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Top Customer Reviews: Pioneer TS-B350PRO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5 Season
Better tweeter never in my opinion. Upgraded Of pioneers 2 way 3.5 speaker and has had too much bass in mine pinch and didnt spend justice to the sure songs but I have had these installed today and is insanely better. Everything touches perfect now still without a amp. Probably it will take these in the each vehicle I typical of now from now on and go to see if these can return in my launchers and with which installation my neighbour has listened the one who touch clear and is planning on taking them partorisca his scion. Highly recommend this subject only can have is his a lot of deep and has has had to that installed the on a plastic coverage in mine 2002 glorious Cherokee but thinks that is better anyways cuz looks fresher of way.
5 / 5 Adrien
The sound adds. Vocals Has spent out of stronger in my opinion
4 / 5 Herminia
I pioneer of amour. These touch like this full and crisp are adds. They take quite strong to blow your ears was and is quite attentive. I paired this to some speakers of the lowest watt and a tweeters overtake a music to the equal that am gone down a eq the small and is gone down a 'loudness option' in my unit of boss. I have touched Santana and looked the electrical guitar was so only in front of me.
4 / 5 Annamae
This bad-the boys are STRONG!!!

Claro, crisp his of a highs powered for the Pioneer Amp.

Has these installed in a rear wall of the alone taxi 1997 F150 and this beats of the yes alike things too strong, destroy your listened LOL !!!

Rule like this required and enjoy your music, and listening for years to come.

I highly recommend. 10/10
4 / 5 Erma
The sound is excellent, people those who are trace with me has commented in the clear my sound of speakers.
4 / 5 Prudence
A tweeter has blown is reason has substituted him. Happy has done. Some monitors touches much clearer and crisp without being hard.
5 / 5 Irving
The sound adds! A lot Brilliant, Yes&60; but thjese is Pro tweeters... Like this when they are used in the stereo this has pro subs and mids is not overpowering or TOO BRILLIANT at all! It LOVES HIM!
5 / 5 Nohemi
Are having the hard time with this description. A box is some instructions . Which would be very was clearly readable. But they are not . I am spent the on-line time looking for instructions. Which comprise pos/neg hookup. But it was having some other subjects with odd feedback. It could be my car . It could be some speakers . Idk. It has worsened when both tweeters was hooked up. Probably error of user. I am not sure.
5 / 5 Tashia
...These are your speakers then...
Initially extremely big highs--but thinks them is 'breaking in' and settling down
the look adds for a prize
4 / 5 Zenobia
Crisp and clear. Have take a crossover that the pioneer soldered on. The courses to two crossovers the already had for my components. Using it crossfire 800.4 this control on really well.
4 / 5 Valentin
Door the integer of new level to a highs. The accesses add in a pinch where some speakers of the small factory of full row era.
5 / 5 Rayna
Omg A sound of this calm mark the systems sing with emotion with crisp light air. Any subject where calm his places will be listened!!! Amur These.
4 / 5 Jenice
The sound adds has added partorisca complete a sound of my system. Very satisfied with this compraventa.
Other components are 4x kicker 6x8( has forgotten model)
2000 watt amp and so only 12 sub
4 / 5 Misti
A tweeter has looked partorisca be of big quality but was too big to return in the mine that exists tweeter cutouts.
4 / 5 Verdell
These things are súper strong and clear .Built to last in the reasonable prize
5 / 5 Agnes
is strong and clear. An only swipe on is a crappy capacitor ossia useless down volume and real power. It would recommend to buy the gain crossover or edifice a.
5 / 5 Cori
Calming them down helps installed the different Capacitor but very strong in fact.
4 / 5 Corazon
Excellent volume in low power but of the powers up without sprain, beautiful highs, loyalty in his better. Any static, so only his strong. Better then still has expected. Unit of alpine boss, Initiating amp and these produce his wonderful. Big heavy magnet, solid construction. Very happy.
4 / 5 Ninfa
Speaker a lot well, a quality of his very good east
5 / 5 Kim
Strong clear and Crisp sound .
Powering The With 125 watts for speakers
Any question that listens him in 150 ft was.
5 / 5 Jarod
Awesome tweeters, In mine second pair. They touch quite good and strong! His just hook up with a together right of midrange speakers and good master and.... Any word. I add compraventa.
4 / 5 Rudy
It was very impressed with my elements. Bought the second pair.
5 / 5 Thelma
The pioneer always rids quality of his a lot of 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
5 / 5 Anya
has Used partorisca on 10khz in the car has to that run some hours partorisca his well,
5 / 5 Lemuel
These things are a course has expected that of Pioneering

Top Customer Reviews: Pioneer A-Series ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
4 / 5 Krystle
Im Has limited partorisca use so only 2 speakers of door in mine van of work like the sound does not go partorisca be add any import that calm so only can take so out of 2x 6'x8' the speakers are trace in some doors of the van of work.
With that in alcohol, looked for in a more can find in 6' x 8' speaker in this row of prize, thinks that would require partorisca bend or triple included a prize partorisca take any better that these Pioneers. I have decided to use the sound that foreign of cushions in an interior and outside of my doors like six some doors in general so only does not touch well, a lot of metal in some doors of the van of work. A foreigner has helped a noise of street more than anything but I suggest that his that while has your doors averts in any car or truck to the equal that can take a noise of street down any, a music touches better! One installs was easy and a sound is well. A highs and mids is good but some lacks of basses a bit but think because of a location of door and in my chance, any rear speaker or subs. Some speakers are clear and less muddy that stock. It would think that that these speakers would shine in the automobiles concealed has had more speakers of just door.
My thought with entrance to midline automobile stereo, can any never gone bad with Pioneers.
4 / 5 Renee
These speakers have the good sound and I expect will last for a life of mine F150. After substituting a OEM speaker in a door lateralmente of the engine two times, has decided the upgrade to something better. They do and there is not costing a lot. They were easy to install. But it would have liked him it has liked instructions of better installation to explain or no a frame of plastic adapter has been required for the installation or the no. has not been to clear have been required neither how has been suppositions to be retained. I did not install him reason has not had any way to securely do like this.
5 / 5 Romona
Took the total of an hour to substitute some four speakers of door of mine F150 Lariat Súper Taxi of Crew. One has manufactured the speakers have been done of map and two had broken . This Pioneer 6x8s is awesome! I can not dip some speakers to max reasons ossia TOO STRONG. I add that it clashes grave and clear highs. I add for a prize!
5 / 5 Augustus
The speakers touch utmost for a prize but his to good sure is not a main quality... Two month afterwards installs has has had already a tweeters fall off of one of some speakers... A glue dipped the on with this quite bad... Continuous do well Like this I probably so only epoxy the joint retreated but if it do not love a little smaller reparation, perhaps spend bit it more in of the speakers...

Update: Two days with which a tweeter is fallen off one, another there has been to the short coil was and now my unit of boss is stuck to protects way... It will be to exchange them all was for something different...
5 / 5 Sherman
The drop adds on-parleur still fords. Touched adds with just a unit of boss and still better when a amp has been added.
4 / 5 Lovie
There is wanted to so only the reasonably priced upgrade to some stock speakers in my truck of the work and these return a bill. They are the bit of a audiophile but am no expert as I can not quantify an experience to listen but am impressed with a quality of his of low to treble. They are very better that some old stock speakers.
5 / 5 Alyce
Obviously is Initiating and these speakers are like any another. It touches like this awesome, with a highs, vocals, and tight bass. Calm can not go bad, fiancée
4 / 5 Tajuana
Well has touched utmost for some premiers few days used. When being that reason is for the truck of project, has used him seldom and hooked his until the radio of pioneers. One of some courses of speakers in and was and taking staticky, has taken was and everything is hooked up. I create a speaker has gone bad. Some other good sounds. It does not satisfy at all. It can not believe they no last long. The desire there is hooked his on took him grieve like this some police to return there would be has the career was. Now I am stuck with a speaker feeds. No him liking has used also.
5 / 5 Alphonse
A lasted for the month and then now or the paper has listened rattling. A lot disappointed for a reason that does not look a volume to a max and am running he without a amp another and has bought the different mark in a backside and install them a same day and his still are going strong.
5 / 5 Mandy
Awesome Speakers. Crisp, Claro, mid & big notes. Really swipe in some notes of grave decreases also. Bought these to substitute 2 insiemi of Pioneers 6x8 3 way that where 15 years (his still laws!). Powering These of the Pioneer FH-S701BS in the 2004 Ford pickup truck. 3/4 calm volume can listen him 50 feet out of a truck with some doors has closed.
5 / 5 Shayna
A lot disincentive his clear only 6x8. I love a clarity, is trace 4 pair any need partorisca additional tweeters partorisca my application
4 / 5 Virgilio
Better that some units accionarías. The still need graver. I will use Kickers next time.
5 / 5 Dede
Had installed him the while now this in spite of look partorisca do well my radio is accionaría but some speakers maintain up with everything gives him
5 / 5 Violeta
has dipped these in a backside of the mine Mustang convertible and touch utmost. They were the big improvement on some stock speakers that is gone in a vehicle.
5 / 5 Rosann
Partorisca A measure and the prize have thinks that would be A lot so only . Surprisingly they touch utmost. I have used it baffles in some speakers forward that feels really done a difference. Well value of the money.
4 / 5 Florentino
Some speakers are the solid upgrade partorisca any with stock speakers. I have purchased 3 pairs of these speakers partorisca two different vehicles. 5/6 utmost speakers, one believes was has the pound broken and has been that tries to take this solved partorisca the while now.
4 / 5 Gearldine
Has substituted some speakers of door in the 06 Mustang GT with a Shaker 500 system that has the unit of boss of the installed Pioneer. There is not any comparison among a factory and these, is strong and very clear. It does not doubt to purchase.
5 / 5 Sabrina
I amp his on but I class of has expected the little more after when being 't lame bad sound awesome clear highs and the decent bass but I recommend this partorisca be paired with 10s and any 15ns
4 / 5 Gabrielle
These utmost speakers. Have his to add. I installed him on my truck and I love a sound.
4 / 5 Alissa
Read alot of descriptions that has said these have had qualities of his add for a money as I have not wanted to spend $ or more. You well but is so only marginally better that some originals of factory.
5 / 5 Williemae
These touch utmost in mine 1994 Explorer! It has arrived punctually and a packaging has not been in good condition. But in general, the good cost.
5 / 5 Jenni
One of entity upgrade to stock speakers for the smallest quantity of cash.
5 / 5 Margy
It produces very well it would recommend that you are in the estimativa.

Top Customer Reviews: PIONEER Pioneer ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
5 / 5 Chere
Noisy 2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ with soft cup. Unit of the original boss substituted with Sony DSX-GS80 with built-in amp and 4 Pioneers TS-A1370F (the group of adapter has required in front of partorisca convert of 4x6' to '). A big improvement, but lacking strong bass.
Has bought the Rockville SS8P powered subwoofer partorisca distribute some bass. You trace down rear chair. All me with help of Youtube. It could not be happier with a quality of all the components and a sound now. They are not the young man blaring music in other people in other cars. They are so only an old write the one who listens to, and appreciates good music.
4 / 5 Cassey
First what- a centre of some claves of speaker was roughly 1/2' of a plan partorisca mount as be careful where traces these in the car. Also a sound is not like this well like the infinity priced similarly speakers of Harmon.
4 / 5 Marcus
These were part of a system upgrade and the sound adds.
4 / 5 Jaclyn
The ball adds! Poor nave. Used a slow plus that the possible ships and my daughter was without the ball partorisca a longer week that the any third vendor of party.
4 / 5 Joan
Installed these in mine 96 Dodge Ram 1500 Reg Taxi , Listened to them partorisca roughly 25 mins and they already touch it distorted .... It would not recommend these , And thats to the bad pioneers are usually of the quality adds ....
4 / 5 Chanel
Has dipped these in some doors of mine Mustang convertible and touch utmost. I can now crank on a stereo with an upper down and listen my stereo.
5 / 5 Celestine
Partorisca A prize, you cant gone bad. They appear smaller that that has thought, but these treat really really well. Very impressed. It would recommend to any one!
4 / 5 Nathaniel
The sound adds and some bass is very better that some stock speakers...... Extremely happy with a product... It would recommend to any concealed is looking for speakers
4 / 5 Marquerite
(my deception) the speakers looked well this in spite of the did not listen him never play
4 / 5 Krishna
the speakers there is a lot of sound. Any aversion. I installed him in mine Mack truck.
4 / 5 Connie
So only mediate you aftermarket speaker... It is better that stalk but a lot something the wright manacles roughly.

Top Customer Reviews: Pioneer TS-A1670F ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5 Phillis
I am a audiophile snob. The tan when the look headed to in of the speakers of substitution for my truck, was very resistant when avenges in these Pioneers. In down 100 bucks therefore some advance of doors and some last 5x8s combined, my expectations were down.
IS spent of the ridiculous quantities of money in audiophile speakers in some pasts and has thought would give my account to stack the pause this times around.
So impressed by a quality of his and a phase of his of these speakers of subject. Matched With two 12'' subs these are excellent. Possibly, you give some initiates one nods compared in an infinity kappas is substituting. Any cross, when being since you. It acclaims
5 / 5 Viki
List of compraventa:
Metra 72-7800 Connector of Of the west [$ 6]

the sound that Dampens - Noico 80 one thousand 10 sqft the car sound that Mat of Cushions [$ 22]

Pioneering TS-A1686R A-Serious 6.5' [$ 48] -

(Utmost sounding speakers, included with the quite feeble OEM stereo, can take a bond in your device of means comunicacionales in a lot of make-up for some volume of low/extras, and asks a pause in period. Some bass is very cleansing that a crappy OEM habladuras, no so boomy, so that they are not boomy, they probably, will not be the heavy boom as it craps OEM speakers. Mor More can/and a bond w/ stimulate of low, can take of more action of PLOT out of these speakers, that OEM.

These speakers will not sound that utmost before they are broken in!

Very clean mids and Offer! It opens Need to substitute one 6.5s leading.. LOL..)
Want to down massive, buys the sub! These speakers can handle surprise down without distorting, but can rattle your cart with a massive sound, included with dampening!

Deep adapter of of the west (Has HSB524 2006-2011) [$ 8]

To spare Trims clips [$ 8] was very careful and the breaking finished still two.. It can be a factor to determine finish a project today or any

Good luck! :) And the mark sure has 3 hours or so without interruption for each a 2016 Deep scrolling of Civic poster/installs.
A lot thanks to this boy for a real walkthrough CLUEngineer in tube.
5 / 5 Sha
A prize am much lower that my tent of local boxes for these. I have installed the in the 1997 Ford Order taxi only that it is laughably the bad place to install any speakers. I have used Metra adapters of of the one of the west and has had each what four of these speakers in and facts in down 45 minutes. They return perfectly in my doors and a back poster. Ford Has these things that brota in your legs and of the seeds in some last shoot in a fund of some chairs. Horrible for audiophile necessities. This has said, is taking his well out of them. I am running the subwoofer and have these have crossed on in 125hz so that they do not vibrate my poster of door or destroys it I crank in a musician.
5 / 5 Stefani
He systems of a lot of together gesture of audio of together cart some years and has used squad of the majority of some usual companies. That learns is that it does not have to spend of thousands of dollars in squad. The common of the people can not say a difference among a system priced average and the system these thousands of costs. Many a difference is detected using special squad. That necessity to consider is a global quality of a squad. As it Expect these speakers of Pioneer have the very big quality sound and tez. A highs is clean and crisp but not taking likes him some other marks. A mids is also very clean with the good quantity of low. An element of the only extra used in an installs was points of his of the foam. These have substituted some speakers of factory in aa 2017 Ford SHO with a system of Sony of first that it is OEM amplified (total system of 400 watts max). It is not the massive system but he can be it turned in a max volume without distortion. It IS so strong, can not seat in a cart in this volume without discomfort.
Obviously a type and the measure of script of enclosure a quantity of low can take. It does not expect to take lows that rattle transport you but has abundance in of the touches. The majority of people will enjoy these speakers. In my opinion, has a global pleasant sound, any apresamiento highs and the compatible grandson mid tomb. More than everything will not break your factor.
5 / 5 Cherish
I have installed these speakers in mine '17 Subaru Forester to substitute a Blaupunkt aftermarket speakers that used to to substitute some speakers of factory. Night and day differentiate it. That is to say comparable,if any better, that a Kicker speakers that installed in my partner is '18 Subaru Crosstrek. The bass is very of the presents. Mids IS clear. Highs IS well. These speakers are very responsive. It uses these with unit of cape of the factory. You will be pleased.
5 / 5 Emelda
I am very surprised for a sound of these speakers. They are at present some the only speakers that law in mine 1996 F250 (amp for some back speakers are in a fritz) as there these are running only. A sound of them is excellent. Some bass is strong and down. Of course any one sub woofer strong but that impresses for 6.5' speakers. Some levels of basses is perfectly acceptable to listen daily. The calm will not win competitions of the basses but sound utmost for his measure. A global sound is smooth and well has balanced. Some the big frequencies are strong but not taking .

Almost always buys 2 speakers of road. I actuate Always although anything more was only the gimmick. It can be but in this case it is the gimmick that at least sounds well.

These speakers do well in his own and would do adds with the sub the system that bolsters his final subordinated decent. It attaches in the gesture of party of the back speakers and I think you to you an excellent system without breaking a bank.
5 / 5 Enda
These are better speakers that my Ford original F-150 speakers of factory. A prize is right and a quality of his perfect east for my necessities. I have required only substitute the pair blown (rasgado) backs speakers in mine 2010 F-150 and these have done perfectly and was the accident to install. I have finished to substitute all four speakers of factory with these and so far the sound adds. One installs easier this takes a poster of door. Even so it was able in in a whole truck in less than an hour. If the look needs the videos of Youtube of the pair in of the scrollings of poster of the door of transports you. Easy peasy and much cheaper that taking he in. I want to soye so far.
5 / 5 Bruno
It uses a Kicker 40CS654 Coxials (100W RMS) with my 'first' normal unit of cape of system of audio (2008 Civic ). It was stronger and clearer that some normal speakers but does not have products so much down.

Has bought a Pioneer TS-A1683S (50W RMS, taken to find now) and is fallen he in a back coverage and was sper strong and clear. The bass was strong and punchy only like some normal speakers but with less distortion!

That is to say when the praise has had to to purchase these! 50W RMS the be perfectly matched with an amplifier of factory that is also manufacturered for Pioneer. To well sure recommend it this in any one concealed has the Deep or Acura with an audio 'premier' for Pioneer.
5 / 5 Cinthia
(Beware Of Kicker speakers). It has had Kicker subs several years behind and has wanted the he so done 3 month has purchased 2 pairs of Kicker 40CS684 in $ 45 for pair to substitute my speakers of factory in 2006 F150 Supercrew, race in the coverage of pioneer in 35W for canal and any amp. They have sounded slightly better that factory OEM BUT 1 west has blown in 2 month and he 2 has blown entered 3 months.

Has purchased this set to substitute one 2 that blows Kicker speakers in a recommendation of the partner. It was sceptical of a cone of paper and bland the appearance but has significantly better field, clarity and tomb. Everywhere they sound twice also like Kickers has not done never. I am not giving these 5 stars so that dry is some better speakers there, is giving these 5 stars so that dry is some better speakers in this field of prize. I plan on buying another set of these to substitute an another Kickers.
5 / 5 Penelope
I have purchased these speakers to substitute that I although it was my speakers of door of the factory. Quan Has bought a truck only a speaker of door of the engine done but was supremely calm and rattled the plot, as my thought was that my another the speakers of door could have been blown. Quan Was to do one installs was able to use some capes an anterior owner already had jointed in in a harness of factory in a door of engine, and wow that an amazing sound. Coming to discover had the set of Rockford Fosgates installed already. To take a speaker of the door of the passenger was, has discovered that there is simply come disconnected, as I plugged he in to verify an operation and he have done well. I have to say that a a new pioneer the speaker has surpassed an action and quality of a two Rockford Fosgates this was installed already. I am very happy with purchase of mine and I recommend these speakers in any look to give his system of stock the fresh sound. These speakers have attached so life in my vehicle that included is considering the scratch has entered a sub woofer the installation planned.
4 / 5 Charlyn
They are a audiophile snob. Like this when I have begun partorisca look in of the speakers of substitution partorisca my truck, was very resistant when it avenges to these Pioneers. Downwards 100 bucks partorisca both some advance of doors and some backsides 5x8s combined, my expectations were down.
Am spent of the ridiculous quantities of money in audiophile speakers in some pasts and has thought would give my account partorisca bank the pause this times around.
Like this impressed for a quality of his and a phase of his of these speakers of @@subject. Paired With two 12'' subs these are excellent. Arguably, would give some initiates one nods compared to an infinity kappas is substituting. It does not believe , it listens partorisca calm. It acclaims
5 / 5 Sonia
has installed these speakers in mine '17 Subaru Forester partorisca substitute a Blaupunkt aftermarket speakers that has used partorisca substitute some speakers of factory. Night and day it differentiates. Ossia Comparable,if any better, that a Kicker speakers that has installed in my partner is '18 Subaru Crosstrek. The bass is really present. Mids Is clear. Highs Is well. These speakers are a lot of responsive. It uses these with units of boss of the factory. You will be pleased.
5 / 5 Lizabeth
Has used a Kicker 40CS654 Coxials (100W RMS) with mine unit 'first' accionaría of boss of system of audio (2008 Civic ). It was stronger and clearer of some stock speakers but has not produced like this grave.

Has bought a Pioneer TS-A1683S (50W RMS, hard to find now) and has fallen he in a rear coverage and was súper strong and clear. The bass was strong and punchy so only like some stock speakers but with less sprain!

Ossia When it has known has had to that purchase these! 50W RMS feels perfectly matched with an amplifier of factory that is also manufacturered for Pioneers. To good sure recommend this to any the one who has the Deep or Acura with an audio 'prevailed for Pioneers.
4 / 5 Taunya
Installed two insiemi of these in some advance of doors and side rear doors in mine 1999 Chevrolet Suburbial LT C1500 and so only wants to him, have well and triple bass and is speakers of perfect substitution for a stock some concealed has touched terrible!

Some speakers of the door of the front has been installed using Metra number of part of Adapters of Speaker 82-3002 which the easy to install and in a same location without any modification or of the alterations the speakers or of the doors! ..I also used Metra part of still Harness Wire of Number of Speaker 72-4568 as I do not owe that cut or joint to some bosses of original speaker likes him spent so only to the your original harness and then to a speaker! ...Everything has has mentioned done the like this easy for my particular vehicle!

In a side spends rear some speakers bolted well in without any modification to the speakers or the doors that use some clips and rays that is coming with some speakers, ...Any Adapter of Speaker is required in some lateralmente rear doors! ...But again I have used one same Metra part of still Harness Wire of Number of Speaker 72-4568 as I do not owe that cut or joint to some bosses of original speaker!

So much Metra the elements have mentioned is sold here included on to the amazon in the prize adds!, ...But for your vehicle can require other adapters of speaker or wiring harnesses to install, ...Everything knows is the one who apt, has been required and fact for me on my vehicle has mentioned on!

But again very happy with having some 4 Pioneers 6-1/2' speakers in the mine to 4 doors likes them-the compliment and work well with a Pioneer 4'x10' Speakers in some upper rear load headliner and my Pioneer in pinching stereo a lot well! ....A sound all a way around is súper clear and again abundance of low and treble without sprain!

If this measure of speakers is that requires highly recommends him, ...And it touches the GM transports that use this measure these are the substitution adds for them!

Thanx Initiating for exceptional products! ....And Thanx Amazon for his have in utmost prize!
5 / 5 Sherley
Has installed these speakers to some doors of my project Nissan Pickup, simultaneously with the Pioneer DEH-150MP unit of boss. I do not drive a pickup often and usually does not look a volume a lot, how were quite well for a prize.

This in spite of, his no last by means of one very first time am looked a volume . Seriously, a DEH-150MP killed these very first speakers time have turned a past of @@@knob 75 volume. Now some speakers buzz that crazy any time some swipes of basses, and will have to that be substituted.

Goes to recommend that you want to go strong, is probably value that raisin bit it more cash for the plant it good plus of speakers.
5 / 5 Madelaine
Are 62 years . State by means of the plot of the speakers of then was young. I have installed these in some doors of the Civic mine. (Substituted aftermarkets for leading owner) Claro, crisp, and punchy. His add afterwards has dipped the piece of foam in front of a tweeter cone. (A bit too crisp) But pause in and touch better the few weeks down a street. Very happy. This ROCK ♫
5 / 5 Vickie
has bought the 1994 Ford Taurus and to the left say, a stock sound was rubbishes . The speakers of paper have been rasgados and soufflés. Upgraded To these and touch damn well! Surprised like this HELL out of Pioneers! I have had JL, JBL, EV, Bose, Rockford Fosgate. These are upper 3 insurance. LIKE THIS STRONG! Has the 12' woofer that HPF is on 125hz to the equal that can do not saying anything in low. Utmost speakers
4 / 5 Antonetta
has installed these speakers properly, with big expectations, is remained down majorly. The speakers were majorly distorted. It can a lot of he same mark out of a vocals with the basses are looked two clicks . All can do is listens to a tweeters.... Now when I listen the music in a need gone to take medication of headache. Any that has been waiting for all some the good things have listened, mine kickers was better
5 / 5 Dagmar
For a prize of a pair, sound to surprise!
Does not listen rap or anything resembled this.
I cast to Red Hot Chillie Peppers, Sublimate, and etc. Some bass is surprising and while a mids and highs is very clear.

Is looking for An everywhere that the speaker dips concealed all, ossia.

Commentaries - these are not subwoofers. As some complaints and 2 descriptions of star were some bass is terrible, calm can not expect this class of action of any speaker of door. And with any speaker, when you crank on some bass, distorts.

These are utmost speakers for a prize.
5 / 5 Velia
I hooked these until a amp when the installed the and touch awesome! A mids and highs coming by means of brilliant and clear. When I have opened these up was the little disappointed for as looked and has the sense has compared to a last near I installed(a fact of long time). A clarity and the sound have on fact for some looks.
4 / 5 Ok
These Pioneers are exceptional. I have ordered one 3-the ways and some treble is clear and big, some tomb is down and punchy. I have had my doubts in these speakers because have has wanted to something with deep low bass. This in spite of, a mid is and the lowest bass are there. 10-10 it would buy it to it again!
4 / 5 Shondra
These are speakers of the low end has done in china that looked the same to a oem speakers gm installed originally. Old some have dried was and @@@crumble in 16 years of NC hot of state in mine old burb.

Has substituted 4 of these, one for door and the sub. New HD irradiate without separate amp. To to I Sounds like has done when it was again which is the one who was them with which. Perhaps the little better. Decent value, well, any exceptional loyalty. Happy so that it has wanted to them
5 / 5 Anastasia
This sound of speaker that surprised for a prize. Very happy with them. I can not testify to an ease of installation, as I have had the tent dipped him in, but imagine was quite easy for them. All feels a lot still in these speakers. At all it is flooded has gone by anything more. Has solid bass (at all crazy, but is there), and one loses and highs is cleaned and crisp. My unit of leaves of boss for the plot of EQ customization, so that probably helped, but these are speakers add all some same.
4 / 5 Delilah
These speakers touch utmost! I installed him and at present have them without a amp or sub and is just hooked until a aftermarket transports of pioneers of alone emotion stereo and has the decent quantity of low. It was hesitant at the beginning but after installing them was better far way that some the old speakers have had. Has the good quantity of base and is that it has loved of then will not be dipping the sub or amp in a car I installed these speakers on. You recommend these speakers for any any one the decent quantity of low without a amp and sub. I will be to buy more speakers for mine other cars.
5 / 5 Jerri
These really pack the lunch to be like this small. It wins shopping these again and the plant in our truck.
5 / 5 Beverly
Substitutes some old speakers in our Deep Element with these and a sound is very better. We have had to that take a coverage of speaker for the record and has ordered some bosses of adapter to do one installs faster.
4 / 5 Jared
An out of some four speakers halfway unglued he of a highland coverage of external metal and caused terrible breaking noise. The pioneer left down. You are an easy but ugly fix with some hule epoxy to reattach the, but ossia bobo. The ones of the that included strolls on low or music of game in of the strong levels. There is not any excuse partorisca east.
4 / 5 Ethan
Has changed out of my speakers of factory in mine 2006 Deep the element and I could not be happier. The sound that the surprises and the clarity adds. 80 $ more it have it it has not spent never. Easy to install using boss of adapter. Able to use holes in a car, and a transmission out of only takes roughly 30 minutes to do all four speakers.
4 / 5 Barbera
A big and mid the response of frequency is sum. Some booms of low ends decently but battery to be paired with the lpf and the subwoofer (or two 😉)
4 / 5 Keeley
For real awesome the speakers are doing a lot well inside my truck an action is amazing Amazon is one of some more utmost places to be able to purchase elements like this in the prize adds
5 / 5 Lauretta
It adds little speaker partorisca of the money. I have taken the majority of some bass was and pumped on a mid and big, with the small amp. Utilisation my woofers partorisca some bass, these partorisca my highs and voice (6 of them). The strong works and well.
4 / 5 Loretta
Has bought 3 insiemi of the speakers and touch utmost. They are easy to install and has had any question with him. Also I have in mine car a aftermarket irradiate and a amplfier/subwoofer like this sounds partorisca surprise.
4 / 5 Madelene
These have done my way of his of van of better work. I can not expect add a amp his. They are easy to install ( come with boxes of universal speaker) but the has not liked him a bit terminal viriles in some speakers. They are in the piece of rigid map........ Pause while the the hot glue installed has had to that retreat near.
5 / 5 Rashad
Does well. Wine with clips of trace. Any complaint. Apt 2008 Extracted without questions. The adapters of old speaker take, drilled some highland holes and looked.
5 / 5 Bernice
Claro and very better that OEM in mine 2010 Deep Civic. It avenges with some grills, but did not require him of then situated him on a rear coverage that has a macizo oem grills.
5 / 5 Rick
Utmost speakers a quality looks that tolerance up over time. Some treble is crisp some bass partorisca 6.5 speakers is descent. I have wanted to mid the bass and he have me of then, thinks 6x9 is would have graver tbat I desire but is the better way that stock speakers. They return almost perfect in 2008 Deep Access. It takes him calm will not be disappointed
5 / 5 Tandy
installed in the 95 F150. wow, The one who the difference. Sounds surprisingly well. The only desire had bought this more collected.
4 / 5 Fredricka
Yours any too big in of the main volumes. Quality of his very global for speakers of estimativa.
5 / 5 Earnestine
Good speakers for a prize. If calm so only is looking for the speaker of the substitution partorisca east of the old stocks is well. If you are looking for the speakers with basses is is not a speaker for you.
5 / 5 Evalyn
Has not known as to install a stereo speakers I but has been to go to take them installed and has taken complimented on the I. Has the 2006 Chevy Trailblazer and these return well on that. Ossia Exactly that has looked for the and has taken in the prize very so much control was.
5 / 5 Susana
Any bad partorisca a prize creates these to good sure require to be paired with the amp & sub partorisca achieve his full potential
5 / 5 Lurline
Gutted 09 front of speakers of Cobalt of door and used them like soyounts', although it was likely does so only screwed his to a door (never verified partorisca clearance with a window, as it was not if this option would do in all the chance). Good sounds!
5 / 5 Paulette
Awesome Speakers partorisca a prize! Amur A sound am taking speakers. So only be careful reason these are not mine returned 2013 Impreza without requiring the extra group so only does your investigation :)
5 / 5 Roxanna
Sounds well, has bought he partorisca the economic substitution to my rear speakers. The only fight is that among the box that has looked open and the averages has destroyed. Any sure was so only to ship or if in fact it take the part has used. Although he well and has to that seal of good prize.
4 / 5 Tanesha
The sound adds, so only does not take very strong, good bass, that looks forward to listened these in the together full on, rn all has is these in my doors
4 / 5 Nobuko
has Done adds for roughly 8 month.
Installed these in some inner faring in mine 2007 Slips of Street. For some reason a speaker lateralmente left has done 80-90 of a time. It is not blown, but so only takes to do at random time. These are like this economic substituted him with a newer version.
5 / 5 Jazmin
Has had to buy an adapter bc does not announce that I need one. They are easy to install know that it is doing.
4 / 5 Heriberto
Has used in mine HHR to the equal that of the substitutions to some speakers of factory and is quality a lot well for a money, but far of speakers of big final.
5 / 5 Socorro
Is lasted so only the pair of weeks. Already touch terrible. It takes that has paid to suppose. No really anything to do roughly that.
4 / 5 Kitty
The excellent pioneer is always utmost speakers. Excellent for the small speaker.
5 / 5 Bok
I used him partorisca substitute some old, has has shot speakers in some doors of mine 1995 Jeep YJ. They are very happy with them.
4 / 5 Lera
Has has substituted speakers of factory in mine tundra, this well of work, has loved the little more lows, but the clarity is utmost
4 / 5 Oliver
his Very net has has had to that does him partorisca my rear coverage in my Deep Agreement but do not am missing of the pioneers recommend Dynamat when I take him installed
5 / 5 Manda
has Used partorisca substitute rear speakers in 2001 Toyota sienna.
4 / 5 Sarah
Has changed totally a system of the his in my vehicle, mecer !!!
4 / 5 Eleanor
Wow! I am impacted in a quality am exiting of these. Like this easy to install also!
5 / 5 Chassidy
Good speakers, could be better. The main reason partorisca the low indication is reason some rays that is gone in a box OF THE THAT is RETURNED I HOLES To RAY The GRILL IN

Top Customer Reviews: Pioneer TS6900PRO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5 Carlo
Taken his poeded in mine two doors at the head of the mine Tacoma.. 6 In the each door with the pioneer DM-G8640 1200 watt amp powering him... Partorisca A calm prize can not go bad is strong and clear. Highly Recommend is looking for Clarity in the estimativa only downside sees is a grill that estacas out of the plot like this when I close my doors a speaker is paste my chair but concealed is all subjective and my own personal question been due to where has him. Another that that it is to add it aspeaker 👌🏽
5 / 5 Dewitt
Can not beat these for a prize. I dipped him in some lids in mine streetglide and wants to him.
5 / 5 Luna
These speakers surprised me, is strong and some bass is well. It tries any one the max went him or taking distorted. A main surprise is that ossia graver and less mids and highs. It is not balanced. It maintains that in alcohol for your compraventa.
5 / 5 Christy
Has dipped these in of the lids of stock exchange of Harley. They are surprising, they blow it was a Polks that has substituted. They are by train to press them With the B54 and is perfectly clears to do 80 in a street. The dollar for dollar is more the speaker of lid has found. Calm does not go to take the tonne of low but for my needs are perfect. So only with his is not waterproof.
4 / 5 Phebe
I recently upgraded A system of stock audio in mine Dodge magnum. It had listened of several people that was in fact 6 for 9 in to some doors likes them opposed the
the 6' to to the round likes them the grill suggests. Thought of has begun bad to spend for my boss. I will admit it that it was the difficult yard in but absolutely value an endeavour, mecer.
40wpc Of the pint sized Alpine amp stuffed under the pioneer avh 2550nex the unit of boss is lethal in 50.
5 / 5 Laurel
Running these in my Lids of speaker of Harley absolutely Mecer
4 / 5 Deanne
the quality of sound Adds but there is the question a tweeters is way too big like gotta the mark sure has spatial, or take the new highland adapter but otherwise the sound adds, and with an amplifier is just fire 🔥 (Nissan prays 2012)
4 / 5 Delmer
More touching 6x9 has has not had never. More when touched in of the big volumes. Still clear with the tone of basses adds.
5 / 5 Johnny
Amur! It was partorisca take the sub but these are perfect! Changing my speakers of door to pro also punctual! Like this clear and one has fallen is in his point!
4 / 5 Evonne
Thanks God! Partorisca Some people in Dremel. This access in mine '06' Dodge Ram 3500 door forward accionaría 6x9 location of speaker. Ossia Where a Dremel the tool is gone in partorisca grille of Initiates was any one another speaker without a the big tweeter could them of accident a poster lateralmente integrated point of type of plastic hole so only ( included a stock speaker on-sized a zone feigned ) has used them a plastic of stock speaker snaps on/was spacer of speaker ( has his focus of hule own)
the magnet so only clears a window when down in the - 1/4' if a spacer was any fat plus could not use a grille, partorisca key (any broken) to sides of joint of pinch (so only in a thumb upper corner. There is not listening to this closing, still returning partorisca side of engine and while to my backside pro mids. Some tweets have like this far be a simple plus installs like this far. Esperanza these helps partorisca the owner of fellow truck. Any one another automobile well buys the Dremel and Speed of Goddess.
4 / 5 Todd
The better speakers has has not listened never. A lot strong and clear. Almost it likes having the megaphone lol partorisca of a shabbier prize.
4 / 5 Aurore
These speakers are astonishingly clear and stronger that mine 10.ºn subwoofers Without sprain.
5 / 5 Brendon
All near is Awesome! It would recommend these speakers to any one.
5 / 5 Nam
Clarity and facilitated to install! Dipped each one that like this on front and door of passenger of automobiles.
4 / 5 Otto
These take some warm notes and highs better and stronger that any 6x9 the has not had never. If amped, uses the crossover (hp) with the frequency of roughly 180-200hz. Simply a better vocals.
5 / 5 Cinda
4stars because it has begun doing the sound of the speaker blown and so only have 60 watts on he
5 / 5 Eloisa
Value each dollar. The container arrived in near to time expected (Any material of Harm), touches excellent, works grea! Thank you.
4 / 5 Milo
The better speakers have not possessed never, some grilles are really fragile this in spite of.
5 / 5 Blossom
Had done my investigation and partorisca a prize these were some better speakers that was available this has had fell it quite good to begin is gone in my system of new audio in my car. But when it has taken my container looked it had been the multiple time fall. In spite of of the this, has been advance and dip all arrive but one of a tweeters was has has shot. I owe that say for a one this has done, was quite damn good and some bass kicked sure. I outrage this all some holes am lined on perfectly in mine deep 1999 agreement but of course a tweeters was pretruding and could not be traces with out changing a grill of factory. I have been prepared to do all some necessary modifications for that but when it took him to them broken has not gone too happy. Instead while it was them while to the repayment of Amazon has ordered a jbl gto939. Some bass was the little less then these speakers but so only a lot slightly and has had the main quality tweeter that a pro the series has done. Of mine car already shaken and vibrates really hard has imagined my bass was a lot of quite and has not ordered never another pair of a pro seriáis. I recommend that has the deep agreement 1999 to take a jbl speakers because they can be installed with small tampering and touch quite well also. One a negative thing in a jbls this in spite of is that they are not returned some holes of factory, so only two of some four rays can be screwed in. Another that that they are perfect.
4 / 5 Anitra
Tries to install them thru the professional installer in mine Glorious Cherokee 2014 spends advance but wont access. It researches this product to plant different web and of them have given 5 indication of star. Some reasons because it estimates it to them 2 stars been due to prime minister a creation. A small dome in a centre of a speaker is not flush. They are sticking it it was. If you are planning to dip his in a backside of your car pinch would have to that be is planning dipped his in a door of speaker 95 his no apt.Also I have bought a 6.5 part of contadora of this speaker that is Initiating TS-M650PRO 6-3/4' PRO Seriáis. Some magnets are really enormous and grieve returned in my rear door been due to magnets is too wide this in spite of has not touched well in my rear door that considers I hooked the with my Pioneer GM-D8604 Classifies FD 4-Canal Bridgeable is real photos of this speaker for your reference. I have contacted a vendor and gave he RA for returns, but still have this speaker costs on me almost $200 for the take and no free master $ for restocking cost and etc..
4 / 5 Faustino
Lol Or Need to thoroughly research first to buy 'Pro Speaker of any one ! They do not go to return in your door like some stock speakers dummy is 'Pro the speakers go to require some facts to commission to stop fact that is economic. You go to require the powerful 4 canal amp to take one the majority of out in duh is 'Pro Speakers any substitution accionaría rule. The people that gives low indications reasons his no that to dip the together system correctly. The ignorance is bliss. If a tent has not said requires to do work done to commission to return in your doors then have not known the one who has done or perhaps or so only does not want to has paid. Some vehicles do not require the doors done to commission a bit do. Everything needs to do is look on Youtube to see like these speakers go down and how is powered. Simple. Any down estimate reason calms has not been instrumented partorisca in.
4 / 5 Cierra
Deeper That the majority of 6x9? -Roughly .75-1' More than half. He a tweeter protrude on one surrounds? -Uh, looks in any pictures/is blind?
This access in your doors? Probably it will not return further of doors without decent modifications. These am sure has been drawn to go in the backside/has covered enclosures to the equal that are part of a 'pro audio' line of pioneers. Any question in of the boxes of trucks for behind my chairs!! The sound adds and cry of mine jl xd400/4.... Giving these 5 stars because they touch abonos/strong for a prize. Just use good test when installing, the measure/of investigation/has some necessary skills to do a work.... It would not want to estimate these 2 stars been due to mine own shortcomings...
5 / 5 Silvana
Thoroughly Enjoying them, has had to that regulate a triple to the minimum for tge short distance in my truck but of the speakers add global.
5 / 5 Leslie
Liked always speakers of Of Pioneers for his durability and quality of sound. Has these in of the boxes in my truck situated under a rear chair. Has the kicker 250 watt amp powering the and believe me mecer! Cristal His clear!
5 / 5 Lia
Better speakers never, the'll to good sure order the 2 subwoofers pro 12'' of pioneering

Top Customer Reviews: Pioneer Ts-G4620s ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5 Kathleen
These are any utmost way touching speakers. This in spite of am a lot if quality of his is not of yours and calm entity so only loves a little music in your car. I have installed these together with some in mine Chevy Silverado to substitute some old kickers Cs the serious but I would have to that it has maintained a kickers. This fight of types with basses because of his creation and a big is not really there. Mostly I can listen a midrange. Normal listening volume, can the listen fight with some notes of basses because of his small measure. Probably it would owe that it has spent it an extra 20-30 bucks and buy some pioneers with some cones of hule. Those have the better sound.
5 / 5 Delma
Another put web of retailers has suggested these speakers like the access partorisca to 1977 Corvette sadly they no returned. A protruding tweeter has done the contact with a group highland of the pinch as well as a poster of has fallen. Some highland holes in a speaker there is not lined on at all with a stock frame and a highland dish has added was any help. It could have drilled out of holes and cut some connections of clave in a speaker but concealed would have left material too small for mine in pleasant. It has had to that return them and will try another model/of mark of speaker.
4 / 5 Jolyn
The pioneer did not leave me never down on some last 15 years have used his products. These 4x6 is is the sum of substitution accionaría in GM stock speakers. They do not go to attack your socks were with the basses but is not drawn to. A row in these speakers is really well for a row of prize. To good sure recommends for any upgrading of stock.
5 / 5 Orpha
The amazon has said that these would return mine 2006 chevy believes taxi, but they the no. has had to that some fabricating to take them to return.
5 / 5 Tami
I habit is trace this pair of speakers to mine 1950 Ford trucks dashboard without cutting any original metal. Tight access but sounds to surprise. The speakers look robust and was a lot reasonably priced.
4 / 5 Ahmed
The pioneer does not fail me never! They touch awesome for a prize. Easy installs. The sound adds in the mine has seen. I have bought 6.5 for a front also.
4 / 5 Nancey
I have used these partorisca substitute some rear speakers in mine nissan 240. They touch quite good hooked until my Sony unit that dips was 55 watts for canal. They touch very clear and detailed together with more bass that has thought them the small 4x6 the speaker of thumb would produce but does not expect him to rattle some windows. I deduct the half star because some the plastic personnel is too flimsy and curves easily unless an access is perfect. Some personnel that comes with his 6 1/2' speakers of round is very strong.
Some personnel was useless mine in all the chance because it looked mine 240 has used 4x6 speakers of thumb with oversized 5x7 frames of speaker of the thumb. I have had to take innovative to the equal that have used my dremel to cut the 4x6 ploughing out of a frame of an original clarion speakers. I have had to cut of some tabs of ray of a frame of some new speakers reasons have interfered with rays of some original speakers. Of some speakers face for up I so only dipped the in with the fat account of silicone caulk.
Each cast sees says some originals of rear speakers are 4x6 but I marvel could them has installed easily 5x7s reason some cones of some originals clarion the speakers look the little elder of bit that some pioneers.
5 / 5 Selina
Very happy with a sound of these few speakers. You trace in a pinch of mine 93 s10 without modifications and way of his better that has been expecting.
5 / 5 Eura
These are good speakers with the sound adds. It plants him in a pinch at the head of mine 1992 Chevy G-20 Van of Conversion.

Top Customer Reviews: Pioneer TS-G6820S ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5 Beverley
I am very surprised in that bono this sound and a level of volume can handle. Some bass is well and w/or vibration. I the can not turn in some measure of distortion so that it take subjects in strong for me before punch that point.
Is not that it runs a amp, but has a cheap 80x4 watt stereo.
Takes speakers of Reference of the Infinity and has posed these in. They sound better (in me) how has given some Infinities was.
5 / 5 Jordan
The calm does not go to find the very better update basic for your line of factory car speakers. My speakers of the poster of the door has begun to sound old. For a prize, decided to try this pair as of the substitutions. These are utmost! All vary of the sound has clarity now, and is enjoying to listen in my car again.
2 / 5 Demarcus
An image of a product is deceiving, is the only speaker , NO the pair.
5 / 5 Zoila
Good quality and his well for the one of the west of low end. It issues better sounds that factory. Used in 1997 F-superduty
5 / 5 Donella
Utmost cheap speakers to substitute my speakers of factory in the 97 F150
4 / 5 Cleveland
Apresamientos Which pays for, the bang adds for your buck but does not have expectations too big.
5 / 5 Kara
An image of a product is misleading, is the alone speaker , NO the pair.
5 / 5 Susann
Are very surprised in credit it this sound and a level of volume can manage. Some bass is good and w/or vibration. I can any the turn in some measure of sprain because it takes way the strong partorisca me before paste that aim.
Are not that it runs a amp, but have an economic 80x4 watt stereo.
Has take speakers of Reference of the Infinity and dip these in. They touch better (mine) to the equal that has given some Infinities was.
5 / 5 Christi
Does not go partorisca find the much better basic upgrade partorisca yours line of factory car speakers. My speakers of the poster of the door has begun partorisca touch old. Partorisca A prize, has decided to try this pair as of the substitutions. These are utmost! All vary of the sound has clarity now, and am enjoying listening in mine car again.
5 / 5 Annie
His and utmost prize partorisca of the money. I am not a lot partorisca squander the tonne of money partorisca automobile stereo instrument it but these were to good sure the good compraventa and upgrade of speakers of factory. My truck is coming with the system of good factory with the sub and very other speakers.
5 / 5 Gertude
I prizes of sound adds is very dipped this in mine ford order like the upgrade would recommend to take quell'harness of boss does partorisca install faster
5 / 5 Palmira
These speakers return utmost and touch fantastic! Highly recommend them!
5 / 5 Shanae
Awesome The speakers given his prize. Returned perfectly in mine Mazda3
5 / 5 Reed
I finally taken around partorisca install these and one of his terrible sounds with any volume. Economic speakers he but this touches worse that a factory some. So only buy pioneers of big final
5 / 5 Rona
Good quality and his very partorisca the speaker of low end. Way of better sounds that manufactures. Used in 1997 F-superduty
4 / 5 Buford
Apt as expected and wine with all the highland hardware. Touched worse that stock speakers. It has gone back to stock speakers.
4 / 5 Andra
Utmost economic speakers partorisca substitute my speakers of factory in the 97 F150
5 / 5 Dana
volume that paid partorisca, the bang adds partorisca your buck but does not have expectations too big.
5 / 5 Nancie
The product was announced like this and sounds extremely well. deffantly Shabby more he n a future. Arrived in a arrivel quotes and was in excellent condition

Top Customer Reviews: Pioneer TS-A6970F A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
5 / 5 Donette
Trace in of the boxes, these have not produced the sound of quality likes him support-alone of back speakers. Even so, when used jointly with some speakers of door, products some impressive volume and in general sounded quite decent. It IS to advance and exchanged by 6996 is at any rate and a difference is impressive - now can use this only and can be delicate to adjust of song in song particularly in homemade cd is..The problem now is that it finds a happy to mediate.. It IS how has 2 separate systems and that try hacerprpers the sound of together sake. An increase in of the beginnings of the basses only are phenomenal and there is not very necessity for subwoofers unless that would be it your only intention and has not imagined still was so to enjoy some separates some calm plus of the piece of musician without blowing out of my eardrums when a course more he strong enter - is likes him has to stroll with my toe in a knob of volume. It avenges to expect very little when goes in car stereo some years and I are quite sure this does not go me to do the believer neither, but as to marries it the error and the test have built the system goes, each road has is pros and gilipollas. These cheap pioneers have been adapted I the supposition would have to say , and probably will satisfy the plot of auditors that simply wants to listen in a 'noise of road' afterwards in them and is not looking for falls that earth of shudder..
Opens The left wing is vain in a TS-A6996R..
Is kidding, well? Has had to each BASS..Especially some bass. An increase in the volume only is unbelievable. Without having anything 'exotic' in my set-in these speakers almost overpower a rest of a system and to arrive to this point has to think that it will require equalization further yes wants to take things properly. They are not broken in still, but a highs, mids, lows is each what so quite intense.... I am by train to ask me If the set of low-blockade and the sub can still to the final ends to be a road to go..Matched With my fronts these (almost) necessity to be constrained..But then, when in combination, perhaps the also animates bit global in my flavour, at least like this far....folks, These are man -handlers. They are upper-estimated for the reason.
5 / 5 Leola
These are by far some speakers of audio of the better cart has not listened never. Good tan That was it his before take two pairs more. A plus for a van and another for my Bicycle. A field is surprising, can listen each small piece of a musician, each a fuck-ups, and all some nuances.
5 / 5 Claudia
Any I usually revises of clave unless has something bad to say in a product. I have bought these in the December and they no apt my vehicle and I only installed the in another car this week is spent. These are by far some better speakers has not purchased never for the cart. A highs, lows and the bass is awesome. Only I can suppose that this joins some descriptions of star are people that does not have the stereo that can press a power has required. If has the decent aftermarket stereo, buys these will not be disappointed.
5 / 5 Ramiro
Speakers of use of Pioneer for a past 40 years in some of mine the majority of carts of expensive project as when it avenges time to substitute some speakers in my grocery geeter, has thought very the times take and and only 2 names are come to import Kicker and Induct. As I have done a wise election to go with my own go-in for car audio. I have installed only these in mine 2012 Toyota Camry with the 125 x 4 -Amp and he 10.5 new' unit of the cape Done of commission and he still this fell of cry and of the things out of some BASSES out of my brain of things.These has wins to can, so highly would recommend it an external amp for these or no quite his of the big action. It buys these and will result the believer in Inducting Automobile Stereo.
4 / 5 Evan
Look well, the better same sound, and a prize is excellent. If has the pair of bucks posing around and wants to update a sound in your system of factory without substituting a unit of leader, takes these. In mine 2001 Malibu, need the slightly main hole to take them to return; the big rubber mallet gave me a required clearance.
5 / 5 Nona
WOW This cry of speakers. Very strong matched with the 1200 4 canal amp. I flange turns a amp each a way on forming that these speakers wont handle all this power and Im happy I flange. The base is horrible but has not bought the for base.
1 / 5 Jerrod
Any happy at all was to suppose to be the new mark any one has been used. Cabell Animal in some speakers and of the marks to hammer to locate.
5 / 5 Dora
Good prize for 5ponent of road.. Tried to install them in my camry 2014 front . But these were also big faces apt.. Only I installed in backside..
Has used Metra 82-8149 adapter of arrests of of the one of the west of the front .. But there is at all for back adapter .. It has to mine of use Metra 82-8146 for behind which are not that apt but I some modification.
1 / 5 Celina
I have posed in the new retrosound radius and amp with these speakers in a back coverage, the sound is horrible. They begin to distort not even half cranked! It listens the people have taken bootleg the copies routed in them so the supposition that ails control the prjimo and repost.
5 / 5 Tiny
These speakers are awesome. It does not have any amplifier these races in them and is still utmost.
5 / 5 Louise
I have substituted my stock speakers in mine 2008 Nissan Bordos with these speakers. They return perfectly and touch very good.
5 / 5 Starla
Touches utmost. Nizza And clear. I took him partorisca a vocals,any tomb.
4 / 5 Velda
These speakers are quite sweet! Strong and amazing bass! No a clear plus but to good sure value a compraventa. Mina returned '03 Mazda Protects but the contact done with a rear pinch roasts has dipped like this some tape of focus of the enclosed cell where has touched.
4 / 5 Luther
Has bought Place of before Infinity. I have hated A sound so much that has had to substitute them to this less than 2 weeks. It is very better and the much more has balanced the then Dip sounds of Infinity.
5 / 5 Lien
No until my level of audio. It looks to be that lacking of in almost each row. It does not feel like the plenary bodied sound.
5 / 5 Dale
These are utmost speakers that would buy again. I have installed these in a backside of my alone taxi 2011 Ram while they would augment some bass but has augmented so only a mid row mostly. Then I some looking for and has discovered an Alpine system in my uses of trucks some speakers of door like woofers and some the rear speakers are for mid row. Odd, but ossia Dodge for you. Some speakers of Pioneers have spent really out of the plot of clarity in a mids. I go to buy now another place for some doors of then are a woofers in this system.

Has said all concealed to say this. Some people yes were in my place would have complained that these speakers do not have any a lot of bass but in a chance with my truck is not one the fault of speakers. It is that Mopar dipped on a system. I have found now to not taking anything for admitted
4 / 5 Kylee
Good value for a money. Big improvement on some stock speakers in mine 2007 Dodge Ram. These have been listed so the saying would return my Ram, but was too big to return in a speaker that opens. I have had to purchase the 1/2' spacer to leave them to return. A bit of the hassle, but type in an end.
Metra 82-6902 Universal 1/2' Spacer For 6' x 9' Speakers
5 / 5 Eloy
RIDERS, is looking for Strong, Cleaned, and speakers abordables Clear with good bass that can manage it watts, calm can any gone bad. I have substituted my on priced, heavy Hertz for these and can not be more pleased. Note: all the world is setup is different.
5 / 5 Gracie
Some alike speakers and take the moment to take them out of a box. I took him to a poster of the door and his are not mine returned 6x9 hole in him. These are way too wide of the speaker and a vendor does not answer to any emails to return at all. No shabby ossia the joke
4 / 5 Milo
Love these speakers have substituted my factory JBL speakers of the mine Toyota Tacoma.. Easy install and some sounds is for far better then some speakers of factory
4 / 5 Marjory
Using these in mine radio fresher.... And with the 400 watt amp behind him.... They touch awesome. Partorisca 6x9 is, punch quite decent also.
4 / 5 Muoi
Has bought these for mine 2002 Mini Cooper. They have been installed in some backsides and WOW that an improvement!!! They do not touch muddy likes a bit original some and his kick Much harder. Any modification has required. It was fearful would not return reasons were enormous in person compared to some pictures. All have has had to that it was to do the little harness of adapter reason I 't wants to cut an original connector era.
5 / 5 Jonas
These speakers touch good and have the quite good bass! An only question has had with them is an is not mine returned 2002 dodge stratus ,
in some poster of door of the front is not returned, some speakers are to dip in a behind having like this paste a window when calm dipped that down.
4 / 5 Sherice
Was the little disappointed with these speakers but after the few days of the uses really could listen a difference. At the beginning, the voices have touched likes was inner of the tunnel and some bass has been missing of. Now they are producing his amazing powered for mine A.M headunit which gives it approx. 22 watts rms. Amur These!
5 / 5 Peter
These can ail boss fifteen first watts to distort. Total junk. No quell'I experience because that has purchased alleges can manage ninety watts nominally and 550 watts max. It can destroy these inside the day that his tone in a barracks of max volume in mine stereo.
5 / 5 Mirna
You trace in of the boxes, these have not produced his of to the quality likes them to them the stand-of suns of rear speakers. This in spite of, when used jointly with some speakers of door, has produced some impressive volume and in general touched quite decent. I have been he advances and exchanged for 6996 is at any rate and a difference is stunning - those now can be used so only and can be delicate to regulate of song the song particularly in homemade cd' the question now is that it finds a happy is like having 2 separate systems and that try hacerprpers the good sound near. An increase in start of low so only is phenomenal and there is not any need for subwoofers unless this would be your only intent and has not imagined still was like this still to enjoy some separates some calm plus of the piece of music without blowing out of my eardrums when a course more he strong among - is taste to him has to that it strolls with my toe in a @@@knob of volume. I am coming to expect a lot little when it comes to automobile stereo on some years and am quite sure this does not go me to do the believer neither, but to the equal that to the wife the error and the test builds the system goes, each way has is pros and gilipollas. These economic pioneers were adapted I supposition would owe that say, and probably will satisfy the plot of auditors the one who simply want to listen on a 'noise of street' afterwards to them and is not looking for record that earth of sobresalto..
Now to the left is comes from to a TS-A6996R..
Is kidding, well? I have had to turn all some bass. An increase in the volume so only is unbelievable. Without having anything 'exotic' in my neighbour-on these speakers almost overpower a rest of a system and to arrive to this point has to that think that will require further equalization wants to take things correctly. They are not broken in still, but a highs, mids, lows is each one that like this enough are asking if the together of low-blocking and he sub can still finally finalises to be a way to with my fronts these (almost) needs to be then, when in combination, perhaps bit it too warm global to my flavour, at least like this , these are man -handlers. They are upper-estimated for the reason.
5 / 5 Pierre
Has has used Speakers of Pioneers for a past 40 years in some of mine the majority of expensive project transports like this when it avenges time to substitute some speakers in mine grocery geeter, has thought a lot so only hard & & time 2 names have come to import Kicker & Pioneering. As I have done a wise election to go with my own gone-to still car audio. I so only installed these in mine 2012 Toyota Camry with the 125 x 4 -Amp & the new 10.5' unit of the boss Done to commission & yes this has fallen of cry & of the things out of some BASS out of my things are hungry can, like this highly recommend an outside amp for these or will not have enough his of big action. Spent these & will result the believer in Initiating Automobile Stereo.
4 / 5 Lisette
Upgraded My stock speakers in mine 2016 Ram 2500. His of speakers 100X better that stock! His very clear and the small but better bass. A clarity is sum and can crank his up without sprain. I have researched several first speakers to do my install (kicker, Kenwood, Memphis, other pioneers) but these have touched wayyy better and clear that some another (has been to the retail tent to listen to a lot before that have chosen a). Highly you recommend that reason can find some speakers that his of the best yours (graver, clarity or loudness).
5 / 5 Arcelia
WOW This cry of speakers. Very strong paired with the 1200 4 canal amp. I cant turn a amp all a way on reason these speakers wont manage all this power and Im happy I cant. The base is horrible but did not buy him for base.
5 / 5 Delila
Has used these in the build of system of the house. They touch awesome and really swipe. I paired these with the pair of 8.ºn woofers And use them for a vocals and am blown is gone in a sound that comes from/comes from these. I love these speakers!!!! The addition adds to my system of house.
5 / 5 Shaunna
Fails to announce!! These speakers say that they come with earbuds when experiences and to good sure there is not coming with him.
5 / 5 Keena
Has has substituted speakers forward. Remained with unit of boss of the Pioneer and Rockford Fosgate amp. His of entity!
5 / 5 Solange
Installed the and a sound is good but tye the material feels economic the part in a speaker has broken when it was them istalling some bosses
4 / 5 Ossie
These speakers have a bit his to add. It does not complain buying these reasons his the plot bettet that stock
5 / 5 Fallon
Didnt returns like this well to a crapalier, but touch a lot of

Top Customer Reviews: Pioneer TS-X200 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5
My classical Mustang is coming with one ARE radio as when I upgraded to the modern system has required some speakers partorisca some backsides. My tray of container is perfect and could no partorisca spend me partorisca cut his. This chair well in a tray and is resisted in place with some double sided tape. They come with full instructions and a box of installation. The wise sound is utmost! Has no the installed speakers advance still like this these are all has interior a moment but are súper happy with a quality and sound.
4 / 5
I have wanted to add some speaker in a front of mine 15 Deep crv a stock speaker sucks has added these to the mine aftermarket headunit and absolutely is that they surprise decent bass n mids n Highs I wasent concerned in the cause of basses has 3 12' subs in backside and 4 6x9 kickers in backside is for this that have required something having to that the automobile for the balance was these has done to good sure a work I highly recommend these to any one looking to add some sound of quality in yr car without cutting or crazy holes Mountung the works included could take another pair to dip low rear chairs to take that saround front of his backside and my subs in for behind my stereo the sounds that surprised with this aggregated to my system do not annoy that the looks elsewhere BUY THESE YOU WONT BE DISAPOINTEXD THERE in AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
5 / 5
Small speakers add, has had some of this fashion of boxes of speakers of economic pyramid in mine pickup and substituted them with these, the one who the difference! These few speakers dipped out of his add, not going to rattle any one windows or do your coverage of ears but have the good rich sound and answered triple good, are by train to run them with the economic wal-mart (mark of boss) unit of boss that am sure does not dip was has beaten a lot but am a lot happy with these speakers
5 / 5
These speakers are quite good. Have Roughly whitewashes to them and his
quite well in mine Toyota Xtra-truck of Taxi. Only negative for me is that they overwhelm my Pioneer
4" 100 front of speakers of watt. A bit pricey, but while they have had to, is worth it.
2 / 5
First impression the economic plastic has used, looks the swipe was. Quality of his mediocre east. No the true 3 speaker of way, a big/tweeter is so only the dummy. Has little to any tomb.
In general touch a low quality speaker on priced ossia falsely announced like him 3 speaker of way. Any one happy with him.
5 / 5
Installed these like this of the rear speakers in mine Lamborghini gallardo because of them returning in a paving behind some chairs. I didnt want to flush locate/install anything concealed has not been factory to a car. They touch utmost but of those who expect the sound of deep bass out of them, is not able of that! Has utmost treble, midrange and the bass of big final. His a lot of clear and so only powered for a aftermarket unit of alpine boss.
5 / 5
I have dipped these in backsides of mine '72 Bronco, utmost record out of a fender
5 / 5
Installed these in a shelf of storage under a pinch in mine 1959 VW BEETLE, access perfectly and the sound adds!
5 / 5
You love him ... It buys him again .. I dipped him on my side for the side and touch utmost . Like the subject they in fact to to sound like him to him the very expensive speakers...
5 / 5
Has wanted to add some speaker in a front of mine 15 Deep crv a stock speaker sucks has added these to the mine aftermarket headunit and absolutely is that they surprise decent bass n mids n Highs I wasent concerned in the cause of basses has 3 12' subs in backside and 4 6x9 kickers in backside is for this that have required something having to that the automobile for the balance was these has done to good sure a work I highly recommend these to any one looking to add some sound of quality in yr car without cutting or crazy holes Mountung the works included could take another pair to dip low rear chairs to take that saround front of his backside and my subs in for behind my stereo the sounds that surprised with this aggregated to my system do not annoy that the looks elsewhere BUY THESE YOU WONT BE DISAPOINTEXD THERE in AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
4 / 5
First impression the economic plastic has used, looks the swipe was. Quality of his mediocre east. No the true 3 speaker of way, a big/tweeter is so only the dummy. Has little to any tomb.
In general touch a low quality speaker on priced ossia falsely announced like him 3 speaker of way. Any one happy with him.
5 / 5
Sounds quite a lot of- has required something in a rear coverage of mine bmw 3 series, something total has died. This fill amiably with notes of full row hooked until the Rockford Amp. It says more mid row that grave. Highs Is good but no those surprised . In general I am happy with him because they return well behind there and look a lot also. The good sounds with my box sealed and 10” sub woofer in a trunk.
4 / 5
Has dipped these in backsides of mine '72 Bronco, utmost record out of a fender
4 / 5
I never installed him. Some dimensions have said that that was 7 x 7 x7 so has thinks that that they would be more as the cube and a picture can have bad state. I have had the small zone to do with and was to to something likes 10' of width.

Top Customer Reviews: Pioneer TS-G1020S ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
5 / 5 Sanjuanita
It was in a piece for some speakers some new plus that would provide his best that my normal ones. I have decided in the pioneer because of some revises on here and a lot of another web of places of audio. Chico done the election adds.

These creatures weigh the plot more than some the normal speakers and he aim in an audio. There is abundance of low and very clear mids and highs. Compraventa aftermarket Speakers in some pasts that has not been to appoint mark and leave the plot to be wished in a department of low. Even so, these Pioneers provide abundance of thump. He able state in crank in a volume and has lined up very good. The installation was very mere and painless. I have installed these in my advances of doors with some Deep/Acura Connector of Harness of Adapter of Of the one of the west for Metra and a Xscorpion HSA-6554 5-1/4'-6-1/2' Adapter of Of the one of the west for 2003-in Deep Agreement.

Maintains to import yes is installing in him the to a cart still likes him to him the mine, will want left of a coverage of of the one of the west likes him poster of door any one the clip closed near of a speaker. Can leave it that the road and he are not perceivable but always will know. Also, when you pull of a speaker of old stock, will require something in pry he with and will have to use the quite small but start. Another that this can any one complain. I will be to purchase one 6 x9 is for a back and he 10' subwoofer to Initiate in the near future.
2 / 5 Tamekia
If your speakers are old and already sounded terrible these prob when being the improvement has data the reception to except there is speakers to cost these is not updating and any value your time. An only plus is has one 05 Jeep any one roasts concealed comes with some speakers return perfectly.

Would not recommend or buy these again.
5 / 5 Mohammed
I will copy and paste my description of an adapter of of the one of the west for the Chevy Cobalt 2009 while it is applicable here:

has the Chevy Cobalt 2009. It returns some speakers of door of the front perfectly. No more more in him - you are here so that his speakers of factory suck, decrees to do, and is adapted in a frame of of the one of the west. Sneaky sneaky.

Has taken a following adapter for these speakers for my cart: Scosche SAGMHR634B 2006-In Chevrolet HHR/Impala Adapter of Of the one of the west for 6+-Inch or 6+-Inch. Everything out of .

Access and the perfectly together work. Any one extra that hammer or the necessary rays. The sounds of fantastic and better west then a factory a, although a before spent elegant any access. That is to say only superficial even so and is veiled by behind a door in all the case.

Literally a course a harder of a whole process is taking a raisin was. Youtube: />
If the amazon blocks that nexus, looks above ubstitution of Of the one of the west of Door of Cobalt'. You are welcome :)
4 / 5 Lakendra
In general these are speakers of the substitution adds for mine 2016 Deep CR-V. I do not think that some bass is that significant of them even so. It IS there, but very all that a lot. A highs and mids the frequencies are very clear and has done an improvement in a quality of his global. Only it wishes some bases was bit it better. Curiously some speakers of factory have bit it the basic plus, but a mid the frequencies are horrible and muddy. I will have to attach the small sub to take in a lows. Also it was necessary comments that these have more bases that a Kenwood the pair of the speakers has tried.

Perhaps the unit of better cape would do better for some low frequencies but now days a unit of any one has to the to other capacities like them to them the camera of backup, miles for computers/of trip of the chevron, etc so that it is not that it substitutes a unit of cape.
5 / 5 Richelle
My husband had bought the 2001 Chevy 2 door Blazer which have been doing on he to improve. You are supposed to be the mine but he have taken the for the unit so that it is that it wants to that it is by train of the do . It poses these speakers in an evening without the problem. And the flight some sounds of road, included with an original radio. Quan Takes a system of the sound/the new radio plus is looking for to update it, only can imagine that well a sound will take then.
3 / 5 Rudy
Both speakers are installed in the 1996 Corolla of Toyota. It installs it is the breeze for the the one who has some experience with installing aftermarket speakers in the cart.
A sound is clear, but a response of low is lasking in so much in comparison in some cones of factory of the paper blown and woofers.
That there included impacted me.
IS well for speakers of substitution, but is that it wants to more answered of low, then has rests with the small subwoofer to compensate for a loss of response of the tomb.
Induct Of amour, and has used his products in all my carts, as it was class of dissappointed in a difference of his among a OE speakers of factory and these.
Can attach one 8' subwoofer to return some basses and attaches the small more since spends 3 hours in a road for communiting in and of work.
Inferior line:
Pro - Well for the speakers of substitution return very good.
Gilipollas - The response of low is feeble.
2 / 5 Boyce
I have possessed the pair for the year, for some premiers two months have sounded VAL, after months 3 has to augment a crossover handoff in a sub while it has had some problem with effects of low frequency, then after month 7 my side of pair by the side of the engine has begun to do the buzzing his in low and big frequency sounds. To substitute some speakers,(will not take in his substitution, another concealed to say a pair of the substitution dramatically has augmented a quality and depth of mine in-field of his car) has discovered that a component of a three-road tweeter had the data was, that causes an odd to buzz his in frequency and playback of sure volumes. I any one same musician of game that strong in a car, as it has weighed/deadened doors to maintain his in and the noise of road was.
5 / 5 Lemuel
It takes two pairs of the same 3-roads to substitute all four speakers in my car that was it 4-roads. Running the Pioneer AVIC-X950BH in-navigation to pinch AV auricular with the built in amplifier in 50W x 4, like these speakers were the good party to be able the nominal of 50W. An old 4-the roads have been estimated by 60W can nominal like the quality has not been order, any one to mention was some generic mark . I think that some speakers of 3 hand of quality of roads of his best that some 4-roads. The installation was easy in the mine integrates. Simply it takes a grill of of the one of the west, unscrews some four band that winery some old speakers, unplugs some two advantages that connects in some speakers. Afterwards, it connects some advantages in a walnut a, planting it behind was the bit takes but easily done (the speakers and the grill are offset ), and a rest the other way around mandates. They have been shipped and drawee with time. Any harm in container. It has Had these speakers during the year now and his still going adds.
5 / 5 Hae
I have bought these speakers for my husband. His 2007 GMC Seen stereo only breakings of work of a time. There is the new an installed with 2 speakers, but his truck there has been 4. Only we could not see that they pay another $ 110 for 2 more than way that decided speakers to look in Amazon and found these in the reasonable prize. It installs the with the ease and UTMOST! Very happy with them. I have purchased a harness of of the west too of the moment that it is which looks for to be a problem with a GMC stereo is so that it is to say. They hooked well up.
5 / 5 Jerlene
Application of vehicle: 1989 Toyota Pickup (substituted underdash speakers.) The van installs good but a ray to exist the holes are slightly wider that some ears in these speakers. They will do except a lot of adjustments the minor will require to be it has done.

Utmost speakers.
4 / 5 Delmy
Cleaned and good but speaker of low power, and 40 pioneers of units of the watt of boss will distort this, would have to has taken a big plus wattage
5 / 5 Milagro
has been using these for roughly are months and continue doing very a lot
5 / 5 Anibal
Wow!! Improvement of entity of speakers of factory! Easy to install in 2004 dodge sprinter. I have had to that twist of some tabs that come with some speakers for these to return—any question with some pliers.
4 / 5 Charleen
These are well, the tin a lot really listen them reason are in powered for my speakers of coverage but has expected them the little more than pioneers. Some pictures are deceptive, has believed them for real that these have had the hule surrounds but a no. A lot that big of the shot but the supposition would owe them that have the offer has verified a whole thing.
4 / 5 Aracely
Has substituted shabby Scion Xb speakers with these See youtube for instructions
5 / 5 Almeda
Good quality! Any subject! Well fitment in mine 1994 toyota pickup
4 / 5 Will
a lot of touching rear speakers the does not recommend using hands of paralizaciones!
5 / 5 Lashawna
My husband loves him, has said the utmost sound still when it looks strong.
4 / 5 Romaine
Tore Was two of some arms, fallen to some speakers of pinch of the front in mine 1st-gene Scion xB, and has been surprised partorisca listen a wider row in an original Salvation is concealed lived in there.

The question is, has not substituted any of some other speakers and these have beaten a door-poster Mid is for the mile of country. I have regulated partorisca Turn for roughly 30 to a backside of a vehicle, partorisca try to balance it was bit it more.
5 / 5 Vicente
Mina 2007 SAAB 93 AERO is coming with a Bose System of the his, included although a receiver is upper notch and amplified of a factory, a Bose the speakers were the bit of the left down. I have expected more than the Company like Bose. Needless Partorisca Say, has substituted all some speakers now in a car except a two sub woofers in a rear coverage of a car. A Bose Sub Woofers is the upper notch partorisca low frequencies.

Very afterwards to these sub woofers, is two 4 thumb cone of economic paper Bose Speakers, easily substituted thus 4 thumb coaxials. Now, together with a rest of some speakers, has the complete row of sounds partorisca fill a whole cupboard with adding mids and highs partorisca enjoy. More, of Amazon, is the averages a prize of some same speakers esatti of Crutchfield. It can not be happier with these speakers.
5 / 5 Hanna
Application of vehicle: 1989 Toyota Pickup (substituted underdash speakers.) They have installed well but a ray partorisca exist the holes are slightly wider that some ears in these speakers. They will do except adjustments a lot of minors will require partorisca be fact.

Utmost speakers.
5 / 5 Kasandra
The pair Adds the speakers know like this partorisca use them.

These are not of the meanings partorisca press out of basses. So you are looking for something with low, will have to look elsewhere. This touches more regulated with the crossover to minimise a lows, and avert sprain. I am pressing 100 watts to these few types and touch utmost!
4 / 5 Qiana
Are a far plus of a audiophile but these were the big improvement on some speakers of factory in mine FZJ80. They return inside an original house and has required so only minimum modification to some grilles of original speaker. They are happy with an action and calm could not say that I have not been factory without scrutinizing
4 / 5 Nicolette
has Arrived quickly and was packaged well! Substituted my old shabby speakers in mine Camaro and these were the night and day differentiates! Quality of his better, the main volume. Amur He
5 / 5 Rebecka
Sounds the easy pioneer installed adds is one of a better in of the speakers of available pinch with the long life. I have not blown never one with the level 52 watt cd player.
5 / 5 Sharee
Measured much smaller any 4 thumb
no for my box has ordered for jeep of rear chair
4 / 5 Lonnie
It was not that they do reasons the amazon has said that that is to return my car . But in reality it is 3.5' this access, as any very partorisca me.
5 / 5 Aimee
Simple small and they a work. Any one @subjects at all.
4 / 5 Juliana
Is not returned in the the principle, has had to them that buy the speaker of boom kills to return them in and gave graver also
4 / 5 Danilo
His Well. Utilisation to backside.
Ossia The value adds for money.
5 / 5 Elke
Speakers very half. In the big volume does not touch very good. Bass very small.
4 / 5 Palma
The only hard part was the decipher has measured of speaker vs measure of hole of the door, could have gone next measure on, packeag has arrived quickly and safely

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