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Top Customer Reviews: Metabo HPT NP35AM ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 54 ratings
1 / 5
I want to return this Metabo 23 Ga pistol of key while he only brotis 100 pins and then pause .
That turn
5 / 5
The pin Adds nailer and has used he to install trim for cupboards. Each a trims was pre-the arrival and these nails are hardly visible so that they are so small.
5 / 5
That is to say a same like Hitachi this has been using law (Fuster) for some last two years. State using this Metabo pin nailer a last week to install pre-the window and the door have finished trims. It IS good quality , light and compact. It leaves the hole that is so small is almost invisible to see. It was able to nail 1/2' birch without any subjects. Pins Of sets under a surface consistently.
Comes with 2 tips of not marking that sake of records to protect an arrival. Has the durable good case with bouncing it small of oil of pistol and the pair of decent safety goggles. It comes with the universal man hurriedly connects pre-installed.
5 / 5
I am not sure why a description doesnt mentions that it is the wheel nailer. It is used with your compressor of air. At all bad with that, if that is to say which want to, but he only isnt mentioned in a product info.

By everything means, he the work adds to pose almost key of invisible pin. Load up easily, any jam so far in a bit those that the works used it on. The careers soften. Happy to have he in our supply of tool.
5 / 5
We are the tent of professional cupboard and has been using 3 of a PIN of Boss of the Porter 138 nailers daily on installation and in a tent. They have done perfectly of then 2012 until one of them so only broken in an organism of mussel under a piston. Place very unusual for him to break but has not substituted never so as the engine in any of them that is that usually pauses. Substituted he with a Hitachi has based in the descriptions and he was $ 30 more economic. Tried the on some MDF and arce hard and there is remarked immediately so only does not dip some good nails. We typically ran everything in 100 psi. This is to be dip correctly and has used 1 3/8' nails. You owe that really apply to plot of too much pressure so only to dip the nail grieves flush where will be to spend out of a cushion of nose any time. We do with these guns all day, every day enmedio professional with 3 installers and 5 workers of tent in the so many has to that it weaves of experience and found has the clear difference among east and the capacity to dip of the nail of a Boss of Porter. We are returning a Hitachi and taking another Porter tried and the boss has tried 138. Unless calm so only is shooting to something really soft would not buy this gun.
5 / 5
Pin nailer the law adds, but a bit disappointed in Hitachi lack of service of client. Experience the 'as new' nailer, of Amazon, and has been pleased to see it really was like this new--except a leak of the tiny air of one covers of cylinder where some launches of air is installed. It covers lame and found a small cross-section or-the coverage has been start. Tried partorisca seal one covers with tape of teflon, but the threaded section of one covers there is had two walk has built his, as he any to focus complete without one or-coverage. The prize is trace on Amazon, as any that loves turn and repurchase. And, Hitachi will not send out of this $ (detailing) part (more $ shipping!) For purpose of satisfaction of the client. So much, it is neither spend of the money to ship it behind to Hitachi centre of guarantee, regime of a way to find and take to the location of service, or live with him. Supposition that the course has chosen...
For the $ part, that has has diagnosed already a cause and repair required, Hitachi any me happy. I suppose that ossia likes to maintain his prize down???
5 / 5
Has bought this to do small forest trim work, as it does not appreciate some a lot left behind holes big plus for mine 18 gauge nailer. Read a manual, said to regulate a compressor down to 100 psi, any question. It say it that it do with the main pressures, but is harder in a nailer. It has done the fast test with the piece of round of neighbourhood trim planned to use and the nailed to the 2x4 with just two pins to see that well it resists, has not expected too much, the boy has been bad! I have looked for to pull the piece of trim out of a 2x4 and curve behind pulling but he no budge with only two pins that resists it! The finishing on a small work has has had to that do and has has had to that really look for these tiny holes that the left behind, almost non-existent for a random look. A trigger of security has required so only the little has bitten to take used to, but hey, is there for the legislation of reason? In an end of a day, another tool are happy I now own.
4 / 5
Has had of the too many economic was mark pinners so that it is to say my first mark of name . A reason partorisca east is ossia a prime minister abordable pinner has found of the mark to appoint that confidence. I have maintained previously see quality any priced in a $ 250 to $ 300 vary which so only could not justify, as I am very pleased with east a partorisca around $ 100. One -$ 30 cheapies has had in a past all has broken in some way or another with which perhaps 5k nails.

Well, on to some characteristics and drawbacks of east a:
1) In fact has the security to prevent 'download' accidentel. Any of another pinners has had has had this.
2) Apresamiento nails longer. Some pinners so only accept until 1'.
3) Depth of adjustment of walk
4) good guarantee (attended do not require it !)
5) Any need to regulate for period of fastener.
6) The Allen wrench has required to take a noise averts to clear jambs arrive-board a tool.

1) Spends the chance is main that another but resists all a fasteners I need.
2) the security in the trigger take some taking used to.
3) the desire has the tool-less emission in a nose partorisca jamb clears.

Has has used so only this tool on 6 projects like this far but like this of right now, loves it!
4 / 5
Are very pleased with this compraventa. I have loved the gun that fires 'pins' for the long time but could not justify a cost for something that would use perhaps the dozen times the year. This gun returns a bill. The prize adds and the characteristic is. They are very happy with a chance comprised and some safety goggles. I find some glasses of plus around my tent a better of then when I owe that hunt for the pair I often skip him!
4 / 5
Would go for this Hitachi in place of the Grex or Senco or another upper $ $ mark.
This thing is compatible to dip depth, has any question with forest very hard, there is only jambed two times that takes (easy to unjamb) and has been the using quite regularly for several months.
Ergonomic, Calm, the cost is not too much. A lot of tents of cupboard use this nailer. Ossia Enough for me...

Top Customer Reviews: Arrow PT23G Arrow ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
This pin nailer is economic. The part of a reason is a field of period of the nail of the pin can direct is less than some $ 100 models. I bought it he to do in forest of miniature these projects of records (dollhouses, dioramas, etc) how any one when being pas able to use some the longest pins has not been a subject for me. A nailer looked very done and robust. I posed it up ail taken the to try it. There is the sliding button in a side of a unit this has to be posed in a period of a pin that is being has used. It was able to adjust it once before he blockaded. It does not move . You are posed in a 1' the period to nail has so decided to try using 1' nails in the project. An only posed tool a tone of premier. It does not pose the nail with attractions of subsequent trigger. A prize is attractive to consider some applications need limited some decrees of tool. I am expecting it it has taken it only the bad unit and opted for the substitution of amazon. Update after I take substitution .

Update: Taken my substitution nailer and has posed immediately the to use. An adjustment of height of the nail done in this unit. He rebuffs to move easily in an occasion (which are that spent in a premier an and taken before he blockaded). I have pulled a trigger in a unit (which had downloaded anterior in trying an adjustment) to fall an air and this looked to do a trick. A emits has had was when posed an adjustment in 3/4' nails roughly yours has not seated properly and has maintained a unit in prjimo. Has had to one unit in 1' to use one 3/4' tone. A unit has done well with one 3/4' tone (and other measures have posed through him) in spite of of a subject. There is brad and arrival nailer which do not incorporate the adjustment of height of the nail. Only I can suppose that a diameter (gauge) of some pins require a mechanism to ensure some nails chair properly in a nailer. It IS a pin of premier nailer has not possessed never and is unfamiliar if a parameter of height is level with these types of tools. Only 4 stars because of a subject of adjustment (minor to arrive to this point) and a manual of unsuitable/documentation.
5 / 5
The calm can not beat this small pistol for a prize. It IS supremely enjoyable to use when takes that perfect mitered the streaky corner together with glue and a tiny plus of holes of tones of the pin. My painter is happy with him too much, since is spending far less holes to fill of the time and paste outs after I have changed of brads in pins. My father in law has bought one tonight after using mine in the work. It can not beat a prize or.
5 / 5
When being my pin of premier nailer really asked if this small pistol has been in in fact of records. I left me say the law adds. Only it can walk until the pin of inch but so far that it was quite yearn a work of the cupboard has finished only. I have paid less than $ 40 dollars for the mine and I can not think the expensive plus one could do the better work, another that requires to direct the longest pin. The mine does not leave any mark after shooting the pin unless I am by train for the press also takes in a forest. But this is pressing a too much hard nose any one nailer in fact that leaves the mark. A curve to learn was fast and empinada using some two triggers. Little Very nailer and is very pleased with purchase of mine.
4 / 5
The desire there has been one of these for some years of diverse past. For a prize, thinks this one east to take to beat. An only reason is not the giving 5 stars are so that that is to say a premier a has not used never so there is at all to compare he with. Oh, In the test, pose the 1/2' brad in solid oak.
5 / 5
I add small micro pinner. We take the pair and has 2 of our type that uses the full time for the cupboard trim etc.

So far does very good.

An only caveat is is does not comprise the hook/of pocket of the tape, but has attached this of some pistols of PC has broken concealed is taking.
5 / 5
This tool has been the surprise . I have bought he in the nail that adapts for the cupboards and he have turned in the a lot of-use reliable tool any need to time to line something in place. Well fact, easy to use
5 / 5
This little puppy the very good work. I took me the small bit to imagine was regarding the upload but has shot once that windy everywhere. Well it estimates a money.
5 / 5
Quite handy for things of tacking in place. There is the brief subject where no properly but powered he a bit of the lubricador and all was very again.
5 / 5
Fixed the load to bead in some pieces of furniture without any problems.
3 / 5
A nailer is not in as one in a picture! Has two triggers, a secondary trigger has to when being puled before a primary one will actuate a pistol.
Very heavy and counterintuitive to use. Well the informative is that a secondary trigger is plastic cheap ; it takes 20 bren with the cutter of knife to take it. (Also it can it take a pin of circle, but was in the place of works and has not had the punch of available pin.) Another that concealed, is the sake nailer- research to be an identical knockoff of a much more expensive Senco 1' Pin Nailer.

Top Customer Reviews: Metabo HPT Pin ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
Better pinner never. It does not think roughly so only you buy it
5 / 5
I am facing all the classes of woodworking projects partorisca fun. The pneumatic guns have been missing of mine ready partorisca grow tools, as I have been that tries to decide in some tools partorisca quite some time now.

A NP50A is the relatively new addition to a line of tools that Hitachi (maintaining Metabo-HPT) has for pin nailers, and without the plot of descriptions. His brother his small plus, a NP35A, is a lot there is highly has estimated. One 18-gauge brad nailer (NT50A) looks to be of the best in his class. This class of record of the clue helped presiona down my investigations to Metabo-HPT. Also it possesses the Hitachi the saws of table and he 10' Hitachi miter has seen, and am extremely happy with both.

A decision among a NP35A and NP50A was more difficult, of a difference of the prize is not insignificant. Of then it has loved to have an election to use 2' pins from time to time, that pay of the extra money looked the investment of term along good.

Has tried a nailer received it hardly, and does not disappoint at all. Prpers Having limited experience with pin nailers - I had used the partner is to dip molding of shoe in our cookery - I follows still learning, and would not be able to explain like this differs other frames.

23 gauge The pins are deceptively thin, his power to control is significantly main that which thinks. Cela, remained with an almost invisible fastener boss, him the good election for work detailed.

A small project has used a nailer immediately on, and benefited of some longer pins, was the together of frames had built previously, and so that I have questioned his force, of then was so only glued on. Taking pins in a mitered the courses seats him a lot of sturdier. Some pins were driven constantly flush to a surface, and has had no the furthest action has required.

Of an ergonomic perspective, a pin nailer is weighed more than one 18 gauge brad nailer. This was the bit to surprise , one would think a small plus fasteners would mean the tool the small plus. But for my personal use, an extra pound is not the question, of then is unlikely would use a nails nailer in the ladder, or for long periods of time.
4 / 5
Perfect weight – this pinner is smaller and quite versatile to be used for multiple different projects. Easy to manage and manoeuvre. Of then it is like this light, ossia perfect for long projects, doing in of the projects where will be to do tall and/or in ladders. It is also perfect for the smallest works where you can not have tonnes by force in your hands, as, is so only easy to use. This pinner the tool is sum , recommends for any work of project – this will be the tool adds for your toolbox!
4 / 5
That adds it nailer. My woman is one 'artsy' type and is always paints something. Some the time in the cloth and asked numerous time to do the frame for him. I have bought the gun to nail to resist a frame with glue. You good but one falls off a wall and one of them have fallen averts. State looking around and has seen this and was like 'he!'. The chair of weight adds, quite small to twist and manoeuvre around. This will be a perfect addition to my frame that does.
5 / 5
Simply love this 23 gauge pin nailer. Treaty perfectly (literally, besides my expectations). Perfecto for reparation of pieces of furniture...

Top Customer Reviews: NuMax SP123 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this for the woodworking project and he a good work. The materials have nailed: 3/4' round of the neighbourhood that adapts, 1' hatch moulding, 3/16' together of account.

Has Had the jam of key on me, which required me to take eschew a leader. You are the mere process with a comprised hex yours, and has taken only quite 10 minutes out of my life as I can any one complain me mass. It has done well of a reparation.

Bought a Grex P6/MP-3 23 gauge the pins and law well in this pistol.

In general, the value adds for the house handyman that needs the pin nailer for occasional use. Users of the strong volume probably would have to look elsewhere.
4 / 5
I have bought this he almost done 2 years, and has done perfectly.
Has seen revises in that a critic goes to complain in of the jams or of the feeble strikes. My experience is that using pins of good quality (use Hitachi) and maintaining a tool lubricated deletes these subjects.
Is not using this in the daily base in the middle of production. Typically it uses this prevents it movement during glue-ups. It does not have the security of contact, only a security of manual trigger. This the easiest fact in precisely plant a pin - while takings to take a security of trigger.
Shoots some nails very slightly sub-flush and is too easy in low sand to expose a pin. Another 1/64' the depth would be the big help .
Could improve a manoeuvrability slightly to angle an entrance for a pair of air.
5 / 5
Experience this NuMax the pistol was Amazon the little the mark of weeks, and has used he for the few days. An another the critics are correct - that is to say the very good pinner for a prize. It does not have some extras that the expensive plus pinner (i.et. Cadex) Can, like the built-in blower or qualified to use longer or light headlined tone, but is in his own like the very good basic nailer. Also the coast quite 1/8 in 1/12 so much.

The quality of tez is very good; there is at all that when being plastic in this tool. A grip is coated with the rubber-so material, and a pistol solid to be and compact. Has the security of mere cause which, once deactivated, leaves a pistol essentially 'hot' (any secondary security), as it use carefully. It likes him to him another has signalled was, more pinners forego the system of contact of dual security to facilitate precision of location.

Into use, a NuMax pinner has done perfectly. Has has not had very jams at all. Each which so it shot he of pin in a forest only under a surface, leaving the puncture ails visible. I used it to line bits of the together forest while bond, and he the work adds. There is any guard of security of the contact and very minimum recoil when shooting, as some pieces of the work has not been jarred or has pressed out of place. Use only one 1' pins, but expect this law also so with nails a low plus. Simply he he that is supposed in.

Usually will buy only name-tools of mark (the majority of my looks of tools of DeWalt, Makita, Bosch, Max) but will take it casualidad in of the minors of the marks sweat from time to time. The majority of them has been in disappointing. This NuMax pinner is keeper!
5 / 5
I borrowed the pin of load of the port nailer of the relative to do a bit flooring. Discovered a nailer was defective since never key some nails far in a quite a lot of forest that leaves he 1/8' the portion was. This would hurt any bad has data a step in the, as that uses that nailer was out of a question. I have not wanted to spend the plot of money on something that honestly would use little time in my life, and I also didnt wants load of flavour of port again. So based in some revises here in amazon, decided to try this nailer. All can say is that he that has been expected to do, and law very enough for me to take a work has done. To good sure estimates a prize
1 / 5
Spent in an hour that takes to eschew the flavour shoots the tone, has taken diverse tear downs the wheel to grind to do the surca likes to nail to the shoot would not pinch and at the end has it shooting the pins now rebuff to pose a pin a whole road and leave the .25' The pin angled on. I need another hour or more fix concealed. Calm save you a headache and purchase the mark by name!!
1 / 5
It EDITS / until it informs of date:

Afterwards only 6 month of clear use, an engine has begun to slip some pins. Inside the few weeks of easterly principle sporadically, now has the chisel for in tip of engine, in place of the stable/of the hammer looks it would have to have . I can not find the engine of substitution, and has to to the left in the.

Of my cape of porter has now 4 years and lean $ 114.00 some mathematicians say his less expensive long term, and included in meso a prize of the although only take 6 month in 30 bucks. Shame, but is in my no longer recommends list now.

Original description:

That is to say the cheap micro has nailed that has taken it casualidad on, he fulfilling probably very when being no until a Grex or versions of PC.

Well, IS happy to inform, is in east joins same and considering a prize... Only it bite it better. :-)
5 / 5
It has wanted a prize. I have required the pin nailer for the small section to adapt of crown and the pair other fast tasks. It does not want to spend the plot like this is not the tool will use also often (has the number of brad and arrival nailers). It was impressed truly with some results for a prize. I shot it it was around 50 nails without subject. Each which so one was situated perfectly, any misfires, any jam. It IS the small nervous buying this based in other descriptions, but is truly happy has done. It sees that scratches he up over time, but is not something uses in the weekly base, as it returns my necessities well.
2 / 5
Good weight pinner. The nail has used to adapt of crown of the nail to finish cupboards of cookery. After painting, can not see holes that is that it has wanted it. The blockade headed in an end of a project. He blockades for a long time now. The engine of pin is notched like the pins take bonded every time. Necessity To harden his steel in an engine. Unable to find the part of substitution in spite of manual of user that says that it can order a part of Numax. If law well, would be satisfied totally. I took me felizmente through a project has bought stops. Too bad he no last quite very time to use in a moulding of shoe.
4 / 5
It uses this numerous time when that applies trim in of the cupboards and cases to reserve to line a trims in planting while a dry glue. The law adds for that and some holes paint on with relieving

My only complaint is a mechanism of security . I wish a pistol has had the security like my pistols of the air where needs to press a pistol against a forest for the shoot. It has Had the pair of misfires that could have result in hurting if a pistol had been signalled in the different direction.
1 / 5
The fact adds for the pair of days and then prender to shoot pins. I have taken a front eschew and has cleared was 2 pins blockaded and then pose the back together and law for enough 10 min. I oiled he up very good and has cleared a blockaded the pins and he have done again.....For quite a lot of 10 minutes. It looks very built, but the supposition takes that you bread for, as I go it to the launch was and plaster he until the experience failed and buy the pistol of Cape of Porter instead.

Top Customer Reviews: Metabo HPT ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
5 / 5
Works of tool well in the extreme the time conditions which are quite happy. Another has possessed very do in cold. Weight of the also acceptable and easy tool to use quotes.
1 / 5
I am quite sure that is to say the good product a problem was no only ordered the two times but both times or the container are come with that is in a picture
Not uploading
Any stack
Any stock exchange
1 / 5
The gesture is coming incomplete. Any stack , load, or stock exchange. Only the pistol of key.
5 / 5
(Note: different some critiques, my together complete wine. While it can take you the prize the low plus with some vendors, is more elements of purchase that says, escaderas of and sold by Amazon.')

Hitachi Power the tools resulted Metabo HPT in North America. Hitachi Has purchased Metabo the little the mark of years to move out of a company of Hitachi main. Still with this change, a black look and the green has been maintained. And so far while I can say, a quality has remained also.

Has weighed a Pin Nailer with stack in 4.53 lbs. (3.65 lbs. Without). When being hefty and solid. It is sufficing the heavy plus bit that Brad of 18 Gauges Nailer and Stapler of Cups, but the plot of this has to marks with being more stack that the air powered. It likes him-me any one that has to connect he in the hose and lug around my compressor of air. While a tool is heavier, a global weight of elements has required is considerably less.

Has the clip of metal in a fund of a Pin Nailer this leaves calm in hook the in him toolbelt. Prpers Leaves been the constructor of coverage for the few years, finds this option quite handy when moving around. A light FOCUSED is the good option also yes calm find you doing in the dark place.

Has two different nose cover for grooves to direct. A thin a (he default) and the wide plus a (attached in a side). You can adjust what deep some pins go in a forest in a side also.

Different some nailers, these some only shoots a nail when presses a nose against the surface and he then pulls a trigger. The calm can not accelerate key to line a low trigger and touching a nose repeatedly against a surface. First press, then trigger. While this takes the speed that nails, still responses hurriedly he press and attraction hurriedly enough.

For the stack, has quite the bit to be able in. While any one that could take calm of a compressor of air, was able to shoot to thin cloaks of metal (which has done to try purpose; usually use this in forest). Of the nails of pin are thinand max has entered 1-3/8any taken a lot of forces for them to sink in forests. A hard stack the just quantity to time mass. I have tried easily 500 tones and ails posed the drain in the.

A together is quite sake. It comes with the durable case, stack, stack upload and protect of eye. But he no come with tones of pin. You will require to order the separately. Some measures behind is 23-gauge 5/8', 3/4', 1', 1-3/16', and 1-3/8'. I have purchased Well it groups (ASIN: B0012BV21W) this has contained the majority of these measures in addition to 3/8 and 1/2. While a manufacturer said one nailer very behind 3/8 and 1/2, has taken the to do. It classifies of. One 3/8 is so small that takes bunched arrive (clogged) in a magazine. A 1/2 similarity to do better, but since those are only slightly smaller that one 5/8, does not see the reason to oblige them. In addition to cases, wants the nails to use that is to say 1 or longer in all the case.

Has Had some misfiring a first time has tried one nailer has been. I have begun with 1 tones and has not exited initially. Desprs messing With one nailer for the moment begins to do better, and can have been that inserts/to insert the erroneously. Still, aides to try the few shots before use in your projectotherwise can have holes without tones in the.

Converses holes, remarks that a nose pokes the small hole in a forest yes has the nail inserted or no. And so that the press needs a nose against a forest for one causes to do, also leaves the small impression by behind a measure of one covers of nose. At least, it does in a softer forest tried it on. An impression was smaller in the forest he hard plus. In any case, it was very less perceivable that the cups is Stapler of mine . Headless The pins are the good option for when do not want to a bit few nails to be perceivable. Like a forest pallet table I fact (for example).

In general, that is to say the very big-together of quality. The law with the tools has done prende DEWALT, Makita, SPEND-CAPE, Milwaukee and Bosch. I have done also with options of low end and Ryobi, Tent of Tool, NEGRE+DECKER and SKIL. This Metabo Pin Nailer to good sure fallen in a first category. The difference of the tools he the cheap plus has used by warriors of weekend for occasional projects, this one is built enough take for contractors and daily use in the place of work. But of course, you are paying extra for a quality (and portability), as it maintains that in of the imports. It comes with him lifetime guaranteeed, also.
4 / 5
State doing in an industry of edifice of the edifice (Journeyman carpenter) stops in 25 years and has found that a Hitachi marks (maintaining Metabo) done the consistently reliable and durable tool. This pinner has conformed my expectations and is an easy to handle nailer. It IS the heavy plus bit that my wheel pinner, but to good sure more convenient and manageable in of the uncomfortable situations. I have used this in the project of renewal of the library and was able to direct some the longest pins can (1-3/8' long) through 1/2' thick hemlock and 3/4' fat fir and has posed some nails consistently.
Has Had the jam of key after quite a lot of 15 shots and was able to clear a jam hurriedly. A tip of the adjustment of the depth has had to to be take road 2 Allen line, a allen the wrench is attached firmly in a storm of slide. I have shot enough 250 more pins without any another blockade.
Any dry fire or missshot subject.
A coverage endways of the type of rubber entered 2 types/of measure and 1 of the each measure is comprised with onboard storage endways for when a tip is not required.
Has the built-in the torch has directed directly behind one nailing port that mark the very good work to illuminate a surface in key. It can ignite a torch/was subjects the button under a trigger in a zone on call of the trigger.
A life of the stack look so far adds. It was able to shoot 250 pins and a stack has aimed still the upload against 50%. There is the indicator of gauge to upload against a zone on call of the trigger. A time of initial load was around 90 minutes. I have believed initially that that I can require 2 stacks to be able to use a tool efficiently but after I used it the bit thinks that that 1 stack is that it suffices while it is touched after each session of work or turn.
A tool also comes with the hook to record that it does very good and is reversible according to that side prefers to hang a tool in your stock exchanges.

That has been comprised in a box:
1 18v 3 amp stack early
1 load
2 any marring tips (1 small, 1 big)
1 Allen your
1 pair of clear safety goggles
1 soft side stock exchange of storage.

Metabos guaranteeed in a nailer the tool is for lifetime.
A stack is warranted during 2 years.
A load is warranted during 1 year.
4 / 5
I have ordered the Metabo 18v wireless pin nailer Box to try in some cupboards that has required repaired. Has thinks that that this would be well, so that I have not wanted to tug our compressor of a low Garage in ones other Cooks of contains and has not had a hose to air to achieve that far.
Me And my Woman was so much very pleased with a result. Some 23 pins of gauge (Any Comprised) is almost invisible in an eye, as they have done perfectly aesthetically for some Cupboards.
More,the pin naileris very very built, easy to handle so that portable and is mere to touch a stack, included has the plastic coverage to protect a port of your upload when any one into use. It uses another stack of tools to mark powered for years and only listened of Metabo Martell, but is very impressed therefore nailer. Probably have his data 5 Stars in place of 4 avenges with the small group of tones of Pin in as Mark nailers to try he in delivery. But, at least it take each plus that is Pictured, one Stack, load, Very the durable sake that Spends Case, and glasses of utility of cheap plastic.
5 / 5
Works absolutely wonderfully. It estimates each penny. Purchase more abordable ones that only does not compare in the east unit that Thinks quite buying a for my dad for the day of the father!
5 / 5
With which to 2 evaluation of period of week, am coming to like this nailer.

In a start has had the questions that shoot 1-1/4” nails. They were constantly jamming a gun, bending, and not dipping in anything harder that pasador soft.

Like the majority of the installers of cupboard know ,having the pin nailler this reliably dipped in hardwoods partorisca install the moldings is the must .

Has been resigned to a fact that 1” pins were some so only some could use. This has not been acceptable partorisca me.

After experimenting with the different nails have found a Cadex 1-3/16” work adds in hardwoods. Now a gun is useful.

Tries to use the plus along 23pin of nail of g, stay out of some rubbishes in Imposición of House. Some nails of the boss of the Porter has sold wavy and no with this gun.

Creates the flat nail well has manufactured the clip a better.

Still while to the better solution, but for now this nailer will do.

While a day senco will create to 23fusion of pin of g nailer.

Likes , to control accompanying video partorisca demonstration of 1-3/16” Cadex the nails have shot the arce.
5 / 5
A tool there has been the descriptions add on-line as I purchased it.
My surprise when it take a tool in mine jobsite extracted bad. Not even it drive fasteners in a round of neighbourhood of the pasador softer trim. After using he partorisca the week starts the jam each one another has shot then has begun finally the jam 4 out of 5 has shot. Finally after taking like this frustrated with that has to that manually take averts a tool with a hex tool after each jam (any fast jam that clears characteristic) has decided to return a tool partorisca the repayment. Still I am looking for the good pin nailer. Totally disappointed in this hitachi tool.
4 / 5
When The product is like this unreliable that the rows up there with the Jennings .22 pistol Knows is bad. I have been the cabinetmaker/installer partorisca around 13 years and with the things that goes wireless, has imagined would give this the gone. I have bought this gun partorisca an only purpose partorisca dip on scribe moulding and another small diverse trims while doing cabinetwork likes measure partorisca nail big that the shoots is 1', sometimes less. I have received a gun one goes it has travelled to the big work partorisca install cupboards and once has taken there, has broken was partorisca nail my first piece of trim to the cupboard and with which exactly 4 pins he jammed. 'Any one the question', has thought. It take my tools and has taken a boss was and has cleared a jam. A gun has been partorisca turn jointed and fact partorisca other -20 pins and a question am arisen again. A gun has been cleaned and has cleared again with him doing on shortly after. I finally taken like this fallido that dipped it behind in mine trailer of tool and has used my pin of air nailer. I have finalised on my work and house headed to returns it and substitute he with another Hitachi nailer. Perhaps that the gun was defective of a factory? Perhaps the mine nails that has used was defective? I took it all substituted and my new nailer has not been very different that a prime minister. In each 20-40 nails is of the times he jam. One spends the stock exchange and one upload is in a better part of a combo.

Top Customer Reviews: Valu-Air H625 23 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
4 / 5
Has very pistols of the key but this was a premier 23pin of g nailer has purchased, has required he for the small project and a prize was utmost. Quan Opened it in the first place, hooked he up and place in some tone, shoots a premier 3 or 4 sake but then shoot but at all would exit. I have pulled a coverage of pins was and has remarked was amiable to take to take them was. After the bit of test and error was able of the take to shoot or or 2 more then for again. The decrease of long history, finished to take a front 'spends of jam and has remarked that a back dish where a slide of tones through of a magazine has not varied exactly with a magazine, as some nails have taken bonded to try to cross that small hole. Once that it was adjusted also take one of some cradles of a magazine of feeder while I have found to do better when only lined some nails with my hand and has not closed a door of key, then I oiled all and has shot quite a lot of 200 pins without jams or misfires, so for a sound of money adds while it is not fearful to take eschew way of BIRD and the fix.
4 / 5
I have ordered this has it so required the pistol of key of the pin for some time. Quan Took it a container has been impressed with a case and what or access of pistol in him. The only subject with a case is does very road to store an oil with him. A reason for 4 or 5 is that I have to take of an advance to stuff to clean and lubricate a mechanism of plunger likes him any retract totally. No the big roads but something to be conscious of with a first use. I have posed oil in a intake of air but has not been sufficient. A unit the good work to plant a nail and the counter those sinks the in him. Desprs sanding A forest hardly can see a hole that is why has wanted this type of unit.
4 / 5
That is to say my pin of premier nailer so that it is not 100% insurance that to expect. Has very brad, arrival, staple, and framing nailers but all are more 'names '' mark. It takes it casualidad in of is a based in some descriptions. Quite done well. I have required he for a material of change of frame of the face in of the cupboards of plywood while a glue has dried. Fact well for this application. I have used 1' pins for 3/4' frace material of frame. A nailer there on shot of problem in Arce. Any jam or emits another that joins in the first place few nails left the fat of small black around a hole. It have to it shot it to it the pins of twelfth average in the peice of the piece in the place of my product has finished. Another that that any subject.
4 / 5
My premier nailer and has had some projects to expect in of the this. I have run a lot it measures it conceal it comprises 1 tones of inch without jams. Some instructions very really say you that to upload a nailer likes I giving of is a less star. For new users, attaches two drops of oil in a intake of air, mark sure a parameter of period is matches a tone, emission a bar to upload, inserts/inserts some nails with arrows (points) signal in a fund of a nailer and then with energy after a bar to upload/flat. It opens it Attaches an air, and initiate it these nails.
3 / 5
Any instruction. It can it do not imagine it it has been it to upload pins. Period to nail adjuster any accurate. Experience to complete the project. The prize has done appeal. Fact well.
1 / 5
I have posed 1 tones of inch in him. These jams of thing each which how 3 tone. You have to take some rays and fall a jam. A lot inconvenient. I go to return this.
5 / 5
I have bought this for the concrete project ( attaching 1/4' the pieces of forests have recovered in the headboard) and the law adds! I have not had any subject with jams or misfires like other descriptions have mentioned . It was to well sure it estimates one $ 30 in my opinion
3 / 5
Quan Has inserted some 5/8 nails a period adjuster has not left some nails to enter a pistol as I have changed he in 3/4 period and he have done well. I have decided to maintain the also has any security to prevent fireing but is careful. In general some works of pistol well
4 / 5
A lot the very compraventa. Action and good quality in an adorable prize. It recommends this in another.
5 / 5
The small light weight has operated efficiently. I like this tool a lot and would recommend to any one requiring the good Pin, effective Nailer.

Top Customer Reviews: Freeman PP123 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
3 / 5
The cost Produced for a money but but jamb sometimes, which require the 3 mm Allen yours to take a dish endways to clear a jamb. The desire had known on a (nine?) Hitachi pinner Which are certainly quite 2x a prize but still easily abordable and the shoots nail longer, has the security in a trigger and has the depth of adjustment to walk that it is a no. will say that this there has been perhaps 3 was mark pinners and this one is on that would expect calm for a money. A reason has bought 'cheapies' is so that the could not justify (with intermittent use) the $ 260 tool of quality. That spends with a cheapies is that a pin of engine of the nail to the final pauses. Conscious when being that these pinners (as well as another cheapies has had) does not have any class of security so potentially can the be more dangerous these pistols of the nail the big plus that has the security that law to depress a nose of tool and then pulling a trigger. It say of another way,, all apresamiento in this tool to shoot the nail is to pull a trigger. Still although these are tiny tones still hurt what he11 - does not ask me that it is this ... :-) One above the side is calm since does not have to press a tool against a work there is not marring of a surface of work, the more there is less peril to displace small parts while trying cogerprpers fastened.

Quite 23 pin of gauge nailers in general: these are tools add for more finals trim work. Although a headless the tone does not provide to plot the scratch can be perfect to adapt smaller, turns to adapt, etc. For example, that is to say perfect to adapt of scribe in prefinished the cupboard of cookery installs and a hole of the tone in the left is so tiny that it is difficult to see and very does not have to be puttied. Another application adds is when installing small parts, a pinner can be used jointly with glue to line the piece in the place until a dry glue and some pins are so small that they seldom yes never left a forest. It think that that these tools would be utmost for pastime and work to do also and can have the habit to attach soft materials another this forest. An only low side for newbies is that I need the compressor and hose of air. That is to say a class of tool that yes has an initial necessity for him, once the possess, more the uses will find you :-)
4 / 5
That is to say a camera freeman the product has purchased. That is to say a premier one this there has been very decrees of real use. I bought it only to have or, is happy has done. A product is very done, and easy to upload and use. Shoot perhaps 100 pins through him only but has had any problem so far. It IS small and is planted easily exactly where the precise. Some pushes of nail is some same pins that each pin nailer in some shoots of piece, as I will not comment in that add is like the almost invisible fastener (fulfils only commented but could does not help he) Some people complain that a tip is not the tip that the no. Of marks can The very when being very, if it has been he would be too bulky to plant a pin exactly where the flight. One key to use the pin nailer is knowing regarding the use. Any jam in in to the to low tip likes him in of him in framing it nailer. Some products of tiny pistol very small recoil and pressure very small is required to line a pistol against a surface of work. If you are leaving the mark in your forest, is pressing more take that necessity in. In the pins of hundred and any jam, any misfires, any problem at all. That is to say the very good tool that it would be necessary has 5 stars. A reason is not so that it is an only freeman the tool has purchased that any come with the case. It admit that all have been flimsy plastic cases that at the end the pause but he are at least something for the maintain protected and the free powder while it is in a shelf until I can build real cases for them. That is to say the product adds that it do not disappoint you , and for less than money that other marks. For those of demands, an another freeman produced that has bought areFreeman PFR2190 21-the Full title-Leaders to Frame Nailer,Freeman PFL618BR 3-in-1 Goes Flooring Nailer, and Freeman PMC150 1-1/Metal of 2 Connector of Inches Nailer. Will have descriptions for those other punctual tools.
4 / 5
Good value for a money. I have finished my whole basement to frame the trim with pistols of key of Freeman. They all have done very considering a prize. Only for virtue of a measure of a 'business final', this pistol does not have the security of pressure of the tip. It shoots the pins have been in an air while a trigger is pulled. There is the very small trigger security, but is not very easy to use and no to listen me sure at all. To well sure it treats this pistol with more than respecting that an another ones. It shoots pins well, included in hardwood, and does not leave marks or divots behind.
4 / 5
I have purchased recently Freeman PP123 23-Gauge Pinner. It goes to spend the most whole plot in the very fulfilled mark to see that all a hoopla was quite with 23-gauge pinners. You are possessed diverse air nailers of 18-15 gauge for Bostitch, Campbell Hausfeld, Makita, Milwaukee, Negre and Decker, the cape of the porter, and Senco with the flavour has purchased very one of these manufactures this mark the pin of 23 gauges nailer. Freeman Has taken my eye so that a prize and because of a fact that announces to 7 guarantee of year as it was to advance and Freeman experience. A packaging was to add and has looked of a pinner fully totalled with coupler of the already totalled air on in a unit with covers of powder. Also it avenges with the boat of oil, the hook of tape, the pair of safety goggles, 3 allen wrenches to maintain a unit, and the a lot of of the owners written very manual and card of guarantee. I have bought some bostitch 23 gauge the pins and they apt well in Freeman pinner. I have used only quite 30 pins like the test, but has to say that I am very impressed with Freeman pinner. It IS very built and directs some nails well. A bit those that nuisances with a pinner is a change of security under a trigger in that has to rotate you to shoot the pin, but once is out of a road can shoot so many calm nails so that it likes him, also taken the jam has to use a allen English tone and taken 2 rays to take a dish of nose to take some nail bonded(this has not spent in me still), also has to pose some pins of use of measure in a magazine, but very on age a subject especially since some pinners twice a prize owes characteristic. A more the thing there is not the no marring tip in Freeman how the any too much pressure of the poses in a stock is using or leave the mark, but if you do not pose any pressure ails sea an arrival(how that last a stock is). It would like him it has posed it of something in a tip to be able to apply the small pressure, but is not sure cual to pose still. In general it is the very a lot of pinner for a prize and has surpassed my expectations for a prize and would recommend it.
5 / 5
This small pin nailer am adds. It shoots micro-pins that disappears in a forest. Help to plant and bond. Has Freeman produced and was a bit what familar with a name. The good material in utmost prize has to three guarantee of year. A prize has been point and averts. It comes the ready posed pins in, the hook above airs, the turn was security and stock exchange has been. A nose is not the nose of push and once a security in turned to shoot, shoot. There is the gauge in a side for a pin of measure is using. As it say has did not fulfil required an until I took it and begun to use the. There is the place for this tool in your tent.
used It the small and found an interesting fact; the calm can not change measure of pin without a tool that is hooked until a compressor of air. A gauge of the slide will not move unless a tool is pressurised. This is not really clear to go to comprise instructions. I expect that a manufacturer decides to comprise the case in a future.
4 / 5
Marks extraordinarily small holes when nailing. Action very fantastic but the security is the worry . There is any security of pressure in a tip to prevent misfires. As such, that is to say probably or the majority of dangerous tool in my tent.
4 / 5
It was preoccupied buying something cheaper that another so that I have not known uses it to him very often. I have finished to use his plot and he utmost with everything nails of measure. A negative side is concealed has any trigger of security. When being very very careful when is by train of the cape.
5 / 5
An easy five stars. Arrived punctually, the packaging was very good. I possess a lot another airs nailers so much is familiar with this type of tool. This one has be add, his solid. Bought the reason the new project required me to nail 40 pieces to adapt very small in the cofre of coverage. It was preoccupied in a walnut these breakings with my brad nailer so purchased this pin nailer. Work perfectly nailing some mouldings in new solid. Some holes are almost invisible. This pin nailer is very easy to adjust for tones of different period. Also it require it daily oiling that prefers in a oiless nailers.
Highly recommends this pin nailer.
5 / 5
Has has not had an occasion to use this pin nailer still but some looks of quality to be a same like my another Freeman pistols in that a lot likes him. Good value for a prize. It say to go for him, at all loose. If it dies after the use regulates then the just fork has been for a cape of porter under a line. But perhaps this will last the decent quantity of time... This knows.
5 / 5
That is to say the little sake pistol in the good prize. It shoots the 1 pin of inch in hardwood leaving a hole a possible tiny plus. He been that wants the pinner for my woodshop for the moment but has been postponed by some big prizes. I the maintenances in slope in the bungee cord above a bank as it is handy to line glue ups while some sets of glue. The time will say so in a durability of a pistol but have the guarantee adds so that he preoccupies .

Top Customer Reviews: SENCO 8L0001N ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
5 / 5
It IS very an impressive nailer, presses 2' nails like the field. I am surprised to see that calm shoots a nail, which are ideal for precise woodworking. Clot Of small quite a lot of covers in a workpiece, flush some nails each only time. Senco The good work in this pinner, looks a same magazine and piece of nose with Grex, the marvel yes is interchangable.
An only complaint has to this pinner is that one this Course any one the looks endways to exit easily.
1 / 5
The pistol entered and was defective in unit of day Cpo the outlets Rebuffed to help so vendor so that it was spent 30 days when call. It does not take used by the few weeks when apresamientos. The cross or any one purchases the renewed hun yoy has 60 days but any to nine unit Senco warrants During 5 years but I have taken any help of a vendor or manufacturer to have this new pistol has substituted. It opens Im Supposition to ship this new pistol behind in the centre of reparation to take fixed included although he a lot the day of the unit of work Goes Thinks two times before it buys of this vendor and manufacturer. Total dissatisfaction.
4 / 5
In my evaluation Senco is to take to beat for a prize. Well The tool has done , has balanced. Easier to use security that another has tried.
Has done to any to give has any adjustment of depth that is not well, like the pins hardly resolve under a surface of a material.
5 / 5
Claro, easy to use. It Likes me to him his a trigger of of security. Some holes are so small no precise any filling; they are almost invisible. So far, in Cendra and pasador, some pins are all appropriately countersunk. The desire had had the fact of the years.
5 / 5
That is to say the pin nailer, and after looking our use of manufacturer of the cupboard a, has had to has also. It leaves such the tiny hole in trims, his almost invisable . It does not leave a work of forest. Any crazy in a trigger of security, but work.
5 / 5
State using a pin nailer for the little the week and I want to it. The tool adds!
5 / 5
Do only that has wanted the to do with hardly remarking a hole, easily coated for a painting only.
5 / 5
1 update - all are stll sake !! Abundance to line pot.
Was preoccupied would not take the case, as another has the no. Bought of CPO and looks to fall ship of a manufacturer. So that when I have asked in a leader of case in me Senco website. The meaning says that this has a then avenges with unit My box (for a pinner) is to come sealed in plastic of manufacturers and record in some tabs of boxes. A case is very of entity for us concealed has multiple air fasteners. Or it likes him to him he is of quite critical in some tools buys. Honestly A case maintains looks them and woking in his better and easy storage. This does mine 5 Senco pistol of 7. This by far is a better to look of everything of them. It does not forget to buy balloons (pins). This will not come with any one. It Likes him a swiveling of connection of air. Arrived and new fast, does not forget in oil and does not leave never pistols in some same elements in the case. In the garage and in the case is more. Nock Drunk if something goes bad with one his tool any one to the fault of vendor excepts is used (very risky) in my opinion. Any one to say the defects arrive, but if you preoccupy calm for him he wll last. My another 4 has still to fail me and some have in 19 years. I am sure he is or last me years also.
5 / 5
The works add, everything concealed expected the to do.
5 / 5
The gun is entrance and was defective on day a. Cpo outlets Has refused to help like this vendor because it was spent 30 days when we call. It do not take used partorisca the few weeks when received. It creates it or any buy the refurbished hun yoy has 60 days but no the new a. Senco Warrants Partorisca 5 years but I have taken any help of a vendor or costruttore partorisca have this new gun has substituted. Now Im supposition partorisca ship this backside of new gun to the centre of reparation partorisca take fixed included although he a lot of work day a. They go it Thinks two first times to buy of this vendor and manufacturer. Total dissatisfaction.

Top Customer Reviews: Dongya P625 Power ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
A gun is easy to manage. It is small and light and the law adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Grex P650L 23-Gauge ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
Only or more example to take that decrees of paid. I have doubted the longitude while to peel out of this very money in the headless pinner, but after so reading glowing descriptions in of the so many different publications, I splurged and has ordered a Grex P650L. It opens, more than the year later, active uncountable the thousands have shot of pins through him, varies of the mere 5/8' in 1-3/4' in period without same or cute failure to be able to. I also like a fact that a pistol 'locks-was' when empty and will not shoot . It has had so much another arrival nailers the just punch was, thinks is shooting tones when is in fact empty. It saves the plot of time. At the end, one 23 gauge is awesome. It leaves an almost indistinguishable hole that is almost always only lost in a grain of forest and can not be seen unless really looking for them. In the pieces of entity of the painting, one paints usually comprises a hole without any one filling that so never. Truly the flawless pistol.
2 / 5
UPDATE: Desprs the few years that use this Grex, my initial infatuation with a tool hurriedly waned.

All my another the pistols of key is Paslode, some desquels is 15+ years even so doing perfectly with small interview. This Grex begun to do up after the just few works. It does not pose pins. That is to say the real ache , so that you can any one the posed with the setter since is crooked like small on.

During mine the majority of recent remodels, my old Paslode 18-gauge brad nailer has developed the bad leak and no . A Grex has continued to be the ache in a a$ $ , while for usual. I babied a Grex to the long of, manually fatigueing some pins and breaking them was... One-for-the unit Was so fed up for this point rasg both basses pistols that late to see cual his subjects were.

A Paslode was an easy diagnostic. One or-clean in a cup of a piston had blown was and has continued. I have posed one or-clean backwards is something , reassembled a pistol and law very again. I have ordered the new substitution or-clean for $ 1.32. Any bad for the tool that is has completed hundreds the trim works in 15+ years.

A Grex was another history. Rasgu A low integer pistol and has examined each which or-points, gaskets, cradles, etc... Closely. An only wear could find was in an a lot of tip of an engine where contacts some pins. I have posed the call has entered a forum of on-line tool to see if any one could offer ideas. A common consensus was in fact an engine is the element of need and common wear to be has substituted.

The difference of my Paslode pistols, which use the engine these rays in a piston, a Grex has the 'assembly of engine of the piston,' meaning an engine and the piston are all a same part. One $ 50.00 part!!! So much, this $ 300 pistol has the part of common wear this coast $ 50 to substitute!!! I have seen he included aftermarket assemblies of engine of the piston in EBAY does of stainless steel, so that apparently that is to say such one epidemic .

After disassembling a Paslode and Grex behind-in-back, can diffinatively said a Paslode has far quality of tez upper, which directly translated in reliability and functionality. Active To contrariedad the ordered an assembly of engine of new piston and will try to resurrect a Grex, but does not have big hopes for his reliability of future.

Spends through this part, a pistol will be to go in a landfill. Needless To say, is not buying Grex tools again.

My Initial description: My painter turned me in a Grex 23-guage headless pinners. I bid The work to paint carpentry of arrival of the note for the whole house remodels and said that cut his offer if it does not have to fill all some holes have generated by my Paslode 16 ga. Arrival nailer and 18 ga. brad Pistol! It does not use this pistol exclusively, but has reduced a lot a quantity of use for mine 16 ga., Which seldom uses anymore for work of interior. I am still the bit 'old school,' as the would not say substitutes my Paslodes of mine 16 ga. It can shoot 3' key and mine 18 ga. You press 2.5' brads with power to line more adds. These works of unit ask even so in the plot of case, particularly for the work of fine detail likes him adapts of shoe, around neighbourhood, adapts of decree of the window, finials, pieces of furniture/cabinetry, etc... Where My another the squad is simply overkill. This Grex is another tool adds to attach in an arsenal and he can save time and money!
5 / 5
This unit is fantastic and there is almost any limitation. A capacity to shoot 23g in 1/2 ploughs envelope trims options that dreaded before ( a work and aggravation to take that perfect arrival) ...Any anymore...The gauge is so small the literally looks the speck of powder in surfaces he and with anything more than the mid the arrival is untraceable...The era of attraction is the ache if you misfire but that is to say when fresh capes and the pair of lineman is prevails...In general the must has for work of arrival

PS: almost it has forgotten it...Careful Be..This unit has the double trigger..This has said once some triggers are armed his hand he for everything..Any pressure of the tip of the nose has required to shoot so careful to be
5 / 5
It leaves long fasteners and the quality is unsurpassed
1 / 5
The poor quality has used only like 7 times to install adapt of crown and joint of the fell in of the cupboards of cooks and a last time a box of engine has broken is still under the guarantee but a box of the engine is not the coverages and the amazon only want to sell and something spends any a lot of the priests has paid too much money for something that has used only the time to match and know ordered a part and I have paid another 50 dlrs too bad
4 / 5
The good tool with abundance to direct pot. Be cautious even so when directing long pins of 1 1/2' and on in of the hard materials. Any problem in fir, hemlock or pasador but arce, the oak and another forest take can cause long pins to angle after they enter a forest and the swipes have entered unpredictable roads. You maintain a tool has aimed so near in 90 deg. In a surface that possible for better results with long pins. Angled The behaviour can be problematic. This is not the problem with a tool is just part of a curve of the learning in sympathetic some capacities of a tool in of the sure situations with hard materials.
5 / 5
I attach little pinner. May jambs, Easy to use. Used to do net birdhouse for finch. Very small spec house .375 And .5 pins Of inch. Pinner Has done perfectly. Also it uses to to ensure bonded in vertical 1x is for plasters to back. 1.5 pins Of inch, has done perfectly.
5 / 5
So far also, I have used each model there.. We are the tent done and precise this to do perfect each t time.
5 / 5
Sound the Grex , which more is there to say , amour an empty lock was characteristic
5 / 5
This thing is awesome, the must has for any one doing any type of woodwork, work, the fix. Has a RV and a trims has been to rack and sea, is the 2014 , madman! We use this to burst a trims backs up, am adds!!!! The calm can not see some nails at all. We want this tool.