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Top Customer Reviews: Patriot Viper ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Autumn
Colour: Black 16GB 3200Mhz In a plus of past year, has been that uses Corsair the revenge FOCUSED (White) DDR4 3200MHz ram. When Ryzen originally Is exited, this ram of only career in 2133Mhz. With which a lot of BIOS later, was able to run he in 2933Mhz. Still very happy, as I originally paid partorisca 3200MHz ram, has decided to purchase a Viper of Patriot Gaming RGB Serious DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz 16GB Box.

Although any note has been done in this concrete RAM, has decided to buy reason everything of some descriptions adds has seen on he recently. The places of description have declared that it is add overclocking RAM with reviewers when being able of the take to 3400-3600MHz. One dipping he to my system, there is enabled XMP settings that dipped a RAM to 3200MHz. Once I click excepts and restart, assumes that it take to to an error likes previously like 3200MHz / XMP no with my Corsair RAM. Surprisingly, fall, and any accident after running a lot of benchmarks. I will not be overclocking a RAM to the equal that are sper happy that careers in some plenaries 3200MHz the speed has estimated. Like the plus, some claves of look of utmost Viper and a RGB software which can be downloaded in his web of place is easy to use. This ram is recommended highly.

System Specs:
AMD Ryzen 1700 - Overclocked to
ASRock X370 Taichi Motherboard - 08/30/2018 BIOS
EVGA GTX 1080 You SC2
512GB Crucial M550 SSD
960GB OCZ Vector 180
4 / 5 Kimi
Colour: Black 16GB 3600Mhz One of some claves was faulty. I in the first place remarked when a RGB very in fact sync. I have then verified Information of System and there is give the to him has recognised so only 8 GB! As I am gone through the battery of controls & of tests:
1) has Turned of a computer and take then reinstalled. It has not done, and in fact partorisca a system there has been the time the same hard plus posting.
2) HAS TAKE a a faulty sticks to partorisca see can have had a subject with both, and the computer kicked on final (albeit with only a 8GB).

Then partorisca try or is not a cement DIMM in mine motherboard:

3) has moved a faulty clave and to a DIMM where a working clave was partorisca see can kick without any subjects that way--has not done. Clashed inside the minute of logging the Windows multiple time
4) has then changed a working stick to a DIMM where a faulty one was, kicked up with this alone, and work without any noticeable subject.

Like this finally, clearly is some some estacas concealed was a question . A lot disappointed. I have not bought RAM of Patriot the long time specifically reason have had issues with them in a past. You think it that it give him another has shot, and then this raisin. Perhaps so only bad regime but disappointed all one same. The substitution has ordered already RAM of another mark.
4 / 5 Marcelo
Colour: Black 16GB 3200Mhz First was has been impressed with like this easy is the overclock this ram. A RGB is fantastic but has had a question a quality of a shield of heat. When I have opened on a container there is remarked one of some shields of the boss has not been seated properly in some estacas of ram . It looks he is bent and does not ensure all a way in a cup of a ram. Although it does not affect a ram does not look good with a shield of long heat in a cup of a ram when seated in a motherboard.

has Received the box of substitution and a shield of heat is seated to perfection. Thank you Amazon partorisca the service of client adds!
4 / 5 Bethel
Colour: Aim 16GB 2800Mhz the sum of laws of the memory. Overclocking Amiably in mine ryzen build. RGB Controls for download of software. Has the multiple effects can choose of. It buys it again.
4 / 5 Lidia
Colour: Black 16GB 4133Mhz memory Very well partorisca his price. I took the moment partorisca run he in desire of speed. It does not use 4133 because it requires drunk partorisca be overclocked to the as it is not a lot because I already overclock my CPU.
Also my MSI X299 SLI MORE mobo voltage of increases to in place of and because of that an empty by heart very relieved for BIOS and Windows. The place of only voltage manually to exact 1.4 in place of the CAR finally fix a question.

Has directed to take result very better in 3dMark Port Real and Extreme of Spy of the Time. Has Core i9 9900X.
5 / 5 Sabine
Colour: Aim 16GB 2800Mhz Defaulted to 2133 in mine X370 MSI Pro Carbon but with the little click in a BIOS run his speed estimated of 3000MHz with my Ryzen 7. A lot of RGB and fully customizable effect by means of Viper RGB software and also compatible with more embedded RGB software motherboard.(Aura, Mystic light, Polychrome and RGB fusion).
5 / 5 Treva
Colour: Black 16GB 3200Mhz When you look for RAM partorisca my build of NEW PC has taken recommendations of friends partorisca go with a material have used - Corsair, Skill of G, etc - but when looking in his side for side a Viper of the patriot has fill so only that the need has has had to that do my chance looks the unicorn has had puked the interior of rainbow (partorisca this curious, am running in the Corsair 500D RGB MARRIES with LL120 defenders of chances, the Group of Crew RGB ssd walk of boot, Wraps The 8 pin GPU Strimer RGB boss, and a stock AMD Wraith CPU fresher which will be swapped was partorisca a EK RGB loop of liquid cooling in some point).

Things to begin was, this ram are adds. Partorisca Only when being the 2nd constructor of time and first time fiddler in BIOS has had the zeros subjects that takes it clocked to some have announced 3200MHz of a 2133 fall in in initial install (which is normal) and my Ryzen 7 2700 careers amiably with him. I have begun with the box of 2 partorisca 16GB in November but the writing this in May has been are month of any subject and has has purchased of another box partorisca fill was all of my spaces. Of Corsair has launched his new Dominator Platinum RGB ram in a moment have to that say something, reason ossia undoubtedly the beautiful integration of RGB.

Of my experience that use a Asus ROG Crosshair VII HERO (wifi) motherboard a RGB does easily pair with Asus will have Sync he wants to sync he with lighting in your motherboard, CPU fresher, etc and pulls diverse will have Sync effects well. A ram of the viper also has his own easy-to use it available software partorisca download of the website of the patriot if your mobo does not have lights, and a RGB the options there are all utmost (sees video for demonstration). The enormous plus is that this ram does not require when being plugged in any rgb headed (likes other claves ) and it draw can for a RGB right of some spaces, as any management of additional boss has required.

A note in this software of Viper is that it is quite basic. Additonally, Sometimes wrongly said calm not having RGB the installed ram and will launch the popup in calm in that I thinks is Chinese and he no sinister access some profiles, which create to arise yes calm has it paired with a mobo software at the same time. If ossia a subject for you so only be conscious of that, but for me does not import and any cradle the star thus reason does not run a ram paired with my mobo or use a software of Patriot another that for Aurora dipped and leave his another quirk freely run - after closing a process of software, a RGB can exit of sync with other claves. Again, if any that there is synced is a cradle of subject the star during your consideration, but would contest against penalising it reason this finalises to look FANTASTIC in Aurora mark - see final of video. Each one that like this of some 5 zones by means of some 4 claves will show the different colour like this more than the blockade of identical colours will have the plus of the dynamic liquid spectre.

In rodeo, ossia fantastic ram and yes finalise to build the second rig will be to go back for more.
5 / 5 Agustin
Colour: Aim 16GB 2800Mhz His easy the setup in a Gaming 5 motherboard in Bios. Partorisca Change a rgb the dye touches simple download of a web of place of Patriot. Once install you so only open and transmission some colours, and remain that same colour after turning a computer was and on. His as the ram is supposition partorisca do , and look well.
5 / 5 Ashleigh
Colour: Black 16GB 3600Mhz has been building computer like the hobby partorisca years, and one of my favourite parts of a process is an investigation has involved partorisca find hardware that will do seamlessly with an another. In a course partorisca look the components, has found the recommendation partorisca memory of Viper of the Patriot in the web of place that I frequent quite generally. The descriptions were fantastic and has imagined to be a worse that could spend with the company has not had any experience with?

A response is an absolute disaster . A second I installed a RAM in my system has begun to experience questions.
- Applications so only randomly that confronto behind the desk without rhyme or reason
- when being unable to the software run appropriately in of the settings would not owe that have questions with
was naive enough to think that my paper of map and motherboard was to blame. This in spite of, after the longitude RMA the neither looked process to be a culprit. I had it that has not had never the question with first RAM, as I have imagined was impossible that this would be a chance . This in spite of, with which also governs it out of my CPU and PSU, has had no another likely reason.

Like such, has begun a process to RMA my memory takes the Patriot. If calm included can call concealed. I can not stress enough that I am not lying when I have said that that has called a company on FIFTY TIMES. I have left voicemails with my information to call behind considering any one answers a telephone. I have not been never it achieve it was to. A service of the client of this company is a bordering absolute joke in a level of criminal. I can not initiate a RMA in his web of place because this concrete model DOES not LOOK . I have not been never more absolutely enraged and disgusted with the company in my whole life. He no a deception has included I , and avert this memory and undertaken to all the cost.
5 / 5 Celsa
Colour: Black 16GB 3600Mhz has not been able to complete my gaming build of computer because with which installation, a heat spreaders is fallen off of some claves by heart. They look partorisca be simply stuck on with double sided tape. Although they remain on, how it is it has supposed partorisca transfer heat of some claves by heart?
While partorisca listen of support of Patriot folks, but probably will send him behind. Any confidence. Has in $ 4000 invested in this system and I see any reason partorisca take casualidad with crappy workmanship.

Top Customer Reviews: Crucial Ballistix ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Autumn
Capacity: 8GB SRStyle: 3000 MT/s CL16Color: Grey has bought this partorisca the Ryzen 3 2200G build. XMP The profile has dipped he in 2933MT/s with 16-18-18-18-38 timings and kicked up without any subjects. It remarks that a next plus can take you to 3000MT/s in the Ryzen programs it this 2933MT/s . When overclocking, has given an any on 2933MT/s to 3200MT/s (15-19-19-39 ) without questions. It was very surprised partorisca find that it was able to pressed to 3466MT/s in 16-20-20-41 timings him it it dipped manually. A system is stable in mine 3466MT/s frame in a MSI B350 joint of Mate of the same PC after the memory of 24 hours tries estrses.
4 / 5 Treva
Capacity: 32GB Box (8GBx4) DRStyle: 2400 MT/s CL16Color: Grey Does perfectly in mine Ryzen 7 1700 build in is full speed of 2400Mhz. Motherboard Has used is a Asus Prime PB350-the plus and has been solid of rock. When in the first place it take a mobo has one 0406 BIOS. All 4 claves have done. I later upgraded to a 0503 BIOS and now one 0513. Any question.

I any overclock. A car is abundance quickly enough for modern games, and doing 4K the video that modifies.... Or both a same time! Happy with this ram and looks sum in mine NZXT Noctis 450 black build and red.

A thing to maintain in the alcohol is that Ryzen looks to treat better in the fastest memory. If has the motherboard that can sustain RAM faster, and wants to take one the majority of out yours processor, included in of the speeds accionaras, this can not be an election for you.

Hope Ossia useful.
4 / 5 Agustin
Capacity: 64GB Box (16GBx4) DRStyle: 2666 MT/s CL16Color: the red has Done well with my R7, which is apparently picky roughly memory. Be conscious that a period among being able to on and when some starts of start of the video up is much more, and some first calm time shoots it up is included more along still. Have Almost has concluded a memory was bad before a BIOS has opened the saying of screen soyemory the measure has changed....', But then the things have been well. As it gives one first bounces the minute or so much.
4 / 5 Kimi
Capacity: 8GB Box (4GBx2) SRStyle: 2400 MT/s CL16Color: RED UPDATE 1: it has Been partorisca take a RMA (returns material permission), and his place directed to the service of link of client concealed taken to the no deep Page (sees semi-detached video).

UPDATE 2: it has dipped in a wrong number. A number is not FH116B5, or a long more BL number. It is 323078. It has dipped once in a legislation of material number, has not taken a red error with some bad links. It was able to complete a form partorisca take a RMA has sent my email address.

UPDATE 3: still I have not sent a memory behind been due to a RMA requirements to use some original 'clamshell' and antistatic stock exchange. I do not owe that anymore. So much, orders this ram, the mark sure maintains your box, etc.

Thinks that operates a lot of stops the year and the half. Then my Windows and the games have begun to clash intermittently. I have analysed a BSOD (blue screens of death) and then Googled. This headed to to run an utility of Diagnostic by heart of Windows. Still before it scans a memory relieves a subject. I have taken out of a two Ballistic 4 GB the forms was and animal-has diagnostic of career. Immediately a subject was already he has not relieved. Windows there is prendido to clash and my in fact looked computer faster without an extra 8 GB memory.
4 / 5 Marcelo
Capacity: 8GB Box (4GBx2) SRStyle: 2400 MT/s CL16Color: to Grey does not like to like the amazon is lumping of together descriptions produced different for a costruttore same. It ignores the one who different these products in fact are. I am revising a Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Box (4GBx2) DDR4 2400 (BLS2K4G4D240FSB (Grey)). This box was the bit of the disappointment has compared to the alike box has bought the few months does. A previously purchased memory was also the Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Box (4GBx2) DDR4 2400, but have a white heat spreaders (BLS2K4G4D240FSC), in place of an ash. One first box has looked for to be able of easily that careers in DDR 3066 MHz speeds, using 16-16-16-39 timings. This current box, which am revising now, grieves hardly can achieve 3066 MHz. It requires partorisca relax a timings to 16-18-18-39 and using more voltage that a leading box has required partorisca achieve this speed. Reason some chips are covered for hot spreaders, which are attached probably with adhesive thermal tape, can not say there is the difference in some chips that is used or if this is due to some variac. In manufacturing quality of some chips.

Now are that it runs both together boxes in a Asrock X370 PRO4 motherboard with a Ryzen 5 2600. It was unable to run some four together forms in 3066 MHz, but look partorisca be stable in 2933 MHz with 16-18-18-18-39-55-CR=1T timings (the sub-timings is a Car timings partorisca this speed) and volts.

The inferior line is that there is at all bad with these chips, but the relatively normal look, especially compared to a together prime minister that has bought.

PS: Both boxes are identified like this of the Forms of Alone Row for CPU-Z and HWiNFO64.
5 / 5 Bethel
Capacity: 16GB Box (8GBx2) SRStyle: 3000 MT/s CL16Color: Grey is low profile likes the work is using CPU Partidrio Coolers like DeepCool Gammaxx 400 or Fresher Master Hyper 212 Evo. Also these Rams are compatible with AMD Ryzen 1700x and ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING Motherboard.
5 / 5 Marquita
Capacity: 16GB Box (8GBx2) SRStyle: 3200 MT/S CL16Color: the red has produced: Ballistix Sport LT 16GB Box (8GBx2) DDR4 3200 MT/s (PC4-25600) CL16 M x8 DIMM Memory of 288 Pins - BLS2K8G4D32AESEK (Red)

(+) A lot of overclockable.
(+) Tank partorisca heat correctly attached to chip by heart (different Ripjaws V).
(+) Point of excellent price.

(-) Any one the -- used still partorisca only the pair of days.

Informs long:
To the equal that can see of a semi-detached image, my mobo is a MSI X470 Gaming More (with a late plus BIOS at the same time of this writing) that careers the Ryzen 7 2700X. My CPU fresher is the enormous Noctua DH-15 this covers some forms by heart, that means that it does not have the plot of airflow partorisca a DIMMs.

So only partorisca fun (and also burn-in purpose), have gone to a overclock section of a BIOS, actuated XMP, and cranked one asks the DDR-3466 without changing a timing that it has been feigned partorisca a DDR-3200 setting (16-18-18-36) or any increase of voltage!!! I have run MemTest partorisca 29+ hours without the hiccup (goes screenshot)! Cinebench R15 Has valued so only 20ish signals main in DDR-3200, as it is not partorisca value he partorisca me personally to overclock a RAM reason this is not the gaming the rig and the stability partorisca my purposes is more than entity. Your mileage can vary, of course. But this test is the good indication of a quality of this RAM! I am not come from with any far plus overclocking tentativas because I have required my computer partorisca work. ;)

I also like a zone of good contact of a material of thermal interface (TIM) to a heat shink and chip that was the big annoyance partorisca me when it has used Ripjaws V Rams with his creation of tank of elegant heat: had empty of air among TIM and some chips, as that cooling was highly compromised. I have had to use extra thermal compound (MX-4) the bridge some empty, but no in these puppies.

Inferior line: highly it recommends these Ballistix the rams and the only time will say that well it resist up! For now, 5 stars!
5 / 5 Zelda
Capacity: 16GB Box (4GBx4) SRStyle: 2400 MT/s CL16Color: Objective memory Really good. Surprisingly well so that the costs have compared to another carnero.un XMP is 2400 with more than tight timings that so only slaping he in and it turning on. Has mine running 3000mhz CL15. Basically I have copied so only a XMP timings by means of a joint and has presionado a tip 3 while creating a speed untill was stable.

In mine last PC that was it the Z170 Krait and a I7 6700k I couldnt takes spent 2800mhz, but in mine Z370 Gigabyte aorus gaming 7 with 8700k can kick until 3400mhz, but a timings has to that be really big has solved like this on 3000mhz 15-15-15-39 1t. Experience so only and calm would owe that take amazing perfornance partorisca alot more economic that the majority of ram in some same speeds.
5 / 5 Lidia
Capacity: 8GB Box (4GBx2) SRStyle: 2400 MT/s CL16Color: First Red place has purchased has had the by heart defective form. This in spite of, the amazon has shipped the substitution that read well in the Gigabyte GA-H270-HD3P motherboard. Tip, finds this motherboard having the question that recognises this memory takes any coolers or defenders and verify a LGA-1151 socket with a processor takes partorisca any bent or misaligned pins (toes). Also he sure partorisca upload and use one 'has optimised Settings' partorisca a motherboard first first to do any transmissions to a BIOS. Utilisation the toothpick to king-vary any pins expsitos misaligned. I have required partorisca contact Crucial partorisca lean it and they were very useful and reachable, thank God. It can not say one same partorisca a motherboard manufacture.
5 / 5 Sabine
Capacity: 32GB Box (16GBx2) DRStyle: 2666 MT/s CL16Color: Red ..WITH WHICH 2 WEEKS that USE MI PC, The START of CAR partorisca CLASH SEVERAL TIMES. A show of windows of message of error soyemory Management'. With which tries memory for MemTest86 application some shows of error of form almost in a start. It can it does not create.........! . I am situating the claim roughly that, expect the punctual solution.

Top Customer Reviews: Patriot 16GB(2x8GB) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has verified A nave and the quality of a packaging was excellent. When Contacting the support of Technology has answered and has answered my questions. It have to that it has asked it my questionns first to purchase. It was to excited partorisca take 32 gb of ram in 1866. Utilisation the Gygabite has jointed with the FX8350 processor. I have installed both insiemi of 16GB that has purchased reasons my plan was partorisca run 32GB in 1866. I have installed all 32 gb and my computer kicked perfectly any question, excepts has run in 1600. Then I rebooted and has entered a Bios. It has put XPM and rebooted the fault of boot. I have looked the tonne of video and has learnt that it could roughly dipping manually in planting to use xmp and the fault partorisca kick every time. So much, I reset my bios to optimised incumplimiento and rebooted. As you result it it require DDR4 ram with the new motherboard and ryzen processor if I never wated partorisca run 32GB with the minium 1866. I have found this was after contacting Gygabite support. We said me to us an only way to run 1866 is with 16 gb and no more. They have said 1 8gb clave in a canal and 1 8 gb clave in another canal. Then it can enable xmp. But never with 4 claves or 2 claves in a together of same canal. So much, in short I am running all 32Gb but in 1600. My joint is the GB-970A-DS3p-FX. My Processor is FX8350 8 core, 8 edge, 4.3 Ghz.
4 / 5
RAM partorisca Purchase checked is complicated. Here it is the one who precise knows: if it has to that to to an older processor likes that that can not use DDR4 RAM, this DDR3 RAM is a plus of fast has found in the reasonable price. It was able to overclock the furthest that announces, with abonos timings, that means this RAM is bang adds partorisca your buck.

Are upgrading of the measly 8 GB of RAM that so only any cut he with today of games. Before, I have had to that stutter the subjects and some the same games prevent me of maxing out of some settings. Ossia All fixed now. My computer is much more stable now and can run all of the his pesky fulfilled background while I game without too much hassle. Like the gamer, recommends this RAM.
5 / 5
Purchase slowly checked on touching any type of modern AAA game, calm ABSOLUTELY need 16gb of RAM. The majority of modern games requires at least 12 GB partorisca run without any stuttering or slowdowns.

I use partorisca have 8gb of RAM that would leave my gameplay stuttering and almost impossible to touch. Now, I am free of any type of slow downs and stuttering. There is remarked also that surfing the web the scarce smoother and am able to run multiple tabs that comprises alive currents, music, games, etc.

If you are in a fence or slowly on building the new computer, does not doubt and buy 16gb of RAM. Fully I can recommend that to this product likes him the like this feigned work and fixed all my gameplay more than subjects more!
5 / 5
The cost has checked are the editor of video and 3D animator with the need partorisca abundance of RAM of confidence, and these Vipers do a trick in the good price.

I installed the pair of these Vipers, partorisca the coupling of 16 actions, in the new Intel Core i5/Windows 10 Pro the system has built of scratch, with the Gigabyte (mark) motherboard. With which five month has bought an identical pair partorisca the total of 32 actions. Flawless action.
4 / 5
The cost has verified These are perfect partorisca any one looking partorisca go of 8 to 16 gb. Work astonishingly and can also overclock his to 2133 which offers some small impulse here and there. If you are by train partorisca ask you if a jump of 8 to 16 value a price. My answered partorisca any one is yes, 100. Im The Gamer, and Youtuber/Editor of Video. Changing to 16 gb of RAM on 8 has changed everything. Like I games run, multitasking and operative. To good sure Recommned these Claves partorisca any those who requires DDR3. Of course it has of the money partorisca take the while new CPU, Mobo, and DDR4 RAM then goes partorisca this DDR4 always triumpth ddr3 but has to that do sure have some parts have required partorisca run ddr4 RAM.
5 / 5
The cost has verified This memory extracted like this has to that. I have been of 4 gigabytes 1600MHz to 16 gigabytes 1866MHz and really done the difference in the action of my computer. Really it was not if an increase of speed has done that a lot of difference, but am sure an increase in gigabytes he hugh difference.
Certainly would buy this memory again.
5 / 5
The cost has checked WELL Ram,
not going the wow calm with benchmarks, but of then is mostly in an end a lower that a row of price is the very good value for a money.

The certainly has the look of his quality,
but would say that it is the half so only of a RAM of street has on wrapped in the good dress, for the very good price.

Pro Is:
Looks well
any cost more than claves 'in of the skins'.

With East:
Any a lot of improvement on some claves 'in of the skins' has tried the' against
cooling the fins in these places this big plus could interfere with some CPU coolers.

but yes wants to benchmarks has had better regime with Corsair Revenge, or Ripjaws for alike or slightly more money
4 / 5
The cost checked has Ordered this partorisca substitute my old Corsair 1333mhz box that there has been partorisca always and lately had been in decline partorisca take touched of of. This box of Patriot is noticeably faster; immediately it can say a difference in the variety of tasks (gaming, video streaming, etc.) has included so only doing something like mundane eats that it tugs the window by means of a desk or closing out of the game is noticeably smoother. A the profit of entity is that the patriot has the very big compatibility with motherboards in general; so has the DDR3 near, a line of Viper is quite guaranteed to do with him.

Like the sidenote, some people will say you that bandwidth by heart any a lot of a lot of the difference, and will say you concealed is dud. To a large extent it depends in that is doing and that soothe was to start with, like this there is diminishing returns a big plus and the elder goes. If you are in the to to something likes 1333mhz, jumping until 1866mhz or more is the sizeable of impulse in bandwidth and will resupply an immediate profit to almost everything does in your car, especially if your CPU is overclocked. Also it can resupply the little more fps in a lot of games also (especially in of the main resolutions where the width of results of band more than entity), if ossia your thing . In general, this RAM of Patriot is material quite good and does not think calm will be disappointed.
4 / 5
The cost has checked was upgrading the computer of the fellow the one who there has been an old plus Z97 ASUS Motherboard. A Motherboard has had so only 8 Gb of RAM, and has required a upgrade. I have selected this RAM of Patriot, as I have thought a Specs. And the price was a lot. Patriat The memory adds. I have been he advances and installed a RAM, and has not been disappointed in an action. Using a BIOS, has dipped on a XMP profile, and a RAM is running well in an estimated timings and speed, and my partner does not have to that worry in how much spreadsheets is opened a time. Compraventa Well, and would be happy to purchase a mark of Patriot again.
5 / 5
The cost has checked Installed four of these in my computer of office of main house. A motherboard is the Sabertooth Z77. These were easy to install (how is a chance partorisca all ram), and fact to the equal that has announced. I have been using these partorisca the pair of month now I so that pode any really commentary in a durability of term along but like this far like this good. I have had absolutely any question with these until this point. These are value adds and would not doubt to buy them again or recommend them to any one looking for some ram.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung 970 EVO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 Katherin
Amazing technology. I have wanted a bit 960 like bad series but has maintained to expect for the drop to price that has it not coming never. It opens With a new and better plus 970 series, has pulled a trigger and the unit purchased That is to say a first time owes the fact has taken my hands in a NVMe walk. I have believed whenever that they were in a measure of RAM, but is more afterwards in the clave to gum measures. I can not think what this small. The installation is easy while it can take calm in him. In my case is among PCIe empty as it owe my card of map to install it. One has seen of BIOS the immediately, then I simply the software of free partition to transfer that it copies used some logical partitions and MBR in of mine 750 EVO in my new 970. I have posed then BIOS to kick of a walnut tick to gum' and deactivated some another. Like The final step takes cards of the walk of a two has reserved partitions in a walk of boot and reformatted a walk of old boot in the room GPT. Definitively I can say the difference when uploading the applications with the big impression compared in a SATA-based SSD. It expect to see the shoes of perceivable difference-time-in-desktop, but is to take to say. But when movement of Samsung SSD in Samsung faster SSD, trying savings of the note of time is likes him leave of the hairs. In these signals to price that a walk costs each penny.

Edita: comprise the benchmark. 2,759 Dry/MBs writing, and 2,313 dry/MBs read. If you take 3.5' floppies, that is to say likes him read 1915 diskettes every second.

Edit2: Desprs Gives Cela has not taken a speed estimated (which any one probably in fact voice), begun to look in him and I have done sure this there has been an update of BIOS later, one late plus chipset and engine of storage, and a Samsung NVME automotive. Desprs Doing all concealed, I re-has run a benchmark and now is in 3000 dry/MBs mark! It IS hurriedly out of a box but with pertinent setup can be it much faster!
5 / 5 Tanner
It edits 30 Course 2019:
well, a witchcraft of Samsung usual result after the few months of use. Opposite in what benchmark the test still dictates this walk is now so slow and unresponsive that Kingston walks that launched it since has been. It IS I cradle and badassery dissappeared after an installed update. It IS still the little walk of the fresco but the looks is been throttled behind possibly because of the walks the fast plus that it is in some works.

Original description:
so far so good. There is the pre installed Kingston m.2 sata Walk in my MSI gaming laptop and he a work, only very very hurriedly. Desprs Cloning My system on in a 970 EVO was anxious to see a difference in of the speeds. In my surprise a time to kick any a lot of change, can be the averages the fastest second, so little begun to ask if a prize has be worth it. I have decided to open that it Season Lightroom how is what predominately use these decrees of computer. It have accused the batch of photos with an old walk and he had taken quite a lot of 5 minutes to finish. It has accused a same batch with one 970 EVO and he have blown my alcohol, 45 bren to import in adjustment of batch and export. I am so happy with this walk, my work of photograph will spend so much faster now.
Attaching a CrystalMark bookmarks/marcadors for both my Kingston old and one 970 EVO. It was hesitant to spend this a lot in the walk but now can not expect update my desktop with one of these.
5 / 5 Phuong
It was sper excited to take this, is the mostly explicit gamer with the 144Hz Gsync that is to say sensitive to retard of entrance and refresh taxes. I have expected my socks to be attacked of a first time my PC kicked and I some material of general task. Honestly? You can benchmark all want to, but there is 0 perceivable difference among a nvme and he Sata3 SSD external of moving gigantic files.

Your games perhaps debit 1 as faster. Perhaps he caiste slightly faster, but that concealed?

An only thing objectively can say is different is can move and delete enormous files instantly. Perhaps it is more effective for any concealed is doing 4K the video that edits.

If you are the gamer or user of just average, only buy the regulate SSD. I trust me.
5 / 5 Christinia
Has the 15' Retina MacBook Pro this has been purchased new (fully loaded) in June 2014 with the 1TB SSD. Like mine In this Mac protects, Apple considers this machine the soyacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)' and a fund is Model stamped A1398. Some months of mark of pair, the scanner of the utility of corruption of the routine disk revealed in a SSD that could any one when the be has not repaired. I formatted a walk and reloaded Saw very Big 10.13.6. A bit those that days after I this, a factory SSD suddenly spent to do totally, and was unable to kick a machine so that the can not find the local walk. Mac IS my tent of the neighbourhood of reparation could very still takes a walk to identify he in the semi-detached sled in another Mac, as something at the end has been bad with him in a piece-level, and failure.

Alas, he 1TB substitution SSD of the apple was $ 600 more $ 100 work, and OWC is afterwards-the walks of piece suffer terrible descriptions quite quality of product and subjects of heat. It enters these two available childbirths in Amazon: a esamsung 970 EVO 2TB - NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD (MZ-V7E2T0BW)' And a 'JSER 12+16passador 2014 2015 Macbook in M.2 NGFF M-Key SSD Converts Card for A1493 A1502 A1465 A1466.'

With these two childbirths, was able to update in the Much FASTER 2TB SSD for in $ 800. That is to say to BEND a room of original storage and in TENDER a speed of an Apple of factory SSD for only in $ 200 more. State executing this SSD for the few weeks now without subjects. It issues the records of sleep add, and all research to be perfect, only faster. An only thing has not been able to try still is hibernate, so that these only kicks in during road to Dream when a stack takes supremely down, and that the has not spent in my machine still.

If your MacBook Pro SSD has failed and is looking in of the options, considers some separates mentioned, so that they represent the very better value and qualified of action that the factory of Apple SSD. While your MacBook Pro has been updated in the Big recent version of Sierra (10.13.X) Or main, your MacBook Pro an update of firmware that is to say to require therefore afterwards-piece SSD work of combination. The control out of some results attached of Black of Magic speed for the evidence of an action will take with this combo! Very happy so far, and the clave behind finds any subjects like the times continue in. I am 3-4 weeks in and all have been smooth!
5 / 5 Dierdre
First words: an action is some real roads . I have not been sure cual to expect, only had listened this goes of the traditional turning/magnetic walk in a SSD would be crazy, Mays.... He - is true. Uploading/the time of boot is dramatically faster. I can turn in a PC and when being in a desktop with each uploaded in less than 30 bren while it uses to to take several minutes.

Segundo: the installation was the ache . Any one so that a hardware is difficult (calm only angle he in an empty m.2 And then tense a ray that controls down) but a software that use with i.et. Windows. Windows Has maintained to give me errors so many at the end abandoned an idea to do the clone of disk and has done the right in the fresh windows installs. This looked to do except obviously now has data in my old disk that will require to pull entered some point.

Backwards in a SSD he even so - he, IS very that fast. For a prize, this has to be one of some better improvements can do in your system, especially included is using to in to the traditional hard walk like his era. Highly recommended.

P.D. They are tiny! It do not expect them piece only when being these small. It IS in a measure of my toe of indication/a clave in gumming. Half terabyte in this measure....... Supposition a future a lot is here!
5 / 5 Gigi
It have been saving to purchase one 960 EVO SSD but has seen then a nexus that had the newest version available - a 970 EVO! (Thank you Amazon!) I have purchased to the to this like him to him some updates to augment one 128GB NVMe SSD STROLL YOU that it avenges with my laptop (Odyssey of Samsung of Notebook). You are the very mere process to substitute. I have used a software of Samsung of Recovery to do the backup of an original walk in an external walk before it substitutes. Once complete, has substituted a SSD, kicked in a software of Samsung of Recovery and has restored my backup. Any one included has to extend to to the any partition likes him to him the software of the automatically destined recovery all an extra storage. My original SSD was already fast but run out of free room. Desprs Substituting, was able to remark a global impulse in of the speeds for everything especially now this has in 400GB of free room! Afterwards, I have to save until that augments my memory of RAM of the laptop! I am very happy with one 970 EVO and included happier was so easy to substitute. Samsung 970 EVO 500GB - NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD (MZ-V7E500BW)
5 / 5 Heath
To do the decrease of long history: This was an increase of enormous action and cost each penny, has to you he that is using the mechanic HDD or SATA SSD, highly consider this compraventa.

To do the long tale: that Comes from/Comes from the cube of subject Sandisk 240gb with the theorist 500MBps read and he 185MBps real read in a real read of almost 1800 MBps, this tiny clave of the action done the very perceivable difference my day to the day to time to touch to run games and juggling the applications has been horrified in which difference that deletes SATA of some marks of equation, that short a time to upload for more than things in the some place among 3/4s and the ways that used to be.

Is not quite updated in crunching fiigures and benchmarks to join a debate in an action and longevity of this Sr.2 SSD Compared in 960.VO Predecessor of him and WD amounting, everything would have to know is that of the perspective of layman that is to say an ABSOLUTELY the CRUCIAL update that composes yes at present is using the lowest end SATA SSD or Any HDD.
5 / 5 Sharyl
It takes this yesterday and installed he in my laptop. One has announced read/to write the speeds are correct while it take 3459 MBs /s read and 2420 MBs/s write which are awesome. Time of the boot and the times of loads are almost very existent and the installed windows in less than timing that I take me to do the sandwich. That the time for living being.
2 / 5 Shalonda
Later and last update. After several months of use, has purchased another walk. Why? Heat. One 960 consistently short big - very big, while in 57C or 134 titles. This was when a system was idling and worsened in almost 200 titles when touching Battleground 5. A temperature also would locate when touching other games even so no so bad or big when touching BFV. In the lark has exchanged one 970 with an original and a temperature was insignificant. Full revelation, one 57C/134 titles was also when using the 1500 RPM tampon to cool. Yes, without a tampon a temperature would locate considerably. The programs have used by gauging temperature - SpeedFan 4.52, Action of Priest of System Monitor Avanat and CPUID HWMonitor.

Left an original description 'only so that.' Has 37 Core-case to Be able to GO 41 since 10/07/2018 has installed of a walk takes. An only recourse is to oblige reboot and/or closure. This was 37 more KPE there was since having a Alienware R4 17 since February 2016. It can the when being the time to start with of a notebook that slips? Absolutely, even so up until a change there had not been a lot of problems. It contemplates to do the refresh of Windows 10 - line that, clean to install and see that it spends then. Anawhoo...

Sooo, HAS TAKEN a sucker to install in an in title. It was not easy - so that I have followed together with suggestions of Samsung of forum when the things have been surrealists . It IS hurriedly, Windows 10 debits in 2 as - possibly less, a notebook has 32 GB DDR 2400 likes anything...

That it is past was: < the hate when the people say that<<
the walk has been recognised in W10 but only in RAW format, could not change or the format that Management of uses of Disk.
BIOS Changed so suggested of RAID in AHCI - same result, could be it seen but could any format. Yes, I have installed an engine and software of Samsung. Created the partition saw CMD using Select dik W10 USB, still could not access a walk of interior W10.
Left, dirty clothes, has touched the few games in my IPAD Pro and then revisited. Tried Macrium software to clone, has not done.
FIXED: Sure Road, formed, rebooted W10 and was able to complete the fresh installation of W10. Or cloning software - Samsung and Macrium the plasma was able to clone an original to walk take and I at the end left and has done the clean installation. A walk is very very fast - at least in me. The far cry has touched 5 to see or was only me and can very well has been except any one. Clean installation of W10 has taken quite a lot of 2 minutes, ploughing and closing the programs are also hurriedly. Transferred 24 GB of data of the 2TB the walk takes (internal) and has taken quite a lot of 3 minutes, possibly 4. The supposition will annul a nave of tower of the Amazon. It expects this erratic helps of atrocity and sad, has had the drink of energy of the Monster - scatterbrained...
4 / 5 Malissa
This necessity to be the race that uses AHCI and the boss beaten, otherwise can not run Magician of Samsung to update firmware. More the maximum speed requires AHCI. The problem is poor documentation of Samsung and a lot of commentaries in some marks of web think to change of raid in AHCI is difficult. It is not and it does not require reinstalling Windows 10. The just mark sure has the local Wins 10 account and register in with him. It updates Your BIOS need . Tour of your computer. It installs a SSD. You will require the ray that is not distributed. It visits your backwards of computer on. Clone Your walk of current boot apresamiento with Macrium Reflects Free version. Double control to ensure is in the local account. It visits your computer has been. He disconnects Pot of an old hard walk. Of computer of service on. It has to kick again SSD. Triple control to ensure you on using the local account. Type MSCONFIG in a box of button to research closely to start with. They go in a tab of boot. Control safemode with grandson. Question to restart. It restarts computer and enters BIOS instead for RAID in AHCI. It saves changes of BIOS and reboot. It characterises in MSCONFIG and uncheck sure road. Reboot. You are done. It installs Magician of Samsung and update firmware. For some reason will fail it. Magician Of Samsung of the beginning and flavours again and law. You are now very done. This work adds but is fallen a star for poor documentation of Samsung. For a road, is not the character. I have found this in a web. But like another distinguished used MSCONFIG is easier that using road to order to change parameters of boot.
4 / 5 Susann
It was súper excited partorisca take this, are the mostly hardcore gamer with the 144Hz Gsync ossia sensitive to retard of entrance and refresh imposed. I have expected my socks partorisca be attacked of a first time my PC kicked and I some material of general task. Honradamente? You can benchmark all want to, but there is 0 perceivable difference among a nvme and the Sata3 SSD outside of moving gigantic files.

Your games perhaps uploads 1 as faster. Perhaps you fell slightly faster, but the one who that?

An only thing objectively can say is different are can move and delete enormous files instantly. Perhaps it is more effective for any the one who is doing 4K the video that modifies.

If you are the gamer or just half user, so only buy the regulate SSD. I trust.
5 / 5 Christi
Amazing technology. I have loved some 960 serious like this bad but maintained while to the drop of prize that there is not coming never. Now with a new and better plus 970 series, there is pulled a trigger and has purchased one. Ossia A first time has to that fact has taken my hands in a NVMe walk. I have thought always they were in a measure of RAM, but is more afterwards to the clave partorisca gum measures. I can not believe the one who small is. The installation is easy while you can take his. In my chance is go in PCIe the space has to that way that has had to that take my paper of map for the install. A BIOS saw it immediately, then I simply software of free partition to transfer that it copies used some logical partitions and MBR to of mine 750 EVO to the mine new 970. Then I plant BIOS partorisca kick of a new tick partorisca gum' and disabled some another. Like the final step has take papers of the walk of a two has has reserved partitions in a walk of boot and reformatted a walk of old boot to the spatial GPT. Definitively I can say the difference when uploading the applications with the big impression have compared to a SATA-based SSD. Appearances see the noticeable differentiates shoe-time-the-desk, but is hard to say. But when moving of Samsung SSD of faster Samsung SSD, that tries to remark the savings of time is likes to leave of the hairs. In this prize signals that a walk cost each penny.

Modification: Comprised the benchmark. 2,759 dry/MB Writes, and 2,313 dry/MB has read. If memories 3.5' floppies, ossia likes read 1915 diskettes every second.

Edit2: After @giving that it do not take a speed estimated (that person probably in fact sees), has begun to look his and has done sure that has had an evening more BIOS update, a late plus chipset and engine of storage, and a Samsung NVME engine. After doing all that, I kings-has run a benchmark and now are in 3000 dry/MB mark! It is quickly out of a box but with pertinent setup that can be much faster!
4 / 5 Annie
Modification 30 run 2019:
well, an usual Samsung witchcraft ensued after the few months of use. Against that a benchmark the still said test this walk is now like this slow and unresponsive like Kingston strolls that I have launched of then go. It is wet and badassery dissappeared after an installed update. It is still the quota little walk but the looks are to be throttled behind possibly been due to walks it to it fast plus that it is in some works.

Original description:
like this far like this good. I have had the pre installed Kingston m.2 sata Walk in mine MSI gaming portable and he a work, so only a lot a lot quickly. After cloning my system on to a 970 EVO I was anxious to see a difference in speed. My surprised a time of kicks any really transmission, can be the averages the fastest second, like this little has begun to ask if a prize has be worth it. I have decided to open that it Season Lightroom like this is that mainly it uses these stops of computers. It have accused the batch of photo with an old walk and he had taken roughly 5 minutes to finalise. It has accused a same batch with one 970 EVO and he have blown my alcohol, 45 seconds to import to adjustment of batch and export. They are like this happy with this walk, my work of photograph will spend so faster now.
Attaching a CrystalMark bookmarks/marcadors for both mine old Kingston and one 970 EVO. It was hesitant to spend this a lot in the walk but now can not expect to upgrade mine desk with one of these.
5 / 5 Gabriele
Have the 15' Retina MacBook Pro this is to be purchase new (fully loaded) in June 2014 with the 1TB SSD. Like mine In this Mac screen, the apple considers this car the soyacBook Pro (Retina, 15-thumb, Late 2013)' and a fund is patterned Model A1398. Some months of pair , it scanner of Utility of corruption of the routine disk developed in a SSD that could not be repaired. I formatted a walk and reloaded macOS Invernadero Big . A bit those that days with which I this, a factory SSD suddenly leaves to do entirely, and was unable to kick a car because it can not find the local walk. My neighbourhood Mac the tent of reparation could a lot included take a walk to identify he in the sled has attached to another Mac, as something has gone finally bad with him in a chip-level, and fail.

Unfortunately, he 1TB substitution SSD of the apple was $ 600 more $ 100 work, and OWC is after-the walks of phase suffer terrible descriptions roughly qualities of product and subjects of heat. It enters this two available part on Amazon: a esamsung 970 EVO 2TB - NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD (MZ-V7E2T0BW)' And one 'JSER 12+16pin 2014 2015 Macbook to M.2 NGFF M-Nail SSD Convert Paper partorisca A1493 A1502 A1465 A1466.'

With this two part, was able to upgrade to the Much FASTER 2TB SSD partorisca in $ 800. Ossia To BEND a space of original storage and in TRIPLE a speed of an Apple of factory SSD for only in $ 200 more. I have been that runs this SSD for the few weeks now without subjects. The way of the law of sleep adds, and all looks to be perfect, so only faster. An only thing has not been able to try still is hibernate, reason these only kicks in during way to Sleep when a battery takes extremely down, and concealed has not spent my car still.

If your MacBook Pro SSD has failed and is looking in of the options, considers some parts have mentioned, reasons represent the very better value and qualified of action that the factory of the apple SSD. While your MacBook Pro was upgraded to the recent version of big Invernadero () or main, your MacBook Pro will have a firmware update that is to require thus after-stage SSD does of combination. Control out of some semi-detached results of Blacks of Magic speed for the evidence of an action will take with this combo! A lot happy like this far, and the estaca behind finds any one subject like the continuous time in. They are 3-4 weeks in and all has been smooth!
4 / 5 Madaline
Has taken this yesterday and installed he in mine portable. One has has announced read/to write the speeds are corrected like lame 3459 MB /s read and 2420 MB/s write which is awesome. Time of the boot and the times of load are almost a lot existent and the installed windows less than timing that lame to knots to do the sandwich. That the time for living being.
4 / 5 Marlon
First words: an action is a real shot . I am not sure state as to expect, so only had listened that that goes of the traditional turning/magnetic walk to a SSD would be crazy, May.... yeah - Is true. Uploading/the times of boot are dramatically faster. I can turn in a PC and be to a desk with all uploaded less than 30 seconds while it uses to take several minutes.

Segundo: the installation was the ache . Any reason a hardware is difficult (calm only corner he to a m.2 empty and then presionar a ray that control down) but a software that use with i.et. Windows. The windows have maintained to give me errors like this I finally abandoned an idea to do the clone of disk and has done the legislation on the fresh windows install. This looked to do except obviously now has given in my old disk that will require to the appeal is gone in some point.

Behind to a SSD he this in spite of - yeah, Is really that fast. For a prize, this has to that be one of some better improvements can do to your system, especially yes calms still is using to to the the traditional hard walk likes him was it. Highly recommended.

P.D. They are tiny! Not expecting to be so only this small. It is in a measure of my indication of toe/a clave partorisca gum. Half terabyte in this measure....... Supposition a future really is here!
4 / 5 Otis
Had been saving to purchase one 960 EVO SSD but has then seen one links that has had the newest version available - a 970 EVO! (Thank you Amazon!) I have purchased this that a upgrade to augment a 128GB NVMe SSD the WALK concealed is coming with my laptop (Samsung Odyssey of Notebook). You are the very simple process to substitute. I have used a Samsung software of Recovery to do the backup of an original walk to a first external walk to substitute. Once complete, has substituted a SSD, kicked to a Samsung software of Recovery and has restored my backup. Any one included has to that extend to to any partition likes them the software of the automatically destined recovery all an extra storage. My original SSD was already fast but has run out of free space. After substituting, was able to remark a global impulse in speed for everything especially now that have on 400GB of free space! After, I have to save until augmenting my memory of RAM of the laptop! They are a lot happy with one 970 EVO and included happier is like this easy to substitute. Samsung 970 EVO 500GB - NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD (MZ-V7E500BW)
5 / 5 Cierra
to do the short long history: This was an increase of enormous action and is cost each penny, has to be you using the mechanic HDD or SATA SSD, highly consider this compraventa.

To do the history long: that Comes from/Comes from the cube of @@subject Sandisk 240gb with the theorist 500MBps read and he 185MBps real bed to a real bed of almost 1800 MBps, this tiny clave of the action done the a lot of noticeable differentiates my day to the day of YOU times to upload to run games and juggling the applications have been horrified in that it differentiates that it deletes SATA of some frames of equation, cut it a time to upload for more than things to somewhere among 3/4ths and half that has used it to be.

Am not updated enough in crunching fiigures and benchmarks to join a debate in an action and longevity of this Sr.2 SSD Compared to the 960.ºVO Predecessor of him and WD equivalent, all would have to that know is that of the layman perspective ossia an ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL upgrade that composes if at present you are that it uses the lowest end SATA SSD or Any HDD.
5 / 5 Darryl
Has ordered one of a 1TB walks partorisca to build of NEW PC. Quickly looked in a focus to the receipt and everything looked well. Fast advance a lot of frustrating hours to try to imagine has gone by that a PC would not see a full volume of a walk, instead so only aiming 250GB available space. It has gone back it takes to bend verify a box. To the majority of next inspection has @to @give that this has not been the 1TB walk, but he 250GB walk, mislabeled like 1TB. A lot angry that this ray of the census on derailed my weekend. Pissed That a substitution is not when being expedited, especially of a subject is entirely Amazon fails.
4 / 5 Sharell
Installed that, turned in a laptop and any power. At all it light it up. The correspondent was to ASUS and has confirmed a SSD there is ruined a Motherboard. On that, to the amazon said to return a hard walk, has issued the repayment, then to verify a state of repayment has touched it restocking side!! Calm ray everything!
4 / 5 Wan
Later and last update. After several months of use, has purchased another walk. Reason? Hot. One 960 consistently short big - a lot of big, as in 57C or 134 terracings. This was when a system was idling and worsened to almost 200 terracings when touching Battlefield 5. A temperature also would locate when touching other games this in spite of no like this bad or big when touching BFV. In the lark I swapped a 970 with an original and a temperature was insignificant. Full disclosure, a 57C/134 terracings was also when using the 1500 RPM tampon to cool. Yes, without a tampon a temperature would locate considerably. The programs have used for gauging temperature - SpeedFan , Action of the priest of System Advanced Monitor and CPUID HWMonitor.

has LEFT an original description 'so only reason.' It has received 37 Kernel-Chance to Be able to GO 41 of then 10/07/2018 of active installed a hard walk. An only recourse is to force reboot and/or closure. This was 37 more KPE had received of then having a Alienware R4 17 of then February 2016. That can be the time to start with of a notebook in slippery? Absolutely, this in spite of up until a transmission there had not been a lot of questions. You contemplate to do the refresh of Windows 10 - line that, the net installs and see that it spends then. Anawhoo...

Sooo, has taken a sucker to install in an on title. It has not been easy - reason have followed together with Samsung suggestions of forum when the things were surreal. It is quickly, Windows 10 interior of load 2 as - possibly less, a notebook has 32 GB DDR 2400 likes anything...

That is Spent was: <the hate when the people say that<<
the walk has been recognised in W10 but so only in RAW format, could not change or the formed that Management of uses of Disk.
Has changed BIOS like this suggested of RAID the AHCI - same result, could be seen but could any format. Yes, I have installed an engine and Samsung software. Created the partition has seen CMD using Select dik W10 USB, still could not access a walk of inside W10.
Has on data, dirty clothes, has touched the few games in mine IPAD Pro and then revisited. Tried Macrium software to clone, has not done.
FIXED: Sure Way, formed, rebooted W10 and was able to complete the fresh installation of W10. Neither cloning software - Samsung and Macrium Reflects was able to clone an original of the hard walk and I have given finally on and has done the clean installation. A walk is very very fast - at least mine. The far cry has touched 5 to see or was so only me and can very well has been excepts any one. Clean installation of W10 has taken roughly 2 minutes, opening and closing the programs is also quickly. Transferred 24 GB of data of the 2TB hard walk (inner) and has taken roughly 3 minutes, possibly 4. The supposition will annul a nave of turn of the Amazon. Hope This erratic helps of atrocities and sad, has had the drink of energy of the Monster - scatterbrained...
4 / 5 Chante
Has purchased directly of Amazon. The walk has failed with which 6 month and no more than 5 TB of the data has transferred. Contacted samsung support.... Unfortunately we are unable to come from with your claim of guarantee thus walk. Your walk is the Netherlands Unit, which means the guarantee is not valid in some the EUA.
Would like of comes from with the claim of guarantee, would have to contact Samsung Europe in
Thank you.
5 / 5 Ginger
This need to be run using AHCI and any raid, otherwise can not run Samsung Magician to update firmware. More the maximum speed requires AHCI. The question is poor documentation of Samsung and a lot of commentaries in some frames of web think to change of raid the AHCI is difficult. It is not and it does not require reinstalling Windows 10. Mark so only sure has the local Wins 10 account and register in with him. Upgrade Your BIOS has required. Tour of your computer. Install a SSD. You will require the ray that is not distributed. Recognition your computer has retreated on. Clone Your current boot hard walk with Macrium Reflects Free version. Double control to ensure is in the local account. Recognition your computer was. Disconnect Can of an old hard walk. Computer to turn on. It have to that kick again SSD. Triple control to ensure you on using the local account. Type MSCONFIG in a box of key of investigation of next Start. It goes to a tab of boot. Control safemode with coverage. It asks to restart. It restarts computer and enter BIOS to change of RAID the AHCI. It saves BIOS transmissions and reboot. It characterises in MSCONFIG and uncheck sure way. Reboot. You are done. It installs Samsung Magician and upgrade firmware. For some reason it will fail. Start Samsung Magician and try again and work. You are now really done. This work adds but have fallen a star for poor documentation of Samsung. For a way, are not the character. I have found this in a web. But like another distinguished used MSCONFIG is easier that using way to order to change settings of boot.
4 / 5 Brittany
Has bought a 1TB 970 EVO, Installs was the breeze in Aurora R7. Substituted a 16GB m2 ssd with him, kicked until BIOS, changed to AHCI and Legated, option of boot 1 was an USB with windows, then kicked my USB to install windows and relieve SSD of has downloaded previously files. Read/write the speeds are in pair, and all all faster then my forward 2tb HDD.
4 / 5 Matilda
Has ordered it Samsung 970 EVO 500GB - NVMe PCIe M.2 Of Amazon and received it Saturday. This morning I have installed a Samsung ssd in the new HP I5-8400(16RAM of MB, RX550 2video of paper of MB). Then I have cloned a hdd using Samsung tool of migration. One that exists hdd has had 1 partition that separates one YOU and die (C) of a recovery (D). I have done sure to also copy a partitioned section (D) to a new ssd. After a cloning was complete and a computer has closed down, I disconnected an old hdd but has left he in a chance. I turned it behind on and it falls on immediately. Incredibly fast - 15 seconds to a register on page vs. In the minute with an original hdd. I have not had to go to bios or change an order of boot. I have had of disconnected a hdd, recognise a new partitioned ssd and has very shot up. I then used MiniTool Wizard of Partition to resize one the new partition in a ssd. It is now incredibly fast and silent. I love it already. Here it is an attacker and with which frames of the bank of the action has registered.
4 / 5 Nana
Samsung Offers the program of migration of the data. It has to that SEE a Samsung walk to launch. With NVMe walk, can not take your boot m2 SSD was and shoes of an enclosure, the windows will not leave concealed. Calm can not dip a NVMe walk in and launch a program of migration, BUT a NVMe the walk Has to that be installed for him to run. This a lot affecet prople with multiple spaces, but for the mark of laptop to install. I included called Samsung and said to the knots could not use his software; and I have tried another but ay the solution requires an additional $120 for an enclosure and retail migration/imaging software.
5 / 5 Roscoe
The product arrived in apparently sealed Samsung packaging (970 EVO 2TB) this in spite of, when I have dipped he in
my system, identifies like the LITEON CA3-8D512 (512GB) and a SSD has contained the copy of Win10 conjoint for
Korean tongue Of the sud. It focuses in a SSD also looks legit for the Samsung device, but his no.
Class of police of turn of amazon of has failed here. Some the only elections am esturno for substitution' or esturno for reembolsó.
Yes chooses substitution, as it was to take the genuine device of his canal of supply is obviously
compromised? To the as it would like me is of the substitution that the guarantee is corrected. It looks a sure election
is to take a repayment and take my business elsewhere.
5 / 5 Romaine
Has bought a walk so only on done the year and until recently, was happy with him and would have given it to 5 description of star.

This in spite of, I powered in my system (roughly done two weeks now) and has taken hailed with the READY error that says that a walk has been for fracasado and owe backup a data. With which hours of troubleshooting was able the backup my data... So only to then @it gives it could not delete my data of a walk has failed. A walk is drawn to dip to the low-level Read-Only state to 'protect' die, which are adds... But there is any way to take this Bed-Only state to securely erase your first data to send he in still a RMA. I do in him and he has tried everything to take a bed-only state with diskpart and writing /dev/zero by means of a walk to use to the tools like Nwipe, swimming of laws.

Has to that it weaves of sensitive information in my walk (finances, taxes, SSNs, etc. Of mine and other villages) that I am responsible stops . Samsung Has been 0 help in this subject, an only suggestion has done was to use a esecure Erases' tool in Samsung Magician, which fails with an Error 29. They are in bylines that sends a walk in to come from with a RMA but will not help me remove this writes lock that has actuated.

Until now, has recommended always Samsung SSDs or to all the world has spoken to (in person and on-line), in spite of them typically when the be bit it more pricey that competitors. Quell'Conceals will not spend again... Have Samsung TVs, telephones, walks, etc... I will not be buying or recommending another Samsung has produced. The person does not have to that never be forced to choose among a security/to daunt of his data and when being eligible for the claim of guarantee.

Closing a walk like this is no different to that likes the apple throttled a besides old action iPhones. His both allege to have good motives ('to protect yours dated or 'to preserve battery'), but in reality is not that a consumer loves. Yes, that protects a data is well... But there I need to be the tool of level of the consumer to unlock a device... And of then there is not at present, drives concealed has the sensitive data would not owe that require be returned to be substituted if they lacking. Reason am unable to securely dry a data, can not send he in... And they are for like this left with the -$ 550 paperweights that no hanged enough to resist papers down. Phase of better chance, to the $ 550 keychain.

And no, your canned answered of the message does not go it to do better. I have it quell'has treated already your eservice of department of client, has not been useful.

👎🏼 Samsung... At all 👏🏼 he 👏🏼 up👏🏼.
4 / 5 Vicente
A leading walk that is coming with mine Samsung Notebook 9 Pro (2018) has been measly 256GB M.2 SATA SSD That maxed is gone in 525 MB/s R/W. I have known that the port has had more potential. I have ordered a Samsung 970 EVO 2TB and installed the and swipes some doors out of a PCIe 3.0 x4 port. I have then downloaded Samsung Magician and trimmed the, actuated In Provisioning, and Turned in the Fast way and I have been of FAST to Trans-Warp-Accelerate begun the black hole. 'll Has left some pictures speak for them. lol
5 / 5 Hanna
Big Quality SSD
master Samsung produced

Now here is a reason has lost the star And I EXPECT READ And ANSWERED

To Samsung
purchases them this upgrade my laptop. ( It has had so only he 250gb Samsung in him) Like both walks are Samsung, but reasons Samsung wants to be ready and thinks the know everything.. There utility of the walk will not leave you the clone of a pipe to another without some both walks to be Samsung. These careers to the question when has the laptop that so only has 1 connection of walk, like this the tried to use the outside. But with outside has to that take by means of USB, which to some looks of walk likes him to him the byline of engine of the USB. Very annoyed with east...
To BE device of STUPID container with code to download to form of compraventa and take out of some lines to form of code out of a software. To stop that annoying users. Once it buy Samsung SSD has any reason the transmission is a cup !
Has has had to that do the use he 3rd software of party to do does
5 / 5 Erma
Decided partorisca substitute my main Samsung 850 EVO SSD walks with this NVMe unit. In mine ASUS ROG Maximus X Heroine motherboard, these cries partorisca walk on 3500 MBs/dry read and 2500 MBs/dry writing of the speeds. State using now partorisca almost 3 month with questions of zeros. I have tried 2 of these in the RAID 0 configuration so only to see that pass, and while a synthetic benchmarks was enormous, into use world-wide real, ... Uploading of Windows 10, game of game, recopilando code, etc.... I have seen so only roughly zero difference among one 2 in RAID 0 versus using so only a (ossia bc a PCIe drunk in saturated). Highly you recommend a big plus 1 TB on some smaller versions can resupply he because of a durability and cycles of period to spend more utmost. Five product of the star and something helps concealed to upload all a bloat of Windows 10 efficiently!
5 / 5 Noah
Has bought this for my new gaming pc. I have used this like my walk of boot together with all my applications. For perspective, am coming from the pc the one who there is so only the hard walk was the 1 tb barracuda hybrid of Seagate.

A difference the time of boot is dice. A bit those that second. But circle of mine pc 24/7 like ossia the seldom used, 'wow this is fast' the characteristic when it needs restarts. Any value of the money for that, imo.

The application that uploads is faster, but any 'instant' to the equal that think. Noticeable, Yes. Value a prize? Meh. Also I have it Samsung 860 for my games and he is like this fast. No extracted measured to file quite big where this walk can really slowly was. I have bought the Ferrari to drive around city.

A M.2 factor of form is awesome. If has the newest MB, does not give it the second this in spite of. Read a manual of MB to ensures does not have any conflict with your sata or pcie first connections. But nvme is technology half users so only a lot really the now same need. Boot of mine of games in of the seconds in mine sata ssd and uploading the screens are basically no longer leaves of an experience. They are sure some games could see the impulse of speed to upload smaller but again, games to lose to money. It is this value of prize he for PERHAPS 1-2 seconds in the few scarce chances? Calm so only can answer concealed. For me, it is not . They are not gone back because I have known to go in the has not been the good value, has loved so only see on its own name.

If of the extra cash is not a subject, goes for him. It is the fast walk that will be you happy with. But it could use this cash for more than storage that you need, the best GPU, the account of the main edge CPU, more 'll probably be far happier with this investment vs choosing nvme in the sata the walk has based.
4 / 5 Shera
Has ordered this walk directly of Amazon. A first walk has arrived, and like a lot another negative reviewers has experienced also, has received the 250GB in place of the 2TB walk. A walk was labeled correctly but a box has declared 2TB. I have verified a measure of walk with two other computers so only to do sure.

So many, sent it behind and has ordered another. A second walk and the box were to to both listing likes 2TB, but a walk was recognised so only like 250GB (of again, has verified this in two other computers).

I then taken wise and read some negative commentaries. Apparently, ossia the serious recurring question with other people also.

A month later, still while in a repayment of Amazon. Yes, this is to be order during a season vacacional, and shipping the mine was quickly - but accusing a turn has been in the GLACIAL step.

To the equal that has said crew he' and has bought a GIGABYTE AORUS NVMe Gen4 walks to the equal that has done without @@subject. I have not had any question with Samsung, and Amazon, in a past - but this whole experience have questioning Samsung QC and the profits of Cousins of Amazon.
5 / 5 Illa
Has required spaces more inner in mine Macbook Pro and has loved cost it-conscious option. Ossia Fantastic - for a late 2013 MBP also require to the small adapter likes a NGFF M.2 nVME SSD Paper of Adapter to do it Mac friendly, but same when that adds that in a prize is súper.

The installation was súper smooth.

Spends 1) downloads a 'Install Invernadero Big' application and then copy to the bootable clave of USB
Steps 2) ensures to have the current time-copy-of security of car in an external walk
At all 3) using an of an a lot of web tutorials, apresamiento averts a MBP, take an old SSD and insert a new a
At all 4) Dipped it all back together, bounces a MBP holding down an option key
At all 5) utility of disk of the Use to erase a SSD before first use - until it is formatted, will not be able to restore his
At all 6) Restores of your time-backup of car

Could not be happier like this far - the sum of looks of the action and now have all an extra storage I need, like this paralizaciones less than $ 150 comprising an adapter has averted that it has to that substitute the 5-the old year Mac portable that still has abundance of life and accusing the power has left!
4 / 5 Tonette
Well, The short long history that has purchased this paper for a second time in some groups of time of 4 month and I have taken a same result every time. A motherboard is the MSI z370-a Pro which has a port for mvne v.2 originally Drawn and has located in the and a bios is already up to date state to the latest version of him. A first time, and with which have installed a hard walk, felizmente could he detectable for windows and to use a Samsung software of migration, has done the clone has achieved directly of an old more SSD walk and like this, boots of windows on a system without any question or of the massages of error but when it comes to one accelerates how is an only reason could loves upgrade of the SSD to nvme2 walk, failure and he he for the big margin.
A first time, has assumed a product is defective and not having a lot can do for the do very better (any to mention this based in an information in mine motherboard manual, this generation of nvme v.2 it Is compatible and there is the pocolos settings in a bios to do it well consistently).
A second time, has taken some results very was but this time have decided any to give on this fast to the equal that have begun to ask technician to sustain which comes with some of an electronics that eat an Amazon the first member can speak roughly, but there is remarked surprisingly that a technical support does not have any difference with him calm so only called or cat in the product as no a way has to that in of the terms that calm more could be driven for another that turn or exchange a product. So after trying 4 times that call them and that speaks with several different people in department of support of the technology, felt that I can not take anything and I have tried to take help directly of Samsung. Support of different Amazon, Samsung has resupplied the cure adds and has been headed to a right department very fast but spend for everything of One to Z and could not find anything like this can be changed or fact differently that the has not done never and his no able to resupply any reasonable explanation like reason this drives not doing with a speed has to that fish and write. I have gone back where it was and it could no to convince me to treat the product that drawn to treat a lot the fastest time that it SSD but he the Included no. this in spite of when I purchased it, a prize was in súper sale and I typically paid for the 1 TB SSD. A real action of this product and the technology of an Amazon sustains all remained like the mystery and are not that it goes to bet in this product for a third time.
4 / 5 Felix
A walk has not been recognised like this it Samsung for a software to clone of Samsung, mark to clone my walk.
Further, does not clone using any one another method. This whole experience cost $ 200 extra.
There was finally imaged with the quota installs for the local tent trusted still in $ 100 after spending an additional $ 60+ on third-software to clone of the party and an additional $ + in an adapter. I have squandered $ Reason has think that a software to clone would do when he no, On 60 reason has thinks that clone to use 3rd software of party when he any (the technologies could does no neither) and finally $ 100 for the net install Windows for some technologies.

Has known everything of this on front, could have fixed everything of paralizaciones east remote less.
5 / 5 Camila
A Samsung 970 EVO is one of a better value for the available digital storage in a phase today. Dollar to the dollar for storage and action is unmatched for any one another hard walk. Unless has has specialised more need, more the users do not go to require anymore action that this. Personally it uses this hard walk in mine portable to do quell'use for photo and step of video - to the equal that has compared to a level of the hard walk comprised in mine Razer Brota 15 Base, this was extracted is the a lot of noticeable way. Encoding I video is the breeze and in common software of heavy photograph that algorithms for advanced of the uses spend of the fastest longitude that never first. You will remark a difference when that goes with a Samsung EVO hard walks.
4 / 5 Cortney
Has been running SATA SSDs in everything of my computer in fact a lot of years to arrive to this point, has been of then 64GB was a capacity abordable so only. A difference in day-to-use of day among the walk of boot maquinal and he SATA SSD the walk of boot is day and only prejudices. 2 small restarts time in the mark the new laptop immediately falls to 15 seconds without other optimisations. The programs run instantly. That is not to love?

Built the new computer for a first time in 7 or like this years and decided to wasteful on all an anger new that it is these NVMe SSDs. I have thought really it was so only he squanders it, a compraventa unnecessary has compared when regulating SATA SSD, reason that faster really can be, well? Well, it was bad. A response is much faster, a lot, much faster. Windows 10 Entirely skips a screen of boot. Time among mobo the estaca and the windows that is able to program them launchers is all to like 5 seconds. Calm will not remark the difference that uploads things like Chrome or Office among a SSD and and NVMe reason are both 'instant', but when you are uploading to to the big programs like to them the fusion 360, MATLAB, Photoshop, or AAA games of title, has the definite, noticeable differentiates in speed. It say, in meso, that this program this plough of big plus roughly 3x fast that in the normal SSD.

So many, if you are the user of random computer , the normal SSD is probably well. If you run games and of the big programs, then spend of the extra money in a NVMe walk, reason is to good sure it noticeable improvement. Highly you recommend.
5 / 5 Jenette
Has received this in a topmast the few days done and have zero experience that use SSDs much less some using the PCIe/NVMe interface. It was blown absolutely was. A speed benchmarks in roughly 18 times a sequential law/the speed written of the relatively new 7200 RPM HDD this is coming with my computer. I have emigrated one YOU on and now windows 10 boots in roughly 17 seconds in mine MSI gaming portable. A Samsung software of looks of magician a bit useful to control a health of disk. To good sure recommend this product like Samsung has an excellent reputation in solid state memory and a upgrade is a lot of value has a Sr.2 NVMe It available socket. I have not tried to use a walk for game or salvation def files of video, but based in a speed of boot, to to look likes would resupply insanely of time of fast and flawless load playback resupplied has not limited of the yours chipset action.
4 / 5 Lucinda
Apparently this ssd has the compatibility issues one with any motherboards, beware. I have installed this with the quota installs windows and 10 seconds after uploading the windows a system would freeze solid. Any bsod, the transmissions were for my walk of old windows and some works of good computer.
4 / 5 Rosann
I am building my PC of prime minister the very long time and a zone this has improved enormously is technology of storage. These m.2 walks are at all courts of amazing. Has the quite big end mobo like this the really so only plugged this in and a BIOS saw it like this NVMe and has had a max speed immediately. I have taken Samsung Magician so only to bend control and also to run trim. If you have done well and your system sustains it would have to that be see 3500 and 2500 (scorching!).

A thing to consider yes is building the system is that these m.2 walks can take very hot and when his some falls of action of the reef. Two things can do is to buy the m.2 heatsink (If your mobo there is not coming with a). Also, you can try situate the defender of chance a lot afterwards to a m.2 walk. If you are interested this mobo has a m.2 walk in a fund with the heatsink and can situate the defender of chance a lot afterwards his you it if has defenders in a fund (want to 101 ). />
Finally, take a big plus SSD can resupply. SSDs Does more when has the plot of free space on the and on provision his too much. If your SSD is 90 plenary then a walk has to that maintain overwriting one same 10 of a walk and raisin was the fastest plot .
5 / 5 Harriette
Fantastic, exceptionally fast SSD upgrade for my Apple Mac Pro (2013) 'Trashcan' system. Reason ossia a Sr .2 formed SSD, has used one of a passive Mac SSD to M.2 Adapters have sold for Amazon ( is -$ 12), and was able to install this Samsung Evo without @@subject. A physical integer upgrade has taken five minutes less, and the majority of this time has looked for my Torx box of screwdriver for an only Torx the ray that resists a SSD in place, and plugging in everything of my bosses of USB again.

Has used Copy of Carbon Cloner to do the USB-bootable copy of an inner walk to an external walk, has done a SSD transmission, and then kicked of an external walk. CCC Has on elected in a transmission and asked to verify that I have loved to restore a backup to a new Samsung inner SSD. Roughly 15-the minutes later was fact, and was able to kick of a new Samsung SSD. I am using macOS Catalina, which uses a new APFS configuration of dual volume. Seriously easy upgrade this has done a first time (and without any spare parts), and a Samsung Evo is blisteringly fast in this system. Some better words that comes to the alcohol is 'the glass softens' and 'effortless'...

Absolutely perfect upgrade, without any @subject anything, and one that complains not treating sooner. To good sure the cost of five stars that would do again in the heartbeat.
5 / 5 Josefina
Installed in MacBook Pro with the Sintech adapter. The installation has not gone perfectly smooth, but swimming of entity. Four points to agree:
1) An Internet YOU The recovery will not install one YOU that sustains NVMe for some take-2013 MBP. It saves time, does not leave it to start with.
2) Door an installed UPDATED at least to the level that sustains NVMe
3) HAS backup of confidence to restore with which installation (or no, but be sure is the conscious decision !)
4) HAS the installer of USB for one YOU in 2) on.
5 / 5 Noemi
Has added so only a 1TB 970 EVO NVMe SSD to my computer that has had already two 1TB 960 EVOs in NVMe. Easy install so it has been recognised without requiring to go the BIOS. Volume 25 improvement of action in a 960 in both bed and write. It sees semi-detached image. My joint of mother is a ASUS Rampage has SEEN EXTREME with 299 chipset which can resist 3 M.2 NVMe Walks, 2 desquels is to connect has seen the DIMM paper of daughter. Highly recommend this walk as well as an old plus @@@960s.

My Rigs: Digital Storm Lumos, i9-7980X Extreme Edition 18-Core CPU, ASUS ROG Rampage the extreme has SEEN Motherboard, 128GB Corsair Dominator RAM, Dual Samsung 960 EVO 1TB NVM Expresses M.2 SSDs, Nvidia GTX 1080 You GPU, HydroLux PRO SYSTEM to Cool Fact of Exotic commission, 6 Corsair LL Serious RGB Defenders, Corsair AX1500i 1500w PSU, Dual Dell 32” Ultra Acute UP3216Q 4K Monitors, 10GB Ethernet, Windows 10.
4 / 5 Mikaela
In the first place to the left say me a low indication is not in a Samsung 970 EVO 1TB. I have purchased a lot Samsung SSD and wants to him. My complaint is that I have received a box of open factory. A focuses of the security has been cut and a lid has looked to be open. When Eye further inside a SSD was in a tray of factory on side down. Both of these was clear indicators that this was is returned/open SSD. When I have purchased my SDD the expect be the factory there is sealed. I will not take a casualidad to upload my data to the open box SSD. There it is not saying that it is spent his and reason has been opened. Felizmente The amazon is reaccrediting my account and I so only owe that expect until they take more in stocks.
4 / 5 Lewis
Has been using Samsung SSDs in fact a lot of years and is some so only some install in of the clients' computers. For a thing, is one of only the pocolas costruttrici those who designs and manufacture all some components in his walks - controllers, chips by heart, firmware, etc. Like such, control a whole process and all this goes his, while the majority of source of companies at least one or more than these components other costruttrici. Samsung I walks consistently tries among a fast plus there, is easy to clone and install, and is one of a bit those that SSD manufacturers to offer his software of own optimisation to further improve action.
Has purchased recently the factory refurbished Dell XPS 13 9370 that was it outfitted with the 512MB PCIe NVMe SSD. This was my first computer with this interface, and is noticeably faster that his SATA counterparts. I have known of then it can purchase and install the 1TB SSD partorisca in the middle of the Dell has loved for one same upgrade, has submerged the way of investigation and surfaced with two contenders - a Samsung 970 EVO and a WD Black NVMe. Of a Samsung specs was slightly better, coupled with my past experience with Samsung SSDs, has opted for an expensive plus 970 EVO, the upper-of-the-line NVME SSD has built for a PCIe X4 the empty announced in mine XPS.
To say that I have cloned the few walks in the mine to 34 years like of a The analyst and HE business proprietary services, would be a understatement, like the process was quite sincere. Of a Dell has had so only a Sr.2 space, my elections were to do the backup of full walk to an external walk, marks the walk of boot of the USB, walks of transmission, boot of a clave of USB, then restore to a new walk, or choose on the USB 3.1 Type-C NVME enclosure to the equal that can clone directly to a new walk. I have opted for an a lot of option last simpler. Once a walk has been cloned, is the subject simple to open an inferior chance and change in mine spiffy new Samsung SSD with double a space of storage. Now for an entertainment.
After running Samsung software of optimisation of the Magician, has been ready to try the action to see of this walk yes bolt until a hype. Samsung touts This walk like able of the sequential maximum-accelerate read of 3,500MBps and sequential maximum-write speed in 2,500MBps, while a WD Black is estimated in 3,400MBps and 2,800MBps respectively. Circle of drum, please.
And have the winner! As you can see of a CrystalDiskMark tries, mine 970 EVO (with which optimisation) in fact surpassed Samsung the indication in a speed fishes sequential with 3,535MBps, while it loses a speed written sequential for the simple 100MBps in 2,401MBps - no too shabby, and in accordance with PC Mag testing in his Needle. 22, 2018 description. LIKE THIS SSD Benchmarking has yielded comparable results (trying the criteria is different that CDM, which count for differences in of the results). For the moment on sale decent, has saved in $ 30 and has finalised to pay less for my Samsung that a WD Black NVMe.
Now has is 1TB, súper quickly SSD in mine 9370, and together with a 400GB MicroSD paper, has to never lack for storage.
Final thoughts: If you are the speed junky and has to that have an absolute more, then take a Samsung 970 EVO. Now it is that it runs in the rewards still likes WD NVMe SSD, as it goes goes quickly! Calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5 Delora
Well Has to that the be say: A reason all of the mine SSD upgrades is Samsung is reason a software of the migration of the data is painless and easy. This walk with a Samsung software of the migration of the Data was any exception . I plugged a walk the nvme, kicked Windows of some old 1 TB HDD. I have then downloaded Samsung Migration of Data of his place and has copied all on to a nvme in roughly 35 minutes.

A next step is was has bent less the people could take lost. Has restart a pc to select a nvme to kick but has not been available. If I disconnected a hdd, could kick, but then could not connect a hdd reason a security info was one same like nvme and the windows would present an error.

So that has has had to that do to to use one 1 TB hdd again was to use the sata to usb 3 adapter, connect a hdd to another computer, run diskpart and clean a disk. Then I reinstalled a hdd to a laptop and was able to format / of partition he.
4 / 5 Emilio
There is the 2017 Macbook Air that has taken in an end of 2018. An original hard walk (also the Samsung) has died with which 13 month. It take it to a Mac tent and has been said was out of the guarantee and that would cost it $ 475 for the fix. After it stirs it of Googling, has solved in this hard walk reason was main that one 128 Gb a that originally it is gone in my car and purportedly faster also. A guarantee of 5 years has touched the sum and ossia an economic plus 500 Gb the hard walk has seen of the mark that has recognised in fact.

Is installing This in yours own 2017 Macbook Air, has the few tips to help.

In the first place, will require some engine of special ray reason to the Apple like them to them the difficult things for us. There is the million insiemi on Amazon, but here is a place has chosen: />
Use these to take to a backside of your computer. Unplug A supply to be able to (Youtube the if you are not sure where ossia in) and then unscrew a SSD of a computer. A box also contains an engine of right ray to do this part. Once unscrewed, give it the little tug to release it.

Now a new hard walk does not have a same tone like old hard walk. Thank you Again, Apple. As you go to require an adapter for him to do in yours Macbook Air. Felizmente, a new hard walk is shorter that an old hard walk, like this with a turn of adapter perfectly and line up with a hole of ray so only a way has to that. Here it is an adapter has used: />
Again, will require to use the little force to do sure a new hard walk is in an adapter all a way and that some clicks of adapter to a computer. I recommend to dip a hard walk to a first adapter and then that inserts that whole assembly to a computer.

Scrape A hard walk in place and substitute a backside of your car.

Now, gone back a computer on in way of recovery. It goes to an utility of the disk and he would have to that see your new hard walk. You will require to erase the and choose an upper setting (APFS). Once ossia fact , starts of an utility of disk and choose an option to install Mac YOU of an internet. Alternatively, calm also could restore of the leading backup to arrive to this point has one that your husband does not have writes on... A Sintech the adapter will come with the few commentaries of instruction concealed calm to say you to use the walk of Boot, but calm no precise concealed. I am writing this description of mine Macbook Air with this Samsung strolls and Mac INSTALL of an internet, so to good sure can say work.

Another note: When you have read some descriptions for a summer of adapter to plot of people having subject with a computer not exiting of way of sleep and all the classes of materials. I have ordered everything in February 2020 and installed the and has had a lot of @@subject. To the Work exactly likes to him used to.

Expect these helps!
5 / 5 Columbus
Has loved to add the State Walk fast Solid (SSD) to mine Dell XPS 8900. A 'before' the configuration was the Samsung 850 SSD and Toshiba 1TB maquinal of hard walk. One that exists SSD has been installed in a SATA bus, which has created the data bottleneck and he so only marginally faster that a Toshiba strolls mechanical. (A murky the fact of the life of PC is that a BUS to the like a SSD is connected affects his speed of inferior line. While an original 850 SSD was the fast walk, was hobbled for a relatively slow SATA bus. For some reason, an open M.2 space of paper in mine XPS8900 is connected to a SATA bus, doing the PCI-and necessary adapter to take one the majority of out a SSD. If an owner has a Sr.2 motherboard The available space, knowing that the bus is connected to the east of entity.)
The descriptions have indicated that an action has been better resupplied for EVO recently has released 970, and 500GB gives quite spatial of disk to install software that can use of a new SSD speed. The installation was easy peasy. It has installed one 970 in the PCI-and 3.0 x 4 paper of adapter and plugged he to a PCI bus and has done the net installs of Win10. An improvement of speed has SURPRISED. Time to kick faster and answered of lightning of fast program.
A the additional element is that SSD the costruttrici resupply free downloadable software that updates a SSD firmware, trying of action and fact of the controls of health of the mean comunicacionales. Samsung Is soyagician' is his version.
Support of Technology
Ease of installation
A lot of
4 / 5 Marquetta
has Imagined would write the description to perhaps help any one.

Has bought two 1Tb versions of these, has had the remorse of some buyer, and was concerned really roughly compatibility.

A whole 2 route PCIE 3.0 vs. 4 route PCIE 3.0 there was spooked in of the terms of stabilities of system and side/of action. My first system, the Dell Optiplex 5070, am like this happy to inform, is quickly of lightning with this SDD. One 3060 and 5060 is has been informed to have so only 2 support of route and Dell the documentation is useless - but complained of user less than optimum action in NVME M.2 SDD Is is everywhere. Well, Dell the must esees has update that fixes reason CrystalDiskMark tip one 3,000 MB/s+ of the four system of route. I have used a Samsung tool of Migration of the Data the image one YOU of Dell has comprised 500GB 7200RPM have drive any question.

But also have it Dell 7480 (i5) portable. I bought it so only new- a prize was a lot of and has required the compact laptop to spend around. It do not have any question is 2 Route - when being older, any I same owe supposition. Like this quandary was, a Samsung 970 EVO be backward compatible, stable, and a value to accelerate an additional $ 70 in the Crucial SATA SDD? A system is coming with the 128GB SATA M.2 SSD. First of all, that transfers an image was quite hard - and am a lot familiar with imaging hard walks. A lot Dell the laptops any summer this SSD until a BIOS the settings are changed of RAID to AHCI. Ossia In the first place otherwise this SDD will not be seen. I have seen this informed with a lot of motherboards.

As, has the USB to M.2 NVME And quell'USB to M.2 SATA Adapter. (There have it so only a SSD space in a laptop like any election...) Still with a Samsung installed directly in a laptop, a SSD firmware up to date, and a Samsung SSD the installed engine, Samsung Migration of the data will not recognise this walk. The suspect is a thing of 2 routes . And to good sure does not see he in an adapter of USB reason see is a controller of adapter, any SSD is.

In the nutshell, there is appealed to locate both SDD is in these adapters of USB, and plugging his in mine Optiplex (another computer), a then another. Have in the first place taken and image or an original Dell SATA using Macrium Reflect. Then I plugged in a Samsung and has restored an image. This takes some knowledge of Macrium (and the pocola mathematical) to resize a C: (YOU) partition to a new walk. Using the separate computer is an only way could take this to do.

But law perfectly. And I have transferred all the partitions any question, developing C: a same time.

According to that that is worth it, am taking 1,500 MB/s in a laptop 2 route. Ossia Still 3X a speed of a Sr.2 SATA SSD. So that He!

In the nutshell, does not count in a Samsung tool of Migration of the Data. It uploads a Samsung SSD engine of his web of place and install it. Do look in yours BIOS to change RAID to AHCI if a computer does not see a new SSD in a NVME space. Macrium Reflect is free and does the majority of a time. And it is compatible with 2 Route PCIE 3.0 - sees 1,500 MB/s Read speed, is therefore that.
4 / 5 Rosenda
I have purchased the Lenovo Ideapad @@@330s-15IKB as it is coming stock with the 1TB 5400 RPM walk. I have known at the same time of compraventa and has based my experience with action of SSDs that would want to install a SSD like my primary walk.

This Samsung 970 EVO 500GB the form has the reputation of the feedback of client adds, which is why I bought it. It has estimated my need of capacity the long time partorisca be 500GB.

The installation is easy, but neither a Laptop neither a walk come with a mountain has required, alone ray (M2x3mm is the one who this individual Lenovo the laptop requires). The class of has known this on front but has thought could choose an on locally easily enough. It results that the hardware of Raisin a lot little M2 this and a lot ossia 3mm. I have improvised and it has bought to be after, which was the plan -boss, countersink type M2x4mm. I have used the small washer to do up for a fact that is countersink. It looks to do well. But seriously, you would think Lenovo could have jumped for a spare ray, or a costruttore of walk could have comprised the small variety. Has pence of sides. This was the little annoying.

Has been to a Samsung put web to download a tool of migration that the fact a lot, very easy to clone a walk to exist to a SSD. It was able to physically install a SSD, the folds have verified a BIOS to do sure was recognised, downloads a tool, run he of one that exists 1TB system of walk, and then so only take a 1TB HDD with which was fact . It falls On perfectly in a new SSD.

Mina Lenovo pursue very fast and boots in the pocolos second and, in general, time of court faster a lot of that do when using a stock 1TB HDD. I have read at least one another description of this SSD that the hot careers. I have not experienced this at all. The mine looks fresh as it cucumber (at least there there is absolutely any heat felt by means of the enclosure of a laptop).

In general, am very happy with this SSD. If you are running Windows 10 in the laptop with the traditional HDD and short dulcemente, highly recommends to look to a SSD. The windows looks to be accessing a system driven the majority of a time and is the enormous bottleneck.
5 / 5 Dawn
Was fantastic, easy to install . . . . . With the few tricks to know. Boots of car in liking 11 seconds, and are not the computer wiz, as not to fly me for a down.

1) Needs a ray for a Dell Inspiron 3670. There is the stand-off this is to install already but does not have the ray (and is installed in a wrong place). A stand-off has the very small (hard to see) hole of ray for a Sr.2 edge. I fashioned my ray out of the plus along M.2 ray I found in a basement, but looking for suggests concealed is a measure has required. It was to the easiest plot of Dell or Samsung has had to has comprised one. When relocating A stand-off to a right place (far plus of a connector), in the first place install a Sr.2 ray A lot LOOSLY, and then install a stand-off also loosely. This looked mine easier a lot of that that extracted that tiny ray in a motherboard. A slop in some 2 edges (of then is free) leave the returned a SSD to a cup of a stand-off, then use the small screwdriver to drive in a Sr.2 Which finally presiona both a Sr.2 ray As well as a stand-off. ABSOLUTELY use a ray, listing like this diverse suggests it also resupplies grounding and a SSD can no without him!
2) is planning on using it as your walk of boot (and HAS TO THAT), calm then needs to follow instructions on like this to install Windows of the walk of thumb or DVD. My car was new mark to the equal that have followed some instructions of Microsoft to do this based in reinstalling again in a same computer. When I have installed this walk I also temporarily disconnected a 1T strolls avenges with first to do an installs. On restart a Dell 'bios' found a walk of thumb, found a SSD, installed a software. Then in reboot (without a walk of thumb in), a bios found a SSD that incumplimiento, and when I reinstalled a 1T strolls walk of result And:.

Suggests to look for roughly on like this to do is, but is absolutely doable. I also like a fact that yes has required could disconnect this SSD and go back to kick of an original 1T strolls and he all would have to that it reads. Also to use a SSD with the fresh Windows install to like walk to kick avert all a bloatware this is coming with a device originally.
4 / 5 Keith
Absolutely love this thing. Like this small, but like this fast. Has this seating in the new computer has built for the partner. There is not any idea that looks in when I whipped this was like the present. It can you do not appreciate reason there is has not used never such the fast storage device. With which take W10 installed has had to restart a computer and time that the times take. It was roughly five fast minutes that one dying the hard walk has in his leading computer. That I amour in these specifically is how is only profile like this down and out of a way. They seat parallel to your computer and he so only works.

Has taken an I and not having prendido attention that a 500GB the version was so only an extra $ 90, as I am returned mine . It is awesome to so only have a boot of computer in 9 seconds. You love it. My partner has said that that thinks that that the computers were so only for people that has loved to blow the money and that have had any purpose to build something concealed was more than $ 300. Once it take this walk to a new computer for a Z370 system with a 8600K, was totally to computer and has loved his new car. Work extremely quickly this in spite of does not think to know like this to appreciate this thing. That the walk adds.
5 / 5 Gabriella
UPDATE 10/11/2019: As I upgraded my car to the new AMD Ryzen 53600 and ASUS Prime 570x pro motherboard. I have fallen EVO out of my old Dell, has fallen he to a AMD / ASUS build. Turned the on. And it falls directly up. With the difference of entity - previously has taken 3200 MB/s read and roughly 1700 MB/s write - but has run a benchmark in this car and am taking on 3400 MB/s read and on 2000 MB/s writes. Wow - This walk is really amazing. AMUR HE STILL.

Leading description:
have the 4 old year 6th gene I7... And this 500GB strolls so only the new life has breathed to this computer. Of all a computer upgrades has done in my life (and has done A lot), this action has improved far more than anything more. More than additional ram, and upgraded processor, the paper of the fastest video... More than anything. To give you an idea - a prime minister self-installed upgrade has done in the PC was of 10 mb hard walk to the 40 mb hard walk... yeah, Are old (for you youngins - mb is megabyte, any gigabyte).

And a Samsung software of Magician that comes with EVO is surprising. So only an ease of the use for a software to clone was excellent. You LOVE it! BETTER COMPUTER UPGRADE THE COST has DONE in my LIFE. Oh - And a prize was a lot.
4 / 5 Flora
Has bought so only he refurb HP that careers desks. There is a good Optane memory to help one súper slow 1 TB HD.

BUT, has not gone totally has impressed. So much, ossia when it has bought this NVMe SSD walk. He atascamos to a motherboard directly (súper small, any one can or SATA boss). I have imagined once it was like this to use the program of free image to copy a Win10 partitions of some lens 1TB walk and copy them to a transmission BIOS disk to Kick The HECK!!!!

Now this computer totally ROCKS. QUICKLY any one the justice. I have been he regulates it SSD user of walk for 6-8 yrs. Portable the and desktops. But that now looks dulcemente compared to this NVMe SSD mainlined to a motherboard directly! I mean whoa. Ossia The one who the new computer would have to that be! Reason Dell and HP does not sell the computers have configured in this way is totally takes your experience the integer nutha level.

This well the cost has it motherboard that sustains NVMe M.2 space. Some ribs of technology have required to take it up and once you creature!
5 / 5 Karon
My Surface Pro 4 there is prendido to do and gives the light of the fault of indicator of walk. Of course this past out of guarantee. You look in the little video and has discovered that a NVME the walk was swappable in this Surface and that some people were upgrading his with a Samsung NVMEs.

A REAL difficult part is accessing a internals of a Surface of Microsoft Pro, but ossia the different history . I possess 5 different Samsung Evos for on 4 years now, and his all the sum of still work. In this chance, attended was a SSD concealed failed and any one some controller where a joint would require reparation, but to my relief has substituted once a SSD, was able to reinstall and boot.

Was also a upgrade to a 256GB walk and the substitution of upper quality (although I have listened a OEM the walk was also Samsung that I question).

In all the chance, was like this happy that a substitution/upgrade fact and has saved this car has purchased for $ 2000. I trust in Samsung quality SSDs and if his investigations, will find at all but praise.
5 / 5 Oretha
The product adds. I have used a Samsung M.2 walks before now. I have bought this for the new desktop computer has built on its own name. A Z370 Gigabyte motherboard has had 2 something for a Sr.2 walks. I also dipped the 1TB Samsung NVMe PCIe M.2 In another space (pulled of my old desktop computer). Amur A speed am taking with these joints. Like a The PROFESSIONAL, has has built always my own computers. It finds that Gigabyte MBs and Samsung SSD the very together work. Really beefed this an on using 8th gene Intel CPU and a lot of memory. It can take place one 256 GB M.2 In with SATA walks of data, but in this way, has the speed adds in a joint. It has dipped the 2 TB SATA walk in also for car backups of a system and data. Highly recommend for a gamer or any concealed hates lag time.
5 / 5 Noe
Has bought like this this like an experience. Coming from the PC that has all SSDs in him, has loved to know those that Windows faster and my programs would run in this vs mine Samsung SSDs. Some results have not been That impressive, but was quite that slope of the money for me.

The windows uploads quickly, my programs launch like this quickly plough before I same click in an icon.

PC GAMERS PLEASE NOTE: if you are looking to locate of these paralizaciones is bad. I have been touching Hymn of Feb 15th and ran it on mine SSD and moved it then to this M2 walk. Some screens to upload are literally the second averts in difference. It has done the pocola researches and he is likes that on almost all the modern games. Like this calm so only would owe that take this walk to do Windows and your programs run likes lightning, any game.
5 / 5 Teresia
Has bought this for mine 2017 5k imac... Works perfectly... It has Been of the 32 gb apple ssd to the 1tb ssd for the fraction of an apple of prize would touch. A speed of this ssd is much faster that apples like this has seen them when it has run them benchmarks. I have bought also an enclosure for $ 20 to clone my old YOU The one of the east a like this all has them has had to that do is so only exchange them.
5 / 5 Cathi
In the first place was are not the random user. I move extremely big GB minimum of files 3 to 5 GB files constantly. Big utilisation Photoshop files daily. And the big current GB files of films by means of my coverage all day & night. A speed of EVO walks is spectacular. Some people are informing that it sees any perceivable difference among EVO strolls and another Sr.2 walks simply are wrong and theybdo not comprising of the following. All the M.2 walks are for behind compatible with each another. This in spite of all the M.2 walks are not NVMe walks. Rule M.2 walks use a SATA connection that regulates 3.5 thumb and 2.5 thumb uses hard walks in your system with being able to and of the bosses of data has attached. These connections have limitations of speeds. Like the level M.2 Only function in SATA speed. It enters NVMe M.2. Ossia The entirely different animal . NVMe M.2 it does not communicate thru a SATA bus. It communicates directly with a PCIe bus. For this accelerates jump of the SATA III max of 600scrolling of speed of MB to well on 3000scrolling of the speeds of MB have seen a PCIe bus. Like this if your motherboard Level of only supports M.2 Which equals SATA III. Then Any one calms does not go to see any profits in accelerating I on negotiates M.2 walks. But yes in fact taken a time to research and discover if your system natively supports NVMe M.2 walks then BOOMS! Some doors blow opened and some speeds of the scrolling of the data is another Incredible time.

Top Customer Reviews: Patriot Viper ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Nathaniel
overclocked To 3400 mhz in asus X470-I /ryzen 2700x (initial speed: 3200) without touching initial voltage and timing: totally stable, like this extra 200 mhz! Very good !
4 / 5 Josie
Really they Like Me To him any looks of of a clave by heart and a RGB but has not been partorisca perfect. Used with Ryzen 7 2700x and Gigabyte x470 gaming 7 wifi. Spent all try memory and looked partorisca be quite stable that the has not clashed never run in stock timings and 3333, but has had the little 10 second prisons in my daily browser while it uses this memory. Any question or locks while gaming. I have changed once to Corsair a brief Firefox the prisons of browser are missing. It has not closed never down reason but so only remark it can be been the memory has related likes I havn't has has had to that the repeat take of then.
4 / 5 Wendie
I have purchased my together prime minister of this ram and one of some claves was DONA. With which the causes of installation have continued clashes on PC, after the diagnostic was determined that one of some claves no . Enough then that spends for the viper am returned via Amazon and so only chosen on the conjoint second. Happy to say a second set is treating perfectly in Xmp and that taken that fill 3200mhz profit (according to which can say haha). It looks gorgeous and a RGB the software is very simple to use and resupplies the plot of customization options. The look of ram adds in mine build and I would purchase again while a prime minister near was so only the fluke.
5 / 5 Francis
Not to cause me any question that installs it or posting. Looks Very good and some colours with RGB the fusion so only is that it surprises so that has an own RGB behaviour also.
5 / 5 Tajuana
Enough looking RAM I never the pair possessed and so only taken of click to turn in XMP profile in BIOS and short 3200mhz likes charm. Stable, fast RAM and of confidence. It buys it again it has required .
5 / 5 Tressie
An aim sidings do this RAM the election adds partorisca any that goes partorisca the static aim or combo build, a FOCUSED is so only add to everything also. Any one a lot partorisca complain roughly, these claves look utmost. In 3200mhz also, is perfect!
5 / 5 Marcelo
Has some installed memories in a MSI motherboard and a truth is look beautiful, an only thing that does not like me is that I can not control a brightness with MysticLight of software
1 / 5 Zelda
Well, I have ordered two and each pair there has been his subject own. One of some tanks of heat was loose and in some signal another has gone down so only of point. The support of Viper has contacted partorisca see yes can help will maintain partorisca update.

Update: it has taken out of a faulty clave and pc didnt ESTACA. Tried he with a two another that has bought some same times and the ESTACA have failed still. Reverted Has retreated The old ram.
5 / 5 Lidia
Some lights sync with my ROG motherboard, and do like this expected.
5 / 5 Sabine
He exactly that says and lights. An only with this that of the sure corner a focused is is not diffused. And they are brilliant

Top Customer Reviews: Patriot Burst SSD ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Ronni
Orderly two of these. One does well and conforms is announced bed of the speeds and is afterwards in is to write speeds. It reads speeds of another (with different firmware) is quite more 10% dulcemente, but is to write the speeds are quite a neighbourhood like fast.. Any response of a vendor or of Patriot in a problem as I am quite bummed. I fulfil it is not the problem of motherboard while it does not import what motherboard connect the in, which port, or that the cape is used, a one is always quite 1/4 what hurriedly how another. Has a late plus motherboard bios on everything of some joints has tried the on and AHCI is enabled so simply has to be an is not until snuff (probably bad acting firmware).

This is using a later LIKE SSD benchmark which are the better test of SSDs. ATTO Aims the to be more afterwards in of the speeds, but scrollings of real world-wide file disprove a ATTO benchmark (plus or 1 less/4 what hurriedly how that ATTO states) and verifies that SO SSD shows (in 5 in 10%) while it takes four in five like long time to copy or move a same file in a slower walk of my Samsung 840 EVO that he a faster unit

Oddly enough, a firmware in a dulcemente on has the number the big plus that quickly or what no any sense. S9FM In a lentil an and S8FM in a fast unit in all the case, am not happy in this situation and probably will not be purchasing products of Patriot in some futures unless they step until a dish and corrects a problem.
2 / 5 Evette
The hardware looked to do VAL, but an utility of disk of the Patriot could not see a walk. Tried in 3 different computers with some same results. Like this, it can any one the insurance erases, controls or updates a firmware, etc. Tried two times to enter touch with support of Patriot but never listened behind them. It IS returned and has bought the Crucial BX300 instead, which have been doing perfectly so far. It uses another Patriot SSDs without subjects, as this was an unpleasant surprise .
5 / 5 Marchelle
Esquerra induct M to signal out of an obvious, which are that enough a lot of SSD vain to provide the improvement of enormous action in the conventional hard walk. This one is any exception . If you are in gaming or has another ultra-the big action that computes necessities, has researched probably what SSDs is a much more down quickly in a last fraction of the second in benchmark tests. Any volume in this level of action. All can offer is that like any SSD, is or will do a be of old computer like the walnut a, and the new one be as the unit much more writes

has installed Only one of this particular mark and model SSD so far, as it can not comment in that reliable is compared in another. Again, SSDs like the class tends to be very reliable, far more than forming that conventional hard walks. It has Had the pair SSDs failure, but both were other marks , and an only master aimed for two failures out of some dozens of SSD the updates has done the signify what only said, which are that SSDs is very reliable.

An only real variable is a 'Easy to install' indication. I am not sure why the amazon posed it here, so that facilitated of the installation is not really the characteristic of the SSD. This type of SSD is the drop-in the substitution for the walk of conventional laptop apresamiento. Even so, there is any one has to follow to do this substitution. In the first place, you have to know so to do the backup of the full image of your walk takes, if your intention is in simply update your walk; otherwise, has to know so to do the installation of quota of operating system in the new walk and, probably, copies your data on. I do not go to take in these procedures here, or some tools and the software have required for the , while that is to say the description , any one the tutorial. Segundo, is updating the walk takes of the computer of desktop, probably need the adapter has adapted to return the 2.5' walk in the 3.5' title of walk. At the end, some manufacturers of computer he easy to access and substitute a walk takes, while another he quite difficult. In some cases some easy plus, a walk simply slide out of the door in a side of a computer, leaving you to substitute a talent to walk very disassembly. In an end has complicated, has done in some computers where has to disassemble the majority of a machine, taking of a joint of system and has said he on to substitute a walk takes. And that it is only a hardware -- has had a situation in the engine of storage that the laptop has not been in accordance with a SSD, and has to find the engine of different storage to do law properly. So much, has data 3 stars for 'Easy to install', but is necessary to recognise that it gives this same indication in any SSD, by everything means of mark and model, and that the majority of that is further a SSD the control of the manufacturer.
2 / 5 Gabrielle
A read the speeds are of sound, up 400 MBs/s. One writes speeds, even so, is less than 80 in the each walks tried ( experience ten of these.) This was to try in the partition of room with at all in the, like these speeds are very objectionable. The walk adds for the speed read, but feign to use these in the demand that writes data, this is not the good walk for that.
4 / 5 Tasia
DONA. A shame to cry. My first incursion in SSDs the beginning has taken. Oh Well, Has faith,. I know from time to time any one takes the lemon . Today only it spends to be my day.

Has been at the beginning to give these 3 stars, but decided to clash he until 4, so that the squad of service of the client of the patriot was surprisingly fast and useful with taking a RMA the process headed and go. They do not have data the runaround, has not taken weeks or days to take ahold of, they a lot of disorder around. Quite a lot of 20 minutes after I routed my email in them, has had the response behind, of a real human being, concealed listened in some symptoms described and some have not taken in troubleshoot the. My complaint, averts of him when being fatality on arrived, is to owe feet a bill to ship in them on this. I fulfil it is his police , Mays....Coming on....

EDITA: New SSD is arrived, doing this time. Awesome. Good speeds.
5 / 5 Sang
The value adds, and sper easy to install. Didnt Even Needs very intrustions when installing this bad boy is was quite self explanatory! The bloc goes in hole, the few rays and BAM! You have taken the sper fast beginning up since you computer and gaming/applications that usuaully would take for ever(i.et. W.or.W, L.or.L, steam, films ect.)! Literally onlu taken the second perhaps 2 for my computer to burst up, and im ready to touch W.or.W In that half the second. It opens And gotta finds some road to do my hand goes faster to take the clicks the fast plus on all haha
1 / 5 Nydia
Lentil and unreliable. The prize is cheap but does not comprise why very SSDs has transfers more dulcemente and read the taxes have compared besides aim SSD emissions. You would think that that the technology will be to move the the attacker but suppose a demand for cheaper SSDs outweigh a factor of action. Of this also entered model mere clamshells without the boxes of the manufacturer, beware of counterfeits. Some units are in fact mechanical walks with adhesives of Torch of the semi-detached Patriot in a fund. If you normal up in these things and does not open or use them immediately, strongly suggests that at least inspect some elements are taking before storing them.
4 / 5 Lilli
Initially take it this for gaming, to start with up and touch the games the plus sure quickly, but recently listened can clone you or emigrate your operating system in another disk and has law perfectly, so that it is that fact for east. My walk takes taken quite a lot of 5 minutes to upload each which arrives and boot, if no longer, while a SSD has each which up in less than ten bren, and my games have seen already the perceivable impulse uploads time and stability in some zones (touching the game modded in my walk takes would result in some jitters or freezings like the loaded in some data has done, but with this SSD these are not perceivable or only simply there is not ). Even so, some revise has seen elsewhere has said that this SSD can die after some months, as I have decided to clone my operating system in a SSD more concealed in the emigrant or does very fresh installs.
My only complaint is installing this in my desktop has resulted to be class to problem. SSDs Use some same exact capes like the walk takes, which are convenient, but could very in fact the take trace in my cage to walk that it takes so that it was so thin (possibly so that it is designed for laptops) how has had to only connect some capes and leaves to be in there in an angle. Tan Far while I am conscious SSDs is similar in SD cards in a data of tent of the road, more than the moving parts of the data of scripture of the hard walk in the disk, as I have imagined that you are not the problem and he have not been so far. That is to say an only reason is attacking of the star, in that has it at least the little plastic case of the mountain has comprised therefore it have been perfect so that it listen it terrible leaving a SSD in there that it do. Another that concealed, that is to say the product adds , and will update this description consistently anything unseemly raisin.
5 / 5 Vertie
4 walk of stars,
but 5 semi-detached star for Patriot Toolbox software.

Adds for the squad the old plus,
can do better for the little more $ $ with PC newer is that it can use an impulse.

The patriot has the very good downloadable ToolBox this has been in sufficient amiable to leave a bit fuctions of a toolbox to do in another, any-walks of Patriot.

= Very SSD IS, but other elections can be better.

Has installed the 480GB and he 1 TB version of these,
one 480 is one strolls CALM for an old plus SATA/2 machine, so that PC is a limiting factor .
Has been flawless in this machine, a lot the demand is beginning and is use .

A 1TB the walk has been bought by one You and walk of storage in the gaming PC and he also fact very good but was a limiting factor when I benchmarked a machine.

Since had tried he in two other machines so of the walks of storage of the game,
a first machine benched bad with him,
but a second machine has wanted a walk and has had excellent benchmarks.

Had used the software to dry of the patriot a walk before posing he in this last machine as it is possible that is cual a difference.

but ADATA SU800 is and Crucial MX500 is does benched better in the each modern machine with SATA/3 this has tried.
A ADATA SU800 is usually inside the little $ of a Patriot so that it is mine goes-in.
1 / 5 Linsey
I have posed this in my main laptop and has been to install FreeBSD in the. Taken the bouquet of errors/of BONDS of CAM when trying written in and read of a disk. Tried he in the laptop of my woman. Same errors. Tried he in still like this another laptop there has been around. Same errors. Tried that installs OpenBSD using each three machines. Same class to read/write errors. Tried installing Linux of Debian those uses each what three machines. Included read/to write errors. Returned he for the substitution. Tried a same process in all three machines with all three Bear and has taken a same read/to write to errors likes them first walk.

To take or the bad walk is unfortunate. To take two such walks suggest control of horrible quality. At the end it launch it he in a towel and is returned to take my money behind to spend in the walk of the different vendor.

Top Customer Reviews: Corsair LPX 32GB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
1 / 5 Amira
I have ordered to this element like him some updates for my PC of house. I have opened a container and sound the freaking the bloc of forest has pressed!!!
5 / 5 Giselle
After the plot of tinkering and touching the type has imagined goes with some help. It can not take a memory to run in 3200, he only default behind in something lower. Publishing This information here for any one this is battling likes him era! It enjoys and it expects records of calm everything.
Final numbers:
16, 18, 18, 18, 36
Voltage 1.35
Frequency 3200

MSI B350 Tomahawk + Ryzen 1700x race in 1.425v 3.9ghz
5 / 5 Emely
It IS RAM , has heat spreaders, that is to say he 2 x8gb box (16gb total). A description and the beaks could be better, so here is real beaks duquel ships when order 1. Imagined a spreader the height could be useful in this planning on using tanks of monstrous heat with his new skylake piece.

Update 2017-Seven (2 years later) - A continuous original box to do well in the system that is my workstation of daily use (left in 24x7). I actuate Since it buys the twelfth half more than these boxes to use and has run up to now in the bad dimm. Mostly these have been posed in Gigabyte Z170 and Z270 chipset the joints and any one have had a subject this takes a speed announced when using a XMP parameter.
5 / 5 Brittani
I can confirm that felizmente am that it runs a Corsair Revenge LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Boxes of Desktop by heart - Blanca (CMK16GX4M2B3200C16W) in the MSI B350 Tomahawk in 3200Mhz. Desprs MSI Has update a BIOS in 4/26 was able to achieve this speed. In front of an update, was able to take he in 2933Mhz. In BIOS has a speed posed in 3200 and some clocks have posed in 16 18 18 18 36 and a voltage of the ram posed in CART. Quan Has posed manually a voltage in 1.350 does not act. In all the case, while this info is useful for other buyers and obviously, is giving this RAM 5 stars for working as feigned with my motherboard.

UPDATE 5/11/17: I am gone down a speed in 2933Mhz. A lot of test by heart has run the pointed errors when race in 3200Mhz while one 2933Mhz is the free error. I am running a BIOS later (B350 TOMAHAWK (CROWN-7A34) Emission of BIOS of the V1.5). retest In general accelerate when new BIOS the updates are starts .
1 / 5 Consuelo
I have lost in 20 hours reinstalling You and updating software. The May thought It that a RAM could be defective.

Asks to run Memtest86 and pictures of roads of a RAM. Memtest86 Can very included complete a test because of a vast quantity of errors. They have been suppositions to return in me in 2 days. I have uploaded some pictures and the result to try fact 5 days. Still expect listen they.

CORSAIR Would have to invert controls of quality and service of client, in place of elegant looking PCB is and cooling fins; as any one another manufacturer of decent RAM.

Will not touch the CORSAIR products never again. Any respectable mark sells untested RAM. Horrible.

Edita. Owe the afterwards 6 days of any response. They have said that they will treat it. Still any response after 3 days. Has the system of entrance that any one checks on. Anything writes or the vain clave in the black hole. It has to call the many times for the take fact. It is been 11 days of my first contact, even so, no the only action has been taken by them.

Update after 6 month. It was in the able end has substitutes, but has had to to pay for a substitution in advance. Otherwise, Has to expects 2-3 weeks without RAM. An only substitution has said that there is was the model with has DIRECTED. I have paid in $ 200 for him. After 6 month, has verified my account of card of the credit, and has remarked that still have any refunded that $ 200+, included although there is routed his joins them defective RAM immediately. I have called only it. They have said that will return in me in 3-5 business days.

Has lost for hours that treats this horrible company, included although it is totally his failure. They all see it when look in a number of entrance. Any apology. Any one preoccupies . Only felizmente tug he further.

Update after 7 month. Still I can not take my repayment behind. I have opened the BBB complained. That the horrible company.
4 / 5 Craig
Installed in my new Ryzen system with a AB350 Mobo, and 1500X CPU.

PLEASE NOTE - This ram is announced likes 3000, but has discovered that it is not technically 3000 out of a box, is able of demands in 3000, and only has a capacity in overclock he in bios. IF you are using the MOBO with a right bios, literally can change the pertinent OC posing in just for selection a OC profile.

That is to say in fact the easiest plot and surer those sounds what AB350 gaming has taken together has an easy to find right of the option in a first memory of the page advanced low parameters. Only failures the boxes, and profile of selection 1, and my speed of ram was of around 2200 in 2933. I suppose he small perceivable difference in action. Even so, if you are quite miserable to have that be spending 00 ram of arrests, mark you better sure takes each value of penny out of him!
3 / 5 Mamie
It takes this for my Ryzen tez, that listens that it use it Samsung B-Mor which are some by heart the better compatible piece with Ryzen. Alas my particular boxes use Hynix piece, which have a worse compatibility!

Can not take to run 3200MHz any import that marks. So you can , it has had probably piece of Samsung.

Wants to verify you can download the program nicknamed Thaiphoon these covers know that it ask has in yours RAM.

The sufficed to say that I am sorely disappointed, but is not necessarily one the fault of Rams.
5 / 5 Latesha
These exited of a box in my AMD AM4 system and continues to operate reliably in 2933 MHz, included after 2 bios updates (mentions that b/c the set of HyperX the memory had prisoner doing after the bios update). It would like him more than these was able the paste a 3200 MHz the speed is estimated in, but is has to forego an insignificant difference concealed'd clean in favour of a reliable action has experimented since day 1. These are far and was a better of 3 sets of the ram has tried in my AM4 system.

Wants to provide the details of pair for which can be compatibility of investigation :

1. I am using these in a Asrock AB350m motherboard with the 1700x processor (that runs in stock 3.4 GHz). Very happy w stability and action.
2. Anteriorly Has tried one 2 x 4GB version of this ram (parts CMK8GX4M2B3000C15) but run in 2133 Mhz in my Asrock AB350m and experimented the small lock of system ups. A fellow ASUS Premier B350M-A neither would run one 2 x 4GB has posed faster that 2133 Mhz. So you are considering a 2 x 4GB conjoint, would opt by so 16 GB has posed instead.
5 / 5 Collene
It was able to take these shows by heart in 3000mhz in my Ryzen 7 1700 in the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 motherboard. It IS in a list estada in consonance for this motherboard and has used only a XMP profile and has done a lot of tests of tension without subjects.
4 / 5 Darrin
The tan Included like a constructor of PC experimented, has done the quite critical error when that buys this memory. At all this broke a system or anything. Hell, any included fail to kick. An installed memory very good and a system published without a subject.

To kick in of the Windows even so, has remarked a memory run in only 2133MHz which are quite the low plus bit that that I the extra has paid prendi. Imagined a motherboard only has not detected a main speed. Any one totally uncommon. As it was in a UEFI Bios and has enabled a XMP profile that has detected automatically a memory, has adjusted a voltage, etc. Promising Material. This was until I have saved and has restart a computer. It fails to bond three times before appealing to sure-road.

The imports is using the Premier X70-Pro, as I have decided to verify a QVL for a joint and has been disappointed for the sees has not been listed under Ryzen 2 lean Gene. I forget massive on my part. Felizmente The amazon is fresh quite returns for the box backed by a motherboard, but is writing this in an era casualidad could save more a hassle.

The decrease of long history: it controls your motherboards QVL for the compatibility with a CPU is planning on installing in him. A system absolutely bounces and run very good. But you are paying an extra premium for 3200MHz the memory and one joints no the backwards, literally is launching your money has been.

Again, for explanation. At all it was physically bad with a memory and I integer heartedly admits this was the deception on my part. Only I am publishing this in hopefully save more an inconvenience of mine rookie deception.
5 / 5 Tracee
I have lost on 20 hours reinstalling YOU and updating software. It has not believed Never that a RAM could be defective.

Asks partorisca run Memtest86 and send pictures of a RAM. Memtest86 Can very included complete a test been due to a vast quantity of errors. I have been suppositions to go back inner of mine 2 days. I have uploaded some pictures and the test results 5 days ago. Still while to listen they.

CORSAIR Would owe that invest controls of qualities and service of client, in place of elegant looking PCB is and cooling fins; as any one another costruttore of decent RAM.

Will not touch the CORSAIR produced never again. Any respectable mark sells untested RAM. Horrible.

Modification. Has has had to that the called with which 6 days of any response. They have said that they will treat it. Still any answered with which 3 days. Has the system of entrance that any one checks on. Anything writes or the estaca goes to the black hole. Calm has to him called long for the take fact. It is been 11 days of the mine first contact, this in spite of, no the alone action has been taken for them.

Update with which 6 month. It was finally able to have it substituted, but has had to that pay for a substitution for advanced. Otherwise, would owe attended 2-3 weeks without RAM. An only substitution has said that that has had was the model with LEDs. I have paid in $ 200 for him. With which 6 month, has verified my account of paper of the credit, and there is remarked that they still have a lot of refunded that $ 200+, included although it have sent to join them defective RAM immediately. I called him so only. They have said that will go back interior of mine 3-5 business days.

Has lost a lot of hours that extracted this horrible company, included although it is totally his failure. His all see it when they look in a number of entrance. Excuse of person. Worries of person . So only felizmente tug it further.

Update with which 7 month. Still I can not take my repayment behind. I have opened the BBB complained. That the horrible company.
4 / 5 Dong
After the plot of tinkering and touching the types have imagined was with some help. It can not take a memory to run in 3200, he so only incumplimiento behind to something lower. Posting This information here for any concealed is struggling likes era! It enjoys and laws of hope for you everything.
Final numbers:
16, 18, 18, 18, 36
Frequency 3200

MSI B350 Tomahawk + Ryzen 1700x that careers in
4 / 5 Jennell
am not estimating this in a course, but a misleading listed of product.

This product is listing eats: CORSAIR VENGEANCELPX16GB (2X 8GB) DDR4 3600(PC4-28800) C16 Desk Memory

the number of Part is: CMK16GX4M2Z3600C18

When I have received a part, there is remarked a C18 in a backside of a box. I have verified he with Corsair place and sure enough is listing likes 3600 C18. Has thinks that that a wrong part has been sent but results that ossia a right part but is C18 and no C16.
5 / 5 Antonio
Can confirm that felizmente are that it runs a Corsair Revenge LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Desk Box by heart - Blanca (CMK16GX4M2B3200C16W) in the MSI B350 Tomahawk in 3200Mhz. With which MSI has update a BIOS on 4/26 I was able to achieve this speed. First of an update, was able of the take to 2933Mhz. In BIOS have a speed dipped to 3200 and some clocks dipped to 16 18 18 18 36 and a voltage of RAM dipped to CAR. When I manually dipped one his voltage has not done. In all the chance, while this info is useful by other buyers and obviously, am giving this RAM 5 stars for working as feigned with my motherboard.

UPDATE 5/11/17: I am gone down a speed to 2933Mhz. A lot of tries memory has run has aimed errors when those ran in 3200Mhz while a 2933Mhz is the free error. I am running a late plus BIOS (B350 TOMAHAWK (CROWN-7A34) V1.5 BIOS Emission). retest In general accelerate when new BIOS the updates am exited.
4 / 5 Deonna
Is RAM , has heat spreaders, ossia he 2 x8gb box (16gb total). A description and pics could be better, like this here is real pics of the like ships when you order 1. Imagined a spreader the height could be useful to this planning on using tanks of hot monstrous with his new skylake chip.

Update 2017-Seven (2 years later) - A continuous original box to do well in the system that is my daily use workstation (left on 24x7). I have it quell'has bought of the half dozen more than these boxes to use and has run up to now to the bad dimm. Mostly these have been dipped to Gigabyte Z170 & Z270 chipset the joints and any one have had a @@subject that takes a speed announced when using a XMP setting.
4 / 5 Aline
Has taken this for my Ryzen build, that listens that it uses Samsung B-Die which is some by heart the better compatible chips with Ryzen. Unfortunately my uses of particular box Hynix chip, which has a worse compatibility!

Can do not taking to run 3200MHz any one imports that . So you can , you have had probably Samsung chip.

Loves you verify can download the program has called Thaiphoon these leaves is the one who the chips have in yours RAM.

The sufficed to say that they are sorely disappointed, but is not necessarily one the fault of Rams.
5 / 5 Marin
Installed to the mine new Ryzen system with a AB350 Mobo, and 1500X CPU.

PLEASE NOTE - This ram is announced likes 3000, but has discovered that it is not technically 3000 out of a box, is able of requests to 3000, and so only has a capacity the overclock he in bios. IF you are using the MOBO with a legislation bios, literally can change the pertinent OC setting in just for selection a OC profile.

Ossia In fact the easiest plot and surer of sounds like AB350 gaming together has taken has an easy to find legislation of option in a first memory of the page advanced low settings. So only verify the box, and profile of selection 1, and my speed of ram has been of around 2200 to 2933. I suppose recently noticeable difference in action. This in spite of, if you are quite miserable to have that be spending $200 ram of paralizaciones, better frames sure take each value of penny out of him!
5 / 5 Misty
Likewise like a constructor of PC has EXPERIENCED, has done the quite critical error when that buys this memory. At all this has broken a system or anything. Hell, any same fail paralizaciones to kick. A memory installs perfectly well and a system posted without a subject.

Partorisca Kick the Windows this in spite of, there is remarked a memory has run in only 2133MHz which is quite the low bit that that I extra has paid stops. Imagined a motherboard so only has not relieved a main speed. Any totally uncommon. As I have been to a UEFI Bios and there is enabled a XMP profile that has relieved automatically a memory, has regulated a voltage, etc. Promising Material. This was until I have saved and has restart a computer. It fails to stick three first times to launch hand of sure-way.

The import am using the Prime minister X70-Pro, as I have decided to verify a QVL for a joint and has been disappointed for sees it has not been listed under Ryzen 2.os supports of Gene. I forget massive for my part. Felizmente The amazon is fresh roughly returning he for the constant box for a motherboard, but are writing this in one was casualidad could save more a hassle.

The short long history: it Controls your motherboards QVL for compatibility with a CPU is planning on installing in him. A system absolutely bounces and run perfectly well. But you are paying an extra prize for 3200MHz the memory and a joint does not sustain it , calm literally is launching your money was.

Again, for explanation. At all it was physically bad with a memory and I integer heartedly admit this was the deception for my part. They are so only posting this to hopefully save more an inconvenience of mine rookie deception.
5 / 5 Ilana
These exited of a box in mine AMD AM4 system and continue operate reliably in 2933 MHz, included with which 2 bios upgrades (I mentions that b/c the together of HyperX the memory has had prisoner doing after the bios upgrade). It would like more than these was able to paste a 3200 MHz the speed is estimated in, but are has had to that forego an insignificant difference concealed'd clean in favour of an action of confidence has experienced of then day 1. These am far and was some better of 3 insiemi of ram have tried in mine AM4 system.

Wants to resupply the details of pair for which can be compatibilities of investigation :

1. I am using these in a Asrock AB350m motherboard with the 1700x processor (that runs in stock 3.4 GHz). Very happy w stability and action.
2. I have tried previously one 2 x 4GB version of this ram (run CMK8GX4M2B3000C15) but has run in 2133 Mhz in mine Asrock AB350m and has experienced the little lock of system ups. A fellow ASUS Prime B350M-A neither would run one 2 x 4GB dipped faster that 2133 Mhz. So you are considering a 2 x 4GB together, would opt thus 16 GB dipped instead.
4 / 5 Amber
Has bought this 32GB Box for mine Gaming PC/Hackintosh Build. Everything looked to do well, sometimes program clashed, but thought it to them would have to that do with my configuration or a BIOS or anything more. With which the could not imagine out of that is gone in, has invested in the hardware declares program (TechTool Pro 9 paralización OSX). It results one of a Memmory moduls is faulty. I t a lot included spend a first test. Some second some good careers... No the big shot has thought them, so only contacts a vendor and ask the substitution... Here it comes a thing: On April 5th a RAM has been rid. It has discovered a faulty RAM on June 5th. An order give these infos when that tries to contact still turn or support:

esventana of the tower has closed on May 5, 2018 support of has produced the enclosed window in Jun 4, 2018'

are literally for my account, reason took too long to discover that a product is defective... THANKS TO plot. Material prefers them any to express like this feels roughly that has ditched Dollars...
5 / 5 Wilton
This box of RAM was súper easy to install (like all the boxes of ram) and looks well with my blacks/RGB the @@subject that goes in. Has the Gigabyte Aorus Pro Wifi B450 Mobo with the Ryzen 7 2700x and of course, these two claves by heart. Ive Read in other descriptions that is easily be the Bios, conjoint XMP to profile 1 and poof! 3200mhz Good and , concealed has not been a chance partorisca me. So only calm reason SAY YOU dipped that to 3200, does not mean sound that careers in 3200. Always sure you check your speed by heart in real time with one of a gigabyte applications or CPU-Z. Profile 1 with XMP would not do and was stuck in 2133. I have tried all, but has then imagined was like the manually the tune (gigabytes bios is new mine) and has tried to dip in the manual value of 3000. Law! As I dipped it behind to 3200 and behind to 2133. The short long history with which some behind and advances, a max could dip it to era 3122. Anything main and run in 2133 partorisca some reason. Has update a bios and engine with a same result. Any way, am pleased with a result but he have taken the bit of tinkering. So has a subject same among and dip manual values and then dulcemente do your way up.
5 / 5 Sherill
The memory dies, Corsair POS the web of place no unless you are interested to see a piece in a late plus RGB gizmo, like this now am stuck with some estacas by heart dead, and another clave that grieves overclocks has spent a speed has estimated. I will not BUY CORSAIR has PRODUCED AGAIN, and will be partorisca advise mine another enthusiast of fellow computer to do like this also. This is not a prime minister corsair the product has had issues with, but certainly is a last.
5 / 5 Mireille
Which to say? Ossia DDR4 Memory, has taken a 3200MHz faster one and he have done without questions in the car of dual canal. It does not forget partorisca enable XMP Profile in yours BIOS immediately or work in regulating 2133 MHz.
5 / 5 Harmony
MODIFICATION: As it has promised that will amend a Description this in spite of the desire could somehow deduct another half star. They were punctual in answering my complaint that is where my praise will finalise. I have had to foot a bill to ship a RAM has broken to them and of a point sent him a bit the forms was almost 2 weeks before it take my box of substitution . Partorisca Top it was can not take a Box of substitution to run is declared 3000mhz. Never Again!!!!!

Was a lot of happy with this yesterday when suddenly I have begun to experience errors. After verifying big and down for the solution has listened in a tool of diagnostic by heart of windows. Confirmation the fault of hardware. At present they are while in another test of diagnostic on 1 sticks to to see yes at least 1 is well. I have bought these in the first when the ram was by means of a ceiling and at least 1 has failed in just on 4 month while so only that the careers in his speed have estimated. I have bought typically Kingston or GSkill ram and is always happy state. I guess I have learnt my lesson with Corsair. If his service of client is exceptional, will amend this description.
5 / 5 Hilma
Made a mistake to try to install these two claves further of another together (model of same / mark). Somehow, pause my like this bad car that has had to reinstall windows. Any one creates like my C: it has taken corrupted for of the this, but has lost the sql given of bases and has had to spend like 4 days reinstalling programs and reconstructing my database afterwards. That has spent was my motherboard so only has recognised 2 of some claves, at the beginning. Then another two is looked, but all a RAM done in the a lot of slower speed that they would have to have. Some profiles have not populated in bios correctly. The windows has maintained to go the startup reparation, and finally failed entirely.

Generally, RAM is sold in of the insiemi that is the factory has looked for to ensure they all near. Usually, it is good to add two papers more than a model of the same / mark of then would owe that have a bit same timings, but concealed is not always guaranteed, which is reason they among the factory has tried dips, like this sadly has learnt.

That all has said, has taken finally these doing with my old claves... I so only required to update my bios. Asrock Apparently dipped out of one does not update any fact too long the compatibility concealed of RAM has augmented. It have not believed it to import of then have had already two claves of a material esatta still in there, but do.

Is thinking to buy these so many a upgrade, and already the 2 claves of some same working, please update your bios before I a deception included has done.
4 / 5 Marla
Ossia One 2nd time has ordered Corsair DRAM of the amazon and one 2.os time have had 1 of some claves be defective. It was not if ossia a thing of amazon or he Corsair what. He a bit those that years when I have ordered one 1st batch of DRAM, has not annoyed with a guarantee of then was economic and any value some costs of nave. But this time is lovelier he.
But Corsair will not give me a RMA. The mine that tries that the uses control by heart of the Windows is not a lot enough for them. Included thou has tried each clave individually (I has 4) two times each like this. Each one which so one is spent every time, except a defective one which has failed every time. It say that ossia 100 confirmation in any one is book .
Asks I download and use memtest86, and send them the copy of some results. I have not used never memtest86 and is antiquated program that takes considerable more time and question to setup and career (of then has to that of the flash walk thru a bios). Rejection! I do not have time for this BS. This in spite of will spend some of this time to write in my experience with Corsair - of then take less than the 1/4 of a time that the disorder with a BS wants to me partorisca do.

Will not buy NEVER Corsair DRAM afterwards is again.
4 / 5 Rosy
Has tried to run this in his speed announced and raw that any bios mine of updates AsRock Fatality B350 would do a trick. And any one imports that it could do not taking to run faster that 2666mhz in mine Ryzen system. I imagined it it can be a motherboard. But I am happy with my neighbour up. Here it is my numbers in the chances are in the alike situation: 15 16 16 16 35 51, 2666mhz.
5 / 5 Andria
The prize was hard to swallow when it has behind orderly in June, and has trace so only further of then. Alas, ossia to the equal that goes I need DDR4 in 2017.

Has bought this to go in it Ryzen rigs with an almost ubiquitous Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3. It was dismayed initially to find a neighbouring any ESTACA with this RAM that careers on 2133 MHz. This in spite of, one the majority recently BIOS update (to the equal that of September) has fixed a subject. Now that careers in 2933 MHz, which corresponds to the impulse of decent action. If you are having subject of compatibility in Ryzen, sure mark to try flashing a new plus BIOS.
5 / 5 Denis
The shows was that yes it buy two insiemi of these that does not send you different versions. I have received the together of 5.2 and 3.0 his XMP the profiles have not been compatible and was often a cause of a lot of BSODs and failures to STICK.
4 / 5 Sallie
Has bought a 2950x, Corsair 760T frame, Asus Extreme of @@@Zenith, Corsair HX1000I PSU, Thermaltake Floe Riing 360, Corsair LPX 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz C16 DDR4 DRAM Box by heart, Black (CMK32GX4M2B3200C16) of Amazon. A CPU arrived but a chip was free inside a box. It can not install Windows 10 but was able to install Ubuntu LTS. When I have run Chrome or Firefox down , a CPU has maintained partorisca hang. Has transmission to Corsair Revenge LPX 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 DRAM 2133MHz (PC4 17000) C13 Box by heart - Black, the thought can be memmory compabibil;ity that have read on Youtube, web. But a still question occured, can not install windows, has continued to hang when runing Chrome, Firefox under Ubuntu. Changed to Clave X Serious 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Nail DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) AMD X370 Model by heart F4-3200C14D-16GFX. Same question occrued. I have changed a mem shows to of 1600-3200 for 3200 MHZ and 1600-2133 MHZ for 2133 MHZ and 1600-3200 paralizaciones . Same question. It can not install Windows 10. Hanged when it has run Chrome under Ubuntu. Hanged when it has run Geekbench when the course below fine core, the core only is well. I have run mem the test and was a lot. Thought a CPU was harm during ship, asks substitution and has taken one. When the installed in a system ansd has run with , was able to kick windows 10, Ubuntu and any question.

Has has had to that upgrade a BIOS to 1402 for a Asus @@@Zenith partorisca kick with 2950x.

Now does a lot of smoothly. Run quickly!!!!,

A lot happy with a unit.
4 / 5 Lela
I want to Corsair produced, has been disappointed recently with the offer of different product but a quality of these forms by heart can not be quite rented. I have him paired with my AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Processor with Wraith the prism has DIRECTED Fresher - YD270XBGAFBOX in a GIGABYTE X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING (AMD Ryzen AM4/X470/USB 3.1 Gene 2 forward of Type C/ATX/DDR4/Motherboard) and his easily XMP to 3200 on profile 1 in street of Dual Canal a Bios. A clearance with a incumplimiento 'Wraith RGB ' Fresher has not been a subject, although now I am using a CORSAIR HYDRO SERIOUS H150i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Fresher, 360mm Radiator, Offered 120mm ML Serious PWM Defenders, Anticipated RGB lighting and Control of Software of the Defender without hiccup.

Corsair Has paste he out of a park with this product, be advised, will require a hardware to run an announced accelerate this in spite of, like this do first investigations to submerge directly to a world of DDR4 memory.
5 / 5 Gina
Has required 64GB of RAM for the workstation for work. The prizes have had finally go back down to the reality where is justifiable. It leaves 2018 this box sold for more than $ 850! Now, as of April 2019 sells partorisca around $ 300. Much more tolerable.

Has used this box in combination with a AMD Ryzen 7 2700 in a ASROCK B450M PRO4 motherboard.
Was the bit has concerned like this the particular box has not been in a QVL in ASROCK put web, any so only concealed but 64GB was estimated so only to run in 2666MHz in better according to ASROCK. Well I am happy to inform that this box is able to run stable in 2933MHz with timings around 17-17-17-17-36. No a better, but honradamente better that has expected. I have tried 3000Mhz but has not been stable and a system would freeze during long Blender renders. Any sure if ossia in general the limitation of mine CPU, a motherboard or a box of RAM. In any case this RAM is treating like this expected if any better. The low profile that typical flashy RAM also ensures compatibility with more CPU air coolers.

This RAM is the solid interpreter , and good value for a money (and a prize is improving every day now)
5 / 5 Ira
For the longitude while, this Corsair CMK32GX4M4A2666C15 the model was a undisputed champion of action among 32GB DDR4 boxes by heart. Today, there is big clocked the available products, but to the equal that can expect is extremely prizes prohibitive. Calm now can buy DDR4-2800 boxes partorisca in a prize still like this one, but there has any one very logical in doing like this of then have requirements of equal voltage but freer timings that this box done invernadero his esecret' DDR4-2800 XMP profile. I have grown also to be defenders of a Revenge LPX heatspreaders. With his creation of low profile - both in of the terms of height and aesthetic - this access of forms and well of look in the each one motherboard that ive seen . And you find any subjects, Corsair has the forum of terrific on-line user, the service of client adds, and of course a lifetime has guaranteeed. In general, this Corsair Revenge LPX the paste of model all some right frames for any one looking for an enthusiast-has oriented 32GB box by heart. It is not in a category of same prize like this similarly sized but career-of-the-mill Crucial DDR4-2133 but ray that his just so better
4 / 5 Joycelyn
Update as of 6/20/2017: This ram (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15) simply is not has estimated accelerates in a ASUS Prime B350-More motherboard, included with a AGESA has update BIOS installed. I have been building and tweaking gaming systems for 20 years to the equal that create when calm say you that it is not 'error of operator'. Some accelerates some the fast plus can achieve is 2666 MHz in 16-18-18-18-38 1T . These uses of RAM SK Hynix chips in place of Samsung B. For some reason Samsung B-does of chip of the data like the charm in Ryzen near but Hynix has subject of compatibilities during a place, but some Hynix looks of ram to be entirely random. This box is in mine MB QVL to the equal that have contacted his support of client to discover that it could be missing. We gave me to us the cast of recommended settings to try for the take doing correctly. I have tried everything of them with literally any transmission. I have contacted Corsair in a @@subject and has said 'contact ASUS support of client and take recommendations of them', which already had done. Neither ASUS neither Corsair can explain reason no in his has has estimated speed. I am spent everything of my free time for a better part of 2 weeks surfing forums, Reddit edges, and the joints of discussion to try the data of different recommendations by other users of this RAM or this together, and has had the person helps to take a ram that the fastest laws that I able way of the take to do me. As I think that that it is sure to say, if it acts for calm has estimated accelerates in the Ryzen near, is one of a lucky some.

Has Tried:
DOCP and gone in manual of all timings (derp)
DRAM Voltages of all a way to .
SOC Voltages anywhere of all a way until . LLC Of normal to Extreme
Timings like free likes 18-18-18
Enabling / Disabling Can Down Way and Train Down Way
Tweaked has extended timings to XMP the recommendations of Profile likes him informed for AIDA64 (CL-RCD-RRPP-RASAS) / (RC-RFC1-RFC2-RFC4-RRDL-RRDS-FAW)
has Tried to regulate ProcODT besides down the big
has Tried to do everything of an on with just 1 clave of RAM in the time as well as with both in. Yes, they are in some correct spaces!

Has any recommendations prpers believes would have to that try please feel free to stick the commentary in my description. They are it has had to that to try anything! Ryzen Climbing of processors a lot well with just RAM timings, but speed in MHz also. So I can me create to 2933 and 15-17-17-35 (the speed estimated of this box of RAM) then will be the happy to camp!
5 / 5 In
Has in the first place received overclocking errors of failure, as I go to a BIOS and dip the to incumplimiento so that it suggests. Then Widows would not upload and is gone in the circle of the reparation self. I have built a CPU to line done the year and all was well, install this memory and headache. Also a CPU looked to upload slower when it uploads a pair to time before some errors, any sure reason. I have not installed any new software so only this. They are no expert but all was a lot before this and I have verified if it was compatible with my first neighbouring. Has another Corsair the blue revenge directed and has not had the question , perhaps is a mix of a two but has done them sure to take one with some same parameters. Perhaps so only I have the defective one but I sure do not want to has to that reinstall windows every time wants to them use a CPU.
4 / 5 Meridith
Has turned to a class of dad that looks in his bill to be able to and looks a thermostat like the hawk, like this after the little painful power the bills in the row there is finally take my first-socket of gene 1366 Intel Core i7 fixes (the processor has used on 250 watts when overclocked!) To the new and more effective Skylake system. The Bondadoso of hurt to do has had of any questions of same action are years with which built it, but was probably time.

Anyways, This box was a better prize for 4x8GB DDR4 the memory has seen on Amazon at the same time of compraventa, and has has had to that of then treat Corsair excellent support in a past I generally sustain to buy his products. His guarantee, in my opinion, is a better in a business -- the majority of has substituted recently a 6x2GB box of triple canal of this 1366 PC more than 6 years with which bought it, any hassle and any side in my final.

Like this of late October a C15 box (also 2666MHz) is listed for just $ 10 more than east a, as it can be a compraventa better right now. When I have purchased this box, a C15 the version was in $ 50 more and has not loved to extend my estimativa much more there has jumped of then for a i7 in a i5.

Am using this memory in the ASUS Z170-A socket 1151 motherboard. An earlier description has said that a speed has estimated/timings has not done in a X99-has based motherboard, which can be a chance , but can verify that this box does like this announced in my particular system. All the forms were recognised immediately in the ESTACA and all have had to has been dipped a timings (16-18-18-35), a speed (2666MHz), and a voltage () in a BIOS and has been done.

An only negative, and is the piece , is that a suggested timings has not been printed anywhere in a box or of the individual forms, neither was there the slip of paper with this information in a box -- I does not know if my container had been tampered with or something, but ossia basic information that need to be comprised with a product.

Ossia So only the smallest flu, really, but are a kinda old-type of SCHOOL PC that builds his systems out of a chance in the static-free labour bank, far out of my subject, as I have finalised that it has to that look on a timings in my telephone. Could have him you leave run in a incumplimiento values (MB dipped him to 15-15-15-36 2133MHz) and dip a timings later, but does not think has to that it has to that go in-line to take this information.

In general, some works of the boxes in a speed have announced/timings without hassle and have a prize added of Corsair support/of guarantee. They are sure that will not owe that buy another box until it comes time for me to build the new PC -- the one who hopefully is not by other six years! They are sure he elevated it more in these forms for overclockers those who want to take each last drop of action, but has not had a time or energy to seat and house in that -- perhaps will touch around with him on some holidays of Thanksgiving like an excuse to escape of one in-of the laws. If like this, I will inform behind with any timings give me stable action.
5 / 5 Devora
Quite good. Paired He with the Ryzen 1700 and the Gigabyte AX370 K7 gaming mobo. The interior a moment so only can take around 2993 mhz with XMP profile on, but hopefully that will be directed for mobo bios updates.
4 / 5 Vinita
The costruttrici of RAM are prizes gouging clients. The prizes are sometimes more than twice which have used to be, and am speaking in a clave of RAM has included exact. If it check a history of prize (another place), these things have used to be in 70-$ 80 row for 16 GB, 2x8GB. The Paste Max of in $ 200 in some signals.

Is kidding me?

An only reason has purchased was that it has been it moment to at least the averages the year to expect in some prizes to fall bit it of then has had to build the new PC (old a cratered). It take my brother involved in dipping it near to the equal that can aim like this to build the PC, and has has had to that finally he in the so many could build it before some have moved. And when I bought him finally he two month ago, was in $ 130. Still ridiculously overpriced.

Is a lot some prizes still look to be decreasing, but there there is still the ways to go until it goes back to an EMISSION of prize in.
5 / 5 Rosina
Can not complain in a product, another that a recent career up in prize of DDR4 RAM a last year. It uses this car for the photo that modifies, and one 16 GBs are adds for that. The time will say has to that upgrade to 32 GB if I any never the video that modifies on he (I use 32 GB of DDR3 in my main video that modifies car). I plugged these in mine 2 and 4 space in a mobo likes any recommended. Some spaces are colour coded. It has not had a lot of the subjects. I have run a mobo level OC. They are not the gamer, likes I no really cured roughly maxing a OC so that it can not comment in the stable these would be has changed a voltage a lot in these. That is interesting is mine Corsair DDR3 the memory there has been the defender to cool, but this no. As I am guessing that this generation of a GPU and CPU both designs less can (and for this hot) that perhaps ditto with this memory?

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Processor With Wraith Espiras Fresher (YD1600BBAEBOX)
ARTICO ORACO-MX40001-BL MX-4 Compound Paste Thermal - 4 Grams
ASUS First B350-More AMD Ryzen AM4 DDR4 HDMI DVI VGA M.2 USB 3.1 ATX B350 Motherboard
Corsair Revenge LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM
Corsair Serious of Carbide SPEC-02 Mid Recognition Gaming If
EVGA 750 BQ, 80+ BRONZE 750W, Seeds Modulates, 5 Guarantee of Year Distributes to Be able to 110-BQ-0750-V1
Corsair Serious to Air AF120 the Calm edition has DIRECTED Big Airflow Band of Twin of the Partidário - Red
JBtek All Red With bosses PWM Defender Splitter Boss 1 to 2 Conversor, 2 Band
GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1050 You DirectX 12 GV-N105TWF2OC-4GD 4GB 128-has bitten GDDR5 PCI Expresses 3.0
Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SATA III Interior SSD (MZ-75E500B/FOLLOWS)
LG WH16NS40 Súper Fine Blue Interior SATA 16x Blue-Disk of ray Rewriter
LG - 24' IPS CONCENTRATED FHD FreeSync Monitor
Monoprice 18-Thumb SATA III 6.0 Gbps Boss
the Gold of Imports of the boss of 3 Bands Plated Big Speed
APC would beat Behind-UPS, 1350GOES (BN1350G)
4 / 5 Jonathon
He ladies and gentlemen .. It take the piece of plywood in place of RAM in a box of ram. The box has been sealed also. They are transmission . It can images to build your PC has loved that it expected you stops. Taking your piece of part for piece in a topmast. Finally it begins to build and plywood of BOOM in place of ram.
Anyways Has found a no compatible plywood with my Ryzen system. Server well to take AMD I supposition.

PS: Amazon refunded a compraventa of mine immediately. But they are still without the PC and while to new ram :)
4 / 5 Gerald
Originally I have ordered 2x8 GB claves, roughly done 6 month, partorisca substitute mine 2x4GB claves. They are low profile for memory of big action. I installed him in a 7th gene i5 quad the core that careers 64 has bitten to Win 10. Ossia A overclocked gaming the car and this smooth short memory and fresco. So much, recently it buys the 2nd near of 2x8 GB sticks to to spend me to 32 GB by heart of big speed. And without disappointment!!! Amur That the memory has touched to lose in prize.
4 / 5 Francina
Has begun with two claves of 8Gb. Moved to four claves of 8Gb. It liked 3000MhzCL15 well, and CL14, then 3200 16, then 3400 errored of too much, then 3333 16, one 3333 15 with active cooling.

And yea Ryzen loves the fastest ram in low CL ram while it does not have any error.

Modification: I am using a Corsair Revenge Airflow Partidário to Cool of the Memory with a motherboard controlling a partidário has linked to CPU temp. 40 40C, 100 80C. They are also in a midst to exchange some tanks of hot partorisca RGB some because all a rgb.

Has tried at length with memtest86 and in 3DMark for errors and glitches.

P.D. One first box has taken the year or he like this fact has required the RMA because of blue exploitation and has been bought when this ram was $ 200. Developed to 32GB the few months done and has begun overclocking. I have taken serious when it take a fresher extra and knows can go further with tweaks.
5 / 5 Asley
Installed in build of NEW PC and has had two bsod inside a first week and has begun then take bsod randomly each one that 15 minutes or so many. Memtest86 Has almost failed instantly with thousands of errors, has tried each clave independently and in the each empty to narrow @@subject to a clave.
I failures of hardware go to spend, but a RMA the process was also the ache. It has had to that dip down $ 200 for substitution to be envoy so much could use my PC with a good clave only, that shipment has taken stuck in the customs that is missing of the byline and took calling support to take a byline and on is way , after receiving a substitution has run test and has used he for two days and has sent an old ram behind, two weeks with which Corsair has received some defective claves still have not had my imposición refunded and has had to that contact Corsair again and a rep was able to immediately accuse a repayment.
A service of client reps was excellent and useful has expected once 30+ minutes in the control but I would not owe that require the constantly annoy them every time a RMA precise the has not accused, and when being out of $ 200 paralizaciones the month is not an end of a world-wide but is frustrating.
5 / 5 Marcelo
I any RMA my same ram although one of some claves have not done reasons Corsair loved to send them both claves then went it to try to do sure was has not done,(still although we spend for long troubleshooting in some telephone)then based on trying would send me new 2x8 gb claves of RAM. A question has had was sent the both sticks my computer was useless until Corsair together out of the together new. Quell'Has been them said could take 2 weeks or more. I comprise the things can a lot always be perfect I this in spite of thinks that that they would have me that has sent two new claves immediately and hardly receive them could have sent a neighbour broken in a container of turn. Has my banking information as it is not to like could maintain a neighbour broken without repercussion(reason calms wants to maintain he in all the chance?) They are sure they he in this way people like this shady does not take the advantage but punishes sincere people. I have maintained mine 1 working 8gb clave of ram in my computer and at present am saving until buying the together new of RAM of the different company. Perhaps ripjaws
4 / 5 Bethel
FOUR CLAVES By heart THIS has FAILED. TWO has FAILED he ROUGHLY DONE 2 WEEKS 2 MORNING. BAD Is ANNOUNCES A short ANOUT still TIME THEN BEGIN the LAUNCH EXCEPTIONS of CAR. The MEMORY has SUBSTITUTED ANY SUBJECT @of PLUS. $ 300 DOWN The DRAIN. The RMA STILL CORSAIR Is BAD. HERE It Is A BETTER NUMEBER 510-657-8747 when some touches to register to say you ossia the drop of bad number and attended just and behold will be connected to a corporate HQ (would not EXPECT THIS Of A REPUTABLE UNDERTAKEN?). Of there that comes from his available department. Here it calms included it can find a number of cell for sales reps. Now reason are I saying you this. They are ON STATE CONTROL FOR A 'the time of control has estimated 7 minutes' for 40 minutes. STILL while ANY HELP. I will not BE BUYING HIS PRODUCTS ANYMORE. A memory treated without errors for roughly 4 months before I have begun having subject. It was difficult to nail down sure. It has given up and it has substituted one for claves with the economic more GSKILL memory of mark and no the subject alone. Look have to that add corsair to a No Any cast. It is quite bad to have a @@subject but then is impossible to take this company to honour his 'LIFETIME GUARANTEEED' . One will touch messages of fake, not answering a line of support of the client, give you any way of in fact using a 'LIFETIME GUARANTEEED'.

ALSO THIS WAS Some SHIPS And SOLD FOR AMAZON. If I can not take Corsair to honour a 'lifetime guaranteeed' the amazon sold then are Amazon to call afterwards. Calm can not announce that clearly it does not go to be available for a reasonable method to contact yes at all. LOOK In COMP offering of EUA rebates that clearly does not go to be never paid for a Costruttore of an element has sold..... COMP EUA Has paid.

In the chances are by train to ask ARE STILL ON CONTROL.
5 / 5 Nigel
Has bought this DDR4 box because it was in Gigabyte B450M-DS3H QVL loan (more exactly, his 64GB the version was, which has meant this a more probably does also). This RAM exited of a box in mine AMD Ryzen 5 2600X system in XMP profile 1 (3200/CL16 ). First to purchase this RAM has used Corsair LPX 3000/CL15 in a same system in 2933 MHz (the motherboard does not sustain 3000MHz, so only 2933 and 3200). Here it is the comparison of mine Geekbench4 bookmarks/marcadors with this DDR4 and Corsair LPX 3000/CL15:

Corsair 3200/CL16 3200
Only-core: 5370
Fine-core: 26600

Corsair 3000/CL15
Only-core: 5340
Fine-core: 26100

To the equal that can see, a difference is quite noticeable in favour of this box. This box also works in 3200/CL16 in ASRock B450M pro4 motherboard (and I supposition in another B450 motherboards, as well as x470 motherboards).
4 / 5 Rossie
Has bought this almost $ ram reason is alleged to do with the ryzen system. But he no with quell'I has purchased. I: MSI x470 gaming Pro motherboard And AMD Ryzen 5 2600x cpu. Like this first any one asks or does the statement. Yes, there is flashed mine MSI x470 gaming pro motherboard this in spite of, can not take these to run faster that 2666mhz 1333mhz has to that be read 3200 1600. They aim in bios to be dipped in 3200, but at all in of the Windows 10/ 64, neither comprising using cpu_z, tip anything another that has mentioned. I have tried using a a-xmp profile these come with this in spite of like this at all. And yes, MSI loans 3200. 1866/ 2133/ 2400/ 2667 Mhz For JEDEC, and 2667/ 2800/ 2933/ 3000/ 3066/ 3200/ 3466 Mhz for One- XMP way with an aforesaid motherboard. But sure it does not look in cpu-z or windows10 likes 3200. I am boxing this material on and sending it behind. It is useless with an aforesaid mb and he ryzen 5 2600x cpu.
4 / 5 Marquita
At the beginning, has bought and installed the Crucial 16GB So only DDR4 UDIMM CL17 memory to the mine new MSI X470 Gaming More motherboard with Ryzen 5 CPU. I am experienced with building PC is of scratch, been hobby of mine of university. When I have begun a computer for a first time, he a lot of estaca or leave me to go to BIOS, and has the data was 3 longitude beeps. It researches it on-line expósita that is the no relieved memory , or faulty. It does not think it is the bad motherboard reason has has not had never he motherboard failure, but has had a lot of papers by heart that has failed included when new. If the economic components are used in the paper by heart, has a lot of quality and of the subjects of compatibilities. After trying king-feels a 16GB paper long, he finally done without explanation. In BIOS, has not been able to enable mine motherboard XMP to regulate speed by heart or settings (all XMP the settings have been closed was). After running he for the few hours, has closed a PC down to install the new CD-Rom. Then when I turn my PC on, again any estaca or leave me to go to BIOS, has given three longitude beeps, subject by heart again. It has given finally up in a Crucial 16GB paper and has bought the prize gaming memory, CORSAIR 16GB (8GB x 2) Revenge LPX, CL15, 3000 Mhz. After installing a Corsair papers by heart, a computer kicked well a first time, and kicked on two times like this quickly the Windows 10. My first supposition is some by heart the Crucial papers is defective or has subject of compatibilities. My second supposition is a CL17 of a Crucial memory is too slow for a Ryzen 5 2nd gene CPU and motherboard, and Ryzen 5 memory of need the papers have estimated in CL15 and CL16 or faster (the more basses a CL of the fast more a memory). The pleasant thing is with which have purchased a Corsair Revenge, as it was while his to ship in my house, a Crucial 16GB done again, the computer was able to kick up. It is like him it knows a Crucial memory is taking substituted and decides to do again. After installing a Corsair papers of Revenge, a incumplimiento the speed was in 2100 Mhz, without XMP configuration. I have been to a Bios, there is enabled A-XMP, dipped the to profile 2, and now is operating in 2933 Mhz, near of a speed announced of 3000 Mhz! A lot happy with a Corasir papers by heart of the Revenge ($ 110 in time of compraventa) still although it was $ 11 more than a Crucial paper.

Pro Is:
1. Much faster that CL17 papers, noticeable time to kick shorter the Windows 10 (10 seconds versus 20 seconds in a CL17 paper), faster closed down
2. A lot lustrous looking and has tanks of heat of the aluminium to cool, improves durability and life
3. XMP Compatible. Easy to configure in clocking using more newer motherboards concealed there is XMP.
4. More than confidence and the main quality. It has not had question on first bounces.

1. A bit more expensive that some by heart half papers.
2. 8GB X 2 papers have on used 2 of mine 4 spaces in a ATX motherboard. If an east edifice in the Micro ATX motherboard where has so only 2 empty by heart, a will not be able to develop a memory in a future like both spaces are used up.
5 / 5 Zelda
YEP, The test that use Passmark MemTest86 Every time buy memory. You can download free street Passmark put web. It requires I the bootable USB or SD to the adapter of clave of the USB, then has his software suitable for doing a bootable SD/USB. Calm then will require to dip options of boot, (F9 Tom to start with FIRST PC Of your boots of system to Bios). It selects to kick Partition 2. They are in the middle of building 4 systems that use 4 claves for PC, ossia 16 claves in 16GB for clave (buying 32GB conjoint x 8). The AVERAGE of ALL THESE CLAVES has failed bad, and in several phases, usually or more often Tries 6,7,9 and 13 (the Test of Hammer).

Has then bought more and has failed more miserably. A same system and setup has been used where this Revenge ESATTA LPX the memory of model has tried out of final, and some the lacking bad claves obviously. To good sure it trying of half controlled these and am impacted. I have been using Corsair for 9 years now, never seen anything has taken. SERIOUS QC subject !!!! Corsair The revenge is one the majority of recommended, now do lacking miserably.

No longer can recommend Corsair Memory of Revenge. I am spent in the commentary for another reviewer in a success has had with these claves, as you see that the commentary has done to neglect it. Of then, I have been taking a lot, a lot of uselessness. I build systems and this, as declared, is quite impressive.

REMARKS a time of this description.... The memory has bought was during June 2019. The countless boxes am returned.
4 / 5 Chastity
In the first place was, mine bios is a later version of MSI, a MSI Z170A Krait a lot of mobo. A sample to base mine motherboard has wanted to run this in era 2133. Quell'East... insanely Slow for something has taken. After the tonne of tweaking, one the big plus could direct out of this 2 16g the claves was 2600. And ossia with XMP was, a profile simply does not do and can not kick windows with XMP skills in these chips. Mina the old ram was 16g of LPX Revenge in 3000 and there is not the question that achieves 2800 with XMP there is enabled. No it liked Him To Him one 3000 of profile as I dipped it ready down the bit and concealed has done, any big shot of then was so only 200mhz. Sadly, I the developer of plot of game and was in desperate need of 32 actions of ram likes them 16 was chewed easily up. So many, has taken these on sale. Of course with these parts can basically never take a speed announced of them but to be shorted 600mhz? Jeeze.

Like this yeah, really annoying but has required a ram and a prize was doable.

Top Customer Reviews: Crucial MX500 1TB ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Stuart
Fact well. During five month. Then it dies. Always backups of mark!

After it converses with Crucial support of technology, has discovered that it was necessary to pay to the ship wants to substitute a low walk guaranteeed, as it maintains that in of the imports.

Has discovered also that Crucial want to you to connect a walk in faculty during 20 minutes, then disconnects the, and then come from the again. According to his person to sustain concealed 'very often' fixed a walk. You can decide since you want to you confidence the walk with your data if only at random fences in down and necessities to be revived has taken.
5 / 5 Clare
Walk of estimativa? Any road, this thing is FAST - my jaw only quite fallen - this is not NVME material, but prjimo upper-final for Sata SSD action!
These circles of careers of the walk around my Toshiba Q-pro is of 2014 will say that a lot, and those are MLC-NAND walks, is or be 3d TLC.
3D TLC takes it hurdle in extensive sequential writes action, to leave more parallelization of a writing for big files once a full bumper up. TLC nand In 2nd the form has used the road dulcemente down in 120~160mb/s (almost the speeds of walk take!) In any first few generations, but this 3d TLC is material very quickly. This walk is estimated for good levels of control, and does not have to use up down the few years without running the server.

Has tried to transfer some files of a variety of RAID (that it can read it faster that this walk) - Begun in 550mb/s and fallen in 495~508mb/s for an end of the 20.X GB Movement of files of random ZIP of 300mb in 2.X GB Measured while a walk was fresh and new, for the very accurate test.
The action ADDS in a intel Z97 / 4xxx the computer of series has built the little the mark of years.
HAS ADDS random 4k action IOPS also (that is to say that will use when Windows of fell and opened a lot of complex programs)

is impressed truly for this walk. Some data read after the month or more has not retarded down at all. The May bought It TLC-nand walk before, but this 3d TLC nand is very something. If you are a MLC -only class of type, and can very enough provides it Samsung 960 Pro NVME walk (or similar), chooses this until lining you on, can only any one the preoccupy enough to update the afterwards concealed. It IS quite snappy - totally impacted here.

There is so found my walnut to go-in for storage of cheap data in the machine with enough 7-8 SSD is in him, mostly Toshiba walks, if precise attaches some storage or wants the walk of big boot for the new PC, this thing is sum . Has holds quite well, also, would be to take pressed for the spend was unless the calm ran you the server, as any worry.
For a Techies:
Some speeds in a 1TB the model is INCLUDED MILLOR that one 500gb model (even so any one to concentrate sensibly in an user), as I am very impacted.
Takes one 1TB the model can the to him provides. If you only explore a grandson and does not touch any a lot of or any games, one 500gb or 256gb the model can do only well.
IS random 4k perf the bonds/have beaten my SSD variety of RAID in a motherboard and a SSD Variety of RAID in a LSI Megaraid card of server, but for earnest be, varieties of RAID of SSD is while enhancing sequential speeds, does not augment up 4k action very a lot, only so that it knows.
The redundant= variety BEATEN of Economic Disks - these give you that they read that& it writes your tolerance of the fault of the data, or more speed, or so much, mostly is for servers or of the big-computers of house of the end and canal of laws.
Creation of content, as it requires date-redundancy here, and for that, and the occasional big file that edits in 3d creation of terrain, this walk returns a bill!

Will be to take more than these types. It can not recommend quite - still with all a technology-critical of place.
5 / 5 Vern
Has the 7 old year turn of desktop this there has been the traditional hard walk. May Since update in of the Windows 10, one shoes up was sooooooo lentil. It is prende to time to update in the solid of state walk (SSD).

Has chosen this mark so that his web of place there has been the information that shows that is compatible with my exact mark and model of desktop. They have had also excellent instructions in his web of place for so to clone my old hard walk in a nine unit

- Easy installation
- Easy to clone old hard walk (required some products of extra / devices to help with this)
- was like my computer was exactly an included - all my programs and the files were only there with a process to clone and now his sper fast.
- A software to clone in Crucial the calls of place Acronis. Any sure if this more recently available that some other descriptions on here.
- Relieving fast boot in
- Bios instantly has recognised a SSD likes walk of boot. I do not have to configuration to mark very additional.
- The information in Crucial the web of place was very useful

- A process the clone involves some additional squad like the SATA in cape of USB that will use only or time. I have bought east a: USB to Cut 3.0 in SSD / 2.5-Inch SATA Adapter to Walk that it Takes [Optimised By SSD, Support UASP SATA III] (EC-SSHD)
- has not been to clear of Crucial information that would require to purchase the box of conversor of one 2.5 walk of inch in the 3.5 bay of inch.

Each desktop and the laptop is different, like an extra squad will require can be different of mine.
1. Sure when being to back up everything of your anterior files anything.
2. With a power in your computer WAS and UNPLUGGED, opens a case and identifies where your current hard walk is localised. The figure was as it is trace . The mine there has been guides that screwed in in a front of a bay and attached in a walk takes.
3. Probably you require you the box of the conversor yes is installing he in the computer of desktop. Only it looks for 2.5 in 3.5 walk takes the conversor and would have to find some options.
4. It buys the new SATA cape as it is by train to take you a maximum action of your new SSD. I have bought east a: Monoprice 18-Inch SATA III 6.0 Gbps Cape with Closing Latch and Covers of 90 Titles - Blue
5. The cloning is one issues an easier to go , which ways your operating system, files, the software and everything require to be transferred of your old hard walk in your nine unit A Acronis software of Crucial the web of place has done this easy. Had the little little quirks with east:
unit A SSD has to be plugged in a PC, otherwise can not install a software. That is to say where a SATA in the cape of USB enter real handy.
b. A calm software give you some few options of manuals or automatic parameters to clone. In a SSD, any need the partition. There is any profit of the action is, as if your old hard walk is hendido, could wants to choose some manual parameters. I some manual parameters, only to do sure a software read some correct walks.
c. Quan Begins a process to clone, will take the message that some necessities of PC to be has restarts. You have to to the left to restart. Quan He , a computer will go in the road that is to control for a Acronis the software and he will begin a process to clone. There is the box of control in escabaa down when complete'. Deja concealed has verified.
D. Like That big your old hard walk is, this process will take SEVERAL HOURS. I have begun mine before I put to bed me and all has been done when arouses. It was probably quite 3 hours. In all the case, my point is that it is not something will finish in an evening.
5 / 5 Gil
EDITA/ACTUALITZACI -- in exploring other descriptions by so Crucial MX500, remarked or this has mentioned not taking a 'code of activation' for Acronis-- this was Crucial anterior system (download of Acronis directly, then uses Crucial code) -- AT PRESENT (April 2018) necessity to go in crucial(dotcom)/support/ssd and launch his On-line SSD install guide -- in one according to Phase (if memory) has the nexus in a Acronis software to Clone ( necessity to have your new Crucial SSD already plugged in USB) -- will install it and Actuate directly w/or the code, once recognises a Crucial SSD

ALSO -- another critic has mentioned Acronis automobile-rebooting to clone -- this (perhaps) depends in yours diagram of current partition or particular hardware, or perhaps in yours You and version. In my case (Windows 10 view 1709), has selected once road 'Automatic' and conjoint'ource' and 'Objective' then 'Go' -- the toast has burst up quite hutting the disk of the source . . ' And After a bar of the progress of the Cloning has opened well in a Desktop of Windows ( was, of course, Closed Out of doing anything more -- but the mine Cloned directly of Windows 10)

OF ENTITY (probably?) -- Crucial the guides say to LEAVE Your AGAIN-CLONED SSD PLUGGED In USB, UNTIL the COMPUTER FULLY is CLOSING. Quan My Cloning completed and has punctual data in eshutdown now,' asked me initiate it to him Quickly of Windows' would write another 'hiber.Brink In disk -- he so opened the Punctual order (how Admin) and hutdown.exy Has Entered /s f /t 0' -- then disturbed if that was the deception (any one in of the Crucial instructions). I can inform law even so -- once take it a MX500 SSD the installed and backwards of together laptop, fell time very first, and any subject since. Like eshutdown.exy /s f /t 0' the order will do (even so probably very necessary)

HAS WANTED only clear some points ( and hopefully help) after seeing a bit that battles to find that/ they actuate a Acronis software, or this has described the process of different cloning (perhaps because of the hardware/involved You ?) While it describes it down, found a quite mere process -- so long like spears of Crucial On-line SSD Install guide (crucial(dotcom)/support/ssd -- then low and finds)

This was mine 3 HDD in SSD update for several familiar laptops (all Crucial mark, two soyX300' in of the marks the year, this model this new plus soyX500' only now), and has to say -- Crucial, with a current Acronis the download provides SSD clients, has done that disk of the absolutely mere clones. A last Acronis had used still required to create the 'Tools of USB' clave, boot of east arrests to clone, like the walk of Windows could be unmounted for a process -- This running Acronis tin felizmente 'lock' an internal walk, as you can clone right of some Half of Windows, in your new SSD plugged in USB (issues SATA3/cape of adapter of the USB or HDD-in-enclosure of USB -- if it does not have one, will require to order w/ yours SSD).

In fact, Crucial has done an integer 'Change of Career' the appearance of one updates easy-peasy, among his Acronis software to join and the on-line guides have detailed. The big problem has is a tendency in the Fully Internal stacks in today more slender-the notebooks the clear plus -- prying one opens without clashing a Button of Power in a accidentel half-the open boot can be the sphincter -clenching experience. Once that the stack is unplugged, change a quota -cloned SSD in a caddy or bracketry and connecting SATA3 is mere -- then a subject to break a laptop all back together without pinching LCD/Touchscreen/WiFi the capes of Antenna are again tense (Youtube &62;&62; it researches your Model 'disassembly' -- electrical guitar of rigid plastic-chooses in pry -- PATIENCE and deep respites).

A Upside -- the speeds/ less less/ can heat/ less Silence/ of weight -- of SSD in HDD is some of everything, or at least soyet-marks like Samsung/ SanDisk/ PNY/ Kingston, etc, as well as this 'Crucial' (Micron) mark. It can it does not want to trust your Data/ bounces/ and learn you-process in a 'was-mark' for a sake of the few dollars (I any one) -- but for some big names, your election probably rests so much in yours the consolo the level with some Tools to Clone/ Guide/ the support offered by the particular mark so much in prize. The tent and compares similar technology (ie, 3D NAND) of similar generations, and the be sure is comparing 'note of consumer' with 'note of consumer' and 'Pro' with 'Pro' -- probably will find prize of similar measure-the class is inner few dollars, mark in mark. Alone name, am 3 for 3 now with Crucial soyX-' serious SSD is -- given my art-level, is thrilled with Crucial !!
Pair Of things, clave-installs . . . .
1. Windows 10 Has 'Walk Optimaztion' (of-frag) has ignited by default -- the majority of sources said that that is to say nonsensical in a SSD (any platter to turn or Read/to Write direct in movement -- the Solids of State walks can access any cell, any time, in enough of same speed), and included can be detrimental in a SSD. A firmware can scatter data and of files for cell 'this wear of levels,' and does not want Windows clumping that behind up. Like the tart of the tap' begins to write 'optimise' and click an upper result 'Defragment and Optimise Walks' -- when opens, click to Excel yours 'C:\' walk in upper box, clicked a button 'Advanced' down, and UN-chess 'Run in the Schedule. . .'

2. For typical users', would have to returns in Crucial support/ssd website, the download and install 'Executive of Crucial Storage.' Calm once has opens, the click soyomentum Hide' and then 'Enables.' Pro-The users have signalled has entered other descriptions (goes soyX300 the descriptions of the series ) has clearer, the majority of effective tools for agents a SSD -- is the Pro, knows that it is. For a rest of us, things of mere Crucial marks with the Executive storage

3. Mina soyX500' SSD has entered the Dell Inspiron 3169 (Core m3 - 6 gene) and this laptop has 4 GB DDR3L soldered on -- no SODIMM empty at all. Commentary Q&An on some other laptops with the solos SODIMM (factory 4 GB) questions on update in 8GB -- has to notebook/of laptop with only 4 GB and a HDD, would recommend a SSD FIRST update. Shows of the extra ram in Heavy-that Final of attributes or the intensive video that edits -- a SSD improves Action on EVERYTHING, every day. Besides, a much faster Reads/to Write of a SSD vastly improvement paging access of file (the Virtual memory of Windows' or Linux'wap room') -- a lot of typical users' could find 4 GB the ram is enough, with SSD paging . . .
5 / 5 Ouida
It IS pleasantly surprised in that hurriedly was able to clone my integer to walk that it takes (250 GB used of 1000 GB) in a MX500 SSD. I have used Acronis Image Roughly 2016 that follows some instructions to use a 'Acronis bootable half comunicacionales' accuses to clone. Here it is in the to the east likes me in of a walk: 1 silence Perfecto (the walk takes clunking and thumping is gone), 2 Windows 10 fast boots, 3 Some applications like Quicken 2017 and Excel looks faster to upload (but has not measured as it can be it my imagination ), and 4 My newspaper Acronis backup (in a backdrop) of my whole computer in the walk of grandson has taken only quite 1 hour versus 5 hours before (has not expected this and can not count he). It have expected the pair C applications that debits the enormous files that takes 13 bren and 17 bren to upload with my old old walk to upload faster with a MX500 SSD but they any one (again can not count this). It buys this walk again!!!
1 / 5 Carole
It fails afterwards 1 month. Spent 3 days and another $ 150 test imagines was why failure. They go with Samsung
2 / 5 Daisy
Orderly 12 of these for the NOSE setup.

Mandate 6-25-18
is arrived 6-26-18
the errors have informed in 6-29-18

6 Walks have unreadable sectors in 3 days of use. Fearful to ask amazon for repayment because of the recent users that is to kick out of Cousins for legit reason - bad products what east.

Hopefully A support in crucial will be able to assist with substitution
5 / 5 Amy
I have installed this in mine 2009 13' Macbook Pro and has done the enormous difference. It recommends this in any look to substitute the HDD.

has the 2009 Macbook Pro this was also slow to use.

Steps to Install:
has followed a guide ifixit.com to substitute my HDD with this SSD for one the majority of part.
1) Connects this SSD in your computer those uses the USB in SATA adapter like easterly a: USB to Cut 3.0 in SSD / 2.5-Inch SATA Adapter to Walk that it Takes [Optimised By SSD, Support UASP SATA III] (EC-SSHD).
2) Download SuperDuper! For Mac backup your current HDD in a SSD. I have tried to use my Mac Utilitat of the disk but he no . SuperDuper Has done adds and was able to clone my HDD in a SSD.
3) Test that some works of backup to change a startup disk your uses of computer to go in of the Preferences of System &62; Startup Disk and selecting a SSD which are connected in your MacBook. It restarts your Mac and verifies begins properly when bounces of a SSD. If this work felizmente moves on in a next step.
4) low Fence your computer.
5) Ploughs up you MacBook and substitutes a HDD with a SSD. It follows a iFixit the guides for has not detailed.
6) Begins your computer.
7) Enables the trim for your SSD to enter a Terminal and entering an order udo trimforce enables.'

If everything of these no felizmente would have to remark the improvement of significant speed in your Mac. It goes to update my RAM of 4GB in 8GB but can any one so that an improvement of speed is so significant to update in the SSD.
5 / 5 Frida
That is to say the add SSD but yes is updating a HP Pavilion (2018 vintage) with a processor of Intel of Core (i.et. Core i7), will have to treat a HP/Intel UEFI to bypass his routine of security. If you any one, take the soyissing automotive' message or some another atrocity, which are UEFI looking for the concrete sector in your walk takes these codes of validation of the control these covers your walk takes fell. You will require to take in some parameters of BIOS (touch ESC repeatedly during boot, then touch F10) to take in some parameters of FOREST, then 'enable' esupport of Legated' (i.et. Tour of UEFI security) to leave one any-factory-installed SSD to integrate in your laptop. I need this while your old hard walk is installed still, then re-kick to do a clave of parameters. He THEN yours cloning, THEN change out of walks, and would have to when being well.
1 / 5 Franchesca
I can not think this hard walk is died after 3 month, tried all a power in 15 minutes etc. Result Very good. READ The GUARANTEE!!!!! Ship behind in them in your cost, will determine that it is bad, can pay have ship behind in you....Here it is a subject a big plus , says has the 'trick' to take a unit these races, does not want my data in his hands! As my solution is to purchase the Samsung EVO 860 (has very, has purchased only a crucial while it was supposed to be upper knotch and was cheaper) drills the hole in a crucial and in some rubbishes goes. My loyalty is in Samsung and CAN waiver again. You can say, it was a walk takes, YEP or the hard walk failed in 3 month and my Samsung is any failure. I am not oblivious in a fact one of a Samsung the hard walks will fail but very afterwards 3 month....And will have signs of impending disaster to take my data of a walk. A Crucial walk, has had the plot of personal data that would have has wanted to to maintain but has gone now. Usually I back my walks in the each 3 month or after the significant quantities to require maintain the data is in a walk. But earnest be with you, thinks that the new Crucial walk would fail after 3 month and when begins to look for troubleshooting information and an internet (elder of age in of the crucial forums) is littered with 'when yours the fault of crucial walk' would suggest there is not the problem? If has the Crucial walk and he do for me always ADDS! Mina any one and will not be the crucial client anymore!

Top Customer Reviews: Patriot Viper Elite ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Nathaniel
The cost checked Paired this with a ASRock b350 , gave a lot of careers of subject in 2133 or like this stock. Has no OC to 2400, but estaca and any subject. One of some interior of available rams more economic a moment
4 / 5 Connie
The cost has checked Junk.
Has ordered 2 8Gb (2x4GB) boxes.
One was DONA and a 2nd box is lasted so only the month before one of some claves has been bad.

Paired With a AsRock B250m Pro4
4 / 5 Margert
Works partorisca Purchase verified perfectly. I have used he with my b350 tomahawk and my ryzen 5 1500x. I am gone in bios and one has run in 2400 and another 2133, but is the simple and easy overclock partorisca take them so much that career in 2400. Very happy with a compraventa, and looks a lot well in mine black and red build. ( It ignores a gtx 560 in a picture, am using a paper of old map while the prices go down)
4 / 5 Ricki
The cost has come checked with a feasible clave another was faulty will be partorisca return for substitution
5 / 5 Diann
The spent the work has checked adds with my Ryzen 5 1600 and Gigabyte AX370-GAMING3 motherboard.
Not looking the overclock. Running stock so only.
5 / 5 Shandra
The cost has verified These are decent but a coolers is a lot of flimsy and rattle loosely in some chips, any insurances in his longevity been due to of the this, imagines partorisca give sustain a vibration of the chance with the metal the fresh plus that shook around some chips in a less is not ideal.
4 / 5 Sabine
The cost has verified This DDR4 to law by heart likes me feigned, and a colouring returns my diagram quite well. There is not having the question I of builds my car. Totally 100 it recommends!
5 / 5 Veronique
Spent the quality has checked Adds and produced global. It has had to that take plastic shells this in spite of otherwise would not return with a same ram in a future. Also these are well for the estimativa but can , perhaps go for 3000mhz ram. Invernadero Some for $ 100 for 2 8gb claves.
5 / 5 Audrea
Produced of Quality partorisca Purchase checked with good latency partorisca a price. Apt well feels well, the price adds. The ram is comparable to products more expensive with same speed. It takes this in corsair or another overpriced ram.
5 / 5 Maya
The cost has checked Shoulda has read some descriptions: of the estacas out of two in these insiemi is likely bad. The mine has been bad roughly three month with which have completed my build.