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Top Customer Reviews: Planet Audio AC12D ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
4 / 5 Nigel
These speakers touch utmost!! To the good bass likes him looked for in the subwoofer. The bass has very deep and shakes my car like crazy. It has come packaged a lot well and is looked a next day quite when it has said would not arrive for 6 days.
UPDATE: it is state to the long of the year now and these speakers are touching inclusos better that has done. His paste súper hard also. It would recommend more to good sure.
4 / 5 Cyrstal
Take which pays stops. I have ordered 4 total has had everything of them wire fences to the 2000 pleasant watt amplifier in 2ohm. It Finalising that it blows one in 2 weeks. An indication to be able to is the way has estimated on. In fact they touch well of the wire fences in 4ohm that presses 1000 watt. A company is easy to do with has sent out of the substitution with the week
4 / 5 Velma
So much 12 planet of anarchy of thumb of audio subs has arrived a lot quickly , packaged well and is the NEW good-looking mark 12 thumb subs. A lot a lot looking speakers , already have 2 15 thumb of these so many I kinda new that to expect accept a 12 thumb does not have a ventilation slits around bases of basket on magnet , attended cool is not hampered but there is still to build the enclosures and the test but am Happy like this far thanks to all has involved.
5 / 5 Chastity
Gone back perfectly in mine ram quad taxi subwoofer box . The nave was quickly !
5 / 5 Rossie
I utmost sounds that the tomb of strike is hard to good sure value of the money
5 / 5 Bethel
has Arrived enough an after a day, has done like this a box, changed out of an old with this a same night, couldnt has a lot of be faster honradamente, so only has taken a regular nave to. They are described like this, althought takes the pair of days of roughly 2 to 4 hrs of basses to mid the volume that listens umtil pause in, although still very bad, theres another subs that can take the month or more to break in, depends in that there done of, but anyways so only pressed him in 1200 watts RMS, but is estimated for 900 RMS this in spite of, ailing test and update when the take the plus powereful amp and see like boss some plenary 900 still sound utmost this in spite of, especially for a prize, was the compraventa to satisfy
4 / 5 Clelia
No very happy with them touched really good but roughly week and and meso perhaps 2weeks after taking and hooking his on one has begun rattling really bad now touches really bad
4 / 5 Marquita
These speakers suck. Stay out of them. Of the that Waste Your money. Barley of the mine there has been 6 hrs use and has blown. And one can wasnt is looked big at all
5 / 5 Roxana
Some worse speakers! They have done for the weeks of pair have broken then. Any option of turn. It does not buy these.
5 / 5 Zelda
Has come sooner that has expected look really well there is no hooked his on still but this will be tomorrpw
5 / 5 Carl
im Running 2 of these of the 1600 watt amp pressing around 400 watts rms in 2 ohms in the each canal touches utmost has had a lot @@subject ive been beating them the paralización to the long of the year is in sealed boxes some both mirrors of door shake a some jumps of rear view on a down damn well partorisca a prize
5 / 5 Lucien
also have 8 10 thumb of sound of same model and produces UTMOST partorisca a prize!!
5 / 5 Hannah
Highly guessing more like 400rms each one that that. I have taken 2 paired to the mine hiphonics 1200 watt in 1man of slam of ohm in mine probox!!!.But with which 10 mins of big volume a coil has on heated.. That already attended partorisca $ 40 dollars. A lot well partorisca one recommends him partorisca a random basshead
5 / 5 Rosalva
the work adds any one @subjects my integer of car system is audio of planet .
4 / 5 Minta
Reason one of some speakers didn the work now has has had to that the send behind and now are in a cast partorisca expect.
But a one his I right
5 / 5 Howard
Perhaps 200 rms?.... Any insurance that can manage it. Deffinately Does not manage 250 rms has blown both immediately less than 500 of a amp. No the bad little sub if yours using a lot under wattage.
5 / 5 Hector
These are to 1800 lie of watt , has taken the averages the song out of his before his odorati. I have had only mine amp on 1/4 of a way on, never again compraventa subs this economic
4 / 5 Isidra
speakers of the thesis is not partorisca value 2 death if a vendor is Wires shady likes hell
4 / 5 Sheri
the speakers have blown interior 2 days, mine amp so only presses 750 rms , and has blown still both speakers. And calm CAN not RETURN THIS ELEMENT. Any one annoying , any value he.
5 / 5 Cyrus
Has bought 2 of these... One has blown wire fence in 1 ohm after the week of his touch moderately. Indications partorisca be able to is estimated on also. Any rms COULD be around 500w.
5 / 5 Raye
They touch really good and also looks well. Service and fast nave of good client
4 / 5 Anderson
This looks the surprise has taken here yesterday a amp will be here today has taken the box of duel yesterday partorisca a subs can not expect dipped the in
4 / 5 Dawne
Wrong info has listed partorisca these speakers. They do not take a wattage says that they do.
5 / 5 Alyson
Touches really good. A quality of speaker is quite good.
4 / 5 Pamelia
Has done for the half day and then so only working decree
5 / 5 Simone
The good quality partorisca a Paste🔥🔥of hard prize in mine 14 Malibu💪🏽💪🏽
4 / 5 Beatris
sound well, the still need partorisca purchase an audio of planet amp partorisca see that it is going to the his likes. Has the crunch right now and clashes.
5 / 5 Russ
No alive until a hype. If calm press them will fry out of fast good regime.
4 / 5 Denis
A lows the terrible sound but to like $ 80 is well.
4 / 5 Rosy
Extracted better for the DVC woofer for far, has them 3000 watts 1 ohm that slam thru these and has beaten HARD!
4 / 5 Andria
When Or run the in the series falls them down to 2ohm, mecer. But one 4000 Planet of audio of watt amp is so only too much for them
5 / 5 Deloris
Hooked his until the combination adds. Nizza Grave strong!
4 / 5 Betsey
1200 hifonics brutus On 2 of these is perfect in the 2 pleasant ohm for a prize. Recommended If the tight money and love the music adds
4 / 5 Alphonse
These speakers can not manage the averages a power says that poden. The product is economic
4 / 5 Minna
Coupled to the audio of planet 3000 watt amp. These subs slam.
5 / 5 Elton
Still in of the boxes with which I my big movement will take it amp to hook these on too much

Top Customer Reviews: 2) PLANET AUDIO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5 Antoine
Anteriorly Run the 12 types R, quality sub, has sounded well. Place 1 of these in the sealed .85 box with 700w rms and and could not ask the sound of low of better quality! By far better that my alpine. Highly it recommends these subwoofers.
5 / 5 Jonah
They kick Hard and the sound adds, to well sure the mark adds, and to well sure will recommend these all over the world.
5 / 5 Milan
These are quite strong and can provide very lows. I am running an of an Alpine monkey amp in mine 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse and can easily rattle some mirrors of some automobiles after in me in the traffic yes has wanted.
5 / 5 Tim
They the hard paste is more the subjects concealed and expected , deffinetly purchases again
5 / 5 Derrick
It buys 2 pairs of these subwoofers, and is more than satified with a sound these beginnings of these speakers, to good sure would recommend these in any one.
5 / 5 Jaqueline
Subs The sound adds two tens returned by behind my normal chairs in a S10 why is properly match your aunt in a subs and his to surprise better that my Pioneer 12 less distortion
5 / 5 Kent
It was nervous when bought these but almost the year later and still wants these subs.
5 / 5 Leann
I have bought 2 pairs of these subwoofers, and are more than satified with a sound that exited of these speakers, to good sure would recommend these to any one.
1 / 5 Nolan
The hard paste is way more than has expected them , deffinetly buys again
5 / 5 Deon
am impressed really with a quality during a pause-in period. The utmost sounds in my car daughter with which dipped ready with a measure of correct box.
4 / 5 Nam
These have blown a first day. They are estimated 750watt rms each one which so but has blown in the 1000watt rms amp.
4 / 5 Noelia
Was nervous when I have bought these but almost the year later and still want these subs.
4 / 5 Demetrice
Sounds quite good considering a fact that was economic. To good sure the bang for your bucks.
4 / 5 Princess
Has presupposed subs. As it does not expect the earth that shatters or dolby quality lows.
4 / 5 Richie
Installed the pair in mine Yukon XL... These subs is impressive bang , better for a buck 2 , 10 thumb subs for only 60 the pair!! It remains him with the good box and a correct amp for the pro the sound can any gone bad.
5 / 5 Hilaria
Was a lot of value of the money and more, his well and good quality. Very pleased with this product.
5 / 5 Glory
Some speakers touch better that has expected them! And they have arrived 2 days with which situate an order 😁
5 / 5 Jovita
Resembles b a lot of value of the money there went him the months of pair like this far.
5 / 5 Michelina
It is my second set in 2 vehicles without the doubt the speaker of quality but with the low prize. A lot go down that has expected. Thank you Audios of planet
4 / 5 Noble
Subs has done adds for a money, has blown unfortunately on using me the low power amp with which two days
4 / 5 Preston
has ordered these and two days more have arrived late! They were two early days ! They are like this happy and is built like this well take that economic is.
4 / 5 Kristal
Never listened of this mark before but am really happy has taken these bad boys !! His paste the way the hardest that mine old Audiobahn subs ; has the 1200w pleasant amp hooked until pressing in to 400w 4 ohms.
5 / 5 Emery
I looooveeeee the better speakers of this thing never highly recommends these
4 / 5 Laure
Really good subs, paste quite hard but so only last me 3 month, for the little bucks more could have them taken something more than confidence. So only it run 400 rms to the each sub and both coils have burned
4 / 5 Justin
Always be the big defender of Audio of Planet and this 10 thumb subs is surprising so only like all have used more than theres dipped him in my car lady and she plan-was the master to. I dipped him so much that career by means of the 2000 Planet of Anarchy of watt of Audio amp and has his grandson and of the drops of good bass.
4 / 5 Vivan
I add subs! Hooked Until the SSL 2000 monoblock amp and the sound adds! Súper Fast nave! Shopping a 12s punctual!
4 / 5 Daniell
Has ordered these AC10Ds for my f250 cclb to go by behind my rear chair in the sealed wedge box. Received this sooner then the amazon has said. Installed these in my box one has begun pause on him. With which roughly 30 min of some pause in of sweeps he these is treating better has expected then boss lows 30-25hz like the field. They are runing these on 500 watts at present with some reall fast burps until 800 watts. So only issue like this far that has had is roughly residency of a coverage of beauty that goes around a speaker. He an update there have been once for the little more along
4 / 5 Pearline
For $ 60 these things are surprising. Never again the spend more money in other frames of big name when these treat a do one. I have been installing amps/subs of then for 16 years and am them very IMPRESSED with as these treat. I add subs in the just prize. There is hooked to the audio of planet 2500.1 amp in 4 ohms and these was has beaten alot of the mine old setups.
5 / 5 Jammie
750 rms The piece... Ossia The plot to be able to!! Still breaking them in dulcemente. It has paste to all some to the low notes like 12of s!! Very surprised of a power!! I am thinking roughly buying two more!!! To good sure recommends this to any one levels of entrance the competition!!
5 / 5 Jodie
Hooked To the 600 watt memphis amp. Immediately some coils odorati hot in LOW VOLUME... Any way these are 1500 watts the piece. These couldnt boss 150 watts from time to time, has been wired to 2 ohms that takes 300 total of watts of the mine amp. 150 Each speaker and touched likes rubbishes..
5 / 5 Idella
Has paid so that takings and has known that. Which is reason I bought him for the box sealed that has 5/8 cubic feet under my truck bed each side. I am running down wattage by means of him. And they enhance some bass tremendously and loves that. It produces a lot well for the pocolos grave low extras wattage.
4 / 5 Eli
Grave utmost speakers abonos not being able to them with the 3000 watt amp although I have discovered a hard way with my first pair
5 / 5 Ursula
It has scared buying these subs are not that it goes the lie. 2 10s partorisca $ 66. I have been careful with them like this far takin my time partorisca break them in . It does not think an indication partorisca be able to is attentive. Has both subs hooked until the Gold of Phoenix Octane-R 8.0:1 600rms that careers in 2ohms.. It looks one same matchup cuz the hard paste.. The cant sees to dip more power to them. They are very light compared to an infinity has had them except amazing... It buys him again
5 / 5 Estela
has bought these to go in trucks down chair. The fact well has paste and good bass med hard. You owe that agree his a amp can that he his paste in fact well. But BAMF amp and does this hard paste
4 / 5 Bud
has RUN PREVIOUSLY he 12” type R, “quality sub”, has touched well. Place 1 of these in the sealed .85 box with 700w rms and the could not ask the sound of basses of better quality! For far better that my alpine. Highly recommend these subwoofers.
4 / 5 Fransisca
Kicks Hard and the sound adds, to good sure the mark adds, and to good sure will recommend these by all the world.
5 / 5 Winter
Are the strictly to 12 person but finalising with the Q-logical 10 box and has required any 10 is... Found him!... It uses a 1500 Anarchy of the watt and calm will not be disappointed... Fiancée you
4 / 5 Jo
Sounds to surprise, it hard paste, has him in the bandpass box, with the Acoustic power 2500 pleasant watt blockade amp and is so only 1/4 resemblance and still in the utmost convertible sound.
A type I work with has thought has had $ 3k value of the system in my car.
5 / 5 Granville
Has taken these for my husband for day of Santo Valentín 2020, alive an impulse of the new bass in his 17 upload. The utmost sounds and adds to do his car underlines more in the club fulfils or car shows.
4 / 5 Lorrie
These subs is surprising! They clash perfectly. I recommend a amp with him @@@knob of the control of the bass likes -you the different genders of music. Any one @subjects a gender these subs are adds.
5 / 5 Virginia
Subs The sound adds two tens am returned for behind my stock chairs in a S10 reason is correctly match your aunt to a subs and sound to surprise better that my Pioneer 12 less sprain
5 / 5 Alvera
These are quite strong and can resupply a lot of lows. I am running an of an Alpine ape amp in mine 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse and can easily rattle some mirrors of some mine next automobile in the traffic yes has loved.

Top Customer Reviews: Planet Audio AC8D ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5 Valorie
These are the speaker adds in the excellent prize. They sound utmost. If you want to mid down in the estimativa these are the perfect access .
5 / 5 Wilfred
Dishes of necessity of the strongest connector . Durable installing, has connected the terminal, and a dish has broken
5 / 5 Londa
Installed subs has touched partorisca 30 min and has on blown. These are main estimated that my skar subs had installed and has failed interior 30 min
5 / 5 Joseph
These are the speaker adds in the excellent prize. They touch utmost. If you want to mid bass in the estimativa these are the perfect access .
4 / 5 Katherina
Precise of the dishes of the strongest connector . During installing, has connected the terminal, and a dish has broken
5 / 5 Tennie
the sound Adds partorisca of the money. Has the truck of work and law so only well.

Top Customer Reviews: Planet Audio TQ10S ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
4 / 5 Marcell
So only the fast substitution sub the box takes my SKAR substitution of AUDIO.
But partorisca of the money, will do a work.
Has run 2 champion of serious pioneering 1200 watt 10 thumb subs.
Well has blown 1 and so only require the fast substitution...
4 / 5 Jared
Adds partorisca touch sub especially partorisca of the money. Installed this in him KICKER mark ported box of truck. Powered This sub with the audio of blockade of pleasant small planet amp.
5 / 5 Ariane
5 / 5 Kathi
This paste of what hard partorisca such the economic sub! I love it. Installed under a backseat of a taxi along 1500 chevy and has them settings in perhaps 1/4 and the sounds adds.
4 / 5 Ling
Excellent subwoofer work a lot ossia the speaker of substitution partorisca my sub woofer in my house partorisca my system of the his 4ohm. Speaker. It is really well the deep bass to good sure require to break this speaker in before calm give it the full volume. Any complaint draws a lot joints calm place to the film he more interesting is also the add sub woofer partorisca video games
4 / 5 Sabrina
Was skeptical roughly audio of planet not going the lie.. I have ordered one 8.ºn sub Of a awhile fact and so only has not gone enough, paired one 8.ºn With this 10.ºn And sounds absolutely stunning.
4 / 5 Sanjuana
This has to that be a better speaker for his paste of the prize and the sounds adds.
4 / 5 Beverly
Adds 10 the sound adds down but the little sprain in of the songs of heavy electrical guitar likes LIKE THIS-Country of Bat. Also one of a two that has taken has not been glued properly in a cone but there is not giving any question. A glue was piled on where had roughly 3/16 is of a thumb of the glue that focus a portion of a cone among a centre of blue Planet and an external cone in the third of a way around. In general for the tax would buy again. Using with him Autotek 2000w A/B 2 canal and run 16 more hours the day for 5 days the week in work.
4 / 5 Coleman
Like another reviewers has said, this sound of what glorious partorisca a prize. This in spite of, a the cheapo vibration to focus/the humid plus is not glued to a frame of speaker well, will exit very easily.
4 / 5 Ali
Has Bought 2 10 thumb woofers and has done the box done of commission partorisca mine 2004 avalanche hooked with the autotek bad car 2020.1 these subs the hard paste!!! Partorisca Not costing the must .These are the product adds with some legislations amp.
4 / 5 Giovanni
Has taken two speakers partorisca my box of speaker in my vehicle. Sure they attack!

Top Customer Reviews: Planet Audio PX12 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
It has looked for more spatial that storage in mine subaru wagon and has had the box of small truck lying around like this decided partorisca take mine 2x12s rockfords out of that has been estimated in 500w summit. Has the Kenwood kac7204 1000w the paste partorisca be able to quite hard. Enter an Audio of Planet, this was the perfect substitution . The bass is acute and drop down in such the small enclosure. They are the believer of volume of long time that paid partorisca, will see what hard time . Raisin in quality of his, a test will be for what time.
4 / 5
Any 95db like his wine with has said his 86db ....kinda Sucked has taken my container 4 days later included this in spite of has used them specifically the before free mine 2 nave of day... I havent Installed still but the hope itll sound and a picture of a sub is not attentive neither...
4 / 5
Has ordered two of these and the audio of planet ac2000.2 amp to be able to. I have built the fact to commission ported box to return under my rear chair of my truck. A box was the little small for requirements of audios of the planet but a subs looks to have any @@subject that paste more note has included lows. For a prize has paid can not be happier. I do not go to win competitions, but is quite a lot of bass for the feel entirely during a truck. A amp is the good party for a neighbour up. If yours looking to remain I on presupposed ossia the add compraventa.
4 / 5
Bought him thinking would be like this like this so that I have paid but after the brake in me am blown is gone in that hard has the paste is in the ported box for behind my chair in the 2005 f250 shook a whole truck is awesome.
5 / 5
The sound adds for a prize. Sounds well in the alone taxi noma.
5 / 5
Very a lot of sub very satisfied roughly how has been shipped and very easy installs
5 / 5
The speaker has blown on first day. It will not purchase never again.
5 / 5
Has had to that buy the superficial mountain sub to return under my chair in mine Silverado, that locates the depth in an enclosure was so only 4 1/2 thumbs. Sub Was easy to install in my again purchased Audio Enhancers SGMX66R12 box. This sub is powered with a 800w Crunch V850 amplifier that is running roughly 175W RMS. This sub is the hardest paste then my Audiobahn AW101T (I thinks is reason a audiobahn precise the 1.2 . Box.). Needless To say it has surprised touched me this sake. It would owe that improve he like this pauses in. For 46 dollars have shipped was a lot of value of the money.
4 / 5
Very good sub for a prize. I wont be winning any one concurrí of Audio with him, but paste well in mine Silverado
5 / 5
does not want to give this product 1 star. It is the waste of money. An installed 2 of them today and am buying 2 new Punch Rockford Fosgate tonight before I put to bed me. School old flavour rap music and R&B. These speakers touch more like racket that grave. I have him it wired down to 2 ohm partorisca more can. Complete rubbishes. It does not squander your time. It would sell you both of mines for $ 10 nave besides yes calms so only wants to take the casualidad. A product is Audio of Planet PX12 12' Slowly Subwoofer.

Top Customer Reviews: Planet Audio 4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
1 / 5 Debbi
Subs Has been rid in Jun 20, 2018. Because of a fact has required the box has done built to install, has not been installed by almost the week. Alive issues it has entered a side of the country and I direct PERHAPS 1 hour, A WEEK! So much, it is not in so rasgue around the city these confrontations hurriedly every day.

Has matched the with a recommended 5000 watt amp, reads some instructions of user, and has followed the. It was sure no in faculty a subs and give them time in 'pause in'. Every time I have turned in the minimum basses have begun prende to smell terribly. Not even 5 month later and directed in a tent, and the next thing is. Have Down ZERO. I can not think that the company would sell this class of rubbish.... May Again compraventa of this vendor!
5 / 5 Magaly
Looks Of flange to find a rite amp to press a subs in his summit in my elcomino there awesome SUBS
4 / 5 Delores
These bad boys fell hard . I want the in my box done
5 / 5 Jennefer
These subs is VERY CRAZY!!! Mountain the in the habit has sealed the boxes done and these subs is by train of the kill. Has the 2500 watt amp and can not handle what these subs has required. Has a amp pose like low and a subs well of his still. If you cape these up in the 2 ohm configuation and has run 4 of them in the monkey amp then will require a amp that can take the. Has low mine in .5 ohms And I can not count that well it sounds when a amp has any fence was. I order the new 6000 watt amp and can not expect for him.
5 / 5 Norbert
I have bought 4 of these and one 5000 planet of audio of watt amp. I am trace the in the box built, and wired the low in 0.5 ohms and this paste insanely apresamiento. And it do not have it never the problem with them. It buys these before any one of a esuperior appoints' subs that when being so bragging enough.
5 / 5 Tonja
Wants to sound it to them utmost and is the roads adds
5 / 5 Maegan
Well These any last a same day hooked until the good 900 Launch of watt amp

No like this very like this announced
5 / 5 Hee
You well. My launcher max subs the paste of way the hardest cost has fallen averts. These ac 10s the boss can a lot of any mine of tomb very deep ... Has 8 in the wall on 2 -
2600 watt amp.
5 / 5 Margart
This could look the odd description but a sub is coming already another has followed later.The wouldn'normaly shabby 4 subs but a lot go reason give such the shot adds....
1 / 5 Lilian
Has taken two of these subs in the 2015 dodge uploads the master to his likes there is 15s paste of tomb Very deep very hard and abordables has taken another car goon partorisca order 4 More partorisca go in another car
4 / 5 Catheryn
like this partorisca some people that says the audios of planet is economic craps, the'll show or this. A Term-readings of laboratory where crazy partorisca the speaker 'economic'. You recommend that these takes almost each application, because I brake a bank or of the that has to that. My crew is like this fallows.

Launch OPTI4001D Some pictures there is so only in the speakers are in 2 ohm in a 2k + is for the half ohm.
4 Audio of planet ac10d sub
unit of boss of the pioneer
2/0 and he 4 gauge boss to back battery
200 amp alternator /w big 3 fact to wire.

Now included is in the box of bastard to take dipped ready to a car, once is dipped ready will have 6 ac10d
4 / 5 Taisha
Bang for a buck... The thumbs duplicate up!! It has dipped these in afterwards blow the pair of Alpine Type R 10' that was in the old decade. When Have of the money probably will go back to some Alpine to the equal that touch better, although a point of prize in these is surprising! I add for level of the entrance or the estimativa has has imported people.
5 / 5 Sunday
Would say that has these speakers in the superficial box. That can prevent some that could touch it likes. For a product of money adds, but is looking for his to add in the superficial box( the truck or something like this) this is not for you.
4 / 5 Charmain
Has had a subs for a week and 3 out of 4 busted. A a concealed is not busted pushes out of feeble bass. I am not satisfied with a product. I guess volume that stops of has paid.
5 / 5 Madalene
Quite intense subs for a prize! They are powering his with 2 kicker 1600 pleasant watt amps and the secondary battery! ! Awsome.
4 / 5 Vikki
Has had mine for almost 2 weeks now, has dipped all 4 in the ported box and wire them to 4 Ohms, has them on he 2000 Watt Quantum Audio amp, although these speakers are visibly cheaply facts, pound quite well, has them in mine Yukon XL but probably would touch good in anything if so only his boss to 4 Ohms, his a lot of good but yes wants to reserve really hard I suggests volume a 12 is.
5 / 5 Jerald
Paste quite dang hard a so only has to it that the 500 watt rocksford amp briged that goes to upgrade a amp more collected
4 / 5 Telma
has looked for speakers very effective to substitute four that ages subs in of the speakers of tower of the house that is estimated in 98 DB and these speakers touted Efficiency (1 Watt/1 Metre): 96 dB. But when opening boxes some manuals clearly declares 86 DB which launches mine crossovers to mismatched efficiency and now has to that substitute four insiemi of crossovers to compensate for some speakers. The week so only be running 185 watts to the each one like this. A lot disappointed with a info the accuracy has resupplied.
4 / 5 Vania
A partner has bought these for his old suv, his isnt that bad for a prize. Dipped his on roughly 400 wrms each one that like this in him ported the box has dipped ready to around 36hz and no too bad. Lasted roughly 2 weeks and one has blown, another is in his way was also. So much of the that presses him too hard and can do well for calm so only touched around with these to try, has gone back to the his another subs and any subject.
5 / 5 Carmella
Subs Has been rid in Jun 20, 2018. Because of a fact has required the box done to commission built to install, has not been installed for almost the week. The alive WAY is gone in a side of the country and I drive PERHAPS 1 now, A WEEK! So much, it is not for the pleasure rasgó around the city that clash quickly every day.

I paired the with a recommended 5000 watt amp, read some instructions of user, and followed him. It was sure any to on power a subs and give them time the 'pause in'. Every time I have turned in of the minimum basses have begun takes for odorare terribly. Not even 5 month later and has driven to a tent, and was it of what next. Has LOW ZERO. I can not think that the company would sell this class of rubbish.... Never again I compraventa of this vendor!
5 / 5 Melonie
cant looks to find a rite amp to press a subs his summit in mine elcomino there awesome SUBS
4 / 5 Toshia
These subs is VERY CRAZY!!! It locates him in the habit the box sealed done and these subs is by train of the kill. Has the 2500 watt amp and can not manage the one who these subs needs. Has a amp dips like this down and a subs well of his closing. If you wire these up in the 2 ohm configuation and run 4 of them to the ape amp then will require a amp that can take him. Has mine down to .5 ohms And I can not explain that well touch when a amp has does not close era. I order the new 6000 watt amp and can not expect for him.
4 / 5 Gaston
These bad boys kick hard . I love him in my box done
5 / 5 Harlan
has bought 4 of these and one 5000 planet of audio of watt amp. I locate in the box done built, and his wired down to 0.5 ohms and this paste insanely hard. And it has not had never the question with them. Shopping these before any of a 'upper name' subs that listens like this bragging roughly.

Top Customer Reviews: PLANET AUDIO AC12D ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
4 / 5 Ariana
Good product, but RMS has estimated the power is way was. If I have been I rerate the in 500 RMS partorisca both coils of voices, if using them or music of game in a 30hz row!
5 / 5 Janell
All the world-wide pause like this bad in PA produced but according to which these break them in in low volume for the week then dulcemente crank he until half will be to attack these and will last the long time
5 / 5 Alline
Ossia one 2nd time has bought them these a prime minister some gave me to us the few questions but was him to them has taken all doing well then after the year gave him to my edges this time took them to them dipped his in a same power as before I am lasted 3 days then entirely prenden to the law took them behind to a tent where had installed him to them and a type the test of diagnostic in my whole system all more was cost thinks them im that goes to change until the mark of different name
5 / 5 Marcos
These are awesome damn subs. His paste the clean hard sound. I add spent the prize adds. Slowly to buy more by other vehicles. Using audio of planet 6000 amp also
5 / 5 Lenora
Well value of the money! The sound adds so only any overpower or wire wrong and will not have any @@subject
4 / 5 Anton
the Excellent speakers for a prize can has not beaten the knots his hook up with one 5000 Planet of Audio of watt amp to go with him so only has taken in the percentage of the neighbourhood and the still sounds likes him thunder
5 / 5 Paulina
would not recommend these subs his messed on on like me 3 days all 4
4 / 5 Jermaine
Of the that Waste Your time in these speakers. They are junk.
5 / 5 Maudie
These with my audio of planet 5000 watt amp in mine minivan gone back a lot of bosses in disbelief.
5 / 5 Dennis
Has purchased these and they have arrived a lot quickly. A sub has had the hole in a surround and another has been blown/has broken. A two I was able to use the sound adds but concern me roughly that the time will last. I have not expected partorisca pay $ 150 partorisca launch 50 era. It would like to think that it could the take substituted but has not had time partorisca do like this like this of closing. Be cautious when purchasing this element.
4 / 5 Leandra
A Subs the surprisingly hard swipe. Has all four wired parallel hooked on too much the Hifonics Classifies D pleasant Elite 2,500 watt amp and is resisting on extremely well. Im So only my first week with them but like this far are more than happy with my compraventa. It would owe that it has bought it 8 of 'in.
4 / 5 Andre
The amazing quality partorisca a prize has run 4 of a 12s and 1 of a 15s has done a box and boom 167db
5 / 5 Ericka
Bang Very partorisca your buck . ps Does not use a planner audio amps sucks use kicker or rockforfrosgate those will give quite watts to do in thump and rattle is trunk . And plant them all 4 in pro the box and they touch stronger and give bass of deep basses dependinghow or dipped arrives him . There the good speakers so only precise a right crew to go with.
5 / 5 Janel
Master, my truck is going down.
Produces a lot 😍
4 / 5 Chris
the bang Adds for a buck! Running all four with 8000 watts to be able to. Has paste a lows a lot very also. For a prize, these subs was to fly it!
4 / 5 Yasmine
These with the audio of planet 5000 amp is the awsome setup for a money has run 0ga and 4 ga
5 / 5 Leisa
A company that has sold some speakers are rubbishes (vm innovations)and some speakers are rubbishes like calm so much do a lot near

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