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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 By My
State looking in some mixed descriptions in Amazon. Frankly, I have found this to do perfect for my necessities.

My gram was mostly fatality and any tentativas to water only sprout marijuanas. I have begun to clear some marijuanas and scarring an earth those uses Sol Joe AJ801E 12 Amp 13' Tram Scarifier Gram besides Dethatcher with Stock exchange of Collection.

Has seeded in falling, when day and prejudices the temperatures were in a field recommended.
After applying some then, coated the with clear cloak of upper earth. Maintained a zone moist with clear watering (two daily times). Since some then are germinating, a point was to maintain them more, not drenching an earth. After 10 days, some first signs of herb have begun to look. A month later, a herb has begun to thicken up and fill a bare something in my gram. I any one mow the until 40 days and he are doing only very now.

Curiously, finds that this mix of herb grows in the tax the fast plus then a rest of my gram. For a time mowing the day comes to the long of, a new patch is easily 25% big that a rest of my gram.
5 / 5 By Julene
It was sceptical after reading descriptions. I live zone 10- Satans heat. There is the pit of sand - the soiled, bad, hellish pit of desperation. Any life at all. I overseeded .... We have posed in system of sprinkler this year also, like these two things aided tremendously. Each seed has taken. It IS well, soft and thickness. Zone 10.
1 / 5 By Shemeka
I have purchased two stock exchanges in March, with the date of freshness of last November. Both stock exchanges were complete futility , with almost any growth. Still although the time was soft and a seed has been maintained moist. Especially disappoint so that there is more than 15 work to decouple hours and aerating an anterior gram. Even more disappoint is a fact that has asked Scott to honour his backwards of guarantee of money for just one of some stock exchanges and did not take never his control has promised. Month Scott has nicknamed later again and has said immediately subjects out of another control, which also has not coming never. The May will buy his product again.
5 / 5 By Angella
I have used this in reseed a zone in my forward of yard and some looks of herb gorgeous. It IS well and thickness and does not grow too big . Thinking that Scot is everything has to be Scott wonderful , used landscaper mix to seed my backyard and has grown at all except rubbishes. Has the full yard of big fescue this grows what madman and looks crabgrass . It opens it Has to kill a herb in a backyard and reseed with Turf Constructor.
1 / 5 By Gerald
The August of the seed has planted 28, slightly coated with topsoil and watered every day. At all. I have verified a stock exchange and he have had the dates have listed by state when a seed is cape well, has expired. Arizona has not entered a list. In all the case, at all. Growth of scratch. Any sprouts. It IS Seven. 10 2018 And any living sign. Planted in semi the zone shaded.

Only crap it produced.
5 / 5 By Francina
Has zones of traffic very big in our backyard for our in group of earth and playset zone, also purchased the cover a zone in our back yard that achieves with muck to fix the deep gradient.
Has done very little prep another that raking a surface slightly before extending a seed! Any additional watering another those some rains of the summer and I was very pleased with how this has filled! Any straw, any coverage at all andboom...Herb of green in good brilliant! This be has said, this product is one has used more still has tried like this grow herb in my forward of yard in of the zones of traffic and in my backyard where is very shady already have herb of new creature that grows afterwards only the days of pair!
1 / 5 By Asley
I am of Seattle WA..plz Does not waste your money in these then does not act, suggests to use Pacific local Topsoils primum seeds which are more effective.
5 / 5 By Filiberto
Before and after the photos have attached to aim that well this seed of herb has done for us. Has Had to weaves successful with this seed of the herb in southeastern BREAD. Our courses are so much some few shady, but with diligent watering this seed has produced resulted very good and is turning around our gram amiably.

-A lot of products lush herb with a right watering and preparation of earth.

-Delicate in equally extended without a help of the separate seed spreader, a compraventa additional that is has almost required.
1 / 5 By Anneliese
Scott Turf Seed of the herb of the Constructor is junk. Down for 2 1/2 weeks and he has liked them or the be watered every day, can not find a new cover of herb. It does not waste your money in this product, any one while they say.scotts Turf Seed of Herb of the constructor - Only and Mix of Shadow, 40-Book (Any Sold in Louisiana)
1 / 5 By Percy
I have bought the few stock exchanges to help fill a zone where has had to to take shrubs. I have cleaned a zone, poses the fat zone of marijuana and powers, upper earth, then posed some seeds. I am returned later and has posed some seed of sure plus when the be has had the good number of seeds. Six months later and the majority of a zone where had planted some then are all the marijuanas. If some marijuanas was there under an earth, why is a rest of a herb only well? It does not think to give seeds of herb, is by train to give you of the marijuanas!
4 / 5 By Anya
I have been looking in some mixed descriptions on Amazon. Frankly, I have found this partorisca do perfect partorisca my needs.

My gram had died mostly and any tentativas partorisca water only sprout weeds. I have begun partorisca clear a weeds and scarring an earth that use Alone Joe AJ801E 12 Amp 13' Trams Scarifier Gram besides Dethatcher with Stock exchange of Collection .

Has seeded in fall, when day and prejudices the temperatures were inside a recommended row.
After applying some seeds, covered him with light discharge of upper earth. Maintained a zone moist with light watering (two daily times). Of some seeds are germinating, a point was partorisca maintain them more, not drenching an earth. With which 10 days, some first signs of herb have begun partorisca look. A month later, a herb has begun partorisca thicken on and fill in some coffins something in my gram. I any mow the until 40 days and is doing so only a lot now.

Curiously, finds that this mix of herb grows in the fastest tax then a rest of my gram. For a time mowing the day comes to the long of, a new patch is easily 25 big that a rest of my gram.
4 / 5 By Caroline
Was skeptical after reading descriptions. Alive zone 10- Satanás hot. We have had the hole of sand - litter it, bad, hellish hole of desesperanza. Any life at all. The overseeded .... It has dipped in system of sprinkler this year also, like these two things have helped tremendously. Each seed has taken. It is well, soft and thickness. Zone 10.
4 / 5 By Mason
Has purchased two stock exchanges in March, with the date of freshness of last November. Both stock exchanges were complete uselessness , with almost any growth. Still although the time was sweet and a seed has been maintained moist. Especially you disappoint reason have had more than 15 work of hours detaching and aerating a leading gram. Even more it disappoints it it is a fact that has asked Scotts to honour his money has retreated guaranteeed for just one of some stock exchanges and has not received never his control has promised. The month more has called late Scotts again and has said immediately would send out of another control, which also there is not coming never. I will not buy never his product again.
4 / 5 By Vicki
Has planted August of seeds 28th, slightly covered with topsoil and has watered every day. At all. I have verified a stock exchange and he have had the dates have listed for state when a seed is no good, there is expired. Arizona has not been in a cast. In all the chance, swimming. Growth of zero. No a sprout. It is Seven. 10th 2018 and any sign of life. Planted in seeds the zone shaded.

So only crap it has produced.
4 / 5 By Arla
Has used this to reseed a zone in my advance of yard and some looks of herb gorgeous. It is good and thickness and does not grow too big . Thinking that everything of Scots has to that be wonderful, has used Scott landscaper mixes to seed my backyard and has grown at all but rubbish. Has the full yard of big fescue this grows like crazy and looks crabgrass . Now I owe that kill a herb in a backyard and reseed with Turf Constructor.
5 / 5 By Elisa
Has the traffic describes very big in ours backyard for our on group of earth and playset zone, we also purchased to cover a zone in our rear yard that spent with muck to fix to deep slope.
Has done very little prep another that raking a surface slightly before extending a seed! Any additional watering another those some rains of the summer and I was very pleased with like this these filled in! Any straw, any coverage at all and  brilliant of green herb! This be has said, this product is one has used more still has tried like this grow herb in my advance of yard in of the zones of traffic and in mine backyard where is a lot shady I already have herb of new creature that grows after so only the days of pair!
4 / 5 By Janay
Are of Seattle does not squander your money in these seeds does not act , suggests to use local Pacific Topsoils primum seeds which are more effective.
5 / 5 By Michael
Before and after the photos have attached to aim that well this seed of herb has done for us. We have had to it weaves successful with this seed of herb in southeastern PA. Our courses are both a bit shady, but with diligent watering this seed has produced results really good and is turning around our gram amiably.

-Produced a lot lush herb with a right watering and preparation of earth.

-Delicate to equally extended without a help of the separate seed spreader, a compraventa additional that is there is almost has required.
5 / 5 By Kacey
Has bought the few stock exchanges to help fill in a zone where has had has take shrubs. I have cleaned a zone, has dipped the fat zone of weed and feed, upper earth, has dipped then some seeds. I have gone back later and it has dipped some seed of plus to be sure has had the good number of seeds. You are months later and the majority of a zone where had situated some seeds are all weeds. If a weeds was there under an earth, reason is a rest of a herb so only well? No material to give seeds of herb, is by train to give you weeds!
5 / 5 By Issac
This Scotts Turf Seed of the herb of the Constructor is junk. Down for 2 1/2 weeks and he has liked him or be watered every day, can not find a new leaf of herb. It does not squander your money in this product, to any one like him Turf Seed of Herb of the Constructor - Alone and Mix of Shadow, 40-Book (Any Sold in Louisiana)
4 / 5 By Irish
Overpriced Mixes of seeds, with the fresco of blue coating.

Scotts Is the company of brilliant marketing. They convert components of commodity (seed, bed and fertilizante) to product of big prize.

A coating is the mix of fertilizante, and other chemicals.

Ossia Like the mutual fund of big load - Some frames of blue coating on roughly 50 of a mass of a product, and a mix of seeds is a tentativa in hedging. It is likely so only 10 or less than a content of a stock exchange is real seed that is appropriate partorisca any location given.

An inferior line is that with or without a blue coating, a seed so only will germinate if some conditions of earth are well.

Is better look for Amazon partorisca the generic seed that it is appropriate partorisca yours conditions. Or ask your venue landscaping provider of earth that the type of herb is appropriate partorisca your zone. Then spend that saves in compost, upper earth and fertilizante generic.

Has no magic - a blue coating is so only ready marketing. The fresh blue colouring is any substitute partorisca preparation of good earth.
5 / 5 By Jacki
The product is rubbishes , ordering the seeds out of the amazon is the terrible idea , has ordered 2 stock exchanges, inside the month at all has grown, Scott has called is the one who there is advised the stock exchanges there was on 2 years according to SKU in a stock exchange and has lost percentage of germination, included when I have called the amazon there is advised so only partorisca buy direct of a provider!
4 / 5 By Margeret
Better be patient, partorisca 3 weeks that AT ALL, then all of the sudden... He all is coming up.
Begins was very slow, has finalised using 2 of these stock exchanges, this in spite of a forward the picture has been June taken on 5th and one Has BEEN July has pressed after 31st after being mowed two times.... Still some something died where so only any taken ... The calm supposition so only has to that be a lot of patient with this seed...
4 / 5 By Vicenta
Has 2 dogs and they likes him destroy my herb in a backyard. I have used a seed to fill in some zones of big traffic. In mine backyard has the plot of tress and the enormous yard has spent. He so that has the plot of shadow in mine backyard. I have done so only the little prep swimming that first imports to extend a seed. I water Once each one another day but ossia reason my patches do not take the plot of alone and some mucks moist. Some patches are covered at present with the plot of herb of creature and is looking really good.
5 / 5 By Cherelle
Has not grown. Tierra of the garden dipped and straw and at all. I have called service of client and his firt has said 2 weekks to germinate call behind. Called behind with which 2.5 weeks has been said taking 4 weeks. It is seed of herb . Ossia Dead seed anything the blue fact calm.
4 / 5 By Ina
The product adds! Used all Scotts produced to seed my new gram. The seeds have begun to grow so only with which 4 days after planting. To good sure buy again for my next project
4 / 5 By Alex
While looking for seed of herb in Lowes has decided to give the amazon tries it so only to see can take lucky with the prize the economic plus. I have done and still although a stock exchange is so only 3 pounds is perfect to fill in mini something during a yard, which have/had the handful of. My supposition is this stock exchange will last the majority of a summer, which would be adds.
Has used the pocolos different marks of seeds of herb and found this individual Scotts works of formula extremely well.
5 / 5 By Ramonita
There have been good results with this seed. Blends Well with my herb to exist. It has dipped to fall around September. I water Once the day with ridding sprayer on hose. It has dipped also down in Minnesota of coverages and late September of prompt November of seeds of snow before germination. Background snow of cradle and seed visible closing. Eye for behind the month later without warering and the herb has germinated and grows quickly. One of a better seed and forget produced
4 / 5 By Sina
This description is based in some quantities of coverage, no a seed he. I have bought this product to overseed my yard, which is 15,000 square feet . He clearly be in a container that layers 16,000 square feet for overseeding purposes. Has the emission of Scott spreader, and dip the to 8.5, which is also the one who a stock exchange recommends. Any I same volume by means of 3/4 of my rear yard, which is roughly 10,000 square feet, and a whole stock exchange have been gone. Has has had to that then spend another $ 110 in the new stock exchange, and that has covered to grieve a rest of my yard. An only positive is that I have contacted Scott is and is refunding join me prize of one of some stock exchanges without @@subject. Oddly Enough, has used his products fertilizante before and his estimativas of the square images am very better. They declare spent 14,000 square feet, used it this in spite of in my yard two times and every time have the fertilizante has left on.
4 / 5 By Lilliana
Has planted these seeds the month now and so only the few seeds have taken of stock exchange discovers. They are for real unbalanced, save your money and try different seeds
5 / 5 By Chante
Ossia Seed of terrible herb . Used partorisca patch gram forward. Seeded 4/28- any germination. Seeded again 5/10 - any germination. Seeded 5/15 the different zone of gram forward that it use Vigoro seed & of herb of Shadow of Alone that had been seating in my cochera partorisca 4- years in extreme and hot cold. A Vigoro the seed germinated in 5 days and is fill in amiably. Same location esatta, time and watering different seed! Preparing a place, watering regularly requires long and endeavour. You decide it wants to go some since I use this terrible seed.
4 / 5 By Ginger
One first stock exchange has bought them was súper. Herb sprouted in a alotted time and looked adds.
Weeks of the pair more has bought late another stock exchange and AT ALL. Some birds were has interested not even.
Like this of the ones of the that thinks that one can return the product that you no longer have, would order them another marks next time
there would be first data stock exchange 5 second stock exchange any (or a) has given them two. Calm perhaps will be lucky
4 / 5 By Brittany
will not bore any with some details of as these pasts, but wound on those seeds/reseeding a sinister half of the leading big yard with Scott seeds, a right half with Pennington the Big Ready seed Fescue. Both sides have been treated in exactly a same way--preparation of earth, seeding done a same day, coverage of identical earth, fertilisation, etc. Each side takes exactly one same blend of the sun and the shadow and each one which so it has been has watered exactly a same way. So much, unless some the mysterious plague is gone in a side and a lot another, or the witch of neighbourhood has hexed one and blessed another, thinks I wound on directing something quite near of the experience has controlled. An only identifiable difference among a sinister side and a right side was in some different seeds.

Some results? A Pennington Big Fescue is gone in quickly (roughly 2 weeks), lush and green, all had expected partorisca. Scott side has produced, for the estimativa very generous, around 10 until 20 of a Pennington side; his small and feeble leaves straggled up in the period of three weeks.

Draw your own conclusions; the mine would owe that be obvious.

P.D. Alive in Virginia North, roughly 20 miles planned west of DC.
5 / 5 By Matilda
I in fact spoken with Scott is rep in Lowe is WITH WHICH have bought this. I say roughly another election that would resist up against mine 2 German Shepherds. I have said, ' Oh, I have bought this 'Blue stock exchange' already'. It say that this type was his 'better' and would be so only well. Uh, Yay! 🙌
4 / 5 By Nana
This herb matches a native MN herb in my yard perfectly. They are by train to use it The overseed and fill in coffins the something and is growing a lot well for one the majority of part. There is the few coffins something that has tried seed but has not grown in in spite of following some instructions. Has earth very poor (clay, wet drainage , poor) to the equal that has been using several upper earths and seed of herb that begins earths he so that has too many factors for the fault totally in a seed. But, considering has used Scotts mark Turf Earth of Gram of the Constructor in some something that is not that it grows are the little there is disappointed.
5 / 5 By Roscoe
Does not comprise some negative critiques thus seed because the law adds for my tiny gram. One stirs of crabgrass has grown together with a herb but my yard have had already stirs it of crabgrass like this of course that would spend. The watered two times the day for a first week during a wave of extreme heat, then rains every day for two weeks and a herb have taken so only go. A texture is very soft and one is the good-looking shadow of green. 10/10 it will buy it to it again to cover some something has lost. A last picture afterwards is cut when being in 18 mark of day, the roots look for having taken well.
4 / 5 By Romaine
Has known whenever the seed of Scott was well, reason used it first a lot of time, and used it enough to grow the whole gram, (this was one in existent, previously sodded gram, with to plot of subjects), full in coffins something, etc. So much, thought that it would give to try it again, in my new place, when after several months of extreme heat, some of my herb there is not revived. I have tried some another seed of herb,in the first place, which is coming on,initially, but then has died was. A thing adds in the seed of Scott, is that has it moisture spent, as it retain water. I dipped it/ I dipped It it was, in a has has affected zones, and also has seeded in a whole gram. I have covered he with organic topsoil, and begun to water. Still with which having a cold unexpected snaps, here in Knitting, which has caused freezing, two different times, with which roughly 11-12 days, has begun to see surfaces. I know that it was a lot and thickness, and green, and will begin to fill in a rest of a gram, taste to him so only has seen he , (in mine another gram), in a past. I know, that once again, is a gone the' seed, for success.
4 / 5 By Vicente
Has bought 20 lb stock exchange (5k measured of gram) of sun and seed of the shadow of Scott is to do overseeding in North GOES. They are in zone of transition to the equal that can use any fresh season or seed of herb of warm season. It likes- one herb of fresh season and has gone with him. This stock exchange is mainly herb of perennial rye, Kentucky blue herb, chewings fescue and red fescue.

I in the first place mowed a herb to ”, the sun has used joe scarifier to take thatch and then has extended a seed and raked he in with backside of rake. I have expected 5 days and Scott have added is judge to start with fertilizante with weed preventer. I have expected another week and found a herb is in 5” and with which 2 weeks of reseeding, I mowed my gram and has maintained mowing weekly. The excellent start. Please does not forget to maintain water after reseeding atleast two times the day. Calm so only has to that maintain seed moist and any to drench it .

An only bad thing of this stock exchange is 50 coating. Like this still although you have bought 20lb of seeds, has taken so only 10lb of the seeds and the other is coating . Also, you measure your yard and the mark sure have dipped decent quantity of seeds but does not dip more his so that it kill each one which so another.

If core any first aeration of overseeding, please attentive 30 days and earth of use of solutions of simple gram loosener and waters he in. Also you can apply Humic acid after overseeding likes help the seed germinates better.

I all this and my gram have come from/bad state come from to awesome been. Highly it recommends this product. Please follow pertinent procedure for the renewal of gram and calm can expect good results. Please does not launch down seed and the expect grow. He any and calm so only is squandering your money. Hope These helps.
5 / 5 By Hanna
If earth of the well does well. I have had it patch he of question in my gram for on two decades, these fixed a question. A sun has maintained to beat down in this one something particular and this has done well. I have planned it is planting for roughly 2 years, every time has had read the surplus dipped quell'on one something of question to cover on a fact that has not had any herb there for 2 years of the herb that short seasons. A decaying the bed has left an earth to take pertinent nutrients. It suggests has earth of question to any fertilize somehow or entirely substitute an earth and then use this fantastic product. I have directed to have the herb that grows downwards two weeks. My method was simple, take the fork of the yours and overturn an earth, launches some seeds in a overturned earth and then toe a muck around the pair of time. Then a next day entirely covers a rest of upper earth with some seeds (he damn the birds will take in), in this way some birds will not touch one has covered seeds and on that will undermine in some of some remaining seeds with his beaks. It waters each one that 3 or 4 days. A first time I watered when I have planted. There is drenched an earth to the puddle to help an upper earth solves. Then a water of next day, then 3 days later some more waters. Also verify your time because the natural rain is better thus project. Optimally Will want to plant before it rains of course.
5 / 5 By Kasandra
Has planted everything of this almost done seed 2 month now and less than thinks 5 of him has grown in fact very impressed at all complete waste of money!

Now roughly four month in 5 this is coming up is extending a lot aggressively and beginning to take on a yard! I upgraded to 2 stars been due to of the this but so only 2 stars still reasons was any 7 -10 germination of day or herb in 3 weeks to the equal that has announced. But how it is gone in looks very good.
5 / 5 By Arla
I am spent the few hours that clear weeds and undermining a muck roughly 2 thumbs down to loosen the on before it has dipped this down. Then I raked he in and has watered he partorisca two solid of weeks every day. Has the herb come up. It is a lot thin and looks enough. It has dipped he in full shadow. I do not have any idea that time last or if a heat of state to Knit finally will kill it. The appearance can remain place and maintain going back.
5 / 5 By Ranae
... Half some seeds have grown. Verified several times, and still unsprouted seeds. A some concealed has grown has done súper well.

A section of gram was new sod this season. Petit 10 x 12 space. When A sod has dried in the pocolos places after the be was for the week has bought this. More than going to a tent to buy more than another mark had used earlier a year.

Has taken still the averages the stock exchange has left. In a cradle will try again. More, using in the community garden green space. Hopefully Will have the better harvest then later this summer.
4 / 5 By Qiana
A bit expensive, but value he. My experience with this Scotts the sun and the mix of shadow has a lot of be positive like this far. Alive in a zone of City of the Kansas and has used this to seed my yard lateralmente and he 6 launches of wide foot to the long of my line of fence of rear yard, so much duquel was 75+ devoid of herb. Prepped Some zones and place of seed in an a lot of well of August, as it is been the little on 2 weeks and I already have fats, lush new herb (sees photo)!

A key to my success watered with the house of spray 2-3 times for day, maintaining a whole zone moist during a day, but not leaving on-saturation and pooling. Early I will reduce to water to once daily, for at least look it more weeks.
4 / 5 By Nicolette
I slavishly compraventa Scotts products been due to an availability and a fact possesses several Scotts spreaders.
In spite of his claims a herb does not survive dense shadow. Following his directions vigorously does not produce the herb grown a time has indicated. One falls that I seed to leave me with a lot of pocolos positive results year after year. I reseed in the early cradle that confidences some rains of cradle and takes some positive results, but they no some months of hot summer.
4 / 5 By Rebecka
I reordered and has paid included as I have paid for 2 stock exchanges and is exactly a same measure and a same seed ?? That the tear was?? It controls some prizes was before the pays for this element could be paid included the plot more money if you do not look era. The reason is that when I have been to verify some prizes have had a same seed for way more ? I have paid a last time around 6 dollars and this time have paid 13 for a same seed. ? The control goes for calm .
5 / 5 By Sharee
Has followed some directions but a herb so only surfaced in some sunny zones. Any of a seed of the herb in some shady zones is surfaced. I raked a seed to an earth and the judge have purchased finally of the earth is exited to dip on that. So only it can it do not take to grow in of the shady zones.
4 / 5 By Joaquina
I bough sod for my small backyard fact two month. Look well a first month but after a herb has begun to die and has not been pleased with some results. As have take all a dead herb and replanted. At the beginning my woman and I were the little has bitten sceptical, but in just 3 day begins to remark a bit grow. It is now day 6. I have bought the 3lb stock exchange and and spreaded some seeds with my hand and discharge with a help of the rake. A stock exchange is still almost full. I can require a replant the pocolos something where has to that the left has left a water accrues for too much long and some seeds have not germinated but admit that it was my failure . I have used the miracle grows like this earth. I will maintain you quell'update also see like this is looks the month.
4 / 5 By Annelle
I dogs are utmost but can ruin the yard. Had the something sure in my yard that my sprint of dog of and was súper rasgado up. I have decided to try out of this seed of herb and am quite happy with some results. There is the patch in a centre that has not grown reason undermines the hole, but a surrounding zone looked to grow herb really fat. A seed is easy to see because of a blue colour like this the really coated a zone during some wet days. Now so only I owe that fix a rest of my yard...
4 / 5 By Colette
Has decided to give this come from that the regrow herb in some something died in my gram this cradle. With which prepping some zones (takes dead herb, raking an earth, etc) has extended these seeds was and has followed some instructions to water. With which 6 weeks were still so only the brilliants of blue seeds that chair on an earth (in spite of better endeavours to mix them to a muck), as I have run the test and has used a ez material of gram in the little another something dead. 2 weeks later now have the fresh herb that grows in a ez something of gram and the blue seeds that chair in a muck in a Scotts turf something of constructor.
5 / 5 By Darrick
Quite directly advances, a 20lb the stock exchange of seeds has taken was almost entirely died and planted it perhaps two weeks with which received it. One produces are to add and is a primary seed for my gram. I recommend Scotts Alone and mix of Shadow.

After planting am not sure has seen this sprout anywhere at all on two weeks later. Another mark of seeds has ordered and used for the deep shadow is alive and is doing well. You are dipped down a same day. Has small patch of gram under the shrub that has used a seed of the deep shadow and this mix everywhere. A barren zone vs. A budding seedlings is a lot apparent. Yup, My stock exchange is dud.

I supposition caveat emptor, will direct in of the local sources for my seed more. It suspects some seeds have been murdered was to somewhere in street.
4 / 5 By Jorge
I love this seed of herb so much. We have grown this on January 16th, and now ossia the one who looks today! I shovelled And raked an upper discharge of muck, has extended a seed, dipped the light discharge of muck on, then the watered. He then the rain was and on partorisca a next pair to weeks.

In a far legislation of a picture is a fall blend has behind grown in November. I can not expect use this in a rest of a yard. I finalise partorisca be doing the few small zones the time in chance takes too cold, but like this far a temperature has been in a 40s at night and still is doing adds. And I sure partorisca maintain a humid earth (not drying, but any overwatered) Very happy with this material.
5 / 5 By Samantha
So only am giving these three stars because alive until half of this title . He sprouted fast and looks to be that it grows well like this far, but so only in a shadow. Any of is sprouting at all in a sunny zone. I have planted the section roughly a form of the place, half in shadow, half in sun. All a part of shadow is growing, any on the one hand of alone, included although a whole square zone is watered all a same time and in a same quantity.
4 / 5 By Shavonda
I like a herb that has begun to grow. I so only desires more than has taken root. I have used 2 stock exchanges and I still have a lot of vase. I have turned the muck to the equal that take the earth covered and maintained wets like this a herb would grow. An earth would owe that be fat with the herb but I still see more vase that herb. I have used a stock exchange before winter and a plus so that an earth has begun to cover.. I have had box of blue earth I raked his only under a cup. It have to that have herb a lot of fat to to the butt likes has said still see more muck that of herb.. I will try the different mark of seeds and see take more to take root. The must of bad seeds apresamientos of this mark.
4 / 5 By Natisha
Has known something was odd has seen to grieve a seed of herb and was blue. It finds impression some instructions declare that some seeds would not owe that be has used anywhere a water could enter a table of water or the drane. While they do not say it I seat sad for any birds or other creatures that can eat it. As this is not refundable, as it situates of him?

Scotts, A new Monsanto!
4 / 5 By Anastacia
Has had some very big trees cut down in my property and some people have left my gram the disaster with the plot of enormous coffins something. I have bought three stock exchanges of this seed, at the beginning at all is spent, has added topsoil and turf constructor, now all some coffins the something is to fill in although with groups of herb of leaves very small
I sprinkled he on some coffins something where his tractors of the caterpillar had spent the street is all grown being supported by herb.
Has purchased another stock exchange and am trying to grow herb in still like this another bald something.
Would continue to buy this although it does not comprise reason grow groups of leaves in place of herb. But at least coffins the something is to fill in.
5 / 5 By Rae
Be sure to follow some instructions or calm will not see any herb at all. Ossia Mine according to tentativa using this mix of seeds and after following some instructions in a stock exchange to a paper, a zone has looked for to grow the herb has seen less than 50 growth/of coverage. These seeds look a lot reluctant to grown in Michigan of the sud. It has given up and seed purchased of the tent of supply of the tractor, which has required to plot less watering, has grown everywhere to all the cost of shadow/of sun. I will not be buying Scotts mix of seeds anymore, gave it two casualidad, ossia all of the money goes to squander on that.
5 / 5 By Lillian
This seed of herb has done sum in our yard. It was unsure with which in the first place have extended he in a yard, reason was my first time planting seed of herb. I have not been sure he waters too much or too much little. But this seed has not taken long neither endeavour, and have the flourishing yard. The watered once the day (in of the days that the has not liked the) and has not walked on he for a first week or 2, and results to surprise!
5 / 5 By Felecia
Nah Justo that boys. In my experience there is not the better quality of seeds that Scotts Turf Alone of Seeds of Herb of Constructor and Mix of Shadow. Some can be together equal but any better. Work in Colorado, New Jersey, and in maine. Some seeds have the life of shelf, included when stored unopened, dry and reasonably the climate controlled will lose viability on 6 month. In this prize is a better.
5 / 5 By Bibi
Has used on some last two years probably 150lbs of this seed of herb. After being the owner of the new house and that does to plot of landscaping projects this has been my gone to. I have been achieved to grow this in everything of sun to shade.

Always extended at least the thin discharge of failure of good new cup. Extended a seed and slightly mixes /of rake he in with an upper earth.

For new herb to be achieved you always require the maintain moist. You water it it like required and when some looks of muck is beginning to dry was for the give some more waters.

Has no “easy” way to grow herb if any taken a time to water and tend his. Any one any in that has the success with this seed is simply not taking a time for the do well.

Agrees takes time and more probably take roughly 4 weeks to inclusos that the look has achieved.

Here in a north east a better time the plant is in a cradle or fall been due to he when be wetted like this still, will require to do a lot little watering. If the plants in a summer can be there two times the watering of day.
4 / 5 By Elenore
Has planted seed of herb long and has had the success but this particular seed does not have does well. It is September 2019 in NJ and can not see some seeds concealed there is germinated. Some temperatures are in 70 east to 80 is during a day and I have watered daily this in spite of at all. So only it stirs it of the blue seeds that dipped in an earth. A lot disappointed!

Top Customer Reviews: Black Beauty ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
5 / 5 By
It has not received black beauty. I have received the band that has said black beauty but 3 of some plants have grown was different races of courgette. One was ash of beard F1 that has identified. Any that has purchased. Like this neither you are mislabeled or does not know . But I will say the one who that has grown taken astonishingly enormous and tried adds. A pics say it everything. This courgette is well against my pleasure hunters those who resist the trophy is out of his partorisca do main of look. Another pic is two loafs my woman done and freezing enough to do 8 more loaves of bread of Courgette of 'A courgette. It likes him to me he said it has not received courgette of black beauty. It is Greybeard courgette. Tried one same in a grill or in of the bread.......
5 / 5 By
DOES not BUY THESE!! These are of china. They do not say anywhere in some organic seeds. They go in the economic little clear container that says courgette of black beauty. I have bought SO ONLY these have so be sold like organic. I can not trust that they are organic that comes from/comes from CINA. Also, if they were organic--as I highly doubts, would have to have it said in a packaging, which his no. More junk of the china does not love .
5 / 5 By
My black beauties have produced to white squash. The people said me to the knots were acorn or die of butter .. idk So only knows it has not been a courgette is looked forward to.
5 / 5 By
Is not seeds of courgette!!! I am not sure that it is. It is some class of squash; it was not if it is squash of winter or squash of state. Of course, it is too late to plant seeds of courgette now. Perhaps one would have to that expect this when ordering seeds of Cina, but then a listing has not said that they were of Cina. It have not ordered him if there is has had to that info.
5 / 5 By
Some seeds are of Cina, is not announced like this. It take the different variety of courgette with the white flesh. It was bitter, waste of time and endeavour
4 / 5 By
has not Been Chinese coming from/come from conscious. It has not planted. Tossed Him.
4 / 5 By
I seeds are supposes to be for courgette of black beauty. I planted him and now I am taking green of round and round white courgette. The seeds have arrived in a unlabeled ziploc stock exchange of type. I will not order again.
5 / 5 By
Has tried these using same methods other seeds, so only taken roughly 30 to sprout like this far (1/2 band) as trying a rest of a band. revisit The description yes improves sucedido. It can not direct flavour of then those that sprouted is so only now flowering. It does not add but any the bust. Still better tax that 'tent of seeds of boxes.
5 / 5 By
Are very happy with that quickly these seeds of the courgette of Black Beauty has germinated and begun to grow. I have prepared it terrarium/greenhouse effect with the clear plastic in pots to start with and has used also the grow light for heat of the earth and the character have taken his course. Courgette of mine of Black Beauty is is some main plants in mine pack(s) garden now, have so only has flowered. Good-looking plants.
5 / 5 By
Are very pleased with these seeds and a resultant fruit (a tasty courgette, for a way). Some seeds sprouted and has grown with a right cure and did not give me a lot the questions during a time to grow. This when being a heirloom, so only will have like this fruit, but am quite happy with him so only one same and is the good election if you do not want to be invaded for zuchinni. A skin is good-looking and darkness with the good flavorful flesh. I am finding a fruit grows quite quickly when it does and has to that I control double my plants to avert too big the fruit. The seeds add!
4 / 5 By
The seeds have germinated and the plants are growing a lot of sãs in Caribbean. It has not grown never this before I so that I am anxious to see that it comes of him. I have eaten also never Courgette before also. Thank you.
4 / 5 By
I seeds are of Cina and have any organic or heirloom certifications. Statement of the customs in the container has done any mention of interior of seeds.
4 / 5 By
Has Planted 2 seeds this year and took so much courgette that there is pulled finally a plant was. A remaining plant was like this enormous gives 4 courgettes each few days.
4 / 5 By
I seeds are gone in the little baggie with the sticker that identifies him like the element has purchased. Has come also with the free present, seeds of tomato, which I tossed was. Any info on type or region of origin. I have looked for to begin some seeds in mid February, but his no sprout. From now on, so only it buys companies of known seed.
5 / 5 By
These are not dark, smooth skinned courgette. They are green lighter / aim ...That means neither has taken a wrong seed or is not they so that it says that they are. I have been he advances and has tried he in the stew and looks more like the squash/of squash that the courgette (good in the hot pot when cooked thoroughly). If it love dark, softens skinned the courgette takes different seeds .
5 / 5 By
Has ordered these seeds there is then @@give has catered/is come from china!.... It has taken roughly three weeks partorisca delivery... In a imposición of house of the bad time there has been some burbee seeds, as I have bought some. Planted the and the seeds have arrived has planted a very next day!...Each one which of them! 2 weeks later roughly 1/2 of a burpee seeds sprout... But they were week has compared to these seeds... These ...Very strong fat vines and has had his first interior of leaves 1 week and ready partorisca a garden in 2.
4 / 5 By
Was so only able to fully grow two plants of some seeds have planted. And I have yielded so only two courgette that has grown fully. Two another concealed has begun has died. But a some concealed has grown was delicious and big.
4 / 5 By
Last year has bought these and began him indoors. His all sprouted and some plants are doing well in a garden. It give him 5 stars in my description. But last year some seeds were some the EUA, am quite sure.

This year has been shipped of statement of the customs of Hong Kong said 'of the works' and is in clear plastic envelopes with the stickers that reads 'courgette of black beauty'. They are by train to give them Two star - will revise yes and when has roughly has thought that I actuate here.
5 / 5 By
Would owe that it has read some descriptions, these are of Cina and is the ripoff. Rings so only the few seeds of different varieties. AT ALL in a description mentions Chinese or would not have purchased. They are an Amazon fanatic and would have expected better.
4 / 5 By
These ARE not of the seeds of good quality. Alive in Like this California, where literally can launch any seed, anywhere, and grow to the lush, good-looking plant. No LIKE THIS with these seeds. Of one 25 I has taken, and there is still to take the decent courgette of him. I have bought organic seeds of Imposición of House, and all 10 of them have taken, and have the courgette that exited of my ears!!! I will not buy NEVER the on-line seeds again!!
5 / 5 By
It has not taken more than ten seeds. Hope to take that it is in picture.
5 / 5 By
Service of excellent client,the seeds of prizes & adds germinated & has very grown of the money.
5 / 5 By
These produced are not announced like this!! Some seeds have received has not been seeds of the courgette of black beauty likes the description indicates goes partorisca receive. Instead, these were some type of squash shaped the squash am not familiarised with. Tried partorisca contact vendor and has received any response. It does not recommend !!
4 / 5 By
4 / 5 By
I seeds are gone in the timely way . I have begun one the few first weeks of a first freezing and he have come up and the transplanted external recently. I can not comment on anything further that, but like this far like this good.
5 / 5 By
Has arrived punctually and began him inner in pods of seeds and has transplanted two plants to an earth and is growing well. hopefully Sees courgette in roughly 4-6 weeks
5 / 5 By
Excellent seeds - his sprouted quickly, and before a lot the times line our bosses in an appearance of the good diameter of 8 squash of thumbs. My woman still is trying imagines out of it partorisca do with the squash of July.
4 / 5 By
The courgette Adds; more I have not grown never king: firmness, any seed and the flavour add !
Dr. Mike
4 / 5 By
This produces no only did not grow it was molded right out of a box. We love me to us partorisca the send behind in my cost right now! Thats More than that this moldy the plant cost!
5 / 5 By
You all the mould partorisca powder taken has had to that kill them all was to prevent widespread. These are some so only seeds that has grown the plants that has had this question all mine another squash is a lot of
4 / 5 By
These seeds were to touch unfortunately was wetted too much and an attack of the bugs of squash has meant has taken courgette very small this year. A vendor was adds with answering my questions when I have had the questions and the nave was wonderful. I will buy of this vendor again!
4 / 5 By
So only choose our courgette of prime minister and beautiful. I have planted so only 6 seeds, all are now enormous plants with granddaughter and A lot of flowers of courgette is excited every day in that look them grow.
4 / 5 By
Has received like this orderly, and there is enjoyed included the pair. But it has not produced more than the coyple
5 / 5 By
has Arrived quickly. Far more seeds that required partorisca my little garden. I planted him all and around 30 looks partorisca have germinated (perhaps more germinated but has taken eaten for bugs/of slugs). These are doing well and is far more than will have room partorisca they so that it grow.
Has not produced still so it can not comment in a texture/of flavour.
4 / 5 By
Has expected partorisca these partorisca produce courgette before posting the description of other descriptions has declared he no. A lot Some seeds grow courgette, at least the mine has done. Fast germination and is growing like this crazy. Very pleased.
4 / 5 By
No pensa in these laws likes them a heirloom. Lame 2 classes of squash of these seeds. They do not have it produces a lot well.
4 / 5 By
Any contact with vendor, seeds of the min. Received and so only 9 plant has grown.
5 / 5 By
The plants have grown wonderfully but has not been like this announced. My courgettes of plants of round products any one some black beauties have described in a listing.
4 / 5 By
Fast nave. Packaged Amiably. I have received my seeds 7 days ago and all of the mine seedlings has grown already is first place of leaves a lot of sãos. My big plus one is at least 5 big thumbs. Once it imagines it was as to pictures of estaca of my telephone, will update my description.
5 / 5 By
Has begun in greenhouse roughly done 12 days together with yellow squash and no a seedling. The yellow squash was 100
4 / 5 By
These seeds are utmost is coming up inside days I at present have roughly 10 plants and I have not used all my seeds

Top Customer Reviews: Burpee Best 10 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 By Lester
It dip in the cube of water and chair behind and the just clock grows. It mixes some earth of garden and osmocote is and has used he partorisca grow tomatoes, strawberries and herbs in my garden. Economic and very easy to store if I do not am ready partorisca the use.
5 / 5 By Kylie
Is extremely convenient to take the muck rid in this compact form; easier that receive and tent until it has required. Adding waters it the swell done on quickly and is ready partorisca use. Lame partorisca a substrate of the terrarium with snails, the one who looks very happy with him because it is soft and fluffy-feeling so much can easily burrow in him, but is like this well in sprouting the seeds of lettuce have planted in a terrarium that goes partorisca use now some partorisca begin other vegetables, and will be partorisca buy this regularly. My whole garden is organic like tentativa to always take organic potting earth and such, but some the big stock exchanges sell in a tent of hardware is weighed too much partorisca me partorisca take house in my bicycle, and does not drive . I have not seen this in a tent although I am sure some plant spends it, but is terrific can take he of Amazon.
5 / 5 By Corinne
Has the plot partorisca like in a system, which is supposition partorisca be self-maintaining (announced as maintaining an earth moist partorisca until 10 days without you requiring waters he). But it is fiancée partorisca maintain calm of overwatering some plants looks partorisca be dud. An earth is extremely saturated state - greyish-the white mould has begun partorisca burst up in an earth almost immediately. Although apparently it does not hurt some plants, is the sure sign of overwatering. A simpler thing to do, at the same time, was to pull some flaps of a wicking foreign out of a water for the leave to dry out of has bitten it. I had him there is it pulled was for two days now and an earth is so only now beginning to the look bit it more afterwards to esligeramente humid.' Probably I will expect it it bit it more to see if some subsidies of mould the first bit to dip some flaps behind in a water - hopefully concealed will not be too hard.

Another that that, has had on 80 successful tax in of the terms of germination so that well. If it was not take that has to that take time to treat a mould every day, would be quite happy with a product.
5 / 5 By Carli
Here is my first impression. First of all, some instructions are terrible, as you look in a video and has not been a lot of help neither. A system is quite simple and in the theory is the good concept . This in spite of, tests dipped this on like this declared, some the droughts of pods will not take quite drenched to develop reasons would be to seat in a watering wick. I suggest that calm drench them in of the hot water as of the just warm water a lot he. 3 - 5 minutes is no where near quite time to take this material of earth has developed. A bit tool of forest that is closed is the joke. With which there is @@give that, broke it up with the knife of pairing ran him once under the hot water in a tank. They are by train to ask me has dipped some wrong that grows pellets in my box because still with which 30 minutes to drench so only fill on some cells for the half way. The my update this revises once take some seeds to go, but for now can be poor instructions . It is the bit to disappoint to take junk of Burpee, the name I usually confidence.

Update with which 6 days. My seeds are beginning paralizaciones to germinate. I can see reason some people there is complained that is taking mould. If it leave this setup with a wick and water resevoir was wetted too much. I have finalised to take a wick and container of water and so only dipped some things of seeds in a container of empty water. With which 6 days my seeds are beginning paralizaciones to germinate and each individual pod is still wet enough to promote growth. An integer wick sounds of good system like this Burpee promotes this that it self waters for until 10 days. In fact, if it has left a way drew it, create it overwater and flood a seedlings. You do not buy this system again! They are a gardener experienced and was able to imagine was that this system was well in theory, but no in practice. You would be better was to take pots of separate crowd and he mini-greenhouse what of type. It maintains some seed/ seedlings moist, but sure mark any to overwater!
5 / 5 By Lia
The additive of earth adds used in of the small pots like the g to grow half and outside like the amendment of earth. Info Says is better and last longer that crowd.
5 / 5 By Ena
Has purchased this to grow the herb of my cat in reason some boxes always have way more the seeds that calm require for the suns that the plant and some transmissions are not economic. I imagined it it can break of chunks of this brick without rehydrating a whole thing to take small quantities to use in the tiny seed that begins trays that come with my box of herb of the cat, and was corrected. It is not easy, has to pry with the knife of butter, but can take small sections to rehydrate like this required ( he in a tank, is messy!), And the little goes the very long way, the toe sized dehydrated chunk rehydrates to fill the judge of seeds of the pot exited of tray entirely. It is doing I add to grow herb of cat and saving me the transmissions of several months and accruing this in spite of another mesos-the containers of seeds have fill in the drawer. I so only toss an old herb was, and drench a tray in the dilute solution to bleach to kill any mould and is ready to be refilled with this potting material and seeds of herb of fresh cat (oat/of grain blend).
4 / 5 By Suzy
Mixes really orders. My seeds have grown quickly using east!
4 / 5 By Benito
This looks the good paving , but one warning: you owe that have a bit covers 'flat side down', meaning when being whole. A bit those that have touched on in a way to a tank and has stored lateralmente and will not develop . I have used the nail by means of an inferior hole to press them on, breaks him up. Some directions in a box would owe that be better.
Nope. This no as well as it has announced. It does not draw moisture equally, as I owe clock for dry cells. Alas, a coconut coir moulds like this easily like this jiffy spent. I so only stay with jiffy.
5 / 5 By Fatima
These produced has an advantage to look quite good to have was in writing. It is also easy to gather.

One two downsides is that a lower shelf is so only the few thumbs of a paving. Some lights are also slightly difficult to regulate. I prefer to create my light when spraying mine seedlings, which this hard combination.

If this unit was roughly 1 big foot of an earth that would do it easier that use as well as leaving room to stash distributes under a first walk.

Is doing a lot both with plants in a Burpee 32-cell self-watering system as well as the seeds have begun in 4' the full pots of the local seed that begins mix.
5 / 5 By Maybelle
I enough like a whole concept but some directions say to add warm water on some pods and that takes roughly 3-5 minutes to soften and can require the second drenching. This in spite of, do not go that easy for me. Some pods are súper hard and has had the heck of the time that breaks them up. I have him included I has had to that drench in a tank with a water plugged in prejudices. Included then, they were hard to break up. And, I have lost material to drench them and has finalised to be half full only so it has had to add mine own coconut husk to top them was. The desire there was pellets thus model that was easier that use.
4 / 5 By Brynn
The directions declare that 5-6 minutes partorisca drench in the warm water would have to that leave an edge of natural coconut súper that grow pellets partorisca develop. I leave the mine drenches partorisca 12 hours and a majority of them never developed to the equal that has drawn. Still after leaving them drench all this time I question has had to take some pellets partorisca break up. Some edges of the once drenched coconut and has developed has fill so only some individual cells for the half way. I have not been impressed with his edge of natural coconut súper that grow pellets at all.
5 / 5 By Dolores
Has bought east racks partorisca grow small groups of plants partorisca investigation of laboratory. A racks is not built like this solidly to the equal that have expected partorisca a prize and one of some wine of fluorescent bulbs DONA. Typically not to concern me very a lot roughly that substitutes the bulb only, but a bulb has comprised resembles no longer be in production and is difficult to find, as I am going to wind on substituting all four bulbs partorisca maintain the compatible light model. Quite frustrated in a bulb -- but otherwise ossia the add little setup for the spatial-effective two-tier in increasing space.
5 / 5 By Ethelyn
So only the little of my seeds have taken finally planted and has survived. I think that that it was reason has looked for them plant too much of the variety of seeds in this box. Of then they have germinated in different time and has grown in of the different taxes, some seedlings was big that a plastic dome would leave before others have germinated. This has meant has had to them take a plastic dome for some elements some big plus, which finally resulted in a ungerminated seeds never germinating of a heat has been released. I have used this product with the foreigner of hot and grow light that has looked to help germination and initial that grow until planted external. If it uses them this next year probably is for a same plant in all 72 cells, which the have any idea the one who the go to do with 72 of a same plant.
5 / 5 By Helen
A paving is one of these quite regular things would find anywhere. I do not have remarked that there is so only quite a lot of bookmarks/marcadors to plant to mark 6 cells... Of 72. Felizmente, has had my own manually. Unfortunately, I will finalise to buy my plants of the greenhouse this year because a bed pucks killed of a bit seedlings. The majority of them has died some same times have begun to remark an extremely putrid the smell that comes from/comes from a paving. I kinda the desire had lost fewer elegant seeds to these killers of plant.
4 / 5 By Marx
Is at present has taken seeds in him. We follow some instructions. You do not recommend covering he with a plastic coverage comes with, the taken moldy and killed all this sprouted. We are by train to remain Again without a coverage.
In spite of, feels is too small of the space for seeds. If you choose to buy the judge of the seeds of boxes am exited, goes for the main cells. Also we buy some 32 cells and like me to him very very better (although it still say to be conscious of in fact covering he).
4 / 5 By Carmelo
Adds to start with tomato and seeds of pepper. Asking, this in spite of, like this ossia the mix is 100 coconut coir like this declared in his focus? Each brick hanged a pound and is/ was the very good shot in $ each one that like this of Amazon.
5 / 5 By Sheba
Creates of expandable pallets the utmost sounds but any of mine has developed to fill a cell more than meso and has included then was a lot of hard to brake.
With which first week the multiple cells have begun to grow mould quite big (possibly related to register of low expansion and no quite airflow?). The cutting mine loses punctual - I spear was what whole .
Also like another mentioned - all is flimsy plastic, as you will owe that take another box next season.
5 / 5 By Keshia
Has done a lot well. Have sprouted The whole variety of trees of fruit, vines, vegetal, and herbs. It does not think a self-watering the characteristic is appropriate for a heat of Tones of Florida, but am sure in of the climates more revenidos was fantastic. Any way, law (for one the majority of part) as announced and has not gone terribly expensive. The way adds to take the whole garden has begun. That he to any one like him is that it is not very easy to find of transmissions for some pellets of crowd. It Finalising that pellets of expensas of crowd of the different company and reads a lot enough, but is not like this convenient like pellets that is coming with a paving.
5 / 5 By Serita
Totally any value of the money. The pellets have not developed properly in spite of hours to drench. Plastic is flimsy. $ 30 it Is ridiculous so that takings.
4 / 5 By Nichol
3 look Of days with water and ultra light. It is to tug that quickly a growth. The seeds are organic nongmo. I will buy this every year.
4 / 5 By Marni
This system really looks partorisca do. I think it that the can be been better a lid returns tighter but perhaps a free access in fact optimises a humidity partorisca reduce mould. I have had to that spray with copper a week to take the mould and I have has had to that so only add water two times during some two months.. To try, has begun huckleberry, crocosmia, and dogwood of seeds. All are difficult plants . A shrub of bay, to to the usually planted flower likes him the bulb, and an ornamental tree. In the little on 2 month, a huckleberry and crocosmia is just sprouting. Any sign of a dogwood still.
4 / 5 By Carla
Marks sure all an earth 'coins' is facing a correct way or has amused undermining to them.. Also really they absorb water in of the different and yes calm taxes his those that expensive a wrong direction does not absorb to the full and calm measure owe disorder with them to be able to add quite a lot of waters to use them. In fact it prefers to use the earth regulates then this option.
4 / 5 By Caryn
Has ordered first Burpee Self Watering 72 Box of Cell on 12-17-19 and was to add, I so that it adds has ordered another. A second order of a Burpee Self Watering 72 Box of Cell has been done on 1-22-20 and arrive and my woman was thrilled like this. A second box has to that it has been the dud and some pods of earth were like this hard has to that dipped the to the alimentary processor to soften them. After situating some pods of the earth to a processor feeds my woman there is remarked that an earth has not been like this absorbent like compraventa initial and has to that water some pods more frequently. Hopefully Burpee Can send the substitution or like minimum, pods of new earth. Thank you.
5 / 5 By Kindra
Ossia Hands -down a coconut an economic plus coir could find (less than $ 3 compared to $ 8+), and he to good sure fact his work. It take the longest mine that an announced 5-small to develop, but once done, is loamy and a texture has surprised to plant. I used it to grow some seeds of spinach to mix he with some leaves of teas have used, and is doing utmost like this far!
5 / 5 By Christin
Want coconut of use coir like the substrate for my Russian turtle. It is been an easier substrate for me in of the terms to clean and when being able to add to. While a helmet is maintained humid, the powder is not any a lot of a subject. It has attached the little video of the his in his something to hide. Usually it adds it stirs it of coir inner to the equal that can undermine by means of him and he that receives for sound :)
5 / 5 By Chanda
have sprouts after a week down growing it light. It is easy to use. Initially a muck is remained too wet. With which have taken some trays of plant out of a tray of the big watering & situated under a light, his sprouted. Ossia The necessity on the one of the north. It is cold still on here & it can not plant still. In this way, I can plant my garden with plants in place of just seeds.
He Takes some trays , take grow it light. You will require a & is not comprised.
4 / 5 By Ernest
Well of law for the habitat of snail of the garden and planting half for beetroot and carrots. Controls moisture without plagues or mould.

A brick develops A lot! There is so much left for new projects. An only question is with using so only the little bit, need to dampen a flange and class to scrape it was. Probably he better so that active more spatial that fill.
4 / 5 By Humberto
Has purchased seeds of this a lot reputable company for years and has thought this would be the way adds to start with my seeds of garden. Drenched some pellets repeatedly several times in several hours with warm water likes them instructed and still hard. I have had to that try breaking them on manually 24 hours later this in spite of has not fill a bit container and has had to that go and purchase additional earth. Extremely disappointed in this product and would not recommend .
5 / 5 By Lajuana
Has planted my seeds in a 5-21 and is now 5-25. Already it have it sprouted!!! I produce it adds for beginners that does not have any idea that is doing
5 / 5 By Janet
Love my stand of light of new inner / plant. I have it quell'has begun recently collect succulent and have the house that does not have any a lot of natural sunlight. This light / of stand is PERFECTO --- I absolutely loves the but more importantly my plants love it and is growing :)
4 / 5 By Frederick
It likes- one global creation of a judge of start, but has to that it has taken outdated pods. Drenched partorisca hours, there is appealed included partorisca dip some trays partorisca plant in a bathtub and drenching them partorisca an hour to any avail. It has finalised that it has to that moss of the use of crowd has had manually. And also, I have seen so only a same element in Imposición of House partorisca $
5 / 5 By Bethanie
maintaining the starts have watered with this system is súper easy. In general, ossia the system adds , and taste of a lot. This has said, DOES not USE The PELLETS to FILL unless I love mould in your plants. Like another reviewers, has not had NEVER pellets to fill this. When I have substituted a crowd with my mix of own earth, a subject is disappeared. Anything this mould has been weakened some roots of my plants.
5 / 5 By Darell
Each seed only has planted has germinated! In fact, it has had to that pinch some was (or has separated the new cells) to leave each cell leaves 1 strong plant to grow. Burpee I seeds are for real some better seeds that has tried. And this self box to water sum of laws! So only the maintain filled with water, and he all more. Some roots inside each cell grow like this strong that when it is now of replant to a garden, any plants the attractive was a lot easily.
5 / 5 By Willian
This is not the material that would be necessary uses it to start with plants. It is taken too moisture and is not a lot enough for seedling systems of root. Ossia This in spite of the good earth that amends and mixing earth up for the bed. I love this material for mine 20 pots of chevron is to add moisture retention that in my state is must especially in a summer. This material are adds for plants that is spent a seedling phase. I give it the three mainly reason no utilisations for the seeds that begins but is well for composition of earth. Still it buys east stuffs quite frequently.
4 / 5 By Santos
Is very fat. I mean very fat. I have it that has not had never a @@subject that takes seeds the sprout until has used them this. His like this fat that some roots can not move and a seed can any sprout. I have had to that mix another subject organic and of the earths in with him to take anything to grow. His the idea adds but unfortunantly will have to that maintain an eye on that.
4 / 5 By Zaida
Seeds really like airy material in a start. Ossia One the majority of the effective version cost of a material has found. It has dipped he in the (cleaned) cube of mop, has added two pitchers of water, and fluffed he with the big do lacking spoon then to some trays of propagation. Imposed of the germination this year is main that last, but concealed so only could be a source of seeds.. This in spite of, shopping this again in the heartbeat!
5 / 5 By Tierra
There is little experiences to grow seeds. This seed that begins box really well of law. Easy instructions. I have planted marigolds, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, basil, and parsley the Sunday takes. By night of Tuesday, prompt, See a sprouts is aiming already! Continuous hope grow like this felizmente like them sprouted. Estaca Again with a result.
4 / 5 By Azalee
My pellets of the earth has not developed never a lot @@subject the one who the hot or warm waters has dipped them on him. Now im while the earth to use instead. Annoying! And the cant included return it reasons the wet all
5 / 5 By Pa
so only take the pocolos small to hydrate some bricks and use for my plants. My plants are growing roughly more 30 fast that his in just regular potting earth.
My consultor of only piece would be to spend gloves when mixing an earth, as has the odd smell for any first few hours.
Will buy this AGAIN!
4 / 5 By Marybeth
This product has done adds, will buy again to seed. Some pills have developed so only like some instructions said it . Planted my seeds and inside the few days the majority of my seed there has been spouted. I produce to add and reusable!
4 / 5 By Rosalia
I have been gardening partorisca 10+ years and has been that uses this judge of seeds of is exited boxes partorisca the majority of this time - a lot, a lot of years in the row now. Used partorisca take them in HD but now orders him of Amazon. I am awesome and absolutely WANTS TO HIM! A self-watering setup is the character and I save me the plot of the travesías with a watering can (or forgetting paralizaciones to water and killing my plants). They are of particular use when you travel, and does not want to ask any to water your plants.

Has been tilling vegetal and flowers of seeds in these, every year, and everything results adds every year. Sometimes it has the something of mould here and there, but concealed is not unusual and no only to this material - has had raisin in real earth, also. It is had to so only to a moisture. You can quickly and easily kill a mould you spray he with the solution of water and hand-held soap. It kills a mould but is harmless to some seeds and of the plants.

This tray is perfect so that it is feigned to do, and has tried mine on some years as of confidence, convenient and enough an only seed that begins the paving will use.
5 / 5 By Newton
Absolutely love these trays. It has Had 100 germination with all has planted are in mine third near thus grow season. Mark sure uses hot water in some pods of crowd and will have any subject with expansion.
4 / 5 By Lucienne
Was Amazon of compraventa for the light to add our seed that begins dipped up in a basement when I stumbled to this gem! This was the very better the value that that has bought last time. And it looks a lot of sturdier. It is 2 lights , ossia very easy to regulate up and down like this seedlings grow, more to any tray of leak for each of them! Each tray is in a measure of your half seed that begins to walk.

A system is compact and appeal, decides to maintain it upstairs where our toddler can frecuentad the and learn roughly that grows seeds! Today we plant onions, lettuce, and radishes!

Take my husband roughly 30 minutes to dip near. Probably it go it the fastest plot remarks a diagram in a backside of some directions before it begins. Hos The only complaint was that the pair of some holes of the ray has not gone totally paste in, as it have to him that press in with the screwdriver. With which conceal, some pieces screwed neighbouring súper fast and smooth!

My daughter and I maintain peeking to see if our sprouts is up! This have excited like this for cradle!!
5 / 5 By Tonia
Follow some directions in a container precisely. In the Then dipped the in the seedling foreign of heat like our stays of basement roughly 60 year of round of terracings, and has added the CONCENTRATED grows light in the timer to correspond to the normal quantity of hours of sun. Our satisfaction adds, there has been seedlings coming up in 3-4 days. It likes a system to water of this seed that begins system also to the equal that deletes a possibility of on watering or down watering subject. This thing is almost fail test. We will be to buy more these in a future.
4 / 5 By Judie
All the looks a lot roughly that. Have Still for the use.

Update 04/17/2019:
This material is easy to do with. I use the 5 cube of chevron to mix it up and use warm water ( has used the chevron of temperature of room and 16 ounces of hot water) to break it on easier. It is not in a description, but in fact soften my dry hands also! It recommends and shopping again.

Update 5/03/19:
All have tried to grow, died in this material. Had the white substance that begun to look in some cups of mine pack and I am remarked few glasses in him also. Highly dissatisfied and a lot disappointed. Buyer beware
4 / 5 By Cammy
My main complaint concerns a toneless material has used under construction. If has water in them when calm moves him, be careful will bend up in a half without looking. Another worry is a system to water . Personally, I like a better old system that a wicking the tampon has used now. You owe that maintain a like this full tray to water so that a wick will take waters it to some plant that a slightest movement splash water on some sides. Also he the considerably heavier that an old model. Finally, a clear cup or the dome returns very bad. All seats very big with this new model. Like the a short result does not seat a lot closely in a tray of seeds. It is not quite tight to maintain a humidity up for germination. Besides utilisations the tampon to heat to help in the germination thinks that is not like this effective because of a height of a whole unit.
4 / 5 By Corrine
At the beginning was excited really,my sprouts has begun quickly but with which two weeks have the subject of constant mould , has two produced looked the different frames have begun a same time to see which has done better. This has more fast fact but still with the lid was and less water there is mould in the each cell.
5 / 5 By Joette
Are on day 4 with this product and has had 100 germination that begins the seeds is. Very happy. The desire was the little elder so that the foreigner of regular heating returns more comfortably, but so only am using 40 of some 72 cells like this a row still to hang in a flange to compensate for this isnt treats it big. It has dipped a matt to heat among a wicking the material and the stand and is maintaining all a lot of and warm.

Has a lot of bed revises to speak roughly lack of nutrition... Ossia That loves. Dipping the seeds in hot earth is the good way to take burn of nutrient. My expectation is that these posters have used these for a cycle of whole life of small herbs or something... In that marry this can not be a better product. If you are beginning tomatoes this in spite of, this does the work adds of aeraring he with a free returning lid (his no only economic, thats intentional!) And some half rests a lot moist leaving for taxes of big germination (as far in my experience). Description of update if for day 10 falling sound averts or stops wicking properly, but like this of now still sounds to treat exactly that loves.
4 / 5 By Sheilah
Very happy with this at all! It has planted it seeds and the majority there is damped was or have the mould that grows on surface. It is it disappointed it really. Each alone seed that germinated has died. You do not recommend never this product.
5 / 5 By Shelton
Is my failure suitable for thinking that the muck dehydrated that grow when you add waters it would be suitable for your plants. There is no nutritious
Value at all in this “earth” and all of the mine veggies has begun to turn aim and dying. I have it that has not had never the averages of my seeds do not come on neither, until this system. They looked utmost for some first two weeks then slow death. Any one has been ready to be planted still so that it is not to like has lost that window. Any to mention a cup is not returned in a subordinated like an effect of green wife has not been he like this has to that it has been.

Top Customer Reviews: Seeds of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
3 / 5 By Margert
It take the best for 12/2017 container as I am expecting that the mine then will germinate. Any happy this has paid a prize that paid for the this has been advantage to think has expired then. It updates this description once takes these then planted the few weeks.

March, 21, 2018

A lot after the little failed test at the end some success with two seedlings this is doing well. An only thing that the note is that some covers in our squash in the lights of only full as it move the in the something where takes only indirect and is doing well.
3 / 5 By Ricki
I have planted enough then to take 4 plants (afterwards weeding out of a toneless plus ones of some groups-has planted 3-4 then in the each group) and only 2 of some 4 groups have planted is sprouting. A bit that disappoints compared in some have taken then of Walmart earlier this year, which all sprouted to arrive but was murdered accidentally for my landscaper. But at least I have 2 plants and hopefully takes some spaghetti squash.
1 / 5 By Diann
It do not germinate. You are planted, in of the hills, in a garden for the more the week and did not germinate. The rain in firm has had for the majority of a week, also, and supremely the clue of warm time for 4 days. With in in to to the ideal conditions like them those that, certainly would have to there is germinated. It does not recommend this compraventa in another.
5 / 5 By Shandra
Description of update: Some plants are quite 6 old weeks and has exploded simply with growth. I have planted 8 then to thin down and all sprouted exactly punctually. I have thinned the down in 2 plants and is massively now. Utmost results with these seeds.
1 / 5 By Beatris
My mandate of squash has been planted in January 2019. All some varieties of the then arrived with using before I have to 2018 form in some coverages.
5 / 5 By Delta
20 Then..20 plants ! The September has planted 1 in NW Georgia and in a 7 is already sprouted. Plan on doing the rich heavy creamed has based butternut soup of squash with the bits of bacon crumble. Mark for my tent and I only can any enough of his always sell was !
4 / 5 By Belle
It produces an abundance of squash. Good germination in general. To well sure buy it this marks again.
3 / 5 By Willena
Awesome Produced and company. Personally I am battling with my seedlings bit it. I am not sure if my earth is not very very so that my seedlings is the fragile bit. I am supposing that some conditions are not in perfect and while for some rains of monsoon.
5 / 5 By Simone
These beauties sprouted very punctually in pods of crowd in the ziploc in my cupboard. 2/3 Of some then germinated. I can not expect for some vines to be sprawling in my zard!
5 / 5 By Celinda
It take the best for 12/2017 container as I am expecting that my seeds will germinate. Any happy that has paid a prize that has paid so that it has been advantage partorisca believe has expired seeds. You update this description once takes these seeds have planted the few weeks.

March, 21, 2018

A lot after the tentativa little has failed he finally done some success with two seedlings this is doing well. An only thing that the commentary is that some leaves in ours squash wilt in the light of full sun has moved him like this to the something to where take alone indirect and is doing well.
5 / 5 By Latoria
My mandate of squash has been situated in January 2019. All some variety of seeds have arrived with “first use of Dec 2018” form in some jackets.
5 / 5 By Brandie
Has planted quite a lot of seeds partorisca take 4 plants (after weeding out of a toneless plus some of some groups-I has planted 3-4 seeds in the each group) and so only 2 of some 4 groups have planted is sprouting. A bit it disappoints it compared to some seeds have taken of Walmart earlier this year, which all sprouted arrive but was murdered accidentally for my landscaper. But at least I have 2 plants and hopefully take some espaguetis squash.
5 / 5 By Katelynn
Would not germinate. It has been planted, in of the hills, in a garden partorisca well the week and has not germinated. Rain in bylines had partorisca the majority of a week, hips, and extremely the clue of warm time partorisca 4 days. With to to the ideal conditions like that, certainly would owe that it has germinated. It does not recommend this compraventa to another.
4 / 5 By Lory
Informs of update: Some plants are roughly 6 old weeks and has exploded simply with growth. I have planted 8 seeds partorisca thin down and all sprouted exactly punctually. I thinned them down to 2 plants and is massively now. Utmost results with these seeds.
4 / 5 By January
Receives a product expired. They are sure he will be a lot of reason was so only 1 month was. Like this hopefully that it will not effect a growth. But a vendor can love cycle his census.
5 / 5 By Dwain
Awesome Produced and company. Personally I am struggling with mine seedlings bit it. I am not sure if my earth is not a lot because mine seedlings is quell'has bitten fragile. I am assuming that some conditions are not partorisca perfect and while to some rains of monsoon.
5 / 5 By Roselia
Seeds produced but quickly taken powdery mould and never has recovered fully. I think that that these are quell'has bitten hard to do with as it beginner but, the digress. The seeds were a lot.
4 / 5 By Kala
These beauties sprouted very punctually in pods of crowd in the ziploc in my cupboard. 2/3 Of some seeds have germinated. I can not expect for some vines partorisca be sprawling in mine zard!
5 / 5 By Lizette
Was excited like this partorisca order my seeds of organic garden partorisca 2019. This vendor has sent 2018 seeds. Not cooling.
I hope germinates.
4 / 5 By Derek
It has given these was why results I vine of need more than variety of shrub. This in spite of, have arrived quickly and to good sure would have been each one has bitten like good like SoC Hooker corn, which is doing adds.
4 / 5 By Bessie
20 plants ! The September has planted 1st in NW Georgia and in a 7th is already sprouted. Slowly on doing the rich heavy creamed has based butternut soup of squash with the bits of bacon @@@crumble. I do partorisca my tent and I so only can any quite of the his always selling was !
4 / 5 By Thomasina
Has used the seed has begun material and has planted some seeds indoors with diverse other vegetables. These seeds any never has germinated, any of them. A lot disappointed.
5 / 5 By Jacquelyne
Has produced an abundance of squash. Good germination in general. To good sure buy this mark again.
5 / 5 By Delicia
Wow!!! Planted late in Measure is spent of Almanac of longitude of farmer. I have produced on 20 delicious!!!!This in spite of going
4 / 5 By Anissa
has planted these and there was roughly 30 times more the seeds that could use in my small garden. As I planted him everything in all the chance, knowing would have to that decimate the little time. It was the bit there is disappointed that more than them have not germinated but perhaps that has been due to slugs/of bugs that could have taken to them before I saw him. One some concealed germinated is doing a lot well and there is far more than precise so that any real question.
4 / 5 By Yukiko
Each seed in a band has grown and has had more espaguetis the squash that could included boss! It recommends
5 / 5 By Cary
Like this far like this good! I have planted of the half a band, and his all has grown! I am planning to thin go to an end of this week, but a seedlings look like this well that I can try the so only relocate them!
4 / 5 By Constance
Loves some pocolos waterproof containers for your seeds. I use him on few poles to mark my plots of seeds. If a germination % is very calm will take all my business next year!
4 / 5 By Emilie
These seeds are growing a lot well. It has not taken veggies still but the plants are doing a lot of
5 / 5 By Ida
has that grows him law domestic pots , ready, and in greenhouse here in Knitting. They grow enormous here. So only fixed some today that use an annex of torsion in my Consultor of Cookery. Sauteed In butter. Yum
4 / 5 By Leona
Some seeds receives looks partorisca be out of date are sure his still laws but be conscious
5 / 5 By Jeannine
Like this far have a growth of some plants and some flowers are going in. Will have a product has finalised punctual and have an up to date description of a flavour.
5 / 5 By Krysta
Amur That they are organic! I can any never find any of these seeds in of the tents in the approach me. Seedlings So only is beginning partorisca burst up.
5 / 5 By Jeannette
Has taken like this courgette a lot has had to that buy a tool of Julienne of Urban Boss to do a bit of them the noodles. Totally satisfied (and full)
5 / 5 By Berenice
the container was a lot of/ any of some seeds germinated/ does not squander your money/there is any turn or money for behind
4 / 5 By Aida
All 12 seeds have planted has sprouted and the look really is in spite of any rain and has limited to the water GOES. It can not expect take some squash the few weeks.
4 / 5 By Tatyana
These seeds have not been butternut squash!
Is Espaguetis squash
5 / 5 By Mayola
Has the plants of squash partorisca grow. Any insurance that calm more could love seeds.
5 / 5 By Rhiannon
Has planted these in the container and was pleasantly surprised because I credit has grown. It is first mine tentativa in the garden, mixing vegetal of container and herbs with flowers in a garden for a door forward. These still are flowering (in prompt October) and some flowers have added the plot to a garden.

Has planted far too many seeds in a container and has not added any fertilizante (a fertilizante organic very economic I found in Walmart) until really late in a summer - I am new is, as they do not have the products so many as probably they would have - although we still take three big espaguetis squash partorisca we and three or four has on chewed while still small, probably for a big brown bunny the one who bolt in a flange of a yard, any partorisca mention a lot, a lot of good-looking big squash blossoms aiming of a shrubbery. If these will grow partorisca me, will grow partorisca any one.
5 / 5 By Natacha
Packaged To the equal that has expected. A lot of very small zip-fashionable closure of the lock. The seeds were form adds and everything of a nine I planted out of a container there is sprouted. Looking forward to planting a rest of a container.
4 / 5 By Minna
I seeds have caducado 7 month ago. Any included annoy to send it behind.
5 / 5 By Genevieve
Has planted the handful and each one which so one is coming on less than the week. Very pleased like this far. Them it estaca like plants grows.q
4 / 5 By Art
Very happy with this product. My first plant to as this season.
5 / 5 By Leida
Any question with germination of seeds and has had the utmost harvest, would buy again
5 / 5 By Julietta
has Planted 6 seeds. 5 wine up. The plants look strong and sãs. You update with which collects.
5 / 5 By Elinor
Centrical Fl. Planted seeds 3 weeks ago. 90 % it burst it an earth in 9 days. They are 15 in. Big now. We are looking forward to sweet pickled yellow squash.
5 / 5 By Britteny
Fast sprout. Has has had to that replant, the heat killed the majority of garden. These are by train of gone strong and is fast growers. Also in fact it dips it was squash of edible measure a lot quickly.
4 / 5 By Tesha
Am growing this in the container in my yard and although has the rough start - the really hot pair of good days with which have transplanted external - is doing adds.

Is still the little in a small side but has 4 few fruits and a lot of leaves sãs. I am excited partorisca see like him passages in a summer and to Winter/of Fall.

Top Customer Reviews: Beefsteak Tomato ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Delana
Fabulous Tomatoes - enormous stalks, the plant a lot is, Fleshy Tomatoes. This in spite of any all beefsteak. It looks I has received the variety of Beefsteak, Yellow, and Heirloom! Very Satisfied.
5 / 5 By Stephanie
Not even close to 250 seeds. The prize is much less competitive was with the accuracy has announced. Economic closing, but annoying partorisca expect the big container and take so only slightly main that the container of regular seed.
4 / 5 By Louann
Has had a lot little germinate. I mark it warm used partorisca these starts with pertinent depth, good earth and pertinent drainage. Any impressed with his germination. You do not recommend to any one. My loss in shows will be big to trust this vendor.
4 / 5 By Kenya
Not even close to 250 seeds. The container arrived with roughly 60 seeds. And they do not look good at all.

Now leaves partorisca see if any of them will grow.
4 / 5 By Tami
I seeds add these things will produce the tomatoes massively so only to the left grow spray lucido some water so only any paste a lease that a lot and trim some the inferior leaves was is has bitten like this so it can be that I am saying that I am sure calm the types know it partorisca do to the only looks like has required the plot of of water and the plot of sand of the drainage under a yard is the perfect place for these to grow and would suggest alone half the half shadow pocola has bitten more
4 / 5 By Ethelene
germinated (which is more than can say for my seeds of melon of the prize), and transplanted to some interim containers. I left him to grow way too long and has broken some of some roots to try separarprpers. In spite of a rough managing, no the alone plant wilted. Still it take the longitude that grows advance of season, as we will owe that expect to see if one was stunted and to the equal that goes.
5 / 5 By Albertha
Very pleased with these seeds, almost 100 germination and all our plants are growing well. Shopping again and highly recommend 🍅👍
4 / 5 By Lyndia
These are supposes to be Beefsteak is has been that grows tomatoes for on 30 the created only compost for these seeds of 'A Plant of Seeds'... It is one a lot is not to register of the germination is more like 75... They allege that they are not of some tomatoes are odd plant has grown on 7' big and the measure of only cherry has produced tomatoes (sees photo)...His ad is all the lies
4 / 5 By Josiah
Recd container a lot timely. The seeds germinated and sprouted in 3 days. I have planted 5 seeds and I maintaining has to him thin. Awesome Prices produced adds.V
4 / 5 By Roma

Top Customer Reviews: AeroGarden Cherry ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 By Collin
My plant of tomato was achieved like this that has has had to that replant he in the external pot. I am giving 4 stars because I think that that this plant is too much big partorisca a aero garden, but arrival when being the a lot successful and fruitful plant (external).
4 / 5 By Kayla
A box was labeled 12 Pods of Seeds (red heirloom & tomato partorisca collect golden) and taped has closed with tape of office. The interior there was 2 pods of jalapeño and two pods of tomato. It has been expecting 4 pods of tomato.

Thinks that am crazier that this was repackaged.
5 / 5 By Shaniqua
So only has taken a new box and is a correct a. They shipped it mine immediately and am very happy with him!

Has ordered to 6 seed of boxes of account of pod partorisca substitute my old heirloom tomatoes of cherry that has surprised. Unfortunately, I have received to 2 pod of seeds, 4 spacers of boxes of plant. As so only it comprise essentially two pods partorisca plant to grow and 4 spent partorisca cover some other holes. I am returning this and taking them partorisca send the new product that access a description and photo with 6 pods of seeds. You update this description once takes a new product .
4 / 5 By Veola
I amour, amour, amour my AeroGarden. I have grown lettuce, herbs and tomatoes in him. An only reason has not given these some 5 stars is that some plants of tomato ( there is so only 3 of them) grow a lot too big to maintain in this device. To good sure fill each one which so another. I have finalised partorisca take the mine was and planting them in six pots of thumb in my balcony. One is flowering like this crazy and each planet there is roughly 20 or the tiniest cherry the tomatoes that hangs in some vines of shrub. I have it that has not had never the question with any of some boxes not flowering. At present they are that it grows the herbs and is coming on finals.
5 / 5 By Kaye
Has one 6 empty Aerogarden and has had 2 feasible plants of this product. The tomatoes will take really big and bushy, like this was 2 was fill enough. Any need of sure pruning tips, but also surpass a height of a light and burn on touching. They are weighed also, like this like this some plant ripened some stir have fallen so only on. Disappointing to grow that long and then some collapses of plant.
5 / 5 By Angelena
A AeroGarden are adds for herbs... Any so much for tomatoes. His all sprouted and has grown enormous likes fiancé, but really is way too big for a garden. Still with constant, aggressive pruning, and using so only two pods of seeds (my garden resists 6), these quickly exited of control, shading was all has joined other herbs have grown. Also reason take like this big and heavy, finally falls on in a base of root, and support of need.

A question a big plus this in spite of is that some tomatoes try terrible! When I have bought these, there is no @to @give that there is the general consensus that hydroponic the tomatoes try bad because of all a water is sucking arrive (perhaps has the tomato-solution of concrete nutrient that can solve it concealed?) But, CHICO sucks. Any sweet or acidic at all. Blander That bland. (I promise chose them in maturity of summit.) And it is not some tomatoes they: I have followed some directions, and culled some extra saplings in the each pod, but felt bad, as I replanted the in earth. They have grown more lens and smaller, but when they have given finally tomatoes, has tried So much better.

Like this basically so only does not plant hydroponic tomatoes.
5 / 5 By Lorina
All of pods of mine are producing fruit. Originally Everything of a seedlings of 1 dead pod but was able to divide a seedlings external (was so only the few old days in this point). I have begun my plants he roughly done 8 weeks and have A lot of buds and the tomatoes see small in my plant now with roughly 6 ripening. They are the professor of science and my amour of students that looks this system grows in class.
4 / 5 By Garret
No spent of Deals of Warehouse; a container has suffered harm, some pods looked a lot of droughts but has tried in all the chance. Some plants have died with which 2 or 3 weeks. Bad product.
4 / 5 By Trena
Losing a 4 plant less has not taken to lettuce that grows in the the pod of tomato likes more box. If you grow your tomatoes without spacers of plant, the mould will grow in a water of exposure to light.
4 / 5 By Ashely
Has been planting in mine aero garden for a year with utmost results. Two of two heirloom pods of the tomato planted has not germinated while each one another does not plant of the tomato has done well. While they say that it is guaranteed to germinate, has not been the one who to contact for substitution. I have grown tomatoes before and any one has had the question
4 / 5 By Aubrey
I have ordered these, has has followed instructions and any of them has grown in a thumb. I have planted so only one the time likes them instructed by the lady of Aerogarden, the pinch was as it grow partorisca do full was more. At all do. . Has one of the his planters, has used he partorisca dill, parsley & of the basil and he have done well. I cleaned it like this instructed. But this cone of tomato so only a lot anything . Ossia A second box has bought with some same results. No material will annoy partorisca buy his again. But sure it has liked him an idea of the tomato is in my cookery.
4 / 5 By Jerica
Comes with 4 something of plant in a 9 element of pod. No really sure because called he 9 pod- I has thought some pods were.... Plant of pods with. Perhaps they mean 9 parts?
Comes with 4 pre-the plastic things have seeded, required it so only because some of my plastic things had broken, and has imagined some tomatoes would be amused partorisca grow too much.

Like this far is that they grow, and look well, but was a lot has changed he of '9 pods' to '4 pods' or '4 plants', of then has not been if the majority of people would know the one who bad when they say 9 pods, and so only take 4 of them.
5 / 5 By Shawanna
My amours of grandson partorisca plant these in a winter. I have received a container and knots 'planted' his immediately. BUT a description declares '6' pods. Had so only two in a box has received. It have to that the be be plan reason have taken quite a lot of coverages partorisca some empty holes in ours Aero garden. In a side that shine sprouted in just two days so many am very happy with that. So only it have it has wanted to it plants it two now this in spite of at least was able to do that it was foreseen but will not order of this vendor again.
5 / 5 By Felisa
Extremely disappointed with this order. An image partorisca one $ 20 box of 9 pods clearly tip THREE pre-has has planted pods and are spacers. That has received was two pre-has has planted pods and 7 spacers. If it knows it concealed is that it was partorisca send, would have bought a one this was $ 2 less and the plastic has used on partorisca cover a space of empty pod in a Aerogarden. Surely calm is not me touching an extra $ 2 partorisca an empty pod, well??
Besides, any instruction included is indicating where a pre-has planted the pods would owe that be inner situated a Aerogarden. This was partorisca The FAIL.
4 / 5 By Paige
Has bought these partorisca Mother-in-law of mine, the one who is the little older and appreciates and enjoys to look the things grow. We live in Iowa and is like this easy to take a winter blues - like this, has given our Aerogarden and these partorisca do his days the little more enjoyable when we are not there. It is excited like this partorisca see begins to sprout! Highly it recommends these partorisca young and old, equally - add partorisca any, really! Highly educational, as well as, entertaining - More, volume partorisca eat some vegetables of utmost test - PRIME! Highly Recommend!
5 / 5 By Obdulia
Has bought this AeroGarden partorisca mamma like the present of Day of the Mother ! It loves his herbs and I have required something can consistently use and maintain and see results of ; Ossia that produced! I have asked as it enjoys his present and an only reason does not take the 5 out of 5 , is reason when it go to replant an unfortunately dead plant (perhaps the fast and painless death , and has gone to heaven of the herb Yes could add my two cents lol ). Otherwise Adds compraventa !!! And has any suggestions can say my mamma in replanting ; Please feel free ??
5 / 5 By Ka
These creatures take awhile to grow but once is on, is an endless swarm of tomatoes of cherry. I have ordered 3 insiemi of these, and premiers of mine 2 insiemi are exited perfectly. Unfortunately my last joint has not grown at all in spite of having some same conditions esatte. Some of some pods had closed in some empty where a sun of leaves of the earth to go in, some of them so only have not grown. Any sure if a quality is going down, but any all the pods are created equal.
4 / 5 By Leana
Has been using a Aerogarden for several winters. Living in Oregon of isolated cold Northeast and having fresh salad all the winter is fantastic. I have bought some tomatoes like the surprise. We have grown tomatoes of good-looking red cherry, unfortunately, a quite the tomatoes have had hard skins and any flavour, so only like a variety of supermarket comprises the one who hydroponics work and does not have to that it has been surprised. Like this while we have grown tasteless tomatoes while it was 8° down external zero will stick to to see of salad from now on.
4 / 5 By Daryl
In 76days! Finally it turns to yellow!!
Day 82! A first red tomato!
Day 98!A lot of king tomato!
5 / 5 By Norah
Has bought one 806501-0208 Red Heirloom Box of Tomato of the Cherry and there is immediately of then some few tombs of pods to a aero the garden looked was. Hard to write the description and so only the say looked was, but has done. I have been given a Aero Garden like the present for Xmas and was/ am very happy with him, and was able to grow lush basil, dill, mentions, and thyme. I have decided to give this the gone and see like this grows. I have fallen 2 pods in. So only one has produced seeds. I have fallen another pod in and are while to results. They are sure it calms once take them to sprout will not have any question that takes fruit.
5 / 5 By Theda
I have loved a colour of him. Amado a packaging and feel of him. It was posting an update on growth in planned time.

Would like one in-of description of depth of this product, has the video detailed in mine instagram page.

Is a username. I unbox an element also. The video is down 'AmazonReviews' the point has underlined.
5 / 5 By Sherika
With which 21 days to plant any sprouts. I have planted this with Thyme and mint, both of this have sprouted, can see them some seeds in a tomato with which 10 days, moved him to them around the small this in spite of any activity. I will be to contact AreoGrow for the retry. They are a lot disappointed of a tomatos is a main reason has loved the AreoGarden.
5 / 5 By Verlie
Has planted two plants in two different times (for the total of four plants). Some plants have grown, but ANY TOMATO. ANY ONE. EVER. It does not think it is the coincidence , of then see that it spends with other hips. Not even the shadow of the tomato. Never again.
5 / 5 By Shantel
I a lot of recieve that was pictured. A listing has said 3 pods and 4 spacers with the picture of some blacks of plastic of discharge. The recieved 7 pods, all marked one same, and a box has said 3 has seeds and 4 is spacers. I do not have any way to know which is that . I have loved some blacks of plastic of discharge. Now I owe that dip everything of these pods in and try movement some plants around for pertinent spacing when something germinates (which is not always easy likes some return like this snugly that a bit of minerals buildup of some nutrients the really difficult to take without pulling of a whole cup) . It is not an end if a world, but am annoyed really that I any recieve that was pictured. Included some instructions say to use spacers to plant to cover holes. They are the little has concerned that all 7 will have seeds and then will owe that launch 4 of them were.
4 / 5 By Woodrow
Some seeds sprouted good and healthily. I am pleased. I have attacked of the star because (as a lot another reviewers remarked) does not have any spacer, which forces all the world-wide the one who has registered these to do the diy solution. A container has taken clearly marked that would have spacers, but the interior was 7 has has seeded pods.

Has used black tape to manage some spacers disappeared, which has gone to have it anyways of then have the 9 model of pod. I will owe that transplant some extra plants the pots while they are small and hope for a better.
4 / 5 By Verdie
For some reason these are gone in a umarked box, any focus in some pods is spatial, and some sponges were way too big likes some seeds never has included taken wet/humid. Have shortened some sponges to a period usually is but with which two weeks are still any sprouting. Has has not had never questions with any one another aerogarden pods sprouting. It is almost like these have been pulled out of some old unsold aerogardens and sold by them or something.
5 / 5 By Lynne
Is good and fruiting quickly. But have them takes down it before I can try him—- beware of allergies and stick of pollen. When I pollenate his, some plant literally have the cloud of powder. My husband is suffering allergy. I do not have allergy, but has taken to ail reason a cloud of powder of the pollen. My eyes hurt, and my throat feels hurt
5 / 5 By Christie
Ossia a first batch of AeroGarden pods that has purchased concealed any sake. It looks like this while I pods of compraventa, has the 1/6 casualidad that to pod any sprout; but, in this chance so only two has grown in fact; but, died before it was included time to take one plastic dome. The supposition will update my description if it does not decide never try a Heirloom pods of tomato again, can be been the bad batch ; but, for a be still to time that gives this a star.
5 / 5 By Joseph
Has bought these tomatoes for my husband and daughter to grow joint during our long winters in Nebraska. We begin to eat his in an end of October. They have continued to grow and grow and hundreds and hundreds of the tomatoes that grows. It is now May and knots finally replanted his outsides. Never in my mine sleeps the wild plus has imagined the one who successful would be. Want to him!
5 / 5 By Katherina
A sprouted and has begun to grow fantastically. Another any sprout. This is not some first time have has had pods a lot of sprout but Aerogarden has substituted him always immediately. His service of support is súper and has substituted one of my gardens when it leaves to do after several months. Has 6 gardens I so that spent enough the pocolos produced of both Aerogarden and Amazon. They are always friendly and useful in some telephone and for email and stand for behind his products 100. If they have had to that ship resembled the amazons Prepare probably would buy more directly of Aerogarden but his nave is quell'has bitten slow.
5 / 5 By Concetta
Omg, Has been so only partorisca plant some pods and there was so only 2 in a box. I have been deceived. Deceived. Clearly declare it have to that have 6, both in this place and in a box. A two has been planted so that any included knows will grow . If it can give accident of zeros, I .
4 / 5 By Jarrett
Some pods of the tomato of the cherry has been purchased partorisca use in the gifted elementary room, as we study hydropnics in spatial. Of some seven pods have taken, two was uselessness, but some rests five has grow in an incredible tax in only 3 weeks! Like this far, I am very impressed with that quickly these have grown, resupplying my students with an occasion partorisca comprise a basics of hyrdoponic gardening. We are looking forward to collecting fruit in the pair of month.
4 / 5 By Laila
A container declares that it comprises 6 pods, 2 pods of seeds and 4 spacers of plant, this in spite of everything of mine pods was labeled red heirloom. As I have situated 3 pods in mine AeroGarden partorisca see if any one would grow and all three has grown would take 1. So only one has begun partorisca grow have left like this a pleasure the spacer and place in another pod that neither has grown. Lame and place in another that neither has grown. A third an I place in finally declared partorisca grow. A big plus one has begun partorisca flower but am not sure if his both have to that flower a same time partorisca pollenate.
5 / 5 By Shalon
This thing there is not coming with spacers. I have bought enough he for some spacers, reasons a vendor does not sell spacers for separate. I do not know reason goes some data with this vendor anymore.
5 / 5 By Huey
There is already has created two of these pods the abonos sized plants and his transplanted external. There are dozens of tomatoes of green cherry in his now, can not expect for them to turn red to the equal that can the to us eat. A third an I has tried at the beginning no he, probably reason some other plants have blocked a light of a new a. As I think that that it was my failure does not grow .
5 / 5 By Tennie
Any of these pods has grown more than two brotas a bit another any one I volume still concealed. Waste of money. Of of then it takes longer that 30 days to see any sprouts, the era out of an option to return element or take my money behind.
4 / 5 By Malorie
I only 2 plants have grown, has taken 4 tomatoes. Any value an endeavour or cost. Ossia A second time this is to spend. I have had results very better to seed some pods I.
4 / 5 By Doyle
This has been rid Mid October 2017 with selling he For Date of 01/2018. One 'planting material' that surrounds some looks of the extremely dry seeds, has been this in spite of advance and has begun a box of seeds in a AeroGarden a prime minister of November, these looks of container to be to uselessness, like swimming is coming up and any root is forming. UGH!!
4 / 5 By Shaunte
Has planted these 7 days does. I have had already sprouts beginning in 4 days and for one 5th, alll there has been sprouted. They are very excited for some tomatoes to start with that produce. Any doubt in this container, like this far. I have had of the súper the regime adds with some herbs. The production adds in this together.
5 / 5 By Mindy
Has had at all but sucedido with a Aerogarden has produced. All weve grown has done well. Calm occasionally run to the pod that doesnt sprout. So only we launch the seed of something more or looked in there. Kinda Ordered to see that it already can take to grow.
5 / 5 By Zita
209 Days planted and still is producing tomatoes of delicious cherry! I have looked the video to tube that has maintained that says as of the entity is not partorisca leave a cherry tomatoe the plants grow out of control. It maintains trimming his backside. A person in a video has maintained partorisca say think partorisca treat them like the tree of bonsai. It does not leave some plants grow until some lights. Look partorisca do a trick. It has collected 100 it is tomatoes of a two plant concealed has been seating that it grows in my counter of cookery in a Aerogarden partorisca on 200 Days. I have taken so only the fast account and there is at least 50 tomatoes on he right now. I want to this!
5 / 5 By Zelma
73 Days in and doing utmost. There is probably 200 tomatoes ready the ripen right now. If they try good ( will leave is the few days), will be partorisca order the bands of the substitution so much can have some fresh tomatoes partorisca some holidays. I know it does not look like this beautiful like the picture of the manufacturer, and, likes all the plants of tomato , is beginning the brown, but think that the few tomatoes of hundred will do so only well partorisca my daughter and I, although it early decides to take producing new some.

Modification: Day 175 this in spite of in strong disposal! I have bought the new band the replant reason have not thought this one would last much more but take the look in a 2nd by means of 4.os pictures. It is going I add and still it has hundreds of the tomatoes that grows in some vines.
5 / 5 By Elda
Has received my AeroGarden like the present and the amour that uses it! I have grown it flowers, lettuce, and tomatoes- some tomatoes when being my preferred ! My amours familiarised a flavour and is easy to grow! My plants of the tomato usually takes too big partorisca my AeroGarden this in spite of. Next year, I go him partorisca transfer of a AeroGarden to my garden. You recommend this product to everything of my familiar and friends with AeroGardens!
5 / 5 By Candra
On 8-16-18 I has received the substitution partorisca a Heirloom the tomato of Cherry plants concealed has not grown. I have planted immediately some pods of Tomato of the Cherry in mine Aero the garden like some instructions has said. It has been now 37 days and still does not have any plants of tomato partorisca grow. Personally I desire would not send me the box that was near of a date of expiration, obviously is not very good. Also, this is not a first time partorisca this disappointment. I will not be purchasing this in a future.
5 / 5 By Doloris
The one who the disappointment this was 😩. It was not my prime minister AeroGarden but is a prime minister partorisca yield inedible fruits. They have taken the long time, like some tomatoes , and when beginning the ripen has taken the turn. Some tomatoes have taken progressively smaller and some main leaves. Some tomatoes that has done ripen was bitter - A lot of BITTER- inside the few weeks. As I so only taken on the week of tasty fruits, perhaps 12 in everything. I have finalised partorisca launch some plants was of then was state and could plant some outsides.
Will stick with using a Aero partorisca herbs.
4 / 5 By Emmitt
Has been three weeks of then planting and all three sprouted at least 3 plants for pod. I have followed some instructions and has takes some plants so that so only one was in the each pod.

Does not have any molding, the look by heart adds and compatible among plants. I have changed one lighting so that it comes on in 8am when some starts to house the brighten and the turns was around 12follows, when it is entirely dark.
4 / 5 By Clement
Originally has purchased a garden of herb but found has not used so many fresh herbs to the equal that have thinks that has done. I have planted once these tomatoes would not go back never to some herbs. They are delicious easy to grow and prolific!
5 / 5 By Tania
Has begun plant of tomato in an end of December and have several tomatoes in several phases of ripening in a start of April together with more than flowers. I owe constantly cut some plant behind and level of water of the control daily.
4 / 5 By Nia
has Planted in June, flowrered in August, producing tomatoes consistently thru Part! Ive Run out of the lunch of plant is to be in disposal like this strong for like this long! Some tomatoes are plentiful. Also súper entertainment to eat immediately a vine. Updating to 5 stars!

Has planted these pods on June 29th and like this far have two tomato to flower plant! I have not had any question at all with germination, which some of some commentaries have mentioned. A pod has generated three separate plants but, for joint of a manual, has cut down two to leave a stronger plant thrive. These have been incredibly interviews down like this far, although they are beginning to take in the plot of water. Now that has flowered, am using a toothbrush maquinales old to properly pollinate some flowers ( has left a toothbrush buzz against some roots of some flowers to move around a pollen, looked to the that the bee would do in a wild).

Four stars for now until a soyaters come!
5 / 5 By Leon
Amur AeroGarden Red Heirloom tomatoes of Cherry, Ossia a second time purchased them. They grow wonderfully and tomatoes of product for month and month. A hard some gave tomatoes for roughly 8 months. Some new plants sprouted in roughly 5 days and now with which 3 weeks are roughly 4 big thumbs. Probably we will have tomatoes in roughly 6 weeks.

Top Customer Reviews: Seed Needs, Lettuce ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
4 / 5 By Tanika
I paint gobsmacked. In the bet, I sowed these seeds when it was necessary has been too hot partorisca good results. I have had excellent germination in just four days, and a lettuce of shows of the photo ready partorisca begin to collect in only three and the half weeks!! A flavour was excellent, any bitter to the equal that can expect in this heat. Now it is the month has taken of this photo, any of some plants have still bolted. These are for far some seeds of the better lettuce has not grown never.
5 / 5 By Bulah
I can not say that has germinated each seed and has tried all some variety. A variety is order ossia reason has purchased this together of seeds. A lot of Cela and a prize. Which are adds. Partorisca Of the money takes tonnes of the seeds and a germination was almost 100. I have begun 30ish rockwool with two seeds in the each one and all but a sprouted with 2 sprouts. Mina ossia the fantastic tax . Produced of quality very big. I will purchase again (if never I run it it was). Also it was to look to this mark offers other seeds that requires. Yes you recommend to the fellow and all that law this. Hope This gain and give the graces to read.
5 / 5 By Ngan
Like this alive sunny California where seldom falls 75 terracings was at night. I have bought these seeds in July and has been excited in my plan to grow house of lettuce. While I buy of a tent I never eat one stirs whole and I really so only require the little sprigs for my salads like this this looked a perfect solution . After buying some seeds and doing some reading has learnt that to the plant likes to grow in of the temperatures around 60 terracings Fahrenheit. My good-looking collection will have to that attended for a Season of Winter.
5 / 5 By Margurite
I have bought 8 container (Lettuc Selection of Lovers) of Needs of Seeds.
Was my first time that does so much. They have had enough 90-95 successes germinated and could not be more state pleased with a quality and a uniformity of all eight edges of lettuce!
Thank you Needs of seeds, To good sure will be of tower! You take that paid partorisca, and has taken SO MORE!!!!
Damage Connor
4 / 5 By Marissa
For me, this was the bit of the bet. My family is not lettuce or big salad eaters but has been trying the steer all the world-wide to the diets more sãs, like reasons not having the selection of wide lettuce is part of the ours expanse. It has not done so only a lettuce grows downwards three weeks, but a flavour has attacked a ball out of a park!

A lettuce my familiar usually the cost in of the alimentary phases is bland and flavorless. A lettuce of these seeds packs enough the punch and now all the world was the one who has had the flavour of this lettuce loves more and more. Any so only have enough for my parents, me, and one that eats the brother always feed, but enough for our neighbours, familiar friends, and several big parties!

Will buy some plus of these seeds when the circle out of some supplies at present there is stashed.
4 / 5 By Leora
Growing a Oakleaf and Simpson Has seeded Black (pictured) variety like this far in my window of office, both have grown amiably and try add (eating them as the half to thin them was while they grow). The seeds look sprout quickly and reliably.
4 / 5 By Kaitlyn
The seeds were fantastic. A variety of types of the lettuce done for the salads add and his all germinated when planted for both my cradle and the fall that plants. I have grown several pockets of the each one in mine GreenStalk Vertical Garden and his all has grown in abundance. I have had more the lettuce that could eat of May to mid-December to the equal that could share with another. Just clip that precise use. More it has cut you in a morning, wash, & refrigerates to avert wilting. I am beginning by on the community garden that use GreenStalk slowly and Vertical Gardens to order Needs of Seeds. Thank you!
5 / 5 By Sindy
I have planted all 8 container and so only one writes of the lettuce has come up. Enormous waste of money. I will buy locally from now on!! I have been gardening for almost 50 years and this was the disappointment adds! Very expensive and POOR RESULTS!
5 / 5 By Clark
They are still NEW the gardening, as it does not leave concealed reflects in a company or some seeds. I have had A lot the question that takes some red lettuces to be able to having begun the in TOO HOT of the insurances. The majority of some sees is resulted really well. I think that some fauna and the flora has EATEN everything of an iceberg, as I never taken for the try. A 'collection' of the seeds is VERY CONVENIENT for new gardeners. To good sure buy it again for next season and give cure More adds them for some red lettuces next time. Thank you So many!
4 / 5 By Jude
We arrive me The time and is that it has described it in the actuality am expecting that the seeds brotáis, when raisin adds them photo, is a lot of entity for mine that has has added instructions to plant the seeds.

Thank you For having semillaa organicas L the sale.
5 / 5 By Jacqualine
Can not say that has germinated each seed and has tried all some variety. A variety is order ossia reason has purchased this together of seeds. A lot of Cela and a prize. Which are adds. Partorisca Of the money takes tonnes of the seeds and a germination was almost 100. I have begun 30ish rockwool with two seeds in the each one and all but a sprouted with 2 sprouts. Mina ossia the fantastic tax . Produced of quality very big. I will purchase again (if never I run it it was). Also it was to look to this mark offers other seeds that requires. Yes you recommend to the fellow and all that law this. Hope This gain and give the graces to read.
5 / 5 By Dinah
The one who the very small collection of seeds. A picture aims three different varieties of lettuce of a collection further of some bok choy and basil that grows in the culture of basement of deep water under lights. I grow some seeds in grodan rockwool cubes. And I mean 'on'. The light precise lettuce to germinate, as I sprinkle the pair of seeds in a wet cube and dip his under lights in the fresh place. Once they germinate, I move them to a raft of the lettuce and the few weeks have bosses coloreados of lettuce for salads, garnishes, or giving was. Some seeds are forceful and some plants grow some to a variety have announced. Some the leafy types grow better in the culture of deep water that some varieties to start with, but does not have any complaint.
5 / 5 By Claudio
Like alive sunny California where seldom falls 75 terracings was at night. I have bought these seeds in July and has been excited in my plan to grow house of lettuce. While I buy of a tent I never eat one stirs whole and I really so only require the little sprigs for my salads like this this looked a perfect solution . After buying some seeds and doing some reading has learnt that to the plant likes to grow in of the temperatures around 60 terracings Fahrenheit. My good-looking collection will have to that attended for a Season of Winter.
4 / 5 By Gladys
I seeds were fantastic. A variety of types of the lettuce done for the salads add and his all germinated when planted for both my cradle and the fall that plants. I have grown several pockets of the each one in mine GreenStalk Vertical Garden and his all has grown in abundance. I have had more the lettuce that could eat of May to mid-December to the equal that could share with another. Just clip that precise use. More it has cut you in a morning, wash, & refrigerates to avert wilting. I am beginning by on the community garden that use GreenStalk slowly and Vertical Gardens to order Needs of Seeds. Thank you!
5 / 5 By Georgeann
Has bought 8 containers (Lettuc Selection of Lovers) of Needs of Seeds.
Was my first time that does so much. They have had enough 90-95 successes germinated and could not be more state pleased with a quality and a uniformity of all eight edges of lettuce!
Thank you Needs of seeds, To good sure will be of tower! You take that paid partorisca, and has taken SO MORE!!!!
Damage Connor
4 / 5 By Suk
has grown these seeds both hydroponically and in earth. Both give me to the knots collects well. Now some the sinister seeds are a second year but still have imposed of good germination. Some lettuces grow a lot well in fresh and strong time to freezing read. For garden familiarised, can see such quantity of seeds can last for ever.
5 / 5 By Tawana
Has planted all 8 container and so only one writes of the lettuce has come up. Enormous waste of money. I will buy locally from now on!! I have been gardening for almost 50 years and this was the disappointment adds! Very expensive and POOR RESULTS!
4 / 5 By Kassandra
Growing a Oakleaf and Simpson Has seeded Black (pictured) variety like this far in my window of office, both have grown amiably and try add (eating them as the half to thin them was while they grow). The look of seeds if sprout quickly and reliably.
4 / 5 By Raylene
They are still NEW the gardening, as it does not leave concealed reflects in a company or some seeds. I have had A lot the question that takes some red lettuces partorisca be able to having begun the in TOO HOT of the insurances. The majority of some sees is resulted really well. I think that some fauna and the flora has EATEN everything of an iceberg, as I never taken partorisca the try. A 'collection' of the seeds is VERY CONVENIENT partorisca new gardeners. To good sure buy it again partorisca next season and give cure More adds them partorisca some red lettuces next time. Thank you So many!
5 / 5 By Malka
Has loved the good variety of seeds of lettuce to plant in mine aero garden. I have planted three seeds of the each variety for pod. I dipped him everything up in a morning, has taken some lights and the bomb that goes, and calm boy you any for an evening of a next day a variety has germinated ! Inside several days of plus some three seeds of the each one of some seven seven varieties were up ! It takes a lot of cuttings out of these, and am ready to clean was and he again 😊
4 / 5 By Lorenzo
has grown mainly some varieties some red plus like this far, which are exited fantastically red, tasty, and grown well in hydroponics+ a aerogardens.

A romaine has arrived that grow bit it big is going his only maintains to use some leaves.

So many has there was far 100 tax of germination.

Very happy that there is unlimited see red now- like this enough, and tasty!
5 / 5 By Kelsi
Arrived The time and is that it has described it in the actuality am expecting that the seeds brotáis, when raisin adds them photo, is a lot of entity for mine that has has added instructions to plant the seeds.

Thank you For having semillaa organicas L the sale.
4 / 5 By Rob
Has tried these for my failed hydroponics experiences- to any avail. At all sprouted. But with all the justice, am quite sure these are excellent seeds to the equal that will till plants of exceptional lettuce. So only maintain me import when it seats your lunch of splendid lettuce.
4 / 5 By Drucilla
This was the total waste of money. Out of 1500 seeds, two of them germinated to the plant of lettuce. Worse Past money. I have finalised to expect way too long to do the decision and rototilled he down. I have had to that go to buy more seeds of the different company and go to start with again.
5 / 5 By Tobias
The product adds. 8 Different lettuce produced in a container. Planted in late Feb - germinated a lot well. According to year thus buy. Very pleased.
5 / 5 By Brittany
A product arrived in beautiful packaging, which my woman there is wanted really. It plants some of the each variety in planters in ours backyard is is all was at the beginning I adds! Ossia The good shot for so many varieties of lettuce! We can not expect until we can collect our lettuce now! To good sure will be to buy more seeds of Needs of Seeds!
5 / 5 By Matilda
Has sown 3 types of some seeds of lettuce have purchased. ALL are growing a lot amiably. Some few types were sown fact 4 days and a big plus some (which have moved to the Hydrogarden) was sown fact 3 weeks. It can not be happier!!

Update: Plants still going súper strong! Ossia 10 days later. I will be munching in in punctual!! Súper Happy!!!
5 / 5 By Nana
Has grown dulcemente at the beginning here in North california. I planted him in December but for February, was thriving
4 / 5 By Hanna
His all try equally,, A lot bitter. Perhaps it can use more file in an earth. It has grown well in a cradle to centrical Florida with earth fertilizante and good. My woman the cookery like spinach.
5 / 5 By Kasandra
These seeds were partorisca the hydroponic project. They have grown quickly and it has treated well. All has done well in of the blockades and low light. Once moved to the hydroponic gone back so only a big plus has survived. This was probably the question with my setup. Some seeds looked partorisca do well.
5 / 5 By Qiana
Very good. A thing partorisca look for - an of a envelopes, lavender, has been opened and has taken mixed in with another, parsley. When I Have been to replant a parsley, could not say a two averts. Otherwise, All more was súper. Thank you, Jean-deny
4 / 5 By Nicolette
Of then August when I have planted these seeds, ossia a second collects concealed is pictured in a photo has uploaded. Michigan Has been quite cold for prejudices the this month, and some plants are still strong, and look to be in increasing.
5 / 5 By Rebecka
Has bought a lettuce and containers of herb and has a lot of be happy with both. The packaging was compact, planting the clear instructions, and imposed successful of the germination almost 100. It can be 100, but it was hard to maintain clue of all this tiny lettuce seeds! All have planted sprouted and is doing a lot well. On all very happy and to good sure would buy again!
4 / 5 By Sharee
These seeds have been rid punctually and well -packaged. I planted him already the interior and they there is sprouted. So only I have transplanted a seedlings and are in Maine where has the very short season. So much, this look as if they are good to go. I am pleased like this far with a product and a company.
4 / 5 By Joaquina
Awesome asortment. Like this far 100 germination. Im Growing these hydroponically. This was the add judge of the element exited for my hydro sys. They have grown quickly, big and Good-looking. A better salad has not eaten never. Like this easy of the grow was amused in fact (and delicious)Thank you so many!!
5 / 5 By Annelle
SeedNeeds Is my gone-to still my needs of seeds (could not resist.) Of then all some tents have sent for behind his seeds for a season, was in desperate need for some seeds of lettuce. Once again, SeedNeeds is coming by means of. Thank you SeenNeeds!
4 / 5 By Colette
The variety adds!! Planted the in my garden of summer and have them has collected any too long with which. They have grown massively. Produced excellent.
5 / 5 By Darrick
Grows my lettuces in hydroponic the gardens and this lettuce does a lot in hydroponics. The so that only did not like is of some of some lettuces are mislabeled or some seeds are resulted mixed
5 / 5 By Jorge
I have received my fast of mandate and found some seeds partorisca be big quality - I sprouted averts him and combined him then partorisca the bowl of mixed lettuce - is growing amiably and has done like this expected it
5 / 5 By Samantha
One the big container arrived with 8 only inner seed of bands. Planted in May, and has begun partorisca take lettuce in June. Taking chosen each pair of days, and grows for behind stronger. I can not give quite it was. I have eaten the salad to dine quite 4-5 times the week. Shopping again. I have planted all but an iceberg.
4 / 5 By Shavonda
Has not eaten a lettuce still. It looks each seed there is sprouted tho and will be to thin his punctual. We eat salad every day of a year and again is looking forward to collecting ours to possess all been. Thank you.
5 / 5 By Natisha
This was my third planting of lettuce. My premiers two tentativas was a lot of dismal and has used seeds of reputable sources. It was like this disappointed, but, has thinks that would try again and these seeds were a lot of fertile. I have had lettuce everywhere.
4 / 5 By Felice
I seeds were of sound. A good variety of types of lettuce and like this far have all germinated when planted. Thank you!
5 / 5 By Jamey
My seeds are gone in the timely fashion , planted in earth immediately and look to have almost 100 germination. Calm the types are utmost and wish you good fortune in your new company. Thank you
4 / 5 By Jana
I just drop 2 or 3 seeds in a aerogarden pod, and has not had the failure the sprout still, and have continuous fresh lettuce. And any salmonella takes to treat!
5 / 5 By Niki
In fact these am a lot easy. I do not have a patience to plant seeds and that worry for creatures, but has opened a band and launched them in a plot and my surprised has taken lettuce coming on everywhere
5 / 5 By Hilary
has planted seeds of the each one of these containers my aerogarden and each suns a has on come fantastically. Highly it recommends this product and this vendor.
4 / 5 By Percy
Living in North Wisconsin, begin our garden takes. But in spite of a hot time, has had more to the lettuce then could eat all a way by means of Needle.
5 / 5 By Nieves
Collected Excellent and the good variety - has wanted to try different types of lettuce to see that it do more in our earth/of climate. His all has done wonderfully!
4 / 5 By Dudley
A has not germinated. Some another is doing well. Pardon the star for any when being pas clear in those seeds are in that pod. Of an experience to use them think that all some types of seeds are in the each pod. No an ideal in increasing method.
5 / 5 By Leoma
Has not planted all some seeds still, are by train to save them for next season. This in spite of a red Roman lettuce that has planted still is producing the leaves sãs and try utmost.
5 / 5 By Tonisha
Has loved this band adds 8 classes of lettuce. I live abroad and an earth here can be defiant. All 8 classifies now is that they grow is in my garden and I look forward to to collect punctual 😊
4 / 5 By Daniele
seeds to notch Upper! I add micro-green! It remains to expect besides. This company shares my values and my priorities of garden also.
5 / 5 By Karri
A complete poster of favourite lettuces. We plant these directly in some beds in ours hoop house for the harvest of fall. They have come on amiably and look forward to still to enjoy them in the month.
4 / 5 By Jamika
Some seeds are excellent. I think that that all the world would owe that be business to sustain that home on helping boys with his profits.
4 / 5 By Mertie
Am doing mine own pods in a aerogarden using these seeds & have 100 germination and good-looking lettuce. Highly recommend. This photo is 19days after planting..
5 / 5 By Rodrigo
Excelent Seeds. They are useng his in my interior hydroponic the garden and is doing a lot well. Some seeds have been shipped quickly too much.

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