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Top Customer Reviews: MT Products Kraft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Georgine
While these boxes has done his work, some paralizaciones are not quite well, some flaps overlap like some boxes do not seat to the flap once is sealed, and the little has had the hole in some corners has been once gathered
4 / 5 By Jackie
These small boxes are to touch to ship a small or multiple element elements very small. They are much more economic that a mailers can purchase you. Owing the tape joints him is any one deal of mine of offer.

Will say some of some boxes do not line on perfectly when taping. But it is a lot enough. And ossia all precise in the box of nave, well?
4 / 5 By Ignacio
These boxes are PERFECT for so many things I ship!!!
Is done well too much!
Will be to buy to plot more than this buyer!
4 / 5 By Antione
Sends was caffè ascending mugs to our clients and turn perfectly in this box, with the little bubble on around him. Thickness, sturdy the map is used thus produced.
4 / 5 By Theo
These boxes are studio and really quickly to gather. Any complaint here! I use him to ship.
5 / 5 By Aisha
Quality and material perfect measure. I am mailing small figurines and these will do amiably, Happy I purchased - Thank you
5 / 5 By Jamison
smaller that that I envisioned but perfect measure for mailing small goodies!
4 / 5 By Lorena
Hard to find measures that is perfect for my subject. Sturdy And easy to gather. It was to buy more
4 / 5 By Dacia
you tape he on and resists up in a topmast. That more can be said.
4 / 5 By Dennis
Likes expected

Top Customer Reviews: White Recyclable ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Crystle
I am using this in an unusual road. Has the orchids and has been recommended to plant them in of the half comunicacionales but situates not dissolving styrofoam packing peanuts in a fund of a container to prevents a drainage in a fund of a container to take blocked. It is doing fantastically.
1 / 5 By Jeremiah
The element pictured in the list is not that taken! The element in the photo has rid is that it avenges. Ticked While we require S peanuts shaped for the party of subject of school film that is morning. I need the to look popcorn for centerpiece decorations. The type to foam taken that material of groups that assembla objective cheddar caseous poofs!! Returning so that this will not do and no those paid $ 9 for the small stock exchange of well-for-swimming in us material. As it disappoint it
1 / 5 By Mariano
While it was necessary has read it to him a dimension of the product the next plus, that is to say a lot the plot of money to spend in the SMALL boxes to pack peanuts. I misread and has thought says 60 cubic feet, which truly would have been the subject. Ah Well, it Lives and it learns people of deception. :)
3 / 5 By Lakeesha
It take these rigidly for a fund of planters so some pots are easy to move. It was it has surprised it it entered the s box and has thought frankly there'd when being quite two times a quantity that took. Taken his line so that it was not really sure that locally would sell the.
3 / 5 By Maranda
That is to say a first time had experience packing peanuts - has expected the quantity more orders that a small stock exchange that took.
2 / 5 By Glendora
It issues too expensive!
1 / 5 By Marina
Although a description said these packing the peanuts are 'These peanuts the container is resistant in of the fluctuations of temperature, water-try, resistant in bacteria and germs, and 100% recyclable.' They are not to water test at all. I owe now replant everything of my baskets to hang so that they packing the peanuts dissolve in of waters he. Any COMPRAVENTA!
5 / 5 By Elwood
It comes with more than it expect! Exactly that has required.
3 / 5 By Elodia
The smallest quantity then thought but that it is probably my failure.
5 / 5 By Kacy
I Like him his of a compraventa. Fact very good.

Top Customer Reviews: Uline Thick Packing ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Lia
I have tried several different frames of tape, still variac. Different of a Uline tape. Ossia An ONLY one that will continue to buy. Because no for the on and does not have to that use the plot partorisca do sure that my containers are there is sealed entirely. Ossia A better calm tape will buy partorisca of the money and the not having any hassle with him. Highly it recommends that this tape has the plot of containers in the daily base and does not have any time or money partorisca squander.
5 / 5 By Ena
Very better that that have used before. A lot of fat in comparison to a lot of some tapes have sold paralización 'packaging'. Still I have the subject light with the tape that emissions, but am not blaming a tape how is one has used more like this far... And I the majority of my packaging in 40° times this time of year.
5 / 5 By Suzy
Has used Uline partorisca the years but is an extra fat creation of this tape in the generic tape that can it is better. With the dispenser of tape, can pull and attach this tape to a box with forcing to seal it so quickly and securely.
5 / 5 By Brynn
Exactly a same thing like my compraventa spent of this tape of ULINE. Big quality, sticks to some boxes well, never had an accident with these circles of tape. The better part is that a pricing is quite near of when it spent horrendously big bulk the quantities of a tape direct of ULINE but without these quantities.
5 / 5 By Dolores
Ossia Has to that the very heavy tape . More than I have expected and the little more than has required -- but hate a súper flimsy tapes!
4 / 5 By Ethelyn
Ossia Without the doubt a better packing the tape has has not used never. It does not buy that the economic material finds in of the tents. I create when I say it is not to value of the money, gas or frustration. This Uline Packing the tape cost each cent and more. Calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5 By Helen
This tape really is a better. It is strong and sticky. We use all the classes to pack tape during the recent movement, when finalising with to 6 band of Uline which had not tried never first that. My husband said to launch another material was. We will not use anything but this from now on.
5 / 5 By Marx
Or-Line 3.5 one thousand the tape is one has experienced more.
5 / 5 By Sheree
Some shows of picture S-447 tape, which is 3.5 one thousand, but has received Uline S-423 Tape, which in a Uline the cast of web of place likes 2.0 Of One thousand, any 3.5 one thousand. This tape is A lot of THINNER QUALITY and more drop that has announced. A picture is not that it is shipped.
5 / 5 By Odilia
Ossia A mark has used for twenty years. Good works. It is quite fat to seal boxes.

Top Customer Reviews: Pratt PRA0016 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Delana
I bought him he so that it can ship Funko the economic explosions. It weaves it to them of commercial like the nave and the supplies adds up.

A 8x6x4 the boxes are perfect.
Quite fat to feel sturdy and more economic that that has seen available.
Can bubble wrap an explosion and there is enough spaces on all sides to add the little protect extra to ship. I have it quell'has used already all 25(ish?) That has purchased and to good sure will order more when I require him.

(Attended other collectors to pop see this reason ossia that am asked one the majority of when trading explosions. The supplies and the nave adds up. These have done the big difference)
5 / 5 By Stephanie
am asked often reason can buy boxes for relatively economic and then some big companies spank calm with some taxes of big nave to take them yours. A better part are knows that the amazon will ship them quickly and can go back to subject. I ship for the living and can not taking to look around for a better prize. Of this product is offered like a FBA has produced, has known to go to do perfectly for me. Some boxes are new and unused and in perfect condition. They are very built and control until a perils of a wild UPS the man to the that likes launch the material. I add the little bit of glue to a subordinated and a section of the tape and am good to go. These boxes me do fault well and slowly on buying more when my careers accionarías was.
4 / 5 By Louann
First of a USPS increase to register used a box of same measure that was thinner and has weighed an ounce less to save on shipping costs. Now that pays one same for until 8 ounces to ship I upgraded to these boxes which are much stronger. I have received my first order today and was impressed like this that has ordered so only more eight. I have paid $ of 25 boxes or .31 Each one that like this while it pay .34 Each one regarding the product of the lowest quality.
5 / 5 By Kenya
These boxes are handy to have to that toys of ship of small bird that gives the avian rescues or to the auctions have resisted of some rescues. When The toy can be shipped first topmast of class, takes one of this economic still sturdy boxes. They are sized to return the majority of some toys some small plus I mark and sufficiently light to enable use of USPS first topmast of class that is the saver of genuine money. When the circle out of these boxes will order another band - I thinks is wonderful.
5 / 5 By Tami
When Seeing the on-line small elements, use these to ship. Although no a perfect measure, is more than pertinent for my needs. A construction is the good role among sturdiness ( is quite sturdy) and hanged (no hanged too much, which is well, of then shipping the costs are based in weights). I create 25 it is a minimum number can purchase, but ossia go down that the place of majority concealed to sell corrugated boxes. I recommend that of the these try it.
5 / 5 By Ethelene
Love these boxes. First order has situated was for 25. They were perfect for mailing that sells on-line. My next order was for 100 box to the equal that reduces for costs of boxes. I am not very weighed this in spite of is sturdy. It is there is rid wrapped in the plastic has weighed on and ensured with shipping strap. They are easy to store and does not take on a lot of room. They are gathered easily with some clear to pack tape. To good sure will order more when the circle was.
5 / 5 By Albertha
Has had any @subject that another has had and will order again. I have shipped my bottle opener done the hand in these. I ship of Maryland and has shipped Cale, Az, Ga, NC, Tenn, Mt, and Fl. Any one has informed anything boxes failures. Also you say it can not use economic any tape to appoint as it thinks is more @@subject of villages.
5 / 5 By Lyndia
These are boxes add . In a course to run a eBay tent, has used probably a lot on 800 of them and they are solid, sturdy and does not think never has run by means of one this was warped. Very pleased with these and will continue to buy his while they are available.
4 / 5 By Lester
Love these boxes. In mine 3rd 100band nave Funko Explosions. The accesses perfect with the bubble on. Although I remark to to the some tape does not like to stick a lot well. If you the tape does not stick sure mark to wrap around to take a tape in a side and the rub well, or buy different tape.
5 / 5 By Kylie
Sells to hail papers and was having the finding of boxes of hard time that would return it two or three 15-bands of papers without being too enormous or some wrong dimensions. These are perfect, and some boxes are good heavy quality . They are mostly unmarked/space (I believes does the mark to recycle in a fund, which is a lot). I have found a prize to be excellent (as of 12/28/15) and highly recommend them.

Top Customer Reviews: ClearBags Seal Top ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
Half in a SCA (a world-wide mediaeval king-creation educational group) and one of my joys is doing illumination with gouache (water-based) produced. These stock exchanges are perfect to protect a calligraphy has finalised, gilding and produced, so much before and with which is attributed to any one. It leaves people partorisca aim prizes without concerning on hurt accidentel, and is adds partorisca storage. State using these partorisca roughly 5 years now and will not go back never to paper envelopes.
5 / 5 By
The element has arrived early, the element likes described, these clearbags is awesome, perfect partorisca mine 11x14 photo and that it is more is a focus is in a stock exchange and will not come partorisca contact with your products that has dipped you in him, and a process of nave was partorisca add reason some stock exchanges are gone in a box layed out of rights and any bent, give the graces for a product adds as it will purchase them more in time and maintain on a work adds!
4 / 5 By
Can not recommend this product. I have ordered these 11x14 clear stock exchanges partorisca my illustrations. These stock exchanges are has arrived bent with creasing he in a half. I do not comprise reason these bend when the box has arrived in era quite big to dip them slowly???? These are unacceptable for me to use now for my upcoming fair of art.
4 / 5 By
Has not been happy when it has opened them my bond with thr clear stock exchanges in them. They are to come bent, as each one that like this now has the a lot of the times crease in some means of them. Point pillows and other elements that would require my stock exchanges to look presentable. An only good thing is has arrived punctually and is some stock exchanges of right measure
5 / 5 By
Sturdy stock exchanges for matted impressions, easy to open and reseal. This container is the good way to buy the small quantity.
5 / 5 By
Has to that have stock exchanges to store or sell your photos? These is. It does not look behind.
5 / 5 By
Adds for my photograph. A bit in a thin side but of the works for storage and so that it protects for shows of works.
4 / 5 By
Is to come bent, but felizmente was able to weight the with the few books. The utilisations then later that day for my final of class. They are the good prize and has done my final photos look even more professional. I will buy they again in a future.
4 / 5 By
These are announced like this. They are excellent stock exchanges and do fault a purpose to protect my graphite, watercolour and art of cake. Coverage an art of cake with glassine first.
5 / 5 By
Uses these to protect some impressions that I topmast was. This mark for the good presentation for my clients.

Top Customer Reviews: 10" Length x ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Laurie
I have bought these reasons my school of daughters was having the party of pizza; and my daughter has the handful of allergies, and has has wanted to do his homemade allergy the looks of friendly pizza was tent has bought like all the world-wide more is. Turn his free gluten Udi crust of pizza perfectly, which is a measure of the small pizza. Udi The crust is the thin crust like this really can not speak that I credit resists the fat crust but I would imagine it would do a work.
5 / 5 By Annabel
Has measured this partorisca return in my cookery of game of the boys that is 10” width, as it have to that return perfect legislation?! Nope, The box is more like 10 1/2” like him no returned :-(
5 / 5 By Therese
I has purchased these boxes of pizza like the film prop and was so only that has required. They are done of map like this stack amiably and there is sturdy feel. They are partorisca the pizza/of the personal measure smaller and would look partorisca do fault this work as well as any box of the pizza used for the real tent.
5 / 5 By Clifford
Has bought these partorisca my edges partorisca touch with reasons is obsessed with a man of pizza. It is almost three and is rough with them, but has on resisted well.
5 / 5 By Sal
Has had to imagine was like this to take these pizzas of our house to the party of the anniversary and these are exited add! They are good and fat to the equal that has does not have to that me worry roughly his a lot of when being a lot of supportive quite
4 / 5 By Davina
This sturdy the box was a perfect measure to transport homemade wry for Thanksgiving! It was able to stack his six big without harm.
4 / 5 By Elaina
Was boxes of pizza . Any one elegant frills. They have done utmost for props but can not say anything in his structural integrity under a fat/ of weight of the good pizza.
5 / 5 By Delorse
Used him like the box of present with paper of cloth and cash for presents of grandchildren of the adult.
4 / 5 By Laraine
Has dipped all our gluten free pizzas in them to take the bday parties
5 / 5 By Shirlene
Perfect small measure for personal 🍕 pizza!!

Top Customer Reviews: Uline Suffocation ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Brenna
Horrible product. I have it quell'has bought always these Uline stock exchanges partorisca pack things of several forms and measures. Some stock exchanges of a past were the soft pliable plastic that it could that the little pressure and the @light to @extend to ensure that his did not burst in a seams.

A lot of A lot of anymore!

Has taken my recent mandate and these stock exchanges burst in a seams in a slightest pressure. They remain well down a seams. Also a plastic is not pliable and soft. It is a bit rigid and noisy likes candy wrapper.

Ossia In fact ridiculous and an only purpose sees partorisca these types of stock exchanges is partorisca pack magazines or small flat pieces of cloths.
4 / 5 By Owen
Has has not bought never the ULINE has produced that the did not like me. They are upper quality . A stock exchange is very thin and light, which is that there is wanted. Some impulses of sticky band was easily. With some of some other frames like this sides of one peel of era of sticky band. This is frustrating and annoying. A backing is not supposition to exit when peel of an upper discharge the self seals a stock exchange. These are some better.
5 / 5 By Onita
These stock exchanges were utmost to use for my praises for Amazon / FBA pieces of cloths, but a sticky sale can be the little finicky. It is the very thin line of adhesive and owe appeal of the very thin ribbon of plastic to expose it, and that ribbon sticks to everything because of static electricity.
4 / 5 By Margret
There is king has purchased this too much time to count. Roughly to take them car shippped. The quality adds. Perfecto for resellers and container shippers. Quickly, painless, easy breezy.
4 / 5 By Velvet
Roughly to do the 3rd commanded. The good works for some cloths sell in etsy. Any rasga or harm. I love it!
Updating my description :
I kings-has ordered these stock exchanges and a quality has changed. Any concealed or send me to us the different type. This new some rasgan a lot easily. A quality is bad and really does not like me . It has given to 5 star before but will alter it 3 star.
4 / 5 By Lera
Stock exchanges for shirts - like this classical! It loves the - the packaging is like this easy now! Prize and produced utmost!
4 / 5 By Oliver
So only that it requires it can return the xxl shirt without the question and the abundance of room has left in
4 / 5 By Manda
uses these to protect elements when I ship and is perfect!
4 / 5 By Sarah
Has arrived quickly. Nizza Clear stock exchanges with a suffocation the already printed look on him. Very strong and durable. Seeing new cloths and used and these stock exchanges would owe that protect the orders of my client without questions.
4 / 5 By Eleanor
The work adds for clothes of packaging. A red has shot the easy start and the stock exchange can be reoped and there is sealed again has required .

Top Customer Reviews: Uline 400 Piece ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Debi
I have been buying exclusively buying Uline partorisca a lot, a lot of years now without questions until last night.

Packing On the enormous order this has had to that be fact last night. In 10:00 pm, has run out of stock exchanges and has opened this plants this new plus to finalise up. My surprise, my product would not return in 8' x 10' stock exchange that has been using for years! I have verified and bend verified and the offer has verified. I have tried the cram he in. I have undermined 3 or 4 stock exchanges of several places in a battery, the thought has had the so only taken the defective a.

Has finalised for rasgar all 4 stock exchanges that has tried. So only they were no longer a same measure to the equal that have been always. I have broken out of a measure of tape and expósito that one 8' x 10' the stock exchanges are in fact now ' x 10' instead. Perhaps any cost further of chance, but for me, he really messed arrive me. I have finalised that it has to that use a next measure on, those results in my product that looks sloppily packaged.

With all some products to shrink in a phase, would not owe that be impacted. But, these in fact have measures it has listed, as it has expected that measured to be that it says. Any happy.
4 / 5 By Luella
Love these stock exchanges for packaging the cloths of some girls that embroiders for my subject. Having a different sized the stock exchanges is like this useful, reasons do dressed that rows in measure of creature to 12 years. Some stock exchanges are very easy to use, and a sticky adhesive poster is quite sticky that resists a lot well, but require to take an element of a stock exchange, is easy to pull a tab on and open a stock exchange and reuse a stock exchange again.

In fact, in the recent holidays, has finalised to pack the stock exchange of whole luggage of my edges inside these stock exchanges! I labeled each stock exchange so that the day was and help to maintain the good things and compact and easy to cruised. Some stock exchanges all the stay there is sealed a lot well, and was able to open them and reseal his long, because of the really adds sticky adhesive in a stock exchange.

Maintain to find a lot of uses for them around a house, as I think that that mine 400 goes to run was quickly and will be to purchase more a lot prompt!

A semi-detached photo is an example of the pyjamas navideño of some boys in some stock exchanges, rigging to be shipped was. Reason some dresses I creation is mostly for girls, was really of entity of mine to have a suffocation look in a stock exchange, and these do a work!
4 / 5 By Tyesha
Create after using these Uline polybags, will not be using a lot another polybags. These measures are perfect. It take another (will not mention that) that so only has not done for me. Also it likes that of some adhesive band apresamientos was is red so that it is easier to something to clean up. Conceal so only good to buy these in another polybags, in my opinion.

Will say that a glue has not been like this sticky to the equal that would like to be this in spite of, but is well. Calm easily can pull a glue was and reapply, which bondadoso of sucks. Attended stick on permanently. To to The Some people like that I am reapply-of able, am so only a lot that bondadoso. Well, at all the piece of the tape can not fix...

A prize is decent. I have bought these to try out of some different types and of the frames. Of then I like him Uline of products and trust his line, would buy it again of them. His quality has his sure guarantee - so much in, can expect that it is good quality .
5 / 5 By Imogene
Awesome Calm only need 100 of the each measure. These am Uline elements so that it is a quality is as to any one. A better part is that calm so only can buy these of Uline in the minimum quantity of 1000 for measure; this element are to add if it do not love cradle for 1000 of the each measure. I add to be able to take 100 of the each one measures especially is trying tries that the measure would do more for you or so only require the small quantity.
4 / 5 By Edna
Some of some descriptions had concerned me but these stock exchanges are perfect! Justo quite fat and with still focus good. No economic celery or crunchy. They are soft and slightly pliable. I want that I am resealable. Seeing dresses and accesorias
And had forgotten to dip my business paper in an of some stock exchanges. It was easily able to unseal and reseal. Not tugging and he resealed
securely. I will be to order this again and again. Exactly which have been looking for. Or it can any gone bad with uline. It buys it.
5 / 5 By King
The shot adds partorisca east. I have required this for begins to sell on-line. We look in of the stock exchanges, then any focus to look. Way to a lot. With these take both . I want to that has the variety sized stock exchanges. Seeing a lot of different types of things. This will be able to cover everything of them. Has the feeling will spend for these quite quickly, like this sure will be to buy these again. An opinion is big. Some stock exchanges are self there is sealed. The shot adds. Thank you
4 / 5 By Julieann
Want to all some measures. Utilisation a small plus one the majority of and has thought not even uses this measure! As I am like this happy has tried this. Some descriptions have said that some joints of estaca of the stock exchanges. Material this is not really a subject of a box but so only a character of a product. All have to that do is to be sweet when separating each a. If attractive only calm roughly in him some the sticky ends can take stuck and tug in the each one another. Again any one the question taken the moment to so only conscientiously separate some stock exchanges. Also a quality is sum . I use him to pack my things of creature I resale. His the way adds to remain organised and maintain some things in presentation and the excellent condition of product adds when shipping.
A stock exchange a big plus can return the dress,jeggings or the fat shirt but no the discharge or jacket. At all súper bulky.
5 / 5 By Jim
Really appreciates these stock exchanges - is sturdy and of confidence. Has has had to that he the different clock poly stock exchanges and mailers recently and always are that it runs in the situations where there there is also or no quite adhesive, or some stock exchanges rasgan easily... This mark is remained compatible - just quite sealant and sturdy enough for everything of clothes the jewels to books. Also it likes that of this band has measured resupplied.
5 / 5 By Anitra
Has required poly stock exchanges..... I have bought these..... They are well. They do. Theres Any hole in them averts of a hole of entrance. Has the sealer and seal a lot amiably. If precise ship the on-line products and loves him maintain professional looking, these stock exchanges will do a trick.

Some stock exchanges also have it suffocation that warns how is the necessity selling by means of to the sure avenues like to amazon.

Compraventa'In. It will like'in.
4 / 5 By Brenda
Exactly that has required. It was well to have like this elections of the measure and I has been surprised that has finalised using all some different measures and He also leave me to find a measure will be to use one the majority of me so that pode bulk purchases that has measured. The quality of stock exchange has surpassed my Expectations and the stock exchange can be easily unsealed then resealed securely finds precise to open a stock exchange.