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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It have had it wins for popovers during the week but has had any casserole and any local trader stocked the. You grieve a deliveryman left my main mixed door in my popover recipe. It has resulted perfectly, big and fluffy, crisp in some outsides with just a right quantity of chewy custard-ness in an interior. I blended the second batch the few days later to share with friends. Again, popover perfection. Any bond ( the oil used of the olive sprayed in some casseroles) and some casseroles are weighed enough to properly direct a heat and cook equally. I fill the almost full and situate the in at least he 450 oven to title to take optimum height .
Goes to deceive to wash some casseroles in a dishwasher. Any one this!!!! A third batch of popovers bonded in some casseroles and has to when being jimmied has been with the cutter. The tan that disappoints! There is not any look any one to wash in a dishwasher in a container.
5 / 5
Before purchasing a Bellemain 6 Cup Nonstick Popover the casserole there has been to any-clave popover casserole that was no longer a lot-clave. I have tried everything. Butter, Oil, butter and oil, incantations, altars in some gods of cookery. A popovers any just clave. They resulted one with a casserole.

But the better days take. Day of crisp popovers concealed burst out of a casserole, expects to accept jams and butters.

How has given mine old casserole in the thrift tent (the apologies in those who was concealed the compraventas... Unless it is like the canal to drink for six kittens) and has bought the
Bellemain 6 Cup Nonstick Popover Casserole. Last Sunday, popoveres, dried some compartments with the bit of butter, touched in my mass, baked and expected and has taken 6 perfect popovers this floated out of a casserole. And, since they had not spent his over time adhere in a casserole, instead bake Out of a casserole, some fund was crisp and delicious.

If this one at the end dies, hurriedly will launch was and take another. They any one slope that very and any precise in wrestle to casserole for the shredded popover in the morning of Sunday.
5 / 5
These casseroles can not be has beaten for a prize! Proportions of professional boss in addition to using that the recipes as it provide is easy to memorise. A proportion for Popovers is 2:1:1 liquid in of the eggs in of the flour (for weight, any volume). It attaches to salt nd anything wants to (herbs, Parmesano, etc.) In a proportion. Beginning with smoking hot cup (400-titles) and steps quite 2/3s full. It leaves a mass to rest 30-minutes (or at night) in hydrate a flour thoroughly. It reduces heat in 350-titles after enough 15-minutes, measured the slip in the each so to dry out of an interior. That is to say!
5 / 5
My fianc and I vacationed in Port of Bar this year and of course has to try a popovers! It was some better holidays or of us had not been never on, so for his anniversary has decided to try for the re-create and do my own popovers. I have found the very easy recipe in Pinterest and this casserole has done perfectly! It IS the big quality , durable, nonstick casserole. A popovers is exited fantastically...I sprayed and floured some cups before touching a mass in and has not had any one subjects with in of the llamas or bond. Perhaps only the useful living tip - leaves a popovers in one beats to cool for the bit before taking them was or your very bloated pastes deflate lol. To well sure it recommends this casserole.
5 / 5
Do popovers in fact a lot of years using the similar together of 2 casseroles have purchased of another manufacturer. I have bought 2 casseroles for my daughters is each which so and his families so that they could enjoy popovers also. These casseroles are wonderful, and the raffinage well of a some concealed has purchased years of marks. They are very done, has an excellent no-surface of clave, and included the joint stack for storage. A popovers that last weekend for the family of my daughter was spectacular, trace so big that one ones of a casserole in a lower shelf in an oven has pressed his cups in a shelf on. I want to it!

My only suggestion in a manufacturer is that they comprise with each casserole the mere popover recipe, with some usual indicators of that to the help augments them more and crisp up well. Still I am using a one concealed taken with some casseroles have ordered years of marks, and do quite well.
5 / 5
We purchase our first pop-in the almost done casserole 17 years after vacationing in Acadia NP and having pop-overs in Jordon Bassa marries. A pop-overs surprised and has wanted to to house them. Still have and uses a casserole purchased in a tent of the restaurant done 17 years. A problem with an old casserole was that sometimes when burst-overs the amours mark more concealed 6, therefore a necessity to buy another casserole. That can involve the main casserole with more the cup is better, but is easier and more convienient to have a 6 casserole of cup.

A Bellemain pop-in the casserole exactly matches Bassa is our casserole of Jordon original of House (excepts is new) which are well for storage and baking (place and same measure of some cups). Our original casserole has been a test of time and as it expects this new casserole to have some same results. Like An original has the no-layer of clave. A thickness of the metal of some cups is a same so that a bakes the times are some same.

A first casserole has suffered harm (perhaps in shippment?) And Epica the product substituted it very hurriedly. It wanted to purchase providers that cure quite service of client!
5 / 5
These popover the casseroles are fabulous. No longer I fats some casseroles. A popovers slide out of seamlessly, that spends the lovely arrival sheen in a 'crust.' Bear to admit it, any included wash some casseroles when is done! They are that well. State cookery popovers during 38 years, that uses this recipe:
2 milk of cups
2 funds of cups
4 eggs
1 tsp. Salt
has Beaten the just box blended and the pieces gone. Full casseroles 2/3-3/4 full. The cook in 450 box has burst; then the low visit in 375 brown box. The MAY Opens a door of oven while cooked.

Thins was yes at all required like the consistency of a mass is likes him cream of coffee.
3 / 5
The quality of casserole is sum. It has to weighed with the sake a lot-surface of clave. Some cup is big and very deep. Has had to the recipe for giant popovers using 6 eggs only to accommodate a casserole. In spite of each be of cup 3/4 full, a be of casserole preheated and a mass that trace well in a cup of each cup, they didnt exited in some normal popover form but more than the form to tube this backed on in an upper that has disappointed. Ive Has done abundance of popovers and hate to say it but Ive has had better luck with big muffin casseroles. The supposition will try another recipe and the voice has better luck.
5 / 5
I produce it adds, my woman has been doing these for years in regulating muffin beat them and vary of hockey pucks in slightly main in measure.
Has bought two of these casseroles and has done the for a first time and there was another pair on to dine.
Has resulted I so that it adds and very usually cook. They were clear and fluffy and enough 8' big and just slid out of some casseroles.
My woman and our guest were so impressed has had to 6 more casseroles so that prpers and our guests could each which so it takes 2 casseroles behind in Canada and leave 2 low casseroles here each what so in our house of winter.
Highly recommends.

Update: it have to 4 more Popover casseroles for additional friends that has seen some results of these casseroles and left with my spare casseroles.
5 / 5
He been in the investigation for a big plus, better popover..... I want the cook and this was my project . Desprs Reading a lot of descriptions in a lot of popover the casseroles have chosen a 'Bellemain 6 Cup Nonstick Casserole'. Compared in the endeavours are spent, could not think mine when has opened eyes an oven a first time those uses this casserole. A casserole is very very done and a popovers has fallen simply has been without bond (an always had problem with other casseroles). I actuate Now the experience 2 more than these for other familiar members. Highly I recommend it!

Top Customer Reviews: Chicago Metallic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It has had tea of cranberry very good and popovers in two visits in Bassa is a House of the Jordan in Acadia National Park in Maine and I have wanted to some I.
Has taken this in a recommendation of Cooks has Illustrated/the cookery of Test of America. Active HAS USED only the time that so far but was adds. Has four recipes to choose of: the cook is Illustrated, the country of the cook (elaborate), bakes with the recipe of Julia and Stewart of Martha has found on-line.

One one for Copper with Julia there has been the discrepancy among a recipe in a video and a one in ones those reservations pose me era.

At the end resolved in Martha is so that it was similar in an original Cook is illustrated and has had clear instructions. It IS the small leery of some instructions in preheat a casserole from other recipes has said in and or included warned against the. Even so, the law adds. It looks in an end to cook how one has taken the small also brown, but, again, was a lot.

In an only problem is that podes only marks six the time. But, as my distinguished woman was, has two ovens :)
5 / 5
Has read descriptions in of the a lot of places that considers popover casseroles and resolved in this company. Has another popover casseroles other companies that simply has not produced a quality popover has looked for. Metallic Chicago has NAILED L!! A popovers is consistently perfect in the each road. A cost is in the half field and one would suppose an expensive more a better one was come. Any in this case! Highly I can recommend his popover the casseroles and the plan purchase more in of the different measures.
1 / 5
I have purchased 2 of these casseroles in Nov 2015. I have used the plus or 7 times less and every time the plus bit that a no the coating of the clave peeled has been in a subordinated and sides of my popovers. You declare lava very careful only with the sponge and the soap of liquid dish regulates manually, in a tank. According to the amazon no longer can return them, included although it has been he less than the year and they have had purportedly to 25 guarantee of year. These were expensive casseroles and very would have to has lined up very better. It IS the shame so that it was so very excited some premiers few uses so that they have done big estupefacientes, bloated popovers.
5 / 5
This mark to surprise popovers. Quan Marks popovers has posed 2 of these casseroles in an oven to do the dozen the time. Desprs The experience with several recipes has found that some adherent marks a better popovers (please any one that a following recipe is for two casseroles):


2 short all the flour of purpose
1/2 tsp exited
5 Big eggs
2 Tblsp melted unsalted butter
2 hoards warm milk (uses 2% and I usually microwave he with a butter melted during 1.5 minutes)

ingredients to Mix jointed in the bowl with the whisk. Sure when being the blend joints them but no in blends the and does not use the blender or alimentary processor. Spray popover Casseroles with Pam (or another nonstick spray) and attaches a filling, has to come until enough halfway in the each cup. Place in an oven that is preheated in 425 titles. After 20 minutes reduce heat in 350 titles and cook for other 25 minutes. Taken of oven and drills each what so popover at least once with the toothpick to fall a steam. Usually I take mine of a popover casseroles, the place in the cooling racks, and drill the at least an additional hole in the each to do sure that a steam can escape and does not fall behind down on they.

My recipe is similar in a lot of another there, but annex or the additional egg what that usually would be used quickly the batch and I think that these helps the plot. A time of cookery is the small longer like the result and the calm can require adjust a time of cookery for your oven, but will not be disappointed. A popovers the right comes was and is perfect every time.
5 / 5
I am supremely pleased with this heavyweight, professional-remark popover casserole. Do popovers with some success in muffin beat, but is more superficial and wider, and does not give some big crowns an usually expects in the popover. I have followed a recipe in 'Joy to Cook' that alleged to do 9 popovers, and that it is exactly that has taken to use the scant neighbourhood-hoard-of mass in the each cup. A popovers crowned fantastically, and some the empty centres have begged for butter while they were still hot. A casserole cleaned like the sleep with at all except the fast hand-has washed. It does not call these soyini popovers' exactly, although they can be a bit smaller what that some the people expect. It marks the decently sized that the paste would be perfect like creampuffs (and easier to do).
2 / 5
This casserole has done well one the majority of a time has been used. This weekend even so, flakes of one very-the cover of the clave has begun to exit of a casserole in a popovers. While this was to purchase late 2014, has been only used 3 or 4 times the year. It looks that lifetime is in the uses of dozen!
5 / 5
Law like the charm. First time that explosions overs, but was adds. If and it know had mini measure, and has ordered totally a mini has measured, only so that it produce it more.. But, and he no lament a quality at all. It sounds like a casserole has to do to plot with a success to do a pop in right.. So much, included although it was the small plus bit that another, and thought he invert costs. Easy to clean too much!
5 / 5
The pop adds in casserole! Not giving the in era the mini when bought the, but beginning awesome by everything means! Always it takes a hot casserole before you attach your mass, your popovers a lot will burst on!
5 / 5
First time there has been the popover was in the restaurant of picturesque country in Wisconsin and they were also and has known only wants to do the . This sum of records of the casserole. Popovers IS delicious, but very does not result well without a pertinent casserole. My subject my big plus there has been the casserole for only or uses so to justify this compraventa, active has used also a casserole to do big cupcakes, mini cakes of pot of the chicken and extensive jello gone back for a grandkids and anything more can think of.
5 / 5
I want to this popover casserole. We the for vacacional and time of tea. That is to say a better one has found, and has data also the in my boys of adult, so that they can continue a tradition in his houses. I want a big casserole with 6 wells. I have not tried one 12 small ones, although that would be it cute for time of tea! A recipe that comes with him, am adds! I Like him his of these better these Puddings of Yorkshire (GASP!).

Top Customer Reviews: Fox Run 4756 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
4 / 5
Fashionable name: 6-Short No-the clave has Preferred has taken REALLY! Never he popovers before. Work like the charm. The the batch each pair of days.
Has had this partorisca roughly 6 month. Partorisca Arrive to this point, is clear that a 'coating' in some cups is some class to paint ash. It has begun peeling was and that locates a popovers. A metal down now is rusting and has has had to that the launch was and purchase another. While work... You are not very durable.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: 12-Cup Mini Like this disappointed with this product. The popovers three times the week and partorisca any first few weeks a casserole has done fantastically ... Then one or two beginning that estacas -- a no-arrived of the clave has begun chipping - the worse box is resulted weekly finally ALL a popovers stuck and Very a lot of-coating of clave chipped was. I have used a same recipe - has at all different fact. This casserole is POOR QUALITY - has has possessed so only he partorisca 5 weeks!! It is investigation of the quality popover casserole
5 / 5
Fashionable name: 12-Cup Mini This has done partorisca surprise at the beginning but with which a lot of uses a nonstick the arrival has begun to peel was and that sticks to a popovers. The metal has used never utensils in the and washed it so only that uses the sponge. Also some of some flanges of cups are detaching of some pieces of support. I have launched this was in favour of the iron of mussel of the vintage popover casserole that will last me a rest of my life and will not leave of the odd things in my lunch.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: 12-Cup Mini A last like this headed casserole flaking of an interior a lot-coating of clave with which roughly two years. And a casserole was has used so only the pair of time during a year! Perhaps this model will last longer. He pudding of perfect Yorkshire partorisca ours rib navidea the annual raises partorisca dine.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: 12-Cup Mini Perfects! Used partorisca puddings of Yorkshire and was divine. It can not be happier.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: 12-Cup Mini Ossia the wonderful popover casserole, some yummy popovers with them. They angered good & fluffy, a lot browned, and has slipped well out of a casserole. These are listed like soyini', but formed wide-sized pops-overs. I think the esgular-sized' the neighbour would be too big partorisca my flavour. It recommends this!
5 / 5
Fashionable name: 12-Cup Mini A casserole of pudding of perfect Yorkshire. You love it.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: 12-Cup Mini Does so only a right measure popovers. They do not stick to a casserole and exited of a casserole without any question. If it likes you popovers, these are a perfect casserole .
5 / 5
Fashionable name: 12-Cup Mini Ossia the sturdy pop-in the casserole concealed has no flexed or has lost is no-inner of clave in four uses. Give it 4 more than to the 5 stars likes them to them the measure is quell'has bitten for real small but not regulating neither. Has not founding a quantity esatta partorisca take pop-overs ossia inflated but any deformed.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: 12-Cup Mini has Done adds cooked his perfectly

Top Customer Reviews: Webake Jello Shot ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. They are very happy to find the substitution partorisca my miniloaf casserole. My casseroles of old metal were the giant ache partorisca clean , there was always the bit of the cake stuck in some corners and I would have to cleaned after baking, and then before it has loved the use again because there was always the residue has left. These are the little smaller has bitten that my mini-loaf casseroles, but is still the good measure. Probably they resist a same quantity like the jumbo cupcake. I have done the box of muffin the mix and he have fill 10 of a silicone 'casseroles.' I have been surprised that a loafs still has taken the flange has gilded even although I have not been in the casserole of metal. There is not the visible difference among using the casserole of metal and silicone bakeware.
Has attached the video, but has not used the no-the clave still am imagining was like this to use silicone bakeware and will use the spray in a future. Still without a spray, a mini loafs is exited easy. I left him drench in some water and sprayed out of a residue.
These stack amiably when they are not in the use and am happy to take touched of of a bulky loaf casserole. I go to substitute all mine has beaten with the silicone and I will save like this spatial in my cupboards!
The UPDATE has been using these for the few months now and there is wanted to so only leave know that it use the no-spray of clave then hardly anything sticks. I actuate perhaps the crumb or two in a liner, a loaf the slide a lot was. I fill a tank with soapy water, has left a liners drench for the bit, then is ready to dry and the tent was.
4 / 5
These are utmost. A measure is well, well, quite big to do an individual loaves of bread, mini meatloaves, that never. They are fat, any flimsy at all. An only reason are by train to give them 4, any five stars is a listing I clicked has said 12 band but a page of order has said 9 band. I did not take it and it thought it that it has ordered the dozen how has been disappointed when they have arrived. I admit that it is partly my failure but also think the one who is not never responsible for some needs to list for the fix.
5 / 5
Already have two insiemi of regular 3-thumb cupcake cups, but has has wanted to something main to be bent like ramekins and these few beauties have on burst. They are perfect and enough darn sturdy. Utilisation these all an external time to bake. You know like these bosses in TVs use all these pocolos bowls to resist ingredients to the equal that prepare for the dish? Ossia Which use these stops of cups. And like this far, there is not retained any smells, included when it uses him to resist chopped on onions.

Also, is really utmost to do gelatin atascadas for girls. Some cups of 3 thumbs would be too small, but these some are utmost for personal desserts like mini personal cheesecakes.
4 / 5
A subordinated and to the wall is quite rigid to resist liquid as well as beat without him all flowing on some sides.
Turn outini loaves amiably
Yes could change anything, would take a ridges reason does not have any one his point and the only frames clean on has bitten it harder.
Has finalised the product bakes is a lot of format and equally has baked.
5 / 5
Am using two of them like this title of cup liners for my car. They take condensation maintaining my headlines of the cup of the clean cars!
4 / 5
These are own for control of portion or atascadas of girl. Too small to do decent measure loaf fast breads, which was of the as looked for to substitute casseroles of metal.
4 / 5
Has bought these to use in the bento box to maintain the different lunches have separated. It is the good measure to resist the dish lateralmente or maintain the separate flesh of greens of salad. Some wall of these is fatter that another has seen, which help to maintain some sides the curve was also when full. To good sure will be good to maintain beat in a cup if I do not take never around to use them partorisca of the mini twisted of book or beat breads.
5 / 5
Does not bake anymore. It uses these the portion out of my lunch. They are a perfect measure . I have ordered a place of 8 and expósito used so much that has ordered another together of 8. We clean in a dishwasher. These would be utmost for the bites of the boys.
4 / 5
So only does brownies in them. You the work adds. A bit I last to exit of casserole but could be that I have done brownies. It will try again. Thou Has taken more with a longitude to bake them. Cela To be able to be my failure. A+
5 / 5
utilisation these baking cups for steaming and baking desserts and cakes. It is very easy to clean and store compared to some casseroles to bake. Note, this is to measure of jumbo . Every time I use it, 1 mould is equivalent to 2 servings for us.

Top Customer Reviews: Nordic Ware Cast ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5

has bought a Small Popover Casserole of Nordic Ware three times and has has had to that return it three times partorisca several defects, always in a cavity of corners in a casserole. This is to spend two times with this sold in Williams-Sonoma (discolorations in his no-arrived of clave excluyente 'Goldtone' coating), and once with one has sold here on Amazon (zone of same defect, east times the something rough in a fund of a cavity). As I have on data in a small more popovers version.

Are happy to inform a Glorious version was flawless in mine in the first place tries to buy a (and using, and cleaning he).

Partorisca Those of you informing the ones of the subjects with a popovers releasing of this casserole, a question can be yours recipe , or can be that have not reading an use and the instructions of priest have printed in a rear side of a sleeve of map that the yours the casserole has been shipped in. It sees down where has reprinted the partorisca you. (I also remarked when that washes this casserole was that some cavities are like this deep and big that when filling all are with soapy water and simply rubbing with a soft side of the sponge of soapy cookery, has cleaned on final but was easy to lose in fact rinsing was all some bubbles of soap partorisca all are cavity. It conceal also it can be the factor in reason the casseroles of some people do not release easily after the time.


I marvel if that has estaca the one of the fact read subjects a cure and the use label this goes in a sleeve of map these casseroles are shipped in (to all the cost duquel version). Have reprinted That is in a sleeve that comes with a casserole down. Note that Nordic Ware says ANY partorisca use cooking sprays like Pam. If using the spray of cookery, recommends one this has of the flour in him, like Bak-Klene ZT Nonstick baking Spray this is to sell in Williams-Sonoma or in the three-pack here on Amazon. It is used by professionals, and hard partorisca always partorisca the cook of house. Also extracted fantastically. For Nordic Ware, does not use Pam (or alike) in these casseroles. You could it wants to copy a following and note of mark of him. The text in group is information has added.


A bit those that simple clues to result perfect cakes and preserving yours casserole to the equal that results the familiar heirloom.

1. First of initial use and after the subsequent uses, hand-held wash with warm water , soapy. Widespread drenching is not recommended.

2. Use of the dishwasher is not recommended, as it can shorten a life of a nonstick coating in your casserole.

3. First of the each use, paintbrush with butter or shortening and powder with of the flour or cocoa the discharge. Baking the spray that contains flour [like Bak-Klene ZT Nonstick baking the available spray of Williams-Sonoma or Amazon] also can be used. It does not use spray of regular cookery [like Pam].

4. The mixes and the recipes can vary. Fill a casserole any plus of ¾ plenary to avert overflow.

5. Utensils of metal, registering tampons, and the abrasive cleaners would not owe that be used in nonstick surfaces.


has tried several recipes partorisca popovers in of the hands and of the recent weeks down some better is a popovers recipe in the book of Marion Cunningham, learning to Cook for Marion Cunningham (page 243). If you have looked to Bake with Julia in PBS in a @@@1990s, this was Marion Cunningham the one who there is showed popovers. It remarks that an use of the recipe in the air is a recipe of his own book, learning to Cook. A recipe in a baking with book of mate of Julia to some serious does not match a recipe has done on air. In my experience, Marion Cunningham final popovers recipe ( has the little on some years) is one much more. My popovers is the big trace and was more structurally sound and with the better texture that other recipes.

Marion Cunningham is also one in the reason still has popover casseroles today. To blind has followed the instruction of James Beard to start with the cold oven when it renews a Cookbook of Farmer of Fannie, and more has learnt late that while this could do with the vintage of the heavy beard popover show of cups with, there is not real success with popovers until, has seen test and error, learn a successful real secret with popovers was that the hot air has had to that be free to spend around some cavities that resists a beat. With which this is to exit in his column of newspaper in popovers, the costruttrici have begun to do has consecrated popover casseroles, but Marion Cunningham has done his in Pyrex bowls that has resisted roughly 3/4 cup and spaced them far averts of the each one another in the discharge to bake like hot air could circulate and help a popovers to locate to the his plus fill. If doing in the muffin has beaten, consultor to fill so only some external cavities and leaving some means some empty (again, so that the hot air could flow freely around a beat in the each one).

Ossia Essentially recipe of Cunningham of Marion, but easy fact a way I he. A beat has produced is a perfect quantity to fill a Glorious (6-cavity) version of these two popover casseroles of Nordics Ware.

Has adapted to Learn to Cook for Marion Cunningham, page 243

Collects: Marcos 6 big popovers or roughly 12 small popovers

1 ½ tins of cups
1 rooms of teaspoon
3 eggs
1 ½ short all-the purpose white flour
3 tablespoons to the butter has melted

Bak-Klene ZT Nonstick baking Spray (still grease/flouring a casserole in one steps)

1. Preheat An oven to 425°F.

2. Melt a butter in the small saucepan.

3. Spray Some cavities in a popover casserole generously with Bak-Klene ZT Nonstick baking Spray. (Or fat with butter or shortening and then slightly to flour the like all some cavity' the surfaces are coverages , then tap out of any extra flour to a tank and come from.)

4. It adds all some ingredients to the blender and mix to combine throughly. Utilisation the spatula of hule to scrape some sides once yes required to release any stuck on flour, then mixes for the pocolos like this more.

5. I fill some cavities of a popover casserole roughly 2/3 plenary. (I use the spoon of tea, if required, to fly of any on-fill some and add the small in any one has fill down some.)

6. It bakes for 25 minutes and does not open a door of oven until some 25 minutes there is elapsed. (Note, using a Small Popover Casserole or alike, some times can be less, likes control in 20 minutes and then again each one that 1 small himself required until golden brown.)

7. With which 25 minutes, opens a door. If golden brown and a lot of trace behind, is done.

8. Lame of an oven and (with a popovers still in a casserole), immediately drill each popover in a centre of an upper to release steam (I use the shish kebab wrier, but a point of the paring the knife will do). This helps a vaporous interior that has created an increase to release this steam and dry was more than taking soft and deflating because of a moisture.

9. Servants immediately, accompanied by butter, honey, concluded, butter of apple, or the to anything likes.


has any subjects with this casserole over time will update my description. Right now, as I write this, am pleased like this with some upper results have had a first time was (sees images), as well as an ease of cleanup, am planning to buy the second a.
4 / 5
For those of you the one who are serious in yours Popovers, require this casserole. Having the in a past using the traditional muffin/cupcake casserole with mixed results, can say you that this product is a a precise likes popovers. They exit perfectly with the good tight root and short bloated enormous. Perfecto. I clean up it is the breeze . Toallita Humid so only has been with the soapy sponge. It attributes an action has improved to both a form of a cup and an open structure that leaves for airflow everywhere a cup... These leaves for fast heating , uniform during a big temp, the initial that bakes period. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Has used this casserole to do Puddings of individual Yorkshire. Place in the teaspoon of Canola oil in a fund of the each one cup dipped then a casserole to the 425 oven of terracing for the pocolos small the preheat previously to add chilled beat. Result perfectly and released of a casserole easily. Going to try popovers afterwards.
5 / 5
Want to all in this casserole: heavy/durable, any-stick/easy to clean, big quality, and still, compatible popovers everytime!! I possess diverse Nordic Ware bakeware and is everything of quality very big. Thus popover casserole, uses the butter softened the slightly grease a casserole in place of a spray. A popovers is always consistently beautiful and delicious. So only it turns to to a casserole to the rovescio punctual likes to take out of oven, and everything of a popovers just slide a lot of era. My preferred popover the recipe is a one of King Arthur is.
5 / 5
Has been eating popovers of then was the girl , like this of course, has begun to do his like this an adult. We had him to us quite each Sunday that grows up and my Dad tinkered with the recipe until it was perfect and is exited consistently every time.

Has the elderly grimaldi casserole as well as another casserole to write as it has taken less happy with as no-surface of the clave exited with each use - something concealed has not felt sure mine. As I have selected this casserole. I have been surprised in a prize, but after reading some descriptions, has given to shoot it.

My recipe (modified of a recipe of Dad) was 425 oven to start with, tins of cups, 1 hoards of the white flour, .25 it Hoards of the flour of whole grain, .5 tbsp Salts, 3 big eggs. It mixes all but eggs in the blender, then add eggs one the time until a lot of blended. It does not scrape blender. Cups of the spray then fill cup any more than .75 Plenary. 425 For 20 minutes (can be less) then lower to 325 without inaugural oven for 15 minutes (can be less). When Using flour of the whole grain does not burst so many but at least is slightly more is!
I any pre-heat a casserole and has burst well and has been cooked equally. I am thrilled. I will be to the use is each cold weekend and finding other uses when I can.

Has read commentaries in the people that comment in defects in a product. When it Take the mine there is remarked that it was not perfectly soften in a cup. When I registered It I asked it this would impact an use and has been ensured that he no. In fact, he no.
4 / 5
has tried three different types of pops in casseroles. This one east one has tried more like this far. They heat equally and an any coating of clave has any chipped was this in spite of (spent in the most economic casseroles with which 3 uses).
Highly recommends this casserole.
4 / 5
These are utmost. I have forgotten like tasty popovers is until I have visited the House of Steak recently. I have looked for a web for the recipes and my first tentativa was in regulating muffin casseroles -- I follows any boss. They were good but has not looked one some in a restaurant. I have found these and they are wonderful. Easy cleanup -- I can be messy -- and a lot well has built. A good Housekeeping frames of recipe exactly 6 popovers and remained with the little arce to the butter flavoured and have the addition adds your lunch. I have considered cups of court even and fill with salad of tuna.
4 / 5
A small popover to the casserole is something has bought any to do popovers for , but to do Thomas Keller famed discharges. It uses silicone, but simply does not like me to silicone or using of the plastic when it can avert do like this. Ossia A perfect response .

Ossia Mine 13th Nordicware casserole, as I have known that it was paralizaciones with qualities and durability. While you butter and flour some laws of casserole wonderfully. Have Of then he popovers many times with a recipe in a container and was quickly and good accompaniments to the variety of long and cheeses.

And of the discharges... They are fantastic and felizmente does so only 12, reason am a lot of adictivos.
4 / 5
WELL, this totally the fact adds for mini-Puddings of Yorkshire (which is the salt /of the beef and the pepper flavoured popover that in fact contains any pudding). (Popovers HAS butter, these any one) Ossia the traditional bread to do fault with beef (like the first rib raises).

Has very tried touches to this casserole and expósito that 20 ml to beat (1 tablespoon more a teaspoon) was perfect for the Pudding of Yorkshire. Fat with tallow of the beef yes loves, but when lame cookery ( has required 60 of these things) I spray has used only oil (Pam). Alive in some the EUA, but still weigh my ingredients for accuracy. A lot they say that you have to that preheat a casserole and touch a beat to sizzling oil in a fund of a cup. Quite unnecessary with this casserole. Here it is a recipe has used:


280flour of g
8 big eggs
416Milk of g,1 or 2
Black pepper
Oil of Spray


1. Oven to heat to 400F. Spray A mini popover casserole with oil of spray.

2. To do a beat, dump a simple flour to the bowl and has beaten in some eggs until smooth (hand whisk work a lot). Gradually Add a milk and spend on beating until some pieces have gone of a mix. Estaciona With rooms and pepper. I fry a beat for 10 minutes and refrigerate among touching/baking cycles. .

3. I play a 20 ml of a beat to the each one well. I besiege a popover casserole in an oven and leave undisturbed for 20-22 mins until some active puddings puffed on and browned.

4. Lame of an oven and turn them was to the storm to cool and repeat the box has on used all a beat.
4 / 5
Has bought this casserole for my woman and loves it! Produced of the quality adds. A subject only is is baking too many popovers and am eating too many of them?!

Top Customer Reviews: Nordic Ware Natural ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
This has not been the mini muffin casserole. A wells is much wider and very superficial... More like the mini casserole of cake. A quality of a product is excellent, but is not announced like this at all. I have had to that verify some pictures in an ad to do sure has not been crazy. Some pictures aim the mini muffin casserole. Has dip photo on comparing it to some real mini muffin casserole to aim a significant difference.
4 / 5
Totally is in accordance with phoebephilmson description of October 21, 2012. This is not the mini muffin casserole. The desire had read a description with more than detail, but hasty-me. Some cups in this casserole are wider that mediates/normal mini muffin casseroles. It has given all of the mine nonstick cook and bake ware because of now having has has added parrots our family (smoke of any-of products of clave, same oven liners and some ovens, in general, can KILL PARROTS and is probably a lot like this well for humans and other living beings, also). As I have required to substitute my elements with the aluminium and I have used this mini casserole for a first time yesterday. It was like this disappointed has been grieves to dip a paper liners in and there is @@give that has been corrected, and these cups have not been regular sized. Now I will require to find another to buy and so only use this strictly partorisca muffins and any cupcakes, which much more often that muffins.
4 / 5
Done of the years in the sale of cochera have found the pair of muffin casseroles that has had 9 cups in the each casserole, as they have done 18 muffins in the measure among regulating and mini muffins. Still I have those, but have the seam/ridge around the each cup, and has been the moment finds the alike measure that it is easier that clean. Some cups in this casserole are the little wider and more superficial, but is a next plus has found.

I use these partorisca muffins, any cupcakes, as not to concern me there is no liners that apt. It likes- one crust in muffins and liners some soft crusts.

So many,
- More crust in the proportion to some means
- Easy to clean
- Nordic Ware quality, as they would owe that last for ever
- is a right measure and form to do twisted of teas

- is trying cupcakes does not have any one a lot of liners that will return
- Almost too shiny, how is harder that take some brown crusts, but this would have to that improve with timing
- Like this superficial that is hard to leave a muffins open for buttering
- Of some cups are all in a casserole is harder that turn them was, need the big platter or the casserole of discharge
4 / 5
Likes another has said - this is not the mini muffin casserole. It is the mini casserole of @@@tart. Some cup is wide and superficial. I am disappointed, reason love mark mini muffins, any mini @@@tart. Otherwise, Is the lovely, sturdy casserole.
5 / 5
The casserole Adds! Marcos an utmost plus sized mini muffins, with perfectly has included browning on and fund. Nordic Ware the casseroles of Natural Aluminium give you the plot of control in browning; they look to do your sakes take longer the brown and has taken: 1) calm of the the longest window of 'perfect browness' doing it harder to on-brown (while you are loaning attention), and 2) leaves some funds to achieve some same browness as you hoard, more than browning long first of a cup.

Has takes some stars been due to difficulty to clean. Some cups have a bit textured wall (looks to be machining frames). While ossia a construction of piece , a fund of some cups has the eseam' where a milling/machining of a sidewalls the stop and a smooth fund begins. This canal is a lot last to clean.
4 / 5
My daughter has been wanted with this mini cupcake casserole. It looks to be fact well and would have to that last almost for ever. A measure of the each hole is different of one some have. These are the pocolos wider and slightly more superficial that mine. Any necessarily the bad thing, so only something partorisca remark. My daughter was happy with them that is as it has imported.
5 / 5
Love a Nordic Ware produced of Aluminium. In the first place they are done of an alone discharge of Aluminium, any rolling of flanges or has pressed/has gone cups. So easier that clean.

My mini muffins cook to perfection, is baked equally without a be external in cooked or a half section that requires the little more time to entirely of cook.
5 / 5
Laws perfectly very still mid-measure mini muffins. A word to warn, has had another of this sooner and accidentally dipped he by means of a dishwasher in spite of some instructions that says hand-held wash so only. His really bad hand-wash so only like the arrival takes entirely ruined, as it marks attention of paralización sure to concern and will be happy with east.
4 / 5
Would not call this the muffin casserole at all. I do not see like this you could direct take enough beat to the each one crevice without him overflowing to included create the muffin.
5 / 5
These are the quality to have that has weighed Commercial and is súper easy to clean. I have bought two of a 12 account muffin casseroles. We have done pineapple to the rovescio individual cakes in these. We do not use cupcake or silicone cupcake titled. So only we use to cook spray in and around the each cup.
Commentary that these when being light colored and not sticking has required bit it more the time that bakes that one any casserole of clave has done. I have had always any casserole of clave, as I have not known never that. His still the utmost results and some clean up was súper easy. It is so only the fast handwash and dry.

Like any prpers that has to that worry in a does not stick to to the start likes with of some any casserole of clave. I will be to buy the pair more than these muffin casseroles. They are also the idea of the present adds.

Top Customer Reviews: CHEFMADE Popover ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
As I have used a muffin has beaten of boss-the professional series done and was awesome. The majority of some casseroles has to that university is quite thin and the warp when dipped in an oven but this casserole did not conceal and was very happy. I have done it bites of egg of the breakfast in them. I want that it is the half casserole with only are something in place of 12 reason the fact perfects for lunch prepping for the week. When I have done some eggs, some of my mix there is spilt on and has concerned me on net arrive but of this casserole was no-clave, a bakes in the egg has washed immediately without scrubbing. Also love a colour of champagne, neutral and would look classy and adds in any cookery.
4 / 5
Has ordered this casserole to do cupcakes for the anniversary of my edges, the law adds! Quality very big & sturdy. I seat it likes me will have this beats for ever with quell'credit his fact!
5 / 5
Is exactly the one who looks! A thing that spouses this muffin casserole the part of some another the gorgeous colour of champagne! I have not seen never the muffin casserole of this gorgeous colour of first metal, as I have decided to give that it come from it. Masters that like this far!
5 / 5
Look sturdy but a colour is not like this predicted. You think it that it was more colour of gold. It is more as the gold of pink pewter colour.
4 / 5
The quality adds and the colour adds. It has used for muffins and the egg bakes like this far. Both came it well. Used liners and was súper easy to clean.
5 / 5
Is weighed! Really fat and strong, a lot well has done. I seat it likes him he is past good money and s element of good quality.
5 / 5
Has Been surprised by a quality of this muffin casserole, is to have to that heavy , and good to have for the use of long term. Value of the money.
5 / 5
CHEFMADE Mini Muffin Casserole, when I have done my muffin I appearance the partorisca grow and he no, remains very small. When retreated My muffin in an old muffin the casserole grows a lot well.
4 / 5
Very good. The quality adds, no the light casserole. My muffins and cupcakes is exited fantastically.
5 / 5
Very durable would have to that last the lifetime, like this easy to clean all have baked in him was it of only explosions.
Requires this casserole

Top Customer Reviews: R&M ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
It looks the product adds but some I lines have begun the chipped was. It has taken in fact stuck in the bread has baked.
5 / 5
To good sure would recommend the different product here .. The mine is has looked broken and by means of a packaging could ossia poor quality
5 / 5
Amour popovers. Only way that does not stick . Has two.
4 / 5
This is to be ship the North Dakota in the clear plastic stock exchange. Any box. This is not the sturdy element. Shipped in inappropriate packaging. Felizmente Has has not looked broken. It has not been economic.
5 / 5
Really a lot nonstick casserole. Pudding Of Yorkshire and Popovers angers big and exited of a casserole extremely easily. My casserole was packaged well and has arrived quickly. A prize could be the little lower.
4 / 5
Wow! These casseroles are the transmission of GAME when doing Yorkies!!
4 / 5
Has purchased for my mamma . It loves it and it uses it to do puddings of Yorkshire .
5 / 5
I like this casserole, but one of some cups is partorisca come the ship broken.

Top Customer Reviews: Astra shop Set of 6 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
4 / 5
A form and the measure of these is perfect for popovers. Also, the individual cup leave me to us plant them more afterwards together and uses each what 6 of these in my counter my more upper oven small. Careful The be that it use them in the cape racks - tends in the slide was and tip easily. You can it wants to use some foil of beat like the program. Also sure there it is pertinent height in an oven. Because of an almost spent prize in this compraventa. In your marry that question, my oven of crowds to measure only owes elements of heat in a cup of an oven - very well to do popovers.
4 / 5
Amused to cook with, taken to clean, sigh. Still with all a coverage of inner butter. I use the oven/of toaster of the convection and return inner adds. Other casseroles were in big.
5 / 5
Experience like the present of anniversary of our Daughters a. It uses prndales popovers and amours popovers so illuminated self-the interest directed me in this compraventa. Good measure, the fact costs well , reasonable. Still while for a popovers.
5 / 5
These darioles am adds to do individual sticky Irish toffee pudding. Any problem with bond.
5 / 5
That is to say only perfect to do candy custard, or burned burn. It results a lot it adds. It IS easy to wash. I have not posed very try the clean. Calm perhaps precise poses no-spray of the clave on is using he to bake cake, but custard or work of pudding only well without him.
5 / 5
They looked well except some subordinated one has been dented when arrived so returned the.
3 / 5
The coverage of 6 was bonded together and was unable to separate some individual cup. This product was unusable.
3 / 5
Only a right measure for cake of fashionable cup of Hong Kong.
1 / 5
A form and measure of these is perfect partorisca popovers. Also, the individual cup leave to situate them more after near and use all 6 of these in my counter my more upper oven small. Be careful using them on the boss racks - tend to the slide was and tip easily. You can it wants to use some foil of has beaten like the program. Also sure it has pertinent height in an oven. Because of a prize I almost spent in this compraventa. In yours chance that asks , my oven of the full measure so only has to that elements of heat in a cup of an oven - a lot well to do popovers.
5 / 5
Has purchased like the present of anniversary of one of our Daughters. It will use him for popovers and wants to popovers like this enlightened self-interest directed me it this compraventa. Good measure, fact cost well , reasonable. Still while to a popovers.

Top Customer Reviews: UgyDuky Set of 6 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
It is not fooled, has no nonstick the coating and I have been scrubbing a past hour partorisca take a coating partorisca feed was. They are included worse that ceramic!
5 / 5
Has used these cups partorisca popovers. His greased well but has stuck horribly. A popovers was impossible to exit in a piece and some cup were very difficult to clean. I have been relegated to my grandson sandbox.
4 / 5
Some beat is easy to use, but an order has come so only with 5 has beaten in place of 6.

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