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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
I have had this saves in my oven partorisca the month and with which some modifications, is doing adds. First of all, I have to say that my toddler is given - is the strong-willed browser and has had the need to imagine was everything . No paths never was while I am cooking, but maintain sure while I am cooking in a stovetop. It has had to that some modifications this in spite of. Ossia That has done:
has Based in other bad descriptions, any same tentativa to use some adhesive band that is to be comprise. I have used 3M 10 lbs adhesive and is in good. I have heated a first stove to dip them on, has cleaned a surface with the degreaser and then alcohol, and has expected 24 first hours to attach a guard.
Also, my type has imagined was like this still to pull one saves was, as I have used tape of gorilla the tape one saves near and to some adhesive dishes. I any budge. It sees one has has attached photo.
Likes it has said, is not to perfect, but with the few improvements, is doing that it is supposition to do - prevent burns. Well value $ 15 and an extra $ 5 for an adhesive extra and tape.

Update after the year: as I write, they are while to a stove to heat on so much can change a adhesives in a stove . Not To Take me bad, still loves this saves, but need to be conscious that will be to change a glue each little month. For me, it is a lot of value a time and endeavour. A bit goo gone, the alcohol and the fat of elbow is all precise to take of a melted and hardened adhesive residue. A real guard has on resisted well, clean well and any one has melted something or weakening.
4 / 5 By
Are like this happy has ignored some other visas of him not sticking and founding. This has been in our stove for the long time, cook eaten newspaper, lunch and dine bake the plot and this has not melted or is exited. It has saved to dip on a door of creature to maintain our little some out of a cookery and a lot especially has to that save his few hands.
5 / 5 By
Was sooooo has concerned roughly ordering this because of some negative critiques but am now very surprised this is not the 5 product to start with . Law sooo a lot in fact am ordering another for the house of my mother . Near very easy on and conclusive , is hard for me to take like my little a does not have any occasion that takes it era .
Also stop it a lot of room to cook with this on, if has the stove like this are add , for another am not sure but with the mine is awesome

commentaries lateralmente : dipped the on like this directly like this possible a first time because it is hard to leave ( which is the good thing )
4 / 5 By
Really hard to slide a guard to some clips, as it suggest to take any to help you and/or never take he out of some clips. LOL! And a sticky is SUPPPPPPEERR hard to leave yes does not love it never go down. You can very so only slip something in a groove and pry went it or risk to break your appliance. Hurt Like heck trying the pry has been with my toes! Also, it has had to that dip some light colored tape in a cup of some flanges so many can see he in your peripheral vision, reason you cant sees in our cookery with all the dark appliances and black granite countertops, he so only blends in! As has @bruise our hands and arms and there is spilt our drunk that the paste there is walked like this for reason he so only blended well in! It suggest some costruttrici to dip something in the to be able of the see !
4 / 5 By
Liked an idea for behind the this. But he no well with all the ovens. A short of my double oven was the little too small for a measure of some sticky tampons and for this have had question taking to focus good on that. Last for roughly 24 hours before some glues has given way to my husband that his clashes while trying recordarprpers was there. A heat of a really looked oven to touch the part in a loosening process also. Work of good May for some stoves, only no for ours.
5 / 5 By
According to timing that this of cost. Some adhesive stops that the law where fulfils a guard after the few months every time. Because of fat and the cleaner of a stove supposes. A first time I so only begun to tuck he in a door of oven. East times a glue remained sure to an oven and I so only súper glued one saves to an adhesive band. At least when I am ready to take he of my oven so only can take a band out of a same oven although it was glued to a guard. Once an adhesive stop that sticks to an oven are sure I will have to that dipped again a guard that estacas out of my door of oven.
4 / 5 By
Want to this. My edges has tried to take a stove, and this has saved his little fingers.
Unfortunately, the boy of friends is treating some consequences of any in that have the product like this, with severe burns in his toes and palmera. It achieves up and dip his hand in the hot burner after his mamma has taken a casserole was. What terrible, and am like this happy this product exists to prevent future hang-ups ( has sent a link) and prevent other boys of a same fate.
Ours is doing wonderfully. In the same have the upper counter inset row and was able of the take to do, where another creature proofing no. of options
4 / 5 By
HE! This are adds. I have had this in my stove for 5 month now and is by train of gone strong! It was súper easy to install and to take averts to clean. It was fearful that a glue could not remain place for longitude with a heat of an oven, but was bad. This seat so surer with feeding in a stove. PRIZE: it has helped to take my dogs to counter surfing! While memory to dip anything is for behind a guard. Very happy with this compraventa and have to that have for any with the toddler.
4 / 5 By
Now are that it purchases the second set of a Prince Lionheart Guard of Stove. We are updating our appliances of cookery; otherwise would have a need for the second. It has been @@subject to daily use for the year that comprises two different self-clean cycles (and that the unit takes like this hot a cup of results of glass untouchable). Admitted, was a lot of deliberate roughly fixing some clips and gave him abundance to time to dip, has used this in spite of a resupplied adhesives and a bond is still like this strong, a guard will be to remain with an old stove in his new house. Frequently it take all three dishes for cleansing - some clips never budge. The smallest complaint so only is is hard to take a stuff meso behind in a clip after a bond surviving mine never prying wedge opening a clip to take a stuff meso behind in. It is quite thin that is not in temptation for hands of curious small/eyes, still servants his function without committed. It follows some enclosed instructions for the installation and calm has calm the solid toddler-proofing tool.
4 / 5 By
Loves that! Strong and stays in my stove in spite of my woman that cooks on he 3 lunch the day and baking regularly!
Has read a description and has taken has scared that this would fall off... SO MUCH, as all know, adhesives trust clean -- a lot a lot clean -- surfaces to do...

1) has cleaned a stove and a new element w alcohol a lot thoroughly.
2) Has then applied some focuses adhesive the stove, and has done 100 insurance was pressed firmly to a stove to do 100 (as near his at least as thought that could take it) contact.
3) HAS TAKE a focus behind the each one focuses adhesive
4) has dipped some clips to hold to some adhesive and again sure facts to press firmly during the, that he well contact.
5) has left feels for 8 first hours to use a stove

Havent has had the question of then -- still with the hot stove and our 2yr old pulling hard on that.

HIGHLY recommended -- product a lot -- amazing prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Prince Lionheart ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 By Gertude
I love these things. They are easy to open and close for adults but no partorisca my toddler. I use him partorisca both cupboards and drawers and has included a cupboard of corner with a folding door. They have not fallen off once. It can not find to to anything likes like this!
5 / 5 By Palmira
The picture is not that an element is. I have loved a tap extends, like a picture, no a latches.
5 / 5 By Shanae
My boy of 14 month pulled was a day with which installed him. Any use at all!