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Top Customer Reviews: BOSTITCH Coil ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
First time DIY roofer - HAS FINISHED only to pose the ceiling in my fashionable house of the ranch. Very happy:
Positive: Low cost, dependable, easy to upload, powerful, hurriedly, quite clear.
Negative: learning curve to prevents the double nail (minor). Strong (Expected).
has Bought this in the model the cheap plus so that it is a model that HD hires. The side of the purchase was lower that renting (the long time that the fact after weekends and of work).
1 jam in whole ceiling was has cleared easily.
The adjustment Of the mere depth has had to only has done once.
Has used Bostitch key - is fallen well in, has shot regularly.
Crooked to learn: it have to me to line it firmly and when being very deliberate quite down-arrives motion. Any biggie.
5 / 5
Bought the in ceiling the new nave and to use in the separate house remodels project. There is not any reason in not buying new- sells used and beaten up in Craigslist for upper dollar, and renting some decrees more than the pair of the days done to buy the nine a, he using so required and sell in the date the evening more the no brainer money-wise.

Has done perfect, as expected of the new Bostitch. May The misfire, and the debit is sper easy with a toe opens side of some pieces. L the time is now very- having The new mark nailer that the has not required to be futzed with or reconstructed before he properly cost each penny in me.
2 / 5
You borrow the little roofing nailers in a past and building the nave has decided that it was arrests to time to possess or I. Reading the descriptions chooses easterly the unit Was $ 30 cheaper that an available prize in my venue Menards.
By everything means of a pressure to do air, pose of depth of the nail, technician or quantity of oiling a thing would bend the nails to shoot to seat a first tone and that directs the second tone beside a leader of a premier but only 1/4 of a road in. I have tried everything for the correct. An only thing that kinda has done was to line the trigger and the swipes shoots it but that is to say difficult to direct the tone with accuracy consistently. Included this would require me to follow up with the hammer so that some tone very always fully his with situates to pose deeper and 120 psi working pressure. I can take this kinda action of the $ 80 load of port nailer. CMON MAN!!! In a cost of these nailers would have to be legit! They exchange for Max CN445R3. It looks to have the descriptions add. I bond my take on the after the period of test.
5 / 5
The works add, very better that Makita.
Only finished to do with my son-in-law in reroof his house, saving $ 6,000 in work and profit (prize of California!). I have bought this nailer and has bought also the Makita as us both could nail to be a same time. Bostitch Far outperformed a Makita, which has shot of fold in the regular base, blockaded two times, and was more weighed to kick. I am the big Makita adherent and has very his tools, but in roofing nailers does not have the competitive product.
5 / 5
I fulfil some people of who think is worth it to bet one of this just to do a ceiling I even so it likes him his that it can take it an annex to use this sustains vinyls. Usually when my familiar the ceiling easily can take more can of man (aunts and glorious parents very first so that they of those who enters a ceiling -.-) Sadly This time was only two of us the majority of one that mine of time takes this nailer.

Will say that with this nailer you very can take shingles under hurriedly that was a point since was in the crunch to time since park of the rain of the winter is come.

Cuesta On in a product he. This thing is hefty and very easy to use. An in the first place little time is the small unnerving but take his uses hurriedly (the kickback and concealed to line arrive). If you are going a lot of hurriedly to well sure require something better then compressor of small air of Lowe even so compressor of mine was easy to spend around in a ceiling even so that was it very (didnt has the long hose). It exits well even so for an operation of man since posing a shingles gives a time of compressor of the air to take up.

Blockades the small and the plot of time was only so used the... If the calm ran you a low pressure tends to blockade even so the engine of the ray and the cure of hammer of that. Usually cross it the few coils before he blockades.

HAS the good characteristic where can line you a low trigger and presses a nailer low and shoot. No a thing more taking even so it is the fast plus bit then one pulling a trigger every time.

Oh... Some looks endways prone to rust so that the clean and oil or grease it while it is waiting for my next ceiling.
5 / 5
I can not think I never roofed without one of these. This has said, can not compare this roofing nailer in a lot of another, but joint posed the small 7-the square ceiling in the weekend and there was absolutely any problem with this type. Also it take it a N75C-1 lean nailer for this project, and to well sure prefers an only-the door that mechanism of debits in this model, so that it is the utmost characteristic .

There is a complaint is that it would like him his more graduations in of a foot to measure, my shingles has required that spaces that the has not been available in a gauge (something in an eighth and a gauge neighbourhood of only marks-increments of inch). But I have finished also only not requiring a gauge so all has resulted well.
4 / 5
I have bought two of these to do my ceiling. They have done well.

Is not the worker/to build of the contractor, as it has only or questions enough the. It requires the few drops of oil every day. You are the very hot 4 days, going dulcemente. It IS this normal or no, does not know . A manual clearly declares a necessity for a frequency of oiling.

A more thing to consider is that it does not come with a nipple required for a hose of air. Like the mark sure takes an if it does not have the unit there has been some already (my brother). We use the small pair, compressors of model of the house, only sure when being of enough can for each. But it was not necessary. Each compressor has had abundance of left in of the airs to run so. We find this has been he prende have an accident when needs another tool (circulates saw). We pull AC cape of extension of one of some compressors to be able to one has seen, in cutting can in a compressor. We continue to nail with or another pistol, as we think. Quite a lot of 15 minutes later of continual nail a pistol has begun in failure. Desprs Verifying the oil and some nails locates had been using a pistol has connected in a a-compressor powered. We have run of a bit air of tank of tank during 15 minutes. I am speaking the small tank. One beats of whole compressor that is chosen easily up with a delivery. I am 55 and has some harm of significant backside. My right arm is affected for his sake, loss of causes by force. The be still right-handed, that is to say a one has used to to choose a compressor up. As it is in no way the big model, the ad has weighed. This say me that one Bostitch it pistol of key is very designed and is very effective with how much air is necessity in properly of function.

Does not know lines up under professional use, but for me was easy to use and has taken a work has done.
5 / 5
Bought that considers a better roofing nailer in re shingle my ceiling. I am the carpenter takes and has to redo my ceiling. I have paid for a better nailer likes less quantity of the problems and I has not been disappointed. The pistol has done perfectly. The fact toils it very so bad. Since I am to take and it does not plan on doing another ceiling in my lifetime has decided to sell in in craigslist after I have been done. Go the fast and I at the end paid less than has rented the pistol of the nail in of him imposiciones of House. If it was younger this has remained to good sure in my garage. Highly recommended.
2 / 5
Really it looks he advances in his nailer and the supposition would be it the product of 5 stars. It was re-roofing the 600 SF garage. A nailer has done well quite 80% of a time. 20% of a time, fold and tones of triple fire a same time ( was in turbulent to take pictures). Very thwart. I have purchased the box of Bostitch yours (as it knows has not been a mark of tones). I have had also a nailer jam up 2 times ( has had to has compress a piston with the screwdriver and hammer).

Considering that this was the new mark nailer in only the 600 SF ceiling, would not recommend for any one that does a whole house.

P.D. A manual of the instruction is horrible (but enough can imagine was on your own)
1 / 5
The pistol has failed afterwards quite 12 shingles, Bostich has paid to ship behind in his centre of the reparation but the pistol has been gone now 3 weeks. It gives it another description and when take it behind.

Top Customer Reviews: Metabo HPT Palm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
5 / 5
It was skeptical something these accesses in a palmera of your hand could drive in the nail. But I have bought he because of an economic prize and a need for something in of the tight neighbourhoods.

Has been able to dip in of the nails among- joists and down subfloors that I never able state to do otherwise. I am using the teeny-the compressor of tiny portable air has bought 15 years ago, and a nailer pursue like the field. A palmera nailer is very portable and can go anywhere can take a cord of extension.

This are to add stops less than strong people. My promise uses it and thinks are adds. It take the moment to take comfortable with a tool. Once acclimated, walk in of the nails that does the very hard time that hammers in. Saved to plot of anger.

Two subjects have found. (1) Sometimes an element only air to filter a compressor has low pressure. The unplugged, Attended for a compressor to achieve 100psi, and discharges behind in. (2) it is not like this quickly to the equal that are with the hammer and good transmissions. I can paste a 10 nail of penny in with 4 good transmissions. This thing is the little slower, and have to attended for a compressor of air. This in spite of, has had too much time where so only does not have a room to take the good transmission, and a palmera nailer walks in much faster that have beaten. I add for a coverage.

Is buying For speed, take the a lot of $ 200 gun of nail. If you want to something for odd places, or doing less than ideal conditions, ossia yours tool .

Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Lame to try this Hitachi palmera nailer was today. I bought it the pair in fact days. Quite impressive and relatively light. It feels Quality .
Had taken some of these magnetic wristbands and dipped some nails in some legislations in achieving. The better way that lugging to 12+ nail of gun of book. My neighbour of the next door there has been an Inspector of Swimming pool that spends for and his portion of a fence has had to that be 6' big and test of girl or test closely drunk like this any one floods in his group. Perfect time to practise in the haste. I have bent (2) Nails but with which conceal, a curve to learn was quite smooth.
5 / 5
Like this far like this good! Opened the today was the little nervous when it arrives. It says for 2 1/4 to 3 1/2 thumb nails. I bought it to dip 1 3/4 nails the straps of hurricane. Fact perfectly to good sure the palmera very small nailer!
1 / 5
I have purchased this product to do in the coverage of my edges. When A tool has arrived , the unpacked and connected it to compressor of mine. Of a moment it was connected, does not act . An air filtered of a membrane under a tampon of palmera, and no never. It is it is returned immediately. Waste of time.
5 / 5
Perfecto this thing. The desire had found the fact of the years.
5 / 5
It does not buy this product, paralizaciones to do after 20 nails.
Is returned to Amazon.
5 / 5
This Metabo palmera nailer is a same unit esatta like Hitachi model, so only under the name of different mark. An air that the returns has it swivel in the for the easiest that take to to the the tightest spaces like among studs and of a device has the powerful still a bit comfortable jackhammer effect that does the good work to drive nails. They announce that it does with bulk framing nails of of the east is that the places of construction there is manually, but has directed to use very other types of nail with several measures of boss and this nailer has had any question pounding the in. A magnet resists a nail in situating calm so that that can resist lateralmente without requiring to maintain your hand in a nail to take it has begun. A rest of palmera is the material of hule of the good quality and some looks of tool have built to last. I do not owe that it weaves of experience with a Metabo frames, but has been using llanta Hitachi tools for years without subjects at all.

A note in this unit is use more air that regulates it framing nailer, as him him the the smallest compressor, can be run almost constantly is using east a to plot. In general I am impressed with as powerful this tool is. It does not have any question pounding to 4 nail of right thumb when asking fat of forest, quite incredible for his measure.
1 / 5
My crew has 4 Hitachi NH90AB and 2 Metabo NH90AB. A Hitachi is is lasted 3 years+ this in spite of that goes. Both Metabo is has failed inside the pair of month.
4 / 5
Has taken to try this Hitachi palmera nailer was today. I bought it the pair in fact days. Quite impressive and relatively light. It feels Quality .
Had taken some of these magnetic wristbands and dipped some nails in some legislations in achieving. The better way that lugging to 12+ nail of gun of book. My neighbour of the next door there has been an Inspector of Swimming pool that spends for and his portion of a fence has had to that be 6' big and test of girl or test closely drunk like this any one floods in his group. Perfect time to practise in the haste. I have bent (2) Nails but with which conceal, a curve to learn was quite smooth.
3 / 5
Ordered this in Jan and finally taken for the try yesterday - Feb 22 - date of past turn - of course !! )
Grieves the line of air has been attached has begun downloads the air of an exhausts port .
Verified a hex rays in a boss - all tight.
Hoards to take ( can do not returning in any case) - there is the VERY THIN gasket around a flange that beats or can not be in failure - but if it is not in failure, does not have any one the plus thought that in him would be a question .
Probably focuses bad or missing, membrane, Or-coverage or something more.
Waste of time and money.

Top Customer Reviews: DEWALT 20V MAX XR ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
I am not the constructor - only regulate it DIY homeowner type. I have ordered this in of the marks the month for the quite big remodels project, and does not want to tug my compressor and pneumatic pistol until a coverage. It accrues enough the little in a FlexVolt tools, as I am quite very inverted in some stacks, and yours has been very solid and flexible tools. Certainly, I want a capacity to exchange some stacks when required, and has taken enough enough of them to run my hammer, seen, nailer, and oscillating tool with minimum change.

Has read some descriptions and was preoccupied in a number of negative critics - complained of inability and frequent jams to direct key totally. But I have done a compraventa in all the case (happy anniversary in me). It arrives very bundled, punctually, and in perfect condition - for Very less than a tent of big box.

Read some directions (shocker there!) And he headlined up I in a coverage. I have purchased GripRite yours of mark, 3 1/4 and 2 1/2 period. I have uploaded a pistol with 3 1/4 and has begun felizmente presses era...Until afterwards a premier has shot. Yep - Was a victim of an incomplete walk dreaded and blockade. Shot enough 10 more, everything with a same result in spite of adjusting a depth to direct in maximum. It was only enough to launch he through a coverage, when a change of selector of the nail in a base of a cape has taken my eye, and I then paste me. The use of low nails to posed 1, and the use of the slowest nails in posed 2. Posing 1 does not use so much can so he any one overdrive some nails. Posing 2 uses can fill, and is SENSIBLY more powerful. Soooo, HAS CHANGED on pose 2 and has adjusted a depth of walk, and looked - the tones directed perfectly...And I have counted then in my threads an importance to read some directions, aaaannnnddd then in fact in his following. It has Had a jam since, and east was likely because of a road has lined the. Otherwise, Each tone has been directed perfectly.

The majority of some negative critics assembla mirror my initial experience, as and could be bad, but, the suspect there has been a change of selector in an injustice posed for a nail has directed. Place 1 is that a unit has been shipped, and more suspect the people are using longer framing tones. As it is the very easy deception to do, but felizmente, so easy to correct. A change of selector is tucked neatly out of view (behind/under your toes) when is control a pistol, although it is not veiled in any subjects.

In general, that is to say the very solid unit , and more than able of DIY use, and the suspect would be well to build also. Has one 6 AH the loaded stack and has any one recharged the still, and is quite 2 weeks to use it. It IS Much more convenient that is lug a compressor on trace and treat a hose, and while for a compressor in recharge. It IS tad heavy when law in your leader even so.

In general, finds this to be the very solid unit, that is to say more concealed able to rid in his promises. In a risk to sound how the DeWalt fanboy...HIGHLY it recommends this pistol of key.

Has not been COMPENSATED for this description, has not taken an element in the discount, and this revises with the precision described my experience with one DeWalt FlexVolt framing pistol of key.
4 / 5
This tool is awesome after it learns the few things. Rule1: USE PASLODE CLAUS!
Has tried a grip-rite and has had at all but the problems not directing in the road, jams...Etc. (People of the same problems with 1 star revise had). I am almost he returned he but decided to try some another tone of premier. I am happy has done. It opens The work perfectly. Any sure that other marks does of tones, but odds is if you are having subject, is probably some nails
1 / 5
I Liked him very His of an idea to be able to go the free hose. For me the does not exit . I have had the big wait based in mine another the stack powered Dewalt tools.

In the first place of a nailer has not directed house 70-80% percent of some tone (using Paslode 650383 Cape of Around 2 3/stops of 8 Inches .113-Inch for Bed 30 Paper of the title of Hot Collated Mesh has the place Galvanised to frame Claus,) nailing 1/2' CDX layer in 2 pasador yellow 2x is. Included lined when sistering a same 2X east. There is a parameter for pose of depth properly, the calm poses them to accelerate properly and continued to verify a parameter.
According to a the constantly hanged piston each what 2-3 tones. An emission of the decree seldom fact, more often takes a stack has been required also in reset a nailer.
Third all the stacks has taken bonded in a nailer (has the plot of them.) I owe flesh mallet (the pike went them with a fleshy palm of my hand) the to take. This is not the problem with any one of my another 20v tools (8 of them.)

Can not recommend this tool. I am very satisfied with all my another 20v tools, know the tools of stack has some limitations for one the majority of parts and has realistic expectations of the this can do. Based in my experience does not think this tool is ready for first time.
5 / 5
I do not comprise all some 1 descriptions of accidents. I have bought this more or he less done 3 month and has shot in 7000
Claus out of him. It has had 2 or 3 jams and 5 or 6 tones concealed does not have to enter all a road.

BUT everything of those was mine the fault to write that the has not pressed in a pistol very

wants this thing. Still with one stack has operated Dewalt is arrived nailer
5 / 5
I have bought this cual the second nailer or to use when does not want tug out of the compressor and hose. It results my air nailer is now my second nailer. The work is the cost of entity for me, this nailer has paid for him a lot of time on. They possess that it hangs 9 month now and has planted several big edifices with him (Around 30,000 3 1/4' tone). I have to take a piece of nose has been to clear the jamb for a first time today, only so that and shot through metal gusset dishes in the truss. His in the 3min the process with Allen sells but yes only has to once each which how 30,000 nail that the preoccupies . If you are not happy with this nailer is no a nailer. Awesome Tool!
3 / 5
I am building the garage with the mother inlaw appartment in the. I have bought this so that it does not have to have a compressor to air this goes constantly. Work for my purposes. I am using 3 1/2' smooth Dewalt yours to Douglas Avet and 2 1/2' tone of grandson to attach a OSB. A nailer is able to do so much mostly reliable. It says 1 in 20 3 1/2' the nails have to punch with the hammer to take he in flush up. If you are I how me and was new in nailers is well. Even so you use compressor of air nailers and is thinking quite buying easterly unit Very the averages your money. Used afterwards in the brothers is my air powered nailers this a very bad mamma. Controls quite 1/3 like mainy tones. Much slower, and very less reliable.
5 / 5
In my ranch and in my house of country in Knitting, has marks of works in a field that requires tones and the hammer. In 62 swinging that the hammer is the ache in a butt; more so when you are lining an element to be nailed in place.

Some pistols of the pneumatic nail is even more prende heavy and fasts of frame; but when the power is limited and can not tug around some hoses of compressor and each an another junk... That is to say some real roads . Any cartridge of gas, any debugging and any hassle.

A woman and I have built a blind hunting in a field besides or 5 hours less than using a DeWalt framing nailer. 3' The nails were in a forest of frame with any subject and one 1.5' the nails have posed pn a plywood of better that any brad pistol.

Blockaded Once out of in 600 tones has used. A jam has taken 45 bren to clear. A stack has lasted by a whole work.
4 / 5
Well nailer, has used only he for the moment, as it can not say quite a lot of reliability. The nails the long plus, 3.5 tends to give the bit of recoil and does not enter that well, but there is difference among Senco and Paslode yours also, Paslode has less recoil. The nails the more the basses does not have any subject

is using this with European 18V XR stacks, is equivalent of EUA 20V MAX, as any subject there.

Nailer IS the heavy plus bit that pneumatic, but is also slightly smaller, as it returns better in of the tight places. And in dusty places, does not blow each powder in your face...
3 / 5
Pistol Of good nail but still covers quite 10% of some proud nails of a surface for enough 1/8' or more when nailing 5/4 pasador boarded with 2-1/2' tone of leg of the point in a 3' poses of tones. The wheel is less badly cheaper and more compatible but that is to say the tool adds for the fast works where does not want tug out of a compressor and/or battle the clunky hose. In my experience this tool also blockades quite frequently which require the time that consumes, partial disassembly to clear.
5 / 5
Experience this DEWALT DCN692B in refinish my coverage and builds the new nave. I am spent several weeks that decides has to buy this Dewalt pistol or go with the pistol powered more gas that the stack. Had conspires or revises to say this pistol has not been very well, not having quite can and would not direct key all a road. Almost all some tools I own is Dewalt so decided to remain me with them since all some stacks is interchangeable. I have bought a pistol only and uses with the 6AH Dewalt stack this has purchased separately. This pistol has been fantastic, sinks 3' tone of leg of the net through 5/4 together decking in treaty 2x10 is all day very time. Any once fail to direct the nail in a depth of together. Desprs Had posed his all some joints in the 1816'coated a stack was still in 2 of 3 bars. In my better opinion that my pneumatic nail-pistol and obviously easier to use very that has to treat the compressor or the hose. The inferior line is that these laws of pistol utmost and does not have subjects yes calm use he properly. I am 100% satisfied with purchase of mine and highly recommend it.

Top Customer Reviews: BOSTITCH Framing ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Good gun. Taken the the Tuesday and has given exits it the Thursday and the Friday that dips and nailing OSB down partorisca the ceiling of metal. Place roughly 45 spent in a front and gun never mised the lick. A type helped has had 2 wireless guns that cost 400 the piece and I were the city with a lot little begins partorisca stick uphere and there. Finalise partorisca nail a joint down then the helps have arrived his final. It has gone back then and nocked all some bosses down his left up. So only a Paslode wireless is cost using. An owner partorisca house spent out of his Dewalt wireless and after shooting the few nails the rid behind. It was like this bad like another wireless. This gun is good and fires amiably. It can not be happier right now but the only time will say resists is earth and runs like this amiably like maintaining.
5 / 5
My old nailer crap a bed and has done the plot partorisca research to find the air of upper quality nailer concealed would last me partorisca the long time. I have had the plot of nails has left on like this has required them one with some terracings corrected. After receiving this I place the to use immediately like this has built them the room of new storage in an of my edifices the own. This sum of laws of the what! Easy to use, rugged, and upper quality. Each nail is gone in as it have to that. This thing will last me partorisca the long time, the to good sure recommend this air nailer.
5 / 5
Loves a new characteristic that has the setting of depth in a gun he for a nail that is awesome so that it recommend this product.
4 / 5
A lot disappointed a description clearly says corded electrical which is which there is wanted is not corded is air powered

Top Customer Reviews: Metabo HPT NR83A5M ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
4 / 5
Everything are adds in this nailer but they really screwed on that try reinvent a selector of trigger. Calm would not owe that require tools partorisca change full car to has shot so only. Also it can have comprised bumper of hule in some sides so many can be situated in the ceiling of plywood.. The hanger is rubbishes . Good product.
4 / 5
The gun of nail adds really durable and dependable gun. They are the framer and shoot these hundreds of gun partorisca time the day and he never jams, acts a time of cold winter. The so that it does not like is is of the little hard to the grip with you remains hand been due to a way a headline of the games of the nail is connected in a sinister side of a gun, now is not the breaker of extracted the other rid and use he with my sinister hand all day is so only a lot like this comfortable how is in my right hand
3 / 5
Beware this gun has any adjustment of depth. It averts of that is the good gun . The desire had read a fine impression.
5 / 5
I have been with this Nr83a5 because of his reliability perceived of leading models. It does not like to of economic is gone in my tools been due to a fact that is one some trust on to win money! A gun has done perfectly had it of then, doing to to projects likes him to him the frame and of some reparations of small house. I know it it was a test of time!
4 / 5
really loves my new neumatic nailer has a model an old plus but I have spent more money in of the parts to repair that a cost again one .. So much supposition that purchase the new one and utmost. Thank you metabo For some tools add and service of client.
5 / 5
Ossia The phenomenal product this is around be for ever.
5 / 5
I am building the house and had been taking loaned the fellow Dewalt framing nailer in a start of a process. I have bought my Metabo/Hitachi nailer so that would have a capacity to do more quickly, and in a strong suggestion of the partner of carpenter. We have not had any complaint--fast, attentive nailing, easy to regulate depth in a gone, and a group still to hang has tried crucial for a ceiling that mark. It is sturdy with part of metal--I hate to say it, but is state fallen the little time of variable heights in our cements slab (yikes, is) and start unscathed. You recommend this big-quality, long-durable nailer!
5 / 5
Better nailer has not done never. View doubts to use likes the sledge. Invernadero One this there was 10 years and no never has seen the drop of oil. Seen fall off them 2nd ceiling of the history and his so only continue to go.

Pulls a pin under a trigger, slide a mechanism of security to an opposite place and substitute a pin for fast fire.

Any one has drawn some needs of hook to spend the tape for the year before they are left behind indoors.

Spends of the extra and calm money will not look behind.
5 / 5
Has used he for a first time today and does not shoot enough as well as it would like, but how has been of him improvement. But it is light and a balance is as to any one. So only they are while for this Hitachi longevity.
5 / 5
Has been with this Nr83a5 because of his reliability perceived of leading models. It does not like to of economic is gone in my tools been due to a fact that is one some trust on to win money! A gun has done perfectly had it of then, doing to to projects likes him to him the frame and of some reparations of small house. I know it it was a test of time!

Top Customer Reviews: C.S. Osborne & ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
2 / 5
Only look in a photo of this product give me that what raw that took it and what I taken is not a same. Some marks of photo think that that is to say to coach to take you the fat substantial tool to do with and scratches some tone in place. HE NO! A plastic is only quite 1/8' thick and is simply the guide. It does not line some leaders of tones - some rooms are only the 'v' notch shaped in difference of a photo those aims almost he scallopped form that a slide of leaders of the nail in. Any value he
1 / 5
Still although it looks some videos of Youtube on that in properly use this element, still found a tool unhelpful. It was time that consumes the test taken a tacks in the each void. It can very he still taking or tack properly inserted in a left wing of only headline five tacks together. It was much faster in simply line the tack with my needle-pliers of nose in a delivery and my tack hammer in another. I very like this element and did not require it. In fact, I have done much more efficiently without this artilugio.
5 / 5
The works add in decorative upholstery tacks. I have used each which as another void and was very and easy. He been upholstering pieces of furniture during 45 years. Good product in spatial tacks with.
5 / 5
Any sure that time last but taken through my first project. It maintains line directly, has spaced properly and controls tacks as it can hammer the in place. Reduced a number of angled tacks and my project was much easier that without him. Some helps of small end to line a tack for tight rooms. Purchase again.
5 / 5
This tool was awesome! Literally the would not have been able to do my project without him so that there is any road to line tacks in the place and hammers the in without taking your toes also. Some something concealed has lined a nailheads was tight initially but loosened up after the few uses.
2 / 5
It is not for apropar- so handy while it looks. Some holes are so small has to direct some tone or otherwise has thanks to travs of them. Then, you posed you to him once some nails, a device is to take to take. Sincerely, I have written a provider and his commentaries was that some holes at the end would spend was and he easier to use. Really?
1 / 5
Has the big hopes EXCEPT ME could seriously Not using this thing. Some holes line a tacks subjects he also tight. Quan Has touched a tacks in place and tried to take of a tool, each a tacks angled. Then the could not direct a tacks in right. As I routed the backside. Good idea only very pragmatic. Perhaps the holes the big plus for a tacks in a tool???
5 / 5
My project my late plus is reupholstering 2 chairs of throne with tissue of heavy upholstery incl fashionable alligator of the rind. An original tissue in some chairs has had touches of cape of the nail. Has wanted to something different for a reupholstery. I am heartbroken that the can not use this so that I can not use a tacks has purchased. Quan Has tried key them in a frame with so much the tack and regular hammer. These tacks/the tone will not go in a forest. Some curves of axial, and a tack results unusable. It looks he has to pre-hammer some holes 1, which are too problem for me right now.
1 / 5
No.... His horrible. I have finished to use a side of final for only 1 key and after the little also loose result. A side for 5 tones ails to control 1 tone. Horrible...
3 / 5
One spacing was also small for me to use for multiple tone to be posed in a same time. Compraventa Only is using capes of small nail.

Top Customer Reviews: Metabo HPT Cordless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5
Used once during one 30 turn of period of day... Fact very partorisca three load/the battery issues spent when I required it... A service of worse client never. A lot of emails and telephone the damn the endeavour has been done in Metabo support to of the this the piece of economic/weighed Chinese junk. Calm will feel is spent $ 400 in this plastic craps. The amazon has said that his hands are returned in an almighty 30 grace of days this type of crew of the venue the little bucks more but when you fail that can take behind and treat face-to-face.. Not hiding for behind the computer and to hell with a buyer.
5 / 5
Ossia My first battery powered gun partorisca nail after doing the substantial quantity of Youtube those looks and investigation. These sounds of what as the gun of the laser when calm shoots it. Global shorter that mine Husky gun of pneumatic nail but slightly more weighed because of a battery. I have directed to shoot roughly 20 clips of nails like this far and has had so only one dips jam. An element of the entity to commentary is is that your clips would owe that be in good been and very varied to ensure compatible diet. If you are doing the remodel project, taste to him are, could probably skip a compressor for the moment and buy one of this still frame until calm in fact need a compressor. This thing is amused to use also! The shoots galvanised 3 nails of thumb easily to hard timber. Highly it would recommend it!
4 / 5
Some works of gun well quite that maintains to use the, but would not recommend that it substitutes your wheel with east. Less than confidence and the friendly user that the broken. This gun quite often jams on and is really hard to clear nails out of a boss. Sometimes it does not shoot him in a pertinent depth. So only having the capacity for a storm the time is also I really annoying. Also it remarks that I prefer a forward the broken nailer. It is situated further out of an organism and I can situate and depress it on drinks more precisely. Another flu in this gun is that you are lining on your forest to be nailed, has to king-press a gun to a forest to shoot yes has been pressed against a forest for the pocolos second. I love an idea of wireless framing nailers, but in my opinion Hitachi/Metabo has more work to do. I am interested to see like a new Milwaukee framer with works of long magazine, that goes to substitute this framer for that a punctual.
4 / 5
Very powerful and fast framing nailer.
The build houses done of commission and really like some new Metabo wireless nailers.
Any question with LVL or GluLam material neither.
Always dips some nails consistently.
Use to frame wall to nail shear and sub walk.
More concerns roughly that has tangle of hoses of the air on or in that has him take taken on the one who knows that.

These are a real shot and all the world has said “wow” with which use.
5 / 5
While ossia so only the pause in what. When Failure to shoot , a Course of plunger a bad forest. The time will say.

A lot of dry fires - UPDATE (never improved - squandered $ 400 and another $ 200 in of the nails that will not shoot )
4 / 5
Ossia a real shot .. It leaves a compress, hoses, and cords in a cochera. Consistently nails of Tank, same nails.. Hardwood, soft Forests, any question. Also to to the sounds like to of them has shot so only the gun of futuristic laser, will dip the smile in yours . The description of product could use some modification, has been confused, says nailer so only has had to that read in a q&a to discover comes with uploading, battery, stock exchange, hex yours, some economic, safety goggles, and spend stock exchange. I produce it adds, well it validates he.
4 / 5
This gun of nail is to good sure heavier that the broken nailer, but a lack of cord is a lot of value an extra weight. A battery will last you roughly the averages a day according to your use, as you will want to choose on the spare battery ( change it 3ah the battery is not to face at all). A nailer done the good work to sink to regulate framing forest and engineered forest (LVL is, LSL is, ect.). I have seen some revise concealed has said that has had question nailing to bend LVL east but like this far concealed has not been a chance for me. A rafter the hook is ridiculously enormous, but do like this I cant really complain a lot. He also tucks was amiably so that it is not to treat it enormous. It is a lot of value a prize, Im so only disturbed has has had to that lug my compressor around partorisca like this long.
5 / 5
A nailer does not drive some nails fully to a forest. This would have to that be the simple adjustment using a @@@knob. This in spite of, turning a @@@knob to one dipping a deep plus in fact causes a nail to be driven less than before. So much, that goes another way causes a nail to be driven less still. Moving a @@@knob around results in inconsistent is resulted. He sometimes driven a nail a deep plus that goes in a direction, sometimes driven a less deep nail. A @@@knob of adjustment is inconsistent. A can not take the pertinent setting, as some nails do not fulfil code. Ossia The useless product .
5 / 5
Ossia Probably a better wireless framing nailer in some works of the mine of the phase had it perfectly of then 2017 and has purchased so only the new mark an and slowly on buying a plus!
Has the few precise things know you can very so only dipped any generic nail by means of a gun is imperative that use hitachi/metabo nails
Other costruttrici to nail dipped a plastic in several locations that takes hanged inside a gun.
I use in 18/36 volt 8 ah battery. With this battery can the cycle closes to 2,000 nails in the alone load.
The paste to a nail likes is peel shot 40cal. Load. It will drive the 3½x131 nail and tank of counter he to engineered forest.
Also has characteristic of fast fire that reads perfectly also.
Will shoot the nail like fast to the equal that can depress a nose.
If you are in a fence would buy one, but so only agree that it has said on some nails.
4 / 5
Has tried and is returned a dewault. Probably I will return east a. Perhaps try a Milwaukee next. Master likes me to me one of these. It weaves it to them of far small framing works that any necessarily have the power and is the small quite cabin that does not require to dip on all an air nailers. In this metabo nailer, a magazine is all plastic and has accesses very small. When He the calm jams enough owe that it takes era. It requires a tone of alley that has not had in a jobsite. As first careers to try fracasado reason he jammed he self solidly inner 30 nails. It has shot vinyl that shines coated smooth leg 3-1/4 nails. It would say so only 50 of these nails am put fully. A rest was proud until the thumb of neighbourhood. It can also hand-held nail. A current work is the big ole pole barn, some nails owe that be hand driven. My wireless nailer is the good old fashioned hammer. A dewault a lot fully strolls 16 nails of penny neither. And there is amaximum measured of topmast of 3_1/4. But at least a magazine was metal and has not had any jams that there is prendido a day. Built the whole paving and wall with him. Sheeting Has been smoothly with 8D coverage legs. But it was so that annoying that the very fully nails to walk to the 2x6 stud

Top Customer Reviews: Metabo HPT Framing ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5
Beware This gun has any adjustment of depth. It averts of that is the good gun . The desire had read a fine impression.
5 / 5
A last Metabo HTC (cough Hitachi cough) nailer has used was the delicate 2.5 lb stable gun. A gun of staple has been drawn partorisca finesse and precision but comparatively this thing is the hulking BOBO of the gun of nail. Any one saves of nose that can and in 8.5 lb, is rugged and has drawn the houses of stairs and rough frame. I have known roughly framing nailer but was partorisca grieve conscious that the big east. A rafter the looks of hook partorisca be the source of contention with this nailer. A an I receipt looks for partorisca be fact of aluminium and comprise some rays. It conceal it does not go partorisca add a lot, this in spite of the only time will say if this will last. Metabo Really does not want to prendes still spoil you with a fire unexpectedly. In a mechanism to cause the lockout boss that has to that take before I can move a small selector. (I show this mechanism in my video) This model, with one (s), has any adjustment of depth for some reason. A difference at the same time of these looks to write to be in $ 3 -$ 30. I am not sure it has spent in a functionality added but can have the good reason thus when being absentee. My woman saw looking this on and when I have said is to build the houses said me was time for me to take to do.
Clearly I need to begin to do these curls again.
4 / 5
Likes all Metabo tools, this one is a lot of fact and built to last. Framing nailers for the character is big and bit it clumsy because of a zone of big place has required to drive 3 1/4' nails of leg of the coverage to the forest of pressure has treated, like this some does quite well. After using this nailer side for side to the Paslode, prefers a Paslode. His both treat equally well and a selection is really the best preferably. This in spite of, to that that does not like on a Metabo, is of an use of plastic collated nails your=hat spew out of small bits of plásticoes during operation. It does not have this with a Paslode to the equal that uses the paper collated nails. This in spite of, in that said the one who, ossia battles tried and tried nailer has used of professionals in a work every day and stand up to some rigours of a labour place and treat perfectly. It is easy to reconstruct with easily of available parts and will last for years. To good sure value your consideration.
4 / 5
Are the carpenter of arrival (25+ years) and possess a same model with a Hitachi the sticker and is a same tool and quality of build. Balance and hanged utmost. A slide of nail is smooth and compatible.
Any jamming or misfires with which roughly 3k nails.
A hook is solid and can be trace in a right side or accident. It is more than the hook of fixed type (any folding) but did not annoy me still.
A way of trigger is easy to change among shooting/unexpectedly of the contact and has shot so only.
Has come with the pair of safety goggles, a hook and that hardware of trace for a hook and the pre-installed universal quickly connect the air that returns. It does not have adjustment of depth to the equal that owe pause out of my flush nailer the tip yes needs the flush nail on plywood or sheathing.
No the whole plot more can say another that is the framer ossia a gun the majority to characterise them to us the old plus is attacking with.
5 / 5
This gun of nail is AWESOME! We are building the house and this has been fantastic to use. We have not had any question, and everything of our professionals of trade have testified to this when being a better gun in a phase and has been súper pleased to have this on put for his use. They said it any does not spend never was, and always will do well. That, given an a lot of work how is to us already exited, looks probably. If it go it to the pause would have done like this for now. An only negative feedback are trace ossia that to to the some people do not like that no to take play he of universal nail, although my professional framer ensured that it was a lot of value the to use this in all the chance to the equal that was better that anything concealed has used the universal band.
4 / 5
This was my prime minister foray to the gun of the main pneumatic nail. I have done exclusively with brad guns to nail like this usually built of the smallest elements. Ossia An excellent unit to start with . I will admit that it take the little time for me to imagine was like this to dip some nails in as the method is slightly different that the smallest guns, but this was so only the mental blockade for my part. Pulling he out of a box, felt the little daunted in a measure of him, but use taken quickly concealed and was able to to the use likes the pro. Work like the field and now can me see the using to build to the plot of projects has been postponing.
4 / 5
This was my prime minister foray to the gun of the main pneumatic nail. I have done exclusively with brad guns partorisca nail like this usually built of the smallest elements. Ossia An excellent unit partorisca begin . I will admit that it take the little time partorisca me partorisca imagine was like this partorisca dip some nails in as the method is slightly different that the smallest guns, but this was so only the mental blockade for my part. Pulling he out of a box, felt the little daunted in a measure of him, but use taken quickly concealed and was able to to the use likes the pro. Work like the field and now can me see the using partorisca build the plot of projects has been postponing.
5 / 5
Are not the framer as I am not using this day in and the day was.

This has said, does not look partorisca be quite until some levels of some old Hitachi tools that looked to last for ever. Some small things, like a hook, so only feel economic. But work. It is quickly, the nails sink all a way and equally, any jam too often.

In general, would buy it again. It takes a work done and does not seat never likes am using a wrong tool for a work.
4 / 5
Súper Has Surprised has not had any jam with this unit, the walk adds and sinks deep! Has no @to @give ossia he Hitachi basically like this with that comes to plot of credibility. It can not expect thus it marks to blow up like master his tools. My hose is 3/8ths and was easy to hook on, comes with safety goggles, is spent for enough the little racks now without subjects.
5 / 5
East framing nailer works to the equal that has expected. It is light, easy to use and the good value for a money.

Top Customer Reviews: Paslode, Pneumatic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
2 / 5
I am the contractor to frame and has 5 of these nailers.
3 Of them bought a last year.
2 Of them 5+ years.

Will begin to say one 2 older ones, can not kill.
IS fallen was 2 storey ceilings, has used the each winter(Canadian winter so so cold that -35 Celsius).
Uses to rain, sleet, the snow and anything more coming our road.
My crew uses the so hammers, and launches the around, has used included the so many supports of jack(the costs exaggerate)
can not be killed.
As I have decided to buy 3 more than these for when my crew has developed recently.


No down -10 Celsius.
Some clave of mechanism of the security in the each 3 (one of my employees has shot he in a cofre because of the fault of a security and trigger)
A rafter the hook has broken in 2 of them.
A slider of magazine very always afterwards opened when uploading, which for some uncomfortable reload.
Does not direct tones in LVLs like an old ones.

No recommended
5 / 5
I am the contractor , the tools like the sake is the must has for me. It does not have time for cheap or has done badly tools. Desprs Reading the plot to revise and habladura with the plot other contractors. I have decided to go with a Paslode likes had some delivery of basses of better descriptions in the each another the company has considered. After the year to possess easterly one to well sure would back that I. I want a balance of him, A lot beat to direct, easy to upload, not having never blockaded on me, is the small heavy, but like me that in the tool. A heavy some tend in last longer in my experience.
5 / 5
We purchase this so that we are building another big garage. In the to mine very to husband likes him. It is used the little of these, and consistently as has I. This one directs some tone of sake in a studs. It is balanced well- some tend to back advance or behind, requiring extra endeavour for the maintain totality. This can look the small thing, but he very done the difference in a course of the day. Line or or two concealed was the book or so clearer but has not been balanced also and listened that annoying to line. It shoots softly. Any jam ups or misfires tone. A hook is VERY handy. That or little piece done a difference enters listen able to remain in some stairs while you hook a pistol in something or trace up and down all day so that there it have it nowhere to pose a low pistol when required in. We like him, it is of happy the compraventa and would buy it again.
5 / 5
It have bought a Paslode F-350s Beats More Master to substitute my old plus Paslode F-350 framing nailer and always has has wanted a Paslode nailers always dependable the debits of product only and go, has not remained never down for a Paslode marks of nailers. Law in an industry to build Paslode is the name very well praise for professionals. If yours buying the nailer buys one concealed taken.
5 / 5
A nailer is arrived so carelessly bundled is routing he behind. An a lot of flimsy boxes, a tool launched in a fund of a box without packing down the, the heavy box of 2,500 tones launched in up. A nailer cut in a fund of some boxes during traffic. It IS probably well, I am sure he is quite sudden, but does not want use and discover later has the hairline crack in the some place, or something is to angle. I will buy one of a tent of venue of big boxes today, same prize.

P.D. I chosen an up in Lowe east. I have run only quite 500 tones through him so far but is the tool adds , all while he the ad. I am using a GripRite aftermarket tone, also, no so pricey so Paslode tone. It does not doubt to buy this nailer of Amazon; I am only spent to run in the shipper that any preoccupy quite doing the decent work that day.
5 / 5
It surrounds, that is to say the add nailer. If you are considering the mark soyinor', considers my first experience. I purchased it esdesgarr marks nailer and has directed quite a lot of 2000 tones in front of a tool has broken. The regaadientes has purchased this nailer - and has not wanted to spend this class of money in the second pistol of the key but am happy has done.
- A nailer has directed some better nails and with less than trying that my anterior pistol. I have been surprised that it can have the difference - the nailer is the nailer, well?
- Some marks of magazine to upload undress the breeze - has the mechanism to close that it maintains an inaugural opened since you until the loose
- the chairs the clear plus/more comfortable in my hand that my premier a
- a mechanism of orange trigger pictured is perfect. It do not break it it was how the 'attraction a type of cause' beat
- create you will require to buy the man 3/8' NPT access, the no come mine with or..
5 / 5
A Paslode framing nailer am adds. Shoulders &of better cape that my old duofast pistol. This is not a new model in of him Imposiciones of House with a plastic slide. It IS a model an old plus with a slide of metal, very better.
4 / 5
That is to say the substitution for an old plus, the fire broke Paslode framer has had during fifteen years or so, and that or has had only one to focus internal reconstructs in all this time. One 350 lighter of looks that an old one and has the comfortable plus, rubberized grip. It do not comprise it is a coupler of hose of the barb of air, and for joined up it pence, Paslode could have comprised a allen English tone for a depth-of-adjustment of walk. Also the commentary that the clave fills the a lot of codes of accesses in a magazine without yanking a follower by behind further that his latched has posed. Only the night; active has shot only the little fastners so far, and he that is supposed in.
Bad. At most next inspection, Paslode has comprised in fact a allen English tone, amiably tucked entered a cape of a tool. Perfecto.
5 / 5
I have finished only my first day with this wonderful framing nailer. Easily it folds my beginning, creating the self-has designed spilt in the third of a road in less than four hours. (Ten years ago I all a work with the hammer. This was insane.) A prize in Amazon, together with free nave and any tax, has done he the roads of killers. More, my Paslode has done he in my hot small hands besides or seven days less.

Another has written the excellent technical descriptions and the good things have said, as I will not repeat those here. I have discovered a depth-of-works of adjustment of the walk for fine tuning, but found can change this dramatically for current 100 psi (the upper end of a field), in place of around 80 psi (the lowest end). It take this when behaviour in 6-the arrest is or main with 3 and the nails of half inch. Building it more experimented the types probably know this, but the neophyte as me discovered by test-and-error. They do not give you this tone in a literature.

In all the case, awesome tool that is sure my woman will find me numerous projects for the use on. Purchase with confidence.
5 / 5
This was the element has used bought in Amazon. The while used, operates perfectly. I have planted the strong of game for my threads and animal-has nailed my joints of coverage of floating cradle with him. I have been pleased to save in 100 compared in nine unit

Top Customer Reviews: BOSTITCH Metal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
2 / 5
Bought my first unit 8yrs marks, is spent the majority of a time in a box, perhaps 500 tones through him. It IS to use he in the small work, only in oil he and control to do and the ensure fact in the big work that comes up. Quite a lot of 2 perches in a unit have FAILED. MARTELL Some stays out of only retracts when the air disconnected. Mandate the new unit that the most next reparation available is 90miles was. The new unit is arrived two early days more than expected, right of adds informative?? No so HURRIEDLY, the new unit was in the pieces when arrive, oh looked well until have taking he of a box and a coverage of security is fallen out of an end of unit. Unit of the substitution in of the roads. I am unimpressed with a durablilty, control of quality or the available service for bostich products.
5 / 5
Pose in just quite joist perches and clips of hurricane to know how much 'entertainment' together to line with or pound, connectors of metal with another, stubby yours with a third moment with the precision that changes the hammer with a camera is. The tan when of a 'ache' to buy the shot of the strap was the fraction of an ache of anteriorly has broken toes, I emailed Bostich to see if key leaf through pronged truss in the to to the dishes like them to them used them on more residential trusses, of my current application has had truss the dishes localised under my location of the clip of the hurricane has feigned. Of course take it a response 'official' of 'any recommended'. Like I gambled in all the case and has purchased a shot to join smaller for 1-1/2' nails and has bought a beefier .148 tones. A pistol is weight very clear and compress so compared in 15 old year Bostich framing nailer. The debit is mere. Finding a hole of aim is easy of a nail extends alln of a tip, so same when can not see, can slide he around and 'listen' a hole. The difference of the normal nailer this requires pressure in a coverage around a nail, the light pressure in an exposure of nail is required in unlock a mechanism to shoot. A trigger is sequential trip , as any fire of double. Although his specs said ' has the built in security that prevents a tool to shoot when has not planted properly in a hole of connector,' this is any wrong or my pistol is defective. Any worry, when lost a hole in a strap, does not have any subject with doing new holes in 18g trongtie H2' clips of hurricane and a light plus truss the dishes were any subject or. I have shot included some nails to anchor 7/16 osb in the tight place my framing nailer any access. Through all this has used 95 psi which are a max in my old frame nailer. Tom in pasador of southerly yellow seasoned and yes, required to clash more key with the hammer, but bit it the main pressure can have been all concealed has been required (max in this pistol is 120). It goes also, it has had 90 clips 10 nails each facts the very low time. The part of some savings of time was time very that has to move some stairs to take in the very that resists these/nails have posed for each clip, since could achieve 24 OC and nails a prjimo ones of a same gesture. Quan All has been said and fact, had used 900 tones, any jam, any declinations, and any angled tones. Conscious when being that the 'characteristic' to prevents jams, prevent a pistol of working when only 5 key stay (this reads instructions in all the case). This took me was saves since some tips of tones of the advantage behind in a nailer for east, doing me first to think a pistol has been broken. But any fear, has uploaded another band by behind the and one 5 was realigned and ready to shoot. Nice has adapted if, the mine there has been an extra cavity has adapted to line to palm nailer also, which access my old Senco palm nailer perfectly. The past good money. The always said dad, 'Uses a right tool for one does well.' I think me, that is to say a right also!
4 / 5
First pistol took, poses an access of man in an end and an aluminium has broken in fact. I am the contractor and possesses quite 15 or 16 pistols of key, and this has not spent never in me before. But I messaged a vendor and has had the nine an in mine doorstep 2 days later. There is has not had any subjects with a second unit
2 / 5
Has has this nailer during 5 years.
Has run the box and the half of tones through him.
IS spent the majority of his life in his box.
Has taken was today to nail 5 joist perches.
After oiling and uploading, driven two nails and has prendido. Any jam any muck, just phissshhhh.
The on-line help is almost very existent. The majority has said that it was the valve of the trigger is spent, but an air has looked for to be that it comes from/comes from a CY assembly. A CY has to substitute the assembly totally,,,,$ 80 tax besides and nave.
A centre of the most next reparation is a walk yields a road.
Falls the line wants the nailer cheap. I am exiting to buy the Hitachi.
5 / 5
There is this product for the year, apresamiento used at least two times the week for our crews and has has not had a emits. Supremely Luz and access in a small plus of something. Connector Of the better metal has not used never. Coming from the subject to build with 30 more than experience of the years highly recommends
4 / 5
A MCN-150 is almost perfect with only a defect. A last little yours will not shoot and has to press the new clave in by behind the in looks of unit of the resume.un to be very designed and rids the good nail in a right place. You have to use his tones but a lot asks an accurate to install straps of metal. It takes an another pistol marks to take the nail the long plus was so has to have two loaded until run with just these units. Claus Very time with the real hammers the still laws are also. I am the group of the man like this the unit is the big help in me. These works of unit well to Spend small-compressor of Cape. A unit is small and marks well in something tight. It was it adds semence thirty times some nails except of course that three magazine of feet would be the tug. LOL Spends all a nail-the clave can in your pocket and if your arrivals of tape in your boots, attraction your trousers up and has cut behind in a band. Nail-On!
4 / 5
I add nailer, even so any likes him to him a cold.

Saves the PLOT to time to use this to nail perches. Works well and is very reliable.
The only problem is when a pistol is cold (-10 Celsius) any tone. I have to pistol of the control in front of compressor exhausts during 5 minutes for the take to do.
5 / 5
That is to say an amazing tool , and paid for him after the uses of the pair in time has saved. All my pistols of key is Bostitch, and is each what very solid, and very reliable. If the calm has does not have to never nail in the tonne of fasteners manually, know what miserable of beat he of task that is. This pistol all a work since you.
5 / 5
This pistol saves the tonne of time of key of delivery that small inch these nails of pauses of perch. Has abundance of power to shoot through truss the dishes when required ( necessity to line firmly ) . Safety goggles of the wear like this few shavings of games of quite a lot of metal the bit and can animate be . I attach purchase !
5 / 5
That is to say the fantastic product this has saved our crews significant time in planting perches of metal. You have left calm in hurriedly plants a nail in a hole of key without subject. So far a reliability is exactly which is coming to know in Bostitch products. Highly it recommends for any crew these perches of metal of the sets.