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1 Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Multiple Modes, Hi-Res Sound, Custom EQ via… Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Multiple Modes, Hi-Res Sound, Custom EQ via… Soundcore
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2 COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear… COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear… COWIN
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3 iJoy Matte Finish Premium Rechargeable Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones Foldable Headset with Mic… iJoy Matte Finish Premium Rechargeable Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones Foldable Headset with Mic… iJoy
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4 Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black Audio-Technica
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5 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones, Zihnic Foldable Wireless and Wired Stereo Headset Micro SD/TF, FM for Cell Phone,PC,Soft… Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones, Zihnic Foldable Wireless and Wired Stereo Headset Micro SD/TF, FM for Cell Phone,PC,Soft… Bluetooth
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6 Sleep Headphones,3D Sleep Mask Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Music Eye Mask, LC-dolida Sleeping Headphones for Side Sleepers… Sleep Headphones,3D Sleep Mask Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Music Eye Mask, LC-dolida Sleeping Headphones for Side Sleepers… Sleep
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7 Sleep Headphones Wireless, Perytong Bluetooth Sports Headband Headphones with Ultra-Thin HD Stereo Speakers Perfect for… Sleep Headphones Wireless, Perytong Bluetooth Sports Headband Headphones with Ultra-Thin HD Stereo Speakers Perfect for… Sleep
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8 Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Industry Leading Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones with Mic for Phone-Call and Alexa Voice… Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Industry Leading Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones with Mic for Phone-Call and Alexa Voice… Sony
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9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, VANKYO C751 Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with CVC 8.0 Mic, Deep… Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, VANKYO C751 Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with CVC 8.0 Mic, Deep… Hybrid
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10 LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones, 100 Hours Playtime Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Over Ear with Deep Bass, Hi-Fi Sound and Soft… LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones, 100 Hours Playtime Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Over Ear with Deep Bass, Hi-Fi Sound and Soft… LETSCOM
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Top Customer Reviews: Soundcore by Anker ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have received a Anker Life Q30 is this darkens and has been trying them was has taken the ones of then and has to that say a hype is real.

I paired he street NFC with my Oneplus 7T and dip his on while downloading a soundcore application and when I cycled by means of a ANC the ways have been surprised. A ANC was on for incumplimiento like partorisca me has to that to the odd effect partorisca feel likes him the air is sucked out of my ears ( is one same with bose and another ANC auricular), but that the mine has underlined was that while it downloads an application AC has turned on but there is not it remarked until it was cycling by means of a ANC ways in a Q30 is. A ANC the very good work and although it is not an absolute more ossia available, would say that it is add partorisca 99.9 of auditor. The way of transparency is also very useful and touches very natural (more so much of the mine Samsung Galaxy Buds +).

Quality of his this very A lot very especially when remained with a soundcore application. A Plan EQ was decent but with an acoustic preset like my point of start, has created the fact of commission EQ (screenshot has comprised down) and this touch receiver partorisca SURPRISE now. A highs is crisp without being screechy and a low end is thumping without distorting. A stereo image in a Q30 is also quite good. Songs with panned background vocals or the instruments underline with these sure headphones.

A chance to spend that some auricular gone in is also the plus. It looks good and will resupply to protect when some headphones are in traffic or is not into use.

Has based in pictures of the descriptions and the initial product have not been sure would like me a look of a Q30 is but look better in of person felizmente. My only flu with this receiver is a creation of key and placing. A pause of game, flight+, keys of fly in some legislations earcup so only does not feel to like is in an intuitive place. An accident earcup has a question still in this when I take a key to change ANC way my thumb of course rests in a key to be able to and my hand-held arrivals in an uncomfortable place to take to a ANC key.

After, although has has not tried still a quality of call, still would recommend this receiver to any in a phase for adds it touching, the rich characteristic ANC the pair instrumented of headphone ossia comfortable to spend and the sound that surprised and no those surprised for a prize, so only in amazing!
4 / 5
Loves preface this description to declare that they are the big defender of Anker produced. They are my gone the company for aftermarket bosses and chargers. Has numerous earbuds and external batteries of his hips. Each one which of the his paste of products a lot besides his point of prize. His Active Noise later Annuls it (ANC) auricular, a Soundcore Life Q30 is is any exception to this big lovely proposition. With that, here is a desglosa:

A Good:

-Sound: This absolutely terrific sound. My woman possesses a Sony WH-1000XM3 is which are considered amply among some better ANC the headphones have not done never. I use him when I travel and it wants to him. A Q30 is is not quite like this good but is surprisingly near. It finds all the genders of music to have the phase of the his wide with shining crisp highs, there is detailed mids, and resonating but no overpowering tomb. Everything is adjustable street a Soundcore application. More on that in it has bitten it. These also take quite strong. Probably a strong more Bluetooth the receiver has had on. A Q30 is does not have a AptX codec onboard so much, in theory, would not owe that be that it takes an experience of better audio to the equal that are an user of Android but does not lose it . AAC Is onboard like the users of iPhone would have to that be very pleased. When Looking video, has experienced latency of zero. All and everything, in $ 80, this sound adds.

-ANC: Soundcore Has been doing was some years in doing competitive ANC in the reasonable prize. This version is his best still. This has said, still has not taken to a Sony / Bose level. Droning Noises like this of the defenders, your furnace, and probably an aeroplane has gone. I have walked in the room with a television on and could does not listen at all. My woman and the edges have had some class of @@subject considering pupil. Like the voices have high, could listen him but do at all was. There is the key in a left can this toggles ANC on and era. A Soundcore the application leaves you for the regulate to be more effective according to your half. An inferior line is that when management ANC on, a world-wide around enough disappears. It is fact very good .

-An Application: Each together of headphones or earbuds would have to that have one but more less no. of expensive models In fact, neither a Q10 or Q20 could use an application. A Q30 is takes access to a Soundcore application. His the solid application. Any almost like this robust like Sony application but like this good or better that the majority. There is the tonne of preset EQ options as well as a capacity to customise a sound to the yours in pleasant. You can control your ANC settings and update your firmware. Quite all would want to. An additional note, the users of Android can install the widget in yours telephone that leave to toggle a ANC without going to an application. The addition adds!

-Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 is calm here so that it takes the row and the easy pairing adds. On 30' by means of wall. To pair, simply resist a key of power for five second and some headphones enter way of pairing. So only open your connections and calm would be necessary to see them. Seemless.

-Apt, arrival,, and consolation: I have been using these for on five or are hours. Any tires at all and my ears have not taken hot, which spends mine with more in receiver of ear. I am adjustable and light in your boss. Some keys in a legislation can control your playback. All are easy to feel for and is intuitive. A good touch, that Anker has flown of Sony for a way, is a capacity the cup your hand in one beats right and enter way of transparency. This closes of a ANC and turns in some external microphones so many can have the fast conversation or listen for something without taking some headphones. Good addition!! They are plastic with a tape of aluminium. They do not feel like economic headphones in your hand. Solid.

-A chance: This could not look so the big but extracted auricular more economic does not come with one. Soundcore Has comprised the soft to feel clamshell husband here this is to do to commission molded to a Q30 is. It is the very good addition .

-Life of battery: Soundcore is alleging the whopping 60 hours here without ANC active. 40 hours with. Some claims are like this big that really can does not verify this early my experience of property. With which five to six hours of use, with mixed ANC use, some auricular is still reading 88 life of battery. I will update like this I go but I doubt any one will be unhappy here.

A no like this good:

-quality of Call: quality to Call really is not bad here so only is not for the underline. My a bit ancient father asked paralizaciones to repeat me multiple time today but thats no like this uncommon. It was in the call of Zoom also today and the person complained but, when I have asked as it has touched, has been said 'well.' I do not think you will have the subjects that takes typical day to calls of day in these but would not buy him for his quality of call.

-Do not fine-connectivity of point: Any 100 attentive. You can be connected to two devices but no more. At least according to which can say. This has said, for me do not need never be connected of more than two devices but some folks do like this well the signal was.


costs to remark that a Q30 is comes with a help of boss to the equal that calms can use him wire fence or wireless. Calm also take the USBC touching boss but any brick. An inferior line is this : Anker has given the rich characteristic well has done place of ANC auricular for less than $ 80. They are like this as well as better in a subject of Sony or Bose? Any May with the $ 200 - $ 300 more savings, is really hard to justify some more expensive options. How it is typical with Anker produced, a Soundcore Life Q30 is is a compraventa of absolute incredible value. If you are looking for the together very good of headphones that will not break a bank, highly recommend them.
5 / 5
- Clean punchy tomb + mids, crisp highs - you will not be disappointed for a sound especially thus prize
- 7.5/10 in loudness. To good sure quite strong but wish it could locate so only another 1-2 levels
- qualities of band of looks of the build of solid metal and physical keys (any capacitive atrocities to touch here). Physical keys
- usb c touching is +++
- the solid of look of the consolation- I has the big boss and was able to listen for the pair of hours without any subjects
- supports dual pairing. The pairing was really fast and directly advances
- arrives inside a hard chance
5 / 5
Very like this in the first place was - I has purchased these. It is not the description of free product.

Like this - I reevaluate down a line and see like the things are.

Short version:
the prize Adds.
Tomb and his excellent.
ANC Taken for surprise with quell'credit has treated.
Chance of good hard shell.
The quality of build is acceptable but at all to write home roughly.
Experience of packaging, while entirely unnecessary to a product of final, could be better.

Long version:

has a Life Q10s with some Bass UP look so that it has expected these beat to produce at least his like this good and the man has not been disappointed.

At the beginning, when I have opened a box, I thought 'awww these do not have Bass UP like a Q10s... Ossia One of the mine characteristic favourite.' It results it does not require to. Some bass is rich and thumpy and precise not augmenting.

And a quality of audio is notch really upper . Any only 'well for a rewarded excepts so only really damn a lot in general. Perhaps roughly another súper auricular of the big end will swing me in a future, but for one the majority of part can no to see me has included that loves more. They are comparable to the headphones have tried in 3 or 4 times a prize. Any diverse really feel well and clear.

The wise build is quite good. These are relatively economic headphones as no attended builds of prize. Mostly plastic. They do not feel to like go to snap in any second this in spite of, so that well.

A ANC. Santo craps haha. At the beginning I thought 'well will write the first description to try a ANC of then did not use it still... And I will go back to this characteristic later.' I took him then it was and it has been hailed with a whooshing roared of an air purifier has goes. It has been it bit it baffled and dip his on/of real quickly the little time. It results a ANC is on for incumplimiento and do quite damn well. I mean it was silent in there. Not even the muffle. It can not expect try them tomorrow with my coworkers everywhere me.

Coming with the chance of good hard shell that appreciates for a prize.

My only real complaint like this far (another that a 'just cost' quality of build) is a boxing/unboxing experience. I recommend that ossia that it leaves him the partorisca bit it more economic and finally he no subject same... But a box does not feel to like split a quality of some headphones.

A Q30s is shipped inside a chance of the hard shell and a chance is so only simply slid to the flimsy box of the map and ossia how is shipped. It does not feel 'packaged' if this felt. Again a lot it breaker to treat but impacts a mark experiences the little has bitten.
5 / 5
Mina these are some auricular to beat in a down $ 100 category of Bluetooth auricular.
Agrees to go in to Soundcore put behind in August and in his forums have asked clients to that it would like me to it see afterwards. I have done the estaca that predicts/that it asks to that it would like me to it see afterwards. These headphones are all predicted/expected would be and more.
-Crazy black Arrival
-the draws have updated of a Q20s and Q10s
-has Update ANC
- Multipoint Pairing
- Integration with a Soundcore Application
In general yes love the dynamic sound to your headphones (I.et Listen to Hip Hop, RNB, Rock, and other genders with dynamic frequencies) goes to want to these any challenge. (Pro Tip: if it listen the music with emphasis in an acoustics, dipped a EQ in a Soundcore Application to 'Acoustic') Dang tho causes sure songs when some basses-the paste of ends, some headphones literally vibrate and massage my ears. In of the terms of consolation, these headphones are ridiculously comfortable and is shockingly light weight, is also crazy adjustable and can bend and swivel giving options of users to the equal that to that it loves him to it store. Speaking of storage, while it attributes waste of companies to give the chance or has included the stock exchange to store your receiver to all the cost to cost 3x more then these, Soundcore was quite good to resupply the good feeling and durable chance. Ossia A cherry on that it is the value /of @@subject of the product. In of the terms of life of battery, has not had a time to try them fully this in spite of knowing this is Anker the one who are basically some Kings of life of battery, has big wait his so that it is quoted for 30-40 hrs and included sustain fast load. It covers him in still 5 minutes and calm takes on 5 hours to listen time which is insane🔋
to conclude, these are probably some better Bluetooth auricular can take for basses $ 100 and has included then is beginning the summit and compete with headphones that is 2x and still 3x his row of prize. I have loved always Anker/Soundcore and can say with the full guarantee he again and has done the produced that any one can appreciate without doing his cry of stock exchanges💪🏽
Note lateralmente: I have expected these to look in my door on November 15th, still is looked this literally more then 2 early weeks!!! A lot of Amour Soundcore!!
4 / 5
Are no audiophile, as I can do not saying roughly a quality of one ‘highs' or ‘lows.'

But of a half consumer, here is my opinion. Celery very built, and in general is quite comfortable. Usability with an application, especially in this prize are adds. A sound is well.

Love a way of transparency!

One a disappointment of mine is that his slide around the bit more than would like me. Has the smallest boss, but is still a boss of measure of the adult.

An insane value for a money!
5 / 5
Has chosen on the pair of these on pre-commanded and like them to plot. Very comfortable to spend and some cups entirely cover your ears that gives passive noise that annuls well. An active noise that annuls looks well although has has not had still the occasion to really be enmedio noisy to compare them to that considers a model gold, mine Bose wired on-noise that annuls auricular ear. It likes- one application of iPhone and qualified to change NC profiles although it has used him neither external neither in the plan still. In general, a quality of his this quite big, especially in this point of prize. A main aim having these was to take our daughter of six years a travesía of next time internationally and is absolutely a better party to price vs. Quality partorisca east.
5 / 5
Has used so only these for the few hours today (league so much to Samsung S9, and Lenovo portable, but very comfortable. Annulment of the his this very a lot of (a bit better that a Q20, but the light tick low mine Bose QC35-IIs (which do not delete 100 of his). A sound (and consolation) looks the rival a XM4s has tried for the pair of weeks recently, but could buy 4 more than these before you are spent as much as a pair of XM4s. The annulment of noise is tick under a XM4, and mine QC35-II but still very very together.. Still Hard to beat QC35-IIs partorisca consolation, but in 1/3 a prize a Q30 is very comfortable.
5 / 5
Anker Rids again with a Q30 headset. Continuous be impressed with his quality of big final for the midrange prize. While $ 80 it is not economic, is ridding a same quality and feel expect 150 insiemi $ .
The noise that annuls is not 100, but annuls quite that has to that actively try and listen the things that goes in in some outsides.
His Transparency that dips that it amplifies external noises to speak to another or listen the ads does a lot well. There is remarked chooses on enough in the calm room that I can listen an air ducts.
My preferred characteristic like this far is dual pairing to the equal that can change easily of my computer and my telephone while doing. It is still a lot like this smooth to the equal that would like, but is without of better doubt that has experienced before. It would be more useful could be double synced simultaneously.
5 / 5
I really the desire has maintained a Q20 creation and has added some new characteristics instead reasons a black plastic look economic and some headphones are quell'has bitten too big same for my big boss. Still the shot adds for a prize and some frames of qualities of the sound on so that lacking of in quality of build and creation. If Q20s exited with USB C I thinks will be to change behind.

Top Customer Reviews: COWIN E7 Active ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
Wow. These are absolutely phenomenal headphones. I have bought the plus or less the year and the half mark and use the all a time. There is the pair of in receiver of ear of the no-mark to appoint the little the mark of years and, while they have served his purpose, has not been admirably strong and resulted the small to aggravate in some ears after the while. This seats very comfortably in my leader while I cry around a house or work of the yard etc. Runs the mobile cart that negotiates details my spare time and use the for that also. It does not have the particularly big cape and return amiably, but imagines would be better for any one with the big noggin. If I find me look down for far also very the time will begin to slip my cape. Any one included tries to do very amiable of cardio with these. Weightlifting, sure but that careers - the no. IS also lose and when using a noise that annuls characteristic, any marks of excess movement crackles.

A noise that annuls is quite decent. It is not Bose the quality but he are the powerful abundance in muffle the mower, void or grinder. Almost totally it mutates noise clearly. It Likes him it has mentioned it, it does not take very jostling to do crackles, but yes results also annoying Of only turn a NC has been.

The quality of his east also quite sake. According to a song/of application is listening in, can take SUPREMELY strong. So much so that it has to it turn down - which are saying something so that I listen in my musician in hurriedly the majority of a time. The quality of his this marginally better with a NC on, but marginally stronger with NC has been.

The edifice of tez is quite solid. It classifies to be as the few very in just cheap plastic. It do not take Me he bad - THIS CHEAP but present PLASTIC well. The tampons are very soft and so far one has be durable. He fallen these in an earth the small time and, while they are coated in scratches, still is doing fabulously.

At the end, and very importantly, a life of stack in these is UNPRECEDENTED. I bad will use these for hours the day in liking 2 weeks in the row before included thinking quite touching them. I think that that they announce 16 hours, but any joke has used probably these that hangs 40+ hours among the loads and they still have not been to die. Unbelievable. There is also the widget for an iPhone but I have found he to be totally inaccurate.

Bluetooth The connection is quickly of lightning and has glorious distance. In an open field has used the furthest that 80' of my telephone.

Flus: I Actuate only the little.
My main flu is some poor pisses Siri support. There is not the designated Siri button that mamma. And you are not so bad, but there is in 4 according to delay among Siri activation and a punctual to begin habladura. I expect that they have directed this with a E8 is.

Has a FOCUSED in a change to order that never the visit was and is quite brilliant. Also any one the enormous roads, but that annoying my woman tries to spend them in of the embeds.

At the end, some hinges of a earpieces is resulted the small squeaky and loose after the year. In general, these are flus of minute that has had to in fact think enough to pose in here.

In general these are the fantastic together of headphones and has won his 5-stars of me. I have bought another product of Cowin and has had to to touch with his support of client and was very pleased. I will buy of Cowin in a future

Edita: 10-11-18

still is using these headphones and continue be blown has been for his deceptively good quality. I bad this waste of suckers to die. It attaches the few photos this time to aim how much abuse has taken in a bit those that past years. A rind is gnarled in a headpiece. There are scratches everywhere. Active Has fallen included this pair of my ceiling for accident. They no preoccupy . They have laughed and maintained to touch a Man of dishes of Armours ' bookmark of film. Not even joking - that very past. Some living rests of the miraculous stack. Still taking 30+ hours of time of game in full volume. That is to say an absolute feat that considers a common life of him-stacks of Ion. Some laws of buttons still. A Noise that Annuls still works. And in spite of his wry appearance, rests unconventionally comfortable. In my anterior clave has mentioned that they had begun in squeak around some hinges. He That has prendido only. I am seriously surprised for these headphones and marvel if it never included required to update in a E8 is. In any case - Cowin has has taken still mine when the vote goes to rack and sea in the reasonably priced headphone of extraordinary longevity.
5 / 5
I want to give particular attention and value in COWIN service of INCREDIBLE client.
The May HAS IMAGINED could be so amiable and sympathetic and after contacting them has had to only and write this thankful description.

Is using some headphones for musician, television, Playstation and the law adds. A noise that annuls characteristic the good work for this subject also.
5 / 5
I am not the professional of any class, only the type of 69 years that spends to listen advisors this has wanted the sake and comfortable pair of wireless headphones to use with my laptop while looking Netflix and Youtube. Bought two pair, another for my woman.

A Cowin And-7 is the fantastically crafted, very comfortable, the noise that annuls headphone and a quality to sound all had expected unemployed. Party above hurriedly with my HP Portable in a first tentativa without any vacillation. An apt and the arrival is afterwards perfect in my opinion. A frame of aluminium the appeal brushed is very attractive, very cushioned and oh how smooth in a touch. It avenges with in in to the good rind like his the stock exchange of trip, the cord for direct connection in the mobile tlphonique, portable or another similar device and the cape of USB to touch a stack of lithium. Desprs Doing the slow sake in the prejudices of beginning-load of stack of the time, has used the for six continual hours glorious comfortable hours. It has not had very pansir- of the sound and a stack has looked for point when being arrests much more hours of use. A control of volume is smooth and adjusts easily. A sound has remained clear, crisp and easy to listen in of a big plus in a parameter of the volume the low plus.

Auricular Comparable in Walmart is mych more expensive and his cheap plus ones are...Well, cheap for the reason. State there, has done that. Highly recommend it these in any one looking for the reasonably the quality priced , big, the noise that annuls wireless headphone and would buy to again in the nano second.
5 / 5
Amiably the band. They are light has his add. It has remarked has a noise that annuls on and hardly clash them the crackling his also in some sounds of to the musician more likes him his is in of the room. With the noise that annuls was to sound excellent crisp the sound of tomb adds some works. They are auricular utmost . UPDATE: THESE HEADPHONES IS MUSICIAN of STILL Awesome.la SOUND BETTER IN BLUTOOTH And No WITH The NOISE that ANNULS ON. You CAN SAVE $ 10.00 OF that BUYS The VERSION WITHOUT the NOISE that ANNULS. VERY they DO not ANNUL it it WAS the NOISE EXCEPTS WITH The MUSICIAN these TOUCHES DO not LISTEN EXTERNAL NOISE And The SOUNDS of MUSICIAN LIKE Your THERE Or STILL BETTER. The QUALITY ADDS And WORKMANSHIP. VERY WELL It BUILD It
5 / 5
These products is in pair with names of big mark (and has used a lot of comprising them Bose and the dr. Beaten For in 6 months). Work only well with mobile phones and of the tablets. Quan Has ignited, automatically connects in my mobile phone every time after an initial is trace . Quality of voice for the conversations of tlphonique is well; people in an another finishes easily could me listen. The connection wired is very also.

Quan A side of a heaphone has not done, has contacted a vendor. They have answered quickly behind and it has cured of a subject, which are very happy enough. Highly recommend it this product and a vendor.
5 / 5
Two weeks after in the first place taking these headphones, find me using them for the few daily hours. They are quite comfortable for long listening periods, and now considers a quality of his to be above half. 8.5/10 stars.

Has forgotten also to mention a noise that annuls characteristic in my initial description - 8.5/10 stars. Very well mask environmental noise while it preserves an integrity of an audio is listening in. It say that the environmental noise is quite 85 has deleted, which would have to pose these headphones at least in a $ 150 field. In the full load, any static, dropouts, or interference in a connection of Bluetooth strong. Desprs The few hours, a wireless connection destabilizes the bit, but does not know any headphones that no a same thing. More, a shakey the signal could so easily when being lacking of my computer. This does a capacity to touch this receiver and listen a time still the very useful characteristic.

Left and setup was the breeze, although I have not imagined was so to change anything except the volume those uses on control of ear with Laureate 10 VLC, but that it is another supremely complains smaller,and a lot of devices any interface well with Laureate 10 and VLC, especially components of audio for Windows. The defect the big plus of a otherwise ADD YOU. But I digress...

An element is arrived very-bundled in the good boxes, deadened. One acuesta comprised that spends the case is big quality and very slick. Another good touch, has appreciated was an included to the cape. This enables the must has characteristic out of a box - a capacity to maintain that it listens in your same telephones when does not have any load.

In general, is now quite pleased with purchase of mine. You can very very better to arrive to this point of prize. It pays the small less stops to plot of different wireless earbuds and auricular, and has not seen never any one of these products this semence of cheap plus cruise in a E7 is. Active Has fallen also three times a quantity of money one E7 is to cost me, and yes, some poden'the voice there was slightly better engine and other microscopic differences only audiophiles how I pickup. In of the terms of functionality even so, any one of some beats more the types have had or characteristic sun that one E7 of the that, and very has been missing an element or two.

Has the tonne of money and the studio of house of the murderous, goes advances and inverts in the expensive end , big idiot, posed of special occasion... And THEN PURCHASE THESE ALSO, Gentleman Moneybanks. One E7 is will be your daily pair - the loyal and reliable partner that only posed down when is seating in poster of yours forest that listens room, enjoying a unopened, condition of mint, the album of Davis of the scarce thousands in the vinyl spent through capes of gold. Anywhere More, one E7 is is.
5 / 5
These were my wireless auricular premiers so that it takes this based in some good descriptions. At all disappoint it. The work adds, Comfortable and was the prize adds. I am very pleased and has any problem that recommends these headphones. No the Audiophile so that it sing it taken to take in the technical material but sound utmost. There is an old together of Bose auricular thinks was near in $ 300 and to be fair is not necessary a lot of difference.
5 / 5
Cairo, can not compare these in Bose, so that it has not tried never the forward - or very another $ 300 pair of headphones. Even so, these are fantastic for me. I do in some half of the open dispatch and sometimes a level of spikes of noise of environmental to distract in intolerable ( knows that there it has while a person in a dispatch a strong plus that much more world-wide? I seat afterwards in five of them). An a lot of first day, my mate and I looked in the each another and nodded, is time for the noise that annuls auricular - so I some investigation, reads some descriptions, and has bought two Cowin And-7 east for us.

The May IS tried the active noise that annuls before, has to say that I am impressed (mine coworker not liking, as of the noise that annuls done his be queasy, but that is not Cowin-concrete, only a technology in general is not in accordance with his). For me, it poses the strong humid plus in a noise of backdrop. It opens If the people are conversed -yelling vociferously, of course still can listen, which are utmost so that if any one yells FIRE! It would like him know enough it. But I am streaming my radio of the sports of Boston and Perla is Jam of mine and clacking was while my noisy keyboard to take some revenge in the who does not have to annul to to auricular noise like him to him these.

Two fast notes that expects is useful. 1.) Quan Using he for Skype (he mic the works add for a road) or GoToMeeting, Wiindows 10 could identify likes him the device in addition to communications that some pertinent stereo auricular. I am almost he returned these so that a sound was so scratchy, especially in musician. I have read felizmente another critic is to comment that it identifies one subject and as to resolve is the thing of Windows - you only has to very-clicks your icon of of the one of the west, goes in of the Devices of Playback, and mark sure one Stereo listed of one And-7 is one default device and one default device of communications. Then take you a full profit and a quality of his excellent these headphones provides.

A second is, if you are which mine coworker and does not want to concealed annuls noise - and auricular purchase that annuls noise for some reason, included even so has the pair regulates $ 10 afterwards good cheaper in him - is one can of the optional characteristic changes on or was while precise. Sometimes I will turn it it was if it is not noisy in a dispatch, and the utmost still sounds. Like other headphones with this technology, can be the bulky bit, but in fact is light and quite comfortable for long use.

Bronzed In general, is very happy with this compraventa and does not have any refusals to say enough it. They compare in some mark more types? I can any one very answered that, but neither can imagine this mark that is to say so much better this justifies a cost. This work, and the sound adds. That is to say all precise!
5 / 5
I have wanted a bit wireless, the noise that annuls auricular that was comfortable and has had the life of decent stack concealed has not had to take of 2 mortgage in compraventa. Look in Bose QC35 (very comfortable, the excellent noise that annuls, but issues too expensive), JBL Elite of Everest 700 (any one so expensive, coast the noise that annuls, very comfortable but bulky looking), and then these few gems. Honestly I Have to think that that this mark was something would find only in closeouts or fewer establishments a lot the perfectionist praises and never has data very the the second has thought. I considered it always an out of marks, for earnest be. MAYS..... I have decided that it take it casualidad in the, thinking for this point of prize, can not lose, well?

Has taken these and situates the on after charge and wow. I am impressed! The sound is quite well, the noise that annuls is awesome. In fact, I think that that it is comparable in a the receiver priced main considered before. Very I any one need the set of headphones that will annul he out of the each daily living utterance, only a majority of environmental noise will do me happy. But honestly, that fulfils that access also around my ears that a lot very precise to use a noise that annuls characteristic that a lot. Only an apt the fact the noise that annuls. One bluetooth the connection is hurriedly and has a cape of the audio has comprised by when can run out of stack. This second says taking 30 living hours of stack in playback, but has still to try that it was. If that is to say a case , then these headphones is far upper (IMHO) in a receiver priced big that has less life of stack. More, if one rechargeable the stack dies on these, then any vain to be so preoccupied with buying another set while it was has purchased one the big plus priced auricular.

Considering looks? It Utmost look, the cups of ear are soft, the tape is cushioned, and is not tight in my cape or my ears. Sure, perhaps a metal colored the plastic is the small cheap, but is not while characteristic of big dollar for this point of prize. And yes, perhaps a button in a right to skip advance and behind is the small clicky, but can treat it. Oh, And yes...This clicky skip the before/retreated the button is not one above the low volume/ could think when calm in the first place situate the on (raw that was). Only calm so that it is. I can not find the road in reprogram the. That is to say the characteristic odd . In wireless headphones, would find you would pose some buttons of volume in some headphones in place of the button in skip songs. I am unbalanced, even so, that one leatherette tape and earcups will be susceptible of rasgar over time because of use, but is sure can find the coverage or the substitution and fixed that problem straightaway.

In general, is happy bought these. I have bought very the for trip. Has the pair of Beaten Pro the headphones DJ with some cups of ear of the aluminium and has not been cheap, as to take in a road with me me nervous that will take messed on entering and out of my stock exchange all a time (in fact, that has spent already GRRRR). Admitted, does not want to these to take messed on any one, but yes spends then has not paid that a lot for them, and a sting will not be so bad.
5 / 5
Has update only my iPhone and I have wanted to to buy me a good together of the receiver as it treat it. I listen in musician a lot. I imagined it it look in a bose and some beaten. Every time I look for it the noise that annuls auricular these have maintained to burst up. You look spent the. But then they would burst up again. Some headphones of the big end is quite expensive. As I imagined it it give these the flavour for $ 70. The worse case issues the backside and buy something better. But WOW. They SOUND UTMOST! Nice and clear and crisp. The field adds of sound. Good balance. Any too heavy. The field adds in both finals of a spectre of sound. A noise that annuls amiably under his environmental. Some headphones is clear weight and very comfortable to spend. And a load of stack am adds. They are to come touched. State listening here during 3 only hours relax. James Taylor. Explosions of Boston. Tran Siberian orchestra. Garth Brook. It tries the good mix. I am very pleased. It has matched easily. I disturb it only like another has mentioned is some controls of volume are revoked. The drop of upper button the sound and the fund the race. Very very done and comfortable to spend. They look it it has built to be quite durable and quality very big. They listen big quality in some hands and in a leader. They same come with the stock exchange of storage. Any one load. Only the cape. But they will touch of any USB uploads.

Updates the year later. Still I am that it wants these headphones. I have tried recently in the set of beaten. And compared backnand advance. It contests this sound also. I am still lovin the. It listens in musician almost nightly and these are wonderful.

Has not been sure of a description of had the built mic to take calls of tlphonique. But I have taken the calls of pair here now and look of people to be that we listen me any problem.

Opens Time to tug butt of mine out of a recliner. But what the sake that relaxes time with the headphones these looks to do very better that or would expect of a prize. To well sure the keeper. Perhaps I will go after the pair of big final some day. But for now this look to do wonderfully.

Update 2/15/17. WOW. I WANT THESE HEADPHONES! A sound is wonderful. Has for hours in the now. They are comfortable to spend. They are very very he he. They are built quite weighed in any the cheap feeling. But no heavy apt at all. The musician is wonderfully clear. Highly it recommends these. It researches to be the far better action that expected for a prize. And it has remarked only another fresh characteristic when matched with an iPhone 7. There is the headphone indicator that assembla well of screen and after in is the indicator of level of the stack for a headphone stack. Nice!

Top Customer Reviews: iJoy Matte Finish ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 54 ratings
5 / 5
It has Had these since Jan 16, 2018, and has wanted to to expect the moment to write in the. It updates the majority of my descriptions if my compraventa continues to do exceptionally as well as it expects to be that he that with these same after the year. They are doing only fabulously after four months still! My husband there has been the cheapie $ 5 bluetooth the pair buys to use when mowing a gram, as it was able to compare a two and he are obvious some have thought was in a mark of these -- is plastic but is quite robust and listens has very compared in of the chairs. It has Had any problem that takes the to connect in my iPhone.

Has treated a cord to touch very carefully so that I have seen some another the critics have had problem with him coming eschew, but sadly included neatly, an end this has been in some receiver the just plain has broken was and separated of a cape. I have written up here to complain- in a company (not even give that duh, could use any one of a micro-usb cords other devices to touch he) and was sper apologetic and said would take another in a clave asap in me. Has thinks that that that has meant only a cord...Voice here another place of the headphones of integer have looked! It blesses The. That is to say some service of client right there. I probably still will not use some cords to touch since know is prone in weakness, but my hubby has taken free headphones out of some roads and does not have to use his uber-cheap pair anymore, haha!

Any one go me to think but in fact has the pair of headphones of Monster of the Beaten and I like a iJoy better. They do not squeeze my cape or breaks my ears like viciously, lol, and a sound is quite comparable, in my flavours of musician in all the case.
5 / 5
OMG These headphones is a truth !!! I listen in the musician when clean and a sound is CRISP, STRONG, and CLARO.... Quan Conversation in a tlphonique Any STATIC! They have touched to like 15 minutes after taking them was a box and I are able to clean mine 4 house of fourth while it listens in a ... Leaving my IPHONE X PLUGGED up in a chamber... It IS it excited it to good sure! I dusted my whole house, robs wash, has cleaned baths everything in a 15 load of minute! It opens it is touching up. I am ordering my husband, boys, and daughter some. A real description will come after my husband uses the to form that uses it auricular day to the day.. As I will maintain it writes published! But I want purchase of mine is more concealed estimates a prize! I am enamoured and is so COMFORTABLE... I disturbed Anything in my ears, as THESE ARE PERFECT! You grieve mine 17 old year has listened a musician in era the to like buy me a little mamma... This musician of mark of the boys and has a beatz for Dre... So uhmmmm he a quality is excellent
1 / 5
Touch my headphones today and they cought fire! He thank you the advantage was still house or can have been worse. Like the word of precaution for careful be when touching.
5 / 5
An access in these is perfect! They are also very soft. A thing that surprised me was that there is FM radius in a headset. There is the button so that changes of Bluetooth in FM. Very pleasantly surprised for that and happy to be able to listen in some games of Twins in a radio. It has matched perfectly a first time and so far any subject with touching. These in fact do better and when being better that a last pair bought by $ 35. There is also the button to change an effect. For me you are the small nonsensical while it was to take to say how many different effects have change through, an a lot of falls one has sounded quite bad also. I think that that I am still in a road begins on? Any concealed or sounds quite near that you can not say. An only negative in these is the voice of or the lady that says when a stack is down or that is to say powering you in/to the era is very strong compared in a volume of a musician. It IS quite startling a lot until I take used his. In general even so, supremely well. I have not taken the for free, paid $ 14.99, which was a prize to list regulate at the same time.
5 / 5
In fact they are very surprised for these. These are my wireless auricular premiers . It has matched the with my iPhone 8 More very subject. For a prize can not ask more. They are quite grave-and but on the way well. His clear. They are also he a lot of fire and when being comfortable in some ears, which are many so that for some headphones of the reason can do my plague of ears. But these are well!! I use this Spotify of arrests predominately. Quan Taking notification in my telephone, and also a sound of some clicks of keyboard will sound (when the telephone is was to vibrate). They are quite that annuls noise...Quan Have these in some conversations in a room are quite muted. It does not expect The to be the quality adds when touching/lining them. Even so in general they have the good look in them. Global add for a prize. Highly it recommends. I am taking another pair for my dad.
5 / 5
It takes these to spend when is mowing a gram. I have tried ear buds with my tlphonique but a cord is always in a road as I have required something wireless. They are clear, easy to imagine was and has his well. They listen the tad small but honestly is not trying the encase ear of your totality in some separates cushioned so that it is well. In fact it add for me so that they very only access me(woman of the adult grown) but apt mine 3 and boys of 6 years also.
5 / 5
I am so suprised for a quality of his and access of these headphones. A prize me think only would be decent but is ADDS. I will update description when voice that time a life of stack is
5 / 5
That the compraventa adds! It does not know these are come with so FM and a capacity of equalization of adjustment! It has to that it is by train to kid me! To well sure the repurchase for the presents and probably will think the plots are spent in this utmost sound headsets. Taking yours!
5 / 5
Update in my initial Description-- Still enamoured with them. Has the earring two month and and use the All day every day in the work and they are awesome. Anteriorly Has declared that they have not aimed life of stack, but this was the error of USER on my part with a Iphone. My daughter has imagined was so to do a living show of the stack and now knows where is with that! I expect that they continue to exit for me.

Has has had only some headphones for quite a lot of 3 days now and wants to them! (Of course the calm does not know never that well the product a lot is until it has had he for some time and if some headphones fail me in a next pair to month will return to leave all the world knows) Even so with this be has said, has wanted to to revise them now in hopefully has answered to help some questions for another.
These headphones is surprising! They return comfortably in some ears ( adjusts and transfer easily for folding) and a sound is awesome! Literally I have to have my telephone in a lower notch so that and the appear more then some headphones would be too strong, as in my opinion is to annul noises.
As we know some headphones is bluetooth and what is so that it adds enough is those that come with the cord that can limit in your device or computer when does not want to listen wirelessly that the ways could die a stack even so it can listen. In fact it has it plugged in this way, some headphones automatically 'beats it was'.
Prefer you still can listen subject bluetooth while they are touching - another the characteristic sum enjoyed with the hard mine (different) pair of bluetooth auricular concealed and has broken. A life of stack is awesome... They had to quite 5 in 6 hours.
Quan Visits some headphones on, ad (Very vociferously) 'Can on' and then continues in to say you 'Road of Blue tooth, matching, connecting'. He also the ad when a stack is down. ( Has has not had an occasion to discover how long announces that before in fact the visit was).

Bronzed Far so using your bluetooth auricular for a call of real tlphonique-- the ad concealed has a incoming nicknamed but does not announce a number. Also and'gone to be said concealed and sounds the small muffled but a person has not had a subject with sympathetic which and saying. They, in or another rids the glass has sounded clear.

In general some headphones have substituted my expectations for $ 16 and is happy this has bought the. I have not tried the in a gymnasium still but and almost is that it guesses that a sound in fact will flood out of a loudness of a musician, etc in the gymnasium. Mina another receiver, or my earbuds has been able to do east.

Expects that this response aided some questions that more can have had enough the external of some characteristic that is the part of a description of a product.
4 / 5
I have had these of then Jan 16, 2018, and has wanted to expect the moment to write on him. It updates the majority of my descriptions if my compraventa continuous do exceptionally well so that attended be that he that with this same after the year. They are doing so only fabulously with which four months still! My husband there has been the cheapie $ 5 bluetooth the pair has bought to use when mowing a gram, how was able to compare a two and is obvious some have thought has been to one doing of these -- is plastic but is quite sturdy and feel a lot of-has done compared to touch. It has Had any question that takes him to connect to the mine iPhone.

Has treated a cord to touch a lot attentively reason have seen some another reviewers has had question with him coming avert, but sadly still with priest, an end that has gone to some auricular the just plain has broken was and separated of a boss. I have on writing here partorisca complain to a company (not even that @gives that duh, could use any of a micro-usb cords other devices to touch he) and was súper apologetic and has said would take another in a topmast asap mine. Has thinks that has meant so only one and behold another together of whole headphones are gazes! His blesses. Ossia Some service of client right there. I probably still will not use some cords to touch of then knows is prone the weakness, but my hubby has taken the free headphones out of one extracted and does not have to that use his uber-the economic pair anymore, haha!

The person go to believe but in fact have the pair of headphones of Monster of the Beaten and I like a iJoy better. They do not squeeze my boss or break my ears like this viciously, lol, and a sound is quite comparable, in my flavours of music in all the chance.

UPDATE 8/21/19 -- still working adds, there is not remarked any subjects or decrease in load, which consider the bit freakish for anything to the long of the year! They ARE CAREFUL WITH THEM. I do not launch him in the tote stock exchange or by means of a room or fall them down some stairs, so that probably it explains part of reason his and the plot of mine other things last the long time. I do not use him each day so only now, perhaps four times the week for the few hours when touching games or looking films in mine Kindle while I do not want to listen to the mine hubby shows of boring peach in TVs, but still is that it goes strong. I do not have any idea where my original touching the cord is, I just load he with one of a multiple Kindle chargers has chair around. My hubs' pair also the touch and the still works adds, mostly uses it when mowing a gram while also listening the podcasts of boring peach. Weirdo.

Are probably an only one the one who there is remarked this but a blue light on is BRILLIANT LIKE HECK at night in the fourth when you are a insomniac trying a lot to wake your significant another while looking youtube. It likes seriously of a blue light is more brilliant that my screen of telephone learns in dim. I have had to that stick the little piece of electrical tape in the and still then still take the glow. But ossia that I taking to be the sty at night, I supposition!

Still highly recommend, any complaint.

Top Customer Reviews: Audio-Technica ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
The purchase has verified Pros:
-the quality of His excellent east. Rich tones , warm with the sound has balanced in general.
-Seat Very done
-focus Well around ears
-Easy to adjust measure
-Awesome this comes with the adapter of covers for different uses. He cliques in for the control in firm

-have to it movement around enough the bit to find the something comfortable to leave be. I found it once, it was well. It can spend he for day of hours in, the day was, perhaps the no. will see once I pause he in the bit. My measure of any one thinks is in a way in small side for women. The global access was very otherwise, only a force of a cradle of a group of the any sense for the likes was the very bit.
-Some instructions that is coming with class of era to confuse so tongue quite regarding the bend. I know a next model in of the folds and is or no, but has not been very clear that this bit of a diagram has not informed in this model.

Buys this again? Yes.
4 / 5
The UPDATE of the purchase has verified, QUALITY of TEZ:

Well, will be cursed, his state exactly the year has since writes this. It was pure luck that has verified my descriptions today.

In all the case, quality of tez.

A M20xs has bought marks the year still is going strong, and uses the constantly when is not in my computer. A cape is well, a dish of gold is spent out of one covers (that is to say normal after the plot of use), and a plastic does not look for to be is spent. If I have cleaned this thing very well, look the new mark. Even so, any one all are in perfect condition, and that would be it a cushion .

Has begun to remark after the while a earcups has begun to listen more take and more take. Like The sanity control, has taken the look in my dad m50xs to see yes was still soft, and was (does not use those that very anymore). Look in him, and apparently, a rubber of fake-Audio of material of the rind Technica uses in his earcups dulcemente deteriorates over time to take more take and to the final crack because of a tension to cushion. That is to say the result of constant contact with oils of organism (that is to say why my dad the pair is still soft). Felizmente, these are replaceable, but is $ 25 for the pair, which are enough bit it. It take these headphones for $ 30 dollars while they were for sale, for perspective. There is also one casualidad that the use roughly cheaper earcups in a m20xs, which would not surprise me . In that if, a substitution earcups for a m50xs could be considered some updates.

Even more worrisome is a tape. In difference of a m50xs, which have the rubber of the main quality in a tape, a tape in a m20xs is launched of a material still a earcups is. The calm can not substitute. Although his unlikely that a tape will take severely broken to crack since he very exactly pillow, still can see some dent in mine that does not go era.

Another that concealed, these are still my headphones of favourites of general purpose, even so it recommend them. I am in a verge to substitute a earcups even so. If it breaks in some point, could aim for a m40xs because of options of cape a low plus, materials of quality of tez/better, and his best. I will give it two years more and see that it spends in them.


So many, has not been never that rich suffices to possess the good pair of headphones. It listens in a constant praise of Audio-Technica, decided to choose of his pair of estimativa of monitors, a ATH-M20x. My father has the pair of his M40x or 50x, but is sufficing any left wing for his touch. That is to say why I can not say which ones are.

Likes him perspective and for comparison, some the big headphones have used before these were Sol Republic v8 tones, and uses the Logitech G230 gaming headset at present for my desktop.

A song tried among this receiver was Man of Ocean for Ween, because of a formidable field in key. Have taking also a song a day I this, as it was the nostalgic bit for me to listen in him again.


Opens, a first thing that attacked me with these headphones was that some bass was compared very less in some other headphones. It opens, this is not the bad thing, so that I left me home in other tones in a song, like an electrical guitar and percussion, which resulted much more brilliant. This has done a sound of the a lot of clearer song that mine another receiver, which has been missing of the small in mids and highs. My Sun in general there was much graver, but a rest of some frequencies has looked filtered has been been due to he. It IS mostly a same history with my g230s, but a highs is very better that an only. It gives This, at the end has imagined was why could not listen footsteps very well in a Strike of Contador of the game of Global Offensive, which stimulate me to buy another pair of a M20x for my desktop, as well as the mic. An only real subject has with a M20x to arrive to this point is that I can not listen bass drums very well if they are not blended quite strong, which are disappointing, like the percussion is one of ones the majority of factors of entity in musician in me. In general, this active generally incredible action in a field of audio, in spite of some bass that look only the tad bit feebler this has to when being. If they have augmented in the tiny bit, would be satisfied. Any value to take the star was even so, especially for a prize.

Another thing in note is that this receiver is main in impedance that normal, as I owe near max out of my volume in my tlphonique to take in the some acceptable place in me. This is not the problem, but is fearful can take some distortion in some songs. That is to say also sad, while I use the audio of Creative Zen has separated the player for my CD of quality big tears, which do not go so strong like my telephone, he doing essentially useless. They also very really likes him limit in my telephone with a case on, as I have to blocs in a jack and the hope does not jump era. This am together with an another problem with my jack of audio, which are that always think is using a inline mic unless I unplug and re-carried he and the hope see to the receiver likes him to him the rule. If he no, then that clashes a cord can cause google to start with the voice that detects, which are very annoying, as well as at random the pause and that touches the song. To reinforce it, that is to say the problem with my TELEPHONE, anybody covers. That is to say more than him me problem, even so, still has the subjects that is plugged in the telephone with the case. Doing an end coned and an adapter comes with internally coned would resolve this problem.


Opens, one of the main reasons why bought the g230 was so that they are very very built, and could take multiple falls out of my desktop. Included they go for a Sun, which are designed enough like the tank because of a sper strong and hard tape but brittle plastic cape. A M20x even so, in to the the look likes him would require of the most cured bit with a tape, since is not crowned with plastic. Usually only it launches my Sun in my daily rucksack, so that it can handle it. These will require the bit of extra attention in any rasgando in a foam in a tape. I have tried to buy the case takes of Caseling, but a description lied in me and has said that these apt headphones. They no, and now has to return so harvest as it was possible to take mine 13 bucks behind. They are returned my dad is very even so so that they fold, and is the quite good case. Otherwise, A ABS the plastic is well in an engine that his strong fact, and a tape has metal of steel of the cradle in him. There is not desert very visible anywhere, not even unmixed plastic or something rough in a foam. That is to say quite impressive for the product done in Taiwan. In the to the Another thing would have liked him would be to paint of a logotype inset in some sides of an engine, the easiest fact to see. I suppose that that is to say to differentiate different models.

Opens, a cord has the bit of a subject with. A cord is very good; it is very isolated and flexible. A jack is very also, now well of looks plated and has the curve of very protective. A subject has is that it is subjects in freaking very time, in the staggering 3 metres. This can be the good thing for some people, but go to be walking around with these. I have to trace in a cape (thank you god for this isolation) and has posed touches he of management of the cape in the for the shorten. It opens, there is the sake 4 diameter of coil of inch in my pocket that is 1/2 a fat inch, and is Very to problem. If they could have at least it shorten the in perhaps 1 metre, would not be writing east. These costs the star for me, as it was to go. In spite of of the this, a cape has to when being an of a better prevents headphone the capes have found, maintains was common of eddy very well, which would cause the distortion with an enormous coil has to lug around. A good road to try if the cape is very isolated or is not to try and use a cape like the stylus in the screen to touch. If a screen reacts in any subject while touching musician, a cape has failed a test. Any subject that tried, looping the, squishing the against a screen, has not been detected. That is to say the good signal for the good cape, as any electrical field is crossing that thing. Like the solution in a coil, can do some investigation in a internals of a cord, and the shorten to me. If you are also hateful of this subject, a better ATH the models have interchangeable capes that can be much lower. In me, it is not to estimate the to pay 30 in 40 extra dollars for this characteristic.


So much, my g230s is the very comfortable pair of headphones for me to spend, while they are in of the ears. My Sun in one another hand is in ear, which was the enormous subject in me when bought the. It is not that they were uncomfortable, but has been been been due to an odd problem has with my right ear. My canals of ear are supremely small, as it can not use earbuds, which are many my main reason to buy full in headphones. In this case, a Sun would squeeze my right ear has closed! Would have any musician in my right ear unless it has lined physically an engine, and has extended my ear bit it. It opens, a M20x is also in ear, so that I add for me. It IS in fact a main reason why bought these, has wanted the good pair of in of the ears that any impeding my listened. Any only this, would say that they apt same better that my g230s because of some a lot of titles of liberty, as I am supremely happy here. My subject has been resolved because of these headphones. A real foam an use of headphones is well, to good sure in an engine. A foam of the tape up is durable and the rigid bit, but no perceivable. An inferior foam looks a same likes him engine, as any problem there. Everything of some looks to foam to be embroiled in the material of rind of thin fake, and listens well. My g230s is only embroiled in perforated halftone, which the the tad itchy.


Opens, so that they like him to of them the good things, want the obvious that is using is well and of the values he. It likes him-me he the statement, as it buys things that fallen under these categories:

1. The looks cool
2. It IS a lot of work
3. Take the long time

So, for him looking fresh, would say 'eh.' While anteriorly has declared, a logotype is not painted in, as they only auricular of look in the distance. My Sun in one another hand, look 100% sweet, with this automotive to circulate , the solid that tape of looks, minimalist logotype, and shiny dish (this is spent has been around some verges of an engine, sadly). These do not owe aesthetic am looking for, but monitors of look, which amiable of marks up for him. In me, only they look intermediate , any pro.

To do a work well, that is to say the definite he still. A fresh factor in immediately can me veto in a case that to something likes him the very oiled machine. That is to say that case. Only they sound well, and any one concealed would borrow these would say. My only is not that well sounding, and my g230 is well, as these are technically some the better headphones possesses interior a moment. A case where this would not be true would be Beaten for Dre. Yes, some auricular look very well, iconic same. In spite of of the this, enough is only the no above this 5 dollar Koss auricular purchase in of the tents to drug when has at all more to use (this receiver is very well for a prize even so, as I like him for of that).

Does not know sure still if these will last the long time. That is to say another factor that directly go with doing a work well, while having these factors multiply each which as other marks for the divine product. My Sun and g230s to good sure fallen under this category, while it has so much last me 2 years. A Sun is almost done for, even so, like the plastic cone of the right engine buzzes in of the sure frequencies. A g230s look literally the new mark and has not degraded the wise audio, as we serve me well, and will maintain to do so. Beaten For Dre neither falls under this factor, while they have to be treated so of the kings, or any one will shatter a moment look in the (an episode of the fellow). So that it loses it some two factors more than entity, the headphones of the beaten is useless in me, especially with a prize asks. I will have to live with a M20xs for the moment to see that well marks with this factor, and is predicting another strong he still. And although only we last me the months of pair, is still only $ 30, an amazing prize so that these headphones is. A thing gives that it can break is extending an engine on and on again. A metal follows that it is attached in them enter and out of a tape, and can listen the moving interior through a foam. Still it can you pinch and he very hard of the movement (troubling sometimes), which the ways are not encased in anything. This direct me to predict that in some point, they poke through a group. Been due to of the this, does not shorten to every time I stow has been the. Any one has published the picture that looked this past in them, as I will look era.


These are an amazing pair of headphones that satisfied a lot my levels of quality, while I am the bit of the snob. They sound utmost, but the bass drums can too calm to be or take to distinguish. They are facts very well, in spite of a freaking long cape and also fat of an end for a jack. They are very comfortable, and resolved some subjects have had with other headphones have possessed. Has successes my personal checklist, but will require to try for durability. So much, like the final statement: if you are in the estimativa and of the amours well in of the ears to seat and listen in musician, chooses in the pair of ATH-M20X auricular. If has more money, shoot for a M40x or m50x wants to walk around or the better quality required. I am quite satisfied in spite of my current situation, so calm expect you can enjoy these headphones more than me.
5 / 5
The purchase has verified chosen these for a time of delivery and cost more economic - and the desire had done a window of tower. I have tried they house them in my studio, and has used then the for the action of musician. They were well for an action, which are that experiences them prende, but never personally uses the in a studio or anywhere more. Triplcalos The tones drilled (how displaced in a mix of master audio), a mid-the tone was saturated and offensively imbalanced, and a line of low was non-existent after the superficial depth. I any one preoccupy me prendo down heavy, but is necessary in a balance of all the things. It listens in familiar musician, a bassline simply disappeared to the sure point. It listens in the film, a mid-the tone was obnoxious. I have pulled some pieces of ear was although a volume has not been big. The triple tones were present, classifies the paste through a mix of audio and he so that it has apparently displaced. Taken that wait, but had expected for more than the decent sound for this decent prize that a less-concealed-his decent volume. Otherwise A physical product is well. Suau In a touch, comfortable to spend, and easy to store.
5 / 5
The purchase has verified That is to say the description of video of my Canal of Youtube

First to give you a bit context, has tried and listened in a lot, different mark of headphones around this point to price like Sennhesier, Sony, Creative and so on as has the very well the idea that can you to it take quality, the consolation and the wise sound in of the points of different prize. I am also very familiar with a ATH-M50 is which already possesses also.

These are impressive! Has he of the signs of his wonderful same of a ATH-M50 this (even so any one quite also) but in the side goes down a lot of. Taken a detail adds , clarity and imagery that a ATH-M50 is is known prisoner.

In my description of cover of video:

1. Why this DJ of the receiver of mark adds
2. Quality and of Tez of the durability
3. Consuelo
4. Quality to sound

wants to see a test of leak of the sound then informs in my video of original of Youtube [...] While I have not been able to maintain a full period here.

A thing in note is that these have the right cape while an anterior model (ATH-M20) has the cape has trace. Also a ATH-M20x is the lighter in 190 grams has compared in an anterior version a ATH-M20 which are 320 grams . It IS very comfortable to spend these headphones if around your collar or in cape. A fact that is lighter then an anterior version those that very better in my opinion :)

These are a pair of estimativa perfect that receives of headphones. If you are looking for the estimativa of cosy pair of the headphones or something concealed can use calm for any genus of musician to listen all some yours detail wonderful proportionate musician, then these are quite also while it takes to arrive to this point of prize.

ENJOYS a video!
5 / 5
The purchase verified had been using Sony auricular for some last 7 years, and for one the majority of part, was a lot. They are predominately used with my computer in my desktop, listens in and occasionally editing files of audio. I found me in of the needs of the set with the longest cord, after the update of the engine deactivated some ports of finals of the front in my tower and would not go back . I have wanted also something bit it better that a last Sony conjoint had (MDRZX300). It finds this Audio-Technica telephones during the investigation, and has liked him immediately one 3 cord of metre. Then verifying a specs, these have had far better components that a Sony - and any cost $ 100. It orders the and is excellent. Fully they layer an ear and does the very better laws of annulment of noise, and a sound am adds. Musician, voice.. It does not import - coming through very better that a Sony telephone. The election adds for the value-priced headphone has posed that he still that listens to sound better.
4 / 5
The purchase has verified Well quite access (for my big dome). A heavy cape, largo am adds. Even so, I have found the seriously that lacking of for delivery of power with sure appearances. They do not achieve anything above a WELL the when the volume used with the PC stereo when plugged in the characteristic/of control of the distribution of a stereo (the small control of volume and headphone connector that comes attached at most of 2.1 Logitech speakers). Also, they suck with the mobile phone in faculty and volume. Mays! If you limit the in something concealed can back a headset speakers, resplandor. In general, I am disappointed, but is also any one in using them he so that it was designed. Touching games and looking films in the laptop or PC are being missing of majorly, but use them like the headset for a amp when that touches the electrical guitar and sound utmost. Be conscious only of some limitations to be able in and your use has feigned. If has the interior of stack is sure would give the 5-the stars because of an amplification have augmented into use to be able to down.
4 / 5
It buys it the quality checked of his Estupefaciente in the very reasonable prize. You will listen things in musician that has not remarked never before that so that your old headphones simply have not offered a clarity that this mark.

My only negative is concealed does not have to a detachable cape like him some models of the final of big plus, which would not be the problem, but my main complaint is that a cord is in fact the small ALSO long me, but that it is totally well. Better the cord that is far too very time so opposite in too much down. And again, for this prize, is to take in still complain- in that.

Cairo Has built-very also. A plastic of some headphones is to take and thin, but also reasonable light. Like this, some looks of the cord planted in some very good headphones, so simply yanking in a cord the small time to well sure any sea these things, while in these very cheap headphones, fallen the, yank the only the small time, and is quite fatality. Any one these.

In HIS, takes that these are 'professional/monitor' in fashionable headphones. They offer the a lot of his ome'. Quality highs, mids and lows. Very look of headphones to augment sure frequencies, concretely tomb, which some can prefer, but this would cause the sound manipulated out of a box. These M20x offers the much more ome', his neutral, which THEN could be adjusted in your computer or card to sound to adapt YOUR necessities, so opposite in a manufacturer that manipulates a sound of musician of calm out of a box. Beaten For Dre is notorious for this class of atrocity, and his lack of shows of quality of the sound. A lot it prefers the sound some like this, and bet the majority of you also!

An Audio-Technica M20x swipes WELL above his class of weight for quality of audio, and is tez hard to match. If you are looking for the updates of serious audio for the very reasonable prize, these only can be an entrance!
4 / 5
The purchase has verified Val, this receiver surprised me when in the first place take the in a clave, and has tried to era. For one $ 50 focuses of prize, these are the SUBJECT ! It opens, a thing is done of plastic, knows concealed... But these are not that they are missing of in a department of sound... AT ALL. An Audio of reason-Technica has done these things out of plsticoes is to maintain a low cost. That is to say why it is able to rid his upper in an user for the cheap prize. He still the go so far so to say that they are in pair with the pair of headphones of BEATEN, but some basses is not so powerful in these. It opens, it leaves to go and look in a pros and gilipollas!

-Quality of his upper
-On-creation of ear (concealed very like this?)
-A very long cord, if it likes him-join listens in musician through a room. ( I have tried this, does not have any idea why)
-sliders of Good adjustment in a side, they any one to the to to click likes him in of other headphones.
-Very clear
-Good clarity

-that Annoying in of the long periods, as it does not use these for long gaming sessions. But they are well for gaming. Dona cartilage Of ear.
-Some pillows in a earcups is not so comfortable while it would like them the to be.

In general, these are auricular utmost for a value. These are the clothes , and there is not any reason of why would not have to choose these in of the rights after reading east.
5 / 5
The purchase has verified Included with a volume maxed has entered my telephone, an audio through some headphones is only only ail audible. I have to pull to listen words and pode flood very a lot of out of external noise with musician, which are which bought these decrees. Also, some tomb is almost non-existent and sounds very tinny. Has $ 10 earbuds I like better that these stupid things. You are not buying of this company never again.
4 / 5
The purchase has verified This receiver looked to do really well and looking very durable. But after the month to use them slightly, an ear has begun to fail, giving me the very unbalanced sound when used the.

IS very troubling so the can not return now and so now has an essentially new pair of headphones that does not act.

Top Customer Reviews: Bluetooth Over-Ear ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I have ordered these headphones for a gymnasium. I have been tired of cords. A bit buds this enters your mine of the ears hurt always so many am bonded with big bulky ones. These are not that bulky. A colour is well, is coming very very bundled. An only complaint in this time is smells the small. I have used the once fo far, and does not have any subject. Bluetooth IS easy to connect and has the far distance. They do not fall out of my cape, and is very enough. I will update this description run in any problems. But he very satisfy like this far!
5 / 5
They are comfortable. I can spend these all day without discomfort. Has life of phenomenal stack. These last me to us all day without requiring the recharge, and like any one spends concealed to plot to time out of house, these serve me well. I actuate Still to run out of the stack and have some days around 8 hours of connection of the game of the musician is always very relative of his in other headphones of this prize.
5 / 5
I have purchased this one for the use when mowing my gram. It IS very easy to connect with Bluetooth. Also it comes with the box of laptop that does this look of product has done well. I chosen this class of headphones in place of covers he for the listened that expects this one will be noice annuls and comfortable to spend. It IS comfortable to spend and noice that annuls the function is very better that carried for the listened. But still I can listen a noise of mower , perhaps mowing the noise is on age:)
In general I m happy with purchase of mine. I Like him his of a colour of gold also.
5 / 5
Have A bit bluetooth earbuds house, but my daughter has wanted the BT on-the-ear headphone, since is quite big any one for the lose. To match all his another collected material trace of gold, is or has taken my eyes.

After my daughter has posed this on after it has posed up, does not take it era. The flight! Some tampons of soft pillow around some ears and an adjustable tape aided to provide durable consolation. His cape is smaller that one measures of adult, like the plot is returned well. A life of stack is sum so far. The May Complained that it is out of stack during his use. It take for the touch nightly, as it can maintain use the next day. It IS so it comes with the cape of audio of the backup in case that a stack is was.

A quality of the sound in of the chairs is awesome, very balanced and crisp. A built in FM radiates and the MicroSD the void provides extra options of source of musician when WiFi or the telephone is not available. A party is trace the case of the gold is the good accessory also. Everywhere, we are very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
They are come violet and sake. They are returned the by the right perfect measure could go in a radio and the calls of response skip the songs but I have not discovered as to turn a volume up and has had to down use my tlphonique to do concealed to press a button that would think visits a volume above the just changes and skipped a song another that these laws add!!!!!!!
5 / 5
I have bought this on some headphones of ear for my nephew like present Christmas and totally wants to it. For this prize , a packaging was really well and says that a quality of sound was good and works of microphone perfectly.
5 / 5
The quality adds for a prize, comes with all some extras and the durable spends cases, no the cheap a that usually it was launched in the compraventa has taken. It can any one when being any happier!
5 / 5
In the first place, a colour mine extracted when the attention looked for the bluetooth headphone. Quan Took it, gives is the quality is big. There are several functions, any only the heaphone, but can take radio!
2 / 5
Quan And in the first place took these headphones, and has been excited likes had the creation adds, good colour, and to focus of good prize. To use, and was has disappointed immediately. The volume concealed to take that paid by, but these have not conformed my expectations for a prize have paid.

1. Quan Looking the video with Bluetooth, has such the delay is troubling. I have to disconnect, then reconnect some headphones to take drawee of a delay in of the sounds, but these only works for quite a lot of 5 minutes.
2. Really it looks he advances in a FM characteristic Radio this comes with these headphones, does not take your hopes up. Tune Through a canal that these headphones can achieve, a quality of sound was terrible and has not had good signal. An only canal concealed and could listen clearly was a Christian canal. I bad, that is to say the positive, no the bad has wanted in musician while student, any the sermon.

3. It opens you are looking for quality of his basic that will rid your musician only to take calm through yours study, walk/of bus of the train, etc. These will do well. The just mark taking is not in the pindrop to the silent place likes him another would be able to listen your musician those touches included although only have the down the half or more low volume.

Will say that a life of stack in these am add, as any problem there. They are the comfortable access also and has the quite a lot of colour of gold of the trace. These headphones only have not conformed my expectations alas. I guess only it have to spend the small more $ $ $ and finds another to use instead.
5 / 5
I have bought these prepare Day so that I have required roughly less auricular expensive to use while mowing a gram. Well out of a box, taking according to only to connect in my iPhone. A quality of the sound has not gone enough that would take with an expensive together, but has did not expect concealed. Still, a quality of sound was utmost and was quite powerful this was the preoccupy that mine very strong lawnmower has not done properly. Felizmente A mower was very and some headphones was only that well! I Liked him also His of a fact that is coming he with the case, touching cape and to the cape. This product has surpassed my sure expectations!

Top Customer Reviews: Sleep Headphones,3D ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
The purchase has verified These were the necessity has not known that required until I have had the. My snores of partner therefore my sudden sleep. These are surprising. I can listen in my musician and the asleep fall in something calm and relax in place of that! They are soooo soft and clear interior, ails chair in so is spending anything. I am in fact a lot picky also when comes to sleep and things in my face and this any problem me at all. A musician is not that it overwhelms neither. It IS very easy to use and a Cord does not enter a road. These would do utmost presents also.
5 / 5
The purchase has verified pleases the marks sure look my calm video really leave you to listen that crisp an audio this and what strong the one of the fact taken. A fact that can listen he of your any one is quite incredible! A zone to mask that the expensive yours touch is always cool any subject where leaves he, is always very cold! He the soft lies in a rind, is not tight against your cape, is easy to adjust and stays in planting so sleep!
5 / 5
The purchase has verified I amour these. The consolation is wonderful. Soft and perfect access. His well. And convenient little stock exchange of storage. Navidad in July. I have decided to give in my daughter.
4 / 5
The purchase has verified always have the plot of the problem that goes to sleep a moment the low gesture reads. Always it explore he in my telephone until my wheels of eyes and fall asleep. These blocs of mask of the eye out of a light and some blocs of musician all a noise around me. It IS incredibly soft and very comfortable to spend. Could spend it all prejudices it very time during sleep without hurting my ears like the regular earphone marks in me.
4 / 5
The purchase has verified has taken these for the trip had come up. I am a type of person that black of key of the necessities and some class of noise of backdrop for sleep. My fianc in or another hand could do without some noises - especially in a winter when there is any follower or ac running automatically.

These are excellent for trip. I remained me to me in the Vrbo marries for hire and these types of the hires generally not having never curtains of blackout in a master chamber or any fourth at all.

Comes with all precise (except a box of outlet uploads with the outlet of wall) but has the usb carried of type. Some directions are mere and easy to read. A mask of the party of sleep goes hurriedly with my iPhone XR.

Some speakers are small circles in some sides of a mask and can be it moved in a perfect location for your pleasure to listen. A sound is quite strong also and the floods was noises of house and out of noises.

A part of eye of some works to mask well. The May HAS BEEN the adherent of masks to sleep been due to like my eyes are conjoint (my brow the bone is directly in my socket of the eye and my eyes are not to pose deep like the majority of masks of press of hard sleep against my eyes and hurt the plot. This mask is comfortable for me and of the still blocs out of light.
5 / 5
The purchase has verified This law only well for a prize. Some speakers are fatter that some auricular of the Acoustic sheep have used before, but is also the fraction of a prize. A quality of his this quite well for the that need. Some blocs of mask was all ignite which also the help dream me at night. If you are looking for the cheapest alternative for headphones of sleep, these are the very compraventa .
5 / 5
The purchase checked As it relaxes to listen in musician with mask... Sometimes it connects in my tlphonique and listen in Netflix or my songs and crimps up in sofa lol. I help to go me to sleep. Very easy to connect in my telephone with bluetooth and there is long stack. A port is also easy to touch with.
4 / 5
The purchase has verified That is to say the very solid election . They use for the few days and here is that it has thought it.

I amour a sound in of the this. They were with Alan the any one falls cual when beat to sleep that is distracted. Some headphones is not uncomfortable in my ears and some cups of eye have quite soiled where your eyelids is not when the be has stifled! A control in a front is easy to use and there is not paste accidentally any buttons in a bit those that the nights had it.

Has used mostly he without the sound but I used it when my neighbours have decided to have the quite strong party. Bonded In some white noise and has been slept quite hurriedly!
5 / 5
The purchase has verified like me listen in podcasts and audiobooks when relax or like the tentativa goes to sleep. It takes these imagine would be more comfortable that auricular or earbuds, and a mask can be useful also. They have surpassed my expectations so far. They are comfortable, some laws of sum to mask to block out of clear, and so far a field, quality, and the life of stack has each state better this has expected.
One a thing that would press the in some upper in the full 5-the stars to value would be if it was easier to use them auricular as only, as I have not required to maintain the second next pair when wants to look something. It can be the logistic subject , any insurance. It can turn the around backward, and work decently, but no so comfortable. It is not the enormous roads and is not enough to discourage me of compraventa future like presents potentially.
A last thing of entity, has thought at the beginning a location of some controls in a point of the bridge of a mask looked odd, but then my woman has mentioned that any one generally be sleeping in your face, but you other 3 sides, like fact of good sense to be there, the observation adds.
So far, also, and so of this moment, quite 3 weeks to use them, to well sure would recommend the.
4 / 5
The purchase has verified Very comfortable! The sake of clear blocs. The place of of the one of the west is adjustable. I want to these!! I do not have to mask of use of separate sleep and earbuds. I am not a light subject - wish a volume could go main, of a musician listens is soft and usually requires more volume.
A more sew - wish a unit has data some indication of his level of stack. Mina another BT earphones said me verbally. ( It excepts it Looks in iPhone).

Top Customer Reviews: Sleep Headphones ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
The purchase has verified This produces the so easy fact to fall slept in musician. I am usually the side sleeper. Since it prefers to listen in musician to help the asleep fall, some other headphones that has is too bulky to be able to pose in my side, he doing uncomfortable. I have been excited to take this BT tape, so that any one only left me to pose in my side to fall asleep, help to maintain my hair of my face and collar! I have connected my telephone in this BT, and has had any problem that connects. It was preoccupied that the would not be able to spend glasses with a group, but is still comfortable only a same. Highly recommend it this product.
5 / 5
The purchase checked has tried very time to use auricular to listen in my applications of the sleep and they always the fall was unless I have posed perfectly still. At the end found the road to leave me to sleep in my side, movement enough with relieving and listen comfortably with these wireless headphones that it is in a tape. A tape is sper light and breathable. Active HAS CRIMPED very time the hair and I only press my hair up and slip this on. Also, any one to listen help and listen in my podcasts while the walking was always the challenge trying the auricular use with them. I am thrilled that I can spend this same tape in a hot texas the time where alive. Help to maintain my hair of mine that too much the collar maintain me fresh. At all poking in my ears. That is to say so versatile and would do the present adds. Also I like him his that it is washable of mass.
5 / 5
The purchase has verified has taken this for my husband any one to exit but to look his shows while I am sleeping. I am an early bird is the sty at night and no in leaving me the sleep has been a subject since marries! So far also it take it to remain up at night while volume to sleep punctual using the mask at night. An only with in this tape is that a group is in big! A load against this last long tape can go three days without the touch and a sound am adds.
5 / 5
The purchase has verified Oh my gosh I AMUR THESE!!!! I SOUND Freaking Comfortable and Tan CLAR! I can listen each which also and is so comfortable in the to the this chair likes him has not taken to the era has taken of the (of same sleep in the and is really so comfortable!) The only subject has is concealed the one who was concealed is speaking with him on can them be all so clearly :) Except a fact that can in a tlphonique on is prevails it to them ENORMOUS! Desire and could give the 6 stars! :)
5 / 5
The purchase has verified Like this products so that it can spend it while sleeping, coverage of eye of the instant. And it is properly in my ears and I are not fearful that fallen out of my ears and lose a earphones, likes him while sleep or race.
4 / 5
The purchase has verified I very which these. They are soft and a sound am adds. They are comfortable to spend when is walking with them on. A quality of his wonderful east and returns well. They remain in utmost while it sleeps. I have to have noise when the sleeps and the law adds for that. They remain on and not moving was while I sleep. A quality of a sound is sum. Usually it listens in a television but in the to to my husband likes him has cut was so that it can spend these and of any one to problem him but take my musician while I sleep. That is to say the product adds . It IS to have a good time and a sound is adds. It remains in place in my leader. Utmost utmost headphones.
5 / 5
The fly of compraventa verified this product! I have taken so much Bluetooth headset to go in gyn use. But when and current and always fearful a headset will fall. It opens And found this group of leader and listen a lot relax when and career. So that this leader bandnot only winery my hair also can connect my telephone listens musician also.
4 / 5
The purchase has verified bought this for the very long flight. I am petrified to fly so used this for this trip. The fact adds. Although it can listen it a taken was and landing, a rest of a flight was peaceful because of a musician these touches. I have used he cual the mask to dream so that totally it can relax and look to do. Although I still dread an on duty flight, the fulfils will be easier because of this mask to dream w/auricular.
5 / 5
The purchase has verified This wireless bluetooth the tape is so creative! I want to it! This tape is sum to listen in the musician or the tongue in some delivery tlphonique free. His quite comfortable to sleep with and can layer you your eyes with him to provide dark and to help eschews distractions while they try the asleep fall. His also attaches to spend alfresco in some colder seasons.
5 / 5
The purchase has verified This says that it is to sleep and does not use he for that. It likes him-me the use for the longest walks with a doggies and maintain me well and calm. It produces very lustrous and always take questions.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony WH-1000XM4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have possessed a Bose QC 35 serious I (the originals) partorisca four years now, and so only has substituted recently some tampons of the ear of then there is deteriorated finally. I have imagined with which four years there has to that be some serious improvements in the noise that annuls technology, and of a WH-1000XM3 the model has taken so many good descriptions have imagined these would be awesome. As I pre-ordered him.

Pulled them out of a box and has followed one a lot quickly connect process to download an application and using it to pair to my telephone. It downloaded it firmware update automatically while I fiddled around with some settings in brief and listened to some music. Súper Easy, awesome.

A sound is very impressive. Punchy Drum Of has fallen (I listens mostly partorisca mecer/metal) and his good brilliant. I quickly solved in the slightly customised version of a comprised that Shines preset.

But the things are quickly state downhill of there that.

After using some headphones for the bit, some controls to touch result frankly annoying and easily susceptible to deceptions ( has caused clue skips multiple time so only to take and dipping some headphones behind on). An adjustment of volume is especially you loves race or go down a calm volume significantly has to that the strike on or down the big number to time reason an adjustment of volume is done in small increments. With a Bose QC 35 and the sound has has consecrated keys, so only calms quickly press some keys. Simple.

Am spent roughly 20 minutes that looks for to imagine was as to pair some headphones with my laptop, reading one drives in an application and doing some web looking for, that the thought has to that be resupplied of one of a two there is poured in to the keys like in a Bose QE 35of s. Nope. It has to that be fact with an application. In fact, all has to that be fact with an application excepts anything has a key done of the commission has configured to do, and a power. In a Bose so only has to that slide a key to be able to, and goes the way of pairing. Simple.

An on is honradamente @@subject smaller that it could you probably dipped up with of a sound this product is like this good. This in spite of, a breaker of extracted for me was when I connected him with a boss has comprised to a controller in mine Roku Ultra to enjoy some time of television after the long day. I always film of clock and TV with headphones. To my horror has produced the clearly audible hissing his that incredibly is in entertained. I turned him it was and on again, disconnected and reconnected a boss. Any transmission, still a hissing sound. Mina Bose does not produce this sound. Ugh.

After listening to them for the hours of pair have had the light headache and felt fatigued, almost nauseous. I know some people are affected differently for a noise that annuls technology, but does not take this of mine Bose, included after listening to them all day.

Besides, that pause of the noise that annuls, has compared mine Bose QC 35s to these, and could not say a difference among a noise that annuls. They touch some same mine. :shrug: They are sure calm could say a difference with crew of laboratory this in spite of.

All-in-all a sound this product is really well, and a noise that annuls is to add (although I can not say a difference of mine Bose QC 35 Serious I). But have 1) a lot of annoyances in some controls to touch in place of has has consecrated keys, 2) a fact that an application is required to do all (comprising pairing) excepts to the turn went him and actuating a key done of commission, 3) a hissing in a connection mine wired Roku Ultra, and 4) a fatiguing after listening to them.

Will be to return them.
4 / 5
Have like this state stuck among last year M3 and a Bose 700. I have seen this exited and has not been sure. I have done more investigation and sustained to a 700 east to save money. Mainly I am using these for WFH (calls/of music) and a mic in a 700 is is said to be amazing. As I have researched I googled around and expósito that Bose has been having weeks of subjects of software and has not loved to take to that. I almost pre-has ordered a M4 is but decided to sleep in the reason has not done the be of difference in the row. Finally a day, has found the video of Youtube in a M4 and all my worries were has directed already. I have been sold.

Yesterday (Aug 18th) these arrived in my door and was in of call them ALL DAY. They were perfect. Today, volume to enjoy music and silence –– HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
5 / 5
Annulment of the noise and the quality of audio has surpassed my expectations. If it calms that can resupply, buy it. If any one calms that can resupply, find the part time do like this calm can buy it.

Receive both the S-mark Bud+ and a Sony XM4 a same day.
In short, a Bud+ is rubbishes, any tomb, half mid and big.
A Sony XM4 is the must buys if your leaves of estimativa for him.
Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Downloads Sony Headphone Connect Application, open box, turn in auricular (funds of accident headphone on/was transmission), using Sony Connect Application, league and paired auricular new.
- My headphones were 100 touched out of boxes.
- A lot of characteristic in Sony Connects Application, subject of your preference and use. I think that that an application is solid and useful for my use of these headphones.
- My headphones firmware updated automatically -be patient, the process has taken several minutes. Initial impression; very comfortable, noise really a lot annuls it and quality of sound.
- Clarity of the voice in both ends is exceptional.
- Has connected easily two iPhones, my experience that the transmissions among them was seamless.
- Profile of the ear used in-characteristic of application to analyse my form of ear for 360 Audio of Reality setup.
- Able to connect to MacBook Pro (2020 version) directly street Bluetooth without subjects.

UPDATE: >30 hours of iPhone X, 8, and Bluetooth MacBook Pro Connection.
- A quality of the call of the telephone is awesome ( can listen
- Any video lag/latency in FT and calls of Zoom.
- I has found a connection in time can be bit it weighed when having two devices connected and receiving calls, could be the setting or to the equal that am choosing on a call --directly of a telephone or that the fold of touches in a headset.
- The exclusion of noise adds to a wind, street of external/city-noise, etc... Any one has informed subjects with other people in of call them with me. The call says always the quality was a lot of crisp and clear... My experience, very better that Apple Airpod Pro for exclusion of noise partorisca visit in another end.
- I actuate also has used now these headphones for Bluetooth connection to Nvidia the shield has connected my TV for on 16 hrs. Easy direct connection directly of Nvidia Bluetooth Marco. The television and The Film surrounds the sound is add, can listen a slightest sounds.

Bose 700 vs. Sony WH-1000XM4
- Seamless Connection - prefer SONY
- Consuelo - prefer Sony
- Headphone controls of sound - prefer Bose. Sony Do of control of the cost of touch but a Bose volume/of decrease of the looks to augment to do better in Sony
- annuls it Noise for me, both treaty in the alike way
- quality of Call, for me, both treaty in the alike way

will continue to try and use Bose but one feels of a headset in my boss is not like this comfortable likes Sony.
5 / 5
To better audio sure good-salvation-fi that xm3 -- more transparency and definition.

Remarce: To pair with mine walkman wm1a the dipped on bluetooth pairing in walkman, BUT, as with xm3, has to them that gone back of some first headphones and restart them to the PRESS CAN ON, And in the RESISTANT PRESSED FOR 7 SECONDS. The devices then connect.
4 / 5
So only has taken my new XM4 yesterday. It has done the full load and has downloaded an application. A sound is not like this as well as it had expected. I am comparing then to mine Bose QC 35. Some controls are very uncomfortable but I supposition I need some time to regulate. To to A course does not like is of an appearance of technology of this receiver. There are several settings to go thru to establish a pertinent noise that annuls, comprising location and sending pics of your ears the Sony. Of course I have not uploaded a lot of pics, and with which a lot of quirks, has turned was location. It is necessary dips that it transports to mutate a headphone when tongues, like this yes feign to sing together with your music, dumb. You can very included clear your throat or sneeze, otherwise dumb. That annoying.. The inferior line has turned all a technology that he his the auricular fact regulates. A sound are to add when touching music, but the quality of call is mediocre compared to Bose. In an application, can change a equilizer presets the this in spite of, a lot is identical which is transmission . You can dip the fact to commission EQ setting. I am considering returning them, but will give the little more days for me to regulate and see improvement .

A solid point has forgotten to mention. A new Sonys there is Bluetooth 5.0 where like this Bose QC35 have 4.1 or 4.2 (as when calm bought them). A Bose the connection is not very stable. An antenna to receive is in a right side of Bose QC, and if my telephone was in mine hip left, the short or jitters. A Sony is is absolutely solid, and with 5.0, can literally strolls around a house without your telephone and there is not stuttered once.

Update 8/25/2020: After the pair more hours tinkering with them, a voice has taken is horrible, and a worse part, some headphones do not announce recognition. (Bose ).. Has not founding the solid way to refuse the call and is not in a section of help. While some controls take practical, the majority of a time tries to regulate a volume, but change a clue instead. To good sure prefers some keys in a Bose like his really easy and intuitive.
4 / 5
Like this of roughly done three years, was a earbuds type. One wireless on-listen auricular had tried previously could any never approximate a class of the diving of audio takes when you wedge few speakers directly to your canals of ear. I never found on-listen headphone annulment of noise to do that well - often, he turning on would create more the noise that there is annulled, compromising quality of audio and, well, so only sucking generally. Any to mention a inconsistent and typically a lot-intuitive affordances for powering on/was, pairing, and controlling playback in these things.

But has chosen then on the pair of Sony WH-H900N the noise that annuls wireless headphones. I have fallen basically enamoured with them on day an and has used a heck out of his on a past 3 years. So many, now are an on-type of headphones of the ear. Specifically, THIS LINE of on-auricular of ear that Sony is dipping was.

Still love mine H900Ns. But all know that in the technology to plot can change in 3 times of years. In fact, it has been for upgrade to a WH-1000XM3s the few months done but has resisted was after learning in an imminent emission of a M4s. As I have expected. Then I pre-has ordered. Yesterday, I received him.

Has has had now roughly 24 hours to toy around with them and am prepared already to say that these are clearly some the better headphones has has not possessed never. Which is to say: they are all I amour in mine WH-900Ns, but better:

- is noticeably lighter, and has based on roughly 5 hours to use are engreída is more comfortable that spend
- qualities of his this significantly better. Any in fact expect this quantity of improvement, but is to good sure noticeable in both low and big end. Selection of the discharges particularly is in amazing: vocals resplandor with total clarity, shake of clues of heavy bass and vibrate skull of mine without any noticeable sprain; big-hats and snares is crisp and clear. Very happy with this like this far, which would owe them that mention so only is using a incumplimiento the settings with songs have downloaded of Spotify. I am looking forward to optimising further with settings to join fact of the commission in a sound connects application.
- What small but some seeds-hardshell chance with storage of the accessory consecrated (pictured) is really good to have (900Ns has come so only with the stock exchange...)
- Clarity of calls of telephone - both entrance and start (i.et., A mic acts a lot of) - is excellent. Ossia Key to the equal that plan to use these to listen the music and take meetings while WFH for a foreseeable future. A 900Ns was also a lot well to the respect, but a capacity to connect to both my computer of the work and my mobile device simultaneously really will help me was during a week of work.


One of some subjects is imagining was like this to connect to these things to two devices a same time. Of of the east is the new and characteristic very anticipated, would have thought Sony would have thought for the do the crystal clears the new users as to in fact this. I lost it perhaps, but it could not find instructions for like this to do east. Here it is some has not discovered by means of test and error that left the simultaneously connect to both my iPhone and Mac Mini:

1. You can it has to that enable a characteristic of interior some Receiver of mobile application. For me, it has been disabled. It sees the photo has uploaded to aim a pertinent part of an application.
2. I need to first pair some headphones to the each device for separate before it is possible to connect to them simultaneously. As the one who can say, there is any way to dip some headphones in way of pairing when they are connected to the device.
3. Then, when some headphones are connected to one of some devices, would have to be able to connect your second device to some headphones that use a second device bluetooth preferences.
4. If a second device felizmente connects, will listen the notification of voice by means of some headphones: 'Bluetooth device 2 connected'. Calm also will see two devices have listed under some state' the tab of some Headphones Connects application.

Does not treat It big, but looks bobo that something like an on has not gone so only in Sony own documentation.


looks that an only way to take one the majority of out these is to use them with your Android or iOS device. Ossia Reason to plot of capacity style functionality to customise sweat - this only available in iOS/devices of Android with a Sony the headphones Connect application. A iOS the application is decidedly feigned for use in iPhones - the only careers in orientation of portrait, in that he the the ache to use in mine iPad (which I almost always use in orientation of landscape). But a worse thing in of the this is that I can not customise anything when listening in the MacOS device, which these days is in plot of a time. Felizmente, this same excellent sound with a incumplimiento settings - desires so only some capacities of these headphones has not been addicts in the device used him with.

Final of the smallest complaint (for now) is this adaptive characteristic of control of the sound that Sony took to try was. It requires location sharing and for incumplimiento the fires that notifications annoy and surprisingly frequent in mine iPhone roughly that apparently it is adapting to my half environmental. I imagined it it was that to transmission some notifications but still need to imagine was like this to close a characteristic was totally, which have had frankly enough of. My joint is to opt out of this characteristic when calm in the first place dipped your headphones up. A lot of disruptive with totally unclear profits.


Again, the better headphones have not possessed never, and am very happy with cost of mine. But some the smallest subjects describe on, remained with a big cost of these things, was quite to attack the star of my indication. Buyer beware :)
5 / 5
there is doubted first to purchase this product of then is the big investment . An experience is SURPRISING like this far with quality of his, annulment of noise, the quality has built, and life of battery. Strongly it would recommend this product and gladly can say that ossia one of some better headphones there.

More, to the amazon really surpasses my expectation in of the terms to ship & delivery. At the beginning, to the amazon promised that it would rid it a product 2 days after a launch. This in spite of, has finalised to rid a product inside just 1 day, doing me one of some first clients that can in this product. It likes 5 stars for Amazon also!
5 / 5
Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Industry the Main noise that Annuls Tall Headphones with Mic for telephone.

1) The Better noise that annuls in a Period of current phase in all the frequencies.
2) Quality of his incredibly balanced & adjustable with an Application to individual flavour
3) Exceptionally comfortable, so only beaten for a Bose 35s
4) Excellent connectivity stable connection with 2 devices immediately
5) 30 battery of life of hours

1) Any AptX LL. Ossia The reason for me to send them behind then I film of clock with telephones of boss. In this age & of day requires low latency to look content of video.
Ossia Unforgivable of Sony has been notified in his leading version a WH-1000XM3 was the must .
2) The wind turns a characteristic of his environmental on & was. This besides am annoying. It thanks the goodness can be turned of
3) If it is windy one can listen wind in the conversation of telephone. This is not the question with a Bose @@@700s
4) Some ears will take quite warm if some headphones are spent for long periods.
5) Follows still any one the defender of some controls unexpectedly. They can be glitchy. For chances when that tries to turn volume on or down, sometimes for a music & other transmissions to time to a next clue.

Global Sony has improved a WH-1000XM4 of a leading generation but he could be better, very better with the little tweaks & recommendations on to result a definite noise that annuls bluetooth auricular in a phase.

MODIFY has had to send a unit behind reason a way of automatic fast attention where the human voices turn a music was has been boss of hay. Each sound has begun to turn a unit was. It has not imported in an application if this characteristic was on or was, has maintained to do the. Ossia The defect of entity in a creation. It DOES not RECOMMEND this model. It is frustrating More the far stars
5 / 5
Well, first of all, am not Rico, breakings of mine times requires to be on Called of Video 20hrs/week, and Earphones so only hurt.
Has required something comfortable and sure for my ears.

The widespread investigation in that Auricular would owe that buy and am quite sure ossia that is doing.

Adds on my Experience, and Gilipollas!

Here is my experience with WH-1000XM4:
1. Immense control in Annulment of Noise/ of the his Environmental
2. It adds-on look to Direct-on-Voice like calm does not listen noises just voices
3. There is tongue he-the-function of cat also ( when tongues for a music) =>is not mentioned anywhere but has the shortcut for the enable, use 2 yolks and the maintain in a control.
4. The annulment of noise is OMG so only in amazing. Work for phase of 180 terracings-moving some noises of means that + focus of a noise.
5. Some BASS, if any one calm says does not have grave, so only dipped some 'Clear Bass' in Application to '10', is surprising.
6. The music is glass clear volume , down to max volume, any sprain!
7. They are on Zoom asks almost 6 hours every day and a microphone chooses it on clearly
8. He also filters out of disturbances in a fund, the people will not know where is (haha)
9. Long hours any worry, is a lot of comfy and light-hanged
10. Quickly-the load is probably one the majority of underrated characteristic. There it is not prendiendo a music yesss!
11. A stock exchange of travesía is quite solid also!
12. It connects with 2-device finally
13. Some controls to the touch is really well, was fearful to do the random gestures but concealed does not spend any a lot of.
14. Automatically for the music when calm take it was and turns it on when calm dipped that behind on ( can disable this also)
15. It connects with a telephone and listen the music in a laptop, automatically for video/of music/youtube he take the call .
16. A way of fast attention is quite handy for 5 to 10-dry cats
17. It optimises A NC according to a pressure, WOW, will see a travesía of difference
18. It relieves if you'rs when being, seating, walking, or jogging and can change an environmental sound has based on he - a lot of handy he goes in of the walks with your headphones.

1. One changing among 2 devices takes until 1-2 dry unless it is the call so that it is really fast.
2. An assistant does not answer behind is listening the music and use that (probably my telephone is old is for this that)

Yup, ossia all - I AMUR THESE. It GOES FOR HIM, calm will not complain it .

Please leave the 'Useful' down think that that my calm experience helped. :)

Top Customer Reviews: Hybrid Active Noise ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
If you are looking for that it annuls auricular noise that is not too expensive and have the decent quality. It would recommend this VANKYO auricular partorisca you.
Has a lot Bluetooth earbuds and auricular (Sony MDR-1000X, Boss QuietComfort 35 II, AirPods.)
Sony MDR Is like this far my preferred because of a Black colour and awesome creation.
This in spite of, has spent of then in $ 350 dollars on that. And I have lost one of the mine Sony some before and was painful to buy another Sony.
1.un headphone The puff Of ear is quite soft and comfy a lot of shaped to return a lot well with my ear seats very comfortable in him.
Was very easy like Sony or Bose auricular. I have not had any question that connects it.
The quality is very good (thinks in a prize, loves to give 6 stars in this) the bass is the little less than Sony or Bose but is 1/7 prize of this I so that I am very satisfied with him.
That spent of this headphone is almost same like Sony auricular ( has thinks that was well of discharges almost living room discover and all the rooms.)
The life is a lot has not touched never this headphone when it is coming and has taken to use he for almost 3 days

In general, loves these and I use these headphones when I am doing. If you are sensitive and require his glorious has to that it has spent several dollars of hundred but, if any I highly recommended this one yours.
4 / 5
Travels the fair has bitten for work, and in prep for another season of travesía long has looked for the pair of the active noise that annuls auricular that would take some of a bite out of some long hours that chair afterwards to the droning engine of aeroplane. I have tried the pair Bose headphones in a past, and although this was generally that has looked for, was all out of my estimativa. My main aim here was to take the comfortable pair of Bluetooth auricular that could spend during travelling to cut a noise of engine, this has touched decent and this was down $ 100, anything more for me was in prize .
Some investigation and looking has found around this Vankyo branded pair of headphones, looked to fulfil my criteria that read out of a specs and to the equal that to the prize has come with the seeds-chance of travesía hard, this was quite for me to give them the try the thought could return him if they have not fulfilled my expectations. I want to take reading now, a TLDR is, has surpassed my expectations and is resulted my primary pair of headphones. Now for a desglosa:

quality of his
Really a reason buys headphones well? These beat to have qualities of his excellent to touch music, and looking video. Having to that find the majority of “the headphones” of estimate do up for his of poor quality to be súper the heavy bass, but has found these tend to have the quite balanced EQ (this in spite of any adjustable according to which can say) thinks that to find the something very sweet, highs is not too big, lows any to down, mids does not take lost. Bluetooth Is coming the long way, and now with BT 5.0 does not remark any of some fragments, or random interruptions of a past. These headphones have an option for gone wireless or wire fence and I honradamente cant say the difference in quality among a connection wired and a BT connection. Although it costs to remark that a mic can not be used with a connection wired.

Action of telephone:
has Thought a lot really a primary use of these headphones used them the little time to speak in a telephone. I cant speak to a quality of audio in another end, excepts to say that a person has spoken the had any listened of question and/or comprising me. As the one who quality of the audio of the telephone goes, would say his like this as well as any one another headset that has used.

Annulment of noise
This was a primary reason has bought these, to take touched of of this dron of an aeroplane that always looks to give me headache in of the long flights. Now because of a recent pandemic has been unable to try in an aeroplane, has tried has seated after our very strong box defender. While listening the music and paste a ANC transmission, a defender of boxes dron so only disappears. If it has not been for a wind and seeing a transfer of leaves, would not be conscious a defender was on. I will say that without music or any one another audio, calm still can listen some other sounds, like voices. I think that that ossia very like this calm is not CUT TOTALLY out of an external world, but is like a flange is taking was.

Pairing Of life/of the battery
the life of Battery is announced likes 30 hours, there was for the week and place perhaps 10 hours of the activity and my telephone aims him in 70 which direct me to think a 30 now the mark has announced is attentive. The ones of the that attended his do not owe that the never touch during a day any @@subject that time a session but having 2-3 full days of cariche is well. The pairing is simple, and quickly, and once paired quickly chooses on a last paired device. There is an option to to stop them multiple devices, sound the little delicate, but works astonishingly well. I have had some headphones paired to mine portable while he some act and my telephone. It has listened the music in mine portable when it has taken the call , some auricular leave me to take a call and then when fact, left easily go back my music/of work.

has had the swipe in a product would be with some controls, specifically an audio rocker. The majority of the wireless receiver generally has the alone press to change a volume and the double press or long press to change a clue, this work with an opposite logic, the alone tap to change a clue and the long press to change a volume. Again his well and is responsive, but so only any that Im has used to All more is intuitive and very dipped was.

Súper comfy, big plush cups of the ear and the highly cushioned tape celery like this has that receives it couch has wrapped around your ears. If it has had any critic would be same like any one another in an ear there is shut auricular backsides that tends to do your ears toasty during long listening sessions.

is quite lustrous, with some pieces of emphasis of brilliant money and some poster of shiny ear, is not flashy but look and feel quality.

thinks is looking for the pair of estimativa of Bluetooth 5.0 headphones with Annulment of Active Noise, you cant really gone bad with these. They are very built, the sound adds, coming with the chance of travesía good, well for calls, comfortable, ect ect ect. They have verified all my 'need' boxes with some good surprises, and this in spite of I cant tongue to his use of term along, because of one (comparatively) the lowest prize, the chair that launches more comfortable these in my stock exchange and, knows, in fact USING THEM of then is roughly 1/5 a cost of the pair of Bose ANC has beaten, I of the that feels taste has to that treat these with glove of boy. They are very happy with cost of mine and I remain waiting for the travesía much more comfortable season.
4 / 5
Am trying to find the together of headphones that will block out of a sound of my aunt and his incessantly in fiancé of speaker. They speak all day long and drive me given. So much, it has loved the pair to block that it was. They are too poor to buy the quality headset, as they are that it has to that use auricular of estimativa.

In a course of the week has purchased three on-auricular of ear: TaoTronics, Utaxo, and these.

Has sent another two backside and am maintaining these. They like him a better of a three in apt and consolation. This in spite of, there are some subjects thinks those considering buying would have to that know...

Some things I AMOUR in these:
1. A LOOK. These are really stylish and good looking. A skin has used is súper supple and soft! One feels is like the cloud! Material really soft. Very good

2. A RULE-Described like piece of ear.
Like this, any of some arrival of headphones to try REALLY RETURNED my big ears well. May... These win was like this when being a better access! HIGHLY adjustable earpiece controls. So many, can swivel and move it to the turn was begin so only so much. Master it quell'concealed!!! Really it adds! Some other two headphones are not mine returned (apparently, freakishly) big ears, brushed against his intolerably. An only one of a three that apt reasonably in my ears were these .

3. A FUNCTIONALITY of these are adds! It has built included in bow presets!

A better access goes in the cost (for me). A TaoTronics has TOUCHED better. Here it is that I am finding:

That am finding is that any of these is very second that going quite strong. I will not owe NEVER it concerns roughly going deaf, likes any of these does not go to be never compared to levels of the his of the concert! :) Really this in spite of, all three insiemi the WAY prendió court to go quite strong to enjoy the really good song. Yes, this are to adds wants to ensure listened well of for life... But MASTERS an option to go deaf, will not be that it takes that with any of a three I has tried.
Like all are to fail he partorisca loudness.

Annuls it noise
the TaoTronics and Utaxo has had quality very looked of the noise that annuls. Really it could no to say them averts. This look to have the little less noise that annuls that these two . It is not BAD, is so only a lot that has surprised .

Quality to touch
A TaoTronics has had a better for quality of his, this in spite of, as some reviewers remarked, has touched muffled.
A Utaxo was less muffled touching, but has not been plus very strong.
All three insiemi have had on some same loudness, these THINKS to go the SMIDGEN stronger... May.
The possible profit in loudness is stray reason, in upper volume (which is where hangs was) some speakers can any took , and tend to clip a sound and - I does not know that it calls , knows that a slang is rape of ear . This rape of calm ear in upper volume. A sound degrades intolerably in upper volume, like six forced to turn them down. And also, you regulate a headpiece while listening, looks to touch bad until prendes fidgeting.

So much, finally...
Has sent another two backside and am maintaining these. We return me to knots some better. My ears are so only too big for normal sized auricular. And buying and sending them behind is costing me money like this really not wanting to touches around anymore.

Am maintaining these and am happy to do like this.

This in spite of, am not impressed with a sound. For a prize, is class of reasonable. Of a three I has taken, a sound of these is comparable to some another, as any significantly worse (excepts in upper volume - which is the LITTLE stronger that an another like this bondadoso of the balances were. hehehe). One looks, feels and functionality of these are adds. Really it adds. But a quality of leaves of sound to plot to be wished. But again, in this row of prize, any sure improvement . IF my measure of the ear has not been the factor, still maintain these in another two? I think so. A Taos has had to the sound liked him, but really was so only too much of calm. So much, it has not gone probably to maintain them although they are returned... I think that that everything says and fact, really like me these some better. So only wish an upper volume has not been like this crappy!

Like the sum up... It LOVES HIM, except a quality of his is not further that is paying paralizaciones. Calm is not taking more than stops of has paid.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have possessed this together of headphone for 1 week now, like this far am very happy in an action that considers a point of prize.
1. A packaging and a hard chance, has to say has not expected this level of quality in of the accessories. It is really the surprise.
2. Some keys are all physical. Have that says, although it does not touch like this elegant likes control to touch, but prefers these physical keys after painful experience on two famous frames headsets' control to touch.
3. An outside of a earpiece, his black aluminium with CNCed surrounds on that. Very big-arrived to look. Very better that of the money of shows of picture of web of place that looks.
4. An engine is very balanced, a sound is rich and calm included can regulate different EQ for double click a volume down key.
5. The service are adds. It has taken an email with some tips with which have received a product, likes the screen of picture has shot shows. And I have had a communication of email with his service in a comfortableness goes to mention down. His response is a lot of proactive and aiming me his anxious to listen and improve.
6. The no hard battery never like this long and very impressive. It results impossible for me to measure a life of battery.
7. USB-C fast touching. They are sure I will use this characteristic in a future while they are in the haste.

Other thoughts but I do not consider is Gilipollas.
1. Has the big melon. This one east the little has bitten tight and seat comfortable with which is returned the in the stock exchange of diaper of my creature a night( can see a picture), also wants to underline a foam in a earpiece and the band of boss is quality very big (I am not sure my video can present this). It does not take Me bad, would estimate is one 7 /10 before adjustment of mine, 10/10 with which adjustment. My past experience, like this far so only have 9/10 experience in Bose out of a box. For JBL and AKG has possessed before, included with mine DIY adjustment for weeks, still hurt, was possibly 3/10.

Annulment of noise, thus point of prize, is very good. But please does not expect you will take something that Bose or Sony 1000XM3.

In general am like this happy has taken this pair of headset. It loves it like this far!
5 / 5
Has not tried some of one $ 250+ wireless headphones, as I have found on some years that the headphones in general are uncomfortable for me to spend. So much, I am not comparing these to wireless headphones of a audiophile quality.

This has said, these are WONDERFUL for a point of prize.

Has the giant boss and big ears. Ear buds fall out of my ears too easily to be used a lot, and on some headphones of the ear generally cause quite a lot of discomfort after an hour to use that I did not use them everything of these years, included although I have bought several different models in a past.

These Vankyo delight of first auricular when unboxing - has the hardshell chance for them concealed has room for has has associated bosses and will protect some headphones during travesía. Any quite until packaging of product of the Apple, a box is still quite luxurious touches it.

Some headphones have a visual simplicity that could have one thinks that that they were cheaply has done. After the few days to use them, has found that visual simplicities to be remote more than appeals that my previously preferred headphones, a Cowin E7s. A Vankyo the neighbour feels solid of rock and sturdy like this compared to a Cowin E7.

A Vankyo the chance of hard shell contains a manual owner ossia in fact comprehensible. Full specs is resupplied, and the full operative instructions are dipped is gone in of the simple terms. A train of transmission feels sturdy.

During this work of era of house, one could think that it would be to seat here listening my collection of long music. Quell'Concealed that has not been a chance until these Vankyos has arrived.

Giant boss, big ears, and these Vankyos does not hurt my boss at all. I spent him yesterday for four hours without any pinching or soreness.

Of course, any of his subjects of consolation if a quality of his east craps; usually, I trust the system of the his of my vehicle to listen the music, but of course, the one who is driving anywhere? It was a lot of relaxing to listen the Music of Amazon HD yesterday by means of these telephones. Reproduction of his and stereo the selection is excellent. The reproduction of horns and serious is excellent.

Is looking for thumping Basic, these are not for you. If you are looking to listen a subtlety in your favourite music, slip these creatures on!

Has taken a Cowin E7s in the flight in Europe, and a characteristic of the annulment of the noise disappointed. These Vankyos for real delete external and background noise, and isolate calm of a world when you love house in that is doing and a music has chosen.

Reproduction of his of the podcast is excellent. Classical music, 70 rock, music of dance, R&B, all touch utmost.

Four hours in the load of the full battery there is not retarded these Vankyos down at all. An USB-C touching the calm boss leave to touch of any device of USB or load. Any boss to touch is resupplied, which is well with me. Has the box of old touching bosses that begins to defy a quantity of old Some/V bosses and bosses of computers.

For sixty bucks, would have the hard time that goes bad with these. Now, to give was mine Cowin E7s that does not use reason have hurt my boss and does not have a quality of the his same...
5 / 5
A vendor asked to stick the description, that knows that has questions of consolation with these headphones. So many, my hat is was to them in that.

A pros are adds. A sound is wonderful, a control of volume in a headset are add, an advance and go back control in a headset is very convenient. And more than everything, one hard load the a lot, time very long, as in all night. And recharging is quickly.

With everything of these wonderful attributes, one would think that that they like me these. But, no, I seat stuck with them. Here it is reason. My ears are not oversized, are the main woman with beautiful normal ears. But, one inserts where my ears would OWE THAT the turn is 1 1/2 wide thumbs and roughly 2 1/8 big thumbs. My ears do not return in this cavity. Instead my ears take pressed against my boss, and begin to hurt! And I can feel this discomfort for the long time with which have takes some headphones. Have rotated Some coverages of ear, pressed him up and down, moved him behind and advances to leave a discomfort lateralmente, then another. At present, I am trying to crimp my ears until records inside a cavity, but there has not been a lot of success.

Is reading This and has won the alike question, would appreciate your guidance.
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Usually spends more expensive wired auricular with amplifiers for qualities of his better as I have not gone really that resists respite of mine for these has beaten . Quality of sound. This in spite of there is not disappointed. I have been spending these has arrived of the few days does and is resulted my daily engine. For the wireless headsets, these are for the fly absolutely in his prize. His very decent quality everywhere. Sometimes some bass are augmented bit it too much for my flavour. But another can find it pleasing in fact. Again, it can not compete with some cost hundreds of dollars more, but enough well for a vast majority of people IMHO. There is the little preset EQ the settings and do the difference. So only it would use a prime minister (and incumplimiento) frame for his natural plus. There is has not tried entirely another some still. Usually it does not use EQ settings to the equal that can very really speak so that a lot another some are. Unfortunately there it does not look to be the way to change/prpers dips.

A headsets is in an ear and resupply his decent insulation for incumplimiento. For quality of his better, would maintain the active noise that annuls era. When it Is turned on, all an environmental noise has taken further temped down. But calm free the bit of low been due to of the this. It can it does not try in an aeroplane still. But he silence a humming his of my refrigerator when it turns on. Also mine upstair to washing machine of the finally missing neighbour, phew ( is washing material all day long, every day...). I bet it it would do of look of effective way for a noise of travesía of the air.

Another that his very good quality, these beat is extremely comfortable to spend. I have him on all day long w/or any @@tiredness. The pressure in the boss is roughly correctly, no too tight, any I too free. One the majority of exceptional characteristic is some beats can in fact turns the little in place of having the fixed corner. It concealed so only it solves like this question for me like this the majority of headphones is too many big included in of the a shortest settings. With a cup of a headphone pivoted to front of mine, this gone back perfectly. Again, all day consolation.

Very happy with a compraventa. Highly it would recommend to that is looking for the together of beat very wireless for more than applications, music, film, WFH meetings of video and everything!
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Has been enjoying these headphones often. I have not gone quite sure that would take in 60 row, but has been pleasantly has surprised. These are my new gone-cough.

In the quirky bit of uniqueness, is hailed by a voice of the elegant touching the British lady when turned a power on. It says, 'Power .' To the equal that would expect, some auricular is easy to pair to any yours telephone or computer.

Some the main purposes uses him partorisca east to listen the music, calls of telephone of the mark, and to speak and listening in sessions of webcam of the Zoom. The music touches good and full in these. Especially it enjoys a response of basses and smoothness gives my music. They look especially well for electronic music, hip-hop, downtempo, and anything more than one likes. If you would prefer the different sound that a incumplimiento this in spite of, calm so only hastens to bend the key in a headphone to choose of one of 5 different EQ options.

Enjoyed this simplicity to draw, how is the good alternative to that it has to it to it download this in spite of another application in mine telephone only to do something work. An active noise that annuls is another useful addition, helping me to listen of more than my music and less than my neighbours!

Hanging called of telephone and sessions of Zoom, was easy to listen another and to communicate with them by means of some headphones of integrated microphones. Any that has asked has said that they could listen me with clarity.

Likes that this headphone the neighbour has the physical controls can use more than 'gestures,' that is increasingly prevalent on much more expensive headphone together, but tend to find confusing. It likes him-me the keys. They are the good thing . It maintains it simple. Besides, these headphones, with the shiny black creation, prize of look.

A physicist feels of some headphones in my ears is very comfortable. A foam by heart has used is soft, doing them perfect for chilling is gone in a couch. When you Are done with them, calm quickly can the touch with an USB resupplied C boss or bend them up and to a chance has comprised.
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How has been mentioned in of the leading descriptions these telephones do not touch of the bad means (for a money, at least) while you remain entirely motionless. With an Active Noise that Annuls involved a slightest movement of boss ameno in the combination of static and that short was in both ears, like this rendering this subject telephone @useless to everything but that'go to be poisoned by the toads have cured , toxic licked or is otherwise unable to move.

I like a fact that a tape can rotate independently of a earcups but concealed any up for a fact that, knows, can a lot of friggin' movement without a sound that was of court! Another that that, this in spite of...
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Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. My television tragically so only comes with two options of volume, calms whisper and wake a dead person, as it has taken these to be able to touch games and films of clock at night without annoying another in a house. You take to plot for your money here in a prize, both in of the terms of construction/of packaging and quality of sound. Some headphones go in it decently the hard chance built with abundance of spatial interior for accessories, something has no never has comprised in this prize and is in good sure values he. Loads via Type C, and while it does with PS 3.0 chargers ossia A-to-C, no with C-to-C chargers; ossia quite common this in spite of likes C-to-C chargers tend to be aggressively big-powered and more the costruttrici choose the sure touch. Quality of his east a lot he like this-east, but this headset really resplandores when turned an active noise that annuls on, with a sound that is resulted incredibly immersive and rich. I have comprised the clip that tries to take some of a sound, but the headphones are not very easy to take a quality of audio of and no the think he really done a headset justice. These are also extremely comfortable to spend, usually will have him on anywhere of 4-8 hours that depends and if anything has to take them out of sweat, but never any one the discomfort caused of a headset he and a battery there is still to aim any sign to take but I the good work in general to maintain my devices have touched. It can not recommend these enough.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
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All have to say is...WOW. For a prize, a quality of this receiver is unexpected and ! A earmuffs is supremely comfortable and easily matched in my telephone.

Only has a product today so that it does not know in a life of the stack but allege to have 100 hours of time of game?! Average of my battle with headphones is doing sure has touched the he so that it is ready to use. A lot of times have begun to listen in my book and then when being a voice that say me has down stack . Any one has preoccupy enough that with these for days!
5 / 5
They are so fresh and maintain that promise, the volume is well and some bass is incredible likes reduction of noise
5 / 5
I am very surprised with these headphones. Especially for a prize. They are very soft around an ear and has excellent noise cancelation. The life of stack is crazy as declared in a description of video. They have taken in a responsible hour of 80% which well are considering how long last. Calm probably wont has to touch the but once the month. They listen very robust also. Highly reccomend.
5 / 5
I am the frequent gymnasium goer so tunes of the quality and the life of longitude stack is paramount in the good beginnings. I typically ear to spend buds while has the profile the small plus but often the time exited worse in quality of sound. I have decided to take that it submerge it and they go with some headphones. It can not be happier with a quality of his upper. It can preoccupy me less in buds when being smaller now. They same comprises Jack of audio in case that some careers of stack was! Looking advances to see an integrity of a life of stack after they are gone through the few months .
5 / 5
These headphones is awesome! A consolation of some headphones is very well especially when has the on for the long time. It likes them to them it says ' access like the glove.' These very hurt headphones your ears when has the on. A quality of his east absolutely AWESOME. A sound is not in the power is is very distributed when listen in a musician. I want a bit grave so that it sounds it very well with DEEP BASS. These headphones is very done and would have to last for the long time. A hard stack 150 hours to listen time which are the PLUS !! A microphone in a together is very well so that it can listen calm in clear strong and llama. I recommend the+.
4 / 5
Some headphones is each which can ask to arrive to this point of prize. So that far it has has does not have to recharge some headphones still and has been using them prende small the week now. Fulfilling even so those some headphones is not so the tight sound while it informs but perhaps my expectations are the big bit. Another afterwards in you usually can listen that yours listen inside the basses muffled the sound in normal-strong volume meso. A mic in of the good records and I like a fact that or can use the regulate headphone cape to connect in the things like the sake back up and for use with things that does not have to the capacities of Bluetooth. Mina only another complaint would be that an inner loop of muffs of the ear of some headphones is the small small for my measure of ear, but still comfortable and stylish. To well sure recommend it this product and finds that a description of element to be quite accurate.
5 / 5
A quality of this product is surprising...Of a slick creation of some headphones in a quality of sound. One measures of some headphones only accesses snugly, some tampons are very soft and comfortable. A quality of his very big east-note. A noise that annuls the characteristic is only a icing in a cake. A bluetooth nexuss immediately. I to good sure taken more than my costs of money!!!
5 / 5
Has think that the hard time that substitutes some headphones has used during 6 years but an option for gone wireless and a prize abordable enticed me to plant an order. After the week to use a Bluetooth auricular to broadcast (the quality of his east awesome), conversations of tlphonique (builds in mic), glimpsed, and everything enters, to well sure recommend the for any one looking quality...And a plus, does not break a bank!! The life of stack is sum and in the pinch, can go need of wire fence .
5 / 5
I have bought these for mine 12jo the daughter based in some descriptions. Only it takes the today and they which he. That is to say class of the big roads so that the does not like him anything. They are more stylish in person, very 80s likes him but with the soft arrival. The quality of his this quite well and unexpected of this point of prize. It opens The left wing is voice that time last.
5 / 5
These headphones is very good - a sound is clear, is adds for the leaders of the boys , and some buttons are quite grain for boys to learn that it is doing.
Has bought these for my kiddo to use in a next flight - and so far in in to to the some boys like them in of them.
Can use so Bluetooth or wired

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