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Top Customer Reviews: MTD 21" Snow ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
4 / 5 By Imelda
The element is not returned like this listing, an iron was too much big partorisca a stock bearings and spacers. I have contacted a vendor the one who has confirmed was a correct part and would have to that have record based in some parts catalog. A vendor was partorisca add and has sent immediately he prepaid focus of nave of the turn and has issued the full repayment to received. A course would have been orders partorisca a prize yes returns... But in a long career goes partorisca pay a $ $ $ partorisca a OEM breakings.
4 / 5 By Jenni
Is not returned (diameter of axial is too big). With which some investigation, results a model is corrected, but a costruttore has changed some dimensions after a first year of production. So much - in my chance - a snowthrower was the model of 1.os years, and there is like this auger any one is returned.

No the deception for any, so only is confusing reason a transmission with which one 1st year has maintained partorisca use all a same part s.
4 / 5 By Rena
Has arrived just in time partorisca a storm of big snow. It was the perfect access partorisca mine 1996 MTD 21 thumb snowblower. Ossia A upgraded creation of an original and the work adds. The installation has taken roughly 20 mins. There is the video of Youtube shows it regarding the do. Well it looks yes it calms not having never does this prime.
5 / 5 By Titus
Ossia partorisca The very small MTD 21 snow of thumb blower this are adds partorisca occasional use with accumulations of modest snow in a half measure sub go of distribution. It is taking harder and harder that find some 'OEM' parts of qualities partorisca he partorisca arrive to this point. I have purchased a snow blower 12 years ago and enjoy an electrical start and a lot ez operation. I have used partorisca be able to change a auger hules each another season or two paralizaciones in $ 20 to $ 30 partorisca a together, but a main auger has spent was and now is taking harder and harder that find the substitution. For this have purchased a whole assembly. It is cheaply fact and could take the season or two partorisca use very modest (Cincinnati) and a vendor is included be to a point partorisca use black of magic bookmark partorisca try obliterate a soyADE the CHINESE' in a focuses of number of the parts. If calm still can find the true OEM auger of MTD vs. These strikes was would buy it. A provider the fine work partorisca ship promptly in the just pair but am annoyed in a poor quality and 'OEM' statement. I have had to that substitute a main tape two times and was a fact of excellent quality in element of EUA and have bought the one of leftover that I still have in stock. I will contact MTD and look for out of the Fact in EUA (or better quality Auger with replaceable hules) like this any last very long. Otherwise A car is perfect for use in this zone.
5 / 5 By Coleman
Rewards very good easy to install and the fact adds
4 / 5 By Soo
the returns perfectly was although you are not a OEM breakings. So only it take 15 mins to install, and better work that an original.
5 / 5 By Williemae
Has ordered another paddle substitutions on Amazon and was unhappy with a record and quality of a paddles. They were Much thinner that some original. I have ordered this part of then was so only the few dollars more than a OEM paddle the substitutions have substituted then a tape and mine snowblower works like new. A paddles is a same thickness like originals so many would have to that last for the moment. The tape has ordered was (Tape of the substitution Done With Kevlar for 754-0101A, 954-0101A )
5 / 5 By Sydney
the work adds. Substituted my broken one. Well fiit. Used the diverse time during a winter without any subjects.
5 / 5 By Susanne
Unhappy An end of axial was main that another final sand has he for 2 hrs for the take to return in resistant. Another end was a thumb and the half longer that stock auger has had to that cut the axial then grinds it down then weld the retreats on then grind it eown perfectly averts to do does. 6 hours of extra work to take it to do rigjt.
4 / 5 By Sabrina
Any an exact duplicate of a an on mine, but works and installs directly.
4 / 5 By Maryanne
Returns perfectly still although you are not a OEM breakings. So only it take 15 mins to install, and better work that an original.
5 / 5 By Annis
The better works that originates one. It has taken 10 mins partorisca install 20 year snowblower doing like the charm
5 / 5 By Deanne
Perfect substitution - the works add - money and of the time has saved that do a reparation I.
4 / 5 By Osvaldo
Although a auger is coming up like my no. Of part was slightly different and does not do quite also but is doing and after the gather and that discovers that it tries of the different way has chosen still for the maintain in all the chance. I am satisfied. It gives the graces for a surgery. Hal.
4 / 5 By Tarah
This auger was much less of a substitution of original and installed part and works so only like an original. Be sure to follow some instructions of installation attentively.
5 / 5 By Adina
This 21 ' snowblower auger leaves of the substitution of the assembly was gathered easily in a MTD as well as the Aim snowblower. A prize has been full stop in only $ more than a auger paddles,
4 / 5 By Claudine
the tampons of hule Old was spent, these fixed a question and launches the snow adds.
5 / 5 By Alisa
The product adds, exactly to the equal that has described. Arrived when fiancé. To good sure use this vendor again!
5 / 5 By Marlin
Perfect access. The prize adds. The time of delivery adds. It was a lot it please it.
5 / 5 By Ashton
It has not done so only this not returning our snowblower has thought included a number of model said it when we ask the turn partorisca he when being defective has had to that pay shipping behind and has not been regulated for a prize of whole unit. Lost in $ 40 for this company the one who has not answered the questions of email.
4 / 5 By Earlean
My snow blower is on 20 years. This auger access of assembly to the equal that have to that have. It was very simple to substitute. Now so only while the snow to see yes to to spear likes an old a.
4 / 5 By Ima
4 / 5 By Cris
Is returned my old 1995 MTD Launch perfectly. Any instruction has comprised. But there is tonne of youtube vids and sweats the quite directly advances to install.
5 / 5 By Britni
Good prize, delivery and quality. But a auger is not returned my car
4 / 5 By Stacie
Auger assembly that has ordered was the perfect access 20 min installs to Thank again
5 / 5 By Alta
mine of Turn MTD 31AE150-129 and the work adds. It was easy to install and has done mine snowthrower that new again.
4 / 5 By Carry
A auger access perfectly. It is the different creation that an original, but acts each one has bitten as well as an original has done when new.
4 / 5 By Cheryl
Excellent to maintain Car of Nieve that the in action maximum laws!
5 / 5 By Tracee
Returns perfectly in mine MTD 21' snowblower and was easy to install. Ready partorisca winter now.
5 / 5 By Dong
Was able to return this product to the mine blower after the small filing and hopefully take me by means of the little more parco that snow. Thank you Partorisca Save me partorisca launch my launcher of snow was!
5 / 5 By Jennell
The product was specified like this for provider and excellent quality.
5 / 5 By Carolina
A product is not returned in my launcher of snow. It was suspicious of the beginning likes the number of the original part had been superseded, but ordered it of then has had no another recommendation. It was roughly 3/4 short thumb and could not be fact partorisca return. Doubting that it would be it to it able to find a correct part, has taken a launcher of snow to the tent of reparation of the small engine and they were able of the fix. It seats that I have been quite treated, but would not order another part of launcher of the snow of them or more.
4 / 5 By Pete
This auger looks to be identical one the original part that is gone in my MTD 21' snow blower. I have ordered of Direct External Wholesaler, and a part has come very good packaged and in shape good apparent.

Any instruction has come with element, and took the pocolos small to imagine was like this to take an old auger. One sew key to know is that a threaded iron is the edge rid to the left , no your typical right edge rid. So I need to rotate a pully in a clockwise direction to take he of an iron.

Hopefully Will owe that expect untill next year for the try was!

Top Customer Reviews: MTD 931-2643 Snow ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 By Arla
the tool Adds but does not return of the substitutes of model
5 / 5 By Elisa
Was a substitution esatta partorisca a craftsman snowblower
5 / 5 By Janay
This element also was a pertinent substitution that done in mine Cub Fall snowblower.
5 / 5 By Michael
Has lost my another to somewhere. This returns well to a headline in a front of my car. Easy to use when required.
4 / 5 By Kacey
It was a substitution esatta partorisca a craftsman snowblower

Top Customer Reviews: MTD Snowblower ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
4 / 5 By Elois
I am disappointed ... These are much thinner that some original OEM part. Some parts of substitution have measured in 9/32' thick ... An original paddles was 13/32' often with double some discharges of reinforcement. One of some 3 focuses has said essitios MTD 735-04472 ... Fact in EUA' ... But I can not value they will last any plus along that some original paddles. They return well and it was easy to install. They are to good insurances more economic ($ + FREE Nave) that one $ (+ FREE Nave) Box of Substitution of the Hule in a MTD put of web. Probably I will not buy these again ... It depends in his action and that time have had to.
4 / 5 By Roni
Has taken the bet in these, bought in fall of 2017 how has been ready partorisca a winter. Have Hardly does by means of 2 winters and has spent was. Some originals am lasted roughly 7 years. These are to good insurances thinner that OEM. The together next will be a MTD a sure. They are returned my snow blower, so only comprise is not a same quality like OEM.
5 / 5 By Joslyn
Has ordered these reasons required him quickly. It has ordered later dipped of paddles of Searspartsdirect. A Sears paddles was fatter like an original OEM. After reading roughly shave the available dishes on Amazon, has ordered also an element of Searspartsdirect -- again, stuff has looked partorisca be one same like OEM, stout And thickness.
Sears The parts were more expensive (in $ 60 paralizaciones paddles and $ 42 partorisca shave plan) but would have to that last longer.
Partorisca Locate Google 735-04032 paralizaciones paddles and 731-1033 partorisca shave plan and go to Searspartsdirect has listed.
5 / 5 By Kasi
A paddles was easy to install. Has has had to that so only take 16 rays and substitute them, turn perfectly. There is remarked some discharges of discharge in some new oned was less original, but law like this far well.
5 / 5 By Fatimah
Mina dates so much present but required partorisca substitute shabby parts, this has done a trick, woks like new now
5 / 5 By Marsha
has come faster that expected and returns perfectly. I have ordered an original MTD frames last times around. They were 3 expensive times and is lasted the year. This look partorisca be fatter and more sturdy. I will not know sure until we take some snow . Hopefully Any in the near future.
5 / 5 By Domitila
No like this weighed like the originals but return utmost and utmost fact when I used him last winter
5 / 5 By Luann
leaves of the substitution Required partorisca our blower.
4 / 5 By Tamara
No quite like this fat like originals, but the really good value for a prize.
4 / 5 By Claud
Mina dates so much present but required to substitute shabby parts, this has done a trick, woks like new now
4 / 5 By Alaina
has come faster that expected and returns perfectly. I have ordered an original MTD frames last times around. They were 3 expensive times and is lasted the year. This look to be fatter and more sturdy. I will not know sure until we take some snow . Hopefully Any in the near future.
5 / 5 By Alfredia
I can not blame a vendor because it does not allege never that these are OEM. I bought him reasons were economic and has imagined, the hule is hule . Unfortunately gone back of no. well, but is roughly 1/2 of a thickness of a OEM paddles. This means that probably they will spend was twice quickly . I will be of on-line tower partorisca buy a OEM in the season or 2 and owe the pause out of a ratchet dips again. It spends an extra $ 15 and buy a real shot!
5 / 5 By Lucilla
The averages a thickness of original. Any highland hardware(rays) has resupplied. Of the that Waste Your money. Shabby genuine parts a first time.
5 / 5 By Byron
Is returned a frame. These are not OEM substitution paddles. No like this fat and will spend was the fastest must that a OEM parts
4 / 5 By Brandon
These were a thickness still likes of the that has take of the mine MTD. The installation was simple.
4 / 5 By Kali
One adds economic replacment access perfectly. Any and party esatta in a surface of a leaf but no noticeable after installed.
4 / 5 By Tegan
A MTD substitution paddles was installed easily in a MTD snowblower.
Has substituted 2 insiemi that use your product. A delivery was quickly he so that it can repair a snowblowers in the minimum quantity of time.
5 / 5 By Noe
Any for real original. A bit thinner. It suspects this means it any last like this long. The installation was quite easy. Works well, for now. So only no expensive like this long, I fear.
5 / 5 By Colleen
Has read some descriptions and has taken it casualidad of troy-has built was out of stock in January. With all a nieva could not expect. They have done well. My snow throwed has done like new.

Thank you
4 / 5 By Kathi
The economic quality will see like the laws after the snows of time. The prize was right tho
4 / 5 By Joetta
A thickness is less than half of an original MTD paddles. A lot of flimsy. Any time of waist that installs and will return
5 / 5 By Tyron
Four stars is still like this easy to the installation was. It can not estimate an action because there is no snowed (Milwaukee, Wi.) Of the installed him.
5 / 5 By Lesha
So only that requires to take a snow that flies again! Arrived Quickly.
5 / 5 By Robbyn
Perfect access... While in nieva partorisca try in era... Fast delivery as it has promised.
5 / 5 By Jeane
Works of substitution esatta as it has expected any question would buy again
5 / 5 By Vanna
The prize adds, fast nave, easy installation-- roughly 1/2 now.
5 / 5 By Juan
With this new paddles and the new tape, my snowblower works like new! They were easy the insall and is gone in time partorisca 6' of new snow!
4 / 5 By Candis
A thickness of a material is roughly 1/3 to 1/2 that of an original crew. So much, Any happy with this product.
4 / 5 By Zenia
So only has taken a four big paddles any of a small some. An element in the amazon tip 6 pcs. But it has taken them so only a four
5 / 5 By Chandra
my husband has substituted our old some and a snow blower is like this very like this new
5 / 5 By Gerry
Experience a MTD Snowblower paddles partorisca 753-04472.

These arrived in time records partorisca regular nave, roughly 2 business days of dates of compraventas.
Installed in mine MTD launch of snow, turn quite well, holes in some something legislation, etc. One of them rubs in a house of launcher of the snow some, but looks an original paddles has done too much.

A hule that these are done of this clearly any one same likes hule in an original paddles. It was not if this has to that to the bait of provider and transmission, or has come from/come from a costruttore that way. There is remarked when taking some originals out of my launcher of snow that some originals have not been 100 compatible with each another, as it was had to to accept that an incongruence is in a side of costruttore (this in spite of one some concealed was mailed the mine has not had the shred of packaging to indicate has been manufactured for MTD).

I kings the estaca yes does lacking catastrophically, or somehow outperform some originals, unless/until then it consider these to be 'as announced'.
4 / 5 By Keena
I prizes adds, installed easily, used last winter and has done well.
5 / 5 By Solange
Has done adds for some substitutions the required for my MTD
4 / 5 By Ossie
Work well . Any this in spite of last while original spouse.

Top Customer Reviews: Briggs & ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 By Yuki
With which investigation and long debate in nieva blowers, has concluded that would go with Briggs and Stration because of good action of another product. This in spite of, this model snowblower leaves little to be wished. With which 2- 3 winter of uses of 2017, has cleaned on my unit and has tent he for a summer. A first use this winter a unit has broken down. He Cranks so only well, but when it has involved them a auger a unit grined and enclosed was. A next plus servcie the centre was 40 miles was. After the few days a technology of service called and has said that 3 rays have fallen was and had caused a pulley and tape to be shredded. And that the would not be covered down has guaranteeed. Calm alcohol this to 36 guarantee of month and im only half way by means of him. So much it has called them Briggs and Straton, and his in the first place insulted me partorisca ask has had them he serviced. Well an oil is still clear, and at all in manual suggests that precise service. I have not had any indication that anything was bad until it closes era. Briggs And stratons has said contests it to them has loved a guarantee alleges one would require the second opinion, now im pissed. It require to drive 40 miles choose on a unit, strolls other 40 miles in another direction of my house for the second opinion. Service of poor client, the amazon would owe that interrupt treat Briggs and Stration. While to listen behind tent of reparation in there try contact Briggs and straton to explain is clearly Briggs and Straton subject of guarantee.
5 / 5 By Jefferson
Am impressed like this with this Briggs Nieve Blower... It has taken 15 minutes to dip near and was totally easy... An electrical start is surprising and lights instantly with a first push of a judge of key is exited... It arrives a lot before that we take 6' of snow... In mine first use has cleared some whole driveways, entrance walkways and footpaths for 7 of my next neighbours... Many of them are exited and said like this impressed was with as fast and the one who far a nieva has blown was as it has cleared his walks... Two asked to send them some links of where has purchased mine to the equal that impressed too like this to all a compliments this blower has received on is first use yesterday well out of a box... Also it can remark that some 7 neighbours have cleared as well as my own walk, the walk and the entrance have taken 2 full hours and he have used some plenaries 3 fourth tank of gas and has run out of feeding he like this estacionado the behind inside my cochera... It was impressed especially with only having has used 3 chambers... For a prize this creature was a better I researched and my woman and I am very happy with this compraventa...
5 / 5 By Cherelle
Wow! More to good sure and does not expect a power of of the this to be in pair with the 2 ad of phase. But it is. Wet heavy snow? It have not guessed. Lighter of show? Hopefully A neighbour is any the import everything. Pro Use to pour some wd-40 to spray a shoot, leaf of launcher and house of leaf of the launcher. Enjpuy And to marvel likes spear the heavy snow has wetted literally 30' or more. Or the clock and that the lookout for together ailed yes decide bury his house with normal to patially heavy snow and more importantly Proplyene works of Glycol also in the pinch but has to that be applied more often. 5 clashes the underlying gem of the snow blower. Still the few years with which shabby spear like a day has bought and begins with 2 bombs in a prime minister and with ease. You will be happy with him. Taking of the north Michigan been born and has created. Florida of mine was Detroit in Feb. Lol
5 / 5 By Ina
Ossia a awesome little snow blower. One first big snow the storm of a year has taken 6 thumbs of heavy snow and this snow blower is gone through he with out any subjects.
A pair of the weeks later take another storm with 10 thumbs of snow and a snow blower has had a lot @@subject that launches a snow. For the snow blower this measure has abundance to be able to.
4 / 5 By Alex
Some first time have used this, was sure no well reason a snow was very heavy and slushy. All of the mine another alone phase snowblowers has had always bogged down or of the discharges of falls of the snow with this type of snow. Well, it was bad. A blower has managed a slush and never taken plugged. Abundance of the power and the abundance of snow launch row. ( I mentions I alive to Minnesota?) Of then, we have had roughly more nieva (Minnesota) and honradamente can say that this blower the better works that any snow has possessed leading blower. It is the alone phase but extracted like this to two phase. Like this far it begins with the attractive alone also.
4 / 5 By Ramonita
In the first place, is broken, but some looks to hurt to be cosmetic just and hopefully would not owe that affect function. This in spite of, of a fragment disappeared has not been in a box, suspect a harm has been incurred previously to packaging and in my opinion an element has to that therefore it has not left a factory. As, some instructions of assembly were minimum and English has not looked to be a primary tongue. Felizmente, some illustrations were appropriate. Tercero, the assembly has required metric tools, something duquel had not been done conscious and has not possessed, but do now. Island, a dipstick, which is necessary for content of pertinent oil, was so that it has done bad that ascertaining a level of oil corrected is mainly the subject of guesswork. I expect that I took it well.
In a brilliant side, has not had an occasion to employ a car still, as I can maintain expect that will he effectively. If he (or any), fiancée to amend this description consistently.
Amends-has Received 4 thumbs of powder in the glaze of gel. A blower has cleared a snow with out any question of the go that it is both level and also quite steeply sloped. Only hitch was that a auger the boss is coming detached, but am sure this was my failure , and was easy and quickly to fix. The electrical start has done well, and the fall was both easy to direct and functional. Upgrading Evaluation of 2 stars to 4.
4 / 5 By Sina
Has bought so only this launcher of snow, a basic (737) model w/or electrical start neither a shredding gel auger. In 25 years have has not required never one and-beginning but a metal auger would have been a lot but is sold so only with one and-option to start with that adds -$ 200. To be just, is April here in Colorado and 70 terracings, as I can very still revises is qualified the launch snow, but can say you all more.

I download a Manual of Owners of a B&S Put web previously the compraventa, but does not comprise dipped-on instructions, which have found in a box rid. I took roughly 25 minutes to cut was a packaging and dipped-was all some parts, more other 20 minutes to complete a neighbour-up. A neighbour-on manual is long in cartoons and courts in of the instructions of concrete text. In general the quite intuitive, I so only screwed he on two times, but leaves the few questions unanswered first to try an engine.

Specifically, 'Quell'oil adds?', 'That is a capacity of a tank of fuel?, And, 'The type of oil and fuel has to that use'?. If it emigrate among a neighbour-on manual, and the manual of an owner, calm finally takes these questions have answered. The oil is 20oz with 5-30 recommended; qualified of the fuel is fourth estimated in 85-87 rule.

In that completed that all an on has been ready to run the start-on test in an engine, but one first instruction was to turn a key to ON. Any where in any manual said where to insert a key - another 10-15 investigation of minute! It is located down and advances of a choke (red) transmission of place. A unit is done in Cina and I suspect some manuals are English conversions ?

An engine has run perfectly and begun with a pulls. I have repeated this on 5 days without preparing, and remain impressed! Ossia Mine 3rd launcher of snow in 25 years and is one of some compraventa better has has not done never. It can not expect see like this extracted in a snow!

UPDATE: it is now mid-the December and I have used this launcher 4 times that operates perfectly! Included hiela the time begins with a pull if memory to dip a choke. It is serious entertainment to look the one who far launches a snow, likes a footpath to a half of a street. It is much calmer that some another has possessed, leaving a start sooner without wake some neighbours. I recommend to add an ounce of sea-bil to the 2-the chevron beats gas so that it does not have to that agree when refilling a gas tank.

Any launcher of the snow is perfect, although this an east prójimo. Have So only two subjects. To somewhere in a manual of owners has said that an engine has to that be upgraded to use on 5,000 feet. Be in 6,200 feet have fallen of a unit in a tent of engine. A upgrade looks of king-jetting a carburetor but a jet has to that be ordered of Briggs & Stratton. With which 4 weeks to expect, B&S has said that this upgrade is required so only for the 3-4 of a country and his do not have does a lot still? Happy has begun this month of Can last!

Any to bash B&S, would recommend that they draw the boss he long plus partorisca rotating a direction of shoot. They are 5'9' and to achieve it has to that step to a side of a launcher. No the big shot unless it slip in a gel/of snow with each rotation. They sell this unit with to crank in extra cost thus purpose, located for behind a launcher.

Buys again, now that I used it the little time ... Absolutely! Spending extra bucks for an electrical start is the waste of money. I can not comment in an addition of scraper of gel of metal to a auger, another that to say is not required unless it attended to long with which he snows?
5 / 5 By Lilliana
The work adds. The better thing is begins with a pull while has a key on. My old one has taken hard to begin and touched likes would leave of any moment. Initially it was the little sceptic . There is clearly some plastic part. When I have gathered a shoot, one of some rays that resists down one presses has pressed a rim out of low a ray. I loosened a ray and took it behind down but no able of presionar like this fully to the equal that would like. I used it two times and looks to do well this in spite of. A choke is the @plastic of @@knob with three or four click for place. It feels the little feeble but good works. Law a lot especially in 3-4 thumbs of light to moderately heavy snow. An engine purred smoothly and a blower would launch a snow according to which there is wanted and further. It was easy to move some directional adjustments in a shoot, included although they looked the little too plásticoes at the beginning. Smooth course and hopefully maintains to start with easily for years. It is the little weighed in the slope but is so only all a power in this engine. He propels he quite well and very balanced touches it to him behind in some wheels. It is amused in fact to clear a snow (especially take it helper to do some steps and corners).
4 / 5 By Tai
This uint has been purchased to substitute the 20 old year Bull with a hope of having a lot of years of question free service. ANY to BE! A unit has arrived punctually, but a container was quite feeble that FedEx has had to that generate to focus of new nave to the long of a way. When it Arrives it go together with minimum questions. An oil required for an engine is in a container - any need to buy extra. It begins on just fine and has run as it has expected. Inside the few days, has had the big quantity of snow (200 mm), which manages easily. Has a creation suburbial rule - go double automobile and half period of footpath. This in spite of, when another snowfall of a same quantity has come the few days later, a question has begun. One first half of a go has been that first snowy. In an end of a go, one involves the boss burst of a main boss. In this point, among a missing control and a heavy snow, a tape to walk slipped a paddle pulley. I have taken he to a cochera that thinks that that a tape is substituted easily and behind to do. ANY to BE! A coverage is exited well, but has discovered that a space among a big pulley and a chance is too small to return a tape, so it has had any way to take a tape behind to plant. A tentativa has been done to force a tape to plant, but a lot almost quite room. After, I have tried to take a pulley, dipped a tape behind and substitute - no budge! The next endeavour was to find video or repair on-line manual. No such regime. A B&S the presents of cat has said has had any manual of reparation because it require has has SPECIALISED TOOLS to do - not KIDDING!!! After the travesía to Upload of Port to buy the together of wheel pullers, a pulley has been take, a tape dipped behind on and reassembled. This in spite of, an I had broken a tape in a first tentativa, as it breaks after another half of a walk has been cleared. We live in the city of 100k+ people, but any tent in city has spent a tape in stock. A part is hard to find in a web, but the new one has been ordered. @In rodeo, buy this unit, to the hope likes heck that the does not break before the his 10 of the life of year comprises is up. The parts are hard to find, the doubt could find the tent to repair it and there is not any documentation of support, discussions or video. It BUYS MARK MORE COMMON - Tauro, Ariens, Deere, etc. - A this has been building these much more!

UPDATE: If one looks for video of like this to substitute it snowblower tape, the majority will say that ossia the short operation , easy . The spent with east a, as remarked in a description on, is that a space among a pulley and a house was too small for a tape to return. Like the Bull the video has aimed, a model has required there that one takes a impeller pulley (with a die), rethread a tape and then reinstall a pulley with a new tape on that. This in spite of, with this B&S Model, has tried that method a pause of day. The PULLEY A lot of BUDGE!!!! With which some calm time in a cochera with a unit and the full hand of tools (that comprises the wheel puller), a pulley was has takes finally. In this point, like a video of Bull, a pulley would owe that have turn easly behind in an iron. Instead, an iron has had to that be filed down in an end until it returns a pulley. With which (and finally taking a tape), goes near easily and treaty to the equal that has expected. There is sufficient power to plough a go lengthwise in planting that has to cross it again and again. A costruttore says down this warrenty would owe that be honored in any trafficante. This time of a year, with a quantity of snow has had, I doublt would be back it before a herb reappears and begins to grow. With the defect this serious, a unit does not have to that it never has left a factory! (A picture aims an iron with a pulley has takes.)
5 / 5 By Gracie
That have bought has not HAD electrical start, serated auger, or control of falls. Each description of mine compraventa has indicated all these characteristics. They are terribly unbalanced and have to it that return.
4 / 5 By Carmon
This car is excellent to take a nieva here in Michigan. Have Still partorisca use an electrical judge partorisca begin of then he always begin in a first attractive. My only future worry is substituting a sparking plug of then requires partorisca take a gas tank partorisca take his.

Update 1/18/19: Well I have not required partorisca take a gas tank partorisca substitute a sparking plug. Have take a muffler cage this in spite of, which he easy to substitute a sparking plug. In general, I am still happy with this car. Coming from to two snow of has shot blower to the four has shot are adds. The action is one same and no odora partorisca like oil when I am done that it use a car.
4 / 5 By Walker
Bought it December 2017, has done well last winter, his gas place of the begin on today preparing partorisca snow, his dead person... I am not buying anything with the Briggs & Stratton engine never.
4 / 5 By Carlena
Some instructions of assembly are terrible. First in a cast of parts... I am not sure state has been missing it separates or the no. Clearly has to that say if the parts are comprised in my model or the impression have been I lacking alot of the parts and are by train of the turn. 2nd an any one to any insructions was imprecise the only aims the picture and some arrows. I have hated to See Other tongues as I distracted me of English. Out of a box my element looked has on beaten, some scratches and were spent he of oil look dirty. I questioned if this was new or used and has thought some of some parts can be missing reasons some the leading owner has tried to dip the neighbour. I have thought the self himself the law will be good. The ones of way that has dipped it like this near has @to @give are not that it loses the parts and all have come together amiably. I have added oil and gas and began it up. It has been it likes 20 external terracings and has turned on immediately. The engine looks powerful and everything looked partorisca do well. I left it state announces the minute or 2 turned it then nieva still I so that it update this description with which first use. It gives it an extra star some instructions of assembly were clearer.
4 / 5 By Bea
Has bought this unit after a lot of question with my Ariens Phase II snowblower. Some descriptions were wonderful. Like the woman, was able to quickly dipped a together engine in roughly 30 minutes. An obstacle a big plus is partorisca do sure have both metric and the USA insiemi of customary socket. After feeding with gas and oil, a schemes begun in a second attractive. Although I have purchased an electrical start, am not sure I same will require it. I want to all in this product.
4 / 5 By Fannie
Was easy to gather. The box has suffered harm - but well packaged - has not affected any parts. POOR manual that explains like this partorisca gather (instruct partorisca a lot of versions - for this the bit partorisca confuse) . Dipping a blower fallen of the snow has not been partorisca clear. But imagine it once was - was easy. Had the smell of the light oil when open. Had any oil in engine - but when fill way to separate prisoner and checked - informed full - but has not been partorisca leave the oil solves the few hours and of the animals-checked - rest required of the boat has comprised.

Beginning (cord of appeal) was directly advances.

Using - easy to manoeuvre. If stimuli on on boss, while a leaf is in motion, could cause the question ... A leaf would go down hard to a cement - could cause excess wear in a no-brota of metal.

ON everything, partorisca a prize, good snow blower -
5 / 5 By Norris
has used this snow blower roughly 6 times. I have run to the cord in a walk and he cased this part to sheer was. This part calls something that a Auger Claw Coverage and in firm a pulley of tape to a auger irons. Without him, a snowblower no .

Elegant in Briggs and Stratton partorisca help. A way in that this part disqualifies he of Guarantee. A new part is part of an integer auger assembly, number of part 709875. Yes, you will require partorisca buy a whole assembly partorisca just low $40 . Another bad informative is that this whole assembly is on duty-ordered without ETA

My suspicion is that I will finalise to launch this $500 unit was for the different a. I will buy an assembly of the some place, but then always will concern roughly paste something that to twig of tree or piece of gel of street.

Only shameful.
4 / 5 By Clara
Ossia The very little blower but after the pair of uses a retainer the die has come of the free wine in a auger and a claw the die undressed and has bent. When I have called a costruttore to take the substitution claw die, ossia where the all is gone down hill . I took it to the tent of local reparation that was to recommend for a costruttore and is been there for 3 weeks now while to the part concealed is in rear mandate. I have finalised that it has to that order an integer auger assembly to take the little claw given! Briggs Take your together law pleases!
5 / 5 By Sylvia
According to snowy of a season and a auger decree to turn. The centre of service has authorised more afterwards is 48 miles was. I will try to return.
4 / 5 By Mallie
Like this far dipped the neighbour and has on begun in a first attractive. A thing there is not remarked is ossia the four cycle any 2. It comes with synthetic oil. An only negative is a creation to attach a boss for a auger could have been better creation but has taken attaches. I have actuated a auger and verified to see it turned and has had the breeze of the entity that swipes out of a fall and can see like this the car could launch some snow . I will inform behind in a storm of next snow. Also my old snowblower was to 1999 vintage and this ergonomics of sleeve is very better, good creation.
has had first ours snow to the equal that take to use this. I do not see the need for electrical start- I prepared it and first attractive has begun. We have had so only roughly 2 thumbs and this snowblower pulled me by means of the to snow likes s self propel. A hule in some leaves also has the mark to aim requires substituted. A snow has been cleaned well down to a pavement. They are sure this will manage more nieva a lot easily. Like this far like this good!
5 / 5 By Fredric
The product adds. Arrived punctually. A unit is 100 lbs like the boxes are weighed. Easy to unpack and setup. The instructions were clear for me to use. There was all hover and that careers in 45 minutes. Taken an electrical start and has pleased has done. Both attractive electrical and hand-held has begun a prime minister revelution. Note to manufacture.
1. Please situate some rays and fulminas extra on boss with rest of some parts. A unit is weighed enough a fund was still to scrape open but some parts have not fallen was.
2. A front the main flange of a launcher of the snow is protected for map so only. A flange was slightly fraction but has not hurt some operations of units. Please resupply the coverage thus flange as you do for some sides.
Would buy this unit again and again.
5 / 5 By Edgar
Pros: Light weight (manoeuvrability), easy to begin(x2 first and appeal) as far, spear slush and snow. Surprised a slush any bog the down as I expected it to. This was one of some days of geles/of the heaviest snow has had in the moment on the one of the north and this little boba was the field. Saved my backside that day. Ossia A reason has decided to take a gas in an electrical snow SLUSH!!! Ossia One of some launchers of better alone phase, while it is doing properly.
Gilipollas: A patch of gel was under a nieva takes, must to paste the boss of ray in a right corner. A hule auger the ray of leaf snapped was and a leaf of hule there is pulled also completed out of another ray of boss of the casserole. A hule auger the leaf was flapping around and that smokes the small and vibrated snow launcher like this hard. Taken in time and released auger sleeve and has closed the down before any harm any far plus has arrived. Has has had to that manually arrived, thanks to the advantage is not that has weighed.
Briggs And Stratton was out of stock of some rays, figures. We said me to us to take to a trafficante to guarantee authorised that was 40 miles was, heck to a no! We said me to us there it is not any one has guaranteeed still was covered down has guaranteeed. I have ordered some rays of another company for the 1-2 delivery of window of week. A day more has decided late undermine by means of my tools and found the ray and washer. It has dipped a leaf of hule together has retreated. I have had to that take old broken ray with grips of addiction. There is also the cylinder washer piece to write that among a centre of a hole of leaf of the hule first of a the boss of casserole the ray goes and Stratton any cast even has left so only sell this like the part, and the service of Client was useless to find this part. Some other on-line tents do not list /to sell this part neither. A manual of the parts not even loans this part. It looks I owes the car run without this part. Hopefully And does not look a schemes will act bad without this part. Perhaps during a Cradle will mediate of cylinder until local Hardware to try to take the pic and send it to Briggs and Stratton for the party of no. Of possible parts. This whole ordeal has been the negative experience , especially with which mine 3rd time that careers a unit. So many local tents have called and maintain to say me this the launcher of snow of Murray with the Briggs and Stratton engine? It is this true? In all the chance, will maintain all posted has interested.
4 / 5 By Nicol
In general would recommend this car BUT, checks all the rays in a impellor section! Control for cracks and pertinent torsion of possible stress. Out of a box a car was easy to gather; basically a boss and shoot. I used it the pair of time and was very pleased. During a week of Feb 9, 2020 (ANY ZONE of Detroit) has had the snow and he have very shot up. In a 1st raisin a impellor the assembly has blown averts and has launched one of some dishes of steel of the centre that control a hule impellor leaves roughly 25 feet. Has paste at all except clean snow (any gel, rocks, etc). It was able of the reparation, and to analyse one has bent plans and sheared 1/420 rays , has concluded that something was bad during assembly of final factory. A ray has been missing and has had to that take another three where so only some the threaded sections have been still in his threaded bosses (begins missing). The inferior line are really does not know reason a fasteners has failed. Once his a bit the dishes have separated, the curve averts, and then apparently in a next rotation a paste of free dish a go of cimienta that causes the very big impact to this dish ( had any mark to assist anywhere more), which sheared some three remaining rays (the rays have glue of lock of the edge on the). An odd and very unexpected failure that could have it bad has had a paste to stuff any one. Good basic car, one classifies taste. I turn to begin very easy, can very good and operation BUT VERIFY ALL I RAYS in impellor zone.
4 / 5 By Cesar
Has bought this in2016, opened to use and does not begin . Used an old a box now but leave like this dipped this together unit today 10,31,2019 and he wont beginning at all have any way of the take to the tent of reparation,has called Brigs and straton his of the that included knows like this @begin, his so only read yours that never a manual says, of the discharges has been changed but has no gas coming his, As he wont included try turn on. Buyer beware, the desire has had
4 / 5 By Claire
has bought this to substitute my old 2 launch cycle of snow of alone phase. Launch taste of of snow of alone phase for a fact that is quite light and easy to manoeuvre. This unit has the 4 engine of cycle like any oil to mix and gas. I have been impressed with an action in both heavy snows and read and especially that it calm them is. So only like all the launchers of snow of alone phase, has to be patient with him in deep snow. A unit is propelled for a hule has touched augers wgich does quite well. Again the patience is required. Quite happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 By Cassie
Finally taken to use this snowblower, has taken the foot of snow quite heavy and a schemes the decent work for the clear, does not launch a nieva really far been due to when being classifies of wet, but far enough to clear a go. Paid for him a day
4 / 5 By Mike
Hey this thing really snow of launches. Seriously. In some last few years have purchased two Bull Powercurves and this creature. Some Bulls is for me and my mamma, and a BS is for my house of daughters. Inferior line, sends some Bulls packing! These launches of car much further and any bog down at all, included with a slushy material. While it can take to 15 launch of feet with a Bull, a BS give me 20 feet in a same snow, same conditions. Yes, that am trying to say is that it launches 33 further that a Bull Powercurve. Here it is mine caveat—ossia my first year with BS as it was not there is a build of quality of Tauro, but, the initial reactions are positive all a way around.

UPDATE: Final of the January and there was so only he 10-12' snowy. This thing powered by means of him easily. I will amend that often, often slush bog the down, but, has to be really often slush. He still outthrows my Bull is but, will love attended 5 or 6 years to determine reliabilities vs Tauro.
4 / 5 By Janean
Has received an electrical start Briggs & Stratton blower November 2019. It was easy to dip up and rig for use. Some first time used it has been impressed with an action and that a lot of snow of movement. A second taking used it to clear footpath of mine was a subject , has listened the strong noise has then seen the piece of metal be launched out of one shoots. I turned it it was and expósito that a auger (leaves of hule) has blown averts. I have been to the tent of recommended reparation but has said that they could so only service an engine and any blower parts. I have found the tent that service he but warn me to knots that a last Brigs N Stratton the reparation has taken 2 month to receive some parts. I guess I will see what time takes for a reparation.
4 / 5 By Whitley
With which 2 steps of mine go, a auger there is prendido to do. Now they are in hell of service of the client. Any one is answering of support.
5 / 5 By Dusty
Nieve Apresamiento blower today. Any one some better directions but the video of Youtube was utmost help. Boxed well.

Some bosses up in nieva fall. The picture has attached looks the hole done not lining up. I need to take two rays in halfway tight and then extend plastic to last hole. Mina of wrong part looked at the beginning. Dah!!!

Has begun on first attractive. Any nieva still. You modify when I see that it operates.

Update 11/18/19. Fact well in 2018. Stored like recommended. It does not begin today. It can not take looked in low Briggs and Stratton guarantee been due to any purchased of trafficante.
Although to the amazon is by train to give me the repayment has to that return and have any snow blower. You do not buy this element of type of Amazon again.
5 / 5 By Timothy
Has been pleasantly surprised by this a phase blower. Alive in Idaho, and is having a winter of ÉPICO. There are 6 FEET of snow in an earth, and has been going in 6 thumbs for day, for the pair of weeks.
Has had several snowblowers, and have the much bigger 2 phase blower - but has used a new B&S blower for six weeks of heavy snow. There is ploughed thru heavy snow two deep times like blower is big (I use he in mine 2 coverages).
Has not had any subject & is Much stronger that of the substitutes of BULL.
4 / 5 By Shante
...This Briggs and Stratton Snowthrower, Model 1022.ºR Has arrived after 4 day is for the container of map was quite battered, class of the like you had gone down the mountainside, as it was apprehensive roughly has included to open enough,..I lodge it plastic there has been the piece broken out of him in a corner,..Any biggie with some the all has gathered, has fill he with an Oil resupplied, and the tankful of fresh gas,...Turned a Key on, dipped a Choke, and shoot a lot up in a first attractive!!... It chews by means of 12' of hard-snow and gel packed in mine go quite well, he considering there is so only the hule has to that attended and see how long resist up....
5 / 5 By Sammie
Is well.
Leaves of hule that will spend era.
Is enough for the snow unpacked. For a bank of snow was fights ahead bit it.
And if a snow is packed the will not clean down a pavement.
5 / 5 By Gayla
A schemes never has run really reliably. Purchased when you are $ 375.

Has run well 4-7 times one before season, to an end of a prime minister there is prendido that wants to begin.

Is gone through everything of a typical troubleshooting and there is not running never properly again. Claims of guarantee or the lack of the same is where my description really comes the voice displeasure with.

Has compared to other cars and subject, is so only difficult state to do with them and disheartening when they will not be for behind a product.

Am not saying does not purchase the B&S produced, but yes calm , would recommend to buy directly his or in person in a tent. Have purposefully Do more difficult that do claims and of the mine standpoint, has done this to ensure that they do not owe that cover any costs of reparation. I will amend my commentary or the commentary again can fix my worries.

But, 12+ months this in spite of the car broken, as it can not imagine the things will be direct. The toes have crossed.
4 / 5 By Maris
Has bought this unit because has has wanted to something the little smaller that mine 8hp snowblower. But I have loved also a cleaner surface the launch of the snow done. A strong short engine and can manage some heavy snow with has repeated the tentativas but has found that a balance of weight could be was reason the meeting extremely last to manoeuvre especially when that tries to press on one fold. Mine other launchers in a past has taken the appeal advances that it pulls a snow, this a chair owes way of push more than usual. Highly it recommends that when you receive a unit, checks all the dice and rays to be sure am tight, has had so only two rays come use in a auger flap and he rasgó the averages was and has taken all there is joined up.. Going to cost me $ 70 for the new a. Before it buy an on-line sees if the local tent has one same one and the verify was. Good regime. Still mostly happ
And with cost of mine
4 / 5 By Sherrell
used that a time like this far. He a work, was easy to use and no in sized for storage. One shoots gives options on where to dip a snow. We are taking more nieva tonight in rest waiting for those use this again. We have had ours prime minister of entity snowstorm and this begins up without question and moves a snow without question. So only it say to me I do not know reason has been that bolt in a same place for more than 10 years and has not taken the snow blower. We would owe that be take more nieva inner one next week will see is a test of the time was 3 uses for then.
5 / 5 By Hank
Has bought this snowblower on done the month and has been the sum of compraventa recent . Some directions were easy to comprise and is very easy to dip near of the majority of era has gathered already. He so that it see it far fluffy snow, as well as the recent heavy snow, which faces with ease. I am surprised in as calm this unit is of then I has been expecting the to be stronger. It is easy to manage with some leaves and ergonomic grip that helps you propel a unit in a snow. They are curious to see how long some leaves will last. In general, I am very happy with this compraventa and look forward to that it uses my snow blower any plus.
4 / 5 By Pamela
This blower are adds! Work in nieva, heavy wet snow and gel! Has has had to that so only clean out of a auger the little time of heavy wet snow, but has had also the foot and the half to clear. Living in Upstate New York, ossia the compraventa very necessary . I have been spent for the moment, and this was a better shot , delivery down, and has been rid my door for free! A delivery is the mine extracted big, of then have the car of sport and would have to that neither take loaned the truck or hire a. Also very simple to dip up.
5 / 5 By Jene
Has been near quickly and has been surprised has come he with synthetic oil in planting to regulate. It do not have to that require the oil changes each season. I bought it late in a season as I used it so only in powdery snow. Movement he easily but has blown a light snow backward leaving some residual snow in a go. I am not sure that do with the wet snow but the looks will owe that expect until next year. In general, it looks the a lot done piece of crew.
4 / 5 By Reita
An ease to begin of sound, running, and manoeuvrability in subzero time, with the snow packed in the foot in height, marks this snowthrower value his weight in gold! And it runs in essence it regulate! It substitutes an older unit that has required the mix of essence and special oil that was the real ache to use and maintain. No longer I owe that dread the forecast of a report of time of heavy snow to know that I will be able to use mine snowthrower to quickly take my car out of a go and the street.
4 / 5 By Neida
Much more ergonomic that same units 5 years. Powerfull Enough to chew by means of 12' snow. Fights the bit with ploughed the wet/salty snow but this would have to that be expected. Starts a lot easily. The balance in some leaves that appeal a forward of unit in a right speed, No too quickly a lot too slow. Good balance among weight and can. Shopping again.
4 / 5 By Armanda
I produce it adds. Well partorisca clear snow until roughly 15 thumbs. Anything more could be defies it. It has had so only the wet snowfall of in the foot and was the little bit of the fight but he have done a work.
4 / 5 By Saundra
Will admit partorisca like some leading descriptions a direction was the bit partorisca confuse and reading a dipstick sucked. Another that that highly recommends this car. We take 8.2 thumbs of snow have wetted last night and this bad boy has better managed that any one another snowerblower has possessed in mine 46 years. You owe that take raisin he of width meso reason was wetted like this and heavy but ossia common with wet snow. He same bosses a snowplow battery in an end of a go. This is not the car of miracle that will do the snow disappears but with the little commonsense and will manage it more works with eases. First starts appeal every time and is like this simple any one can use it. Highly recommend!
4 / 5 By Lise
After the plot of debate and reading of the descriptions have solved in this snow blower after a prize fallen under a craftsman verse of model has sustained. This any need the long description, a oversized the engine done a ploughed to synchronise so only by means of all some different types of snow that takes to comprise a wet heavy snow. Used to take me roughly an hour and 15 minutes to shovel, and with this blower a go integer is done in 15 minutes. The picture has attached is with which have on cleaned 5 thumbs of snow of wet heaven with this blower, hope very impressed to take a lot of years out of him.
5 / 5 By Sally
This sum of laws of the unit. I ordered it of then we have not had any storms of snow of entity. But you manage 4” of snow a lot well and has been finalised with a go and estacionando zone in the fraction of a time takes with the altarpiece. It clears snow and the step of plenary walking that really except time , any to mention while easier is on me 😀
5 / 5 By Temika
has used this fo rthe first time recently and do a lot well clear 7-8 thumbs of light snow. Any question any one. It begins a lot on afterwards a second attractive and has gone far is state adds.
4 / 5 By Neva
Looks the good car. Any nieva still for the try was. The assembly was relatively simple except an assembly of a hand-held crank for a fall diverter. An axial that attaches to a crank was the thumb of neighbourhood to long and would not leave a crank to do. I have cut sawed a shatters roughly 1/4 in the for the take to do. Also, a predrilled hope to anchor a crank has been situated roughly a thumb has left of where need to be. Have drilled the new hol like this to the crank would line up with an iron.
5 / 5 By Kristy
This morning has been to use he for some 4.os the times and he have done terrible noise when it involve a auger. Look and some leaves of hule had come detached of some group. At least some groups have fallen totally was. I otherwise really liked this blower up to now. Later today of this weekend will owe that see is the simple fijamente, or if I so only squandered $ 400.
5 / 5 By Junita
Has bought this reason my woman could not pull begin our old snow blower. Use it so only once like this far but run adds. A thing a lot really like roughly is if you are in of any uneven earth and a scrapper impulses of an earth, snow of launches throughout you. You recommend this element this in spite of!
4 / 5 By Adriane
This does fantastically... And have the strong engine... Well he he. Has two. Five Stars! D. McGeary; Michigan
5 / 5 By Allyson
has used this by means of 2 Nebraska snowstorms and love this little car. It is easy partorisca me, the vertically defied woman partorisca use in 2 go wide car and partorisca clear some footpaths. Begun on first attractive so the time used it, has not used an electrical start still. Cleaned a lot down to a pavement and to the my husband also likes run the.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
4 / 5 By
We buy this partorisca substitute a transmission in ours MTD snow blower. These transmissions are known partorisca have @@subject with a train of the worm and the need have substituted each few years how is has drawn bad.

Arrived in new condition but a costruttore an incredibly sloppy work of focus he on, a hule like sealant is literally slime out of an axial and during a pully, this in spite of no the impact.

Hubby Looked the little video and was able of the substitute inside an hour. A course a harder is take some pins of a small train, will require to 1/8 punch partorisca take them.

Snowblower Running adds this time and saved on $ 150 partorisca substitute it on our own compared partorisca take to the tent the one who there is wanted almost $ 300 to substitute a part.
The element has not been in stock for Prime minister like the vendor listed and has taken 5 days to arrive.
4 / 5 By
Bought this like my YM nieva blower which is done also for MTD that done a craftsman version in red (the mine is black) there is prendido to operate some wheels of walk in lasting ours to fall of snow. It is aboit to 10 years likes him the train of worm of the better brass that has expected. It was hesitant to substitute with the $ 600 new blower so much am happy was able to perhaps take other 5 years out of east a.

To the Installation likes them another has declared any one has been difficult and took 30 minutes.

The nave was quickly

This in spite of yes breaks again will be to buy the new snow blower.
5 / 5 By
My Craftsman nieva blower any self propel, and Narrowed a question down to a transmission. A tent of local reparation was to perceive roughly $ 240 to fix he - a man has spoken with era quite useful and has said that these blowers have the feeble transmission prone the breakage. It suggests that I try to find a part and the install, which is that it has done it. Had the few subjects 'delicate'. In the first place, it has had to that attack in an old transmission for the take to slide out of some holes lateralmente - some holes lateralmente have been built up around his circumference to the equal that to do for the a lot of tight record. After, it can not see like a boss to control that houses disengaged of a transmission that returns. In the most next examination has discovered has had two ears of cradle in a that houses compresses it partorisca pull a house behind out of a hole. Finally, some needs to coach to be take of an iron of old transmission to king-use in a new iron. A train is resisted in the place with the nails of circle concealed raisin for a train and by means of the hole in an iron of transmission. I have not had the punch, and tried for several Hours of minutes!) To improvise the punch of the nail and then of several allen English tones. Some total waste of time. It has given finally on and it has bought a 1/8 thumb punch in a tent of local hardware. It was the piece of cake with which conceal! Punch A pin of circle was and a train the just slides was. In general, to 45 work of small that I cleverly turned to the 2.5 work of now!

Modification 4/12/15 - I has any idea like a seal for this description has been chosen. It have to that read, 'the calm Easy substitution once knows that.'
4 / 5 By
Transmission of still substitution Craftsman/MTD snowblower was substitution esatta for OEM leaves 918-04296A. Installed in roughly 45 minutes, that follows Or-video of tube. It was able to take one closing couter pins and bearings of frames to resist iron of transmission without taking 2 wheels of car, saving some time. Walk to hold of pin of train of circle (reused) in axial of the old transmission more takes went with 1/8' day. Punch, Then able to slide out of old assembly. Snowblower Now has 3 speed several advances, the looks to walk to do well. Hope This substitution is the redesign , with better metal that train of walk of original brass. My original is lasted 10 years with light use; but agree the fully release a boss and walk of wheel of before stop, first to turn or pulls it a car in reverse. I think the fault to do that it is that it destroys a train of walk of the transmission.
4 / 5 By
Bought this for my MTD snowblower after my original transmission has been. A part has been rid quickly and is gone in smoothly.

To any one looking to have the tent this, no! There is the pair of video of Youtube and if yours halfway handy taste will owe that a fact of whole work in 30 minutes or less. Calm only precise the 13mm socket, a 11mm socket, the pair of pilers, the grip of addiction and he 1/8th drift punch! Really it is that easy!

A sinister side is an old and a legislation is a new!
5 / 5 By
Easy to install. Ossia Where some good informative ends. Working decree 3 hours into use. Ossia The poor creation . My original, so only lasted for 2 seasons. My joint, if this part is broken in your launcher of snow... It does not squander your time or money. Sell your car broken for salvage and buy the NEW, car of QUALITY. This is taking correspondent behind like this collected to the equal that was possible.
5 / 5 By
Ossia The substitution directed /OEM crew. Scrolling and install was simple and has taken 30 minutes each way. The holes for pins were a same measure and the line up was the snap. Mark sure to take new cotter pins so that it does not have to that use an old a. An only question is a walk of train of worm of bronze . He probably substitution to need again in 10 times of years. The nave was fast and timely, the packaging was a lot. Decent value.
5 / 5 By
Easy OEM transmission of substitution.
Installs was roughly 20 minutes
requires some mechanics IQ for east and pertinent tools
expect a part to fail interior 3 years this in spite of as the inner train is done with soft or alike brass.
No other alternatives of substitution so it need this separates so only takes it
5 / 5 By
With which one installs a trans pursues well, am curious to see how much parco will take of him. It installs it was the breeze and will follow on when the snowfall comes.
5 / 5 By
This was the direst substitution for my Craftsman snow blower. Easy to install and has done adds for some last 2 storms.
4 / 5 By
Original MTD the transmission returns the perfect works are. Although it touches the poor MTD the creation and the patient has to substitute again in 3-4 years but this is not the fault of vendors
4 / 5 By
Utmost part, the prizes add !
Has taken the few longer days partorisca ship then one in following info has said. But very happy with him.
5 / 5 By
An original trans the mission was rubbishes . Bought this a last year. Good works. Easy installs. Good prize.
4 / 5 By
The transmission was the breeze to install , a course was described like this and perfect work, the nave was also faster then a real date in checkout, just in time for snow of Chicago!
4 / 5 By
A transmission was identical to the mine old a . The perfect turn and the works was easy to install,so only touch a snow blower up in a auger and abundance of the ones of room to take an old one and to substitute a new a . I need it pry bar or engine of big ray to pry quell'has been unless you take a train in an iron of walk. It has taken the averages the long to dip it behind like face to take averts.
4 / 5 By
Takes roughly 20 minutes to install, snowblower acts so only like new again.
4 / 5 By
Produced any last more than few years. The bad creation that train of uses of brass. They spend it was extremely quickly.
4 / 5 By
A groups that it connects a boss partorisca coach to a transmission has broken recently. This has meant partorisca substitute a whole transmission in mine 22' Craftsman 2 phase snowblower.
Takes roughly 45 minutes partorisca change out of some transmissions. The works add now!
4 / 5 By
Has bought the snow blower behind in a 1990 east and the work has required finally. Some coach required partorisca substitute. This has done.
4 / 5 By
The part returns perfect. Easy installs. Behind partorisca blow snow.
5 / 5 By
Like this far like this good! The transmission is doing and will be conscious that will use nieva wet, now that @give has plastic !
5 / 5 By
This unit was the party partorisca a one this has broken last winter. Easy to install. It has to that expect until snowy this year to see yes fulfils all the expectations.
5 / 5 By
This part was a correct part for my snow blower and a unit now does correctly.
5 / 5 By
Has done the train of good just hope is done better then original.
4 / 5 By
Fact as it have to that. Fixed my craftsman snowblower, also is a better prize could find !!!
4 / 5 By
Following the video on Youtube was VERY EASY to install and like this far there is preformed fantastically.
4 / 5 By
A unit of substitution has been installed easily and has done properly. My main worry is that a Planetary train in a unit of substitution is done like this of brass. When being the Engineer Maquinal, am surprised that, like the main load that resists train of walk in an assembly, is done in fact of one of a soft plus of metals!!! Hopefully Of then has been redesigned, otherwise will experience a same dysfunction. I find it extremely unconscionable that the simple are hours of the operation resulted in total failure of this train.
Guesses a future say that that it is in tent partorisca me.
Respectfully Rid,
Edward Cunnie - BSME
5 / 5 By
Done to the equal that to hard era partorisca substitute but doable.
4 / 5 By
Returns perfect and is really an easy transmission era. Still without directions his easy to imagine was.
5 / 5 By
Fast shipment. It have installed he in roughly 1 1/2 hrs.
5 / 5 By
Arrives promptly, we packaged and has documented. A part was corrected and done as it have to that. I am pleased with a whole experience.

Top Customer Reviews: MOWERMAN PARTS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5 By Sonya
Easy to install and his thicket down to a pavement partorisca the a lot go more cleaned in a prime minister spends. Has quotes mine of new life 12 old year MTD snowblower.
5 / 5 By Lorraine
Returns perfectly, but no like this fat like originals
4 / 5 By Allan
has saved at least 50 buying here then in Sears. He finally snowed enough for the use and do like this very like this new
4 / 5 By Dominica
Perfect access for my snowblower. 10-The minute installs.
5 / 5 By Alesha
Hardly can expect substitute my old some with these new some concealed yours a nieva of the mine go......
5 / 5 By Maria
Perfect access and has taken roughly 5 minute the transmission was. Thinner That some original but works so only some same.
4 / 5 By Arletta
A paddles arruved punctually and was a measure of perfect substitution. A show has launched alot further with a new paddles. Fact well.
5 / 5 By Traci
Likes more estacas, no like this fat like originals but work well. Consider this part of substitution to interview every year or like this according to use.
4 / 5 By Marine
Has saved at least 50 buying here then in Sears. He finally snowed enough for the use and do like this very like this new
5 / 5 By Kerstin
hardly Can expect substitute my old some with these new some concealed yours a nieva of the mine go......
5 / 5 By Shena
law well but am not sure that time some parts will last so that it is the little more than the half of a thickness of some original parts. They have arrived quickly in a envelope. Very happy with a minimum packaging.
5 / 5 By Fleta
Has done adds. They are noticeably thinner originates it in the so many will see how long has had to.
4 / 5 By Shelly
Has repaired the launcher of snow of the brother with this box. It say that it installs it was easy
4 / 5 By Vincenza
These produced was partorisca return mtd nieva blower any of holes there is lined up. Never again it has had to that drill the holes and the hule was to small, dint the returns squander a lot well of money that takings when compraventa calm cheep. Roughly 3 hours. To install
5 / 5 By Ester
A bit has to that lighter that original but the access was perfect!
5 / 5 By Willene
In accident 17 I has revised this element. They are human only and was having the bad day. They are thinner that oem but utmost. My excuses to a vendor
4 / 5 By Sherley
Easy to install , perfect record , no like this fat likes some this is going in nieva blower , hope a new some resist on
4 / 5 By Madelaine
Good transaction. Some parts return our Car of Yard snowblower model 31-AE-160-129.
4 / 5 By Nubia
My MTD give form 31AE150-000 has a same model partorisca varied years of manufacture. Be sure partorisca know that your year crew has been done. The different years take different paddles. Any one the fault of vendors. I have received exactly that has ordered.
5 / 5 By Mika

Top Customer Reviews: YARDMAX YB6770 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 By Preston
I will begin with my only complaint. There is a ray of adjustment that would have to be in impulses of transmission hookup concealed has not gone there. Has a tent of long forest, but ossia the metric ray with an account of odd edge. I took an hour partorisca find the satisfactory substitution. Another that that, gone back my needs esatte, 2 cycle, 200+ cc, big wheels, minimum 24'. Alive in a tundra frozen of head office MN, and when my leading blower suddenly dead, has required partorisca fill a need quickly like this the winter is shaping on quickly partorisca suck worse that usual. To the mine dismay, Each one WHICH of my providers of the priest of local gram has been sold out of everything but a Cadillac the models that begins in $ 1400. I require this partorisca move snow look it times the month partorisca an hour, any need the caffè warmer and has heated seats. They are there partorisca some cups of now, and this thing chews until to the snow likes them Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. The assembly has taken around 2 hours, but an hour of that has been spent looking for the ray, and at least 20 minutes has been spent that finds a next clue on Spotify. With the little house, this joint of explosions of the what in roughly 30 minutes. My favourite characteristic is a product . Any like him To Him he for aesthetic reasons, taste because of all a behaviour while texting the engine in my neighbourhood can see me easily in his periphery. Also, his the quite substantial car, although it was to take paste, a snowblower is exacting some form of revenge in harm of organism to this vehicle.
4 / 5 By Kristal
This has been rid for ceva company of load. Strongly it suggests calm grieve orders an element to call and sure mark that has your information to contact reason the amazon has not distributed my telephone numbers to the equal that has caused the delay in me receiving east. Ossia The drop planned -was element. The mine is gone in form adds am not sure that leading reviewers has taken the fraction but the alcohol perfects all some pieces were there. It has been it has bitten surprised in what of him there is had to that be the together place there is the plot of dice and rays. An only thing there is remarked that I posted the picture of his need the tools that does not come with a unit for presionar all up. This take 5W30 synthetic oil specifically like this short better. Cuz Has had the heck of the time that tries to discover exactly that the oil takes in a manual. Also it takes the gas prepared it directly 3 times and he have on begun first time in an attractive. I love it now so only it has to that attended for a next snowfall to take for the use. I have run the street with him my nave and this does quite well in fact.
4 / 5 By Emery
Has required the new snow blower. It can not decide in the-phase or this two-staged. They are happy that has ordered is one. He came10 the days before have planned. A box in the pallet is gone in first forms. Taking roughly 45 minutes to gather a blower with clear instructions. It begins in a prime minister . Yesterday we take the 6 -7 thumbs of wet snow. A Yardman is entirely be a snow. Has go it empinado and this blower pulled on a slope empinada without endeavour. And no, I have not taken I discount it to write the positive critique.
5 / 5 By Laure
An assembly is not very fun, especially alfresco in cold time. During one the majority recently snowstorm (17 thumbs of snow very wet) has used a unit for a first time. I took roughly the half hour to take a unit headed with a cord of appeal. It have to that it has bought it one with an electrical start. With which roughly ten minutes that career, paralización. In roughly more ten the minutes took it that careers again and ran well. I have found a snowblower tends to sustain bad to a sinister side when into use in heavy snow. It presses a nieva was, but a front has tended to try and walk in a cup of a snow. Some wheels have a lot of deep tread, but requires the real push to take it to move to a heavy snow. Ossia My first experience with any snowblower in 60 years to the equal that forgives my ignorance. My neighbour there has been the different mark of Lowes and the sound has run well. Have emailed Yardmax Two times and there is still to receive any response. Now, month later, still any response.
4 / 5 By Justin
24' model. So only the bosses on some 24' ships of model for load. You have to called to plan a date. If it was to order one again would call YARDMAX, any email, and take the waybill ready immediately. Any attentive.
A nieva blower is excellent. I have finalised that it has to that choose mine on CEVA and has downloaded he for the press was my truck to the battery of snow. All was in shape well in a container and undamaged. I took roughly 30 minutes to gather, one the majority of difficult when being a flange fallen/ retainers (really very bad). I he in mine go. It begins easily. A shifter leaver movements with small endeavour and everything of a train, place, work. Utilisation the Bull 724 in work and, mine, a YARDMAX launches nieva further as well as short by means of big mounds of the easiest snow. Shopping this in the 724 still in a same prize. The mine there is not coming with the oil and need the little choke in heat restarts.
Pros: Light weight, falls of metal, conjoint throttle, the gas adds enclosed was location of easy valve to start with, snow of launches almost too far, 7hp blower for $ 500 has shipped!
Gilipollas: Nieve of metal blower shoes,
4 / 5 By Brigette
This work adds. Better spear that has expected & is quite solid. I have opted for a known engine (lct) in a stranger of mine a. I minused some stars for an ease to break a shear pins, but this is not the defect. The launch wet snow has weighed well but clogged quickly this in spite of do not see anything more doing any better. To good sure recommend this blower. I can upload he in my truck without assistance but would not recommend it . Very pleased with prize, delivery (any @@subject at all), & facilitated of operation. It recommends that that has extra shear pins, comes with two besides an installed some. It has taken 30isher small to gather, minimum tools.
4 / 5 By Ana
Ossia My second winter that use a snow blower. The one necessary interview and took it running reason aliamos take 6 to 9 thumbs of snow a next day. When it Take home a next day to act, does not begin . I have tried all a manual of costruttore has said to do and at all has done. I have finalised to shovel a go.
4 / 5 By Creola
The container was bend boxed with the bubble on. A car was in shape excellent and took roughly 30-40 minutes to gather. Used the the day still avenges, and law as it has announced. Any question any in operative and consider add buy for a prize. I have taken some stars am gone in my evaluation been due to the part bent in a car. A dish of the pulley of the tension has been bent in 45 corner of terracing in place of 90 terracings. The bent behind like this more could and has like this remote fact. It do not have any harm to any of some boxes I so that think it can have suffered harm during packaging. It have read other descriptions in poor packaging but second that it can say that a question has been to good sure has solved. Very happy with a delivery, is coming two early days. Highly it recommends Yardmax and the amazon yes is looking for the good snow blower for the good prize and fast delivery.
5 / 5 By Tameika
Construction and low quality engineering. I have required the gas powered snow blower partorisca Tahoe this winter, upgrade of my launcher of electrical snow. I have known at all of pros/gilipollas to the equal that has been with an economic plus could find. You do not recommend this snowblower, spend another $ 100-$ 200 and take the mark of quality.
Pros: Good engine (as far), sufficient power, starts of appeal easily. Works acceptably in nieva to powder until 14'
Gilipollas: poor workmanship and creation: throttle assembly (the installed factory) constantly does free and wont stay in full throttle. The sleeves come free in spite of big torsion. Both could benefit to close washers in creation. Shear The pin has broken and the pin has taken stuck in an iron of rotor. Spent 1 now with hammering/all to book was. The rotor extends too close up to house constantly breaking forest railing, no, side of house, etc. Drivetrain is failing - sometimes some paralización of wheels to turn in spite of having a clutch has involved. Very difficult to manoeuvre without a drivetrain pulling. Small wheels , so only so only does not have quite a lot of traction to take by means of still 4-6' heavy wet snow.

Still use a car, there is so only 3 month, ask me what time last. Constantly I am presionando fasteners and fixing subject (does not have to that take 1 now to substitute the shear pin).

So that it is this car a compraventa 'acceptable'? Light snow , drought of conditions and infrequent use. It does not buy one alive in of the zones of wet snow that takes more than 5ft for year.
5 / 5 By Roxann
Has bought a Yardmax YB5765 snowblower on August 1st 2018. I did not use it until December. Some first time used it , the work adds! Some second time used it.... A connection of the train of the walk has fallen averts. Then a pully for a blower has broken of the half !
Has called Yardmax service of client, and, all has taken was and, dance !! Extremely disappointed with there of product! More importantly like extracted there clients! !!! Please save you a question is them spent stops! No SPENT a lot of Yardmax has produced! !!!
5 / 5 By Noella
I have regulated a leaf of scraper in of the hopes to do some holes in a auger line of house up with some holes in a leaf of scraper. Any data, the law there is drilled new holes in a leaf of scraper but that so only is not that the things am supposed partorisca do. I am trying to be ready partorisca a snow but now confidence of lack in the car that can not line on good holes.

Has to that it does not have to that write the description like this partorisca the $ 500 piece of cars YARDMAX!
5 / 5 By Josphine
Really like this blower. 26' My woman has ordered this partorisca me partorisca christmas. Easy to gather. Me And mine 4 old year near of plant he in 35min. has not Begun any question. Taken partorisca try it was next day. So only 4' of snow, but enough to leave me dipped the up for really of snow. A lot it can. Outside informs the wouldnt expected it to be like this well the quality and build like this well. I have used craftman and Husqvarna blowers and to good sure would recommend this blower.
Averts of a subject with delivery. It has given a blower 5 stars. Prizes for measure and quality to good sure wort the.
4 / 5 By Mona
Has purchased to do footpaths and small zones around the ours go main. After an absurd assembly indictment concealed has required roughly two hours and immense patience with horrible instructions, is ready for startup. A recoil the start fracasado in an a lot of first attractive. It begins a car but trailed 16' of cord that no retract behind to a car. Endeavours to communicate directly with Yardmax the support goes. Any response of email. Inferior line, buy a bulk bounce of Motrin he takes this snowblower.
5 / 5 By Shizue
One a lot stout car for a prize. There is enough the bit of the assembly but he have taken so only roughly 45 minutes versus some 3 hours have seen in other descriptions. It has put loctite in some rays that has has not had dice of the lock and I have dipped fats of the lithium in some falls the dish and the control arm like this to to movements likes him to him the butter now. A capacity to close/unlock one or both wheels is good and one 22' the short wide street is well. For a point of prize is the good shot . I imagine some people that was having the questions that begins no extracted his gas and have any idea as to use a choke.
5 / 5 By Angel
Ossia My prime minister snowblower, like this perhaps ossia the thing on everything of them, but looks to be the quite significant creation defect in maintaining a fall of rotating the plenary 180 terracings reason the ray among a way. A bit jerry-rigging leaves for 180 terracings to turn fallen while still maintaining an enclosed thing in tight, but this look loves snow to attack directly in front of me? Again, I paint he first-timer, but want it that it goes to some sides, so much some lefts and some legislations. Otherwise This sum of laws of the what and is the value adds when comparing to another two-phase blowers.
5 / 5 By Nancy
Short and snow of launches a lot well. It classifies of the ache in a butt that has to that gather. An only thing are the little leery of of the this a plastic flange in a fund of a snow fallen. It has to that be lined on perfectly with an end of a sleeve fallen of crank to turn a fall lateralmente near. I think that an interaction of a boss of crank of the metal against a plastic flange will result in premature wear of a plastic flange.
5 / 5 By Trudy
A nieva blower has arrived in fact the prompt day during the storm of snow. I owe that say that it was sure happy of the see.
A unit has been packed a lot well in the mini-pallet. The assembly was easy with all the parts, comprising to spare shear rays and touch on produced in the band of the map of bubble backed. The instructions of assembly were easy to follow, and take less than an hour to complete. Some ships of units without oil, as it does not forget for the add.
Has not annoyed with an electrical start and He have taken 2 easy appeals for the begin. It has had I no the-has-has prepared on, am sure has begun in a 1st a.
Was able of the place to do immediately and he the really good work. Simple on-the adjustments of fly of one downloads fall has dipped a legislation of the snow where has has loved that. I have wrapped on the 2-3 hand of work of now of altarpiece in roughly 20 minutes.
A record and arrival of everything of some separates this the car of big quality. I am spent the majority of my life in country of the heavy snow and I have had diverse snow blowers in a past. This a stacks on favorably to everything of them. Highly it recommends.
4 / 5 By Lynnette
Another those some subjects with CEVA ossia the product adds like this far. It have rid the partorisca do (more in this late plus), which was useful reason goes in the pallet and the things of frames of impulse to fork much easier to move around.

A Pallet and the box was undamaged. Have pulled a box out of a pallet and a snow blower seated in of the parts. The assembly was simple, a vacuum packed fasteners was handy. Entirely I took roughly 20 minutes to take it near. To dip it near I joint having the together full of final of wrenches/of Metric open box and the together full of 1/4' and 3/8' stroll metric sockets, or at least 10mm, 13mm and 16mm. A together of ratcheting wrenches of the finals of the box would be handy entry for a boss to rays of the transmission and one falls to retain rays/of dice. A manual of the owners of the engine dips was cured of the engine likes directed for LCT, the one who recommends synthetic plenary 5w-30 oil for operation in all the temperatures, but leaves by other weights according to a temperature.

I initially dipped a scraper the little big so it has had the good bit of snow still in an earth after the career, the ratchet has done fast work of this error and I have launched snow. It likes everything of two phase blowers a lot directly scrape an earth with him is auger, like this hiela/the snow has compacted is not is strong, which of then avenges after a first two snow the falls of a year are resulted a bit of the question. The consumption of fuel was quite well, a tank takes on the averages the chevron and he have there was not running has gone by some times have been done that clears a snow and some of a gel out of the mine go.

Another description has mentioned a lack of welds, but my experience was quite an opposite. A joint among a auger the cylinder and a transmission have had 2' longitude welds, which was bit it too hot but otherwise very bad, spaced in 45 terracings around a circumference, ossia resembled like my parents Ariens is built. Like this a steel of discharge was around 18-20 gauge steel, which is comparable to my parents Ariens. In general, of the construction standpoint, with an exception of some colours to product would be hard pressed to say the difference among east and a Ariens.

Has ordered this Dec. 4th and the delivery planned for Dec. 15th. My leaves to act employee to have the elements of cariche have shipped to a main ease and will sign for him and use an impulse to fork for the appeal was any vehicle comes on, as it had shipped that to a main ease. Of then he no in a main ease has failed to take a paper of estaca of CEVA asking me to plan to date of delivery, but to the equal that have planned on Amazon when I bought it has assumed to be rid in that then. It averts of a paper to stick a lot of tentativa has been done for CEVA to contact me roughly hands. Now, it has had I declare to do in this ease, perhaps would have taken he in time for a second fall of snow and has reduced a quantity of band of gel in mine go.

In general, am quite happy with him like this far.
5 / 5 By Marnie
Do a lot well with all a nevar take this winter in Centrical Maine. I have seen the very alike snow blower in Lowe is, was more expensive still although it was on sale, and a Yardmax blower better quality gaze. An only thing that does not concern me partorisca east a free wheeling. It has to that unlock some wheels every time owe that it prints it around or so only attentively presses with some train that movement. My blower has shipped of his warehouse in Illinois and he have taken here faster that that has anticipated. In general, I am very happy with this blower. Highly you recommend this blower. It is spent a test of snow of the Maine with flying colours like this far.
5 / 5 By Fredda
I alive in WV in a base of Snowshoe zone of Ski. It takes now like any precise to plough each morning he snows, as I substitute the 9.9 hp yardman 26 thumb blower with east a. Generally he well, is smaller and slower but good works. A question is a plastic Flange Fallen of the crank is not weighed enough for hard use with cranking a fall around the plot. In timing really cold he helar up and some plastic train any last long.

Would be the 4 or 5 with the flange of metal
4 / 5 By Cortez
First time used it a transmission has frozen the yard called on max can not take ahold of does not buy this junk
5 / 5 By Tabetha
has had the subject maquinal but once this was to do fijamente adds. The costruttore was more than ready to hold for defect maquinal.
4 / 5 By Selina
Dipping it hover and take it going was quite easy. After a second career, there is remarked a whole car wobbled and not seating still. Result when they have dipped an assembly of the wheel jointed in a factory, has forgotten to dip in a washers for a sinister wheel like an axial bushing has fallen out of his place. An axial to walk grinded one housing a whole time was external that clears a snow. Hopefully Does not break a hole too much. A manual has not indicated that has measured a washers would owe that be neither, he so only said 'Wahser' (any really ossia how is spelt.) For something economic to fix but if any found in time ( was lucky of the find reason have thought roughly that verifies a pressure of wheel to do sure is both properly bloated), can produce the bill of expensive reparation.
5 / 5 By Reynalda
Done well, run by means of almost any class of heavy snow, gel chunks. The lights have not done but was so only a connection. I have had it rids last December and I am like this very happy I living in RICE approaches a line/of snow of the rain. I easily gathered in mine give reason too cold. Begun with elec. Beginning almost instantly. Calm will not feel to purchase this end snowblower, good regime...
5 / 5 By Nancey
To That like him to him a thing is the monster after using the craftsman 22' sp snowblower for 10 years love a power of this thing is very unlikely will use you all 5 advances of speeds but is good to have as well as one 2 backward. That I no of a thing in 0 or sub '0' time and no electrical judge to start with ossia that it loses one the majority of the mine old craftsman, but has to that say for a prize ossia the monster of snow . Oh Also it have to that be the common defect in this yardmax the model but a transmission to feed on was is screwy on is was and was is on, a question stooting drives dipped you directly but require for The BED. (Red face).
4 / 5 By Evia
No longer does after so only the year (opportunely, so only after a period of guarantee).
4 / 5 By Malia
A box looked he has had state tugged in my house, after the be has fallen 2 or 8 times. A foam was all busted the interior and some bars of sleeve were piling out of a box. But it is it treats it well , as I gathered it. Slowly in that taken an hour to read a coverage of instruction to cover, reason are not are good order , which a process that confuses and frustrating. A hardware comes with him is not quality very good. One of some threaded dice embedded in an organism to locate a bar of sleeve has suffered harm, like the ray has crossed threaded. A mountain of shoes in of the holes that no diverse with a leaf of scraper, likes slowly on doing a bit bending of an organism with the wrench to take some rays in. Also, you will require almost the box of tool of a whole mechanic, with oddball metric measures and deep sockets with extensions. Finally, it calms the favour and touch the few spoons of table of gas to a carburetor (under a filter of air) before it try the begin, otherwise will be to ask you reason he wont beginning.
5 / 5 By Erika
Thinks that ossia the a lot of the car has built well, has to weighed and able. (I did not use it still) I will say that my only complaint was that some instructions are has bitten it cryptic. Ossia A lot of - is for this that tubed he for a full version. Mina a big complaint is an installation of pin of the circle . Ossia Something concealed could be manufactures installed without a subject, but because of his location & to the equal that stagnate the the ache to install. This step only has while taken an integer snowblower the assembly has combined.
5 / 5 By Lamonica
Any the good experience. A prime minister an I has ordered has been deserted. They have sent the substitution and again touched saying a deserted a has not been rid. When I have opened a substitution, has a box of hardware that loses. It suggest to choose on the snow blower of the next local tent. A lot of easier indictment, perspective of prize any the enormous difference.
4 / 5 By Terina
Pros: I have gathered my yard max quite quickly, looked to gather the gram mower. I took it begun and in the first place tries with electrical start. The careers of engine soften like this glass! I want that one manages involves some wheels and another auger but once calm so much control a auger on leaving you to release yours another hand to move one falls more than that has to that arrest. Expósito That lil clue in the manual of an owner ;)

Gilipollas: A course to disturb is that an electrical light and has heated handgrips has paid extra for does not look to do. It looks that a cord to be able to those careers of an engine on an axial to a pinch to control carece of the prong and is unable to distribute can. Contacted some moments of the vendor done and the toes have crossed that they can drive me/help me to fix this so that it is to say a part is remained to expect besides!!

In an end of a day I still have the work them snowblower, and that beaten still to shovel punctual in a morning to take to do!
4 / 5 By Eleonore
A 22 snow of thumb blower has taken was terrible . It does not remain running unless a throttle was wide open and a manual has said any partorisca the course wide open . When I contacted Him they have said that would send out of the technology . I have expected and appearances then take the container of them that contains the carburetor . I guess I have wanted to me partorisca dip it on I .Which is not that hard but reason has to that it has to that you read in the snow blower has bought so only . Also a manual has declared that if a unlicensed works of person in it void a guarantee . How it is it is returned . Not to give it any star can
4 / 5 By Paula
was well until a auger there is prendido to do and a guarantee is the joke . Any one will do in this car. Llamas a company and his google in bylines of the tents. Any tents of reparation will trust this company to honour a guarantee. It can have zero guarantee in this car.

Are also in mine as shear pin in a sinister side.

The short engine adds even in polar vortex. A rest of a car is rubbishes together with a guarantee.
5 / 5 By Tiffiny
This snowblower sold in the prize could not spend the delivery was the enormous has not gone too difficult, but to install a low rear frame so only takes wheels immediately and the the looks of qualities bien.un little on spray in a work to paint, welds is fact decently and would have to that resist until normal use. They are 5'10 and a height of some sleeves is perfect thus fat and the wheels have steps very good blower compares favorably the others cars in a $ 500 to $ 700 imposed has built enough like this solidly so many cars looked in that was $ 900 and this one east the little lighter in weight and quite easy the manuver and turn. I am satisfied with him and that looks forward to some snow for the try was.
5 / 5 By Sebastian
Fill up with the oil then the drains behind boat, has filtered throughout, the one who the disorder. Any real @@subject that dips near, has very shot on, the good prize but THIS Is not An ELECTRICAL START ( WITH One 110 Propiciadas yours BLOWER) like my old mtd when it could do them not pulling, the plugged he in, has thought them this had it, like this the hope the does not finalise pulling my guts was.
4 / 5 By Derick
Has found a snow blower assembly to be one has organised more the instructions have not seen never. One takes of unit of smoothly and ready for snow. Hopefully Will not owe it never use but begins easy so that it is not the question. If I need the gone nieva blower this unit will fill a bill.
5 / 5 By Greg
When The snow has come finally, begins in a first attractive and has the treated was my expectations . In 80 years, was still easy to control and launch snow in ours second car, while clearing inside thumbs of him. A snow is exited 20 to 25 feet, well out of a footpath. A control to aim is excellent and one can choose exactly where one loves an excess snow.
5 / 5 By Cathie
Book among 6-9 in 8:30 I are.
There is taken on an hour to gather, clear quite a lot of instructions that one 8 yr old could do it.
Has begun with first attractive, the whole walk cleared of week-old Utah east bank crud and ploughed of snow berms.
Buys again!
4 / 5 By Faviola
Sad bought it,losing fifty bucks to send it behind,too light to resist up.
4 / 5 By Charlie
Has bought in August, gathered and tried in August, has been to use first time does not act. Recommendations of needs for any turn or substitution with one these works.
5 / 5 By Ernestina
Ossia The add snowblower to have ossia mine 2nd snow blower and love this model for him is prize and is usability . The law adds and is quite powerfully. You recommend that it take one to take a snow. I used it a lot of time that clears the drifts of main snow that would take it for ever with just the shove. You recommend to take to 3 phase snowblower wants to go this in spite of more the gel launches but has used he for on 1 year in Minnesota and utmost!
4 / 5 By Ryan
My woman has bought this partorisca me partorisca my anniversary and 15 anniversary of year in an army.
The assembly was easy, the look adds and begun before attractive. Excited partorisca use it this winter in New York.
4 / 5 By Stacia
While Yadmax YB6270 looks partorisca be the strong car the one who propels he in both attacker and reverse adequately, in a limited ( A Snowy 1 feet) test, a nieva wet looks partorisca be taking stuck repeatedly after moving the few feet. In a next season am expecting partorisca be impressed by a car. A question, A wheel has come flat and am not sure where to to order likes him to him the place has recommended accessories or a no had company partorisca distribute any parts. I will give the description in the aim .PLEASE ADVISE THAT GOES and Of WHERE PODE GE L.
4 / 5 By Andra
This ass of kicks of the what! Starts on easily and way of snow of the swipes the deep plus that has announced. So only we take 20' last night and this thing cut by means of likes it has been done partorisca he. It imagines it conceal! Ours go is roughly 400 ft and this little car has done fast work of him.
5 / 5 By Dana
Has taken my Woman and I roughly partorisca gather because of the lack of tools. To our shoot of delight up in a 1st attractive. I took it immediately it was and it has cleared mine go. A snow was wetted and heavy likes one falls clogged several times. While I have maintained a blower moving it has launched a snow with ease. Having to that take when doing the turns is when some clogs would spend. A tool resupplied to clean a fall has done adds. In general we are very happy with a product.

Has had one of flu of entity, was with a place of the tool has used to clean a fall. Having to that entirely stop and walk around to a front of a car to pull a free tool is the ache . It was much more accessible has been hanged in an of a boss-sweep.
5 / 5 By Nancie
I alive in a Northeast of United States and we see to plot of snow here a time of winter, often the wet snow is a subject , happy to say that this little creature does not have any question with any of him, spear nieva at least 15ft and raisin for wet or fluffy all one same, value very pleased adds for a money
5 / 5 By Pablo
has Ordered 22', a lot of questions.
Yardmax Has substituted 24'. Diagrams very better .
Does not buy 22'; pay of the extra money and take 24'
5 / 5 By Minta
This is not the car of big final, but was quite easy to gather and does a work in the very reasonable prize. If that can resupply and has had the main zone to clean, would jump an extra $ 500 for the main car with all some bells and whistles. It is in no way the ad, unit to have that has weighed.

For me, an impression compresses the easy fact to store and he my 40 feet stroll double easily. Ossia My first season and has has had to that use it so only once, as I can not comment in reliability of long term. Take on an hour to do 20 thumbs of snow.
4 / 5 By Melany
Had impressed really with some characteristics and value of Yardmax when you research snowblowers on-line, as I have decided spent a. A packaging leaves the bit to be wished. A prime minister arrived with the fraction auger lodge it and one have had the oil spilt inside a same box although an engine is supposed ship drained. The amazon sent out of the unit of substitution without hesitation. A unit of substitution was very better but a auger the house was bent slightly and a auger the title of boss has been broken down. I have bent A headline of boss behind, like this hopefully does not impact his reliability. A blister sale with all some dice and the rays had on open and his happy dipped inside a box, but felizmente all was there. An engine is the Loncin G200F the one who looks to be a clone of a Deep GX200. After fill it up with any synthetic 5w30, begins in a first attractive and runs really strong. I have tried a traction after a storm of gel and is utmost included in of the slopes empinadas. We have not had the big snowstorm still, but enough take this car will be up for a task. They are also hopefully that it is reliability of the long term will be good.
5 / 5 By Solomon
This are adds! I have bought this on Amazon. It is ordered the Saturday there is Rid that wednesday for UPS (4 days) has taken the prizes adds on he also.
Go near quite easy. I am 67 years old and it has taken my time and read directions attentively after downloading Manual of Instruction like that can print main. Begun on first attractive and has run adds. All the working part is doing well. Now, it LEAVE The SNOW!
Now send me my hat!

James Lewis
5 / 5 By Erna
the assembly was a lot of UNTIL we find that some feet can not be semi-detached reasons a leaf of gel has been gathered in a factory wrongly and entirely blocks some holes some rays are feigned to spend stops. Last a lot, and this thing is useless. Also it have funky welds in a subordinated and peeling and chipping produced in this same zone.

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4 / 5 By Faith
Exact access, has arrived sooner that has expected

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4 / 5 By Claudette
The access was prójimo perfect. It has had to that drill out of some 4 kerbs in a OEM paddles and substitute with stainless rays and Nylon given of lock. Easy work but the plot of rays to take and substitute. Parts of substitution of good quality as it does not doubt to do east. The car extracted like new again.