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I have been that follows Nikon Rumours in a Web partorisca quite some time, but so only recently found that has the Nikon blog of Rumours in a Kindle. If you are the Nikon and have the Kindle, is the winner .

On February 8th, was there still for Kindle subscribers: Nikon D800 vs. D700 specs Comparison

has had the pair of an on Nikons in the very clear photo of both models, follow-ups for a text:

'Here is the fast comparison among a Nikon D800 and Nikon D700 has based in some specifications have listed in Nikon put web... I have been said that a D700 will go down in prize in a prójimo few days - in France for example, a prize is expected to fall of a current EUR 2,100 to EUR 1,800. I do not have any chance roughly EUA imposed still.'

This is to be follow for the longitude and the ready comparison detailed highly of a specs of both cameras, side for side, with everything of a info that the likely buyer (or Nikon defender) could wish for, and of course some link that all the one who enjoy some regular Nikon the place of Rumours has the habit of.

A more collected day had had to add it composite image with the slogan ' ARE A D800' what follows a byline ' AM NIKON' images this is knows to like this on Facebook and other places in a Coverage. Had the slew of information in this column, with a lot of link. We have learnt that Nikon the stock is on 13, and that a D800/D800E is done in Giappone.

Is timely info like this done a Nikon blog of Rumours in a Kindle interesting. But it can any one taking such easier information and faster on Facebook or directly of Rumours of Photos in a 'Coverage? Yes, but I do not take my computer, included my laptop, to bed with me. Often I will take mine Kindle to bed at night to read a lot of reservation that has downloaded, and has the few blogs here on Amazon that like to verify, sometimes so only first of falling slept and occasionally first what in a morning. Ossia Like me has discovered it punctual in an amazing 'Walk of Joy' promo video of motorcycle with Mark Miller this is to be shoot to Chicago and does totally done with a new Nikon D800. .

One 'Nikon in a 2012 CP+ piece of show of February 11, 2012, has had any only coverage of this exposure in Giappone, but the photo of a frame of league of a D800 frame together with other images in better grayscale that is to find usually in a Kindle. And his 'Weekly Nikon informative flash columns' is some bondadosos that will maintain you in row of the of some later deals and rebates, together with another timely info.

More recently was an alert that a van that transport a train for Dublino NPS (Nikon Pro Services) the show of street had been flown the prejudices of Saturday approaches A Park of Phoenix to Dublino, Ireland. A van has contained Nikon the crew estimated in $ 156,000 that comprises a new mark D4 and D800 demo camera, and has offered the complete cast of a crew flown with numbers of serial.

Living until his name, Nikon the rumours have declared that it outrage a D4 and D800, Nikon will announce three more DSLR camera in 2012. His speculated that some new cameras all is DX models , probably substitutions for a Nikon D3100, D7000 and D300s.

And of entity to a lot of the users was an ad that Nikon had released to Capture NX, with a memory that has to install you first version to come from with version . A new Capture NX the version has D4 support and several bugs fixed, and was all has listed.

This Kindle the blog there is quickly and frequent updates, and his histories and the ads have the images and the pertinent photos to a piece. Surprisingly, the majority of some pieces has complete text, while his on-line place a duty the click links it to take a whole history... Well you touch so that they love his info quickly. It is at present available in a following:

Kindle Touch
Kindle Keyboard
Kindle DX
Kindle (2nd Generation)
Kindle (1st Generation)

has the pocola another good general photograph blog in a Kindle, as Scott Bourne Photofocus. If you are the serious photograph in the general way, his name can be familiar, as it is been writing in photographs in his place typical of a late '90s. Recently it asks a question: 'It Megapixels We Really Needs?' And the joint has offered to serious photographers on like paralizaciones to protect you of a war in photographs, where those with the camera are legislated against. Had the classical posted last October titled 'A Question With Using Filters in your Camera Lenses' that has given this reader to plot of second thoughts in those called sensateces conventional regarding an use of UV FILTERS to protect to lentil.

But when it comes to that is going in in a world of Nikon, then so only take the look in a Nikon blog of Rumours in a Kindle. This byline comes with the free test of 14 days. If it likes with which conceal of the time will cost you down he buck for month... Less than the cup of caffè.

And so only agree his slogan, 'Where has smoked shoots.'

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