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Top Customer Reviews: Hurricane Munchkin ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Cecille
I love it. A creation is fresh and is perfect partorisca my toys of dogs. It helps so much partorisca maintain some toys of a paving.
5 / 5 Chery
Súper Pleasant & practical. I add partorisca playrooms
5 / 5 Forrest
This thing is quite sturdy. It stores my cars of edges in him. It is exactly as it has described.
4 / 5 Guillermo
'Enamoured with this box of dinosaur', ossia the one who my edges have said. It is a lot functional and like this pleasant like the decor. He he easy for edges to choose on toys.
5 / 5 Elissa
We love this storage of toy, súper pleasant, to to the my boys like like this
4 / 5 Cory
of boxes of presents of Amur.

Top Customer Reviews: Munchkin Fresh Food ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Treena
Has has wanted to these and has finalised partorisca buy 3 so that a babysitter and the grandparents could each one which to the equal that has a then the days of pair with which took him my daughter has eaten some milk has the cubes and a blue point have done his drool blue. I do not comprise reason would release knew it to him concealed but sure know now.
4 / 5 Raisa

These are really good to give my daughter to the equal that can have the fresh fruit and I can do things around a house while it is occupied with him. A subject only has is a coverage is the ache in an ass to clean

UPDATE: finalising launching these was for the cause was impossible to clean bananas out of although I cleaned it well with which use. Any value of the money. Buy the feeder of silicon.
4 / 5 Marylyn
Amur These for my teething daughter!! Tins of freezing of heart the trays of cube of the gel and then dipped the in here for my creature to suck on. This would maintain entertained for quite a lot of awhile! I add for the fruit frozen also! An element of staple! Always I comprise these in any present of shower of the creature because they were nutrition , relief of ache, and entertainment everything in one!! And for all a bad has to that do is washes him was with which use in planting to leave a crust of fruit on the in a tank and calm will not have any question! It is really any science of rocket.
4 / 5 Antony
It has used so only these for a first time today and are the defender . Mina 6.5 old month is, also. It has dipped the piece of apple in an and to the left go the city. This little device is easy for him to resist and gnaw on and does not have to that me worry roughly the choking.
5 / 5 Dick
The my lunch of own creature and dulcemente am presenting mine 4 old month to a different veggies (to verify for allergies). It is having the hard time with transitioning to the each new lunch, and one prejudices I randomly decided to give the piece of a frozen puree cube in this thing because it is loved quell'also! He so better when being able to control dipping a new lunch in his mouth, more than us shoving he in.
So that now it has decided it use this every time begins the new lunch and give the chunk of him frozen in this prime minister to leave gums in the first of the spoon that feeds a rest of him (melted) his. Like this far it is gobbled on Asparaguses and Carrots with east :) (Some first time has the asparagus is not that his, but to dip he in this prime minister and leave gum in the, he better when offered a next spoon).

I originally has taken this for the fruit frozen during a summer of then was too young for popsicles (which I still ), but are WANTING TO he for an introduction of the each new veggie!

Has not dipped he in a dishwasher, found that easier to so only clean with hot water and the drop of soap to stuff with which use it, then hang it to dry in a boat racks dryer.
5 / 5 Michale
These things are of the sound has given my edges (5 months) his in the first place treat in them this morning and absolutely wants to use him. There is not any question he taking to, taking he his mouth or maintaining he in his mouth. Mills of knots and lawyer
..For separated of course. He to good sure like a better lawyer. These things are of sound, can not expect see that more it can use in them!
5 / 5 Usha
These are the fantastic idea and my grandson loves him. Has thinks that that they were a better thing never UNTIL it has had to clean them! Wow They are difficult to clean and clean well. I have had concrete questions with cranberries - is really difficult to go in all some nooks and crannies of these things, especially where a base is attached to a coverage. Certainly it calms it does not love these to be less than perfectly clean of then is that they go to the mouth of creature - can not imagine these would last too long, neither. Orders of idea in general this require the bit of improvement.
5 / 5 Eve
I have bought these for mine 6 old month and can not believe what better teething is going! After a frustration to hurt my toes that tries cogerprpers open, touch with all the classes of the fruits frozen and veggies. It loves this! Hardly it exits are mad about and grabs he out of my hand to suck and bite on that. A left on in a point well grinds and the spoon feeds with. OSSIA A LIFESAVOR FOR PARENTS! So only the small word of precaution... Stains of juice of the Berry... STAINS of JUICE of the BERRY! It likes to please dipped your lil' an in the bib or so only the diaper.
P.D. Dogs unfortunately like this too much... :( ( We are in a second one already )!
4 / 5 Violette
Diet of mine of amours of the creature she with these. It prefers this to be the spoon has fed. It can grib a boss really well with a delivery. She also grib a part of point and express a lunch his mouth. It is like this messy but is like this happy. For the reference has not tried this with his box was 6 month .
5 / 5 Marisela
Ossia One 3rd near of these I have been by means of. Each net new takes the together of these when they begin teething. Lame bananas out of one peel and plant them in the ziploc stock exchange of freezer and place he in a freezer. While they likes him he is hurting I chip some of a banana frozen out of a stock exchange and stuff a full feeder. A creature loves it and help with an ache. Also well for them.

Has read some other people say that they are hard to open. Any mine is not . Only squeeze some two together tabs in another side of a hings and opens well up. Happy with a prize and has produced. Amur Some brilliant colours also!

Top Customer Reviews: Munchkin Sleep Bed ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Maude
1 - A Munchkin Drives of the bed of the Sleep was a lot of packaged of a factory and all the parts were present in a goleada. This time, the amazon shipped has included an element in the pertinent box that the harm prevented in traffic, which is in 50-50 proposition of Amazon these days.
2 - An assembly of drives of exposure of bed (comprising frame, netting and mechanisms of hinge) has the pleasant appearance and looks both durable and likely easy to clean when necessary.
3 - Some hinges and keys of emission/of lock of law of hinge well and feel quite strong to remain functional and of confidence for the long time. The time will say, this in spite of.
4 - That has seen when researching competing produced, a Munchkin Drive of the bed of the Sleep offers a clear advantage that some hinges are drawn like this there is not any way for the parts of organism of the boys to take taken in them.
5 - A device is easy to learn and easy to use.
6 - One drives rotates down 180 terracings to be flush with a side of a bed when 'opened'. A lot good. This in spite of, some needs of consumer to consider some dimensions of a product and a bed have feigned was used on to ensure this characteristic will do properly. I have measured my installation. A fund of the legs of one drives red (the parts that goes under a mattress) has to that be installed at least 7.5 big thumbs that a paving for a door drives to swing down 180 terracings without paste a paving.
7 - after completing a fight to install and presionar some down-straps of mattresses, one drives of bed looks quite closely and securely has situated in a bed.

1 - An Amazon (or manufacturer?) Been of description, 'Easy, assembly of 1 minutes.' In better ossia a forget that it does not comprise one at least 10 minutes of fight and necessary gymnastics to install a device in the bed. In worse, simply is the misleading there was mentido.
2 - I there is detailed the investigation is and of the products looked previously to order, comprising that it researches like the products are installed. A Munchkin Drive of the bed of the Sleep has looked to be some less produced have drawn foolishly easily available in a phase. This in spite of, a hook and the creation of strap is the poor concept. I give a concept 6 in the stairs of 10 points, where 6 is minimally no.
3 - A description of product posted in the amazon does not have any photo that objective a ridiculous highland system. Neither it declares anything in this ridiculous creation. I have researched a Munchkin place, which also is to change regarding a creation in his page of main product. Persevering, has found links it to the page of installation of the product that has developed finally a no-like this-ready creation. A creation resembles so only consider the down cost manufacture and costs of minimum nave and enough ignores facilitated of installation and changing of linens of bed for a consumer.
4 - Good regime easily changing linens and tampons of the mattresses without that have to that fights with one drives of bed and/or to take and king-the install.
5 - A quality of a has announced trong the security joins' this 'delete empty among mattress and drives of bed' is in a minimum any one could escape with. A strap clamps is quite bad engineered and difficult to access under the mattress--the tiny emission clamp is in a far side of an user also. Some straps are flimsy and take jammed up in a clamps likes one pulls them tight.
5 / 5 Hans
We purchase a Kura read of Ikea and desperately has required drives of bed likes aliamos of the cradle to the 'big boy' read for my edges. I have looked for big and low and wine to this one of Munchkin. It liked really of that among different colours and looked more modern and entertainment for the room of my edges. There is the mark of competitor that the alike looks, but is much more expensive. I have not loved to spend the tonne of money in drives to bed that is basically be the averages a prize of some frames of bed! This one was the perfect prize in the amazon and returns a bed perfectly also. I have been disappointed that it can not find any one instructions before I have purchased reasons was fearful the would not return a bed. I think that that it is reason a product is like this new. But mine hubby and do the work and he is a lot firmly hooked to a mattress. I have comprised the picture of a manual of instruction like this another can see as it attaches. To good sure recommend this drives of bed!
4 / 5 Toney
The delivery was fast and the element arrived in excellent condition. It is sturdy enough to withstand my rear edges and advance now :) has the cradle of program/beds which is 5 deep thumbs and is quell'has bitten delicate to do a work of drives. We add two pieces of 1 plywood of thumb on a base of bed (under a mattress) to do a depth less than 5 thumbs and he have done like the charm. To to I My edges him him like this drives better that a poster at the head of original cradle reason now can go in and out of bedding so only and does not feel to like is in the cell of prison. The so that only does not like is that it is of class of hard to take a mattres in and was when changing some discharges.
4 / 5 Riley
If you are looking for one drives lateralmente for a cradle, this element are adds. I have taken clash was reason one gathers in my opinion has not been easy on one separates. A course of money that the clicks in order was a lot of rigid and has has had to that the strike against a paving to be able to click he to plant. Also some directions say that precise the 2 people for a last a lot of but does not think that is attentive was able to do he for me. At the beginning when I have opened a container has thinks that that it go to be too short but has one extends. My daughter sleeps a lot well and any paste one drives. I also tucked in some straps among a mattress because they are really long. Some directions also aim a plastic part that it is wedged among a mattress and a bed that estacas on the exposure but my daughter would press and would fall off to having changed like this a place of them like this his no exposed in a bed.
4 / 5 Daron
Finally, it drives that it bends easily with the bed of the bunk framed without the cradle of boxes.
5 / 5 Tarsha
You look in diverse drive to bed first to decide is one, like rings a concealed returned the converted cradle to the toddler read. Many drive of bed are meant for beds of twin and would extend a period learns of the toddler read, swipe a whole purpose to change he of cradle to the bed. This one was perfect. It was easy to install and has his modern look in a prize abordable. A fold down the characteristic is good and simple to do. I have appreciated also some elections by heart. The majority of some drive white income so only, but when you are trying to take your 2 old year to remain in his bed, calm loves he to be fun. This blended in with my edges is 'Dinosaur A lot' @subject to bed perfectly.
5 / 5 Stuart
Ossia One 2nd drives of compraventa of the bed for our 4 old year taste transitioned the he of the bed of twin for a first time. One first drives of bed buys arrived to return reason was the hide -was way but any slide smoothly and has taken situates it down a mattress. We are much happier with this Munchkin a. It is quite sturdy to the equal that resist up against his habits of wild sleep, but is also easy to bend to change some covers that / do a bed. I gave it 4 stars in place of 5 reason the desire there is one 'old school' solid bars that goes under a mattress to resist he in place in place of some straps. It looks all some drive of bed in a phase these days have the bows concealed has to that be regulated and go all a way to another side of a bed - just bit it more tedious that would like me. But in general it drives of decent bed.
4 / 5 Clare
I have used this in the bed of twin with just the mattress and he laddered system of slat in the frame recessed (Ceramic Barn read). Yes, a costruttore has said this is not drawn thus type of bed - but for knots, has done well. We ensure some poles of metal to some slats for support and additional security (another reviewer has mentioned that that with zipties) and the chairs likes concealed has added even more stability to an already good product.

Was quite easy to install, although any '1 installation of small' likes alleges! Taking roughly 30 minutes to do 2 drive (one in the each side) with 2 people. Some drive are easy to bend up and down. I DREAD that it changes a discharge returned - and some drives really the transmission/impacts a way the flat discharge and coverage or comforter to beat is returned to a bed. But imagine it concealed is true with almost any product has taken. In general, ossia the product adds and a prize costs a quality!
5 / 5 Vern
A lot happy with east. The utmost looks, any flimsy AT ALL like some other frames, looks stylish with a wry form. Had the bit of the faint his smell out of a box but a lot bothersome & hardly it can smells the few hours later. Calm not to feel it at all under a mattress (has been concerned in this)
Says can be installed in 1 minute in a box but to the left is not to exaggerate! ... It has taken my husband (the one who is too competent with all DIY works!) Around 30 minutes to take he the action correctly. It does not like to read of instructions like this perhaps concealed has had something to do with him ;)
My edges () was part of a dismantling of his convertible cradle & installing this drives of bed and was like this happy and excited with his bed 'opened' so only likes heart & the pope is! The sleep for me adds it 2 now nap and has been to sleep for prejudices he so only perfectly on is first day of use.
4 / 5 Gil
Yours look for some stops of drives of perfect bed here. It is a lot of solid and is easy to install. We use it to knots in the bed of measure of the twin for the 2-the old year. It covers a side of a bed that sleeps on, and leaves the empty big in a foot of a bed, but concealed has not been one @subjects that it needs be able to go in and era.

A cup of a cradle of chairs of boxes under a frame of bed in our bed and these still collapses almost flush with a bed because some hinges are created . It is the breeze to impulse and go down one drives. It feels he taste quell'has read each description in the each drives of bed... We are happy has been with east a!

Top Customer Reviews: Munchkin Laundry ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Bee
Ossia The little smaller that has expected, but otherwise really likes to of me! It has been expecting east annoying partorisca be fact of some class of material of cloth; this in spite of, is done of the durable plastic mark of then so that it does not absorb smell or anything of clothes.

A lid is the good characteristic ; this in spite of, maintain plough all a time or has bent behind so the rests open all a time so only reason is easier that launch inner of clothes. It is soft and really likes to of me. Ossia prefect partorisca The creature or toddlers room, any own partorisca the adolescent or adult with a lot of clothes.

Expect that my description was useful partorisca you!
4 / 5 Beau
I have bought east annoying partorisca my daughter done two years and is still in the condition adds. Some sleeves are reinforced likes hanged of all some cloths he no his ruin . A lid is weighted, any only flexible cloth. It is quite also and controls alot.

Modify: I have had this annoying to go in three years now and has ordered so only another in sage for my edges. Still it loves this annoying durability, is big measure , and a reinforced manages that the show grieves any wear after these years of heavy use. One has attached the pictures are that looks now after being hauled on and down two flights of stairs this past few years. It is still like this sturdy and enough so that it was when he bought it. Very pleased.
4 / 5 Otha
Very good! No too big, no too small. It says it easily it resists 2 load of dirty clothes of measure of the adult (according to a capacity of the yours washer/dryer). Personally, has the Whirlpool Duet TumbleFresh Washing machine with the 4.0 culo. ft. Qualified & the Whirlpool Has to that Heavy Dryer of Big Capacity, if these helps. I have bought these annoying dirty clothes on its own name. My husband a majority of our dirty clothes, as I have fibromyalgia, but has required something to maintain my delicate elements separate of some cloths regular room (hubby there is ruined of the too many alpaca sweaters of wool to trust with that again). Personally so only I have left this basket takes on first full average to try to spend the load. But, so only calm so that it is, has the muscle concentrates very small, as material a half woman easily could manage the full annoyance. They are 5' 2' in 148 lbs. & This annoying is so only a right height to do that it spends comfortable. Honradamente, Yes have had to complain roughly anything (and ossia influences it much smaller ) would say that a lid could be better has some Velcro or magnetic clasps for resists it has closed. This in spite of, are quite crafty when it wants to be & can install something like this in a future. But, for now, it is really any that big treat it. In general, I am incredibly happy with cost of mine! In $ 19, really calm can not beat a SaraBear Dirty clothes of Annoyance of Nursery!
5 / 5 Dennise
His perfect for having addition to any nursery or childs the room and work for adults also. It resists to plot of dirty clothes that the majority of mommies can testify to toddlers does to plot of him. His easy to clean and no odora. Utilisation for both my cloths and my boys, His same light weight with clothes in him and he is very easy to spend to the laundry room. Also fold yes never calms does not have dirty clothes and needs he out of a way, (any insurance that to to the day likes that it was) but if yours only or have any calm boy around can know. One+ in this annoying everywhere, the just desire had found the most collected
5 / 5 Kami
Incredibly sturdy, and relatively heavy. It was surprised enough to find a lid has sewed on. Had a lot revises to declare is not , as it was pleasant to see that, and comfort it that it knows it will not take constantly attacked down. An only reason loses the star is due to a lip of a lid; a dimension is not flush. A lip juts was and does not fall to the long of a flange of one annoying likes would expect. Otherwise Is an amazing to annoy for my little a, for the few years...
4 / 5 Vivan
Used east annoying in the nursery of my edges. One annoying is measured add (to good sure can grow with him -- would be it the fine measure for an adult!). It is hanged very light and unfolds easily. It is easy to the toe opens an upper to fall dirty clothes in, included when a-rid (toting the creature in another hand--parenthood is to good sure the lesson in fines-tasking!) It does not use this to tote some dirty clothes down my car of dirty clothes - is so only the warehouse for soiled dirty clothes in the room of my edges. So I need to annoy it it concealed calm to leave you to choose on one annoying and the use to take some cloths with you, this would not do a lot of (any boss; that annoying to resist). But I have not required that how it is fabulous! Easy to dry clean in an interior, although has has does not have to that that. Grey Is the good neutral colour . Highly recommend!
5 / 5 Daniell
I have purchased east annoying for the nursery of my edges and has a lot of be happy with a compraventa. It blocks flat leaving he to be business when we do not require it . When Opened up feels a lot of sturdy and the quite big. Easily it can resist the value of weeks of dirty clothes.

Has compared to other girls annoy really like a fact that an interior can be dried clean with the humid rag. It does to clean one annoying the simple task

This annoying also can be spent 1 there is rid easily, he necessity in my house when I always have the creature with me.
4 / 5 Pearline
Bought for the to nursery likes to annoy the. Easy to use, stores compact, easy to dry and clean a material in an interior that are adds for messy days. The utmost looks and some materials for inside and for out are well has thought was. Sturdy Also. Any remorse with a compraventa quite perfect.
4 / 5 Jammie
It take this and arrive well. It looks well, but unfortunately it was not able of the place anywhere approach my creature! Ida is part of a nursery decor afterwards to a cradle! Quell'Conceals will not spend never! These produced has an overwhelming chemical smell. Any I chair still sure dipping dirty clothes in there, a chemical probably still be in some cloths after washing! Buyer beware!! One hunting is on for another pink annoyance!!! This is not a a.

UPDATE: I have dried one annoying was with soap and of the water and the aired was. It feels he averts for roughly 2 first month of my creature arrived and a smell has dissipated. It is not like this smelly how was and finally was able of the use. I Have liked him it has found something more, but this has to do fault is purpose . I have loved to update my description to be so only.
4 / 5 Jodie
I have had east annoying in another colour for the nursery of my boy of prime minister and has bought another for creature 2. It likes- one measured of him and that has the lid (although really it does not close never he). I wish it it was the tad lighter to the equal that can be quite weighed to lug on and down when full of clothes.

Top Customer Reviews: Munchkin Food ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Raymundo
Amur These Dishes!!
- The smooth plastic is VERY EASY to clean
- the main sides that another toddler dishes – maintains partorisca feed on flat (still with users of inexperienced spoon)!! The sides give kids something partorisca press a spoon against when taking feed
- Love a grip “of hule” in of the funds – maintains – flat in place and partorisca sliding!
- Like this some colours – and am happy is not all a same colour (adds partorisca siblings!)
- Perfect measure! No too big where the girls so only press some alimentary around and no too small partorisca the good portion
- ANY ONE!! ( Has not founding a lot still!)
These dishes are wonderful, and is sold in the prize adds!! They are especially utmost when the boys are eating soyessy' lunches, like espaguetis or waffles (likes is in some pictures). I recommend this together (and any of a Munchkin cups of dishes & of the Mark)!! Please the mark finds my useful description. Thank you So many!
4 / 5 Zulema
It has wanted to like these dishes. They are the good measure and the big flange well to maintain to spill. And they are microwaves and of the sure dishwasher.
BUT so only using the knife of butter to cut the things in them have to that the sinister scratches and deep grooves immediately. It does not think these will last long.
5 / 5 Sherell
It has estimated a power of suction in the 3 reason this a lot of in fact suction to a table. There is the tacky trim this maintains a stuffs of sliding but swimming concealed would prevent the girl of the choose up. My edges is spent an age to try to choose on his dish but required something did not conceal any slide out of low his fork to the equal that tries to choose something up. With that in alcohol, these have there has been sucedidos. It is it adds it little stuff that is easy to clean and he sure dishwasher. Some sides are quite big to prevent lunches to be shovelled on to the subject taste the one of your little learns to use utensils but no like this deep that to the chair likes is the bowl .
4 / 5 Lincoln
These are a perfect measure for the puppy/flat of dog. Has mini schnauzers and does not like him to eat out of bowls of of regular dog. These are like this utmost reasons they no scoot around in a paving because of a hule in a subordinated and his beards are not squashed around his expensive while they eat. They are sure these are adds for his use has feigned, also, but our boys are adolescent , as we do not require these for them.
5 / 5 Deneen
Absolutely love these fashionable dishes for boys. They are upper to rack the sure dishwasher and microwaveable. They resist on better over time that any of some other dishes have tried. Also they look to be entirely marks-test. My girls eat a lot of things in drenching red and included when being microwaved has not caused the stain. So only down the side is is not suction. But considering has been used like this of the words' to struggle of siblings, launched during tempering tantrums, and accidentally fallen without signs of cracks or breaking, enough would spend of the extra money for these once that launch my money is gone in of the things that could last 6 month.
5 / 5 Maximina
Easy, easy, easy. To clean, take on a career, travesía with. Durable and strong. It Friendly dishwasher. Quell'Resistant scratch. You hips grip slightly to a big chair, which help. My daughter is quell'has bitten older. When it Was younger that prefer a suction-inferior bowls, but find a risk to game is less now that is 18 month . So only it wishes these have had the little divide to separate lunch in a dish, but yours the subject small. Spatial in a dish is good and width to enable that it cools down to feed for zone of increasing surface. Fun and brilliant colours. Global adds.
5 / 5 Brant
Little it bite of hule in inferior is well. The measure is sum for mine toddlers. His stack. My only complaint is is at all the resistant knife. It looks transmission to have the dish regulates so only to cut his lunch. Shopping again this in spite of
5 / 5 Danial
Master these dishes! They are dishwasher and sure microwave, and reason has the less arrived sides of lunches in a paving. You hips stack perfectly in our cupboard and take on upper of the plot fewer spaces that ours girls' flat with dividers. They are small, as it say that they are perfect for him toddler portion of measure. They would be the little small for the boy of school age.
5 / 5 Shavonne
Really like this I have produced. It is skid -resistant, any one-clave, easy to clean, and the convenient measure. I have ordered a together extra to dip lunch in still diverse external critters that visit. If the ants take inner a bowl, so only touches it on an earth, turns it to the rovescio and the touch again; no more ants! They are a lot happy to having found this product.
4 / 5 Damon
After the while they have begun to try like a soap of dish. I clean well in a dishwasher also but has done still to the to alimentary flavour likes him the soap of dish. Otherwise Was a lot. It has done slide around the has bitten. Mina toddler has taken fallido with some sides because it was hard to eat out of stops his and wants to eat dishes like big presents LoL

Top Customer Reviews: Munchkin Silicone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Dann
Has the version of point of of the this, but was impossible to clean after giving Babe bananas in him. This silicone one has been AWESOME. When I opened It, it was the little disappointed with as small was compared to a point some, but has the piece well his calm so that that can stuff full. We give Babe the raspberries frozen, strawberries, bananas, and cranberries in him. I clean up it is simple. We love it to us!
4 / 5 Veronique
I produce it adds. Begun dip bananas and potatoes in him enemy mw 31/2 old month. There is a hole in a tip of a pacifier that likes gnaws in of the alimentary regime, little by little. He doesnt returned a lot and once a part of pacifier takes half way emptied a rest wont come until an inaugural unkess the reload the. There is the few small cracks has drawn his that the lunch can build on on like this sound the oain to clean. But his exactly the one who has looked for them. Something can take to with his two hands and plants his mouth and suck on. I think once it is older will be it perfect for self diet and will maintain to feed the time it orderly plus.
5 / 5 Audrea
My daughter has decided that it does not want to be fed with the spoon, as I have had to that come up with something creative. This adds with having creature squish lunch out of him but I have had stirs it of creature bounced to feed that she all of the sudden would not eat . Note: it does not dip eaten of creature in these reasons will filter was quickly That it was to take some moulds of silicone (small) and has frozen pureed in these moulds. I then pop out of some cubes pocolos frozen (or dinosaurs or robots or butterflies, any mould takes) and would dip him in these. MARAVILLAS!! Help to feed, helps with his teething, and has disorder very small to clean up! You LOVE it!
5 / 5 Maya
It was horrible. You can so only dipped to teaspoon of lunch of the creature pulled in him the time. It snaps Closure. 4 month the sucked was immediately and cried for more feed. Calm then has to that open a messy thing up and add another teaspoon of lunch of creature.
Nuby An And-Z Squee-Z ossia looked and resists to plot more alimentary.
5 / 5 Toni
It uses this for tins of heart popsicles for my five old month. You love it. Everything is, expresses tins (in an ounce) to a feeder and emission to the rovescio ((some milk drips was but any one a lot at all and is easy to the pause was before giving my creature))
5 / 5 Porfirio
has bitten difficult to open. Of my granddaughter is spending for the teething the master. Usually so only it adds water,but this stirs this late plus is puréed watermelon.
5 / 5 Max
These are wonderful for teething or to maintain the creature cools outside in heat. Baby Wants to this! The works add to milk popsicles:)
5 / 5 Silas
A better to feed solids of creature or freezing tins in still this rough teething days.
5 / 5 Ingeborg
I have bought these for my edges. It was always teething to the chairs like of of day a. I have frozen my milk of heart in them and gave it his when you are fussy or if we so only seated in a table. I have used also he for fruit to help the beginning that it eats. I have bought some for the friends and my sister. An only question has is has ordered 2 rose and has shipped 1 rose and 1 blue. All a lot has not thought would have in time for a shower of creature and do.
5 / 5 Pamila
Some am complained that there is so only he slit in a tip, but in fact wants to concealed. It is well that a lunch there is so only 1 place to exit. Marcos a simple consumption, and cleaning simple. Also it prevents liquid to exit unless a creature is sucking on that. Utilisation this more to resist pieces of geles for mine that partorisca feed. One covers is a lot also for when we are in some gone.

Top Customer Reviews: Munchkin Sound ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Josie
This car is like this terrible likes before version. In 3 years, has possessed 8 of these crap cars. Because I maintain partorisca buy them? Because I can not find to the to anything likes and is of all my edges knows partorisca sleep. At present I have 4 that so only will do music or projector but a lot both, and if they so much the no together law . I have purchased this new vision, and with the month is squealing, I transmission in and with in 4 days some new one is also. This car no partorisca more than small month.
5 / 5 Wendie
The pictures have not turned never. Which is one first what that exited in these cars of his unfortunately. It is spent for at least 10 of them. Unfortunately a creature require it to sleep.
4 / 5 Francis
So better that a leading version. An original has had subjects with an engine of projector not doing and with a speaker that dies entirely. This model this new plus and improved has not had any one questions with, and our kiddo wants to one changing the light focused. It is it adds for his sensory formality and soothes it at night. Also it wants that a light key is not aceso he anymore so that it does not hurt your eyes the one who a leading version has done. Really we like him that it is of the car of his , light at night, and soothing projector all in a. Some pictures in some keys he easy for our toddler to use and know the one who that.
4 / 5 Tajuana
Ossia The value of the product adds each penny. It was a lot nervous, has had an old green one of this another mark, a traditional an all the world has, arrival having subject of engine and broke it to us trying fijarprpers. A newer version of of the east a does not have the engine and some pictures remain still which no for my boy. It was a lot nervous to buy this one and I have done tonnes to look around before I have solved finally. I have bought this a fully while regresarprpers. This in spite of, this one is absolutely perfect state. Work so only like an old green some but was better! A volume is much stronger, some sounds are big quality , and is gone down with time and use. I have learnt to turn it is gone in a morning as it does not spend down an engine like this quickly but he no skip or take stuck or anything. A a down the side finds is that some pictures of projector are blurry, some find this it plus like his creatures do not take distracted, this in spite of to to my edges likes him to him the look in some pictures and I personally find it annoying is blurry and can no to see them neither thinks really cure. I really like a measure of him. It is much bigger then an old green some, but does a light in a fund of him well and quite brilliant for the smallest light when verifying on creature. On everything am satisfied highly with this product and the recommend to everything.
4 / 5 Tressie
It has been it bit it smaller that has expected, but otherwise, is the product adds . Has has attached pictures to aim some 3 different disks have comprised for a projector, which is adjustable!
The sound adds, volume, picture and colours. I have purchased for mine 3 old month and has finalised to dip he in mine 2 year olds room, but Yes has dipped a volume the little stronger, in fact does well for all 4 of my boys. Ossia An absolute lifesaver and has different options as to change things up.
4 / 5 Isabella
I have bought this two times now reason is easy to use and taste. I have bought so only a second a feb 5th and a white noise is broken first of an end of June. Waste of money if it does not go to resist on more than 4 month. I have bought so only this again because it has thought them was simply the faulty a.
5 / 5 Violeta
They are quite disappointed with this product. Has has loved it lullaby car of his with the option of white noise. I have loved also the projector.
In the first place was, a projector of the film of the pictures turns like this fast. Almost I give motion sickness looking it. Some cartridges of different image are the good option , but does not use an option of projector reason turns way too fast.
As, a car touches a same song on and on and on. So only it changes to the new song has paste the key 'next'. I do not love my edges to listen to a same song for 30 mins.
Some settings of time for his good east.
Wide row of settings of volume.
There is prendido to use east.
5 / 5 Cyndy
It was hesitant to buy a new version reason the sound has had so only a key. But has the memory like this while the calm turn on goes directly to yours last Like this calm settings do not owe that spend peel each song to look for goes you-to. It is very he can you take a colour loves. If any one calm takes it bondadoso looks it the box. A speed of a projector would benefit to be slower. It looks he likes is a speed of the roller coaster and motion of the ones of the mark sickness. No very relaxing to fall asleep. I still like a better old version, But for a prize of element and quality in general ossia a car of his of the projector has purchased better. An old version has purchased is on two years this in spite of running perfectly, and toddler loves it. We buy this one for a new creature and the wait will last like this long.
4 / 5 Penni
The product has broken with which 2 month. I have known we do not owe that it has purchased it this. We have had 2 of some models plus a lot old that has had a limit\of voice of the cry and BOTH of these deaths also. Some engines have prendido rotating some pictures and a volume was IMPOSSIBLE to control neither all a way on or all a way was. Now, 2 month in with this (that without a noise the characteristic actuated is REALLY the downgrade) has broken. An engine and the side of picture has died entirely. Any picture at all. And when you press a key that looks for to actuate some photos a park of what whole down like this unplug them.
4 / 5 Thalia
Exactly that has looked for. Has all have loved, such the good combination of variety of things: white noise & lullaby music, soft lights in a fund with colours and of the different colours can resist or have them alternate, projector, timer or sinister rests on until the calm turn was, etc. Are very pleased with him. The investment adds, happy has chosen a legislation a!

Top Customer Reviews: Munchkin 6 Piece ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
1 / 5 Adena
I have bought these for my toddler so that a description says 'polypropylene,' that is one of some less bad plastics. Some forks are useless but some spoons are a perfect form , measure, and depth, as I am returned to order more, and has seen a Bolster 65 look. The investigations conceal warns of my sister lived in CA, and knows that it is not the perfect system, but also provides information of consumer of entity. And guess that? Any one of the ours other products of creature have the Bolster 65 look, like the response of a manufacturer is only irresponsible. I routed the each backside. Why I buy products of creature with Bolsters he 65 look when there is abundance of products of creature to choose of without Bolsters he 65 look? Some necessities of manufacturer to take it joint.
3 / 5 Jaimee
I the creature has possessed already spoons, but has wanted the set with forks/sporks for my daughter of 13 month to practise with.
The measure of the fork/of spoon is perfect for his mouth. It gives a right quantity to feed.
A cape is easy for his in winery (the white sections are textured so that has extra grip).

Some sleeves is more weighed that a section of spoon, as it posed them to him to him down in the bowl, says on and lunch of spill.
4 / 5 Winford
I have bought these so that it has remarked had too many spoons of road and any quite a lot of forks for my toddler. ( It IS to take to find forks of just sake!). It Likes him a Munchkin of the marks have so bought these. Has a lot of work - robust material, stain up well in dishwasher, the boy can line the well, etc. even so they are much bigger concealed has thought. I have wanted also some few spoons for mine 11 old month (the product said 12 month and up) and is very wide for his mouth. Wait for just the tad smaller. Even so I will say that mine 2.5 old year uses the utmost as perhaps it is very true in the word of him when says 12 month and up!
4 / 5 Carlie
Boys of eye for the alive. These so many far is a better together of the fork and the spoon have posed that it has purchased it to it to him. For the boys only begin to eat the wonderful law. A measure and the weight are perfect but an angle is a better. Other marks are directly like the boys tends to try to pose in his mouth by a part. Some sleeves is fatter and has grips in the to do them easier in winery and manoeuvre. Test a lot another but some angles are only very quite right.
3 / 5 Hermina
I am in accordance with all some positive critics...Well gripping Sleeve, etc.
The forks in my container are more what sporks. Outside tine is fatter and rounded for security.
Some tips of a vats is rounded slightly for security. They still elements of stab like the green carrots cooked , big, etc.
SUBJECT of BIG SECURITY - a white portion of some capes is not solid like a rest of an utensil. It IS the very soft gripping material.
The pictures have aimed is of the granddaughter that final of poses of sleeve in his mouth while it eats. Do the any to give had any harm (while has thinks that that it was plastic to take) the box was to wash them. A white grip has been bitten through with the piece that hangs era.
CHOKING peril!
The vendor would have to describe this soft material in his description of a product.
5 / 5 Odell
An angle of a spoon, the measure and the weight of records of product very well for mine 14 old month grandbaby. The majority is directly which is not very satisfactory for this group of age. It does not have a dexterity for tableware of straight money still. A spoon has the raven cual he much easier for these few tame to manoeuvre in the bowl to take his lunch. A thickness is easier for his to take and control. It recommends these.
5 / 5 Ronny
These are perfect to take your toddler in self tin. My threads want to these. 100% improvement with him when being able to handle/grip an utensil and can he. Also when I powered can say a form/of measure is perfect for minimum disorder around his mouth. Spear of old spoons. Purchasing more than these.
5 / 5 Adela
My boy is learning to be able to him, and each which as another the spoon in a piece is far on age, bulky, and/or heavy. No the mainstream of only the company spends more sized the small spoons, some perfect to learn so to manipulate the smallest bowls and has related.

After the weeks to look for, at the end has discovered these...And eureka. Perfecto for this phase of intermediary among handfeeding and learn of spoon. The calm will not find these in of the tents Anywhere, as it buys right now.
5 / 5 Alycia
I want a concept of a wry fork, and to arrive to this point has been he has to try anything so that my threads will begin to use tableware of money; even so, there is not very arch in a real back of a fork as it is the small to take to line unless your boy has the habit of to use forks. Some spoons are surprising and perhaps some forks only has not been well for us. In general even so, the creation and the product add- sper durable, but the desire there was more than an arch for tiny hands to line.
5 / 5 Lennie
These utensils are perfect for my toddler this is beginning to learn so to use the fork and spoon for a first time. A fork is rounded and more than the spork, which are utmost to stab alimentary and maintaining he in a fork. A spoon and the fork are not also wry and access in my toddler atasca easily in several angles. This was the compraventa adds even so it uses the all a time.
4 / 5 Rachele
I have bought these partorisca my toddler because a description says 'polypropylene,' that is one of some less bad plastics. Some forks are useless but some spoons are a perfect form , measure, and depth, as I have gone back partorisca order more, and has seen a Prop 65 look. I have researched that warning of my sister lived in CA, and know that it is not the perfect system, but also resupplies information of consumer of entity. And guess that? Any of the ours other products of creature has the Prop 65 look, like the response of a costruttore is so only irresponsible. I sent him everything behind. Reason buy produced of creature with the Prop 65 look when there it is abundance of products of creature partorisca choose of without the Prop 65 look? Some needs of costruttore partorisca take it near.
5 / 5 Tish
Is in accordance with all a positive gripping boss, etc.
The forks in mine pack are more like this sporks. Outside tine is fatter and rounded partorisca security.
Some tips of a tines is rounded slightly partorisca security. His still elements partorisca stab like this of the cooked carrots, green Hebrews, etc.
SUBJECT of BIG SECURITY - a white portion of some bosses is not solid like a rest of an utensil. It is the very soft gripping material.
The pointed pictures is of the granddaughter that dips final of sleeve in his mouth while eating. It does not have @to @give has had any harm (as thought that quell'was plastic hard) the box has been partorisca wash them. A white grip has been bitten by means of with the piece that hangs era.
CHOKING hazard!
The vendor would owe that describe this soft material in his description of a product.
4 / 5 Fumiko
I creature has possessed spoons, but has loved the together with forks/sporks for my daughter of 13 month to practise with.
The measure of the fork/of spoon is perfect for his mouth. It gives a right quantity to feed.
A boss is easy for his to resist (the white sections are textured so that has extra grip).

Some sleeves are weighed more than a section of spoon, as him it it dipped down in the bowl, he toe on and lunch of loss.
4 / 5 Rashida
I girls of clock for the living. These so many far is a together better of the fork and the spoon dipped that has purchased. For boys so only beginning to eat the wonderful law. A measure and the weight are perfect but a corner is a better. Other frames are directly so that the girls tend to try to dip in his mouth for a part. Some sleeves are fatter and have grips on the partorisca do them easier that resist and manoeuvre. I have tried a lot another but some corners are so only a lot quite right.
4 / 5 Libby
Has bought these reasons have remarked has had way too many spoons and any quite a lot of forks for my toddler. ( It is hard to find just good forks!). It likes a Munchkin of frames as I have bought these. Has work a lot - sturdy material, resists on well in dishwasher, the boy can resist him well, etc. this in spite of sound much bigger that has thought. I have wanted also use some spoons for mine 11 old month (the product has said 12 month and on) and is very wide for his mouth. Appearances for just the tad smaller. This in spite of will say that mine 2.5 old year uses him adds like this perhaps is very true to the word of him when they say 12 months and up!
5 / 5 Kandra
This collection was big that has expected. My kiddo will be 5 yrs old next month, am debating if a munchkin the tableware of money will be a good measured to maintain of then love my kiddo to eat with utensils of regular measure, punctual. In comparison the adut regular sized and big sized utensils, a munchkin the tableware of money looks big and a munchkin the plastic wear was a same measure , if any elder (in width) that real adult small utensils, was so only shorter. A Gerber frames (in some half) is smaller and has been just right in favour my kiddo while a Nuby the mark is result too small for my kiddo. You recommend a Nuby partorisca down 3yr olds and would recommend a munchkin still kiddos the one who is main in weight, or for any concealed want utensils to measure main for his kiddo. I go to try a Gerber tableware of money for kiddos of then thinks he smaller.
4 / 5 Vernon
A corner of a spoon, the measure and the weight of product does a lot well for mine 14 old month grandbaby. The majority is directly which is not very satisfactory thus group of age. They do not have a dexterity for tableware of straight money still. A spoon has the bend which the a lot of easier fact for these few hands to manoeuvre to the bowl to take his lunch. A thickness is easier for his the grab and control. It recommends these.
5 / 5 Elvin
These are perfect to take your toddler the self feeds. My edges want to these. 100 improvement with him when being able to manage/grip an utensil and the feed. Also when I have fed it it can say a form/of measure is perfect for minimum disorder around his mouth. Launching out of old spoons. Purchasing more than these.
5 / 5 Alane
Some forks are not useful. Also they can be slotted spoons. My toddler has not been able to use them at all.
4 / 5 Monroe
My boy is learning paralización to feed it, and each one another spoon in a phase is far too big, bulky, and/or heavy. No the only mainstream the company spends smaller sized spoons, some perfect to learn like this to manipulate the smallest bowls and has related.

After the weeks to look for, I finally discovered eureka. Perfecto for this half phase among handfeeding and learning of spoon. Calm will not find these in of the tents ANYWHERE, like cost here and now.

Top Customer Reviews: Munchkin Soft-Tip ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
These spoons are listings partorisca boys, but has found law very better partorisca toddlers. My toddler want to these, and will undermine by means of a drawer for these spoons offers the different class. They are much more, lighter, and softer that other frames, and is one some send the daycare with his lunch. These are utmost for class-of-solid lunches, like yoghourts, or partorisca to the to something likes him the cereal, for the boys that learns his skills of engine.

Is looking for Spoons of soup partorisca toddlers, would recommend to go with Gerber Graduates Kiddy Spoons of Cutlery in of the Colours Resupplied, 3-account, as I am very short, but much wider and less superficial.

Is looking for Spoons of CHICO, these are likely too wide for tiny mouths (and slightly too hard). You recommend to go with Munchkin Security of Spoons of Hot Girl Blanca, 4 Account partorisca tarter' utensils.

In general, these are utmost still toddler (and a variety of the colours probably will please your toddler, also). The precaution concealed has kids it to to the one who really likes him the bite down when eating, is probably require substitute a together after the few months because they can take quite chewed up.
4 / 5
I am using these for the boy of 4 month; perhaps they are better for the oldest creatures. Has thinks that was to be soft, likes silicone or rubberized tips. They are not . They are plastic hard and can kinda feel seams or something in some sides of a spoon. For my very small creature, find a spoon is so only the tiny has bitten too deep and pode any empty no a depth of whole spoon for emotional his upper lip by means of him. As considering is treating quantity very tiny in a spoon to start with with -- I any plenary on a whole spoon-- is kinda boba that is not so only more superficial that begin with.

Some spoons are also bad weighted in of the terms of period of sleeve and touching point. If you are using the small dish to feed you can not dip these by means of a dish or in a dish with a side of excluyente down reason a weight of some attractive of the retreats of sleeve was and then your spoon is in a paving. Not cooling. A swipe in a underside of a spoon CAN have the habit of the help sustains a spoon against a dish but is not like this fast and easy as so only dip a spoon in or by means of a dish ( is the law to balance ). How it is the bummer concealed no of then finds the needs to dip a spoon down the little time each diet and does not love so only dipped the in a table to do the something sticky.
5 / 5
Like other descriptions owe that say that these spoons are so only horrible. They are back weighed and will not rest in a bowl and will fall behind and catapult an alimentary that causes the disorder. Like the mother when quickly I owe that dip an alimentary and spoon down to clean or grab something more a creature has fallen or the one who any one, rests to turn around and see the disorder the big more this dang spoon to the equal that has created. It falls off bowls, the creature bounced to feed, is horrible to use in a gone. They have gone therefore it will go around when it calms that wants to situate to somewhere. Yes they take a 'work' done but will be to clean on More than a disorder of creature, calm also will remain to clean a disorder a spoon likes created, and also spills the plot also of a spoon he. Lunch very small in fact can be taken a tip of a spoon and yes is the soft lunch so only spills on. My creature now uses it to chew on and so only uses the regular spoon, much easier and less than the hassle.
4 / 5
These spoons are enormous!! A excluyente is good but quite deep for the creature, and a lot extremely soft. But a period in general is one same like my normal spoons and a width to take to a mouth of creatures is main that the practical looks until perhaps 18me he-2 years. Much bigger that has anticipated.
UPDATE: My edges is now the old year and these spoons are of sound. They stood up well and clean easily and is the good measure for him maintaining. They are not well for him to feed he with (that that come from) but is the fine measure for his mouth.
5 / 5
My woman and I have taken these after trying the pocolos other types of spoons, and these have been amazing - just a right and very flexible measure and durable. Some other spoons have tried was neither like this big that was hard to take to the mouth of our girl (and of has finalised here spill stirs it to feed), or was like this small could ail returned quite eaten to on the partorisca do the difference. Also we like him that, although they are of soft to a touch and for like this in the teeth of our boy and gums, is also very durable with hardly any one there is remarked mark of teeth in them. They are sure dishwasher and take clear a lot easily. Also always we pack the little in our travesías of street - the turn in the sandwich rule baggie easily and is very convenient to have around. We have loved these spoons and will take more when this wear was finally (to to looks like will last of years).

-Light, soft, and flexible
-the sure dishwasher
-just a right measure

-does not have characters in his - no really, has no negative commentaries in these spoons
4 / 5
These is just spoons and does not have to that it weaves to want to or hate, but there is gotta say that a esoft tip' in these annoy me and probably would not buy them again. It feels to like when a schemes pressed the, leave the jagged embroiders around a lip of a spoon. At all dangerous.... But personally, he the bug eats to me of these every day... It feels he taste can do better for my boy.

Also, to good sure any one the fault of a costruttore, but the resemble those with pets: the dogs WANT TO these. Too many times have left an empty boat of lunch of creature with the spoon in my table of caffè so only to go back and find a boot licked clean and a spoon has reduced to the mangled games of plastics. The spoons Of metal have his perks.
5 / 5
A measure is in his point for small mouths to feed, although they also do well in to the the big mouths like to them the mine! I want to the one who soft is and so that some girls,
As well as some girls can not speak I so that the supposition concealed is still my opinion but always eat some alimentary to the equal that owe that be good. Both ours little some have used these spoons of ages 6 month on. They are utmost. Our edges has loved to chew on the when you are teething and is still in decent form after a lot of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and perhaps included the pocolos bowls of ice cream. I will update you when my edges can say you that that thinks they.
5 / 5
Ossia One of some premiers no in the travesía slow in independence for a wee some. Like the fond father is hard to look them any to require me anymore. But still in this phase of life my decisions relieve some swipes of life. We have chosen some spoons of soft tip reason has worry for his fragile oral pharynx. Also, these spoons reduce a risk of the penetrating trauma if the boy would fall while spending them. A resupplied of the colour is flawless and resupply it Segway to teach colours and the primitive recognition for art.
5 / 5
Used this spoon to assist feed canned lunch of cat to the cat the one who has had question eating because of the ulcer of rodent. A cat of good terracing has eaten of a spoon and he have not annoyed a cat. Highly it recommends this to assist feeding cats those who can any one or will not eat because of the medical condition or condition of behaviour. I have it quell'has used also this spoon for kittens of creature or feral kittens like the cat behaviorist and veterinary technician.
4 / 5
Amur These spoons! They are the value adds for a money, and has on resisted perfectly several months of use and washing. A pair of them is slightly discolored now that is to be use and lava like this time, but still work perfectly. They are soft, but no like this flexible that loses his form. I began it utilisations these spoons when in the first place we present eaten my creature and has continued to use his of then. To good sure recommend these!

Top Customer Reviews: Munchkin Grown Ups ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Olive
I love this together! A creation is good-looking and my edges loves it. I have had to that give 3 stars this in spite of because utilisations a knife that comes with him to cut lunch in some dishes, frames of leaves of deep yard in a material. One would assume that you would be to use a knife that comes with a together with some dishes so that it does not seat of a perspective of engineering. Another that that, near adds.
4 / 5 Jimmie
We love this together! It is perfect for some lunches prepare for our 2 yr old. His to any one like him to him his lunches touching another that 3 dish of section are adds! Also it loves a tableware of money. Face to feel like the big boy.
4 / 5 Nestor
That an adorable, versatile and good-looking cutlery dipped for your toddler! Munchkin Done of the products of qualities and are certainly the defender of this Grown Ups Table Toddler dining has Dipped.

A diagram by heart is ash, aim and stainless steel how is to good sure unisex, for parents those who are ailing and tired of a stereotypical and ubiquitous pink-for-daughters and of the blue-for-diagram by heart of the boys expósitos in the majority of train of creature. A plus somber and subdued and the colour the universal ash also adds the look falsified to a dining ware and will go amiably with any decor inner, if it concern on this class of what. 😉 At all cries “ has the creature here in a mix!” More than a by heart aforesaid diagram - which is to good sure ANY ONE the bad thing. It is so only that when your pocolos some advances to a point where he or she remarks the mummy is and the dad is and the dinner of all some big people ware is not blue or rose (or green or orange or any colour of a rainbow), munchkin can appreciate that his/his things look more grown on, also. 😊 My edges is in an age dondequiera be more like mummy and dad and will take our forks and of the first dishes of his own boy-friendly some. Taking really excited when we have dipped his lunch is and has his data possesses entirely cutlery of stainless steel. 😊 Befitting His name, this neighbour is to good worthy insurance of a grown ups table!

No only is the beauty, a quality of a Munchkin Grown Ups Table Toddler dining Dips is glorious. I want to one has rounded flanges to a cutlery so that while when being fully functional, has no acute flanges that will minimise any potential harm. One 7 oz the cup comes with the sippy lid of cup for when a bit a closing is learning to drink of the cup, which, of course, can be take once that the skill is mastered. A bowl is good and deep and although square-ish, has has rounded flanges to do that they wash the breeze. (Calm tried never to wash entirely square dish ware?? Some corners are so only terrible! 😣) Some dishes - hendidos and plans - is rectangular but also look one there is rounded corner still easy cleanup. And everything has the good weight to them so that it does not feel flimsy or likes would be easy to attack on without being like this weighed your little a can not choose things up for him/his self.

This together (another that a cutlery of stainless steel) is done of big quality BPA material free. I think that that it is some class of plastic (?) Reason because it knows is not sure the melamine of microwave - unless ossia the new special type of melamine. In any case, a bowl and the dishes are microwaveable in an upper rack of the your dishwasher. I personally to just hand-held lava anything concealed is not glass because any I fully trusts that any BPA the free material is entirely sure when exposure the big temperatures - of here, also would refrain of microwaving directly is - but calm calm. 😉 It is so only a lot that knows that it calms (or never I) wants to dip these in a dishwasher or nuke lunch in him, then an option to do so it is available.

A last point: everything comes packaged in the tasteful box for the easy present that gives - so it is in the loss as to that to take for the kiddo anniversary, ossia the add and easy, any-brainer option. I know that any father would appreciate such the thoughtful present (especially of then is not the his toy has beaten of boy or can not touch with. And seriously - like this of us the parents are run out of our houses with toys! 😜)

Has found my useful description or enjoyable to read, please give me the thumbs on down! Thank you. :)
5 / 5 Miki
I tried it ALL (or he like this look) and ossia delivery down a together better for our edges. The desire had not spent like this money on all this dish of silicone dips as so only looked adds for the few months... These pieces were to touch then and is adds now in almost of boy of three years.

Like Parents, loves the reasons are durable, easy to concern for, and easy to use. They have been fallen, tossed, and the countless time has used, but is less badly like this new. His all wash well in a dishwasher. And they resist the good quantity to feed.

My edges loves the reasons are one the majority of resembled use it. It does not feel to like has 'creature' the dishes and he is taken to an age where concealed really @@subject. I think that that these products are some better reasons are one the majority of versatile - pertinent for first eaten, but then like some independent eater with which. And of then any of them has broken, his easily last by means of hand or of the multiple girls-me-downs.

Has bought some pieces it it mapea and was happy to find this together integer. Such the pleasant present contrives it and some looks of packaging well.
4 / 5 Treva
Peek Inside a fantastically drawn box and you will find to entertainment, sweet poem roughly using grown on utensils. Calm also will find three shiny utensils nestled in a sturdy box: the fork, knife (serrated still!), And spoon. There have it also the sippy hoards and when you peek under this spent, there are two dishes and the bowl.

A cup comprises the clear removable sippy scope with the space of sip of the thumb, the hule gasket to prevent leaks and the pleasant little heart in a lid as well as a very inferior of a cup. It is a perfect measure for small hands to take and controls roughly 7 ounces of liquids.

Has the rectangular deep dish together with the dish divided of a same measure. A square bowl smaller is has comprised also. A fund of the each dish and a bowl has the hule domestic ridge to minimise sliding. It is not like this effective as you hoard of suction but still helps to cut down in the bit of a sliding. And, besides, they are taking quite big to take launching his bowl, or approach his. All are BPA-free, to microwave and the sure dishwasher.

A tableware of money is weighted so that some the hand-held grips am weighed more than a tines, leaf or law of spoon. @I give that this servants the purpose for a hand-held grip but my complaint with this creation is that when resting utensils in a flange of the dish, his flop was unless a majority of an utensil is situated inside a bowl. It is it adds to have the big grip for the small hands but he also would be utmost to have the majority of a weight focused in a tines, leaf or law of spoon more than a boss.

Again, ossia the beautiful, present-worthy set. I deducted a star so only for my preference for an alternating distribution of weight.

My little Mister has been wanted to to have his together all of its own.

To good sure the worthy present and a tableware of money are heavy and sturdy enough to last the lifetime.

Expects found this useful.
5 / 5 Agustin
I have received this dips like this splits of the program of Voice of the Vine of the amazon!

Has had this together for just the weeks of pair and like this far, loves that!

1. Stylish! That More the aversion roughly more conjoint that the dish of the boys is that has the characters of cartoon plastered throughout the or that they are crazy brilliant colours . This neighbour is the simple and stylish white and black. Some utensils of the stainless steel also looks utmost and the law adds! A place really access in well with my daily dishes and of the dishes, which are white. This dips compliment the dish dipped in any colour!
2. No the skid does like this well! These does not stuff any slide around a lot at all. Mina toddler is new to use utensils. These dishes have has helped really take a hangs to use them reason some stuffs no budge when it is trying to choose on feeding with his fork. These are pieces of the transition adds to regular dishes!
3. Amur Some options of dish! It likes that of both the normal dish and plan with has divided the sections are comprised in a together. Has some boys to this likes to maintain his feed separated like dividers laws well for him. It is also good to have the dish rule for lunch like pancakes or pizza!

1. Sippy Lid of good only cup. It is to good sure not filtering or test of the loss or anything likes them that (but is not announced like such neither). Also so only it bursts to a cup and does not resist too well. Been due to of the this, is not really to to something like him to him the use with mine acequia the one who tends to spill anything and everything. If it was to do the suggestion to improve this together, is to do a sippy tries of loss of lid of cup and he he so that it can be ensured to a cup the little better.
4 / 5 Ashleigh
Ours Little Daughter was thrilled absolutely when it see this pleasant little dining conjoint. One first what says was 'Cela is for grown ups! They are the grown up!' Quell'Had my Woman and I so only breaking up. It is excited like this to see all that has come he with.

Ossia All could have asked. A tableware has special funds that the help maintains him in place. A dish has divided is the good touch , considering to to our Daughter likes his feed to be separate. A bowl is drawn perfectly for his to excluyente his feed using his wall.

A cup of formation is the good touch , leaves to sip differently that his another cup, but still without doing the disorder if I attack it on. Some utensils are fresh, quite small that they are easy for his to use, but a fork is adds for poking his lunch. So many sets of toddler the utensils have found tends to have forks that so only is not very functional according to which poking feed of the choose on a dish.

Is so only the really a lot dining conjoint. And he already among the box of present pleasant. He the terrific present for any boy that is moving to a phase to be able to use dinner ware well. Really we like him that of a presentation of him so only helps the boy comprises that they are growing on, and moving on to eat so only like Mommy and Dads. We are already big defenders of Munchkin produced of mark, and this one this terrific. Absolutely we recommend it.
4 / 5 Celsa
To the left initiate me so only to say east; the desire has had to come up with this idea of first produced 😁 Toddlers tranquility to need that is growing arrive all a time, at all feel them prouder that they that when they are said they is really resulting the 'big boy'. This 'Grown ups table' conjoint to dine is a PERFECT way to do so only concealed!!!
Besides promote them to continue to use good ways and be respectful in mealtime. A tableware of money is so only like those some adults are using (but easier for small hands to take because of his his bosses fat plus) also is weighed enough to feel resembled they and to ensure parents that these neighbours is not cheaply has manufactured.
Some dishes are double lined and look the pleasant few details of heart like him the easy fact for parents to promote his boy to eat enough. A cup has the lid but is not the sippy cup, basically looks to the caffè mug.
Some sayings inside a box are very pleasant also, and a whole thing among the good box that he the fact the lovely giftable element!!!
Highly would recommend this product to any with young boys and to any of mine fellow Amazonites that is looking to give his boy, or present any, the a lot of ready and produced useful!
Thank you To read my description, expect it has been useful!
4 / 5 Jonelle
We love this together. In fact we have in four colours, and use these dips exclusively.

Is sized appropriately for both mine 1.5 and/or and 4.5 and/or. A cup has the lid but he will burst was to direct a cup to the rovescio and shake vigorously, which mine 1.5 and/or still looks enjoy that his (thank you boy!). It is the short adds for the boy slightly older. You can use with or without a lid. It is not the level, ray in lid but class of drops down to a cup.

These black versions and ashes of these neighbours comprise utensils of stainless steel--any to to plastic boss like them some dips to paint more brilliant. Mina 4.5 and/or really takes has fallen he out of using these utensils. And it is not concerned in your boy that takes hurt with a fork of metal tines or knife. Unless they are running around with a fork, is sure. It is in fact the fork I really adds, and better work that some all-forks of use of plastic boy to use. And a knife has the tip rounded, and is slightly serrated. My edges wants to do PB&J sandwiches with 'his' knife. Have never has guessed was able!

The really is the together good! Still it comes amiably boxed, and would be the present of anniversary adds.
4 / 5 Alene
This toddler dining-dipped is very good and admirably has presented. His add to have real stainless utensils in place of some typical economic toddler utensils that pause or silicone some which are good and easy to clean but no really easy to eat with. Some dishes and the bowl are durable and have the good look to them.

An only piece of this place really to any one like him is of a cup, a cup is resembled a lid in the yeti tumbler, as it is not the 'any spill' lid, which the fact a lot really suitable for our two old year. A measure of a cup is also very small this in spite of that the fact a lot really suitable for the oldest boys (his almost too small for our 2 old year same), as I am not really sure reason has drawn that way.

Mina so only another flu with this neighbour is a packaging .. While it is súper pleasant and a presentation/to draw is impressive, he obviously walks on a prize and class of looks of wasteful to use like this packaging for these elements when his likely so only in disposal to finalise in the landfill. Enough it have a together same with more easily recyclable packaging in place of an on-the-cashiers of upper presents for the few dollars less.