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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5 Jessenia
The unit of cape adds. An interface is the bit dulcemente. But a Bluetooth alloy very quickly in of the devices that is has recorded already. And a power is surprising. Im Updating speaker of Mine of normal door to do one the majority of a power this unit of any door.
1 / 5 Rosio
Substituted a leader of factory in threads 2002 Mazda Protege5; DDIN empty, using Metra DDIN pinch and wiring boxes of harness. The rays/of the hardware have comprised with the unit has not been flathead - what impeded unit of sliding in a DDIN empty - has had to around in my box of ray for some better rays. Wiring/earnest Quite installation another that concealed. Interface of enough of user directly the intuitive/advance; and (declared) the capacities to arrive to this point to price value to be looked for well - Mays...

Unit 'crapped was after the week. The unit would not retain of the parameters (bond/of clock) in the initial installs after the diverse unit of days has begun in reboot at random; and the radio begun to take several minutes in 'spent' before law. At the end afterwards the week does not ignite at all. Well in a window of tower; as we uninstalled/returned the and installed an Audio of CAPE BVB9364RC - done by a same company - similarly spec'd - but he sensibly better unit. It can not recommend this unit - especially compared in a unit of Audio of the Leader - which better sounds and so far (after the week of use) continues to do so feigned. 1 star for has thought bad was hardware of installation (the unit of the audio of the Cape goes mentions comes with flat cape (bugle) in increasing rays) and what only can suppose is bad-fashioned IC interior of joints.
4 / 5 Joelle
Only it installs this unit that has taken mine all day to install in 2003 Toyota 4Corridor with JBL Synth. (Long history... It wins of May He another installs for the partner without touching!).
A unit was that it thought the perfect for one 4corridor but was class of deep mass in a back but has done.
The interface of a unit adds gaze! CD/has uploaded DVD and of the utmost touches. Some works of function of the perfect DVD with the clear picture. Bluetooth Chooses in perfect and almost calling.
An only thing that urks am a main screen as when it wants to go in in in to to the another road likes him of OF CD in only gone in a EQ parameter, some decrees of CD! I want to listen a cd or anything while and is doing something more. A EQ the parameters are not so many while it would have liked them his to be. I have not seen the subwoofer exited or another byline EQ parameters while it would have liked him in tweak of a system the small more.
A Control of the wheel Ready has not been so ready...The capes for a unit matched until it covers of the factory but he have not done. It IS very even so like the unit is come with the far and stylus.
In general gives this unit 4 was 5 only because of an interface to access some parameters...
2 / 5 Roxana
Decent radio. Even so, or the majority of annoying part is a static backdrop while it listens. He this while connected in Bluetooth and a radio. Horribly IS troubling, almost quite listen in at all, which attack a purpose to pose this in.

ALSO, comes with ZERO Z And R Or Z. And.r.or Directions. My husband is the mechanic of the diesel authorised and has special formation in of the systems of computer in of the carts, even so battled to pose this thing in.

Some two stars are only so that it look it very installed. Based in some laws of road, would have given it his stars of scratch. Any one satisfies with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Merrie
Well for a prize can not demand a unit to be perfect. But, a bluetooth acts quite well that hard calls that it is quite fresh. A musician streaming way down below was like other marks. Power of sound in or another hand, bands to paste, a EQ beat it that is adjusted totally impulse of low of the plus and of course strong road. Connection of iPhone as far as can say to touch with this only fact with one streaming characteristic but, has one to the port as it is doable. It has not trying android with an USB. I joint the smallest things, is quite solid and would recommend it. Very bang for your buck, only combine he with some good speakers and your neighbours to good sure will want to you.
2 / 5 Ahmad
Val So in this unit, raisin only. I think that that a sound was to add ( used separate amps) even so, my first unit a dvd the player has not done and had this subject with a bluetooth (breaking his in both units). In one according to unit bluetooth has had similar breaking his touch for the moment. And a volume was sper touchy. Some calls of tlphonique was adds except a mic suck you almost has to yell while it converses. Stay far, has been far
5 / 5 Shonna
That is to say the basic unit very good . Some sounds of incredible unit. There are a lot of signals of adjustments to take a sound in a road likes him. A Bluetooth left well and a dvd debits hurriedly. Any one dulcemente uploads the time usually voice of radii in this field of prize. He emisora The radio local is glass clear canal and being distant is ..Or.k. An only paste in this radio is that a dvd the resolution of picture is adapted but does not add . Neither you believe you can customise it a picture of backdrop...I but this to again and irradiate data again a prize and a quality.
1 / 5 Hortense
It does not recommend this unit in any one. A Bluetooth the connection is sketchy sometimes and disorders in my calls of tlphonique. A screen the touch is often time unresponsive. A quality of the sound is not a better or. It IS to take to pose your radio presets, and take to tune through some emisora radio different. It does not blame this everything in Audio of Planet or Amazon, would have to has known that in such the prize under the screen to touch of radio of DOUBLE EMOTION for probably very when being no a product More i adds.
2 / 5 Rich
Streaming Musician of tlphonique, some premier 5 bren of the each song was skipped on.

The screen has not been able to aim art of coverage, only mere text.

Converses through this device during call of tlphonique- almost every time has owed the subjects have listened.

Can not press two buttons on protect to touch in several bren of the each push.

Has to knob of tower of time of the volume varied for him to result responsive.

The amazon said me some necessary parts to install in my cart, even so when it has taken in a tent, has been instructed to buy 300 value of dollars of additional parts for installation.

Screen of the camera of the backup was very clear. Disappointed with almost each which as another appearance even so.
1 / 5 Mel

Edita. Changed in 1 star. Gps No becuase his internment has broken. Worse purchase never.

The interface is well, was the breeze to install. Quality of the call of the telephone is rubbishes there is static in both finals.

Gps royally Mamma. His all installed properly and there is still to found the valid gps signal(main reason and has bought this unit)
4 / 5 Willetta
Bluetooth Is the headache, randomly run in and obviously yes is listening the music ossia obnoxious.
4 / 5 Cristobal
The exposure is sum and easy to use and cruised. Unfortunately exited of the speaker is not doing (yes, is wired correctly) and occasionally will leave out of the strong squelch.

Modification 12/12/18: the speakers have begun partorisca do today but the exposure has frozen shortly after and the unit would remain in still with which ignition has been closed was. Has has had to that finally pull a fuse.
5 / 5 Lee
In the first place first continuously, has reduced some stars of four to three. Well stereo, one of a better that looked in before I have done the compraventa. Like a Bluetooth the plot and an audio touches really much more a lot FM reception. A good value partorisca of the money.
Falls short in the pair of zones this in spite of, desire that there was HD irradiate so that information of clock of song in an exposure. A wallpaper is class of useless as so only is showed in a screen of House and he defaults to anything is listening to the the same time be AM/FM, USB, CD or To the entrance. A preset EQ the settings are class of odd but an user EQ leaves the better start partorisca his plus cleaned. May!!! A big plus shortcoming has to that be some free delivery. If listening to a radio and take call them telephone a unit will remain in any hands free zone and no revert behind to a emisora radio that listens to, has to paste a tone of House and then a Radio tone partorisca go back to a music. Now a lot all is bad, a mini mic partorisca some free delivery gives the clear sound well in a telephone which is the plus . According to type of vehicle that can vary, in mine two truck of his door like this as well as it can take without an external microphone.
Has added a backside on camera, LIKE THIS far, has to chosen' camera of a paper partorisca actuate a camera And then king-select-of a paper partorisca a radio. This in spite of, once the call has been done and receive the call and then finalise a turn to call behind to a radio function. Has not dipping on DVD boss of game as I do not have any intention partorisca use that characteristic.
In general am pleased with him. The installation would estimate the 7 out of ten partorisca difficulty with 1 when being easy.
5 / 5 Rick
Little signal in a fm and a bluetooth the system is frying the plot a radio partorisca a prize can not ask big quality
5 / 5 Tandy
the system of his east sucks does not have any grave and triple control. There is another system that is better partorisca in $ 80 in a closing like this.
4 / 5 Fredricka
Has done adds partorisca roughly 3 weeks. Then it begins to reset his self.
5 / 5 Cathryn
The radio only thing good the does not like there is the small delay with a @@@knob of volume.
5 / 5 Sunny
Like this far this radio is doing sweats partorisca add , adds and the looks adds in mine Vett
5 / 5 Karlene
has purchased this in June. 3 month later in September my screen is exiting. A right side is almost entirely white.
4 / 5 Magdalena
I love a touchscreen the radio and was exactly as it describes.
4 / 5 Rhona
Noise very white that uses radio or rid free telephone. , Too strong included same in a dipping a low plus, with a function has turned strong goes.
4 / 5 Tonita
In general the quite decent boss unit for a prize. The quality of sound was better then expected to be sincere. @@Subject Real so only the had with this unit is a far. A unit is result laggy and unresponsive when it has used them a far. But when it has used them so only a screen to touch with my law of toe adds.
5 / 5 Larry
After a time has had to revise my subject, am coming to think that this is not the bad product, and is quite priced. So only it wishes it has not gone too big for my vehicle. Now I know that this automobile stereo mark any Ford apt vehicles.
4 / 5 Georgeanna
For a prize is really very built, has bought another in this row of prize and has taken stuck with systems that any last too long. This a like this far there is outlasted more another
5 / 5 Perry
the radio looks to do well but has to that it weaves of static this comes by means of. In a dipping a low plus of a radio is quite strong. It looks he taste has to that go of the little calmer. Steps of the extra money in the pioneer with which time
4 / 5 Karry
are like this disappointed in a stereo really wants to know roughly like this to return an element manily to take a bit the one who the transmission for the more like one some have in mine others the vehicles would be happy with just in in front of option... It CAN ANY ONE PLEASES to HELP ME!!!!!😵😵😵
5 / 5 Ronna
Is screen to touch bluetooth for $ 80. You take like stops of pays. Really the decent radio for 11 year of my edges Blazer, and can answer a telephone easily/without accidents. The sound is decent. Far it looks the waste - too many keys and he hazard if any test use it while driving.
5 / 5 Jamila
The product taken has not done at all!! Love the full repayment
4 / 5 Gianna
Subjects of boss of the illumination, headlights goes in , the radio flashes.... Polarity partorisca control before it finalise installs. Or not to connect it at all.
4 / 5 Ok
The key of volume has stuck,the touch does not answer well,the also jumped volume around,he emisora the radio does not have on elected. Any recommended
4 / 5 Shondra
This radio is surprising. I have it that there is has not used even a cd/player of DVD still irradiate so only and Bluetooth but has changed the system is partorisca bend the sound like just to install this piece of awesome crew of car audio. Thank you Audios of planet.
5 / 5 Serina
Absolute junk! Envoy behind with which 45 cause of days leaves partorisca do. They have said to be a lot and send it behind... Surprised! Still the has not done. It does not squander your money!
4 / 5 Erick
The product has done well partorisca 17 month, now closes down after touching for roughly 5 minutes and no again until the twist of an engine & restarts my vehicle, & sometimes still does not go back on. Not to buy it again.
5 / 5 Bennett
Roughly 3 times the week these freezings of what. It has to that do full reset for the take to be able to up again. It loses contacts, presets, time, etc. the desires have had the solution without in in front of unit of reset
4 / 5 Audra
This radio fact partorisca roughly 3 weeks. We have then stray 3 speaker was dips. One comes and goes. This in spite of was the good product partorisca money. You do not buy again.
5 / 5 Colette
All was a lot the box has tried to dip the cd in.
Has sent one first irradiate behind. Recieved 2cd Radio fast, but has had still a same question.
Irradiates well if you do not go partorisca use cd is.
4 / 5 Darrick
Any sure the one who past but the few hours with which was installed the prendió the law & has has had to that the to us send behind.
4 / 5 Jorge
Well of law partorisca the economic radio, a dimmer flashes at night and is annoying but or can dip it to black of just stay with which 10 seconds.
5 / 5 Samantha
Like a radio. This in spite of when I received it some nails of the radio harness was free. It have paid partorisca have it installed, now radio loses connection sometimes. It would be necessary to take it was and take new harness. Another that that his a lot
5 / 5 Shavonda
Leaves partorisca do. Any sound. The guarantee is not partorisca value the
4 / 5 Kara
Substituted a boss of factory in edges 2002 Mazda Protege5; DDIN space, using Metra DDIN pinch and wiring boxes of harness. The rays/Of hardware have comprised with the unit has not been flathead - that has prevented unit of sliding to a DDIN empty - has had to that line around in my box of ray for some better rays. Wiring/Installation quite sincere another concealed it. Interface of user quite directly advances/intuitive; and (declared) the capacities in this point of prize looked to be value a lot of - May...

Unit 'crapped was' after the week. The unit would not retain of the settings (bow/of clock) the initial install - with which the diverse unit of days has begun the reboot randomly; and the radio has begun to take several minutes the 'spent' before it does. Finally after the week does not turn on at all. Well inside a window of turn; as we uninstalled/returned the and installed an Audio of BOSS BVB9364RC - done by a same company - similarly spec'd - but the noticeably better unit. It can not recommend this unit - especially compared to a unit of Audio of the Boss - the one who the better sounds and like this far (after the week of use) continuous do like this feigned. 1 star partorisca has thought bad was hardware of installation (the unit of the audio of the Boss has mentioned comes with flat boss (bugle) rays of trace) and that I so only can assume is has manufactured bad IC interior of joints.
4 / 5 Britney
cam Is foggy when rains, as any raincoats, an only reason has loved them that the camera is to see in a rain where im backing stereo entirely looses all some settings (radio presets, standby clock, a beeps when you touch a screen) each one another week or as (still this in spite of terminated them all some bosses according to a diagram to wire that given of uses of boss), his a allright radius, the supposition....
4 / 5 Truman
Very Like this in this unit, raisin so only. I think that that a sound was to add ( has used separate amps) this in spite of, my first unit a dvd the player has not done and has had this subject with a bluetooth (snapping sound in both units). In a second unit bluetooth has had looked snapping his while touching. And a volume was súper touchy. Some calls of telephone was of sound except a mic suck you almost has to that yell while in speaker. Remote stay, far was
5 / 5 Ivy
Ossia the basic unit really good . A unit touches incredible. There are a lot of adjustments signals to take a sound to a way likes. A Bluetooth pair well and a dvd upload quickly. Any slow uploading the calm time usually sees radio in this row of prize. He emisora The radio local is crystal clear and far canal is ..Or.K. An only swipe in this radio is that a dvd the resolution of picture is pertinent but does not add . Neither it creates it can customise a fund but this radio again and again given a prize and a quality.
5 / 5 Mardell
Has bought this to use in my cochera, a Bluetooth the row is very limited. Probably it was well in the car, but I the doubt would do of chair of retreats and highly doubtful would do he of a backside of the van.

I economic looks, the fund in an exposure is at all elegant.

No the bad value for a money.
4 / 5 Irma
Am returned this radio reason he no with swc 1 still when instructions recomends for the use. It calls both services of client of audio of planet and swc 1. They could not help. I have bought Jensen irradiates and a swc 1 was able to recognise a radio.
5 / 5 Laci
I recieved a prime minister an and has given my woman for christmas. Some premiers few days with which installatuon was having the error of disk. Spoken to a technology and of then we couldnt solve a subject, to the amazon sent the another or and immediately. This a does not have any @subject with and the law adds.
5 / 5 Suzanna
Liked Really of this radio been due to a prize and characteristic, now for any bad plant this in mine promised suv and loves it... For a hardly 6 month takes to use it. The guess do not have to that expect to plot for a prize but I have not expected the short to form in a radio concealed the cause to close each 30 second or so many. The next time thinks so only will spend the little extra bucks and buy the unsuspecting mark is😞 too bad although these could be really very better a quality!
4 / 5 Monica
Installed in my liberty of jeep of the daughters. Has has had to that also take a box of pinch. Some radio laws well. The screen is decent touch feels well. Power of mine aftermarket speakers of door. Easy easy functions to connect to a bluetooth. It likes that automatically it connects you grieve about you direct him in a jeep.

Top Customer Reviews: Planet Audio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
5 / 5
Easy installs, has ordered a highland box of double emotion but used very little of him. A screen is big and clears, the navigation is very good. One invests the camera am to add and attacks down a volume when movement to revoke. The directions are very scarce, but very basic while has some learning to wire. A cape for some accesses of camera perfectly for mine 2001 Mazda b4000 pickup, (ford order xlt).
Some lines of security in a back camera any rotate with view, but when the yours see is blocked by something in truck, can be the living saver .
Navigating Through the cards take the small time to take used to, but for a prize and the quality have to estimate this that perfect.
IPHONE 7 HAS SYNCHRONISED perfectly and the calls are clear in both finals.
Some beaks is before real to install but has wanted apt. I have required in dremel out of the small, very little for apt and to run mine to the cape for xm radiate.
3 / 5
ILLUMINATION. Out of a box, is also that shines to be used at night time, included with a brilliance in a parameter a low plus. It has conversed in an internet that this radio tin very dim to time at night, and that it is almost correct but very enough. There is the workaround:
has the pin 5 in a connector, that is to say to describe so the ILLUMINATION in one focuses, but any cape in a connector has distributed? That it??. VAL, Since has not required a function of antenna of the power, so carefully take a cape of antenna to be able the blue out of his place and pressed it behind to nail 5. It opens, has control of this signal.
Well, Voice here, a signal of the illumination is not in in the entrance of equivalent likes him would expect that it means calm, can ANY ONE dim a radio exposure with a cape although dims a rest of your lights of picture of order, as it can besides radii. Instead, it is the digital signal (any one 0 or +12V) and concealed calm give you TWO separate brilliance parameters. You have to connect a pin in your cape of lights of the parking, and then anytime gone back in some lights, goes in a second parameter (that it will pose it in minimum brilliance) and when has turned was, in a first parameter (that it will pose it in max brilliance) for day. If test and alloy in a dimming signal already in an old radio, an at random failed unit/of toe behind and the before since can not decide that to do with 6.5 volts in this line for example.
Later found that has the card of exposure, where can enter you and change some of some values by heart, the meaning can cut down an effective brilliance to modify saturation by heart and other by heart esoteric appearances, he doing dim enough to use at night, with one admits that it is to ail quite that shines for day. It remarks that some parameters to paint any toggle with a signal of entrance of the ILLUMINATION in of the nails 5. This nails only movements a slider of main brilliance among 2 parameters. And because of creation of software, a brilliance the parameters are quite 100% (max) or 80% (min).

CAMBRA Of WIRELESS BACKUP. That the stack of $ ^and% this transmitter/of east headphones. I have taken a time in carefully connect them and has discovered then that supposition that, if a receiver is powered on, give you the constant backup the active signal by everything means of if any signal is being received (with a transmitter WAS and vehicle a lot the other way around) doing an exposure inoperative with the Any message of SIGNAL. So much, there any point in is not them using has expected has to your wireless receiver give you the backup active signal when the other way around. Instead, you the arrival that has to pull some lights of backup +12V stain all a road in a front of a car in all the case, doing a wireless appearance any lovely. In my case with the tailgate in a cart, continuing a headliner with the tape of fish among the clave of ceiling was a road to conform it.
So that the group of dish of the licence of a camera is too very time, coverages a YEAR/of MONTH in your dish of licence. Like cut to go down them with the Dremel so that a group extends only in some rays of dish of the licence, and the problem is resolved.
Then, once installed, a lot discovers what angry can take you. One alloy of wireless camera quite 1 times out of 3 this has posed the other way around - another show of tentativas or any signal or wavy picture. I guess it is too far eschew. Calm then say, VAL, now is that it goes in only run a signal of video hardwired and take wireless units, which have known is the rubbishes is to arrive front, can have me saved enough 3 work of hours. IN ALL the CASE, once is to take wire fence, some works of camera of the backup properly, and some units/of the receiver of the transmitter can be bounced of a wall.

NAVIGATION: there is not any road in dim a navigation (although, can select the road with white characters in black fund for hours at night) which are insignificant like the solution. Also, you will discover that some maps of navigation are dated 2013 and distributes Any update of same free navigation with a mark radiates new, has thought in case perhaps there be some free to update for the do running, was to deceive. You can buy or on your own you want to , directly of NDRIVE.COM.

More than luck.
Gives Unit
2 / 5
Ordered this backwards of element in June 26, 2017.. Has quality of audio very when you tweak a EQ. A touchscreen is not very responsive. Also, sound an inch out of where touch he, likes him the sound takes to select options that is in a corner of a screen. I have tried aforar very time but still a same result. I any a lot of disorder with a screen has used of my Bluetooth of iPhone for musician and a volume and EQ has been posed in a stereo, so unresponsive the touch any problem me very.

3 days ago, takes cold here the Arkansas (34F). Quan Has turned in my cart that late, has remarked that stereo has had reset he. All my parameters have been gone. I only reconfigured all and ignored it. A next morning, A stereo would ignite, but only the screen of spatial, but could say an exposure was illuminated. Turned of my cart and began it. It opens His state bonded in the reboot loop. I have tried to press a button of reset but does not help. Return and disconnected a radio of a stereo harness in a backside, but still a same thing. It does not recommend yes live in planting where a time takes cold.
1 / 5
It does not buy he for navigation! I say me to turn very when an arrow in some shows of left wing of screen. I direct me to turn in the lake and turn in a signal of decree. Any signal with in 3 miles. This in several locations. Taken to read, very small. It has had GPS of Garmin is for years, far upper.
Any instructions of installation and few operative instructions. The problem has had with the side by side right speakers- any sound,. Each codes to wire of the colour checked and rechecked soldered and tableware of money with tubing shrinkings. The circuits have verified for continuity. Audio of the planet routed (BossAudio) retreated an email, any response. Buttons of small control, any easy to use. Envoy behind in Amazon.
4 / 5
It researches to be doing so far. Very strong. The navigation is well , but I like my Garmin better still. Having problem with an installation, a harness to cape did the shopping me is much more expensive that a so careful radio be with this part. I am having the parasitic drain in my stack now and does not know that it is by train of the cause but has not had a problem in front of a radio install - very thwart and is severely detracting of my 'entertainment of updates of adventure'. It appreciates the small more assistance to sustain that you mark sure one installs goes smooth. Probably any fault of a radio but clients of help he be comfortable with buying a aftermarket produced. Also, there is a system of entertainment in a backside of a cart and that no now. Radio buttons in a wheel does not act. My total installs the side so far is in $ 900 and three trips in an installer so far. At present a cart is in the Ford dealership so that one can of installer not imagining was.
3 / 5
I Like this Stereo, but some Freezings to Protect up and will not answer until some covers of truck! Only cover this was so that the winter taken only here.
5 / 5
That is to say almost too well to be the element has been missing some camera there was at all of hardware of the harness the manual of far frame gps the laws of sums of unbeatable antenna for a prize well blesses Amazon
5 / 5
All so that the work has described very happy with him in mine 2000 excursion
5 / 5
The stereo is a powerful easy-in-the use and the absolutely perfect works
5 / 5
Ordered this element has retreated on June 26, 2017.. Has quality of audio well when you tweak a EQ. A touchscreen is not a lot of responsive. Also, sound a thumb out of where calm the tones, as his hard to select options that is in a corner of a screen. I have tried aforar long but still a same result. The no really the disorder with a screen has used of the mine iPhone Bluetooth partorisca music and a volume and EQ has been dipped in a stereo, as unresponsive the touch did not annoy me a lot.

3 days ago, takes cold here the Arkansas (34F). When I have turned in mine car that late, there is remarked that stereo has had reset he. All my settings have been gone. I so only reconfigured all and ignored it. A next morning, A stereo would turn on, but so only the screen of spatial, but could say an exposure has been lit up. Turned of the mine car and began it. Now his summer stuck in the reboot loop. I have tried to press a key of reset but has not helped. It has gone back and disconnected a radio of a stereo harness in a backside, but still a same thing. Not to recommend you alive to situate where a time takes cold.
4 / 5
So only installed in 2004 Ford release. Taken a Metra 70-5521 and Metra 95-5026.. Easy install and the law adds!
5 / 5
Validate each penny, took it to them down $100 and like this far a lot of @@subject. Works of navigation how is a Bluetooth, embezzles the has not taken time partorisca verify but will verify and estaca punctual. Has RAV4 2010 and with the scorch box the good access in a pinch.
5 / 5
Has a pnv9645 model and loves it to them but im looking everywhere partorisca a gps antenna bc mine didnt has one. Or sell one for separate?
5 / 5
I transmissions of prize daily; I bought it when it was down almost to $ extracted.
There is 2008 Mazda Miata with taken for the week to imagine was (investigations of internets) to boss of antenna of power of hook of a unit to 1J boss of connection to feed BOSE amp. The diagram of harness says 'amp controlled has known did not conceal was a BOSE amp can 12V source. Miata NC Does not use antenna to be able to, as he so only laws.
Also, ANY PRECISE LINE leveler.

Considering Audio of Planet, has sent email regarding this subject, but any answered anything. Also, a diagram in manual and real harness is different (done a lot); and the manual is distant a lot the friendly user. It guesses it is interested so only sell these with reasonable prize, and a prize does not comprise service of client AT ALL.

5 star for a product; 0 star for client 3 average!!
5 / 5
A radio is sum . Has has had to that do the pocolos adjustments for behind a pinch, but some instructions that is coming with him the installation done easy and understandable. I have installed he to a 2006 jeep wrangler. This has helped was also '03 04 05 06 JEEP WRANGLER TJ Car Radio Stereo Box of Installation of Pinch of Double Emotion'
4 / 5
has taken this radio in spite of all some negative commentaries. A radio is strong and the sounds adds. Some maps perfect without questions. Any sure reason take some bad descriptions . To good sure buy again. Radio adds for a prize

Top Customer Reviews: Planet Audio P650MB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5 Pandora
It maintains that it imports that has units there those costs several dollars of hundred, and this one east in a mid-100s. That is to say which marks this even more impressive unit.

An installation was directly advances. I am not the professional installer, but this is not my first cart stereo installs, and fact of good use of Youtube. A documentation of product is minimum in of the nicknames of instructions of installation, as it does not trust concealed. I have purchased the harness to wire and box of concrete pinch in my vehicle (2012 Elantra). A final product could not look better. It looks he avenges normal with a cart.

Youtube Of investigation for 'camera of backup 101' and would have to find this video: I have followed some instructions for a first type of camera, which are which entered a box. I wired A esverso' cape in a reverse light. Quan That light comes on, causes a unit to aim an exposure of camera of the backup ( has to enable reverse trigger in a unit).

To look video, has to join a 'brake' cape in a brake for estacionar, which enable the video that looks when a brake to park is actuated. But it can it do not imagine it was where a cape of the brake of the parking is in a car, only educated that cape in a unit, and now video of touches. Before I concealed, it can never video of clock in a unit, included when estacionado. I think that that an idea is that video still the game in some external monitors has connected in a unit, although a video does not touch in a unit he. But I can not verify that so that I have not installed any external monitors still. Quan Installs external monitors, and supposes can look video in those, can untie this 'brake' cape of earth. If some the external monitors neither touch without a 'brake' the polite cape (which any any sense), only can change an exposure of unit in navigation so that the does not distract an engine while some passengers are looking video.

An exposure and the controls are acute. I am very pleased with a quality of video and a global exposure. Always it have something concealed would change you (how one preset the icons are smaller that would like me), but in of general is very pleased.

The interface of navigation is also very good. I can not speak with a precision and precision of a navigation, so that I only uses for long distances. For the local navigation always uses my telephone, so that has ones the majority of integration and current maps with local traffic. He been in deluxe vehicles with systems of the NO connected navigation in local traffic, and was almost useless for local behaviour. This one east in pair with that, and an interface of user is very good and acute.

A unit reads half comunicacionales of the micro-SD card and clave of USB. Max has measured by micro-SD the card is 64GB. It does not know if the clave of USB has the max has measured. It chooses it was audio and archive of the video and he orders entered join them interface of unit (has has did not try files of photo). I can not it imagine was so to do one playlist even so. I have created it playlist in my PC, has copied that playlist archive in a clave of USB, and a unit is not choosing out of this playlist. Hate to Have that creates playlists in a unit he. In general I am thwarted with playlists in of the mobile devices, as it can be error of user .

A sound afterwards is surprising. Has the system of his basic with basic speakers. With a factory stereo his well. With this unit and his preset parameters of bond, the chair like a sound is two times also (clarity, acuteness, tomb). But you have to pose a bond (uses one preset 'rock' posing). It IS very disappointed with a sound until I give has there was not posing a bond.

That is to say the unit adds , especially for a prize. An only stranger is longevity . I actuate There It go It only he during the month, and has taken a long trip with him.
2 / 5 Lakeisha
I have bought this radio (with a backside-arrive camera) to substitute a unit of cape in mine 2010 Ford F250. While an installation was quite easy, a manual was to help very small. To well sure it recommends to buy a Metra box of pinch, wiring adapter of harness and adapter of antenna - is economic but a product of arrival looks the professional installation - a lot of esteem a money there.

A PNV9650 the unit has some characteristics a lot some very-so-very some also. I have found a navigation to be one of his strong points. His very accurate state and can be it customised in of the a lot of roads in yours likes him. Calm comprise you can his the download has updated maps, but has not required in how his already accurate as far as can say.
A backside-above the camera also the work adds. Again here, an installation of manual cement in a backside-above the camera is quite useless. If it connects properly, some powers of camera on and a unit of the cape automatically changes roads to aim a backside-above the image of the camera. One key here is connecting some vehicles behind-on when being able to clear in a power of camera And in a pertinent cape in a unit of cape. An image is clear, big and do a lot at night too many. For those with the truck, a backside-above the camera in a dish of the records of licence adds to line in my trailer hitch in a trailer. It has attached also it camera those faces advantage (connected in a unit of any one east A/V Entrance RCA) very on some dishes of push for my takes some beginnings of supposition to connect a ploughed - the works add.
A radio interface is also the strong characteristic. Very intuitive and attractive interface. A player of DVD is the characteristic very also. You are supposition to connect a headunit cape of brake of the parking in a vehicle so that a unit of any one knows when his insurance to enable a characteristic of DVD. If calm I simply steps this cape, a DVD will be enabled by everything means of if the brake for estacionar of a vehicle is engaged - but of course, that is to say dangerous while it can distract an engine. If you CD of still use, these characteristic looks to do well also, although for a CD has tried was, one only pointed exposure 'Yours 1' more than a name of a song, and has not had any one another data to put to aim in an artist or art of album, etc. does not use CD anymore and frankly can not take if the players of CD SHOW that characterises of information in all the case. Streaming Musician in bluetooth any one of your tlphonique microSD card or of Pandora application of your telephone (or similar) looks to do well also, although for a last a headunit would not aim an artist, album, name of song, or art of album.
A downside (and a reason for just 2 stars) is that an application of the player of the musician has a lot of insects of software. This is ailing for me so that that is to say my primary method to listen in is to say, it poses all my musician in the microSD or card of USB and covers directly in a headunit. For a thing, an exposure of an album and the names of artist are truncated in a last 'U2' only would aim as 'Or' and 'Coca' as 'Cak' how two examples. And, some lists of songs, albums and exposure of artists in an order in that a musician has been copied in a card, any the very difficult fact to find a musician wants to listen. Also only the sample 30-35 or so albums and artists - all a rest is lumped in 'Unfamiliar', again doing taking to find anything. Some waste of player of the musician to open any albums or the artists appoint that it contains an apostrophe. And there have it more. I have informed everything of these subjects in a technical support that (in a side that shines) has very been responsive and fianc to leave me know when the update of software is available. Certainly I will revise my indication /when volume that update. So that this am like me typically would listen in of musician, these insects the the breaker of roads for me. Because of these insects, a better road for to listen in my musician is poses only the to touch all the songs at random mandate. Still, included here it believes he the insect - reproduces the songs of a first album copied in a card quite 60% of a time - hardly 'random' for approx. 16GB Value of musician.

The inferior line is this ... If you want the unit for his navigation, behind up camera, radio and you musician of current in bluetooth, will be the form adds. A sper the low cost of this unit is very value he for these characteristic only. But if the plan poses your musician in the microSD card and uses a player of musician of the units, could look elsewhere or expects it until these insects are fixed.
1 / 5 Ladonna
Usually it does not leave of the descriptions, but is so disappointed, liked me this radio, informs of sound with to 3.9 average. Even so, my experience was to 1.0 . I installed it, it has taken awhile, doing sure all the capes have been soldered, camera of the properly locate back backup, hooking in SWC capes, programming, mountain of solid well. To Time to see him like all do before posing some touches to finish on. Everything is doing well, what the relief. Finished a work, the look adds, poses all was and is gone in city. A first thing has remarked was a clock, date, EQ, parameters of canal, wallpaper, etc. Maintained to return in default after an hour or so much. Then a next day, does not avenge on during 15 minutes to direct. Quan IS returned house, take a radio, rechecked all some capes with metre of volt, has done sure a ACC and 12+ was correct, the voltage of folds has verified in a radio, has done sure has had the good earth, pose all back together. Same thing. Asked the turn, quickly accepted, packed and the envoy was, has ordered the different unit. An End
4 / 5 Miranda
The calm can not take more for a money. The look and he has tried the few different units. It installs for the plot of people in my weekends and this are my new vain in unit. I bad CD,DVD,Backwards camera, Navigation, and built in interface of wheel. All the work adds. Yes this is not an Alpine, initiating, or Kenwood with all some bells and whistles, but is the 1 /4 of a prize but 10 times a value. Quality of his well and the versatility adds.
1 / 5 Terrence
This stereo done in my cart for the totally of TWO MONTH that headed glitching my thought of fianc he a lot of earth he very ( is the mechanic ) how redo it even so any one very better. I am not able to turn a volume in 25 in my car without a thing totally the turn was. Some third vendors of the party does not specify some police to turn he so that it take it stiffed be able to return very COMPRAVENTA THIS PRODUCT GOES with the most priced revised to mark and has trusted
1 / 5 Saran
Bought the end of January. It do not take It professionally installed until final of April. One installs more side that a unit. Fact well during two month, then an exposure has prendido to do, only the screen of spatial black. An audio done still and a emisora the radio still touched, and that knows where join another canal was localised in a screen, still could touch to change canal. Today an audio would not touch . Bad stereo, so sad.
3 / 5 Jennifer
It can be the little sake stereo for a prize, himself all a time. It was quite stoked when arrives and installed. And it is not the pro installer but has posed up and installed a lot of systems in the plot of carts. Accident quite 50% of a time when: test among a screen of house, trying change of in source in another, taking or doing the call that takes a usb. Screen blacked was, the musician these low touches, at all doing has clashed. It have returned it his but decided to sell a car and has posed he in
3 / 5 Nannette
Taken in a lot estimate this unit like this can be an isolated incident . A response of the screen of the touch was laggy. A quality of audio while using Bluetooth (streaming audio and calls) has been distorted. It sounds it likes him had of the bass in a circuit in the some place but the quality of his was orders that uses the walk of inch or a radio. L. Out of any one where some advances left the speakers are exited. I have tired my original radio and hooked anothe unit of the harness of same wiring and they both were a lot of. I have had big wait included after reading another say that there is a same problem. Perhaps it is something can fix easily. If Bluetooth is not the worry since you, then that is to say the clothes . If you want musician to be current and able to take calls through the then vain unit with precaution.
1 / 5 Beryl
While it is cute, is the total waste of time and money. Reception VERY BAD for a radio, and any a lot of options in some parameters. The same flange selects an individual song or dossier while it sings it USB... Only it have to maintain skipping the boxes find a song.... If I didnt already installs would return.
1 / 5 Maxima
I have bought this device and he have done well for the week or so much. Then begin to result lentil and unresponsive. An only road could take it up and that the careers again is when transfer of a cart and has posed the backside on. Second a screen has begun blanking was and in the rests of time of for long periods before returning on.
5 / 5 Winona
This returns perfectly. It installs it was the snap(once was able to find nissans diagram partorisca wire and decipher a difference among some very looked shadows of bosses see) has added the inclusos cameras of backup. The only question is a time is all wrong. It resembles free the minute or like this for day kinda frustrating. A screen is well with a good interface. In general good
has tried to contact support on some subjects of time but there is not any response.
4 / 5 Barbra
The show would not maintain time correctly. In cold time an exposure of the screen there has been glitches
5 / 5 Glenn
Installed in my jaguar and the looks and the law adds, for a prize can has not beaten the
5 / 5 Ulrike
A prime minister a fact for roughly 2 weeks and so only leave. I go to try a product still again while for the better experience
5 / 5 Karmen
was bit it scared to buy this at the beginning given the majority of some descriptions on that. Honradamente Can say that ossia a better bang for your buck irradiates. It looks to add and touches adds. If calm install it a lot of his the really good radio.
4 / 5 Jolene
The quality adds the d has had radio partorisca awhile without pronlems
4 / 5 Elana
would owe that it has known better. Any one returned in any 99-2006 GMC the saws is or Chevy Silverado is without the $130 metra box of pinch. On that is disfunctional and the cut was and I rewired the 3 times and verified all my earths. Rubbishes.
4 / 5 Samuel
Works quite well for a quantity paid for him. The free hands that the call is a lot strong in another line because has in my truck to do that it is strong, am sure do better in the calm car. Everywhere the quite good product. Bluetooth Law well and the radio signal is clear
4 / 5 Carmina
am a lot disappointed in this product. Has any boss by heart. He no efficiently with the thumbdrive and when it can was him after turning of a car begins throughout again. It does not choose on where has to that the left was.
4 / 5 Crista
Attended takes more characteristic but partorisca a prize can not complain
4 / 5 Alan
the course has purchased 2019. Has a subject current with a clock a lot that resists is time . Now a ray is white. You do not recommend
5 / 5 Davis
Connects the autoestereo and alone work 2 days and any one has gone back the take, any servants
5 / 5 Devora
is in general very bad. 4.5 Out of 5. The only real complaint is that a Bluetooth the volume is quite down. Radio is súper crispy this in spite of, so that frames up for him. It has not tried other entrances still.
4 / 5 Vinita
Has uploaded this permission of bad product the description and when that returning enzyme of of the east has had to pay $ for the give
5 / 5 Reuben
Continuous freeze on, maintains that it has to that turn of a car or resist a key of reset... :(
4 / 5 Branden
Has not done at all! Hooked He on a same day was rid all is hooked on correctly has included troubleshooting for the hour and he still have not done
5 / 5 Shawanna
Hooked Irradiates on and does not turn on. The fuse checked and was a lot.
5 / 5 Felisa
Junk, has had this professionally installed unit, has done well partorisca three weeks. There is prendido then law. Junk
5 / 5 Paige
Is the good product partorisca his prize.
Screen partorisca touch lags real bad.
To the his of the blue tooth likes calm listens has launched the line of old telephone
4 / 5 Obdulia
has Done well and has touched well partorisca the month, then the leaves of screen partorisca do and wouldnt touch anything. Wouldnt sujest!
4 / 5 Ka
Adds readio partorisca a prize, installed and has not had the question with him
5 / 5 Malorie
Taken the expedited partorisca seated, and really like it until wed the quite working.
4 / 5 Doyle
Seats to say that while I have had the big hopes for this unit have has had to that uninstall he after so only the few hours of operation. A quality of audio on USB, To the and Bluetooth is quite bad. Calm to good sure take which pays stops.
5 / 5 Shaunte
Has received this in receiver of pinch like the present during a season vacacional. With which while to a time to break, was installed and has died shortly therafter... The screen has been all white and has maintained to feign to to the cross likes them the cursor that the movements when calm touched it, bur any reset. I then reset a unit and unhooked my battery and he still doesnt work. And has has had to that then fights with Amazon becasue was external of a window of turn, included although a lot another perfectionist harm until 90 days to return present vacacionales. Moral Of a history... Please description everything of some descriptions of client when looking for an element. Some 1 descriptions of star were something on. Lack of service of client a lot all a way around.
4 / 5 Mindy
Am basing this description in some characteristics for a prize. Finding this characteristic in this prize is quite amazing. This would be the good election for any that loves upgrade his radio of factory to obtain qualified likes behind arriving camera, entrance of USB, to the entrance and Bluetooth. This would not be the good election for a audiophile that loves the experience of utmost audio. It is not bad, but is to good sure any quality of audio adds. Has ventilation to air titled magnetic for my cellphone, which seat directly beside a unit of the boss and I have not experienced Any Bluetooth interruption. Clearly it can listen a person has spoken to still calls, but hardly could me listen unless it breaks a lot noisily. In the quantity the scarce of the time has had he in my car, the volume asked 'that?' A lot. But I will admit, I am soft spoken. If any one you to plot of calls of your vehicle and is not spent a lot of money the speakers and calm loves Bluetooth for audio so only, this could do for you. Some controls of audio are very limited and likes has said before, quality of the audio is not orders. Has speakers of component and a amp and this unit has not been able to do them sing a way has to that.
I work of my vehicle to plot and quality to need that it touch Bluetooth. This and a fact that could not take speakers of mine to touch a way has to that I aimed to send this unit of boss behind. I have purchased the Pioneer AVH-200EX and installed the these prejudices because I have loved to try it against this unit of boss. A difference is surprising. A Pioneer hanged probably 25-more 50 of this unit. Some controls of the audio and touch it were significantly better and a Bluetooth is very better. Any more 'that?' Of another end. But it is more than two times a prize.
4 / 5 Codi
A bit difficult to change among applications, especially took 77+ years . The majority of applications has found them was so only an accident. It can you do not say that it has taken them there. The unit will not return 'plumb' in some cars. He no in mine 04 civic. A unit sustains backward so that some of a unit is for behind a trim coverage. An on/was/the key of volume is a desquels is for behind a trim coverage and is hard to achieve. One 'to there the door is in a way when it needs to insert a SD paper or quell'USB. It drives of the user does not say like this to install a SD paper. Not to say you if some contacts trace or down. The unit will not install on some cars without buying the cement 'trim coverage' and the 'harness' to connect an electronics like a power and speakers. In a side besides, a unit is smaller that some other headphones to touch. A far control is comprised but again a bit difficult to use (concealed 77+ years takes mine again). A unit is instrumented with the backside-arrive application but a camera and the hardware associated has to that be purchased for separate and probably would take the professional of the install correctly. Except an on/was/@@@knob of control of the volume, a unit has no moving parts (any cd/dvdes player). It has not loved the player, so only a radio, SD and ports of USB. The unit is a lot of value a 70 bucks the side and the better tonne that stirs it whole another has seen them. Good regime with an installation.
4 / 5 Florida
This stereo done in my car partorisca the totally of TWO MONTH that has begun glitching my fiancé has thought he a lot of earth he a lot ( is the mechanic ) like redoing it this in spite of no very better. I am not able to turn a volume on 25 in my car without a thing entirely turning was. Some third vendors of the no specific party some police partorisca return so it takes stiffed on when being able to the turn DOES not BUY THIS PRODUCT goes with the revised mark more priced and trusted
5 / 5 Maida
Bought it an end of January. Not to take it professionally installed until final of April. One installs side more than a unit. Fact well for two month, then an exposure there is prendido to do, so only the spatial black screen. An audio done still and a emisora the still touched radio, and knowing where another canal has been located in a screen, still could touch to change canal. Today an audio would not touch . Bad stereo, like this sad.
5 / 5 Tena
Has bought this device and he have done well for the week or so much. Then it begins to result slow and unresponsive. An only way could take it up and that the careers again is when transfer of a car and dip the backside on. Secondly A screen has begun blanking was and the time remains of for long periods before going back on.
5 / 5 Rema
While it is pleasant, is the total waste of time and money. Reception VERY BAD for a radio, and any a lot of options in some settings. Cant Included select an individual song or file while it sings USB... Calm so only has to that maintain skipping the box finds a song.... If I didnt already installs would return.
5 / 5 Argelia
Took it so only installed and good works. The sound is well, the picture is well, an only down the side is some sounds of blue tooth of this a lot fainter that radio, but for a money was all like this far thinks that side that have paid for him
4 / 5 Myrtice
1st coverage has ordered was defective. You are substituted after endless complaints. A bit those that the months are spent and a coverage has working prisoner and is in the white screen so only. No shabby. It is inferior. If you are lucky and take a concealed the only toil for the few months. They are audio of the planet sure will do absolutely at all to fix it included although his closing on has guaranteeed. Service and produced inferior of poor client. Spent to Initiate!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 / 5 Keiko
Hard to really estimate this unit like this can be an isolated accident . A response of the screen of the touch was laggy. A quality of audio while using Bluetooth (streaming audio and calls) has been distorted. It touches it likes it has had of the short in a circuit to somewhere but the quality of sound was orders that use the walk of thumb or a radio. L. Out of any where some advance the sinister speakers are exited. Have tired my original radio and hooked anothe unit of Boss to a harness of same wiring and his both were a lot. I have had attended big included after reading another say that they have had a same question. Perhaps it is something can fix easily. If Bluetooth is not the worry for you, then ossia for the fly. If it love music of current and be able to take calls by means of the unit then comes from with precaution.
5 / 5 Christel
Could be the a lot of little stereo for a prize, himself all a time. It was quite stoked when you arrive and has installed. They are not the pro installer but has on dipped and installed a lot of systems in the plot of cars. Incident roughly 50 of a time when: that looks for to go to a screen of house, that tries to change of on source to another, taking or doing the call that takes a usb. Screen blacked was, the music that touches down, at all doing has clashed. It was it returned but have decided to sell a car has dipped them he in
4 / 5 Gloria
the better work thought it then touchscreen slow sometimes but better then irradiate the stock would purchase again
5 / 5 Felicia
has bought this for my car of edges of a new generation any need the cd or the just cassette bluetooth and the usb boss lol. I have bought a pigtail for a car goes to and is the a lot of easy install add upgrade his very good quality. So only installed the last night maintaining will see to like last but now still would buy it to them again.