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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Randa
Plea of authorship: Netgear did not pay me partorisca write this description or asked partorisca lumber with this produced (PIKE 8). It was quite lucky to be selected in trying of beta of this subject. I am resupplying the feedback has based on 2++ use of real world-wide month of this product.


1) Awesome Creation
2) New Netgear AM YACIDO for setup and configuration - very easy to use and fast. I have had one issues setup in < 5 mins
3) the action is decent out of a box - I wait with future firmware updates, this action will improve more. Also the action will be calm better once has to that clients of party of AXE that connects to a @subject
4) Any wi-fi drops
5) Can manage 20 streaming clients without any subjects
7) Any buffering or stuttering when streaming wireless or wire fences
8) Any something died in 3500 sq marries feet and coverage (3 bars) 30ft external of house
9) Can create the only SSID which can manage both and 5Ghz clients seamlessly
10) Any @@subject that connects legated AC wireless devices (Android and iOS)
11) Any subject with VPN
12) Gigabit test of the speed of the edge is 940mb/s on and down with the 2ms ping to try server

1) Prize
2) will require clients of AXE to really explode this product. The axe would owe that be take is gone in 2019+
3) will listen a defender when calm first can on of the subjects. Also he sure you upgrade to .36 Of a firmware with which you setup one issues to do the partidário sure does not remain into use normal current under
4) would have liked me 8 gigabit of ports thus point of prize
5) would like me see control parental, anti-the virus adds-ons in a future

In general, am very happy with an action of this subject (still in a first beta firmware). If has issues it ossia more than 4 yrs old or have the house with a lot of wireless devices, this subject is the good election .

A prize is quell'has bitten expensive, but of the subjects is well has built. I expect action to improve like this firmware starts to mature. I have used one issues every day for 2 months and has done perfectly. There is not founding any wi-fi something died in a house. Video streaming, web surfing, gaming all the work without any subjects.
5 / 5 Robby
Does not squander your time that takes a new AXE (wifi 6) technology of his a lot easily available in of the devices have said. It does not spend of the money causes his in disposal to be as the subject normal for the pair of years until more it is liberto.

Left to say calm - ignore concealed. Ossia The BEAST . I am spent 3+ weeks that tries out of different solutions in wifi. I have tried Orbi point. While ossia the good product , are not really in needs of the point. Speed averaged 460-525 Mbps. ( I have tried in different time of day but term of same time with other products).
Has tried a XR500 Nighthawk ossia one of a big plus has has estimated devices with DumaOS. Like this @@subject that has lost my alcohol. I have tried very fixed. Separated some bands, canals, etc. My security cam was off-line each one that 30 mins or like this for at least 15. It was like this fed up with trying to the question shoots a device. My speeds were 580 - 670 Mbps with him that there is enjoyed. But the speed is so only useful his in fact CONNECTED to some devices.
Last endeavour of solves has tried this subject. A RAX80 and saint moly. Plugged In, has used a mobile application and was to arrive interior 5 mins. Each semi-detached device without subjects. Any disconnects with which use of multiple days. Improvement of speed in the each element. Has 38 devices that mine of access wifi like part of a ready house. This monster was it of just cranks. Any question at all. My speed in the diverse tests likes them compared to of some time of to day/ still like him to him some on - 830-960 Mbps am not sure reason his such the enormous improvement but is. I can not say quite a lot of good things in this subject. Any only is is the monster with managing speed and multiple devices - just look in him. It is not a want hide. You want to aim this creature was. Several people ask me that an east of spatial ship. This thing has been to be in a box of Amazon to installed and cranking out of wifi / lan interior 10 minutes and NO the alone drop of signal. They are future test also. As I say yes it calms that can resupply, does not doubt. Really it will like.

With which 2 month this subject is still a better a has not seen never. Still taking speed of upper level well in the action. Has 42 devices have attached his (ready house) and he no same cough. Seldom they are this has surprised. C subject is still 1 in all have tried!
5 / 5 Stacey
Has substituted mine Netgear Nighthawk X10 / 7200 with east. Has the full action that goes in my house and with an old Netgear could take almost 925MB on and down of the wired desk. With this new a - identically configured - I so only am taking 425MB. Wireless 2.4 and 5 is much slower also - I goes to maintain looking in these settings but unless I can imagine out of that is going in, goes to return this and go back to mine X10.

Also - I can not remark any force of signal / of the strongest penetration with this AX8 that of mine X10 - I still need 2 extenders to achieve my whole house.
5 / 5 Ardath
The look adds, well? Has the quad-core CPU, Qualcomm chipset that sustains WPA3, OFDMA, etc... It was excited really to take this subject, but has been disappointed really when it has arrived. As distinct in a has has attached pictures, a listing announces down and uplink OFDMA, this in spite of a box says otherwise. Concerned, has achieved was to Netgear sustains to ask the plan goes was river on OFDMA or any one another wifi 6 characteristic has mentioned likes time of wait of the aim in the future firmware the update and I has been said two times 'can not promise that he or he no.' With which pays hundreds of dollars thus subject, has been disappointed extremely in both a misleading ad and a response of Netgear support. It appears his RAX models 80 and 200 with a Broadcom chipset sustain like this down and river on OFDMA, but this a no. As I have had to take this for value of face and assume one plea of authorship in a box was a final verdict. Afterwards it researches further, his ad of product for a RAX120 in of the only casts OFDMA, while a RAX80 specifically said downstream and river on OFDMA. I find it a lot that interests no only emission a RAX120 with only downstream OFDMA, but announce having both down and up in a listing of Amazon.

Perhaps are when being insignificant, but this was quite for me to return a first product to open a box. If we said me to flat knots to add characteristic to the equal that result available, probably would be opened when maintaining. It is probably I adds it @subject, but the chair has left down and misled for Netgear.
5 / 5 Tricia
Like this in another user, I also, are not has had to that pay a prize thus subject. My subject forward, which still has, and am going to reconnect, is a Asus Wireless AC3100 Gigabit Subject (RT-AC3100). Consistently Received among 230-500 Mbps in wifi. Sometimes I have subject with ip conflicts, which is reason I has looked for something more (all my subjects of direction would go was after restarting a subject, odd, is). After connecting a Netgear subject, which also a lot so only choose up in mine leading wifi settings, my speed has fallen to no more than 95 mbps in wireless, with 4 different speed applications of test. A same time, a Nighthawk the consistently aimed application on 450 mbps, which have known to be dud. It was dud reason my pages would take longer that upload, and would experience some buffering subject. Have On 25 has has connected devices in my house, comprising 5 UHD the TV is, 3 gaming systems, comprising the PS4 Pro, 4 computers, several pills, and 5 mobile devices. Perhaps I will achieve it it was to Netgear to see if my subject is faulty, like this now am receiving consistently around 145 mbps. It is that value $ 500? No the peel has shot long!
5 / 5 Hayley
Has received this issues a day has been released. They are now in mine 2nd unit, which exhibits all some to same subjects likes him the prime minister one Of me had received. I have had the chance of support opens with Netgear of a start, and has has has touched dozens of hours in to help them troubleshoot a device. They are included state asked to install 3rd software of party in my cars and capture of container and resupply debug dumps to register his crew of engineering. Any of this work is resulted in any stability augmented or action.

In short, a 5ghz the bands are the disorder . Randomly They Fall it was and disappear. A subject has to that be rebooted frequently. A wire fence and the action is well. A 5ghz the action is abysmal. One AM YACIDO is riddled with bugs, comprising javascript and bugs of HTML which painstakingly has documented and resupplied to a Netgear instruments of engineering, and that has has ignored apparently consider TWO firmware the updates have been estaca released -launch and has directed neither to to some fundamental issues like 404ing local javascript comprises and of poor CSS/broken AM YACIDO ordering and functionality. Neither they use autocomplete=was values of attribute/of the HTML in his forms of HTML for confidential information.

Could go in for ever with my critique of this hardware. It feels free to ask questions!

I so only like my money behind to arrive to this point, but Netgear the support is to draw well out of his help long enough for a period to guarantee to expire to maintain your investment without resupplying you anything another that the $ 600 @subject this sustains so only characteristic basic.

A esmartConnect' the characteristic is deeply defective and essentially nonfunctional.
One 'PIKE' the characteristic is deeply defective also and Netgear FIRST SUGGESTION of mine the inaugural my entrance of question was to TURN Of a characteristic. A big plus that sells point of a whole unit! It can images? Essentially they are admitting that a product has been rushed to stage and any one a thing that attaches a prize of stops of big prize!

Has SEVERAL EDGES in a Netgear put web that ready of the varied and severe shortcomings of this subject.

Please some first investigation to buy this subject! Have been warned!

Are the engineer of professional software , no the random user. They are freely available fact to Netgear lean it and the squads of engineering to help debug and troubleshoot this hardware and with which weeks to resupply feedbacks and die, at all has materialised. I complain this compraventa and calm also.
5 / 5 Mariann
First impressions of some new NETGEAR Nighthawk AX8 8-that Career AX6000 Subject of Wi-Fi. Leading situation: service of DSL of the AT&T in landline with an old Speedstream modem. My devices were hardwired (street CAT5 and he Linksys 10/100 transmissions model EZXS55W) and another Wi-Fi to the Linksys WRT1900 AC subject. A service of AT&T has resupplied it max of 6 Mbps downloads and .8 Mbps Load. AT&T has not resupplied any better service to a zone to the equal that have required to go with another (Spectre) provider. This new service was for 100 Mbps downloads and 5-10 Mbps cariche. Considerably better that that has had. I have decided that would go all was and try take a maximum profit of a service and the little future proofing. It had purchased it Netgear CM600 modem in place of a modem distributed and subject of Spectre. I have ordered also the new transmission (Netgear 8 port 10/100/1000 model GS108) for the mine wired devices. I also pre-has ordered a NETGEAR Nighthawk AX8 8-that Careers AX6000 Subject of Wi-Fi. My house is around 1700 sq. ft. With the basement has finalised. The majority of a crew is in a basement. A subject of leading/modem was in a basement. It has covered a whole house. This in spite of, has not covered any external zone of a house like a cochera and out of a door forward. I have loved particularly a row to exit a door that faces potentially add cameras of the security without that has to that Wi-Fi to use extenders. It was quite lucky to be able to take a boss of Spectre has fished directly of an external box to a same location like my subject of leading/modem. I hooked on a Netgear modem – all well. I have connected the PC directly to a modem (CAT 5) and accelerate tried in 118 Mbps downloads and 11 Mbps cariche. Of then I have not had a new to issue still, I so only reconnected a Linksys WRT1900. A PC to try had connected then to a Linksys WRT1900. Still it accelerates tried in a same. This in spite of, another PCs hardwired to the transmission and then to a Linksys WRT1900 the speed has tried around one 60 Mbps download and 9 Mbps cariche. The mobile units have tried anywhere of 60-90 Mpbs and 11 Mbps cariche. I have imagined an old transmission there has been to plot to do with a hardwired the slowest speed. When A new transmission is gone in, installed that and concealed cleared on a question of speed (maintaining 118 Mbps downloads and 11 Mbps uploads) in a hardwired PCs. Once a Nighthawk AX8 is gone in, has substituted a Linksys subject. The speed in some mobiles has tried in in 117 Mbps downloads and upload. A global row of a Wi-Fi has augmented. It has covered now a cochera whole and so only begun the forces of decrease after moving roughly 15 ft. Of a door forward. Regarding specifics in a Nighthawk AX8, a unit is stylish. The calm suitable May of something concealed would exit of the Wars of Estrella or show of Hike of the Star. If you are looking for a together easy on the coverage of typical house, is very simple. So only follow some instructions in one drives of Fast Start resupplied. If I need more anticipated customization, precise goes to a Netgear put of support and download a manual for this unit. Some the only instructions have comprised in a box is a Startup drive and notes it roughly upgrading a firmware. The unit comes with the supply to be able to, boss of coverage and startup drives. Some “wings” (units of antenna) was to walk of file in a box. Simply it stimulates up and then press some wings down to snap to plant. Connect a boss of coverage to a modem. Power on a device. I have downloaded an application in my telephone. An application connects automatically when it is begun. It has connected once an application has feigned upgrade a firmware. I have walked by means of a rest of a setup in my application of telephone. Piece of cake. Prpers Have been able to max out of a service resupplied of Spectre on all my devices was icing in a cake. A long coverage was even more so much. I have seen several commentaries in a defender that careers in this unit. It has not begun running when a unit was powered on. It has not turned still on like this I can not comment has the subject of noise or no. Firmware The level is in . Some looks of units to be done well and sturdy. It has had two caveats to a good experience. Both are considering some connections of USB in a backside of a unit. A prime minister is that some connections of USB in a backside of a unit is too close up of the each one like this another. I usually, dipped in two 128 GB claves in a Linksys without questions. One some have used was roughly 13/16” width. Way too wide for a Netgear. It would say you there is USBs to use ossia wider that 5/8” (perhaps 11/16”) two any one is returned. My solution will be to see can find the pair of extensions of short USB with the narrow end. Purely the subject of poor drawing. Another caveat is that there is not any information has comprised to concern like this to use and configure some connections of USB. You owe that download a manual to take any initial setup and information of mapping of the coverage. Otherwise, would have given a unit to 5 star in “Easy to Use”. It is the little pricey in $ 399. This in spite of, create it will take me to future the good way and sustain any speed and of the transmissions of protocol for the moment. While there is no the subjects of immediate action concealed comes on, easily would recommend it.
5 / 5 Emelia
Update 4/26/19: AX8 lasted so only 1 month and 9 days before WiFi speed to download consistently retarded down to means or less than means of this new original directly out of some speeds of boxes. Dissipation of looks to heat to be the question for AX8 probably because of this compactness and elements of drawing (also plastic coverage a perforated grill of metal). Some big speeds of mine 1 Action Mbps download and 35Mbps upload slowly of service of the internet also can have contributed mine AX8 early dead persons. As I have gone back to the mine “old “ “” X10 and mine WiFi speed to download instantly has gone back until 652 Mbps. And upload speed of 38.5 Mbps. In an a lot of first test. Btw My “old “ “ “” X10 was consistently faster that mine AX8 was when mine AX8 was the new still mark. The speed tries concealed has been done in my TV of Ethernet of the apple connected has tried also that a AX8 bottlenecked speed of internet. The tests done when the TV of Apple has been wire fence to a X10 resulted in of the speeds of download of around a 920Mbps to 940Mbps row but when the TV of Apple has been wire fence to a AX8 (the test has been done when AX8 was in 1 month and 9 old days), the speeds there is retarded down to a 290Mbps to 450Mbps row. AX8 So only could be consistently well for WiFi speed less than 400Mbps but does not quote me on that reason are so only speculating. I will resist to mine AX8 in chance that Netgear exited with him firmware the update then will update this description again. 3rd pic has been taken on 4/26/19 aiming speed of X10. —-Original description — AX8 there is inconsistent WiFi speed. The speeds sometimes would fall to 0Mbs although it walks so only 10 feet in any direction. It is as if this @subject entirely loses clue of where are. If I remain it situates they are usually able to go down the big 500 Mbps. Any so only was mine Netgear X10 WiFi accelerates more compatible but could take speed to download faster that until 645Mbps. I can it has to that go back to mine X10 he Netgear can not resupply the fix. Everything WiFi the tests have been done while using the Xs Max and Spectre 940Mbps paving. Modem like resupplied in Spectre 940Mbps the plan is for technicolor. Pic With 645Mbps WiFi the speed is with mine Netgear X10 subject and another pic is with mine Netgear AX8 subject.
5 / 5 Angelika
This description is for NETGEAR Nighthawk AX4 4-that Careers AX3000 WiFi Subject, Wi-Fi 6 (RAX40). I mention that because it looks to like all a Netgear the descriptions take lumped together. Anyways....

One issues left very big accelerates like this announced, but has had two enormous questions. A Wifi has lost to plot of quality to signal roughly 25' he hard to take any data by means of. Another and he @subject the big plus was that one issues prendería to accept connections each 12-36 hours or so many. It would begin again once you reset last, but that owes hard reset my @subject sometimes two times the day is not acceptable. That I bad for not accepting the connections is that it would fall all the devices of a Wifi, and no new ethernet the connections could be established. For mine desk this is to be connect road ethernet, would maintain a connection of internet, but once a question has begun would not be able to connect to a web AM YACIDO to control one issues so that it could a lot of troubleshoot. Support of the technology has not been useful, as I have finalised to return the.
4 / 5 Malena
On the looks to time to be together 100 for this last month that excludes a 5g WiFi to the equal that has taken the few days were for any reason.

Have approx 20-25 devices that connects to this @subject daily. An old unit simply would not manage a 4k roku boxes of TV for streaming together with our normal use. When A roku the devices have been added of the old ac1900 Motorola the box would have poor connection, a lot of lower speed, then the accident has used strongly.

Decided in a ax6000 for future proofing included this in spite of there description very real of a final product here on amazon.
Setup And firmware the update was quite sincere with the wizard has taken. Hiccup Petit with his application “of android” if your logged on with him, will be logged is gone in your grandson genie application of windows or by means of a browser. Obviously they can it has not sawed-exist for some reason a same time.
Once setup has tried some speeds of some wire fences ethernet, 2.4, and 5ghz coverages. Dipped a main computer in a 5ghz alone net for max speed. All other wireless devices on for better row. 2.4 ghz The row was no better that an old model 2013 box, the speeds have been improved, so only not varying.
Now have less ip conflicts, no longer have devices that lens or to stop that connects. Testing With 4 TV streaming and 2 comps pulling content of the in the era any question.

What odd: a 5ghz the coverage is gone down for the days of pair for any reason. Has transmission to wire fence during a downtime and 2.4 was a lot throughout. Restarted a ax6000 and a question has been he was.. Used by other 9 days and any question of then.

Marie 2800sqft: any interior of subjects of the signal or interior 20ft of house.
Internet: 200mb Down 20mb on
modem of Boss: CM700-1AZNAS

would buy again. It will update has any questions down a street.

Update: 3 month in 5coverage of g is down again. Updated one issues firmware to the as automatically reboots a subject. Maintaining 5g is of tower. It will update yes it goes down again. The alcohol there is exactly A DEVICE in this 5coverage of g and is not on all a time. Any reason this has to that have downtime. Take the star until this firmware is tried for reliability.
4 / 5 Domenica
So only it has taken one issues today and dip the up. Maintained taking message 'Any ethernet has connected to a ethernet port message. Called Netgear Support of Client and has had questions taking by means of his automated calling characteristic. Finally with which 3 tentativas has taken to the 1st support partorisca level that has wanted to troubleshoot a WIFI. With which has squandered my time then he transfered me it another support of level. Once this type has entered one issue info is like 'Oh has the RAX80, thats in fact sustained for our level 2 department'. I asked then that it is a @@subject to noted he in an entrance. After explaining a subject port begins to explain where a ethernet the boss is to be plugged in. I explain his that am not new to this. After being the place on resists again to speak with level 2 a level 1 returns of support and says it will be 24 hours before they can go back with me.

Has spent so only 400 bucks for this thing. An Ethernet the Port light does not come on and is down. There is not any setting or the documents of support can find to determine is the setup subject or hardware. They are now behind in mine R7000 in a same ethernet outlet, so to good sure the subject @of subject.

To the equal that am spent for netgear X10, sucked maintained falling a coverage. Tried a TP-Link ax6000, sucked FTP no properly. Experience a Netgear RAX80, sucks and crappy, ethernet spend it no . Tired of this second sustain to register that reads script without any formation some real to sustain these devices. Tired of this big end routers when being rid with poor QA and do not lean technical. So only it stirs it of hype in characteristic with stray basic funtionality.

My R7000 was having subject with too many on-line devices and rebooting. But quite extracted that then troubleshooting mine 400 bucks!
5 / 5 Elvis
Left beginning with an inferior line... It would not buy one of these, at least for the year and once Netgear has done some bugs out of this model.

Easy setup (with a Nighthawk application)
creation of antenna/of Futuristic drawing

has Repeated drop-outs/slowdowns on Wi-Fi to dial-on speed
Wi-Fi 6 NEVER RID anywhere approximations to 1 GBPS speeds
Netgear the support of technology has looked for to be stuck in “Reboot your modem and way” of @subject partorisca always

has been it techie for years and is spent a last 21 that read in the company of big technology. I have had big hopes for a Netgear HAMMERS-12 and some capacities of his Wi-Fi 6. With which while to four month on Amazon pre-order for a unit to be liberto and upgrading my ISP service to 1 GBPS speed (in the side adds), has received finally a unit on/roughly 15 October. Then an entertainment has begun...

I unboxed and has connected my first AXE-12 using a Nighthawk application. Easy peasy... After spending roughly 6 hours reconnecting mine IoT devices (Alexa, ready lights, spent, etc) to a 2.4 GHz coverage, am gone down to a subject serious to verify a speed of both one Ethernet and wi-fi connections. Now, for a Nighthawk application and a speedtest in an interface, a PIKE-12 “invernadero” -945 MBPS downloads/45 MBPS the load accelerates to go in of a ISP, but a mine better speed 2017 iMac could achieve in the ethernet was -400 MBPS. I have found that AC and devices of AXE (iPad Pros, 5th iPad of Gene Mini, iPhone XR and iPhone 11 Pro) grieves scraped in consistently in -200 MBPS and sometimes would run like this down like 15 MBPS (using Ookla and another web-try-to accelerate enabled).

After verifying some bosses (all the CAT 5.ºt Or 6), has decided to call Netgear support. As it has begun mine personal purgatory... I have been said like this time to reboot modem of mine, reboot my subject, reflash a subject, king-reflash a subject, revert to the leading version of firmware, reflash a subject, canals of transmission, control my Manager of Device, yada, yada, yada, that my boss exploded and has had to that be duct-taped together has retreated. So only then it was I able to achieve one 2nd-sustain of level, where an entertainment has begun throughout again. Finally, one 2nd-technologies of the support of the level has launched on hands, that says that a unit has to that be defective and that his envoys me the substitution.

Has received a second unit and hooked he up. Same questions... Behind to purgatory of support of the technology, where was rinse and repeat. After spending for an alcohol-numbing support of 1.os levels again, one 2nd-the technologies of level have declared would take screenshots of a question and advances some results to some engineers for analysis. After the week to expect, has called for behind only to discover some engineers have required more die (of course). More screenshots, more reflashing... Unfortunately, it attended them of police of the turn of the amazon for any man (or engineer) and this hunk of junky the plastic is going back house UPS grieves receipt the morning of @subject of the substitution; to good sure A lot of Netgear!
4 / 5 Kenia
Has had a NIGHTHAWK AX12 WI-FI of 12 CURRENTS 6 SUBJECT (Model: RAX120) for roughly the week and tried it at length.

Mina setup comprises some details down and everything is wired for any CAT 5.ºt Or CAT 6, WiFi 5 or WiFi 6:

1. Gigabit On/Down Connection of Edge (WAN)
2. All the Ports of Ethernet have Used to EXCLUDE Fine-Action 5.ºthernet/ Of Port of G
3. 1 Port Connected to the 8 Port Gigabit Transmission – 8 Port Gigabit the transmission has Connected to 8 Locations/of Devices thru Ethernet Throughout Marie
4. 1 Port Connected to the 8 Port Gigabit Transmission thru Ethernet of Room Familiarised – to ethernet of the room Familiarised has Connected to 8 Port Gigabit change it and 6 Devices have Connected thru Ethernet
5. Ready house w/ 38 Devices in of the Totals have connected thru WiFi 5 and WiFi 6

Results of Test of the Speed (the Semi-detached picture) thru @Subject & WAN is:

1. 843 Mbps Maximum Uplink Bandwidth

Port Be Ethernet (the Semi-detached picture):

1. 5.ºthernet Of G – Link Down
2. WAN - 1000M/Filler
3. LAN 1 - 1000M/Filler
4. LAN 2 - 1000M/Filler
5. LAN 3 - 1000M/Filler
6. LAN 4 - 1000M/Filler
7. WLAN b/G/n/pike – 1147M
8. WLAN A/n/ac/pike– 4803M

A WiFi on all the bands have tried perfectly and ran in of the big speeds, and a WAN and Ports of Ethernet of 1-4 is all those careers in Gigabit speeds. This in spite of, some Fines-Action 5.ºthernet/ Of G the port is faulty and any does not do or pursue under a tope has announced. Down it is my results of test:

1. Using some Fines-Port of Ethernet of the Action for a WAN and changing a Setting in some Subjects Is resulted of Settings in Any Connection of Internet
2. Using some Fines-Port of Ethernet of the Action for Some Results of Connections of the Ethernet in Any Connection at all
3. Using some Fines-Port of Ethernet of the Action for Some Results of Connections of the Ethernet in 100M Speed In place of 1000M

For like this, entirely lose an utilisation of this port, those results in the total of 4 useable ethernet ports. I also never be able to explode one 5.ºthernet/ Of G Port Speed in a future when Fines-the edge of Action has gone is gone in my zone, which is planned already.

Been due to of the this, I deducted 1 Star for a unusable port, 1 Star for future proofing in this point of prize, and 1 Star for a quantity of time am spent in some forums and researching/troubleshooting.

Will answer to any questions.
5 / 5 Benedict
Has ordered the new mark Nighthawk AX4 WiFi the @subject and ossia to the equal that has taken. It has been used, in losing bosses and plenaries of powder. Now I owe box to expect takes another new one and I have to that be without internet for additional time. A lot of dissatisfaction.

has received the new to issue after returning an used one. When I have begun to connect all my bosses of Ethernet, has @to @give they any all the access (sees pictures). The calm look so only can use the concrete type of boss and no a thickness of the that has. I will be to return a new one has received like the “substitution” for the different a.
4 / 5 Shala
Purchases this @subject reason ours was quite old and could any never take wifi excepts in a centrical part of our hostel that is approx. 2500 sq. Feet and 4300 sq. ft.(Framed and bricked) with has has covered porches and coverages. With this subject new, now there is wifi during our house and 200 feet out of a rear/ front and of the doors of cocheras!! Extremely happy that has done this compraventa simply for a fact that there is no longer something very dead and my adolescents now can have wifi in his chambers. We do not have any question with some cameras of security, telephones, pills, computers, and gaming fix that the press to some limits each day only! It downloads a netgear dipped on your subject for you practically in 5 minutes or less. It looks the wars of small star spaceship! Ossia A subject of monster to TAKE YOU ONE!!
5 / 5 Tereasa
Has purchased two of these I so that it can run a pleasure the bridge to the theatre of house in another side of my house. Dipping a prime minister an up was impossible using his recommended method of: 1) it installs an application in my ready telephone, 2) scans the QR code, and 3) that spends for some steps. An application of the android absolutely would not connect to control the poster of one issues, in spite of my telephone wifi in that connected that to a @subject wifi. WELL, as I have opened chrome in my telephone, has gone to , and logged in with a incumplimiento signals. This spent on a poster of control with small to any endeavour.

Initial setup will hail calm with series of the pages that objective to change a admin signal, downloads a late plus firmware, dipped a SSID/PW, to register a device with Netgear, etc. calms finally touch you on one of Netgear web of places of ad in planting to upload on a admin poster of control, which is to disturb it . Well. So only explore behind to and would have to that be able of the access immediately.

With which concealed, I a-there is boxed a second subject and has done an on indictment again. Going to one has advanced settings, was able of the place to Bridged way and enter a necessary SSID and signal, then look it reboot. Pleasantly, it kicked well On, and bridged the way so only has done simply. Everything in a theatre of house has had internet. I add!

Now that a physicist setup was complete, the register has retreated on to a poster of subject main of control and has begun to configure the few things: QOS, VPN, and like this on. Ossia Where the things have begun to go of the sud. Adding any QOS settings for the devices that use MAC regulate (to prioritise a server of file of the house especially some other devices, for example) has caused a server to disappear of one issues is has connected cast of devices. Permanently. Included deleting a rule would not spend it behind, included although a server there is retained connectivity of full internet a whole time. Heavy, but any the breaker to treat, assuming a QOS regulates it in fact has done. In all the chance...

In the bed the one who a AX12 was able of VPN first connections to purchase, am gone through several papers that looks for to imagine was where to dip in mine VPN the connection of the provider info. Here it is a rub - can you the no. can use a preconfigured 'PureVPN' service Netgear has installed, but ossia. Doing some duties have developed that PureVPN mailing to the allocution is in Cina, and a company has been founded in Pakistan. ( It controls a piece of Wikipedia.) No. Not going to spend. Netgear - You Really need to rethink this. The users would owe that be able to configure OpenVPN, or in the minimum coffins, the static L2TP, PPTP, or connection of Socks. Any of of the this is available at all! Routers Which cost 1/10th of a AX12 has this. A characteristic so that it loses of the flagship to device likes a RAX120? Shame on you.

Please does not confuse this with another VPN the settings in a subject, which will leave you to configure INCOMING VPN connections - so that I can access your coverage of house of an external world. These settings are front and centre in a poster of control and look quite directly advances. Unfortunately, I do not want to connect my coverage of house of an airport. I want to be able to ensure my coverage to house OUTGOING communications of internets while they are house . This, apparently, was still to grieve a afterthought still Netgear.

Continuing on, have gone to a poster to control again to disable his ReadyShare characteristic. I do not use it , and it does not love a lot plugging he malicious usb in and having the bad things have to do fault until everything in my coverage. Here it is where another the subject big has arrived. Going the Anticipated >ReadySHARE >has Advanced Settings and disabling all ReadySHARE has looked the connectivity of internet has caused to die. Dead persons. At all it would leave connectivity of internet to resume, included enabling a ReadySHARE characteristic again. A poster of control has aimed has had a connection of internet, and a light of the internet in some subjects has not gone never was, as it has to that think that that all was so only a lot - but at all in my house could paste an internet. One fijamente was the entirely reset a subject, and dip the on again. This has spent also a server to house behind to one has connected cast of devices. I guess it concealed it is well?

A little gun-shy, has imagined would try this all again, and has experienced everything of some questions there is detailed on the second time. Row emotional Music. The heroine dies. Starts of phase of antagonist well. Other subjects to reset has treated. Tour to black.

Clearly, a firmware need of laws.

In a brilliant side, can inform some following positive shots of a AX12:
A radio is astonishingly strong. The something died in my cochera has gone, and finally can use mine Remachó Festival punctual Speaker there without a music that cut in and has been been due to spotty wifi.
A coverage feels likes is two times like this responsive like my leading setup. Has 2 Google hubs, it thermostat of Nest and camera, Coverage doorbell, roughly 12 ready lights, 2 smartphones, the laptop, the server, 2 Nvidia Shields, 2 loans TVs, and the few computers that career in a house. At all it looks to be while, in slope, or suffering laggy to to the behaviour likes has done in of my last wifi setup. A material of looks of AXE to be that it operates as it has announced. ( It has said he me 10 years that present to have on 30 networked devices in his house, would have laughed in you. Now look in me. Sigh)

Fundamentally, some works of product to take the tonne of wifi has has connected devices and do a coverage better career. He this a lot of well, in fact. This in spite of, submerge deeper to a firmware, begins to fall on is expensive . Any DD-WRT the subject has based still will treat extremely well, and side you the pence in a dollar have compared to this. I know AXE/Wifi 6 is still quite new, and these are some early aches adopters expensive duty. With this said, has (had?) Confidence that Netgear would have the much more polished product out of a door. Appearance further firmware the reviews spend more.
4 / 5 Adelaide
Spendy But value he! C reservations @subject so it has promised. Like an engineer, the investigations of joy has abundance like this done to land in this one like better. It can not say a bad thing. A neighbour up with an application is súper characteristic good and easy that really appreciates. We were able to delete an air an old plus-system to signal reason a signal is like this strong everywhere in our house of two histories (2000 sf/level). I have loved future test how was of entity to comprise a 'x' sell that it will substitute 'c/no like the technology evolves. It could see where this would be appropriate for the office he small plus also. Has adolescents he so that it is common to have 14 devices have connected that comprises pc and console gaming, streaming video, and other fewer intense devices - all working adds! All that there is wanted and more.
5 / 5 Cortney
Subject 1 I receipt of a pre-the order there has been the free connection in an entrance to be able to so it has moved a @subject or wiggled a connector to be able to, would close era.

Dread 2 ethernet The port has begun to die each few hours effectively that kills mine Arlo Pro 2 camera and Arlo lights of something. I have changed a ethernet the boss and he have begun to do except dead person less than 24 hours later AGAIN. I then changed of port 2 to port 4 and has been doing for a past 24 hours without @@subject.

Dread 3 East in a way and Amazon emailed me that excuses and sending a prójimo a next day in any additional cost. I will update once I see that it can go wrong again.
5 / 5 Elmira
I installed a subject has seen a nighthawk application for some instructions that was in a box. A setup was easy has had arrives and that careers in the subject of minutes. A question has had was that he the connection has lost constantly modem of mine. I have tried to change a boss of Ethernet of a modem to to issue, cycling to be able to a modem and subject, and entirely resetting and reinstalling a subject. At all do a subject has continued to lose a connection almost each one that 30 minuets. A cycle to be able to take it that goes but would lose a connection again. It was to add when it has done, mine WiFi row the long way was in the my yard and my speeds of download were faster, so only would not remain connected much more that 30 minutes the time. I wound on using my old to issue which is the nighthawk ac2300.
5 / 5 Patti
Has taken a AX6000 reason has the ready house fill with ready transmissions, ready locks, the ready TV, 3 Rokus, 4 Echos, cameras of Coverage, etc. Sometimes my big quality AC Netgear the subjects looked to struggle under a tension. As it has taken this . All the work adds, excepts 3 laptops the of the windows can not see one issues coverage at all. The mine has beaten of Surface. Alexa Ties well, but fines-music of the room no . I think that that it is reason a subject of PIKE creates separate canals for the different devices and any look of Echos to think is not in a same coverage, as they will not cooperate for fine-music of room. If I connect him to AC the access signals that this is wired to a subject of PIKE, then fine-works of music of the room well, probably because @harm is in a same coverage, which his no when connecting to a subject of PIKE directly. The inferior line is that this new cutting flange WiFi level it no for some devices. A fact that 3 different Windows portable the, of 3 costruttrici different (2 running Want to 10 and one running Want to 7) can very included see a coverage of the axe at all is crazy. A fact that all my ready transmissions and locks and streaming the devices can connect when the windows can is not crazier.
5 / 5 Christal
They are so only he is returned the ASUS rt-ac3200 because it has maintained partorisca fall my service of internet (can not believe still is selling he so that it is technology of 4 years ). This was my prime minister ASUS subject, and has LOVED an interface of web and an application of android. But ossia. Mina Netgear R7000 with DD-WRT finally had been freak'n test of ball. As I have decided to go back to Netgear and happy has done. It has done my stock exchange bleed when I have paid partorisca east? Yes, but I have paid for the device that is not common only (2019) but also hopefully adapt still crew and of the future devices.

Setup Was easy, although no like this smooth as with a ASUS, but still very easy. Netgear, when You modernize yours 'Genie' software and your interfaces, in general? To all the cost, is usable.

Any time given, has 20 more the wireless devices have connected in the mine there is skipped beat it! My ISP the speed is 250/250, and is solid. Has 3 PC is in a front of my house that goes thru two wall with USB 3 antenna is connected, and volume 210/205 (gives or take) consistently. Ossia With 12 devices to Echo that career, 2 cellphones, he wifi thermostat, two WEMO light devices, two fires of amazon, ADT, the clave of fire and he 4th PC in the chamber with the enclosed door, that the teach of.

How is has thrilled? Heck He. Also I have the dual SSD the enclosure dipped to raid a connected likes to ours 'cloud familiarised' and the work adds. Again, Netgear, your interface is clumsy, but takes a work done. And this sews FRESH cut. It was impacted really for of the this and to discover that has the built in defender, just ecstatic. They are the big proponent to cooling all has related R7000 and a ac3200, well thinks that it could have has fried eggs on the in time.

That it is a longevity of him? In $ 400, the more be the quite the moment. But neither I have any reason for thinks it will not be . Mina R7000 was the monster and do fault and my family a lot expect one same out of the this.

Gilipollas? I expect that ossia the chance of calm takes that paid for (which is not always true these days). And to be sincere, the people are raving in his , are not the defender of Wars of the Star, but the blood any Trekkie. Enough of him it has had it looks a 'Discovered' or something. First world-wide questions, well?

I estaca behind with which gives it a bit month of the time of burn. Until then, I recommend it that has of the cash, especially has to that it weaves of 'IoT' and expect reliability.

Of course, now that to the amazon fell it to $ 299, JUMP ON L. It goes figure, Amazon.

Ossia To follow he on a AX8:

continuous be solid of rock. I have taken the star was, reason Netgear is shoving one 4th level of note 'NightHawk' application down our throats. It is not that it is dumbed down. A Genie application, although clumsy, offered much more information, but calm now can very included use it (in mine Windows 10 PC have beaten). Reason can a lot of NetGear follows Asus, and do the friendly user, the application of information has packed/Am yacido? It takes it near NetGear before starts loosing more clients.
5 / 5 Maren
Subject amazing when you read
after installing/configuring a product has done well partorisca approx. 10hrs. With which a prime minister 10hrs all the devices will give “wrong message” to signal when that tries to connect. Has has had to that the unplug and discharges he behind and the devices will connect usually. Another 6-7hrs wrong message “ even” to signal on all the devices. Decided to reset of factory he and place on again. Once again same subjects each 6-7hrs.

Has called support of technology of the amazon (looking for the substitution) but connect me to Netgear Support of Technology. HORRIBLE. Expected 1hr and 40min for any to answer, so only to create the entrance and then transfer to a person of real technology the one who went to help. After explaining a subject has been said that he Netgear that directs of the support has had to that go in contact with me for the substitution directly with them. It has been said would take the interior of call 2hrs. His summer 2 weeks and I still have not taken a call.

Has called amazon once again and has explained a situation. To the amazon has substituted felizmente my orderly and sent the new a. It has done a together same exact up in a new one and he so that it went it far doing perfect. Any one @subjects at all. The signal and the speeds add. An annoying thing so only is some emails of netgear that asks like im enjoying my product. But quell'concealed can be fixed for unsubscribing :)

service of the client of the Amazon would owe that send a Service of Client For Dummies drive to Netgear so much can learn the thing or two.

Again adds to issue but so only yes take one these works!
4 / 5 Hilaria
Has the new RAX200 Wi-Fi 6 @subject and two 2019 Consent TVs. Neither the TV is able to reliably one any or 5GHz the coverage created thus @subject that it use any combination SSID name, signal, or security. It appears a RAX200 is incompatible with all 2019 Consent TVs. While this is likely finally Consent failure (like any one other devices in my questions of test of the house that connects to a RAX200), means this $ 600 subject is junk and has to that be returned to Amazon. Besides, a Web UI is horrible and is incompatible with Safari in a Mac; I have had to that use Chrome so only to be able to update one issue settings. I consent Owner of television is advised to avert this @subject and Mac the users are to be cautioned that a Web UI is anaemic and has subject of severe roll with Safari. In general, a record-and-the arrival in a software is rubbishes, and horrifying for any 2019 Wi-Fi 6 instruments that cost in $ 600.
4 / 5 Dorie
Would owe that be pay you!, So that it has to that treat such an incomplete product.

When I have begun one issues for a first time, was happy that he basically exited of a box with trying very small for my part. But then, I have seen an interface of user and is characteristic, and was a lot of disappointed with a oversimplification and lack of customization. A VPN the functionality for chance is abysmal, of then can not import the third party VPN service, not even very known some that NordVPN or ExpressVPN .

A worse question that has with this subject is that it has decided he on 2 days with which could send it behind to amazon for the substitution/of repayment. A 5GHz the band of this subject is acting bad, there is prendido in the first place broadcast this band, so only a work properly, with an only fijamente be to reset of complete factory. Still after an aforesaid reset, he behaves really sluggish and slow. Any only that, a question reappears with which changes any setting of a 5GHz bandage like a way (bandwidth) or a canal (to avert interference).

Finally I strongly advise fellow consumers to remain out of this product, does not take me bad is the decent product , and comprise is the 'the new mark' the technology and is quite normal to have some class of subjects when you are a prompt to adopt. But for $ 500 any attentive something decent... Attack something those surprised, and is has had to that to spend for big is the defects when calm at least take action adds out of him, but this does not rid any of that.
Has to that there is know when it could not find any credible descriptions in this product, and an only thing more reviewers touched with to him likes has been freaking OF WARS of ESTRELLA starship (Yes, knows look fresh), instead in that concentrates in a real action and or characteristic, perhaps more importantly a reliability (I quite have an ugly white box that works, that the quota that looks a concealed any). I have been perhaps biased reasons have been paid for NETGEAR to say good things in of the this... Well, I can not know sure, but ossia an ugly truth in this subject.
5 / 5 Kacie
Has bought a unit on May 31st of 2019. The Dead person on June 9th 2020. Almost like it has had the clock. Has has had to that do several resets a year , but always Took It Finally behind up. When he he was to add, speed very good and row.
Has tried everything for the take working. It has done one 30-30-30 reset and all the suggestions could find in investigations. ANY regime.
Shot on an old Netgear WNDR37AV has had for years that I active has not had never the question with, the still law adds
so only buy Netgear to the equal that has the different model that comes morning.
Has fellow that has has had also questions with an AXE how has gone back to AC and will remain out of a Wi-Fi 6 paralizaciones awhile.
Netgear Marcos of the excellent products so only something that loses with east a.
5 / 5 Kathline
Downloads of authorship: they are an I .T. Person of coverage in the big medical ease. I have it that has not possessed never it Netgear wife to issue first of east a. My @subject to exist was on 10 years and with which to the plot of investigation and reading has decided in a Nighthawk AX12. Of a moment I have opened a box and plugged he in, has been impressed. Near easy on, easy management after, the a lot of options add to add sure devices, GB ports, port teaming and Coverages of Guest, but especially ACTION. C subject is blowing was all my expectations and my reception in both ends of my house and included is gone in my yard is out of a ballpark. He also smartly chooses a right band to reconnect to like this movements around a house. And finally, I require to add, like the equal LOOKS extremely fresh. B-1 Bomber Of Stealth comes to import. Congrats Netgear Has valued you with this Pro-Sumer subject. I have not estimated Support of Technology because have has not had to the use even although it comes with (I believes) 90 days free.
4 / 5 Tad
Is to issue substituted adds it R7800 issue which well but found the place elsewhere. Prpers Having done with routers of Netgear the Apple to Ubiquity, has to say - in spite of a big prize I amour this subject. It is done a better work of any only-issue setup in the chamber familiarised big, any dropouts, characteristic of confidence , well. It is fast - and I bad, operationally, and when I am sending big quantities of data among AC clients; ossia where a Quad CPU setup really resplandores. A unit manages DFS exceptionally well, also - for once, Netgear has accesses of data to all DFS canals, and see much less flipping (and subjects after) that in some forwards R7800 units. Things like IPv6 and Ready Connects work a lot (current firmware).
Does not buy this for a Wifi-6 promise. The year+, Wifi 6 (arrival to be certified) will obtain 2 more frequencies, clients that am Wifi6 the capacity so only is exiting, and there is not any goodness to Wifi 5 or devices 'older'. At all. But, you know that - can forget a seal of prize, has found this to be in general a better 'today' the subject could find.
4 / 5 Rebecca
A primary reason I upgraded my house wifi was to improve parental controls. It was interested specifically in Disney Surrounds and still although a page of the product does not mention Circle, has asked a question on here and a Netgear folks answered with the link on like this to setup Circle. Of course the reasonable person would assume the half concealed comes with Circle. Now that has a device and the have setup, go concealed a lot so only does not have Circle, there is absolutely control a lot parental. I can not believe Netgear is selling this device in this point of prize without this characteristic. For this reason so only, am returning he for the repayment.
Of the functionality standpoint, looks to do well. It would say that a Nighthawk the mobile application is total to crap and would have to that save your time that looks for to use he for an initial setup. I have squandered Almost an hour that tries cogerprpers to do first finally changing to the connection wired and the laptop, which has done perfectly. Once setup, an interface of web is quite intuitive and one there is anticipated the characteristic is easy to configure. As the one who action, am taking action and good coverage, but does not have any clients of AXE to really of test. I do not go to go to the shot adds to try reason does not have a characteristic tone looked for and am returning.
4 / 5 Nobuko
Update Dec 6, 2019

Knows that an original firmware is faulty. Backing Down to the lowest version: , it has solved a subject.

Update Nov 4, 2019

Netgear has failed to solve this subject. Maintaining want to me partorisca call and solve this question. Support of telephone has I call will owe hand in the number of paper of the credit to receive support of telephone. I have spoken already to any in this question. If it could be fixed in a telephone would be done for now. Netgear The support has there is retarded effectively substitute a hardware or updating a firmware until supports of telephone there is expired. This crew is defective. So only it will do reliably when it is rebooted once inside the 12 to 15 window of now. It can any he 24 hours before it results unstable.

UPDATE Oct 22, 2019

has spent so only 52 minutes in a telephone with Netgear support. After walking by means of all a troubleshooting any that I already completed for my account. Which has involved to reset of the factory of one issues and that it has to stroll by means of some steps to initialise my coverage of house. A conclusion was that it firmware update to fix a subject is pending. I have tried repeatedly to do a technician of support comprises a question, but has has had to that still spend for all the again to arrive in a conclusion that it firmware the update is required.

Inner a moment an update has not been released. When it Is and I update a @subject and verify a question no longer there is will update this description again.

--- Original description ---
has had this device for three month now. It does not rid a speed estimated and is inconsistent in reliability. The devices can not remain connected - the internet is unavailable, errors of authentication. Extremely disappointed for a prize and the action have estimated.

Worse still, has contacted Netgear sustain. Has has resupplied instructions of email in of the settings to change. I have done some transmissions and afterwards could no longer steam Hulu in television been due to signals a lot when being any quite strong. Reading by means of a Netgear the community place there is a lot of people and alike subjects that looks for solutions.

This unit is not to value a prize how is action is spotty in better.
5 / 5 Jazmin
Has purchased to this subject likes a upgrade to the mine old Netgear subject because of some a lot of devices I now own. Of a start, would not connect to my computer or look included the election in a wifi ready. After reading by means of one issues manual, has tried diverse things for the take to connect but everything to any avail. We have had diverse smoked alarm that would not connect also. After spending several hours to take of an application and scanning them behind in, has had so only the little on-line. Hardly we would add in the few alarms of smoke, has had to that reset a @subject before we could take him all on-line. For a next morning, so only one was on-line. The thought has had something wrong with some alarms of smoke, has called the service of technology of a company of alarm of the smoke. After a lot of test, takes all some alarms of smoke for behind on-line but later that day, so only three has been connected. Ossia When it has begun to @give a subject can be defective. When in the first place we take a subject, a speed looked to be very fast but there is remarked that with which some premiers few days, a speed decreased considerably and has taken for ever for some devices to connect. We have had ANY of these questions with a subject old. I have asked Amazon to substitute one issues to think has been so only a defective unit. This in spite of, have gone back and read all some indications of some stars thus produced and has discovered almost all these people have had some same questions have done. I have been impacted! They are now in a process to try to take the repayment in place of the substitution. This was in plot of the money and I have expected the action improved in my subject old. Instead it has taken headaches , the time has squandered, and frustration. I am going back to my old subject how was works .
5 / 5 Khalilah
I have bought this to upgrade my old plus nighthawk r8000. This was the enormous deception . Some 8000 circles of careers around an axe. While it uses an axe, am taking around 90m speed in WiFi. With one 8000 I was around 300m. It has gigabit service and has bought is while paste these speeds. It could of him it has saved it $600 and no of him it has bought it this. They are already behind to my subject of old plus. 300m is very better that 90. It does not import they are on 2.4 or 5speed of g, touched with a setting partorisca hours partorisca take a same speed or that the internet has died.
4 / 5 Rozella
24 hours with which bought it, kicked was all my iOS devices of a coverage. When that Tries to enter a signal, says it ''WRONG WIFI SIGNAL''. Changed some signals, some names of coverage, and a @@subject still persists. Now I the reset of factory and and after the few hours still is that they a same thing.

After doing resets of factory all late, now is doing well, but has been still advances and has asked a transmission in Amazon. I guess ossia the firmware the @@subject but is a lot annoying. It has been expecting the powerful, fully subject functional.

Also, service of client of the cat is not coached in this model still. You are serious, NETGEAR? The service of client sucks, honradamente, and a line of the service of the client is rubbishes .

Will be partorisca expect in a substitution and see that it spends. Still I think that it that it would have to receive I discount it in this element of then is VERY EXPENSIVE and already are giving headaches 24 hours with which bought it.
4 / 5 Takisha
Has bought this partorisca try to take to all some nooks and crannies of mine 5500 sq manacles of feet. It has treated worse that my current Optimum/ Cablevision has resupplied d link 868L (any one the subject of youngster) a Nighthawk the row was in fact significantly worse. One 5 ghz the speed was better when when being after (burst on 500 mbs the little time, but take on 300 Mbs with a D Link - like this partorisca my purposes, any real difference. It was slightly clunky partorisca dip on although I can have screwed some material up. Finally, calls of service of the behind inner client 24 hours. No the shot adds of use. The support of optimum technology took it up and in that are in poster. Returned the.
4 / 5 Nakesha
Ossia The good to issue. Especially partorisca $ 150, is probably a better there. Netgear Material fact of the quality and ossia any exception. Work after the little configuration. Has the good profile and he is the WiFi 6 subject partorisca less than $ 200. Here it is which loses the star. It packs with the booklet that say partorisca download and install a Netgear Nighthawk application partorisca your telephone. Ossia. No other instructions. Quite only. I installed it and it is gone through a setup any and then in an end of a phase of detection, say me this model is not sustained! Bummer. Like six the little roughly material of technology. I have found a door that use my telephone and a incumplimiento signal on Google. I have accessed once of the subjects was able to dip all on that has required to. It was just class of unclassy that would recommend a Nighthawk application and give no another option, then not sustaining this Nighthawk subject.
4 / 5 Gearldine
Usually like to begin has gone by saying something well in the product. It is one , all can say is look fresh. Has the 9 old year nighthawk subject, a x6/R8000. I have had this rough plus for 9 years but recently upgraded to a gigabit the speeds owe that way that has wanted to try a “new “ “ “, faster and better” WiFi 6. With which two hours in a telephone, installing and take firmware like this for a question of Netgear this “new “ and has improved 4x fast WiFi the subject” has treated worse that mine 9 old year subject. This was the long night and the very disappointing waste of time and money. Even Netgear has said to send it behind. I asked him reason this new and the latest technology has improved has treated woes in 80 of some tests of speeds have run that mine 9 old year subject. A max the speed was able to exit of a new and improved overpriced the piece of crew was 550mb/s. It has taken 650mb/s out of my subject of old plus. It would not recommend chainring of upgrading. If you are taking some precise speeds, stay with him. It does not go thus subject. I have not decided I go to try another mark or the no. Have two Netgear roughers, one in my office and one in my house. For right now, I do not think that WiFi 6 is any better. Hopefully Any one can try me bad. This goes to be an expensive test but thanks to amazon, am able to send this backside and hopefully fix something concealed can treat better that mine 9 old year subject.
4 / 5 Gene
Has been rid punctually. The action was utmost for exactly 87 days. A firmware is now bribe like this he no longer works and has any fixed, so it has had my compraventa spent for in front a 90 mark of the day there would be has has had to that simply launches he in some rubbishes. They would not have helped according to them. (NetGear) Sincerely expect that this helps some one does the best buying election, so that has the place to purchase he that will protect your compraventa for the longest plot!
5 / 5 Rhett
Averts of utmost looks, this box has action to match. I have not had any subjects bought it of then and resupplies force of excellent signal during mine 2500 feet marries squared of alone history of a yard facing a rear yard. A big thing I really likes is an additional ethernet port. Any one load can send by means of the helps of cord of uses the storage of coverage to resupply date my nvidia the shield and I can take utmost throughput among my computer in a server while still taking action adds of 2 wifi cam, 2 google houses, and all mine other mobile devices. This thing has fulfilled each expectation. A multigig the port is the enormous prize taste probably upgrade to the 10of paper of action in an IN THE but for this be of time, am using port trunking AKA AGGREGATION to link to ask communication, which is the characteristic orders also.
4 / 5 Victoria
4 And 1/2 Stars. One issues the works add although I have had some real worries in upgrading to this subject has based in commentaries and of the mixed descriptions in some forums of support.

This has said, am happy to inform that firmware the updates have fixed the plot of some questions that reads roughly. A late plus firmware be , can confirm that DFS the canals is addition and WAN the aggregation is present still by means of is not seen on everything of a documentation of product. Neither it is clearing the mine still can configure both WAN and downstream aggregation of Ethernet a same time of WAN uses of aggregation WAN+LAN1 that was originally designate for a downstream aggregation of Ethernet. Although a fine-port of the link could be more desirable for downstream IN THE CONNECTIONS. A jury is still was is and has not tried this closing.

After unboxing, has downloaded an application in mine iPhone and I have followed some directions. I have left it updates a firmware to then like the precaution to do sure has not had any questions to start with, disabled a PIKE for now. Doing so it looks for having dipped a 2.4 band to 40Mhz for b/g/n and a 5 band to 80Mhz a/n/ac. I do not have enabled the League of loan and has chosen to maintain a SSIDs separate. Then with which setup has been completed, have gone to one has advanced settings by means of an interface of web and I automatic updates disabled I so that it can research future firmware updates before for advanced.

All is stable, has not had any questions that connects portable and games. I have read that there it is questions of connection to update these devices and first engine and is necessary; transmission a 2.4 band to 20Mhz. Like this far this has not been necessary.

A global row is sum ! A signal is stronger and some 5 works of band a lot-a lot of-very better that my subject forward. Also in a 5 band, am taking a plenary Mbps in WiFi that my plan with Xfinity leaves.

Finally, am very happy with one issues on day a. Remained with my new Netgear CM1200 modem, my coverage is not never state faster and am future proofed for devices of AXE and gigabit service of Internet. But material Netgear could have done the I very better does on documentation of product and firmware stability in some early emissions to reduce confusion and early questions. These issues also has directed the a lot of complaints in his called to sustain centre which felizmente has not required to use.

Update: Three weeks later and no the question at all. It patches it fijamente the few things have not experienced but another has comprise the question of reset of random factory, compatibility with AX200 papers and enabling/disabling 11axe OFDMA.
4 / 5 Matthew
I course the small calms system of the automation in my house has seen Echos and peripherals. Have has wanted the subject he with abundance to accuse has beaten to treat a question. I have purchased this device in June 2019 and has had immediately the difficulties that connects his devices. Netgear Lean it ask to turn of a characteristic of AXE to fix my questions. Like the time has been in some subjects has begun to on hot and to fall wifi the multiple time the day, and resupply action a lot slow until the reset a device. I have had my ISP exited to verify in an internet and all was a lot. I have spent a Ubiquiti marries of @subject of the Flange to do to and mine wifi does not fall never on that. I plugged a Netgear behind in and inside an hour has fallen . Netgear The finally accused support and RMA and a person said it would be free nave and when some links is gone through this was no free options. I have behind called in and a next type said was free and all have has had to that do is to give my credit info his and so only would use it the didnt returns an old to issue. Reluctantly I have given mine CC to them and is then come from to say me that there is the $ 2 control. So many lies. It averts netgear to all the cost.
4 / 5 Lanie
Has begun was adds. Then it has taken progressively worse action over time. Wireless would begin randomly dying and still car-rebooting one issues weekly. It has begun then do the newspaper. And then each one that 3 hrs or so much.
Among the combination to clash and rebooting, and so only one wireless purely dying and not accepting new result unbearable. Any quantity to dip the transmissions have done any difference.
When he , looked well according to which bandwidth and throughput.

Other questions:
When using a esmart Ties' characteristic, a lot of devices can not find a wireless coverage or use it automatically. Especially one . It has had to turn that of legislation in a start.

Reason this question has degraded over time, Netgear lean it would not help me without paying for more spent of support 90 days. In 5 me him, it has loved money to help me with complex work likes reflashing a firmware directly on boss and reconfiguring, etc. So much, will have to imagine that it was and see imports .
Are still down guaranteeed, but not sustaining?

Ossia There later, newer, more, and more expensive has crapped out of this easy!?

retreated on my settings, and has then done to reset of complete factory of a device (push of pin in a backside of device), and has imported my settings again. A device is now stable and some subjects with reboots and that the clash has gone.
Was able the current a SÚPER BOWL to 4x 4k HD TVs symultaneously for a big game w/or @@subject and with the big party.
The causes of only root can imagine was is that when I in the first place setup a device, has tried a setup for fine-action, before I have learnt that it would not help me and that has required more entrances to use that a lot of speeds in all the chance. Had the number of odd conditions that spent while it has dipped that up in modems of mine and my subject. Undoing that it does not look never to have really 'undoes' properly in my opinion. A reset of factory has cured of him.
Has taken alot to time to imagine that it was.
Mina NetGear complained of the support is still one same. Trying hacerprpers paid to sustain with which 90 days is pathetic.
4 / 5 Angelyn
Recently upgraded the Xfinity Gigabits Internet and Netgear CM1100 Modem of Boss. A raw speed that use my laptop has connected directly to a modem is around 960Mbps. My subject current (T-AC1900) give roughly 200 - 450 Mbps 5GHz. With which some investigation, has decided to give this product tries it. As I do not have any Wifi 6 devices, an inferior line partorisca me is partorisca improve a current wifi speed (any-devices of axe). A result is disappointing. A speed is topped around 30Mbps, and 80Mbps 5GHz. I have tried the plot of things of several forums in an Internet, p. p.ej., disabling QoS, AXE, the League of loan and any one has helped. Also I have experienced some wifi the connection that falls, and lagging video playback of Youtube, which had not been a chance in mine 2 year-old T-AC1900.

There is remarked also that the device sure could cause inner of mechanism sure a @subject and gives súper fast speed - on 500Mbps wifi in 5Ghz but unluckily any durable.

Has found this piece (wifi 6 action roundup and 5 routers tried) in an Internet and looks that an interference in 5GHz the canals could contribute to a slowness and degradation of Wifi speed and connectivity. With other factors spoken in a piece, supposition a product, or in general, some products in some categories are not partorisca mature enough to match an expectation. There are still defects of enormous drawing of some vendors and manufacturers of chips to do east the technology of significant next gene.
4 / 5 Kellee
NOTE: Of to the amazon loans a AX8 and AX12 like a product, this description covers both in a. This can help calm for comparison.

Is October 2019 and has has had now a pleasure of working with both a AX8 and a AX12. Both represent the new level for WiFi called 'Version 6' that it would be necessary transmission he everything. It is drawn for the main spaces, signals stronger, the main speed and more importantly taking a 'the internet of Things Creates the account and managing a lot of devices of small stairs in a house.

While my experience with a AX8 was quite well, he no quite left until my expectations. I have been surprised to find a XR450 to be the next to contend--is much less expensive but older and more technically complex that a AX8, as that depends that the connoisseur is, a AX8 could be an easier election. It is also possible that a AX8 will improve down a street with the firmware update or two.

In spite of some very next similarities to a AX12 (that has a more place of antennas), has found a AX12 to be the very very @subject--although any significatnly better that a AX8 or XR450; for this the enormous drawback his is a Ferrari -point of prize of the level.

Has bought a AX8 for the house of my father. It has used the Netgear R6300 subject with the Netgear EX7500 extend. Has the house of big alone history, on 3,000 sq ft, with big ceilings and the big external space and a R6300 & extend the system has begun to fall out of the plot more. His ISP requires to dip one issues in the far corner of a house, as we require strong coverage to take around concrete wall and travel all a way to an opposite corner of a house.

A AX8 was extremely easy to dip on, included although I have required for the say to take a same name and signal like the old system of my father to do the things the easy plus on the this has not been hard to do at all. It has been ready for mecer in of the minutes.

A AX12 was the little scalier in of the this, with one Issues and some instructions so much saying would owe that use a Netgear Nighthawk application in the mobile device to dip on of the Subjects. This has been a lot until there is hanged in a last a lot of and has had to fall behind in a traditional street to use '' in the PC, beginning on scratch, and was like this easy likes AX8.

A AX12 is in two-history 3,000sq. ft Marie in an upper paving, and a paving of earth is concrete wall , a proscribe of Wi-Fi.

An odd thing in a hardware this in spite of: some 'wings' this mark on a need of antennas to be snapped to an organism of one issues, whole. It is not hard to do, but has to that attention of paralización and sure mark all is lined on, then presses down quite hard to take some 'wings' to click to plant. In spite of that, has found has maintained detaching his if any elected on of the subjects or moved it. This does not affect the action but he well remark when it has put together or manage a device. For both a AX8 and a AX12, was odd that one 'wing' clip to plant and another wouldn' both slip very behind was again in a slightest touch.

Neither has seen the wall-described like this mountain in a AX8, but has had he in a AX12. This can be the question partorisca to to the newest houses likes them to them the mine where an Internet is pre-built to the poster of utility ossia in a wall of the small space, tight. A AX12 is for me, and that the trace to wall was relatively easy. A caveat to be conscious of: a wall-locate pegs/the uses of rays will require to stick out of a wall the bit because one issues chairs atop feet of hule fat-- require some rays to achieve deeper to some holes to mount the properly is returned. These feet also he almost impossible to see where some holes are and line them on, as I have had to use my yolks to feel for him and fumble he to plant.

Once all was to arrive and running, has roamed around with a Netgear signal to try to rastras of mobile application.

For a AX8 has had some dropouts has not expected and a row is so only be the little further that an a lot of-older R6300. This has said, a law of coverage still for the majority of my parents' wife and was much more stable.

One the odd thing is spent that so only can affect Xfinity clients: we had had Xfinity disable his built-in of the years of Wi-Fi done. After connecting a X8, a Xfinity the subject/of modem has relieved a AX8, read a signal of name/of the coverage, has turned his WiFi retreated on and has begun emission with a signal of exact same & name, creating the disorder to confuse two identical coverages that side of emission for side and struggling with each another. I have had to take Xfinity support of technology to do with me to take his WiFi has turned was again. I have not seen never this spends before, but maintain the imports yes suddenly begin to have your new to issue disconnect you or waste to leave calm by means of the Internet--verify your ISP subject/of modem to be sure his Wi-Fi is not turned on.

For a AX12, has found a coverage to be like this as well as XR450 but some accelerates to be bit it better.

For both, a Admin to the console is more as your traditional routers: any DumaOS. Has-liked me a look and feel of DumaOS, but in spite of being the gamer has not finalised requiring a device granulates-controls of traffic of the level, as it does not import that it is missing here.

In general, a series of AXE is supposed to be the does not advance big for Wi-Fi. If you are to issue it ossia problematic and/or 3 years or more, would suggest upgrading. This in spite of, is so only some consumers of width of the main band that will see the big difference among a series of AXE and an economic plus XR serious. XRs In fact offer more tweaking capacity while the axe is more user-friendly.
5 / 5 Archie
Out of a box a subject has done adds. The a late plus firmware the update and an action have taken the dive of nose. The support called and said to knots to downgrade a firmware. Cela Fixed the. Netgear There is still to release the new firmware this fixed a subject. I know this unit can be a awesome subject because it is sooo very better that my last ac the @subject concealed could not manage a congestion in my new paving. Netgear Need to have better QA in his firmware.
4 / 5 Bree
Setup Is simple use an application of telephone. This in spite of, my subject maintains to fall all one has connected physically devices intermittently and does not resupply the fastest speeds that 200mbps in WiFi. When I Turn my providers AP behind on and test, volume on 500mbps. As of last night, now it is falling WiFi devices also and will not surpass .45mbps. The cat has used initially the support saws application of iPhone but when I have tried to gather firmware version an application clashed and has fallen my session. The support I so only ask me a firmware version (that it would have to know it is to update of some controls of application of the telephone for updates) and to reset he. The main waste of money the long time. No more netgear.

Has to that update 11/28/2019
has left so only a telephone with them. An entrance has created the few days that has indicated it that my decreasing to accelerate maintained (begun in 200Mbps and dulcemente decreased to .46Mbps In some last few days). It has seen email, has decided to send me the new unit. Yesterday you take it, send me to knots an email urgently that asks that I call him. I thought that it that it was for an allocution but when I have called has has wanted to do with me to see can solve a subject. Be in him for 20+ years, my heart sunk and was while to them to ask me to reboot the, reset of factory he, etc. Which is which already there was done that tries to solve @@subject I. I have been surprised when a technology has known exactly as required to be fact. Transmission a MTU to 1492, toe a 5g to canal 128 and behind levelling a firmware. The FACT (to the point). Some speeds have announced is no where hover of the that a device can do excepts 500Mbps will do for me. Maintaining my toes have crossed.

Has to that update 12/25/2019 - Well, there blows again. It maintains to fall all my wireless connections and the support has finalised.
A firmware is still in a leading version (Finally estaca) and has tried changing some canals with a same result. I owe that admit that he he fantastic with which called him, but does not think a AP has to that it has to that be reconfigured each month to treat the so only the percentage (albeit porcentual very horrible) of the his statistical announced.
4 / 5 Romana
This subject in the paper are add, this in spite of update a firmware take random internet outages and wifi drops. If you revert to a prime minister or according to firmware the emission will be a lot while calm can take plants on and turn of automatic firmware updates. C subject is not on the dot for prime time how is extremely buggy. Logging His can be the hassle so only constantly the aims for your signal try the use like the calm way accesses it. This is not a chance uses a ip allocution. Planning neither at all calms so much is unable to block services for schedule. C @subject that takes quite toasty, so much so that it seats a need to have the defender on that. Netgear The support is terrible to do with but take a work done in the few hours with several different agents. I think that that this would be the good product after the little more firmware updates, but is slow to update them and a last a has broken the few things.

Update 7/10/2019
Been by means of 3 Routers this in spite of having the subjects and are out of a window of turn. netgear So only send me the substitutions can not underline quite DOES not BUY a rax40!!
5 / 5 Janessa
Deep: Some of our devices (i.et. Comprising our wireless printer) has been falling of a coverage that has not spent before. I have thought that that my wireless printer was a question (of sounds to aim any connected). The to plot of cycling a subject & of printer to any avail. I have thought all to the long of that a wireless printer has gone. I guess that as we add more than IoT is and devices to the ours Netgear R8000 subject, was having the difficulty that maintains connections.

Has looked for the subject of substitution and looked in Netgear RAX80 (for the few months). A specs is really well that objective that it can that to him mango more devices / IoT this (ours is in 40 is any time dates and the trace when has guests). A gilipollas thus subject (on more descriptions) was a seal of big prize of $ 399 + tax. Of a profit outweighs a gilipollas, has bought this fact of @subject two weeks to substitute our R8000 and dip the on using a has has resupplied instructions. It was surprised where all some devices / IoT is connected (after changing a SSID is for one 2.4, 5 and Guest). Had at all bad with a wireless printer to the equal that has connected seamlessly to a subject.

Now an additional a lot informative; it has seen a prize is gone down of $ 399 to $ 299 last April 16. Calm guessed it well; I am returned our RAX80 and has substituted he with another RAX80 because of the “availability of better prize” in Amazon. With which two weeks of use (i.et. Comprising a @subject this was is is returned/substituted for the better prize), all the devices / IoT is is connected; no more drop-was connection and a tax of devices of the links to a subject is much faster. I will update this description something goes bad with one issues.

Finally, a neighbour-on the procedure was; cycle a modem, connects one issues to modem, follows Nighthawk Application (or use a web routerlogin) conjoint-on, update a firmware. After these steps, yours attribute previously recognised SSID is in some subjects. If has Mesh Extenders, reconnect to some subjects to use WPS. I recommend this @subject to that has several devices / IoT is connected in his coverage.
5 / 5 Hildred
1. RAX 80 randomly Tomb of the wireless devices of service, has to reboot issue to reconnect all the devices. It wired The devices remain connected with connectivities of Internets.
2. ' Has has attached Devices' has characteristic modification that calm leave you to describe or detail a semi-detached device, but after selecting 'Apply', to some transmissions have done, some transmissions do not remain , his revert behind to a Configuration of @Subject. I have asked the response of Netgear support of Technology but his any one or would not direct a question.
3. It would like to see more ports of @subject of Ethernet, has 5 but 8 would be adds.
4. It would like to see issue it ' Transport Reboot' the characteristic has added. I have purchased so only the $ device that can a @subject and also pings the server of your election. If a device does not receive it ping answered of a far server, a device reboots a Subject. The supposition is one Issues the connectivity of Internet has lost reboots one Issues to restore connectivity. A rebooting the device is configurable with a lot of different settings. A rebooting of one Issues is critical is located remotely of the user. I think that that this characteristic would be the saver of life for more than users.
4 / 5 Denny
Are the Big Defender of Netgear, but would have to that it has done roughly more trying first to release this Firmware the production!!! I have had a time a hard plus that takes this subject in an internet but appreciate the goodness one first what wants to do upgrade a firmware!! A pair of fast tips:
-Use a boss of the ethernet dish resupplied to connect to your boss/dsl modem. An old yellow Ethernet more probably give returns.
-Once take it on an Internet, upgrade a firmware
-Once take a firmware has update, and is not that it does to reset of factory
- does not take it connected to an Internet, control a WAN boss... If a WAN the light is orange, unplugs, king covers & reboot so much a modem & of @subject
-Him it concealed does not operate, call Netgear Support of Technology

Once finally has taken a firmware updated & it behind in an Internet, these works of @subject like the sleep!! Absolutely I love it!!!

UPDATE: I have had this subject for 3 days now, and has done to add until last night when a WiFi has been was! Now with which I reboot the, a WiFi will not remain on for more than 15 mins. I have been in a telephone with Netgear the technology Sustains long so only to do sure there has a lot something lacking. I have it quell'has decided finally that has been now of the turn and take the different model. To the amazon is giving my money behind, and has ordered a Model an Old plus of Netgear Nighthawk which is hopefully more stable.
5 / 5 Ariana
A product is fantastic... When it Operates. My fellow and so much has taken a product a same time. A setup for me was the ache because an installation of the mobile application has not done. It has had to access a street of clean portal to take the things that goes and included concealed gave subjects in a start because a coverage asked to login and a redirect the page has not done.

First of emotional was able of the place on with which more than an hour and his summer that does amiably with signalling very long and fast wifi.

My history of fellow is worse. It was able of the place on perfectly with an application and he have done well in a start. A question for him is that each morning his wifi the stops that reads and gives the error of wrong signal. When that Looks this error in an internet can see a question is been around for more than the year. Ossia Entirely unacceptable for such an expensive device. The support of technology was terrible and my fellow spent more than an hour and the half to take any to sustain to say so only to reset a coverage.

@In rodeo this product is paste or lose and a setup can not be for some any technical person as it is not to cover and game.
5 / 5 Tonda
HAS in 2000 sq. ft. House, and has had CONSTANTLY questions streaming and connecting in of the sure zones of a house. Upstairs HAS full bars, but down a lot of places have had 1-2 bars, and streaming has had the horrid experience. Because of a bit those that put the modem of boss can seat in mine upstairs, relocation was the question.
Hooked This creature on, BINGO, full bars EVERYWHERE in a house !!! And an application of telephone is incredible. It was able to entirely dipped on of the subjects of my telephone. The leaves of application to see state of connection of all the applications, wire fences and wireless. The woman and I have beaten common salvation def downwards to describe now.
LOVES @SUBJECT. It would divorce my woman and marry it could .

Top Customer Reviews: NETGEAR Nighthawk ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 Brittani
I have bought this subject for the six primary reasons:
a ) Strong action when handling the big number of devices has connected
b ) Ethernet of road of Port Aggregation (LACP)
c ) Strong WiFi action (even so there it is that it competes what routers to beat that it is bit it better)
d ) Six ports of Ethernet in a change to issue
and ) Active antennas
f ) Dynamic Quality of Service (QoS)

For any one with MINIMUM experience with contacting squad, or know of general networking, has some council since you.
1. Download And read some Guides of User and Documentation for this subject (seen nexus) product/of the support
2. It follows a step to any direction and attention of arrest in any messages of OPINIONS in a documentation
3. Ideally You Want to it plants a X10 in the room that is in a centre of your house but need of touch he in a room of verge in your then split house with a NETGEAR Nighthawk Mesh X6S likes him done to prevent WiFi something fatality (mostly applies in the people or the main houses that looks for a better action).
4. Backup your parameters in a X10 once configured (is only the good idea).
5. Once everything is posed up, downloads a late plus firmware (I this saw a web-interface, is easy).

A bit more detail under
For my personnel setup begun to download some manuals in NETGEAR website for this subject. I have read some manuals only to do sure has done things in ordering so that each company done the slightly different things and is well to learn like your particular hardware is meant work (and when is ready to do things). I mapped out of my net (only design the diagram of your house, some locations of yours hardware of networking, and type of connection) and determinate where would plant my X10 subject (and a X6S extends purchased separately). I have connected my modem and subject and seeds a primary PC in my house those uses cat6a cape and initial fact setup of one issues. Once a subject has been connected, in the working state, and ready for modifications, I logged in an interface of the web and I have modified some parameters that applied in me (enabling QoS, changing a default the signal for one issues login page, enabling Ethernet port aggregation, posing priorities for devices, downloading firmware, etc.). I have connected then a X6S extends in this road of subject two NETGEAR Powerline 1200 Mbps (PLP1200) ports and cat6a cape. I have posed a X6S up in access-subject-of point ( can do extends the road but road of the point of the access will give you a better action in addition to case if a wiring in your house is very). I have run test in the each room of my house and my WiFi the signal was full-bars at all the locations and some results of the test of the speed has confirmed that my WiFi the action was compatible during a house (the loss or the profit has not been significant). C subject is able to handle the big number of devices has connected without retarding down (of one issues, can have slowdown because of use of the big bandwidth but concealed is not one to the fault of one issues, that is to say the limitation of your connection of internet). Today in my house there has been 18 devices that race in this subject and races without any subjects. It has had 0 disconnects, or sudden drops in action (WiFi or wire fence) of any devices have connected in this subject.

Simply place, wants to add the subject then purchases this or but the mark sure learns so to take one the majority of out of him before the buy, otherwise, has another similar routers with the little less characteristic that could save you a bit money and fir your best necessities. Also, at least for the people or the main houses that looks for a much more WiFi experience, matches this with a X6S (and plant the in of the ideal locations) and wants to direct crazy you how posed in can he-connection of Ethernet of the line among a X10 and a X6S using cat6a Ethernet cabling so that a X6S can be run in access-subject-of point in planting to extend road.

I amour this subject and attentive that last me 5 years like my anterior subject (that it was still in it working condition but could not handle some requisites to accuse of my house). If I have to be critical of NETGEAR for anything was that to 1 guarantee of year is simply laughable for the subject to arrive to this point of prize. These necessities of the company improves in this zone in particular. It has Had good interactions with NETGEAR support of the client and I plan in those rests the NETGEAR client in a future but to 1 guarantee of year is the joke and subject he of the premium deserves the guarantee of premium. I expect that at the end NETGEAR poses the strong guarantee behind everything of his products but especially his products of big final and learns companies like Samsung (concealed purchases everything of my SSD is of partly because of his 10 guarantee of year in a 850 Pro) so that the strong guarantee is the road for a company to say that they cross in a reliability of a product and NETGEAR no that at present. Another that an abysmal guarantee, this subject has been flawless.
3 / 5 Consuelo
Hopefully Calms all have read this....
In the each look to buy this product pleases to do the bit to research before hands!! Cairo In netgears page of support in this model.
Quan Has taken in the first place one issues all has done well for the month or so, has 100 mbs low and enough 15 mbs in of the speeds, while on wifi these shoots to issue quite 91 basses and 11.2 up, any bad at all wired his is any drop at all very well, the problem is that a wifi CONSTANTLY drops!! For me it is quite 1~2 times the day, extraneous is concealed has that is to say far more than concealed, this subject has been entering with this scene of early model 2017 and there is still to be fixed netgear is fully conscious of a situation and has done at all to fix a subject after substituting a unit quite 3 times hopping to take or concealed no this subject and has left, and'the voice has tried manually posing versions of firmware, some do the stable plus bit that another is but any one is 100% fixed, hardly you disorder with a 'the device linked' page and begins very messing with him that the page will go was punctual while you update changes of entity in any device these calm covers without this access or page to further adjust the, again google 'netgear r9000 wifi falling' and go in his page of support of the web of places and read is the real thing has taken so bad closed that page of support for him. ANY ONE EVERYTHING of them there is this subject but is one of some A lot of miserable people to take the bad one is in for a hell of the walk, Netgear any one the help fixed this subject has quite known he for the long time and still are selling clues a prize falls each month of pair because of this subject is not the add on sell the element is the lemon and the fulfil.
3 stars and any one 1 so that when it is doing is surprising and me rebooting quite 1 times the day isnt in bad but for this signal of prize has to you does not have to that it is treating such witch B.S
1 / 5 Craig
It have achieved the limit leans given of 25 devices of Wi-Finish connected in a Wi-Fino issues it provided by my undertaken of local telephone. I have decided to do a inversion in my point to contain and take the big-final, expensive Netgear X10 Nighthawk. My expectation was that this inversion would be worth it since has the plot of devices of Wi-Final likes Alexa multiple devices, streaming clave, the Playstation and mobile devices. This Wi-the Final subject has been the disappointment of entity. A Wi-Fino constantly falls connections numerous time daily therefore one and of G. Researching on-line has found that that is to say the VERY common problem . A Netgear the communities are filled with users with this exact subject. Update In a late plus firmware, turn of QoS, turn of one 5grup of G has has not had any impact. It tries numerous canals also. I am so disappointed has paid the premium for such the defective product. Highly he adoptive the any one considering the Netgear subject to research "Netgear disconnections of Wi-Final" and voices all some problems that there are the clients is having and then finds an alternative product. I am the technical professional and very versed computers of contact. That is to say a worse piece of the technology has not bought never. I am expecting that my aches can be the opinion in another so that they do not spend to premium in the device only to be supremely has disappointed.

UPDATES 9 month of WiFi falling each 20ish minutes , Netgear At the end is fallen the new firmware to direct a subject. That is to say very bittersweet. My WiFi the subjects are resolved, even so, why a hell takes so damn long Netgear to fix this when a Netgear together of the support shouted in this subject. According to some joints of the support there was the subject of timer that fallen WiFi each which how 15 in 20 minutes. The new firmware has been Jan fallen, 2019.

Am for my decision in never buy Netgear again. New month to direct the subject to spoil for subject of the sound of big final is objectionable. Look strongly in Asus like an alternative.
5 / 5 Mamie
Unit of day... Surprised! YAC Any one adds but can imagine was.

Setup In my IP of the original point and all done without the touch. My woman has been having subject with his last 2 iPhones using data too cellular and falling wifi when isolates upstairs in opposite side of house. In my Android has not had never this problem and usually takes 30Mbps. This X10 is at the beginning external of wall of the fund in the desktop of cupboard of computer of solid forest. Has 2 external antenna objective upstairs and advance. Taking 215 mbps low and 22 up. First time not seeing never paid for speeds in WiFi. Unheard Of. Anterior subject Asus rt-ac66u.

That is to say day 1 as I will update is necessary.
5 / 5 Latesha
Desprs Installing this subject, has expected the days of pair only for the ensure continued to do well before doing any commentaries or estimating enough the. (At all worse that when the people estimate something with or or still five stars and says did not use it still, or only will update his comments later... Stupid. Why same commentaries and estimates a product then in a first place yes has zero learning that in fact works, first...?!)

But, has been since using east arrests awhile and has used sooooo very different routers on some last 41 years, sure chair in commenting and estimating this product with the indication of 5 stars, included although has a subject (describes low). I seat that the subject is quite irrelevant like the work-around in a type of installation has been done in just the little bren and has done all does also if any better concealed otherwise. Perhaps more it has a same subject and can not take in this subject that affects the - that will be it he among you and Netgear - for me - is the no-subject even so it takes the 5-value.

So - installing this thing.

Comes with abundance of guides of fast beginning the calm help with manually connect in him (Ethernet) or using a WiFi ( has three frequencies and of the speeds that can the chosen to be!) , 5Ghz Or 60Ghz. You can have each three that operates a same time like any device is using can use a better signal that the physically can use - or can close the basses and limits in only two or three options. Anything wants to. There is also the GUEST WiFi connection that is to pose 'WAS' and default - and yes chosen leave strangers to connect in your WiFi, blocks them to access other systems in some clean automatically - and besides can choose limit a quantity of bandwidth / to accelerate that a guest can achieve. Personally - always it leaves a 'Guest' the road was, unless you will receive the big party with a lot of people and all the world-wide explosion use WiFi some same and calm times do not want to give each what so of them yours signal. (That is to say in fact earthy of them he so said his to suck it up and use his data of cell instead!)

Can has posed also the different signal for each of some three frequencies of one WiFi, wants .

Since has the modem of my provider of internet, that is to say also he WiFi something, installed this in a backside of a house for my computer of desktop in my give as well as that has better WiFi signals because of too much wall among one rear of a house and a room where a ISP the subject / of the modem is localised.

One Netgear setup suggested to program this subject like a Point of Access in place of as an additional Subject, since already has to issue he in a front of a house. A Point of the access essentially creates an extension of your primary subject.

A lot of - that the installation has taken in 20 minutes to configure ( is each automatic once chooses to Issue or Aims to Access setup). Closed the numerous times and I have to reset of factory a thing two times - all for one WiFi antennas in still not broadcasting or leave any connections. It was to well sure ON, one WiFi button (in a front of a unit - in a far right down is FOCUSED clear (which are not inner informed any one of some manuals of instruction)) has been confirmed ON and each light signified that a unit has done perfectly. But zero connection in a WiFi the portion of one issues. One desktop, with a cape of Ethernet plugged in, connected in an internet without subject (still although an Icon of the point of the Computer has maintained to say there is not any connection)... Some days only owe machines of amour - other days, any so much.

So much, after fiddling with this subject for another half hour, using troubleshooting guides, each current of firmware, assistance of support of the client of Netgear in a tlphonique and crossing several bulletin boards - all the world was in consonance - Absolutely all has been posed up properly and configured among one desktop, a subject, some mobile phones (used to to try and connect in a WiFi). Connections in a WiFi could be it done - but the data of zeros would cross it.

I another Hard Reset behind in of the parameters of factory and only installed a unit like another Subject, in place of a point of access.

In less than 30 bren (literally), was to arrive and current, WiFi fact very well, a distance of a unit in a point a warehouse of far plus in before I have lost the signal was quite 75 feet - and concealed is with wall and very the cement of the metal enters.

Was able to choose in , 5Ghz and 60Ghz signals without any one subject and of the taxes of the scrolling of the data was while they have been expected to be - quite fast. One Netgear Application in an iPhone also done without subject, immediately after saying to a device to program likes him subject the.

Same with 100 feet of the cape that connects some Subjects in the modem of one issues/of room of a ISP, (using the Cat 5i cape), has zero degradation of signal. It poses this thing through some tests to touch with multiple bandwidth-hogging program each runs a same time, two more PS4 units, two mobile phones and the Ready television connected in an Applies box of television - - this there has been Each CURRENT, streaming, uploading, downloading and using lives gaming. No the problem only experimented after the few days.

Paid for 250Mb connection - through a modem and this subject, mine desktop still downloads in 304Mbps and upload against 38Mbps. And this was when he has had the full load of systems all the room and demanding bandwidth of signal through easterly a subject and he 100' cord of Cat in the old fashion.
2 / 5 Collene
Any sure what a problem is here but has a X6 Nighthawk and alas this Netgear X10 has worse wi-fine connectivity for my iPhones and another wi-fine elements that my X6. Only it take a X10 today and the place arrives it easily for instructions. He a firmware update also. Has the 3,000 sq. ft. Ranch without wall of entity and everything in some background connections (quite one concept very open). Of my dispatch in a backside of a house in a cookery a wi-fine the signal maintains repeatedly falling ours tlphonique wi-final so that we change behind and advances constantly among Cellular LTE and wi-final and then no the by force full signal in that. At least my X6, although there was only 2 bars in place of 3, maintained me connected where this subject fallen a signal totally. State doing so much investigation like possible this afternoon but each voice that a Netgear the states of squad are all depends in wall, etc. to provide decent wi-fine connection. To The Any recommendation likes him to him the coverage, although very critical be that his house is 4,000 sq. ft. Further up and down and doing adds. Has the defective unit here? I go to return this or in Amazon and is tried to have them change for another of a same but very sure cost a problem. Also in a Genie in my computer, included although I left me chosen my wi-fine connection of a list of a X10 offerings in our telephones, Macbook portable, etc, maintains to say wi-final any connected and has at all to scan for in a page. I am not that subject savvy so that it follows has disappeared something here perhaps? I am supremely disappointed so that after spending $ 420 with tax in this new subject (and while for the less for him the cover my integer 3,000 sq. ft. House) is worsening reception that my old Netgear. It can do I add for another with big houses but any mine. It IS only not conforming his purpose for me and I listen it to well sure owe a road is announced. To well sure the bad unit. :-(
1 / 5 Darrin
I have bought this device 3.5 month ago. My guarantee of the support has expired after 3 month. He a bit those that days, disconnected a device of USB so that it can attach it more films in him. Quan I reconnected, all was haywire. No longer it can alloy in plex. It says that this has the NTP error of time. I reset a subject two times. It opens intermittently disconnects And loses signal in my windows 10 computer. My ipad and iphone is totally unable to connect in him. They alternate among saying situates in a wrong signal and say of the just transfer is connecting but never marks. My devices that is wired in some laws to issue very that way is not my internet. I have called a company today to take help. It do not help me unless I have bought the $ 140 a guarantee of year of support of the software. Quan rebuffed, A type was on and on quite like this rotted very possibly be the subject of hardware, but has to be the subject of parameters of the software and this would have to paid for this support. It do not help me at all until it has agreed to to buy a guarantee. I have asked to speak with more, but only maintain to try to sell me a guarantee. I have believed whenever netgear was the good company but after spending $ 450 to issue it this has prendido to do afterwards 3.5 month, and rebuffed for the do well, will not buy never his products never again.
5 / 5 Malcom
C subject is upper notch . I joined me he with two EX7000 NightHawk extenders and has coverage to be able to full during mine 3600 Sq ft house as well as my backyard and in the bloc of my house.

HAS the quite big quantity (?) To owe for my subject as I have required something concealed could maintain up. Here it is the list that is attached:

(3) detectors of Fire of the Nest
(1) the hub of far harmony
(1) Philip boo basic + 9 light bulbs
(21) WeMo devices (Clear changes, changes and the WeMo Fashioning)
(8) Devices of Echo of the Amazon
(1) IN&T System of Digital living security
(1) EcoBee 3 Thermostat
(10) NetGear Arlo cameras of Security
(2) point of Inducting auricular ready
(1) Samsung the Ready point HDTV
(1) the List of Acute point HDTV
(1) television of Apple 4
(3) Matricom has Posed Upper boxes
(2) compressed of Samsung
(3) iPads
(2) iPhones
(1) Slingbox
(2) Drobo 5n NOSES
(1) NetGear NOSES
(1) Seagate NOSES
(2) Capsules of Time of the Apple
(9) SLEEPS speakers
(1) PS4
(1) XBOX A S
(1) computer of Windows
-used for subject, connected on the dot of company in VPN
(6) Computers of Macintosh
-1 east running
-good Server
-2 east running
-A rest is used only when required

has had 4 video has connected common, in PLEX, of 1080p the video these races without signs of a subject. That is to say the PLEX the server these races in the Mac mini, no a one in some subjects. There is has not had the occasion to try that it was still. Also it uses Kodi in my local point and he have any subject at all with 4 1080p common of video that race.

Fully can control some cameras of security, a WeMo devices, SlingBox, PLEX, EcoBee 3, IN&T Digital Life, Everything of a NASes and connect in my point saw VPN remotely without subjects.

A setup for any one with small or any learning to contact is ridiculously mere. Only it take it quite 5 minutes to complete an initial setup. Also it has the stack of the characteristic extras can employ that you know that it is doing or wants to learn. This ease of setup is in pair with a setup for routers of Apple (Airports and Capsules of Time). But any routers of Apple has no where afterwards characteristic what a lot of and the available options.

One attaches-on of one extenders was so easy. Taken quite a lot of 5 minutes each. One extenders no in that has no a lot of to change in the so much is doing so Points of Accesses. All of some parameters are directed by one X10.

So far this subject has lived totally until my expectations.

One necessity of the only question in the response is in a prize, need this very subject. It imagines that a majority of users would see any one subjects that goes with the level it plus under NetGear. But you are using yours to issue to direct the big number of devices while streaming video, using several computers, that run the good server, he plex the server and a house have automated THAT IS TO SAY one issues to use!
5 / 5 Claudie
Desprs Mina 3-the connection to issue of fall of old year constantly when had more than the devices of the dozen have connected, has fulfilled was arrests to time to update. I have chosen a nighthawk concretely because of some commentaries for another quite so was able to handle the big number of devices. So far, it is living until each - used to be able to pose my clock for when begin to fall: members like familiar is coming house and his telephones, tablets, portable, or chomebooks has begun automatically connecting, my subject would begin to fall connections. It IS that they have to go around and unplug devices only so many can common netflix, work of house, or explores an informative. In some 4 days have had a nighthawk, no the connection fallen only. A force of signal is phenomenal - is spent the day in a garage streaming pandora while having the garage sale and has had very subjects of signal through multiple wall and included upstairs. A nighthawk is pricey, but the future wanted to proofing. Setup Was the breeze - unboxed and on-line in 10 minutes (time for my modem in reboot and a firmware in some subjects to update). An interface for one issues the administration is clunky, but all some the right options and the sections are there. Has subjects with slow speeds, but Netgear the support of client was very easy to treat. Desprs Crossing several options, has determined had the defective subject, like the amazon routed me he nine an and was well to go (still with some slow speeds, does not fall the connections and a signal have remained excellent). I can not line this against the, and his very fast resolution maintains this the description of 5 stars.
5 / 5 Clemente
Overkill - Yours The name is Nighthawk x10.

Of a FOCUSED in an antenna in a field of ridiculous coverage in a quad-core cpu... If the routers there have the characteristic this subject has it.

Built-in Plex server? It controls
10Gigabite WAN options of scrollings? Control
Aggregation for Dual-NIC PC? Double control (goes that I there?)
Ready QoS? Control
Manuel QoS option? Also the control (Graces...)

And at the end... After years and years of of the this... The GUEST WIFI IS TURNED has BEEN?! NETGEAR... I MARRY ME! (I follows already married but is sure my woman will comprise...)

A UI is very well, but my ONLY critic here would be this:
Netgear, your mark is 'NIGHTHAWK' - do a damn UI fund Negre with White Text. Still have a olde White and school of subject Lived that goes strong here and has lost a demographic to announce of any only in that there is when being 'Gaming' subject but also the good knot in in to to that like him to them the work in front of line UIs.

For a no technical material:
-A Field is excellent and far surpasses that of my Nighthawk 1700.
-My Amazon 4k Mate of the fantastic television laws and now provides perfect 4k happy any one subject that more it is that it spends in my point.
-An Only SSID is very handy when has multiple people in a house (Informs in a QoS, even so, to control that bandwidth all the world-wide taken...)

-This Thing is the BEAST - I bad YUGE with the capital And. It IS massive. It can not pose where an old Netgear the subject was, and is posing this in the shelf of first MEASURE of classes - that is to say for the Very Big subject.
-Prize... For the similar prize could take you the 'professional' together of wifi APs and routers and do the together robust plus-arrive you... But this takes endeavour. That all the be has said still: A prize is quite big, and would prefer it when being around $ 50 in 75 cheaper... But that is to say also technology of verge of the hemorrhage and paid for technology of verge of the hemorrhage.
- A WAN has comprised the cape is the Cat 5i, any Cat 6... And it has it Gigabit Ethernet WAN scrollings. Opened admit It: it is 6 long feet and is likely never go to remark the difference, but for this prize, could not jump for the Cat 6 cape of Ethernet Netgear? I bad am not to take the star or anything Mays... Really? Cat5e? There is the 10gigabite option of Ethernet... I have expected Cat 6 at least because of this (perhaps same Cat6a). It conceal to be said, any one is using anything in 1gbps WAN in a house, and those select few concealed is is likely to provide the pertinent Cat 6 cape so that it is to say the very problem very smaller .

A UI, again, only does not match a device. There require it when being the night(hawk) road or something.

All and Everything, Netgear really provided the product very well here. A unit was easy to install, provided the cape of Ethernet of big quality (Although it is Cat 5i was still the very good Cat 5i), and a documentation was very good.

Has the big house, load of folks that uses very HD data of Video, and the connection of fast Internet to power this thing, buys this monster.
4 / 5 Margene
I have bought this subject partorisca are them primary reasons:
a ) Strong action when managing the big number of has has connected devices
b ) street of Ethernet of Port Aggregation (LACP)
c ) Strong WiFi action (this in spite of there is competing routers which can be bit it better)
d ) Are ports of the ethernet in one issues transmission
and ) Active antennas
f ) Dynamic Quality of Service (QoS)

Partorisca any with MINIMUM experience with networking crew, or general networking knowledge, has some joint partorisca you.
1. Download and read some Drive of User and Documentation partorisca this subject (sees link)
2. Follow a step to any direction and attention to arrest to any messages of OPINIONS in a documentation
3. Ideally you will want to situate a X10 in the room that is in a centre of your house but need of touch he in a room of flange in your house then pair he with a NETGEAR Nighthawk Mesh X6S likes it has done partorisca prevent WiFi something dead (mostly applies the people or of the main houses that looks for a better action).
4. Backup your settings in a X10 once configured (is so only the good idea).
5. Once all is dipped on, downloads a late plus firmware (I this has seen a web-interface, is easy).

A bit more detail under
For my personnel setup has begun to download some manuals in NETGEAR put web thus subject. I have read some manuals so only to do sure has done things in ordering reasons each company done the slightly different things and is good to know like your particular hardware is meant work (and when it is ready to do things). The mapped out of my coverage (so only draw the diagram of your house, some locations of the yours networking hardware, and type of connection) and has determined where would situate my X10 subject (and a X6S extends has purchased for separate). I have connected my modem and @subject and then a primary PC in my house that use cat6a boss and initial treaty setup of one issues. Once a subject has been connected, in the working state, and ready for modifications, I logged to an interface of the web and I have modified some settings that the mine applied (enabling QoS, changing a incumplimiento the signal for one issues login page, enabling Ethernet port aggregation, dipping priority for devices, downloading firmware, etc.). I have then connected a X6S extends to this street of @subject two NETGEAR Powerline 1200 Mbps (PLP1200) ports and cat6a boss. It has dipped a X6S up in way of access of point ( can do extends the way but way of the point of the access will give you a better action further of chance if a wiring in your house is very). I have run test in the each room of my house and my WiFi the signal was full-bars at all the locations and some results of the test of the speed has confirmed that my WiFi the action was compatible during a house (the loss or the profit has not been significant). C subject is able to manage the big number of has has connected devices without lens down (of one issues, can have slowdown because of use of big bandwidth but concealed is not one to the fault of one issues, ossia the limitation of your connection of internet). Today in my house has had 18 devices that career in this @subject and run without any subjects. I have had 0 disconnects, or sudden drops in action (WiFi or wire fence) of any devices have connected to this subject.

Simply place, loves to add the subject then buys this one but the frames calm sure learn like this to take one the majority of out he before the buy, otherwise, has another alike routers with the pocola less characteristic that could save you a bit money and fir your better needs. Also, at least for people or of the main houses that looks for one much more WiFi experience, pair this with a X6S (and situate them in of the ideal locations) and yes calms want to drive mad like has dipped on can it-of connection of Ethernet of the line among a X10 and a X6S using cat6a Ethernet cabling like a X6S can be run in way of access of point in planting to extend way.

I amour this @subject and expect that I last 5 years like my subject forward (which has been still in working condition but could not manage some requirements of pasts of my house). If I have had to that be critical of NETGEAR for anything is that to 1 guarantee of year is simply laughable to issue he in this point of prize. These needs of company improve in this zone especially. I have had good interactions with NETGEAR support of the client and I slowly in those remain the NETGEAR client in a future but to 1 guarantee of year is the joke and prevails it the subject deserves the guarantee of prize. I expect that finally NETGEAR dips the strong guarantee behind everything of his products but especially his products of big final and learns companies to the equal that Samsung (those who buy all of the mine SSD is of partly been due to his 10 guarantee of year in a 850 Pro) reason the strong guarantee is the way for a company to say that they believe in a reliability of a product and NETGEAR no that at present. Another that an abysmal guarantee, this subject has been flawless.
4 / 5 Dee
Hopefully You All read this....
To all looking to buy this product pleases to do the bit to research before hand!! Look In netgears page of support in this model.
When in the first place it take one issues all has done well for the month or like this, has 100 mbs down and roughly 15 mbs on speed, while on wifi this push of @subject roughly 91 down and 11.2 on, any bad at all wired his east any drop at all a lot well, the question is that a wifi CONSTANTLY drops!! For me it is roughly 1-2 times the day, external is concealed there is ossia far more than that, this subject has been that goes in with this scene of prompt model 2017 and there is still to be fixed netgear is fully conscious of a situation and has done at all to fix a @@subject after substituting a unit roughly 3 times hopping to take a concealed will have this @@subject has them on data, the ees has tried manually dipping firmware versions, some bit it more stable that another is but any one is 100 fijamente, hardly you disorder with a 'the device linked' page and begin really messing with him that the page will go was punctual to the equal that update transmissions of entities in any device that the calm leaves without this access or page to further regulate them, again google 'netgear r9000 wifi falling' and go his page of support of the web of places and bed is the real thing has taken like this bad has closed that page of support for him. ANY EVERYTHING of them there is this @@subject but is one of some A lot of miserable people to take the bad one is in still a hell of the walk, Netgear will not help fixed this subject has known roughly he for the long time and still are selling clues a prize falls each month of pair because of this subject is not the add on sell the element is the lemon and the knowledge.
3 stars and any 1 reasons when it is doing is surprising and me rebooting roughly 1 times the day isnt to bad but thus signal of prize has to does not have to that be treating witch such B.S
5 / 5 Hal
Had achieved the limit sustains given of 25 devices of Wi-Fi has connected to a subject of Wi-Fi has resupplied of my local telephone company. I have decided to do an investment in my coverage of house and take the big-final, expensive Netgear X10 Nighthawk. My expectation was that this investment would be worth it of then have the plot of devices of Wi-Fi as Alexa multiple devices, streaming claves, the Playstation and mobile devices. This subject of Wi-Fi has been the disappointment of entity. A Wi-Fi constantly falls connections numerous time daily for both an and frequencies. Researching on-line has found that ossia the VERY common question . A Netgear the communities are fill with users with this subject exact. Upgrading To a late plus firmware, turning of QoS, turning of 5band of G has not had any impact. I have tried numerous canals also. They are like this disappointed has paid the prize for such the faulty has produced. Highly it promote any one considering the Netgear subject to research "Netgear disconnections of Wi-Fi" and see all some questions that exists the clients are having and then find an alternative product. They are the technical professional and well versed in computer networking. Ossia A worse piece of the technology has has not bought never. I am expecting that my aches can be the resemble another so that they do not spend to prize in the device so only to be has disappointed extremely.

UPDATE 9 month of WiFi falling each 20ish small , Netgear has RELEASED FINALLY the new firmware to direct a subject. Ossia A lot of bittersweet. My WiFi the subjects are solved, this in spite of, reason a hell takes like this damn yearn Netgear to fix this when a Netgear near to sustain shouted in this subject. According to some joints to sustain had the subjects of timer concealed has fallen WiFi each one that 15 to 20 minutes. New firmware has been Jan has released, 2019.

I stand for my decision to never buy Netgear again. New month to direct the @@subject to spoil for his “subject big” end is unacceptable. You look strongly in Asus like an alternative.
4 / 5 Sandi
Hardware Well but firmware will not maintain never up. It has given up after the year. It can a lot of he anymore.
5 / 5 Trinh
Has bought this device 3.5 month ago. My guarantee of support there is expired with which 3 month. He a bit those that days, I disconnected a device of USB so that it can add more his films. When I reconnected, all has been haywire. No longer it can connect the plex. It says that there is the NTP error of time. The reset a subject two times. Now the intermittently disconnects and loses signal to my windows 10 computers. My ipad and iphone is entirely unable to connect his. They alternate among saying I place in a wrong signal and saying of the just spinning is connecting but any never. My devices that is wired to a work of @subject a lot of the one who the half is not my internet. I have called a company today to take help. They would not help me unless I have bought the $ 140 a year guaranteeed of support of the software. When I have refused, a type is on state and on roughly like this could very possibly be the subject of hardware, but has had to that be the subject of settings of the software and that would have to that paid for this support. Not to help me at all until there is agreed to to buy a guarantee. I have asked to speak of more, but so only maintain to try to sell me a guarantee. I have believed whenever netgear was the good company but after spending $ 450 to issue it this there is prendido to do after 3.5 month, and has refused to do the well, will not buy never his products never again.
4 / 5 Nelle
Day a.... Surprised! I am YACIDO does not add but can imagine it was.

Setup To the mine IP of original coverage and all done without the touch. My woman has been having subject with his last 2 iPhones using data too cellular and falling wifi when it isolates upstairs in opposite side of house. In mine Android has not had never this question and usually take 30Mbps. This X10 is on first wall in passing external in the office of computer of cupboard of solid forest. Has 2 external antenna distinct upstairs and advance. Taking 215 mbps down and 22 up. First time not seeing never paid for speed in WiFi. Unheard Of. Subject leading Asus rt-ac66u.

Ossia Day 1 to the equal that will update is necessary.
5 / 5 Genia
Has Done adds and was quickly - while work. Then everything of sudden, he no. For a prize, better wait that this. Apparently, there is the plot of the people that questions of experience with him connectivity of internet. I have experienced also this but he usually reconnect in the minute.

Regarding his place of web - I tried for 45 minutes to register on and any when being pas able to do that, has tried to find the number of telephone of the support in a place. Number of telephone is nowhere to be found. I have had to that Google 'Netgear telephone of lean' for the find. It looks mine , when you it the click links it that it say '', has to give you the number of telephone or at least an email address. Instead, you look to like it was so only another occasion for them to try to sell his products or long guarantee.

Has taken finally the technology in a telephone and after trying the few things, sent the Turn Merchandise Permission. I do not have any complaint in a technology - she the good work.

I supposition will substitute it. While, they Are happy does not solve my old to issue. No material will buy Netgear again.
5 / 5 Saturnina
After installing this subject, has expected the days of pair so only for the ensure continued to do very first to do any commentaries or estimating roughly that. (At all worse that when the people estimate something with one or still five stars and says did not use it still, or so only will update his commentaries later... Idiots. Because same commentary and estimate a product then in a first place has zero knowledge of as he in fact works, first...?!)

But, has been of then using paralizaciones east awhile and has used sooooo very different routers on some last 41 years, chair sure commentary and estimating this product with the indication of 5 stars, included although I have had a subject (describes down). I seat that the subject is quite irrelevant like the work-around in a type of installation has been done in just the pocolos second and has done all does like this well if any better that he active otherwise. Perhaps more it has a subject same and can not take on this @@subject that affects him - that will be it among you and Netgear - for me - is the no-@@subject and still takes the 5-estimating.

Like this - installing this thing.

Comes with abundance of drive of fast start to help calm with manually connecting his (Ethernet) or using a WiFi ( has three frequencies and accelerates that it can be elected!) , 5Ghz Or 60Ghz. You can have all three operative some same times like any device are using can use a better signal that the physically can use - or calm can close him down and the limit to only two or three options. Anything master. There is also the GUEST WiFi connection that is dipped 'WAS' that incumplimiento - and yes chosen to leave ignored to connect to the yours WiFi, blocks him to access other systems in a coverage automatically - calm and besides can choose limit a quantity of bandwidth / to accelerate that a guest can achieve. Personally - always leave a 'Guest' the way was, unless you are going to host the big party with the a lot of people and all the world wants to use WiFi some same and calm times do not want to give each one that like this of them yours signal. (Ossia In fact earthy of them so it says him to suck it on and use his data of cell instead!)

Can also dipped the different signal for each of some three frequencies of a WiFi, master .

Of then have the modem of my provider of internet, ossia also he WiFi something, has installed this in a backside of a house for my desktop computer in mine give as well as that has better WiFi signals been due to too much wall among a backside of a house and a living room where a ISP the subject / of Modem is located.

A Netgear setup has suggested to program this subject like a Point of Access in place of as a Subject additional, of then already has to that issue he in a front of a house. A Point to Access essentially creates an extension of your subject primary.

A lot of - That the installation there is taken on 20 minutes to configure ( is all automatic calm once chooses Subject or Point to Access setup). Closure on the numerous times and I have to that reset of factory a thing two times - all for a WiFi antennas to still not broadcasting or leave any connections. It was to good sure ON, a WiFi key (in a front of a unit - to a far right down is FOCUSED LUZ (which is not informed to in any of some manuals of instruction)) has been confirmed ON and each light has indicated that a unit has done perfectly. But zero connection to a WiFi the portion of one issues. A desk, with a boss of Ethernet plugged in, connected to an internet without @@subject (still although an Icon of the coverage of the Computer has maintained to say there is not any connection)... Some the calm days so only owe cars of amour - other days, any so many.

So many, with which fiddling with this subject for another half hour, using troubleshooting drive, all firmware common, assistance of support of the client of Netgear in a telephone and that spends for diverse bulletin boards - all the world was in consonance - Absolutely all has been dipped on correctly and configured among a desk, a subject, some mobile phones (used to try and connect to a WiFi). Connections to a WiFi could be done - but the data of zeros would spend it stops.

I another Hard Reset behind to settings of factory and so only installed a unit like another Subject, in place of a point of access.

Less than 30 second (literally), was to arrive and running, WiFi done perfectly well, a distance of a unit to a point a far plus has walked to before I have lost the signal was roughly 75 feet - and concealed is with wall and the diverse cement of metal goes in.

Was able to choose on one , 5Ghz and 60Ghz signals without any @@subject and of the taxes of the scrolling of the data was as it has been expected to be - quite fast. A Netgear Application in an iPhone also done without @@subject, immediately after saying a device to program likes subject the.

Same with 100 feet of the boss that connects one Issues to the modem of a subject/of living room of a ISP, (using the Cat 5.ºt Boss), has zero degradation of signal. It has dipped this thing by means of some tests to touch with multiple bandwidth-hogging program all those careers a same time, two more PS4 unit, two mobile phones and the Ready TV have connected to one Applies box of television - - this has had ALL running, streaming, uploading, downloading and using alive gaming. No the only experienced question after the few days.

Have paid for 250Mb connection - by means of a modem and this subject, mine desk download still in 304Mbps and cariche in 38Mbps. And this was when he was having the full load of systems all demanding bandwidth and space of signal by means of of the east a @subject and he 100' cord of old fashionable Cat.
5 / 5 Julius
Very sure the one who a question is here but have a X6 Nighthawk and unfortunately this Netgear X10 has worse wi-fi connectivity for mine iPhones and another wi-fi elements that mine X6. I have received so only a X10 today and dip the on easily for instructions. It has done a firmware upgrade also. Has the 3,000 sq. ft. Ranch without wall of entity and everything on some connections to walk (enough an open concept really). Of my office in a backside of a house to a cookery a wi-fi the signal maintains repeatedly falling our telephone wi-fi so that we change behind and advances constantly among Cellular LTE and wi-fi and then no the by force full signal in that. At least mine X6, although it has had so only 2 bars in place of 3, maintained connected where these falls @subject a signal totally. I have been doing like this investigations like possible this afternoon but everything sees that a Netgear been of the crew is everything depends in wall, etc. to resupply decent wi-fi connection. Any recommendation like the coverage, although a lot reviewers been that his house is 4,000 sq. ft. More on and down and doing adds. Has the defective unit here? I go to return this one to Amazon and am tried for his have transmission for another of a same but no sure well a question. Also in a Genie in my computer, included although I leave to choose mine wi-fi connection of a cast of a X10 offerings in our telephones, Macbook spend, etc, maintains to say wi-fi very connected and there is at all partorisca scan partorisca in a page. They are not that @subject savvy to the equal that follows is disappeared something here perhaps? They are extremely disappointed reasons after spending $ 420 with tax in this subject new (and while at least for him to cover my integer 3,000 sq. ft. House) am worsening reception that my old Netgear. It can do I add for another with big houses but any mine. It is so only not fulfilling his purpose for me and I seat it to good sure owe a way is announced. To good sure the bad unit. :-(
5 / 5 Maryellen
After spending the significant time that investigations the new WIFI subject, has decided in a NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 AD7200 based in some descriptions and Netgear reputation. It was easy to dip up and all was well for several weeks. Until I have begun to listen of my husband and edges that was having the questions that connects. Would have connectivity for 5-10 minutes then paralización or slow down significantly. I have had also guests those who was unable to connect to the ours WIFI at all. All looks it would have to that be connected but so only does not act . I have used a Netgear Nighthawk application to reboot a system (a lot of time). I have changed out of a boss of the cat5 to cat6. I have regulated a placing of ours issues. Improvement for the little while but honradamente so only limp to the long of. When I check Some speeds of internets informs to be fast but is not our experience. Of course, these questions begin to spend after my window for technical assistance of Netgear there is expired and no longer can return to Amazon. To take support of Netgear, pay needs an additional $ 90, which can not justify of then has invested already $ 400 in the device that can finally so only take trashed. That the disappointment!
4 / 5 Amiee
C subject is upper notch . I partnered he with two EX7000 NightHawk extenders and have coverage of full power during mine 3600 Sq ft house as well as my backyard and in ½ the blockade of my house.

Has the quite big quantity (?) To owe for my @subject as I have required something concealed could maintain up. Here it is the cast that is attached:

(3) detectors of Fire of the Nest
(1) the far harmony hub
(1) Philips the boos bases + 9 bulbs
(21) WeMo devices (Light transmissions, transmissions and the WeMo Manufacturer)
(8) Devices of Echo of the Amazon
(1) IN&T System of security of Digital Life
(1) EcoBee 3 Thermostat
(10) NetGear Arlo camera of Security
(2) coverage of loans of auricular Pioneers
(1) Samsung the Ready coverage HDTV
(1) the Cast of Acute coverage HDTV
(1) TV of Apple 4
(3) Matricom has Dipped Upper boxes
(2) Samsung compressed
(3) iPads
(2) iPhones
(1) Slingbox
(2) Drobo 5n IN The
(1) NetGear IN The
(1) Seagate IN The
(2) Capsules of Time of the Apple
(9) SLEEPS speakers
(1) PS4
(1) XBOX A S
(1) computer of Windows
-used for business, has connected the coverage of company in VPN
(6) Macintosh Computer
-1 east running
-macOS Server
-2 east running
-A rest is used so only when required

has had 4 video has connected common, in PLEX, of 1080p the video that careers without signs of a subject. Ossia The PLEX the server that careers in the Mac mini, no a one in some subjects. I have not had the occasion to try that it was still. Also it uses Kodi in my local coverage and has any @@subject at all with 4 1080p common of video that career.

Fully can control some cameras of security, a WeMo devices, SlingBox, PLEX, EcoBee 3, IN&T Digital Life, Everything of a NASes and connect my coverage has seen VPN remotely without subjects.

A setup for any with small or any knowledge of networking is ridiculously simple. It has taken so only roughly 5 minutes to complete an initial setup. Also it has the battery of extra characteristics that can be employ yes know that it is doing or wants to learn. This ease of setup is in pair with a setup for Apple routers (Airports and Capsules of Time). But an Apple routers has no where afterwards like characteristic of quota and the available options.

One adds-on a extenders was like this easy. Taking roughly 5 minutes each. A extenders do not actuate a lot to change on the so many is doing like this Points of Accesses. All of some settings are directed by a X10.

Like this Far this subject has lived entirely until my expectations.

A precise only question to the response is in a prize, need this a lot subject. Images that a majority of users would see any one @subjects that goes with the level it plus under NetGear. But you are using yours to issue to direct the big number of devices while streaming video, using several computers, it course it macOS server, he plex the server and a house have automated… OSSIA one issues to use!
4 / 5 Waldo
C subject is at all state but questions and now can do not returning or take service after another month. SO with which 50 days, can not return this to Amazon and service of final guarantee in 30 more days. 400 bucks For the POS. Spent of stop of the May here in of the this. New update 2. I can not believe the 400 subject of dollar has the guarantee of 90 days. Ossia Unacceptable and will not be buying another Netgear again been due to of the this.
Sees update down; the subject has solved.(It has not been)
has bought this and installed he with incumplimiento settings yesterday. Last night all mine ethernet has connected connection of the devices of internets have lost. Blogged On-line that finds several people with this @@subject and no the real solution expósita on-line. Reset He and all have done well for roughly 24 hours until just now. Everything wired devices stray internets. I am conversing with Netgear now. An update : I have spoken with service of client the one who calms looked in spite of my worries. We said me To knots simply that they would have me regulate mine MTU measured of 1500 to 1492 and yes arrives again would substitute an element directly. This has done to the point but the never acceptable action. Struggled with Amazon to return an element and has finalised to take a turn with the financial pity. The shabby prendió here for almost the year in tower. It has spent to good sure 10x of the money a maintained elsewhere in a moment
5 / 5 Nora
am not impressed by general technology reviewers anymore the one who there is always súper impressed by a specsheet without having the device run by means of his no in of the realistic settings that also comprise an experience of firmware upgrades and changing the conditions where operate.

Has read a lot of bad descriptions of this device. I have found this decides to be add. In fact it take for $ 450, and I have seen lately it go it takes like this big so that $ 350. Still it is receiving updates and the difference of tp-the links are not abandoned for him v2 of a device. Netgear Done of the solid devices. Still, I can confirm some rumours of internets, gives up in a level of software.

A incumplimiento firmware is very difficult to use (I a lot deduct the point for this). I deducted the full point because of 2 things, 1) does not leave for the pertinent view of the like the devices is to do fault. I have seen also a lot of devices go unreported. One 'has has attached Devices' the page is less than useless. Better way to discover has connected the devices was laws he around, that looks for to add the lease of static IP to the device gives the readable cast. And ossia incredibly unsuitable. 2) it Is billed likes subject the this in spite of does not leave for pertinent routing. Call he mainly the house NAT door. I am not able to do pertinent subnet management p. p.ej. So only 1 subnet. There is no NAT-less dread only way etc.

Like 2 big question for the elegant device this in spite of reason I deduct so only 1 point? Mainly reason stage this product for use of house. For the use of house is quite a lot of discharges and game. The majority of the users of house will be satisfied extremely with some characteristic and action. Wifi The signal is strong abundance . A cup of discharges of the signal of whole house to walk of basement of the combined 3000 sq ft. 5GHz there is roughly deadspots to the equal that has expected.

Found all the characteristics of this house NAT beast of door to be useful and useable EXCEPT an AD wigig signal. It can not find the way to do use of him. Has has had to that the simply the turn was so that it does not have unnecessary filling of RF. A 10G SFP+ the port is sweet. I have found very decent priced transceivers to use with him.

In the last note, this was to take to result it Netgear house and then I stumbled to a nightmare to treat his service of client for the different product (Arlo). As I have given now up in Netgear for my needs of future house. This in spite of this beast has been treating besides my expectations for almost 4 years now, do fault @@@100s of devices with hiccups much smaller. Still it recommends this device to the new client the one who the cane has this for $ 250-$ 300. It maintains to import an AD wigig will be useless and was the beast of the NAT raisin (any to issue he).
4 / 5 Guy
Has been the engineer of coverage for almost 20 years. These produced has to that any is not never been ready for production. An exercise in futility. If you are a type of person that likes to juggle the hope and the decayed eggs do not explode on you, then these products can be for you. If you are the person balanced with normal intelligence, run. It pursues, and hide of Netgear. It have to that have the process of action of the class against a company thus produced (and probably another has based to a software). It sees semi-detached photo for the small sampling of a joy that is a Netgear mobile application. I have been forced to use a mobile application sure mgmt functions because a web has based config the pages no . It listens to any one same LOAD. I have tried mac is, has used pc is, has rented included the executive mainframe, has built my own interface and concealed has not done neither. For the year has tried now be patient and fond. I have moved now to a sledgehammer and way of @@@blowtorch of our report. It sells it, this in spite of, can any one, in good conscience, sells this for money to another human being.
Good regime.
5 / 5 Eliz
This thing takes the place. Some antennas are decently big. An interface thus subject is in typical Netgear fashion and yes have the habit of the netgear subject first, this will not be any different. Any terribly I last to cruised. A LAN the ports in this type are fantastic. Any active hickups and has touched Xbox A X abundance with him. A subject enormous has with this device is a wifi. A wifi constantly disconnects devices. Has cameras of EXTERNAL NEST and his disconnect randomly the little time during a day. Usually at night. C subject is literally inner 5 feet of one of some cameras in another side of a wall and he could't maintain one his signal. Once in awhile would owe that leave my same TV king-establish the connection to this subject. I am returned a first thought was the lemon and has taken the substitution. An interior of substitution some first 24 hours disconnected mine wifi devices. Sometimes it is Alexa Something or my Coverage doorbell or my cameras of NEST. Mina Xbox and PC is hardwired and has not had never any subjects. The averages a time, would require to reset my whole coverage config to take it to do again. I have tried included disable QoS and smartconnect. I have been according to that pinging to determine a better MTU number. At all helped or has done. I am not achieving was to sustain for the device that cost this a lot of and does not do like this announced out of boxes. It do not have to that require regulate settings SO ONLY for a sheer done to maintain my devices have connected his wirelessly. To issue it this costs this a lot, is not to value a hassle. It is not to value an investment. For all the offer according to which wifi signals and speeds and blah blah, can not take a basics to leave the devices maintain the connection.
5 / 5 Clayton
Overkill - Thy The name is Nighthawk x10.

Of a LEDs in an antenna to a row of ridiculous coverage to a quad-core cpu... If Routers there have the characteristic this @subject has it.

Built-in Plex server? It controls
10Gigabite WAN port options? Control
Aggregation for Dual-NIC PCs? Double control (goes that I there?)
Ready QoS? Control
Manuel QoS option? Also I control it (Graces...)

And finally... With which years and years of of the this... The GUEST WIFI Is TURNED WAS?! NETGEAR... HUSBAND! (I follows already married but am sure my woman will comprise...)

A UI is a lot well, but my ONLY critique here would be this:
Netgear, your mark is 'NIGHTHAWK' - a damn UI deep Black with White Text. Still calm a olde White and Lived @@subject school going strong here and has lost a demographic marketing of any only having it be 'Gaming' @@subject but also the good knot to the to that like him to him reads it in front of semence UIs.

For a no technical material:
-A Row is excellent and far surpasses that of mine Nighthawk 1700.
-Amazon of mine 4k Clave of the fantastic television laws and now resupplies perfect 4k has contained any @@subject that more is that it spends in my coverage.
-An Only SSID is a lot handy when the ones of the multiple people in a house (Informs to a QoS, this in spite of, to control the bandwidth all the world-wide taken...)

-This Thing is the BEAST - I bad YUGE with the capital And. It is massive. It can any the place where an old Netgear the subject was, and is dipping this to the shelf of classes MEASURES in the first place - ossia the subject Very Big .
-Prize... For the calm alike prize could take you the 'professional' conjoint of wifi APs and routers and do the plant it robust plus-arrive calm... But this takes endeavour. Conceal all the be still has said: A prize is quite big, and would prefer it be around $ 50 to 75 more economic... But ossia also technology of flange of the bleeding and paid for technology of flange of the bleeding.
- A comprised WAN the boss is the Cat 5.ºt, any Cat 6... And have it Gigabit Ethernet WAN port. It has admitted now: it is 6 feet long and calm are likely never that goes to remark the difference, but thus prize, calm could not jump for the Cat 6 boss of Ethernet Netgear? I mean they are not to take the star or any how May... Really? Cat5e? There is the 10gigabite option of Ethernet... I have expected Cat 6 at least because of this (perhaps same Cat6a). This be has said, any one is using anything on 1gbps WAN in a house, and those select pocolos those who are is likely to resupply the pertinent Cat 6 boss so that it is to say the a lot of much smaller question.

A UI, again, so only does not match a device. There I need to be the night(hawk) way or something.

All and Everything, Netgear has resupplied really the product a lot very here. A unit was easy to install, has resupplied the boss of Ethernet of big quality (Although it is Cat 5.ºt Has gone still the very good Cat 5.ºt), and a documentation was very good.

Marries it to his big, load of folks those who use a lot of HD given of Video, and the connection of fast Internet to feed this thing, buy this monster.

has takes 2 stars because 60Ghz wifi is an absolute DEAD technology and, honradamente, boils my cookie when this class of which raisin. Netgear Is in tune with an IEEE, as doing the product that is at least the version of beta of a upcoming the level would not owe that be hard.

That when be said, 60Ghz law on at all. I finalise to disable a characteristic to save can in a thing.
4 / 5 Timika
Backbone Each one houses wifi is first quickly quite bandwidth to comprise quickly quite modem of boss of the yours ISP afterwards is a wifi subject. C subject has any subject with 4K video, gaming, vr gaming or downloads of flow. The wireless requests have combined to 7.2 Gbps. Also it has any question with fines-houses to level quell'use and some new (60Ghz). Quad Running (4 currents of data for wifi band). Has the processor 4-CPU Cores. There is 6 gigabit LAN ports. Described like this the together link two Gigabit LAN ports for scrollings to file faster. 10G LAN SFP+ port for fast IN THE ACCESS. 2 new technologies in movement of information faster so that it is to say to good sure a outward investment in your house. I have not had any subject with mine. In fact your modem of boss will crap was before this thing done. So only it recommends to use the Cat7,7a, or 8 to connect your modem of boss to your subject. Connecting the modem of boss to this subject with the level of slow Cat more probably retard it down.
4 / 5 Mathilde
Bought on June 20th, 2018... Arrived of Amazon the few days later, hooked the on and has tried to dip the up for behind the Motorola Modem of Boss... The question has had to a start... Several days to try to configure - a LAN WELL of law... BUT The WIRELESS maintains to fall and disappearing... To the reset has tried several times.. Julio and August were out of the house with vacacional and of the girls camps a project has not been my priority... Last week has decided them was time ; it has spent them several days that tries to dip up; AT ALL... I have decided to assume the Professional The TYPE to come on and verify it was... This morning INSIDE minutes a technology said was one STILL ... I ADD the $ ANCHOR...
NOW am them reading some a lot of POOR Descriptions and the so only could me kick.!
I estaca when my substitutes / of turn hassle begins...
mike texas
5 / 5 Fernanda
Has been the defender of Netgear now for so many years have lost account. As they have improved his routers and the fastest, I upgraded right together with an available technology newer. I have looked, on some years, the sound installs and the place on the capacities improves with each emission of new product. Everything concealed to say, a X10 has not been the disappointment. For far, this was an easy plus , near faster and no problematic on never.

Cela Is not an end of a speed of east a!!!!! Any only noticeable, but obviously noticeable in a very first email downloaded as well as investigation of web page. WOW!!!! If you want almost instantaneous speed, then ossia of the subjects for you.

But concealed is not everything. Ossia A first time is really be able to fully enjoy mine Plex Server!!!! I have been the subscriber to Plex now for the moment, but never has had really a horsepower in mine IN THE DEVICE to properly enjoy a wonderful look, feels, organisation and all this goes with Plex. (Still Looking for more than Plex, but is in his way to an even more beautiful product.)

A bit those that MINORS GILIPOLLAS
had expected that a 5canal of G would have been bit it stronger. It suffices, but it have anticipated it it bit it more coverage in my house. It is on 5,000 sq ft. It covers more zones, but have the little something 'toneless' of coverage. I have decided to go with the row of Wi-Fi extends to take absolute full coverage in some external corners. NETGEAR HAS the model that will give me a speed has continued are totally with which with my coverage of Wi-Fi.

A X10 is quell'has bitten pricey, and think that is in a cup of NETGEAR offerings for this category of product. I admit that I have expected for the decrease of first prize to jump for him, but is a lot of value of the money, especially has the fast ISP likes has.

Does not take spent was with one 60 GHZ capacity of canal. I am not sure that the device can use this capacity, but suppose that it is in a horizon and those of the knots with this subject will be ready to use these speeds when available.

Inferior line
is in a fence, goes for him and like , of calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5 Daphine
Beef of mine with this powerful device is that it is cortafuego does not have appropriate inbound filtering. Here it is which can ANY ONE : if you want to leave access to sure ports SO ONLY of particular places in a world, can a lot of he. Very disappointing. A msg to NETGEAR (of the user has registered!) It remains unanswered for more than two weeks already (!!!). It has to that return this device :(. Apresamiento Commentaries that the majority of users of the house does not concern in a missing characteristic are raving roughly. Curiously, TP-LINK $ 70 (seventy) the device has this characteristic, SAY-655 of D-LINK (10 years ago) has had this characteristic also. These two routers, this in spite of, has limited quite WAN to LAN throughput. Any player of entity comprises this useful option and takes in his consumer-devices to level anymore. BTW, TP-LINK answered my interior of question 6 hours.

Roughly more info has added the time he late plus: this device (X10) gave the VERY IMPRESSIVE WAN to LAN throughput (wire fence) of approx. 800Mbps. Still, I have chosen gone back the. No respecto on this issues powerful wireless capacities, a filter has spoken besides early is a number a characteristic has required.
5 / 5 Aurore
All routers have the system partorisca lease partorisca release IP direct each one that 24 hours and that spends like this device is no free to the each device is supposition partorisca sustain on 200 devices a same time, this in spite of, has found that of support 25 is partorisca struggle for this device. A support is is terrible, the reset is the constant response of a crew of support of netgear, is really sad. When you Update information in a device partorisca the maintain that careers properly, arrival partorisca lose quell'information been due to a sheer the number of time has to that reset a thing for him to do properly. Ossia For gaming, but apparently netgear a lot really say a device to leave gaming statistician likes has regulated MTU and the canal that comment so that I can find the one who your neighbours are using to use your canal suitable for reducing overlap and loss of signal. Please update a firmware so that he these things and properly allocutions of IP of the emission. The same disconnects hardwired devices so many is to good sure any one the subject of loss of wireless signal!
5 / 5 Margorie
Has bought this subject in of the hopes augment force of signal in some far corners of my house and external, that .

But during some two weeks tried it, a signal of internet frequently (1-3 times for day) disconnected of some devices have attached to a ethernet ports. All the wireless devices are is remained connected to an internet--in fact, a wireless fact perfectly and a force of signal was UTMOST. But, utilisation the hardwired Xbox One for my centre of half comunicacionales primary and the hardwired Samsung SmartThings Hub to run some dozens of ready devices in my house, as this was the breaker of extracted .

Has years of experiences to dip on residential and small business coverages. I have tried each possible configuration of one issues; I have looked for the base of knowledge of a costruttore; has has looked for forums of internets; and I have tried multiple firmware versions... But a question has persisted. I have wanted to love this @subject--like this like this, that has bought the second a (I presumed has to that it has received the defective unit). But a second a there is had a same question with a hardwired devices disconnecting... And a substitution also disconnected wireless devices of an internet randomly. Perhaps they are miserable and has received two defective unit... But I am not taking a casualidad that the charm of third time.

Has gone back now to use the TP-Archer of LINK C7 AC1750 that has bought of Amazon in August 2015 paralizaciones less than the hundred bucks. Still he perfectly after the years of compatible uptime.
4 / 5 Bonita
With which mine 3-the connection of @subject of fall of old year constantly when there it was more than the devices of dozen have connected, knew it has been now of upgrade. I have chosen a nighthawk specifically because of some commentaries for another roughly to the equal that was able to manage the big number of devices. Like this far, it is living until all - I used to be able to dip my clock for when it begin to fall: members like this familiar is coming house and his telephones, pills, portable the, or chomebooks has begun automatically connecting, my subject would begin to fall connections. It was that it has to go around and unplug devices so only so many could common netflix, work of home, or explore an informative. In some 4 days have had a nighthawk, no the connection fallen so only. A force of signal is phenomenal - I spent the day in a cochera streaming pandora while having the sale of cochera and has had a lot of subjects of signal by means of multiple wall and included upstairs. A nighthawk is pricey, but has loved future proofing. Setup Was the breeze - unboxed and on-line interior 10 minutes (time for modems of mine to reboot and a firmware in some subjects to update). An interface for one issues the administration is clunky, but all some the right options and the sections are there. I have had it subjects with slow speeds, but Netgear the support of client was very easy to treat. After spending for several options, has determined has had the defective to issue, as to the amazon sent the new one and I was well to go (still with some slow speeds, does not fall the connections and a signal am remained excellent). I can not resist this against his, and his very fast resolution maintains this the description of 5 stars.
4 / 5 Chantay
Are sure to the plot of the people could do argues valid in a prize of this product. I am going the just table that discussion and habladuría in a product he. They are a lot of technology heavy user and has been that runs a Netgear wndr 4000 for roughly 6 years. It begins to do ape recently and have some 5g deadspots. I have wanted to find a subject better there and have one that the would not require to substitute by other 6 years. Chico has paste a jackpot. I pre-has ordered this monster and calm would owe that it has seen some looks in my friends and has sawed-the workers faces when I a-packaged this thing in work. It is enormous and and fresh looking. But an inferior line is was quickly and easy to setup with which a firmware the update and some results are stunning. A netgear wnder 4000 has decent 2.4 row but bad 5row of g. C Subject is stunning! It take my plenary 150 down, 20 on Comcast in wireless in a street in front of mine go and in my rear yard. And ossia for 2.4 and 5g! I do not have anything concealed uses of the new 60spectre of g to the equal that have turned to be. And the action is awesome in other ways. While in wireless my laptop feels esnappier' is an only way can describe it. I have begun the pocolas downloads, begun some updates of game of the steam, and both felt more responsive and able to use a full speed of my connection of internet. Also I am weighed to plex and my integer plex setup careers so smoother now and better. C subject can in fact law like him plex server but I any that. A be of the reason are has the law of computer of big final like plex server and to manage a transcoding. Ossia All CPU has based. But it is the good option to have a capacity to run a plex server. Another good characteristic is that put you 1 and 2 aggregation of @subject of link of the support as have of then up with mine Synology IN The. One issues included sustains 10action! My prójimo IN will buy Him , will take one this sustains a 10g. C subject is surprising and has changed my life for a better and not even am using everything of some characteristic still. You can say yeah... But that in a prize? I say ray a prize and so only be take this and be happy.
4 / 5 Randal
I upgraded to this Nighthawk X10 subject of the Nighthawk X8 subject and in the first place to the left say me that there is difference of insignificant speed among these two routers. A main reason are for a Plex application. So that he a Plex application (a bit) work with mine IN THE DEVICE that is connected to a street of @subject ethernet bosses. I have tried to dip on the model the new more Netgear ReadyNas to be used likes mine Plex server of Means comunicacionales. It was able to download a Plex Application and establish some actions of the coverage in one issues easily. Subject @of mine arrived when a Plex the application has begun to download metadata for art of coverage of the album, he download, any does not show in a server of means comunicacionales. As I can touch clues of music, but there is any art of coverage for any of them unless manually the load to an application of mine ReadyNas device of storage. I want to this for 100 is album, the no. having spent almost a whole day that looks for it workaround mine of looks that ossia defect in a Plex partorisca Netgear application. I posted my subject in a Plex forum of the user and he looks deleted that. I posted my subject in a Netgear forums of user and there is still to receive the response. As I stick he here as the resemble another. There is not any support finds this @@subject and is the definite downgrade to the yours Plex experience in yours very expensive Netgear subject. Hopefully Any of Plex or Netgear will read this and fix a Plex partorisca Netgear application in some future emission.
5 / 5 Lavonne
So only enabled and configured in a place. Very easy to cruised AM YACIDO. More options of configuration that the majority, although no like this a lot likes DD-WRT. Prpers Having said that, ossia the beast . Massively Heatsink and running 30 devices initially and is fresh as it cucumber with XFINITY Gigabit Internet.

The time will say and I hopefully will update. It blows the ASUS AC3200 was!

UPDATE: no it liked him to him a Stock Netgear firmware. Too many bugs. As I flashed Voxels has Modified Netgear firmware. No more bugs. Cleaned on Netgear deceptions and recompiled using forms later and more utmost.

Now running 47 devices and Xfinity TV and internet with MOCA

12/31/18 UPDATE:

well has run the few weeks with Voxels has Modified Netgear OEM YOU. It has been to KONG DD-WRT YOU and has run the few weeks. Pros And gilipollas in both but in an end of a day have gone back to Voxels.

1900 GB The month WAN traffic, 47 devices, Cameras, Xfinity TV HD 6 devices, MoCa, feeders of Flight, ADSB etc, house of Multiple servers, Xbox, Netflix, Amazon first use of Video has weighed.

A defender to cool cam on once.....
5 / 5 Tommie
Has achieved a capacity in mine Cisco 4200 subject when mine 3000 sq ft wife (3 walk) the paste of coverage roughly 32 devices. An Internet of Things, all these devices of Echo and has connected to light, some cameras of video for security, more mine TiVo and Blueray player, cars of Linux the course in the multiple raspberry Pi is, portable, desktops, Kindles, and a Fire of Amazon, a day he all just earth for the take. Has known symptoms that has required for the subject this there has been the fast plus, fine-processor of core.

A Netgear Nighthawk X10 is returned a bill with his four cores and MU-MIMO with technology to form of the beam. I have added a R8000 X6s Extends, also of Netgear, of then sustain the tri-connection of band, leaving me to forgo in common bosses of one 2nd walk down to a basement where mine TiVo bolt.

Setup Was the breeze; I have followed some directions and has treated a setup using mine desk browser (Windows 10). I have had the little question with connecting to one Extends, but finally has connected his in his incumplimiento allocution of IP. I have configured once one Extends, was a lot of and was able to connect his for name.

Previously, used WINS for resolution of name in my coverage of house. This was not never satisfactory state. A X10 has not sustained configuring one WINS the servers have seen DHCP. This necessitated using an of Raspberry of mine Pi is to do that he caching DNS server. To take the dynamic names disabled a DHCP in a subject and has had a Pi take on DHCP. I used it it was dnsmasq, was easy to configure and the law adds. It have been a lot a DHCP the software in a data of subjects endures Dynamic DNS.

Has installed of a X10 and a X6s extend all of my worse questions am disappeared. My coverage of house has a lot of be of confidence and now have some DNS resolution of the name for all mine has has connected devices. They are now until on 42 devices in my coverage and there are any subjects of action.

Highly recommend this @subject and extend. I have contacted support once to ask in a lack of support for WINS. They were courteous and gave the straight response.
4 / 5 Britni
Has taken this @subject roughly 6 or 7 month ago. I have done by means of some amateur UI to close down my coverage with MAC filtering and the things have done well for the moment. I have been to dip the new device in my coverage and a page of the access of the device has been gone. It can not configure or add any device to a coverage. Looking in a page of support (that it was it the joke ), the number other people there has been this question in years without any real resolution. This was after one 90 support of day, if I have loved any response of Netgear would owe paid for him. A bit those that the users had tried reset a @subject to some settings of original factory and reload all of scratch. When I have tried an option of reset, one issue bricked totally.

Is quickly quite if it do not love anything special (to the equal that take your coverage). I can not speak to what time last this in spite of, of then mine any last very long.
4 / 5 Stacie
Is to issue to look you has to that it weaves of of potential and is quickly when in fact taking traffic, but looks to fall devices out of coverage frequently and still with exploring an internet for config details and configuring a more can (which are the type of technology the one who has very possessed routers and crew of computer) still has intermittent weirdness. It looks to issue precise of update of the software to be with which Netgear, included although there is later. Also, a build in Plex the server has to that attended for updates of Netgear, as it possesses the stand so only plex to to server where likes to take some updates of betas. For a prize is not to value he. They will not accept of the returns unless it suffers harm of shipment or some another the fault of them, but Netgear will not admit this precise @subject some changing with him firmware update.
5 / 5 Alta
Likes subject the, this does a work. Has a lot fully stress tried a bandwidth and connections. When I unpacked And it has connected one issues to modem of mine of boss, has update immediately a routers' firmware (how is always the good idea to do that).
A main reason has purchased this subject was paralizaciones Plex. Unfortunately, when trying hook on the harddrive and near-on partorisca Plex, a subject would maintain to close up. Also it take 10+ minutes to do transmissions with a harddrive has connected. As I think that that ossia the decent to issue in of him, will be to maintain the. But, they are highly disappointed with his action regarding Plex.
A Netgear setup the web page/of process is quite regular and resembled setting on his another routers. Has two main ways to dip up. A ossia simple, and a ossia 'anticipated'. It is at all he likes to configure Cisco the aims of mandate routers/transmissions, but has the majority of some controls the majority of the users of house would require or master.
A lot a setup is point and click, included in way 'anticipated'. As it was the breeze .

So only can not take on a disappointment of Plex setup. I have not contacted his support roughly he still. When I contact Him, and they are able to help me take Plex working, will update this description and indication.
5 / 5 Sirena
I have bought this subject in late 2018 partorisca substitute an aging Netgear AC1900 (roughly 2014). A subject new has looked partorisca do well and reliably with our 300Mbps service partorisca the little the year. Recently, we upgraded to 1GB service and a R9000 the subject has begun to randomly fall all the service wired and wireless, that requires reboots the multiple time the day. I have tried factory resetting a subject, reloaded a late plus firmware and reprogrammed a R9000 diverse time, but some the same subjects have persisted. There is remarked also that when attributing some types of connection partorisca QoS under one has has connected devices, a subject would freeze on periodically and require rebooting (sometimes losing everything of his programming and beginning partorisca line again).

After spending the weeks of pair that struggle with entirely unreliable (but a lot fast) connectivities, I reverted behind to the mine old Netgear AC1900 @subject and everything of some subjects of stabilities has been he was. A AC1900 has been in common rock-solid again, but a speed is in the middle of that is available (-450 Mbps in a AC1900 versus -900 Mbps in a R9000). I have been a partidário avid of Netgear has produced in fact a lot of years, but a R9000 has been the big disappointment partorisca say a less. I have had perhaps the defective unit so only in of the big speeds and has known no the, but am faced still with buying the new to issue after less than 2 years, which is totally unacceptable.

Are hesitant to take the risk in another big end Netgear subject, like a AX12 or XR700, but has preferred Netgear produced when they are work reliably. Also it possesses a Netgear Orbi point fixes wireless, which is connected like a AP to my subject primary. A Orbi gives sum of wireless coverage partorisca our very big house, but fault of a wired options and there is anticipated characteristic I also needs locally. As any subject new has product chosen, need to sustain a Orbi and can bet will be partorisca try the rigorously under a plenary 1GB uploads of service.

Has estimated this subject 1 star because it is not never be of confidence using service of big speed and no with QoS, which is the breaker of extracted in this point of prize. If it have been able to identify these issues initially, would be returned or has substituted a unit. These are a pitfalls purchasing 'future test' produced without being able to fully try some future states.
5 / 5 Jimmy
Has possessed this subject for roughly 4 month now. I have bought mainly because of a built-in Plex Server and a capacity to run half comunicacionales in Walks of USB.

All was A lot at the beginning. Suddenly, my USB the Hard walks are no longer found or take stray when beginning streaming. Accessing some walks in a coverage for the scrolling of file freezes a computer because it maintains to time when that tries to connect.

When I have tried to see that has spent, a Page where dipped you on a server of Means comunicacionales and action of file ( call he ReadyShare) does not upload. Simply it say 'Please expect the moment' for the minute or so much and then so only goes spatial. As I can a lot included disconnect some devices properly.

Restarting some helps of @subject to like 3 minutes then breaks again, on this he intermittently so only tip a the hard walk has connected.

When Some laws of page, if you it click in some links that calm head to an action, does not connect , and then once you refresh a page, goes spatial again.

Ossia Really frustrating. Has update a firmware and is gone through a hell of resetting behind to settings of factory and concealed does not help. Simply I have a overpriced the @subject and a main reason has bought does not act anymore.
4 / 5 Dominga
One first unit has had was a lot of slow wifi action. With which hours troubleshooting and that speaks with support, was able to take them to send the unit of substitution. A new unit is faster, but stutters massively when streaming alive video. Looking things like youtube and netflix is very reason can build the búfer... But using my links of Steam (wirelessly connected to the computer that has connected directly to a @subject) or touching on-line games in my PC in wifi is not possible. Lag Spikes Each 5-10 seconds means I ice creams and other players teleport constantly.
Absolutely unusable.
The subject Has BEEN UPDATED, reset of factory and manually configured to a better of my capacities. So only it looks unreliable.
4 / 5 Emerson
Have Roughly 3 to 4 devices that always require one issues like minimum the half terracing (the mobile phone is a). I do not require more than a the multimedia television that goes in a time and are not the big gamer. The inferior line are does not upload down this device. One issues chairs in a aerated, the temperature has regulated, free half powder. Still, with which one to twelve month, a wireless component gradually behind down the box is going roughly 3-4 Mbs, then finally (inside weeks) has died altogether. I am spent for FIVE NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 AD7200 routers, two duquel has arrived Died on Arrival. With which a lot of navigation, has spoken with boxes of the support of the technology are blue in a face (mainly reset, lights of control, sends, any real help). After this experience, would want to leave a NETGEAR marks for ever, so only comes from LinkSys (was once upper of a line), but this deal of @subject ADDS, when it operates. It transmits by means of the to to wall likes-the a lot of another @subject, an alone force is in bylines, easy to configure for the variety of functions, and looks fresh. The question is, a darn the NO HARD thing. It is that Netgear has dipped the timer to self destruct, or just poor quality electronic components. If any one require this a lot of horsepower, promote you ANY for the buy, is degradation further. Any one suggestions in the robust multimedia (quads core), sure, the subject wireless will be has appreciated a lot. I am ready to leave this nightmare behind..
5 / 5 Celestina
The hardware Adds with wonderful action. A software, this in spite of, is so only horrible. A software Netgear the ships require the animal totals-write for engineers of software that in fact comprise wireless networking and consumers the one who modern with the dozens of devices use these things. A software is buggy and resembles in fact worsen with each emission. Any one very thought has been dipped in to do the configuration advanced accessible control.

A lot often precise goes in to one there is anticipated details of the house wifi subject, but when you will be has disappointed totally. Netgear Has been in cutting corners on software for several years now, leaving the backsides of real disorder. They require to spend in new talent in a developer lateralmente of the product. It has to that way that be bad for like this long, am not sure Netgear in fact concerns anymore. In fact, it thinks secretly clients of hate. They look to enjoy having hours to squander that tries to take his expensive wifi routers in the the personalised state (which is one of a main reason is would buy for the subject like this in a first place). A better upport of technology' for this device is using google. It does not expect the one who little documentation there is to help a lot at all.
4 / 5 Doloris
Is quite lucky any to take the defective unit, these looks @subject very based in an indication of Amazon.

Unfortunately, a an I receipt requires for the restart multiple time the day because of a wifi failing. If you look in some some descriptions of star thus produced, will see enough the few people that has had this subject. Also, search 'X10 r9000 drops wifi' will find edges in the place of support of a costruttore with other people that looks for help to solve this question. It looks a solution is to convince his group of service of the client that requires the substitution.

Of then does not want to treat support of client, shipping a subject, and while to the substitution (this can or can no ), has decided to try my regime with the costruttore different.

Has better expected of the subject in this prize.
5 / 5 Emmitt
Has bought this on fact @subject the year. Right of a start has had subjects with one issues that they fall it ethernet Hard-Wired connections. I have done with Netgear Support. They were able to help me decrease a frequency to fall connections to wired computers in a coverage, but is not never able state to fully solve a question. I am coming to a conclusion that is the intrinsic question of the subjects firmware. For the $ 400+ subject, ossia unacceptable.

Also has attacked was two stars for Netgear police of only resupplying support of client for A YEAR in issuing he in this row of prize. I have had recently another question and Netgear would not give me included one the majority of basic information for me to troubleshoot a subject without paying them $ 89 for six months of technical support.

Has been buying Netgear the subject is and transmissions to go back to some late 1990 east. I have decided that ossia my last Netgear produced. A final straw was his recent greedy 'Pay me More Money' to solve your attitude of question in the subject VERY EXPENSIVE that the already has the history with them of having questions.
5 / 5 Clement
This subjects a lot expensive is the disappointment of entity. Mina NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 AD7200 can resist the connection with a late plus firmware. This causes havoc with has has connected camera, thermostats. You look of computer to connect more dulcemente on wired or wireless connection.

Is a fact that with which 90 days Netgear wants to touch any those who hundreds of pay of $ $ $ still the subject. I have purchased Netgear the @subject produced for years - ossia my last straw . Some the Community joints are full of subjects with internets of cycling, has has lost connections and of the frustrations.

Has not thought Never I well the description of disappointment. My consultor is to think a lot attentively first to purchase this subject. I a lot never again.
5 / 5 Tania
In the first place a fact for four month and there is prendido then broadcast. Invernadero A lot of complaints looked other clients in of the forums. Tried all could read to fix to any avail. Tried to stick the description on Amazon but has taken the message that the descriptions have been restricted in this product. Researched other frames and models but everything of them there is subjects he so that there is simply has ordered this one again. I have not annoyed with a guarantee in a prime minister a so it informs of service of the client has not promoted . So much, in my second an and is doing for now and the looks can stick the description now, I amazon of supposition has the treat vendor to leave compraventa so only really recent. You recommend to avert this model but apparently everything to touch unreliable long term.
5 / 5 Nia
A X-10 has been a poor plus Netgear the product has possessed. This particular unit does not broadcast the wireless signal when be received unless one is inner 10 feet, and then a speed is a lot slow. Test of speed with a Netgear X-6 like this the estaca is writing is 179 Mbps down, and 24.5 Mbps up. A X-6 that a X-10 has been the supposition to substitute will send the signal during a house, both and 5ghz.an accelerate measured so only like this the estaca is written in X-10 was 57.2 Mbps down and 21.1 Mbps up. A unit, assumes is defective, but Netgear will not speak the substitution. It expects that spent a X-10 has the better operative unit that a one this has been mine rid . A device.
5 / 5 Jeanmarie
I 'upgraded' my old wifi subject and complained it never of then. Has compatible subjects with products of apple and is not never able state to take one extends I also purchased partorisca do reliably. Constante dropouts and 'any internet' errors. The free support is so only partorisca 3 month , the clear sign that expects questions and loves profit of them. It has not had Never the person of support of them the EUA in a lot of calls, and has not taken never some questions fixed. The frescos that look, but expensive brick. When One buys the complex product, always consider support to an operative cost. A fact that has some the good descriptions can indicate that there is the subject of control of serious quality, any something one wants to of the product that his costruttore is not behind. This will be my last Netgear spent never and expect another does not have to that experience a disappointment that is Netgear.
5 / 5 Evelyn
Has had a subject prompt on with one issues supports of falling signal of the technology called and has taken to solve. Here it is not quite 6 month later and has had the question that takes the signal thru a subject, has called my ISP and had take one issues of an equation, bingo work. I have dipped one issues behind to a mix and of the questions again. Well I have spoken with the technology of service in a telephone after expecting 14 minutes and has taken for the hang, other 10 minutes and the hang, for now am taking bellowing with a thing of hole, As I have called the third time has expected almost 20 minutes and took thru, his register has said that any support of Technology with which 90 days without the agreement of support, goes in to say in his spiel in any service of technology that the service rep could broten of question and say me the one who a question was. Well I have spoken with a service rep has said a whole history, said then can help but would have to that have the agreement of service and have me then says that it is it side, 6months, 1 year, etc. Although really I pissed me was reason a cost of some plans was almost that are to spend in a modem in a first place. As have hanged out of anger pure. I called in fact for behind that assumes that we have taken to cut was, sad but can not repeat that it has said with which conceal and there is reasserted that in fact there is it hanged in lucido. It does not recommend buying NetGear anything still although one issues the works well require the technology sustains it could be more economic to buy the new to issue and ossia rediculous.
5 / 5 Niesha
Has purchased a Nighthawk X10 AD7200 to substitute the D-Link SAY-890L subject. I can not say quite a lot of good things in this subject. Utilisation my joint of @subject with the bridged modem of DSL. A setup has taken time ( used Advanced setup), but was very sincere. I took the bit to imagine was like this to do that it sends port in a unit, likes opposed to a D-Link (which has limited severely the one who the ports could advance. D-Link also has limited severely the one who DHCP the reservations can has not founding concealed to be the question in a X10. It looks an alien spatial ship, with all a LEDs in some antennas and turned them WAS (a transmission in a backside).

This unit is the REAL to issue, all issue it would have to that be. It has treated perfectly. The desire has had junked that D-Link the long time , was SUCH the hassle acting with this thing.

Thank you Netgear. A FACT of GOOD work!
5 / 5 Bret
First of all, love a creation. And a creation is not so only attractive, but functional, also. Some lights in a antennae indicate if or is not doing properly. Some lights by means of a front indicate there is something plugged to a corresponding port, and if this connection is active. For chance, has had state concerned in the red light for one of some ports until there is @@give that it go to the mine portable, which was slept.
After, a setup is extremely easy. A Netgear On application the majority of a setup. With which conceal, a Netgear Genie and the applications of Ideas give you like this control as you want to. Or, if calm so only want it all to take plugged in and simply laws, can do that also. More than giving the full description of some applications in the description for one issues, left so only say that they are fantastic and movement on.
Alexa integration is also fabulous. Having guests on? So only say Alexa to turn in a Wi-Fi of guest. In the chance has forgotten a signal, Alexa also shows in Alexa application. Or, I have agreed of a signal, so only can give to my guests after a mandate of voice. With which leave, so only say Alexa to turn a Wi-Fi of guest has retreated was.
Finally, ossia easily a subject better has not possessed never for everything of one on reasons and another that am sure I will think besides late. Highly recommend it to any one. So to the equal that can loves, but if you are not to like me and interested in micromanaging yours coverage, could do do with just the pocolos a lot quickly also.
4 / 5 Nicholle
Has bought this unit of Amazon in April 2017, well with which type. I have required REALLY a connection of edge for my setup (I has 10Gbe that careers in my house). Sadly the has not been the good experiance.

A subject requires regular resets - ossia quite common, but in the 'flagship' the device would think that that they could take around the this. Usually it is reason a WiFi the coverage begins to take inconsistent - row or speed dropouts. I assume has the hides conceal is not taking cleared properly.

A speed has been inconsistent - both speeds wired and wireless has a lot of state inconsistent. Sometimes it flies - other looks of time to take doing halfway by means of the question and calm has to that refresh for the take to do. A software to control said 'any missing container' as some containers take to a @subject and then so only to do. This has worsened with time.

QoS No - This looks to be true of each note of @subject of the consumer has used. His all promise it, but yes calm turn he in a system takes unstable. If poden no active so only would owe that take the announcing.

Plex - The works add, but already have the plex server like his redundant.

USB - The works add - but have server with the 10Gbe connection and the variety of fast Raid like any really the precise.

A fatal defect for me is a lifespan. In 18 month like this some wireless and wifi the speed by means of one issues was maxing is gone in 50mbs. Ossia Entirely unacceptable. With which disconnecting all a wired devices (and moving them directly to mine 10gbe transmission) a speed in a wifi has gone back the normal - but with frequent dropouts requiring restarts. I am not sure that would cause a speed to fall in both a ethernet and wifi a same time, but honradamente does not concern me . I am ailing of this low note eats routers that overpromise, underdeliver and die too punctual.

My next step will be to try and run DD-WRT and see if this fireware clears on some of some questions. If I do not go to find something more durable.
5 / 5 Erminia
A glorious networking tool. Following a Netgear tools of support by means of a Nigthawk, the questions of coverage can be diagnosed, and has solved. An interface of user is like this easier that another. As it issue it his powerful signal resupplies coverage where another can not achieve. It is quickly and easy to install and place until fulfilling your needs. A WPS the characteristic is very easy to use also, and ensures compatible and effective setup other devices. His capacity the connec directly to the hard walk outside the fact the tool that can be shared among all a wirelessly has has connected devices. I ADD, the desire had bought a sooner.
4 / 5 Wilber
This unit was at the head of this time when released. Maintaining two years later a mainstream wifi the devices finally took until one issues like this done an excellent mainstream to big final wifi subject.

This unit comes with 6 LAN ports that is awesome reason any all is wifi. Included it can add two put you for the device of use of big bandwidth like the IN The unit.

HAS the Plex the server built in with two put you of USB for the accessible storage in a coverage or streamed by means of Plex.

While this unit is not 'WiFi 6' as some two newer models that Netgear any a lot of devices of Wi-Fi are, doing is an excellent value for a prize.
5 / 5 Delpha
Support of rubbish. This X10 failed to save a config after any reboot, and this randomly gone through the half night in Leaves 14 2019. Every time I reconfigured a device, and rebooted the, a config reset manufactures it defaults any one imports that it has done it. A firmware is a late plus , and concentrix is a cost was troubleshooting company of support for netgear. Concentrix The support could use the tonne of improvement. Ossia Professional lingo for something more than cant be said here in descriptions of Amazon or in church.
The short long history, has has had to that RMA the and has said has had to expect 7-10 days for a device. This means that I have had any stable connection to an internet, as I am now very disturbed that has had to take to prize gearhead netgear lean $ 90, then not spending an extra $ 30 for a expedited RMA.
Has to that order the subject of different mark on Amazon Now, or go to a local tent and take something concealed is not Netgear.
Apparently, has a lot X10s this there has been this subject, according to a concentrix supervisory that has spoken to.
Are a lot disappointed in Netgear.
Likes that this X10 fixed my wireless subjects, probably because of some 4 big antennas. The ones of the that has any devices so that it is turned is gone in my house, but has had a R6400 and R700 this there has been the hard time with everything of mine 20+ wireless devices, especially in some finals of my house.

This X10 manages everything of my devices and achieves some extremities of my house, as no more while to video the current in mine iPhones.

I deducted a star because I of to the one who likes the way some registers of @subject of bosses, neither one 'has attached 'devices' the link in a subject' AM YACIDO management.

Some registers to do odd. They fill on quite fast and then I loose the tonne of them, included when I have opted to have one issues email his registers of mine. I have contacted service of client on some subjects of register and a centre of the call of the cost was really was inadequately has coached on like this to head to to the the subject technician likes him the mine. Service of bad client for this call. I say that my calls the netgear is the circle of some data, has not gone never when my technical subjects will be solved or no.

One has attached section of devices in a mgmt is a worse a netgear there is iterated. Netgear Has tried to do some icons of device but failure horribly. I love some few regular old rows and formed of columns that existed in of the oldest models, like this quickly can identify that it is attached my big coverage .

In general, a lack of any-of subject commercial the elections in a phase aim me to buy this subject in planting to treat the smallest frames.
I really has paid so only to prize for characteristic that I of the that really need but feel add roughly having, like the quad processor of core and . In no way it is this the subject bad, but to good sure is not súper add neither. It is pricey but quite good.
4 / 5 Jackson
A number of some negative critiques of a Netgear X10 there is complained roughly that falls the connection but I have ignored those and has purchased this subject like a upgrade to the mine Netgear X8. I have run unfortunately to a same question, included after updating a firmware. It looks he likes would have the stop and restart in my wireless devices -- portable the, streaming TV, XBOX. It can have been one issues having subject with a ISP modem, or with his wireless coverage has generated; so only it can not say. Symptoms with my laptop that comprises freezings of web pages and the any found places of the errors on and era. With a XBOX play it momentarily lose connections with his server(s). The severity of error would evolve of 'contacting do fault to 'any connection of internet.' A lot of frustrating for an on-line gamer.

Could so only dipped up with paralizaciones east like this long and has spent finally my X8 (R8500) issues behind was and place on the tri-coverage of band on that. Surprised, surprised -- all doing smoothly now without freezings or of the drops, especially in a XBOX!

Has thinks that to purchase this in essence tries future my wireless and requirements of internets. It results that that have bought result to be the very expensive paperweight. Perhaps a connection kinks will be exited in future firmware updates. I will be to control a 'airways' for that but to good sure a lot that resists the mine breathes.

UPDATE (01/19/2020):

Finally has listened had the firmware update and decided to give this another test. Like this far, like this good. Shot the on (has not done never the reset in some settings) and all has connected well. State when being announce awhile now without subjects a lot. Any drop, any stop and restarts. Throughput Is the upper notch in AC. Has 20 devices that career now and could shoot on the little more and everything is has managed WELL. Updated my indication to 4 stars. It can not give the 5th reason ossia to 2 bandage any to 3 sells @subject like his predecessor, a R8500. Would have like isolate my gaming and streaming in the separate band, but so much has had far any connectivity or uploading questions with any one. We will see. Maintaining my R8500 handy in chance perhaps...
4 / 5 Fermin
I recently upgraded to a Nighthawk X10 of a subject of old plus has done of the different mark. My decision to buy has come really down an on-board PLEX support, an extra GbE LAN ports (6 vs 4 in a competitor), and an option the upgrade to 10GbE later. A 60GHz the protocol is also the good future-proofing addition in a Nighthawk, although I do not have any devices that the use that maintains.

A quality of global build is excellent and a setup was very easy using a NetgearUP application of android. I have found also that a powered antennae active a lot has augmented a force of signal, mainly in a 5GHz band.

In general, am very pleased with a compraventa and look forward to building out of my house-coverage with a Nighthawk in a centre.

Top Customer Reviews: NETGEAR Orbi Whole ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Agnes
I have purchased my Orbi the system done 4 month. A setup was easy and my system was partorisca arrive and that careers in of the minutes. It has done like the charm among January and an end of May 2017. Then, all of the sudden, a Orbi has begun disconnecting of an Internet ( has aimed a soyagenta coverage of death' in a cup of a device) and has had any way to recover of this subject. At all do, in spite of tentativas múltiplas and workarounds, comprising factory-resetting a device (two times), changing put you, changing bosses of internets, etc. When I factory-reset he, has done well for roughly 3 hours, but has gone back then to a subject same. It has not been able to connect to an Internet (A Verizon subject never working decree). Like several reviewers has mentioned already, this looks @@subject to be firmware-related, but Netgear has not had a decency to notify his clients in this question or regarding the solve. Reason we in the register a product can very at least give the bosses up in known questions with his product?

This in spite of, ossia not even a worse part. A question a big plus is NETGEAR crummy turn and policemen of technical support. Here it is that it will be to treat if your Orbi fails after 90 days. This of his web of place:

1. You owe that rid the valid claim to NETGEAR with an ascribed RMA number (this obtains to contact technical support). THIS In spite of,
2. With your Orbi spent, so only take 90 day sustains of free basic telephone. You owe that it pays for technical support if a question arrives after 90 days of the your compraventa new, and
3. You owe that it pays for some costs of nave to return a defective product to NETGEAR

Like this there the him. A promising product with terrible technical support and of the policemen of guarantee. Spent in your own risk.
4 / 5 Taneka
Well, somehow this thing is taking glowing descriptions and the am not quite sure that. Perhaps these folks has not had to experience the firmware update or something still.

Funds: they are in him, specifically security. Also I have the very strong development deep, comprising finding several hacks in hardware/of software.

This system is bad coded and has actuated. You owe that beg to some of the ones of casualidades partorisca syncing and firmware updating. It transports-Firmware the updates means, be ready to take the day was to treat taking all has retreated on-line.

There is RBR-50 and two RBS-50 satellites. This system so only sucks. Taken LIKE anxiety sew to connect and when finally his , calm does not have any idea that the time goes to last reason another update will attack an off-line whole thing.

Now listen, the very so only choose on this system. I have had he for on 6 month and in that then is been entirely attacked off-line the total of 4 times. The Following all back down, was always during the firmware update. Calm think you can do things manually, but still breaks a system. The one who does not love of the updates of security and leave his vulnerable system? It is the game of sum of the z/of the zero .

Besides, to take support, precise goes to a Netgear community page. Ossia Well. After finding $ 750 in mine esYSTEM of MESH of WHOLE HOUSE' (haha) has to them that pay $ 50. For 'it prevailed support. Sad, any thank you.

You Clearly outsourced your development to personnel of incompetent developer, the god knows yours 'prime' personal of the support will not be any one very better.

This system is embarrassing and shame in some developers, some manager of product, especially a QA personal! Shame in calm everything. As it Could calm the types do not try this was and comprise so only that bad ossia?

Are now besides a period of time of the turn, like this the'll has to that explore some community forums again in some Wait that can find them something to do everything of this work again.

5 / 5 Elvera
My last little routers have all been Asus routers, tends to for a big plus one can take to take coverage in all the zones of my house. My old Asus RT-AC87U the subject is located in my grotto of man that is in a basement of my house of ranch and all a way in one finalises of a house. Because of this placing does to take the good strong signal upstairs and in another end of a house the little difficult. I have tried several methods to extend a wifi in some pasts comprising using adapters of line of the power and wifi repeaters, is always be the little scaly as it always tries and so only buy the big to issue instead.

Has seen a point wifi routers resulting more populate, there big selling the point is that everything is seamless to install and configure, calm does not have to that disorder with dipping on multiple routers in way of bridge or anything more, covers so only calm them in and his all near to form the big wifi coverage of point. I have begun to look in 2 that had been he out of moment, Eero and Luma and looked quite decent but has had mixed descriptions. Have Then of NetGear was exited with his own, a Orbi. It had feigned to so only upgrade to another big honkin subject, a Nighthawk X6 AC3200 but a Orbi taken my eye and has taken descriptions very a lot of have believed so it would give tries it instead.

A thing that underlined with a Orbi is is consecrated backhaul, which is a connection among a subject main and a satellite routers, another point wifi the systems use some same radios that is used for traffic of user for some connections among devices also. A Orbi has the radio consecrated for that to separate this traffic and not using on bandwidth of user the one who leaves for better action. So after reading on on all could find in a Orbi and seeing the good things have ordered one 2 model of unit (satellite + of @subject).

When it Is has arrived opened that and was a lot amiably packaged, a @subject and the units of satellite are a same and quite big measure (also bit it slippery). I have followed a quickly install instructions, has take my old to issue, modem of mine unplugged of boss, plugged the backside in, turned in a main Orbi subject, plugged he to a modem of boss, has situated a satellite upstairs and plugged in a power and finally plugged mine desk PC to a port of the ethernet wired in a main Orbi subject. In a unit of Satellite, when I plugged he in has been supposed to amber of glow and then change to blue has connected once to a main Orbi subject, any regime there, has maintained so only flash aim in spite of him when being so only roughly 15-20 feet out of him. It has given up in that and has taken again a subject main has configured.

Is then be to and ossia when my questions has begun. One first what is control for a connection of internet, has maintained to the time said it could not connect to an internet. I have verified a boss among him and a modem of boss, has turned a Orbi subject on and was this in spite of any regime, has has had to that finally cycle of power a modem of boss again and has done. It is gone through a setup process, asked then to register it, has dipped my number of serial and info in, said it would send me the email of chance and expected for me to recognise this email before it could come from. It has not taken never an email to the equal that have closed so only a window and has gone back to a main Orbi admin page.

So much a satellite and the subject main have had quite old firmware the versions owe that way that be to a firmware page of update, has relieved new firmware for one issues but has been stuck on “Please attentive” while verifying the paralizaciones new firmware in a satellite, because of these some keys of the update no neither. I have expected roughly 10 minutes and he was stuck still, has tried again and a same thing is spent, has given finally on and called Netgear support.

Trying cruised to NetGear the support was another fun challenge , look to hide any way to contact support of telephone in his main website. Also masters to take the picture of your receipt that bought a unit to take to sustain. I have not been having a lot of that, already has taken fed up that this purportedly súper easy Orbi already gave questions. I finally google'd Netgear number of telephone of the support and found a number to call them.

A first type has spoken to typical yours was, read of the script, knows writes very small of type of support, has known has not been to take anywhere fast with him. It has maintained to do useless suggestions and asking questions no pertinent, loved also to move a satellite a next plus to a subject. I have said it has not been to do that, if these 2 units can not communicate well enough of 15-20 feet moved more after has not been to do anything. Finally it has taken fed up and request to speak to the supervisor.

A supervisor has not looked more specialised then a first type, has said that it could have any to sustain advanced call behind, is finally been ready partorisca hang and has said to forget goes to return so only this. This took an immediate “ will transfer you to any the one who in fact knows that it is speaking roughly answered” . In the pocolos small have spoken to his advanced sustain those who the mine of far session desk.

Is gone through a process to download and manually updating a satellite firmware. Apparently it has the bug in a more collected firmware the version where can you a lot automatically update firmware by means of a admin console. Once this was manually has applied a unit of satellite king-headed and has then looked a subject main the unit has the update is firmware automatically and king-has begun also. Of this point was both in a late plus firmware the versions and all have done. Calm so only can do the first impression once and with some subjects have while experienced dipping Orbi on my initial emotion takes the subject wireless new quickly turned to frustration and degradation.

Has verified my force to signal upstairs and in an opposite side of a house (sees on) and was very strong, much stronger then with an only Asus subject. Also it remarks that quite lame 5Ghz coverage anywhere in a house now both upstairs and down where so only was able of the go down in a grotto of man and just external before.

So after an hour or like this of degradation all finally has done. They are so only my first day with a Orbi, looks to be that his very now but the only time will say. A solid of looks of the hardware, a admin UI looks laggy and is the plain of has bitten and basic but has the quite decent quantity of advanced networking characteristic. There is also any connection of the management of the cloud has required likes some of some other systems of point require was to lose connectivity of internet your integer LAN is down also. A Orbi has 3 Ethernet wired ports that is the big plus, has the NetGear 24-port ready transmission that use for the laboratory of house but is a lot of his do not owe that use that has required it .

A thing had loved to know was a state of a backhaul the connection among one issues and a satellite to see yes was optimally has situated. A Orbi admin UI so only simply has said “1 Satellite connected” but say is at all in a state and force of this connection. A coverage DIRECTED on a law of satellite so only when calm initially covers he in and then goes dark. It would like to know that a satellite is doing and that well is doing, would be well concealed the coverage FOCUSED would remain on or could be turned on yes wished to say likes you a satellite is doing. Also I hate to look in a subject main and having any visible indication of the like a hell is doing, could be was paralización all was. NetGear Of then DIRECTED to do and he configurable in a admin UI. That in states of different colours insurances and pulsing the speed has based in that busy is. Also it would be a lot if a admin UI could aim you more the detail in a subject-connection of satellite.

There is really two big components to the subject wireless, is hardware and is software , need a combination of both of these to be well to have the product adds. It does not contest NetGear has has had always the hardware adds and that looks to still be a chance with a Orbi, but enough frankly there the software is always state quite crappy. My spent little routers has been Asus and yes is a thing that Asus there is nailed is his software that totally has fallen ass, there admin UI is the rich characteristic, a lot amiably dips was and easy to use and the update constantly. Calm included can take a Merlin build which are based in a stock software that takes to a next level. Coming from Asus, looking in NetGear UI is the big left down, is simple, basic, that lacking of and look the 10 old year drew it. Calm also has to that download the separate Windows NetGear Genie application to do sure things, reasons can any one I he everything in a web has based UI? Also that roughly when being able to aim the map of coverage and perhaps some use of basic device that informs? NetGear If so only would give your admin UI a review would have the product of murderous.

Now has left the habladuría Parental Control which is a zone that NetGear always there is sucked in that is one of some reasons of entities have chosen always Asus on the in a past. The ones of has thought for now NetGear would have been able to imagine out of this characteristic of entity in any father and the actuate correctly. Instead they have the means-assed & toneless Parental Controls in his admin UI and then his punt and say go the use opens DNS want to more which would do adds until your figures of girl was like this to change his DNS server. In mine Asus subject, has had the full Parental controls builds to comprise one the majority of of entity a mine, time of control of access of the day for MAC allocution to the equal that can close my internet of girls was at night the concrete time. While NetGear has the time controls built-in impacting each device has connected to one issues no only foundation some. It is really that last NetGear to actuate time of controls of day for MAC allocution?

In general yes would say that I am satisfied with a Orbi like this far and probably will maintain it, the one who any subject wireless has to that do really well is to treat and ossia that counts one the majority of calm so that it is using it day in and the day was. Things like a admin UI a lot frequently use like this while mine wifi is fast and give me the good coverage by means of my whole house are everything well. It would be very they has improved a admin UI, parental controls, the light functionality FOCUSED and other things. A Orbi is still quite new likes hopefully a software improves over time as it would do me even happier.

UPDATE (12/11/16):

After living with Orbi for the few days now, all can say is: damn this ass of kicks of the what. Volume awesome coverage everything during a house and I can take 5Ghz anywhere. Of one of some signals some far plus of some subject main and satellite my test of the speed of the iPad is around 170Mbps, crazy fast. My PC that is wired to one of Orbi ports of Ethernet the test of speed in 232 Mbps. Also in this same room is regularly state would take a flashing wifi signal in Clash of the clans that bad are roughly to take disconnected (CoC tends to be to sensitive latency), has not been disconnected once with Orbi. They are very happy with that a lot Orbi extracted and would recommend it to any one looking for whole house wifi, NetGear please just work in your admin UI and will be included happier!

UPDATE 2 (12/13/16):

NetGear has released yesterday the new Orbi firmware version () was mostly smaller but lean content for the new IOS/application of Android that is to be release yesterday for management. My initial thoughts were, utmost now has to that spend for another painful firmware upgrade process, and also cool an application that could do management of the easiest device. A firmware upgrade has been WELL without issuing this time around, I upgraded he by means of a admin UI and has been pressed was to both some subject main and satellite. I have downloaded a admin application to mine iPad that expects for goodness of new management and when I launched it found the to be the bit of the joke, can do he almost swimming in an application and has to that be one the majority of basic application has seen looking any one has written he less than an hour.

When you Launch an application is hailed to his dashboard that is at all more than the screen with the giant picture of a Orbi with a pointed only information when being yours Wifi coverage and signal. If it explore a paper limited has stuck in a corner all can do is device partorisca show info (at all more than a model, MAC allocution and a firmware version so only for one issues) and has connected the devices and concealed is roughly that. My emotion of having an application of the management of the iPad is quickly state to the this royally sucks, the application has deleted. Again NetGear looks to not having the clue in drawing the useful and good management UI/application, is lucky his hardware is by train to maintain me the client because his interfaces of administration are trying real hard to press me was.


3 Ethernet Wired Ports
Fast and strong wifi signal
A lot of looking hardware
Consecrated backhaul canal among issuing & satellite
the subject is pre-paired with unit of satellite
Any management of cloud has required
HAS the decent quantity of advanced networking characteristic


the coverages read have DIRECTED up is quite useless
Crappy admin UI is quite bland and has bitten he laggy
Any way to see details to issue-connection of satellite
Any time that time control parental for MAC
Firmware upgrade is buggy
IOS the application is terrible
lean it are not to add unless calm say them is by train of the turn

UPDATE 7/13/17:
In spite of an initial rough start with a NetGear Orbi House Wifi the system has been the big defender of him on until today. A reason has bought a Orbi was reason have maintained in that has it wifi fallen in some zones of my house with my Asus RT-AC87U subject. It touches to the plot of on-line games likes Clash of Clan and yes know CoC one dreads wifi symbol while you are touching is not something wants to see. This symbol means your connection sucks and is ready to take fallen, would take that frequently with my Asus subject. I have had once Orbi on and that runs my wifi the questions had gone entirely for 7 months, until today.

Netgear Pressed out of the update to the mine @subject and satellite last night and have wake today the constant and frequent disconnects in both my Air of iPad 2 and Galaxy S7 Embroiders. It could literally not going the minute without the disconnect. I have called the sound sustains the one who was basically useless, has said partorisca enable Implicit Beamforming which has been disabled for incumplimiento a lot updates does because of the subjects has caused with some devices. I have tried that in all the chance and looked to help the little with an iPad but no a Galaxy S7.

Ironically Netgear has had the big house on fixing wifi disconnects with east update which there is apparently plagued his of a start, read a Netgear forums and has a lot of edges in this @@subject like this one and this one. Also they have questions with a Orbi losing connection to your device of internet (i.et. Modem of boss), also experiences this frequently also, a so only fix is the reboot a modem of boss. The majority of some updates up to now has no really done all this a lot, this one has had to weaves of big fixed like this seen down:

Fixed a iOS subject of disconnection.
Fixed a Dropcam subject of disconnection.
Fixed a subject of convergence when some movements of Ethernet of the device connected of a Orbi to another.
Fixed a subject where a Orbi the application can not find a Orbi subject if one issues is using IPv6 and is in AP way.
Fixed a subject where a Orbi the application can not show more than 20 has has connected devices.
Fixed a subject where an assistant of the installation could not show if a device is connected to a Orbi coverage wirelessly.
Fixed a subject where one 2.4 GHz backhaul the setting is disabled if a fronthaul MU-MIMO and TxBF is disabled.
Fixed a subject where IPv6 the devices in a coverage of guest can access a Orbi web of @subject AM YACIDO.
Comprises the fixed security for some vulnerabilities of following security:PSV-2016-0133, PSV-2017-0607, PSV-2017-0615, PSV-2017-0736, PSV-2017-2190

Like an update that purportedly fixed disconnect subject (which I never experienced) an opposite and begins to cause his instead. Thank you Netgear To break my perfectly wonderful wifi system. Apparently his crew of engineering has been that spends the majority of his time that the new presents Orbi devices and not spending any a lot of raffinage partorisca time his current firmware.

Has finalised downgrading so much my @subject and satellite to a leading version that it is which has been doing perfectly. In fact there is it never has had it a subject with a Orbi update until now, am beginning to suspect a reason because it is that has no really done a lot with any of his 11 updates up until east a. Look In his notes of typical emission for some last 3 updates:

– Fijamente pocolos bugs
– subject and Fixed bugs of security. – It improves a firmware upgrade process. – Continuous improvement in stability of wireless connection
– subject and Fixed bugs of security. – Korea of supports wireless region

Now that have finally beginning partorisca take attention to some of some serious subjects that Orbi has had apparently has tried to fix some things and has broken other things. To arrive to this point with this new update does not go to update spent until Netgear taken his together law that it is the shame to the equal that will be missing was on potentially another fijamente and enhancements. I have loved mine Orbi on until today and so only yesterday recommended the the people. This in spite of afterwards this update has fallen will not recommend it anymore and so only can finalise that it emigrates to one of some systems to compete of Ubiquiti, Google and Eero which is the shame like Netgear has had the good thing that goes with Orbi. Finally it touches to lose to that reads more for me and yes Orbi no longer can rid that anymore that it is partner of goodbye .
4 / 5 Leda
Has not bought a product of Amazon. Buyers beware. Of of the this is the very expensive product . Calm does not want to finalise to complain a compraventa. C subject is hands down a fast plus when it is doing. But a new more firmware destroys the perfect product. Drops of connection randomly all a time. And a worse thing is that one issues update of car to one the new plus broken firmware. And there is any way to disable an update of car. Netgear Service of the client is not communicating with the users that considers some subjects. The a lot of users are bellowing and has frustrated. You save a bit headache. Do your investigation before shabby.
4 / 5 Tommy
Constante disconnects of provider of internet the subject common for a lot with later firmware. It is also difficult to disable 'car updates' to use an old firmware. For roughly 2 weeks have found the way to disable a system upgrades partorisca cutting settings. Finally although one issues the house has telephoned to update. Reason on earth netgear forces firmware upgrades is further me...
4 / 5 Annalee
Looking for the house to signal wifi solution? I have it quell'has bought now 3 of them, here is that I have bought and my results:

1. Linksys Velop Tri-Sell Marie Whole WiFi System of Mesh, 2-Band (coverage until 4000 sq. ft) -
2. Luma Whole house WiFi (3 Bandage - White) -
3. NETGEAR Orbi Marie WiFi System: AC3000 Tri Coverage of House of the Band with Issuing & the satellite Extends for until 5,000sqft of WiFi coverage -

1. 120mbps In unit of base, 40 mbps in unit of satellite, 5 mbps on the dot further of unit of base in my house
2. 120mbps In unit of base, 25 mbps in the most next satellite, 15 mbps in satellite further, 10mbps on the dot further of unit of base in my house
3. 120mbps In unit of base, 120mbps in unit of satellite, 65 mbps on the dot further of unit of base in my house

Orbi is a clear winner for me.
5 / 5 Calandra
I the tonne of the investigation in the system of the coverage of the point would be more for my new house. I have trusted everything of some descriptions in a Orbi system and has been advances with him. It looked very promising immediately a bat, but then has taken so only frustrate and ridiculous. This direct to think that all some the expert descriptions are not tests of long term.

With which roughly 2-3 weeks to be arrive and that mine of career WiFi the speeds have fallen to 1/5th an original speed ( has Edges 1G). I thought that it that it was so only wireless. I one run around with Verizon but was well, his service is doing well. I have been included in our constructor and has thought his cord of Ethernet was is not . Both wire fence and wireless would fall with which roughly 24-48 hours of resetting. I have changed the thousands of frame of millions, has been doing on-line cats with Netgear support, and my own investigation. At all consistently it acts. When it Operates, volume 4-500 like this wireless and wired. But then for any reason would fall. Always verifying some Edges @Subject to do sure concealed has not been a cause (has not running never a lot).

A new product has to that it does not have to that be reset each one that 2 days. Any now the days. As I have had recently my original unit has substituted, and a new a there is had a same question, has fallen to 1/5th an interior of original power 2 days. After doing investigation, are not an only a that this is to spend to. And Netgear has any clue regarding the fix. It looks that it is the subject of software . I do not have too many devices in disposal. I have deleted even all the devices but 1 to do sure has not had any virus plagued the device that the fact or still too congestion in the sure canal. I verified it it was all of my boxes. At all it acts lastingly.

My hands are joined reason my neighbours up in my house has been drawn partorisca east. I need some ports in a backside. But I can not return this to Amazon reason is spent a date . Any one follows yes Netgear repayment me. But I think that that it is it was the Linksys.
4 / 5 Bailey
Probably does not require the point networking system for our new place, but has loved optimum coverage during a whole house; we imagine the point was a better way to do that. With which three month, is sure to say was deceived.

Orbi Was in our short cast. It was one of some systems of only point that has offered the built-in VPN server; the majority other options am not gone in pair with a Orbi AC3000 neither. It was one of some the majority of available expensive elections, but has expected a prevails to paid would resupply the neighbour-he-and-forget- write compraventa.

There is roughly 30 devices in our coverage - 10 on , 12 on 5Ghz (half desquels is so only idling devices of House of the Google), and a rest is wire fence . A row has alleged is 5,000 sq. ft.; So only we have 2,100. The row does not look to be a @@subject - but a row is worthless of a whole system is unstable!

With WMM on, our together of IP-upper boxes (nVidia Shield TVs, TV of Apple, and Rokus) to video of current like - until of any new device hops in a coverage. When This raisin, a whole system so only takes up. Any container in or era; any page of administration. At all! So only to do. A bit those that small later, begins to do again...
With WMM was, a system does not take never, but streaming video buffers - constantly - with each service of the video and each device have tried. It is so only for the second or two, but is frequent. (Three or four pauses inside the or two window of minute. Incredibly it is frustrating!) Our aim of telephones are connected to a wifi coverage, but taken 15 to 20 first second of data begins to flow. Speedtests Show 150+/150+, but ossia after one 15 to 20-second window.

There is toggled Beamforming, MU-MIMO, Parental Controls, Controls of Accesses, and a Metre of Traffic on and era. We have tried different radio frequencies. Transmissions of action with each of a dipping combos has tried, but is not never well.

A QOS the settings are not really settings - only offer the SpeedTest. ( It has done even to reset of factory because this has not looked well... But it is all a QOS offered of page in the settings of a device, before and with which reboot!)

For a paid of prize, would have to reads for you, out of a box - the to good sure any for knots.
For a paid of prize, would have to there is anticipated the figure concealed enhances your experience. It has him, but it does not import of a whole system is unstable.

Would want to sell mine, but in any cost, would feel to like has exploded a buyer. It would sell it behind to Amazon for the fraction that has bought he for, but will not buy it .
4 / 5 Lilla
The words can not Express frustrations of mine and disappointment with a netgear Orbi. It is state to the long of the year that extracted this thing that fallen a connection of internet constantly. Some days on 310 times goes era. I have done support of technology constantly. We have done firmware updates atleast 13 times, has changed the canals turn a power down turns a power up. I know each one that dipping this device has. Oh I has forgotten a support the favourite reason reason the internet maintains disconnecting,sweats because a satellite is to close to a base. STILL with which said him the does not have a satellite has connected. His second main reason is! Sound my ISP the fault of crew, my ISP sent the technology, has has changed bosses and modems and rewired to a pole has not changed the thing. Still falling an internet all day. I think that that I have been too tolerant and comprising with netgear with new technology. In mine last call to sustain of knots of technology still another up to date time firmware and looked to do a reset of internet once or two times the day. Then out of a blue a bug has gone back. Now a orbi resets everything. I mean some resets of what of whole dam each one that 15 min. And his wont fix it or the substitute! It is my ISP failure. Well they are out of my time my money and patience with netgear. I have substituted he with the linksys subject, supposition the one who any subject. If it research a coverage is the subject common . Save your money buys something more.
4 / 5 Angeline
The buyers please beware! It is surprising to see that has estimated highly this system is, but in some ways is not surprising. A lot of users, comprising I, there have been utmost results (speeds very big and the coverage adds) with a system for the significant period of time (month to the year+), but has had finally a inexplicable downturn concealed is not never state has solved. Calm the favour and read a estaca original in 'That that can expect you with your Orbi system' for t_k in a Netgear put community web. At least it calms in this way it will be mentally it has prepared. It maintains to import the period evaluador of the month can not be enough to expose a subject, like this again, considers this sticks the friendly opinion.

Some questions are a lot clearly explained, and finally that very experienced was prisons of freezings of random/internet that persisted of a firmware update with which another. How it is explained in a estaca, some people can not remark a question according to his use and chance of use. And a 'a lot of' informative is resembles always be linked to a satellite(s), like the reboot of a satellite temporarily clears a subject. May... Once it begins to spend, looks to spend again and again and arrival so only that it has to that take used his. How it has been signalled is gone in some forums, of the calm more use your system and in some locations of plus, a big more a calm probability will find it. If you are doing of house and in an internet all day, can experience disruptions multiple time for day.

Finally, the consumers deserve better that this. Netgear Up to now has not offered the solution or has recognised even this subject concrete. Any of some suggestions or workarounds or firmware fixed has issued has has has changed things, and there is the cast to grow people those who are beginning to see a same question.
4 / 5 Melita
To the left initiate me with some topography of fast house partorisca you. To my house like them to them two pavings and the basement.
Basement: Roughly 1300sq ft
First walk: Roughly 1500sq ft
According to paving: Roughly 1700sq ft ( has the chamber of prize on a cochera)

has 50Mbps DSL that comes to an office, in a first walk. It is in a corner of a house, very remote out of this chamber of prize.

In our old house, has had the TP Archer of Link C9. This has covered a good house. But with this new house, has had slow downs and something has died no only. I create this is not so only why a new house is main, but also because a new house has full insulation in the each WALL (inner closing), doing a signal a hard plus partorisca press by means of.

I finally added some signal boosters, and this has helped, but so only the little.

To the equal that has required something better. I have researched the number of point routers, but with which have discovered in a drop of action partorisca each knot (p. p.ej. You connect direct to a subject, volume 100 speed ; if you connect to a first knot of point, takings 50 speed ; if you connect to a second knot of point, takings 25 speed ; etc) it was rethinking my place.

Has begun partorisca look the big powered devices, but no really confidence that those would solve my question.

Has found then a Orbi. I have read to plot of descriptions and technical details, and has been sold in an idea of the consecrated wireless backhaul (of then does not have Ethernet to where require it want to wired backhaul).

Left to say you, some descriptions are well, this sum of laws of the technology!

With which have in the first place opened a subject, I upgraded a firmware manually (with which concealed, has seen automatic firmware the updates have applied, which is well!). I have then changed one issues to be on the dot of Access (AP) way so that he essentially works like a transmission of Ethernet that's that of wireless access, without requiring to do a heavy lifting of one issues duties. I have chosen this because modem of mine of DSL is also issue it (which have turned of a wifi), and having subject he behind issuing has has has caused questions for me in a past.

This work adds! Now I have the coverage adds during my house. Still in this spare chamber, am pulling down 29-32 Mbps (previously, with a row extends, would take 6-8 down). I can included mow a gram in another side of a cochera, this in spite of am taking the signal that attractive down 16-20 MBps. Almost I can look the 4k running there!

Has a lot something has died at all in a house. I am taking a plenary 48Mbps (ossia that generally see to accelerate like this upper on Ethernet) in for the half a house. And a drop was is not dramatic. T So only will fall the little Mbps for room (to a low point in this spare chamber).

An only downside have found like this far is a lack of capacity has when one issues is in AP way. For example no longer volume of the parental controls. There is a lot other things disabled (a lot of of the like senses of mark), but some to which would like behind (Of plan on contacting support, as they look receptive to add street of new capacities firmware).

2 weeks in, and could not be happier with this compraventa. Netgear Has won me finally on.
4 / 5 Wilhelmina
- Speed, speed, speed. Better WiFi the speeds have not experienced never, I routinely summits unexpectedly in 800MBps+ (goes pic) =>+5 stars

- the interface of Web is excruciatingly slow, counter-intuitive and heavy. A forward Orbi interface of the web of the generation was already quite bad, but ossia worse, a new Orbi purportedly comes with the a lot of snappier CPU and would have to that run a webserver to the fastest plot, but he no. to add insult to hurt, Netgear has take the tonne of the easily available options in a Orbi first generation =>-1 star
- the security is not actuated well, some leaks of what like selection (sees picture, absolutely calms does not love some pocolos put blue). The precaution against connecting a @subject directly to your provider WAN, could wants to leave the door or the able closing @subject economic in a way. This is using a late plus firmware available (), and with a cortafuego settings on ('Disable Port Scanner and TWO PROTECT' is was, no any difference on or was in all the chance, has tried both) =>-2 stars

possesses a leading generation of Orbi satellites/of @subject, is distant very perfect, but is solid of rock and of confidence when it comes the security. This produces new has been rushed obviously to stage, and the consumers essentially are used when being like this betas testers. Given a quantity of alike descriptions during a interwebs, am surprised Netgear is not giving a very on, a firmware in his current state goes to direct neither to extremely of negative headlines when any one directs to explode some holes of security in a WAN side, or to the process of action of the class to sell an unfinished product and not actuating the one who his web of place has said that that has done. Netgear Maintains to say here in some commentaries resupply point and big security his security of web of place 'practical very', but has has not actuated included a prime minister ecurity measured' listed in his place.

Will go back and update my description to the equal that do progresses, in a moment, am dipping mine RBR850 behind one the-cheapo subject with the level cortafuego stack (does not take any a lot of endeavour to actuate, but the supposition is too much to ask of Netgear for now). This is disappointing to say a less, especially when you owe that fall the glorious to take the subject and 2 satellites.

2/24/2020 update
there is rid the chance in a Netgear put web of support (for his question in some commentaries), and also signalled out of some subjects of security in his forum. Any peep of Netgear, so that it is another stars concealed has gone. Some users of forum have recognised has seen the subjects looked with some builds cortafuego, but Netgear reps has not taken never a time to look/answered in a forum neither. It has given up and it has bought a Edgerouter 4 of Ubiquiti and has changed a Orbi the AP way (point of only access). A Edgerouter has looked for to be solid of rock and sure, this in spite of plan to do the alike movement, sure mark to triple-verify your cortafuego regulate in subjects before do a transmission. It is unfortunate has had to spend another $ 200 to take basic security that was available in a forward Orbi generation. A positive note: a coverage of guest in AP law of way still, has his own subnet and dhcp, was has surprised in fact move the AP way any ray that on (one can contest of the devices of guest are in the different subnet with his own dhcp, effectively is when being subject, as it is not some AP way for them, but ossia a way would owe that be drawn to maintain a coverage of isolated guest).

3/1/2020 update
the maintenances find new bugs in the regular base. Later one: if it plan to use one issues in AP way and plan to use to allocution of fixed IP for one issues in place of DHCP, a subject will not connect to NTP servers to take a correct time, although rings to use the third server of party and a lot of Netgear is. Reason imports? A lot of devices a lot properly connect to WiFi guest because of a fact that a coverage of guest has his own DHCP server ( is in his own VLAN), suspicious some leases are out of whack because of a discrepancy of the times among one issue and some devices.

3/18/2020 update
Netgear has pressed the broken firmware last week and essentially bricked a lot of Orbi is in a process. It sees Netgear forums, a lot of unhappy users there. We are well to territory of negative stars to arrive to this point.

4/1/2020 update
Well, gave it really an old university test, but has given finally on and dip a thing for sale in fleabay. A hardware are add, but a software is simply not maturing enough, and have better things to do that debug a damn what in behalf of Netgear. Has transmission to a Amplifi the the alien and the things have been solid of mecer of then. YMMV.
5 / 5 Jenna
Some units have received of Amazon NETGEAR RBK 50 was old versions of a product having an original firmware version . Has has SIXTEEN (16) firmware upgrades of then. After spending 4 hours in a telephone with Amazon (the one who could not comprise a @@subject) and 4 different Netgear technical, looks that has to do you a lot to any upgrades of a firmware to take to a current emission. Without doing these upgrades, will not be able to have full functionality of a product; p. p.ej., Access of Guest, there is information written any in this subject. To the amazon has to that refresh his shipments with current models. It is the tedious process this has to that be treaty for separate in a staellite unit and then a subject main to no. has discovered that a bit you can shorten a 16x2 upgrades. Contact Netgear Orbi support for details. Preferably take it gresh produced of the retailer those who move alot of this product.
5 / 5 Verena
To the equal that have in the first place purchased a RBK50 in just in $ 300. At the beginning it looked to do well. Then a firmware the updates have begun frequently. Then a wierd the questions have begun. Wifi Signals to fall while stationary in my telephone, applications that quotes of video of the use that takes for ever (100 long times that with 4G LTE) in mine Samsung telephones. Coverage Doorbell Pro not doing properly. Roku buffering Tip longer of before. It has discovered well that Netgear so only resupplies 90 days of telephone or support of email. It had been 6 month of cost of mine.
The coverage was incredible and sent marks it new Coverage Doorbell Pro... It has not fixed a question. It has installed a RBW30 satellite in $ 130... It has not fixed a question.
Has used to be an engineer of service of the electronic in my career before retreat, as I am not illiterate of technology.
One of some the main symptoms is that applications that the video of use takes for ever to launch in mine Samsung S8 telephone. Ossia One of a lot of subjects, but some 'easy plus' to troubleshoot. It has 450Mbps service of internet of the boss, like this ossia rediculous! Has is spent the hours and the hours that looks for an internet for responses.
Are quite sure that a question is in a Netgear QoS characteristic. It is purportedly supposition to recognise devices that containers of internets of video of use and give them the priority of big bandwidth. It does not do like this of still, 5/19, with a late plus firmware update. There is no longer options very available to tweak in a has anticipated to to the parameters like has had for a R8000 Netgear of @subject. Calm so only run the Speedtest, and BAM!, it Is supposition to do ... He no.
the test to the turn has been, any box of control for QoS!! You can deselect WMM in advanced wifi settings to effectively turn it was, and Speedtest drop of results of 430 Mbps to less than 10 Mbps like measured in mine telephone and pc using a Speedtest application. That craps!!
To the equal that have on data and has left lateralmente mine $ 450 Orbi system of Mesh and reinstalled the previously used mine Netgear R8000.
Perhaps would owe that spend the little more the time that fixed questions known in yours firmware, in planting to add a Netgear service of byline of the Armour with the pop on screen everytime launchings a Orbi software... It Likes him he would not give you never of another penny.!!
5 / 5 Johanne
Has bought so only a Orbi WiFi system of house, am upgrading of the Netgear R6300. They are having subject with disconnection and decrease of speed. Has has followed video of Netgear on regarding the dipped up and one drives that it is coming with him. Has update included a firmware grieve dipped the up. Today it is my third day with a Orbi and are not that it goes the lie, love a speed when he well and a coverage give. This in spite of, as I have mentioned before, am experiencing disconnection of an internet and some decreases to accelerate here and there. I am ready to send this backside and take my money behind.
4 / 5 Heriberto
Update: after returning this I has bought a Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien wifi 6 subject of point and an extra to create the point. A Ubiquiti the product is upper in each way, and gives an user an experience to use the product that to to looks like a lot in fact tried before unleashing the in of clients. A hardware is better drawn (the solid feels, supply to be able to integrated in place of wart of wall, crazy rubbery surface of texture). Wifi 6 action of coverage is upper, especially like this distance of the increases of subject alone. An interface of user is vastly upper... It is quickly, responsive, and that says that it goes to do. Adding the point of point is trivial and thanks to an exposure in a calm front will not be marvelling in confusion in the blinking colored the light concealed does not match the one who Netgear says has to that. A Ubiquiti immediately and correctly sets on the second unit like the point of point, and can change it to ethernet backhaul with the tap so only. Updating is easier and calm in fact can say that it is doing in a process. Literally everything roughly is upper to a Orbi. Spend of the extra money for a Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien.

A Wifi 6 Orbi the system of point has decent action when it operates, but an interface of management is very slow, bad actuated, and a behaviour of some devices is a lot of buggy. It is clear to use it that a firmware is deliberately spoilt for the characteristic relative to a business version of AC Orbi. I have fallen this in to substitute one that exists AC point setup, any static device moved and a Orbi the points of accesses have been installed in some same locations. Has a leading generation ubject' Orbi AC setup in another location and work well, like this the description is concrete to a new Wifi 6 model. A bit those that examples:
1. A name of emission for a coverage could not change included although tip a transmission in an interface of user.
2. Lights of state (especially in a satellite) can very in fact change to a correct or state paint which can be confuse.
3. Any option of HTTPS to achieve an interface of management.
4. The devices randomly take fallen of a wireless coverage in time.
5. The devices randomly will be unable to authenticate to a coverage for the moment... And then they will remain to authenticate in spite of any one changes to a Orbi setup or a SSID/signal.
6. Ethernet backhaul A lot of behave correctly @subject or AP ways.
7. It can not use one 2.5 gigabit interface in AP way.
4 / 5 Ernesto
So only moved to the 3,500 SF marries of 2 histories. It has bought initially he Netgear AC1750. I add to issue, but so only has not achieved some far ends of a house or behind yard. Decided to try a Orbi after the tonne to research on produced of coverage of the point. The installation was bit it weighed, as have has had to that logon with the laptop to configure one issues the AP way (for behind the Modem of Spectre) and regulate the pocolos other settings. Has has had to that also manually download and install a firmware update. Any hard, has taken so only some time.

The action is exceptional with 1 caveat: He all depends on where situate a satellite Orbi. I have situated initially my satellite in a upstairs room of rear game, while my chairs of @subject in an office down in a front of a house. It has taken an Amber CONCENTRATED and a lot slow wifi speed in a satellite. I have finalised to move a satellite a more next room to one issues upstairs and has taken the Blue has DIRECTED. Bam! Suddenly it was pegging out of my speeds of download in wifi. The drop is gone in the speeds during my house is minimum and have 3 bars everywhere. My rear yard is the mix of 2-3 bars, and speeds roughly 75 of this interior. Still, I am impressed.

Marries it to his big, Orbi is The precise PRODUCT for wifi solutions.

Are by train of the give 4-stars been due to big prize. Material 250-300 is so only. 350 it Is quell'has bitten big. And also for an a bit weighed initial setup. This be has said, would recommend this.
5 / 5 Merrill
A lot to like in Orbi. Well the interface has drawn , useful saws browser or application. Incumplimiento setup Really is like this almost automatic to the equal that can imagine but there are a lot of options for people that knows that to do with them. (I no.) Row, the coverage and the speed are very better that anything more wireless has tried. There it would be it given 6 stars yes could for several weeks with which has taken in February, 2018.

But then my devices of client have begun having the odd questions that speaks to the each one like this another. The computers said 'error of communications' when they have tried to speak the wireless printers, Logitech the harmony said it the connection of Internet has lost, etc. A time a Orbi the contact @Subject lost with a Satellite. Restarting some clients have not fixed. Has has had to that reboot a Orbi which takes several minutes. Then the clients a lot always come on connected to a next plus Orbi to unit like them some links was lens and unreliable. Power of cycle because of some clients to take them to connect to a next plus Orbi unit.

With which 'cats' a lot with Netgear' Support, exploring his forum of Community user and touching with my system:

- has a lot of discussion of these classes of questions in a forum. They are not so only to my hardware or setup. The sounds like a system have done very better in a past. I infer A hardware is WELL. So only a firmware is broken.
- In a prójimo to last cat of Support, a rep. Advised me partorisca go a firmware behind a current to . I infer Of a number of updates a firmware is state broken for quite awhile and one fijamente is not obvious or easy how is hard to say how long will be before all is a lot again. But Netgear looks to be hard at work on that.
- Has looked to do quite well but Orbi updates his firmware automatically in an Internet. Today it is behind to and my computers can not print again. In a cat a late plus today, the support has said automatic updating can not be disabled. (The must is some refugees of Windows of Microsoft 10 project that read there.)
- Orbi HAS so much potential, are has had to that to dip he in the cupboard and give Netgear the casualidad of the fix. This in spite of, the technical support is so only free for 90 days so that I am not sure to the equal that will know when for the try again. The supposition so only explores a forum of user occasionally to see when the paralización of people to complain roughly questions of connection.
5 / 5 Kitty
I bought and orbi and 3 on done satellites the year and has been patient, but does the minute has ordered a eero system and plan to launch out of orbi hardly determines a eero can do.

Has has wanted to really orbi to be a a. Has the 5000 feet marries squared with Gigabit the EDGES that come to a basement. Like the result is hard to dip one issues in the centrical place. Also, an owner before we remodeled a house and has thought was the good idea to dip in plaster more than ceilings of drop in a basement and did not wire a house for networking. Having an out of-of-the wireless band backhaul looked a perfect solution to paper in these deceptions.

And is, when it operates. Unfortunately for me, ossia relatively infrequent. To the left say me that they are an engineer with experience in both hardware and software, and especially wi-fi appliances. Like this when orbi has not done has begun poking around. A subject is that a thing so only does not manage mobile devices well. A challenge with mobile devices is that to save the battery does not leave his radii powered arrive all a time. Instead, his thick drop of a coverage and rejoin. Sometimes orbi so only does not love the left his rejoin, as they are stuck. You can fix a question for toggling WiFi was and on, but the one who loves that each one that five minutes?

Are sure netgear could fix this question with the update of software, but has been lousy there, also. Material firmware has update two times a last year, and both of those was recent.

And an on is not a full discharge of a question. Sometimes I have the satellites lose connectivities to a canal of base. Ossia Included worse that falling connections reasons a mobile device connects to a satellite but then can not take to an internet or other devices in a coverage. These looks to spend with some regularity, in spite of a fact that has 3 times like a lot of satellites likes him netgear recommends for my house. An only satellite that the rests have connected is a a ossia 20 feet of a base with direct line of view. Although I do not owe that the tools to debug this subject, would guess that it is the question of software again.

Speaking questions of software, a second of these two updates are arrived last week while it was out of city for work. In a half of a day I beginning that it takes the rain of messages of text of my boys - WiFi does not do and can any one my duties. Well, test rebooting of the subjects. It has done already this - closing broken. That on some satellites? What same. Well, I can any fixed of here. Work in a cookery at least? Yes, in a basement and a cookery WiFi is less bad. Arrival home to discover that an update has run felizmente so only in a base and a a satellite that looks to do consistently. Some other two are of a coverage and can not update. Has has had to that king-his pair and run an update, and then king-his pair to a canal to base again afterwards. Comprising the update has failed to try concealed was 2 hours of my life will not go back never again.

Honradamente, Is so only any value an endeavour. The life was slower but better first when I have had spotty coverage in of the parts of a house. Too late to send for behind orbi, as it is going in some rubbishes. Hopefully eero Will be better
5 / 5 Socorro
Where to start with... I have had a system for 6 month or so much. A firmware butchered a system. It has been of stable to bad to unusable. His late plus firmware has broken he for quite all the users. There is the edge with hundreds of estacas and 0 (zero) commentaries of Netgear that directed a situation. A level of the service of client is simple terrible. It is been almost two month of a firmware that has broken enough a system without update of when new firmware will be liberto. Stay out of this point wifi system. It is an available better hardware with a worse firmware and the service of client has has not experienced never. The experience has paid no sincere. Better regime.
5 / 5 Pedro
With which so only two month of use in my new house this subject has died. He no at all. It can not be reset of factory, etc. Netgear the support of client was terrible. I have explained clearly a @@subject and repeatedly would say me partorisca go advance and reset of factory. Well, I add. It concealed it does not operate. Esure, Likes to please goes advance and rest.' Yeah, Thank you folks.

Finally, Netgear there is agreed to a RMA. They have touched my paper crediticia on October 8 partorisca the subject of substitution. It is November 3 and has received any further update of Netgear, neither has has received the subject of substitution. You call them the far plus partorisca sustain of client is resulted further of frustration. Maintaining a subject is besides a period of turn with Amazon.

Partorisca Arrive to this chair of point Netgear has taken my money and course. Netgear Has partorisca has lost always this client of almost fifteen years like the result. Modification: Netgear is now refunding a RMA uploads and indicating is shipping the substitution.
4 / 5 Latricia
Ours WiFi experience of point - 5000 sq marries besides feet, elongated form, the plot of load resists wall with 0.7 earth of acrid zone. On 13 month, has tried Netgear Orbi, Linksys velop and now google wifi. Google wifi Is boss and of the shoulders on another two.

Has begun with Orbi which have had for 3 month. It has Had 3 knots and while the signals and the speed were of sound, plot of deadzones.

Like this changed to Velop with 6 knots. Less deadzones but the terrible client that change for mobile devices. Moving of a place to another inside a house some mobile devices would hang on to leading knots and wifi would close down and one would have to that disconnect and reconnect wifi. The furthest things to the periphery likes them the coverage doorbells prendería to do etc. has had Velop for 8 month

So that changed to Google wifi. Begun with 6 points and now have 7. Works like the charm. Any questions of row, any client that questions of transmissions, all the work all a time. Finally a lot included think in wifi and have >100 MBPS everywhere!

So much for all the commercial descriptions that says Orbi and Velop is Triband and better that google wifi which is dual band . Thought to share for other people with this first world-wide question :)
5 / 5 Tonie
has been long the defender of Netgear but will not buy a late plus and I more add unless has the record of clue has tried. After doing my investigation, when being comfortable with the reputation of a mark, and in a recommendation of a The MATE, has decided hey, perhaps will give this tries it. My mate there has been a too and has loved that. CAN SAY YOU, WOW, THE ONE WHO A DIFFERENCE IN SPEED of BANDWIDTH! An increase of speed was phenomenal.. A more stable connectivity with less buffering when streaming. My house is quite big with need of connectivity throughout. I have purchased an additional Satellite to ensure has had a max the coverage and all can say is ossia for far some better hands-down fixes it of Wi-Fi knows of. It looked he is the competitor but this is trace to a cup. Very easy the DIY dipped on, so only a leaflet of instruction could have been bit it more explanatory. I all a required firmware updates in initial install and sew s was a lot of but roughly 3 weeks in a Satellite has been stuck in a yellow light in a coverage. I have verified on-line has thought he another updates but 10 hours more am returned late to do to @give something is amiss. I have called support of technology (any one an easier thing to do) and was educated, asked to do the few tests and his surmised the substitution has required down has guaranteeed. I have taken the substitution inside the week and on and running never of then. I love a stability of action and a fact that my speed is so that it burns faster that that has had with the Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 for advanced.. Ossia Totally awesome and recommended quell'at least 2x and has bought also. Amur This technology.
4 / 5 Clarita
Averts this product!!! I have purchased a @subject and two satellites. A system has done adds for the few days or of the weeks then locks-arrive - coverage of the house does not connect internet or constantly trace and down. I am spent untold hours in a telephone with Netgear level 1 and level 2 engineers, installing new versions of firmware and changing settings. In the same Versions of the multiple test installed of firmware and registers to locate correspondent to some developers. In some signals that have substituted all three part of my system so only to see some the same subjects esatti arrive inside days. There it looks to be any possible fixed, which is sad reason a law of product adds when it operates. Now I owe that reboot a multiple of devices times the week. Avert this product and buy something of confidence.
4 / 5 Pablo
My setup: 2 house of history, 2500 sq. ft, W/ 1/4 acrid plot; 100 mbps connection of boss. Among mine and some girls' devices, will have 20-25 devices have connected in summit, more wireless.
Has ordered this of AMZN Warehouse to substitute the Netgear R7900 - has lost the 2nd 5GHz canal, but has obtained MU-MIMO support (R7900P there is MIMO, R7900 any). Has 2 Rokus and the laptop with with MIMO capacity and upgrade any portable the new with a Intel 8265/92xx or papers of Killers.
Orbi RBK50 Is simple to install... 1) it Covers in RBR (base of @subject) and RBS (satellite); 2) the satellite has DIRECTED the blue turns when it is synced to issue; 3) it goes to and it is everything on-the aims of screen of there that.
Has lost some time of then has taken the used RBK50 and has not resisted a key of Reset of the Factory down long quite (30 second). When I resisted It long quite (40-60 seconds; light to be able to wins goes green in bylines), has taken 5 minutes less to go of plugged in wholes of house wifi.

1. Fast connection. A R7900 was quickly; a Orbi is faster on Ethernet and wifi connections.
2. So only SSID - Orbi decides QoS, priority, better connection btw 2.4 and 5 GHz canals. @Subject I leaves of software to find yours has has connected devices and define that it is (server of means comunicacionales vs. iPad, For example). Ossia Different that renaming a device to the equal that know that it is in your coverage; I ask defining a type of goodness of device to optimised managing in a coverage?
3. Orbi The box comes with the Cat 5.ºt (100 mbps) boss. Reason? Cat 6 (Gigabit) the bosses are like this economic now. Although it calms it can not take some Gigabit speeds for the cabled device, because it marks a boss one prices limiting factor?
4. So only SSID the half loves signal of transmission, will have to maintain the alone signal that the devices of ready house can manage (the majority can so only numbers of sleeve and papers, any special character).
5. Connections: the subject has USB 2.0 and 3 put you of Ethernet. The satellite has 4 Ethernet and USB 2.0 port. A 3 Ethernet in a backside of one issues is odd, esp. Of then it has 4 in a satellite. And 2.0 vs. 3.X USB could cause the paste of action in IN The. It has dipped the majority of material in a cloud; has the 5-port GB transmission, and can probably hook on anything necessary (TiVo, server, etc.) By means of Ethernet. It is for this that buy a Orbi - a backhaul careers of canal in GB+ speed, and has a stronger signal global and bandwidth quite anywhere in his row.

Global I like which have seen. If you go to take the new to issue in all the chance, my experience has been to do sure yours 'foundation' is solid. A foundation for the coverage of house is a subject, and is GOOD to on-of engineer that of then manages all going in and out of your house. One issues with MU-MIMO (Fine User Fine Gone in-Fine Start) is not necessary now, but will be like this more the devices explode it.
4 / 5 Nicole
The subject forward was the Nighthawk R7000 that careers a late plus Kong DD-WRT...

Has moved of then in our new house (giant 2 house of history) a complains in WiFi when being slow in some telephones have begun to go. This in spite of, have ignored mostly these b/c my workstations pursues at the end-to-final 2 Gbps LAG backbone in home, a centre of entertainment and the main TV also run in a same scorching fast wired LAN also, and... Enough anything concealed the speed has required was has run in LAN bosses (the house is wired for Ethernet Cat5e) Then , I never annoyed to take a wifi working better... Well, until I have decided to setup stirs it of wireless cameras... And with which is apparent result that a R7000 did not cut it anymore. It was painful, constant slow downs, poor connection, etc ,etc... In short: terrible. It could not kick one can down a street anymore... So after doing some preliminary investigation has found Netgear Orbi, then a Orbi Ultra-Action, and oh boy... This there has been my name stamped on that... Netgear + Ultra + Action... It has not taken any better concealed it!! (Summer Netgear user of a WTG624 days) LOL... Then the few independent tests convinced me to us that a Ultra + the action was a name of a game for Orbi RBK50... And have pulled a trigger.

Enters a Orbi RBK50... And behold, ludicrous speed... Of -5 Mbps in my telephone of Galaxy to 560 Mbps anywhere in a 2nd walk of my house. All my Wifi cameras now rock, no more blackouts, slow connections, dead zones...
Included some computers of the ethernet wired has aimed an improvement, my polite supposition is in a DNS lookups... Perhaps a R7000 could not treat a big account of the competitors of clients that asks DNS surgeries of a WiFi and LAN... Again, a polite supposition b/c really does not know ... But a thing is that a Orbi RBK50 derrumbó a R7000 on quite all could launch in him.
Mina Orbi @subject autoupdated to have has had the shortly after on and that careers and has not had the only disconnect or question with neither wifi neither ethernet.

Coming from a DD-WRT was the bit of the shocker, has been waiting for myriad of things to tweak, etc... But in general it had died simple to setup. The desire has had some more customization without requiring telnet and tinkering with files of configuration, etc.. But TBH, after running DD-WRT in the each subject has possessed for a past 10+ years think having something the regime concealed of a box and offers this class of action is certainly welcome. The time will say, but for now, ludicrous the speed is.
4 / 5 Florrie
Would think that to buy the system of Wi-Fi in 2020 would give you the management UI these looks ... Any 90 east. Calm sure volume the elegant but very limited mobile application, but to use any characteristic advanced, need to use that it has to that be one the majority of primitive and slow UI has seen. Now, if he all would do, would say that “ I will live with him” but ossia not even a chance. It wants to use no- rule DNS? It forgets to dip the secondary IPv6 allocution in. It wants to update a firmware? Calm say you there is no new version of him, when really it has. Oh Attended, calm say that there is no new version for some satellites, but that a service is not even available for one issues. Need to commit transmissions? You go the “way of need and” black hole to refresh calm. And a continuous cast in and on... Netgear, Take the look in Synology RSM and see that adds the management UI can be.
Then has a Wi-Fi 6 “what” and a fiancée that is blazingly quickly. Well, my iPhone 11 Pro Max has taken a cold shoulder reason has taken automatically secluded to a band and at all could take unstuck. As any so only does not take a “Real “ “ “” 6 treatment, has taken forbidden to the band that that a slower device in my coverage. Funnily Enough, has any way to see that quickly some satellites are speaking “” to a subject (again, sees the one who SRM done this) and with which a lot of test has run, there is not remarked anything different in of the terms of speeds or coverage of before mine like this compared Synology RT2600ac subject with 3 (sic) MR2200ac satellites.
And then has stability, or has to that say lack of him. My cameras of Nest have been kicked of a coverage 6 times in a has turned 16 hours (which is when I decommissioned a @subject) and any register would say me that that has spent so only.

Is too bad that my experience was like this bad that has has had to that the turn.

Finally, some joint of packaging: the containers are utmost, but does not confuse bundling and discounting. If you want to sell 1 @subject and 2 satellites for the prize have combined well, ossia WELL. But as if any one wants to begin with 1 and then develop? Reason calms does not leave concealed? oh Yours does not leave for more than 2 satellites (that calms no state) or wants to force your clients' hands early on. My joint: go it it mapea and have promotional containers.
5 / 5 Leandro
Buys a Orbi system the small to the along in fact the year. For one the majority of separate he that said it would do, pumping out of a lot wifi connectivity. We find a question another has mentioned with devices of Android that takes kicked was. I have had to run the separate coverage to maintain our telephones have connected, which bondadoso to squander a purpose of having this product in a first place.

But a subject real is that so only another day a system had died totally. A satellite there has been a red coverage on, that indicates any connection. A master unit had died so only. A light of the power in a backside was on, but no another activity. I have tried resetting the and power of cycling, but swimming. And of then they are to the long of the year quotes of compraventa past, has support of just zero to fix this. Given a prize of a system am pleased at all with now that possesses an expensive pair of bricks. It looks he likes in a chance of the fault of the total hardware there would owe that be some recourse.
4 / 5 Tonya
This system was simply a lot ready for prime time. I have installed this a week done. The installation is a flawless . A software in another hand no very at all. Shortly after installing I look that the people could no to listen me but could listen him when on WiFi calling. This has begun well with which have installed a new to issue and satellite. He also commentaries that the could not download any one files in any reasonable speed. Some downloads of file would tug and take the hours for something concealed would have to that take seconds. I am spent stirs it of the hours that reads with netgear support and trying different phases in these subjects. We had me To knots today downgrade to the leading version of software today and a subject of speed of download of file is has solved now. This in spite of, WiFi calling has broken still and look that now mine VOIP call them are falling randomly with which a downgrade which has not spent in a current software. I have said that the support has 10 days to fix before gone back this produced and reinstall my old coverage. For a seal of prize of 700 dollars, this would have to that it has had the very better QC process. Another thing is annoying is that some engineers can re-create this material in a laboratory yes has loved but instead take support to spend countless hours with the client that does investigation in his think these products is a way to go long term. So only simply the has not been ready at the same time of emission.
5 / 5 Loria
Has had a lot spotty reception in a subject/of the modem rented of Xfinity. When I have augmented a incoming speed to 1Gbps has required something with row and speed—3 levels of house with several something dead. Also we have until 15 devices that comprises wireless printers, portable, telephones and pills that can be operate any time dates. Knots hooked some subject main to the netgear nighthawk modem of boss and dip a satellite in a half of a second tent. Simple installs. Speed of download For my telephone has been of 15-26 Mbps to 200 to 280 according to location and 350 to 450 for my iPad. Spectacular! Any something has died neither, with the speed adds in two disparate rooms that the coverage been missing of before. I have appreciated also that I have not had to rename a wireless coverage and of the signals of transmission, etc. All the devices have changed in seamlessly. It could be better!
5 / 5 Wilma
Description of RBK50. Also described like NETGEAR Orbi Mesh of Whole House WiFi System with Tri-band AC3000 (Place of 2).

There is wanted to so only warn potential buyers that this Netgear fixes it with unit of looks of satellite to have questions with a unit of satellite. A subject primary has done well for me but a unit of satellite has lost connectivity of time of diverse internet. That is particularly bad is that a unit is not conscious of a question and our wireless devices aim the strong connection to a wireless coverage - only does not operate . When This arrives usually so only turn a unit of satellite was. Like an idea to improve coverage in general the zone has not done well for me like this far. (BTW, am using later firmware and verified for other solutions in varied web of places.)

Creates Netgear has announced that slowly to sustain the connectivity wired hard among one issues and a unit of satellite. Perhaps this will help but would promote potential buyers to expect until these questions are fixed.
5 / 5 Cynthia
My experience upgrading of Car of Time of the Apple to a Orbi Mesh this in spite of that uses my Car of Time for Backups. A result was excellent, but has had the few small challenges to the long of a way. They are very happy with an action improved and when being able to continue to use my Car of Time for backups. I have used his application of installation and support of the client and both were useful. I expect that these tips are useful to these upgrading of the Car of Time.

In July 2019, has purchased a Orbi RB50 @subject and satellite of Amazon. An only hangup that has had during an installation has been due to two of the mine four mac computer not releasing his DHCP leases and that remain in a Car of Time of coverage of old Apple although it already had dipped the coverage of a Car of Way/of @Subject of the Time to “Out(Way of Pont)”.

After trying the few things in mine on, has used my Orbi application to define a fundamental issue and take the entrance of question that has given me the priority in a row has called. A representative of the support of the client there have gone quickly control one issue settings in some computers that done vs not doing to isolate that a two problematic some where holding to a DHCP leases. I unpowered a Car of Time, refreshed a DHCP leases in some problematic Macs, and his then properly attached to an Internet. A solution was sincere to the equal that am detailing some steps as beginning of scratch:

1. Backup all the devices in your Car to Time to the equal that has the first recent backup to begin.
2. In your Car of Time of the Apple, uses an Utility of Airport and go to a “Wireless” tab to change some names of the yours that exists primary and coverages of guest. A logic here is that that exists the devices no longer will be able to access some old coverages, in chance that a Car to Time still is broadcasting an old coverage. If required, calm still would be able to access an old coverage drop a new name in an of your yes calm computers still accesses to need to an Internet for the help with one installs. Of course, it is more to use the cellular connection or has looked a DIY video in advanced and took the few notes, but is always good to have options.
3. Utilisation a Orbi application and follow some instructions of installation to setup a new coverage. Deliberately I have used the new name to avert any subjects with the old devices that hangs on to leases and to follow down residual subjects. You can change behind in any name later, desire . Like an aside, one 2nd bar code that mentions in some instructions of the installation of the application is located in a fund of one issues. Also, when my Orbi the @subject and the satellite has synchronised, did not see him controls the solid colour for minutes. They flashed White and then has had no solid colour. I have suspected that has had the failed sync, but my application has aimed a satellite had connected and was on-line. All was a lot.
4. I have added a computer to a new Orbi to coverage likes I Internet there was then access to look the DIY video. A new Orbi the coverage of point gave everything of a bandwidth that has expected of my model of boss (200Mbps). It had expected to see 10 clip in bandwidth for TCP/tall IP, so suspicious that a ISP has resupplied the bondadoso búfer.
5. I have turned a power entirely out of my Car of Time and semi-detached all other devices (computers, TVs, telephones, pills, gaming, etc).
6. I have connected my Car to Time the Orbi street and boss of Ethernet, plugging a boss of Ethernet to a Car of Time in the port of regular Ethernet in place of a a designated for an Internet. The powered on a Car of Time, when to a tab of Coverage, and there is of then was no longer in “Any (Way of Pont)”, likes to dip has not persisted . Now that has had a Orbi the coverage that careers well, have gone to a “Wireless” tab in a Car of Time and has turned a Way of Coverage to “Out” and the update “has selected”. All the wireless settings for a Car of Time is disappeared. They are then be to a tab of Coverage and reset a Way of @Subject to “Out (Way of Pont)” and the update “has selected”. Retrospectively, they Are by train to ask me Way of the bridge has not persisted reason can have failed to select “Update” when initially dipping a Way of @Subject to “Out (Way of Pont)” in a page of Coverage.
7. Another tip in a recommended Internet that dips an information of canal of the base, but has not seen any need for transmissions on mine.
8. I have turned a WiFi is gone in my computer and then behind on to verify that a Scheme partorisca Time the wireless coverages were was and no longer broadcasting .
9. I have then verified that it could it to it see past backups in my Car of Time for clicking an icon of Car of the Time in my tray and selecting “Entered a Car of Time”. I have been relieved. It has treated then the backup to confirm that some backups seamlessly.
5 / 5 Marjorie
Felizmente Had been using the Linksys EA9500 partorisca almost two years until it has begun recently close up and that causes all ours streaming TVs still take. As I have not been too happy with a Linksys (Belkin) software/firmware support, has wanted to look for another vendor. It weaves it to them of investigation and solved in a RBK50 (1 RBR50 + 1 RBS50).

Has required quite WIFI in AP (way of bridge) to cover to 3800+ alone history house. I have situated a subject (RBR40) in some corners of a house for behind the pfsense subject and a the satellite (RBS50) in another side of a house that feigns to use ethernet backhaul. With which some initials hurdles, ossia now my setup. I will share the pocolos aim precise follow to take this dips up:

1) an initial setup using a wifi backhaul
2) Update firmware to a late plus
3) has Dipped the AP (bridge) way
4) Uncheck (DISABLE) Daisy-Chain
Anticipated-tab ->Anticipated Setup ->Wireless Settings ->Enable Daisy-Topology of Canal
5) Situates a @subject and satellite in place and attach a ethernet the bosses that use some ports in a subject (does not use the transmission).

Once ossia complete, will enjoy seamless wifi covering your whole house and paremeter.

Likes the signal was that the majority of one has directed the services are disabled in AP way. Here it is the one who remain to do:

- Wireless Configuration
- has has attached Devices (@subject and satellite)
- ReadySHARE Printer
- Settings of Coverage of the Guest
- Add Orbi Satellite
- Registers
- Firmware Update
- NTP Congiguration
- Signal
- Settings of Backup
- Dynamic DNS
- Static Streets
5 / 5 Alaine
This system has substituted my aging workhorse Nighthawk X8 R8500 and Nighthawk EX8000 extends. It was pleased enough that a setup the process was painless, has taken the fraction that thought it . Has Spectre for ISP with the speed of 400 Mbps. With a Nighthawk seldom would see one 400 Mbps, but withe a Orbi RBK50, am seeing the speeds in my house achieve and surpass 400Mbps consistently. They are ecstatic. The mine of discharges of the row 2000 sq ft wife with the strong signal throughout. Has does not have to that never included with one extends, (that it was it required absolutely to achieve a far side of my house and cochera). A Orbi there is taken on mine 6 camera of Coverage, 1 Kuna porch light camera, LG washer and dryer, thermostat of Nest and smoke/carbo detector of monoxide, 3 iPhones, 5 iPads, 5 Alexa devices, 5 loan TVs, 1 laptop, and 2 desktop computer. All concealed and second looks not breaking the sweat. It had read several descriptions regarding dropouts after firmware updates, but like this of 04/26/2020, looks stable. I can not comment on service of client as I have not required to contact them, (swipe on forest). In general I am very pleased with this system of coverage of the point and would recommend it to any one. I will be to add a satellite has estimated external the few days to augment a start of speed in my rear yard, (3/4 acrid plot). After experiencing an action of a RBK50 subject and system of satellite, has the confidence adds that adding an outside Orbi the satellite will take a work done.
5 / 5 Olive
Ossia The description of a RBK50. At the same time of this Amazon to write looks to have descriptions for RBK852 and RBK50 mashed together.

Am seeing some cup revises concealed is extremely negative to the equal that in the first place will detail some questions have had with a device.

Has purchased a RBK50 with a satellite behind in June 2017. As remarked for some of some upper reviewers has had some disconnect subject. In my devices of Apple of commentary of chance that connection of falls randomly. This looked to spend roughly once the day. A device disconnect partorisca roughly 10 second and then reconnect. With current firmware upgrades this looks for having the prisoner that spends.

Initially, there is remarked also that a satellite there has been some subjects with disconnecting of some subject main. This would arrive intermittently and has not looked to coincide with a subject of device of the Apple, but this there is prendido also arrive after several firmware updates.

Possibly if some subjects were more be frequent and has not had prisoner that spends would have moved on, but some global goodnesses a product gives in traditional setups is like this well that I any one has included really think roughly in the slope.

This has said, has does not have to that never use Netgear support and like other people adapt that updating them his firmware to press his product of security when you plough a admin the poster is annoying.

In spite of some questions, in general have a lot of be happy with a Orbi. I do of house and do development of software to the equal that trust my Internet that is stable and my woman roams around a house that use his devices all a time to the equal that have has wanted to something concealed would cover the big swath of zone. Some the leading owners of our house have had a boss routed to a living room and the really low quality boss the connection dipped in upstairs like the modem of boss is always be down in a living room. Has no CAT5/6 that the careers by means of a house like one issues is always be in this location also. Has the 2000sq/ft colonial with the two automobile detached cochera that is roughly 15 feet out of our house. With another traditional routers would struggle to take signal in of the rooms in another side of a house of a living room. I have tried the few options to extend a coverage, but was all the big WHISTLES to use and maintain that it runs to involve multiple devices and the multiple time wifi coverages. A lot of times have contemplated to pull CAT5/6 by means of a house, but I procrastinated long quite that an option of the coverage of the point is available result.

I setup a canal of bases in a down of our house in a location of living room and dip a satellite in a second walks approaches a centre of a house. A coverage is excellent in a whole house with this configuration. I can take signal 50 feet down mine go. I do in my car in ours detached cochera and use the Chromebook there for material of reference and am able to take good signal. I have installed the Coverage wifi spotlight camera in a cochera and does not have any subject with him connecting and sending video. When it has taken Steamlink has found that my old wifi the adapter has not been until a task of streaming of my PC to a device down, as I have bought a ASUS AC-68 dual band wifi adapter and concealed clashed on a throughput significantly to a point where does not have any question with Steamlink at all and his documentation recommends that the connection wired to a PC.

In some signals the few years behind me lamented a slowness and instability of wifi and to good sure sustained to run CAT5/6 by means of a house, but with this product there is really any one needs anymore.
4 / 5 Karolyn
Are not the enormous defender of Netgear BUT a Orbi elements of diverse paste of cube for me and I have purchased a system/of satellite of the base. It dips up it is easy, I like an interface (generally) in mine telephone and leave me to clearly see that it is connected my coverage . The speeds are excellent that was the must has invested of then in internet of Action.
All was generally well until I have had to that update mine firmware. To good sure believe an a lot, a lot revises concealed calm warn you roughly some effects to devastate of a firmware updates. Ossia Where that extracted Netgear want to me rasgar my hair was. It would be very Netgear could take his together law and sustain his products (both in of the terms of firmware and support of client) without doing the desire of clients had chosen another option. One the majority recently firmware has changed all some names of some devices in my system, disconnected devices of my system, and there is retarded down my global speeds. A so only can expect the subsequent endeavours repair these things and take mine Orbi retreated in clues.
In general, while a Orbi does exactly that announces, the desire was with the company another that Netgear.
4 / 5 Agustin
has moved in the house with 5gHz subject, and internet very fast. In this house, take the strong WiFi signal.
A Orbi is not faster that one that exists WiFi, so on 110-118mbs. But when I use a ethernet connection of a unit of satellite to my computer, is still so only 100mbs.
Has then seen on-line that Orbi tends to throttle down a speed of internet, and for the improve, need to do to the reset of a unit is. Which have done. Well, after a reset, would not take internet. I have called Orbi to help me mark of the necessary settings with which reset. We said me to knots, of mine Or is more than 1 month, requires to do the 'a registration of time' of a product before they will help me. A cost: $ 100. It is like, that? I have paid $ 300 partorisca east and loves another $ 100 just to say me some pocolos settings for the take that reads again? No. Of the hell is not doing, and has not been like this quickly likes WiFi before. It said him I will not pay his cost of registration of the extortion. It is not doing, as I sent it behind by means of Amazon for the repayment. Like this no longer it recommends to buy a Orbi.
I hats were to Amazon partorisca always maintaining his happy clients.
Is renter in the house. It could not take my own internet, full speed, ethernet connection, so only could use an owner to exist WiFi, 4 speed of rooms 75-80mbs. Experiences Orbi in recommendation of friends, support of the technology required for pertinent connection, and then, boom, perfect 100mbs the connection that uses a Orbi ethernet. Strong, any drop outs. The device adds.
5 / 5 Yoshiko
Adds for roughly 4 month. Now I lose the multiple of connection times the day. If you do not have an interior @subject a 90 service of day the calm period then is out of regime with service of client. The worse product has not bought never in of the terms of frustration, work well when it remains connected. I will not buy never another netgear produced again simply been due to lack of service of client. Google orbi The connection fallen and an internet is full of a same question.
5 / 5 Cheryll
Has bought a Orbi Subject and Satellite in September, 2017, and here is 18 month later and a main unit is is the brick!
A light of supply of the can will not come on in spite of exchanging a cord to be able to that it went it to be doing for a satellite. Tried that does to reset of factory, three times, to any avail. They are simply he stunned that the $ 350+ Orbi the system is useless. And while it speaks in vain, any included annoy with Netgear upport.' Basically the waste of time. You will know more on some units that a morons hire to assist, although you can take by means of. Like this now I have a Orbi satellite RBS50 for sale, Economic! Another house where Netgear will not remain!
4 / 5 Cherri
Alive in the 1900sq ft, two history condo this was has built so only does a year. We have moved of then in last year, has been battling slow wifi speed and force of poor signal. We begin with Verizon Edges 100 mpbs and changed to Cox Boss 100 mpbs and some questions were some esatti was (using subject of modem/rented and our Netgear extend). Knots upgraded ours accelerate to 300 mbps and has bought it Netgear AC1750 subject/of modem and hardwired all could. While this has helped the small and tried to be the best setup, has had still some same subjects.

I technicians have said, ' is a house ', ' is a wall of fire among a condos', ' is all a condo near', etc. But I any one have offered never the solution. Has has had to that so only accept a fact that 50-80 mbps wifi was like this as well as it locates the 300 mbps paving. Our @@subject our big plus is an inconvenience that has to change it wifi coverages (2.4 - 5 - and one extends) as required, as where is in a house. Like this, we decide to try a Orbi system.

Buys a 5000 sq ft setup. It can be overkill for our 1900 sq ft condo, but oh well. I setup of the subjects in our ready box, has connected directly to a Netgear AC1750 subject/of modem and has situated a satellite upstairs. It has not been that to turn of one issues function in a AC1750 like this still have three coverages. One of a Orbi and two of a AC1750 ( disconnected one extends). I have left all could hardwired to a modem and has transferred all some wireless devices the Orbi system. I am not sure if ossia a better setup, or yes would owe that move a Orbi the another zone of a house that uses one in-direct connection to a modem or would have to that substitute a AC1750 with the different modem so only, any he combo @subject/of modem. If any one has the better suggestion, please left to know me I so that it follows to learn I so that it goes here.

A force of the signal during a house is awesome. It is wonderful his do not owe that coverages to change every time locate/down some stairs. Our only surprise is that our Coverage Doorbell still said wifi the force of signal is one same, 'A lot of' and any 'Very A lot of'. We expect this to change and he the no. that Considers a wifi speed... Amazing improvement!! I have tried a wifi speed (down) using three different speed tests, all inside the minute of the each one another. Some results have interested:

Orbi tries of application: 340 download - 32 load
test of application of the Coverage: 119 download - 32 load
: 132 download - 32 load

am not sure reason a Orbi row of the test of the speed is like this main that another. I have done this multiple time, the row is always in a same. All the devices (concealed can try) has a half speed of 130-150 download, trying down, with . An only exception is the 4 old year ipad that tries 80 down and so only 20 upstairs am not sure reason some falls to accelerate so much upstairs, on all the devices, neither is like this to solve this subject.

Clearly will not take never a wifi accelerates that stops of has paid. Still, a Orbi has been the enormous improvement for the knots and I at present have the zeros complain. I will update this if anything changes.
4 / 5 Melba
Modified: 8/15/17. Works of units of the substitution but he have taken the PLOT partorisca try to take working. Finally, well a date of endeavour is fantastic action . But a promise of easy installation , simple is so only very there still.

Once again, a new unit has taken also stuck to tries to update is firmware requiring the manual update. But with which one issues has update, would not find a satellite. With which a lot tries to connect, a so only fix was partorisca do to reset of factory that use a bit key in a backside of the each unit and beginning on. It has taken a lot of test but he finally connected and has update a satellite. Once connected and up to date, the law adds. Any one has fallen connections partorisca the weeks of pair.

Users any technician probably would find this a lot frustrating. If not to impose you doing by means of questions, an action he the value done an endeavour.

Original description:
are the Netgear defender and and REALLY has WANTED this partorisca do. I have had a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 and AC1750 that both have done perfectly. When A Orbi has done, was fantastic. I have it that has not had never such good speed or coverage. But it has had so many questions that feels like this he buggy produced of beta. It is returned and gave it a star because simply it could is not basic work ... It resupplies connectivity of stable Internet.

1. Tonnes of setup questions. Setup Has maintained partorisca take stuck (still although I have been wired in). Firmware The update has maintained also take stuck has to that way that has had to that skip the, downloads a firmware and do the manual update. The @subject there is had the satellite partorisca find of hard time. Had more the subjects but calm take a picture.

2. Questions of disconnection. If you have read some bad descriptions, will find that this the common question. I took it once dipped up and has update a firmware, has maintained partorisca fall connections to different devices. Samsung Compressed, LG telephone, Roku players, etc. A Roku was a worse reason the majority of devices reconnect automatically but would not leave a Roku reconnect until it has been restarted.
4 / 5 Francesca
Him him 1 to 2 GBPs (aka 1000Mbps) ossia the coverage of point of phenomenal house .

Unless you are punctual to have to that 1 coverage of action, is quite expensive.

Have an older house with abundance of brick and wall of plaster with a lot of the wireless neighbours that struggle for radio quickly, and these things simply destroy all one some have installed.

I coverages of build, wire fences and wireless for the living and can testify to a power of these things and an ease of setup.

I in fact so only dipped these to the subject small and loves it. They can transfer files in 6Gbps internally of then also update the little of the his workstations to

Two of this coverage to three house of history everything with each device in a 5ghz row. A total of 52 devices!

An application will help you dipped on your devices.

An interface of browser will give you much more qualified.

Has had these a day has moved to a provider of additional edge 1gb. For the few days have had two 1gb connections, so that of course it has added it some two connections so only to see if and that that would do.

Wow, 1.7 GBPs Was quite impressive for the day ;)

1) is ugly. (Theory of moped this in spite of)
2) An interface of browser is clunky and takes some time to take by means of.
3) For the better results still would use the cabled backhaul. Any necessary, but slightly better.
4) will not touch with any one another routers at present is gone in a phase. They are sure this will change in time.
5) Is quell'has bitten pricey
5 / 5 Elenor
A Orbi the system has arrived on 1/7/2018. Sleeve-up was the bit of the hassle, but has had good regime with netgear produced in a past, as I have imagined would do by means of him. The system is on and that careers and for 2-the weeks have had directly he at all but continuous drops, but listens he firmware the update that comes that it is supposition to fix things, as I leave a system to limp by means of. It takes a firmware update on 1/21/2018, but still take drops. I decide to reset a whole system and a orbi solid of rock of the functions for 4 days. Yesterday, a power is exited in my house for the pocolos small. To turn behind on, a orbi starts misbehaving again. At all for all the classes of resets, closing things down and whatnot. At all it acts. So much, the system of turn of I Amazon of use and am expecting the substitution the Sunday. In a moment, it will maintain to touch with a current system. A pair of things, has read at all but histories of horror with Netgear support. I have not had never reason to call them before and after reading numerous descriptions here and in a netgear community forums, will not be squandering my time with them (some of some responses have seen for netgear employed in some forums, solidify my think that neither does not concern or does not know anything). This system goes to exit neither of a box (after firmware updates) or is going back for a Eero system. My time is lovely and will not be squandering much more in this system. If some works of new system, will update some points. If he no, I no. Btw, Like this always, would give the policemen of the amazon 5 stars. They do to be the easy consumer.
4 / 5 Kamala
Am coming to a AX6000 of a Google overwhelmed Wifi Gene 1 point, and require some class of point or hub and has spoken system like the result of having wall of concrete blockade and other things that marks wifi the challenge of the alone base.

Now that is to dip on, a Orbi AX6000 works perfectly, giving me perfect streaming in the each room, with absolutely tension very evident is one 4 k common or stirs it of the devices that do demands a same time.

But has the caveat, and ossia that a setup the device is not enough until sado.

Specifically, a Orbi the application will look for to update a base and some satellites a same time during setup, yes has followed a otherwise very pleasant and sincere setup instructions. There is the casualidad will fail this update, and then at all will do.

To correct this, has had to find the random youtube person of technology the one who there has been a same question. There is advised that I manually reset a @subject and some satellites, then dipped on of the subjects for him and has left the update and all this material, then add in some satellites and update them. This also would owe that be easy, but has found that has had the number of dud starts in a relinking process, and has taken to plot of patience and attended long to be sure that has not been to link on, then restarting them and that comes from again.

So only would add that you want to maintain a incumplimiento wifi clean/signal and change it with which are sure that all the work. For some reason, has had the question with the hips during initial setup.

Him him I Sleeps to the system likes , for of a way, will not like a turn in wifi although utilisations one same cleaned go and signal. But all this has meant has been has has had to that disconnect and reconnect each pair in turn, and then he all has gone back.

Like this touches terrible, and will admit, does not compare favorably to the mine last Google Wifi setup experience, which was basically discharges and game (ossia in a space of 'easy application setup' modern routers). But it likes him to him the subject the, a Orbi AX6000 swipes so much my subject wired leading (for wired connections by means of the transmission) and any wifi has used out of a water. I routinely take 2-3x a speed for wired the connections that has done with my forward gigabit Google/of @subject Wifi combo, and a wifi is virtually unshakeable a lot @@subject some questions. I seat ready for Wifi 6 devices, which is not even the capacity a Nest of Google current Wifi offered.

So many, my conclusion is that a hardware is excellent verging in miraculous, and well value a prize. A software is not quite there still, and is embarrassing that Netgear loves load for support of technology for the $1000 system of @subject that would owe with support of prize for incumplimiento, for at least a first year to take people in his feet. If you can treat that last part, is to good sure a solution to take difficult past wifi situations and take one the majority of out connections of fast internet. This means that I will maintain an eye in the and the sure continuous mark be stable thus first year, but different when I have done that initial GW gene 1 upgrade, is not something goes to recommend immediately the people those who are less still technology -comfortable that are, reasons owe that be has had to that take on this hump of initial installation.
4 / 5 Oleta
Has liked him 2.4 more 5.0 GHz potential and that the satellite has connected to subject main easily. It achieves it Describes very big - i.et. My whole 2800 sq ft the house that comprises 3 pavings. One 5 GHz the coverage is way wider of the subject alone forward that leaves all mine wirelessly has connected TVs, pills, telephones and computers to be snappy. There is occasional dropouts in an of mine TVs (2018 LG 65') this in spite of.

Does not like :
1. There is not quite 1action ethernet ports in main @subject - only 3 - so it has had to add 4-@subject of port of transmission of the wire fence to take all my access wired of internet of devices.
2. A system autoselects a better frequency thinks that that each device would owe that use - second looks have based in the distance of one issues or satellite. If your devices (more cameras and transmissions of casts/of discharge) is so only, is not relieved yes physically is too close up - ORBI tries to force 5.0 GHz - and some devices result useless. I have blocked a 5GHz the frequency saws software but still has not relieved everything of previously doing devices. I have finalised to resurrect a subject had substituted and are by train to use it wired to a satellite ORBI to give 2.4 GHz coverage to my ready devices.
3. Support of the technology has not been useful for email or on-line put internets. One offers in ORBI put of the web of personal support took in Indian and the does not present very useful the one who has loved too much personal information and informed would cost $ for him to 'take control of a computer and fix one @subjects'. To this says - any thank you.

Please he easy to select a frequency has attributed to the each device and add 2 more wired the ports please. Then this system in fact would match some claims of wide coverage with both frequencies and facilitated of setup/use.

Now that has a ORBI subject 1 more ORBI satellite for 5.0 GHz coverage more older mine Linksys AC the subject wired the ORBI satellite for , and a transmission added @subject extra with extra wired ports to ORBI subject, my house and the cochera are very covered and all the devices do well. It could have purchased another system with issuing it and 2 satellites that to the left choose me a frequency for each device partorisca in the dollars of hundred less - lesson-learnt, I supposition.
5 / 5 Renata
Been using this for the month and am extremely happy with him. Has a subject has connected to a ISP-resupplied combo modem/of boss of the @subject how has been dipped the way of bridge (i.et., subject & wifi Disabled). Coupled With a unit of satellite, has complete coverage by means of a whole house -- can look video of a cookery, go, porch forward, and everywhere more. A fact that one 2 & 5 ghz the coverages have a bit was SSID also me happy.

While I have not had any questions with my devices (p. p.ej., thermostat Of Nest, Coverage Pro video doorbell, telephones of pills/of the Android, Chrome & portable of Linux), is possibly even more that interests that has people in a house that use this wifi weekly (usually when has a chance and 5-10 people are in the time) and no a person there is complained (several devices, comprising Apple iPads/iPhones/Minis).

Also particularly love a fact that a satellite there is ethernet ports to do yours yours life easy plus when that runs the bosses is not a subject. This was in fact a characteristic that pressed on a flange to purchase and am happy that he seamlessly without any subjects. (Unfortunately because of the constraints of time were spent he -and-go situation; I have not annoyed to do a lot the action that tries to compare latency & of bandwidth plugged to a satellite vs base.) A good surprise was a management looks that Netgear Genie application (for Android) available fact -- I amour a map of coverage and a capacity to toggle access of internet for the particular device.

Everywhere: this was exactly that has required. This has said, if any precise a ethernet-bridging or there is anticipated a lot-telephone-web of application-ui of a Orbi, certainly would owe that read descriptions and consider some of another new fashionable point wifi to to the options likes them to them the competition is fierce.
5 / 5 Charita
Before we buy this has read a lot of descriptions of systems of point. I have decided to take this because of an ease of installation and a point for of prize that takings. I have had this the week and with which some premiers few days have thought really had done the enormous deception and planned on returning it. It dips up it was súper easy with easy to follow instructions. It has dipped on a main unit and a satellite and there was excellent coverage during a house. I have added an external time resistant satellite and maintaining have coverage really well during a house and in ours front and of the rear courses also. Our plot is roughly 5500 square feet. Any something dead anywhere in a house and there is súper fast speeds during a house. I have had an Airport of Apple before and ossia 4 fast times . It is crazy a Mbps volume with this thing. Has the 400 Mbps the plan and is consistently in or on 400 Mbps for speed of download. A reason because thought aliamos to have to that the returns is that he prendió to do three times in some first 36 hours and I have has had to that reboot the. It has not been it was an arrival of new modem to receive of Spectre or a Orbi. The some research and I have read on-line to disable a 'Circulated application that has had in my telephone ( is Netgear application to direct yours wifi) and the hips disable one 'Armour' security that is in a Orbi application. Ossia The level it big plus of security that is the service of byline Netgear offered. Of the to you he 30 day tries free. Once I disabled these two things, has not had one @subjects anything. Some units is quite big. To the Some people any like them to them any looks of some units, but in fact likes to of me better that some big bug-looking unit with six antennas that estaca out of the each one that way. An only thing there is remarked is that it takes the little time for your devices to change of a main unit to any of some units of satellite. No the big of the shot. Everything of my devices has changed finally in his own but takes the pocolos small. In fact, I so only remarked reason has verified to see had seamless transition. For example. If path of a backyard to a front of a house, takes the pair of the minutes for him change to a main unit. Again, probably it would not have remarked reason included first of a transmission there is near of 200 Mbps speed of download. A system of signal he, this in spite of, is a lot of value any lag time. Before, we have had to have wifi extenders that has has had to that you sometimes physically change to to take decent service. Any one extends failure, one more the fault of device. Also, with one extends and an Airport of Apple, has had hardly any service in a backside of a house and he almost swimming in a backyard. After all it is said and fact, the desire there would be this more collected.
4 / 5 James
Have Orbi WiFi6 Like Offered navideña. Had Netgear R7000 this was a lot of very mine, as I have loved to remain me with Netgear.
An aim was to improve speed in 3000 sq ft house, two pavings, with concrete basement. I have not had any question with forcing to signal before (any something dead), but liked really that Orbi has had of the only SSID, and has supposed to direct clients automatically to optimise for speeds among them.
Orbi The subject has SUBSTITUTED 5-the old year Netgear R7000 subject, and his Satellite has substituted ancient Linksys E3000 the subject concealed done like the slave to R7000 (point of access of the second in another side of a house).

Think that $ 750 Orbi Wi-Fi 6 system, drawn for 5000 sq ft coverage, would be better that $ 185 R7000 subject.. Same location like together old on, included cat7e the connection wired among them, the things so only can be better, well?

Is resulted:
1. Enormous question: a Android8 pill, and Trane has connected thermostat, is constantly loosing connection. After loosing signal, neither to pill or that the thermostat can not connect again! So only they move it and move it that looks for wifi. Both are directed on-line of view among Orbi Satellite, located where Linksys E3000 the subject was warking perfectly.
And am spending my life that the looks and that tries to connect connectable devices. Thank you, Netgear!
Note, has not had any question with any first devices of Orbi. Now, both devices are off-line.
Like this, no more remotely regulating temperature in a house. Thank you, Netgear!

2. Service. I have called to Netgear roughly 12 times. Not kidding. Every time, after choosing 'Orbi' option, am said that requires to first of mine called to 'another department' these sleeves Orbi. Then, we say me to the knots can does not help me, but will contact level-2 technology sustains the one who will call me 'today'. I guess in his planet, a day is really really register.
Reason the person call behind. When I Call behind, his new 'number of chance', and fiancée to call me again. I create 12 times x 1 now = 12 hours of my time will not go back never. Thank you, Netgear!

Besides, follows up in a call with email, asking to add details to a chance, and also saying 'does not answer to this email'. In fact, there is any option of email to contact Netgear. The suppositions do not want to a lot of papertrail.
Thank you, Netgear!

3. Now my house has something has died in a second walk. With $ 200 R7000 subject, has not had any question there. It maintains in alcohol, has any way to take additional Orbi satellite of Wi-Fi although I want wasteful on one. It is reason have called Netgear and ask them if possible to buy another Satellite to cover dead zone. It has known no a response, and recommended me partorisca contact vendor to ask them. I guess it is Amazon or Walmart the one who Orbi, any Netgear.
In any way, has any way to develop wifi6 point with another satellite. Thought adds, Netgear!

Conclusion: unless I listen of Netgear, plans for the turn. Probably it will take Linksys MX10 Velop. Thank you, Netgear! I really tried to be your loyal client.
4 / 5 Isis
Has seen some bad recent descriptions on Amazon, but has imagined that has had a bad firmware update which has caused a bulk of some questions. Unfortunately it was deceived. Although an initial setup has done well, and was able to take the majority of my devices that reads (comprising mine XPS13 which has a Murderous AX1650), mine Lenovo P1 Gene 2 (with Intel AX200) simply not connecting reliably to a satellite when using 5GHz. Constantly it will say esecured / Any Internet' is more than 3 ft out of a satellite. I have tried downgrading a firmware, changing a CTS/RTS settings, swimming. Disabling HAMMER also very fixed this subject. Oddly Enough, will connect when down to a subject main, but this attacks a whole purpose of a system of Satellite. Volume that 6 is quite new, but a Intel AX200 is a perhaps the dozen or less HAMMERS compatible devices in a phase right now, how is absurd that NETGEAR has has not tried sufficiently this setup.
5 / 5 Barbie
Was like this scared buying this, reason for each good description this thing has, feels likes has had 2 bad descriptions to go with him. I finally jumped in the have imagined like this well try this first to spend money looked in the subject of expensive plus.
Ossia Probably a compraventa has better fact regarding my internet in tbe last 5 years!

Has has had so only he for less than the day, but impressed so much has has had to that so only write the description. Now all could clash and burn for morning, but will go back and update so much.

So much in all the chance, in a Orbi. It dips up it was incredibly easy, can follow simple instructions and expect the pocolos small for everything to kick up there is at all difficult in of the this. I have used personally a Orbi application for setup, suggests one same for more. I have situated a satellite in my room by means of my paving and pulled out of a test of speed...
Know, has not thought never was in fact possible for my room, this has used to consider 20mbps súper fast, to take on 200. So only they are that it pays for 200, but volume 230 By means of WIFI. It is insane. Has my system of game plugged directly to a satellite and all more rests in wifi.
Are like this happy has decided to go with east in place of one of this spider routers, that takes a speed of full connection in my room so only is that it surprises, easily 5 stars.

Will say that during initial setup, some of my devices were having the question that connects and the signal has lost excessively. Once you hook on your @subject and satellite, give it all roughly 10 minutes to solve in. The done for me has moved my satellite of mine big plus in dresser of mine

Top Customer Reviews: NETGEAR Nighthawk ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Winifred
I have jumped it is and pre has purchased a minute saw it announced in these sooner this year. Abordable wifi 6 point in an easy to use container that could go wrong.

Very honradamente Take that paid partorisca here.

An A lot of
-the subject Main has decent row and has promised accelerate

A Bad
-Setup is abysmal. It is slow... Any always does also. It can it has to that it says the setup first multiple time to spend stops.
-Issue setup The options are very very limited. There is not calm a lot can do with an application or in a ip interface by means of Ethernet.
-The coverage of point is slowwwwwwwww and has diverse very limited! Ossia A main reason partorisca 1 star and the fast turn of a product. A knot of point is simply terrible.
-Any way to take my CONCENTRATED lights partorisca connect like this ready changing the coverage has any way to limit the device the only coverage. (Required partorisca my LEDs)

am returned this and has gone with the point of Google. Sure any wifi 6 but also the just works. If yours looking for a coverage partorisca signal faster was Amazon eero pro fixes it but that pay to annual prize partorisca characteristic that it would have to be comprised in the each subject dips a terrible flavour in my mouth. So much in Google I at present confidence until any emissions the point that is better. Also it remains far out of TP the links was faster then this coverage but if yours the gamer can experience it intermittent disconnects that can ruin an on-line experience.

Attended these helps of description save you time and fraustration with your investigation of coverage of the point.
5 / 5 Tony
Has bought this has like this state excited roughly Wi-Fi 6 with my iPhone 11 Pro. It has taken really long to dip up and so only like this-as Wi-Fi in an end (30 slow more than my system to signal sooner). Chromecasts No properly. Photo and audio streaming is bad and the career was or stops randomly. Also two of my devices will not connect (speakers of Google).
I economic looks with a lustrous black plastic this in spite of an upper downloading is ready. Still - the does not want to these am gone in some opened in my house.
Decent spouse-on instructions in an application but in general there is taken on 30 minutes to dip up. And still after an installation looked complete, has not been to clear reason a Wi-Fi was worse way that my system to signal sooner until there is remarked an orange light in a satellite. It has had to that unplug it concealed and king spent he and then the pocolos small more have had Wi-Fi late in my cookery again. This in spite of can not connect reliably to my ready speakers the audio of current, his suddenly drop of some works of same connection. It can not connect the Chromecast to share photo (subject big today with the party of house of anniversary). The speeds of Wi-Fi are 30 worse that my system my old plus. Suspicion ossia reason have been of the 4x4 point to this 2x2 Wi-Fi 6 which has promised hyped specs.
Oh I there is remarked also that calm so only take 90 day sustains guaranteeed and free. Masters to you to sign up for $ 79/year to sustain further. It contrasts this with other systems of upper point that offered to 2 guarantee of year and unlimited support.
4 / 5 Cari
Has bought this to substitute the Netgear Orbi system, which does a lot well in my house with 300/30 internet. It was virtually state antibala, but had listened so much HYPE in WiFi 6 that has imagined has had to that be better.
Now is experiencing constant dropouts trying the current in a TV. Speed of the internet around a house is roughly 25 of a speed in a modem.
Tomorrow morning a Orbi take reconnected and this piece of rubbish goes back the Amazon.
Clearly marketed and shipped before it was has baked fully. It averts, it averts, it averts!
5 / 5 Mercy
Has been excited to take a subject new in, but has been disappointed quickly with a global experience. I have had a first Google of gene Wifi subject of point, how was so only upgrading for a WIFI 6. A signal looks strong and quite compatible during my house. Has no really remarked the enormous difference of mine leading setup. Has several computers with WIFI 6 and has thought would see some improvements with them, but any so many (if at all).

So many, reasons has been disapointed....
1. Initial a lot slow setup. They are probably he has spent 40 minutes staring in a screen while to a next action.
2. A mobile application is very limited in that can it to it do. A google wifi application everything.
3. A portal of web that is necessary for almost everything, is OLD and SLOW. It is quite that has had with netgear the behind in a 90 east. They say that that has the quad-processor of core, as it would expect it to host the interface of web much faster. Almost each transmission has required one issues the reboot, which is not well. Google Wifi Never has required the reboot.

Felizmente, does not plan in those use an interface of web or a mobile application very often, if at all, as I am satisfied with a global action of one issues. It is there is disappointed so only that netgear has not invested in of the most modern web technologies. It would have thought for now, that would be hosting something modern and responsive. Apparently no.

Am satisfied enough any to send it behind. It has not been it would recommend it to it to him, but was well with netgear in fact 15 years, will be well with him maintaining.

Update 3/17/20
follows to go down an indication for another star. My subjects are some following...
1. It has had to that substitute some wireless chips in two laptops it. Both have had ac wireless, how was odd that neither would see my coverage. It has seen other coverages, but any mine. I have substituted both and he have fixed a subject.
2. Unreliable Connections. He neither connections to fall entirely (multiple pcs) or resupply sub-action of pair. In a chance, has had to that restart one issues to improve an action.

My whole family was unaware of some transmissions have done to a coverage and have all complained of the subjects have changed of then. They are in a verge of the transmission was for my google wifi. I am disturbed enough of then basically has squandered the plot of money for any profit and the plot of headaches.
4 / 5 Steffanie
Would owe that it has read more descriptions. Bought this on recommendation of the partner. It has taken 4 hours in a telephone with Netgear. An agent was useful, but 4 hours is excessive. They are still very sure that has taken so that it has had to that pays him. It is 3 years of support of client. A technology has run the scanner and aimed like this that has not been protected, like this Orbi would not connect until we take a subject of security has solved. I wound on that has to that connect to a Lynsys subject that the expected to take touched of of. Has fine it-the history marries big and WiFi was the constant question. It was frustrated like this that has required to take this has solved. I can not maintain missing work, etc. So against my test has better bought the agreement of service with which four hours of hell tonight. The law adds - all the devices are shouting quickly, but saint cow - run while I can. It does not buy this.
5 / 5 Hilary
When I have received these products has on dipped enough easily and a wifi the coverage was excellent. It has not gone long, this in spite of, that there is remarked a satellite (MS60) was having questions. Several days have corresponded with Netgear support until it was so only fed up with spending everything of my time troubleshooting and having my wifi down the averages a time. I have fixed the substitution by means of Amazon while I reinstalled my Linksys wifi subject. A new system has arrived the few days that joint up in parallel with my Linksys fixes it that leaves 48 first hours to come from. After doing the majority of one has has required settings for my coverage I further tried for another 24-36 hours. A system is now on-line and is treating quite well. Several questions have cropped on coming on-line. In the first place the majority of mine has attached the devices have had some questions reconnecting which has not spent a first time around. A question that is spoken amply in a Netgear the community is an inability for having separate SSIDs for one 2.4 and 5GHz wifi bands. This 'characteristic' is feigned to do a reconnecting to any band without intervention like some portable devices like your telephone or the pill is moved around a wifi point. A question comes when has devices that so only operate in a wifi band. A lot they do like this reasons a band has the long plus achieve how is that it imports like the quota of these devices are located in of the varied locations around a house where there is in interviniente wall. A lot of these devices require an application in the telephone or compressed for his setup and require this device to having connected to a wifi sell which is not possible in a current creation like some telephones and of the pills are drawn to connect to a better available wifi the signal and I have found any way to change this behaviour. Claim of sure applications to be able to do this but any one there has been sucedido in my devices. Some have suggested taking your telephone or compressed to the location where a 5GHz the signal is feeble that causes a device to choose a band. This almost works but in my devices a connection dithers among bands while trying setup of a device has feigned. My solution was to use the TPLink wifi extend of my tent that builds the one who only work in a band. I have moved one extends in my house and dip the up with vary it SSID like uses exclusively to connect to my only devices like my canal of time of Environmental Time, my MyQ controller of door of the cochera, and my Sonoff TH16 sensor of far temperature. It is Netgear has been flooded with questions to change this behaviour yes is possible and expect that although to arrive to this point my current solution can be the best a. In general Netgear was responsive, at least in a way that everything of these companies of technology are responsive, i.et. 'He I already powered went it and has been in a leg and swung the chicken died in my boss' and everything of a scripted suggestions that takings.
5 / 5 Luana
The speeds are well, and setup was the little quirky, but took it done. The, likes like this another, has the question with the devices that fall, some times so only for the pocolos second, sometimes requiring the reboot. Has the music stored in the IN The, which is hard wire fence by means of one issues to the Mac mini connected to the mine stereo. Occasionally a music just stops, for any reason. I can usually it touches paste so only to resume a music, but because paralizaciones? He never used to do that. The alike things spend with telephones and pill. It looks as if a device is jumping around, disconnecting and connecting to different devices, and does not import is the hard wire fence or WiFi connection. Unfortunately I messed with him long enough to spend date of mine of turn, as I am stuck with him. This technology is still a bit new, and the prizes are beginning to touch to lose. Early each subject will be WiFi 6 that's that he precise concealed. Will have the plot of competition, and very better product in this point of punctual prize. If calm require it now, raisin more and buy something better.
5 / 5 Jena
Has been that uses the subject of different Point with 3 unit to cover my whole house and I has been annoyed fell it a connection of internet the little time the week. As I have decided to buy a Nighthawk MK62 has seen grieves announced and my same surprise is so only 2 unit covers my whole house without more than the question has not seen the connection fallen again. The speed is sum , have gone of 150 MB to around 220 MB so only to install a new to issue.

(Run of update 24, 2020)
has finalised to return this subject. It has begun having has fallen connections and my Coverage doorbell downloaded almost daily as it could not find signal.
5 / 5 Willis
So only snagged this Netgear Nighthawk Mk62 Wifi Mesh to substitute my subject of ailing dual band. These uses Wifi 6, the be regulate wireless new has gone was. A unit is the hundred of pair bucks but comes with the satellite. No more deciding that coverage the device has to that be on. My printer is on one, are on another, and could not speak his with my subject old without being in a same frequency. This thing so only manages that perfectly. How it is perfect for mixed devices. My roku and the printer is 2.4 a rest 5ghz A coverage, one GOES, all the frequencies. His intermix so only well and this new technology is to manage very better several devices that do things.
The setting up is very easy invernadero application of telephone, but there is a lot the few options poden disorder with. If you want to something concealed to take any skill to dip on, takes this. It comes with a satellite with would have to that be well for the big but the calm houses can take additional satellites for 129 to the equal that has the big darn wife with something dead, this thing is perfect and easy to develop
is so only in the first place redden, but am very happy. So much, you want to something included to any technology the person has oriented can use, takes this
4 / 5 Su
has had big hopes for my Netgear Wifi Mesh6 system of @subject, but in only 11 stability of devices and beginning to accelerate to fall off the resulted in excessive buffering during streaming or gaming. Has has had to that sostenimiento of technology of the call ( a L cup has spoken with era very professional and also very good and useful same although our call among Treading and Knit has fallen three times but has behind called immediately everytime.) MY flu is Mesh 6 system is purportedly well for 25+ devices a time but ossia in better on declaring his capacities to manage multiple devices. Still I am trying decide if included I want to maintain he in a prize has paid for one issues system so only to discovers no alive until Netgear hype. I have used Netgear routers stops to the long of the decade and ossia one 1st a concealed has not lived upto the one who Netgear says it can manage and like him in fact bosses. Has 1GB edge optic coming my house and I know concealed is not a source of a question.
4 / 5 August
Revised 7-9-2020
A good: dipping up is very easy invernadero application of telephone, but there is a lot the few options poden disorder with.
A name of coverage partorisca both hands and is automatic
A bad:. I have had these three months and I have had struggled with taking my devices reconnected repeatedly, or will not be assigned on allocutions. They are the technology of computer and has has not had never the subject this has required rebooting because the device could not take an allocution of IP. Rebooting Would leave all the devices the reconnect but evening or punctual, the random device would lose connection. A day after dipping on my new mark Chromecast ultra has lost the connection and concealed was all partorisca me. Last Netgear produced never!
5 / 5 Giuseppe
The deceptive marketing any consultor this system overrides another security cortafuegos partorisca operate. You owe that subscribe to his program of security with which 30 days. Any support that was accessible easily. Now stuck with this crap.
4 / 5 Shaquana
In the first place has had was the hopes add partorisca this produced, this in spite of, was dashed a lot quickly. A unit will not leave you partorisca disable (EDGES) so that my SSID is is separate, instead directs all and decides that and like the devices are semi-detached and in some chances does not choose a speed of better/option. An action of Wi-Fi is not until speed, so only in a paving on one issues directly, my connection has degraded considerably and ossia the construction marries enough newer. That have read a satellite can be connected invernadero Ethernet Backhaul, which has been confirmed by his technology sustains some first time have called. This in spite of, when I have verified by means of an application and an interface of web of a MR60 has aimed a unit of satellite that is connected invernadero 5Wireless G, in spite of a fact that had connected he via Ethernet. It results that in order for a unit to connect via Ethernet Backhaul has to that be connected directly to a MR60 and no by means of the transmission has connected to a MR60, which mean you can not have a lot another wired the devices have connected in your coverage! Ossia The subject known that his crew of engineering is doing on solving.

Supports of technology, is a worse. Some first time have called has spent roughly 1 now and 30+ minutes on control and when be transferred among the box of departments has taken connected to one 'Person of Expert Technical Support' for a product and still then his knowledge has been limited. Some second time have called, has been transferred two times and has taken disconnected without calling behind ( fiancée to call behind interior 60 seconds if a call is disconnected). A third time, am gone through some box of scrollings has taken to an only Expert to be said that an Ethernet Backhaul no by means of the transmission.

Like this given a poor action, an inability to attribute my devices the different SSID, are gone back some units. They are at present waiting for a ASUS ZenWifi PIKE that there is so only 1 description, but looks the solid unit. I will update once I receive that box.
5 / 5 Reena
Has ATT edge. Which is not a subject. A @@subject at least for me has used a Netgear NightHawk Subject in place of ATT Subject resupplied (sucks It for a way) especially for Fines marry of level. Which is reason I oped for the system of point. That would suggest is doing the call to the your ISP first to order and ask roughly dipping on a ISP subject so only partorisca goes through half of IP. This will leave for ISP subject to so only connect to a provider, your host of subject new like your subject interior and allocutions of @subject of IP dips to your devices that will be you able to fully directed. A caveat to this is doing sure yours Passthrough IP is configured static in a subject new to a ISP. If calm leave it on DHCP, your connection of internet is liable to be inconsistent and the devices will have a @@subject that solves and connecting. I expect that this helps any, cures of this pair of things will enjoy the house a lot of cover in of the terms of WiFi and bandwidth of device. With my TV is and mobile devices in my house, in the meso among 13-15 devices have connected. This system to good sure can mangos.
5 / 5 Leann
My grandson is the guru of computer and has recommended this mine. I so only moved to the three house of history with the fourth basement to walk. My subject current would exit every night in mine second chamber of history. It has not had a lot on third walk of internet. This unit is perfect. Like this easy! I dipped it/ I dipped It up. M Without knowledge of technology hooked on main an on first walk and a satellite on as and third walk. The service adds included external while seating on porch. We run four TV is with Hulu, diverse iPad is, multiple telephones ,three echo is, far blind, rumba and all the lights of room without interruption. Better movement never.
5 / 5 Kendrick
Gives on, returning a MK62. With which a lot of hours neither conversing or that speaks with netgear the support was unable to take a satellite the sync with one issues. The amazon sent the substitution and that MK62 has had a question still he no sync. All a troubleshooting has consisted restarted one installs, resetting a @subject and satellite and king-syncing long on - at all has done. Another question was while it has had to sustain you of llama always initiate me of the stain repeats some same steps, included although I have known was the waste to time to maintain repeating the process to fail. We are not Never able state to take a satellite the sync with one issues. A netgear the application has aimed an off-line satellite. A lot disappointed in this product. Any one sure the one who folks I neither spoken or conversed with but any one was able to solve a syncing question.
5 / 5 Marjory
In general, was skeptical to change out of my Apple of 10 Extreme years of Airport, but finally had begun aiming is age .

After the plot of investigation, have arrived in a NightHawk Wifi system of Mesh. Setup, WiFi Coverage and speed, and a UI the interface in general has been the a lot of positive. Some speeds of download are significantly main with these products has compared to my subject old: 150mbps inner 5 feet to an Extreme of Airport, to 235mbps anywhere in my house.

- Setup And installation
- Nighthawk application and facilitated to use
- Whole house wifi coverage
- Seemless transition among issuing and coverages of satellite
- creation of Good product

- Only a port of the ethernet in one issues (and one in a satellite), doing the hub necessary to use more than a connection wired
- Lack of there is anticipated characteristic in application (although a sacrifice of him “so only doing,” the looks value he like this far)
- A light of Blue indicator is the light of the night checked (Pro or With as your preference!) This in spite of, is quite brilliant the launch shadows and distract you, if one issues or the satellite is in your chamber. You can dip the piece of tram or masking tape in the the dim or block a light.

In general, the product adds. They are happy I upgraded. It would recommend.
4 / 5 Alejandrina
So only a terrible experience with this product. The desire had read some first descriptions to order. I have seen 4 stars and has thought this would be the decent product . The boy has been bad!

Some of some devices in our house will remain connected and have subjects of zeros. This in spite of, our Windows of windows 10 devices have connected Wi-Fi of street ALL have a same question. They will connect and have internets any question, but if a computer hibernates or goes to sleep, will aim connected without internet.

Has begun to look for an internet and found ossia the very common question with these routers. The support of calm technology masters to jump by means of the million hoops, configures this, the turn was that, and then still no right .

Sleeps I products also have the questions that the rests has connected. The rooms so only will disappear and can not be controlled any for some Sleeps application or physically in a speaker. If has music touching strong and need of the turn down, good regime!

All has said, avert this subject like a plague! It will be at all but the headache.

the connection Wired is now roughly like this stable like the person the one who is abusive dad left him in 13 but still explosions in once in the moment to add emotional trauma.
5 / 5 Leota
After reading joined some descriptions of star was dubious but has taken one submerges. You the system arrived in the timely way like dipped that up in my legislation of office in a modem. Followed some easy instructions for prime ministers a @subject and has linked then a satellite. It has not thought roughly timing a neighbour to arrive but was quite smooth and 20, or 30 min in a plus. I have then moved one issues to give in 1/3 to house to substitute a subject of old plus and has connected all some devices. Reason there is so only a LAN the port has used the transmission of coverage for another 5 ethernet has has connected devices. Shot on a modem and after all lights stable, has connected can for a fact by means of a neighbour on amiably. I then turned on satellite down in all remote chance of house. Bingo, Connection. Used wifi analyzer the application in telephone to measure force to signal throughout marries. Impressing. Some speeds of internets are quite afterwards to the modem likes informed in description in CNET.
After the week, any question, still forces of impressive signal and wifi speed. Way of gone Netgear!
5 / 5 Kisha
That. My prime minister near has been bad the week. I think that that it was defective. I have tried Netgear sustain that has paid extra partorisca and has taken no where. Felizmente The amazon sent the substitution. Now everything is perfect. Well Almost. Eye to have some software issues that new devices after the while cant join a coverage. I owe that reboot of the subjects. They update a firmware the plot and of a last update he solid state.

Does not buy a guarantee of Netgear. Buy a long amazon master the guarantee. Netgear The support is horrible.

Take my plus of speed of the internet 40mbs on during my house now with these 2 units. I have used an Extreme of Airport of the apple last and that so only very cut he for distance anymore. They are a lot happy with a simplicity of these units and that quickly my internet is during my house. I recommend this WiFi fixes it to any need concealed aim it and has the need/loves for WiFi 6.
4 / 5 Kenton
Setup Was WAY MORE DIFFICULT that would have to has been. They are the engineer of software for trade, like this generally is that I am doing with this material. This in spite of, a setup the process was more difficult that would have to has been. Setting on a two Nighthawk the units has not been horrible, but then taking some varied devices in my house partorisca connect to them was the nightmare. The majority has required tentativas múltiplas in this system of point, included this in spite of when using a lot another WiFi, was súper simple. One of my casts of discharge would not connect to this point at all. After taking the majority of my things has connected, my laptop would lose connection partorisca the short time in the periodic base, meaning called of the conference would fall, the video prenderían, etc. Was the breaker of extracted . An interface of management in a mobile application has not been a lot very neither. It has left the plot partorisca be wished, compared to other systems have used. An only thing that wins it the second star was a speed , which am guessing all WiFi 6 / systems would give me. I am returned this system partorisca the repayment.
5 / 5 Rosalva
We upgraded our speed, but a subject wireless old has had he any one leave partorisca access a potential speed. With a lot of users in a time, has run to subjects of bandwidth inside a house. So much, after researching has solved to this system. It was reasonably priced and now is enjoying the speeds add and everything is running smoothly. It was very easy to dip on those use an application also. Now the connectivity of internet is strong and fast during a whole house. Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Rochell
This was the substitution my substitution extends / system of internet and wow are I happy has purchased this. Has has had to that a bit wifi scoping basically so only setup a first device that substitutes your partorisca issue, and connect with the telephone that careers the speed tries to find the decent speed in a location that is convenient and dipping on one extends in this location in a house and maintaining have until 800mbs during a whole house.

Pros --
Easy to install
Fast speeds
Decrease of latency
Connects to so only a coverage (any two like normal extenders)

Gilipollas --
has has had to that fiddle around with taking a esatellite' partorisca connect a the subject main but still has not taken more along that the minute
5 / 5 Berneice
Ossia the new product and that comes with that is bugs. They are almost he is returned this reason a satellite simply no after tinkering around in a console. But ossia the one who some buyers of the product like this will do. The additional satellites can not be purchased this time neither. Follow a golden principle and if the things takes wonky physically reboot some subject main. I have tried it uses a QOS characteristic and my iPad of the no longer done edges afterwards. I take this in spite of has not done. Calm points how is rebooting and included has fallen all the devices in a coverage but a lot properly persist some transmissions. It has taken a box out of one recycles cube with to the intent to substitute but last it reboot has done work so it has drawn. It is prompt. It is good but expect a wrinkles to be past was until perhaps late 2nd neighbourhood 2020.
4 / 5 Thomasena
Easy setup using a Nighthawk application, but the difference other systems of point, there is also Netgear interface of the web familiarised for configuration advanced. Some instructions walk you a lot of-for-no by means of a process, but like another reviewers has indicated, some of some do not take the moment - like this upgrading a firmware (5 minutes). Of calm so only will be to run setup once or occasionally is really treat very big. This any active model tri-band for the consecrated wireless backhaul, but sustains to wire fence backhaul which is like my subject is connected to a satellite. A connection of the internet has not gone initially discovered by an application because my ISP requires the register-in, but was easy to fulfil manually. Has 150Mbps/25Mbps service of edge and am seeing wireless speedtest resulted of 100-150Mbps in able wireless devices - comprising of the mine iPhone when external. They are very happy like this far and really question some of a unfavorable descriptions, which are likely user any one the product has related.
5 / 5 Katherin
Has surprised really at all these a star flaming hot descriptions.

No the defender to use my mobile device to do a together initial up. It would prefer an old fashioned connect a ETH his boss.

This has substituted the four or five year Linksys this was to adapt with an addition of Nighthawk X4S Tri-the row of Band Extends has covered my two house of good history but has been missing of in a rear yard.

After installing a 'base' and one extends and king-configuring a X45 to do with them my speeds are significantly better and the coverage extends was to my rear yard a lot very now.

Before so only has taken roughly 100 down. Now taking 250 on more each device in a house. Especially in of the newest devices.

Like this far like this good. Esperanza does not crap was on me so is not economic. It can not explain like this they do like this well for me and apparently like this terrible for so that other people.
5 / 5 Julianne
My connection of Internet has changed tremendously!!! WIFI6 Is way to go, now with an iPhone, has a same action of a connection wired. My Coverage connects immediately when I go Alive way!!! No more fight or lag! Exceptional product! Any insurance that is up with some 1 stars! I mean it is self-dipping up ! Just need to go with a mobile application the updates and firmware is self-installed! 10 min Dipped up and good to go! It loves it!!!
Better entry-level WIFI6 transmission entirely my experience of internet and all WIFI sew where has struggled always to maintain update and consistency of connection! Way to go NetGear has done EUA!
4 / 5 Yolande
Shortly after dipping on some two devices with a ethernet backhaul the connection among one issues and satellite (connected invernadero the NETGEAR GS908-And) a satellite would look to lose connection ( was hardwired) and need to be king-synced. With which resyncing, two satellites would look in the diagram of an application, with a ghost of a not connecting never.

Then, when that tries to move the Nest of Google Mini to a new coverage (more afterwards to satellite), would dip-on correctly, work for perhaps 30 seconds, then 95 of some times say 'to hang on while connecting to WiFi'. Disabling OFDMA Looked to restore his connection. Included then, occasionally I will see a Nest Hub (more afterwards to issue) sees to 'connecting to Wifi' way.

Now during COVID-19 and doing of home, are routinely taking dropouts in mine Dell when doing in mine portable that is the simple 12 feet, clear line-of-the view of one issues. After the little dropouts, has begun so only pinging one issues he (i.et. Any internet that is wonky), and would see it connection of drop.

WiFi 6 is not on the dot for a consumer I supposition, or at least Netgear is not on the dot for WiFi 6. Returned this device and substituted with the costruttore different WiFi 5 () satellite/of @subject. Gigabit+ hype For WiFi is stupid; it covers-in precise concealed. It would take the 100 Mbps connection in the spotty, synthetic, 1.8 Gbps connection.
4 / 5 Kari
This product is rubbishes . It will not connect to products of Coverage. My products of Nest and Amazon Alexa loses connection at least once for day. Spent the long quantity of time in a telephone with Netgear. The technology there have been transmission a canal in wifi of car to the canal closely. Any transmission. It has run the constant ping in my PC to a satellite and a connection is during a place. Wifi Calling with my iPhone while connected to a main unit is HORRID. They are a day out of returning this crap to Amazon. Any happy. After reading some recent descriptions here, am annoyed that a technology in Netgear has done for likes it was odd that my cameras of the coverage has not done. It looks the subject common .

Update 4/6/20: Netgear sent the substitution and he is like this useless. JUNK
4 / 5 Jamel
Has not taken It casualidad to included use this like this there there is so only a LAN port in a main unit and ZERO in any of some satellites. Unless your house or the subject is entirely wireless this no for you
5 / 5 Roma
Have Roughly 25-30 IoT devices in my house (lights, appleTV, google ) and was with a second satellite, in 26 devices, with my modem that presses 300/300 I has seen 45 mbps download in mine telephone and often times any die at all. The new devices that joins a coverage 'connect 'to a coverage without bandwidth. Extremely disappointed to the equal that have expected partorisca a launcher to included take issue it like this has been announced likes one of a better/abordable wifi 6 points. Going partorisca try google now.
4 / 5 Josiah
Are quite technology savvy but could not take this dips up for my account likes has with each another subject has used. I have had a The HOOK of fellow he up by means of one there is anticipated the settings and he have had subjects of a start - constantly kicking of individual devices, losing connection, etc. has had the like this The partner troubleshoot the and he tweaked some settings but some subjects have persisted. Unfortunately this has taken too much long and a window of turn has closed. Like this now I have two bricks in my house that the amazon will not take behind. It does not squander your money. There is much more stable products in a phase that will do the one who this element done and more. My new Linksys the point has taken 5 minutes less to dip up and the toes have crossed will continue working.
4 / 5 Latoria
Easy the setup. Expensive for as basic of an interface an application resupplies. They are not almost customizable enough to justify a prize. Besides, our laptops would lose it connection and could not reestablish without the reset of subject. This has comprised the new mark MacBook Air, an old plus MacBook Pro, an older laptop, and the newest laptop as I know it to good sure was a subject.

Netgear Supports of the initially burned technology me with an old more nighthawk subject. It has to that that does not have to that paid for something when a product would owe that it reads. I have not annoyed this time around. His packed up and substituted him with a tp link deco WiFi 6 system. Any question at all.

Will not buy never the netgear has produced again. I have bought included the Motorola modem to toss a netgear one that has. No a quality has had thinks that era.
4 / 5 Lela
Pros: Strong signal in the each room of a house
-Easy setup

Gilipollas: signal of Drops to devices at random
-has Fallen devices a lot of reconnect or will connect but say “any internet” and not doing
-allocutions of IP Reserved does not look to stick. Several devices in my coverage require the static IP and with some frequent drops, this wreaked havoc in my automation of house.

Netgear, These produced is not on the dot for a phase. I have read other descriptions and has experienced some same subjects. Your clients are not betas testers! After using this product for 4 weeks, has chosen gone back the and go with another WiFi 6 solution of point.
4 / 5 Brandie
Very happy with product in general, quite seamless setup, the reception adds everywhere, and takings a new WiFi 6 in the very reasonable prize. This in spite of, there is a question I really annoying, so much ac the adapters are doing chirping sounds. Any strong, but at night when a house is silent, can listen he in a chamber. Any sure as to do roughly that. Also it would have preferred if some ventilations were in some sides in the loss of chances clears on that.

Update: periodically disconnects devices. Sending partorisca turn. Trying Orbi now.
4 / 5 Kathern
I alive in a country literally and the option of internet is a company . To say a service was horrible would be a understatement. Any one informed to verify out of Orbi. Oh My goodness !! I have been of “where it is a signal “ to the full signal all a way down mine go and then some. Incredible. Has the very big house and maintain the base of 5 acres. Orbi Rocks! Like this far I have 2 satellites but I do not require one 2nd to achieve the plenary WiFi signal during my house. Orbi Rocks !!
5 / 5 Alia
Are very impressed with this system. It was easy to install using a Netgear application, connected to a modem of Spectre and signal without any subjects. I have situated a satellite roughly 45' out of a box of subject main without any loss of signal. When it has tried I have not taken any drop in bandwidth of any form when compared to direct connection to a modem. Has this installed system in our church, and will add additional satellites later this year. NETGEAR Is a leader in WiFi communication and networking!
4 / 5 Katelynn
First to take this wi-fi system of point, our only worry was his compatibility with our ISP. It has resulted, a worry was entirely unnecessary. We had it to us installed in the subject of minutes. Work perfectly well with our Verizon Edges. A precaution to Verizon users: it is extremely easy for us for only use Verizon Internet. Any TV, Any Landline. Hope Ossia useful!
5 / 5 Chauncey
Thinks mine 10yr old Linksys has the treated was these rubbishes . Easy setup, but ossia. The speeds that is innanzi to the era adds, but movement 10ft was and could fall 99. I couldnt attractive same 1mbps 20ft of main unit and 9ft of satellite. Has 400mbps internet that the attractive faster concealed it. A system of point of the Google at least half 30 to 50mbps during my house. (Previously to upgrading to 400.) Wifi Also randomly drop during a day. Hardwired The devices would be no. has affected
4 / 5 Lory
Excellent coverage,Adds accelerates no disconnects. The law adds in mine IPHONE, the android of my woman , our 3 laptops the , 3television is , Xbox-A , and my desk. It has included I can appoint each device and turn of WiFi the signal was to the each one which to the equal that with out that has to that record to a way of door which will be useful for my adolescent daughter once begin escoles behind up. To good sure will recommend this.
4 / 5 Jane
Ossia For far a WI-FI the subject better has has not used never. Easy the setup, awesome application and interface of user, scanner a QR code and some walks of calm application by means of a setup. A satellite has done a prime minister tries, and a speed is sum . Taken on less than my office and a look is modern and cleaned. Very happy like this far and are on day 2. It will follow on besides late, but in that loves it like this far.
4 / 5 Sammy
Am surprised in a difference among this system of point and a crew that a company of boss resupplies. That time has estealing' of me for throttling speed, using the inferior crew and the limiting service accelerates available based on where alive?
A row and the action of this system was impressive, but when I have added the second satellite has surprised!
My Amazon FireStick is COMING The LIFE!
Of the money spends in this calm initial investment quickly paid for him when you have cut a cord!
5 / 5 Milly
Has bought this product after doing investigations in current routers. I have bought this together with the 50 ft CAT of Ethernet 7 boss.

Because of a pandemic, has been doing of house for a past 4 month (is not all the world?). My woman moved in a fourth master down, where an ours WiFi the connection was very poor (2.X Mb/s). Have has wanted the buy to issue it that there has been WiFi 6, so as to remain current and profit of a later technology.

Our subject of current/modem is in the room in a second walk. I have installed a primary to issue to a zone of game out of a room, minimising wall and pavings. I then installed a satellite in a fourth master down.

Has read other descriptions where the users have had the question with installation has seen a mobile application. I have not had this subject. I have installed a first mobile application, has created the Netgear accounts, then taken to a point where gave instructions of installation. After dipping on of the subjects and satellite, I then connected to a point of new wireless access, and has continued some aims. Calm will not take the internet enabled until steps for a whole process. With which one issues finalised it firmware update, a connection of internet has been enabled.

Numbers of action:
Modem of @Subject/of Internet:
Downwards of Room: -2 MB/s
Upstairs: -7 Mb/s
Netgear Nighthawk:
Downwards of Room: -11 MB/s
Upstairs: -33 Mb/s

Conclusion: Yes, I am satisfied with this product!
5 / 5 Isaura
Has loved loves it, but has failed interior 2 weeks. A WiFi has begun only fall, calm would be necessary restarts he for the take to do, so only to fall again.
Has sent for behind
5 / 5 Melanie
has Purchased this with some worries been due to some have estimated down descriptions. First what wants to say is that these units are the smallest plot then has surprised expected , pleasant. To start with to finalise it taken roughly 15-20 min to dip up and take them doing correctly. I possess the 1500 feet marries squared of dual level with the detached cochera and decent sized rear yard. I have purchased this reason a 5coverage of g with my subject of old spectre was cochera absolute in an upper paving and any coverage to a cochera. I know has 100 mbps during a house and cochera And the majority of mine backyard. (My speed of current Internet is 100mbps of a modem). Has has had subjects of zeros with this system. Works to the equal that has announced.
4 / 5 Elmo
Has on dipped was the breeze. The configuration has taken some touching around but wasnt difficult. Look badass, stylish Enough the blend in with establishments in my house.

WiFi 6 WPA3 the need says more?
5 / 5 Derek
I supposition takes like stops of pays. We have had the eero first gene and has decided the upgrade.
Good things in this product:
- Fast
- Easy to install
- Good creation
breakers of Extracted:
- Lack of stability. Our coverage is result really unstable. Drop in connection that we never experienced with our eero coverage. If it is in a same room or moving of the room to another.
Was the bummer and is returning a product. The speed and the stability are some two things are looking for in the product !
5 / 5 Barbar
An application is very easy to use. The installation has taken roughly 5 minutes, although this is not some first time have put on the subject. A cortafuego this comes with east to good sure to prize as I have seen for the number of attacks. We live in two history 1500 sq. House of feet and has not had any questions with coverage.
5 / 5 Derrick
This point of 2 knots the coverage give access to the only SSID during my whole house, sms a connection of Wi-Fi is usually 10x a speed of a modem of boss. Simple management also, prefers in an application of smartphone so only reason give control More adds them.
5 / 5 Elliott
Has purchased a bone of point has retreated to help mine of discharge 4000 house besides. Setup Was easy. Plugin And follow some applications in the aims of screen. It is coming up and it has run a first time. The coverage adds and any loss to accelerate when attached to a unit of satellite. Highly Recommend

Top Customer Reviews: NETGEAR Nighthawk ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5 Latonya
I have wanted to so only the simple @subject - at all elegant but with the bit of row. One issues could be a lot but comes with this retched Armour that are more annoying that any malware has run by means of. It controls a web. There is so many so that it exasperated people to take touched of of him but can no. Those that the use finds limits his access to a web without any capacity to comprise reason. It has discovered as it takes for the disable but still take everything of these messages roughly level this and such. An user has called Netgear and request regarding the take was @subject of sound and has been said would owe that it has paid. Like this Netgear loves the rescue to take you out of this material.

WELL, as I want to take this subject in all the chance. That are was for the take up and running goes home ->frame ->the security where can turn you was Armour. No the experience that turns he on until has to the occasion to see like them to him one issues. It does not upload BitDefender until you are sure. With which concealed 30 days listens master $ 70 the year for Armour. Now it has included they are in a fence to so only sending it behind. I had it up for 1 day and are 50/50 to return it. I any one need some piece of the software that does material for me without giving me the election.

But this are. At any rate, please do an investigation in Armours before orders this subject. And do an investigation in Bitdefender. I have used that for the year and changed but not agreeing reason. It could be I adds.
5 / 5 Lannie
This is to arrive today harder that hell to connect , an application is worthless has person to call to help you was so the supposition will be to return east.
Indicates the number of telephone to call but has purchased the mark of calm sure product registers it and will take the fastest help that any one another client. Lied Was in a telephone for just for giggles to see yes would answer left the on for two hours have answered never answered will be with calm in the moment. It is the lie .
Called him on a product has purchased has had the question and they have said to help me would require to touch think that me was $ 105. If any one could does not help me. But I thought that it that it would give him another test with this stupid thing never again. Netgear Is for your account good regime to any more to the one who like him his products did not finalise me go with @subject of Wi-Fi of Google. It was the bit to defy to dip has had arrives 2 flange of a company of telephone coming to help install it. But we could not take a second Device to do. But with which in an hour with which there is to the left tried it before, went it to the turn gave it one more test and bingo the place up and law wonderfully.
4 / 5 Cuc
The subject Has BEEN rid well punctually, the vendor adds.

One issues the works add after calm take it installed.

UNFORTUNATELY: >>> wine with instructions of zeros, so only links it that the has not done to an application for the ready telephone.
Has had to that undermine thru Investigation of Google massively to finally find a manual and instructions in a Netgear put web.
Absolutely can not install this device without these instructions.
Reason is not comprised, or at least linked, is inexcusable stupidity in Netgear part.

Has purchased a lot Netgear devices in a past, all fact to the equal that has announced.
But, any one is running a @subject the now require @@subject be shot; and take all his 'Kiddie Parades,' helpers with him. As they are entirely out of touching with realities when it comes to the client sustains and the data has distributed. That any exisit.

Are the authorised professional electrical engineer with massive experience in of the technologies of main flange in of the Computers, and telecommunications. And, this stressed me the some limits that operates. It does not recommend this product unless has and the electrical engineer experienced with telecommunication and of the available computers to help calm to install it. Reason, calm so only will be to return he for any Amazon of repayment will leave you to have.

So only he disgraceful, terrible marketed, and packaged has produced: it does not recommend unless has expert professional help.
5 / 5 Ona
Has had the 10-the subject of old year that this Netgear the subject has substituted. A subject old, max, could do 750 Mbps. With a container of internet with asking to 100 Mbps and with a subject old, has taken more adds them that 95 Mbps down and often slower. Upgrading To this @subject it plus that chooses one alternated DNS server, with container of internet still, am taking speed of until 120 Mbps by means of all my devices (excepts to pill, which is slow in all the chance). Speedy!

Setup Was a lot. An application has helped to take me going when mine desk was down during a transmission, but found quell'then easier that configure everything in mine desk, in a software of subjects, once has taken my desktop computer has connected. Setup The time was in a same like the majority routers. It has not been without some frustrations. But now that it is everything dips on, are súper excited roughly that!

Really slick looking creation also!
4 / 5 Georgia
Ossia The add that it looks to issue this there is qualified of the action adds, convenient mobile application, and 3 years of Security of Armour.

Can dip especially easily with the smartphone once downloads a Nighthawk application and scan your to issue QR the code and he will register for you. You can leave and access of coverage of the blockade, signal of transmission, parental control, speed of internet of the control, direct devices in a Wifi, dipping of security of the transmission, and so more with your smartphone. This application leaves far connection like this although yours the smartphone has not connected to the yours issue Wifi, can control your routers the miles of hundreds were.

Before it buys this subject, has seen a description in this product in of the considerations to a subject with Security to Armour quell'access of blockades to a lot of web of places. I do not have this subject. I do not know reason this reviewer is having this question but obviously has to that it has done something wrong or tried to access some illegal web perhaps.

A possible downside is that a state has DIRECTED the light in this subject is EXTREMELY BRILLIANT. If it leave all some lights of state on, could have the question that the sleeps in your room are sensitive the brilliant lights. But you can turn some lights of state has gone by logging to . A light of state of the can will not turn was but all some other lights will be turned that it is like this better. But you direct lights of state was, obviously calms will not be able to see a state of internet so only to look in a light.

He. It is it has bitten pricey but in general am very satisfied with this product like this is treating a lot very never has purchased of of the east and installed the and has had subjects of zeros with him like this far. I think that that ossia the good investment for yours internet has optimised & gaming experience.
5 / 5 Darcel
Of working of home is my “new “ “ “ normal”, has required the subject of robust plus to augment a speed of mine download. Living enmedio urban dense, was obvious that he workhorse the subject was a way to go . This returns a bill perfectly. It has taken so only 20 minutes to dip up and connect all my devices: computer of work, telephone, iPad, and two loan TVs. The nave has relieved fast and highly recommend.
5 / 5 Stephani
This has taken for ever to setup then took it once so only to do all my devices have had the hard time that connects to a subject. They are three his days that do and now all of the sudden is by train to say me my signals are bad take all some coverages I so only setup. I have gone back to a incumplimiento signal that is coming with him and that one any same work. From time to time it will leave me to a coverage with my signal then hardly tries troubleshoot by means of an application ( has to that download to setup and use he) then suddenly will kick me was a coverage. On control for 26:25 minutes at present and will give it until 45 min to take the solution. If it is not going back in of the boxes this in spite of like this another turn for Amazon.
5 / 5 Estelle

5 / 5 Melissia
took 6 hours to dip on rear and advances with service of client that dipped me on control for 40 minutes and when it has been dipped on my devices have relieved a wifi to be not ensuring and has had the suspect hacker warning like this when the finally decided to return an element and delete an account the fact in a service of the client of the start has said that it was the “process along ” and a person has said the able era of the delete I then a person has said that it was impossible for me for the do and continued to dip me on resist like this has given them so only on lol. In general very suspicious and would not recommend it at all. The lesson has learnt
4 / 5 Jong
Upgrading ours issue has been the lifesaver-there is no @to @give so only that terrible our old one was! A Nighthawk was easy to install with an application and has not required contacting our provider of service of the internet. An application is handy and a coverage in our house has more than bent to achieve the zones could any never take the connection before. Everything of our devices and instrument it easily connect and is able the current, cat of video, and other activities in of the multiple devices the time. An investment of technology has better done the long time!
4 / 5 Antonia
This tremendously improved WiFi speed and connectivity --no more drops of service.' It is work resulted of pending critic-transition of house. It was a lot of value an investment.
4 / 5 Yan
Was in a phase partorisca a upgrade in my subject. I have decided that in today of world-wide is more partorisca have the little security added in also. I have purchased also this subject partorisca his capacity to manage the decent quantity of devices this in spite of seeing optimum WiFi action in of the main devices. I can dip on house more than ready devices and feel protected doing so much. In general I add it @subject!
4 / 5 Shawana
Has decided that has wanted to upgrade my @subject and has gone with this nighthawk. The routinely max out of the mine download mbps and there is enjoyed one 5 GHz speed. A nighthawk the application is also incredible for security and of the managing devices. It would recommend this for any one considering the powerful to issue.
4 / 5 Romelia
Constante disconnects when another continuous device in-line. A low wireless integer. It is it has bought them this open box but be careful like the product no 100
4 / 5 Rodolfo
This was extraordinarily easy to dip on, strong and long signal during mine 2,000 square foot, fine house of level, and accelerates concealed is in pair with my ethernet connections! Easy to use parental controls with Circle. They are very pleased.
5 / 5 Thad
This RS400 the subject has a lot of be of confidence like this far, with the a lot of a lot of devices have connected his. A subject forward has had of the costruttore different always would conquer some too many devices were on. This RS400 also has the very strong signal that pieces roughly 125 yd to a backside of my property, included with has situated indoors in mine living room.
5 / 5 Karine
A product is excellent. It is each one has bitten of your value of money! And there is the plot of rubbish there, not comprising a crap yours offers of provider of the service! Prpers Having said that, is easy to install, has a Netgear application, I register in when I need to, and not having never of the questions logging to my electronic devices.
5 / 5 Luis
Was having subject of connectivity with @subject of leading/modem combo. Once a Netgear Nighthawk has been installed, no longer has to that the questions of connectivities. A mobile application is a lot the friendly user.
4 / 5 Magda
Utmost of laws of the application and is very intuitive. It resupplies some characteristic very like this of the analyses by force of the signal, far controlling, and wifi analysis of canal.

Had been using an old to issue for some years and struggled to take fast signal everywhere in a house, once installing has the speeds add included in of the opposite ends of a house. The looks cool also!
5 / 5 Jeana
Has bought this for the cottage has based in that has Netgear wireless routers in two other held (familiarities) and so only maintain to improve and easier. It is it tends the upgrade notarise so only when a technology has fallen the little behind like my subject of house is probably 4 yrs old. This model this new plus so only the swipe was for speed. It was spent enough and game. It would recommend and a value is solid.
5 / 5 Abdul
Absolutely it does not buy this. I have had at all but questions of a start. Extremely speed of slow internet, resetting one issue resets everything of yours place. It was better used my stock modems wifi of the a lot of was of rooms.
5 / 5 Sharika
The sum of laws of the application and is very intuitive. It resupplies some characteristic very like this of the analyses by force of the signal, far controlling, and wifi analysis of canal.

Had been using an old to issue for some years and struggled partorisca take fast signal everywhere in a house, once installing has the speeds add included in of the opposite ends of a house. The looks cool also!
5 / 5 Siobhan
Has bought this partorisca the cottage has based in that has Netgear wireless routers in two other held (familiarities) and so only maintain to improve and easier. It is it tends the upgrade notarise so only when a technology has fallen the little behind like my subject of house is probably 4 yrs old. This model this new plus so only the swipe was partorisca speed. It was spent enough and game. It would recommend and a value is solid.
4 / 5 Elwood
Stand out to Issue! Very Fast! Easy to dip up! Have Roughly 7 things that goes & the law adds! Good distance all a way of one 2nd walk to a basement. Highly recommended. It has Had he for the month.
5 / 5 Dione
Wow!! That the difference in speed. Saving so much frustration and rebooting. It is lustrous, easy to install (still for us older boomers) and the work adds. Thank you Amazon for a fast delivery also!
5 / 5 Fiona
An installation is easy with iPhone and Netgear application. If has a mobile phone, can recommend any one.
5 / 5 Glendora
Has had to take my own crew, more than using my ISP is like his material was to crap. Decided in Netgear because of his reputation of quality. I have not been disappointed. Súper slick Looking, massively easy to dip on, an application that goes with this astonishingly easy to use. Work of @subject perfectly!
5 / 5 Dalia
Loves my subject, excellent signal all by means of a house.
4 / 5 Keli
In planting to use an application, has downloaded a manual of user and has followed some directions to install that they use my pc. First time in fact, perfectly.
5 / 5 Gudrun
Has purchased recently a RS400 for my new house and am very happy with him. A setup was easy and all was to arrive and that careers in just the pocolos small. A mobile application work really well and leave me to see that it is spending in my coverage when they are was. A row is really well too and covers a whole house without question. Highly recommended!
5 / 5 Sherri
I have purchased recently a RS400 partorisca my new house and am very happy with him. A setup was easy and all was partorisca arrive and that careers in just the pocolos small. A mobile application work really well and leave me partorisca see that it is spending in my coverage when they are was. A row is really well too and covers a whole house without question. Highly recommended!
4 / 5 Catherina
C subject was súper easy the setup and book of the upper speeds to the equal that has promised! A page of the interface of the web is a lot the friendly and easy user cruise it! Also very easy to the turn has has wished settings on and armour comprised! To good sure recommend this subject!
5 / 5 Felton
Loves this subject. A row is EXCELLENT. It has solved my subjects that tries to take wifi is gone in a cochera without additional hardware. My stability of internet when gaming dramatically has improved to substitute a @subject my ISP has resupplied. Some controls and the characteristic have in a Ap is awesome! I want to having a capacity to turn concrete devices of my telephone. I add has boys!
4 / 5 Chance
A lot the friendly user and was like this easy to dip on legislation out of a box!
4 / 5 Numbers
Like this far like this good. The row adds. Súper Easy to dip up with an application.
5 / 5 Maddie
Subject powerful. It has Had some subjects to dip the on but was him. Probably less a subject with issuing and more a less than technology savvy installer.
5 / 5 Abbie
Was like this easy to dip up and calms that could use immediately
5 / 5 Phung
C subject is QUICKLY, of easy confidence to dip up. A radio of Internet that has had always a iffy the connection is now mecer solid. Sluggish Answered and Internet / WI-FI dropouts in a laptop is the thing of a past. We have had the few questions of configuration for a crew of support of the telephone, and has been full stop . Highly recommended!

Top Customer Reviews: NETGEAR WiFi Router ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5 Vanessa
Alas the amazon launches all some together descriptions for a lot of DIFFERENT Netgear models to issue. For example, I am writing in a AC1000 R6080 but of some 1900+ descriptions have linked in the page of this model, a vast majority is for other models, like a Nighthawk or R700. Bronzed when The clients ask the question a response is often bad as or the responses is answering for a model has bought, when a a that the question could be he asks in the different model... And all the world thinks that that they are in a same page, when is not . I a lot the amazon of desire would maintain the descriptions for part of concrete models unless an only difference is something immaterial likes him colour (which do not apply in routers but could in of the things so of the tablets).

Marry on the dot: Quan looking in a AC1000 R6080 here, and jumping down in some descriptions, then entering 'QoS' in a field of question, several people have asked in QoS and a response was a subject has adds QoS controls. In fact, a AC1000 has no QoS controls. I create it could have it Dynamic QoS which are not configurable for an user of final. A normal 'QoS' the tab does not look anywhere in a config cards and QoS is not mentioned anywhere in a manual. I clicked in a response that answered 'He same' and the amazon has linked he in the picture of the different model -- a Nighthawk. But the calm would not know that prende only that reads a response (unless he clicked you on he also).

On in a description. It take this subject -- a AC1000 R6080 -- to do with the Zoom 5370 16x4 686mbps modem of cape. I am returned one issues afterwards only 2 use of days.

Gilipollas (Begins with less importing besides):
1. FOCUSED IS up like the can not see without being up .
2. Any one QoS or included the road to see like a Dynamic QoS is conjoint (if included it conceal he)
3. Worse of everything, the connectivity wired through issuing is only ~70% of the that is to say directly through a modem. (117mbps Modem/84mbps subject)
4. Wifi IS also more dulcemente that normal (45-54mbps).
5. An on last two gilipollas is because of 10/100 LAN ports (comprising a port of Internet that goes in modem) which are also dulcemente has 100mbps service or main.

1. It IS returnable.

Although it is estimated by 300mbps + 700mbps (using both groups) which equals 1Gb is not the 'gigabit dread'. One LAN the ports are 10/100 (operates in 100mbps minus big) which are bequeathed practically now. Probably he well for broadband until 50mbps perhaps, but yes has the service he quickly plus a 10/100 LAN bottleneck of ports yours connection.

IS to take to comprise why Netgear would do AC model with 10/100 LANs of the 802.11ac be one new plus, faster wifi level of adapter. Still although certainly it can have one ac adapter and paid only for slow broadband, a subject would have to conform some level AC is able in sleeve. Especially consider is estoyarqueando' how the '1Gb dread' for a 300 + 700 indication.

To take your costs of money of ISP service of 100mbps or main, will require to take the true gigabit subject, identified by 10/100/1000 LAN ports (1Gb ports). A modem will do the 1Gb the connection in one issues in this case and rids a full speed of your service in 100+mbps (or big) without big loss.

Has substituted one R6080 with one NETGEAR AC1200 Loan WiFi Subject - Dual Group Gigabit (R6230), and sure enough, the speed wired through one issues is now identical when when being wired directly in a modem (117mbps any road). Included Wifi Has improved by 30+% thanks to a faster connection among modem and subject... One R6080 rid only 45-54mbps while one R6232 tame 75mbps in wifi. (That is to say almost which R6080 has rid WIRE FENCE!) Also it have it QoS controls and to whole plot other options, MORE the separate, physicists, wifi on/was to change he so that it can turn some radios was at night when is on-line fact , but leaves some subjects until saving cycling to be able in (that notionally can spend these devices). And the physical change is to plot more whole convenient that is to use one YAC to turn the radios was/on, or use the schedule when your own schedule varies. Included better, is only in $ 15 more.

Conclusion: If you want to inversion of test of your future, takes AC gigabit subject with 10/100/1000 LAN ports. Work with the services he slowly plus but also will be there since you when advance in the services he quickly plus so that it does not have to buy the subject twice.

Note: So far one R6230 is not listed likes him be DD-WRT tried, for this give support in flashing that [optional] habit FW, but for everything fulfils any one is has done already it. I have not taken that far still.
4 / 5 Gwenda
One issues the works add, is fast and has the field adds. An only low majority is a software of configuration . Calm aim you to download his genie cual the help of the software takes through a first part of a setup. But only it leaves also configure one 2.4ghz radiates. To configure one 5ghz radiate has to use an interface of web...That also can use to configure one 2.4ghz radiates...Like the software is quite very-for-swimming bloat. If Netgear has taken drawee of a download and directed you only directly in an interface of web would give this thing 5 stars.
5 / 5 Joetta
Quite easy setup. If you are buying this, ETHER the CLEAN CAPE IS has COMPRISED. A description of the product any sample is.
5 / 5 Tyron
Has some thwarting wifi problems to accelerate after updating my service and he result that my wifi the subject is 7 years . Yikes! The interest bought the yesterday! Where A heck time to go?? I have decided in also go with one updates in my subject now that is doing much more money that behind then when is fallen $ 19.99 in a one has had. A difference since installing a NETGEAR AC1200 is likes him night and day.

No only is my signal now achieves has been in my plot for estacionar of the floor with relatively quite well, but ones my debits and the speeds of the download is out of these world-wide compared in before. I am the FPS gamer, so lag thwarted but now my times of loads are faster that some of my teammates. Habladura With an use, has bought recently 3 Alexa devices that control my system of security of the house, systems of entertainment (FireTV, Xbox One, Samsung HDTVs, etc.), As well as my house these lights. I think that so wifi has enabled devices in my old wifi subject (which has been built before so wifi has enabled the devices were in a piece) concealed has battled it to maintain up. A NETGEAR AC1200 has absolutely any problem with how many devices is in a point and a NETGEAR tool of management of the grandson also a lot of help control me some few devices that is attached in my point. It IS very useful!

Is looking for The powerful to issue for your house, totally would recommend this!
1 / 5 Lenita
I have bought this fact of subject 10 month to update of 4 years of subject and view of small improvement. It can it do not imagine it was why. Today at the end the duke after reading the bouquet of descriptions of people of technology that comprises a fine impression. And it is very upsetting : NetGear is announcing this like subject he with big speed of 1200Mbps, but only can rid 100Mbps max so that subject WAN the port can only retreated 100Mbps connection in a model of cape. This subject is the piece of the junk this feigns to be something new - NetGear would have to be embarrassed of them.

On him all, now begin to fall connections and resulted totally unreliable. The desire could return it.
1 / 5 Yvonne
The product was well boxes a 90 guarantee of the day has finished. Around Nov has bought this and all was a lot of. Even so, you begin to have subject with wifi fall and at the end a lan the no right ports. I call the support and say me to us my hardware is very good and is the subject of the software in some subjects. They can fix a problem, but my guarantee is caducada. As have want to me $ 200 to edit a configs! I can do all poden of a poster of control of the user, but his technology has maintained hard to sell, the saying was his proprietary software has had only very his, etc.

Needless to say, has ordered only the ASUS AC2900. Ray Netgear and his predatory practice. His product has failed, why has to pay the to correct his problem? Failure.
1 / 5 Roosevelt
Has problems with this modem of a principle. My wireless printer did not go never accessible. A connection in an internet would fall very time the day. A problem a big plus has not been able to record he in my netgear account as it can take advantage of it a guarantee. An error has taken the toe has been already owner in another account that sew it to me has been renewed. You are supposed to be new. I have contacted Amazon that contacted it Netgear for me. Has wanted to me to install software in my computer as they could share my desktop and changes of mark in my system. It do not leave it . The amazon has agreed to to accept the same turn although it was spent 30 days so that I am such the loyal client . Alas, that did not say me is that they a lot the repayment joined me full quantity. The amazon Takes.

Total glorious: $ 58.97
Total of Repayment $ 48.09
4 / 5 Eloise
It does not like him that it groups of the amazon revises up for of all some models. It reads descriptions for a Nighthawk without prpers prpers give and all the world has said that it was the sake gaming subject, as I bought it. I have maintained to read while I have expected for him to arrive and give these descriptions have not been for a R6080 model..... It IS still the good subject, but a force of a signal is not fantastic and a dual group is the sum to leave devices and hopefully takes interference among them everything. Even so and'voice the data has remarked slower in my PS4 has compared in my anterior subject and does not think is meshed by big bandwith use, will update when imagines that it was.

The forces of signal are sub pair, a bit the fall has been among rooms in the small house. It does not recommend this for the main houses. One 5grup of g is also quite feeble.
5 / 5 Lisbeth
Connected this in my Arris SurfBoard SB6183 modem of cape. Has two computers and my PS4 Pro LAN of the road has connected, and then 6 other devices in WiFi and everything is shouting fast. I current a lot means comunicacionales with the musician that goes, a television on saw netflix, my pc in steam with the small house of devices of tablets and other materials these races, and this thing handles everything. An initial setup 'genie' was the breeze and an easy road to go, included a firmware the update was so mere which clicking 'he still'. After an initial setup and returned and could change my SSID and signal and adjusts or the plot of parameters. Has thinks that interest that has the different SSID name for each group (2.4 / 5Ghz). Running in comcast and thinks and can run all and anything on-line all immediately. I took this for a prize of $ 54.99
4 / 5 Elouise
This description is for a AC1200, R6230 Subject.
While posing up, gives indications that some wireless thru-the internet has posed was iffy. Done- on and at the end everything is coming together internet and had (wireless and hardwired) at all the devices. Some hours a first day, some of some wireless-the devices have connected the internet lost, but any point. Re-Kicked everything, changed some capes, and after several hours and a lot of foul tongue of me, everything is returned up and operation. Three days in him, the things were iffy was and on, with some devices that takes notification/of errors of connection of poor internet, but only wireless-the devices connected--each wire fences (ethernet-connected) the devices have done perfectly. Some testing and found 90% drop-accelerate entered of internet (wireless against ethernet)--tried with two different computers (a laptop and a desktop) using wireless then ethernet then wireless. The race of tests with all the devices in 36 inches of one issue and used Ookla test of Speed, everything behind-in-back. Enormous degradation among ethernet and wi-fine speeds. Totally objectionable. Returned (today) and the amazon is by train to ship me the substitution, which would have to arrive morning. I will install a walnut an and the backside to inform right here, adjusting my indication what necessary based in some results obtained with an element of substitution,. More later...
9/12/2018.... It IS now 'later', and took some subjects of substitution , installed and situates to maintain. Enough the difference of a premier a---the installation was smooth, much faster and with only a small problem that thinks that caused, so really, any problem. Up and current, everything does to do, very less difference among wire fence and wireless speed and on-all, only that it had expected it when in the principle has decided to substitute my subject to exist with this model. I am now (at least a moment), quite happy with a device. There is has not had any problem, any indication of feeble or unstable internet (how had in a premier a), as I am creating my indication of one stars in 4 stars, deducting or the stars based in a premier a that is to say bad out of a box. Also I am recommending this so the a lot of purchase, prize-wise, notwithstanding my initial problems..
If anything changes, will be baaaaack!!
4 / 5 Abe
I have bought this fact of @subject 10 month the upgrade of 4 subject of years and has seen little improvement. It could it does not imagine it it was why. Today finally I take it after reading stirs it of descriptions of people of technology the one who comprises a fine impression. And it is really attention: NetGear is announcing to to this likes him the subject he with big speed of 1200Mbps, but so only can rid 100Mbps max because @subject WAN the port can so only sustains 100Mbps connection to a model of boss. C subject is the piece of junk that feigns partorisca be something new - NetGear would have to that be embarrassed of them.

On the all, has begun now connections of fall and is resulted totally unreliable. The desire could return it.
4 / 5 Karan
Unfortunately the amazon launches all some together descriptions partorisca several DIFFERENT Netgear models of @subject. For example, I am writing in a AC1000 R6080 but of some 1900+ descriptions have linked to the page of this model, a vast majority is partorisca other models, like a Nighthawk or R700. Like this when the clients ask the question a response is often bad to like one answering is answering partorisca a model has bought, when a one that asks could be ask in the different model... And all the world thinks that that they are in a same page, when they are not . I really the amazon of desire would maintain the descriptions partorisca concrete models separate unless an only difference is something intangible likes colour (which does not apply the routers but could sew it like this of the pills).

Marie on the dot: When looking in a AC1000 R6080 here, and jumping down to some descriptions, then entering 'QoS' in a field of question, several people have asked in QoS and a response was a subject has adds QoS controls. In fact, a AC1000 has no QoS controls. I create it it could have Dynamic QoS which is not configurable for an user of final. A normal 'QoS' the tab does not look anywhere in a config papers and QoS is not mentioned anywhere in a manual. The clicked in a response that answered 'He' and the amazon linked it to the picture of the different model -- a Nighthawk. But calm would not know that for just that law an answered (unless you clicked on he also).

On to a description. It has taken this @subject -- a AC1000 R6080 -- partorisca do with the Zoom 5370 16x4 686mbps modem of boss. I am returned one issues after so only 2 use of days.

Gilipollas (Start with less than entity of more):
1. LEDs Is on like this calm can no partorisca see them without standing up .
2. Any QoS or has included the way to see like a Dynamic QoS is conjoint (if it has included concealed he)
3. Worse of everything, the connectivity wired by means of issuing is so only -70 that it is directly by means of a modem. (117mbps Modem/84mbps subject)
4. Wifi Is also slower that normal (45-54mbps).
5. An on last two gilipollas is due to 10/100 LAN ports (comprising a port of Internet that goes to modem) which are too many lens has 100mbps service or main.

1. It is returnable.

Although it is estimated partorisca 300mbps + 700mbps (that uses both bands) which equals 1Gb… is not the 'gigabit subject'. A LAN the ports are 10/100 (work in 100mbps minus tall) which is bequeathed practically now. Probably it would do very partorisca broadband until 50mbps perhaps, but him him the service he quickly plus a 10/100 LAN ports bottleneck yours connection.

Is hard to comprise reason Netgear would do AC model with 10/100 LANs of then is a new plus, faster wifi level of adapter. Still although calm certainly can have a ac adapter and has paid so only partorisca slow broadband, a subject would have to that fulfil some level AC is able to manage. Especially considering is 'parading' as the '1Gb subject' for a 300 + 700 indication.

Partorisca Take your money cost of ISP service of 100mbps or main, will require partorisca take the true gigabit subject, identified for 10/100/1000 LAN ports (1Gb ports). A do one the 1Gb the connection to one issues in this chance and rid a full speed of your service in 100+mbps (or big) without tall loss.

Has substituted a R6080 with a NETGEAR AC1200 Loan WiFi @Subject - Dual Band Gigabit (R6230) , and sure enough, the speed wired by means of one issues is now identical when being wired directly to a modem (117mbps any way). Included Wifi has improved of 30+% thanks to a faster connection among modem and @subject... A R6080 there is rid so only 45-54mbps while a R6232 book 75mbps in wifi. (Ossia Almost that a R6080 there is rid WIRE FENCE!) Also it has QoS controls and to plot discovers other options, MORE the separate, physicists, wifi on/was to change… calm so much can turn some radios was at night when you are on-line fact , but leave one issues until saving cycling to be able to (which theoretically can spend these devices). And the physical transmission is in whole plot more convenient that that it has to use one AM YACIDO to turn the radios was/on, or use the schedule when your diverse own schedule. Included better, is so only in $ 15 more.

Conclusion: If it love your investment of future test, takes AC gigabit subject with 10/100/1000 LAN ports. It will do with the slowest services but also will be there for you when you advance to the fastest services like this calm will not owe that buy @subject he two times.

Note: Like this far a R6230 is not listing like this when being DD-WRT tried, for this interested in flashing that [optional] habit FW, but for everything knows any one is done already that. I have not taken that far still.
4 / 5 Alva
One issues the works add, is fast and has the row adds. An only short majority is a software of configuration . Calm points to download his genie software that volume of help by means of one first splits of a setup. But so only it will leave you also configure a radio. To configure a 5ghz irradiates has to that use a calm web also could use to configure a a software is quite useless bloat. If Netgear has taken rid of one download and calm directed you so only directly to an interface of web would give this thing 5 stars.
5 / 5 Ike
The product was a lot of box a 90 guarantee of day has finalised. Around Nov has bought this and all was a lot. This in spite of, has begun having subject with wifi falling and finally a lan the no right ports . I call the support and say me to knots my hardware is perfectly well and is the subject of the software in some subjects. They can fix a question, but my guarantee is caducada. As have has wanted to me touch $ 200 to modify a configs! I can do all poden of a poster of control of the user, but his technology has maintained hard selling, he saying was his proprietary software has had so only a lot his, etc.

Needless to say, has ordered so only he ASUS AC2900. Ray Netgear And his practical predadora. His product has failed, reason has to pay him to correct his question? Foul.
4 / 5 Colton
Was in that has it roughly frustrating wifi questions to accelerate with which upgrading my service and results that mine wifi the subject is 7 years . Yikes! The interest bought it yesterday! Where A heck the time gone?? I have decided to also go with a upgrade to the mine @subject now that am doing much more money that behind then when I have fallen $ in a one has had. A difference of then installing a NETGEAR AC1200 is likes night and day.

No only is my signal now achieving was in plot of mine of estacionar of the paving with relatively by force well, but a mine upload and the speeds of download are out of these world-wide compared to before. They are the FPS gamer, like this lag fallido but now my time of load is faster that some of mine teammates. Speaking to an use, has bought recently 3 Alexa devices that control my system of security of the house, systems of entertainment (FireTV, Xbox A, Samsung HDTVs, etc.), As well as my house that lights. I think that like this wifi has enabled devices in mine old wifi subject (which has been built first like this wifi there is enabled the devices were in a phase) that struggled it to maintain up. A NETGEAR AC1200 there is absolutely any question with those that devices is in a coverage and a NETGEAR tool of management of the coverage also really helps me monitor some devices that is attached my coverage. It is really useful!

Is looking for The powerful to issue for your house, totally would recommend this!
4 / 5 Nell
Quite easy setup. If you are buying this, ETHER the CLEAN BOSS Is COMPRISED. A description of the product does not aim is.
4 / 5 Marquita
Has has had questions with this modem of a start. My wireless printer is not never accessible state. A connection to an internet would fall long the day. A question a big plus has not been able of the record to mine netgear account as it could explode a guarantee. An error has taken has said was registered already to another account that sew it to me was refurbished. It has been supposition to be new. I have contacted Amazon the one who has contacted Netgear for me. We love me to knots to install software in my computer to the equal that could share mine desk and transmissions to mark to my system. It would not leave it . To the amazon there is agreed to to accept the same turn although it was spent 30 days because I am such the loyal client . Unfortunately, that did not say me is that his a lot of the repayment one full quantity. To the amazon Takes.

Total glorious: $
Total of Repayment $
4 / 5 Chastity
does not like me that the group of Amazon revises up for all some models. It has read descriptions for a Nighthawk without prpers prpers give and all the world has said that it was the a lot of gaming subject, as I bought it. I have maintained to read while I have expected for him to arrive and there is @@give these descriptions have not been for a R6080 model..... It is still the subject good, but a force of a signal is not fantastic and a dual sale is sum to leave devices and hopefully take interference among them everything. This in spite of the esees there is remarked the slowest data in mine PS4 has compared to my subject forward and does not think is geared for big bandwith use, will update when I imagine that it was.

The forces of signal is sub pair, a bit falling was among rooms in the small house. It would not recommend this for the main houses. A 5band of g is also quite feeble.
4 / 5 Jolyn
Purchase this subject in July, looking to change out of the a lot, very old ASUS. Based in a half indication and prize, think that it would be the add to issue for our small house. This has not been a chance. The month after our install, begins partorisca remark subjects with to the ours 'internet.' We would fall connection to an internet randomly (different time of a day, cariche different), the question had not had previously to this subject. In the believer that surely could not be one issues subject (was essentially new mark!), we Spend a lot of months going back and advances with our ISP in subjects with his connection. With which exchange a ISP modem and all cabling, continuous see subjects of connectivities. Again- it has had any such subjects previously to install this subject.

A final straw has come when knots has lost connectivities and plugged a modem directly to the laptop, so only to find that a modem was behaving exactly like this expected and that the internet there was still. Then plugged a modem behind to a a subject has begun to do again. Any cycles to be able to or restarts required to solve an unplugging a ethernet the boss of one issues WAN port and then replugging he in. Insane. Included worse is that you will find alike descriptions and included he NETGEAR edge of 2011 with alike subjects.

After months to struggle with this subject, has jumped finally to something more. I have been in our subject new for the week and has had _subjects_ of zeros of a transmission. Besides, our speeds of connection are significantly faster in some subject new, like this now is taking ours has has announced speed of a ISP (an increase of 42 in downloads, and -1000 on upload compared to the that this NETGEAR leave).

A lot, a lot disappointed with this product and has lost faith in NETGEAR. An idea that @subject has subject to maintain connectivities And that to a subject likes concealed has been floating around then 2011 insane looks.
5 / 5 Danilo
Has connected this to mine Arris SurfBoard SB6183 modem of boss. Has two computer and mine PS4 Pro connected via LAN, and then 6 other devices in WiFi and everything is shouting fast. The current a lot means comunicacionales with the music that goes, a television on via netflix, mine pc on steam with the little house of devices of pills and other materials that careers, and this thing manages everything. An initial setup 'genie' was the breeze and an easy way to go, included a firmware the update was like this simple that clicking 'he'. After an initial setup has gone back them and could change mine SSID and signal and regulate one to plot of settings. Has think that interested that has the different SSID name for each band (2.4 / 5Ghz). Running in comcast thinks them can run them all and anything on-line all immediately. I have taken this for a prize of $
4 / 5 Elisha
This description is partorisca a AC1200, R6230 Subject.
While dipping on, has given indications that some wireless thru-the internet dips was iffy. Done- on and finally everything is coming together internet and had (wireless and hardwired) to all the devices. Some hours to a first day, some of some wireless-has connected the internet of devices has lost, but any coverage. Rey-Kicked all, changed some bosses, and after several hours and a lot of foul tongue of me, all has been partorisca look and operation. Three his days, the things were iffy was and on, with some devices taking notifications/of errors of connection of poor internet, but only wireless-has has connected devices--all wire fence (ethernet-connected) the devices have done perfectly. Some testing and found 90 drop-is gone in speed of internet (wireless vs ethernet)--tried with two different computers (a laptop and a desk) using wireless then ethernet then wireless. The tests ran with all the interior of devices 36 thumbs of one issue and used Ookla test of Speed, everything behind-the-rear. Enormous degradation go in ethernet and wi-fi speed. Entirely unacceptable. Returned (today) and the amazon is by train to ship me the substitution, which would have to arrive morning. I will install a new one and the report back right here, regulating my indication like necessary based in some results have obtained with an element of substitution,. More later...…
9/12/ Is now 'later', and has received a subject of substitution , installed and place he to service. Enough the difference of a prime minister a---the installation was smooth, much faster and with only a small question that thinks that has caused, like this really, any question. On and running, all the work to do, much less differentiates among wire fence and wireless speed and on-all, so only that it had expected when I originally decided to substitute my @subject to exist with this model. They are now (at least for a moment), quite happy with a device. I have not had any question, any indication of feeble or unstable internet (to the equal that has had in a prime minister a), as I am creating my indication of one stars to 4 stars, deducting a stars based in a prime minister one that is bad out of a box. Also I am recommending this like this the good compraventa, prize-wise, notwithstanding my initial questions..
If anything changes, will be baaaaack!!
5 / 5 Olympia
Has bought this reason have required the secondary to subject that could resupplies the 5GHz point of access of the Wi-Fi to do around a row of frequency rendered useless for a canal to shoot next door. They are not the novice in networking, and has struggled previously unsuccessfully to take two another outers for good touch with a level Actiontec MI424WR Rev I Edges the subject broadband has issued of mine ISP--a task that would owe easy state.

A Netgear AC1200 has done a like this easy process, am spent significantly more time that looks for to imagine was reason has done like this a lot that has done to dip the up in a first place. Here it is exactly like this it has been. I have run the short CAT 5.ºt Boss of patch among my subject primary and this one. I turned it on. It has relieved that I (LAN-LAN) and has configured automatically an IP directed so that it would not clash with my subject primary.

An only thing has has had to that it was to access one issues directly of the mine portable more than a Netgear Genie application (which said roughly a configuration of IP of the car) so that it could rename a 5GHz connection and place on concrete security for any band, but included this was súper easy. So much, at least for my needs, a AC1200 has attacked totally he out of a park.
5 / 5 Cherry
In a side besides I like an interface of user. In a negative, has had to cycle of power a modem two times before I internet taken initially access. Interior 1/2 now has lost WiFi, but the ethernet continued to do. Some lights in a unit have aimed has had internet and broadcast WiFi but my devices have not received accesses. Again, I can cycled my modem and @subject. For some last 12 hours the look of things to be GOOD; this in spite of, do not seat sure in this device of these never looked symptoms in forwards routers. It can go back house the Amazon. If you look in some descriptions this model is lumped in with another and looks to have critics more negative.

Update: connection of the internet fallen once again this afternoon I so that it will return for repayment.
4 / 5 Lettie
Will qualify this to say that it was a Technician of Electronic in some the USA Navy. I already troubleshot a disorder out of this @subject - rebooted, unplugged, reset the incumplimiento, yada yada. A WIFI give me roughly 1 Mbs! But, directed hardwire works of connection of the good boss. I have asked the substitution, but will not take it reason Netgear need to have his technologies do the support of technology of the first telephone - and that has run so only is gone in 90 days. So many, has been asked to pay for support of telephone, which is for 6 month and $ for the year. Please, if any law these descriptions, will change my description to the positive substitute my subject without the hassle. Thank you Amiably.

Update 4/20/2019
Netgear can bite me. Way to weasel out of your guarantee, I a lot never be annoyed to included verify some deals in any of his products. I will recommend the product of his competitor in place of the his:

A TP-Link AC1200 is so only $ and there is MU-MIMO, with the guarantee of 2 years and technology of 2 supports of years.
4 / 5 Marianela
Am not really deep to routers, but an objective improvement in action to change to this subject was impressive. Mina Samsung the television Loans constantly there were questions. It is remote result too familiarised with a word 'uploading.' With which one issues transmission, all the questions are disappeared. A Samsung has not frozen on the alone time of a roughly done transmission 2 weeks. A transmission measured in of the speeds is tangible in 30 until 100 fast more. Really I did not think that it it was included possible but some does not number any lie. SOLID 5 stars.
4 / 5 Patria
Has has purchased always D-link he for one reasons: excellent technical support. Ossia Prime minister of mine Netgear the produced and I will not buy never another for one reasons: inexcusable the product fails and horrid support of technology.

In the first place, requires support of technology, slowly in that spends an hour that locates the human. All a FAQ is relates the users' questions. But which are troubleshooting he Netgear failure? These questions are not listed never in a FAQ is.

In the first place, am appreciated that Netgear Linux of supports. Setup Has required five minutes without subjects. A question is that to be eligible for the support of precise future technology registers your product. My product has failed to register with message of error: 'Number of Invalid Serial.' I verified it a lot of time. Mina roomate verified it a lot of time. I entered it a lot of time, to any avail.

Then, investigation in for support of technology, has found that it could not obtain support of technology without registering my product--taken in the loop. I finally found the number of telephone and was disconnected. I googled and found another number of telephone and taken by means of. The TECHNOLOGY has ADMITTED THAT MY NUMBER of SERIAL WAS INVALID And has SUGGESTED TURN HE FOR A NUMBER of VALID SERIAL. Ossia inexcusable And he dealbreaker to do @@subject with this company.

But concealed is not everything. I said then that has registered a same product although my S/N necessary for the registration was at all. As I have been to to confirm registration. I recently, 30 first minutes of this telephone, has registered one has name of user and signal. My account said 'Any device with this counted the half that of then could not register, has not possessed the device. But now when I have tried to register in again, when a technology was in a telephone, a netgear URL was insecure. A 'https' had disappeared. Further, when I logged in, have gone back to login. It was in the loop.

There was then reset my @subject to any avail. Like this now, a place is insecure, can any register in my account to determine if a registration is documented in fact in spite of a fact that my number of serial, necessary for registration, is dud.

The need says more? Netgear, In my chance, is more deserving of a stars. I will send it behind and never buy another Netgear produced again. I will go back to D-link.
5 / 5 Murray
Like this far like this good. I have purchased this to offload a WiFi of modem of mine of DSL. It looks to do well although a setup and the configuration was has documented bad. It has had to exit to a Netgear put to find to file of PDF to walk this in spite of a lot of that has has wanted to do. The force of signal is solid how is an action . I upgrade a firmware to a late plus like recommended for Netgear. A lot of options of configuration, one an aversion is that the use needs a web page to access everything of one there is anticipated characteristic in place of an application that download, looks stupid to give you an application with less than the together of characteristic that a web, but perhaps expect too much.
4 / 5 Abel
Adds to issue! I have been suffering with an old plus and subjects slower a lot that gives that my force of internet. I upgraded to the east an and his fantastic summer never of then. It installs it was easy is, will say that I help to have the computer or the open laptop and that careers to install all and take a mechanics dips up. Partorisca Rename a Wifi and change a generic signal has to that use the web page that would not upload in my telephone. There is also an available application with this @subject concealed to leave you to change a signal and disable a Wi-fi of your telephone. So it is taste with of boys, can kill a Wi-fi until you cry is done!
4 / 5 Myrl
I near on my connection of internet in my new paving and has loved to issue it that the only laws. I have decided that the separate modem and issue the combination was better that taking an all-in-a door based in my investigation. Have COMCAST/XFINITY Service and jointly with a ARRIS SURFboard SB6183 Modem I paired with has stable WIFI in my paving. Setup Was easy that use an interface of web has seen WIFI. There is the basic paper and a paper advanced to take the things have configured. It receives a signal of internet of modem of mine automatically. All have has had to that it was to change a admin signal ( has to that do this), nomination some 2 coverages ( and 5GHz) and dipped some tones of security aka wifi signals. I upgrade a firmware using a built in firmware update checker/updater and now am current. It is optional but can download the WIFI utilty application to the yours telephone and verify that the canals have a less quantity of traffic where alive you and dip your 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies to use these canals. This was easy to do that it uses an interface of web.

So much one and 5GHz laws of frequencies with my computer and telephone. Has the printer of laser of the Brother also hooked on street WIFI and has any one printing of question of the mine portable or telephone. C subject is probably more for the or two paving of fourth and has the calm house probably will want to something the little more powerful/faster, but on its own name is perfect. I have not had any one questions that connects or maintaining the connection after the month directly of use. So only I take 25Mbps downloads of the mine ISP which is roughly 3MBps (big 'B' or Bytes) and volume max 3.5 MBps in of the sure downloads like one issues can manage that any question. I like this together with a ARRIS modem this Netgear WIFI issue his work quietly and can enjoy wireless internet without questions. There is the space of USB in a backside to use the clave by heart of the USB as the class of walk of coverage, but has not tried that still. But good to know could have loved .
5 / 5 Laverna
Attractive row , sum, -look- simple to dip up has an extremely simple coverage, but the clock was.

A lot of Mac-friendly at all. If you do not have the PC in a coverage, is stuck with 'defaults'. Any that.

Wants to add this to a coverage to exist (to improve wireless coverage) is CRITICAL that goes to 'Anticipated', 'Anticipated Setup' settings and select 'Point of Wireless Access'. Otherwise Will not be able to see impression or services of file in a rest of your coverage.

--THIS In spite of-- once calm this, can not access yours issue his street 'Genie' or 'Nighthawk' applications or your browser. It concealed it does not mean any one changes to your SSID or signals or firmware updates. Unless it is it has had to that do the 'the factory restores' and dip the all on again.

In spite of a lot revises to suggest service of terrible client, has taken ahold of them a lot quickly and they very pointed me quickly a Way of Wireless Access. ( It was inner 90 days of compraventas.). They were useful and pleasant and knowledgable, but finally, a product is really so only meant to be your primary to issue or result the black box.

A subject comes with SID of the name of mark' and an apparently fact partorisca commission WiFi signal. You would owe that change these, of course, and concealed is not too hard to do. (Calm he for separate for 2.4 and 5GHz bands). But calm also would owe that change one issues username/signal of a incumplimiento 'admin' and esignal'. Ossia Harder that find. It maintains to look. Esignal'. Really!.

Has thought a setup was easy, calm probably the insecure coverage. But with which setup, looks to be the good to issue for low cost, with one on serious limitations.

One two I has bought probably is beginning behind to Amazon.
4 / 5 Anabel
Pros: An interface of configuration is well. Gilipollas: After installing a NetGear R6120 my speeds of coverage are fallen of 225MB/s to 40. A NetGear the web of place is the disorder and has taken the pair tries partorisca registration of coverage partorisca complete felizmente. After registering to sustain are spent an hour that speaks with the rep the one who was the good type but has had clearly any clue. I have changed MTU measure and rebooted several times and reconnected directly to a modem partorisca do sure was really taking some speeds am paying paralizaciones. Finally, I am boxing a @subject on and sending it behind. It does not think it it will substitute with the Netgear has produced.
4 / 5 Narcisa
Setup Was easy coverage , well, this in spite of has had two smaller subjects. Setup Alerted that has had the firmware upgrade, but using a link has answered finally that it has not had to update very available. So much, using Netgear is soyy Netgear' put web, enabled me partorisca download an update and save a file of zip. Then, going back to a @subject setup, has had to that signal a location to update to a a-zipped file. It has done but it was unnecessarily kludgy. Secondly, I have selected specifically this @subject reason, based in the description, some antennas were removable (to use external antenna for better coverage in the big house), is not . All that averts, am very happy with an action, and an ease of setup.
5 / 5 Lashandra
Ossia The description in a R6230 Gigabit subject (likes another has mentioned, pieces of together Amazon some different versions of a routers, that causes the plot of confusion).
Some reviewers says that a WAN port in his Gigabit is capped in 100 Mbps. Any sure that the version has, but doing test of speed of the Internet, has achieved 133 Mbps in mine 5Ghz wifi (my speed of the service of the Internet is 'until' 150 Mbps).
Setup Was extremely simple and streamlined with a Nighthawk application. But you are forced to register with Netgear to use an application. It is for this that attacked it was a star (but 4 stars is still of sound, if 3 star is supposed to be half). But calm does not have to that use an application, can install, and access a subject, for another half. Like this far, after a day, everything does to add and think that is the shot adds for a prize (while they do not maintain the augmenting. It was $ 59 when I bought it. A bit those that the days later was $ 69. Today, a day more is locates late to $ 74...).
I also like a capacity to connect my walk of USB of the backup to a subject, although it is USB2 (any USB3).
5 / 5 Maple
Like this was the enormous update that has had. My subject old was the bit outdated. Roughly 10 years outdated! At the same time when I in the first place dipped the on has not gone never big to an integer WiFi what but now so the devices can use it. With all has run in mine old setup has not gone enough and the registered was. As I have required something concealed could dip the strong signal was and leave for several devices a same time. A Nighthawk NetGear the application is well for the basic material but are the user advanced real and like customise my coverage. As it has taken to my computer and logged on to one issues directly so much could change some settings am wanted and the take that the careers to the equal that have required the. Habladuría In fast! The person in a house is complaining now! Material adds! I took the minute to imagine out of an allocution of IP for a subject new but with which was really easy. If your new to networking has the basic tab and will drive calm by means of a setup also. For the user advanced can click on to another tab and go the city. Very good!
4 / 5 Delmar
One issues in question is well, he that is supposition to do , but can not believe in 2019 still has to that treat goddess terrible slow chip in these things, so only restarting taken on the minute, a thing of the control of the door is terrible, dulcemente, without good options, my old $ 20 @subject am had better QoS and the bandwidth that options of limits that these rubbishes. Any recommended, at all, in this prize and to arrive to this point in time, would have to have better software in these things, as they are now was, feels like this to relic of a past.
5 / 5 Marguerita
C subject there is prendido to do less than 4 month, but more than 3 month that is a support of offer of the period for him. I have had some subjects with him of a start and have achieve support of client. They have resupplied the provisional solution that has done so only well for one issues for the outside a period of guarantee. Ossia Service of unacceptable client , and now less than 4 month has the useless unanchored technician @subject expensive.

Has tried all the methods expósitos on-line suggested to reset and the reparation, but any one has done. If calm yours investigation in an official Netgear the community will see that a lot of people have has had questions with these routers concealed the unusable. Some of them were quite lucky to take these early questions during a period of guarantee and has taken one @subjects solved with substitution or repayment, has not been one of them.
4 / 5 Tess
C subject is horrible! I have improved service of the mine economic $ 25 subject. So only we have 1 gaming system, 3 mobile phones and 2 iPads in ours 1 level 6 house of the room and I could very included take to to the simple applications like to them Facebook or Pinterest to upload in my mobile phone. Has has had to that finally turn a WiFi was and use my data until it could take my old a hooked retreated up. Bought this thinking it would help with one 'lagging' when our boys touch his PS4
was bad. Returning it. It will not purchase this produces again.
4 / 5 Logan
Has had this product for me so only under the year. I bought it reason has to that it weaves of devices that use WiFi. It has done well in a start but now am lucky can take any web of place. Volume disconnect and messages of error. I know it is of the subjects because another person in my house has a provider of the same internet but any one issue and that the person can access an Internet without any questions. A relative of the mine has had also the question with Netgear. I have decided to buy another mark to issue. Buyer beware in this product. It would not buy another Netgear has produced. They are not an expert in peripheral of computer but are not the beginner neither. As I have said, it could not recommend Netgear.
4 / 5 Corinna
Had been using the WiFi subject in my house that would lose connection of internet nightly and sometimes in a morning. It would owe that go reset he, which decreased productivity and has worsened. No longer I have installed of the mine new Netgear R6230. Some the only times have has had to that to the reset was to take mine WiFi printer and iPad synced up. Otherwise, Has a lot of state pleased with his action. I have not had any subject with choosing on the WiFi signal in a house or outside in a yard. Included I can choose on the signal the blockade was, as some characteristic of security is the plus of entity .
4 / 5 Madie
Has purchased this device in Seven, 2018, for my coverage of house. It has not been a device an easy plus to configure, but was happy with him initially. Then, 4 month later, my ISP surprised with the service has forced upgrade of 50 Mbps to 300 Mbps. Imagine my surprise to discover that this so only run @subject until 100 Mbps. Yes, now that I scrutinize a fine impression sees this in a last line of a description: 'Five (5) 10/100 (1 WAN & 4 LAN) ports of Fast Ethernet.' But it was bamboozled for all this crowing in a scorching wifi speed, 'Until 300-900 Mbps!' Speed of ethernet capped in 100 Mbps is archaic technology. Yes, I guess it quell'has been informed to that 'Fast Ethernet' behind in 1995, but any one thinks of him as 'fast' today. Technically, one issues the description is not bad, but he sure like this heck is misleading. This device run never your coverage in 300 Mbps. Any coverage can be faster that his slower leg, and in this chance a WAN links it to an Internet is a bottleneck.

If you are absolutely sure that you does not want to issue that sustains modern broadband speed anytime in a forseeable future, this is not the bad to issue. A dual speed the wireless coverage is confusing to configure (involving a main and two coverages of guest, each one that like this with his own signal). A 5coverage of G is the little feeble in of the parts of my older house big, but a coverage is strong. The no really needs 300 Mbps to arrive to this point, as I will maintain to use this @subject for now. But my ISP no longer offers any speed down 300 Mbps to his clients of edge, which underlines the one who outdated this issues the model really is.
4 / 5 Eunice
Bought this when my internet of house has taken the swipe to 100 mbps. An old Netgear the subject has had could not look to manage more than roughly 70 mbps throughput.

Has decided in this simply because it was a less expensive AC the subject could find with gigabit ports. It is state adds. Throughput Is well, the row is much better that an old Netgear N the subject has substituted, and an interface of web has abundance of options of configuration.
4 / 5 Bettyann
Using he with Comcast in planting to use his wireless. Automatically it has configured it like the bridge. All require it to. Place on rows of IP done of commission, has dipped allocutions of static IP partorisca printers. It dips on signal partorisca 5 and 2.4. A 2.4 row achieves to all the parts of mine 5 house of chamber. Place on the account of guest and signal. Utilisation the computer connected with wireless hooked until the television to look prime of amazon and Netflix without the question. It can do more, so only does not require it to. I have not comprised never reason would pay more than $ 100 for basic functionality. My leading Netgear the so only lasted @subject roughly 2 or 3 years. Hopefully Will take more use out of east a.

Update - has had this subject for the small to the long of the year. A better thing can say is that seldom it thinks roughly that. I have had to that reboot the roughly 5 times during a last year. Update 2. It has Had he for the pair of years now and has a lot of be of confidence. Have the In a second walk and can look netflix in a basement.
5 / 5 Tiana
Could not resupply to pay a hire of modem of the boss anymore ($ 13) the month! As I have purchased my own modem and he have not had the @subject built taste shopped around and this was a better prize and has had all some characteristics am wanted. It is reasonable and easy to install and use with abundance of row of signal for my house! The service has been promised to be to add but has not required very reason he plugged and has touched immediately! The product adds and would recommend this element to any one looking for a same product!
4 / 5 Renetta
Has had the wonderful three year Netgear Issue this has had to that be substituted reason my niece of two years has decided to have some 'entertainment' with hard week. Has has not wanted to do my brother (his dad) has paid for the cost of big substitution, and this issues looked to have all some characteristics have required, as I have purchased this.

I alive in a 800 square foot paving in the dense metropolitan zone. Admitted, has tonnes of wifi-traffic everywhere me, as I have regulated some canals, and has been expecting some terracing of interference. But this bloody thing could not project the signal in a next room!!! It is PATHETIC. A row is laughable. As I write this, am seating in a same room and interior 20 feet of one issue, and my signal is extremely feeble in a 2.4 frequency - the row of a 5.0 is laughable in better.

Am impacted & bitterly there is disappointed of my subject of old plus was able to cover all a way to another end of my paving, considering this is the subject of new plus and in a point of same prize like my old a. Returning it morning. A lot disappointed.
4 / 5 Tomeka
Has bought this Netgear AC1200 to @subject likes something economic and quickly rid to substitute a Asus RT-N56U subject after his ethernet the port failed (probably toasted with arising has seen a modem of boss coax, of a modem has failed a same time). C subject was easy to dip on, but has expected the little more controllability in a software. I am taking the wireless row slightly better the long distances and by means of multiple wall inside a house, but a global wireless connectivity is not well; everything of some wireless connections feels considerably slower that has used to (both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), and is also scalier, which is really nettling when I need to VPN to do, and my telephone now changes behind and advances among wifi and LTE each pocolos small, which is súper nettling and a lot well for my costs of cellular data. It wired The connections look well, and comparable to some subject forward. I have had question maintaining my printer connected (wire fence) some first time dipped it on (looked to take the new IP has attributed every time can cycled a printer), but after drying he of one issues memory and beginning on, looks stable. With which so only the little month, this in spite of, has had enough with a slow and scaly wifi connection, and will be to use the little money navideño to invest in something better, probably going back to Asus.
4 / 5 Elicia
Súper Fast. Has 100x10 internet, and with my old abgn the subject could take almost 100 plugged in, but so only roughly 35 in WiFi. C @subject leave me take 90 in WiFi when paired with a same modem. It would owe that remark that many my devices no on 5ghz (thermostat, printer, old kindle pills of fire, and some casts of discharge) like 5ghz the band is has fill much less. I am not sure that impact that has, but well mention.

Mayor downside is that a new Netgear application (Nighthawk) does not look to have like this functionality like old Netgear Genie application. A lot like all the web of places and applications these days, prioritises to be quite on having functionality. A good informative is that an old Netgear Genie works of application with this @subject also.

A law of port of USB as the charm for plugging in the device of storage of the USB and sharing in WiFi. It has dipped the 128gb walk of thumb in there and can do in backups of place of photo in WiFi without questions.

A thing loses this in spite of is a key to press setup. Has a lot of devices that look easily with a method of key of the push, and this subject does not sustain it . This was the a lot of behind, imo.
5 / 5 Moshe
Revised to 1 star. It is lasted so only 6 month and has taken the dump. Hard to dip up... Any hard... steer Claro

has changed was a lot of routers and this one for some reason has not wanted to find an internet. There are lies a 2 star ding. The support of client SUCKS - Seriously, non-existent. Each page to contact headed to a definite error after small a lot of of entrance of data and fill of form. A community joint was ridiculously simple and was any help. I have imagined finally t was after the a lot of frustrating now, and to be sincere, am not positive that has done to do work. Everything knows is that an application is order With which begins to do. A lot still it chooses on of the subjects for the long time and would not choose it never on automatically, and when I have been to Manuel, the things am spent quickly.
Looks quickly, for the test of speed was Much better, but was better that issues it this was to substitute, eats.... In all the chance, think that it would try another company that in fact could concern something roughly service of client. Any number of telephone ANYWHERE in an internet that could find. And only record cat , but with which have registered, has said that the subject was registered already and me fallen was! Arghhhhhh. It has frustrated. In fact, I changed it so only to the 2 star after thinking in frustration of mine last night.

Are usually positive in my descriptions, but then again, some products usually do better out of a box that this thing has done.
5 / 5 Scott
Has bought this fact of @subject 4 month and there is now working decree all of the sudden. Unable to register to mine wifi coverage. I believed it at the beginning that it has it because of the mine ISP but to verify a modem with my laptop an internet has done properly. When I Try to call support of technology for netgear has said that are in my support 'released the guarantee and I have to that it pays master helps further. Now I can not use wifi at all reason one issues is defective still although I have paid $50 thus just fact 4 month. Please does not buy anything netgear related reason all his products are sham. I will not leave him evasion with east and will return my @subject of then is still down 1 guarantee of year. Attended listen in the netgear has to that say in this now.
4 / 5 Cliff
Strongly recommends this, proportion of incredible/lovely prize. My house wifi the speeds have been of -10 Mbps to a 150 Mpbs row after substituting my subject of old rubbishes with this unit. It does not think my offers of provider of the service much more that that for my level of byline. Like this absolutely it is releasing, am sure am taking a big plus throughput available mine, and now was my old to the subject was the enormous bottleneck in my coverage. Have At all in a same class to compare he with, but I really liked is this subject, looks tight, extracted adds, and is a lot easy/basic to direct street a Nighthawk mobile application. It has changed easily mine DNS settings to Cloudflare to daunt aggregated small and of the profits of security, and was able to dip on the coverage of guest and do other adjustments inside minutes. It has not been if it is necessarily better that another quality routers in his row of prize, but in my chance is the very effective device and there is totally unlocked my coverage of house and wifi potential in the a lot of down side. Also it looks a lot fresh and has an on/was to change like this calm does not have to that unplug this one to cycle he, any that has has has had to that. One+ issue
4 / 5 Kaycee
Because hires he wifi @subject of the spectre when it can possess one? This will pay for him less than 18 month.
Has on dipped is like this simple as attaching a ethernet boss (comprised with modem of Spectre).
One issues the signal is pasted street lable in a device. A pre-has configured the signals are simple to agree. (The difference of a overlysecure/still impossible to retype the signals resupplied for some companies.)
Wishes to change your signal, a place of registration the simple fact and self-explanatory.
C subject accommodates both 5 or 2.4 band wifi devices, like some telephones, computers, roku, boxes of android, and Alexa., Etc.
A Netgear the @subject also leave to directly connect to your devices via ethernet boss for the action and the security more are. Some ports are gigabit. This could touch taste 'overkill' has been plagued with slow broadband service in your location; but a future is well around a corner. Already, AT&T and offered of Google gigabit service in some zones, developing daily! Early, Spatial-X Starlink will cover a ball with connection of big speed, included to some the majority of something far on earth. Other broadband companies also are moving in this direction. If you are buying to issue it, takes something concealed can manage a next future.
Personally, possess the modem of @subject/of combination for my use of house. But, ossia reason does years some providers of internets have had crappy crew and/or has touched the cost for hire. If all precise is for the subject, ossia the good election . Netgear HAS the solid reputation, and this device is súper-easy to install.
5 / 5 Tameka
Ossia In of the considerations to a Netgear AC1200 subject of dual band.

A general quality and connectivity with my devices and some wireless was a lot. It was quite easy to install and fact as it has expected. Some two subjects are as follows:

For on-line gaming, a game I game especially (Overwatch) has had subjects. He randomly disconnect me of a voice comm canal at stake. I know it is one issues of then I hardwired directly to a modem without issuing to my PC and a subject never spent @ once several months. Inside one first now has tried again by means of one issues, a subject is spent. Like this unless you are doing heavy gaming, could love look in other options, but has has found so only this subject for a particular game. Other games and the general of the on-line connectivity in my PC is perfectly be well.

Another thing is service of horrible client . A process to take any to speak your in a telephone is dulcemente, and calm once connect to any, to the looks like does not have to that any idea that is speaking roughly. I called him his simply does sure has sent the pocolos put you correctly, and has not had any one has thought that I he still tried to do. The port sending is the basic to issue dipping and three times a woman that help dipped me on control, clearly to ask around and figure out of that to say me. In an end, informed to call my Provider of Service of the Internet to plant no any sense because that has has wanted to was for one issues, there is at all to do with my ISP/Comcast.

So that it is the heavy gamer, or any the one who really confidences on when being able to take the plot of help, does not buy this. But you are more than just the browser of RANDOM PC and require the subject/of house of confidence well, especially for wireless, and will not require to contact Netgear paralizaciones material more complex, ossia the good option for you.
4 / 5 Angelia
Ossia The enormous improvement of the mine leading Netgear subject. That The internet is resupplied for my edifice (with the modem resupplied) and with my subject old, an internet was LIKE THIS SLOW. My engineer of the technology of the internet has come to verify in an internet in my paving and he have recommended volume the dual-sell to issue. ENORMOUS improvement.

Has had previously that the plus rule Netgear issue which gave initially sub-speed of stop of internet, and with which 2 years of use, my internet hardly fact, included when using the interior of device 10 feet of one issue.

C subject resupplies to relieve-fast internet, included in of the far rooms during my cements-wall of walk.

Setup Was class to confuse. It has taken roughly 30 minutes to setup (comprising time to update a outdated firmware in my subject new), but are not the whiz is. It has not been if this was necessary, but has downloaded a Netgear setup application. I require to login every time has looked for to access the different paper in an application (still requires login every time uses has included afterwards has dipped on my @subject). An application is quite handy otherwise this in spite of: you can block access of internet to sure has has connected devices (I.et. For parental control), easily change a signal of name/of the coverage, and send the code to guest so that easily they can connect to mine WiFi when they come to my paving. There is also links he of service of the client in an application.

Recommends this @subject yes is having questions of reliabilities/of speeds of internets without dual-band routers. Enormous improvement and to good sure value a -$ 50.
5 / 5 Maricruz
SOME STARS to ESTIMATE Reasons there is not ANY OPTION FOR NEGATIVE STARS! I have purchased a R6230 WiFi subject of Amazon. It was easy to dip up and has done perfectly for 7 month ( has has had to that 12 guarantee of month). He then leaves. It has not given any look the poor signal - the so only leave. Some lights a lot included come on to the equal that owe that. An only thing that loses has been wisp to smoke when it has died. And all this just before some games of the ball of the Sunday has come on. To say that I have been nettled would be a understatement. The to reset of factory and has come still up with some same results. Felizmente, has had the one of subject spare and was able of the take up and running immediately. Now it comes a fun part - that calls a 'HELPED supposed to centre which is located in nowhere Indian. I had it it has opened it already the 'chance' on-line like this has been supposition to be easy. CASUALIDAD FAT! A person has spoken to had a lot the knowledge limited of an English tongue. It was finally able to decipher that has had to pay to take help of technology. I have not required help of technology - I help has required that takes a unit has substituted. I have asked repeatedly to speak to any the one who has spoken English to any avail. I have asked finally to speak to the supervisor. I have been dipped on control for 6 minutes and then a call disconnected. I do not have behind called. If ossia a way that netgear wants to treat his clients, will find another provider. I create, there is to plot of WiFi routers there this has the REAL guarantee! Totally unsatisfactory!
4 / 5 Eliseo
Has used this modem for the year when I have moved in California. I have thought Comcast has had subject reason the wireless mine so only would take 30 mbps. I have paid $ 300 for them to come to repair my house, so only to discover that one 'gigabyte subject' can so only control 30mbps. I have expected almost the year to discover the subject has bought he this has used fails to announce to on exaggerate his speed. I have bought the $ 20 no-appoint @subject this improves speed that this. Also, you are out of guaranteeing quite quickly as it does not expect help.

Likes -you slow internet, ossia of the subjects for you. You are guaranteed drops of coverage and slow speeds.

Modification: the support has called, Jan 14 2020 cost more than $ 40 to speak to sustain in a telephone if llamas with which 90 days. This only hard support 90 days. I will not purchase never another netgear produced; it is INSANE to pay for support for products of detective.
5 / 5 Easter
Like this far an only question can not imagine was is like this to “attach” my printer! Really business desires of the big technology @gives to plot of the knots are not technology savvy! There is not any instruction for me to follow! I appreciate an all ready signal, but has tried everything of my tiny knowledge ( has bought always Netgear Wi-Fi is) to take my Printer of Brother , another that older Netgear a lot of ‘t has a power to spend for 3 wall to my chamber, as I have had always the soft signal lying law. It likes-it looks me the TV in mine iPad while relaxing to sleep...(Band, is still magic to is mine/our/ future...) And for a first time my ‘rainbow' the metre is PEGGED to a cup of mine 3 ! Thank you Again, Netgear for the product adds in the low prize!❤️😀. Now in my Printer.........
5 / 5 Isreal
2speeds of G am far far down that is to announce... Still with which 4 calls to sustain could not take 2speeds of G to go in 70mbps.. 5G is well, but a row is less than 20 ft for full 5speeds of G.... One issues is economic, so the the supposition takes that paid for
5 / 5 Luke
looked to extend my coverage to cost is, unfortunately my subject main is a ac1750 and has better row and of the only costs slightly more... As my joint would be to take concealed or a ac1900.

This does well so that it is, but my subject main was would treat it a distance of devices. So many has taken them no real profit to add this my coverage like this is them returned.

Has several people of deceptions can do while dipping routers on, the left me street of fellow a boss of Ethernet for me and he ran it well on roughly can wire which has created And.M. Interference that the turn has created havoc on transmission of bandwidth like this yours sure mark management of boss maintains your power and of the bosses of the ethernet separate.

Also netgear ac1750 and ac1900 would have to that be considered in of the this, lunch for thought but again ossia the good to issue also.
4 / 5 Verlie
Clearly a WORSE company has has not had never a unfortunate the experience that tries to solve some a lot of subjects with cost of mine. Together with 40+ hours to IGNORE, not resisting, has been spoken to in him demeaning way to do sure has known a difference among the subject & the modem, LIKE THIS CONDESCENDING and then disconnected when I have spoken to them in his tone of same/way. One this @@subject definite when it has said a lack of person of service of the client that a unit has created smoked has said that the has not been the question, continuous w/his instructions! UGH, that Surprises undertaken like this stay in business, are self employee and absolutely impacted for a subject of way @of the mine w/a faulty the product has not been managed....
5 / 5 Darrell
This arrives on Feb. 6 2020. The question there was immediately with taking it Netgear extend to connect his. I have called support of technology to see yes could take the quickly fix. The support of technology said then that my computer has been infected with the virus and that could not continue unless I paid him $ 150 to clean my car. They are the engineer of the coverage takes this has spent on 35 years that maintains virus out of corporate coverages. Mina quite sure is cleaned!!!

Now, in Leaves 18, a unit has failed totally and is useless rubbishes! Not even the month and the half! I am done totally with any Netgear has produced!!!
4 / 5 Darci


Top Customer Reviews: NETGEAR Nighthawk ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
4 / 5 Harriet
MR1100 All the specs said it , and all have expected. Used jointly with Nighthawk AC1750. It was able to program of ATT the Comsumer Cellular ATT with help of the Cellular consumer and Netgear. Now have 75 Mbps vs 14 Mbps that has had with Verizon and the Cellular USA. Now able to connect all 14 of the mine wifi devices with room partorisca grow. Well I AM YACIDO with internet. They are the happy client .
4 / 5 Dion
4 / 5 Danica
Service of horrible client and technical support. Never no spent never the product of clean train. It has not been able to unlock of the subjects and is spent 4 hours on control with clean train to take technical support inunlocking could any Never take any to help. Service of ridiculous client. It would not offer this produces on amazon if a company can not resupply technical help with unlocking.
4 / 5 Ethelyn
These produced does not resist the load, also a battery of states “of the too hot battery” when touching.

Like this the usually does not write descriptions but when it has debated them on buying the checked for descriptions, like this perhaps this will help any one. I have purchased this produces on 6/30/2020, has been rid today on 7/2/2020. So much a lot fast nave, has been surprised. A lot good packaged, is coming with cords of substitution(as declared). The subject only with cords has been so only done when there is wanted also. No the subject enormous, the cords are economic. So only another complaint would be the can not see that it quotes has used them out of quell'has left them. (Again, subject small). But honradamente another that that like this far does like this described and to be (renewed) is practically flawless without frames or maculas... I will be of tower the little month/of weeks to give an update in this product. 10/10 it would recommend it to it.
5 / 5 Orlando
Some instructions are a lot of faint, hard to read, contrast is a lot down... But the glass to augment fixed that for me.
Some better speeds that this MR1100 gives in a LB-1200 that has used is wonderful, now taking 3 to 4 times accelerates faster for a same time of an evening. It sees pix.
5 / 5 Darrell
A battery dates with a product has not done or resist the load, has to have a product plugged in 100 of a time. As it uses this for my Car, is well but Buyer beware, These are not new but has has used produced that obviously it is not the product has tried properly.
5 / 5 Justine
Ossia The product adds of a awesome vendor a cord that is coming with the mine on has heated a battery and send me to knots the new a & now is doing well... To good sure would buy of this vendor again
4 / 5 Grisel
Works Amur 👍 add a portability together with a flawless capacity.
5 / 5 Zaida
A law of product adds. I am using one goes through half to look connected to the mine Nighthawk R7000P. Any Subject like this far.
4 / 5 Adaline
Has received my container 2 early days then expected
But att any sinister volume the HE paper partorisca a nighthawk more
4 / 5 Harriet
have it ATT version of this hotspot. Cost $ 25 for month partorisca 3GB, $ 50 partorisca 10GB and $ 75 partorisca 18GB. There is no unlimited. We use on a 10BG in our interior of house two days and the knots do not use it partorisca look films. Att Likes hide a link partorisca the actuate call like this calms of need and spend a day that takes hanged on when you transfer. If calm can take unlocked can go you with another carrier. It Sprint or The offer of Impulse 50GB partorisca $ 50 maintaining but precise take his device. Verizon Offers 25GB partorisca $ 50 with the two agreement of year. TMobile Offers 2-22GB partorisca $ 10-85. If it plan to use less than 10GB the month then ossia the good compraventa partorisca actuate with ATT but yes uses more the forget!

Top Customer Reviews: Netgear Renewed ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Donnetta
I have struggled with my ISP partorisca the year, complaining in a poor service. But his Poo-Poo'd me, and continued partorisca touch for a hire of his crew.

Sent him there is detailed informs of 10 to 20 connections of internets fallen for the day and they have suggested diverse fixed or dialed in the troubleshoot and has said all was a lot. Still, partorisca an example, frequently could not take by means of a video of now of Youtube long without the have pause or included fail entirely one or more time before I have achieved an end.

Finally, has bought this Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 @subject and my daily fallen east the connections have fallen to basically zero for day. Has no more @@subject with video, or gaming, or general internet surfing. And now all our devices (3 ROKU is, 4 computers, and all our mobile phones) felizmente alive together and improve the furthest reception was that his not having never does before, especially because of some capacities of dual band.

My next step will be to substitute his crummy modem of boss and be free of his cariche for hire monthly for ever :)
5 / 5 Loren
has ordered a R7000 on April 10th, 2018 and has received one issues on April 11th. Nave very fast. I have not concerned me a lot for some Applications of Tent of Game of Google available thus subject, but has tried to give the he casualidad. An Application of the circle of Disney was terrible also. I upgraded of a Plus of Almond for Securifi. An interface and an available application in an Almond is like this better. I have taken it casualidad with is to issue and yesterday, July 1st, 2018 (not even 90 days later) a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 the port of internet there is prendido entirely law. There is remarked that one issues was always really hot to a touch and has assumed this was normal. Still I can connect to a local coverage, but a R7000 is not able to receive internet at all. I have called my ISP and could not see one issues at all. After taking a boss of one issues and that careers in directly to mine portable, that the internet was a lot. C subject is no more than the weight of paper now. I go to try and take it has substituted. I have received perhaps the bad CERTIFICATE refurbished @subject. If his any one honour a substitution, then More the ones of likely turn to use Almond Securifi. So only I do not comprise like @subject he in this point of prize could have so many defects. This description is based for my account compraventa and is no-sprain. I will update a result and estimating based in my experience. As of right now, I can not recommend this @subject to any one.
4 / 5 Maryalice
Adds like this far. Any subject with a refurb unit. I have bought the number of refurb electronic in a past. I know the people are quell'has bitten hesitant roughly purchasing refurb elements, but in all spent of mine so only can agree one this was to complete uselessness . They are such the value adds , and for me concealed is part of one that Takes emotion the element adds in the prize adds.

In all the chance, behind to a subject. Work perfectly like this far. Easy to setup up. To the reset Has modem of mine in order for an internet to do with one issues. I want to one issues admin paper, and has tonnes of options for tweaking and doing transmissions if ossia your thing . Has update a firmware immediately, and was quite quickly roughly the, without process of long reset like another routers has possessed. The signal is strong during a house, although there is still to go external and see that far it will go. I have bought this reason have loved the strongest signal that a AC1900 has possessed resupplied, and this is to return a bill .

A unit looks new. Again, with the refurb, would have to expect maculas, but the one who concern if the subject is blemished? I doubt it is the subject of conversation in a house. This unit comes direct form Netgear like the refurb, as you would guess volume the element of better quality that the typical 3rd party refurb.
4 / 5 Loris
The work adds, has taken this for an open firmware. The installed tomato in the so much could use the VPN. I took the bit to imagine all that was, but I , and all the work well. The connectivity is well. My house is not enormous, but some looks of row well, has the strong signal upstairs or down. As the one who when being the refurb, would not be never able to say, the mark looked new. It is main that thought it would be, so only based in past routers has had, but ossia well with me.
4 / 5 Odilia
I desire has had has not bought never this.

Has a R6300v2 that still does well. Some lights in a front grieves work anymore and need to be restarts at least once the month, but otherwise is solid of rock . He a lot also pressing signal around my new house (has been of 1600 sqft two-history to 2100 sqft so only-history) still uses a R6300v2 for another connection that has and service he for the concrete purpose, but this R8000 has been supposition to take his place and resupply me with whole-house wifi.

Left to start with with a wifi coverage. It is poor. Some antennas only point in of the concrete directions, according to his location in one issues. Any totally the bad thing, but certainly does not help coverage. One issues is in a half of a house. Fight to send signal to any final of a house in any of some bands. 2.4 works bit it better that 5, when further it was, but some speeds are absolute dumpster fire. I swear this subject has had to that be of 2002 with the bad is treated. When being afterwards to a @subject does quite well, but has taken this the wireless coverage my house, which would have to be something easily can do.

Wifi Evita, a wired the connections are included worse. On three different occasions have has has had to that fully reset of factory a @subject and use the application to frustrate to finalise the dipping up. REASON?! The power in a PC that the stays have connected all a time. It seats in my office so only afterwards to a @subject and has the 10 feet CAT6 boss that pursues under an office and around one for behind his (gotta maintains that management of boss that goes). Volume to a desk and see that I do not have any connection. This stupid ball so only taunting me. Perhaps it is the boss ? Nah, Bosses of transmission and have @@subject same. Different port? Each port this. It controls a modem? It can it covers directly to modem and have zero subject. Way of cycle of the Power and @subject? Yes. On and on. Waste to aim connection when plugged in. I know a modem has the signal and that read. One issues is not so only not ridding the connection wired, but neither will rid the wireless connection. It agrees like this it has said it that has a work to run the wireless mine by means of my house? Yeah, Well is not . Any streaming for a woman, any Fortnite for a kiddo and any Amazon that explores while I poop. All the world loses.

Am forced to reset of factory a modem a lot once, any two times, but three times. They are finally able of the take to resupply internet to anything at all again. This spends two times more in a course of roughly two month. They are like this fallido and does not have any idea that to do. I have looked to vary extenders and boosters, but concealed so only will solve part of my subject. I do not have time to spend hours resetting this on and on and that spends for which terrible setup.

While has the subjects with one issue, his capacity to resupply signal and remain connected, concealed is not an only place that to this look of @subject likes is severely for behind a time. An interface is almost identical to that has with mine R6300v2. Included a same frustration when it comes on open rests of ports. Reason this has not been changed will not comprise never. Sure, it could be able to flash something more his... But if ossia that works to run some materials have feigned for him, does not have any do any that. That is more angering is a lack of the controls and the interior of available tools a Nighthawk application that looks to be a lot of entity to use other sure characteristics of this subject. To the left it is has these two more integrated things or at least communicate better. Ossia The occasion squandered for the company the one who has been in this game for the long time.

Look longingly in my brother ASUS produced and see like his seamlessly connect to resupply the full coverage where is in without a need the new connections for a point of access or odd on-applications of engineering that does not touch well with some archaic interfaces. The desire had expected and has on elected something different, but ossia where are now. I have bought of this pleasure a device of Amazon has renewed are not even sure the one who recourse has in this situation of these looks of what to be quite an uselessness in all the orders. I guess in this row of prize has finalised to expect more, perhaps too much. Perhaps my subject old is so only that very damned, I dunno.

That knows is that any one would have to that buy this thing.
4 / 5 Ervin
Has purchased this unit because he purportedly done with Car of Time in the Mac. One issues works well, but he a lot behind up automatically to a hard walk there is plugged his. I owe that manually select a walk. I have tried to take this solved with Netgear for prime minister in disposal to his web of place that has offered any help. The an usual unplugging of components to any avail. A unit is refurbished, but has 90 web of day and support of telephone. A web of place has not had the number of telephone to call like this I Googled the and has expected then the half hour to speak with any one. A person that help was knowledgable in Macs, and are no neophyte neither, but spend of the hours rebooting a subject, updating a software for the take to recognise a hard walk. After all that the very automatically recognise a hard walk, as to the update has to that manually go the Car of Time and ask a hard walk.
5 / 5 Eartha
A wireless action of this subject is QUICKLY! Volume 72 MB /s using a 5GHz coverage of the wireless computer in another side of a house and a paving down. Like the comparison, volume 82 MB /s in the wire fence/ethernet computer. Both 5G and the coverages are strong, included out of my house and besides my yard, especially one . It uses a coverage for the pair of devices of legacies that can not use 5G, and also for a coverage of guest. Some notes:

- I has my subject has situated roughly 6' inside the cupboard and has done enough the bit to try of action in all the zones of a house for tweaking a place of antenna. If it does not feel it likes that, dipped some rear antennas vertically and some antennas lateralmente horizontally; this would have to that yield a better all-around coverage and minimise interference of signal.

- I are not the enormous defender of a Genie application or interface of web that has the habit of one issues. It is it has bitten it clunky and does not comprise some characteristic and details my old D-link to issue , likes force of signal of real time of clients, and the way to temporarily disable (more than that has to that delete) configurations of port sending.

- A file that accione ReadyShare the characteristic is so only well. You can a lot of setup separate users to access some actions; so only a admin the user and the user of guest can be used, as each action to file neither can be accessed for any or so only a admin user.

- A ReadyCloud characteristic, which is supposition to leave access to the yours shared files remotely, is virtually unusable. I have not been able of the take to do reliably. These looks to be the subject amply informed in a Netgear forums of support. You can, this in spite of, enables access of external http to your files in a ReadyShare the configuration but is not 'beautiful' as ReadyCloud the client is (has done ).

Is looking for to issue he with speed and amazing row, file very basic that accione, and can spend for big clunkiness, lack of characteristics and refinement of an interface of user, to good sure would recommend this subject. If the row and the wireless action is not quite like this of entity but to file that the accione/IN The the characteristic is, could be better looked in a Linksys has produced.

After doing with Netgear support, determines that a ReadyCloud the characteristic does not leave you to see/the documents to download are in the to same local coverage likes them to them the subject. A person of the support has not resupplied the reason that has been has drawn in this way, and that a UNC (p. p.ej., \readyshare) would have to that accustom files to access when in a local coverage. I have verified for logging to my wireless guest SSID, which so only resupplies access of internet and any access of local coverage, and one seeing to/download documents in ReadyShare has done. In mine dress, ossia the poor creation that adds confusion for an user, and further reflects a quality of software and elections to draw. I give Netgear a 'A for action/of hardware, and the 'C-' characteristic of paralizaciones/of software in this product.
4 / 5 Bertram
This does a lot well, now that has DD-WRT installed. Has speed and good coverage.

A stock firmware is painful to dip on, and look poor. You can very so only connect his on and the configure. You owe that accept some legalese, taking correspondents to Netgear put of cloud, marks an account, and have them configure it remotely. Cela Calms mean can has not dipped up without already having the connection of working internet, this will spend everything to his server. As he no in of the private coverages, some corporate coverages, or any class of coverage has ensured. Has has had to that the movement to the different coverage for the take setup. His place of the web neither does well, so that the experience was painful. Once it has taken a stock software dips on, would leave me connect locally, and upload a dd-wrt firmware. With which concealed, was the breeze .

Some mountains of antenna look the little flimsy, but does not go to take moved many.
4 / 5 Tory
So only the weeks of installed pair, but like this far, is doing adds. Our current wifi the subject is in the office of metal that builds afterwards in our house, and one wireless extends has not taken internet in our house, as we buy this and hardwired he of an edifice our house and our speed of the internet in our house has been of 16 to 100! No more univited pauses in streaming films or hiccups in on-line gaming. Very easy to install. The lights are easy to comprise. Any book of instruction, so only an application. If you are concerned in aesthetics, is not exactly he covert device, but correctly situated, can blend in and go mostly careless.
5 / 5 Ken
Like this far this has treated exceptional. I have maintained to take buffering @subject and way of reports of the slow speed drop that follows to pay paralizaciones. The some research and has discovered a slow 20mbps has because of the ours to issue, no our modem. I have been supposition to be taking 100mbps, but could not take roughly 20mbps, sometimes so only 17 mbps. It enters a R8000. It has arrived punctually, sooner that is to be plan. I connected it up and dip the up. Verified for any firmware updates. It was to arrive and running inner 30 minutes of tinkering and has taken the scorching 120mbps down and 10+mbps up. Ossia Faster that that am paying paralizaciones for 20mbps. They are sure this would be the yes required beast to go faster. No longer volume buffering questions with netflix or gaming or youtube video. I love it. Note: This thing is BIG. Taken on two times an impression that that ours the smallest pancake Linksys subject , but does not have the subject spatial like the door on...
4 / 5 Lizzette
We receive this fact of @subject 3 month, and a last week suddenly has taken all glitchy and maintains partorisca fall my speeds.
Is spent every night calling our provider of internet partorisca discover that it was bad, and with which a lot the llama had contact Netgear. According to his, this @subject not even would owe that be in a phase anymore. They were that they want to open the chance and all were that serious roughly that. Has has had included ours the internet sends the technology is partorisca exit (just to be sure), thinking it has to that be his crew, and after being signalled like partorisca read his material and it seeing on its own name, an only thing could be is of the subjects.
Am feeling quite rasgado has gone by this compraventa, and am spent a date to be able to purchase the repayment and do the turn.
4 / 5 Humberto
Has bought this the upgrade of a WiFi subject my provider of internet has given, mostly he so that would have more control on one issues/cortafuego, resupply the coverage of guest, and to augment a force to signal to the mine fourth master. It is so only roughly 40 feet of one issue, like the flies of raven, but some levels down and the little wall goes in. My subject old there has been the very feeble signal. This one resupplies the signal 'good', does not add or excellent, but better. I am spent of the extra money that expects some 3000 feet squared the indication would do well in mine 1400 feet marries square, and laws WELL. At all the brag roughly, but a quality of signal is better that before. For a money is past, am happy.
4 / 5 Enedina
Has bought this @subject to substitute a same model with which two years.

Netgear Has tried upgrade his interface to do it easier cruise it. IMHO, This in spite of, attach the action is being missing of, that results besides retard that has expected accelerates. I have fixed this to install DD-WRT, and the work adds! This firmware is open source, and free to all the world. This in spite of, if you are not technology savvy, a firmware upgrade can be difficult to configure. You will require the techie partner or relative to install it.
5 / 5 Vannessa
Has not taken never more than the gigabit out of this device, but ossia still better that would expect of wifi in general. My primary complaint, and a reason the give it the bookmark the low plus, is an interface of user is really too basic.

Like the for chance, that person will concern roughly, the can not say a built in DHCP server to attribute DNS servers another that he to some clients. Ossia, if I am running them pihole or any one another adblocking device in my coverage, a pihole will have for-statistical of client, of then all DNS the surgeries comes from/come from a nighthawk! It does not concern if this does not note , ossia so only the caveat for users to be able to.

A time-was paralización logins is roughly 14 seconds, as you are trying walk by means of a house to see if your playstation has taken an IP, then walks behind to your computer to verify of the subjects, will have to record in again.

In general, of has taken them he refurbished, the am not unhappy with a compraventa. If it had paid them full prize would have it to them behind envoy a first day.
5 / 5 Chanda
Easy to dip on - I Like a refurbished discount. Works like new, so only has not taken any manuals or any documentations except thank you comment for a refurbished has purchased. I have expected at least to take some manuals. But in all the chance, have gone to a Netgear the place the on-line web has found all I need. An only thing I need to mention here is the low speed any necessary means the bad to issue, could have an old laptop or device and a wifi the modem in your device is old and slow. Reason have tried the speed-try on 2 laptops the and 2 iPads, a newer laptop gave excellent speed, an old laptop gave the slow speed, included for mine iPads. It likes to please it considers an age of your device before it judge of the subjects.
4 / 5 Lai
Has Had doubt roughly purchasing refurbished but in spite of this @subject the be has used, one same like another subject has had to has paid two times some stops of prize.

UPDATE: first of Fast in July 20, 2018. One issues leaves to do. Any one imports that I , the one who the instructions have followed, a subject there is prendido to recognise the signal that comes his of a modem. A second light would remain orange and in spite of my repeated tries to contact service of client and also that follows some instructions to shoot of question, the could not take this to recognise a signal that goes in. There is prendido to do during the game touched and could does not take to do of then. I can to uses very included likes him to him the subject he for wired connections.
4 / 5 Lajuana
Has description of update,

Now after several months to use remarcemos that has to that unplug a power of a subject/of modem and has to that reset all a way to take the drop of half speed so that it is paying paralizaciones.

Very Given a hype in this product decides to go with him on other produced highly recommended, but has to that say that I am a lot disappointed, sad to say that this subject does not rid a full potential of your speed of internet of the edge .

A max the speed could take use this subject was the little on 500mbs , an internet has been installed today and when an installed technology used it his @subject to try and has taken speed in a big @@@800s .

A speed is taking using this subject would be use very comparable a $ 80 subject in place of this $ 200 refurbished subject.
5 / 5 Ernest
Three hours with support of technology to conclude that a esnewed' wifi the subject is worthless.
Enormous waste of my time.
If a crew is sold 'how is', the buyers would owe that be conscious facts . I have been directed to think that this was to be try before be resold.
Simply taking the repayment does not compensate for a time has squandered.
5 / 5 Trevor
Has done to add while it is lasted. Then a day, looking Netflix, and , so only has closed was. It would not kick, any reset, light to be able to come on for 10 seconds, then a lan the lights of ports would blink for roughly 20 seconds, then would close era. Tried with another supply to be able to, what same. Tried one 30-30-30 trick, nope, concealed no neither. Like this right now, I dusted of the mine old of confidence, Netgear FVS318v3, which there is roughly 15 years, and have a lot of wifi. Plugged That in, and has done so only. Quite fast to feed 1080p without the hiccup, as it will owe that do. Waiting for an Ubiquity ER-X, which will use with a Búfalo ancient wifi AP until it researches other points of accesses. Sad Netgear, he so only died too punctual.
4 / 5 Elena
TBH Has had an older technology issues this was horrible likes Anything would be the welcome improvement . This has said, has 2 university-has has aged edges those who both game and some currents, concealed has to that it WEAVES to say in our elections of technology.

My edges & of husband have been always defenders of NetGear Nighthawk the row and has had the estimativa and this was that has propiciado. For streaming, has included a better Nighthawk there (approx $ 500) goes streamers that use the hard connection for streaming and gaming pending of the tournaments, but our edges uses this for his PS4 then hard connects for his current. It is experienced any lag or subjects like this far (will update in time).

Also have the 5 smartphones of 4television, 3 pills and the pocolos portable the a more gaming PC my edges uses league concealed. In meso, knots typically video of current or content of game of 3 devices the time. The action has been excellent.

Will not go to specs or to to too many details like CNet has to that an excellent description of when this prime minister is exited and a lot of first descriptions of the mine has done the work adds of of the this. We are to good sure the big-use familiar and is absolutely happy state with this subject, especially some parental controls for capacities and of the youngest girls to dip on the VPN with ease.

HIGHLY recommended!

REMARCE: We have purchased refurbished electronic invernadero Amazon and two another has trusted of the places and has had one @subjects so only once and has been directed immediately our satisfaction!
5 / 5 Warren
Worse decision I never does after years on amazon. There is prendido only law. Any reset or anything when the keys hasten. So only it stirs it partorisca blink lights. It will be partorisca look for the different mark partorisca always. It has not had Never any subjects with linksys routers. This one was horrible. We are according to internets partorisca do and go the school. The so only fail without another option that sends it behind. Horrible. I will not be the returning will save a next person that has to treat it rubbishes.
4 / 5 Claudie
Like this, has purchased this on done the month, and was A lot of stops the week. Apparently it has the subject quite big with a firmware that causes a WiFi to so only randomly drop. At present I have the house of (8) people that all use an internet. They are responsible for an internet. When Something goes bad, guess the one who takes for the treat.

Anyways, random Drops of WiFi is not acceptable. I have tried now (2) of these and take some same results esatti. When Connected by boss, work well, 5Ghz and so only randomly disconnect during a day for any reason. One the majority of annoying part is after I some investigation, all have seen signals to a firmware update. It is Netgear is flooded with subjects, but has done at all to direct this.

Has is returned now both routers.
5 / 5 Luz
This box is sum , has a lot of devices in my house that comprises wifi camera of security. Now I can maintain these in the separate coverage that I video of current on. Ready it connects it does not look to do add, when on and that tries to connect the wifi, say me my signal is wrong 70 of a time. Once it connects everything, then turns ready connects on, occasionally will kick the device of that is has connected already. So only it directs that coverage each device connects to manually and the work adds that way. Highly I recommend it.
5 / 5 Salley
Does not buy the refurb, based in some descriptions and my own experience these are all junk. I have had mine for less than the year and a wifi crapping was. I thought that it that it was my wifi paper, as I substituted it and same questions. It is also be in that has it intermetent subjects with to my devices. A lot of unfortunate.
4 / 5 Bradly
This was the defective product . It is gone through all a setup instructions and troubleshooting, as well as it has had a try he of fellow to fix. One issues is receiving connection of internet, devices of leaves to connect his, but does not leave of the devices to receive a connection of internet, included with the connection wired. Amazon Reembolsa my money, but netgear the service of client is virtually non-existent (unless you are has had to that to pay $ to fix the $ 100 product that is guaranteeed down). Although having the defective to the subject is scarce, will not possess never another netgear device because of a service of terrible client.
4 / 5 Tama
Is quite the process to dip this on compared @subject the different routers that has had in a past, but ossia my prime minister Netgear. A signal has achieved enough is everywhere state supposed to. It has done really well with a Xfinity gigabit service.

To a negative. Initial setup with Xfinity has taken quite some time to take all has on taken by means of troubleshooting and firmware updates. A common @@subject that has seen, of then has had so only a subject, a WAN the port sometimes will leave to do all near. Mina this for good. Resetting, soft reset, And resets of the factory has not fixed a subject, is not until state the loopback the test has been treated to aim that a WAN the port had died entirely.

Netgear Sustain of offers of technology... In the hefty prize. If any one pays for a byline, is $ 50 every time have a subject, which looks unreasonable given a prize of a product. Included still, they did not take me anywhere that has not taken to me.

When it Operates, the work adds. It causes subject for the value of hours of the pair of headaches, and still can finalise with the brick.
5 / 5 Rita
Has ordered this reason have had the nighthawk before and has done to surprise. But this thing send to the knots felt a slapped in the box but to focus on saying refurbished and sent it on his way.
1) A boss has arrived with still one covers a lot included belongs to this model. I have had to use my supply to be able the leading units covers it. As you Can not even you check that some accesses of propiciadas a unit?
2) A ethernet boss that arrived with has looked broken and just useless.

You the good work the band is until looking new but was anything but and was a lot of dissapointed. I retunred this thing immediately.
5 / 5 Angle
A Nighhawk XC6 AC3200 has been purchased to substitute ours that exists to issue in our studio of production of the video. We have done a distribution to give a no on our alive streaming capacity. While this unit has improved our wireless connections, is real force partorisca is an increase of speed has in ours hardwired connection. A specifics is as follows: with our subject forward (a Cisco Systems), our speed of half download was 71.1 mbps and ours upload the speed has not surpassed never 6.4 mbps. A Nighthawk XC6 stun with a speed of half download of 282.6 mbps and one uploads speed of 12. We live in the sud community rural of Portland Oregon and our provider announce 1 gigabyte speeds of download. Ossia A faster speed available in our location. Our investigation aims a more could expect for him in fact would be roughly 1/3 of that or around 300 mbps. It uploads the speeds are likely to be given a very on for some class of bandwidth that limit for our provider. Our test of speed I aims around 90 mbps for the majority of a period to try then the marked drop to 11.8 mbps every time has tried.
Which all this bad? We create a unit quadrupled ours accelerate of download and has bent our to upload speed. We are very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Joya
Very happy with a Nighthawk line of product. Ossia My second compraventa of one issues for my house vacacional. I have used to have @@subject with a row (Comcast share issue) to the equal that has bought another of these. A row now achieves the solid 30-40 feet further out of mine my house, and a signal is more stable and faster that was before. A Nighthawk management of frames of the easy application but is quell'has bitten on-simplistic. I guess his best for any-of people of technology to use but prefer having the majority of some options has listed is gone in place to be grouped to icons of entity. In general the product adds that it would have to that last 5-10 years for the majority to house setups.
4 / 5 Eugenia
Like me really like this @subject - fast and with good coverage. It liked having to that two 5GHz bands to do with. I have bought this in November 2017 and now 7 month later a radio has gone sour. It appears sometime but when he one issues will not connect . Has reset of factory a @subject and is behind gone to a sooner firmware version without success. At the beginning it would do for the moment after powering down and behind on, but now does not aim at all. Too bad, a subject is the a lot of one, would have given the big indication in general (which is not stars he), but an apparent failure in the $ 200 subject in 7 month is not acceptable.
5 / 5 Shella
A description partorisca this @subject said partorisca 'houses very big' as it would think that 2500 sq ft certainly would be covered two times on. Well I owe that live in the lived according to Netgear. Reason hardly can walk in a next room without a signal that degrades. Unless you are inner roughly 30ft and the clear line partorisca plant immediately begins partorisca see a signal weakens. I have bought it is while it substitutes the linksys that has had them partorisca roughly 10 years partorisca help fully cover our house and resupply better streaming. Well I have it quell'has added now a linksys back in a mix like a point of access. A lot disappointed.

Any partorisca mention that some parental controls and a protect of security they the phase has to that pay the stops of monthly byline. Still in mine outdated linksys could dip on and of interior of schedules a subject partorisca free. Still although an application of the laws of Circle owe that in a much less be able to configure some interior of parental controls a subject.
4 / 5 Celia
Was skeptical to order the refurbished subject but has imagined if anything could return it, felizmente concealed is not a chance, has not done so only this arrives a lot quickly (tomorrow next) but was a lot of packaged and of the subjects aims any sign of wear and tear! Dipping this on could not have been much easier, hardly register you to a modem automatically drives calm with a process, in of the considerations partorisca accelerate of internets am taking almost speed of full download with a wifi, was a lot of value he :)
4 / 5 Rima
An initial setup of this product has frustrated. It Is not like this easy likes discharge and game. There is not coming with instruction, as I have had to covers a subject old behind in to take an electronic manual. Some can find it easier, but know that it can be the small defying setup if you are not to use to do with electronic modern.

That when be said, an action is SUM ! I have had this subject for month now, and there is still to fall the signal. One issues resupplied by my provider of internet has fallen a signal each one that 5 minutes. An improvement in the quality of connection has done mine to install and setup woes much more tolerable. A last prize has to that be a point of prize . It was much more economic used when I bought it! It has to that be one of a better bang-for-buck routers was right now.
4 / 5 Eva
II has the NetGear R6900 subject ossia subjects of raisin wired to a modem of boss. Has force of amazing signal thru a lot of wall. I have ordered this NetGear has certified refurbished R7000 subject to use like a Point to Access to extend my Wi-Fi was the describes as garden that is far from a R6900 spends to issue location of interior. This refurbished R7000 has arrived promptly and the mark looked new mine . I dipped it/ I dipped It up without any questions. Working well. Reason has been Certified/Refurbished, is coming with the 90 day NetGear guarantee and 90 day NetGear support of technology. Very happy.
5 / 5 Amelia
Like this, my familiar suffered with suckish WiFi for way too long. If it has not been the league saws cord of Ethernet a WiFi was terrible. I have had enough and begun to research routers to improve a quality. C subject has been numerous time mentioned in varied web of places has researched it like this and has decided was a a . I have situated my mandate and has expected anxiously for two days to see if our suffering would finalise. It dips up it was easy that use an application. Enough directly it advances. This little box has tried his magic ways and we no longer owe that disconnect devices, fight by means of on-line gaming, the cat of video approaches a modem... Etc it was súper satisfied and suffer no more. Thank you NetGear To finalise our WiFi litigate
4 / 5 Ollie
the work adds, strong WiFi in the majority of house excepts room that is for behind a ductwork for centrical air. To the condition adds also, gaze of new mark. Any mark in the and included a protective plastic was still on.
Now all my devices a lot so only randomly drop, and was easy to dip up has had of the netgear previously. So only maintain one same SSID name and signal and you wont has to that reconnect anything more.
5 / 5 Carin
All was in a box, new appearance, there is rid quickly. A hardware are add, runs like this expected, the house has internet again, and volume to use my favourite interface to house routers.

I tomato of career firmware in mine routers., This one east running (FT) R7000 2020.3 so only well. The light hiccup that flashes because of netgear stock firmware that looks for to prevent flashing a device (reason, and the one who cure). Specifically thus subject, workaround is (1) flashes DD-WRT initial R7000 image in stock, (2) flashes FT 2020.3 R7000 initial, (3) flashes FT 2020.3 R7000 image. All the web am yacido, swimming scary. Mark sure spends some time to comprise that it is doing and reason is by train of the do. It is not lazy or will have the $ 100 brick. It takes it right and enjoy the control for your material account without a marketing wank, useless bylines, and has has forced agreements the legal atrocity.
5 / 5 Gisela
There is disappointed in fact with this subject. A 5ghz bad has very limited/toneless I a bit expect. Calm so only can explode he in a same room, but give a no in and adjacent room, the falls was.

My house is quite small, 1300 Sq ft, and a signal is spotty in another end of a house. For any reason, loses connection the little time the weeks. Considering reliability, my subject old was better. An application is fresh tho.
4 / 5 Tamar
This was my third Nighthawk, all there is prendido to do after so only the few days. The STAY WAS, Netgear is not in that like him has used to.
5 / 5 Sunday
Has purchased this subject for the company of small law. Unfortunately, it was the very poor election . Each one that 2-3 weeks to do and the support of the by train Clean technology finds something wrong with him and he temporarily fix it. But I am losing subject because of some constant questions. It is possible that some questions are due to this when being the refurbished model, but according to Netgear, a question is with one issues, no a fact that is refurbished.

Would not buy this subject for the VOIP telephone or for the business how is unreliable.
5 / 5 Lucius
I have purchased this new plus NETGEAR Nighthawk wifi subject in of the hopes that will solve it a sudden occurrence of wifi dropouts after the firmware update. He any and is like this damn annoying that you consider what money are spent in NETGEAR on some last years of pair. All was partorisca add and then suddenly, has not been, all because of the firmware update (does not ask me that updates). My frustration has achieved a point that no longer have any faith in NETGEAR. Emotional on to something more now because of him everything. I seat bad reason a transaction to take this device and operating it was súper easy and simple, but when a NETGEAR dropouts has begun well behind on shortly after was setup, he negated that everything.
5 / 5 Nada
Has has tried recently a lot routers that tries to substitute a one that has suffered harm in the movement. I finally solved in the like this called 'big-finalise' subject of another company. It is resulted to be horrible. I have turned the Netgear while still having the sour flavour in my mouth. This in spite of ossia for far a subject better has has not had never. It offers all could ask and is much more reasonably priced then more another. A software for management and controlling a traffic of the coverage of my whole house is so only the click was and a lot informative. Really calm can not beat this unit, is adds.
4 / 5 Taisha
Has bought this reason no longer has taken all a bandwidth that is coming with my upgraded account of boss, and has done the enormous difference--I can finally max out of some speeds of download have estimated. My wireless speeds also more than bent of this @subject upgrade. I have substituted easily a stock firmware with Tomato without hiccups at all. A CPU in this bugger is quite powerful that it can the very only street the inner file that copies in prójimos-gigabit the speeds go in wired cars, but can do that while simultaneously that runs the house VPN server. Looking forward to trying out of XWRT-Vortex firmware with acceleration of hardware afterwards!
4 / 5 Brandee
Works like the charm. Near easy up. Our subject is in some arrivals of a house and some of some devices some far plus was erratic. There is now strong signals on everything of our devices - roughly 20. This thing two light like the Albero navideño, likes to change to the turn was all but a light to be able to is appreciated. (Unless I need the light good night - grin)
4 / 5 Latanya
Was hesitant to buy this has renewed Netgear subject but felt comfortable with one 90 Amazon of day has guaranteeed. Has-liked me a fact that this saved $ 75 of the new mark. A Nighthawk R8000 the work adds in my big house. In combination with a Netgear CM1000 modem, am able to take the coverage adds during my house and still outside. A coverage is better that a XFinity issue which is which has substituted this with. Has a lot of ready devices connected and the speed is still very fast. Highly recommended!!!
5 / 5 Marisa
Ailed of our speeds of combination of modem of DSL to the equal that has given this tries it and is like this like this like this better. It would owe that it has taken it this longitude done. With our modem of @subject/of DSL we never taken on 20mbps WiFi, but with this constantly is taking some plenary 50mbps WiFi at all final of a house now, as we are very pleased.
4 / 5 Isabell
Routers Usually last for years and is substituted with unit of the main action. This one was refurbished and has treated well for the few months and he then there is prendido simply law. Sometimes refurbished the technology can be good but this one was the beware with Netgear.
5 / 5 Mabel
Had bought the subject of economic plus after upgrading to modem of boss and no a trick. An installer of boss has suggested the best to issue and has read roughly ordering the 3 subject available in another description. Bingo! C discharges @subject to our whole house (-3100 sf) with 4 of us streaming immediately, outrage roughly 15-20 ready house connections.
Are really happy with this compraventa!
4 / 5 Etta
So only require this to extend our WiFi during a house. Once we imagine out of one installs (which is so that it depends in a that exists to issue so it is in a Netgear he) has had force of good signal during a house and still to a front and of the rear porches (probably the 35 radii of sphere of feet inside quell'have the strong signal).
4 / 5 Magdalen
My coverage of house is probably atypical. Justo shy of 50 devices. 2.4 GHz IoT The devices connect easily and the row is phenomenal. Because of congestion of the coverage is not a fast plus bunnies but any complains reason do not require to be. But 5 GHz swipes he out of a park and I easily can take a full action of mine ISP that mine of breakings wired connections. My only complaint would be a functionality limited of an application, but to connect directly to some subjects some limitations of of the application is so only the small that nettles. To good sure value an investment if precise speed and of the connections of confidence.

Top Customer Reviews: Netgear Nighthawk ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
4 / 5 Doretha
This will be partorisca go back why is absolutely useless mine. There is so only a LAN connection in a backside of a subject main partorisca connect peripherals. Has three devices connected and this no . So much partorisca do this work would require partorisca buy more instruments. I have not paid this class of money partorisca have that goes partorisca buy more crap to do work.
5 / 5 Cory
Has think that this point of three knots would be the really good setup partorisca a family, partorisca give the signal forces really well during the big house of two histories, particularly now (May 2020) with a COVID pandemic and all the world-wide doing of house. This in spite of, after the week partorisca try coverage of paralizaciones of our east, and with which so that it has fallen connections the webcasts, calls, on-line classes partorisca some girls, etc., could does not take anymore. The unplug And has gone back to the ours old Netgear subject, which has not had enough a force of signal during a house, but was of confidence. I have had experience really well with Netgear produced for years, but can not recommend this product. Calm can not trust in the, at least with a current firmware so much of May 2020.
4 / 5 Johnsie
Has substituted the mark to compete with this system and am loved! Has the strongest signal everywhere in mine 4000 sq ft, outside also. Everything of mine has connected the devices are happy. All look solid, stable. I owe that downgrade an indication for a setup. I have followed some instructions in an application but some satellites have not been aimed, included although some the pointed lights has connected. With which some time with Netgear support of technology, instruct me to restore all the factory then setup some satellites that use a ethernet boss to some satellites, any wireless. Fact like the charm although it has taken Level 2 to take to this solution. Like this far like this good!
4 / 5 Dolores
Has looked for to use to to this system likes him the course of the coverage of big house. I am spent of the hours that installs and it configuring. I have begun having random disconnects of the mine Macbook Pro and my iPhone, roughly once the day for an hour or two. It was like this odd that has culprit my provider of service of Internet of boss. It results that this question has been informed for a lot in NETGEAR forum of community support. Hardware of apple suffers intermittent disconnects. I am spent much more hours that tries to take help of NETGEAR, to any avail. Finally, it has had to return my integer Nighthawk system of Mesh.
4 / 5 Christopher
Has bought a 3 band for the partner. Tried he in my house in the first place to take familiar with him. We do not require a WIFI 6 speed but has loved a port of Ethernet in a satellite. A picture of a Orbi has not aimed the port in a satellite so that it has done a decision for us. A speed and the row are exceptional. A a glitch like this far (3 days) is the random disconnect of a satellite. My telephone reconnected to a hub still although a signal of satellite was stronger. A telephone am using to the test is the 6 old year Samsung I so that they are has had to that to believe a telephone something bobo. They are writing this in the PC has connected to a port of Ethernet in an of some satellites. Like this far like this good.
4 / 5 Tuyet
Originally has bought a Nest of Google Wi-Wi Marshmallows. They Liked him but it has had of the tonne of question and poor support. Finally it has imagined it was that his no with my ISP alive reasons in the rural zone and use Mobile for my connectivity. AS it has taken these . . .

Has read to plot of some negative critiques and I almost have not ordered these but the man are the I happy has done. Near EASY-on, the speed adds and like this far has not fallen connection in any device. We will see it resists true but for now am happy as to anxiety. There is not to plot of options in an interface of user, but while it does not concern me . It could be a @@subject love things to dip ready later.
5 / 5 Agripina
Out of a box and on and that careers less than 15 minutes. They are not the 'Technology Savvy' type of the type but was easy.
The product has better bought in of the years. It opens on mine 3 walk to the accesses of internets add. BTW, This was the 3 register of the history marries. Thank you Again, we are very pleased here
4 / 5 Haley
Absolute junk. It does not leave You to select the yours the sales can not configure opener of door of the cochera. Drops of signal out of the each one 15-20 minutes. Died on in the after 31 days and his will not exchange .
4 / 5 Juliana
Looked to fall the signal was and in some premiers few days of use but looks more than confidence now, can require one or two more the satellites but he has done wifi the use the easy plus around my house. Still doing a kinks was but was adds for a prize.
5 / 5 Jenniffer
This system was simple to setup and is doing adds! A row is perfect for my house. Has of the subjects in a main paving, the satellite upstairs and the external satellite in my TV. So only it wishes some satellites have had more than a ethernet the port but has added the Netgear transmission and one this has solved my subjects. It had been an user of Capsule of Time of Apple for years and so only changed after several descriptions. I produce add global and would recommend to another.
4 / 5 Gladis
It was having the question with my subject old has decided like this partorisca buy this netgear has produced. Taken the setup and is a whole house and has not lost any WiFi signal at all and all my devices are doing awesome
4 / 5 Herman
was having the plot of questions with my computer Wifi receiver. With a Satelite was able to connect a boss of coverage and have internet of big speed. Also a Wifi the signal achieves with strong signal during a house. They are very satisfied with a product.
4 / 5 Cinda
An Ethernet is really slow, really bad partorisca gaming. A little expansion and accelerates main in WiFi, but is unfortunate that WiFi-6 any improvement gaming latency AT ALL. If calm so only require your telephones partorisca do the little faster, ossia the good product . If you are looking for improving your gaming experience, look elsewhere
4 / 5 Letisha
One is my prime minister any out of the spectre resupplied routers. Easy setup. Like this far, like this good!
5 / 5 Brynn
Quite simple setup. Nizza To does not have to that coverages to exchange like this walk by means of my house.
4 / 5 Marilynn
Has the VERIZON modem of EDGES of boss. A WIFI the signal of a modem has diminished on some years and have bought like this this Netgear Nighthawk WIFI 6 system. They are in 100 MBPS paving.

Has bought this product of . It was in the prize discounted of $ stops to 3 band. In spite of having years of experience in dipping on routers and modem, was delicate to take this piece of hardware to come the life. After the call of support (still unanswered), the plot to beg, and some cursing, was able to take this to do.

With which has dipped on Mesh, there is remarked that my mobile phone has informed speed of 56 MBPS in a upstairs chamber. I have been pleased, but this like any one last too long. Mina 2 boys and my woman have informed has fallen connections a very next day. In general, this system of the point has not resupplied the stable connection for more than 24 hours.

Roughly more restarting and rebooting and cycling to be able to, a system done for the total of 6 hours. It is then gone back to his behaviour of disconnecting some signals and some devices have attached to them. As no the good experience.

Is all that tries to do of home, during these pandemic time. They are unable to run the browser and also given of SQL Server of the surgery in Azure. In some signals of time, has considered seriously drive to my place of work and doing of this location.

Needless To say, this product is now behind in his original packaging and the go to us to return to Costco.
Can try out of a google wifi system to signal afterwards.

One a message that all is resulted quickly familiarised with east of youtube.
'He playback does not begin shortly, tries to restart your device.'
4 / 5 Les
Accelerates a lot good and coverage in mine 3300 square foot, two house of history. Speed to download slower in my house is now 160 mbps, the slowest load is 6 mbps. The fastest speeds in a room with one issues is 220 mbps and 12 mbps. Like this very enough for us everywhere in a house now. Setup Has taken 20 minutes.
5 / 5 Jessie
Speed very good and coverage in mine 3300 square foot, two house of history. Speed partorisca download slower in my house is now 160 mbps, the slowest load is 6 mbps. The fastest speeds in a room with one issues is 220 mbps and 12 mbps. Like this very enough for us everywhere in a house now. Setup Has taken 20 minutes.
5 / 5 Lynne
Am spent of the hours that try movement these around, reconfigure, hardwire satellites... But it falls internet everything during a day at random and like my woman and I both house of work (seated it joined something still all day) is resulted the serious question , quickly. Looking on-line looks to be common, and the support so only will try to bounce go in firmwares of day to the day without real resolution. It is not so only a wifi falling - a subject main neither choke or for any reason to do lacking internet and like this all mobile devices disconnect to look for another point of access and is has stuck so only. Again, and again, and again. I have confirmed this to control a connection in mine television that is to connect for Ethernet by means of this @subject and failure also.

Also, does not know reason maintains to press you to use a NIGHTHAWK application when hardly it manages any admin functions. Ironically I have bought so only this reason an A lot of EXPENSIVE Nighthawk X10 I already possessed will not touch good with any Netgear extenders like this this is to be mean for the substitute. I am returning this to Costco and spent the different mark.
4 / 5 Woodrow
Has 200 mbps the connection and used ISP subject resupplied. Had any subject excepts has not achieved each corner of a house. I have had it wifi repeater for upper paving that has done WELL laws.

Like this after two years have bought finally this system of point and has used he for the first month to decide for the turn.

- Achieve each corner and backyard of mine 2 histories 3000 sq ft house with speed of at least 100 mbps
- easy to setup

- Chromecast takes disconnected from time to time. It will say any wifi signal. Although chromecast is connected am not able to launch anything. In my mobile aims the launch option but he wont has launched anything in television. A workaround is to reboot chromecast and sometimes reboot subject he.
- Need of camera of the IP 2.4 ghz signal. One issues does not leave to setup two SSID. With which a lot of test was able to install some cameras but now his wont connect. Tentativa To reinstall, with which some come from another time has achieved to reinstall, but again his wont connect

The one who precise is a capacity to separate SSID for 5 ghz and 2.4 ghz. More probably that would have solved a question. I have used my forward to issue for 2 years and perhaps rebooted he 2 times in this period of whole time.

So to the equal that liked this system of point, sadly taken to return he for something that gives qualified to separate SSID. I am buying to regulate @subject, leaves to see like this goes.
5 / 5 Gregg
3.5 hours. A satellite could not connect included after Ethernet of his hard wiring and updating firmware - support of technology Desai is for the send behind to a perfectionist
5 / 5 Elfreda
has ORDERED SO ONLY this for 2600 sq ft with 3 pavings. While ossia a definite to fix for our WiFi woes. Update to follow
5 / 5 Verdie
has used the Samsung Smartthings Wifi 5 coverage of Mesh. I have seen this product in Costco stops . It has taken the pocola tries setup. I have called the service Done to commission to help me dipped the on when I have had subject, but could not help. Taken it setup after the pocola test. I have had he for the week. Like this far a lot of @@subject. I wish it it would do with Samsung Smartthing Application. I am using a Netgear Nighthawk application. I will try it it was for the few weeks to see will do locks of mine of door and bell of door of the coverage and Richo system of sprinkler.

A lot bad for a money, but has found a Samsung point of woman much easier to dip up and more characteristic.
4 / 5 Myesha
Is to thrill thus produced. It covers both upstairs and down in our house and has eradicated our leading frustration with poor connectivity been due to be distant of a modem or having walk/of wall in a way. Also, it was notably easy to dip on those use an accompanying application.
5 / 5 Shantel
Has bought a form Costco today. It is awesome. It has augmented wifi speed tremendously. Easy to dip up.. Easy to use. You can block individual devices to the equal that has required has seen your application of telephone. Value of the money
5 / 5 Verlie
has dipped this up in roughly ten minutes by means of an application. Tests of the speed by means of an application has surprised; I often paste 900Mbps, which is almost like this quickly like this when being plugged in. In the pair of days, this in spite of, is frequently state notified of things in my coverage that loses connection. It has spent also the good bit with pill of mine. I have decided to try a web am yacido of an application is limited. I have not seen anything wrong but there is remarked to plot of congestion on canal 153, as I changed it to canal 149. I have had a same model of disconnects, as I have opened an application, and now any show of satellites, and a graphic representation of my subject has changed to the different a. Some still looked satellites to do, but has been lost to an application. The reset all and has begun on. I have been to a web am yacido, has not changed anything, but some satellites again are disappeared. I have tried to converse several times with support, but has maintained to take disconnected. When I have asked the representative roughly that, has taken really defensive and has loved to squander the time that concurrí roughly that. After the hour has squandered, has decided to just call. After resisting the moment, has been said that this system had consecrated support, but has has had to that then resist longer. A very good crown is trace a telephone , and comprises to take called of all the levels of knowledge, but spend 30 minutes that restarts everything, verifying some bosses, etc. have had controls down a reset in an of some satellites for 30 seconds, and that the never done satellite well with which concealed. Had the rooster neither in a room with his, or was afterwards to the window with an only external rooster. After another hour has squandered, has said am returning an element. So only it can be the question with an application of Android, but has had frequent pop-ups in that want to me partorisca register in the issue he, and would burst-arrive saying too many tentativas invalid and to try again in 30 seconds, but had not tried logging in closing. Dipping in a correct information still would yield a same error. I have had perhaps the bad unit and an application so only has some bugs, but a support was shockingly bad. I know the things are difficult now, but would imagine his support folks has done to house before a pandemic, and still if no, Netgear is the quite big company with the pair of month now for the imagine was.

Top Customer Reviews: NETGEAR N600 Dual ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
2 / 5
I have bought this subject planned that my anterior subject, an old plus Netgear a, begun to fall our connection of internet in our WiFi. An old subject was 5-6 years, as has thinks that that it was quite time for the substitute and has purchased this subject.

At the beginning, our WiFi has remained barn. Even so, after only the few days of stability, a WiFi once again begun to exit. A connection only would continue to fall at random during a day, and look to worsen in time.

Has thought perhaps was our ISP, but after the few visits and that speak a subject with a ISP, has discovered has not been a ISP. It IS both of my Netgear routers.

Sure when being, I some investigation to discover that it enters and has discovered that Netgear has had this subject for enough some time. It has to it marks with his firmware for his routers. After the sure version, this subject has begun to burst up and has been constantly rearing is ugly cape , by everything means they trying apresamiento drawee of a subject. It has been a subject for enough the few years (has not been one for me with an old subject planned that the does not have to update a firmware until last late year, which was well around a time a WiFi falling the subject headed). I have seen fixed by a subject but involved to go back in the oldest versions of a firmware, that very does not want mark.

In a final, decided to take a Arris DG2470 Modem of Cape, which have WiFi built in him. Suddenly, a WiFi at random falling the subject prendido to be a subject. Only it confirm it that Netgear has a still subject with this firmware in me.

Does not take Me bad, is the good to issue, but for me, treating the constantly random WiFi the connection these falls are not to estimate he. Perhaps it can correct a firmware, was the good to issue, but otherwise, is junk in me.
5 / 5
Highly recommend it this product in any one concealed is comtiplating the purchasing. We buy this more or he less done three month and admit at the beginning and was sceptical so that and the use bought. A repsose of one issues was light years in the cape of my old NETGEAR, an easy together above that enters some marks of container are very mere to take go. My woman was able to do this while it was work with small comprise of so records of points. A wifi the signal is printed in focus he in a side of a device that is handy for any these decrees for a house to be able to jump in a net. At present I race three tablets, two telephones, two Ipods, playstation 3, Wii, and two Laptops in our point and an action are perfect. Read the few other descriptions in this product and I dissagree with some users that says these falls to issue thier signal two times or more the day. My works of woman of house, runs a company of on-line tissue and is not never disconnected of an internet. Has very once there is the signal fallen. It suggests these expiriencing this control there ISP and possibly comprises that a ISP is a subject. I will recommend this all over the world and any one concealed to ask me enough the product of very subject. Any too expensive and continues in superscede my expectations every day.

Expects these helps, if any calm take it, your loss.

3 / 5
For the newspaper, albeit unprofessional user, spent VAL to issue. Setup Has not been intuitive, but has conformed. Tentativas To change a factory setup the tones in something have wished provides fruitless, has been only with this proportionate. The firmware that Updates a subject of the production initially asestada to be problematic, but has resolved since down and a subject has not lost signal again. Force of the signal and the speed assemblen now when being only the function of a ISP. Sympathetic That is to say an old plus issues the model is incumbent in a buyer, and his action would have to be adjudged consistently. Generally taken that paid for, and give the calm can not pose the saddle in the nut !
2 / 5
These products no while it announces. When the be bit it so the bait and change. Clearly it looks in some manuals and literature of marketing that backwards until 600MBPS speed while some ports of the real hardware only leaves 100MBPS. When being the plot like the futility that announces when is buying a device to leave to update your stain of internet in a future. This only lean subject 100MBPS speeds of internet. Very disappointed.
5 / 5
First of all, as it can beat a prize? Under $ 25! It does not avenge with any documentation but was easy to find some necessary files in Netgear website. A manual of user and setup the guide is available in pdf to download. Only it follows some directions in a setup the guide and you will be up and current in less than 10 minutes. The parameter to the point of guest was very easy also using some directions in a manual of user. Has did not have to do a lot another tweaking in a default parameters. And I a setup using a manual method. Has the Actiontec the subject with my THREADS counts that any one looks to like. Has the insignificant signal varies which caused me chaos upstairs in my fourth those bonds of shows the film in the ROKU. I have directed to turn of a wireless signal in this subject so basically serves it that box of cape now. It opens I am taking the wireless signal significantly stronger upstairs now.

The tan now has 3 points - the for normal use; he 5ghz that reservation for devices when streaming of Netflix and Amazon; and a point of of the guest. Sometimes when my daughter has friends on and all are using his iPhones in our grandson, has been suffering because of a drain of bandwidth. I go to read a manual of user while I am can quite sure tweak some parameters to limit an available bandwidth in a point of guest. This can of road each text, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. But not doing the mine that freezes of films.

Voices roughly another the critiques have had subjects with one until firmware of date. I have begun hardly to pose one issues up, notified me had the update of firmware and asked me has wanted and the install. I have done so without any subjects.

I very any one gaming so that it can not give any feedback in a zone. We imagine out of the fact has 16 devices have connected in our WIFI the point that comprises our VOIP telephones.

So that it surrounds, the prize adds for the dual group issues very good. Only it reads and it follows one setup guides.
2 / 5
Very disappointed in this subject. Quan I in the first place hooked he up, a speed of download was incredibly slow. I am speaking VERY SLOW. Desprs Researching on-line, spent any complain of a same problem. It looks one of a default the parameters was some culprits . It have to a bit few parameters to issue to cure of of the this. After a change, a speed augmented in of the acceptable levels. I have thought, I add! It have to when being Or.k. It opens. No such luck.
Experimented Periodic drop outs where a WiFi the signal would be well a minute, then only left.. Any explanation for only it look it this tin subject very when being no a better.
Also, a field of one WiFi the left wing to signal to plot to be has wished. (My old Asus issue it could achieve well in my back Netgear not even would achieve all some rooms in my house. It goes to buy it WiFi the signal extends, but with a drop out of subjects (maintaining laws, now he any one), decided against inverting anything more. It has had very routers and that learns that it owe law . That is to say to good sure person of them. Decided to return it and return in Asus.
5 / 5
I am not sure where another is having subject.

This product has done PERFECTLY for me out of a box.

Has Had subjects of zeros with falling signal. It IS state posed up and race without the interruption of Leaves. Pose up out of a box has been done with my smartphone, the zeros subjects that takes one issues configured and race. To Tan Far likes him the ease of client of use, would owe value Netgear to interface likes him one of a together intuitive more/easier ups.

This signal of emissions of the unit of my basement in a second fund without subject (-60db signal in a second flr). Has solid signal through a whole house (appx 1500sq ft 2 flr marries) with this unit. A signal is 'worse' in a first fund, in an opposite side of a house whence a subject is localised in a basement (drops of signal in -50db) These does also is taking the second a to use like a AP in an external zone. For a prize is the terrific unit .

A new plus AC the routers is well, but one focuses to price this goes with them very quite justify them. My point of the house not having necessity of gigabit described or 'form of beam'. These products returns my bill almost in a T.
4 / 5
I have ordered two of these. A premier a, a vendor that has bought he of (used) routed join me model an old plus, where a WPS has not done. It IS returned, but there went it the week before they refunded my money and and required to aim them my number to follow before a emitted a repayment. A second a has ordered was 'how new' that has been conformed by amazon. This one is almost perfectly except ethernet port 1. According to Timing warner cape, sound the bad port like my computer could any a ethernet connects with him. I do not go the routing of retreats of the problem since has 4 ports in the and an another three work adds. Any I usually uses ethernet, but is using he for my gbox which give 100mps. I am also he takes 60+mps with a wifi, which without the booster thinks am adds. I joined me this issues up with a NETGEAR Big Speed DOCSIS 3.0 Modem of Cape (CM400-1AZNAS)
1 / 5
All so that the work announced with this subject, and the value of offers adds for a prize. My only complaint is that I have to connect in an interface of management saws browser to pose in a second point. For any reason could not imagine was so to do this interior Netgear console of management... But perhaps that it is my failure . By everything means of him or is not possible in a console he, certainly has not been intuitive to imagine was. Even so, there is any reason to give it anything less than 5 accident - the laws add, has does not have to since posed it up, and a connectivity of mobile device is fantastic (for any reason my old Linksys issues very well with mobile devices sometimes). A partner of the same mine commented while it uses his iPad in my place that his speeds of browser were incredible.

UPDATE (1 year after the purchase): C subject was of never that it has to touch to require to be reset almost DAILY. One 5Ghz the also crapped point out of the months of mark of pair and only could use a point after it conceal. Then, some very begun accelerates to degrade (and no only so that it has used only a point ). In fact take it the control of mine buddy the identical subject since there is to update the few earlier months.... And any two weeks after I have begun to use this - begins to do a same material!!! Subject Very unreliable - did not last me more than the year. It was preoccupied modem of mine could be a subject , but then updated in the TP-Archer of NEXUS C9 and is the SOLID of the rock compared is and all Netgear he routers has not possessed never.

In a side by commentaries sideways of entity regarding Netgear support: the MAY CALLS THEM. They are outsourced in the some place, but more importantly tried in directly up father-in-law of SWINDLE of the mine!!! Fast history: it calls them to take the help with one the old plus issues that later overdraft was out of support. In planting to say him was out of support, has had to to authorise access of Far Desktop in his computer, has said then there is Zeus Trojan virus (which are the a lot of serious keystroke virus of control) that resided 'in his point'. Question, 'only can do the scanner of virus and apresamiento?' They have said any one, cuz a virus has not entered his computer.... And then gone to quote him and insists in of the services of far reparation of $ 110. It opens I Am any expert , but is not the dummy. The viruses can not exist the subject or modem... If they somehow, the mere device default to the reset would resolve a subject. I have confirmed this on-line for some work of Google mere, then I the scanner in his computer - which found AT ALL WRONG (any one surprisingly). Look In other descriptions of Netgear support, is sure to say you only would have to STAY Out of them each set. His products also. The May will buy another Netgear produced.
4 / 5
I have bought this subject to substitute the boy of 12 of subject of years. A walnut one has done well out of a box. Look Through some options/of cards to go in , I saw it it conceal it has very, very characteristic very that not having never imagined . Of course I have not wanted to use all a factory default parameters (especially one issues to be of signal of signal'), as I have done the plot of changes, p. ., Changing some regulate and 'parameters of guest of point, that poses a Table of Reservation of the Allocution and changing a QoS Ready of Rule of the Priority. Can go it it has Advanced it &62; Administration &62; Parameters of Backup to save a configuration in and restore he of the file of disk. Even so, this has not done for a QoS Ready. After hours in a telephone with support of technology, has been advised to return a unit. Even so, I very to the left, and has discovered this:

after editing a QoS Ready, you it the click on Applies, and a field blinks, signifying ( thought) that an action had been spent has been. Even so, has had to several clicks on Apply before I visas 'updating Parameters' and the line to run of looks of places. Unless that raisin, there is not Any UPDATE.

I lives in the big house and has wanted to what some antennas' the masters of radiation were. The support of the totally ignored technology enough it. A technology has advised me to maintain a horizontal to issue so that 'in a vertical place can not take the strong signal of a modem (although connected by a cape of Ethernet), and some capes can fall out of one issues.' Even so, p.9 Of some manual states, 'to ensure dissipation of pertinent heat and for stability to issue, is of entity this connects a support and plant yours to issue in a totality has posed.'

Surrounds. I give: support of technology = 2 stars, software of device = 4 stars, hardware of the device and the work of software = 5 stars.
5 / 5
I have bought this subject planned that my subject forward, an old plus Netgear a, has begun partorisca fall our connection of internet in ours WiFi. A subject old was 5-6 years, as I have thought that that it was roughly time partorisca the substitute and has purchased this subject.

At the beginning, our WiFi remained stable. This in spite of, with which so only the few days of stabilities, a WiFi once has begun more start. A connection so only would continue to fall randomly during a day, and look partorisca worsen in time.

Has thought perhaps is our ISP, but after the pocolas visits and that speak a subject with a ISP, has discovered is not a ISP. It is both of the mine Netgear routers.

Partorisca Be sure, I some investigation partorisca discover that among and has discovered that Netgear has had this subject for enough some time. It has to that do with his firmware for his routers. After the sure version, this subject has begun to burst up and is constantly state rearing is ugly boss , to all the cost of them that tries to take rid of a subject. It has been a subject for enough the few years (has not been one for me with a subject old planned that it do not have to that update a firmware until last late year, which was well around a time a WiFi falling the subject has begun). I have seen fixed for a @@subject but has involved to go behind to the oldest versions of a firmware, which really have has not wanted to do.

In an end, has decided to take a Arris DG2470 Modem of Boss, which there is WiFi has built his. Suddenly, a WiFi randomly falling the subject there is prendido to be a subject. So only confirmation that Netgear has a @@subject still with this firmware mine.

Does not take Me bad, is the good to issue, but for me, treating the constantly random WiFi the connection that the falls is not to value he. Perhaps if a firmware can be corrected, is the a lot of @subject, but otherwise, is junk mine.
5 / 5
Has been using this subject for the year now without complaints. A signal is sum , the quality is well, the speed is well, included when the storms spend down the electricity does not take long partorisca kick behind up. For a prize to good sure would recommend. I have purchased included the second for my house of the parents and they have had any complaint neither. Calm give you the preset signal and information to register a car and your Netgear accounts. It is the together simple on, this was my first setting partorisca time an on and has not had any subject. Considering signal ours achieve upstairs and has gone to our yard quite the ways. Also we have multiple cars on the majority of a time that comprises television, pills, telephones and portable the. It does not retard never a signal down. I produce add global.
4 / 5
These produced no extracted like this announced that. It feels he bit it like this the bait and transmission. He clearly be in some manuals and literature of marketing that sustains until 600MBPS speed while some ports of the real hardware so only leaves 100MBPS. It feels the plot likes fails to announce when you are buying a device to leave for upgrading yours semence of internet in a future. C @subject so only sustains 100MBPS speed of internet. A lot disappointed.
4 / 5
For the newspaper, albeit unprofessional user, has found this @subject WELL. Setup Has not been intuitive, but has fulfilled. Tentativas To change a factory setup the tones to something have wished resupplied fruitless, as I am so only be with this resupplied. Firmware Updating a subject of the production initially asestada to be problematic, but has seated of the boss and a subject has not lost signal again. Force of the signal and the speed resembles now be so only the function of a ISP. Sympathetic Ossia an old plus issues the model is incumbent in a buyer, and his action would owe that be adjudged consistently. Calm generally take that paid for, and @gives can not dip the saddle in the die !
5 / 5
Highly would recommend this product to any concealed is comtiplating the purchasing. We buy this he roughly done three month and admit at the beginning was them skeptical reason has bought them uses. A repsose of one issues was light years at the head of mine old NETGEAR, a together easy on that among some frames of container is very simple to take that they go. My woman was able to do this while it was work with small comprising of like this coverages of laws. A wifi the signal is printed in focus he in a side of a device that is handy for any one these stops for a house to be able to jump in a coverage. I at present run three pills, two telephones, two Ipods, playstation 3, Wii, and two Laptops the in our coverage and an action is perfect. I have read the pocolas other descriptions in this product and I dissagree with some users that says these falls @subject thier signal two times or more the day. My works of woman of home, runs a company of on-line cloth and is not never disconnected of an internet. There is has not had once the signal fallen. It suggest these expiriencing this control there ISP and possibly comprise that a ISP is a subject. I will recommend this by all the world and any concealed to ask me roughly the subject good has produced. No too expensive and continuous to superscede my expectations every day.

Attended these helps, if any calm take it, your loss.

5 / 5
A lot disappointed in this subject. When I in the first place hooked he on, a speed of download was incredibly slow. I am speaking REALLY SLOW. After researching on-line, has found any complaining of a same question. It looks one of a incumplimiento the settings was some culpablees . It has had to go to some settings of @subject to cure of of the this. After a transmission, a speed has augmented to acceptable levels. I have thought, I add! It have to that be Or.K. Now. No such regime.
Periodic drop “experienced outs” where a WiFi the signal would be well a minute, then so only leave.. Any explanation partorisca just looks this subject can not be a better.
Also, a row of a WiFi the signal has left the plot to be wished. (My old Asus the subject could achieve well to the mine behind Netgear not even would achieve all some rooms in my house. It go to buy the WiFi the signal extends, but with a “drop out of” subjects (now laws, now he any), has against decided investing anything more. I have had a lot of routers and know as it would owe that treat. Ossia To good sure any of them. Decided to return it and go back the Asus.
4 / 5
This was the substitution for the N300 this there is prendido to do. C subject has not done, he constantly búfer and has not had never the good connection. Conversed with Netgear technology to imagine out of a subject. Conversed with support of technology for almost an hour and all was to ask a same question throughout again and had reset one issues multiple time. Resetting Has looked of only unplugging it and plugging he behind in with some same results, continuous búfer. No the subject good or service of technology of the client. I possess two another Netgear routers and law without subjects.
5 / 5
First of all, as it can have beaten a prize? Under $ 25! It does not avenge with any documentation but was easy to find some necessary files in Netgear put web. A manual of user and setup drives is available in pdf to download. So only follow some directions in a setup drives and you will be on and that careers less than 10 minutes. The setting on the coverage of guest was very easy also using some directions in a manual of user. Has has not had to do a lot another tweaking to a incumplimiento settings. And I a setup using a manual method. Has the Actiontec the subject with my EDGES counts that any looks to like. There is the diverse insignificant signal which caused havoc upstairs in mine fourth shows it of bows the film in the ROKU. I have directed to turn of a wireless signal in this subject like this basically servants like boxes of boss now. Now I am taking the wireless signal significantly stronger upstairs now.

Like this now have 3 coverages - the for normal use; he 5ghz that reserves for devices when streaming of Netflix and Amazon; and a coverage of guest. Sometimes when my daughter has friends on and is all using his iPhones in our coverage, has been suffering because of a drain of bandwidth. I go to read a manual of the user to the equal that am quite sure can tweak some settings to limit an available bandwidth to a coverage of guest. In this way it can all the text, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. But not doing the mine that freezes of film.

Sees roughly another reviewers has had subjects with some up to date firmware. I have begun you grieve to dip one issues on, notified had it firmware update and asked has loved to download and the install. I have done like this without any subjects.

I no very gaming as it can not give any feedback in a zone. We imagine out of the fact has 16 devices have connected to the ours WIFI the coverage that comprises our VOIP telephones.

Like this @in rodeo, the prize adds for the dual band subjects really good. So only read and follow a setup drive.
4 / 5
Has ordered two of these. A prime minister a, a vendor the one who has bought he of (used) sent a model an old plus, where a WPS has not done. It is returned, but there was the week before his refunded my money and has required them to aim them my number to follow first of an issued a repayment. A second an I has ordered was 'as new' that has been fulfilled for amazon. This one is almost does perfectly except ethernet port 1. According to Timing warner boss, sound the bad port like my computer could any ethernet connect with him. I do not go to annoy the sending behind the ones of then has 4 put you in the and another three work adds. Any I usually uses ethernet, but am using he for mine gbox which gives 100mps. They are also take 60+mps with a wifi, which without the booster thinks are adds. Have partnered This @subject up with a NETGEAR Big Speed DOCSIS 3.0 Modem of Boss (CM400-1AZNAS)
4 / 5
All the like this announced work with this subject, and the value of offers adds for a prize. My only complaint is that I have had to connect to an interface of management saws browser to dip on a second coverage. For any reason could not imagine was like this to do this interior Netgear console of management... But perhaps ossia my failure . To all the cost of him or is not possible inside a console he, certainly has not been intuitive to imagine was. This in spite of, there is any reason to give it anything less than 5 stars - the law adds, there is has not had to the touch dipped it of then on, and a connectivity of mobile device is fantastic (for any reason my old Linksys subject a lot well with mobile devices sometimes). A partner of the same mine commented while it uses his iPad in my place that his speeds of browser were incredible.

UPDATE (1 year with which shabby): C subject has been of never that it has to that touch to require to be reset almost Daily. A 5Ghz the also crapped coverage out of the months of the pair done and so only could use a coverage with which conceal. Then, some really begun accelerates to degrade (and no only reason so only utilisations a coverage). In fact it take the control of mine buddy the subject identical of then there is upgraded the few earlier months.... And any two weeks with which have begun to use that - begins to do a same material!!! A lot unreliable @subject - did not last me more than the year. I have been modem of mine concerned could be a subject , but then I upgraded to the TP-Archer to LINK C9 and is the SOLID of ROCK has compared to this and all Netgear routers has has not possessed never.

In a note lateralmente of entity regarding Netgear support: any to CALL THEM NEVER. They are outsourced to somewhere, but a lot especially has tried directly on father-in-law of SWINDLE of the mine!!! Fast history: it calls him to take the help with one the old plus issue which more have discovered late was out of support. In planting to say was out of support, have had to authorise Far Desk access to his computer, has then said there is Zeus Trojan virus (which is the very serious keystroke virus of control) this resided in his coverage'. It asks, 'you can so only I the scanner of virus and the take?' They have said any, cuz a virus has not been in his computer.... And then come from to quote and insist in of the services of far reparation of $ 110. Now I am no expert, but are not the dummy. The viruses can not exist the subject or modem... If his somehow, the simple device incumplimiento to the reset would solve a subject. I have confirmed this on-line for some work of Google simple, then I the scanner in his computer - as found AT ALL WRONG (any surprisingly). Looking in other descriptions of Netgear support, is sure to say you so only would owe that REMAIN Out of his all together. His produced also. I will not buy never another Netgear produced.
5 / 5
I am not sure where another is having subject.

This product has done PERFECTLY partorisca me out of a box.

Has had subjects of zeros with falling signal. It is state dipped up and that careers without interruption of Leaves. It dips up out of a box has been done with my smartphone, the zeros subjects that takes one issues configured and that career. As the one who ease of client of use, would have to estimate Netgear to interface likes one of a place an intuitive more/easier ups.

This signal of emissions of the unit of my basement to a second paving without @@subject (-60db signal in a second flr). Has solid signal by means of a whole house (appx 1500sq ft 2 flr marries) with this unit. A signal is 'worse' in a first paving, in an opposite side of a house of where one issues is located in a basement (drops partorisca signal to -50db) This does like this well am taking the second a to use like a AP in an external zone. Partorisca A prize is the terrific unit .

A new plus AC routers is well, but a seal of prize that goes with them a lot quite justify them. My coverage of the house does not have need of gigabit capacity or 'forming of beam'. These produced returns my bill almost to a T.
5 / 5
C subject is half a lot down in my opinion. A medialink model to base fact for my parents for the decade, without loss of signal, and has had better row. This signal of drops of the what, which is a worse, does not produce never a volume of main speed 100mbs but maxes around 60 when it come from it. Then drops to 10, or 5, and behind to 25. I have had he in the fresh basement, does not take never on 62 terracings F. In the a lot airy zone, and he still directed to degrade over time. No shabby.
5 / 5
Has bought this @subject to substitute 12 subject of years. A new one has done well out of a box. Looking by means of some options/of papers to go to , have of then have a lot, very characteristic very that has had has not imagined never. Of course I have not loved to use all a factory incumplimiento settings (especially one issues to be of signal of signal'), as I have done the plot of transmissions, p. p.ej., Changing some regulate and 'parameters of guest of coverage, that dips a Table of Reservation of the Allocution and changing a QoS Ready of Principle of the Priority. You can go the Anticipated &62; Administration &62; Settings of Backup to save a configuration to and restore he of the file of disk. This in spite of, this has not done for a QoS Ready. With which hours in a telephone with support of technology, has been advised to return a unit. This in spite of, have not given on, and has discovered this:

after modifying a QoS Ready, you it the click on Applies, and a field blinks, indicating ( has thought) that an action had been spent was. This in spite of, has have to that do several clicks on Apply before I saw 'updating Settings' and the line to run looks of places. Unless this raisin, there is not ANY UPDATE.

I alive in the big house and has loved to discover the one who some antennas' the models of radiation were. The support of technology was totally that ignores roughly that. A technology there is me advised to maintain one issues horizontal because 'in a vertical place can not take the strong signal of a modem (although connected by a boss of Ethernet), and some bosses can fall out of one issues.' This in spite of, p.9 Of some be manual, 'to ensure dissipation of pertinent heat and to issue stability, is of entity that connects a stand and situate your to issue in a whole place.'

@In rodeo. I give: support of technology = 2 stars, software of device = 4 stars, hardware of the device and the software = 5 stars.
4 / 5
Netgear N600 Sells dual Wi_fi the subject is so only a better. They are not the computer wiz and has bought is a reason my last Netgear the subject was at least 9 - 10 years. My edges hooked that up for me and I has been concerned that it was not able of the I. WELL, to the left say, ossia like this easy that I same can do it. I will not go never to anything more. My last was the Netgear 64, have has concerned that it was to suffer perhaps speed or something with the 54. NOPE, Work like this sweet. Has the printer, portable, 2 telephones, ipad and desks all hooked up. It can not ask more. Thank you Amazon and Netgear for an amazing product.
4 / 5
This Netgear does of @subject adds and has done to dip it immediately after up! He running well to look film, video, and normal internet that explores a same time for mobile and desk devices of internets. I am using Xfinity with a plan of the smallest internet (around 60 mbps max/ 1TB monthly) and at present use among 5 -7 devices that read well without too many búfer subject. I recommend to dip the on manually for one connecting in this way: modem to a @subject WLAN, and sending a ethernet of LAN 1 port to the computer to update a late plus firmware (without interruption) and properly connect to an internet. Xfinity login The page opens up in the browser and he connect me to knots to an internet quickly with which.

Recommends to download a Netgear Genie application for your computer to control you connection and using a @subject login likes signalled in a backside of one issues yes require to regulate your settings, firmware update, etc. Maintain import that this issues My subject is one first version of a WNDR3400 like that am reading is exited interior 10 years and of the still works with today of technology.

Remarce: I have finalised to ruin my last subject to update via a iOS the application and he have clashed during an update. I have chosen to buy a WNDR3400v1 after spending the whole day that tries to fix my last subject without regime, and act like this far adds.
4 / 5
Has purchased this modem with a subject recommended and has been rid May 16th of this year. It is hooked arrive and doing on May 20th. All was well, and then in Aug leave. Assuming that it was not for Modem of mark of new Clean Train, I all a troubleshooting, and there is appealed finally to the Comcast Xfinity call of service. In Seven 1st I has looked a technician everything of some procedures of elimination to determine a failure and was a modem---died it so only. I am exited and has purchased another legislation of mark after a recognition of the technology and all was a lot. You are a NetGear modem in failure. Now I am stuck with this crew (modem and NetGear subject), has had to pay the call of service, and buy inner of new crew 3.5 month of of the this the reason there is the guarantee has limited. I think that that the modem would owe that last significantly longer that 3.5 I are quite ticked was in this waste of money.
4 / 5
Has has had to that the subject like this this has been mine dates and has had he for 5 years and he have done add. It was not that old is when take it but when skirt, has bought to another only likes to of him. They are not the person of technology, but was able of the place up and connect to the mine portable, iPad, mobile phones without question. Highly you recommend this subject.
5 / 5
Has taken this reason have required wifi to WFH. My edifice has Spectre that uploads $ 5 monthly to rent his issue which is reason I has bought this. It take a technology of Spectre on 3 hours to dip on mine wifi. With which installs a @subject and has created the signal has learnt that He d didnt fulfil Netgear requirements because there is not an egregious paper. We could not find the sipport number of telephone of the line to call. For this take for ever for him to do around. In the subject of good rodeo, support of technology and bad technology of utility.
4 / 5
Is as guessing your routers speed, require this abordable subject. My plan of internet is for 100mbs but my subject old was so only able to dip was 30mbs. Finally with this new @subject that takes my plenary 100mbs, has the decent sized the house and I receive WiFi during my whole house. A 5characteristic of G is surprising he like this produced faster WiFi speed.
4 / 5
Takes messages of error that says that a WiFi the signal is bad when the more to good sure is corrected. It is in of the multiple devices, but is especially bad in laptops and iPads. I have called the support of technology of the amazon and has taken any the one who grieve has spoken included, any troubleshooting, has then said calls a costruttore, so only for me to seat on control for ten minutes and partorisca go back and say me that it can it me to him gives the number of telephone of a costruttore. C subject is to grieve the old month. I do not recommend it .

UPDATE: I have contacted Netgear directly and is gone through a process of guarantee. I have had to pay to ship a subject defective original behind, and has received the substitution in a topmast the days of pair later. A substitution not even turns on. I will not use never another Netgear the produced and I warn all the world-wide to remain out of this device. It is $ 41 value of junk.
4 / 5
Near easy-on, has taken minutes. Solid of connection, any drop in 4 days. Has 2 I tampons, 2 Roku TVs, 2 laptops the, the desk, telephone mobile and printer. Sleeve-on the able devices of 5g in a 5coverage of G and some another in a , the speed of internet is that it expect of a ISP paving (taking on the averages a ISP speed, down partorisca issue on PC; IPAD on 5g takes roughly 70). Genie Is very partorisca control coverage and/or doing the transmissions yes has required.
No an expert in of the coverages but based in real into use of house, value of search money.
4 / 5
Has had this product partorisca on two weeks now and am very happy with this product. I have changed of then to this product has not had any question with to to the intermittent drops like has had hourly with my Motorola Arris 6580.

Speed: A test partorisca accelerate also tip that a bandwidth is in fact 15-more 25 fast still although I still am using a Motorola likes modem of boss.

Row: now I can take the signal in my zone of storage and a backyard. It is not like this strong like the interior but I can still use Pandora and look smaller youtube video. Ossia The enormous improvement partorisca me.

Gilipollas: If it has had one with, is that an installation cd was useless partorisca me. Every time I have looked for to use the a pc would not recognise a modem. But also they give instructions in just logging in the plants web and frame all on manually. A manual setup took roughly 15 minutes and I have has does not have to that login of then.
4 / 5
Has has not turned still this on, but assume work. This in spite of arrives absolutely filthy. I cleaned it before the boss, but is like this dirty that it is still dirty under a plastic coverage. Any sure goes to maintain, can toss the reason is like this unpleasant and write this until the no like this a lot purchasing experience. They are the rancher and work in muck all day, as they are not fussy, but this was filth any muck and was really bad. It have added the photo, but cleaned it before I have thought roughly that. Simply he yucky compraventa. To a vendor, please take the little more cured first to ship.
4 / 5
A good informative, this subject is very simple to setup. And the work adds for 5 month.

With which 5 month a wifi has been belly up. I took the moment to imagine out of that is gone in, of then he still ort of' done. But it is sporadic and would fall a connection to computer, pills and telephones. A first symptom was that some the majority of far devices has begun having question with connection and speed. Finally it take to a point where has had to that spend a device in a same room likes subject to take the decent connection.

( Has there was also several computers plugged to a subject with him NetGear powerline adapter, and those have continued to do well, while a wifi is exited; like six this was to relate strictly to a wifi the components in a subject.)

This has not been a prime minister NetGear issue this has experienced this question. In fact this subject has substituted another NetGear @subject this has been thru a same deterioration in wifi action.

Has purchased still another NetGear subject like the substitution, a prójimo an up in prize and action, am expecting this finally laws. If this dies after 5 month or like this, will wash my hands of Netgear. Sure enough, with a new @subject all is doing adds again, in some far corners of a house.

Seats the little stupid to stick with Netgear thru all these questions, but his routers is like this darn easy to dip on, and utmost while they are doing, as they are class of has stuck. This in spite of, really will give him up spends again to a new one has purchased so only.
4 / 5
Unfortunately so only river on the limitations of the bandwidth is able to be facts in the for-level of device, as my coverage of house with only 8.ºgs Down and .5.ºgs Take wrecked quite hard any @subject that, but a QOS does exactly that has loved for one the majority of part. Downloads in mine portable (likes the steam that updates the random game) usually spike of mine ping in CS: it GOES to 500-1000 spikes he for 20ms in meso.

Ossia A less excuse for my game of rubbish-touch now gone...


- wifi The signal is the little toneless, feebler of the mine original ISP modem resupplied.

- Ugly likes sinned

- try take you to sign up for 'netgear' rubbish of half comunicacionales social
5 / 5
Obviously any one a cup of a line but yes so only subject precise he for the few people to use, is very of confidence and has any question at all. It is not the game of big class is so only to take the few on-line people wireless street. Extracted that mission credibly.
4 / 5
Down $ 30, this N, the subject available dual is the election adds. One issues has done, unsecured, has connected grieves. For logging to this setup page, was easy to dip on a SSID and spend-sentence (= signal) for each band. (C subject has the 'normal' 2.4 GHz band, and also he 5 GHz band, for this 'dual-band').

This subject has substituted an old plus Linksys 'b/g' subject, which is a lot until 54 Mbps (mega bit by second). Ossia The fastest way that a bandwidth that Cablevision resupply, then , on paper at least, a subject old was more than pertinent. But, my new Dell Inspiron has measured so only 9 Mbps downloads and 3 Mbps charges. My woman HP Flag Dv6 has measured the miserable 2 Mbps downloads and 1 Mbps uploads speed anything , or wherever situate a laptop. (I use for Ookla for these numbers). Another esubject' with a Linksys was drop-outs, now that spends each pair of the days likes the unit has taken older.

A new NETGEAR WNDR3400 the subject has changed all concealed. A Dell Inspiron now measured 17 Mbps download, and 5 Mbps load. A HP the flag is almost one same: 16 down and 5 arrive - the one who the difference in action of web! (Commentary - a 'Any support of band until 145 Mbps in a 2.4 GHz band, but in our chance is limited for a incoming Cablevision signal.)

Has connected the Seagate 'Ida Flex' 2 TB IN The (= coverage semi-detached storage) walk to a port of USB in a Netgear subject. One IN The the walk has continued to connect and operate he like this do in a subject old, without transmission or adjustment. A difference, this in spite of, is while faster an initial backup takes place with which starts on any laptop.

An another aim - neither of some laptops can see it one 5 GHz signal, but mine Samsung 4G LTE telephone, my company Dell Latitude and the Motorola compressed of the zoom can see and connect to a 5signal of G. Ossia Fresh, but one download and upload the speeds are exactly some same in a 5band of G, reason is limited of a incoming Cablevision signal.

Am returned some plastic feet (comprised), as this issues the whole stands, took less space of shelf that an old plus Linksys, and probably cools better. It agrees to take some plastic covers that protects a front and rear surfaces, which block some ventilations to cool around some flanges. A boss of Ethernet is comprised, which have used during setup - is so only faster and easier that doing a setup wirelessly.

During setup, has opted to use a main security 'WPA2-PSK [AES]' setting. A subject of old plus has used WPA-PSK. I have used one same SSID and passphrase like subject old, but reason have changed a setting of security, has has had to that serconecta' some other devices in a wife - Ready TV, Disk of Blue Ray, ROKU, pills and portable the. This has taken so only the minute or like this for each unit.

Any downsides? A setup the screen takes almost the minute to save each transmission that mark, but so only calm any never this setup once, like this the one who concerns ? A refurbished the unit does not comprise a setup instructions, but give link it to a manual of on-line user (if calm the precise, downloads a manual BEFORE you disconnect an old @subject - duh!) Both are signal smaller , that consider those that calm less paid for a refurbished unit.

Like this far, any dropouts a week or so that it has been installed - hooray!. Easy setup, action very better, and all takes less than $ 30!
5 / 5
I like a measure of a device and the functions have together with some capacities can resupply. Pricing Very reasonable and easy to install with directions. I any active WiFi but was able to 'hardwire' to take my needs done. PRODUCED RECOMMENDED and has several + descriptions of vendor and descriptions of product. More economic that that spends for provider of Internet and that it has to installation of paid and of the costs of monthly costs.
4 / 5
An only reason to attack of the star was the odd question that required to do a firmware upgrade two times and two times initiates of scratch in some settings before I took it working right (initially so only associates on 2.4 GHz using WEP and WPS has not done in any sale). This in spite of, lean it walked by means of diverse things to try and he now is doing like this expected that. Throughput And the stability is excellent and a force of signal is well for an application and adequately covers a house of the centrical place.
My only precaution would be has to that update a firmware, the sure mark explicitly does to reset of some settings of factory before you come from with configuration once a new firmware is in place. Ignoring A reset of factory with which a firmware the update resembles has been a cause of some questions has experienced.
5 / 5
Likes so many manufacturers of electronic his instructions the lacking. They think that that we are all Frikis has employed of Crew.

Has followed a neighbour-arrive & instructions of installation and has had all arrive and that careers in mandate quite short, was pleased enough but that has finalised punctual.

After so only the pocolos small have decided transmission a incumplimiento name of one of some canals (this unit has 2 canals - a to upload & one for down) to the equal that has changed a name and the swipe save. A moment later one issues clashed and has lost my connection of internet. I king-kicked a @subject and he cycled and has gone back up. This loss of connection has spent roughly 5 or 6 times the day for 4 days.

Like another reviewer has been ready for the rasgar was and the send behind to the amazon but I am soothed and has called Netgear line of help of the client and now looks a question has gone. With a help of any one has appointed Anthony (yeh sure) in Indiana explains a 2 characteristic of canal and that had directed to dip one issues until using so only a canal for both on & down uploads.

Ossia For which would clash - try on-upload something & downloads in a canal included - guess that - clash. His likes walk a wrong way in a oneway street, sometimes does by means of & calm sometimes clash.

I 90 days sustain of free technology, if you are having use of mark of the questions of support of technology and can take Anthony will be in of the good hands.

5 / 5
The good signal has had strong clear signal all a way to finals of my big rear yard. My subject of the old plus hardly could achieve an end of a house!

Quite regulate setup. Still it has the space of USB to dip on IN likes to You storage in a fly.

Some only subjects with this subject is as follows:
Any gigabit ethernet. (The majority will not feel an impact a lot, but when all some boys come on and paste a point of access, a uplink the league is so only 100mb eats... I have had to rearrange some cabling to balance that it was.
A late plus firmware has the glitch in at all of entity - but to change a admin signal - said to click an option that does not look in a admin web page - discovered of the forum that an option of paper was there - just no visible for some reason.

This was minor - now that knows roughly he - but some firmware developers in Netgear needs the smack in a boss for disappeared the.

Finally, so only for a heavy he geeks there, a particular version (V2) of this subject is not still fully sustained for dd-wrt (if I do not know that it is - does not concern - is really for a hardcore geeks the one who loves extreme control in his wifi)

Another that that, this subject has been add - and has the good outline that chairs in mine 'friki stand' with some EDGES and IN THE BOXES...
4 / 5
This refurbished the subject was the complete to FLY with considerations to a prize and offers of VALUE. It is packed a lot well and has arrived in shape perfect.

Has chosen this subject because of some characteristic, and mainly a bandwidth has offered. All but 1 of our devices into use of house WIFI, and our subject current so only could not manage a traffic without freaking was. It enters this quite black and what blue. With until 300MBPS he more than bosses our 12 wifi devices. An interface is to regulate NETGEAR easy. His Easy to configure, and once done, is the place the and forget it device. It likes a NETGEAR has facilitated of of use and like customizeable a cortafuego is.

To add to a description, has no setup a Readshare walk still but look forward to this functionality. It have to that go in a lot handy the backup our systems. A blue orb in a cup is quite brilliant, but frames for the at night good light in our cookery. I installed it on tall cupboards together with our modem of boss and AT&T Microcell. In general, has 2 mobile phones, 2 pills, DSI, Ipod, until 4 laptops the, Wii, Xbox, 2 desktops, Plan, Chromecast and one or two another wifi devices. This thing the mecer all a lot well.
4 / 5
Has the new (less than four month) computer that is running Windows 10. CLARO Wireless has been interrupted for Sprint, a wireless modem has done perfectly but is no longer useful without CLARO. I have purchased then the Netgear N450 of the retail of big boxes. A modem would not connect , neither have gone never able to take to an elusive (apparently external thousands neither - Google he). For I am returned so much a @subject and has purchased the Belkin, which has done well. My roommate has then decided the subject Wireless would be better to the equal that have purchased a Netgear N600 Wireless, so only to discover that configured via Ethernet, or that uses a wireless function, some terrible questions was that arrived with a N450 is returned with unchains. I then tried to use my Cordless phone cruise it to a 'routerlogin' place so only to see has had instructions to assist - and has included a telephone could a lot of cruised to a place! Message of continuous error that is attributed fully to a half.

After being irreversibly nettled with east beats-excuse of foil for technology, has used my telephone to locate the Netgear number of help. Felizmente, has found one. Unfortunately, it can comprise AT ALL that a like this-type of the support of technology has called said. His emphasis was fat and his mandate of an English tongue was like this disastrous likes the functionality of a product has shipped. I refuse to guess to the as abroad outpost a call was routed.

Needless To say, I detached an useless artilugio, and returned to a wire fence Belkin version. I have it quell'has accused also the turn the Amazon, which is the rarity for me. Still it wishes the Wireless modem to the equal that will look for Amazon for the Belkin wireless. Netgear Was once the product has trusted. It is unfathomable that the company of technology is conscious of the common failure and there is still to direct he - included an useless web directs concealed is the data can not be accessed.

If a requirement of the indication has not been done in of the whole stars, would receive the third of a stars of my experience, and ossia generous. Some total waste and the ones of entities that nettle.
5 / 5
I real has used netgear for the long times but I have bought the new one in July 2017 and now does not believe is doing. This in spite of there is not any help by means of types of thesis. I have had to Google to find the number when it does not offer any support anything, in fact love any help with which 90 calm days have to pay??? Although they offer lifetime guaranteeed on hardware, and am quite sure some some ports are bad, woohoo will owe that buy another, is not this type of company
4 / 5
has purchased this like this he refurbished unit, and arrives to look the new mark, so that it is the plus . They are also state using he for roughly 5 years, and he still works, so that it is also the plus. Unfortunately, I am not thrilled entirely with this unit because it is not a lot stable and requires restarts roughly once for week. My look of wireless devices to take extremely slow after several days, and then does usually after restarting it. Also, a unit does not attribute an allocution of same IP to the each device in a coverage after the restart he like this do previously to one restarts. This does the settings done of commission and port blocking for concrete IP directs a subject. Perhaps these subjects can be corrected with some transmissions in some settings of one issue, but has not been able to solve this in some 5 years had it. Work so only a lot enough for me to maintain the using, but when bites a powder, will be to substitute he with something of the manufacturer to compete. They are not a The expert, but know enough to do basic setup and configuration in the coverage of house. If you are a The expert , calm perhaps can take this thing to do better, but is a half person with knowledge of configuration of half coverage, calm you consultings to look elsewhere.
4 / 5
Are very pleased with this compraventa. Refurbished The elements always can look risky, but buy them quite often and like this far have 100 successful tax. This N600 class WiFi the subject is any exception . Because of the descriptions have read, this class of Dual-Sell to the subject is one the majority of effective partorisca crew more common.

Has been running he without question at all for roughly 4 month. It is installed like LAN extension to a DHCP the server issues this is to connect to the mine ISP point of access. A prójimo Roku the box uses it constantly with excellent action.

Does not use a WiFi a lot, but my housemates uses it all a time with the PC of notebook and have any complaint. When it come from a speed of bandwidth, some results are always quite good. I have tried a row that walks down a street with the PC of notebook and has taken roughly 75' to 100' (line-of-dress) of one issues (trace in a half of a house) first of the fracasado (in a 2.4 GHz band, has not seen the connection to a 5 GHz sale still, to good sure because of some adapters used). Alive in the small house enmedio sized plot and can take the by force full connection anywhere in a house, cochera, and rear yard.

An inferior line is that this issues to take a work done, and enough amiably, for the remarkable prize. It is hard of gone bad here.

A blue blinking lights (the key/of disk in a 'upper') is class of soyicky Smiled' mine, but leave is that a system is doing, which am beginning to appreciate. It does not comprise of the mountains of wall, but has built the mountain for him and place he in the hallway, and a blue light can do the very nightlight. They are BRILLIANT this in spite of, as has this in the chamber, this probably will drive you given. You can touch a key to turn them 'was', but still blinks in sure time to record traffic.

That the big key is also a WPS connects key, which is a lot handy. Too much often a WPS the key is something tiny with the icon that is like this cryptic can do not finding, or say where is.

Two another characteristic especially taste on this subject is the opportunely and easy to find key to be able to, which rebooting subjects he Much easier that struggling with discharges he. There is also the key a turn a WiFi On and WAS, yours any one precise to register to a @subject to do is, which is a characteristic extremely handy so only loves or need WiFi in an occasional base, and is a lot the conscious security.

A setup the wizard looks really well, and is likely to be directed for more than users those who consider 'any one all these technicians'. I have used a register of IP rule-in to configure it, and found an easy interface cruise it, and the help was abundant. If you want to take yours comprising of coverages and routers to a next level, this one would be the really good election .

Utilisation one of these, and has bought one for the 'client'. I will take another if a need arises... Especially they maintain to offer this refurb prize ($ 30 or less).

5 / 5
Likes to preface this description to declare has done setting on coverages in a past for both residential clients and subject. It has dipped literally on hundreds of coverages in my professional and personal life.
Networking The crew can be difficult to revise so that has multiple components (ISP, modems, subject, NIC cars, wifi papers, etc) that can affect it a global experience.

That when be said, these works of @subject master...

When Doing, a subject is quickly, adds to explore
mania of the multiple devices with devices (desktops, portable the, pills, ready telephones, gaming consoles)
Fast scrollings by means of a coverage
Good row, work everywhere in a paving and in a roofdeck
connections of USB for networked storage
the Wireless works are

the Enormous blue light does not turn was after the touch (the multiple methods have tried, reset fw, subject, etc) likes pause out of some claves of glow...
Randomly the turns was (Assumed was a subject of overheating has moved it like this to a zone with airflow but the question persists)
the connection to my PC of office can be inconsistent in time, especially when streaming half comunicacionales

In general, ossia the decent device that reads a lot 70 of a time. It is the refurbished unit that is quite economic as it still can be the good option for some. Cycle of just power and for one the majority of part, with which roughly 1-2 minutes, all the work well.

Unfortunately, require the much more compatible device and will be to purchase the subject dual band informative.
4 / 5
Ossia The a lot of down of forward wndr3300, will stick with him, but cheapened quality, any light under blue dome like the oldest models, the measures have reduced.

Update: 8 month in and the subject is losing signal and that it has to unplug and relug to take the signal, that has to that this in the each one 3 hours. I have had old version of this this has is lasted YEARS without subjects, but the new version is not dependable, any one sure can trust this mark anymore, agree me of faulty Belkn routers.
5 / 5
Has had diverse NETGEAR routers. It likes like this they do. It likes-me a software, ABSOLUTELY ABHORS The FIRMWARE UPGRADE And THEN TREATING NETGEAR SUPPORT !!!

Every time has treated a recommended firmware upgrade has lost EVERYTHING of some CHARACTERISTIC of SECURITY has associated with a WIRELESS utility of one issues. ANY SECURITY. ANY SIGNAL has ACCEPTED, ANY RESET. And ANY ONE SOLUTIONS of SUPPORT.

Will not BUY ANOTHER NETGEAR produced.
4 / 5
Modification: I am changing my indication and modifying my description to reflect a product with which took it doing properly. It results it is the add to issue yes can find a right solution.
After looking by means of a support in Netgears the web of place has found the options of the pair had not tried to take the strong plus, signal more than confidence. Start with a faster option easier, I hooked a subject has retreated up and has changed a canal. In the Then dipped one of a PS3 on-line and headed streaming video in both telephone ready... We have had you signal excellent, any lagging, any question any one. We have run of then 2 PS3 is while streaming in a telephone and touching on-line with a netbook with the reliability adds. You look he takes interference closely routers. It is been 3 days now and am a lot happy with as this subject is doing. We will be to maintain the afterall.

After reading like this descriptions, asking recommendations and registering put for the good dual band the subject wireless orders a Netgear N600. The amazons that the ship is excellent, pay for 2 day and took it a next day. Then our questions have begun. Ossia Our 3rd subject wireless , have never has had before some questions that takes connected comes from has with east a. We have had the DLink wireless g, that we upgraded to the Consent wireless dual bandage N that recently died (6 me him. The guarantee left but any service of client), both of those was to arrive and running all has had in of the minutes.
This Netgear this in spite of is the integer another history. We hooked the on, has inserted CD, installed and has begun then a process to connect all our crew. A desk the be wired and a way of installation was complete, our smartphones were after, connected with a WPS key quite easy. And in the then begin in a PS3 is. Any gone. Has two, one in a living room, another in a room with one issues. It can not connect neither. Still with one 2 Rokus. A netbook? Nope. Any still found of the subjects.
To the equal that has begun a call to Service of Client. My husband has had to take a called reason have had the hard time that comprises a man in another side. It is a lot good and have walked by means of the plot of settings ( have there is does not have to that never a lot of the this with another routers), after the plot to verify this and that, changing this and that, the call fallen (but call right back), finally take all has connected.
Until a next day. Error msg. In a laptop roughly authentication of certificate, PS3 is will not connect , signals to fall, lag the questions and a row is not like this as well as we have had with a Consent. They are fed up. It is been at all but the headache like this far. I am ready to send it behind.
4 / 5
Buyer BEWARE: it say that this subject is a bit guilty of dud announcing. On-line and in a box boasts 300+300=until 600mbps! Wow Amazing! I love it! That he doesnt say is that this is restricto to wifi the wifi connections, and all a wired the ports in this subject is 10/100, and for like this limited to 100mbps. It say of another way, is connected to an internet by means of this subject, to all the cost that quickly your service of internet is; this subject with limiting you the 100mbps. Now this can be obvious to some of a more technology savy folks there, and will admit that some of some lies of fault with me, but would guess that the big quantity of people can be fooled partorisca take this subject has thought will be partorisca create to 600mbps while connected to an internet. This be has said one installs is easy and of the subjects operates well, but will be partorisca return the immediately and taking the gigabyte subject instead.
5 / 5
For real discharges and simple touch!
The product adds. Ossia One 3 d the subject Wireless has bought partorisca house. Some second some years was so much could have a better security. I have finalised that it has to that call a line partorisca help for the take to do. You are not almost like this easy to the equal that have done touches. This the time really is discharge and game. One issues comes already dipped up with a better security. A dual sale is also orders. No more bogging down when all 3 of us are by train for the use now. Also the row adds. An old one has had to run CAT5 to the portion of centre of a house (4 chamber) or a signal was too feeble in some arrivals. The boss goes in in some arrivals of house. This one has on dipped in a thought of the modem then would owe that find the centrical location. Surprised to find that a signal has been all by means of to an only good house likes more CAT 5 that careers to the long of a ceiling!! For a prize ossia the VERY A lot ONE.
4 / 5
All a wifi modem these days are way too elegant and expensive. This modem a work. You can turn of 5G has seen one issues homepage. Calm also can leave/block sure users to access. A thing, wishes them measure given in gigabytes in place of bytes, would do for the gaze the simple plus in the neighbouring is ours covers of data. (Which is another dipping you can disable the access once covers it has been achieved)
5 / 5
My old Netgear was kinda well. This new Netgear did not fail me even with all one HAS has goes !
Easy instructions. Setup Is the breeze!
Highly recommend
4 / 5
am adding my original description down that there is rid month. I disconnected my printer of one issues and this has finalised one issues that it goes off line. So only it covers a printer to an USB of computer when I want to printed, any big shot. As I give one Issues 5 Stars in place of 4. You are not for the question of subject but some question of IP.

Are internets of new mark of boss. I so only converted of DSL the few weeks does. They are having some questions and I do not know if his a @subject or something more. One issues was easy to install and am happy with a speed and coverage of zone.

A question am having is every time use a printer he disconnects me of an internet. I owe that reboot several times in the row before it sticks. Any one has an idea that is up with that? I think it that that can be a question of duplication of the IP. If it is it does not know like this to fix concealed. The guess have to that it has called Comcast and sees can me take has square was.

I really like a Genie characteristic of software of download for one issues. I say all I need to know roughly all some devices have connected. Ossia One 4th element has form of compraventa Netgear in some last 6 months. Flavour the one who simple do installation.

In a past has purchased other frames of extenders, repeaters and has given so only on trying instalarprpers. The instructions were terrible. They require to translate this material in tongue a novice can comprise. I am past alot of the money in the instrument could any never imagine was and by means of him in some rubbishes. Netgear Use some class of ready technology, he so only installed he so only that follows the pocolos no.
4 / 5
has bought this to substitute a model an old plus that has died so only. Has two or three routers in my house. Multiple precise reason a house is built with reinforced concrete and a signal will not take by means of fine wall. I plugged he in, has added one issues to pills, telephones, radios, etc. And work. Any neighbour on, any fuss. Has a blue dome but he no light. An old a there is had the transmission to turn a light on/was. No a subject. Works for me. Probably I will take to the to another likes him the substitute one has had in the window to cover a yard of another end of a house. Hope These last other ten years.
4 / 5
Has used previously Belkin Wireless N (5 years until it die) and a Asus RT-13N (still in strong disposal).
This in spite of, has not been happy with an implementation of an USB in a Asus. Without buying an IN The, has opted for a N600.
Here is some pluses with which 4 days of use:
- Any installation of CD
- I was to arrive and that careers in 5 minutes (using some same SSID and WAP2 signals.
- 70-100 wireless force in mine 2,500 sq ft (house of alone level)
- functions read Blue like the light at night of my cookery also

A minuses (remarked - can be valid or invalid until it research further is):
- questions of connectivities of the Internet when that tries to connect using some wire fences ethernet (my laptop has 10/100 only - dipped to car). It do not have any information in one drives of user or put web to solve this - I has had to take info other sources.
- Does not transport-fix when the questions of connection spend
- Wish it was the tad smaller like my Asus RT-13.
- Scrolling of the walk of the USB accelerate quite slow (typical for any-IN THE DEVICES)

Mina Asus RT-13 now will result the repeater to extend my signal for HD Roku streaming (in chance that).

Has given so only 4 stars in place of 5 because of a lack of substantial technical info/ FAQ considering wire fence ethernet settings. It has had any one drives of user neither PDF. I suppose that they want to folks to go in his place ... But if his question is connectivity of internet , the one who the options do the users have???

My current setup comprises 2 laptops the, 1 desks, 1 iphone, 2 ipods and 1 Roku XS.
5 / 5
A lot So only to clear some controversy ossia $ 100 big speed dual band( and both emission) with the built in application of personal cloud and built in Genie the application and both canals have added together is 600mbs more than is not eaten never via good cleaned wire fence now that ossia out of a way there is some bad mouthing going around in this @subject specifically V1 any v2. v2 Is a one the taken and iv active thuruly tried it and inspected it(firmware and hardware) and there is at all bad with him and in fact is to fly he in this prize $ 35 thats less than the payed for mine 100mbs cisco issues the new mark and he compleatly swipes he out of a watter and is way easer to dip on this netgear simply there is so more NAND flash on that it can return it the very intuitive setup firmware on he compleatly elimination a need for the instal cd a lot like this in general buy it om gona buy the pair more and yes calm whose law now could them buy everything of them befor take the casualidad lol
5 / 5
For the reasonably the fundamental issue has found this little devil is almost indestructable.

Another has treated some better technical appearances that beat - I for like this home in a durability in the very unusual application.

This unit is installed on board bounce he - in the middle of salt water. It is directly under the window (the only possible location), taking to plot of moisture and has been wetted on more than a occassion - the only maintains to do.

A unit is like this quickly to the equal that require, has the row that is fully functional around a glass for 4 computer, printer and navionics concealed run by means of him, manages all a good traffic and is better that looks that more elements that has maintained the base of some tables of map.

For anything a lot specifically drawn for soyarine' to last more than 1 year in of the such conditions is surprising, our last netgear the subject is lasted 4 years that literally is in amazing.

Ossia My ideal type of product - the so only done his material quietly and onobtrusively in a fund without need pay attention constant (has not had to reset he in 6 month, and our power constantly transmissions among generator/of cost/inverter).

Update: A unit has treated perfectly for two years. The majority of amazing is that it suffers beat diverse-week / of course, toes to run hands the battery inverter way, there is almost zero drop outs and has created simply a lot of @@subject. It considers it two times has been drenched [any submerged] for salt water and has had to be dried dry. Recommended, Absolutely, will buy another when it dies even available .

Like the comparison a half lifespan on board is the TV is, 9 month, portable the 12 months, radii 6 months.
4 / 5
Was happy with east for a prime minister 5-6 month but then my internet that begins to take painfully slow and has included turned on and era. Sometimes it can it take to go back on for umplugging a @subject and plugginh he behind in but a lot always and always steps a worse time. I plugged a ethernet boss directly to mine comouter to the equal that knows is not modem of mine. Appearances for the better product of Netgear.