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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
That is to say it add it flooring nailer. Only I have a beef with him, but another that concealed, can not imagine that it was different goes in east and the $ 500 nailer. Load easily, shoots consistently and fields hurriedly. I am posing besides it conceal 900 sqft of the leaf woven 1/2' solid bamboo (janka 4000) with T-key of Cape, and has done the wonderful work so far!

My subject is that there is not indication very well that a magazine is empty or apropant- empty. Perhaps it is the result of my inexperience, but several times, found cover me to the long of only to discover that it run he out of tones 5-marks 6 strikes... Had only two indications: 1. If I have inspected a zone to attack and has not founding the tone, and 2. One exhausts was quite more 15% strong. My solution was to pose a bit of the tape of the blue painter in a magazine where a pusher the chairs when there is only 5-10 tones left and loads before it was empty. A magazine in fact can line up 115 T-Leaders the time. This does quite well.

Had a case that remarked where a nailer has not shot the tone, included although it was very loaded and a striker cycled, but then one has shot afterwards, pose two tones in. An end in a tongue where has wanted the, and or down the, but out of a road that suffices that any one sells anything has been. So that the does not cause the problem, is possible he this more than a swipe and simply has not remarked, but there is not problem very visible in a fund, as I will expect for a better!

Would have cost me In him $ 30 in the daytime to rent the similar nailer, and very while tried, mine 900+ sqft flooring the project has taken longer that 4 days. I possess this or to hover he of $ 100 then , wins!
5 / 5
I have used a NuMax melts nailer to install Bruce Money saws new pre-has finished 3/4'x 5' solid oak flooring in our master chamber Lowe is that it buys. I have decided to purchase a NuMax has based in descriptions and also so that a price of compraventa was in a same likes him 3 hire in the daytime. As it Results a project has taken more then three days so that my work has maintained to the tension went me a project, as it was happy concealed has not rented and has possessed a pistol.

This was my installation of first fund of forest and has not used never the fund of different mark nailer for comparisons. I have practised quite a lot of 6 tones in the piece of piece of flooring and landed in 80 lbs for pressure of air. Has problems of zeros or misfires with this pistol after posing 150 sq feet of flooring. I have run a forest flooring in the 45 angle and I have semi-detached oil in a pistol of key every time I reloaded a L-nails or connected/disconnected a hose of air. A default the dish of base is posed already up for 3/4' the forest and I have not had never any scratches in a surface of forest. A mallet surprised of good quality and was solidly has built. So that it poses a fund in an angle, has had to to blind nail the plot apropa a wall with my arrival nailer but concealed has not been one the fault of a NuMax. A fund has the result adds and now possesses the fund nailer for a next time!

My only two small subjects; a grip of thin tubular rubber in a fund nailer slide of cape out of place, has not been flexible or that perceivable, but the repositioned behind planting the small time. Also, I have to attach some tape of friction in a smooth forest mallet cape so that my hands have taken blisters of a smooth cape. Next time, thinks that will cut a grip of the cape of the rubber was and substitute he with tape of friction.

Also purchased of Amazon:
Bosititch FLN-200 2 inch L-Claus has used quite a lot of 1500 tones for 150 sq feet of flooring

Welland 4 x 12 ventilation of the oak taken stained and arrivals to match my pre-arrival flooring

Spends-Nail 42260 flooring conjoint of key pricey in $ 20 but the must has used mostly in of the counters to pose tones of my pistol to finish when blind nail and the pair of time with a NuMax when run down 80 lbs of pressure for accident.

Highly would recommend a NuMax SFL618 melt nailer and other products have mentioned.
4 / 5
That is to say the very good nailer for the reasonable prize. It can not testify in his durability of long term, or his suitability for professional use, although when being very built, while my project was relatively small. But for a prize and an action, that is to say the very better treats that it renting nailer, with everything of an accompanying inconvenience, in an of some tents of big box. My project was quite 400 feet has squared of 3/4 inch oak flooring. One nailer is to come adjusted of a factory for 3/25 inch flooring, as I have not required to do adjustments or change a tampon-- comes with another tampon for thinner flooring. I have used Bostich cleats, any staple, and key perfectly in a tongue each strike. There is a problem. Quan In the first place tried to upload some nails, the could not take to upload. And I took me the moment to imagine was that a ceiling of a canal to debit was angled, and obstructed a cup of some tone, no in leaving them to enter a camera of powers. I angled a ceiling for up with the screwdriver and has had any problem after this. In my project, has had only a jam, after it have uploaded the leftovers small series of tones. A jam was very hurriedly and easy to clear with a proportionate allen wrench. It buys this versus hire. No a pressure to run against a clock in your project.
1 / 5
I have purchased this cual the new element, arrives with the box broke. A box there has been the tape around some signs of verges concealed has not been new. Desprs Ploughing a box expsita more evidence that the element has been used. Some Nuts and the rays have aimed byline of wear and friction because of anterior assembly and disassembly. A Rubber mallet has been missing. I have decided to give the even so the casualidad. After oiling a tool has tried to nail little 3/4 inch hardwood planks. A seldom provided pistol a right quantity to oblige required to press a nail in a forest. Often some nails were has pressed only 1/3 period in a forest. A pistol blockaded the small time. Highly disappoint it.
Has bought the clearest version NuMax S50LSDH 2-IN-1 nailer in a tent of local hardware. This fact like the charm of a principle and he so that far it has installed it 1,000 sqft of hardwood.
The desire had purchased an element in a local tent of a principle instead that on-line of Amazon.
5 / 5
I describe me how to final of big plus ' he yourselfer' and recently purchased enough 1300 sq ft of 2 1/4 solid oak band to pose down in my house. Desprs Doing investigation, is gone with a NuMax while it do not listen to rent based in that flooring will be to pose down, but has wanted to something reliable in a point of better prize and not knowing that often it use after this project.

A NuMax nailer has not disappointed, is very satisfied after installing quite 400 sq feet - any jam or subjects of any class (an or two errors of operator). A pistol is very built - is the subject around one $ 105 point of prize (has two arrival nailers that the paid more arrest). It follows some recommendations of manufacturer regarding an oil - 4-5 drops every day of oil of pneumatic tool, the test/adjusts more compressor psi (mine 'The the nails enter flush in 80 psi.). Other descriptions have mentioned concealed has to attack a tool with a mallet 'consistently', firmly - but very particularly take, unless you are trying to take in the together pieces that can not be directly, but the faint or lose the paste will result in a nail the be only partially directed in a material (error of the operator referenced on). A tool to pose this offer of Amazon will save to time, even so him it significant quantity of a tone has not been directed to found the easy plus in carefully wiggle behind and the advances tires a tone of metal until it break it (has shot then another in).

Has used a Bostich flooring L-nail FLN-200 in fasten - Amazon offers so down (or lower) that your venue of big box. With respecting in a mallet - do well so designed, even so or the ends is rubber (to attack a nailer) and another this steel - cual when takes more afterwards in a wall tends in scar in drywall quite easily :). No the complaint at all, only something has experimented. ( I have finished to embroil an another end of a mallet with the thin tampon and duct tape).

Would not doubt to purchase again - very satisfied.
5 / 5
I have bought this to use for our 3/4' solid hardwood background installation. That is to say our first time never tries to install hardwood melts, so that it has not used never another stapler to fund to compare this in. This has done excellently. Has had to probably the cut was, perhaps, 8 or 9 staples in some integers 500 sq feet of flooring this installs so that they have not entered a far quite tongue. This was all the majority of likely user-error (has known usually a second punch a button that a staple does not have to enter all some subjects so that has any paste quite take...), Mark sure only paste the quite take and would not have to have any subjects. In a bit those that cases when a staple only the half road entered or as (also far to the tension has been without breaking a joint), only used some dykes (pliers of diagonal that cut) in clip a staple what next in a tongue that possible and has used then a key-posed to direct a rest far enough in a tongue in not interrupting a next piece. To well sure the ache and controls up, but again, each error of user.

Only other commentaries are that it is easy to run out of staples without included remarking (like other critics mentioned). It spends the small time before I have learnt my lesson to verify regularly. I have bought some opened-boxes like new' and was to good sure 'as new'.
4 / 5
I have bought this to do 400+ sqft of flooring and has not wanted to rent the tool. In this prize was an easy election to buy against. Hire. A tool has very done well. I have used an oil avenges with in a intake to air that calm usually in oil a tool of air. Even so I experimented the pair of early jams and hurriedly give that orients of the plunger has not bursting behind up so easily while it has to so that there it paints oversprayed in an axis. I squirted some oil in an axis of plunger and has not had never another jamb.

Purchases this tool suggests that fallen the bit of oil in an outside of an axis of plunger before the use and will be very very happy.
5 / 5
This has substituted mine (t)rusty the no pneumatic hand old-me-low Bostitch nailer, which has the data has been afterwards install my fund of fourth master the little the mark of years. Since it go to take my time that installs solid 3/4' red oak in 1/4' rubber underlayment in 2 chambers and the hallway, the note has done only to buy in planting to rent. It IS sceptical that pay only in $ 100 so that necessities to be the solid, sudden, and reliable workhorse. My initial impression out of a box was surprised. It comprises the mallet, tools for assembly, tiny oiler, 2 dishes, and the base that Leaves any one in a main dish (a must has- which has not thought of when orderly). All was in a box, so skimping there. The assembly takes only the few minutes.

So far after 300 sq.ft., it Has preformed perfectly. I am using 2' Bostitch 'The the key and has has not had a jamb or misfire. An only nail that has not posed under a surface was so that the could not take the swipes of sake in a cape since was so near in the wall, otherwise each sets of tones only under a surface. A retractable cradle that maintains the tension in some nails is my tone on when required in re-charge, which probably will paint orange as it is the small more obvious. But another that concealed, this nailer records as well as models/to mark that twice so cost. I am very satisfied (and surprised).
5 / 5
This nailer is fantastic! For in a prize of the hire, can possess this nailer. It avenges with examples of some nails and the staples can use (as it can yours apresamiento in a tent and compares), the sake, heavy mallet to actuate a nailer, and different background tampons to accommodate different background thicknesses.

No the failure or shortcoming of a nailer, but the mark no a same deception I - uses a mallet this comes with this nailer. My tired arms , as I have tried to use the clear plus mallet, and does not provide quite a lot of forces to pose some tone far enough in some joints.

Anyways, This nailer is awesome, when being big quality, and he the work adds that it installs a hardwoods in my house.
4 / 5
A tool cual has been required to do. It has installed 2 3/4 inch hardwood melt with him without real subjects. Can be it used with both staples and cleats and has used he with so much. A cleats is fatter and enters with less than casualidad of failure as it uses his when possible. This is not an industrial nailer so yes is looking for a this will be the primary nailer in the flooring subject, this can not return your necessities but for the homeowner look to pose deep down or two or the handyman that mark the flooring laws or reparation from time to time, this would have to be the good access , especially for a prize. A a subject that has had with this that shoots of the small also easy. Included the swipe to look with a hammer will cause it to shoot and that usually resulted in the staple abused or the partially situate cleat and or is a lot of entertainment to take. Some more professional units usually require the more take paste to shoot it which are required to properly pose a cleat or staple but this a subject does not prevent me to use or it purchasing. Calm only precise maintains he that imports when it using. It was not I will require it to him again but a price of compraventa was lower concealed that has cost me for hire for a quantity to time required to complete some two funds so although no for the use never again, is still advance in some roads and he the good work.

Top Customer Reviews: BOSTITCH Flooring ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 54 ratings
5 / 5
It was sceptical because of prize. Fact perfectly. It has used in the spent a manual type so that the critics say it snugs sustain in better. Has not founding this to be true. The first conjoint nail time every time and snugs pieces in an end 1/16 of an inch. Amur A tool and experimented any problem in 3 chambers and hallway value of Hickory 3/4 inch hardwood fund.
5 / 5
One 12569 only requires 60 psi to direct cleats - 3/4' hardwood and 3/4' sub-deep (Ramsond RMM4 has required 90-100 psi melts included). It does not filter to air so the compressor seldom pursues (the difference of Ramsond this has filtered almost constantly). Much calmer when that nails that Ramsond. Form of Bostitch shoe of the dish/of the base is such that the cause not leaving to the long of upper verge of flooring (the difference of Ramsond RMM4 with wedge -shoe shaped this has caused to leave to the long of upper verge of flooring yes shoes no planted exactly in recess in flooring tongue.
5 / 5
This was the blessing . My husband has used a Bostich tool to hammer to pose in our hardwood melts done 10 years. Has two rooms left but has to one little renewal. 10 years later was time in arrival . It is 75 years old now and it do not go sure it can handle he so that it buys a wheel flooring tool. That the difference. You are done in two days and he have said has that has bought this tool. That is to say to take for the man to admit. BOSTITCH BTFP12569 2-In-1 Flooring Tool
has recommended this tool in our friends and family.
5 / 5
Place in 1400 square feet of5/8' arce pre-finishings t and G flooring and has had only a blockaded cleat. Fact very good.
5 / 5
Only it finish it the 12' x 13' oak 3/4 inch the step of forest installs with this nailer and the exceptional law. Well in 1,000 2 inch Stanley Bostitch FLN-200 tones and no the solos misfire or jamb. Excellent together in some nails in 100 psi +/-. Many a box of touch he of the nail have separated but any problem by so nailer. Just and vain load. To ensure together of pertinent nail, the mark sure gives it the sake wack with a hammer has distributed. Any one also bad in a backside. It suggests it is doing the plot of installation to fund to launch of forest with this tool, has an annex of optional roller that will do life easier to move a nailer to the long of a nude fund of the forest. Side in $ 100 or so, but would be worth it to think for the projects the big plus that the only room.
2 / 5
This would be to 5 tool to star yes Bostitch can fix a subject of diet with cleat tone. A guide of metal that control a cleats does not maintain the quite tight in to a guide likes him the cradle presses he of the feeder has uploaded spent a cleats and no longer can and finals to nail rooms. I have resolved a subject to pose the bond of the big zip around some guides of metal cual has cured a problem but I have had to the every time uploaded substitute more cleats that was it the bit of the hassle. In general a nailer the works add. I have bought this to finish the fund while my Senco SHF50 has taken maintained and in fact like this nailer better that a Senco.....Another concealed has said to problem to be able to.
5 / 5
The service adds! An in the first place a taken has not done. The amazon immediately routed the nine a, as it does not line in our project. New a perfect east, Easy to use, and perfect action. My husband has posed now 4 rooms of hardwood flooring with him, and has not had to locate his knees for the , (in 73 that is to say the real advantage )! Our last pistol of key soyisfire' often, requiring the hammer to correct a nail. They say it does not try to pose the fund without him.
5 / 5
Tool of good quality for a prize. I have posed 6,000 tones through easterly in 3/4' solid hickory and the law adds. Hickory IS the very hard forest and this was the very compatible nailer. Any jam or subjects of any class. That with any tool to air sure when being regularly oil.
1 / 5
Only it uses cleat tone. This nailer has been announced to be what able to use staples or cleats. A fence that control a cleat in tight in a guide of centre am loose and like the result an engine any paste a cleat situates in a leader. We use for the days of the pair with key blockade very and that it has to regroup every time. At the end it poses the backside in a trailer and has bought the better unit
5 / 5
Installed 1500 sq ft of 3/4' solid oak without any jams or misfires (has taken quite a lot of 6,000 staples for my widths plank deep). I have used one 15.5 gauge 2' staples and lubed the the few drops in the each others uploads of staples.

Top Customer Reviews: Freeman PF18GLCN ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
In the first place it would like to thank Bogdel and some people sold it to partorisca leave me know as it has done.

2nd partorisca take some the duplicate questions takings 18G 1-1/4 -1-3/4 SO ONLY. AT ALL MORE. His no partorisca engineered, laminate, or American hardwood.
Engineered Or laminate: take the engineered 20stapler of G.
Hardwoods Takes the 16G mallet Cleat / Staple Nailer.

Next ailing say it is cost each penny has compared to a $ 600 Beat-Nailer, or a Door-Nailer or one $ 700 PrimeTech.
Also the will not mention a prize but will say has is trace of bought it to them. So much I am them happy with quell'the paid and still would pay that it is listed maintaining. But enough it would pay the one who has paid them a first time again. With all concealed out of a way.

Will comprise the images of one install, Any one once to jam on me in some 2 days of one install. The only face there is nailed 1 joint as it has run them down some rows quite quickly. Never the fold has shot. And it has had 6 nails does not sink all a way but to good sure could of been due to a sub walk. I oiled the 2x the day once when it has begun them, and once in mid day. Of both days for the total of 4 oilings 2 fall each one that that. Also so that it has had the hard time that dips it well. Here it could be yours questions .

1. It does not spend of longitude some stuffs a lot of all the forest manufactuers is an exact same thickness. Like this dipped the dish on for the thickness thinks that that it is and then regulate of there that til is light shy to touch a sub walk with light tilt to advances likes him the tip of a contact of frames of the shoe.

2. When Doing contact with a bamboo does not feel for a point to rest looks for it. Or you will FACE to NAIL The FOREST.

3. In minimum oil he first each use, better the 2nd time in mid day.

Swipe to hammer all a difference. This unit a lot it paste lateralmente well, the death on is of entity, and calm does not have to that it closes unexpectedly.,
But no sissy swipe neither., the arm of attractive just arrives and give it he naturalidad movign transmission. 1 ft Of a boss of piston.

5. Finally pressure of Air. Each compressor of air is different with different recover imposed and sfcm is. Those works for a compressor no for another precise find a right pressure. To start with in a general recommendation and regulating up or down of there that 2-3 psi the time.
I Found with mine ridgid vertical pancake 150 but psi compressor with 3.9 sfcm is that 72 psi was one something sweet. And could shoot them the averages touches he of nailers first of the recovery has begun. So much the decree til has recovered. otherwise No quite pressure and (Of here, reason would not sink flush).

With everything east says hopefully will help some people was and will be them happy to answer any the one who could have questions or help of need. But calm does not require one $ 500 more nailers for bamboo, BUT PRECISE 18G, ANY HE ANDS Or AIMS. And this nailer is strictly for bamboo like the not creating a cleat dimple nightmares that has spent on way that installs.

Last but much less: Ossia to freeman. When you yours the next version adds the few things.

1. If any one is the die of to the tool likes and protects there of the investment comprises a chance and create a prize the few dollars.
2. Take your dishes of base and combine them to 1 and have slide on 2 drive lateralmente to car regulate in any paving quickly with the ray of fast lock.
3. Shrink Your boss 4 thumbs, then can them take all but a last joint and it beginning that it uses it with which one 2nd judge to row exited in place of a third.
4. Finally dipped to close of dry shoot on like this the does not fly to sink cleats and @give the joint later there is no cleats in him.

Another that that these sums he up in this cleat nailer and touch the tool adds.
4 / 5
The work adds. Bought this to install the paving of bamboo. This was a prize a plus down 18 ga. Nailer Available. Installed 600 ft any to alone jam. An only question has had has taken my legislation of pressure of the compressor. Precise practice on some piece to take a legislation of pressure. Has the $ 99 compressor of Load of Port that sometimes would not maintain up with a nailer to the equal that would owe that to the left taking on occasionally. Calm also precise agrees to readjust pressure when you change to the brad nailer for some something a nailer any one is returned. In general a work is perfect start .
5 / 5
Has used this to dip 1/2' bamboo of the edge woven flooring in 55-60PSI and has done well with tongue very small that leaves in some joints. This has done a much simpler process that using the gun of nail of the hand (any that any in his right alcohol would use the gun of nail of the hand to do a whole paving).

Liked especially of a hammer that is comprised with a box, a no-the side of hule has done adds to dip some joints, has done also a transition to dip joints to nail them quickly of then does not have to that hammers of transmission. Note: I have used the plastic blockade to dip some joints or he 4' piece of piece of flooring has turned lateralmente more than hammering directly in some joints.

A box comes with several options of spacer to dip pavings of different width and an adjustable foot to do a nailer level with a paving, the mine has required the pocolos adjustments to take it right but has taken so only -5min in general.

A down side: varying a flange of nail with an upper tongue of a joint, has taken the pair of test and to plot of visual concentration to maintain he to slip in a flange to a cup of a joint. To good practical insurance and take the next look where would have to that the to you there is has varied.

Use Freeman FN18L150 18-Gauge Cleats with east and has not had any jamb @@subject - 700 sq ft.

In the note lateralmente: the web of place of Imposición of tutorial House on nailing hardwood flooring say you can do roughly 1000 sq ft/ the day is WAY too optimistic for any the one who there is not dipping walk before. Our tear to walk-arrive and prep has taken around 6 hours without the a lot of paving that level. Dipping some joints have taken another 3-4 days of 10+ hours of work.
4 / 5
Adds nailer. Fact almost perfectly. I have called a company directly to ask that it would have to that shabby and has been said a type to speak to era in the meeting. Well, I called in fact behind and the mine spoken for 5 minutes in my options. Now ossia well, service of antiquated client. Two notes:
1) Roughly 5 times I misaligned a nailer for not wrapping a lip around a front of a hardwood plank, and wound on driving the nail to a centre of my joint. If you are distracted is easy to do, as it pays attention and calm would not owe that have the question.

2) If you disconnect a hose of air, and then reconnect he pressurized hose of air with a cradle-loaded slide pusher still committed (that it has to that you 'rooster' to pull behind with which uploads some nails) the nail will be pressed out of a fund of a nailer roughly halfway. This is annoying and could head to the scratch in a paving if you are not conscious of him. So much, every time you disconnect a hose of air, goes advance and 'uncock' a nail pusher to avert this question.
5 / 5
In my original description has declared a nailer has not done with mine flooring, which is Calas Bamboo 5 3/8' for 9/16' T&G. It has broken Out of a tongue, reason has not shot a big nail enough, and has shot more to a tongue, more than pocket. Now I create a subject is one this would be the question with more nailers and a flooring measured of 9/16'. So only it could be the things of Bamboos of Calas also... Service of the client in Freeman was punctual and add to do with.

Perhaps this will help any, and perhaps no. a nailer is not shooting a cleats to a pocket and instead are shooting in too much down, adds a stuff that says is for 7/16' flooring to a combo 5/8' and 9/16' flat. Fixed my subject.
5 / 5
Knots recently installed 2,000 square feet of solid bamboo in our house. Originally I Have been and it has purchased the paving nailer in the tent of big box and one a lot before nail has left a bamboo. It results that that the bamboo requires the nail it small plus, one 18 gauge. It has not had some tents 300 radius of one thousand that we could this has sold one 18 gauge nailer, so only 16 gauge. In desperation, order Freeman nailer without doing to plot to research so that it requires one 18 gauge nailer ASAP. This nailer done perfectly! Out of 2,000 square feet of heavy use (on 12,000 nails used) has had 2 jams and this was to separate to error of operator of any that resists a nailer in situating correctly. Ossia The terrific nailer and recommend for any the one who is flooring, especially for bamboo or exotic forest that requires the nail it small plus.
5 / 5
In the first place was are the carpenter with 26 experience of years. Usually so only I cost some tools to mark to appoint main but has done an exception been due to some descriptions. My project is small and this probably will be his only use that two chambers. A room is around 200 sq ft and another east around 250 sq ft.
A tool has done perfectly. I have installed a paving a small plus but has them has had to that do the pocolos adjustments. A tool has come preinstalled with a spacer for 9/16'-5/8' flooring. My forest of solid bamboo is one 9 /16'. PERFECTO! As I have thought......
After the few fires to try to dip a depth was the little there is disappointed. I have had to dip my regulator to a minimum 70 of the pressure and was still aggressive. Quite aggressive that a depth has left a tongue of a flooring.
There is remarked a spacer has not gone quite fat and has done a front of a gun near of a tongue of mine flooring has elevated. Has transmission to a 3/8'-1/2' spacer. There it was. A perfect setting. The regulator dipped in a dipping a low plus (70)and mine 18 gauge cleats has been dipped but not leaving my forest anymore. Lovely.
I simply chalked on one wrong the spacers because of him when being the no big name mark. Finalised a first paving without the hiccups and am looking forward to installing a paving a big plus in a prójimo few days.
4 / 5
Has has run roughly 3500 cleats by means of my gun like this far and has treated perfectly. An only misfires has had has because of the poor mallet strike. This thing adds with 9/16' the bamboo dipped on 80psi! Big quality nailer.

UPDATE 2/21/17: With which roughly 5000 cleats a gun has begun jamming with a leaf of walk has submerged. In the first place never it was like this often but quickly it is resulted each one another cleat. I have had always oiled like this suggested but has not done any difference. Have disassembled entirely a gun and inspected but found any broken separates. When I reassembled the I kings-greased a cylinder bores and a slide of leaf of the walk. A last 600 cleats has run by means of better that never.

UPDATE 2 2/27/17: When have disassembled a gun one of some four rays that control of the discharges of inferior final has broken on is gone in a house of aluminium (there looked to be some type of edge locker in some rays. As I have contacted Freeman has seen his page of contact of the website, has explained that that had experienced and inquired in the house of ray and new aluminium. They have answered to ship me the entirely new unit with prepaid shipping to the equal that sends my used one has retreated to them. An only question that is to be ask the one who a mark of the oil used (Husky Oil of Tool of Air). I am maintaining he in 5 stars been due to a service of client.
5 / 5
Leading 1 star reviewer was corrected exactly. (The just desire had read that informs before purchasing.) In general, some looks of units sturdy. But, there are some subjects of control of real quality with some discharge/of air of the hammer, and perhaps a mechanism of piston (internally) inside an organism of a unit. It is spent of the HOURS that tries different psi settings and corner/of adjustments of height. 66 of a time, consistently has broken a tongue of a bamboo (any @@subject that psi has been used). 20 of a time, a nail is gone in without breaking a tongue. 10-15 of a time, a nail is not gone in (... As in a nail still has stuck was 1/2 to 1 thumb of a forest) -- included in 120 psi (that it was it a maximum recommended of a costruttore of bamboo). The connection and pressurization, an air of the unit filtered of a zone/ of propiciado by air of hammer. I have had to pull up in one covers to hammer to seal it (still with which oiling a unit he 2nd time to see if this would help). A description has said that one do one with almost any 18 guage L cleats. It has used Norge 1-1/2' cleats of LL. It Paste Of use of costruttrici different, tape, or plastic to fasten the together nails. It could not try Freeman nails because I have not had time to order them and attended. In general, this compraventa was the headache . It would recommend to look elsewhere - like this now I owe that do.
5 / 5
Has used this nailer to install 1/2' stranded bamboo. Has like this far installed 1600 sq ft and no the only jamb, one 3 misfires is entirely on me he so that it was near of a wall and paste to softly. Also I have the 15.5 ga. Stapler That is far the big thus paving of measure and he 18 ga bostitch stapler that well of law for something tight but is not quite strong to consistently penetrate some curls and dense bamboos a lot of some staples. I have rented the Primatech nailer which cost 3 times so much to ensure the 18 ga. nailer Would do in an install and he misfired each one that ten nails. Utilisation a Powernail marks cleats. Has the flaired begin which considerably will reduce tonge leaving. Usually it buys the expensive tools but am thrilled has chosen this instead.

Top Customer Reviews: Freeman PFL618C ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Freeman PFL618BR 3-In-1 Goes Flooring Nailer
I extreme this creature in 2009. Since, I have installed around 6,000 sq.ft. Of hardwood (each 3/4') comprising Acacia (Subjects of Tobacco handscraped of forest-liquidators) and Brazilian cherry very dense.

Has left also He in my partner of general contractor, that has installed easily another 10,000 sq. ft. Of a lot of hardwood, comprising diverse species of oak, hickory, and new.

Has has not had never a jam of pistol, and there was perhaps 10 misfires where a L cleat a lot go all a road in. All have done is oil he through an entrance of air with 5 drops in front of the each use. For a money, this pistol has been surprising. He a bit those that weeks (Nov. 2016), installed hardwood in another room in m house, quite 300 sq. ft. And a pistol has done perfectly. It IS state beaten, abused, fallen, and the still works as well as a first time used it.
4 / 5
I have used this to repair the section of white oak flooring that had suffered the harm in an arouses of Hurricane Florence...The flooring had result quite put in impulse and warp, and imagined would try that it nails animal the I.

To be clear, actuate has not used never the flooring nailer like this before, as it was preoccupied would be it defiant. At all it can when being further of a truth. Once take it a nailer setup and connected in my small compressor (place in 90 PSI), was boy the game this key down a fund those uses L-cleats.

The only subject had operated a nailer in of the tight rooms, while I have found there was only a lot he quite soiled of the give enough of the strike to cause a nail in fully penetrate a fund of forest. I am sure that is to say the common subject on all the background classes nailers, but found wish it to me could angle a cape and striker differently so as to use in of the tight rooms, as some last few rows of flooring when apropar- to wall.

Otherwise, Law perfectly for me. Any misfeeds or another problem...Claus Only, the air and the lubricador that enters, and the robust deep sake down. If you are a amatuer as me and is asking is until a task, thinks that am to try that any one can use this tool in of the good results.
5 / 5
It uses this flooring nailer to install hardware flooring in my cookery and in an adjacent hallway. It compares to use tone/of hammer/of the hammer-posed to nail down the flooring together, this flooring the laws of utmost tone: it is subject faster, and mark very less deceive that my road to use tone/of hammer/of the hammer-has posed. By so, work to do faster and better.

Quan Use to nail the background joint, a fund plank will be obliged in next contact with a background joint by behind the; of here, closed in any desert. This also done some looks to result very better that otherwise.

Does not have the problem those uses this flooring nailer while memory to do these: (1) the Line down a flooring nailer tight in a fund, otherwise, a recoil can cause one key any one to pose all a road. (2) the Paste with being able to; otherwise, a tone will not go all a road in. If there is not quite spatial of the paste well, has moved an obstacle has been to do room. If I can not move an obstacle was, will have to line a mallet more afterwards in some heavy ends and punches with him in big speed to compensate for a lack of advantage.

Please also the commentaries concealed no precise the plot to air to operate. Simply it uses the 1-hot-dog-way 1/2-hp air of 1 compressor of chevrons to operate this flooring nailer. Of course, sometime I need to expect for a compressor to air to take up. But honestly some expect of compressor of the air for me more this attentive for a compressor to air so that simply he no that suffices quickly. Sad wants to find an apology to update in the compressor of the air it big plus, is not a unit

A case that comes with has abundance of interior of room. I can pack all the interior that comprises a box of flooring yours, he flooring together of key, and some miscellaneous material that does not take that it is now -- in addition to one flooring nailer he.

At the end, this flooring nailer is cheap while it compares in another mark has appointed. By so, it is cheap and well -- just that I how a plus.
4 / 5
I lucked in the big volume of softly used (only the years of old pair) 3/4' oak flooring, as it buys this nailer to pose down a flooring. The law adds for my whole work; it was pleased enough with some results. Flooring Look awesome and saved $ 1000 or so in forest. Quan Carefully take a flooring of his source, beginning with a L-cleats bonded through an oak. More than it risks to break or mark in a forest to try to pull some tone, chosen to use a grinder of angle to cut some nails in a fund of some pieces (utmost facts). Like this, a flooring installed there was only the small bit of a L-cleat stay in him, through a tongue, but otherwise, was very so new. Although it was able to do hurriedly, was easy of careful quite be so that a new cleats any paste an old cleats (this is spent only two times enmedio sized room.) I have thought at all feet of a nailer be against one of some leaders to exist of the cleat. Quan Has been done with a room, has discovered that some feet (anything an inferior part of the same nailer those presses against some calls of forests ) had resulted dinged in the bit. I have been surprised, so that it have expected the steel the small hard plus to be used for a base, in place of the softest steel. That is to say an only reason is by train of the give the 4 in place of the 5. If there is the reason a nailer would have to be launched of the softest steel in place of the steel the hard plus, then is bad in this evaluation. I suspect that if a forest was new mark , this nailer still would look for to be the new mark, and when buys more matching forest to finish a prjimo two rooms of my house, does not think that this will affect his capacity to complete this work also.

0 misfires, 0 jams. And, so that well, some safety goggles comprised was quite sake , even so any access in of the glasses of recipe.
3 / 5
It IS normal for the step of new mark nailer to filter some air? I do not know sure so that that is to say a first time uses the fund nailer. But all my others tools to air compressed (18 guage brad nailer, 15 guage arrived nailer, stapler of upholstery) does not have any same leak after the a lot of years of use.

Remarked to air filtered a first day used it. Quan Has not been into use but connected in a compressor of air, a compressor to air re-begin each which how 15-20 minutes because of a drop of pressure. An air is filtered whence some attacks to hammer so that it can listen it hissing his from here that.

Is trying to contact a manufacturer/of vendor to see yes there when being the mere to fix for him. I will ask repayment or substitution yes there when being any easy to fix for east.

Thank you.
5 / 5
I have installed only quite 150 sq ft of oak flooring but this has done adds with 2' DeWalt L cleats.
Has Had my set of compressor of the pancake 90 psi and has posed a cleats perfectly with hardly any one leaving.
A partner of mine Freeman has bought used nailer when build his house.
Aided Installs him in 1500 sq ft and there was perhaps two jams with that a which are why I has looked for out of Freeman nailer to buy alone name.
Enters the case of the very concealed quality the calm give you some the extra storage that comprises the spatial that access the box of cleats perfectly.
Found a cape of forest in a mallet to be comfortable.
Once takes to listen he for a nailer, can pose a flooring quite hurriedly, especially yes has the helper the roughly together poses was in front of you.
IS to well sure the plus to have an option to use three different fasteners.
To well sure would purchase this again.
5 / 5
That a awesome inversion! It Like him a lot another has bought this nailer more concealed that spends a money in the unit for hire and was the decision adds.

A pistol looks for to be very very built, everything looks solid. It IS quite weighed to maintain it whole but any quite that takes tiresome to move to the long of. One 3/4' shoe very scuff or sea any one of flooring.

I quite 700 sq ft of 3/4' hickory flooring and does not experience the only jam. Had also any subject with uploading a cleats or a slide in that. There is enough the little misfires that was to cause for me taking the toneless change (prjimo to the wall was, or the eschew paste my helper, etc)

has run a nailer in the 3 artfice of compressor of chevron. While to good sure undersized for a work does not have any problems that enough pressure to supply to direct in some nails. Only race frequently.

A case has comprised has surpassed also my expectations. It IS robust, has the adapted something for all some accessories, and does a pistol the easiest plot to store.

Other accessories:
Some safety goggles has been used for another task in a flooring project
A mallet was to add, does not mark a flooring at all while I used it to attack some joint to situate. Has quite weight in concealed was quite effortless to attack a nailer. I record some the cushions of old carpet in a backside lucido to the help protects a when melts posed the bass and to do in of the tight rooms.
Has used two drops of an oil by the day and suppose he that has been supposed in.

IS happy purchased this, is the product adds and service a tension to have the hire to have that treats.
5 / 5
This flooring nailer is very well has built. Installed 3/4 inch hardwood melt with cleats and a fund is supremely solid (has did not use staples, as any insurance that very that work).
Avenges ready for 3/4 inch flooring. You maintain a company of base (parallel) in a background cup for slightly behind and press down handle to ensure that a cleat is in 45 angle of title and gives the good fast swipe in a plunger (without moving an arm of pistol) for the clean nail.
Has used this nailer with a BOSTITCH Or/BTFP12238 - any problem with coating us 160 soiled feet square - each what so cleat seated flush (120 psi for pressure to start with of the tank).
Technical - 2polzada cleated quite 4disturbances of a verge and then in the each 10-12 inches
Works well with any left wing or of the right hands.
Because of a distance of the change could not use interior besides or 3 rows less than a wall (upper tone with the 2polzada brad nailer).

Also, a hammer of rubber is very useful with a bar of attraction (Tips - but Blue tape or something under a bar of attraction to reduce marks of poses in a fund)

Tip - Gives a plank the last tap and not funding to ensure a plank is against a sub melts only before nail.
Also, prepares a sub-fund to pose in 3.n Of the rays very afterwards in some original nails to maintain a forest and nail to rub that he then fact squeaks.

FYI - Has used a FloorMuffler underlayment (orange) and is very better to handle that some of his descriptions suggested (Spent the just quantity to time to try to choose this material) - no rasga to walk with shoes, bent he up for the fund these zones of levels. A hardwood the funds are very calm and same.
5 / 5
I think that that Freeman done of the good tools for a prize. I have used my flooring nailer to pose besides or 300 feet less have squared of oak flooring. The May There Went It the only jam. There is experience T Freeman tone and has taken L tone in the tent of improvement of local house. Both powered through a pistol without the problem. I have shot every time without the problem.
An only problem there has been was the small 'this washer is exited of the pin. A line to nail some powers of magazine the open mechanism while you upload tones in a magazine. Any one something concealed you prendera to pose a fund. A pin has been loaded cradle and found a pin and cradle but no a washer. Temporally Wired A pin behind in place and maintained to nail. Quan Has taken the pause has nicknamed the department of service of the client to ask of Freeman the new washer. A representative of service of the client has not been sure what washer has spoken enough so she emailed copy in me of some lists of parts with an illustration of a nailer. An illustration was very clear and so that it do not go sure that breakings to ask. Here it is where has to amour Freeman. In place of routing me he washer concealed has not been sure enough, a representative of the service of the client has said, 'only issue you the whole new magazine.' That fact. It arrives the pair of days later.
A tool has done perfectly (marks only sure to pose the pair of drops of oil in a pistol from time to time) and service of excellent client. I am looking for the 15 gauge angled nailer. I plan on taking Freeman.
5 / 5
It has had this nailer for the year now and very as me use he. Only so you, it has done the plot of investigation in several marks and decided for 200 bucks has to dressed and try this nailer. It looks very similar in a Bostich marks. Quan Arrives look all on first and has been surprised for this prize that all the quality shouted in me. A painting, the rays and the instructions were perfect. I oiled the up and begun to pose 3/4' oak of rustic objective t/g flooring. Use L shaped nails and has used the for a whole fund that was it quite 1,200 sq ft. I have not had any problem with a nailer and has forgotten to mention that a mallet this has been provided was of upper quality also. My next work was 800 sq. Of the bamboo of leaf has oriented prefinished flooring. I have used T tones shaped and again any problem. My next fund was quite 1,000 sq. ft. Of oak of red unfinished. For in the to the some reason did not like him never to use of staples. I actuate Always the liked a cleat yours so that dry that the better scratch based on there designs then some staples, but when was in my venue DIY the centre has had only the staples have left. I have bought a Bostich marks and as when it is returned uploaded the up like some nails and was was. After a third clip of staples blockaded. This jam required me to take eschew some rays in a front that takes a part of shoe of a nailer. Taking in a problem and have it remarked sheared the staple down the half a long way. The May HAS since before. This has caused a pin to head to bond in a striking descendant postion and not returning up. I have posed each backside in place and has thought this was the fluke and behind to the law was again. So much, tone, tone, tone, etc, then jam again. I have crossed a same routine 4 times. He thwarts and has thought a nailer has been broken. It IS ticked and has thought has paid on. I have decided to go in another centre to contain and buy L or T shaped tones. I am happy I , so that when it has posed the in returned to do and no the jam after it conceal. So much, a conclusion for me is that it only does on L and T cleat the key and am well with that same although they are more money to buy in a long race compared in staples. Still with this fluke, would buy this again any question has asked. The prize adds and the quality adds global.

Updates in 4/1/15
only wants to update what incredible this nailer is that I have decided to buy another. This time of Amazon. A case, hammer and fittings is very well has done. A new nailer has nailed down 3,000 Sq ft without problems and an another Freeman nailer is until enough 8,000 Sq ft. I will repeat a thing even so and that wins does not nail staples. The shears has been the. It IS it adds for L and T leat tone.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5
Doubts of cost have checked. I have been doing hardwood partorisca 23 years now, and has bought always Primatech. Which is likes 280 bucks. This in spite of the mine has been flown and was in the pinch. I have bought this a partorisca the small 800 footer and to the left say me, am thoroughly has pleased. His of solid construction and can manage anything. I cure the tools have verified like this all some rays and oiled he up. Works like the field. And I have saved 200 smackers. You love it!
4 / 5
The cost verified has had 1,000 square feet of 3/8 engineered oak flooring partorisca install. I have been limited partorisca do so only in some evenings, like quell'renting flooring the stapler has been cost prohibitive. I have decided to buy this, the waiting for the less would take me by means of a work.

Has purchased this gun because, different the majority of another 18 ga flooring staplers, this one can be used like normal stapler also. Also it shoots brads, which have not tried still.

Here is which have experienced like this far:

A tool is heavy and solid. It comes with the 1/4' ffitting, ready partorisca connect your hose. A grip of hule thin is comfortable although it can slip or time of movement.

An adjustable flooring the foot is plastic of light weight and is not that it goes to last very long. It exits quite easily so that you can use a gun to shoot staples usually. Some knob is plastic, and a base of a foot is quite small. Has the tendency to wobble or rock. A force of the each staple dulcemente moves some parts of a foot, requireing you partorisca do adjustments constantly - this takes old fast . It is plastic so only , as any quantity for presionar some knob will give quite embrague to maintain some slippery part in place. (I goes to try and slide the piece of extra a lot sandpaper on there to see if east retards a movement) has to that look each staple to do sure a gun has changed his setting and is sending some staples where love. Some instructions are quite bad/non-existent to regulate a foot, regime like this a lot that imagines that it was for your account. In a upside (?) You will be resetting a foot each one that 20-30 minutes, as you will take used his quickly. This gun a lot of fly left so only by means of your install, if so only so that it has to that constantly be looking some staples (has the nail dips handy-- will require it sure).

Oh, I parks deuna gun' almost every time is shot, in spite of being lubed up with oil llanta. It comes with safety goggles plsticoes clear this in spite of...

A flooring am installing has his own subjects and challenge like this this can not resist everything of a fault for my frustrations, but a flooring the foot to good sure no the easy things.

For me, an only thing that does this value of tool that the cost is a fact that is not so only the flooring stapler. I do not foresee installing 3/8 engineered flooring for the long time.

While this lame gun to an end of my paving installs, will be happy.
4 / 5
Spent the prime minister has checked to Sew that it has broken was a plastic guard to the equal that have take of a box. Another that quell'use bulk the force can take more nails in in the first place try. Partorisca A price is satisfactory. This in spite of, was very partorisca buy the product that is built partorisca last. Hopefully Can use again partorisca finalise flooring in next room.
4 / 5
The cost has verified This stapler will take a work done in the good value. My flu is that his adjustable when it use a flooring the annex and the mine no presionaran where has wanted to them plant like this has them has had to that do 340 square feet with him moving freely meaning has had to them that square on every time has shot them the staple. Added the day my work
4 / 5
The cost verified has seen some glowing descriptions of this gun/of nail of the staple, and has to that think that an author is is quell'has bitten novice.

He, ossia a pertinent gun partorisca the small work. It feeds and shoots reliably - no a misfire in 12500 staples like this far. It is the solid gun , and packs like one Uploads of Port 'Central of Pneumatic Guns, and have the little of those, so that it is not necessarily the negative. A gun is equivalent to a $ 23 '2-1' 18 gauge gun in H.F., Ray partorisca ray, as I am sure he is done in a same Chinese factory, albeit with a flooring plastic annex. So much, again, it is solid. I so only dipped in 12,500 3/4' staples in flooring underlayment.

Partorisca A negatives:

1) the construction is so only unnecessarily economic. Some explosions of plastic nose were with any quantities of pressure, so only discard the after a second or third time. ( You could take frames in your material without him, of some forks of discharges of metal, but goes partorisca exit a gun each one that 10 minutes in all the chance.)

2) A gun does not maintain depth of compatible walk. Any one a swipe of staples by means of a material, countersinking too deeply, or leaves them big, requiring the together of nail and hammer partorisca dip them down. A wheel of adjustment of the depth under a trigger is of small help. A compressor am using is very regulated, and surrounds roughly 95 PSI by means of a gun. Without a plastic nose, has two metal forks that it reads like both security and measure of depth, and will compress to a forest when shooting a gun. If has the light touch, some staples can be too big, press the little harder, arrival to blow his too deeply to a forest. They ARE it disturbs it real that would not owe that treat the gun of better quality. ( It tries to touch down 1/3 of 1200 staples, and will take an idea that of the nuisance was. It was not quite it conceal bad, but on some discharges, sides me of the additional 15 minutes touch some big staples down. If my woman has used a gun, has had to spend 10 minutes that readjusts a depth.)

3) Again, as with 1, the construction is economic. There is two plastic adjustment knob for an annex to walk, and one has been missing. (Fixed he with the ray of the tent of local hardware, but still ... Economic.)

Rodeo: it is the $ 23 Load of Port Gun with the $ 10 plastic flooring annex.

My joint: I have had an occasion to choose on the reconditioned BOSTITCH or SENCO gun partorisca in $ 40 or $ 50 more, and if I this again, ossia a direction would go. This gun so only has too many defects for the flooring project. Buy the most used one, or place out of a bucks for the new SENCO and sell it with which your project.
5 / 5
The cost verified has used a stapler partorisca install 150sq ft of 3/8' bamboo flooring and he the good work without misfires or jams. A shoe is the little touchy partorisca regulate for a thickness of a flooring but once in place, does not move . It was easy to take a depth of a staple correctly. When you Disappear some staples, has to take a time partorisca be sure that has located a stapler correctly in a tongue or some arrivals of staple in a field. This the fact the little slower of a mallet has operated the units with the shoe have consecrated. The unit adds partorisca a price and I would recommend it.
4 / 5
The cost verified has used a stapler with a angled bow partorisca install on 1200 ft2 of 3/8 T&G engineered forest flooring without an only misfiring or jamming. He simply done perfectly.
5 / 5
The cost has verified This has done like this described. At all against my woman, but using the tools is not his thing and this was the snap. It was able to nail some joints while short and has measured. Any jam or anything by means of a process, the law adds. Used on 1/4' engineered hardwood boards partorisca go the sub walk.
5 / 5
The cost has checked to go to install engineered flooring ossia a main tool will require partorisca the application of staple. Partorisca A cost, has bought 2 of them and maintain one without a boss partorisca on against a wall fastening. 1200 square foot this in spite of that goes.....
5 / 5
The cost has checked are happy with this project, has completed the 300sqft project of porch with 3 1/2' tongue-grove flooring. No the hitch.

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4 / 5
I have wanted to add they are new the palmera nailers and finally imagined out of the good way to use them. I gradually tack the nail with one or two taps, then can reposition a boss of nail and walk he in. Before I have imagined this was to attack the in crocked.

Has bought 2 ea of a bostitch the air that exited of a backside, and hitachi jammed on 4 nails. This unit is 30 economic more, and a main thing is an engine inside a house is almost like this big like inaugural for some nails. I have had it questions in some other units where my bosses of nail were 1/2 in an engine and 1/2 has been been due to an attractive of magnet, in this unit some bosses of nail are 3/4-7/8 in an engine and in of the tests have not taken has bent nails in my tests with 3d 1/5' nails. Only real negative is a plastic feels bit it more economic (any idea if ossia some /toneless plus) and a short does not have a hule has weighed a Hitachi has. What main, was able to use he without jamming (ossia in the tests so only will use in one next week for real).
4 / 5
Has purchased this litlle type for my husband, the one who has applied bonds of hurricane to a joists in our new addition. A lot of pounding and planting of nail; it was unable to help with a arthritic hand. Well, lame to help, also! Verry Amiably sized partorisca included my smaller hands. This little artilugio is easy to resist in a delivery, the magnet resists a nail, then just push and hang on while a palmera nailer and compressor a work! A bit those that the nails have required some extra convincing with the hammer; but those were in something tight where was harder that situate a palmera nailer correctly.
A must-have for DIY-ers, but the handyman would find it that it saves arm also. It was the life -saver when we face the big coverage in a next year or two, also.
4 / 5
In the first place was, this engine of palmera is besides easy to use. Clue: find a magnetic side of a nail-hole of headline and dip a nail against a magnetic side to help resist some nails directly while driving.

Secondly, All have required to do was trim spends it, but has had person to help, like this with this engine of palmera manually, the question has solved.

So much, this economic tool has paid already for him with which a work; prize: it is seating in mine toolbox ready for a next work.

Has not had any question with sticking or filtering, but I in fact the oil to my tools likes him calm is supposed to, eats.

The tool adds imo. 👍🏼
5 / 5
20 more bucks am spent. Calm can not beat this tool when you are nailing in of the tight places. It uses enough the bit of air. Mina 5 air of chevron the short compressor quite frequently, but maintains on just well.
4 / 5
Has used this to drive nails for my hard-to-achieve hangers in the 400 sqft earth-covered of level. Law well for a work. I gave it 4 stars because a piston has stuck the pair of the times in an only work have used partorisca. It doubts it to them would do the tool of term along well, but for small-works and for a law of prize adds!
4 / 5
Palmera nailer Has done perfectly. It is a lot of gain for more than nails. Utilisations for nails very big and there have not been quite a lot of Forces to nail them in quickly. It can have been my compressor of air or perhaps my setting of pressure was too much down. You will take the useful tool with this element. I recommend it especially for nails another that a type a big plus.
5 / 5
Bought it so only for fun experimentation. Seldom the utilisation. I seat more comfortable swinging the hammer. This does not substitute the gun of real nail. Probably it was well to use in the small stud space.
4 / 5
After driving roughly 10 6d the nails begins to shoot oil with each has shot. With which oiling to again no longer drive a
6 d nail in pasador soft 2x4 more than 1/2 way. PSI Has been dipped on 90 with the 21 gal tank of air.
4 / 5
Very economic, light weight, easy to use alternative to the traditional nailer. Although has frame the nailer, this would be useful for tight spaces. I used it to frame with 2.5 and 3 nails of thumb to use the compressor of small air.
5 / 5
Law like this as well as any hardware of mark of the name. All has been metal has sold . Basic and well so that calm require it to be.

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4 / 5
For the who is not familiar with him, he constantly piston-hammers in the solos cleat tones until it is sunk in a background joint.

First of all, will say that this thing has saved my butt very time. Has dual use. Nailing in impossible to use a fund nailer location, and the deep down nailed behaviour partially nailer misfires. Been due to of the this, want this thing.

Opens, why the hates... Like Another toe, folds a nail unless you pre-hammer the hole. But still it has the occasion to same angle in pre-the holes have drilled. This applies in me sure while it uses hickory together. And in a subject of him, any pre-drilling the hole, and felizmente that directs the nail in will give you the tight plus, sucked-in joint of forest. Pre-Drilling give you casualidad main of any curve, but does not look for when being the tight plus sucked-in of the joints to nail.

But a hate of real thing is a 'air of filter' been. Out of a mark of new box, palm of mine to be able in era in an air to filter in state likes him some another user. I have fixed this to use a unit and initially hammer in the nail in the dud piece, and has been corrected. But like the time was in, a unit would go to filter state to air only for the use. It have to close a regulator of compressor, and has opened the up again or he constantly done some 'touch one covers' suggestion in a manual. In my case only would close unexpectedly a low tip in the cloth of the wash bent. Meso-Road to do a first fund of totality of my house, has had to do this at least 10 times that very assemblaria bad if it was not for a fact that you only use this unit against some zones of wall. Those ways have run in in this way of too much of problem.

In all the case, still is the very useful tool and would recommend it included although it is bi-polar.
4 / 5
Coast Well this thing is pissy, likes him a bit people. The prize is in big so that very does not act.

Excel Pose in a cleats concealed has not posed flush.
But everything in often of key angles in a row of judge of start. Wasting Tonnes of tones. It folds The on so to napkin.
Too little, in yours a lot of pressure screwed . And it have to touch begin one cleats, to record a slightly for the taking has begun then the near unexpectedly marries.
Everything with 100 psi. Anything less fold me that butter. It closes unexpectedly the in to fold me to him that butter.
Also your angle will do the world of difference whose angle he empinado in a tongue. And of who has posed he in the right to the affront nails a row of judge of start. I attack to try it once see one 4 dozen angled cleats wasted to try. Once and take it. And he angle 1 out of 5. In planting to sink 1 out of 10.

But work and better that pre hammer or race to take yours to hammer and cleat conjoint, in the arrival that tanks a cleat of your nailer concealed did not pose it all a road. And there is in the second hose with me in hurriedly tank a random some a has not been flush.

In general and would buy it again and recommend it.

No in powernail mark a coverage of coverages of piston everything except the 1/4 of one cleat to back he to angle, could help with less angled cleats.
5 / 5
The desire has bought marks these years. I am hardwood flooring my third house. These marks of tool to start with in the first place yours easy rows. Any necessity in facenail again. He also the work fantastically in of the cupboards of tight places what small. Well valuable side. Here it is some tips of security. Quan Planting an interior of key palmnailer nose, so without exposing your hand or toes in a line of fire. It controls a nail with inch and forefinger and slide a tone in softly without exposing you hsnd to line of fire. If you shove a nail in taking will cause it a shooting. I this a first time, a shot of key was and has lost felizmente my hand. Practical in the piece of piece of flooring. I predrill some together-mark easier to penetrate a forest. The calm does not have to predrill a subfloor, only a hardwood together. Value an extra endeavour. It IS works well without predrilling but does not want to take casualidad of partially inserted cleat.
4 / 5
I have taken the only fact that poses down almost 1000 feet of flooring. I need to buy this tool to pose a flooring next wall. With ' wide flooring can take quite 3-4 next rows with this tool in a wall before precise to nail of affront some joints. If has very hard flooring has required to drill in the first place before using a tool to direct a nail. Calm still precise to your of affront quite 2 rows out of a wall, but at least with this tool can take much more afterwards. He generally lined up well, also the little time the amiable to go to take bonded and has to press it down in a fund in unstick the. I have to deduct the star so that this tool is overpriced. Freeman Has used the marks the much more the version priced reasonably of a tool.
5 / 5
This tool has taken the bit to practise to use it properly and any angling a cleats. But after I have imagined you are, mark for the much better install and less key road has exposed. This tool will take you more afterwards in a wall that almost very another nailer. Then it can you bond the row of joints and upper tone a last row where one moulding layer he. It is not cheap for such the small tool but he have cost a cost. In fact the more side that mine flooring nailer! The professionals probably something better, but for one recreational hardwood background installer or DIY type, that is to say perfect.
5 / 5
I have purchased this bad doubt so that another flooring the type has said that it was his response to eschew unsightly yours of face... It do not leave me down.
Because of his sper compact measure, leaves an user to blind key' very afterwards in in a wall (plus or 3 less of a wall for my evaluation).
Ones The tones (aka cleats) this has used with this palm nailer is 16g 2 but also accepts 18g cleats, or 18grapes of g of narrow crown. (It does not accept traditional flooring staples!)
Has had hand directly in a place of works and begun to use the minutes after it arrives. I used it to install all a prjimo-together-of wall in 500sf of 3/4 has built hickory and law like the charm!
5 / 5
I am the constructor of the house done of the commission and this are absolutely one of a better flooring the use of tools, well estimates a cost. No more the face those nails any last few rows. Once you plant an use of interior of the nail some precaution so that his sensitive. It takes the small technic to direct a nail in without him angle, only necessity to line he with the small curve in a right side of a nail. If a tone is not totally the only plant has posed a tool in the and presses it all a low road and is posed. Tan Far like the quality goes Powernail quality of tools of tez of professional note. They are clear weight and takes an abuse. It has had a same hardwood nailer/stapler for years and posed in 30,000 sqft without desglosas so that it is sure a palm nailer in fact a lot of years.
4 / 5
The addition adds in my hardwood tools.
Was able to use this tool immediately.
Only installed in 100sq' of 2 1/4' solid oak.
Fyi Saves the hassle and pre-hammer the hole for 3/4' solid materials, he wull ensure you any angle any tones. Small prize to pay to do so road with the tonne of faces to nail in the pre the fund has finished.
5 / 5
This has taken good works. Has 2000 sq ft of bamboo. It requires pre drill any one the embed a cleets. But it is the living saver once or taken near in a wall. I only the uses approaches a wall where a big pistol wont contingent. Well it estimates one . Work well with the forest but a bamboo are hard likes steel as it is not a better tool for alot of flooring unless his pre has drilled.
1 / 5
Poor quality. Any skirt of a box. It airs Filtered simply out of a ventilation in a tool and would not actuate .

The pressure was in 90, well in an operative field of this tool.

Any one the good signal when this type of defect takes well for QC...

Top Customer Reviews: 3PLUS HFSNSP 2-in-1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
A nailer was so easy to use. Crossing some whole boxes of tones without jambs. There is the dozen or so time where a tone has not been all a road in but every time only was so that a pressure had fallen in my compressor. This has not been a nailer lack but a compressor - every time he re-pressurised and would have to adjust a pressure again. An only subject and has with a nailer is that there is the acute corner where rests against a tongue and tug through some bass of sliding joint in a something afterwards can line a surface. Like The little another has said well around 70-75psi done for mine. While a pressure was on and has not had to paste a very hard cape at all. I have used this all a low road in a third row that paste a leader in an angle for a last a - different some other critics and has not remarked any difference in apple of punches on or in some corners. The fact adds and was a same cost while renting a for 2 days!
5 / 5
2 years ago substituted some fund in my room and I are spent enough 00 renting the fund nailer of my venue HD.
This time has taken ready. This writes a work and more. Installed 3/4 in natural hickory melt without hanging nails or blockades. Highly it recommends
5 / 5
If you are the homeowner or the DIYer looking for the fund nailer, that is to say the value adds . I have bought this to install ~250 sq ft of 3/4 solid hardwood in my house. I actuate Never the used the fund nailer before, but that is to say easy to use and reliable. Any sure this compares in an ones costing 4-5 so much time, but he all expect in and he well. He misfired 3 times, but each what three was so that has any paste a right of plunger, as it can does not be missing a tool for that.
4 / 5
I so that far it has posed it in the 1000 2 inch staples in 3/4 inch oak flooring.
Any dysfunctions of tool.
Buys again.
5 / 5
Good product, takes a work has done easily. It was the breeze to install our hardwood melts during a house. Felizmente Impressed with quality and affordability
4 / 5
Only it complete it the big house/small room. A bit those that the jams were rigidly error of operator. It take the bit to imagine was that big to pose a compressor without leaving joint but after it conceal, a work was a lot of. Only the note for beginners- I any one gives the calm can not use the nailer (any nailer) the fence to wall was so needs another tool to finish a work. This has been to good sure faster and cost a money.
5 / 5
Well it estimates a prize. He the fantastic work. I think that that I have posed quite a lot of 2000 staples through him without subjects. My only complaint is that it does not line quite a lot of staples but is in everything him how concealed.
5 / 5
After an initial clave-the foul dispatch-up, a nailer is arrived the few days take. Work perfectly - us he 150 sf dining room with 3/4' hardwood without any jams or mishits. We use 2' L-cleats and has run our only low compressor 90 psi. We have run out of tones the small time and only give the in him after pounding in the little tone of phantom - this was the small annoying but did not result never the subject of entity. We take our time and has done a work besides or three days less; maintaining us possess the good tool for a prize of two hire of days. Highly it recommends one 3PlusHFSNP nailer.
5 / 5
Excellent tool. Cheaper that hire. It IS the pro tool in $ 90. Only it finish it my fourth and cupboard.
5 / 5
im Installing 800sf of red oak 3/4 hardwood and this machine is doing a work ..Any one also weighed to use the prize adds..And it say yours behind will be to shoot if yours not using also doing flooring..kkk

Top Customer Reviews: Freeman PFBC940 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Perfect tool for 3/8' built hardwood installs! I have posed 800 feet have squared of (bonos thin) flooring. His the very small window achieved to take the staple in a zone of tongue. A angled the foot has done fabulously, unless I have taken afanyat and does not have does sure is has been seated in a something correct. Early on, it has used the pen to paint the illuminate a zone of aim in a foot to delete error of operator. I have used Dewalt, 1 1/2' staples to direct thru 1 1/8' OSB subfloor. It take the small to adjust in a principle to learn if this stapler would do for my situation. In fact it owe the race he in 120 PSI to direct some staples in only a right depth, included even so the manual said max pressure 70-90 or in something him so much. It IS the small preoccupied, but is the freaking little WORKHORSE! Any misfire, double strike, the swipe was or anything. Without final research before buying things. If your sounds of similar project to explode, your investigation is on, takes this pistol.
1 / 5
Only it lose it a window of tower. But all can say is does not waste your money!!! I am trying to install a built hardwood the fund but a stapler will not maintain an adjustment of right height! I will take 1-2 joints in and then BAM the staple will cross a cup of a joint or in a verge. Only enough in splinter a 36' together concealed is now marred. I go to have that attribute for the waste of plus of plot in this step! I go for prender stapling and change in adhesive(which are not fond of).Any one subject that the time adjusts it some stupid feet in some arrivals of stapler of the small and Leaves another joint. Read and re-read a manual of the owners and he offer little in any help. And I have looked the abundance of you tubes videos also and any luck there or. He a thing if this was an in the first place hardwood any installed but is now in my third renewal of the house and I have abundance of experience with installing all the background classes together with a lot another type to install so when being the novice is not one attaches here. Honestly It Say that it looks elsewhere before buying this stapler. Any value an aggravation or money!!!
2 / 5
I have bought this nailer quite 2 1/2 years marks. I used it several times and has not been never happy with him. Has two big problems with him. 1. A depth that the poses does not look for never be compatible. Pose in the piece of test of MDF trims in the bank to ensure a problem is not one issues situates a nailer. I take each of countersunk yours in some that is to say 1/8 in a trims. 2. A lot of nails that is angled. Also it has Campbell cheap Hausfeld concealed bought of WM and paid in $ 35 decrees of dollars. Campbell Hausfeld records also likes him Freeman. I think that that it say it a whole history there. There is the Duofast staple/nailer this was very better that Freeman nailer.
The May HAS USED this pistol to install flooring so much can give the description of how he preforms melts.
1 / 5
Stay out of this piece to crap, buys a Bostitch. I have bought this to install 800 SF of built hardwood this last weekend. In the first place, an adjustment for a shoe for a flooring is IMPOSSIBLE, has 2 different pieces have to slide and flavours to take perfect, with absolutely any instruction on regarding the , This was in 2 hours that what cogerprpers very so some staples would enter one something correct. Taking quite 20 joints in and in the each 10-15 staples shoot soft, has fulfilled crossing a sound so that a download of air was soft. This would take quite 3 Minutes every time these past so that and has to try take a staple, which was impossible, tried to direct he in but that neither has done, as I have to cut a staple and a surca of a forest takes was so that it can return and has posed a joint against the and access. BUT, it begins to take in in each 3-4 staples, that is to say when and has launched a POS in a yard and is gone in Menards and has bought the Bostich, OH MY GOD, what the difference, an adjustment of height is so much better, has the parameter of pin for a background measure, 10 Minutes, has had to to adjust perfectly, also follows a tongue of a so better forest, And ANY ONE MISFIRE in 500 SF has taken low gesture so far. It have followed the some instructions of Freeman, has had oiled the, has done sure any one the muck was in the, Sht, has taking only he of a box to start with.
The stay WAS.!!!!!!
2 / 5
It does not like him in of absolute. Active Quite 5 or 6 perhaps more pistols. And it buys this to do what would have to has been an easy work , but blockades up too often and failure to shoot smooth and easy. It IS the very that disappoints pistol in fact. I exchanged it it was. I have done in the shoe and has used the different pistol to do a work (the plus or 500 feet less have squared of flooring...
Fast advance the year and and the voice there so much and flavours he with staples, to launch together roughly tellis work. Again blockading up, misfires etc. Knows that and is doing, has not been the maintance subject or my staples or some materials and shot in. A problem is a pistol is bad fact, cheap.
Again and has been thank you to go to take the different pistol to take a work has done..
I very reccomend this in any one, and suggests only try another company . And only Desire and routed retreats first time and used it. This probably will enter a stack of records of charity, only any sake and any value a same money down 100 usd...
5 / 5
That is to say my premier pneumatic stapler /nailer and my first time that mark the self installs hardwood melts. It has installed 5polzada wide 1/2 inch planks on quite 1000 square feet. Has subjects very small with this pistol.

Has the few things that bugged me it small, but at all of entity. You could return more stable in a slider that in fact could be uploaded. The tan when are down quite this can calm to see will require staples, does not have any guarantee will be able to return another load on there until you are almost or has been totally. Another small thing is changing out of gives could simplify a cape immensely. Requiring takes the very small rubber washer every time only are asking to be lost.

For my first stapler, and for a prize, is very satisfied with east and would recommend in another concealed any precise anything has to heavier.
1 / 5
Used he that hangs 20 minutes and the air have begun to filter of trigger. We were under a recommended PSI. A guide to shoot of the problem in manual said substitutes Or-Points. It IS and bought Or-Points that the problem has had to as to change them, cloak of part of the download of place, the support of the client has nicknamed. They were useful but has had any video or of the instructions on that to do this, said issues an email with instructions, 4 hours later any email. At the end it has taken eschew and Or-the points looked well, has substituted the anyways, still has not done. Returning. Take when has help ready to do and a necessity of the only tool is the new mark and does not act. Tried to save money, instead time of waste and more money.
4 / 5
I have purchased this pistol/of staple of the nail to install a built hardwood deep. Has my reservations in a quality of this product given his relative low prize and some commentaries in this page. In my surprise this product has conformed everything of my necessities. Adequately it directs all some staples in in a correct depth and has had some level of adjustment of depth (although you are not to perfect). A subject of the only entity there has been was my error of own use when my compressor has taken unplugged and would not direct in some far quite a lot of staples. It gives this product 5 stars except a creation of a change among a flooring annex and a regular annex. It is not the fast change and one or-clean this has the habit of to retain a highland pin is troubling to take was. Also, varying a highland pin can be delicate. Another that that I am very happy with this compraventa.
1 / 5
The junk IS the purest form . After shooting 3 nails some jams to cause every time. You have to unhook an air in reset a piston. At the end left and has taken the different nailer to do a work. I am spent a period to turn so now is bonded with this piece of junk. It has had the luck adds with Freeman tools in a past. But this an useless east. It can have nicknamed a manufacturer to take this subject has resolved, but is in the work and can not expect for the reparation.
5 / 5
This thing is the workhorse. The instructions are clear and mere and work fantastically. After the plot to look for, at the end resolved in this nailer to pose down our 3/8' bamboo flooring. I am using the cape of the porter 1 1/4' tone of 18 Piece with the compressor of the cape to Spend has posed in 90-95 psi with SUBJECTS of ZEROS. Any breaking/cracked tongues and any jam.
After visiting my Imposicin of local House and learning it would be $ 40 the day to rent one 18-20 piece nailer, buying this one was the no-brainer.

Top Customer Reviews: DEWALT Flooring ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
That is to say Freeman brief comparison 3-in-1 and a DeWalt. I have purchased so much a same time. Used this to install ~900sf of 2-1/4' fund of band of the arce. Any jam.

Has posed the drop of the oil in an air lines each pair of days of the use and he have done only his work.

Another has commented on measured etc. also has one 3-in-1 Freeman nailer which coming with the good case and more accessories for the prize the low plus (in $ 50 cheaper). I have bought so much a same time but in spite of a fact that Freeman comes with the sake of plastic case (which certainly prefers since all my another the tools have cases) chooses to use one Of Walled was since was less than the hassle and was slightly lower.

Freeman Was relegated the aim of a main dish avenges with (still although it says that it was for 23/32 forest) was only the small also thin and focused cleats in an also low tongue. One Of the punches Walls one something right out of a box. I deadened Freeman Dishes with the piece of the goleada and look to line in VAL and the mine has sawed-installer and I each which so it used it both pistols. Freeman Has done without emitting also after it was cushioned enough 1 /16' - 1/32', and can any one complain enough the, but compared in a DeWalt was only the small main, the small more take to use and prefers a DeWalt. Only we direct quite 1000 t-cleats with Freeman but he never blockaded any one.

So much a DeWalt and can recommend Freeman, but a DeWalt slightly more so the decrees are to measure smaller and the jam confirmed-free action in 5000 cleats.
5 / 5
Only it take it this in the cape of small work (175 sqft) room, installing 2 1/2' the arrest that arrivals hardwood oak planks. Desprs Renting for the at the end decided years to buy this. I have used to to do the fund the small more sqft zones, but for past 2yrs has done the more more the big zones. It go it always looking, but could not justify spending $ 450 - 600 for something can use only the small time the year. And I can rent for in $ 35/day. It is not enough it listens cheap, spends good money in of the tools of quality, and takes the repaired and has maintained also. It IS always a inversion in my subject that will do me money.
I like a fact am the dual fastner tool. Staples Of uses or tones (cleats). Also I like him his that it is the lighter of bite to go that more than the used that it is steel . This one is each aluminium . Besides REALLY I like him of a does not have to line the 'trigger' down like a Bostitch one has looked so hire. Taken 16ga. Cleats (pkg Declares 15.5ga) but mine 16 is done well. You maintain a relatively low pressure, was well in 80-85psi, only the give the sake 'whack'. It comes with 3 dishes of depth, 3/4', 5/8' ,1/2', 4 Allen tones, oil, and the mallet.

The Tan far likes him the durability and the longevity, can not say still. It is done in Taiwan, but for an annual use thinks it would have to when being well, with occasional interview. This product was presented only in jan 2013. The time will say. I can not expect until I the porch of forest with T G planks.
5 / 5
I add pistol, the 1100+ feet have squared of very hard 3/4 4' Solid Hickory using Cleats. There is a jam and was my failure , tried to direct the cleat in another. A jam was easily fixed that it was a lot. I have posed tape of blue painters in a plastic hoe' and a pistol any sea an arrival at all. I have bought one 5k group of Bostich Cleats in Amazon and 2 1000 groups of Dewalt Cleats of Imposicin of House. It Liked him a Dewalt Cleats bit it better.

Has used the 'pancake' compressor of air and place he in 75psi and posed some perfect nails and a compressor have had problem of zero that maintains up.

Has purchased this nailer with an idea that would sell it once was fact, thinks that was the very ready decision and would do it exactly a still again!

HAS know of the general carpentry in better.
5 / 5
I am the professional flooring installer of 13 years. I have bought this Dewalt the pistol in of the marks the year. It has posed ALOT of forest.(In 10,000 sqft.) Still he that very that he a first day took it.
5 / 5
It has had good luck with Dewalt tools in a past. This tool is any exception . Shoot 15,000 tones so far and has had a jam early on because of paste a too much clear hammer and the tone has not been all a road in and paste another backside the he so has to take it a pistol eschews and takes a second tone. The tool adds and has recommended the in another.
5 / 5
Totally the free jam with in 5,000 Bostitch cleat tones even so it goes strong in solid oak hardwood deep. 1,200sqft The free jam. There is has not had the subject only once. A nailer has the scratch-free tampon and has still to mark my fund without me when being an idiot (that falls a part of metal in a forest, yup, this will do the dent) A hammer is big quality also. Any idea why would want to spend more. That is to say the add nailer.
5 / 5
A product of mark of the name in a better prize. I check Prize of Amazon before pulling a trigger in a tent. We use this to install 1400 feet have squared of oak flooring and good law. We have not had any subjects that use the, any problem any one. A product of quality
5 / 5
The woman has wanted an expensive hickory 3/4' flooring, for the 1,250 sq ft first fund of totality install. I took me the small while, but saved me in $ 3,000 doing it I with this nailer. Appx 5,000 tones, No a jam. Oil he up and the fire has been.
5 / 5
Use so much the professional/more pistol big rented of Imposicin of House and this one for the separate project. This flooring nailer is quite well for a prize. Any perceivable difference of a professional pistol much more expensive. A first time that pose some nails in him is not very obvious regarding the do.
5 / 5
I have bought this to substitute the no-names or has purchased deep down and tent to tile. Work perfectly and has done an installation of my hardwood the funds go considerably faster and easier.