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1 first VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector, 1080P and 170'' Display Supported, 3600L Portable Movie Projector with 40,000 Hrs LED Lamp Life, Compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, TF, AV and USB VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector, 1080P and 170'' Display Supported, 3600L Portable Movie Projector with 40,000 Hrs LED Lamp Life, Compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, TF, AV and USB By vankyo
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2 DR. J Professional HI-04 1080P Supported Portable Movie Projector, 3600L Mini Projector with 100Inch Projector Screen, Compatible with TV Stick, Video Games, HDMI,USB,TF,VGA,AUX,AV (Latest Upgrade) DR. J Professional HI-04 1080P Supported Portable Movie Projector, 3600L Mini Projector with 100Inch Projector Screen, Compatible with TV Stick, Video Games, HDMI,USB,TF,VGA,AUX,AV (Latest Upgrade) By DR. J Professional
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3 best Mini Projector, TOPVISION Projector with Synchronize Smart Phone Screen,1080P Supported, 176" Display, 50,000 Hours Led, Compatible with Fire Stick,HDMI,VGA,USB,TV,Box,Laptop,DVD Mini Projector, TOPVISION Projector with Synchronize Smart Phone Screen,1080P Supported, 176" Display, 50,000 Hours Led, Compatible with Fire Stick,HDMI,VGA,USB,TV,Box,Laptop,DVD By TOPVISION
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4 Mini Projector, Meer Portable Pico Full Color LED LCD Video Projector for Children Present, Video TV Movie, Party Game, Outdoor Entertainment with HDMI USB AV Interfaces and Remote Control Mini Projector, Meer Portable Pico Full Color LED LCD Video Projector for Children Present, Video TV Movie, Party Game, Outdoor Entertainment with HDMI USB AV Interfaces and Remote Control By Meer
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5 QKK [2020 Upgrade 4200Lux] Potable Mini Projector [with Tripod] LED Projector Full HD 1080P Supported, 170" Display for TV Stick, Video Game DVD Player, Smartphone Home Theater, Dual USB Port QKK [2020 Upgrade 4200Lux] Potable Mini Projector [with Tripod] LED Projector Full HD 1080P Supported, 170" Display for TV Stick, Video Game DVD Player, Smartphone Home Theater, Dual USB Port By QKK
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6 Mini Projector 2019 Upgraded Portable Video-Projector,55000 Hours Multimedia Home Theater Movie Projector,Compatible with Full HD 1080P HDMI,VGA,USB,AV,Laptop,Smartphone Mini Projector 2019 Upgraded Portable Video-Projector,55000 Hours Multimedia Home Theater Movie Projector,Compatible with Full HD 1080P HDMI,VGA,USB,AV,Laptop,Smartphone By AuKing
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7 Mini Projector - 3600Lux Hompow Smartphone Portable Video Projector 1080P Supported 176" Display, 50,000 Hours Led, Compatible with TV Stick/HDMI/VGA/USB/TV Box/Laptop/DVD/PS4 for Home Entertainment Mini Projector - 3600Lux Hompow Smartphone Portable Video Projector 1080P Supported 176" Display, 50,000 Hours Led, Compatible with TV Stick/HDMI/VGA/USB/TV Box/Laptop/DVD/PS4 for Home Entertainment By HOMPOW
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8 Mini Projector, APEMAN 3800L Brightness Projector, Support 1080P 180" Display, Portable Movie Projector, 45,000Hrs LED Life and Compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, TF, AV, USB for Home Entertainment Mini Projector, APEMAN 3800L Brightness Projector, Support 1080P 180" Display, Portable Movie Projector, 45,000Hrs LED Life and Compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, TF, AV, USB for Home Entertainment By APEMAN
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9 GooDee Mini Projector, LED Pico Projector, Pocket Video Projector Support HDMI Smartphone PC Laptop USB for Movie Games GooDee Mini Projector, LED Pico Projector, Pocket Video Projector Support HDMI Smartphone PC Laptop USB for Movie Games By GooDee
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10 Projector, GooDee Upgrade HD Video Projector 4500L Outdoor Movie Projector, 230" Home Theater Projector Support 1080P, Compatible with Fire TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, AV and USB Projector, GooDee Upgrade HD Video Projector 4500L Outdoor Movie Projector, 230" Home Theater Projector Support 1080P, Compatible with Fire TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, AV and USB By GooDee
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Top Customer Reviews: VANKYO LEISURE 3 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Roselee
Before buying this projector had researched so much and my cape has turned prende to mince, so that information there and yes has not bought never the projector before it can when being baffles. I have wanted the projector that would be well to look films and also for projects of art.

This one was a laureate so that it returns my estimativa, is coming with all some capes have required for the pose up and also has the house of lentil. Of the this would read, and ,perhaps taken the bad, other projectors in this group of only could direct the prize for distance. Yes, that is to say the factor , even so it can direct a picture without trusting distance only. As I have ordered a Vankyo and expected it would be decent. It was under any illusion that to arrive to this point of prize goes to be anything another concealed very only.

An element is arrived much more early concealed expected (plus or 4 earlier days less) so that it was adds. I have been surprised that it was so compact and has described included the so cute in my husband. A stock exchange among quality of looks very big and all the interior was very well has protected.

Has posed up was surprisingly easy, has attached he in a laptop and was to arrive and running immediately, the card is easy in navigate and can touch around with parameters to find what proceedings yours locates. There is has not had any subjects of his, probably will attach in of the speakers while it surrounds the sound is better that those beginnings but still, a work. An adherent is calm, audible but any troubling even so it can listen anything is looking clearly. There is the sound in a video and I have any idea where comes from/come from, the rest has ensured is not a follower or some speakers so that that would be it a lot of troubling.

IS to add it small projector, has taken a picture and a video (load ) in around 8:45 in a morning and he are projected in the aim cloak, yes, knows, big technology. An image is clear and has wanted only that potentially it can use any time in the daytime. If I have had of the would buy this again, better result this has thinks that has been to take.
5 / 5 Rosette
I have bought this projector to use external in of the clear nights to break in an usual 'clock a television' nightly. I take he of a box and has posed was all to ensure all was there and era. It comes with a HDMI cape, he 3 Audio of cape/of road of Video and cape to be able in. Has the far that will control a projector only, carried he of lentils of the rubber and of course the cape to be able in. Has the speaker that is to do in a projector and is calm sufficient for the inner use but he can be hooked until the external speakers that uses a connection of telephones of the ear in a side. Also it comes with the case of tissue that is very done with 2 compartments have separated in a base and another dossier likes them pocket in a lid. A left compartment in a base is for a projector has to join that it connects with Velcro to line a project firmly plants when be is spent. One 2 is the small smaller and is to line everything of some capes and far. It does not have any straps to line any one of some capes in planting even so with each vain plant in a compartment that comes with a projector, access snugly and does not need anything to line it everything in a compartment. A pocket in a lid is predominately for a manual and fast beginning guide. You could pose a far or the cape or 2 in him but there is any road for the ensure any slide on in a projector. It does not think the cape would break a case of the projectors but some far could break an accommodation of lentils, that only my opinion. He no come with the wifi dongal. This will have to buy separately. A guide of fast beginning is real easy to comprise as well as a manual of user. My nephew of 7 years has used a fast beginning to connect some capes and begin the film those touches concealed is what easy is to use. Has the accommodation done of plastic and 2 roads to adjust a picture. An in the first place is to adjust a clarity of a picture and a second are to adjust that it call one 'curve ' of a picture vertically in a screen. It was in fact setup for the perfect picture of a factory yes plants a projector quite 6 in 7 feet of a screen. It can be situated more afterwards for the measure of the screen the small plus or the bit has been further for the a lot of main screen, even so a more behind goes in 10 feet a more take think is to take a house of picture. It is not so bad that can not be the fact but a picture am adds in 6 in 7 feet and calm big in this distance as I did not plant it much more there that 10 feet was and a picture was still adds.
Has hooked in my player of DVD, PS4, Xbox One, Wii, Satellite of Mesh of the Plan DVR, my Samsung S8+ telephone and a Tablet of Fire of the Amazon until him and all has had the picture adds in them. Has wanted to all of consoles of mine of game that use a projector. Had very lag the time and I could see Each much faster that in the 42 television of screen of inch. It IS the enormous step up is bonded with the small television. A picture is clear and the utmost looks is very afterwards in in a quality of same picture likes road in some films but he are not exact. It IS the a lot of very small difference that the common of the people not even notes, this says that the look films the plot in some theatres of big screen will remark a subtle difference. This , in my opinion, comes from/comes from quality of screen and of course some theatres are using the very better projector but if yours expect for him to look exactly a same likes screen in some theatres then probably will not be happy with east or any one another projector that knows of without counting the soyovie theatre' of course. lol To the each to which likes him to him the device connected only with exception in a Wifi dongal the connection was supremely easy to connect and has taken only the few minutes in in fact looking the film. A Wifi dongal concealed has purchased was the small difficult to take to do even so it conceal is not to declare because of this projector at all. Desprs Took it to connect it was a same as resting a by heart excellent picture that me listen that and was in some films in my yard especially behind.
A satellite of Mesh of the Plan DVR was supremely easy to connect in a projector has run even so in of the problems of his through any the fault of a projector he. The dish has the copy writes type of software in-embedded in a DVR that will cut a sound exited of a DVR detects or thinks is the piece of this electronic admits his police of user of the end at least that it is cual the point the material say me in all the case. In general you are pleasantly surprised with a capacity is of this projector. Easy in setup and the use and the quality of picture is excellent also. It comes with just in the each cape or cape of adapter to connect he in a majority of elements will connect in and a case comes with this quite very done to protect your inversion. I expect that you gave you quite information to do the most informed decision.
Finds anything new or any interior of race of the subjects a near the future will update this description. Thank you To take time to read my description of this projector.
5 / 5 Garth
I have purchased a Vankyo Leisure 3 projector DIRECTED after having he in my list of desire for enough the while. I have been inspired to bite a balloon and done a compraventa after the fellow has bought the projector (a model of different/mark) and has very wanted to it.

Was the small sceptic in a compraventa but, was the roads to ignite so thought has not risked a lot. I am happy TAN that buys it. It arrives sooner it conceal expected and a packaging was supremely sure. A case cushioned with the capes have comprised was the big surprise, but that it is my failure for not reading a listing thoroughly since is clearly has mentioned. I have taken my time that pose he up and building a screen that voice in a semi-detached picture in this description. I have built a screen to be 54 wide inches x 36 big inches in 34 legs of inch. This give me to 70 inch diagonal image. It mentions this just to give you the reference when seeing a semi-detached picture. (Note: to build a screen has used felt it the cloth backed of table of white vinyl (also would have to mention concealed to take some wrinkles of a vinyl has posed he in a dryer with the pair of wet towels in low heat for quite a lot of 8 minutes in some intervals of minute) that experience in my department of tent of venue of big box for $ 7. I have used also three 10 feet period of 1 PVC of inch, 2 90 title rapeseeds, and 4 T couplers. Counting a cloth to subject a glorious total for a screen was in $ 20.)

While it can see calm of an image there was the significant quantity the bleed of daylight in a room but a square quite sake of still looks. For prejudicing it a picture is fantastic and some colours are acute and vibrant.

Has had to to choose a negative thing to say in this projector was that a cape to be able require bit it more enough in fully insert in an organism of a projector that or could expect. So much, when being your cape to be able is has inserted fully. If you any one then a slightest the movement of a cord will cause a projector to lose pot. I have found this out of a road takes when my dog walked by and brushed against a cord to be able in. Another that concealed, can not say quite a lot of positive things in this projector. Totally it lives until my expectations and I would recommend in any think to buy one that the still is seating in a fence. He, you wont lament the.
5 / 5 Josh
I am spent a testing of week and touch with this unit after having another projector (any one these marks) that any same records for means of the film. I am very pleased with this unit, is exactly that would expect out of the projector. I have tried this with the walk of USB, and was able to access some files in the, and then using my laptop with a HDMI cape to look films. I am planning on having the player of DVD CONSECRATED to look films in a future.

Runs very fresh, after to 2 film early is to ail warm. An adherent is not strong, and very he same commentaries during a film, and has seated after well in a projector.

A speaker is much more this has expected, is clear and has his decent in his own, but the speaker the big plus setup is more for the film with friends. A headphone exited in my surround system of records of his add without distortions that could say.

For a picture, looks very well for the projector to house this is spent less than $ 100 on. Project in the aim cloak besides or 10 feet less was, a picture is clear and easy to look. I remember me theatres of old dollar that has grown up with, and this takes some nostalgia together with an entertainment to have my own projector. I suspect with the better screen or included the spatial wall a picture would be included better. I also DVD looked only is so that it is all my laptop will run, but think the Blu-Ray hooked until this will be very good.

After a projector of premier that has bought this year and has been disappointed with, is spent the plot to time to look for the best one and resolved in a Vankyo, because of some very well revise, and is happy has done. He all that the flight to do what concretely is looking films in a backyard in a summer. To well sure recommend it this projector for a road abordable to have some entertainment.

A stock exchange that comes with a projector is well, but already has the case takes that I want to maintain a projector in. A stock exchange that is coming with this only a right measure to line my king sized cloak that is to say my portable screen .

An only subject that has had with a whole thing was a far. It can not take to do at all, in spite of diverse different stacks. I emailed a company and has had the response behind in only the pair of hours, and is routing me it new far. That is to say a class of service of client that expects, and maintain me loyal in the company. I seat sure that has any one other problems that comes up will cure of me a same road.
Shares Your LEISURE in Your Leisure
5 / 5 Treasa
That is to say my projector of premier and is very happy was with this election! It is not bulky, is easy to pose up and an a lot of adjustment to picture the left wing of options thinks the perfect picture. Some a lot of capes that it is included done an initial setup easy and hurriedly. I have connected he in my laptop (Lenovo yoga w/ a hdmi adapter) and laws instantly and without subject. A sound that comes from/comes from a projector is honestly very enough for the night of casual film, but is easy in hook on your own speakers for this very stereo. I am not too many picky with a sound and is usually too lazy to turn in some speakers.
IS very of entity of aforar your own picture and colours, that pre-the sets no well in the each means. The mine there has been the terrible blue dye and no the plot to contrast at the beginning. I have used the video of calibration of the picture of Youtube to configure explode and has compared a projection in the this has been aimed in my laptop. (My parameters, if any one wants to use which the best- contrast 23, brilliance 43, colour 36, acuteness 60, dye 50; red 79, green 28, blue 10. It can no for all the world-wide even so, as it is not crazy if he no.)
4 / 5 Karena
This projector takes an One+ for value. It has Had this installed projector for the few weeks. If you are the savvy, big-experience of character that looks for quality, I precaution against this projector so that it is not big-final. I have not used the house of projector for in the decade, as my experience and the learning are down. With that say, is very happy with this projector for our use in a basement for films of boys and wii. I am trace he in a ceiling and has had any problem with situating up. A built-in the speaker was surprisingly strong albeit of cute quality of of the one of the west. The May Planned on using a built-arrive-parleur for long and hooked he until the receiver to surround sound. I am in launching it distance besides or 14 feet less like my escreen' measure ( projects in an empty wall) is enormous, probably around 12 perhaps more grain of feet. A centre is crisp and clear but some verges is slightly out of house... I turbulent that hang me situate up but have any one has remarked once he during the film or of the games. A projector built-in the adherent is strong...That is to say my reduction of 1 stars in a description. While it does not have any frame of reference for a level of noise of the most expensive projector, an adherent is quite strong for me to be turbulent during use but any quite strong for me to do something enough the. My no active boys queixat at all and thinks that has his theatre of own film in our basement. A brilliance needs a room to be dark...Any black of key but a darkness more a better. In general, no the projector to notch upper but for a prize is satisfied enough.
1 / 5 Mia
A description of product is a lot of to deceive. First thing says is esupports 1920x1080'. If it issues it to you of the low circle will remark in a map of the comparison dictates 'native resolution 840x400'.
These entrances of projector 1080p (1920x1080) image of your PC, so in your parameters of computer look the 1080p exposure, then compresses an image to aim in 840x400 projects of pixels. An image is so choppy beat a lot the text read included in an exposure so that each card is only the few pixels. Any COMPRAVENTA is looking for included half-quality of decent image.
1 / 5 Marlen
I have bought this projector in Saturday, is some first times are using this projector and after 30 minutes this black circle has begun to look
4 / 5 Stewart
I have purchased this he so that it can setup external films in a summertime.
A projector is small and clear. I have not seen the projector the long time, but this thing is small and easy in sleeve. A case for him is also well and does not take above a lot of room. It does not plan on using this element of plus that the small time for year (until I imagine was likes him football of common university).
My setup for a video is using google mould of chrome and streaming Netflix. I have tried to purchase an adapter in hook in my iPad directly issues HDMI to transfer of lightning (through another product) and does not act. Of this compraventa was really for a family, is sure will be able to touch with him in timing planned.
The quality of picture was that it expected. Since we will be to see alfresco has not looked for sper quality of clear picture, even so these looks of projector for the have.
The quality of his east that can expect of the projector. I plan on that connects the road of west laptop Bluetooth to improve quality of his and volume.
A unit is easy to use and connect. My level of the consolation with audio and video is quite big, but imagine the majority would be able to imagine it was.
In general that is to say the good product and a prize is only. It recommends!
5 / 5 Norman
I have ordered this projector to use to aim the film in a gram. This was for the celebration of graduation of my boys. This was the compraventa very good . In the first place, a container is arrived punctually and safely packed. I have purchased this with one 120 in. Screen. It IS very mere to pose up. Some directions were clear. I am using the clave of the fire of the Amazon plugged in a HDMI void in a backside of a projector. An image is very clear and is easy to direct. We begin to look the film in front of desktop and was still able to see without any problem. An only problem founds was with touching videos in Netflix. I think that that this can be the problem in my parameters in Netflix will try and imagine this has entered the time the late plus. I am able to touch films in Hulu, Disney, and prime of Amazon without any problem. The tan again thinks that that is to say only the problem with my parameters of Netflix.

Top Customer Reviews: DR. J Professional ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Johanne
Desprs Revising several different projectors of prizes and points of different marks, decided to go with easterly a, Dr..J 1800 Lumens For several reasons.
1. VALUE of MONEY - always am looking to take a main bang for a buck by everything means duquel the type of product is buying. It IS it has owed to pay more money for the product the upper plus yes means a product will last longer and a quality is better. Even so, this projector has defied each a odds to be a cheap plus to arrive to this point of prize and a better quality.
2. OPTIONS/to start with of the ENTRANCES - has wanted the projector that characterises multiple left of entrances and beginning (HDMI, USB, and Audio) which this the projector has had. Although an audio in a projector is quite stops more than parameters, has wanted the deepest bass and crisper his stops to musician likes him begin of the audio leave me to use an independent speaker.
3. MOUNTAIN of TRIPOD - Been been due to more projectors only leaving you to adjust an up and down level for in an inch, has wanted a capacity to attach a projector in the tripod of generic camera as it can have it the full field of adjustment. Dr..J HAS concealed and am incredibly thankful decided any one to sacrifice concealed.
4. LUMENS - A majority of the projectors to arrive to this point of the prize was only 1500 lumens (gives or take). 300 lumens More can not sound like the plot, but when is projecting in the wall of your house more than those paid more money for the screen, some 300 lumens left a colour of an image projected in overpower a colour of a wall (when being that a colour of wall is quite clear).
5. HDMI CORD - Has forgotten initially to buy a HDMI cord. Even so, when I have opened this projector there has been already one in one which box utmost records. It can it do not think it was already there for me and they have continued and further to go down his margin of profit for the small bit to have the experience of better client.

IN GENERAL - I and has suggested HIGHLY this projector in any this question or voice a setup has in our house. Because of purchasing he at the same time of the winter did not try it external still, but ail some family of the pauses of our colds will be to take the external for familiar cookouts and just entertainment in a backyard.
5 / 5 Romana
The works add. We had purchased to use external for films for some boys. I plan on use in a fall to look university football with my friends. A picture is clear in a 10 ft the screen also buys. The works with the fire of bonds of amazon that was another premium .
5 / 5 Leandro
I have wanted until I have tried out of one this the projector and I have had a Dr..J Projector During two month now. I can not say has any complaints or of the surprises of him! Highly recommend it this product in more.

Has had this hooked until the blu-player of ray and my computer in Amazon and Netflix the current Prepares films. There is preformed exactly while it was described in description. It does not possess the television anymore, so that is to say a film of only road of clock and sample of television now. I run a projector almost newspaper for any place among 2-6 hours according to a day.

HAS ones pose of projector up so sample quite 100 inches. I have not remarked any blurriness or very others subjects in this measure.

Has the few things that wants to echo that other people have mentioned already. It does not recommend using this in the room that is not very dark. It do not have to the curtains of the blackout in some uses of room in, and sometimes during a day can result difficult to see or washing was. Also, has a partidrio internal (the projectors take warm as not taking around this), and can be a bit strong in the small room. This can do it difficult to listen an audio that comes directly of a projector As it recommends hooking he until an external speaker. That, is easy so that it comes with the jack of the audio regulates. Has mine hooked until the Bose putting, and has run to a cord likes him the sound comes from/comes from a front apropa a screen. With him it has posed it on in this way very he same commentaries a noise of an adherent.

Maintains these two things in of entity when mandates and is prepared for them already, think you would have to have an experience equally adds with this product.
5 / 5 Hobert
I have purchased this for an external party for my boys. Like The projector, the praise would have to when being at night. STILL with our external light on, this picture is still very vibrant. Again, I am not comparing this in the projector of film or a epson marks but for a prize has paid, is very good. My brother and his woman were on and very impressed. They looked to buy or for the long time for his room of game but didnt wants to fall $ 350+. Or I. As I have taken it casualidad in unit of is Some dress positive is correct. It was not that some the subjects were with some 1 descriptions of star, has taken perhaps the unit that was has beaten up or something except the mine has done adds.

Adjustment Of picture:
the desire there is the small more adjustment in a zone of house. But I imagine I am seeing a picture out of a recommended viewable zone.

A Far:
A far GOES the sensor is in a side afterwards in some connectors. Calm only can control he of this side. I fulfil some people go to complain in some far having to be used well up in a unit, probably so that a sensor is in a side of plus that in a cup. It IS troubling but, any one something some problems me alot. Perhaps when beginning to use the plus? But I imagine this only goes to be the problem when trying mesos comunicacionales of change.
A built in the speaker is kinda chincey. But I expected it it conceal to go in him. Any only of some descriptions, but has ordered the projector. No the theatre of house. It can be well for the small but external room, I hooked for on some external speakers.

Where Begins. While it likes me to him his one unit to be more than shine, is more than shines that expected it.

Has touched 3 different films like the test. Using formats of the different film and he have touched the only sake. Still with restarting it function. In this liked him alot.

Other connectors:
has not connected the HDMI or VGA or microSD card in him. I can a day. More probably a VGA or HDMI but that has still.

WOW! I am happy bought this. My daughter is happy and my mother is come on and has been impressed with an idea of having the 10 feet TVs! I have projected included the film in some neighbours of the the side contains cual was unfinished and unpainted the bloc and was very. Real brilliant cape obviously when be unpainted. But a thought for the have 30ft the television in your backyard is quite fresh in me lol. (The voice a dimmest picture of a bouquet)

Anywho. If you are contemplating the projector, this or probably will fill a bill amiably.
PS. It does not possess some films pictured. Please does not continue me .
4 / 5 Nicki
Has the feeling of mix for the this, but in general, is well. It IS the genuine 840 X 480 px projector. That is to say a first thing would verify when has taken any projector Done in China for a unfamiliar marks so that it is The part more than entity of the projector and he could be fake. So much, this projector is able to aim sources until 8px, has thought included some photos in mine revises no the sample clearly; Part of that is so that it does not have the screen of pertinent projection, while it poses an image in the rough the wall was decrease his resolution, but still with my no shiny wall and rough ideal, a quality of image when dressed 2-3 was the metres is still incredibly well. It sees video for the clip of sample; A quality of the sound is not a better. It does not compare He in the one of the west of big final but compares in the typical laptop, and is better that some speakers in my laptop, much stronger and clearer. For folks that the can not give bad support stereo sound, has the beginning of jack of audio of 3.5mm. TF IS an alternative word for Micro-SD in a Chinese, as TF the void is in fact a Micro-SD empty, and is also my main memory. One 32GB TF the card can line until 64 hours of 480p file of video.

Here is a list of some things in that does not like him in this projector:

1, adherents Very strong and flows of hot air. Has the tiny FOCUSED heatsink and the partidrios small, so precise main rpm like this much stronger!!!
2, Horizontally Any one Levelled. In place of in the flat table, better use he in the tripod or the mountain, as it can be corrected easily.
3, The file appoints no in mandate. Has some files: x1, x2, x3, x4 , and finishing in this order: x1, x3, x4, x2; No the enormous problem, but problem.
4, did not retreat webm and so far with one of my videos, the audio is not doing at all, probably because of a no by behind codec of audio.
5, The mine comes with the dislocated screen. Some screens are not ensured properly. If you shake your projector the bit, and be something the interior that movements, then would have to open up and attach the tape in a verge of these screens.

Last but very less, the east is the true 480p projector, uploading anything the main resolution that 480p in will not augment his quality of video at all, as he 720p the file of video will be a same and he 480p file of the video in of the nicknames of quality of picture, but he 720p the file of video is a lot of main measures that it 480p.

Update: we buy the $ 25 screen of projection. A quality of picture is very better that to wall while it expect. Last voice two photos.
3 / 5 Marcy
I can not think it is fallen for some positive critics. An element any road in hell is 1080p. A paper/of instruction that is coming he with him clearly mentions to pose a source/of laptop in 1024 x 768. The more says ANY to be used for Word, Excels, Presentations, etc. So that it is very prendido !?

And very wants to question some lumens of the brilliance/has announced. The videos and the pictures are only decently visible in abs. Dark rooms.

Thinks that some the positive critics are possibly of folks concealed or has not tried a Viewsonics, BenQ or other respectable marks or down or situations of half light. For ej. In the room of party, can not expect turn some lights was totally. Or some the positive critics have the sake or and wants to use this in the spare situation given a point of prize and portability.

Edita: the vendor contacted me and has resolved a situation in mine that the satisfaction would have to give confidence in other buyers to try and view if some accesses of his projector required. Of here updating a description in Neutral.
5 / 5 Bernardina
A Dr..J Mini The projector is by far one of some better projectors has seen.. Of his diverse measure in his capacities of multiple, to good sure pode any gone bad with this projector anything. Some the real dimensions of a projector are 7-51/64" x 6-1/32" x 2-45/64". It IS relatively small compared in some bricks of our past. It resembles 1500 light bulb of lumen has DIRECTED that product the picture significantly that shines, and consumption to be able is maintained in a minimum. Always it has has wanted to is due to the to Cinema likes him his of the quality in my house, and with this Unit, is to well sure totally satisfied.
A quantity of entrances is surprising also, is able to connect in HDMI for 1080p Full HD resolution, in the port of USB, the VGA port so that has a capacity of connection your computer to aim pictures together with other presentations in that can you to it have. I have to say that a consolation to be able to connect multiple devices in this unit and remotely select among them helps to save the times with any presentation can have.
Has comprised in a box will find the Dr..J Mini Projector, Far, HDMI cape, cape of Audio .
Absolutely wants a fact that can connect you your favourite of ready device in this unit.
For users of Apple- will require You a Lightning in HDMI Cape
For users of Android- MHL in HDMI cape.
Wants a Full 1080P full Resolution. This produces calm to give you a capacity vanamente chooses of any one he 4:3 or 16:9 proportion of appearance, which to well sure the help takes one the majority of out of your picture according to a zone of screen of picture/ to measure that has laws with.
A frame only clashes my alcohol.. Crude can that could any never curve in in to to the the theatre likes him his of the picture in my own house..
But Dr. J Has done the once again. I will attach the clip of video of a film "DAY OF THUNDER" which had looked when has connected in the first place this unit. I am totally change with a quality of picture, and that with me using to to the my wall likes him to him the screen. If there is a real screen, was included better. But there is to well sure any complaint here.
After the small flash of a past to look one of mine all time favourite films, pose in a unit so that my familiar and could look in of the pictures of some pasts and reminisce. It IS also to be able to look in photographs with familiar and fellow while seating behind relaxing, so opposite to have them all seat in your shoulder that flavours to see that picture is speaking enough.
More go in some theatres of film for my family, only will take the film of Amazon or Netflixs, and spends a time and saves a money for popcorn.
This unit is quite small in measure, but does not leave his fool to measure you. Some possibilities of this device are without finals. To well sure it was necessary dictates will not be disappointed. Highly it recommends this element for all the world-wide this wants to that quality of theatre of the Film and measure of picture without a concession of theatre of prize of expensive film. You can look films anytime of any day now and enjoy the with all your familiar and friends.
5 / 5 Valerie
That is to say a perfect projector for the estimativa shopper this has the dark room in that can see it film, or in the to to which like him looks it to of them at night. It is not designed for sporty or big cases-video games of detail, but take you behind in an experience of old film when all has not looked digital. Included digitally design it the films are not so the fake when looks the in this screen. My only subject is with a brilliance of an exposure, but does not have the screen, and is using to wall of tan/of clear brown to project in, as I am not that it takes a true experience of a device. Also it has some noise for an adherent, but with the system of his pertinent to match the projector, is not perceivable. It IS highly portable and can be it attached in any tripod regulates for ease to use in half different. Only it wishes a light would be upgradeable, but for a prize, is a better option for any give support in the experience of projector.

Opened Cela have it, is looking in of the screens, but one very-has estimated ones are more expensive that a projector he! I find it cute this wants the screen the expensive plus to take out of a better same picture in an already excellent device.
1 / 5 Jeraldine
A resolution is terrible. It does not buy!! Mina $ 100 mini the projector of the bone of brook produces the picture 10x better! That is to say the piece to crap !
5 / 5 Merrilee
So far it does not have any complaint in this projector. The quality of picture is orders in 84'. ( It measures of my screen) A decription has said was compatible some Bonds to Shoot that it is sure that is to say. I have connected the Roku Streaming the clave those uses one on board USB of a projector. It can a Roku and a video quatity was much more concealed has expected. For a prize this small projector is the add. Another with means a specs was two times a money. Taken my vote all day very time and recommend in any one looking for the compraventa adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Mini Projector, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Arnette
This projector is far better that an another I taken by $ 99 in Amazon. This an in fact has some correct colours. I am not using the screen for him so that it can be it still better. Calm also can limit in your iphone or android and videos of game directly of him, very convenient. I recommend for a value.
5 / 5 Cassey
Only it shares an experience for all the people: I have bought this projector to look films.
My favourite is that I can connect my iphone in this projector directly with the cape of USB, and does not require to buy an extra adapter.
Ploughs an action of point and the Confidence of press in an iPhone, to connect it immediately.
A quality of image is better this has expected, and can see a video without tension enmedio darkness.
A projector has built-in of the speakers, but a quality of the sound is not particularly well, as you would have to consider use an external speaker.
Buying this projector in this prize is very value he.
5 / 5 Kathrine
I have purchased this projector for projects of art to reproduce my Iphone (pictures) in the different surfaces and he are exactly that am looking for. Still I images to see clearly without darking out of some windows ( used the projectors of art of old school)
has had problem to pose up with iphone (mine something hot has not continued) but I emailed service of the client and response with the solution in of the parties of hours! The service of client adds and the value adds for the money is spent! It can not expect begin my projects!
4 / 5 Donnie
For a prize has any queixen, has been surprised by a quality of some videos, that is to say my projector of premier and has taken also a screen for $ 23, in the each very inversion, the only gilipollas does not handle 5.1 his only stereo, as looking you Netflix or firestick the films etc could has to enter his of application in downgrade a sound in original or stereo. My threads has touched PS4, change of Nintendo in the and the flight.
5 / 5 Jaclyn
I have bought this projector to create experience of film with boys. It serves my purpose but any Wow me. In general, for a prize, is the toy adds to entertain family/of boys.

1. Quality of looks of tez really good
2. Brilliance. If you visit lights, is totally acceptable to enjoy films
3. It does not heat up. In difference other projectors these light bulbs to use to be able in big, this small use of the source of projector has DIRECTED so clear, as it does not produce that very heat. I can line a projector while it is been touching for the while. VAL, This point Wow me it small bit.
4. Walk of USB of the supports and ready telephones

1. Acuteness And resolution: it is acute in a zone of head office, but leave the bit blurs out of a centre. That is to say very common for projectors in this field of prize. But for the purpose of film of my boy, is acceptable.
5 / 5 Joan
Before buying this projector, and has had has compared products of almost 30 vendors.
A TOPVISION the projector has the relatively economic prize, and and thinks is easy to spend and is very convenient to look sports and films in some outsides.
How and has bought this projector.
My telephone is Galaxy of Samsung S8, as and necessity to download the APPLICATION 'Ez spear' first, to connect my telephone in this projector directly.
A brilliance is quite 2200 lumens, as it can see it clearly in some half darkness.
A proportion of contrast is 32-176 inches. And it thinks one the majority of comfortable distance is 2.5m and in 90polzades.
Keystone The correction and the house are easy to pose to turn a tone.
The speakers are built in a projector, and a quality of his quite east for me to look films.
In the word, this satisfied projector all my necessities for theatre of house. There is to good sure that this prize is worth it.
Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Marquerite
My daughter is an elementary professor in the small private school in our city. A school has has limited resources and does not have a plus until dating squad. I have ordered this for the room of my daughter. It arrives punctually and it has been packed firmly. It IS externally excited to take it. It says it that has saved it to him his tonnes to write in a joint. Ella hooked until his tlphonique but has had the few subjects that takes the clear picture. Service of call of client and they the fantastic work to say him that to adjust the quality of picture has used the every day from the take and so far everything is acting show adds a projector in his main and school joint and is thinking to purchase serval for his rooms.
5 / 5 Gwyneth
Absolutely surprising ! I want to it ! The law adds with the clave of fire ! Youtube , nextflix , STARZ Etc , all the sample and acts terrific . Highly it recommends . Had the difficulty of bit when trying adjusts a volume only so that I am not any a lot of technology savy . But at the end fixed the and wants to it . Thank you .
5 / 5 Virgilio
And it has been that it wants to buy the projector for the long time. I have researched so projectors and so mush information . At the end some comparisonsand decided to buy easterly unit
HAS first, only takes two days to arrive. A stock exchange has entered a lot of looks the quality and all was very protected. Pose up was very easy. An image is clear and easy to look. An adherent is not strong. A speaker is more concealed has expected. An only negative thing in this projector is an also can down cape. All more is very well, is pleased with this projector.
5 / 5 Shayna
It has Had this less projector that the month. Needless To say, so far so good. His state amazing, at night of film in a backyard, in in experience of cinema of the house. I actuate Included the used the when work. This has been the value of purchase a money.

Top Customer Reviews: Mini Projector, ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
It attaches small projector. It opens When say little I bad the. Cape in the palm of my threads of his hand. It opens That the be has said that this small thing packs the punch. You can take on to 32 television of inch out of of the one of the east and has the sake of the main clear picture while it takes the small blurry. It opens The does not buy the one of is this expects a projector of quality of the then the room come bash this. So that that is to say to surpass all my expectations.

Requires to the dark room likes him the brilliance the level is not also that shines in the clear room. But this has built it place so that any precise to attach speakers also it.

My threads has been thrilled to take it has been with his friends and use the conversor of the power out of his cart attaches of the films of game of the usb device in the cloak draped in three SUV. They have created his own walk in of the films with him.

Some buttons in some upper all has done well but also comes with the far for indirect control.

My threads is happy with his present of the anniversary and I could not be happier.
4 / 5
It take this projector for my five old year, since fulfilling am spent his' that look in a tablet or a television. It IS very happy with him, has been since using the similar one in student. At the beginning you are the small preoccupied, of an image was almost invisible ( was enmedio-the room ignited). Quan Has posed a very next projector in a wall, directed to take the visible image, but blur (could not adjust a lentil). Basically, a light of the projector is not so powerful because of his small measure, so it needs the quite dark room to take the good image. Once I that, could take the same visible picture of several feet has been. A quality is not the sum, but acceptable for boys.

Took it once to do, all was smooth. State using my laptop with a HDMI entered (notes that a HDMI the cape is not comprised), and some videos touch very smooth. It take the video of Youtube durable mid-late, when it has still some light of outside, and is very enjoyable to look. It Likes him that of some turns of projector on and is gone in bren, and that some cards are very responsive. Also it has the built-arrive-parleur with decent volume. I plan to connect he in my Coca of old Raspberry, and has the soyedia canal' in our room of boys.

In general, finds this the projector of fantastic toy, and my threads is has wanted with him!
1 / 5
A resolution in this thing, included when using a HD source via HDMI in the prjimo the field is craps. Besides, he No when being pas able above the 5v/2a source. A manual said the built in supply of faculty with an on / was change. The mine has an on/was change, but that does not do or. A fine impression in a description of product declares that there is no built-in supply of faculty, in spite of a manual saying otherwise...That is entering here? That is to say to announce like the stack projector powered, portable. Although some recoveries of fine impression otherwise, is falsely announced and the cheap product.
5 / 5
This portable projector is the add to find and deserves very applause for a prize in that is being has sold. Easy in setup and some buttons of adjustment are quite easy to manipulate. A projector also ignites weight of claridad.un is too sake. The tez is rigid. The depth by heart is vibrant.Has surrounds speakers of the sound and the calm will not listen never an impulse to go in theatre.Definitely it recommend this projector!

The quality of his and the video is on the dot!!
To well sure the value that buys!
4 / 5
This Laptop Mini the projector is to good sure easy to use. We want films to look the familiar and hooking this up was the breeze. A cord of power in a outlet and our Mate of Fire of the Amazon in a HDMI port in a projector, toggle on in a last main screen and change in HDMI and some boys is able to look fashionable films of screen of the full film anytime wants to. There is the controller what the easiest fact in a dark or there are controls in a cup. While a resolution is down that is to say adds for when has sleep overs. I actuate Included the films looked in a ceiling.

HAS the projector of better resolution but a Meer has his best and has the adherent to the calm plus likes him I any need an external speaker. This projector is so clearer that my another that is heavier and also required to be posed in the tripod with two hook up but this one for the fast hook above those some boys can do everything for them and without the help is better for them. I any one preoccupy me that will fall it so that it is to ignite and calm weight. They only place in the dresser.

Easy hook in
does not need an external speaker
Can be hooked until computers, systems of game, television and included touch our Cambra SD card
Far control

the quality of Picture is down

In general is the decent portable projector
1 / 5
I took hot and has lasted on for 2 then minuets prjimos down for ever
4 / 5
I took me. It IS very easy to pose up and was amused to receive the time of small backyard of film with my friends. It IS the small disappointed that a viewing is is not Widescreen ( was very quare' and opposite besides esctangular'), and a picture is not glass-acute... But you can look the external film with friends and has the time adds. Totally it estimates if you are not trying impress '' any one with your devices of elegant big technology. It has amused only!! :)
5 / 5
Has this element 5 stars because of value for money. It maintains in alcohol, concealed can not buy the $ 40 projector of dollar and expects it to do what the $ 400 projector, as it does not buy the one of is this expects the substitution in your HD television. That is to say the small device has amused concealed is used mostly for my boys. His left wing of premier borrows them his for the trip of the camping and has wanted the, as I have taken the own sound. It runs of micro USB, which are tones ! So that then it can careers with the bank to be able in anywhere.
Is not crisp or crazy brilliant, but is perfect for cartoons and material that does not require to say detail. I want to what this small!
5 / 5
We take this to use in our room of game.
This comes with the far, adapter to be able in , easy instructions and a AV cape.
This was so easy to pose up that my threads of 9 years he he.
He hooked his Xbox one in him so that it can look dvd is and can touch his games of Xbox in supersize.
HAS the aim cloak hanged that project in, but also could use this in any light colored wall.
A thing I really cual in this projector is that a sound is clear and taken much stronger that another has had in a past.
With this does not require to try and hook on some external speakers to listen a film.
This was easy to direct and a picture was brilliant and clear. If has any distortion, only adjust some points of house.
This projector that is robust and all has been supposed in.
Would recommend.
1 / 5
I know that is to say cheap but does not act. A saturation by heart and hammer the quality was so bad in a point wants to launch this in an earth. I have bought this to reproduce my tlphonique but can not see anything another that the blob of image. A quality is to good ancient insurance and I of the that knows that it can see with east. You took you better the regular monitor or inverts in the unit is returned better this craps in the has beaten of heart. If you want to destroy your eyes can buy easterly unit This machine produced also smell and the excessive heat and I have listened that it can explode

Top Customer Reviews: QKK [2020 Upgrade ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jacquiline
As I Write that it takes to revise seriously, is not one to write the interior to revise the few days to buy something. There is had had this unit for the few weeks now and has tried he in the variety of situations.

So many, to the low version of my description is that I am very impressed with a quality and a prize for use of house.

A company is very amiable and earnest signal out of this down $ 100 unit is not designed by PowerPoint presentations, projecting spreadsheets, etc. IS optimised for entertainment.

For example, has parameters to compensate for noisy video, things so that it compress it highly downloaded or streamed videos. There are titles to stress, useful when that look VHS the tapes or the digital copies have done of tape. There are options of his (the effective majority with plugged-in of the speakers) to give the theatre of experience style plus or for video games. There is the mere and effective mechanic keystone correction.

HAS has had projectors on and is gone during ten years. My premier was the surplus Panasonic the commercial model bought of the school where taught after they have changed on in the units have DIRECTED. A sper that shines imaged spoilt me. In $ 150+ for the new light bulb, has not been something I foreseen to maintain use. Later, takings some have DIRECTED EARLY units that did not go never quite that shines to be that it satisfies to look. One was only conscious that too much detail has been lost in some dark places.

That is to say a first unit abordable in the the end, At the end rids the brilliant quite image for my necessities. It maintains that it imports I concealed I am not projecting in a side of the house or one of these inflatable was screens of door. I am projecting an image a measure of the table of cookery in the wall of my house of 1890 was and looks well.

HAS has used cards of camera, clave of USB, HDMI entered and included the small USB powered the walk takes without problem. There is also an option for mini AV entered for things like players of PORTABLE DVD and older camcorders. The capes are has comprised. Also RGB entered by PC older. With the cheap adapter, can limit in some Kindle Fires and other tablets also. He also the work well with Boxes of television.

Some cards are easy in navigate and yes has READ MANUEL will find the richness of tweaks to do a look of image adds.

Has also the very well that tripod identical looks in the photo by name of the mark-written that sells for in $ 25 for his sake!

A far is one of this robust AAA models, any some thin little cell of button a coverage in of the units priced further down. That is to say the clothes of first class for a prize.

The projectors improve, main-animal and more brilliant? Sure. But for a money that is to say our projector at night of the film and fact he darn good work.
3 / 5 Brenton
One when the projector posed up properly rids the decent 800 place of wide pixel. A height is totally dependent in your material of source and Cart is an adjustment of 16x9 or 4x3 works of proportion of the a lot of appearance (mark sure to change he in cart of 16x9). I my testing of 12ft (3.6m) distance,and a resultant picture was quite 132' diagonal (very inner spec). In this distance a room has to be almost totally dark for any details to look. In 70'diagonal (plus or 80 distance' less than screen) a picture is almost reasonable in the just slightly dim room. Each projection has been done in the cloth of blackout of white curtain homemade screen, although the white wall was quite well also

Opens for a nitty gritty details. I have used a Intro Blue Setup exposure of screen to direct a projector and at the beginning could not take all some zones of screen to direct so aimed by pixels of the blurred text or up or fund. An only road to take a whole screen in home is in very exactly adjusts a keystone to take the exposure of rectangular premier. One +/- 15 title the available adjustment is not very a lot, and alas some decrees of real adjustment are road in a projector. A void of the visible adjustment is 1.5' wide but a keystone the trip is only .75' total. It is not bonded in this point, yes try press a tab of adjustment in an end of a void will break it so at the end has done. ( It IS the crowbar of small interior these attractions/of pushes in the small nub in the Fresnel slow).
Some 15 titles are quite exactly what a ray of the adjustment of small height give you. Elevating it more can take external a keysone field of the adjustment and the calm can not be able to take uniform acuteness. Alas a ray of adjustment is centred physically in a projector, but that is not his centre of mass. The tan when high the some games of projector slightly in some rights and can has to shim he in this side.

Uses a mountain of tripod, conscious when being that a tripod has distributed has the 0.57' long nut, while a projector only has the 0.22' deep hole. While a hole IS metal , flavour to ray in a tripod all a road will result in breaking in a fund of exposure projector.an is very wobbly with a tripod.
A noise of the adherent is not too bad, but definitively perceivable. I have measured he in 41 dBA, 44dBC of 3 ft has been. Abundance of volume of a speaker only to fill the big room.
The smallest discrepancies: Advertising 50000 Manuel of hours of light bulb 40000 hours.
A Road of Picture for default is posed in Regular Road. This provides issues it too emphasis and results in of the very visible aims haloes around all the objects. Has some better results to go Subjects of USER and adjusting how follows: Contrast 45, Brilliance 55, Colour 60 (the green is feeble suggests to go in Temperature by heart, and poses in User and posing Green in 60 ), Acuteness 30 (50 is a default).
In spite of a literature that says it can touch files of GRANDFATHER, has GRANDFATHER the files have generated camera of peel of pinch, that a projector could not handle saying 'unsupported formed'. All other formats have looked for quite be has handled well, and MKV and MP4 the files have touched smoother in this projector that was in the television of Samsung.
A show of slide of the photo even so it is slow and some transitions are very choppy. Any option for musician of backdrop or period of slide.
Quan Selecting elements to touch, goes dulcemente, a cursor takes the moment to take up. Also careful when being very to use a good button to touch (is more used to build the playlist). Calm once find an element to touch, uses a button of GAME, otherwise a projector only will touch all some paste of elements VAL in anteriorly.

Surrounds that is to say the very fun toy , which when adjusted properly, can give the decent picture in the reasonably darkened room (does not have to be totally dark). Justo whose press a Keystone the hard crowbar or ray in a tripod all a road.

3/17 Edits. A function of looks of photo to have the limit in of the numbers of photos in the directory. If calm whose voice all your pictures, divide them in many sub directories
5 / 5 Calvin
First of all look for it the second projector like the backside up and found easterly unit As I have decided to give that it come from it. I have been surprised to take it 2 sail was scheduled to arrive. When being that this projector is very small and compact has been surprised is quality of tez as well as his and quality of picture. I use the bar of his for my audio but to adjust some parameters in your like you can take some sound of quality of such the small projector. I use to 120 screen of inch for my projectors and is very pleased with a quality of picture. It opens For my only negative in this projector...The tripod has comprised. Opened has read it revises on that another has had subjects with him breaking but that does not go my subject. The mine took it to seat properly. He only looked to want to behind or in a left wing or same right after I have used a change in prjimo. It opens to Use the support of laptop for my projectors so honestly very precise to use it. If you can go through big a tripod that this projector is an amazing element since you. Eye advances in for hours of films and gaming in east unit
5 / 5 Gertie
This projector am adds! I use these in Halloween to project images in some windows of house. A sound is very good. Has HDMI cape that pode in player of DVD, portable or boxes of cape. Has the good image. Tried hurriedly in wall of room. I Like him his of a small measure and a fact has the far.
5 / 5 Alice
He been that it wants to take the projector for some time but has had the hard time that decides in or. I am happy concealed decided in easterly unit A point of prize am adds. A unit comes with capes, an adjustable support, and the far. Setup IS easy (once give had the clear coverage in a lentil!). I hooked he until my tlphonique and was able to see alive sporty cases that looked in my telephone. After a game was on I hooked he until the player of DVD and my boys have looked frozen and was able to operate a machine, and has directed madman when objective he in a ceiling while it poses in a fund these looks.
5 / 5 Tamera
I in that looked the the film still and will update with more but has tried was and compare he in my old projector of a tent of discovery. This projector is upper in that or in the each road a picture is better and main road a sound is very could use some the semi-detached bass but could listen it 2 fuera.el of rooms the adherent is very calm and although it is dimmed significantly clearly can see that it is entering in a screen with a clear on. A tripod is well for free and robust quite if you are not to wobble a table is on. I think and I need the screen to do a justice of pictures. But it looks he likes him is the projector of adds backyard of the film and will update once tries for that. Update: at the end it has taken weekend of outside in the daytime the monument and he utmost has taken it pvc screen with the black back and has taken pictures of almost dark in the full darkness was the full moon also. A camera one is only to aim that well looks in dark with included he dimly the film has ignited.
5 / 5 Gianna
That is to say my projector of premier of any class. I have purchased this in an amazon flashes the sale and I are so happy has done! It comes with a hdmi cord, the tripod... All the right of precise project out of a box. My boys can not take quite a lot of nights of film! Usually I project in the white wall besides or 14 feet less was and an image is enormous... It IS also salvation-def... An on-the speaker of joint gives out of his add, if that is to say everything has, but I usually hook he in my surround his setup for this effect of theatre. You are able to adjust all some qualities of a picture, brilliance, colour, dye, acute, contrast... And a measure... I want to it! It buys this again!
5 / 5 Ok
Desprs Purchasing this projector, my viewing of film has been taken in a next level. Obviously, you go to spend 8 or 9 dollars of hundred, then take the better image. But for a prize and paid for east, I couldnt questions the best, more than shine, or the picture clear plus. I want a mountain of tripod, which are that and used it (big mobility) for the moment, but trace from my ceiling and could not be happier. A sound was easily wired in mine stereo, and a picture has been wired in mine XBOX ONE via HDMI. I am so happy with this compraventa.
1 / 5 Shondra
I Like him his of a prize. It researches to be bundled well, closely, complete. I disturbed This fails out of a box. I unwrapped the, has inserted two, fully-touched AAA stacks (has not comprised) in a far control, plugged in a cape to be able in (the green has DIRECTED ignited, aiming beat), and has pressed a button of power in a projector of premier and a second of far control. At all spend it. I troubleshot a whole and complete device setup. Any luck. Same result. Initial observations: this projector is cheap, as takings that decrees of paid. Some looks of plastic case and when being thin and fragile. A colour is chalky, milky aim. A seams of one yearns it the case of shell am loose in of the places and uneven throughout. The look of parts to be moving and rattling inner. I can not say if this contributes in a problem of device, but contributes purchased to to the cheap and expensive hardware likes him of a The PROFESSIONAL, would attribute some noises in the cheap creation, loose and manufacture, any one has broken separates. But, I can not be sure. A far is basic. Some looks of robust support. The basic capes are comprised, although other capes and the adapters will be required to ensure connectivity of maximum/compatibility with hardware quite common. Some thorough investigation that considers entrance, beginning, type of device, etc., In front paid for adapters and conversores, sources of means comunicacionales, type, and storage. A documentation is complete and hilariously scripture, probably for a Chinese in English of Google Translates application. There is a lot, redundant mentions in a documentation quite so to contact the 24/7 email of a lean company and support of Amazon. I have contacted support of first Amazon, saw cat, which was supremely and quite predictable. I Amazon has said totally behind in my problem, thoroughly documenting mine troubleshooting no, and the support of Amazon asked me questions already answered, and provided me council that was already conscious of. After it conceal, you are informed in a vendor/of manufacturer for remedy. I have contacted a vendor/of manufacturer saw his contact info in Amazon and separately for an allocution of email has listed on absolutely each piece of paper in a box, in an outside of a box, and included one adhesive these wineries an enclosed box. I have been ensured by Amazon that would listen by behind a vendor/of manufacturer in 12 hours. It IS state more concealed 24 hours now, and still has any response behind. It IS the weekend ; even so, as my expectations were already down. It asks the unit of substitution and ship of tower of a defective a through Amazon, so since is trusting self (automated) assistance to rectify a problem, this can count why has any vendor/of clues of manufacturer up since. Once I take the working unit , is happy to update my description.

UPDATE: take the projector of substitution. A box was anteriorly open and an interior of the elements handled and has used. The parts suffer harm. They comprise: a support, a case, and a wheel of adjustment of the lentil. I have contacted so Amazon and QKK again saws cat and email. Both have answered quickly. I am returning a second, it fraction/of the projector used and taking the full repayment. I have been said by QKK that shipping these projectors in some original boxes, without additional packaging, is resulting in the elements fallen, broke; concretely, a lentil. It can be a reason for supplies to be able has failed also. I can not be sure. A second used/the projector of substitution broke done for me. Even so, besides a harm, has several remarkable problems. In the first place, an upper-left region of an exposure does not direct never properly. This could be adjustment and lentils have to of harm of lentils of wheel in sending. It dresses other complaints in this problem to direct in a lot other bad descriptions. Segundo, one HDMI the connection/of cape is unreliable. I have used this projector with Dell portable newer (XPS 13 and one Inspiron 7000 2-in-1). This projector never reliably connected in any one without being able in-cycling a projector and/or a laptop, toggling a view, apresamiento and reinserting one HDMI final of capes, animal-that selects a source, etc. A light is very dim, an image pixelates sensibly in around 12 feet, and half comunicacionales to touch (pictures and video) of one SD card or clave of USB (or sources another that one HDMI) is basically useless. You are failed to touch of Tablet of mine of Android (Lenovo Tab 4 8'), my telephone of Android (Motorbike of Motorola x4), or iPhone of my woman 7, included with some pertinent connectors. A support is flimsy and difficult to adjust. My supposition is that the slope used yes for hours, continues to slip out of alignment. And, like the irritation of premiums, the far control of a projector has tried operate (unsuccessfully) mine TCL 55S405 Roku television in my room, where posed in this cheap device. It say of another way,, a far operates in a same frequency like other devices. Like this, I can not recommend this projector excepts to say, does not buy unit
1 / 5 Anastasia
I have bought a qkk mini projector and I amour that shipped it hurriedly and was abordable, even so, a quality of the image is not well. I have verified some descriptions before and after I bought it and all the world said that his images are well or utmost. My problem is when a projector is aiming any image in 70 inches (diagonally) some verges stay blurry any subject that changed. I have tried included the different hdmi cape. He at all fixed the. I have called service of client of the Amazon to see yes could help but all his suggestions yield a same result like my original problem, a centre of an image is well but some verges is supremely blurry. Please it to the left know me has the defective product while I will return it and repurchase it. Even so, if it does not have any assistance will be necessary returns it and purchase the different unit

Top Customer Reviews: Mini Projector 2019 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Leeanna
The left wing is for earnest be, is expecting the $ 65 was-projector to mark to be quality of acute cinema and quite brilliant in easily of clock in the room with some lights on is not when being realistic in a slightest. So that it is this small unit ? Well, it is the fantastic soyovie night' projector for the meeting of familiar and friends in an amazing prize, but will require to do sure has the very dark room (or is very dark external is having a party of external viewing) and also will require in any when being no the snob of pixel, walking until a screen and the signal was 'eww, can see some pixels . Yes, it can see some pixels on Anything if volume quite near.

Well, like the description said 1080p right? Yes, well these ways can TOUCH it 1080p contained of the microSD card or walk of USB, does not mean that some interns LCDs is 1920x1080 pixels in resolution. He that bad concealed is not to estimate a prize? Absolutely it is. You dare you to try to find the projector with a REAL 1080p LCD for less than $ 300 (in a very low end). That way is that the precise calm in the cold was and accept that your small $ 65 any projector goes to be so acute likes him ones in a theatre of film. Very think it would be it??

Does not know enough you but always look forward to take films in bluray after I have seen the in a theatre so that it included a theatre some (cual TENS of costs OF THOUSANDS of dollars) is nowhere approaches so acute and he bluray in the television has DIRECTED decent, but know which marks fresh? Looking he in the ENORMOUS screen! So it chooses this small thing up also can take the $ 20 screen of projector here in Amazon and has your very own house cinema for the best under the hundred bucks. This thing is easy to use, reliable, acute (for a resolution is able of), and quite a lot of abundance that shines in the dark room.

- Cheap
- the long life to light bulb headed to prevents FOCUSED sper light bulbs of expensive halogen
- tiny and easy to spend
- has the tripod 1/4' nut in a fund for easy mountain
- has microSD, USB, VGA, HDMI, etc...
- USB Can Chromecast, only can limit in USB and HDMI and has it streaming cinema to house
- a lot of far works
- vain to be able up in ready in sake down 10 funds of second

- you will not be looking he in the brilliant room, a darkness more a better
- 800x480 resolution (only is not the snob of pixel)
- the manual is in chinglish and very scarce (but use your brain and the imagine was, is easy)
5 / 5 Malcolm
I attach little projector!! There was quite 3 month and used it quite 20 times. Perfecto for our external films, some boys the flight!! State that recommends this machine all over the world in my neighbourhood! Easy tan to use!! The quality of picture is sum!!
5 / 5 Mayola
I have purchased this projector of video to organise the game of surprise in the evening of anniversary, connecting he in a PC direct to project a game in the ways of Brain and leaves all the half world, thanks to an excellent brilliance, having the plot of entertainment. Besides, some days of follower tried it to see some films to connect he in a PC, the pose included the small under the tension in of the conditions of not completing the shadow and he still looks to maintain quality of image, obviously when some lights are has been / in a dark a quality is to good sure main and exhales a maximum potential. That can say, is satisfied really with a compraventa, a projector also looks well in of the materials.
The product adds, time of excellent punctual delivery, highly recommended also for a proportion / of prize of the quality.
5 / 5 Rhiannon
Only it take it very sure in a gaming still but has looked films night and day and a quality is fantastic! And I have to say it does not have black out of the curtains and in the have any problem that the voice at all to take the sound has to take Dolby digital surrounds the sound was and the turn in pcm law for us without problems
5 / 5 Natacha
I have purchased this product in storing the little the mark of days. My house is not very big, so spatial is limited. It was in a piece for the television, but the east was so much less expensive and more than the spatial saver, chosen to choose this up. Still with my light of room on, still can see a picture, although, would recommend lit up VERY minimum. Some speakers are well . At most the volume is able to listen he in my cauldron of old way. One measures of the picture is perfect for any big that my room is. I plan on buying a plus for my chamber in some point. A quality of picture is better that any television has not seen never.
1 / 5 Magaly
( Read in an end for an update)
If some roads is in sake for some when being the probably is. I can not say anything in a quality of picture or characteristic so that apparently I need to be the contortionist to use a far. Literally I need to aim directly in a sensor that is difficult when has big mountain in a wall. That is to say the idea that the shines was in 1. It poses a sensor in a backside of a machine and 2. It marks A far signal that it is so freaking toneless is practically useless. To cry out of our strong Roku far works anywhere in a house and I know this so that in in to to my boys likes him to them the link the his Roku to explode and change a canal on me. I have used to to take produced of quality of Amazon but any anymore. Learn my lesson. Will have no more purchase of me. As it ails to waste the money on craps products. And it is difficult for me to return anything because of my hours of work and there is not anyplace afterwards to take turns to be mailed.

UPDATE: A company contacted me and excusado routed the new far and no any difference. I have had still of the contortionist to take he in just a right angle. Also, in the each email tried in failure me to change my description. Saying me was his first work and if I have not changed my description has been shot and he very precise that laws. I said me they I partially reembolsa my money ( says it would exit his own pocket). More manipulation yay. The May HAS SEEN to say me his refunded. I have informed the in amazon for inappropriately tries cogerprpers to change my description but never listened behind Amazon.
5 / 5 Delores
Good works. It IS the very compact, clear projector and would do well for trip, camping trips, or to project the external films for nights of outsides of familiar film. Fast sending and is arrived a day after I ordered it. Happy with a quality for a prize.
5 / 5 Jennefer
These products is well . It was the smallest plot thant has expected, and stronger also, but a problem of noise is fixed easily when is looking somtthing. To answer some questions; you go to require lighting it hdmi cord to broadcast of your iPhone, and paste 'confidence' when you are has asked. A port of USB is not for telephones, is simply to flash walks. Yes, I recommend this product, because of a measure of screen, prize, and measure of a real projector.
5 / 5 Norbert
There is has wanted the projector for the long time, after thinking the plot and, returning several times, and look in of the thousands and of the thousands, east of chosen one, and was a more could do. I do not want to invert the plot of money in him in an end did not use it or anything, and in an end has decided in this data a low prize (to be the projector is sper cheap).

IS VERY HAPPY with him, did not expect it to be also, is tiny but bully, some looks of image pearls, can be adjusted while it wants to. It IS very intuitive to use, not even used some instructions that is coming so that a lot it is very easy to use. Considering some marks of noise, not even remark it when is looking the film or series. Has for HDMI (comes a cape), and also for VGA.

Undoubtedly one of a compraventa better of a year, in to the the chair likes him is in of some films in my own house, is the real hoot, and my friends are blown was when see it, incredible and 100% very recommended.
5 / 5 Tonja
Sper Wants this projector. We take it to us to have some nights of fun film In of the weekends. My boys the too much flight. A picture is clear. Still with our external light on, this picture is still very vibrant. It IS also well for external party. Calm think you would be necessary has it an experience equally adds with this product.

Top Customer Reviews: Mini Projector - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Royce
It has to that expect to rid the scientific presentation in the room of conference with this projector? The no. would owe that invest more than $ 75 loves people to take you seriously.

To the equal that can see, has the theatre of film of house of projector setup and has created a half possible I better can thus little type. A screen of projection of big quality, at night time, the room lights very small on. And it is watchable. It is not the 4K projector of cinema... But it is also less than $ 70! Like reason buy this? I have bought this reason do not have the portable projector can take with me camping or look the film in a backyard with some boys. It is a lot quite and a built-in the speaker is quite strong. As it does not import that it is not a better projector. It is not supposition to be. It supposes to be portanle, available, and seeds-disposable.
4 / 5 Aja
Has bought the projector in Costco done several years partorisca around $ 500 and this a better east. No attended 4K the quality but is quite good. It takes a work done and there is HDMI vga and entrances of USB and comes with the far. It was quite quickly to dip up and run legislation out of a box and is small and light weight like that can spend to an office.
4 / 5 Jarred
Originally Orderly so only to connect to a telephone but after connecting a Firestick directly his could not believe a quality adds has. Projected he in my room of girls and plenaries on a wall learns any need to buy an expensive TV. Some the small speakers in him am strong also very precise to connect an external speaker unless you want to surrounds sound. To good sure recommend buy the
4 / 5 Inge
was súper easy to setup and begin. I am using a Chrome clave. A built in the speaker has not gone quite strong for me like this the hook has had to on the little portable speaker and concealed has done a trick. A clarity is so only “well,” but am not too picky. I have used a wheel to regulate a clarity and there is remarked has had to direct any upper average or an inferior half of a picture. Alive in the brilliant loft and can not use a projector during a day. It has to that be quite black of the yours to take a better picture. Of then I only clock TV at night, this is not the question for me. But no attended to see a lot the picture during a day. In general I am happy with this projector but are not picky. I do not think never I will buy another TV again. Ossia Quite awesome.

Update: I have bought the second stops of projector . If it calls Projector APEMAN Mini Projector of Video 4000 Lumen 1080p the lean Portable data FOCUSED 50000 Hrs with Dual Built-in Support of Speakers HDMI/TF/USB/RCA, Clave/of television of the Laptop/iOS/Android for Film of House[2019 Model]. Had any discernible difference among some two qualities of picture. As I am returned a Apeman and has bought another 2400 Lux for a chamber.
4 / 5 Lakiesha
In general, this is to be buy for my gallery to touch a intro video in a footpath durring the ours hours of evening, and stuido chance. The works perfect for that!

-Easy to use options of toe of the Dimension
-Capacity to direct, with manal dial.
-Of the discharges of lentil to protect a lentil, attached with the strechy cord.
- Far control.
-Each side of a projector has the receptor of READER of far control IDO.
-Punctual to use out of a box, any subjects of software.
-The unit of projector has come with cords of audio, HDMI boss, cord to be able to
-Keys in diagrams, means calm does not need the far to operate this unit of projector
-Any Overheating! This projector is fresh very better , then another compareable projectors in a phase. Some sacrifice has been done with him when being slightly stronger- think so strong like the defender of computer.

Gilipollas: Any enough to jump the star.
-My main failure with this projector is that a house has to that be spent in totally, before one covers of the lentil can be dipped on. Like this less facilitated for portability.
-Any battery for far. It has had to exit and buy some before it was able to use, does not treat it big.
-In a paper of source, an outline to select options of the source is not easily chooses on on. Some flanges result wry, at all is underlined. (Súper nitpicky Of me).
4 / 5 Kathline
Does a bit those that years, has bought my ex the mark of projector of hammer of the name partorisca in $ 300. This one resupplies the image of better quality for the fraction of a cost. They are not it adds with the technology but I have had any question that follows some instructions to connect to mine portable. Film of look in of the minutes. A screen brightness necessitates the dark room (or alfresco) but works well with both animation and alive action. It is crisp enough for subtitle reading, the web that explores or PowerPoint presenting. Alive in the small paving and find this to be very spatial effective: the law adds in my wall and ceiling. I will not buy never the TV or film of clock in mine portable again. Highly it recommends this mini projector.
4 / 5 Dorie
A projector is small and does not take on upper of spatial, and a workmanship is a lot well. A picture is very clear. A prize is also economic. To to my daughter likes of a lot of and will not hurt his eyes. I have bought to surround it also his and has linked a projector to use. It recommends it to the partner.
5 / 5 Maren
Has been choosing it on Amazon. After comparing he for three days, has chosen finally this HOMPOW projector. Because of a same action, but a prize is more economic, and there is well after-service of sales, a vendor is a lot of patient to solve my question, does not concern . After-question of sales.
This projector has treated better at night, has tried this in three different rooms in home, looking shows of television and touching Wii games. It is so only 3 pounds, is easy to move, still considers to travel with him. A same time, there is remarked also that he no overheat likes some of some more expensive projectors use to have. A quality of his and the volume is very good. Quell'Active big the requirements for qualities of his can connect to the speaker of big quality. It is more convenient that use in of the smallest rooms. Easy to regulate, so only regulate a distance of projection, then turn a coverage of adjustment, is very simple to take the clear picture. And there is @@@knob in a fund that can unscrew you to regulate a height forward. The sum he on, is the a lot recommended entrance -projector of level.
4 / 5 Tad
This product is exactly to the equal that has announced. Any piece of state power. A brightness is well for any slightly dim half. A level of his exceptional east. To good sure able to listen to the film in a backyard. Slightly difficult to read text but add for film and PowerPoint presentations. Any adjustment of volume in a projector, has to use a far.
5 / 5 Nobuko
Has taken this for Rick & Morty celebrates im having and has loved to be able to project a cartoon in some wall. A device is easy to use, can use a SD paper, USB or HDMI for a video. I have tried he with the walk of USB, and there is not any question that reads a walk and touching was the. Also it touches a clip prójimo with which a prime minister one has finalised, which are adds. It comes with all precise run he out of a box.
For a value and a compactness ossia the add compraventa.
PS The Hips has the port to Be able to of the USB, no law or game of him, but load, as has the clave of fire or ruko work also.

Top Customer Reviews: Mini Projector, ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Diedre
I have bought this projector with an intention to have he in the room of my threads wants films of Disney of the look.. As you Can see in some pictures , a quality of an image is surprising. A quality of picture is very same in to the big light likes him the view in some of some pictures.. Of course without light or down ignites a quality of picture is in better. Ones pose of projector out of low noise, a follower to cool is well and the calm has had other projectors that was very noisy, the witch he troubling when is trying enjoys the film. But this projector is spent of the calm witch enjoys a film. Some speakers in this projector are more than only.. It IS well and strong. With the clear sound does not sound bad in max volume like other projectors. Calm also have an option to connect in the bar of his for quality of his best. One measures of this projector is very convenient. Petit And slender almost a measure or your hand, that is to say impressive. I have compared a projector in a clave of fire of the far Amazon and aimed in of the pictures. On everything is very happy with purchase of mine and I highly recommend this APEMAN mini projector.. Well it estimates your money.
5 / 5 Estrella
Before buying this projector had researched so much and my cape has turned prende to mince,

This one was a laureate so that it returns my estimativa, is coming with all some capes have required for the pose up and also has the house of lentil.

An element is arrived much more early concealed expected (plus or 4 earlier days less) so that it was adds.
Has hooked in my player of DVD, PS4, Xbox One, my Samsung S8+ tlphonique and a Tablet of Fire of the Amazon until him and all has had the picture adds in them. Has wanted to all of consoles of mine of game that use a projector. Had any lag the time and I could see Each much faster that in the 42 television of screen of inch.
In general was pleasantly surprised with a capacity is of this projector. Easy in setup and the use and the quality of picture is excellent also. It comes with just in the each cape or cape of adapter to connect he in a majority of elements will connect in and a case comes with this quite very done to protect your inversion. I expect that you gave you quite information to do the most informed decision.
5 / 5 Jane
I want to share my experience to use this portable projector. First- is portable- the compact half measures, very light. I have bought personally for 2 reasons - to use home- sometimes is good to look a film in of the embeds- and the portable projector is the good idea - does not want to something permanent in my fourth that it television or projector. Also well for yoga of practice, and meditation- marks a lot of relaxing effect of video in a wall. Second reason IS presentations in student for boys.(I follows the professor)
has Tried once for now. I can say that it is well. My students is almost fallen. But and you are not preoccupied mass. That is to say very abordable and any one expensive projector. Very mobile and flexible in setup almost everywhere. I know that the quality is not that clear as it can be what maximum expensive versions, but the laws add for category of projectors abordables and portable.
Once sews- does not forget to take cape for hdmi or for computer or for a telephone. It IS necessary and he the very done easier to use.
5 / 5 Drema
Has my premier small old projector 1600 luminous works are, has tried a second with better configs likes 3500 Luminous and resolution 1080, of predominately the use isolates so included is lower that 1280 but is well for me to give tries it. A result is happy for his clear and acute.
To to which likes him to of him/the aversion for this projector is:
1. It is not so mini while I have expected but has a better result compares in my premier one in almost of field of same prize. During 1 year of time-improvement of technology, thinks that is decent. I have to buy two AAA stacks and an iPhone in HDMI cape, a cost is down 16. This cape has an USB to connect projector for touch tlphonique. Somehow, has the time takes to do a work of cape in beginning. It is aiming to limit and the use on protects, but any key to press to go in very game. Therefore I have tried on and it was but still no. As it ceases Youtube, and find line my telephone in horizontal road then laws. So far still it was not that and as but trust me law.
2. I any one precise to adjust anything cual my old projector. If you want still it can it contrast it/by heart brilliant/ adjusts.
3. A distance to the project is not in how another concealed required in 4 feet for the clear image. Of course, a main image will require the longest distance. Any need the screen, the plant melts and project in a ceiling then takes a plus or 150 less' and very fresh for look in of the embeds.
4. A far control has decent measure with cards for easy to identify them. I not having expsito as to choose sources of entrance in a far control but uses a house in a projector.
5. It comes with the coverage of the lentil has attached.
6. A projector is noise if it is like the does not touch anything; his level compared included in another supposition of unit is coming from an adherent.
In all the case is not the person of the technology only gives what my personal feeling. On everything, like me for of a less spatial requisite, easy installs, and the majority of acute image. I have tried with projecting in of the pieces of furniture in the big familiar room (plus or 15 distance' less), an image is of ceiling in glorious work, less bad. In me, it is my theatre of house without installing a screen of projector, very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Susana
I am touching this house of projector. That is to say for my boys to be happy. That is to say the compraventa very good . In the first place, a container arrives punctually and is firmly bundled. I have bought this with the screen of 120 inches. But I the just game with 50 inches is very mere. A direction is clear. I am using a fire of bonds of Amazon to limit in a HDMI void in a backside of a projector. An image is very acute and easy to direct. We begin to look a film in a table, but still can see he without any problems. An only problem founds was that had any connection of hotspot in mine tlphonique to touch a video. I think that that this can be the problem in my parameters in a company of mobile phone. I will try to resolve this problem later. I can touch the films in Disney and Amazon Prepare films without any problems. As I think that that that is to say only the problem for my undertaken of mobile phone.
5 / 5 Lurline
This projector am adds! It uses these in action of graces to project images in a house. A sound is very good. Has HDMI cape that pode p lug in player of DVD, portable or boxes of cape. Has the good image. Has port of USB and SD void of card for playback of film, musician, or files of image of the clave of USB or SD card. I want this projector !
5 / 5 Paulette
I bought it predominately to leave my clock of show of boy and points of educational cartoons to be able in.

Has looked for the costde the down good projector. I am happy with easterly unit An image is quite brilliant to be clearly visible in the very ignited room. A room where touches the projector has the bouquet of fluorescent lights all controlled by or changes, as it is or everything on or all was. An image of this projector is well.

A resolution in of the this is only SVGA, but that it is well of abundance for me. Mostly I slide of show with pictures. They look very clear and diverse. Occasionally it aims the few lines of text, is very clear. I have tried only touching that it projects the video and that also looked well. Oh, perhaps it have to say that I have been predominately using a HDMI cape. I have tried also he with the cape of the monitor regulates proportionate and has not remarked any difference. It takes the bouquet of different capes, has not tried very another. One another thing has to mention is that I need to find the good zoom in the distances then any precise in a forward of desktop and behind.
5 / 5 Roxanna
In general, a projector is commendable.
Last night, has used this projector to look my work of favourite Korean. I have connected my computer with a HDMI cape. After a cord to be able in the be go connected in my socket, has pressed a button to be able in and was the blurry picture. Then I have adjusted manually a distance of a projection, and a picture resulted much clearer in a flash. And a sound is relatively crisp, although it is not a enjoyable quality, at least can the be has listened.
Besides, an appearance of a projector is very delicate, like this way, in general, value for my money.
5 / 5 Antionette
It can any one when being any happier with this projector! The quality adds in an amazing prize. The law adds connected in the computer, Xbox, and included my iPhone. He no lag and a speaker in a projector is quite well. Any same I need to connect he in another speaker while looking the show. It IS very intuitive and a far the easiest fact to do with and the figure was. A resolution is surprising; almost look it a HD the television and can see brilliant colours. You can adjust an image plants a projector in an angle like the always looks symmetric. It does not waste your money in another overpriced projectors. Calm any one lament this compraventa!
5 / 5 Stephenie
He been that it wants to take the projector for some time but has had the hard time that decides in or. I am happy concealed decided in easterly unit A point of prize am adds. A unit comes with capes, an adjustable support, and the far. Setup IS easy (once give had the clear coverage in a lentil!). I hooked he until my tlphonique and was able to see alive sporty cases that looked in my telephone. After a game was on I hooked he until the player of DVD and my boys have looked frozen and was able to operate a machine, and has directed madman when objective he in a ceiling while it poses in a fund these looks.

Top Customer Reviews: GooDee Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Sofia
Colour: Blue has bought this projector because I paint on cloth and has wanted to be able to project images to a cloth. This projector in fact does a lot well, and a picture is clear, but has to that be like this far behind for that to in fact spend. If it is near of anything is projecting to, there is not the way to do a clear picture. I create, I have tried, and I have not imagined out of the way to maintain the picture the small plus to be blurred. Some cloths paint on is generally small- 11 x 14, 12 x 12, etc. no well to project in these measures or included smaller reasons a projector has to that be more afterwards to a cloth that leaves for the clear picture. I have not tried anything big still, but creates it would project amiably to the 16 x 20 cloth or main. It projects really amiably to a ceiling. They are happy bought it, so only the bit there is disappointed that I will have to look for another projector that can project pictures to measure smaller better.
5 / 5 Dewayne
Colour: Yellow A projector has bought them surprised reasons is very small and pleasant, and that it is more, is useful. I have wanted always buy the projector to look film in my chamber, has compared them the plot of different projectors with different frames and of the different prizes on Amazon, and finally has chosen them one in this tent and in his prize, is the subject real for me. After receiving and using it, thinks them are add, fully satisfied my need to enjoy film in my fourth at night.
4 / 5 Myra
Colour: Yellow Ossia the laptop mini projector of hammer. It is a lot handy, very done and súper portable. It is not any much bigger that 2 big mobile phones stacked up. One covers and the game does to use east devises easy same for an any computer savvy consumer. If you can use TY can use you this projector with ease. It comes with the far and easy control to use the key has built to a devise. A control of home is a lot of fact and legislation where calm require it doing directing easy.
My edges has alleged this for his own. He hooked he until his Playstation and projects it on his ceiling of fourth and touches his games in general screen of measure of the ceiling. Really fresh!
4 / 5 Brittney
Colour: Blue All does add thus prize. Laptop/of game of computer and discharges so only. But for iPad/of iPhone taken awhile to imagine it was. You will require a lightning-hdmi adapter to take a screen to a projector.
5 / 5 Sun
Colour: Blue Required something to look video in my room and has not wanted to buy another TV. This projector is light, adds for his prize and quite small which is the plus .
4 / 5 Ludie
Colour: Blue Ossia SÚPER easy to use. A lot it cover it and I play it and calm does not have to that spend too much reading of time in instructions. That I amour. This is to use mainly for our boys in his playroom. Hook of knots up there transmission of Nintendo his and then a screen is touching of this big then the life and they love it. It likes him the touch in the mini theatre of film. When we Are to do a projector is very small likes he easy to store. Another plus. If you are looking for something concealed is easy and compress this projector would be the good party for you.
4 / 5 Bobbye
Colour: Yellow I amour this thing. So much the used to spend around the main projector for old touch dreamcast games on but now have this thing. It is súper small likes 1/3 a measure of mine dreamcast and has is adapted little speaker and inner battery. When you unplug A projector takes the little dim but only maintenances the bank to be able to plugged in when you use it. This looks so more lustrous that spending was one of these giants of bulky projectors. In general for a prize this is surprising, can be more brilliant and more acute but for less than $100 ossia that the projector adds the will not cry roughly the lose it or the pause.
5 / 5 Clay
Colour: Yellow has used this for entertainment of small class and is really convenient. It can read photo, song and files of video so only of a walk of USB. It is embedded with the speaker and of the wine with the far control. I do not owe that spend the laptop, bosses or the even speaker. Of course it has other methods of available entrance, although I prefer a walk of USB simpler.
A better projection is in a measure of the screen of television that access for my use. The main measure would require a trade was for a brightness and a house.
Would say that it is more to use grupal small more than this ‘theatre' purpose.
4 / 5 Rhea
Colour: Blue has bought this to look film, specifically of your telephone, not annoying for the million reasons! In the first place— it takes roughly 45 cords and spent so only for the take to do with the telephone— requires a projector plugged in, then require the lightning HDMI adapter (SOLD FOR SEPARATE), then require a HDMI, THENNN need the telephone uploads covers it To the ADAPTER and then when it can outlet. To the left repeat me HDMI the adapter also needs the source to be able to plugged his. For a calm time all of of the this, is no longer small and is the disaster of cords.

Like this then, once finally have this whole situation has imagined was (if you are quite lucky to imagine it was), here is a kicker—The DOESNT SUSTAIN STREAMING OF VIDEO. A second connect your telephone while touching of your provider of boss or Netflix, has said that register of the screen is not permitted and will not TOUCH in your device.

And finally, a quality so only sucks. To to The Smells likes him-the something is burning when it is running and had it so only on for the pocolos small. When I have had any class of the image in a screen was a lot of dimly lit and a quality of picture was terrible. Read some other descriptions and they will adapt, has to been in the tone black room and a lot near of a wall or the screen are by train of the project that maintain to know is impossible reason has to that be plugged in the the million cords the same work in a first place.

Really expect these helps of description more the one who was compraventa for a same thing I this is not that has produced.
4 / 5 Sachiko
Colour: Blue A mini the projector looks pleasant, think that the boys will love it. It is light weighted, is convenient to spend around. It can touch directly of MicroSD paper and walk of USB also. The any needs covers it to a computer to look my camera has has registered video. If you are looking for big resolution for film or presentation etc, calm certainly wants to spend more money for an expensive a like this some professionals. If calm so only want cartoon of game for boys or films of shows of clock (any in big definition, an image still quite clear), is perfect.

Top Customer Reviews: Projector, GooDee ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Shayla
I want this projector. Wow, This projector really surprise me! Opened Can it setup my theatre of house. An exposure is very clear, brilliant and acute. I have connected he with my box of television of the Android and law perfectly! An exposure is that it impresses especially in a dark room! I am by train to use it to look film almost nightly.
5 / 5 Jeanne
I actuate Always you want the good projector with characteristic excellent that will be adapted for entertainment of house. So much, it was advance and has ordered this GooDee projector, and all can say is excellent! The May HAS BEEN so happier in my life. This projector has surpassed my expectations with his characteristics of surprise. An installation was quite easy so that any time there has been arrive and race. That is to say when arrived in me concealed no precise external speakers to supplement he, a sound am to add and the glass clears with no interferences anything. It clears treated other projectors before, sincerely will say that I am totally impacted for a quality of picture. An image is acute and vibrant, and a brilliance is surprisingly better. Also it avenges with a HDMI cape in any extra cost. The difference of my projector that anterior would not touch all the formats of video, this projector touches everything. The May HAS SEEN shows any unsupported text of the since begun format to use the. My familiar has had the experience of fantastic entertainment during two month now, and so far, the at all bad view with him. A far is still intact, some works of projector well, and does not have any remorse quite buying this projector. One another thing is that it is very abordable, any one can expect such characteristic only of the humbly the projector priced. For any one that looks for the cheap value the projector, chooses easterly a, any lament at all!
5 / 5 Lura
I am while sceptical client: it does not trust any on-line places hurriedly, and this that very different. I am spent enough the number of the days that looks for and compare to take a bit the majority of genuine places with the prize the just plus for the projector based in descriptions of client. I have required the projector of upper quality that is easy to pose and quality of products of excellent picture. I will be to take this projector in a place? I have had still my doubts Quan, a projector is arrived, has been blown has been for his excellent condition: cost each cent of one $ 200 has paid. A GooDee Full HD the projector boasts some very excellent characteristic: I am not the technical type, but can testify that some works of projector excellently. A quality of pictures was excellent, and a brilliance, which had been looking for in my marks of anterior projector was excellent. A GooDee Full HD the projector could leave me to look things during A day: it was in a moon. Habladura Of a sound, any one is tried always to think that an excellent sound of the internal speakers of a projector have been enhanced by external speakers. I recommend a bran in any concealed has been looking for the projector to Buy or those with almost each mark of projector in his backyard: M the investigation is Gone in A Fruitful End .Highly recommend GooDee Full HD Projector in any one.
5 / 5 Javier
At the beginning I have not been sure quite purchasing this projector of estimativa. I am the professional of west bus and corporate business and my lifelong the at the end broken projector down. I have read the pair of so so the descriptions and I fostered to buy it since my estimativa has not been that big. To take this has been surprised in that the light is compared in an anterior a, for me concealed is that it imports since and trip during a country.Inside that comprises, comes a HDMI cape and the convenient far control, as it do not have to marks in in to to the additional costs like them to them the with my old projector. It has had the habit of VGA but HDMI is so mejor.yo the first test in a room against the white wall and I has been surprised by an acuteness of an image in spite of being in the considerable distance. Has the minileg as it can adjust you an angle of an image. Quan Has protected my video in the look of so better screen apropiada.un looks that the has not remarked when was bought is built in of the speakers that has the level of good volume and is very clear. This save me that it spends my additional speakers, as it was another fabulous more. It has remarked that there is a MicroSD void of card and two ports of USB, So far has used only void of the card since is a photographer of amateur my spare time and I as to see some shots that products, is surprised in a quality of an image.Honestly, GooDee gave me the good surprise, the recommend a lot because of one can of the money excepts but for an excellent product that is.
5 / 5 Altagracia
I have purchased the mini protective done the month but is returned that it take this one instead. I am so happy does the right decision . It IS pricey but worthy each penny spends .
5 / 5 Halley
The May HAS SEEN of the projector in the house of my partner, has wanted a same in my house. Entertainment to look the films in big screen are different but had limited want to and the projector looked for of estimativa.

This satisfied projector all my requisites. A projector is coming with hdmi cape, usb cape, far and manual of instruction.

Easy in setup, has connected my box of android via hdmi cape. Setup A projector in pertinent distance (Alas, this projector very behind adjusting a width of screen saws projector. Calm literally has to move a projector to situate wished to take a measure of necessity of screen). It adjusts a house that uses of controls of the houses and beats calm slant the screen those uses keystone control.

An exposure is clear for the projector of estimativa. The quality of his east stereo but will require external speakers that it can connect use To the CAPE, yes wants to enjoy surround sounds.

A projector has VGA and 2 HDMI sources of entrance. Also it can connect walk of USB and micro SD to look films, songs or photos.

To connect mobile device, will require MHL capes ( has not tried but has seen he in the house of my partner, as I know is possible)

is satisfied with a product. I will update this description, see any subjects. Hopefully, Updates a firmware to enable adjust a width of screen without moving a projector.
5 / 5 Lane
I fulfil it is not supposition to import, but first impressions are the BIG roads in me. A packaging of this projector is SPER sake and projects an initial listens of quality. It possesses two Anterior projectors in east a: A 'cube' small projector and the estimativa-ways $ 50 projector. Both of those was quite to satisfy my boys (4&6) but had to very sure characteristic in some more basic projectors that routed purchase me for something better. I am not the particularly avid film-watcher like the could not justify spending big bucks for one of some professionals of fashionable projectors, but has wanted a quite well in permanently highland in my room of the film/of the basement has finished. Desprs Sieve Through dozens of projectors in Amazon I stumbled in easterly an and has been quite impressed for some descriptions to pull a trigger. I have imagined--if it does not live until a hype always could return.

Well, The month later and is happy to inform that still have a projector and I are anxious to launch another positive critic in a stack. A device is built with the a lot of of the solid listens and aesthetically is pleasing. And what a lot another the critics have declared--the sound is wonderful!! My projector of cube has been missing of an internal speaker and one $ 50 projector has purchased had one the majority of terrible built-sound that I have interested me to me that included turbulent of the comprise? Have had to external To the SPEAKERS or the bluetooth transmissive in the separately purchased speakers to take any class of his of decent quality. It was such the good surprise in the the end finds the projector the source duquel of the internal audio was sufficient. Like Another premium, a sound of follower is minimum and does my sound of cheap projector like the lawnmower.

A quality of picture is wonderful also. A brilliance and contrast was such the enormous updates of mine another the cheapest projectors that me in him marvels that has tolerated his images before? One orders of looks of the same only projected image in a wall but the phenomenal looks in the screen of projection of the estimativa. My boys was so excited to see a quality improved in the east felt likes him was in of the theatre of film. It was fresh that sees his mine of mirror of the reactions: a GooDee the projector was the solid 5 stars with us!
5 / 5 Jann
The projector Adds! Very calm. The sound is better subject then expected especially what low powered some speakers are. His add even so. Any tomb. But that expects for the watts of pair?

Brilliance Of picture isnt terrible but the desire was better. It conceal also it can depend in your screen. The mine is a cheap spandex material all these types in the amazon are selling. I have paid $ 15 for mine where some are asking around $ 30. It takes 2 screens even so it sucks.

A projector was easy to locate. A coverage for a lentil was difficult to imagine was at the beginning. There is no info to take of one covers. As I have not been sure him it the open cart or that. At the beginning he didnt included the looks want to was. But attraction go it directly... Perhaps twist it the bit and attraction for your first time. One lanyard to line this coverage in a projector would have been adds it has thought.

My measure of screen is 120 inches . I want video games of touch!

Some far works well. The only desire was not black!
1 / 5 Keitha
I am religious quite verifying some descriptions before I buy a compraventa of amazon of the cost and is usually very useful but in this case was very disappointed.

An image of this projector is not to clear during a whole screen: I can not take an inferior part of a screen to be cleared any subject that and mark.

Also an image is not 3300 lumens. Has an old NEC NP215 the projector estimated in 2500 that lumens active at least 5 years and an image are issue more brilliant. I concealed out of a goodee projector in the darkish the room and one imagines can not be seen clearly until time at night.

Also one imagines is to well sure any one 1080P likes him suggests in an advertising. An image is very pixelated same in the distance of 10 feet.

Finally this projector is well for $ 180. You are taking the product of level of basic entrance that has his defects.

Opens has left some the USA as I can not return. If it still have been some the USA would be returned he and has purchased something the small more expensive but with better quality.
5 / 5 Kelly
I have bought this so that ours another projector that is much older has subjects. We want films of look in our backyard and interior also. You grieve among has to try it. A projector has surprise HD quality. We look a BlueRay film on he last night and a quality was utmost. It looks well in the dark or the drop of the clear room but he to sure look well more in the totally dark room. It IS also very calm as it does not listen he during a film that is the thing adds. I want to what big apresamiento (much bigger that my television) and is supposed also in last for the long time. I am very happy with this projector and would recommend in another.

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