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Top Customer Reviews: ZD-V+ USB Wired ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Only it take these hours of the pair of the marks of element and it beginning those touches immediately. My opinion is this gamepad is the better road that similar logitech gamepad F310. Especially, for a game to battle so Mortal Kombat A creation of D the help of tampons the plot to press right directions and execute a wished combos :D.

Uses a later Wins.10 And I have tried a gamepad in steam MKXL. Calm only covers it and the game does not require to install any application. Besides it is the small heavier that logitech F310 but is not something queixar in an opposite will want to join you the weight is properly.

Quan In the first place begin to touch some buttons were few rigid but after the pair of games finds his place.

Please to the left know me has very questions, before you purchase this element.

Thank you,
5 / 5
This controller has been bought to touch some ROM/of emulators in my Surface Pro. It weighs slightly clearer that a PS3/4 controller, and has the very smooth listen (like oposar- in a sudden plastic in some of an another PS controllers).

Even so, an edifice and listens is a lot of values a prize. It does not listen like cheap plastic and has resisted crushing harm (has been closely packed with other things and launched around unwittingly). Some buttons, comprising some clave of equivalent, is very responsive and fast. I have recommended already this in another and will buy this exact controller again yes needs another. You are recognised immediately in my Windows 10.

A class of shiny plastic of fingerprints of covers, but does not take functions of a controller or gameplay at all.

Pros: Cheap, durable, responsive cape, long.

Gilipollas: Any one concealed to affect gameplay, but smudges is the fingerprints is perceivable.

In general, controller very good. Highly I recommend it.
5 / 5
To the left ready the in me positive and and negative first. Then I will go to detail
Positive: in spite of a prize a low plus, this controller is quality adds .
Among an aesthetically pleasing box. And the foam has used to to maintain it sure during shipping. It covers and game. A measure is well. Access properly in my hands. Comfortable equivalents. And when being very he.

Negative. It takes some taking used his does not take pressurised triggers. It uses triggers of click in place of a common pressured triggars.
A light FOCUSED in a half is troubling in the room has darkened. ( It has recorded only on he with some piece duct tape)
Neutral(good or bad access) the period of cord is that it expects for the pc the product has based.
IS in meso while he xbox 360 cord. So you are looking for something for console. This can not be since you. I am using he for laptop/pc so period of the cord is not something preoccupy me quite.

Opens For the description has detailed.

This controller preforms and when being so mainstream and the mark by name likes him sony duelshock and Microsoft xbox controllers. That with any covers of controller only he in and the engine will install.
Left me the beginning has been to say that I am gone in this controller so that duelshock amounting of Sony of the controller always loose result after use. And Microsoft xbox amounting of controller squwaked all a time. (And rubber of use of equivalents of Microsoft which can do your yolks listen uncomfortable with the constant that rubs) has has not had any one of some subjects has listed with this controller.
Among perfect condition. As I Have said that that taken to take used to some buttons to cause so that they are essentially some same and 'bumper' buttons.
Any one of my clave of buttons or take bonded, and they all does well. A controller does not have grips of rubber, which the to premium in me so that the rubber tends to spend and at the end when being rough in a rind. Some looks of controller like durable like controllers of console of mark by name, actuate has not abused never my electronic as I am not an expert.
( Would not go launching he in a fund or wall)
A plastic does not look cheap at all. To well sure the very when being no in so some crappy third party knockoff would expect for the low prize has taken.
Has had very subjects of connection at all. To finish to finish dry this controller is to well sure the value that takes is ailing of Microsoft or Sony that extorts your money for less than work of satisfactory quality.
5 / 5
I am very happy with purchase of mine. Very easily imagine it are, limits and go. I am the life -player of the long asteroids and this are why and has purchased this, has wanted the touch in my laptop. The prize adds, sper the fast delivery and I are satisfied enough with my compraventa. I mean in of the potential buyers that this vendor spends a controller that law with Windows 10 as well as when being backward compatible. Many of some controllers to choose of no with Windows 10, likes buyer beware. It buys this controller and enjoys your games.
2 / 5
I am rasgado in this controller. Has the plot of the good things that vain for him, but almost so very negative lining it behind.

-Solid edifice. At all rattling around that the does not have to when being , likes him in some cheap controllers have used, and some solids to be of the vibration also.
-Comfortable. The be as the controller has to, and there is any odd piece to nettle your toes. A plastic of an organism is silky smooth, and some grips of the rubber in some clave of equivalent is perfect.
-Good creation. While the does not look also so of the real roads, can say tried. Few decorations and the emphases of look of money very better that the plot other comparable products.
-The buttons of face are utmost. A D-the tampon and the face send the buttons answer so expected, and produces that in satisfactory accident, without being too strong. They listen the -bit- more rigid that the product has authorised, but is unlikely to remark unless it is by train to touch you the game in fight.
-Cover and game. I bought it to use with FFXIV, and the law adds, well out of a box. Any engine has required.

-The triggers and the bumper are not very responsive. Very calm has them slam to take them to do reliably, and has remarked included then unless I am pulling, will slip in timing when required to line the click. Some triggers are very worse therefore that some bumper.
-Too darn shiny. A smaller flu, perhaps, but a plastic of an organism is so shiny, the cheap looks. Very desire had gone with the mate is arrived.
-Blinding light. A light of the activation in a centre is so the brilliant coated he with the piece of tape. It IS well during a day, but touch with low lights, he zaps you well in some eyes.
-Rigid cord. Perhaps he time entered, but for me, a cord is so rigid, is not lost a kinks to ship. It does not impact his operation, but is troubling. Also it remarks that is to say the VERY LOW cord . Perfecto for me and my laptop, but touch of the distance in the desktop, or television, this is not the good election since you.

Desprs the year and the half (November 2018 while I write this, can experience initially 2017), is having some problem of entity in paradise. One causes this clave has continued to degrade at the same time of use (has been expecting perhaps some use would exit a kinks, but any one goes), and is seeing the plot of double register of my clicks. It IS more perceivable when cards of displacement. I will press down, and a thing will go has been in a side also. Besides, my clave of left equivalent has almost lost each sensibility. In of the games where the walking is usually an option, is run now or at all, any subject that softly a clave is nudged, or what big a sensibility is tight. (And no, this is not of D-cushions/the clave of Equivalent these changes. It have to problem also, but fixed the.)

Opens No longer recommends this controller, unless you go hard desperate and VERY does not want the peel was in 20 bucks. It is not a worse has not used never, but certainly does not have a power the stay had expected unemployed. I think there are better options for this point of prize. Entering, will be to bond with Logitech or Candy of the rock for mine had been he mark chooses.
5 / 5
Like The PC gamer uses the controller for some games. A a there was the work left at the end. I have bought it is one that the substitution and I have to say that for a prize is a lot of values a money. Some tones on explode each law without being sticky. A weight of a controller is in perfect. It listens well in my hand. A quality the build is well. Like the person has rid the wing to the left uses the combination of keyboard, smiled, Z Fang of joint and the controller. I trust in those uses my left hand for a mouse and my right hand in a Fang. Then and it uses a keyboard while I need also and a controller for steering in of the games that requires to direct. Some complaints for a cord of USB that I am quite down is almost cute while you can buy cords of extension of the decrees of less USB that 6 dollars. And the people that complains quite that takes some tones are to depress is laughable. This controller is reasonably priced and better concealed expected for a point of prize.
5 / 5
I am bedridden, as it has roughly pastime to maintain me busy, a duquel is video games that I game in my laptop.
My last controller of PC there has been a xbox be in him - has not liked him a location of some joysticks with my small hands and one issues some tones of arrow have done.

This one am add, the law immediately ails plugged went me using he for weeks any subject (paste in forest). When being well in my hands, would be well for another small gamers. Some tones of arrow are buttons more individual then in goes it to to him likes him a xbox of controller, which prefer so that it is more take in my left hand with my cerebral palsy to use a class of wheel without entering a wrong direction.
Records well with emulators. It has not tried in Steam still but no the voice when being a subject . It IS quite durable thinks, is fallen was my bed the small time (admitted, in carpet) and has not broken, included when fallen out of my nightstand in my trashcan when fall to try to create .

For those of you concealed has grown up touching Playstation, thinks that it will like you one issues these controls, when being and looks. Very similar.

Is debating Among pc controllers and like this the better form that another, would say to give this or tries it.
3 / 5
I have bought this controller for GTA 5 in PC. I have seen an earlier critic bashed some controls of back (R2 and L2) and can confirm a same thing. The moment that behaviours, has to press L2 so hard like possible for full acceleration. Also it finds a joystick control the small jerky also. I am not sure it is one issues a game is designed or some buttons, but often takes shot up be the responses been due to retarded. I am quite sure is the most only quality down that an anterior PS2/PS3 the controllers have the habit of.

Has wanted the the cheapest controller that $ 40 and has taken one . All the work and is some updates of a mouse/of the keyboard has used. It does not expect enough a same experience like controllers of true console. I will resolve to conceal it purchased for a bit gaming has time for, but think that is taking of an experience. The missions look harder that have to when being . Aim and the looks to shoot has has retarded responses. This controller very totally mamma, but is to good sure very crazy quite the. My council is can provide the best one and calm touch calms frequently that I , then costs an extra cost.
4 / 5
So much, he the a lot of years have begun gaming in an original of Nintendo. A controller of the game has done well and has not imagined never anything more until - each which as another gaming to the console is start . In the each of his respective iterations. I am fallen enamoured with a PS3 and a smooth character of a controller. Quan Has done a movement in PC gaming - quite done 7 years longed the controller that has duplicated a PS3 for his' natural access in my hand and a smooth character in some joysticks. This one puts to bed in if any one totally that matches that takes of my PS3. Even so - and this is not the critic of a controller, is the commentaries in my preferences for gaming to arrive to this point in my life - am the PC gamer. I give me the mouse and the keyboard. That is to say everything questions. This controller is VERY GOOD. But, I have used the mouse and keyboard for so long that return in the gaming the controller is the difficult transition to do . If you are new in PC gaming and wants the quality very-Xbox clone gaming tampon, that is to say an entrance . Fully indorsement with this device. (I the only desire would found this quite 6 years and 9 earlier months!)
4 / 5
It IS the very of the controller has done well. Some joysticks listen better that a real PS4 controller. Quality of tez wise his probably more robust also. A cape is the grave small but works in the desktop without isssue. You would require one extends with the PC of room wich is common with controllers of PC.

An only subject has is with some triggers. (That R2 and L2 would be). They are buttons of pressure in place of regular axis. Knowing that it takes to press among 1 and 100% entrance is difficult. Lining them down for the periods have extended in of the games where these are your throttle and the buttons to brake resulted a subject and your wheel of toes . If you are going in only use them so the buttons touch you would have to be very even so. Although they move so far like some bumper in the before recording entrance.

Top Customer Reviews: NACON Controller ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
2 / 5
Some looks of the controller well has done; even so, a underside the buttons are so flush with a carcass that when wants to use them the can not find to actuate. In one another hand, is so sensitive that constantly actuate the when it do not want . In general a creation of some additional buttons was the poor election--IMO. In fact call it his defective!
For a $ $ $ did not expect it dysfunctional creation--is Returned.
5 / 5
A lot of very good controller. Having Accident C40 TR and this, frequently alternate among so much bren some games are touching. Both have is pros and gilipollas but a Nacon to good sure when being better in a hand and thing more ergonomic, only can take some time to take used to a S buttons by behind a grip and initially could take the pair of accidentelle presses. For any user of Xbox of controller of the way there is any road to exchange some clave in difference of a Star but prefers a Xbox drawing as it is perfect. I still amiable to wish that they had maintained a R1 and R2 buttons a road was. At present they are some versions of the click of the mouse likes some people could take the moment takes used his, but he shouldnt taken far too very time. The May IS returned in my original of dual accident never since using an earlier Nacon Revolution 2. A downside in that go any lean wireless and neither wireless audio backed. This a so much! But precise sacrifice he usb empty while it comes with him dongle that it has to be plugged in at all times. No the problem yes already has it usb hub. Very customization and included a clear around gives can change a right of clave of equivalent in the quantity limited of colours as well as adjustable brilliance. It buys this controller! That is to say everything will say.
2 / 5
The software requires a ssh connection in Nacon ftp server to pose this up and use in the PC. Besides, a code is not signed. Two strikes. I have left a process when 2mb of my data was has uploaded already. The sure May By the left unless I am controlling entrance. Tried both PC and Mac and an application will not upload if a connection is denegada. In the win7 accounts to regulate, clashes a system so that ssh precise admin right. It looks bad codified.

Regarding a controller, is well. Look to substitute my Razer Wildcats but a paddle the creation is - was (sry, can not describe very better). Thumbsticks IS also More i loose concealed prefer - similar in the used xbox elite.
4 / 5
It IS the very built controller with above half ergonomics. It blows some anterior genes of Nacon controllers out of a water with this appearance. The plus has taken of drawee of one 8 connector of the pin of a first gene is now brother and or test of loan.
Personally would like me to be of big to the long of some lines of the scuf the controller but that it is the personal preference . Some buttons are well, but tried it once a Razer Raiju all the buttons of face listen class of meh. Some bumper (R1-L1) is fantastic, any only compared in of the anterior versions but in of the buttons of bumper in general, some clicks give is fantastic.
Sadly is not each which adds, a life of stack, while better that controllers of Sony normal, is not a better in only 8 hours, but then has to commit one of some sins of cardinal of controller; forms of Uncomfortable button.
Concretely IS triggers (R2-L2) has these esoft' 90 verges of title in some interiors where some grooves of your earth of the toes yes has long toes. It IS especially perceivable in the games where has to line down a trigger for long periods of time, concretely in common games. A bit you can you remedy this to design your toes behind, but has to does not have to compensate in the product this coast $ 177 that it has to surpass and sake in $ 200 with surpassed. It IS simply objectionable.
But that it is is only to of entity. In general, it recommends to take the, but expect for the bit of the drop of prize or until they fix some triggers, whichever comes first.
4 / 5
Quan In the first place took a controller, has been blown has been arrest all a customization the options have had well out of a box. Some 3 sets of the weights can attach in a controller done the world of difference ( legustado use me one 10kg ), together with a domed thumbsticks and measures of variable axis so much yours decrease of radii of service. A controller, of course, is the gesture has been that the controller of Xbox traditional and with comes the strong grip, ergonomic those beats a DS4. Some buttons in a backside, even so slightly more flush that would like me to of him, was quite easy to achieve and hurriedly could be attributed in almost any button in a controller without a necessity for extra software. A life of stack satisfied my expectations and matches a DS4, last around 8 hours. Also it use it characteristic of different lighting so that it has maintained he default can have hard longer. A customization the characteristic apresamiento when link you with a Nacon the software is surprising. The calm left you to change your clear parameters, changes a sensibility in your cause and thumbsticks, changes some tasks of button for each button very only some back buttons, and the crown he everything to era can upload 4 profiles have separated each what so with his parameters has done own.

Opens For a reason is returned my controller .
Enjoys to use my headset yes is connected with the receiver or plugged in the controller. Even so, this controller compresses a microphone on all headsets in a point that you can not be listened by any one is speaking with. Multiple test headsets and has connected included a controller in my PC to see yes prende mere casualidad was my PS4. Still after exchanging the anteriorly the controller bought for another, a subject has persisted still. If any one of calm is reading this and plan on using the wire fence headset, does not buy this controller. It IS a subject with a software built in a controller, and is included worse when tries to use a wireless controller.

Want the controller built for competition and also under $ 200, this controller am adds; but you go to use the wire fence headset highly recommends to look elsewhere.
5 / 5
That is to say the update of any complete of V-2 very only with presentation but customization also. It enters his own little spending if that thinks is awesome. My only worry is for a joystick the limits can change cual was and the dread over time can lose his rigidity and any one to remain in. The only time will say.

There is a V-2 would suggest to try the. If you are debating among the this is a Razer a, tries this calm to save you forty dollars and the calm will not be disappointed with this compraventa.
5 / 5
I have wanted an ergonomics and location of joystick of my xbox controllers and now concealed changed in PS4 looked to take something similar in him. That is to say by far a controller has tried better, when being add, is the also expensive bit but marks PS5 compatible then is that it goes in totally estimativas. A life of stack is surprising, has not died on me still and and'the voice touched by 3 wireless hours.
4 / 5
That is to say a better PS4 controller by far! I want a creation of a controller so that I am more than a Player of Xbox, but has both systems. I have bought only the new game only available in a PS4 and has known would be to pose the plot of time in him, as I have decided that it was necessary to look for the better controller then a controller that comes with a PS4. I have found easterly an afterwards look in the few different controllers and has decided that this was a a that more access my way. Quan Took it, I hurriedly unboxed the. The interior avenges with a awesome case, capes of clave of extra joy and an amazing usb cape to touch a controller. Oh, also it comes with a usb dongle that is required for the use wirelessly, concealed is not the breaker of enormous roads for me. Also it comes with 6 little weight that can exchange and situate in some grips of a controller for the weight has semi-detached, 3 different measures for each grip. With all apresamiento, an usability of a controller and a time that a hard stack, would say that that is to say a better controller can take for a prize and a PS4!
5 / 5
Low pound a controller of Playstation better to date. When being add and fact of materials of quality. It has battled always with controllers of Playstation because of the combination of his small measure and my big hands. This controller totally takes any one and all the subjects have had with cramping and amasses multiple buttons accidentally. An only subject is a prize but is still value he because of a factor of consolation. The controller is also full customizable with programmable buttons, the extra buttons have compared in a regular controller, and same weight to give a perfect weight.
5 / 5
Update of entity of a Rev Pro this has had, included although a d-to the pillow looked the dealbreaker. The covers of software for the change of 4 in 8 road and my entrances go to pardon in crispy as never like his well. The triggers listen to surprise and some bumper is 100% better that never. Amur A when being of him on everything, and a location of new button for a backside paddles had me preoccupied quite at all lol. I dig a new software also very easy to use. I know he youtuber that adds it tutorial of him is interested

Top Customer Reviews: USB Wireless Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this partorisca touch the games of PC likes him the description has said to be compatible. But to the delivery could say in a box that has been fact partorisca games of Android and is not returned a description, I plugged he to my PC in all the chance partorisca see yes perhaps a packaging was different of some capacities of a crew and concealed has not been a chance. A controller has not done in my system of the computer and I has has had to that the turn. If you are looking for the PC Gamepad looks elsewhere but him the the android is that need he Gamepad partorisca then this surely will do a trick.
4 / 5
Has bought this controller partorisca mine gaming pc because a micro the cord of USB has maintained partorisca exit of a PS4 controller. So after using this Wireless Controller ossia my thoughts like this far.

Same with battery in him a wireless controller feels light. Personally prefer it to the note bit it heavier.
Both claves of joy tight rigid/celery to move. It was not yes over time and use that there one of this will go was but for now the meeting a bit last partorisca use.
A R2 and L2 the clave is gone in a cup of him but results flush in a fund of some the keys. Personally like a key(s) partorisca stick out of upper thorough.
Was very easy to use. It covers in a device of USB to a computer, Turn on Computer, Turn on Controller, and Game.

Partorisca A prize a controller is not bad and do like this said .. It has to that improve in a controller would owe that say (1) loosen on some claves of joy and (2) Clave out of a R2 & L2 of upper thorough.
5 / 5
This controller is very partorisca a prize. His very rigid and some keys are the pocola was . Not to buy it are touching the game where need some controls partorisca be on signal at all times. I have wanted to so only the economic controller to touch 'Trover Saves A Universe' and work. It is spent and game , he so that has any setup has required really. Calm to good sure take which pays stops. No attended to take the controller of upper quality orders it to him.
5 / 5
Feels like Playstation 2 controller
Good value, decent quality
on Wins 10 - Steam, the car installs engine
HAS the receiver of USB
2 EA the batteries have required , any one included
5 / 5
uses this product for mine gaming the laptop and I would have to that say taste afterglow to plot of better but could do not taking at the same time is out of stock everywhere and this product has the place where has to that dip the batteries does not return flush in a gamepad the seat has to that access flush with a gamepad is for this that take the 2 -stars to estimate the hips exits easy where has dipped some battery because where is not flush with to a compartment of battery likes would have to that be act a lot another that that so only be wear that taken this a behind where has dipped some batteries in a plastic piece is not flush after the in firm and exit very easy
4 / 5
I like this usb wireless gaming the creation of the controller. It is easy to operate and control. Nizza
4 / 5
Wow... A receiver of USB is like this easy to connect:

1. It covers in some headphones of USB,
2. Tour in a controller
3. And a esd read' lights to represent a success of a connection.

Then, ready for game. Like this good.
4 / 5
Master that. An only downside is a model of key. There I need to be an option to move them, likes X for 1 fixes is not in the plants still Likes X in another
5 / 5
the pleasure palying the games that use this controller, can be easy to cnnect to the mine portable, an operative distance is súper long, a lot smoothly to use, a creation are also adds, highly recommend!
5 / 5
am really happy that well this controller is partorisca a prize. It feels like the light more ps3 controller (still with the installed batteries, concealed is not included btw). It do not go the launching around but a quality of build is quite decent to look spent he for a prize. Has thinks that would have some issues to install the like this some descriptions were has bitten it dipped this in spite of him perfectly. I use Windows 10, uses to a same engine likes one wireless Xbox 360 controller. I had it it has used it previously a Xbox 360 Wireless Controller engine of Microsoft to the equal that am sure is this law of instructions so that it is having question.

There is remarked some analog claves were bit it rigid, which could break in with which awhile but so that they are to and-the sports competitively could love the controller of main final. So that so only it loves games of game without paying upper dollar, these controllers am prefect. Shopping again.

Top Customer Reviews: 2 Pack SNES Retro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
4 / 5
Plea of full authorship I game the TONNE of retro games. Has original hardware together with raspberry pi, computer, and emulation of console I use usb stops of controllers. With something economic I always expect low quality and is partorisca bet , but have A lot of BE HAPPY with these. Ossia In fact my third cost has used of these originally partorisca builds partorisca friends, but has used now these almost every day with my own boys in my house.

A A, B, X, and And the keys celery very good. They are not quite hardware like this very like this original ossia declares very maintained for a 8BitDo, but in the neighbourhood of a cost of 8BitDo thinks that is taking 80 or more than a quality.

Some corners have been cut to go down to this point of prize. A d the tampon is in a squishy side but a lot almost like this terrible like a lot of claim of people. I think that that it is resisted in fact on better that my Xbox 360 d tampon I use for emulation. In fact it thinks that it is quite a lot of - no excellent for any half - but is totally usable and calm still can touch competitively against some friends and some speed in current. A start and select the keys are not good but calm does not use those during an action. A L and R is not a lot very neither. If it touch the plot of fast paced games and require a L and R the plot, likes Instinct of Murderous, can wants to look elsewhere.

If these were twice a prize so only would take 4 stars of me. This in spite of, in this prize is quite excellent and easily take 5 stars. It likes-me this better that any another economic SNES the controller has used and included the prefer in mine Logitech F310.
5 / 5
On first use these looked well. They were extremely economic value and looked he. After the weekend of the heavy use with friends discovers some definite subjects with a D-tampon. So only verifying out of the looks of game to do well. Touching some quite competitive games (has done in the mostly NHL '94 and '95 as well as Súper the punch Was!) We remark a precision of D tampons was the bit to frustrate. Unless you are very careful with your toe that plant sometimes pressing L or R will result in UP or DOWN. Usually this is not a @@subject but with games that requires the plot of precision is quite frustrating.

One of some controllers looked worse that another but was present in both. Again, any bad for game of random game but frustrating for game of game of the precision.
4 / 5
This celery really near of some original controllers that is coming with an original SNES, so only the teensy lighter of has bitten. When I am touching, I can not say a difference among these and some originals. I am using these with my Raspberry Pi and with my MacBook Pro. REALLY happy with cost of mine and that loves these controllers.
5 / 5
For a prize, these are fantastic, this in spite of pays more for better quality.

The one who the half is that his well. They are original SNES measures of controllers, form, and mostly feel. My woman wants to touch a classical game grows on on, but has commented whenever touching with the Xbox the controller felt odd, as it take these for sound.

Says that they are much more comfortable for his, and really likes him. It has given one moves it to dip he by means of him is no. there is not remarked any subjects with a D-Tampon, with pressing, says On, and having record like this On Left & , or anything. It looks to be attentive and has not had any questions that uses it. Some keys also do well, his this in spite of celery likes is pressing down in economic plastic keys, and does not have a solid still feels that an original SNES the controllers have had. Felizmente Pays $ 10 - $ 20 more for controllers that feels exactly like some originals in qualities of build.

Finally: For a prize, these are the fantastic shot like his so only well, this in spite of could be better.
5 / 5
To the equal that can have the raspberry pi addiction. Anyways Has bought 6 of these controllers, and be shipped 4 more like this substitutions. A touch of key is well.. It likes a Búfalo of some for that the few improvements, but in $ 20 the pop for those... I possess one for when they are wall jumping in Súper Metroid. Otherwise These are well.

Now, reason some substitutions? 3 it Has died on me, but I WITH WHICH contacted in fact based in my description and sent 4 new some. Now my original two east the old year to use to have that heavy and is well. New some like this are that they resist on just well, as I think that that it take some this there has been something goes bad... Manufacture, harm of water in some point, or the one who knows that. But the inferior line is work well, and a company obviously concerns when we follow me to knots down and substitute them.
4 / 5
Cheapo Controllers That is work for random games. I did not expect it to be attentive reason is like this economic and a dpad is not attentive. Partorisca To to random games like mario, mario kart, of games of sports, the majority of beam ups and games of puzzle this is not the question.

Reason is dpad the accuracy of entity? Well you touch games like this Against, struggling callejero and calm require some directional keys to do precisely to execute movements of the precision then will find it extremely frustrating to use these controllers reasons his so only any one a work as well as some originals. For chances, will find that when it press down sometimes he also done your movement of character lateralmente or tries anything concealed requires diagonal accuracy good regime with that a.

In general is economic controllers abonos for random gaming ( has used he for mine retropie without any questions ). They have taken a retro snes look down and ossia roughly like this as well as I can give he in these considerations. For the better accuracy wired controllers without breaking a bank would recommend a logitech F310. Also they have the wireless version for more $ . I have been using a logitechs in place of these for mine retropie reason would like me the mine dpads to do of a way would expect them to and no only look snes controllers for a sake to look them. For this reason can no to recommend them to any that in fact wants to take by means of all some levels of any touch of games or wants to touch any games to struggle or side scrollers this requires attentive dpads.
5 / 5
Has bought these for my fiancé last year for his anniversary. Arrival to break his book a lot afterwards take them leave unable to use his hands for skills of fine engine at all. He finally finalised with his physical rehabilitation done two month and has begun to use some controllers. It is like this happy to take to use them and aim me all some use of old games to touch with his grandma when you are the boy . Unfortunately, a clave of keys. It was not bad at the beginning but is taken to a point where resists down one And key to run in Mario and he then paste a B key to jump some keys so only remain pressed down. Has the hard time that use his hands and with some keys that the estaca sucks a legislation of joy out of his face in his third game on in world-wide one of Ass Kong Country. It says that we require to buy tampons of silicon and substitute them and this could do a trick. But, it was not that he that to me. And, that really would not owe that be a chance that considers use the one who small has had. Hopefully I few months can buy some new some for Christmass.
4 / 5
Is spent any time with a real SNES controller in your hands, this is not that it is looking for. A weight and feel is all wrong. It conceal it is not a worse part this in spite of. A worse part is a tactile feedback . It is unreliable, inaccurate and so only all wrong. A 'click' that no diverse chair with a key in fact that registers a press. A result is has to that really mash this key down loves it to him to count.

An inferior line, has bought these and will be to give have been/launching them was. I can not be by train to use them. Each usb controller that has not used never has sense and better fact.
5 / 5
These do a lot well. Surprisingly very built, and some keys and d-cushion all the press well. There have it also a lot d-push of key of ghost of subject @of tampon with these. Both have tried perfectly in HTML5 Gamepad Declare. Celery almost identical to some originals SNES controllers. To good sure buy them again, and recommend them, also. The prizes add, also.

Using with to Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with RetroPie and to Raspberry Pi Zero W with RetroPie. I have it you try him also with mine W10 desk and portable, a be leading used for a HTML5 Gamepad Declare, and has done perfectly in both PCs.
5 / 5
13 Update of October
has been contacted by service of client in my description of this controller. I have been offered to try his up to date version, which have accepted.
A d-the tampon has been a lot has improved. It does not feel economic at all! A haptic the feedback is quickly and in satisfactory. It has given this produced 5 stars because it is the value adds , and iNNext has the support of client adds!
Has taken these to touch in the Raspberry Pi. They connect easily and work, as you would expect. A weight and feel of some controllers are almost exactly like some originals SNES controllers. Almost..

A subject:
A d-the tampon is extra economic, and leave is that immediately. Sometimes I owe that press I really hard just to register the response in-game. It feels a lot of sloppy and, with the lack of the better word, economic!

Top Customer Reviews: COOBILE Mobile Game ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
4 / 5
Grip Very solid. It is almost a same width like the ps4 controller like his a lot of comfortable to resist and situates my thumbs as it resist a real controller.

Likes a bit the people have mentioned this in spite of a distance of the attractive of the trigger is so only the little too far and can not be regulated.
This in spite of, of then everything in this grip is maquinal is a lot easy to fix with some paper:
1) fold on the small piece of paper in a width of a trigger and 1 thumb long.
2) Inserts/Inserts a legislation of paper on a trigger of metal
3) adds/ takes paper until the distance of attractive has wished is achieved

has pictures included of mine 'work around' and a distance of the attractive of trigger has reduced. When My telephone is in a grip has reduced an appeal of roughly 7mm to 3mm.
2 / 5
Economic. It does not feel legislation in boss. You owe that press hard in some triggers partorisca a screen partorisca recognise one shot or aim. Has the samsung commentaries 9. Any sure pleasure operates with other telephones, just mine. I am sending behind and asking the repayment. I will update a description can fix a question and repayment me my money

Whose shabby
5 / 5
A controller I experience has not had the partidrio so much life of battery didnt really apply.

This controller is to good sure one of mine favourite! In the first place it is ALL has loved in the controller. It is it likes it was drawn for a note 8! It can he use both with my chance, without pressing my keys lateralmente and with my protective screen with 100 reliability that when it pulls a trigger he that touches supposes to without takes. My screen is a artilugio saves 2.0 and a chance is a UAG.

The durability is to good sure better that has seen more. They are the quite consistantly newspaper gamer and his resisted up during an abuse of parties not going my way, would say that ossia for the win. This in spite of see abuse that the extreme can cause breakage like anything more. A build of this is not resisted together with the thin bosses like past controllers have tried like this creates the sound saves to say with normal use and the pocola cure this could last quite some time

the price is more economic that some have tried and the better quality to good sure values a compraventa

Comforts on everything is adds. Personally it would like me he bit it more the grip on to and using it as the stand of has fallen is pointless but neither of of those is enough to turn me was this product.

This product costs of the money. You take that paid partorisca with the little more durability that has expected.
5 / 5
The ones of way that there is far has touched the pocolos play and is utmost I has the galaxy S8 some reasons have bought is one,
1. It does not interfere with a volume or Bixby key the external difference some have.
2. His triggers are more afterwards to to a screen likes doesnt take a lot of attractive in a trigger partorisca shoot or aim.
3. Taking to a telephone a lot closely.
4. Has the good to feel in some hands and I have main delivery.
5. Some keys of those who annoy me on a screen.
Has bought a one without a defender and feels them my telephone that take warm but no warmer then do without a controller.

When That dipping up has to that disable emotes reason shoots well in a far key. But felizmente can be disabled.

Also require to change a key partorisca aim to the control is calm more has to that click a key of aim two times partorisca change to feign not aiming felizmente changing partorisca resist frames the only aims when pressed down.

Has uploaded the photo that objective some settings that the need has changed partorisca have smooth gameplay.
4 / 5
Partorisca IPHONE x users, ossia well because it does not press some keys of volume (or key partorisca be able to that depends that touch lateralmente)
the grip is sturdy
Swimming blocking one touching port
A lot responsive
Some keys of trigger are big on, the desire was adjustable to seat more afterwards to a screen.
Of some triggers are like this big, when calm press them the bit of the clapping sound when have paste a screen

In general are partorisca add but regulating some triggers partorisca seat more afterwards to a screen would delete all a gilipollas and the give to five star

ps has used my iPhone x partorisca take a picture is for this that there is a HTC in a has has shot.
5 / 5
Telephone: Galaxy S9+
Chance: Spigen thin

Ossia the simple still effective product. Some triggers are metal and responsive. Calm literally see a movement of a mechanism, a course that is touching a screen. Some grips are quell'has bitten more afterwards to the each one like this another, which leaves partorisca more than row partorisca your thumbs. There is at all that resists a telephone for a part that is very why leaves your partorisca upload and headphones to not being has blocked.

One the small critique is that the travesa of a mechanism is the little more along that personally it would like me, i.et. It likes to take the feedback partorisca press a key the little faster.
4 / 5
Easy to dip on. Recommended Because planting of the trigger is easily to toe partorisca until taking to in functions of game. I have bought these reasons my ' clip on' the triggers so only hamper a my pubg mobile way.

Fyi Access S10+. Taking to 4 star because has the defect of product, alcohol or calm the still works, but because of my measure of screen to mine in screen of game, planting of the key has to that be place correctly to maintain to press other keys that is fixed at stake (emote, key of report fyi). <--- Reason or cant moves these, a trigger didnt account for a placing and for this my telephone chairs slightly was centre. :(

NOW: I am going test Ak66 punctual controller, some placings to cause sense of mark and or can say has there was pubg mobile players in alcohols. Besides, his of entity to find the creation, especially is buying the controller of the full chance with toe causes that a side of some triggers of chances is opened! For example, these products have approached to that it has wanted it because when the telephone chairs horizontally in a chance, cord to be able to and headset the very obstructed discharge.
4 / 5
A controller feels well in some hands and some keys are responsive. Has the class of his still slap when attractive some triggers. Some questions some big plus has had has been with some keys that contact a screen and not answering . Utilisation a controller partorisca PUBG and have a fire lateralmente left and jump lateralmente well. Any always shoots full car when I press and resist a key. It is also a lot guarntee himself jump of paste that the one to jump in fact. Ossia The big ache in a butt yes is trying the loot in a conex boxes.

These questions can be something am doing them wrong. I have thought roughly adding some material to some contacts of hule. If I can he lame fijamente or begins partorisca do better, will update a description. Has the partner with a controller with a same question.
4 / 5
I have had this partorisca the few months partorisca touch PUBG in mine Samsung Galaxy S8+. Fact very well until it does not act . If has small book this would be the good election . Some triggers are in a backside very as XBOX or Playstation controller. It was not that has spent that I broke it, but some triggers have prendido partorisca do mid game. In general, I say that it is the good controller but can be better quality .
4 / 5
Works well, but a grip of telephone paste a key of volume in mine IPHONE 8 More than blockades a screen during the battle has heated.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech Gamepad ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Fast description of a Logitech F710 Wireless Gamepad. It takes this to use in the Windows7 PC with Steam (library of distribution of software/of digital game) and his 'big-Marco' subjects that can be it the games have used to of game in the television or out of the keyboard of mouse/of the tradition. Windows7 Has found an engine and installed the hurriedly without fuss. The games detect this cual the Xbox360 controller(tried with Borderlands2, Illa Dead, Necessity for Speeds and Blurs), while a way is more afterwards in the Playstation controller, a X And A B the buttons are more afterwards in a Xbox the controller and he utmost in this consideration(any one extra setup in the game required).

Likes him:
-Back of the controller there has been the be of plastic/of soft smooth sake
-the buttons and The Clave have control of good/weight
-Windows7 Found an engine and installed without fuss, ready to touch hurriedly
-Comes with name-stacks of mark (2x EA) already installed
-Comes with cape of extension of the USB to locate wireless receiver out of computer (has not required to do this even so).
-The games recognise likes him a XBOX360 Controller, any setup/joining required
-has used he with the field of 3-6 feet without subjects
-the clave has it textured rubber in an upper that is very well, when being add and the toes do not slip era.

-Some buttons have the sake to listen but sound very plastic (strong click-clack sounds when touching)
-Container (plastic clamshell) is easier to open that a bit, but still the ache and easily down your toes in some verges
-HAS one 8-road dpad but while UP-LOW-IZQUIERDO-the sum of RIGHT work and has the be of sake, NW/ANY ONE and SW/directs the in him takes some work to take right and has to the fact listens likes him is supposed only to be the 4-road dpad (any one the big roads for mine like him my games mostly use some clave).
4 / 5
It does years this was one of (if no a better) controller of PC around. Windows 10 Exited and in usual Logitech the way has not fallen an engine has update. It IS big secret cape that can use you an engine of Xbox 360 in of the Windows 10 for this controller but yes plans on using he for the steam in containing streaming the controller will find abundance of the games no properly with him without some measure to do around subjects (because of the steam that treats likes him the controller of Xbox).

This mark said sure to limit a nano auricular for this controller in your computer of far was to run in of the subjects comunicacionales. Quan Limits this in the nexus of records of steam well, if limit in a Intel need to Knot to use the cape of extension of the USB to maintain he out of a PC to eschew all a noise that a PC gives era. This is not the subject of Knot, a Logitech nano the headphones for the mice and the keyboards have a same problem with interference of your every day run of a PC to mill when limits the in directly.
3 / 5
I am the enormous adherent of Logitech and his products, as I have not had any reservation quite taking this controller. Once take it working, a sake to be of the controller and has the plot of the functions has built in liking me. A problem is, taking it work.

Has run Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10. Taking a computer to recognise a controller and the pair with him was the headache of entity. The tale is this , goes in [...] And it looks a video , clue some instructions. 5 minutes later my controller has done. This compared in 2 hours are spent in a telephone with Logitech, having the sensor to match of new USB routed in me, even so any solution.

The long history is Logitech does not offer support of engine for this controller of Windows 8. Any only that, but his department of support will run calm through the bouquet of troubleshooting no these marks look your machine is a subject . It is not . A nexus of the video has published is an only solution expsita, and work. Essentially it has to you fool a computer to think is a controller of Xbox so that it matches. Once that is fact , to to the show likes him a f710 in in to the of controller likes him has to. It have to this technical the small time, as when has updates in a party of the operating system sometimes is missing again.

One another the subject with this controller is concealed loses connection at random, those causes enter lag. A solution is often so mere like moving gesture of organism for the few inches. This incongruence in the entrance done a horrible controller for use of tournament or the games that requires the second time of party. It IS for this reason I is looking for the new controller.

Here is roughly positive:

- when being well in a hand and is very comfortable in of the sessions of long game. If you are the adherent of fashionable controllers of dual accident, knows that I bad.
- HAS the good weight in him, balances amiably manually.
- Button of road with clear of the indicator is the enormous plus . It leaves for hurriedly entered of change of D-tampon for clave of left equivalent with visual indicator.
- All some entrances of button have the good cradle in them, at all when being soft.
- 2 parameters of vibration, even so he or is quite strong for my flavour.
- Two EA last stacks the long sake while. Down the side is there is not any indicator for when is roughly in data.

This is not the terrible controller for any half. If you any one the import that poses up with this quirks that is to say. A lot of desire Logitech still available fact a f510 so it was the version wired of this controller. A f310 is wire fence but noise of lacks. A wireless signal those falls from time to time at the end pressed me in a verge after possessing this during the year +. Main thing, has to choose buy this controller, is bookmark a video of Youtube [...] While the calm guarantee will require is solution when a controller fails to match in your Windows 8 or 10 machine.
3 / 5
It has Had he that hangs two years and this are my opinion. Only it takes a Xbox a wireless controller want the totally hassle free experience.

Wins 8.1

does not cover it true and device of game. The download needs a software of Logitech first website to match he. Calm once have the laws of connection very good. But calm once is to touch fact and takes a nano auricular and then connects it after the few days, a controller more probably not connecting immediately. You will have to do a receiver identifies a controller those uses a Logitech proportionate software (Wireless Gamepad F710 Connects Utility). If has other devices wirelessly like him Logitech unifying auricular plugged near, a signal could fall, but has not spent in me very often. If you are using this for the PC of theatre of the house, highly would recommend to use a cape of the extension has distributed.

In one another hand, mine Xbox or the wireless controller is ready to touch a moment and covers in a receiver. Perfect connection every time with absolutely any signal falls anything. Any one necessity of any engine or software. It covers some just and game. In fact mine Xbox a controller is so more convenient concealed and has prendido using a Logitech unit

Another that concealed, a controller is done supremely well and is very robust with the sake heft in him. The life of stack is phenomenal also, is still to change some stacks this is coming with him when and bought it the new mark.
5 / 5
It see the people that has subjects with a field of a connection. For me, a PC is installed by behind my television of big screen. I have used an USB dongle which is coming with a tampon of game takes a small fob to seat under a television in a such support that is to centre and right under a television. A sofa where his and the game is among 9 and 10 feet of a television. There is has not had the problem with him links from here that. I will say a field does not look for to be equivalent in a wireless trackball and the uses of keyboard with a PC still.

Has seen the people queixen in that has to pose up or he no when the be has not recognised. Quan plugged In some windows of device of the USB 10 explosion in a 'new device' the message then second later a 'yours Logitech F710 gamepad is ready for use'... He then simply done in the each application that there was gamepad support. A Steam and the games have purchased of a tent of Microsoft concealed had gamepad sustain all has done seamlessly.
3 / 5

- Use the USB dongle, which ways with just quite anything and the calm does not have to match he on bluetooth or anything.
- Races in common EA stacks, as if your rechageable AAs the decree these loads, is returns big roads to substitute them.
- HAS all some common buttons that comprises the 'House' button that is useful to take on a Steam overlay in road of Big Picture.
- HAS support of noise.
- HAS the change to move among Direct Entrance and X Entrance, like your necessities.
- HAS the button of hardware to deactivate a characteristic of noise.


- Some triggers, ZL/ZR, L2/R2, anything calls them, is insanely rigid. That is to say a second an of these has purchased and is has taken so much. For platforming the games are well, but at all would recommend this for shooters. Heck My wheels of same toe after the laps of pair in the game in run, and has had to to turn down a sensibility in Minecraft like me any to have depress so far in order for them to record an action.
- Does not have any class of connection of USB in a controller he for operative on the way wired or recharging some stacks have in him while touch, which the averages if your data of stacks, physically has to take of a controller and situates the the upload, so he wants to maintain touching, will require to maintain the together second of stacks manually.
1 / 5
Gilipollas: The May could take It this thing to do reliably in pc. In a a game could take this to do on, had enter VERY PERCEIVABLE lag with a plus that blackout of occasional total for the second or 3. This thing was the total waste of $ $ $ . It opens Can very still it takes a pc to recognise a controller. The multiple things have tried, fresh stacks, different ports, different roads, diy vids, etc etc etc etc.
Has resulted= A damn big headache!

Pros: I have taken the sake $ 40 session of therapy of management of the rabies when exited behind and has broken this thing against to wall of brick, shattering he in the pieces of hundred. I have jumped then up and down in the, cursing corporate greed, promising boycott Logitech produced during 1 year! Hooray M!
3 / 5
Has two of these controllers, or during the year, and another for enough 4.

Finds that they are quite comfortable, and that some stacks last the quite good quantity if time. To well sure it does not listen cheap, and I like a class of bulky form of them.

This has said, finds the number of subjects with these controllers, especially take to represent how long Logitech has been selling this unchanged same model or the new models does not listen never offered.

My number a subject is a inconsistent connection. Any subject where plants a wireless dongle, an inch was or 4 feet was, takes a same looking dropouts. This subject of the creation only does east any better the controller that the majority of a cheap ones.

Does not comprise like Logitech could be sells this same model for so long without never exited with the rechargeable group of stack.

Also, has any engine for tongue of. So much, when you begin to have subject with a controller that rebuffs to connect, which will spend, in fact has to use an engine of XBOX 360 so that Logitech does not provide any one.

In general, this controller is not to estimate $ 50, or still $ 25 when only can take a controller of XBOX.

Would remain out of a F710.
5 / 5
I possess the plot of F310 controllers, and the pair of a F710 controllers.

My only complaint with a F710 is that they are the bit to tire to use for the periods have extended time, at least when using a D-tampon.

Installing them sometimes can be the odd bit also so that they have not been in the principle designed for Windows 10. There is an experience where or was mere to install in a computer, but difficult in another computer. Quan The no manually has to install an engine of Xbox that Directs of Device.

Thinks a better process to install it some first times are,
+ HAS a later version of Windows 10 (Update of Windows and reboot).
+ Uses a physical change to pose he for road of Direct entrance (how opposite in XInput).
+ Takes the stack of a controller.
+ Has run a Wireless Gamepad F710 Connects Utility of Logitech website.
+ Connects an USB wireless transceiver in the port of USB of a computer.
+ Expects for him to detect a transceiver.
+ Installs a stack in a controller.
+ Gives the second to detect a controller.
+ Then is all has posed to use in any Direct Entrance for XInput roads.
5 / 5
In the first place I want the signal was that this gamepad uses the dongle when connect in the PC (which are the good thing ). There it was emits with a lot of Bluetooth gamepads that is to say Bluetooth only for PC gaming. There is the odd subject with windows 7 and windows 10. In some signal so that how long it installs/uninstall a Bluetooth only gamepads the windows will not install it properly and some joysticks no longer function under windows. Research this at length and has contacted the manufacturer of another gamepad and an only solution found once this raisin is in reinstall windows so that once calm this begins to do again (any one the practical solution). This is not a subject with this gamepad of uses the dongle when hooking until the PC. In fact it looks in a poster to control like the xbox 360 controller and still although a Bluetooth gamepad no longer installs properly this one continues to do. Tan Down eschews a Bluetooth ones when that is to say an only method to use he with the PC. Also it recommend it that it takes the copy of Game of Pinnacle Outline which also tea to map a gamepad require with sure games.

That is to say the PC add gamepad. It IS the small heavy but that it is probably because of using regulate stacks. To well sure it prefers pose up with some additional weight and has the device that will last more with a longitude to write that can exchange calm out of some stacks you. An internal rechargeable the stack at the end will fail to line the load and then will not be able of the wireless use perhaps corded (providing you can use it that it issues).

The quality of tez is sum and here is a figure each which joins other marks of dongle using gamepads would have to comprise : dongle STORAGE. That by so gamepad is in with some stacks. Thank you Logitech To think of dongle storage. I direct me madman when has the device those uses the dongle and which are quite big to have had the place done in a device to store a dongle even so has any one.

So yes is looking for the PC gamepad those uses regular stacks and any some interns rechargeable the stack would recommend easterly the unit Only depends in that prefers; but while it mentions already all the internal stacks fail at the end is only the subject of time.

Top Customer Reviews: 2 Pack N64 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
4 / 5
In general that is to say the good product .

A product does very well with my original of Nintendo 64. All some buttons done and the controller that is well in your hands like an original unit

An only downside this has so seen far is a weight. It is not so weighed like original or but still when being quite weighed to be the product of quality.

Does not have quite a lot of subjects with him in not buying again. An in the first place one has bought well quite that purchases the second an arrest multiplayer.
4 / 5
Fact very at the beginning, then unusable. An only begun day joystick doing madman.... Moving hurriedly in a right, then any moving again, then hurriedly in a right. Obviously in this point resulted and unusable junk. I cure of my squad and I can ensure has not been damaged or launched/is fallen.

In front of a joystick has prendido to do properly would give this controller 5 stars, so perhaps will take lucky with the working a?

UPDATE: I issue me the free new controller to touch to fix a problem. Obviously any product bad units, likes done that hurriedly routed be another without hassle has update a bookmark behind in 4 stars. Service of client well when the problems come up is the road more than entity has found.
5 / 5
I actuate There It go It only this for the little of the days but he look exactly like some original controllers. A sensibility is perfect and used it at length in GoldenEye where needs exact movements. This am to add so that some the original controllers are hard to find.
4 / 5
I have required a N64 controller. As I have bought this one in the hunch and law wonderfully! He still read the cards by heart!!! I have not been able to take the scrolling pak to do except the mine is fidgety to start with with so perhaps law. In general the solid controller with excellent response!!! Highly it recommends!
4 / 5
A together premier bought has not done also well. Has dysfunctions and error, but a company was very good and routed me it new together and law perfectly. Has data the four accident these values even so so that a clave of the joy that am loose. Any loose as it is enough to exit, but so in v.S Of loose clave. The rigid mate.
5 / 5
Excellent product. Be as the Nintendo marked controller
has used he for the few weeks without problems that so never. And a prize is perfect. I will be to order 3 more the few days to do Mario has posed kart with my boys.
5 / 5
My threads want to these for his old N64 and has any complaint another that a cord is the small lower that an original.
5 / 5
I have ordered two controllers of two different vendors and this controller are definitively upper. Some buttons in both controllers do perfectly but a controller bought of the different vendor was far too rigid. A joystick in this controller has a perfect quantity of control and elasticity/of flexibility??? These amours for your optimum gaming experience. It does not have the groups by heart as it can not speak in this appearance of a controller. Order 2 more than these to do the full together.
5 / 5
Fact a lot at the beginning, then unusable. A day a joystick so only headed acting crazy.... Emotional quickly to a legislation, then not moving again, then quickly to a legislation. Obviously in this point is result junk and unusable. I cure of my crew and I can ensure you has not been damaged or launched/has fallen.

Before a joystick there is prendido partorisca do properly would give this controller 5 stars, like this perhaps will take lucky with the working a?

UPDATE: we send me to us the free new controller partorisca touch to fix a question. Obviously any product there will be bad units, likes done that his quickly sent be another without hassle has update a bookmark behind to 4 stars. Service of good client when the questions come up is the way more than entity has found.
5 / 5
In general ossia the good product .

A do one a lot well with my original of Nintendo 64. All some keys done and the controller feels well in your hands like an original a.

An only downside that has seen like this far is a weight. It is not weighed as well as original one but still feels quite weighed to be the product of quality.

Does not have quite a lot of subjects with him to not buying again. A prime minister an I has bought well quite that has purchased the second a paralización multiplayer.

Top Customer Reviews: 8Bitdo SN30 Pro USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
2 / 5
You declare interested in 8Bitdo controllers during the years of pair, but too sceptical to buy or until now. Negative experiences with other controllers 3.os of party and rumours of bad d-the tampons and the latency of entrance posed me out of buying 8Bitdo products. Even so, one $ 25 point of the prize and the connection wired convinced me to us to take it casualidad in a SN30 Pro.

Down, this gamepad is the mixed stock exchange. It is not bad for a prize, and like your case of beat to use when being the compraventa adds or the terrible unit

A sake:
+ Covers and game in both Change and PC.
+ Vibration in the traditional gamepad!
+ Designs very comfortable. It was preoccupied that any bumper and the triggers could take confuse but a when being and the action of some buttons is has defined clearly. Some clave of equivalent is surprisingly comfortable to use, also.
+ Surprisingly quality of tez good and listen, especially for a prize. A plastic of a shell and d-the tampon that is very robust in comparison at most of the plsticoes has used in of the products of modern consumer. A rigidity and the texture adapt me to us of a plsticoes used in some originals Gameboy.
+ A d-the pillows in fact have the centrical pvot. This has said, wish a pvot was only he tad bit main and a d-pillow slightly more rigid.

A possibly bad:
- A plastic takes and acute outlines of a d-the tampon can problem some players. It IS the very accurate in a SNES controller in this consideration. Personally, any him import .
- A d-the tampon is flowed surprisingly when diagonal of paste. Wait for the be more rigid, but this d-the tampon is very in or vetoes same and or in Nintendo official Pro controller; you can diagonal of entrance easily while lining only the only direction in a tampon and the moving pressure arrive or down. And yes, these results in diagonal accidentels far too often. It do not say it is bad designed even so, only a lot of twitchy.

A bad:
- latency of entrance. That is to say a murderous real for me. Surely the controller wired would not have to suffer since latency of entrance, well? Well, it is or marks. It IS insignificant for the majority of 3d games, but is very perceivable in just in the each 2nd game. I have not tried for an exact measure, but a problem is quite severe that can be it visually aimed in another in a room without having them chosen in a controller to listen for them.

Only to do sure has not been all in my cape tried out of the game that is very familiar with in both PC and Change: Cuphead. This has confirmed my suspicion that something was very bad with a time of response of this controller. A subject presented in both program and a game was all excepts unplayable for him.

- Has not taken a time to confirm this, but a SN30 Pro looks to design enough can of a cradle to Change to cause drops of light action in of the games that usually races without a subject. Cuphead routinely IS fallen small groups of frames (usually the person attaches at all) and Ys VIII has suffered since more frequent and impactful immersions in framerate that had seen in an anterior 25 hours in my savefile.

So that it surrounds, that is to say the very good controller with the quantity to spoil of latency of entrance. A reasonable prize and the small creation would do it the second decent controller for young players, but external that it can of context not recommending in any one.


This controller is very odd. Shortly after publishing this description has tried to further compare a latency in both program and expsito that a subject had resolved apparently in PC somehow. Desprs Touch with him the more bit even so, obvious result that a problem was intermittent and the entrance would be delayed or included fallen at random. Any one the new engine has been installed or can distribute update, insufficient or CPU the tension is not a subject and no other ports closely of USB is using like the interference would not have to be a culprit (unless a cape is not properly protected). I think that that this problem is cement in a device he. Wait inconsistent time of response with this controller.

Besides, even so another rarity has presented : a button of controller of road and entrance of equivalents at random while plugged in and a lot into use. If I have had to to guess why that is to say, can be the firmware quirk derive of a wireless 8bitdo controllers, the routing entered after the sure quantity to time to ensure a connection is not closed. Anything a case, is troubling has bindings of desktop of the Steam of the controller has enabled.

Something importing is that this controller operates in him 500hz polling imposed in PC, which are impressive. There is hunch that some of some subjects of entrance could be related is, with a controller he unable to operate properly in this tax. It can try underclocking he in some point but honestly is hardly estimates an endeavour that considers a d-the tampon is not ideal for me in all the case.
5 / 5
It has been the long time coming to have the controller of this quality to exist in a piece after the years to look for, test, and using alternative. My USB of the long time preferred SNES the controller in fashion was a iBuffalo controller that all the world-wide looks to have and has raved on, but thinks that the reign is at the end on with an emission of one 8BitDo SN30 Pro the controller of USB wired. Has a version of Bluetooth of a SN30 Pro also and this was my first experience with this controller. This the version wired been a quality of tez to orders included likes them Bluetooth the version and he look for to be totally identical, except a presence of a cape of USB these beginnings of a cup. The any last stacks for ever and that is to say a reason why still prefers to maintain the stock of wired controllers for some futures in case that something would have to spend in my version of Bluetooth.

A global controller has quality of tez solid and the parts that can say it. Some buttons offer the click to satisfy and a D-the tampon that is well, almost like the stock SNES the controller backed a day and is also very comparable in the quota SNES classical controller of Nintendo. Desprs Doing some flavour in Fighter callejero 2 Turbo, has not had any tension of subject of movements. A L and R the buttons of shoulder are the small bit and will take some taking used to for players that is to accustom to rest his toes of indication where L and R in the principle would exist in the rule SNES controller. A L2 and R2 the buttons of trigger are in some backwards and offer on the most immovable bit for your toes to press. All listen well in a touch. Some clave of equivalent law well and listen well, but conscious when being that a right of clave of equivalent is very closely planted in two buttons of face in a front, so himself has to have your toes jump around during game, accidentally can paste a clave.

At present is using this controller exclusively in the Raspberry Pi 3B+ and although one when being of of the this adds, has had some subjects to take the properly recognised for a device. Quan First plugged in a that exists setup, at present detects like a Xbox 360 gamepad and during a mapping of buttons, a L2 and R2 buttons of shoulder constantly or was unresponsive or skipped on as if it does not exist . Desprs Doing some on-line investigation, installed an interior of engine of the Xbox RetroArch but that does not look to fix a subject. At the end finished to update a Xpad automotive inside RetroArch and this looked to resolve to a subject like him to them all the buttons is properly mapped now. I recommend to back in your RetroPie setup and image before doing any changes of system like something spends during a process of update or involuntary results taken , can revert behind, so to well sure heed this opinion!

In general, that is to say the solid controller and is perfect for a tez of emulation and is a definite controller to have in my opinion. Yes, there is subjects smaller here and there mentioned on but is the good controller to have . This to good sure substitutes my together old plus of controllers of USB and I think that 8BitDo has the laureate here!
2 / 5
That is to say mine according to 8BitDo controller. In the principle there has been a SN30 but has d-subject of tampon (severe ghosting in some rights where the constantly would press low), as I have left in the.

Then read some revises here and all the world said that that is fixed, decided to take or for MM2. It Beginning these touches and is included worse that an original SN30. Why it can very any one does the decent d-tampon in 2019?

Factor of form, the quality of a controller is wonderful- is the controller very - but a d-the tampon is absolute rubbishes . I am referencing this in my real SNES controllers where this is not a subject.

Is looking for The good controller for MM2 and is doing more than only casually touching games (Sper Expert, Kaizo, etc.) perhaps looks for something more with the precise more d tampon.
4 / 5
I have bought the pair of these controllers for the Retropie tez, and in general, is satisfied enough with that has taken.
-- Seat Quite comfortable in my hands when into use.
-- Has the reasonable quantity of weight in them.
--A cord is the decent period (even so I capes of still use of extension of the USB.)
-- Does not have to disorder with an extra [finicky] the no involved when poses in Bluetooth w/ Retropie, or same Windows (has has not had any problem those uses his wireless controllers with Android.) It averts of mapping (more in this late plus,) is totally carried and game.
-- IS recognised Microsoft XBOX 360 as it wire controllers, although (that it COULD be it an involuntary defect , but is still the plus in my book.)

A thing, even so, and will not govern was concealed am doing something bad, but (in my case) Retropie will not recognise any trigger (L2 and R2) buttons, but has had the problem that takes Retropie/Recalbox to recognise these same buttons in some real X360, or included his NES/FC30 Pro controllers (except only use these buttons with Retropie/Raspbian port of nexus of the steam, as it takes that with the grain of salt.)

Down, is not to perfect, at all is, but at least a sake outweighs a bad, and a bad not even could be his failure, and is not the breaker of roads (for me) as easily it recommend it this controller in any one looking for something to give his Player 2. When being the half his wireless cousins is a prize any hurt, or.
4 / 5
State that follows 8Bitdo line of product for the moment, and always had been curious to the flavour was one of his controllers, even more so when somehow it direct to take a SNES creation of controller and attaches clave of equivalent and 2 extra shoulder buttons. Even so, it was always hesitant to do so, so that only prefer USB wired in Bluetooth when comes to use the controller in the PC. Quan HAS since 8bitdo had has fallen recently the version of USB wired of a SN30 Pro, and for the prize the cheap plus that his wireless version, at the end has taken the jump in him.

Has Had this controller for the pair of weeks, so that have wanted to to give it some playtime before I have written the description in this thing, now here is my impressions of him...

This controller listens quite sake. It Likes him it has mentioned it before, it has taken a SNES of creation of controller and addition in clave of equivalent and 2 extra shoulder buttons, which are well for newer 3D games, and in spite of these adicins/additions, still listens comfortable in my hands (the the yours the personal experience can vary according to a measure of your hands), and is a copy of better carbon that has grown it up with that has not used never, by far. A turbo the function is quite handy, and a vibration is the good characteristic of his own also. Like the flavour out of Retroflag USB gamepad sometime, but I digress.

Some buttons listen well, a D-the tampon listens well also, any one to that likes him a Tomee SNES shaped OF USB gamepad, which D-Tampon in this sense like complete mush, as I have learnt my lesson: taken that decrees of paid.

Opens Here is a reason why this controller has not achieved 5 stars of me: some diagonal entrances in a D-the tampon is the small oversensitive. A casual gamer could not remark, but a plus inverted gamers , so that some games have tricks that can pull was (like Sper Metroid jump to wall for example), and when is in a half to do the manoeuvre that requires the paste left and right wing, or up and down, sometimes the diagonal entrance will finish to record instead and interrupt the manoeuvre has said. It can take problem, but perhaps after some time of plus and use, a d-the tampon could break in and lose his oversensitive diagonal.

Two thing more, and these are only personal nitpicks: 1. Desire 8bitdo had maintained some old creations that has done his controllers look more like a SNES controllers, likes him with some two buttons that is lived and an another two lavender, and with a angled beginnings and selects buttons, but is not the roads-breaker, and this gamepad is the quality has built sure. 2. It was not if it is only me, but when plugged in my laptop, some looks of controller to maintain my laptop to go subjects of sleep, and does not know there is the remedy for that or no. Again, no the roads of entity-breaker for me, and only can unplug a controller when is not the using.

Thought to run bulls: 8bitdo, a lot would have to invert more to do counterparts of USB of your controllers, but that it is only me! I fulfil it is doing a SN30 Pro with grips in the, so he you the version of USB of that, was so awesome.
5 / 5
Always it has wanted to to buy the SNES way 8BitDo the controller has grown since up touching a SNES the look adds but and does not like him wireless controllers felizmente 8BitDo is fallen this awesome USB gamepad the version tried in steam retroarch and independent the emulators and he fantastic they reconigzed a gamepad hurriedly and when being comfortable in me is so satisfied with this controller to well sure recommends it.
5 / 5
Has literely dozens of controllers, a lot of people collect the games collect controllers, has not been the big adherent of his first generation snes controller, some buttons have listened in clicky clacky in me and a d-the tampon was eh, was only too strong like me shied out of them for awhile, a point of prize is or me the give another goes and is happy, once for is so excellent. Everything is perfect in the, of a dpad in an equivalent. Quan IS by train to line you up can never so slightly mecer the direction only like an original snes tampon. Something concealed is to take to do in so controllers and impossible in a microswitch dpad that is to say becomming popular because of his durability.
5 / 5
That is to say a wait of big quality of one 8bitdo controller. There is no lag (any one that had very with some wireless controllers) and does not have to preoccupy in stacks is so resulted my controller of main change lately. If calm find you taking the diagonal accidentels can open it up and the hole of paper has posed reinforcers in a dpad contacts to take drawees of those. Desire more the options by heart were available. Hopefully Those will look later and that is to say quite cheap would take another. I think that that this will be my primary controller until a SN30 Pro+ at the end exited.
5 / 5
I am the enthusiast of big wired controller . Bluetooth Always attaches some lag and extra variables that can go wrong. This control is tame down a better value and better election for retropie, emulation of all the systems. AMUR This controller!!!!! I have bought two for my setup and is well. I sustain this controller! I want to use a clave of equivalent for some games of arcade like pac man. It IS sper accurate and when being adds. Some games like Pocky and Rocky in Snes prefers a d-tampon. The works that the once posed to the surprises up like them to want to it. I have bought one of a premier Bluetooth sn30 pro is and victim of fall in a batch of early production Bluetooth defective after little use. Also... These looks of thing like good... Seriously glorious. And the utmost pairs with him Snes case of pasador of the way. It can not recommend this enough. 8bitdo Paste this controller out of a park!!!!! A prize is on the dot! Thank you 8bitdo.
4 / 5
It IS well. Work without subjects. Has two complaints and those can vary, based in circumstances and concrete games:

1. Dpad Precision. Games that requires tonnes of Dpad manipulation (thinks Madness of Marble), some looks of tampon to have the subjects that maintains up with. I have had also subjects with fast dodging in the paste Was. It take a sequence of entrance has required perhaps 30% of a time. For casual playthroughs of oldschool games and tear through the turn-based RPG, faiths well. For any one trying marks speedruns in this thing, goes for the adapter of USB in NES/SNES solution of the controller and you save a problem.

2. A global clickiness of everything. I remembered me to listen in Mel tournament of Bros of Accident. A Dpad and some buttons are sper clicky. It maintains this those imports plan on touch in an open zone where a clickiness people of problem, like the plan or the library.

Joins in the cape of a Bfalo SNES tampon (probably would give this thing 2 stars), but no quite perfect alas.

Top Customer Reviews: 2 Pack USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
Exactly a same feeling of almost done 30 years. Thank you :)
5 / 5
Loves that! Memory of my year of infancy. Included feel and is fresh
4 / 5
this work of controllers with jnes emulators quite good
Look to Be utmost controllers for a prize
5 / 5
would have to that be spent able he in and game. No a chance.
4 / 5
These controllers are utmost some economic. Has the raspberry pi that has turned to the retro canal of the game and this utmost controller for that. Also he well with advance of the boy of the game has emulated games and few games of arcade. He the controllers are limited of then his so only have directional, start, selects, and AB keys. There are any keys of trigger and such. A controller feels like an original controller except the lighter of has bitten and more economic in some zones. A boss has some his period but I would say it any he of the yours television to the yours couch. It is quite he covers and game. A incumplimiento controls of laws for me but calm can regulate him like seeing apt. These controllers no for a nes classical ad some spent different arch that some classical has to that I the bummer. Law for a SNES classical has limited this in spite of keys. Some mirrors to look some original controllers minus a course of USB. In general these controlleds are adds for fines simulations of player or such.
4 / 5
These are really excellent NES controllers, very better that other resemblances priced some have tried. A quality of the global build so only feels better, and some keys are much more responsive and pleasant feeling. They are by train to use them With RetroArch to relive some games of the infancy and spend behind all these old emotions.
4 / 5
Feels slightly light in a hand, but does not have an original NES controller at present to compare a weight against. Otherwise Is economic and is done mostly with each emulator has tried like this far. With OpenEmu in Mac has has had to that setup some keys in the odd order or he no this in spite of. If you are looking for travers - try dipping some keys in this order: One, B, Selects, Start, To the left, Well, On, Down. I think it that a part of only entity is to dip left/well before on/down.
5 / 5
So much that extracted adds. They look utmost so only like an original (the value remarks these in fact have A B imprinted in some red keys), and match my retro consolations perfectly. Has the usb connection and is exactly a same measure like originals. A game is well and the controls are a lot responsive also.
4 / 5
Am not new to computer but new to try to imagine was like the setup and configure emulators and tampons of control in of the windows and linux. I have chosen Higan and taking it to install and run the games was quite sincere/has documented. With which some error and painful test and googling... It can not take these controllers to answer (was with which mapping some entrances in some settings and a concrete emulator the well has documented 2 process of any). Still the has not done.. Until there is @@give:

You in fact owes map each key and each direction of a gamepad controller in some settings of entrance (initially dipping
is any but afterwards to looks likes him after). It seats bobo that the has not imagined this out of sooner, but has approached to return this has thought was defective... So much it has thought them the d shares this.

These now do fantastically and the most economic way that a nes mini like Higan and some games are free).
5 / 5
Has used on PC that use a Mensen NES Windows of emulator 10 recognises it immediately has not required additional engine. It was able to touch Súper Mario Bros without subjects An and B the keys are convex in place of concave that founds more comfortable that touch for longer. Obviously it is a measure esatta of an original NES controller so you like him that of a calm like this some hips.

Top Customer Reviews: USB Wireless Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this controller as it had possessed this exact model roughly done 2 years and has has wanted to that esimplicar done' when you plugged an adapter of USB to the device. I have agreed that any included has to that configure he partorisca more than games.
Has done so only. It finalises that this is not a controller still has possessed before. It is in fact very better.
Automatically sleeps when the key is not pressed partorisca in the 2 small comprises and uses any one can at all. A simple press of any key the awake well behind up. I have it that has not turned never a controller was included tho has the transmission partorisca be able to, cuz does not have to that .
5 / 5
If you are the emulators and retro games, these will take you going immediately. They send to to the signals like xbox of controllers, which are recognised automatically for cars of windows without engine or programming required, box of Linux also first time in fact ( any fruit, as pode any vouch partorisca his). I will remark that some coverages of battery in a behind exits sometimes if a controller is dipped down the little too with energy or shaken, as they are not exactly pocolos-boy-test. Consumption of the battery is not bad at all, takes a lot of hours of gameplay among transmissions. We have had two for the small to the long of the year, has given a to the fellow and has bought the substitution.
4 / 5
These hooks of controllers on and league a lot easily. Game and discharges so only with the laptop of PC. Taken 2 EA battery (has not comprised) to the equal that runs has been concealed that it is not bad, included like the majority of wireless controllers. Well A bad part is that using a controller in the fast paced play it no for you. A controller to answer and reconnects very thick. Not seating far of an USB transponder so that the row is not a subject. If you are touching the slow plus paced the game will be well is touching to to something likes him Tony Hawk Pro Skater or Fortnite will not be happy with an action of this controller. If you want to use he partorisca to the game to to the slow plus perhaps likes Minecraft of creative will be so only well.
4 / 5
UPDATE: With which recently when be used during the period of 8 month, a cradle in a left joystick has given was like this now can not control any of my characters and the things take moved and selected when I do not love him to.
Has had any question with installation of engine in of the Windows 10. The calibration with the manager of Device was easy, PCSX2 and Dolphin so that it recognises he without subjects. Fallen this sews the countless time in some last two weeks had it this in spite of do to add reason is durable. I have been using two rechargable EA battery and with which roughly 100+ hours of gaming, has does not have to that recharge some batteries.
5 / 5
Has ordered two of them. Some controls are quite rigid and hard to use precisely. This has said, if calm so only require one, probably will do so only a lot

My question was that it was unable to use two of them. It has taken a receiver for a plugged in and doing so only well, but when I have looked for to use the second one a same time, a controller has maintained to lose connection. Perhaps two can not be used in a same computer a same time, or there is something has lost. But considering some controls were quite rigid and hard to control, has decided to instead return them.
4 / 5
(The batteries have not comprised) requires 2 EA. It is not rechargable -- agree me of the time it simple plus. More than confidence.
The work ADDS with to Raspberry Pi (RetroPie image).
4 / 5
Fantastic work with the box of TV of the android, and very simple to use and setup with emulators.
5 / 5
The box is to come fraction. The controller HAS the tendency to continue to go in a direction. Lasr A darn the thing maintains to lose connections
4 / 5
A controller is a lot in general. A big downfall is can use 2 near. I have not taken this in some descriptions. His no with each another neither with other frames. I have tried it uses him with mark of candy of the rock and annuls out of a controller of candy of the rock. I have seen this in a section of questions. The desire would have seen it sooner.

Q: It can utilisations 3 of these controllers a same time on PC?
A: the client has wanted, can use three controllers a same time. Pay attention to separate connection. A receiver would owe that be like this far was like this possible. It is better to have a boss of extension to avert interference. Hope to help you!! It sees less
For Client of Amazon on April 22, 2020
4 / 5
Been trying paralizaciones the month to take this thing to do. Required the controller for my new gaming computer and has bought is one. Had any question that takes it connected and relieved in of the windows 10. This in spite of, the controller no in-game on PC and games of Steam. Any aforará at all. Included Has update the engine has not helped neither. Read a lot of on-line instructions and video of Youtube to direct a subject, still any regime. I am fact , the way also times charged in 20 controller to continue this frustration. The instructions have comprised is minimum and a lack of the entrance of USB the quite impossible fact to take this thing that read. Has a HP gaming PC and is fantastic, has bought so only a wrong controller I supposition.

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