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1 first Vekkia Rechargeable 6 Warm LED Book-Light, 3000K Eye-Care Easy Clip on Lamp Reading in Bed, 3 Brightness, Up to 60 Hrs, 2.1 oz Light-weight. Perfect for Bookworms Vekkia Rechargeable 6 Warm LED Book-Light, 3000K Eye-Care Easy Clip on Lamp Reading in Bed, 3 Brightness, Up to 60 Hrs, 2.1 oz Light-weight. Perfect for Bookworms By Vekkia
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2 Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, Book Light for Reading in Bed, 3 Colors, 6 Brightness Levels, Bendable Arms, Rechargeable, Long Lasting, Perfect for Reading, Knitting, Camping, Repairing Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, Book Light for Reading in Bed, 3 Colors, 6 Brightness Levels, Bendable Arms, Rechargeable, Long Lasting, Perfect for Reading, Knitting, Camping, Repairing By glocusent
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3 best Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED Book Light Bright Neck Hug Light, Reading Lights for Reading in Bed, 3 Brightness Levels, 2 Flexible Soft Silicone Arms Comfortable Wear. Perfect for Bookworms & Crafts Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED Book Light Bright Neck Hug Light, Reading Lights for Reading in Bed, 3 Brightness Levels, 2 Flexible Soft Silicone Arms Comfortable Wear. Perfect for Bookworms & Crafts By VEKKIA
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4 Book Light, PERFECTDAY 12 LED USB Rechargeable Reading Light with 3-Level Brightness for Eye Protection Night Reading Lamp Book Light, PERFECTDAY 12 LED USB Rechargeable Reading Light with 3-Level Brightness for Eye Protection Night Reading Lamp By PERFECTDAY
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5 Book Light, Blue Light Blocking, Amber Clip-On Reading Light by Hooga. 1600K Warm LEDs for Reading in Bed. Sleep Aid Light. Rechargeable 1200mAh Battery. Adjustable Brightness. Works with Kindles Book Light, Blue Light Blocking, Amber Clip-On Reading Light by Hooga. 1600K Warm LEDs for Reading in Bed. Sleep Aid Light. Rechargeable 1200mAh Battery. Adjustable Brightness. Works with Kindles By Hooga
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6 LEPOWER Clip on Light/Reading Light/Light Color Changeable/Night Light Clip on for Desk, Bed Headboard and Computers (Black) LEPOWER Clip on Light/Reading Light/Light Color Changeable/Night Light Clip on for Desk, Bed Headboard and Computers (Black) By LEPOWER
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7 LED Clip On Reading Light, Book Light, 16 Individual Eye Protection LEDs, 3 Brightness Levels, USB Rechargeable, Reading Lamp with Slick Touch Control, Perfect for Reading in Bed - Vont LED Clip On Reading Light, Book Light, 16 Individual Eye Protection LEDs, 3 Brightness Levels, USB Rechargeable, Reading Lamp with Slick Touch Control, Perfect for Reading in Bed - Vont By Vont
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8 Rechargeable Book Light, Merisky 5 LED Clip on Reading Light for Book in Bed, 3 Color × 3 Brightness, Up to 60 Hours Eye Care Reading, Warm & White, Perfect for Kids, Bed Headboard & Travel Rechargeable Book Light, Merisky 5 LED Clip on Reading Light for Book in Bed, 3 Color × 3 Brightness, Up to 60 Hours Eye Care Reading, Warm & White, Perfect for Kids, Bed Headboard & Travel By Merisky
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9 VAVOFO Clip On Book Light for Bed Kids, 7 LED Reading Light with 9-Level Warm Cool White Daylight, Eye Care Lamp with Power Indicator for Kindle Bookworms (Black) VAVOFO Clip On Book Light for Bed Kids, 7 LED Reading Light with 9-Level Warm Cool White Daylight, Eye Care Lamp with Power Indicator for Kindle Bookworms (Black) By VAVOFO
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10 TOPELEK Reading Light, 7 LED Book Light with 3 Brightness x 3 Color Temperature , USB Rechargeable, Eye Care Lamp with Power Indicator, Perfect for Bookworms, Kids, Black TOPELEK Reading Light, 7 LED Book Light with 3 Brightness x 3 Color Temperature , USB Rechargeable, Eye Care Lamp with Power Indicator, Perfect for Bookworms, Kids, Black By TOPELEK
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Top Customer Reviews: Vekkia Rechargeable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Willetta
Only it take it and the touch immediately. It looks very good and lustrous. To well sure he illuminates the both very good pages. Opened Can read it and any one the preoccupy on can pose in my light of big light to see some pages. It inserts/ it inserts some pictures that a light of looks of book. Quan A light is touching a light of towers of red indicator then when his fully touched turns blue. Quan My room is totally dark and while my husband is sleeping I only necessity a clear to be in a parameter a clear plus down so that that is to say quite brilliant for me and illuminates both pages only well. A second light of poses is quite brilliant but appreciate concealed has an option to have clearer I the precise. If it finishes to fail on me then update in a product. So far also even so! I WANT TO read my books of Potter of Harry!!! While for my card of Hogwarts! Lol
4 / 5 Cristobal
I have purchased two of these lights, or for me and or for my husband. We take some lights in the recent trip and, so that us in both like the read in a plan (and sometimes some lights elevated is not sufficient), poses our lights in our carryon stock exchanges. Quan Arrives in our fate, discovers that BOTH of our lights had been 'on' in some point in traffic, and was so inoperable until it can touch the again. Us Both have had ours lights in of the protective small stock exchanges (the classes would use to to spend the few elements of jewels), but a 'on' change in a LuninoLite the lights of book are VERY SENSITIVE to touch. Before we can they use them again in the trip will require to find some class of protective coverage to prevent one instead to be has actuated. If some vendors were to devise such the coverage, then this would be the product ADDS !
5 / 5 Lee
Luz of excellent quality to read. The majority of FOCUSED is too many blueish. This one has the sake animates key that provides excellent contrast to read. Agreement that the desire there was the parameter the low plus. Some '3 roads to be able in' in a description is OF/BIG/BASS. Down it is in fact the also brilliant bit for my flavours, and thinks does room for improvement there in that could it to it attach a power still the parameter the low plus, which also would have to improve life of stack, any one that is queixant- quite a lot of life of stack - am still in my first load, and has been the using to read by prejudices he since Natal. In big could use this thing like the light of room. In general, it is it adds it small unit. I recommend it.
5 / 5 Cathryn
I want to this light, sper bendy how can do it at all the angles and he are posing for a brilliance is perfect for all the time! Studio literally 24/7 and that is to say a perfect thing to have with my books!
5 / 5 Sunny
I have bought these lights to reserve so still can read in embedding if my husband decides to turn in before I am ready (sometimes only can not pose the low book!). This light is come amiably bundled with the cord of load of separate USB.

-Robust clip, does not spoil pages or obligatory but the rests posed (and no so heavy weighs a low book)
-Easy to use - presses a button in a clear in cycle through some parameters of brilliance
-3 parameters of brilliance (any sure why some critics have had only 2, but the mine there was the/med/salvation the plus was) - in some pictures, can see what each parameter brightened a page as well as a whole room! (Please ignore my unmade the bed like cloaks is in a wash)
-can the to the Flexible ray to angle in enough any place for ideal location - and the rests have posed
-So many can see in some photos, a light is warm which are preferable to read

-the brilliance that poses 2 and 3 is quite that shines so that it can see in some photos, illuminated the good portion of a room, as it can not being ideal to use while more it is sleeping
-Still necessity to try a life of stack, but it using on some poses of basses would think it would last enough the long time

In general, very pleased with a light. Any troubling my husband but still give me abundance of clear to read.
5 / 5 Magdalena
Only it take a booklight yesterday, but hurriedly has touched he and used it last night. A lot I like him his that a brilliance of of one beats light that it is easily tight, and that a root is so flexible and robust. It can be angled in almost any place, and rests there. A clear is very clear, as it does not distort some pages of a paperback is reading. I clipped the besides or less inch of some pages had read already, and does not have to fuss with him again.
5 / 5 Rhona
I have to say, This small light is fantastic. A reason has bought this was to sketch while it relaxes in a sofa or in a recliner in an evening. Usually I will seat in my easel or chair in my table to hire to do real work, but sometimes in or evening or aim in a morning enjoys sketching while looking television. It was always I hard takes appropriate to ignite with lights or environmental light of some windows, as I thought that it would give this small thing shot it.
IS pleasantly has surprised! I only simply clip he in my SketchBook in a side, and provides a perfect lighting so that it is not pulling my eyes. The more can relieve behind and only relax while I am doodling! Lol
In fact is thinking to take another to use for a bedside to read or otherwise.
Very ordered little light. Pleasantly Surprised, and certainly satisfied for the this has required stops.
Bronzed of course 2018 has purchased another of these sums of small lights. One maintains in my laptop that box of sketch, another around a house. A thing has forgotten to mention in my anterior description... Although that is to say a light FOCUSED , launches the warmest glow that what the level has DIRECTED the light marks. Very easy in some eyes. As I am totally satisfied!
5 / 5 Tonita
It looks for the light to reserve to read at night and decided to buy these based in descriptions. It IS the product I very adds . It IS the good measure , any bulky or has weighed at all. A collar is thin and very flexible. It enters the box with instructions. This light has 3 parameters of brilliance, each yellow tone. Help to read well and clear. It comes with uploading it, but has not required to touch he for my first use of time. A base is the clip as I can the clip in other pages likes him anchor. I produce it adds, the very compraventa.
1 / 5 Larry
I have wanted my first compraventa so much concealed and has done the second of an exact same element. Has data a premier was so much was excited to take a second. A second was the disappointment so that a collar of a light would not remain totality and barn. A hugest the part of this disappointment is concealed and has been said and would take the substitution and has not required to publish a backside of defective element. This has to these any one is spent date .
5 / 5 Velda
I am happy TAN with this small light! It was only that has required. I want to read at night but the lights tend to distract my husband, as I have tried so booklights and they all or broken hurriedly, was subjects in heavy in clip in the book or the life had to below stack. This a perfect east: two clear parameters that directly illuminates so much my pages (same in a low parameter), is not also that shines so he very insect my hubby, is rechargeable, and is not also weighed for the book of back of the paper. When being well to line, a continuous light in easily. A lot it is only that has required. Very happy with this compraventa!

Top Customer Reviews: Glocusent LED Neck ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Eloisa
Ossia The fantastic creation . Utilisations the light of book regulates partorisca read for, but has has wanted to something the More than way that can knit while looking television and no annoying another with a light, and does not have to that clip he on to anything. Well, ossia perfect. Has 3 brightness settings, is extremely comfortable and directionally adjustable. I have finalised partorisca use the to read for also, and has taken rid of my light of book. There is no recharged the like this of still, but the looks light the big quality ditto.
4 / 5 Sherilyn
I have bought so only this light of the with the and I absolutely love it. It does not look much more there I need a. It is comfortable, adjustable, adjustable brightness with or without leak. I orinaly has ordered he partorisca my hook that/knits the hobby but he can be used partorisca so many different applications.
These produced are not weighed in yours with the and a corner of some lights is adjustable. Has not founding any downsides to this lights like this far. Highly recommend it.
4 / 5 Esther
A Glocusent Luz partorisca Read of the with the has DIRECTED is a light of better reading of his type. An availability and the elections of light illumination am glorious. It is not the heavy and gangly light, as some in the amazon this. Some arms are of a pertinent period, is very easy to manipulate, and a unit is very done and light. A measure of battery and a period of the use of the each load is a better of all some unit that sees announced. I in the first place begun with a Ledgle lights partorisca read, but when I have moved to a Glocusent the version there is immediately @@give that better this that law the light was/ is partorisca me. I recommend a wholehearted unit. An interesting investment.
4 / 5 Melda
I have taken. It is easy to use. Rechargeable And has different options partorisca light brightness. Which find that one dipping a big plus is extremely brilliant! One hard load the long time and his comfortable to spend. Sometimes so only the hang on me in chance I asleep fall while reading. I produce it adds!
4 / 5 Kristel
Ossia The wonderful product .
Is flexible, can bent the, twist it the different and apt direction to boss and different measure (partorisca girls).
Can turn the different brightness also.
This thing is like this wonderful, perfect partorisca boys and of the adults partorisca read read, in sofas, in the car, the underlying game and look for, walk in a darkness, explores in of the grottos, laws partorisca fix cars, etc.
Function-wise, can use it so it flashes light, light of boss, light of boss of the bicycle.
Is easy the recharge likes touch your cellphone. A hard battery partorisca hours.
Is such the only artilugio. Present perfect partorisca calm, partorisca boys and of the friends of adult equally.
4 / 5 Lashon
A light arrives like this expected, there is also the quite bookmark inside a container. Some arms are bendable, a light can be regulated with three brightness levels. My boys and I want to read and ossia the must has for us to read wherever master. The boys are excited to spend it to the ours for the prejudices camp next time. It is also very comfortable to have feels around a with the.

Touching is the breeze, surprisingly, also last long. In general, I produce it Adds with good quality and of the versatile functions.
5 / 5 Soledad
It likes-me the use this light to read first of bedtime. This light has 3 ways by heart for true the daylight, or easy in some eyes. This law adds. In general he exactly that is to suppose to.
5 / 5 Lean
Like the senior the one who often despertador in a half of prejudice, this helper was the godsend. Mina bedside the light of table was some help but no quite comfortable to read for still any period of time. I have been loved with this Light to Read of the With the.
4 / 5 Gennie
Colour temp and brightness the adjustment is a subject . Corner of the lights will not disturb sleeping beauty. A backside is the little bulky for behind a with the when dipping in of the pillows, but ossia the one who anti-gravities repulsor the impulses are stops . It classifies to feel like some class of cyber punk hacker that spends this thing... Perhaps only mecer likes paste he all a time. Or no.
5 / 5 Blanca
WOW, So only arrived today and could not be happier with him. In the first place, it is elegant, very drawn, and well has done. As, has three levels of the light intensity that the perfect fact for the row of situations. Now I can seat in the dimly light room and read the book. So only the desire had discovered the fact of the years. :-)

Top Customer Reviews: Vekkia Rechargeable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Gertie
I the plot of work of hook of fine nut, and at present is doing in the project in black. There is not enough very clear in any soiled to see some clearly quite a lot of points.

Has used lights of desktop (any sake at all, or has to line a too much work far in front of you or you have to plant a clear impossibly near, and prefers to seat in the comfy chair and work) and lights of cape (still no quite well, has to line your cape still to maintain a light directed where want the and the risk that blind any one these habladuras with you while it is doing calm).

This light to the ray is a perfect response . I want that there are two lights he so that it can shine two directions and eschew the shadows have launched by your hook/of toes. It IS clear and enough that shines that included can see points in of the blacks. My half-the eyes have aged is supremely thankful.

Recommends this in any crafter that needs that the extra bit of tame-free light.
5 / 5 Alice
These products is excellent. It looks for the light to read to attach in my bed but any one would return. I have seen this and ordered it. A light is brilliant and provides quality of excellent reading. It IS infinitely adjustable and has two parameters in the each side. I use both lights to read. A light of only flood is well to walk around in a darkness. I have bet the thing adds for Chico Scouts and Leaders on camping trips.

Has ordered only more four for presents!
Any ways of stack his always summit - punctual to use! It does not revise any a lot of his taken to blow my socks was or be only horrendous. This element is spectacular for a prize. The flight.
4 / 5 Tamera
- Good works. Manufacture Of good quality. The marks that strolls in a dark - inner or was - very the more easy and free delivery.
- Use the hour or so in the daytime during the week and the stack is well.
- Does not adjust with accuracy enough to be used in the counter, but then did not say it .
- Remark that the included pose drop is quite brilliant. Too much that shines, perhaps, to read read beside the light-sensitive partner.
- Pose he more than shines is quite strong to find a dog in a yard in the dark night.
5 / 5 Gianna
These are one of some the majority of compraventa useful has done the long time!

1. Rechargable. The necessity says more?
2. Clear parameters for all your necessities. Levels of diffuse light in spotlight.
3. Works to read, duties, reparation of computer, surgery
4 Any uncomfortable and highly adjustable

1. Apresamiento Hot after awhile in your collar. But if it is not in your bare he acuesta probably will not remark it
5 / 5 Ok
We buy this for our threads that is an avid reader ....Especially in front of bed. It can lose in some pages of his book without that has to move the clip in clear reservation everytime necessities to spend a page. Only it pose it around his ray these covers him in only enjoys to read. A load of USB quite hard the long time. A light is clear and easily rechargeable. We want to this light of book.
5 / 5 Shondra
Bought this in the lark so that I have wanted hook while trip in a cart, only to discover that there it has no quite clear, and the fellow passengers are not happy has posed some lights of dome on. My partner has suggested that that comes from one of these headlamps, but only can imagine blind all the world-wide eat twist my leader.

No only done this product resolves my subject, but is adds to read at night when does not want to arouse in a rest of a house. It IS also very the piece: walk in a bath at night without igniting all some lights, posing the spotlight in the work projects these more necessities attention, that impresses your friends, illuminating situates closed likes some backwards of cupboards or boxes, and giving a cat something to follow when can not find an indicator of laser. This light now lives in my stock exchange of big work.

Each light (each side) is independent and has his own control, which are the small button in of the press. There are 3 levels of light. One is the soft light , two is the direct and very brilliant beam, and three is the combination of one and two. A whole thing is crazy customizable and goose-necky, which the ways do not have to have around your collar. Even so, it is very comfortable around a collar and very easily slide around. A device is heavy sake , and the load lines the LONG time. It does not take very time to touch on any one.

IS vital to read / work? The no. But he are very useful, and is very he-tasker concealed can be used for to plot of things! I am very happy with him!
5 / 5 Anastasia
I produce it adds! It Likes him that it arrives touched, taking only 5 of hours or less to touch, can be it adjusted in 3 directional intensities, is comfortable to spend, easily adjusts, easy to operate.
5 / 5 Delilah
Has the difficulty that dressed my points in an evening, especially with painting yarns darker, but this light is the perfect solution !
4 / 5 Jerri
Update: a company has service of excellent client, that substitutes my clear when pause to do. A problem is... Some lights have had to when the be has substituted 3 times down the year. It is worth it because of his support, but a quality is not very good.

Original description: Excellent to weave in of the low lights. State using he for the few days without subjects. It IS comfortable around my collar, easy to adjust and research to be good quality. A stack hard the moment before need to be the be touched (several hours) and is very easy in load. Just note that any come with the upload, only A micro usb agreement. Some light the is not very brilliant, but only quite brilliant to do the big difference. In general I am pleased with him.
5 / 5 Melida
I have not had any subject with a time of delivery or packaging. It has not had any harm in a product after the open, and has been touched ready for use. A LuminoLite is main that a book of clear level clipped in the book. It IS the small bulkier that when has planted thought the around my collar. If it has not had any flexibility in an organism of a LuminoLite would be supremely disappointed, but easily can be shaped in that wants uses.

Some three parameters a LuminoLite the offers are fantastic. Some first poses is ideal to have illuminates hover how reading the book, or law in of the projects. It provides quite clear to illuminate some means. A second parameter, is more than shine, and a third is even more more than shines with the narrowest beam and focused, like the flashes of clear level. Both sides of a LuminoLite has the change in the giving you opted in any uses a side, or both sides.

I fiddled with mine for the small bit to find a right access to read. I have finished to adjust similar in a picture of a reading of the woman in of the embeds. I planted it around a backside of my collar, has twisted an organism in prjimo my collarbone, and has entered then a direction of my book. It IS the small bulky at the beginning but after taking resolved, has not thought enough the and has been directed in reading. I am sure he is the look bobo small in any does not use to for the see but is the product adds for the that is to say has done prendi.

Has selected a LuminoLite of another type of lights of the book because of some offers of versatility. In some occasions are darkness was when is barbecuing and this would be a perfect product during these occasions, as well as another time when the torch is required. Also I like him his that of east is produced is rechargeable. Other commentaries, does not take very time to touch and a load takes awhile.

That is to say the flexible, the product has built solidly that provides versatility for wide variety of uses. I am happy with this compraventa and to well sure the recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: Book Light, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Vernetta
I love this light! It is abordable, simple, and resupplies lighter as I have read. Highly recommend!
5 / 5 Melissa
I have had this partorisca the day and I already love it! I have wanted always take the book-light as it do not have to that leave my light on. I want a bit 3 settings ( Blanca-Blue orange , warm , and light Tibia Blanca).
5 / 5 Leopoldo
I love this light of book and will be to dip this to use add. It likes-me a fact that has ways read different and rechargeable.
5 / 5 Georgette
Very orderly! It can do three light settings different and is rechargeable. Any complaint!
5 / 5 Inez
Amado this light to read! Has 3 light settings different and is rechargeable.
5 / 5 Glen
You look to substitute some lights to read older concealed is exited on me and found these lights that has had it the alike creation but is rechargeable which is the big plus , no more than has to that battery of substitute. A light is small and clips on to the book, notebook, or office whichever can be read/doing on. It likes that of this light has 3 settings - objective brilliant, dim white, and the yellow light. Like this far any complaint or subjects with some light and will be to buy another for my daughter to use when it is sketching and doing his art. It can take 2 for a prize of 1 of other lights of identical reading at present on amazon.
5 / 5 Jolanda
This light to reserve bypassed all have expected. I love an easy way touches right prójimo to my telephone. So more convenient then battery. Some lights of indication in a booklight helps drastically. When you Cover he in, is red and then when it is has touched fully has turned the green. More some 3 light settings different. It is durable and an absolute perfect measure to read in bedding at night. Especially of the ours 10 month olds' the cradle is in our room.
5 / 5 Le
My amours of 3 years to read books at night when I dipped down law. Long gone is some days to look for his torch, finding battery, etc. These light just hooks that astounds well his read and like this mine 3 old year says, ' has options!' For a force of a light loves use. My favourite part is a rechargeable battery. An amazing prize for an amazing product!!
3 / 5 Yolonda
A with the where fulfils a clip is creaky and does not feel to like is a lot of fastened. A with the feels in an economic side, and a product feels that another has seen/has possessed. He a work, this in spite of, and some three light levels are the good touch .

Which I gentleman'tr likes especially, this in spite of, is offered the $ 10 present of paper of Amazon instead for the description of 5 stars. The shady tactic like this undermines a whole purpose to estimate systems, and would not be surprised yes many of his sales (perhaps same mine) coming like the result of a practice. This is not the product of 5 stars, but has purchased apparently quite a lot of stars for the one.
5 / 5 Ligia
My surgery of husband there was recently where can so only sleep in the recliner. I have purchased this light to read so it can read at night when it can not sleep because of ache. It loves this light! Any only are adds to use to read but he also works like the light at night! Master a bit 3 light settings and that that can regulate a corner of a light using a gooseneck. To good sure uses this light when it can finally sleep in our bed again! A proviso here, has been offered a paper of present of the Amazon for a vendor for my description. I have expected to revise this light until my husband had used he for the few days to the equal that have wanted to give a sincere description. Any worry, is the light ADDS ! Very happy has bought he for him and like this happy is by train to help with his recovery!

Top Customer Reviews: Book Light, Blue ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tasha
They are like this happy has bought this light! I have had the blue has DIRECTED partorisca read light before purchasing a Hooga light, and was concerned always roughly remain awake. I have read in a dark to fall asleep when my husband is slept already. I have used my Hooga light last night, after wake in a half of a night, and are so that it adds! In the first place, a clip and the arm of adjustment is so much better that those in my old light, as they are not constantly regulating. More importantly, was immediately clear that it was sweeter in my eyes while still when being quite brilliant to where has not had to pull my eyes, and have fallen in fact slept inside minutes. No more circadian disruption of rhythm for this lady!
1 / 5 Kristyn
Well, listen me was...

Like the professional that study of sleep, (in of the terms to draw) these looks of product to be one of a better some in a phase.

Now, while a wavelength is of light is appropriate to sleep quality, a subject BIG is one of intensity - which is where this product falls short. So only two intensity are offered, with a more under a still when being FAR TOO BRILLIANT after your eyes have regulated to a darkness.

In my opinion, there need be around two low intensities additional that that of some current lower. Possibly 30, and 50 of one that exists lower. I am not sure it has the hack that that exists the users can produce with the little tinkering, but Hooga has to that revise his product. If this is directed, are has had to that to direct the clinical studio and action some results.

Knows that rhodopsin is not found so only in some eyes, but your skin also (which is reason calms can never so only take restful sleep with just a mask of eye enmedio has lit).

In general, after seeing the society is moving tendency, thinks to read the first book of the bed is very better that using a telephone. With the light to read like this when being upper to the bedside light. It remarks that some the current intensities will interfere with the quality of the partner to sleep also.

Remarce: I can very fully testify the life of battery as I have not used this long term. And I have it that there is remarked so only that costruttrici/of the vendors so only take the feedback seriously when has stars it description. You avert to buy this until there is an update.
5 / 5 Marcie
I am not sure state if that takes a light of amber would be worth it, but am convinced. I am planning to order the pair more like this present!

A light was smaller that has imagined, but dips was quite light to comfortably read stops. It is quite light that does not remark any weight added to a book. The use could not be easier - just squeeze a light to actuate.

I usually read in mine iPad law, and take me some time to fall asleep. Has has had so only this lights the few nights like this far, but already can say that I go to derives was much faster.
1 / 5 Katheleen
It has broken with which two month and not even the alone load. Not to recommend it
1 / 5 Lora
has Broken it interior two weeks of compraventas.
1 / 5 Elma
The product has broken 3 external days of some windows of turn
5 / 5 Piper
have taken this for mine 7I to the that likes read before read. The recent research reports would owe that be avert blue lights before read. Ossia Perfect and loves it! Easy to use and so only quite brilliant. Want to that it is rechargeable!
4 / 5 Mac
My light of old book, a AAA the batteries corroded so that it was in a phase. This yellow light is doing a lot well. He to good sure the wide light launched like the magazine and a light 'low' is big abundance for me. Down waiting for to use in of the aeroplanes as well as external in our coverage. A wide light is a better characteristic for me.

A puzzle - a whole boss is the simple was-in clicker, and to the look likes easily of click on and is gone in the briefcase or rucksack. Also, he no really curves until any particular compact measure. This is not of the questions of killers but like this far give it the 'four'.

A company has said that this light is 35 lumens and 70 lumens. Also it covers he in light of amber in the clamp, which has the lowest-option of 50 lumens, resembled this model of battery. Also it goes more brilliant.
4 / 5 Tatiana
Rings the book that reads light that would return in with my limiting blue light after dark program and found a perfect access. This little light is flexible, sturdy and like a prevails the addition there is no @to @give , there are two levels of brightness can has chosen of. Of then it is touched invernadero the port of USB, not concerning roughly that careers out of life of battery while travelling.
5 / 5 Stephen
This light of book is perfect to read in bedding when I do not want to exposed to the plot of blue light. It is amber colored and has two levels of light. A dimmer the level has been perfect for me. It attaches well to both hard back and the paper back the books and is quite flexible to situate so that some coverages read so many pages of an open book. It likes so that it has bought of an additional one for my husband. Also it likes that it is rechargeable, although after using for 2 of weeks, has has does not have to that still recharge.

Top Customer Reviews: LEPOWER Clip on ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5
I seat to see that this element is 'At present unavailable'. I very which experiences and would like me have another! I say this same although there is the problem of entity with him.
- After almost 2 month of use, pause to do. FAILED. Spent a date of tower of the Amazon. I have verified some unhappy descriptions and visas a lot of similar situations. I have seen also, repeatedly, the response of 'Lepower Squad of Sustains' expressing his apologies, behind and of guarantee. As I emailed Lepower.
- Quickly answered, diagnosed and has resolved my problem. ( You are the failure with an adapter to be able in of the USB - which has presented that cual looked the 'light bulb' failure.) FIXED.
- Opens IS very HAPPY with my Lepower light of clip, and with a support has provided.
Headed likes him 1-star... It finishes like the description of 5 stars. I am publishing this cual the description of 1 stars so that one 1-star-purchased-the critics can see. LEPOWER DOES While has SAID THEY .
5 / 5
This light is perfect. I have required the lights to read that the has not taken up he very soiled and more importantly a clamp has had to to be quite wide in grip my frame of thickness of bed of forest. I have been relieved when is coming and found an easily apt clamp. A light has thinks two parameters? A blue is soothing, an aim uses the majority of so that it postpones it light of good reading. Also it was necessary attaches a collar of metal that the curves are robust and in firm still flexible. The better quality that has expected.
5 / 5
Awesome And brilliant. It was preoccupied that a light would be yellow like the typical incandescent light bulb, but in fact can change in the very pure aim. Some two clear levels are very different and can having the habit of read or like the light at night. A collar is very robust and can line his form with the a lot of dense mini squash up. It attaches to buy and the quality adds.
5 / 5
It take this element like the free sample. A following description is my earnest and impartial opinion:

My quite a lot of video the said each in this light. He quite all wants the to do like the light to read:

the clips in our 2x4 built-in
some clear movements around in an arm, as I can aim a clear
has shine and dim parameters
and has the yellow and the clean aim has DIRECTED clear quality

thinks that is the light of good reading, also, because of a plastic diffuser these propagations out of some clear the bit, that creates the glow of warm still brilliant.
5 / 5
I have bought this light after having my daughter so that I am diet of heart and apresamiento so endeavour to create and turn in a clear at night, any one to mention a hard light would arouse up, he doing more take to pose him behind to sleep. Also often it arouse it my husband up. This light has done everything of our lives our easy plus. Very handy and amour that has different parameters in any mark a clear sper strong or clearer. Amur This light and recommended!
5 / 5
I use this to ignite one of my turntables. It IS the sum of clear source to verify a cleanliness of my anterior records in his touch. When being able instead for the white light in the light of the warmest temperature is well. Some lights dimmability is well for when want to less environmental light. A clip is strong and a adjustability of a root is both pluses . I recommend this product.
5 / 5
My partner typically puts to bed before do so when coming the embed and closed of a nightstand light, some accidents of a be of the clear change has turned was sometimes arouses up. It buys these and has posed one in the each of a clave of bed. A one the compraventa has done better the very long time. Has the levels to be able to dual how can be it clearer or darker or the crane Like an inferior line is a light does not maintain any one of us up (even so it is quite that shines enough to read for, but a beam is directed so that it is not illuminating a whole room. A swivel the leaves of collar or to pose it anywhere. And a change is silent how any one awake up. It IS also small, relatively attractive and very discreet. In it times it is some small things in life those marks the difference. And this the real small light has. More than a strike us both have commented on what the a lot of (and so bobo while it sounds, the life that Improves) the compraventa has done. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
It do not take me very time to write this description.
Was totally satisfied sake in a beginning.
Pleasantly Surprised for a quality of a light.
Tez Robust, any also clear but any too heavy but has looked for something of substance in the fire focused and took it here.
Some two white colours of daylight and tungsten animate is perfect.
A dim and brilliance the utmost parameters and has poses quite clear big to please if that is to say what necessity.
A clip in the function is robust as it owes the clip on anything without the problem.
Yes has ideas of cut directly in the book although it have to look you elsewhere for the light of tiny book. These lights are designed in clip in other structures or of the pieces of furniture.
Has chosen these lights to illuminate my poster of control in the studio of dark register.
5 / 5
I have bought two of these, and is very happy with them. A grip of a clip is solid, included in of the fat objects. A flexible gooseneck is also very well, he so that has time when wants to aim a clear differently without messing with a clip, etc.
almost Has used exclusively in a 'warm' clear parameter, but having another posing available could enter handy. A change to be able the dual is to well sure the plus in my view. Like The light to read clamped in my frame of bed, a parameter to be able to full is the brilliant of bit. Even so, when I require only the small light in a room, can signal this thing up and uses a big parameter and eschew breaking my toe in of the things, etc.
has not tried running he of the computer still, as I can not comment in those laws that subjects, but using the connector of USB regulates to be able is the good touch. If a never exited adapter, has the bouquet of the oldest mobile phone chargers seating around that it can give a no in.
Recommended, and would buy again!
4 / 5
I use this light for prjimo arrives to design. A collar is very flexible and robust. Found can twist it and turn he in very contortions and rests in firm wherever the plant. A clip is robust also. Any too aggressive so that it is difficult to express open and next but he clamps on well in my joint of thin drawing. A clear is well and that shines, and the service of client was very responsive with the substitution when had a subject. My only cradle of the star only is because of a question of how long last. I have asked the substitution so that a clear was flickering bit it. I have found also in a premier a, a point of the metal around a light is coming loose and rotated. Even so, it conceals it do not affect it, really. Just class to problem.

In general, if this apresamiento, is to 5 star in firm arrives to read or the art that ignites. If he flickers again, then the service of client assembla honour his guarantee hurriedly, although it is always the ache to substitute something. As I think that that it deserves the good indication, and would buy it again broke it to him.

Top Customer Reviews: LED Clip On Reading ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Fred
I Like this light. Full disclosure the didnt compraventa he partorisca read. So only it likes to be able to see. It goes partorisca camp the plot and next time goes them im that takes this light. Like this first, any battery, calm instead takes the usb uploads boss the one who prefers them, less waste less cost. As, a clip, his big but in the good way. It can clip the almost anything that was the enormous plus for me but imagines them yes youre reading Bleak house you would have any question clipping he on there. Tercero, a light, with diverse has has directed bulbs this light can take doesnt has to that. Using a súper tampon of the easy touch in a clip can regulate it to three settings. Four comprises era. Island, a with the is quite a lot the longest time that ive seen on more booklights like this really can regulate in any corner. There is a negative but he isnt that bad. A tampon the touch is súper sensitive. youre Going to accidentally press anytime manage a clip, but like the does not treat it big. He isnt the loaded weapon, his the light, youll be well. If youre looking for the good light ossia adds it one to read or so only having the light legislation where calm the precise. im Going the mine of clip in a nightstand that way can have them the small no-blinding light anytime can them spend to stir during a night and need to create or so only have the look around.
5 / 5 Horace
I have had experience with other lights to read, and this one is quite good. A better part is the built in rechargeable battery as I do not owe that concern roughly coin or AAA battery. Variable brightness is a lot also, as brightness master depends for the half brightness. An on-was the sensibility the touch is very big. Ossia Well for random groping to turn things on and was, but is annoying while managing it and clipping he on. Also reason he cycles by means of a brightness levels, maintains in alcohol that will require you to toe by means of súper-that shines of the taken has turned was, has included so only before read in the black of soiled tone. Slightly annoying.

A clip is súper strong. It doubt the clip this directly to the paperback book, different some other lights have used, but is clipping to the headboard or something, this to good sure will remain dipped.

One the unexpected characteristic is that a base is quite big, with anti-games of slip in a base. This leaves a light to be in his own unclipped this in spite of articulates fully.

Finally, he still lights while touching, as if a battery die can so only discharges while reading.
5 / 5 Lavina
This light feels very built, and has arrived promptly in excellent condition for the good prize.

- Rechargeable, As any need to concern in battery
- Can be in his own, or be clipped on to the surface
- Big clip!
- Multiple levels of brightness leave for numerous usecases
- Crazy the light coverage reduces glare, and the less painful fact if any looks directly to a light (esp. Boys)
- A touch in the characteristic is the good touch (sad for a pun)
- A with the flexible is convenient

- A clip is not cushioned, as it can line a surface is clipping in the
- Kinda bulky for clipping directly to anything are holding (I supposition am used more to the smallest light)

am looking forward to that it uses this light in the (potentially) unconvential usecase; I plan to use it likes him the light for projects of reparation of the house. Has the very dark basement, and any a lot of portable light source convenient. In general, I think that that ossia the product adds for the good prize, and am looking forward to that it takes the plot of use out of him.
5 / 5 Casey
I owe that say, are the big GOES defender to the equal that has a lot of his produced and is not never state disappointed and this light is any exception . I appreciate a quality and styling of this light and any worries of the battery with some has comprised usb touching cord. Three touch brightness the settings are the very good characteristic . A boss of light is quite big to turn lateralmente to lit two pages of your book, easy the adust in any place and a clip is strong and substantial. I have used other frames that has fulfilled a trashcan. State while in this a lot of light fact and appeal. If you are the instructions , which is really very required with this light, a source is like this small, is difficult to read without the glass to augment. Highly you recommend this light. Thank you Again THEY GO for the product adds!
4 / 5 Marva
I add little light of office, especially for a prize. First it notes that it is the light of office . I thought it that it was the little smaller (like the light of book). A clip is roughly 5 thumbs long and 1-1/2 big thumbs. It is fresh that it is battery powered (as it can move it around), but in the big power is so only roughly 4 hours of use, as well as the light of the office probably will maintain it plugged in. Unfortunately some claves of discharges out of a side of a clip, no a backside, to the to the equal that likes the light of the office would do more sense. But ossia so only the subject smaller. An on-was the key is also a dimmer. Work to touch once for low, again for half, and again for big. Like this every time it calms that wants to turn on big calm has to it touch 3 times. It have preferred that goes big, then half, then down, as one touches for the turn on. Another that these small subjects looks to do adds.
5 / 5 Homer
I have received mine awesome Go clip in light. They are very impressed with a lustrous creation. It appreciates a characteristic to touch to turn in a light. He he easy to the turn was and in a light. You can clip this little light anywhere. Have clipped The in headboard of mine to the equal that can read and not wake on my husband. It gives of just quite light likes any to annoy your partner. My husband took it included fishing with him. He clipped the in a tailgate of his truck to have quite a lot of light in an early morning to take his poles to fish ready to fish. I have used this light in a cookery in stand of mine of cookbook to give me the little extra light to see my favourite recipes. There are so many things can use these stops read. I want like this you can bend or twist a light to so only a right place. Touching is a lot quickly. Lame less than an hour to touch entirely and gave the plenary 6 hours of light.
5 / 5 Taryn
They are like this a lot of empressed with this light. On it surpasses my expectations. A clip is very strong and tight and clip in a small plus of the flanges and the stay have dipped... I have bought he for my little office of boys that loves for the Christmas and a flange of rim is very tightened but a light clipped on a lot well and has not moved.. An arm of a clip to a light is the texture of hule soft and is bendable so much or can regulate he in any place. A light has the soft soothing coverage. No too brilliant or too dim in any 3 ways. A light like the whole is a perfect measure and very impressed with his durability. And my absolute favourite characteristic is one that any I same know it has had! I have found so only a light; it has wanted to one looks of him and breifly read in a description. But anyways is sensitive touch to dim or brighten... Has 3 different ways of light and so only takes the light tap to again change a brightness. It comes with uploading it so that it does not have to that be plugged in all a time. As it still was it adds for travesía and has required has touched; the sound uploads access any port of cell. (Mur Or car upload) has been using it on and of newspaper for the week now and there is touched that so only once and any reason have died but has thought so only perhaps has to that. HIGHLY IT RECOMMENDS THIS PRODUCT.. They are like this very excited and has pleased that has found this product. In fact I am rigging to order 3 more reason are like this handy anywhere and any room in one the house and any to have that tugs the cord around or be near of discharges he in. I have said EVEEYONE in this product. Thank you. Has the TERRIFIC product.
5 / 5 Katharine
I possess both this model and one Go the clip In Light of Reservations, Rechargeable Luz of Stand of the Music, Done Of 10 LEDs, Luz of Orchestra with With the Adjustable, the use eats: reading Luz, Luz of Office of the USB & More Like the big question is that it is a difference a Clip in the book is main and has 10 vs 12 has DIRECTED, An old model is quell'has bitten more clunky work well, but these looks of new model to be lighter in weight, like some three light levels available and has bit it more way. A light transmission is very sensitive and has changed levels to manage a clip. Material based in a force of a clip could prefer to clip to the table vs the book. A light is easy to use out of a box and of the cariche with the connector of USB rule that while a usb to discharges regulate does not come with this model has more these in my house then I need and a lot in my office and bedside. I have selected an aim, but go back in a place is also available in , black. I possess to plot to Go produced and while they look resembled another in a phase, am happy to say has had the regime adds with a quality of product. A light of this unit is softer then a light of Stand of the Music and I like better. If I need the rechargeable clamp in light this will do adds, can see use this in my tent to light has detailed elements how is portable and works with out when being plugged in. I can very still it comments on life of battery because have has used so only he out of a box, attended update this description in this point has the transmission.
5 / 5 Alton
Perfectly doing, A brightness surpasses my expectations - cosy warm light in his lower and daytime-readable light in his main, which satisfy me at most. I also like his with the flexible. Often I take his boss has faced a ceiling while using it cellphone in a bed. Of then it is the port of light of USB has connected, am not concerning me roughly purchasing battery for him. A thing I to of to the that likes is a clip in of inferior, but I didnt expect too much for him because of his prize abordable. Perhaps I will owe that go to find the bond of boss for the take sticked to my frame of bed of my frame cant the resist.

1. 3 Different brightness of a light
2. Prize abordable
3. With the flexible
4. Any battery required (USB chargable)
5. White simple creation

1. A clip can be the little unstable, as I can look for something to join or bow (a bond of boss or the band of the hule circular yellow thin) - but is class of negotiable when you consider a prize. (Im Well With him)
5 / 5 Golden
has purchased this to use like the light of clip but has finalised to use the pleasure the light of office. A base is very solid but a whole light is quite moveable and is light, no too heavy. I have it on a table of final for sofa of mine. I can use he to read without turning in an of some big lights, but is also perfect to turn on in brief to find a far or find something that are to fall. A touchpad is quite sensitive as if they are by train of the tentativa of movement to grab he for a with the, no a base. When I received It a light has turned on he so that has some load, but some instructions have said to touch he for 12 first hours of a first use. I have been excited and has loved to use it immediately, so that it was the letdown. A smaller point is that it is supposition to run 4-8 hours according to a setting. Lame 5-6 in a dipping a low plus. I turned it this in spite of on and of several times like this perhaps concealed was reason. In general I am very pleased with this product and probably will be to take the second a.

Top Customer Reviews: Rechargeable Book ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jerrie
It likes- one quality of a clip. A light postpones the good brightness. Some clicks of key quite noisily but is very easy to use. Easy to touch too much. It is a lot that comes with the little stock exchange for travesía.
4 / 5 Bianca
Súper Happy with this little book lights like this far.

Purchased it in fact like an economic and easy way to light my sign of cemetery in mine Halloween exposed of cemetery! Probably I will be to purchase another for a zone that has required illuminating also. Last all the night in a warm dipping lower and not even in full load.

After receiving this little light, there is remarked my mother that tries to read external in an evening that use his torch of telephone, as I gave it his to use by other 364 days of a year. 😌 Absolutely you love it.
4 / 5 Pei
What better of popcorn! Highly it recommends this light. I have purchased two of these m(one for my woman). It is rechargeable and this are adds. No more buying triplique Some batteries for a 20 band!
4 / 5 Teressa
Loves this light! Can do it an exact colour wants to do the mine that reads more comfortable. It is light weight in a book, a lot easily adjustable, and is simple to operate. A propiciado by instruction is very clear and a luxury the stock exchange has comprised for the travesía is only icing in a cake. I have had the pair of lights of different book and this one has some characteristic better.
4 / 5 Brian
Has tried many of these he so that has the number of them that the resemblances looks for sale here on Amazon. This was a one this has taken a brilliant plus of all (as far). Also it has a lot of lower settings and the warm light option, also.

Buy the pair of them for our RV and for house.
5 / 5 Mina
I like a number to light opts these offers of product. Law well in any variac. Of light. A unit is very heavy. He a difficult book to resist. This light of the book is not done for use with even a plus! sturdy paperback Book. They are not quell'using almost like this so it has planned to. Meeting !Used that looks for to avert that it use it
5 / 5 Lupita
This light is perfect for me because I like read law ... One lighting is so only a right quantity of brightness. Has 3 different lighting options to take a light loves . He the present really well for any one . I recommend this element , calms that will want to !
5 / 5 Marshall
On some years have possessed the pair of 'the book lights', a last an in that has been has purchased roughly done seven years... I have not been prepared for which these things have improved... ! No more AAA battery to treat, and very better light dispersion... Brightness And options by heart together with USB that touches, light weight, and add affordability... That more can ask...!
4 / 5 Rachell
Are like this very happy with this compraventa. It is sturdy when clipped the pieces of furniture, gives adds to light in 3 shadows, and a rechargeable the characteristic is appreciated more for longevity. Highly it recommends this element.
5 / 5 Aretha
So only has taken this and is perfect! I can recharge he in my computer and does not have to that it move every time. Has 3 brightness settings, the clip to have that weighed for the resist where loves it and easy on was key.

Top Customer Reviews: VAVOFO Clip On Book ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Arianne
WELL, sometimes I take besides I when I see so many commentaries with the big indication in the product. I have taken the casualidad is, not knowing yes was the fluke or in fact would fall enamoured with him. And I have fallen enamoured with him!! I have had several lights at night of the book in my life, and his all sucked. This in spite of, this light of Book is surprising, like this to the left say reason. In the first place, it is a past has had the diverse book lights that only wiggled during a page and is like this last to maintain reading my book with my light at night is wiggling during a book and then can very included go in the comfortable quite dipped reason are fearful that my nightlight goes to block on me. Secondly, I Love a variac. Of light dimming that can use you. You can use the half big or down knows sounds bobo in the sense because calm the the on read a description of a container but is different when it is in fact into use. It likes-me to the use likes me the use a dipping a lower warmer reason so only so only bounces of a page like this well. So much With this be has said, try it was. The calm promise also will love it!!!
5 / 5 Kandy
This light has been the transmission of game . I have lost some weight, has cut probably 1/10000th of my electrical bill, has begun to feel like have the better boss in a stack of books in my cast to read. I assume my woman sleeps better how is more pleasant and lovely in some mornings. If you are looking for the better life experiences this light can help. As it has listed on I any atascada at night late that TV of looks, does not have luzca extra on, am able to read later in the night or aim in a morning without disturbing my woman. The life is really in a upturn now. As my only complaint.. If so only it have an on was transmission in planting to touch a key by means of some options to light.
5 / 5 Jacinto
I have finalised to order two of these reasons my husband has flown a prime minister a. It tends to remain on besides late that do reading read and this the wonderful committed. It adds little light of book, discreet and easy to operate and load. I clipped the mine to mine stands up reads of office because sometimes I need the little light pleasant extra - no the light fluorescent tube- to revise documentation. Love it.
5 / 5 Anne
Last night I have muttered to be able to be a so only lamest the commentary has not done never in my life, which was “wow. This light of book is really good!” @It gives That in spite of my better endeavours, in fact had turned my mother of 63 years. This in spite of, I stand for my statement!! This light has three settings (the works the more drops for me) and is rechargeable. It seats like your mother but reading the good book afterwards to your spouse to sleep without disturbing them is priceless!
5 / 5 Ian
Rings the reading lights concealed has not taken on a lot of space and and has the small measure clamp. This returns my chance of use.
Can clamp the to a book and does not have to that concern roughly regulating it to take lights well in a book. This light is perfect for my chance of use.

- Rechargeable & Comes with usb boss.
- 3 brightness Levels
- Small impression

- The can not be the good option to attach with forest of mobile (clamp is measured/of half small)
5 / 5 Mireya
am LIKE THIS HAPPY with this little light! It was so only that has required. I want to read at night but the lights tend to distract my husband, as I have tried like this booklights and his all has broken neither quickly, was way to weighed the clip to the book or has had life of short battery. This a perfect east: two light settings that directly lit so much my pages (was in a low setting), is not too brilliant likes any bug my hubby, is rechargeable, and is not weighed too much for the paper rids retreated. It feels good to resist, a continuous light in easily. Really it is so only that has required. Very happy with this compraventa!
5 / 5 Lamar
My amours of edges to read and I has loved to take the light to reserve to do it easier for him to see especially reason shares the room with my edges my young plus. In this way it can read more discreetly without wake his brother. These light clips on to his book perfectly and is not weighed too much and resupplies abundance of light. It wants to use the and feels special extra when use it.
5 / 5 John
Very brilliant
life of Long battery

there is not founding a!

A light is surprisingly brilliant! It is very light and easy to spend; always it spends in mine bookbag so that I can read anywhere are during a time at night. This brightly light the paper of measure of the paper. It is really well for a light of emergency also!
5 / 5 Tera
My grandson has has used always the headlamp when reading before it sees to sleep. Typically it goes to sleep with a headlamp on and some batteries have died in a morning. This light of book can be touched. All the world goes to be much happier with this light. We are very pleased with a construction and a quality of this light of book.
5 / 5 Yetta
Appreciated for a warm light option, lights like this blue is breaking to some eyes.
Leave to feel comfortable leaving my little reader has it on his bunk. I took it loaned this week and go to take one on its own name! Flavour be able of the place behind me and when you move a boss around, the rests have dipped.

Top Customer Reviews: TOPELEK Reading ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Perry
Absolutely 100% a light to read would recommend. It tries to find the lights to read that it conform it all my expectations, this be:
- had quite a lot of options of brilliance
-Could change among warm and fresh light
-the easily adjustable arm and very time quite

after looking in the few more popular options, could not find or this has conformed my desires. I have maintained displacement until it take in easterly unit Cairo also well to be true. All has wanted. An only worry has had when has bought was would be necessary press he 8 times to take in the warm parameter that shines so that had so many options. It was bad in that too much. He ALL fly it to do, and then some. To change among clear colour, calm very the time hastens, and to change the calm brilliance quickly hastens. An arm is long abundance and easily adjustable. A clip is soft and easy in some pages still wineries a illuminate well. I have been surprised by an indicator of stack, which are 4 blue lights that illuminates when presses a button after in them. It IS rechargable. There is no big ugly logotypes. And only a cherry in a cake comes with the soft spends stock exchange.

I honestly never thought would write such the description on something cual the light of book, LOL, but this thing surprised me To good sure.
5 / 5 Karry
I want to this light of book! Fully it touches besides or 35 minutes less (for me) and lines the load for the 4 studio of early session (for me). A light does not line the load leaves to be around, has to be recharged at the end. Also it wants to this light so that the leader a Kindle 8 gene quite well. I attach in a side of a Kindle using a clip. Also it attaches in a front for flipping a clip of grip until giving room of screen. A light comes with 3 clear options with 3 fields of intensities. Active there was only a clear during some weeks now but any problem here, will update in those times take! I have tried to comprise pictures of some 3 clear options. He any to the justice but he are there! A room is totally dark and some pages of book are has ignited amiably.
5 / 5 Ronna
Luz adds! Has AMD and require more and more clear to read. So that incandescent the light bulbs are in fact better for our eyes, has looked for a incandescent light of the book but is no longer available. But, it finds that this light of book is perfect, included for cut in paperback books. I want a fact that has three parameters of brilliance, is easily adjustable, and easy in load. This mark for me to read in embedding at night without troubling my sweet hubby with a clear in my support at night.
5 / 5 Jamila
I want that this light can change among the more fresh and clear colour warmer. I thought it at the beginning a lot they go to do- and very required to read a manual for the light of book? Well, it results, he reading in brief aided.... It is not that it lines complicated down a button changes a colour, and both tones by heart have three levels of brilliance. There have it included the light those aims if a stack is down, and comes with the cord for the touch. They use only the small time, but I very like this or and is pleased with this compraventa. I am trying to trust my less telephone at night, and this light is properly.
5 / 5 Anita
Light of the book adds. Apresamiento Very brilliant and can be it used like the torch also! Perhaps it can it uses the parameter of the lowest brilliance, lower of three parameters are brilliant but can angle to the flexible arm likes him to him any problem your partner. Any necessity for stacks. The clip is strong but clear weight. Purchase very solid. The value adds.
5 / 5 Sarai
It take this cual the present navideo and he maintaining uses he only quite nightly to read reads. I think that that it is it adds! There are multiple parameters for different intensities to ignite and is very easy to use. It remains plant once clipped in a book, and a 'ray' is totally adjustable and the stays wherever direct a light. It comes with a cape of USB in recharge the (more race out of stacks!) And there is the light of the small indicator has separated to leave know that it can have left; so far have only the touched the time that, likes life of looks of stack quite well. To well sure recommend it this in any one that looks for the light of good book.
5 / 5 Maribeth
Only that has wanted! I Like him his of a fact that no precise stacks. It IS also flexible, access in small stock exchange to take in my stock exchange.
5 / 5 Jacquiline
Amur This booklight. The active did not have it never a before now therefore one am enough adds! It was hesitant to purchase it so that I have not been sure in some parameters of different light and everything of that, but is in fact I very adds with a three clear brilliance parameters in any a warm or a quota of clear parameter. Well he he! An only thing is not sure enough am preoccupy me prendo that width a clip is? I bought it to read Bible while my husband is slept. Honestly, really it can any one complain me. Still it has the small swivle-bit in a clip where scratches the fat book very amiably. In general. Any complaint. It buys this light. The calm will not be disappointed. And you are , I we something better or leave your whining. These products is phenomenal.
1 / 5 Brenton
A lot it include the fire. Cairo In some dates of one star descriptions. They are EACH DATED much more late that a punctual ones. Highly unlikely that does not yield some bad indications. A piece of junk. It saves your money expects spent an on duty window, or a hassle to cross returning it if lack with a allotted time.
4 / 5 Calvin
It edits 8/25/18: A company has achieved has been in me and said me yes calm very the times line you a button to be able in, can change a heat of a light. I this and he helps the small. It IS still very brilliant, but now a light is warmer, which less are impacting in some senses.
Still in a parameter a low plus, is issue too brilliant. It shines on in the side of my husband of a bed, which problem lucido. If I arouse in a half of a night and decides read, is blinding. There are two brilliant parameters that has cycle through prjimo to era. I after my eyes and has posed the down some covers for the turn was.

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