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1 first 36 piece Stemless Unbreakable Crystal Clear Plastic Wine Glasses Set of 36 (12 Ounces) 36 piece Stemless Unbreakable Crystal Clear Plastic Wine Glasses Set of 36 (12 Ounces) By Oojami
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2 48 piece Stemless Unbreakable Crystal Clear Plastic Wine Glasses Set of 48 (12 Ounces) 48 piece Stemless Unbreakable Crystal Clear Plastic Wine Glasses Set of 48 (12 Ounces) By Oojami
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3 best 32 count 12 oz Unbreakable Stemless Plastic Wine Champagne Glasses Elegant Durable Reusable Shatterproof Indoor Outdoor Ideal for Home, Office, Bars, Wedding, Bridal Baby Shower 32 count 12 oz Unbreakable Stemless Plastic Wine Champagne Glasses Elegant Durable Reusable Shatterproof Indoor Outdoor Ideal for Home, Office, Bars, Wedding, Bridal Baby Shower By Oojami
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4 Vivocci Unbreakable Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses 20 oz | 100% Tritan Heavy Base | Shatterproof Glassware | Ideal For Cocktails & Scotch | Perfect For Homes & Bars | Dishwasher Safe | Buy 8 Pay 6 Vivocci Unbreakable Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses 20 oz | 100% Tritan Heavy Base | Shatterproof Glassware | Ideal For Cocktails & Scotch | Perfect For Homes & Bars | Dishwasher Safe | Buy 8 Pay 6 By Vivocci
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5 MICHLEY Unbreakable Red Wine Glasses, 100% Tritan Plastic Shatterproof Wine Goblets, BPA-free, Dishwasher-safe 12.5 oz, Set of 4 MICHLEY Unbreakable Red Wine Glasses, 100% Tritan Plastic Shatterproof Wine Goblets, BPA-free, Dishwasher-safe 12.5 oz, Set of 4 By MICHLEY
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6 144 piece Stemless Unbreakable Crystal Clear Plastic Wine Glasses Set of 144 (10 Ounces) 144 piece Stemless Unbreakable Crystal Clear Plastic Wine Glasses Set of 144 (10 Ounces) By Oojami
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7 Poolside Unbreakable Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses ~ Elegant Durable Reusable Glassware ~ Sophisticated Design ~ Shatterproof Dishwasher Safe Indoor/Outdoor Barware ~ 100% Tritan ~ Set of 4~16 oz Poolside Unbreakable Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses ~ Elegant Durable Reusable Glassware ~ Sophisticated Design ~ Shatterproof Dishwasher Safe Indoor/Outdoor Barware ~ 100% Tritan ~ Set of 4~16 oz By POOLSIDE CREATIONS WOULDN'T YOU RATHER BE POOLSIDE?
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8 48 piece Stemless Unbreakable Crystal Clear Plastic Wine Glasses Set of 48 (12 Ounces) 48 piece Stemless Unbreakable Crystal Clear Plastic Wine Glasses Set of 48 (12 Ounces) By Oojami
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9 TOSSWARE 14oz Vino - recyclable wine plastic cup - SET OF 48 - stemless, shatterproof and BPA-free wine glasses TOSSWARE 14oz Vino - recyclable wine plastic cup - SET OF 48 - stemless, shatterproof and BPA-free wine glasses By TOSSWARE
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10 144 piece Stemless Unbreakable Crystal Clear Plastic Wine Glasses Set of 144 (12 Ounces) 144 piece Stemless Unbreakable Crystal Clear Plastic Wine Glasses Set of 144 (12 Ounces) By Oojami
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Top Customer Reviews: 36 piece Stemless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5 Dorian
These were perfect partorisca the bridal shower! They have come packaged amiably any one has been broken or has broken & was the fast net up. Has the extras have left like this also will be partorisca use them while we are rigging partorisca a pair. All the world has maintained partorisca ask where has taken the ones of.
5 / 5 Marcelo
The product adds
5 / 5 Bethel
really adds and individually packed, well partorisca the parties of then is disposable and the people could write his nomination on the with the sharpie
5 / 5 Nigel
has purchased partorisca a chance are hosting. These are a perfect measure and look really good. I have not loved the only cuo or some another basic plastic cup.. This has elevated amiably.
5 / 5 Rossie
Has purchased these for the shower of the creature where has there have been mimosas. They were perfect!

Top Customer Reviews: 48 piece Stemless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Carline
Perfect measure partorisca use for parties. A lot classy look. We use partorisca bloodletting, margarita, fruit infused water, soda.
5 / 5 Ester
Using these 'is coming 'of the glasses partorisca the liquior celebrates partorisca try. Mayor that has has shot glasses, and pleasant to resist.

Sooo Very better that red disposable cups. I do not expect him partorisca be especially durable, but will last quite handily for the party. Well upgrade for a prize.
5 / 5 Willene
Liked a measure, these are utmost for pairs
5 / 5 Oralia
look small for an indication of measure, has to be to a point of overflowing. My main complaint is that a Rim in not softening and is the little uncomfortable to drink of. For almost 50 cents each I was hopping for something concealed felt more like the glass when calm resist your mouth. If have have to that he on again I real glass bought in a tent of dollar and gave him with which a party,
5 / 5 Aleisha
Perfecto for Any Chances if yours looking for something concealed has an elegant look but also sure especially him him of the boys around. It recommends he
5 / 5 Bill
absolutely love these cups! They are a lot of classy and really look the real glass. It maintains people to use 2-3 cups in a party. To good sure will purchase again.
4 / 5 Malinda
Those were pleasant, but very small (10oz) for cerveceros/ of wine, which there is no @to @give when I have situated an order. I am returned one 10 oz, but will be to buy the main measure. Has the vertical seam that develops that it is plastic, but does not annoy me . It do not go to feign that it was the real glass .
4 / 5 Carmen
These facts for a party bought paralizaciones, but is much more economic that has thinks that would be. Very thin. Any of them has broken or anything, but so only feel economic in a hand and can not be washed in a dishwasher reason are like this thin. It do not take again.
5 / 5 Seth
The glass is very small. A 10oz is measured to a cup. Well of quality of the glass.
4 / 5 Rolf
Finally!!!! An excellent box of flutes! Continuous purchase!

Top Customer Reviews: 32 count 12 oz ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Annmarie
Simple elegant swimming, but perfect so that it has required! Used the dress decal sticker on front.
5 / 5 Kristopher
I add partorisca parties, weights and good thickness, I dishwasher the shortly after that and maintained partorisca a group. The people have used the phase partorisca paint to write his names in these in a party!!!
2 / 5 Sherise
Plastic is the good quality but some cups has bubbles and scratches in them. This was a chance with each alone cup that takes. Calm also can see a seam of a cup where a plastic a neighbour. They look well of far was and will do a work functionally, but does not look in them on near.
5 / 5 Margarite
Purchased these partorisca the dinner the party of formal plus. They are exited perfectly, how were durable, and to sure better quality good that your typical two piece hoards of plastic champagne. To good sure cost again.
5 / 5 Alexis
Arrived quickly and packaged without accidents! Exactly which have been looking for, has has wanted to something unbreakable and hanged light partorisca parties partorisca dine and camping.
5 / 5 Rosaline
Wow These is surprising! Perfect measure: 3 5/8 big x 3 besides wide. The measure adds when you love volume partorisca control that your drunk of guests while having the self-fence of service. The cups are sturdy with the lip gone. They come individually bagged and so that it follows partorisca assume is quite cleaned any to have to that prewash. I have very examined to come to this conclusion.
MODIFICATION: I have very washed in a cup of dishwasher racks so only after our chance, without heating dry, and some cups shrank for roughly 25. They are still almost the round and some funds am remained plans but look the little odd, likes I reuse the and do the pleasant episode. As another has said: ONLY hand-held WASH And DRY.
5 / 5 Inell
5 / 5 Ettie
These are utmost. I bought him partorisca the Passover Seat why I everything of a cookery and prep work and does not want to owe plans of wash in an end of him. All more was biodegradable except these cups. I have confessed that to the mine hover and she took home and washed them... And we still use and reuse him. They are really durable and does not have to that concern if one breaks.
4 / 5 Xiao
These glasses are not material facts very heavy, but is better that more economic, to spear was plastic cup . I add partorisca big parties, inner or was, or anything alfresco where the glass is not the good option. I bought him partorisca the big external party and I would buy again.
5 / 5 Diego
I have used these glasses of wine partorisca the night of daughters takes joint. They were sturdy and of confidence. They do not break when fallen and look near adorable on together. They look partorisca be the real glass and some guests have been impacted when lifting. THE prices add partorisca produced.

Top Customer Reviews: Vivocci Unbreakable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Nelson
Quantity of container: 4.ure: Glasses of Wine 20 oz Very as the real glass goblet! In a semi-detached pic, a Vivocci goblet is in an accident, the glass goblet is in a legislation. I have purchased these unbreakable has come goblets partorisca full time RV'ing and enjoying some finer things in of came it fashionable life!. They are the bit if the snob of glassware, and really does not enjoy one feels of the rim of plastic cup against my lips. These Vivocci stemless has come goblets is an exception - is really good to drink of. I recommend to wash his manually partorisca preserve a quality. It buys him again (and probably , of then take four like a first experience to invest in the together full).
4 / 5 Tianna
Quantity of container: 4.ure: Glasses of Wine 20 oz Flawless snifters partorisca a wino in your life. These glasses are for real unbreakable, as assisted after rasgar opened our 2nd box of Pinot while it falls off a couch and landing in my boy of three Double years blockades of edifice (also unbreakable). There it is not feeling more orders that breaking your stemware in the go of a neighbour in four in a morning while shouting some virtues of a Vivocci Elegent Plastic glasses, although one civilises tazing calm in front of yours mother-in-law disappointed (the one who waste take cryings) is a last what agrees before wake on prjimo to the man with the raccoon tattoo of with the in a county clink. Five stars. The must has.
5 / 5 Darlene
Quantity of container: 8.ure: Glasses of Wine 20 oz is not that it does not trust my guests with my elegant crystal stemware, is that usually after the few glasses of wine, does not trust me.

Has loved some stemless glasses of wine that was quite durable the host parties and for guests to take external without worries in glasses of fragile wine.

Purchases these glasses (places of 8) has based in some in big measured positive critics. Ironically, they Look quite classy still plsticoes ware. Some glasses are done of BPA material free, and is the sure dishwasher. It liked that a plastic was clear, and really of glass of looks, but without being brittle.

Some glasses have the bit of weight, so to good sure does not feel to like is drinking of the cup of Only (any that has anything wrong with this).

Are very pleased with this product and find me using this plus of my real glasses, although the company is not on. This mark done also another shatterproof drunk ware (martini glasses, etc). To good sure the value that the controls was.
4 / 5 Shelba
Quantity of container: 2.ure: Glasses of Wine 20 oz A box has said that these are the sure dishwasher and can expect rid these glasses to your grandchildren like a heirloom reason will retain his quality. I create it. I have looked for to abuse these glasses (falling them, dishwasher, using them so much cup of girls, etc.) And there is not founding the scratch or macula. In a shelf and in a hand, glass of look. They are having I adds amused falling these partorisca a a-has initiated.
5 / 5 Kerri
Quantity of container: 2.ure: Glasses of Wine 20 oz so only has taken these Vivocci Glasses of Wine partorisca daily use. I unpacked And you verify him, it was suprised for a real feeling of a real glass in this element partorisca a such small price.
While it washes him, has attacked a glass on in my counter of cookery of the granite and I have taken another surprise, a glass so only bounced like the ball and I am not founding any scratch or chip in a glass. And a third has surprised was pleasant also, a glass maintains natural colour of a wine.
Good labour types, am thinking partorisca order more.
4 / 5 Elane
Quantity of container: 2.ure: Glasses of Wine 20 oz These are resulted some glasses of bar of the travesa partorisca my woman and I taste sneak was to of hotel each another weekend or so much. When we feel he likes to spend some party behind to a room this so much better work that this bobo little hotel hoards plastic. These am very light, has expected bit it more heft, but is this in spite of far unmarred in spite of a fact did not conceal any a lot undue quantity of the priest has been taken with them. They drink like the glass and does not leave the aftertaste of plastic type in a mouth, in our experience. Also they clean on easily with soap of water and just hotel and hand-held towel or rag. This was a test of entity like this usually leave these have packed was so as to any to forget them or be tried partorisca dip them in with our normal glassware. These are plastic, and feel light like plsticoes , but no feeble, and glass of look. These are of the more facts plasticware has not seen never, has possessed much less. Very happy with a compraventa and a method of Two Bands partorisca sell is absolutely perfect.
4 / 5 Charles
Quantity of container: 4.ure: Glasses of Wine 20 oz Some look of glasses partorisca surprise and really calm can not say is not glass so only partorisca look in them. They wash easy and of course does not break they so that servants his good purpose. An only small drawback is that we are use to glasses of wine that is thin around a cup, of course is for this that break. These are not partorisca thin on and in fact the look plans no rounded and calm to good sure can seat when it drinks. But they look incredible and can the to use of knots in a hot tub and any to concern roughly taking glass in some spas partorisca break.
4 / 5 Florencio
Quantity of container: 4.ure: Glasses of Wine 20 oz has purchased the together of 8 and the together of 4, situated him in of the dishwasher .. 5 Of them they are exited cloudy and with the frames could not take. That is going in?? Ossia A third time tries to revise a product but Amazon any estaca he!!
5 / 5 Cruz
Quantity of container: 8.ure: Glasses of Wine 20 oz These are attractive, glasses very clear with some heft (considering is plastic).
I do I the widest row, of has has shot glasses to martini glasses the flutes of champagnes, like this gladly substitute my whole collection of glassware.
4 / 5 Vennie
Quantity of container: 8.ure: Glasses of Wine 20 oz has to that begin to say this company and specifically Valentina resupplies a service of client has better experienced anywhere in of the recent years. I will explain in the moment.
Purchases these glasses partorisca ensure the external insurances that entertains ( has a yard along and inground group and spend the plot partorisca time external). A box has arrived very broken; pierce and dents everywhere, but shockingly some glasses were perfectly intact! Had one missing which look for a go and zone of porch partorisca (perhaps the falls am gone in a truck of delivery?) But one 7 this is to arrive was totally well. It IS quell'has bitten big partorisca the wine but the work well are mindful of one touches. Perfecto partorisca all other mixed drinks. We ran him to knots by means of a dishwasher two times already and look clean glass. Has the good weight to them and is comfortable to resist.
Valentina Contacted the next day a delivery partorisca see yes has been partorisca satisfy with a compraventa. I have explained that that loves a product but that a glass has been missing. Answered of interior of small and offered to ship in any ours uploads the substitution and an extra glass for an inconvenience. It was speachless! A substitution is inner arrival perhaps 2-3 days! Unbelievable! Any usually write descriptions but has the sense has obliged to do like this like this this was a better service never. An only downside, the desire could buy all require of this company. Yes, a product and the service are THAT WELL!

Top Customer Reviews: MICHLEY Unbreakable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Quantity of container: 4 These are some pocolos flimsy glasses. They are announced like this unbreakable, but really some wall of a glass is done of such plsticoes thins concealed the very flexible. Also, THESE ARE not INFERIOR RACKS the SURE DISHWASHER. It has dipped a glass in a fund racks of the mine dishwasher and has melted a side of a glass to a point is unusable. Mark sure calms dipped the in a cup racks

Partorisca the price in $ 6 the piece, would not buy again


MICHLEY has service of exceptional client.

A vendor has substituted a glass that has suffered harm and sent stemless glasses that is done of plastic fatter. I have it quell'has used now some glasses with some roots (this page of product) partorisca the few weeks now and washed them multiple time in an upper rack of the mine dishwasher. I have not had any one other questions. Still they a work and am sure will not break fall (or included launch) him.

If it was partorisca buy has come glasses more plastic to good sure would opt partorisca a stemless glasses of a same vendor. These have the main cup and is done of plastic fatter a lot of. Here it is some links to a page:
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 4 I enjoys has come, and joy be poolside to Florida Of the sud; as I have tried several options partorisca avert that they use breakable glassware whilst indulging like this pleasures. I have purchased Govino goblets, and another tritan equivalent that is perfectly functional, how is one more traditional-fashion wineglasses, subject of this description.
These Michley wineglasses in fact looks very better that mine another compraventa and (in period of arms) gives an appearance of real glassware.
Of course is light and a bit flexible to a touch; and some long roots, remained with a flexibility, he his fact the little wobbly he begins experimenting with them.
In spite of, an experience the drunk is undiminished and think that these, recently purchased, wineglasses will result my favourite option partorisca external use.
Four stars..... I have fallen the star partorisca a wobble-factor and partorisca be the little on-priced.
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 4 Some glasses have melted in an upper row of a dishwasher. I have called partorisca return them and take substitution some. They have promised to substitute one of concealed them melted but never gone on down half of with him.
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 6 These unbreakable the glass of wine has lived until his expectations. I used him last night for my party to dine and the husband has been surprised that glasses of look but is sper light weight! This pic has been taken with which have been has washed used and later rid and has dried. Any mark waters it and are the clear crystal !
5 / 5
Quantity of container: 4 Some glasses wobble and shake
used him once and washed them once and some finals of the look of root is melting
after ridding this a company has cured of a question with the day. A service of client was adds.
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 2 I really like these, looks good and elegant but is obviously any one an even feels he so that I like him that it is effectively a lot-breakable and are not here to deliberately paste of him with the these will sustain a lot of drops. I took him more partorisca my dad the one who has taken the wine of drink of enthusiastic interest as of recent time. It IS quite economic and is very functional and easy to clean. I do not have any complaint and this does a work.
5 / 5
Quantity of container: 4 we take these partorisca use in ours hot and external tub. I have not tried his 'breakability' still, but look a lot of sturdy. We do not want to it has to that concern roughly having pause of external glass. You can take the together of (2) or the together of (4) and a price looked quite good.

Expects this description was useful, to the left know me there are a lot of questions!
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 2 These are utmost to use alfresco or in the party when has the fear partorisca break of glass. They look glass and although the light is the quite plastic thickness to not feeling or look economic. I clean well in dishwasher and like that his hips come with the cloth to polish.
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 4 If you have not known these glasses of wine were plastic, would swear was glass !!!! It was pleased like this with a look and durability of these glasses! We were always tire partorisca use glasses of wine of the glass for a group, but now have any worry, like these glasses look good-looking & is partorisca concern entirely free partorisca everything of our parties grupal. It can not be pleased more!
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 2 His a lot of hard to say that these things are not glass. They look very real and has to that fact expresses and try break them.. It can a lot of he. I add partorisca the party of beach or another public chance. They have survived The night in my rucksack and the party that the prejudices and the still look adds. Partorisca An external yard where is concerned the glass broken roughly these could be the idea adds

Top Customer Reviews: Poolside ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Anneliese
Measure: Place of 4 I has bought these partorisca my promise because has the habit partorisca break our glasses of wine of the glass. These things are the godsend. Ido is some days of glasses of the wine broken! These things know like this partorisca take the swipe, and continue going!

Also look phenomenal! So only like the glass of real wine. Crystal has cleared. It can not be happier. They wash so only well in a washer, and there is not remarked any streaks or stains on him. I have been a perfect access partorisca all our needs of wine!

Is looking for That it surprises partorisca look glasses of wine, concealed will not break , and is welcome to any party grupal, calm then HAS TO THAT buy these. Calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5 Desirae
Measure: Place of 4 These unbreakable the glasses have arrived quickly and clean well in a dishwasher. This in spite of, have discovered quickly that a creation could be improved; they touch on too easily. They could be better balanced partorisca thicken (of here, weighting) a base and any thinning a material prjimo to a rim, or doing a rim the little smaller, so that the centre of a glass of the gravity is descent.
5 / 5 Buffy
Measure: Place of 4 Partorisca the no-breakable poolside beverage glass, these are terrific. I owe that say that it seats the bit mislead for another reviewers the one who has said these 'look and feel like glass.' You look of no. and feel like plastic of big quality, but is drawn partorisca security, and is returned a bill amiably. We dipped him to us by means of a dishwasher once and has survived 100. I expect that they will stand up to multiple washings, but does not have the report in close it. A packaging was perfect - a lot of insurance and appeal. Some glasses have arrived well punctually.
5 / 5 Herta
Measure: Place of 4 has has surpassed expectations. It was sceptic at the beginning if these could spend for the glass of wine, but is clear glass, does not look economic plastic, and still look classy. We use him to us on our NYC the terrace or coverage of ceiling of the edifice (the no sinister glass). Amur Further of this is light of then spending bounced has come around is weighed enough! These are an excellent party with our newspapers stemless glasses of wine that use like this daily drinkware, as we begin to use his around a house of then his blend in so many of well.

Has not bought these expecting them to look have the very thin seam, the rim rounded fatter, and the nub in a fund like this on closing you can say is not glass, but of far was to look the glass of wine.
5 / 5 Carmela
Measure: Place of 8 order the insiemi of pair of these glasses partorisca a party grupal annual on fine of week of Memorial Day. All the world has wanted to him, a weight, a clarity of a 'plastic' and a fact that when 2 has been fallen, has not broken , chip or scratch. Unfortunately they do not resist on well the sunscreen. Several parents have applied sunscreen during a day to his young boys. With which has give resulted cloudy where a sunscreen his tone, has contacted a company. They have substituted 4 glasses to good sure. I have promised to write the description that declares partorisca be careful using these around sunscreen. I have had this subject with other plastic glasses in ours houseboat but has culprit always a juice of fresh file in some margaritas.... I have learnt to be a sunscreen. I have moved these to the ours RV where will not take exposed to sunscreen produced and absolutely LOVE a quality. It was surprised like this in well do in a dishwasher... Any spotting likes so many produced plastics. HIGHLY it recommends a product and a service of client. It notch upper everywhere!
5 / 5 Demetra
Measure: Place of 4 I has purchased these stemless unbreakable glasses of WINE partorisca use in ours RV this summer. I add partorisca look, thin rim, no too heavy but any partorisca light. I love him!
4 / 5 Aide
Measure: Place of 4 I has a polycarbonate stemless glass of wine that loves. A difference like this far is a weight and a rim. Waits that would be the little heavier. If you have finalised your drunk, does not take any a lot of for the little wind to blow them around a yard. Also, a rim is a bit smooth, but no shiny/polished likes glass or poly tumblers. A packaging are adds! If I decide to spend bend of the money and purchase a poly drinkware, know my Edges and his woman would WANT TO these! They are breakers of notorious glass ! Lol! You are the lovely present for Navidad or like the 'So only Reason offer'. My dishwasher is down, as I have not had an occasion to run he by means of closing. ( It has been trying 1 I in chance that decides the present him.) They are good to have around a house to the equal that have all tile, and is the nightmare to clean on a glass when I spoil. Like this far they are well with them. It remark crazing in a one has used for 2 weeks. I washed it manually so only and not to fall it at all like this am not sure reason this is spending?
5 / 5 Mariela
Measure: Place of 4 Decent no-breakable glasses. We use him to us for a group. They are equally in home used partorisca cervecera, has come, scotch. You can git the whole 12 oz bounces beer in here with spare room. Some glasses easy celery to the grip and the look add. Minus A star partorisca visible seams, but the majority of this type of product has some class of seam to the long of a side.
4 / 5 Gussie
Measure: Place of 4 utmost look so only unpacked them like this unable to comment on : initially it has planned it 5 stars; lovely packaging. This in spite of, with which first use looked on and the glass of 1 guest there has been the dent of impression of the toe in a plastic ..Thumb or forefinger probably. A dent does not burst behind was the original structure as it is not something are
Pleased with.., Now, after purchasing 12 glasses are in 11 with which first use... Another option of the wise good wine with enthusiast sells -
4 / 5 Maureen
Measure: Place of 4 I the regaadientes has bought these after being unhappy with diverse another in a past. I have found always some flanges partorisca be acute and the little that so only has not flowed well. These absolutely are in amazing! I bought him partorisca the camp grupal of/party of big weekend. Utmost celery in the first place was, has included better that glass. They look the real glass still is light weight. They clean on easy(this in spite of with a wrong detergent takes the little foggy in a dishwasher). Absolutely I will be partorisca order more. I have been using stemless glasses partorisca years. I have used at all but this newspaper took him to us of then! Yes, these have substituted my glass of daily wine! Thank you Partorisca An amazing product!

Top Customer Reviews: 48 piece Stemless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Garth
A picture this produced any justice. These are EXTREMELY flimsy glasses. I have not looked partorisca see had technical info on thickness of glass, but would have to that have.
4 / 5 Dick
Has purchased these cups partorisca the party and was very happy with them except yes has resisted too tight to an upper half, squeeze in and was fearful to fall them. They look glass and have the rim tightened that the frames drinks the flavour could no partorisca believe me in east, but try your preferred beverage of several glasses with the different rims and you will be surprised in a difference, same beer. The glass adds partorisca the 't dipped him in a dishwasher! So only toss him.
4 / 5 Michale
The thinnest way that has been expecting still after active read other descriptions-- bend easily in your hand, and is almost flexible. When we Open a box, the majority of them there is at least be a dent, so only of jostling around near. This has said, some dents do not look or feel a lot of noticeable once the explosion was (and the explosion was a lot easily), and an incredibly thin plastic in fact classifies marks them look more beautiful and delicate. There is the big plastic seam swipe in some funds but concealed is not really noticeable neither. We use him to us for the soiree and was the swipe . For a prize, value he.
4 / 5 Usha
Very material. His that is to suppose to
4 / 5 Eve
was a lot of flimsy
5 / 5 Violette
Loved him for my daughter tented pair.
Buys again!
5 / 5 Marisela
Looks LIKE THIS REAL! Durable! Cela My mamma has has wanted to torewash and reuse.
5 / 5 Rina
These glasses have been used in the eshower of Pair of the Pairs' for my edges of mine old plus. They are exited add!!! So only a right measure and disposable. I will be to order more next year for the shower of pair of the mine other edges. Esperanza still will be available.
5 / 5 Cecille
Probably a worse cup can never flimsy and any value of the money at all.
5 / 5 Chery
A bit more flexible that would like me but of global value he!

Top Customer Reviews: TOSSWARE 14oz Vino ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Allen
I have purchased these partorisca the party. We unpack Some glasses and has situated his in the plan and place in ours designated beverage the external table. A temperature was roughly 84-86. Inside the pocolos small some glasses have begun the soyelt' and is the result deformed and would not be whole. Have has had to that the career was and purchase the sufficient number of acrylic glasses partorisca ours party.
5 / 5 Sharmaine
These are exactly which has been looking for. Has has wanted to something better that the cup of paper, without root (also tippy) and unbreakable. We like him go to concerts in a beach and camp in ours RV and the glass is creased to in front of. These are excellent! His stack partorisca store, is sper light this in spite of durable. I have fallen one of roughly 6ft big and go to skate by means of my paving of Mexican tile and when I have been and recovered it has not had as much as the scratch or nick. The price adds and with 12 of them do not owe that lose sleeps in that loses one from time to time in our travesas.
4 / 5 Queen
These are glasses really utmost partorisca the party or in a yard. It have looked in some glasses of has come plastic with roots in a grocery negotiate it and was 4 partorisca $ 5, as there is not founding these overpriced that considers a quality. And although another reviewers has suggested is no better that cut of Only, I partorisca a does not want to do fault my wine of guests in of the cups of Suns. These are far classier.

A packaging is quite so only and has thought would not take him never aside, but my partner has developed the technician (which create included using to to his organism likes him the leverage) and took him all has separated. Once separate, goes back near for storage and separate a lot easily a second time.

Different a lot another reviewers, has seen in a description that is not dishwasher-sure, but of course I desire was. They are in accordance with another reviewers that a packaging would owe that be marked (stickered, perhaps) reason in an end can not agree all have read the week before! Also I have another plastic of economic plus that do lacking pieces that survives in a dishwasher so only a lot--obviously the layman tin a lot always distinguish plsticoes different only to look.
5 / 5 Arlinda
They are always reluctant to do fault came in plastic, and try avert plastic so that as it was possible partorisca reason environmental. This in spite of, the chance familiarised big holes has done the real glass little practise, as I have given the pressure and has looked for an acceptable disposable solution. With which a lot of looking for and that reads description, has chosen Tossware and has not been disappointed. Some cups of wine are sturdy, appeals, and does not have the plastic flavour. Cela You be recyclable was the no negotiable factor. If I need something disposable and recyclable, but any tacky, or him him the group or another venue where the glass is the no-no, will be satisfied with Tossware.
5 / 5 Magen
We are lucky to live in Florida and have an external group. We have had the number of guest in the overflow caused in a zone grupal. I have required an alternative to glass in chance of an accident. Had a glass fallen. Supposition that? Any breakage! Any shards! Any harm! Some glasses are quite substantial that was able to rid the washed and will use for our next chance. They are good looking and a snap near for convenient storage. I am sold. The desire there was the resemblance stemmed glass of wine.

Loves a product. And shopping again
5 / 5 Sophie
These 14oz the glasses are perfect to entertain. A measure is in his wine of point for or the cocktail. It was happy has ordered one 14oz because it thinks one 12oz can be been too small. Has has has attached photo partorisca you partorisca decide. A plastic is sturdy and glass of looks. Some rims are good and soften partorisca drink. I have used these partorisca the party of cocktail and received a lot of compliments. I do not think that these would last in a dishwasher, like this probably would found because of a temperature. But, you are looking for the plastic glass reasonably priced that in fact it looks well for the reception of pair or the party, looks no more.
5 / 5 Lance
I have bought two boxes of these one is coming the new mark still in wrappers another wine unwrapped and used with sharpie writing in some glasses, see a pic in an inferior half glass. I have not ordered has utilisations glasses and has taken the container of 12 has has USED GLASSES!

5/4- UPDATE!
Are very satisfied with TOSSWARE service of client. I have been on and further partorisca rectify a situation, has included that writes the hand remarks to write of his crew of service of the client. I will be partorisca order by means of his place again.
5 / 5 Jospeh
When that Plans the party partorisca roughly 40 guests, require the plot of glassware and favourite plastic partorisca both security and price, but a material in some tents of the party so only does not have a quality when do fault has come or drunk mixed. Tossware In several fashions/of measures was a perfect response . They are light, like the person is fooled that is glass . But his is like this smooth and optically perfects that they enhance a beverage service more than diminishing the. And his fashions are quite elegant and contemporary.

In $ 1 the yes bought glass in of the bands of $ 48, was has had to that to have many of them have launched was. But they are quite washable for animal-use (only hand-held wash) like an economy is A lot also.
5 / 5 Leilani
I have ordered a wine and of the glasses of beer partorisca the dinner of test of the pair in mine backyard, all the world has commented on him. They are exceptionally clear and have the good, durable feels, is not flexible. They are abordables and easily can be washed and reused. The hate to the launch thing was so that his packed up in an a lot of sturdy the boxes are entrances and his has ready partorisca a next party. I recommended him to another and wants to him too.
5 / 5 Lasandra
The fact adds partorisca thanksgiving. Th!ey Can be tossed, but was like this well, my aunt cleaned them and plant them behind near! As has these partorisca use again next year. I have been voluntold the host Thanksgiving (adulting), and there is at least 17 people every year, with boys. Like these shatterproof the glasses of wine are utmost! I do not owe that me worry roughly falling them on (any root) or breaking when they fall. It IS one less what partorisca concern roughly in action of graces! yay!