to discover a variety of monsters. A decent collection of 14 different figures is present. My only complaint is a lot has had bases that is to be bend and some characters could not be. But with like this inner can have had so only 4 characters that any compared to a 100 interior.
4 / 5 By Adella
Has bought this to use in D&D. Some of some figures are quell'has bitten big for that but the majority to do enough adds. Arrived exactly like this described and in the condition adds. All has said likes 15 different sculpts inner. Account in that has roughly 6-8 of the each one one.
5 / 5 By Sanjuanita
Has read a description and has been 'wow I master this' go to take all want to out of him. Dracula has subject to be but some another all look good and work well. It is quell'has bitten BIG for tabletop miniatures unless explicitly used like this of the big creatures. Hard to complain.
4 / 5 By Tamekia

Unless you are touching the campaign with to plot of undead. These figures are WAY TOO BIG for the regular grille or hex map. Otherwise, Ossia the product adds for decorations and zombies themed parties.
5 / 5 By Jerilyn
There have it roughly 5-8 copies of the each monster. Cyclops, Spiders, Gargoyles, Grave bones, and godzilla is very partorisca subject upper. Cyclops The little small to subject upper. Zombie flimsy And has not been a lot and take the plot of spatial (2'). All Figurines the time the big plus that human sized Reaper Bone and D&D miniature. All have roughly morphing partorisca be stuck in tube.
4 / 5 By Boyce
Exactly 50 of the each one. Equal quantity of the each type & of figure of the colour.
5 / 5 By Dinorah
Uses these so extracted partorisca Halloween this year and was perfect. Good mix of some classical monsters that god of looks sculpts. They have looked for to be very popular with a Trick-or-Treater the one who has visited this Halloween.
5 / 5 By Hollis
Fresh spouse of toys. Something there is wanted always. It has not been to men of army like the boy and wanted more than just zombies like an adult. Good and good selection sculpts. It classifies of him it has surprised it that is by train to escape with using a name Godzilla without any mention of TOHO the studio that agrees east. I have written for the magazine of film of small press the while behind and an editor is gone in the PLOT of question with TOHO for just using Godzilla in a coverage without paying them. Esperanza his did not run to too much of question. In general, excellent toys in the good prize.
4 / 5 By Marylee
Use for DND. As another has mentioned, is too big, but does not import - is DND! We some governs. The better way that atasquemos of boat.
5 / 5 By Orville
Adds, but to the equal that would expect, to the plot of them was like this bend fron the packaging would not stand up . Good variety, too bad has repeated so only some same figures in Ash/of Chocolate in planting to give more characters.
4 / 5 By Philip
These imo is has bitten it the big. So much the did not use him never for my sessions. This be has said that my boy enjoys them and there is to plot of variac..
4 / 5 By Grover
These are more like this some men of army have had like this of the boys. It have bought him like this tokens for touch RPG s but has limited enough and bit it excessive. This in spite of, are done amiably and whimsical. Still they a trick so that I required him to do.
5 / 5 By Glayds
Some do any well enough for our gaming the bad types of “the session”. So only taking 4/5 stars to the equal that are the bit pricey and a dang the tube maintains to burst open and in the spill them is gone in my trunk.
5 / 5 By Edgardo
This has done perfectly for the tabletop D&D game as well as for my boys to touch with still Halloweenish toys. Decently - Especially for a prize. Value he if you are not súper-directed in mini accuracy.
4 / 5 By Caroline
My daughter of 5 years is in monsters, vampires and zombies but finding toys of the age of pertinent creature can be the bit partorisca defy in time, ossia perfect! I took him when they were one of the attempt of the amazon of some elements of the day and we were súper happy when they have arrived, is widespread was and hid during his room. Waits that a container of zombie would be the shot to, if they do not come up for the Christmass will buy in all the chance like the present navideño!!
4 / 5 By Mason
These are really fresh! This in spite of, a container is has arrived broken in a subordinated and a figurines has fallen was the boxes. This no really the @@subject but is the present and looks kinda crummy.
5 / 5 By Vicki
Will begin with quality of product, is not too bad partorisca the cube of plastic has has injected toys. As the one who the miniatures go, is quell'has bitten big that a level 25mm. Some spiders, moths, and Cyclopes could do well but a humanoids is out of the stairs conceals calm to annoy you.
4 / 5 By Robin
Any one put partorisca dnd miniatures. Some measures are way was! Entirely any that have expected or there is wanted. A container is flimsy and has been destroyed the inaugural mark to return.
4 / 5 By Andrew
Has bought the together for some economic monsters in D&D and am pleased enough with them. Some are main that a grille but ossia well for monsters. You hips the control paints really well and am having adds amused painting them.
5 / 5 By Nery
My edges of five years loves these monsters and they utmost for rpg and another subjects upper games.
4 / 5 By Carletta
More than has expected takes, very built and there is detailed amiably. The boys and the good value have wanted to him.
4 / 5 By Gwendolyn
A container is to come broken and some of some pieces were strewn by means of a box-I follows sure was more than the subject of delivery that the @@subject to pack but can a lot of hurt to add protect extra to future products

the product has surprised, my fiancé and I go to paint for D&D
5 / 5 By Chieko
has feigned on taking these for my Curse of Strahd d d campaign, but these are WAY TOO BIG. They are almost twice a measure of normal miniatures, but no quite 'big' in d d levels. Some gravestones, the moths and the spiders are usable, but a lot much more. I can use roughly 25 pieces out of one 100.
5 / 5 By Kristan
Greasdt My grandson and I so much want to scrapes them now rids to paint his

Top Customer Reviews: The Last Kids On ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 By Juliette
This description is edges of eight years:

the toy Adds! It has it details very good and multiple hinges. I have it that there is enjoyed really a characteristic to break. Because I gave it five star is because it is amused like this!

Top Customer Reviews: Monster Jam Grim ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5 By Del
A recipient loves a together. It maintains the boys entertained for the little while before they result together , ( helps that poden another moster truck of jam of some same stairs (1:64) with him), and it has not taken long at all for assembly.
Would purchase again like the present for the Jam of Monster- Excavator of Grave fond boy. But you do not pay $ 50 like the majority of places has stops. $ 30 More.
5 / 5 By Gaylord
My trucks of monster of amours of edges. So many, when I have seen this, has has had to that the take. I did not think that it it was like this uneasy in a figure INISTER'. He still games with a base and the ramps without a figure have connected. It is really easy to disconnect and reconnect. In his defence, is class of strong. Still the toy adds without him.
5 / 5 By Reyes
Looks the súper fresh toy, but dies very a lot . Mina 5 old year ossia to truck of the monster and the cars has touched with him 3 times of then takes it. This toy very a lot at all. I thought it that it was the swipe for Navidad, was súper excited for the take. But no enthusiastic while touching with him. Good quality, easy to dip near and súper cools to look.
4 / 5 By Kathern
The produced are adds. His alittle hard for him to do his boss gone back. He thumb down with each swipe but a boss flipping has retreated has them has had to that do manually. Any sure reason. Still the toy adds and my amours of edges he
5 / 5 By Deeanna
More defiant That attack down that has expected, but work. The looks cool also.
4 / 5 By Dominic
Present for grandson. It does not do like this smoothly the ad had expected. Very strong!
5 / 5 By Terese
For my grandson of 4 years ! It is thrilled with him.
4 / 5 By Reyna
Partorisca My grandson of 4 years ! It is thrilled with him.
5 / 5 By Beverlee
Ossia One a thing my edges has done sure ask like the present. Arrived punctually and was any question that dips near.
4 / 5 By Dorris
Has bought like this present. The instructions have not been the clue of container has come unboxed and visible to all
5 / 5 By Ted
A lot disappointed has broken a first day!!!! Grandson a lot unbalanced.
4 / 5 By Chu
An accident takedown is easy to gather and comprises 3AAA battery preinstalled to a grims boss. Lol

Has the 3 transmission of place; out of, exposure, and on, marked for 0, 1, 2. This transmission basically controls his and has has lit eyes. An accident is still fully operational with a transmission was, there there is so only any sound or lights. Basically, if some career of battery was, still can be used.

Has the gravedigger the truck of monster has comprised. A lived BKT the wheels match a grime hat (bandanna).

A truck of chairs of monster to a clue and the crowbar is pressed down, which in fact presses a truck of advance of monster. A press of hard plus, a fast plus goes.

A ramp has lived is adjustable using a 'gone back partorisca coach fashionable crowbar. A ramp has the pocolos settings of height that needs to be regulated the paste each level of an accident.

A way is supposition partorisca do :
Some sinister starts were with the mouth there is shut, delivery down, and the organism has on extended entirely.
Spends 1: a paste of truck an accident and of the falls of organism some levels.
Spends 2: a paste of truck an accident and an organism falls another level.
Spends 3: a paste of truck an accident and falls a plus the level like his trace of hands.
Spends 4: a paste of truck an accident and his mouth opens. Has swipe an accident.

There is of course a lot of effects of the his (sinister laughing, growling, that cry, noises of trucks, etc.) Likes everything of of the this is spending.

Unfortunately, a atasca open in a first swipe. Now it calms easily it can close a mouth and continue, but is not supposed until a last level. This is to spend every time has achieved a first level.

On everything is the orderly concept , and is amused enough, especially for boys. Some effects of the his really add to an emotion of a whole thing, but if the mamma and the dad love it calm, can turn of a sound and still game.

A truck of the monster also can be used on is suitable, yes has loved.

The to good sure would be to 5 description to star if a atasca has not maintained opening prematurely. Still entertainment this in spite of.
4 / 5 By Cari
My edges my young plus is the enormous defender of his trucks of Jam of the Monster and insiemi. We were to excite further to see this new addition to a lineup, especially considering his house in ours favourite of house, Grave Excavator!

A truck of special edition of Grave Excavator, with his flashy the wheels have lived was the enormous swipe . My edges wants to launch this and his another lineup of truck of Jam of the Monster in an abdomen and boss of Incident, take down some notch the time. A capacity to the dial in an adjustable ramp is also entertainment of big time! All-around, ossia among a better of a collection of Jam of the Monster that has found like this far.

Unfortunately, so only does not think that a value is there. Yes, it is fun, and the addition adds our collection of Jam of the Monster, but – in my opinion – a current asking the prize of the sud just of fifty dollars is big.

Big entertainment in the prize the big plus.
4 / 5 By Akilah
This neighbour is that it looks impressive, as you would expect of Jam of Monster and GraveDigger. My first impression when looking in a box was that a figure of skeleton (Sinister) was smaller in the stairs that that has been expecting. His torso the telescopes were!
The All go together quite easy (the band of battery is hid under an upper jaw/in a skull). I have found some arms to be bit it difficult to seat in some sockets of arms.
Has closed unexpectedly a launcher quite well, and the accident can take some punishment! I think that any defender of the truck of the monster would have the ball with east.
5 / 5 By Sherman
My boy my young plus master anything with wheels, and yes included a possibility of the accident is present, so much a better. This clue ticks all some boxes for him. A lot he so only done a truck of monster (comprised in a together) incident, but some sounds of sinister frames and his light of eyes. Now, some sounds are the pocolos stronger that would like me, but when has of the familiar a measure of the ours, the noise is the data in all the chance, how is at all can not spend for big. A clue is easy to gather, and can take has beaten the. My boy is quite rough on more toys, and paste that launch quite hard, and still is going strong. It takes battery for some lights and of the sounds, but a beauty of of the this is that although a data of battery, some launch still laws, like this calm does not have the a lot of disappointed little a when it does not have any battery has left in a house. A prize is perhaps the little elder that would have expected, but given some hours of entertainment my boy has taken of this toy, certainly would recommend for any one kids any truck of monster.
5 / 5 By Renee
Him him Of the boys, know the one who any one to touch with toys that can destroy. This toy will fulfil this desire. Spears a truck of monster and Accident of paste. Paste with which paste, the accident will begin to come averts. Some swipes can be regulated in of the corners. Sounds of sinister frames, he like this done an Excavator of truck of the Monster done. Calm also take lights. In a box, takings 1 Excavator truck tomb, 1 plastic launcher, 1 - 6” Clue, 1 base, 1 launch ramp adjustable, 1 sinister skeleton, 2 arms of skeleton, 2 tombstone pieces and instructions. Now go to destroy that Sinister.
4 / 5 By Luigi
Any boy here, ossia 100 paralizaciones grown on me partorisca touch with. I have had a lot of entertainment touching with him, and boys probably also.

A clue was súper easy to gather, but some arms are class of delicate to take to a Reaper. I took at least five minutes partorisca take them on.

Has to that paste a quite hard launcher to paste a Reaper with a truck of monster. Some sounds are fun and transmission every time that calm has paste. If calm has paste enough, his mouth opens.

Still without some touches on, this toy done the good quantity of noise with one closing unexpectedly of a launcher and a truck to clash.

A neighbour is a lot of fact, and a lot of sturdy, which well is considering everything of an abuse that goes to take with the trucks that his slam.

Is the fun explosion of a past!
5 / 5 By Takisha
When being able to reserve a launcher and send a flight of the truck of the monster is entertainment of short term , but ossia roughly that. It does not think any one goes to take hours of entertainment out of the this. A bit confusing in setup to start with with and then some sounds and the lights have not done correctly in accordance with some instructions.
Can any one without some reservations recommend this I so that it thinks that goes to take touched with still the short while and the place averts.
5 / 5 By Lisha
This Jam of low sinister Monster the joint of the game is each little jam of toy of monster of sleep of the defenders. It comes with the truck of monster of grave excavator. It is easy to dip near and the instructions are clear to read. A point of a toy is to attack down sinister. Spears a truck of monster in him and he down. You can use other trucks of monster on he also. You can regulate a height of a ramp to the sinister paste in of the different levels. His light eyes and does sounds when the aim is paste .
4 / 5 By William
Ossia The place of fun place for any adventurous boy. With which a bit some saw some trucks of monster in television was excited incredibly to literally take his delivery on one. A neighbour resupplies some emotion of the jam of monster adds in a living room. A skeleton figurine is detailed incredibly and the frames for the aim add for a ramp of truck of the monster. All some pieces are incredibly durable and these neighbours will stand up in any abuse and aggressive game that your boy can launch in him.
5 / 5 By Myles
My boys love this toy! Easy to dip up and is quite hilarious! A truck of monster of grave excavator races down a clue to try and go down Accident. Every time you it Sinister paste in a @@@cofre he something different, which is fresh. In an end launches his boss behind with his mouth wide open and of the hands up in an air!! This calm mean has conquered Accident... Of this point done throughout again! Concept very fresh and the toy does well!
4 / 5 By Lorene
This toy is BIG and sturdy. It comes with the batteries but a thing adds is, he no battery was to need the use like this once some batteries have died the will not finalise in the 'toy graveyard'. You take a truck with a together and is big and sturdy he. This toy will do adds for boys those who are rougher in his toys because it goes to take some aggressive game and be so only well. It is quite populate here! 4 stars!
4 / 5 By Theodore
This toy is everything is broken until being. It comes with an adjustable launcher to the equal that can manoeuvres Record Excavators down a clue in an exact power and the speed love to have an accident and bash the Accident. Of course, dipping was all some lights and of the sounds. Every time you take Incident down, he something different. It was easy to gather. An add to buy for the toy adds.
5 / 5 By Maricela
Has seen to grieve this toy, has known my edges would love it. It loves toys of series of Jam of the monster and ossia a perfect toy for him swipe with east for the solid hour. It is quite easy to dip near and doing it the pleasant sound when touching with him. My boy of 1 year was the little fearful of an Accident at the beginning but amour to paste his boss when it opens on his mouth.
4 / 5 By Ivey
My amour of the amour of the edges loves this!
Was able to gather this all for him.
This comes with his truck of own monster (Grave Excavator), which my kiddo finds fascinating.
Tecla with this together for hours the time.
This would do an excellent present!
4 / 5 By Audrie
A jam of conjoint monster of grave excavator. My boys are súper to a grave excavator. Has the launch of slam and glowing eyes. He also done of the sounds while the eyes are lite up. Has an adjustable ramp. Has other ramps and the accessories have sold for separate. Very fresh.
5 / 5 By Christi
Tonnes of fun partorisca my boy. There is the plot of fun with this together with which surgery when we try to maintain partorisca run and pulling out of his stitches. This has maintained his interest really well and entertain partorisca a lot of hours. The element adds.
4 / 5 By Annie
The man is one 90 east going back or that? That has AMUSED that a Grave Excavator is looked in this fresh and fun Monster crazy near of Jam! This is to amuse seriously partorisca all the ages. Of small boys and now his parents those who has on grown looking some trucks of same monster.
4 / 5 By Clotilde
Quite easy for some boys to dip neighbours and game with. Harder That take them to dip it was when they are done with him, but all knows like this goes.

A kiddos looks to love the this in spite of!
4 / 5 By Chase
This has been the fun clue for my edges and his cousins to touch with. With lights and a lot of sounds to do the entertaining and exciting for them to touch with.
4 / 5 By Lala
Easy to build a lot of entertainment to touch. Marcos some fun noises and some amours of alone done of sure touch in the hard service to take better effect to jump a lot of entertainment.
5 / 5 By Millie
My trucks of monster of amour of boys, like this together was the big swipe . They love a truck of Grave Excavator that comes with and use his other trucks of monster in a clue also.
4 / 5 By Nan
A simple ramp, adds for small some. It dips up it is easy. I thought it that it can do it more but is decent so that it is. It comes with Gravedigger truck of monster
4 / 5 By Katharina
ossia the toy of the quality done that it is súper entertainment to touch with
4 / 5 By Madge
The one who is has produced no the whole plot so that the side and is lasted roughly 1 1/2 first month of a bit plastic piece that curves a moth has closed has broken and no longer dresses, in general mine 4 old year loves it but is the piece of junk.
5 / 5 By Josephine
It take this partorisca the 6th anniversary of my grandson, as has the annual tradition partorisca go the Jam of Monster. I have imagined partorisca a prize, can be something quite dinky, but was well with that. A box that has arrived was enormous! He unwrapped that bad boy and has loved to touch with him immediately. His parents have had to force to maintain inaugural presents. It take the text the pair of days later that pauses that skeleton down on and on and having the explosion. Happy has found this for him.
5 / 5 By Marvella
My grandchildren, ages 3 & 5, really enjoy this toy. Easy to gather, and has imagined was regarding the use quickly. They are both quite rough boys , and has did not break it.

Top Customer Reviews: Monster Jam Ship It ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
4 / 5 By Bella
Mina 4 yr OLD AMOURS this ramp. It can not say what entertainment has run his trucks of monster on & down some ramps. Súper Pleasant idea. My only complaint is concealed is does not look partorisca remain gathered the majority of one whenever it bursts opened & for like this leaving my cryings of edges partorisca me partorisca dip a together box retreated to the equal that can run on ramps
4 / 5 By Catina
Súper there is disappointed in a low quality of this product. Dipping it near is relatively easy but is rickety. Some sides fall off a box. An only fresh thing roughly is a ramp . Our Jam of Monster of amours of edges but unfortunately this takes any game (except a piece of ramp)
4 / 5 By Vesta
My edges really loves this product. It was easy to gather and is easy to bend until tent without all some ramps was. My calm edges want to can attach you a truck to the spinner and dip the on to to the exposure likes in of the car show.
4 / 5 By Pennie
Assembly and tiny car very complicated - I has finalised to return the pleasure my grandson is not quite old to use this although we could imagine was like this to gather
4 / 5 By Sari
This was the enormous swipe ! One 3 old year was able of the together place (w helps minimum) and game with him uninterrupted for awhile.
5 / 5 By Shanda
Is well.. It is amused to touch with the bit and then my edges was bondadosos of on that. It is plastic, is not the favourite toy ..
5 / 5 By Alexia
Any value he. It has fallen it averts immediately. I have bought he for my edges for Natal and with which take it to us together - pauses. A plastic broken in a joint in a legislation of the boxes after my edges has gone a truck of monster to a ramp. A lot disappointing. Save your money and place he to the together better.
5 / 5 By Manuela
has taken for my grandson for his anniversary. You love it.
4 / 5 By Alicia
A lot disappointed. I have bought this for the anniversary of my edges and blatantly has been opened and touched with. A box has been rasgada and powder bent , had and muck in several pieces, and the small, has on beaten, fund of sand of the paper (concealed is not the part of this together of toy) has been comprised like the 'prime'.
5 / 5 By Mayola
A lot disappointed. I have bought this partorisca the anniversary of my edges and blatantly has been opened and touched with. A box has been rasgada and powder bent , had and muck in several pieces, and the small, has on beaten, fund of sand of the paper (concealed is not the part of this together of toy) has been comprised like the 'prime'.
4 / 5 By Rhiannon
The good thing is easy to gather reason whitewashes partorisca avert all a time.
5 / 5 By Natacha
Taken partorisca my edges love it... Hes The rough boy when it comes the jam of monster but touch that resists strong
5 / 5 By Marine
My edges of 10 trucks of years of monster of the amours and has been excited in this playset. Unfortunately it finds it is frustrating. It is meaning partorisca be dipped near in the different configurations but is annoyed in that easily comes averts. Some pieces to the long of a side easily the movements was when you sends a truck that careers. It is found in fact this joint of better work partorisca cars that trucks of monster. It is found also that a piece that launches a truck does not have quite can to launch, but again that better works to launch the car. Still while touching with a truck that use so only his hands still finds some movements of neighbours averts easily. Some the thin plastic looks how is probably some movements of reason averts like this easily. Instead a truck is heavy and well has done. One links for a place receives shows the different truck and plant that receives like this this revises it would have to that be remarked is for a truck of Field and Grave Excavator Ramp Freestyle. Again it is the truck adds but frustrating it playset. Unfortunately ossia for the lose.
4 / 5 By Kerstin
At all that has expected paralizaciones. An appeal of of the this is supposition to be that you can dip he in of the different configurations. Unfortunately, a fact that is not a lot well does at all turns this 'appeal' to the disappointment. Yes, it is easy to dip near and reconfigure. A question is, some configurations fall aside easily which directs the frustration of girl. Mina 6 old year, the one who there is more patience that more when it comes the things like this, has given on with which less than an hour to touch with him. If has the boy that no the alcohol that has to that repeatedly dipped this on on and on again this can be good. It is so only not going to do with my boys.
4 / 5 By Eula
Ossia A awesome conjoint for any boy of truck of the monster. If you are to the long of you can take plant on quite fast and then give them an option of like this to touch. It is not so only one is still in the sure direction. Giving a boy some imaginative game.
Other cars and trucks of law of monster well with him also.
4 / 5 By Bridgett
SUCH the fun toy! Some boys want to this one. Anything concealed taken some cars moving is to win he in my house.

Top Customer Reviews: Monster High Cleo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
5 / 5 By
A value of game with this one is limited, but looks wonderful. We paired this together with...

God of Egyptian Fire Bastet Bast of Cat of Deity of Statue Sekhmet Statue
Egyptian Canopic Gars Collectible Figurine (place of 4) (Statues)
Diamond Selects Toys the Universal monsters Select: A Figure of Action of the Mummy and
Big Monster, 13 Desires, Oasis of Fright of the Desert Playset with Cleo Of Nile Wrist!

This has done play it monstrously fantastic/zone of exposure partorisca our Cleo.

Averts of that, a neighbour is very built, done of flexible plastic and no that material brittle hard. Some accessories are plentiful with this together (more than with any one another neighbour I own, at least), very chosen, and well has drawn.

Was skeptical to buy this together with only 2 pieces of furniture partorisca a prize, but some accessories, way, and WAY TO DRAW more than doing on partorisca he. Way.
5 / 5 By
Well, are in fact the defender also. A Monster Big wrists ands the accessories are fun, colours and Barbie! This neighbour has abundance of tiny pieces that easily can take stray, but miraculously my six old year looks partorisca maintain clue of the like a miniscule of pieces of jewels that goes with these wrists. Cleo Conjoint of the vanity is one of some favourite accessories and he can occupy the boy amiably partorisca quite some time. It is quite sturdily built and often available on to the amazon for the prize has discounted adds. If have savvy, has to does not have to that never pay full prize for Big Monster.
4 / 5 By
Has loved this product!

Has a lot of small elements that come with him (would not suggest for the small boy, this in spite of - at least 7-8 years! Some elements are easy to lose with the youngest daughter...)

Has the pleasant little near that comprises pending accessory, paste, coverage.. And few pieces of trick (I especially want a sphinx iCoffin title) and so more.
Can dip some small elements in a box of trick or in an attractive-was drawer - too pleasant!

Some details so only has surprised :)

Like the defender of Big Monster would say that ossia to good sure the product for any young daughter or collector of wrist!
4 / 5 By
some tiny details, tiny like a nail polish that in fact opens and closes does this well values certainly any for boys down 10 because of a choking hazard
4 / 5 By
Element exactly like this pictured. Creation very detailed. It is like this spectacular that he overshadows a wrist!
4 / 5 By
Has taken the like this the present navideño and my sister has has loved quell' Thank you! It is fresh! Quality! Prize! Everything is ideal! Some sakes correspond to a description! It is very happy! Cooperation further of 100!
4 / 5 By
The amour of my daughter this series of wrists. The Big monster is an only wrist asks!!! This together of vanity was the present adds and the supplement adds his collection of wrists!!!
4 / 5 By
Some tiny details, tiny like a nail polish that in fact opens and closes does this well values certainly any for boys down 10 because of a choking hazard
5 / 5 By
Thank you! It is fresh! Quality! Prize! Everything is ideal! Some sakes correspond to a description! It is very happy! Cooperation further of 100!
5 / 5 By
Bought this partorisca my granddaughters and they want to is adorable
5 / 5 By
Ossia such the conjoint pleasant vanity ! Bought partorisca dip in my Monster Marie of Big Wrist. Marcos the addition adds to any one is collection .
5 / 5 By
Really like like this of this vanity of wrist comes with elements of small accessory and is a lot has done. Some ploughs of small drawer. Very Pleasant!!!
4 / 5 By
Has taken this partorisca the anniversary of my granddaughter of 9 years. It loves Big Monster. We touch with him near and it is the fun toy . Has good imaginative value. It can not be one the majority of durable toy but is quite old to concern for things. It buys it again for his.
4 / 5 By
My daughter is in the Big Monster so much that the could not take this piece for here
the look adds is extremely happy
5 / 5 By
This has been mine has shipped a lot quickly and was exactly that it had expected that would be, a perfect present for my little daughter.
4 / 5 By
The vanity detailed well with a lot of accesorias. Perfecto so that they love this class of what. Some the smallest pieces are lost easily unfortunately.
5 / 5 By
Ossia The pleasant vanity with a lot of accesorias, although some of some accessories are very tiny. A decent buy for a money.
4 / 5 By
My daughter has has wanted to he partorisca his Monster marries of Big wrist. It is good fact and received it quickly. It is very detailed and so only.
5 / 5 By
An element was the present and a recipient has loved that. It is surprised like this on tomorrow navideña. It was his better present .
4 / 5 By
My daughter has has wanted this partorisca his big monster. That sees is which takings. A bit pricey but value his.
5 / 5 By
Elegant and sturdy and highly recommended partorisca mh wrists of collections of the turn of wrist perfectly and some accessories and decor promotes even more imagination
5 / 5 By
has a lot of the few pieces of real Monster Big mobile in a phase. A Cleo of Nile the vanity is the together very detailed and the must has partorisca the monster of any daughter Big collection! My shipment is gone in punctual and has maintained in of the perfect conditions! This goes partorisca do a little very happy daughter! Thank you!
4 / 5 By
My daughter has loved this element. unusal Hard element to find; fast nave; report another the amazon because of service.
5 / 5 By
This table of Vanity is detailed highly and well value of the money!

A table is done of the plot of different pieces in rear of a mirror, comprising lotus blossoms in black and yellow, snakes in Cleo blue and yellow colours, scarab wings, cat and anubis legs, and the really fresh MH logo chandelier light. A logo same, in translucent blue, is in a backside of a chair also.

The hips comes with more than jewels for Cleo, some mark on elements, the mark on chance with coverage and more jewels, and the drawer to dip all some free pieces in.

A backside of a vanity there is little subjects to store/show some extra small pieces.

A quantity of the detail in a vanity is surprising. This has to that be, for far, one the majority of intricate and fantastically drawn of all a MH accessories. It looks so better in person and out of a box!

Big recommend this for an elegant, upscale exposed for Cleo or Nefera! Especially it looks well approach the light to take some details of translucent snake.
4 / 5 By
Coast The people go the walmart and buy, has taken mine for him thats well please the stop that pays this on priced Mh stuf knows calm the want but try cheacking your walmarts and kmarts heck has included aim, a picture dosent this any juctice sad in a spelling but this neighbour is beautilful comes a lot small accs like this becareful but when you firt the see you cant look to take your eyes of a detail, they really dipped his time in doing MH together and this one is no diff but please of the one who buy this here the graces for your cure of time
5 / 5 By
My few AMOURS of daughter Big Monster. So many wrists require of the like this accesorias. Ossia One of his favourite.
4 / 5 By
Cleo The vanity is surprising. An Egyptian feels, some colours, accessories. Everything are adds. This in spite of some parts are tiny to the equal that have to that maintain the good eye on that! The mine bought this in spite of in of the Toys R and was although they are so that it adds, this $ 80 prize is ridiculous. It does not pay more than I have to that , especially when calm still can buy this element in of the tents for half basses of this cost.
5 / 5 By
Thinks this toy he really ameno out of a monster in you! His really elegant and the bondadoso to agree me of the mythology playset. To the Hope likes to
4 / 5 By
Shipper has received of our order and shipped it like this quickly receive it the plenary 5 Amazon of days before said ...

Top Customer Reviews: Monster High Secret ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
5 / 5 By Margaretta
Ossia Really pleasant, and a law of cat adds. A cat hisses, purrs, and meows when relieving motion. Also it has the plot of perches partorisca change his place, and the cage with the lock. A bank has the drawer has hid. It looks he the plot of extra perches partorisca more than animals.
5 / 5 By Maryalice
Mina 11 old years is wanted absolutely! Games with a crypt two days in the crudes of then opens a container, included dips it on a table to dine when it eats! It has a lot of elements and a lot of wrists of Monster Big Collection, but this one east the swipe ! More than the to everything likes him an interactive cat, which save a door of a crypt, as it shouts when it tries to achieve a door. So only the desire the wine with some monster extracted for one is so only an idea, as all another playsets usually come with these small fun elements. Also it loves that now it is easier that take toys of a container as they do not dip tight knots but ropes of just circle around plásticoes. Probably if your boy is younger that 8 or new, is quell'has bitten frustrated like the cat is not a lot easy to be place in a cradle, and a cradle 'canals' is thin and can be broken yes too much pressure is applied when one has tried to situate a cat in a fixing protruding @@@knob. Otherwise He the slides was.
4 / 5 By Jo
Really loves this, looks even more amused with pets. I have bought this when in the first place skirt on amazon. A cat has the key to press to do a cat growls. I think that that it is fun, loves some few details and a living room is like this pleasant. I am thrilled with a prize that has taken stops.
4 / 5 By Ula
If it is Big Monster , calm will not be disappointed. All have ordered has been wonderful. My granddaughter LOVES this line and is not never state disappointed! It does video of the his touching with them! Now this is not Barbie. Each wrist is so only. His entice young daughters to stimulate his imagination and leave of the video games.
Are the enormous defender !
5 / 5 By Janene
My granddaughter of 6 years and his friends are everything roughly Big Monster now, and this present of anniversary was the swipe adds . We have had the plot of fun exploring all some places to hide secrets and some the different things could do with him, closing different creepy pets in a little house, hiding notes of invisible ink in a living room. It is remaining waiting for the collecting has joined several pets that read with him.
5 / 5 By Arianna
Has bought this like the present for the granddaughter adds and loves it.!
4 / 5 By Demetrice
Present. You think it that it has been it adds. It has not given still
4 / 5 By Billy
My daughter has has wanted to this and toy I really adds. This was the add compraventa. It arrives slightly at the head of the schedule in condition adds. Had any question any one. Use and recommend to any one.
5 / 5 By Jerold
My daughter loves this! His fun and fresco and comes with a cat that saves. His favourite part is a living room chair that hides his secrets.
4 / 5 By Hiroko
Like the collector was satisfied entirely with a condition of a box and pet-dipped !
4 / 5 By Leeann
Some daughters my grandson has given these insiemi to has been wild like ANY TENT spends him around here the good addition to all his Monster Big sewing
4 / 5 By Beatrice
This together of game has a lot of orderly tricks and things partorisca touch with and my sister loves it. An only thing is that a thing of detection of the motion that a cat has done to like 1 now but another that that it is the ordered little joint of game.
5 / 5 By Alia
Some pieces do not remain connected a lot well. My amours of 3 years he this in spite of
5 / 5 By Dione
LOVE this together! I have taken like the present navideño. Mayor that has thought, like this pleasant!
5 / 5 By Rosalina
Mina 6.ºt/Or the daughter is bananas for big material monster. It wants this little joint that can you to it purchase additional pets
5 / 5 By Dorsey
love a together, is the addition adds for my MH pets
4 / 5 By Keli
My Big Monster crazed the net LOVES it. The desires of grandma have come with more than a some the characters another significantly has created a prize. Another that that, is happy with him.
4 / 5 By Elsy
Has bought he for our granddaughter, want it. Now so only we owe that it imagine it was like this to resupply everything of a Secret Creepers to fill all some spaces, but is where to find them!
5 / 5 By Mee
Bought partorisca my daughters B-Day, loves that. Motion the cat has censored are adds.
4 / 5 By Chauncey
Want. As it has described. Good quality. It can not wish for more.
4 / 5 By Joeann
The glorious daughter master this big material monster! Very pleasant for a money.
4 / 5 By Myung
Punctually, I add compraventa. Any question. My daughter has has wanted this partorisca Navidad. It is in fact really good and value of the money. It goes wonderfully with his Monster Big Catacombs Playset.
5 / 5 By Lorretta
Conjoint of pleasant game, my daughter was excited really when it opens partorisca his anniversary
5 / 5 By Kristal
has liked of Conference Addams like the boy, or the the boy on 6 the one who is the little bit 'goth', then this toy is partorisca yours family!
Has four Show Big wrists (... Question with a fact that are 62 years ?), And before this is to arrive, was all piled up in the sofa of toy that is really the box of jewels. Now I have the really fun way partorisca touch with them! Can pose him and show them partorisca my photoshoots, which is [purportedly] reason collect wrists in my age. I give photograph to the equal that reasons collects would be surprised, in fact, in a number of collectors of wrist of the adult in this country. And world-wide width.
Monster the Big wrists are tonnes of fun reasons are the bit was has beaten, and also reason can be posed. His hands, arms and curve of legs, almost like go- has has jointed wrists.
A cat in this crypt has the sensor of the his so that he howls when something spends of longitude. Memory of a Addams family, once again! Pleasant! The start adds for your MH critter collection.

Is the girl the one who collects Monster Big Wrists --take this like the special present. Mark sure this in spite of that this hobby is already very established if this is not for you or the boy in your own family, for two reasons:
1) to the the boy could no the like the Big monster
2) to good sure no shabby likes an introduction to Big Monster unless calm also plan give a boy one of some wrists for the agree.
Was likes to give the diorama or house of wrist and any wrist!

Otherwise , 5 entertainment of star for age 6 to ...!!!

Thank you, tejanos
4 / 5 By Emery
was so only the subject of first time of the new class of accessory of the monster of Big toy is exited. In a last pair of years has seen dress, animal stuffing, purses, boxes of trick and more, but now is moving on to another toy inside a line of toy- Secret Creepers! It have not seen included any of some toys until with which take this crypt , which is class of as the mini-dollhouse with that can you to it dip on that.

Has the plot of things to speak roughly here. An inferior line is that you are taking enough the bit for your money. It was pleasantly surprised in just that can go with this together! Tonnes of spatial for some different pets, both new Secrets Creepers and some original some this coming with a MH wrists. Details in of the sure parts like this of the web and of the hearts in a backside of a spider is the good touch , and they was has the to fund this goes perfectly with Jane Boolittle. There is the pink tone ossia done on the canal and bone of fish. You can use this to open a main crypt, doing for the dramatic effect where one spends dulcemente games to lose. Interior, can store the few pets or anything want to; it is the quite big compartment . A green of compact chance is comprised and he also laws like the class of stool for one of some pets to seat on when it is not when the be has used. Again, I have been surprised in like this big this was when open. After being disappointed with a lack of spatial in the little MH accessories of wrist to the equal that of the dossiers and of the stock exchanges (those that come with some wrists), this was the good step up. A course a fresher that a whole crypt this in spite of, has to be a red coffin couch. Under a cushion there is the little drawer that begin and can dip something in him. But with a flick of the transmission in a backside, hides that has dipped in there. It is the very orderly trick and agree me of the Beetlejuice the toy has had in a prompt 90s.

A together of game comes with a pet- Crescent a cat, the one who does like the guard for a crypt of house/of the dog, growling if any one walks interior 5 feet of him. It is good to comprise the figure when they could have has sold so only a together in his suitable for a same prize. 3 LR44 The batteries are comprised, as you are ready for gone well out of a box.

Stops in a prize of the Monster Big wrist, is taking the quite fresh game place for some new pets, although it sees with some daughters and of the boys like this very too much. Any Monster the Big defender will want to this. So only be prepared to look some dollars disappear calm so that volume more and more pets.
5 / 5 By Laure
Oh Mattel, You sneaky calm monsters! That headed like the collection for my then boy of 1 year there is brewed to the cupboard stuffed full of Toys of Monster and Big wrists. But of late I am feeling quite disenchanted in a whole thing. Some wrists have branched the so many incarnations and has presented characters like this new and now is coming up with the elements have taken...

This is not for some wrists. Oh Any, ossia for the new line of llama of Secret figures Creepers. Basically we touch main of some diverse ghouls' pets. It comes with Crescent but the to peel out of $ 9-$ 15 for each of some another as where find them. A Secret Creepers have several ways of any audio of register or hiding the messages written. They are really pleasant but quite limited. As one of the uses waters heat and colds to change the colours think this a lack of a longitude-designate fun factors that he the fact the worthy recommendation.

This playset is has bitten it pricey so that it is and I honradamente so only does not think well pay still full prize goes to be for the boy. Now, as it collector, could wants to choose these on and this dips especially. I think that that they will be difficult to find in pristine condition later. Otherwise, For both boys and of the collectors would recommend something more like a Data-ner or Lagoona Shower playsets. Much more pleasant and with more than options of game.
4 / 5 By Justin
These produced is very brilliant, entertainment, and fill by heart. Investigation be done of sturdy plastic with the a lot of nooks hid and cranny is the soyaterial secret of hide.'

Knows look obvious now, but does not have prendido attention at the beginning to a fact that a whole point of this crypt is partorisca some PETS of monster of big wrists partorisca touch on 'while a monster the big daughters are in of the colegialas.' It comprises the cat, the one who when relieving motion, really GROWLS!!. Also it comprises some animal of cut outs---but will be amused much more partorisca kiddos the one who has 5 or 6 other pets partorisca touch with. Has room partorisca his everything.

In general, thinks that taken the fun sturdy produced partorisca a prize. (With this said, think the point for of prize under this element would augment is appeal even more.)
5 / 5 By Delena
Now can begin the whole new collection of secret maintaining versions of Monster Big Characters' pets, which neither maintains secrets electronically: Secret Creepers or on paper: Secret Critters. That goes in these products is basically the stand of exposure/closely of game partorisca a Secret Creepers and Critters has sold for separate, but the Mattel the credit there is more his concealed it.

The secret of paper can be trace and stored in some columns down some gargoyles, things (or the Creeper or the Critter) can be closed up in a doghouse, and a tone can be hid in a Magic Drawer in a coffin-like me tilbury living room. A tone also can be used likes sleeve partorisca a clip in compact, or says compact can be opened up like the perch partorisca a Big Secret Monster Critters Hisette Figure . A tank of fish can resist a Big Secret Monster Critters Neptuna Figure , and has perches partorisca at least four more Creepers or Critters.

To the equal that am coming partorisca expect of a line of Monster of Big toy, a whole thing is fantastically and sturdily has done, but the defect of basic drawing cost it the star. A figure that comes with this Crescent a Cat, which has the sensor of motion in his @@@cofre that when it has turned in causes the hiss and snarl in reply to interior of motion five feet of the his front. A defect?

Esmarce: A product is instrumented with an automatic enclosed-was figure that life of battery of hovered of helps.'

Reason ossia that loves an alarm to do: enclosed was if at all cause it immediately....
4 / 5 By Jana
Ossia The pleasant few turns of Big Monster was, has to admit! This Secret Creepers works of Crypt with a new Secret Creepers, pets of big stairs that has secret in now qualified. This coloreado playset has the place for all some pets at present in a phase. It comes with Clawdeen cat. While this cat any record secret, has his orderly trick. It is the detector of motion . Once turned on, if it remarks motion, some frames of cat an annoying screech! Honradamente, The howl of a cat? I can any the be. Sad. It is so only any one the good sound.

This neighbour is sturdy, fill by heart and full to hide something. A key hiding the place in this neighbour is a tilbury living room, this opens with the key and then soyysteriously' yours hides held when closing. ( It thinks magic tricks that comprises boxes of trick!) There is the few elements, hips, that comprises a white door, this opens to do his perfect to hide your secrets!

In general, ossia the together pleasant . For me, it is more than the piece of exposure, but for girls? He totally his street that touches with east!
4 / 5 By Keturah
Has asked my daughter that the indication gives this toy, and jump in an air and said, 'Five!'

Has said that want to roughly is:

-Some measures--is not too big, no too small.

-Can move the plot of some things in a together.

-All some compartments, and specifically a secret drawer.

-An of some pets (Crescent) comes with him, and she hisses when it remarks movement and there is the key to do his meow.

-Each place for the pet is drawn specifically for this pet.


-Some instructions are hard to comprise.

-A tone comes with east the little flimsy.

-Side of toe of the each one plants that is to draw for each pet: calm can not dip the pet in whichever to to space would like.

Would say that they are in accordance with his evaluation. Has thinks that that a measure was big abundance to touch with joint with his wrists, but no too big. It looks a lot of-fact and sturdy in general. A lot of different things to do with a together. And some instructions are the pocolos odd in of the places, but took it to us all has imagined was quite quickly. It is there is enjoyed totally touch with east took it to us of then!
5 / 5 By Luanna
Some pieces of furniture with doors and hiding put that opened adds abundance of occasion for fun game with you Show Big
wrists. Our 11 old year is the big MH collector, as it has to that it weaves of some wrists and accesorias. When Buying
add-in of the accessories for (expensive he) strongly marketed 'collect-in-all' toys like this, hanged a prize against that
time of game added and has amused your boy can have with his other pieces. It say of another way,, is value in $ 15 - $ 20
to add this, or is so only another box of pieces and plastic bits that will take eaten, scattered, lost and has ignored?

Thinks these some works. A crypt, read, and cage all does for fun places to dip some wrists and his accessories
and pets. It comes with a cat of pet, like this still for him, a wrist and this neighbour can do for some entertainment
feign game (calm does not have to that external own tonnes MH parts to do east of the gains).
Like me like the majority of him bequeaths joint, as it is not so only the stock exchange of random small bits that is condemned to be stray or
has on elected in a vacuum cleansing.

In general, the good toy him him the boy to Big Monster.
5 / 5 By Jon
Ossia The really pleasant neighbour . A main appeal partorisca is a couch, which has the drawer of secret storage down-- as the little magic trick. It calms that can use to store a key to a doghouse (uh... cathouse, Really), or anything more than yours choosing... Coins, glasses, notes, etc.

there has no his whole plot, this in spite of like this is fun and well-has done. There is some hiding something and perches for some pets, more the clothesline for some other pets' tones. A sensor of motion in some works of cat well, but freaked was, as we head to it we was and so only press a key to listen his purr in planting to growl.

In an only thing concealed is not particularly a lot of fact is a key this comes with east. It is bendy, and concern me that it could it he finally pause. It averts of that, love a together and think is the idea adds to have the special place for some pets to hang was.
4 / 5 By Gladis
With the Big monster that present a new Secret Creeper Pets, my daughter was all too thrilled to take this together! It was súper easy to burst near (this in spite of that remains the joint is another history ), some accessories are adorable and comprises the Cat to touch with. That is disappointing is that a Cat is not one of a Secret Creepers, included although I come together with a playset; there is the whole line of new pets that do fresh things and maintain secrets. It have been a lot one of that had state comprised or if a Cat has had Secret that the tugs qualified also. It has been frustrated with that. It averts of of the this, loves a together and he is done the addition adds to all his Monster Big collection!
5 / 5 By Abe
First of all, would have to remark that a Secret Creepers to the crypt is not really compatible with some products of Room of Monster of core, which are some wrists . A Secret Creepers is the line of toy to record and spending messages. Pleasant ideas in a 80s and 90s, but in this date and age of mobile phones and text messaging, a toyline is exited the little dated or retro, as that the see. Some animals, which on Secrets Creepers the line is very big that some versions that come with some wrists. Some stairs is entirely was and so that it mixes a line of wrist of the core with a Secret Creepers the line so only looks odd and noticeably was.

Door this on reason is of entity to remark that a Crypt playset is so only for use with a Secret Creepers. Some the leading animals neither any look returned or so only really was put with this together. This means to really take any one uses out of a Crypt, will have that invests strongly in a Secret Creepers line and pleasure I. Ossia Neither bad, neither a lot - simply the fact that means calm ant two or three another Secret Creeper figures besides a one this among this together. Otherwise Look quite barren. Included a packaging goes in has three extra SC cutouts form of paper to maintain he to look empty.

A place is well has done. It is sturdy and a lot of coloreado, which would have to do the happy girls. Also it comes with the Crescent a figure of kitten. The difference of another Secret Creepers that tends and share short messages, Crescent is the toy of motion has actuated, which is meant to guard some other figures. Like this if any one has broken in your room to read your SC enciphers' of the messages, Crescent would go was and scare them was or alert you. Unfortunately a toy is neither a lot of scary or strong. It is the figure of pleasant kitten , but also lack of any neighbour. L The solid piece of plastic meaning it so only never resist join some put.

In general, a Secret Creepers to the crypt is the bust yes is the Monster Big defender. It is not compatible with a majority of MH figures and SC the line is the volume of has bitten , to good sure out of date and overpriced so that volume. This has said, if you ARE the defender of a Secret Creepers line (will not judge calm), calm then can also wasteful in this playset like this Crescent is a better looking of some figures and these calm give you the way to show them.
5 / 5 By Karan
Ours the daughter is the big defender of Big Monster. It is very excited to take this together and help it were with this description.

In his words:

'the east was quite easy to dip on, but weaves to have of tape and twisties has has had to that untie to take everything out of a box. I like this place. Has the little of some pets and I always can take more. A couch with a tone of drawer has hid is really fresh. Toe a transmission, any tone! Toe he again, has a tone! I can dip two of mine secret rolls in some columns so much person knows where is.

This neighbour comes with the cat ossia class of creepy. It likes when of him purrs, but when I move around, a cat growls and spits in me and I does not like him that a lot. I think that that I will maintain a cat was when I touches with east.'

My thoughts:

knows any the one who collects the Secret of Big monster Keeper toys, this playset will do an excellent present. A fishbone the tone would owe that be resisted near of the row of a fish when using a tone, in this way does not snap or curve out of form. A doghouse to close of the door is the little rigid, as be careful when you plough concealed.

Has to that spent, a yowling and spitting noises some frames of cat are quite unnerving. We prefer the turns was.

Wants to collect all a Secret Creeper pets thus playset, here is some link for each a:

Big Secret Monster Creepers Watzit Figure
Big Secret Monster Creepers Neptuna Figure
the Secret of Big monster Creepers Account Fabulous Figure
Big Secret Monster Creepers Hisette Figure
the Secret of Big monster Creepers Figure to Shiver
the Secret of Big monster Creepers Gentleman Hoots A lot Imagine
the Secret of Big monster Creepers Figure of Penny of the Captain

gives this 4 out of 5 incident - some only negative mentions? A Creepy noises of Cat!
4 / 5 By Derek
Have the Monster of ten years Big defender in my house. It loves a theming and creation of this playset but did not use it a lot. After opening it and touching with his friends an evening dipped it on a shelf and does not have does a lot with him. It likes him the look in him and occasionally moving some animals around but does not touch with to him like him to him some of the his another MH conjoint. It is amiably themed and arrives has gathered mostly. A tone is the little flimsy but has not broken and appreciate that it avenges with some batteries. Material to give this with at least a more to the pet would be better then so only a cat so only.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 By Tomasa
Amur A product. Disappointed in packaging. Not cushioning partorisca maintain produced partorisca rub and that clash to the each one which another. Bad creased blisters and has separated papers of impact. The papers have soft corners. Any recomend ordering multiple partorisca the collector.
5 / 5 By Era
Some boys have been excited! They love some few toys.
4 / 5 By Marcus
Action and figure of good truck combo. The quality adds of master of transfer. My edges absolutely loves it.
5 / 5 By Mellie
These people so only come up with anything partorisca do me spend more the money has produced on Jam of the Monster. But a boy loves this material and during this quarantine, ossia all take. The figure of action is quite solid and has the fresh boss, in my opinion is better that Max D doubt. Afterwards they will come up with an Action imagines concealed has the green boss in place of lived and my edges constantly will speak roughly the harvest buys one.
4 / 5 By Victorina
This was entirely different that that had seen on-line of Jam of Monster. Early as I found it I have known to be exactly that has looked for. Bought he for my grandson for his anniversary and he have loved that.
5 / 5 By Krystal
Loves a product. Disappointed in packaging. Not cushioning to maintain produced to rub and that clash to the each one which another. Bad creased blisters and has separated papers of impact. The papers have soft corners. Any recomend ordering multiple for the collector.
5 / 5 By Cicely
A container has suffered harm as well as a toy my fixed edges but, is kinda bummed reason collects him and leaves him in some boxes
5 / 5 By Reena
action and figure of Good truck combo. The quality adds of master of transfer. My edges absolutely loves it.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 By Willodean
Detailing in these figurines is phenomenal! They are the little has bitten big that has expected, but ossia well! It maintains partorisca import a figurines does not have holes in his feet partorisca attach them to some bases; a Godzillas and Larva Mothras stands up well in his own but King Ghidorah no. Mothra And Rodan is also difficult to balance in a resupplied clear plastic pedestals. In general, partorisca a quantity partorisca detail still would say these are worth it!
5 / 5 By Adele
I have had my doubts. When I have seen this group has announced has recognised these figures of the clip of Youtube Luminous that has seen partorisca revise his and has thinks that was really fresh but has been dismayed like reviewers has said that these have not been available in some States and did not expect him partorisca result available. As seeing these Súper Deformed mini-Godzilla figurines announced like this twisted of anniversaries of materials of the boy there has been my doubts, and has imagined that real these are knockoffs.

Is these knockoffs? I can not say but it is it is one the majority of quality knockoff has not seen never. Memory partorisca be impressed when seeing a description of Youtube/of Youtube for a nuanced sculpts of a SD minis has based out of a 'Godzilla Rey of some Monsters' films and a reviewers was also increasingly impressed likes him unboxed of the his new collectibles and there is remarked a quality and cure in a sculpture, some creations, and especially some applications partorisca paint of this series of 7 figures (1 Ghidorah that gone back on everything of some other characters; two Godzillas both in some put same but a special figure with translucent blue plugs; 1 Rodan; 3 Mothra with an absolutely beautiful, fascinating, and horrible imago and two larval versions). A reason that ask if these are knockoffs or one extracted real this is perhaps be to buy for the third party and lined of a packaging is reason some details to the product is so only likes that of some originals and has had the plot partorisca detail prey of attention to some applications partorisca paint. These are gorgeous few figures and calm especially can see like the time and the cure has been applied to some products where some eyes and the teeth are concerned.

Each figure comes with his own base and a imago Mothra and Rodan each one which to the equal that has estacas plastic clear that the tall chair atop. Enough honradamente each sum of looks of the figure but a imago Mothra well a prize so only! If you are the Godzilla collector/ of figure of the toy that does not like a Súper the type Deformed of sculpts imagines calm still like these especially of then there is not the plot of 2019 larval Mothra figures to find. By other collectors strongly would promote you to take this while you still have beaten. You take a together complete in the $ 20-ish point of prize! Ossia The shot adds for this together of big quality.

While these are sold like kiddie wry toppers concealed is not that the be be develop for but still yes calms went them to use as 'll so only say that like the Godzilla enthusiastic would be ecstatic to find these atop my dessert of anniversary. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
4 / 5 By Lowell
Detailing in these figurines is phenomenal! They are the little has bitten big that has expected, but ossia well! It maintains to import a figurines does not have holes in his feet to attach them to some bases; a Godzillas and Larva Mothras stands up well in his own but King Ghidorah no. Mothra And Rodan is also difficult to balance in a resupplied clear plastic pedestals. In general, for a quantity to detail still would say these are worth it!