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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
This bar of clay has DESTROYED my mark new Model 3 clear discharge. Buyer beware!

Using the new (literally opened of a container) bar of this economic clay, some results were literally like this bad like sandpaper.

My prep no:

1- the washed Thorough that use CarPro Reset
2- IronX bath
3- Another wash with Reset
4- the clay Applied in 2x2 zone
5- Rinsed the prep partorisca polish
6- Dried with air blower

While claying, has has used tonnes of lubricador extra, there is amassed a clay after each 2x6' spend and has not used excessive pressure.
Has followed this routine partorisca years and has not had never the question.

When A zone dried it has looked literally 500 grit sandpaper had been used. How it is this same possible with the bar of new clay that use the good method has accepted that I did not fail never first that? An only thing can think is control of poor quality in a side of costruttrici, and partorisca that (and an immense frustration this product caused) a star is GENEROSA .

Yeah, Perhaps so only has taken the bad batch and under the normal circumstances would have done well... But ossia my first and last experience with his clay. This has said, spends quality to question regarding a rest of some Mothers lineup so many is a last time will buy any of his products.
4 / 5
Has received a product in a box sealed punctually, supposition to contain 2 bars of clay but 1 has been missing. I have contacted some sales of Mothers rep for the telephone and has said would do it legislation and to follow a call up with an email, which I , I in a has assumed less would send me the bar of clay the his place. Well quell'Concealed that has not spent. I know his so only the bar of clay, was a principle , no of the money, can resupply to for like this a lot I like this want to. A point is had the golden occasion to do it superstar movement to recover my recognition , instead tip the one who without importance the client are. Thats The shame. Sad of the says will cost him more than a prize of the bar of clay.
4 / 5
Ossia Usually clay of mine partorisca detail that I go to the majority of a time. He Has it Very other types of clays that tin to does better but are usually more expensive or harder invernadero a abrasiveness. Ossia The box adds to take any concealed does not have it never does before reason is much more last to sea on a product.

Would say 90 of a time ossia that I bar of clay my cars with and partners when I detail.

I amour a still spray detail reason odora likes cinnamon. So only the tip is cut a bar of clay to 4 pieces. In this way when you fall the piece in a calm paving is not launching out of a whole bar ;-p More can use a piece for a down more rocker poster, one for some wheels, and then take two other pieces for a rest of a car.
5 / 5
Initially, has thought that this 'what of bar of the clay' was so only he gimmick. But, I have found that looks to do that it alleges to do. In the first place, I have washed my car of 4 years. I have used then a bar of clay in a hood so only. I left it to dry, has then dried a haze was with him microfiber towel. There is remarked that when I have moved a microfiber towel in a hood, a towel has slipped smoothly in a surface. But, when I have moved a same towel in a fender and ceiling, a towel has not slipped. It resembled grab a product (as to speak). Using the bar of clay is an extra step that could does not want to do. But, it will do subsequent buffings easier reason will not find like this control when applying and take polish and wax. And, it is not that a lot of work for the use. If it use abundance of liquid, a bar of slips of clay easily to the long of a car and a work takes quite done quickly. I will not use the bar of clay never time I wax. But I will use it at least each years of pair.
5 / 5
So that there is essentially has learnt that these uses of product hydroplaning of a clay to choose on foreign fragments that cause the product to feel of the yours car gritty (still with which wash).

When I in the first place discovered roughly 'claying' the car was ecstatic. Mina pre-the car has possessed looked well but has not looked or feel spectacular. I have chosen the box up in my venue AutoZone and has looked the little video to discover some better technicians for claying the car.

I grabbed the box,thoroughly has washed my car but has left wets with which a final rinse: taken the cube the water was and has been to do. In roughly 2 hours my whole car was like this smooth likes glass to a touch. It was surprised like this and enamoured with some results! Mina 10 old year car- HE 10 years- looked and senses like him 2012/13 model! It was one very first time my car had not been never clayed so that it feels done only mine that would take it like this long.

has discovered that using to the water likes them the lubrication in place of a spray that comes with a box is generally the better election (in my opinion). A spray has left the residue and I could no quickly quite toallita humid he down with which used it. Yeah, This residue has taken 2 more washed to leave.
Also some smells of spray minty - in the odd way.

With which claying the I rinsed the again (to take touched of of any frames of water) dried it then and continued to polish/wax he.


After this initial 2hr law I so only required to clay my car for 45 minutes or like each one that 4 1/2 month. Alive in a city like my car is exposed often to airborne contamination and debris of construction.

MODIFICATION: NOV 2016 Please Read

-I suggests to use the cube of water or bounce he of spray with NORMAL SOAPY water for lubrication (think bubbly, but any gobs of foam)
If your water is too soapy some starts of clay to melt, but yes, slightly waters it soapy better work- have experimented the pair of different time. So only it does not use of the soiled soapy water. Still it does not use a spray ( has now clayed roughly 6 different cars the multiple times each one which as), but find, as another has suggested, soapy water to be the better access.

Require to maintain a zone is claying/barring, good and lubricated like this so it was possible- is using waters it soapy has it microfiber towel manually to express water in a zone after each few swipes of a clay.

-The organism of your car has to that be spotless before you clay he (washed a car but no dry he) the dry with which you clay he and rinse he

-can you clay some windows also!

- Wants to try a texture of the product of the yours car with which is has washed to run your toes softly down a hood and in several parts of an organism. If your toes take the little bit and calm can feel debris owe clay your car. To amplify your sense to touch plants it ziploc stock exchange in your hand and then feel around.

-Take touched of of any bracelets, tapes,clocks, coverages etc when it details it your car; long the people do not remark that they press against an organism when those details and like this ran a risk to line on a product.

-Polo then wax your automobile after the clayed the to seal out of any debris and to spend out of a resplandor better in a product

A clarity and texture of a product in my car was very improved with which claying the :)- I does not think my product could be clearer

1st pic of 05' Mazda clayed so only, 2nd pic of '05 Mazda clayed then polished, 3rd pic is the '08 Sebring clayed and waxed, and finally one 4th picture is of the Porsche 968 95' after when being clayed, polished, and waxed. All the cars have has had the products of glass soften afterwards!
5 / 5
Possesses the Black Chevy Silverado and has been learning more and more roughly detailing. I recently found a web of place and he have mentioned the bar of clay. After the bit of investigation has decided to try out of a Bar of Clay of California of System of Mothers. After using a bar of the clay for a first time can say that it is the must yes slowly in those details your vehicle to prep he for wax, protects to paint, etc.

to use it correctly does sure to follow some directions comes with. Again, I have found a web of place to be very useful. Has multiple video on like this to detail your vehicle that comprises like this to use the bar of clay. So only the few tips to take you has begun this in spite of. It comes with two bars of clay, 1 boat of lubricador and he microfiber towel. When you Plough a bar of clay kneed the until it is soft. Spray A vehicle liberally and slide a bar of clay in a car so only in a zone lubricated. With a Clay of Gold of California of the sweep of Mothers can feel and sometimes included listen a bar of clay that chooses on a debris of a product of a vehicle. You used once a bar of the clay then uses a microfiber towel to dry was a lubricante exceeded .

Would not say has had any subjects with a system of bar of the clay. So only the few things to take note of. Mark sure to so only use a bar of the clay where has lubricated a vehicle or he can destroy your product. A spray has one odd minty scent (Does your car smell minty fresh.) You fall a bar of clay in an earth highly would recommend to change to another bar and launching it was. It can choose on muck a lot easily. If taken the small rock or pebble in him and any @give the to him then can destroy your product! The fully of bar of clay a whole truck there is taken on an hour. It is intense time but is in good sure values he.

Ossia The product adds . It gives your vehicle that silky smooth feeling first of the closing waxed the. When you Go to wax your vehicle the fact so faster like car has been fully take out of any debris in a product. As continuous in and exits extremely easily.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Clay of Gold of California of System of mothers of Bar with Meguiar Definite Liquid Wax and Speed of Gel of Wax of Compound Turtle with a Meguiar Definite Quik Wax. His both have done enough well in mine 1999 Deep Agreement. The no a test in mine 2016 Altima reason cleaned and wax fast wax he regularly, where as this Agreement probably has not been distinct amour partorisca to the long of the decade.

So much a Gold of California and Speed of Wax of the Turtle the alike Compound work. A system of the bar of the Clay is that it prefers. It is in plot easier that slip a bar of clay with a lubrication. A Speed embrague dry Compound, for this some more the endeavour is dipped his. I have not seen the difference until me lifted a tape. It sees for calm. The any place in too many impulses that he this test but to the equal that can see, with a pair of minutes has dipped in, has done the difference in any clear discharge or paint this Agreement has left. Has has resupplied pictures of a bar of Clay in mine Altima also with a Quik Wax.

A Liquid wax is sum , uses it when I foam and the pressure washes a car and a Quik wax with which I waterless wash my car. A Quik the washed memory of the Kool-scent of Help. Overal Some products of wax leave mine Altima good and shiny. The slips to water immediately and accounts on amiably for both of a Meguiar Waxes.

Has added the test of water for an Agreement, some claves to water reasons one paints is the little rough because of a be car almost 20 years.
4 / 5
This claybar miracles of works. With which some brakes forward has on blown and has covered my car in powder of brake and rust specks all the hope has been lost. This material was seriously caked to a car to a point to try to substitute a whole door. An hour with a bar and the total transformation am spent.
5 / 5
Has been doing in of the cars and am very particular when it comes to the interior and the external car have been that loves bar of use of clay in my vehicle in fact a lot of years now, arrival to be hesitant because of a consumption of time. They are the father of 3 and the time to spare is in short supply in my house ;). Finally so only it has taken this and refinadas of week of hard test. They are very surprised for some results. It is súper easy to use and has done a surface of mine 07 Suburbial absolutely silky smooth. I have had some contaminants in a product that that would not exit with a last 5-10 washes. A fence of clay was able to pull up in the middle of joining it to him to tar likes him the substance that has been stuck to a side of the mine Suburbial. Any one is been left behind I need to take to the product to the aggressive plus likes to rub the compound, thinks. I do not have any complaint. I really found an easy clay to mussel and easy to use in a product.

So only aims it by other first timers. So only use the averages the bar the time (in calm chance the tombs, yours any out of a whole bar of clay)
5 / 5
All this habladuría roughly clay-sweep.. Not knowing any a lot of anything roughly the, has purchased this locally for several $ $ plus.. That Liking has purchased so much the little more boxes on Amazon. I have required this reason my new frost-the white truck has aimed byline of contamination of drives of powder of the boss. It appears it likes little little rust-colored of stains in a product and no dry was with washing or spray of detail. It was freaked was reason have bought so only my truck and know anything in a cost of the calm new trucks to good sure would comprise stressed reason. A whole truck (all the horizontal surfaces) has had these rusts circles that was a measure of the pencil of round eraser. Some investigation and some signs have signalled verses of the bars of clay.
I clay sweep my whole truck in in an hour.. It is easy. First wash and dry your vehicle, according to flatten was one of some bars of clay have distributed, the third chooses a zone to start with, fourth spray the 1 feet square section with a spray to detail distributed and dry a section with a bar of clay with small or any pressure.. All one contaminates room like magic. Then toallita humid of this zone finalised with a distributed micro-lines of edge..

Top Customer Reviews: 3D One - Scratch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
This material is surprising. Has a time partorisca do more with a longitude of any product has has not used never. You can use the cutting tampon partorisca take scratches and swirls, WHOSE dry was the polishes then simply change to the tampon partorisca polish. A car will be perfect and will save long.
4 / 5
This any cut partorisca arrive it flawless.

Ossia To good sure very partorisca the polish but do not cut it . You can take the good arrival on anything but black.

My experience say that the product will cut in a product well is fat. This material is partorisca like like any fully correct to the painting likes has been announced. The the cutting tampon, then polishing. I have changed my RPM in mine flex GIVES and my speed of arm, has them has changed things like this a lot of to the equal that could and could not take the flawless arrival.

To the equal that has pulled was some material for pinnacle this there has been the fattest boom, swirls gone.

Require 100 correction this is not partorisca you. If you want to buff in the timely way, this is not partorisca you

is taking paid to 'detail' the client' car and so only trying the fast buck and no really aiming partorisca a possible better correction ossia partorisca you.
4 / 5
Has been the warrior of weekend in a better partorisca diverse year and a level that details that detail the products are beginning partorisca have the hard time that maintains up with my increasing expectations.

Has found a 3D mark Accelerates everything in a previously known polish like “HD speed” and a 3D A hybrid has composed on Youtube. Some video there is showed his utmost of versatility and cutting capacity. I have decided to give it shot and see that well it is.

Used it on the black of 13 years Saab concealed has not been cured of his whole life. Paired With the underwhelming before generation Rupes big foot LHR 15 and an orange average of global cutting tampon American.

I the fast detailer toallita humid in a zone of test (roughly 32 section) and has on followed with 2 steps of bar of first clay to apply a compound. A product has working time very long, and the little goes the long way, there is still good quantity of product with which 6 raisin on accelerates partorisca dip 5, and a result was more than satisfying. All some light scratches and swirl the frames have been take and has left a product to the lustrous and haze of emission has arrived.

Partorisca The deep scratches can take the calm pair more steps or the tampon the aggressive plus, but can a lot really complain an after so only result the few steps in the tampon of foam of the half. Certainly it will buy more with which spends for east boot.
5 / 5
Well, has not tried never correction partorisca paint before but my car has been shipped and is has arrived covered in swirl frames been due to untied straps that has beaten a heck out of my car for 2500 miles. My car looked terrible. It enters 3D an and a Torsion 10FX of chemical types. I have begun with an orange hex of still the half that cut and has gone around a whole car. I have left a 3D an in a car and changed to a black hex tampon to finalise and lubricated with some chemical types cushion lubricator for a second spend. I have been surprised. A swirls has gone! Seriously, it does not squander your time that some correction of beast of 4 and so only buy this. It is all precise .
5 / 5
Has used this for the phases the correction and a vehicle looked better that new using the Uro-Edge 50/50.

In a second vehicle, has done so only to 2 correction of phase with t 3D An using the Uro-Edge 50/50 clue for the tampon of black polishing, and some results have surpassed my expectations! Originally It Has been to do so only the phases with a Uro-the edge and the arrival with lighter that the pressure has done of then well before, but has thought the one who a heck, can also. With a bit of endeavour and extra time, am blown was. Had a lot little dusting and the wipe was was easier that anything more. To my eye has finalised down better that HD the speed and the looks to good able insurances further of correction.

Has used also this partorisca polish a epoxy coated tabletop and has done a lot well. It has cleaned on a scuffs and has stuck on residue with minimum endeavour.
5 / 5
This material is quite amazing. Generally with one gives an a lot uses this with the country of lake some steps MF tampon or Meguiars microfiber tampon to finalise and take amazing results. A scrolling of defect and when finalising the capacity is very impressive. Any so much yard like ACA 500 but to good sure can resist is adapted. This material is also the pleasure to do with the working time because of a lot long and no dusting. Also it can be used in direct sun. For a prize and costs of capacities to try he for any one. Has has had to that so only add more to this description with another picture of this material that takes moderate defects out of the new m5 with eases and has finalised down in amazing. Country of lake some steps MF the tampons are are adds combo with east.
4 / 5
Typically are an user of avid chemical types , this in spite of, am sold on 3d detailing produced after using this hybrid compound.

I the comparison of chemical types v36 and 3d hybrid and a 3d the product has takes almost each scratch and swirl while a v36 couldnt same approached.

Do your automobile the favour and use this product.

Has used the rupes Bigfoot polisher with the tampon composed of the mother and then changed to the hex logical tampon of black finishing for a second career.
5 / 5
Amazing product. I cant give this to 10 star otherwise I . I produce it adds. Amazing results. Start with the cutting casserole, while the product is extended still was, tampons to change to the still tampon polish and the arrival was amiably. Has 50/50s in his fb page.
5 / 5
Mine gone to as the polish of any only. Pair he with a right tampon and technician and itll cures of slughtly hravy defects without in of the llamas by means of the plot of clear discharge.

Easy to take, any dusting, working time along (time of the cycle or anything want to call he). I have used he in direct sun im on 90 heat of terracing and humudity and was able to take some act done.

Photod Was the 2019 Mustang 5.0 this there has been some defects of usual factory (sanding and rotary frames, pigtails) and trafficante installed defects (swirls and marring of not washing properly). It was able to take them was w the lights to foam to cut, 9mm launches polisher and 4/5 of raisin of section (sinister legislation, on down, has left well, on down) and speed of arm of the half (1 thumb for dry). Very little the clear discharge take (.19 One thousand meso).

Among a yard, arrival and working time this oroduct takes a cake.

A pic in an upper legislation afterwards is using Carpro eraser and a final result is after 2 discharges (2 hours among time of priest of the discharges) of C2V3 .
4 / 5
I my complete 1969 Beetle with him. He so compound and polishing actions as it has announced. Car much more brilliant and shinier now with the plot of the imperfections of surface has takes, so only like correction to paint in the detailers. A bit it produces also it goes the long way. Packaging And shipping excellent.

Top Customer Reviews: Chemical Guys ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
With a pertinent prep and technician that is to say the wonderful product . If you are nervous quite hurting your painting, studio up and go lentil. The correction the painting takes patience and preparation. It has had at all but wonderful results, albeit with the pause of beer or two.

The shows of photo or raisin with this product with the cheap polisher, under a line is a before. This was in 16 old year civic.
5 / 5
So much in some point has to have ask my garage.. It leaves the ugly scratch in mine 2016 pilot. Quan Applies these products was the nervous bit .. It continues in thickness. But my husband looked a video of chemical type on that for the apply.. It follows a step of video- for -no! A product is to think and gritty. I have been impressed took it one the whole scratch was..
1 / 5
I use each what 4 of a v has composed series in the new black bc/cc acts to paint. Has problems with swirls after using a V38 has composed. As I have ordered some of a VSS while it resolves a swirl subject. I create a swirls was worse. I have tried each tampon, different pressures, different quantities of resplandor and different period. As I have purchased any 3M ultrafine ex 3 Polish, and one 8' tampon. Desprs Quite 15 minutes that law in the poster a swirl the marks are gone. One 3M the number has used is 06068. So you are having subject with this line of product and swirls, tries one 3M/ product. You wont when the be has disappointed.
5 / 5
First tentativa in doing any class of correction of the painting and this material looked an entrance for my swirlmarked, waters it localised, and streaky truck.

Has bought the Load of cheap Port GIVES polisher, he 3 group of Chemical Type HexLogic tampons, and this resplandor.

In general these looks to shine to do very well take drawee of swirl marks, something of water, and clear scratches. Has some deeper scratches in a ceiling of my truck of some anterior owners and after or raisin with this resplandor has not gone totally gone, but was very attacked down in a point that was much more take to see. Something of water and swirl the marks are totally gone. Some the deepest scratches to good sure require the heavy plus-resplandor cutting in totally take, but a VSS the work adds to disguise some scratches.
5 / 5
Had two zones in our cart with harm of half in a painting. A hood was especially dull probably of jillions of random microscratches in all the directions. I order to ask yes was included the bit oxidised or still with the clear cloak is spent has been. A side of the poster by side has had harm of scratch of something concealed has rubbed that zone several times.

I clayed a hood before I polished with this material. I have used the clay 'broom' or 'tampon' in a hood that in the left to plot again, directional semence. I have used my Torq 10FX random orbital polisher to do this material in a painting. It IS Wowed when dried was! Control out of my attacker and after pictures. Quite obvious which are before and which are afterwards.

Has tried the tiny zone, doing it manually more concealed with a random orbital polisher. Any prjimo some same results and possibly leaving roughly lining of new light. Perhaps that it was been due to my technician . Duque to use this material and RO polisher.
4 / 5
These works of product more with GIVES IT polisher, any manually. He also the work more in black painting. In ash, is not to look so polished. You have to time to spend to take some scratches take, that is to say so that (any one looked to signal this was) some beginning of solution of coarse, then while you polish car more, some granules break down to help in polishing a cart. Tan Once again, coarse to take scratches, low pauses, to polish. Any afanya a work. It has to finish when being the dry haze to learn that a solution has broken down. Calm any lament has resulted. Any sure what these other critics , but would not have to take more scratches in your cart. Perhaps they were calm also impacientas. There is to you attentive until some pauses of low solution.
5 / 5
Applied V-34 and then the cloak of of the this. Service the majority of some scratches.
5 / 5
I actuate Virtually any experience that this of marks. I am even so quite tenacious and anxious to learn. I have contacted the Chemical type and gave me to us the recommendations add in that can do it that the novice can detail my vehicle. One which line looked that thinks that that any one is tugging something to the long of my door and I have wanted to very the gone. I have bought a Scratch and Swirl bustle together with a Torx10x bumper. I have followed some videos of Youtube duquel has the plethora to learn so to take a scratch. It IS very easy and while you can see pictures. I am very pleased with this product and plan to do a rest of my truck those uses his products to polish. This produces particular is one all-in-a that has soft abrasive that low pause how you buff he in. Other products require you to step through progressively less abrasive of compound to take similar results. Has each intention to try these if a scar has not gone satisfactorily take with easterly the unit has been said by Robert more useful when the Chemical type called that it can use you this without the bumper powered but of course requires considerably fatter/of elbow of the time.
4 / 5
As I can very he same washes my own cart without trail swirls and printed of toe, as it was little nervous in compounds. I have used the black and decker hammer with this leader to polish. My premiers little step gave me the attack of heart so that it was even more smudges after I dried it down. That looked for when being more smudges and swirls was only the fat cloak of the product that drought up. Desprs The few raisins, a class of product to take self with the bit of greasy swirls, could confuse which with scratches. With the a lot of thin cloak of the product left in some tampons have decided to give the the little calm more raisins, and begin to clean up amiably. More than doing calm the big raisins have done tight smaller ones. Had zones where a product has dried up and left flakes, yes has used the micro strand for the dry was smear again. I have used only some leaders to polish for prender he up. A process took me two hours. I have left a greasy swirls in a car for in an hour and returned to dry it was. Some the scratches circulate was 99% gone. Had even so the small line of hair the straight scratches have left. But now I fulfil it is scratches of clear cloak and probably will require something the small stronger of the take. My new cart now looks the new cart. Has thinks that that it go to have that spends $ 300 for the take to aim quality of room. Sometimes a trafficker has the lazy people that washed your cart, as it can be disheartening after a premier reveals. But yes, thanks to Youtube, spent these types. It estimates one inversion.
5 / 5
This description is also coupled with other products used to like them all aided to take in my final arrival. The products have used in my setup:
Chemical Type VSS
Chemical Type Luz Blanca
CarPro Cquartz United Kingdom 3.0
Torq X Polydorus with Orange Tampon for Acute and Blue Tampon to extend a White Light.
Meguires Claybar 200g
Griots Dish of Bustles of Garage
Polish of Magnesium of the Mothers
has Used Proportionate Microfiber the clothes of Polydorus (of chemical Type)

Opens has not taken the picture in the each step in a process like the result of final is that truly the subjects and he save 30 photos that is to upload here. I have inspected a painting in the each only new phase and can inform for each step. I will do my best to be descriptive with my findings to help all that comes after me.

This work is done in the 2016 White Summit Camaro with 34,000the mine in the and has taken a cart in 21,000the mine of anterior owner. Active Quite 3/4 years experience to detail but that is not necessity to take incredible results, the only time spent in a work he. Some scratches of left wing of proprietary premier and swirls of the improper washing but this was all in a surface. My process has taken mine 9 hours any prenden beginning to finish that it comprises all the time of the cure and the level that expects period. This work has been done in the vehicle stored in the garage at night in the constant 65 titles thanks to three heaters.

1. Has a vehicle the wash with My soap regulates setup and does not create this there has been any effect in a result of final while it was the shampoo of mere cart with the additive zero but was ph neutral. I wash my car weekly included up in of the winters of Chicago like any precise the strong soap.

2. I have been to use a bustle to stuff on all the surfaces of a vehicle with small agitation after one lives to time and has been to the wash has been with the boat of spray of water and the microfiber towel.

3. Desprs Drying a vehicle I then claybarred a whole vehicle in the each surfaces painted and of the waters to regulate used as lubricating the eschew that substances of presents or of the extra oils in my arrival. After these gives a no a painting was incredibly smooth and contaminating free while I am past ache staking time to continue each poster of organism to do sure each which so something uses to has been touched and fixed up. Apresamiento awhile But is everything in a prep laws when polishing and then ceramic coating how these locks of finals cloak in all your work, and imperfections if you are not careful.

4. I have taken then some rubbing alcohol and has continued slightly a whole vehicle to ensure the barren the surface and I have not listened a painting in this step as me anteriorly and this was totally enough in the now contaminating free.

5. Have taking then of mine polisher and VSS and begun to take of scratches of mine and swirls. There are tonnes of videos in Youtube of chemical Type to teach you that in properly do this so I skip a lesson, has used one Orange Hexlogic cutting tampon. Desprs Law in of the small zones and taking my a lot of poster of time has done dulcemente for the poster and I was happy with a tiredness small experimented to use a machine. In an a lot of final of a no his day to like used one polisher for some 5 hours that total, very impressed. I bugged of one Polish for some instructions and time to expect and remained with an incredibly in in to to the glass likes him his of the surface that has deleted everything of some imperfections of a painting. This has taken one the long plus was all the steps and was near in how long my service of clay was but has wanted to any one swirl behind and past very very time. (A chair of desktop with wheels or anything to seat that the circles do your living thousands of the time it easy plus that when being arrest so long)

6. I have been still in a Polish with one WhiteLight and using a polisher to extend one glazes was incredibly easy and the small go the long road. You use less it issues that you he manually and extends very thin and used to pose of speed two east of arrests without pressure but a weight of a machine to apply. After this did not go to complete verified an arrival and was like the mirror, fresco in a touch and silent when touch with one rear of my hand. It IS very impressed and is gone in this thought had the effect of placebo that is for the white carts the the pop but I only will think so afterwards touching hours in him and that it wants to see the difference. It take two of opinions of a beginning of a day in this tax and they have remarked the massive difference and has compared this in the cart in the museum showroom was perfect.

7. I have followed then in this process with applying mine the ceramic coating and this was the very easy process with incredibly hurriedly flash the times and one extend was incredibly easy and the little was the very a lot of road very very time. I have used hardly the neighbourhood of one vile and always has a same cloak this has verified constantly down light to do sure has no the run too thin. Has the plastidipped black ceiling and back section of a vehicle and I have tried the something small first and when has not had the reaction also coated one plastidip like the boxes have said that it is ph neutral and sure on almost anything. Desprs Applying remarked one plastidip has had it slick listen and was very lustrous ( had 3/4 cloaks to gloss on explode while I have wanted a level to gloss to match one OEM white) and was very impressed. Some the proportionate pictures are after I have finished a whole day with my vehicle, although this was a hard any one has seen to paint.

8. My last has used Polishes of metal of the mothers for mine exhausts tips and what a mark of incredible difference. More has cleaned late my windows and inner and has followed up with my bay of engine and seeds my wheels. Finished a day with Meguirs Rueda Gel and then left some chairs of vehicle before I have directed he for while it can that a time in the daytime would leave prendido.

In general a combination of some products has done incredibly well and each which so or used for a painting would be to surprise for his sake and in combination with yours other favourite products, has data only my list of products has used to to help another so wants to read thorough descriptions for these subjects of entity and a quantity of products there. My pictures provide is not of a main quality while I can not take photos of the quality and was the long day and I was only happy to direct my cart after. Totally recommend it some few products and another mentioned and a main thing is a prep taking to take a totally clean painting and then having a time a day to consecrate in this work. I have not tried some ceramic capacities while it has to leave 24 hours before contacting water at all and then cures still in a prjimo 5 or so days, but listens and looks to surprise. I recommend 100% and I am enamoured with one looks and listens of my vehicle.

Top Customer Reviews: NOVUS PC-10 Plastic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
No the worker of miracle, but he the good work for a prize. The photos are before and after of 1999 cart of golf windshield.
5 / 5
I have bought Novus 1 for a plastic windshield in my Arctic Cat Prowler side-for-side ATV. Novus 1 had recommended highly in the Prowler forum, as I any one so in something tries it before the use. He sprays in sake and thicknesses. I have used clear shot initially so recommended to prevents a muck to line a windshield. It was initially preoccupied when I in the first place begun for the dry was, and cross the fat haze during my windshield. For now my heart sunk while I thought that it has had marred mine $ 300 windshield. But I have maintained to rub with the cloth of soft cotton, and after quite a lot of 10 seconds a haze has disappeared, together with everything of a muck and something to water to reveal it windshield concealed has not been this clean glass of a day bought it.
5 / 5
I have bought this to clean mine The majority of Tool of Incredible Stamping (MISTI). The law adds to clean a lid and the mark float my bond of focus clears well. He also the good work to clean blocs of acrylic stamping. It think that that it looks the plot of money to pay up advantage but the small go the way longue.seulement A squirt is all this is necessity to clean my MISTI. To well sure it recommends this product!
5 / 5
Do my investigation for a new small nano tank I orderly and lined to use the paper towel that the flavours clean external. It finds this line of the three process of phase for priest and treatment of all plastic or acrylic surfaces. I have finished to order Novus 1 to maintain to cause more fails very conscious that has revoked a harm has caused. This one was simply the cleaner like Windex would be for glass, but for plastic. Of this forward in the daytime will use only this spray and eschews any harm any far plus. It owes pause with some paper towels or any towels of cotton and has ordered the micro lines of the also sold strand for a same vendor. Any harm or small scratches, only the amiably polished tank of fish - plastic happy shiny or acrylic. A must has for each people to fish that it decides to go an expensive less subjects to purchase any tank of the best vaso.un has. You wont be disappointed, and do your investigation for this line.
5 / 5
I have bought this so that it only have purchased the MISTI tool of location of focus he, and suggested to take this cleaner to clean of an acrylic lid of ink. While it uses this... Clean perfect and any one of some stain exited (when used a drought of alcohol.. Apresamiento Was some of some lines.) How this a lot of is the cleaner adds and soft and the laws add. He been very happy with him. That is to say bounce it BIG , so hard the long time. I plan to buy more when the circle has been :)
5 / 5
I have ordered this product to take my chairs of extra backyard behind in life so that we are having the party with the whole plot of guests. Desprs Trying a cleaner, has expected the day before publishing a description, so that have wanted to to see would have any residue has dried visible in some chairs. I am happy to inform that the has not had very when the residue inspected some chairs again today! I see other critiques use this product for things likes him clean shields of motorcycle and, although my necessity has not been so big, has wanted a cleaner in separating to see or does not leave the shield to protect of classes. A shield is there quantities has limited in, and some chairs look to surprise. I am now ready for our big backyard shindig! Purchase again.
5 / 5
These works of product! It takes this for the motorcycle of my husband but finishing to use he in a cookery. I have used he in an outside of a microwave and in the decoration of glass that was foggy with fat. I have not had to battle dry was each a gook so that it slip has been with a Novus debugging. He also the law adds in my keyboard and smile so that my covers of so threads very sticky.
Also, wants to attach that a product is odorless which are the big plus for me.
5 / 5
He been the user of time with a longitude of this group of Novus products. This (the No. 1).. It IS a final step in the process to restore streaky plastic and broke....Together with some abrasive products, a No. 3 (Aggressive grit) and No. 2 (The a lot of softer action). This No. 1 Has Any abrasive action in him, but is that it says...A final cleaner and protective coating. Also we use this in our screen of television to the help reduced a buildup to powder this finds his road there...!
5 / 5
Update: I want to this material!

After an initial success with some two lights have mentioned down, has been trying this product in the number of plsticoes around a house. A touchscreen in my HP the laptop now has the fingerprint-resplandor of resistant gloss. A keyboard and the also answered case well.

Some plastic buttons, exposure of clear plastic, and included a anodized metal faceplate of mine 30 old year Sony the looks of the receiver has come from/come from only a factory.

So far, each Novus 1 has touched has resulted in an improvement of instant.

The material adds!

Original description

has bought Novus 1 to clean a clear acrylic shell of the reproduction Panton VP Globe that had purchased the streaky, swirly film in an interior some years in storage. Look can have it been improperly cleaned before. Swirls No very visible while a light was was, but that distracts has ignited once.

The product has applied easily, and hurriedly is returned an acrylic in the clear glass and also left a shell that listens smooth extra.

Has taken once that the hardest project out of a road, also used Novus 1 in a Lucite fins of the light of chrome of the vintage of desktop with utmost results. Besides, it restores the resplandor fresh in them and leave the so smooth like acrylic Globe.

Also would like me attach that Novus' of the service of client is excellent. Anterior in my tentativa in cleaning such one uncomfortable piece like this Globe, I emailed the one of a nexus in his web of place inquiring his suggestion in that of his products would be more to take an interior swirls of an acrylic, since with a clear on, would be very visible with him radiate has crossed. In place of upselling, and suggesting using 1 and 2 of a full 1,2,3 product (which are which considered to polish an interior), recommended only taking the boot only of 1 premier and uses it the small time. It looks he was correct in his suggestion.

The products recommended! :D
5 / 5
That is to say the fantastic product . I took it only today and decided for the try was on all a plastic of interior of mine 2010 City and Country. An interior has tonnes of beige plastic and with three boys takes the a lot of impressions of toe and something. With a first spray takes some something and gave it the resplandor add. For a time has been done included my husband has been impressed, gives the look that new again! Thank you To do such the reliable product. I Liked him also His leave very fragrance that could remark it. I used it also to clean my threads Xbox the games and they look new also again. To well sure it will try other products also.

Top Customer Reviews: Chemical Guys ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
My first detail of entity in any cart and concretely in mine 2012 Audi A7. A painting was in general in the good form but I have had something of water, the plot of swirls and the few significant scratches. With some positive critics have decided to give that some products tries it. I am spent 2 1/2 days in a work but I think some results were spectacular. I have used a V36 and V38 enough in a whole cart and still before it take in a past of any extra a compound could see that it go to achieve the arrival to painting adds. There he very bond of any compound. It enters and exited with easy using the porter is a Cape 7424XP Polydorus. I have used a tampon of Lake of Orange Country with a V36 and the white tampon for a V38. A scrolling of some defects was very apparent. Using some subsequent products, a colour and the brilliance of a black painting was besides my expectations. An image has attached is before had applied his very Fzion Carnauba Wax of Property of the Polymer but truthfully does not think would have required any one excepts protects. Literally each spec of the powder and any look of the small defect in such the good black is arrived so now require buy the coverage for a Audi. Otherwise Goes to lose my quite a lot of perfect arrival hurriedly. Here it was my protocol is interested. You see that it thinks.
Washed and Dry
IPA Wipedown
EMPTY of Chemical Type_VKIT_16 V Line - V36 and V38
Wolfgang Gathers Swirl Bustles 3.0
the pinnacle has Advanced to Finish Polish
Wolfgang has Finished Glazes 3.0
EMPTY of Chemical Type_619_16 Colour Negre of Hybrid of Light of Radiant Arrival Enhancer
Painting Wolfgang of Deep Gloss Sealant 3.0
Wolfgang Fzion Carnauba Wax of Property of the Polymer
2 / 5
I am the professional refinisher this has been using compound and polishes for in 10 years. That is to say the typical feeble water -has based composed that it CAN not take real sanding marks or same swirl marks. I always prep my lacquer and poly arrivals to use some pertinent sanding the methods that begins of 600 all some subjects until 3000. I have bought this system with small hopes that would be it the product adds but that so much another waters the ceramic/systems have based can very composed out of heavy or clear sanding marks, in fact has used today a whole system after I have used the real compound (Menzerna Paste of Jescar) and can not take a clear more swirls marks/of tampon of the marks.

For the be clear am using the polisher of big speed for compounding and then uses the Random Orbital polisher in low speed to polish and glaze. Some products of Chemical types are subjects in feeble for basic poly as well as you regulate NC Lacquer. After a lot of frustration, cleaned in a piece and at the end returned in some products that in fact laws, woolly tampon with Menzerna Paste and the tampon of foam with Jescar the machine glazes. After 15 minutes have had perfectly smooth, virtually lines free surface without net envelope another that the toallitas humid fast.

The waters of the inferior line have based is for people that does not know this waters the mamma based. These products said optic quality... Anything in this way...

Side of notes by side: I have purchased his 5 foam of tampons of inch and conditioner of the tampon and I have very be happy with these products. In fact, they are my walnut to glaze tampons and cleaners of the tampon and I will continue to use the regularly.
5 / 5
I have bought these in the lightning treat any concrete use in of the imports, then required to take the sea of pair a lot of swipes out of dono personal watercraft ready for sale and thought 'that a heck' will try this material. WOW, Justo wow, has used 3m professional gelcoat products for ever and this smokes those in ease of use. A better part was that well a first round is start . Desprs One has weighed more composed a work was to a large extent done with very little in to the compound haze likes him with other abrasive compounds but each level have had incremental improvement. It was of chalky pink in red brilliant any time. I know that this is not announced like the marine product but I are sold! A semi-detached after the beak was afterwards only a V32. I have used the 6in the cape of the porter DNA bumper with pertinent tampons that obviously helps
4 / 5
I have bought this box to polish some moderate scratches in 2012 Deep with the painting of Glass Perla Black. Deep IS remarked by soft clear cloak, as I have begun with a V34 and an orange tampon in a GIVE polisher. It corrects a problem quite 80% after two cycles of polishing (applies, buff until some the clear Polish turns, toallitas humid, repeats.) I have decided to go for a V32. Correct besides or 95% less with an additional cycle and pressure very small. I have used then a V36 and V38 resplandor with the green tampon. It looks to surprise! It have used Meguiar the Definite compound and Polo anteriorly and has not gone quite aggressive to do a work. Desprs Applying the Black light of the Chemical type, Focus of Jet, and the Wax of butter Put, a cart is like the mirror.
5 / 5
State using products of Chemical Type for a past year and in general is satisfied. There is the curve to learn because of a mark of the each resplandor or compound. It can do selection of difficult tampon at the beginning, even so a utube helps of the clear canal this up. Some composed does not flash too hurriedly, and is quite easy to use when that does a painting. If it has done properly , it leaves the arrival of room of the show. So that the painting has prepared always will result is good painting. Mark Sure in the wash and the anterior clay in cutting and polishing. Also the no more work since tea for any in that has quite microfibers to dry down. It does not cross microfibers used with cutting with polishing.
5 / 5
My woman focused in sideswipe ours gone in of garage trims (white) with his vehicle (dark Deep Pilot brown). I am the car type and this has eaten only my lunch... The streaky painting, aim in brown, looked horrible. Felizmente Any harm of organism.

Has never a lot messed around with buffing out of the deep scratches but I have imagined in this case the cost shot it. I have bought this box and has borrowed my bumper of orbital random dads with the pair of tampons of different foam.

Looked some videos of Youtube, totalled my squad (cual comprised the cold beer), and taken to do. Some results? Saint cow. 100% fixed. That is to say right- big scratches , deep with sheetrock resides embedded in the and is gone. My woman (and I) was dumbfounded.

I honestly very included take that paid for this box, but anything was to cost each only penny. After my success with our Pilot has taken to cost and has repaired the very small (1') rusts something in my truck. While my work to the painting has not been in perfect, has used a same box to polish it and mix in, and a result was equally awesome. It can not say quite a lot of good things in this system of Polo
5 / 5
The container Adds, and walk 4x4 is in a PNW, our trails are tight with the bouquet of heavy undergrowth/the yes calm paintbrush any in that has it pinstripes yours not turning . It IS a motto around here, like needless to say my truck of the money there has been some quite a lot of deep and bad scratches that has run a whole period of my truck, can also been keyed, using this material and my bumper and has taken everything of some scratches has been..Enough a deep plus of a deep is still kinda... You grieve there, it can see the but only of the sure angle, in the sure light of very afterwards up...And Very it does not know that more it can ask of the product has taken.

Again, and is not that it speaks clear scratches here, and is spent the weeks that read some descriptions and such and looks alot of the people only are using material like this in of the carts callejeros with clear and such scratches and very take me the moment to find the thought of product and the thought stacks up against a class of destruction and was affronted with...

How 3-4 hours of sweat and sore arms and has taken my truck those almost new looks, he 99' that has literately the only state has directed totally heavy paintbrush, everything of a sage in a SW in of the bouquets of tree and shrubs of adhesive in a PNW my truck there has been each type to line you could imagine and this stuffs taken 'has been... It was sper happy to be that it directs the walnut that truck of looks again....Alas and it is an idiot and has turned a very next weekend and has posed 15-20 nine pinstripes down a truck...buffed The All has been against him just fact 2 days, lol, probably go for the take easy for the bit for the while now...

And Knows is the ridiculous bit to do something like this in basically and offroad vehicle, but and like my material that sake of looks and figure and'll is only marks the pair to time the box of season is time for the respray but a bad time and does not think my truck has looked this well in almost the decade...
5 / 5
ENORMOUS Thanks to some Chemical Type! Wicked products! A Sequoia is almost 8yrs old with 125K miles in the. A painting has been to turn and bad oxidant in a bit those that past years. His wash regularly, and has been detailed several times. Each detailer a bit those that the past years have declared that a painting is to go and a truck would require to be painted to restore this resplandor and look of new cart. Like the little the mark of month, has purchased a TORQ Undertaken of Tool BUF501X 10FX Box as well as in following products:
- EMPTY of Chemical Type_VKIT_16 V Polish of Line and Compound Boxes (16 oz) (V32, 34, 36 and V38)
- SWIPE of Chemical Type_301_16 Polishing and Buffing Conditioner of Tampon
- Chemical Type SPI_109_16 Cleansing Rind and Box of Conditioner of Priest of Complete Rind
- Chemical Type WAC_201_16 Butter the wax Put (16 oz)

was the LONGITUDE 2 days, but some results habladura for them. Washed a cart with watering only, then begun in in the. Begun with a V32, then V36, then V38, has continued down a Wax of Butter Put.

Down is some before and after pictures of a door (Oxidised AGAINST FINISHING) and a second... It IS a difference only among a V38 and no of Butter of Wax Sucada. You can see while clearer some reflections are. Surprising.
Afterwards up was a Rind... WOW, Night and day it differentiates. Some chairs were last cleaned quite a lot of 8mark it to me (mark to appoint face of tent of parts of the automobiles)... The May HAS BEEN this clean!
A photo of hood... Well, a hood was oxidised worse of everything and now clearly can see reflections of cloud!!
THANK YOU Chemical type! customerforlife lookslikenew
5 / 5
Remained with a Torq10FX polisher, was able to fix that I 'thought' was a unrecoverable disaster with the new Infiniti QX this weekend. We were in the trip of road and in an of some last nights, the system of the sprinkler of the hotel sprayed copious quantities of supremely before hard water in back.

Conceals has not gone quite bad, my esignificant another' the thought me the favour to try to take them a morning... With PAPER TOWEL! Of course, now they know that using the towels of the paper in the cart is an absolute no-no. A result was micro scratches during a car, rests in addition to something of hard water - was together mine.

Felizmente, the videos and the products of some Chemical Types are gone in a rescue. Out of fear of screwing-in a more painting, I in the first place begun with a V36 and green of cutting tampon. Work in some something of water, but has moved down in a V34 w orange of cutting tampon, and this has done a trick at most of some scratches of light. This left wing the 'haze' light in the few zones. Properly that follows-up with a V38 w/ white polishing-to the pillow has restored everything in the best that shines it new... W/ The final step of my favourite wax (does Much easier/faster w/ a Torq).

My significant another is out of a dog-house (but is forbidden to touch a cart!).
1 / 5
Some bounced is junk. I am fallen one of 2 feet of an earth and he have broken one covers has been. Some bounced has not said that done he so has to look the until it enciphers out of that to start with. I have begun with 32 in my mark new painting and now and has to redo my whole truck so that these bounced has did not have instructions of installation. These are composed for inner workers , professional...Perhaps. But it does not think that it is to say the box of basic polishing so that it is not . You will line a s out of you cart if you any one yours research before book. As And toe. Any instruction besides whats in a boat. Works of product even so. A sewing of plus. THIS MAY of MAY of MAY of MATERIAL MAY of MAY CAN SORTIDA ONCE HE DRYS in a SURFACE. In a can of picture sorta voice some something aims concealed is permanently bonded in my clear cloak. Faiths Sper small and careful sections be. If you splatter this during a side of your car (that calm ), has 10 minutes for the take was or yours March painting. I bad ruins. I have had to to put sand some marks out of my clear cloak to take them was but that still has not taken to era totally !!!! These products is absolutely useless. My truck is in necessity of the whole detail now and possibly new painting in a hood. A lot that disappoints to consider possess the very expensive show truck.

Top Customer Reviews: Meguiar's M4916 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
The cost checked has Done very well. It is not returned partorisca like new condition, the little more the work can require be fact. Some pictures aim a result partorisca use so only this stir of oxidation. I have not wetted sand. I this manually and has not used the car.
4 / 5
The cost has checked So much, has bought the 33' boat that had been seating the paralizaciones has some oxidation has wetted sanded bounced in some pasts and did not think it was THAT bad that has required partorisca wet sand to the equal that has thinks that would try this....
Well, To mine surprice, law quite well!!!! DARN As well as the subject of 'question' so only tried to use the bfer to apply, and taste of the looks has had the better results that use the terry towel of cloth and applying manually!!! Some sides of the 33' that is the ENORMOUS work, and enough the plot of product!
Where has LOVED to use was in an upper coverage! I have done on some of some painted in of the emphases that was quite AMAZING!!! An only negative, a oxidized colored the product would take to paint a white portion of one Night and day differentiates, while you have produced enough, and a stamina to do manually! I am buying the 2nd boat to do smaller for BIG(er) the works that use the bfer, would try the different product....
4 / 5
The cost verified has discovered that the heavy oxidation is the relative term . I have purchased the 10 old year motorhome this has had moderate oxidation in my opinion. Mina first tentativa partorisca take the slightly chalky the appearance to an arrival was with Mequiar RV cleaner of wax. It was not until a task, as I have ordered this product. This produces a work. After using it, has discovered the one who a true colour of a RV decals was. That has thought was beige result to be gold. That has thought was the blue-ish ash resulted to be the lavender.

Has given this produces so only 4 stars, reasons was not like this resists until produced competitive. I know that I am happy with his action.
4 / 5
The cost has verified These works of product! It has to that 2002 Trail-Lite Bantam trailer of travesa hybrid that had seated in a sun of Denver every day of his cost. An outside was dry, has turn partorisca look and would take in any muck or oil that has touched a surface. To good sure dates a trailer. I have applied this stir of oxidation with the 6' orbital bfer and has been surprised in some results. Some pictures honradamente any one the justice!

Uses the good terry hat of cloth and take the little of them like this this will cut by means of the oxidation and the muck have not known is existed. It leaves a smooth and shiny surface. I have been surprised in that easily laws in of the terms of time. I have done in small 2'x2' zones, that goes the little time with a bfer. First of a stir of the oxidation there has been the occasion to dry, has dried clean with the soft cloth. Had the noticeable differentiates among a zone had done and a rest of a trailer. This has done well in a trailer as well as a plastic moulding, which has had noticeable muck and debris concealed would not wash era.

Has comprised some before and with which pictures, but trust me - this has done really. I have been concerned would require to repaint a trailer but now to good sure take for for years to come!
4 / 5
The cost has verified has 2006 Montana fiberglass the trailer has purchased so only. You are partorisca store uncovered alfresco partorisca the years and was real oxidized. It take the offer partorisca $ 800 partorisca have it there is detailed. I have applied this product with the random orbital sander with the applicator of foam and buffed was manually. It take an oxidation and I have on followed with Meguiars pure Rv wax and he lbs looking well! A second picture with a front concealed has not been treated still.
5 / 5
The cost has verified This product is doing add partorisca restore a resplandor to the mine RV, less year has assumed any partorisca come buff mine 2016 RV this looked dulls. I create anything is that he basically undressed all a protect out of him and left to the oxide. I have not wanted to pay any $ dollars again to come and have the alike question. I have been ailing to my stomach that thinks that a lot this characterises there is ruined my expensive RV. Today I the section with this product followed for Meguiars flagship RV wax and to the equal that can see the pictures go to be able to take a resplandor behind and know is protected now. I have applied a stir of oxidation manually and he the good work, goes to try a next section with my bfer to see yes take better results included. It can see of a picture some results am taking!
4 / 5
The cost has verified always am buying 3M material but partorisca this price has decided to give that this tries it. I tried it finally in a transom of the mine boat of basses tonight reasons have imagined has had a time today. Well I am very very happy with a result of this material! I have used so only the small 3 foam of thumb buffing wheel and has followed some directions in a boat. This has a gel the spent that the looks waters new and also take stains. It can not be any happier unless it was the sprat in dry was !!! Easy to use, has not taken a lot and the looks adds! If low in this when I am completing a rest of a boat will buy surer! I will update this with before and with which pictures when beginning partorisca do some sides!!
5 / 5
The cost verified has run a car that negotiates of details the few decades , and there has been produced better then. Rings formulates it partorisca take deep oxidation, no the compound was. I have found this partorisca leave scratches, and although he , takes the plot of fat of elbow, so only likes has used composed. Calm then need the polish partorisca fill of the scratch or era. Zymol The cleanest wax better work. He like this done the cleanest wax Finer that the mother. On some years, has found McGuire is, the Finest mothers, etc, to everything is good products , so only any extras oomph am looking for.
5 / 5
The cost checked has Purchased this after trying dozens of chemicals partorisca take bad turn of RV 5.os spent of wheel. While door some of a colour behind, is not the costruttore of miracle. Still works very this in spite of. It requires the good bit of fat of elbow or the small bfer.
4 / 5
The cost checked has Bought James Baroud hard shell RTT. It was so only roughly 1.5 years, but has had the plot of oxidation. Tried the little Griots car wax that dips around and help, but any I really clean on well. Do google investigation and found this listing together with a wax partorisca RVs. Used a stir of oxidation and clean on really well. Paste he with a wax after and the start adds. Easy to apply/take with an orbital bfer.

Top Customer Reviews: MuiSci 4PCS Nano ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
His so only the magic thing is that quickly your money are gone down a drain without results to the equal that has promoted. Worse is a time has squandered partorisca try to the mark soyagic' spend with some scratches. Buy the economic car compound in Walmart or your tent of the local car and you will have resulted better.
5 / 5
Does not squander your money. This has done my way of look of the worse scratches. Messed On a product in my no happy car 😡 at all.
5 / 5
Like this far like this good. I have it quell'has used so only this the little time and the really works.
5 / 5

the product is rubbishes ... So only it will take of a protective discharge and leave the dull arrived
4 / 5
Active used it so only once like this far; but it beats more economic some delivery down!
4 / 5
Surprisingly, can in fact toallita humid of some scratches in my car. Good product, recommend it!
4 / 5
Has seen this,and the hope takes the scratch of the mine baxk bumper.
4 / 5
Very pleased with an element follows some instructions partorisca he and he have in first do first without question a lot of value of the money 10/10
4 / 5
Is easy to use and has solved the question, especially when you change the wheels, and see that any one programmed it to you well or any one programmed it to you when it change the wheels and calm after the the chivato of the car in that indicate you the low pressure, but any one corresponds the side where indicates you the question, dipped the no begun contact the engine, investigation the indicator of the state of the press of wheel the key of start (is the key when you take the information) press some seconds, listen a whistle of the claxon of the car, goes in the first place where has lit the intermittent investigations where this the pitorro of the wheel (is where this has lodged the sensor of the wheel) calm glielo approaches to him the calm maximum gives the key and whistled you again and of the flanges that turn the light of the intermittent and encera the another intermittent and like this in the four wheels that finishings and like this embroider the failure where was the wheel that has given questions, some wheel cost the recognise so only the movement a bit and immediately will recognise it.
5 / 5
Wir haben Some einen neuen Opel Astra K zugelegt.
Gives Given Winterreifen nicht angelernt waren haben wir has given Sensor bestellt.
Funktioniert tadellos und geht In 5min.
Reifenanlernprogramm im Menü starten:
-Is leuchtet give linke vordere Blinker, jetzt Gerät follows Reifen direkt neben Ventil ansetzen und gives TX Knopf drücken, eine Bestätigung erfolgt has dipped kurzem Hupton.
- Give Ganze im Uhrzeigersinn machen, is leuchtet immer gives Blinker wo man kalibrieren soll.
Beim letzten Reifen bekommt Man ein kurzes Doppel Hupen zur Bestätigung gives gesamten Vorgang.
Jetzt wird Gives tatsächliche Reifendruck im Exposure angezeigt.
Hoards Gerät zoom unschlagbaren Preis, Battery ist nicht dabei.

Top Customer Reviews: Meguiar's G18016 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5
I have had the a lot of noticeable marks of oxidation in the work of black product of my car of bird droppings and has been disturbed that would owe shell out of the plot of money to the tent of organism the sand he and repaint the. Has thinks that would look for --calm solutions in the first place and has found Meguiar is Rubbing Compound. It was very skeptical that one) this further would break the product of the mine car and b) does not take a deep stain. This in spite of, after applying with Meguiar tampons of applicator of soft foam (also highly recommended partorisca this purpose), has been surprised partorisca find concealed has not done so only this not hurting a work partorisca paint in any way, drastically reduce an appearance of an oxidation. While any entirely take it, reduce an oxidation to an acceptable level to where taking to the tent of organism would be the waste of money. Also it recommends to purchase a Meguiar has composed partorisca polish with this as well as a two creates the really well 1-2 combo partorisca take and buffing any stains or scratches. It can use this in the product of the yours car with confidence, work!
5 / 5
This Meguiar G18016 the discharge Claro was an amazing rubbing compound and really left the resplandor. My black truck has on-beaten by a time, especially a sun of storms and hot desert of sand. I have used the little fat of elbow and Meguiar is has taken a turn and dullness of my product and lustrous again. An only weakness is one rubbing compound solving in some microscopic cracks and the holes have left of storms of sand that is obvious in my black product, but this spends with any compound to rub that it comprises. A resplandor still the value done he. My truck is quite again!
5 / 5
This law adds, but not surprising, his Meguiars! The light scratches can be exited manually. This in spite of some semence has had to take was quite drastic. Using this manually the application helped but did not delete them. So many, has broken out of a random orbit búfer and reapplied. With light and careful buffing, some scratches am disappeared. It include resulted in the fellow that asks 'Where has done some scratches go?'. If utilisations this produces properly, will be happy with a result.

WARNS - use the búfer with east or any compound to rub, be EXTREMELY CAREFUL to the equal that can cut a very fast arrival.
5 / 5
Purchased our automobile and the superficial scratches remarked on side of passenger. More probably a leading owner there is estacionado after the shrubs and has not concerned on some scratches. We buy this compound together with búfer tampons that attached to our hammer. With which clean car, has applied this compound and buffed— some scratches are exited! We will require the reapply with which some washes have composed was after the pocolos washes more car but is easy to apply so that it does not import . This no for Keyed scratches or anything too deep.
5 / 5
It have taken some white product in my black car somehow and has not known that to use for the take was without breaking the product of my car. A partner has suggested this, and law FANTASTICALLY! All a white product is to go, and a black product in my car rests in shape perfect.
3 / 5
Any work as well as it has them the thought has to that but this could be becasue a scratch is worse that leading some. Can try it again after a car is washed and then the wax a zone, but for now really no well.
5 / 5
I have used this with his tampons of applicator of the foam(link down). Shake a boot then so only applies to a tampon, and thicket behind and advance against one the streaky zone for the good 10 fast seconds. The longest thicket for some older scratches. Then clean with the towel of edge of the cotton or with another unused tampon. If the scratches am too deep, so only was less noticeable. He also works with cleaning your headlights. It has forgotten to take before pics for a headlights like any posting any pics for that. If you remark in an after pic, also take bit it shinier after a compound to rub.

Update: 09/30/2019
Loaded before and with which pics of the mine headlight

Meguiar W0004 shines it Supreme 4' Tampons of Applicator of the Foam, 4 Band
5 / 5
has possessed the tent to detail fact 30 years, two companies that the products add resupplies that I have behind used the then was Meguiars and 3M. I have not loved to substitute all my old material for big speed buffing right now and decided to try the name trusted like Meguiars again.
This compound is sweeter that has required and expected, but concealed has not been the bad thing, after using this compound, have gone with a Meguiars composed to polish and the joint has taken quite darn good results.
This compound is easy to use and the instructions add, recommends.
4 / 5
My car has oxidation of clear discharge to seat in a california alone for 3 years and any when being any waxed or buffed. This product has taken the good portion of an oxidation was. Still need to be buffed was more. They are happy with this product done he so that it say it . His so only my automobiles of just needs more help. meguiars I products are a lot well likes the saying does.
5 / 5
One has sawed-the worker has said to be necessary to take this material for my foggy headlights. I have tried the few things in a past, another of some elements of shelf, toothpaste, ect., But east stuffs absolutely works. I coated a headlight with this material and has used the hammer attachable paintbrush to paste he for the few minuets. After easily it can see a difference. When I run it it was absolutely he will buy this element again.

Top Customer Reviews: Meguiar's G10307 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5
The most economic wax in a phase the better work,these produced is not movement' anything not even bird poo stain or any class of stain at all ! The produced so only to the left does not take the scratch at all so only applies the very thin film of wax on and any last partorisca longitude neither,better use the economic wax calm rule at least will save 3-4 times a paid of money partorisca this oil of expensive snake all a year has bought them on amazon ossia a first time the can not return the product :( ...Comprising a cost partorisca ship has paid them partorisca this 7 oz and would have them take the better result with economic wax rule of a tent after mine on you Meguiar is partorisca sell oil of expensive snake cratch stir' and shame on me partorisca leave my self against my better test that shabby that produces stupid
4 / 5
I in the first place used ScratchX approximations to fact the decade - I backed to the estaca light solar fixture in the go and there is lined a rear bumper in mine 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T - very recommended this product - I was skeptical of course - but surprised in the thoroughly he 'disappeared' some scratches with which 2 or 3 treatments and has done look new again. I used it a lot of time of then on all the classes of minors scrapes, scuffs and scratches in mine car and my woman Challenger.

Some months of the pair done, any backed to the ours new 2020 Glorious Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk in the grocery weaves of estacionar of the tent and has left the big scuff in a corner of a rear bumper. This vehicle is white.

Has required partorisca bounce it new of ScratchX to the equal that have ordered is one. In an interim, had tried that extracted one something with spray of detail and other cleaners - he any one anything .

Well, A Scratch X has takes entirely a scuff a lot quickly and easily - a bumper looks new again. Ossia Material add - I highly recommend.
5 / 5
Horrible! Discolored My metallic black painting good-looking. I bought it partorisca take the scratch a lot of end in my Glorious new Jeep Cherokee. I have followed all the instructions explicitly after completing the thorough but sweet 2 hand of washed and dry cube and inspection partorisca ensure any contamination. I have applied with the new mark meguiars the applicator likes focused and take like this directed with the new mark meguiars microfiber towel. Any only is scratch still there - but my product is lighter in a zone of application! A lot unbalanced and a company a lot included to the left return me this product. It does not recommend he So only the worse fact.
5 / 5
The material adds both of my trucks have been lined on quite bad of paintbrush during hunting the parks could not find anything that would do, this
has Used the búfer and has cleaned on the plot of some semence roughly of a deep plus some are still there but this was to be expected
While there Any by means of a work of clear discharge adds
5 / 5
This product was ADDS! I purchased it to try in our big gloss the black refrigerator in the hire is moving out of punctual. Some boys had taken something his and there is lined his circles and a hardwater under a dispenser of the water would not exit any @@subject that has tried. There is lined also he with the sponge that tries sacarprpers. Felizmente This product has take more all of him. You owe that he many times but relieving he with each raisin. Well it validates he! It thanks goodness!
5 / 5
Has purchased this element for his descriptions to take the on has arrived scratches of electrical guitar, work a lot well & is quite sweet any to break an arrival. He any 100 take all some scratches, but the certainly less noticeable & for a prize - no disappointed at all.
4 / 5
These products take an a lot of the semence concealed is visible under sure lighting conditions, but does not take some deep scratches that develops a metal down. My new black car there has been a lot of scratches of a dealership washing my car before book. But a ScratchX 2.0 has take the majority of them. They are really happy with a result. But a ScratchX 2.0 any one a lot for one my deep scratch 8 year-old van. Like the result will depend in a type of one the ones of scratch.
4 / 5
Colour of the transmissions of a line of darker. He no The fact entirely disappears. Zymol The polish improves resulted.
5 / 5
This material is fantastic!! Had the bit of scrolling to paint to take the bit in bylines too close up my cochera. Looked for the way to take touched of of him and use more said the magic eraser, but was hesitant and then found a Meguiar is. Easy to use and everything of a scrolling to product has gone! I produce add
4 / 5
has Loved this product. He exactly that it is supposition to do . Yeah Will not repair your deep scratch but the scratches in clear discharge goes was with ease. It has not broken my colour of vehicles and is sure to use. To good sure recommend in light scratches.

Top Customer Reviews: Chemical Guys ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I am thoroughly impressed with this product. It has matched recently this with an use of a Swift Surface Prep Towel ( alternative of bar of the clay) and is very satisfied with an arrival in my black truck. Has so many greetings of friends and familiar this was asked included can the to him be has paid to detail a lot of my carts of friends! This clay luber has surpassed everything of my expectations and the fantastic smells! To well sure it will be to try more characterises chemical products. As it Notes those are pictures very afterwards use a clay luber.
5 / 5
My husband has learnt one issues to take (after warning him a direction of an only) any one to forbid of clay our carts mid-morning in an evening the day of state in Jose Sant, CA.... The long history declines these works of materials surprisingly, also has the very soft fragrance in him. Note in self/another: Clay sweep in a shadow... We live in a floor with the snug a car garage. And stay hydrated when that does this activity.
5 / 5
Bought this together with the pair of bars of clay of Chemical Type for my premier never tentativa of the clay that forbids the vehicle. It has to use the liberal quantity when doing a SUV, which are why I is gone directly for one 16 oz bounces in place of one 4. He that says: he lubes clay. Has the different pleasant smell more produced to the detail has used in a past. I know roughly another the critics have had the subjects with a bomb of spray any acting, but the mine has done well.
5 / 5
Impressed again with products of Chemical Type. I am using his products almost exclusively now in the each 4 of my carts. Apresamientos Which pays for - these products cost some dollars besides pair that tends of parts of products of half cart. I have used this clay lube with a Clay of Speed of the Mothers 2.0. Has the gums to bubble to smell which are very better that the smell of hard chemical. I have used enough 85% of a boat that mark a midsize SUV. Coast a $ 3 or $ 4 more than one east of comparable Mother or Meguiers produced.
4 / 5
These works of product perfectly and is supremely lubricated. A bit of the vain the long road, and his waaay better that an instant detailer has comprised in meguars box of clay.
But saint , these bounced no for me. Trigger of mine of the spray broken with what fallen clear am quite annoying, but a thing that the problems join me the majority is FLANGE takes one sprayer has been!! I have tried included with the wrench of enormous tube and he still very budge....
5 / 5
So cual the bar of clay lube is awesome and is work very good and that is to say why gave it 5 stars. Even so, a boat is cheap and a sprayer broken while it uses it. A product goes very fast. I have used the majority of a product and he are the small cart. Also it marks your blue hands. But it likes him it has declared it it is it does of the work adds.
5 / 5
IMHO, That is to say a better product in a piece. I am quite skeptical to try out of the new products but these products are people that knows chemicals. It IS surer and better these waters of soap and goes a long way. If you want the painting to be of your free cart of all some impurities that spends over time, takes this and any bar of clay and begins a process! 6 stars out of 5.
4 / 5
The May had listened his of this product to write until I have begun to research on that in properly take my painting of backside of old truck in life. This Lube works with a claybar and take embedded muck and accident, leaving calm with the very smooth arrival. The chemical types are the leader in a cart that world of details, and has used the in glean useful info on doing the work adds.
4 / 5
Alive for an ocean, some carts take that esy paper' listen and the need that is clayed frequently. That is to say a road to go to save $ $ so opposite to take 8oz.of a material of some tents of local cart. My only complaint is a fragrance of gums of the bubble. I do not know why these manufacturers are so it receives get obsessed with this 'flavour'. Meguiars Mass of use..... I am so it ails of him. Zymol Has had the blue of teal colored car wash that smelt that old school surf wax.... You are a better. In all the case....Bang Well for a buck.
5 / 5
This material is quite fresh , in the to to smells likes them-them the gums to them of bubble, has used another bar of clay lube products before and this one east my favourite . It does to to my smooth cart likes him to him the glass when dry of some uses to describe on with the bar of clay.

5 stars.

Easy to use

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