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Top Customer Reviews: NVIDIA SHIELD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5 Jolanda
Better Far controller partorisca a shield ... The must has partorisca 2015 and 2017 owners of model
4 / 5 Mira
Utmost improvement in leading model. The prize in this place is almost bend nvidia prize of web of place.
5 / 5 Mechelle
Has had my doubts in a form of this far doing well, but I really like an access in my hand and he is a lot of responsive. A far original is the 'push a then attended key for the response' ... A lot happy the toss he in the drawer.

Ossia The add far, if has an old/original type far with your TV of Shield (P2897) spends one $ 30 and take this new far.

An only WITH to this far is a Netflix key. When I grab a far to take or such sometimes clashes a Netflix key then a next thing already knows are in Netflix .. If it has had the way to disable this key I .

Thanks to the leading description has bought this far directly of Nvidia partorisca low $ 30 (free nave).
5 / 5 Le
He Possess the Shield previously to a recent up to date model, take this far. An old far is foolishly useless and an action of a new Shield is a lot of minimum to warrant buying the new Shield so only to take this far with him. Has all some the precise keys COMPRISE VOLUME ON And DOWN KEYS. A volume to touch slider was a main flu has had with an old far. Also it feels good ergonomically in a hand.

Like another reviewer has declared, the buy directly of Nvidia for $ 30. Calm does not have to that it pay more than that for him.

Top Customer Reviews: NVIDIA SHIELD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5 Dorthy
It liked in fact of a far. But an entirely dead Battery SO ONLY with which one a guarantee of year. And there is no easy way partorisca the substitute. A new remotes partorisca a 2017 version has it replaceable the battery But does not have the headphone jack, one of the mine characteristic favourite of this far. As they are rasgado. I buy another far partorisca fifty bucks?! This thing is too type so that it does partorisca die with which so only the year. And a gamepad is quite bulky to regulate use of TV...
5 / 5 Farah
I subjects were there of a start, but after active updated to a version of Android newer, this is to result the entirely unusable far. Level of volume of the transmissions without human contact. Piece and begin the show without the touch and he still will change that it is looking while you are looking a moment seating comfortably in a table with person around. A shield is the FANTASTIC device . This is embarrassing for this company to release such the peripheral poor quality. Appearance arrive to this point ossia the subject of software , and will be fixed with subsequent updates. It has dipped mine in the drawer and has begun to use an original controller again until this time.
5 / 5 Faith
Can not substitute battery in these far how is rechargeable. This in spite of afterwards the year of use, a far has begun to resist less and less load, requiring constant touching, and now, two years with which shabby, is not taking uploads it against everything. We are out of guaranteeing so it is stuck now with essentially he stylish piece of rubbish that can in one beats of rubbish. Ossia The $ 50 far control. Ossia overpriced To start with with (and outrageous that NVidia the shield does not come with the far comprised). But the $ 50 far this dies after 2 years? Ossia Flight of street , and frankly unethical in a part of a costruttore. Has a TV of Amazon in another room that is coming with the far that has bought before east an and is still fully working).
4 / 5 Claudette
This can be one first description has not written never for Amazon. This far is rubbishes. A volume does not answer consistently when it tries the transmission, and when I have dipped a far down and does not touch he for 10 minutes, begins to change a volume randomly.

Also, an investigation of voice, which is the characteristic tone , only works while some far is plugged in. This means a navigation key in the esmote' only works when it is tethered interior 3 feet of a console.

Clearly, has assumed has had the dud to the equal that have contacted nVidia support. I have been said of not being to uselessness, and that this behaviour has because of the bug of software and would be fixed via patch. This was six month ago this in spite of does not act.

Has contacted nVidia support to take it has substituted/refunded. They are responsive, but requiring an on-the-upper quantity of documentation. I literally filed less documentation for my taxes.

If the arrivals to sustain to come by means of, will update my description consistently. Like this far, I am a lot of unimpressed.

Commentaries - a controller a console comes with good works. Also - you check some forums, there the quite the few people that esees has found a subject same with a far.
5 / 5 Noble
+ Hanged very light.
+ Present of microphone.
+ Stereo jack.

- Hard-keys of the coverage of cursor has pressed.
- Inconvenient touch-control of volume of the fashion.
- With which the month of starts to use to the turn was. While it has touched fully it lose a connection and does not answer to any mandates. It does not see any way to take the substitution of guarantee


Some following steps can help to link of yours reset Far with television of Shield:

1. It hastens Behind and keys of House in some Far for at least 15 seconds.
2. It goes to Settings-&62;Applications-&62;applications of System. Die and clear hides for some following applications and prójimas that applications: Bluetooth Action, TV of Android Far Service.
3. A-Pair a Far.
4. Reboot A TV of Shield.
5. Pair a Far.

Some can not be useless but this procedure helps to dip stable connection. At least for now.
4 / 5 Preston
Pros: Works a lot well, lustrous option , sum to be able to transfer audio to headphones

Gilipollas: life of poor battery, randomly to do box I discharges he in uploads it to him and unplug it, the location of volume mean will have transmissions of volume accidentel, sometimes still choosing arrive

Of entity With: if steps to be one of these people to to those who likes them to dim or turn of some lights during the show or film, will lose this. One tiny little black sliver of the far vs darken it the room of half comunicacionales calm mean will lose it on and on. His also optimised to spend like this time among couch cushions like possible I follows to go to plastidip red of mine how is easier that see and hopefully of-sensitise a zone to touch of the volume.
4 / 5 Kristal
Has taken a far free likes part of mine pack of Black Friday together with a TV of Shield, and is the very simple far that it can it to it adapt calm of a TV of far Apple, but only main. A far has some controls of usual volume, house, behind, selects/WELL, and circulate 4-directional keys, and there is also he mic key that calm leave you to do investigation of voice. It is rechargeable and a hard battery ridiculously long. A better thing in a far is that there is the built-in port of audio for your headphones, for this doing these far he Bluetooth device of audio to the equal that can listen privately.

For simple operation, this far is a lot enough. But of some keys are limited, there is not any key for Paper or Paper of Function of Context. So you run applications that has these options (like Kodi), then obviously these far will not leave you to execute these functions... This in spite of, using a Controller of Shield, a X key will do to like paper of context, like this calm there the him!

In general would recommend a far so only if you do not want to use a controller has comprised. As @it subject in fact, it averts of a Bluetooth function, does not have any reason to take this far... Like an alternative, would recommend that to something likes Rii I8 Mini Wireless Touchpad Of Keyboard With Mouse For Pc, Tampon, Xbox 360, Ps3, Android of Box of TV of the Google, Htpc, Iptv (Black) , which is 100 versatile times and 1/3 of a prize.
5 / 5 Emery
Up to date, month after an investigation of the voice of the update there is prendido to do. There are dozens of edges in Nvidia forum and elsewhere. If it covers the telephone of boss with him mic in of the works of investigation of the good voice. I am spent the hours of dozen that tries to solve this riddle. I am spent 2 hours that speaks to Nvidia support of Technology. I find it hard to think that all the world is mic failed in his far all immediately. I think sound the subject of software that could be solved Nvidia has concerned. We offer me to us he RMA but has had to send the picture of my box with a number of serial. Reason have a box 6 month later? Has stirs it other requirements bobos. Originally I gave It 4 stars and has taken was 3 simply reason Nvidia does not concern to fix this subject. Still it uses a far for now, will continue to imagine out of that is bad, and can RMA he finally. Of the on-line people say a RMA works of version correctly out of a box, his insurance to think that new some would have to that it reads, for now, until him no.

Far measure , the good sum resist uploads it long and easy to touch. Some keys are a lot of responsive..

A fresher thing is a centre is the control of volume..

A worse part is a control of the volume is like this inconsistant.

A volume is the orderly idea that so only no well. Has horrible regime like this perhaps the mine is defective.

If a volume has done correcty this would be the 6 device of star (5crash reason his perfect and 1 beginning so only to annoy obsessive people)
4 / 5 Laure
This has been November of the mine rid 16, 2018 a container well when I opened it and begun to Claridge with mine Nvidia the shield was in impacting reason he no flush when I plugged he in one load has known something was bad so that in place of plugging to to the my computer likes usually of me plugged he my shell and when I plugged he to my shield and spent it finally the say that a battery was bad to please spent to connect or has touched for connects it has been connected but does not flash reason ossia when a do one to touch flash and then when it is done some stops read flashing does not have very thought he while more than 20 minutes have update some far and apparently was fully touch a next day my battery was halfway full to the equal that have tried plugging he to some charges an evening flashes but says connected I disconnected one remounts reconnected the this in spite of do not touch was a far this has been mine rid something past reason now is not doing at all and is quite the new mark ossia my third Nvidia the far shield has had bad regime with this far to the equal that recommend to everything of some users those who use Nvidia the shield pleases does not order this far if your far boys busted please order the best compatible far that pause of line of the telephone down and calm repeatedly and has not been the past but when I have spent one remounts a prize was very expensive $ 60 the days of the pair later checks a prize and is then gone back down to the his original prize $ 49 this looks mine very suspicious has been sold the far concealed does not like pleasing spent these produced pleases to think roughly the first cost because you are better was with the far better quality more than east a
5 / 5 Justin
loves a headphone jack in a far.
A key of the investigation of the voice is entirely in a wrong place; I often paste he in place of a main key (...And some works of investigation of the voice once in a TV of Shield and calm requires to reboot to use again.)
A control of volume is paste-or-lose; sometimes it is no-responsive, then go to 100 when touched -or ocassionally work as it has expected...
A measure would owe that be the plus , but has lost this far so much time. If you look television law, this will be to lose in 5 min.
has had mine for the year a plastic around a key has broken and stray state. It is not very durable compared to another remotes
5 / 5 Shaquita
This can be one first description has not written never for Amazon. This far is rubbishes. A volume does not answer consistently when it tries the transmission, and when I have dipped a far down and does not touch he for 10 minutes, will begin to change a volume randomly.

Also, an investigation of voice, which is the characteristic tone , only works while some far is plugged in. This means a navigation key in the esmote' only works when it is tethered interior 3 feet of a console.

Clearly, has assumed has had the dud to the equal that have contacted nVidia support. I have been said that the has not been to uselessness, and that this behaviour has because of the bug of software and would be fixed via patch. This was six month ago this in spite of does not operate.

Has contacted nVidia support to take it has substituted/refunded. They are responsive, but requiring an on-the-upper quantity of documentation. I literally filed less documentation for my taxes.

If the arrivals to sustain to come by means of, will update my description consistently. Like this far, I am a lot of unimpressed.

Commentaries - a controller a console comes with good works. Also - check some forums, there the quite the few people that esees has found a subject same with a far.
4 / 5 Arline
I subjects were there of a start, but after active updated to a version of Android newer, this is to result the entirely unusable far. Level of volume of the transmissions without human contact. Prenderá And begin the show without the touch and he still will change that it is looking while you are looking a moment seating comfortably in a table with person around. A shield is the FANTASTIC device . This is embarrassing for this company to release such the peripheral poor quality. Appearance arrive to this point ossia the subject of software , and will be fixed with subsequent updates. It has dipped mine in the drawer and has begun to use an original controller again until this time.
4 / 5 Caroyln
+ Hanged a lot light.
+ Present of microphone.
+ Stereo jack.

- Hard-keys of the coverage of cursor has pressed.
- Inconvenient touch-control of volume of the fashion.
- With which the month of starts to use to the turn was. While it has touched fully it has lost it a connection and does not answer to any mandates. It does not see any way to take the substitution of guarantee


Some following steps can help to link of yours reset Far with television of Shield:

1. It hastens Behind and keys of House in some Far for at least 15 seconds.
2. It goes to Settings-&62;Applications-&62;applications of System. Die and clear hides for some following applications and prójimas that applications: Bluetooth Action, TV of Android Far Service.
3. A-Pair a Far.
4. Reboot A TV of Shield.
5. Pair a Far.

Some can not be useless but this procedure helps to dip stable connection. At least for now.
4 / 5 Lidia
Has taken a far free likes part of mine pack of Black Friday together with a TV of Shield, and is the a lot of simple far that it can it to it adapt calm of a TV of far Apple, but only main. A far has some controls of usual volume, house, behind, selects/WELL, and circulate 4-directional keys, and there is also he mic key that calm leave you to do investigation of voice. It is rechargeable and a hard battery ridiculously long. A better thing in a far is that there is the built-in port of audio for your headphones, for this doing these far he Bluetooth device of audio to the equal that can listen privately.

For simple operation, this far is a lot enough. But of some keys are limited, there is not any key for Paper or Paper of Function of Context. So you run applications that has these options (like Kodi), then obviously these far will not leave you to execute these functions... This in spite of, using a Controller of Shield, a X key will do to like paper of context, like this calm there the him!

In general would recommend a far so only if you do not want to use a controller has comprised. As @it subjects in fact, it averts of a Bluetooth function, does not have any reason to take this far... Like an alternative, would recommend that to something likes Rii I8 Mini Wireless Touchpad Of Keyboard With Mouse For Pc, Tampon, Xbox 360, Ps3, Android of Box of TV of the Google, Htpc, Iptv (Black) , which is 100 versatile times and 1/3 of a prize.
4 / 5 Blair
This has been November of the mine rid 16, 2018 a container well when I opened it and begun to Claridge with mine Nvidia the shield was in impacting reason he no flush when I plugged he in one load has known something was bad so that in place of plugging to to the my computer likes usually of me plugged he my shell and when I plugged he to my shield and spent it finally said it that a battery was bad to please spent to connect or has touched for connects it has been connected but did not flash reason ossia when a do one to touch flash and then when it is done some stops read flashing does not have very thought he while more than 20 minutes have update some far and apparently was fully touch a next day my battery was halfway full to the equal that have tried plugging he to one uploads an evening flashes but says connected I disconnected one remounts reconnected the this in spite of has not touched was a far this has been mine rid something past reason now is not doing at all and is quite the new mark ossia my third Nvidia the far shield has had bad regime with this far to the equal that would recommend to everything of some users those who use Nvidia the shield pleases does not order this far if your far boys busted please order the best compatible far that pause of line of the telephone down and calm repeatedly and has not been the past but when I have spent one remounts a prize was a lot of expensive $ 60 the days of the pair later checks a prize and is then gone back down to the his original prize $ 49 this looks mine a lot suspicious has been sold the far concealed does not like pleasing spent these produced pleases to think roughly the first cost because you are better was with the far better quality more than east a
4 / 5 Ricarda
A Nvidia the Far shield is not necessarily easier that use that a controller, is so only more comfortable. It is lighter and functional. A rechargeable the battery will last you 2-4 weeks or more depend that calm often use. A quality is respectable, no those surprised but good. There is the light swipe where some the different materials fulfil in a side and he is not there in another. Any one bad or a lot of noticeable. It is value 50 dollars? Honradamente A lot unless it would find it too nettling to use a controller. In general, mine gilipollas really so only take some stars was, taste but has received also of him in his pack like far so only cost me 25 dollars. If not to impose you peeling was 50 dollars that would say to go for him!

- Easier That manage and lighter that controller of shield
- Battery last quite the while
- the investigation of Voice has done sum
- the quality Adds (any that surprised but better that more remotes)
- Connects street Bluetooth like calm can use it more put in a paving
- there is headphone jack so much can covers your headphones or earbuds and listen privately to your video or of the games

- Price
- the control of Volume is wonky (has has had to that do changes subtiles with a sensitive touch slider)
- the keys do not feel economic but neither feels to like would not break after the tonne of heavy use (at least in a 4 key of way of directional wheel)
5 / 5 Angelic
This beautiful far is thin weight , light and feels really good. I think that that it is done of aluminium with the arrival brushed and feels solid and the looks adds. Some keys have a lot of sensibility partorisca touch although a volume is the touch slider and is difficult to do small adjustments. Still it has the headphone jack. It is it supposes partorisca leave for mandates of the voices but I think a recognition of law of voice so only in the entirely and the battery has touched fully reason the majority of a time does not operate. With which 5 month some far there is prendido partorisca take the load entirely. Partorisca The $ 50 far would be necessary is it lasted much more. Almost each negative critique mentions some same things, the recognition of voice there is prendido to do and built-in, any-replaceable the battery there is prendido to touch.
5 / 5 Jesusita
HAS two this has prisoner touching and control of volume slider maintains to change. I love a new version with a replaceable battery. Those better looks. One some with rechargeable the batteries are of 2015 model and calm will be to purchase the controller of TV that already there is on 50 of life of the battery gone buy the used one and buy the new controller , is buying the unit with the 2 old year rechargeable battery. Always I have questions with a battery that touches the receptacle that takes free.
5 / 5 Mirta
Has taken this with my NVIDIA TV of SHIELD Because of a factor of acceptance of the woman. It has not had any way was to be well with using the controller cruise it with. A controller is really solid and a built in rechargeable the battery is upper notch . Some looks of volume how is located in a half inferior to move for up and down are adds for my setup. This leaves an user to change a start of volume of a real device he. Of then I have the projector and surround his and all more in a world-wide hooked on using Logitech Control of House of the Harmony - 8 Devices (Black) which leave all to be in a place by means of the application of telephone. Work wonderfully and to good sure would recommend to any with an advance setup. One underlines the point this in spite of is that it is really good to have the tactile couch lounging far to in fact explore shows with. That can be weighed by means of an application and a lot almost like this amused with a far real Harmony this does perfectly. Some characteristic of the investigation of the voice is of sound for video of Youtube and some keys all look for to be built really very like this far.

Has taken was a begin reason while I love a far is quell'has bitten too much like the apple that prices for my flavour. If this was $ 10 more economic I thinks it paste one something sweet.
4 / 5 Fernando
A far is in fact really well, and do really good. This in spite of is unusable- reason?, Has the rechargeable battery, which suppose to be the plus- but drains really quickly, last so only the day or two, calms that can maintain touching all a time, but a @@subject a big plus is that when it dies on you, any automatically links to a Shield when calm the tones. You can very included link it behind a paper of accessory, yes has lost a battery, has to entirely reboot a shield to take it to do. With which have has had to that reboot my Shield four times in three days, has @to @give is simply not going to be usable- so as really love a far. I have ordered instead the very economic far called Vigicia FM in the amazon and work like the charm for low $ 15.
5 / 5 Marya
Petit, light [mostly metal], easily recharged. Very simple but has spent for headphones to use and google recognition of voice that expect that other devices will begin to draw for him. Looks a lot rugged . A zone of the slide of the sound requires bit it more protect against touching it. When Quell'using and dipping ready the new canal that fulfils my palmera touches an upper end of a zone of slide and starts of canal up with level of the his big plus am not careful. D sensitive tampon also and sometimes accidentally touches down signals when that tries to touch enter.

Does not think would have taken this if it has not been for an ascent that comprises it like this universal remotes would do like this well for a same prize or less [the harmony tried] but not having recognition of voice or port of audio for headphones in this prize. It would consider to buy another with just this remote in a right prize for room of guest.
5 / 5 Farrah
No for me unless it is plugged on and are by train for the use then. The majority of a time is not user-friendly, like this at all want to it partorisca do. Like this now, I require to look for another far to the substitute is one . That the waste of good money! For a way, has been said for Nvidia Shield that this far no with his K1 Pill, as that quell'was a point in me buying it?
5 / 5 Oretha
Loves a headphone jack in a far.
A key of the investigation of the voice is entirely in a wrong place; I often paste he in place of a main key (...And some works of investigation of the voice once in a TV of Shield and calm requires the reboot to use again.)
A control of volume is paste-or-lose; sometimes it is no-responsive, then will go to 100 when touched -or ocassionally work as it has expected...
A measure would owe that be the plus , but has lost this far so much time. If you look television law, this will be to lose in 5 min.
has had mine for the year a plastic around a key has broken and stray state. It is not very durable compared to another remotes
5 / 5 Stormy
This far wine with my nvidia container of shield during the sale.

Is convenient, but no those surprised . I seat it likes him he does not answer to the key presses all a time. And a key of the speaker is not very integrated with a software a nvidia the shield has, as it finalises with usability very limited - like when looking for something in youtube, but no able the investigation of voice in netflix.

I also really aversion that does not have the battery indicadora light especially when TV of Android UI does not show like the battery warns down. The load of a thing is decent this in spite of, last the week of first moderate use to require the recharge
4 / 5 Erlene
1 week with which have received to this far likes the part of a 'Free Far' ascent of a TV of Shield.... It is quite dead. For some reason is entirely crazy state and while it had connected that to a Shield drove mad to send entirely random and consistently crazy far mandates to my Shield. Like this while I have had this far connected, has sent the turn of crazy random/voice/marries it/the voice/has retreated/etc... Commanded to a Shield, doing my Shield unusable ( Man, was like the video game that tries to take to a paper to a-pair he.... They are literally he has spent an hour that )

seeing am spent like this so only the week with this device and treated it well... And it has gone so only crazy on me, would suggest that it spend your money elsewhere. You would owe that be able to spend alot less money in the best universal far and on something concealed does not look done like this bad and fragile.
5 / 5 Anja
Did not like Me a far at the beginning and is resulted to be because of a software in a Sheild TV. After a prime minister upgrade was better. My only complaints after this upgrade is that it is too thin to return my had well (perhaps other people would have the better experience) and that a volume slider is A lot of touchy and is hard of the take only where calm the want. A volume slider is 100 touch, any key or anything likes them concealed. So you move your toe 1/2 the milometer too far a volume is not where calm wants to be it.

I recently upgraded to a current version of a software of television of the Shield and now a Voice looks for how was, those Surprised and fast and extremely useful, is now, a lot slow and buggy. It does not blame a far partorisca east, but NVIDIA need to take that pause his products add with bad software! (This recent Sheild update of television there is ruined also the plot of good characteristics in a console)
4 / 5 Alonso
Awesome. I have taken the point was why is black in black with black keys and yes calm dipped that down in the table of caffè black... It disappears. ;-) Need to come with instructions of additional use, took the bit partorisca imagine was like this partorisca regulate a volume (the Nvidia TV of Android of the Shield has the adjustment of volume separates of your receiver or another device of audio).

P.D. I have forgotten partorisca mention a volume of audio is regulated with the touch launches sensitive down a half of a far. Very fresh, but has touched also he for incident also.

Having A built in mic partorisca investigations of audio (I orders of the hope in some signals too - concealed is not already available), and the headphone/mic jack partorisca nighttime listening is another reason has been partorisca this accessory.

Can comprise that it maintaining 'was ' of a Pro the container was the thing of profit / of point of prize , but really, this Far would owe that be comprised like this splits of an original Nvidia Shield Pro container.
4 / 5 Jerilyn
A quality of build of this far is excellent. There is the little give to some keys, but all feels spectacular and solid in a hand. Work like this expected, and has been using this like this my main far in mine Nvidia TV of same Shield although they are the gamer - is like this convenient, has substituted a gamepad in the heartbeat. A fresh plus has bitten? Continuous, but is a glowing key of microphone. So only it looks like this damn fresh. When being able covers it your headphones to a fund is the second prójimo.

Has the few smaller flus with a controller. Any of them annoys me too much, but your mileage can vary.
1. The plastic parts take micros scratches easily, as all plastic
2. I can a lot confidently grip this remote to the equal that am looking material in my TV, of a control of volume is sensitive touch. Grip He also hard and your volume will begin partorisca change.
3. When it covers in my headphones to a port, exits relatively easily. Be any 'click' or light lock partorisca maintain he in there.
4. Any keys of the control of means comunicacionales has consecrated. A creation is good and like an artist the one who can appreciate simplicities and creation, volume because they the ignored. But still, having advances/backward/the keys of game would be much more convenient. Fast-advance it and that the rewind is easily one of some main inconveniences in television of Android. A difference among using the screen to touch to tug the slider vs that resists the key to FF (or worse, selects 4x to to the speed likes on DVD)players) is night and day.

In general is the far solid. A complains has is mostly informative, as you know exactly that is taking to. My experience with him has been order, and with one $ 25 ascent would say that it is necessity to complete your TV of Shield.
4 / 5 Judson
Has taken this far like the user of plus-friendly far for my TV of Shield. A quality is extremely big, very better that any another far active has not used never. It is mostly one all-the organism of metal, with the dish of plastic of advance of big quality. It feels he adds manually; has the a lot of his weight and the very durable feels. Some keys are the pleasure to press , and give the good responsive click. A life of battery in this far is also extremely a lot- I usually go for 2-3 weeks in the load. A far is also a lot of responsive. He partorisci instantly, and there is virtually a lot of lag in a TV of Shield when the keys are pressed.

Also possesses to pill of Shield, and can confirm that NO, this far no with him (any sure reason calms would want to use he in all the chance). It is done for a TV of Shield, and only works with a TV of Shield.

My only flu is that there is any way to indicate a level of battery... Usually it discovers reason a far so only a lot anything , or a TV of the shield said 'any far connected'.

In general, this in spite of, a lot would recommend this far for any owners of television of the Shield.
5 / 5 Earline
Has Had a device for less than the week, far continued to disconnect or aim connected but no . It would owe that 'forget' a far of a TV of shield and the add behind new that it was the headache . It does not recommend this far at all.
4 / 5 Kristan
Has taken this like this splits of the container as I have not had to pay for separate. This this he 4 out of 5 in place of the 3. It feels he adds manually, build of big quality, the keys are tactile and an exception. A volume on and down slider in a half is a lot of finicky. His at all compatible and sometimes feels downright unresponsive. A so only another swipe is life of battery . I have been surprised reason has has had to that frequently covers he in has beaten of stops. They are the Youtube has weighed and user of Spotify so that partially on me but still, could be more stout. @I give his tiny and there is not the tonne of spatial for the battery so only be prepared to take to the routine of plugging in the each one 2 days or so many and is well.
5 / 5 Arnulfo
Modification: upgrading my description to 5 stars. Nvidia Last update​ (5.2) has fixed some subjects of volume with this far! Amazing. A product that has done 2-3 years ago still is receiving attention of them. Bravo Nvidia.

Amur Everything in this far excepts, and ossia the big exception , some transmissions of volume while it loves even if it is not in your hand.
5 / 5 Mandie
This model has one wireless headphone jack and requires usb touching. One touching is class of the ache, calm would think does not have to that recharge like this often, but with mine his thick use. Also, I have been surprised to find he in a fifth a prize in GSTOP. This kinda hurt my stock exchange to the equal that have had has bought already he of Amazon. I have found a far I initially stray and now have two. Sometimes pardon the communication and calm has animal-his pair to a Shield.
5 / 5 Fairy
With which less than the year a far shield has died entirely ! . Nvidia Touched the prize of prize for entirely the far rubbishes. I have loved a far but looks that each one which the one who possesses this far has taken disappointed. We said me to knots that can send him a far back and they will substitute for me. But a the question is I alive to Kuwait and he would cost me almost $ 100 just to send this tiny far and some discharges of sides to send the way !
4 / 5 Freda
Has had this remote closing this is coming with a shield and he have died finally. It has loved the like this bought this one to substitute. It has done I add for roughly 6 weeks and now he disconnects and is unresponsive roughly 60 of a time. I am guessing it is so only the lemon because prime minister of mine one has done perfectly partorisca to the long of the year. But way too expensive to fail this punctual. I REQUIRE A SUBSTITUTION NOW.
4 / 5 Rex
Does not have any reason this far would owe that cost 50 bucks. It is the very big quality has produced, sure, but is ultra simplistic and lack of the plot of functions would expect in something this expensive. A thing so only has three keys and the directional tampon. Some adjustments of volume am fulfilled invernadero the touch-sensitive spear in a centre. A microphone is very fast and responsive for investigation of voice. In general, it is the I really adds far, but is too simplistic and minimalist to cost so like fact. This be has said, still enjoy use the in a controller of game. So only it does more like the far traditional TV, which appreciate. If you feign to use your Nvidia TV of Shield like the plus of the film that device of looks more than gaming, then to good sure take a far.
5 / 5 Lilly
Worse part roughly possessing a shield is this terrible far. A sliding volume is not responsive, arrivals muting or that flies a sound until strong. This all raisin if your able of the maintains has touched. One full load last perhaps the day any when being pas used and until an hour or 2 be has used. I think that that they are exited with the new far now but will not squander money on that been due to like bad this one was/ is.
5 / 5 Chieko
Has taken this far like the rechargable extra for my Shield. I have not known that it has not GONE blaster that my current, the battery has operated far has. I owe that one has programmed to control my Yamaha the receiver that use to GO. This far constantly door on 'the volume controls no sustained for error of device every time the even graze a volume slider. ANNOYING. Nowhere in a description has said this far does not have to that GO .
5 / 5 Raina
Ossia A far second has taken like the substitution, league and immediately disconnects. In a TV of Shield aims the device is slept. Worse product. Nvidia The support of client is pathetic, can any never spend for a centre of call. Tried to take them on support of cat, expected for more than an hour for any to join, any one joins. Going to return a product that comprises a TV of shield. If rings the little bit, looks ossia the subject good known with a far. Nvidia Has annoyed not even to issue the patch.
5 / 5 Camille
These laws with a pill, although I owe that connect likes the bluetooth of device. It has dipped the way of investigation to resist so much a triangle and keys of circle until a mic the key flashes (can require be touched in the first place). You lose some functions with him in this way, but an investigation of voice and another work of keys to the equal that has feigned. I have had to that look for the plot to find that info, so hopefully help him more was.
Mayor that has thought, roughly two times a measure of a TV of Apple of the aluminium remotes, but is like this more comfortable that use also. Utmost global construction although the little bit in a pricey side.
5 / 5 Reanna
My only complaint is that there is not the key of tactile volume. So only a dimmer way to change slider in a half. A slider a lot always answers immediately. Sometimes he any one anything , and some the time will locate or down two times according to which am wanted. Another time will go all a way on or down and will not answer immediately when you try the corrected. Although this could be so only a subject with to a system likes him the controller of original game that is coming with responses a same way to some controls of volume.
4 / 5 Bridgette
So that extracted one extracted, really love a far and his slender and simple to use and can easily cruised by means of Shield.
An only reason are by train of the give 4 stars in place of 5 is reason the mine only leaves to do after 6 weeks. A day he so only a lot anything and when I have tried the touch then a far would flash the times of pair like to of him tried to touch and he then swimming. I can have so only it has taken the bad unit or one with the bad battery. I have contacted Nvidia lean it and will be to ship the substitution. Really any like him To him entrance of USB that touches devices, has had the Logitech Bluetooth the keyboard does exactly a same thing. It would not accept or resist the load, has to be the economic batteries have dipped in these devices.
5 / 5 Milton
Utmost measure, hanged, and quality of build. A tampon to touch of the volume has used to be the little finicky, but is very better after the recent update. If I have had a complaint would be that some symbols in some keys a lot really relay his functionality that well, but are really so only nit choosing. Also he have enough has packed this in with a TV of Android of the Shield, and has done a controller of game the separate accessory to the equal that seat ossia far more vital to an experience of Shield. It suspects this on purpose this in spite of as it could hook on any old Xbox controller and games of game.
5 / 5 Gerda
Has to that it has to that the Shield to visit the usable TV daily like the conjoint upper box.

The prize marked down for two reasons:
Any key to house quell'application of leaves. I want to this in mine Roku far reason any precise to see a screen to know has leave out of an application that still would be to eat die.
Also attacked down reason a prize is big for the far owner.
Neither goes almost like this long in the battery has compared to Roku 3 far. Yes it knows it is a lot of low profile and contains the rechargeable, but rests in fact.
4 / 5 Lashanda
This far is súper convenient and easy to use. A hard battery the few days and chargers quickly. Update Some far stops that reads. He rattles now which think that me that a battery has come free. His too bad reason a remote fact add until recently. You would expect that the $ 50 far would last to the long of the year
4 / 5 Vashti
If you are not using the universal far, please take this. You look the clown with this controller of game in your hand, navigating applications. This far are adds. Has recognition of voice. Some do any well. A touch slider for the volume is well. It is small but feels a lot of sturdy. You can recharge he with micro usb. And more admirably, I can say that that is doing with him in your hand. The apple could learn the thing or 2 in far creation of Nvidia.
5 / 5 Ileana
I have bought this with my NVIDIA TV of Shield, and the desire has had the no. So only does not have quite a lot of keys on that. A need to add a C and D keys, together with keys of volume. Hopefully Will exit with another version that will be better. Also they would owe that add universal GONE of his capacities, so that you can turn your television on and was, is connected to the television that no active HDMI-CEC. In this way it can go down to a far.
5 / 5 Lamont
This thing is like this freaking small that loses it all a time. They are king-ordering it reason is nowhere partorisca be found. A sensor of the voice has not taken long partorisca break and some keys stray sensibility how has been now of orders the new one in all the chance.
5 / 5 Alene
Would be well has has resupplied instructions on like this to pair a device touches a device etc partorisca this quite pricey element with a lot of expensive packaging. It would give a packaging five stars. A controller is another @@subject altogether. Any instruction, the look of on-line instructions to inform to some another version. A one this is coming with a console there is prendido king-touching after less than five month.
4 / 5 Estella
I really loved this product for some premiers 7 months. Now he no recharge. When plugged In, begins the recharge and second of interior, for recharging. I have tried multiple outlets and multiple Nvidia touching devices. A lot disappointed. It produces quite expensive partorisca to 7 life of month.
4 / 5 Tonya
Inside the pair of month a microphone in this far working decree. I have contacted Nvidia support to guarantee he but a substitution send me there is the different question. When it covers it to you in your headphones listens the strong beeping sounds like this now are that it has to that spend for a process to guarantee again for has it has substituted. Hopefully A third one will be the charm . It will update a description has more subject.
5 / 5 Angelita
To Any one has liked him the to me a quality is very good but a far is very a lot the times have big hand but still is does not feel good in my hand a 2 thinks did not like me that of a legislation has on left down is not to touch technology!!!!! But a Volume is touch tegnology and yes resist a far in of the deliveries to touch or anything yours hand always for the deception will touch a zone of volume has TV of Apple 4th a far is very better that a NVIDIA far now Has been any when using and compraventa for mine NVIDIA shield pro and Logitech K400 more Bluetooth keyboard
5 / 5 Yajaira
Felizmente a far was the free element when I have purchased my TV of Shield. A lack of keys of the mean comunicacionales consecrated (pause/of game) does to use some applications, likes Kodi, requires one touches of extra key to take. No the subject enormous sure, but the ache any less. This in spite of, my main complaint is a recognition of the voice is buggy like this hell. When it Operates, it is far too often it hastens a key, tongue and at all spends. Has has tried having a shield wired, wireless, unpairing and repairing a far. Still he no (works of controllers of the good Game). It will try to give service of client of the Amazon the call, but this looks to be the subject known. I can not recommend this reason is buggy like this hell.

Update: to the amazon sent the far substitution this looks to be doing properly. Added the star my indication but so only he 3 because of lack of the keys of means comunicacionales has consecrated. Also, a control of the volume of the slide is horrible. Constantly changing a volume unintentionally.
5 / 5 Miki
Packaged Well And in the conservative box. This element has the life of battery adds and is very light. A a down the side concealed is pron the impressions of toe and muck. This in spite of, the more is is very easy to clean with some water in the wash rag. This calm also give you the minimum option with a shield neither when a controller is touching or calm so only wants to look the video. A mic acts very same of the distance of roughly 5 ft was (the friends that speak his). And it is quite durable as it is not nervous falls once or two times.
5 / 5 Yoshiko
This far is well operates class of ape, freezings, and does not resist cariche partorisca to long until to stop that the touches could not be substituted for Amazon cuz raisin one 30 day. As I have substituted he for nvidiA. Has the guarantee for a year of one to calm date buys it this in spite of any happy with a remote one uploads any last quite long. It likes- one creation and loves it like. But it sucks in functionality
4 / 5 Agustin
His the really very remote. His much more convenient to use that a bulky controller that a shield comes with, in last to explore some papers and looking 'TV'. Obviously, if games of precise touch or of the keys to use another that house, behind, directional, or enter, use a controller. A prize is the tad big, but then again a far has prevails it chair and a consolation outweighs a prize, at least for me. It looks it Was for some containers that offered in small to any extra cost with a Shield.

Has found this description in any way insightful or useful, please click one 'He' key where calm ask you to do like this.

Top Customer Reviews: NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5 Sharri
Compared to 3DVision 1 glasses, these are to good better insurances. A big plus lenses is better and resembles not being like this dark like old some, included when his very when be pas used with the cement 3dvision2 monitor. A nosepieces stay in situating better that has done in a model of prime minister also ( is exited like this easily in that a that it has finalised them partorisca take his altogether same tho he wasnt quite like this comfortable). A 'arms 'the frames are also very better. In planting to be fact out of thickness, the rigid hard plastic is done out of the paving, more bendable material. If have supla or circum aural auricular, these glasses will be much more comfortable to spend with them, and some do any to focus better around your ears.

Has two main deserts that has found with some glasses this in spite of. A main on is that, while a majority of some frames is the crazy black arrival, some describes immediately around a flange of a lenses was (for some reason the tin A lot comprehend) given the spent lustrous. A lenses is recessed the little mm to some frames, purportedly to reduce glare of prójimo lightsources, but a resplandor lustrous of a frame around a lenses reflects a picture in your exposure and creates an outline of shiny distracts it light around some flanges of your vision. While this would be to annoy with any pair of glasses, looks to touch to be one disturbs still main to have on 3D glasses because pode disorder with a sense of depth and global experience. A lot in the mine entertained, but some another says it doesnt annoy them like this. Some ppl has recommended dipping tape any lustrous, like electrical tape, around some flanges of some frames around a lenses to take touched of of a resplandor, or to use a lot of-grit sandpaper to dull a resplandor, but these are stupid things for any to have that does to the product to do them acceptable.

A second subject so only could apply mine and another ppl with big-sized melons, but while some arms of some frames ARE the most comfortable plot that some glasses of leading gene, is not quite long quite and some finalises kinda rests directly on my ears in place of on and behind liking more glasses. It is not that big of the shot tho supposes them, theyre still quite comfortable in spite of of the this, but the really desire nvidia would do glasses that is main or adjustable further of ways that so only replaceable nosepieces.

But, in an end, sound the solid cost, the good upgrade if at present the 3dvision glasses. And yes, they do with older 3d vision emitters so only well. 3DVision Is awesome and the have the hard time that enjoys games without him anymore these days!
5 / 5 Toccara
These are very better that an original 3D vision glasses. More comfortable, looks to be much more durable (my original pair is coming avert - a clip of the nose will not remain in, and both of some grips of consolation of the hule in some legs is falling off). I do not see some legs having a same question, some rests of clip of the nose to be view... But they are optimistic.

Functionality-wise, one 'hood' extra around a lenses the blockades was light more environmental among some glasses and your face, which the easiest fact to enjoy anything is is doing.

In a down-side, a wine of original pair with the cloth of cleansing green with a nvidia logo on that. This does not comprise any cloth. It does not imagine any a lot of people would concern , but has imagined would mention it.

A pouch is the quality of main has bitten also, and comprises the pocket in a side that use to spend an extra nose-clips.

Gave it so only four stars in place of five reason my leading experience with nVidia and his glasses have very left to be wished in of the terms of durability. It looks well, but it remains to be seen if these will last.
5 / 5 Marlena
Possesses it Nvidia 3D Vision Box. It comes with only a pair of the glasses and his am not frankly comfortable to spend beside the headset.
A subject main is that a pair is not enough loves any to look or game with you.
Has given the reception to the new version, touted eats to spend improvements.
Here is my evaluation:

- Backward compatible with a leading version (any need to buy a new box)
- More comfortable (but still not perfecting)
- Touted eat when being more brilliant that a leading version but with new screen. Right now, any difference at all with a leading model.

- Still freakingly Expensive.
- Still Annoying to spend with the headset (but better that a leading model)
- Nvidia claims that a model augments a measure to see but has failed to be impressed.
- Included could create some reflection in a width of a frame...

is well with a leading model and does not have any intention to change your screen, these glasses are not compulsory.
5 / 5 Jena
These glasses are very comfortable. I do not owe that the glasses of recipe and included seldom spend sunglasses, as they are one of the pocolos any one has used people to glasses at all. But there is absolutely any question that remain in these glasses for a lot of hours. A life of battery is also very good. It was very sad to discover that Nvidia is interrupting 3D Vision. I have bought an extra pair ( has had already 2 pairs) reasons are fearful that disappears of a punctual phase. I think that that 3D Vision is one of a better 3D technologies of a perspective of quality of the picture.
5 / 5 Jenae
Had purchased a 3D Vision some Glasses, and these resemblances with the battery that is to be break. As I have decided that it was so only my regime, was old and has required to buy a new 3D Vision 2 glasses. A 3D Vision 2 glasses are looked with a same question. NVIDIA Denies that there is the question with some batteries, included this in spite of has a lot of A lot of EDGES of forum in a subject. In all the chance was able to RMA a 3D 2 glasses at least and received him so only yesterday (8/28/2014) and is felizmente state touching in 3D never of then. The point is, a technology is entertainment adds if yours PC is quite powerful, but took almost 6 month to do until buying a monitor and a 3D BOX and then the second set of glasses, so only to have that expects another month in RMA.

Some glasses would owe that take 5 stars that assumes law correctly. I gave him 1 star been due to NVIDIA RMA process and service of client.
4 / 5 Nia
That In disappointing. I have read so DONA descriptions that has thought that has been fluke for them. Apparently his no. has ordered the new one 'unopened' (still this in spite of does not have any focuses that it maintains calm of inaugural. Some glasses werent has covered entirely with the stock exchange sealed. The same what is past mine . Directly out of a container, doesnt work. Touched he for some last 3 hours, then again with an original boss that is coming with my first glasses, has not done. Such the disappointment adds.
4 / 5 Karin
Have prime minister of mine Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Glasses that is coming with mine ASUS G75VW. Work a lot well. I have loved to buy the new pair to look 3D film with my promise. Unfortunately, this one looks to have the dead battery. I have tried to touch he for 6 hours. But no tip never fully uploads (solid light orange). When I Press a key to be able to, at all spends.

Very Sad.
Ossia A first time are unfortunate with the product buys by means of Amazon.

07 Jan 2014 Modification(After felizmente returning a dysfunctional a)

bought and has received so only the new pair of NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses... Once again, same question.. I have tried to touch he of 9:00 I ARE to 02:15 PM (light orange blinking port of next USB). When I Press a key to Be able to, at all spends: same conclusion, dead battery ??? Reason a same question two times ????
Reason has to that do one same returning process...

A lot of frustrating !
5 / 5 Roseline
Very Short and sweet:

Gilipollas: a plastic his fact with reflects the little around some sides when you are touching.
Could be bit it more comfy for a paid of prize but to the each one which as his own with measures of boss.

Pros: Out of a box to perceive first game was likes 15 near of the minutes was the breeze and has gone perfectly.
All a lot of some glasses intigrated with the mine in IDA has built emiter in mine monitor ect
My first words when touching something in 3d for a first time (crysis 3) was oh my god, and how was my promises .

In the rodeo compares to see the film in 2nd to see one in 3d... It Likes him you concealed? Then take these glasses for your 3d monitor, has done them and the wouldnt he a lot differently.

PS If any of amazon law to this so only would like me say the LOVE your place, has been supposition to arrive friday and is them down state and found the one of some way arrived wednesday lol! Calm also the the majority of service of prize and amazing client, included this in spite of the alive in Australia I always coming you the first types to see has the one who the needs &60;3
4 / 5 Alvin
have the dell XPS 1701 laptop with him Nvidia 3d screen. A transmitter is built-to a laptop and a screen is supposition to be the special screen. Dell In his sensatez the infinite has not comprised the pair of Nvidia 3d glasses. To take my laptop that the cut is was all have required. I am spent so only for the wizard of configuration where the something under a dell the logo has turned green to inform me was in 3d way. Some glasses are also transports- was as it does not maintain that it tries to resist a key to be able to of the turn was. I have had to update mine Cyberlink PowerDVD software to touch a late plus 3D film! Good regime, 3D looks awesome, included in the small 17' screen!
5 / 5 Donya
Pair Well of Glasses for use with a NVIDIA Emitter, good quality, to the left see some more brilliant images, is quite comfortable. A battery goes three film directly without recharge.


A baterry goes died can you a lot sustitute his so much means your full Glasses result the piece of useless plastic
Extremely Expensive, need to buy the Nvidia GeForce Paper (250ee.uu.$ min), A NVIDIA 3D Vision Box (150ee.uu.$ ) And you would have to that it pays 100 bucks for each extra pair, his just ridiculous
5 / 5 Juliana
I have bought these extra glasses partorisca do with one that exists Dongle that cam with a Version 1 box. They are more brilliant and does not suffer interference like my glasses my old plus. They are also much more comfortable was although they could be lighter. Honradamente Thinks that that they would have to do this turn more like this sunglasses the bit has been said that return in that exist the recipe frames like this the can not be egoistic. 3D vision is really amazing with games and of the films when they maintain properly.
5 / 5 Alesha
Am assuming is a battery , but to all the cost some glasses have not done at all and of the light to the touch would remain on indefinitely. It would have preferred me his substituted, but the amazon does not leave substitutions (only returns) of then is sold peels 3rd party. It would have been I treats it well had done .
5 / 5 Dovie
Has purchased these glasses partorisca go with the refurbished Acer HN274H bmiiid monitor (with built in transmitter). Some glasses are comfortable and easily returns on the glasses of recipe. There is the little bit of the flicker effect and noticable darkening of on images of screen when some glasses are actuated initially, but a flickering is so only momentary and a monitor extremely that shines the helps compensate partorisca a darkening. A 3D effect is spectacular. In a setting of maximum depth, a NVIDIA gives pop out of a screen because 'look' partorisca be at least 6-12 thumbs. An effect is at least like this well, if any better, that a 3D takings in a theatre of film. When Touching games in 3D (Skyrim, Fallout 3), his as if yours looking by means of the bread of glass more than in the monitor of flat computer and augments a depth of in diving of game immensely. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive compared to simple polarised lenses and precise quite big-hardware of map of the end to take one the majority of out they. In general, this in spite of, am quite happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5 Micki
This record adds in my glasses and comfortable for me. The desire there was an optional blinder that slip in some sides (to the equal that of the old horse blinders) to maintain went to the external light likes 3Of D is dimmer in my computer and of the lights of room are more than annoying the. Yes, I can result some lights... Now I have a together extra for when any recognition.
4 / 5 Dolores
The work adds and comes with 3 adjustable tampons for noses, but his all suck and is weighed.
I desire could cut was some unnecessary weight (likes to take of a plastic flange inferior black etc). I have had really light rechargable 3d glasses behind in 2002 (those that used with CRT monitors) likes the know his possible to have quota really light that looks 3d glasses (like this taken was a star).
5 / 5 Marin
Loves an extra field of small, hate a temple that pinches the headache that induces lack of ergonomics, the werent the headphone that touches gamer that streamed the plot the still would be to use a comfortable more original d3 glasses of vision that is coming with my rf transmissive.
5 / 5 Madlyn
These are better that a estandard' nvidia stereoscopic glasses with a rubbery arms. They are cosier and a battery does not drain when they are not when be used (the rubbery the glasses lose battery when they are not when be used).
5 / 5 Ernie
Has Had any question with some glasses. His utmost so only like some originals with my Nvidia 3D Vision 2 box. In fact I can very included say a two averts like this the am not sure which is which now. Well it is having a together extra to the equal that can share 3D experience with friends and family.
4 / 5 Suzanna
BE CAREFUL! Mark lame yours the television monitor is compatible. The mine has not been :( So only reason has a paper of right video, does not mean these will do. You will require an infrared emitter this among a 'Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Wireless Glasses Box' also.
5 / 5 Elmer
Has stepped in mine last pair of glasses and broke him. Using Nvidia 3d vision this extra pair synced on final without that has to that install anything extra. These things also have extremely period of long battery. I left him unplugged for weeks and has then used he for the few hours, there is not running never out of life of battery.
4 / 5 Barabara
His well, so that it has declared. All have to that do is his key and is ready partorisca use with a NVidia 3D Vision 2. An only question is that still although they come with 3 different nosepieces, still annoy the shortly after spending them stops more than 15 minutes.
5 / 5 Carolin
Any a lot of to say. His that is to suppose to and work perfectly with my setup. They are main and much more comfortable that one first version of nvidia glasses.
5 / 5 Lester
The better way that original and his abonos partorisca have an extra pair like the fellow also can look a 3d action... These glasses and of the old a work of a same infrared transmitter..
5 / 5 Ethelene
Buys this element together with mine 3D Vision Box. Some elements are utmost but some glasses arms press in my boss. With which some time partorisca touch or looking the bad chair.

Has joined another characteristic is of sound.
4 / 5 Phillis
Two insiemi have died on arrival. It will not touch or turn on. Sold for emierstyle. A place this is to go in a work of the boxes adds sold for Parker.
Update 6/30/14 Emierstyle sent out of another bad pair partorisca the total of three now.
5 / 5 Yee
Has bought 2 pcs glasses and 1 is not doing. The battery has died. Tried partorisca the time of diverse touch and included tried partorisca 24 hrs touching but any sign partorisca be able to.
Has turn.
Another piece is doing well and tried it although the inaugural a box has found them some superficial scratches in a lentil. The vendor would owe that verify a unit before pound. In all the chance maintains a one with scratches another has to that returns.
4 / 5 Phylicia
Has wanted to buy a Nvidia glasses when they are in the first place exited. They are happy I no. Ossia an improved second glasses of generation. His still cost to many. Some needs of point of retail prize to be $ with discounting on Amazon to in $ 40 something.
Can take on a prize, the utmost law when you go 3D Blue-film of ray in mine BenQ XL2420TX monitor. A monitor is coming with a place of glasses and a emitter is built to a monitor. I have bought a more place of glasses. It does not touch of the games of computers, as I can not direct concealed. I use him to look Blue-ray 3D film in my computer. Some utmost glasses. His recharge street the port of USB.
4 / 5 Jolynn
3D gaming is awesome, has bought this for an extra pair to aim of the mine gaming pc .. Big quality
4 / 5 Tami
taste that these glasses are sustained still in of a first generation of 3D Vision. Has the main zone and feel much more comfortable. I prefer him to an original some.
5 / 5 Tyler
A pair that is coming with my Qosmio 3D laptop has taken broken like this has ordered them these and I has had to that send behind on pair and a closing according to isnt syncing properly, my original some were perfect although
4 / 5 Roberta
any same work.. 2nd pair of glasses, cariche to full, turn on and that turn according to later.
5 / 5 Cleotilde
The good product with prize adds ... It gives the graces to cooperate
4 / 5 Kalyn
am returned these and a laptop have been suppositions to come with reasons 17 thumbs, is too small also partorisca 3D.
5 / 5 Matt
The product adds, am very happy with cost of mine. A quality and the prize was utmost! To good sure would recommend this to friends!
5 / 5 Mignon
These are utmost glasses . Has slender arms that down accesses earphones if you are gaming or looking the film and trying a lot to wake on your family. They are sure they are drawn to return a wider row of forms of boss as it does not look for the very comfortable access with these. This be has said that coming with three different replaceable pieces of noses for more than consolation. They are quite comfortable to spend during the three film of now. With which concealed, his probably time to take the pause of 3D in all the chance. Some works of wireless characteristic perfectly and remain touched for a pertinent period of time. Has the cord of USB to touch a battery. Highly recommended!
5 / 5 Hallie
Some do any well and is not terribly expensive state. We resupply me to us with an extra pair of 3D glasses for when more it wants to look also.
5 / 5 Valentina
The work adds but mine 3D is the waist of money.
You heart after the moment to spend them.
Sad NVidia produced Excellent but, an access is rubbishes .
4 / 5 Linwood
Has HAD already a place of Nvidia 3D vision glasses and wants to him, is for this that have purchased the second pair. A 3D quality is surprising!
4 / 5 Mellie
Utmost glasses the used partorisca gaming on steam with and serious of television & of films of documentary & clock .
5 / 5 Dania
Perfects and is the little elder then my first pair. I add partorisca buy for a law of money adds with my duel Nivida 580 papers in my zone 51 ALX .
5 / 5 Jerilyn
Has the Acer 27.ºn The monitor and he have come with a gen1 glasses. This pair is was more comfortable that some another and the law adds. They return better in my glasses and concealed is the big plus partorisca longitude gaming hours.
4 / 5 Camille
I glasses have arrived with the dead battery: that Goes in 12 hours and there is still partorisca touch (the manual indicates it would have to that take 3 hours). I have tried both USB of computers and wall uploads. The glasses are inoperative was with boss of USB that resupplies can.
5 / 5 Jerrell
This law partorisca surprise, is comfortable to spend, and does not leave of the frames in a face. There look to be any glitches.
4 / 5 Victorina
These 3D vision pair of glasses on perfectly with a Asus VG278h 3D ready monitor and Nvidia paper of Video. A 3D really comes alive with these glasses and they return well in my glasses of recipe. It likes-me a light plus and more seeing space.
5 / 5 Felisha
The container has arrived punctually with all has expected. A product done to the equal that has announced; like the word of precaution, some glasses flicker with sources read uncomfortable or when facing out of a 3d vision dongle, but ossia more limitation of a technology that question with some glasses.

Top Customer Reviews: NVIDIA Shield ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5 Alethia
Yes, it is sturdy. Yes, he grips a surface is on a lot well, and yes, resists your TV of SHIELD perfectly... But man, is expensive considering is so only he weighted hunk of plastic with him grippy deep. Seriously, NVIDIA would owe that comprise this in a box with each TV of SHIELD in planting to ask another twenty or thirty bucks (that depends where taking ).

Are happy took it, but still seat the dissatisfaction of tiny bit with a value partorisca my dollar is one. Basically, if has of the spare money, is the yours TV of interesting addition of SHIELD (calm resupplied wants to be arrive), but my joint is the tent around and spend like this little like this possible. It is so only at all that has surprised that warrants when being after thirty bucks, and yes not having never the time for you to @@subject-hunt, this that would be.
5 / 5 Lashaun
His well, am giving 3 stars, say you reasons. Please specify that this vertical stand is for a TV of SHIELD 2017 versions. Has one 2015 16GB version and partially laws, but a lot fully covers some 'inferior triangles'. It outrage that, he a work. It sees semi-detached photo.
5 / 5 Carrie
Can not help but to feel exploded considering has paid twenty bucks for the base that neither would owe that it has come with a shield or perhaps a chance of Shield could have been engineered to not requiring the seperate stand. Considering that without him a Shield can a lot really ventilate the heat also could be the subject serious. My television to Shoot gaming the edition there is probably be the shortest life to the equal that can run quite hot and while some economic plus that A Shield considered it the loss when it leaves to do recently . IN ALL THE CHANCE ossia the device of the big quality likes all more in Of A Shield is. It is fact very good and has presented. It feels substantial and returns my Device of Shield quite well. I seat it is essential possesses to some returns of device likes him the thing arisen flops around on Blue mine-player of ray without this stand to resist it whole to the equal that can be and cool properly. One súper deceive handyman could imagine out of another way although there are not some elegant good looks that a device of shield has . Last looks to be weighted to enable pertinent stance. All the things have considered is proably the subject like those imports how is to your Device of Shield and of course ossia other reasons owe that with with him. Seriously this in spite of has the no pro shield of model , calm requires takings one of of the one of the east to any subject likes the chair roughly that.
4 / 5 Elene
Some functions of the shield perfectly well is dipped normal horizontal , of course. But it is simple still the radical lines beg to be in writings, especially that inset green light and this all are of the aluminium with him is perfect complimentary the full creation that function perfectly. Has a lot heft reason is machined out of the alone blockade of the aluminium so much marks the stable program. I joint a device and he are to have the big technology almost alien architectural look. I think it that it was necessary has been comprised with a Shield originally is relatively point of big prize? Of course. Any subject, is the addition of dramatic exposure that highly can recommend.
4 / 5 Eulalia
This is to base in an original Nvidia system of television of the Shield. Has a no pro version, and comprise some the newest versions are roughly 40 smaller. It have to that it still does except has a newer version could love control with any the one who has one.

Ossia The wonderful addition for me for my TV of Shield. One is essentiall leave me gone back in verticle in the place of slowly likes show of pictures. For I dipped it to me up joint my TV in the convenient location. It is supported by an angular creation of a TV of shield and is pleasant to look in. Essentially it is the weighted stand that is not weighed too much but quite heavy. Has the no-funds of slip.

Ossia The entirely optional element and so only affects likes to situate your box.

Pros: The fresh looks, his work
Gilipollas: optional, kinda expensive for the entirely optional element
5 / 5 Salome
Some people interest that needs the device like this. It was one of these people.

When you Begin to accrue the crap the load of material likes: modem, subject, box of boss, boxes of television, bosses, etc. Etc. Begin to want to a bit order.

Watches the while all is so only everywhere.

Has tried prop mine Nvidia shield on at the side of mine Orbi subject and so only does not act .

So that I hop in good old Amazon and there is here looks that it finds.

In spite of a fact are past 1999, am very happy with an element, and work well, and he that is supposition to do .

Maintains mine Nvidia the whole shield and in tiptop form.

Thank you For this hunk of plastic ossia laws .
5 / 5 Vince
Adds bade to change a Nvidia Shield of horizontal the vertical to improve one cooling of my shield. Kinda Expensive so that it is, and has to that be comprised when it buy a shield. I have purchased the used one, this is to be list like new stops . To good sure advise, likes fresh of my shield is better.
5 / 5 Annika
Joins him to him Nvidia shield and love the to have the small impression in your shelf of centre of the entertainment or cup, ossia a precise accessory . It resists a Shield securely and is weighted sufficiently to maintain the stable and solid base.
4 / 5 Damian
Is hard to contest a value of this stand like Nvidia works of television of the Shield so only well without him. This in spite of, am happy chose it up like the shield looks fantastic in a stand and taking on a lot little spaces vertically. This stand is for a small plus 2017 and 2019 versions of a Shield. It is different of one is for a big plus 2015 version. One is older has been done of metal and has had the sticky inferior surface has not concerned me paralizaciones. This stand feels like the rugged plastic and has the fund of hule to prevent in slippery. It is weighed enough to prevent a Shield to touch on. It is the must has? No. This in spite of, if has a Shield like centerpiece of your theatre of house, this stand is the really good addition . He one looks of the helps and the elegant shield underlines of another electronics.
4 / 5 Shamika
After spending $ 200 for a Nvidia TV of Shield, experienced some subjects with him taking the little heat. They are like this happy has bought this stand reason now some holes of the ventilation is not seating against the surface and remains fresh. Acting very better. This stand submerged-rows perfectly with a side of a device, doing it very sure. Happy with compraventa; bought another for mine another NVTV.
4 / 5 Analisa
His well, am giving 3 stars, say you reasons. Please specify that this vertical stand is for a TV of SHIELD 2017 versions. Has one 2015 16GB version and partially laws, but a lot fully covers some 'inferior triangles'. I outrage that, he a work. It sees semi-detached photo.
4 / 5 Raeann
This is to base in an original Nvidia system of television of the Shield. Has a no pro version, and comprise some the newest versions are roughly 40 smaller. It has to that it still does except has a newer version could love control with any the one who has one.

Ossia The wonderful addition for me for my TV of Shield. One is essentiall leave me gone back in verticle in the place of slowly likes show of pictures. For I dipped it to me up joint my TV in the convenient location. It is supported by an angular creation of a TV of shield and is pleasant to look in. Essentially it is the weighted stand that is not weighed too much but quite heavy. Has the no-funds of slip.

Ossia The entirely optional element and so only affects likes to situate your box.

Pros: The fresh looks, his work
Gilipollas: optional, kinda expensive for the entirely optional element
5 / 5 Kyra
Some people interest that needs the device like this. It was one of these people.

When you Begin to accrue the crap the load of material likes: modem, subject, box of boss, boxes of television, bosses, etc. Etc. Begin to want to a bit order.

Watches the while all is so only everywhere.

Has tried prop mine Nvidia shield on at the side of mine Orbi subject and so only no .

Like I hop in good old Amazon and there is here looks that it finds.

In spite of a fact are past 1999, am very happy with an element, and work well, and he that is supposition to do .

Maintains mine Nvidia the whole shield and in tiptop form.

Thank you For this hunk of plastic ossia laws .
5 / 5 Lessie
Some functions of the shield perfectly well is dipped normal horizontal , of course. But it is simple still the radical lines beg to be in writings, especially that inset green light and this all are of the aluminium with him is perfect complimentary the full creation that function perfectly. Has a lot heft reason is machined out of the alone blockade of the aluminium so much marks the stable program. I joint a device and he are to have the big technology almost alien architectural look. I think it that it would have to it the be be comprise with a Shield originally is relatively point of big prize? Of course. Any subject, is the addition of dramatic exposure that highly can recommend.
5 / 5 Larisa
Adds bade to change a Nvidia Shield of horizontal the vertical to improve one cooling of my shield. Kinda Expensive so that it is, and would have to that be comprised when it buy a shield. I have purchased the used one, this is to be list like new stops . To good sure would advise, likes fresh of my shield is better.
5 / 5 Francisco
There has any a lot of to say in a NVIDIA TV of SHIELD PRO Be another that is the perfect returned for mine 2015 version of a NVIDIA TV of SHIELD PRO Server of Means comunicacionales of the House . If has the Shield Pro or one 2015 Shield regulates television, love this stand.

If instead, the 2017 NVIDIA TV of SHIELD Streaming Player of Means comunicacionales , then loves a NVIDIA Stand of television of the SHIELD instead.

Whichever Player of half comunicacionales of the the ones of SHIELD, one of these stands will save spatial in your shelf of means comunicacionales... Although you could lose that the quota of the green glow die has gone by a player of means comunicacionales.
5 / 5 Beverlee
This far was the substitution partorisca a far this is coming with my Nvidia TV of shield. Has think that had the question with an original but this a fact a same thing esatta. The majority of a time has to that paste some keys multiple time partorisca the take to do anything at all. I think that that it is the defect of entity of a far creation or in the design of a Nvidia TV of shield. I think that a Nvidia the TV of shield is the good idea but the very poor product.
4 / 5 Barbie
Never wanted to or planned on having my Nvidia the shield that dips down. This stand absolutely helps me in any only maintaining my nvidia the shield that stands up but also like this he no overheat. It likes me quell'has mentioned in my leading descriptions, tends to take the real good cure of my things. Thank you For such awesome stand. I will recommend to friends and familiar
4 / 5 Veronique
has Purchased this for my two old years nVidia Shield after trying long for the be up for another half. I have refused spent a reason have thought that that it was bit it overpriced but after receiving has @to @give reason. Stand A lot impressing in fact. Súper Big quality with an extremely nonslip rubberized deep and heavyweight construction. Happy has taken this on sale to kick. Recommended
4 / 5 Porfirio
has had my Shield to like 2 first years to take east. I believed it whenever it would look it to it the stupid clip on what, but is any how May. It is done a lot well , and feels very strong. Has some his weight for the maintain planted, and the tacky deep to maintain he of sliding. It is angled the lines do integrates seemlessly to a creation of Shields, and buy you some spatial wherever had him to him seat.
4 / 5 Toni
The picture resupplied as I am not sure state before I have purchased is returned a 2019 emission of October and am happy to inform is the keeper, returns like the glove
5 / 5 Mellisa
A far was the little difficult to initially of program and without illumination, some tones of function were very difficult to see or comprise some symbols there is showed in some tones. Little in any information or the operative instructions have been comprised in a box of the nave and I has had to that go to line to discover like this to use and program a far. No the a lot of the far friendly user.
5 / 5 Audrea
Is studio and looks well. A bit expensive for the piece of hule hard this in spite of. If yours down to yours last dollars save. If have disposable he imposiciones go for him.

So only think that more goes to the camera or the pair of headphones. Calm a lot can take any for a prize of this stand of hule. They will not be good but still. They owe that be doing likes 800 profit of percentage is.
5 / 5 Victoria
Is the very little be that feels a lot of fact, save me room in my centre of entertainment, but for 20 bucks the sound bit it a lot for something like this small, there has a lot much more to say but work and feels a lot of fact, there is or was an alternative this was more economic would have bought it but ossia a stand of only Shield to my knowledge.
4 / 5 Merrill
Totally has expected this to be the rough like plastic that would line a device. It is at all. A whole stand has to that to to the hule likes them the coating in the, included of an interior where some chairs of shield. It has been expecting to take it and write the description that says that an interior would owe that be sense or micro edge, but this coating that is to be use would have to that do so only well. It produces better everywhere that has expected.
5 / 5 Melita
Is weighed. It is enough. Has the basic silicone so that it will not slip - that can stick the little too aggressively the arrival of old pieces of furniture, as you can does not want to dip this on the ancient beloved. This resists your TV of Shield to the vertical place and of the frames looks more beautiful while reducing his impression wherever the those that seats.
5 / 5 Lisbeth
I have resisted partorisca buy a stand partorisca the months of pair. One $20 overburdens partorisca something concealed would have to that it has been comprised with a Shield, in my eyes, looked bit it big. In an end bought it. It has weight a lot his and resists a Shield perfectly.
5 / 5 Roosevelt
Any one is returned 2017/2019 models correctly. It is main that a prime minister an I orderly and fact out of metal in place of plastic. It looks this is to be do partorisca the first gene (2015). It will resist one 2019, so only will not seat flush front partorisca back.
4 / 5 Gracie
Ossia The really a lot looking basic partorisca a Nvidia TV of Shield that has to that arrived partorisca be packaged with a Nvidia TV of Shield. A TV of Shield is in fact totally able to be stable and integer situated without this base, all takings with east is the little has bitten extra support and doing a whole container looks the little has bitten better. Save your money unless you really cured on some looks or is wildly has concerned roughly when being this whole in his own.
4 / 5 Eloise
This produces his work a lot well but extremely overpriced so that it goes in the small piece of plastic done in Cina probably partorisca the nickel. It would have given it five stars except thinks that is way overpriced.
4 / 5 Petra
Took it so only today! An element is access of perfect measure perfectly in a shield is like belonging there is the calm shame does not take he with an original product when calm in the first place the buy but guess all the precise world wins money. Would have has given the a plenary five stars because it has included a way resists partorisca do me think it that could maintain fresher. But of then I did not use it still in a headline will see are sure will be so only well.
5 / 5 Ayana
Honradamente To say you to one like me to him the chairs of the truth has taken rasgado of $ 24 for the piece of the hule ossia ridiculous could have done this could send this damn what behind really does not appreciate it that it pays so much for such the simple product that it is ridiculous
4 / 5 Marsha
the good looks, and can resist a shield with weighted bosses but with all some bosses that estaca out of a shield, this IMO, has not helped with an aesthetic look of a shield. Also the little pricey for just the stand. A cradle would have been better.
4 / 5 Roxanne
A lot of sturdy and value one $ 20 mine. It dips your whole Shield and looks to leave it to cool better as well as it better look among my material under a TV.
4 / 5 Terra
The element is returned like the glove in mine 2019 Shield. This any one is returned one 2015 model how is too small in height. Weighed for his measure and the stays have dipped.
4 / 5 Lizabeth
Taken the pre-2017 model or the 'Pro' version, this is not one is master. There is another SKU available which will order you era.

Overpriced So that it is - twenty bucks partorisca east? - But sure I look adds, and returns a good Shield and snug. If you want to save some space of shelf, ossia that requires.
5 / 5 Clarita
The addition adds to the SHIELD, that assumes that some works of SHIELD partorisca you. It is not doing partorisca me with which last update. See another description.
5 / 5 Tanesha
Has ordered this partorisca the 2019 nVidia Shield Pro and has been surprised when it has arrived and a map in a has indicated behind that the has not been partorisca a nVidia Shield Pro. This in spite of, after looking for on-line has determined that a leading Shield Pro the models were main that a 2019 version and one 2019 Shield Pro is a same measure like models of leading Shield. This stand returns one 2019 nVidiak Shield Pro perfectly!
4 / 5 Jay
Excellent access to a chance of a unit of shield. Free on some spe partorisca be a Shield up. A Pro is much bigger that a Shield a new plus, and this helps the plot. It is also easier that access an I/Or ports when a unit is vertically. It would buy it again.
5 / 5 Pedro
Ossia partorisca A shield of television of Device of Android Newer any one an old plus some or a one with a Hard Disk. His the mountain has weighed well also any flimsy or economic, Looks well in my Shield.
5 / 5 Lekisha
Has had the something narrow partorisca dip our TV of the shield and this stand he utmost. Initially we were it so only on and it sustained it against a wall, but has not seated well. This perfects. A footing is almost how was sticky, but is not . The to the equal that would buy this again.
4 / 5 Hermine
Is Does a lot excellent. It looks very good and of course returns a product perfectly. A does not take to the cushion in a fund is really quite incredible. He a lot of slide at all and in fact almost sticks to my centre of means comunicacionales but enough in a same way a glue . It does not take any a lot of endeavour to impulse he on but more than you would think. An only reason for some 4 stars is a prize is the little big so that it excepts finally currency he in my opinion.
4 / 5 Laraine
A far this has been mine has sent has has had scratches during the and was has used any new. He didnt work for my shield unless it was in one load and he didnt same load.
4 / 5 Stefania
Not even the year and a fund rasgaron immediately of a base and has been stuck to my office. Looking to see if any guarantee covers that thus expensive for a stand of prize. I prefer to be my shield vertically and sucks this expensive stand any last longer that the year.
5 / 5 Allison
This work adds for me.
Has taken this reason my cats have maintained to turn in my shield when walking by means of my centre of entertainment.
This has solved that question.
Has taken of a stars because of a prize. $ 30 it Looks quite empinado mine for the simple stand.
4 / 5 Willy
Master! It is perfect,,excepts it could be the little tighter to resist a sheild better.
5 / 5 Leeanne
It classifies of Pricy so that volume but he a work and looks well. It expected it it would help a cooling, but does not remark any difference in this appearance.
4 / 5 Isis
The product is durable, heavyweight construction of aluminium, with the hule good textured likes base. Ossia An essential where is wished partorisca show a TV of Shield in the vertical fashion. I have attacked a star because it would owe that be comprised with a shield, in a box in time of compraventa initial.
4 / 5 Dollie
Practical and leaves a flow of device of better air that maintains a TV of shield cools in the small impression. If you he less cluttered look and he.
5 / 5 Velia
Yes, returns well and is the very useful piece of plastic that probably cost the neighbourhood partorisca do, and would have to that it has come with a device!
4 / 5 Laurie
Any a lot of to say, is the stand . He that is to suppose to.
4 / 5 Owen
A stand is economic but well has built. A Shield is returned to a space like the glove. I have loved a stand mainly to show a whole Shield so that a box could improve the circulation and I believe fulfils that objective. The addition adds to a Shield.
5 / 5 Jacelyn
Any really too much to say here. This thing is built like the tank and looks súper lustrous, while an extremely grippy the feet maintain of not moving never. (Really cant explain like grippy is until you see has a infront of you, has thought that was adhesive at the beginning) Anyways, the product adds but is the stand and there isnt a lot of his.
4 / 5 Brenna
Has bought a Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 stand of version and that I taken is a stand of old version for a TV of old Shield!
5 / 5 Margret
Stand Well with the creation that to the left an angular creation in a shield
4 / 5 Madelaine
Is so only the on priced stand that it would be it necessary that coming with a product in a first place. He a work has been drawn for this in spite of. It feels to to the hule like them to them the helps and can choose to powder over time.

Top Customer Reviews: Nvidia ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Ella
I have used partorisca touch games in 3D behind in late 90s/early @@@2000s when CRT the monitors were some so only some able of 120hz or more. I have prendido when CRT the monitors have died was.

Now that has the gaming monitor (144hz) has bought this box partorisca go back to 3D gaming.

The installation was effortless, all exited of a box. Any one I still need partorisca install a material in a CDs. My current nvidia the engine relieved and has actuated a 3D box immediately.

I use these almost exclusively with the Dangerous elite and Eurotruck Simulator. These, with TrackIR, to to the fact almost likes VR, excepts that you are not to close out of an external and calm world sees things in 3D more than follows boss.

Modification 18 July 2017 - I am impressed in a life of battery of some glasses. It is lasted almost 1 month (29 days) of use! My use is usually around 2 to 4 hours the day. The weekends is more, perhaps 6 hours or so many.
4 / 5 Thad
There is probably has squandered 10+ hours of my life that takes a 3DVision Emitter engine to install correctly. A program of installation is also out of date, reason are using the 3D projector, failure to instruct you the hips of discharges in a RS232 cord to a emitter, which is required for pertinent use. Some needs of program of the installation to be renewed to be more compatible with Windows7 64bit, reason for any reason, waste to install a emitter engine of device correctly. So only after a lot of hours to pull my hair was and the test and the error discover that during the sure step in a setup the process has to that unplug and replug a emitter quickly for complete an installation correctly. Reason? I do not have any idea.

In another hand... Once he in fact fact and has assisted stereographic 3D for a first time... Well, it is my fellow better new !!! The Avatars looked so only 3D in mine 90' screen of projection that use a NVIDIA 3D Vision and the compatible projector and WOW... Justo WOW! I have not had any idea 3D technology has come this far!!

Mina so only another complaint is a prize . Also, the extra sets of glasses are a lot expensive also.

Windows Of UPDATE 7 an update and the car have restart my computer. Supposition that? Yep, A 3D emitter is not doing anymore. I can not enable a 3D now. They are of mine of tower 3D Vision installation woes... State doing on he for hours now. SÚPER ANNOYING.

UPDATE2 Has solved my questions with the hack of register. For those of you having some same subjects, changes a value to a tone to register down of 0 to 1. (The location key can differ of you yours) This mockery a 3DVision program the skipping a 3D setup, where my questions arrive. The works add now!

HKEY_SOFTWARE_of LOCAL\CAR\Wow6432Node\NVIDIA the Global\company\Stereo3D\StereoVisionConfirmed
5 / 5 Thersa
My last pair of laptops has had nVidia 3D capacities, and am moving behind to the desk for my next system, as I have loved to maintain this capacity.

Ossia That read:
1) the the reasonably new (likes in some last five years) nVidia GPU in the desk PC
2) the the nVidia 3D compatible monitor ( has listened that will do with any monitor that 120Hz or main, but has has tried so only he with monitors that announces his compatibility with 3D vision-- Acer has to that 24 thumb 144Hz monitor ossia compatible to like $ 200).
3) Cover this thing in.
4) Goes the nVidia Poster of Control (right click in a desk) and enable stereoscopic 3D.

After the a lot of simple setup, the the 3D PC. Ossia.

Commentaries, this in spite of, concealed I said 'desk PC.' Unless your laptop has the 120Hz exposure, or has a capacity to begin to an external monitor in 120Hz, this does not go to do. (A laptop am substituting is the gaming monster with 3D Vision built in-- but he so only works in the exposure of a laptop, can a lot of exited in 120Hz.)

A cast announced of games that ossia compatible with these incomplete-- is been my experience that these works with just in any game that use 3d acceleration-- games and the same games older that is not before person shooters. If a folks behing Oculus or the lives could imagine was like this to do a same thing, this technology would be everywhere. Some of some games that has been able to touch with this technology:

Portal 1 & 2
World of Warcraft (Cataclysm, thinks)
Vampire: A Masquerade - Bloodlines
Starcraft II
Devil III
Order and Conquer: Generals

has found that there are two zones where can go it bad-- a prime minister is that, for some reason, waters it can not look legislation in some games. And each one once in the while something takes 'also close to a spectator' and goes crosseyed. But these are scarce; with more than the games is flawless.

Another drawback-- some glasses require line of place with a transmitter. This note, like this actuate shutter the technology requires to be synced with a PC. But it can be he classifies of jarring when expensive yours mark or turn your boss and all of the sudden some was on duty of the glasses. I have seen the unhappy people in a quantity of light lose-- basically 50, but some exposures have lightboost when doing 3d, and although mine any, my eyes have regulated enough quickly.

Of course, this also works with 3D Blue Ray (with a right player), as well as any SBS 3D finds on-line (with nVidia player). It has collected 3D Blue Rays for three years before I have bought to 3D TV.
4 / 5 Kasha
Has bought this reason nowhere in a description has said that that has required ADDITIONAL skilled hardware. A pleasant thing is that it was signalled originally in this direction for a Nvidia the installed software with mine Nvidia paper of map. You would think that that the software would be able to read my information of monitor (which already can) and say me that my monitor has not been compatible with 3D Vision hardware... But nooooo instead is like 'hey the look in this fresh thing could have has possessed so only some glasses'

first of Fast to a day that is mad about my look of glasses and go spent everything in and run a calibration... So only to see the disorder to stutter of flickering crap concealed would give Stevie Ask the attack. As I some undermining has thought clearly has to that have screwed something up... And there is @@give then has done. My deception? Not researching this fresco of new toy before I bought it.

Like the bear assumes that of mine Nvidia the software of engine has announced this mine, that has to that it is already be in possession of the paper of monitor and compatible video. Like the bear assumes that of a no said product any one require another skilled hardware, that would do he with mine setup. As I say to me, hey... They are already halfway there. Neither I can me bend and buy the compatible '3D Vision Ready monitor... Or try return this same although my window of turn has been lost.

Has imagined would verify out of some monitors... So only to find ANY ONE has DONE Some DIVERSE YEARS because this is in decline technology. One '3D Craze' is on all the world says. Everything is roughly 4k+ exposures with HDR and odorare exposed and blah blah blah. The same person done 3D monitors anymore. As well as the result... They are like this $ 500+ for the USED one in of to to the places like eBay, and of a measure a big listing in Nvidia the web of place of own compatibility is 24'

Like this now am stuck with the $ 150 pair of plastic lenses that I can use very same in a beach. It learns of my deceptions... Spent something for AMD instead.
4 / 5 Luana
Has bought this no too he a lot the time done and has discovered grieves that 3D support will be interrupted. Some glasses are utmost and wants to him when it comes to touch games in 3D. Have VR And these 3D glasses and I likes him use 3D glasses for some games and another in mine VR headset. Some games are well in 3D and another in VR but will be missing is gone in 3D in a future. They are it takes 3D Vision with which version 418 update. I will be stuck with engine 418 and can not update mine nvidia engine of then he wont maintain in future engine. Desire NVIDIA has done so only is the engine so only separates of a packaged the engine and does not have to that the update but so only the have available for knots to have an option to continue that it uses some glasses. If NVIDIA exited with the permanent prolonged solution I then will change my indication to 5 stars.
5 / 5 Travis
Has had already some monitors have imagined like this could any one not buying some glasses and the give shot that. Have Still to try any game that reads well with 3D out of a box, and there is no community patches to fix some unavoidable questions, this game is not the value that touches in 3D. It does not exit of your way to buy 3D monitors, this product is the toy for a tinkerer the one who already has a hardware has required, is not something would have to that base your compraventa to control on.

This has said, a question is totally software. I think that that a hardware is fantastic. A 3D demo software really the resplandores when used with three monitors: a bezels of a monitor disappears and takings the a lot, a lot, a lot wide, beautiful 3D effect. But again, the software is stupid: the transmission needs multiple monitors among two ways: the way that is useable in of the windows desks (eg, 3 separate monitors) and the way that tricks a computer to think has so only a monitor (ossia to better support fullscreen games). One changing among two ways takes the minute, causes all the monitors to flicker roughly while it is thought (for the reasons can not describe this I REALLY annoys me), movements some windows taskbar around and pushes some windows of a desk (taking them behind in sight is not sincere). It concealed already sounds like the bit of the hassle, but here is a breaker of extracted: it is incompatible with SLI And has to that physically rearrange like some monitors are plugged in while I want to use it. For SLI to do, all the monitors owe that be plugged to a paper. For '3Dvision Surrounds' (eg wide/multiple monitor gameplay) to do, two monitors by card, for some reason.

tl;dr Quite well 3D demo but any game sustains it a lot of (the majority is unplayable), 3D surrounds is incompatible with SLI, has to physically rearrange an order in those my monitors is plugged in. It goes back to a joint to draw and perhaps communicate with some better different departments first to release your next product.
5 / 5 Cyril
Likes that been of on-line descriptions, these works of what so only like this as well as it touches that it sustains it. A 3D depth so only servants to do a comfortable game to look more than in fact adding some his detail.

Has tried this in an old game that alleges sustains: Row of Saint II. It has not done that well a depth is too deep. You would experience halos on some objects. A crosshairs would not be run of a 3D effect and would stick walk in a screen in front of you while the depth of a character is deeper. Worse, a FPS thus game would fall to 30fps

tried it on the Shadow of the newest game Of Mordor. This a there is had better effects. This in spite of, a halo around a character also would look if a depth is too deep. The sources would take garbled on paper for some reason.

Has tried this on Increase of a Tomb Raider and AC Syndicate: Like this far these games do a 3D vision totally currency an experience. A halo the effect still exists this in spite of.

Update 07/03/2016: A material for a frame of the ear is not a lot comfortable for use of term along especially that suffers irritation of sweat. It does not spend this with headphones or yes have the big boss. Of then it is plastic solid and no breathable, a hair in a side of your boss results really sore after an hour or like this of use. If has the decent sized boss, so only a tip of a frame of ear would owe that be touch your hair. A question is not bad if you are not spending auricular this in spite of.

With a prompt increase of VR thinks this thing can not be of an earth enough to be mainstream.
4 / 5 Denny
In spite of some poor experiences in 3D films (bad headaches), has a lot of state surprised with a quality of nVidia 3D gaming--like this so that I have taken one submerges and has bought this together of glasses and emitter. A difference is that a theatre of film uses the 'passive 3Of the system where polarised lenses fool some eyes to see the double-image, so only out of phase, and an effect is the trick of some eyes. This nVidia 3DVision the system is 'active 3Of : each lentil of some glasses flickers backside and advance in the fastest tax that an eye can see, to cause a brain to see the right/perspectives have left of an image of the screen bent in the way that creates an illusion of 3D. Some glasses have the key to be able to and battery, can be touched with a boss of USB distributed and then used wirelessly, and trust the GONE small emitter that has dipped you in your desk line of inner-of-view of some glasses. A emitter propiciada your computer by means of USB and has the esync' boss to maintain a monitor' signal in sync with some glasses.

Has been said this 'version 2' of some glasses is better in reducing ghosting and more comfortable that an old plus nVidia glasses: I can vouch for a fact that 3 hours that spends these is not like this bad, but also thinks a human eye a lot really like this of the sessions much more concealed it. In a moment, 3D gaming with a nVidia 3D Vision 2 Wireless Glasses the box is downright astounding. A level of diverse support according to a game, but a better way of the describe yours is to imagine that your monitor goes to be the window to another when being the box in that all a toylike the characters look you practically could achieve to a screen and choose them up. In the games really well like them Wars of Guilds 2, looks of the things to float was to you, of arrows lost and magic rays to fluttering leaves and bits of pollen. Looking down a gunsights in Battlefield 3 is downright vivid.

3D Vision is not so only an always on/always was technology this in spite of: while it is easy to toe he on and has gone with Ctrl + T, is also something nVidia give you a capacity to regulate on asks. When I Touch Black Table, ossia an old plus FPS and I dial down an effect of depth to resist Ctrl + F3 until it looks comfortable. With Bioshock, a crosshair is hard to peg (Bioshock will add the red reticle to help calm) and has to that regulate to where a reticle is centred. Wars of guilds 2 and EverQuest II left gone back some settings up: I resist Ctrl + F4 until I am happy with one looks. Every time launching play it, take the colored overlay concealed say me a level of quality and gives the clue of some effects, like this ome the objects can surrender in a wrong depth'. A Secret World has the bit of the scaling question where measures of transmission of the objects the bit when the majority of next volume to them. If the game does not sustain 3D or requires different settings, will take this same information also, as and resolution to 1280 x 720 60Hz or 1920 x 1080 24Hz to enable 3Of . Ctrl + Alt + Insert/Insert toggles any pop-arrive information on and is gone in any time.

Has not thought never would say this, but 3D gaming is tonnes of fun, and to the easiest plot in some eyes that had expected. Still calm does not love he for a lot of hours the time, but when being able of the turn on and has gone with the keypress calms of half easily will find it to be the comfortable and fun experience.

REMARCE: If has the 3D HDTV ossia compatible with 3DVision, then this container is not necessary. Now I have it I Consent 3D HDTV concealed leave me use some passive glasses that is coming with a TV in place of this active shutter glasses (that I that maintains use for my laptop). I have had to purchase nVidia 3DPlay software to do is, but for the 3D HDTV, a software done the most economic alternative to some glasses that reads like this well. You can discover more roughly this in some links has added to a section of Commentaries of this description.
5 / 5 Huong
Has clashed enough in this product. In a hand, some of some games likes him Fable 3 and Civ 5 is quite that surprises in 3D. In another hand, some games have announced like this working in a cast no at all(Call to Have to that 4, Diablesa 3). A thing that mislead me with a rest of these descriptions is that any one there is complained roughly one of my mine subjects big plus. Some glasses are extremely uncomfortable when you stack the with glasses of recipe And on some headphones of ear. My headphones can not return snugly around my ears and dip an increasingly painful pressure in a side of my boss. As this prevent that it speaks to friends in a mic while touching games. I have not had any time to try a helix mod but seat this description of the product would not owe that take the account that more is doing to fix the product that a costruttore a lot really sustains anymore. It has to that build fact to commission gaming desk which does not come with the video that software of touches that play Blue rays in spite of having the Blue player of ray. So much, it loves to look the 3D blue ray, has to rasgar a file and game he by means of a Nvidia stereoscopic the touches of video as, is one of some players of the worse video has not seen never. Any scene of rewind/of/first of fast selection. WTF? Another thing that really pissed me was was some games in 'compatability way.' 3D is popular result reason he a lot the depth has added so only but reason the things am exited of a screen that mark the really fresh effect for some scenes. One of some reasons has prisoner to like 3D in the films is reason they those the cash grab where convert a film to 3D and touch of the extra money for the film with the tiny bit of perception of depth added. The way of compatibility is a same thing except his Nvidia trying cogerprpers to buy this thing to do some money was the while they still can. Now in spite of some of these bad material this still takes 3 stars because have enjoyed the using when he well. While it does not look to spend a lot to a table with new games, has taken abundance of replay value out of my old games that it is more compatible. Sad this description is mostly my complaints but, person more looks to be that they say these things and I feel the people require any look how is hardly only questions.
4 / 5 Zenobia
Was unsure in this product ,my monitor sustains 3D vision like this the give it the fact a awesome does with east,produced of utmost quality. I think that that these are some better 3D glasses.
Any question ,any need to install swimming,done out of a box!

A so only issue which is in fact he is not a subject of product is that calm almost volume mothing for him.
A lot the game has optimised really for this technology. Starcraft II has some support but a lot fully optimised,has had them a lot UI the subject with him “ hurts your brain”,but has SURPRISED!!! It feels you like is inner there.
Has not tried 3D movirs but those would have to that be utmost to.
Now that have VR the does not think that to go to have more softwares for him to enjoy,but material a lot in general.

I recommand at least 24” monitor for him,bogger is better.
4 / 5 Adriana
I add partorisca the film that looks in my PC, and AWESOME partorisca pc gaming when in a way partorisca 3D.

Pros: VERY Comfortable, hours the hours without any one undermining in the side effects other glasses can have. Very clear and brilliant with a monitor legislation and of the settings. Easy the setup.

Gilipollas: Prize so that all takings. Any that attacks an egg here to the equal that are still one of some so only some doing them averts the little another, as they follow partorisca demand that it dips prizes up there.
4 / 5 Kassandra
Partorisca Games that sustains these glasses, law well. Never have any subjects of connection. A @@subject a big plus is the plot of the games do not sustain these glasses, as it marks sure know yes or any one some plan of the games to the game is compatible with 3D Vision.

Postal 2 utmost looks with these. Games of units, any so much, tends partorisca do at all.
4 / 5 Tawana
Ossia Well, but is a lot of picky in those play does perfectly on. It calms that can use on so only roughly everything, but find that some material no really to to the work likes to have that or calm can not see sure things. It would be in accordance with more all the world-wide that is quite useless to die hard gaming, but adds the bit of 'Wow' factor to some games where can treat you some subjects.
4 / 5 Lizzie
Any to almost a lot of ghosting!
The prime minister 3d setup has had them years for my pc was a Iz3d passive monitor, and a difference among using Nvidia 3d vision 2
with the lightboost monitor and a iz3d the monitor is surprising.
I glasses have the life of battery adds
seldom has to that touch my glasses, looks the so only has to that like once the month

This isnt really he 3d vision with, more than the with lighter that promote the look of monitors to have(some worse that another)
has tried them my glasses with 2 Asus lightboost monitors and his both have the machinery of checkerboard john that goes in, as in him
almost to the look likes is using of average of some pixels and fall a quality of image.
Has not had this subject with my old Asus any light impulse with Nvidia 3d vision 1 glasses and there is ready that has something
to do with like this works of light impulse and something with a polarisation of pixel that alternated or something to the long of these lines
4 / 5 Joey
in fact enjoy touch around with a 3d factor in 3.os games of person mainly. He all burst and frames for more vibrant and entertaining visuals. Big downsides is a fact that really is not necessary a lot of support for him in of the newest games or pre in existent games to use this on. Dipping it up is also the big hassle and takes time and cure. It chooses this on only calms seriously find you has to that have 3d vision for your video games. If any then go advance and skip this thing without the second has thought.
5 / 5 Aleida
Are quite happy with this element. In the first place it has taken my exposure , a Asus 248qe 144hz monitor. Very happy with that and will revise later.
Has then bought a GTX 770 reason have seen this monitor was 3D loan and was curious that 3D gaming would be to like on PC.
Has touched 3D games in a ps3 but are so only any one the big defender of the controller. Keyboard and smile all a way thus reviewer.

Has received so only my box another day. Installing it was very simple. You cover of transmitter in for usb and a cord to touch for the
the glasses are long enough to have them plugged like this when be used if the the front usb available. Paste a key a nVidia
transmitter to go to 3d way with which runs enables 3D. The good-looking looks in Civ V and Sniping in CS: it GOES it is the better plot , has taken a
little has bitten to take used to, but to good sure takes a game to another dimension.

If you are in the part where calm really a lot of
loves a 3D reason something is intense, can close an eye and go to 2nd way for one of entity clutch situation. Mark sure
the ones of the compatible parts, the people say you can try him with ATUVE papers, but is not disappointed if it does not operate.
When All is drawn to do near taken roughly 5 minutes to dip this up.
5 / 5 Susy
Loves my glasses and they return perfectly cost my boss. An only question has found was when I have dipped in some glasses together with mine HyperX headsets, so only does not go near really well, is likes does the empty among me and a headsets, any to mention that a zone on my start of ears to hurt after the pair of hours to spend you glasses and headsets of a headsets is pressing some glasses against my boss. Another that that it is really good and loves games of touch or looking film with east.
5 / 5 Wanda
Has possessed an original NVIDIA 3D Vision for the few years with a ASUS monitor that sustains it, and is always state impressed in a depth of a map. It is it likes touch all your favourite games throughout again for a first time, and calm now is inside a game. They are always be the enormous defender of stereoscopic half comunicacionales, has included behind when it was the small boy and has had these stereoscopic Viewmaster reels. (Any one feels old now?)

Is according to creation , a NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 glasses feel much more comfortable. Besides, they have done calm transmissions so that it takes the field the big plus of view, and a creation of a FOCUSED-STROBE lenses has been changed like this lighter is available. This means that some images are much more brilliant that one before version of some glasses of VISION, and calm will not owe that look a brightness and gamma in your games anymore. Has has improved also a sync among some glasses and a transmitter, as you will not see almost like this ghosting (double-vision) in of the games and of the films. A system is for behind compatible, as I can have the fellow or two on and to the left use them some the old glasses have had to way that all the world in a room can enjoy a 3D depth, and all the still works well.

Have attention to arrest when installing some engine. Under your NVIDIA poster of control, ensures that has an option for stereoscopic / 3D Vision. If this option is present, then some the correct engine is installed already, and can so only covers a legislation of transmitter in the port of available USB and, when an engine is all the places , select 'NVIDIA 3D Vision' as your 3D option. Otherwise, I uninstall your NVIDIA engine, ANY REBOOT, use 'Ccleaner' to clean your register, downloads an engine a late plus for your paper of map, install them, reboot, and THEN DISCHARGES in a transmitter. Otherwise, Goes to have the bad time.

There is have the compatible NVIDIA paper of map and able 120Hz monitor to fully enjoy 3D Vision. Once all is place , happy gaming. My current setup is the Geforce GTX 980 with a ASUS Rog Swift 27' monitor, and touch the 3D SLEEP. Has two GTX 980 east, and 3D vision is wonky with SLI support. This can or can not be directed, NVIDIA has been lax on 3D Vision sustains like this of late.

A sewing of plus: it is not comprised always, but master shows 3D film, will require NVIDIA 3D Video player. So only google the.
5 / 5 Vera
Has touched Oblivion with a HelixMod 3D fijamente, using this 3DVision 2 box in a Asus VG248QE 144 htz 24' 3D Monitor and he blow me era!
The hell looked like this real could not sleep for 2 days! (Well Perhaps 2 hours... ;p)
Highly recommends to use this fine technology at least until a Occulus the helmet of Rift is ready for retailer.

A serious 3D Gamer would benefit more than this technology for pairing he with one (or three) Asus or Acer 27' 120htz 3D Ready Monitors.
Mina 24' 3D Vision the Ready monitor is glorious, but every time uses it everything thinks roughly is the one who better this would be was main.
I glasses can be used surrounds has turned in mine GTX 660you paper of Map, which is more than pertinent.
5 / 5 Hassan
Has bought these for the killers gaming the rigs and I so only adds his up likes soyeh.' 3D is the fun technology how is, but is so only a lot there still for me. A lot of games that says is optimised partorisca there is debilitating glitches, like some shadows that is in 2nd and hurt your eyes. While I burst him on each one once in the moment, is not well for twitch gaming, likes Called to Have to that, reason present the little bit of exposure lag, and is so only not obliging enough. I have looked Avatar (James Cameron) with them, which was to add, but require the player of special video that has to buy you to look 3d film. In general it would expect for the new generation, like a Occulus Rift, to result main current before it jumps behind in a 3d bandwagon.
5 / 5 Cori
It takes it while podes. I can not touch games very on 3D Vision now.
Amazing games partorisca touch with east.
Isolation of alien
Batman Arkham Trilogy
Max Payne 3
Trill 2
Tomb Raider and Increase of a Tomb Raider
Like this more!

Please the calm mark sure takes the monitor that reads with him and community of fixed download of a helixmod put web, which still takes partorisca update weekly.
5 / 5 Lourie
Thank you Done partorisca me and install one has engine of update of nvidia whose use a built in the engine on wins 10...
5 / 5 Carmella
Quite good. My only disappointment, and reason to give 4 stars in place of 5, is that a transmitter was the little scaly to take working unexplained/right. With which imagined it was and took it acting is not bad. Material with some documentation of plus (and more titles that sustains 3D Vision - which is obviously a lot directly related to this product), this product would cost the plenary 5 stars.
4 / 5 Tyree
...This produces done 5 years. I can very included find video to touch with him. I am spent the small fortune on 144 monitors also. Nvidia Would owe that it has maintained sustaining a product how is a lot well has done.
5 / 5 Aron
Some law of glasses. I will begin with that. Has a ASUS 144 hz refresh the monitor and he have done in this good monitor. An only thing that I have to say is that they are in accordance with some of another reviewers- is uncomfortable. Has the big boss. A VERY big boss. I spend one 8 so only for reference.

A 3D effect was fresh this in spite of. It looked to like it was better a next plus has taken to a screen. It has not been if another has taken this effect or no, but there is remarked the difference. It has deleted some of an ailing feeling have taken to be more afterwards.

Creates fully that these will be the 1 -2 or he 4-5 as if some glasses are uncomfortable. Regarding programs, yeah-any selection adds. There is the web of place that is poured in 3D-afying material this in spite of to take the better experience. It has not been if any one another reviewers listed that, but I here:

This will help with the plot of games any native.
4 / 5 Rayna
A product was defective and a battery would not resist the load. Besides it has had scratches in a lentil with manfucture shielding in a streaky product. I can so only speculate reason this was but is possible has received the refurbished has produced that is to be sell as new. NVIDIA Has cured of all when it is coming to a transmission was, has not trusted still east to be managed properly for other parties. Enormous ache to take, and has been expecting the to be difficult to dip on, in general was has disappointed so only.
4 / 5 Svetlana
What good to experience if I can not resupply VR the know any one will be to like so only takes VR likes was an easy/economic shot is not , better game the used quell'on like this far was 'dying will read.
4 / 5 Khadijah
Loves a quality and quality of build, but has had the subjects of pair for me personally.

In the first place, has not had enough space to return in my glasses with any of some pieces of noses. I have had to use without the piece of nose has attached, which means does the pointy plastic bits that stick went in if I am not careful. Note, that spends glasses of plastic rim -- like this this could not be a subject for another with glasses.

Secondly, Gave the migraine for the majority of a next day. Although, I have used to like 6 hours gaming directly one prejudices before...
4 / 5 Ilene
Very sure reason all some bad descriptions, perhaps has had subjects with the oldest version of an engine or installing a pertinent 3D engine? Any way, a 3D engine is installed already for nvidia papers of map that is to update today. The installation was discharge and game for me, with this said, the games vary the plot in 3D quality. Some games, like BF4, is like this well in 3D, I wont the game without him has turned on. Another? Any so much unless it spend some time to download 3D 'fixed that has been developed of other users.

Considering a 3D (gaming), his quite impressive, but any as 'the life that change' as some of some other descriptions was to be. Still, all the world would be necessary experiences it and think that depends in your personal preferences 3D is worth it or no. He to good sure done a game more immersive. Some flanges of a look of screen to blur to the your peripheral and some looks to control much bigger that is. Tour of some lights and a monitor takes on upper of your whole field of view. IMO, Ossia To good sure values to take already the the good Nvidia GC setup and neither already the a monitor, or is looking the upgrade your monitor anyways (how was). I have bought a 'ASUS VG278HE Screen of 27 Thumbs DIRECTED-Monitor has lit 144hz 2ms' for your reference and absolutely loves the like this far.

No annoying taking this unless has the 120hz+ monitor that is (obviously) 3D ready. A paper of map would owe that be until sado also, although any precise to be the world-wide beater likes a bit the people have done a chance was to be. Utilisation a Nvidia 660 You EVGA SC, which there is roughly 2 years now. Perhaps value $ 150-200 cups today and precise career 3 monitors. I can run Crysis 3/BF4 on almost max settings, in 3D, and maintain the decent framerate going, although I probably upgrade punctual the 'test' future my setup.
5 / 5 Caron
Really fresh at the beginning, one 3 d looks so better that has thought. But also I have 4k gaming and honradamente it outweighs a coolness of a 3d. Reason there is the whole tonne of new games in 3d, I of the that use he that often anymore. Perhaps if the new games would take released in 3d would use it more. If you take this, the mark sure takes returns of madness of Alice and Trill 2. Awesome Looking games in 3d. It falls raider cools also.
4 / 5 Mitsuko
He that says. Touching full 3D sustain the games are fun, but finally (likes 15-30 minutes later) begins partorisca think 'is this closing 3D?' As your eyes take used his and he doesnt @@subject if his 3D or 2nd of this moment.

And of course, some glasses hurt your noses and ears with his weight in long-session gaming.

Attention: if you have had any epileptic attack, the glasses could cause it again with all a flickering.
4 / 5 Madalyn
Perhaps is so only the question with some engine, but continuous clash, and there is plants very limited partorisca take content that reads with east.
Now, once take this working..... WOW, Justo wow! It is surprising. A 3d effects in gaming (Fallout 3, Fallout NV, Batman: Arkham origins) after patching them on the bit, door the new dimension to your gaming experience. The question again is that each one which of these games has touched, incident unexpectedly while in 3d from time to time.
4 / 5 Raven
Paired These with some acer 3d monitors... They have done awesome, has looked partorisca surprise... Then a base there is prendido partorisca do. It would do intermittently for the moment, but is been kaput partorisca the while now... It is the GONE AURICULAR of transmitter that hid among my monitors... That this pause in his own?
5 / 5 Marlo
Good but still has to that it jump by means of hoops to find software to touch 3D film. More to take it working, requires to run setup every time in the reboot/startup of my PC. Still any a lot of the friendly user Nvidia. Also REMARK the Nvidia: has software of update of better engine to help direct my space of walk for Solids of State Walks. This old Nvidia the engine is taking on cup of the mine lovely SSD
4 / 5 Justa
the work adds with mine 144hz ASUS monitor and GTx1080ti. Well to see nvidia still sustains this, so only wish more developer of game . It is good technology . And lighter that mine first pair of gene.
5 / 5 Margorie
A software does not operate. Unable to configure. Half some link of support in a web of place of company is wheel. Has all one $ 3,000 MSI with all a hardware required and the Surfacebook 2. At all it acts. It does not squander your money and time. I write code, web of places of build, etc, know my way around the computer. This thing is 100 rubbish .
5 / 5 Sergio
Does not take this for anything but looking 3D film (and probably a lot streamed some). It looks NVIDiA has on data on 3D vision, this in spite of has costruttrici to control that announces it on new monitors. A support of the software entirely is that lacking of, and is the shame because some glasses are functional.

For the films can take for, but support of browser partorisca 3D also is that lacking of, like this streaming could not do like this well. One does glasses, and a 3D effect is quite well with the Lightboost compatible monitor, or a lot sufficiently exposed of brilliant/projector.

A real 3D effect has been revised the death like any one precise to go his. This box there is on 4 years, like this probably would not have subjects like this a lot of with a software, of backside then was still actively when be improved, but some 3D glasses am remained some same of this version is start .

Can think that will be able to use workarounds to fix some subjects of software, of some glasses are well, but a fact is, included partorisca to to any one him me like the one who want to 3D gaming, is not something concealed a lot enough. NVIDIA So only adds to a list of titles that alleges to sustain now, games that the broken partorisca 3D stay broken, and there is like this of them. Included the new titles that is exited still arrival with subjects of entities that marks unusable. Using 3rd software of party like TriDef works, but a quality on a bit those that titles that in fact the work has not been one same of then in these titles 3D vision communicates with a game directly.

Any to mention a no shabby fact 3D Vision glasses to discover that 3D Vision, which is the characteristic excluyente to NVIDIA the papers is dead. NVIDIA The papers have the plot of proprietary technologies that arrived to pay to prize for, to all the cost of him AMD has an equivalent in his own papers. It would comprise yes exposed and new papers did not list it like this one of these technologies, but do. In fact, seating after the mine is the new G -Sync monitor that estacas he in a very upper a bezel with pop out of promotional images.

Looks around, mainstream 3D has died was with consumers. Some premiers few years have had some quite bad 3D monitors and exposures, so that the people have prisoner to try 3D. 3D has improved of then, but a harm has been done. The companies have offering of prisoner 3D like the characteristic in his main TVs, included when a poster would sustain him. Maintaining 3D is found so only in his the majority of big final models, and included there is not longer advertized like the point to sell like this once was.

And the small note, these glasses are active shutter glasses. This can create the subjects when have more than a screen. While a 3D effect was on, a lot has lit objects strobe in a lot in entertained models. Mina other monitors strobe, my telephone if a screen was on and was in my peripheral vision, included some have Headed to the light has done. It is not fault of these concrete glasses so many like a subject with all active shutter glasses.
5 / 5 Elton
On until using this product, always had been the sceptic of 3d. Even 3d with the films was for a plus . My better experience was in a IMAX, and has thought well 3d has required that classifies of special setup and content.

Awhile Retreated has bought the 3d monitor partorisca 120hz gaming. And recently it has bought them 2 gtx @@@680s. I imagined it it has been worth it that to choose on this 3d the vision dipped of has had them abundance of horsepower to use.

After gaming with nvidia 3d vision, has been them converted to the 3d defender. I think a goodness a big more this setup has in 3d the systems is a capacity to fine depth of tune and settings of convergence. As the one who 3d goes the really like a pop was effects is remained with the good quantity of background depth. A better 3d titles, surprisingly, is titles of scrolling of the side, like a serious TRILL, as well as upper down games of perspective like RTS (Starcraft 2, Dawns of War 2, Commanded and Conquer 3), and games of action (renegade ops, race of alien). These genders offer really awesome the pop out of effects is remained with good depth with a pertinent convergence and adjustments of depth.

After, would estimate them 3rd person and struggling games like that have really good 3d. Batman aa, Bad resident 5, and súper struggling callejero 4 ae, is the few impressive titles that come to import. Here a depth is very good. And with a pertinent convergence setttings, can have a pop of character of the player out of a screen.

FPS Games, this in spite of, arent like impressive mine. 3d vision ready titles like battlefield 3, hard reset, and crysis 2 offer of the experiences of the player so only is, this in spite of does not have any pop out of effects. All calm really has is depth. Multiplayer Is where the cant game in 3d. An action is like this quickly usually that with which still 10 minutes, the'll start to take the headache. Also, the prefer a tax partorisca frame smoother that 120hz 2nd gaming in a 3d effect in shooters.

Another like games, a 3d the profits of this system apply to 3d photos and films.

Inferior line: if has a horsepower and he 3d compatible monitor, is a lot well value of the money to take this 3d box of vision. So only be sure to read on on like this to regulate a convergence and settings of depth. For some reason nvidia doesnt educates a client is, which the think is to the his detriment. Some settings of the convergence so only can turn the decent 3d experience when adding a, especially so that like a pop was effect .
4 / 5 Elda
With which attentively reading some descriptions of these products was the pocolos concerned in some neighbours arrive and install devices. And of when I have opened a container to a first game I touched (Batman Arkham Origins) a together has on taken perhaps 10 minutes. Had any engine to update a lot of tweaks to be fact. I have opened literally a box plugged in a emitter, has turned a NVIDIA 3D Settings on, and situated some glasses in my face. With which have begun on Batman Arkham the origins in a game said me that 3D was on and to change when to see some notifications. Simple. Fast. Now, I know my experience will not be for all the world, but has researched my components and has done sure everything of a monitor to a motherboard was able of 3D.
Ossia My neighbour up as I have it now:
Geforce GTX 780
Intel Core i7-3770k CPU
GB RAM ( GB Usable)
Engine Of Geforce Experience
Windows 7 Definite
Ben Q XL2720Z Controls
A product perfects. Has the little tension of eye if some glasses seat too close up of my eyes, but some cushions of nose NVIDIA the supplies have changed so only peachy now.
Regarding gameplay I so only tried BAO and Battlefield 4, but felt was them submerged to an action. A smoke and debris has had to take me of emotional my organism for the avert. Battlefied 4 I bed in some descriptions where a crosshairs where useless and curve visioned. I have not experienced this. They were clearly there on a screen and when aiming down some visas has been was and has seen some visas in my weapon on a screen.
Like this, based in my experience does not have any question that recommends this product to any one skeptical.
5 / 5 Vicenta
Any always do a lot well with some games. It is really so only the small percentage of games there is concealed work well with. A bit those that of a cup of my boss comprises:

Dead Space 2
Left partorisca Dead 2
Fallen Raider 2013
Metre: Luz

Portal 2
Far Cry 3
Just Cause 2
Mafia II
Batman AC and EA

When the work has to that say that it is A lot of immersive and VERY FRESH. In some chances is the committed go in 3D or max settings but in the few chances (dead space 2 and batman AC) can maintain some settings on And have 3D.

Loves Blue clock-ray 3D titles (which highly recommends) will require software to run a disk and he Blue-walk of disk of the ray.

Changing to 3D now has included still can be really expensive, but him him of the cash, this is not some red/blue glasses economic 3D of infancy. Pop of things in and out of a screen in big resolution and full colour.
4 / 5 Angila
A glass could take that annoying with which 1 or 2 hours that spends it but calm does not have to that it play of touch in 3D for 1 or 2 hours directly in all the chance ( has learnt my lesson). Like other descriptions have said a glass really needs special cure. If calm accidentally touch a glass with your toe then the good regime that the cleaned. Any @@subject that tries to clean a glass, there is still mark in a glass with which accidentally touches with my toe.
4 / 5 Rebecka
When it has taken this could not spend a cause of the test of the hardware was inverted and that tip a sinister image in the right lentil and vice versa has to that the way that has had to that spend to the rovescio or never laws. When I have contacted Nvidia has squandered my time treats it big to try the troubleshoot the and then . I have had to ship a whole thing behind the Nvidia to substitute he with the new unit that has had a subject same. I have sold finally a second unit in Ebay and has taken rid of him. Included when the works take ghosts and double vision etc when you change the distance of a camera. It is quite bad :-)
5 / 5 Jamika
produced Fresco, would like me buy ther pair because I can see beautiful 3D effects, comprising any ready game, and 3D films are fantastic better is 1080p, light glasses, easy to install, has the GTX-460 and with filtering anisotropic 4X I quite can touch titles later to 60 FPS, for the films require Nvidia 3D vision player and shark codecs, Mortal Kombat Komplete and Batman One. Asylum And Batman One. City and Tom Raider 2013 is fantastic. Calm whose fixed need to touch. Produced fresco, tried with the monitor Benq XL2420T.
4 / 5 Takako
Adds 3D with these glasses! My setup was very easy, much easier that other descriptions have declared. A subject Main with 3D now included is lack of lean given games, which is not one the fault of glasses. Games that is '3D vision to aimed the incredible look as it Trills 1 and 2, Tomb Raider, Bad Resident Revelations and RE5, Portal 2. Some Glasses his self is comfortable and access under my headphones well. I can imagine with a Oculus Rift more the games will be developed with 3D in alcohol, as of now although a game has not been done partorisca 3D you will not want to touch he in 3D, trust up concealed.
4 / 5 Sharee
Nvidia 3D Vision 2 glasses are surprising, adds depth of massive picture, or at least feels resembled the true depth of field. If has the monitor that sustains 3D vision 2 with lightboost also can enjoy after (and I bad prójimo to identical) the free picture of machineries, the motion blurs.

This is not really the with the just mark sure has the powerful PC for the sustain.

SO ONLY NVIDIA the PAPERS of VIDEO MAINTAIN as it is not the question but maintain quell'import when purchasing.
4 / 5 Annelle
Has chosen these on reasons have had the 144hz monitor and has imagined would verify was 3D gaming. They are down be this street before with a E3D the glasses done a lot of years. Behind then, they have done a same way. The eye of blockade has left, show right image. I block right Eye, image of the show of eye has left.
I results has changed very a lot. These glasses have a bit was downfall like any another active 3D system. You will see cross-speak reason poden very fully block light that use this technology.

-A quota gimmick, no too bad for the video can do work
-packaging Really a lot
-the glasses have the good field to see

-the glasses are unbearably painful to use with headphones. Has the big square bulge in an end of both 'arms', which press to your skull. My headphones are not unusually tight, and was with his limited clamping force, can not be more pocolos small of use. TERRIBLE ergonomics.
-Any support partorisca 144hz control so much of this time. You owe that dip your monitors to 120hz.
-A transmitter (it syncs your glasses with a PC) is bad drawn partorisca monitor-upper use. If you owe that dip the there, prepares the fiddle with anchoring a cord somehow.
-Dipping on software, finding lean given games and doing all the work is like this a lot of of the ache how has been of tower a day, saves for that has the little more titles.
-A lot of underwhelming yes has has not used never any class of VR. I suggest so only while to this technology to mature.

Is looking In these for use with to 3D projection fixes, many these questions have listed is no -subject-.
4 / 5 Rosalind
Last the setup and no the plot of the games has sustained the. But it was amused to touch with at the same time of used it to them.
5 / 5 Joaquina
At all will take a nerd look out of these but is awesome. They seat in mine expensive a lot and is done of material of quality as I am not concerned too much in a toddler breaking them. Still although giggles of mine of woman when I see gaming in them would not spend another pair.
4 / 5 Vida
The better instructions would have been well! But some glasses are of good quality and a 3d the effect is well for variety in some games I game. As another has mentioned, some glasses are not that comfortable. But if at all more it concealed adapted one to regularly take the pause of a 3d experience.

Top Customer Reviews: NVIDIA GeForce ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
4 / 5
I have been involved is stereo film (maintaining video) and photograph partorisca on 45 years. While has has a lot of questions with creating well 3D shows, a question a big plus has been always achieving a diverse and synced presentation in the big screen.
All these looks partorisca be the thing of a past with a NVIDIA 3D Vision Box.
An ease with that can you to it import and vary the digital images is surprising, and has video of big final that modifies software (I I uses Composers of Half comunicacionales AVID) can like this easily create 3D video.
Once created, can share your productions with friends throughout some world-wide those who also has a NVIDIA 3D Vision Box.
FYI, there is also excellent freeware available to create 3D stills and video under a name of tereoMovie Manufacturer' and estereoPhoto Manufacturer' (Google the).
NOTE: first to buy verify that has the computer, NVIDIA paper of map and exposure that can run a 3D Vision Box, specs in:
Have a NVIDIA Picture FX3800 paper of map, and still although it is not listed in a NVIDIA the links runs 3D Vision so only well, likes control with NVIDIA he has any questions on compatibilities of paper of the maps.
In the personal note, NVIDIA the support of client has answered all my questions and has done sure was to arrive and that careers.
In general the product adds and an exceptional 3D visionada experience.
Highly recommend!
4 / 5
Almost done 10 years have used to regularly game in 3D with my eDimensional 3D wireless glasses with a nVidia 5200 or Elsa paper. It has used a free nvidia 3d stereo the engine and he looked phenomenal then. When CRTs has TAKEN has synchronised was 3D gaming decree for me.

And now when I have seen nVidia 3D glasses, has jumped in him. This in spite of, the calm import can be quite expensive for this 3D experience.

Glasses Monitor + Windows 7 + new video paper = -$ 1000 like his no economic.

But am happy to says does not disappoint . When I first place in my glasses and there is enabled 3D after an odd test that calm points the picture this'll confuses your brain and has then read that calms does not have to that look in an image with both ploughs of eyes. I add. And after the band of small preview of 3D imagine games. When A prime minister Burnout the loaded image, was and excited and left out of the strong aint ! Wowo !'.... An experience is incredible.

Now, import, at all bursts 'was' of a screen. That raisin is taking an immense sense of depth any like this the objects look correctly situated in 3D with the relative depth clearly visible. So much, sure enough, your monitor is like the window that goes back and behind besides your monitor.

Has touched the pocolos play ( Rainbow Six Vega 2, Portal ) and is PHENOMENAL. They are by train of the find harder that touch without 3D now, albeit so only can touch an hour or two max, reason can be imposed in a brain. And ossia the good thing to shorten gaming.

Am surprised to find that a lot another any one has listed games in a web of place ( Rainbow six Shield of Raven, Prays Spear etc. ) Is sustained also. This are adds.

A plus sews - I has touched RS:Vega 2 when some alert of Microsoft stupid in the updates has on burst, this has caused it flicker like the frequencies changed and then a game prendido and nVidia reset an engine to std. 3D Vision discovers in place of 3D Vision with mine Acer monitor. When I have begun a game again with which has forced reboot ( of then all was the disorder of exposure ), has taken the moment to @give that a stereo the engine there has been defaulted to something more. So much, it disables all any-3D pop ups reason does not manage it well.

In general, has to compraventa for avid gamers - 5/5
4 / 5
First, ossia he combo informs both some real glasses and several games have touched at length using some glasses. A next paragraph contains the brief description, clue for one thorough (possibly rambling, almost certainly too much along) description. I have purchased these glasses in the whim (08 July 2010) after discovering would do with mine old plus DLP checkerboard 3D Entrance. Originally I have used these glasses with my Laptop (specs down) and has been surprised with some results. This in spite of, a Laptop so only has not had a horsepower to drive games 'A Way is Meant to be Touched', like the new 'Gaming Rig' later and a full potential of these glasses was unlocked (and my later blown alcohol ;-) ).

Like the short description, if already the the 'checkerboard' DLP, he 120hz Monitor or he 3D television Loan these glasses cost each penny. They resupply a unequaled measured of the realism and the diving to games has developed with a technology in alcohol, while still resupplying the new experience to almost any one another game. (A bit the engine for a system is able to translate (turn) rendered scenes in a GPU to simulate 3D for the any one has developed games with this technology in alcohol. For the listed of games and his '3D Worthiness', control a nVidia put web). It would not doubt to recommend them to any with the reasonably powered gaming computer and a pertinent exposure. Would have any one a lot qualms roughly recommending these to a lot of that loses the piece of an equation and pertinent disposable imposiciones. This, of course, not even is taking the account a 3D available content other sources, as Blue Ray (Requires the Blue walk of computer of the Ray, obviously) or streaming contained by means of nVidia put web.

====================Begins In depth Informs====================

1) Packaging

A packaging has not been that has been expecting - is packaged like an expensive accessory would have to that be packaged! A heavy map foldout the cube contains a product he and some accessories:

1 Pair of LCD Shutter Glasses
1 IDA Emitter (That has an on/was key, quell'USB mini female connector to annex to the PC, he stereo adapter to connect it DLP with Checkerboard 3D, and the little wheel in an upper to regulate one 'Depth' of 3D Step. A green of glows of the Unit when plugged in and communicating with a nVidia Stereoscopic Engine, Red when Plugged in and not communicating (e.g. kicked To Linux))
1 Microfiber Pouch - to store some glasses
1 Go nVidia Branded Microfiber Lines to clean
Several adapters of bridge to adapt your nose,
1 longitude (-3M) boss of USB (A to Mini) to attach IDA Emitter
1 slightly shorter (-2M) boss of USB to touch some glasses (A to Mini)
1 Stereo to boss of EMOTION for Format of Checkerboard DLPs
1 obligatory outdated engine CD.

2) Setup And General Observations

Setup was easy, although I have run to the minor snag with my fixed of particular crew. My TV would not leave to change it to 3D Way that uses a HDMI Is gone in my adapters of map by means of my receiver, included dipped as 'Goes through half of' Way - a start has had to be directly wired to a TV (I am using HDMI Starts). This necessitated an use of the TOSLINK was for purpose of Sound. Of then it prefers a HDMI exited (For HDCP content and less cabling, there is appealed to exchange two different HDMI bosses, some directly connected to a television and one to an entrance in a receiver). Once some engine has been installed, IDA Emitter has attached to a PC and TV, has turned in some glasses (That in the pleasant surprise, is exited of a box with him hefty load) and come from to be surprised. Some glasses has a life of excellent battery, and is able to be touched of any 5v 'Connector of USB' source (For example, usually uses it Playstation 3 touching System and discharges some glasses directly in a mini connector where the controller would seat, this in spite of plugging the boss of USB to a side also will touch some glasses.) I have used these glasses for hours in finals without discomfort (does not spend of the glasses usually). My brother has has used also these glasses for a long period of time, and has recipe lenses. Some glasses return comfortably in his glasses and is not complained of consolation or subjects of vision.

3) Drawbacks / Gilipollas

This technology is not without his drawbacks. A lot of games require to disable insurances of graphic effects as they do not show properly or conflict with elements of game of essential game. It flowers And the motion Blurs is two common elements. In a lot of games, windows of text / AM YACIDO the elements are drawn a lot near of a screen, breaking diving when an object that a text pertains to this drawn in a esar' of a scene. In the marked games '3D Ready!', All the work perfectly. I have had sucedido add with the marked games as 'Excellent' or 'Added according to nVidia. I have not tried any marked games as 'Fair' or 'Poor'. This in spite of in some point I EVE come from On-line and Walked of On-line Star. Both are marked as 'Fair' and will be interested to see some results, especially data my surprise in of the Sins of the Solar Empire. Spatial looks of the excellent means for 3D gaming.

Another drawback of this technology is some requirements of system . I have used this with two different computing program. Of of the this was to exit to the DLP TV, more the games have had to be run in 1920x1080 resolution. This in spite of, some games were able to be black boxed to the 1920x1080 window but course in the a lot of lower resolution. Call to Have to that 4, for example, has been run in 1024x768 with the tonne of black-spatial around a window (But in 3D! Some sacrifices to do...). I have been impacted that several games were playable in 3D in mine portable in a 1920x1080 resolution. This in spite of, the majority has not been, esquiring' (Ossia that said, in all the chance) that buys the new gaming rigs. Specs In a fund of a description in a tentativa to mitigate a self do lacking ego that the traces resupplied for posting system specs ;)

When touching games with other people around, row of games of 'watchable' without some glasses (the image so only looks blurred in some zones) to 'the headache that induces'. Speaking headaches, some friends of mine have has has informed headaches or nausea after using some 3D glasses for the brief time. If you have not been exposed to 3D content in the theatre of film or in the Demo Cabin of this technology, and think you could be susceptible to an effect, would avert these unless and until you have had the occasion to take a long delivery on with a unit.

4) Miscellaneous Musings

to to Some things would like to know in this product that I at present any one:

Is multiple pairs of able glasses to be used of any GONE same Emitter (I believes a response to ossia 'He', which would augment a value of these, especially for fines-houses of person (Families, Roommates, etc)

Is there 120hz LCD TVs concealed is not marked likes 3D Ready that that that can be used like this devices of exposure for these glasses? I have listened the different reports is - roughly say is not possible and require a HDMI Spec, and has listened anecdotal earls of PowerStrip when being able to force 120hz refresh and subsequent use.

Same question like this on partorisca Plasma TVs.

'A Fellow' said me that 'Adult' sure the contained is quite impressive. I will leave that like an exercise to a reader to determine some merits of this statement ;-)

5) Impressions of Individual Game

3rd Action of Any one / Touches of Adventure: Batman: Arkham Asylum (BAA)
These glasses coupled with the marked game '3D List' resulted in some amazing, immersive experience. Seldom touching the chair of video games likes the part of an action, but this game and these glasses have done a trick. A first time has uploaded this on, was adapted instantly of some first time have has touched Travellers of Time - 'This is LIKE THIS FRESH'. You are month later, still take this feeling. For example, BAA is that it uses to stun this system gives one an impression is looking by means of the window of the living world. A plus memorables moments of a game like this far in 3D (that it touched it he by means of him once in 2nd in the Xbox) involves crawling by means of duct work, ploughing said ducts, anything involving steam or explosions, struggling ... Like this enough a entirety of a game. Near of a start of real game, Batman walks by means of the filling of chamber of the decontamination with fog - this fog swirls around Batman in all the dimensions, totally enveloping him. When Ploughing a ducts, the fly of rays is exited of a screen - a first time I east (Still knowing touched in 3D, and that has touched other games in 3D) has tried duck out of a way of a ray - this says to plot in a diving these leaves of technology. Still in a duct laws, crawling by means of the web of spider feels likes crawling by means of web (These times have resisted an impulse to attack in me to take them was!). Simply Glorious. Highly it would recommend this game like the demonstration of a technology - although calm already has for another program. As the one who have seen, has had any glitches or odd behaviours with this game. I create a nVidia the poster of control recommends to disable the graphic enhancement in some options to prevent some anomalies.

3rd Person Shooter / Sandbox: Mafia II
Another game has touched at length this is to be develop with this technology has involved is Mafia 2. Usually (in my opinion), this type of andbox' the game is uninteresting and enough frankly, boring. This in spite of, these glasses gave me to knots a totally different perspective (Hehe, 3D puns) in this gender. Running by means of some streets of Mafia 2 with this already 'period' excellent feels coupled with a depth this product resupplies turned that would have been for the launch was game (for me) to something has touched for hours and of the hours. An example: when being for behind the column, he looking destruct and deform under a constant fire of Tommy Guns was incredible. Chunks Of the plaster has flown in all the directions, and calm in fact could say that has had depth to a scene - the pieces broken of the column would travel to you, out of you, and with some glasses were able to discern three diverse dimensions. Any one retreat if this game there has been settings a lot recommended, but there is not remarked to graphic anomaly or very other spatial sprains with this game.

3rd Person RPG: Neverwinter Nights 2 and Expansion
Like this, with some new technology has covered, has decided to try the pocolos play older. First in a cast was Neverwinter Nights 2 (NWN2). It was unsure like this would touch was given an age of a game. Once uploaded on, has been captivated. Using the upper down the view of a game has left he a lot well to some algorithms have used for nVidia to '3D-ify' games. It has been it likes touch tabletop DnD in the very glorious stairs. It is a lot I last to transmit a sense of the depth that touches NWN2 with this crew. It imagines to touch DnD with any with to plot of miniatures and has detailed dungeons / of terrains. Experiences very alike, this in spite of these glasses take much less time and endeavour :).

Simulators of flight: Microsoft FSX and Apache: Assault of Air (2010 Emission)
Afterwards on, the simulator of the flight of I Microsoft has uploaded X (FSX). Ossia A 'played this I has not spent like this time with him so that it would have liked him to. These glasses really are not 'quite' for me with this particular piece of software. It concealed it is not to detract anything of some capacities of a box - absolutely add the new dimension to a Flight Yes. This in spite of, of then are the pilot , a Xbox the controller is not sufficient like a device of entrance thus - this in spite of for any with the pertinent joystick and throttle, and good textures, this would be absolutely stunning. To good sure will be to look to FSX expansions and some good box to fly with. (Besides, Apache: Assault of Air with these glasses and he XBox360 the controller was an absolute explosion , has taken once used to chopper controls. This in spite of, this also would benefit a lot my acquisition of pertinent flight he hardware). I imagine hardcore flight simmers with begins to follow crew, pertinent box, and he fines-exposed of the monitor would not leave never a cockpit with these 3d glasses.

In common Simulator: Formula1 2010
A piece of pertinent train has is Xbox 360 Wireless running Goes and Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Auricular for Windows. So many, has uploaded on Formula1 2010. Now, when being a miser Forces 3 player has been expecting to be able to choose this on enough easily - No True (But no really in a discharge of this already digressive description). A wheel coupled with a depth resupplied with these glasses has given the totally submerged experience. Zipping Around clues, seeing spacing goes in to to the vehicles like never has given before of the totally new experience. I can not expect try another game with physics of qualities and not opening wheeled vehicles with this setup.

Games of strategy: the turn has Based: Civ IV, Civ V, Real Time: World in Clashing
Some of my favourite software to use these glasses with. Touching these games with some glasses seat me as if they are the commander in the futuristic battlefield (GOOD, like this Civ begin in a dawn of Man, and WiC is one 80 is, but admit me the little artistic licence here ;) ). It is like you it is doing with the holographic projector, sending unit to the computerized exposure of a terrain (City for WiC, World for Civs). Often I find taking hammered reason am busy zooming around a map, marvelling in a depth resupplied for a box. For Civ, zooming in the the terrain gives a feeling to be directly in an action - certainly a Civ the games are not like this graphically impressive with respecting to some to 3D attributes likes him WiC, but of east is had to strictly to a lack of need for true depth in these particular games. This in spite of, this a lot of detract of an entertainment has developed received of some games.

Deserving of his own section is Sins of the Solar Empire: Trinity
This game absolutely is in amazing. Incredible. Exceptional. I can a lot of heap quite a lot of superlatives in this experience. (GOOD, enough hyperbole). I have uploaded this game up with some Wars of Estrella mod with which eaten a day, and a next thing has known was 3AM! Spatial leaves a lot well to a 3D effect - and is speaking experiences of type of the Commander, this has it. The desire adequately could describe some feelings to touch this game with some glasses. It is simply the marvel to behold, and absolutely wants to me touch another space has has based games with this crew. This game is not without his questions, as some of some seal for the units am not showed in a correct depth, but ossia much smaller (in my opinion) and any detract of an experience.

MMOs: Emulated EverQuest, World of Warcraft Tries
This gender of games leaves some glasses to really of resplandor. Unfortunately, EverQuest is entirely unplayable with some glasses (At least a build has used was, those careers in a server have emulated an engine of the map is not up to date and like such quota of the machineries have not been situated correctly in a world, and everything of a text has been pulled to a 'Front' of a screen. Now, I know ossia in direct conflict with my inaugural statement, this in spite of a potential was there which direct to reactivate my original WOW account and try one tries Cross In of the llamas. Now, I have done so only the pair of investigations as WOW does not adapt me but again, a potential was there. I absolutely to the chairs like was in of the world, a visitatore real to this half digital in place of just controlling an avatar. Some effects of wave stunned. There is potential adds here. If it touch WOW regularly, to good sure would recommend these yours (While has a hardware or a half to purchase he).

6) Game 'Quickly Takes'

Of then has gone already of a deep end with this description, here is the short cast other games have touched and mine impress brief: Unless otherwise there is remarked, everything of these games have been touched in mine portable and like this was used mostly like the 'technology demo' of classes, to take feel he for a technology.

Metre 2033: One 50 or the feet are gone in this game was awesome. The map adds, this in spite of demanding, quite unplayable in mine portable. To good sure in my cast of games to touch more than.

Starcraft II: RTS the games really leave a technology to shine, this in spite of any taste to him one the camera has limited zooming. It has run reasonably well in mine portable.

Called to Have to that 4: Awesome game for him. I have touched some premiers pocolos level and has been thrilled. I have not had an occasion to revisit this in mine new rigs still.

Dawns Of the war / Dawns of War II: Again, RTS the games are awesome with this technology. A lot 'Virtual Commander' like (Or at least which imagines a feeling would be. The depth adds, absolutely adds any replay value to both games, but there is not lined a surface with these games in 3D.

Fallout 3: the game adds, really leaves to 3d. Game of the smallest game with east a.

NHL 2009: This one was / is the explosion (can be arsed to touch he in place of 2k11 in PS3). You owe that disable a player appoints which can be annoying if I do not know a crew is touching with. A 3D effect does not add so to the equal that could, but does the difference marked on 2nd. It thinks an up to date version of this game in a do one for a lot of entertainment. It would want to give madden it / NCAA the gone, but 2008 is a last version of PC to be released. (Another digression, but Hurray for monopolies! At all it facilitates creativity and innovation like a licence excluyente!)

Tropic 3: Another game of type of the Strategy. Some controls of cameras in this one leaves a 3D to really of resplandor. Zooming In your city in glorious The President has Agreed 3D is not so only for a bourgeoisie. The one of then prices in this title, is recommended highly.

Galactic civilisation II: Ossia one was very excited roughly given my amour thus game in 2nd, and that leaves very spatial to a technology. Chico, has been has disappointed in as it has resulted. A depth was so only a lot there, included with him regulated in IDA Emitter. This direct to believe a fund in a world is billboarded which does not leave for the real feeling of depth. It was like this disappointed in a game that any I really gives it the solid game by means of, the data could hop on to Sins or Civ V paralizaciones to satiate any one Spatial or Edifice of Imperio craving. Perhaps the description he far the plus is warranted.

7) Specifications of System

Portable Old:
the games have run in 1920x1080, always with minimum graphic quality. Any EA, Any AF. RTS I games were playable. BAA Was 'playable' - but so only with frustration:
Intel Core 2 Duet P8600 / 2.4 GHz (1066 fsb)
6GB DDR2 (Shared with GPU)
nVidia 9600M GPU (Shared with Memory of System, dipped to 512MB)
74gb Velociraptor in BlackX Duet, eSATA connection

New Gaming Rigs:
the games run in 1920x1080, with qualities of model/of texture of the maps dipped the Big/VHigh/Ultra. EA/AF Strictly game dependant, this in spite of in a big resolution does not think a quality of image is improved enough to warrant a swipe of action.
MSI Big Bang Mobo
6GB Triple Canal DDR3 (Corsair Dominator)
Intel Core i7 930 : Speed Accionaría, Stock Fresher. (While to decide among H70 / the Massive air that Cools / Done of Liquid commission Setup)
nVidia GeForce 460GTX (any SLI - still, although the 570 can be in a future ;))
WD Velociraptor 10kRPM SATA Walk, 74gb - Recycling of the leading build (like an aside, if any one the he 10k walk or SSD, calms the favour and choose an on, although it is small. So only fall yours YOU in the and the directory of games (Or just use he for games). Nizza And future test, has bought mine when they are exited a lot of moons and still use it. It has wanted to having he in a BlackX Duet))
Logitech g700 ,Original G15 (This thing is the TANK . It loves it. Rivals a Model of mythical IBM Sr in my eyes).
Scythe 133 CFM 3K RPM Engines of Helicopter x4 tamed for the Scythe Kaze Controller of Partidário Master (Essential for these defenders, which am quite sure to require some class of licence of aviation to operate)
Samsung 61' DLP An atrocious TV, but is that has. (Screen sags, recently some mirrors have begun ice creams that resulted in the scatter of tar' like me exposed in my TV (Tonnes and tonnes to aim stuck (and now black) pixel (of course arriving after a long guarantee caducada), and a unit of past whole has been substituted two times. Still I digress (to the complaint, any less) ... Again.)

8) Last Word

absolutely love this technology. Having level of consumer 3D available Applications today surprise me, and am looking forward to an integration of this technology with something that a Kinect. If you are thinking roughly purchasing these (And to the left is to be sincere here, there is waded your way by means of this description if you have not been?), And have the decent gaming computer (Dual Core CPU, GeForce 200+, 4+GB RAM) bites a ball and choose them up.

Him the the remote East, Thank you to read my description. If has any questions or response of commentaries to this and I will do my best to answer them or update a description with additional games has touched.
5 / 5
A traditional 3D view of red-cyan is one 120 Hz 3D viewing is jaw falling fresh. But I have not been motivated to write the description until just now when I have seen Earth of Google in 3D. Calm beg you to try these were, especially with Earth of Google, and share yours surprises. Calm will not be disappointed!

Sometimes can see that a general 3D seeing change on to red/cyan 3D--this am a lot annoying. In a desk, a lot-click to go to a NVIDIA Poster of Control and go to eset on stereoscopic 3Of and for a estereoscopic 3D exposure type', in the place of 3D vision discovers, select your monitor. A reason this can change on is when you have disconnected a NVIDIA BOX GONE for any reason.
4 / 5
Has taken this yesterday and was very easy to install. I suggest to download an engine a late plus of nVidia put web. After installing has tried the pocolos play and I was very pleased with results. I have asked my woman to verify it was and early fight in a chair in front of a monitor. It has not loved to take some glasses was or leave a chair. A help to shoot of the aim was the question in some games and calm has to that take used to have a nVidia seen of the laser and that ignores some games helps resupplied if it can not be deleted. I have had to regulate a gamma, brightness and contrast in each game in a paper of option to do an image looks a way like. A 3D picture has had like this depth, so that detail and looked like this real that there is enjoyed walk around some objects, trees and good-looking beaches and felt likes was there. A Prince of Persia has not been sustained for nVidia, but looked adds. Some sparks of some classes have flown out of a monitor and he looked awesome. I have not seen a lot of flickering, or ghosting, this in spite of a perhaps related reason at the end computer very big with final components very big.
5 / 5
These utmost . I have had the new PC and he counldn't attended to try out of a 3D. Some utmost glasses and has not had any questions that takes it up and that career. I know that he maintaining has the system he the new plus was. It has not been if a version 2 side more money or if this one is more economic. I have it that has not had never the question with these glasses and emitter and enjoy using 3D. Some of my friends are not like this to 3D and some of my friends think is awsome. So you want to 3D, there is Nvidia paper of map, and he 3d monitor already
4 / 5
master gaming, but has been always bit it timid in a hardware. Usually it has taken the multimedia computer quite good and upgraded a paper of map. A calm 'hot'. No this time. It has taken a car of sport .

I finally saved up for a Alienware Aurora (that master), he 3D monitor (the Acer, which I really, really like), and a Nvidia 3D glasses. They are happy could.

A PC was new with dual Nvidia papers and wine with a 3D installed software, so that it was the breeze . Literally it covers and game. Not kidding. Has thinks that that this would be to complicate, but has done perfectly with which roughly 5 minutes bet up. After touching the while I tweaked too far, and has has had to that reinstall. It was the breeze , like the software is really good. Very simple and intuitive.

A container has has comprised bosses, and adapters, , way more material that has required. Nizza. I HATE that has to that go to take an adapter. Any need here.

Some glasses are to come touched (I had listened that in other descriptions, and is true), as you can touch immediately and for days with which. They resist the LONG load. Step esal' glasses, and these 3D glasses really do record in his only well. Any question at all with forgetting is by train to spend them.

One the majority of mine the impressive thing is the one who easy is to use. I initiate a game, is in 3D. When I have had the fellow on and have has wanted to both to see, so only presses a key in a emitter, and is 2nd. Any enormous delay, any reboot. Press a key, and changes 3D to 2nd - and behind. Any joke, has expected this to be quite complicated and slow. It is not . Ossia Like this near of seamless to the equal that has seen.

A gaming is amused really. A 3D is very evident. They are in accordance with other descriptions that is typically likes look by means of the window more than the objects that exited of a screen. BUT - a neighbour-arrive and the pair of effects inside the games clearly aim that the objects CAN exit of a screen. It does not think has any limitation of hardware, is just lack of content. (Oh, And a capacity to change 3D depth manually that uses the wheel in a emitter - also true. Very simple to regulate. Again, ossia the really seamless experience.)

While a gaming is amused really, is not to perfect. You are taking the averages a light, how is noticeably darker. No the real question - is light of abundance enough to see all the detail, and forget after the pair of minutes. But it is noticeable in each start. Also, and more importantly, is gunsights. A reticle has had the habit to take shooters was 2nd in an aim. With 3D is STILL 2nd in a screen - but no in a depth of an aim; his closing in a screen. I have bet this takes fijamente punctual in the future titles but is distracting. Calm sometimes has to that ignore (or the turn was) a reticle to aim properly. Like this instead, utilisations a gun esal' seen. But yes calm a natural thing and prójima an eye - well, doubt, he no real is 3D in the monitor to the equal that are aiming was to a side. It is quell'has bitten odd to maintain both plough of eyes to aim, but can take used his quite quickly. There is some curve to learn.

A Nvidia 3D software of the the cast of games and that well touch more settings of optimum game. Nizza. Included better, a 3D software dips a overlay in a corner a lower INSIDE each game that of the these optimum settings. Ossia Well, any need to exit a game and the write down. It is in a screen, in a game. If any calm the precise, can toggle was. Hate repeats (again), but ossia one astonishingly seamless experience.

A gaming is amused really. A 3D effect is really well, and for real adds diving to an experience. This particular container is fantastic. A hardware and zone of software all upper-notch. Each question and the question has been anticipated and has directed. Nvidia Has taken an extra time to do it painless - and then the good touches have added like the storage pouch for some glasses and cloth of more cleaned of the logo. It is really impressive. They are very pleased.
4 / 5
After revising 3D gaming options for months, a Nvidia the box was hands down a better there. I also verified out of IZ3D solution, but no longer sell a monitor and calm will owe that but a new Viewsonic 24' monitor in almost $ 600. It is stereoscopic 3d, but Nvidia looks to have all a support, with new games and older. I LOVE THIS BOX. It will require a Nvidia paper of video adn 120 hz monitor. I have bought this box for $ 169, a Viewsonic 22' 3D monitor for $ 275 and the $ 100 Nvidia paper of video, and has done adds!
5 / 5
Has not looked 3D film still, but looks of games to stun. Pay attention to nVidia indication for 3D compatibility - I has touched Fallout 3 and Metre 2033 which are estimated 'Excellent', and look for real in amazing. It maintains to import that stereo eats additional resources, like this framerate will fall. It is not a @@subject has paper of good video. Otherwise Be ready to go down settings. The glasses are very comfortable although calm uses them on eyeglasses. Any need to change to contact lenses. The installation of software is directly advances. It likes!
5 / 5
In the first place it was, this box comes with everything needs to setup stereo gaming and blue ray (him him the blue player of ray) partorisca your computer. An only another the precise thing is to 120 Hz (or big) the monitor and you am good to go. It is relatively easy the setup; so only follow some directions comprised and will be well. You owe that uninstall your engine of exposure of the video, of nVidia will substitute him with his own elegant stereo engine. If you are not in the haste and has to that to to the slow hard walk likes to of him does not have to that take much more that 30-45 minutes partorisca dip a whole thing on, and the majority of this time will be spent while to engine partorisca install. I recommend that it covers you in your glasses to the port of first USB what to the equal that can be touch while it install and dip all up. After leaving mine uploads of glasses partorisca roughly 30 minutes was able to touch quite nonstop for roughly 3 hours without running out of battery.

nVidia 3D vision feels like the really, really a lot of mod for all of the your favourite 3D games. Work really well for some games, and really bad for another.

That when be said, would like me run over of the few calm subjects probably finds in all the games that you can not expect immediately a bat. What calms will concern you on these subjects is of course directly related to the very adapt the stereo in general. Also, if you are prone the motion sickness, thinks seriously before it try to touch games in stereo. I have not had never motion sickness before in my whole life (and are a miser scuba diver the one who often goes without vertigo meds bounced small in a choppy ocean) and included felt has bitten it nauseated after touching for several hours.

A subject @of prime minister is a ghosting that a lot another has mentioned. From time to time one or both eyes will take never like this slightly was and will see the 'ghost' of another eye. Ossia Particularly noticeable in of the zones with contrast big; if you are in the dark room and there is the brilliant light, almost calms certainly see one or more 'ghosts' of a light. Ossia Sometimes really obnoxious, and another time is grieve noticeable--again depends in a game is touching. Related to ossia a fact that often engines of game simply any surrender so many eyes a same way. This spends the plot with cube-mapped reflected and especially specular swipes. Sometimes a specular will have gone totally of an eye, which will cause it to look odd in stereo.

A second and for far the majority of subject annoying is 2.os effects , which almost each game owes the sure discharge. Almost it calms it does not direct never in 2.os effects because they are in fact in yours monitor and almost everything of an action takes place 'behind' yours screen. Sometimes this is not to treat it big (HUD the indicators are usually quite easy to read, according to your setting of depth), but sometimes can be really jarring and in a chance of crosshairs the one of fact can affect like touch a game. Also, some games (Call to Have to that, has Left 4 Death... oh, A lot another) has the tendency to dip floating text for in other characters that denotes his names. This looks a lot odd in stereo reason a text is in your screen and a character is several metres spent the. This means that you want to read a text has to that physically direct your eyes in a screen, then directs behind to see that in fact it is that it goes in. Everything is that it directs calm to take you the fraction of calm like this once take used his, but is a lot tiring and probably does not love game in stereo anymore after the few hours of him. This question is a lot worse for crosshairs; simply it calms it can not use the crosshair in stereo. nVidia Tried to help with east to resupply the built-in stereo crosshair this is to fix to the point perhaps the little past of metres your screen, but calm still has to that direct on he for the use (that your aim folds a way he in real life), or more home in your aim, has left a crosshair folds on and then feigns some place in a half of some two images, how is an imperfect solution . Some games (likes Effect of Mass) any one to the sinister disable a game crosshair at all, which the extremely difficult fact to treat the precision that objective--not mentioning a fact that is annoying to have two crosshairs plastered by means of your screen.

One third what is that calm probably will be constantly that rule a depth of a stereo effect. Calm to good sure will have to that it regulates in the for-basic of game; some games (as Arkham Asylum) is in fact really fresh with a depth maxed was, while another (like Starcraft 2) is unbearable unless quell'pull behind to an a lot of minimum. Calm also can find that it regulates a depth while you are touching; some games in fact regulate the one who deep a game is (again Arkham Asylum this) to simulate the effect of lentil in the real camera. The majority of a time this is not to treat it big, but sometimes can cause characters to suddenly jump out of a screen and look more after your nose. This can touch dramatic and fresco, but goes cross-eyed and is more than the headache that anything more. Luckly nVidia The really easy to regulate a 3D depth-- has the little @@@knob in a front of ALLER emitter this leaves calm turn he down to almost was, and turn he until esal world-wide units.

One another thing, and perhaps ossia common sense , is that you have to that do sure yours GOES the sensor has easy line to see to your glasses. Calm in fact can churn your hand among a sensor and some glasses and have some glasses go to clear entirely (the bad that see both eyes in your screen). Felizmente Some bosses of USB nVidia resupplies is a lot long, like this calm easily can situate your emitter wherever is more convenient.

With these caveats, highly recommends nVidia 3D fellow vision stereo defenders there, especially yes already take the quickly quite exposed to use it. A first time the jumps of zombies to calm in Accident 4 Death, @gives that you have to that replay all of the yours old 3D games so only to see that it is likes in stereo. nVidia Has done the glorious work to give the polished and reasonably painless 3D gaming experience; in my opinion, an only thing still requires to fix is a seal of prize. Material some the remaining subjects with 3D vision are totally until developers of game to solve, which they probably never really of then 3D vision has not taken was a lot well. But he to good sure the fact I a lot last any to take entirely submerged in your games when it operates--is taste, of calm will find you constantly inching on a depth to so only down that it can be you, so only calms so much can see the look maxed was.
5 / 5
This neighbour would owe that go with the roughly that together expensive up. As to seal of the prize is a lot unpleasant that consider how much has invested like this far. This in spite of, this type of 3d is perfect. A Atuve the neighbour up is the rubbishes has compared to Nvidia is (knows them reason the partner of mine there is Atuve is) 3 dmás Blue-the contained of the ray is resulting available also. So much, this is not so only for gaming. I have looked so only tron 3d, and looked fantastic with the 3d that the projector dips up. On to one looks bobo and is not a lot fashionable, but cover an eye is well. Like six submerged, and looks that calm is not spending glasses.
5 / 5
LOVES this technology.
Hardware: Some glasses were the pocolos uncomfortable around some ears some premiers few days spent, reasons some leaves of form for them to returned in glasses. A bit those that days to use them were like this comfortable like some normal glasses. It has not had Never any one questions of eye, irritations, or headaches.

Software: My god, this nerd is WANTING TO 3d gaming. It touches the variety of games, of Civ (of then '93) to Duque Nukem For ever to WOW, and is everything better with a 3d vision. Had some map anomolies because of a way some effects are applied with which a 3d surrendered, likes the refractions of the water and some effects of light clave. Some games have turned that concrete detail down, another has taken so only has used his.

Has recommended this technology by all the world knows personally the one who is the computer gamer. It would say a console gamers for the eat, but is already mostly inner death in all the chance!
4 / 5
Does well and easy setup.
Law well with FSX and other 3D games.
Does more with 3D film.
Remembers! You owe that have the 120 hz monitor and he DVI-D boss has comprised.
5 / 5
A 3D vision the box is exactly that has looked for. The ones of way that there is far has had the experience adds with 3D gaming. Also, a life of the battery of some glasses is much more that I thought it would be. The only question has had was to update some engine - any of some settings has spent on and has had to look for around on-line to take some responses - but another that that it is the product adds .
4 / 5
There is enjoyed some 3D games. I am using near Samsung 2233RZ. Easy to install, easy to dip-up. The one who is the gamer will enjoy. They are sure.
Some of my favourite games are 3D 'EXCELLENT' how was perfect. So only I lose some of some things comming out of a screen. The majority of some games enjoys a depth but a better this when the things am exited of a screen.

In this chance can not blame a google and like game (to the equal that has been developed). I have touched BATMAN, BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY, Call of the Modern duty Warfare 2 and NFS TOWER. Now although it loses it is the screen he the big plus has been of then used with him LG 27'. In an end thinks so only could be more economic that paid (USD 185) and be compatible with another HDTV is in a maket that SONY, SAMSUNG, PHILIPS, etc (I knows each mark loves selll his own glasses...) But the value an acquisition!!!
5 / 5
3D is the addition adds to games of computer. A 3d adds amazing field of depth. With to to games likes him to him the metre 2033 and Fallout: Vega New that look down some visas of the gun is very realistic. A backside and the view forward has his own depth. When I enemies close partorisca take well in your face. nVidia Done of the products of world-wide class, are not disappointed with my compraventa. nVidia Patches in of the games the little time the month, included without being patched in some games look utmost.
4 / 5
These glasses will give the behaviour partorisca flash (an eye that gives the aim flashes when seeing film) when used with a NVIDIA the setting soyentioning that this is to use with another ALLER of the devices in a room'. I have tried a lot of combinations partorisca IDA emitter, and included another room partorisca use this with different lighting but without profit. These have real flows, more probably the hardware related of any engine has fixed this. And have 3 glasses with a same behaviour. Another a lot NVIDIA the glasses have treated very better with means a prize. The users of finals is ready partorisca pay more partorisca the quality but this looks any partorisca be doing with this NVIDIA has produced.
5 / 5
Could any never take this partorisca do included with which upgrading a paper of map. I have called a company and never really taken the plot of help is.
5 / 5
Has bought is while it enjoys 3D gaming, photo, and film.

has the VERY LIMITED selection at present, this in spite of this will improve. And some films are INCREDIBLE partorisca me. I damage my woman the massive headache. Ghosting Is not the subject of a cup of a screen is often blackboxed was, reducing a ghosting considerably. Sooo 4/5 stars

Again there is little 3D cameras at present. Some photos have seen suffer 'ghosting' to @subject likes the tongue down. 3/5

This was a reason of the entity has taken this . It is incredible likes another has said, this in spite of a support is spotty, and a 'ghosting' is horrid. The support is perfect in the pocolos play, but another concealed is estimated as 'excellent' or 'a lot of' in the just compatibility arent. Ghosting Is where the afterimage of the elements of look of contrast big in an opposite eye, and there are them still partorisca touch the game where he didnt look and really impact an experience. 2/5

Now a ghosting the subject is related to an exposure more then to this, in fact love the good exposure there is some-but his arent desks monitors. They are 3D projectors . And I have chosen the compatible monitor of a nvidia the loans have suggested, and has bought one of a new plus more expensive some. Reading some forums in of the this, im FAR of the suns is.

Inferior line-the desk technology of exposure so only isnt quite ready partorisca this closing. That has read some projectors are way to go , but this means another $ 600 or like this out of a door, doing is the VERY expensive toy.
4 / 5
This thing is wild. Bought the powerful computer with the 3D punctual video paper and he 3D ready Monitor and then this box. He all has been I near really easy and some results were wild. One of my favourite game is Boarderlands and work perfectly and a depth was fantastic. I have tried another material and some results were one that...
4 / 5
Some glasses are utmost , a 3D effect are partorisca add when gaming .Touching black ops in 3D is so only incredible I still tin a lot of belive have 3D in my house . Sadly It Has the pair of shadow glitches but his well .
4 / 5
A lot of the good games are not sustained.
A point partorisca aim in COD aims double points.
In some games, the special motion blurs the effect would owe that be disabled.

Of these games are not drawn partorisca stereo view, some 3D effects are not stunning. Comparing the PS3 3D games, 3D PC the games do not have the wow effect.

In all the chance, some works of technology to the equal that has promised. It is some games that has not actuated well 3D effects. An installation, calibaration, etc everything does well.
5 / 5
Calm so only can use these glasses and transmitter with cement 3D LCD monitors. It was under a supposition could use them this with my PC hooked until mine 3D HDTV, but has discovered them later all has required them was a 3DTV software of Game of Nvidia. Felizmente Was them able to take the repayment. Some look of glasses sturdy and very done, but the did not use him never, as his hard to revise them.
4 / 5
Is awesome! I have it doing in 100' screen with the 3D DLP projector and Panasonic 50' 3D Plasma (w/Beta 260 Engine). An effect is Resembled IMAX - Perfecto 3D in the enormous screen without machineries or ghosting at all in a DLP, reflects it has minimum ghosting. A NVIDIA the explosions of logo out of mine 100' screen roughly 4 feet while looking his 3D test. A game 'Cause Justo 2' careers well in mine GTX470 in 3D in 720P with each option in max. It looks incredible in 3D, effects like this atmospheric. The swipe of map was any game of console, A fire of the gun and the explosions are almost to to the life likes, 3 másDe D game has touched to date.

Has chosen a 3D Vision dread reason offers one the majority of 3D has contained inner a moment, 400? Games, half comunicacionales downloadable, 3D (field sequetial) Dvd and blue ray 3D is everything possible. You was is doing 3d streaming of some same chances that it is available in the 3D canal of my TV of boss; like a tournament of Masters.

The photos & of video have registered in Fuji W3 REAL 3D camera the games behind have seen of the comprised 3D vision player perfectly and the look adds.

Any gamer or 3D enthusiast would have to take this. There are so many options to apt anyones has presupposed. It goes like this big to the equal that can resupply and calm will not be disappointed.

This box is not for a technically defied, can install the paper of video and software would owe that be good.

Marks sure has read some requirements of system, if that goes for 3D projector averts a HD66 until a kinks is exited.
4 / 5
Has bought the complete nVIdia 3D ready system of Dell and is for real the jaw that fallen to touch Far-cries 2 , cods mw 2, Oblivion. A world of lush, deep 3D ploughs up in mine otherwise paving of white wall. I aim people a 'model of test' and is blown was!! When I seat Him down in front of Accident for Dead 2, is totally transmission! Really have it at all likes, not even in of some theatres. His polarised glassed simply can not reproduce a crystal clears 3D images that LCD shutter has beaten of systems. And you are quite lucky for the touch in the screen of giant projection, the words can not describe like this surprised will be you. If calm consider you the serious gamer, HAS TO HAVE this(and a Acer5360 3d HD projector)period.
4 / 5
Never really like 3of d film in AMC THEATRE to film reason 3d the effect is too down(only 15 effect of porcentual). I calm listened can dip You 3d big effect to the equal that want still 3d PC gaming like this the decided to buy 3d box of vision. Crying the to 60 percent and has been them IMPACTED!!! NOW THATS A REAL 3 DIMMENSION!!!! I seat like im in a gaming world!! I touch dead space and bioshock gave SWIPE of GOOSE and the game that the career gave REAL sense of speed and help me jueza when to brake a car. Theatre of film 3d is the joke!!!! Lately the dipped a 3d effect to all a way 100 percent and the estada touching the paralizaciones small on year and im in that loves it!!
5 / 5
I use to want to 3D vision.. But they cut it it has been it sustains to do his useless and the waste of money
5 / 5
When in the first place it has taken these 3D glasses with my computer, was really very excited. To the left initiate me to say you that it is fresco on some 3D glasses before I go to his questions. A 3D effect is a lot of fresco. To the as really it likes me in of these glasses is so only in each game of computer that says work with nVidia paper of map, and ossia the majority of them, will show in 3D. When originally it has taken some glasses, has had the hard time that discovers the one who the programs would be compatible with. Some better games that another, but the majority any game that has a nVidia logo, comprising some games plus a lot old, will touch in 3D. He no this in spite of video of web of the turn or on-line content to 3D unless it is special video of nVidia put own web (at present) there is at all fresher that touching the first person shooter in 3D.

Now for a bad informative. They are constantly that it has to that king-install an engine for mine nVidia 3D for the take to do. They have done an update recently... I can not say if this update has fixed a question... But it looked he likes every time has loved to use some glasses, has had to spend for and king-install a software and spend for this test of eye examination does . I have failed in fact an eye examination once... And then it would not leave me install a software. While touching the game in 3D is a lot of fresco... If it plan to touch the game for more than two hours... Using these glasses is not the good idea. More than two hours, which is the short time for some games, will cause severe headaches. These glasses only laws in of the computers with him nVidia 3D compatable paper of map, and he nVidia compatible 3D graphic monitor... Neither desquels is economic. Setup Is not a lot simple. To be sincere, took two hours to imagine was like this to open a box.

Almost exactly ten days before a guarantee would have expired in my glasses, I plugged the to my computer to touch via a distributed usb boss. Some glasses were plugged less then ten minutes, and when I have been to move them, almost has burned my hand how were red hot to a touch. Apparently a battery overheated.. And burned on some glasses. If it had left these glasses plugged arrive-at night... Like this almost it has done it certainly in some point, has would have caused to good sure the fire. A battery is not removable... And I have read that a battery is problematic. The the suspect can have the defect of serious drawing.

My recommendation yes enjoys 3D is the simply stick to a red-blue 3D glasses can buy for $ 1 unless you are the a lot of serious gamer. A technology is so only very perfected still.
5 / 5
If yours the computer gamer, especially yes enjoys FPS and the gaming rigs to be able to 3D then your crazing if you do not possess this!!! It perfects with almost each game has tried like this far. I personally of the one who touch MMO is with him (although podes), use he mostly for FP2 like Battlefield the Bad company etc. Does games a lot a lot realistic and my kill the proportion is is one same with our without 3D. As any one negatively effects your action. Inferior line - an age of 3D gaming is ours.... Now take with a program and the buy!!!!
4 / 5
This box was a lot of easy to setup and take working. Having 3D frames gaming much more enjoyable. Looking 3D film and seeing 3D pictures is the abonos upgrade also. It would recommend this element if yours looking to upgrade your system.
5 / 5
Has to that have a right paper and monitor to use both mine edges and I have these. Apresamiento gaming To the new level

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Edythe
I have believed at the beginning that that was each fraction he so that he he at all. At the end imagined out of that has to configure an era of whole thing. I am almost there and it is very good.
4 / 5 Tera
AMUR My Shield. Better streaming device never. Easy to use, can games of current of my PC, shows my Plex server, Netflix, ect.

Because three stars report? Mina, am eating a refurb laws. When I have bought this, has think that bought new. Nope, refurb. And no the good work.

Power brick was DONA ( and can very so only buy the substitution.) Scuffs During a front.

Calms the favour and so only take the new a. Calm will not remain down likes was with east a. I have bought the brick of power of another retailer (used). The amazon has offered partorisca return/transmission/of the repayment but I do not love attended 2 weeks partorisca the use.
4 / 5 Mina
Has thought at the beginning that was all broken like this at all has done it. I have imagined finally out of this I has had to that configure one was of what whole. They are almost there and it is very good.
5 / 5 Aisha

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