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Top Customer Reviews: BENGOO G9000 Stereo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
It has taken this in the haste when I have required the new headset. In hindsight bit it more the investigation would have had me taking something more. Like the precursor to a chair of description that well remarks that I am a lot rough in peripherals of audio. I do not know why, but usually they have had to me roughly 6 month to all the cost of a quality and prize. Ossia Reason chooses to buy in the prize the economic plus signals more frequently more than big-finalise less frequently.

Reward it partorisca a quality are adds
Decent speaker/mic touches
boss of Good quality that it is at least 6' longitude
Seats comfortably in a boss
Stereo/mic partorisca separate stereo and mic the connector has comprised
Line- mic audio and adjustment of transmission of transmission of volume

An USB is so only the source to be able to partorisca some blue lights in a headset ( is the bit misleading in his uses, but had researched bit it to him more would have found this was before shabby)
A semence- transmission and @the @@knob of volume would be better with the mic @@@knob of profit also
tends partorisca do my boss the bit sweaty ( has a lot of hair of time and live in Knitting To the sud, USA. How it is hard to find headsets concealed a lot that, but still something partorisca maintain in alcohol)
A headset only continuous in a way (A right side and traditional accident is applied by a mic so only when being usable a way. I know they are in a minority, but I like a mic be in a right side of my boss)

So that it is partorisca say absolutely value of the money, but yes is looking for the big-finalise headset this is not the. I know my gilipollas was the bit nit picky, and does not want to any one to think that complain this compraventa. I knew it it has taken the fast solution to require the headset, and I honradamente taken more than has looked for. An USB that lights, while entirely useless, is the fresh addition. An only reason does not have does to a pros the section is reason unless it love the look cools in common is has squandered resorted.

So many, yea. If it love the good quality headset for the prize a lot this are adds for you.
4 / 5
This headset is light weight and has the quality touches a lot well for a prize and is very comfortable. Works of microphone a lot also. Lights in some sides of a headset looks to mark well.
The only complaint is that this headset is meant for the users of PC DATE a fact that both a boss of USB and discharges of microphone has connected a lot afterwards beside a boss. Meaning, that is touching in PS4 cover a boss of microphone to a controller but can any one covers a boss of USB to a system for some lights. I have finalised to buy the 3 USB of boss of feet of extension to be able to use some lights. So you are using anything another that the PC and loves some few lights in a headset while tones, calm then will require a boss of extension of the USB.
This product is a lot very this in spite of. Very happy with a compraventa
4 / 5
the quality Adds headset and sound. The lights are not too brilliant anything.

The sound adds
Dim Lights
Decent Microphone
Heavy Quality , Big the volume Regulates/Mic Transmission
Comfortable for More than People

Propiciado by USB for lights that so only dangles after covers it main when using, for example, Xbox Controller or Mobile Device. Works a lot PC of paralización, this in spite of.
Can take that annoying after a lot of hours.

Other Notes:
These economic headphones and of confidence compare wonderfully of more expensive headsets likes ASUS.

Adds Headset!
4 / 5
Will begin was to say are the dad has aged meso the one who has purchased this for my adolescent edges so that prendería to take loaned the beaten of his sister partorisca gaming. In the first place it has expected to pay $ 100, but it was pleasantly surprised by a pricing and descriptions for these.

So only has tried now these, and mine, does not look too bad. A quality of audio is smaller that some Beats used, but mine, ossia WELL. They are not like this comfortable as Beaten neither, but is less bad to spend for hours in finals.

Unfortunately, has not been acceptable for my adolescent edges. This was so only a present of an a lot of for his anniversary. We tend to go overboard, included before Navidad. It has not gone too thrilled, but used him immediately. Later, in the returned of cholera in his other presents, cry ' Give the graces for one $ 10 scratchy headset Dads!'.

So much, if you are the person of the half age that looks for good value, thinks that these are the well is returned. This in spite of, if you are the spoiled brat adolescent boy that want to that another will do his mamma in a quality of his better and comfortability, these can not be a compraventa better.
4 / 5
The works add for a prize given. Bang Very still yours buck
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have been by means of at least 5 gaming auricular(other frames) for my adolescent. These are qualities really orders . His, boss, and the sound that annuls the characteristic this produced the add compraventa.
4 / 5
Are the gamer, has bought few pairs of headphone for both PS4 and PC gaming. It was very surprised reason this headphone can offer! Thus point of the prize does not think you can take anything better that this. It is good quality , comfortable, easy to use, touches very good and annulment of noise! I mean, gone in of the types! $ 20 it Is the amazing shot ! I have had some headphone ove $ 100 power or perhaps stand up with east a!
5 / 5
Has purchased so only 2 of these headsets and a headset splitters of some 'notes' the section has copied down :
adapter of Microsoft (Any Comprised) is required when connect with old version Xbox A controller.
jack Splitter Boss (Any Comprised) is required when the leagues with PC want to use headphone and microphone a same time.
3.an The interface of USB is used so only for supply of power to FOCUSED light to underline an atmosphere of a game.

Well .... BOTH headsets is coming with the PC Headset splitter in a box..
Has not been the one who has added one 2 in some notes but with this version of headset come with the splitter .. :)
5 / 5
First of all, a lot aesthetically pleasing. A DIRECTED lighting is awesome. Stays plugged in in my office and included walking for at night only look awesome. These in the headphones of the ear seats a lot comfortably and no my ears like tired like the plot another auricular fact. No too heavy, feels well. Subjects of zeros with qualities of sound. These also seat really well in my boys my small plus' bosses, different the majority of big headphones/headsets. Has an option to easily extend a tape. One in offers to draw of the isolation of ear of the his add, included without the active noise that annuls. One covers of USB has to that be plugged to the source of power to do a FOCUSED lights work of course, ossia some propiciado by USB only purpose in this headset. All speaker and mic the signal is so only thru an analog connection in a no-detachable And-final of boss. What only to improve a product would be if a port of USB included also can have the habit partorisca rid his in place of only thru a spent. The lovely headphones adds, looks very durable.
5 / 5
First of all, a support of client is AWESOME! - I has taken my headset the few days with which ordered it and is resulted that a side is not doing so that his notified and well has substituted immediately he with the Red a(to the equal that has asked reason so only agrees my like this good computer , lol), any question has asked. A prime minister one was Blue and his so much look AWESOME! I love some few lights.

In all the chance, besides a awesome lights, this has to that be one of one the majority of decent(wise quality/his) and more awesome looking headsets there and for the very sweet prize. I mean to to the the prize likes that for the headset like this is a lot of economic. I price it Is very economic so that this headphone well.

If you are the gamer and does not want to spend the crap tonne of money for the decent headset, could wants to try this. The thickest step now more than mine $ 200 dollar a. They are by train to say Write, quality of his add and any looks so only the perfect fact!

Top Customer Reviews: Collective Minds ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
The May Thinks that that the people buy positive critics for his product? I think that that any one is doing an opposite for easterly an and posing negative critiques on here.

In the first place looked in the Scuf the controller done 5 years. I have filled out of that controller has wanted and almost laughed when saw a prize was $ 180. As you Cost $ 130 for them it poses only the tiny pair plastic paddles in a backside of the controller?

The May HAS BOUGHT one and rebuffed in so that this prize was ridiculous. As I see this Strike Packs the months of pair behind. Has read descriptions during the weeks to match and looked videos and at the end decided to order it.

Among a clave and I posed it up and plugged he in. It does not act. The decrease of long history I fiddled around during an hour and give an USB has not gone included fully plugged in in a controller.

Has read some people say that very has to you the PRESS TAKEN in an USB until he clicked the second time, but I underestimated concealed apresamiento has had to to press. The tan gave it very a little fat of elbow, accidents in, and ouilla law.

Takes 30 bren to sign in and map some buttons and was was.

A game is touching is a an all the world is ailing to listen enough, Fortnite. But one very first game was able to jump around and tez and shotty a same time without moving my inches. It surprises.

Opens Here is the months of parties later and is two times also while it was then. It wins the bouquet of Solos and has any problem outplaying the majority of people so that I do not have to move my inches around. This thing has done to surprise and is incredibly cheaper that in in to the to anything more likes him in of him there.

Has not Wanted to write a description so that has an advantage on all the world in console to use this thing. But in a hate to time although Scuf has the monopoly in modded controllers and touches 400% that these costs of thing. And it is also odd in me that some the negative critics on here will finish to say only would have to it buy Scuf instead.

So that enough it spend you $ 40 in place of $ 150+ would say to give this thing tries it. Calm any one lament the
5 / 5
At present have it on my ps4 for a past 4-5 weeks. Some games I predominately the game is Fortnite and the COD Negre Ops 4. Ready for a thorough description? The coast Here goes:

-has taken this predominately for a prize. $ 40 Prende east in place of $ 200+ for the scuf the controller was so much value he.
-paddles Is surprising with fortnite in particular. A an appearance of my game that has improved was my aim, so that a profit of paddles is can jump and change to build road without apresamiento yours right inch of one aiming toggle.
-Very necessarily the dam has improved my edifice, but will say it has improved slightly the mine edits which has surprised.

-That is to say more than the with for me so that it has said small/hands, but and has not gone really able to achieve a paddles comes with and has to purchase his alternative paddles in his web of place designed for an access relaxed aka me lol
- has to maintain it plugged in your ps4 at all times and can not be wireless.
-paddles In general, if the be this or he scuf the controller takes time to adapt and re learns memory of muscle. I took me the weeks of solids 2-2.5 in road of yard these practices before it listen it comfortable entering dominance of boxes, and then in a real game. It opens I am beginning to listen very comfortable and sure in my edifice and that battles again, but has been bot in some phases of transition of the principle.

In general, was 110% value he. Better stain envelope that scufs mark apparently (my subjects of partner to have only his scuf in for the reparations and he have very has had included he during the year).

Also wants to attach that it does not use a mods, listened could take forbidden to use mods in fortnite like only careful be. Also it touches black ops 4 and wants a paddles in this game also (listens able to jump and crouch/slide while the aim in this game is very also).
4 / 5
Disclaimer: I have wanted and very posed an element through his steps like an option for a semi-serious in competitive gamer and for worries of longevity.
Has Had an element since Can 2017 and has posed for hours to use a paddles attaches on. Some accesses of device very comfortably in a Dual Accident 4 controller and I still has grips of the controller on explodes that it was able the trim down to return around a paddles. A paddles is in the slightly different gesture that what a level SCUF the controllers are; Tan in, a Group of Strike requires almost the 'trigger' in in to the attraction likes him that of the trigger of pistol, but with of a middle finger. The calm import there is slightly the smallest pound that possibly some users so this has taken some adjustments for me. If has the long toes do not see the one of is that you present a lot a subject. A thing thinks that it will remark with this device that creates far surpasses that of a traditional SCUF controller that can have been exited through a new plus SCUF the models are an ease of remapping your buttons in the each paddle. Whichever The function needs a paddle to serve can map a controller in a back paddles. Also, while this function is active your traditional buttons still remain active to have that takes longer that normal in rewire yours memory of muscle to trust a paddles. Desprs Quite 1-2 weeks to use a device found me trusting a paddles very comfortably during normal game. If you are the seasoned gamer would have to be familiar with a mapping of the controller fulfilled as 'jumper of bumper' where jump and melee (in FPS) using some bumper of rights and left wing or R1 and R2. A big problem has found with this function is that it still requires an user to take his inch of a right joystick to do sure acts that it can be it required in your particular game. With a paddles even so, can use the jointly with this Sweater of the bumper in of the imports, or while it use in me, with the diagram of regular control; Therein, leaving a the user to lose the control of some clave of joy so little while it is possible. After several months of use with a device, has found the to be very durable and very comfortable to use. Some covers of device for some very big level game of game these covers an user to do manoeuvres and arts very hurriedly and comfortably.
Some of a downsides has remarked with a device is some subjects of connectivity . Occasionally a device can disconnect his self where requires the road of the connection that looks a micro cape of USB. Quan Using a device and plugging use a cape owe additional 'active' a paddles to press a PS button in a dualshock 4 again and recording he in your profile of current user. Typically you it do not have to find any subjects that marks so, but expsito that in an out of staging that a device not coming on, simply takes a micro USB and reconnecting would resolve it very of the subjects. A paddles is semi-detached saws magnet so there very necessity in is not preoccupying quite breaking a paddles, although you are not careful you accidentally can take one of your paddles of his magnetic void.
In general a lot would recommend a product although it is not without his defects. Predominately Any problem can have with a device will be the smallest inconvenience that it is quite easily fixed. Also it recommend it a product jointly with some grips of good controller and thumbstick mountains via KontrolFreak or another if you are so angled!
3 / 5
Revised: These are two common deceptions ; if you can not connect.

1. It limits an USB in a controller and a Dominator VERY firmly.
2. Quan Buttons to map in your paddles (Dominator), a manual say you can use a paddle, but that is not true. You have to use a button of tiny place (in a paddle) , then selects button of controller to map in.
These two idiosyncrasies cause me hours to imagine was , -1 a star.

Any COMPRAVENTA MODPACK OF FORTNITE! Yes it has to you he in fact the sign up for the sub to take a modpack for Fortnite (and other games). Can say you he at length the tried one Modpass.ca arrest fortnite. Has potential, but no in how all sound deceives youtube videos. It IS very hackish, for ej., you Have to look the sure direction before using the tez mod. More, mods conflict with ea. Another. If you have posed a mod functionality of pauses elsewhere. Like the mod to shoot, calm ray arrive when using yours to choose axe to harvest mats. It IS just plain has BROKEN; and they would not have to be able to touch $ therefore crappy software. That is to say to relate in this product, b/c a lot this thing is not very fun w/out of modpacks, is only or.k.

3. Any sure if a manual the said or no, but a fast mods and included a built-in mods has to be enabled/deactivated while a controller is in MOD road. I have known this was a case when buttons to map, but only in [said]enables already configured mods, those looks the odd bit.

4. Eye to lose my mappings of button when returns in MOD road, then has to remap buttons. It tries this more , - 1/2 star.

Has not tried any mod groups for games, but yes wants to one, will have to subscribe in his service, $ 15 / yr. Calm think you at least would have to take 1 group of game for free in a prize of this thing. - 1/2 star.
1 / 5
A product has the low lifespan. One produces periodically will result unresponsive, in that constantly has to disconnect a the annex and cape multiple time to recover control. If you are using the wireless headset with a group of controller has attacked constantly has disconnect and reconnect a headset every time some beginnings of controller of control
3 / 5
The product was to good sure 5 stars until, begins at random disconnecting the little the mark of days. I have tried to update in firmware later and while it looks to resolve a subject at the beginning, a problem is returned now.
5 / 5
After two years of the use extended here is my opinion.

The games have used:
Fate 2
Fortnite(low use)
Nicknamed to Have
5 / 5
To well sure the value that buys want to paddles, but does not want hundreds of dollars of paid for the controller. Been using them prende almost two weeks and has seen to well sure an improvement in my game. Programming a paddles is supremely easy and setup was any problem. Considering some commentaries have seen regarding a durability of a connection of USB, only has had to disconnect mine once and has like this far has not had any subjects. I will update my description consistently if any problems would have to arise .
5 / 5
Amur My Group of Strike FPS Dominator. I touch mostly FortNite and begun gives this has required to update my controller yes has wanted to he so that it begins to look in the Scuf controller, but was very postponed for a prize. Then my partner recommended a Group of Strike FPS Dominator and for $ 40 actuate at all to complain- quite. An only downsides is probably that necessity to have a cape of USB plugged in at all times (but concealed is not a subject for me at all) and perhaps that a normal paddles is the also long bit. Has had to an alternative paddles of a web of place of Collective Alcohols, which are lower, of a defaults caused some discomfort.
2 / 5
Like The competitive player, has bought this predominately for shooters. Looking behind, I quite has used only my money to be the scuf for some reasons of follower:

- disconnects too many subjects often, and only in some means of gunfights when is pressing ones the majority of buttons. In this way in often combat tense/with something in a line, disconnect and has to unplug an USB of a PS4, accepts a new entrance, unplugs my USB headset and covers he behind in, accepts a beginning of new audio, and at the end can return in a fight (typically fatality for this point). That is to say my big plus qualm with a device. Quan IS purchased for competitive reasons, having it at random kill calm during the games during a sea of day a whole premise of a compraventa.

- A paddles at random has posed they until the entrance of different controller. That is to say less common that a first point, but so detrimental. In him At all it likes him his tries to build in Fortnite with a paddle and in to change crouching up and down like the moron. Felizmente, is quite hurriedly to attribute a paddles in of the buttons, but likes him the earliest toe, is fatality raisin in the competitive game.

- A paddles has not entered an optimum gesture for me. Has big hands, and at the beginning using a group of strike, hardly could achieve a paddles with my place of normal controller. I have adjusted dulcemente and the things listen in remarkable now, but was to good sure that annoying at the beginning.

- Always has to has connected physically in a system and has to have some entrances of USB posed in the particular order.

- For some low impulses are doing properly, is exactly that has wanted. A pitfalls is only too detrimental so that an aim of this group of strike tends to be prender more people, the cheapest option in the scuf.

Top Customer Reviews: PowerA USB Charging ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 30 ratings
3 / 5
An USB of Playstation official those touches the cord has been a substitution preferred by my PS4 controllers. Alas, a tez for these cords is adapted only, and requires constant substitution. For a prize of these cords (and some controllers), expects the tax of the longest survival. Admitted, this active outlasted a third-the substitutions of party have experimented with. A connection in a cord/of juncture of the controller is where experiences the majority of my problems. A connection to arrive to this point results it loose' afterwards gaming with a cord plugged in and reasonable gaming mobility. Hopefully, will have the USB.5 to adapt an emission of a Playstation 4.5 concealed incorporates the tez better in so some connectors and a cord (braided or another reinforcement) and perhaps the small more period :-)
1 / 5
They have done well at the beginning, but after 3 months, already has to substitute. A prongs in a micro usb the side is spent down in a point that is fallen he out of my controller and not doing the connection. And in case that his no obvious, this is not of Sony.
1 / 5
An end would not remain plugged in,my grandson has said.
5 / 5
It IS when he goes in the marked merchandise in general usually prefers to take a mark to appoint still likes him the element is has used prendi. Of Sony does not sell the marked cape this one is a better quality and can find also is officially has authorised what half is supposes to do well. Any one roughly junk that it finds in the satisfied change and situates what frys electronic concealed fallen eschews after the month of use. Has the good period in him and alloy in both finals without admitting. Of course it does not have the ps4 has the ps2 with an adapter to use the ps4 controller. The only cause there is too much fake ps2/ps3 controllers there and one regulates ps2 the controllers had lived there life and has failed. So much in planting to take used ps2 the controllers have taken the new officials ps4 controller.
1 / 5
If you are preoccupied in some connectors of the gold does not order . Mina didnt has connectors of gold but says has connectors of gold
1 / 5
Experience 2 for my threads and I to touch games of steam of the cooperative. His broken in 2 weeks, without any case to justify it. Simply prender to do.

The mine is now also salient. Constantly missing connection. It does not purchase these. They are obviously quality of tez down.

Purchases the big quality, highly revised mini USB that cord of load. Any one will do with your PS4 controller.
1 / 5
Well a product is coming pre open and recorded in a that cape im quite sure was a aftermarket the cape has not done finishing only launching it was so that it was not really enough to justify a walk in a drop was location for the repayment for less than 10 bucks
1 / 5
I very can very sure when being yes is all some capes or only a a taken but has has not had any luck with mine of a moment opened some boxes has not done properly and unplugs of a controller every time moves a controller..
1 / 5
Rubbish, has done once then prendido, extra to pay and take it walnut
4 / 5
The element took punctually and in the condition has declared. plugged He in my OEM controller of Playstation 4 and return only well. It seats the little in a loose side but after comparing he in a cord that is coming with a system, is a same. It declares in a description that there went it the gold plated connectors and when opened the has not been the gold plated only a regular money. But that he very the problem stop me to 10 compraventa of dollar. It sees that scratches he up over time.

Top Customer Reviews: Turtle Beach Ear ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought so only three or four different headsets these lights and purportedly have everything of this characteristic different. They have come with all these extra cords/hookups and ANY of his facts with our 2 Xbox is in a house. I have bought so only two of these headsets after returning a bit another and excellent! Like this thankful! A headsets does not have all these extra lights and elegant creations, this in spite of, A quality and do fault his global purpose is fantastic. There is not adapter a lot calm required can so only covers he to a controller and work. If you want to avert the headache, this headset is your better bet.
5 / 5
Is spent for 2 closings - both with same question. After the month or two, both insiemi were so only functional seeds. Any one annoy taking a plan partorisca protect like this concealed is not effective until the year with which shabby. The service of client is ridiculous - with which the little different cust. Service reps contacted (for same info), resulted of final was that it has to that send for behind headset before it could be substituted. I am not used to this with other elements have on Amazon of experience.
5 / 5
WOW, The one who the enormous difference when compared to a $ 80+ Xbox branded headset. These are BETTER WAY SO MUCH audio and physical quality, and calm does not need an adapter of the audio but I personally prefer to use a tampon of cat with him and he will do one same. It covers to regulate. It covers so only he in a controller and go. All the cat/of the party of the audio will change to a headset automatically unless you are gone in your console and has changed some settings and calm still can require to in your TV according to that class is. Some loans TVs (eat Samsung) will have to that be changed to the audio is gone in place of speakers of TV. And more than everything, the difference of a Xbox auricular of mark, is that these will not leave you touching a game to guess with a volume among a game and cat of party. Among a tampon of cat of the headphones and the console will have 3 different ways to regulate a volume all duquel done a same thing. Has a transmission of transmission easily accessible in a headset cord and adjustment of volume. But one the easy plus is an adjustment of the audio is in a Xbox one drives. A mic the part is removable, an audio is like the be in the theatre of film and calm can change the one who sensitive a microphone is also. HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDED!!! Desire I didint squanders my money done two years and has bought a Xbox branded headset, these are more abordables also.
4 / 5
Better bang for a buck here! I took awhile to @give that I have to that regulate a volume in a Xbox paper of first settings, but with which concealed, in fact has to him maintain has turned down! Admitted does not have depth very real to some bass, is a lot of abordable and my crew and I can communicate perfectly and clearly with a sound of the strong and clear game still. To good sure recommend this product.
5 / 5
Is lasted for roughly 20 past of days a 90 guarantee of period of day. Piece to crap, no shabby.
5 / 5
Was the present for mine lil brother, has chosen specifically this one which have known would not last at all especially with the daily use but he enjoyed it while it is lasted. It has taken guaranteeed in the but unfortunately he the factory has covered so only deserts no accidentals reason a value of has not been quite big to choose this class to guarantee that has known it before hand (I called and try improve the guarantee but concealed is that it has been said) personally could has taken substituted reason was the question of factory at the beginning but then so only gradually has been downhill means hey the boys are not like this careful with his things especially in a fog to touch the video games have saved so only a hassle to spend for a same thing and has bought the different mark. In general it is the good headphone but the longevity is not long term. It would not recommend for the boys to the young plus like him has an accident raisin.
4 / 5
Some headphones are really one of some better headphones that is down $ 50 that has seen. When I took Him in the first place a sound was the little low and has found to change a volume of cat of the game and volume of game. Has a Xbox one and have gone to settings and then to headphones. I left to change a volume and volume of cat of the game. It was really happy that took him reason were then so stronger and comfortable. Highly I recommend him that you are looking for the economic and well touching headphone.
4 / 5
Beats of commentary or can not require a Xbox A headset adapter. This depends in your controller. If your controller has the normal jack on he (This controller has been released in June 2015), then an adapter is not required. If your controller does not have the 3.5 mm jack in the May he usb looking port, then will require an adapter. There is an Official Xbox An adapter and the version of beach of the wry. Both adapters will do.

Has ordered tended the week before they have been released. My fourth Xbox A stereo headset finishing to break. Really it wishes these had been released punctual. It loves him. They are a lot comfortable. Has long gaming sessions and another headsets would hurt my ears but this no. have it has begun even spend his when that uses an application of Youtube or looking television while in a A. A volume is a lot good and strong. Before I have had to have my volume on all a way to listen and be listened but now would say that has dipped he in of the people and the half way can listen me so only well. A mic is better then another headsets also. Before mine mic would choose especially, of volume of TV, to any those strikes in my door. Included my defender of ceiling and AC could be listened (and is not that strong) but with this mic, this is not the question. It will choose on the noises yes are a lot strong, like the TVs with this volume on past 30 but he the good work that tries to filter out of bad noises.

For a quality and prize of these headphones, is a lot of value he.
4 / 5
Quality of his astounding of these few things has been surprised. When My edges has asked these have thinks that that they were so only for the personal reason of just that loves a legislation of the his in these ears of spoiled mine little gamer . But really they are to help listen more than you never so only to listen in a TV. I have been surprised of all some the additional noises could listen. Some people sneaking on on you and was rhe crickets chirping in a to to background sound likes is a lot there. Mark looks so more interactive and real life. I have fallen enamoured with thrse so that it has bought in fact my together own. A sound in these is so many better that ear buds. Present perfect for any one.
4 / 5
When it Goes in a world of gaming, the pair of headphones can be crucial to be sucedido. I have begun recently look for the new pair of the headphones of the mine last pair had been flown and a first pair of this had a frame snapped. With which to the plot of careful investigation have come to a conclusion that that purchases a Beach of Wry: Force of Ear Recon 50X Stereo Gaming Headset, which is a pair still has had to has taken flown, was a right election for me. Here it is some of some reasons think that that these headphones are a right election for any gamer, random or hardcore.

Sound: A Beach of Wry: Force of Ear Recon 50X Stereo Gaming Headset quality to offer a lot big 40 mm speakers that leaves an user to listen in of the noises of game that you can not listen by means of a television or in any base headset. These touches game in a headphone in that a direction of a sound is coming from, which think is a course a fresher.

Estimativa: There is headsets there anywhere of $ 10 to in $ 200. This only cost $ 35, which is the just and reasonable prize for these, and in fact could be to plot more money so that offered.

Microphone: A microphone in a headset is always one of a more underrated things in the headset. A microphone has the quite big-sensibility like calm no the the a lot of afterwards your mouth and that has listened partner, is a lot clear and no each echo.

Marco: A frame of a headset is not a better, but he a work. A Beach of Wry: Force of Ear Recon 50X Stereo Gaming Headset is an economic and worse “plus” headset that offered of Beach of the Turtle and is one the majority of uncomfortable headset sells. With this be has said that they are quite comfortable and am usually able to touch the hours of pair without them taking uncomfortable.

Durability: I have had this headset partorisca to the long of the year before it has been flown, which is way longer that has has not had never a lot of headset in mine lifetime to touch video games. A lot seldom I have any one subject with this headset. They have not lost Never any of his quality in his or in that I has transmitted on microphone. Neither they snapped and pause some months of new premiers like the competitor he the expensive plus had purchased previously.

In general, is looking for the solid pair and of confidence of headphones that will elevate your gaming experience and without breaking a bank all a same time, then a Beach of Wry: Force of Ear Recon 50X Stereo Gaming Headset is a right election for you. So that it is paying the paralizaciones are more than taking your value of money with these. Highly it would recommend and it would give it 4.5/5 stars!

Top Customer Reviews: Game Controller for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
These remotes was add partorisca some premiers 3 days. Then they go to where calm could any the touch very well and has been once touched, a life of battery any last longitude at all. Now, one of his very same work or upload against everything. A lot disappointed with this compraventa. The money has squandered.
4 / 5
Has received mine 1st very fast controller and was very pleased until there is @@give that an audio Jack no properly could listen the sound that comes from/comes from my ear buds but could not use my Mic. I have informed a question and send me to us an additional controller Any question with one that Comprises that it returns a controller broken inside a month. I have received one 2nd controller and a joysticks was absolutely jacked on some claves would cause you partorisca turn more than expected partorisca any reason at all. It does not buy these controllers so only go and buy an original playstation some these looked partorisca be remanufactured fakes and no extracted .
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. The prize adds! PS4 The controller is Coming with one uploads cord, coverages of tampon of the thumb and utmost! To good sure recommends to buy they.
4 / 5
There is at all to really like in of the this... Another that one feels and look. I have fallen my legit ps4 the controller has fallen has included down then any (10 step) and a dual accident never never messed up unless there is spilt on or fallen in the cube of water. With this controller has thinks that has taken partorisca treat it well partorisca the swipe out of a dual accident. Nope. Compraventa Horrible. Joysticks Clave and a lot properly function. I owe that it has taken it the messed on some May after the week have stuck and would not bounce behind to the original place no in of the sure games. It has had really the hard time that links it to mine ps4. He lags when trying girarprpers on and yes the when the be has touched fully. My familiar and any I same uses he anymore. An accident joystick has broken basically in the infinite COD warfare zombie when that runs taken partorisca press down an attacker and after the week does not stick any click. I move left behind without touching a darn what. The trigger is slow (R2) x or square and the triangle is rigid to press with which 4 days. After falling it was my lap or of an arm of the chair so only does not do a lot of anymore has to that way that has had to that toss the after the week of use. When A legit dualshock one lasted 3 years that takes attacked on fallen gripped on hard. So you have been I so only dipped a forward of money partorisca a real a. I trust they are imposiciones down and hard to buy the controller when it is required asap but when it has taken one 70 takes it.
4 / 5
This PS4 the controller does not have any serial or information of product on he anywhere, as with which has arrived and was rattling / half of some keys have not done, was almost impossible to take help, reason each person has spoken to loved an information out of a backside of a controller. There looked to be the place where to the sticker would have been, but at all was there. It was so only the simple piece of plastic and no the word on he anywhere to included be able to say them a costruttore. It has taken 3 tentativas to finally take my compraventa initial refunded. This was the present , as I have paid partorisca to 3 guarantee of year and discovered of a 3rd person has spoken to, that was the no-replaceable element. This was also the waste of money. You save a frustration. Ossia The piece of rubbish.
4 / 5
Is the good controller for the ps4 in of the lovely terms,creation and life of battery but if tones in a ps4 alot then he wont last along or at least the no. of mine has had a controller partorisca in the mouth and now has to that press hard in a R3 strick when touching gta on-line to use dance it emote and when im touching elite of sniper or overwatch has to them that quickly touch R3 for the take stop but from time to time will begin to do my look of character on or it beginning that his movement done to a legislation without the touch. He well in of the terms to estimate compared to 50 to 60 for the new offical controllers of mark but in of the terms of what hard times , at least for a one has spent them is not a lot
5 / 5
good Works for a money but occasionally glitches was and need to be reset. It has not been that a life of battery of the normal one east, but a life of these some looks well. For a work of occasional player well, if your hardcore could go you for the big plus priced one.
4 / 5
Spends to plot of time gaming. Probably spend for 2 controllers the year. I have bought this cause of cost and fast delivery. It is not bad for the boys that touch with him.
After the month to use it, here is some questions am facing them.
1) Life of Battery
a) any last while the PS controler
b) will not touch with anything another then orignial PS cord. ( I have tried in vário cariche different)
2) keys
a) look 2 cradles neither are that they go or gone, specifically L3 and R2.
3) Estaca
a) is not to soften at all.

If ossia for any one touches concealed the hours of pair the week or month, will do. For any the one who touches several hours the day, could be the good compraventa wants to create your own mod controller.
4 / 5
Looks perfectly a lot at the beginning. But some equivalents am ridiculously sensitive and a controller occassionally the bugs was and so only sends a last entrance has done. I have been walking stuck of backside in of the Ghosts of Tsushima reasons was my last first entrance of a controller has had the desglosáis and has on enclosed. A worse part is can not turn a controller was and reset he without turning of the yours ps4. So you are touching the game with saving the points do not use this controller. Honradamente, Is probably calms more only does not use he in a first place. I have it quell'has listened also the people mention a controller has the life of the short battery but I did not use it long enough to discover still.
4 / 5
His scarce when the cost 3.os controllers of party now the days, has had the bad experience that grows up... Decided to give it the shot and has been disappointed once again.

Out of a box a controller feels slightly lighter that he DS4, which isnt the total minus but yes has treated only DS4 will feel the light difference. But some control solid celery, as all the new controllers have to that. As any complains there.

A controller comes with any “funky” spent of analog clave (aimed in pic). Now the ones of the that really worry the one who the colours are push is free and feel well. Nizza. Thank you

Any @@subject the have with begins with a jack, on-line tone to plot like such the use a headphone jack also. A controller jack has not done with both mine headsets... So thats the BIG MINUS Of the that spent this has thought will be able to use on-line with the mic. (Unless your mic is wireless then, well for calm).

According to breaker to treat big, an annex of rear key for a DS4, has decided to buy THIS CONTROLLER and a together annex (has thought them hey! Reason any on my on-line game the bit) the boy was the in still the surprise. He doesnt work, well... Well Done for a D-tampon and keys of form but R & L keys are no responsive in an annex when connected to THIS CONTROLLER. I know his no an annex because the tried quell'on my Sony DS4.

In general, DOES not RECOMMEND this controller yes is going to him two pocola spent in a fund of a controller is for headphones or for any semi-detached or another thing that connects to the controller down there. This be has said, recommend this controller for USE of PLAYER SO ONLY SO ONLY for when I love Spider of Man of game or the z/the zero of Horizon Dawns with your speakers on quickly and so only loves to enjoy the solid game, with the decent controller. Hope These helps.

Top Customer Reviews: BEBONCOOL PS4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
the service of client Adds of a company. The fast responses and they are has to any one is necessary to fix production. That is to say enough for me.

Has taken this uploads so that it was lustrous fresco and looked . Alas only one of a two those touches the ports that law. Change of test some controllers around and has exchanged capes to be able in, but still any luck. Some so does of lights, but a second port to touch any touch, and a green of clear just stays. Still it recommend it this product. I suppose very all of them are has taken.
5 / 5
My young boys jacked in a micro USB those touches scrolling in a front of some controllers. This that touches the canal was the living saver . Some ports to loads are much more durable, easier for them to seat to touch, and has an indicator/of red green in load. This was an excellent inversion to maintain me that it has to go compraventa new PS4 controllers because of a micro ports of USB that pause. Highly it recommends this on using a level that ports of loads.
5 / 5
Any one only he this does of cradle awesome, is look quite fresh afterwards in my PS4! It IS very convenient and is an accessory this has been missing was on. I very want to that it touches to use a fund headphone ext port, more than battling to use a micro port of USB in a cup. Highly it recommends this cradle of dual load for those looking for the lustrous looking spatial saver!
5 / 5
I took this cual the present of my gf and left me only say or paste the nail in a leader. His lustrous, looks very very done, an indicator is awesome, installing a controller in load is easy and of the that is due to to the battle likes him another chargers. Also very compact, saves spatial in my small desktop. Very happy took me this so that and of era with something more expensive, idiot me so that these capes of small types his work supremely well. It recommends it
5 / 5
So much better that the cape. And it looks fresh . Apparently dimming some lights in your controller will do a last stack alot longer. But I of who owe problem So that I am in busy with life to touch that very time. The life is not in of the video games. It exits and something
5 / 5
I have purchased this 4 mark of month and law adds to touch my controller is. It touches Of a front of a controller and does not use a micro USB in a backside. A race of main problem in with these types of chargers is tends to break a micro USB but so that it is by train to use you a port in some laws forward attributes that it poses better some controllers in a canal of base.
5 / 5
I have bought this for my DualShock 4 controllers that is connected Bluetooth of road in my instrument of PC of the Steam. For some reason, active inconsistent resulted when the flavour for his touch issues microUSB cape, as I have found was that it has to maintain connected in the cape to use them. That is to say, until I have found this handy touching canal! The controllers now can upload against the reasonable quantity of time (am usually never in the haste and tends the rotate controllers). Any empty plus stack!
5 / 5
Shining Little artilugio for the prize adds and does a work! In front of my boys was hooking his far control until a real PS4 cual has meant was very near in a television but now having this little artilugio the life is so easier. It does not avenge with one covers real but was come with a cape as I have used covers it already had and have he plugged in to a wall likes him far can touch 24/7. Highly recommend it this he so that it is small and take on any room.
5 / 5
5 / 5
Without the doubt a better PS4 upload in Amazon. It touches Via a port in front of a controller that opposite in a port of back USB.

One touching port only does east a better controller, but so that it included has to upload the Red/green illuminated the light does these same better!

Top Customer Reviews: KontrolFreek FPS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
These are surprising. I have bought these concretely for Fortnite, and is a GOOD player but not surprising . It takes these today and posing them on was really hurriedly and easy. It has not had any instruction has provided since has not been required. Desprs Using them, has taken surprisingly many kill that normal. The only thing founds was that a clave of the inch the big plus (right) the looks take to take used to of looks a long way of all some buttons. No this big of the problem, and definetly would buy again and recommend in gamers.

Edita: Changed in 4 star so that a right clave is very big and always me accidentally presses CIRCLE in place of X. A lot of insects me.
1 / 5
That looked such the mere an effective product at the beginning hurriedly has degraded in the product would not buy never again. A rubber has begun in "flake" of a cup of these thumbsticks after the mere two month of use. Any only that, but an inferior piece that attaches in an original thumbsticks in a controller is loose result and now fallen out of mid gameplay each which how 5-10 mintues. I am not a supremely avid or aggressive gamer. I touch FPS less games that 5 hours the week (and that it is the estimativa generous ). Quite disappointed of something what expensive as far it likes thumbstick the grips go. You would be better bought the cheap plus to cost version that, in a much less, will not have to be substituted in such the bass achieves time.
5 / 5
That is to say something has been that it wants to try for awhile but took me the time with a longitude to write that has maintained to think in me, 'that of the can of difference this a lot of mark?' At the end it has taken the pair and I swear to the desire does not take me so it yearns the try was.

This is not your typical pair of substitution thumbsticks. These truly listen done to use for FPS games, especially while touching multiplayer. In the dry end like my movements in fact reflect my natural instincts while touch. They attach the true liberty in my movement and that objective that the has not thought never possible. It was truly impacted in a difference these facts for me.
2 / 5
Amur One issues this helps my control in some games and change one in general listens of a thumbsticks. Hate that after 6 month some lefts a will not remain on. I see another has had this problem. A person has said they sper-bonded sound. I doubt to do this in case perhaps has to take has been for some another reason. It does not know it can recommend if that is to say the common problem .
5 / 5
It possesses a Ultra is, a FPS Freek Negre Ops III EAST, and now these. It has wanted a Ultra is (only used or in a sake of clave of the equivalent), grip and good quality. A BO3 Freek is was 'very', but does not go assemblar in the pair with a quality would expect of KF. A rubber is exited a left piece afterwards only the weeks of pair and that one was very loose. These are some better Freeks has possessed. An odd, still very effective, the grip is surprising. They come with the basses or for a left clave, predominately for grip. And the big or for a right, for precision when down the half in of the fights of pistol of slow field in the presents to begin shooters (FPS). They take the bit to time to take used to him has not used never any one of these. But, the calm once finds that sensibility is comfortable and accurate since you, these will do the world of difference in your action. And I am not the pro gamer, for any half. But mark in in to to the games likes them-him it to them the call to owe the much more fun and competitive.
5 / 5
That is to say my first pair of Kontrol Freeks and was sceptical on that these in fact aided with fps games. But after trying them the era is surprising! To good sure helps with your grip and maintaining your aim in firm. To the good sure esteem is the explicit gamer!
5 / 5
This can sound madman, but has taken only the today and instantly listened enamoured. Included at the beginning touch it his could say how many helps with grip. It was also supremely comfortable ( does not think will be able to listen the control regulates a same anymore). A precision can require sometime only to verify his authenticity and concealed is not the only hype but my gameplay has improved to good sure. I use this for Overwatch predominately but to well sure can translate in another fps games. These are only utmost. A box is come the small squishes even so, any one biggie.
5 / 5
Bought a Galaxy of Vortex and alone names for my woman. A set of the vortex has lasted 6 month and seeds a coverage of the rubber of left clave is start. Any big roads so that and just sper bonded the and the life was dandy . I prefer a when being of some Galaxies even so because of an extra grip has provided.

He still, these sets has improved to good sure my control and can say that with the adjustment is resulted the better player directly because of these. My woman wants the too many and waste to touch without them.
1 / 5
Complete junk whose waste your money. They have posed your inches until big in some joysticks and he supremely uncomfortable.
5 / 5
At the beginning it was uneasy in a prize - is some the majority of the expensive grips have not bought never. Desprs Using these particular grips for the week, can say that these are also some the better grips has not bought never. A main grip is feigned by an equivalent has used to to move yours camera around and and can say help out of the plot with accuracy for shooters.
Has still in unhinge of some equivalents and has the sake, grip of rubber in your inches.
To good sure estimates a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: KontrolFreek FPS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Tan Far like an increase in action of player, sake, that is to say dependent in a player. The material any you well, the marks of practice. This has said, and remark the ENORMOUS increase in my capacity in snipe with these. I want to these where a clave of movement is lower and a movement of the camera on is main. A more under a help maintains grip so so much is lining run your toe does not slip era. If it is a created a big plus one finds it difficult to maintain my inch in the and and has to in of the roads. A created a big one more than the east one one east aiming with. An increase quotes calm to give you more field of the motion in a that clave has left calm in better movement the scope of sniper in increments smaller. If precise move you the hair hurriedly to take a shot of leader, can give a clave fell he without that has to take so endeavour or frustration in only movement the the tiny bit. The tan basically is the leaves arrest less endeavour in only take an aim has moved the small quantity. Also it does for the half diverse and some arms of a class also. Also it wants that some pillows is has depressed them more this domesticates like my tips of toe have the cosy small immersion to seat in that give me better grip in some clave. Anything next field and very would not recommend these. With this field augmented of movement of clave, marks to maintain up with the prjimos the field aims more difficult. So if you pistol and race, and the bond with a two is gone down tampons only for a grip of plus that these.

Remarks side by side in KontrolFreek, and really wish you the type has done more variants like these. The majority of your material is domestic pair or all a lower way. It want to see more like this with a clave of the domestic camera and a clave of the movement the low plus, theres only the pair has taken. Also with some grips have depressed more this created. A grip is always well in so much but a depressed ones, in me, gives more consolation and better control. Basically it do more than this exact model with ways of different/colours therefore PS and Xbox.
5 / 5
When being add, very snug access in some clave, very better in my inches. If has the big hands to good sure would recommend. The update has any problems.
5 / 5
The May Was one in so some bits of the controller done of commission, but chosen these up. My first reaction was has not been in in the same measure how the sweats has thought. Obviously, they are clearly tagged and would owe material of pause of order of my tlphonique while any prendiendo attention.

Since never issues something behind when I screwed up, has imagined also can them try. It wants to it. I have used the in Nba2k and in Borderlands. They fantastic. From time to time volume madman and or the explosions was, but that it is my only complaint .

The products adds.
4 / 5
They do so feigned of course, KontrolFreek is is utmost products. Probably it recommends that it remains calm out of this aim colored some so that the muck entered some tiny acute valleys everywhere a face of some clave of the inch and he do not look a better. But I can very a lot of to complain-
3 / 5
I have tried very comprising another Kontrolfreak grips of inch for PS4. But I am gone in success to buy two of this white group in the whopping 32 dollars only to take two low increase. 16 dollars for group was already expensive but to take 2 low increase is thank you to buy two groups.. Hard hope the moment so that I will not be buying in this prize again.
Kontrolfreak Sells other groups for PS4 with two low increase but is each which subordinated in this which group come like the low and big increase in my opinion. I have it that taking was 2 stars for a prize.. Expensive madman
3 / 5
I have bought this clave for Call of the has to Negre Ops 4/ RDR2 and the work adds for both. It does not suggest a clave of big increase (right clave) for run and players of pistol. It retards your low aim slightly and the launch was.
1. My right clave CONSTANTLY is flying was. It does not import that pressure posed in the, always exited and in a the majority of inconvenient time. Which are very terrible so that it was very impressed initially for this product.

2. Has all the classes of the white powder that surrounds a base of my clave. That is to say some type of residue this is exited of a thumbsticks. Having the quota of black controller, this excels and looks very ugly.

Would WANT A little FEEDBACK. Thank you.
5 / 5
It do not go sure yes it go to be able to touch with these , but is to add my precision in of the aims! Boys in fortnite always said there is aimbot! Perhaps so that I am also good lol!
3 / 5
They that me some looks these and listen well in a controller. The only problem is explosions of mid gaming and has finished in disaster (continued down the few words of election).

Probably will find the different grip. Has a version of Amazon of these for my xbox1 controller and so far am to add and any explosion of mid game.
5 / 5
This a lot of help takings more control in your aim. I mostly games of game in my PC, but when is touching in my PS4, these have been the enormous game -change for me. They are comfortable and calm easily leave you so much more control of precision of your movements. To good sure estimates a compraventa, I never game without them again.
4 / 5
Some clave is of sound for consolation, and does a controller that is much easier to control. Some clave the is not so concaved so expected, but some notch in helping to compensate. It takes the bit to take used to but has remarked an improvement in aiming in shooter games, but does not think is that drastic. In general, yes it has money to blow or wants to only that little it bite he of extra verge, these are worth it.

Top Customer Reviews: DualShock 4 Back ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Plea of authorship:
At the same time of the mine that writes this description, January 27th, 2020, a DualShock 4 Rear Key the annex was released officially to a phase. It was able to purchase one on emission been due to pre-ordering, and will share my initial impressions after touching with him the few hours today, and will update a description as have garnered more experience with a product.

A-boxing and installation:
was very pleased with a slender box has used to spend a unit he. The inaugural a box, his craftily the text has situated, reading 'Of entity - Read In the first place', and has attached was some directions on like this to install and program a unit (for the total of 2 any easy). Some instructions were very sincere, although I took around 5 minutes to install a unit to a controller personally, so that has the little bit of finesse involved and was fearful of breaking something. Only confidence some directions, and will be well. It does not feel to like is going in a right way, but just push in when all is lined on and will burst to plant.

Initial impressions:
An annex in a controller felt adds in some hands when in the first place in the resistant, and some keys resupply the plus crisp, the fashion of click has smiled, like opposed to a silent and less tactile more DualShock keys. This in spite of, after using a product for just roughly 30 minutes, my hands had begun already to clash on been due to an extra material that has had to that grip. I will owe that update this description with which experience further with a product to see if this question persists, but these keys are a lot of fats like compared to other more slender options at present in a phase, like paddles. Has normal sized hands, but to all the cost, fundamentally will change a way resists your controller and at least of mine first experience, looked to give me more entrances (obviously) for a trade-out of less than control because of a zone to surface augmented of a controller that cause a hand cramping.. There is remarked that it no longer could apply pressure to where has used to resist a controller, otherwise would be to press these new rear keys . And if I still want to resist a controller, a pressure has to that be applied to somewhere more than forming that it does not fall out of my hands. Ossia Where the majority of a pressure has begun to build in some sides of my hands, and in my toes that tries awkwardly the resist but a lot accidentally pressing some rear keys. If has main delivery, can be the better option for you, but still will change likes to resist your controller, and probably still cause cramping like the majority of a pressure applied has to that be in some sides of a controller, more than around that.

Extra information:
1. Coverage of the half comunicacionales of this product announces a screen like the touchscreen - this is not a chance. For coverage of means comunicacionales, bad of mostly of third party informative sources and outlets. At least in this page of Amazon, is directed correctly like the digital screen. But it is not deceived by some means comunicacionales that alleges it to be the screen to touch, is simply the digital screen that operates with some two rear keys his, and then a screen is the third key in that can you to it press, but is not to touch-has operated.
2. A level of industry for rear keys, or for behind paddles for the competitive game is 4, and this produces so only contains 2. This would not owe that be the question for more than people, but the signal was reason are purchasing this then calm product probably is looking for the competitive goodness, and in this chance two gone in less can not be that it is looking for.
3. Sony Is VERY NEW to develop any class of first-party upgrades for his competitive or professional players. Microsoft There Has been his controller of prime minister of elite of the own party for Xbox with rear paddles and numerous another adicións/additions for years. As has third companies of the countless party and the partidários has created his own renditions that thinks would be useful to players in a competitive scene.. But ossia a first time Sony has created anything like this, and the part of a reason has released these products is reason has has leaks of a DualShock 5 (controller of next gene) concealed objective he in that has it paddles, and with this annex of rear key, calm more probably be able to use your DualShock 4 in the PS5 and use everything of his capacities. Basically that am saying is, ossia the test estada announces Sony. They are using this product to garner feedback so that they can improve a DualShock 5 when these emissions, and is also his first crack in him, as it can disappoint you until they release something better.
4. This product was created mainly partorisca FPS/BR/games to shoot for competitive game, although certainly I can use he for any game or gender.
5. One attaches does not require to be touched. It exits of the yours DualShock the battery when installed, and a screen is so only illuminated when that programming or changing presets. Otherwise, A screen is was while you are using a controller and he will use afterwards to any one load.
6. Calm so only can join pre-existing DualShock 4 keys to the each one like this of some two rear keys. Meaning that calm is not for real obtaining MORE INCOME, but is obtaining the plant it convenient plus to press one of then exists entrance.. Calm essentially is cloning an entrance to exist of anywhere in a controller, and dipping it on one of some two rear keys. And you have joined one of some rear keys to the concrete entrance, likes triangle, for example, calm still can use a key of triangle. So only it will mean that calm now can use a key of triangle in two different places, calm will not lose a capacity to use an original entrance.
7. It does not look for it likes it it will line your controller, like the interior of an annex is lined with to silicone very soft-hule of type. An only thing to be cautious of of the one of the east a process of application, as it can be the little delicate to plugin.
8. You can press anywhere in some keys to actuate and cause them, any so only a part that the fold was. Ossia Well for people of different hand-held measures.

was the very comfortable product when I in the first place dipped the in a controller and in him that to my hands like has said, but with which roughly 30 of minutes my hands had begun to clash like this have has had to that fundamentally change a way has resisted my controller. Ossia A main reason has given a product 3/5 stars, as have has had to that the take was to touch more comfortably. This in spite of, a a-boxing the experience and the directions were very clear. An installation accuses was the little dicey, again another reason for an indication. But some looks of qualities well, and thinks it will last the long time. I will be to install the again and updating this description has had once again experience with a product.
4 / 5
The alternative way more economic to the Scuf and to release alternative wire fence to a Band of Strike. It does not spend $ 200 in the Scuf that pauses less than 6 months. If calm only need two paddles ossia a product to take . I have changed of a Band of Strike of of the one of the east one can use without there is wired he in. I never used mods in a Band of the strike likes the transition was easy. I prefer a paddle planting in this vs a Band of Strike (the semi-detached pictures) also. Hopefully A DualShock 5 comes with paddles. RASGA Kobe And Gigi.
5 / 5
Ossia The good annex (adapter) this integrates really well to a controller without hiccups to draw, or to impedance of is normal functionality.

A PS4 Attaches of the Rear key is the good addition to a DualShock 4 controller. It gives a controller to a same functionality likes some of one $ 150 - $ 200 controllers of elite have. With a capacity to map two actions of key to this annex, down three different profiles, am able to treat gameplay qualified much faster. I do not owe that take that 1-as to take the toe to depress the key. These leaves to to maintain my time of reaction quickly, and I any lag in of the actions.

An adapter is not without these defects this in spite of. Although an adapter can not be all the world is cup of tea, certainly resupplies the works of form concealed was so only excluyente to one very expensive pro controllers in a phase.

One of some things that would help gamers is knowing which of some three ways of profile are in. I have had question that knows as of some three different profiles had programmed. I owe that turn a controller on quickly to look in a SMELL to see that it has selected it exactly. Perhaps the version of review 2 for Sony will correct this omission of tiny detail.

One feels of an adapter is real a lot this in spite of, with my middle fingers that remains amiably in a rear key cause a lot well. The key accidentel presses was like minimum, but found me occasionally having them. This any raisin rests a controller in the flat surface, but yes has dipped he in lap of mine you enough the little time unfortunately. It is something to be mindful of.

Installing an adapter to mine DualShock 4 was easy also, but a jack gone in in some needs of adapter to be lined-arrive a lot directly first of the press everything of a way in. Although an adapter jack is in the moveable swivel, was bit it nervous pressing an adapter in too hard. It will be to interest to see like a quality of this moveable jack stands up over time, of then is an only emotional part that concern, and will be to install/take this adapter a terrible plot.

This door to a part where that takes an Annex of Rear Key will be the daily process for me unfortunately, loves to touch my controller with my controller that stand of touches. Of some inferior ports are covered for a device, can not use my current uploads stand to recharge my battery. The load Is that I use an upper port will not be affected by this this in spite of, and scrolling of an Annex of the Rear key will not be the cry of newspaper for these gamers.

In general an Annex of Rear Key feels really well, and integrates superbly well to a DualShock 4 aesthetic controller. It is engineered well for the tight access, and a quality of a product feels solid. It does not remark any questions a lot with life of battery neither, eats the SMELL is only illuminated for the pocolos like this first automatically turns era. Also, an adapter does not substitute some keys to exist in a controller, everything does with an installed annex. An adapter simply servants like an ergonomic way of limit of key, but the full functionality of a controller remains intact.

This annex will not be for all the world, and any all the precise world has this to touch better neither. This in spite of, if you have been in a fence that & considers to purchase a controller of elite but is in the estimativa, then ossia absolutely positively cost it-alternative effective that will not hurt your stock exchange at all. It is $ the good device priced . To good sure recommends this product for any ardent gamers there.
4 / 5
With this annex; you are able to map two programmable keys to paddle keys to a backside of a controller without disabling some keys programed.

Able to program any key a controller of accident of the duel except an action and key of tampon of the touch

A lot ergonomic. It takes the moment to take used to him calm does not use never the controller with backside paddles before.

This the majority of convenient fact when touching first person shooters where does not have to that move your thumb of a right thumb sticks to to press a key to jump that launches of your aim (especially in of the games that has double jumps, slides and/or bands of jets).

Very Still RPGs where can you mapea any of some keys of D tampons for use of element, or other special capacities

to run the games can keys to move train or arms of use

Or if it does not like to use claw of method when that resists a controller (still L2, R2); it is more ergonomic to use this annex.

Does not have any entrance lag when using.

Able to use this wirelessly.

Uses the battery of a controller. Has life of same battery how were to use controller regularly without annex. Unless you maintain to touch some keys to program FOCUSED

has DIRECTED is not on all a time, so only on when I need to regulate something

Any need covers it the laptop/of PC, or go to Ps4 settings to keys of map.

Touches a DIRECTED in backside to change until 3 profiles

Control to go to modify/screen of key of the map, the cycle by means of keys loves with paddle keys, then the click has DIRECTED to dip. Mapping Of key so only so only. Any able to do multiple entrances, or disturb functionality.

To physically install audio of row jack and pres in. Once in, it returns like the glove.

The key has good click to them. Any I too free and any too much in bylines

has an audio jack raisin-by means of so that I use it wired controllers

has the little hanged. When hanged Attached in closing like X1 controller with battery inside

uses cradle touching canal, some 3rd celebrates a bit where jump of subordinated can go in a way with annex in

Can not return some 3.os controllers of party

is looking for the comfortable more gaming experience, or a concealed to give you the light goodness when gaming is the compraventa very good . The better way that purchasing the $ 100+ controller with backside paddles.

Remarks that some of these $ 100+ controllers can have extra functionalities like swapable/modulates thumbsticks/D-tampon with adjustments of sensibility, the extra that cushions on grip, able to program multiple entrances to a key, more than 2 paddles, etc. But yes calms so only love for behind paddles in your controller without some other extras is the a lot of abordable. To the left expect an annex is for behind compatible with PS5.
4 / 5
Waste of money.
Randomly Torres of yours controller often withing as of the turn behind on.

Has bought the second has thought I so only so only recieved the defective unit but one 2nd was exactly likes first.

Has contacted Sony sustain of client and has said is conscious of a subject.
That can send an annex & my controller to have them look in him but has done any promise the fixed to him. It has been it has said also I have required receipt of mine for a controller & of annex. When it said Him I have not had receipts of mine for my controllers that is the years/of old months have been said again required them and that perhaps can take receive he of where has bought him. I laughingly said active or never walked to the Wal-Mart the week after buying something and taken receive it? I have taken hanged on.

Is returned so much my annexes and go to continue to use mine Strikepacks.
5 / 5
Thinks that goes to be sending this backside. With which in the half hour of game, my hands are extremely uncomfortable and cramping. Some keys big and bulky celery, and he hard to take the appropriate grip in a controller. I have used thinner paddle mods in Xbox the controllers and those are much more comfortable. Sony Has the good idea here, but has not been able to execute in creation of product.

The mapping Of the law of key adds and would be the decent product another that one the unnatural grip/feels. Has hands of means FYI. Perhaps it has giant hands this would be more useable? It does not think never it could touch well with these, although I have taken used to them. There is disappointed to good sure.

Update: So much, after using another rear key mods/alleged, has found this annex to be much more bearable. Material there is to good sure the 'pause-in' period where yours delivery has to that take used to gripping a controller differently, but once the have the habit of, is the very good accessory . Extracted well, and in spite of a light clumsiness (compared to the grip rule in a controller) a profit of some additional keys far outweighs any negative critiques that has. Changing my description to 4 stars, reasons is not to perfect, but quite good. It would recommend.
4 / 5
So only has taken a product like this the has not had long use with him, but has touched the few games to call to owe with him. Gotta Has said, any disappointed with him. It feels well in some hands, and is easy to program some keys. All has taken to do is press and resist a key in a fund of a screen, then press some rear keys to spend for the cast of keys can select in the each rear key. Incumplimiento Is circle in a legislation, X in an accident. Here it is the cast of all some keys can program his. Triangle, circle, X, place, on, well, down, to the left, L1, R1, L2, R2, L3, R3, and a key to start with. As any key of action or key of tampon of the touch. Another that that, all has taken to say is some the rear keys are really easy to press in. They have taken the good click to them. I found accidently paste some rear keys when I have not wanted to feign to. Perhaps with the little more the time will take more used his. As of now included do of the money.
4 / 5
This annex of rear key is the transmission of game!

PS Has to that it has taken his communication mixed up in his date of emission because each tent was sold neither was, some employees have not known when it is exited, or postings on-line has had date of different emission.

Moving on ... I did not see never buying the $ 200+ controller so only to try out of rear keys so many when this is to exit I has had to that jump in an occasion to see that all a hype was roughly.

First things in the first place some records and the arrival is sum and some clicks are tactile. I wish a screen was in a front, but ossia so only the subject small. It is slightly bulkier that thought it would be. If his slimmed the down the bit in a height of some keys that would have been perfect.

I games of game takes to plot that takes use to at least for me. I found clicking a right rear key when it has looked for to press R2 to shoot, but he kinda is coming to to my goodness likes felizmente of the shots of multiple drop have executed lol. Also, if it is taste taking the grip in of firm of your controller during gameplay and that knows that it is planted in your hands gaming bit it more comfortable, but one attaches in fact maintains calm to do that. It has attached once some keys come on low to your middle fingers like some only toes really gripping a controller is your coverage and pinky toe, but am taking his use.

In general am happy PS is exited finally with his own version of the rear key and expect ossia glimpses that it is to come with a new DualShock 5 (hopefully version of Elite 😬).
4 / 5
Like this, yeah, so only has taken this a lot of anticipated , has sold was everywhere, element this morning and like this far is the whopping soyeh' of the device.

In the first place of a good: it is big quality , is sturdy, some keys have the abonos tactile feels. It is easy to setup and configurations of key of the transmission. It is basically everything would expect of the Playstation has produced. Oh, And a fact is so only $ 30, if it calms that can find, he the fact an appeal buys.

Now on to a bad: it is useless for this creation has feigned , IMO. There is so only two keys (which is a lot) but is slanted was the some lefts and legislations in place of down, as each one another paddle fashionable controller. In fact it prevents a way typically would resist a controller and results uncomfortable to use. After using an Elite and the pair of Sony third party paddle controllers, this extremely is in disappointing. At present I am touching by means of Nioh 2 and in fact done a game a hard plus to touch because of a way a paddles is drawn. Literally it feels better to so only use a regulate DS4.

Inferior line: If precise extra keys, does not want to spend for some third versions of party, and is not very particular, the supposition is an alternative for a prize. If you are any one has used to the controller of Elite of Microsoft or one of an a lot of PS4 paddle alternative, will remain down.
5 / 5
Utmost idea, but extremely buggy. Some turns of annex of mine Dualshock controller each one that 1-2 minutes. The multiple controllers have tried with some same results. A real shame how was really that looks forward to a device.

Top Customer Reviews: MOVONE Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5
I cant believe a prize so that I recieved today. It was skeptical that sees like this was 1/3 more economic that all some other controllers ive has found. It is it has pleased further! Has good-looking creation and in functions of key of the point. To good sure will recommend this to a lot of & all the world-wide that wants to buy the new controller.
5 / 5
Has hated This far control, but has then left touches all night and the timed. The timed With which have pulled some discharges was to see when it would turn era. With which 3 hours have called of my familiar and distracted for other things so that it has not taken his entirely imagines was that the time has taken to download. Now for a money this controller is a lot there is not any question.....
Update!!!! It is still I adds it far for a money
4 / 5
A prize are add, of course this is not done of Sony. In a picture has compared to an original ps4 controller. I touch destiny and resupplied. I remark some lag in mine right joystick. When Aiming to the chair likes does of a bit behind punctually of the response And a X key takes the little has stuck. Perhaps his new mark to the equal that will fix in his own. Hopefully His no defective. My old original ps4 controller joystick has not resisted the load so that it is to say the substitution abordable sum .
5 / 5
Would not recommend this controller to touch anything besides to to the the simple board game likes him the risk, Monopoly, An etc. Some claves and some keys do not register well at all is trying touch any shooter or anything fast paced in general has joined something died for some claves are was and some keys are a lot late any to mention you has to that really jam your thumbs to them especially a key of options concealed is when it has known something was was. Any one economic out of just spend of the extra money as it does not finalise to like me the one who has has had to that now buy another controller in the prize the expensive plus.
5 / 5
Not going never to buy the mark of name of full prize again. They are a miser gamer and this controller reacts one same likes one this is coming with a console and less than half a cost.
5 / 5
Laws perfectly and looks so only like a picture! It is the quality of better plot that a an I bought for him to substitute, included with the difference of 2 years among some dates of compraventas. Really happy that has taken for such the good prize.
5 / 5
Has thinks that would try out of this controller based in the decent descriptions but this controller is terrible. They are not even a miser gamer. I mostly games of sports of the game (maddens, NBA 2K, etc). There is like this delay and lag that is impossible to touch. Returning immediately.
5 / 5
The sum this on this control is bad. It does not take Me he badly laws but his Baaaaad. Ossia A cause of control of the type of emergency is a last what would take again. I quite game with my beaten on controller that this a lol. I trust to save your time. Find the leaves of dual incident to go or something but does not buy this. Any value of the money.
4 / 5
Does not buy this crappy controller!!!! The only reason has bought was reason because of a pandemic ps4 the controllers were down in stocks!! I have bought this and has touched to 3rd person shooter in the and some keys do not react consistently to the normal ps4 controllers! Some tones of lacking arrow of the sensibility and one equivalen would not turn to a legislation a fast plus that turning it to an accident. This controller is the POS!!!!!!! Please does not give your money to the this damn subject!!!
4 / 5
To good sure the product adds and value partorisca money! My edges were excited like this! It is better that some original controllers that come with a console!

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