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Top Customer Reviews: ILM Full Face ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
According to a sizing the maps would have to has ordered a big hull, but has ordered accidentally a XL. It was preoccupied so that I have seen other critics that converses enough that a measure of hull has run big for them. Well it result it a XL returned me perfectly, so in my case looks a hull has run the small small for a measure of my cape against. His sizing maps.

Opens, on in a hull he.

In general, like me. A strap of fast emission is the good quality and a clasp is metal, as me how concealed. It avenges with a the aim has announced will aim smoked and clear as well as a zippable scarf of winter. And I give a consolation 5 stars.

An only reason I dinged the star out of a description is so that it looks it a hull and one will aim ( has used only a clear) quite a lot of lines easily. Has two scratches have posed in an arrival already (how, does not have any idea since treats a thing like a raw egg) and the paste of insect one will aim and leave the small scratch in him also.

An only another negative has in a hull is that some any open next ventilation and/or afterwards shut (how where amours the), as in a slightest touch ( is looking in you numb hand-the streaky syndrome while spending gloves) can open or be concluded. The stay where posed the, but is easy in accidentally clash them and situate in the parameter has not feigned. It do not take the accident was he for him even so.

Had the to do on again still would purchase this hull. A global value and the consolation take for a prize can very a lot of to be has beaten.
5 / 5
Down it give the enough informs detailed of this hull, but will provide in the first place a low recommendation.

Informs decrease: I add hull, would have to take it . Like minimum is the hull of the passenger adds .

Informs very time: This hull has some characteristics are that you pay you the plot more to take with another hulls, or usually would have to attach since you.
My favourite characteristic is a buckle of fast emission . It IS the 5 -click adjustable buckle that slide in a lock and of the emissions with the soft tug in a big-quality, thickness webbing the tab connected in a side of emission of a mechanism. This hull also looks 2 big quality will aim - some clear and a tinted. These will aim is easily interchanged while precise. An interior these pillows are your typical foam these pillows coated with the good sense liner. It IS very comfortable and some side of the tampons by side can be take for easy washing. There are ventilations of chin and upper-of-the-ventilations of cape for excellent flow-through ventilation. One saves to ray that comes with a hull is done of rind with the sense in back and the clear quantity to cushion the interior sewed. This one saves very comfortable and the mountain warmed to. It was initially sceptical quite what a quality of east saves to the ray would be, but was pleasantly has surprised. One saves to the ray has the annex of sure full zip in a hull, still easily removable for which me which lives in a south and any a lot of of the require every year very time.
In general: A very very hull with the plot of characteristics of the good user usually found at most expensive hulls - all for the prize adds. A very done product for ILM.
4 / 5
This hull has the plot of the things that goes for him, and some things that hurt the. I have bought this hull like an economic option for commuting. First of, some looks of utmost hull. Stylistic still Mere. Of the commuting point of support, has the plot to offer.


One will aim to give you a exceptionally wide, and big, field of view. It gives to look through a porthole is not necessity here. The download is in fact quite well, especially for having three ventilations in advance. Low speeds of 15-30 mph provides the decent flow to air to minimise fogging and provides consolation. A fence of chin is spacious, almost to the point where listen likes him is too many roomy. This abundance of covers of room for the mic the boom yes uses the comms sytem like the sena. Comprised in a price of compraventa is the dark shield , which are in fact quite dark to be useful during a day, which ways in low light, you better has a clear shield with you so that it is too dark.
Click of locks of will aim he in the each place with the positive accidents . A strap of chin the fast emission is easy to do with gloves on, but a strap has too material of extra road and will require to be trimmed .

Some ventilations do not break to situate. They whose movement under the speed but they are not reassuring neither. A ventilation of chin has two situates and is easy to manipulate with gloves, but some the upper ventilations are small and has to annoy shaped adjusters this takes the small taking used to when spending gloves.
The internal tampons could be fatter.
The global quality any one when being any change, but is not the confidence that inspires for or. When being exactly like the hull of estimativa, which alas, is because of the smallest things easily could remedy concealed.
System of the lock of will aim it that it is cheap when changing will aim

So, his not perfecting . It do not expect he to be or. I think, based in his impression of initial , has an occasion to be the option of estimativa well in the piece mastered by expensive hulls. I will update so and spend it if anything changes for a sake or bad.

Update: One will aim dark has class of the blue dye in him. No an end of a world-wide but any ideal in me.
After it locate with him during the month, a hull has not gone enough snug enough. I have contacted ILM, and is by train to ship me the half sized liner in any one cost.That quite awesome service of client.
4 / 5
It looks well, has characteristic decent, is the agreed point and is better concealed Not SPENDING Anything. It opens, If the trips in the big speeds would suggest to look in the HJC FG-17 at least, can find or for $ 106 and is so snell 2015 and the POINT has agreed. Personally I will not be using this hull after the see in person. But again, if you can not provide anything more, that is to say better that at all.

-Removable And washable cheeck tampons and accesses liner.
-Good looks (IMO)
-the POINT has agreed

-I marvel if this $ 50 hull of the dollar will protect my brain in an accident...
- Scratches Easily

For $ 50 looks the good roads, taking the hull , 2 will aim, scarf of winter and the stock exchange.

Taking, is not quite that raisin he hull by name of the mark, enough is that it spends A hull. Even so, if podes, saves in another $ 50 and go with a HJC for $ 106, or he AGV for $ 150 etc. Your brain is or the majority of the thing of entity possesses at the end.
1 / 5
Initial description, access, has not been able in a lot of try it even so it is just part 1. Some will aim to look the decent mark but take me the bit to exchange out of a clear in a smoked like the pins of hinge are hard to see in some smoked a, clicks in full and inferior cup so leaving a desert of the air in a fund is elementary. Returning the gopro in era the little of the hassle of a curve of a hull is odd. But with the clamp was able to seat one 3m foams in him snugly. It does not have west cutouts and has been said he , a last bit in a zip of a scarf to ray was mangled. But work. It does not listen all this heavy but is not to light of plume or, and a strap of chin albeit sake of long laws.

Update 1- will aim is not waterproof AT ALL

Update 2- This hull is STRONG. Doing headchecks in 65mph+ rasga one will aim wide open. A zip that control a scarf of the collar of one hull to beat that it is pulled averts for pressure of just wind. It averts this hull by everything means. A thing of well only this hull has had to to go for era a strap of chin but there is very another hulls there that uses a clip of ratchet this or has.
4 / 5
Has the hull of Qualifier of the Bell. It IS expensive, very done and does not spend it often. Some tampons of cheek are so fat to listen like the chipmunk and worse still - some tampons the to struggle to take my eyeglasses on because of a ultra tight access. Once I navigate one will aim and seat my glasses still can not see very very what upper of some tampons of cheek are also big and press my progressive lenses for the heaven. Any one has to go down my chin while it locate or take used to signs of the misty road. I have bought this ILM full face that expects it very a same subject. Good movement. My glasses enter easily and is seated properly. That the relief. Also I like him his that of one will aim is more horizontal that a Bell is that ways that, in addition to the easy in of the apt glasses, one saves spent of chin more immovable, useful in timing fresher. A zip-in the scarf to ray is also the good characteristic. It blocks cold wind in Winter and is removable in Summer. I also like a strap of chin of fast emission. In general this is not the Bell - is clearer and no quite listening so sudden (the attack does not have to never pose the in a test). But - I can see where is going with this hull and finds that VERY USEFUL.
4 / 5
The utmost looks and comes with clear and shields to smoke that it is easy the change and the collar of the most removable winter warm. For $ 50 apresamientos adds judge of start or hull of passenger. I want a yellow since you more visible in of the carts.

Has found a airflow costs only, and enough the tradition d the lock in some bonds of chin so that it does not have subjects to attach a strap of ratchet of the hulls in the hooks of hull of the bicycles. Also I ask me his that strong that the plastic ratchet is when he comes to maintain this thing in your leader.
5 / 5
I have ordered my ILM Hull of the Full face in Leaves 1, and took it on Leaves 21, and is very pleased with a global and characteristic quality of this estimativa-the hull priced. I especially like a fast-disconnects strap of the chin and one which will aim next stays when mountain in Interstate speeds of road. (Aim of my old hull would not remain closed in of the speeds in 40 mph.) Some ventilations are also the good touch, and can open and be concluded. A esthetics and the consolation of this hull is the amazing premium, also.
5 / 5
A coverage to the ray done the big difference. Only it come from it you are and trace with and without. Much more comfortable with him in timing fresher.
IS more take to locate this road even so.
Some lenses is easy to change.
Can HAVE had the hull concealed has not had noise of wind in accelerating which are normal without windshield.
Left Quite well for a money, and the fast decouples to join any D chin of strap of points.
5 / 5
Arrests of state trace in 20 years now. I have to have a lot of marks of hulls, mostly expensive full of HJC, Bell, and another. Honestly I Can say that that is to say An excellent hull in of the nicknames of apt and arrival. Having two shields are the premium ! It has not tried a collar included warmer thingy still but some days are beginning to take colder. The noise of wind is minimum. The flow of the air is well and the tampons of the cheek listen undertaken. The clear shield is easily aixecat up and is first detent is quite small in in the shield of fog excepts not leaving too air in. I Like him his of an aim ond does very bought the second in in yellow. It IS the better road that one $ 99 Joe Coet to the crack has bought last year.

Top Customer Reviews: TCMT Dot Youth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
5 / 5
Our daughter there is so only 2 years so that the helmets is the pocolos heavy this in spite of the little big partorisca his but wants to spend the. I bought it in fact to use in Harley and no the bicycle of muck likes some glasses do not remain in the place and trace on when it goes down it a street as we are not able to use them when that traces. Some gloves are also way too big for his hips but still dips him on and games with them. The desire there was the clear shield that is touched to lose on a ploughing in a helmet or that you were able to buy and clip on in the place of one will aim of some glasses do not do and has not been able to find any glasses that does for sound.
4 / 5
Some looks of helmet to be well, sticker of the approval of POINT has HAD.
This in spite of, has ANY VENTILATIONS of face in this helmet. It is HOT to spend. Some gloves and the glasses have comprised with east of such low quality is unusable. Some glasses of those who is is returned even a helmet when a strap is has extended fully. A lenses also the explosions was a lot easily.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my granddaughter of 3 years. A helmet and googles returned perfect. Some gloves are way the big and odd sized. Fact for courts of fat toes of one 7 to 9 year. They are almost he is returned my granddaughter of 10 years so only the little small. Still with some gloves not exiting for a prize values a compraventa. Happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5
For the Christmas of my daughter. It has taken the four -wheeler also and a helmet is returned perfectly.
5 / 5
A product are add , but was to small , and has had to pay to send them rear dollars, the one who a world is up with that .
5 / 5
Awesome Daughters of parties of the helmet quad now I gotta takes for the spend
4 / 5
This was the present navideño and was
Pleasantly surprised in the well this element was! defiantly Recommends!
4 / 5
Has ordered this product but with a wrong measure. A company was orders roughly that exchanges a measure before shipment. The net has loved this together! Very satisfied and the value adds for a money.
4 / 5
Access of mine 5yr old daughter perfectly and the looks recommends in any father that wants to maintain his youngster some insurances while trace atv
4 / 5
helmet Very of confidence for the boys recommends still estimativa economic

Top Customer Reviews: 1STORM Motorcycle ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Honradamente Have bought so only this partorisca one go in cosplay but his súper cools to look and quite comfortable.
5 / 5
This will be to return and hopefully has exchanged for the new a. The harm had to one will aim of interior . Chunks Of one has maintained has gone and is expected eye to look in a street. It can not spend he without being there is distracted. It looks well this in spite of.

Top Customer Reviews: XFMT DOT Youth Kids ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5
The helmet is the tad big partorisca our grandson of 3 years. Which is a lot like this then can spend for another 1 or 2. Used partorisca 4 wheeling. It has loved that and well done and utmost cushions. It has Had the boss of normal measure and has turned so only 3. Some gloves are the tad big, but spent him still. Some glasses are goofy. It Finalising that it buys another this better record. The glasses so only are $ 18. Like this near it is the good shot .
4 / 5
This returns my toddler adds. It is the smitch heavy partorisca he, but still is that it grows and early will take the past concealed. An access is perfect and is wonderful to have this peace partorisca import that his noggin is protected while practical like this partorisca give his mamma the attack of heart! To good sure would recommend!
5 / 5
Adds! We love this together, is all perfect and returns our edges perfectly. It is 2.5 and it spends the small youth and he returns perfectly
5 / 5
My edges complains in this helmet! It says that any one likes like this feels when he uses it
5 / 5
buy of some small partorisca our three old year and returns well. Some gloves are WAY the big partorisca his, but partorisca a value a helmet is worth it.
4 / 5
Has taken a small partorisca mine 3 I and a helmet is perfect. The looks of qualities well. Some gloves are too many big and is coming with the tear or the hole in a delivery. Has does not have to that Never use some glasses.
5 / 5
My boys love this thing has taken the moment partorisca take here another while the good product
4 / 5
the helmet looks fresh. The gloves have not been a better quality. And a shield of plastic glasses has begun partorisca burst out of a first day. The mandate measures it up.
5 / 5
Súper Pleasant in mine little type! It thinks that that it is too fresh
5 / 5
Good prize! The glasses are tight was loosened all a way.

Top Customer Reviews: 1Storm Dual Sport ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The helmet adds partorisca of the money. It is very light, comfortable, and has the plot of ventilation. They are in fl. And it has taken aim because of heat is not uncomfortable. Some will aim also does well.
4 / 5
Has bought these for our boys to spend in a RZR and is perfect! Our boys of to those who likes him maintain glasses on, like this helps with this battle. His eyes remain protected of muck and well is having a tinted will aim yes love blockade out of a sun. The boys are 4 and 6 and some small accesses really well.

Top Customer Reviews: Bell Qualifier ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have purchased this helmet last year. Last week has clashed partorisca go roughly 40-45 mph and the boss has landed in the first place to a street. This helmet has saved my face and possibly my life. Highly it recommends.
5 / 5
An only question has had with this helmet was some of a cushioning near of a chin occasionally would burst has been been due to the poor quality snaps. Otherwise, Ossia exactly that loves in the helmet: it protects your boss very a lot of (sees photo - the maps have added to black helmet). A fact are able to write this description after landing in my boss in the accident lateralmente big calm say all precise knows. Some works of helmet.

The access was excellent - snug on me but like me that way. Has the form of face/of the longest boss and the helmets of the bell return me to us a lot well.
4 / 5
Knows concealed! A helmet comes with will aim it CLARA!
This can be aim it a lot of entity to consider, of an alternating will aim of Bell ( dark or self-darkening) could add 40-125 to a final cost.
Another that that a helmet are really adds!

Downloads of authorship: they are in a point where eselfo-justification' is necessary to purchase more biking train (has taken plots!), Like this compraventa begun with me looking for the light, carbon-the edge does not have one of those. (Sic)

Although this helmet does not contain any carbon-edge, is in fact lighter that a carbon-helmets of the edge looked in.
The costruttrici are also now beginning to do different (helmet) the measures of External Shell have based on measured of boss, as well as forms of different boss.
These factors really helps with the helmet that returns comfortably without looking a 'add Kazoo' (Flintstones).
There was so only a (pressure) something in mine sinister-upper front that felt discomfort, to the inspection has discovered was one of a plastic snaps this resists a removable inner (line) liner in-place, as I have applied (hard) pressure of toe to this point to press a snap further to a foam of inner shell. The subject has solved.
A helmet also has to that the ventilation adds, with some upper ventilations plough calm look could spend/fall the pencil directly-thru an inaugural!
While it locate can turn your boss in the sure direction & in fact feels a wind that paste your boss!!
A helmet is also very calm, included with some plough of ventilations.
Has compared to mine Bilt helmet of full type a Bell has the viewing slightly main zone, giving a rider in an extra 1/2' of peripheral-vision in the each side that really helps in of the main speeds & heavy traffic.
Is also very aerodynamic as I do not seat any buffering in big speed.
HAS pockets of ear for speakers if the wheels the like that.
The mechanism of aim there are fines-characteristic of the place of the click & will aim fast-method of transmission.
One will aim stock resupplies the very clear view and of the only fogs slightly when in the first place I initiate-is gone in a daily walk.

Has to that be remarked that in a 'impression refinada' (instructions) to clean one will aim, which looks bit it unrealistic in mine esal' world, as it suggests to run clear water on one will aim & dabbing dry, declaring that 'drying' a will aim in fact can cause visual-impairing smearing of a anti-coating of fog.
Very sure that time that the coating goes to last.

A name-helmet of mark, ossia light ( lbs.), utmost Form (sm/med/lrg), comfortable ventilation , calm , well, removable liner, the visibility improved (both ways), all some certifications of security and partorisca in the $ 100!!
Gotta Master!!
The The value that curve+ a cost to jump for a self-darkening will aim upgrade?!
Maintains in a wind.

4 / 5
Roughly done 2 weeks, has clashed to the moose going 55 mph, has taken launched of my bicycle and paste of mine advance an asphalt. This helmet saved of death or serious harm. It is very comfortable and treat adds for a prize. It would recommend it to any one.
5 / 5
Has lost the account in those that you crack has bought/has tried on on some last few years that tries to find quell'access 'perfect' elusive. Like this far some accesses of Qualifier of the Bell more (I has the big boss that is apparently more along that 'intermediate' oval but wider that oval 'narrow'; the frames that finds good access very difficult). The majority of mine others the helmets has been HJC reason have found that return quite good but far of perfect; like this far a Qualifier of Bell outperforms HJC in fitment. I have believed initially that one will aim in a Bell was to be the question that remain 'broken' with big wind, but in mine cruiser are to add until on 50 mph (remain 'broken') but in mine FJR the will not remain opened on roughly 35, but think that is reason a windshield is lower is directing the explosion focused of legislation of the wind in a will aim, as any complains in one will aim. Some the upper ventilations are well, fly to the plot of wind directs your boss slightly but a lot so much looking straight ahead; a ventilation of chin is roughly like this as well as any one another crack I own (mid-priced or estimativa); they are sure some of some helmets of main finals has flow of way of better air. I have tried in a lot of Ploughed and Shoei the helmets but I can not find one this returns well, and in in $ 500 for those there is not any way am buying an unless an access is absolutely perfect. Like this for now, a Qualifier of Bell is my gone to helmet!! I go to try now the Bell modulates to see yes can substitute my HJC modular :)
4 / 5
helmet of Side for a money... Good access and very light. Bell Potrebbe dip bit it more money to some upper ventilations, as I am quell'has bitten flimsy. Mina so only other flus tends to be mark of wide helmet. Please offer the tinted shield and curtain of chin as it instruments to regulate.

Update: after using a helmet for the moment, some upper ventilations rattled incessantly - roughly to drive me crazy. My fix, for sanity sake, was to burst some ventilations was and reinstall without a ventilation shutters. Some guilty is some pocolos fulminas I show in a picture. His constantly loosen on down vibration. It can not close some ventilations now, but at least rests healthy. And yes, it is ridiculous that does not have any point that spent some anchored of ventilation, maintaining bugs out of a helmet. So only that goes to use this helmet for a season, then take touched of of him.

Another update: the helmet has begun to give me headaches been due to tight access. And like other descriptions, faceshield suddenly would open when I have turned mine to head to looks for traffic. The helmet that among some rubbishes.
5 / 5
In general a helmet is well, May... A helmet is coming with release it download which is very easy to fix and took the minute to regulate. A sinister side of one will aim the explosions was almost every time I rotate he of a place has opened to a place has closed. I have tried loosening and presionando some rays for a mountain of will aim lateralmente has left/the fast emission but has not improved or has worsened. It could be one will aim but am not spending $ 40 to discover is a @@subject or no.

Update: with which 5 weeks of property and use have moderated a loop that a strap of chin spends for rasgada was. Now included it is street taken duct tape and krazy paste. Absolutely insane that the loop drawn for the strap of chin would be taken for four stitches concealed is not material to have that has weighed. I have expected these parts to last to the longest plot.
4 / 5
Has bought this helmet after trying it on in the tent and in that finds it the good and comfortable access. I have spent so only a helmet once and my subject with a qualifier of bell is that a shield of the face does not close and the stay has closed. When Travelling in of the speeds of street in my motorcycle, controls of simple boss on 55mph resulted in a will aim that it blows opened. Mina this distracted and dangerous and has not been sure do controls of necessary boss in speed of normal street. Then it would owe that take my hand of a steering to close a shield of type in speed of street repeatedly. It would not recommend buying this trace of slowly of the helmet in a street or on 50-60mph. A simple closing the mechanism entirely would change my description and I would have maintained a helmet. I included looked to buy some class of aftermarket lock of will aim but could not find one in a phase. I am appreciated that to the amazon left gone back an element and repayment me without @@subject.
5 / 5
Is the a lot of looking the helmet but I have found a cheek cushions too tight for me. A noise of wind was really bad until I have read the commentary that recommends plugging on some rear ventilations with propiciado by ear of the foam in an interior and silicone caulk in an outside. This has helped tremendously together with installing a curtain of chin. A helmet does not come with a curtain of chin, which find ridiculous. I have bought 30 cheek of tampons of millimetro to substitute a 35mm cushions this is coming with him, to curtain of chin, and the tinted shield of expensive that is to aim in a description but does not come with him. Having a clear and a tinted the shield of type is the good idea at any rate but ossia an extra cost . Like this $ 20 for a curtain of chin, $ 20 for some tampons of cheek of the substitution and $ 40 for a tinted the shield of type comes to $ 80 addition to $ 114 for a helmet he. On those some ventilations do not have any point for behind his to maintain bugs to fly in. I have imagined something point used of strainers to paint. A commentary has read has mentioned rattling in some upper ventilations. One was free as I burst him was and has presionado a ray down and has added the dab of Súper to Paste like him any loosen on again. That more, undercoating and protect to paint? The mats To walk are extra? At all to like modifying and things of engineering but if you are not that it presents this probably would not owe that be an election for you.
4 / 5
All of my helmets returns my boss perfectly, but THIS HELMET is far main that all some another. Mina 2nd main helmet is also the Bell and looking in his other products, looks to be the common thing. Has the big boss to the equal that order XL and comprise some the precise companies take L or XXL but again, at all compares to it oversized these things are. It is not extra protects neither, all the POINT has certified the helmets will protect your boss, a reason these are like this big is an extra cushioning inner that has done partorisca of room. I will admit, it is comfy, but noisy.

No a helmet a noisy plus I own, but hardly can listen my engine. I will say, any feigned for travesía of street. It would recommend earbuds, but taste think listening your engine is of entity. You could disguise like Bubble-has begun this thing is to add the hood your jacket, or spending the hoodie, but again, time of state. Included his smaller measure is main that all my others crack, according to the dimensions of Product have listed in his place.

Has received a container has opened, steaming hot inside a helmet, but perfect condition. Unfortunately, I fell it too much time to return so only will sell it.

Top Customer Reviews: ILM Adult Youth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
So only walked out of the bad accident. Front flipped in the car, collision of advance. Landed in my boss. It seats it likes him the earth in the full bed of pillows. It could suggest spend shin and protect of wrist because ossia that hurts.
5 / 5
Elements a lot like this described. The short helmet really big. I have been that traces partorisca years and has ordered this helmet so only reason have to him legustado a creation, no a security or quality. Now that tries to return to take the smallest measure reason his map of measure is inaccurate and wants to touch me $ 8 to ship. Ossia 1/4 a prize of a junk helmet. It thinks that that I will spend on losing more money, that goes with the more reputable company. Buyers beware.
4 / 5
Some helmets look utmost in general especially for a prize. My worry is that a sizing the on-line map is significantly different that a sizing map in a box and I clearly would say a sizing in a box is corrected. Be on-line an And-L this 51-53cm and the box have said 53-54cm the Enormous disappointment like my girls has the race tonight and now have helmets that is too big for them.
4 / 5
Has on elected for my hijode 5 years those who only has taken his drift of prime minister trike. His boss has measured 21” to the equal that have ordered a Big Youth that is quell'has bitten big but at all can not grow to a lot of prompt. It loves the reason is MX way likes mine. It says that it is comfortable and a buckle is the good touch for the boy has compared to some with a strap and two coverages of metal that you tension to use for the join down.
5 / 5
Agrees ossia the helmet done for the main speeds is not the helmet of bicycle is supposition to return sung but not being uncomfortable. So only reason he squishes his cheeks or feels tight a lot always means is too small

is Returned our 5 old year a lot and spend of longitude a map of measure. Our edges does not complain roughly the when being uncomfortable and is so only lights enough can dip on without help. A buckle is order because it is quite simple for him the buckle and unbuckle (has learnt once like this to)
5 / 5
has ordered this helmet for mine 6 et.ou. Edges... It will try in three weeks, when I go back home to Europe. The helmet is the solid piece , perhaps the bit in the heavy side but will see when it tries it... For a moment it looks true to measure, take measures and has followed some clear directions posted here.

This in spite of, this is not reason has begun to write east. I owe that commend Pleasant of ILMotors to answer promptly my question and resupplying the cure of pertinent client.

Sticks an update when rid to pertinent owner.
4 / 5
Adult of blue measure XL
the colour is a lot of neighbour the Yamaha blue, the prime to the equal that has been bought to touch around in the blue and white 2007 Yamaha TW200. I comfort it it is excellent, has not required to extreme ray with an underlying hard foam to take the comfortable access (the oval boss along usually causes ache), cushioning access in all some right places and has quite soiled for sunglasses/recipes or glasses. Decent sized port of view, a lot of room of chin. The chin of fast emission adds strap (some of my much more expensive helmets still use double D coverages). In general I add it compraventa.
5 / 5
Like this far like this good! I have not had an occasion, thank goodness, to try his indications of incident, but feels quite solid.

A thing appreciates is a sizing. It has decently big boss, and sometimes hats or helmets so only any one is returned. But I have followed a map of measure and was perfect. It has been it concealed look odd, but would be surprised that often the maps of measure are of the little.

I amour a look of these crazy black, my boys always want the fly and has to that explain to them roughly helmet sizing.

In all the chance, am happy took it. 5 stars.
5 / 5
My edges is old, 44” big, 55 lbs.
Order a small measure. A SMALL box is gaze, but an interior of helmet was the HALF . And felizmente was the half , reason a half is quite tight in lucido. It is smaller that the majority his age, and does not have a too big boss - is proportioned well.
4 / 5
A helmet is my edges and really enjoys it. It says that it returns well and it likes that looks. The fast nave but they have shipped one wrong one and I has HAD TO PAY NAVE of TURN FOR HIS ERROR. They have sent a XL black in place of the Sr red. I have asked you grieve substitution because of receiving the wrong element has had some prójimos one has shipped immediately how was a lot. To good sure would buy another so it has produced the time of the security is of entity and these looks of helmet legit in this zone.

Top Customer Reviews: Daytona Helmets ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
It costs the Never write descriptions but has to them that partorisca this helmet. I have possessed this helmet partorisca the Lil to the long of the month now. Last Saturday has had the appeal of truck is gone in front of me and has had to that dip my bicycle down or paste a truck. It was roughly 45 mph and my paste of hard boss but was able to create and was a lot. A helmet has taken some harm but concealed is that it is is supposition to do in place of my boss lol. In general I am very impressed with this helmet like this munch in fact am buying another to substitute a fraction a.
5 / 5
First things in the first place, contingent. Has the full giant boss of stand-offs, and the big helmets are not easy to find. A sizing has resupplied was attentive. They are really happy with cost of mine. It can not beat a prize. I can take the extras of pair to paint.
4 / 5
Any low profile,has bitten even near. It looks he is floating on my boss.
Some words- peel smaller- is deceiving reason can do this claim while when being exactly a same measure like another esmallest' Helmets of shell.
Loves the calm low profile true has to that sacrifice inner lining.
Crazy Als claims of Helmet to do that while still maintaining chair specs.
Some protect has had to that be better that any one protects.
For me a protect addition of this helmet of big horse riding I offset for an effect of sail of the wind to seat like this big. This effect of the sail of the wind pulls your with the in the long walk. A wind constantly that tries rasgar an odd helmet your boss.
Will return this 'low profile' helmet and try a crazy likes helmet in almost two times a prize.
Reason while it does not prefer any helmet, your so only bucking a odds without one.
4 / 5
Better helmet for a prize; never. I have been that traces for thirty years and absolutely hate big helmets, but neither loves die or suffer trauma of brain of entity neither. I have been blamed to use the esniño' stops around city and the esal' helmet for the travesías longer, like this ossia the quite very committed. It ignores some descriptions that gives this the poor indication been due to soyushroom' boss. It is impossible to do the fully compliant average of CRACK of the POINT that will protect your boss without some increase of a cushioning and protective material. Impossible. If ossia that is to wish can buy you the lid of decent skid 'novelty' marked for thirty bucks. Ossia The real helmet that will protect you and in $ 68, is for the fly. A soyushroom' the effect is minimised more than having very seen and is entirely comfortable. I have spent the 7 1/4 bdu discharges in an Army, as it has ordered a big measure and he is perfect. It feels the habit has done. A strap regulates easily and some works of fast emission perfectly. Room of face of leaves of helmet for shadows and does not move in speed of street. Ossia The compraventa adds . Spent with confidence.
5 / 5
This helmet is not much lower in profile that any another a has them. Has the Boss of Hoyo of the Bell and ossia in a same as it concealed if any elder. It seats (perhaps) 1/3 of a low thumb in global height but a width and the depth are identical to my Boss of Hoyo (which is a helmet the planned to substitute with east a) like this is not returned a bill so that the looked for.
Looks very done but will be to send the backside tomorrow and received it so only this afternoon.
4 / 5
Has bought this in the whim (I bad, the one who could spend on the very so only paid $ 13 for the $ 63 helmet because a packaging was messed up. If it could find deals like this every day in the amazon would have a lot of helmets haha!)

Like this, has a big measure. It feels well in my boss. Access Well.

Like this far my only questions are 2 things .

In the first place is my ears: they are squashed! A helmet literally bends my ears down reasons does not have any room for them to go inside a helmet, and any 'yard-was' stops . Really nowhere for my ears to go besides squashed lol. (I perhaps need a half although it is quite snug with big. Idk.)

Mina 2nd question is regulating some straps. I can not look for the take well. Have pulled all a surplus of the tightest, and has regulated slightly some straps have seen a mechanism lateralmente. (So only it could require more time fiddling with perhaps need a measure of half. Or possibly so only I have the ape shaped boss haha!)

Is done well! I add! It would say that you are when verifying was one of these Daytonas, will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
Has looked for the long time to find the half helmet that record a lot and has not had this soyushroom' look. This helmet returns a bill perfectly. A sizing the map was a lot well, as my accesses of new helmet like the glove. With good looks, the accesses adds and when being comfortable, a helmet so only roughly has it everything. So only roughly. A strap of cushion of precise chin. A strap is fact of the hard plastic, and low league a chin with the ratchet-connection of type. I love a connection of ratchet and fast emission, but that the hard plastic pressed against a chin and the throat takes very old a lot quickly. Has an old helmet with some cushioning will try the retrofit - but having this aggregated like the regular characteristic propel this helmet to 5 stars.
4 / 5
Usually spends plenary faced HJC helmets. When Preparing for the travesía to locate side-for-sides in highland trails, has loved the still half helmet has augmented airflow (and are inside the cage of circle). I have purchased so much this and a HJC half helmet, fully while the turn is one . How it is result, this was much lighter of a HJC helmet, has had the best buckling system and adjustable straps to ensure has not had any pressure in your ears. I have had the light pressure in the pair of points, but the strong squeeze permanently deformed a foam and has deleted a discomfort. Had at all bad with one has been formed for the slightly different shaped boss that mine.

Although warmer that not spending anything at all, a helmet was comfortable to spend included in 90 times of terracing.
5 / 5
This helmet is everything is announced to be. A helmet of POINT of thin wall that does not look the boss of arrow. It is the balance adds to foam to protect without taking the place. A form is oval like the helps give it a slender form that expect of returns. I have had other helmets of a same thickness but was round shaped and has stuck exited of the mine leading some sides. An apt map is some to measure. I spend he 7 1/8 ball spent and has purchased the helmet of half. An access is perfect for me.
5 / 5
Returns well. I have gone in fact exactly for his sizing map. Utilisation the half to the full face, but has loved this snug (small). Done add while in Myrtle Beach during week of bicycle and while has the little bit of impulse that hangs accelerate elder (55+), is a good trade was for the freshest breeze that when being in the chamber of sweat (my full face). The emission of strap is sum. Very better that a D-loop setup. It leaves for glasses to amiably chair among your ears and helmet.
Tiny bit of boss of arrow, but enough would be able to speak to my girls exit a bicycle involuntarily. :)

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