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Top Customer Reviews: CARDO DMC/Bluetooth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
This unit has been awesome. Some controls of button are much more cosy user that other systems have tried anterior to purchase. State that uses this unit regularly in this past 3 month, winter in a Northwest (rain, wind, cold, etc.) And any subject. Excelling That with the thickness stack has heated the gloves have used a system perfectly.

All this has said, a manual of owners is to crap, almost useless. An application for tlphonique could use some too much help but has used enough the time that to take things initially setup and is not returned in him notes... At least until the cradle takes here and begin to do some walks of the group where will owe advantage an application to connect with other walks.

But a manual and the application does not take of some enormous profits of a system.

Any pros:
- Excellent operation with my telephone of android. Musician of current, directions via application of map, the responses of the free delivery call of tlphonique, etc.
- The noise that annuls. I am running the 2017 Victria Octane with an equivalent of any one mufflers (meaning strong) and is able to have the conversations add via boom mic and speakers that comes with a system.
- Life of excellent stack. A last week has taken entered the 450 one thousand (almost 10 early walk) and the stack has entered still this unit. If only my telephone was able to line up so long!
- Very subject with a time. The majority of my horse mountain has been in an on last rain 3 month and has had any subject thanks to focusing tight on touching port.
- Quality of sound. While I am unable to compare in other units/of available marks, can say concealed does not have any subject with a quality of sound. Again, I am using this in combo with the very strong bicycle and with easy to use the control of volume and access attaches in any hulls predibujado to plant listen in anything wants to and enjoy for hours.
- The support for a company was a lot. No in that has any a lot of an interaction, and contacted saws email, but has had the response the day and the instructions were quite basic like easy to follow.

- Manuel of the owners sucks... Which are a understatement in better.
- The application is not so intuitive while it has to/ could be, even more so when that considers what horrid a manual also spends to be.

Will attach has purchased since more two units for familiar and has promoted this in of the friends, some of the who has purchased also and is pleased with a unit, also.
3 / 5
Some works of good product and quite all say it will do, but has a toneless point of problem. In the long and windy trip each what three of our packtalks has developed cracks in a antennae and a totally broken with a antennae hangs on for capes. I have called and the thistle does not sell substitution antennae, but layer he down guaranteeing. Since all three is having a same problem, would have to say that this will be the real weakness feigns to use this product at length. A coverage of guarantee is well, but any help very when it is travelling daily and can not take the substitution til apresamiento house .
1 / 5
Experience for use in the trip vacacional foreseen to enable communication among engine and passenger. So far my impression is supremely negative. This can look the bit of the rant, but after paying almost $ 500 for the set of train of communications, expected more, the plot more, that a cheap knockoff marks.

Has used a system the small time only the player of Bluetooth of the telephone of the musician and he are disappointingly lack in volume, but that is not so bad that does those some communications are not doing.

Has taken 3 trips to try a comms. First a, some units have failed to connect and could not imagine was why. Out of a box a Dual group is supposed to be has matched... The tan why does not connect ?

In a second and of the third trips, has taken the connection and he looked to do well. Even so, once we begin to locate, a passenger could not comprise anything toe. AT ALL. In any one that moves the speed more orders that perhaps 20-30 MPH, the intelligible communication has been lost. Any sure is noise of wind or pressure of air... pillion The tin was not anything says. This represents a purpose of useless totality. That is to say with the hull of full face with will aim drop.

While I have mentioned, a low global volume is also the problem - hardly can listen a passenger. His voice is calm and being distant sound. As to fix that, tried to attach a velcro tampons in a hull - an ones concealed would move some pieces of the most next ear in my ears. Alas a foam of piece of the ear shreds he test moves them after installation, so now does not have any foam in a right earpiece.

That is to say the very thwarting piece of train - after so easily the tear opens a earpiece, would say a quality of the tez of some speakers is no better that the $ 5 cheapo headphone together.

The current situation is quite problem to say a less. An essential function - that of person-in-communication of any one - is no-functional.
4 / 5
Very easy to use all the need is bicycle in communication of bicycle. After reading descriptions of product and manuals of user for all a big bluetooth the systems have chosen a Packtalk. For intercom communication among two or more the bicycles can not be more mere. Only it poses some units in DMC ROAD, matches them in a creator grupal, and it beginning that habladuras. Quan Turns them was and behind on again automatically connect in a group. I have used only the to speak with my woman in his own bicycle, and has done perfectly. It was also able to do the call of tlphonique in another rider that has not had intercom road, but the connectivity had to tlphonique. It takes the small complicated when wants to listen in musician or GPS, but does not use this characteristic. An only reason gave it four stars in place of five is a manual is not very good. You are better learnt of the videos of Youtube concealed to read a manual.
3 / 5
It was excited enough to take these for my woman and I to use while each what so trace ours own bicycles, but after having them possessed during several months are the small has disappointed. In you Sew it to to him it likes him-them it:
-Once setup a DMC adds records of the point.
-Will turn of bluetooth in my street slips special and uses a Packtalk to listen in the musician of my telephone saw bluetooth. The audio is well!
-Life of looks of stack for utmost quite be! I have not tried a waterproof appearance but listen sure that rids so announced to have that takes place.
The things are not so happy enough:
-A velcro back in a boom mic mamma. It fall it totally out of a mic in both mine and my woman are. I have finished to use an another mic this has a cape a small plus that a boom, but goes to have that finds some industrial force velcro and cut in apt in the boom of my woman mic b/c wins does not remain trace in his hull while east.
-The set of my woman has a subject where the courses of the audio was, both musician and voice. Active reconnected All the capes and has done sure at all is pinched, but is not doing likes him has to. I have opened the case of on-line support with Thistle in a subject, but did not take never any response of them (same after routing the email of clue in an open case).
-The desire could update some devices of a more mobile application that that it has to connect in the computer. I possess a lot of different devices that use bluetooth, and they all have this capacity.
-This is not necessarily the negative, but these devices will do the TONNE of things, and like such is complicated enough. It imagines out of the little of some basic things my woman and I will use and know some press of the button required for those. An application to good sure helps navigate the use of a device, but without the telephone of trace of handlebar will require to memorise some presses of button in a device he.
4 / 5
Only it buy it these for my woman and I to use while visit. We use J&M headsets this covers directly in our Goldwing. This good work and was happy excepts has wanted to something with annulment of noise of better wind. A Packtalk the bold is certainly better in this consideration. The installation was easy (3/4 hulls). Trace Only a noise of wind has gone totally. Moments of habladura with the passenger still takes some noise of wind but at all that that has had.
The communication is sum . Good works.
Interface of Sum of records of the telephone. It can do and take calls, can intercom some llama to share with passenger.
The sound is Well. Probably very also like J&M speakers, but well.
Support of the technology in a telephone is decent. They are well and useful.... Even so the email is not well.
The use of an Application am adds. I have not tried to learn any one of some buttons in a unit likes them sum of records of the application. My woman there has been some problem with an application disconnect with here Iphone, but has been flawless with Android.
Installs was easy.
The noise of wind is entered to locate horses of Sol . Very smaller in Passenger/of Rider. Quan Any one that breaks the noise of wind has gone always.

(Very smaller) the communication is has retarded slightly. Only it can say when there is not any noise and can listen so much a real voice and a voice in some speakers.
(Very smaller) in an old headsets there was roughly feedback of your voice in your speakers. This he easier to learn what vociferously spoken and was more 'natural'. A packtalk any one concealed.
(Minor) the support of the technology saws the email is very slow. Even so the road nicknamed of the telephone is well. I took any one in some the EUA and very taken info.

An only big subject has with them a musician is sharing characteristic. Anteriorly Would listen in a same musician 90% of a time. Even so with a Packtalk Bold, (version of Firmware 5) This is not practical anymore. An only road to share the musician is to go in bluetooth subject (Cela for his sake would be VAL) even so it can not speak via a intercom while the musician these participations. A portion of voice is totally deactivated. As it is or listen in musician or communicate. To be fair, while it listens to separate sources of musician a conversation/of sum of records of the musician. Even so it have known this before I have bought these would have looked more in SENA.

In a final, is happy with a headsets and will enjoy the. Once the musician these Participations are attached with the flavour a lot would give this to 5 Description of the Star.
5 / 5
I have bought this to locate horses of bicycle of muck of forest and dualsport walks. I have not gone really while be wow'd, but was impressed enough. A lot take the whole new experience in a walk that is able to listen in musician and also cats with my partner to locate horses. A field has looked adapted in a forest although it has not been never more than one 1/8 one thousand has entered any time given I so that it can very a lot of says sure. It do not expect a field for the be far data some trees and the hills but was abundance so that marks and leave an antenna in an enclosed gesture. I do not want to you have an accident and potentially the accident was so opted to only the opened up take to separate and required more field. A tongue was very clear and a volume was sper strong. The strong tan that does not think never will have it on max. An only thing has changed was concealed am using earbuds in place of some speakers. Some speakers only very apt my hull that well. I have bought a Beyerdynamic DX160IE earbuds so that has the very low cord and has his excellent.

In Sewing it to to him did not like him was that a party was difficult. Videos of look of Youtube on that for the do and looked very easy. I am not technologically impar (codify VBA for spreadsheets.) Following some steps in a video very felizmente matches our two together. Desprs Trying diverse party of time, but very has any idea as it has taken the to do. A brilliant side is that they match of cart in a future as I owe does not have to preoccupy quite he again. Another negative is that the desire there was the changes of option of the microphone to prevent you to cause a intercom. For example you the cough or something are incredibly strong in an end to take. I have tried the cover a mic with my hand and that does not help. My partner sneezed (does not warn me ) and wow was that ridiculously strong. Also it was useful for when pause like the group and is speaking. I any one precise to listen my a buddy through a mic, or at all really, while it is speaking with people without the headset. A intercom looks very sensitive also which constantly dim a volume in a same musician is at all has been said. Precise control some parameters an application again even so so that perhaps it can adjust this.

A main flu would be some controls for Pandora. Has think that for prender a musician those uses a button/of the pause of the game would do without subject. I have found that that presses that button skips a forward of your in planting for prender. When being quite confused was in an internet to see that injustice done. There the forum has spoken this like the known problem where the thistle has said that it was because of programming. An only work around east has found is concealed has to press you a button to actuate an order of voice for a telephone. Then I have to say 'VERY Google, Pandora of Pause.' This usually provided that a telephone recognises your order...Which are not always a case. This is not the breaker of roads, but sure is troubling that the characteristic of the mere pause does not act. If it requires an additional button to do the functions then has to has been done with this button. If this has augmented a prize for several dollars then would have paid still for him and would have been much happier. In offset a side easily could take drawee of a built in FM irradiates auricular. There are applications of free radio that then could connect in your headset saw a bluetooth. It imagines that the majority of some users are not using a FM radio option anyways.

In general same with a shortcomings, is impressed enough and happy bought the system comunicacional and highly recommend it.
5 / 5
These bad boys is some better headset there!!! My fiance said me wants to be able to communicate with me while it was trace and does not want the big derpy looking headset hang out of our hulls. It IS hesitant at the beginning because of a prize, but simply has not had anything more there that looks also so bite a balloon and has taken the. Desprs messing Around with some locations of some speakers and a mics decides that a headsets was to add but our hulls was the noisy bit. As I have chosen in the pair to PISS M6 Pros to resolve this problem. It can not be happier now and or could. I actuate Never the used very another headset before but is has owed to bet that these are an easy plus ones to use by far. Some buttons are easy to memorise and is very easy to determine which are pressing. The alloy is tlphonique and other riders are the bit of the ache at the beginning because of a set-arrive but once that is done some first time can match out of hulls with the press of only button. Any telephone has required. It IS awesome.
5 / 5
Bought a Scala PackTalk to substitute my Scala old G9. Sper Fast nave. I alway legustado my G9 is but a PackTalk the only swipes was the . Easy installs, lustrous creation and very well has thought was system. Matched Easily in GPS of my Motorcycle, My iPod and a sound are utmost some speakers do the very good work. Very Happy Happy Happy with a compraventa.
1 / 5
Service of horrible client. My slender Thistle has been rid defective in Seven 8 2018 and has contacted the thistle ails was apparent this has been broken and any one me not knowing what for the operate. A FM to pose to work only out of the big key sqeal. I have contacted the lean thistle directly in a 11 to notify of a subject. Has update a firmware and has done several resets of factory. After 6 days at the end have recognised that it is in-the fact has broken. Even so they say it that it take it an additional two weeks to accuse the turn. It provides test of the direct purchase of Amazon in Seven 8. So far; any additional response with the forward of the road or the road to take it have substituted. By far a service / of the client the worse slow plus.

Top Customer Reviews: Cardo FREECOM 1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Some of some bad descriptions really do not comprise . This thing is self explainatory partorisca install. Perhaps the people are spending half/three helmets of neighbourhood that subject of cause with a control of profit of the noise. But work perfectly in my unit in my helmet of full face. When I Have paste roughly 40mph and begins partorisca remark the noise of wind is when I remarks that the really kicks in just punctually. A quality of his better east that would expect to consider all an environmental noise is struggling. And has has not had never any complain when in the telephone calls like this has to that noise of blockade a lot well. This has said, calm require partorisca memorise the pocolos commanded of key because otherwise there would be has had to that dip twenty keys that you fumble with looking to skip to a next song while it goes down a street. I any precise fumbling and distractions and appreciate four big keys with swipes likes him toe locators so much am sure will take a right key. It can be frustrate for any that seldom the walks/uses his unit, but was an election of right drawing .

I commute daily and turn my unit was at night, reason I this I so only touch a thing at most once each one that two weeks. This in spite of my telephone a lot automatically pair to a device when the twist behind on. No really the appearance to this in spite of, as my telephone a lot automatically pair with another Bluetooth devices that consistently move it was. Besides I can not speak to a VOX control or intercom functionality. I locate so only but it take a intercom able unit in chance my woman has not decided never loves trace with me would not owe that buy another unit, and I a lot deliberately called of telephone of the mark when it traces reason any precise distraction. But I will receive called reason want to be available my familiar require me.

Had read to revise another mark no really when being waterproof, but can testify that this thing is waterproof, alive in the city with extremely the wet cradles and I have been almost two month to locate neither to or of work in the storm of rain without the question.

An only reason am giving this four star is reason an application of iPhone still does not exist like this of last times have verified, and his extras setup the software is not Linux compatible. This in spite of honradamente an out of some settings of boxes have done well for my needs.
5 / 5
It was leary to purchase because of poor descriptions in of the considerations to sustain of application. The emailed Carda first to purchase asking yes had fixed some subjects with a free application. We inform me to the knots are having question with taking support in a ios application, but that the android was well to go. I have purchased based in this evaluation. I have received the product and an application have done utmost. Calm no precise application for the , but is good to have. I have had previously he sena and like well, but of this one has way more options and row. They are a lot happy with cost of mine and gladly recommend it to another.
4 / 5
I have had an older version of 2008 and decided to upgrade. Wow! Some improvements are of sound!

These are easy to install in HJC17 helmets. It is quell'has bitten hard to press a clip among a shell of helmet and lines, but know is sure. Some bosses run easily under a lining and is hid and sure. I have installed these in 2 helmets in roughly 20 minutes.

Likes having some two options for mics. Has the helmet of full face like Velcro mic is perfect. A HJC has had included he Velcro launches in a helmet that has done well. An older version has come so only with boom mics that it was unwieldy in some helmets of full face.

A sound has improved is far better. The music in fact has the good sound, no like this a lot so much ear buds, but a lot good. Of course, you can cover own ear your buds in. Ossia The a lot of characteristic , also.

A mic the quality is improved, also. I have had to that regulate a sensibility the bit, using a Thistle Connects application. Ossia Easy to do.

Likes that I can take a unit and he touch and update a firmware. An old fashion has been fixed to a helmet and could not be take. Upgrading firmware Is the enormous plus, also.

Likes that I can use Assistant of Google to do calls, music to start with, etc.

here is reason has not given 5 stars. Any everything of a work of keys with mine LG V10 telephone (Android 8.0). For example, that shares the music no with a combination of key. Work with an application of telephone, this in spite of and good works.

Also, an application does not leave me to choose an application of music loves use. Utilisation Spotify, a Game of Google of uses of application (I think). A work around is to use an Assistant of Google.

An application neither leave to connect to a second unit, so only one A unit. Unless I did not imagine it it was like this to do east. This would be good to change settings. Also it was well to be able to update firmware by means of an application in planting that has to connect it to the computer.

Are happy I upgraded. They are sure some of some bugs will be exited with future firmware upgrades.
1 / 5
It has received so only a unit. Plugged He in and has left the load in a usb at night. It have to that be empadrono old reason avenges with firmware version 1.0 like any same work with an application of thistle of telephone anymore. First what is to go a web of place of thistle and register a product. I have downloaded an application direct-me partorisca call and installed the in my car of up to date windows. Rebooted A car and has begun a thistle updater. Hooked A thistle to a computer with a distributed usb boss. Calm then has to that record to the your thistle count it and he magically sees a freecom 4 and say need an update to vs 2.2. Ossia To plot of versions! Click in an update and begins to download the band of tongue. Then it begins the verification where sees numbers 1 to 12. When it Paste 12 falls a usb the connection and the errors was and calm say you that a device is changed was with error D03. Tried this with another computer, another browser and another usb boss. Thistle The support is closed of course for a day so that it is to say on is way behind. They are totally tired of the question that produced of shoots for business. It has squandered the whole evening that does to swim.
4 / 5
It can a lot personally compare the others the units like this is prime minister of mine. It likes and of him partorisci up with mine buddies Sena has built in unit. It has taken some time and has had to that update a firmware but with which he sync and converse in a motorway so only well. The row is sum . With my friends Sena Units that has the indication of 100 course, knots the test and was still to box quite clear roughly 100 course. When diverse again he synced on automatically. I have done you call them of the pair and some calls go in good and clear. In around 65mph in a street a person in another side could not say was in the bicycle. On 65 there is noise of wind. Some speakers are good and clear. Big step-Spent for the listened of Loyalty when I locate and a sound among clear still on 65 mph.

Highly recommend listen the music while it locate and sometimes walk with the partner. If has the group consecrated of people that you consistently the walk with me would recommend a Thistle PackTalk Intrepid in place of these.

Some things that that the bug are times cut a music for the second. And also of then it has the voice has actuated orders, sometimes thinks Im that tries to do the voice the commission when flange to the long of the music in my helmet. Another while, calm once takes used to like this to the use is the add. You can use any one speakers that use some universal jack but a mic is proprietary connection. To the Some people like a bit speakers that AMP was dipped but of these do so only well for me. Calm included can use regulate earbuds master.
1 / 5
I have purchased a FRC20002 Rider of Stairs of the Thistle FREECOM 2, on June 20, the June has received 22. Like this far, like this good. I so only taken around to open a box with a intent for the install. Some looks of boxes to contain all a right material, EXCEPT a main electronic form is the Thistle Q-only. A esventana of the enclosed July gone back 22. An order has been fill for Amazon. Has any recourse? I love a LIBERTY 2, there is some way to trade a form, this would do. It thanks.

Update: to examination further, a container contains some speakers plus a lot small (38mm more than a 40mm HD), and is being missing of a corded mike hardware, there is so only boom mike. A global container has not been still to shrink wrapped. That class of @@subject of the ape is going in in a warehouse of Amazon?

Update II: Aug 16; to amazon me the solid, and has substituted a wrong element. I have sent a wrong element behind with a RMA barcode. Thank you, Amazon!
5 / 5
This system has done a lot well go in to my woman likes behind seater and I.
Mina setup is the modular helmet. It likes the boom regulates mic has done so only well. A helmet of the full face really helped with annulment of noise especially like my speeds of street were quite big (just maintaining up with traffic, agent). It installs it was quite easy. Dressing some bosses have taken the little monkeying around, but no terrible.
Rig he of my woman was the little more complicated. Has the 3/4 helmet with shield of type. Also, it have it it will aim he of alone that has the sinister side slider to go down one will aim. I have had to that take a box of boom of the extension for his setup. Some uses of extension VHB adhesive in some highland groups. A mountain is right next to one will aim to control like this locating some groups Is quite limiting.
Of his helmet is 3/4, in of the main speeds (on 65mph) a mic has taken caused to plot and annulment of noise apresamiento dodgy because of wind. Mic The placing Was critical. Tent to maintain a mic bit it further of his mouth that optimum like the noise was bit it problematic.
Uses these units for the 7 walk of the day and some battery use surviving of full day with at night touching.
Has had a subject initial with firmware upgrades but think that was the Win10 or possibly scanner of virus/cortafuego @subject. It was able to use my auxiliary computer (MacBook with you X , thinks) to do a upgrade felizmente.
This appearance to surprise some instruments of Thistle of support...
In general, this was the compraventa adds and has significant improved our flexibility in our adventures.
BTW, Tony the Hard action is while it takes amused the call of telephone of my edges to the equal that are rocketing on a street in Knitting, that could be fresher!?!
4 / 5
Thistle with-I systems consistently take excellent descriptions so that it is which have gone with. Ossia My second set of 2. An appearance of this new series much more is appealing (contemporary plus) has compared to some Stairs Rider has dipped has had before. Accessing several functions by means of combinations of the key and the widespread key presses is quite unintuitive IMO but has not used never Sena or another to see like this compares. For basic 2-way intercom, the music that listens and GPS or telephone that answered (not initiating ) law of llama well. So only it accepts that I will not be changing among functions while they locate.
5 / 5
Ossia My first description of the esal' Bluetooth headset for my helmet . I have used another economic more Chinese knockoffs in a past with, that felt was resulted well, is had to that treat fault of pair here and there. Basically they have taken a work done.

Like this now know where are by train to come from you now know like this to gauge my description.

Has chosen on this together in the whim because mine old plus Bluetooth dips finally died, and a harder thing with this Bluetooth headset in fact installed to my helmets and that try to take all cleanly tucked in.

As so only will take legislation to a point, these things run almost flawless. There is his a lot of that comes from/comes from some speakers of helmet that can cover for the listened this in spite of listens a person in another side a Bluetooth with. An annulment of noise is a lot well, and the difficulty there was so only that listens other people in of the really big speeds with noises of sounds and excessive wind. Included then when @go back feedback of noise by means of a Bluetooth an annulment of the still directed noise to minimise the bit of him where still can comprise another person. For every day speeds of the legal street there is any one @subjects at all.

Has an application that can use you to configure two Bluetooth headsets, and the fast Kickstart has spent that it can use you to dip them up.

A pair already comes paired together in a Box there is at all calm more need another that his touches on, and install to your helmet.

In of the legal speeds, call them telephone can be done of a motorcycle, and another person will not know that you are in fact in the bicycle. The radio can be listened without @@subject, MP3s, directions of voices, and other sounds come by means of a crystal of clear speakers.

Has had the pair little glitches here and there. While inside the little like this far, has had two Bluetooth disconnect of each another and occasionally reconnect while we break and or while at all it was has transmitted. In timing to Bluetooth has done disconnect and any reconnect automatically. A simple press of the key reconnects his seconds of interior.

Some tactile keys in some units can be the little difficult to feel for, but finally so only learn to know where is.

Has other options in of the settings that can use you with that does not go to go in, but the bit to research on-line can see you that that can be dipped to the equal that can be place . For me an option has better used like this far was a three car of clicar the dial for the number has stored. You can store the quickly connect number that you more probably will use in the motorcycle and calm can use concealed to call any without pulling out of a telephone or touching with anything more.

While it bite it expensive, take which pays stops.
1 / 5
A Freecom2 is appropriate for him with an old plus 1.1 firmware, BUT has to that record to a Community of Thistle and download a Thistle Updater to update a firmware. There is subject with a Thistle Updater not doing and the thistle is conscious of this ( has emailed and has spoken directly with the Lean thistle). I have tried it update a firmware using three different computers (an Apple that careers , and two computers of Windows a duquel has run Windows 10) but after the tentativas numerous that Thistle to use the suggestions of the support and using Safari, I, and Chrome, has not been able to update a firmware. Every time volume he D02 error. This is not one @subjects that fallen under a guarantee and the thistle will not substitute mine to devise. You can use a Freecom2 with an old plus firmware but does not take a figure advanced that the thistle is announcing likes to connect the to an application of Thistle in an iPhone.

Top Customer Reviews: Skull Cap Helmet ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I bought it to run in when is fresh outside, but any quite quite cold for my fleece toboggan. It IS clear and comfortable and would have to when being properly for his purpose has feigned.
5 / 5
Bought this in anticipation to use under hull of bicycle during the in timing fresher of walks later this winter / of fall in northerner of California. It has not spent although road (like the can not comment in that effective is the low cold / time in of what the temperatures provides heat) but has found the useful to spend after the exercise the help drenches up quota to sweat so down or while only listen that it wants the heat of small extra directing (as tomorrow I harvest before it heats of temperature up for a day).

Very compact when not spending so much can easily material in of the trousers or pocket of coverage or in back of the biking sweater. Comfortable, stretchy material this listens very when spending.

Some covers to cover some ears, which are well , but could be very has done also covers it similar of the similar material concealed any ear of cover (in of the ears under the in timing more hull fresco, no in the ears when only wants to something to absorb low sweat hull, maintains sweat of slime in of the eyes,etc).

Averts to spend in cape, and use this to dry my sunglasses when they fog up while and is trace...
5 / 5
Coated My enormous noggin adds. He still the take a cup of my ears and accesses very comfortably under my hull of cycling without any adjustment. Looking advances to use like the hardest time down.
5 / 5
Run in 5 times of title and in 50 times of title with this same hat and he maintain my cape and the perfectly comfortable ears. I do not comprise like these works, but marks.
This would not be carried he well for the situation of time fries where is not active. But you are moving around (working, running, sweating) only done a work. Raisin that it cloak of base under the hat of the winter he the heavy plus and the law adds for that too much.
HAS the big leader and he only ail any cover one very inferior of my ears. For a prize, is leaving that slide. Also, some looks of logotype very fresh. I am returned to purchase the second unit Highly recommends these covers.
5 / 5
This result to be a perfect hull liner especially yes consider that I am only behind almost 8,000 adventure of one thousand stroll (in a R1200GS) winding throughout one to western America and these covers of good skull was perfect closely of freezing all a road in 105f the titles and the hand have washed up amiably each few days... It extends amiably, a very comfortable and soft material, perfect for my XL cranium and hull of dual sport...
5 / 5
Bought by MC hull liner. COMFORTABLE! I use it the cover my bald the leader when spends a hull. Abad in my ears to heat some cold days. It take the half sized melon...If these helps...And it is so comfortable that leaves he on after a walk. It IS it adds 3 season headwear. No for a sper cold or real hot days.
Neither leaves any a lot of the mark in my bald in to cape likes him to him another concealed has acute seams.
5 / 5
I want this hat! Perfect cape, part with sunglasses, absorbs sweat, and is warm! Has the illness that goes down my temperature, as anything down 72 titles, precise the hat. Always I am looking for something ignites, but very warm. This hat all require it to do. It does not doubt to buy or or more, a prize is right and a product am adds! He thank you stops to maintain me warm!
5 / 5
It take an element and gives has purchased a wrong colour (my problem). I have achieved among a company and since would have has had to to pay shipping behind (half a prize of a hat) provide me the $ 10 credit to purchase a right colour! Awesome Service of client with the swift turn around time. Since I do not have to it issues a black one has been behind for the race with him and he have surprised! I have run in 32 times of the title and my cape has been maintained VERY warm! The warm tan when has been finished my leader has sweated down....In me that is to say the thing adds ! It can not expect use the when it has taken skiing under my hull as it was sure to maintain me the sake and warm cape! I will be to buy additional colours ......Afterwards it was a yellow for prejudices he these runs!
5 / 5
At present I am experimenting chemo treatments and will lose my hair. It looks for something could spend for walks and of the careers. That is to say PERFECTO . An access is properly, snug but any too tight. It gives coverage of full cape and go to rack and sea in my ears so that it was not obvious that has the bald woman under these covers. More than everything, a tissue is so soft and comfortable without itchy, rough seams. There is has not had the occasion spends it and works in the sweat still, but some looks of tissue in that do the work adds of humidity wicking. Absolutely I will be to order another.
5 / 5
In a half of the blizzard the Jersey and I have had my skullcap under another hat, my leader and covers it has remained totally dry and warm!

Top Customer Reviews: Sena High ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
Better bang partorisca a buck upgrade can do to the yours sena system. A quality of his east amazing. I think people those who has given fewer perfect descriptions a lot an update. There is the noticeable differentiates in quality of his after calming an update and turn a HD transmission on in an application.
5 / 5
Has seen all some video of Youtube with the types that return aftermarket speakers to the his 20S EVO, will comprise reason Sena has required to upgrade his speakers. These units do a work. A quality of his and the volume is improved a lot and an up to date SENA the application adds the characteristics have drawn partorisca do so only with these speakers. Partorisca A relatively down price these am a lot of-currency he. I have had previously a 20S EVO the slender speakers and these are fatter to the equal that have has had to that carve out of the bit of foam in my helmet partorisca the good access. YMMV But yes has to that have slender speakers partorisca clear yours to cover of ear, and does not want to carve out of the bit to foam these could no for you.
5 / 5
The work adds Sena! Has a 20s EVO. A software upgrade more these the new speakers are the enormous improvement ! It can turn these until full volume and does not distort! I have not used a EQ settings but without them the sound has balanced much fuller. I am using it Oneplus 7T Mclaren and am using .Mp3 of bitrates among 192 and some 320. If has the low bitrate or low quality .Mp3, then calms really can say with a new software and of the speakers. My helmet is one Ploughed XD-4 Some speakers are a same thickness like that has come with a 20s EVO, but slightly more diameter. It likes- one way these discharges in better. Calm does not need this ray. The movement adds partorisca Sena with these speakers! A competition is touching two times so much (IASUS and JBL) And Sena has done so only the upper product for less than half! Going to buy another pair of these for mine another helmet. Thank you Sena!
5 / 5
Game to change for a 20s Evo!! These are like this better that a stock some. In fact I can it hears in a motorway! Claro. It takes him near of your ears. Utilisation some foam or some tampons of old foam. Mark sure is well in your hole of ear. A new update with these speakers would owe that it has to that to wine likes that of Sena. Or be more economic of one $ 40. This would be a right thing to do for clients. But for which better these are to spend one $ 40!!! You will be stoked. And it can listen your buddy better. Still I have a volume all a way on but the man is the world-wide better.
4 / 5
Has bought these speakers partorisca Sena 20S. After installing, has seated in a living room with my helmet on listening the sure songs in mine playlist. I am impressed enough.

Some speakers touch roughly like this as well as Pods of mine of Air. Ossia The big improvement in an original 20S speakers. Also it remarks that I can listen other riders in a intercom more clearly too much. These speakers are to good sure a upgrade.
4 / 5
Well of sound. I have had this in spite of Sena slender speakers already which has touched a lot very also. When Streaky on correctly with your ear This look to have the pocolos grave better answered... No the enormous difference... A HD the way where access of rests to the bends no any a lot of the difference. I have found in fact it has touched it better when I tweaked he of my bow of telephone suitable profile of sound. I also found that you can do Sena speakers of any sound to write a lot much better if it do not use a cutouts in a helmet is too far out of your tape of fold of the ear lateralmente the to a ploughing of a tampon of cheek.. Or you can use a velcro this comes with him and the curve behind for behind a tampon of the cheek where takes so only a zone of the rim that contact a speaker. Where You no quite touch your ear but is a lot of neighbour a sound will be phenomenally better that when I am far is gone in a cutout. And one of my helmets has it velcro to a headliner right where some lines of tampon of the cheek on prójimo my ear but not touching my boss A sound is awesome so only some tips...
5 / 5
I walk for behind the Z-Technik big R1200RT (05-09) windscreen with the Shoei J-Cruise 3/4 helmet. They are 5'10' using the BMW the chair regulates down. I can create a windscreen enough for the silence yes elected . Some the original speakers were A lot in general for several years. Nothing special. These are the small improvement , but also nothing special, included with equalization +acute +of the etc. calm basses always will improve qualities with in-auricular of to the ear likes Etymotic HF5s. For the travesía fast by means of city with local radio music these are well and easy. It would say that well of the money for a upgrade, but no attended HiFi or still in-quality of ear. Perhaps 20 improvement?
4 / 5
Enormous improvement on row of audio. Utilisation to take calls with a volume all a way on and almost could listen a person has spoken to. I appear a volume during the call and almost has blown eardrums of mine 😂... Seriously it is dangerously strong now. His clear and the improvement adds in music so only be careful, this thing needs the security or the control of true decibel in place of volume. On all the products adds.
4 / 5
These are to good sure an improvement in a OEM speakers that is coming with Sena S20 headset. Noticeable Graver and clarity. It is also he values that it comment that for the together owner of speakers, is a lot reasonably priced. Well in already Sena!
4 / 5
Is to good sure a upgrade of my stock 30S, 20 evo and 20S speakers but no the enormous a. No really different in mine 50S! I owe that say a Uclear 40mm his of better speaker and like this do mine Iasus 2.1 45mm speakers . A Uclears is to to an exact same prize like him to him these and calm sometimes can find a Iasus 2.1 for $ 40 also. Like this if your upgrading any of a 10S and on has it jack in some groups on a microphone so that has better options there that these. Fyi, still take almost any Tomb of these but a tiny sound is not like this bad.

Top Customer Reviews: BELL Click Release ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
Buyer beware!!! A 'Frequently bought near' the section of this product is bad!!! A Helmet callejero of Qualifier of Bell' does not return this produces at all. The thought could change this will aim partorisca return this helmet, was like this wrong. Now they are out of $ and one will aim is worthless. One will aim correct is one 'will aim 'of Emission of Click of Bell 2015 Star, Vortex, RS-1, Classified and Shield of Revolver of Dark Smoke'. Amazon, Please change a section of this listing partorisca reflect this or calm will have more clients clicking one will aim wrong and the plot more returns.
5 / 5
Has been that it wants to take the Pinlock system for my helmet never of that sees as well it has done in of the helmets of friends. Has the helmet of Evo of Revolver of Bell. When being a model an old plus, and reason was, no longer manufactured, the hard fact to find accessories. Like this when I have found it is extracted on Amazon, was happy. It was unsure this in spite of, because of an imprecise description, if this was so only a shield, or a shield And a Pinlock inserts/inserts. Also, a main image in an ad does not look a correct shield for some helmets of Emission of Click of Bell. But I have taken a casualidad and ordered it. When I have opened a box, was happy to see that it is in fact a correct shield, and comprises both a shield and one insert. It is the shot adds to consider the clear shield so only cost one still like this Pinlock shield and insert near. I did not use it on my helmet still, but has to that well sure will do adds, likes more Pinlock systems.

Update: they are trace with this shield long now. A shield are add, and a Pinlock inserts/inserts are adds. He so only that it is supposition to do , prevents a shield of fogging up. It does not distort my vision at all. This in spite of, has had to that take it was some stars. When creating A shield of a down place, a Pinlock inserts/inserts to take in an upper rim of a face that opens of my helmet, he doing hard to open. Neither I owe that it forces it to him open, or create a portion modulate of the mine first helmet to create a shield. If some designers had moved a place of one inserts down, so only the fraction of a thumb, this would not spend . But in general, it is still I extracted adds.
5 / 5
Has looked for one all the mirror of gold the shield like my bicycle has a lot of characteristics of gold. A picture any one the justice. It is the shield of mirror . Calm can not see by means of him. I have added the photo of as looks in my helmet.

This in spite of, these falls of shield to somewhere among gold and turquoise. Calm always can see gold but often some sides and other zones are turquoise in colour. It likes-me a shield but are not the enormous defender of a colouring of chameleon.
Any fogging questions in of the coldest days
has not had any semence of entities to manage or washing. I wash it manually low warm water and blot dry with the soft towel. You would owe that be sweet anyways with shields, is coated optical lenses and would have to that be treaty like such.
A darkness of a shield is well for brilliant sun and dawn/the dusk but I would not locate in late night. I have taken stuck out of just the shortly after a together of alone and was quite difficult to see.
Has been around 1000 miles like this far and washed it 4 or 5 times and a coating of iridium has no chipped or there is lined.

In general is the shield adds , ossia durable (for the coated shield) and looks well.
5 / 5
The aim is gone in with stirs it of scratches for a latching points, which was odd reason was wrapped still in that looked to be original packaging. You can see type by means of will aim is gone in sun. A main reason this has taken to 1 star is reason the notification has come with will aim it that it declares use for Europe so only. This would have to that be declared clearly in description. Minus Some scratches and use of Europe, thinks that there would be has given this to 5 star.
4 / 5
A unit was resembled a an originally attached to a helmet. I gave excellent vision to the equal that has expected. This in spite of, attaching it to a helmet was the subject considerable . Initially, I have not had any question while attaching in a side. But while trying adosarprpers in a remaining side, any entirely returns properly inside a hole. It looks as if a whole unit is slightly warped. Still, included with him not returning snugly, resist decently and does not tend to come free altogether and fall off. So only it means that I require to invest in the second (better) to helmet likes one has is not a better one can buy. Well With him for now.
5 / 5
Love this thing! The blockades was the majority of a sun, any one can see in by means of him, and looks to surprise!

Modify: it says no for use of time of the night and now comprise reason. I have taken taken late another night that spends it and is extremely last to see at night with him. Still he 10/10 will aim it but to only use good insurance during a day.
5 / 5
After spending $ 70, has has wanted to really like this will aim. This in spite of have to that admit that he so only doesnt fulfil expectations. In the first place it was, it is not gold. His plus like a colour of oil of engine in waters. A lot of blue/green. Yes it has some clues of gold in him a light paste the good, but theres so only any way a colour could be gold considered for any piece of an imagination. Secondly, He fogs much easier that mine another two will aim. And he doesnt just fog on, also clears when a fog goes era. Instead it has this misty residue that takes left behind and wont clears up until the cleaned. In general I am not impressed and the desire had saved of the money for something more.
5 / 5
Has taken this shield because it is supposition to return a revolver evo. He no. Only explosions out of some connectors a lot @@subject that the times try the take to remain in. It has not been that fixes of lock of the pin another reviewer received, but has not been in mine. The shield neither touches to lose far quite although it would return, would be to take air constantly. If has the revolver evo, does not buy this will aim or calm so only will be pissed was and that it has to return, so only likes im that has to that do. Taking soured on Bell quickly.
5 / 5
Has taken awhile still rid but when I took it I immediately dipped the in my Qualifier of Bell. Access like the glove. It has changed entirely one looks of a helmet and done the work adds that it maintains a sun was. It would be really easy to the transmission was with one will aim clear stock for horse riding at night, but leaves this tinted will aim on 24/7. 10/10 it Recommends, but be ready to expect on book during this pandemic.
5 / 5
This does not return one 2014 Qualifier of Bell or has received perhaps the bad a. A lock of the click does not seat all a way in a canal in a side. It does not import the side has dipped in first. A side that dipped last will bend out of a joint of pívot. You can use a palmera of your hand to paste he in, but the explosions was when I stimulate one will aim up. A model in this will aim is P157-CS-FS. A Model in mine will aim is P157-CS-JH. Of course, calm does not know this until you receive a product because it is not noted anywhere. A lot disappointed.

Top Customer Reviews: Vega 93-2704 Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Has Sena 20s in 1 hull and Sena 20s Evo in another. Both have sounded terrible, was also down and very difficult to launch of the cual any one says in of the walks. I am coming to learn some Pockets of Of the west was far in deep and some speakers were in my cheeks in stead of my ears. I have bought this and place in my hull - has tried to the unit and he was awesome! Quite strong included in 50% volume, Crisp and Claro. As I have finished to buy another set for mine 2 hull.
These are utmost!
5 / 5
They are awesome. Maintained my ears animate yesterday when a wind was fresh during my walk in the morning and then in an evening, has maintained a wind to abuse my drums of ear. Highly it recommends.
4 / 5
So far any complaint. Attached in hull as it has described. It has not having very he casualidad to try them was.
4 / 5
I have not used these a lot of excepts law. I preoccupy me quite the durability because of one inserts/inserts tab that goes in a hull is done of joint of card. Yard down in noise of wing but very a lot.
3 / 5
They of the that has a same master to annex while it marks in a beak like the result and wasted my money while they very bond in my straps of hull. But they are well in the hull of my woman
3 / 5
It researches to be launched of cheap material, pay more and take the better pair of tampons of ear! He no apt my hull very well, so that my hull has will aim he of sun these covers up and down!
5 / 5
Trace these pockets in the half of leader HJC hull for fitment of HD headset speakers, all was smooth quality , well and abundance of coverage, highly recommends!
5 / 5
It gives the in to us likes them the presents navideo. It IS fearful would be too hot for a summer, but so far the has not been a subject. Any one I same commentaries the anymore.
5 / 5
These have done utmost with our means hulls. Purchase again, if precise.
Thank you
5 / 5
I have chosen these until use in my half helmets, while it deletes some heavy ringing in my ears partorisca hours with which leaves of my Street King CVO... I have not been sure when I bought him, but they are like this economic, reasons not trying and is Amazon after all.

Are like this happy has ordered two pairs! It give the pair to one of the mine buddy is partorisca try was also, after my first walk, has decided to maintain both pairs partorisca two of my helmets especially! My first walk and I was blown seriously was that well it has done it! I have taken still air in my ears, but was cut down quite that has experienced literally ZERO ringing in my ears after taking fact with the two walk of now!

Goes to cut the small piece of cloth and fold until slip to the each pocket lateralmente, so only to do them hastens so only the tad more in the each ear, thinks it would be included better! I probably cut on the piece of an old tee shirt or the handkerchief or something likes him that the roughly 1/4' often. This ought to be perfect. This in spite of seriously, have done well without him, so only thinks it would do it the tad easier that block out of the little more than a noise, included although it was already quite any to do my coverage of ears...

To the equal that to a worthiness to use with speakers for a bluetooth, can not direct that, does not use him . At least a lot still... In all the chance, is thought these could be better that shoving cover them of ear of the pair in your ear, says that it is the better way !! And I will not lose these, likes atascamos of ear! They attach easily in the my helmets!

Top Customer Reviews: Cardo Audio & ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
5 / 5
This unit has been awesome. Some controls of key are much more friendly user that other systems have tried previously the compraventa. I have been that uses this unit regularly in this past 3 month, winter in a Noreste (rain, wind, cold, etc.) And any subject. Underlining that with the fat battery has heated the gloves have used a system perfectly.

All this says, a manual of owners is crap, almost useless. An application for telephone could use some help too much but used it quite once to take things initially setup and has not gone back his felt... At least until the cradle takes here and beginning some walks to group where will owe leverage an application to connect with other walks.

But a manual and the application does not take out of some enormous profits of a system.

Any pros:
- Excellent operation with my telephone of android. Music of current, directions via application of map, the free delivery that answered of calls of telephone, etc.
- The noise that annuls. I am running to 2017 Victory Octane with an equivalent of any mufflers (meaning strong) and am able to have the conversations add via boom mic and speakers that come with a system.
- Life of excellent battery. A last week has taken is gone in the 450 one thousand (almost 10 walk of now) and the battery still is gone in this unit. If so only my telephone was able to resist on like this long!
- A lot of @@subject with a time. The majority of horse riding of mine has been in a rain on last 3 month and has had any subject thanks to focusing tight on touching port.
- Quality of sound. While I am unable to compare the others units/of available frames, can say that I do not have any subject with a quality of sound. Again, I am using this in combo with the very strong bicycle and with easy to use the control of volume and access adds to some helmets pre-has drawn to situate listen to anything master and enjoy for hours.
- The support for a company was a lot. I do not actuate a lot of an interaction, and contacted invernadero email, but has had the response inside the day and the instructions were quite basic like this easy to follow.

- Manuel of owners sucks... Which is a understatement in better.
- The application is not like this intuitive to the equal that was necessary/ could be, even more like this when that considers the one who horrid a manual also spends to be.

Will add has has purchased of then more two unit for familiar and has promoted this to friends, some that purchased it also and is pleased with a unit, also.
3 / 5
Some works of good product and quite all say it will do, but has a troubling aim feeble. In the travesía along and windy all three of the ours packtalks has developed breaks in a antennae and an entirely snapped with a antennae hangs it on for bosses. I have called and the thistle does not sell substitution antennae, but will cover it down has guaranteeed. Of then all three is having a same question, would have to say that this will be the real weakness feigns use this produced at length. A coverage of guarantee is well, but does not help any one a lot when you are travelling daily and can not take the substitution til the volume marries .
4 / 5
Very easy to use all precise is bicycle the communication of bicycle. After reading descriptions of product and manuals of user for all some main bluetooth the systems have chosen a Packtalk. For intercom communication among two or more the bicycles can not be simpler. So only dipped some units in DMC WAY, pair the to a creator of band, and it beginning that it speaks. When Calm turns him was and behind on again automatically connect to a band. I used him so only to speak my woman in his own bicycle, and has done perfectly. It was also able to do the call of telephone to another rider that there has not been intercom way, but has had connectivity of telephone. It takes the little complicated when you want to listen the music or GPS, but does not use this characteristic. An only reason gave it four stars in place of five is a manual is not very good. You are better learnt of video of Youtube that reading a manual.
3 / 5
It was excited enough to take these for my woman and I to use while each one which so that it locates our own bicycles, but after having them possessed for several months are the little there is disappointed. To the Things like:
-Once setup some DMC laws of utmost point.
-I will turn of bluetooth in my street slips special and use a Packtalk to listen the music of my telephone has seen bluetooth. That The audio is well!
-Life of looks of battery to be I enough adds! I have not tried a waterproof appearance but feel sure that rids like this announced to have that takes wetted.
The things are not like this happy roughly:
-A velcro backing in a boom mic sucks. It has gone down entirely of point of a mic in both mine and my woman is. I have finalised to use another mic this has a small boss more than a boom, but will have that finds some industrial force velcro and cut to return in the boom of my woman mic b/c the will not remain trace in his helmet like east.
-The together of my woman has a subject where the course of audio was, both music and voice. Have reconnected All the bosses and has done sure at all is pinched, but is not doing likes has to that. I have opened the chance of on-line support with Thistle in a subject, but has not received never any response of them (was after sending the email of clue in an open chance).
-I desire could update some devices of a mobile application more than that has to that connect to the computer. I possess a lot of different devices that use bluetooth, and his all have this capacity.
-This is not necessarily the negative, but these devices will do the TONNE of things, and like such is complicated enough. I have imagined out of the little of some basic things my woman and I will use and know a key presses required for those. An application to good sure helps cruised the use of a device, but without the telephone of trace of handlebar will require to memorise some key presses in a device he.
5 / 5
It likes all the world-wide more, has been going back in advances in this vs Sena, and after speaking the users in both and reading descriptions, has chosen Thistle Packtalk Intrepid JBL. Main reasons:
1. IP67 Waterproof has estimated. Sena Is not waterproof
2. Some handsfree to the limit of voice likes Alexa. Sena Calm require to press a key still to actuate the mandate of voice
3. A new JBL 40mm the speakers are better that a 40mm some in Sena, with basing answered really good and have good loyalty. Calm can take him really strong until they have hurt your ears so many using with covering them for the listened is possible in of the streets. If has to the calm helmet likes a Shoei GT-Air, in fact will take equivalen really well of profit of cabin in some tomb that is well.
4. Measure: the smallest way that Sena 30s (any here posted a pic vs an Intrepid) - half less pulling in your helmet to a side that is one of a cup complains of 30s. A Thistle the bold is really small in profile. There is an Intrepid Slender, but know that they have it and wants to go to an Intrepid now because of a less life of battery in a slender. Also you locate the bicycle of sport, a battery in a Packtalk Slender is in a with the backside of your helmet and could be annoy in the tuck. So only something to consider on reason go for a Bold.
5. Sena HAS the plastic clip in a subordinated that will break. If you go to Unsuspecting Revises place, will see ossia the complaint of entity , and like this that the clip is in a unit he and no a cradle, is not replacable. The thistle does not have to that this @subject likes the clip of of the retention is in a cradle and to the more fat and durable plot
6. Investigation FortNine the description in soyotorcycle bluetooth communications' and will see the deep analysis of them
7. Accesses some pockets of speaker perfectly in mine Shoei GT-helmet to Air

Joined those that observations:
1. Mic Really need to be traces directly in front of your mouth. I have seen video suggesting be it angled to a side, but so only would owe that be fact with a boom mic. A condenser (slowly) mic really need to be directly in front for mandates of voices to do ( has had goes to a side where was more afterwards to some tampons of cheek, but calm really precise dipped the directly front.) It does not concern roughly choosing arrives to breathe, a mic profit and isolation of noise the work adds to filter that it was.
2. A new some with JBL has control of natural tongue (any enormous on some mandates of old voices) so that you can use Thistle, Alexa, Siri, HeyGoogle, Hey Waze, etc. Leaving you to control any application that has control of voice. This was a point for to sell me . I can control everything of order of voice that use Hey Thistle, or say Well Google, opens Waze, or any control in a telephone has loved. Once Waze was opened fully could control use a Hey Waze orders. Works like the charm! You could fully run your telephone and Waze without looking in your telephone (maintains in your pocket) and have speak behind the yours. Slick. Ossia Something that Sena does not have on taken with in of the terms of this level of sophistication.
3. A JBL 40mm the speakers finally touch better now and well like one some in a 30s. Of these is not of the enormous speakers and there is not locating to the pertinent resonator (the bass requires the pocket of enclosed air to resonate, does not go to take enormous bass. This in spite of for the flat speaker is quite good. You can compensate to spend a triple down and volume on, and the sounds adds. With the decent calm helmet will take profit of cabin in some tomb to the equal that touches boomier with a the aim has closed.
4. Treating some bosses with a cheekpads was the little delicate. I have learnt that in an end, dipped some tampons of cheek in first, then tuck some bosses on down the partorisca the look cleaned and calm will not owe that concern roughly ran of pinch/of the boss.
5. Mic pickup Are adds! With profit of volume of the car based in environmental sounds, automatically filters background noise that depends things the one who strong is around you, so that it is pertinent.
6. It is more economic compared to Sena 30s
7. Compared to Sena 30s this thing is crazy tiny, and is IP67 (waterproof) which Sena is not
8. A unit is truely free delivery. If you accustom use Alexa or Siri, will feel right in home using east.
In general ossia slick - which have had this technology for my car also I so that it can handsfree control my telephone a same way
5 / 5
has bought this for horse riding of bicycle of muck of forest and dualsport walks. I have not gone really while be wow'd, but was impressed enough. He really ameno the whole new experience to a walk that is able to listen the music and also cat with my partner of horse riding. A row has looked adapted in a forest although I have not been never more than one 1/8 one thousand is gone in any time given to the equal that can very really say sure. No appearances a row to be far given some trees and the hills but was abundance so that do and has left an antenna in a place has closed. I do not want to you have an accident and potentially snap it was has opted like this to so only the opened up has taken to separate and required more row. A tongue was very clear and a volume was súper strong. Like this strong that does not think never will have it on max. An only thing has changed was that I am using earbuds in place of some speakers. Some speakers so only are not returned my helmet that well. I have bought a Beyerdynamic DX160IE earbuds reason has the very short cord and have his excellent.

To the Things did not like was that a pairing was of difficult. Has looked video of Youtube/of Youtube on regarding the do and has done look very easy. They are not technologically impares (I code VBA for spreadsheets.) Following some steps in a video any felizmente pair our two near. After trying several times his pair, but really have any idea as it has taken the to do. A brilliant side is that his pair of car in a future to the equal that owe does not have to that concern roughly he again. Another negative is that the desire there was the transmissions of option of the microphone to prevent calm to cause a intercom. For example you the cough or something is incredibly strong in an end to receive. I have tried it cover a mic with my hand and concealed has not helped. My fellow sneezed (does not warn me ) and wow was that ridiculously strong. Also it was useful for when prendes like the group and is speaking. I any precise to listen mine a buddy by means of a mic, or at all really, while it is speaking the people without the headset. A intercom looks very sensitive also which constantly dim a volume in a same music is at all was has said. I require to verify some settings in an application again this in spite of reason perhaps this can be regulated.

One the main flu would be some controls for Pandora. Has think that to take a music that use a key/of the pause of the game would do without @@subject. I have found that that presses that key skips a forward of clue in planting to take. When being quite confused has been to an internet to see that wrong. Had the forum that pause this so that the known question where the thistle has said that has been due to to program. An only work around that has found is that you have to that press a key to actuate a mandate of voice for a telephone. Then I owe that say 'A lot of Google, Pause Pandora.' This usually has resupplied that a telephone recognises your is not always a chance. This is not the breaker to treat, but sure is annoying that the characteristic of the simple pause does not act. If it require an additional key to do does then has to that it has been done with this key. If this has augmented a prize for several dollars then have paid still for him and would be much more happy state. To offset a side easily could take rid of some built in FM irradiates auricular. There are free radio applications that then could connect to the yours headset has seen a bluetooth. Images that the majority of some users are not using a FM radio option anyways.

In general same with a shortcomings, am impressed enough and happy has bought the system comunicacional and highly recommend it.
5 / 5
Bought some Stairs PackTalk to substitute mine old Scale G9. Súper Fast nave. I alway liked mine G9 is but a PackTalk so only his swipe was. Easy installs, lustrous creation and a lot has very thought was system. Paired Easily to GPS of Motorcycle of mine, iPod of Mina and a sound is utmost some do any the really good work. Very Happy Happy Happy with a compraventa.
1 / 5
The thistle HAS a support of the worse client has not seen never in an industry of motorcycle. They do not have any option partorisca has broken the elements except to pay full prize for the unit of substitution. Mina headset has suffered harm in the accident, an external chance has been broken. Some works of units well, so only need the new chance. The thistle has refused the neither send me the new chance or have me send he in still reparation. The any never business with this company again. I have possessed a lot Sena headsets and has had any question with them. Probably I will buy Sena when this unit fails.
5 / 5
My woman and I have used these for on 2 months now. I can not speak for like this expensive for the group it big plus that 2, but has to that be one same. We are both surprised in like this utmost these are. We can communicate clearly with each another, included in the quite far distance without any static or subjects of connectivities. They augment the security of then can communicate the possible threats and in the does not have to that ask the one who another east doing. I use him with you cover him for the listened and can very clearly listen or my telephone. Mina old plus Shoei the helmet does not have to that the pockets of speaker, and any place to stick a velcro. It was able to directly estaca a speaker (which already there is velcro semi-detached) directly to a cloth inside a helmet. This does well and is sure. The placing of speaker is critical. I have done the very small planting the adjustment and he have done the enormous difference. Still without some pockets of speaker, can not feel some speakers against my ears. These have been a wireless device I better there is never has used. Literally his perfectly, and some battery last some specified 10 hours or so many. The installation of helmet has taken roughly 20 minutes for helmet, and resemble apt almost anything. Highly it recommends these. They have done the trace joint the entirely different experience. They are expensive but value each penny.
5 / 5
This setup works awesome. It installs it was easy (well like this easy as taking everything of of the this in the the Shoei Neotec can be). Word to warn, has 2 applications for this unit. One for one 3.2 firmware and one for one 4.0. I upgraded to a new plus firmware before I included installed a unit and he take me the little has bitten to imagine was reason an application will not connect . Using these with a iASUS XSound 2.1 Speakers of the helmet and a sound was the little tinny exiting of this unit. I have isolated a @@subject to this unit and I believe is so only a EQ that the thistle has chosen to use of then so much discharge for the listened of wear of the people when they locate. DL'D a EQ for my iPhone and yard 8k-10k 6dB and now everything touches well..

Top Customer Reviews: Seibertron ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
You are the hesitant bit to buy this rucksack, since does not have any description, but has all some characteristic has looked for he so that it was for him, and is happy has done. I have wanted the rucksack to spend when that locates my motorcycle to do or in of the trips of adventure and this a leader a bill perfectly. I have bought also a bladder of hydratation that goes with him, and works of looks and good quality well with a group. A material some mark grupal of this quite heavy and in to the the look likes him will line up well. I want a modularity of a MOLLE creation, so enough can the be anything needs to be. My XL access of full face of hull in a carrier of hull well, and all some straps adjust, as I am winery quite sure very hull of measure, or anything more wants poses in there. You can take the endwise optional groups that will attach in some sides of a main group also. I very cual some straps in a side that calm leave you to adjust a measure of a group based in that has in him, so yes is uploaded slightly with material for work, can do a quite compact group, or enter the long trip and required for the upload down could develop the. A material is in fact waterproof, but some zips and nylon of outsides that adjusts the straps will absorb water so that it can be it the problem takings taken by the long time in the downpour. Some straps of shoulder are comfortable and has the strap of small cofre to line them together and the strap of half main to back a group. There are loops and points during the to attach any explosion of accesorias. In general, I think that that it is value adds for the past money and could not be happier with him!
4 / 5
Well and comfortable measure. I am trace my motorcycle for 15 minuets with 3 groups of soda in a rucksack, 15 laptop, portable load. The anterior day has bought the pair of shoes, measures 10, and accesses in a rucksack with a box.

Be better yes has the headline of cup.
5 / 5
Predominately Has purchased this rucksack to spend when that locates my motorcycle(cruise). Any only lines the hull of full measure, but winery essentially anything more required. I locate to do, then directly in a gymnasium. So much in the daily base, spends 1 hull, 3 lunch, hoodie, trousers of gymnasium, gymnasium sneakers, waters to bounce of the pair, coffee mug, documentation, and other things. His perfect. It has to awesome tactical look. All when being sure with all some options to tense and loosening with a side adjusters. In the each better rucksack to purchase in Amazon this has seen. You wont be disappointed.
3 / 5
It has not taken a stock exchange for the walk still but was the little disappointed in a measure. A stock exchange could line 3-4 books downloaded but probably will not run the laptop with everything of that too much. The stock exchange is sper slender and looks it would return well in a backside of my bicycle but has not tried was still. I bent Up in a waterproofing using the spray so that it has drenched in him a tank very shortly 10-15dry and waters it drenched in material.
Update: it Likes manufacturer hounded me multiple time to delete my commentaries so that it ensures this stock exchange is not to water test unless I take any one to ensure is waterproof before it takes in the walk.
Pros: It returns more than I have expected since now I am using this for my daily rucksack for university. Stain quite two textsbooks and the binder with smaller notbooks quite tight. You can return any one the book or the laptop in a forward of pocket and will be tight but can be done. A headline of the pen/of good pencil is built in a front where maintains my patch milite on so that I know is my stock exchange . It can be joined down in the bicycle with a built in joining and any one when being no in bad when fully uploaded down trace with him.
Gilipollas: The straps are everywhere like the mark sure ensures the when it locate or yours go to take burst.
Hull While in some clave to title was for ever far to the era goes to owe the look was where is walking.
The title of hull is class of loose any one imports that it marks yes plans on in the now only broken in a stock exchange.
Tight access require multiple taking material with you to classify.
The stock exchange is not one the majority of comfortable when is in your behind all a time.

Would say yes to the to the yours like him and only wants of something to take for and can take ready in your waterproofing will have you the good time. Constantly I have to rotate things in and out of a stock exchange to do sure has the room but he are lined up.
5 / 5
That is to say it attributes rucksack. Abundance of room for my boots of the work and another do the material related can return waistcoat of coverage or protective back of Motorbike of the point, stock exchange of small lunch, any hull of work or crack of Motorbike. It looks very very done, very pleased with the mine purchases so far. It opens Wait for some rain to come my road, to see quite a lot of recovery of test of the water
4 / 5
Has another Seiberton rucksack in that really like him. It was even so misplaced after the walk and I have entered the 3k the walk where would require to tug the cup of foothills and hull around with me all day during the week. As it take this unit

has taken so much the half shell and the hull of full face with me. Some accesses of half shell I quite loose, has not been able in a lot tense in a section of hull where would like me with of a half shell in him. A full face ails apt and some joins confused so too much that it was where for the ensure. In a final wound in just that spends a hull during a day yes am spent a full face. In a walk a rucksack has ensured a hull as I have not required to use the point of load for a lid has not spent.

Quan Remonta with a stock exchange in my backside in place of bungeed in a bicycle tends to seat the grave small but otherwise is trace well. I have required probably adjust some joins the bit while it have posed his for 1 shoulder spends more concealed that spends a rucksack in a bicycle.

Has paste some very heavy rains in Florida and lighter of rain in Knitting. In both cases everything in a stock exchange and down that the perfectly dry rests.

Some looks of rucksack awesome. It researches to be highly durable. It has had mine another Sieberton stock exchange to hover he of 3 years now and is seen the good bit of miles and mark of new still looks.

In summery necessity to revise some straps for a hull and this apresamiento and easy 5 stars.
5 / 5
I like this stock exchange! Some accesses of hull firmly in a front like pointed in a picture. There it has no the plot of room for storage in a stock exchange. Even so, it was able to return my trousers of the horse that mountains, gloves, and boots (with a hull has attached in a front), and there remained of still room on for the little more elements. Say his perfect for the trip in the daytime or worker of daily work.
5 / 5
Absolutely I want this stock exchange. It is not weighed at all and returns very well in my organism. I packed For the weekend MSF the course and he return all has required, comprising clothes and extra train. 10/10 squids again.
5 / 5
The rucksack is very built,solid,and only a right measure for concealed it and the required. It goes Raisin 2 days that habladuras with people and verifying an internet before buying easterly unit and HAS the Yamaha YZF R3. Quite small to line my material with straps of shoulder and straps of stomach, and of the that has to preoccupy in a load these movements while the mounting.it buy again
5 / 5
I have bought this group for the trip of motorcycle that has taken. This thing is awesome! Has so many compartments / of straps that could spend you or tent that does not want never. A desire of only thing has. . . Ideas / of directions in that to do with all some compartments. I am sure this thing is able to spend beat it material very included think of. . . Still.
IS very done and equally hurriedly. I am very pleased

Top Customer Reviews: Bamboo Sleep Cap ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
These spent is of the BEST in a phase. I have tried easily you cover him of sleep of the dozen that tries to find a concealed no my like this hot boss wants to pull it was... Then dipped the on again when cold volume, then was, then on... You take a picture . Ossia The alone discharge of cloth more than a typical double layered spent of sleep. A cloth is soft with the naturalidad feel and so only quite piece to prevent he to exit but no like this tight as to be bothersome. More, is quite big that can pull it down in my eyes. Ossia To real prize ; fold like a mask of eye! An only another has found of the alike quality is more expensive and has too little extend so that it tends to fall off. MORE, ships of United Kingdom, which means an additional $ 3 to ship. Like this on being the product adds, is the subject adds . Highly recommended!
4 / 5
A measure of these discharges is smaller that the majority and tighter that has tried more. It says that it is 100 seamless but concealed is not true. I am looking for it covers it to sleep in that no hot taking and no my plague of sensitive shaved boss or uncomfortable. These discharges was quite fresh and a cloth is quite soft but no comfortable reason is uploaded with interior seams this hurt after the period of time.
5 / 5
Am spending for chemo and has had several beanies and soft hats, but any good to the sleep has had neither seams that has undermined to my coffins hair, is exited easily, or was too hot. Has sweats at night and has required something soft and washable to maintain of a cold. I have decided to try this discharge of sleep of cloth of bamboo and has been utmost. They are loose but have quite elastic to remain in planting for the moment. Sure they was during a night, but then so only pulled my discharges on and go back to sleep. Any one has said to like them more his attractive down to cover his eyes - this discharge is long enough. I have spent mine for several weeks now, washed them in the stock exchange in a delicate cycle, and to the left dry them in the rack. Any question. This discharge is very soft, comfortable thin cloth, no too hot, and adds to sleep in. Recommended.
5 / 5
A bit small. I spend these reasons he CPAP the car will do your hair exited like the product ossia useful to prevent loss of hair.
4 / 5
These discharges is like this very soft and comfortable. I have lost my hair of chemo and was perfect to use during a house of day and at night to sleep. Very good and warm and softer that never!
5 / 5
Pros: Very soft, material; good colours; they wash and dry well. For wear of day therese is fantastic

Gilipollas, no for small bosses. HAS well hair that always is escaping. Spending with bobby the swipe of pins to sleep use, and the hair is exited still.

Has bought these while they would contain hair at night and resupply the better surface for cpap straps to hang to. They have done enough well for a forst little time, then taken freer and is exited at night. It registers in an end of one covers was the little tighter, perhaps more elastic, would do very better.
5 / 5
Was reluctant to purchase reason like this of some descriptions have declared was too tight. They are happy has purchased in all the chance. Has the snug apt has bitten to good sure a lot too tight and have the bog boss. Has a black and an ash. An ash is my preferred . I love him.
5 / 5
I amour that sleeps in these discharges. Sometimes it exits in a half of a night, but I so only dipped the very behind on. Very soft and comfortable, some looks of bamboos to be the good material for breathability.
4 / 5
Returns a lot well and like a description is very comfortable compared to that has bought elsewhere.
This one has an extra cushion (double material) which is of entity my personal situation.
4 / 5
Of the discharges sees in a pic,(covers blue) looks the soft, returning spent that it will remain it dipped at night while it sleeps. The no. In the first place was, any cotton, more as the thin, stretchy sweater, this has no gripping capacity for hair or hairless users. This thing causes my CPAP mask to slide of several times the night. It could be well for the deep, hair and conditioning of hair, but to good sure is not described like this to sleep! It will not order this produces again. A lot disappointed ☹️.

Top Customer Reviews: SENA 20S-EVO-01 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
3 / 5
1) Easy to install
2) Easy to match in Sena, GPS and of tlphonique.
3) The communication among 2 records of riders quite well.
4) The controls are quite easy to do with gloves.
5) The quality of Call is quite well in an another same end in of the speeds of motorway.
6) Can Quickly on and connection.
7) Any external moving antenna to break or waters leave to enter.
8) Fast to touch and a hard stack all day (running communication).

1) Volumes among the devices are not balanced state what manual in spite of trying to pose each which so or separately. A volume of tlphonique is too down and when Sena is turned all some subjects until listening a tlphonique other explosions of entrance in your ears like the shotgun.
2) Field for the communication is not 1.2miles. The communication is purely line of view. Any curve and sometimes included the car enters disconnect communication.
3) The volume of my iPhone is so down that I can use for calls and the majority of songs but never the book.

In general a device is VAL. My primary use is for bicycle in communication of bicycle. If I only uses for that, a device is quite sake but has the very limited field. Some the crazy different volumes mean has owed of a function that left wing all (musician, communication and of GPS) to run immediately so that I blow out of my drums of ear.
3 / 5
VAL So in preface - that is to say my premier BT communications headset. After years of earbuds and in brief experience with the cheap more very-system by name of the mark - has decided was at the end time to take one submerges in a famed Sena 20S - opting for EVO model rigidly so that a built in antennae has meant fewer parts that can break. A primary reason to purchase this device was for control of half comunicacionales better with the gloves for mere functions as to change tones, prendiendo musician etc, - but more on that later.

The installation was easy and almost amused with a HJC RPHA 11 Pro which declares to put that it abounds cutouts. Any hull has done these days that places cutouts. The installation has taken in an hour, but is the small OCD so especially where the the audio is preoccupied - the better results everywhere are achieved so much in that listens and as it is listened yes simply take your time with installation.

This has said, once is to arrive and the race has been impressed with that bono Sena has connected in my telephone of Pixel of the Google. Time of the load for a device was under an hour and gave me time to read a manual. In any point was a matching thwart or confusing - another the thing of entity had expected has been directed with this compraventa.

Returns in of the controls of means comunicacionales - was the small confusing at the beginning. It presses and rotate BEHIND in a jog dial to go in a next tone!? Jog ADVANCE to reduce a volume? 'If you say so Sena' thought in me. Happy to say that calm once learn some controls, the life is so easier that bluetooth earbuds!

Moving on, while the mentioned has not purchased this device so that the communications looks kinda crazy knows, but a time although it DOES to give immediately is what that it is special in Sena is in which functions he includes.in this considers it can be something all over the world - but at any rate is some updates in anything setup at present is using.

Has has not tried still communications, but of the this comprises is hardly estimates a hassle and has limited field. Passenger in of the sounds of the a bit intriguing passenger, but will not pay $ 300+ for a consolation of having the problems of passenger me of a backside of a bicycle.

Crucially, hurriedly Gives that still with the modern hull - location of of the one of the west is your with these systems to achieve usable audio. Some speakers are mostly rubbishes. I am not impressed with his amplitude or varies of frequency. They are big launched and tinny simply to achieve estrong' in a cost of in fact sounding well. Importing, has enabled immediately a parameter of the volume the strong plus in an application.ques Done in the title.

Opens Maintains in alcohol, because of a wide spectre of the cual east the system of communications is directing, is nigh impossible the audio of canal of big quality (where listening each word is that it imports) through the arrival opened the speakers have adhered in the hull. There the plot is entering when the motorcycling that comprises vibrations, noise of road, time of noise and of the traffic. Some speakers have done still his duties a bit admirably, but is mostly throwaway.

Was with a wire fence mic bonded inner what next in my mouth that possible for maximum action. It was immediately unimpressed with Sena Orders of voice, while after several tentativas enmedio static (not locating ) to do basic orders, Sena has failed to recognise anything. Hurriedly Gives that the has not been a mic this was a problem - was Sena crappy controls of voices.

Has changed to use aiding of the android saw a back button and the life resulted much easier. Each function can cause Sena saws physical entrance, doing control of the totally unnecessary voice. That really wants the control is what your telephone , so much Siri and the assistant of Google has to coated. With location of pertinent microphone 'dad of llama' eshuffle playlist xxx and esanuncio me the mine last text' as the character resulted bliss.

One of entity takeaway here is quality of audio. Some falls of whole system eschew in a seams if I can not listen. As such I, and very another is now in the investigation to find a better earbuds these laws under a hull to achieve maximum effectiveness of a global system. So much in the cruel transfer of fate, is far behind to use earbuds again but this time is wire fence , albeit with controls of half comunicacionales better. Perhaps there is not system very perfect?

A fact that another characteristic like FM radiates and 'environmental road' is the bust was also the small disappoints. Both quite bad work.

And then has some problems that is to announce of cover-nausea in other descriptions; like Sena any one when being any raincoat, when being in a bulkier side, and also when being a bit pricey, which are subjective. Taking Sena 20s EVO for $ 200 which think only is that it considers the technology of point is has entered now a piece with all the manufacturers of entity, and probably included some the new players that goes forward. The technology of point is still very there even so and has subjects further with the field that comprises.

Has purchased this device at the end for musician and for controls of means comunicacionales and in this consideration my expectations have been conformed and has surpassed. Like the plot of motorcycle of the things related - then comes a customization breakings to return an individual east necessities . A same time, pose only in a hull with some form the basic speakers are refreshing. It IS well to learn that the audio is always there (in the capacity limited) and is more than an update for in sewing it to to him like him to them the to them the navigation or knowing has lost the call of tlphonique, without some complexities of earbuds.

While it mentions it before, there is no perfect setup - but so that Sena 20s EVO is so far of him, is relegated in a state of 'Decent, but could be better.'

Sure locate all the world!
2 / 5
The tan to start with was absolutely wants to this poses up and everything of his functions. The law adds and that necessities to do. Quan Doing the calls tlphonique a person in another to the final said me a lot of time that can it very included listen any noise of backdrop. But an only bad part is some speakers this come with. OMG IS The MAY of WORSE THINGS. Not even 15 min to use them in 3/4 volume and a right side are blown already. I am very disappointed in something this cost 20 .
5 / 5
Only it returns three weeks in a road with easterly. I bought it predominately how can listen it bluetooth instructions of GPS of my iPhone and perhaps intercom for walks grupal. The May thought It that his would use for musician. He been pleasantly surprised it that it has enjoyed it a musician.
+ Claro and easy to listen included through my cover for the listened. The quality of his east surprisingly well and abundance of volume.
+ Bluetooth Does very well with my iPhone. Has three different map applications in my iPhone, and all are has listened clearly.
+ The life of stack has been surprising!
- Beat he of controls that is fussy with gloves on, especially sure things what FM investigation, although a bit of the basic functions are easy.
HAS the installed mine in the Schuberth C3 PRO. There is install instructions in a concrete web in this hull that to well sure is finding valuable.
1 / 5
Update: One He-poI stack in my apparently failed unit after two month. I have contacted Sena maintain of client (which are also underwhelming) and at the end has been said for the ship has been in CA for substitution. I am opting in only substitute a stack I. Next mesh or BT the device buys to well sure was not Sena.

Original: I have bought Sena predominately for musician and navigation through recognition of voice. Alas, some speakers in a 20S is very poor and is not even remotely a audiophile. A recognition of the voice is also quite unreliable and in time downright thwart because of his incongruence in recording mandates. It uses a comms characteristic the small times and he have done only sake, the good characteristic when highland horses grupal but like any one that mostly locates only very preoccupy me too much in comms.

For $ 200, could have bought the good pair of earbuds, has saved the plot of cash and still has access in musician/of GPS with the telephone is trace.
3 / 5
No a better quality of his, but to well sure a better of the that is to say in a piece. The quality of his sucks for intercom in of the big speeds, entered and era. My buddies and has very conversations of time while it locate. It has to I change a musician to do so, conversation and of the musician will touch in a same volume. Works of tlphonique well. The musician is a better thing in this product. But then again, at all the $ 10 pair of ear buds can any one .
2 / 5
At all that has expected. Still I am thinking quite returning it I only of the that knows that a uninstallment will go. Has the budy this has a pac the habladura and say work seamlesly and some radio works ... He doesnt work at all in a sena... The cat has connected once is quite very or a thing will say, some calls of tlphonique is very very clear in an another end of people. They can not listen noise of road or a bicycle at all.
4 / 5
It has Had this thing for the day and he are lived until my expectation. It IS supremely useful for calls of tlphonique and bicycle intercom, is totally clear. It IS to locate horses of road in 70-80 mph during 30 minutes and some people in some tlphonique listen me clearly without noise of the wind and I could listen the very clearly.

Field with intercom is so expected he - very also so announced, but very still. If you are in a city and take the turn that you any one and there are some edifices, the boot was very hurriedly. But while we locate together, included with some distance to the long of a same road, the law adds. I have not tried if he only reconnects automatically or easily. There is the small reverb of your own voice sometimes for some reason, that is to say only in Intercom road. I am curious to try intercom when the mark was trails of road with fellow - expect has problems, but perhaps is bad.

IS been flawless law with my telephone so far and wants to a bit few orders of voices.
2 / 5
Has the group these walks with 20s EVO and 10s. Many of us considered to buy one 30k but an action of stack marks unattractive for day the long horse mountain. Has the number of frustrations with Sena:

1. The synchronisation is quite random. Included when we configure one 20s EVO for the group besides concealed 4, seldom can maintain the session of 4 active. During total, re-the synchronisation is almost random...Out of 4 units have matched...Sometimes 2 it synchronises...Sometimes 3 it synchronises...Sometimes any one synchronises. We have tried to match in the masters and/or in the canal...At all it is compatible. Quan Tries to the clash has often the synchronisation fails audio. There is not any one rhyme or reason.

2. Sena The application does not look for to be able to connect with Bluetooth in a headsets. Clearly it does not synchronise with multiple headsets and has found that not even it recognise it headsets in time. Test configure headsets with an application was the complete failure .

3. The fidelity of audio is highly variable...Sometimes sound it to his likes him calm is very afterwards in any one and in in other sounds of time likes him is very he very has far state.

A mountain for one 20s EVO is a same considering a 30k (like Sena)...In some point, could be angled to try one 30k, but Sena Needs to improve a life of stack....A bit those that hours only any one the bass.
4 / 5
My day in the hull in the daytime is Nolan N44 which alas a clip-on has not opened quite wide to return. To be fair that is to say the very regulate hull with a screen of type has extended. Have take of my hull modulate the level and he return well and installed very easily. It connects in my telephone was a type of actions of Tooth of normal Blue concealed has done easily. A sound is the averages with the light tinny sound because of lack of low, but better this has expected to consider what a product is has done prendi. I have found to locate some buttons while it locates quite easy and adjusting a volume could any one when being any easier. Alloy and disconnecting some the load of main organism is mere and easy while listening robust that suffices that yours any fearful of him the fall was while in the walk.

In general is very pleased with Sena and only fall or a star because of a quality of of the one of the west and some capes of feeble feeling to connect in a unit.

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