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Top Customer Reviews: Claysmith Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
4 / 5
Bought four bands and each band has been missing the chip of poker. Also it has the plot of pieces of clay that is exited some chips. They do not look partorisca do the work adds partorisca clean some chips with which are done . My OCD is so only slightly in that worsen me because of some missing chips. Haha Are supposition to have 200 chip any 196!!! Any point in returning them for four chip. Another those some chips are disappeared probably would estimate him four stars.
5 / 5
There has been attended really big for these chips. It was really stoked when I opened him. A weight felt to add and note like this of the chips of qualities adds. Unfortunately, the little has been missing a denomination. It was to order more if these exited but now am not like this sure.
5 / 5
Has not expected these to be such good quality. Has a weight of real neighbourhoods the one who appreciates them of then will be to use his in place of real neighbourhoods for our Pitty Pat games with a fam! Im To good sure ordering more!
5 / 5
Very unhappy , the chips are looking unfinished and some of them have come with misplaced stickers. I have bought the together of 350 (25cents, 50cents , $1 ) any of them are exited without a subject. I will choose the different website for chip of poker next time
4 / 5
has Ordered 50 $ 2 chip and received him fast and has had 2 extra for the total of 52. I guess it concealed it ensures that something goes awry, always will take at least a number has ordered. A small thing that mark the big difference. Some chips are solid quality and one of a bit those that available in of the low denominations for games of small dollar. It would recommend highly.
4 / 5
Has joined other descriptions are is chip of big quality that does not disappoint . I have ordered the variety of them and all have arrived a lot of packaged and stunning. My edges have wanted to him!
5 / 5
These are not like this vibrant or “to the neon” likes him to him the show of pictures. They are, this in spite of the amiably weighted chip; to the left it is to see like this is long-term.
4 / 5
These are chips of big note so only like a one is in Vega casino is. It will buy more. Calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
Are not a partorisca obsess in chip of poker. My whole order was announced like this, arrived promptly, a lot packaged, and each chip was intact and ready to use. These are chips of good poker , included would go according to which to say chip of poker very good. I am not sure that would do the chip of exceptional poker, but until I , am happy with these.
5 / 5
Am pleased with some global chips but some of them of any glued correctly.

Top Customer Reviews: NOLIE Casino Poker ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Special timing external. We owe that it marries of stay. And poker of casino of the game with my members familiarised can be the option adds. We enjoy to touch this poker of casino. And this neighbour has the good quality. It can be the election adds wants to touch some games with your members familiarised.
5 / 5
The chance are not to add but is pertinent. Some chips are well! Need the piece of foam in an upper to resist some papers and the data situate better, but in general very happy for use of house.
5 / 5
This neighbour is big quality and perfect for our use. The container arrived at the head of schedule. Very satisfied.

Top Customer Reviews: DA VINCI 100 11.5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
4 / 5
Partorisca A prize, thinks that ossia a better chip in a phase. These are heavy, with that satisfy 'Clink!' When you splash a pot. With some denominations have printed, calm does not take never table-the mates that asks 'Well, that is some red chips ?' I have had the little of them the together clave out of a packaging, but ossia a question a big plus . A lot of folks has written on storage of these: I have begun with the Plan 3700-serious (deep) box, and some chips return PERFECTLY with a dividers has added. You can stack 20 chips for spaces, partorisca the total of 400 chip (or 4 of these boxes), room besides partorisca the Kem 2-the coverage marries of plastic paper in a side. I have begun in common the main games, and have moved like this until Stanley Sortmaster marries, which resists well on 1,000 chip, and is easier that spend. One first photo aims a (clear) Flat chance, some second shows Stanley. Happy pokering!
5 / 5
Has not had any chip that the estaca likes it near has seen in other descriptions. A press of quality / of the build of some chips was noticeably worse that some very good chips my brother possesses. He splurged in the together elegant, of course. That I bad is that a mould has used looked the small 'lumpier' somehow, and a product is was-dipped slightly.

One was the little big that has been expecting, but is well. Has map dividers partorisca resist some chips, but any snugly.

Are also suspects that these are not in fact Gives Vinci the mark and ossia the lie in a title of product. There is absolutely any mark or identifying information in a box anything. Of the 'Chips of Casino 100 PCS' bit it really feels likes something some inner fact in 15 minutes.

Has expected partorisca the together good of chip in the seeds-portable the of small container, this vaguely access that bills.

Recommends this product, but no with excites. If you are it has owed to bear spend $ 10 more, he.
5 / 5
Are very happy with a heft of these chips. It excepts some models, is unmarked, which adapt me so only well. I feign partorisca use them partorisca diverse table-to to upper games like chits.

There is not remarked any defect in them. One paints has not been stuck near, and has not had any imperfection like another reviewers has declared.

Any one calls eyes of snake of the circle. If taken the bad batch , returns him. In mine estimativa, that has taken has cost a prize. Celery and well of look.
5 / 5
Has bought these any partorisca touch poker, although has the abundance has left partorisca do like this, but like this substitution tokens partorisca a Heroclix game. They go in the different and calm colours can take the stickers done of the commission has done, which add partorisca 'token generadoras' figures of type or partorisca do bookmarks/marcadors of action, light and heavy objects, and like this on. Each chip is a lot of sturdy and has to that to a same smooth texture likes to regulate the token.
4 / 5
Has bought this together partorisca add the additional chips to mine craps table. If you are wicked OCD in cosmetics and looks, then these probably are not some better chips partorisca you. Had some defects to detail smaller with these (perhaps 5 or like this chips), but is expected. Another that that, is very compatible. They are not like this good and soften like this of the chips that is coming with the mine craps place, but a creation is quite good and a weight is resembled a casino.
4 / 5
I really liked these chips when I opened him in the first place. They have had the good weight and feel to them. I have begun once the use there is @@give me it they the tonne of them has been together has stuck! When I pry averts him was obvious that one paints in some chips him the clave and I is to remain with big chunk of painted loses they to be pulled averts. That was sad drink the use done such the good feeling look of economic chip.
5 / 5
So only does not see that calm better for chip that loves you have the good to feel and hanged. These returns for me. Forget a darn the box of map goes in used that this in spite of. If you want to extracted he in of the chips- I thinks these do a trick and perhaps more to buy 2 boxes go to have the serious game.
5 / 5
Are not the pro.
But am not stupid.
Some chips to paint. But really any the big shot is looking for the good to feel place of chip!
Am pleased with this compraventa.
Some chips can come stuck together(any scarce)..
Suggests the sweet warm water so much.
Dry immediately !
Likes any to rust.
Does not take Me bad with everything is.
Chip add for a prize!
4 / 5
Schooling to house mine 7 et.ou. The boy is amused now. Teaching Mathematical with Jack Nero and these chips. Take ready for Vega cuz has to that me money.
4 / 5
These chips are chips of the data and his hanged a the another hands a creation on marks him the one of the data bondadoso has taken the together of 300 of these and is utmost for the chips have been stuck hey agrees is chip of data and takings 100 chips to 4 colours likes him visas and of n a value also in a would recommend these chips to any before gone expensive.

Top Customer Reviews: Brybelly Clear ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
4 / 5
I have had some worry that a quality of these trays would be quite down, but still in the prize adds was impressive. I will be hosting the night of friendly poker in my house and has has loved guests to easily of chips of movement among tables of game - these will do wonderfully. An economic composite chip of clay I experience ($ 90 for 500 Mountain Carlos) is gone in the terribly economic aluminium the chance has not planned to use, and some chips return utmost in these trays with 20 chips for row and the tiny bit of lop' as easily I can take.

I also use these trays to store my chips in the 'bank' for denomination (sees photo) and then stack has has fill trays vertically to save spatial in our cupboard of game. I feign to buy/mark some class to spend box or chance that beats to transport a stack of chip-in-of the trays like a together orderly, resembled a fashion of the boxes of acrylic casino can have seen.

There is so only the little smaller downsides to these trays that see before dipping them by means of his steps:

1) has any coverages/of lids. If you will use these for storage of chip of term along, calm will want to situate him in the cube or something, or situate an empty tray on a stack to maintain powder and junk of your chips.
2) You a lot of nest. If it store your chips elsewhere, these trays any nest to the each one which another, as they are quell'has bitten uncomfortable the stack/tent when they are not that it resists any chip. This also causes empty trays to take on more storage that necessary, which is reason I has opted to maintain my chips in some trays for storage.
3) Has no pickup characteristic. If has loaded trays in the table (especially the stack of them) and loves him choose on, there is not a flange or hole to easily choose on an inferior tray. Some sides are smooth without points of grip.
Could cut out of small semicircles in some finals so many can slip the toe down. When Have the few full trays stacked vertically, choosing on a class closely to require you to slide a together of a flange of the table to take your hand down. This is not a subject for a full tray like any one the big complaint for my main use for these, but moving around stacks of the multiple trays are risky more - especially with which have had the few beers. :)
The supposition concealed is where the chance to resist a lot the paving will go in handy.

Everywhere, excellent value - I probably will purchase this together of 10 again I so that it can use a lot for my 'bank' and hand out of trays to guest. But first to purchase your together, could look in some other creations that nest or have the precise coverages these characteristics.
4 / 5
Ossia A tray of chip of excellent poker and resists 20 of some chips of professionals of fashionable poker perfectly (39 mm to 40 mm day or in. To in. Day. And mm to mm, or in. To in. Thickness) with just quite the room has left on when full to pull the chip was when required to do it payout during a course of a game. These are utmost when touching Panguingue where sometimes is that they pay was 1 to 4 or more chip which can be during each draw of players, with until 8 players, or can be attractive in like this a lot like 1 to 4 or more chip of the each player after your draw and meld. Some of some players are well maintain very orderly stacks of chip in front of them but in my chance, these trays save me to plot of fumbling the wand that falls some the chips in my battery in front of me. And a fact that some trays can be stacked on the each one another when full really helps when some papers and the chips are flowing your way. These trays are also really is to do fast accounts of chips in an end of a game when grouping them in stacks of 20.
An only drawback is that when storing so only 5 or less chip in the section categorically has the tendency to dip down in a tray and slide around. Perhaps he 1/2 to 1 thumb long 1.5 diameter of thumb dowel in a section of same tray would correct this.
5 / 5
These things do quite well. On all these are done of fat acrylic and will resist up for awhile. For a calm prize can any gone bad. They will do so only well for my application. Utilisation the table of Poker to touch Blackjack with friends. It include it Is the picture of 3 slowly that is used like the trafficante bankroll.

Have 40mm the chips and him some chips do not touch some subordinated to the equal that touch súper easy when there is less than 4 or 5 chips in the space (Control a picture to see an empty).

Another subject when using chip that is 39-40mm is that some trays a lot stack well. Celery he likes can be attacked easily on. The desire has done some this is to draw specifically for 39-40mm chip.

That averts, calm can any gone bad with these. A prize is really good and law, included in some chips of the main diameter has.
4 / 5
Some chances are clear glass . They look to be sturdy and stackable. And they look to be a right measure for chip that is 39 millimetri wide. Mina 40 width of millimetro classifies chip of records in some trays but a stacks touch each one which so another and because of that, some chips can be difficult to take of a paving. Some trays can easily control 21 chip stacks of mine Claysmith chip.
5 / 5
I have not been real thrilled when I have received these but that consider as it has paid, the supposition does not have to that it has been surprised. They are gone in thin boxes that has been rasgado and/or open in both ends and has fallen out of these. They are done to have to that heavy plastic , clear but some of them have been lined enough on, assumes to ship. So only they are that they resist some chips of poker like any one the biggie supposes. We use him to knots to go in 4 years and resist on enough well. They take a work done, is not too expensive and him him them looks are not that big of the shot for you then these could do a trick.
5 / 5
Obviously any chip racks returned each chip of the poker so only never does perfectly. A listing declares that ossia the regular measure racks. A chip of poker rule is 39mm and weigh roughly 10 grams. A lot chinese the chips are 40mm and weigh 11.5 grams or more. Before you buy any chips racks some investigation and discover a measure and width of your chips and find the rack concealed returns your chips. There is a lot 1 descriptions of star have left reason some any one is returned chips a racks. Calm can not dip the 40mm 11.5 chip of gram to the storm of regular measure and the expect to record. If you do not have the chips of the measure regulate perhaps calms would not owe that buy these.

Has been abonos returned for mine ASM/CPC. Paulson I chip could be the little loose of then usually take the 66.7 rack. I have tried a generic Chinese 11.5 data of chips of gram and so only 19 accesses of chips.

These racks is the very good shot, has had the pair lines very small in a fund of a rack but is hardly noticeable and will not affect action.
4 / 5
Has six insiemi of clay regulate (11g) chips and his NO RETURNED in these trays. His this in spite of returned in the tray that is coming house with me of the casino the few years behind. A radio of some spaces in these trays is slightly too small and some any one is returned chips all a way in. Some complete waste of my money.
5 / 5
Bought these the more organise my chips in my house craps table. It likes like this you can stack these on and maintain unused of chips out of a way, but have them easily accessible and transportable. Each row resists 20 chip. They are sturdy quite that will not bend. My only complaint is has 3 chip less in the row, has the tendency to fall if any resisted against a flange. Otherwise, This good work. It can it has not beaten he for a prize!
5 / 5
You look these for the moment, and when a neighbour is touched to lose the around $ 12 was a compraventa perfect . These do to run the tournament súper easy. They are utmost to break down chips, as well as moving chips to subject to subject. Highly you recommend to maintain the little of these manually for tournaments as well as to simplify stacking. With a lot it likes me he recommends.
5 / 5
Excellent for my use. We buy 10,000 chip dipped for the Institute After Prom Celebrates. Some chips have done awesome but has been to stick with like this to store them. I have bought 12 containers and is perfect. A prize was right and these have saved a day. Now I am dipping near the box of storage for some trays. It can not be happier with this option.

Top Customer Reviews: Big Blind Products ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
4 / 5
I have purchased this together partorisca my Brother-in-the present navideño of the law (does not say !). A together among the good box and is packaged amiably. Some chips wrap in of the plásticoes as I do not know on hanged of quality or individual chip, but this will do the present adds!!
4 / 5
Has purchased this product by night of weekly poker my friends and I has loved to begin. This seat of chip is touching in Vega! They are a lot good weighted, durable creation , adds, perfect monetary denominations. Highly recommend this product!
4 / 5
Has not had any idea that would be to take chip of Poker of quality de Vega . I gave him to my edges to to those who likes him have his buddies on and say that it was a habladuría of a night for having these awesome chips of poker! The fact look a hero :-)
4 / 5
the chips of qualities Adds with the casino feels to them. They are heavy and smooth. Stack Easily and a box of storage is big quality also and will last. It recommends.
5 / 5
Good spouse of chip of poker. The quality adds. Value a compraventa.
5 / 5
A lot looking chip with the good weight to them. When You toss the in a pot feels well. His well to touch with chip of quality.
5 / 5
Awesome Addition to the ours together! It feels heavy and the look adds!
5 / 5
Costs some same likes 300 of this plastic of red light weight, aim, and blue some.

Has footprint of money in a surface of some chips (looking a name of mark and value of dollar of the chip). I have been concerned that it has looked it to it to him flake, but I the test of the scratch and a press am remained plants.

A box is heavy map , lustrous . This in spite of, with which so only the pocolos use, a box already is beginning partorisca aim wear.

In general, value of look he.
4 / 5
Awesome Chip! An only reason am not giving to 5 description of star is due to a durability. A source in some chips dispels quite easily but is not to treat it big is planning on using these chips for nights of poker with friends and family. I can see like some hardcore poker fanatic could be disturbed for of the this. If you are not the hardcore poker fanatic, highly recommends these chips. Calm will enjoy them. Celery and sound well when you stack him.
4 / 5
Is has arrived run over or has fallen. Box of storage unusable. The vendor will not answer .

Top Customer Reviews: DA VINCI 14 Gram ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have been partorisca detail More adds them in video, but these are chips of the poker adds . Weights very good to them and have the very good clay click / partorisca feel to them when compared to other frames. After buying this band of 50 chip have been sold in a quality.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. So better that a Brybelly the chips will find more the people in the amazon is selling. These have the good plus chalky the clay feels, a sticker inserts/inserts is smoother, and these do not have all a little plastic “seal” imperfections in some flanges.
4 / 5
Has bought the small band of these partorisca try was. They are not the enormous defender of +11 chip of gram, but some chips of Carlos of the Mountain has the plot of the on-line good descriptions, like reasons any one? Basically these are qualities ABS metal-slugged the chips and look a part! If has the game of house and calm loves to impress your random paper-touching partner, these are in good bet . It is hard to be critical in this prize. I will say that some colours are muted and there is stamping / @subject to finalise. But a uniformity is really good and some flanges are well.

Likes -you the heavy chip and so only do random house gaming, a Mountain Carlos is hard to beat.
5 / 5
Chip add! Taken a yellow and rose ($ 1k & $ 5k)! It feels I am add, any plastiky at all. It has to that well the clay feels to them. Only real negative would give him would be in a colour. The desire was more vibrant. The colours are muted. In general really good.
5 / 5
This look of chip, feels, and to the his like him the chips of casino. They are qualities very big and a detail are adds. A decals is situated firmly and recessed, as they will not exit or wear of show. Some flanges are súper crisp and aim a lot very workmanship. Like another reviewers there is remarked, a green colour is muted, but still quite diverse so that it can not confuse some denominations when you are by train to order them. To good sure will be to buy more!
4 / 5
Good prize. This in spite of, a recent order has received has not been ascended like this hot to the equal that has taken the few years does. It has caused the bit of confusions to players of poker to ensure that I am 5K chip. Look In an image where finds ‘has ascended Hot' in inferior of a picture is that I have expected of you. Thank you.
5 / 5
Has bought recently one $ 100, $ 500, $ 1000 and $ 5000. And I am them very pleased with my mandate, has received them in time and really the amour that touches with them, feels and chip of looks of casinos, the take tonnes of compliments of the friends and am asked always to spend my chips when his hosts the night of poker.
5 / 5
Has had already he 500 Chip dipped of these Gives Vinci chip. Commanded an additional 50 of one $ 500 and $ 1000 chip. Of the $ 500 chips were a same weight and has gathered well. A subject only was a surface of clay on almost each chip was to dull in colour and scuffed. A bit those that have had decent sized scratches. This band of 50 is some only chips out of all 600 I now possess concealed is in this condition.
4 / 5
This description is for any denomination to Give Vinci 14 Clay of Chip of Gram of Poker of Quality of Prize. I touch with professional and of the players of poker have interested abonos real, knows poker. I have purchased these in of the hopes would represent his quality of game, has done. Each player commented in a seat and quality. If has the serious game, then take serious in the touch.
5 / 5
Has bought these to add mine another collection and these am not disappointed. Good quality, smooth chips. To good sure any complaint.

Top Customer Reviews: Brybelly 50 Clay ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
4 / 5
Misleading Description. These are at all 'clay composite'. They are CORE of METAL with the PURE PLASTIC coating. I have sacrificed a chip partorisca take the Dremel his only to see why was curious. In of the llamas, odorando the plastic was one first what has odorato, clue for sparks of metal when have paste a core. See a semi-detached image has taken.

Gave it 2 stars because they are still usable like some chips of poker.
4 / 5
A chip of poker is add, but be conscious, a lived colored the chip is very dark, is not the by heart lived brilliant how pictured. I have been disappointed.
5 / 5
Am updating mine 4 description partorisca star to 1 and giving up in these chips partorisca abonos.

Every time orders the new racks well, is the shadow was in colour and/or some measures are different. A last batch, some the white chips were way -was-white in place of an original of brilliant aim, the thickness was way was (so much so that the stack of twenty sinister space partorisca an extra chip in regular storm OF THE SAME MARK... Unacceptable) and a circumference was big that usual. It COULD be very you shabby all some the calm chips will not require never immediately but has to that add some later, does not expect him partorisca match by means of mandates.

A colour COULD live with (but has to that it does not have to that ) but a difference partorisca measure every time I order is the shot partorisca frustrate breaker; it feels really uncomfortable in your hand when some measures take mixed during the game.

A bit those that dollars of hundred down a drain in these partorisca buy them like my games grow measured in place of everything immediately and does not feign partorisca reward Brybelly partorisca substitute them everything with a batch a late plus... Especially of then there is not any guarantee that buying all immediately would solve a question.
5 / 5
Uses these partorisca chips of game partorisca my toddler. Has the perfect weight to them and am not fearful of products of odd product or breaking them and resultant choking hazards. These am legit chip of poker.
4 / 5
Really Like me these. I have loved some chips that could write number on and use in the class to attribute students randomly to different groups. As I have taken the Sharpie and dip the '1' on 6 of them, the '2' in another 6 and like this on, and drew him out of the box.

A fact that these are clay and aim has meant that this has done really well. A Sharpie the estacas of ink bit it better on clay that plastic, and a fact that is mainly the aim has done some visible numbers, and gave him the good heft.
4 / 5
Solid chips, value a prize, but a lot of some chips (perhaps 20) was misaligned in a stamping so that a pips has not been centred in an outline of data, sometimes like this far like this to leave a pips imbedded in a line in a side of a square outline of some images of data. A pips and some white part of some look of chip to be the plastic part of a chip more than painting, so that it does not have any risk of a pips or checkered the flanges that takes spent was. These would be 5 stars if it has not been for a still misalignment stamp, really like me a bit chip.
4 / 5
Has bought several colours of this model of chip. I have loved the chip of the good quality and this returns a bill. They are sure he has chips more expensive there.. And to good sure more economic some... But it would call this quality of casino especially for recreational use. Spent more than precise.. Calm will use them..
4 / 5
Is obviously yellower that some chips of big quality have been way matching to, and have the slightly less ceramic feel but look to do well.
5 / 5
These are chips a lot well , and is one same like other chips that the clearly done looks in a same place although I am marketed like different frames.

These chips are heavy, robust to break, and have the dry, smooth tactile feels. Utmost celery in a hand and stack well. So only roughly all could love chip of poker.
4 / 5
Colour of the chip is not lived. We could not say a difference among these and some the blue chips have.

Top Customer Reviews: Bicycle Poker Chips ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
2 / 5
There are three different colours... ish. Some aims are all the different shadows of aims, a blues the different look, and the looks there are two red piece different. And they look used, any new. Not doing business again. Some tills looked has been opened and saved in front of being reused.

Has opened only the and has taken a picture. Any change out of any piece.
5 / 5
We use these cual the system of reward for mine 3 boys, can win this piece for several tasks and redeem them for in sewing it to to him would like him the. Hopefully Does not finish with the bouquet of young adults with problems of game. :)
4 / 5
I have purchased in fact this plus for the project is doing on (required some piece of mere aim). Problem even so - require some with at least a smooth/spatial centre. This piece of Bicycle has his logotype in a side of head office by side and the name of a company in another. As it scrapes it conceal. Any big roads, that is to say that takes to buy the product of mark of the name. They still laws for concealed it has been feigned - poker. A lot I have you do not touch cards with the group of this piece since childhood. Some piece has taken to look the thin plus bit this takes the. Still, they are very done and prjimos together likes him memory. I am satisfied with purchase of mine.
2 / 5
I have wanted a little piece of clear economic poker to take in a beach, cookouts, camping and such, and any a lot of wait anything more than piece of cheap plastic for a prize, but was very dissappointed with that has been shipped. I have ordered to two boxes like them some big together with quite a lot of piece for several players. Quan A sending is arrived some two boxes of the exposure has been rasgada and bad shopworn, that very has not done a lot of difference, even so cual imported was that some two sets was missmatched. One has had red, aim and blue piece, and another the ivory has had, maroon and dark blue. They have not been values a hassle to the return has written only a whole thing was like the bad roads and has accepted a fact that that Yogi Berra would say ' done a wrong deception'. I have finished to give in some boys of neighbour to touch with and ordering the different economic posed that arrived to be better quality for less than money and exactly that has wanted.
5 / 5
Bought a box and has taken exactly that orderly, exactly that it was in a picture: piece of levels of poker of mere plastic in some three mere colours. I take that other people have had worse luck, but my mandate was a lot.
5 / 5
It asks plastic very regulate in my opinion. Good quality for the that is to say. Logotype of bicycle in both sides, grooved verges like the piece stack together without sliding around. 50 aims, 25 each what so of red and blue. Exactly that has expected.
3 / 5
The box is arrival very broken and that loses the piece. Cheap prize, these are sper thin. The arrival that the compraventa better for the prize ails main in wally world.
5 / 5
Good piece. I have purchased these to help the second grader addition of subtraccin and know only. It helps his voice a problem and she have been doing fast progress.
5 / 5
Bought for ladies in the nursing marries .Use as bingo piece ...Happy to take them
5 / 5
These are exactly that would expect for a prize and I are in any subjects disappointed with a quality or edifice. There is this shipped in a APO/FPO military allocution, takes the plot to use and has has provided hours of entertainment. I last ordered these low subjects of 2015 and paid $ 6.69.

Top Customer Reviews: Brybelly Monte ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
So only it has taken my mandate today and am disappointed in a quality of these chips. A bit those that there have been the external stickers of an inner circle. A lot they have there have been stickers that has not been glued down flat. Another has a circle of gold in an entirely sticker of mine-has varied. See a picture.

Am debating among returning these and go with another mark or try the different batch and hope to take different results.
4 / 5
Use: Bought to 50 band of a green $ 25 Mountain Carlos chip to try was of then am looking for the together full but has loved to try the frames of pair were before buying the together integer.

Quality of chip: These chips are not the quality adds, can have had the bad batch but 45/50 chip have peeled out of a container, any one some stickers on but in some details around some flanges. They are very worry very calm you for some creations but for a prize would expect him to be better quality. Out of a box can feel one peeling all a way around some chips so many can require the his sand down or the a bit locate rear peel separates was before calm in fact the the game. I will try to take the picture the little later and update.

Service of client: initially I emailed to ask yes has had the bad batch or if ossia so only that usually it was and his emailed behind inside an hour that says that some chips were defective and to give an attentive account of how much and would send me substitutions. I sent him a quantity and has not received never any substitutions and never listened behind him again in spite of emailing look it more time to do sure have received an email.

Conclusion: it is possible has had really the bad batch, but Buyer beware that it is possible to receive the defective chips and will give you some courses around to do thinks that goes to correct some chips. When you are spending a quantity of money in of the chips to have games around 20ish people quite does not have to that worry in this type of material and to good sure does not want to has to that spend peel each chip to fix any one peeling for this quantity of chip. Another that that feels good but think one peeling done some chips look old and used which would not owe that be a chance in fresco out of some chips of band. Happy has bought some the sample.
5 / 5
These are utmost chips for games of house. Good weight, I like a creation, and a sparkly embroiders around some denominations really is fresh. I recommend him highly. An only thing has loved to signal was, so that they could be interested, is that some chips take here can very necessarily be a party by heart esatta by another chip of Trace of Club of Poker of Carlos.

This probably will not import for those of you the one who is coming directly the Amazon to buy your insiemi. To be clear, some chips have bought has had here compatible colouring inside his, as expensas your whole collection here would owe that be well. Considering me, the months of pair have bought the together of some chips of Carlos of the Mountain of mine perfectionist venue, and am coming the Amazon to order additional chips in of the sure denominations to have quite a lot of chips for structures of sure tournament. My smaller complaint is so only that some chips have taken here has not been a party by heart esatta with my current chips. A difference is light, would describe them so only the turn of has bitten,likes had been seating in a warehouse for the long time. But so only it can be that has come from/come from the batch of the different factory and some colours are not compatible in a long career. In all the chance, is not like this dramatic the difference to the equal that to be that it distracts, and is certainly playable with my together to exist. The majority of people those who touch with them probably would not remark . Another that that qualification, thinks that these are the chips add and would recommend him.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Some colours looked well, this in spite of some flanges were a lot of rough-cut and a stacks wobbled bad. Some stickers am not gone in centring like this some looks of coverage of foil of gold wonky. Bad global product. Immediate turn!
5 / 5
These brybelly the chips are anything but quality or prize. I have purchased 200 of these together with 50 of another mark. As you can see in a photo a brybelly chip in a to the left have a lot of different defects with a inlays. So only roughly 50 of one 200 I has bought would say like this playable but still does not add . A inlays is was centre, or a inlay to the press is not directly or he combo of both questions. Another detail in that you can not see in some photos is a form and to the equal that feels. A brybelly the chips are not uniform and has to that it weaves of accident on something rough of a process of molding. Another mark in a still there is not had this in even the alone chip. A control of quality in a brybelly the chips is absolutely horrible. I will buy another sure mark. Stay out of brybelly chip because for the pence more can take the much more upper chip lovelier that the money.
4 / 5
One $ 500 chip are darker that pictured and to my old eyes looks quite resembled some blacks $ 100 chips - the pocolos disappointing - so that they like me the chips that is drastically different in colour. A grace to save is that has the little aim in them, versus one $ 100 yellow chip and one 500 is printed out of big and clearly. They are good chips but will not comprise never reason some costruttrici any a colour / draws more diverse. One has seen more is some chips in a Wynn Casino - perhaps reason Steve Wynn has had a question of eye. Some manufactures of chips would owe that assume an old type with bad eyes to revise a colour / of creations. One $ 500 chips would be a lot was so only more brilliant.
5 / 5
These are utmost chips for games of house. Good weight, I like a creation, and a sparkly flange around some denominations really is fresh. I recommend him highly. An only thing has loved to signal was, so that they could be interested, is that some chips take here can very necessarily be a party by heart esatta by another chip of Trace of Club of Poker of Carlos.

This probably will not import for those of you the one who is coming directly to Amazon to buy your insiemi. To be clear, some chips have bought has had here compatible colouring inside his, as expensas your whole collection here would owe that be well. Considering me, the months of pair have bought the together of some chips of Carlos of the Mountain of perfectionist mine venue, and am coming to Amazon to order additional chips in of the sure denominations to have quite a lot of chips for structures of sure tournament. My smaller complaint is so only that some chips have taken here has not been a party by heart esatta with my current chips. A difference is light, would describe them so only the turn of has bitten, likes had been seating in a warehouse for the long time. But so only it can be that has come from/come from the batch of the different factory and some colours are not compatible in a long career. In all the chance, is not like this dramatic the difference to the equal that to be that it distracts, and is certainly playable with my together to exist. The majority of people those who touch with them probably would not remark . Another that that qualification, thinks that these are the chips add and would recommend him.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Compared to Give Vinci these courts of fall of the chips and feel like the swipe was produced, rough flanges and feel much more plastic that has expected. The colours are good and brilliant but otherwise very disappointing and in fact cost more than better options.
4 / 5
In the 500 order of chip has had 5 this was any misprinted or a sticker has not been centred. Misprint Means that the chip that would owe the $ 5 has been marked like $ 5 in a side and $ 25 in another for example.
4 / 5
Chip of poor quality where some stickers of the centre is not centred and the writing is cut was to outline foil... A lot disappointed. A soyonte Club of Poker of Carlos' the chips are probably a poorer quality on Amazon. I have bought any $ 100 chip (average in better) and the week more has bought late of the $ 500 chips and is both terrible because of some stickers of centre... An outside is a lot well, but some stickers are rubbishes ... Any control of quality.

Top Customer Reviews: Da Vinci ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
I will write this description with so detail like possible help another concealed is considering this element. I will begin to say:
---all my commentaries are in perspective of a point of prize of these, which for me was 55 bucks shipped
---these are piece of MID CAMPS - is better this piece in some retail tents but VEGA/Professional quality
---my friends and I very cual this piece
---has bought these to substitute no-piece of denomination of Cardinal of poker of Walmart
---I the plot of investigation in several types of piece and prize

Some details of PIECE of the POKER:
---these are asks has composed with the core of metal
--- has the adhesive of vinyl down the half with a denomination on he
---the piece is the good weight is - quite weighed to listen substantial
---the denominations are easy to read in the gaze of through a table
---the piece has 'very-quite' friction - is quite sticky to handle easily but no sper-sticky
---the piece stack quite well and any esfondra in his own
---the piece listens well in your hand - touch with them the plot while mulling in of the next movements - clinking, rubbing, etc.
---The piece has the decent sound - there is the subtle 'clink' when falling them on each which as another
---the 'clink' is been due to a core of the metal but he are less clinky that another piece has composed of the core of the metal has listened
---when inaugural all up for a first time is spent an hour unwrapping some piece
---when inaugural all up for a first time has cleaned easily was a bit those that rough-ask edged with my fingernail
---when inaugural all up for a first time the little of the piece was bonded together but easily separate

Some details of CASES:
---the quality of case is only global - the mine there has been small tears in a sense in an upper hinge but he are not obvious
---the upper foam has been attached by static electricity (seriously) how has used the clave of trace of glue there permanently
--- there be the small to dent in a forward the upper corner but he do not affect the functionality and he are not obvious
---the insert these wineries some piece is the senses -so material and is decent quality
---the latches is solid and afterwards a lot
---the locks and the tones are sub-left the quality and I would not recommend in that use them
---the cape is solid but a part of a case where is attached in the bonds slightly when spend it around
---use a case for the storage and the transport but I handle it carefully while it is 'just robust quite' and no sper-robust

Other details:
---the coverages of cards are very slippery/flimsy, which are typical to arrive to this point of prize - substitute the with Abella/of Bicycle
---the data is semi-red transparent with aim pips and would estimate a pip quality to paint what decent
---the data has the shabby to listen and is not that it slips
---the data is 18mm which are the big plus bit this data regulate
---global a quality of data is decent but can find data very better elsewhere in Amazon
---the buttons and cards of cut is decent quality - some buttons look slightly spent but does not affect functionality

Commentaries in global quality of a set:
---when buy this would have to take the set 'very' - all does except perhaps has the little scuffs/scratches
---after using this for the little of the weeks have bought the conjoint second, but that the set there has been the malformed the foam inserts/insert
---is returned a together as immediately and in any cost and has ordered the third - a third together has entered good form
---the manufacturer has not guaranteeed of the quality adds these controls before shipping this era
4 / 5
Amur Some piece that is a main reason has taken an element because of some denominations. They are weights add and listen ask what real. The data is good quality , some coverages of card are only some basic coverages for some boys in disorder up. It do not think it it last very time. A case is where is disappointed. For a weight this together has, a case would have to has been the bit to have to heavier. Any dry comfortable that spends a set with a cape like the side flexes when the choose up.
5 / 5
Writing this description in 20170525

Took an element two days after it order it.

Has to say a quality of an adhesive in a coin is better concealed has expected:

1 has the number in some piece (both sides), as any necessity to take one considering the colour represents.
2 surface of an adhesive has the granulate feeling and an adhesive is not very thin (ANY SURE if the resistant water)
3 a verge of a piece is fatter that a head office, like an adhesive is not touching your table and will not be shabby very hurriedly.
4 Has 150 Blue ($ 1), 150 Red ($ 5), 100 Green ($ 25), 50 Negre ($ 100) and 50 Grey ($ 500).

This is not a sper deluxe thing so that it still can listen plastic and not clearing printed in a side of 'BIG CEC' piece.
But for $ 50 product, gives 5 stars and recommends it.
5 / 5
Note: I have bought the roads of Warehouse, like the mine is the bit broke. My indication is based in a no broken portion.

IS very difficult to find well, economic piece, has designated. I have seen other indications and has had my doubts, but one sees was well, as I took it. I am happy has done. Some denominations are adhesive , but is paste in a lot of (absolutely any sign of him the peel was anytime punctual), and is not necessary slip when stacked together. Some piece is quite weighed for casual game, and another that any concealed is the snob of piece of the poker , does not think any one goes the preoccupy. They go to see the quotas, has designated posed that the better looks that each an another cheap, colored ones the people buy in Walmart or to that Very to no. like him his that some numbers are distinguished minimalistically. Many another to ask has designated has very expensive of piece that the look has occupied, and very preoccupy me for those. I think for this prize, is the very good together .

Some data is well and main that level -- 19mm thinks. A trafficker/blind the piece is the good touch , and some cards and cards of cut is well, also, I supposition. A small problem is that very there is not the place of gesture for some piece of trafficker and cards of cut, as it only classifies to seat on some coverages of card and data.

My main complaint is a case . He a little coast of work, but a cape that is too clear-has to for him, and a rest of a case listens flimsy. A foam does not remain in place and constantly fallen when a case is opened. Mostly it uses a house of place, as it is not the enormous roads for me, so that no the step around a lot. If it takes your piece around the plot, only the be conscious will have to be the careful bit with a transport. It gives it 4.5 stars and could, but think that rounds until the 5 when a prize and each which more factors in.
2 / 5
I have bought this poses predominately so that a quantity of the dollar listed in some piece listened like the novel road to follow value when touch. I have not had big expectations for $ 50, but has wanted at least a set in any when being no the joke.

-The scratches in bad some piece, which all look has aged strongly.
-Very those that missing piece but no the big roads, but was all bundled by colour in spite of an obvious age and harm in some piece. Listened very renewed and is by train to be generous with a word esfurbished'.
-The case has been dented in several angels, with angled Clasps. Once open, some cushions of INTEGER of a case has fallen immediately go. Lining apparently has not been the value that attaches in a case he, also could have of the old newspapers used.
-Some piece is a main reason to buy the set of poker, but was strongly discolored and has not listened genuine when the be has used.
-I seldom die of the use but was also fraction, streaky, and some points have not been painted on properly. Mina 6-the side given by the dotted side has aimed 5 1/2.
- Has Had expectations of zeros for a quality of some cards and I has been at least satisfied here that some cards are in fact of poor quality.
-Trafficker, the Big/Small piece was all strongly fraction and stained.

In general this felt of compraventa like the very second-produced of tax without appearances to satisfy in him anything. It means that this together is cheap, if I have not done the compraventa varied years when an economy was Utmost for only $ for 300 piece of stellar quality in the Retail Tent.

Would have paid 3x more for the perfect together has known that this compraventa harvest such the horrible experience.

A second Star is present only so that it was very impressed with a date of delivery. Of through some them EUA the only day when date 3 days. Too bad was for the product that is supremely unsatisfied with.
4 / 5
Poker Very well the piece posed for a money. The piece listens of sound in your hand and look for when being big quality. The piece is the core of metal and what listens/ looks the ceramic external circle. Some covers concealed comes with a together is well, also. The cards have almost the 'waxy' listen these covers for smooth shuffling and treat. I have taken a star has been for a case: an interior of him has suffered harm when arrives. Some of some pockets that control some piece has been broken and fraction. Other descriptions have remarked the similar experience. I any one preoccupy me enough to problem with returning/exchanging since was in an interior of a case, but still class to problem.
2 / 5
If and same cards some piece is in the condition adds but a whole reason has bought this together some piece was tagged with the values but these still embroiled the piece has any one focuses or makings in the
4 / 5
Some piece is of sound. I want a inlaid adhesives of denomination also. A lot other descriptions have attacked a case but I think is well for a point of prize. Some latches law well, some hinges are robust and everything varies amiably. A big toneless point in this together is some cards. They are quite a worse touch the cards have not seen never. This be has said, has had my cards of own casino in all the case like any big roads.

The piece is fantastic
the case is in fact a lot that bad

touching the cards are terrible
the data is so-so many
5 / 5
Good quality. The case is durable and solid, included the fence has closed. Some piece is well, weighed and a quantity is printed on. No the cheap adhesive! 2 coverages to touch cards, amiably laminated. I have bought this cual the present for my husband and he have wanted to it. A following weekend has the party of poker. All the world-wide commented in in how much legustado his his box. Some tones are some small cheap looking tones that comes with the newspaper, but takes a work done and some locks of cases amiably. There is has not had any problem with a case that comes opened.. Still with the curious toddler messing with him. That is to say the very heavy boxes , was honestly very surprised for a weight. To good sure purchase he again!
5 / 5
Solid of tan, asks
how long has to ponder
in a bet that has posed advances
in this table, or perhaps a bed

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