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1 first MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 15.6" FHD 144Hz 3ms Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-10750H RTX2070 16GB 512GB NVMe SSD Win 10 MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 15.6" FHD 144Hz 3ms Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-10750H RTX2070 16GB 512GB NVMe SSD Win 10 MSI
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2 MSI GF63 Thin 9SCX-005 15. 6" FHD Gaming Laptop Intel Core i5-9300H GTX1650 8GB 256GB NVMe SSD Win10 MSI GF63 Thin 9SCX-005 15. 6" FHD Gaming Laptop Intel Core i5-9300H GTX1650 8GB 256GB NVMe SSD Win10 MSI
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3 best MSI GF65 Thin 9SD-252 15. 6" 120Hz Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-9750H GTX1660Ti 8GB 512GB SSD Win10 MSI GF65 Thin 9SD-252 15. 6" 120Hz Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-9750H GTX1660Ti 8GB 512GB SSD Win10 MSI
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4 MSI P65 Creator-1084 15.6" 4K UHD Display, Ultra-Thin and Light, RTX Studio Laptop, Intel Core i7-9750H, GeForce RTX 2060, 32GB DDR4, 1TB Teton Glacier SSD, Win10PRO, VR Ready MSI P65 Creator-1084 15.6" 4K UHD Display, Ultra-Thin and Light, RTX Studio Laptop, Intel Core i7-9750H, GeForce RTX 2060, 32GB DDR4, 1TB Teton Glacier SSD, Win10PRO, VR Ready MSI
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5 MSI GF65 Thin 9SEXR-250 15.6" 120Hz Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-9750H RTX2060 8GB 512GB Nvme SSD Win10Home MSI GF65 Thin 9SEXR-250 15.6" 120Hz Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-9750H RTX2060 8GB 512GB Nvme SSD Win10Home MSI
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6 MSI GP65 Leopard 10SDK-049 15.6" 120Hz 3ms Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-10750H GTX 1660 Ti 16GB 512GB NVMe SSD Win10 VR Ready MSI GP65 Leopard 10SDK-049 15.6" 120Hz 3ms Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-10750H GTX 1660 Ti 16GB 512GB NVMe SSD Win10 VR Ready MSI
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7 MSI GS66 Stealth 10SE-039 15.6" 240Hz 3ms Ultra Thin and Light Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-10750H RTX 2060 16GB 512GB NVMe SSD Win10PRO VR Ready MSI GS66 Stealth 10SE-039 15.6" 240Hz 3ms Ultra Thin and Light Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-10750H RTX 2060 16GB 512GB NVMe SSD Win10PRO VR Ready MSI
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8 MSI GT76 Titan DT 10SGS-055 (i9-10900K, 64GB RAM, 2TB NVMe SSD, RTX2080 Super 8GB, 17.3" 4K UHD, Windows 10 Pro) VR Ready Gaming Notebook MSI GT76 Titan DT 10SGS-055 (i9-10900K, 64GB RAM, 2TB NVMe SSD, RTX2080 Super 8GB, 17.3" 4K UHD, Windows 10 Pro) VR Ready Gaming Notebook EXCaliberPC
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9 MSI GF63 Thin 9RCX -615 15.6" Gaming Laptop, Intel Core i5-9300H, NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti, 8GB, 512GB NVMe SSD, Win10 MSI GF63 Thin 9RCX -615 15.6" Gaming Laptop, Intel Core i5-9300H, NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti, 8GB, 512GB NVMe SSD, Win10 MSI
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10 MSI GS75 Stealth 10SGS-027 17.3" 300Hz 3ms Ultra Thin and Light Gaming Laptop Intel Core i9-10980HK RTX 2080 Super 32GB 1TB NVMe SSD Win10PRO VR Ready MSI GS75 Stealth 10SGS-027 17.3" 300Hz 3ms Ultra Thin and Light Gaming Laptop Intel Core i9-10980HK RTX 2080 Super 32GB 1TB NVMe SSD Win10PRO VR Ready MSI
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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Rossie
It is it adds. Ordered on 4/24 and has arrived on 4/28. RTX 2070 Is flawless. CPU Is flawless. The cooling is sufficient but did not give it the hard push on everything with some settings some big plus. The screen is well. The keyboard is quite rad. The sound is better that has expected. MSI The registration was simple and setup on all was the breeze . A thing to maintain in the alcohol is a supply to be able to is big and heavy, but ossia to be expected with the plenary RTX 2070 in here. So much, this can affect the portability bit it. No a subject for me so that it is to say now my main gaming the rig and manages everything.
5 / 5 Marcelo
This laptop is probably a better bang for your buck there. A plenary RTX 2070 with a i7? Yes please.
Has tried several games in this car like this far and an experience has been fantastic. Some defenders can be the little strong when gaming, but at all the gaming headset can not fix! In general I am very pleased with a laptop like this far and highly would suggest that any the one who is looking for the solid car that takes the look in this laptop.

Pros: 144hz I looks of screen to surprise
RTX 2070, enough says
the keyboard feels good and one for-key RGB is a lot good

Gilipollas: the speakers are the few feeble
5 / 5 Youlanda
Some games have touched probably is not a hard plus of the core but they look to the surprise is. I have left a game decides that to do. I touch Minecraft Java, tried Minecraft RTX beta, Fortnite, PubG, CSGO, and random indie games on steam and tent of epic. All that has tried has has run adds without stutters and 100+ FPS.

Some speakers are good but would have to that take auricular.

A look of build sturdy but some materials are the fingerprint fond.

I defenders are strong when it is pressing the hard games but is expected. I have not seen the gaming portable any calm plus.

In general am a lot happy and recommend. My second and the third is in a way for employees always new volume gaming portable for laptops of work. If they can manage the games can manage our work.
4 / 5 Marquita
After looking for weeks for the abonos gaming laptop with a pocola future test internals for down 1500 is Portable finally burst up. It looks well he has the screen adds and is quickly of lightning.

Adds 144hz Screen
New i7 and Full RTX2070
His taken the quite a lot of keyboard

Gilipollas: the defenders can be a lot strong
Some bloatware installed
4 / 5 Zelda
This laptop is really well especially for a prize. I really like an option of fresh impulse. I seat it is the better option that buying the knife.
5 / 5 Bethel
When it Wants to buy the laptop the have a one for you, is not that expensive and is surprising. Will have all precise in this laptop. Pros: It is a better, Gilipollas: there is no gilipollas.

4 / 5 Venessa
Has has HAD ALWAYS Macs and has not considered never the box of PC my Macbook has died. I have then bought a HP with better specs that this laptop, and am returning a HP reason this MSI the laptop is so only that much better. I have it quell'has had so only this laptop for 2 weeks and like this far cost each penny. It does not use he for gaming but a CPU the speed is surprising, everything is quickly. Utilisation Ableton for Production of Music and require the laptop that can accuse tonnes of different moving parts a same time. Ableton Is running better that never is, has not had any CPU incidents or overburdens anything. An only reason this is not a perfect laptop for me is a speaker. The quality of the speaker of a laptop is a lot mediocre. Admitted, a quality of the audio of the laptop is stellar. When plugged To headphones or other speakers, the sound adds. So only it wishes some speakers in a laptop have given the sound of better quality. This in spite of, costs it.
4 / 5 Keira
Like this well out of a box, this laptop is a lot of sturdy and well has done! It feels like the black aluminium casing. Some partidários has been quite calm like this far. Running Final Fantasy 14 in max graphic in an on populated zone and is resisting on extremely well! Included a MSI the software of Dragon does quite well to control the action of a Laptop! Súper Happy with this compraventa like this far! It can not expect the really dipped the to a test!
4 / 5 Bess
MSI GL65 With RTX 2070 and i7 10th Gene CPU mecer my world. Have benched With COD MW and is taking 110-130 FPS with maxed settings. The shoe up is extremely quickly, a lot of responsive. Amur A screen. I do not see any rasgando of some images. Text very acute and video. Some speakers are not bad. Calm so only has to that use a MSI Nahimic tools of Audio to augment GRAVE and or one surrounds sound. I have had to undermine the around to find some settings corrected. A webcam this 720p and is class of grainy when used with the light fund lower. I will live with him, any that want to all the world-wide to see me in PJ moment in fulfilling of company. A RGB the tones of keyboard can be individually dipped for different colours. Still I can not it imagine has gone by that a discreet RTX2070 is always on for some reasons. A key to be able to in the mine is always Orange (in GPU RTX2070). This probably explains reason so only am taking likes 1 now and 15 minutes in place of 2-3 hours while looking youtube. If any more imagines this was pleases answered. One slips the tampon is a lot of responsive. The difference of mine Dell portable. It would have been enough if this prize comes with 90WHr the battery in place of one 50 east. I add to buy for $ 1399, will recommend to another.
5 / 5 Shara
Has bought this laptop in $ 1399, and in this prize this laptop is an excellent shot .

mostly use this laptop to touch Joins of Legends, which can run he in of the big settings on 170fps.

also use this like my computer of work, which require me to do analysis of image and work with a bit big datasets. I can have multiple computationally the intense tasks that career immediately without too much of @@subject, although ossia with one that comprises that doing this in the laptop goes to have intrinsic limits.

Quality of build:
All celery sturdy and well has done. This be has said, one of some the majority of the common subjects with laptops is his longevity, and can not comment on that this time. A trackpad laws a lot well and feels good to use.

In general:
am quite happy with the mine purchases like this far. Reason having to that use my portable the for both work and personal use, take the plot of the hours bet on the and everything of some hours are spent in east quite is far be well.
5 / 5 Mara
RTX 2070 And i7 10750 is the monster combo. Incidents by means of the to to games like in of absolute in 1080p. This GPU could easily touches 1440p on 60fps in ultra settings, for example Modern Warfare 2019 is on 100fps maxed out of any RTX, World-wide War Z is on 100fps maxed was. Any game wants. CPU Takes toasty half around 90C keyboard any hot taking, but is the very small frame . A keyboard goes all a way was him some flanges reasons there is almost any screen bezel. It is the súper build of wise good laptop. Any built like the Razer Brota, but a lot very this in spite of. The defenders are STRONG when gaming, law insanely well.

In general is the very aggressive, súper powerful gaming portable. Calm will not be disappointed in this consideration. A life of the battery and the noise of defender will be disappointed with him concealed calm to annoy you. The life of battery is MAX of 3 hours. Have So only has taken 2 1/2 hours the web that explores without keyboard backlight and exposure almost all a way dim.
5 / 5 Alysia
Had been looking to take the gaming portable of the month. After doing my investigation among taking the desk pc vs the laptop, has decided to go for the laptop that considers an appearance of portability of him. There are numerous options to choose of. The laptop tends to be in an expensive side when comparing cost the proportion of action. Calm easily could spend on $ 2000 to take the decent gaming portable with the good mark.

Maintaining on in alcohol, has found msi GL65. His almost be 3 days now before I have decided to write my description. Here it is a cast of Pros and Gilipollas with this laptop.

>Competitive prize (This laptop is very a lot priced to consider a fact that takes i7 10th gene with Nvidia GTX 2070. Other laptops the with this easily cost configuration around $ 2500)
>144 Hz Exposure with very thin bezels (refresh the tax is equally of entity when choosing the good gaming experience)
>For-key RGB Keyboard ( can configure all the tones with a colour of your election or select of the incumplimiento ready of presents. Software of engine of the series of leaves of steel calms this. Google regarding the do reason could be delicate to do this without any leading information in a software)
>Impressive Cooling ( a laptop is able to manage big titles a lot well. The cooling is appearance a lot of entity been due to GTX 2070 powerful action. To it roasts it it likes the creation of a base to good sure helps in the cold air intake and dissipation of hot)
>GTX 2070 (this is not to to the the mobile version likes more than the laptops what has Max-Q. So many, the action is not compromised or throttled)
>Add Touchpad
>Dual Bluetooth connection ( can connect 2 headphones and one in-of the supports of the software have built streaming he simultaneously in both devices. Sound the useful characteristic)

the look has left Now in a GILIPOLLAS:

>the defenders are strong ( could take quite strong when touching AAA titles. This in spite of, ossia the good thing . With the management of better heat comes better longevity of a product)
>Speakers (any personally taste that touch. I usually gone back of Nahimic the settings of the software that goes in- has built. It touches the little better with east. But in general, I am disappointed with him. Considering a prize, are well with him)
>Fingerprint that Amours (the material in this laptop is a lot of prone to take fingerprints throughout that. The frequent cleaner is required if any like you to them impress them during a laptop)
>Life of Battery (Of the that attended a lot out of a battery. He hardly last 1 now when gaming. I do not expect to use this without connecting uploads it when gaming. With Normal use, can last around 3 hours)

Touches the cost adds that it considers his prize and some specifications take (ofcourse, if you are well with gilipollas). In general I am happy with him. Appearance these helps in deciding is looking for an or decide go with another mark. Taking was 1 star for a life of battery.
4 / 5 Sharee
So only has taken this computer there is rid recently, and while I enjoy a weight, material of build, keyboard, and screen, has some significant drawbacks.

In the first place, a sound. A quality of his in this laptop is HORRIBLE. A lot it beats-and and economic, like the ten dollar bluetooth speaker. Been due to of the this, a volume is neither too down and difficult to listen, or too big and grating to listen to.

As, a battery. If you want portability, does not take this laptop. @I give that like the gaming portable, a life of the battery is not long. But so only using my browser of internet, a laptop has been of 94 to 17 in ten minutes. Again, so only it has run an internet.

Last, a lag. There it looks to be significant slowdown on video playback of any class, and the programs will close on second looks at random. I have not installed still any games or big programs to run. There is remarked these subjects to run a browser of internet for Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. My confidence in in fact when being able to the game is is shaken, but will inform behind when I try it.
5 / 5 Nicolette
Has bought this laptop on May 29 and received it on June 8, has taken more along that has expected to arrive, but was reason has not been in stock. An external chance in perfect condition, among the briefcase-boxes of type, which gives it the view of prize, everything comes perfectly, a packaging of some accessories are add, a protect for a laptop is very careful. First to buy it has seen a lot of video in this line of laptops, has a lot of bed revises here on amazon, where has critiqued a sound of some speakers, but in my sound of personal experience in the level of 95 without sprain, is clear clear crystal, a screen is utmost thus portable (adds refresh imposed), a keyboard has multiple options to customise a rgb effects (comprising turning of a rgb light), is compatible with steelseries devices for rgb effects, is also compatible with all the devices MSI for rgb effects with MYSTIC LIGHT application (I has keyboard, mouse and MSI monitor, all perfect). Taken around 18 seconds to turn on. I have it on it tampon to cool and has not experienced overheating. A webcam is basic, can be used for virtual classes, conferences and calls of video, but for clarity more order, an additional camera is recommended. A sound has said before, is very a lot well, but is used with headphones or subwoofer speakers, is included better !!!!! They are happy with this compraventa, amazon an excellent work with shipping and an excellent condition of a product, but MSI something better closing, this laptop has an ALCOHOL OF DRAGON in him, is a laptop I better there is never has had.
5 / 5 Maurita
A laptop has arrived punctually. His specs is a lot well for a point of prize. There it does not look to be another laptop with these specs in this interior of prize a moment. Hard to find the 2070 thus prize. Pleased with a quality of build. Keyboard and trackpad feels well. Aesthetic-wise, a rear side where a MSI the logo is found can be bit it too gamer-and (especially compared to a line of stealth of MSI), but in general, is not a lot offensive in all the chance. Another flu has is that it is a bit chunky for the normal laptop today, but chair that is a bit expect for the gaming portable so that it is not really the question. It is so only something to remark for some people. It is also of entity to say this in spite of that is LIGHT, in spite of as chunky east. RGB Is also very very compared to another gaming portable ossia the consideration .

In general, am happy with a laptop. It would recommend to purchase east.
4 / 5 Lin
Has been to gaming for the moment and looked to purchase the gaming portable. I have found they are to treat and was blown absolutely is gone in a prize so that it is taking with this car, and yes I bad CAR. This laptop has managed all have launched in him on big to max settings.

A quality of build is well, no too heavy but still feels solid. A keyboard are to add and has different RGB settings that can touch you around achieve ossia your thing . A trackpad is also surprisingly well, not liking another trackpads that so only feels 'economic.' When being able to control some speeds of different defender is the good addition also.

Does not have anything bad to say really in this laptop. An only thing can see be the question for any one is a placing of port USB in a laptop, two when be located in a right corner in a front of a laptop. This can cause some inconvenience for users of right-handed mice.

Finally, highly recommends this laptop and when it results available again on Amazon (at the same time of this description has been sold was). Probably it calms it will not find the treat better like this a for the moment and am happy has done a compraventa.
5 / 5 Melda
Are the laptop gamer, has been paralizaciones to the long of the decade. I have had Dell rockin' XPS, has had his less-that-satisfactory Alienware and when I have required the fact of new laptop 6 years, have gone with a MSI, because of a power in an incredible prize. It thinks in 6 years with some same gaming portable the. Never of then, I have spoken my daughter, his fiancé, 3 of his friends, and two of mine nephews to buy MSI and his all love. I will not buy never anything more. Now, to this description-- With which 6 years, has required the new gaming portable to the equal that have bought this. Raytracing? It has not been a lot of hesitation. And it runs perfectly! I am running everything of my games in Ultra way this in spite of taking the in bylines 60+ FPS. Here it is the response to the that other people have written:

- the laptop is strong-- of course is strong. This is to be due to an interior to be able to. You are cramming one 3rd faster video paper in a phase to a itty bitty frame. So you are complaining that it is strong, simply calms does not take it . It is normal.
- Life of low battery-- to seat likes a bit words 'desks substitution' has disappeared' of a PC gamer vernacular. It is not meant to run on battery. A battery is for him suddenly has to that the movement, calms that can unplug , moves it, and discharges he behind in. Starts to be able to? Utilisation a battery to sae yours , then the turn was. Ossia A whole idea .
- A screen and the paper of video is cut at all of amazing. 144mhz? Screen I better there is never has used. Any jaggies, any pause, any breaking-screens. And a RTX paper? MSI Is one of a bit those that undertook that calm leave you to use some engine of reference directly of NVIDIA, and is this reason that his laptops it withstand a test of time. You take each update of nVidia, roughly one the week. The regime of new game, nVidia writes to his engine, calm takes it rid yours. Ossia A characteristic main of a system. It contrasts, Dell calm force to use his engine and seldom update it. Basically, a Alienware has bought was near the useless less than the year.
- Strong- yeah well, RTX paper, lotsa followers to run = strong.
- Weighed-- is insane. Ossia One of a light plus gaming pc is in a phase.
- Sound-- side, this a legitimate east. A sound is terrible, a lot of tinny. But it has dipped once mine headset on, touches fantastic. Figure so only on using auricular, which probably are doing in all the chance to explode spacial sound.
- Spatial - yep, goes to require to take the second walk. So much, the people complain that a 512 action ssd is not enough to install to plot of the games and they am well, but is reason do not take it . A SSD really would owe that be so only for yours YOU and any read-write-heavy applications. You will require the second walk, probably he sshd or hdd and MSI, that @gives is, has given the second bay to install one. As it leaves whining.

To the equal that can see, loves mine MSI and can does not recommend highly enough. It takes a NOW.
4 / 5 Joaquina
Is the good, quickly, portable but there is the little drawbacks. Because of them it would give 4.5 stars could . They are:
- has comprised MSI/Steelseries the software has frozen or there is prendido to do and has required it reboot 3 times one before week to possess a laptop
- the defenders are really strong, this in spite of like this thermal throttles to plot
- A lid is a bit acute to the long of some flanges. The frames that the ploughed and that close a harder lid.

Is also currency that comment that there is the separate headphone and microphone jack. No the pro or with, was so only unexpected likes slope to know.
4 / 5 Rebecka
Has has received so only this laptop punctually like this estimated for amazon/UPS in following. After spending the hours that do investigations in different laptops, was under an impression a more could resupply with the $ 1200-1400 estimativa was a RTX2060 or go down in combination with the decent CPU (Intel 9th/10th gene) or AMD Ryzen new CPUs especially yes has loved the decent poster. I have not thought never a RTX2070 would be available in this prize together with more.

Main pros:
+10th Gene Intel CPU
+144 hz decently colour attentive poster (ASUS TUF need of the give a very on)
+Decent airy creation and build

Minor pros
+Character RGB has has lit tones
+the click left Designated and right touchpad keys
+Bezel is decently small but still there is enough to chin
+Mini the port exposure
+USB-C port

-Speaker ( is enough to beat-as his with the severe lack of low, worse that more the speakers would say) Clave with headphones for east a.
-I means more gaming the laptops run quite hot because of a character of a system like his no really the real with. If it feels like a time is running too big, take the tampon to cool of the laptop.

Can update this description in a future according to action (perhaps in a mark of 6 month)?
4 / 5 Hermelinda
Looked to substitute our laptop of six years and opted for the gaming portable the of then tend to take some better internals (CPU, GPU, RAM, etc.) For your money that the regular laptop. This probably will be used more for daily productivity, but an option to be able to run some games on was to good sure the factor to decide looks for it gaming portable. A lot of investigation has been to this decision of then there is like this gaming portable (and portable the in general) in a phase, and MSI gaming the laptops have come very recommended of the number of sources, and this car was too good to spend up.

Has the pairs sew small to be conscious of:
-the life of Battery is class of short (approx. 5 hours) and AC the the adapter is enormous, but these are not uncommon for gaming portable the.
-Some speakers are not utmost. They are not horrible, but slowly on listening the music to plot, streaming video or gaming, would recommend some headphones or external speakers, etc.

Otherwise, Really happy with this compraventa and I to good sure would recommend it to any the one who looked to take one.
4 / 5 Selena
Awesome Portable, More Buy for your money, Almost a big plus specs for the value adds, the speakers are utmost, real strong, the am not sure why another says that some speakers are bad, in youtube video etc a volume is really big, in a netflix his application bit it down but still adds, ossia one sewing there are them remarked on some speakers, the keyboard is fantastic to write. It has not tried a life of battery still but think that a life of battery is so only one with like this for some other descriptions, has discovered at all more as the with, COMPRAVENTA WITHOUT HESITATION, where take the laptop with such specs for this money. NOWHERE!
4 / 5 Jaquelyn
For a money ossia an available better option , will be useing he for gaming and the video that modifies. A specs speak for them, there is power for days, has received this prompt laptop today And with which roughly 6 hours of messing around touching the pocolos play and different rendering the softwares is tried good sure he to be an incredible goodness. With one 6 core i7 beside a 8gb ddr5 rtx 2070 does not have any a lot of this does not go to face!
4 / 5 An
This past month has been looking far and width for a estimativa better gaming portable that can last me by means of pupil, after the countless hours that spends for web of places, descriptions, and subreddits has found is one. Although he so only so only arrived today confidently can say has done them a right election, for a prize takes the 2070 and the intel i7 tenth gene and to the left say the careers adds. Time for a pros and gilipollas.

-The 144hz the screen looks incredible and is very big with very thin bezels, his also abundance quite brilliant.
-Has tried Mordhau in of the main settings 1080 and has taken 120 half fps.
-The speakers are good quality
-chair sturdy, although his any fact of the metal to good sure feels big quality
-lighting the effects are utmost
-the life of battery is like this to be expected for a specs, under sound of heavy load in disposal to exhaust fast but while exploring an internet is lasted several hours.

-His strong below uploads weighed. This in spite of im very sure if ossia the big with reason the majority of laptops with these specs goes to be strong, and gladly chooses strong defenders on overheating any day now of a week.
5 / 5 Eboni
This car is the beast ! As one the one who has the estimativa limited and looks to take the laptop that will last for the handful of years, this was a perfect access . A prize was adds at the same time of a compraventa, and comes with the PLENARY RTX 2070 (any-max Q)! These banks of laptop the little elder that the desk RTX 2060, and in some functions in pair with the desk RTX 2060 súper. This means that the few years will not find me wishing has had more can take gaming and the video that modifies. While in a last would have has wanted to see this unit with the 4800H Ryzen 7, one 10th gene i7 is no slouch and is the strong upgrade of the mine old has dated 7700HQ i7 where has begun to have subject when modifying video for Youtube.

An appearance of laptop is a lot very also with for key RGB, thins bezels, the fast 144 hz IPS likes screen with around the 3 ms the answered times that it means the clear crystal and a lot responsive FPS. It was like this crazy a lot that has had to learn to regulate to a time of response to have the habit of an old plus 60 HZ screen in mine portable old.

So much, an inferior line is that strongly it recommends this laptop. It is powerful abundance to run all triplica Some titles in max settings and there is well to the taxes of frame add.
4 / 5 Missy
Has purchased recently the Dell portable partorisca around a prize although I, unfortunately, has had to return reason 1. Dell Sent a concealed has not had a light-arrive the keyboard has paid extra partorisca and 2. It has Had it subjects of action of entity. Dell Has taken also almost a whole month to ship me the substitution as it said him the so only maintain his crummy portable and take me the repayment.
Cela Spent to the attempt of MURDEROUS in this laptop and he have arrived in two days!

Had pleased extremely to discover that this laptop goes well besides a recommended specs for big-quality VR gaming to the equal that am considering purchasing bolt he down a line. I have tried action in the pocolos play that it comprises Subnautica (amazing game) and was súper-impressed in that a lot all look while running really smoothly. Taking quite warm while it runs the games but ossia common with computers of big final. It would recommend to purchase the tampon to cool with this computer.

A life of battery fluctuates often but generally can take among 2-3 hours of life of the battery for simple applications likes surfing an internet while so only can take an hour while touching games. Ossia Perfectly well reason an action is AWESOME and I seldom need more than hours of pair to use unplugged the time.

All-in-all find a lot of little gilipollas with this computer how is like this darned powerful and a lot lustrous in creation. I recommend that it purchase this while it calms is not while life of battery on 3 hours. The good regime that finds that, this in spite of, when looking for the powerful gaming portable.
4 / 5 Desiree
A laptop is on point for a prize. It was able to touch Murderous Odyssey of Create in of the big settings. It has not installed very other games still. A screen is good and brilliant. An only complaint has is a subordinated bezel is quell'has bitten too fat in my opinion. RGB The keyboard is the good touch . It will update like this it uses it more.

Update 6/26/20: Found my first question. The laptop has touched to 100. Then when porcentual of the battery unplugged has been of 99 to 93 downwards 20 minutes. It has dipped some settings of laptop the súper saver of battery and swimming. A laptop has said so only an hour of life of battery. Looked his quell'has bitten more and there is of then has required the calibration of battery. MSI HAS an installed application partorisca east has to that way that be advance and has done a calibration. It has taken roughly two hours. An odd thing now is has done a same thing like this first. Ossia For the little while. Has in the first place said that has had an hour and 46 minutes. It has said then that has had two hours and 16 minutes have left. Third time have verified five minutes more has said late that has had 6 hours and 25 minutes have left!! THAT!! I have taken like this pissed that has closed down and has taken the walk. Seriously thinking roughly returning this laptop and taking something more.
5 / 5 Queenie
Has purchased this for $ 1,399 of and was the compraventa directed . This was the present of graduation for my edges, and for a prize, and the characteristic has comprised this was a better shot could find anywhere! It had purchased my edges a MSI portable the roughly @fare 2 years that was my prime minister MSI the compraventa and has been happy with this action , like this in this prize and that knows that it would treat it well for him in university (with the little gaming in a side LOL) this laptop was for the fly! A 144Hz the exposure is improved noticeably of the screen of a leading laptop, and a RTX 2070 has has left already some seriously fresh gaming in some settings some big plus! Any for some Raytraced Minecraft?!?! Apparently it takes the little heat when the games are using a his fuller hardware... But this looks for to be expected on all this current gaming portable. A fund has abundance of zone of open point to leave dissipation but probably frames for the hot lap... Recommend the office of lap of some class, perhaps with these defenders of own cooling . A keyboard is more seriously fresh technology, the series of Steel resupplies full RGB lighting for key with amazing preset effects. The looks that has surprised!!! If it can find this laptop for such the low prize highly would recommend it!!! P.D. Now I see this is to sell already out of Amazon and priced much bigger other vendors.
4 / 5 Porter
Am spent the month that first investigations to pull a trigger, would have to has bought he in day a! It does not contemplate , so only the take! Absolute monster of the gaming portable, runs all maxed was without fight, uses this for work and gaming. It is much thinner that has expected, and a screen there is almost a lot of ghosting in 144hz. Honradamente Can not take take the better car for a prize. A bezels in a screen is súper thin, a toe that opens adds has something in your hands. A keyboard are adds to write and gaming. Impressing that they are returned the a lot of has required numpad in a 15.6” version.

Gilipollas: The battery is in an hour in a RTX 2070 and perhaps 3.5 changes to onboard graphic and súper way of saver of the battery. I have not bought this for a life of long battery as it is not the treat big mine, has required portability of house of office, and locations of client.
The speakers are not utmost, yes download nahemic engine of the his east much better!
I defenders are the pocolos strong when gaming but the together of headphones or AirPods in my chance solves that question instantly.
4 / 5 Martin
Took it so only and all seats adds already, very fast and a processor is insane. It will update I have had once for more along but like this far his awesome.
4 / 5 Cherise
This laptop of the one the majority of the power for dollar can find right now. With a i7 10th gene, and RTX 2070 paralizaciones down $ 1500 you really can not beat concealed. A screen is well, the clear crystal. Thermals Is the bit in a big side, but have defenders to compensate for that. Some defenders take STRONG, but concealed does not annoy me . If I touch you with receiver a lot included the listen. A a subject significant is a placing of a cord to be able to, right in a half for a right hand-held part. If has the cramped space of table among a way of a mouse.

In general is taking an upper mid-vary gaming portable for the plus under mid-prize of row.
5 / 5 Tempie
This MSI the car is the BEAST in the small container! Like this far we can touch any game has in of the big settings. We have done the pocolos smaller upgrades in the before really begin to submerge his, place 32gb Ram in him and dip the second 1tb ssd partorisca manage the majority of some games. It can take noisy in time, but more the laptops kick some partidários the overdrive when maxing out of a hardware with some maps of intense games. A battery of course is not a More adds them when touching games, but again, concealed is partorisca be expected. A main disappointment has partorisca this car is a location of an entrance partorisca be able to, is in a half in a right side, when almost each one another car has them to a backside or still in a backside, this one has to that go and that. No the murderous of decision, but really disturb it. It would say another to buy east looking for the awesome gaming laptop.
5 / 5 Jorge
That is not to like? A laptop is quickly in all the senses of a word. It has fallen On less than 20 seconds, opens windows practically instantly, and games of games like the field. I mostly uses for business, but is the light gamer like me, this laptop is phenomenal. It can touch games in some main graphic settings (and a paper of map is surprising!) And have any subject. If you are not the gamer this in spite of master the fantastic laptop, ossia also for you. Some the only negative things have to that say is that a defender is strong when to all the speed, and some speakers are sub-pair. Ossia Hardly a @@subject this in spite of, compared to all some positive. In the $ 1,400 point of prize, really calm can any gone bad with this (MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062). Entirely it validates he!
5 / 5 Darrick
Has purchased my GL65 Leopard after doing long investigation in another laptop in a row of prize of $ 1100-$ 1500, and can say that ossia without the doubt a better bang for your buck. It is immensely powerful with a i7-10750H and RTX2070 combo, no another laptop around this point of prize offers both. You can choose the upgrade RAM and storage, but each game has tried in these careers in some settings of the main map without the worry. Some defenders are not much stronger that alike gaming portable the, but yes is expecting calm of rig will sacrifice action or be paying the plot more. In general extremely satisfied with cost of mine and will be to buy MSI again in a future (Which will not be for the moment reason this laptop is test quite future !)
5 / 5 Noma
- Prize (much more economic that 2070 RTX alternative of laptop)
- A screen (144hz, 1080p, beautiful)
- Keyboard (adds to feel/responsiveness and transmission to paint amused on keyboard)
- GPU/CPU can (adds for gaming 2020 and further)
- Temperatures (stays a lot down 80c, sometimes not even 75c, down uploads weighed)
- portability/of Measure (thin, fully ready to move)
- webcam/of Microphone (very better that a one has had in the recent gaming Acer model)

I aversion:
- A volume of speaker ( is quell'has bitten down and, when the sound comes by means of, so only is not a lot of crisp/strong)
- volume of Partidário (when down it uploads, a defender tends to take bit it noisy, which is worse fact for a poor speaker any when being pas able of the riada was a lot of)
- life of Battery (to be expected of course- ossia the gaming portable as it does not expect any one a lot without discharges he)
5 / 5 Richie
Absolutely loves the like this far. Some careers of what as the sleep. It averts of startup the one who the looks bit it more lens of the a lot of older model but perhaps this has to that do with some levels to be able to is doing with here. Startup Still so only takes 30 less-40 second this in spite of my old gl62m 7rdx would begin up in roughly 14 seconds of full boot.

Action: I have run only Apex and Valorant in this thing like this far like this to try a map, but both career adds. The apex in full graphic settings feels buttery smooth and a 144hz the monitor has done emotional and turning in Valorant feels to surprise compared to an old 60hz has had the habit of. I am excited to try this was also in RS6 Chair, Total War Three Realms, Black Ops, and CSGO. And it looks to dissipate heat Very better that my model my old plus gl62m aswell. It would see interior of averages a 90s 95-98 sometimes in mine old a. I have not seen this continues in 75-80 terracings like this far whilst touching. So only some undervolting also to see yes concealed maintains it included fresher!
According to which workstation the action is concerned that careers Ableton in this car also feels to surprise, and my interface has run same sum in a lot down búfer has imposed.

Draw: Good-looking feeling and looking keyboard. Some tones solid celery. One lighting has different ways, although an available solid colour of a Steelseries the engine does not look I so that it adds like different flowing options of gradient. A screen is good and brilliant. A measure is sum and a lot in fact feels very heavy and is very easy to take with you in the different room, in a gone, etc.

In general: Amur this thing. For a prize does not think you that could beat, included building YOURS OWN PC with these specs would approach to a $1400 am spent$ for the take everything in the laptop! It loves it, thank you MSI for this extracted adds.
4 / 5 Colette
Has Had this laptop for the while now and am pleased generally with him, especially compared to the mine old laptop (competing mark) which has begun finally fail with which roughly eight years.

Ossia The very portable drawn well with everywhere of utmost components. Mostly I remain plugged in so that it can not comment a lot to a life of battery, but a drain of a 144hz together screen with a hungry power 2070 and 10th Gene i7 is in that I would expect.

Feels solid and easier that spend that my old laptop in a same class. If it plan on doing the heavy step classifies a system to cool will be disruptive, but for my applications appreciates a pertinent cooling.

Are the developer of software and find a laptop in general adds with a smooth text rendering and comfortable keyboard. Also a lot I enjoyed my experience of audio and has been surprised by a very good pipe headphone was that usually it uses an outside DAC and stops of amplifier.

Has finalised to take everything of a bundled software that has caused the a lot of noticeable drop of action in a system and some smaller annoyances (centre of dragon autopinning specifically).

In general to good sure would recommend this system to another. I think it outperforms his point of prize, especially for some good details.
4 / 5 Latesha
To the equal that has taken this for 1400 I has any one is an amazing gaming portable! It runs Warzone, Apex, GTA 5 big FPS. It is a lot quickly, colour of fresh keyboard combos (if you are to this) and love an option that can use my Rift S or discharges he to a television he master.

Some the only subjects have, but has to that no pursuade you on buying this is

- only comes with 550gb ( has bought the 1tb 2.5 HDD and is perfect now.

- The defender is the little strong when gaming and is quite hot to burn your leg or game with him on you. ( I have bought the tampon to cool for $35 that would be necessary help with that.)

- HDMI Starts 1080p 60hz or 3120p 60hz, any 1440 or 1600. This lock in 30hz.

The outrage concealed, love this computer and could not be happier!
4 / 5 Sarita
Ossia The laptop adds for gaming.
Really appreciates a big refresh screen of tax (Seriously characterise if you have not tried big refresh estimate you will not be disappointed.), And that has a power that can run anything has tried in 100 or more add fps.

-144hz The poster is surprising.
-This will run almost anything spears in him in/on 100 fps.
-Auricular jack Touches really good.
-Some looks of arrival of the aluminium and feels well.

-The life of battery is worse that my last laptop on 2-3 hours.
-Some defenders take strong when in common games.
-Some integrated speakers touch terrible.
-An arrival of aluminium chooses on fingerprints súper easily.

Docked 1 star of for life of battery, and noise of defender.
In general would buy again.
5 / 5 Sandie
Ossia More probably your better election for mid portable to vary gaming and here is reason:
- A quality of build is exceptional. A frame is sturdy, a screen, ports, and keyboard/Touchpad is very semi-detached and no flimsy. Some defenders are not of the economic parts, is strong but is very manufactured and treat well.
- A prize to separate the proportion is surprising. To take the 2070RTX in this row elsewhere, would lose on quality of part elsewhere. With this one takes the good GPU and a rest of a laptop matches his quality.
- A Mobility is perfect. Some (like the hard mine) was weighed too much, taken too hot, or some ports are in of the odd locations. This laptop situates some ports perfectly, and is built in well, any free connection. A weight is the relief for one can this has. And the displacement of heat is probably one of a better in an industry. This unit simply does not die to heat yes calm to treat it well.
- A quality of keyboard is surprising also, some tones solid celery a lot of flimsy, and is spaced perfectly for me with big hands. Numberpad Is the plus, a FN the tone when pressed light all a FN tones so that it is the one who your enabling, a lot of innovating and amazing work for engineering.

In general would say that this laptop is like an AK47 of gaming portable. Solidly Built and still after taking beating looks still will go forward. Extracted well, remains fresh, and feels to add when using spending.
4.9 Out of 5!
5 / 5 Clarinda
This cup of lap is the substitution for an older alien ware desk- and is fantastic. In the game like DRG or DOOM, the frame estimates run roughly 170 fps, has the impulse to cool, as it does not have a heat issues that a lot they are informing with gaming portable the. I have added the tampon to cool in chance that, but careers well without him. The colours are good-looking and included a web cam is tolerable. I think that that a sound is quite pertinent, with the headphones are impacted that more than a bookmark of sound can listen. This unit is the fantastic value and highly recommended!
4 / 5 Erwin
It has taken partorisca in $ 300 was prize of cast and boy, is the solid laptop . Mark so only sure you uninstall a pestilencia ossia Norton and install something wiser.

Able of outputting 4K signal to a TV of external/monitor, but has not taken the tax of frame adds in mine Samsung television - is still the laptop after all, and still has to that treat outputting signal to a monitor integrated a same time. Mirroring An exposure gave it some gnarly lag in a second exposure, but this could be my TV . With some settings tweaks, could be able of the take the behave better, but yes is expecting use he partorisca 4K gaming in the secondary exposure, this could not be a laptop partorisca you.

A RGB the keyboard is pointless, but enough. A trackpad is pertinent. Honradamente, can not think complaints. This could be separate reason a last gaming-portable of the quality has taken was of the to to something likes of ten years... It is the hefty upgrade of this still of old boat!
5 / 5 Anamaria
A laptop are adds. Has good-looking aesthetics. A lot fast and a map are adds. A time while gaming (Warzone, the Eternal doom) was big at the beginning around one 90-terracing C mark. I simply dipped a maximum CPU has beaten to 98 by means of a poster of control and now I game in around 60-65 terracings Celcius in of the big settings. It will do it adds for pupil although my battery is having the question that give the attentive readings in that life have left. Material his insurance to say way of the saver of the calm power take 3 and the half to 4 hours of life of battery. Ossia The subject small of then are plugged in the majority of a time. I recommend this product and will be to use he for university as well as the video that modifies hobbies and gaming. Port to plant of USB is not a better but with this extracted, can do with the little smaller quirks. IPS The exposure is beautiful for a way!
4 / 5 Esther
Has compared to other laptops the in a phase, goes to be hard pressed to find the laptop with alike action for a prize. A record and the arrival is sum , and has not gone too difficult to add the regulate SATA walk also. My big plus hesitation while looking for the laptop was a screen . A time of response, refresh tax and colour gamut is fantastic. Ossia My second MSI portable, and does not think will be to change the costruttrici anytime punctual .

Pros: The prize has compared to another i7+2070 laptops the, the screen really is fantastic.
Gilipollas: A lot of plastic, built in the speakers are pitiful. (But really, the one who the uses have built in of the speakers of laptop?)
4 / 5 Annalisa
Amazing laptop, has treated perfectly received it of then like this far, the screen is sum and all looks crisp and vivid. A onboard the sound of speakers bit it feeble but has not bought he for quality of sound. A laptop feels a lot of sturdy and like another has mentioned your toes will leave his mark on that. Calm will not listen some defenders all are doing is exploring around or doing some regular work but can take the strong under the session of heavy game. You can try an option of fresh impulse so only to take the sense that would be it likes down of the task or game that presses it. A brick to be able to is in fact big and heavy and taking bit it warm, unless you go to be hauling this laptop around that is any subject. I have not tried life of battery but quite read the pocolas other descriptions and knows any to expect further 4 hours of him (and concealed is no gaming hours). A keyboard is so only beautiful with his variety focused and different presets like some paints calm of only dance so that it uses it or can do your own model with an installed software. A touchpad feels really smooth and you it toe only slips in the and one touches to the click is a lot responsive the difference of another touchpad is has used in a past. Once I take around to some heavy gaming am them sure is portable will be able to take any what launch in him without subjects with his powerful processor and show of the paper of video, the down portable delivery of BETTER/PC there is never has possessed.
5 / 5 Alisa
One of some portable the most economic with the 2070, the exposure adds with snappy controls. The defenders take calm strong so only like partidários a lot of laptop, would recommend the good headset also been due to there 'of giant speakers' that is WELL in better. Although yours not buying the gaming portable to listen by means of some speakers anyways. Finally a main failure of this laptop is a life of battery, last it in an hour while gaming. Still the spectacular piece of crew for a prize, I cant complains with cost of mine.
4 / 5 Joella
Thus prize , this laptop is work quite well! To prime minister that ploughed a box was immediately easy to smudge a cup of a laptop, as distinct in some photos, but I a lot personally cured in his outward appearance. A real laptop was a lot of functional and easy to use well the inaugural the. When it Comes to take the gaming portable, has dipped he by means of some tests of estréses, in the first place duquel is Skyrim special edition in ultra graphic. And my delicious surprise, has run he lag free! But ossia where has found one of mine 2 flus with this laptop, some defenders were LIKE THIS STRONG! But I so only dipped in the pair of headphones and a lot really remark them anymore. A second question has found was his life of battery! While it touches spore in big map, which are not that registering in the normal computer, a battery is lasted 1 now... Place simply a battery is bad, but yes calm the maintenances plugged in so much touch any one game, will do well! Finally, this computer has the total of 2 subjects, and both of them are easily fixable! Absolutely love this laptop like this far!
5 / 5 Clemente
Has purchased this laptop with an import has thought to travel but also to spend my games with me. They are quite happy with a quality of a laptop. It looks quite durable and his very packed to sustain new games in a level a big plus to date. So only gilipollas to the report would be life of battery and noise of defender, this in spite of, these were all has expected to purchase. Enough it would have noise of defender that thermal throttling any day now and expect you also ;). And you want portability and gaming, the life of battery will be in final a shorter in quite all the chances. Orderly small perk of this mark /of laptop is a customization of some lights of keyboard. The laptop adds global, to good sure recommend.
5 / 5 Nelly
I Uses this laptop for gaming and extracted calm so that it would expect it to. A RTX 2070 is the powerful paper that pursues so only roughly anything could expect stops. Any one only is for gaming, a speed of past and SSD leave for speedy surfing by means of multiple tabs and a browser of file. The to plot of art and direct the few accounts, as when being able to multitask so the programs immediately is so only that has required.

- Fast of computer and read/write speed
- Powerful GPU that can run Dota2, LoL, Warcraft, Borderlands, etc.
- Comes without bloatware installed (except Norton security...)
- A lot of light and easy to transport

- A defender is the little strong, but does not import is listening the music or the game. Calm will not listen it then.
- Comes with Norton the installed security. So only the dry was entirely and install something better.
- Brick of supply of the can is heavy, but would have to that be expected. Any one a lot the with.

In general, was much more last that tries to think of gilipollas in this laptop that was listed everything of one adds positive. If you know computer and statistician of computer, calm then can expect this laptop to treat like this has to that, which is fantastic. If calm so only is looking for the mid-portable of big row that can manage quite anything and excel in gaming, then ossia an excellent election .
4 / 5 Holley
Portable adds. The construction looks quite sturdy for the plastic organism. It has used so only for the few hours but like this far looks the computer that has speed and utmost power for his point of prize. Some tones of keyboard have the good action to them new, but will see like this resists up like the keyboard takes broken in. I have been surprised the one who big one load is, but in general a whole computer with uploading is still a lot that has weighed. The looks to cool well like this far. I think an only thing are not the big defender of of the one of the east a logo big in some looks ahead bit it economic, but honradamente this does not effect a quality of a computer like the whole. To good sure would recommend.
4 / 5 Alejandra
This laptop is honradamente a better lovely laptop that can buy you for only $ . It comes with a RTX 2070 paper of map which can manage any game at present is gone in ultra settings and a 144hz screen. A competitor a plus prójimo with one same specs load in $ 2000 for the laptop with alike specs. It is not fearful to pull one causes and take this laptop to the equal that comes with the 500gb M.2 walk and change it 2.5' SSD or bay of Hard walk.

Top Customer Reviews: MSI GF63 Thin ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Sharon
In general, to the left say me a MSI portable has purchased by means of Amazon LLC (any one the third-vendor of party) has a lot of specs partorisca prize. That is not like this well is a misleading description of product in this page and MSI support of client.

An information of product of page of Amazon partorisca this clearly ready configuration groin backlight' informing to the only-paint backlit the keyboard but a laptop shipped does not have it . When I have contacted MSI support of client partorisca see something has required partorisca be configured have gone back and the advances to three days likes him the technology had to us try beat-cycling a laptop, king-installing software of Series of the Steel, and then said finally the description of mine further SKU does not have the backlight. Still although a specification of a MSI the put ready web all GF63 portable the Thin as having the Backlight Keyboard (Only-Colour, Red).

Are fearful this upcoming year of MSI the support of client will continue to be the misleading and bumbling experience.
4 / 5 Leonora
This description is partorisca a MSI GF63 Thin 95SCX-005 . If you are buying this model is not BACKLIT. A here said description is, but a MSI the web of place has said is not . So only I want to stick this there in chance any more bought and has loved a backlit keyboard.

Thay Out of a way, this laptop (without backlit keyboard) is surprising. It has touched each game has launched in him like this far on at least big settings. Final fantasy 14, Sims 4, Inquisition of Age of the Dragon, stirs it external. A thing adds in this series of laptop of MSI is no skimp in a chip of map. A whole series of laptops has one same one in him, some variac. Coming with measures of different hard walks, more ram etc(and some versions types more active backlighting).

I slowly to update this description with more than punctual games, but FF14 games in max settings on 60fps unless they are in pvp with 150 other players. Still then still take 40s. They are very happy with this car.
4 / 5 Katrina
Has taken this laptop for my brother of mine young plus last month and loves it. It touches his games on he without question (to good sure will require to take lucido storage more punctual!). Some two questions have with this product is concealed :

1. It is announced with the keyboard that red of lights, but this laptop does not have any backlit keyboard. I am not sure it is so only a concrete model has taken, but I still down some pictures of my concrete model tip the backlit keyboard. I have contacted a vendor in this question and has said, 'Unfortunately when MSI has announced that give form, listed it as having a backlit keyboard, but when they launched it, has been launched without a function.' As I am not too happy in advertising something fails.
2. It is so only be less than two month and there is some light bleeding by means of a half of a screen.
5 / 5 Twana
Portable quite solid. If you are gaming has to that you probably covers he in, otherwise his quite good.
5 / 5 Glennis
Likes the one who that leave me game mine my games on that. Another that having any one walks of disk, will do. Thank you Boss. As he maintaining stands, the can not look the common a gameplay in mine twitch canal, but ossia something has to them that imagine was
4 / 5 Lara
has known that has bought I so that I am satisfied. Games planetside 2 just final
5 / 5 Edison
Under an impression that this was the 120 hz screen because ossia the one who a description said but now I look and says 60hz.
4 / 5 Rivka
A subject only has with this laptop is a life of battery . Has different ways like this on way to save of the power, with a low plus brightness, and ultra the low action would be likely to take 4 hours out of him. But it concealed it is not that portable of use of the people, is the laptop a lot very especially if you undervolt the. But you feign it uses it a lot of plugged precise buy the load of portable laptop. With just a life of battery that is bad I thinks it still is worth it, reason is so only $700 and concealed is very economic for the laptop with these specs, but factor in 50-$100 for the good load. Also it has to that it weaves of msi bloatware but ossia in the each laptop now, was quite easy to take touched of of this in spite of so that any I really condemns for that.
4 / 5 Prince
Excellent gaming computer that has is the own program built in to direct your laptop that comprises the fresh plus booster, monitor for situation of computer at all times, and also to the left is to clean a disk and free memory with an easy click of a tone of mouse honradamente himself calm only upgrade a ram/Intel core/ssd is taken urself an amazing gaming the computer that considers the use regulates simply is that it surprises and stunning starts in roughly 10 second literally. For a gilipollas heat taking but to the equal that have mentioned before or can stimulate fresher for roughly 5 minutes and your abonos to go a ram and ssd is can be upgraded like this yeah.
5 / 5 Lyndia
I have bought this computer with big expectation partorisca touch games, and continue my on-line classes. After the month has experienced some questions with an operating system, a camera there is prendido partorisca do, has not been able to reinstall some engine, after the while a start of games partorisca freeze, and has bought a hard walk outside partorisca save all some games without affecting a memory but was worthless with the pair of updates my memory is running was.

Top Customer Reviews: MSI GF65 Thin ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5 Elroy
With which 7 years of tentativas painful in low quality gaming, and streaming in an older laptop, has chosen this laptop like my University laptop. It is add partorisca gaming, the games soften in almost any game, and an exposure is fantastic aswell! An only downside to this computer that the chairs is that it still looks to heat on a lot quickly in spite of having two cooling defenders. A CPU tends to run for on 80 terracings celsius. This can be fixed for simply changing priority for speed and speed of defender and such.
4 / 5 Asuncion
A lot of folks. To the left initiate me to say are the 50 old year random gamer the one who enjoys to touch some games some old plus, but occasionally indulge in something new attacks my elegant. They are also the bit of the computer nerd. I have begun to the appeal averts them and dipping them together back in a prompt nineties, and has toilt to maintain up with some later tendencies in of the computers and gaming reasons interested really. Prpers Having said all concealed, to the left is decrease to the description of this system.

Looked in 20 gaming portable in this row of prize and has determined that, bang for a buck, this system there has been some characteristic better. A quad core Intel i7 is remained with an Envy GTX 1660 you GPU with his global video and ram of system of 14 Actions, of the very small bezel in a 15.6 monitor of thumb, backlit keyboard, etc compared a lot amiably with other systems in this row of prize that neither would have the solid GPU with the slow plus i5 or Ryzen 5 processor, or combine the solid processor with last years GTX 1650 which, this in spite of able of the ray that locates, has not had enough a specs of one 1660 you. It was very interested to touch a RTX version of Quake II offered by steam, and this is resulted an end that decides the factor among some laptops looked it in.

Has left to start with with a pros - Agree, am touching the oldest games for one the majority of part, and so it is looking was gaming monster that will maintain up with some taxes to frame main and connection of better internet, and will maintain up with the transmissions to games likes him Fortnight and Overwatch, could wants to spend bit it more money on something with an Envy RTX 2060 and more ram, although this system is expandable ram -wise to until 64 action, so that there is concealed. Prpers Having said that, if you are in the estimativa, and really looking for the solid system in a 1000 row of dollar, maintains to read, could love control out of this unit.

A ray that locates with one 1660 you GPU is phenomenal. I am blown has gone by a very better clarity of screen and the light source that locates, shadowing, and reflected light this GPU can fulfil. Envy has done operates it to satisfy to update his GPU software to do for the game the half of beautiful plus of game. You will owe that go the Envy the web of place and download have joined the majority of recent engine thus GPU to explode this. Before I have downloaded some updates, was gatting 12 FPS in quake II RTX, and all was horribly jerky. After one download, a FPS has clashed until 120, and a game took on the wonderful new level of texture and shading that really he replaying this classical like this interesting.

A i7 intel the processor has had absolutely a lot @@subject that bosses a lot has launched in him. I am touching a later version of Doom, (2018, create), and a gameplay is flowed without subjects, any lag, and vivid colours, shading, etc. Imagines does GPUs there that the glielo can surrender the things bit it more fantastically, but will pay the plot more for these systems.

A backlit the keyboard has tones very big that he the easiest fact to find one some are looking for quickly. It was the little disappointed to find a keyboard has not had the tampon of number, ( was the player of tampon of the number behind a day, and I so that it follows that it has to that regulate), but one feels of a keyboard when writing is a lot in satisfactory.

Ploughs on a centre of control of the dragon, will fulfil a character of dragon of the icon, ( is the bit in a childish side of things, adapting me of the red Godzuki), those who will walk calm by means of characteristic to dip your preference of action , some life of fresh new battery that extends characteristic, and another simple tweaks to do sure is taking one the majority of out your system. It is the bit hokey, but was much easier that that spends for windows 10 paper of system to find all some few pieces to do your system run efficiently. There is also the characteristic of calibration of the battery, (that recommends calm immediately when you take a computer ) which fully will drain your battery and king-the touch to ensure takings one the majority of life out of your system.

Well, now my worries. Any of these things caused questions still, but concern me the bit, and will have to that see like the things resist up.

A build in a system has it very done VERY LIGHT, adds to do an easy computer to spend, but involves the plot of plastic. A screen and the keyboard solid celery, but a undercarriage is totally plastic to the equal that feels economic when calm choose it up. A unit takes bit it hotter to a touch that I earth, and a system to cool can take bit it strong. Like this far I have not been burned horribly, and my BOSE the wireless headphones delete any noise of partidário that could annoy me, but has concerned in a longevity of a system based in these factors.

A built in the speakers are well, but leaves something to be wished in an end of basses of things. They are still tweaking some controls of volume of the system, (another a lot smoothly the characteristic halftone that you and a boy-the dragon can do by means of joint), to see can the optimise for better clarity in of the sure situations, but like this far prefer use a source of external audio to take a better out of my gameplay.

A 512 Action the solid of state walk work a lot quickly, but am concerned in his relative to measure to any the one who touches the plot of games simultaneously. My old gaming the laptop there has been the 1TB HDD, which has crapped is gone in my after so only down 3 years, and are that it animates this walk will do better in of the terms of survival without all some moving part, but a lot of systems are exiting with smaller SSD is to struggle a prize a big plus of one 1 to 2 TB SSD the walks concealed is now available, as you would owe that think attentively in your needs of storage before it buy this system, and consider if that spends an extra 200 to 300 bucks in the big plus SSD the walk would be a right election for you.

In general, am very pleased with a system and his action like this far. I have purchased a long guarantee thus system, (something will do in a future any @subject that the system buys), and a long guarantee in this laptop is reasonable in of the terms of prizes, although appearance will not owe it never use.

Think that is roughly everything. I will update this description run to any subjects, or find anything more than the surprises in this calm system think you would have to that know is considering purchasing. For a gamer in the estimativa, this system really does ROCK!!
4 / 5 Katy
Has taken this to touch games beside my edges, and to do professional web/mobile development. The law adds in both fronts. A past characteristic of entity is that it is easily on-gradable with an extra space for the 2nd SD and empty by heart extra. I have touched a lot one has released recently the games that comprises Called to Have that and Counterstrike without subjects. And in the professional standpoint am able to easily run an emulator of Android of the Pixel 2. I know I will be upgrading a RAM and adding the big plus SD, but has taken a good processor and paper of map. This action of battery of trades of laptop for a upgraded paper of video and processor, but ossia a main reason is discounted. They are always next power excepts in of the aeroplanes, but hard 3-4 hours while touching play, and for on 6-8 hours while doing development.
4 / 5 Arianna
Runs the little heat but anything with this a lot of can will run heat when gaming. It has been with a ASUS A15 originally but look to have deliberately has broken his heat exhausts system that has has caused prisons. Any question with a MSI.
5 / 5 Teodora
Has known no too much in gaming portable first to look to buy one, but has chosen this one because of his fast processor and paper of good map. I can finally run my games in big graphic settings now! An only thing does not love is a trackpad, has taken some taking used to. I caved and has bought the mouse, and now have the zeros complain.
5 / 5 Jettie
My husband has ordered this computer for me. It is smaller that expected for this in spite of. I really like a tampon to number to a legislation of a together tone and this computer does not have it . In general he very this in spite of. I have it that has not had included this computer the month still but has does not have to that questions of technology like this far. A camera has not done when I took it in the first place but has called support of technology and said to us regarding the actuate immediately. If it do not use a tampon to number often or at all then would recommend this computer to another.
5 / 5 Janene
My boy loves a laptop. It is the add gaming portable for sound.

Top Customer Reviews: MSI P65 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
Badly time/thermals. 75 terracings go, included until 90 when it goes him if some the background processes are running. It looks he likes so only has taken some available better components and plants him in the chance of laptop without engineering like partorisca do a functional unit. Bought a Acer Predator Triton 500 with one 2080 which am happy with.
4 / 5
Ossia Portable well and powerful .

The quality of build is solid.
The keyboard is well.
The screen is glorious.
The action is glorious, although no a very upper notch likes specs can suggest.

A noticeable downside is life of same battery with minimum use. Exploring/Looking the film of the cups of hours.

Hot and strong when gaming - a lot of so only with headphones.

The one of fact very partorisca development and random gaming - yours all in a car, which can manage anything spears in him and be mobile a same time.
4 / 5
Has received mine with the dead pixel, after calling the amazon has said, can not substitute a product so only the repayment was possible, has lost in that then a progress of entity in my project, because of a subject, like both Amazon and a provider have taken 1 star. It Likes him the action of this laptop thinks would be well, but for a money has decided to build mine in desk the tower and the place much more can for a buck that having this laptop, knows is portable, but to be sincere I has the MacBook pro that it can projects same courts in 4k, as any haste can go back house and has fallen with the AMD TR4, I just build, as it considers your options on front, knows is frustrating but in a finalise all have the different needs and I think MSI or ROG the systems are so only well and can upload good work, or consider to something likes CUK still bit it more action in laptops.
5 / 5
A 'Creator' the looks of focus to be that it takes added in any laptop that there is gaming characteristic, but no among black with RGB the points have underlined. This in spite of this model, taking more than just a internals right. Having Wins 10 Pro means that if precise law in a half of the company can treat Average of different work or setup yours possesses to register when surrendering the park yes has required. Having the 4k exposure with frames of the by heart appropriate correction the video and The Photo that modifies much easier, and 32 GB of RAM the fastest fact also.

An only reason this is not the car of 5 star is that it does not sustain USB-C touching - like this while a schemes is quite thin and reasonably light, calm still has to that spend around the hefty AC Adapter that spends a total weight up.

Still, given all more has taken well in of the this, and a seal of prize, am in general quite happy with a car!
5 / 5
A screen was acute, and discharges almost 100 Season RGB. This in spite of, so only has the maximum brightness (in rowing sports club) of around 270 nits, although labeled HDR 400 compliant. (Based in results of DisplayHDRtest application)
uses Intel H10, which is essentially 660p + 32g optane. It neglects Of this ascent, would have to buy Acer concept D 7 more than is.
Has thinks that has looked of a AUO 41.ºB Poster with which have read notebookcheck description of his 9880H version, but a poster of a version has bought was of Acute.
4 / 5
This laptop is powerful and an exposure is beautiful but there are some questions of the smallest usability.

- A portable delivery on is specs, the majority of a time. The utilisation to build Applications of Android and recopila quite quickly, if it bit it noisy when it heats up.
- A screen is well, brightness in the majority of my uses is more be of sufficient
- is in a same weight like the MacBook Pro, so only the tiny has bitten more weighed perhaps
- Trackpack is big (except a fingerprint sensor in a way)
- the battery is well. To a large extent it depends in your use of course, but looking the on-line video often give me 5+ hours. Intense CPU use perhaps 2-3 hours.

Neither a lot neither bad:
- the keyboard is travesía a lot of tone is good but the initial of control is so only the tad too big. Still a lot usable to write.

- Trackpad Hardware clicking is horrible. Felizmente Win10 Has tap-to-click, otherwise would be nigh unusable
- Any USB-C touching. So only 1 USB-C port. Shame because it is resulting like this ubiquitous these days.
- Keyboard Backlight brightness is brilliant. Too much that shines - all 3 brightness the levels are too many brilliants, forcing me for the turn was at night or has hurt it my eyes
- A fingerprint sensor in a touchpad slightly decreases usable zone that is the sweet annoyance
4 / 5
Excellent prize for a hardware (4K screen, 32 gb ram, RTX 2060, 1 tb nvme, etc) has compared to another similarly spec'd portable with the 4K screen (vs Aero SMELL, Razer 15, XPS 15, etc). Approx $600 more Economic vs some competitors. It comes with minimum bloatware. Comfortable to use keyboard and the lovely-to-wide to use trackpad.

The subject only is that a defender is STRONG when he spools the max in time.
4 / 5
Ossia A svelte powerhouse. A 4K the screen is acute and colour-attentive. It has fallen On fast (10 second or less), and a Optane the memory the fact snappy in of the inaugural applications. The quality of build is very good and a creation is discreet if a bit uninspiring. This 4K the looks of model to take 6-7 battery of life of hours with light use, which think is very a lot date a weight, specs, and screen. A powerful CPU and GPU marks this the perfect computer for 3D animation and rendering. I have not had any question with thermals. Some partidários maintain it fresh when they require to (more quietly that in mine 3 old year Dell) and is almost inaudible another time. In general, a P65 is an excellent value for a money, especially given a next-gene RTX paper of map.
5 / 5
9750h, rtx 2060, 32gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4K screen. Ossia One the majority of powerful laptop has has not possessed never. It would be pointless to have that beats a lot if it has not been actuated well, this in spite of. Delivery far and on that have expected of him. They are still very sure to the equal that have done the portable east thins that it can remain in comfortable time. It can some the defenders take strong? Of course. There is the plot of power in the very thin frame.
In spite of disturbing chiclet keyboards in general, an experience to write is quite good. Travesía Sinister decent with zero prójimo flex.
A quality of build is solid of rock . A frame of metal adds to reassure the rigidity and a screen has minimum flex that consider which thin a bezels is. The utilisation to drive two monitors further of a screen of laptop.
Has built my own PCs for years. It has been ready to jump in still the portable solution that would be, any so only mine travel pc, my primary rigs in home also. This portable delivery.
A critique so only has would be to move some ports to some backsides of a car to resupply the most cleaned look to my office and avert flexing some entrances.
The car adds!
5 / 5
Portable adds for a prize! I do not create you it could find the thin and light laptop with these configurations in this point of prize (on sale, late 2019). It can and the measures perfect to spend to do or in a street (any heavy). A portable looks very professional in of the clients or fulfilling of joint. This Laptop has quite can to take a work done in a street! Any only verifying Email, the web that explores, looking film, but the REAL work done ( has taken yours punctual telephone for those!).

Intel Core I7 9750H processor, 4 cores can big “H”
Brilliant and beautiful 4k screen
32 GB DDR4 rams (dual canals)
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
USB-C ray (a boss to docking canal)
Backlit keyboard (any RGB, thank god!)
Register of impression of the toe in
M.2 SSD, rams And wifi the paper is all upgradable
A lot of RGB

Soiled for improvement:
Precise management of better heat (big copper plan on pipe of steam? Razer)
The new need Intel 10 Gene I7 processor of Lake of the Gel (draw of power & to heat lower)
the need has update Wifi (Wifi 6 & Bluetooth 5.0)
the better need M.2 SSD (Samsung M.2 NVMe)
The placing of better need of an I/Or ports
Salvation of Window no
the tone in a Keyboard would owe that be sliver or white (black so only does not match all the money)

Update: 12/21/2019

able to run 1080p 144Hz ( alone screen )
able to run dual screen -60hz ( screen of laptop 4K + external screen 1080p)
able to run laptop 4K screen 60hz
able to fix a 98c-100c CPU questions of temperature in full load (maintaining a CPU pursues in 75c-85c)
GPU the temperature is not never be the question, -75c in full load
Any one the questions of hardware, the software that dips questions ( Nvidia, the battery for advanced & fans to dip, load of Intel CPU map to Nvidia GPU)
Go them and temperature of the load of general work was good ( 39c-45c )


in this laptop of point of the prize, has to does not have to that touch around to take a laptop to run legislation!
Any SD reader of paper of any class.
Mini Spend of exposure, any full measure.
Any USB-C touching ( more USB-C uploads uses 120 watt max, this need of laptop 180 watt )
Bluetooth sometime drop ( time to upgrade to AXE & 5.0 bluetooth paper ),

Update: Jan. 16 2020
Yes go to use Ray 3 Cradle with this MSI portable:
will require to 'enable' Ray 3 update of engine in a 'Bios'. Engine of the ray or the application will not update of MSI or place of Microsoft without a 'enable update of engine of the Ray' in a bios!

Portable a lot well for a prize!
5 / 5
Súper Has Pleased with this laptop! RTX 2060, 32gb RAM, 1TB ssd, 4K Screen! At all more there each one which compares to this point of prize. This thing really is some to a spectre by heart. Modifying in seasoning the applications is the breeze with this laptop. Súper Has Excited partorisca see that it can manage and very impressed with MSI partorisca east a!
4 / 5

Light and very easy to dip up. Had very small bundleware and literally inside the minutes was partorisca arrive and that career.
Fingerprint I.D. It is an excellent characteristic and saves time in logging to a laptop.
A 4 K the screen is absolutely beautiful doing reading far less exhausting in some eyes.
Recommends to access a MSI centre of the creator and that rule a true colour to anti-blue to spend has has extended periods of time in front of a portable work fantastically.
A spacious the tampon of mouse is also the utmost characteristic that the frames that use a laptop in a gone easy.
Can run multiple applications with prójimos to any lag, tends partorisca do in of the multiple things immediately and mania of the tasks a lot well.
Absolutely wants a bit the ports of multiple USB touch the lifesaver when bouncing around different projects.


Heats on a lot quickly and can achieve levels like this big likes 170-180 terracings Fahrenheit in both a CPU and GPU. While it was able to solve this to run fewer applications and buying the tampon to fresco has required compromising in mine workflow and an additional cost and for a cost of a laptop, has expected more.
In my experience, a life of battery runs shorter that one 8 or like this hours advertized. It concealed it is not necessarily the subject big has a supply to be able to but that portability of frames slightly more defiant and seat this could be easily state solved to add the chargeable port of USB.


Portable Adds that it is quite versatile. If calm any type to draw of map, 3D animating, Video, Photograph, Art, Edifice of Application of the Literature, etc. This Laptop can be an excellent mate .
Is very easy to use, can manage the plot, has the strong external composition that the light rests but built to be durable.
Would advise any that want to likes the gaming of consolations to stock a MSI GS or GL serious for gaming. It is not that this laptop can not manage or run play, a @@subject a big plus for gaming would be overheating.
That averts is the add to buy and value of the money. It does not complain the buying and would be happy to buy another down a line.
5 / 5
Will use this laptop for home, work, and travesía.

Slender, Luz, and durable. They are still to air travesía with east, but hardly remarks a weight in my rucksack.

The clarity of screen is surprising. You see in detail it adds all a grotesqueness in a Witcher.

Can of past of the monster. Utilisation a later version of AutoCAD with several windows in the multiple screens and his action is excellent. Any noticeable lag.

Point of prize. The special black Friday under $ 1500. Any sure that time that the prize will resist, but the value for action of big final.

A built-in the sound are not adds. Better that to beat can, but no for a lot of.

A defender occasionally revs up like him 747 taxiing a runway.

Are not súper type of computer, as I can not take to details in clocking the military service-like this faster that this and concealed. I have purchased this to be the tool that will use hours the day. I require the computer that will be dependable and any to cost me time, he to good sure that with roughly has fallen-graphic of butt to go with.
5 / 5
First of all, are not the professional reviewer or the gamer. My main application is video /of the photo that modifies, random surfing, and seeing of means comunicacionales.

1. Quality of build: it is well! Any complaint here. The screen that is thin has the bit of his movement, but does not treat it big. Any squeaking sounds. Very light for this a lot of action!

2. Action: it is quickly! Right to kick on, to inaugural applications, is really snappy. Have has has not touched games on he still (does not think I a lot of) but the majority of a day-to-applications of the day run without any questions.

3. Thermals: For normal use, short fresco and calm Any question at all! The the Lightroom import which has pressed a CPU to the 100 %, this time has taken really hot in a subordinated and has bitten warm in a cup, with the defenders that turn to all the speed. They are strong, but does not find that the negative.

4. Exposure: really it likes to of me! Taking quite that shines (has not tried in the external daylight but I think is quite brilliant for that). It is aforado a lot well out of a box with profiles to Season RGB, films and like this on. The contained looks vibrant. A screen adds for the photo that modifies sure.

5. Battery: it is not the súper life of long battery, but has to that comfortably last for 5-6 hours for normal use. The applications have weighed the will drain faster, but then ideally would do that when plugged in. Given the laptop this thin and powerful, the life of battery is quite acceptable.

6. Sound: it is quite strong, any a lot of record his this in spite of. Speakers of inferior shooting. At all the brag here, but to good sure very terrible. I use majority of headphones to time anyways.

7. MSI Applications: it felt ossia where these resplandores of laptop. The centre of creator is surprising. Incumplimiento Calibration Of exposure, calibration of battery, and much more the applications he really easy to update and direct a car.

8. Other points: the keyboard was easy to take used to, touchpad is a lot of (any one a better there, but no bad neither). Put you wide. Fingerprint The fast reader (works a lot 80-85 % times).

In general, very happy with a compraventa! I will recommend this laptop to another!
4 / 5
A partner of mine there is me advised to verify out of MSI computer when I have had to return a MacBook Pro reason a software I need to use has been feigned to be used with Windows, so that there is less/different functionality in the Mac. Well, I have gone never surprised when I have found a specs has required in the laptop that cost $ 1000 less than a an I is returned so only. I add! It ADDS The CART! Like this far a life of the battery does not look too spectacular, but can live with that. It is, this in spite of, thin and quite light. As it alleges. To good sure can feel a difference of speed among east and mine 2016 MacBook, as they are already everything for him. A software downloaded and installed so only well, and looks to be working to the equal that has feigned. I can not expect try has been he for the video and the photo that modifies.

Thinks that has seen other descriptions mention subject with a fingerprint scanner. Have Still to find any question. In fact it prefers a placing, also. Also, a screen is gorgeous, and has to contemplate me upgrading my second monitor.

Altogether, Am thrilled with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Has taken really excited when seeing a prize of this laptop that compares to another with same specifications. He undercut other hundreds of Dollars. This in spite of, am returned this laptop . Given the hours of pair to try was here is my impression,

Well: the aluminium has built amiably frame. Looks And feels prize. Fast Wifi, enough quickly read and write walk. I have touched Quake 2 paralizaciones RTX and a texture, the speed is awesome.

Bad: the tests of screen paint really bad banding like this in of the dark scenes a colour banding the subject is there is distracted really. This is not acceptable for a computer in this row of prize. A colour banding is like this bad to the equal that yield LCD with 720P and low colour gamut screens. If it look film in a dark a light bleeding is also prevalent. Both of these subjects killed a shot for me.

Bad seeds: partidário whiny noise when they come on. This in spite of, auricular raisins when touching game or modifying the films would not owe that be the question.
4 / 5
Is portable is geared for a creative crowd but he can manage any AAA gaming calm title by means of in him. I want a thinness and portability of a laptop.
1) Well for gaming
2) Paints attentive Screen
3) Any one an usual and red black sees in laptops of big action
4) Good port selection.
1) I my chance could be different for another. Has has had to that ticker with files of system to have my programs run in my paper of the map consecrated and no a map of windows. He your games/of programs look better and run smoother. To a uninitiated could be frustrates hurdle to take by means of.
2) Short hot sometimes. So you are trying the dodge the boys so only leave this in your lap and shoot in upper of your intense program map preferred.
3) Read kinda bonds in with a heat, but some defenders can take quite strong. If you are touching something in maximum volume or spending auricular would owe that be well.
4) Beat The life is sub pair in better. The majority of people spends one uploads so it does not have to that any inconvenience concealed a lot
5 / 5
A 4K the screen is beautiful! The action is sum .

I amour a design how is thin and light weight , but same time ultra-fast! 1TB SSD HAS big storage for my data and 32GB RAM really asks my work!
4 / 5
My house of description in decisions of terrible drawing for MSI and his support of client. A laptop is otherwise well for his chances of main use, unless calm widespread writing.

That is not apparent in a page of Amazon is that a configuration of the keyboard thus portable is horrific and MSI resupplies any software to change some tones of mappings. A tone of Function ('Fn'), exists in a right side of a keyboard, near of a pointless backslash tone and an annoying 'Alt Gr' tone. This in spite of, a worse offender is that some keys/of the finals of the House requires use of a tone of Function. Of a right hand would press all these keys, ossia an uncomfortable proposition .

Of then write a long quantity of code, documentation, and the communications written, uses that abounds some keys/of Finals of the House my day-the-work of day. Any the one who the use of these tones would owe that be wary to purchase this laptop. EsteelSeries' And alike software MSI resupplies for his gaming portable to remap the tones no in a Series of Creator. Instead, you have to trust the third-the program of party likes SharpKeys the remap 'PgUp' the 'House' and 'PgDown' to 'Final'. Of SharpKeys can not take tones of Function (of these execute external of Windows), this calm mean would lose access to PgUp/PgDown once you mapea the to Final/of House, unless it find some other tones to sacrifice.

Has contacted MSI support regarding this subject. With which had me to us spend for all that has said that that has done in my initial question, his response was 'take the substitution [portable] or reembolsó. I have not been enthusiastic in that resupply an update for this series to be compatible with sound in existent software of tone of mapping.

A creation of keyboard bobo and the support of poor client there is already soured my experiences with a otherwise portable the functional. It is the shame that a page of the amazon does not resupply the full image of a keyboard and that MSI has decided to not sustaining a software resupplies for his another portable.
4 / 5
This computer is the powerful tool that leave to extract a full potential of a software programs I use for work and further.

Some looks of screen much bigger that is, and gives an extremely immersive experience in the some program that can explode some graphic capacities.

A 'disk'hard is quickly quite and quite big to leave me to complete everything of my product to do has required in system without a need for slow or external disks weighed.
-- Some ports of USB celery the pocolos short, which is really odd... But they do not affect an usability at all.

A system to cool laws really efficiently but can be the little strong, compared to silence. I have read some descriptions in a MSI system to cool that it is too strong, but can ensure you that some defenders in the Dell Latitude 7820 is far stronger, and does not cool almost like this efficiently.

Absolutely would recommend this product to another, and there is already convinces a lot of mine coworkers, and no-fellow of work, to ask upgrades to this laptop.
4 / 5
I am updating my description because unfortunately, a prime minister a has received them was defective. In a brilliant side, the amazon shipped the new one and this thing is fantastic. He outperforms my desk this has the 4790k and the fury X in enough each test has dipped he by means of. While like a battery to be big like this far looks could take them 6 hours of light use out of him. It likes more than other descriptions think a thermals could be bit it better, the dish to regrease a CPU and GPU finally but because ossia the hard plus teardown that more portable the go to dip this in a backburner for now.
4 / 5
Has used mainly this laptop for coding, those study and the bit of light gaming. A battery last for almost 6 hours when m so only doing some work and 3 hours while gaming(DOTA2). But a laptop takes the little heat while gaming so that the sure mark there is quite clearance among a laptop and a table down the to leave sufficient airflow.
A big 32 Gb that the ram leave to run several VMs in this car without compromising in a speed and I find this súper useful, this in spite of maintains import that big CPU is resulted of use in the lowest battery.
A súper the lustrous creation this laptop suitable for class and of the half half of work. His easy to spend around, although a brick to be able to is quell'has bitten big, his any the breaker of extracted.
A keyboard behind-light was the bit of the disappointment of a brightness is uneven by means of some tones.
In general, is looking for the thin and light ultrabook with heavy specs, then can go for east a.
4 / 5
So only has taken this laptop done on the week. His perfect summer. . Mina MSI GS40 has taken old and was time for the new a. A 4K the exposure is beautiful. 32GB Of RAM could be overkill but the ones of the that thinks patient never require close a window/of application. The ones of the that knows that a Teton Glacier SSD this but his 1 TB and short really fast.

In general would recommend this laptop to any one looking for the big action, quickly, lustrous looking computer.
4 / 5
This laptop there has been some characteristic has loved: the big SSD, to plot of RAM and Windows 10 Pro. As another has mentioned, runs really hot - like this in warm. Mark sure has abundance of room around the and suggest to dip the on he LT the base with the partidário the help maintains it fresh. It is also quite noisy - so that it is annoyed by such things. It classifies sounds like that electrical toothbrush when some defenders are all that career . Also it has this subject where always has said a battery is in 94 - same of a first time was plugged in. And it does not take never to 100. But I can touch games like World-wide of Warcraft with max graphic, and included have two plough of chance a same time and is the beast! And it is really light goes to be toting he around.
4 / 5
Like this far this laptop is mediocre in better considering his prize. The life of battery is stunningly bad, 3 to 4 hours of moderate use without being plugged that maximum. This calm mean always has to that be looking for a outlet yes plans on doing anything more than spending this thing around in the stock exchange. Oh, And hardly it is unplugged action among some rubbishes. The limits of processor to use the core so only that applications of the slow half result and choppy.

When plugged In, spike to time to on 90 C and remain big while a processor takes thermally throttled same with the 120mV undervolt. 'I disturb Stimulate ' frames this car run extremely hot just to approach an announced 4.0 GHz speed. Has no repasted a heatsink, but has to that it does not have to that undertake this endeavour that considers a laptop is new mark . Significant coil whine in a defender, as well as backlight bleed in a screen, and to the upper things of a same laptop are listed now for $ 100 more than when I bought it (- $ 1750 originally).

To Seats likes him MSI has built the laptop to look well on paper and treat like this more like this possibly could until a day after a guarantee expíra. Really appearance are bad. A car do fault his purpose, but has has had to that again would look elsewhere.
4 / 5
Ossia For a MSI Creator 17M A9SD-046 with a GTX1660i Video Chipset. I want to love this laptop but like this of now likewise the hate a touchpad. In fact that the the hate is a lack of has advanced options that Windows 10 offers for a touchpad. I am disgusted that apart from investigation further of a question is costruttrici ridding in a control of a hardware to Windows/Intel and washing his hands of him. A result is mine 8 old year HP Envy with the Synaptics touchpad is far better that a mark 'of the Creators' new the laptop done for MSI. For example, they are them the legislation clicker, the amour to right click. A touchpad in a MSI conjoint of the laptop averts a right corner of the decent measure touchpad for right clicking. A small, tiny, corner of a touchpad. It can the change an interior of zone that the right click is registered. Nope, Reason Windows 10 there is at all of a class and there is hardware advanced any utility for a touchpad (east can find them, if any one can signal me in a right direction would be appreciated a lot). It can the he in mine very old HP, yep has beaten sure.

In fact trying decipher that a touchpad the hardware is the test in him. It looks that several companies of the hardware so only is ridding on to Intel and Microsoft to do he crappy sandwich of hardware with dumbed-down controls. It has done the say ossia the Laptop of Creators . I give the pause. I can any one like this far identify that a touchpad is of the aims is a Intel I2C touchpad which is so only a Intel interface for several hardware to a rest of a system. Undermining deep to the device Eats develops at all so only more crappy Intel I2C software and engine. A MSI the specifications for a laptop aim the big, fat at all for a touchpad hardware and can not find more documentation in a hardware.

Has looked for to install Synaptics by means of tent of Microsoft, nope any included installs, incidents during instalation, Elantech application of Tent, nope tip any installed hardware. Like this unless any one can signal me to a Intel Touchpad Utility which would be a first time the has not seen never such the thing then Windows crappy options of the point of the precision is. That he disgrace. I will owe that take the time that learns to use two click of toe (the half a register of time like the sinister click only) to take my functionality of right click behind. It is there is ruined so only my whole experience with a laptop.

For a rest of him the like it, is coming as it has announced. Screen, weight, quality of build, noise of partidário all well. They are not that it loves a keyboard and touchpad the be has pressed to a front of a laptop that leaves any room for your wrists but any the breaker of extracted. Would have more to the offer is but the did not use it a lot thanks to an aforesaid touchpad disaster.
4 / 5
Was really unimpressed with east to be sincere. I have had my hopes on top of the be the device of quality that considers a prize, this in spite of is not to value that paid for him. I will be to return the and buying the MacBook Pro 13' instead to the equal that knows will last much more a lot of plugged in. I have read in a first description to buy that a life of battery a lot of plugged would last 4-5 hours. This in spite of concealed is not a chance. When it Is touched fully and unplugged an only hard battery at most roughly 1 now & 1/2 unplugged. Anytime it is running has the strong defender that swipes and to to the sounds like is on is of last respite . A sale of battery has attached to a cord is one the big plus has not seen never for any computer. I do not want to lug that around. A laptop is weighed enough. Any like him To Him a creation on he of the dragon. An outside of looks the refrigerator of stainless steel. I have decided after a lot really taste Microsoft. I have tried spent a inverter supply to be able to discharges he this to and a reasonably priced one gave it so only a career of time of now extra, which has not helped reason have loved at least 4 hours. I think that that this thing fails like the laptop. Reason the laptops are suppositions to be easy to transport and last long without sources to be able to, this fails in both zones. A better name thus it would be one 'easy plus to move in the different room desk,' reason this thing is easier that move that a short of real office but still has to that be plugged in and basically stay in a same place. Honradamente Do not know reason any one would want to this. On in a 4th use has begun to retard down and ossia when it has said enough are enough am launching in a towel is one , has to return it. Ossia Probably a last time buys technology that is not to appoint mark. Reason another is to populate for the reason, his better products. My deception any better investigation in this prevails purchasing, has taken a word of any one taking paid to promote this and he results was so only lying by means of his teeth to take his yard. Anyways Is not to the value pleases does not buy it , unless they like him to you the returns, reasons is not the fun process and this product is very disappointing.
5 / 5
Amazing cyber prize of Monday, solid specs. The screen is fantastic and to the build feels quite well too much.

One @subjects a big plus am seeing them is quite intense CPU normal low time 3d it draw /uploads creative. We the full time Revives, which is CPU intense and this thing can paste 90 deg C quickly. Any insurance that are ossia for a device in a long career. It will update in the date he late plus.
4 / 5
I so only recieved this today, but my partner has better had his paralizaciones almost the year now and leave me some modifying with him. With which a prime minister modifies the work was hooked in a Creator P65. Amazing speed in fines the level that modifies in DaVinci Solves 16 and load 'painless' smooth and download. I have used the Mac Rids Pro in a past and this justy the swipes was in the photo and the video that modifies. Really excited roughly taking my own and a lot that has to that 'beg' my fellow to use his. The work adds MSI brancing out of your gaming creds.
5 / 5
To the equal that took around 3 weeks to finally decide in the laptop to buy for any only teleworking but also gaming and 3D creation. I have been with a MSI Creator 15M reason has finalised in that has better specs then the majority of a gaming portable of a row of same prize. It is súper fast and has abundance by heart. A paper of Map is RTX2060 that it was also better then some papers of map of some other laptops it. It comes with NVIDIA engine of creator pre-installed that in my opinion is better that a gaming engine. Some the only subjects have run to this that a battery so only will touch to 98 while gaming/heavy use, and also while gaming some defenders are quite strong. Another that that has found this laptop to be the good election for my needs.
5 / 5
The bang Adds partorisca your bucks has compared to other laptops the with the resemblances spec. A 4k the screen is súper acute and some colours were crisp. It is perfect partorisca gaming, photo/of video rendering and anything concealed requires partorisca accuse can in a gone. A creation is compact and feels extremely solid. I add compraventa!
4 / 5
Very - Prime minister of a hardware in this thing (i7/RTX2060) are enough adds for a prize. This has said MSI the execution is quell'has bitten rough around some flanges.
The frame has the significant quantity of flex in him, particularly in a backside of a screen where yours hand goes when it is bent and is dipping he in/out the stock exchange.
Papers in some tones already are rubbing was less than 3 month with which shabby
calibration by heart of a built-in the webcam is terrible - the images are blown often ours with roses tinted underlines
the placing of arrow key in an inferior legislation of a keyboard down one Enters key is bad foreseen. After accidently paste the partorisca some 100.os the times have finalised to disable his totally
Thermals likes so only A lot - STILL with the tampon the fresh plus
has Built-in the speakers are the bit tinny & meh
the tone feels could be better

In general is the decent laptop for a prize, but MSI would have to that direct in apt/arrival more. There is the niche for the most polished version of this laptop, although it is cost the little hundred more $ .
4 / 5
Has taken this in the cyber the Monday extracted like that the subject really good. I have read one revises as it says that the defenders are strong and runs hot, but concealed is not really the question for me while it is not too hot. Quite light for a power. A pairing of components looks the little wonky, 32gb of the ram is more than required for more when paired with this processor and paper of video, this in spite of, perhaps yes mainly modify the video of the photos and the big resolution would be useful. I have read that one 9th gene Intel the processor in this model is so only slightly faster that one 8th gene, like the processor is not that the bang adds for your buck has compared to some 8 chips of available core. This in spite of, is has considered the most stable chip near that one 8th gene, which is well, and with a prize has taken for Cyber Monday, this was entirely well. Still in a current prize, is the @@subject last well. But it would remark it can find the model with the decent 8 processor of core, concealed probably would be worth it the wise action, and do more felt with all this RAM. Given a prize to treat has bought he in, am very pleased with everything like this far.
5 / 5
Has been excited to take my laptop in a topmast to add it cyber monday prize. Unfortunately, when it has arrived in a yesterday was broken already! Any so only was a screen horribly there is aforado, and a whole system would stutter consistently, but also a partidário has been broken! It could listen a partidário has left clicking noisily while turning. Unacceptable for one $ 1800 laptop. Has has had questions with MSI portable the in a past, but thought that it would give him one more test. I have thought bad, doubts! To the amazon has offered to substitute a laptop, but if a prójimo one has some same subjects, or another equally like this troublesome the subjects then am finalised officially with MSI produced for abonos!
5 / 5
Has bought this laptop like him gaming desk substitution. Like this far it surpasses expiations of mine. Really happy with action in AAA games, and now with the mobility can touches almost anywhere. Running way of the long screen with an additional monitor there is remarked the slow down running 2 games immediately, but when I that, unlikely. For gaming in my big screen and exploring an internet in a screen of the laptop a same time are adds. The defender is noticeable but a lot distracts it when the heavy lifting 3D games. A screen in a laptop is awesome, clarity and real colour rendering is excellent. Workmanship In an organism, tones, trackpad is the upper notch. Also I want praise MSI for his packaging, very elegant and well cushioned.
5 / 5
Left beginning of whith ossia mine 3rd MSI portable to the equal that are the loyal defender . A same time this in spite of prime minister of mine 2 was a gaming serious GS line, as I accustom a black gamer looking portable. This P65 are add, still the good gaming portable but now looks much more professional. And now that am doing more with spreadsheets for my work a 4k the screen is a lot handy and the games still look good. It does not take Me bad has been for the purely gaming car I probably would have stuck with a GS line and taken one with the 144hz refresh. Another wise a 32GB of RAM is sum and a 1TB ssd the storage means are not chugging while doing in multiple spreadsheets, programs, web pages, and streaming the video in a fund. It likes to multitask :)
4 / 5
Experience with a intent to modify photo and video. It is described as having to that a lot of colour the attentive monitor but I have confirmed that a screen in my example was a lot inaccurate. It was better, this in spite of like this struggled, after treating to calibration. A loudness of some defenders is almost unbearable. Included a task to explore the photos in the browser of windows causes some defenders to change on to all the speed. A quality of global image of a 4K the screen is reduced for a anti-coating of glare. A lot it would prefer an use of glass of gorilla or alike.
4 / 5
After having been an user of Apple for on 25 years, when it is coming time to substitute mine 2010 MacBook Pro has found the perfect solution prójima in a MSI P65 Creator-1084. Servants likes hub of rigs of mine of register of mobile audio that careers Cubase by means of the RME Babyface Pro Interface. I am spent roughly two month that researches so much Mac and the windows have based portable and found a MSI Creator to have an action more orders to cost proportion and purchased it when it has been offered likes one of Amazon cyber deals of Monday. Almost two month after a compraventa has treated perfectly and looks partorisca be it sturdy build with the very fast start on time and noticeable lack of has comprised bloatware. A paper of map has treated admirably when that modification both AVCHD and XAVC S Files of video and a resolution of screen is sufficient to modify RAW images.
4 / 5
Has received so only my new p65 and right out of a chair of enamoured box. Has the silky chair really well his I of the that really knows likes one explains. The aims Feels elegant. Like this far I am downloading all my software to modify and is downloading really quickly. Some looks of screen to surprise. For a prize creates his really well currency he. It was compraventa around moment before I have found is one. It maintains to import that so only am using this laptop for the photograph that modifies. And ANY GAMING. But I am sure he also will manage gaming with a specs has.
4 / 5
Has looked for an internet for month for a perfect laptop and I think has found a saint grail with MSI P65 Creator. A prize is significantly better that a competition with a level of specs is taking, am impressed with quality & of build of the creation like this the laptop is a lot lustrous and it cooling has been the no @@subject with abundance of ventilations. Any question that edits 4K to to video likes rendering of the time is lightning quickly and a keyboard is a lot of responsive with the tampon of big clue that appreciates (fingerprint the reader has comprised!) Also it has expensive unlock but still that tries to dip that on and test. A 4k the screen is very brilliant, colour and vibrant and I need to try this alfresco. Highly it recommends this laptop for any to the video that modifies and work of global big action.
5 / 5
Exactly that has required partorisca substitute my computer. I do in photoshop daily and ossia a perfect computer partorisca that. It is easy to transport and to continuation well of. A colour is good and runs like this quickly are @partorisca give me now has to that there is upgraded the fact of long time. A trackpad is súper good and a keyboard feels adds in mine yolks. Highly it recommends this computer to any concealed digitally. It can take the little heat but the tampon of simple cooling solves it perfectly. Ossia A mine better computer.
4 / 5
Partorisca The laptop this light and this lustrous, an action absolutely is in amazing. Different the majority another laptop with the hardware adds, a P65 the creator looks professional and dips averts of almost all another gaming portable. This computer are adds for the video that modifies, the photo that modifies, gaming, and daily use. Meeting touching games while while to my video to surrender this in spite of lame the solid 60 fps. This computer can do it everything! It was able to snag this beauty for $ 1500 during Black Friday with 4k, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD and the RTX 2060. An I extracted better has not seen never for this class of hardware. The only defect was the pixel died with which two weeks of use with a prime minister an I has ordered. Felizmente, was able to exchange he for another and can not express that adds these careers of laptop. Highly recommend!
4 / 5
This laptop blows my last an era. At present I am using he to write code with my work of day, and is like this fast. No too big or heavy but to good sure any ultralight.
4 / 5
This laptop is surprising! Really it likes to of me! A prize is well.
5 / 5
Ossia The very good laptop for creative work. His súper light to spend and his 4k the exposure is brilliant with several by heart true settings. Pre-The creative tool installed resupply all a customization calm never need. The backup of battery is decent for normal activities/ fulfilled very intense like this graphic. Fingerprint Does perfectly well. A tampon to touch is massive and has not been sounds the boon or the curse like this there there is little spatial to rest your palmera in a laptop while writing and disturbs a place of mouse in time. Also, I wish a laptop there has been his speakers in some upper and the little better battery backup. But, in general touch the add compraventa.
5 / 5
Is has arrived died on arrival. A lid is a lot of flimsy and was also warped out of a box.
4 / 5
Is like the second Christmas that takes this beauty out of a box. It is very built and does not feel economic, a subject only is what flex a screen gives but concealed is not also of the question. A placing of keyboard feels very better that a Razer has possessed previously, reason all is situated in fact correctly. A main reason gives a MSi Creator he 4 out of 5 east because of a light turn in faculty (Razer ->MSi) has admitted that this portable cost also $ 300 less. Another that that, is a lot well priced compared to the competitors of him thus specs and delivery. While hard and a MSi is not the cop was.
4 / 5
Churns By means of 4k images. A horse of total work. Used he for 3 ads like this far. Paid for self the investment adds for 4k After the effects and premiere has based flows of work.

At least 500 those that competing options. I love this car. The worse part is a logo of dragon . lol.
5 / 5
A lot The majority of a product discription was a lot. But a true colour like this called doesnt work. Every time the installed an application maintains to say a device doesnt sustains it or so only says it wont does dud ad for a thing. The reset there is already a laptop once. Reason his didnt mention a fact that can turn you of a key of windows. And transmission he with a key of function. Reason a heck yall need to add this option. It has taken my like 5 hours to discover this was that spent and was after reset of mine. All some forums was of any help.

Top Customer Reviews: MSI GF65 Thin ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5 Antonia
Out of a box his beautiful. Much more slender and lustrous that leading versions and in general so only the plot more streamlined. An exposure is so only absolutely spectacular. A value so that calm taking adds. Partorisca 1k his class of unbeatable. But it concealed it does not come without questions, (gilipollas down)
Gtx 1660you and 9750h touches any modern game maxed was and always will be on 60FPS in my tests.
A ssd bootup the speed is phenomenal
A built in the help of utility optimises action
A new Intel wifi the leaves of chips partorisca 50MBPS downloads of steam. It repeats, DOWNLOADS of STEAM

the keyboard takes the bit partorisca take used to as each looks of the tone slightly out of place likes tried partorisca pack some discharge in like this closely like this possible
THIS THING OVERHEATS CALM OF THE ONE WHO USE FRESHER BOOSTER, paste 97C while touching battlefront 2 in meso only and after contacting msi support they so only gave partorisca turn besides fresh booster. That has solved absolutely a question but I have to that it does not have to that fly my defenders in PS4 decibels so only partorisca touch the game. But the good pair of headphones blocks all that was.
So only be ready partorisca he when being strong seeds yes plans on doing intense tasks or gaming. But partorisca a value entirely can spend for big.
My so only another complaint is a fact that a SSD is like this minimum in spatial. There is not any way can go without taking an external walk.
5 / 5 Ula
The work of full description partorisca explanations.
-Powerful and fast (kicking, game loadings, etc)

-the flange of a laptop could annoy your skin of wrist while writing partorisca too long
-Could take too hot partorisca use of lap (assuming is well on your trousers)

A strong and powerful car. The ones of way that far has touched it AC Origins/of Odyssey/Syndicate, SW: Jedi the mandate Fallen, Destiny 2, Legends of Apex, Fortnite, A Witcher 3, the heaven of Any Man, Ryse Edges of Rome and many another in some upper graphic settings. It has not had Never a lot of @@subject. There is a lot of preset partorisca defender and cpu/gpu has beaten. Some settings of car partorisca a partidário will he really calm (the external metal could feel bit it hot, but totally standable... It means a heat is exiting of an interior). I disturb The way will do it really fresh, but with a prize of a noise (calm will not remark with headphones. That The audio is well. Kicking The time is awesome (still with mine SSD fill the will not take still 10s partorisca achieve Windows 10 login screen). The screen is clear crystal (has come with 120 proportion of configuration of screen, changable in MSI config poster). The light keyboard brightness can be changed (4 levels, 0 to full), but the colour is always red. Touchpad Is odd partorisca me, but is not bad. It is really the thing and the light partorisca he is configurations. A key partorisca be able to is quell'has bitten hard to press, and in a first moment has thought that that it was out of battery, but in fact has not pressed quite hard. To the webcam will be automatically close all the time, unless you direct it on using Fn+key of keyboard (which does not agree how is inner a moment), has verified a Manager of Device and is really likes is not connected at all. An entrance to be able to is in a sinister side, for a half of a keyboard. Bluetooth Laws amiably with Xbox A Controller.
A reason would give : while writing, an after the yours the flange slightly could annoy skin (of then is using mostly for gaming with the controller and I use the wireless keyboard when I require to write, does not affect me , and taking bit it too hot to use to lap sometimes while gaming.
Produced really well, totally would recommend it.

Friendly memory: has around 500GB, as it could take around 8-10 of the games has installed new plus, of then take around 40-60GB these days.
4 / 5 Herman
An inner hardware are adds. Calm will not find the better value for the 6-core i7-9750H and 1660You.

- An only thing can complain roughly is a touchpad feels a lot of plastic and flimsy. It is also a lot entirely flushed with a coverage approaches a fund of a tampon and there is some travesía among pressing down in a tampon and taking to a tampon to click. But it is responsive quite and quite compatible for basic use. If you are gaming in the health you, but the wireless mouse would be the simple and economic solution .
- Additional USB-3 space would be a lot also. Two space is not quite enough. Especially it has the wireless/mouse wired that effectively it will reduce you to a space.
4 / 5 Billi
A lot of gaming portable for a money. I recieved loan it and in 5 mins of the turn on all was to arrive and that the careers and everything updates installed. Touching mechwarrior5 demo has run a game in the impulse the big quota kicked in but expected it he so that it is the map hog. A ssd is quite quickly a subject only is spatial of low storage for this a 4 star. A paper of video is quell'has bitten dated but seams to resist on enough well in msi afterburner test of stress. Like the solid gamer puter for travesía or glielo work to them bored.
5 / 5 Fallon
Loves this laptop, considering his weight especially. It is hanged like this light and easy to spend.
Here is that it likes them in this laptop and the one who the no.
1. The keyboard is surprising, the sound treats it to write in this keyboard. The distance of travesía is sum. Only calm can not disturb this keyboard. And Red behind-light is no this bad in fact, looks quite fresh when calm turn he on. 5/5 to take a legislation of keyboard.
2. It is quite quite when you are using he for normal operations. He any any noticeable his while exploring or using for another random material. Strong taking when gaming in the big settings but is not some worse. So many for me the noise of defender is a lot until has paste a fresher impulse, then will be a stronger thing in your room.
3. All more in this laptop is well, the exposure is very good and vibrant.
1. Well, I have read he in other descriptions also, touch-cushion in fact sucks, is like this bad that calms no master uses again. It gives the plastic feeling very economic when calm uses it and same when you press some keys on touch-tampon. You will know it is the low quality touch -tampon, MSI need to improve touch-cushion to plot. 2.5/5 For one touches-tampon.
2. The organism is fingerprint fond, touch he slightly and calm literally can see your fingerprints during a laptop and his like this bad that I can very so only use the piece of cloth to take them, calm perhaps has to that give this laptop the special treatment to take a fingerprints. And the worse thing is can not it buy dbrand skin for him so that it will owe that see your fingerprints daily in yours portable.
3. Any option to add a hdd, there there is so only an extra space for ssd, but has no spatial for a hdd. So that it means I have to that pay extra money thus ssd.
4. Action, Well this would have to that be new but while touching A Witcher Wild Hunt in ultra settings, has fallen some frames. YES he , is spent unexpectedly, Then the manually turned in a way of the Freshest impulse, with which that the smooth course.

Final thoughts: it is the value adds for your bucks, Probably an economic plus one with 1660you, included can take he for 850 there is the sale on that. It has been it is it does not go to be perfect, but touch-the tampon is a describe which MSI surely can fix with the little endeavour.
5 / 5 Loris
+ Value to be able to & adds for a money
+ Any too obnoxious with creation/of logos. It is slender and (averts of a logo of red dragon) 'professional' those looks
+ An action is sum . RTX Is the solid investment now same.
+ The speakers are 'well.'

- MSI Program a lot particularly good--has lost the diverse engine of component updates that I have while found raisin for element of Manager of the Device for element
- Strong when some defenders are up. It likes, really of strong.
- For intense games or of the long sessions, these defenders will be on or he overheat.
- WARNING To DIY-ers: I have bought a 8gb thought of model; 'Oh, they are a The TYPE , easily can take the most economic ram and the install to me.' As another there is remarked, when you go to open a laptop is quite defiant and a plastic in a chance is brittle-- has to that be a lot cautious. A lot of ports tick' also and is hard to snap behind in. Some spaces of ram are in a centre of a mobo but has to that take an integer of inferior chance was for the access. Alike history with a HDD/SSD empty ossia unoccupied. Reason could not dip the slide lateralmente-was access, idk, has been that that takes to the long of the decade in Dells...
- A chance is quite brittle/economic plastic. It is not to rugged build at all.
- Some ports of USB are in a right side of a build (any in accident) and an entrance to be able to is in a centre for a sinister part. Goodness to some management of uncomfortable boss. There is two USB 3/C put you but so only two 'oldschool' USB 3 put you, which is the tad unfortunate.
- The speakers are well, any utmost.
4 / 5 Graciela
Like the people have said before, this runs sooooo hot. It likes really hot. Perhaps it is because of a i7, but have 97 terracings in an of some cores that was horrible. It has taken the other of the laptop with the partidários has built in the constantly airs unexpectedly fresher to a backside of him. I also installed ThrottleStop (something has seen more recommends in some descriptions - the BIG thanks to any one has read that of) to undervolt one same underclock concealed a core has seen spiking. Like this far some results are promising, touching the control and The MODERN COD Warfare has seen around 75 degreese. Still the little in a warm side, but much more manageable. GPU Has not spent 65 degreese like this far and has not been the question. Also, note lateralmente, has finalised additional another 8gb clave of the ram of then has come so only with one.

Update: with which some additional tweaking, can take a CPU to run around 70 degreese. Mina stable big plus Cinebench bookmark with a undervolt to a core and cashe was 3130! Before undervolting, this was around 2789 and that careers in a 90 row of terracing. This does such the difference in of the games, run buttery smooth. To good sure take ThrottleStop and look of just/investigation on the little video of Youtube on where still download and regarding the career and will be all has dipped.

Am planning on taking MSI Afterburner and seeing yes can press a GPU the little more also. A GPU still is running around in a mid 60 row of terracing in full load without any adjustments so many chairs likes concealed is quite respectable like east.. Thought so only could be able to express the little more juice out of a GPU.

Before and with which:

CPU - 97° before adjustments; 70° with which

commentaries lateralmente: the effect lateralmente wonderful of undervolting (which have known no reasons in fact have known no anything roughly he previously to buy this laptop) is that it augment a frequency of core when you undervolt reason a CPU is not when being throttled for some main temperatures and concealed means it can run faster in of the main speeds. As any only is much fresher but also much more powerful. Mostly it has used Cinebench so only to do sure a undervolt was stable, but has maintained to take bookmarks/marcadors augmenting that now it felt to an increase operative speed of a chip. Ossia Different of a overclock (something has done in a past) reason this is not fixed to like for the 10700k, one disturb in a 9750h still rests , but down cariche, originally has taken around when he throttled, but now are more afterwards to 4ghz consistently. It can still paste when he turbos.
4 / 5 Johnathan
First computer adds for the youngest user that does not need a material of upper final. Disappointed does not have a hdmi or port of exposure -- only usb ports. It has had to buy boss of adapter the interface with my monitor. This was the little amazing for the gaming portable that the people will use with external monitors almost guaranteed. It has built-in ethernet port which is a lot those is exiting fashionable with the newest models.
4 / 5 Hilario
Enough the model of red creator but the little hundred of a cost and do one same feels a lot of fact and utmost work of only difference among a creator 15 and ossia red keyboard and black organism but same ports and specs so only with centre of dragon in place of centre of creator but does one same and there is more the characteristic has aimed in gaming but turn some lights was and calm basically the the creator 15 only back and runs warm but portable thinner do so only dipped the profile on centres of dragon and when you launch the game so only uses a shortcut and can have the defenders that to the main career like has done them on centre of the creator so only reasons has taken them this was reason 300 less than creator 15 model and included specs the only different colour but another there was i5 and felt bottlenecked in of the games because it has had it to them acer predator heliums 300 with the i7 and 1660you and didnt feel like a same action included this in spite of era included specs. Only small negative is life of battery but can in fact some small gaming with msi player of application the one who leaves to touch games in the majority of smartphone of android
5 / 5 Li
depends in that I need the stops of new laptops. If you are looking for maximum mobility and the life of long battery, this does not go to do he for you. If you are looking for the decent gaming/appliance of studio of the work, looks no further. 'Decent' could be underselling the. For a lot down $ 1,000 it is taking a pertinent gaming computer that will run any launchings of new title in him in some measure, usually the big and that satisfies spent. A GPU and CPU will offer all a precise power is for the video that modifies or looking film of big definition. It would owe that have scarce to any hiccup with your product, like this hardly has any with a laptop has received. I owe that admit MSI is the good mark with the reputation for the in fact annoying quality to maintain. I will give you mine pros a gilipollas for a MSI GF63 has received.

PROS: A GPU and CPU is powerful. Any individual modifying, gaming, or the audio that program of the mixes of software will suffer too many hiccups. After a week, has not treated any incidents at all that like this never, and has been stressing he with some quite intense gaming and the video that modifies. Minor lagging here and there but no an obstacle. An audio is decent for a way. A build is sturdy -- would not owe that have any cosmetic subjects with regular use. Calm obviously will want to avert falling it. A screen casing is metallic and thin, a rest is the hard, a bit jagged (this in spite of any uncomfortable) sturdy plastic. A keyboard has the red behind-light with three levels of brightness. You take a anti-exposed of glare with grandson 1080p definition, although it is yellow-moved for incumplimiento. Calm easily can fix concealed and take the most balanced colour diagram out of him. Other notes in this model in the chance there is any confusion: it would owe that coming with 3 USB 3.0 space, a HDMI in a backside, the mic jack, the headphone jack, a ethernet port, and the micro type of USB C port.

GILIPOLLAS: A mousepad sucks. Buy the mouse, included an economic plus some are an improvement . This mousepad is the only wobbly plastic program of pure craps. A keyboard, this in spite of comfortable to write on, does not come with the tampon of number. If calm absolutely need a then so only would owe that buy this laptop in all the chance, is taking treats it well. You will have saved abundance to purchase any precise extensions. A life of the battery is not in amazing. If you are gaming will want to touch it each pair of hours or so many. For mundane web surfing, light gaming, and the photo that modifies, a battery will last 4hrs or like this, the decent swipe of the entertainment yes is taking the flight. A SSD is quickly, but meek. In 250GB, already would owe that expect require an outside HDD for serious storage. You will owe that have the settings he big plus of a partidário there is enabled to run intense map, which will be a bit strong. Personally I do not concern , if an audio means so much your calm then would owe that have the together decent of headphones in all the chance. A lot especially, this is not to rig it highly mobile. Attended have an outside HDD or other extensions dangling out of him to plot of a time. If you are by train of the take camping, attended have a wide bank of battery.

CONCLUSION: If you canal this laptop to your office will be the fantastic and leisurely delight to use. It does not expect the mobility adds. If it love it failry smooth and responsive computer for treats it well, then to look around calm reason the the really found. If my continuous experience be like this positive how is, then calms will not listen of me again, otherwise will maintain has update.

Update: With which two weeks this laptop still is treating perfectly and am pleased. State gaming nonstop. Out of some 6 laptops have been it by means of this one is more.
4 / 5 Armando
Well I go partorisca return this element Yes at all possible because of a screen flickering every time is unplugged. He doesnt that when it is plugged in. But when unplugged is not exactly ideal to have a screen spazz out of the each one 2-3 minutes. And my main reason to take this laptop was to use for my classes of graphic drawing. Another that that I have to say that it is the decent laptop , but is not ideal to have a screen flickering, as I will return this element.
4 / 5 Lina
Has been looking for the new laptop for the long time that maintains ( reading descriptions and asking around for 8 months). I have landed on this because of a point of prize, measure of screen, RTX 2026 among other things. It was able to snag on the 64gb quell'extra and on sale ram 1tb NVMe PCIe drives like this now is maxed was and can run Anything in Ultra Settings. The life of battery sucks still gaming but again is running Upper Tier games in ultra precise have your laptop plugged. The defenders are strong but maintain it fresh. Gaming For 4 hours and this remains down 70 Celsius. They are extremely happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5 Rolland
Fast processor and excellent action. Some benchmark testing and he ranked near of a cup further of desktop computer. The battery is good but does not add . But ossia to be expected with the beast has taken. The screen is brilliant with the resolution adds and a start of audio is exceptional. Very happy with a quality and creation. Highly recommended!
4 / 5 Demetrice
A laptop is has used ANY NEW! :(.
A tampon of mouse is which gone back! Of then it looks it it has been used, fraction, and now fixed, then shipped like new:(
I has comprised the video in a description to aim you that I bad.... I did not expect it to be this bad:(
5 / 5 Barrett
application of the Low quality thermal paste in a factory mean can not use a CPU to his full potential without frying your car. Disabling Impulse of clock with Throttlestop help significantly, but then because payment thus CPU can does not use correctly?

I defenders are in maximum speed in the 70 room of terracing while touching COD: Warzone.
4 / 5 Maire
An only thing that would have done this laptop perfects is has had ray 3. Otherwise Is the upper notch . It agrees, when calm a calibration of battery in a Dashboard of Dragon, he automatically dipped your battery the 'life of better battery'. You will require to change the backside the better action otherwise yours the battery will not touch spent 60.
4 / 5 Princess
This was the investment adds sure !! Utilisation for both gaming and for working of house. His very fast and has a awesome exposed. Ossia Perfect for any gamer and good for fines tasking. Cortona This comes with this quite good to. The battery has taken the small to touch with in some settings but calm once take some settings correct one goes for the long time. An only thing would take with this laptop is the partidário fresh to go down it . His downloads self quite well but so only to prevent overheating he doeint hurt to have the defender down that. But on all portable a lot of a lot a lot of value of the money 👍👍
5 / 5 Margareta
He a laptop is well. It was so only able to upload a game because of spatial of the insufficient walk and the global corners are rough and feel economic. Any look of defenders to run in disturb speed all has launched game of game when plugged in. When unplugged, I so only taken perhaps an hour to touch on life of the battery and he gave me the 30 according to the look and he have turned was... He yes short , yes will touch the game but is defiantly the product of economic feeling.
5 / 5 Bernardine
Loves this laptop. I bought it to substitute my primary system and is more than doing that I need. It has not touched a lot of games still but with addition of cradle and kvm am running on 3 screens for my work. 6 cores, 16GB RAM (expandable to 64) have more than happy for a future
5 / 5 Kit
Like this far this looks a awesome computer. So that far there is it so only has touched it ff7 on that. A game looks better in this computer that the each one which there was before this in spite of 😊. And somehow a tampon of mouse is much easier to use that I have not seen never before that
4 / 5 Nigel
A gaming careers of laptop almost all some games have touched smoothly, and is not heavy too that considers his measure. Although sometimes the low but big-the noise of frequency comes on when roll in the calm room, is not the question that spends the headphones and I take likes the subject common in laptops. I am satisfied enough with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Gita
This laptop are adds for moderate to avid gamers. It runs big quality graphic games without @@subject. It has come packaged safely, securely has wrapped in of the multiple discharges. Any the one who has of the money thus portable will not be disappointed.
5 / 5 Dotty
With which exactly 28 days of light use, has turned in a laptop and a battery was %55; 5 minutes later, a screen was black. I have found that a device was closure without any opinions and I could does not turn on. I plugged one load, has turned on and a battery was %0.

Could not imagine was as it could the drain of battery of %55 to %0 in five minutes of the internet that explores.

Has decided to return a unit has had of then two days have left in mine 30 turn of period of days.

Can be provisional dysfunction, but for frames he new unit, has been expecting something better.
5 / 5 Zachary
The action adds. It likes him another has declared, lack of ports of USB. 2 So only. Ossia The bummer. Touchpad Is wobbly, but well. The screen is a lot well, but so only 120hz.

Short of the games a lot well.
4 / 5 Eleni
A lot of pc, took it more for general use but has done the little Gampalay in the and he well, but cut the little warm. A defender is quite this in spite of even in plenary. I have added the SSD for more than storage and another clave of ram all súper easy.
4 / 5 Ricki
Buys the version i7 9XXX for a fellow and me that delighted, is thin and light but that any one convince fully is this map nefasto, the good is that my fellow so only has used he for basic tasks
5 / 5 Louann
has bought this laptop done on the month, and paid $ 1100 for him. Like this far I am a lot happy with him, but the desire has had the terabit of spatial in place of one 500 gigabytes, also any tampon of number in a keyboard, and these heats of what up like an oven. Value of the money but can resupply take something with more than storage.
5 / 5 Dortha
Has ordered mine with the 1660you. An action of this laptop is incredible. A quality of build could be better in general, a trackpad is a bit free, the desire there is more empty state of USB, and a keyboard isnt a more adds, but calm will not find better action for a prize. A screen is also fantastic. I can not stress that well this thing runs everything, has included up against my much more expensive desk build.
5 / 5 Chastity
Awesome! Terrific laptop ready for gone well out of a box! And, it has been boxed also a lot good to protect he during shipping
4 / 5 Jackeline
Takes extremely heat a lot quickly. Thermal throttling arrives a lot quickly and a screen takes on the majority of the game will not touch even in settings a lot down without a annoyingly defender of impulse the strong function fresher on. To to The hard battery likes 2 of hours without being plugged in
4 / 5 Delta
I have purchased portable fact 2 month. A subject with a camera is the disappointment of the entity partorisca a prize has paid partorisca a computer. I had it that has not used never a camera until my grandson has looked for to use my laptop for on-line class. It was unable to mediate in a class because that the camera has not done. Life of the battery is not well for long periods of use.
4 / 5 Belle
The camera there is prendido to do after a month, and a saving of file of the task and freezings of inaugural causes.
4 / 5 Ike
Has been in a phase for the gaming portable for the long time. Finally, it was able to take this laptop and day a, loves that. Some games on here ran like this smooth, Seasons them run also software like photoshop and animate and for real is in amazing. His able to run everything of software without the hiccups and he well of the sure money.
5 / 5 Beatris
Took it so only. It was packaged a lot well, the look adds. It begins on súper fast. I will be to use he for commercial mostly to the equal that will update when it was more.
4 / 5 Shandra
The desire could have maintained a laptop, but defective wine the arrival. I have had to that return because of the green image distorted in a right side of an exposure (when you clique well in a desk screen).
5 / 5 Qiana
A laptop fulfilled or has surpassed everything of my expectations. I have required to substitute my old MSI with which has broken but has known would be to buy another. The mobile advance sent the product of quality in an amazing prize. It has arrived quickly and it was well in my row of prize. To good sure will look to buy they in a future.
5 / 5 Willena
Has given initially to 1 description to star reason has arrived almost 2 late week. A camera, apparently, there is not coming installed in a computer that?
5 / 5 Simone
The portable work adds for gaming, highly would suggest in the now on stimulates fresher like heat taking really quickly, goes to buy also the tampon of cooling (which are economic) goes to be gaming still súper long periods of time.
4 / 5 Martin
Fantastic gaming computer! Coupled He with the seagate 2TB external walk, and is a together perfect up!
5 / 5 Jerome
A battery dies interior 15 minutes, has loved them the good computer for gaming... But unless it is plugged to a wall, can does not use!
5 / 5 Corinne
Ossia One of some portable the best that has used, his fast, his powerful, and has quality of amazing map, recommends them to download has update the engine when calm begin it on, using a NVIDIA application.
4 / 5 Dallas
Does not take this, has bought this any long , and already are having subject with him. Really it does not recommend this laptop. I have tried to ask the repayment, but has not received any help. Now I am stuck that paid for the terrible laptop.
5 / 5 Joette
Extremely quickly, good creation, in amazing investment!, Highly recommended!!!!
5 / 5 Lyla
The laptop has turned on but the screen is remained black . I am disappointed for a value this thing cost. I will be to Take the substitution sent hopefully this a
5 / 5 Lester
Quite noisy and short hot, but pursue well! It has not had any subjects.
4 / 5 Neil
Excellent action for the games , qualities of graficos a lot well , excellent inversion.
5 / 5 Jaquelyn
A product has arrived quickly. Easy to take a computer that read and is quickly.
5 / 5 Rubin
Ive There went it the 5 days now and are really enjoying this gaming portable for a prize!

Top Customer Reviews: MSI GP65 Leopard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
4 / 5 Santiago
In the first place I will begin with a GILIPOLLAS: One 1660 You it the model is not the 144hz the exposure likes announced, is 120 (the amazon has has update of then this partorisca reflect with accuracy). Screenshot Has comprised. Mostly it touches the oldest games (A bit those that of 2017 but more older that 2011) and many have had subjects of compatibility with a 120hz exposed is. A lot they have required convoluted workarounds partorisca take that they run. Included when plugged to an external source like mine 60hz 1080p the TV can no partorisca take them partorisca do usually. If somehow it takes some the incompatible games the touch will retard down and game in 50 speed in 30fps or double speed in 120fps. So only a game I game is quite new to explode a 120hz and hardly remarks a difference of 60hz. You can neither dipping this exposure to 60hz, so only 120 and 48. I imagine a 120hz refresh the tax would be noticeable for newer FPS titles but for a platformers I game has been insignificant .
My subject @second is some speakers . You. It is. Abysmal. I have listened the better sound that begin of the toy of the economic boys. They are tinny and big pitched whiny in better and touch a lot of echo-and. Still with a has comprised Nihimic his tweaking the software can any one for a life of me takes him to touch satisfactory. They are located also in a fund of a laptop that adds to a terrible muffled his same when seating in the flat surface. My leading cheapo 2015 Acer portable and my extremely old 2012 MACBOOK way of his better that this.
My final @@subject big is life of battery . I comprise gaming the laptop is not never be a lot on life of battery but this a, or at least mine, so only last in an hour unplugged to all the cost that is doing or the one who the background process has closed was. One a lot before what has done with this when I unboxed the (after leaving key to full first of closing turning it on) has been run a comprised MSI software of Centre of the Dragon and has used a battery external function to improve life of battery. Well clearly the has not helped. I can very still there is Chrome running something in Hulu or Youtube without draining roughly 1 by minute! And to run the game? It forgets it, takings perhaps 10-20 minutes of the no-demanding (ossia a concealed a lot has included done some defenders kick on) the first game of this thing has died of 100 full battery load.
A the subject smaller is a placing of USB . There is so only one in an accident and two in a legislation in an a lot of front. If you cover anything in any of those often among a way of emotional your mouse around. Tolerable, But quite annoying unless you are touching in the spacious surface and can extend your arm out of has bitten it. AC Discharges he of adapter is also in a half for a right part and can go in your way also. A cord partorisca is very fat and the claves was roughly 1' of where he atascamos in. One uploads brick to be able to is also the massive ' x 3.5' x 1' and bit it uncomfortable to travel with.
Some defenders can run quite strong especially have paste one disturb the key he the fresh plus but this really does not annoy me , neither really touches anything concealed his fact has fallen on too much. They can be quite strong that to touches to like any one is running the dryer of hair or vacuum in a next room on. So you will be gaming in the place where is calm, like the library or university, the people around will remark a sound. World of Warcraft on all max the settings is like this strong of the game I never the game is. Some defenders so only kick on when to the plot of effects is spending in a screen and so only maintains an average of 85fps (45 in the setting of raid with a lot of wave effects to go was) with these settings. Entirely unnoticeable difference of a 60fps of the mine other computers.

Now to a PROS: A hardware is extremely powerful for a prize and a build of a laptop is upper notch. A lid and the screen are encased in metal while a fund is the quite sturdy feeling plastic thickness. A screen does not feel flimsy or jiggle when when be open or taking jostled. A laptop is the gorgeous does of art and a software comprised for one For-Key lighting is amused to touch around with. Calm included can do different lighting profiles for each alone program that the automatically will change to use for whichever is running in a foreground. A MSI software of Centre of the Dragon also is in amazing. It can control everything inside your PC, things that calm usually has to that I control in a BIOS or use another program to control. It likes him the defender RPM, CPU/GPU time, that RAM/CPU/GPU can it is has used ect. Also it can maintain all yours the majority of engine of the up to date entity with a click further of the plethora other handy things. Also it leaves tweak these settings for all the control.
An inner webcam is of decent quality and an interior mic is also quite decent also. Some tones have the utmost to feel and answered to them, so that done a trackpad. A thing I really likes is when you resist down a tone of Function underlines some tones can use while it resists that key down.

Is planning The only touch a late plus AAA titles and FPS this would be the add compraventas. This in spite of is taste and enjoy of some games plus very old on Steam/Uplay ect can you he finds has frustrated quickly. You can love also it considers having the headset or bluetooth speaker to pair with east of some inner speakers touch almost ear-bleed worthy.

UPDATE: I have decided to maintain this laptop after any when being pas able to find the satisfactory substitution in a same row. I have done enough the few improvements of mine first description roughly the leading month. I have discovered a terrible sound was because of a Nihimic program of sound. I have closed once that down and leave a incumplimiento Realtek engine of audio the control a sound is entirely a lot now, no more tinny terrible ear-the sounds of bleeding to exit of speakers of mine. Calm the favour and delete these rubbishes Nihimic program. This in spite of some still his speakers muffled when being in a subordinated but his very better when have a laptop has elevated the bit in a front. A lot of some subjects of incompatibilities of the oldest game had is dulcemente state solved with to plot of extra tweaking and work. Some games this in spite of him still no correctly, neither believes never . Another that that honradamente has been that loves this laptop some times of plus spend with him. They are able to look past is few defects of terrible drawing (placing of speaker, usb placing, uploads to plant of discharge, terrible battery) but go to be always the constant ache in a butt can live with. The client has contacted still service in a subject of the speaker and they have gone back mine quite promptly and was a lot of courteous. Although with a placing of life and poor speaker of terrible battery I still find me spending mine MacBook instead to touch music and video when they are on and roughly and not planning to game. This basically precise laptop be plugged at all to squander a purpose of the laptop does not say ? My battery neither will touch to full still although has a profile of the battery dipped to do like this. I plan to contact MSI in a junky battery afterwards.
5 / 5 Nana
The sinister start was with a trader was a lot. It was a lot of packaged and arrived in the week.

Possesses a MSI GE62 6QD Apache Pro with a NVIDIA GTX 960M graphic paper, 128ssd 1 TBHDD i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz. It is it schemes to add and I love it . But with a whole work of what of house, I screwed on and for some first time of a dawn of laptops, I toppled mine and has broken a screen. I imagine, hey, is four years , would have to take the new one and use an old to one like him the backside on when I substitute a screen.

A MSI GP65 Leopard 10SEK-048 is the disappointment of entity.
A gilipollas:
AC the league of cord in a centre of a the side, no in a backside for a part. Has quite a lot of question with the bosses that is in my way and ossia ALWAYS in a way.
2 put you of USB are in an a lot of front for a part in a legislation. Again, any one the legislation of boss where yours the right hand is taking the drink? Much less 2? If it do not use a lot of peripherals of USB, this can not be a subject for you.
Less than an hour of life of battery. That this same sense of mark partorisca to notebook? Any one imports that it is doing, included in a lower brightness and dipping of saver. Less than an hour. My four old year GE62 takes 2.5 hours still.
Sleep? Good regime with that. On sleep, included with a lid there is shut, the awake mine arrives each one that three hours and cycles by means of something, then goes back to sleep. It does not leave It unplugged and think the sleep will do you a lot very at all.
A camera. I do not comprise it . Perhaps his reason a screen is more acute, but a quality of some looks of the worse remote camera that mine GE62.
Some speakers. Really any value a lot at all. Included plugging A laptop to the 32' TV with a HDMI the boss has not helped a sound a lot. It was quite sad.

A Pros
Quite tones, if it likes him-dye them to you
Acute screen to look your less than an hour of video or touching yours less than an hour of games or conversing with any on Zoom or Skype for less than an hour. Unless it calms it does not want to be mobile and so only loves spent in your boss to be able to.
Fast. There it is not denying a speed.
Fine to Treat well. They are the person the one who maintains diverse things that goes in the time. Excel Is the by heart notorious thief and am famous for having dozens of macizos spreadsheets opened and working, together with Netflix, Photoshop, the image that modifies programs, and perhaps that run the game in a side. It does not affect an action of this car at all.

A lot to the equal that has loved to love this car, am hardly able of the use at all. It is useless to the equal that to notebook, has the terrible creation for a cord to be able to and ports of USB, is the disappointment in of the so many basic ways. But a breaker to treat is a lack of life of battery. That is a point of the notebook where you pode any mobile taking? If all want to is the processor and the paper of map to monitors of propiciadas still game of game, has better elections there.

Update 2020-5-1: By means of any help of one (certainly very a lot) office of help, I finally found the way to extend a life of battery in my personal computer (any guarantee will help more). I have closed down a Centre of Dragon entirely. With Centre of Dragon on, volume 1 now and 18 minutes to explore time, doing absolutely at all more. For manager of inaugural task and entirely when finalising a task of Centre of the Dragon, as it is not that it runs in a fund, has augmented my time of battery to 4 hours to explore time. I thought it at the beginning it could be my tones have it like this dipped to Súper Battery (those turns of one has has lit tones). It has not helped. As I have verified to see that has affected my life of battery. Centre of the dragon looked in a cup. Closing down reset of centre of the Dragon a life of battery to almost five hours, but so only has taken four hours out of him ( has closed the down before it has died, like this perhaps four hours and 15 minutes). Ossia Light exploring: Amazon, eBay, reading pieces, posting on pair of forums. At all it concealed to take any real CPU can of past or RAM. It will update again once I have recharged and run a battery by means of some real work but the estaca have wanted to this in chance any one has had more this @@subject and could help.
4 / 5 Clarice
Has ordered this laptop that thinks it has had all have loved, a laptop is gone in condition adds the week with which have ordered, but a subject only is a monitor is 1920 x 1080 x 120 hz. Any 144Hz like this announced that. It is it is disappeared something? A lot disappointed to see this. Deceptive description!
4 / 5 Brittany
Announced likes 144hz initially, the only reason ordered it.

Looked likes 120.
Take that the deceptions spend but LEAVE the PEOPLE KNOW those who have ordered it already, perhaps?
5 / 5 Vicente
A GP65 the leopard is the powerful laptop , able to run any game has launched in him on big settings. Besides a keyboard is enjoyable to use, like the tones have had the good cushion to them and for tones RGB. A screen was also very drawn, sturdy and crisp.

Unfortunately, any of these subjects been due to some sounds of this laptop. During my game times a laptop has maintained a lot fresh when compared to other laptops the, but wine in a cost of the very strong defender. While ossia understandable, and could have has looked the on, if some speakers have not been like this bad. Ossia Where this portable failure, and hard failure. Some speakers owe that to to an echo likes whine to of them, this all the sounds muted and walk. Included when it could listen some speakers in a defender, has preferred for them to be muted, reason touch like this bad.
5 / 5 Cindy
The Laptop is incredible, can configure the keyboard his preference, actuate the seguace for more than show, screen of a lot of good quality, body in aluminium the breakings of mayor and the gabán is a compraventa sure arrive me before the estimated, arrival for the light. It updated it it will be description in a pair of weeks.
4 / 5 Roscoe
Law well and the monitor adds a lot of coloreado without any calibration so only downside is hdmi port sound the 1.4 and dp is 1.2 a lot so only for 1080 start and the port of exposure has limited so only too but works well any keyboard of overheating is good and responsive only negative that the see is that it has had it so only 2 harddrive ports a stock harddrive and he 2.5 there is markings in a joint for the nvme gene 4 but doesnt have a groups is coming with 2 extra rays like this unsure that it is partorisca but in general adds and would have to that last the hard battery runnings of the bulls longer msi dragoncenter and dipped some settings in being able the windows the taken around 4 - 4 1/2 hours on savers of battery with cpu now the days are quickly enough to use when management down settings to save can this in spite of take quite a lot of speed for random use cant see reason a lot of game in a capacity of battery anyways of then he wouldnt last quite long to use the more would kill to beat faster perhaps will owe that 3rd battery of the party undertaken later for the capacity augmented of this model is news of the still mine has been done the month before it ordered it to them so it would owe that last atleast the first year to require to upgrade again the difference of desktops cant upgrade more along

Update :
cant really recommend anymore of then fan begun to rattle with which 2 weeks of perhaps the total of 15 hours in of the totals mostly touch an hour the day then the other was investigation and use of the half comunicacionales social is not never state fallen and never overheated well the screen of the laptop aired there is had alot of backlight bleeding the think mostly been due to when you have closed a lid he wouldnt be flush in a a side because a metal of lids can it to them guess has been bent during manufacturing
has gone back to asus this laptop doesnt have a lot of options of storage neither theres impression in a motherboard for another nvme walk but wasnt a lot the group soldered so only in the laptop in general felt very economic
loved it really likes so only a lot is keyboard and screen when in the room lit as well as you cant see backlight bleeding the think the screen is done for LG that did loves it like more than then the believe lg add IPS Screens
5 / 5 Kerrie
Msi has done the good work that dips this together car has the beautiful exposure and creation. A RBG the looks cool. But a better part of this car is a hardware. Big final cpu and gpu. I can touch Pubg on 100+fps in ultra frame without questions. I have it quell'has touched also fortnite on 130+fps in settings of épico. Some defenders can take some those strong in time but at all crazy sound the gaming portable. Also this thing is quickly. It would suggest to add more spatial and ram down a street for closing of better experience. Big final pc for midrange prize. The sound flies it.
4 / 5 Allena
Does a year has given on my Monster Desk that has used to multibox WOW with (10x accounts) and has been looking for the new laptop that has better spent my new and very mobile life. Always it has hated to do with the laptop but has imagined has not possessed the laptop in 8 years (state building my own desktops) has required for the give the shot and his not liking that can spend desk with me each one which where.

This laptop (17inch RTX 2070 goes) is quite ailing. The settings of Exposure advanced to confirm 240Hz Exposure. An exposure is very very brilliant. A Storage is spare for my Steam + Blizzard Games. WOW In Max (10) the settings looks 105- FPS and (9) looks 145- FPS, Tera Looks enough, Joins of looks of Legends... It Likes him he joins he of Of Legends. They are happy with almost everything in of the considerations to this laptop, this in spite of this life of battery is horrid. This laptop is like this the hungry power that still when his plugged in, fight to break included in one load %. I unplugged This bad boy in 88 and has touched HEARTHSTONE for 50minutes and an enclosed laptop was. This MSI Centre of the dragon already are giving questions so only the week for the use. He in fact wont launcher properly anymore. It closes on on 'while to SDK began, will have to look in this late plus. A software is quite decent. When being able to regulate levels of the action in a fly is well. This hot short laptop, but that gaming portable any? In general I chair has taken that have paid partorisca, a life of battery is absolutely terrible but the supposition can very really expect a lot the gaming portable. My games run amiably, an exposure is very lit, and an audio is in fact quite strong. An audio was one first what that has taken my attention when in the first place kicking like this Cortana has tried to speak mine, I literally jumped in my chair because it was like this strong and when I have tried drop has seen was so only in 50! RGB The keyboard is class of beast and when I have dipped a colour to simple aim is looked to be the light blue instead, this fijamente with which rebooting. I am annoyed slightly in a fact that has any tone of windows in a sinister side but I will take used his. A spacebar also ignores the touches concealed is too close up of a flange of some bars. Also to to I chair likes a bit the ports of USB is very bad situated in some means for a right part, tends to maintain my mouse quite prójimo like this sometimes find me that it paste an end of a boss of USB to the mine mouse with my thumb or included a mouse, he.

PROS: Brilliant exposure, 240Hz, Strong Speakers, Speeds of Partidário Adjustable, Action in-game, A lot of ventilations, maintains my warm breakfast leaves the neighbour.

GILIPOLLAS: 1HR- has SEEN of BATTERY, touching hardly can resist current % according to use, the centre of Dragon can be quite an annoyance, Any tone of Windows in sinister side, the Spatial bar tends to ignore some touches concealed is too close up of a flange, the Bad ports of USB have situated, Covers my cold drinks before fully I can him enjoy.
4 / 5 Leanora
Absolutely love this laptop! It kills all launch in him! Taken the mainly for VR and can touch Meso-Life: Alyx in ultra frame with zero lag! To good sure value a seal of prize, does not doubt to buy! The vendors have shipped súper fast and the container has been packed well.
5 / 5 Karisa
They are sure he is a good laptop, but I hate partorisca say that he hardly works. I had it on partorisca less than a first hour to take 6 accidents and the 'the CRITICAL PROCESS DIED' MESSAGE. All Steam downloaded. In a process of factory resetting he maintaining and the go to give a plus casualidad in some wait that that can take the closing of work. I comprise a description is inefficient in in fact that estimate an action of a laptop, and so only skews a half description was I partorisca the give 1 star, as I will give it the 3 and hope to update this to the 5 God forbidden the take that it runs.

Update: it Tries to dip it up after expecting an hour partorisca he to reset all, has while frozen has changed my settings to daunt. Needless Partorisca Say, this is not the very good laptop, and would not suggest it be used partorisca gaming when you can very included run properly. This was my never portable prime minister like my expectations were really down, especially that comes from/comes from the desk, but this has blown these expectations directly out of a water. Wow, The one who the disappointment.
5 / 5 Marylou
Tip: dipping my minimum processor and maximum state to less than 100 (I mine of beside 95) in some options partorisca be able to the fresh helps down a CPU for the considerable quantity and maintains a defender partorisca drive mad at random.

Absolutely love this car, better bang partorisca a buck sure, a CPU and GPU run over any rendering launches of task in him and his thermal action during gaming with Ultra the settings is phenomenal.
4 / 5 Serena
Some speakers are quite bad. They announce some speakers twice in a sticker on salvation king audio, and 'giant speaker'. Nah. Rubbish.

Short of the things quite well. Murderous odyssey Of create in ultra on 70 fps half.

Takes quite hot. Cpu Seats around 85c was with 'coolerboost ' and the kootek defender to cool down.

OH And suppose that it would have to that mention that I have purchased one 2070 Súper variant, but when I took it, was so only one very súper variant. They have then changed a description to not comprising a esuper' and tried to the law likes did not offer it never. Has a screenshots and commanded info this says otherwise. Scammers.

In general a leopard is the decent laptop , but his to good sure resisted behind in some speakers and a RAM. Upgrade A ram asap when I take this .
5 / 5 Precious
BEWARE - Looks to be upgradable (capacity to add the 2nd SSD), but a connector is not there. I have bought this planning to add mine 1TB SSD for additional storage as it would not require to spend an external walk around. The descriptions and the description have done looks this was possible. There is the space for an extra SSD, so only has not added the connector. I opened it of then, no material can return for the different model, would exchange for one 17” if this was the election to arrive to this point. Quell'Unworthy concealed, looks to be the good laptop, and is quickly!
4 / 5 Augusta
Has had this laptop the small to the long of the month and like this far his stellar summer. The game that uploads is súper quickly, a webcam has surprised HD quality. Kicking it up is súper quickly to the equal that is closing down a laptop.
A life of battery is a lot to be wished yes is using a backlight in a keyboard drains a battery quite quickly, has an option to run a laptop in súper way of battery that would recommend yes calms so only is doing on-line during a day.
The laptop is expandable in both memory as well as to hard walk like cn be upgraded to 64GB by heart that it is an astronomical quantity by heart and so only really required yes is the heavy gamer.
In general am loving this laptop and to good sure would recommend it to other people.
4 / 5 Devon
Is the gaming portable so that your battery to look for the life is so only not going for the find anywhere he after perhaps an hour and the half to two hours of gaming. It runs all add and the looks adds. If you are looking for a better bang for your buck take the desk gone back but yes loves the laptop this one is the option adds . Some careers of storage out of fast but is easy to add another walk.
5 / 5 Cleta
Recently changed of console the pc because im that goes to travel the plot in an army. It loves this laptop and quite all roughly he exept for a fact that leaves fingerprints in a backside. Lame adds fps in all my games, (modern warfare rainbow 6) but still in some settings some plus under the cant fully use one 240 fps, with this be has said, perhaps could fix the turn like this can them choose on the laptop with one same i710750 or main with one 240 refresh estimativas one for tones rgb keyboard and the rtx 2080 súper max q. The laptop adds global tho.
4 / 5 Shaunte
All is well except life of battery. I am taking less than 1hr life of battery in of the settings of mesos and the web that explores

updating description:
the Portable darkness in action extreme mod for incumplimiento and eats more battery. If you are using for the web that explores or the half comunicacionales that the look there is the setting has called súper battery in msi centre of dragon. Battery to dine gives 4to 5hrs question of battery after using he for the month is a trackpad. It is not that sensitive.
4 / 5 Mindy
Has had a Allienware portable that is cost $800 , and trust me, has had more options that this a, and the global speed and another functionality is not better, although these looks and says is newer and more powerful, is 100 any value. Like this unfair to do me spend 1800 for same experience like my old laptop, the games clashes all a time, a keyboard litght lagg or glitch idk, never works. I have had always msi Motherboards, but no more, and never recomend he again.
5 / 5 Codi
Is well a gpu and CPU is any show of the game in my alcohol is to paint,gave it edges
Also a lot of gsync or adaptive be taking something better partorisca to a rescue!
5 / 5 Tyrone
It is well a gpu and CPU is any show of the game in my alcohol is partorisca paint,gave it edges
Also any gsync or adaptive be taking something better partorisca to a rescue!
5 / 5 Darlena
Has taken a gtx2060 / 10th gene i7 iteration of this model. So only it has expected to be able of touch Nioh and World of Hunter of the Monster with decent settings and the playable FPS. A lot mine surprised, touches both in 60+ (enclosed 60 paralización Nioh) fps in some settings some big plus, without a GPU overheating (tends partorisca take to a low 80 c, but at all this would break one 2060. Some leaves of frame for the flow of air adds, which can be supplemented well with the tampon to cool because of his creation. The colour are adds in a screen. The tones celery really good. No really it feels to to the mine likes them anything was compromised in a creation of this laptop. Absolutely it would recommend.
5 / 5 Hoyt
There is a bit embroider light bleeding of some corners of a screen. And the speakers are included worse that your cellphones piece of ear. This in spite of, for a money has paid, has taken the plot of horsepower to touch games and work with.
5 / 5 Annamarie
Ossia A compraventa more utmost has done in enough some time.

A quality of the build and the hardware are both add, and Linux of careers perfectly. Besides, when so only using Intel map, a life of battery is in fact quite impressive (has taken roughly 5 hours yesterday). Of course, a life of battery is terrible when that uses a paper consecrated for gaming, but ossia to be expected. Like this far, my only real complaint is with some speakers. They are well, but it could be very better. This in spite of, does not complain purchasing this laptop.
5 / 5 Esteban
Im The time of fist gamer buyer of laptop and was unsure to the equal that to take, im really happy has taken them this laptop ! It runs my games súper quickly, and a quality is sum ! Like this clear and fast in current very spatial but or loves more actions for storage or can take an outside a.
My boys are during the and the he his has to that kick out of him. Im Happy with my sound of compraventa adds everywhere.
4 / 5 Iliana
A more shot for a buck. Fast, adds for-key RGB elections and any to mention that well a hardware is. It has taken at the beginning 84-89C temperature while gaming warzone but later found the type has called Brooke the one who has suggested underclocking and undervolting. With which have tried such method my laptop will not surpass 68°C while touching warzone maxed was to some teeth.
5 / 5 Caryn
Ossia A better laptop there is never has had, an only thing is that I need the repaste because of cpu has big time, but short all the games in big preset, and a lot of lag, any question
4 / 5 Jenell
This device is surprising. It was the present of anniversary for my edges and is satisfied totally.
5 / 5 Kirk
This cup of the laboratory really is something those surprised are very happy with my compraventa
4 / 5 Kaycee
I have bought this laptop done 2 weeks, am still in the while his to ship of then was the pre-order. Personally it was them partorisca another 9750h 2060 6g rtx build, but has seen them is a 10750H until 5Gh and rtx 2070 8G partorisca like $100 + dollars more!!! The sound FLIES IT. Also it has done them the plot of investigation in the portable to buy in a lot of frames, this one is exited still up. If you are looking for the laptop a lot this an east a a , am quite sure his cutback spaces by heart for another specs like a better processor, a rtx and the big plus Hz monitor, but a ssd or hdd is upgradable, the sound judge :).
Have the GP70 Leopard that is exited 5 years ago and are the heavy gamer. To the left it is to see like this goes.
Leave some +helpfulls want to me partorisca update with the description in the when it arrives
Sad for my english, prefers them spanish lol...

Update V1- a laptop has been not even has shipped.. Ordered on April 11th... (First of my anniversary) ☹
5 / 5 Logan
This laptop is the monster For $ 1500 takings the newest processor a i7-10750H & take the RTX 2070 Max-P Max-Q w/ 16GBs of ram. A reason because it has seen them ossia Max -P because of other competitors. MSI Or the amazon forgets to say Max- Action or Max-Quality also his 16GBs of RAM that it is a recommended measure for gaming. If you can try the upgrade to 32GBs he but, Space out of some chips. An any ram of chip of economic low end. You Scrape you calm in perfomance using chip of low end. His never recommended hips to use a chip. Spacing was 4x 8GBs the chips will give you the small or impulse of action of the half second the costruttore takes. I recommend to use that finally Big likes the trident or Corsair Vengence. With which the upgraded my ASUS ROG the sense there has been 8GBs of Ram in a chip! I have improved action outta the. His a lot Recommend if you upgrade a ram. Use all some spaces of available chip but, In general this car is the calm killer shots will not find this type of configuration anywhere more. Other competitors has seen them is touching 2K or more thus same exact setup. A SSD is 512GB but, Yours that goes to have to that upgrade but, which can them upgrade that later on as no really stressin in that.

Ossia For the fly to good sure! If yours debating in that taken this car. He because it calms will not find this type of car with these specifications for $ 1600! With another competitor. A sound the RTX 2070 with abundance of V-Ram the max out of your settings if yours the 1080p gamer like me concealed does not concern for 4K or 6K. 8GBs Is abundance for your Big-Ultra preset! Mostly 80 of some games. Ultra Only uses roughly 4200-6100GBs of V-RAM. Like this your solid car. For 1080p Gaming any 2K-4K Gaming! Reason im the 1080p gamer!
5 / 5 Narcisa
I need to dip an order, but the needs extra space, likes 1TB HDD attached to a portable reason 512 GB is not enough for the gaming portable !!
I no my self reason any precise to lose a guarantee !!
That has to that the do? I cant see any option like this on buying process.
5 / 5 Anabel
Has had this partorisca to the long of the month. I touch World of Warships, Legends of Apex, and Distribution 2.
Will begin was with has had test and Asus A15, ASUS G14 and a MSI GP 65 first to buy a MSI GP65 10SFK-47.
His east trade offs with each car and is that it estimate them would have to that determine yours to choose.
I lovely Hardware, Quality of screen, and FPS especially with the $ 1500 estimativa. A A15 is the laptop adds in $ 1200, but where one something of a NVMe paper afterwards to a pipe of hot, has taken some ssd throttling because of him overheating. I recommend that you move that NVMe paper to another empty to prevent this. A G14 AMD Ryzen 9 4900 east amazing and awesome life of battery, but a screen leaves more to be wished. The answered times very slow and 120 hz compared to a 144 hz in a $ 1449 prize. I have chosen a MSI GP65 RTX2070 model because I have loved the gaming first, productivity according to laptop.
PROS: The hardware that Surprised for a prize. A 3DMark Timespy benchmark thus portable there is run over another two on 1000. Applications: 7400 bookmark for a GP65 vs appx 6100 for a G14 and 5700 for a A15. Has a paper of better map (RTX 2070) and is not Max-Q. Screen of time of fast response in 3ms. Ossia A better looking screen in a $ 1500 point of prize. Keyboards of the series of the steel is awesome with pre-tones RGB that some other two do not have . Awesome Tampon of clue with has Consecrated right/accident clickers. I touch World of Warships with the tampon of clue so that it is of entity of mine. Also a lot a lot of fps. I can match my screen with legends of apex in 144fps. I touch with cover he of 75fps in Distribution 2 in of the definite settings with volumetric fog in meso. Also a backside of a screen is aluminium that is well.
GILIPOLLAS: Life of short battery. It has taken near of 5 hours that films of look and light exploring, a A15 and G14 has life of amazing battery. A subject main listens is some careers of screen in 144hz at all times. If your gaming this in spite of, always the leave plugged in and ossia for all three laptops it. The defenders are noisy but all three defenders of laptop are noisy. And some speakers are well in better. I usually game with auricular so that it does not annoy me . If you are gaming in the laptop, yours that goes to have noisy defenders to maintain a fresh laptop.
Like this he gaming is first with productivities second I recommend this laptop. If you are cash joined in $ 1200 dollars go with a ASUS A15. If you prefer life of battery and productivity in gaming, a ASUS G14 is the solid laptop. I have had my MSI GP65 Leopard partorisca to the long of the month and has had any subject with a laptop with on 100hrs of gaming on that. Mina takes in CUKUSA by means of Amazon .
5 / 5 Patria
Any value with build of bad quality , look down for d extracted better

ASUS ROG Strix G15 (2020) Gaming Portable, 15.6” 240xHz IPS Type FHD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, Intel Core i7-10750H, 16GB DDR4, 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD, RGB KB, Windows 10, G512LW-ES76
4 / 5 Laverna
has Purchased on 3/18
arrived and has begun to use prompt April
for mid June a keyboard 'coating' is exiting in several tones
the service Asked - I would owe that send and is the two turn of week around the time And has been 'cosmetic' harm considered, any covered down has guaranteeed.
Would be hard pressed to buy again.

Remarks my edges has an earlier version and bought the coverage of keyboard, he play for hours without a subject same. Of of the this is the new version - no sure if anything changed in creation/of production.

To all the cost, 2 wk tat is unacceptable.
5 / 5 Lashandra
Ossia In fact the laptop adds... The life of battery is certainly poor this in spite of and some speakers are not like this hot at all. I am not sure reason some people would have taken the 120 HZ exposure to the equal that would owe that be 144 and this one east.

Top Customer Reviews: MSI GS66 Stealth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
5 / 5 Windy
Some people of needs of what partorisca comprise in this laptop is that it has been it to it to him TDP upped out of a factory. That this means is that his limit partorisca be able to is dipped well on Intel specs. Partorisca A Intel i7-10750H a recommended TDP is 45 watts that is typically the one who PL1 would have to that be place to out a box, but finally is until some costruttrici of portable' discretion.

Especially, PL1 is dipped in 65 watts and PL2 is dipped in 135 watts partorisca ALL I MODELS of a GS66 Stealth. A reason because ossia well is that calm mean can run a laptop in much bigger sustained all-speed of clock of the core. For comparison, a leading year Razer the leaf there is Anticipated 15, and more than likely this year also, active PL1 capped to 45 watts in his place of the main action. Workarounds To unlock some limits of power in a Razer usually require reflashing the fact of commission bios and is a bit risked like messing the on means it will not be covered down guaranteeed, as you could finalise with the portable death. A GS66 in another hand has some limit partorisca be able to created directly out of a factory, as any risky bios reflashing necessary. I add!

Now with the power adds comes the heat adds, and in stock, this car runs quite hot because of a big plus TDP of 65 watts in PL1. The Thermal throttles(swipes 95C) out of a box when those careers in full load in a CPU, but this can be won to do a bit undervolting, repasting, and touching around with some limits to be able to and disturb frequencies. There is drive multiple was now in Reddit that can consult you. Has mine disturb the frequencies dipped in 50, 49, 48, 45, 42, 38 with a undervolt of -120 mv my time under the full load does not surpass 85-87 C. Like this once it has it tweaked this car is the beast . Also so only to resupply some benchmarks in Cinebench R20 with these settings some bookmarks/marcadors some the big plus has taken paralización multicore was 3004 and alone core 484.

A car is lustrous and understated, but down hides the powerhouse of the gaming and car of productivity. A GPU neither requires any tweaking out of a box. A cooling there is on point and out of a box that play of touches of the big more my time has taken for a GPU was 74-75, and this was with the quite conservative and calm defender curve.

I use this car for the car that learns projects and gaming and is the good-looking thing the behold. If you are not fearful to dip ready your cars then ossia the thin and light monster for a prize and I highly would recommend it! :)

UPDATE: I have finalised repasting with Kryonaut and applying new thermal tampons. Mine disturb the frequencies are dipped now in 50, 49, 48, 45, 43, 40. With a undervolt of -110.4 mv. My time under the full load does not surpass 90 C with the power of the container sustained of 60 watts. Also, my new benchmarks in Cinebench R20 with these settings have taken 3169 multicore and alone core 484.

UPDATE 2(6/30/2020): I have run recently the little more experiences with Thermalright Rey of Money of Liquid Metal( has a same action like Conductonaut) in both a CPU and GPU. You can look for my comprehensible commentaries in Reddit, but I in brief summarize here. So that I download it of authorship one would have to that do his first investigation of repasting with liquid metal. There are a lot of ways to seal zones(dams of foam, 33+ electrical tape or Kapton tape, and nonconductive dams of thermal paste) so that it does not have any risk of shorting your laptop never under regular use, but would have to that do the thorough investigation of some risks and plan out of an attentively first process to spend was with a repaste. People in Forums of the description of the Notebook is very useful thus purpose and there are a lot of edges that pause these things. Now behind to a rodeo. In the first place I will speak a liquid metal repaste effects in a CPU and then a GPU, for separate.

CPU: With proportions of clock of the impulse 50, 49, 48, 46, 44, 43 and the Core and hides with PL1 in 65 watts, PL2 in 135 watts and short disturb time limit in 56 seconds. With Coolerboost has turned on when that runs a benchmarks am able to achieve the 3375 point Cinebench R20 Multicore bookmark with max time not surpassing 84C with the max CPU draw to be able to of the container of 73 watts and an environmental room temp of 80F(). In the freshest room in 70F, attentive time to be down 78C with Coolerboost on and CPU draw to be able to of the container of 73 watts that augments at all cores.

Your draw to be able to win diverse according to your undervolts for one all the impulse of core. But so that the useful memory can undervolt a core more than one hides. It is so only that one the extra offset is request so only workloads with AVX instructions. For any AVX instructions an absolute value smaller that some two offsets will be applied instead.

When Tried under alike conditions(Coolerboost on and tests of same stress)theThermalright Liquid Metal repaste has seen the reduction of 10-12C reductions in max time of the core when compared to the quota repaste with Kryonaut. Core temp the differentials were also significantly improved of 10C to 5C.

GPU: Because of a main data in a GPU and a 80W limits to be able to, does not have quite a lot of thermal density to appreciate some effects of a liquid metal. The time Was essentially one same with Coolerboost on among a Kryonaut repaste and a Thermalright Liquid Metal repaste. The time has SEATED in the very fresh 60-61C down drawing of full load 80W using Unigine Heaven Benchmark when being announces 15 minutes with Aida64 that career a same time under both repastes.

Like this essentially yes decide to repaste with liquid metal he in a CPU only( would have to that take 10+C improvements in max time of the core when compared to the a lot of nonconductive thermal paste like Kryonaut) and so only use the good nonconductive thermal paste in a GPU.
4 / 5 Frederic
So only has received recently mine MSI GS66 Stealth and really likes to of me like this far! This in spite of, was the bit has confused that a keyboard has retreated the lights could not be changed of his leading models have left for him. If it is taste and of calm thought could, no attended to do like this! Has not founding an option to change or transmission some colours of my tones of him is orange red/basic neither an effect of wrist has go in (although it is a lot) which is a big reason has taken the star of this description. You was to announce with the multicolored keyboard how was bit it misleading there unfortunately but is really any that big of the shot.

So only looks so that they want to purchase this model! It does not leave the aesthetics deters of the forms purchase yes calms really likes specs of this car.
5 / 5 Dawna
Has purchased to this laptop likes one “everything in a” car to use for gaming, work, and school. If it is taste, of calm is not the defender of a too gaudy draws concealed is common besides gaming portable, and prefer the lustrous, minimalist creation. This laptop checks all these boxes: it can run any game can launch in him on big settings, can multitask a lot of program simultaneously without missing beat it, and the looks have reserved enough that it could it spends he for him thinkpad in fast gaze. A construction is incredible and feels sturdy, this in spite of is slender creation the portable and easy fact to spend/use in your lap, and a life of battery is solid - easily has expressed in 8 first hours to require to recharge. I have purchased this to substitute my laptop of 5 years that, in spite of closings that resists his own, has aimed his age, like this calm so much can imagine has loved to take a same quantity of life of east a. They are sure easily it will fulfil these expectations, and do one same for you. As some another has said: it is defenders can be noisy, this in spite of, maintains a fresh unit and a big action, as I can very really complain. It is also pricey, but volume that paid partorisca, and is ready to do a calm investment will not complain he - trust me.

PS: You can change a diagram by heart of the keyboard and models like any one another MSI portable the, has had to contact support to clear, but of then some people have taken stars was thus - is not a chance. Utilisations a steelseries the installed software to direct a model/of exposure, etc.
4 / 5 Ismael
A lot of sturdy to build and the hardware adds. The defenders run the little strong but no quite strong to ruin an experience especially using auricular. The nave was a lot of expeditious.
5 / 5 Racheal
Ammending A description based in new comprising that MSI has drawn this laptop (perhaps other serious also.) Of day 1 I has experienced subjects of entity with MSI system of Hybrid Power (any announced in this listing of product.) No never it has listened of anything like this with any leading laptop has possessed; I have had MacBooks, Surfaces, and more recent the Razer Brota 15 there is Anticipated. With this system, when your computer is situated under the cariche main (games, video or heavy map that modifies, etc) a laptop to beat to draw to a battery, and instead dips all beat to some components that reports one the majority of to run a fast plus/more. Ossia The known creation and the election have documented that is to find in his pages to sustain that his, questionably, describe as 'normal.' But, that can so only the supposition would owe that be pass in the theory is that when change of these processes of big load to something simple like the just web that explores or writing, a Hybrid Power would have to that the turn was and it beginning that touches again. This does not spend never. It does not change never to perceive a battery again. As MSI software of Centre of the Dragon, any records inclusos an adapter is plugged in the laptop once is prendido touching. A battery so only remains uncharged and draining until physically it takes an adapter of power of a outlet and discharges he behind in. This fix it every time, and is an only way has found for the fix. Now it imagines to touch the game or rendering the 3d scene and literally that it has to that unplug/discharges behind in one uploads almost each one that 5 minutes to so only maintain a laptop juiced. Ossia Which has been experiencing of then day 1. There is software installed purportedly leaving you to choose settings that would prioritise touched all a time vs life of battery of the saving, but these settings there is not resisting on regulating can because of one uploads in a CPU or GPU. It does not import they are in 100 percent or 10 percent like this the laptop sees to the plot is going in, kills one load. So much, it is returned for this reason. A way this is to actuate is not remotely useable for any sense of a word. Although he correctly, finds this to be the election of terrible and unnecessary drawing in better.

Some positive; trackpad the tactile feedback is solid, but does not like me like this of contact of record with your toes for right- and to the accident-click, pinch-to-zoom, etc. Razer And the apple has been doing it a lot for the moment.

Another negatives; a screen is has directed bleed in some flanges is horribly noticeable with dark and the contained down light (the majority noticeable when has so only the black fund, some flanges have the splotchy glow.)

Bloatware--Saint hell. 2020 And still we are installing the candy Runs over of a microsoft tent? Now it was the one who is meaning to stage these to.

A source of keyboard (spiderman / playstation 3? Really?) And the creation is so only terrible. When Have has used computer your whole and calm life still finds folds to guess the one who the tone .

June 22 2020 Modification:
After the few hours that speaks with MSI supports of Cat, that follows his instructions to update a BIOS and EC firmware and reset a battery And calibration of career of battery, still have these subjects.
5 / 5 Rosalind
Will update my experience with which sometime. My current star that estimativas initial impression.

Initial exp:
the power/deletes key =>ive swipe a lot of key to time to be able to bit to annoy the think it will continue reason has other notebooks with creation of different keypad.
Another that the power/deletes key, the keypad perfects for a lot of phases.

The sound that takes a lot of heat and strong. The ones of the that Has another slender gaming notebooks like this cant compare but his really hot and strong!

The speaker & of camera sucks! . Battery & of screen that has surprised

on all the quality of build is very good (4.5/5) , does them to see any subjects in qualities of build.

Printed of the toe is everywhere in an arrival to mate like being ready clean frequently.

gaming- Still to try like this any coments
4 / 5 Bryan
Ossia an amazing laptop . After the little tweaks the fresh rests while gaming and boy he gaming well. Unfortunately it has had to return this laptop because of the failure in a tampon of clue , but I a lot down remarks my description because I have ordered immediately another reason that has loved this thing. His understated the looks are perfect to take is gaming monster to do and is the life of excellent battery is utmost partorisca in a gone of the daily activities.
5 / 5 Patrica
Has looked for the computer to buy and this computer have fulfilled all my levels: the car that could AAA games and could be used for pupil. It has been it bit it hesitant to buy this computer, reason could not find any satisfactory descriptions have left of any personalities of Youtube; but his insurance to say, that has experienced first hand, is the wonderful car !

This was a first time has has not bought never the on-line computer, as my levels have been dipped really big; and oh the boy has been he has fulfilled. I have been hailed by the fast and powerful exposure, which absolutely stunned. A quality of audio in a MSI GS66 is spectacular; his very strong included in %30!! It was mesmerized for everything of a flashy detail: a RGB keyboard, an adjustable Fn tones, and a toggle tones. These are so only one of some a lot of things that is surprising in this computer.

Some things that was dissatisfied with in this computer was a tampon of clue , a keyboard, and an easily stained tones. A tampon of the clue is not like this the sensitive touch to the equal that would expect, and is not attentive sometimes., Regarding a keyboard, takes some taking used to; it likes him the tampon of number and the pocolos other tones have been takes. Finally, some tones. Some tones are a lot easily stained, and that also goes for a material of whole computers. This material is sensitive to fingerprints and common stains, this was the surprise of the mine that considers think the very cleaned person and orderly. Although these subjects can be an annoyance to some, thinks that is easily fixable and/or ignorable.

This computer is glorious and will be to use in as my main laptop for hopefully a lot of years to come, although has his tiny questions, some profits far outweigh some subjects!
4 / 5 Hermina
Basically does like this announced, the action adds, no the enormous form-factor. I have done spent of mine based in recommendations of friends that MSI does not have subject of interview, long-term. Things that has jumped went in:
- A bit more weighed that has been expecting.
- Built-in colour of monitor and refresh-the tax is incredible.
- Stickers of annoying vendor inside that is the ache to take without lining a chance of metal.
- A lot of bloatware, but everything of is uninstallable.
- Touchpad Feels greats, included better that my old macbook.
5 / 5 Breanne
A quality of laptop is like this awesome. A screen is a more has not seen never and easily run any program. Regarding a service, a laptop and the box am gone in perfect condition And 3 early days. I have had a laptop for 2 weeks and am like this happy with him. Thank you!!!
4 / 5 Tobi
It has opened so only he out of a box and now touches partorisca aim this screen WTF. PLEASE HELP!!
4 / 5 Torrie
Validates a lot well the stops is spec (gpu, cpu, storage) compares to another like Alienware. You can change the keyboard FOCUSED partorisca press F9 btw, so only loves the signal was of any calm more said early can the no. has included on way of saver of the battery some games run quite smoothly. Because of a colour, attack a lot fingerprint frames lol- also his flipped an order of keyboard brightness tones for some reason lol does not take garbled 😂
4 / 5 Mario
has taken a low plus i7 2060 model but has been still in amazing. Still Súper fast and has not had any questions that change some colours of keyboard around using a tone of function. Mark sure updates your calm computer grieve the lame reason a bluetooth has not done until I have done so much.

Top Customer Reviews: MSI GF63 Thin 9RCX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5 Christoper
Before buying this laptop, has researched all gaming portable in my row of prize and with which hours partorisca look for, verifying specs, reading descriptions and looking video, has decided to go with this MSI GF63 Thin 9RCX. They are now state using he partorisca the month partorisca explore, doing school, programming, and gaming my time to spare has limited. In general I have estimated he in 3 stars and I will try to explain reasons in this description.

In the first place left partorisca begin with a gilipollas reason to the left is partorisca be sincere, ossia that all the world wants to know. A prime minister and for far a big plus with with this laptop is that has the legislation of the BLUE PIXEL STUCK out of a box. Now, this could no to annoy me that a lot it excepts is almost exactly in a centre of a screen and is a lot noticeable mine because it likes to have the black fund in my desk and favour a setting of dark way for more than applications, when available. I have verified MSI guarantee and has discovered that considers a pixel stuck to still to be acceptable and a guarantee will not cover it I so that it has tried the few things to try the unstick this pixel to any avail. Ossia So only unacceptable that has bought the mark the new laptop and I so only owe that live with this blue pixel in a half of my screen!

Now to some other flus have with this laptop. A subordinated ridge under a tampon of mouse is a lot uncomfortable to a point that is included painful after resting my palmera/of wrist on he for still 5 minutes. A life of battery is terrible as usually I only leaves he plugged so I am using he for anything. A last complaint is that there is the big pitched noise that that has not been that to explain really excepts to say that I am a lot annoying. It could be the noise that comes from/comes from a SSD or something but am not sure.

Some good things in this laptop are some only things that has saved he of me so only sending it behind to a vendor like defective, quotes a pixel stuck has mentioned. In the first place, a prize was around $ 800 after the tax and I celery that ossia just for a specs of this laptop. It runs Fallout 4 in ultra in 60 fps and ossia a game a new plus that inner to touch a moment so that they are to good sure happy in that. It likes that this laptop is like this thin and of light, reason plan to use he for travelling, and taste that is gone in of the good box with the spend boss that can use the chance of laptop. Also it likes that it is coming with the 9th Gene Intel CPU and Nvidia graphic; a MSI the centre of Dragon is also the good addition, as well as a Nvidia poster to Control that I leave to show a FPS while gaming.

Has so many things that like on this laptop that really wishes that it can give the indication the big plus that 3 stars but the mine concealed has stuck the blue pixel is so only unacceptable. It could live with him better if it has not been in a half of a screen. So only I do not comprise like this it spends control of quality for the NEW portable MARK of any prize, has left so only a ossia damn approach the glorious.
5 / 5 Cora
>The exposure adds.
>Graphic decent ( is the GTX 1050you, no a RTX 2080you).
>Good keyboard.
>Well has built.
>Adds feels.
>Decent CPU for the a bit economic laptop (4 core / 8 edge).
>Sufficient cooling.

>NVMe The walk is more as the SATA m2 walk. (700mbps R/W, for my laptop at least. Ossia That has taken the star was, need to be able to open programs and read/write fast of data for development).
>Economic NVMe walk.
>As it looks economic RAM .

One does not know like this to feel category:
>One covers to be able to is in a half for a sinister hand-held part.

My personal use:
> am using this to develop games and software when I can not spend my desk.
So that he yours looking in of the this for a same reason as me, the other has ensured his no the bad of the value.
Although it would take the big capacity HDD or SSD for one 2.5' bay, more RAM and perhaps
a plus dependable NVMe walk.
4 / 5 Edwin
Has one 18-mth old Lenovo Portable of Legion Y520 with gtx 1050 but required to take the 2nd laptop. Ossia Lighter & newer that a Lenovo. It does not have the tampon of number but thats well, the grow tones change it, and a squished on tampon of number of a Lenovo has not been an easy plus to use.

Perhaps am used like this to other frames of laptop, but ossia a portable prime minister has where a connector to be able to is in a HALF for a sinister part more than one of some rear corners, well afterwards to an only sinister side usb port. A lot it prefers connectors of power to be more after some rear corners (Dell, Asus, Acer, Lenovo).

The wise action, ossia well, with a i5-9300 and NVME SSD, with spatial for the SATA SSD. For random gaming , any question, some defenders are remained calm .

But perhaps reason his thin plus that mine Lenovo Legion, cut the little hotter during benchmarking try stresses it a system, but as indicated, there is not a lot of @@subject with random gaming, although it could wants to use the tampon to cool of the laptop for more intense gaming.

Finally, taste MSI of centre of control and a software of the isolation of the battery has comprised. Material his best that a Lenovo software.
4 / 5 Domonique
Are in a second the computer and the looks there is always something wrong. In the first place the explosions of tone was then some looks of screen to have discoloration in a cup. Disappointed partorisca like this money!
4 / 5 Maxine
Produced excellent, light and powerful laptop , well for the student of engineering
4 / 5 Valda
has purchased a GTX 1050you model on its own name, has had he for the pair of weeks, is gone on sale has bought like this another(the new plus GTX 1650 model) for my woman while we take our time that builds he desk PC. This 9th gene i5 the processors are a lot of snappy, and a 1050you/1650 papers of map are still of is the new titles run. One 1650 so only takes roughly 10 more fps that a 1050you in a new Modern Warfare(to on 100+), with the light increase in visual quality. One 1650 also runs the little calmer while plugged in, with NVIDIA supports of way of the whisper.

A screen is well, anti-the glare and the colour adds/brightness. A screen in the mine has a dead pixel that it is a lot last to find and is not noticeable but does not annoy me reason are mostly plugged to an external monitor. My woman is(the 1650) has zero imperfections with his screen. If you are any the one who has purchased abundance of screens, will know the deaths of pixels can spend with anything. Those revises almost steered me out of the this and am happy his no.

Is 'gamers' but does not buy this just for gaming, has loved action of productivity also. In general I am very satisfied with both a 1050you and 1650 versions. This laptop resupplies excellent action for a prize, hook he until the good monitor with the keyboard/of mouse and calm will forget is the laptop .

Has imagined also would add the few tips for new buyers: taking rid of a Microsoft bloatware immediately after the place up. Take any one calms program no precise , the investigation of Google simple will say you something is of first entity. Taking rid of Norton and the use to something likes Bitdefender that use to plot less resorted. It installs CCleaner to maintain it clean, and optimise your walks weekly. If calm all of of the this, your always run computer like new.
5 / 5 Dominique
Spends more than a month with the Laptop and go me a lot well, in my chance the use for photographic retouching, augment the ram by heart he 24gb and has dipped a HDD of a tera to save info and up to now everything well, any one has complaints to the respect, soya of Ecuador - Guayaquil
5 / 5 Amberly
Like this the computer is really well, with configuration and of the pertinent updates have tried and has touched the cast of dirty clothes of titles of main finals, Likes storm of trace 2, and field of battle 5,arms 3,starcraft 2, a thing that has done the disorder arrived at the beginning was a fact that has the 5subject of G with 5G that emissions, this laptop is 5g and 2.4 g, has had to change behind to 2.4 G in mine routers 2 canal of g reason,

the games and that the internet would do on 5G but constantly the cut was and gaming the services no of the legislations second the one who matches to do, this was the two question of fold among a laptop cortafuego and my subject, with which some time has invested roughly 48 hours of the question have consecrated that solves, has taken a question fixed, ossia more in my provider of the web more than anything would suspect, but in an end of him all have the awesome gaming laptops it.

Points of entities

-Update the software and the engine of a first car of calm anything more, will be the long process as it does not plan in any one immediate gaming. It does not neglect a centre of dragon neither, reason concealed can be useful has used well, this is not the computer of the novice, but is well for the novice.

-When you Are gaming would recommend plugging he in to maintain your full games powered.

-Some needs of system to be configured for gaming so that it means to dip speed of partidário the strong and cold, Also highly would recommend the canal to cool for a laps reason will require it, hot taking without one.

-Usually would not say this but I also will say yours first of time sure has the clear plan of attack like premiers few days or weeks to use the new pc goes to be the slow less than is the techy/gamer and a lot simply he gamer,this is not discharges he and device of game.

Portable adds with power for prize and defintely adaptive, was has impressed really field of touch of battle 5 in some place plus a lot big and still has taken at least 50 fps, now of then know other players touch on more decked out of rigs then that has received so only so only falls my settings on down and so only enjoy, is so only state of the dinosaur that has behind built in 04 with my brother, his long service was on, concealed 4 gb ram,100 action hdd,dual core amd with 3 gb gdr5 dual x paper, has taken place to storage all reason this bad little heart-jama. I plan on buying another afterwards is one.

Is rig is aimed to gamers but would say that ossia the good laptop for just roughly any that loves a bit horse power and looks really a lot also, which is not the point but damn adds to this appeal of things. Have logged heavy Use in this sucker and has broken to grieve the people....

5 / 5 Ignacia
Wants to begin was to say that in fact I like this computer and after using he for the few weeks basically all that required it to do. Unfortunately in a past few days have seen some vertical lines have lived like pointed in a picture, but so only when a brightness is turned down. Ossia Orientative of has DIRECTED subjects with a screen. I have been said by my technician of local computer that to the amazon could send the new, any defective model and then could ship an old a backside. Ossia Ideal for me of then uses this laptop to do as well as gaming.

This has not spent. A representative of service of the client of Amazon is trace a line with any of MSI in the call of three ways where has touched more likes tried to decide which of them was to have that extracted this in place of in fact helping me. Finally a Representative of service of the client of Amazon has said so only that they do not actuate more than this model in stock and that could he so only so only the ship behind to them and take the full repayment and try that it orders again. I plan it quell'has said was this has not been an option and was frankly insulted for him. It has then said could in a much less give me the partial repayment in an element and I begrudgingly adapted.

Has then dipped on control and to the entirely different amazon the representative of client comes on the one who to sounds likes him does not have any idea that is going in and basically say me that I am not taking the partial repayment and that a more can do is to send me a bill when I go and habladuría to a costruttore respectively. Basically so only washing his hands of everything and leaving MSI things of same sleeve when I have been said would be given the partial repayment any one the earliest minutes.

A cherry on this atrocious exposure of the service of client is that I still am doing payments in this laptop. It has taken around 4-5 more to go. If they had taken one of these payments was, date it one invoices while I have been to treat this with MSI, would have been satisfied. But they the no. Like this the product takes two stars so much for a question relatively smaller that it would have to be cured of without @@subject, and one a lot sub-pair the client sustains as it has turned this small question to the hassle has to that treat in mine a day was.

Ossia Such the good laptop , really loves it. As it sucks I have to that dipped down an angry description mostly because of Amazon they.
4 / 5 Mercy
In the first place remained so only say when calm in the first place the volume is conputer update everything of your like this collected engine how was possible. Will have the very better time gaming with which.

Note: it says them the value for money is 3 reason can buy or build he pc that the better careers for a same prize, but or require one for university and of any lug the big pc around then take this.

Here is half fps the locate more games ive touched like this far maintain import this screen is so only 60hz so that it will not see on 60 fps.

Fortnite: 60+
Osu: 60+
Dark Souls 3: 60+
Sekiro SDT: 50-60+
CSGO: 60+
Evasion of Tarkov: 40-60 low settings
D2: 50-60
Multitasks quite well also.

Regarding all more he still he well enough. Rendering Video so only well. The just desire there is more be ram thats an only thing that resist behind to be sincere.

Few things that annoy that ive remarked is that it would clash games (like destiny 2) any one sure if this is due to hot or something im doing in my side but he he quite often. Has other programs plough when gaming this in spite of so that it also could be the question.
4 / 5 Joanie
As that that does a life of diverse battery. Gaming Sucks A life of battery in in an hour but general surfing a web and general use a hard battery roughly 6 hours. If you are gaming this portable heat that takes and means even a keyboard takes súper hot. It forgets gaming while a laptop is in your lap takes that hot. Another that a temperature when down it uploads a portable shot adds, is fast and there is still partorisca find the game he hasnt able state to manage.
4 / 5 Genna
Portable adds partorisca newspaper of basic use. Gaming Are add partorisca the minimum needs gamer like me I. Smooth And easy viewing. This in spite of a noise of a defender and a heat postponed when touching the games would be partorisca annoy to any those who has concerned in that. It does not import a noise but a heat is has bitten it dipped. It is my prime minister gaming system this in spite of like this perhaps am so only very used his. You are gaming the computers run hotter then the half computers and situate to cool the devices in a prevent harm, but concern me that it can shorten a life of him.
4 / 5 Tiffaney
A laptop runs very good but a camera does not operate, ossia the plot of money partorisca the laptop that no properly, has tried all but he never works, is likes never dipped the camera on he
And yes see all some commentaries find the plot that says that there is a no spent of here
5 / 5 Brittanie
has bought this laptop partorisca my edges like the present of anniversary during quarantine. It has had immediately subject, likes having the blue screen on begins up and that it has to force closed down and attended partorisca see yes will go back. When He randomly decided partorisca do again, ossia the past multiple time first to give up and it sending behind, he lag, freezing, so only not doing with sure games, a continuous cast in! As it initiates the turn partorisca a laptop, packs it all arrive and the send behind. This was my edges is very first laptop and was such the disappointment, like this immediately look for another, has finalised partorisca take the Legion like his brother that appreciates on some same so it has not had the enormous difference while while to a repayment. Fast advance the weeks of pair to today, receive an email of an Amazon that says that we are receiving $ 140 less because of 15 nave and 15 restocking cost! A laptop is defective! Calm is not restocking concealed! That one craps.. soooo Has nettled! So only be warned, spent of here and a laptop is defective, goes to be rasgado was when that returning. >:(
5 / 5 Adaline
I the few weeks of investigation in the computers and this laptop was a better shot could find. It runs CIV 6 with all the expansions in of the normal settings, halo MC collection in normal, and overwatch in normal also. It runs hot (likes more gaming portable) but has had this for 6 month like this far and is state adds.
4 / 5 Etsuko
Are not the gamer, but has bought this for video/of audio that modifies based in some positive critiques. This car there is not disappointed. A map is announced like this. It runs all my applications quickly, without hiccups. A measure by heart is not a More adds them, but ossia an easy fijamente. It would recommend to another.
4 / 5 Colleen
Portable astounding for the prize adds! They are not the gamer, has loved the strong laptop for the work and is glorious.

A so only downside for me, is that he doesnt have numbers in a right side of a keyboard, likes more the keyboards do. But ossia my bad that I didnt attention of paralización. Utilisation these numbers to calculate quantity for work, as I required them really. But ossia well.

A laptop are so only adds!
4 / 5 Cordie
Likes to begin to say that further of zones this is the fine product. This in spite of, the mine has come with the faulty NIC paper. I have tried to contact MSI support to take help, but still has not answered the week later. I have lost patience and is returned. If calm buy it and have a subject, does not trust a costruttore to help.
4 / 5 Noe
Has bought this and upgraded a ram and NVME. I have added it ssd still dual kicking mint and kali. Works without any subjects!! Cant Speaks in gaming action but no bad prize the action.
So only with this one a defender to cool and lack of pipes of heat. While his mostly calms on less hot of demanding task on quickly. Some thermal throttling but a lot constantly.
For $ 650 has be worth it! The ones of the that has to that that the remorse of buyers likes has done them when I have bought a gl702zc 8 laptop of core or a zephyus s 6 core so much has had the action adds but was expensive.
4 / 5 Gisela
Has not been if it is like this for another, but this computer has to remain plugged in still any type of activity. It will die in 92 and I discharges he behind in with 0. Then, it takes 10 minutes to touch fully. It would owe that take much more. All more are add, but really unfortunate that the can not use this computer unless plugged in. Any value of the money.
4 / 5 Golda
I add gaming computer. Games WOW perfectly. The picture could be bit it more brilliant. I want to it likes work and as it writes.
4 / 5 Harriet
Súper Fast, with action very big and the quality adds in general. It is escentro announced except robust. Very satisfied.
4 / 5 Elin
Has bought this just to touch a sims 4. It is like this smooth. Any lagging has included with all some bands of expansion and my CC/Mods. Fast. Crisp Graphic. I am enamoured.
5 / 5 Floretta
Can say {factor of walk of speed of warp 10} suceden kirk......... Ossia The fast car has said enough!!!!!
4 / 5 Cher
Has taken this for my fiancé. It has built recently his own PC. But it maintains to go back to a laptop for his nerdy gamey material. There is has not said never anything bad roughly that. It loves it.
4 / 5 Christinia
Has been of tower and advances with several different models and of the frames of gaming portable the. So many after the few weeks have taken so only the jump with This laptop. I owe that say that it is quite amazing!!!!
4 / 5 Alexandra
This laptop is way more than that I has expected. It has substituted an old Dell Latitude of 2011. I do not have he gaming still but is the breeze with developer of software, the office and the web that explores.

Am surprised of as thin is also.
4 / 5 Sherice
Has bought this to run PowerPoint Presentations. Ossia More than quite powerful, but this was a point ! To manage anything concealed could be launched in him. Ossia The diagrams adds , build of quality, and wine of looks to do.
5 / 5 Jamel
Nave very fast. It is to see it PC a lot of and a lot quickly, the works perfect are a lot happy. With a lot I like him recommend vendor and PC.
5 / 5 Katherin
Does astonishingly well, has had this for the few months now and can say that it is a lot of value of the money. A thing that always bug me this in spite of is few things going in one creases and this laptop is a lot easy to smear and such been due to a material used in a surface. If this does not annoy you this in spite of then go for him. A port to the touch is in an accident and a hdmi the start is in a backside.
4 / 5 Reyes
Nave very fast. It is partorisca see it PC a lot of and very quickly, the works perfect are very happy. With a lot I like him recommend vendor and PC.
4 / 5 Lela
Does astonishingly well, has had this partorisca the few months now and can say that it is a lot of value of the money. A thing that always bug me this in spite of is few things going in a crease and this laptop is very easy the smear and such been due to a material used in a surface. If this does not annoy you this in spite of then go for him. A port to the touch is in an accident and a hdmi the start is in a backside.
4 / 5 Ollie
Lustrous look... Dressed my needs. If you are looking for a abordable gaming laptop or one for the basic daily functions then is one to consider.
5 / 5 Gina
Never has bought of this laptop, has maintained disconnecting or so only not connecting to a server of game. I can explore and clock youtube but so only a lot of gaming. I do not know reason but have tried so many ways trying solucionarprpers but any of them has done.
Anyways, Another characteristic is quite good.
5 / 5 Ira
Has bought 2 of these for my Grandkids. It does not touch of the games. We say me to us they treat well for his games and work with the oldest games and some new games.
5 / 5 Karon
The daughters want there new computers, perfect for gaming!
5 / 5 Monnie
Has looked for the quite economic gaming portable. My very recommended partner a MSI frames. I have not wanted to break a bank, but does not love economic out of any one. This laptop has been the good cost . Good map, action, and in general the cost adds for a money.
5 / 5 Andree
M pinch of maintenances. I possess the MSI. I want to all in mine portable. Really I owe that thanj Amazon to leave me to pay of the mine monthly laptop!!! Way of gone MSI and Amazon.
4 / 5 Brittny
All look a lot another then my engine is not to update to the desire was updated but is any very easy question to update the application of engine is in paper to start with of the windows so many windows of the strikes then go down to msi and clicks msi engine and centre of application
4 / 5 Tamesha
Quite powerful to do my tasks of work and gaming. The storage and the memory are easily upgraded. Very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Marco
Calms so only so only to touch the game is good but a battery is like this bad.
4 / 5 Calvin
A map is not a better. It is the negative.
A Positive side is quickly. It uses the program of software to do that it draws for work; it opens on fast, any lag, does not freeze up.
4 / 5 Luvenia
Global value for money ossia the really good laptop . It has not had any questions. Utilisation a laptop to program and random gaming(Endows 2, Rainbow six chair and watchdogs)
4 / 5 Ebony
portable the Good, arrive me before the foreseen the only bad has been that arrives the goleada a bit abused and the battery downloads very fast but the other excellent attended any one has question with his.
5 / 5 Alice
A laptop has been that surprised for some last few months of gaming. Some starts of to the thing up likes 6-8 of seconds. Any @@subject at all.
4 / 5 Gale
Has been doing astonishingly for some games I game and so only in general very happy with this laptop.

Top Customer Reviews: MSI GS75 Stealth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5 Hassan
It was excited like this partorisca this new laptop partorisca substitute mine 5 old year MSI GE70. Ossia One of some the majority of expensive options there and my expectations were big.

Pros: I have tried a new laptop partorisca 48 hours that comprises some the intense games and a laptop have treated well of the speed and perspective of video. A new i9 gene 10 is súper quickly partorisca you boot and 32GB of RAM is surprising.

- A chance is a lot of flimsy and the brooks every time chooses a unit up. I do not expect so much flex that some brooks of laptop of minimum holding. A lid/of the screen also looks flimsy and I worry in a screen that cracks. In general, I a quality to build give me low confidence this laptop will survive like planting my GE70 by means of. It could last, but, partorisca this prize, are not has had to that bet. Compared to a durability of mine GE70, this laptop feels economic.
- The audio really lack of frequencies of low end (record). If it use auricular or external speakers, , a frame has the big soundbar in the and does not see a point to pay for sucks it .
- Fingerprints Is ridiculous compared to other devices have.
- A trackpad is was centre of a keyboard that the fact bit it uncomfortable to find the place of palmera comfortable.
4 / 5 Lennie
When Regime, has bought in Walmart, has the pixel something green in screen. I have then bought a more again in Amazon, a noise of defender is like this strong, but I never gone back in application.Also I try to choose silent in centre of dragon, can not help, As there is disappointed.
4 / 5 Carlie
Has bought this computer mainly for business. I have required the good laptop for development of software, CAD creation, ect. It has surpassed my expectations my wild plus of the laptop. I in fact demoed the 6 dollar of thousand lenovo workstation and this laptop so only destroys him. A 300hz the screen looks incredible. Included using excel looks so better that any computers has used. Yeah His pricey, but in this seal of prize you arent that goes to find the better computer. Included one the majority of big final macbook in a phase cant compete with MSI. 10/10 it would buy it to it 5 of them.
5 / 5 Alycia
Are happy that has bought he of CUK. They were wonderful, and fast turn a price of compraventa and shipping the mine different computer (10 stars for them).
This thing could any never be used for simple closing down map gaming. The majority of gamer is, taste uses 1 or 2 of external monitors, keyboards, and mice. There is any way to do this with this laptop. Has subject to heat when a coverage is on, and is exacerbated when a lid is closed. With him on, and no gaming only exploring a web, would achieve time of 88 celsius (190 faren.) With him concluded and it exploring regularly would achieve 92c (197f). It waters it it boils in 212f.
When I have tried to run the half sized the game would create to 98c (208f), while it was to go them. It has been like this big likes 102c (215f), but mostly thermally closed down before it concealed.
So that a FYI- I has the 5 cooling of partidário cushions this was to dip always with all the defenders in 3300rpm. This does for a half extremely noisy. It operates it to them. So only I can imagine that any the one who has not known would do for east.
Again, compraventa of Computer Upgrade Rey, is wonderful to do with. So only choose the different mark (my new Asus is doing wonderfully).
5 / 5 Wanda
Has taken this laptop the few days and I absolutely love it!! The Such the powerhouse and touch the substitution adds for the desk if any one the a space of office. It is to good sure pricy but value he. An only defect can say roughly is a speaker. A speaker is horrible. My Iphone the speaker is more clearer! Another that that has been the compraventa adds ! A 300hz the screen is surprising, a colour is stunning, and a quality is sum .
5 / 5 Odell
Has bought this notebook has seen the load forwarder (because of amazon any when being pas available in my country), and has not complained the thing that buys this notebook.

- There is a bit frame flex, this in spite of has not had as much as has thought there would be (to look in of the descriptions in youtube). I am not sure MSI has reinforced a frame the little bit but he really is not that bad.
- A 300hz the screen in this notebook is besides buttery smooth, this in spite of has some colour banding (any hips this in spite of).
- A keyboard is tactile and feels quality (the texture in some tones of discharge also celery quite good)
- a trackpad is very smooth and good to use (the light flex in a frame when using a notebook in yours laps can do a trackpad feel the little uncomfortable to use this in spite of.
- A 2070 súper max q these bands of what is an absolute beast , mania of the games like the pro wrestler lifting on the 1 lb dumbbell.
- A lustrous creation gives it the very good look, and a gold trim around a lid complete a creation.
- A notebook does not take too hot around a keyboard or a zone of rest of the palmera (this in spite of a subordinated and a intake approximations a screen takes toasty).
- A salvation-king audio DAC leaves for qualities of his well by means of an audio jacks
- A laptop is very light, leaving lame a lot of portability among places

has the still questionable quantity frame flex, this in spite of has not gone as much as I thougt
A trackpad can be accidentally clicked because of a main measure and a questionable navigation.
A flange among a side of a lid and a screen is acute and has taken the papercut-like me cut in my indication of toe
A screen flex the noticeable quantity (roughly 5-10 terracings of a point of centre of a screen)
A life of battery is slightly lackluster, would be very MSI could dip the 90+Wh battery in a notebook
to A sound of speakers likes calm is listening to them by means of has beaten he of has beaten. (This in spite of a quality of sound improves the shortly after updating some engine)
An audio jacks require the relatively big quantity to force spent he in and unplug
A screen does not close all a way when spending a notebook
4 / 5 Ronny
situated my mandate when it has said that it was in stock, has resisted my money for around 2 weeks until contacted them to them to me and has said is not in stock, just wow. Maintained more than $3000 paralización at all. And they have said of the :)

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