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1 first Polaroid ID1440-BLK-KHL Polaroid 14 MP 4x Zoom Digital Camcorder with 2.7-Inch LCD Screen (Black) Polaroid ID1440-BLK-KHL Polaroid 14 MP 4x Zoom Digital Camcorder with 2.7-Inch LCD Screen (Black) By Polaroid
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2 Polaroid Cube HD 1080p Lifestyle Action Video Camera (Black) [Discontinued by Manufacturer] Polaroid Cube HD 1080p Lifestyle Action Video Camera (Black) [Discontinued by Manufacturer] By Polaroid
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3 best 4-Pack Polaroid ID1440-BLK 14MP 4x Zoom HD 1080p Camcorder with 2.7" LCD Screen - Red 4-Pack Polaroid ID1440-BLK 14MP 4x Zoom HD 1080p Camcorder with 2.7" LCD Screen - Red By Polaroid
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4 Video Camera Camcorder 24MP 1080P Full HD 30FPS Vlogging Camera IR Night Vision Camcorders Camera Recorder 16X Digital Zoom Camera with The Pause Function and Remote (NEW07) Video Camera Camcorder 24MP 1080P Full HD 30FPS Vlogging Camera IR Night Vision Camcorders Camera Recorder 16X Digital Zoom Camera with The Pause Function and Remote (NEW07) By SUNLEA
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5 PerfectPromise Kids Camera, 1080P HD Video Camera Mini Child Camcorder with 2 Inch LCD Screen Best Dual 12MP Creative Gifts for 3-7 Year Old Boys Girls, Red(32G Memory Card Included) PerfectPromise Kids Camera, 1080P HD Video Camera Mini Child Camcorder with 2 Inch LCD Screen Best Dual 12MP Creative Gifts for 3-7 Year Old Boys Girls, Red(32G Memory Card Included) By PerfectPromise
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6 Polaroid XS100i Wi-Fi Extreme Edition HD 1080p 16MP Waterproof Sports Action Video Camera With Full Mounting Kit Included Polaroid XS100i Wi-Fi Extreme Edition HD 1080p 16MP Waterproof Sports Action Video Camera With Full Mounting Kit Included By Polaroid
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7 Polaroid Cube Act II HD 1080P Mountable Weather-Resistant Lifestyle Action Video Camera (Red) 6MP Still Camera w/ Image Stabilization, Sound Recording, Low Light Capability & Other Updated Feature Polaroid Cube Act II HD 1080P Mountable Weather-Resistant Lifestyle Action Video Camera (Red) 6MP Still Camera w/ Image Stabilization, Sound Recording, Low Light Capability & Other Updated Feature By Polaroid
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8 Polaroid DVF-130RC USB Digital Camcorder with 2.0-Inch LCD Display (Red) Polaroid DVF-130RC USB Digital Camcorder with 2.0-Inch LCD Display (Red) By Polaroid
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9 Polaroid ID879-RED Full 1080HD Camcorder with 3-Inch Screen (Red) Polaroid ID879-RED Full 1080HD Camcorder with 3-Inch Screen (Red) By Polaroid
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10 Polaroid ID975-BLK16MP Camcorder Video Camera with 3-Inch LCD Touch Screen (Black) Polaroid ID975-BLK16MP Camcorder Video Camera with 3-Inch LCD Touch Screen (Black) By Polaroid
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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Marco
I add little camcorder. Light and works so only well. Turns in my pocket. Has very very characteristic. Calm would not want to dip something this small and light in the tripod in all the chance. It is the portable unit . Hard to use a camera in mine telephone reason a LCD is too dark, and can do not seeing in full day. Ossia Easy to use. This takes the good video, and has his a lot of when touching behind in the television or computer. It takes video and of the still shots and has the light at night and a lot of adjustments. A description is bad on Amazon. It comes with the built in battery and upload. Any one 2 AAA battery. A life of battery has to individual. He the photo done also that modification. Some people those who has revised this before have not reading some manuals of whole owners that is comprised in a CD rom disk of program. Taking until to 32 action micro SD paper. Polaroid Recommends the minimum of 4 class in a paper. Also it comes with to 1 guarantee of year. I have purchased also an along 2 guarantee of year. I think that that this was the money is a lot displaced. Some people so only expect too much. It does not compare this to the $ 300 Camcorder. It is the very good value partorisca of the money.
5 / 5 By Clementina
Is true that takes as it pays stops. I have bought my young daughter the girl camcorder partorisca in a same prize how is one and taking picture very better and quality of video. You do not recommend buying this element. It is flimsy, has 6 keys that is difficult to use, and the clicking the noise can be listened while zooming in or era. Save your money and buy the Sony, Cannon, or included the best Polaroid.
5 / 5 By Hyacinth
Use once and then does not recommend buying..
4 / 5 By Lanelle
Like this good!
5 / 5 By Ebony

Press of key partorisca take pic or video partorisca begin has not done. At all it spends when calm press it. Returning it.

Did not like Me one feels of this camera. It was really flimsy. Sense like the toy. Any highland hole of the tripod. It can not speak for picture or registering quality bc the has not done never.
5 / 5 By Lynelle
Has believed to be better but he a work required it partorisca do. Playback Is not that clear.
5 / 5 By Shani
Arrive broken
4 / 5 By Angelique
Broken of a moment a box has been opened.
5 / 5 By Garry
A Polaroid the mark has fallen the plot if ossia that is dipping out of these days. The quality of picture is worse that some the generic frames can find here on Amazon. Grainy And a lot of pixelated. A cellphone camera in fact 10 years probably would resupply the picture the clear plus. A lacking form the most difficult fact partorisca resist in the hand that some models of common plus 'rounded'. Any one impressed, def. No partorisca use with special moments dondequiera later see them in clear HD quality.
4 / 5 By Miesha
A battery will not touch .

Top Customer Reviews: Polaroid Cube HD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Michaela
These are 'cameras of action ( has bought two) which means partorisca have the noticeable fisheye sprain when that shoots both stills and 1080p video. It is not extreme fisheye, and yes have a capacity is remedied easily in Photoshop. A lenses is big quality but is fixed house. You will require the micro SD paper partorisca store some images, video, and partorisca install some applications have comprised on. This camera is the model the old plus interrupted (any Wi-Fi) and will accept Micro-SD papers until 32GB. There is two has compresses file, a partorisca Windows and a partorisca Mac, this is to write to a SD paper of firmware when in the first place it touch a camera. Clicking A a partorisca your car unzip the colour Polaroid icon to a paper. Ossia The little program that leaves some adjustment to the settings of a camera. You OWE THAT have this installed software partorisca a camera partorisca do. A camera is the solid piece of workmanship. It is a lot of fact and hands utmost iconography partorisca a prize. I have paid $ 56 partorisca each of a cam, a new plus some with 1440p the resolution and The Wi-Fi go partorisca in double concealed. Also it take two of a bit starfish mountains of camera (can any the tripods of call, is much more concealed it.) Ossia The must -have for these cameras, IMO. Probably I will choose on one or two more cam and starfish. An initial touching the time was long, in an hour and the half. I have touched one with my laptop of Windows and another with a Anker upload and his both there is taken on a same time partorisca touch.
4 / 5 By Leigh
Ossia That the camera adds partorisca interesting b-shots of circle. A magnet in a fund of this camera is incredibly strong, was able to attach my Leatherman his and the churn around only that resists a camera without him detaching. It was also able of the place in a hood of the mine car and walk around city without him emotional, which have found incredibly impressive.

This camera has clarity of incredible image, but has the eye of fish lense, as will have this look to your video, but offers an incredibly wide row of view.

The photos taken with this camera tends to (in my experience) is exited the bit grainy has compared to a quality of video, but is still passable has no another camera and require shot that quickly.
5 / 5 By Luvenia
I really like this action cam. Has the quality adds but would not say like this as well as the GoPro. This in spite of, is not partorisca approach of a prize of the GoPro.

1. Awesome Measure.
2. The magnet sticks to anything. It has dipped he on my truck and has driven partorisca choose on boys. Any skirt has included in 60 mph.
3. The waterproof chance perfect work.
4. Very durable and the measure adds.

1. Use partorisca have to that Quicktime partorisca see some video. Otherwise, Is jumpy and a sound does not match up.
2. The sound is so only WELL.
3. The layers of lentil easily.
4. It can any place in the tripod as it does not have the ray of tripod.

In general, would buy this agin
5 / 5 By Sol
Update: it is been taking progressively life of the poorest battery, more acting erratically, p. p.ej., it do not follow of the mandates of key & in bylines down on is suitable same when it indicates the load of battery is sufficient. It is now basically it die. Good idea, but terrible quality. Squandered My money.
I like his weight of small & measure, but a life of battery, of a start (-1 month) has been poor - would be necessary has turns. It uses this partorisca bicycle commuting, with a day cost partorisca locate eating roughly 40-45 min. grieves partorisca take a day commuting out of this before it dies, as I owe that recharge daily, in spite of his claim of 90+ minutes to time records. Reason can take the week out of my lights of first bicycle of recharging, & has to do this camera daily?
There is at all in his place roughly substitution of battery: google put = of investigation: battery (substitutes Or substitution)
Of the generals 'that-there investigation partorisca substitute some harvests of the even more fun battery. No.
4 / 5 By Georgina
has written the quite bad description of this camera -- see down... But I have spoken of then with Polaroid service of excellent client, which can be achieved here: and some of some subjects have had was a result of a SD Paper any when be pas inserted properly.... In fact, it have not been that takes any video at all, and a reason could not see a camera when I hooked the to my computer was that a paper has not been inserted properly. It have looked for to insert a paper but he never really clicked to a device, as you have thought that has has had to that so only dipped one covers retreated on partorisca the use. It results I have to that use your fingernail partorisca insert a tiny paper all a way to a quite deep space partorisca he to click in (pressing he in with just your toe no ).

So much, while some of some subjects with this camera remain still, will update a description once in fact can see some of some video. I will say that an usability of this camera is being missing of and a manual does not give quite a lot of details partorisca users partorisca imagine was regarding the use properly. An ON / WAS / Video On / the camera In / the video Was the camera / Of the functions is has bitten it cumbersom because of a one key of any one: In
ON: it Controls a multifunction key partorisca three seconds. You will listen three beeps and a FOCUSED will blink green. All has dipped!
WAS: Control multifunction key partorisca three seconds. You will listen the two according to beep, clue for the only short beep. Power is was.
STILL PHOTOS: press a multifunction key once. You will listen the beep and a FOCUSED will blink red once.
VIDEO: it hastens partorisca Bend a multifunction key. You will listen two beeps and a FOCUSED will blink red until prendes partorisca register. Partorisca Take register, press a key once again. You will listen the only beep and a FOCUSED will blink green.

has had some time partorisca touch around with this camera for now, and although they are not still able state to see any video that has taken like this far -- and not even sure that it is recorder any video like this far -- I has had quite a lot of experience with this camera partorisca write the description of him. Impressions:

1) extremely is frustrating a lot of partorisca be able to see any video in a camera he, like this calm does not have any idea is registering , or that has registered, and can very included frame your shot

2) I never quite any which the camera is doing -- press a key and at all spends. If calm resist it down partorisca the while the green light comes on... Or the flashing orange light. Press a key again and at all spends.

3) A camera is a bit useless without any class partorisca locate the group or the hardware like to be poised partorisca spend more money. It goes it partorisca use like the pocola pinch cam partorisca my car, but no only feels in a pinch -- bondadoso to kick around, as it have to that buy the device of cup of the suction. I have wanted to you love/ It To it also use in my bicycle, but a magnet does not stick -- wrong metal I supposition, as it have to that take this in spite of another mountain partorisca a bicycle. Punctual is the $ 200 little camera.

4) Comes with an extremely short and tiny USB. It have dipped a bit SanDisk Ultra 32 GB micro SD paper in a camera -- does not look partorisca snap in or take or anything. I guess I have to that so only it prints it down with a coverage and expect that is in quite far?? They are still very sure if a paper is in correctly. [ It SEES ON - you RESULT I HAVE TO THAT USE YOUR FINGERNAIL partorisca The INSERT QUITE FAR To the EMPTY TIL I CLICK IN]

5) When it covers a camera the USB of my computer, at all spends -- I means a computer beeps likes does the new device, but no the new device does not look never in a computer, like this there looks partorisca be any way to access some video, if has any one. [ It RESULTS The PAPER has not BEEN INSERTED ENTIRELY]

6) Of then researching all this, to the plot of people has said that a Cube any LAW WITH The SD PAPER THAT to the AMAZON RECOMMENDS to BUY FOR HIM! That?? Apparently to the plot of people is having the question that does a work of camera with a SanDisk ULTRA SDHC paper by heart -- I compraventa east a when to the amazon has indicated is that these two elements would owe that be bought together (does not come with the paper):

SanDisk Ultra 32GB UHS-I/Classifies 10 Micro SDHC Paper by heart Until 48MB/s With Adapter- … [after SPEAKING WITH SUPPORT, has SAID That USED partorisca BE A SUBJECT, But Is not A @SUBJECT @ ANYMORE. ONCE MI PAPER has BEEN INSERTED ENTIRELY LOOKED to ACT]

has bought this in December, and are now so only taking around partorisca try for the use again, of then is not never able state of the use so that it have feigned, and has not bought any new accessories reasons any included know if work. It is not a lot the friendly user.
5 / 5 By Abbey
Like this to the external plot has said, 'does not compare it to the GoPro.
Are very pleased with a Cube in a side has paid partorisca he. Partorisca Maintain it simple, will list a pros and gilipollas.
Lite And easy to use.
Basic of the magnet is the more
to the lentil of Wide corner is a lot clear

Really, an only with east a prize. I use it partorisca film rc flights of aircraft and partorisca this purpose are adds. A cost would owe that be more in a line of $ .
Read this part, Of ENTITY.
When Have in the first place touched some files in QuickTime was a lot of jerky. I have read in questions with SanDisk and has tried the pair more frames. I have had still a same question. I have contacted Polaroid support and has received the response a next day. I have explained a question persisted in both speeds.
Has been tentativa suggested another program and disk of different measure.

Has downloaded VLC (free) and a question has been solved. A microphone is the little feeble but really I any one need a sound. I will go advance and buy a Pro the version of then is like this easy to use. You are not a disk or a camera like the active quota posted. It is QuickTime. Mark sure uses FAT32 partorisca yours files and a disk is new.

Spent another? Yes, but no in a current prize.
4 / 5 By Vonda
5 stars = ' Loves The'

and YES do. In the first place it was, has the GoPro and amour that also, but in $ 100 a Cube is the the prize adds so that it is. It can your smartphone takes better pictures? To good sure! It can your telephone takes better video? Also yes. But a Cube has not been never meant partorisca be the GoPro and the smartphone soyurderous'. If anything, ossia so only this in spite of another artilugio partorisca possess. It has to that 124 lentil of terracing that your telephone does not have .

A quality in 1080p is a lot usable in daylight, the evening is well, but ossia partorisca expect besides a lot dSLR cameras in all the chance, and partorisca this prize, is considered adds.

The subject annoying is that mine 1080p the video are broken up in 297ish MBs very sure reason, but concealed his fact 5 clips of small, the suppositions is very partorisca courts of clips, but sucks partorisca people that does not know regarding the dipped I behind near (is not hard, so only an extra step) thinks 15 clips of minute the measure would be better sifts it to him is the must . It does not agree exactly, but think GoPro separates some clips in 2GBs? Sony Is does one odd 24 cut of Minutes was with many of his cameras of video.

Go to find touches it mountain of detector of the radar in eBay or Amazon partorisca the little bucks, this camera attaches to this thing to the rovescio PERFECTLY with a magnet. I have driven partorisca three hours with him and has registered all, although it has bitten it shaky in timing of then has any stabilisation of image. I plugged he the USB of my car uploads and was able to maintain one can arrive and register a SAME TIME. But it maintains partorisca import that A/C a lot really achieves this zone, like this in a sun can take quite HOT and doubt this can take an abuse that GoPros pode, any turns of sure was when he overheats. This camera would do to utmost pinch cam of then can dip to registers of loop, clave in the small 2GB the paper and you would have to that be able to always have some last 30 minutes of your walk officially in the chance there is an accident.

Has had this partorisca two days and can not take on that pleasant is. I really like a mountain of magnet, desire GoPro would do that, or at least the chance that has fond. Mountain this was to amuse, the desire has had additional magnets in some two sides.
4 / 5 By Lorenza
To the entertainment adds little camera, with some caveats (more in this late plus). I have registered with my Cube almost daily partorisca some three months bought it of then and loves that.

- Petit
- Light
- the hule Durable outside.
- Record in 1080p! (Also it can change to 720p partorisca conserve spatial of storage/of life of battery, but always leaves in 1080p).
- Lentil of wide corner. It does not import that there is not any exposure, reason a wide corner of a lentil taken all while you are signalling he in a correct general direction.
- A magnetic base has abundance of applications if you are creative with him
- A key so only up can look too simplistic, but in fact does a lot of
- register of his quality very Bonita
- load of Battery of empty to full quite quickly, in only in the hours of pair or like this
- transferring your files to your computer is easy. Calm neither can take a SD paper of a cube, or so only connect a cube to your computer with the USB to Micro Boss of USB
- And when connected to your computer by means of the boss of USB, easily can change several settings, like a date-frame of focus, cycle of tower that record on or was, gone back a key beeping the sounds on/was, etc.
- And yes, is quite economic compared with other options of camera there.

- Require accessories! You will want to attach your Cube the straps, mountains, etc. Ossia a point of one 'camera of action' has taken. Otherwise, That is a point , He casualidad Is your smartphone is instrumented already with the camera also like this one, like real reason partorisca take a camera of action is partorisca use he in of the ways that you would not be able to with your fragile smartphone. A bad informative is that the official accessories partorisca a Cube am limited in varieties and kinda overpriced. A good informative, this in spite of, is that all you really the need is a Polaroid Mountain of Tripod partorisca a Polaroid CUBE, CUBE+ HD Camera of Lifestyle of the Action - the Universal metal Inserts/partorisca Insert Return all the Regular Tripods and any economic 1/4 ray to GoPro adapter (I use a one this comes with this together: Mountain of Title® of Action of Adapters and Universal Smartphone of Conversion partorisca Any Smartphone. These Adapters of Conversion leave You partorisca Use Any Mountain of Action® or GoPro Accesorias With the Point-and-Camera of Shoot, or Other Cameras of Action Like Sony Action Cam.), calm then would be able to attach a Polaroid Cube in any GoPro accessories or enough accessories of camera very regular.
- The life of battery is quite short. In a 1080p setting, record partorisca in an hour and the half. If it love time partorisca register more along, connecting to the load of portable USB can solve this question.
- Ribs on your video partorisca separate 5 small increments. If it love the continuous video, calm will be necessary the joint near in the editor of video.
- Require a Polaroid Waterproof Shockproof Chance partorisca a Polaroid CUBE, CUBE+ HD Camera of Lifestyle of the Action - Connects to All the Mountains in series of CUBE partorisca your Cube partorisca be waterproof.
- When you Press a key partorisca take register, paralizaciones partorisca register his roughly a second before in fact to record video. It maintains this in alcohol, so that calm any court of a sound before I love it to.
- Require the small flat object (some act partorisca coin a lot) partorisca open a @@@back cover partorisca connect the boss of USB, takes/to insert a SD paper, or that changes a resolution.

Here is a big plus caveat:
- A '.MOV' Formateo That a Cube registers your video in can give you some few subjects of compatibilities. Partorisca Chance, can look your video do not have any sound. In fact they have his, but calm so only can be touch the in a wrong player. Some VLC works of Player a lot is by train partorisca look them on your computer. But which want to look your video elsewhere averts of your computer, for example in your TV (has the player of means comunicacionales, like the WD Player, partorisca touch files of video in yours television)?

The fully take around this question, will require partorisca have some basic capacity partorisca modify/convert video. Converting your video to the different format, for example .mp4 Or .mkv, will leave Him partorisca touch properly in any player. But yes it calms simply stick this video to any conversor of file of regular video, take the time the plus along that necessary, reason convert both a video and a sound.

Here is my recommended procedure partorisca treat east. Of then it is really so only an audio that encodes ossia to coach to give of the questions, no a video, a faster way to treat is partorisca convert an audio, without squandering the time that converts a video. That is I use VLC Player is partorisca convert options partorisca convert a sound of the each one of mine clips of video to files of mp3, which fixes a subject of compatibility of the sound. Then I recombine one has saved again .Clips Of his of the mp3 behind to my video partorisca exist clips, while it takes an original of problematic audio, and a time although near all my together clips that use a 'attach' the option in a free software soyKV Tool Nix.' Yours file of the new video will be to save in a versatile .mkv Formed. Calm now will be able to look your Polaroid video of Cube in any player. This can touch complicated, but is not that hard.
4 / 5 By Mariko
This thing does really well... Work exactly to the equal that has described.

Can not listen a microphone in of the windows that is reason are using Player of Means comunicacionales of the Windows.

Use QuickTime or VLC to playback some video and you will listen a mic. A mic is not that it adds but work.

He Partorisca longitude in common video he chunk a video the measures... As you can require combine some together video.

Has impressed really with quell'credit these works of what partorisca a prize. An only word can use is 'IMPRESSIVE'.

Also a focus of time is on upper sinister corner. You can turn that on ossia street some settings partorisca a device. Also it does really well in of the decreases of situations read.


Have it attached to the mine wiener the dog and he drug a camera to the long to use the chance of bumper partorisca around 2 hours, still does one same like face out of a box. Any semence of lentil. If it wants the camera partorisca attach to your dogs, ossia a a to take!!!

A magnet is quite strong. You recommend to buy the mountain. I do not go partorisca launch this thing in a hood of the mine car and rests to expect there going 85MPH with a magnet has comprised.

Like the CAM of Pinch... With a piece of metal comes with and some gaffer tape in a dashboard... This thing does really ORDERS.

Unfortunately does not know a weight of a thing.... But it has to that be around 15g. Calm imagine you could mod the and take a magnet and reduce a weight partorisca drones.
4 / 5 By Zana
Ossia The camera a lot well calms of any one spends to plot of money in the gopro the quality is a lot quite partorisca a prize. An only thing is that I NEED A MAC partorisca MODIFY And SEE YOUR VIDEO WITH SOUND. ITUNES of precise download in your pc so much can listen your video. The player of half comunicacionales regular will touch your video but without sound. Some video will touch in four times of small frame not importing what time a video is. An only sd paper that will do is the 32gb has tried to dip the 128gb and he no read that there is a sd paper

Top Customer Reviews: Video Camera ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Tommy
JUNK! You take as it pays stops. Returned this camera partorisca two main reasons:

1) A esSUPERIOR' the key no . Every time we have loved register of piece and has pressed a key/of stop of the start, a camera simply prendería record for 2 second and resume register.

2) A quality of microphone was terribly muffled and feeble.
5 / 5 By Darcey
Adds Camcorder! Very light and easy to use. I splurged the bit and has bought three economic camcorders for my daughter and his friends! They want to do Tik Tok, Youtube and video of half comunicacionales social has surprised him like this with camcorders as they could feel more 'professional'. This camera was down $ 70 and a quality is sum ! Any subject with him at all. And a characteristic of the vision of the night is really fresh to everything of some boys! Extremely happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 By Angeline
The one who the awesome camcorder! I have been using it nonstop and loves everything roughly that. A quality of picture is súper acute and clear. Taking like this compliments of our families, all the world is surprised the one who compact is, still is better labour way that the mobile phone. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 By Nikia
This video camcorder is simple to imagine was & to operate. It likes like this of a screen rotates to face to a direction in front of a camera. A far is a lot handy for operative your video that sessions of records. Also it likes like this I can of hook a camcorder directly to the mine television using a HDMI boss to touch some video direct. Also I can eject a SD paper or Micro SD the paper of a camera & inserts/inserts a paper to my clock & of computer or downloads some video. I have been yes very impressed with quell'credit this camcorder law & the one who acute some video in fact result.
4 / 5 By Carola
Ossia The video very a lot of camera. Doing really a lot still at night with to good sure HD resolution of video. Comparing with other cameras of video of amazon, ossia the just prize . Well!
5 / 5 By Cheryll
Is a lot good to use it to register meetings familiarised. I plan to spend it when I am travelling.
5 / 5 By Elwanda
5 / 5 By Dillon
A camera costs that prize. A resolution is not too big then Iphone, but thus prize is a lot good.
And the quality is not economic also. It comprises 2 battery, in resistant long time.
4 / 5 By Cherri
Easy to use the value adds
4 / 5 By Cynthia
Luz and hanged small.

Top Customer Reviews: PerfectPromise Kids ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Hildred
Bought this like the present and is small and light, perfect partorisca the 5 old year. A camera is the soft rubbery feel and is quite durable. Always we are taking the photos and these leaves for my niece to take photo also. A screen is not súper big king but is the good measure to see some photos and exactly that looks for the camera of the girl. It is to add why is helping the sound develops an interest for the photograph and take to see his point of view... Which is in fact quite interesting. A camera does not come with a paper by heart to the equal that will require to purchase one for separate.
5 / 5 By Nakesha
Mina 9 old year saved on his money thus camera. It was smaller that thinks it would be but is the measures adds for his hands.
Has some stickers that comes with him calm so much can decorate an outside, that .
A lanyard has been in amazing. Helps to prevent like this a lot of falling incidents. Some helps of durable coverage also.
4 / 5 By Shanta
Has bought this for mine 8 old year, master run around a backyard with him taking pictures! It survive to Jump in a trampoline and loves that!
5 / 5 By Janessa
Good camera for the young girl. A flashes is not a better, pics take in some seeds-dark living room with a television on and a light in a semi-detached (any wall to divide) room of desayunar is exited very dark. Daytime Alfresco pics is exited in the decent quality. Mina 7 old year is impressed!
5 / 5 By Wilhemina
Has purchased this for my niece that wants to take pictures. This are adds for the boy, work a lot so only like any digital camera, a creation is perfect for the little daughter, and a prize is besides abordable. If you are expecting professional photograph, calm then will owe that buy the most expensive camera, but ossia quite good.
5 / 5 By Holli
Recently purchase the camera of different boys for my daughter, but expósito that requires on with the flash. We purchase this one for the substitute. Some pictures are crisp and my preferred of daughters is some the different frames can use
4 / 5 By Zena
my creature touches it after opening a box, control to sleep. Well and photo of quality, love a fun photo that takes, likes application of mobile phone, so that entertainment for the touch or boys. No more worry in my drop of telephone now.
4 / 5 By Kristie
My edges have taken this for his fifth anniversary- still that is exited like this to take by means of some frames and not deleting pictures, but likes.
4 / 5 By Myrna
My niece was very happy to receive this. No too sure in a specs of then has not purchased this on its own name
4 / 5 By Delora
has Bought this for the grandson for his anniversary. You are the swipe !!!

Top Customer Reviews: Polaroid XS100i ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Kecia
Enough very little HD+ camera for a prize, looks to take the video adds and the record properly in a SD paper (for a way, has dipped the 64GB paper in and work, in spite of a manual saying 32GB maximum). Also it looks to do well in the connection of USB, and still in WiFi, using the computer and browser. Unfortunately, an application of Android is entirely unworkable; it can it do not take to included connect in my Galaxy S7 the flange that Android of careers .

Has the workaround, this in spite of: So only to a same way say to you for the do in the computer. Tour in a WiFi radius, attended for him to kick on ( apresamiento 20-30 second or like this for a WiFi to start with -- a blue CONCENTRATED will go of solid to blink when it is on and that careers), and the register to a coverage creates with your telephone (name of coverage 'PolaroidXS100I' with signal '123456789'). Calm then can direct your browser the allocution of IP , and has your camera!

I desires have had an option to revoke an image has left to right (would like me to use like him to him the camera of rear view in my motorcycle), but do a lot enough. I go to maintain that it looks for that elusive application that register to the WiFi hosting camera and will revoke an image for me.

If a firmware was less buggy and an application was at all functional, would have it has estimated main. How it is, so only it looks another WiFi cam with the software broken. Really it looks a phase needs the camera well, solid with functional software that has some simple options like inverting or revokes it an image -- I knows master one and can do not finding.
4 / 5 By Melania
First first things. A camera of this provider does not come with all some mountains seen in XS100i a-boxing video. So only it comprises the mountain of bar, which hardly can be considered the 'full highland cashier'. I have purchased this with a intent of the trace in my motorcycle and helmets of bicycle. Mountains of investigation of substitution, some offerings of Polaroid is afterwards to at all. I have found that an air of Ion pro and Monoprice the cameras use a same ball and fashionable mountain of the socket. A question, (for me) is a ball issued and the mountain of socket has shouted a camera on 2' in a highland dish, which is not something loves in the helmet. I have it quell'has ordered of the 1/4-20 to gopro adapter, and thinks that can locate more afterwards to my helmets that use gopro mountains and fast emissions.

I really like a fashionable form of the torpedo of this camera. One vibrates the characteristic is awesome, likes record DIRECTED can be hard to see in brilliant light, or can not be seen at all according to a location of cameras. A transmission up is big and is easy to manipulate with gloves.

One two (yes, two) the applications have used to control this camera of the ready telephone is a lot, a lot of clunky. Lima '' have an accident of application frequently in mine Samsung S5. There is the noticeable lag when using a telephone like the finder of view, but is still serviceable to line on shots.

The wise video, has has used so only he in 720P 60fps. When the abundance dates of light product gorgeous video. Some results in the low light is not like this promising, but still feasible. Using a mountain of handlebar has comprised present the plot of sobresalto of the camera when used in mine v-motorcycle of twin.

The audio is well, but the tad muffled of a waterproof chance.

In general am happy with a camera in spite of him is short majorities. They are by train to use it Mainly like the 'pinch cam' and for that taken 4 stars . You attack it so only down to 3 because of a dud announcing considering some mountains.

Has purchased the sleeve of green silicone together with him. The hair tends to stick to it, but are otherwise happy with him. It gives a camera an extra discharge to protect, and the a lot of easier fact to locate in low light. A record is tight and of the lines up with some lines of a camera. 4 stars for that.
5 / 5 By Stanley
This camera is for the half a prize of the GoPro with characteristic comparable, and unfortunately objective . I bought it to use in the race of navigation by means of a pacific, and law for a purpose. Another crew has had GoPro camera, and although when they leave note quite smug in active found the smallest camera, easier for less than money, has improved finally results it that has done.

In a side besides, is compact, light and raincoat without the house. Some highland group is more compress that a GoPro equivalent and easier that burst a camera on and era. A battery resembled last longer that a competition, and taste that there is of the transmissions of slide maquinales calm so much can see and feel is on or era.

Unfortunately a quality of the image has not been sum. I do not have very expected in low light, and sure enough some decreases of images read was worthless; any surprised there. In brilliant sun, this in spite of, expected for very better of quality of image that there is rid. A Polaroid video (in max settings of quality of the image) is well, but does not rid 'HD' looking detail which have come to expect. For you contrast, it has taken the pair of short video with my iPhone 6 and is noticeably better quality....

Worse, a lot a Polaroid the video have been corrupted and can not be read, comprising an of the aim squall in a half of a Pacific ocean that was really while record. In a side besides, there is now evidence very photographic to take my history of sea that improves every time said it!
4 / 5 By Carleen
Has bought this camera he almost done three month after looking his, a GoPro, and an Outline. My plan was the mostly use it on my dualsport walks of motorcycle, but has had other plans for him also. A GoPro equally likes too big of the financial committment and has been concerned roughly creating it too the tug when it traces in my helmet. An Outline looked more streamline for a mountain of helmet, but touched the prize has augmented recently which headed to a Polaroid, which have purchased after reading descriptions and looking in of the video of sample.

Are very pleased with an action of a Polaroid. I have it quell'has done now several video, has used locate in of the numerous configurations, and has tried he in the plethora of half half. In the 10 Snowfall of day offroad travesía, is trace in my handlebars, my helmet (facing advance and behind), the small tripod, and used it hand-held. Some the different place has created some good perspectives for my films. A camera has not been affected by powder, vibration, or water. I used it also in a 8 day surfing travesía. To arrive to this point, has had really become attached to this piece of crew of video and felt that this was to be a true test in that the probably would be destroyed if it can not survive one saltwater. A first time was submerso was the nailbiter, but boss wipeouts, going low waves, and be rinsed was with freshwater without @@subject. For a way, a trace of camera in a cup of suction in a front of the joint gives the fresh perspective when surfing.

To the equal that has used a Polaroid, has discovered a need for the additional mountains and he have the result was able to use a some concealed has been drawn for an Air of Ion Pro. Among one some concealed is coming with a camera and a mountain of cup of the suction, has been able to take all some perspectives of video have loved.

Something has discovered more is that a camera will connect to my Telephone Windows to use WiFi (page 15 of a manual). It is handy when it wants to verify to see a camera is varied a calm way loves it, likes image a camera sees will look in a telephone.

Like the people have mentioned, download Freemake Conversor of Video (free) and the use the trim some raw images of a camera. An audio easily can be take during this step, hips, yes has wished. Then, convert a file to .WMV Formed to the equal that can be used with Costruttore of Windows of Alive Film. This program will leave you to dip some touches to finalise in your film.
4 / 5 By Daniela
This thing is the ache in a butt to comprise and are quite technology savvy - would not owe that be science of rocket to record and see video but thus produced is. Some lights and the vibrator have not felt. A WiFi the characteristic is the joke - simply does not connect or is useless with an application. His software/of the applications does not act. Taken stirs it of video that looks for to imagine was regarding the use this in spite of! Turns for the better product.
5 / 5 By Charlotte
​ There is already enough the few descriptions there, as I will try to limit this to the any one has mentioned things often elsewhere. My main complaint would be in an available software to control a camera of the smartphone... I messed around for the hours of pair that tries to take LIMA and FAR to do properly in the Samsung S5. After finding estaca diverse that the name appealed to that asks users having subject, has decided to try installing in an iPhone old 3. FAR finally connected and was able to control a camera! Like your experience will vary a lot of second a device tries to run FAR on. There are thousands of complaints in v1 of FAR, and for a Samsung S5 an Android v3.0 still it has subject of entities.

Has purchased a camera so that it can do a bit time lapsed film and occasionally to uses likes him to him the pinch-cam. I am not sure it fulfil my needs of then taking time lapsed without using FAR RESULT in diverse hundred individual pictures; and that the calmly FAR careers require you to leave wi-fi on and this dips the significant load in a battery. I will require to experience more.

Essentially a camera so only has 4 keys (wi-fi on/was) (video low/salvation) (film slider) (shutter click). A Video low/salvation [salvation = 1080P or 960P / down = 720P60 or 720P30] and Shutter [So only, Explosion, Period of Time] the keys owe that be pre-has configured to use the laptop or FAR. Only and Period to Time leaves you to configure 16MP, 5MP, 3MP or VGA; this in spite of when configuring to Burst these are greyed was. A film slider will register based in a place of a Video low/salvation and his configuration. Besides a film slider or that resists a Shutter the key can have the habit to turn a camera On; and a Shutter also can have was it of on duty habit.

According to which solving my FAR subjects... I have seen it sticks that recommends reformatting a SIMS invernadero HDMI connected to the television or renaming SIMS chip to 'ANY NAME'. I will continue to experience reason without FAR or connecting to the laptop there is any way to know exactly where a camera is signalled!

Polaroid Really would owe that give a very on and develop better applications for smartphones to control a camera... After all this the POV that the camera has drawn to operate in of the half means quite rugged where an user is much more probably to have the telephone versus the laptop.
5 / 5 By Debera
This camera/of the video of still action are to add - especially in a prize! The video are exceptional, and some the still shots am very good.

Pluses - Is rugged!! A lot rugged!!. In the third-world-wide setting, is not obvious that it is the camera neither - so that the subjects with photograph am averted. The hard and hard battery. Straps to mount the law has comprised well. It transports rotate fact well.

Minuses - Some applications of control of the camera (PC and Android) is rough around some flanges - difficult to do work correctly. Also, you focus of the times of the camera are was - all the video look for to be marked '1980', and is difficult to see has dipped a time felizmente. (An application of Android invernadero wireless done a better...). A manual is almost useless - no written for the native English speaker, obviously.

In general, am happy - but am expecting for updates of software!
4 / 5 By Sophia
Has taken a XS 100i Wi-Fi in the Dune Buggy excursion. A camera has been trace to a frame of a Dune Buggy. Had almost any sobresalto of a terrain or a buggy engine. A camera has treated a lot well. The register does once, has downloaded an application to see and save some files on Wi-Fi. One Download was smooth and seamless. Any device with wirelss can download some files. Has a telephone of Android and an IPHONE. A Telephone of Android(S4) has more easy fact that an IPHONE. A game behind was a lot of atttractive in a screen a big plus. Having both types of telephones leave me to try both and an Android have blown an IPHONE out of a water, which was suprising. Has thinks that that an IPHONE there would be better fact, no a chance. Once again my Android there is slapped around the mine IPHONE.

In general: This a awesome camera that offered a compararable alternative to a GoPro is, to the point of better prize. Going to try out of some characteristic to water afterwards. It enjoys!
5 / 5 By Elza
Works of sides of camera. An Application for Android is terrible. Whomever Has written does not have any clue. A WIFI is the waste. Some falls of camera further and further behind on scrolling of image when you are streaming. After streaming paralizaciones in the minute an image in your pill/of telephone is already 25 seconds behind and he so only empire: with which 10 his minutes 2.5 minutes behind. And ossia when they are on a unit with swimming among me compressed and a camera.

Love a look, some operations of a camera he. It resupplies the image of video/of good picture. A camera has the well has thought was interface. Too bad a no. of application will owe that see can create the better application but I have feel his a WIFI chip in a camera that sucks.
4 / 5 By Lachelle
A short and the sweet of him is that I think that that this camera is good quality and well value of the money but calm requires to be a bit technically savvy and have some patience to do by means of a manual and several interfaces/of application of the program.

Has has had so only a xs100i for the few days and has registered roughly 1.5 hours of video with a trace of camera in some handlebars of my motorcycle. I will update my description that goes forward.

Quality of video - very a lot
Like this far has shot so only 720p, 60fps. You are the sunny day and has not seen a 'halo' as described by another reviewers. When Beginning directly to a sun takes some clave of lentil but if anything concealed is the fresh effect and a lot distracts it at all. An engine of V twins done my whole bicycle vibrates, comprising some handlebars, but a camera filters these vibrations was amiably. There is so only so much a camera can manage like this in venue bumpy issue a video takes jittery. In a street and of the smoothest streets although an image is solid, clear and the banquet for some eyes. And some looks of better same picture in mine 60' hdtv that in mine monitor/of PC.

Quality of audio - surprisingly a lot of
Of one the underwater camera would expect the sound as if a microphone is stuck in the Tupperware the container fill with balls of cotton and to be sincere an audio is the little muffled so it does not take it to the recital/of violin of the piano of your boy unless a boy sucks. It is not dolby surround - sinister is listens to a twittering birds for one highland current - write was his but so that a camera is meant for a microphone and the sound are utmost. Ossia An ACTION cam and still in a street that 70+ there is hardly any sprain of wind that simply is in amazing. It chooses on a low noise of a bicycle amiably and (with an engine was) registers voice with accuracy too much.

Setup And Settings - quite easy once know that
A manual has limited enough and does not resupply pas clear-for-instructions of any to take a camera on and that careers. All some components to do so it is available this in spite of, but is only no in the logical order. I have touched a camera in the first place and has then inserted a (32GB classifies 10) paper by heart. Spending of longitude some descriptions have read, has connected then a camera to a television and formatted a paper by heart. An interface of television is quite spartan but at least a manual give you the decent step-for-step to format a paper by heart and calms also give you the feeling for when to alone or double click or a lot of press of time a key to be able to so that it is to say an only key has used cruise it. He so that there is so only 1 key cruise it, can imagine that some elections in a paper of television the a lot of limited. With which formatting a paper by heart and messing around with a way of preview the bit (aims alive picture of a camera in a television), I hooked a camera until a PC (again like this properly described in a manual). A bit program of settings in a paper by heart is limited but he all have to that do and has not had any question that dips video and preferences of photos and time/of date. The settings have been saved properly and a camera was well to go.

Wi-Fi And Applications of Android - no very polished but law
For the android there is 2 applications that read with your camera: 'Lima' and esmote'.
- A prime minister is calm so much can copy files of a yours device of camera of android. It creates the separate file in the inner storage of your device (called 'Polaroid') which is where can find you yours has transferred files. Because of this separate file, some files a lot automatically look in my application of Gallery in a telephone and has had to access some files although my application of Manager of Lima. Some files of video (.MOV) Any automatically touches on Android but MoboPlayer (3rd application of party) has any question with touching these files. The interface of an application of Lima is again spartan and has struggled the bit to take a wifi connections on and that career. For me it does more to in the first place disconnect a telephone of my house wifi and then has left an application of Lima connects to a camera wifi first and then to a house wifi (again a manual is sufficient in his instructions of these steps). It can take some test and error but when some links has been established he well. I do not see copying 3GB-files to measure to mine telephone but for some smaller clips and some photos these works of good application.
- A Far application will aim you an alive current of the picture of a camera with the second or like this delay. To good sure a lot enough to verify a camera is lined on legislation. Another that that, of the leaves of application change the settings of a camera and law well. This application is to good sure handy is out of the PC and wants to change some settings in a fly. With a rule dip can change you among 720p, 60fps and 1080p, 30fps and take stills. I have not changed some settings of video but for some photos have selected 5MP (I thinks a sensor of image is so only 5MP in all the chance) and time-period with 5 second intervals. With these settings of photos have imagined still can use a camera for the alone shot (only turn a camera was after 1 times-the period shot) or take out of redundant time-shots of period later on, in a PC wants to do the 1 interval of small seriáis for chance. An only thing would require an application for him then is to change to burst the way of photo loves . A whole idea of these cameras is the eset and forget' and any to change settings each another has shot like this the application is the good extra is out of the PC for the longest period of time (likes in vacacional) but would not expect to use he more than a swipe or two times the day.

Files/of Audio of the video - formed and elections of odd file
A fact that a camera creates .MOV The files is well for any in an Apple Mac/program of iPhone but no like this handy for users / of Android of the PC. As informed for a lot another reviewers, a game of files without touching if any taken some right programs and or codecs. For a PC, the pertinent programs would be Quicktime or VLC Player of Means comunicacionales and for the android is Moboplayer. Of United Kingdom of Amazon has found a following fijamente to install one missing codecs in a PC and work: it conceal one fijamente found to touch in WMP is to install an extra codecs of here: [...]'. A profit added adds is that with a codec the installed band, also can modify a MOV video in costruttore of Film of the Windows. With Costruttore of the calm film then can save a video like MP4 or WMV files but alas, a sound still does not touch in other devices/PCs.
Uses AviDeMux in a PC to convert a MOVs (or the video has modified MP4/WMV) the MP4 and MKV files with a right audio codec. Without doing is a Avidemux turorial; a trick is that a video codec can remain untouched (.h264) But that an audio codec need to be changed of IMA ADPCM (Ima4) to a much more has used generally AAC for a MP4 container (extension of file) or to AC3 for a MKV container. I touch a MP4s in my telephone/of pill and a MKVs in my TV by means of my player of means comunicacionales (Micca EP600).

Accesoria - Good quality and a lot the but substitutions?
Some accessories that come with a work of good camera and thinks that is the good selection of straps, the group and the sticky tampons etc. Have has used so only some groups of handlebar and that reads as it have to that, any question. In some descriptions have seen, some people complain roughly accesorias of substitution any when being pas available for sale in if something breaks and think that is the just point reason ossia an action cam after all and the accidents spend and pauses of materials. Have Of then some accessories for an AIR of ION PRO the cameras look identical to one some for a xs100i (in fact an AIR of ION Pro 2 looks of camera A lot that a xs100i) and I posted the question on Amazon if any one tried him is gone in a xs100i. Person like this far has tried him in fact but the ION has the good selection of bands of accessory in his web of place (ioncamera point with) and on Amazon also like this if any of pause of the mine then will try them was before what (and the estaca has retreated here of course).

Quality of build - solid
Some looks of cameras/feels sturdy mine and a dome of coverage of the lentil of substitution is so only $ 10 so that it is not the big investment to maintain a good and clear image. I have read the people are concerned and complain on some plastic edges in a camera that spends era. I do not see screwing and unscrewing a piece to close on and of a camera all that often (or never) as once it is on and tight would suggest that calm leave it so only. For people that has a need to use some edges often (I supposition that change to tripods etc.) And in the chance spends was, could wants to try the edge of metal inserts/to insert first of the launchings was a camera , to calm like them can find on Amazon: And-Z Lok Threaded Inserts/Inserts Brass, Edge of Knife, 1/4'-20 Inner Edges, ' Period, Done in EUA (Sale of 25)
A 25 band is $ so that it say that ossia value the shot but in a tent of local hardware could sell him for the neighbourhood the piece... I have not had a need for him but I to good sure would try it before scrapping he 179 camera of dollar.

is the camera adds for a prize. A manual and different user interfaces (TV, PC, Applications) is not a slickest or one the majority of intuitive but his that is suppositions to do . Operative a camera is like this easy likes to take and picture and quality of his very good sound. It is some other interfaces that probably will confuse people those who have the habit of and iPhone of fashionable need, dummy-applications of programs/of the test but yes is slightly (technically) savvy and have some patience, will take these to do that it loves. Ossia A reason because this camera sells for $ 179 and no for $ 549, which is that it pay for one 'Apple iCam' with half a specs (exist ).

Some files of video would owe that it has been created in the universal plus 'band', ossia in the the format of file likes .MP4 In place of .MOV And one same goes for a format of audio (Ima4) ossia a cause for some files that touch without audio in the majority of players of video. I expect that ossia something concealed will be directed in future firmware the updates but I doubt it. In a moment the conversions of file will solve a @@subject although it is an extra hassle.

Top Customer Reviews: Polaroid Cube Act ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Eldora
This thing is awesome! Or.K., it Can be the bit of an exaggeration, but of this model is now state interrupted and is available in the a lot of tax has discounted available to the for full minor, the a awesome extracted.

Has possessed the Gone-Pro Hero 3, the outline Roams 2, Garmin Virb, and Garmin Virb X and has found this partorisca be one of the mine 'gone-the' camera.

If included I dread that any of my more expensive action cam is in some class of mortal danger, was comes this little type, reason well, partorisca a prize, is quite disposable. Filming Inside the pocolos millimetri afterwards to the metal that short has seen? Any question. Setting on the shot inside the wheel well inside a thumb of the emotional wheel? Any question. I suppose that a Gone-Pro the session of Heroine can do a same thing, but will not be out of $ 200-$ 300 something bad is spent in the big-the risk has shot.

Some images is WELL. In a same likes Hero 2 or Roam 2. Any cutting flange for today of level, but is need that 5-10 second images perhaps the time of pair in the 5 clip of small, then he no really @@subject in all the chance.

I really found a place of useful magnet on shots, especially in that-to video and can have the habit to take the corners without that have to that use the mountain. It is not for documentaries of films, like rule your expectations consistently. One of some companies here sell the adapter/of chance that calm leave you to use he with Going-Pro fashionable adapters, which the even more versatile fact.
5 / 5 By Barry
Write this that has used a cube quite intensively like a camera of action in a past 2 weeks.

This would not owe that be announced likes a camera of action, like this ossia a thing is absolutely WORSE to register. Even casseroles turns a lot of plan a current of video the unvieawable, absolute mush because of an extremely under bitrate of a video. If you are by train of the resist in firm in the no emotional object in brilliant light, is decent. Anything another that that, and is quite rancid: low light, panning, quickly emotional -- all lousy in both 720 and 1080. And it is not fooled for one 1080. It is no better that one 720, and only short an already crummy life of battery to worse closing.

If a thing was $ 60, perhaps this would be a good committed, but in $ 100, he underperforms the plot of the most economic cameras a lot of can find here on amazon.

The behaviour of a camera is unpredictable. A day, simply does not shoot clips. Reformatting A paper fixed that, but in my camera, constantly shoots clips with a sound that short was roughly 1 like first of a video in an end of a clip. (Checked invernadero a lot of players of different clip.) Polaroid The service of client wants to blame a big-quality Sandisk 32 class of action 10 micro SD has bought like escommended' for Amazon with a thing. They say that it have to that try the mark 'different', without specifying that. Ossia The BS service of client copout. I have verified with Polaroid first to buy this to see yes has had any recommendations for memory, and has had ANY ONE averts of 'class 10.'

The life of battery is decayed, underperforming low expectations was. On 720 way, which is supposition to yield a life of the longest battery, has shot with him until died long, and when I total some together clips, volume roughly 50 minutes like opposed to some 90 minutes have promised. A more has not taken never was 82 minutes, but this is to spend so only a time, and a thing cut of the hard mine (the majority of entity) clip. Yard this was while I warn that a battery was in 10. Ossia Well, an opinion of battery has an effect of cutting of yours clips. Here it is reason:

Of then has any mechanism of feedback another that beeping in you, when it wants to issue the opinion of low battery, which in 10, precise turn of a video in this point or he would register his own beeps. This is annoying enough, but here is that it is worse. In 10 life of battery, is essentially one same like the dead battery. Every time you try to register another clip in life of low battery, the short was AGAIN with an opinion beep. So much, essentially, he his already lousy life of worse same battery for any to give you a final 5-8 minutes. Again, this could not look so the big shot, but with the life of realistic battery of 50 minutes into use, any when being pas able to take a final 5-8 minutes is the question of first order .

A better thing that goes partorisca east a creation . With his small measure and a bit magnet, can cut near the mountain really easily. It Paste The stainless steel washer to some Velcro, door around the strap, and have the $ 2 universal mountain. Ossia Handy, and far friendlier that any of a fiddly the mountains take with GoPro or some clones. A magnet is quite strong to stand up to some enough of entities thumping, although he finally cut free dry was, the difference of the hardest mountain. But so only it tries to do to the something likes run with him GoPro in your boss, and will see is impossible with a weight and tension of a tape.

This so only can be recommended likes a overpriced, underperforming camera of random video. It does not shoot action, a battery any last, and the good regime that imagines was that some questions are when he begins to misbehave. Polaroid Be absolving of any failure to blame papers by heart, which tries does not have any interest in doing good things.
5 / 5 By Curt
I pre-has ordered this device with moderate expectations. It does not buy one that thinking will be the 'gopro' murderous, is not . It conceal it is not a phase is going after, although a cube infringe on some of gopro sales. I have bought it likes him the device of novelty for mine 4I daughter to use for HD video, and to magnetically attaches to motorcycle of mine and car to drive video and simple pictures. In this consideration has not been disappointed.

Very small and light
basic magnetic Strong
Good quality HDMI video

the Square form is uncomfortable in the pocket. This would have to that it has come with the bows of small wrist concealed attaches to a magnetic base.
Memory very inner with a device. It have to that it has come it with the basic 1GB SD at least!
Quality of terrible inner photo, grainy and poor.
Weatherproof Does not mean waterproof. My cube was weatherproof, but died in the saltwater foot with which 30 seconds of exposure. I can very totally it is missing a camera here, has not done any claim of raincoat

has been happy with him in general, but the week in, ruins for one saltwater, as it have to that buy another. I am not sure I this in spite of.
4 / 5 By Tuan
The quality of video is well. It does not add . Anything has filmed near takes eye of bad fish. The highland elections are no existent. A software of settings has comprised a lot included sustains everything of one has feigned characteristic. To adjustable Settings like Record the time and Bitrate is not configurable same although some options are present in a file of settings. You can say Polaroid simply abandoned a product before conclusion.

With which 6 month, a battery dies after roughly 50 minutes or like this of use. I have contacted I lean it and they send me to knots the unit of substitution. With which less than the month, this unit will not resist the load for has has extended periods of any-of use. The support is sending out of another unit of substitution. I have it that has has spent so only of the extra money in the GoPro Session of Heroine.
5 / 5 By Francoise
Have 2 another of of the this and both does like this owe that. This one is gone in DONA . It has had any SD paper, any loaded software and some lights of the load no correctly, if at all. I have contacted Polaroid and Amazon to any avail.
Was pleased like this with another 2 that has has wanted to really another but now will look elsewhere.
UPDATE: it looks Polaroid loves me force to return this defective element for my account say and to the amazon does not look to like this wants to manage this and so only send me to focus of turn. I am not used to this treatment of Amazon and am disappointed.
5 / 5 By Hilton
This camera is surprising. Has old' diverse. A video is point and averts in spite of a fisheye effect and down has bitten tax. It nails an exposure although it falls resolution and tax of frame in low light. To the to camera neither likes to having fallen, in spite of of his chance of bumper. Mine another box of costs of cameras $ 10,000 and this camera resupplies 2/3rds of this experience for 1/100th a prize.

Is beautiful to take on the travesías where is pocketable, discreet and no-threatening. Far less obnoxious that the ready telephone or GoPro. A video of the travesía resupplies the feeling for a travesía that the still photos can not resupply. See my video in:

Of then has no viewfinder, using this camera requires practical. Calm has it that resists exactly level. It feigns that hanged 20 lbs. And to movement likes such to avert 'firehosing'. But because of the his ultra-lentil of wide corner, the sobresalto of camera is minimised. It does not recommend he for stills.
4 / 5 By Dolly
This camera has not done at all. We purchase another (in blue-that there is not resisting in workability) and work. Well, theblue one has done at the beginning then any sound as we are verifying settings.
A person any one this little camera have said roughly the like this taken the working a, can be utmost. If we could exchange and take a concealed really the law a lot was perfect for a do one. I think that that I left it the little too late to take the substitution but I have been out of state was and on for a spent several weeks.
4 / 5 By Maritza
Has has used so only my Cube the pair of time, but well of law, and included when being in an ocean with the waves that confronto like this background, my voice has come by means of enough of well. I have been impressed with even a setting of the lowest resolution, as it gives the very clear and paint attentive video. I have found to be easy for me to resist in a place, or dulcemente casserole the others describes. The money is very displaced!
5 / 5 By Catrina
Has had this camera the few weeks, and has used he in several different ways.
Has driven to and of work with a magnet that resists it on my truck without questions. The images add.
Has dipped he on a truck that attractive a float in a parade. The images add.
Has dipped he in a waterproof house and touched with him in a group. The images add.
Dipped quell'on he tabletop tripod in a flange of a phase that hangs auditions for the show of community theatre. The images add.
Dipped quell'on quell'big stand in a studio for one establishing shot during an interview. It does not add . In fact, not even well. Totally unusable.

The sum he on, is not the GoPro, but is in plot of fun! In my opinion, I like this for the regular, daily, entertainment, the lifestyle that camera of documents. In fact, in some chances, was better that he GoPro, and he heckuva to the most economic plot.
4 / 5 By Angeles
Adds little camera for a prize. Amur A magnet to attach to forks of mine forward. This in spite of, after taking taken in the light rain, totally leaves to do. Even has tried to dip he in rice for the dry was. It have not thought like any dona mine GoPro 7black with a waterproof door was for an outside mic hookup.

Top Customer Reviews: Polaroid DVF-130RC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
A Polaroid DVF-130GC USB Camcorder with LCD Exposed (Green) are quite add so that it is. That is: it camera of economic plastic video. It takings partorisca Around $ 30 is quite amazing: it is reasonably very built, the good measure the door of pocket, a video (and still) the quality is not too bad. It say that it is comparable to some cameras of prompt Toe in the fraction a cost. There is the pocola characteristic calm would not expect to finds in the camera in this row of prize, like a capacity to develop memory with sd papers. Also it has the small zoom (which, reason is digital, more than optical, is quite without importance). A quality of video is roughly pair with web cam, but different web cam, is portable.

Has bought one of these cameras for mine (then) edges of 12 years for the travesía the Disneyland. Has does not love that takes his more expensive camera and the risk that the tomb in the loser, or has included prpers that has to that concern roughly he (that it would diminish it his entertainment of a park). In $ 30, I have imagined that quell'whitewash to him was a ferris goes is a lot of biggie, any something would stress roughly, again, dipping the humid plus in an entertainment. It enables to have the camera with him on a travesía, entirely that deletes any source to stress related his.

To the equal that results, used it more home. He the ameno in pupil of the project which has involved to shoot video. (I am happy has not had to loan ours camera for a project!) It has Had the plot of fun with him, and some shots were quite decent.

Are I that goes to solve my Lumix partorisca east? Any way, but for the economic (almost toy) the camera is quite decent; i.et., Better that would have thought.
Loves a bit clips for the web page, for example, ossia the good election . A resolution is comparable, compatible with those remain on more servers.

Is One $ 30 CAMERAS Any, does not impress . But, you are looking for something to give the boy, and does not have to that worry, this does quite well. (Also very bad for adults that does not love worry in that is spending, and the one who enough would enjoy an experience that the roughly material worry); the good election for when you are hiking/ camping or in a half that would break the good camera.
Is easy to use: intuitive, small, relatively sturdy and, in my opinion, quite decent for a prize. In $ 100 I would not look in him, but concealed is not that I cost. Calm give you more characteristic and better quality that anything has found more in this row of prize: a cup of the very small heap ;)
5 / 5 By
has taken this like the present of Anniversary for my Dad. In 77 it is more technology savvy that the majority his age, but thinks has had included this any state a chance, a Polaroid DVF130RC Digital Camcorder would have been the winner. That pleased the majority was that this USB camcorder was compatible with his old plus Mac concealed does not have the recent operative program - a lot of sensibility of business lack to the respect! It likes him to him a fact that can take still photos as well as moving images. A specs the mark looks precise to purchase the by heart separated paper in order for a camera to do, but this point is the little misleading.... A paper by heart is optional. A Polaroid DVF130RC has quite a lot of inner memory to take you has begun. A paper by heart probably among handy resulted once familiarised and is doing material more elegant with a device.
5 / 5 By
Grandson like a camera, but without a memory sticks it so only takes the picture or two. Some products have come a lot of packaged and in good condition. To to Him Some boys like having of the device to register there adventures, but is expecting now for his anniversaries to come that they go around for the memory sticks to use a camera to the equal that has feigned. A device does not come with the strap of wrist likes described, as I am looking to take these when I take some claves by heart for his anniversaries. Another downer for this device is does not have a plan rechargeable battery that last longer that two 'EA' battery. This device is so only a right measure for small hands.
5 / 5 By
Still can not break by means of a packaging.. I have looked for to open this on, but can not cut or tear by means of him. This probably will be king-endowed like the present of anniversary to a same person, with which take it my tent of favourite electronics with received and ask the little help that opens it. What good a recipient is older - his probaly be surprised that has taken the camera that has loved always. Unbeknownst To them, is one 2nd time !

This packaging would owe that have the habit to deter thieves, no those clients of has paid. Now I will do an endeavour to give kudos to some vendors that ache of offer-free packaging :)
4 / 5 By
has read all some descriptions in these tiny camcorder first of the cost, and also googled that it plus soyanual' to find a pdf MANUEL PIENO to thoroughly the first investigation to purchase a camera. A full manual answers the majority of some reservations/of questions that is coming up in some descriptions, and would have saved some people to plot of ache. Oddly, is not in a has printed material with a camera; I have not required to use a software of my ancient Apple macintosh has recognised he without requiring extra software. It was not if the windows could, this in spite of.

Use a 8 memory of paper of action, which installed well, formatted properly (calm a formatting immediately; first to use he for a first time, as described in the manual of pdf of a camera).

Also has taken a chance, but is really too small for ease of use.

For your info: 1. It downloads a manual of pdf and read the to see if this camera returns your requirements 2. If he , then to good sure take a memory of 8 actions for him.

Remarce: If precise use he viewfinder to in fact see a screen, as in alone, this could not be a camera for calm - find one with the viewfinder, or use this a pleasure an extra, when I do not want to lug your main camera (the 8mp that the still camera of course gives more options and better resolution... In the long a prize of this little critter. This one are adds for fun material, where has not required a big plus (my years-old 8mp big camera , heavy).

Experimenting With a bit polaroid: a stills and also pocolos clips of films have taken looks well in a computer.

Having The one of leftover usb the boss would do it much easier to connect to a computer. It thinks a listing of the on-line/ad for a camera would owe that say to download a pdf MANUEL PIENO, to to good sure use a 8 memory of action, and a clue to have the one of leftover usb boss, but these things a lot of detract of a real camera.
5 / 5 By
In spite of some poor descriptions, has chosen this pocket camcorder because of a prize and reason all have has wanted to was something could use for video of Youtube. A measure of the maximum viewing of some video takes is equivalent to the 4x6 the photo of footprints of thumb how is spare so that I want to. Any big plus that this (likes to see full screen or in television) and a video will result blurry and pixelated. It is very easy to use and comes with software for direct uploading to Youtube/of Youtube. I have used this camcorder indoors and alfresco with good results. This camcorder also can take the still pictures but I have not tried these characteristic still. In everything went it exactly that looked for and am very happy with cost of mine.

The inferior line for me is that you would have to that know that to expect. If you are expecting this camcorder will be like the toe mino or some another more expensive pocket camcorder, that will be disappointed.

In an of some descriptions has found here links it to video on Youtube/of Youtube concealed has been done with this camcorder which founds more useful that do my decision to purchase that the majority of some descriptions here on amazon.


Recommends any one considering purchasing this camcorder informs this calm so that it is that it can expect of this product.
4 / 5 By
Am believing in the pinch ossia class of the good back on camcorder in chance your real one in general I supposition are the little there is disappointed... In reality I have not paid alot for him like this the supposition is so only to say that it do not have to that it has expected too much of him. It likes, to touch the quota little one in the quality of a video done a video takes no really something to save for posterity. If you zoom in too close up an image pixelate in playback and will not be able to recognise that you where that tries to register. Be any flash or light of any class so much in the low light can not see that it is registering in daylight and external is more...
5 / 5 By
Has purchased this element for my daughter for Navidad. For a prize takes good video. I am not sure in a closing pics reason this is to be buy specifically to be used like him camcorder and also receive the digital camera a lot well for still pics.
This in spite of, everything of this be has said, well at all if it do not buy the paper by heart with him. Included that law a description and seeing a built in the memory has not been conscious so only the one who small has. My daughter was able to use less than a minute of register of video before it say that a memory was full and can do a lot of plus. I know it is the down priced element but yes goes to require the paper by heart to really be able to be used then would owe that have download it of authorship that declares such in a description of element. Mina ossia bit it dishonest and misleading for any the one who is not automatically able to convert measure by heart to usable time. When My daughter opened it on Navidad, has been embarrassed in just that little was able to use he because of a lack of built in memory.
To the Chairs like, in of generals, ossia a lot of value of the money has paid for him and my daughter loves a quality of some video is able to take. Still you recommend to buy the but highly would recommend that it buys the paper by heart also or was quite useless until do.
5 / 5 By
In a like this economic prize that surprises this camcorder is distant a lot of the as it would expect. To be the 1.3 megapixel a quality/of the video of still picture is quite clear. It is light and will be easy to take the longitude in the travesía. With a prize that is like this abordable, are adds to have for those can not lose moments in life. It runs on 'EA' battery so much is easy to change while travelling and also uses and SD paper. There is another model of this same camcorder in my house and is utmost in of the batteries that is another plus, especially when travelling. In short, is looking for the camera that calms can toss in the stock exchange and does not want to pay the prize empinado suggests that it purchase this fantastic camera.
4 / 5 By
Has taken this for my young niece that amours to create his own video and take goofy pictures. It has tried some of one 'for boys' the cameras and has not done for his, always go back to use iPhone of his mother. It loves this camera, work well for his and is simple to use. It is having the explosion that does his video and pictures, able to share, estaca or save them easily of a computer.

Top Customer Reviews: Polaroid ID879-RED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5 By Darius
Ours the camera so only would do was plugged in. Once one load was disconnected, does not turn on. Service of the client called and after several remedies, has suggested that the sending behind (in my cost) partorisca the new a. Reason on the earth wants to another (in my cost) when a prime minister any still law??

Has contacted a vendor, the one who has offered the repayment.

A camera is light and pleasant--would have been adds for my in fact laws...
4 / 5 By Beula
Takes decent video but a coverage to a battery and SD the paper will not remain closed. WELL For the beginer.
4 / 5 By Meta
Has wanted to speak to service of client but can not look to imagine was like this to do that any one.... These stinks ... Any product... Person to speak to...
4 / 5 By Carrol
Want to
5 / 5 By Evelia
Pros;good weight ,easy to store in a pouch concealed to come with him,like a screen to touch,Gilipollas; no it likes him to him a record key in a calm behind has to that the touch the sure was to take®ister to start with
5 / 5 By Yvone
A software comprised no - Can not download some manual users- Can not upload video of a camera. The support of client is worthless! Sent an email and called - Any help.

Top Customer Reviews: Polaroid ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 By Dalene
Like the camcorder, a ID940 is WELL... A quality of video is decent, and some works of stabilisation of good electronic image, but tends partorisca lose home while zooming or panning. Has options records of WVGA (848x480) to 1080P as well as the basses-king 120fps way to do video of slow motion. A built-in the light CONCENTRATED is very brilliant. A microphone is stereo and touches good but has some background noise. A A/V Out of jack folds like the headphone jack, but so only can listen to the video have has registered already; it does not have preview of alive audio during registering.

Like the projector, estimates it so only so only, because a start is quite dim and a corner of projection there is little deep, movement like this need he far for behind a screen to take the big image. Has two brightness levels, neither duquel is quite brilliant to be usable in anything another that the entirely dark room. A crowbar of home is very small and is difficult to regulate with accuracy. But calm the the once dipped up in the dark room, an image has projected is well, and can use a headphone exited for the connect to an external amplifier, more than listening by means of one tiny built-arrive-parleur.

I prizes thus look of model to vary amply, as it say can take the treat well in the, cost the... otherwise Is better was that it looks for the sale in the Sony camcorder with a characteristic of projector.
5 / 5 By Lesia
His the good camera. So only not to use it so as I thought . So easier that use the telephone.
4 / 5 By Junie
A do one like this expected, but a Arcsoft the software sucks.