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1 first Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Penom Car Phone Mount Universal Air Vent Magnet Phone Holder Fits iPhone 11 Xs Max XR X 8 7 6S 6 Plus and Most Smartphones (Black) Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Penom Car Phone Mount Universal Air Vent Magnet Phone Holder Fits iPhone 11 Xs Max XR X 8 7 6S 6 Plus and Most Smartphones (Black) By Penom
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2 Magnetic Phone Car Mount, WizGear [2 PACK] Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount Phone Holder, for Cell Phones and Mini Tablets with Fast Swift-Snap Technology, With 4 Metal Plates Magnetic Phone Car Mount, WizGear [2 PACK] Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount Phone Holder, for Cell Phones and Mini Tablets with Fast Swift-Snap Technology, With 4 Metal Plates By WizGear
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3 best Magnetic car Mount Universal car Vent Phone Holder Compatible with All Smartphones and Mini Tablets by Bestrix Magnetic car Mount Universal car Vent Phone Holder Compatible with All Smartphones and Mini Tablets by Bestrix By Bestrix
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4 Dashboard Magnetic Phone Car Mount-FLOVEME Adjustable Arm Magnet Car Phone Mount Strong Suction Cup Magnetic Car Phone-Holder for iPhone X/XR/11 Pro/Xs Max/8/7 Plus,Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8 Note 10 9 Dashboard Magnetic Phone Car Mount-FLOVEME Adjustable Arm Magnet Car Phone Mount Strong Suction Cup Magnetic Car Phone-Holder for iPhone X/XR/11 Pro/Xs Max/8/7 Plus,Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8 Note 10 9 By FLOVEME
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5 Magnetic Phone Holder Mount for Car - FITFORT Universal 360° Rotation Car Dashboard Stand with Super Strong Magnet Compatible Phone X XS XR MAX 8 Plus, S9 S8 Plus, GPS, Mini Tablet and More Magnetic Phone Holder Mount for Car - FITFORT Universal 360° Rotation Car Dashboard Stand with Super Strong Magnet Compatible Phone X XS XR MAX 8 Plus, S9 S8 Plus, GPS, Mini Tablet and More By FITFORT
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6 WizGear Mount Metal Plate with Adhesive for MagneticCradle-less Mount - 4 Pack, 2 Rectangle and 2 Round (Compatible with Magnetic Mounts) Black WizGear Mount Metal Plate with Adhesive for MagneticCradle-less Mount - 4 Pack, 2 Rectangle and 2 Round (Compatible with Magnetic Mounts) Black By WizGear
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7 Magnetic Phone Car Mount (2 Pack) FLOVEME 5N52 Magnets Hands Free Universal Smart GPS Cell Phone Holder for Car Air Vent Mount for iPhone 11 Pro Max XR XS X 8 7 Plus Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 S8 Note 10 Magnetic Phone Car Mount (2 Pack) FLOVEME 5N52 Magnets Hands Free Universal Smart GPS Cell Phone Holder for Car Air Vent Mount for iPhone 11 Pro Max XR XS X 8 7 Plus Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 S8 Note 10 By FLOVEME
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8 WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder with Fast Swift-Snap Technology for Smartphones and Mini Tablets, Black WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder with Fast Swift-Snap Technology for Smartphones and Mini Tablets, Black By WizGear
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9 Mount Metal Plate 10 Pack for Magnetic Cell Phone Car Cradle-Less Mounts with 3M Adhesive,Stylish Universal Disc Replacement Sticker for Magnet iPhone Holder Mini Tablet GPS Stand 6 Round 4 Rectangle Mount Metal Plate 10 Pack for Magnetic Cell Phone Car Cradle-Less Mounts with 3M Adhesive,Stylish Universal Disc Replacement Sticker for Magnet iPhone Holder Mini Tablet GPS Stand 6 Round 4 Rectangle By EASTSHINE
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10 Universal Metal Plate 8 Pack for Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder Cradle with Adhesive (Compatible with Magnetic Mounts) - 4 Rectangle and 4 Round, Black Universal Metal Plate 8 Pack for Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder Cradle with Adhesive (Compatible with Magnetic Mounts) - 4 Rectangle and 4 Round, Black By DSTELIN
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Top Customer Reviews: Magnetic Phone Car ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Cecilia
A magnetic in this mountain of ventilation is very strong. It uses the cradle partorisca resist a mountain to a ventilation. A mountain is resisted in beautiful securely. In general it is the telephone very well the mountain and I highly recommend it.
5 / 5 Chau
The Really works. It was easy to dip a mountain in a ventilation and a control is sure. A clasp does not go partorisca wobble around and my stays of telephone in place. Has the iPhone Xs with the chance of thin silicone, if this helps any one.

I in the first place has situated a magnetic piece among a chance and my telephone. Law, but there is remarked some slides of magnetic round around my chance ( when not using a mountain). As I taped the to an interior of my chance. I have not loved a magnetic round to be visible in an outside of a chance and I absolutely have has not loved the stick to my telephone.
5 / 5 Jetta
To the Before what liked is of a creation. And of course this car mountain is a lot compact with the powerful magnet.
Any installation has required, game and spend so only.
Easily attachable to the ventilation of air of the yours car
A thing that the the class of question has had is with the clip of a mountain in a backside that has the habit of attaches to a ventilation of air. It is little he has bitten difficult to press and control until it is attached to a ventilation. Except this all with this mountain is well.
5 / 5 Ozella
Has a Obliq metallic chance, as my telephone a bit has added hanged to an already bulky Note 9. I have had absolutely 0 questions that takes it all partorisca remain place in a mountain. I can use a telephone to change songs in the stoplight, maps of update, etc. Without that has to that take a telephone. An only time I need partorisca resist he in place is when I forgets covers it he in before it traces it, and come from to do like this. A clip is strong, but a lot so much spoils it a ventilation. Partorisca A price, says that ossia partorisca the win! Still it avenges with the second magnet like my woman can use his telephone partorisca the maps/of music wants .
5 / 5 Torie
This headline of magnetic telephone is a lot of fact and has drawn. Has a clip of trace of ventilation so that it is easy to dip in of the multiple locations, especially when your pinch (likes mine) there is little to any spatial to locate one some concealed is estuck' on with tape. The strong magnet resists a telephone in situating well! And a container has an extra round platge to situate in the according to telephone or device!
5 / 5 Annetta
It was not that I have lived without this artilugio. Previously, I have had a bondadoso that your clips of telephone to, was partorisca crap! My telephone has fallen was constantly. These few controls of creature to my same telephone when I am taking them corners like the sound in a indy 500. I still under my chance of telephone!!
1 / 5 Ann
This thing is rubbishes took it so only why there is inform of sound. Then when I received it the commentary so only has good descriptions because of the to you elements release calm to revise them well. Every time I have dipped my telephone in laws well but when the volume was maintains to exit one downloads how is sper annoying like this more this thing is the three star but has given stars it because basically they are bribing you to give them five descriptions of star
5 / 5 Tobie
This mobile phone the car mountain is incredible! We drive 3 miles in the street of has registered that desperately precise grading to and of a house to the equal that have had my doubts that this mountain would survive a boat rattling swipes. A mountain any only rest has attached to a ventilation, a magnet is quite strong to maintain my iPhone 7 has attached. Reason am considering that it substitutes my telephone, has situated a magnet among my telephone and he still control!! Also it comes with an extra magnet (of the money & a black) like another person can use a mountain.
5 / 5 Laurena
Any I really spent to an idea of magnetic mountains because estaca precise the dish of metal in a backside of your telephone. But another type of mountains never stay in place or never really attach well. With which some research found this one has had informs utmost and better value on amazon. Very light and a bit stuff attaches no really disorder your telephone in all calm chance of then has the coverage (the telephone of majority in all the chance). Controls perfectly without slippage on vehicle jerks, can be easily rotated the landscape. Shopping another partorisca mine 2nd car the few months
5 / 5 Fran
A moment I have been in the travesa of street of country of cross and decided partorisca choose on the last mountain of minute of Walmart . You are an absolute disaster . The desire had found this little type before it rids a magnet is quite strong to resist my pill of full measure without subjects and a clip in a backside is ridiculously hard! It comes with two dishes of the calm metal so much can use more than a device.

Top Customer Reviews: Magnetic Phone Car ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Rosalia
While it is recording calm through some listings of mountains of magnetic mobile phone, maintains a thing A lot of entity in alcohol; one forms ventilations of air. These products is designed for these downloads to air that protrude the plus bit, while PT Cruise, and clave out of past some plsticoes of picture of mandate. If your ventilations to look to air that, that is to say your mountain . In fact it comes with two (or for plsticoes of ventilation of the most slender air, or for slightly the creations the wide plus).

If your ventilations of air are the small more recessed by behind a picture of order, then will want to consider Wizgear is other car mountains with longer grippers, like this or: Magnetic Mountain, WizGear Universal Transfer-ventilation of Air of the Title of the lock of Cart Locates Magntic, for Mobile phones and Mini Tablets with Technology of Fast Swift accidents (Lock of Transfer)

Please is not stupid likes him era! It controls your ventilations to air Before annexes in cart. Seriously, it exits in your cart now, and the voice has the lip of small plastic this clave was included he 1/2 more inch, then thinks in Wizgear is other models.
5 / 5 Newton
State that wants to buy one of these for years. I am not in a whole pop-sockets and things that bond to bond in your coverage of tlphonique in still in an outside of your case. It Likes me to him his the look of clean and I like my telephone in my pocket. As taking something that any protrude of a telephone was the must . It was sceptical of a force of magnet but when has taken installed was very pleased. Neither I want bond or bond anything in my cart so something this hooked in some ventilations of air was the must .

Has read some descriptions and one has said to take a piece this clave in your place tlphonique and only among your coverage of tlphonique and a telephone he. You can chime and bonds he in a backside of tlphonique but yes never tlphonique of the change will require to use another sticky tampon. It can slide around the small but has used a tampon a big plus and does not have to them dread with where to pose in a car mountain. An installation of some car trace the quite easy. According to your air downloads it can exit to be in a something perfect or the no. For my cart is in the something adds. A car mountain also looks solid and in place.

In general is the subjects adds to take your tlphonique up and in better view precise GPS or any controls of musician. That is to say quite what pauses of uses. For a money this has looked for also be a cheaper option. In the each quite happy with this compraventa and highly would recommend.

Update 5-13-19:
So the year later and that is to say still the product adds. I have posed included one of some mountains in the cart of my woman. It IS quite different that my cart and a ventilation are what maximum acute angle but even so sake of still laws. I have bought the new cart this year and sake of still access in a ventilation. I use it only quite never the volume of time in a cart. It IS very handy to use and much more sure use need your telephone. I have changed included telephones. I bonded a magnet that continues in a telephone in an interior of a case of tlphonique. If you change the cases will have to take for the take was. But it can calm, as I before, poses a magnet among a case and a telephone. I bonded he in a case so that some movements of magnet and chair likes him easily could take (if memory) the when or case of change. Still it wants that at all it has bond out of one tlphonique a magnet is very strong. Highly it recommends this cual the cheap and easy road to locate your telephone in your cart.
1 / 5 Lucienne
Usually the does not like me writing of the descriptions but I has had to to write easterly unit I A magnet is quite strong, but that is not a subject. A subject is a clamp of base, a clamp is supremely feeble when attaching he in some ventilations of air, everytime pulls a telephone was, a base comes with him. Supremely IS troubling that I have to continue the poses retreat a mountain everytime volume my telephone.
An another the subject is with wireless load, if you have posed a magnet in a half of your telephone, a wireless load will not choose up. It returns to bake, has had to to move a magnet in a cup of an organism, and uses a magnet a small plus in an inferior part, only to do sure is able the cover enough of a telephone where only can pose a mountain.

I definetly not buying this again.

Update 3/11/19:
So so an update, has been still using this same with a clamp of feeble base, has taken used his, but enough 2-done 3 weeks, a magnet is incredibly feeble. My tlphonique that once uses to to remain on, only would fall was now. It opens calm Of course is asking has the big telephone, a response is yes I , but stay in final before. Also have an iPhone 8 for work, which are the smallish and clear telephone, which always fallen out of way that a magnet has taken feebler. Tan In less than 6 month, a magnet is resulting very-for-swimming now.
5 / 5 Tonia
Pros: The magnets are supremely strong and lines your tlphonique well in a clip, the works and the product adds exactly so expected

Gilipollas: Any one!

Notes: according to a car really need to do sure a location of your ventilations is in the something well for these, also that return an a lot of quite a lot of ventilation to line a telephone. As Mina 2016 kia optima accesses perfectly and is in the good location to see a telephone when directing, but with mine 2004 subaru forester xt a ventilation is much lower, as more it take to look in a tlphonique and attention to arrest where is going has your GPS on.
5 / 5 Linette
Eye to cross titulars of tlphonique of the ventilation the plot, as I have been excited to see this sold like the pair down 10 bucks. It was sceptical in a magnetic mountain but he utmost so far!

Has slipped a dish of rectangular metal among a tlphonique and a case without subjects (has a iphone 6S and the caseology skyfall case). I have not had to use an adhesive, is snug among a tlphonique and case.

A case is clear in a retreated so much can see a black dish, was very if a dish there has been was arrived of money to match a telephone.

Some stays of tlphonique in a magnet really well in horizontal and vertical viewing. Has any paste too many swipes in accelerating still, but solid of looks. I have not remarked any ailing effects of a magnet in a telephone.
5 / 5 Hannah
These magnetic mountains are one ones want to. REALLY! There is Wizgear the mountain done 3 years and go strong during 2 years before somehow it avenge it unscrewed, and could not find a piece of him. I have ordered immediately another mountain that looked almost identical of Amazon. It does not have the quite strong the magnet and my telephone would fall was very when it has required to the majority of for directions. That is to say the STRONG MAGNET . ME He tlphonique has not fallen never was (iphone 6) while I take a dish of metal in my case of tlphonique (otterbox) is near in a mountain. I use my GPS every day in navigate through the traffic and this thing is lifesaver. It IS little, discreet, and effective. He bonds very firmly in my downloads to air so many is able to pull my telephone out of him easily without apresamiento a mountain accidentally (something concealed was the problem with or another marks tired). This thing is sum . I have bought a double group so that we can have or in the each of our carts. That is to say a mountain of tlphonique to condition to air that amours....Of at least it is To well sure a one wants to.
5 / 5 Winnifred
Orderly interior and taken the few days. Easy to use. It has attached a magnetic tampon circulates in an out of side of a case of my iPhone 8 S. Has the cape of amour in this case also and some accesses of magnetic circle on he under a lentil of camera. Active Bluetooth in my vehicle so much mark and recieving the calls are not a subject. I have wanted this device so still could see take any messages of text and also for my waze application when travelling. I am very pleased so far with this compraventa. My husband directs the classical 1996 mustang as I need this to answer calls in this vehicle. It wants that it was economic and has entered the two group. A magnet lines a telephone without slippage or turn of a telephone. It takes cold of gel because of a conditioner to air these races but does not think this will hurt a telephone. ( At least I expect any one).
5 / 5 Twanna
Has data these 5 stars very so that it is perfect, so that it is not , but so that it is only so easy to use, so versatile ( comes with sticky tape, but no the flight to be the installation 'permanent'), and so cheap. Has wanted to he for GPS these directions of units, and with this small artilugio can use he for navigating as or an engine or a passenger. At present I am using an of these so much the engine in the Ford F-150 truck. Some elections for ventilations of the air is not optimum. If I pose it on a one in a right of an engine, attacks a telephone was when train of movement. If I have posed he further in a right, in a left wing of a passenger, then he swivels around every time go around the curve and I have to take it behind the affront me. Also, it is very too far to say that it is entering with a telephone.

How has finished to pose the in a left wing of an engine apropa a window. These pieces of fresh air in of the hot days when an only enter that window, but all more is well. I have directed to install he in such the road that he no swivel, and a telephone takes braced against the knob down (lights, think - which do not come to touch so often so moving) as easily it can touch a need of screen in. I can see the directions that use Maps of Google, and can also easily sees that it is calling or texting.

Also has the Prius, and will return later to update this after I have used a artilugio in this cart.
5 / 5 Lakeshia
I am very happy with this product. Although the only uses a mere mechanism of magnets, the life so much easier for me. I the plot to direct, up and down California, and uses my telephone for the GPS and player of musician during these long trips. In front of a Magnetic Mountain, has used another headline of tlphonique of Daiso concealed bought for $ 1.50. While a prize was cheaper, was always cry it taking my interior of tlphonique of a headline. You are 100% plastic , and my wide telephone there has been the difficulties that apt interior of him. It was also the work of two pound and was the stressful situation for me has wanted to change a musician or attaches the decree in my GPS. It can not descend a tlphonique and would have to achieve was, work in my tlphonique while it marries in a road. Having the magnetic mountain has done the the-hand- lined and has done my life so much easier during these trips.
5 / 5 Jame
The concept adds, well has executed. It has Had the pair of mountains of tlphonique like this concealed has used jumps to attach a telephone, and while they line some tlphonique closely, is difficult to the use is directing and the need takes a telephone for some reason. That is to say mere: it controls a telephone until a mountain, attaches. Simply pull it has been to take. My main worry was if a magnet would be quite strong to line a tlphonique if, for example, punch the big swipes in a cart. While it has posed a telephone until a magnet with a centre of a dish in a case of tlphonique in a magnet, the very good semence. Also I will attach a way of a clip to attach in the ventilation is better designed that more clips of this type.

In general, mere, work well, good value.

Top Customer Reviews: Magnetic car Mount ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lorriane
I am very satisfied with this compraventa. For earnest be, mountains of the ventilation is not a better solution so that a weight combined of a mountain and one limits tlphonique some highland locations in a ventilation of air. A weight has combined causes some horizontal slats to be pulled down and some vertical slats to swing side-in-side. Even so, a Bestrix the dual highland clips create the most stable mountain that a creation of only clip anteriorly has tried. Has had to still a right location in some slats of ventilation, but some the dual highland clips have augmented a stability of the mountain and I are not preoccupied in a tlphonique those falls were been due to an unstable mountain .
5 / 5 Eliseo
A magnet is surprisingly strong, for me is very of entity, of my old magnet the car mountain has used to to fall my telephone when direct in of the swipes of speed.
A creation is mere and very easy to use and situate in a right has posed.
Has chosen this produces on another because of some strong magnets and a big surface, as it returns the telephone the big plus like s8+.
5 / 5 Shiela
I have tried a lot another type of titulars, and that is to say by far a better. An another has seated too close up in a ventilation, likes rear of my telephone paste a knob in a centre of a ventilation that afterwards an air on and has been.... Like the could not take a tlphonique to seat in a right angle. In east a, some seats to locate further was, well clears of a knob of ventilation, and is adjustable in any angle. I actuate There It go It only he during the week, but some materials and quality of look of tez to be adds.

Had ordered the mountain of pinch of Bestrix concealed has not done for my car, and has taken the good email of a company these apologies and while that and would try another product. The service of client adds.
5 / 5 Rudolph
The works add in my RAV4, which have ventilations of whole air. Very stable with some two grips of rubber
like me that of a course of magnet is big and this comes with the dish of small metal and the big a, lines a conclusive telephone.
5 / 5 Savanna
It Likes him to of me concealed has two points of contact in a ventilation in place of or, and compare in another titulars of the tlphonique tried, this does not line my ventilations.
Would recommend
5 / 5 Dreama
That is to say seriously a headline of the better telephone has not tried never. It tries one ones this suction of use and that clip in but all have tried has been cheap and a telephone would fall constantly. This headline is life changing- fond of uses for some tlphonique and some class of silicon in clip in and is sper sper strong. Directing in a bumpy streets of the tlphonique has not moved! It gives it 6 stars
2 / 5 Frederic
It IS hesitant quite that takes this causes my more is so heavy, but some revises looked to like would do. An adhesive result unsticky the week to use it. Which has caused my tlphonique to fall in an earth while driven in a road. I have changed in an adhesive big plus, while a same thing will not spend . A course of the magnet of is surprising, is an adhesive that will not remain . That then causes a whole thing to be useless.
5 / 5 Reiko
That is to say exactly so described, is very elegant and especially wants a grip of silicone that does not leave the mark
1 / 5 Sonja
These products is the big failure my telephone maintains to fall out of him with all some magnets on buy it worse has to very sure would not recommend these products has the Samsung commentaries of Galaxy ridiculous Waste of money
5 / 5 Izetta
At the end the magnetic headline that in fact lines my telephone! Has iPhone 8 More and my woman has the note 9 and is both telephone big , with this one both pot uses the, some magnets are surprisingly strong and can direct safely in my cart and any one the preoccupy in a tlphonique these falls or moving. Recommended.

Top Customer Reviews: Dashboard Magnetic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Carlee
I have been impressed with a Floveme the Magnetic dashboard Telefónica highland Car while looking for something partorisca resist my gps partorisca my car. Has big hope in this product and Floveme did not disappoint me.
Are an instruction, dipped the up in mine car and look in my final product. It looks súper luxury, big quality and besides my expectations. Some magnets is súper company and strong, resists tight a telephone or gps. You do not move never while driving. It is very convenient to be able to take this telephone or a gps after using. I any one need never take a suction of dashboard reason draws to rotate a telephone or gps 360° full corner adjustment.
Which more can say in this wonderful product?!?!? Such the creation of character. I have been The happy client reason this value of has produced each penny that am spent on!!!!
4 / 5 Betsey
Durable, lustrous, easy to install and use. It is not easy to take so it decides exactly where calm the want first to stick it. It can be take and will not leave any residue. I have had he in my truck partorisca the week then moves it to a minivan partorisca the travesía of long street and now is behind in a truck. In an emotional back and advance the has not lost the stickiness and resists tight and undertaken in place. Mark sure first of estaca calm he that clean a surface of a vehicle with alcohol and leave to air dry otherwise the oils and the powder and the muck will prevent of working likes has to that. This thing is like this strong will resist it other devices another heavier that a mobile phone. Headline of better mobile phone in a phase!
4 / 5 Bethann
(5 Stars) for qualities and workmanship of product. Amiably it produces fact , solid, work well and would have to that last the long time. The materials have used in this mountain of telephone is to regulate and is comparable to other mountains have. Where These resplandores highland is is fond and that well resists a telephone to a mountain.
(5 Stars) for action. Excellent... Has the LG V40 and am using this mountain in the golf cart how is really of entity that a mountain resists a telephone securely of then I walk in uneven terrain. They are happy for some extra mountains and for a highland disk for a cup of suction to locate to.
(5 Stars) for lack of packaging. They are happy to see any additional packaging for something has taken. An element is gone in the box of small map well, so only quite big for an element...
(5 Stars) for instructions. Some instructions are quite clear although with the little common sense, has this installed and acting interior 10 minutes.
(5 Stars) for a nave of a product. I prevail/Of Amazon of the vendor there has been a mine produced in two days...
(5 Stars) in general... Sound the useful element and will be good to have in a car, golf cart, boot or same office. Before so only it feels my telephone where could any never find the something in a console of centre in a golf cart but with east, in fact can use my telephone and other applications without same the choosing up. A+
4 / 5 Emanuel
One in-stand of the mobile phone of the vehicle is basic and simple to telephone the stand has the solid place.unla The shell is embedded to a dish of the metal and a magnet adheres immovably to a street is unpleasant, some telephone stays immovably in place.unla The quality is a lot of buena.un mobile phone of vehicle that retreated is acceptable.
5 / 5 Art
Amur A simplicity of this car mountain. Wine with extra metal to insert in a chance of telephone. His really easy to have snap in a joint of car pinch, and once his in a pinch, his easy to so only snap your telephone with a magnet, remains on while driving and in bumpy walk, has not had never a telephone fall off while driving, is remained a whole time every time has used them this.
5 / 5 Leida
Easy to use. Easy to install. He a work adds. The mine interferes with a wireless touching calm so much can wants to be careful to the equal that to where has dipped a piece of metal. In general I am pleased with this I so that it follows to move out of wireless touching bc does not touch quite quickly because of the weakness of scrolling
4 / 5 Julietta
has had one of these clamp on titled of telephone the few years behind but take like this long to attach that it finalise any when using the majority of a time. This magnetic contraption the much more convenient fact to attach and detach. It has dipped three of some bars of metal among a @@@back cover of the mine iPhone 7 plus (which is heavy quite) and resists his form this in spite of all the classes of swipes and pauses.
4 / 5 Elinor
It is very easy to install has several ways of the trace . And still if you do not have any flat surface can use a round has comprised plastic which have glues and can join you swipe of suction for the trace . II like a way can slide a telephone on and down and regulate to take a better view while driving.
5 / 5 Britteny
Ossia My first telephone of title of dashboard and really likes to of me! It was easy to install and is quite easy to use.
4 / 5 Tesha
Magnet very strong, adhesive, & suction. It likes like this you can regulate of a same arm after installed. I have had the mountain of the small magnetic ventilation leading & any time would go in the swipes fall off.. This one resists my telephone until I pull era.

Top Customer Reviews: Magnetic Phone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Pamela
The element is expected like this! It feels well, quality-wise - a plastic material does not look economic. It is very easy to install and a magnet is quite strong, but no too strong. My telephone attaches quickly and with accuracy but is also easy to impulse of a magnet my hand. Rotating My telephone to plant wished is also easy and resists a place well. They are mine of trace in a face of mine dashboard, no in the tray of horizontal surface and is resisting strong. Highly it recommends this product!
5 / 5 Jene
Ossia The product adds . Packaging And utmost quality. I have bought 2 of these to substitute an economic some my woman has purchased the few years does. These broken and has turned around with which would attach your telephone how were really frustrating. This one east awesome. It resists your telephone firmly situate so that it expect. Reason constantly am going in an out of a car, treat this thing often. Calm loves that to do and any to piss you was. This thing the one who his supposition to, as his awesome. A quality is better way that has expected also.
5 / 5 Reita
Like this far they are that it loves a mountain to title of magnetic telephone for my car! It is much smaller that has anticipated, which are to add reasons have had to be creative with where has dipped he in my car. I possess the Cadillac SRX which has vertical ventilations and textured dashboard like this finding the headline of telephone to locate in my car has not been easy. I have finalised placing this in my analog clock that has the smooth surface (the one who use that anyways when has the digital clock in a radio exposure) which has looked for to be perfect planting like this far (any too big until obstructing my view but easily visible while it follows a GPS when behaviour). I have bought also a FITFORT coverage of telephone and am using that to attach my telephone to this mountain in place of a magnetic dish that a mountain comes with. A functionality of both have like this far tried for real the pity!
4 / 5 Kristy
It likes in from everywhere. I have tried sound a lot diff types of headlines of telephone for a car. Ossia For far a better in my opinion and easy. You owe that have the magnet attractable disk in your chance/of telephone of the telephone. I think that that some have come with him but has had them already one in my telephone for use in mine last car. I do not think you it can take a headline and place to somewhere more. Any I still tries to take my old headline of my old car, has bought so only another when it take my new car . I dare this import yes calm worry roughly take. It do not know like this to break a control of glue. It is strong.
4 / 5 Junita
I have bought this headline of mobile phone for a car for my daughter of 19 years, while it maintain his eyes in a street. Has in the good place and will have to attended and see the rests dipped in a pinch. It is compact and sturdy. A good value!
4 / 5 Adriane
I am obsessed with this car mountain! They are mountains has spent literally of the countless car telephone & can does not create taken this long to find this product. It is like this small, can stick a mountain so only roughly anywhere master! That, I so only seated, is awesome & very convenient b/c has had issues with my overheating of telephone that & closes was on me (while using a GPS also) countless time. When This raisin, my iPhone X apresamiento the pocolos small to cool down enough to restart.

With this product, is like this small I am able to stick it near of AC the mine of ventilation more after (without blocker any airflow to me) & be able to see my telephone perfectly without striking the out of place.

Also, some dishes of metal & by force of magnet a container comes with this INCREDIBLY STRONG. It is very impressive!!

Recommends this magnetic cellphone mountain to any and all the world-wide the one who the walks & possesses the cellphone (◕‿◕✿)
5 / 5 Allyson
has taken several fashions of headlines of telephone on some years and any one has done really a trick. It take a headline of coverage of toe of stand /of magnet to go with east and look to do adds near! Headline of the coverage/of the toe is very flat and attached to this headline of stand/of the magnet quite securely. It can he take was a headline without wrangling with him. It has attached my joint to pinch where has thought it would be well but was the night . I have discovered in a light of day, could not see a face and was reflecting all behind to my eyes! It is like this easy to take he of him is before location and attach it to the something different where was totally perfect. I then 'attached' my his and same telephone in rough street, hangs tight neither has burst was. I have had like this of these things on some years, creative an also, and any one has done a lot well. I am thrilled that I finally found a concealed ! THANKS TO an a lot of another reviewers concealed helped marks me this wise election.....
5 / 5 Trey
I have purchased this to substitute the magnet of the clip of trace of different ventilation to the equal that has broken my ventilation of air... I have situated this in the flat SMOOTH surface in mine pinch to the equal that has instructed. I have decided that a next day has loved to change where was situated, like this attentively the peeled was my pinch. An adhesive tape remained in a unit and has not left any residue behind in mine pinch. I have situated he in a something slowly informative SMOOTH and has pressed again for 30 seconds. Has has had subjects of zeros with him of then!

Commentaries lateralmente, a lot of people complain that they installed it on the flat surface, but fall off... They look to try to install it on the plan TEXTURED surface, which looks to cause subjects of people. A surface has to that be flat and SOFTEN for him to do more. While calm situate it on the something smooth, highly recommends it!
4 / 5 Delisa
I am using this for my iPhone new 11 Pro Max. I have been concerned roughly that resists a weight of the mine telephone as it looks to slip at the beginning but hold strong for my whole walk to do. This thing is order because any I always spends the stock exchange and my car does not have the something orders to resist my telephone. Some directions were the little imprecise bit but has imagined out of that all some the extra parts were that they have sent. In general, it is the good compraventa .
5 / 5 Jewell
There is any characteristic of security with this product, but IN THE has not been an option to the equal that has given 5 stars.
A mountain/to title was fantastically packaged and wine with all that is to be require comprising instructions. It is of entity to take a time to find a better place in your automobile to situate this first element to adhere. Attach your telephone to a mountain and controls up in of the different zones and situates to ensure anything can require access also while driving is not blocked. Calm once know, follows some directions to install. The mine is at present in a 12-24 priest of period of now as I have not used as driving still. This in spite of, have been impressed with a quality of a product.

Top Customer Reviews: WizGear Mount Metal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Works perfectly by behind my Otterbox the case and I do not owe bond in my telephone. He very bond this in your tlphonique if you do not have to so that I have seen the uncountable descriptions that show that takes is to leave without some form of harm. Also, it does not pose a magnetic side (knows both sides are magnetic) except a one without sticky tampon.... Just place he in your case with a side of tampon those touches a telephone... Side of metal..Touching your case.

A force is the sum for a rectangular big plus ones and I have not tried a small plus ones, but suppose is very too much for the telephones the small plus.
5 / 5
These stuffs to do very well with mobile phones and cases of mobile phone. They very the bond was but is very strongly magnetic and lines a telephone in a picture to command diplomado of magnetic telephone. Update - after using them for the few days. This magnetic titulars and his dishes are strong. In my case, issues too strong. A problem was that when tried to take a telephone of some titulars would not separate and an integer of magnetic headline has take of a ventilation to air and remained bonded in a backside of a telephone. Taken manually was quite take. These things are powerful!! Solution. I hacksawed one of some rectangular dishes vertically, in the piece quite 1/3 a measure of an original, archived some rough verges soften where a hacksaw had cut a thing, and the contact has used I then cimenta in a tlphonique and a backside of a smaller piece to stuff to attach a dish in a telephone. Fact perfectly. Cutting a dish has reduced in this way a magnetic attraction in a point where now could take a tlphonique properly, but an attraction was still quite strong to line a telephone in place.
5 / 5
As it has described. Works well with different highland systems another that wizgear. He bonds well in an interior of my case and controls many in highland cart of the magnet.
3 / 5
Quite madman. It take a container , has opened he up immediately, has planted a big squared or in my coverage of tlphonique. Pressed the on take, left he for the few minutes. Quan IS returned to verify that it was bonded on very enough, he slid immediately down the half! It sees photos. I have posed a round an on now, and has not done a same thing (still.) I will update after use. I have wanted even so a place for more than zone of surface, only could slap my telephone until a magnet easily. We will see.
5 / 5
Perfect substitutions for my Anker mountain of magnetic cart when my case of tlphonique broken and has required stuffs of new metal for my case of new telephone. I have required only a rectangular dish, but one 4 group is exited to add- has given one in my fianc as it can use it my mountain when is directing my cart ( the trip that/takes the road trips the plot), and wound up using some smaller rounds for my old ipod shuffle, which are not very necessary, but wound up when being very convenient with any extra stuffs this group provides. There is has not had any subjects with some locate not lining in a magnet while a cart is in motion (and lives in the montane zone)
5 / 5
A perfect substitution for some stuffs this comes with a WizGear mountain. Quan Took it the new telephone has required the new dish, since prefers to pose my dish directly in a telephone in place of a case. An adhesive in any extra stuffs this is coming with a compraventa the original had degraded , probably so that I have left the in my cart and of the lives in a south, a hot cart has taken in them. That is to say the compraventa cheap , easy. Also it appeal in any one concealed has case of multiple telephone, this road can pose the dish in the each case.
3 / 5
It uses these with the semi-detached magnetic mountain in a ventilation of air in my truck. A premier a (around) only remained in 1 week. I the very careful work that clean my case of tlphonique before bond in a dish of net. A second (rectangular) has remained on, but is careful any one to leave an air of a ventilation takes also hot, while assembla loosen an adhesive and a dish will fall era.
5 / 5
These are utmost. I have lost an original magnet has taken with a magnetic Mountain bought in the tent as I have bought these cual the substitution so that there is a tiny small rectangle in my giant Note 8.

Has bought also these so that they are sper slender. I have bought the rind of vinyl of decalgirl on-line and uses the clear case in my tlphonique but has not wanted to pose a magnet in my rind or case and ruin an aesthetic, as I have bought a sper the slender magnets and I posed it down a rind and he look perfect. It IS an almost invisible and does not affect a acuesta at all. I have posed this under my clear case also that it is quite a lot of slender and still laws only well with my magnetic Mountain and the better same grips now that uses a magnet a big plus.
5 / 5
Experience to substitute one ageing volfon case with 1' mountain of diameter of title and circular medal of grandson combo for the S7 Samsung. With the spigen case and these wiz tiles of metal of the train for highland support of magnetic cart.
A volfon the case with his keyring is good to line but terrible for magnetic mountains.

A 1 image is a spigen up and volfen in inferior. In a right is one 4 wizgear disks of metal: 2 rectangle and 2 circulates.

2 image aims a better location and has planted a wizgear metal among a tpu shell and cloak of rubber without adhering he in a spigen case. I have extended one circulates slightly in a rectangular one and didnt remark any sprain after posing a telephone in.
Commentary initially, has tried 2 rectangular some horizontally even so after posing a telephone in. Remarked a desert of air among a tpu case and rubber that caused the sound to click very cual covers he of milk.

Digests This product is self explanitory comes with 4 self adhering disks. You can or it can it does not have to use one adheres.. And the no. posed It up among a tpu/cloak of the rubber and he well. Quan Directing, a control of mountains until swipes, taps, without falling era.
5 / 5
Has pair different cases in this lucido likes him the rotate so required some dishes of extra metal for my car mountain. I have not wanted to take a regulate ash some since bond these in some outsides of a case like the does not line a glass by behind my telephone. This hailing my good case and no the bond was so it likes ash ones. A surface of some dishes is the grainy texture in planting to be totally soften which in time are unpleasant to touch but any quite the breaker of roads in any one to use them. It uses a car mountain in the daily base and there is no experimented my tlphonique those falls was included once. There is the hole localised in the each dish and I are not sure what a purpose of him is. Even so, an adhesive in some coverage of back in the so much is sticky while it touches that it leaves. In general even so, the very happy client.

Top Customer Reviews: Magnetic Phone Car ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Dacia
The difference of another trace of magnetic ventilation that clips of the metal of just use has covered of hule, liked really of a creation of this Floveme locate which uses the quite strong cradle clip of alligator (and slightly feet of hule sticky) to attach to a ventilation.

A drawback of of the this is that you have to that really so only the use on the horizontal ventilations, as I imagine to dip his in the vertical ventilations would do significantly less stable.

Some magnets are very strong. Has an iPhone X with the 4000mAh chance of battery, how is weighed enough, but this mountain was able to resist my telephone and chance of battery without any subjects, included when I have driven in swipes of speeds.

A band comes with 2 mountains, so that it is the good plus .
4 / 5 Dennis
Well setup, comes with two title like his easy to exchange among vehicles. It has to that magnet to centre a lot in the telephones plan on using he in way of landscape.
5 / 5 Jermaine
Sturdy And title of strong telephone. A clip is tight and there is nonslip grip. The creation adds.
4 / 5 Andre
This was exactly that has looked for.
For me there is car of touches of apple so that it has not loved my telephone to be in my ventilations or in front of me.
Like rings the clip to dip in my headline of cup to locate my telephone. I have not loved to dip my telephone in a cause to title of the cup has to that use both sometimes.
4 / 5 Stasia
A lot of sturdy and mountain of telephone of good quality.
5 / 5 Leandra
Ossia The very different creation for the mountain of telephone of ventilation of the air has not seen never. A key downside of any mountain of ventilation of the air those that once situate a telephone in the, blocks a ventilation of air and is annoying when the temperatures are extreme. This innovative creation does not block a ventilation to air when it situates a telephone in way of landscape that is the big plus. An adhesion is well., The telephone do not fall off in of the swipes. Material is of good quality. It comes like the pair. Some downsides is that, calm of the that taking tilt option. But it is comprised for a creation and not annoying any one a lot for me.
4 / 5 Mathilda
Clever Contrives. Creation of good clip, probably one has seen more to locate to a ventilation of air. Unfortunately, the claims of a costruttore that some magnets are one the strong plus in a phase is entirely dud. They are trace a car mountain in my truck and my telephone slid immediately after several minutes. My telephone is an iPhone XS, any max. I have tried both magnetic mountains in my truck, while one of them would do. Unfortunately the no. has been using magnetic mountains in my car for several years now and there is has not had never the telephone fall off until I have tried these. I pried a coverage out of one to verify to see had really 5 magnets. Had, but a force was so only a lot there. The claims of the by force big magnets is exaggerated a lot in this chance.
4 / 5 Toby
Absolutely I love these headlines of magnetic telephone for a car! Any of some other types they was has approached to a quality, convinces and force of these.
Have the strong magnetic control, so much so that all my telephone has for the magnet is inside a headline of the adhesive paper and my telephone has any so much like this slipped the centimetre of these headlines. If any calm already have anything magnetic to resist your telephone to these, any worry likes them also come with 3 of strong, but súper slender magnets for 3 telephones, that you just slip among- your chance and telephone, or if no utilisations the chance, could adhere to your telephone.
Also love a fact that can his clip to one very inferior of ventilations of mine, like this neither a conditioning to air neither some needs to heat to be blocked.
100 strongly recommend
5 / 5 Rochel
mountain of ventilation of Good telephone, comes with abundance of dishes of metal for a whole family.
A mountain of ventilation is an only one this does more for me in a really hot heat sud of the.
Has used a lot of mountains of ventilation with the fashion to yearn different that takes the place and pauses.
Ossia A lot of fact, the creation of anxiety is better that the little another I at present own.
This mountain are adds to have quell'corner of view of landscape to use that mine 4 that exists one east being missing of in, as I have used both in mine car one for portrait and one for landscape.
5 / 5 Felica
Out of a box receives the few magnets- around 6 or 7 magnets to install to chances of different telephone. Some go in the rectangles and the majority are in of the circles, a measure of the socket of pop. Also it comprises 2 car ventilation clips with the hule that cushions in a clamps to ensure not slipping.
Some clips has some rubbery cushioning material that will help to be taken out of some car ventilations every time pulls your telephone was. Some magnets are also quite powerful and will resist on your device without falling. A device at present am using is a Galaxy S10+ and the work adds without slipping or sliding down a magnet. This in spite of, an iPhone new 11s is main and heavier but am sure that these magnets will not have the question that resists him up.
In general the product adds with him minimalistic creation. You recommend this!

Top Customer Reviews: WizGear Universal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Dean
Good element. It thinks it that I hate something like this in my ventilation, the truth is now I can not direct without him. Tlphonique swivel Amorous strong and only has exited seldom. In some download a device represents some less operational ventilations in relation to bend and movement, but still value he and usable. The device comes with the tonne of the accessories that comprises dishes of extra metal to pose in your case of tlphonique and clear adhesives to help in of the scrollings. A good element and I are buying my second a now.
An another who is thing the CAREFUL driven and remarks each precautions of security. A first day or as it is easy to be distracted with a now locates backwards telephone in front of you while driven. It looks less distract after the day or so much and can always closed of an exposure even so there is there in case that an urgent call or the text enter. An idea of this mountain is to do the uses of urgent tlphonique surer very less. The brilliance IS also a subject with an always a lot of telephone in lining near to see so sure when being to turn road of low brilliance at night or kill exposure altogether like the brilliant telephone will inhibit your vision at night! An idea adds to match with the headset for the hands of free total (sure!) Driven. First security.
5 / 5 Herma
We have purchased 2 of these now, or for each cart. In the principle has bought a premier a so that it begins like a Uber/Lyft automotive and has required an easy road to aim my navigation. It IS so useful that when direct an another vehicle, has listened lost without him (sometimes literally). A magnet of access of rectangle easily in my case of tlphonique and stays in place 99% of a time. An only time a magnet has required the be tight is when mine 13 month launches my telephone in a fund and he bounced a magnet. A airvent highland access in both of my airvents - a duquel is the horizontal creation and another east the vertical creation . If it was to do or changes, would do a airvent mountain the small surer - does not fall was (still when my slams of woman some brakes) but can be the small tighter in a ventilation. You have posed once a magnet until a mountain, is solid. He very slide, fall, or transfer. Having them In a airvent maintains it well in my view without being too much in entertained.
There is the third cart, would buy another. Also I will be to give these so many presents in of the people so that it likes them issues more cost that $ 7.
5 / 5 Maud
That is to say the headline of good car ventilation , mere small and clear.

Upper tip: In front of compraventa, control your telephone until your ventilation to air to do sure is in the location and the angle are happy with. The calm can not pose this anywhere more - the obvious looks but something any one still thinks quite before buy. You will be to use one of ones launches magnetic comprised to attach in your telephone, which then bond in this device to line your telephone in place.

Is using an iPhone (factor of form of an iPhone 5) and is quite strong to line mine in place. Mark takes your telephone is not on age in apt dondequiera the.

Has Had one of these before and was well for the few months before it breaks. It IS quite cheap where in fact does very the import that buys an each little month, even so.

That it can it to it have been the fluke even so, and if this one breaks also will update a description.
5 / 5 Myong
Bought this for the walk of the long weekend where the praise has to use a function of GPS of the tlphonique and does not want to have in my foothills. It IS sceptical quite posing a telephone in a ventilation of air but while it results to use a GPS for hours in the ends a heat of tlphonique up and in that there is on AC the ventilation aided to maintain a telephone cools which also the helps prolong life of stack. It comes with 2 thin metal stuffs that it can be bonded (a side has sticky tape) or planted among a tlphonique and a case of tlphonique. A magnet is quite strong in any in that has a slip of tlphonique was or transfer around while driven. It IS the very convenient road and sure to be 'the free hands' in a cart. I will be to buy the pair more to give so present in my family.
5 / 5 Silvana
I possess the 2014 Ford Brodar, and while all other owners of this model of the vehicle there has been a very same problem, any place to pose your telephone when that directs. Some people buy supports that enters some trays of the cup but I have found that also bulky and in my road. They that maintain me the mere things.

This was a better option found and is happy with him. Quan Has not required any annoying, when using maintains my tlphonique more date of view and while it is in a ventilation maintains my telephone cools when using a GPS with screen on at all times. The magnet is very strong and maintains my telephone has ensured included when crossing heavy swipes.

Some only gilipollas can say enough is that it can say you concealed loses the ventilation with him, the mine ails movements with these semi-detached in him, and when a telephone is on he there has almost any air through this ventilation at least for an engine and according to the measure of your telephone. At the beginning when it takes my tlphonique a base is come together with him but was the subject of physicist, can not pull a tlphonique directly in as the magnet will maintain semi-detached, instead has to take your telephone of an upper or in prjimo and to the attraction likes him the one of him peeled an adhesive was (issues diagonal).
5 / 5 Ardelia
That is to say an excellent little artilugio! Any necessity for the clunky device to locate that not even it can return your ventilations of air, these small types can handle it. Has the Toyota Yaris, as my ventilations of the air is not very big, but these accesses perfectly in the. A highland device is in a measure of half-dollar, and a rubbery the grips can be class of difficult to pose on at the beginning, but hopefully these ways will remain on!

This work to attach the dish of metal in your telephone, and then a dish attaches in a magnet in a highland device. These laws add to use the case, while it only can slip a dish in a case. A magnet is quite strong that the winery of on in a dish through the case. (At present I am using a Otterbox case of Symmetry.) If you do not use the case in your telephone, then some of some highland dishes have a bit adhesive to bond in your telephone. A car mountain comes with dishes of multiple metal to use with your telephone. Calm suppose you also could his use for multiple devices, if has one or has had the multiple familiar members that participation the cart.

Likes him that now it can see my telephone more easily when is using he in navigate. I can pay more attention in my behaviour and does not have to maintain elect in a tlphonique and look to see when my next turn is coming up. Also, a tlphonique any slide of my picture of mandate and apresamiento stray or potentially broken when corners of tower!

In general, excellent - especially for a prize!
4 / 5 Tamica
That is to say a better, more the mountain of stable cart has found; better that one classifies with gripping group, or that owes bond something in your picture of order, or join other mountains of ventilation that maintained to the fall was. A rigid foam prongs that inserts/inserts in a ventilation any angle or break an air goes, will return any model, and creates the company, sure mountain for a magnet. It IS so easy just to pose a telephone in a magnet. It remains to situate and is easily readable (especially well for maps of Google when is directing.)

Alas, installation of a dish in your telephone can interfere with wireless load, but there is an easy workaround (next paragraph.) A manufacturer would have to comprise this information in some instructions would have bought still this product, only would have been forewarned. Basically some the only instructions have been limited in only a basics the tick dish to telephone; those amours of slide in ventilation; tlphonique of clave in magnet.' I have finished to buy two nine wireless chargers before prpers prpers gives was a dish in my tlphonique this has blocked the.

HAS the Motorola newer Droid, and totally blocks a wireless to touch support. There is, even so, the workaround. I do not want bond a dish of metal directly in my telephone, so instead, bonded he in an interior of a case (picture of seen.) Then , I take a case before posing he in a support to touch, touches usually (duh.) That is to say a workaround. A bit of one extra hassle (especially since has the wireless to upload in acting also), but think that is worth it for a consolation and stability of this mountain in a cart. Again, even so, this would have to when being coated in some materials of instruction.
5 / 5 Lavonda
These things are of sound. I have purchased four of them, with three to give in my parents and my fianc. It IS the small sceptic , but is the product adds . My mountain of the anterior telephone there has been the bar that you slid on to return your telephone. While law, was very difficult to take, and certainly could very he with or pound. This one is incredibly convenient for this reason only.

For some people preoccupied in a magnet that affects your screen - he the no. Has been using mine for the small while without problems any one. I am in accordance with some other descriptions that some exposures in the mobile phones today are different, so there is not very easterly worry that harms the exposure of your telephone. Some exposures of GPS of beat of old model that is affected, is not sure, but my mobile phone has not been affected at all. These have been used with the little Samsung models of Galaxy, an iPhone 7, and a HTC U11.

Cuesta at all that a magnet is in a mountain he, any some the dishes have posed among your tlphonique and a case. With this be has said, if has the case these cards crediticias of the controls, then some cards would suffer the harm when planted in a magnetic mountain.

A magnet is strong. It lines my telephone for the walk of four hours without the tomb of sliding problems or falling out of a ventilation. I want a grip of rubber that you slide in a ventilation; this a lot the universal fact. One some experiences has been used in four different marks/models of the carts and he are returned in some ventilations of the each one without subjects of him coming loose.

Has been surprised that this is coming with three different metal dishes to use, which was very he so that it can the yours plant in the few different elements. I have used a dish of rectangle without an adhesive, and has posed only among a case and my telephone. He very slide around; it is solid state .

Has purchased one for me, has bought then more three of my experience. If you are looking for the mountain of cart adds for your tlphonique that is to say easy to use, that is to say to good sure which want to.
5 / 5 Danyel
I have bought 2 of these, or for the 2007 Toyota Sienna and another for the 2013 Nissan Xterra. Some works of product to pose that it adheres the cloak of small metal in a backside of a tlphonique and the strong magnet surrounded by the bonds of soft rubber a telephone in a mountain. I have chosen any one to use an adhesive and has posed simply an interior of band of the metal of my case. A prongs of a mountain is inserted in a ventilation of air.

For a Xterra, my iPhone is lined almost in the perfect place. I have posed a nude of metal in an upper corner of a telephone where the any cover a camera with a mountain in a fund of a ventilation. In this way, a ventilation is not obstructed.
For Sienna, some looks of tlphonique to plant more in the 'landscape' orientation.

In both vehicles are able to access my screen to touch of the tlphonique easily and operate one 'house' button. A soft rubber maintains a telephone in place.

3 band of the metal is provided, 1 small and around that use and 2 rectangular elder additional with the corners has rounded. They are so thin is unnoticeable under a case.

A bit those that negative:
has the clear case with the telephone of money, or the band of the metal is black. He very problem me to have the giant blackhead in my tlphonique but some can to any one likes him .
Having A tlphonique trace in a ventilation when a heat is can obvously subjects of heat of the cause with your telephone, especially if course gps applications like Waze.
5 / 5 Lynette
I have tried several titulars of tlphonique: windshield type of cup of the suction, type of ventilation with cradle of squeeze, etc., But I very cual an ease of this mountain. A course that continues in a ventilation has two different measure empty; width and slender. I use one slender in ventilation of mine and he line well. I have used a metal to adhere dish in an interior of my case of tlphonique. A magnet of the mountain of the ventilation is STRONG. Semence of mine Motorola Turbo II on with ease. I paste roughly enough to take swipes, and winery well. Only it wishes a ventilation has to pose a mountain in affronted me more, as I can see a better telephone, but the see well quite while sound.
Takes everything of 2 minutes to pose this system up! Mere; you gotta wants mere!
HAS any one with to attach in this description. I am happy has taken this and recommends in any concealed wants to delete his windshield squad of cup of the suction.

Top Customer Reviews: Mount Metal Plate ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Gisela
Works a lot well. I have bought these like the substitution partorisca a piece that is coming with my car mountain—the glue was junk in that a. These have utmost adhesive, is low profile, but still uction' to a magnet like the field. Highly it recommends. Has mine in an outside of my chance, and no, can not touch wirelessly b/c a telephone takes too hot with a magnet on.
sidenote: Used in Commentaries 9 with the smooth chance
4 / 5 Flavia
has been looking for the product like this, which has utmost suction and stylish, as I do not have the stupid looking black patch in a backside of my telephone, these products ! If it calms it is not never thinking roughly that buys the car mountain “ if like this called” of friendly telephone, thinks two times, can take this product for economic and take the quite a lot of chance loves and easily combine them near. I can not be happier roughly that. Tried the in my car, and the law adds!
5 / 5 Etta
A glue is fantastic. Some dishes are thin so that they are hardly noticeable. They do a lot well with a magnet. An appeal of a magnet in a dish is really strong. A model in some dishes gives him the bit of aesthetic clave. I produce it adds.
5 / 5 Lucy
I used it on a backside of my mobile phone to the equal that was magnetically be attracted to a magnet in a joint of pinch of my car. Works súper a lot take a coverage of my mobile phone. My coverage has ribs in him and a magnet so only is not quite strong. The Gentleman thinks that that ossia one the fault of some these products. So only it slips a coverage was and work perfectly.
5 / 5 Lissette
Absolutely love this dish. A creation is awesome and so only done my look of better same chance. I have been using he for well the month and still has everything of a creation. At all it has gone it rubbed that it is quite freaking the quota that considers I slide this thing in my office my pocket and is always in a magnet in mine car
5 / 5 Kathlene
These are absolutely perfect for magnetic mountains. Has the total of six of them on my iPad so that I can use he in my truck to look film to the equal that travel. The same have the pocolos flat have left on. A creation on is also quite lovely without this stupid little hole that the majority other dishes have. Amur These!
4 / 5 Conception
Ordered this product the Sunday and he have arrived a following day! Servants his purpose to locate a telephone in a car. I have finalised taping he in an interior of my chance of telephone of then has has not loved the estaca in mine telephone and I telephone of transmission marries frequently and is resisting up. If I require mountains more magnetic to good sure will buy this produces again!
5 / 5 Eddie
It likes him-me these decorative highland dishes in place of simple some. The interior of big dish has applied iPhone XR the coverage and utmost. A telephone is resisted securely. Amur An easy on & of a mountain of telephone. To good sure recommend to any one.
5 / 5 Mohamed
Has the note 10+ and the YIQUTECH 2 in 1 Chance for Samsung Commentaries of Galaxy 10 Plus ( />
the circle has fixed to a socket in my chance is spare to resist my telephone to a magnet in my car, and is also attractive which is in prize .
5 / 5 Gwen
This better work that had expected; having contact directed among a dish of the metal and a magnet means the control SIGNIFICANTLY STRONGER!

Top Customer Reviews: Universal Metal ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Winnie
Some years of the mark of pair has bought a car magnet setup for my use of GPS of the telephone. Quan Has changed the telephones take a dish of metal of my case of old telephone and tried in reapply in my May of new unit could take it to remain on after it conceal and tried to use several classes of sper glue but in any utility. I have finished to pose a dish of metal in my case of tlphonique loosely and lines a magnet but always the slide has been.

Has bought some pieces of metal of the substitution and each dish of metal has is pertinent 3M duplicated the the sticky tape constant which will be to add /when takes the case of different telephone , as I any one has preoccupy enough try the reuse an old dish. For me it is quite consolation. Has a iphone XR and stain very firmly! On that, same book the Sunday after ordering the Friday... Very satisfied!
5 / 5 Marcia
It IS the metallic piece of metal
5 / 5 Assunta
SURPRISING! Mark plants sure where amours The first TIME so that an adhesive am ADDS! Once it poses in his prjimo in impossible to leave (has to use tweezers to take down the and then the cutter for the take was as it can move he in another something in my water in the paper towel with A lot of scrubbing has taken an adhesive residue was afterwards quite 5-10 minutes). Even so, it is a awesome the product and I highly recommend it all over the world that looks for the road to use your hand of free telephone in a car!
5 / 5 Nerissa
Exactly that has required. The tight clave in my new case and a car mountain.
5 / 5 Idell
The work adds and is some perfect dimensions.
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